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June 2024

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All entries for this month

  1. Safe Superintelligence Inc.
  2. Electric vs Gas
  3. Chat Control: The EU's CSEM scanner proposal
  4. dylanaraps - Overview
  5. .NET 8: Container Braking Change: Multi-platform Container Tags are Linux-only
  6. 256 Seconds with dotNetDave: Documenting Code with Visual Studio and Copilot
  7. I’ve Stopped Using Box Plots. Should You?, Nightingale
  8. Nature retracts highly cited 2002 paper that claimed adult stem cells could become any type of cell
  9. useLayoutEffect vs. useEffect in React
  10. Generative AI, from your local machine to Azure with LangChain.js
  11. .NET Inline C# Action Feature in Logic Apps: More Flexibility and Control for Developers
  12. Code Style for Better Productivity - Tips and Tools from the Metalama Team | The .NET Tools Blog
  13. Easily navigate code delegates while debugging - Visual Studio Blog
  14. What is HSTS and why is it in my ASP.NET Core app?
  15. Building a Distributed ETL Pipeline Using Bacalhau and MongoDB Atlas
  16. The Essence of Lagrange Multipliers
  17. Neatnik Notes · Gotta block ’em all
  18. Fast Crimes at Lambda School
  19. A Gentle Introduction to Metathics
  20. April is the Cruelest Month
  21. Managers Should Focus More On Setting Expectations
  22. It's OK to repeat yourself on the internet
  23. wtb: Progressive SPAs
  24. Lemmy and my Switch to PieFed; Threadyverse software alternatives
  25. Mac external displays for designers and developers, part 2
  26. listening to your friends' jams with last.fm
  27. Comments on Scripting, CGI, and FastCGI
  28. Grow a Pair
  29. Minimize all windows on Mac OS
  30. Hack the Hacker - How to Setup an SSH Honeypot
  31. Writing A Run Book Can Be Your First Iterative Step
  32. Technical Inspection
  33. The case for criminalizing scientific misconduct · Chris Said
  34. Essential, open source Mac apps
  35. There's something rotten in the kingdom of Wordpress
  36. Python: 10 cool tricks with the * operator
  37. My Experience With LineageOS
  38. Latency, Tail Latency and Response time in distributed systems
  39. Of Rats and Ratchets
  40. MCTS and LLMs: what's the big deal?
  41. A Vision For Roadway Infrastructure
  42. Making Friends
  43. Privacy and security improvements in .NET modernization tooling - .NET Blog
  44. Introducing a new RISC-V Mainboard from DeepComputing
  45. The time smart quotes prevented the entire Office division from committing code - The Old New Thing
  46. Cyber Scarecrow
  47. Chat Control Must Be Stopped – Now!
  48. Chat control: incompatible with fundamental rights
  49. Efficiently Handling Stored Procedures in EFCore: Practical Solutions
  50. Getting 50% (SoTA) on ARC-AGI with GPT-4o
  51. "Secret" elmah.io features #5 - Breadcrumbs leading up to errors
  52. Setting up NGINX load balancer for .NET WebApi - Event-Driven.io
  53. Health Checks in Your OpenAPI Specs
  54. How to achieve high HTTP scale with Azure Functions Flex Consumption
  55. Docker Logging Guide Part 1: Basic Concepts and Importance - Simple Talk
  56. The Arm development ecosystem is ready
  57. Process Monitor v4.0 and Sysmon 1.3.3 for Linux
  58. Beyond the Basics: Screen Recording in .NET MAUI
  59. Understanding open source LLMs
  60. A failed attempt at priority collection with inheritance
  61. GitHub - nicanorflavier/spf-dkim-dmarc-simplified: Email security is a key part of internet communication. But what are SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, and how do they work? This guide will explain it all in simple terms to make these concepts clearer.
  62. Pascal's Wager Triangle
  63. j3s.sh
  64. Council to greenlight Chat Control - Take action now!
  65. </> htmx ~ htmx 2.0.0 has been released!
