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  1. 99%How not to benchmark!
  2. 97%"Very Bad Idea" prototype v0.1
  3. 99%Create a Windows Hello login app - Windows apps
  4. 97%5 Ways to Maintain Eye Health Working in Front of Screens
  5. 99%Git–Dubious ownership
  6. 98%Local AI on Windows: Explaining the Audio Editor app sample 
  7. 98%Pretty pictures, bootable floppy disks, and the first Canon Cat demo?
  8. 69%The Hidden Marriage Market
  9. 97%Quickest way to White-labeling MAUI iOS & Android apps using shell scripts
  10. 85%Career Advice from the Outer Rim
  11. 99%Covering all birthdays - Lior Sinai
  12. 96%Letting Candidates Know They’re Not Moving Forward
  13. 98%Darius Foroux - On Thoughts and Thinking Better
  14. 99%Using pipe (|) and grep in Linux and Unix (macOS)
  15. 98%Building a WoW server in Elixir
  16. 98%The Experience of Deploying Next.js Apps on Cloudflare
  17. 99%system logs aggregation with postgres
  18. 98%Trust as a bottleneck to growing teams quickly
  19. 98%Welcome to Thunderbird 128 "Nebula"
  20. 99%repos
  21. 58%Mastering the Art of Public Speaking: Preparation is the Secret for Captivating Presentations and Flawless Demos
  22. 95%Jelly Star - The World's Smallest Android 13 Smartphone
  23. 99%GUIs are Antisocial
  24. 98%Give people something to link to so they can talk about your features and ideas
  25. 55%Disney's Internal Slack Breached? NullBulge Leaks 1.1 TiB of Data
  26. 97%How to choose your startup idea
  27. 98%Where is the sandbox in your code base?
  28. 99%Self-hosted PaaS - DBohdan.com
  29. 97%The Tragedies of Reality Are Coming for You
  30. 93%LLMs are good for coding because your documentation is shit
  31. 99%Exploring TLS certificates and their limits
  32. 99%Use pg_easy_replicate for setting up Logical Replication and Switchover in PostgreSQL
  33. 99%Kyle Benzle
  34. 99%The missing parts in Cargo
  35. 98%How to build better social media?
  36. 99%My curated list of indie blogs
  37. 83%I Was a Teenage Webmaster
  38. 95%Happy Birthday, Dev Leader Weekly! – Dev Leader Weekly 52
  39. 98%Crafting Interpreters
  40. 98%"GitHub" Is Starting to Feel Like Legacy Software
  41. 98%Use A Work Journal To Recover Focus Faster And Clarify Your Thoughts
  42. 97%Free-threaded CPython is ready to experiment with!
  43. 65%Tagger | Tagger
  44. 99%Building Your First Use Case With Clean Architecture
  45. 99%Speeding up Temporal Aggregation in DataFusion by 60-60000x using µWheel
  46. 92%4d6 Psychic Damage: The effects of meaningless work — Evan Smith
  47. 94%235: RAG in an industrial setting - The Industrial AI Podcast
  48. 97%Does GPT4o use OCR for vision?
  49. 99%The economics of a Postgres free tier
  50. 74%mühlemann+popp
  51. 98%Beating the compiler
  52. 91%The sausage making behind peer review
  53. 99%Software Engineering and the Social Contract
  54. 59%LLM Evaluation doesn't need to be complicated
  55. 82% WTF happened to blogs | Michal's corner
  56. 99%GitHub - taubyte/tau: Open source distributed Platform as a Service (PaaS). A self-hosted Vercel / Netlify / Cloudflare alternative.
  57. 99%GitHub - Wack0/maciNTosh: PowerPC Windows NT ported to Power Macintosh systems
  58. 98%Hatchery
  59. 99%Welcome … — Physics-based Deep Learning
  60. 99%Creating an already-completed asynchronous activity in C++/WinRT, part 4 - The Old New Thing
  61. 99%Deploy a Phi-3 model in Azure AI, and consume it with C# and Semantic Kernel
  62. 99%Snapshot Testing in .NET with Verify | The .NET Tools Blog
  63. 99%ASP.NET Core Basics: 12 Questions and Answers for Beginners
  64. 94%Dark Mode Now Available on NuGet.org - The NuGet Blog
  65. 99%EF Core - Query splitting
  66. 95%Which is more suitable to use, isNaN or Number.isNaN() in JavaScript
  67. 99%hangout_services/thunk.js
  68. 76%How To Survive 3 Years In North Korea As A Foreigner
  69. 98%WebVM - Linux virtualization in WebAssembly
  70. 99%Decorate the Symfony router to add a trailing slash to all URLs
  71. 97%Vectors
  72. 98%How to lie about latency
  73. 98%Crafting the Ultimate Note-Taking App for Developers: Hard-Won Insights and Essential Lessons
  74. 67%The case for burning counterterrorism operations
  75. 99%Introducing wlhc: wayland hot corners
  76. 98%In-Memory Analytics for Kafka using DuckDB
  77. 62%Last Days In New York
  78. 98%FlashAttention-3: Fast and Accurate Attention with Asynchrony and Low-precision
  79. 99%Map Hopping Made Easy! 🗺️🦘🗺️
  80. 99%neotraverse: unbloating traverse | Puru Vijay
  81. 98%Federation is the one new concept which excites me
  82. 97% Using aerc-mail with Outlook
  83. 98%It probably won’t be you | Nic Mulvaney
  84. 98%I prefer discussion in open web
  85. 99%How does Spectre work?
  86. 93%Subscriptions Suck
  87. 99%Announcing Lix 2.90 "Vanilla Ice Cream"
  88. 99%Why and How to Execute GraphQL Queries in .NET - .NET Blog
  89. 83%WALL·E
  90. 98%Received Microsoft MVP Award in Developer Technologies
  91. 94%Building AR and VR MAUI Apps | .NET MAUI Community Standup with Ed Charbeneau
  92. 99%dut
  93. 99%Creating an already-completed asynchronous activity in C++/WinRT, part 3 - The Old New Thing
  94. 98%Announcing SSMS 20.2 ... and getting feedback for SSMS 21
  95. 99%From Microservices to Modular Monoliths
  96. 99%Does code rot over time?
  97. 99%Loading aggregates with EF Core
  98. 98%VLMs are Blind
  99. 97%Adding Friction
  100. 99%Fun with Positron | Andrew Heiss
  101. 80%Healing Broken Bone at Anatomy and Art
  102. 96%Reading my electric meter with RTLSDR • pdx.su
  103. 92%Fat Tony’s Under Water: My Dream Startup Incubator
  104. 98%RAG Trick: Embeddings are Spheres
  105. 99%How I manage my KDE email
  106. 99%IRL HTML Is the Place For Your Most Hand-Written Websites
  107. 98%Digital Markets Act, Google, Chrome extensions - case study
  108. 88%The Programmable Web
  109. 85%The 5 Stages of Posthuman Grief - “Acceptance” Makes Progress Possible - Dan Faggella
  110. 99%Evict Your Darlings: Banish dotfiles from your home directory
  111. 99%HCI Is the Bottleneck
  112. 99%Effective Code Reviews: Align your team and ship better code
  113. 89%A Commitment to Art and Dogs
  114. 99%Updating Prism Template to .NET 8
  115. 98%A Crossword Puzzle
  116. 93%Zed on Linux is here!
  117. 93%AMD to buy Finnish start-up Silo AI for $665mn in drive to compete with Nvidia
  118. 89%Europe's new Ariane 6 rocket powers into space
  119. 99%Creating an already-completed asynchronous activity in C++/WinRT, part 2 - The Old New Thing
  120. 69%Judge dismisses DMCA copyright claim in GitHub Copilot suit
  121. 98%Deactivating an API, One Step at a Time
  122. 99%Adding Antivirus to .NET Aspire Systems
  123. 99%Building a .NET TWAIN Document Scanner Application for Windows and macOS using MAUI
  124. 99%.NET and .NET Framework July 2024 servicing releases updates - .NET Blog
  125. 99%Entity Framework Core– Avoid losing precision
  126. 99%HTML Datalist for ASP.NET Core Inputs
  127. 99%The React useId Hook
  128. 97%Lessons from election night
  129. 99%Setting Up Renovate as Azure DevOps Pipeline for Automatic .NET NuGet Package Updates
  130. 98%Secure cross-platform and file-based token cache for MSAL.NET
  131. 99%Using use in Gleam
  132. 96%My Liner Notes for Spore
  133. 88%Some thoughts on real open source Artificial Intelligence
  134. 76%DMCA as a vector for pornographic spam?
  135. 97%Jan-Piet Mens
  136. 99%Timeseries Indexing at Scale - Artem Krylysov
  137. 75%Borderless Is Inevitable
  138. 89%Awareness, power, and morality
  139. 99%To Dedupe Then Sort or Sort Then Dedupe?
  140. 95%Solving the Almgren Chris Model
  141. 98%Self Documenting Code Is Bullshit – Klaus Breyer
  142. 98%Why did I leave IT services? and why I do not regret it.
  143. 98%How do you test the quality of search results?
  144. 99%Rails 7.2 Adds app:update Task to be a Rails Command.
  145. 92%Binary Kelly Trainer: Ship Investor Game
  146. 97%Jerk
  147. 98%Life without the front page
  148. 73%My High School banned Phones... in 2011!
  149. 98%Searching for a better search box - koaning.io
  150. 71%1 + 1 > 2 - ganji.blog
  151. 97%Announcing Remember for iOS — defn.io
  152. 99%gRPC Over HTTP/3
  153. 99%Migrating enterprise apps stuck on legacy technologies
  154. 99%The Magic of Clip Path
  155. 91%The dual nature of seniority in software development
  156. 91%Jonas Hietala: Microfeatures in my blog
  157. 99%Uno Toolkit – an Uno Tech Bite series
  158. 93%Linksys Velop routers send Wi-Fi passwords in plaintext to US servers
  159. 99%C# 13: Explore the latest preview features - .NET Blog
  160. 99%PySkyWiFi: completely free, unbelievably stupid wi-fi on long-haul flights | Robert Heaton
  161. 99%Creating an already-completed asynchonous activity in C++/WinRT, part 1 - The Old New Thing
  162. 99%DB Browser for SQLite
  163. 88%C++ Design Patterns for Low-latency Applications Including High-frequency Trading
  164. 99%Entering text in the terminal is complicated
  165. 99%Rye: a Hassle-Free Python Experience
  166. 99%Network Round Trips are Evil
  167. 99%How to use VS Code to develop and build a .NET application
  168. 98%Demystify history with GitHub Copilot commit explanations - Visual Studio Blog
  169. 93%Capture and review .Net Profiler Traces on App Service (Windows)
  170. 99%Simplify Your .NET Aspire Caching With Metalama
  171. 99%Failing to map: a tale of false hopes in mmap land
  172. 99%CS0012: The type 'System.Object' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced.
  173. 99%Should interfaces be asynchronous?
  174. 89%The Right Kind of Stubborn
  175. 99%No more boot loader: Please use the kernel instead DevConf.CZ
  176. 99%A Mini Monitor for a Pi
  177. 74%On Burnout, Mental Health, And Not Being Okay — Ludicity
  178. 99%MicroPython Smartwatch
  179. 98%Extrinsic Hallucinations in LLMs
  180. 98%Family Values
  181. 83%Don't use a $5 range outlet for EV charging
  182. 89%Enchanting the Workplace
  183. 88%Making My Own Wedding Rings
  184. 97%Personality Basins | near.blog
  185. 95%Using an LLM and RAG to Wring Insights From My Posts
  186. 98%Anna: A Key-Value Store For Any Scale
  187. 99%Rails Add ActiveRecord.after_all_transactions_commit Callback
  188. 98%How to count rows read in sqlite
  189. 99%Specific Software
  191. 93%Efficient Text Formatting in .NET MAUI with Label FormattedText
  192. 98%Number Line Branch
  193. 98%Reverse Engineering TicketMaster's Rotating Barcodes (SafeTix)
  194. 97%What's the point of std::monostate? You can't do anything with it! - The Old New Thing
  195. 93%I'm Funding Ladybird Because I Can't Fund Firefox | Blog
  196. 97%Interesting links of the week 2024-28
  197. 99%how fast is javascript simulating 20 000 000 particles
  198. 99%Generative AI for Beginners - Full Videos Series Released!
  199. 98%Reading unfamiliar codebases quickly: LMDB
  200. 99%Visual Studio–View .NET Counters while debugging
  201. 99%Tracing External Processes with Akka.NET and OpenTelemetry: Part 1 (The Code)
  202. 98%UUID v7 in .NET 9
  203. 96%A reawakening of systems programming meetups
  204. 99%Satyrn
  205. 99%Mastering Kubernetes networking: Otterize's journey in cloud-native packet management
  206. 99%Enabling containers to access the GPU on macOS
  207. 99%minRLHF: Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback from Scratch | Tom Tumiel
  208. 98%How LLMs Learn: What We Know, What We Don't (Yet) Know, and What Comes Next
  209. 85%Hunga Tonga volcano: impact on record warming
  210. 99%Kate and OrgMode
  211. 96%Tools for innovation in tech
  212. 90%Architecture at multiple scales
  213. 99%How HLS Works
  214. 82%Building Strong Foundations: The Crucial Role of Data in Software Development
  215. 99%Hosting Blazor Apps in Contabo Servers
  216. 90%UChicago Prof. Shirley Meng’s Laboratory for Energy Storage and Conversion creates world’s first anode-free sodium solid-state battery – a breakthrough in inexpensive, clean, fast-charging batteries
  217. 97%Always Optimize the Feedback Loop
  218. 92%A Thousand Primers, Not Just One
  219. 99%Evaluating a Decade of Hacker News Predictions: An Open-Source Approach
  220. 98%Xuanwo's VISION: Data Freedom
  221. 99%Solving problems "Inside Out"
  222. 95%Machine Learning and the triumph of GOFAI
  223. 99%What's in a name?
  224. 94%Things that don’t work
  225. 99%Learn Nix the Fun Way
  226. 99%(modal)
  227. 99%Properly Testing Concurrent Data Structures
  228. 97%Cyclomatic Complexity in Code
  229. 95%Build vs Buy: The Age-old Dev Debate – Dev Leader Weekly 51
  230. 79%Let’s stop counting centuries
  231. 99%Ente - Private cloud for your photos, videos and more
  232. 97%PostgreSQL and UUID as primary key
  233. 98%Pole Vault
  234. 99%Service Discovery in Microservices With .NET and Consul
  235. 86%Collections: The Philosophy of Liberty – On Liberalism
  236. 89%Love, Math & Witchcraft: How Roasting Psychoanalysis Comes Back to Bite Richard Feynman - Slow thoughts
  237. 99%3manuek - [Earthly feature]: Disabling Earthly internal labels
  238. 54%Stop calling the robots “smart”
  239. 98%Generating database migrations with acyclic graphs
  240. 98%Principles of Effective Research – Michael Nielsen
  241. 99%Taking PyTorch for Granted | wh
  242. 98%17 vulnerabilities in Sharp Multi-Function Printers
  243. 99%Scan HTML faster with SIMD instructions: .NET/C# Edition – Daniel Lemire's blog
  244. 99%Don't Impl, Do Imp | Ali Khaleqi Yekta
  245. 98%Kafka versus Nabokov
  246. 98%Synchronous Core, Asynchronous Shell
  247. 98%Game 6: Put the DVD logo in the Corner
  248. 98%I Have No Constructor, and I Must Initialize
  249. 99%GitHub - wader/jqjq: jq implementation of jq
  250. 97%How do I produce a Windows Runtime asynchronous activity from C++/WinRT? - The Old New Thing
  251. 98%Batteries: how cheap can they get?
  252. 97%Against Innovation Tokens
  253. 79%From Fear to Triumph: My 30-Year Journey in Public Speaking
  254. 99%GitHub - andmarti1424/sc-im: sc-im - Spreadsheet Calculator Improvised -- An ncurses spreadsheet program for terminal
  255. 99%Visual Studio AI Toolkit : Building Phi-3 GenAI Applications
  256. 99%.NET Aspire Developers Day is coming up!
  257. 99%Navigating Corporate Giants - CoRecursive Podcast
  258. 99%WebAssembly vs JavaScript: A Comparison — SitePoint
  259. 96%Insights from over 10,000 comments on "Ask HN: Who Is Hiring" using GPT-4o & LangChain
  260. 99%The Snapdragon X Elite’s Adreno iGPU
  261. 99%How to add a WordPress Blog to a Next.js app as a subdirectory in the same domain to boost SEO – Mike Alche
  262. 98%You need a capture system - DeveloPassion
  263. 98%Finding near-duplicates with Jaccard similarity and MinHash
  264. 93%You're Not Sick of Programming
  265. 83%Malone's Maxim
  266. 85%Love, Death, and Computers
  267. 98%Discovering .NET codebases using code coverage and NCrunch – Tore Nestenius
  268. 70%The Joy of Reading Books You Don't Entirely Understand - Reactor
  269. 99%Beating NumPy’s matrix multiplication in 150 lines of C code
  270. 99%How do I produce a Windows Runtime asynchronous activity from C#? - The Old New Thing
  271. 98%Reasons to use your shell's job control
  272. 98%Mark Oliver's World
  273. 99%X-Ray vision for Linux systems
  274. 94%On the origins of DS_store
  275. 98%TDD. You're Doing it Wrong
  276. 99%Elevating BFF Apps with .NET Aspire
  277. 99%The Anatomy of .NET Aspire Application
  278. 99%Cloned Dictionary vs. Immutable Dictionary vs. Frozen Dictionary in high traffic systems
  279. 93%AI’s $600B Question
  280. 98%Bracket Symbols
  281. 96%pfych - 4K Sunshine Streaming from a non-4k host
  282. 88%A flight against time | Jordan Vincent
  283. 99%OOP Isn't Obsessed Enough About Time Control
  284. 81%You’re allowed to be interested in particle physics
  285. 99%Fuzzing with memfd_create(2) and fmemopen(3)
  286. 99%Reproducibility in Disguise: Bazel, Dependencies, and the Versioning Lie
  287. 98%Dolev Hadar
  288. 99%The Year of the Linux Desktop - in Retrospect
  289. 62%Trust Among Americans Isn’t Over Yet - The Plural of You
  290. 96%The Future of Generative Interfaces
  291. 97%Tensors
  292. 97%I sent 500 million HTTP requests to 2.5 million hosts
  293. 98%Systems Engineering Manifesto · deuill.org
  294. 68%Why 2024 Sucks for Junior Dev Applicants
  295. 96%The JRuby Blog : Independence Day
  296. 99%A Type for Overload Set
  297. 97%D-Star
  298. 89%FOMO & ChatGPT
  299. 96%Retool needs a retooling
  300. 99%Waiter, there's a whale in my bucket!
