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  1. 90%Why aspect-oriented programming in C# is pointless
  2. 93%Lessons From Billions of Breached Records
  3. 96%How to write idempotent Bash scripts
  4. 50%.NET Advent Calendar - .NET Advent Calendar 2021, Day 9
  5. 99%Creating an incremental generator: Creating a source generator - Part 1
  6. 95%r/dotnet - Repository pattern or DbContext - what's your poison?
  7. 98%Don't Code Tired | What’s New in C# 10: Simplify Nested Property Pattern Code
  8. 84%Pixel prevented me from calling 911
  9. 97%Make the Implicit Explicit
  10. 99%Don't Do That, Do This: The .NET 6 Edition
  11. 81%Queue Despair: Ordering and Poison Messages
  12. 99%.NET Rocks! vNext
  13. 85%The Last Molecule
  14. 75%Mulm, renewable bad energy (@mulmbot)
  15. 98%Long live the Monolith! Monolithic Architecture != Big Ball of Mud
  16. 99%‎Security. Cryptography. Whatever.: WireGuard, feat. Jason Donenfeld on Apple Podcasts
  17. 96%Unity hiring: Senior Graphics Developer, NFT / Développeur(se) graphique sénior, NFT @ Montreal, Canada
  18. 92%Top Free Extensions for Visual Studio 2022 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  19. 93%Building a PS1 style retro 3D renderer
  20. 97%Defensive CSS - Ahmad Shadeed
  21. 53%7 Gettext lessons learned after 2 years of developing a European platform | Angelika.me
  22. 92%The Business of Extracting Knowledge from Academic Publications
  23. 88%How to Spend Less Time on YouTube - Self control for addiction
  24. 65%Why it's sometimes helpful to be inflexible
  25. 73%The Lost Venture Emails?
  26. 71%Creating personalised data stories with GPT-3
  27. 80%Learning representations of life
  28. 66%Curiosities in Vinyl
  29. 95%`-nologo` should be the default · Issue #15644 · PowerShell/PowerShell
  30. 79%GitHub - apple-oss-distributions/distribution-macOS
  31. 56%.NET Conf 2021 and Visual Studio 2022 Launch After Party Q&A - Events
  32. 62%We will be retiring Alexa.com on May 1, 2022
  33. 74%Blatant lies revealed in the source code for an online shop
  34. 57%Twitter Suspension
  35. 89%LKML: Miguel Ojeda: [PATCH 00/19] Rust support
  36. 98%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - C# for Beginners - Projects, Solutions and Unit Testing
  37. 93%Improving GitHub code search | The GitHub Blog
  38. 99%Don't Let the Internet Dupe You, that's NOT Event Sourcing
  39. 61%Upgrading from .NET Framework to .NET 6
  40. 68%Building reliable and portable microservices with Dapr and .NET
  41. 67%New Blazor WebAssembly capabilities in .NET 6
  42. 96%Using CRTP to your advantage: Simplifying overloaded Windows Runtime method projections in C++/WinRT
  43. 99%Introduction to Open Policy Agent (OPA) - Pradeep Loganathan
  44. 99%Kubernetes Cluster API (CAPI) - An introduction - Pradeep Loganathan
  45. 86%VS Code Snippets Leads Recent Open Source GA Announcements -- Visual Studio Magazine
  46. 98%How To Compute Transformer Architecture Model Accuracy -- Visual Studio Magazine
  47. 87%.NET Conf Local 2021
  48. 87%MS Dev Summit 2021 | tabs ↹ over ␣ ␣ ␣ spaces by Jiří {x2} Činčura
  49. 97%The Catch Block #85 - Adventures in Refactoring to Dapper
  50. 97%Feature Design: ETL for Queues in RavenDB
  51. 95%Connection Failures with Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 4 and later
  52. 96%Episode 404 - When Windows is nowhere to be found
  53. 88%Why Cloudflare Bought Zaraz
  54. 67%Blazor - Extension Method for ServiceCollection - EP38
  55. 67%Why Retaining Walls Collapse — Practical Engineering
  56. 99% Minimal API 'Result.Stream()' Return Type[.NET6]
  57. 90%Java vs .Net Comparison: Factors To Consider | OnGraph Technology
  58. 99%GitHub - kasuken/MinimalAPI.Pokedex: This project is a showcase for the new .NET 6 Minimal APIs feature for developing Web APIs.
  59. 96%Angular Basics: Introduction to Processes, Threads—Web UI
  60. 97%Embedded Software Development in Visual Studio
  61. 96%HTMX With ASP.NET Core
  62. 76%How Can We Improve Extensibility in Visual Studio?
  63. 98%#002 | Getting Started - Writing Tests!
  64. 96%I'm updating (most of) my Visual Studio extensions to support VS022
  65. 91%You Can't Buy Integration
  66. 91%Debugging at the Boundaries
  67. 93%Should you Abstract the Database?
  68. 94%Benchmarking F#6 Tasks
  69. 94%rockstar : home
  70. 81%NASA Returns Hubble to Full Science Operations
  71. 98%Gravatar Data Privacy
  72. 97%Polynomials and Elliptic Curves over Extension Fields
  73. 97%Announcing dot.net in Japanese and Simplified Chinese
  74. 70%Windows PowerShell Inventor Jeffrey Snover Interview by Evrone
  75. 90%How a Kalman filter works, in pictures
  76. 96%Reed-Solomon bug in Queqiao – Daniel Estévez
  77. 74%Rust takes a major step forward as Linux's second official language | ZDNet
  78. 70%Hunting down my son's killer
  79. 96%What does the Web3 Demo App by Cloudflare really do?
  80. 97%Deploy My Startup
  81. 99%Vuex Sync Part 1
  82. 99%How to store geo bounding box in Django database?
  83. 96%Creating and morphing Lego faces with neural networks
  84. 97%Loop Fission
  85. 97%Building an OpenTable bot
  86. 90%Why you should check-in your node dependencies - Jack Franklin
  87. 90%AWS Service Health Dashboard - Dec 7, 2021 PST
  88. 54%Gravatar "Breach" Exposes Data of 100+ Million Users
  89. 99%XAML Live Preview in Visual Studio 2022
  90. 88%Daniel Skogly's blog | Cloudflare Images has a lot of issues
  91. 69%IPv6 only option for dedicated root servers
  92. 72%Pair Programming with Microsoft's Damian Edwards - Retrieving and parsing JSON with .NET 6
  93. 75%Redesigned Notepad for Windows 11 begins rolling out to Windows Insiders
  94. 99%C# in 100 Seconds
  95. 89%Enrolling all npm publishers in enhanced login verification and next steps for two-factor authentication enforcement | The GitHub Blog
  96. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - .NET Podcasts App Overview!
  97. 98%Build a Node/Express API with TypeScript, MySQL on PlanetScale, and Web Scraping with Cheerio
  98. 68%Django 4.0 released | Weblog
  99. 87%Shift function vs. shift distribution
  100. 62%It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway: Producing malicious data in a kernel driver
  101. 81%Cumulative computation with RavenDB queries
  102. 99%Cancellation Tokens with IAsyncEnumerable - Code Maze
  103. 96%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-12-07
  104. 73%Web3? I have my DAOts
  105. 95%Makefile Tools December 2021 Update: Problem Matchers and Compilation Database Generation
  106. 93%DNS doesn't "propagate"
  107. 94%The Liskov Substitution Principle as a profunctor
  108. 87%Is Linux up to Linus Sebastian's Standards Yet?
  109. 98%Is “KAX17” performing de-anonymization Attacks against Tor Users?
  110. 88%No easter eggs in curl
  111. 85%Debunking
  112. 80%Lies, damned lies, and (Cloudflare) statistics: debunking Cloudflare’s recent performance tests
  113. 98%Why don't you accept donations? · gorhill/uBlock Wiki
  114. 64%The 5 Whys: get to the root of your productivity problems
  115. 67%Why My Manager Fired A Promising Junior Developer
  116. 87%ASP 101 - Samples Index
  117. 65%Makerfabs Arduino-Compatible ESP32 USB Module Takes Aim at Accurate Indoor Positioning
  118. 98%GitHub - vzarytovskii/interactive-ilkernel: IL Kernel for .NET Interactive
  119. 96%What’s new for gRPC in .NET 6
  120. 93%Introducing Mysten Labs: Building Foundational Infra for Web3
  121. 87%mht.wtf
  122. 74%Startups are cheaper to build, but more expensive to grow – here’s why at andrewchen
  123. 90%Making an AI-generated sleep podcast - Stavros' Stuff
  124. 89%Phone screens are broken | Kevin Burke
  125. 96%The Memory Image Pattern
  126. 94%Generating 360° Video Game Panoramas
  127. 83%Binary Transparency
  128. 50%Why your cloud infrastructure should be immutable
  129. 94%Ten years of measurement
  130. 59%Blockchains don't solve problems that are interesting to me
  131. 92%C# Language Server Revamps VS 2022 Razor Editor for ASP.NET Core -- Visual Studio Magazine
  132. 94%Ikea Vindriktning Air Quality Sensor Review and Accuracy
  133. 99%What's new for gRPC in .NET 6
  134. 88%WebAssembly and Back Again: Fine-Grained Sandboxing in Firefox 95 – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
  135. 98%Modern for Wikipedia
  136. 60%Checking out NDepend, a static code analysis tool for .NET
  137. 98%ASP.NET Community Standup - Scaling ASP.NET Core apps with Orleans
  138. 87%[Video] Checking out NDepend
  139. 87%[Last Week in .NET #71] – We’re all fine here now, thank you. How are you?
  140. 92%uBlock, I exfiltrate: exploiting ad blockers with CSS
  141. 98%Build Automation on a Database Backed .Net System
  142. 95%Compiler error message metaprogramming: Helping to find the conflicting macro definition
  143. 99%Fastest way to enumerate a List<T> - Gérald Barré
  144. 96%An optimization story:–27% runtime costs for 8 lines of code
  145. 98%ASP.NET Core 6 and IAsyncEnumerable - Receiving Async Streamed JSON in Blazor WebAssembly
  146. 88%GitHub - amolenk/GameATron4000: Demo of using Blazor to build a classic 8-bit adventure game
  147. 88%Replace your hardware firewalls with Cloudflare One
  148. 54%Crohn’s Disease: Is the Cold Chain Hypothesis Still Hot?
  149. 60%Setting a Video Game World Record - EXTREME Tempest!
  150. 97%A hands-on look at JetBrains Fleet, the VS Code competitor
  151. 97%Test run of HTTP Logging in ASP.NET Core 6
  152. 96%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-12-06
  153. 87%Steinar H. Gunderson
  154. 90%Learn Live - Publish a Blazor WebAssembly app and .NET API with Azure Static Web Apps
  155. 87%Rysiekúr Memesson (@rysiek@mastodon.technology)
  156. 99%Blazor WASM hosted in ASP.NET Core templates with Azure B2C and Azure AD authentication using Backend for Frontend (BFF)
  157. 99%Publish a Blazor WebAssembly app and .NET API with Azure Static Web Apps - Learn
  158. 99%Don't Code Tired | What’s New in C# 10: Value Type Records
  159. 99%Could .NET Source Generator Attacks Be A Danger To Your Code? - Steve Talks Code
  160. 72%Tech Predictions for 2022 and Beyond
  161. 92%Introduction to the Node.js reference architecture, Part 6: Choosing web frameworks | Red Hat Developer
  162. 98%Azure Static Web App Deploy Previews with Azure DevOps | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  163. 50%.NET Advent Calendar
  164. 96%JavaScript and TypeScript Projects with React, Angular, or Vue in Visual Studio 2022 with or without .NET
  165. 94%Tackling TypeScript: Upgrading from JavaScript
  166. 91%What is a Game Engine?
  167. 91%Why not advertise on the Hanselminutes Technology Podcast?
  168. 50%Why Does This $10,000 Gucci Xbox Exist?
  169. 50%Microsoft Introduces a Fully-Managed Azure Load Testing Service in Preview
  170. 91%Security | 2021 | The Web Almanac by HTTP Archive
  171. 92%Zrythm - Digital Audio Workstation
  172. 98%Understanding HKDF - Dhole Moments
  173. 87%Welcome to CIO Week and the future of corporate networks
  174. 84%Pure Fungibility on the Blockchain
  175. 98%Build interactive dashboards in minutes.
  176. 60%.NET MAUI Blazor - Build Hybrid Mobile, Desktop, and Web apps
  177. 97%GitHub - intoli/exodus: Painless relocation of Linux binaries–and all of their dependencies–without containers.
  178. 70%One decade later: Minecraft world generation is finally interesting again
  179. 99%Resetting your Durable Functions Task Hub state
  180. 67%The IMPOSSIBLE skilift that actually exists
  181. 99%Create Azure Functions with GraphQL Support
  182. 99%Automate testing of poor network conditions with Shopify's Toxiproxy
  183. 76%Apple broke up with me 😢
  184. 96%How to use dig
  185. 98%The Best Starting Word in WORDLE
  186. 90%Personal Knowledge Management organization
  187. 79%On courage
  188. 82%Is infinite token approval safe?
  189. 94%klog retrospective
  190. 86%Understanding Zero-knowledge proofs through simple examples
  191. 69%Amazon.com: ECHOGEAR 3 Monitor Desk Stand for Screens Up to 27" - Triple Desk Mount with Lock Down Clamp to Eliminate Screen Wobble - Adjust Tilt, Orientation & Swivel of Each Monitor Without Tools : Electronics
  192. 60%Designing AI for Killer Instinct
  193. 73%JetBrains launches cross-platform UI framework for Kotlin
  194. 91%Apache Guacamole™
  195. 58%The One with .NET after Saint Nick – Codecamp
  196. 98%GitHub - fastify/busboy: A streaming parser for HTML form data for node.js
  197. 94%Upgrading from .NET Framework to .NET 6
  198. 63%YouTube
  199. 80%GitHub - haampie/libtree: ldd as a tree with an option to bundle dependencies into a single folder
  200. 73%An alarming trend in K-12 math education: a guest post and an open letter
  201. 88%100 UI/UX Tips & Tricks
  202. 88%Don't Make My Mistakes: Common Infrastructure Errors I've Made
  203. 50%.NET Advent Calendar - .NET Advent Calendar 2021, Day 4
  204. 85%Webb
  205. 82%Reality has a surprising amount of detail
  206. 87%Add RateLimiting APIs by BrennanConroy · Pull Request #61788 · dotnet/runtime
  207. 88%Create a web UI with ASP.NET Core
  208. 89%First Steps on MAUI Beach
  209. 53%Never Use Black by Ian Storm Taylor
  210. 98%Supercharged high-resolution ocean simulation with JAX | dionhaefner.github.io
  211. 91%Tips on Adding JSON Output to Your CLI App - Brazil's Blog
  212. 89%So you want an iconic logo like Apple or Nike? / wesjones.co
  213. 81%Keep A Log
  214. 89%My Twitter was Hacked.
  215. 82%Chromium Foundation | Gabriel's Blog
  216. 91%Webrise
  217. 96%Behind The Spotify Wrapped API Scenes
  218. 82%How I wrote my book
  219. 61%YouTube is Auto-Deleting 100% of my Comments @YouTube #YouTube
  220. 99%Custom Templates in Visual Studio 2022
  221. 97%Adding Analyzers Via a Project Reference · Issue #18093 · dotnet/roslyn
  222. 98%while True: learn()
  223. 96%Windows Forms Lives On in .NET 6 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  224. 67%COMP4300 - Game Programming - Lecture 01 - Course Introduction
  225. 80% 3.0 — blender.org
  226. 99%pg_graphql: A GraphQL extension for PostgreSQL
  227. 55%The Grinch Bot is Stealing Christmas!
  228. 97%Azure DevOps Podcast: Michael Washington on Blazor in .NET 6 - Episode 168
  229. 56%FlyerTalk Forums - View Single Post
  230. 91%Get notified when your site is under attack
  231. 98%Senior Program Manager in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  232. 97%How can I produce a C-style array from a Windows Runtime asynchronous operation?
  233. 92%BOOX Mira Series
  234. 94%Desire features in software architecture
  235. 87%Code Maze Weekly #104 - Code Maze
  236. 98%TVL's blog: Tvix: We are rewriting Nix
  237. 75%Episode 88 - Making Cross-Platform Games in .NET With Evan Wolbach
  238. 88%M365 Admin App
  239. 96%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-12-03
  240. 86%Understanding Zero-knowledge proofs through simple examples
  241. 56%Episode 20: Akanksha Malik — PATHS UNCOVERED
  242. 99%How Rider Hot Reload Works Under the Hood | The .NET Tools Blog
  243. 95%.NET 6 Has Arrived: Here Are a Few of My Favorite Things
  244. 95%Introducing Amazon Simple Queue Service dead-letter queue redrive to source queues | Amazon Web Services
  245. 92%How customer feedback shaped the AWS Cloud Development Kit version 2 | Amazon Web Services
  246. 99%Tip 344 - How to run an App Service Web App on Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes - Part 2
  247. 93%Deploying Node and Mongo to Azure Using AZX
  248. 79%Emoji to Scale
  249. 96%Risc V greatly underperforms
  250. 99%The .NET Docs Show - Hot 🔥 .NET 6 bits
  251. 77%ClusterFuzzLite Brings ClusterFuzz to GitHub Actions and Other CI/CD Pipelines
  252. 76%Microsoft Announces the General Availability of NDm A100 v4 Series Virtual Machines
  253. 99%Teams Toolkit 3.0 Boosts Multiple Developer Collaboration -- Visual Studio Magazine
  254. 96%Use New Amazon EC2 M1 Mac Instances to Build & Test Apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV | Amazon Web Services
  255. 67%Hotel Coding
  256. 67%On the Use of Pedersen Commitments for Confidential Payments
  257. 96%But What About the Bus Factor?
  258. 94%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - C# 9 and 10 for Beginners
  259. 99%Uno Platform 4.0 Adds Visual Studio Code Plugin -- Visual Studio Magazine
  260. 87%Semantic Diffusion #shorts
  261. 94%Replace DotLiquid with Fluid by lahma · Pull Request #3679 · RicoSuter/NSwag
  262. 61%Thumby: The Worlds Tiniest Game System
  263. 90%NixOS - Blog → Announcements
  264. 97%.NET Conf 2021 Recap - Videos, Slides, Demos, and More
  265. 90%.NET 6 Support Leads New GA Features in Azure Functions Fall Update -- Visual Studio Magazine
  266. 90%Ideal monitor rotation for programmers
  267. 51%UniSync: the first live zkEVM dapp!
  268. 97%Matt Blaze: Testing Phone-Sized Faraday Bags
  269. 83%r/oddlysatisfying - This is the most satisfying play ever (u/WhitelikeCocain)
  270. 98%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit, Monthly Standup (December)
  271. 98%Alba 6.0 is friendly with .Net 6, Minimal API, and WebApplicationFactory
  272. 86%.NET Conf 2021 talk - Extreme Architecture Performance
  273. 86%100 years of whatever this will be
  274. 98%Introducing the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit
  275. 92%How do I receive ownership of a C-style array in a Windows Runtime component?
  276. 61%My Number 1 Tip For Getting Better at JavaScript
  277. 91%Release NVIM v0.6.0 · neovim/neovim
  278. 68%protobuf-net/Directory.Build.props at main · protobuf-net/protobuf-net
  279. 95%How to write "smarter" enums in C#
  280. 98%Fun with Flags, Enums and Bit Shifting - Turnerj (aka. James Turner)
  281. 96%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-12-02
  282. 67%EXPOSED: The Windows Rootkit Scandal by Sony
  283. 97%Introducing AWS Microservice Extractor for .NET
  284. 99%Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core
  285. 98%How to use OpenTelemetry with F#
  286. 98%Anti-Patterns When Building Container Images
  287. 59%how i got my job at microsoft | story time
  288. 99%.NET Rocks! vNext
  289. 81%Penumbra - Public Testnet #1: “Valetudo”
  290. 85%Edge Cake
  291. 97%How Azure AD Kerberos Works
  292. 99%Should you use the Repository Pattern? With CQRS, Yes and No!
  293. 82%Supersonic Projectile Exceeds Engineers Dreams: The Supersonic Trebuchet
  294. 94%Priority Queues and Async Tasks | no dogma blog
  295. 94%GitHub - lepoco/wpfui: A simple way to make your application written in WPF keep up with modern design trends.
  296. 93%Tools I use: PyCharm
  297. 70%If I Made Thousands of Dollars with a Self-Published Book, So Can You. - MarkMcElroy.com
  298. 89%Troy Hunt's Weekly Update Podcast
  299. 95%Microsoft Offers Windows ML Samples Gallery -- Visual Studio Magazine
  300. 53%COVID topics: what did the news actually talk about?
  301. 90%It is always the DNS
  302. 99%Fallbacks with Spring Cloud Feign – Arnold Galovics
  303. 85%Storm in the stratosphere: how the cloud will be reshuffled
  304. 62%.NET Everywhere - Windows, Linux, and Beyond
  305. 66%New Work Desktop
  306. 66%GitHub Availability Report: November 2021 | The GitHub Blog
  307. 86%Announcing Public Preview of FSLogix profiles for Azure AD-joined VMs in Azure Virtual Desktop
  308. 73%This shouldn't have happened: A vulnerability postmortem
  309. 93%Introducing the new Razor editor in Visual Studio 2022
  310. 60%Shout Your Abortion — Take Action
  311. 97%December 20, 2020 - Performance Tuning, Routing, and Azure Storage
  312. 67%July 5, 2020 - Hat AI Lightning Round with !hat, !trainhat, and FaunaDb. Open Source C# with !coffe
  313. 93%December 17, 2020 - Home Automation, Synology, Raspberry Pi, and Blazor!
  314. 99%Simulated Annealing Optimization Using C# or Python -- Visual Studio Magazine
  315. 67%Townscaper
  316. 67%.io domain names
  317. 94%MySQL + EF Core 6 + ASP.NET Core Web API 6 + CRUD + Load Related Data + Views + Stored Procedures
  318. 98%template-sample/src/Samples/10-symbol-from-date at main · sayedihashimi/template-sample
  319. 96%Julia 1.7 Highlights
  320. 98%Advent of Code 2021
  321. 94%Securing Sensitive Data in an Event Driven Architecture
  322. 88%FREE JavaScript practice with Advent of JS
  323. 98%GraphQL Subscriptions in ASP.NET Core
  324. 97%Lamar v7 meets .Net 6, Minimal APIs, and IAsyncDisposable
  325. 69%Memory corruption in NSS via DER-encoded DSA and RSA-PSS signatures
  326. 99%How can I transfer ownership of a C-style array to a Windows Runtime component?
  327. 99%supabase/studio at master · supabase/supabase
  328. 82%Dealing with complex hierarchies in RavenDB
  329. 84%.NET Developer Conference ’21 | tabs ↹ over ␣ ␣ ␣ spaces by Jiří {x2} Činčura
  330. 58%German Court Rules Against Internet Security Non-Profit Quad9 In First Hearing Versus Sony Music Germany | Quad9
  331. 99%GitHub - mrthefakeperson/Excel-Virtual-Machine: C Compiler which targets Excel (MS Office)
  332. 96%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-12-01
  333. 93%Announcing chat.sr.ht: a persistent IRC session for sourcehut users
  334. 73%Why Aren't We Better at XP (or Almost Anything)? "Stop Making It Harder" - Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant
  335. 98%Checking the Health of Your ASP.NET Core APIs
  336. 88%New Release: Fiddler Everywhere 3.0 Is Here!
  337. 99%Don't Code Tired | What’s New in C# 10: Take Control of Interpolated String Handling
  338. 99%Polymorphic Serialization with .NET System.Text.Json
  339. 97%Introducing Azure Load Testing: Optimize app performance at scale
  340. 99%Cake - Cake v2.0.0 released
  341. 94%A Nightscout Segment for OhMyPosh shows my realtime Blood Sugar readings in my Git Prompt
  342. 93%Scaling the Practice of Architecture, Conversationally
  343. 86%Senior Program Manager in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  344. 70%Free Online Typing Test - SpeedTypingOnline
  345. 75%Document Detail
  346. 88%July 2, 2020 - New Look, Behind the Scenes Stream Setup, Blazor, and .NET 5
  347. 72%December 15, 2020 - Privacy policy, opt-in, and Blazor!
  348. 89%PeerTube v4, more power to help you present your videos
  349. 94%DESQview/X : The forgotten mid-1990s OS from the future
  350. 90%GitHub Quick Reviews
  351. 82%April 1, 2020 - AI April Begins! Q+A Maker and Azure Cognitive Services
  352. 69%Why I have settled on XChaCha20+Blake3 as the AE suite of choice for my projects
  353. 99%Multi-Tenancy with Marten
  354. 99%Reducing an LTO Linux kernel bug with cvise
  355. 76%The Solution Space
  356. 90%Writing Maintainable Code is a Communication Skill - Max Chernyak
  357. 98%Anti-Patterns When Building Container Images
  358. 73%Culture of maintenance
  359. 79%How My Toy Project Turned Into a Viral Challenge - Jinay Jain
  360. 81%Mistakes you're probably making in the Y Combinator interview
  361. 76%Don't Let the Internet Dupe You, Event Sourcing is Hard
  362. 94%The Vite Ecosystem
  363. 86%what I learned about interviewing
  364. 85%WinUI 3 Team Asked About Delayed Open Source Plans: 'What Happened?' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  365. 96%#MixedRealityChallenge: StereoKit
  366. 92%Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  367. 93%Release Release v0.51.0 · microsoft/PowerToys
  368. 92%Private 5G Mobile Networks – AWS Private 5G – Amazon Web Services
  369. 99%GitHub - jesseduffield/lazygit: simple terminal UI for git commands
  370. 99%30 minutes of Testing in .NET
  371. 72%PostgREST 9.0.0 — PostgREST 8.0.0 documentation
  372. 94%omaha/common/certificate_tag at master · google/omaha
  373. 90%Discussion: Functions Host Throughput Performance Improvements & Opportunities by NickCraver · Pull Request #7908 · Azure/azure-functions-host
  374. 86%How can I build a native app as a web developer with Blazor? | One Dev Question
  375. 79%RavenDB custom sorting and when not to use it
  376. 99%Leveraging Azure Cosmos DB Partial Document Update With JSON Patch in an ASP.NET Core Web API
  377. 85%How can my C++/WinRT component pass a std::vector back to the caller?
  378. 57%Oxide / Hubris and Humility
  379. 93%Trimmed Harrell-Davis quantile estimator based on the highest density interval of the given width
  380. 98%Will Nix Overtake Docker?
  381. 87%Preprint announcement: 'Trimmed Harrell-Davis quantile estimator based on the highest density interval of the given width'
  382. 97%SolidJS
  383. 99%Upgrading a .NET 5 "Startup-based" app to .NET 6: Exploring .NET Core 6 - Part 12
  384. 99%Adam Storr - Runtime Dependency Resolution Using AutoFac in .NET 6 Isolated Azure Functions
  385. 99%Umbraco frontend membership SSO using OpenID Connect
  386. 97%Visualize It
  387. 97%Community is one variable of the Certification equation
  388. 96%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-11-30
  389. 99%Securing ASP.NET Minimal Web APIs with Auth0
  390. 93%Top Announcements of AWS re:Invent 2021 | Amazon Web Services
  391. 91%4x smaller, 50x faster · asciinema blog
  392. 98%Hello, Athena
  393. 98%Open .NET
  394. 90%Craftsman v0.12 is out with .NET 6 scaffolding and more! – Wrapt
  395. 93%Postel's law as a profunctor
  396. 93%Google Chromium, sans integration with Google
  397. 89%Gatekeeping, Passion, Career, and Life
  398. 91%Opening massive memory dumps with Visual Studio
  399. 61%Intro to Graphics 25 - Simulation in Graphics
  400. 70%New Azure AI VMs Immediately Claim Top500 Supercomputer Rankings -- Visual Studio Magazine
  401. 99%The .NET Docs Show - Into the deep end with OpenCV
  402. 85%Awful People
  403. 86%Auto Completions Speed Up in Java on Visual Studio Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  404. 68%Revisiting the Bangladesh Mask RCT.