  66. HowToWare
  67. Refactor your code with default lambda parameters - .NET Blog
  68. How can I view the list of symbols available in a library? - The Old New Thing
  69. How to get your stuff repaired when the retailer and manufacturer don't wanna: take 'em to court
  70. Interesting links of the week 2024-25
  71. Frederik Braun - How I got a new domain name
  72. Webhook to Subscribe to Event Grid System Topics in Azure Storage Account
  73. NumPy 2.0.0 Release Notes — NumPy v2.1.dev0 Manual
  74. Build Chatbot with a LLM and Azure SQL Database to Answer Questions
  75. API Monitoring- Key Metrics and Best Practices - Simple Talk
  76. Announcement: Introducing .NET 8 Custom Code support for Azure Logic Apps (Standard) - Preview
  77. Technical Pattern: Build Your Own AI Assistant
  78. ASP.NET Core Basics: Introduction to Big O Notation
  79. Use custom Bicep templates - .NET Aspire
  80. F# + Entity Framework - Group By Aggregation Could Not Be Translated
  81. Dual Publishing ESM and CJS Modules with tsup and Are the Types Wrong? | johnnyreilly
  82. Are my EF LINQ to SQL queries safe?
  83. C# Version String Formatting
  84. Building SimCity
  85. Experts vs. Imitators
  86. MicroMac, a Macintosh for under £5
  87. The Multi-Factor Authentication
  88. Before you buy Snapdragon X Elite device - check the chip model number
  89. How to do the jhanas
  90. The Raspberry Pi 5 is no match for a tini-mini-micro PC
  91. Optimizing Resident Schedules for Minimum Suffering
  92. The CEO
  93. Safari 18 — what web features are usable across browsers?
  94. You should delete Twitter
  95. Static arrays are the best vectors
  96. &quot;Model G&quot; as the original designation for Model M & the existence of Models &quot;1A&quot; and &quot;1B&quot;