  301. 99%What's new for the Microsoft Fluent UI Blazor library 4.9
  302. 97%Official OpenAI Library for .NET - Sample App is here!
  303. 96%Proton launches its own version of Google Docs
  304. 97%[July 2nd 2024] We have proved "BB(5) = 47,176,870"
  305. 97%How do I produce a Windows Runtime asynchronous activity from C++/CX? - The Old New Thing
  306. 58%I received an AI email
  307. 99%Binary Classification Using LightGBM -- Visual Studio Magazine
  308. 99%Building Intelligent Applications with Local RAG in .NET and Phi-3: A Hands-On Guide
  309. 99%HTML Range Inputs with ASP.NET Core TagHelpers
  310. 99%The React useDebugValue Hook
  311. 99%Dive into native Windows development with new WinUI workload and template improvements - Visual Studio Blog
  312. 99%SQL Server–Does a ‘LIKE’ query benefits from having an index?
  313. 99%Readonly, Immutable, and Frozen Collections in .NET - NDepend Blog
  314. 62%Amateur Mathematicians Find Fifth ‘Busy Beaver’ Turing Machine | Quanta Magazine
  315. 92%Meta 3D Gen | Research
  316. 93%.NET MAUI – App Theming
  317. 97%10 Most Common Errors in SPF Records
  318. 99%Graph-Based Ceramics
  319. 97%How to prevent stagnation while building products alone
  320. 98%Test-Driven Development: A Guide to Improving Software Quality
  321. 78%Digital Trees
  322. 96%Do we fear the serializable isolation level more than we fear subtle bugs?
  323. 99%The pleasure of writing Clean OOP code
  324. 96%Top Five PostgreSQL Surprises from Rails Devs
  325. 57%The Sphere
  326. 96%CSS Surprise Manga Lines
  327. 99%gRPC: The Good Parts
  328. 98%The 3 Types of CSS Utility Classes
  329. 98%Some notes on self-publishing a tech book
  330. 98%Big Data Engineering in the 2020s
  331. 99%Ryzen 7 Mini-PC makes a power-efficient VM host
  332. 99%TDD CANNOT Work
  333. 97%Programming Your Mind
  334. 96%Why bare-metal Debian (and Raspberry Pi OS) is not a good choice for most Embedded Systems
  335. 99%No More postman just use cURL + vim = ❤ – Mahmoud Ashraf
  336. 98%Azure DevOps Pipeline: Build and Deploy Azure Container App
  337. 97%Ladybird Web Browser becomes a non-profit with $1 Million from GitHub Founder
  338. 99%My programming beliefs as of July 2024
  339. 98%🚀 🚀 Working with hierarchical data in .Net Core using the hierarchyid data type.(.Net Core 8) 🚀 🚀
  340. 94%Why Is Chile So Long?
  341. 99%Booting Linux off of Google Drive
  342. 99%GitHub - vslavik/diff-pdf: A simple tool for visually comparing two PDF files
  343. 96%The history of Alt+number sequences, and why Alt+9731 sometimes gives you a heart and sometimes a snowman - The Old New Thing
  344. 98%Ladybird
  345. 97%Book Review: React and React Native - Coding Sonata
  346. 99%Lessons learned after migrating Azure Functions to Isolated Functions on .NET 8
  347. 99%Codespaces for your open-source project
  348. 99%AI and NET: Introducing the official OpenAI library for .NET Developers
  349. 99%Let GitHub Copilot draft of your pull request description - Visual Studio Blog
  350. 99%Challenge: Efficient snapshotable state
  351. 99%MemoryCache in C#: A Practical Guide
  352. 99%Compilation of C# conference talks from 2023-2024
  353. 99%Creating hashes in .NET
  354. 98%Understanding Pure Domain Modelling: Bridging the Gap Between Existing Systems and the Real Domain
  355. 99%Doggo
  356. 99%An immutable priority collection
  357. 99%How to output a SARIF file from a .NET project - Gérald Barré
  358. 98%Alien Theories
  359. 93%Falsehoods Software Developers Believe About Event-Driven Systems · Blog · Loïc Carr
  360. 79%Week 1
  361. 96%How Postgres is Misused and Abused in the Wild
  362. 99%The Homepage of Scott Tolinski
  363. 62%Fixing Low Storage Space on Mac as a Developer
  364. 98%Git: the danger of squash merging submodules
  365. 98%The Instagram moment for software – Aditya Ganguli
  366. 98%Dynamic watermarking on the JVM
  367. 91%Calling The Baby Ugly Won’t Short Circuit The Emperor’s New Clothes 
  368. 96%Competitor comparisons: What they are, why they work, and how to do one well - Ritza Articles
  369. 99%Using GPT and GenAI models
  370. 87%The Speciation of LLM Products
  371. 99%Hack Your Notes: Building a LLM-Powered Obsidian Plugin with Ollama
  372. 95%Exorcising us of the Primer
  373. 95%Sonnet is the opposite of lazy
  374. 99%TIL: Using Twoslash with Shiki and Astro
  375. 99%Why (Neo)Vim is not for you
  376. 99%Integrity Constraints and business value
  377. 99%It's time to abolish the builder pattern in Rust
  378. 98%Ladybird
  379. 98%Announcing the Ladybird Browser Initiative
  380. 89%Pikimov
  381. 99%If I register the same shell extension as both a context menu extension and a drag/drop extension, how do I know which one the system is using? - The Old New Thing
  382. 63%Cities need more trees
  383. 99%Documentation | Pipes
  384. 94%Interesting links of the week 2024-27
  385. 99%Writing GUI apps for Windows is painful | Samuel Tulach
  386. 95%Open Source 'Eclipse Theia IDE' Exits Beta to Challenge Visual Studio Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  387. 97%Saving Data Historically with Temporal Tables: Part 1: Queries - Simple Talk
  388. 99%Code in the cloud: Explore tools, training, and resources
  389. 99%Publish a console app as a single executable
  390. 99%RavenDB News: June, 2024
  391. 98%Release v2.16.41 · WinMerge/winmerge
  392. 99%Is Your ASP.NET Core Application Running In A Container?
  393. 80%We Created A Fake Delivery Company
  394. 94%How I scraped 6 years of Reddit posts in JSON
  395. 96%Franklin Pezzuti Dyer
  396. 99%Automating my gate door
  397. 99%Chaos Engineering in Frontend Development: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Application Resilience
  398. 99%Git: please stop squash merging!
  399. 99%Convolutions, Fast Fourier Transform and Polynomials
  400. 89%Feeding the Baby
  401. 86%The End of OpenDNS in France: A Comprehensive Overview
  402. 99%POSIX 2024 Changes
  403. 97%GitHub - poundifdef/SmoothMQ: A drop-in replacement for SQS designed for great developer experience and efficiency.
  404. 95%GitHub - goldmansachs/gs-quant: Python toolkit for quantitative finance
  405. 98%Do a firmware update for your AirPods – now – Jonas’ Blog
  406. 94%FUTO Keyboard
  407. 97%Unleashing the Power of Copilot: Enhancing Visual Studio with New Slash Commands
  408. 97%GitHub - docmost/docmost: Docmost is an open source collaborative documentation and wiki software. It is an open-source alternative to the likes of Confluence and Notions.
  409. 71%Inside a 1 dollar radar motion sensor
  410. 98%Jason Kelly | Software Engineer
  411. 86%Shortcuts Library – Matthew Cassinelli
  412. 69%Steinar H. Gunderson
  413. 77%What Is Soap Made Of?
  414. 99%Mako - Mako is Now Open Source
  415. 89%The Great MEV Heist
  416. 99%Understanding Input Masking in Llm Finetuning
  417. 91%On adopting Chainguard Images
  418. 73%How I overcame my addiction to sugar
  419. 99%Bytecode Breakdown: Unraveling Factorio's Lua Security Flaws
  420. 87%How to waste bandwidth, battery power, and annoy sysadmins
  421. 98%A Bunch of Programming Advice I’d Give To Myself 15 Years Ago
  422. 95%ChatGPT is bullshit - Ethics and Information Technology
  423. 95%How To Reflect: My Mid-Year Retrospective – Dev Leader Weekly 50
  424. 99%The true story -- as best I can remember -- of the origin of Mosaic and Netscape.
  425. 97%notes.billmill.org
  426. 99%1% More Intelligent
  427. 80%What Money Can't Buy
  428. 99%The Great Database Migration
  429. 98%GenAI and my six degrees of separation from tensor products
  430. 99%Is programming right for you ?
  431. 95%A Eulogy for DevOps
  432. 98%Debugging hardware is hard
  433. 97%Intro to CSP report-to and report-uri HTTP headers
  434. 98%Routine Maintenance
  435. 93%Mark Oliver's World
  436. 97%Writing a remove_all_pointers type trait, part 2 - The Old New Thing
  437. 98%2024 mid-year link clearance - The Old New Thing
  438. 98%Code Galaxies Visualization
  439. 98%Tentative Roadmap for Wolverine 3.0
  440. 99%Dev Proxy v0.19 with simulating LLM APIs and new Azure API Center integrations - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  441. 98%Open challenges for AI engineering
  442. 92%5 things we learned from sponsoring a sampling of our open source dependencies  - Microsoft Open Source Blog
  443. 99%Refactoring a .NET MAUI app to a Declarative UI using C# Markup
  444. 99%The Final Windows Handle Leak Guide
  445. 99%Blazor Basics: Styling Blazor Components with CSS
  446. 99%Is .NET Aspire NuGet for Cloud Service Dependencies?
  447. 99%Azure Static Web Apps–SWA CLI behind the scenes
  448. 89%Valve.Computer
  449. 97%55 Questions I Ask Before I Buy a Business
  450. 89%Deconference
  451. 99%Using PHP Attributes to Create and Use a Custom Validator in Symfony
  452. 99%Getting Boxes Done, the Code
  453. 97%Always Scrutinize Legacy KPIs and Processes
  454. 89%20 Years of Gmail | tbolt
  455. 99%Revisiting Test Sizes
  456. 98%Rabbit hole full of hardcoded credentials by Mārtiņš Irbe
  457. 89%Half-Life and it's failed OS 9 port
  458. 97%A primer on GFP and esmGFP
  459. 99%Digital meets Physical: Risograph Printing with WebGL | Codrops
  460. 85%Keep a Safe Following Distance
  461. 99%Every Trick in the Book
  462. 98%Making the world my single point of failure with PostgreSQL
  463. 91%Servers don't like it hot 🔥 - Leahs Gedanken
  464. 99%Rounding percentages - tavianator.com
  465. 99%Industrial macros
  466. 99%Skip and Kotlin Multiplatform
  467. 99%#9 - Am I overengineering my code?
  468. 99%Enabling NVMe Support on Supermicro C7Z97-MF Motherboard
  469. 98%Why I Ditched Django for NextJS
  470. 99%My .gitconfig file dissected | Kiran Rao
  471. 73%Larry Finger made Linux wireless work and brought others along to learn
  472. 97%Why Google Sheets ported its calculation worker from JavaScript to WasmGC  |  web.dev
  473. 98%Writing a remove_all_pointers type trait, part 1 - The Old New Thing
  474. 98%On Claude 3.5 Sonnet
  475. 97%Mark Oliver's World
  476. 89%South Korean telecom company attacks torrent users with malware — over 600,000 customers report missing files, strange folders, and disabled PCs
  477. 96%Microsoft backtracks: eventing framework removed from .NET 9.0 following complaints • DEVCLASS
  478. 99%What's New in React 19
  479. 99%How Where Conditions Work in Entity Framework Core | The .NET Tools Blog
  480. 98%Implementing "Suggested Destinations" in a few lines of code
  481. 99%ASP.NET Core Basics: Documenting APIs
  482. 97%Ecma International approves ECMAScript 2024: What’s new?
  483. 97%picopilot
  484. 92%Figma Slides: Create Presentations & Slides for Every Occasion
  485. 98%Bad Map Projection: Exterior Kansas
  486. 98%Moonshots, Malice, and Mitigations
  487. 99%Unveiling the Hidden Challenges of VPC Peering
  488. 97%Perfect Is the Enemy Of Done
  489. 98%Common Cause Vs Special Cause in Software Variation
  490. 98%Implementing "Suggested Destinations" in a few lines of code
  491. 94%My honest feelings about the Vision Pro after nearly 5 months
  492. 93%Home Theater PC
  493. 99%gRPC: The Bad Parts
  494. 97%Y292B bug
  495. 99%Opinions for Writing Good CSS
  496. 97%The Super Effectiveness of Pokémon Embeddings Using Only Raw JSON and Images
  497. 97%The Terms for a Meeting with Me | AINIRO.IO
  498. 96%My mum couldn't use WhatsApp because her font size is too large
  499. 99%Homelab 1 - Setting up K3s
  500. 99%Design Lessons from Chinese Tea Cups
  501. 87%One Million Checkboxes
  502. 98%Join Us for .NET Aspire Developers Day – Elevate Your Cloud Native Skills! - .NET Blog
  503. 99%rabbitude
  504. 99%Is there a built-in way in C++/WinRT to get the string name for a Windows Runtime enum? - The Old New Thing
  505. 94%Unlocking Innovation: Explore Exclusive Technology Graphics and More!
  506. 99%ReadOnlySet<T> in .NET 9
  507. 99%HTML5 Validation for ASP.NET Core Models and Razor Views
  508. 99%NCronJob - June Edition
  509. 99%Making the Most out of Load and Performance Testing
  510. 99%Semantic Kernel–OpenTelemetry integration in C#
  511. 99%Code Assessment with .NET Upgrade Assistant - Visual Studio Blog
  512. 99%Improve the tree view settings in Visual Studio Code - Gérald Barré
  513. 96%GitHub - nate-parrott/ball
  514. 98%Keeping track of podcasts
  515. 96%Renovate for everything
  516. 96%How I built a home-made swamp cooler for my remote off-grid cabin
  517. 97%Introducing GenAI in O’Reilly Answers
  518. 97%Training a 70B model from scratch: open-source tools, evaluation datasets, and learnings
  519. 87%EP26 - Teamwork: Charlotte Dev Community, IaC with Nitric, Flutter, NodeJS, Dart, Movies and College Sports
  520. 81%Why (most) people don’t learn about the world on Twitter: the case for intellectual dark matter – Daniel Frank
  521. 82%Efficient N-Gram Extraction for Digital Humanities Using Julia
  522. 99%Automated Tests Would Have Fixed This
  523. 97%You probably wrote half a monad by accident
  524. 99%Postgres is all you need, even for vectors
  525. 99%Workstation VMs with LXD & Multipass
  526. 98%Cognitive Architectures for Business Decision Making in Supply Chain Management
  527. 85%User Friendly, daily
  528. 99%Reverse engineering Claude Artifacts
  529. 98%Why I attack
  530. 99%An Intuitive Explanation of Sparse Autoencoders for LLM Interpretability
  531. 88%RNG Day
  532. 98%Profiling with Ctrl-C
  533. 99%Flipdisc Display Build and Software Guide
  534. 98%Zach Wasserman by Coffee and Open Source
  535. 99%Polyfill supply chain attack hits 100K+ sites
  536. 97%Microspeak: Fun fork - The Old New Thing
  537. 99%Microsoft removes documentation for switching to a local account in Windows 11
  538. 97%Leads on Trees
  539. 99%Transform Your .NET Projects: Master Aspect-Oriented Programming with Fody Weaving
  540. 99%Development With A Dot - Read-Only Entities in EF Core
  541. 99%Semantic Kernel–Change timeout value in C#
  542. 99%Web Workers, Comlink, Vite and TanStack Query | johnnyreilly
  543. 99%GitHub Copilot Extensions are all you need
  544. 99%Primary constructors - class vs record
  545. 99%Programmatically monitoring and reacting to resource logs in .NET Aspire
  546. 99%A mutable priority collection
  547. 91%Folklore.org: Round Rects Are Everywhere!
  548. 97%Windows 11 is now automatically enabling OneDrive folder backup without asking permission
  549. 99%Seamless Screenshot Testing for Compose with Screenshotbot
  550. 93%Teaching old dogs new tricks, a journey in personal growth –
  551. 99%An eSIM manager for Mobile Linux
  552. 99%Local, first, forever
  553. 98%How I Organize My Work As a Solo Founder
  554. 98%Counterscale and the New Self-Hosted
  555. 94% Futo, Please don't attempt to create your own Open Source Definition · Danb Blog
  556. 99%Don’t push ifs up, put them as close to the source of data as possible
  557. 80%Google: Stop Burning Counterterrorism Operations
  558. 99%State of VMWare Workstation (Pro?) on Linux
  559. 98%Why content providers need IPv6
  560. 98%When I grow up I want to be a Database Administrator (said no-one ever)
  561. 99%Macros and optimizations: it's just a phase
  562. 98%WRP – Simple HTML / Reader Mode
  563. 95%Is Entrepreneur First worth the time?