  405. 85%Data Exfiltration via CSS + SVG Font
  406. 97%TPM remote attestation over Bluetooth
  407. 91%My Dive Into DevOps Consulting - Work & Life Notes
  408. 96%Finally A Personal Knowledge Management Tooling That Works - ulrichkautz.com
  409. 99%How to Backup to Backblaze B2 with Rclone and keep the network alive
  410. 79%Writing for the Web
  411. 89%I have no idea what I’m doing
  412. 96%Practical Security Recommendations for Start-ups with Limited Budgets
  413. 95%How LambdaMART works - optimizing product ranking goals
  414. 90%Simplicity always wins
  415. 87%Introduction
  416. 97%Learn C# with the C# 101 Interactive Notebooks
  417. 90%Introducing Buy now, pay later in Microsoft Edge
  418. 98%CSLA 6 First Prerelease
  419. 99%Validated Strongly Typed IOptions
  420. 76%GitHub - vv9k/dockeye: GUI app for managing Docker
  421. 76%[Last Week in .NET #70] – It’s *only* Five Bad Things
  422. 98%Kavita
  423. 98%Get to Know EF Core 6
  424. 94%The Schemaverse
  425. 88%CONIGUERO/winamp
  426. 95%JasperFx OSS Plans for .Net 6 (Marten et al)
  427. 95%Distributing applications that depend on Microsoft.Playwright - Gérald Barré
  428. 97%How do I migrate from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI? | One Dev Question
  429. 91%The Case of the Recursive Resolvers - Slack Engineering
  430. 88%What is Developer Advocacy and How To Get Started with Francesco Ciulla
  431. 99%Distributing an application that rely on Microsoft.Playwright - Gérald Barré
  432. 82%RavenDB Subscriptions & Messaging patterns
  433. 58%How did Windows 3.1's virtual machine manager get the information to show in the text-mode Alt+Tab switcher?
  434. 74%WebGL Water
  435. 67%Firefox is the Only Alternative
  436. 91%How to obfuscate your .NET app and why it's pointless
  437. 91%Welcome to Fleet! | JetBrains News
  438. 95%JetBrains Fleet: The Next-Generation IDE by JetBrains
  439. 92%Goodbye, Rock Solid Knowledge; Hello, 10x Banking
  440. 76%Tiny | We buy wonderful internet businesses
  441. 65%The History of Command Palettes: How Typing Commands Became The Norm Again
  442. 98%Difference Between "throw" vs "throw ex" in C# - Code Maze
  443. 91%282: Automating Protocols
  444. 91%The Yamaha DX7 synthesizer's clever exponential circuit, reverse-engineered
  445. 97%vscode-pyolite - Visual Studio Marketplace
  446. 99%Don't Code Tired | What’s New in C# 10: Easier Lambda Expressions
  447. 98%Using GitHub Actions to Update .NET Dependencies Automatically
  448. 99%The newest Docker VS Code extension feature you’re not using
  449. 98%Released: General Availability of Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 4.0
  450. 56%Cake v2.0.0 RC 2 released
  451. 78%Why are German numbers backwards?
  452. 95%Alexandre Nédélec - Organize your GitHub stars with Astral
  453. 97%Floating Point Visually Explained
  454. 51%Robotic Kitchen Automation Levels
  455. 99%Use YARP to host client and API server on a single origin to avoid CORS
  456. 98%GitHub - egoist/bget: Download and install binaries from GitHub Releases, interactively.
  457. 97%The Party Math Trick
  458. 54%The Token Disconnect
  459. 99%Introduction to .NET MAUI
  460. 81%COMP3200 - Intro to Artificial Intelligence - Lecture 01 - Course Intro + What is AI?
  461. 99%Code Maze Weekly #103 - Code Maze
  462. 87%Proof of stake is a scam and the people promoting it are scammers
  463. 99%Windows Authentication with HttpClient
  464. 97%Microsoft’s CEO on the Metaverse and Flexible Work
  465. 61%Dao Pad by DAO Maker
  466. 86%Blog by Juliano Lima
  467. 60%Zelda 64 has been fully decompiled, potentially opening the door for mods and ports | VGC
  468. 89%Cloud Advocate in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  469. 87%GitHub - NattyNarwhal/vmwmouse: VMware mouse driver for Windows 3.1
  470. 93%SQLite Release 3.37.0 On 2021-11-27
  471. 86%Github down? Current service status and errors
  472. 93%Finite State Machines - A Common Tool for Product Owners, Designers & Developers
  473. 94%Explainer: .DS_Store files
  474. 90%Build software better, together
  475. 96%The fastest way to copy a file
  476. 97%crawshaw - 2021-11-25
  477. 88%Don't be a copy-paste dev
  478. 98%Reduce code complexity: Guard clauses
  479. 93%Intro to Graphics 24 - Physics Based Animation
  480. 99%Jab 0.5.1
  481. 61%The New Web Forms Designer in Visual Studio 2022
  482. 90%How did this paypal spoof email pass SPF, DKIM and DMARC
  483. 88%OAuth Integration for Umbraco Packages
  484. 89%Bank transfers as a payment method
  485. 99%GraphQL Mutations in ASP.NET Core
  486. 96%Azure Functions - Could not load file or assembly System.Text.Encoding.CodePages
  487. 85%Siren
  488. 98%Lance McCarthy
  489. 96%Start a new project with one million layouts
  490. 94%Yusuf Aytas - Promoting Learnings in Incidents
  491. 91%My Custom CSS Reset
  492. 95%Bitslicing for Constant Time Cryptography
  493. 86%The Update, The Vent, and The Disaster
  494. 90%Why does Web 3.0 Exist? - Web3 Oversimplified
  495. 67%Fat Tony's Under Water
  496. 71%How to configure verified GitHub commits?
  497. 76%Why does my string consist of this Korean character repeated over and over?
  498. 98%My Terraform Standards
  499. 86%Receiving Starlink satellite beacons on a budget
  500. 71%Software kintsugi
  501. 62%perfectionism and pragmatism
  502. 64%Microsoft pushes ahead with controversial ‘buy now, pay later’ feature for Edge browser
  503. 97%Web Wednesday: Recapping .NET Conf with Jon Galloway
  504. 88%Episode 29: Snapshot Testing with Simon Cropp
  505. 90%I called AdjustTokenPrivileges, but I was still told that a necessary privilege was not held, redux
  506. 94%Amazon Linux 2022
  507. 99%Adam Storr - Using AutoFac Keyed Dependencies Directly in .NET 6 Isolated Azure Functions
  508. 70%RavenDB 5.3 New Features: Revisions includes
  509. 98%Don't Code Tired | What’s New in C# 10: New Possibilities for Validation and Logging Methods
  510. 99%Upgrading a 20 year old University Project to .NET 6 with dotnet-upgrade-assistant
  511. 97%5 years working on a daily basis with Typescript and I had no idea generics were capable of doing that 🤯!
  512. 66%Linus Torvalds on why desktop Linux sucks
  513. 91%PHP: PHP 8.1.0 Release Announcement
  514. 94%Notebook on nbviewer
  515. 63%gentle, a personal history
  516. 82%Two ways of thinking in product
  517. 72%Zillow did not have metallic balls
  518. 93%The best Task+Note system
  519. 81%Involve clients in the feedback loop
  520. 73%MikroTik
  521. 94%The fish shell is amazing
  522. 59%Shodan Search Engine
  523. 99%microsoft_craziness.h
  524. 93%Everything you ever wanted to know about UDP sockets but were afraid to ask, part 1
  525. 58%How do I pass an array of variable-sized PROPSHEETPAGE structures to PropertySheet?
  526. 99%Creating an Async Web API with ASP.NET Core - Detailed Guide | Pro Code Guide
  527. 98%params in C# is awesome but there is a catch
  528. 65%RavenDB 5.3 New Features: JSON Patch
  529. 99%Openlgtv.github.io
  530. 95%Understanding identity tokens
  531. 88%Secret debug tools in Optimizely CMS 12
  532. 99%.NET Rocks! vNext
  533. 97%What Was Added To C# 10
  534. 79%Working with PowerShell strings - Simple Talk
  535. 69%dotnet-script 1.3 is out with .NET 6.0 support
  536. 98%On working with a ViewModel Composition based system
  537. 71%Add It Up: Takeaways from GitHub's Octoverse Report - The New Stack
  538. 97%VisualStudioShell 0.4.0-beta
  539. 88%#50 Mina: Use Cases for Snapps & Snarketplace Dynamics
  540. 85%Fiction vs Nonfiction
  541. 96%Should you publish Domain Events or Integration Events?
  542. 99%Using, and creating, custom project templates in Visual Studio and the dotnet CLI
  543. 95%Is my cat Turing-complete?
  544. 93%VECTRA M3 3D Imaging System
  545. 90%The unbearable fussiness of the smart home - Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysis
  546. 88%GC progress from JDK 8 to JDK 17
  547. 82%Listing all endpoints in Optimizely CMS 12 / .NET 5
  548. 95%An intensive introduction to cryptography: index
  549. 99%Build .NET Applications with Visual Studio Code
  550. 93%About Apple threat notifications and protecting against state-sponsored attacks
  551. 97%GitHub - HaveIBeenPwned/3DModels
  552. 97%From Edge 96 onwards local files can get edited in Visual Studio Code and DevTools changes sync live
  553. 91%Opening source files in Visual Studio Code - Microsoft Edge Development
  554. 95%GitHub - isaacrlevin/WorkFlowGenerator: This is a .NET 6 Global tool that will create a workflow file to be used in GitHub Actions
  555. 85%The Handwavy Technobabble Nothingburger
  556. 94%.NET6 : ASP.NET Core Web API & Blazor WASM - Program.cs Changes
  557. 87%When NOT to write an Abstraction Layer
  558. 94%Overengineering can kill your product
  559. 83%The New Life of PHP – The PHP Foundation | The PhpStorm Blog
  560. 89%Net Conf 2021 Québec : Introduction à NET 6.0
  561. 98%Appending additional payload to a PROPSHEETPAGE structure
  562. 98%Visual Studio 2022: Q&A With Leslie Richardson and Her Team
  563. 79%The Catch Block #84 - On Tangibility, Adventure, and Trees
  564. 96%RavenDB 5.3 New Features: Studio & Query improvements
  565. 96%Lossless Image Compression in O(n) Time
  566. 91%An Engineer's Hype-Free Observations on Web3 (and its Possibilities)
  567. 99%Dependency Injection Lifetimes in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  568. 52%Hello World (2020)
  569. 95%GitHub - jamesmontemagno/vs-red-theme: The only theme you need for Visual Studio... Red
  570. 98%Dotnetos
  571. 95%The Great Internet Mystery - Cicada 3301 by Dave Plummer
  572. 98%.NET at re:Invent 2021 | Amazon Web Services
  573. 96%Azure Functions - Fall update
  574. 97%A .NET 5.0 Guide: From Idea To NuGet Package
  575. 97%Don't Code Tired | What’s New in C# 10: Write Less Code and Reduce Repeated Using Directives
  576. 96%Monsters Weekly 232 - PeriodicTimer in .NET 6
  577. 99%Named Pipes in .NET 6 with Tray Icon and Service
  578. 93%Modern C# Hello World - NDepend
  579. 98%42 things I learned from building a production database
  580. 52%Nintendo Switch OLED - Unboxing, Setup, Gameplay, First Impressions
  581. 99%Blazor Hot Reload in .NET 6
  582. 84%Coin Vol-II Hedging your BTC/ETH - The basics
  583. 70%Microsoft unveils ‘Super Duper Secure Mode’ in latest version of Edge
  584. 58%Exiting Artificial Scarcity
  585. 95%Deadlines should be impossible
  586. 99%Bitmasking in Laravel and MySQL - Aaron Francis
  587. 71%Zettelkasten again
  588. 81%How To Ask for Help as a Developer
  589. 82%Happy and Alex MVP
  590. 96%Entity Framework Community Standup - Hot Chocolate 12 and GraphQL 2021
  591. 74%Space colonies of the future as imagined by NASA in the 1970s - Rare Historical Photos
  592. 92%RSA vs ECDSA for DNSSEC | APNIC Blog
  593. 97%Django, HTMX and Alpine.js: Modern websites, JavaScript optional
  594. 98%Why should I build cross-platform native apps with .NET MAUI? | One Dev Question
  595. 96%Jobs — Akita Software
  596. 96%GitHub Quick Reviews
  597. 51%Expert shares cyber-safety tips
  598. 71%Your Board of Directors is Probably Going to Fire You
  599. 71%Apple sues NSO Group to curb the abuse of state-sponsored spyware
  600. 99%ZK-Hack Puzzle #4 Writeup - HackMD
  601. 95%Flatpak Is Not the Future
  602. 70%Every business process secretly wants to fail
  603. 92%.NET Frontend Day 2022: Call for Speakers/Papers
  604. 95%Microservices — The Letter and the Spirit
  605. 97%RavenDB 5.3 New Features: TCP Compression
  606. 93%Announcing Argo for Spectrum
  607. 99%[CallerArgumentExpression] and throw helpers: Exploring .NET Core 6 - Part 11
  608. 81%I test in prod – Increment: Testing
  609. 82%Non-normal median sampling distribution | Andrey Akinshin
  610. 97%Server-side source map support on elmah.io
  611. 87%practical-aspnetcore/projects/net6/liquid-view at net5.0 · dodyg/practical-aspnetcore
  612. 96%[Last Week in .NET #69] – Our Commitment To .NET News
  613. 95%GoDaddy Breached - Plaintext Passwords - 1.2M Affected
  614. 66%People mistake the internet’s knowledge for their own
  615. 66%php.internals: Re: Flexible function naming
  616. 92%Remix - Build Better Websites
  617. 94%cut -c considered harmful | gay robot noises
  618. 94%Why I don't like layered architecture for microservices | Gary Woodfine
  619. 97%Don't Code Tired | What’s New in C# 10: Simplify Argument Null Checking Code
  620. 99%DateOnly and TimeOnly support with System.Text.Json
  621. 95%TypeScript vs JSDoc JavaScript | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  622. 92%Functions as pipes
  623. 94%SOLID Principles Expressed as Rules
  624. 72%Scaling Carbon Capture
  625. 78%Stable Software Release System | blog.kronis.dev
  626. 59%Speculative Autobiographies
  627. 72%we like the runners
  628. 84%Wrap a website with a Webextension
  629. 99%Scott C. Krause Front-end Engineer | Vue.js TypeScript GoLang WASM
  630. 96%Mentoring junior programmers: What I tell them is job number one - Vallified
  631. 98%Don't Bring a Tree to a Mesh Fight
  632. 90%Use Cases: The purpose of your code
  633. 90%Pranav Kasetti - Software Developer
  634. 92%The Debug Diary
  635. 99%Who is using .NET? | One Dev Question
  636. 84%Learn TV
  637. 85%Bayes' Theorem
  638. 53%GoDaddy says data breach exposed over a million user accounts – TechCrunch
  639. 99%GitHub - s9w/oof: Convenient, high-performance RGB color and position control for console output
  640. 99%Running a .NET 6 Service on a Specific Port
  641. 88%How to Learn Nix
  642. 96%The Joy of Cryptography
  643. 77%Your Fingerprint Can Be Hacked For $5. Here’s How. - Kraken Blog
  644. 97%GitHub - terrafx/terrafx.interop.windows: Interop bindings for Windows.
  645. 76%A reminder about the correct way of accessing and manipulating the position of icons on the desktop
  646. 94%Carter 6.0.0
  647. 87%mod team resignation by BurntSushi · Pull Request #671 · rust-lang/team
  648. 99%Updating your project to use File Scoped Namespaces - Gérald Barré
  649. 97%RavenDB Features 5.3: Power BI integration
  650. 94%Best keyboard shortcuts for .NET development
  651. 97%So GitHub Copilot can suggest secret keys, but it's not that bad
  652. 70%The Stroad
  653. 66%Writing is Networking for Introverts
  654. 88%281: C# 10, .NET MAUI, Blazor Hybrid, and more!
  655. 99%Implement certificate authentication in ASP.NET Core for an Azure B2C API connector
  656. 96%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-11-22
  657. 99%YARP Documentation
  658. 55%You can do it! #learntocode
  659. 97%Don't Code Tired | What’s New in C# 10: Reclaim Horizontal Editing Space and Simplify Nesting
  660. 98%ASP.NET Core for Beginners: Web APIs
  661. 98%10 shades of public API hosting on Azure
  662. 99%.NET 6 Hot Reload and "Refused to connect to ws: because it violates the Content Security Policy directive" because Web Sockets
  663. 99%ASP.NET Core Integration Tests With TestServer
  664. 88%Designing Data-Intensive Applications – Secondary Indexes, Rebalancing, Routing
  665. 94%paint.net 4.3.3 is now available!
  666. 92%The Beginning of Infinity: The Transformative Power of Explanations
  667. 93%New Kind of Paper, part 4
  668. 98%GitHub - zademn/EverythingCrypto: (Still exploring) My cryptography journey: A collection of notebooks covering different algorithms and concepts from cryptography
  669. 91%Never trust a programmer who says he knows C++ by Louis Brandy
  670. 73%The Introverts Guide to Increasing Energy
  671. 73%BabylonJS and Blazor Game Tutorial Series Portal | Cody's Personal Site
  672. 82%Only 90s Web Developers Remember This
  673. 55%Wolves make roadways safer, generating large economic returns to predator conservation
  674. 95%[Video] High-performance and compile-time logging source generation in .NET 6
  675. 90%LLVM relicensing update & call for help
  676. 78%Dell XPS13 RAM Upgrade (7390)
  677. 99%Testing tools for .NET and cross-platform apps
  678. 61%Advent of Code 2021
  679. 94%Lite3DP 3D Printer
  680. 93%The Universe of Discourse : In simple English, what does it mean to be transcendental?
  681. 79%Lite3DP-S1/Arduino at main · Lite3DP/Lite3DP-S1
  682. 98%The Be Book - Classes And Methods - The Kernel Kit
  683. 61%What I Learned From My Date-Me Experiment
  684. 97%Documenting HTTP requests with Hurl
  685. 91%The Comfort of Ignorance - Brian Di Croce
  686. 73%Empowering teams are like career accelerators
  687. 91%The Skeptic's Case for Personality Testing
  688. 99%Deno for Infrastructure as Code
  689. 91%Are custom dev setups worthwhile?
  690. 97%Intro to Graphics 23 - Computer Animation
  691. 99%hacspec [![hacspec chat][chat-image]][chat-link]
  692. 94%SVGcode
  693. 77%Malware downloaded from PyPI 41,000 times was surprisingly stealthy
  694. 95%MinimalApis.LiquidViews 2.2.2
  695. 61%Microsoft Edge has new bloatware that absolutely no one needs
  696. 92%Making Your Projects Move: Jeremy Fielding To Deliver Remoticon Keynote
  697. 69%Equity 101 for Software Engineers at Big Tech and Startups
  698. 86%Understanding why our build got 15x slower with Webpack 5 - Tines Engineering
  699. 72%Network Performance Update: Full Stack Week
  700. 58%Websites using Blazor
  701. 96%VertiWalk - Vertical Walking
  702. 96%The tale of a single register value
  703. 94%New Toolkit for Writing Visual Studio Extensions (And Where to Find Extensions) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  704. 95%I Love Arch, But GNU Guix Is My New Distro - Boiling Steam
  705. 66%Does Linoleic Acid Induce Obesity? A Response to Stephan Guyenet, Part 1
  706. 72%VC Needs Web3 More Than Web3 Needs VC — Mirror
  707. 60%“Uncompromising”: Ludwig Hohl and the Prose that will Survive
  708. 98%My Terraform Development Workflow
  709. 79%Breaking into B2B SaaS — George Sequeira
  710. 98%foo.c
  711. 70%Short-Cycle Recurring Revenue
  712. 65%"That policy changed last week."
  713. 92%Notes on Software Development Waste
  714. 80%How does .NET MAUI make you super productive building apps? | One Dev Question
  715. 95%A Simpler Way to Azure
  716. 51%SQL Server Monitoring Tool | SQL Monitor Trial | Redgate
  717. 80%Pony Messenger
  718. 85%Heart-Stopping Texts
  719. 50%Crypto Wash Trading
  720. 92%Cascade of doom: JIT, and how a Postgres update led to 70% failure on a critical national service
  721. 95%GitHub - elfshaker/elfshaker: elfshaker stores binary objects efficiently
  722. 61%Episode 403 - GitHub and Azure
  723. 97%Why is my C++/CX ref class forbidden from having public methods that are templates or mention, say, std::vector?
  724. 88%Big Ball of Mud
  726. 85%Where is Ruby Headed in 2021? - Big Nerd Ranch
  727. 80%RavenDB and the Black Friday Surge!
  728. 99%Announcing native support for Stripe’s JavaScript SDK in Cloudflare Workers
  729. 99%Code Maze Weekly #102 - Code Maze
  730. 99%Adam Storr - Using AutoFac Keyed Dependencies with .NET 6 Isolated Azure Functions
  731. 87%Episode 19: Sláine Carey — PATHS UNCOVERED
  732. 82%Episode 87 - Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity with Harrison Ferrone
  733. 55%Mouse Utils - Mouse Highlighter by jaimecbernardo · Pull Request #14496 · microsoft/PowerToys
  734. 88%.NET 6 Is On The Loose
  735. 96%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-11-19
  736. 88%First look at the Original Prusa XL
  737. 87%Senior Content Developer in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  738. 85%Program Manager II - Linux Packaging in Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  739. 99%GitHub - Elringus/DotNetJS: Use .NET in any JavaScript environment: browsers, Node.js, VS Code web extensions, etc.
  740. 51%Notes on Web3
  741. 91%Free Apple support | daniel.haxx.se
  742. 98%Global Usings – A Look at New Language Features in C# 10 | The .NET Tools Blog
  743. 95%Implementing Unit And Integration Tests On .NET With xUnit
  744. 99%Exploring C# 10: Use Extended Property Patterns to Easily Access Nested Properties
  745. 67%OpenAI’s API Now Available with No Waitlist
  746. 94%New TypeScript 4.5 Improves Asynchronous Programming -- Visual Studio Magazine
  747. 80%SerenityOS
  748. 76%How I'm Going to Compete With Calm & HeadSpace
  749. 84%Poisson's Equation
  750. 92%47 - Product Hunt is Doomed
  751. 76%NEW! Arduino C/C++ Source Level Debugging for the ESP32
  752. 94%Comparison of Common Lisp Json Libraries (2016)
  753. 99%Model-based Testing
  754. 63%Lessons learnt after 5 years of climate tech entrepreneurship - Olivier Corradi's blog
  755. 96%How to Grasp Containers - Efficient Learning Path - Ivan Velichko
  756. 97%Amazon Pinpoint now supports Safari push notifications
  757. 98%How to install any distrib on a Gandi VPS
  758. 82%OCaml compiler development newsletter, issue 4: October 2021 - Community - OCaml
  759. 92%Sociotechnical Lenses into Software Systems
  760. 88%Flags v. gates
  761. 91%Potential Improvements to Spaced Repetition | David Bieber
  762. 95%How I created a Markdown parser
  763. 99%Implementing CHIP-8 in Jack
  764. 95%Zettelkasten #1: Classes in D with betterC
  765. 95%Tools embody mediums
  766. 93%Weekly Update 270
  767. 82%TypeScript Surge Flatlines in New GitHub Octoverse Report -- Visual Studio Magazine
  768. 99%Backdooring Rust crates for fun and profit
  769. 68%Twitter rolls back AMP support, no longer sends users to AMP pages
  770. 99%What is new in F#? | One Dev Question
  771. 91%Limited Edition Custom .NET Cycling Jersey
  772. 85%German state planning to switch 25,000 PCs to LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Blog
  773. 98%Infer# v1.2: Interprocedural Memory Safety Analysis For C#
  774. 79%The NFT Bay is the galaxy's most resilient NFT BitTorrent site!
  775. 60%Is this the real leaf? Is this just fantasy?
  776. 98%Standing Desks Are AMAZING (Check Out our New Flexispot Desk!)
  777. 98%RavenDB 5.3 New Features: Experimental PostgreSQL wire protocol
  778. 95%What does the CompileAsWinRT Visual Studio project option mean?
  779. 99%Liquid Cooling Takes Over at SC21
  780. 75%Workers, Now Even More Unbound: 15 Minutes, 100 Scripts, and No Egress
  781. 98%12 features coming in C# 11, potentially
  782. 66%Is tasking developers with creating detailed estimates a waste of company money?
  783. 97%Migrate from ASP.NET Core 3.1 to 6.0
  784. 76%10 years of... whatever this has been
  785. 98%.NET 6 vs .NET 5: up to 40% speedup!
  786. 99% .NET 6 Application No Need To Configure Developer Exception Page Middleware Explicitly[.NET6 Feature]
  787. 98%Free Your Services From Vendor Lock-in with OpenTelemetry – Webinar Recording | The .NET Tools Blog
  788. 99%A First Look with FreshMvvm.Maui - Michael Ridland
  789. 94%Uno Platform 3.11: Support for .NET 6 RTM, VS 2022 17.1 Preview 1
  790. 98%.NET 6 on AWS | Amazon Web Services
  791. 97%Options for running locally with Dapr
  792. 99%Tip 342 - How to get started with Azure DevTest Labs
  793. 98%Top 10 C# Developers Videos from .NET Conf 2021
  794. 98%.NET Rocks! vNext
  795. 97%XMPP, A Comeback Story: A 20 Year Old Messaging Protocol For Robust, Private and Decentralized Communications
  796. 99%Netlify Drop | Netlify
  797. 99%Announcing TypeScript 4.5
  798. 85%Never Told Anyone
  799. 99%What's the Cost of Indirection & Abstractions?
  800. 98%Web Wednesday: Use containers to streamline your dev process with Burke Holland
  801. 93%Stacked changes: how Facebook and Google engineers stay unblocked and ship faster
  802. 99%Browserflow
  803. 54%Get Rich Offsetting Carbon
  804. 62%Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  805. 80%Remote working and the elephant in the room
  806. 78%I Analyzed SaaS Billing Dark Patterns
  807. 96%GitHub - salesforce/p4-fusion: A fast Perforce to Git conversion tool written in C++ using Perforce Helix Core C++ API and Libgit2
  808. 85%Rails 7 added --css app generator
  809. 95%A Manager’s Secret for Engineers to Advancement and Promotion
  810. 60%Email is an information silo
  811. 97%Why I like Jupyter Notebook
  812. 98%Ephemeral Postgres Databases
  813. 56%Things that are Different in Berlin | Engin Arslan
  814. 99%Binary Relations in Idris
  815. 99%JoL Blog - n.2 - Sed challenge: join cal -y months into a single column
  816. 74%Finding Your Swagger
  817. 70%Netlify Raises $105 Million to Transform Development for the Modern Web
  818. 89%Regex Learn - Step by step, from zero to advanced.
  819. 83%How to Grow Sodium Chloride Crystals at Home
  820. 88%Windows App SDK ('Project Reunion') Hits Version 1.0 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  821. 60%High-performance and compile-time logging source generation in .NET 6
  822. 83%Scan of the Month — Lego Minifigures
  823. 96%Entity Framework Community Standup - Make History and Explore the Cosmos, an EF Core 6 Retrospective
  824. 53%Microsoft brings JavaScript to Excel – TechCrunch
  825. 87%CQRS & Event Sourcing Code Walk-Through
  826. 99%EF Core 6 + ASP.NET Core Web API + CRUD + Stored Procedures + Views + MS SQL Server
  827. 90%Two types of diffuse reflection | Matej 'Retro' Jan on Patreon
  828. 99%Visual Studio Toolbox Live - Managing Secrets in your Applications
  829. 97%Build real-time web apps with Azure Web PubSub—now generally available
  830. 99%Migrate from ASP.NET Core 5.0 to 6.0
  831. 97%The mental model for StartThreadpoolIo
  832. 98%Cloudflare Pages Goes Full Stack
  833. 70%Devolutions Central Online 2021 - Nov 17 | Hopin
  834. 99%5 Reasons to IMMEDIATELY Turn On ESLint in VS Code
  835. 98%The Catch Block #83 - Hubris, the Old Friend
  836. 71%RavenDB 5.3 New Features: Elasticsearch ETL
  837. 74%Ivermectin: Much More Than You Wanted To Know
  838. 93%Updating your ASP.NET Core / EF Core application to NET 6 – The Reformed Programmer
  839. 97%Cracking the Adventure Time Cipher
  840. 99%Working with model validation in Minimal APIs
  841. 71%What Really Happened at the Millennium Tower? — Practical Engineering
  842. 96%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-11-17
  843. 98%Visual Studio 2002: how to create code behind from a Razor page?
