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February 2023

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All entries for this month

  1. Thief in the car
  2. GitHub Quick Reviews
  3. Thief through the gate
  4. Resiliency with Wolverine
  5. Writing Shouldn’t Be Hard
  6. Business Law Research Paper Example - Brawnywriters
  7. Matrix rain effect
  8. Building Like the Yankees
  9. My favourite Ruby on Rails engines
  10. LattePanda V1 - my experience with a Raspberry Pi alternative
  11. One Book, Many Readings
  12. SiriGPT: A More Conversational Voice-Assistant
  13. How to develop un-analyzable PL
  14. axo blog - Thanks For Breaking cargo-dist! (I Rewrote It)
  15. Investing Fundamentals: Probabilities (Free Tool)
  16. A Story from the Great Beyond: The Disabled Ghosts of Earth
  17. Rayan Saleh — The myth of the valuable generalist
  18. I Will Fucking Dropkick You If You Use That Spreadsheet — Ludicity
  19. Pagi on the App Store
  20. Zero-knowledge proof composition and recursion. Part 7: Deferred values
  21. Zero-knowledge proof composition and recursion. Part 8: Hashing in public input
  22. Zero-knowledge proof composition and recursion. Part 9: BCTV14 paper walkthrough
  23. Visual Studio Devs Love New Brace Pair Colorization in v17.6 Preview 1 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  24. It’s All Bad News: An update on how the Lastpass breach affects Lastpass SSO