  97. Abstractions Are The Best, Abstractions Are The Worst
  98. Trials of Raaz
  99. The Eras of Domain Names
  100. The Real Cost of Offshore Tech Teams
  101. SKF
  102. You Don't Matter
  103. Upstream, Why & How
  104. In First Case of its Kind, NLRB Judge Declares Non-Compete Clause Is an Unfair Labor Practice
  105. Do not try to be the smartest in the room; try to be the kindest. | Jorge Galindo's blog
  106. What You Get After Running an SSH Honeypot for 30 Days
  107. Google, Cloudflare & Cisco Will Poison DNS to Stop Piracy Block Circumvention * TorrentFreak
  108. Collection Performance: Introducing FrozenSet in .NET 8: Benefits and Benchmark PerformanceCollection Performance
  109. How to modify the border of a .NET MAUI Entry on iOS and MacCatalyst
  110. George Fairbanks - Book: Just Enough Software Architecture
  111. Networking Switch – MUREX Robotics Documentation
  112. ESASky 6.2
  113. Can you blow a PC speaker with a Linux kernel module? – OSnews
  114. Building an Oxikit O2 Concentrator (Part 2)
  115. Daniel Frost - Complexity Costs Thinking
  116. ChatGPT vs. your voice – Erik Johannes Husom
  117. Four Futures For Cognitive Labor
  118. DenseAV
  119. Implementing MVCC and major SQL transaction isolation levels
  120. Learning Materials for getting into C programming for MS-DOS/PC-DOS/DR-DOS/FreeDOS
  121. Top Cross-Platform Mobile Development Frameworks in 2024
  122. How My Indie Game with 0 Wishlists Got 10,000 Plays
  123. Sending SMS through GoIP GSM gateway using HTTP API
  124. Never, Sometimes, Always
  125. Topological Problems in Voting
  126. Spending too much time optimizing for loops
  127. Who is the real Owner of your Data?
  128. Weekly Review
  129. Reverse Engineering a Restaurant Pager system 🍽️
  130. Perplexity AI Is Lying about Their User Agent
  131. AI Do’s and Don’ts For Developers – Dev Leader Weekly 48
  132. Announcing Rust 1.79.0 | Rust Blog
  133. Voyager 1 is back online! NASA's most distant spacecraft returns data from all 4 instruments
  134. The sun's magnetic field is about to flip. Here's what to expect.
  135. 1.2 Kilofives
  136. From Transaction Scripts to Domain Models: A Refactoring Journey
  137. EF Core 8.0: Use of Arrays with Microsoft SQL Server
  138. The PS3 was a ridiculous machine - Michael Salim | Senior Full Stack Freelancer and Startup Founder
  139. Start Presentations on the Second Slide
  140. GitHub - NVIDIA/warp: A Python framework for high performance GPU simulation and graphics
  141. 1/6 | How We Hacked Multi-Billion Dollar Companies in 30 Minutes Using a Fake VSCode Extension
  142. Demystifying Tensor Parallelism
  143. The Australian Securities Exchange CHESS blockchain: seven years of sunk cost fallacy
  144. Stripe's monorepo developer environment - Made of Bugs
  145. Files and the OS
  146. Stop worrying about 'allowPrivilegeEscalation' - Christophe Tafani-Dereeper
  147. Michael Tsai - Blog - UTM Blocked Outside App Store via Notarization
  148. lytix.ai Blog
  149. The Problem with OpenTelemetry
  150. On Artificial Intelligence and Authenticity
  151. .NET MAUI 9 Preview 5 XAML Compilation Issue: Resolving Content Property Error
  152. How I Found A 55 Year Old Bug In The First Lunar Lander Game
  153. Update on the Recall preview feature for Copilot+ PCs
  154. Lock-free reference-counting a TLS slot using atomics, part 3 - The Old New Thing
  155. [HOWTO] Automate release notes generation with an Azure DevOps YAML pipeline