  844. 65%The Week in Dark Web - 19 March 2021 - US Law Firms On Target - SOCRadar® Cyber Intelligence Inc.
  845. 93%BFT Protocol Forensics
  846. 97%The Case for C# and .NET
  847. 99%Mini Course #1 Clean Architecture + CQRS
  848. 98%ASP.NET Docker Gotchas and Workarounds
  849. 99%The newest Docker VS Code extension feature you’re not using
  850. 99%Avoid Using Exceptions to Determine API Status Codes and Responses
  851. 99%DotNetConf 2021 - .NET Everywhere - Windows, Linux, and Beyond
  852. 99%Let's upgrade my main site and podcast to .NET 6 LTS
  853. 98%In the Jungle of .NET Decompilers - NDepend
  854. 97%Structuring discussions for Engineers and PMs
  855. 96%ZK HACK #5 - Aztec Workshop - Nov 23 | Hopin
  856. 74%hydromisc/nutrient-design.md at master · hydromisc/hydromisc
  857. 98%How to Fine-Tune a Transformer Architecture NLP Model -- Visual Studio Magazine
  858. 76%패션 쇼핑앱 브랜디
  859. 91%IBM Unveils Breakthrough 127-Qubit Quantum Processor
  860. 98%Azure DevOps Podcast: Eilon Lipton on Blazor Desktop - Episode 166
  861. 88%GitHub's commitment to npm ecosystem security | The GitHub Blog
  862. 99%What is new in .NET 6? | One Dev Question
  863. 94%A pitch that is music to the ears
  864. 92%Community Builders
  865. 74%The “Alternative Page” Content Strategy - A Gateway To Conversions
  866. 98%Reimagine Atomic CSS
  867. 85%T-Wand: Beat Lucene in Less Than 600 Lines of Code
  868. 70%Nothing Scales - Jason Kerwin
  869. 94%The Trouble With Platforms
  870. 86%Your CSS is an interface
  871. 94%Why Emacs: Redux
  872. 91%I will pay you cash to delete your npm module
  873. 57%The Many Uses of Schedulers
  874. 95%What is Babel? · Karl Tarvas
  875. 93%Beyond 10×
  876. 94%GitHub Quick Reviews
  877. 65%Why I Hate Password Rules
  878. 86%Unicast Use of the Formerly Reserved 127/8
  879. 90%Please stop screwing over Linux distros
  880. 91%Writing extensions just got easier
  881. 83%Letting users tick a ‘none’ checkbox - Design in government
  882. 81%ZK HACK #4 - Anoma Workshop - Nov 16 | Hopin
  883. 98%CheerpX: Using WebAssembly to run any programming language in the browser
  884. 54%GitHub Themes - Visual Studio Marketplace
  885. 97%Minimal APIs
  886. 98%What's new in Windows Forms in .NET 6.0
  887. 98%Bramble: A Purely Functional Build System and Package Manager
  888. 81%RavenDB 5.3 Features: Incremental time series, throttling and rate limits
  889. 98%dmca/2021-11-12-hackerrank.md at master · github/dmca
  890. 98%AppFlowy.IO
  891. 59%Microspeak: Righteous
  892. 59%Is There Such a Thing as Good Taste?
  893. 97%wrangler 2.0 — a new developer experience for Cloudflare Workers
  894. 72%Misleading kurtosis | Andrey Akinshin
  895. 72%New dependency injection features in .NET 6: Exploring .NET Core 6 - Part 10
  896. 85%Blender 3.0 takes support for AMD GPUs to the next level. Beta support available now!
  897. 99%Using Multiple Databases in ASP.NET Core via Entity Framework Core
  898. 81%Developer! Developer! Developer! 2021
  899. 97%Episode 220 – .NET 6 & Minimal APIs with Nick Chapsas – The 6 Figure Developer
  900. 60%Replace client-side polling with ASP.NET Core SignalR - Learn
  901. 96%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-11-16
  902. 83%Stop Letting OKRs Masquerade as Strategy
  903. 98%Talking to SerenityOS Contributors About Scratch-build C++ Developer’s Playground in Modern C++ | The CLion Blog
  904. 99%GraphQL in ASP.NET Core with EF Core
  905. 99%GraphQL multiple requests and EF Core DbContext
  906. 98%Introduction to .NET MAUI
  907. 67%High-performance services with gRPC: What's new in .NET 6
  908. 99%State Management using Dapr | Gary Woodfine
  909. 98%Achieving Zero Trust readiness in your apps #1: Why it matters
  910. 93%Monsters Weekly 231 - Azure Container Apps with .NET 6
  911. 94%When to refactor a large Blazor component into separate, smaller ones?
  912. 91%We need to have a talk about making life easier for newcomers to the .NET ecosystem
  913. 96%ASP.NET Core Identity AddDefaultIdentity vs AddIdentity
  914. 96%Types as sets
  915. 91%GitHub - rougier/scientific-visualization-book: An open access book on scientific visualization using python and matplotlib
  916. 99%Hack
  917. 99%Individuals matter
  918. 95%[Last Week in .NET #68] – .NET 6 Passionate Programmers
  919. 92%Highlights from Git 2.34 | The GitHub Blog
  920. 95%Interactive Gradient Descent Demo · Sasha Kuznetsov's Blog
  921. 92%My VS Code Playground - Pawel Cislo
  922. 70%The Metaverse: Is It Already Here?
  923. 63%If Apple keeps letting its software slip, the next big thing won't matter
  924. 92%Frostman's Theorem surprises me
  925. 99%Simulating an XY oscilloscope on the GPU
  926. 64%Recovering from a burnout
  927. 99%Getting Started With Pants and Django (Part 1)
  928. 64%How I helped build a profitable MVP over a weekend
  929. 91%Sala 1 - .NET Conf Latam 2021
  930. 89%What's New for C#, F# and Visual Basic in .NET 6 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  931. 91%Sala 2 - .NET Conf Latam 2021
  932. 91%Sala 4 - .NET Conf Latam 2021
  933. 91%Sala 3 - .NET Conf Latam 2021
  934. 95%Adding support for X86Base.Pause() and ArmBase.Yield() by tannergooding · Pull Request #61065 · dotnet/runtime
  935. 93%Practical attacks against attribute-based encryption
  936. 82%RavenDB 5.3 New Features: Incremental time series & implementing lambda based accounting
  937. 85%Daylight Calendar
  938. 72%Learn TV
  939. 67%How fast is .NET? | One Dev Question
  940. 99%Sketchy Pwned Passwords
  941. 80%Blacksmith – Computer Security Group
  942. 97%Where Are My Favorite Extensions in Visual Studio 2022?
  943. 96%The secret of the macOS Monterey network quality tool
  944. 98%My New Job as a Staff Developer Advocate - Here's What I'll Be Doing!
  945. 97%Azure Active Directory's gateway is on .NET 6.0!
  946. 81%RavenDB 5.3 Features: Incremental time series & implementing lambda based accounting
  947. 99%Monitoring a .NET application using OpenTelemetry - Gérald Barré
  948. 95%A practical use for GetHGlobal­FromStream when sharing was never your intention
  949. 95%Introducing Relational Database Connectors
  950. 99%Your opinion about C# and .NET is outdated
  951. 52%Next Windows 11 update makes the Blue Screen of Death blue again
  952. 83%Xerox scanners/photocopiers randomly alter numbers in scanned documents
  953. 90%[ANN] Fennel 1.0.0 released — sourcehut lists
  954. 97%Bayesian Optimization Book
  955. 88%280: .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022 are here!
  956. 98%Receptive Field Calculations for Convolutional Neural Networks
  957. 99%Add extra claims to an Azure B2C user flow using API connectors and ASP.NET Core
  958. 70%WiFiman - Apps on Google Play
  959. 99%Getting started with GraphQL in ASP.NET Core
  960. 93%‎Ubiquiti WiFiman
  961. 58%Developer! Developer! Developer! Day
  962. 94%Dapr v1.5 is now available
  963. 98%How C# 10.0 and .NET 6.0 improve ArgumentExceptions | endjin
  964. 99%Performance for composition in F#
  965. 98%Return youtube dislike count
  966. 71%SoK: Cryptographic Confidentiality of Data on Mobile Devices
  967. 72%Paul Graham 101
  968. 84%Be flexible to win big
  969. 94%Writing new system software
  970. 93%Using a framework can make you stupid!
  971. 81%The One Risk To Rule Them All
  972. 95%‏Nils's website - The ultimate solution to the nightmare of truncated tab titles
  973. 86%How Not To Switch To Linux With Your Hosts Linus and Luke
  974. 84%Yes, Programming is Hard
  975. 84%The present moment is not enough
  976. 67%Making Super Mario Bros using C++ and SFML - SFML Tutorial
  977. 83%GitHub - hectorm/docker-qemu-win2000: A Docker image for Windows 2000 Advanced Server with SP4.
  978. 95%The System | Tilt Five
  979. 96%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  980. 77%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  981. 99%C# 10 new feature CallerArgumentExpression, argument check and more
  982. 54%2022 could be the year of 8K monitors: Here’s why
  983. 61%Intro to Graphics 22 - Signal Processing
  984. 96%Hack Chinese - Professional software to grow your Chinese language ability
  985. 93%The weirdest bug I've ever encountered
  986. 99%Champion "CallerArgumentExpression" · Issue #287 · dotnet/csharplang
  987. 93%Debugging memory corruption: who the hell writes “2” into my stack?! | Unity Blog
  988. 96%Welcome to Full Stack Week
  989. 99%C# 10 new feature CallerArgumentExpression, argument check and more
  990. 92%Change-making problem - Wikipedia
  991. 98%Windows 10 and 11 minimal setup for HDR video playback and streaming
  992. 97%Alexandre Nédélec - Week 45, 2021 - Tips I learned this week
  993. 71%About - Project Euler
  994. 91%Reverse-engineering the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer's sound chip from die photos
  995. 97%restic · Backups done right!
  996. 97%Why asynchronous Rust doesn't work
  997. 82%Dolphin Progress Report: September and October 2021
  998. 67%myNewsWrap – SAP and Microsoft (Episode 60)
  999. 80%Higher Maths for Beginners : Ya. B. Zeldovich, I. M. Yaglom : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  1000. 90%myNewsWrap/episode060.md at main · lechnerc77/myNewsWrap
  1001. 70%Debit cards as financial infrastructure
  1002. 76%Email From FBI Looks Odd
  1003. 73%Cloudflare blocks an almost 2 Tbps multi-vector DDoS attack
  1004. 98%Newsletter Week 45, 2021
  1005. 99%Atlas
  1006. 68%It's Now Possible To Sign Arbitrary Data With Your SSH Keys
  1007. 97%GitHub - DamianEdwards/MinimalApis.Extensions: A set of extensions and helpers for working with ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs.
  1008. 71%Coming soon: Bō - A Hand-Drawn 2D Metroidvania Based on Japanese Folklore
  1009. 97%GitHub - okyrylchuk/dotnet6_features
  1010. 94%How Not To Sort By Average Rating
  1011. 77%Implement PEM exports for RSA PKCS#1 and ECPrivateKey by vcsjones · Pull Request #61487 · dotnet/runtime
  1012. 58%How to permanently remove a file from Git history - Wisdom Geek
  1013. 89%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 3 Teases Native M1 Processor Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1014. 96%Searx: moving away from DuckDuckGo
  1015. 55%Steve Blank When There Seems to Be No Way Out – Customer Discovery for Your Head
  1016. 84%No one knows what's coming next
  1017. 96%Spotify Codes - Part 2
  1018. 79%How I use Notion · Reasonable Deviations
  1019. 85%Weekly Update 269
  1020. 89%Fixing Recent Validation Vulnerabilities in OctoRPKI
  1021. 67%Long Range E-Bike · Jacques Mattheij
  1022. 98%Ruby vs Python comes down to the for loop
  1023. 98%Occam
  1024. 60%The .NET Docs Show - NuGet Trends 📈: .NET Foundation Project Highlight
  1025. 97%Using the Online Thumby IDE
  1026. 86%Versions of .NET
  1027. 91%How to Keep a VM / Desktop “awake”
  1028. 79%Thumby - The Tiny Playable Keychain
  1029. 93%React vs Vue - Which One Do We Like More with Debbie O'Brien
  1030. 99%Dynamic PGO in .NET 6.0.md
  1031. 62%Playdate Owners Update #1
  1032. 99%Overriding Sealed Methods in C#
  1033. 98%Microsoft Announces Azure Chaos Studio in Public Preview
  1034. 85%Paper Website: Create a Website Right From Your Notebook
  1035. 97%How Nix and NixOS Get So Close to Perfect
  1036. 87%Code Maze Weekly #101 - Code Maze
  1037. 87%Five Great (free!) Ways to Get Started With Cloudflare
  1038. 94%RavenDB 5.3 Features: Incremental time series
  1039. 67%Speed up development with Hot Reload in .NET 6 #Shorts
  1040. 97%GitHub - adrianscheff/useful-sed: Useful sed scripts & patterns.
  1041. 96%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-11-12
  1042. 91%Migrating our trusty ol’ .NET Framework applications to AWS, hold on! One foot at a time!
  1043. 95%.NET MAUI: Evolution of .NET Mobile/Desktop in Age of .NET 6
  1044. 98%Announcing .NET 6 -- The Fastest .NET Yet
  1045. 99%Search by Target Framework & Supported Platforms on NuGet.org by JonDouglas · Pull Request #11374 · NuGet/Home
  1046. 99%Code style formatting rules - .NET
  1047. 99%Why Does x = ++x + x++ Give Me the Wrong Answer?
  1048. 85%The Journey to Accessible Apps: Meaningful Content Ordering
  1049. 96%New release of PowerShell Preview for Visual Studio Code!
  1050. 90%How to build a second brain as a software developer - Aseem Thakar
  1051. 96%Building a project that target .NET Framework 4.5 in Visual Studio 2022
  1052. 98%Setting up Serilog in .NET 6
  1053. 87%Threshold Digital Signatures
  1054. 92%How to create a tech startup - Vlad Mihalcea
  1055. 89%How to cold email investors and get meetings?
  1056. 96%The good things in the current age in tech
  1057. 87%SaaS starter kit. SaaS framework. SaaS template. SaaS-in-a-box. | Outseta
  1058. 71%Inventing the Future - Let's DO Have Hindsight!
  1059. 98%MSBuild and 64-bit Visual Studio 2022
  1060. 87%State Management: Separation of Concerns
  1061. 53%Explaining the Entombed Algorithm
  1062. 97%Episode 402 - Azure Chaos Studio
  1063. 98%Convert to file scoped namespaces in the entire solution using .editorconfig
  1064. 98%Cake v2.0.0 RC 1 released
  1065. 95%The Monstrosity Email Has Become
  1066. 97%GitHub - CommunityToolkit/dotnet: .NET Community Toolkit is a collection of helpers and APIs that work for all .NET developers and are agnostic of any specific UI platform. The toolkit is part of the .NET Foundation.
  1067. 86%Azure Web PubSub service now generally available | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure
  1068. 59%Google removes restrictions on students only from Summer of Code - itsfoss.net
  1069. 95%View-Source
  1070. 58%GitHub - michidk/rost: Rust programming, in German.
  1071. 94%Create a web UI with ASP.NET Core - Learn
  1072. 74%The inside story of the outside investigation of SoftRAM 95
  1073. 99%RavenDB 5.3 Features: Concurrent Subscriptions & Serial operations
  1074. 99%itt a tribute to our late founder, farewell, deer richard
  1075. 97%Announcing dotnet monitor in .NET 6
  1076. 67%How dangerous is GitHub Copilot for junior devs?
  1077. 99%Umbraco backoffice SSO with OpenID Connect
  1078. 96%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-11-11
  1079. 81%Expanding Google Summer of Code in 2022
  1080. 97%C# 10 Falls Just a Bit Short
  1081. 96%.NET 6 now available on App Service
  1082. 90%Monsters Weekly 230 - Introduction to Streams
  1083. 96%The strong and weak forces of architecture
  1084. 99%Dissecting Interpolated Strings Improvements in C# 10
  1085. 97%.NET Rocks! vNext
  1086. 73%An update to dislikes on YouTube
  1087. 85%Firefox is the 45. result when searching for “firefox” on Windows Store
  1088. 85%TTSLTSWBD
  1089. 75%Timothy Gone
  1090. 98%Announcing the GA release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 - Red Hat Customer Portal
  1091. 52%Grafana Labs and Microsoft partner to deliver new first party Microsoft Azure service
  1092. 95%ZK HACK #7 - Mina Workshop - Dec 07 | Hopin
  1093. 95%Blazor Updates, Hot Reload and Minimal APIs Highlight ASP.NET Core in .NET 6 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1094. 96%Publishing Events from CRUD or Commands?
  1095. 99%When “UTC everywhere” isn’t enough - storing time zones in PostgreSQL and SQL Server
  1096. 95%How do you build a bare minimum feature?
  1097. 52%Scattered Thoughts on Why I Waste My Own Time
  1098. 53%scott fryxell
  1099. 50%Pretty Inline Symbolic Mathematics in Org-Mode
  1100. 81%Learn Live: Modern web development with .NET 6 - Events
  1101. 77%Who said cities can't be built in one day by 3DCityframes on Etsy
  1102. 93%How To Make A CPU
  1103. 89%Integration Testing: Lessons from Storyteller and Other Thoughts
  1104. 96%Don’t Do This in Code Reviews!!
  1105. 71%Update to YouTube Dislike Counts
  1106. 67%New Blazor WebAssembly capabilities in .NET 6
  1107. 98%Full-stack .NET 6 Apps with Blazor WebAssembly and Azure Static Web Apps
  1108. 62%Intro to Graphics 21 - Sampling
  1109. 77%Business Essentials
  1110. 37%WhenAny and Pattern Matching with Different Types of Task | no dogma blog
  1111. 98%RavenDB 5.3 Features: Concurrent subscriptions
  1112. 98%The Catch Block #82 - .NET 6's Grand Debut
  1113. 66%How am I supposed to create children of the Win32 tab control?
  1114. 81%Blazor WebAssembly - Upgrade NET5 to NET6 in 8 minutes
  1115. 55%Google sends anti-regulation propaganda to small businesses using Google Maps
  1116. 99%Part 2 – Testing against a PostgreSQL database – The Reformed Programmer
  1117. 99%The Surreal Horror of PAM
  1118. 99%The Invisible JavaScript Backdoor – Certitude Blog
  1119. 73%Write Thin to Write Fast
  1120. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-11-10
  1121. 67%How Do Computers Remember?
  1122. 93%Workflow - workspace-images/1234/2b3f2beb-75b9-4e3e-adb9-0fa172a30384`
  1123. 97%Early Access Program - Rider: Cross-platform .NET IDE
  1124. 94%New Release: Tor Browser 11.0 | Tor Blog
  1125. 99%Fixing Error NETSDK1152 after upgrading to .NET 6
  1126. 99%How to use JSONPatch in .net core | Gary Woodfine
  1127. 98%.NET 6 New Project Templates and Minimal APIs. Are you ready?
  1128. 86%WSL2 can now mount Linux ext4 disks directly
  1129. 99%Discover what’s new to Microsoft database services—recap from Microsoft Ignite
  1130. 99%.NET Conf 2021 | Channel 9
  1131. 99%What's new in ASP.NET Core 6.0
  1132. 94%Release v3.5.1 · dotnet/orleans
  1133. 97%The Ancient Secrets of Computer Vision
  1134. 99%you.com
  1135. 95%Azure Credits for Open Source Projects
  1136. 99%Back to Basics: Add an ASP.NET Runtime Information Startup Banner
  1137. 95%.NET Framework November 2021 Cumulative Update
  1138. 95%‎Slingshot Effect
  1139. 96%Comparing Container Apps with other Azure container options
  1140. 95%CODE Online | CODE Consulting | CODE Staffing | CODE Magazine | CODE Training | CODE Framework | VFP Conversion
  1141. 75%C# 10 – Anthony Giretti's .NET blog
  1142. 97%The shape of software
  1143. 94%SLO Alerting for Mortals
  1144. 95%What's the Future of IDEs?
  1145. 86%Learn the strategy of increasing your site traffic by writing less content
  1146. 84%How My Genius Roommate Changed My Perspective
  1147. 91%Reflecting on 11 years of side projects
  1148. 78%זה הרבה יותר מסכסוך עם חברת ריגול דיגיטלי מהרצליה
  1149. 99%Optimistic Concurrency in an HTTP API with ETags & Hypermedia
  1150. 88%With .NET MAUI Delayed, Xamarin.Forms Remains Mobile Dev Option in .NET 6 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1151. 93%Ciphertext Compression #4: SSDDH, SSCDH, CSSDDH, and CSSCDH
  1152. 53%Stovetop - Recipe Search
  1153. 85%Jimmy Wales’ Final Email
  1154. 96%How We Saved Millions in SSD Costs by Upgrading Our Filesystem - Heap
  1155. 93%Create web apps with .NET 6 and minimal API and ASP.NET Core - Learn
  1156. 97%Automating .Net 6 Application Protection
  1157. 94%I QUIT My Job - Here's Why!
  1158. 98%.NET Conf 2021
  1159. 81%ESP32 UWB Module - ESP32 Indoor Positioning Solution with Ultra Wide Band
  1160. 97%Collection Performance: Sort() with CompareTo()
  1161. 98%Misleading skewness | Andrey Akinshin
  1162. 95%F# 6 is officially here!
  1163. 96%@MMcPJ | Linktree
  1164. 95%Microsoft Introduces a New Cloud-Native Offering with Azure Container Apps Service
  1165. 95%Microsoft Releases Azure Open AI Service Including Access to Powerful GPT-3 Models
  1166. 99%Backend Web API Service (CTP) | eXpressApp Framework
  1167. 99%.NET Downloads (Linux, macOS, and Windows)
  1168. 95%ProctorU is dystopian spyware
  1169. 99%Announcing YARP 1.0 Release
  1170. 96%If your domain name parser can't handle internationalized domain names, then maybe that's your parser's problem
  1171. 96%Release 1.3.42 · bUnit-dev/bUnit
  1172. 89%2021-11-06 The Emacs Lisp book is finished
  1173. 99%How to create your own project templates in .NET
  1174. 80%A Brief History of the Meris Botnet
  1175. 99%Source generator updates: incremental generators: Exploring .NET Core 6 - Part 9
  1176. 96%Lesser Known PostgreSQL Features
  1177. 94%System76 is building a new Linux desktop in Rust
  1178. 94%String Performance: Checking for a Substring
  1179. 99%C# Delegates - Code Maze
  1180. 62%It’s Mostly a Demand Shock, Not a Supply Shock, and It’s Everywhere
  1181. 98%"This project will only take 2 hours"
  1182. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-11-09
  1183. 89%Who owns this huge database of leaked VPN user details? - Comparitech
  1184. 97%.NET Official Support Policy
  1185. 99%add api diff between 5.0 & 6.0 targeting packs. by Anipik · Pull Request #6874 · dotnet/core
  1186. 99%Cake v2.0.0 RC 1 released
  1187. 99%Full-stack .NET 6 Apps with Blazor WebAssembly and Azure Static Web Apps
  1188. 80%Visual Studio 2022 Launch Event
  1189. 97%Announcing NuGet 6.0 - Source Mapping, Package Vulnerabilities, Faster Solution Load, Oh My!
  1190. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 10
  1191. 99%What's New in Xamarin and Visual Studio 2022
  1192. 98%General Availability of PowerShell 7.2
  1193. 87%.NET November 2021 Updates – 5.0.12 and 3.1.21
  1194. 98%Get started with minimal API for .NET 6
  1195. 99%Reader as a profunctor
  1196. 98%Adam Storr - Using AutoFac with .NET 6 Isolated Azure Functions
  1197. 99%Building real applications with Orleans
  1198. 94%Release v3.5.1 · dotnet/orleans
  1199. 93%Homebrew
  1200. 84%GitHub - adria0/plonk-by-fingers: Implementation of Plonk by Hand in rust
  1201. 94%Corrypt
  1202. 98%How I found a bug in Intel Skylake processors
  1203. 97%Remove the .NET runtime and SDK
  1204. 95%Please ask stupid questions as a new software developer
  1205. 91%Flinch
  1206. 93%.NET 6 on App Service
  1207. 97%Stop requiring specific technology experience for senior-plus engineers
  1208. 82%64-bit Visual Studio 2022 Arrives -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1209. 99%[Last Week in .NET #67] – Microsoft’s “Valued” Professionals
  1210. 99%Server-Sent Events and ASP.NET Core - Disconnecting a Client
  1211. 97%You should use forums rather than Slack/Discord to support developer community
  1212. 77%Remote work will break the US monopoly on global talent
  1213. 92%The Scale of Emissions
  1214. 99%software:libgen_desktop [The Library Genesis Project Wiki]
  1215. 86%Everything is a System — Scott Miker
  1216. 97%Improving a Machine Learning System (Part 1 - Broken Abstractions)
  1217. 64%Libra Shrugged — Chapter 15: Central bank digital currencies
  1218. 97%Thinking heads are not in the clouds · Raphael Lullis
  1219. 99%Modern, functional Common Lisp: Myths and tips
  1220. 99%Technical Advisory – Arbitrary Signature Forgery in Stark Bank ECDSA Libraries
  1221. 99%You probably don’t need jq
  1222. 98%Deep dive into Yrs architecture
  1223. 94%Free Software is an Abject Failure
  1224. 72%Integrity makes an impression - echevarria.io
  1225. 83%Rust Playground
  1226. 93%.NET MAUI Preview 6: SDK Workload Installation, Gestures, Clipping, Alerts, More -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1227. 99%What is the new LZ4 TOAST compression in PostgreSQL 14, and how fast is it?
  1228. 97%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 3, and Upcoming Native M1 Processor Support
  1229. 86%Saint Morris Striped Weekend Sweater
  1230. 90%Wilderness Labs Developer Portal
  1231. 92%Awesome Socks Club
  1232. 60%The dangers for unprotected sects
  1233. 96%Our account was hacked - General - Cloudflare Community
  1234. 99%Write and debug code by using Hot Reload - Visual Studio (Windows)
  1235. 94%.NET 6 Is Here -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1236. 99%Azure Functions 4.0 and .NET 6 support are now generally available
  1237. 52%How Pinterest utterly ruined photo search on the internet
  1238. 99%File upload with progress bar in Blazor - Gérald Barré
  1239. 96%Presenting Code Samples with a Dark Theme… Please Don’t!
  1240. 90%The Real Benefits Of Staying Off Social Media
  1241. 96%Supabase $30m Series A
  1242. 80%The Intellectual Incoherence of Cryptoassets
  1243. 98%C# 10: Implicit Global Usings
  1244. 99%Announcing .NET 6 -- The Fastest .NET Yet
  1245. 95%How to Use a Macro to Shorten Link Text in Google Sheets
  1246. 99%Bite-Size .NET 6 - UnionBy, IntersectBy, ExceptBy, and DistinctBy
  1247. 99%SQL Server Data Tools | Visual Studio - Visual Studio
  1248. 99%Welcome to C# 10
  1249. 98%Visual Studio 2022 now available
  1250. 97%What’s New for Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2022
  1251. 99%Announcing ASP.NET Core in .NET 6
  1252. 98%Visual Studio 2022 verson 17.0 Release Notes
  1253. 69%Matter Labs Announces $50M in New Funding for zkSync
  1254. 95%Sizing Up Post-Quantum Signatures
  1255. 98%Restoring support for pre-standardization coroutine free awaiters for even older code bases
  1256. 88%Elite Underproduction
  1257. 52%Six Palestinian human rights defenders hacked with NSO Group’s Pegasus Spyware
  1258. 96%Malware Trust & Safety Specialist
  1259. 98%Designing better file organization around tags, not hierarchies
  1260. 99%The evolution of API performance from .NET Core 1 to .NET 6
  1261. 99%Asynchronous Programming in .NET Core C# - using async & await | Pro Code Guide
  1262. 93%String Performance: Encoding and Decoding Strings
  1263. 73%_why's Estate
  1264. 97%.NET 6: Top 6 Features in the new .NET Version | Rubik's Code
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  1266. 92%279: What are Azure Container Apps?