  564. 96%Lessons From Writing My First Academic Paper
  565. 99%MIME, RSS, and existential torment
  566. 94%If I Ever Get a Dog, I'll Name It Rover: A Brief Introduction to Microsoft Bob
  567. 86%it's a miracle we crossed paths
  568. 95%Breaking Vac
  569. 96%Deficiencies in LLVM's LoopVectorize | artagnon.com
  570. 99%Schotter - Georg Nees - Part 1
  571. 89%Magic links are great, until they're not
  572. 98%Why Test? | Jonathan's Blog
  573. 98%Amazing Learning Resources
  574. 95%Why strand.spreen.co is Now Offline
  575. 99%Let's Learn .NET Aspire - Start your cloud-native journey live! - .NET Blog
  576. 98%Situation
  577. 98%Release Cosmopolitan v3.5.0 · jart/cosmopolitan
  578. 97%Finding a specific value in a sequence of integers that changes by at most 1 - The Old New Thing
  579. 99%Microfeatures I Love in Blogs and Personal Websites
  580. 94%Interesting links of the week 2024-26
  581. 66%Apple's Secret Silicon Fab at 3250 Scott Blvd
  582. 99%Introduction To Building AI Agents With Microsoft Semantic Kernel | Build5Nines
  583. 99%Getting Started with Azure App Service: A Beginner's Guide to Web App Deployment
  584. 99%UniformItemsLayout from the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit
  585. 99%How to Build a Fullstack Webapp with F#
  586. 98%Building an election website
  587. 99%Dev Home Preview v0.15 Release
  588. 93%Modeling Navigation Properties Between Aggregates or Modules
  589. 89%llama.ttf
  590. 94%No known bugs
  591. 99%Add some Swagger to your Windows and Uno Platform application using Kiota and OpenAPI - Nick's .NET Travels
  592. 99%In defense of Leetcode Interviews
  593. 99%8 years old Xorg bug
  594. 99%How my weekend project turned into a 3 years journey
  595. 86%25 Years of Counter-Strike
  596. 94%How to think in writing
  597. 94%Why should I write?
  598. 93%How I Failed to Implement dbt in my Previous Job
  599. 96%[Draft] I finally switched to vim - and it took me only 6 years to learn it.
  600. 96%Computing PLL coefficients – Daniel Estévez
  601. 98%Creating New Installation Media for MS-DOS 4.0
  602. 98%Baida | Post-mortem - Postgres "out of shared memory" error
  603. 99%How to be a Better Software Engineer - Richard Bown
  604. 99%avoid unnecessary copies – Daniel Lemire's blog
  605. 98%Let’s make games open source, so future generations can enjoy them
  606. 97%The Interfaces With Which We Think
  607. 90%Postal service hacks — Jerome Paulos
  608. 99%I Tried Bend
  609. 97%Inside the tiny chip that powers Montreal subway tickets
  610. 99%llama.ttf
  611. 96%dropofahat.zone
  612. 99%[Workaround & Headache Prevention] Successfully create teams channel notification subscription with Microsoft Graph .NET Client Library v5
  613. 74%String Performance: Improving String Formatting Performance by a Factor of 1.5 or More!
  614. 99%Ruby: a great language for shell scripts!
  615. 92%Andrew S. Tanenbaum receives ACM Software System Award - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  616. 98%Not knowing Guile or Guix
  617. 99%The politics of flag emojis
  618. 99%Yet Another Frontend Framework? The Rise Of Svelte
  619. 98%Coverage at a crossroads
  620. 99%quackland.kr
  621. 99%Extension methods make code harder to read, actually
  622. 98%We need an evolved robots.txt and regulations to enforce it
  623. 96%After my dad died, I ran and sold his company (and I was completely clueless)
  624. 95%Actionable Code Review Culture Tips – Dev Leader Weekly 49
  625. 99%My Windows Computer Just Doesn't Feel Like Mine Anymore
  626. 99%Testing Generative AI for Circuit Board Design
  627. 98%Network Configuration
  628. 78%Why Innovation Heroes are a Sign of a Dysfunctional Organization
  629. 99%What You Need To Know About EF Core Bulk Updates
  630. 85%Amelia Wattenberger
  631. 99%Exploring How Cache Memory Really Works
  632. 99%What Happens When You Put a Database in Your Browser?
  633. 95%Let’s Write a Letter of Reconciliation — Jagunbae
  634. 69%Planning of E-Commerce Relevance Work - MICES 2024
  635. 87%Paolo Melchiorre - Django 5 by Example preface
  636. 99%Learning Machine Learning in Elixir | zacksiri.dev
  637. 97%Does ChatGPT make us dumber? - Bohdan Kit
  638. 98%Peneterrer - The Chat GPT For Penetration Testing
  639. 97%Sidle
  640. 84%The last good vibes social media platform
  641. 84%Tonight with the Impressionists 
  642. 97%I ran "rm -rf ~" in production
  643. 90%The Windows Runtime winrt::hstring and the C++ std::wstring are inter-assignable - The Old New Thing
  644. 98%Ladybird browser spreads its wings [LWN.net]
  645. 99%Oils 0.22.0 - Docs, Pretty Printing, Nix, and Zsh
  646. 98%Multi-Tenancy: Mixed Modes with Marten
  647. 99%Announcing TypeScript 5.5 - TypeScript
  648. 99%Blazor Basics: Dealing with Complex State Scenarios
  649. 96%Let’s Bring Science Into API Documentation | The Writerside Blog
  650. 99%Announcing Third Party API and Package Map Support for .NET Upgrade Assistant - .NET Blog
  651. 99%GraphQL–Application Insights integration for HotChocolate 13
  652. 99%NCronJob - June Edition
  653. 94%Announcing the Pre-Scheme Restoration — Pre-Scheme
  654. 98%.NET Isolated Azure Durable Functions: Support for Durable Entities with Netherite Storage Provider
  655. 99%How I synchronize and backup my Obsidian Notes
  656. 97%Ad Blocking for Speed: How CtrlBlock Improves Page Load Time
  657. 99%Driplang: triggering when events happen (or don't)
  658. 98%Neo Geo Architecture | A Practical Analysis
  659. 97%Now is a good time to start a service business
  660. 99%MySQL on a Raspberry Pi | Benjamin Dicken
  661. 99%My Problems With Linux
  662. 92%The future of LLM wrappers
  663. 67%Occasional paper: Fungal banking
  664. 97%Problems with Predicting Blood Glucose with Regression
  665. 95%Curating my Corner of the Internet with a freehand web editor
  666. 92%Four types of money
  667. 98%I hate what the internet has become
  668. 98%A complete guide to Bluesky 🦋
  669. 94%Designing for Emergence
  670. 94%Launching a Video Podcast in 2024: My Journey and Lessons Learned
  671. 96%Thoughts on Desktop Operating Systems in 2024
  672. 99%Peter Hajas / Per-Tiddler Custom CSS Styling
  673. 99%I kind of like rebasing
  674. 52%How small claims court became Meta's customer service hotline
  675. 99%Introducing Claude 3.5 Sonnet
  676. 99%How to convert between different types of counted-string string types - The Old New Thing
  677. 98%Tetris Font
  678. 96%Mark Oliver's World
  679. 70%EU Council has withdrawn the vote on Chat Control
  680. 77%[HOWTO] Prevent self-hosted Azure DevOps agents from running out of disk space
  681. 99%Retiring Lamar and the Ghost of IoC Containers Past
  682. 97%Recording: Building a Database Engine in C# & .NET
  683. 99%How to Use C# to Properly Follow OAuth Authentication Flows
  684. 84%JavaScript Framework Maintainers on Unification Potential
  685. 99%Aspire Dashboard
  686. 99%Static Web Apps CLI: improve performance with Vite server proxy | johnnyreilly
  687. 99%Azure Application Insights–Collect Performance Counters data - Part II
  688. 95%Keep Visual Studio automatically updated and secure through Microsoft Update - Visual Studio Blog
  689. 99%1/25-Scale Cray C90 Wristwatch – chrisfenton.com
  690. 99%The Case for Web Components
  691. 99%GitHub Copilot Workspace Review
  692. 99%Inline conditionals in CSS? • Lea Verou
  693. 99%Why and how to run your own FreeBSD package cache.
  694. 97%Sequence v. UUID as Primary Key — brandur.org
  695. 92%Two ways to use an LED as a light sensor with Arduino
  696. 99%Web App From Scratch
  697. 95%Yes, Software Execution Has Variation
  698. 96%Email vs Capitalism: A Story About Why We Can't Have Nice Things : dylanbeattie.net
  699. 99%Mastering Concurrency in Rust: Advanced Patterns with Async/Await and Tokio
  700. 63%Four Years of Traveling the World: Lessons I Learned as a Digital Nomad
  701. 99%The Future of Data Management: An Enabler of AI Development? A Basic Illustration with RAG, Open Standards, and Data Contracts
  702. 94%One year of solo dev, wrapping up the grant-funded work
  703. 99%Jared Norman | Software Consultant, Open-Source Maintainer, and Solidus Expert
  704. 98%Why does SQLite (in production) have such a bad rep? - blag
  705. 98%ES Modules are a mess
  706. 98%The postmodern build system
  707. 96%Take the challenge! How Fast Can You Bootstrap an Uno Platform Project? %
  708. 97%On the sadness of treating counted strings as null-terminated strings - The Old New Thing
  709. 99%Using Phi-3 & C# with ONNX for text and vision samples - .NET Blog
  710. 90%Safe Superintelligence Inc.
  711. 98%Electric vs Gas
  712. 98%Chat Control: The EU's CSEM scanner proposal
  713. 94%dylanaraps - Overview
  714. 99%.NET 8: Container Braking Change: Multi-platform Container Tags are Linux-only
  715. 99%256 Seconds with dotNetDave: Documenting Code with Visual Studio and Copilot
  716. 95%I’ve Stopped Using Box Plots. Should You?, Nightingale
  717. 71%Nature retracts highly cited 2002 paper that claimed adult stem cells could become any type of cell
  718. 95%useLayoutEffect vs. useEffect in React
  719. 99%Generative AI, from your local machine to Azure with LangChain.js
  720. 99%.NET Inline C# Action Feature in Logic Apps: More Flexibility and Control for Developers
  721. 99%Code Style for Better Productivity - Tips and Tools from the Metalama Team | The .NET Tools Blog
  722. 98%Easily navigate code delegates while debugging - Visual Studio Blog
  723. 99%What is HSTS and why is it in my ASP.NET Core app?
  724. 98%Building a Distributed ETL Pipeline Using Bacalhau and MongoDB Atlas
  725. 99%The Essence of Lagrange Multipliers
  726. 96%Neatnik Notes · Gotta block ’em all
  727. 75%Fast Crimes at Lambda School
  728. 96%A Gentle Introduction to Metathics
  729. 97%April is the Cruelest Month
  730. 85%Managers Should Focus More On Setting Expectations
  731. 93%It's OK to repeat yourself on the internet
  732. 99%wtb: Progressive SPAs
  733. 98%Lemmy and my Switch to PieFed; Threadyverse software alternatives
  734. 94%Mac external displays for designers and developers, part 2
  735. 98%listening to your friends' jams with last.fm
  736. 98%Comments on Scripting, CGI, and FastCGI
  737. 92%Grow a Pair
  738. 98%Minimize all windows on Mac OS
  739. 97%Hack the Hacker - How to Setup an SSH Honeypot
  740. 98%Writing A Run Book Can Be Your First Iterative Step
  741. 98%Technical Inspection
  742. 70%The case for criminalizing scientific misconduct · Chris Said
  743. 97%Essential, open source Mac apps
  744. 96%There's something rotten in the kingdom of Wordpress
  745. 99%Python: 10 cool tricks with the * operator
  746. 98%My Experience With LineageOS
  747. 96%Latency, Tail Latency and Response time in distributed systems
  748. 96%Of Rats and Ratchets
  749. 95%MCTS and LLMs: what's the big deal?
  750. 97%A Vision For Roadway Infrastructure
  751. 99%Making Friends
  752. 99%Privacy and security improvements in .NET modernization tooling - .NET Blog
  753. 99%Introducing a new RISC-V Mainboard from DeepComputing
  754. 86%The time smart quotes prevented the entire Office division from committing code - The Old New Thing
  755. 87%Cyber Scarecrow
  756. 97%Chat Control Must Be Stopped – Now!
  757. 96%Chat control: incompatible with fundamental rights
  758. 99%Efficiently Handling Stored Procedures in EFCore: Practical Solutions
  759. 99%Getting 50% (SoTA) on ARC-AGI with GPT-4o
  760. 99%"Secret" elmah.io features #5 - Breadcrumbs leading up to errors
  761. 99%Setting up NGINX load balancer for .NET WebApi - Event-Driven.io
  762. 99%Health Checks in Your OpenAPI Specs
  763. 97%How to achieve high HTTP scale with Azure Functions Flex Consumption
  764. 95%Docker Logging Guide Part 1: Basic Concepts and Importance - Simple Talk
  765. 96%The Arm development ecosystem is ready
  766. 98%Process Monitor v4.0 and Sysmon 1.3.3 for Linux
  767. 99%Beyond the Basics: Screen Recording in .NET MAUI
  768. 99%Understanding open source LLMs
  769. 99%A failed attempt at priority collection with inheritance
  770. 98%GitHub - nicanorflavier/spf-dkim-dmarc-simplified: Email security is a key part of internet communication. But what are SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, and how do they work? This guide will explain it all in simple terms to make these concepts clearer.
  771. 98%Pascal's Wager Triangle
  772. 92%j3s.sh
  773. 82%Council to greenlight Chat Control - Take action now!
  774. 98%</> htmx ~ htmx 2.0.0 has been released!
  775. 92%HowToWare
  776. 99%Refactor your code with default lambda parameters - .NET Blog
  777. 96%How can I view the list of symbols available in a library? - The Old New Thing
  778. 79%How to get your stuff repaired when the retailer and manufacturer don't wanna: take 'em to court
  779. 92%Interesting links of the week 2024-25
  780. 94%Frederik Braun - How I got a new domain name
  781. 98%Webhook to Subscribe to Event Grid System Topics in Azure Storage Account
  782. 99%NumPy 2.0.0 Release Notes — NumPy v2.1.dev0 Manual
  783. 99%Build Chatbot with a LLM and Azure SQL Database to Answer Questions
  784. 98%API Monitoring- Key Metrics and Best Practices - Simple Talk
  785. 99%Announcement: Introducing .NET 8 Custom Code support for Azure Logic Apps (Standard) - Preview
  786. 99%Technical Pattern: Build Your Own AI Assistant
  787. 99%ASP.NET Core Basics: Introduction to Big O Notation
  788. 97%Use custom Bicep templates - .NET Aspire
  789. 99%F# + Entity Framework - Group By Aggregation Could Not Be Translated
  790. 98%Dual Publishing ESM and CJS Modules with tsup and Are the Types Wrong? | johnnyreilly
  791. 99%Are my EF LINQ to SQL queries safe?
  792. 99%C# Version String Formatting
  793. 96%Building SimCity
  794. 96%Experts vs. Imitators
  795. 98%MicroMac, a Macintosh for under £5
  796. 99%The Multi-Factor Authentication
  797. 95%Before you buy Snapdragon X Elite device - check the chip model number
  798. 97%How to do the jhanas
  799. 99%The Raspberry Pi 5 is no match for a tini-mini-micro PC
  800. 92%Optimizing Resident Schedules for Minimum Suffering
  801. 80%The CEO
  802. 99%Safari 18 — what web features are usable across browsers?
  803. 92%You should delete Twitter
  804. 99%Static arrays are the best vectors
  805. 92%&quot;Model G&quot; as the original designation for Model M & the existence of Models &quot;1A&quot; and &quot;1B&quot;
  806. 98%Abstractions Are The Best, Abstractions Are The Worst
  807. 98%Trials of Raaz
  808. 99%The Eras of Domain Names
  809. 98%The Real Cost of Offshore Tech Teams
  810. 88%SKF
  811. 94%You Don't Matter
  812. 94%Upstream, Why & How
  813. 77%In First Case of its Kind, NLRB Judge Declares Non-Compete Clause Is an Unfair Labor Practice
  814. 87%Do not try to be the smartest in the room; try to be the kindest. | Jorge Galindo's blog
  815. 96%What You Get After Running an SSH Honeypot for 30 Days
  816. 79%Google, Cloudflare & Cisco Will Poison DNS to Stop Piracy Block Circumvention * TorrentFreak
  817. 95%Collection Performance: Introducing FrozenSet in .NET 8: Benefits and Benchmark PerformanceCollection Performance
  818. 99%How to modify the border of a .NET MAUI Entry on iOS and MacCatalyst
  819. 98%George Fairbanks - Book: Just Enough Software Architecture
  820. 99%Networking Switch – MUREX Robotics Documentation
  821. 97%ESASky 6.2
  822. 96%Can you blow a PC speaker with a Linux kernel module? – OSnews
  823. 96%Building an Oxikit O2 Concentrator (Part 2)
  824. 97%Daniel Frost - Complexity Costs Thinking
  825. 94%ChatGPT vs. your voice – Erik Johannes Husom
  826. 88%Four Futures For Cognitive Labor
  827. 64%DenseAV
  828. 99%Implementing MVCC and major SQL transaction isolation levels
  829. 97%Learning Materials for getting into C programming for MS-DOS/PC-DOS/DR-DOS/FreeDOS
  830. 99%Top Cross-Platform Mobile Development Frameworks in 2024
  831. 95% How My Indie Game with 0 Wishlists Got 10,000 Plays
  832. 99%Sending SMS through GoIP GSM gateway using HTTP API
  833. 99%Never, Sometimes, Always
  834. 86%Topological Problems in Voting
  835. 97%Spending too much time optimizing for loops
  836. 97%Who is the real Owner of your Data?
  837. 98%Weekly Review
  838. 97%Reverse Engineering a Restaurant Pager system 🍽️
  839. 98%Perplexity AI Is Lying about Their User Agent
  840. 95%AI Do’s and Don’ts For Developers – Dev Leader Weekly 48
  841. 99%Announcing Rust 1.79.0 | Rust Blog
  842. 88%Voyager 1 is back online! NASA's most distant spacecraft returns data from all 4 instruments
  843. 71%The sun's magnetic field is about to flip. Here's what to expect.
