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  1. Beware the Google Password Manager - (READABLE)
  2. Director/Sr. Director of Finance and Operations (READABLE)
  3. Franz – a free messaging app for Slack, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and more (READABLE)
  4. Adds a focus trap to the modal as well as the ability to dismiss the modal with the escape key by chrissainty · Pull Request #185 · Blazored/Modal (READABLE)
  5. See Intricate Details in Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper in a New Gigapixel Image (READABLE)
  6. A Markdown Editor for the 21st Century - Zettlr (READABLE)
  7. Icons list (READABLE)
  8. alfiopuglisi/guietta (READABLE)
  9. Anti-Algorithmic Music: How Bandcamp Is Helping Artists Beat The Odds (READABLE)
  10. Understand which font is being rendered - Chrome DevTools (READABLE)
  11. Blazor WebAssembly : Dependency Injection - EP08 (READABLE)
  12. The SP mvp Weekly (READABLE)
  13. OpenStreetMap, a global map for worldwide insight (READABLE)
  14. Using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine as a CDN (READABLE)
  15. Inside the Invasive, Secretive “Bossware” Tracking Workers (READABLE)
  16. Abstract Wikipedia/July 2020 announcement - Meta (READABLE)
  17. Generics for Go (READABLE)
  18. AWS Blog (READABLE)
  19. Getting Started with GitFlow - Simple Talk (READABLE)
  20. Building and consuming GraphQL API in ASP.NET Core 3.1 - Simple Talk (READABLE)
  21. Announcing Pylance: Fast, feature-rich language support for Python in Visual Studio Code | Python (READABLE)
  22. Introducing Fiddler Jam (READABLE)
  23. ASP.NET Core Series: Deploying your Microservice to Azure Container Instances (READABLE)
  24. Always Use the for…of loop to iterate in JavaScript (READABLE)
  25. Devs-Garden/jsonbase (READABLE)
  26. Inslee extends face covering requirement for businesses statewide and halts county advancements (READABLE)
  27. Serious Vulnerabilities in F5's BIG-IP Allow Full System Compromise (READABLE)
  28. Michael Plant | University of Oxford (READABLE)
  29. Sleep Tracking: My Oura Ring Review (After Two Years) — Remo Uherek (READABLE)
  30. The illusion of statelessness (READABLE)
  31. Keeping the product promise (READABLE)
  32. The Science Behind The Mask | Don Jones® (READABLE)
  33. Thinking about Algorithmic problems (READABLE)
  34. @msurdi blog (READABLE)
  35. Micah Lerner (READABLE)
  36. Understanding principal component analysis | Yousuf (READABLE)
  37. Surprising Things About Working at Well-Known Tech Unicorns (READABLE)
  38. A History of my Mechanical Keyboards (READABLE)
  39. From Employee To Contractor - How I did it (READABLE)
  40. What accomplishments sound like on software engineering resumes (READABLE)
  41. The First Two-Million-Dollar Check (READABLE)
  42. Linear scalable read-write lock (READABLE)
  43. Minesweeper in Blazor WebAssembly Part 2: The Blazor Component (READABLE)
  44. Police detective fired over pro-Black Lives Matter social media post (READABLE)
  45. Using Remote Containers in WSL 2 (READABLE)
  46. Blazor and 2D game development - part 1: intro - Davide Guida (READABLE)
  47. Abstract Wikipedia/June 2020 announcement - Meta (READABLE)
  48. Gameplay enhancements (READABLE)
  49. Really Good Emails (READABLE)
  50. Life, part 20 (READABLE)
  51. Git Credential Manager Core: Building a universal authentication experience (READABLE)
  52. Join conversation (READABLE)
  53. ASP.NET Core Series: Deploying your Microservice to Azure Container Instances (READABLE)
  54. Multi-Targeted NuGet Package Gotchas! (READABLE)
  55. Technical progress with Age of Ascent (READABLE)
  56. The Easiest Way to Version NuGet Packages (READABLE)
  57. NuGet Package Alternatives when Migrating to .NET Core (READABLE)
  58. EF Core In depth – Soft deleting data with Global Query Filters – The Reformed Programmer (READABLE)
  59. The Sci-hub Effect: Sci-hub downloads lead to more article citations (READABLE)
  60. Apple's latest privacy measures could turn users off (READABLE)
  61. The Whimsical Web (READABLE)
  62. Moldova Shuts Down Bootleg Helicopter Factory (READABLE)
  63. Sustaining Performance Under Extreme Stress (READABLE)
  64. Fighter Pilot Breaks Down Every Button in an F-15 Cockpit | Ars Technica (READABLE)
  65. Age of Ascent (READABLE)
  66. Announcing the Porting Assistant for .NET | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  67. Lights and Shadows – Bartosz Ciechanowski (READABLE)
  68. Shmew/Fable.SignalR (READABLE)
  69. Future-proofing .NET application development with the Uno Platform (READABLE)
  70. Cancelling a Windows Runtime asynchronous operation, part 1: C# | The Old New Thing (READABLE)
  71. The Magical Methods in C# (READABLE)
  72. The Road to Cross-Platform Setup & Bootstrapping in .NET - Matthias Koch (READABLE)
  73. Building a path to success for microservices and .NET Core - Project Tye + GitHub Actions (READABLE)
  74. [Guest Blog] Using AI to Save Lives (READABLE)
  75. Entity Framework Core In-Depth Part 7 (READABLE)
  76. Environment Variables with .NET Core and Elastic Beanstalk | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  77. Feature Rejection: sending an email alert from RavenDB (READABLE)
  78. The Art and Design Philosophy of Age of Ascent (READABLE)
  79. Book Review: A Philosophy of Software Design (READABLE)
  80. The New Ford F-150's Onboard Generator Can Power a Ridiculous Amount of Equipment (READABLE)
  81. Redgate Streamed (READABLE)
  82. Asus Zephyrus G14 Review (READABLE)
  83. GitHub Pull Requests and Issues - Visual Studio Marketplace (READABLE)
  84. Good Enough Is Just Fine - More To That (READABLE)
  85. Apple Lightning (READABLE)
  87. The Lottery Ticket Hypothesis: A Survey (READABLE)
  88. Organic Proposals (READABLE)
  89. The dark side of KPIs - andre.schweighofer (READABLE)
  90. 120-ish Days Later (READABLE)
  91. Desugaring - taking our high-level language and simplifying it! (READABLE)
  92. Building Bootleg BuiltWith – Blog – Emerson Code (READABLE)
  93. Reflecting on a year of making machine learning actually useful (READABLE)
  94. Respecting Browser Navigation in Single Page Applications (READABLE)
  95. About Scaling Model-View-Update (READABLE)
  96. A tale of latency and broken windows - Blog by Damian Schenkelman (READABLE)
  97. Why marketing is eating the world (READABLE)
  98. The Pros and Cons of Self-Learning (READABLE)
  99. open-telemetry/opentelemetry-specification (READABLE)
  100. dapr/azure-functions-extension (READABLE)
  101. Architecting Cloud Native .NET Applications for Azure (READABLE)
  102. Help Documentation (READABLE)
  103. Launching - The GitHub Blog (READABLE)
  104. Oppose the EARN IT Act (READABLE)
  105. photonlines/Intuitive-Guide-to-Maxwells-Equations (READABLE)
  106. ‎The Unmade Podcast: Special: Brilli Timilli on Apple Podcasts (READABLE)
  107. Announcing Azure Functions extension for Dapr - Open Source Blog (READABLE)
  108. C# Digest #317 for June 29, 2020 (READABLE)
  109. Special: Brilli Timilli - The Unmade Podcast (READABLE)
  110. Special: Brilli Timilli — The Unmade Podcast (READABLE)
  111. The Unmade Podcast (READABLE)
  112. Deconstructing Pinterest's reverse-image-search SEO growth hack | RankScience (READABLE)
  113. MIT apologizes, permanently pulls offline huge dataset that taught AI systems to use racist, misogynistic slurs (READABLE)
  114. The Numeracy Ambassador (with Simon Pampena) - Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  115. Intermediate CSS with Kyle from Web Dev Simplified (Flexbox, Grid, Custom Properties, and more!) (READABLE)
  116. 'It's really hard to find maintainers': Linus Torvalds ponders the future of Linux (READABLE)
  117. The world should think better about catastrophic and existential risks (READABLE)
  118. How Did Vim Become So Popular (READABLE)
  119. Common Voice Dataset Release - Mid Year 2020 (READABLE)
  120. New Mac ransomware spreading through piracy - Malwarebytes Labs (READABLE)
  121. Creating a Multi-Tenant ASP.NET Core Web API with Dapper and SQL RLS (READABLE)
  122. Visualizing ASP.NET Core endpoints using GraphvizOnline and the DOT language (READABLE)
  123. How Hello World! changed – top level statements and functions (READABLE)
  124. Announcing Azure DevOps Server 2020 RC1 | Azure DevOps Blog (READABLE)
  125. Connection Pooling for MySQL with the Heimdall Proxy (READABLE)
  126. Perkeep lets you permanently keep your stuff, for life. (READABLE)
  127. The Pain of Debugging WebAssembly – The New Stack (READABLE)
  128. Build a Terminal Dashboard in React with `react-blessed` (READABLE)
  129. Go faster with your own re-usable Blazor components (READABLE)
  130. Using Spread Syntax to Merge Objects in JavaScript (READABLE)
  131. Write Once, Run Everywhere with .NET and the Uno Platform -- Visual Studio Magazine (READABLE)
  132. Updating to Azure Functions v3 in Visual Studio (READABLE)
  133. Misusing C#: Multiple Main() Methods (READABLE)
  134. Debugging .NET Core via Symbol Server on OSX in VSCode (READABLE)
  135. Home (READABLE)
  136. How do cars fare in crash tests they're not specifically optimized for? (READABLE)
  137. On Committing Suicide - Austin G. Walters (READABLE)
  138. Blazor&Dragons! How to consume gRPC-web from Blazor - part 2: the server - Davide Guida (READABLE)
  139. Minesweeper in Blazor WebAssembly Part 1: C# Implementation (READABLE)
  140. irinascurtu/graphql-dncse (READABLE)
  141. mizrael/BlazorCanvas (READABLE)
  142. Return to School - Enrollment Options | Fairfax County Public Schools (READABLE)
  143. protobuf-net/protobuf-net (READABLE)
  144. Nano services with ASP.NET Core or how to build a light API (READABLE)
  145. Monday, Jun. 29, 2020 - The MVP reconnect daily (READABLE)
  146. Real-time in no time (and costs) - with Azure Functions, Cosmos DB & SignalR - Serverless Architecture Conference (READABLE)
  147. Disclosure: Another macOS privacy protections bypass (READABLE)
  148. Experiments with WSL2... Yes you can use VSCode but could you run... (READABLE)
  149. Blazor WebAssembly Template Lands in .NET 5 Preview 6 -- Visual Studio Magazine (READABLE)
  150. Zero-Downtime* Web Apps for ASP .NET Core 3.1 (READABLE)
  151. Announcing TypeScript 4.0 Beta | TypeScript (READABLE)
  152. Blazor&Dragons! How to consume gRPC-web from Blazor - part 1: the client - Davide Guida (READABLE)
  153. Containerize an app with Docker tutorial - .NET Core (READABLE)
  154. The JavaScript Supply Chain Paradox: SRI, CSP and Trust in Third Party Libraries (READABLE)
  155. .NET Conf: Focus on Microservices (READABLE)
  156. How CDNs Generate Certificates (READABLE)
  157. NuxtJS Static Pages and Content API - The Latest Features (READABLE)
  158. How many trees in the Random Forest? (READABLE)
  159. GOTO 2018 • Machine Learning: Alchemy for the Modern Computer Scientist • Erik Meijer (READABLE)
  160. C# 8.0 nullable references: NotNull | endjin (READABLE)
  161. Domestic Meat Shortages and Exports — Jayson Lusk (READABLE)
  162. Edwin Brady - Idris 2 - Type-driven Development of Idris (READABLE)
  163. EFF & Heavyweight Legal Team Will Defend Internet Archive's Digital Library Against Publishers * TorrentFreak (READABLE)
  165. No Knead Sourdough Bread (READABLE)
  166. Tip 268 - Exploring Microsoft Power Virtual Agents based off Microsoft Bot Framework (READABLE)
  167. Anthony Giretti's .NET blog (READABLE)
  168. How To Build a Twitch Chat Bot with Nodejs (READABLE)
  169. Refresh Tokens in IdentityServer4 v4 (READABLE)
  170. Assume 100% responsibility (READABLE)
  171. Async vs Sync Communication (READABLE)
  172. How to deploy Blazor webassembly on GitHub Pages using GitHub Actions - Davide Guida (READABLE)
  173. Load Balancing an ASP.NET Core Web App using Nginx and Docker (READABLE)
  174. Lockdown Burnout | Tiny Projects (READABLE)
  175. Advocates on Rider - Uncovering the IDE That Gets You Places - Webinar Recording - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  176. How conspiracy theories emerge—and how their storylines fall apart (READABLE)
  177. IRL to Anime With Cartoonization AI (READABLE)
  178. home (READABLE)
  179. Running WSL GUI Apps on Windows 10 (READABLE)
  180. Docker container for windows (READABLE)
  181. TheLiveCoders - Twitch (READABLE)
  182. Black Girls Code, BlackGirlsCode, Women of Color in Technology (READABLE)
  183. Life, part 19 (READABLE)
  184. Friday Five: OneNote, Azure SQL, And More! (READABLE)
  185. Linear – The issue tracking tool you'll enjoy using (READABLE)
  186. Capacitor plague - Wikipedia (READABLE)
  187. You only have to be good enough (READABLE)
  188. Documenting with PowerShell: Breaches using the HIBP API - CyberDrain (READABLE)
  189. .NET Conf: Focus on Microservices (READABLE)
  190. Lockdown Suburbs - uMap (READABLE)
  191. Creating a Custom Validation Message Component for Blazor Forms (READABLE)
  192. Email Is Not Broken - Kev Quirk (READABLE)
  193. 2020PB/police-brutality (READABLE)
  194. Wltoys 144001 1/14 2.4G 4WD High Speed Racing RC Car Vehicle Models 60km/h RC Vehicles from Toys Hobbies and Robot on (READABLE)
  195. Why I don't like SemVer anymore (READABLE)
  196. How to list and download the contents of a GitHub repo in C# (READABLE)
  197. It’s Time for a Change (READABLE)
  198. Hosting Blazor WebAssembly app on GitHub Pages (READABLE)
  199. Superstimulus in 2020 (READABLE)
  200. Pokémon Sprite Decompression Explained (READABLE)
  201. ReverentGeek's Videos - Twitch (READABLE)
  202. Zero to Hero with App Service, Part 1: Setting Up (READABLE)
  203. GitHub Actions for .NET Core NuGet packages - Dusted Codes (READABLE)
  204. Scalability concepts: zero-downtime deployments (READABLE)
  205. Create wonderful things, be good, have fun (READABLE)
  206. le podcast des technologies .NET (READABLE)
  207. Analysis of @anthonygiretti FOLLOWERS (READABLE)
  208. Classic ThinkPad Thermal Paste Change (READABLE)
  209. Automatic Reconnection in the Swift SignalR Client (READABLE)
  210. Looker might slow you down · O. (READABLE)
  211. Entity Framework Core In-Depth Part 6 (READABLE)
  212. Exposing a custom type as a JSON string in an ASP.NET Core API (READABLE)
  213. Does more choice make software development easier? (READABLE)
  214. How to Know You’re Not Insane (And how a Cards Against Humanity Staff Writer was fired.) (READABLE)
  215. Duracellko.NET - Hosting both Blazor Server and WebAssembly in single website (READABLE)
  216. Circuit Breaker Pattern - Pradeep Loganathan (READABLE)
  217. Monsters Weekly 171 - + Faker.js (READABLE)
  218. sorskoot - Twitch (READABLE)
  219. 1.29 Million customer records of LimeRoad posted on darknet for sale | QuickCyber (READABLE)
  220. Event detail - Redgate Software (READABLE)
  221. Reflections on 6 months solo SaaS startup (READABLE)
  222. Visual Studio for Mac: Refresh(); (READABLE)
  223. (READABLE)
  224. ZX Spectrum emulator running on Blazor (READABLE)
  225. Our AWS bill is ~ 2% of revenue. Here's how we did it (READABLE)
  226. Defining Resources — IdentityServer4 1.0.0 documentation (READABLE)
  227. Overview — IdentityServer4 1.0.0 documentation (READABLE)
  228. IdentityServer4.Templates 4.0.0 (READABLE)
  229. Resource Access in IdentityServer4 v4 and going forward (READABLE)
  230. Any Other Indie Hackers Building with .NET? (READABLE)
  231. Choosing an Azure compute service - Azure Architecture Center (READABLE)
  232. FabianGosebrink/ASPNETCore-Angular-SignalR-Typescript (READABLE)
  233. foambubble/foam (READABLE)
  234. 5 modern alternatives to essential Linux command-line tools (READABLE)
  235. Python may get pattern matching syntax (READABLE)
  236. Astronomers detect regular rhythm of radio waves, with origins unknown (READABLE)
  237. Markets, discrimination, and "lowering the bar" (READABLE)
  238. maxgoedjen/secretive (READABLE)
  239. blog (READABLE)
  240. r/microservices (READABLE)
  241. Get started with Azure Queue storage using .NET - Azure Storage (READABLE)
  242. What Does It Take To Be An Expert At Python? (READABLE)
  243. Sign in to your account (READABLE)
  244. How to Use the Sound Recognition Accessibility Feature in iOS 14 (READABLE)
  245. Zero to hero - Part 5 - My buttery smooth icing algorithm (READABLE)
  246. GNU GCC does not round floating-point divisions to the nearest value (READABLE)
  247. How to get the best out of your Yubikey with GPG (READABLE)
  248. The Wisdom of rationals (READABLE)
  249. How does SQLite work? Part 1: pages! (READABLE)
  250. xi-editor retrospective (READABLE)
  251. Dreamcast 32MB RAM upgrade (READABLE)
  252. Configuration is an API, not an SDK (READABLE)
  253. Building a high performance JSON parser (READABLE)
  254. VS Code comments auto completion - Visual Studio Marketplace (READABLE)
  255. (READABLE)
  256. POWERful DEVS Virtual Conference (READABLE)
  257. How much information can you store on one laptop? (Q2 2020) (READABLE)
  258. (READABLE)
  259. New US Bill would require makers of encrypted devices to leave a backdoor (READABLE)
  260. Rainbow - an attempt to display colour on a B&W monitor (READABLE)
  261. Talk: Anatomy of ASP.NET Core Requests - Steve Gordon (READABLE)
  262. Palm | Product | The best small phone for minimalists, athletes, and kids (READABLE)
  263. LMS Prize Winners 2020 | London Mathematical Society (READABLE)
  264. Unim.Press: read Reddit on a newspaper (READABLE)
  265. GOTO 2020 • Beyond Microservices: Streams, State and Scalability • Gwen Shapira (READABLE)
  266. loic-sharma/BaGet (READABLE)
  267. feedback wanted - Developer Community (READABLE)
  268. HiFiC - High-Fidelity Generative Image Compression (READABLE)
  269. US Senators Introduce 'Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act' — With Backdoor Mandate | News Bitcoin News (READABLE)
  270. Introducing Money in Excel, an easier way to manage your finances - Microsoft 365 Blog (READABLE)
  271. F# 5 and F# tools update for June | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  272. Don't Publish On Medium — Brian Balfour (READABLE)
  273. The 6 Levels of Reusability (READABLE)
  274. JP Morgan, the largest US bank, retired their last Perl software in 2019 (READABLE)
  275. Interviews - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (READABLE)
  276. Use managed services. Please. | Dan Moore! (READABLE)
  277. Searching with the power of PostgreSQL in Symfony Applications (READABLE)
  278. The Recurring Tragedy of Orchestration (READABLE)
  279. Sign in to your account (READABLE)
  280. Dynamic linking (READABLE)
  281. a string hash.c (READABLE)
  282. The .NET Docs Show: Blazing into Summer (READABLE)
  283. Download Beyond Compare Free Trial (READABLE)
  284. Chris Hacken - Stories about building an Internet Service Provider (READABLE)
  285. dotnet/core (READABLE)
  286. Orchard Core Release Candidate 2 now available | ASP.NET Blog (READABLE)
  287. Earning $800 / Month With Spotify — Steve Benjamins (READABLE)
  288. Why Birds Can Fly Over Mount Everest - Issue 86: Energy - Nautilus (READABLE)
  289. Session Details - Code PaLOUsa 2020 (READABLE)