  1267. 96%A journey towards SpeakerTravel - Building a service from scratch
  1268. 99%ASP.NET Core scheduling with Quartz.NET and SignalR monitoring
  1269. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-11-08
  1270. 99%Using The Roslyn C# Compiler
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  1273. 99%What's new in F# 6 - F# Guide
  1274. 98%100 Days of TypeScript (Day 6)
  1275. 96%Quick browser Developer Tools tip: define and test interaction states in CSS using state simulation
  1276. 99%James Randall
  1277. 92%Don’t Do Interviews, Do Discussions!
  1278. 91%LevelUp
  1279. 96%Designing Data-Intensive Applications – Partitioning
  1280. 84%What is a database, really?
  1281. 82%GPT-3 is No Longer the Only Game in Town
  1282. 97%What is a database, really?
  1283. 96%GitHub Copilot Telemetry Terms - GitHub Docs
  1284. 78%Ideas · Community
  1285. 79%an inside look into the illicit ad industry
  1286. 74%Debug C++ Like a BOSS
  1287. 99%How and why I added AdSense and an AdBlock detector to my personal website
  1288. 86%YouTube
  1289. 90%Zillow, Prophet, Time Series, & Prices
  1290. 81%a look at power on the new M1 Max: part 1 – ./nyaa
  1291. 66%HOWTO: Get tenure
  1292. 90%Signal is losing
  1293. 96%Using DataLoader with NestJS
  1294. 94%Guide to Online Dating for the Rest of Us | Engin Arslan
  1295. 79%Memory leaks are crippling my M1 MacBook Pro–and I'm not alone
  1296. 95%A terrible schema from a clueless programmer
  1297. 96%How To Learn Stuff Quickly
  1298. 96%GitHub - damienbod/AspNetCoreHybridFlowWithApi: ASP.NET Core MVC application using API, OpenID Connect Hybrid flow , second API, Code Flow with PKCE
  1299. 92%What is AT&T doing at 1111340002?
  1300. 87%Wirecutter
  1301. 91%Common Cold Viruses
  1302. 91%Painbow Award
  1303. 95%Android Debugging With Windows Subsystem for Android
  1304. 99%GitHub - Maoni0/realmon: A monitoring tool that tells you when GCs happen in a process and some characteristics about these GCs
  1305. 99%LaTeX Input for Impatient Scholars
  1306. 88%Re-Organizing the World’s Information: Why we need more Boutique… — Mirror
  1307. 81%The language of collaboration (and the phrase that gives you superpowers)
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  1310. 76%Online Dating - MonsterMatch
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  1312. 84%Harry Denley — Security Researcher
  1313. 95%An Epic future for SPJ
  1314. 67%YC owns the product analytics space
  1315. 93%Becoming a Senior Software Engineer
  1316. 99%GitHub - axelarnetwork/tofn: A threshold cryptography library in Rust
  1317. 96%Quitters Get Raises - The Big Picture
  1318. 68%The value of an in-house adversary
  1319. 99%What’s New in ASP.NET Core in .NET 6
  1320. 61%Don’t be spooky
  1321. 95%Linx launches SignalR Service Plugin
  1322. 76%David Copperfield's History of Magic - in partnership with Microsoft Outside In and Hanselminutes
  1323. 90%Intro to Graphics 20 - Shadows & Reflections
  1324. 99%Rockin’ The Code World with dotNetDave – Special Guest: Mark Miller
  1325. 99%Type Parameters Proposal
  1326. 99%Newsletter Week 44, 2021
  1327. 99%Rockin’ The Code World with dotNetDave – Guest: Scott Hunter
  1328. 97%GitHub - coofcookie/Windows11Upgrade: Windows 11 Upgrade tool that bypasses Microsoft´s requirements
  1329. 97%Granite State Code Camp, Saturday 11/6/2021
  1330. 74%The best way to stay up to date with .NET news #Shorts
  1331. 97%pdfsandwich
  1332. 71%David McCarter (Microsoft MVP) (@realDotNetDave)
  1333. 59%Top programming languages: Most popular and fastest growing choices for developers | ZDNet
  1334. 91%Snack
  1335. 98%Hack Chinese - Professional software to grow your Chinese language ability
  1336. 98%David McCarter (Microsoft MVP) (@realDotNetDave)
  1337. 98%Use file scoped namespaces by pranavkm · Pull Request #38076 · dotnet/aspnetcore
  1338. 99%Thanks Microsoft for open-sourcing VS Code Server 👐
  1339. 82%Mina Tools - The Mina Protocol Community Website
  1340. 99%Building a custom checkout form with Stripe Elements
  1341. 89%How credit cards make money
  1342. 95%Random Oracles in Cryptography
  1343. 99%.NET Watch Run Configuration - IntelliJ IDEs Plugin | Marketplace
  1344. 99%So you want to Scrape like the Big Boys? 🚀
  1345. 98%Episode 401 - Ignite 2021 Wrap-Up
  1346. 98%Beginner Web Dev - Coding Practice
  1347. 71%Photography: Edge of Eternity
  1348. 95%Learn web development | MDN
  1349. 82%Spargine T-Shirt | Zazzle.com
  1350. 99%Azure DevOps Podcast: Mads Torgersen on C# 10 and .NET 6 - Episode 164
  1351. 94%How to Disable GitHub Actions in a Forked Project
  1352. 71%David McCarter (Microsoft MVP) (@realDotNetDave)
  1353. 84%Breaking changes in .NET 6 - .NET
  1354. 98%Threema: Three Strikes, You’re Out
  1355. 99%Halo and more: exploring incremental verification and SNARKs without pairings
  1356. 95%The case of the C++/WinRT cached factories that pointed into freed memory
  1357. 98%Finding and tracking a race condition in MemoryCache
  1358. 52%2021 : The Year of the Exodus
  1359. 99%Access data with managed identity - Azure App Service
  1360. 98%When students go back to school mobile usage goes down
  1361. 99%Code Maze Weekly #100 - Code Maze
  1362. 88%GitLab servers are being exploited in DDoS attacks in excess of 1 Tbps
  1363. 95%Episode 86 - Real World Blazor With Steve Peirce
  1364. 97%String Performance: Combining Strings with the StringBuilder
  1365. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-11-05
  1366. 73%Episode 18: Dr. Padma Gadiyar — PATHS UNCOVERED
  1367. 99%Introducing River, a Dynamic Tiling Wayland Compositor
  1368. 99%Deploying new Azure Container Apps with familiar languages
  1369. 98%Caller Argument Expressions – A Look at New Language Features in C# 10 | The .NET Tools Blog
  1370. 96%What’s New in Angular 13
  1371. 97%Why Evolve to .NET MAUI?
  1372. 99%NSwag generated C# client: Open API property name clashes and decimal types rather than double | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  1373. 99%A Deep Dive Into Serverless UI With TypeScript — Smashing Magazine
  1374. 77%Addressing the Rumors that I Have Been Removed from the MVP Program
  1375. 74%Weekly Update 268
  1376. 60%Timeline of the human condition
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  1378. 94%Never update anything | blog.kronis.dev
  1379. 89%Your Startup Needs a Murder Board
  1380. 93%If PHP Were British
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  1382. 96%Why is Excalidraw so fucking good?
  1383. 98%On autoloading
  1384. 53%I don't know how to browse the internet anymore – Manu
  1385. 91%The Missing Link to the Metaverse · WebVR Dev
  1386. 97%Combating Disinformation with Humility. – Pravesh Koirala
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  1390. 79%Used Warp-it? Check your password now
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  1392. 96%Create a Power Automate desktop flow - Power Automate
  1393. 84%Visual Studio 2022!!
  1394. 85%Registration Statement on Form S-1
  1395. 95%Visual Studio 2022 Launch
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  1397. 96%Microsoft Publishes New Documentation for Blazor, ASP.NET Core -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1398. 74%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit, Monthly Standup
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  1405. 98%Caller Argument Expressions – A Look at New Language Features in C# 10 | The .NET Tools Blog
  1406. 95%Caching hostility–usage patterns that breaks your system
  1407. 98%How can I prevent myself from accessing a lambda captured variable or a parameter after I'm done with it?
  1408. 59%Our Self-Imposed Scarcity of Nice Places
  1409. 74%40% faster JSON serialization with Source Generators in .NET 6
  1410. 91%DDoS Attack Trends for Q3 2021
  1411. 96%Blazored.AzureStaticWebAppAuthentication 0.1.1
  1412. 95%Building the next phase of GitHub, together | The GitHub Blog
  1413. 98%An oral history of Bank Python
  1414. 94%ClickHouse vs TimescaleDB | Cupper
  1415. 99%String Performance: Concatenating Strings
  1416. 90%Domaining
  1417. 96%Control flow analysis for destructured discriminated unions by ahejlsberg · Pull Request #46266 · microsoft/TypeScript
  1418. 99%GitHub - MangoDB-io/MangoDB: A truly Open Source MongoDB alternative
  1419. 99%SignalR modules with a shared connection using a C# Source Generator - Guid.New
  1420. 95%What’s new in SQL Server 2022
  1421. 99%Add GitHub OpenID Auth For ASP.NET Core Apps
  1422. 98%.NET 6 Hot Reload in Visual Studio 2022, VS Code, and NOTEPAD?!?
  1423. 88%Announcing manage Tweets endpoints for the Twitter API v2 - Announcements - Twitter Developers
  1424. 99%Announcing TypeScript 4.5 RC
  1425. 99%.NET Rocks! vNext
  1426. 94%Notice of Stolen EVGA GeForce RTX 30-Series Graphics Cards
  1427. 88%Organ transplant patients (maybe) don’t get dementia. Here’s why. – Trevor Klee
  1428. 88%Luau Goes Open-Source
  1429. 98%GitHub - maxvfischer/DIY-CNC-machine: How to build your own CNC machine from scratch
  1430. 99%Handling HTTP API Errors with Problem Details
  1431. 91%PAKEs, oPRFs, algebra, feat. George Tankersley - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  1432. 73%David McCarter (Microsoft MVP) (@realDotNetDave)
  1433. 77%Microsoft 365 Developer Program Gets Sandbox and Teams Sample Data Pack -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1434. 98%How to Create a Transformer Architecture Model for Natural Language Processing -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1435. 54%Burgers with Bill Gates - Secrets of the Autistic Millionaire - E01
  1436. 91%More flexible and inclusive ways to manage your documents
  1437. 74%Final Assault 8bit ATARI FPS by GMG
  1438. 66%Photography: Vibrations in Solitude
  1439. 97%CODE Online | CODE Consulting | CODE Staffing | CODE Magazine | CODE Training | CODE Framework | VFP Conversion
  1440. 97%Are daily standups hurting your team?
  1441. 95%.NET Annotated Monthly | November 2021 | The .NET Tools Blog
  1442. 98%Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David: 9781617296710: Amazon.com: Books
  1443. 93%Dapr joins CNCF as an incubating project
  1444. 86%Gravity 4K Blu-ray (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital HD)
  1445. 98%A capturing lambda can be a coroutine, but you have to save your captures while you still can
  1446. 78%Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime) joins CNCF Incubator | Cloud Native Computing Foundation
  1447. 86%Help Support The Voice Of Slum In India
  1448. 98%The Catch Block #81 - .NET 6, C# 10, and VS 2022 Roundup!
  1449. 95%Thank you, GitHub | The GitHub Blog
  1450. 98%Applying Artificial Intelligence to Nintendo Tetris
  1451. 98%The tale of a single register value
  1452. 83%3 C# 10 features that were scrapped #Shorts
  1453. 98%Challenge: The code review bug that gives me nightmares–The fix
  1454. 92%How to Build a Low-tech Website?
  1455. 95%Episode 28: UX with Jessica Engström
  1456. 94%String Performance: Formatting
  1457. 99%Why C# 10 is pretty irrelevant (but .NET 6 isn't) and why that's a good thing
  1458. 99%Final Blazor Improvements Before .NET 6
  1459. 99%Don't Code Tired | ICYMI C# 9 New Features: Create Immutable Objects with Records
  1460. 99%Why SOLID principles are still the foundation for modern software architecture
  1461. 97%Compliance in a DevOps Culture
  1462. 98%Profunctors
  1463. 96%What’s New in Azure App Service - Fall Ignite 2021 Edition!
  1464. 97%Why the status quo is so hard to change in engineering teams
  1465. 86%Amendment No. 1 to Form S-1
  1466. 73%Extra Life | I'm raising money for my local children's miracle network hospital!
  1467. 97%What is the Inverse of a Vector?
  1468. 68%Naysayers promote innovation even if they are sometimes annoying
  1469. 98%An opinionated guide on how to reverse engineer software, part 1
  1470. 94%The Solution Space
  1471. 93%High Fidelity Remote Communication
  1472. 90%The Future of Work and the Workplace
  1473. 99%Secure Minimal APIs with .NET 6 and Azure AD B2C
  1474. 96%How Code Splitting Improves Lighthouse Score
  1475. 90%6 Tips For Your Performance Reviews | Gergely Nemeth
  1476. 97%The Combination of Content and Knowledge Management - Part 1
  1477. 98%On Desktop Productivity
  1478. 81%Embracing the chaos
  1479. 79%It's okay to not be okay
  1480. 92%Anatomy of a Terminal Emulator
  1481. 99%Long live the Monolith! Monolithic Architecture != Big Ball of Mud
  1482. 98%Fast, Secure 2-of-2 ECDSA using DKLs18
  1483. 81%The Metaverse Is Already Here. It’s Minecraft
  1484. 99%Do-nothing scripting: the key to gradual automation
  1485. 61%Microsoft Ignite
  1486. 99%Welcome to My Site!
  1487. 90%Microsoft Expands Development Options for Teams Meeting/Collaboration Software -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1488. 88%Beyond Bootable Backups: Adapting recovery strategies for an evolving platform | Carbon Copy Cloner
  1489. 84%Microsoft Ignite
  1490. 75%I Tried Creating a Game Using Real-world Geographic Data
  1491. 96%Curves and Surfaces – Bartosz Ciechanowski
  1492. 92%Nix 2.4 released - Announcements - NixOS Discourse
  1493. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1494. 87%I just want to serve 5 terabytes.
  1495. 88%Intro to Graphics 19 - Ray Tracing
  1496. 99%Visual Studio Feedback
  1497. 99%Anomaly Detection Using ML.NET
  1498. 91%Zoom Supports Continued Access for Basic Users with Advertising Program - Zoom Blog
  1499. 98%Visual Studio Tips and tricks: Subword navigation - Gérald Barré
  1500. 97%Azure Container Apps | Microsoft Azure
  1501. 99%Challenge: The code review bug that gives me nightmares–the issue
  1502. 94%Firefox 94.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes
  1503. 90%Fermat's Library | Magic: The Gathering is Turing Complete annotated/explained version.
  1504. 80%From The Mind of David McCarter: products on Zazzle
  1505. 95%Visual Studio 2022 Launch
  1506. 82%Evil Software Of The Month
  1507. 92%Leaving Debian - CoRecursive Podcast
  1508. 96%Exploring the .NET Table Storage SDK
  1509. 66%The focus rectangle says, "I'm not orange. I'm just drawn that way."
  1510. 96%You don't need ordered delivery
  1511. 99%GitHub - Polly-Contrib/Simmy: Simmy is a chaos-engineering and fault-injection tool, integrating with the Polly resilience project for .NET
  1512. 99%5 Tips for Building AMAZING Portfolio Projects to Get A Developer Job
  1513. 92%How to Build a Low-tech Website?
  1514. 99%Improving logging performance with source generators: Exploring .NET Core 6 - Part 8
  1515. 95%Exploring .NET Core 6
  1516. 95%How we build software at Cloudflare
  1517. 97%Core scheduling lands in 5.14
  1518. 93%Culture Shock
  1519. 99%Adam Storr - Using Azure Functions Middleware to Access ClaimsPrincipal in Azure Static Web Apps
  1520. 97%GitHub - EnterpriseQualityCoding/FizzBuzzEnterpriseEdition: FizzBuzz Enterprise Edition is a no-nonsense implementation of FizzBuzz made by serious businessmen for serious business purposes.
  1521. 99%Blazor REPL - Write, Compile, Execute & Share Blazor Code | Telerik REPL for Blazor
  1522. 91%Collection Performance: Creating Collections with Capacity & AddRange()
  1523. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-11-02
  1524. 99%Monsters Weekly 229 - Where is my Program Main method?
  1525. 99%Don't Keep Secrets in Code
  1526. 98%Remove Libuv transport and dependency by Tratcher · Pull Request #38005 · dotnet/aspnetcore
  1527. 98%100 days of TypeScript (Day 4)
  1528. 97%100 days of TypeScript (Day 5)
  1529. 89%Type | Treat – Wrap-up
  1530. 98%Type | Treat - Day 5
  1531. 99%Implementing Content Security Policy (CSP) in ASP.NET Core
  1532. 86%Introducing the layer based SVG engine
  1533. 86%A truly Open Source MongoDB alternative
  1534. 99%Diagnostics tools for App Service on Linux
  1535. 97%A Syntax for Self-Tracking
  1536. 78%Stop playing the SEO game: find your sources of influence
  1537. 61%I'm offering my first Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Class | Brightball, Inc
  1538. 59%Inflationary Hikes - Fed Guy
  1539. 79%The Data Behind New York's Increasingly Dirty Electricity Peaks
  1540. 93%Simple Product Management Tricks - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  1541. 87%Writing Tips for New Engineering Managers
  1542. 98%How I Built Burplist For Free
  1543. 88%Your Users are on a Journey with your Product. As a Product Manager you are a Guide
  1544. 96%COP26.org: A quick sustainability check
  1545. 98%Faster Mac Dev Tools with Custom Allocators
  1546. 97%Remap Caps Lock to Control
  1547. 99%The Unified .NET 6
  1548. 99%When Pwned Passwords Bloom!
  1549. 83%#Chatcontrol Explained
  1550. 72%Complexity is killing software developers
  1551. 63%I'm A Méagan
  1552. 90%Microsoft rolling out Visio to Microsoft 365 Commercial users worldwide - MSPoweruser
  1553. 99%[Last Week in .NET #66] – Halt and Crash Intellisense
  1554. 99%.NET R&D Digest (October, 2021)
  1555. 97%3Blue1Brown - SoME1 results
  1556. 93%Visual Studio 2022 Launch Event Agenda
  1557. 98%.NET 6 Launches at .NET Conf, November 9-11
  1558. 97%Build client web assets for your Razor Class Library
  1559. 99%GitHub - waydabber/BetterDummy: Software Dummy Display Adapter for Apple Silicon/Intel Macs to Have Custom HiDPI Resolutions.
  1560. 74%C# 10: Constant Interpolated Strings
  1561. 98%GitHub - 1Password/1password-teams-open-source: Get a free 1Password Teams membership for your open source project
  1562. 99%Bite-Size .NET 6 - MaxBy() and MinBy() in LINQ
  1563. 99%The .NET Docs Show - .NET 6: Getting started with Minimal APIs
  1564. 96%They don't even know the fundamentals
  1565. 85%Consensus cheat sheet
  1566. 97%Challenge: The code review bug that gives me nightmares
  1567. 67%Why do all this coroutine stuff if you can just use std::future?
  1568. 81%The Ten Second Autism Test
  1569. 86%Quick Tip: Use Quick Actions/Refactorings to Learn C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1570. 98%C# - async/await - The Breakfast Example
  1571. 96%Statistic Estimators · Anthony Lloyd
  1572. 80%An Update on Our Outage - Roblox Blog
  1573. 99%I let GitHub Co-Pilot be the Pilot for my C# code
  1574. 96%BERT Tokenizers NuGet Package for C# | Rubik's Code
  1575. 99%.NET Collections - IEnumerable, IQueryable, ICollection - Code Maze
  1576. 91%Collection Performance: Looping Over Other Collection Types
  1577. 92%278: Inside .NET Hot Reload
  1578. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-11-01
  1579. 85%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  1580. 98%GitHub - niespodd/browser-fingerprinting: Analysis of Bot Protection systems with available countermeasures 🚿. How to defeat anti-bot system 👻 and get around browser fingerprinting scripts 🕵️‍♂️ when scraping the web?
  1581. 98%GitHub - klange/toaruos: A completely-from-scratch hobby operating system: bootloader, kernel, drivers, C library, and userspace including a composited graphical UI, dynamic linker, syntax-highlighting text editor, network stack, etc.
  1582. 91%Security advisory for rustc (CVE-2021-42574) | Rust Blog
  1583. 88%A developer's guide to programatically overcome fear of failure | PagerDuty
  1584. 92%The Hidden Benefits Of Iframe Based Development
  1585. 81%We are not Black Boxes
  1586. 94%A guide to getting out of a rut when you are working alone
  1587. 99%Why Embedded Software Development is Harder
  1588. 82%The Strange Path of Accepting How Your Brain Works · Caffeinspiration
  1589. 75%Nationalization kills innovation
  1590. 68%You Are What You Consume - Priyam Mohanty
  1591. 96%Pairings in CIRCL
  1592. 98%Bash functions are better than I thought
  1593. 71%PumpkinCTScan
  1594. 66%Message: Nuclear must be represented at COP26, says World Nuclear Association : Perspectives
  1595. 99%Top Ten Best Practices For Software Developers
  1596. 98%Wacom drawing tablets track the name of every application that you open | Robert Heaton
  1597. 97%r/adhdwomen - I'm curious about which ADHD symptoms are most common. So I'm taking a poll!
  1598. 89%Get started | Learning Music (Beta)
  1599. 96%A website every .NET developer should be aware of #Shorts
  1600. 76%An improved N-dimensional optimiser · Anthony Lloyd
  1601. 98%Remote Desktop Experience (Part 1: Planning)
  1602. 84%Fundamentals of Piano Practice — Fundamentals of Piano Practice
  1603. 99%SectorLISP Now Fits in One Sector
  1604. 98%Visual Studio 2022 Productivity
  1605. 99%Async Ruby - Bruno Sutic
  1606. 95%How to help a student get unstuck
  1607. 99%Power Up Your Power Apps with .NET 6 and Azure
  1608. 80%CodeOpinion
  1609. 93%Do what you're relatively best at
  1610. 98%Zettelkasten note-taking after one year · Tomas Vik
  1611. 98%My CTO job description
  1612. 90%syncthing and WSL 2: running in the background
  1613. 87%YouTube
  1614. 82%Internet Hay Exchange - Hay For Sale
  1615. 75%Raspberry Pi 4 achieves Vulkan 1.1 conformance, gets up to 60% GPU performance boost - CNX Software
  1616. 94%Programmer’s emotions – sidebits
  1617. 80%Intro to Graphics 18 - Rendering Algorithms
  1618. 98%Switching the Linux graphics stack from GLX to EGL
  1619. 98%The fundamental problem the .NET Foundation Board has
  1620. 71%A Deep Dive into Nanite Virtualized Geometry
  1621. 96%GitHub - dotnet-foundation/wg-maintainers: Project maintainers' working group and committee
  1622. 94%Newsletter Week 43, 2021
  1623. 65%U.S. House Prices Are Rising Exponentially Faster Than Income (2021 Data)
  1624. 95%How to set the default user for a WSL distro that has been manually installed with wsl --import
  1625. 86%PowerToys Mouse utilities for Windows
  1626. 76%Nick Chapsas
  1627. 64%Home | Autex Acoustics
  1628. 85%Financial innovations brought by technology
  1629. 87%YouTube
  1630. 92%Our investment in Appwrite
  1631. 95%Please change your mind about your announced release plans
  1632. 53%Java on VS Code Adds Gradle Tool, Simplifies Code Actions -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1633. 92%A Roadmap to a Post-Scarcity Economy
  1634. 99%Announcing my Scratch Terraform provider
  1635. 91%Develop Mastery by Revisiting the Basics
  1636. 56%Don't rush to solutions
  1637. 99%Crawling Shopify application ratings
  1638. 99%Mistakes from 6 months of freelancing
  1639. 92%Pipelines - Runs for runtime
  1640. 98%Handshake Encryption: Endgame (an ECH update)
  1641. 90%Grand jury subpoena for Signal user data, Central District of California (again!)
  1642. 94%High throughput Fizz Buzz
  1643. 96%Languages & Runtime Community Standup - Interview with Runtime Architect Jan Kotas
  1644. 91%r/livesound - Headset microphone picking up radio: a uniquely frustrating problem
  1645. 58%Oculus Quest is Getting Rid of Facebook Account Requirement
  1646. 99%BRAND NEW VS Code Theme for Halloween - It's Spoooooky
  1647. 68%Photography: Tie-dye
  1648. 93%Pragmatic BDD with RavenDB
  1649. 99%Giving a single object multiple COM identities, part 4
  1650. 99%Code Maze Weekly #99 - Code Maze
  1651. 96%4 common C# naming patterns you should know #Shorts
  1652. 99%Rockin’ The Code World with dotNetDave – Special Guest: Jérôme Laban
  1653. 93%The Staff Engineer's Path
  1654. 91%New Acronym for FAANG after Facebook's rename to "Meta" is MANGA | @techtalk | Ayedot
  1655. 91%Collection Performance: Adding Items to a Collection
  1656. 99%Everything That Every .NET Developer Needs to Know About Disposable Types: Properly Implementing the IDisposable Interface
  1657. 87%Weekly Update 267
  1658. 82%Why You (Probably) Didn't Get Lost in Metroid Dread
  1659. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-10-29
  1660. 98%File-Scoped Namespaces – A Look at New Language Features in C# 10 | The .NET Tools Blog
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  1664. 98%The Case Of A Stuck LoadLibrary Call
  1665. 95%r/gamedev - Despite having just 5.8% sales, over 38% of bug reports come from the Linux community
  1666. 99%runtimelab/samples/NativeLibrary at 8e81d3a5bfd7639a197b51a1f65fcbba129d3b5f · dotnet/runtimelab
  1667. 79%VS 2022 for Mac Supports .NET 6 RC2 on Intel-based Macs (but Not M1 ARM64) -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  1814. 88%FRI with Bootleproof-IPA Verkle Trees for “non-native” arithmetic and shrinking reference string size - HackMD
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  1901. 68%My job is so hard #softwareengineer #techtok #programming #dayinmylife #fyp #tech #fypシ #foryoupage #programmerhumor #pov #developer #engineer
  1902. 95%Despite having just 5.8% sales, over 38% of bug reports come from the Linux community
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  1910. 83%Core - SurfaceR
  1911. 98%GitHub - mthom/scryer-prolog: A modern Prolog implementation written mostly in Rust.
  1912. 98%Vector Packet Processing, and When to Use It
  1913. 67%Experiments with “AI” and Diet Logging
  1914. 99%Crates (existentials in F#)
  1915. 99%Start with Microservices. Don't start with Microservices
  1916. 92%Revert "Remove Hot Reload support from dotnet watch (#22217)" by 3nprob · Pull Request #22262 · dotnet/sdk
  1917. 96%Implement RSA-PSS signature for CmsSigner by vcsjones · Pull Request #60316 · dotnet/runtime
  1918. 94%.NET Hot Reload Support via CLI
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  1930. 81%script-src ‘none’ (@script_src_none) TikTok | Watch script-src ‘none’'s Newest TikTok Videos
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  1965. 96%Collection Performance: Checking for Items in a Collection
  1966. 99%There is no 'printf'.
  1967. 95%Released: Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 4.0 Preview 3
  1968. 97%Automating Diagnostic Notebooks with Azure Serverless Architecture
  1969. 97%LightningChart Introduces Uno Platform Support
  1970. 98%Pipeline oriented programming
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  1981. 75%Internet of Things for Beginners w/IoT Expert Tara Walker - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #22
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  1983. 89%Forget Twitter Threads; Write A Blog Post Instead!