  844. 98%1.2 Kilofives
  845. 99%From Transaction Scripts to Domain Models: A Refactoring Journey
  846. 98%EF Core 8.0: Use of Arrays with Microsoft SQL Server
  847. 99%The PS3 was a ridiculous machine - Michael Salim | Senior Full Stack Freelancer and Startup Founder
  848. 97%Start Presentations on the Second Slide
  849. 99%GitHub - NVIDIA/warp: A Python framework for high performance GPU simulation and graphics
  850. 82%1/6 | How We Hacked Multi-Billion Dollar Companies in 30 Minutes Using a Fake VSCode Extension
  851. 99%Demystifying Tensor Parallelism
  852. 78%The Australian Securities Exchange CHESS blockchain: seven years of sunk cost fallacy
  853. 97%Stripe's monorepo developer environment - Made of Bugs
  854. 99%Files and the OS
  855. 99%Stop worrying about 'allowPrivilegeEscalation' - Christophe Tafani-Dereeper
  856. 95%Michael Tsai - Blog - UTM Blocked Outside App Store via Notarization
  857. 97%lytix.ai Blog
  858. 98%The Problem with OpenTelemetry
  859. 93%On Artificial Intelligence and Authenticity
  860. 93%.NET MAUI 9 Preview 5 XAML Compilation Issue: Resolving Content Property Error
  861. 97%How I Found A 55 Year Old Bug In The First Lunar Lander Game
  862. 99%Update on the Recall preview feature for Copilot+ PCs
  863. 99%Lock-free reference-counting a TLS slot using atomics, part 3 - The Old New Thing
  864. 99%[HOWTO] Automate release notes generation with an Azure DevOps YAML pipeline
  865. 96%Land value tax in online games and virtual worlds: A how-to guide
  866. 98%Differences Between Span and Memory in C# - Code Maze
  867. 98%The “Critter Stack” Just Leveled Up on Modular Monolith Support
  868. 97%Microsoft.AspNetCore.OData 9 Preview Release - OData
  869. 99%Simplifying Light and Dark Mode in .NET MAUI Apps
  870. 94%AMD CEO Lisa Su reminisces about designing the PS3's infamous Cell processor during her time at IBM
  871. 99%WebLLM: A High-Performance In-Browser LLM Inference Engine
  872. 98%Dark software
  873. 99%Your WordPress as Your Personal Mastodon Instance – Alex Kirk
  874. 93%🎙️ IndieRails Podcast — Andrew Atkinson - The Postgres Specialist
  875. 96%A Belated Wordbots Dev Diary / Retrospective (~1 Year Post-Release)
  876. 98%Celebrating FreeBSD Day: A Journey Through 31 Years of Open Source Excellence
  877. 95%Switching to GNU/Linux: Mentally
  878. 99%How to Generate Video Thumbnails Correctly in iOS Safari 🔍
  879. 92%Decoding: The crux move
  880. 99%Print Your Photos: storage volatility, the impermanence of the cloud, & life after death💀
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  1322. 99%GitHub - openkoda/openkoda: Open source business application platform for fast development
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  1324. 99%Small Language Models with Phi-3 Cookbook: A Guide
  1325. 98%A beginner's guide to the Shenandoah garbage collector | Red Hat Developer
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  1327. 99%VisualStudio.Extensibility 17.10: Debug your extensions with the Diagnostics Explorer - Visual Studio Blog
  1328. 98%OWASP Dependency Check - Improve update speed
  1329. 98%Llama 3-V: Matching GPT4-V with a 100x smaller model and 500 dollars
  1330. 94%Grooved - One tap turntable calibration.
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  1332. 96%So many feed readers, so many bizarre behaviors
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  1351. 89%WP21
  1352. 98%Surveilling the Masses with Wi-Fi-Based Positioning Systems
  1353. 99%GitHub - quickwit-oss/tantivy: Tantivy is a full-text search engine library inspired by Apache Lucene and written in Rust
  1354. 96%Deprecating CSLA Synchronous APIs
  1355. 99%Understanding Supply-Chain Attacks and OWASP Dependency Check
  1356. 99%Playwright in Action: From Setup to Best Practices | Azure Developers JavaScript Day 2024
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  1371. 93%Why am I continuing to bet on Flutter
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  1542. 99%GitHub - tombonez/noTunes: A simple macOS application that will prevent iTunes or Apple Music from launching.
  1543. 97%Microsoft Build 2024: AI-Focused Sessions and .NET Highlights
  1544. 84%A blurry photo of the legendary USB Cart of Death - The Old New Thing
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  1546. 73%Going Dark: The war on encryption is on the rise. Through a shady collaboration between the US and the EU.
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  1589. 98%ECMAScript 2023 feature: symbols as WeakMap keys
  1590. 98%Programming mantras are proverbs
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  1592. 92%Problem with NaN equality
  1593. 99%MemoryCache, DistributedCache and HybridCache
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  1606. 95%The Platonic Representation Hypothesis
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  1616. 86%Floor796
  1617. 97%Calculus with Julia
  1618. 87%I hosted a spectacular 20-acre game of Capture the Flag [#61]
  1619. 97%W is for What Did I Say Three Days Ago?!!
  1620. 98%Test Driving ChatGPT-4o (Part 3)
  1621. 96%Thoughts on Tom Alrich’s “Global Vulnerability Database”
  1622. 89%Skipping ahead to the problems
  1623. 95%Just How Functional is Raku?
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  1625. 99%Stack Overflow reimagined
  1626. 98%Uncommon sense for founder sales: from IIT engineer to successful founder
  1627. 99%Happy Developers. It is Possible
  1628. 98%VassiLife
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  1630. 91%Decision Brownouts
  1631. 95%Surround Yourself With Right People
  1632. 99%High Agency in Software Engineering
  1633. 97%Stripe Subscription States
  1634. 92%visions
  1635. 97%Gio UI Cross-Platform GUI for Go
  1636. 92%Choosing a Tech Stack in 2024
  1637. 98%Ilya Sutskever “If you really learn all of these, you’ll know 90% of what matters today”
  1638. 98%Cyber Security: A Pre-War Reality Check - Bert Hubert's writings
  1639. 95%Developer Burnout – Dev Leader Weekly 44
  1640. 97%Thinking out loud about 2nd-gen Email – Gabriel Sieben
  1641. 99%EF Core Migrations: A Detailed Guide
  1642. 99%Modular site architecture with Nuxt layers
  1643. 98%Stuff I know about ZIP | orchid.pink
  1644. 98%Bloom Filter
  1645. 93%Feedland Blogroll thoughts
  1646. 98%Create Apps Easily with Streamlit
  1647. 94%What I look for in empirical software papers
  1648. 85%Charting surgery
  1649. 86%The Enjoyable Challenge of Managing Uncertainty | Jorge Galindo's blog
  1650. 83%Get Yourself a /dev/lunch
  1651. 98%curl, Tor, dot onion and SOCKS
  1652. 97%on hoot, on boot — wingolog
  1653. 99%Carlos Silva Abreu
  1654. 97%How I use principles to develop engineering strategies.
  1655. 99%Switching to Linux as a Game Developer
  1656. 97%Durango dumplings
  1657. 99%Two-Level Segregated Fit Memory Allocator
  1658. 97%Non-Euclidean Doom: what happens to a game when pi is not 3.14159…
  1659. 99%GitHub - HigherOrderCO/Bend: A massively parallel, high-level programming language
  1660. 98%dotNetDave Rocks The Bay.NET User Group
  1661. 90%Toon3D: Seeing Cartoons from a New Perspective
  1662. 96%Reimagining Pong Wars with C# and MVUX
  1663. 98%Why can't I find the injected name of a templated class's templated base class? - The Old New Thing
  1664. 95%rate limiter – smudge.ai blog
  1665. 93%Collection Performance: Exercise Caution When Using Take() with a Basic Count
  1666. 92%Finished course: From Zero to Hero: Unit testing for C# Developers (Dometrain)
  1667. 96%Wolverine’s Test Support Diagnostics
  1668. 98%New in .NET 8: ASP.NET Core Identity and How to Implement It
  1669. 99%Improve your code quality with GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  1670. 99%XUnit–Improve type safety
  1671. 95%JavaScript Nulls and Programming Minutiae
  1672. 99%ECMAScript proposal: duplicate named capturing groups for regular expressions
  1673. 99%100 Exercises To Learn Rust
  1674. 92%The Forged Apple Employee Badge
  1675. 98%Test Driving ChatGPT-4o (Part 2)
  1676. 99%Privacy Principles: Search, Learning and Artificial Intelligence | Legal
  1677. 98%About Winamp - Winamp has announced that it is opening up its source code to enable collaborative development of its legendary player for Windows.
  1678. 58%Report: Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Immediately Killed Wireless Price Competition In U.S.
  1679. 98%BashFu - Open X11 window with netcat, echo, pipes and file system
  1680. 95%Eight Billion People - OranLooney.com
  1681. 99%LLMs are not suitable for (advanced) brainstorming
  1682. 97%Llama 3 implemented in pure NumPy · The Missing Papers
  1683. 99%How to Simulate MEV Arbitrage with REVM, Anvil and Alloy
  1684. 91%Forms of life, forms of mind | Dr. Michael Levin | Life after Death: in another world, at another scale
  1685. 97%Stand Out and Dare to Disagree
  1686. 99%What I've Learned Building Interactive Embedding Visualizations
  1687. 94%Pinecoder blog
  1688. 98%Effortless SEO for Astro with @zfben/astro-head | Ben's Blog | zfben.com
  1689. 99%What's New in Neovim 0.10
  1690. 99%Legalizations in LLVM Backend
  1691. 89%History of the Italian electrical system
  1692. 97%GitHub - likejazz/llama3.np: llama3.np is pure NumPy implementation for Llama 3 model.
  1693. 98%NetBSD Foundation 🚩 (@netbsd@mastodon.sdf.org)
  1694. 98%Pulling a single item from a C++ parameter pack by its index - The Old New Thing
  1695. 91%VCs aren't your friends
  1696. 50%Utah Locals Are Getting Cheap 10 Gbps Fiber Thanks To Local Governments
  1697. 94%Code It Any Way You Want: Performance Difference Between Static and Non-Static Methods
  1698. 98%Jepsen: Datomic Pro 1.0.7075
  1699. 99%Generate http files from a swagger definition
  1700. 97%Scheduled Message Delivery with Wolverine
  1701. 99%Podman–Pull images from Docker Hub
  1702. 99%Data Fetching Patterns in Single-Page Applications
  1703. 98%Get Ready for Visual Studio at Build 2024: Join Thousands Online! - Visual Studio Blog
  1704. 99%The .NET Generic Math Library - NDepend Blog
  1705. 86%ggml : rewrite silu and softmax for cpu by jart · Pull Request #7154 · ggerganov/llama.cpp
  1706. 94%Collection Performance: Looping Over a Collection Using Span and ReadOnlySpan
  1707. 93%Nearly all Nintendo 64 games can now be recompiled into native PC ports to add proper ray tracing, ultrawide, high FPS, and more
  1708. 96%Meet RVPC the world lowest cost Open Source Hardware All-in-one educational RISC-V computer with VGA and PS2 keyboard which will be available for DIY soldering workshop on Open Fest in Sofia this year!
  1709. 94%DB in K8S: Pros & Cons
  1710. 97%Sorry. My heart says yes, but my schedule says no.
  1711. 98%On Durable Objects | Kevin Wang’s Blog
  1712. 84%Sabbatical Wrap
  1713. 96%Collaborative Assistants - Jeremy Philemon
  1714. 98%A comparison between the M2 and M4 iPad Pro
  1715. 90%What’s the Difference Between a Will and a Trust?
  1716. 97%Struggle as a Service
  1717. 99%Rebuilding my homelab: Suffering as a service
  1718. 94%The Most Important Planning Document Costs Nothing to Draft
  1719. 96%Z80 History: The CPU That Will Never Die
  1720. 99%The Type of Sprintf - Ryan Brewer
  1721. 99%Localizing a .NET console or desktop application
  1722. 89%Investing in Innovation: An introductory guide to angel investing
  1723. 99%Rails 8 adds Kamal by default.
  1724. 99%Reflection in PHP
  1725. 80%Paying People in Equity and Dividends
  1726. 98%I Coded Something Dumb And I'm Proud of It | Pier-Luc Brault - Personal Website
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  1736. 99%Easily add a video reel to your MAUI app (like Instagram)
  1737. 99%Wolverine’s HTTP Model Does More For You
  1738. 99%Mastering Slash Commands with GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  1739. 99%ASP.NET Core, SSR Web Components, and Enhance Wasm
  1740. 97%Modeling: Date vs. DateTime
  1741. 99%C# in Browser via WebAssembly (without Blazor)
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  1745. 99%ECMAScript proposal: `Promise.withResolvers()`
  1746. 99%Gemini Flash
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  1749. 91%Records - Slow thoughts
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  1753. 99%Hashing Modulo Theories
  1754. 98%Is (my) RSS dead?
  1755. 99%GitHub - Modos-Labs/Glider: Open-source E-ink monitor. Mirror of https://gitlab.com/zephray/glider
  1756. 93%A primer on why computational predictive toxicology is hard
  1757. 99%Going to the cinema is a data visualization problem
  1758. 99%How can logging impact a Golang backend?
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  1760. 99%Vaxry's Blog
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  1763. 96%Better Markdown for Writers
  1764. 93%Datasets - How Neural Machine Translation Works
  1765. 99%Pushing CSS :has() to its limits - hover-highlighted parentheses, variable bindings, and more
  1766. 97%Thoughts on the openAI spring release
  1767. 98%building a plugin system for the web
  1768. 95%RSS blogrolls are a federated social network
  1769. 99%C# 12.0: .. Spread Element or Spread Operator
  1770. 58%Veo
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  1772. 65%The confidential coffee maker was not the only source of shenanigans at the IBM Boca office - The Old New Thing
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  1775. 99%Unit Test your Architecture (and more) with ArchUnit
  1776. 98%Code It Any Way You Want: Performance Considerations for Sealed and Internal Classes
  1777. 99%GitHub - nkasmanoff/pi-card: Raspberry Pi Voice Assistant
  1778. 99%GitHub - pipecat-ai/pipecat: Open Source framework for voice and multimodal conversational AI
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  1780. 99%The Modern Guide For Making CSS Shapes — Smashing Magazine
  1781. 99%Azure Static Web App–Deploy using Bicep
  1782. 99%Writing “string.IsNullOrEmpty” using pattern matching and comparing the resulting code
  1783. 99%Using SonarCloud with ASP.NET Core, Angular and github actions
  1784. 99%Gratification
  1785. 99%How to avoid conflicts when testing your dotnet templates locally - Gérald Barré
  1786. 98%Driving PSA
  1787. 97%Apple and Google deliver support for unwanted tracking alerts in iOS and Android
  1788. 96%Amazon S3 will no longer charge for several HTTP error codes
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  1790. 98%Learnings from ingesting millions of technical pages for RAG on Azure. | Jakob Serlier's Personal Site
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  1792. 79%Fifteen Fundamental Properties | Camillo Visini
  1793. 98%Apple Vision Pro has the same effective resolution as Quest 3…Sometimes? And there's not much app devs can do about it, yet.
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  1802. 99%James Shore: “Testing Without Mocks” Course
  1803. 97%Estimating the disk space needed for a VACUUM FULL on PostgreSQL – Ian's notes
  1804. 96%New preprint and Monitoring Time Between Events
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  1816. 98%Crafting Future-proof Apps with JavaScript & Azure Cosmos DB | Azure Developers JavaScript Day 2024
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  1823. 77%What Can A Person Wear?
  1824. 82%Why Unregulated Capitalism Always Leads to Enshittification
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  1834. 99%I replaced Homebrew with Devbox
  1835. 99%How I render my web applications
  1836. 98%24May11 | 1 year of Hyperspaces
  1837. 99%Things I remind myself when working with others
  1838. 93%Lessons learned in moving on from Lightroom
  1839. 98%Building intuition with spaced repetition systems
  1840. 98%PeaZip free archiver utility, open extract RAR TAR ZIP files
  1841. 99%githublog/2024/5/10/cordic.md at main · francisrstokes/githublog
  1842. 95%Immersive Math
  1843. 99%Un garçon pas comme les autres (Bayes) - An unexpected detour into partially symbolic, sparsity-expoiting autodiff; or Lord won’t you buy me a Laplace approximation
  1844. 55%Intercropping viable for optimizing vegetable production on Mars - 𝙎𝘾𝙄𝙀𝙉𝘾𝙀
  1845. 99%Parsing PNG images in Mojo
  1846. 98%Solving Recurrence Relations
  1847. 97%Dancing on the Shoulders of Giants
  1848. 98%Large Text Compression Benchmark
  1849. 96%Are Startup Stock Options Like ‘Lottery Tickets?’ A CEO and Former Employee Discuss. And My POV.
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  1855. 96%Avoiding the soft delete anti-pattern
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  1859. 94%CME impact imminent, Two more earth-directed CMEs
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  1862. 99%GitHub - MHNightCat/superfile: Pretty fancy and modern terminal file manager
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  1866. 97%Things I hate about Partiful
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  1868. 78%Analyzing Polarsteps Data of a Six Month Southeast Asia Trip
  1869. 93%Designing Monte Carlo Simulations in R
  1870. 99%TypeScript: undefined and null are nothing and should keep being nothing — Domain Specific Language
  1871. 95%LLM-based Agents for Tabular Data Processing
  1872. 77%Sam Heuck | The outrage is warranted.
  1873. 99%Useful output in CLI applications
  1874. 99%Franklin Pezzuti Dyer
  1875. 99%Setting up Doom Emacs for Astro Development
  1876. 94%On brain fog (it's much worse than you think)
  1877. 98%The API database architecture - Stop writing HTTP-GET endpoints
  1878. 98%Chasing
  1879. 99%An informal comparison of the three major implementations of std::string - The Old New Thing
  1880. 98%Simons Foundation Co-Founder, Mathematician and Investor Jim Simons Dies at 86
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  1882. 92%General Performance Tip: Type Conversion
  1883. 95%Slop is the new name for unwanted AI-generated content
  1884. 86%Azure Architecture Blog
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  1886. 99%Windows Terminal Preview 1.21 Release
  1887. 98%Fast Search and Replace in Large Number of Files: A Practical Guide
  1888. 53%Leaked Deck Reveals OpenAI's Pitch on Publisher Partnerships
  1889. 99%The right abstraction when bootstrapping front-ends | Samuel Lissner
  1890. 96%4 Bets in Consumer Apps
  1891. 99%Buckets of Parquet Files are Awful | Scratch Data
  1892. 96%Blog: Cross Window Forgery: A Web Attack Vector
  1893. 99%I'm sorry
  1894. 99%using golang's crypto/aes and crypto/cipher packages
  1895. 99%How to curl a Gradio App
  1896. 95%zeptocore | schollz
  1897. 99%It's always TCP_NODELAY. Every damn time.