  290. USB C Charger, RAVPower 90W 2-Port Wall Charger PD 3.0 GaN Tech Type C Fast Charging Adapter Compatible with MacBook Pro Air, iPad Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max XR XS X SE2, Galaxy S9 S8, Nintendo and More (READABLE)
  291. Trace 'function enter/leave' events with a .NET profiler + detect StackOverflow. Assembler code included! (READABLE)
  292. Carl Franklin's Blazor Train: Blazor Component Life Cycle (READABLE)
  293. Dismantling barriers to participation in programming communities with Dr. Denae Ford (READABLE)
  294. Weekly Update 197 (READABLE)
  295. USB C to USB C Cable 10ft [100W 20V/5A], uni Type-C Fast Charging Cable, Braided USB C Cable Compatible with MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017, iPad Pro 2020/2018, Samsung Galaxy S20/S10/S9, Grey: Computers & Accessories (READABLE)
  296. microsoft/reverse-proxy (READABLE)
  297. NET Foundation Nominations are closing (READABLE)
  298. FosPower iPhone Charger (2 Pack), Apple MFi Certified Lightning to USB C Cable [Nylon Braided] Compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max/X/XS/XR/XS Max / 8/8 Plus - 10FT: Computers & Accessories (READABLE)
  299. Deploy to Azure Container Instances with Docker Desktop (READABLE)
  300. Black Lives Matter | Bonfire (READABLE)
  301. Dark | Netflix Official Site (READABLE)
  302. Announcing Azure Service Operator for Kubernetes - Open Source Blog (READABLE)
  303. Elijah McClain organized by Sheneen McClain (READABLE)
  304. Q&A: Ask the .NET Product Group Anything | UCP2019 (READABLE)
  305. Understanding SSIM (READABLE)
  306. Egui – An experimental immediate mode GUI written in Rust (READABLE)
  307. USB C Charger, RAVPower 90W 2-Port Wall Charger PD 3.0 GaN Tech Type C Fast Charging Adapter Compatible with MacBook Pro Air, iPad Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max XR XS X SE2, Galaxy S9 S8, Nintendo and More (READABLE)
  308. Sign in to your account (READABLE)
  309. ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 5 Preview 6 | ASP.NET Blog (READABLE)
  310. Why the US military usually punishes misconduct but police often close ranks (READABLE)
  311. (READABLE)
  312. Debugging with Fiddler Everywhere: Mocking Remote Issues (READABLE)
  313. Life, part 18 (READABLE)
  314. .NET: Prepare your company for the future (READABLE)
  315. How to Utilize gRPC-Web From a Blazor WebAssembly Application | Premier Developer (READABLE)
  316. How to Unit Test an Abstract Class (READABLE)
  317. Announcing Entity Framework Core EFCore 5.0 Preview 6 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  318. Boston Bans Use Of Facial Recognition Technology. It's The 2nd-Largest City To Do So (READABLE)
  319. chubin/ (READABLE)
  320. Software developers: We won't take a pay cut just to work remotely | ZDNet (READABLE)
  321. Announcing .NET 5.0 Preview 6 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  322. Mona Lisa in Real Life? Depixelizing Doom Guy? The "Upscaling" AI: PULSE (READABLE)
  323. Using the Blockly visual programming editor to call a .NET Core WebAPI (READABLE)
  324. How to embed JavaScript components in C# built Uno WebAssembly Web Applications - Uno Platform (READABLE)
  325. Recorded session: Modeling in non relational world | RavenDB (READABLE)
  326. Fix Your Timestep! | Gaffer On Games (READABLE)
  327. Blackballed by PayPal, Scientific-Paper Pirate Takes Bitcoin Donations - CoinDesk (READABLE)
  328. macOS Big Sur: Has the Dust Finally Settled on Limiting Third-Party Apps? (READABLE)
  329. Why some methodologies cannot spread? (READABLE)
  330. Emacs Server – Why and why not? – (READABLE)
  331. The Quest to Take Your Time Back (READABLE)
  332. Why AES-GCM Sucks (READABLE)
  333. TikTok Succeeds by Making Copying Easy (READABLE)
  334. Industry and workers (READABLE)
  335. mjg59 | Making my doorbell work (READABLE)
  336. What's in a Linux executable? (READABLE)
  337. Krita 4.3.0 Released | Krita (READABLE)
  338. Symbian Won (READABLE)
  339. Eastern European Movies in English Online (READABLE)
  340. dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  341. Nonparametric Cohen's d-consistent effect size (READABLE)
  342. There’s Now an Even Worse Anti-Encryption Bill Than EARN IT. That Doesn’t Make the EARN IT Bill OK. (READABLE)
  343. PEP 622 -- Structural Pattern Matching (READABLE)
  344. Nice Bug (READABLE)
  345. How I deleted my Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram accounts, and felt great since - (READABLE)
  346. AWS Elastic Beanstalk adds .NET Core on Linux platform | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  347. How operates on Azure part 2: Technology and architecture (READABLE)
  348. Silicon Valley Pain Index (READABLE)
  349. operates on Azure part 1: Design principles and best practices (READABLE)
  350. Learn TV (READABLE)
  351. ECMAScript proposal: private static methods and accessors in classes (READABLE)
  352. Bay Area tech diversity: White men dominate Silicon Valley (READABLE)
  353. Multi-Targeted NuGet Package Gotchas! (READABLE)
  354. Multiplayer games room with F#, SignalR, Akka.Net and SAFE stack (READABLE)
  355. Delivering on a promise – the essential extension pack | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  356. 10 large Bay Area tech companies employ no Black women, study finds (READABLE)
  357. It’s time to change the way the media reports on protests. Here are some ideas. (READABLE)
  358. Breaking changes, version 3.1 to 5.0 - .NET Core (READABLE)
  359. Amazon establishes new Counterfeit Crimes Unit (READABLE)
  360. Copy Paste List (READABLE)
  361. Enable automatic updates in a web application using Azure Functions and SignalR Service - Learn (READABLE)
  362. Migrate coreclr's worker thread pool to be able to use the portable thread pool in opt-in fashion by kouvel · Pull Request #38225 · dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  363. Are we going to get treated to spam popups advertising Edge and having it duplicate our data from Firefox without asking every time Microsoft decides to update it from now on? (READABLE)
  364. What are the benefits of mobile app session recording (READABLE)
  365. Loved Hey, but it’s not for me (READABLE)
  366. How to fix the App Store? (READABLE)
  367. The Goldilocks Management Structure · Stay SaaSy (READABLE)
  368. The theory behind making something people want · Philipp Cannons (READABLE)
  369. Software Entropy (READABLE)
  370. The Super Duper Universal Binary (READABLE)
  371. Navigating Power & Status (READABLE)
  372. Writing, Reading, Writing | Not a Blog (READABLE)
  373. Nico Tuason (READABLE)
  374. Block websites from reading or modifying Clipboard contents in Firefox - gHacks Tech News (READABLE)
  375. This $35 Keyboard for Children Transformed Me Into a Novelist (READABLE)
  376. Introducing Amazon Honeycode – Build Web & Mobile Apps Without Writing Code | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  377. I have stepped down as a Microsoft MVP (READABLE)
  378. Check out this London tube map made from a working circuit board (READABLE)
  379. Power BI Report (READABLE)
  380. Home | Freedom To Breathe Agency (READABLE)
  381. What Silicon Valley Doesn’t Understand About Agriculture – Thinking Agriculture (READABLE)
  382. LEGO blocks and organ transplants (READABLE)
  383. TechEmpower/FrameworkBenchmarks (READABLE)
  384. Meet Face ID and Touch ID for the web - WWDC 2020 - Videos - Apple Developer (READABLE)
  385. Video: "My girlfriend had to subscribe to my Twitch channel to tell me to open the door" - Charles Leclerc (READABLE)
  386. Keep all your packages up to date with Dependabot - The GitHub Blog (READABLE)
  387. Visual Studio 2019 for Mac - Preview Release Notes (READABLE)
  388. Announcing OpenJDK for Windows 10 on ARM | Java at Microsoft (READABLE)
  389. sotu 2.1 (READABLE)
  390. How to Utilize gRPC-Web From a Blazor WebAssembly Application (READABLE)
  391. Introduction to quantum computing with Q# – Part 4, multi-qubit gates (READABLE)
  392. Announcing Perl 7 (READABLE)
  393. Entity Framework: .NET Community Standup - June 24th 2020 - EF Core in Blazor (READABLE)
  394. F# and Functional Programming! (READABLE)
  395. Google blew a ten-year lead. - Second Breakfast (READABLE)
  396. Can I get a refund? (READABLE)
  397. Add Apple Silicon support by lambdageek · Pull Request #20014 · mono/mono (READABLE)
  398. OpenDiablo2/OpenDiablo2 (READABLE)
  399. Subscribe to read | Financial Times (READABLE)
  400. Facebook accused of trying to bypass GDPR, slurp domain owners' personal Whois info via an obscure process (READABLE)
  401. QuestDB · Console (READABLE)
  402. Facebook’s Dominance Is Built on Anti-Competitive Behavior (READABLE)
  403. Account details for 4 million Quidd users shared on hacking forum | ZDNet (READABLE)
  404. Workshop: ML.NET Training - 1/2 - NDC Melbourne 2020 (READABLE)
  405. TCC : Tiny C Compiler (READABLE)
  406. Journalist’s phone hacked by new ‘invisible’ technique: All he had to do was visit one website. Any website. (READABLE)
  407. What I learned from looking at 200 machine learning tools (READABLE)
  408. Elevator.js (READABLE)
  409. Introducing C# 9: Improved pattern matching (READABLE)
  410. It’s all in the Host Class – Part 2: Configuration (READABLE)
  411. Exclusive: Segway, the most hyped invention since the Macintosh, ends production (READABLE)
  412. Differences between String and string in C# - Code Maze (READABLE)
  413. Deploy a .NET Container with AWS Fargate (READABLE)
  414. New Windows Containers GitHub repo - Roadmap and more! (READABLE)
  415. jantic/DeOldify (READABLE)
  416. Import X509 certificate and collections from PEM. by vcsjones · Pull Request #38280 · dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  417. Path Building vs Path Verifying: The Chain of Pain (READABLE)
  418. Path Building vs Path Verifying: Implementation Showdown (READABLE)
  419. You can't tell people anything (READABLE)
  421. Terminology, Power and Oppressive Language (READABLE)
  422. .NET Foundation Board Member Elections (READABLE)
  423. Get started with Azure CLI (READABLE)
  424. Nobody knows what an 850% increase is, so please stop saying it - Sam Ireland (READABLE)
  425. A wild bug: 1970s Intel 8271 disc chip ate my data! (READABLE)
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  427. Lighthouse Syndrome (READABLE)
  428. Reflections from a Week of Vagabonding (Pt. II) – The Blog of Joe Balcom (READABLE)
  429. Don’t fight the trail. Take what it gives you. (READABLE)
  430. Indexing JSONB columns in PostgreSQL | Vsevolod Solovyov (READABLE)
  431. Dungeon Scrawl | Home (READABLE)
  432. Notes on Note-taking (READABLE)
  433. So you want to become a senior engineer? (READABLE)
  434. [Don't merge] Create by shirhatti · Pull Request #1267 · dotnet/diagnostics (READABLE)
  435. Home - WINGS (READABLE)
  436. Visual Studio 2019 Preview Release Notes (READABLE)
  437. Cloudflare TV | Cloudflare (READABLE)
  438. Part II: After 3 Years of Work, Chrome Killed My Extension and Won’t Tell Me Why (READABLE)
  439. Cloudflare TV | Cloudflare (READABLE)
  440. Senior Software Engineer in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft (READABLE)
  441. The End of OS X (READABLE)
  442. CERN approves plans for a $23 billion, 62-mile long super-collider (READABLE)
  443. Writing about software and other curiosities (READABLE)
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  448. The world is changing... (READABLE)
  449. IHP is a modern batteries-included Web Framework, built on top of Haskell and Nix. (READABLE)
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  455. I Just Hit $100k/yr On GitHub Sponsors! 🎉❤️ (How I Did It) (READABLE)
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  458. Getting started with ASP.NET Core (READABLE)
  459. NYT Is Threatening My Safety By Revealing My Real Name, So I Am Deleting The Blog (READABLE)
  460. iTerm2 + Oh My Zsh + Solarized color scheme + Source Code Pro Powerline + Font Awesome + [Powerlevel10k] - (macOS) (READABLE)
  461. Your terminal can be much, much more productive (READABLE)
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  463. React, Redux, and Typescript - Why, What and How - The Long Walk (READABLE)
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  466. XML + JSON Output for Web APIs in ASP .NET Core 3.1 (READABLE)
  467. Ian Bebbington - Uno WebAssembly Containerization (READABLE)
  468. Introducing Secret Store (READABLE)
  469. Building End-to-End Diagnostics: User-Defined Context with Correlation Context (READABLE)
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  471. The IO functor (READABLE)
  472. A Guide To Migrating From ASP.NET MVC to Razor Pages - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
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  475. How to Utilize gRPC-Web From a Blazor WebAssembly Application (READABLE)
  476. Onion Architecture In ASP.NET Core With CQRS - Detailed (READABLE)
  477. Avoiding exposing identifier details to your users (READABLE)
  478. Create a React Teleprompter using the Web SpeechRecognition API (READABLE)
  479. No, MediatR Didn't Run Over My Dog (READABLE)
  480. A WinUI 2 Reference App (READABLE)
  481. dotnet/machinelearning (READABLE)
  482. HPackDecoder performance by JamesNK · Pull Request #23083 · dotnet/aspnetcore (READABLE)
  483. Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Beats) 7.8.0 released (READABLE)
  484. dabreegster/abstreet (READABLE)
  485. What’s New in macOS - macOS - Human Interface Guidelines (READABLE)
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  490. Stalker Online hacked! Over one million gamers' passwords made available for download (READABLE)
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  494. How to Transition to a Tech Career (READABLE)
  495. Reflections on Being a Female Founder (READABLE)
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  498. Japan Captures TOP500 Crown with Arm-Powered Supercomputer (READABLE)
  499. There Is No (Real World) Use Case for Face Super Resolution (READABLE)
  500. Spotify is trying to embrace, extend, and extinguish open podcasting – Kyle Piira (READABLE)
  501. Safari 14 Beta Release Notes (READABLE)
  502. Interested in running? (READABLE)
  503. ASP.NET Community Standup - May 26th 2020 - Blazor WebAssembly 3.2 Release Party! (READABLE)
  504. The Next Step for Mixer - From the Myxer (READABLE)
  505. I created a perfect AI for Fruit Ninja (READABLE)
  506. schenkd/nginx-ui (READABLE)
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  509. ARM Mac Impact On Intel (READABLE)
  510. Life, part 17 (READABLE)
  511. Olo jobs (READABLE)
  512. Game Dev Digest Issue #47 - C#, Patterns, Nintendo-style Effects, Free Project Starters, and lots more! (READABLE)
  513. Build a Blazor WebAssembly LOB App Part 4: Make it Blazor-Friendly (READABLE)
  514. .NET Foundation Election 2020 Nominations are Open! (READABLE)
  515. Yet another robust outlier detector (READABLE)
  516. [ANNOUNCE] WireGuard Merged Into OpenBSD (READABLE)
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  518. Racism in Software Development & Beyond (READABLE)
  519. Using Azure CLI to create Azure App Registrations (READABLE)
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  525. InnoDB Internals - Consistent Reads (READABLE)
  526. 7 Things to Enjoy in Maui and .NET MAUI (READABLE)
  527. Code snippets for Xamarin Forms XAML Platform-specifics (READABLE)
  528. UnoConf 2020 (Virtual & Free) – Aug 12, 2020 – Save the date - Uno Platform (READABLE)
  529. Task.WhenAll / Select is a footgun 👟🔫 (READABLE)
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  531. Introducing C# 9: Questions & answers about Records (READABLE)
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  533. (READABLE)
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  541. I used to run my own mail server (READABLE)
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  558. dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  559. dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
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  563. Why Apple Ditched PowerPC, and What it Says About Apple Ditching Intel (READABLE)
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  581. Blackfacts and The Wakanda Technology Platform Technology By Us For Us About Us (READABLE)
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  584. Lightning Interviews - Part 1 (READABLE)
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  593. Head Up, Head Down (READABLE)
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  595. Kara Swisher: ‘Is It Finally Hammer Time for Apple and Its App Store?’ (READABLE)
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  597. Lessons Learned: Giving Feedback as an Engineering Manager (READABLE)
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  600. Juneteenth Conference - Track 2 (READABLE)
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  609. Black Queer Living: A history of DIY culture in the Black LBGT+ community (READABLE)
  610. What they don't teach you about fundraising as a Black Founder (READABLE)
  611. Empowerment to the People! What You Need to Know about Black People, Disability, and Accessibility (READABLE)
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  613. From Combat To Code How Vets Who Code Trained Over 250 veterans how to Code and Get Jobs For Free (READABLE)
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  622. Juneteenth History (READABLE)
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  624. Workshop: Docker and Kubernetes - 1/2 - NDC Melbourne 2020 (READABLE)
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  635. Good and Bad Parts of Ansible after 2 Years of Usage (READABLE)
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  649. Quit Whining about Apple and Just Stop Using Them (READABLE)
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  664. Don't Code Tired | Configuring Custom Feature Filters with Azure App Configuration (Microsoft.FeatureManagement) (READABLE)
  665. The June 2020 release of Azure Data Studio is now available - SQL Server Blog (READABLE)
  666. AgileMapper v1.7 Released (READABLE)
  667. Apple gave me the Hey treatment back in 2014 (READABLE)
  668. This is why we need to #DoTheMath, even on "small" projects. — Strong Towns (READABLE)
  669. Why is there a "V" in SIGSEGV Segmentation Fault? — Idea of the day (READABLE)
  670. The Australian Dream (READABLE)
  671. microsoft/WinDev (READABLE)
  672. Workshop: Hack Yourself First: How to go on the Cyber-Offence - 1/2 - NDC Melbourne 2020 (READABLE)
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  675. Ask Troy Hunt your data protection questions at Redgate Streamed (READABLE)
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  681. MSI Optix MAG272CQR – Redefine eSports rules | eSports Gaming Monitor | MSI (READABLE)
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  692. HBO: Home to Groundbreaking Series, Movies, Comedies & Documentaries (READABLE)
