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linksfor.dev(s) was created because there is too much noise on various sites like twitter, reddit, hacker news, and facebook. All I wanted was the links without the fluff. Here you'll find the links without comments and without 3rd party tracking. (i track my own stuff and github which hosts the site might be tracking internally) ~100% the links on this site are automatically collected from various sources that share them. Occasionally, I'll manually add a link if I think it's worth it. If you want to send me a link you think I should share you hopefully know how to contact me. Otherwise send a PR. Any amazon links are transformed into affiliate links. I don't expect to generate any income but I figure it's worth a shot. This site is mainly for me. If you enjoy it then great! That's enough rambling. - Buildstarted (Ben Dornis)

Super secret link here


These people have been great with suggestions, debugging, libraries, and especially emotional support.