  1898. 58%Important Lesson from Dr. Seuss — It's Fun to Have Fun, But You Have to Know How. | Gretchen Rubin
  1899. 84%Zuckerman vs: Zuckerberg: why and how this is a battle of the public understanding of APIs, and why Zuckerman needs to lose and Meta needs to win
  1900. 98%Remote attestations and dangerous protocols
  1901. 95%Disaster recovery with ZFS and zrepl
  1902. 89%The History of Ctrl-Alt-Delete
  1903. 98%How to untangle phone numbers
  1904. 98%A room with a view of the PostgreSQL autovacuum – Ian's notes
  1905. 94%minViT: Walkthrough of a minimal Vision Transformer (ViT)
  1906. 99%Dont have F-You money? Build an F-You Network.
  1907. 98%One Slice of Pivot, Please - Tyler Barker
  1908. 95%Growing a Tech Startup (MemSQL/SingleStore) in Portugal to 40+ Employees
  1909. 99%Dear 20 year old Software Engineer
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  1911. 99%GitHub - Hirrolot/datatype99: Algebraic data types for C99
  1912. 99%Join the .NET Team at Microsoft Build 2024! - .NET Blog
  1913. 95%Reference Type & Structure Performance: Constant vs. Read-only Property
  1914. 97%Stack Overflow Upset Over Users Deleting Answers After OpenAI Partnership | Build5Nines | Cloud, DevOps & SRE Guidance
  1915. 98%.NET 9 LINQ Performance Edition
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  1918. 99%Scaling Marten with PostgreSQL Read Replicas
  1919. 93%Azure Developers - .NET Day 2024 - Recap
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  1922. 99%Enforce architectural constrains using NetArchTest
  1923. 99%Modern SQLite: Generated columns
  1924. 92%grafychat
  1925. 98%Google Solar Cycle
  1926. 60%How Much Patents & Copyrights Take From Your Wallet – Shane Oberloier
  1927. 97%Development notes from xkcd's "Machine"
  1928. 97%Consistency Large Language Models: A Family of Efficient Parallel Decoders
  1929. 99%A Problem-First Approach To Building Engineering Teams
  1930. 98%Developer productivity is 99% perception | Daniel Sada Caraveo | Developer Productivity & Culture
  1931. 96%Ask The Fox: "People keep telling me to learn to code, but I don't wanna"
  1932. 98%Tradeoffs with the Four Patterns Of Data Loading
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  1967. 98%(yet another) Broken Adversarial Example Defense at IEEE S&P 2024
  1968. 98%Securing Your Server in 2024
  1969. 65%The illusion of having it all figured out - Scott Taylor
  1970. 98%Chapter I: The birth of Parquet
  1971. 96%Double-Entry Bookkeeping for Hackers
  1972. 98%An Operating System for the Web
  1973. 96%How & Why I use IBM's Quantum Computer to Make Decisions
  1974. 98%Announcing Casual Dired - an opinionated porcelain for the Emacs file manager
  1975. 84%Knuth • Sameer Ismail
  1976. 99%Careful with That Lock, Eugene: Part 2
  1977. 98%Micro-dosing Caffeine
  1978. 99%Managers have no human rights
  1979. 99%Package Management & improved .NET Aspire support come to C# Dev Kit - .NET Blog
  1980. 99%Big O Notation
  1981. 99%dotNetDave Rocks The Austin .NET User Group (2024)
  1982. 98%Awaiting a set of handles with a timeout, part 6: Capturing the handles efficiently - The Old New Thing
  1983. 95%Apple introduces M4 chip
  1984. 99%Pair Your Compilers At The ABI Café - Faultlore
  1985. 82%Proton Mail Discloses User Data Leading to Arrest in Spain
  1986. 93%Code It Any Way You Want: Constants vs. Read-only Fields
  1987. 99%Middleware-Based Exception Handling in ASP.NET Core
  1988. 99%"Secret" elmah.io features #4 - Get help from AI and ChatGPT
  1989. 98%CVE-2024-3661: TunnelVision - How Attackers Can Decloak Routing-Based VPNs For a Total VPN Leak — Leviathan Security Group - Penetration Testing, Security Assessment, Risk Advisory
  1990. 99%Exploring State Management Solutions Beyond Redux and MobX
  1991. 95%Recent Marten & Wolverine Improvements and Roadmap Update
  1992. 99%Proactive Architecture Guarding
  1993. 98%What is platform engineering and why do we need it? | Red Hat Developer
  1994. 99%Deniable Encryption
  1995. 99%.NET Core - View outdated packages
  1996. 99%🔑 Keyed Services in .NET Core 8: The Death of the Factory Pattern? 🔑
  1997. 92%The biggest effect on code quality
  1998. 99%C#: How to Enumerate over Enum values and names
  1999. 99%Conservative codomain conjecture
  2000. 99%Disabling .NET Aspire authentication to skip the login page
  2001. 99%How to check if a DLL and an exe is a .NET assembly - Gérald Barré
  2002. 99%Sep 0.4.0-0.5.2 - Insanely Fast Single- & Multi-threaded .NET CSV Parsing (up to 35x faster than CsvHelper)
  2003. 98%Good and Bad Ideas
  2004. 95%The best way to have complex discussions — CQ2
  2005. 99%Large Language Models, Open API, View Models and the Backend for Frontend Pattern | johnnyreilly
  2006. 99%Mantisek
  2007. 99%Clojure: managing throughput with virtual threads
  2008. 98%The Vary HTTP header
  2009. 87%Keep the logs for retrospective analysis
  2010. 99%Virtual Threads in Clojure
  2011. 99%Developing a RAG Knowledge Base with DuckDB
  2012. 74%How good products have unintended consequences – noemi titarenco
  2013. 88%UAH Global Temperature Update for April, 2024: +1.05 deg. C « Roy Spencer, PhD
  2014. 98%How not to change PostgreSQL column type
  2015. 94%Number Detective
  2016. 99%I made a note taking plugin for an app written in PHP :: Show me the code — Software engineering is cool
  2017. 96%Backend Engineer tries to build a hardware counter for its side project.
  2018. 99%Protect Custom Instructions
  2019. 98%Generating creatures with Teranoptia
  2020. 99%Using age with org-journal
  2021. 83%Ownership Fuels Performance (and it starts at the top)
  2022. 97%Heat Death of the Internet - takahē
  2023. 97%Your 14-Day Free Trial Ain't Gonna Cut It
  2024. 98%Lix
  2025. 81%NYU professors who defended vaping didn’t disclose ties to Juul, documents show
  2026. 99%Awaiting a set of handles with a timeout, part 5: Generalizing the awaiter - The Old New Thing
  2027. 98%Hallucination-Free RAG: Making LLMs Safe for Healthcare
  2028. 94%Collection Performance: Leveraging LINQ MAXBy() and MINBy() for Efficient and Readable Code
  2029. 99%GitHub - alessiodm/drl-zh: Deep Reinforcement Learning: Zero to Hero!
  2030. 99%Boosting Productivity with Analyzers
  2031. 94%Open Source Security (OpenSSF) and OpenJS Foundations Issue Alert for Social Engineering Takeovers of Open Source Projects
  2032. 66%Bollards: Why & What
  2033. 98%Model Texture Transition and Procedural Radial Noise using WebGL | Codrops
  2034. 99%Unveiling secrets of the ESP32 part 2: reverse engineering RX
  2035. 99%The new fintech stack is... open source?
  2036. 87%How to prioritize work for MVP — todo.space blog
  2037. 99%100x faster sorted array intersections
  2038. 97%My Home Server Journey - From Raspberry Pi to Ryzen
  2039. 91%Goodbye, GoDaddy
  2040. 93%Histograms worked
  2041. 95%With PowerPC, Windows CE and the WiiN-PAD slate, everyone's a WiiN-er (except Data General)
  2042. 98%The power of true engineering – Theo van der Donk
  2043. 99%Lost in Translation: The Bug That Spoke Russian and Crashed My App
  2044. 81%Scalable Spear Phishing with LLMs
  2045. 76%Christian Haschek's blog
  2046. 76%Let me tell you a story - Byte Tank
  2047. 78%MIT abandons use of DEI statements
  2048. 98%Transformers Dashboard 🤖📈
  2049. 98%22.00.0036 Quitaversary
  2050. 99%Brains, Fingers, and Crabs — Modes of Software Developer Operation
  2051. 99%Why you should take a look at traefik, even if you don't use containers
  2052. 85%The agony and ecstasy of Costco
  2053. 88%Sakshat's blog - Is software engineering for you
  2054. 88%Braun Börse 2024
  2055. 99%Time-based CSS Animations
  2056. 97%GitHub - skeeto/hash-prospector: Automated integer hash function discovery
  2057. 96%Rock Your Code: Code & App Performance for Microsoft .NET (4th Edition)
  2058. 99%Coding Faster with dotNetTips.com Spargine 8:  May 2024 Release
  2059. 95%How to Build a $20 Billion Semiconductor Fab
  2060. 99%No, I don’t want to fill out your contact form
  2061. 98%Dillo release 3.1.0
  2062. 94%snats website
  2063. 89%The Cost of Cash...lessness
  2064. 95%Breaking the Cycle 🔗💥
  2065. 98%Loseless Image Compression Algorithms
  2066. 73%I'm turning 30 so naturally I'm switching to OpenBSD
  2067. 93%Supply chain attacks and the many (other) different ways I’ve backdoored your dependencies
  2068. 99%Naming things in B2B SaaS
  2069. 99%Ryan Bigg - code is like garden
  2070. 93%I love not understanding things.
  2071. 97%TeenSaver: Support The Kids In your Life Who have never Seen a Screensaver
  2072. 95%The Best Software Engineers Are Replaceable – Dev Leader Weekly 42
  2073. 99%GitHub - abi/secret-llama: Fully private LLM chatbot that runs entirely with a browser with no server needed. Supports Mistral and LLama 3.
  2074. 83%BandMatch
  2075. 98%Software Testing Day
  2076. 99%Implementing API Gateway Authentication With YARP
  2077. 98%sudon't – Tony Finch
  2078. 97%Blog | atchyut.dev
  2079. 99%Deniable Encryption
  2080. 99%Building a social network from scratch on a whiteboard - Xe Iaso
  2081. 97%Prometheus 2: The Open Source LLM born to Evaluate LLMs
  2082. 94%I've Moved Onchain
  2083. 99%Cost efficient alternative to databricks lock-in | Georg Heiler
  2084. 60%A Few of the Birds I Love
  2085. 99%How to become a better developer
  2086. 82%So Long, Gitpod
  2087. 98%social media is a terrible business
  2088. 93%Analyzing poems with llm
  2089. 99%Speeding up ELF relocations for store-based systems
  2090. 99%RSS: how to fix your internet feed
  2091. 95%Context is a key ingredient for engineers
  2092. 97%varoa.net | Galo Navarro
  2093. 77%GOTO 10
  2094. 64%27 unique volumes of Brothers Grimm fairy tales discovered in Poland
  2095. 99%DNS traffic can leak outside the VPN tunnel on Android | Mullvad VPN
  2096. 99%Awaiting a set of handles with a timeout, part 4: Building our own awaiter - The Old New Thing
  2097. 86%Woodworking as an escape from the absurdity of software
  2098. 92%A Single Div: a CSS drawing project by Lynn Fisher
  2099. 94%Building a Rocket Engine from Scratch
  2100. 98%I'm writing a new vector search SQLite Extension
  2101. 98%General Performance Tip: Choosing Between Conditional Statements – If, Switch, and Switch Expression Performance in C#
  2102. 93%Cardiorespiratory fitness is a strong and consistent predictor of morbidity and mortality among adults: an overview of meta-analyses representing over 20.9 million observations from 199 unique cohort studies
  2103. 97%The BASIC programming language turns 60
  2104. 99%Critter Stack Improvements for Event Driven Architecture
  2105. 99%Blazor Basics: Globalization in Blazor
  2106. 99%Multi-Class Classification Using LightGBM -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2107. 99%Exploring .NET Aspire: Building Cloud-Native Apps With Ease | Build5Nines
  2108. 99%Development With A Dot - ASP.NET Core API Versioning
  2109. 99%WinGet: Enabling experimental features in production
  2110. 92%JetBrains .NET Days Online 2024 – Call for Speakers | The .NET Tools Blog
  2111. 99%Azure Static Web App–Data API Builder
  2112. 98%Monitoring energy usage with smart plugs, Prometheus and Grafana
  2113. 98%Understanding UMAP
  2114. 97%Ansible is a Lisp
  2115. 95%Lessons Learned from Four Months of Working Solo
  2116. 98%Coding interviews are stupid (ish)
  2117. 95%Visiting the world's most expensive nuclear station
  2118. 96%Traditional Publishing is Great, Actually
  2119. 99%An introduction to vectorization
  2120. 98%Will We Still Need Programmers?
  2121. 99%Anduril 2 Manual
  2122. 97%The Sisyphean struggle and the new era of data infrastructure — Jack Vanlightly
  2123. 99%Jonas Hietala: Customizing Neovim
  2124. 91%Losing My Hands - jxnl.co
  2125. 99%Hobby’s algorithm for aesthetic Bézier splines – Jake Low
  2126. 98%Why I Left NixOS for Ubuntu
  2127. 96%Money for nothing, commits for free
  2128. 99%Faster Connectivity !== Faster Websites
  2129. 91%Dashes
  2130. 99%Making a 3D Modeler, in C, in a Week
  2131. 97%Optimizing Code Performance: Leveraging Essential Tools and Best Practices
  2132. 98%Online Cryptography Course by Dan Boneh
  2133. 98%Awaiting a set of handles with a timeout, part 3: Going beyond two - The Old New Thing
  2134. 97%Microsoft .NET Code Analysis for Performance
  2135. 98%Data Structures — Queue
  2136. 99%Cross-Platform App Development is Dead, Long Live Cross-Platform App Development!
  2137. 99%Cognition
  2138. 99%Look ma, no Dockerfile! 🚫🐋 - Publishing containers with the .NET SDK 📦
  2139. 95%Code It Any Way You Want: Performance Impact of Sealing Attributes
  2140. 99%Checking your solution for NuGet vulnerabilities or deprecated packages
  2141. 99%Native Desktop UX with .NET MAUI for Windows and macOS Apps
  2142. 99%Marten, PostgreSQL, and .NET Aspire walk into a bar…
  2143. 98%The Backend for Frontend Pattern (BFF)
  2144. 98%OData .NET 8 Preview Release - OData
  2145. 98%.NET 8 - Warning AD0001: Analyzer 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Analyzers.RouteHandlers.RouteHandlerAnalyzer' threw an exception of type 'System.InvalidOperationException'
  2146. 95%Beyond Boundaries - Networking Programming with C# 12 and .NET 8 Book Home
  2147. 98%Faster Code Performance with DotNetTips.Spargine
  2148. 98%Harnessing .NET Source Generators to Boost Performance
  2149. 96%Optimizing Data Manipulation with LINQ
  2150. 98%How To Build Successful Business Cases as a Data Engineer
  2151. 98%LLMs Can't Do Probability - Brainsteam
  2152. 96%Productionizing Embeddings: Challenges and a Path Forward | Tecton
  2153. 99%MAP_SHARED and RSS/SHR
  2154. 89%The Disappearance of Lived Time
  2155. 98%Tracking the Wins
  2156. 99%Why should I pay for an open-source app? - Jonathan Garelick
  2157. 99%Backup strategies for SQLite in production
  2158. 98%The App Store Review Process Is Actually... Good
  2159. 97%Decapsulating the CH32V203 Reveals a Separate Flash Die
  2160. 99%On Programming Languages
  2161. 99%Operational transformation & conflict-free resolution for real-time collaboration applications
  2162. 98%I Reviewed 1,000s of Opinions on HTMX
  2163. 97%Applied abstraction
  2164. 81%My Remote Desk, 2024 - Tyler Cipriani
  2165. 99%Hijack DLLs through proxying - Carlos Menezes
  2166. 97%The 150x pgvector speedup: a year-in-review
  2167. 97%Analyzing Consumer Behavior: Tools and Techniques for Marketers
  2168. 98%Thoughts on Zig
  2169. 94%wip: terminal (initial commit)
  2170. 89%Collection Performance
  2171. 97%Awaiting a set of handles with a timeout, part 2: Continuing with two - The Old New Thing
  2172. 94%Better & Faster Large Language Models via Multi-token Prediction
  2173. 98%Alphabetical Cartogram
  2174. 99%run0
  2175. 91%General Performance Tip: Optimizing Enum Value Name Retrieval
  2176. 99%Run Phi-3 SLM on your machine with C# Semantic Kernel and Ollama
  2177. 99%Cancelling long-running JSInterop calls - Kristoffer Strube’s Blog
  2178. 99%Marten, Metrics, and Open Telemetry Support
  2179. 99%Metalama Status Update, April 2024
  2180. 99%Embrace AI-Driven Productivity in .NET with JetBrains AI Assistant in ReSharper | The .NET Tools Blog
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  2183. 99%My approach to HTML web components
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  2185. 99%Secure your container build and publish with .NET 8 - .NET Blog
  2186. 99%ASP.NET Core -Updating the OpenTelemetry configuration
  2187. 95%Printing music with CSS grid
  2188. 99%GitHub - borgo-lang/borgo: Borgo is a statically typed language that compiles to Go.
  2189. 91%Optimizing String Performance
  2190. 99%Borgo Programming Language
  2191. 98%How to Train Diffusion for Text from Scratch
  2192. 89%Delving into “delve”
  2193. 99%My Code Formatting Guidelines
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  2195. 98%Losing the imitation game
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  2198. 97%Stashpad Blog - My favorite Insomnia features and shortcuts
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  2207. 98%Direct Preference Optimization Explained In-depth
  2208. 97%7 independent tech job boards (2024)
  2209. 95%Gaining depth perception | nicole@web
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  2216. 97%🇪🇺 Dear Europe, please wake up – eu/acc | Andreas Klinger
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  2218. 96%Ideas and Execution
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  2222. 92%Reddit if full of bots: thread reposted exactly the same, comment by comment, 10 months later - Blåhaj Lemmy
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  2225. 90%How an empty S3 bucket can make your AWS bill explode
  2226. 94%Apple must open iPadOS to sideloading within 6 months, EU says
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  2232. 99%The Decorator Pattern is sometimes helpful
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  2235. 98%Demystifying Azure Open AI for App developers
  2236. 99%TypeScript compiler trick
  2237. 98%ASP.NET Core Hosting Module with Shadow Copy Not Starting: Separate your Shadow Copy Folders!