  156. Land value tax in online games and virtual worlds: A how-to guide
  157. Differences Between Span and Memory in C# - Code Maze
  158. The “Critter Stack” Just Leveled Up on Modular Monolith Support
  159. Microsoft.AspNetCore.OData 9 Preview Release - OData
  160. Simplifying Light and Dark Mode in .NET MAUI Apps
  161. AMD CEO Lisa Su reminisces about designing the PS3's infamous Cell processor during her time at IBM
  162. WebLLM: A High-Performance In-Browser LLM Inference Engine
  163. Dark software
  164. Your WordPress as Your Personal Mastodon Instance – Alex Kirk
  165. 🎙️ IndieRails Podcast — Andrew Atkinson - The Postgres Specialist
  166. A Belated Wordbots Dev Diary / Retrospective (~1 Year Post-Release)
  167. Celebrating FreeBSD Day: A Journey Through 31 Years of Open Source Excellence
  168. Switching to GNU/Linux: Mentally
  169. How to Generate Video Thumbnails Correctly in iOS Safari 🔍
  170. Decoding: The crux move
  171. Print Your Photos: storage volatility, the impermanence of the cloud, & life after death💀
  172. The GIMP name controversy, explained
  173. 5 Archetypes of Knowledge-Intensive Applications -
  174. Optimal SQLite settings for Django
  175. LLM Prompting for Software Development - Mykel Nahorniak
  176. Indian Startup 3D Prints Rocket Engine in Just 72 Hours
  177. Using PostgreSQL with .NET and Entra ID - .NET Blog
  178. Lock-free reference-counting a TLS slot using atomics, part 2 - The Old New Thing
  179. iTerm2 - macOS Terminal Replacement
  180. AMD’s MI300X Outperforms NVIDIA’s H100 for LLM Inference
  181. Mark Oliver's World
  182. Uncensor any LLM with abliteration
  183. My experience crafting an interpreter with Rust
  184. Absolute positioning with CSS grid
  185. Comparing Unit Testable Code with Maintainable Code
  186. Build AI Applications with ease using Semantic Kernel and .NET Aspire | Semantic Kernel
  187. Catch up on the latest Git tooling features in 17.10 GA - Visual Studio Blog
  188. Blazor Basics: Blazor Render Modes in .NET 8
  189. Keeping your AI out of trouble
  190. TypeScript 5.5 Adds ECMAScript Set Support
  191. Simpler encapsulation with immutability
  192. Weak Events in C# - Code Maze
  193. Japan enacts law to curb Apple, Google's app dominance
  194. Broken Model
  195. Don’t Refactor Like Uncle Bob. Please
  196. the Gilbert–Johnson–Keerthi algorithm explained as simply as possible
  197. mikerourke.dev
  198. cr.yp.to: 2024.06.12: Bibliography keys
  199. Jade Rubick - Managing a bottleneck team
  200. You might need a portable monitor
  201. Patterns of Data Loading – Topics and Broadcast
  202. Efficient WaveRNN: Block Sparsity
  203. How System Requests Work and How to Add Your Own SysReq
  204. How much have I spent to work from home?
  205. textile-based electrochemical sensors
  206. Ripgrep integration
  207. Artificial Consciousness
  208. Small units of work that work
  209. W. Jason Gilmore
  210. Procrastination Is Destructive
  211. Joining Clerk as an OSS Fellow to work on Zod 4
  212. Why Agents Fall Short
  213. Stop thinking and start building
  214. Group chats rule the world
  215. Lock-free reference-counting a TLS slot using atomics, part 1 - The Old New Thing
  216. The .NET MAUI Extension for Visual Studio Code is now Generally Available - .NET Blog
  217. Elixir v1.17 released: set-theoretic types in patterns, calendar durations, and Erlang/OTP 27 support
  218. Book Review: Architecting ASP.NET Core Applications - Coding Sonata
  219. Flameshot
  220. Why curl closes PRs on GitHub
  221. Using .NET Aspire eShop application to collect all the telemetry
  222. 5 Practical Ways to Add Polly to Your C# Application [2024]
  223. Sonar Webinar, end to end security of a web application
  224. Visual Studio 2022 - 17.10 Performance Enhancements - Visual Studio Blog
  225. How To Encrypt ASP.NET Core Route Parameters
  226. The Red Hat cloud native architecture solution patterns
  227. Export and Quantize Models like Llama-3-8B-Instruct with Model Builder for ONNX Runtime GenAI
  228. Silicon Valley’s Best Kept Secret: Founder Liquidity
  229. .NET MAUI All-in-One Templates Pack v5.6: NuGet CPM and Nightly Builds Support