  25. Join us for Hack Together: Microsoft Graph and .NET - .NET Blog
  26. Try Visual Studio 2022 v17.6 Preview 1 - Visual Studio Blog
  27. Announcing NuGet 6.5 – The Sweetest Way to Manage Your Packages - The NuGet Blog
  28. ASP.NET Community Standup - Dev tunnels in Visual Studio for ASP.NET Core projects
  29. Sentence Similarity in ML.NET Model Builder - .NET Blog
  30. What's new in Azure Functions? | Azure Functions Community Standup
  31. Azure Functions Overview
  32. Once you give away the farm, you can't take it back: Recovering from a rogue administrator - The Old New Thing
  33. IETF Celebrates The Standards [LIVE at Demuxed '22]
  34. "Clean" Code, Horrible Performance
  35. Annileen Devlog #2 - C++20 and Modules
  36. C# Tip: Initialize lists size to improve performance - Code4IT
  37. Deploy Access Restricted Azure website from DevOps Pipelines
  38. How to integrate your Roslyn Analyzer project with SonarQube
  39. Introducing the Determinate Nix Installer — Determinate Systems
  40. ASP.NET Core 8 Preview 1 Available
  41. Wiki - HelixNotes
  42. Cloud Native Design Principles: Building Scalable, Resilient, and Adaptable Applications
  43. The fastest way to add files and folders - Visual Studio Blog
  44. Introducing F# Inline Type & Parameter Name Hints in Visual Studio - .NET Blog
  45. Raw Strings, UTF-8 Strings, and Multiline Interpolations – Using C# 11 in Rider and ReSharper | The .NET Tools Blog
  46. Serverless URL Shortener
  47. WPF Begins its Long Goodbye
  48. Test Data Generator monad
  49. The unintentionally-expanding scope of the SEM_NOGPFAULTERRORBOX flag - The Old New Thing
  50. start of 2023 — Inconsistent Records
  51. Lie Group Theory – A Completely Naive Introduction - Jakob Schwichtenberg
  52. What is Near-rhyme or a Partial-rhyme - Brawnywriters
  53. The history of writing tech!
  54. We didn't have a login page
  55. LLM Powered Assistants for Complex Interfaces
  56. Good First Issues Are Gifts
  57. On the opposite end of the Imposter Syndrome - Pravesh Koirala
  58. Tribute to the passing of Teradata Automation!
  59. World Building With GPT
  60. How I make OKRs more playful for my team with Hill-Charts
  61. The Dangers of Enforcing a Premature RTO Policy
  62. All of NoSQL is because of this…
  63. The New XOR Problem
  64. On Relearning to Code as an Adult
  65. The Solution Space
  66. Every ending is a new beginning
  67. Recreating ANSI Art from a screenshot
  68. Defining Database Developer Experience
  69. Don't Keep Ideas to Yourself
  70. The rise of self-hosted apps
  71. Scrooge: Analyzing Yahoo Financial Data In DuckDB
  72. F# language strategy
  73. Zero-knowledge proof composition and recursion. Part 6: cycles of curves
  74. Generative AI VS Code Tool Now Does Unit Testing -- Visual Studio Magazine
  75. What are Azure Functions? | One Dev Questions
  76. GitHub - siara-cc/sqlite_blaster: A library for creating huge Sqlite indexes at breakneck speeds
  77. Producer/Consumer Pattern with Wolverine
  78. Hand Dryers
  79. On .NET Live - Grace: Exploring what's next in version control using F#
  80. Debugging Dapr applications with Rider or Visual Studio: A better way
  81. Random Finally Gets Its Missing Methods in .NET 8
  82. Backend API design principles: Don’t mirror your data
  83. Extending the System Menu to add advanced commands in .NET - Gérald Barré
  84. Making Go telemetry opt-in is a mistake
  85. Convert a File to a Byte Array in C# - Code Maze
  86. Onboarding users in ASP.NET Core using Azure AD Temporary Access Pass and Microsoft Graph
  87. 347: Converting Star Wars Dark Forces 3DO Files with .NET MAUI
  88. Performance (ReadOnly)List vs Immutable collection types
  89. Rust Coreutils: Fixing Low-Hanging Performance Fruit
  90. Boost Your ReactJS Web App Performance with These Tips and Tricks
  91. Scaling Akka.Persistence.Query to 100k+ Concurrent Queries for Large-Scale CQRS
  92. What To Be Wary of With Iterators and Collections in C# - DZone
  93. James Shore: Testing Without Mocks: A Pattern Language
  94. .NET Systems Programming Learned the Hard Way – Webinar Recording | The .NET Tools Blog