  693. After 3 Years of Work, Chrome Killed My Extension and Won’t Tell Me Why (READABLE)
  694. Reconstruction in America | EJI Report (READABLE)
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  696. Introducing Firefox Private Network VPN’s Official Product – the Mozilla VPN – Future Releases (READABLE)
  697. Steve Blank The Coming Chip Wars (READABLE)
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  699. Akamai Edge Live | EMEA Summit 2020 | Akamai (READABLE)
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  702. PacMan in Blazor WebAssembly (READABLE)
  703. ASP.NET Core Series: Blazor (READABLE)
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  705. android-apple-music-account-payment-none.jpg (640×1320) (READABLE)
  706. Life, part 16 (READABLE)
  707. Our commitments to racial equity (READABLE)
  708. LibriVox | free public domain audiobooks (READABLE)
  709. .NET Rocks! vNext (READABLE)
  710. 11 User Authentication · Real-World Cryptography MEAP V07 (READABLE)
  711. Copy & Paste playground (READABLE)
  712. Clearview (READABLE)
  713. Lightweight alternatives to Google Analytics (READABLE)
  714. UKMT Maths Masterclass (READABLE)
  715. Antitrust: Commission opens investigations into Apple (READABLE)
  716. Please Help, Apple Is Threatening To Terminate My Apple Developer Account With No Clear Reason. (READABLE)
  717. (READABLE)
  718. GPU accelerated ML training inside the Windows Subsystem for Linux - Windows Developer Blog (READABLE)
  719. Image GPT (READABLE)
  720. Reverse Engineering Snapchat (Part I): Obfuscation Techniques (READABLE)
  721. AWS said it mitigated a 2.3 Tbps DDoS attack, the largest ever | ZDNet (READABLE)
  722. Diagnostics and Instrumentation Packages for MongoDB and NServiceBus Published (READABLE)
  723. ASP.NET Core Series: Tracing (READABLE)
  724. Blaming the operating system for allowing people to create files with unusual characters in their names | The Old New Thing (READABLE)
  725. Resuming optional Windows 10 and Windows Server non-security monthly updates (READABLE)
  726. The Continuous Integration Check-In Dance | Gary Woodfine (READABLE)
  727. Entity Framework Core In-Depth Part 3 (READABLE)
  728. What’s next for Windows 10 updates | Windows Experience Blog (READABLE)
  729. Python in Visual Studio Code - June 2020 Release | Python (READABLE)
  730. Optimize your Azure costs to help meet your financial objectives (READABLE)
  731. Introducing C# 9: Records (READABLE)
  732. Development With A Dot - ASP.NET Core OData Part 3 (READABLE)
  733. Semantic highlighting in OmniSharp and C# extension for VS Code (READABLE)
  734. Proposal: Use static keyword for lambdas to disallow capturing locals and parameters · Issue #275 · dotnet/csharplang (READABLE)
  735. Workshop: Building Your First Voice Experience with Alexa - 1/2 - NDC Melbourne 2020 (READABLE)
  736. Lupusa87/LupusaBlazorDemos (READABLE)
  737. JuneteenthConf - June 19th and 20th 2020 (READABLE)
  738. Postbank forced to replace 12-million bank cards after employees steal 'master key' (READABLE)
  739. Startup School Relaunching as Continuous Program (READABLE)
  740. MAY 2020 UPDATE: Average User Rating for Micromobility Operators - (READABLE)
  741. My trip through the Starmaze: a world in the 9th dimension (READABLE)
  742. How I Removed My Own Face From My Head - Maximillian Laumeister (READABLE)
  743. Hey Next.js, Is Server Side Rendering Dead? (READABLE)
  744. 160k+ high school students will only graduate if a statistical model allows them to (READABLE)
  745. QR Code History: Story of evolution of the very popular 2D Barcode (READABLE)
  746. Tracker Testing HEY vs MailChimp: Can They Coexist? (READABLE)
  747. TextMate’s Enduring Influence (READABLE)
  748. efcore/EFCore.NamingConventions (READABLE)
  749. Sleep Hygiene For Software Engineers (READABLE)
  750. Black-Owned Dog Businesses in the United States (READABLE)
  751. The Web Has Got Me (READABLE)
  752. .NET Oxford - Scott Hunter - .NET 5 and MS Build Announcements! (READABLE)
  753. dodyg/practical-aspnetcore (READABLE)
  754. Converting a hundred million integers to strings per second (READABLE)
  755. Scrappy Vs. Polished (READABLE)
  756. Hello World, Again | Cedric Fung (vecio) (READABLE)
  757. hashcat 6.0.0 (READABLE)
  758. Deep JavaScript: Theory and techniques (READABLE)
  759. Try the Latest Xamarin.Forms 4.7 Features Today! | Xamarin Blog (READABLE)
  760. Introducing AWS Snowcone – A Small, Lightweight, Rugged, Secure Edge Computing, Edge Storage, and Data Transfer Device | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  761. A virtual developer conference with a SciFi/Fantasy comic-con flair (READABLE)
  762. Time to upgrade your monitor (READABLE)
  763. End-to-End Encryption Update - Zoom Blog (READABLE)
  764. Twitch (READABLE)
  765. The .NET docs show (READABLE)
  766. Learn Python for Data Science Full Course - Kharpann (READABLE)
  767. Simplify DisplayName Calls In Razor Views (READABLE)
  768. The Grandmaster Who Got Twitch Hooked on Chess (READABLE)
  769. Running NServiceBus Endpoints in Azure App Services Part 3: Pulling Back the Curtain on Visual Studio Publish (READABLE)
  770. Proxyjump, the SSH option you probably never heard of (READABLE)
  771. Fix IL interpreter to run on Hello World by yuchong-pan · Pull Request #37825 · dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  772. Fun with Bit Hacks in C# (READABLE)
  773. Workshop: Web performance matters 1/2 - NDC Melbourne 2020 (READABLE)
  774. GitHub isn't fun anymore (READABLE)
  775. (READABLE)
  776. A Jupyter kernel for SQLite (READABLE)
  777. Computers as I used to love them (READABLE)
  778. Make your PWA feel more like an app (READABLE)
  779. No Paint (READABLE)
  780. Standalone Q# console applications | StrathWeb. A free flowing web tech monologue. (READABLE)
  781. Monsters Weekly 169 - Giraffe (READABLE)
  782. Explore the stunning LEGO® Technic Lamborghini Sián (READABLE)
  783. Zoom to Introduce New Censorship Features After Doing China's Bidding (READABLE)
  784. FreeBSD 11.4-RELEASE Announcement (READABLE)
  785. Introducing C# 9: Init only properties (READABLE)
  786. The Importance of Nesting when Remote Working and Quarantine Working (READABLE)
  787. Honoring Our Beloved Melody Lo organized by Amineta Lo (READABLE)
  788. ASP.NET Community Standup - June 16, 2020 - Performance Infrastructure (David Fowler & Sébasten Ros) (READABLE)
  789. Home | Geany (READABLE)
  790. GitHub Terms of Service - GitHub Help (READABLE)
  791. The Russian Disinfo Operation You Never Heard About (READABLE)
  792. Super secretive Russian disinfo operation discovered dating back to 2014 | ZDNet (READABLE)
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  1447. (READABLE)
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  1449. 80-characters-per-line limits should be terminal, says Linux kernel chief Linus Torvalds (READABLE)
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  1490. CVE-2019-9506 | Encryption Key Negotiation of Bluetooth Vulnerability (READABLE)
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  1572. 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 on sale now at $75 - Raspberry Pi (READABLE)
  1573. The Vintage Beauty Of Soviet Control Rooms (READABLE)
  1574. Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web (READABLE)
  1575. Micro - Home (READABLE)
  1576. Life, part 13 (READABLE)
  1577. Hypermodern Python (READABLE)
  1578. AudioMass (READABLE)
  1579. How I made a game played in Notepad (READABLE)
  1580. The “OO” Antipattern (READABLE)
  1581. Buy a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B – Raspberry Pi (READABLE)
  1582. Numberphile (READABLE)
  1583. Stop Blogging on Medium if You Care about SEO [Tool Analysis] (READABLE)
  1584. Straight to Spam (READABLE)
  1585. Introducing Snowpack 2.0 (READABLE)
  1586. CyberCX 2021 Graduate Program | Jobs at CyberCX Graduate Roles (READABLE)
  1587. A Guide to Threat Modelling for Developers (READABLE)
  1588. The Dangers of TypeScript Enums | LINQ to Fail (READABLE)
  1589. ASP.NET Core 3.1 WebAPI: The case of the failing POST request (READABLE)
  1590. Dynamic command dispatching in C# (READABLE)
  1591. How to Use Windows Package Manager - Petri (READABLE)
  1592. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  1593. .NET Core 3.1, Docker, PostgreSQL, Swagger, C# (READABLE)
  1594. Wishbone Breach: 40 Million Records Leaked on Dark Web (READABLE)
  1595. 1. PROJECT: N-1 X (READABLE)
  1597. </> htmx - high power tools for html (READABLE)
  1598. The Day AppGet Died. (READABLE)
  1599. Introduction to UEFI: Part 1 (READABLE)
  1600. Rediscovering the Small Web - (READABLE)
  1601. Microsoft and Docker collaborate on new ways to deploy containers on Azure (READABLE)
  1602. (READABLE)
  1603. cmd.exe is dead, long live PowerShell: Microsoft leads aged command-line interpreter out into 'maintenance mode' (READABLE)
  1604. Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020 (READABLE)
  1605. The Virtual ML.NET Community Conference (READABLE)
  1606. Research Report – Zephyr and MCUboot Security Assessment (READABLE)
  1607. The 2020 Developer Survey results are here! - Stack Overflow Blog (READABLE)
  1608. Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020 (READABLE)
  1609. Guerrilla Public Service Redux - 99% Invisible (READABLE)
  1610. Obsidian (READABLE)
  1611. SpaceX (READABLE)
  1612. Humble Pi, Chapter 2 (READABLE)
  1613. Audiobooks & Original Audio Shows - Get More from Audible (READABLE)
  1614. Eryb's Space (READABLE)
  1615. How to code like the top Programmers at NASA — 10 critical rules - Alt Bulletin (READABLE)
  1616. Entity Framework Core in Action, Second Edition (READABLE)
  1617. Blue Bee Feared to Be Extinct Is Found in Florida (READABLE)
  1618. ‎The Numberphile Podcast on Apple Podcasts (READABLE)
  1619. Developing Stack Overflow on MacOS (READABLE)
  1620. The Happy Twin - with Ben Sparks — Numberphile (READABLE)
  1621. The Happy Twin - with Ben Sparks — The Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  1622. The Happy Twin (with Ben Sparks) - Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  1623. How I helped reposition a database product that went on to make $1 billion in revenue (READABLE)
  1624. Supabase | Supabase (READABLE)
  1625. WATCH: 10 Local TV Stations Pushed the Same Amazon-Scripted Segment (READABLE)
  1626. Near Real-Time Transient Clients • NServiceBus Samples (READABLE)
  1627. I'm writing a book! (READABLE)
  1628. Node v12.17.0 (LTS) | Node.js (READABLE)
  1629. NextDNS (READABLE)
  1630. welcome · ASP.NET Core in Action, Second Edition MEAP V01 (READABLE)
  1631. Optimizing RavenDB by adding Thread.Sleep(5) (READABLE)
  1632. 10 years of building .NET on AWS | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  1633. A first look at records and tuples in JavaScript (READABLE)
  1634. .NET async/await in a single picture – TooSlowException (READABLE)
  1635. [Guest Blog] The Accidental Accessibility Advocate (READABLE)
  1636. Messaging with Azure Service Bus - Part 9 - Premium Features (READABLE)
  1637. Nullable Reference Types: Contexts and Attributes – A Look at New Language Features in C# 8 - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  1638. Multiple Environments in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze (READABLE)
  1639. Introducing Collaboration—A Team Ready Fiddler Experience (READABLE)
  1640. Unit Testing in ASP .NET Core 3.1 (READABLE)
  1641. Where's the science? (READABLE)
  1642. A Guide to Threat Modelling for Developers (READABLE)
  1643. Wave Curves: Simulating Lagrangian water waves on dynamically deforming surfaces (READABLE)
  1644. Twitch (READABLE)
  1645. Visual Computing @ IST Austria (READABLE)
  1646. Wave Curves: Simulating Lagrangian water waves on dynamically deforming surfaces (SIGGRAPH 2020) (READABLE)
  1647. Pure CSS Oil Painting - by Diana Smith aka cyanHarlow (READABLE)
  1648. How a Lazy Bitch like me learned to be Productive (READABLE)
  1649. WinForms in .NET Core (#VisualBasic, of course); playing with "high performance" WinForms drawing. (READABLE)
  1650. [St. Jude] Tiger King Codes: Regurgitator (READABLE)
  1651. I Was Blackmailed–Any YouTuber Could Be Next (READABLE)
  1652. CLR, architectures, and stuff (READABLE)
  1653. - Miguel de Icaza (READABLE)
  1654. Florian Rappl - Microfrontends with Blazor: Welcome to the Party! (READABLE)
  1655. Connection Speed Test (READABLE)
  1656. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Bear Blog (READABLE)
  1657. .NET Core as Cloud Native Workshop | Techorama (READABLE)
  1658. Scaling .NET for Apache Spark processing jobs with Azure Synapse (READABLE)
  1659. Why is Artificial Intelligence So Useless for Business? (READABLE)
  1660. 5 Types Of ZSH Aliases You Should Know (READABLE)
  1661. Reverse Proxy Usage Spring 2020 (READABLE)
  1662. Can 1/3 + 1/3 = 2/6? It seemed so! (READABLE)
  1663. Today’s Javascript, from an outsider’s perspective (READABLE)
  1664. The Day AppGet Died (READABLE)
  1665. How our 99th percentile response time went from 4000 ms to sub 10 ms (READABLE)
  1666. Scott Hunter - .NET 5 and MS Build Announcements (READABLE)
  1667. Life, part 12 (READABLE)
  1668. Announcing Experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings May update | ASP.NET Blog (READABLE)
  1669. Strongly-typed ID update 0.2.1: Using strongly-typed entity IDs to avoid primitive obsession - Part 6 (READABLE)
  1670. I won't buy ebooks anymore (READABLE)
  1671. Complete Website Redesign - (Speed Up Video) (READABLE)
  1672. Patrik Svensson - Targeting ARM64 for Windows in Rust (READABLE)
  1673. Idris 2 version 0.2.0 Released (READABLE)
  1674. fsharpConf: The F# Community Virtual Conference (READABLE)
  1675. Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  1676. Blazor News from Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1677. The Incredible Story of the US Army's Earth-Shaking, Off-Road Land Trains (READABLE)
  1678. Start House (READABLE)
  1679. I bought | Tiny Projects (READABLE)
  1680. Why is Idris 2 so much faster than Idris 1? (READABLE)
  1681. The Morning Brew #3000 (READABLE)
  1682. Deploying Your Web Site to Azure Static Web Apps – Chinh Do (READABLE)
  1683. Why Infrastructure As Code? - Simple Thread (READABLE)
  1684. Released: Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 2.0 Preview 4 (READABLE)
  1685. Don't use method with side-effect in LINQ (READABLE)
  1686. Monsters Weekly 166 - Staged Rollouts with Microsoft.FeatureManagement (READABLE)
  1687. will permanently remove support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 on June 15th | The NuGet Blog (READABLE)
  1688. BackgroundService Gotcha: Startup (READABLE)
  1689. Scaling Azure Functions from Consumption Plan to Premium Plan (and back again) (READABLE)
  1690. Logging to Notepad window from ASP.NET Core (READABLE)
  1691. Introduction to Functional Programming in F# - Part 10 — Softwarepark (READABLE)
  1692. Azure Cosmos DB wrap-up: May 2020 BUILD Announcements | Azure Cosmos DB Blog (READABLE)
  1693. Effectively stubbing remote HTTP service dependencies with HttpClient Interception (READABLE)
  1694. Microsoft Build 2020 | Channel 9 (READABLE)
  1695. Hacker who stole 620 million records strikes again, stealing 127 million more – TechCrunch (READABLE)
  1696. Looking Glass Studios Podcast Archives (READABLE)
  1697. Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/615 (READABLE)
  1698. Using Blazor to build native mobile apps (READABLE)
  1699. Org Mode - Organize Your Life In Plain Text! (READABLE)
  1700. The NHL’s protocol for phase 2 of return-to-play is very bad (READABLE)
  1701. Companies must pay share of rent for employees working from home (READABLE)
  1702. Home automation and Bitcoin? (READABLE)
  1703. Blazor WebAssembly : Project Structure/Template - EP03 (READABLE)
  1704. Azure AD Secured Serverless Cosmos DB from Blazor WebAssembly (READABLE)
  1705. How It All Started…AKA the Birth of the CLR - CLR, architectures, and stuff - Site Home (READABLE)
  1706. (READABLE)
  1707. stapelberg uses this: my 2020 desk setup (READABLE)
  1708. Exciting new features in C# 9 (READABLE)
  1709. Software will eat software in a remote-first world (READABLE)
  1710. GitHub Reinstates Popcorn Time Code Despite MPA 'Threat' * TorrentFreak (READABLE)
  1711. Implementing simple cooperative threads in C - Stephen Brennan (READABLE)
  1712. Measurements of hash functions, indexed by machine (READABLE)
  1713. (READABLE)
  1714. Round 4: Hacker returns and puts 26Mil user records for sale on the Dark Web | ZDNet (READABLE)
  1715. How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users - Issue 25 (READABLE)
  1716. TUXEDO Book BA15 - Gen10 - 15,6 Zoll non-glare Full-HD IPS + AMD Ryzen 3500U + AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics + max. two SSDs (M.2) + max. 32GB RAM - TUXEDO Book BA15 - Gen10 (READABLE)
  1717. StevenThewissen - Twitch (READABLE)
  1718. Habits of High-Functioning Teams (READABLE)
  1719. 99.5 WCRB | Classical Radio Boston (READABLE)
  1720. Yo-Yo Ma Plays Bach Live (READABLE)
  1721. NIST Special Publication 800-63-3 (READABLE)
  1722. Register Domain Names at (READABLE)
  1723. 18F - Consulting Software Engineer (IT Specialist) (READABLE)
  1724. inessential: weblog (READABLE)
  1725. Memory safety - The Chromium Projects (READABLE)
  1726. Nicolas Garcia Belmonte (READABLE)
  1727. the-bot-scare (READABLE)
  1728. Chrome: 70% of all security bugs are memory safety issues | ZDNet (READABLE)
  1729. SCM Marchant Cogito 240 Electronic Calculator (READABLE)
  1730. Optimizing for the RDNA Architecture: presentation notes (READABLE)
  1731. Optimizing for the Radeon™ RDNA Architecture (READABLE)
  1732. Catalina is checking notarization of unsigned executables (READABLE)
  1733. Devhints — TL;DR for developer documentation (READABLE)
  1734. LaTeX.css — Make your website look like a LaTeX document (READABLE)
  1735. Why am I shutting down Kozmos? - Azer Koçulu's Journal (READABLE)
  1736. Jepsen Disputes MongoDB’s Data Consistency Claims (READABLE)
  1737. Hacker Mods Old Calculator to Access the Internet, CASIO Files DMCA Complaint * TorrentFreak (READABLE)
  1738. First Krita Beta for Android and ChromeOS in Play Store (READABLE)
  1739. User authentication with passwords, What’s SRP? (READABLE)
  1740. SQLite Release 3.32.0 On 2020-05-22 (READABLE)
  1741. React and Serverless - Webinar (READABLE)
  1742. Bookmark Saturday #1 – Václav Vančura, User Interface Designer (READABLE)
  1743. To test its security mid-pandemic, GitLab tried phishing its own work-from-home staff. 1 in 5 fell for it (READABLE)
  1744. Calca - The Text Editor that Loves Math (READABLE)
  1745. Should I Block Ads? (READABLE)
  1746. Windows 10 quietly got a built-in network sniffer, how to use (READABLE)
  1747. I made a NES emulator in Rust using generators (READABLE)
  1748. Tab Reloader (page auto refresh) – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US) (READABLE)