  230. Announcing ARC Prize
  231. Random and fixed routes with Apache APISIX
  232. Why today's phones are so boooooring?
  233. Borges on Chaos Theory
  234. Supplement Research and Comparison Website
  235. The Acme of Software
  236. Logical Replication Guardrails
  237. Why Search is not a solved problem yet
  238. Perspective-Correct Interpolation
  239. You're doing state wrong | Nabil Tharwat
  240. Don't be afraid of Rebasing
  241. Train RLHF Models with Dagster and Modal: Step-by-Step Guide
  242. My very first production bug
  243. Scan HTML faster with SIMD instructions: Chrome edition – Daniel Lemire's blog
  244. the how and the why
  245. Security Research | mr.d0x
  246. BCC to libbpf conversion guide
  247. Solene'% : OpenBSD extreme privacy setup
  248. What is Idempotency? - AsyncMonolith Docs
  249. Solving Probabilistic Tic-Tac-Toe
  250. Affirmations for bloggers | nicole@web
  251. Search Engine's Blindspot: Continuity and Context
  252. phineas jensen
  253. Algorithms — Binary Search
  254. Building Generative AI apps with .NET 8 - .NET Blog
  255. Nina Kalinina (@nina_kali_nina@tech.lgbt)
  256. I really like the RP2040
  257. The origin story of the Windows 3D Pipes screen saver - The Old New Thing
  258. Stopping Using Exception Use Result Monad Instead
  259. The Great Deterioration of Local Community And The Loss of The Play-Based Childhood
  260. What's a Navigation Region in Windows and Uno Platform Applications? - Nick's .NET Travels
  261. Sneak Peek of Strong Typed Identifiers in Marten
  262. Visual Studio Code AI Toolkit: Run LLMs locally
  263. MPS 2023.2.1, 2023.3.1, and 2024.1 EAP2 Released With Platform Updates | The MPS Blog
  264. The Most Popular Build Tools for React Developers in 2024
  265. Now that I can write React Native, what should I test?
  266. Sharing the Renovate configuration across multiple projects - Gérald Barré
  267. Blog - Private Cloud Compute: A new frontier for AI privacy in the cloud - Apple Security Research
  268. macOS Sequoia Preview
  269. Introducing Apple’s On-Device and Server Foundation Models
  270. From Chaos to Clarity: My Journey with Obsidian
  271. The Backbone of Cybersecurity: Hardware Security Modules | join.tech Blog
  272. Adapt Your Coding Style to LLMs or Get Left Behind
  273. Debugging a memory leak - FreeRTOS
  274. Attention, Memory, and Productive Knowledge Work
  275. 014. PID 0 in V1 UNIX (and V4 nsys, and the PDP-7 proto-UNIX) — blognꞌt — nabijaczleweli
  276. OpenAI and Apple announce partnership
  277. Just keep doing the bit (Karma Yoga Edition)
  278. Implementing a Deception Eval with the UK AISI's Inspect Framework
  279. Startup data health starts with healthy event tracking
  280. Creating Perfect Font Fallbacks in CSS | Aleksandr Hovhannisyan
  281. I Demoed Too Early - KeppyLab
  282. Three Questions to Help Triage Your Dashboards
  283. Shaoru Ian Huang
  284. Apple blocks PC emulator from being available in iOS App Store and third-party app stores - 9to5Mac
  285. Introducing Apple Intelligence for iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  286. Getting started with UI testing .NET MAUI apps using Appium - .NET Blog
  287. jonny (@jonny@social.coop)
  288. at.hn
  289. Magnet Fishing
  290. How do I get the name of a SID, and what does it mean when the conversion fails? - The Old New Thing
  291. Sails.js for web development - Simple Talk
  292. Announcing TypeScript 5.5 RC - TypeScript
  293. Does an HttpClient await the Header and the body?
  294. Using Postgres with C# | no dogma blog
  295. Why pair programming should be your default way of working
  296. PSA: If you've used the ComfyUI_LLMVISION node from u/AppleBotzz, you've been hacked
  297. Designing a Lego orrery
  298. The Weird Nerd comes with trade-offs
  299. The Rise of Groq: Slow, then Fast
  300. diving into mathjax css injection attack
  301. Create a Checkbox That Returns Boolean Value for htmx | Bin Wang
  302. Deep Dive into HDMI Resolution Troubleshooting
  303. So You Want To Build A Browser Engine
  304. 12 years of the com.lihaoyi Scala Platform
  305. Learning a Language with Bimodal Blitz: Easy as Riding a Bike
  306. Every dependency is a vulnerability
  307. Ultrasonic investigations in shopping centres
  308. Beyond Earth: The Impact of Cosmic Events on Technology
  309. Fundamental Questions
  310. Build Your Career in Tech | BYCT Community Guide
  311. Tips for performing a successful software migration
  312. After Social Media
  313. A Desktop Monitor For 2025
  314. Just Use Semantic Versioning | Vhyrro's Digital Garden
  315. The Time I Built an ROV to Solve Missing Person Cases - Part 1
  316. Some things I believe
  317. Economic Termites Are Everywhere
  318. GitHub - piku/piku: The tiniest PaaS you've ever seen. Piku allows you to do git push deployments to your own servers.
  319. XScreenSaver: Google Store Privacy Policy
  320. Detecting a PS2 Emulator: When 1*X does not equal X
  321. Collection Performance: Enhancing Dictionary Performance with FrozenDictionary
  322. 0.13.0 Release Notes ⚡ The Zig Programming Language
  323. Sildenafil (‘Viagra’) improves brain blood flow and could help to prevent dementia | University of Oxford
  324. Home-Cooked Software and Barefoot Developers
  325. Eigenvalue centrality for networks | Examples and theorems
  326. Async Ruby on Rails
  327. password authentication – smudge.ai blog
  328. When I Realized I Was Not That Guy
  329. To be a rebel again
  330. blisstweeting.xyz
  331. LLMs are not even good wordcels
  332. 10 things I wish someone told me before I turned 20.