  95. Azure Open Source Day 7th March 2023
  96. Monsters Weekly 263 - Postgresql and Entity Framework
  97. Apache NetBeans
  98. How Shadow DOM and accessibility are in conflict
  99. .NET Serialization Benchmarks - Feb 2023
  100. Observed No. 7 - Well Architected
  101. The Insane Logistics of Formula 1
  102. Cryptography 101 - PHINUG Online Dev Sessions 2023.03
  103. Optimizing Geospatial Search with PostgreSQL Geospatial Indexing: A Personal Case Study
  104. Build Your Gaming PC - Winter 2023
  105. How to contribute to a project you have no idea about
  106. Health Checking
  107. MSI's (in)Secure Boot: Part 2
  108. Upgrading to Eloquent accessors & mutators from Laravel 9
  109. The Courtyard
  110. Programming Will Always Use Text
  111. A new series of videos on zero-knowledge proof composition and recursion (part 1)
  112. Uploading Your Xamarin or MAUI iOS app to the App Store Without VS for Mac - Doumer's Blog
  113. EmbeddedDisco
  114. Disco!
  115. GCC Gets a New Frontend for Rust - Slashdot
  116. Real-World Cryptography, a bit more than a year later
  117. Anonymous Leaks 128 GB of Data from Russian ISP Convex
  118. Dave's Forth Talk 2023
  119. Where's the FILE? Cloud Files for the Generation Gap - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #23
  120. GitHub - m31coding/M31.FluentAPI: Generate fluent APIs for your C# classes with ease.
  121. ASP.NET Core News - 02/24/2023
  122. Deploying Blazor WebAssembly to AWS S3 - Static Website Hosting with AWS + CDN with AWS CloudFront
  123. My journey to a self-hosted blog in 2023
  124. Measuring the energy impact of hybrid peer-to-peer / CDN video delivery: initial takeaways (Lumen)
  125. Over-engineering my document storage system with Paperless-ngx
  126. Deer Vision Studio
  127. ELIAS NEMA - Engineering Managers Should Do Product et al.
  128. Pydantic vs Protobuf vs Namedtuples vs Dataclasses
  129. How to evaluate dependencies
  130. WebGPU Error Handling best practices
  131. The Stock Market Is a Drunken Idiot -- You Should Profit From It
  132. OnlineOrNot Diaries 1 - Max Rozen
  133. Playing with set -e in shell scripts
  134. GPT paranoia
  135. Making a keyboard layout
  136. Bun v0.5.7 | Bun Blog
  137. From Testing Pyramid to Diamond
  138. Dzyga's Paw
  139. Data Annotations for model validation in ASP.NET Core
  140. GitHub - Threatintel-be/email-checker-ti: This script will check against hibp api when, how and if your emails are pwnd or not
  141. Single executable applications | Node.js v19.7.0 Documentation
  142. Visual Studio IntelliCode Preview Offers Instant API Code Examples -- Visual Studio Magazine
  143. Enhance .NET MAUI Desktop Apps with the Menu Bar
  144. Release v4.1.0 · Blazored/Toast
  145. Island Storage
  146. 87% of Container Images in Production Have Critical or High-Severity Vulnerabilities
  147. Announcing the reliable web app pattern for .NET
  148. Understanding a mysterious RPC_E_WRONG­THREAD exception when we're on the right thread - The Old New Thing
  149. RavenDB with Oren Eini on Coding Cat Dev
  150. Developer Relations
  151. montgomery/README.md at main · mitschabaude/montgomery
  152. Code Maze Weekly #162 - Code Maze
  153. Different Types of Comments in C# and Should We Use Them
  154. .NET MAUI Challenge 5: Telerik Barcode
  155. Find 40 Problems in this SQL Server Stored Procedure - Simple Talk
  156. Blazor United - Solving Blazor's biggest challenges?
  157. How to use the .NET CLI clean-up tools on macOS
  158. Applying Postel’s law in ASP.NET Core–Part II
  159. Weekly Update 336
  160. 344: Exploring CoreData and CloudKit
  161. GitHub Quick Reviews
  162. Endlesss is making a limited-edition Beat Machine full-sized arcade cabinet - CDM Create Digital Music
  163. The Challenge of Microservices: UI Composition
  164. Cross platform software frameworks
  165. Write your way with langchain Self-Critique Chains - Daniel Jacobs
  166. Substack sucks - Seth Ariel Green's website
  167. Bean Machine Retrospective, part 8
  168. You Don't Need Rails to Start Using Hotwire
  169. Why have so many entrepreneurs previously been freelancers? | By Anna Leijon
  170. How to lie with statistics — Book summary
  171. leontrolski - CMD-click manifesto
  172. Smoking Hot Binary Search In Zig
  173. And Yet It Understands
  174. Leaving Google X, designing my life from scratch
  175. Command Line Diagnostics in Wolverine
  176. Microsoft Launches 'One-Stop-Shop' for Stack Overflow Questions on Azure Development -- Visual Studio Magazine
  177. Insta360 Link - The AI-powered 4K webcam
  178. Updated Modern Code Generation for WinForm's InitializeComponent - .NET Blog
  179. Get ready for the first week of Hack Together: Microsoft Graph and .NET 🦒 - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  180. Keep your Event Driven Architecture (Throughput) running smooth like butter.
  181. Reference GitHub Issues and Pull Requests in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  182. ATE: Powerful Devs