  1749. HTTP Server - LanguageTool Wiki (READABLE)
  1750. GitLab 13.0 released with Gitaly Clusters, Epic Hierarchy on Roadmaps, and Auto Deploy to ECS (READABLE)
  1751. GitHub Theme - Visual Studio Marketplace (READABLE)
  1752. What Unity Is Getting Wrong (READABLE)
  1753. Quellcode von Mercedes-Benz-Fahrzeugen online geleakt (READABLE)
  1754. (READABLE)
  1755. A Meeting with Scott Hunter !! (READABLE)
  1756. This Goes to Eleven (Pt. 5/∞) (READABLE)
  1757. A multi-node, elastic, petabyte scale, time-series database on Postgres for free (and more ways we are investing in our community) (READABLE)
  1758. macOS 10.15: Slow by Design (READABLE)
  1759. Touch Pins as Wake-up Source (ESP32 + Arduino series) (READABLE)
  1760. Why ESP32's Are The Best Microcontrollers (ESP32 + Arduino series) (READABLE)
  1761. ESP32: Blink the LED (ESP32 + Arduino series) (READABLE)
  1762. Install Serial Drivers for ESP32 (macOS, Windows, Linux) (READABLE)
  1763. Using the PlatformIO Library Manager (ESP32 + Arduino series) (READABLE)
  1764. Using Arduino's Serial Monitor & Plotter (ESP32 + Arduino series) (READABLE)
  1765. Using DHT22 Temperature Sensor (ESP32 + Arduino series) (READABLE)
  1766. Deep sleep: Use RTC memory to store data (ESP32 + Arduino series) (READABLE)
  1767. How To Install PlatformIO (ESP32 + Arduino series) (READABLE)
  1768. Controlling Relay Board (ESP32 + Arduino Series) (READABLE)
  1769. Connect ESP32 to WiFi (ESP32 + Arduino series) (READABLE)
  1770. Connect to ThingSpeak (ESP32 + Arduino series) (READABLE)
  1771. Why Use PlatformIO instead of Arduino? (ESP32 + Arduino series) (READABLE)
  1772. Deep Sleep & Other Power Modes (ESP32 + Arduino Series) (READABLE)
  1773. Wakeup From Sleep With a Timer (ESP32 + Arduino series) (READABLE)
  1774. Setting up Arduino IDE for ESP32 development (ESP32 + Arduino series) (READABLE)
  1775. An Amazon Programmer's Perspective ( (READABLE)
  1776. ‘What Time Is It in London?’ (READABLE)
  1777. PAC-MAN Recreated with AI by NVIDIA Researchers | NVIDIA Blog (READABLE)
  1778. Blazor In-Depth (READABLE)
  1779. Weekly Update 192 (READABLE)
  1780. async/await is the wrong abstraction - LogRocket Blog (READABLE)
  1781. Autofac, WebApplicationFactory and integration tests (READABLE)
  1782. How easy is it to build a Marvel search engine with Blazor? (READABLE)
  1783. The Fundamentals of Continuous Software Design (READABLE)
  1784. The May 2020 release of Azure Data Studio is now available - SQL Server Blog (READABLE)
  1785. JetBrains .NET Days Online 2020 – Session recordings available - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  1786. Don't Code Tired | Preventing Inconsistent Feature Flag Values During a Single Request (Microsoft.FeatureManagement) (READABLE)
  1787. More Performant Serverless GraphQL with Azure Functions, GraphQL for .NET, and Cosmos DB (READABLE)
  1788. Microsoft Build 2020 – Highlights (READABLE)
  1789. 13 Firefox browser extensions to make remote work and school a little better – The Firefox Frontier (READABLE)
  1790. Zettelkasten — How One German Scholar Was So Freakishly Productive (READABLE)
  1791. The Project Gutenberg eBook #33283: Calculus Made Easy, 2nd Edition (READABLE)
  1792. Why these friendly dolphins are bringing in gifts from the sea (READABLE)
  1793. G4 Pro Beats the Leading Home Brand Cameras in Image Quality Shootout – Ubiquiti Networks Blog (READABLE)
  1794. TI removes access to assembly programs on the TI-83 Premium CE (READABLE)
  1795. Microsoft Open-Sources GW-BASIC | Windows Command Line (READABLE)
  1796. Introducing YARP Preview 1 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  1797. The Parker Quiz - with Matt Parker — Numberphile (READABLE)
  1798. The Parker Quiz - with Matt Parker — The Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  1799. The Parker Quiz - Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  1800. ‎The Numberphile Podcast on Apple Podcasts (READABLE)
  1801. WinDbg — the Fun Way: Part 2 (READABLE)
  1802. WinDbg — the Fun Way: Part 1 (READABLE)
  1803. Stealing Secrets from Developers using Websockets (READABLE)
  1804. Life, part 11 (READABLE)
  1805. Windows Terminal Build Color Scheme (READABLE)
  1806. An introduction to RabbitMQ - What is RabbitMQ? (READABLE)
  1807. Send to Carbon with VS19 (READABLE)
  1808. Introducing Project Tye | ASP.NET Blog (READABLE)
  1809. Community (READABLE)
  1810. Please include documentation on how to opt out of telemetry · Issue #179 · microsoft/winget-cli (READABLE)
  1811. Using Visual Studio Codespaces with .NET Core | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  1812. Three bugs in the Go MySQL Driver (READABLE)
  1813. Creating a virtual stage when in-person isn’t possible - AI for Business (READABLE)
  1814. ARM Template Viewer - Visual Studio Marketplace (READABLE)
  1815. Blazor WebAssembly : Hello World from Windows & Linux - EP02 (READABLE)
  1816. Blazor WebAssembly is Officially Released at Microsoft Build (READABLE)
  1817. X (READABLE)
  1818. The Death Of Corporate Research Labs (READABLE)
  1819. Vertebrae by draxes (READABLE)
  1820. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1821. Building a physical <blink> tag! (READABLE)
  1822. OpenAI Model Generates Python Code (READABLE)
  1823. ASP.NET Core in Action, Second Edition (READABLE)
  1824. Mount Everest is Visible From Kathmandu, Nepal for First Time in Living Memory (READABLE)
  1825. Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes preview and new ecosystem partners (READABLE)
  1826. Oqtane Blog | Announcing Oqtane 1.0... a Modular Application Fram (READABLE)
  1827. Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes (READABLE)
  1828. Windows PowerToys FancyZones is the essential window manager for Windows 10 (READABLE)
  1829. Xamarin Forms turns to .NET MAUI - single project and code-base dev experience (READABLE)
  1830. A Guide to Threat Modelling for Developers (READABLE)
  1831. Announcing Uno Platform 3.0 - Support for WinUI 3.0 Preview 1 - Uno Platform (READABLE)
  1832. Introduction to quantum computing with Q# – Part 3, Single qubit gates (READABLE)
  1833. Using WSL to Launch Several Bash Command from an Application (READABLE)
  1834. Don't Code Tired | Managing Microsoft Feature Flags with Azure App Configuration (Microsoft.FeatureManagement) (READABLE)
  1835. How ListSeparator Depends on Runtime and Operating System - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  1836. Introducing WinUI 3 Preview 1 - Windows Developer Blog (READABLE)
  1837. Windows Terminal 1.0 | Windows Command Line (READABLE)
  1838. Tackle Big-O Notation in .NET Core - Simple Talk (READABLE)
  1839. Home - Microsoft Build 2020 Book of News (READABLE)
  1840. Remaster Update and Open Source / Mod Support (READABLE)
  1841. What Is Nix (READABLE)
  1842. Improvements to XAML tooling in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.7 Preview 1 | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  1843. Home Chef confirms 8 million user records stolen in breach – TechCrunch (READABLE)
  1844. Sell Yourself Sell Your Work (READABLE)
  1845. Composing in the Caddyfile (READABLE)
  1846. Vishnu Mohandas (READABLE)
  1847. (READABLE)
  1848. Fuzzing: On the Exponential Cost of Vulnerability Discovery (READABLE)
  1849. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1850. Digital Overload: Average Adult Will Spend 34 Years Of Their Life Staring At Screens - Study Finds (READABLE)
  1851. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1852. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1853. Victory! ICANN Rejects .ORG Sale to Private Equity Firm Ethos Capital (READABLE)
  1854. Turning Signal App into a Coarse Tracking Device (READABLE)
  1855. r/commandandconquer - Comment by u/EA_Jimtern on ”Remaster Update and Open Source / Mod Support” (READABLE)
  1856. Adding peephole optimization to Clang | Egor Bogatov — Developer at Microsoft (READABLE)
  1857. software that sucks less (READABLE)
  1858. Welcome to C# 9.0 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  1859. There and Back Again — Scaling Multi-Tenant Kubernetes Cluster(s) (READABLE)
  1860. F# 5 and F# tools update | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  1861. Kyle Halladay - Ray Tracing In Notepad.exe At 30 FPS (READABLE)
  1862. Why is This Website Port Scanning me (READABLE)
  1863. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1864. SSH Agent Explained (READABLE)
  1865. The Miracle Sudoku (READABLE)
  1866. Accessify your Blazor apps - Hot accessibility techniques for Blazor apps (READABLE)
  1867. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1868. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1869. Home - Microsoft Build 2020 Book of News (READABLE)
  1870. Blogging is not dead (READABLE)
  1871. Developer Velocity: Empowering developers to fuel business performance (READABLE)
  1872. Announcing Entity Framework Core 5.0 Preview 4 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  1873. Code, collaborate, and ship your apps from anywhere (READABLE)
  1874. A Guide to Threat Modelling for Developers (READABLE)
  1875. Windows Forms Designer for .NET Core Released | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  1876. Create Real-time Applications with ASP.NET Core SignalR – Using Rider! - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  1877. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  1878. ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 5 Preview 4 | ASP.NET Blog (READABLE)
  1879. OpenBSD 6.7 (READABLE)
  1880. Meeting the demands of IoT edge data & compute - Azure SQL Edge now available in preview. (READABLE)
  1881. Azure App Configuration: Configuration of .NET Applications (READABLE)
  1882. Monsters Weekly 165 - WaitAndRetry with Polly (READABLE)
  1883. Building End-to-End Diagnostics: Visualization with Exporters (READABLE)
  1884. Releasing Today! Visual Studio 2019 v16.6 & v16.7 Preview 1 | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  1885. Don't Code Tired | Microsoft Feature Flags: Implementing Custom Feature Filters (Microsoft.FeatureManagement) (READABLE)
  1886. Remembering Why Agile was a Big Deal (READABLE)
  1887. Want to build a side business? Just buy a great Domain Name | Deep South Ventures (READABLE)
  1888. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1889. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1890. Azure Static Web Apps documentation (READABLE)
  1891. Windows Terminal overview (READABLE)
  1892. it’s not just the interpreter « kmod's blog (READABLE)
  1893. ‎My Stream Timer (READABLE)
  1894. Spotify signs ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ to an exclusive multi-year deal – TechCrunch (READABLE)
  1895. When SimCity got serious: the story of Maxis Business Simulations and SimRefinery | The Obscuritory (READABLE)
  1896. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1897. Simple Personal Finance Tracking with GnuCash (READABLE)
  1898. Graduate Student Solves Decades-Old Conway Knot Problem (READABLE)
  1899. CSLA .NET 5.2.0 release (READABLE)
  1900. Why is Rails boot so slow on macOS? (READABLE)
  1901. A Meeting with Scott Hunter !! (READABLE)
  1902. Bolero: F# in WebAssembly (READABLE)
  1903. Modern Web UI with Blazor WebAssembly (READABLE)
  1904. Quickref (READABLE)
  1905. Announcing Microsoft Lists - Your smart information tracking app in Microsoft 365 (READABLE)
  1906. The Journey to One .NET (READABLE)
  1907. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1908. Announcing accelerated training with ONNX Runtime—train models up to 45% faster - Open Source Blog (READABLE)
  1909. The Windows Subsystem for Linux BUILD 2020 Summary | Windows Command Line (READABLE)
  1910. Hacker arrested in Ukraine for selling billions of stolen credentials | ZDNet (READABLE)
  1911. Walmart says it will discontinue Jet, which it acquired for $3B in 2016 – TechCrunch (READABLE)
  1912. DirectX ❤ Linux | DirectX Developer Blog (READABLE)
  1913. : pangshi 7inch Adjustable Articulating Friction Magic Arm & Large Super Clamp Compatible with DSLR Camera Rig, LED Lights, Flash Light, LCD Monitor : Camera & Photo (READABLE)
  1914. A Google Cloud support engineer solves a tough DNS case | Google Cloud Blog (READABLE)
  1915. Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. (READABLE)
  1916. Introducing App Service Static Web Apps (READABLE)
  1917. (READABLE)
  1918. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1919. Hosting Blazor WebAssembly in Azure Static Web Apps (Preview) (READABLE)
  1920. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1921. Developing for all 1 billion Windows 10 devices and beyond - Windows Developer Blog (READABLE)
  1922. Handling Web API Exceptions with ProblemDetails middleware (READABLE)
  1923. World IBD Day 2020 (READABLE)
  1924. World IBD Day 2020 (READABLE)
  1925. Free and Open (READABLE)
  1926. Expanding Visual Studio 2019 support for Visual Studio Codespaces | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  1927. ASP.NET Blog | Blazor WebAssembly 3.2.0 now available (READABLE)
  1928. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1929. Visual Studio 2019 for Mac version 8.6 is now available | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  1930. Numberphile Hat (READABLE)
  1931. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1932. VS Code React Setup - 5 Tips (READABLE)
  1933. Announcing .NET 5 Preview 4 and our journey to one .NET | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  1934. Introducing .NET Multi-platform App UI | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  1935. Microsoft MakeCode for Minecraft (READABLE)
  1936. Windows Package Manager Preview | Windows Command Line (READABLE)
  1937. Week of Blazor Events with Telerik - Join Us! (READABLE)
  1938. A Universe of Sorts (READABLE)
  1939. How Distortion Works in Music (READABLE)
  1940. The Hardest Program I've Ever Written – (READABLE)
  1941. Developer in Cyprus Claims Breach of Contacts App (READABLE)
  1942. Tiny websites are great | Tiny Projects (READABLE)
  1943. I Built The Animal Crossing Voice Generator In 64-Lines of Code - (Animalese) (READABLE)
  1944. sia_dev - Mixer (READABLE)
  1945. ep 2 - Special Microsoft Build 2020 Keynote (READABLE)
  1946. Fiddler Everywhere is Getting a New Look (READABLE)
  1947. TypeScript in a Weekend: A Crash Course (READABLE)
  1948. .NET Foundation April/May 2020 Update (READABLE)
  1949. Uno Platform lets you develop for macOS and Windows using the same code (READABLE)
  1950. WorldBrain's Memex (READABLE)
  1951. Grafana v7.0 released: New plugin architecture, visualizations, transformations, native trace support, and more (READABLE)
  1952. Preventing Leaked Azure Secrets in GitHub! (READABLE)
  1953. A Guide to Threat Modelling for Developers (READABLE)
  1954. Don't Code Tired | Microsoft Feature Flags: Controlling Features with Feature Filters (Microsoft.FeatureManagement) (READABLE)
  1955. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  1956. Webinar tomorrow - Event Sourcing in C# with RavenDB (READABLE)
  1957. How I trick my well developed procrastination skills (READABLE)
  1958. Satya Nadella: Permanent work from home damaging for workers' well-being | India Business News - Times of India (READABLE)
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  1961. What is a control system anyway? (READABLE)
  1962. Tag Helper Authoring in ASP .NET Core 3.1 (READABLE)
  1963. Living with Wildlife | Issaquah, WA (READABLE)
  1964. The Effects on Cognition of Sleeping 4 Hours per Night for 12-14 Days: a Pre-Registered Self-Experiment - Alexey Guzey (READABLE)
  1966. Bobcat (READABLE)
  1967. Announcing end of support for .NET Standard 1.3 in AWS SDK for .NET | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  1968. ACME End User Client and Code Signing Certificates (READABLE)
  1969. new.css (READABLE)
  1970. new.css (READABLE)
  1971. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1972. Covve revealed as source of data breach impacting 23m individuals (READABLE)
  1973. SharpLab (READABLE)
  1974. SharpLab (READABLE)
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  1976. Hosting Blazor WebAssembly Hosted Apps in Azure App Service Web Apps - Pete Codes (READABLE)
  1977. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  1978. Real-time communication with Azure Functions, SignalR service and Blazor Wasm (READABLE)
  1979. Life, part 10 (READABLE)
  1980. Schedule Your On-Demand Live Sessions at GTC Digital (READABLE)
  1981. Norske offiserer og soldater avslørt av mobilen (READABLE)
  1982. youtube automatically delete "communist bandits" 共匪 in all comments now? (READABLE)
  1983. digital clock in conways game of life (READABLE)
  1984. Multi-path cancellation; a tale of two codependent async enumerators (READABLE)
  1985. Orb.Farm (READABLE)
  1986. Check what .net core GC keywords are enabled without a debugger (READABLE)
  1987. Software Burnout Is for Real (READABLE)
  1988. The Death of Couchsurfing? (READABLE)
  1989. Stop setting the language of your website based on my location (READABLE)
  1990. Mystery of The French Thousands Separator (READABLE)
  1991. The End of Integration Testing: If You've Passed All the Tests ... -- Visual Studio Magazine (READABLE)
  1992. Released: Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 1.1.3 (READABLE)
  1993. It’s all in the Host Class – Dependency Injection with .NET (READABLE)
  1994. Don't Code Tired | Using C# Source Generators with Microsoft Feature Management Feature Flags (READABLE)
  1995. Experiences with email-based login (READABLE)
  1996. Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage (READABLE)
  1997. Discrete Mathematics - An Open Introduction (READABLE)
  1998. Hundred Rabbits (READABLE)
  1999. 10 most common mistakes using kubernetes (READABLE)
  2000. It's Time to Get Back Into RSS | Daniel Miessler (READABLE)
  2001. Explore the world one photo at a time | Bing Wallpaper (READABLE)
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  2010. Data processing with .NET for Apache Spark (READABLE)
  2011. DDD Melbourne (READABLE)
  2012. No One Goes There Anymore (READABLE)
  2013. GraphQL API for SQL Database in .NET — setting up access to the data (READABLE)
  2014. Handling concurrency - Aggregate Pattern and EF Core - Kamil Grzybek (READABLE)
  2015. California - Hamilton Official Site (READABLE)
  2016. Multi-threaded Producer Consumer using .Net Core Channels (READABLE)
  2017. Trains․NET - Episode 29 - Nicer train collisions and a release! (READABLE)
  2018. Private Link for Azure SQL Database - Part 1 (READABLE)
  2019. ASP.NET Core Blazor WebAssembly with Azure Active Directory groups and roles (READABLE)
  2020. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  2021. Build (and publish) a .dacpac (SQL Server database project) with .NET Core - even on Linux or macOS! (READABLE)
  2022. COBOL Pong (READABLE)
  2023. How to View the SQL Generated by Entity Framework Core using .NET Core Logging (READABLE)