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  2000. 93%Parson doubles down on push to prosecute reporter who found security flaw in state site • Missouri Independent
  2001. 98%Anomaly Detection Using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  2010. 54%Is Your Code Secure? – .NET 083
  2011. 76%Willingness to look stupid
  2012. 67%Slack contains an XSLeak vulnerability that de-anonymizes users
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  2040. 97%A Critique [The Call of the Open Sidewalk]
  2041. 91%Evidence for European presence in the Americas in ad 1021 - Nature
  2042. 92%Woody Zuill: Knowing When to Stop a Conversation Is Knowing When to Listen - Richard Kasperowski | High-Performance Teams | Core Protocols | Agile | Open Space Technology
  2043. 83%The Full Economic Cost of Credential Stuffing Attacks - Arkose Labs
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  2052. 96%Entity Framework Community Standup - EF Core with ASP.NET Core
  2053. 93%Should you publish Domain Events or Integration Events?
  2054. 99%Analyzing Code for Issues in .NET 5
  2055. 75%David McCarter (Microsoft MVP) (@realDotNetDave)
  2056. 81%The Catch Block #79 - On Progress and Smart Switches
  2057. 81%About that time I had an outburst during the YCombinator Interview
  2058. 68%Photography: Whistleblower
  2059. 99%My code crashed when I asked WIL to convert an exception to an HRESULT, did I throw an improper exception type?
  2060. 99%Getting Cloudflare Tunnels to connect to the Cloudflare Network with QUIC
  2061. 94%Negative feature response: Automatic attachment compression in RavenDB
  2062. 79%Śmierć w Amazonie. "Potraktowali go jak typowy odpad, jak śmiecia". Czy 49-letni pracownik Amazona musiał umrzeć?
  2063. 83%r/privacy - I sent a text - it was received as if from a different number with misspellings
  2064. 98%Full Disclosure: Defense in depth -- the Microsoft way (part 78): completely outdated, vulnerable open source component(s) shipped with Windows 10&11
  2065. 99%Deploying PHP Applications to Azure App Service with Azure DevOps
  2066. 74%Collection Performance: Creating New Sorted Collection From a Collection
  2067. 73%Privacy-preserving Brave Search Replaces Google as the Default Search Engine in the Brave Browser
  2068. 82%Five Things We Still Don’t Know About Water - Issue 25: Water - Nautilus
  2069. 66%Troy HUNT (Have I Been Pwned) & Frédéric RIVAIN (Dashlane) - #S03EP22
  2070. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-10-20
  2071. 96%How to Find the Right Collaborative Coding Tool for Remote Pair Programming - DZone Agile
  2072. 99%Unit Testing Azure Functions in Isolated Environment
  2073. 97%Code quality: a concern for businesses, bottom lines, and empathetic programmers
  2074. 96%Learn to build great Progressive Web Apps
  2075. 96%Monsters Weekly 227 - Improved LINQ Methods in .NET 6
  2076. 95%Becoming A Whorelord: The Overly Analytical Guide To Escorting
  2077. 99%GitHub - Giorgi/EntityFramework.Exceptions: Handle database errors easily when working with Entity Framework Core. Supports SQLServer, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle and MySql
  2078. 99%GitHub - badamczewski/PowerUp: Collection of productivity tools and utilities
  2079. 62%Zero Trust — Not a Buzzword
  2080. 96%A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography
  2081. 84%5G Google Pixel Phones - Google Store
  2082. 99%Function pipelines: Building functional programming into PostgreSQL using custom operators
  2083. 97%Episode 17: Breaking Wi-Fi With Frame Attacks!
  2084. 64%Jenn Wasner Signature Guitar - Reverend Guitars | We know what players want.
  2085. 79%Why I Hate Frameworks, Benji Smith.
  2086. 96%Microsoft Says '.NET 5/6 Will Not Be Coming to UWP Project Types,' Developers Sound Off -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2087. 91%Visual Studio 2022 Launch Event
  2088. 99%What’s new in F# 6
  2089. 98%Join us for DaprCon October 19th-20th 2021
  2090. 94%[Last Week in .NET #64 – Xamarin? What’s Xamarin?]
  2091. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2092. 95%Web Browser Engineering
  2093. 99%New Code Rules: Too Many .NET Engineers DO NOT Understand How Memory Management Works!
  2094. 98%Deleting an S3 Bucket Costs Money
  2095. 84%Career Advice: Be Confidently Uncertain
  2096. 98%Version 1.6.0 released
  2097. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Advanced Kestrel Socket APIs
  2098. 99%Setting User-Specific Paths in a Shell
  2099. 99%New Code Rules: Onboarding Software Engineers
  2100. 98%New Code Rules: Work Environment for Software Engineers
  2101. 98%256 Seconds With dotNetDave (E2) – AppDomain Exceptions
  2102. 72%macOS Monterey
  2103. 99%.NET Conf 2021 Watch Party with NUGM
  2104. 97%Backwards-compatibility in Cloudflare Workers
  2105. 89%When the error is byzantine
  2106. 99%Supporting integration tests with WebApplicationFactory in .NET 6: Exploring .NET Core 6 - Part 6
  2107. 99%Three hours to save Integral
  2108. 99%How do I get started with Razor pages?
  2109. 96%Exploring the .NET Table Storage SDK
  2110. 97%Exploring the .NET Table Storage SDK
  2111. 67%Why your app or gadget may stop working Sunday: A gpsd bug
  2112. 94%S-1
  2113. 81%Was Google Earth Stolen?
  2114. 91%Opening up a physics simulator for robotics
  2115. 91%Introducing M1 Pro and M1 Max: the most powerful chips Apple has ever built
  2116. 84%MacBook Pro 14-inch and MacBook Pro 16-inch
  2117. 96%'cuts' in the treads in the tops of plastic soda bottles.
  2118. 99%Dapr binding building block by simple example
  2119. 96%Application Monitoring and Error Tracking Software
  2120. 97%Collection Performance: Creating New Immutable Collection From a Collection
  2121. 99%Add new endpoint to ASP.NET Core application Runtime using API Framework - Mikael Koskinen
  2122. 99%Adding User Profiles to Static Web Apps
  2123. 98%5 Types of Software Testing Models - DZone Performance
  2124. 63%PATH Corruption with Windows App SDK preview 1 and 2
  2125. 96%F# Advent Calendar in English 2021
  2126. 87%We've upgraded the UI in Visual Studio 2022
  2127. 93%Readability verification
  2128. 91%What to learn
  2129. 99%Implement .NET 6 features for templates. by jamesmontemagno · Pull Request #3018 · dotnet/maui
  2130. 97%Tests aren’t enough: Case study after adding type hints to urllib3
  2131. 99%Space Cadet Pinball for Windows 95 recompiled for Linux running on Windows 11 as a Linux app under WSLg
  2132. 94%Lagging .NET MAUI Preview 9 Updates Controls and Supports Borders, Corners and Shadows -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2133. 68%Languages and Frameworks | Technology Radar | Thoughtworks
  2134. 94%The Day My Script Killed 10,000 Phones in South America
  2135. 97%.NET Rocks! vNext
  2136. 96%Help Decide What Questions We'll Answer at the Face-to-Face Meeting
  2137. 92%My indoor rowing tips after 15 million meters
  2138. 95%Is Agility Related to Commitment? – Money Flows Part II
  2139. 93%On the Word “Nonce” in Cryptography and the UK
  2140. 94%My productivity routine to write a 500-page book
  2141. 94%Of Chickens And Pigs
  2142. 93%Mapping Earthquakes Locations on a Map
  2143. 87%The Cheapest Healthy Diet - Luke Rissacher's Blog
  2144. 73%Critical security flaw exposed Joburg residents’ private info
  2145. 64%Get career advice from 7 inspiring leaders in cybersecurity - Microsoft Security Blog
  2146. 99%Rockin’ The Code World with dotNetDave – Guest: Jose Javier Columbie
  2147. 69%USB-C to MagSafe 3 Cable (2 m)
  2148. 82%.Net Virtual Conference 2022: Call for Speakers/Papers
  2149. 98%The MVP reconnect daily
  2150. 99%What's New in EF Core 6.0
  2151. 99%Present and Future of Xamarin Community Toolkit: Q&A with Gerald Versluis
  2152. 93%Crawler Hints Update: Cloudflare Supports IndexNow and Announces General Availability
  2153. 99%Rock Your Code :Coding Standards for Microsoft .NET – 7th Edition
  2154. 96%Finding a bug with code that isn’t there
  2155. 95%Did You Know Most Speakers At Software Conferences Don’t Get Paid?
  2156. 98%Bite-Size .NET 6 - LINQ OrDefault() Overloads
  2157. 82%Algorithm Grading Rubric
  2158. 99%The .NET Docs Show - EF Core Power Tools and NuGet packages, oh my! 🙀
  2159. 93%Visual Studio Feedback
  2160. 95%The Official Steve Vai Website
  2161. 96%New Code Rules: Why Hire “Experts” and Not Take FULL Advantage of Them?
  2162. 99%What every software engineer should know about search
  2163. 80%MacBook Pros, an “M1X” chip, and other stuff to expect at Apple’s October event
  2164. 95%Eating the Cloud from Outside In ∊ swyx.io
  2165. 99%dotNetify
  2166. 95%Tunnel: Cloudflare’s Newest Homeowner
  2167. 89%How can I get the screen reader to read out an error message that I displayed inline on a page?
  2168. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Async, await, and Multi-threaded code
  2169. 96%Every feature added in C# 10 with examples
  2170. 98%.NET MAUI Preview 9: Borders, Corners, Shadows and Performance Improvements
  2171. 99%Blazor - with Chris Sainty
  2172. 91%surfsonar
  2173. 87%Welcome Stack Overflow Valued Associates #00006 and #00007
  2174. 94%Thingiverse Breach: 50,000 3D Printers Could Have Been Hijacked
  2175. 99%IAsyncEnumerable with yield in C# - Code Maze
  2176. 96%18 Machine Learning Best Practices | Rubik's Code
  2177. 94%276: .NET 6 + C# 10 == Mind Blown
  2178. 87%Collection Performance: Creating A New List Or Linkedlist While Adding Items Using The Constructor
  2179. 99%Creating Microsoft Teams meetings in ASP.NET Core using Microsoft Graph application permissions part 2
  2180. 98%Streamhut
  2181. 51%L0phtCrack
  2182. 51%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-10-18
  2183. 98%JSON Web Token (JWT) Implementation Using Node.js
  2184. 99%Deployment Projects with the new AWS .NET Deployment Experience | Amazon Web Services
  2185. 97%Early Evaluator, Late Adopter
  2186. 99%A Race Condition in .NET Finalization and its Mitigation for C++/CLI
  2187. 97%Structured data, SEO and React | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  2188. 98%Contributing to .NET MAUI Community Toolkit
  2189. 98%NixOS on Framework laptop
  2190. 92%Python stands to lose its GIL, and gain a lot of speed
  2191. 95%GitHub - robert-z/simple-pokemon-json-api: 🐸 A simple Pokémon API used in APIs introduction lessons at Skylab Coders Academy.
  2192. 76%Apple Unleashed: New MacBooks are expected—here's what business pros want
  2193. 70%[Jprogramming] Roger Hui - 1953
  2194. 77%Is Nuclear Power Our Best Bet Against Climate Change?
  2195. 79%r/apple - I tracked down my stolen car with an Apple AirTag and it was one of the most ridiculous days of my life.
  2196. 96%Lasagna Driven Development - Thoughts on Layered Architecture
  2197. 84%The opposite of forgetting is writing
  2198. 99%Profiling Django App
  2199. 99%Vimarsh Shah - The best way to self host
  2200. 98%Plopdown
  2201. 91%Spatial keyboard navigation
  2202. 62%`ValueArray` - a compliment type to the `Span`, which owns its data without indirections. by VSadov · Pull Request #60519 · dotnet/runtime
  2203. 99%Serialization-Based Undo
  2204. 98%It's time for the Permanent Web
  2205. 96%Detailed thoughts on the State of the .NET Foundation · Discussion #60 · dotnet-foundation/Home
  2206. 99%WinBox - HTML5 window manager
  2207. 99%Implementing Hash Tables in C
  2208. 93%Ubuntu 21.10 has landed | Ubuntu
  2209. 99%Everything That Every .NET Developer Needs To Know About Disposable Types - Properly Implementing The IDisposable Interface
  2210. 72%Online Turing Machine Simulator - Sign Up
  2211. 93%Comments for Frutas Lessa
  2212. 99%Episode 398 - Hear ye! Hear ye!
  2213. 94%Drop CTRL Mechanical Keyboard | Mechanical Keyboards | TKL Mechanical Keyboards
  2214. 99%The Javascript "ecosystem" is a hot mess and so is software development in general - Kailash Nadh - Personal homepage
  2215. 66%‘Dislike’ button would improve Spotify’s recommendations | Cornell Chronicle
  2216. 98%Introducing Nuntius - Cronokirby
  2217. 97%Newsletter Week 41, 2021
  2218. 93%What we can learn from "_why" the long lost open source developer.
  2219. 95%Wearable Microphone Jamming
  2220. 91%October Update: Introducing the PinePhone Pro | PINE64
  2221. 99%GitHub - carp-lang/Carp: A statically typed lisp, without a GC, for real-time applications.
  2222. 92%Some reasons to work on productivity and velocity
  2223. 62%Trains - by @davidwengier
  2224. 76%Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David: 9781617296710: Amazon.com: Books
  2225. 99%GitHub - davidfowl/IISCrossover: A prototype running ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core in the same IIS pipeline
  2226. 84%Good Riddance: Steam Bans Games That Feature Crypto And NFTs
  2227. 99%GitHub - valinet/ExplorerPatcher: This project aims to bring back a productive working environment on Windows 11
  2228. 93%R5 Experience
  2229. 98%On the Optimization of PLONK – ZK Podcast
  2230. 97%Agile as Trauma
  2231. 99%leontrolski - SQLAlchemy relationships TLDR
  2232. 98%Common mistakes by indie game developers – Cliffski's Blog
  2233. 87%How I Helped ‘hack’ the 2016 Election via Information Warfare – @rej_ex
  2234. 98%How opcache works
  2235. 93%Twitter is pushing for engagement, not conversation
  2236. 98%Bayesian histograms for rare event classification | dionhaefner.github.io
  2237. 99%A Minimalistic Modern Django Boilerplate
  2238. 92%What if Performance Advertising isn't Just an Analytics Scam?
  2239. 99%What Do I Want from My Next Job?
  2240. 99%jott - as_strided
  2241. 99%vite build
  2242. 95%Long Tiny Loop: Attempt #2
  2243. 87%Zuckerberg — Theo Henson
  2244. 95%Getting Unstuck
  2245. 94%As .NET 6 Nears GA, Blazor WebAssembly Can Now Use Native Dependencies -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2246. 97%Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform - Live Walkthrough
  2247. 93%A viable solution for Python concurrency
  2248. 80%Up to 26% off Monitors and Chromebooks from Sceptre, LG and more
  2249. 96%Come Talk to Us - A .NET Foundation Face-to-Face
  2250. 81%Developing Real-Time Collaborative Apps on October 26 2021 - Events
  2251. 91%PinePhone Pro | PINE64
  2252. 99%7 Years Later, How Am I Doing?
  2253. 99%Not “Super” Code with Over 7,000 Violations
  2254. 98%Mailman 3 Python multithreading without the GIL - Python-Dev
  2255. 98%Principal Software Engineering Manager in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  2256. 99%Principal Technical Program Manager (Security) – Office of the CTO in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  2257. 99%GitHub - Sysinternals/SysmonForLinux
  2258. 99%C# 10.0: File Scoped Namespaces – Get More Space For Your Code
  2259. 70%How Tech Companies Should Compensate Their Remote Workers
  2260. 95%Introducing Cloudflare’s Technology Partner Program
  2261. 99%dotNetDave Rocks The Ukraine!
  2262. 90%Remote OK is an Open Startup
  2263. 96%Nomad vs. Kubernetes | Nomad by HashiCorp
  2264. 92%What does the SizeOfImage mean in the MODULEINFO structure?
  2265. 93%“Look, Ma, no probes!” — Characterizing CDNs’ latencies with passive measurement
  2266. 98%How To Upgrade to Windows 11
  2267. 93%GitHub Actions On Demand
  2268. 99%When you want to store, index and search MBs of text inside of RavenDB
  2269. 95%Code Maze Weekly #97 - Code Maze
  2270. 95%Geo Key Manager: Setting up a service for scale
  2271. 75%Photography: Tequila Sunset
  2272. 94%Preview-Mania
  2273. 83%Weekly Update 265
  2274. 99%Everything That Every .NET Developer Needs to Know About Disposable Types: Properly Disposing Objects
  2275. 99%C# Online Compiler | .NET Fiddle
  2276. 98%Episode 26: Event Sourcing and Event Driven Architecture - with Callum Linington
  2277. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-10-15
  2278. 98%Migrating our trusty ol’ .NET Framework applications to AWS, I couldn’t believe it!
  2279. 93%Taking a Look at startTransition in React 18
  2280. 99%Update on our new AWS .NET Deployment Experience | Amazon Web Services
  2281. 98%Dotnet could not execute because the application was not found or a compatible .NET SDK is not installed
  2282. 99%How to use certificates in ASP.NET Core
  2283. 99%Happy Hacktober
  2284. 99%Overview · Serde
  2285. 95%What is your labor worth? Tech compensation in 2021 - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  2286. 88%Who Represents Me?
  2287. 83%Every search bar looks like a URL bar to users
  2288. 99%GitHub - basti564/Oculess: Removes account requirements and telemetry from Oculus Quest devices
  2289. 99%Data Consistency Between Microservices
  2290. 97%Face-to-Face: A Conversation about the .NET Foundation - 2nd Option
  2291. 99%Mythbusting Julia speed
  2292. 87%The Law of Shitty Clickthroughs at andrewchen
  2293. 94%Hands-on Rust
  2294. 97%How I got my career back on track – Rina Artstain
  2295. 91%The Incident Response Lifecycle — Evan Smith
  2296. 97%David Dahan
  2297. 94%Software Development Engineer
  2298. 95%Signatures From Identification Schemes - Cronokirby
  2299. 98%Your interview process sucks, you aren't FAANGM.
  2300. 99%Avoid Authy, Use Aegis
  2301. 96%Heatmaps are shit
  2302. 89%Who Has Been Speaking? - Maxwell Forbes
  2303. 98%Abstracting Engineering Away
  2304. 99%On .NET Live - Things you didn't know you about GitHub
  2305. 97%Come Talk to Us - A .NET Foundation Face-to-Face
  2306. 97%Amazon.com: SAMSUNG 49-inch Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor | QHD, 240hz, 1000R Curved, QLED, NVIDIA G-SYNC & FreeSync | LC49G95TSSNXZA Model : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  2307. 90%Michelin - Airless
  2308. 99%GitHub - Practical-ASP-NET/BlazorTailwindTemplate
  2309. 98%OpenBSD 7.0
  2310. 99%Bite-Size .NET 6 - Chunk() in LINQ
  2311. 99%Build Your First Microservice with .NET | Microservices Explained
  2312. 98%How to Create a Great User Experience in Any Application – Part 2
  2313. 99%Performance: Code It Any Way You Want!
  2314. 91% Apple joins Blender Development Fund — blender.org
  2315. 90%GitHub - RealDotNetDave/dotNetTips.Spargine: Open-source .NET assemblies from dotNetTips.com and David McCarter
  2316. 82%DOOM Rendered via Checkboxes
  2317. 99%What I wish I knew when learning F#
  2318. 97%What's the Cost of Indirection & Abstractions?
  2319. 99%World Tour
  2320. 96%GitLab from YC to IPO
  2321. 99%dotNetDave Says… Memory Affects Performance and Performance Effects Memory!
  2322. 99%Web Wednesday: ASP.NET Razor tips and tricks with Jon Galloway
  2323. 99%Rockin’ The Code World with dotNetDave – Special Guest: Kira Weiss
  2324. 99%How to Create a Great User Experience in Any Application – Part 1
  2325. 99%GitHub - k4zmu2a/SpaceCadetPinball: Decompilation of 3D Pinball for Windows – Space Cadet
  2326. 99%Diagnostics: Tracing, Logging and Metrics | Npgsql Documentation
  2327. 90%Drop’s new mechanical keyboards go up to $500
  2328. 99%Rockin’ The Code World with dotNetDave - The Agile Show
  2329. 99%New Code Rules: Security Rules Placed on Software Engineer Environments Has Gotten OUt of Hand!
  2330. 98%Why does GetModuleInfo fail to produce an entry point for executables?
  2331. 80%Google says Fortnite’s in-app purchase swap was a breach of contract, sues Epic
  2332. 96%Amazon.com: Rackstuds 4C Rack Mount Solution Series II – No More Cage Nuts! The Easiest and Safest Server Rack Solution in 19" Racks with Square Punched Vertical Rails. Sample Pack Contains 4 of Each Size/Color : Industrial & Scientific
  2333. 85%Which dictionary to choose in C# and which one is dangerous
  2334. 99%Privacy-Preserving Compromised Credential Checking
  2335. 97%Wire/Splicing Connectors – Simple Wiring in Building Technology and more
  2336. 96%Syncthing
  2337. 95%infinite steps to prod
  2338. 67%Thingiverse Data Leak Affects 228,000 Subscribers
  2339. 98%Windows 11 runs Graphical Linux Apps out of the box with WSLg
  2340. 96%esbuild - An extremely fast JavaScript bundler
  2341. 95%Amazon Sign-In
  2342. 74%FTC Puts Hundreds of Businesses on Notice about Fake Reviews and Other Misleading Endorsements
  2343. 98%Announcing Automated ML (AutoML) for Images
  2344. 93%Monsters Weekly 226 - Building GitHub Actions in C#
  2345. 95%Simple HTTP Server in .Net
  2346. 96%OpenSilver 1.0 released
  2347. 97%.NET Framework October 2021 Security and Quality Rollup
  2348. 97%GitHub - jpobst/classic-dotnet-templates: .NET 6+ project templates that do not use top level statements
  2349. 95%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 2 is now available
  2350. 97%Generating Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) with SPDX at Microsoft
  2351. 97%Using TypeScript to Express Intent
  2352. 97%.NET Rocks! vNext
  2353. 78%Ted Cruz says bitcoin will stabilize Texas electric grid—here’s why he’s wrong
  2354. 98%Face-to-Face: A conversation about the .NET Foundation
  2355. 95%Fowler Build 2021
  2356. 91%Azure DevOps - Event
  2357. 84%Apple silently fixes iOS zero-day, asks bug reporter to keep quiet
  2358. 86%Construct Internet of Things devices using the .NET IoT Libraries - Learn
  2359. 87%Visual Studio Feedback
  2360. 92%What if Performance Advertising is Just an Analytics Scam? - SparkToro
  2361. 98%On Multi-Set Hashing - Cronokirby
  2362. 99%Ben Northrop - Always do Extra
  2363. 93%With .NET 6 RC 2 Release, Developers Push Back on C# Changes -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2364. 83%Fix Consumer Electronics
  2365. 97%SkiaSharp.Views.Blazor 2.88.0-preview.150
  2366. 90%Blog Archive Online
  2367. 98%David McCarter
  2368. 99%Making a Game in Janet, Part 3: The problem with macros
  2369. 99%Interoperable Serendipity
  2370. 85%Investing in Startups with the Series 65 · Accredited Investor · NATECATION
  2371. 97%The 100 MHz 6502 · e-basteln
  2372. 91%Things I have learned as a Product Owner
  2373. 99%Intelligent brute forcing
  2374. 92%Can't Sleep Due to Anxiety? | Anxiety and Sleep | Dawn Health
  2375. 99%Interface ergonomics: automation isn't just about time saved
  2376. 99%Team Work
  2377. 94%Generating a multi-language blog based in Markdown
  2378. 99%A Lisp adventure on the calm waters of the dead C
  2379. 53%.NET Conf Launch Party
  2380. 86%Learn to write Visual Studio extensions
  2381. 92%GTFOBins
  2382. 95%New Code Rules – dotNetTips.com
  2383. 99%Analyzing Code for Issues: Visual Studio Analyze
  2384. 99%Architecture: Processing Data with Microservices
  2385. 98%NuGet Gallery | davidmccarter
  2386. 82%Photography: Beware of the Spores
  2387. 98%efcore/DailyBuilds.md at main · dotnet/efcore
  2388. 69%The great executive-employee disconnect
  2389. 99%.NET Conf 2021 - Tamil
  2390. 99%Machine Learning Community Standup - Deep Learning with PyTorch & ONNX
  2391. 99%.NET Conf China 2021
  2392. 82%Announcement for Upcoming dotNetDave World Tours
  2393. 82%Photography: Sunset Surfers
  2394. 99%Coding Faster with dotNetTips Spargine – September 2021 Release
  2395. 99%My Keynote from the Code Quality & Performance Conference – 2021
  2396. 82%Photography: Silver Surf
  2397. 97%Stripe: Job Openings
  2398. 88%Rockin' The Code World with dotNetDave
  2399. 85%Simple Code, High Performance
  2400. 99%How APT does its fancy progress bar?
  2401. 97%The Catch Block #78 - The .NET Foundation Drama
  2402. 99%Local variables are different from parameters in C++ coroutines
  2403. 48%New LINQ methods in .NET 6 (#224)
  2404. 99%Cloudflare and the IETF
  2405. 82%Adam Storr - Dev Tips - Stand Up for Stand Up
  2406. 98%The Problem with C# 10 Implicit Usings
  2407. 93%SHA-1 'Fully and Practically Broken' By New Collision
  2408. 89%The Weather Year Round Anywhere on Earth - Weather Spark
  2409. 99%Reading AsyncLocal values from a memory dump
  2410. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-10-13
  2411. 92%Tools and practices for remote development teams | Red Hat Developer
  2412. 97%Shrink your WSL2 Virtual Disks and Docker Images and Reclaim Disk Space
  2413. 99%What if… you could use Visual Studio Code as the editor of in-browser Developer Tools?
  2414. 99%Webview UI Toolkit for Visual Studio Code
  2415. 95%The Journey of a .NET Object - from allocation to collection
  2416. 99%Supporting EF Core migrations with WebApplicationBuilder: Exploring .NET Core 6 - Part 5
  2417. 98%How to win at CORS
  2418. 95%Microsoft is Finally Ditching Electron
  2419. 98%Psst! Now you can securely share 1Password items with anyone | 1Password
  2420. 97%Deploying HTTP/3 on Windows Server at Scale
  2421. 93%Announcing Twain Films
  2422. 89%Visual Studio 2022 Release Candidate Ships, Set for Nov. 8 General Availability -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2423. 90%.NET Foundation - Invidious
  2424. 92%What's New in Azure Cache for Redis
  2425. 98%Decyphering method signature with CLR profiling API
  2426. 54%How assembly language loops work
  2427. 71%RAM and bus timing — 6502 part 6
  2428. 98%Lockdown math announcement
  2429. 61%Why build an entire computer on breadboards?
  2430. 70%What is a stack and how does it work? — 6502 part 5
  2431. 91%Adobe Uses DMCA to Nuke Project That Keeps Flash Alive, Secure & Adware Free * TorrentFreak
  2432. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Exploring the ABP web app framework
  2433. 98%Case Study: Using Visual Studio Profiler to reduce memory allocations in the Windows Terminal console host startup path
  2434. 98%dotNetTips.Spargine/Validate.cs at main · RealDotNetDave/dotNetTips.Spargine
  2435. 99%Canonicalization Attacks Against MACs and Signatures
  2436. 96%Ghost writing Halloween Project using Ultrasonic Phased Array
  2437. 99%Announcing .NET 6 Release Candidate 2
  2438. 99%Working around expired Root Certificates
  2439. 98%Slack LaTeX
  2440. 95%Why Is Equity Compensation Common in Tech?