  2238. 99%Service compatibility is determined based on policy
  2239. 99%.NET Aspire is the best way to experiment with Dapr during local development
  2240. 96%GPT-2?
  2241. 98%basysKom GmbH | How To Use Modern QML Tooling in Practice
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  2291. 85%A Software Engineering Career Ladder
  2292. 98%things I tell myself to be more agentic – Daniel Frank
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  2294. 58%“Jewish Mathematics”?
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  2298. 94%Metric learning with linear methods - Emir's blog
  2299. 95%Why reading whitepapers takes your career to the next level (and how to do it)
  2300. 98%GitHub - rejunity/z80-open-silicon: Z80 open-source silicon. Goal is to become a silicon proven, pin compatible, open-source replacement for classic Z80.
  2301. 93%Keep Out! - A WebGL game by the makers of Mozilla BrowserQuest
  2302. 91%Google Made Me Ruin A Perfectly Good Website: A Case Study On The AI-Generated Internet
  2303. 98%Using an E-Ink Monitor
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  2317. 97%GitHub - lodefmode/moviecart: Software and Hardware to create full length color movie + audio cartridges for stock Atari 2600
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  2330. 99%Code signing on Windows with Azure Trusted Signing · Melatonin
  2331. 81%[SOLVED]: node_modules/metro-hermes-compiler/src/emhermesc.js:77 throw ex; Error: EMFILE: too many open files
  2332. 99%State Machines
  2333. 91%I made a new backplane for my Terramaster F2-221 NAS | codedbearder
  2334. 91%E-Scooters: First Thoughts
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  2341. 91%"90% of Java services have critical or severe security vulnerabilities"... or about the quirks of security reporting – JVM Weekly vol. 80
  2342. 92%Collection Performance: Is LINQ Always the Most Performant Choice?
  2343. 99%No Abstractions: an Increase API design principle — Increase
  2344. 99%First Class Event Subscriptions in Marten
  2345. 99%Implementing a functionality with GitHub Copilot for Visual Studio
  2346. 99%C# 13 Params Collections
  2347. 99%Type pattern matching in C# and TypeScript
  2348. 99%Securing identity: Exploring application types and authentication flows | Microsoft Entra Identity Platform
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  2360. 98%The Importance of Maybe
  2361. 97%Using Vectors without a Vector Database
  2362. 98%The Mandelbrot nature of modularization
  2363. 99%From hours to seconds: AI tools to detect animal calls
  2364. 98%Use :has() to scope CSS
  2365. 93%Is it ethical to have children if you believe their lives will suck?
  2366. 93%Uno Platform 5.2 Webinar
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  2368. 94%Taking Additional Steps To Address the National Emergency With Respect to Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities
  2369. 99%GitHub - catdad/canvas-confetti: 🎉 performant confetti animation in the browser
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  2372. 99%4 Software Design Principles I Learned the Hard Way
  2373. 91%Code It Any Way You Want: Comparison of Passing Parameters in Methods
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  2375. 74%When Do We Stop Finding New Music? A Statistical Analysis
  2376. 98%What's in my bag when I go to the office [April 2024 Edition]
  2377. 92%You Are What You Read, Even If You Don’t Always Remember It
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  2379. 99%Akka.NET, ASP.NET Core, Hosted Services, and Dependency Injection
  2380. 99%Embedding Database Migrations with Weasel
  2381. 98%Working with IAsyncEnumerable in C# - Simple Talk
  2382. 98%Introducing our Security 101 course for beginners!
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  2385. 99%Join us for Azure Developers - .NET Day on April 30!
  2386. 99%.NET JsonElement and Schema Validation | endjin
  2387. 99%Giving the .NET smart components a try–The Smart TextArea
  2388. 96%snowflake/snowflake-arctic-instruct – Run with an API on Replicate
  2389. 99%Snowflake Arctic: An(other) Efficient and Open-Source LLM is out!
  2390. 95%Why niches matter
  2391. 99%From the Circle to Epicycles (Part 1)
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  2397. 51%How I Bike to the Airport
  2398. 99%Understanding Apache Hudi's Consistency Model Part 1 — Jack Vanlightly
  2399. 99%Fundamentals of I/O in Go: Part 3
  2400. 95%Four Patterns Of Data Loading
  2401. 94%IBM to Acquire HashiCorp, Inc. Creating a Comprehensive End-to-End Hybrid Cloud Platform
  2402. 99%Tracking down a UEFI quirk on the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH532
  2403. 97%Vimmer tries Emacs
  2404. 99%How quickly can you break a long string into lines? – Daniel Lemire's blog
  2405. 98%Framing engineering discussions with a business perspective | Matt Joseph
  2406. 99%No Database No Retention No Party
  2407. 98%HTML attributes vs DOM properties
  2408. 93%Why we suck at estimating software projects
  2409. 99%Introducing .NET MAUI Community Tookit v8: TouchBehavior support is here! - .NET Blog
  2410. 98%Adding state to the update notification pattern, part 6 - The Old New Thing
  2411. 98%DM's Esoteric Programming Languages - Piet
  2412. 75%Meta does everything OpenAI should be [D]
  2413. 98%ESPHome — ESPHome
  2414. 98%Pendulum Types
  2415. 95%General Performance: Choosing Between GetValueOrDefault() and Coalesce Operator for Nullable Integers
  2416. 99%GitHub - apple/corenet: CoreNet: A library for training deep neural networks
  2417. 99%Mastering SOLID Principles in C#: A Practical Guide
  2418. 98%WIP is waste
  2419. 98%Exploring the AskVS command in GitHub Copilot for Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  2420. 99%Fix Unable To Resolve DbContextOptions For EF Core
  2421. 98%Async APIs - don't confuse your events, commands and state
  2422. 99%Tales from the .NET Migration Trenches - Authentication
  2423. 98%C isn’t a Hangover; Rust isn’t a Hangover Cure
  2424. 99%Building FocusGuardian, my TribeHacks IX submission, in 24 hours
  2425. 86%AI - SkyNet Is Not Coming to Kill You
  2426. 91%Code It Any Way You Want: Optimal Parameter Passing – Array vs. Params Keyword
  2427. 87%How to Juggle Priorities: Decide Which Balls Are Glass and Which Are Plastic
  2428. 97%Meta Bites the Apple
  2429. 99%Fabian Lindfors
  2430. 98%Reminding Myself to Take a Break
  2431. 99%Generate code for declarative language instead of progr...
  2432. 99%How to set up Nsight Compute Locally to profile Remote GPUs
  2433. 99%The best keyboard I've ever had
  2434. 90%FTC Announces Rule Banning Noncompetes
  2435. 99%Refactor your C# code with primary constructors - .NET Blog
  2436. 99%Adding state to the update notification pattern, part 5 - The Old New Thing
  2437. 99%Help us invent CSS Grid Level 3, aka “Masonry” layout
  2438. 99%Try Catch in C#: The Basics You Need to Know
  2439. 89%On Generating Ideas - Leadership & Work
  2440. 99%What's new for the Microsoft Fluent UI Blazor library 4.7
  2441. 99%Enhance your .NET Testing #8: Contract tests with Verify
  2442. 99%nameof vs + operater
  2443. 99%Unit testing methods on BlobServiceClient with Azure blob storage and NSubstitute
  2444. 99%Minimal APIs Nuget Packages
  2445. 98%Strict Ordered Message Handling wth Wolverine
  2446. 99%We Migrated a Legacy App with ChatGPT: Here's What Happened
  2447. 99%C# 12: Collection expressions and primary constructors | Red Hat Developer
  2448. 99%Will Visual Studio Be Migrated to .NET Core and Become Multi-Platform? - NDepend Blog
  2449. 99%XML External Entity Attack and .NET Core
  2450. 99%Don't Do This With Extension Methods
  2451. 99%Does readonly make your code faster?
  2452. 97%The trap of over-engineering and over-design
  2453. 99%Fitting a polynomial to a set of points
  2454. 98%Configure Renovate to handle nuspec files
  2455. 98%Using type aliases to make code clearer with generics - Gérald Barré
  2456. 99%Uno Platform 5.2 Released - One Project To Rule Them All - Nick's .NET Travels
  2457. 77%No one buys books
  2458. 89%KRAZAM
  2459. 98%Scary Triangles
  2460. 91%NASA’s Voyager 1 Resumes Sending Engineering Updates to Earth – Voyager
  2461. 94%open letter to the NixOS foundation
  2462. 93%Why a chicken coop and run should have a floor of wood chips - Greg Alder's Yard Posts: Southern California food gardening
  2463. 96%DeskOps: Commanding My Desk with HTTP - How I Brought Hysteresis Problems to the Desk Where I Solve Hysteresis Problems
  2464. 98%Forge: A Tool to Teach Formal Methods
  2465. 85%Why you should NOT get a whole body MRI
  2466. 96%Announcing the first-ever true .NET Single Project for Mobile, Web, Desktop, and Embedded apps
  2467. 95%Frosting A Turd And Iterating To A Cupcake
  2468. 99%Review of the MoErgo Glove80 keyboard
  2469. 87%Issue 54: Personal Library Science
  2470. 99%Some thoughts on going from an idea to the App Store in one week - Jonathan Garelick
  2471. 99%What is the Metropolis algorithm?
  2472. 99%How to generate color palettes for design systems
  2473. 99%Turkish Language, Browsers and Punycode
  2474. 95%Id30 – magnushoff.com
  2475. 98%Shared libs, rpath and the runtime linker
  2476. 95%Send Your Friends Birthday Cards
  2477. 99%Delay e-mail delivery with Postfix for a relaxing weekend
  2478. 98%Good Ideas in Computer Science
  2479. 99%An entire Social Network in 1.6GB (GraphD Part 2)
  2480. 97%Meta Horizon OS: Powering a New Era for Mixed Reality | Meta Quest Blog
  2481. 99%Data Structures — Stack
  2482. 97%Github YouTube Embed - Online
  2483. 87%How to Fight Impostor Syndrome?
  2484. 91%Equinox
  2485. 99%Adding state to the update notification pattern, part 4 - The Old New Thing
  2486. 92%Collection Performance: Creating a List<> Using The Task.Parallel Library
  2487. 99%Wolverine’s New PostgreSQL Messaging Transport
  2488. 99%Using GitHub and NextAuth.js for Single Sign-on in Next.js
  2489. 97%Extending Copilot for Microsoft 365 using TypeScript | Azure Developers JavaScript Day 2024
  2490. 99%Building a Culture of Data: The Technical Aspects - Simple Talk
  2491. 98%VSCode Day and Azure Developers .NET Day are coming!
  2492. 98%API Key Authentication Middleware In ASP NET Core – A How To Guide
  2493. 98%How to create an F#
  2494. 98%Navigating the Edges of Technology in Software Development: Bleeding, Leading, Dull, and Rusting
  2495. 99%Never struggle to give feedback again (even to your manager)
  2496. 95%Inside the Super Nintendo cartridges
  2497. 98%GitHub - 0x0mer/doom-htop: The classic DOOM game over htop, the text-based process viewer
  2498. 99%Programmers diary
  2499. 98%Undervolting 2020 Dell Laptops like the Vostro 7500 and More Tips to Improve Thermals, Battery Life, and Speed - Brendan Greenley
  2500. 92%I made a Fallout inspired RPG game in EXCEL
  2501. 99%Why you shouldn't run a BSD on a PC
  2502. 98%I Wrote My Own Editor
  2503. 77%Why venture capital should embrace divergence - Credistick
  2504. 90%Career Growth: Who is going to do it?
  2505. 99%Changelog-Driven Releases
  2506. 92%Why I Don't Use Social Media
  2507. 98%OpenAI Wrappers
  2508. 99%Notion
  2509. 98%GitHub - tinyworldmap/tiny-world-map: tinyworldmap is a tiny world map for offline-first and low-bandwidth web apps
  2510. 99%How to Convert a String to Byte Array in C#: Encoding and Decoding Simplified
  2511. 98%Adventures In Rust: Bringing Exchange Support To Thunderbird
  2512. 98%Programming Is Mostly Thinking
  2513. 99%The Real C++ Killers (Not You, Rust)
  2514. 99%0.12.0 Release Notes ⚡ The Zig Programming Language
  2515. 83%MuPDF.js
  2516. 97%DO NOT BUY HISENSE TV'S LOL (Or at least keep them offline)
  2517. 98%Doomscroller
  2518. 91%AI isn't useless. But is it worth it?
  2519. 70%Why Everything is Becoming a Game
  2520. 80%Faith, Deconstructed or Reconstructed - Philip Yancey
  2521. 94%Imagine
  2522. 93%Why Female Space Marines Make No Sense
  2523. 99%Lean Scala
  2524. 99%Poisson designs and Minimum Detectable Effects
  2525. 99%Positional Encoding for Self Attention
  2526. 96%10x Engineers vs -10x Burdens
  2527. 99%GoFetch: Will people ever learn?
  2528. 98%Color Naming: Human vs. GPT-4
  2529. 95%You Suck at Marketing
  2530. 99%Stop going to the cloud and getting scammed. $200 infra to serve your startup till 100k monthly users in 15 minutes. Self-hosted Postgres, caddyserver and docker-compose FTW.
  2531. 95%Creating API Gateways in Zuplo – Dev Leader Weekly 40
  2532. 98%3D Printing Log
  2533. 81%Former Microsoft developer says Windows 11's performance is "comically bad," even with monster PC
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  2879. 99%Azure Static Web App–Distributed Functions
  2880. 99%BFF secured ASP.NET Core application using downstream API and an OAuth client credentials JWT
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  2883. 77%After AI beat them, professional go players got better and more creative
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  2885. 99%GitHub - karpathy/llm.c: LLM training in simple, raw C/CUDA
  2886. 92%Fixing All The Bugs Won’t Solve All The Problems – Deming’s Path Of Frustration
  2887. 98%Intel’s Ambitious Meteor Lake iGPU
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  2924. 99%Create conditional access base policies for a Microsoft Entra ID tenant
  2925. 98%Configure Azure Functions to use Identity Based Connections
  2926. 99%New in .NET 8: ASP.NET Core Identity and How to Implement It
  2927. 99%Equip 3rd party types with a deconstructor
  2928. 98%Responsive Images Crash Course for ASP.NET Core Developers
  2929. 99%GitHub - stackframe-projects/pgmock: In-memory Postgres for unit/E2E tests
  2930. 99%Playing With MutationObserver In JavaScript
  2931. 99%A Brief Comparison of Modern Programming Languages
  2932. 98%adr - A .NET Tool for Creating & Managing Architecture Decision Records | endjin
  2933. 98%The Cost of Not Logging
  2934. 99%Primary Constructor and Logging Don't Mix
  2935. 99%How to securely reverse-proxy ASP.NET Core web apps
  2936. 99%GitHub - migueletto/PumpkinOS: PumpkinOS is a re-implementation of PalmOS.
  2937. 96%The evolution of the Super Nintendo motherboard
  2938. 97%Evaluating the Language Consistency of Local and Cloud-Based LLMs - Nikolas' Blog
  2939. 98%'If this one guy got hit by a bus, the world's software would fall apart.'
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  2949. 99%Expose Platform APIs Over Wrapping Them
  2950. 94%Reject minimalism
  2951. 99%Connecting Your Windows and Uno Platform App to ChatGPT with Azure.AI.OpenAI - Nick's .NET Travels
  2952. 98%Home · thmsmlr
  2953. 99%GitHub - drawdb-io/drawdb: Free, simple, and intuitive online database design tool and SQL generator.
  2954. 98%GitHub - maharmstone/btrfs: WinBtrfs - an open-source btrfs driver for Windows
  2955. 99%Terraform Test and AWS Lambda
  2956. 95%More Agents Is All You Need
  2957. 80%ChatGPT’s Tarot Shuffle: Random Musings on Love, Family, and Financial Fortunes
  2958. 97%A JavaScript library for generating vector-based cartoon faces
  2959. 98%503 days working full-time on FOSS: lessons learned
  2960. 93%Looking for Alice
  2961. 96%Cows and Carbon for Dummies - Ben Hunt
  2962. 81%You can’t spell “Gell-Mann amnesia” without LLM
  2963. 93%Thoughts on the Clicks Keyboard
  2964. 96%A Sustainable Path Forward for Modrinth
  2965. 95%My First Open Source Contribution
  2966. 99%pkgsrc on macOS: still works
  2967. 99%Optimized Model Auditing with PaperTrail
  2968. 99%The Blessing of the Strings
  2969. 89%What to do when an airline website doesn't accept your legal name
  2970. 99%How to correctly link to UCRT (and why it works that way) — mingwpy 0.1 documentation
  2971. 98%My favorite button on the Internet
  2972. 99%A few servers and a load balancer.
  2973. 98%Explicit sync
  2974. 98%What I think about when I edit — Eva Parish
  2975. 99%GitHub - searxng/searxng: SearXNG is a free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from various search services and databases. Users are neither tracked nor profiled.
  2976. 98%xkcd: Machine
  2977. 91%world_sim
  2978. 98%IntelliJ IDEA 2024.1 Is Out! | The IntelliJ IDEA Blog
  2979. 93%The Rise and Fall of Silicon Graphics
  2980. 99%Master Claims Transformation for Flexible ASP.NET Core Authorization
  2981. 98%Busy Friends Make Scheduling Hard
  2982. 84%So you wanna de-bog yourself
  2983. 99%Why You Shouldn't Use SQLite
  2984. 98%Open Source Maintenance
  2985. 98%Audio gear: a decent, portable mic for corporate video calls in a noisy room - Ross Wintle
  2986. 99%FreeBSD Zero to Desktop Speedrun Challenge
  2987. 99%xz backdoor and autotools insanity
  2988. 99%Generative transformer from first principles in Julia - Lior Sinai
  2989. 99%Are Inline Styles Faster than CSS?