  2024. CHRISTMAS LECTURES 2019: Secrets and lies (READABLE)
  2025. Andrew Negri / toro (READABLE)
  2026. Here's What's New in the May Update | Rainway (READABLE)
  2027. It’s OK for your open source library to be a bit shitty (READABLE)
  2028. What Every Software Engineer Should Know about Apache Kafka: Events, Streams, Tables, Storage, Processing, And More (READABLE)
  2029. Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/572 (READABLE)
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  2031. Matrix Factorization - Numberphile (READABLE)
  2032. BlazorHelp Website > Blog - Implementing Roles In Blazor WebAssembly (READABLE)
  2033. If I could bring one thing back to the internet it would be blogs (READABLE)
  2034. Security incident - Covve (READABLE)
  2035. If I could bring one thing back to the internet it would be blogs (READABLE)
  2036. Game Programming Patterns (READABLE)
  2037. Creating and Editing Content - Demo and Q&A (READABLE)
  2038. Data processing with .NET for Apache Spark (READABLE)
  2039. Write your first C# code - Learn (READABLE)
  2040. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  2041. Coding is Not Computer Science (READABLE)
  2042. Swift 5.3 Will Expand Officially Supported Platforms to Windows and Additional Linux Distributions (READABLE)
  2043. Service NSW emails hacked in cyber attack (READABLE)
  2044. So much of academia is about connections and reputation laundering « Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science (READABLE)
  2045. Our Chrome Extension Is Safe (READABLE)
  2046. What every developer should know about TCP (READABLE)
  2047. Community (READABLE)
  2048. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  2049. PERF: ensure we run full GC on contexts (READABLE)
  2050. Mozilla goes full incubator with ‘Fix The Internet’ startup lab and early-stage investments – TechCrunch (READABLE)
  2051. Jepsen: MongoDB 4.2.6 (READABLE)
  2052. So You Want To Write Your Own CSV code? · Thomas Burette (READABLE)
  2053. 22 million emails found in mystery open database | SC Media (READABLE)
  2054. How Not to Store Passwords (READABLE)
  2055. Auto Saving Form Data in Blazor (READABLE)
  2056. Announcing Uno Platform 2.4 – macOS support and Windows Calculator on macOS - Uno Platform (READABLE)
  2057. The Dark Secrets of a Hacking Hero (READABLE)
  2058. Five Years of Rust | Rust Blog (READABLE)
  2059. US video game sales have record quarter as consumers stay at home – TechCrunch (READABLE)
  2060. How Google, DoorDash, & Grubhub Conspire To Screw Local Restaurants (READABLE)
  2061. Blue Microphones Blackout Yeti USB Microphone + $50 Ubisoft Discount Code 988-000078 - Best Buy (READABLE)
  2062. Blazor WebAssembly : Introduction/Full Course/Workshop - EP01 (READABLE)
  2063. Roundup #72 (READABLE)
  2064. Chain Actions, Funcs, and Predicates In .NET (READABLE)
  2065. Code Maze Weekly #25 - Code Maze (READABLE)
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  2067. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  2068. EF Core and Cosmos DB with Blazor WebAssembly (READABLE)
  2069. The Unattributable "db8151dd" Data Breach (READABLE)
  2070. Weekly Update 191 (READABLE)
  2071. TSMC Announces Intention to Build and Operate an Advanced Semiconductor Fab in the United States (READABLE)
  2072. Development With A Dot - Unit Testing the HttpContext in Controllers (READABLE)
  2073. Don't Code Tired | Reducing Magic Strings with Microsoft Feature Toggles (Microsoft.FeatureManagement) (READABLE)
  2074. More fun with comments (READABLE)
  2075. Using Dapper in ASP.NET Core applications (READABLE)
  2076. What is Azure Front Door? (READABLE)
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  2085. Handling Heavy Ad Interventions  |  Web  |  Google Developers (READABLE)
  2086. Security Flaws in Adobe Acrobat Reader Allow Malicious Program to Gain Root on macOS Silently (READABLE)
  2087. NVIDIA CEO Introduces NVIDIA Ampere Architecture, NVIDIA A100 GPU in News-Packed ‘Kitchen Keynote’ | The Official NVIDIA Blog (READABLE)
  2088. Different ways to host Blazor WebAssembly (Wasm) (READABLE)
  2089. Life, part 9 (READABLE)
  2090. Now there's nothing stopping the PATRIOT Act allowing the FBI to slurp web-browsing histories without a warrant (READABLE)
  2091. NVIDIA’s New Ampere Data Center GPU in Full Production (READABLE)
  2092. A Quick Look at Impredicativity (Simon Peyton Jones) (READABLE)
  2093. Chalmers Seminars on Functional Programming (READABLE)
  2094. The anatomy of async iterators (aka await, foreach, yield) (READABLE)
  2095. How to add custom logging in ASP.NET Core (READABLE)
  2096. Keep tabs on your tabs in Google Chrome (READABLE)
  2097. Why use DTOs (Data Transfer Objects)? (READABLE)
  2098. Logging in .NET Core and ASP.NET Core (READABLE)
  2099. The Success and Failure of Ninja (READABLE)
  2100. Working with OneDrive data and MS Graph in .NET Core (READABLE)
  2101. Don't Code Tired | Using the Microsoft Feature Toggle Library in ASP.NET Core (Microsoft.FeatureManagement) (READABLE)
  2102. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  2103. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  2104. How Sorting Order Depends on Runtime and Operating System - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  2105. .NET Framework May 2020 Security and Quality Rollup Updates | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  2106. Announcing Uno Platform 2.3 – Android 10, Android X, WinUI and more! - Uno Platform (READABLE)
  2107. .NET Core May 2020 Updates – 2.1.18 and 3.1.4 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  2108. r/interestingasfuck - Pointing out how much power few people have gets you removed from this sub apparently. (READABLE)
  2109. TechEmpower Web Framework Performance Comparison (READABLE)
  2110. Senate narrowly rejects plan to require a warrant for Americans’ browsing data – TechCrunch (READABLE)
  2111. ZLogger — Zero Allocation Logger for .NET Core and Unity (READABLE)
  2112. Microsoft Docs contributor guide overview - Contributor Guide (READABLE)
  2113. Deno 1.0 (READABLE)
  2114. Performance speed limits (READABLE)
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  2120. Unreal Engine 5 Revealed! | Next-Gen Real-Time Demo Running on PlayStation 5 (READABLE)
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  2124. Let's Guess What Google Requires In 14 Days Or They Kill Our Extension (READABLE)
  2125. Weep for Graphics Programming (READABLE)
  2126. Linux containers in a few lines of code (READABLE)
  2127. I made an alt because this is sketchy, so I can only post this here. The government (DEA, ICE, and local authorities) is hiding cameras on telephone poles, and then not securing those cameras with passwords. Anyone can access them. (READABLE)
  2128. A first look at Unreal Engine 5 (READABLE)
  2129. SPACEX - ISS Docking Simulator (READABLE)
  2130. Matt Parker (standupmaths) on Numberphile (READABLE)
  2131. Building End-to-End Diagnostics: Activity and Span Correlation (READABLE)
  2132. The Janet Programming Language (READABLE)
  2133. Raffaele Rialdi, Jon Galloway, Christophe Nasarre-Soulier, Pavel Yosifovich, Scott Wlaschin и не только – DotNet & More (READABLE)
  2134. Analyze performance for the benefit of ourselves and others (READABLE)
  2135. Let's talk about performance analysis (READABLE)
  2136. Huawei denies involvement in buggy Linux kernel patch proposal | ZDNet (READABLE)
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  2139. What’s New in .NET Core 3.0 and .NET 5.0 for Performance and Memory-Aware Folks? | SkillsCast (READABLE)
  2140. Subscribe to read | Financial Times (READABLE)
  2141. Playing Games on a 60s Computer (READABLE)
  2142. Getting started with Angular development 2020 (READABLE)
  2143. Microsoft and Redis Labs collaborate to give developers new Azure Cache for Redis capabilities (READABLE)
  2144. May 2020 Azure SDK Release (READABLE)
  2145. RedisConf2020 | Takeaway (READABLE)
  2146. Replacing JWTs with Branca and PASETO in .NET Core (READABLE)
  2147. Patio11’s Law - Second Breakfast (READABLE)
  2148. Meshing with LinkerD2 using gRPC-enabled .NET Core services (READABLE)
  2149. Using System.CommandLine with a class (READABLE)
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  2151. Referencing an analyzer from a project (READABLE)
  2152. Messaging with Azure Service Bus - Part 8 - Commands and Events (READABLE)
  2153. WireGuard for OpenBSD Kernel Patches Posted (READABLE)
  2154. Vladimir Khorikov: 100% Test Coverage is an Artificial Metric | Maintainable (READABLE)
  2155. How the most prized degree in India became the most worthless - Rest of World (READABLE)
  2156. Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics (READABLE)
  2157. Iyashikei: Japan’s Genre of “Healing Games” (READABLE)
  2158. Slack System Status (READABLE)
  2159. Remote work worsens inequality by mostly helping high-income earners (READABLE)
  2160. React Native for Windows & Mac · Build native Windows apps with Javascript and React (READABLE)
  2161. (READABLE)
  2162. In Praise of AutoHotKey • Hillel Wayne (READABLE)
  2163. Make any PDF look like scanned! (READABLE)
  2164. Sign in to your account (READABLE)
  2165. Researchers spot thousands of Android apps leaking user data through misconfigured Firebase databases (READABLE)
  2166. What Was TON And Why It Is Over (READABLE)
  2167. (READABLE)
  2168. The Eclipse Foundation Is Moving to Europe (READABLE)
  2169. Diagrams · Diagram as Code (READABLE)
  2170. Linux Is Most Used OS In Microsoft Azure - Over 50 Percent Of VM Cores | Build5Nines (READABLE)
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  2177. Extending the shutdown timeout setting to ensure graceful IHostedService shutdown (READABLE)
  2178. Performance best practices in C# (READABLE)
  2179. Most detailed ever photograph of The Night Watch goes online - Rijksmuseum (READABLE)
  2180. Increase ASP.NET File Upload Limits (READABLE)
  2181. Airtable API Tutorial With cURL and JavaScript (READABLE)
  2182. Credential Loading and the AWS SDK for .NET (Deep Dive) - Steve Gordon (READABLE)
  2183. Lockdown Course: Introduction to Cryptography - James Grime (READABLE)
  2184. Dev Around The Sun 2020 (READABLE)
  2185. Statiq - Your Imagination, Your Generator (READABLE)
  2186. Creative Commons Licensing UI and Data Updates (READABLE)
  2187. Lidl owner launching its own rival to Amazon Web Services - Latest Retail Technology News From Across The Globe - Charged (READABLE)
  2188. A 2020 Vision of Linear Algebra (READABLE)
  2189. Pi-hole v5.0 is here! (READABLE)
  2190. Apache NiFi (READABLE)
  2191. Ian Bebbington - Many platforms, one world - Part 4 (READABLE)
  2192. SonarQube Integration with Visual Studio Professional (READABLE)
  2193. Project Tye – easier development with .NET for Kubernetes (READABLE)
  2194. A Story About .csproj, Large Solutions and Memory Usage - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  2195. Marten v4.0 Planning Document (Part 1) (READABLE)
  2196. Demystifying Memory Profilers in C# .NET Part 3: Memory Pressure - Michael's Coding Spot (READABLE)
  2197. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  2198. Top 10 must-know Kubernetes design patterns - Red Hat Developer (READABLE)
  2199. Monsters Weekly 164 - Using Feature Filters in Microsoft.FeatureManagement (READABLE)
  2200. Setting TypeScript For Modern React Projects Using Webpack And Babel — Smashing Magazine (READABLE)
  2201. Reducing Your Database Hosting Costs: DigitalOcean vs. AWS vs. Azure (READABLE)
  2202. Names, Legal Names, and Fractally Deferred Responsibility (READABLE)
  2203. Office Licensing Service and Azure Cosmos DB part 1: Migrating the production workload (READABLE)
  2204. Unit Testing Blazor Components with bUnit and JustMock (READABLE)
  2205. SignalR in ASP .NET Core 3.1 (READABLE)
  2206. Office Licensing Service and Azure Cosmos DB part 2: Improved performance and availability (READABLE)
  2207. Regional Monitoring Dashboard (READABLE)
  2208. Use My Current Account - Microsoft Edge Addons (READABLE)
  2209. Thank you for helping us increase our bandwidth - Internet Archive Blogs (READABLE)
  2210. NDC Melbourne 2020 - Online Workshop Event: Call for Speakers / Call for Papers (CfP) @ (READABLE)
  2211. Webrecorder (READABLE)
  2212. PJRC Store (READABLE)
  2213. Original 80s Time Out Arcade Found in a Dead Mall in Virginia (READABLE)
  2214. Next.js 9.4 (READABLE)
  2215. Here's how I verify data breaches (READABLE)
  2216. Scraping Recipe Websites (READABLE)
  2217. Explorer | BTC | ETH | BCH (READABLE)
  2218. Age Reduction Breakthrough (READABLE)
  2219. Performance Characteristics of the Abbott Architect SARS-CoV-2 IgG Assay and Seroprevalence in Boise, Idaho (READABLE)
  2220. SourceHut + Plan 9 = ❤ (READABLE)
  2221. Web Scraping with R (READABLE)
  2222. Deep Learning for Guitar Effect Emulation (READABLE)
  2223. Encouraging a Culture of Written Communication – mcls (READABLE)
  2225. The DMOTE | VE (READABLE)
  2226. Asgard Systems uses ML.NET to reduce food waste | .NET (READABLE)
  2227. Scancam uses ML.NET to prevent fuel theft | .NET (READABLE)
  2228. Life, part 8 (READABLE)
  2229. Integration - Visual Studio Marketplace (READABLE)
  2230. Advanced SQL and database books and resources (READABLE)
  2231. SQL Server Isolation Levels : A Series - (READABLE)
  2232. Swift 5.3 Release Process (READABLE)
  2233. My Mid-Career Job-Hunt: A Data Point for Job-Seeking Devs (READABLE)
  2234. Google Translate (READABLE)
  2235. Pinned Object Heap in .NET 5 – TooSlowException (READABLE)
  2236. Preventing mass assignment or over posting with Razor Pages in ASP.NET Core (READABLE)
  2237. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  2238. How WireMock.NET Can Help in Doing Integration Testing of a .NET Core Application (READABLE)
  2239. Announcing mssql-cli is now generally available on macOS and Linux - SQL Server Blog (READABLE)
  2240. Avoid rolling your own leader election algorithm | RavenDB (READABLE)
  2241. Deploying a Static Site to Azure Using the az CLI (READABLE)
  2242. From <code>react-window</code> to <code>react-virtual</code> (READABLE)
  2243. Decompilation support in OmniSharp and C# Extension for VS Code (READABLE)
  2244. Using ML.NET for deep learning on images in Azure | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  2245. Building End-to-End Diagnostics: OpenTelemetry Integration (READABLE)
  2246. Cross-Platform Build Events in .NET Core using MSBuild (READABLE)
  2247. Tip 263 - 5 Visual Studio Code extensions to remain productive while working remote (READABLE)
  2248. Rider 2020.1.2 and ReSharper Ultimate 2020.1.2 Bugfixes Are Available! - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  2249. Make LLVM fast again (READABLE)
  2250. Zoom buys Keybase to help it build end-to-end encryption (READABLE)
  2251. Second-guessing the modern web - (READABLE)
  2252. Ben Wiser | My blog is now generated by Google Docs (READABLE)
  2253. Pi-hole v5.0 is here! (READABLE)
  2254. The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet (READABLE)
  2255. try-convert 0.5.125603 (READABLE)
  2256. Racket is 25 (READABLE)
  2257. 5 AWS Services You Should Avoid! (READABLE)
  2258. Archive (READABLE)
  2259. Writing More Succinct C# - Dan Clarke (READABLE)
  2260. Scunthorpe Sans 🗯🚫 profanity-blocking font (READABLE)
  2261. Sunday 10th May | Live | Slough Baptist Church (READABLE)
  2262. From the Implicit flow to PKCE: A look at OAuth 2.0 in SPAs (READABLE)
  2263. The IBM 1401 compiles and runs FORTRAN II (READABLE)
  2264. Godot Engine - Godot 4.0 will get a new, modernized lightmapper (READABLE)
  2265. (READABLE)
  2266. Alternatives to PGP (READABLE)
  2267. Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2018/607 (READABLE)
  2268. Convincing-looking 90s fonts in modern browsers – (READABLE)
  2269. ( Secret Sky. ) (READABLE)
  2270. How Khan Academy Successfully Handled 2.5x Traffic in a Week (READABLE)
  2271. First, it was Craigslist, next it's Zapier (READABLE)
  2272. Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/529 (READABLE)
  2273. Running a Programming YouTube Channel - What It's Like and Why You Should Do It (READABLE)
  2274. Azure SQL Database : Manage & Restore Backups - EP02 (READABLE)
  2275. Fast or Slow - Global Website Speed Profiler (READABLE)
  2276. ~rabbits/orca - sourcehut git (READABLE)
  2277. Porter Robinson's Secret Sky. (READABLE)
  2278. Maintaining ownership continuity of your user account's repositories (READABLE)
  2279. Keybase joins Zoom (READABLE)
  2280. Weekly Update 190 (READABLE)
  2281. Brandon Smith's Website (READABLE)
  2282. - Live Coders Conf 2 (READABLE)
  2283. How Doom's Enemy AI Works (READABLE)
  2284. SIGGRAPH 2020 Technical Paper: N-Dimensional Rigid Body Dynamics « Marc ten Bosch (READABLE)
  2285. Clancey - Twitch (READABLE)
  2286. OpenCV directly in the browser (webassembly + webworker) (READABLE)
  2287. Find your GitHub user id (READABLE)
  2288. CryptoPerf.swift (READABLE)
  2289. A Microcontroller Display With A Classic Twist (READABLE)
  2290. Visual Effects with Particles: a Guide for Beginners (READABLE)
  2291. Create a .NET Core Deamon app that calls MSGraph with a certificate (READABLE)
  2292. How to Serve Over 100K Web Pages a Day on a Slower Home Internet Connection (READABLE)
  2293. Sure, the Velociraptors Are Still On the Loose, But That’s No Reason Not to Reopen Jurassic Park (READABLE)
  2294. Geode pattern - Cloud Design Patterns (READABLE)
  2295. Making Emacs popular again (READABLE)
  2296. VS For Mac 8.3 Preview 1 - Blazor client-side projects fail to debug due to expecting an Exe output (READABLE)
  2297. Doctocat (READABLE)
  2298. 5 Reasons to Protect Your VPN With MFA (READABLE)
  2299. The Original Cookie specification from 1997 was GDPR compliant (READABLE)
  2300. Human Programming Interface | beepb00p (READABLE)
  2301. Hack Yourself First: How to go on the Cyber-Offence - NDC Oslo 2020 | Software Developers Conference (READABLE)
  2302. Eastside Baby Corner (READABLE)
  2303. NDC Oslo Warmup Meetup #1 (READABLE)
  2304. A Rust-based TLS library outperformed OpenSSL in almost every category | ZDNet (READABLE)
  2305. INFORMATION ON ULMON USER ACCOUNT DATA BREACH — Ulmon - Apps for Travelers: CityMaps2Go & TicketLens (READABLE)
  2306. Indian Maths Genius Who Debunked Euler’s Theory, Made it to NYT Front Page Dies at 103 (READABLE)
  2307. Euler Squares - Numberphile (READABLE)
  2308. There is one, and only one strain of SARS-CoV-2 (READABLE)
  2309. We Chat, They Watch: How International Users Unwittingly Build up WeChat’s Chinese Censorship Apparatus - The Citizen Lab (READABLE)
  2310. Super Bootable 64 (READABLE)
  2311. [Question] CoreRT future plans · Issue #7200 · dotnet/corert (READABLE)
  2312. .NET Portability Analyzer (READABLE)
  2313. A message from our CEO: The Way Forward - Stack Overflow Blog (READABLE)
  2314. C64 Turbo Assembler 34-Year-Old Bug Found & Fixed (READABLE)