  2441. 97%1Password Refugee’s Guide to KeePass
  2442. 98%Different Realms, Different TLD’s | Kevin Burke
  2443. 99%A Tale Of Two Optimisations
  2444. 99%How SQL Injection attack works 💉🔓
  2445. 99%To Catch a Hacker in My Home Lab
  2446. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 9
  2447. 88%Rethinking GIS
  2448. 99%mazzo.li — blag — Remote, encrypted ZFS storage server with NixOS
  2449. 99%Agenda - NDC London 2022 | Conference for Software Developers
  2450. 95%.NET October 2021 Updates – 5.0.11 and 3.1.20
  2451. 96%How NOT to Migrate an Email Domain
  2452. 99%The Tennis kata revisited
  2453. 99%How Livewire works (a deep dive)
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  2462. 64%Major nuclear fusion milestone reached as ‘ignition’ triggered in a lab | Imperial News | Imperial College London
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  2466. 99%Collection Performance: Looping Over a Collection
  2467. 99%Self Diagnosing Deployments with Oakton and Lamar
  2468. 95%GitHub - rahul-thakoor/air-pi-play: Turn a Raspberry Pi into an Airplay server using RPiPlay to enable screen mirroring on tvs, monitors and projectors.
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  2475. 99%Rockin’ The Code World with dotNetDave – Special Guest: David Neal
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  2478. 90%The Adventures of Inspector Cody: An Introduction
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  2486. 92%How I use Polywork to overcome impostor syndrome
  2487. 99%Easy Way to Create CLI Scripts with JavaScript and Node
  2488. 94%CURIA - Documents
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  2490. 99%Supporting EF Core migrations with WebApplicationBuilder: Exploring .NET Core 6 - Part 5
  2491. 95%The Windows Package Manager
  2492. 97%Mapping .NET Timestamps to PostgreSQL
  2493. 98%Updating NuGet packages from command-line - deep dive
  2494. 99%How to Create a Web API with .NET 6 Minimal APIs
  2495. 90%Web Wednesday: ASP.NET Razor tips and tricks with Jon Galloway (hosted by GeekTrainer)
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  2538. 98%Malwarebytes' privacy VPN is Mullvad in a shady trenchcoat
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  2604. 99%GitHub - pfusik/cito: Ć programming language. Translated automatically to C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Swift, TypeScript and OpenCL C.
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  2696. 96%LightDims Original Strength - Light Dimming LED Covers and Light Dimming Sheets for Routers, Electronics and Appliances and More. Dims 50-80% of Light, in Minimal Packaging. - Ceiling Pendant Fixtures - Amazon.com
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  2762. 99%The most counterintuitive facts in all of mathematics, computer science, and physics
  2763. 96%4-Port USB3.0 4K DisplayPort Triple Display KVMP™ Switch - CS1964, ATEN Desktop KVM Switches
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  2781. 98%Progress Report: September 2021 - Asahi Linux
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  2815. 99%WebView2 Flashing when changing TabControl Tabs
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  2824. 99%Implicit Overflow Considered Harmful (and how to fix it)
  2825. 96%Putting Pants On: One Thing We Did Right After 5 Years with Django
  2826. 99%Uncertainty, Mental Shortcuts, and Errors in Technology Decisions
  2827. 97%Product bundles and jobs to be done
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  2829. 99%Ordinal Classification Using PyTorch -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  2834. 99%Next level console apps with Spectre.Console
  2835. 99%Some lesser-known powers of std::optional
  2836. 87%Data of Over 1.5 Billion Facebook Users Sold on Hacker Forum
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  2842. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: The record layer
  2843. 99%A look at the upcoming improvements to LINQ in .NET 6 | Raygun Blog
  2844. 85%The evolution of Pattern Matching in C# (from version 6 to 10)
  2845. 98%Announcing Access Temporary Authentication
  2846. 91%It takes a PhD to develop that
  2847. 99%Word-aligned Bloom filters
  2848. 98%Code Coverage in .NET
  2849. 99%GPU BCn decoding
  2850. 96%274: Building IoT Things
  2851. 99%Implement a secure API and a Blazor app in the same ASP.NET Core project with Azure AD authentication
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  2853. 74%New study reveals iPhones aren't as private as you think
  2854. 95%Python 3.10 – Top 5 Features in the new Version | Rubik's Code
  2855. 99%Announcing TypeScript 4.5 Beta
  2856. 99%GitHub - Blazored/LocalStorage: A library to provide access to local storage in Blazor applications
  2857. 99%Differences between Hashtable vs Dictonary vs ConcurrentDictionary vs ImmutableDictionary
  2858. 98%Burnout in Software Development - Survey Results 2021
  2859. 97%GitHub - speedyg0nz/MagInkCal: E-Ink Magic Calendar that automatically syncs to Google Calendar and runs off a battery powered Raspberry Pi Zero
  2860. 96%A fire upon the deep : Vinge, Vernor : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  2861. 99%The State Of Web Scraping in 2021
  2862. 96%Apple's CSAM Detection, feat. Matthew Green - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  2863. 83%The Ovarian Lottery: A Thought Experiment - Rishikesh Sreehari
  2864. 67%The Early Years of Peter Thiel
  2865. 85%Lists of Startup Tools Are Not Useful · Jerry Liu
  2866. 97%Use SQL instead of Spreadsheet/Excel
  2867. 92%How Customer Obsession Relates to Success
  2868. 97%Read only, frozen, and immutable collections
  2869. 89%I keep making things out of checkboxes
  2870. 96%Jeremy A Boyd |
  2871. 95%What's up with tree shaking? • Ted Piotrowski
  2872. 99%Watering and draining planets
  2873. 97%No repository (#2336) · Issues · libeigen / eigen
  2874. 81%Apple forgot to sanitize the Phone Number field for lost AirTags
  2875. 91%Superhero passwords may be your kryptonite wherever you go online | The Mozilla Blog
  2876. 94%iPhone 13 Galaxy - Google Drive
  2877. 87%Ransomware gangs are complaining that other crooks are stealing their ransoms | ZDNet
  2878. 99%Effective Go - The Go Programming Language
  2879. 66%Episode 25: NDepend with Patrick Smacchia
  2880. 97%Rodney Littles II - Is there an echo?
  2881. 99%MAJOR C++/Arduino Announcement: NightDriver for LEDs [Open Source]
  2882. 95%The secret to Cloudflare’s pace of Innovation
  2883. 99%Denigma is an AI that explains code in conversational English
  2884. 95%iPadOS 15: Hands-on with Apple’s Weather app for iPad
  2885. 69%Google developing own CPUs for Chromebook laptops
  2886. 98%Vulnerabilities show fragility of STARTTLS | Bulletproof TLS Newsletter
  2887. 99%"Static Linking Considered Harmful" Considered Harmful
  2888. 98%Professional Debugger
  2889. 99%Sixty Percent Keyboard
  2890. 97%Secrets I use to becoming a better developer working remotely 2021 edition
  2891. 98%Kash Goudarzi
  2892. 96%Best Practices (why I Hate Them)
  2893. 90%Negative Splitting Ultras
  2894. 98%David's Website
  2895. 92%Unpacking Shapeup
  2896. 94%How close is nuclear fusion power?
  2897. 98%Your home router sucks! Replace it with pfSense!
  2898. 82%Testing Chrome version 100 for fun and profit (but mostly fun I guess)
  2899. 93%Why Senior Developers Are Leading the Great Resignation Movement
  2900. 58%Hackers scraped data from 500 million LinkedIn users - about two-thirds of the platform's userbase - and have posted it for sale online
  2901. 97%How to Configure Stack Overflow The Key Macropad? | Drop
  2902. 58%Hackers scraped data from 500 million LinkedIn users - about two-thirds of the platform's userbase - and have posted it for sale online
  2903. 99%LinkedIn Safety Series: What is scraping?
  2904. 97%Scraped LinkedIn data of Niall Merrigan
  2905. 94%Man behind LinkedIn scraping said he grabbed 700M profiles 'for fun'
  2906. 78%600 million LinkedIn members scraped, data offered up for sale on hacker forum
  2907. 99%Should trait bounds be duplicated in struct and impl?
  2908. 95%The new dot com bubble is here: it’s called online advertising
  2909. 99%Gentle introduction to GPUs inner workings
  2910. 98%the most important HTTP request headers
  2911. 96%How Google destroyed our startup by terminating our Google Play Developer Account
  2912. 84%A Conspiracy To Kill IE6 • Chris Zacharias
  2913. 99%Beginner's Series to: Blazor | Channel 9
  2914. 99%Blazor in Action
  2915. 71%Wizard Zines
  2916. 82%Two Weeks Later: Finding and Eliminating Long Tail Latencies
  2917. 97%Things unlearned
  2918. 99%Renato Athaydes
  2919. 80%Gaming Laptops With Best Battery Life
  2920. 59%USB-IF is, once again, trying to logo its way out of USB-C confusion
  2921. 75%Ray Park (Darth Maul) and a double-bladed lightsaber
  2922. 98%Weekly Update 263
  2923. 99%.NET 6 is HERE! 5 Features that will blow your mind 🤯
  2924. 99%Azure Functions 4.0 Preview Out with Support for .NET 6 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2925. 98%Downsites of Offline First · RxDB
  2926. 99%.NET R&D Digest (September, 2021)
  2927. 77%Welcome to the 27th Annual IFComp!
  2928. 96%r/spiders - ID Request: Hanging out in a light fixture - Bryson City, North Carolina (mountains), USA
  2929. 83%I Tried 30 Mustards This Summer. These Were the Best.
  2930. 67%The power of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes
  2931. 94%First Look at Visual Studio 2022 for Mac -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2932. 75%Inspiration for writing my Working with Me page
  2933. 96%Why won’t Safari open that web page?
  2934. 95%Minimum Viable Feature: 4 Reasons for scoping down
  2935. 92%Dolby Atmos and Apple’s rewritten audio stack
  2936. 99%Analyzing the Mario Themed Malware
  2937. 97%The subtleties of Create­Stream­On­HGlobal, part 4: Non-movable memory
  2938. 98%Fast, Parallel Database Tests | Kevin Burke
  2939. 95%Copycats and Endurance - The Bootstrapped Founder
  2940. 93%Why Senior Developers Are Leading the Great Resignation Movement
  2941. 99%Microsoft Announces Azure Functions 4.0 with .NET 6 Support in Preview
  2942. 90%How The James Webb Space Telescope Works - Smarter Every Day 262
  2943. 98%Submitted Breach Notification Sample
  2944. 97%Live JavaScript Challenge/Quiz with Kahoot
  2945. 78%New Microsoft Study of 60,000 Employees: Remote Work Threatens Long-Term Innovation
  2946. 99%Code Maze Weekly #95 - Code Maze
  2947. 96%Announcing The Cloudflare Distributed Web Gateways Private Beta: Unlocking the Web3 Metaverse and Decentralized Finance for Everyone
  2948. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: design
  2949. 97%Remove abuse enabling language by jacobherrington · Pull Request #2690 · ruby/www.ruby-lang.org
  2950. 99%Slack System Status
  2951. 96%How to manage Personal Access Tokens with Azure DevOps panel
  2952. 61%Henry Thomas audition för E.T. "Ok kid, you got the job".
  2953. 96%Confessions of a 1x Programmer
  2954. 99%How to Create a Modern Flat UI Design Dashboard in C# 2020
  2955. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-10-01
  2956. 99%Sorting JavaScript Arrays By Nested Properties
  2957. 93%Cybersecurity threats - Simple Talk
  2958. 90%NFT Projects are just MLMs for Tech Elites
  2959. 90%Web Wednesday: ASP.NET Razor tips and tricks with Jon Galloway (hosted by GeekTrainer)
  2960. 96%Are software engineering “best practices” just developer preferences?
  2961. 99%.NET Conf 2021 - Pakistan
  2962. 99%Integration Testing Techniques for ASP.NET Core with Martin Costello
  2963. 59%USB-IF is, once again, trying to logo its way out of USB-C confusion
  2964. 91%CNLabelContactRelationYoungerCousinMothersSiblingsDaughterOrFathersSistersDaughter | Apple Developer Documentation
  2965. 97%Always-on Processor magic: How Find My works while iPhone is powered off
  2966. 95%May I ask who’s calling, please? A recent rise in VoIP DDoS attacks
  2967. 99%.NET Foundation Project Spotlight - Verify
  2968. 99%.NET Foundation Project Spotlight - .NET nanoFramework
  2969. 99%Practical frontend philosophy - jaredgorski.org
  2970. 85%Twitter, could you please fix your image servers?
  2971. 99%DigitalOcean App Platform + Auto-Scaling
  2972. 97%Explaining explaining: a quick guide on explanatory writing
  2973. 89%Listen to Yourself
  2974. 94%Binary Ninja > How Humble Are Reverse Engineers?
  2975. 90%My Top 10 Money Rules
  2976. 97%Does Hacker News foster deep discussion?
  2977. 96%What every IT person needs to know about OpenBSD
  2978. 99%ALWAYS Valid Domain Model
  2979. 97%The seven programming ur-languages
  2980. 97%Jensen's Inequality As An Intuition Tool - Party at the Moontower
  2981. 98%A guide to CSS container queries | Tom's dev blog
  2982. 92%12 Rules for Discourse — Simon Berens
  2983. 99%Akamai and Micro-Segmentation :: Procella Technologies —
  2984. 98%Automatic cipher suite ordering in crypto/tls
  2985. 98%How to Route Ingress Traffic by Host in Istio
  2986. 97%Cloudflare’s Disruption
  2987. 97%[dns-operations] slack.com bogus
  2988. 98%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 1 is now available!
  2989. 93%Jumpcat - Command menu for GitHub
  2990. 59%Why We Need to Upgrade Our Face Masks&mdash;and Where to Get Them
  2991. 98%Doc Update by susi132002 · Pull Request #1219 · nothings/stb
  2992. 99%Understanding AWK
  2993. 98%GPSD time will jump back 1024 weeks at after week=2180 (23-October-2021) (#144) · Issues · gpsd / gpsd
  2994. 99%Domain-Driven Refactoring: Encapsulating Collections
  2995. 96%Enabling IPv6 Support for GitHub Pages | GitHub Changelog
  2996. 99%Announcing .NET 6 Release Candidate 1
  2997. 93%PostgreSQL 14 Released!
  2998. 97%Haxplore
  2999. 99%How cross signing works with X509 certificates
  3000. 94%The subtleties of Create­Stream­On­HGlobal, part 3: Suppressing the deletion of a shared HGLOBAL
  3001. 97%crt.sh | 8395
  3002. 99%7 tips for writing better library code in .NET
  3003. 97%Real-Time Communications at Scale
  3004. 94%DDD 2021: Call for Speakers/Papers
  3005. 88%Developers, your manager is likely clueless
  3006. 98%The value of in-house expertise
  3007. 99%Coding Practice: Learning Rust with Fibonacci Numbers
  3008. 99%GitHub - eclipse/mosquitto: Eclipse Mosquitto - An open source MQTT broker
  3009. 99%.NET Rocks! vNext
  3010. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-09-30
  3011. 92%Building an Online Ticket Store with Blazor WebAssembly – Webinar Recording | The .NET Tools Blog
  3012. 99%Grouping Assertions in Tests
  3013. 95%mem-doc/ObjectJourney.pptx at master · Maoni0/mem-doc
  3014. 98%Unit Testing Legacy Code, Part 2: Leveraging Mock Objects
  3015. 99%Compress Strings With .NET and C#
  3016. 97%When users never use the features they asked for
  3017. 76%Twitter accelerates again with Bitcoin tips, NFTs, recorded Spaces, creator fund and more – TechCrunch
  3018. 99%Feature #18229: Proposal to merge YJIT - Ruby master
  3019. 98%Is C# Getting Too Complex?
  3020. 91%ContributionFunnel.pptx
  3021. 99%Blazor updates for .NET 6 using Visual Studio 2022
  3022. 95%Snapps on Mina with Emre and Izaak – ZK Podcast
  3023. 99%Opening A PDF in Xamarin Forms (Part1: Xamarin.iOS)
  3024. 96%Visual Studio Team Seeks Help with Help (Menu, That Is) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3025. 98%why is everything so hard in a large organization?
  3026. 97%Intelligent Trip
  3027. 99%CSAW Quals 2021 Bits
  3028. 97%Narrative Distillation - kwokchain
  3029. 96%Introduction — pyNomo Documentation documentation
  3030. 95%Why this Website is not, and may never be, HTTPS
  3031. 88%Trust Founders who wear Silly Watches over Diamond Rolexes
  3032. 95%Let's Learn .NET: IoT - Events
  3033. 96%Fighting climate change as a technologist
  3034. 97%How to replace Gmail
  3035. 98%The Bi-Symmetric Encryption Fraud
  3036. 99%Adventures in Looping
  3037. 84%CGW Museum - Home
  3039. 90%DateOnly and TimeOnly in .NET 6 (#222)
  3040. 80%Private Censorship Is Not the Best Way to Fight Hate or Defend Democracy: Here Are Some Better Ideas
  3041. 99%PhobosLab
  3042. 87%Atari ST in daily use since 1985
  3043. 94%Vintage Apple
  3044. 94%Avalanche (AVAX) is launching on Coinbase Pro
  3045. 95%The Catch Block #76 - So You Fixed a Bug. Now What?
  3046. 62%A World Without Sci-Hub
  3047. 98%Accepting Online Payments With Stripe
  3048. 92%Christians in Game Dev / Journalism
  3049. 98%The subtleties of Create­Stream­On­HGlobal, part 2: Suppressing the deletion of an unknown HGLOBAL
  3050. 74%TryMudBlazor - Write, compile, execute and share Blazor components in the browser
  3051. 98%Add the concept of "notification profilers" to the runtime by davmason · Pull Request #53122 · dotnet/runtime
  3052. 99%How I organise my Blazor components
  3053. 98%SimulaVR
  3054. 99%The Power of Native - The Blinking Caret
  3055. 96%Cloudflare for Offices
  3056. 57%Dude, Where’s My Stuff? | J.P. Morgan Asset Management
  3057. 98%The difference between Go and Rust – dominikbraun.io
  3058. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-09-29
  3059. 98%How to visualize decision tree
  3060. 99%GitHub - Azure/durabletask: Durable Task Framework allows users to write long running persistent workflows in C# using the async/await capabilities.
  3061. 99%GitHub - jamesmh/coravel: Near-zero config .NET Core micro-framework that makes advanced application features like Task Scheduling, Caching, Queuing, Event Broadcasting, and more a breeze!
  3062. 99%Adding cross cutting concerns to a GraphQL service
  3063. 78%1Password can now randomly generate email addresses for logins | Engadget
  3064. 99%React Class Component vs Functional Component: How To Choose
  3065. 97%function declaration wins or variable declaration in JavaScript Hoisting
  3066. 99%Rider 2021.3 Early Access Program Has Launched! | The .NET Tools Blog
  3067. 99%Power-Ups: CliWrap – Webinar Recording | The .NET Tools Blog
  3068. 99%About Offline First · RxDB
  3069. 98%ReSharper 2021.3 Starts Early Access Program! | The .NET Tools Blog
  3070. 72%Sysinternals 25th anniversary event: October 14, 2021
  3071. 99%The Equivalence contravariant functor
  3072. 99%Let's Make Some Art - Part 2
  3073. 99%The code worked differently when the moon was full
  3074. 90%WFH assumptions based on faulty data
  3075. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Exploring the ABP web app framework
  3076. 98%Announcing: Azure credits for open source projects - Microsoft Open Source Blog
  3077. 97%no-one-left-behind
  3078. 88%Alexander von Humboldt: the first Solarpunk
  3079. 93%Your room can be as bright as the outdoors
  3080. 97%What the GNU?
  3081. 99%A Guide to SQL Window Functions for Data Analysts
  3082. 99%Self-Parking Car in 500 Lines of Code | Trekhleb
  3083. 77%Revenge Bedtime Procrastination
  3084. 96%The human regression ensemble
  3085. 93%How to Ship Livestock
  3086. 96%Holacracy
  3087. 94%🚀 Introducing Cloudflare R2 Storage
  3088. 94%From Side-Project to Full-Time: 5 Things I've Learned in 5 Years
  3089. 97%Memory Management in RonDB
  3090. 99%QR error correction helps and hinders scanning
  3091. 99% Tools to Measure Software Energy Consumption from your Computer
  3092. 99%Custom deployment layout for Blazor WebAssembly apps
  3093. 92%ASP.NET Razor tips and tricks with Jon Galloway | Web Wednesday
  3094. 92%My wife was dying of brain cancer. My boss at Amazon told me to perform or quit.
  3095. 94%How to defeat Ed25519 and EdDSA using faults
  3096. 99%Remove Background from Image – remove.bg
  3097. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Collections and Generics
  3098. 99%Efficient Web Services with Marten V4
  3099. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3100. 99%GitHub - robertdavidgraham/masscan: TCP port scanner, spews SYN packets asynchronously, scanning entire Internet in under 5 minutes.
  3101. 99%A New Medium for Communicating Research on Programming Languages
  3102. 98%You either die an MVP or live long enough to build content moderation | Mux blog
  3103. 88%Gitpod Unveils Open Source Browser-Based VS Code 'Free from Microsoft's Control' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3104. 81%No joke—you can buy our copy/paste keyboard right now
  3105. 86%Stack Overflow The Key Macropad | Mechanical Keyboards | Mini Mechanical Keyboards | Drop
  3106. 98%Download Inkscape 1.1.1 | Inkscape
  3107. 98%Masked Email from Fastmail and 1Password
  3108. 97%Spaces launch in Element
  3109. 98%The subtleties of Create­Stream­On­HGlobal, part 1: Introduction and basic usage
  3110. 99%Handling Transient Errors in Durable Functions
  3111. 97%Announcing Cloudflare R2 Storage: Rapid and Reliable Object Storage, minus the egress fees
  3112. 71%Legacy Chrome Extensions to stop working from January 2023
  3113. 99%Exploring the code behind WebApplicationBuilder: Exploring .NET Core 6 - Part 3
  3114. 98%Adam Storr - Dev Tips - Creating Unique Identifiers
  3115. 99%Ahead-Of-Time Compilation for Blazor Wasm
  3116. 75%What's the FASTEST Computer Language? C++ vs Fortran vs Cobol: E04
  3117. 99%Microsoft Announces Preview of On-Demand Capacity Reservations for Azure Virtual Machines
  3118. 71%Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians, Forces report says
  3119. 97%‎Amplosion: Redirect AMP Links
  3120. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-09-28
  3121. 76%Image sharing. No bullshit. - IMGZ
  3122. 97%SizeBench: a new tool for analyzing Windows binary size
  3123. 99%Monsters Weekly 224 - New LINQ methods in .NET 6
  3124. 99%Journey Towards Cloud Architecture
  3125. 99%ID Token and Access Token: What Is the Difference?
  3126. 91%We want to make Help all you need
  3127. 93%Working From Orbit
  3128. 96%[Last Week in .NET #61] – We named the dog Patches
  3129. 99%The Ultimate .NET Experiment – open source project – TooSlowException
  3130. 99%Avoiding Memory Leaks in Visual Studio Editor Extensions
  3131. 86%Uno Platform 3.10 Supports .NET 6 RC1 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3132. 97%Director Corporate Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)
  3133. 99%DIY Keyboard Build
  3134. 97%How I bricked then recovered my reMarkable 2
  3135. 92%Asymmetric Bets, Venture Capital & Cancer Cells - Rui Zhi Dong
  3136. 97%Five ways I handled my OutOfMemoryErrors
  3137. 82%Exportober
  3138. 99%Alexandre Nedelec - ASP.NET Core - Lost in configuration
  3139. 93%Something Weird Is Happening on Facebook
  3140. 97%Prevent Google from mangling links on the search results when clicking or copying on Firefox
  3141. 96%.NET Interactive Notebooks for Machine Learning | Rubik's Code
  3142. 96%GitHub - alexhallam/tv: 📺(tv) Tidy Viewer is a cross-platform CLI csv pretty printer that uses column styling to maximize viewer enjoyment.
  3143. 82%DistrictViewer
  3144. 98%Partitioning GitHub’s relational databases to handle scale
  3145. 99%The .NET Docs Show - The Handy Talk: Building a 3D-printed prosthetic hand with IoT and Xamarin ✍
  3146. 96%Chrome 94 released with controversial Idle Detection API
  3147. 99%I fixed a bug. What should I do now? - Gérald Barré
  3148. 96%Why am I getting an unresolved external from C++/WinRT if it is a header-only C++ library?
  3149. 93%How Big Tech Runs Tech Projects and the Curious Absence of Scrum
  3150. 99%GitHub - adam-mcdaniel/dune: A shell by the beach!
  3151. 99%Postmortem: Partial RavenDB Cloud outage
  3152. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Beginning C# - LINQ
  3153. 92%Easily creating and routing email addresses with Cloudflare Email Routing
  3154. 80%How Assembly Scanning keeps your .NET code clean
  3155. 98%The Mom Test - How to talk to customers. A Summary
  3156. 87%Melb.NET Oct 2021 ONLINE Meetup
  3157. 96%The Free Software Media System
  3158. 96%273: Microsoft Surface 2021 Event Recap
  3159. 93%What will programming look like in 2020?
  3160. 90%Model Binding an Array from a Form Post
  3161. 99%Implicit Usings in .NET 6
  3162. 99%Getting Started With GitHub Actions
  3163. 91%Monsters Weekly 223 - Processing CSV files in C#
  3164. 98%Distributed transaction patterns for microservices compared | Red Hat Developer
  3165. 99%Is it time to start creating C# Azure Functions in isolated mode?
  3166. 98%Olvid - Secure Messaging
  3167. 99%C# - Always valid value objects
  3168. 73%Ask the Expert: Windows as a Dev Box
  3169. 99%.Net Core Strong Typed Configuration Binding for Arrays
  3170. 99%Keep IDs internal with REST
  3171. 98%C# 10.0 implicit global using directives | endjin
  3172. 98%Unit Testing Legacy Code: Creating Maintainable Applications
  3173. 99%How to detect if the User's OS prefers dark mode and change your site with CSS and JS
  3174. 98%C# XML Comments in Visual Studio Code - Simple Talk
  3175. 93%So GitHub has a CLI - let's take a look
  3176. 94%EFF to deprecate HTTPS Everywhere extension as HTTPS is becoming ubiquitous
  3177. 97%Hacktoberfest and Microsoft Docs - Contributor Guide
  3178. 96%Transactions in Distributed Systems
  3179. 81%I just don’t want to be busy anymore
  3180. 99%Category Theory Illustrated - Logic
  3181. 99%Asynchronous Injection
  3182. 97%ISPs — The Human Side of ISPs
  3183. 99%How to Train Really Large Models on Many GPUs?
  3184. 99%The Speed of Time
  3185. 97%Algorithmic Photography
  3186. 94%What's next for personal productivity
  3187. 99%Apple's app review team (Accessible Hangman)
  3188. 99%Improving Software ‘Numbers’
  3189. 93%Q6 How do you manage your time? How do you allocate your time between work and other things?
  3190. 98%Torvaney | Optimising the T9 keyboard
  3191. 96%Young Users No Longer Know How to File and Navigate
  3192. 99%Maybe the Spaghetti Code Conjecture is False
  3193. 99%Stamping Out Overflow Checks in Ruby
  3194. 97%Boyd's Management Model
  3195. 71%London Calling
  3196. 99%Designing Low Upkeep Software
  3197. 99%JSON Based Localization in ASP.NET Core With Caching - Super Easy Guide
  3198. 69%Congratulations, Mini, You Made The Stupidest Turn Signals Ever
  3199. 99%Initial Impressions of Rust
  3200. 93%Cloudflare’s Annual Founders’ Letter
  3201. 99%OpenSSH: Release Notes
  3202. 95%Muppet Classic Theater - Full VHS Tape
  3203. 97%NDC London 2022: Call for Speakers/Papers
  3204. 89%JSFuck - Write any JavaScript with 6 Characters: []()!+
  3205. 99%GitHub - aristocratos/btop: A monitor of resources
  3206. 94%Reverse a string
  3207. 70%Data Breach
  3208. 90%Programming Idioms
  3209. 99%A terminal case of Linux
  3210. 96%Testing a compiler that can’t even print stuff out
  3211. 97%How I built forlater.email
  3212. 98%How Replication Works in MySQL
  3213. 99%A forward and reverse proxy primer for the layman — /var/
  3214. 93%The Siren Song of the ‘User’ Model
  3215. 98%Big problems at the timezone database
  3216. 96%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  3217. 98%Amazon.com: Holmes Mini High Velocity Personal Fan, HNF0410A-BM : Home & Kitchen
  3218. 91%Examining btrfs, Linux’s perpetually half-finished filesystem
  3219. 72%UC reactor makes Martian fuel
  3220. 98%Why We Killed Our End-to-End Test Suite - Building Nubank
  3221. 91%Themes | Oh My Posh
  3222. 60%iPhone 13 Users Experiencing 'Unable to Communicate with Apple Watch' Bug With Mask Unlocking
  3223. 99%What Color is Your Function? – journal.stuffwithstuff.com
  3224. 95%GitHub Copilot AI Spawns Open Source Alternatives -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3225. 99%Health checks in ASP.Net Core web API
  3226. 99%New tool: an nginx playground
  3227. 98%Hello World - Introduction to C# interactive C# tutorial
  3228. 97%No, We Won’t Have a Video Call for That!