  2990. 94%Content Creators Ruined The Internet
  2991. 96%The Probability of Undecidability
  2992. 95%"I think you might be a scam" - A Lesson in Customer Discovery
  2993. 98%OpenBSD 7.5
  2994. 99%30.0.50; describe key + lambda too poetic
  2995. 98%The Current State of ML in Clojure
  2996. 99%Self Modifying Code
  2997. 98%Writing maketh the 10x Developer. More so the 10x development team.
  2998. 99%How would you build Wordle with just HTML & CSS? | Scott Jehl, Web Designer/Developer
  2999. 99%How I Discover New Blogs
  3000. 99%leontrolski - Postgres locks
  3001. 99%An IRC client in your motherboard
  3002. 98%The case of the exception that a catch (...) didn't catch - The Old New Thing
  3003. 98%M 4.8 - 6 km ESE of Califon, New Jersey
  3004. 90%How Stack Overflow replaced Experts Exchange
  3005. 99%FFmpeg
  3006. 97%Code It Any Way You Want: Optimizing Span Operations – Clear vs. Fill
  3007. 97%Zoomer Tries RSS: In Praise of Yarr
  3008. 99%[HOWTO] Exclude content from GitHub Copilot
  3009. 74%German state ditches Microsoft for Linux and LibreOffice
  3010. 97%How we’ve saved 98% in cloud costs by writing our own database
  3011. 86%Mario meets Pareto
  3012. 97%The Design Philosophy of Great Tables
  3013. 99%Apache Kafka and Tinybird (ClickHouse) for Streaming Analytics and HTTP APIs
  3014. 99%Actual Automation
  3015. 98%xz backdoor - Dmitry Kudryavtsev
  3016. 98%Against URL-Based Content Rendering - Susam Pal
  3017. 99%Use OpenVPN as a proxy to more comfortably access internal Gitlab
  3018. 88%a client-side exception has occurred
  3019. 98%Yi-34B, Llama 2, and common practices in LLM training: a fact check of the New York Times
  3020. 99%Abstraction is much more than interfaces
  3021. 75%Please return my property.
  3022. 97%The Video That Inspired Me To Create Odin
  3023. 97%How to take down production with a single Helm command
  3024. 98%When and how to move from an assumption to a hypothesis
  3025. 99%PostgreSQL and its annoying crosstab
  3026. 99%Measuring your system’s performance using software (Go edition) – Daniel Lemire's blog
  3027. 97%Joining Polar as an Advisor
  3028. 94%Robot Slide Whistle Orchestrion - mitxela.com
  3029. 93%dotNetDave Story: The Critical Importance of Addressing Performance Before Product Release
  3030. 98%LLM Task-Specific Evals that Do & Don't Work
  3031. 99%HTTP/2 `CONTINUATION` Flood
  3032. 99%Optimizing rendering of 100,000+ HTML nodes
  3033. 97%Demystifying HTTP with Telnet – Ian's notes
  3034. 98%Performance insights: Engineering for high performance
  3035. 93%Introducing selfh.st/apps, a Directory of Self-Hosted Software
  3036. 98%Exploring Batch Caching of Trees
  3037. 99%XDP for Game Programmers
  3038. 99%Reverse engineering Bandcamp authentication protocol
  3039. 98%XZ Backdoor: Not the End of Open Source
  3040. 99%Linux shellcraft: the pipe trick
  3041. 98%Oneiblog
  3042. 99%Create a Custom Static Code Analysis Rule for Azure SQL Database / SQL Server with .NET
  3043. 91%It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway: System corruption caused by an administrator - The Old New Thing
  3044. 97%autoconf makes me think we stopped evolving too soon
  3045. 94%Anatomy of a credit card rewards program
  3046. 99%German state moving 30,000 PCs to LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Blog
  3047. 99%Examples of Composition in C# – A Simple Guide for Beginners
  3048. 94%A disk so full, it couldn’t be restored
  3049. 96%Boosting Performance and Memory Efficiency: Introducing ToDelimitedString() with Source Generators in Spargine
  3050. 98%[HOWTO] Suggest changes directly in Azure DevOps pull requests
  3051. 93%.NET MAUI Community Standup
  3052. 99%GitHub - nilsherzig/LLocalSearch: This is a completely locally running meta search engine using LLM Agents. The user can ask a question and the system will use a chain of LLMs to find the answer. The user can see the progress of the agents and the final answer. No OpenAI or Google API keys are needed.
  3053. 95%Terraform makes carbon neutral natural gas
  3054. 98%Introducing Jpegli: A New JPEG Coding Library
  3055. 98%Fat tails are weird
  3056. 99%KISS high-availability with OpenBSD
  3057. 96%Asking for help is a core developer skill — Rami James
  3058. 99%Toll-free Bridging in Kotlin Native - Alex DeLorenzo
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  3061. 99%What I Learned About Computers in Nand2Tetris Part 1
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  3063. 98%I think I enjoy Scrum too much, how can I adopt it to my own life?
  3064. 98%How to Create a Spoiler Tag in HTML
  3065. 98%A lazy and flippant classification of programming languages
  3066. 98%Evolution of Java Usage at Netflix
  3067. 95%.NET MAUI – Styles
  3068. 95%Testing Your Native AOT Applications - .NET Blog
  3069. 98%Eclipse Clouds
  3070. 98%reflections on distrusting xz
  3071. 62%AI bots hallucinate software packages and devs download them
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  3074. 99%Examples of Inheritance in C# – A Simplified Introduction to OOP
  3075. 96%String Performance: Checking for a Character
  3076. 95%Voicemail INBOX
  3077. 86%Latest Earthquakes
  3078. 91%EP 51 : Null Object Pattern in C#
  3079. 93%How Disney+ Scaled to 11 Million Users on Launch Day
  3080. 99%🦑 The 14 pains of building your own billing system - Arnon Shimoni
  3081. 90%CityGaussian: Real-time High-quality Large-Scale Scene Rendering with Gaussians
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  3084. 98%How does hyperthreading work.
  3085. 97%Note taking system should be simple
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  3088. 82%Committing research fraud is easy. Let’s make it harder.
  3089. 99%The Sweet Spot - Maximizing Llama Energy Efficiency · Jacques Mattheij
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  3101. 94%so i guess i hacked samsung?!
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  3105. 95%Timeline of the xz open source attack
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  3107. 99%GitHub - pufferffish/wireproxy: Wireguard client that exposes itself as a socks5 proxy
  3108. 99%Unraveling the Power of Property-Based Testing in Unveiling our Own Biases
  3109. 96%Optimizing String Processing in Collections: The Impact of PerformAction() in Spargine and FastStringBuilder
  3110. 99%GitHub - heyform/heyform: HeyForm is an open-source form builder that allows anyone to create engaging conversational forms for surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, and polls. No coding skills required.
  3111. 98%Eclipse Coolness
  3112. 98%GitHub - tedkim97/adcache
  3113. 96%What we know about the xz Utils backdoor that almost infected the world
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  3115. 99%Lattice now compiles to .NET IL — John Austin
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  3118. 97%Robert Ames (.com!)
  3119. 96%New adventures, same company – Dan Moore!
  3120. 99%Search graduation photos with your face — Jerome Paulos
  3121. 99%In praise of RDF
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  3138. 95%The Wi-Fi only works when it's raining
  3139. 98%GitHub - amlweems/xzbot: notes, honeypot, and exploit demo for the xz backdoor (CVE-2024-3094)
  3140. 98%The ancient world before computers had stacks or heaps - The Old New Thing
  3141. 98%How to get deep, technical expertise as an engineer
  3142. 98%GitHub - buserror/libmui: Classic MacOS & GS/OS widget library for linux (and other?)
  3143. 99%GitHub - proposal-signals/proposal-signals: A proposal to add signals to JavaScript.
  3144. 96%XZ Backdoor: Times, damned times, and scams
  3145. 99%Pattern matching and the compiler can be surprising
  3146. 87%String Performance Tip: Verifying if an Object is a String
  3147. 99%Type Inference Was a Mistake
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  3150. 98%How to Grow a Micro Startup With Programmatic SEO
  3151. 96%Refurb weekend: Data General/One (and the worst LCD in the world)
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  3153. 97%Satisfaction and progress in open-ended work
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  3155. 74%XD1 Log entries. Begin... · Backups and bitrot
  3156. 96%Mental Health in Software Engineering
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  3158. 98%Daylight Saving Time is a perfect test for UI designer
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  3176. 86%Roll-Invert-Unroll: An Easier Way to Replace a Duvet Cover
  3177. 62%Talking Hot Dog gives new meaning to 'Ham radio'
  3178. 86%Notes on El Salvador
  3179. 50%Adam Fuhrer | Frontend Engineer
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  3185. 98%The Reasonable Effectiveness of Using Old Phones as Servers
  3186. 97%My laptop is faster than your Elastic cluster
  3187. 69%Say something that will surprise people and be useful
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  3189. 99%xz and my thoughts on supply chain attacks against FOSS
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  3197. 99%Horizontally Scaling ASP.NET Core APIs With YARP Load Balancing
  3198. 95%Architecture Pitfalls: Don’t use your ORM entities for everything — embrace the SQL!
  3199. 98%Analyzing JVM Energy Consumption for JDK 21: An Empirical Study
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  3211. 99%Guide to onboarding in a new job
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  3213. 98%Periodic Table Regions
  3214. 98%Bing on .NET 8: The Impact of Dynamic PGO - .NET Blog
  3215. 98%security - backdoor in upstream xz/liblzma leading to ssh server compromise
  3216. 97%How can I tell C++ that I want to discard a nodiscard value? - The Old New Thing
  3217. 98%Kubernetes and back - Why I don't run distributed systems - davd.io
  3218. 96%OpenVoice: Versatile Instant Voice Cloning
  3219. 99%Problems loading a .gif in .NET MAUI?
  3220. 96%The Great Migration from MongoDB to PostgreSQL
  3221. 93%Code It Any Way You Want: Constant vs Read-Only Property
  3222. 98%Book Review: Software Architecture for .NET 8 and C# 12 - Coding Sonata
  3223. 89%The race to replace Redis
  3224. 96%Matter and Privacy
  3225. 97%AI21 Labs Unveils Jamba: The First Production-Grade Mamba-Based AI Model
  3226. 69%Keynes was wrong because he failed to consider class conflict – William Mitchell – Modern Monetary Theory
  3227. 99%Elevating Bacalhau with NATS.io: Simplifying Connectivity
  3228. 99%beautiful do-nothing scripts
  3229. 99%A designer’s guide to loving the terminal — Alex Chan
  3230. 97%Rockchip NPU update 2: MobileNetV1 is done
  3231. 99%Custom useFetch wrapper for Nuxt
  3232. 97%8529 people have contributed to scikit-learn
  3233. 99%Turbo Native iOS and Android apps in 15 minutes | Masilotti.com
  3234. 98%The Problem With Goals
  3235. 99%A Ruby on Rails OOM Mystery: The Case of the Hungry Hippo | Prefab
  3236. 88%Developers: Stop Donating Your Work to Cloud Service Providers! | TDengine
  3237. 99%Operating an Entire Company on a Minimal Two-Core PostgreSQL Instance: Index Tuning, Part 2
  3238. 98%How to Build a competitor analysis tool using ChatGPT
  3239. 98%Making a SOTA Adversarial Attack on LLMs 38x Faster
  3240. 99%A gentle introduction to ESR's `reposurgeon`
  3241. 95%What Does It Mean to “Own Your Content”?
  3242. 90%The Men Who Sold The Moon
  3243. 99%First time right, with software development
  3244. 71%Solving the “Are You a Millionaire?” Problem with ZK certificates
  3245. 98%Should you do anything about a productive but overleveled employee?
  3246. 89%Large language models use a surprisingly simple mechanism to retrieve some stored knowledge
  3247. 99%Getting the Method Name from a Task in C# | no dogma blog
  3248. 98%[Media] Lars Bergstrom (Google Director of Engineering): "Rust teams are twice as productive as teams using C++."
  3249. 98%I called Create­Environment­Block with a process's token, but I didn't get that process's environment - The Old New Thing
  3250. 98%“CVE-2024-21388”- Microsoft Edge’s Marketing API Exploited for Covert Extension Installation
  3251. 98%C# MongoDB Insert Benchmarks – What You Need To Know
  3252. 97%Digital wallets and the “only Apple Pay does this” mythology
  3253. 99%Programmatic Html to PDF Generation using the WebView2 Control
  3254. 97%Certificates from the Ground Up
  3255. 99%.NET on Azure Functions – March 2024 roadmap update
  3256. 96%Improve DNS security by using Domain Name Label Scope
  3257. 98%Why x86 Doesn’t Need to Die
  3258. 98%UX Crash Course: Information Architecture
  3259. 97%Attacker Techniques: Gesture Jacking
  3260. 99%A new MSBuild editing experience - Visual Studio Blog
  3261. 99%Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection–Register a type with all its interfaces
  3262. 99%.NET 7 will reach End of Support on May 14, 2024 - .NET Blog
  3263. 99%Hello eBPF: Auto Layouting Structs (7) - Mostly nerdless
  3264. 99%Finding NetBSD Kernel Bugs through LockDoc
  3265. 99%Extolling the Virtues of Dexie Cloud for Backendless Development
  3266. 97%The infinitely patient vacuum – a case study of what happens when the PostgreSQL VACUUM never completes – Ian's notes
  3267. 97%You Are Beautiful – Daniel Frank
  3268. 96%Processing 6 Billion Chess Games in Less Than 2 Hours
  3269. 98%Solving Domino Fit Using Constraint Programming
  3270. 99%Notes on EndeavourOS
  3271. 98%The log/event processing pipeline you can't have
  3272. 99%On UniFi Captive Portals
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  3274. 99%David Gasquez
  3275. 92%Is Europe Better Than America for Working in Tech?
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  3277. 99%.NET 7 will reach End of Support on May 14, 2024 - .NET Blog
  3278. 99%Upgrading From IdentityServer Version 2 To IdentityServer Version 4 - Mark Oliver's World
  3279. 98%Introducing DBRX: A New State-of-the-Art Open LLM | Databricks
  3280. 99%Some choices for encrypting data so that it can be decrypted only by the same user or computer - The Old New Thing
  3281. 83%.NET MAUI All-in-One Templates Pack – 20K Installs
  3282. 94%I'm A Developer Not A Compiler
  3283. 98%42.parquet – A Zip Bomb for the Big Data Age
  3284. 93%General Performance Tip: Generating Random Numbers
  3285. 99%Wolverine’s Baked In Integration Testing Support
  3286. 99%Testing Asynchronous Projections in Marten
  3287. 98%Using GitHub Copilot Chat in Visual Studio
  3288. 98%7 Common Mistakes When Using React Hooks
  3289. 99%The Heart of Reactive Extensions for .NET | endjin
  3290. 99%Blazor Basics: Working with Blazor Layouts
  3291. 99%How To SSR Web Components In ASP.NET Core using TagHelpers
  3292. 99%Collection Expressions – Using C# 12 in Rider and ReSharper | The .NET Tools Blog
  3293. 99%Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection - Check if a service is registered in the DI container
  3294. 90%Uncovering the Seams in Mainframes for Incremental Modernisation
  3295. 99%.NET Framework - March 2024 Cumulative Update Preview - .NET Blog
  3296. 91%Sudo-rs dependencies: when less is better - Blog - Tweede golf
  3297. 92%Convincing People Not To Touch Hot Stoves Is Easy
  3298. 98%How to publish Godot games on Flathub, in a nutshell
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  3303. 99%You might not need Redis
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  3305. 89%Why data scientists are leaving your company
  3306. 97%On using screens intentionally – Writings and rehearsals by Nathan Schneider
  3307. 97%My binary vector search is better than your FP32 vectors
  3308. 99%Malicious email .ics attachments
  3309. 99%What Computers Cannot Do: The Consequences of Turing-Completeness
  3310. 99%Testing a Thousand Applications With Flipper
  3311. 85%Why Shock Collars for Small Dogs Should be Banned - and for Big Ones Too
  3312. 98%You don't have to type faster to type faster.
  3313. 98%`async: false` is the worst. Here's how to never need it again.
  3314. 99%ADHD Productivity Fundamentals — 0xFF
  3315. 96% Speaking Freely - On the Oxymoron of Free Speech Platforms | dergigi.com
  3316. 99%The Allure of Local-First Sync Engines
  3317. 93%Camera system hell - Xe Iaso
  3318. 99%Ryan Bigg - Tailwind has won
  3319. 99%Write OpenAPI with TypeSpec
  3320. 99%Agile fatigue, where has the fun gone?
  3321. 99%Writing GNOME Apps with Swift
  3322. 67%LIVE UPDATES: Rescue efforts continue after bridge collapse
  3323. 97%10 Essential Exercises for Programmers to Prevent Back Pain
  3324. 99%Flipping Pages: An analysis of a new Linux vulnerability in nf_tables and hardened exploitation techniques
  3325. 97%On Tech Debt: My Rust Library is now a CDO
  3326. 97%Dubious security vulnerability: Manual operations can cause a program to hang - The Old New Thing
  3327. 99%NuGet: A Step-by-Step Guide to Publishing Your Own Packages
  3328. 99%Google's First Tensor Processing Unit - Architecture
  3329. 85%Speed up Empty String Validation with Spargine
  3330. 99%How to navigate API evolution with versioning | Red Hat Developer
  3331. 98%See Your Pull Request Comments with the Latest Preview - Visual Studio Blog
  3332. 99%ASP.NET Core Basics: Organize Projects—Architectural Patterns
  3333. 99%Securing the Forms Authentication Cookie with Secure Flag : Developer Notes
  3334. 98%NuGet–Transitive dependencies
  3335. 99%Services are autonomous
  3336. 99%ZenHammer: Rowhammer Attacks on AMD Zen-based Platforms - Computer Security Group
  3337. 99%Convert DateTime to user's time zone with Blazor in .NET 8 - Gérald Barré
  3338. 99%CockroachDb with Entity Framework and Web API | no dogma blog
  3339. 99%Hotel hotspot hijinks
  3340. 98%Preparing for a New Beginning for Floorp
  3341. 99%A simple, asymmetric AKE · Timelessness
  3342. 98%Manipulating Chess-GPT’s World Model
  3343. 93%Comparing THE DARK KNIGHT IMAX Prologue — Adam Schoales
  3344. 99%Solving Crew Battle Strategy With Math
  3345. 98%Thoughts on  Vision Pro | Andrew Hart
  3346. 97%On the future of computer science
  3347. 94%The website is down. The cloud is up.