  2315. Testing Experience - code coverage (READABLE)
  2316. twitch roulette (READABLE)
  2317. [Question] CoreRT future plans · Issue #7200 · dotnet/corert (READABLE)
  2318. Episode 81 - Malicious Life (READABLE)
  2319. Geckoview - GeckoView (READABLE)
  2320. Getting Started with Gridsome - A Vuejs Web Framework (Live Stream) (READABLE)
  2321. Visual Studio 2019 for Mac - Preview Release Notes (READABLE)
  2322. Microsoft's GitHub account allegedly hacked, 500GB stolen (READABLE)
  2323. GCC 10.1 Released (READABLE)
  2324. Life, part 7 (READABLE)
  2325. Zoom Acquires Keybase and Announces Goal of Developing the Most Broadly Used Enterprise End-to-End Encryption Offering - Zoom Blog (READABLE)
  2326. Tips for Turning to the Plant Side (READABLE)
  2327. OData Model Builder now Available | OData (READABLE)
  2328. Don't Code Tired | C# Source Generators: Less Boilerplate Code, More Productivity (READABLE)
  2329. Introducing Surface Go 2, Surface Book 3, Surface Headphones 2 and Surface Earbuds | Microsoft Devices Blog (READABLE)
  2330. VB.NET Shop (READABLE)
  2331. Entity Framework Core 5 vs SQLBulkCopy – Michał Białecki Blog (READABLE)
  2332. Manage and find data with Blob Index for Azure Storage—now in preview (READABLE)
  2333. Cosmos DB Profiler (READABLE)
  2334. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  2335. A Small Case Study in Test Automation (and other things) (READABLE)
  2336. Animate Anything with Xamarin.Forms (READABLE)
  2337. Post-Build Events and .NET Core (READABLE)
  2338. Top JavaScript Features Added in ECMAScript 2020 (ES2020) (READABLE)
  2339. Using Razor Class Library (RCL) to generate a common UI for all your dotnet web projects (READABLE)
  2340. Databases Still Store Data (READABLE)
  2341. Building an Real Time Event Processor – Part 1 (READABLE)
  2342. ASP.NET Blog | Configuring Azure Services and emulators using Visual Studio (READABLE)
  2343. Building an Real Time Event Processor – Part 2 (READABLE)
  2344. Building an Real Time Event Processor – Part 3 (READABLE)
  2345. The Importance of Passwords and Multi Factor Authentication: An Interview with Troy Hunt (READABLE)
  2346. Crash in FBSDKRestrictiveDataFilterManager.m line 80 · Issue #1374 · facebook/facebook-ios-sdk (READABLE)
  2347. .NET Foundation (READABLE)
  2348. Buttplug: Sex Toy Control Software (READABLE)
  2349. Suspicious Site Reporter (READABLE)
  2350. book.dvi (READABLE)
  2351. Top 10 books every .NET/C# developer should read (READABLE)
  2352. Add tags for programming languages / genres (READABLE)
  2353. No Hello (READABLE)
  2354. Building an ASP.NET Core MVC app for my Azure Cosmos DB sample (READABLE)
  2355. The Art of the Japanese Sword - Face To Face | NHK WORLD-JAPAN On Demand (READABLE)
  2356. (READABLE)
  2357. damianedwards / SignalR - ccdd24c (READABLE)
  2358. View and navigate through changes across multiple resources | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure (READABLE)
  2359. WinUI (READABLE)
  2360. Entity Framework: .NET Community Standup - May 6th 2020 - Introducing the EF Core Community Standup (READABLE)
  2361. iamtimcorey (READABLE)
  2362. No cookie consent walls — and no, scrolling isn’t consent, says EU data protection body – TechCrunch (READABLE)
  2363. Release notes/1.0 - Inkscape Wiki (READABLE)
  2364. Caddy offers TLS, HTTPS, and more in one dependency-free Go Web server (READABLE)
  2365. Take care editing bash scripts (READABLE)
  2366. I was tricked into thinking I had “grit” - Second Breakfast (READABLE)
  2367. An Adult Cam Site Exposed 10.88 Billion Records (READABLE)
  2368. Status of This Year's Event - DDD Melbourne (READABLE)
  2369. Europol arrests hackers behind Infinity Black hacker group | ZDNet (READABLE)
  2370. The 773 Million Record "Collection #1" Data Breach (READABLE)
  2371. Awesome Blazor Browser (READABLE)
  2372. April Extensions for Firefox Preview (READABLE)
  2373. Configure a domain for an Azure App Service using Cloudflare (READABLE)
  2374. Using Postgresql Advisory Locks for Leader Election (READABLE)
  2375. Connecting to locahost over HTTPS from simulators and emulators (revisited) (READABLE)
  2376. Static Constructor Failures and Declaration Order (READABLE)
  2377. May DDD By Night (READABLE)
  2378. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  2379. Securing Web API with the Hybrid Flow - Code Maze (READABLE)
  2380. Razor Pages in ASP .NET Core 3.1 (READABLE)
  2381. Humans Not Invited (READABLE)
  2382. #GivingTuesdayNow Matching-Gift Opportunity (READABLE)
  2383. Floating Point Visually Explained (READABLE)
  2384. Bitly | URL Shortener, Custom Links & Link Management (READABLE)
  2385. TLDR: Writing a Slack bot to Summarize Articles (READABLE)
  2386. Cam Link 4K (READABLE)
  2387. Nintendo has reportedly suffered a significant legacy console leak | VGC (READABLE)
  2388. Firefox 76.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes (READABLE)
  2389. Citing revenue declines, Airbnb cuts 1,900 jobs, or around 25% of its global workforce – TechCrunch (READABLE)
  2390. Carbon Seqestration | Seaweed Farming | Blue Carbon | (READABLE)
  2391. 90 Days With The Pinebook Pro (READABLE)
  2392. How Stripe Designs Beautiful Websites (READABLE)
  2393. Working from home (READABLE)
  2394. The Strictly Zero-Correlation Attack with Application to the Full DES (READABLE)
  2395. Blazor Tutorial : Deploy to Azure App Services (READABLE)
  2396. Contrast Security jobs (READABLE)
  2397. Getting Started - Introduction (READABLE)
  2398. Formatting Strings with JavaScript Padstart and Padend Functions (READABLE)
  2399. Sonic Pi - The Live Coding Music Synth for Everyone (READABLE)
  2400. Using jQuery and Bootstrap from a CDN with fallback scripts in ASP.NET Core 3.0 (READABLE)
  2401. Stealing your SMS messages with iOS 0day (READABLE)
  2402. PHP showing its maturity in release 7.4 (READABLE)
  2403. UK finds itself almost alone with centralized virus contact-tracing app that probably won't work well, asks for your location, may be illegal (READABLE)
  2404. Toll Group suffers second ransomware attack this year (READABLE)
  2405. Auto Saving Form Data in Blazor (READABLE)
  2406. Experts Doubt the Sun Is Actually Burning Coal (READABLE)
  2407. Azure Charts Visualize your cloud learning journey (READABLE)
  2408. Don't Code Tired | C# Source Generators: Less Boilerplate Code, More Productivity (READABLE)
  2409. I gave away my books for free, and sales increased 4x (READABLE)
  2410. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  2411. Development With A Dot - Dynamic Routing in ASP.NET Core 3 (READABLE)
  2412. Monsters Weekly 163 - Getting Started with Feature Flags (READABLE)
  2413. Using PredicateBuilder with EF Core for Complex Queries (READABLE)
  2414. Messaging with Azure Service Bus - Part 7 - Topics and Subscriptions (READABLE)
  2415. Call For Papers - NDC Melbourne 2020 (READABLE)
  2416. Introducing Inkscape 1.0 | Inkscape (READABLE)
  2417. NYT defeats Ajit Pai as judge orders FCC to provide net neutrality records (READABLE)
  2418. DamianPEdwards - Twitch (READABLE)
  2419. history.txt (READABLE)
  2420. Learn about Blazor with Michael (READABLE)
  2421. No Cookies | Gold Coast Bulletin (READABLE)
  2422. Why strace doesn't work in Docker (READABLE)
  2423. Introducing Caddy 2 - The Ultimate Server with Automatic HTTPS (READABLE)
  2424. Download Inkscape 1.0 | Inkscape (READABLE)
  2425. Life, part 6 (READABLE)
  2426. Very British Problems: Making Life Awkward for Ourselves, One Rainy Day at a Time: Rob Temple: 9780751557039: Books (READABLE)
  2427. ongoing by Tim Bray · Bye, Amazon (READABLE)
  2428. Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage Now Has S3 Compatible APIs (READABLE)
  2429. Inkscape 1.0 is here! (READABLE)
  2430. systemd, 10 years later: a historical and technical retrospective (READABLE)
  2431. Learn SQL while solving crimes! SQL Police Department (READABLE)
  2432. try-convert 0.4.125402 (READABLE)
  2433. It's better to .Take() | Codejack (READABLE)
  2434. SVG Fragment Identifiers in HTML and CSS (READABLE)
  2435. Client Certificate Authentication (READABLE)
  2436. Unimpressed by online classes, college students seek refunds (READABLE)
  2437. Apple updates 13-inch MacBook Pro with Magic Keyboard, double the storage, and faster performance (READABLE)
  2438. debugging tips: check your assumptions (READABLE)
  2439. EEVblog (READABLE)
  2440. Headless vs Embedded CMS (Live Stream) (READABLE)
  2441. Pacific Time: 07:04am (READABLE)
  2442. EF Core testing sample - EF Core (READABLE)
  2443. How to Query SQL Server XML data type Columns in Entity Framework Core 3.x - Rob Kennedy (READABLE)
  2444. Trains․NET - Episode 27 - Prevent trains bumping into each other (READABLE)
  2445. Auto-failover groups in Azure SQL (READABLE)
  2446. Curtis Lusmore (READABLE)
  2447. F# 5 (READABLE)
  2448. standupmaths on eBay (READABLE)
  2449. Modern SAT solvers: fast, neat and underused (part 1 of N) (READABLE)
  2450. ongoing by Tim Bray · Bye, Amazon (READABLE)
  2451. Blazored.Toast 3.0.0 (READABLE)
  2452. Popcorn Linux - Home (READABLE)
  2453. systemd, 10 years later: a historical and technical retrospective (READABLE)
  2454. Explainable Deep Learning: A Field Guide for the Uninitiated (READABLE)
  2455. [ONLINE EVENT] Turbocharged: Writing High-Performance C# and .NET Code (READABLE)
  2456. Remote Debugging for Azure Functions Can Be a Breeze | Ozcode (READABLE)
  2457. Tip 262 - Learn how to reduce cost with Azure (READABLE)
  2458. Clean Coding in C# - Part I (READABLE)
  2459. Orchestrating an application process with AWS Batch using AWS CDK | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  2460. terrajobst - Episode 21: Source Generators - Twitch (READABLE)
  2461. The FlixOne Bookstore Journey - WIN AN EBOOK PART 2: Hands-On Microservices with C# and .NET Core (READABLE)
  2462. Released: Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 2.0 Preview 3 (READABLE)
  2463. Free GitHub Satellite Virtual 2020 Event May 6 | Build5Nines (READABLE)
  2464. Removing xaml.cs with C# Source Generators - Michael Esteves (READABLE)
  2465. The man feeding a remote Alaska town with a Costco card and a ship (READABLE)
  2466. Tesla Data Leak: Old Components With Personal Info Find Their Way On eBay (READABLE)
  2467. Startup financial models - 12 templates compared for SaaS (READABLE)
  2468. The Five Most Likely Explanations for Long Delayed Echoes - Department of Physics (READABLE)
  2469. Making rust as fast as go (READABLE)
  2470. Pupper — Stanford Student Robotics (READABLE)
  2471. Full outage (READABLE)
  2472. Salt 3000.2 Release Notes (READABLE)
  2473. 'Re: Integrating "safe" languages into OpenBSD?' (READABLE)
  2474. New Surface Neo – Coming Holiday 2020 – Microsoft Surface (READABLE)
  2475. Before proceeding • IACR (READABLE)
  2476. What would you do if you lost your Google account? · Tomas Vik (READABLE)
  2477. What to Code (READABLE)
  2478. So I reverse engineered two dating apps... (READABLE)
  2479. Episode 20: Emitting IL Part 3 (READABLE)
  2480. My First Year as a Freelance AI Engineer (READABLE)
  2481. Sequoia - Pricing Your Product (READABLE)
  2482. Hacker leaks 15 million records from Tokopedia, Indonesia's largest online store | ZDNet (READABLE)
  2483. Installing Blazor-Blogs on Microsoft Azure (READABLE)
  2484. Orleans UniversalSilo (READABLE)
  2485. Australians toss aside privacy concerns in rush to sign up for virus tracking phone app (READABLE)
  2486. The Best Medium-Hard Data Analyst SQL Interview Questions (READABLE)
  2487. How to sell a B2B product by Calvin French-Owen (READABLE)
  2488. How does a .NET profiler work? (READABLE)
  2489. How assembly language loops work (READABLE)
  2490. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS’ snap obsession has snapped me off of it (READABLE)
  2491. How We Created a Realtime Patient Monitoring System With Go and Vue in 3 days (READABLE)
  2492. Awk in 20 Minutes (READABLE)
  2493. Complexity Has to Live Somewhere (READABLE)
  2494. Reducing allocations using Span<T> and Memory<T> (READABLE)
  2495. Endorse COVIDSafe (READABLE)
  2496. Time Periods (READABLE)
  2497. on the usability of editable software (READABLE)
  2498. Gatsby and Sanity - Part 4 (Live Stream) (READABLE)
  2499. New Firefox service will generate unique email aliases to enter in online forms | ZDNet (READABLE)
  2500. Open file links directly in Office desktop apps (READABLE)
  2501. OpenPGP Message Format (READABLE)
  2502. Power BI Report (READABLE)
  2503. GTR: Shadows (READABLE)
  2504. Code Maze Weekly #23 - Code Maze (READABLE)
  2505. SerenityOS update (April 2020) (READABLE)
  2506. Announcing ImageSharp 1.0 Release Candidate 1 | Six Labors (READABLE)
  2507. Weekly Update 189 (READABLE)
  2508. Sprint management built for software teams. (READABLE)
  2509. Migrating to ASP.NET Core (READABLE)
  2510. Xamarin.Forms 4.6 Available Today! | Xamarin Blog (READABLE)
  2511. bliki: KeystoneInterface (READABLE)
  2512. Solution - unable to Copy/Paste into Gmail (READABLE)
  2513. Introducing .NET Core Support for AWS Amplify Backend Functions | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  2514. Development With A Dot - Performance in .NET – Part 4 (READABLE)
  2515. From Fiddler Classic to Fiddler Everywhere (READABLE)
  2516. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  2517. I’ve Consed Every Pair (READABLE)
  2518. ICANN Board Withholds Consent for a Change of Control of the Public Interest Registry (PIR) (READABLE)
  2519. A Warm Welcome to ASN.1 and DER (READABLE)
  2520. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  2521. Microsoft Build 2020 registration is not only open, it's FREE, it's LIVE, it's VIRTUAL, and it is all FOR YOU (READABLE)
  2522. Jukebox (READABLE)
  2523. Over 275 Days Since Equifax's Data Breach Settlement and No One Has Been Paid | (READABLE)
  2524. A few of my favorite C# 7 and 8 things w/ Phil Haack [VIRTUAL ONLY] (READABLE)
  2525. Create a .NET profiler with the Profiling API - Start of an unexpected journey (READABLE)
  2526. Writing a Key Value Store in C# (READABLE)
  2527. Mobile Blazor Bindings - Navigation and Xamarin Essentials (READABLE)
  2528. NuGet Trends (READABLE)
  2529. Announcing the SourceHut project hub (READABLE)
  2530. Life, part 5 (READABLE)
  2531. ASP.NET Blog | Blazor WebAssembly 3.2.0 Release Candidate now available (READABLE)
  2532. Visual Studio Codespaces (READABLE)
  2533. Rust/WinRT Public Preview - Windows Developer Blog (READABLE)
  2534. Game of Life 32 by Desire (READABLE)
  2535. Blazor Tutorial : Deploy to IIS - EP28 (READABLE)
  2536. Service Fabric Community Q&A 43 (READABLE)
  2537. Redis 6.0.0 GA is out! (READABLE)
  2538. Join conversation (READABLE)
  2539. The Open Web is Dying | PerezBox (READABLE)
  2540. Rules of thumb for a 1x developer (READABLE)
  2541. Data Breaches: How to Respond to a Tipoff of a Problem (READABLE)
  2542. Using Reinforcement Learning in the Algorithmic Trading Problem (READABLE)
  2543. Hacking Together an E-ink Dashboard (READABLE)
  2544. How to break everything by fuzz testing (READABLE)
  2545. COVIDSafe App Teardown & Panel Discussion (READABLE)
  2546. COVIDSafe App Teardown & Panel Discussion (READABLE)
  2547. SSH Tips & Tricks (READABLE)
  2548. Tech gurus inspected the COVIDSafe app. Here's what they found (READABLE)
  2549. Introducing Insomnia Designer (READABLE)
  2550. Introducing Postgres Projects in Azure Data Studio (READABLE)
  2551. Quickly transform any mockup or design into a working Blazor prototype (READABLE)
  2552. (READABLE)
  2553. Messaging with Azure Service Bus - Part 6 - Message Receiving Options (READABLE)
  2554. Exception Helper – Rethrown Exceptions | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  2555. One Month Update to .NET Core 3.1 Lambda | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  2556. Demystifying Memory Profilers in C# .NET Part 2 - Memory Leaks (READABLE)
  2557. The Dispose Pattern is Broken (READABLE)
  2558. Announcing TypeScript 3.9 RC | TypeScript (READABLE)
  2559. Integrating ASP.NET Core with gRPC - Simple Talk (READABLE)
  2560. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  2561. DevExpress Reports: Localization with Azure Text Translator API (READABLE)
  2562. I could do that in a weekend! (READABLE)
  2563. Reporting - How to Use the Microsoft Azure Translator Text API to Localize Your Reports (v20.1) (READABLE)
  2564. Software Folklore (READABLE)
  2565. INotifyPropertyChanged with C# 9.0 Source Generators (READABLE)
  2566. Building External #KEDA Scaler on #Kubernetes. (READABLE)
  2568. Google Meet premium video meetings—free for everyone (READABLE)
  2569. Introducing C# Source Generators | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  2570. Sessions — Dev Around the Sun (READABLE)
  2571. How Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr) has grown since its announcement - Open Source Blog (READABLE)
  2572. To Microservices and Back Again - Why Segment Went Back to a Monolith (READABLE)
  2573. Speakers — Dev Around the Sun (READABLE)
  2574. Good writing is a business advantage. (An advertisement for myself.) (READABLE)
  2575. Wilderness Labs Developer Portal (READABLE)
  2576. Resilio Connect File Sync Software (READABLE)
  2577. SailfishOS - Sailfish OS (READABLE)
  2578. GlassWire - Personal Firewall & Network Monitor (READABLE)
  2579. 68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice (READABLE)
  2580. President of the Royal Society comments on death of The Lord May of Oxford, Robert May OM AC Kt HonFREng FRS | Royal Society (READABLE)
  2581. Build Secure Apps on DigitalOcean with VPC and a Trustworthy Foundation (READABLE)
  2582. Copy to Clipboard in Blazor (READABLE)
  2583. PageSpeed Insights (READABLE)
  2584. C# interop with C/C++ and Rust in WebAssembly - Uno Platform (READABLE)
  2585. Contract-first development: Create a mock back end for realistic data interactions with React - Red Hat Developer (READABLE)
  2586. The Hard Part of Learning a Language • Hillel Wayne (READABLE)
  2587. How to use CancellationTokens to cancel operations in the Azure SDK for .NET (READABLE)
  2588. (READABLE)
  2589. Sponsorship (READABLE)
  2590. British Museum makes 1.9 million images available for free (READABLE)
  2591. With questionable copyright claim, Jay-Z orders deepfake audio parodies off YouTube – (READABLE)
  2592. Don’t Use Boolean Arguments, Use Enums (READABLE)
  2593. Save time linking resources with autolink references (READABLE)
  2594. How 3D Game Rendering Works: Texturing (READABLE)
  2595. Preventing mass assignment or over posting with Razor Pages in ASP.NET Core (READABLE)
  2596. Server-Side Rendering is a Thiel Truth (READABLE)
  2597. How Automating Your Tests Improves Productivity - Simple Talk (READABLE)
  2598. Kicking off Marten v4 Development (READABLE)
  2599. Demo app using React/Redux/Typescript and hooks (READABLE)
  2600. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  2601. MsQuic is Open Source (READABLE)