  183. Create a Windows Service installer - .NET
  184. How to use Discriminated Unions Today in C#
  185. Using YARP as a split testing tool
  186. Why am I getting an unhandled exception from my C++ function that catches all exceptions? - The Old New Thing
  187. Experiences working with an Outsourced Dev Shop
  188. Passing Output Parameters to Stored Procedures With Dapper - C#
  189. Cryptography Attacks and Defenses, Reloaded
  190. How to Set the Owner ID When Creating an Entity in Dynamics 365 Using C#
  191. Why Learning React is Significant: Benefits and Opportunities
  192. Consistent hashing algorithm - High Scalability -
  193. Automatic Instrumentation of Containerized .NET Applications With OpenTelemetry
  194. Applying Postel’s law in ASP.NET Core–Part I
  195. ChatGPT Makes A Game in 10 Seconds
  196. Adam Storr - Conditional Middleware in Isolated Azure Functions
  197. Modern Web Front End Development with Amy Kapernick
  198. Adam Storr
  199. AsciiDoc, Liquid and Jekyll
  200. The 2023 MAD (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Data) Landscape
  201. If you think you can't do something, prove it
  202. Charts in a PDF, Please
  203. On Cybernetically Enhancing Creative Output | Thoughts by Javier
  204. Writing a bare-metal RISC-V application in D
  205. NixOS as a server, part 1: Impermanence | Guekka's blog
  206. ChatGPT reliance considered harmful
  207. Nix Is Fighting The Last War
  208. Scott Fryxell
  209. How Your LED Lights and Screens are Killing You
  210. Nostr, love at first sight
  211. Wish Interpretation
  212. Don’t Sell Your Indie Business to Digital Ocean!
  213. Microsoft Ships Visual Studio 2022 17.5, Touting AI-Powered Intent-Based Suggestions -- Visual Studio Magazine
  214. GrapeCity Report Tooling Brings Web Designer to Blazor -- Visual Studio Magazine
  215. Getting git version information in your C# code
  216. Episode 454 - Sustainability and Azure
  217. C# "var" with a Reference Type is Always Nullable
  218. Visual Studio 2022 can now Always Update on Close! - Visual Studio Blog
  219. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  220. .NET Data Community Standup - MySQL and .NET: MySqlConnector and the Pomelo EF Core Provider
  221. Re-thinking the Visitor Pattern with the Double-Dispatch Approach
  222. Maximizing the value of IntelliCode with API usage examples: Real-World Code Examples at Your Fingertips - Visual Studio Blog
  223. Resolving the Call Is Ambiguous Error While Using LINQ
  224. Avoiding the redundancy of adding the object files to both the primary project and its unit test - The Old New Thing
  225. GitHub - MichalStrehovsky/sizegame: Compare binary sizes of canonical Hello World in different languages
  226. Create Clean Guard Clauses With GuardClauses in C# Code Maze
  227. what is the randomart image for?
  228. All-in-One DevToys: The Ultimate Toolkit for Developers
  229. Use Release configuration as default for 'dnu pack' by khellang · Pull Request #3204 · aspnet/dnx
  230. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  231. PostgreSQL Basics: Object Ownership and Default Privileges - Simple Talk
  232. Combining 11ty Static Site Generator with ASP.NET Core
  233. Join Brendan Burns, Donovan Brown and others for Azure Open Source Day on March 7th!
  234. papers/lookups.pdf at main · ingonyama-zk/papers
  235. Getting the JSON sent to a Lambda Function when Deserialization Fails | no dogma blog
  236. C# 11–The scoped keyword
  237. Visual Studio 2022 v17.5 released
  238. How to generate TwiML using Strings in C#
  239. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  240. Qualtrics Survey | Qualtrics Experience Management
  241. Visual Studio 2022 v17.5 released
  242. .NET 8 Preview 1: Native AOT Upgrade and the New 'Blazor United' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  243. We stand to save $7m over five years from our cloud exit