  333. Helping The Conference Hallway Track
  334. The End of the Road for Bespoke Web
  335. DotNetDave Rocks On .NET Live: Performance Improvements in .NET 8
  336. The Backrooms of the Internet Archive
  337. What is PID 0? · blog.dave.tf
  338. Feynman's Razor
  339. When to use a load balancer, an API gateway or both
  340. Caching in ASP.NET Core: Improving Application Performance
  341. ASCII Silhouettify
  342. Towards Federated Key Transparency - Dhole Moments
  343. Women Pretending To Be Men On The Internet
  344. A resource for the OpenBSD community
  345. tevps.net - Blog - Home Zoom box
  346. A Picture is Worth 170 Tokens: How Does GPT-4o Encode Images? - OranLooney.com
  347. Fixing my iPhone 13 Pro cameras at -18C
  348. Statement on Vavr’s Future
  349. A Look Into Cara — Maybe Host Your Own Art
  350. Has my branch been squash-merged into main?
  351. Cloning Windows Recall in 30 Lines of Bash
  352. Awesome aging
  353. Microsoft Will Switch Off Recall by Default After Security Backlash
  354. Enhance Gesture Binding with the Shared Toolkit
  355. Unsolved Chemistry Problems
  356. What's the deal with std::type_identity? - The Old New Thing
  357. evading the wifi router ban
  358. GitHub - jordanbaird/Ice: Powerful menu bar manager for macOS
  359. Bouncy Castle Cryptography Library for .NET - Code Maze
  360. Auditing SQL Server – Part 1 – Discovery and Documentation - Simple Talk
  361. Using Phi-3 & C# with ONNX for text and vision samples
  362. Clean Code—A Practical Introduction in ASP.NET Core
  363. Test-Driving HTML Templates
  364. Debugging Semantic Kernel in C#
  365. Enhancements in .NET MAUI All-in-One Project Templates
  366. The First Acquisition: Pixel
  367. A look at modern PHP
  368. Agents aren’t all you need - Parcha
  369. Yes, you too, reader, should believe you may be world-class – Daniel Frank
  370. TIL: Using Strict for the SameSite attribute
  371. What Emacs got right, or how I wish modern apps were more like a 50 year old text editor
  372. Workplace discrimination: another terrible thing Windows Recall might enable
  373. Enough
  374. How does hardware acceleration work with containers?
  375. Goodbye Netlify, Hello Cloudflare. · Harrison Broadbent
  376. Speeding up rustc by being lazy
  377. Reflections from Local-First Conf - Daniel Norman
  378. Announcing the official OpenAI library for .NET - .NET Blog
  379. Roman roads
  380. Can INI files be Unicode? Yes, they can, but it has to be your idea - The Old New Thing
  381. How Online Privacy Is Like Fishing
  382. How Akka.NET Actors Process Messages
  383. The signs of a new era: Prompt Injection - Simple Talk
  384. CSLA Sync API Poll Results
  385. State Machines, Light Switches, and Space Travel with Stateless and .NET 8
  386. Debugging the Smart Paste UI component
  387. Phi-3-vision in 50 lines of C# with ONNX Runtime GenAI
  388. .NET Core–Check if console app is running with administrative privileges
  389. Creating and downloading a PDF or DOCX in ASP.NET Core
  390. An animated introduction to Fourier Series
  391. Managing My Motivation, as a Solo Dev
  392. Fluid Speech
  393. Join Live: .NET MAUI Community Standup
  394. From Scratch - Generative Adversarial Networks
  395. I used to write
  396. Creating Smooth Hover Effects for Menu Icons
  397. A primer on the next generation of antibodies
  398. Millisecond Scale-to-Zero with Unikernels
  399. What should KDE focus on for the next 2 years? You can propose a goal! – life at the end of the universe
  400. The Degradation of the Cinematic Experience
  401. PHP in 2024: The Age of Laravel and Rapid SaaS Development
  402. Why Chatbots Aren’t Working - Plus
  403. Architectures for Central Server Collaboration
  404. SPECIAL: Epic disappointments with Linux (not for the mentally retarded)
  405. Hello Micron GDDR7 - PC Perspective
  406. The Ultimate iOS to GrapheneOS Migration Guide and Review