  2602. Amy Shira Teitel, FIGHTING FOR SPACE (Stay Home and Read #4) (READABLE)
  2603. IPFS 0.5.0 is here! Our largest upgrade to IPFS yet (READABLE)
  2604. Troy Hunt @troyhunt (READABLE)
  2605. Announcing the general availability of Windows Server containers and private clusters for Azure Kubernetes Service (READABLE)
  2606. Do We Have an Obsession with Ducks in Software Development? - Steve Gordon (READABLE)
  2607. The Anti-Amazon Alliance (READABLE)
  2608. GitHub CLI (gh) Cheat Sheet | Build5Nines (READABLE)
  2609. Why not "Why not WireGuard?" (READABLE)
  2610. Tavour - Craft Beer Delivered (READABLE)
  2611. Four Ways to Create a Function in JavaScript (READABLE)
  2612. Messaging with Azure Service Bus - Part 5 - Message Sending Options (READABLE)
  2613. Some overwhelmed parents are giving up on distance learning and abandoning at-home schooling (READABLE)
  2614. Virtual rate cut forces Nintendo gamers into riskier assets | Free to read (READABLE)
  2615. Visual Studio Code Browser Preview Extension (READABLE)
  2616. UTS #51: Unicode Emoji (READABLE)
  2617. Smarter C/C++ inlining with __attribute__((flatten)) (READABLE)
  2618. Lewis Carroll's Pillow Problem - Numberphile (READABLE)
  2619. Tmux for mere mortals (READABLE)
  2620. First Release (READABLE)
  2621. B-trees (READABLE)
  2622. Pluralization with EF Core and EF Core Power Tools (READABLE)
  2623. COVIDSafe (READABLE)
  2624. Paxos vs Raft: Have we reached consensus on distributed consensus? (READABLE)
  2625. AKS Engine Questionnaire (READABLE)
  2626. Monsters Weekly 162 - Replacing Let's Encrypt with Managed Certificates in App Services (READABLE)
  2627. Feature Flags - Asp.Net Core - The Long Walk (READABLE)
  2628. Using dotTrace and dotMemory for production analysis on Linux (READABLE)
  2629. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  2630. CoreBoy is a cross platform GameBoy Emulator written in C# that even does ASCII (READABLE)
  2631. Memories - SizeCoding (READABLE)
  2632. Joint Statement of the Seven Bay Area Health Officers on Upcoming Extension and Revisions to the Current Shelter-in-Place Orders (READABLE)
  2633. 18-1150 Georgia v. Public.Resource.Org, Inc. (04/27/2020) (READABLE)
  2634. Confirmed: Twitter Kills Off SMS Notifications & Posting In Most Countries And Deletes SMS Followers Without Providing Any Warning - (READABLE)
  2635. Hey, I'm going to the bear pits tomorrow! (READABLE)
  2636. COVIDSafe App Teardown & Panel Discussion (READABLE)
  2637. What's coming in Go 1.15 (READABLE)
  2638. Query Tags in EF Core for ASP .NET Core 3.1 Web Apps (READABLE)
  2639. This Goes to Eleven (Pt. 4/∞) (READABLE)
  2640. Work flow of diagnosing memory performance issues – Part 2 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  2641. I spent $6 Million On Google Ads Last Year (READABLE)
  2642. - Cryptographic key management, sigchains, user identities, signing, encryption, password manager. (READABLE)
  2643. Automate multi-container Kubernetes deployments with Azure Pipelines - Learn - Learn (READABLE)
  2644. Building .NET Framework Applications with Github Actions (READABLE)
  2645. How Socket Error Codes Depend on Runtime and Operating System - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  2646. Deep Neural Network from Scratch in Python | Fully Connected Feedforward Neural Network (READABLE)
  2647. Controlling my A/C with a Gameboy · jg (READABLE)
  2648. Life, part 4 (READABLE)
  2649. Twilio Inspire: Building Cloud City Cakes with ASP.NET and Twilio (READABLE)
  2650. First Release (READABLE)
  2651. T E X T F I L E S D O T C O M (READABLE)
  2652. Getting Started : Azure App Services : EP01 (READABLE)
  2653. Have You Been Pwned? - Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons Podcast (READABLE)
  2654. Remove certificate pinning for Australia Goverment Covidsafe Android Application (READABLE)
  2655. a-Shell (READABLE)
  2656. 'Sextortion' scam: Police warn as porn blackmailers target Hertfordshire computer users (READABLE)
  2657. Tax2efile, a US-based Tax E-filing Service Suffered Data Breach. (READABLE)
  2658. (READABLE)
  2659. Messaging with Azure Service Bus - Part 4 - Sending and Receiving Messages (READABLE)
  2660. Tip 261 - Learn how to use Azure Kubernetes Service Diagnostics (READABLE)
  2661. Testable Back-end Programming in F# (READABLE)
  2662. Soon You’ll Use Fiddler Everywhere & Every Way You Asked For (READABLE)
  2663. NUKE - Designing a build system with IDE support in mind - Webinar Recording - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  2664. Stored Procedures, ORMs, and GraphQL - ardalis (READABLE)
  2665. The Chain of Responsibility Pattern – Or how to over engineer FizzBuzz in PowerShell (READABLE)
  2666. Does Nick Offerman Say Fremulon? (READABLE)
  2667. SPICIEST CHIP IN THE WORLD | Paqui One Chip Challenge (READABLE)
  2668. SQLite/SQL Server Compact Toolbox - Visual Studio Marketplace (READABLE)
  2669. 04-26-20 Chris Craze NEW HOUSE MUSIC (READABLE)
  2670. Just Flip A Coin (READABLE)
  2671. Entity Framework Core Part 4 (READABLE)
  2672. (READABLE)
  2673. Who says not a doctor? (READABLE)
  2674. Explicit Loading in Entity Framework Core - TekTutorialsHub (READABLE)
  2675. Load data from Azure Blob storage into Azure SQL (READABLE)
  2676. SPAs are dead!? (READABLE)
  2677. Rider for Unreal Engine Public Preview Starts Now! - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  2678. COVIDSafe app reaches five-day download goal within five hours (READABLE)
  2679. Let's Stop the 5G Hysteria: Understanding Hoaxes and Disinformation Campaigns (READABLE)
  2680. Eloquent JavaScript (READABLE)
  2681. Hackathons are Dumb (READABLE)
  2682. Vietnam's contact tracing app broadcasting a fixed ID (READABLE)
  2683. Barbie typewriter (READABLE)
  2684. Cox's Blocks, a Minecraft server from Do By Friday (READABLE)
  2685. Public Money, Public Code (READABLE)
  2686. Teleforking a process onto a different computer! (READABLE)
  2687. Netherlands commits to Free Software by default (READABLE)
  2688. The Universe of Discourse : Why my book can be downloaded for free (READABLE)
  2689. My NixOS Desktop Flow (READABLE)
  2690. r/windows - How can I disable 'Search the web'? (READABLE)
  2691. Preventing Software Rot (READABLE)
  2692. Government launches tracing app (READABLE)
  2693. WebLiero (READABLE)
  2694. Japan to subsidize 100% of salaries at small companies (READABLE)
  2695. [Question] CoreRT future plans · Issue #7200 · dotnet/corert (READABLE)
  2696. Search Results - Springer (READABLE)
  2697. Registering an Application to a URI Scheme using .NET (custom protocol) (READABLE)
  2698. Troy Hunt @troyhunt (READABLE)
  2699. Build a C# App with CockroachDB and the .NET Npgsql Driver (READABLE)
  2700. Sony Handycam HDR-HC3 HD Camcorder + VCT-D580RM tripod, used excellent condition 27242688599 | eBay (READABLE)
  2701. Facebook’s Calibra Team Outlines New Byzantine Fault Tolerance Testing Methods (READABLE)
  2702. Shell productivity tips and tricks (READABLE)
  2703. Airbnb Price Per Night Correcter (READABLE)
  2704. Creating a Reverse Proxy in Dotnet Core (READABLE)
  2705. Home - Pl@ntNet (READABLE)
  2706. Time is the only real currency we have (READABLE)
  2707. (READABLE)
  2708. ATA113906 GDO-7V1.indd (READABLE)
  2709. Weekly Update 188 (READABLE)
  2710. TupleElementNamesAttribute Class (System.Runtime.CompilerServices) (READABLE)
  2711. Passwords Evolved: Authentication Guidance for the Modern Era (READABLE)
  2712. A Third Solution (READABLE)
  2713. AmpliFi Alien Router and MeshPoint (READABLE)
  2714. Seinfeld (READABLE)
  2715. Emojicode Documentation · Compile and Run Your First Program (READABLE)
  2716. BlazorJsFastDataExchanger 1.0.1 (READABLE)
  2717. Disabling Snaps in Ubuntu 20.04 (READABLE)
  2718. Programming is not a goal. (READABLE)
  2719. The final Python 2 release marks the end of an era - Stack Overflow Blog (READABLE)
  2720. Working with Channels in .NET (READABLE)
  2721. Agile’s Early Evangelists Wouldn’t Mind Watching It Die (READABLE)
  2722. R 4.0.0 is released (READABLE)
  2723. Play board games online from your browser (READABLE)
  2724. Analyzing Analytics (Featuring: The FBI) (READABLE)
  2725. Keynote - NDC Porto 2020 (READABLE)
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  2727. Coming soon: Fedora on Lenovo laptops! - Fedora Magazine (READABLE)
  2728. Visual Studio Tricks: Increase signal to noise in your debugger (READABLE)
  2729. SQL Server 2019 Aggressive Clustered Columnstore Cleanup (READABLE)
  2730. Spotify’s Failed #SquadGoals (READABLE)
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  2737. Streamlabs Chat CSS tweak so message goes below name. Good for tall, thin layout. (READABLE)
  2738. How to Build a Secure AWS Lambda API with Node.js and React (READABLE)
  2739. Azure Resource Organization Cheat Sheet (READABLE)
  2740. JetBrains .NET Days Online – A Virtual .NET Event on May 13–14, 2020 (READABLE)
  2741. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  2742. Introducing MVVM architecture. Vanilla javascript implementation. (READABLE)
  2743. C# 8.0 nullable references: embrace the expressiveness (READABLE)
  2744. Announcing Entity Framework Core 5.0 Preview 3 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  2745. Jasper’s Efficient and Flexible Roslyn-Powered Execution Pipeline (READABLE)
  2746. will continue to support TLS 1.0 and 1.1 until further notice | The NuGet Blog (READABLE)
  2747. Books I recommend to my software engineering students (READABLE)
  2748. Announcing .NET 5.0 Preview 3 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  2749. AKAI Fire (READABLE)
  2750. (READABLE)
  2751. Preliminary test results suggest 21.2% of NYC residents have COVID antibodies | 6sqft (READABLE)
  2752. MetricsPrototyping (READABLE)
  2753. Instagram no longer allows people without an account to view photos and videos on computers (READABLE)
  2754. Desktop: .NET Community Standup - April 23rd 2020 - WinForms & XAML Tooling (READABLE)
  2755. ASP.NET Blog | Blazor WebAssembly 3.2.0 Preview 5 release now available (READABLE)
  2756. The ProtonMail Android app is open source (READABLE)
  2757. Ubuntu 20.04 and WSL 1 (READABLE)
  2758. Get Ubuntu | Download | Ubuntu (READABLE)
  2759. ASP.NET Blog | ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 5 Preview 3 (READABLE)
  2760. Visual Studio: .NET Community Standup - April 16th 2020 - Chat / Q&A with Kendra and Cody (READABLE)
  2761. Mobile Blazor Bindings - State Management and Data (READABLE)
  2762. Life, part 3 (READABLE)
  2763. How to find cause of high kernel_task cpu usage? (READABLE)
  2764. Is Cloudflare safe yet? (READABLE)
  2765. .NET Core Tab Completion With Zsh (READABLE)
  2766. Get Ubuntu 20.04 LTS - Microsoft Store (READABLE)
  2767. Migrate SQL Express DB to Azure SQL Database (READABLE)
  2768. The 2020 iPhone SE (READABLE)
  2769. Elastic{ON} Tour Americas East 2020 (Virtual) (READABLE)
  2770. Awesome 8-Bit DIY Breadboard Computer... | EEWeb Community (READABLE)
  2771. GraphQL and Apollo with Andrew Mead (Live Stream) (READABLE)
  2772. OODA loop simulator (READABLE)
  2773. This is what end-to-end encryption should look like! - Jitsi (READABLE)
  2774. Fixing Random, part 14 (READABLE)
  2775. Fixing Random, part 13 (READABLE)
  2776. Fixing Random, part 12 (READABLE)
  2777. A small state-of-the-art study on custom engines (READABLE)
  2778. Closing the gap: cross-language LTO between Rust and C/C++ (READABLE)
  2779. FocalFossa/ReleaseNotes - Ubuntu Wiki (READABLE)
  2780. Related Subreddits By User/Redditor Overlap (READABLE)
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  2788. Introducing Jasper as an In Process Command Bus for .Net (READABLE)
  2789. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  2790. Team Fortress 2 source code has leaked, and you can apparently get malware by playing (READABLE)
  2791. MVP Program (READABLE)
  2792. ‎The Numberphile Podcast: The Accidental Streamer - with 3blue1brown on Apple Podcasts (READABLE)
  2793. Hosting Blazor Applications on GitHub Pages - (READABLE)
  2794. Telerik UI for Blazor 2.11.0: New Grid Features & Much More! (READABLE)
  2795. - Developing for Microsoft Azure and Office 365 (READABLE)
  2796. Call MS Graph APIs from ASP.NET Core 3.1 (READABLE)
  2797. Our data centers now work harder when the sun shines and wind blows (READABLE)
  2798. Make Home & End keys behave like Windows on Mac OS X (READABLE)
  2799. Magic Leap reportedly slashes 1,000 jobs and steps away from consumer plans – TechCrunch (READABLE)
  2800. Phoenix Framework (READABLE)
  2801. What's New in Skype for Windows, Mac, Linux and Web? | Skype Support (READABLE)
  2802. Creating and Packaging a .NET Standard library | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
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  2805. Things I Wished More Developers Knew About Databases (READABLE)
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  2807. Windows Terminal Preview v0.11 Release | Windows Command Line (READABLE)
  2808. wizard zines (READABLE)
  2809. How to find cause of high kernel_task cpu usage? (READABLE)
  2810. Telerik UI for Blazor - UI for Blazor 2.11.0 (READABLE)
  2811. Conversations with a six-year-old on functional programming (READABLE)
  2812. Patreon lays off 13% of workforce – TechCrunch (READABLE)
  2813. Engineering code quality in the Firefox browser: A look at our tools and challenges – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog (READABLE)
  2814. Scott Miller's answer to Why are Soviet mathematics/physics textbooks so insanely hardcore in comparison to US textbooks? (READABLE)
  2815. Running ML.NET + Notebooks in Azure Machine Learning Studio (READABLE)
  2816. Nintendo 64 Architecture | A Practical Analysis (READABLE)
  2817. Entity Framework Core Part 3 (READABLE)
  2818. Migrating from .NET Framework to .NET Core (READABLE)
  2819. Lab — CS-3210, Spring 2020 1 documentation (READABLE)
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  2822. Help us shape the future of deep learning in .NET | .NET Blog (READABLE)
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  2828. Four new Google Duo features to help you stay connected (READABLE)
  2829. 98.css (READABLE)
  2830. Hackers leak personal info of Vianet users (READABLE)
  2831. How We Reopen (READABLE)
  2832. The Fed (READABLE)
  2833. Leaker Claims Mobile Version of Xcode Coming to iPad (READABLE)
  2834. Intention (READABLE)
  2835. Phishing: how to report to the NCSC (READABLE)
  2836. How Netflix brings safer and faster streaming experience to the living room on crowded networks… (READABLE)
  2837. Transparent Textures (READABLE)
  2838. Stripe is Silently Recording Your Movements On its Customers' Websites (READABLE)
  2839. Remote Software Developers Earn 22% More Than Non-Remote Developers (READABLE)
  2840. BlazorPro.BlazorSize 2.0.2 (READABLE)
  2841. A Possible New Backend for Rust – Jason Williams (READABLE)
  2842. ZEIT is now Vercel - Vercel (READABLE)
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  2847. Lessons Learned Preparing and Presenting Tech Training Events (READABLE)
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  2851. Hero Patterns (READABLE)
  2852. Background Patterns in CSS (READABLE)
  2853. C# 9 – Positional or Nominal Creation (READABLE)
  2854. is error logging and uptime monitoring for ASP.NET and Core (READABLE)
  2856. Ars Technica (READABLE)
  2857. Support Foone Turing on! (READABLE)
  2858. The Duckbill Group - Lower Your AWS Bill by 20-40% (READABLE)
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  2861. Live Coding with Xamarin - Prism Enhancements (READABLE)
  2862. Kezdőlap - BME AUT (READABLE)
  2863. stochastic terrorism - Wiktionary (READABLE)
  2864. Julie Lerman on (READABLE)
  2865. The Con (Tegan & Sara) but with mixed meters (READABLE)
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  2874. Soundroom (READABLE)
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  2877. Kim Maida 🥑 — DEV Profile (READABLE)
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  2886. My Writings (READABLE)
  2887. Abonnement Xbox Live - Les codes Xbox Live et les Cartes Cadeaux les moins chers du Net (READABLE)
  2888. Secure, Fast & Private Web Browser with Adblocker | Brave Browser (READABLE)
  2889. Our Products | Fresh Greens from West Village Greens (READABLE)
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  2891. Tip 260 - Using Azure Functions Premium Plan to avoid cold-start (READABLE)
  2892. The Most Exciting Promise of .NET 5 (READABLE)
  2893. Azure Service Fabric 7.1 Release (READABLE)
  2894. Add git tags and versioning to mark Deployments in Azure DevOps Pipelines (READABLE)
  2895. Messaging with Azure Service Bus - Part 2 - The Challenges of Messaging (READABLE)
  2896. Building End-to-End Diagnostics and Tracing: Diagnostic Events (READABLE)
  2897. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  2898. Nullable Reference Types: Migrating a Codebase – A Look at New Language Features in C# 8 - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  2899. Concurrency Week: How to Delete Just Some Rows from a Really Big Table - Brent Ozar Unlimited® (READABLE)
  2900. How to disable “one more minute” on Scree… (READABLE)
  2901. Python 2.7.18, the last release of Python 2 (READABLE)
  2902. Nintendo accounts are getting hijacked—including one of ours (READABLE)
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  2905. Fixing Random, part 15 (READABLE)
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  2908. Fixing Random, part 17 (READABLE)
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  2910. Build an intelligent chat bot that runs on Slack, Facebook & more! (READABLE)
  2911. Provide support for C# on Databricks (READABLE)
  2912. Life, part 2 (READABLE)
  2913. Psychedelic compound from magic mushrooms produced in yeast (READABLE)
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  2915. ASP .NET Core Dev Blog Series (READABLE)
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  2921. Kick The Shit Out Of Procrastination - David Thorpe (READABLE)
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  2923. Feature Flags (aka Feature Toggles) (READABLE)
  2924. Postgres For Those Who Can’t Even, Part 3 – In The Real World (READABLE)
  2925. Strategies for migrating to TypeScript (READABLE)
  2926. Filtering on Include in EF Core (READABLE)
  2927. Creating web apps via TypeScript and webpack (READABLE)
  2928. How does TypeScript work? The bird’s eye view (READABLE)
  2929. Messaging with Azure Service Bus - Part 1 - Why Use Messaging? (READABLE)
  2930. Where The Shadow Ends - Acoustic (READABLE)
  2931. BANNERS - Where The Shadow Ends (Acoustic / Audio) (READABLE)
  2932. Hardware Solutions To Highly-Adversarial Environments Part 3: Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), SGX, TrustZone and Hardware Security Tokens (READABLE)
  2933. The Baymard Institute: A glorious, evidence-based trove of UX best practices (READABLE)