  3229. 99%Polysemy, one year later
  3230. 97%Antinets (aka, Analog Zettelkastens) and The Power of Tree Structures
  3231. 97%My Janet Story | Jungle Coder
  3232. 99%You are so loyal. We will pay you less.
  3233. 98%I changed my mind about Tailwind CSS
  3234. 99%A Guide to Using RSS to Replace Social Media – Luke Smith
  3235. 76%This Is All Exactly What It Looks Like | Defector
  3236. 99%6.0 Release Notes | Npgsql Documentation
  3237. 99%The case of the UWP application that crashes at launch on Windows 10X
  3238. 95%FAQ Modern Standby
  3239. 52%Total surveillance law proposed in Serbia | SHARE Foundation
  3240. 99%Code Maze Weekly #94 - Code Maze
  3241. 89%Weekly Update 262
  3242. 99%Operators with different color in Visual Studio
  3243. 72%“Completely Running Blind.” Apple’s Power Move To Kneecap Facebook Ads Is Working.
  3244. 96%Azure IoT
  3245. 99%Mozilla Says Chrome’s Latest Feature Enables Surveillance
  3246. 94%Years of pain solved by really obvious keyboard tweak – Symbolic Logic
  3247. 91%GitHub - will/slacktyping: i'm typing when you're typing
  3248. 99%Blazor JavaScript Interop Batching | Awaiting Bits
  3249. 97%Build WebSocket-based web apps with the Azure Web PubSub Service
  3250. 98%Build WebSocket-based web apps with the Azure Web PubSub Service
  3251. 99%Pattern Matching Examples in C#
  3252. 92%Introducing the New NuGet.org Package Details Page
  3253. 99%Ben.Demystifier 0.4.1
  3254. 99%On .NET Live - Scalable event processing with Reaqtor
  3255. 97%Epic Online Services launches Anti-Cheat support for Linux, Mac, and Steam Deck
  3256. 96%Kioxia's PCIe 5.0 SSD Just Hit 14,000 MBps
  3257. 89%Boxcryptor for Individuals
  3258. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Contributing to ASP.NET Core
  3259. 94%How to find the YouTube link for an ad
  3260. 96%A Playbook for Cleantech Commercialization
  3261. 97%Tech interviews
  3262. 92%Reflections on a decade of coding
  3263. 98%Bangle.js 2: The Open Smart Watch
  3264. 99%Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  3265. 96%Bangle.js 2 Offers an Open and Refreshing Break From Expensive Smartwatches with JavaScript
  3266. 99%ASP.NET Core 5 Microsoft Power BI Reporting -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3267. 86%Announcing npm’s new access token format
  3268. 97%paint.net 4.3 is now available!
  3269. 59%2006: Dwarf Fortress
  3270. 99%GitHub Advisory Database now supports Rust
  3271. 99%Authenticated Boot and Disk Encryption on Linux
  3272. 93%Marcus (@gerowen@mastodon.social)
  3273. 94%EU plans to force OEMs to use a common charger for all phones
  3274. 99%“Everything is an OpenAPI” in ASP.NET Core: Introducing API Framework – Add Runtime Changes & Reusability & Plugins into Web Apps - Mikael Koskinen
  3275. 86%Spain will ban selling fruit and vegetables in plastic containers starting 2023
  3276. 82%@devlead - Mattias Karlsson's Blog - Joining the .NET Foundation Board of Directors
  3277. 96%Azure Serverless Conf September 2021 - Events
  3278. 99%.NET Desktop Community Standup - Hot Reload Updates
  3279. 93%Apple Will Not Reinstate Epic’s Fortnite Developer Account, but Epic’s Other Developer Accounts Remain Active
  3280. 99%Azure Functions runtime 4.0 is now in public preview | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure
  3281. 98%GitHub - christianselig/Amplosion: An iOS app/Safari extension to automagically redirect AMP links to their normal counterpart. Comes with a trusty dog.
  3282. 98%Why is there trailing garbage when I try to decode the bytes of a HttpContent object?
  3283. 95%How to write clean validation clauses in .NET
  3284. 99%Episode 395 - SAP on Azure
  3285. 92%Eric Lippert on why Programming Languages Turn Out The Way They Do
  3286. 99%Bringing OAuth 2.0 Flow to Wrangler
  3287. 55%Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Summit by Arkose Labs
  3288. 97%Spotify Box
  3289. 95%Spook.js
  3290. 99%Optimizely Gridview Customizations
  3291. 99%.NET Rocks! vNext
  3292. 82%Lab-grown meat is supposed to be inevitable. The science tells a different story.
  3293. 98%musl libc project is creating Free & Open-Source Software | Patreon
  3294. 98%Kim Kulling, AssetImporter-Contributor is creating The Open-Source-Library Asset-Importer-Lib | Patreon
  3295. 94%Motion One: The Web Animations API for everyone
  3296. 98%How We Got to LiveView
  3297. 99%Separating Concerns with Pipes & Filters
  3298. 98%It's tough being an Azure fan
  3299. 84%A New Dawn of Learning
  3300. 99%Building a Monad
  3301. 91%h2x
  3302. 92%this picture of a fox might be illegal
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  3309. 69%Hospitals lift curtain on prices, revealing giant swings in pricing by procedure
  3310. 82%.NET Foundation Board of Directors Election 2021: Results!
  3311. 98%Waydroid
  3312. 85%Official Home of Microsoft Surface PCs, Computers, Laptops, 2-in-1s, Dual-Screen & All-in-Ones
  3313. 99%Announcing Azure Functions 4.0 public preview with .NET 6 support
  3314. 85%Patreon
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  3320. 78%This Linux malware is designed to ATTACK WINDOWS!
  3321. 86%Converting between UTF-8 strings and UTF-16 strings in C++/WinRT
  3322. 96%DIY RGB Icosahedron build — GsD
  3323. 75%Google to Auto-Reset Inactive Android App Permissions for Billions of Devices
  3324. 96%GitHub - joeycastillo/The-Open-Book
  3325. 98%The First Rule of Machine Learning: Start without Machine Learning
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  3332. 98%Manyverse – a social network off the grid
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  3335. 99%ASP.NET Core 6: Streaming JSON responses with IAsyncEnumerable<T>, example with Angular
  3336. 85%That Time I Told My Wife I Wanted to Quit My Job
  3337. 95%Don't be obsessed with your customers - Can's blog
  3338. 96%Don't be the Insecure Interviewer
  3339. 94%PS5 storage analysis concludes: Spend less, get the same gaming performance
  3340. 83%Database containing personal info of 106 million international visitors to Thailand was exposed online - Comparitech
  3341. 50%Epik data breach impacts 15 million users, including non-customers
  3342. 90%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3343. 99%Delicious Library 3
  3344. 93%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  3345. 93%N O D E
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  3349. 99%Swift with .NET in Xcode
  3350. 96%Make your donation now - Wikimedia Foundation
  3351. 98%Reading Code is a Skill - Trisha Gee
  3352. 94%The CertUtil program will decode Windows error codes, and in a variety of formats
  3353. 97%A Tunguska sized airburst destroyed Tall el-Hammam a Middle Bronze Age city in the Jordan Valley near the Dead Sea - Scientific Reports
  3354. 99%Comparing WebApplicationBuilder to the Generic Host: Exploring .NET Core 6 - Part 2
  3355. 99%ECDSA and Custom XML Signatures in .NET
  3356. 99%How to sign XML using RSA in .NET
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  3358. 79%OWASP 20th Anniversary
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  3363. 98%Using the platform
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  3392. 99%Creating Microsoft Teams meetings in ASP.NET Core using Microsoft Graph
  3393. 98%Singularity – Microsoft’s Experimental OS
  3394. 98%.NET MAUI: Preview 8 Available, but GA Postponed to Q2 2022
  3395. 85%FCPS Ransomware Update December 22
  3396. 93%There are six internet links on my office on wheels. Seven when Starlink arrives.
  3397. 74%Freenet
  3398. 93%Bye YouTube, Hello PeerTube 📺 (no ads, decentralised, privacy-friendly! -- Diode Zone)
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  3412. 88%This is stupid, but I love it
  3413. 88%The REAL Story On Why Space Cadet Pinball Was Removed (ft. Windows on Itanium)
  3414. 89%Russia restricts opposition election voting app from Apple App Store and Google Play Store - NetBlocks
  3415. 96%machinelearning/BestFriendAttribute.cs at 3bf8cba75fd94241d2f918fc5330e8cda3b36432 · dotnet/machinelearning
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  3417. 94%Project Myriagon: Cloudflare Passes 10,000 Connected Networks
  3418. 81%Can you see the Republic of Ireland from England? - Menu >
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  3485. 85%The Crime of Curiosity
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  3489. 95%What developers should know about security with Troy Hunt
  3490. 99%MinimalApiPlayground/Program.cs at main · DamianEdwards/MinimalApiPlayground
  3491. 77%Themes: add Craver and add background colors by NickCraver · Pull Request #964 · JanDeDobbeleer/oh-my-posh
  3492. 91%Rust Playground
  3493. 94%Windows 11: Just say no
  3494. 98%Work on interesting problems. Not interesting technologies - Part 2
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  3500. 96%Ten Years of Fukushima Disinformation | Skeptical Inquirer
  3501. 98%Hamtips, or why I still run the Technical Phone Screen as the Hiring Manager
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  3504. 80%What’s the value of an advanced technical degree? — Mark Simithraaratchy
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  3508. 93%Slowing
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  3517. 84%#Shitlassian - story about how Atlassian fired me because my wife had cancer
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  3525. 99%GitHub - dotnet/upgrade-assistant: A tool to assist developers in upgrading .NET Framework applications to .NET 5
  3526. 99%Go'ing Insane Part One: Endless Error Handling
  3527. 99%The C++ implicit assignment operator is a non-ref-qualified member, even if the base class's assignment has a ref-qualifier
  3528. 96%Every engineer should do a stint in consulting
  3529. 91%Is management pressuring you to deliver unfinished code?
  3530. 91%Marginalia Search
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  3534. 99%Why Authorization is Hard
  3535. 99%Home Assistant
  3536. 99%If you copied any of these popular StackOverflow encryption code snippets, then you coded it wrong
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  3538. 98%Discover quick actions for common tasks as you type, with IntelliCode
  3539. 99%Should Controllers Reference Repositories or Services
  3540. 91%JustMock R3 2021—Linux, Visual Studio 2022 .NET 6 RC1
  3541. 92%Microsoft launching tech resilience curriculum to foster a more inclusive future - The Official Microsoft Blog
  3542. 96%Introducing password removal for Microsoft Accounts
  3543. 89%Webinar: Profiling and Fixing Common Performance Bottlenecks | The .NET Tools Blog
  3544. 97%.NET Rocks! vNext
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  3547. 98%How much faster is Java 17?
  3548. 97%Introducing Package Source Mapping
  3549. 98%GitHub - github/paste-markdown: Paste spreadsheet cells as a Markdown table.
  3550. 99%Processing Large Payloads with the Claim Check Pattern
  3551. 99%Does your Figma Plugin really need an UI? | Tom's dev blog
  3552. 96%The Cyclic Identity for Partial Derivatives
  3553. 98%Playing with htmlq, awk, and sed
  3554. 96%Building an Alternative Ecosystem | Joshua Strobl
  3555. 96%Don't Trust the Process
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  3557. 94%Why I left academia
  3558. 97%The Second Coming of the Search Engine
  3559. 98%Write Epic Shit - Corbett Barr
  3560. 99%Argon2 Memory-Hard Function for Password Hashing and Proof-of-Work Applications
  3561. 91%How I write my Journal
  3562. 97%Engineer vs Entrepreneur Mindset
  3563. 96%Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4: Hot Reload Expands, Speed Improvements -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3564. 98%Product Security Engineering Manager - Architecture
  3565. 99%Validating Form Data with Blazor [11 of 11] | Beginner's Series to: Blazor
  3566. 97%🐊 Crocotile 3D - A tile-based 3d modeling editor!
  3567. 79%6.0 Milestone · DuendeSoftware/IdentityServer
  3568. 98%Turing Oversold
  3569. 99%The Time Travel Debugger for Web Development
  3570. 97%Machine Learning Community Standup - Deep Learning with TorchSharp
  3571. 99%Swapping two numbers in C#
  3572. 84%Rack-With-Support - FUSION
  3573. 82%Developer Burnout: Why it Happens and What We Can Do About It
  3574. 69%TechBaby Prague
  3575. 97%Leaking Value Objects from your Domain
  3576. 95%Announcing The Unicode® Standard, Version 14.0
  3577. 96%Amazon.com: Sabrent 4TB Rocket 4 Plus NVMe 4.0 Gen4 PCIe M.2 Internal Extreme Performance SSD + M.2 NVMe PS5 heatsink Combo (SB-RKT4P-PSHS-2TB) : Electronics
  3578. 96%Amazon.com: Sabrent 2TB Rocket 4 Plus NVMe 4.0 Gen4 PCIe M.2 Internal Extreme Performance SSD + M.2 NVMe PS5 heatsink Combo (SB-RKT4P-PSHS-2TB) : Electronics
  3579. 98%The Catch Block #74 - Ship, Show, Ask
  3580. 93%How do I set the alpha channel of a GDI bitmap to 255?
  3581. 97%Discovering what’s slowing down your website with Web Analytics
  3582. 98%The American Style of Quotation Mark Punctuation Makes No Sense
  3583. 97%Storage galore: New PS5 update finally lets users add more space for games
  3584. 98%Cloudflare Images Now Available to Everyone
  3585. 59%Apple just copied a developer's Apple Watch keyboard after yanking it from the App Store
  3586. 99%“Secret” Agent Exposes Azure Customers To Unauthorized Code Execution | Wiz Blog
  3587. 99%.NET DeveloperDays 2021 | tabs ↹ over ␣ ␣ ␣ spaces by Jiří {x2} Činčura
  3588. 97%Anonymous Presents: Operation Epik Fail
  3589. 79%5.0.10 Milestone · npgsql/npgsql
  3590. 79%5.0.10 Milestone · npgsql/efcore.pg
  3591. 94%ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report 2020-21
  3592. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-09-15
  3593. 99%Windows Package Manager
  3594. 83%Exploring 120 years of timezones
  3595. 99%PHP: rfc:fibers
  3596. 97%Join us behind the scenes at Azure, thanks to the Well-Architected Framework
  3597. 95%.NET September 2021 Updates – 5.0.10 and 3.1.19
  3598. 88%Up in arms - Tandy Armatron Dissection
  3599. 89%r/buildapc - Please help me identify this CAPS-lock overlay, as it's ruining my game
  3600. 74%Gwyneth Peña S. @madebygps
  3601. 86%Effect size is significantly more important than statistical significance.
  3602. 99%Announcing .NET 6 Release Candidate 1
  3603. 95%Bespoke Synth
  3604. 92%PHP maintains an enormous lead in server-side programming languages
  3605. 95%Dialectical Solution to the Liar Paradox — Hegel's Chapel
  3606. 98%Reflecting on the Shake Build System
  3607. 97%Improving Origin Performance for Everyone with Orpheus and Tiered Cache
  3608. 95%Plain Text Journaling System
  3609. 99%Hack Pipe for Functional Programmers: How I learned to stop worrying and love the placeholder | James DiGioia
  3610. 77%The Most Underused Email Feature: Schedule Send
  3611. 91%Tools for professionals, tools for amateurs
  3612. 99%Technical Writer
  3613. 61%iPhone 13 Models Are Heavier and Thicker Than iPhone 12 Models
  3614. 83%Travis CI flaw exposed secrets of thousands of open source projects
  3615. 96%Programming Language Wars - Software By Design
  3616. 95%r/crypto - What are the most overrated cryptographic schemes, protocols, conferences, etc.?
  3617. 89%Release 0.2.0-pre.20210914193659.28 · DamianEdwards/MinimalValidation
  3618. 97%Server-Side Language Usage: ASP.NET Trails PHP (by a Lot!) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3619. 93%iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max - Technical Specifications
  3620. 91%Spasm - Underrun example
  3621. 98%Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4 is now available!
  3622. 98%How percentile approximation works (and why it's more useful than averages)
  3623. 99%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 6 Release Candidate 1
  3624. 99%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 6 Release Candidate 1
  3625. 99%Announcing .NET 6 Release Candidate 1
  3626. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3627. 99%Update on .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI)
  3628. 71%Collisions of Light Produce Matter/Antimatter from Pure Energy
  3629. 97%Java 17 / JDK 17: General Availability
  3630. 68%Intel Is Reducing Server Chip Pricing in Attempt to Stem the AMD Tide
  3631. 88%ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor in .NET 6 RC1
  3632. 99%WebSocket per-message compression in ASP.NET Core 6
  3633. 99%CSS Variables + calc() + rgb() = Enforcing High Contrast Colors
  3634. 93%Q1K3 | js13kGames
  3635. 88%Why I Have NOT Tried Github Copilot - I'm a Little Skeptical...
  3636. 76%Microspeak: Persona
  3637. 99%C# For Beginners - Lesson 10: Methods
  3638. 99%Looking inside ConfigurationManager in .NET 6: Exploring .NET Core 6 - Part 1
  3639. 93%From AMP to Signed Exchanges, Or How Innovation Happens at Cloudflare
  3640. 89%Cyber Defenders' Career Guide: 9781617298202: Computer Science Books @ Amazon.com
  3641. 99%Setting up the SonarQube scanner when building a .NET Core container image
  3642. 96%Why Monero
  3643. 99%Async processing of long-running tasks in ASP.NET Core
  3644. 99%Adam Storr - Separate the Metadata Noise from the Implementation in Azure Functions
  3645. 98%WUG: Co nás čeká v .NET 6 a C# 10 (Zlín)
  3646. 99%Release WebSharper 5.0.0-preview1 · dotnet-websharper/core
  3647. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-09-14
  3648. 99%Monsters Weekly 222 - DateOnly and TimeOnly in .NET 6
  3649. 99%Unit testing private helper methods
  3650. 98%Advanced Git Workflow Tips | The .NET Tools Blog
  3651. 99%MinimalValidation/dotnet.yml at 3b836203c6af3ce1f9735ff1a4c81ab3270a7c7e · DamianEdwards/MinimalValidation
  3652. 98%Download the fastest Firefox ever
  3653. 98%The workflow must be associated with an integration account - Azure Logic App
  3654. 96%Docs | Open-Meteo.com
  3655. 96%GitHub - ryanoasis/powerline-extra-symbols: Extra glyphs for your powerline separators
  3656. 80%[Last Week in .NET #59] – Min/Max Life Changes
  3657. 96%Free Programming Books; HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Python...
  3658. 92%Subscribe to Burnout+ – Three Letter Acronym
  3659. 90%Trademark Actions Against the PostgreSQL Community
  3660. 99%GitHub - dtolnay/inventory: Typed distributed plugin registration
  3661. 64%Screenshots
  3662. 98%Build software better, together
  3663. 96%FORTRAN.io finally, a Fortran Web Framework
  3664. 81%Intuit to Acquire Mailchimp
  3665. 98%Stay Calm and Learn This · Patrick Juchli
  3666. 99%Finding Types at Runtime in .NET Core
  3667. 96%Building Through Uncertainty
  3668. 97%Lessons learned during a Developer on Duty: Observability · Pietro Menna
  3669. 99%Unravelling `async for` loops
  3670. 99%Static Analysis in JavaScriptCore (Part I)
  3671. 99%Introduction — Otter documentation
  3672. 97%40 One-Sentence Email Tips
  3673. 81%Most Startup ‘Pivots’ Aren’t Really Pivots, They’re Just What Startups Are Supposed To Do
  3674. 93%April King — Cache-Control Recommendations
  3675. 99%How to parse any website
  3676. 94%Regret Minimization | Samvit Jain
  3677. 97%Disclosing CVE-2021-40823 and CVE-2021-40824: E2EE vulnerability in multiple Matrix clients | Matrix.org
  3678. 97%Designing Beautiful Shadows in CSS
  3679. 99%Stop Building A General Purpose API To Power Your Own Front End - Max Chernyak
  3680. 96%Why I’m Not an Angel Investor — Stuff George Writes
  3681. 90%FORCEDENTRY: NSO Group iMessage Zero-Click Exploit Captured in the Wild - The Citizen Lab
  3682. 74%Apple patches a NSO zero-day flaw affecting all devices – TechCrunch
  3683. 99%Getting Started Tweetinvi .NET Twitter | C# Tutorials Blog
  3684. 89%Developers: Hire or Use Consultants?
  3685. 94%OpenRA
  3686. 97%New Open Source ONNX Runtime Web Does Machine Learning Modeling in Browser -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3687. 99%OData (Open Data Protocol) in ASP.NET 6.0
  3688. 68%Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reverses hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia - Technology Org
  3689. 93%r/perfectlycutscreams - German Streamer watching a self defense video
  3690. 99%Resource efficient Thread Pools with Zig
  3691. 95%Cloud Providers Publish Ransomware Mitigation Strategies
  3692. 99%Investigating an infinite loop in Release configuration - Gérald Barré
  3693. 55%Uber must employ its drivers, Dutch court rules
  3694. 99%The latency of making a coffee cup
  3695. 99%The C++/WinRT query_interface_tearoff extension point, and using it for COM aggregation
  3696. 95%Email Protection | Cloudflare
  3697. 90%Cloudflare Passes 250 Cities, Triples External Network Capacity, 8x-es Backbone
  3698. 97%.NET developer reacts to the StackOverflow survey 2021
  3699. 98%GitHub - hyrmn/jerk: Joe Everyman's Reporting Konverter
  3700. 99%Professional C# and .NET – 2021 Edition
  3701. 99%Introduction to System.Text.Json Through Examples - Code Maze
  3702. 99%Dotnetos Conference 2021 | tabs ↹ over ␣ ␣ ␣ spaces by Jiří {x2} Činčura
  3703. 97%NLP Tutorial with Flair & Python | Rubik's Code
  3704. 96%271: How not to monetize an app
  3705. 98%Implementing Angular Code Flow with PKCE using node-oidc-provider
  3706. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-09-13
  3707. 97%How To Desktop in 2022
  3708. 99%How to Write Cleaner, Safer Code with SonarQube, Docker and .NET Core
  3709. 99%Introduction to GitHub Codespaces
  3710. 99%How To Map A Route in an ASP.NET Core MVC application
  3711. 96%RLE: The Human Friendly Compression
  3712. 90%Twitter reveals surprisingly low two-factor auth (2FA) adoption rate
  3713. 87%The World's Oldest Active Torrent Turns 18 Soon * TorrentFreak
  3714. 99%Minimal APIs at a glance in .NET 6
  3715. 78%CityMayor | Dapp.com - MarbleCards | OpenSea
  3716. 97%Docker Licensing, Career and Coding Questions
  3717. 91%refactor: port libtransmission to C++ by ckerr · Pull Request #1787 · transmission/transmission
  3718. 88%The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
  3719. 96%How to raise investment
  3720. 99%How to Improve programming logic
  3721. 98%Rectangle{} debugging in QML, just like printf(), but for QT
  3722. 85%How factories were made safe
  3723. 98%Randomizing the Alert Sound on a Mac
  3724. 94%The p-word – Puppies, Flowers, Rainbows and Kittens
  3725. 91%Amazon.com: Qozary 2 Pack Socks Underwear Drawer Organizer Divider, 24 Cell or 16 Cell Collapsible Cabinet Closet Organizer Storage Boxes for Clothes, Socks, Lingerie, Underwear, Ties (24 Cell, Gray) : Home & Kitchen
  3726. 96%Welcome, adventurer! — BEAM VM Wisdoms
  3727. 97%Rechargeable Toilet Bowl Night Light, 16-Color LED Motion Activated Sensor Nightlight, Cool Fun Gag Gadget for Husband Men Women Him Mother Father Day - - Amazon.com
  3728. 99%The KDL Document Language
  3729. 99%Checkboxland
  3730. 99%Two new color spaces for color picking - Okhsv and Okhsl
  3731. 92%Rejected!
  3732. 99%Ray casting in 2D game engines
  3733. 87%LIVE: Windows 11 Walkthrough with Microsoft Dev Davepl
  3734. 99%Azure AD JWT authentication in .NET isolated process Azure Functions
  3735. 99%Microsoft Releases .NET MAUI Compatibility Packages for the Xamarin Community Toolkit
  3736. 86%Lockdown math announcement
  3737. 97%Remaking Celeste’s Lighting
  3738. 98%Welcome to Speed Week and a Waitless Internet
  3739. 93%Windows 11 Pinball by the original Windows XP programmer
  3740. 99%Learn BIO Video in 3 simple steps - Tech Leader Journey
  3741. 80%Social networks
  3742. 99%My Room in 3D — Experiment
  3743. 97%Electron isn’t Cancer but it is a Symptom of a Disease – Duck Rowing
  3744. 99%An opinionated look at Minimal API in .NET 6
  3745. 99%Minimal APIs at a glance
  3746. 97%Write code that's easy to delete, and easy to debug too.
  3747. 96%pratik.is/here - Pratik's Personal Site
  3748. 99%I18n in Go: Managing Translations
  3749. 98%No More Medium. Build Your Own Site, Please.
  3750. 90%Episode 23: Git - with Jesse Liberty and James World
  3751. 86%9/11 Realtime
  3752. 98%Proving 50-Year-Old Sorting Networks Optimal: Part 2
  3753. 99%Working with DevOps friendly EF Core Migration Bundles
  3754. 96%Microsoft acquires Clipchamp to empower creators | Microsoft 365 Blog
  3755. 69%Facebook Is Censoring People For Mentioning Open-Source Social Network Mastodon
  3756. 98%Why Flask will teach you more about software engineering than Django
  3757. 99%Constant-time code verification with Memory Sanitizer
  3758. 97%A resource for the OpenBSD community
  3759. 92%Steam Top 50 Games: 72% Work on Linux in Sept. 2021 - Boiling Steam
  3760. 87%How Tesla Got Two Nürburgring Lap Times From the Same Lap
  3761. 98%Note-Taking for Software Engineers
  3762. 89%Learn in Better Way for Your Life
  3763. 99%Sylvain Kerkour
  3764. 98%Are Dockerfiles good enough?