  407. How big a deal was the Industrial Revolution?
  408. In Search of the Lost Web
  409. Debugger.godMode()
  410. In the Know and Not Alone
  411. [en] rabbit r1 it's a SCAM
  412. A New Chapter for Bartender
  413. Reading awc :: DON’T PANIC
  414. How I saved a few dozen dollars by migrating my personal projects from the cloud to a Raspberry Pi
  415. Nomic Embed Vision: Expanding The Latent Space
  416. Incremental development
  417. Alice in Wonderland: Simple Tasks Showing Complete Reasoning Breakdown in State-Of-the-Art Large Language Models
  418. MSTest 3.4 is here with WinUI support and new analyzers! - .NET Blog
  419. Vulkan 1.3 on the M1 in 1 month
  420. The First .NET Aspire Book!
  421. Is Microsoft trying to commit suicide?
  422. How 16-bit Windows cached INI files for performance - The Old New Thing
  423. New Signals Proposal Seeks to Formalize Reactive Programming Primitives in JavaScript
  424. Blazor in .NET 9 Takes Shape (Preview 4 Highlights)
  425. Get Hands-On with Visual Studio and Azure: Live at Microsoft HQ this August! - Visual Studio Blog
  426. Automate your .NET SDK updates for consistent and reproducible builds with global.json and Renovate
  427. Encryption At Rest: Whose Threat Model Is It Anyway?
  428. Why Do Electronic Components Have Such Odd Values? – Digilent Blog
  429. RSS is the king – How to read “that much” – Metod Rybar – Personal Blog
  430. 🧪 Building a Home Lab with Raspberry Pis and k8s
  431. A DSL for Implementing Math Functions
  432. Competition, Conformity, and Excellence
  433. How to start a club
  434. My simple theory on why we stopped building beautiful buildings (and why many other things suck more than you’d expect) – Daniel Frank
  435. Working with Gitlab on the CLI
  436. Attacking NIST SP 800-108
  437. Chorex: Guaranteeing Deadlock Freedom in Elixir
  438. Why I'm looking into algorithmic trading.
  439. Core Competencies
  440. terraform plan -light
  441. Large Language Model
  442. DuckDB isn't just fast
  443. A beginner's guide to mapping arrays in EF Core 8 - .NET Blog
  444. Why does Global­Lock max out at 255 locks? - The Old New Thing
  445. Stop Scraping my Git Forge
  446. The state of SourceHut and our plans for the future
  447. Announcing DuckDB 1.0.0
  448. I Am So Sick of Leetcode-Style Interviews
  449. Tree Diffusion
  450. Streamline Testing Processes with Contract Testing and Pact in .NET
  451. Understanding the Exception.HResult property in C#
  452. Multi-Tenancy: Database per Tenant with Marten
  453. Local Development using Azure Cosmos DB Emulator at no Cost
  454. Highlights from Build and what’s new with .NET
  455. Fast and Compact Structured Logging in C# Using String Interpolation
  456. Introducing the Revamped Visual Studio Resource Explorer - Visual Studio Blog
  457. React Basics: Microfrontend vs. Monorepos
  458. Giving the .NET smart components a try–The Smart Paste button
  459. You'll regret using natural keys
  460. Create a multi-arch Docker image for a .NET application - Gérald Barré
  461. Decompiling Tenchu: Stealth Assassins part 11: a modding framework powered by the tears of CS101 teachers
  462. Even more Opentelemetry!
  463. Introduction to Mapster in C#: Benefits and Quick Start Guide
  464. Natvis for boost::unordered_map | Braden++
  465. Sam Altman, Lately • Of the Clock
  466. Probability: The Distribution Matters
  467. Pencil Research - Acquiring an app: Transfer gotchas
  468. Questions to ask before you join a start-up
  469. Real-Time Settlers Of Catan
  470. Deterring a Taiwan Invasion
  471. Lowering resource usage with foot and systemd
  472. 256 Seconds with dotNetDave: Handling Exceptions Part 1 – Reusable Assemblies
  473. Deploying SwiftUI on the Web
  474. Zoom light
  475. Rationalizing Latency Competition in High-Frequency Trading – Headlands Technologies LLC Blog
  476. joesantos - Developer | Polarizing the new world
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