  2934. Watching More Files With Dotnet Watch For Static Sites (READABLE)
  2935. 500 Free Computer Science Courses from the World’s Top CS Universities (READABLE)
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  2937. Hands-on Scala Programming (READABLE)
  2938. UnclePaul (READABLE)
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  2940. .NET for Apache Spark brings enterprise coders and big data pros to the same table | ZDNet (READABLE)
  2941. The Accidental Streamer - with 3blue1brown — Numberphile (READABLE)
  2942. The Accidental Streamer - with 3blue1brown — The Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  2943. Jevons Paradox & The Rebound Effect (READABLE)
  2944. ✏️ safer: a safer file writer ✏️ (READABLE)
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  2947. The Accidental Streamer (with 3blue1brown) - Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  2948. Running postmarketOS on iPhone 7 – (READABLE)
  2949. Convention of States Action (READABLE)
  2950. I Took a COBOL Course and It Wasn't The Worst | Hacker Noon (READABLE)
  2951. (READABLE)
  2952. Aptoide Credentials Information (READABLE)
  2953. San Francisco, California and the 1918-1919 Influenza Epidemic (READABLE)
  2954. Aptoide: Corporate Website (READABLE)
  2955. hCaptcha - Data Labeling (READABLE)
  2956. Scuttlebot peer-to-peer log store (READABLE)
  2957. IT'S TIME TO BUILD - Andreessen Horowitz (READABLE)
  2958. Enjoy Local Development with Tye, Docker, and .NET (READABLE)
  2959. Why anti-cheat software utilize kernel drivers (READABLE)
  2960. #TechSkillsDay (READABLE)
  2961. TablePlus | Modern, Native Tool for Database Management. (READABLE)
  2962. ASP.NET Web API + Entity Framework Core : Deploy to IIS - EP12 (READABLE)
  2963. Distill: Why do we need Flask, Celery, and Redis? (with McDonalds in Between) (READABLE)
  2964. (READABLE)
  2965. This open-source program lets you run deepfakes on live video calls (READABLE)
  2966. Build your own .NET memory profiler in C# — allocations(1/2) (READABLE)
  2967. History in the Making: Microsoft Edge Overtakes Mozilla Firefox (READABLE)
  2968. A Taste of GPU Compute (READABLE)
  2969. Windows Task Dialog · Issue #146 · dotnet/winforms (READABLE)
  2970. Amazon EC2 Instance Comparison (READABLE)
  2971. X410 - X Server for Windows 10 (READABLE)
  2972. Stack Overflow Team Summary - Folding@Home Stats (READABLE)
  2973. Azure Compute Instances (READABLE)
  2974. Hello, Gleam! - The Gleam Book (READABLE)
  2975. Building an end-to-end Speech Recognition model in PyTorch (READABLE)
  2976. ZoomerBackgrounds (READABLE)
  2977. Online Courses (READABLE)
  2978. The Decline of Usability | (READABLE)
  2979. Visual Studio 2019 for Mac - Preview Release Notes (READABLE)
  2980. NASA, SpaceX set May 27 as target date for first crew launch – Spaceflight Now (READABLE)
  2981. 5.1.4 Overhead Speaker Setup (READABLE)
  2982. Is BGP safe yet? · Cloudflare (READABLE)
  2983. How I made a basketball hoop that always goes in (READABLE)
  2984. Visual Studio 2019 for Mac - Preview Release Notes (READABLE)
  2985. [wsl2] filesystem performance is much slower than wsl1 in /mnt · Issue #4197 · microsoft/WSL (READABLE)
  2986. Light is beautiful | Thoughts of a graphics programmer and spare time photographer (READABLE)
  2987. Trains․NET - Episode 25 - Fighting with Blazor to JavaScript interop to try to extract some speed (READABLE)
  2988. Squaring The Circle (feat. James Grime) - Objectivity #171 (READABLE)
  2989. Internode (READABLE)
  2990. [ONLINE] Entity Framework Past and Future (READABLE)
  2991. Matt Segal Dev - Nand to Tetris is a great course (READABLE)
  2992. .NET JIT compiler is not type safe – TooSlowException (READABLE)
  2993. Userscripts Are Fun And Are Still Very Much Relevant (READABLE)
  2994. Roundup #69: ASP.NET Core Urls & Ports, Tye, Orleans, and Diagnostics - CodeOpinion (READABLE)
  2995. ICANN delays .org sell off after California's attorney general intervenes at last minute, tears non-profit a new one over sale (READABLE)
  2996. Released: Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 1.1.2 (READABLE)
  2997. Don't Code Tired | Pretty Method Display in (READABLE)
  2998. Azure on the Cheap - Azure Storage Static Website and Azure Front Door (READABLE)
  2999. Apple changes default MacBook charging behavior to improve battery health (READABLE)
  3000. Introducing the Diagnostics Client Library for .NET Core (READABLE)
  3001. Creating CommonJS-based npm packages via TypeScript (READABLE)
  3002. A Rant On Reusability (READABLE)
  3003. Rider 2020.1 Is Released! - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  3004. See What's New in Visual Studio 2019 v16.6 Preview 3! | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  3005. Announcing Uno Platform support for Visual Studio Code - Uno Platform (READABLE)
  3006. ReSharper Ultimate 2020.1: Improved Support for C# 8.0 and C++20, Dataflow Analysis of Integer Values, and Much More - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  3007. Entity Framework Core Part 2 (READABLE)
  3008. Weekly Update 187 (READABLE)
  3009. Changing policy, Y Combinator cuts its pro rata stake and makes investments case-by-case – TechCrunch (READABLE)
  3010. State of Vue Apr 16 2020 (READABLE)
  3011. Excel with s0lly: 5. Simulating the Game of Life (READABLE)
  3012. Herding Code 241: The Freaky Friday macOS / Windows Switch (READABLE)
  3013. Gatsby and - Part 3 (Live Stream) (READABLE)
  3014. Cloudflare Workers Now Support COBOL (READABLE)
  3015. Using .NET Core to provide Power Query for Excel on Mac | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  3016. Workstream Home (READABLE)
  3017. It's like JSON. but fast and small. (READABLE)
  3018. Syncfusion Free Ebooks | Blazor Succinctly (READABLE)
  3019. The Computer Scientist Who Can’t Stop Telling Stories (READABLE)
  3020. Apple (Australia) (READABLE)
  3021. The Ultimate Guide to Drag and Drop Image Uploading with Pure Javascript (READABLE)
  3022. Americans Remain Risk Averse About Getting Back to Normal (READABLE)
  3023. ASP.NET Blog | Blazor WebAssembly 3.2.0 Preview 4 release now available (READABLE)
  3024. ep IV - Immo Landwerth :: DevTalks (READABLE)
  3025. Creating a ReadOnlySequence from Array Data - Steve Gordon (READABLE)
  3026. F# Software Foundation (READABLE)
  3027. .NET Conf - Focus on Xamarin Event Recap | Xamarin Blog (READABLE)
  3028. Are Boolean Flags on Methods a Code Smell? - ardalis (READABLE)
  3029. MSIX Packaging Tool April 2020 release is now available! (READABLE)
  3030. Welcoming the Icelandic Government to Have I Been Pwned (READABLE)
  3031. Augmenting Interfaces in the Global Scope in TypeScript (READABLE)
  3032. The 2020 Guide to Creating Quality Technical Screencasts, Presentations, and Remote Meetings (READABLE)
  3033. A Framework to DotNet Core Conversion Report (READABLE)
  3034. Types for classes as values in TypeScript (READABLE)
  3035. A Framework to DotNet Core Conversion Report (READABLE)
  3036. Download the Student Developer coloring book! (READABLE)
  3037. When to Mock (READABLE)
  3038. What is Fiddler? (READABLE)
  3039. IntelliSense Customer Development (READABLE)
  3040. TCP/IP tutorial (READABLE)
  3041. Folding@Home is now equivalent to an exascale supercomputer (READABLE)
  3042. Bouncing DVD logo (READABLE)
  3043. Building a web app with functional programming (READABLE)
  3044. Entity Framework documentation (READABLE)
  3045. (READABLE)
  3046. The Keyboardio Atreus (READABLE)
  3047. The first two statements of your BASH script should be… (READABLE)
  3048. The most successful malleable system in history (READABLE)
  3049. The Devastating Decline of a Brilliant Young Coder (READABLE)
  3050. Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries, 3rd Edition (READABLE)
  3051. WebDriver (Chromium) - Microsoft Edge Development (READABLE)
  3052. WinUI Community Call (April 15, 2020) (READABLE)
  3053. databinding GmbH | Ihr Partner für Software, Datenanalyse und Beratung (READABLE)
  3054. JetBrains .NET Days Online (READABLE)
  3055. iPhone SE: A powerful new smartphone in a popular design (READABLE)
  3056. Breakthrough of Digital Culture: Finland accepts the Demoscene on its national UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity - Demoscene - The Art of Coding (READABLE)
  3057. A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics (READABLE)
  3058. Blazor Tutorial : Code Faster Using dotnet watch run - EP27 (READABLE)
  3059. Western Digital admits 2TB-6TB WD Red NAS drives use shingled magnetic recording – Blocks and Files (READABLE)
  3060. Turning my obsession with the stock market into a side project (READABLE)
  3061. KolibriOS official site (READABLE)
  3062. ArduBee, a Ready-To-Fly Micro drone for Education and Swarming (READABLE)
  3063. Identity & Access Control for modern Applications and APIs using ASP.NET Core 3 - NDC Porto 2020 (READABLE)
  3064. Personal gmail account claimed by SSO, can't login anymore. (READABLE)
  3065. Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 Moving into General Availability with Improved Update Process (READABLE)
  3066. Open Source Identity and Access Management (READABLE)
  3067. My (READABLE)
  3068. April 2020 Azure SDK Release (READABLE)
  3069. .NET Core performance revolution in Rider 2020.1 - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  3070. Refactoring: This class is too large (READABLE)
  3071. Publish VSCode extension using GitHub Actions | Visual Studio Geeks (READABLE)
  3072. ‎TF Podcast on Apple Podcasts (READABLE)
  3073. (READABLE)
  3074. Consuming GraphQL in C# (READABLE)
  3075. Exercise in Thinking: Do Racing Stripes Make a Car Go Faster? (READABLE)
  3076. Finally We May Have a Path to the Fundamental Theory of Physics… and It’s Beautiful—Stephen Wolfram Writings (READABLE)
  3077. C# 8 Nullable Reference Types in System.CommandLine (READABLE)
  3078. Pulumi - Modern Infrastructure as Code (READABLE)
  3079. AMD Claims World’s Fastest Per-Core Performance with New EPYC Rome 7Fx2 CPUs (READABLE)
  3080. SoftBank expects $24 billion in losses from Vision Fund, WeWork and OneWeb investments – TechCrunch (READABLE)
  3081. Airbreak: Jailbreak your CPAP machine (READABLE)
  3082. Swagger UI (READABLE)
  3083. tom nook's laptop (READABLE)
  3084. The Webpage (READABLE)
  3085. GitHub is now free for teams (READABLE)
  3086. Zippia Poll: Half of American workers would rather work from home forever - Zippia (READABLE)
  3087. Top Visual Studio Code Git Extensions in 2020 (READABLE)
  3088. How to automatically choose a free port in ASP.NET Core 3.0 (READABLE)
  3089. Mobile Blazor Bindings - State Management and Data (READABLE)
  3090. NextDNS is my new favourite DNS service (READABLE)
  3091. RIP John Conway (READABLE)
  3092. xkcd: RIP John Conway (READABLE)
  3093. John Conway (READABLE)
  3094. Organizational Accounts for ASP .NET Core 3.1 (READABLE)
  3095. Queuing Background Jobs with Coravel - CodeOpinion (READABLE)
  3096. SQL Server 2017 adds support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and Ubuntu 18.04 (READABLE)
  3097. Don't Code Tired | Simplifying Parameter Null and Other Checks with the Pitcher Library (READABLE)
  3098. Introducing a New Interactive Element: In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items) (READABLE)
  3099. An Introduction to GraphQL: Subscriptions (READABLE)
  3100. Bring your own machine to Visual Studio Online | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  3101. Try gh, GitHub's new CLI (READABLE)
  3102. Monsters Weekly 159 - Managing Database Migrations (READABLE)
  3103. Typing functions in TypeScript (READABLE)
  3104. Free Google Book: Building Secure and Reliable Systems - High Scalability - (READABLE)
  3105. Webinar: Let’s Build a Financial Dashboard with React (READABLE)
  3106. 0.6.0 Release Notes · The Zig Programming Language (READABLE)
  3107. Using Certificates from Azure Key Vault in ASP.NET Core (READABLE)
  3108. Document Your Pain - Simple Talk (READABLE)
  3109. Deep Data Dive with Kusto for Azure Data Explorer and Log Analytics (READABLE)
  3110. Anti-Corbyn Labour officials worked to lose general election to oust leader, leaked dossier finds (READABLE)
  3111. TurboPower Software Company (READABLE)
  3112. Rename files in linux / bash using mv command without typing the full name two times (READABLE)
  3113. (READABLE)
  3114. Using Alba for Integration Testing ASP.Net Core Web Services (READABLE)
  3115. File transfer app with Blazor: Introduction - Mircea Oprea (READABLE)
  3116. Over 500,000 Zoom accounts sold on hacker forums, the dark web (READABLE)
  3117. Erase your darlings: immutable infrastructure for mutable systems (READABLE)
  3118. Inkscape 0.92.5 released and Testers needed for Inkscape 1.0 Release Candidate (READABLE)
  3119. Gatsby and - Part 2 Live Stream (READABLE)
  3120. Gatsby and - Part 1 (Live Stream) (READABLE)
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  3129. The Legendary John Conway (1937-2020) — The Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
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  3131. Easier organization and increased scalability for repository administrators (READABLE)
  3132. Senior Software Engineer - IAM Experience (READABLE)
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  3134. Download Inkscape 1.0rc1 | Inkscape (READABLE)
  3135. Software Engineer - IAM Experience (READABLE)
  3136. The Legendary John Conway (1937-2020) — Numberphile (READABLE)
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  3151. Drive-In Theaters Are Helping Communities Socialize in Place (READABLE)
  3152. Discussion: Puzzle Game Movement Systems, with Sean Barrett. (READABLE)
  3153. Thousands of Wisconsin ballots could be thrown out because they don’t have a postmark (READABLE)
  3154. How to Speak | How to Speak | MIT OpenCourseWare (READABLE)
  3155. UniFi - How to Migrate from Cloud Key to Cloud Key or UDM (READABLE)
  3156. Teaching a computer to strafe jump in Quake with reinforcement learning (READABLE)
  3157. Enemy AI: chasing a player without Navigation2D or A* pathfinding (READABLE)
  3158. CONTACT | BBB Studios Inc | Minecraft Partner (READABLE)
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  3161. Practical TLA+ - Planning Driven Development | Hillel Wayne | Apress (READABLE)
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  3163. Nasty macOS flaw is bricking MacBooks: Don't install this update (READABLE)
  3164. John Conway 1/6 [The Free Will Lectures] - Free Will and Determinism [2009] (READABLE)
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  3167. Email provider got hacked, data of 600,000 users now sold on the dark web | ZDNet (READABLE)
  3168. "Memories" - 256 byte MSDOS intro (READABLE)
  3169. The Death of Hype: What's Next for Scala (READABLE)
  3170. The limitations of Android N Encryption (READABLE)
  3171. THE EVIL OF 5G TECHNOLOGY - David Icke | London Real (READABLE)
  3172. #badBIOS features explained (READABLE)
  3173. The Voices Project (READABLE)
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  3175. Borders to stay closed, travellers urged to 'see Australia first' once curbs ease (READABLE)
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  3177. Life, Death and the Monster (John Conway) - Numberphile (READABLE)
  3178. Hacking my Sixth Form College network in 1991 (READABLE)
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  3180. After 50 Years of Effort, Researchers Made Silicon Emit Light (READABLE)
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  3185. IBM will offer free COBOL training to address overloaded unemployment systems (READABLE)
  3186. Twitter Removes Privacy Option, and Shows Why We Need Strong Privacy Laws (READABLE)
  3187. Cobol Programmers Answer Call to Shore Up Unemployment Benefits Systems - IEEE Spectrum (READABLE)
  3188. Virtual Conferences (READABLE)
  3189. dotGo 2017 - Cindy Sridharan - Unmasking netpoll.go (READABLE)
  3190. Съобщение във връзка с регистрираните онлайн потребители (READABLE)
  3191. Senate Stock Watcher - See What Senators are Trading (READABLE)
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  3200. This Man Owns The World's Most Advanced Private Air Force After Buying 46 F/A-18 Hornets (READABLE)
  3201. Report thy feat unto Lord British (READABLE)
  3202. ACLU White Paper: The Limits of Location Tracking in an Epidemic | American Civil Liberties Union (READABLE)
  3203. OpenTelemetry .NET SDK progress (READABLE)
  3204. Virtual Local User Group Feedback (READABLE)
  3205. Something Deeply Hidden – Sean Carroll (READABLE)
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  3217. Historic first Trans-Atlantic contact made on 432 MHz - Tues 7th April 2020 (READABLE)
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  3220. NuGet Gallery | Home (READABLE)
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  3222. IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1: Java 14, dataflow analysis assistance in the debugger, LightEdit mode, and more! (READABLE)
  3223. 追加有り:WEB会議などで使える「エヴァンゲリオン壁紙」登場! – エヴァンゲリオン公式サイト (READABLE)
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  3225. Temporal circuit of macroscale dynamic brain activity supports human consciousness (READABLE)
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  3297. Using SIMD to aggregate billions of rows per second (on a laptop) · QuestDB (READABLE)
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  3299. Running your own secure communication service with Matrix and Jitsi | (READABLE)
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  3339. [🌐 Online] What is Blazor? And why’s it so exciting? with Chris Sainty (READABLE)
  3340. [🌐 Online] What is Blazor? And why’s it so exciting? with Chris Sainty (READABLE)
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  3342. Sprites mods - Frekvens LED box hack (READABLE)
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  3435. (READABLE)
  3436. Jobs, Apartments, Homes for Sale, New/Used Cars & More at Geebo (READABLE)
  3437. Lyme disease bacteria eradicated by new drug in early tests - Scope (READABLE)
  3438. : CLOUDSFOTO 11inch Adjustable Articulating Friction Magic Arm & Large Super Clamp Compatible with DSLR Camera Rig, LED Lights, Flash Light, LCD Monitor : Camera & Photo (READABLE)
  3439. Team 6502 (READABLE)
  3440. Alan Moir's Signature Political Cartoons Australia - Moir Cartoons (READABLE)
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  3449. Australian Kids' Smartwatch Maker Hit By Same Bug Again (READABLE)
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  3478. Dom's Dodge Charger 42111 | Technic™ | Buy online at the Official LEGO® Shop AU (READABLE)
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  3480. Responding to the Census (READABLE)
  3481. Baltimore City lags in responding to census; Baltimore, Anne Arundel and Howard counties have much higher rates (READABLE)
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