  244. Why SOLID Design Matters: Avoid Code Smells and Write Maintainable Code
  245. Life, Death, and Motorcycles
  246. Adopting our apartment to WFH
  247. An Overview of Modern Capitalism | Isaiah Taylor
  248. Talk to ChatGPT in BDD
  249. Let's build a Chrome extension that steals everything
  250. The Unbearable Sameness of the Modern Web
  251. Daily Sketch 3
  252. How to burn your employees in an acquisition
  253. Tom Lingham (Toml)
  254. Lessons learned from growing a 6,338 people waitlist in 7 weeks // Zeno Rocha
  255. What's next for modern infrastructure?
  256. How safe are .NET serialization libraries against StackOverflowException
  257. On Not Taking Money for NetNewsWire
  258. Binary Classification Using a scikit Decision Tree -- Visual Studio Magazine
  259. WeAreDotnet.io
  260. GitHub Quick Reviews
  261. Web Applications in .NET6 with Andrew Lock | The Azure DevOps Podcast, ep.198
  262. Visual Studio 2022 - 17.5 Released - Visual Studio Blog
  263. roslyn/source-generators.cookbook.md at main · dotnet/roslyn
  264. Visual Studio for Mac 17.5 is now available - Visual Studio Blog
  265. Speakers - ASFA
  266. Everything You Need to Know About Data Breaches with Troy Hunt | Podcast | Fastmail
  267. Social Media Is Dying
  268. ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 8 Preview 1 - .NET Blog
  269. Announcing .NET 8 Preview 1 - .NET Blog
  270. EF Core 8 Preview 1: Raw, lazy, and on-time - .NET Blog
  271. Coding with ChatGPT | Ask me anything | .NET & C# 🔴 LIVE
  272. Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Get Started Displaying Data with .NET MAUI
  273. Microsoft Announces the Preview of Serverless for Hyperscale in Azure SQL Database
  274. Windows Forms Binding Improvements in .NET 7 for MVVM Support
  275. GitHub - o-oconnell/minixfromscratch: Development and compilation setup for the book version of MINIX (3.1.0) on QEMU
  276. Microspeak: Light reading (ironic) - The Old New Thing
  277. Troubleshooting JwtBearer authentication problems in ASP.NET Core – Tore Nestenius
  278. Updating Multi-Option Set Fields in Dynamics 365 Using C#
  279. Davide's Code and Architecture Notes - Understanding Elasticity and Scalability with Pokémon Go and TikTok - Code4IT
  280. How to Compare Two Json Objects Using C# - Code Maze
  281. wpf/roadmap.md at main · dotnet/wpf
  282. GitHub Codespaces and GitHub Copilot: 2 stories, thousands of possibilities
  283. List and Span Pattern Matching – Using C# 11 in Rider and ReSharper | The .NET Tools Blog
  284. How Hangfire Helps Your .NET API Perform Out-of-Process Tasks with Resilience and Speed – Wrapt
  285. So, you want to safely authenticate with 2FA? App stores are still not the solution – “why the web is dead” revisiTED
  286. Integrate Google Sign-in into an Asp.Net Core 7 Application
  287. Darkness Visible: Shedding New Light on Black Holes
  288. GDB 13.1 released!
  289. Developer with ADHD? You’re not alone.
  290. I am a REAL bad software developer and this is my life (response to Reddit post of similar name) - Pastebin.com
  291. Darkness Visible: Shedding New Light on Black Holes
  292. Welcome to Peter's DevLog - Dynamic libraries in Nim
  293. Using the “World’s Worst Fuzzer” To Find A Kernel Bug In The FiiO M6
  294. Everything you need to know about Helm
  295. Getting faster to decisions in A/B tests – part 2: misinterpretations and practical challenges of classical hypothesis testing