  3348. 99%Safe/unsafe alignment in CSS flexbox
  3349. 98%The other hard retrieval problems
  3350. 99%Notes on debugging HotSpot’s JIT compilation
  3351. 99%Friends don't let friends export to CSV
  3352. 93%Tom Lingham (Toml)
  3353. 99%Scripts should be written using the project main language
  3354. 96%Building an email to calendar LLM
  3355. 87%RIP Redis: How Garantia Data pulled off the biggest heist in open source history — Momento
  3356. 98%Greenland Size
  3357. 96%Extending Uno Platform Material Toolkit with overrides: the case of Fluent
  3358. 99%Seamless Method Relocation: A Proposal for Visual Studio Refactoring
  3359. 99%Adding Apple Privacy Manifest Support to .NET iOS & .NET MAUI apps - .NET Blog
  3360. 94%Digital Markets Act
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  3363. 99%ChatGPT 4 is worse than 3.5
  3364. 99%Why choose async/await over threads?
  3365. 97%Code It Any Way You Want: Performance of Out Variable Declaration
  3366. 94%Glossarie – The new, immersive way to learn a language
  3367. 99%Azure Static Web App – API Integration
  3368. 99%Distributing State Reliably with Akka.Cluster.Sharding
  3369. 99%SAFE Bookstore v5
  3370. 99%Protect Against OWASP API Top 10 Security Risks Using Defender for APIs
  3371. 99%Protect your ASP.NET site using WebAuthn Passkeys
  3372. 98%F# tips weekly #10: Active patterns (1)
  3373. 97%C# 13: Allow ref and unsafe in iterators and async
  3374. 98%Release v3.0 · beemdevelopment/Aegis
  3375. 97%GitHub - Y2Z/monolith: ⬛️ CLI tool for saving complete web pages as a single HTML file
  3376. 99%CockroachDB in Single User Mode on Docker | no dogma blog
  3377. 99%Starting CockroachDB in Single User Mode with a Dockerfile | no dogma blog
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  3379. 67%My DIY NAS Adventure
  3380. 96%Why I write a newsletter every week even with a full-time software engineering job
  3381. 99%“Immutable” → reprovisionable, anti-hysteresis
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  3391. 99%My NixOS + Nomad Dev Environment
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  3393. 98%Use Your Product
  3394. 88%Comments on a static website, powered by Mastodon
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  3396. 99%Cranelift code generation comes to Rust
  3397. 67%New Aztec Codices Discovered: The Codices of San Andrés Tetepilco
  3398. 65%A Return to Blu-ray as Streaming Value Evaporates
  3399. 97%Linux Crisis Tools
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  3442. 97%I Hate Sexy
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  3444. 80%Boom - FlyBy - Boom Announces Successful Flight of XB-1 Demonstrator Aircraft
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  3448. 99%Mapping (almost) every law, regulation and case in Australia
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  3483. 99%Blazor Render Mode – How To Avoid Dependency Injection Woes
  3484. 99%devenv 1.0: Rewrite in Rust - devenv
  3485. 97%Change license from BSD-3 to dual RSALv2+SSPLv1 by K-Jo · Pull Request #13157 · redis/redis
  3486. 93%Python extends its lead as the most popular programming language — but why does it have such widespread appeal?
  3487. 99%Building Interactive Blazor Apps with WebAssembly
  3488. 99%Fritz & Friends Presents Modern .NET Web Day
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  3491. 99%Release NATS .NET v2.1.4 · nats-io/nats.net.v2
  3492. 99%NPM–Change cache
  3493. 98%pushState and URL Blocking
  3494. 97%Hello from Retina | Retina
  3495. 96%GitHub - 00-Evan/shattered-pixel-dungeon: Shattered Pixel Dungeon is an open-source traditional roguelike dungeon crawler with randomized levels and enemies, and hundreds of items to collect and use. It's based on the source code of Pixel Dungeon, by Watabou.
  3496. 91%Earthquake Information (Japan) | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News
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  3515. 95%Tiny Model, Massive PDF Corpus: URL Embeddings for 8.3 Million PDFs
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  3520. 98%Eio 1.0 Release: Introducing a new Effects-Based I/O Library for OCaml
  3521. 98%require(esm) in Node.js
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  3523. 97%(Type) Checking the LLM
  3524. 96%The Dashboard
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  3527. 97%"Default forward": How I write to my clients to avoid getting stuck
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  3557. 82%Clinical troubleshooting: diagnose any production issue, fast.
  3558. 82%In which the squamous cell carcinoma tumors in my neck grow by 20% in two months
  3559. 99%Let's create a Tree-sitter grammar
  3560. 96%How to Start Google
  3561. 98%How well does C++/WinRT com_ptr support class template argument deduction (CTAD)? - The Old New Thing
  3562. 98%GitHub - microsoft/garnet: Garnet is a remote cache-store from Microsoft Research that offers strong performance (throughput and latency), scalability, storage, recovery, cluster sharding, key migration, and replication features. Garnet can work with existing Redis clients.
  3563. 99%Autofac In ASP NET Core - How To Avoid A Debugging Nightmare
  3564. 94%Navigating Open Spaces: Survival Guide for Neurodivergent Individuals
  3565. 81%"No way to prevent this" say users of only language where this regularly happens - Xe Iaso
  3566. 95%Optimizing String Concatenation in C# with Spargine FastStringBuilder
  3567. 99%Difference Between await and Task.Wait in C# - Code Maze
  3568. 99%Why Should We Avoid Using Await in a Loop in C# - Code Maze
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  3570. 97%React Basics: Getting Started with React and GraphQL
  3571. 71%Giving your app a temporary public URL with VS Code port forwarding
  3572. 98%Eloquent JavaScript 4th edition is released
  3573. 99%Generate OpenAPI specification at build time from the code in ASP.NET Core - Gérald Barré
  3574. 99%Now in Beta: Explore the Enhanced Python SDK for Semantic Kernel | Semantic Kernel
  3575. 99%LLM inference speed of light
  3576. 91%C++ creator rebuts White House warning
  3577. 99%Oh Sh*t, My App is Successful and I Didn’t Think About Accessibility
  3578. 96%Introducing Stable Video 3D: Quality Novel View Synthesis and 3D Generation from Single Images — Stability AI
  3579. 99%The stupidity and arrogance of GNOME developers
  3580. 72%I Stopped Loving Captain Kirk
  3581. 96%Designing a simple object from scratch: two-minute timer
  3582. 96%Semantic Router: Postprocessing LLM output using Semantic Splitters
  3583. 89%How to Network at an Unstructured Happy Hour
  3584. 84%Facts vs Opinions
  3585. 99%commit message rant (part 1 of n) - hēg denu
  3586. 99%Rails 8 adds allow_browser to set minimum browser version
  3587. 96%My Note Taking Strategy
  3588. 98%Moon Armor Index
  3589. 97%High Ticket Products for Affiliates: My Final Earnings With 3 Product Ranges -
  3590. 99%Todepond dot com
  3591. 99%Look ma, I wrote a new JIT compiler for PostgreSQL – Pinaraf's website
  3593. 99%Please don't implement your own 2FA - Ritza Articles
  3594. 99%Supporting content file structure changes on a static site
  3595. 98%A month of the Vision Pro — Benedict Evans
  3596. 93%I’m Finally Quitting Trying to Quit My Bad Habits
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  3598. 97%Fragile Passkey Ecosystem for Enterprises
  3599. 99%Compiling With Constraints
  3600. 84%Do I need my phone?
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  3602. 99%Throughput is Not All You Need: Maximizing Goodput in LLM Serving using Prefill-Decode Disaggregation
  3603. 98%Michael Tsai - Blog - iOS Notarization’s Human Review
  3604. 98%About MADR
  3605. 99%How well does wil com_ptr support class template argument deduction (CTAD)? - The Old New Thing
  3606. 94%Announcing Uno Tech Bites - first 30 videos available
  3607. 98%Java users on macOS 14 running on Apple silicon systems should consider delaying the macOS 14.4 update
  3608. 91%How we're helping creators disclose altered or synthetic content
  3609. 78%AT&T says leaked data of 70 million people is not from its systems
  3610. 99%.NET MAUI UI Challenge # 10 - Dashbarod Order Delivery App
  3611. 99%WebSockets vs Server-Sent-Events vs Long-Polling vs WebRTC vs WebTransport | RxDB - JavaScript Database
  3612. 93%Hacker Selling Private Data Allegedly from 70 Million AT&T Customers
  3613. 99%Coding Clean, Reliable, and Safe REST APIs with ASP.NET Core 8: Develop Robust Minimal APIs with .NET 8: Giretti, Anthony: 9781484299784: Amazon.com: Books
  3614. 95%devdevdev.net – Le media des développeurs .net francophone
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  3619. 90%Collection Performance: Comparing Byte Array’s with SequenceEqual()
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  3621. 99%Automatic Registration of Minimal API Endpoints in .NET - Code Maze
  3622. 99%“Partial” Document Updates in Marten 7
  3623. 99%Lesson Learned #480:Navigating Query Cancellations with Azure SQL Database
  3624. 99%NuGet– Offline support
  3625. 98%Why does git have to be so hard?
  3626. 92%Code samples for the opening chapter of Refactoring
  3627. 99%"Hang loose" is for surfers, not developers [Why I pin dependency versions in Node.js packages]
  3628. 97%GitHub - Michaelangel007/nanofont3x4: World's smallest readable 3x4 font with lowercase; includes all ASCII symbols
  3629. 79%Occasional paper: When Armor Met Lips
  3630. 99%Todepond dot com
  3631. 98%The Linux Desktop Is Finally Great (both Ubuntu and Firefox)
  3632. 99%Understanding .NET Aspire Orchestration
  3633. 98%Core Guidelines are not Rules - Simplify C++!
  3634. 99%Detailed Macrophotography of PCBs
  3635. 99%ConstructorInfo – How To Make Reflection in DotNet Faster for Instantiation
  3636. 95%Using ChatGPT for Podcast Suggestions
  3637. 98%My Quantum Spin: Qubit Ordering and Operations
  3638. 99%Part one – Ian's notes
  3639. 98%A Brilliant Hack: Why does Layer 2/3 Checksum use 1’s Complement, Not 2’s
  3640. 99%How the internet works, and how I'll exploit it – kbrecordzz
  3641. 95%My (Not-So-Successful) Quest to Conquer the NYT Connections Game with Word2Vec – Quirky Quintet
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  3646. 96%IP Geolocation Is Twenty-Five Years Old
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  3648. 97%Zen of Machine Learning
  3649. 99%Patching Software Using Nix (For Laymen)
  3650. 97%Fifty Things you can do with a Software Defined Radio 📻
  3651. 99%GitHub - albertan017/LLM4Decompile: Reverse Engineering: Decompiling Binary Code with Large Language Models
  3652. 99%GitHub - xai-org/grok-1: Grok open release
  3653. 99%GitHub - 0x192/universal-android-debloater: Cross-platform GUI written in Rust using ADB to debloat non-rooted android devices. Improve your privacy, the security and battery life of your device.
  3654. 99%.NET 8 .🚀🔥: Bye Docker, Hello Podman: Revolutionize Your Web APIs!
  3655. 99%A Scalable Framework for Folding-based SNARKs
  3656. 97%Perfect Asynchronous MPC with Linear Communication Overhead
  3657. 94%Why I’m excited by Circle STARK and Stwo
  3658. 97%The Return of the Frame Pointers
  3659. 91%NEBRA Proof Explorer
  3660. 99%Zig, Rust, and other languages
  3661. 98%Network Dependents · dotnet/BenchmarkDotNet
  3662. 98%.NET 9 Preview 2 · dotnet/core · Discussion #9217
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  3664. 99%Microservices for the Benefits, Not the Hustle
  3665. 92%Stuck updating controller on new PS5
  3666. 96%Designing File Formats
  3667. 99%Explorations in creating a basic text editor: the foundation — Asko Nõmm
  3668. 99%Supercharge Your Visual Studio Code with These Must-Have Extensions
  3669. 99%How to Patch A Package Source on NixOS
  3670. 99%In search of a “Zero Toil” HomeLab: Immutable Linux, ZFS, WatchTower and Keel
  3671. 98%What are the "worst" spelling bee pangrams?
  3672. 95%Atomically exchange vfat files in Linux
  3673. 95%~MK | Template Strings
  3674. 99%Double Q-Learning Explained
  3675. 98%beuke.org
  3676. 71%Pizza Taste Test
  3677. 97%How web bloat impacts users with slow devices
  3678. 64%Cloudflare loses 22% of its domains in Freenom .tk shutdown | Netcraft
  3679. 99%Hackintosh is (almost) dead · aplus.rs
  3680. 96%npm install everything, and the complete and utter chaos that follows
  3681. 98%Fuzzing Ladybird with tools from Google Project Zero
  3682. 98%Here's What Developers Found After Testing Devin AI
  3683. 95%HELP! I Have A New Manager! – Dev Leader Weekly 35
  3684. 97%Senior Security Analyst, Threat Intelligence in Remote, United States | GitHub, Inc.
  3685. 97%IAM Is The Worst
  3686. 86%Microsoft is killing Visual Studio App Center next year, set to retire in March 2025
  3687. 99%Nix is a better Docker image builder than Docker's image builder - Xe Iaso
  3688. 62%US government agencies demand fixable ice cream machines
  3689. 91%A noisy place
  3690. 99%Implementing Soft Delete With EF Core
  3691. 88%The Offshoring of Thought and Memory - multiverses
  3692. 97%Partnerships vs Solopreneurship and Partnership Do’s and Don’ts - Dan Norris
  3693. 99%A web framework for Zig – Kamil Tomšík
  3694. 97%Translations Are Important, Too
  3695. 94%Introducing technology to kids through storytelling
  3696. 96%A Code Review of My Earliest Projects
  3697. 96% The demise of coding is greatly exaggerated
  3698. 98%Dataviz is Hierarchical
  3699. 99%After the BYOD, BYOC (briging your own cloud): a journey from Home to the World
  3700. 99%Achieving awful compression with digits of pi
  3701. 99%After the BYOD, BYOC (bringing your own cloud): a journey from Home to the World
  3702. 96%How I Built a Bootstrapped Consulting Company: From Zero To 60k€ Revenue
  3703. 89%Browser Ball Reloaded
  3704. 91%failing miserably to scale kubes
  3705. 89%Acquired in 99 days
  3706. 90%Longest year in human history
  3707. 99%Read TLS/SSL Certificate in Azure App Service from C# Code
  3708. 92%The Decline of Work-Life Balance: A 12-Year Tech Industry Perspective
  3709. 98%Schwa
  3710. 80%Ollama now supports AMD graphics cards · Ollama Blog
  3711. 99%How well does WRL ComPtr support class template argument deduction (CTAD)? - The Old New Thing
  3712. 99%GitHub - RajSolai/TextSnatcher: How to Copy Text from Images ? Answer is TextSnatcher !. Perform OCR operations in seconds on Linux Desktop.
  3713. 98%What I learned from looking at 900 most popular open source AI tools
  3714. 99%More powerful Go execution traces - The Go Programming Language
  3715. 88%The Getty Makes Nearly 88,000 Art Images Free to Use However You Like
  3716. 88%General Performance Tip: Retrieving the Process Id
  3717. 99%Onboarding roulette: deleting our employee accounts daily
  3718. 98%LINQ Query Improvements in Marten 7
  3719. 99%Generate Local .NET Secrets from Azure Deployments - .NET Blog
  3720. 99%The NuGet.org repository signing certificate will be updated as soon as April 8th, 2024 - The NuGet Blog
  3721. 96%Github Copilot– Some experimentation
  3722. 98%GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio: A Recap of 2023 - Visual Studio Blog
  3723. 76%Why Are (Most) Sofas So Bad?
  3724. 98%.NET Aspire Preview 4 has been released · dotnet/aspire · Discussion #2815
  3725. 98%Release NATS.Net v2.1.3 · nats-io/nats.net.v2
  3726. 65%Voyager 1 starts making sense again after months of babble
  3727. 99%GitHub - Skyvern-AI/skyvern: Automate browser-based workflows with LLMs and Computer Vision
  3728. 78%The Billionaire Brainwave - Wissen ist Macht - Weiss nichts macht was.
  3729. 92%The Violence Of Relentless Positivity In The Workplace — Ludicity
  3730. 98%The Curse of the Senior Software Engineer - Dmitry Kudryavtsev
  3731. 96%The insatiable hunger of (Open)AI • Wim Vanderbauwhede
  3732. 93%All the fallacies in the world
  3733. 94%Claude vs GPT
  3734. 99%Create static site in Drupal with Tome
  3735. 97%The power of lost minutes – Jelle Smeets
  3736. 92%The roaming office: Don’t be *that* remote worker
  3737. 96%Raspberry Pi 5 *can* overclock to 3.14 GHz
  3738. 99%PWA's Are Finally Looking Good
  3739. 97%Vision Pro is an over-engineered “devkit” // Hardware bleeds genius & audacity but software story is disheartening // What we got wrong at Oculus that Apple got right // Why Meta could finally have its Android moment
  3740. 98%How I take notes, AKA 'Add an Index to Your Notebook'
  3741. 98%Why Databases Won't Charge for Storage in the Future by @ttunguz
  3742. 98%NumPy vs BLAS: Losing 90% of Throughput
  3743. 98%What's Next for a Global Design System
  3744. 78%Memos
  3745. 97%Validate with cold email
  3746. 91%On Getting Discovered
  3747. 96%Chrome Extension Hell - Caelin Sutch
  3748. 94%How Figma's Databases Team Lived to Tell the Scale | Figma Blog
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