  3765. 93%Windows 11 Pinball by the original Windows XP programmer
  3766. 98%Mistakes I've Made in AWS
  3767. 93%Windy as forecasted
  3768. 92%CFAIL Session 4 Talk #1: Incorrectly Generated RSA Keys, by Daniel Shumow
  3769. 79%“Never trust a clown”: McDonald’s leaks Monopoly database credentials
  3770. 95%It's just a (hacker news) bubble you're living in
  3771. 96%Disk/CPU performance: Linode vs DigitalOcean vs UpCloud vs Hetzner vs Terrahost vs Scaleway
  3772. 94%Making mistakes is part of working
  3773. 92%The VC power law: biotech vs. tech
  3774. 96%How I arrived at my perfect business idea | SVG Backgrounds
  3775. 94%Use Tools That Suit You and the Problem | Daan Debie
  3776. 99%Managing User State [9 of 11] | Beginner's Series to: Blazor
  3777. 99%Why that Thunderbolt add-in card doesn’t work properly in your unsupported PC – Matt's Tech Pages
  3778. 99%From Shader to Metaball, Part Ⅰ
  3779. 96%How arbitrary structured data per request helps Opsgenie to resolve and prevent incidents
  3780. 98%Part 4: Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) Scheme
  3781. 97%Sales for Hackers
  3782. 96%Oracle SQL Is The Devil – Coding To Freedom
  3783. 99%Microsoft Open Sources .NET 5 C# Language Extension for SQL Server -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3784. 99%GitHub - jely2002/youtube-dl-gui: A cross-platform GUI for youtube-dl made in Electron and node.js
  3785. 99%C# 10 is HERE! 5 features that will blow your mind 🤯
  3786. 99%First look at the debugger - Visual Studio (Windows)
  3787. 91%I Reached 100k Subscribers - Ask Me Anything
  3788. 89%A Laser Fired Through a Keyhole Can Expose Everything Inside a Room
  3789. 97%Microsoft Announces Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise in Preview
  3790. 99%Migrate apps to modern authentication
  3791. 99%Ordering asynchronous updates with coroutines, part 5: Bowing out via cancellation
  3792. 98%Code Maze Weekly #92 - Code Maze
  3793. 99%How to execute an object file: Part 3
  3794. 98%Certified Application Security Specialist (CASS)
  3795. 99%Support type classes or implicits · Issue #243 · fsharp/fslang-suggestions
  3796. 97%Episode 82 - DotPurple With Michael Babienco
  3797. 84%Groundbreaking Technique Yields Important New Details on Silicon, Subatomic Particles and Possible ‘Fifth Force’
  3798. 90%Monsters Weekly 221 - New git commands
  3799. 97%Web Live Preview
  3800. 99%The Specification contravariant functor
  3801. 98%Date Format Cheat Sheet—How To Format Dates React DatePicker
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  3803. 99%The Future of Visual Studio Extensibility is Here!
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  3806. 94%New Community Toolkit Leads Extension Writing Revamp for Visual Studio 2022 -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  3808. 81%New Math Book Rescues Landmark Topology Proof | Quanta Magazine
  3809. 99%Event Sourced Aggregate Design: Focus on Business Logic
  3810. 96%Using a reMarkable Tablet in Web Meetings – The Charette Project
  3811. 97%in which a laptop defies the trends
  3812. 92%The Fog of Random
  3813. 96%AWS SIGv4 and SIGv4A — shufflesharding.com
  3814. 91%Q6 How do you manage your time? How do you allocate your time between work and other things?
  3815. 99%Thoughts on Clojure UI framework
  3816. 96%A Rotating Team Lead
  3817. 98%Running My Business From an iPad
  3818. 96%Quitting Entrepreneurship, Getting A Job
  3819. 94%Fix My Code
  3820. 99%The .NET Docs Show - .NET IoT Ask Me Anything
  3821. 96%Microsoft Pushes Java for Azure Development -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3822. 73%Windows 11 Livestream - Sep 12, 2021 9AMPST 4PMGMT - Announcement!
  3823. 94%Weekly Update 260
  3824. 90%~60x speed-up of Linux
  3825. 98%ASP.NET 6.0 Minimal APIs - Why should you care? - Ben Foster
  3826. 88%Data Consistency Between Microservices
  3827. 92%.NET Conf 2021
  3828. 84%.NET customers showcase | See what devs are building
  3829. 99%Parameters and Sharing Data [8 of 11] | Beginner's Series to: Blazor
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  3831. 96%Creating Pivot indexes in RavenDB
  3832. 88%GraphCMS, GraphQL, and Nextjs - Let's Build A Static Site
  3833. 98%Full-time Content Creation with Jessica Chan
  3834. 98%Ordering asynchronous updates with coroutines, part 4: Bowing out, explicit version
  3835. 97%Native Rust support on Cloudflare Workers
  3836. 97%5 open source .NET projects that deserve more attention
  3837. 74%Rewilding: 60 years ago, scientists let a farm go wild – the results are in
  3838. 99%Toolbelt.Blazor.LoadingBar 13.0.0
  3839. 99%How We Went All In on sqlc/pgx for Postgres + Go
  3840. 87%How Docker broke in half
  3841. 92%Bad engineering managers think leadership is about power, good managers think leadership is about competently serving their team
  3842. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-09-09
  3843. 99%.NET Rocks! vNext
  3844. 99%A .NET 6 Minimal API Todo example Playground
  3845. 99%Refactoring to Value Objects
  3846. 99%New Improved Attach to Process Dialog Experience
  3847. 99%Apples in MAUI
  3848. 99%Google APIs: authentication with TypeScript | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  3849. 98%Windows 11: The Optimization and Performance Improvements
  3850. 93%How to replace Docker with Podman on a Mac
  3851. 97%Ship / Show / Ask
  3852. 98%OSS Power-Ups: CliWrap | The .NET Tools Blog
  3853. 77%Does Ivermectin Cause Sterility in Men?
  3854. 99%Open sourcing the .NET 5 C# Language Extension for SQL Server - Microsoft SQL Server Blog
  3855. 93%Locking editor panes in Visual Studio Code prevents unwanted multi-tab experiences
  3856. 84%B2C Speedrun - Setup Authentication in .NET Blazor with Azure AD B2C in 15mins flat
  3857. 99%Proposal: Expression blocks · Issue #3086 · dotnet/csharplang
  3858. 98%csharplang/LDM-2021-08-30.md at main · dotnet/csharplang
  3859. 67%WhatsApp “end-to-end encrypted” messages aren’t that private after all
  3860. 82%MIT-designed project achieves major advance toward fusion energy
  3861. 93%Transparency in startups
  3862. 95%The mystery of load average spikes
  3863. 90%Should you delete social media? That’s the wrong question.
  3864. 89%Restrictions for Impacted Areas – South East Queensland
  3865. 92%Challenge to VS Code Python? JetBrains Tests Data Science IDE -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3866. 99%The Compiled Future of Front End
  3867. 97%Auto retry message on connection failure by NickCraver · Pull Request #1856 · StackExchange/StackExchange.Redis
  3868. 95%The Adjacent User Theory at andrewchen
  3869. 97%What they don’t tell you when you translate your app
  3870. 64%Norway COVID: 171,719 Cases and 826 Deaths - Worldometer
  3871. 85%Daily Confirmed Cases in NSW - COVID LIVE
  3872. 93%How to drive away your best engineers. | padraigobrien.com
  3873. 92%About
  3874. 87%Python in VS Code Does Browser-Based Editing via 'github.dev' Trick -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3875. 98%Maintain it With Zig
  3876. 83%Using the Console Log formatter
  3877. 95%Monitoring my home's air quality (CO2, PM2.5, Temp/Humidity) with AirGradient's DIY sensor
  3878. 97%Craver's oh-my-posh profile
  3879. 87%Archive.org Serendipity: Search and Stream Selections from the 78rpm Collection
  3880. 99%Going deeper into static constructors hole
  3881. 99%GitHub - philipl/pifs: πfs - the data-free filesystem!
  3882. 99%GitHub - doctorray117/minecraft-ondemand: Templates to deploy a serverless Minecraft Server on demand in AWS
  3883. 88%Entity Framework Community Standup - Open Source Software (OSS) Projects for EF Core
  3884. 99%Taking the EF Core Azure Cosmos DB Provider for a Test Drive
  3885. 87%Outdated Answers: accepted answer is now unpinned on Stack Overflow
  3886. 99%Integration Testing: IHost Lifecycle with NUnit
  3887. 99%The Catch Block #73 - Vertical Slices, Mission-Driven Teams, and Five Cool Reads
  3888. 98%Ordering asynchronous updates with coroutines, part 3: Let them all compete, but only one wins
  3889. 99%GitHub - EtherDream/web2img: bundle web files into a single image
  3890. 90%Introducing: Custom Hostname Analytics
  3891. 97%Dolphin Progress Report: August 2021
  3892. 92%How Cloudflare helped mitigate the Atlassian Confluence OGNL vulnerability before the PoC was released
  3893. 86%The SEC has told us it wants to sue us over Lend. We don’t know why.
  3894. 98%Switching to the i3 window manager
  3895. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-09-08
  3896. 86%2021 Board of Trustees Election
  3897. 99%The Command Handler contravariant functor
  3898. 99%Favorite improvements in .NET 6
  3899. 95%Patent Images
  3900. 96%Teaching people to fish
  3901. 91%Shifting Trends: The Evolution of Mountain Bike Geometry - blog.jans.com
  3902. 98%Turning my hobby into a business made me hate it
  3903. 61%How Sri Lanka’s overnight flip to total organic farming has led to an economic disaster
  3904. 99%Git tooling in Visual Studio 2022
  3905. 79%Your VGA monitor may be easier to repair than you think - CNX Software
  3906. 91%Introducing Blazor Components [3 of 11] | Beginners Series to: Blazor
  3907. 99%My £4 a month server can handle 4.2 million requests a day
  3908. 76%McDonald's leaks password for Monopoly VIP database to winners
  3909. 99%What's new in C# 10.0 - C# Guide
  3910. 99%Integration Testing: IHost Lifecycle with xUnit.Net
  3911. 71%[Last Week in .NET #58] – Deep Learning Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry
  3912. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3913. 98%GitHub - dotnet/csharplang: The official repo for the design of the C# programming language
  3914. 96%VS Code Uses ML to Detect Programming Language, Set Mode -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3915. 94%The ASP.NET Team @TheASPNETTeam
  3916. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - 🎂7 Years of ASP.NET Community Standup🎂
  3917. 99%C# static constructor called multiple times
  3918. 98%Bonsai | Web Browser for Research
  3919. 88%California streaming: Apple’s next big event is September 14
  3920. 99%Differential Evolution Optimization -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3921. 95%How to be a Certificate Authority, feat. Ryan Sleevi - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  3922. 87%Microsoft Outlook shows real person’s contact info for IDN phishing emails
  3923. 98%Welcome · Real-World Cryptography MEAP V14
  3924. 88%Ask the Expert: What's New in C# 10.0
  3925. 71%Musings: How to Beat Greg Abbott, revisited
  3926. 98%OpenSSL version 3.0.0 published
  3927. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - A first look at Carter on .NET 6
  3928. 91%Matching Colorful Brackets are BUILT IN to VS Code - (No Extension Needed)
  3929. 50%ProtonMail deletes 'we don't log your IP' boast from website after French climate activist reportedly arrested
  3930. 99%Ordering asynchronous updates with coroutines, part 2: Restart with hand-off
  3931. 72%“The Door Problem” – Liz England
  3932. 99%Using Source Generators with Blazor components in .NET 6
  3933. 99%Adam Storr - Minimal Api in .NET 6 Out Of Process Azure Functions
  3934. 96%What’s New with Cloudflare for SaaS?
  3935. 98%GitHub - mgdm/htmlq: Like jq, but for HTML.
  3936. 84%The Sexadecimal Mysteries
  3937. 98%Re: [GIT PULL] ntfs3: new NTFS driver for 5.15
  3938. 99%Debugging System.FormatException when launching ASP.NET Core
  3939. 97%Infrastructure overview
  3940. 95%A primer on the OpenAI API - Part 3
  3941. 95%A primer on the OpenAI API - Part 1
  3942. 99%What Is yield and How Does It Work in C#?
  3943. 99%Access modern GPU features with WebGPU
  3944. 93%A primer on the OpenAI API - Part 2
  3945. 97%Making world-class docs takes effort
  3946. 98%A neat Trick to Debug Exceptions in C#
  3947. 65%Chia Coin Miners Are Reselling Used SSDs as New
  3948. 97%Minus
  3949. 97%Release age v1.0.0 🏁 · FiloSottile/age
  3950. 87%The Crypto-Carry Trade
  3951. 66%Hundreds of Economists: Marijuana Prohibition Costs Billions, Legalization Would Earn Billions
  3952. 99%Why not ZFS
  3953. 95%My phone case, the hidden state of an RNN
  3954. 99%Building Applications With Cassandra: Experience And Gotchas
  3955. 99%Optimizing Netlify - Atif Afzal
  3956. 96%Introducing Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Private Web Attestation with Cross/Multi-Vendor Hardware
  3957. 99%What kind of work I want
  3958. 95%Use the right tool for the job
  3959. 99%Saving a restic backup the hard way
  3960. 99%Dealing with Modules, Assemblies and Types with CLR Profiling APIs
  3961. 97%A meditation on three dead side projects
  3962. 90%Новые статьи на Sci-Hub
  3963. 99%GitHub - michaelkacher/k8cher: An opinionated getting started project leveraging Kubernetes, Tilt, Dapr, and SvelteKit
  3964. 96%Svelte and SvelteKit - Why We Love It and Why You Should Try It
  3965. 96%Staged Rollouts & Phased Release on Google Play and App Store Connect
  3966. 67%ProtonMail logged IP address of French activist after order by Swiss authorities – TechCrunch
  3967. 80%After six months on Mars, NASA's tiny copter is still flying high
  3968. 94%Important clarifications regarding arrest of climate activist
  3969. 72%Germany wants smartphone makers to offer 7 years of software updates
  3970. 97%Revolt
  3972. 97%Melatonin: Much More Than You Wanted To Know
  3973. 99%What is Semantic HTML? 🤨
  3974. 97%GitHub - Lutando/Akkatecture: a cqrs and event sourcing framework for dotnet core using akka.net
  3975. 99%How not to read a string from an UTF-8 stream - Gérald Barré
  3976. 52%US Cybercom says mass exploitation of Atlassian Confluence vulnerability 'ongoing and expected to accelerate' | ZDNet
  3977. 99%GitHub - koenvzeijl/AspNetCore.SassCompiler: Sass Compiler Library for .NET Core 3.x/5.x without node.
  3978. 97%ZFS Is Mysteriously Eating My CPU
  3979. 99%Ordering asynchronous updates with coroutines, part 1: Mutual exclusion
  3980. 96%Hiring Developers: How to avoid the best - Parthenon
  3981. 88%In defence of .NET Minimal APIs
  3982. 99%homebrew-x/podman-apple-silicon.rb at main · simnalamburt/homebrew-x
  3983. 69%270: M1 on the road, phased release, new SQLite-net, and .NET MAUI ready libraries
  3984. 99%Using Azure security groups in ASP.NET Core with an Azure B2C Identity Provider
  3985. 85%Malware found preinstalled in classic push-button phones sold in Russia
  3986. 99%Stock Price Prediction Using Hidden Markov Model | Rubik's Code
  3987. 99%Writing Logs to SQL Server Using NLog - Code Maze
  3988. 99%Visual Studio Code August 2021
  3989. 98%Python in Visual Studio Code – September 2021 Release
  3990. 98%C# Caller Attributes Make Tracing and Logging Easier
  3991. 99%Custom Model Binding in ASP.NET 6.0 Minimal APIs - Ben Foster
  3992. 99%git/torvalds/linux.git - Linux kernel source tree
  3993. 99%GitHub - containerd/nerdctl: Docker-compatible CLI for containerd, with support for Compose
  3994. 96%GitHub - olup/kobowriter: A simple typewriter written in go for KOBO e-readers
  3995. 76%Freewrite: Distraction-Free Writing Tools
  3996. 99%SolarWriter
  3997. 78%China Airlines A333 at Taipei on Jun 14th 2020, all primary computers, reversers and autobrakes failed on touchdown
  3998. 91%Art Student's 407-Piece Hand-Carved Wooden Clock Literally Writes The Time | aBlogtoWatch
  3999. 92%NO STARTTLS
  4000. 96%Dogs distinguish human intentional and unintentional action - Scientific Reports
  4001. 93%“Emojibake” are considered harmful
  4002. 90%SPI: The serial peripheral interface
  4003. 98%certreq.cs
  4004. 93%BookWyrm is the Federated GoodReads Replacement I Didn’t Know I Needed
  4005. 82%200 Years Ago, Faraday Invented the Electric Motor
  4006. 98%Proxy vs Reverse Proxy - using a real life example!
  4007. 98%Adding Identity to Existing WASM Apps: Carl Franklin's Blazor Train Ep 56
  4008. 68%OpenAI Sold its Soul for $1 Billion
  4009. 98%Minimal API com ASP.NET Core .NET 6
  4010. 99%Writing Well-Documented Code - Learn from Examples
  4011. 79%List of Gaming Laptops with MUX Switch - Jarrod's Tech
  4012. 99%Visual Studio Code August 2021
  4013. 85%Join Bookwyrm!
  4014. 92%Victory Mission + Ministry in Springfield, MO
  4015. 99%Launching Visual Studio Code cleanly from a .NET Application
  4016. 98%How we built an auto-scalable Minecraft server for 1000+ players using WorldQL's spatial database
  4017. 93%Introducing Pollen
  4018. 95%Habitcrafting and tool-making | thesephist.com
  4019. 88%Snowball sampling bias in program evaluation
  4020. 98%libinput and high-resolution wheel scrolling
  4021. 91%The Traction Treadmill at andrewchen
  4022. 99%Keep your software packages small
  4023. 99%Optimizing Slow SQL Queries
  4024. 95%Worst Case Scenario
  4025. 93%The Seniority Roller Coaster and Down-Leveling in Tech
  4026. 99%GitHub - JonPSmith/AuthPermissions.AspNetCore: This library provides extra authorization features to an ASP.NET Core application.
  4027. 95%ShlinkedIn
  4028. 84%Top Programming Languages 2021
  4029. 50%DATAWING LIMITED - Filing history (free information from Companies House)
  4030. 69%Delays Aren't Good Enough—Apple Must Abandon Its Surveillance Plans
  4031. 85%Release v3.5.0 · dotnet/orleans
  4032. 95%Mathlets : MIT Mathlets
  4033. 98%A nasty bit of undefined timezone behavior in Golang
  4034. 99%Running (Mostly) Minimal .NET 6 APIs in Azure Functions
  4035. 92%uBlock Origin—everything you need to know about the ad blocker - Firefox Add-on Reviews
  4036. 99%How I Made $80,000 On Side Projects In 2020 — Compiled;
  4037. 99%ASP.NET Core Blazor routing
  4038. 80%New evidence supports idea that America's first civilization was made up of 'sophisticated' engineers
  4039. 99%On .NET Live - Practical tips to improve your users' experience
  4040. 96%I declared my Windows Runtime method as accepting an array by reference, but it always arrives empty
  4041. 86%Should Zcash switch from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake? - Electric Coin Company
  4042. 98%Minimal Viable Developer: acing your first month in software
  4043. 88%The Design of Disasters and the Disaster of Design
  4044. 91%Follow boring advice
  4045. 88%The Illusion of Output - Keith Brown
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  4047. 99%Diagnosing memory leaks in .NET apps
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  4049. 63%OpenMoji
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  4053. 97%Why can an ad break the Windows 11 desktop and taskbar?
  4054. 95%Software Piracy and IP Management Practices: Strategic Responses to Product-Market Imitation
  4055. 94%Operations is not Developer IT
  4056. 98%GitHub - pdevito3/craftsman: Craftsman is the workhorse behind the Wrapt framework and provides a suite of CLI commands for quickly scaffolding out new files and projects for your .NET Web APIs with simple CLI commands and configuration files.
  4057. 96%Wrapt - Scaffold an entire .NET 5 Web API with a simple yaml or json file.
  4058. 99%Migrating from Docker to Podman
  4059. 61%WhatsApp Fined with a Record $267 million for Breaching EU Privacy Laws
  4060. 88%Keynote: Lessons From 11 Billion Breached Records
  4061. 87%Weekly Update 259
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  4063. 98%Windows 11: a survey of text boxes
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  4070. 63%Announcing the Candidates .NET Foundation Election 2021
  4071. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-09-03
  4072. 99%Introduction to Async Programming in C#
  4073. 99%A Complete Beginner's Guide to GraphQL
  4074. 99%GitHub - MichalStrehovsky/zerosharp: Demo of the potential of C# for systems programming with the .NET native ahead-of-time compilation technology.
  4075. 98%Replacing Docker Desktop with hyperkit + minikube - Cirrus Minor
  4076. 98%Zero Trust Security Architecture Overview | Developer.com
  4077. 99%GitHub - KorzhCom/EasyData: An open-source framework for quick and easy implementation of CRUD operations (both API and UI) in ASP.NET Core applications.
  4078. 98%GitHub - aappleby/MetroBoy: A repository of gate-level simulators and tools for the original Game Boy.
  4079. 98%Bungie C++ Guidelines & Razors > News | Bungie.net
  4080. 98%What's in New Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2022? -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  4097. 83%What UWP Deprecation? Community Celebrates Innovative Apps in Launch 2021 Contest -- Visual Studio Magazine
  4098. 97%Use of artificial intelligence for image analysis in breast cancer screening programmes: systematic review of test accuracy
  4099. 85%GitHub Copilot Generated Insecure Code In 40% Of Circumstances During Experiment
  4100. 96%O.MG Cable - * to USB-A
  4101. 93%Developers are not interested in Mac App Store, research shows - Techno Kilo
  4102. 99%ASP.​NET Core in .NET 6 - Async streaming
  4103. 99%GitHub - containers/podman: Podman: A tool for managing OCI containers and pods.
  4104. 99%Blazor | Build client web apps with C# | .NET
  4105. 54%WhatsApp Ireland hit with record fine of €225m by DPC
  4106. 71%Sky Subscribers' Piracy Habits Directly Help Premier League Block Illegal Streams * TorrentFreak
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  4111. 99%www.opendesktop.org
  4112. 88%Traditional companies are losing because they mismanage software engineers
  4113. 99%Deconstructing Azure PowerShell APIs with Fiddler
  4114. 95%GitHub - mTvare6/hello-world.rs: 🚀Memory safe, blazing fast, configurable, minimal hello world written in rust(🚀) in a few lines of code with few(1061🚀) dependencies🚀
  4115. 97%How to study effectively | Psyche Guides
  4116. 99%Using FbNetExternalEngine with Firebird Embedded (in .NET)
  4117. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-09-02
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  4120. 99%Windows Server 2022 now generally available—delivers innovation in security, hybrid, and containers - Microsoft Windows Server Blog
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  4122. 99%ES2022 feature: class static initialization blocks
  4123. 97%Text Analytics for Extractive Summarization
  4124. 99%IntelliSense for Hosted C# Script
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  4129. 88%AI movie posters
  4130. 94%Release Notes - Safari Technology Preview - Safari
  4131. 99%GitHub - dotnet/Silk.NET: The high-speed OpenGL, OpenCL, OpenAL, OpenXR, GLFW, SDL, Vulkan, Assimp, and DirectX bindings library your mother warned you about.
  4132. 98%Bebop ❤️ Rust | Rainway
  4133. 98%Refactor symmetric one-shots for improved performance by vcsjones · Pull Request #58270 · dotnet/runtime
  4134. 63%Announcing the Candidates .NET Foundation Election 2021
  4135. 87%Moiré no more
  4136. 74%Amazon asked FCC to reject Starlink plan because it can’t compete, SpaceX says
  4137. 97%What is Blazor [1 of 11] | Beginner's Series to: Blazor
  4138. 95%Planned maintenance scheduled for Thursday, September 2 at 12:00am UTC (Wednesday September 1 8:00 PM US/EDT)
  4139. 95%Mozilla VPN Completes Independent Security Audit by Cure53 | The Mozilla Blog
  4140. 94%Time Card and PTP on a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4
  4141. 98%Twitter's div Soup and Uglyfied CSS, Explained
  4142. 93%Interview with David McCarter
  4143. 98%Prevent duplicate cron job running.
  4144. 99%How I re-over-engineered my home network for privacy and security
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  4151. 90%Interview with Pedro Henrique de Souza Jesus
  4152. 93%Interview with David Whitney
  4153. 99%Restructuring to a Vertical Slice Architecture
  4154. 95%Interview with Mitchel Sellers
  4155. 88%Interview with Javier Lozano
  4156. 97%Interview with Kevin Avignon
  4157. 85%Fossil fuels are dead (and here's why)
  4158. 79%NIST Internal or Interagency Report (NISTIR) 8369, Status Report on the Second Round of the NIST Lightweight Cryptography Standardization Process
  4159. 98%Directories.Net 1.0.0
  4160. 98%Preview of .NET MAUI Community Toolkit Heralds Xamarin.Forms Sunsetting -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  4167. 99%Repository Pattern in ASP.NET Core with Adapter Pattern for Easy Maintenance & Better Unit Testing | Pro Code Guide
  4168. 98%Why Erlang? | Fredrik Holmqvist
  4169. 99%The Catch Block #72 - ChaosDB, Geothermal Energy, and a Communication Layer
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  4180. 99%Database and Always-Valid Domain Model
  4181. 97%Announcing the .NET Foundation Academy
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  4186. 52%C# Language Highlights Deconstructing Non-tuple Types
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  4188. 98%Windows Terminal Preview 1.11 Release
  4189. 89%Adding HTML tags or HTML-tag-like to a title, breaks rendering
  4190. 99%My TOP Patterns for Event Driven Architecture
  4191. 97%The Universe is Hostile to Computers
  4192. 97%Tor is a Great SysAdmin Tool
  4193. 99%A brain dump on automated integration testing
  4194. 98%Unproblematize
  4195. 93%About my new watch: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
  4196. 91%Deploying a Blazor App to Azure with Octopus Deploy
  4197. 86%carltheperson
  4198. 72%How Come There Isn't An Adam Neumann Effect? - Gotham Gal
  4199. 96%My Recipe for Optimizing Performance of Rails Applications
  4200. 99%GitHub - jsakamoto/FindRazorSourceFile: This is a set of NuGet packages that makes your Blazor apps display the source .razor file name that generated the HTML element under the mouse cursor when entering the Ctrl + Shift + F hotkeys.
  4201. 97%✍️ Happiness Over Profit
  4202. 96%When I used to collect computer viruses
  4203. 75%Sleep lessons for founders and CEOs (also investors and boards)
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  4224. 97%3 VS Code Settings I IMMEDIATELY Turn Off
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  4226. 93%The EPYC journey continues to Rome in Cloudflare’s 11th generation Edge Server
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  4228. 90%The dot
  4229. 95%58% of Hacker News, Reddit and tech-savvy audiences block Google Analytics
  4230. 82%When a hobby becomes a job
  4231. 99%Adam Storr - When is not null not null but checking not null in .NET 6
  4232. 98%.NET App Developer Links - 2021-08-31
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  4234. 99%Benefits of pure functions
  4235. 99%Learn to build applications with F#
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  4239. 99%Building micro services through Event Driven Architecture part15 : SPA Front End.
  4240. 85%Facebook is the AOL of 2021 | ZDNet
  4241. 99%GitHub - coqui-ai/TTS: 🐸💬 - a deep learning toolkit for Text-to-Speech, battle-tested in research and production
  4242. 99%Writing Programs with NCURSES
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  4252. 98%To Everyone who showed a passionate interest in Note Garden
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  4254. 98%French Appeal Court affirms decision that copyright claims on GPL are invalid; must be enforced via contractual dispute
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  4275. 90%Tickets - NDC Oslo 2021 | Software Developers Conference
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  4278. 99%on terminal control
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  4280. 98%Entropy coding in Oodle Data: Huffman coding
  4281. 88%When you finish celebrating Linux turning 30, try new Linux 5.14, says Linus Torvalds
  4282. 97%OSS Power-Ups: CliWrap
  4283. 97%.NET 6: Top 6 New Features in the Upcoming .NET Version
  4284. 96%269: How not to advertise mobile apps
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  4298. 96%A practical understanding of lead acid batteries
  4299. 88%Scales of cities, scales of software
  4300. 85%Monero Developers Disclose ‘Significant’ Bug in Privacy Algorithm - Decrypt
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  4302. 99%A new way of blogging about Golang
  4303. 89%Amazon.com: Staff Engineer: Leadership Beyond the Management Track (Audible Audio Edition): Will Larson, Shaula Evans, Will Larson: Books
  4304. 94%How I Nearly Lost the Lightroom Catalog with All of My Photos
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  4311. 99%Space Nerds In Space - A Multi-player Starship Bridge Simulator
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  4313. 56%If Megachurches Were Honest | Honest Ads (Mars Hill, Hillsong, Bethel, Lakewood Church Parody)
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