  296. Monitoring my weather at home 🌩️
  297. How I organize my digital music collection
  298. How I give formal written feedback
  299. Fixing performance bottlenecks: Joe’s or Bob’s way
  300. Hugo via npm? | BryceWray.com
  301. Scott Fryxell
  302. That Time It Rained for Two Million Years
  303. Behind GitHub's new authentication token formats | The GitHub Blog
  304. Square Packing
  305. I am a bad software developer and this is my life
  306. Refactoring huge C# code base in minutes
  307. The List Best Practice That .NET 8 Makes Possible
  308. Tetris - Official Trailer (2023) Taron Egerton, Toby Jones
  309. Creating a custom Main method in a WPF application - Gérald Barré
  310. The case of the mysterious "out of bounds" error from CreateUri and memmove - The Old New Thing
  311. Few lesser known tricks, quirks and features of C
  312. JetBrains Releases Rider 2023.1 EAP 4
  313. How (And Why?) To Wrap External Libraries? - CodeJourney.net
  314. 346: Calling .NET Libraries from Rust with Native AOT
  315. Early Access Program (EAP) - ReSharper
  316. Using Hangfire with ASP.NET Core
  317. ASP.NET Core Razor Pages vs MVC: Which Framework is Best for Web Development in 2023
  318. .NET MAUI Challenge 4: Telerik DataGrid
  319. How to create a video and audio recorder in React - LogRocket Blog
  320. Pair Programming and test-driven development with Visual Studio Live Share and GitHub Copilot
  321. Writing Javascript without a build system
  322. Designing Data-Intensive Applications – Weak Isolation and Snapshotting
  323. ReactJS and ASP.NET: The Dynamic Duo of Web Development
  324. Support the open source community? Yes with pleasure, but how?
  325. Telling Your Story on a Resume Part 2: The Final Cut
  326. Lean mass loss on GLP-1 receptor agonists: a downside of the “miracle drugs”
  327. The (extremely) loud minority
  328. An Introduction to Lambda Calculus
  329. On Prompt Engineering
  330. Automating deployment for new blog posts with CI/CD pipeline. | The Sloth Blog
  331. Things, Names, and Numbers
  332. Fix songs skipping and looping in koel
  333. Avg, mean, and average - Pravesh Koirala
  334. They are here
  335. Goodbye, CSS-Tricks! - Geoff Graham
  336. Whoa — MDN has ads now?! - Chris Coyier
  337. ChatGPT Is Not a Blurry JPEG of the Web. It's a Simulacrum.
  338. Haskell: Day 1/∞
  339. Tigo’s support is beyond amazing
  340. Steamed Hams but it's the French New Wave
  341. error NETSDK1194: The "--output" option isn't supported when building a solution.
  342. GitHub - mjl-/mox: modern full-featured open source secure mail server for low-maintenance self-hosted email
  343. The circuit breaker pattern for a more resilient app
  344. Two Actually Useful GPT-3.5 Prompts for Zettelkasten Schreibers
  345. FOSS communities: You don’t need to yell
  346. Elon Musk Says Twitter Lost $60mn a Year Because 390 Telcos Used Bot Accounts to Pump A2P SMS
  347. Tribal Knowledge = 💩
  348. Only Debate The Non-Linear
  349. Fixing Back Pain Permanently
  350. Workflows: handling inbound email on Fastmail with regular expressions (now featuring ChatGPT)
  351. Substack has an 11.5x Higher Conversion Rate Than Squarespace
  352. Defensibility & Competition
  353. Give Me Anything That Sparks Joy in Your Soul and I Will Monetize It
  354. Queues should be empty
  355. This or that? Component Names: index.js or Component.js
  356. Its Okay to Say No
  357. Exact cover and applications
  358. NuttX RTOS for PinePhone: Exploring USB
  359. What Austral Proves (Crash Lime)
  360. GitHub - sayedihashimi/blackjack
  361. SayedHa.Blackjack.Cli 0.0.5
  362. Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app
  363. Voice.AI Stole Open-Source Code, Banned The Developer Who Informed Them About This, From Discord Server
  364. Meal Preparation and Planning
  365. C# language strategy
  366. Your B2B startup will stop innovating the day you give power to product managers
  367. What is Mini FM?
  368. What does it mean for there to be “excess liquidity sloshing around the financial system”?
  369. Meal Preparation and Planning
  370. What to expect from your framework
  371. Creating a Search Engine For My Music Streaming Platform
  372. Writing confidently with ChatGPT
  373. Revamp Your Old Android Phone into a Mini Linux Server
  374. Daily Sketch 2
  375. Modernizing India's E-governance Systems: The Importance of Design and User Experience - Balamurali Pandranki
  376. Asking ChatGPT to Design Its Next Generation, ChatGPT 2
  377. Browser adoption rates
  378. One Does Not Simply 'pip install'
  379. 『 0x61 』- /var/log
  380. Usage-based pricing isn't always best
  381. Why 'Atomic Habits' may not be working for you - Krishna Bharadwaj
  382. How I Write
  383. Errors are Not Failures
  384. Sangria: a Folding Scheme for PLONK - Geometry Research
  385. Azure Load Testing AMA
  386. Devs Cite Problems with GitHub Copilot and IntelliSense Working Together -- Visual Studio Magazine
  387. Eliminate compromised passwords with One Identity Password Manager & Have I Been Pwned
  388. John Carmack on Functional Programming in C++
  389. Haiku Package Management
  390. The Fallen of World War II
  391. BenchmarkDotNet v0.13.5 | BenchmarkDotNet
  392. Languages & Runtime Community Standup - Otterkit: an OSS COBOL compiler for .NET
  393. Data Quality
  394. Recording: RavenDB Usage Patterns
  395. What happens if you co_await a std::future, and why is it a bad idea? - The Old New Thing
  396. Code Maze Weekly #161 - Code Maze
  397. Making Cloud a Lifestyle w/ @MadeByGPS | Keep Coding Podcast
  398. Why is building a UI in Rust so hard?
  399. How to Modify a Base URI of Swagger in ASP.NET Core
  400. Visual Studio 2022 17.5 Preview 3 Build Acceleration
  401. Google's CEO Tells Staff to Spend Hours Working Out 'Bard' AI Kinks
  402. The new Bing & Edge – Learning from our first week
  403. Async Event Methods and preventDefault() in JavaScript
  404. How To Create Custom React Hooks
  405. Getting Started with Generics in .NET
  406. Optimizing Uno Platform WebAssembly Applications for Peak Performance
  407. Azure Machine Learning Introduction: Part 1 Overview and prep work - Simple Talk
  408. Modularizing React Applications with Established UI Patterns
  409. F# has too many operators – planetgeek.ch
  410. GitHub Copilot Update: New AI Model That Also Filters Out Security Vulnerabilities
  411. 7 reasons to join us at Azure Open Source Day
  412. HSTS in IIS
  413. Upgrade Your .NET Projects Faster with Visual Studio
  414. How is the Web3 useful to humanity - Doumer's Blog
  415. En quoi le Web3 est-il utile à l'humanité - Doumer's Blog
  416. StarkWare Sessions 23 | Recent Progress on Lookup Protocols | Ariel Gabizon
  417. A data mesh for the rest of us
  418. Under the Hood of Ecto
  419. control loops
  420. Bringing TensorFlow to Pharo
  421. Write the docs first!
  422. Should You Use char, varchar, or text in PostgreSQL?
  423. Making Sense of Acquire-Release Semantics
  424. Finding Jobs on Twitter using the OpenAI Embeddings API
  425. Spreaker
  426. Why did all of the public reproduction of GPT-3 fail? In which tasks should we use GPT-3.5/ChatGPT?
  427. AirGraph
  428. Three-State Stability
  429. Weekly Update 335
  430. So long, and thanks for all the deployments: deprecating Wrangler v1
  431. See the Full Conversation
  432. GitHub Quick Reviews
  433. 4.0.0
  434. Join us for Hack Together: Microsoft Graph and .NET
  435. How Safe is the Cloud? What Businesses Need to Know
  436. Abstractions to easily swap implementations? Not so fast.
  437. Bing Chat is blatantly, aggressively misaligned - LessWrong
  438. The Best Way to Validate Your Settings in .NET
  439. What does it mean when my cross-thread COM call fails with RPC_E_SYS_CALL_FAILED?
  440. Dumb Password Rules
  441. Determine Whether Two Date Ranges Overlap in C# - Code Maze
  442. Microsoft Quietly Updates .NET Language Strategy
  443. Enforcing Multiple Authorization Filters in ASP.NET Core
  444. Modularizing React Applications with Established UI Patterns
  445. Retrospectives Antipatterns
  446. Build smaller container images using S2I | Red Hat Developer
  447. Generating Bogus HTTP Endpoints with ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs
  448. Generate a self-signed certificate for .NET Core
  449. Github–Secret scanning
  450. MAUI Panel Discussion from Swetugg!
  451. [Feature]: Support Flake and nix develop · Issue #53 · arrterian/nix-env-selector
  452. Overly confident AI
  453. GitHub Copilot AI Tech Upgraded, Already Generates 61% of Java Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  454. Use Raw String Literals to generate TwiML in C# 11
  455. James and David Pick on Matt
  456. What's enough Complexity for a Domain Model?
  457. Towards Modular Foundations for Protocol Security
  458. I dislike shell scripting - Nales
  459. No PM, no problem: how we ship great products fast
  460. Granting at least once delivery
  461. Lessons Learned from Re-rolling 60+ Production Credentials
  462. How to build a cost effective MVP of a company search engine? · How to build a cost effective web search MVP?
  463. Exploring maven incremental builds with maven-build-cache-extension | miguel codes
  464. Does Mathematics need a Philosophy? - Logic Matters
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  709. Pragmatic Performance: When to care about perf, and what to do about it - David Wengier
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  893. Size Comparisons
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