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May 2024

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All entries for this month

  1. Can The Data Fit In My Mouth
  2. What We've Learned From A Year of Building with LLMs
  3. Trust
  4. FreeBSD Tips and Tricks: Native Read-Only Root File System
  5. Startup Tips from Clever’s CEO
  6. Redefining Career Specialization – Jeff Morhous
  7. Gemini 1.5 Flash Outperforms Much More Expensive Models
  8. Modes of Transportation
  9. How to Copy a File From a 30-year-old Laptop
  10. Ulysses, by James Joyce - Free ebook download
  11. Snowflake, Cloud Storage Giant, Suffers Massive Breach: Hacker Confirms to Hudson Rock Access Through Infostealer Infection
  12. Things you wish you didn't need to know about S3
  13. Simulate sun shadows
  14. A graphical depiction of the steps in building a C++ executable, with XAML and packaging - The Old New Thing
  15. NEWS: ASP.NET 8 Webinar
  16. Engineering for Slow Internet – brr
  17. Unexpected Anti-Patterns for Engineering Leaders
  18. Building a serverless secured dead drop
  19. ASP.NET Core Basics: Getting Started with GraphQL
  20. Test-Driving HTML Templates
  21. Home · thmsmlr
  22. Disassembling Dalvik
  23. Length Extension Attacks | Tiago Neto
  24. Compilers | Rasheed Starlet
  25. Startup Risk
  26. How Running Off A Messaging Queue Impacts Data Loading Strategies
  27. Against optimization
  28. Arnaldur.be/writing/about/large-language-model-reasoning
  29. NoJS 2 - Stochastic Boogaloo. Making a tic-tac-toe game with 'randomness' using pure HTML and CSS. Without JavaScript!
  30. Spraying Digital Graffiti
  31. The Economics of Working 80+-Hour Weeks
  32. Don't lie in interviews
  33. Distributed Snapshots: Chandy-Lamport protocol
  34. The state of Vulkan apps in 2024
  35. Never reason from the results of a sampling profiler – Daniel Lemire's blog
  36. My Top Emacs Packages
  37. Lessons learned on building an app from job seekers (in tech)
  38. Zig's New CLI Progress Bar Explained
  39. We Already Have a Digital Currency | Kev Quirk
  40. Don't DRY Your Code Prematurely
  41. Catch Up on Microsoft Build 2024: Essential Sessions for .NET Developers - .NET Blog
  42. I love my wife. My wife is dead.
  43. delve
  44. Adding a USB Port to the ThinkPad X1 Nano (the Hard Way)
  45. How Actors Remember Their Lines
  46. A graphical depiction of the steps in building a C++ executable, enhanced for classic Win32 - The Old New Thing
  47. Why, after 6 years, I’m over GraphQL
  48. Introducing the new Framework Laptop 13 with Intel Core Ultra Series 1
  49. FrankenPHP: the modern PHP app server
  50. Code It Any Way You Want: Comparing Key Search Methods in Dictionaries
  51. Navigation using Regions in Windows and Uno Platform Applications - Nick's .NET Travels
  52. 9 Things You Didn't Know About JetBrains Rider's NuGet Support | The .NET Tools Blog
  53. Avoiding interactivity with Blazor?
  54. ASP.NET Core Updates in .NET 9 Preview 4: Support for OpenAI Doc Generation, HybridCache and More
  55. Blazor Basics: Child Routes & Optional Route Parameters
  56. Data Fetching Patterns in Single-Page Applications
  57. Blazor HTML Forms, Submitting, and Antiforgery Tokens
  58. Weakly and strongly typed values in .NET
  59. A modern Extension Manager has arrived with Visual Studio 17.10 - Visual Studio Blog
  60. Cooking with Semantic Kernel
  61. Indexing all of Wikipedia, on a laptop
  62. nateraw.com - Why and How I trained MusicGen Songstarter
  63. "Run Your Own Mail Server" Kickstarter Update - Michael W Lucas
  64. The state of Vulkan apps in 2024
  65. Thoughts on PHP routing strategies · Prahlad Yeri
  66. Achieving a 100x speedup of DELETEs on PostgreSQL
  67. Marc Andreessen wants you to stay in school - Jonathan Garelick
  68. A New Architecture for a GUI Framework
  69. OpenTelemetry from 0 to 100
  70. "Web components" considered harmful
  71. So, you want to install Caddy
  72. High Variance Management
  73. Personal Algorithms - FFSR
  74. Middleware doesn't belong in the router
  75. Complexity Analysis
  76. Opinion: Ottawa wants the power to create secret backdoors in our networks to allow for surveillance
  77. Introducing Kino
  78. I Sold TinyPilot, My First Successful Business
  79. F# developer stories: how we've finally fixed a 9-year-old performance issue - .NET Blog
  80. Codestral: Hello, World!
  81. A graphical depiction of the steps in building a C++ executable, basics - The Old New Thing
  82. Building .NET apps for Linux from any operating system
  83. AI headphones let wearer listen to a single person in a crowd, by looking at them just once
  84. Microsoft .NET Code Analysis: Exercise Caution When Employing ContainsKey() with Dictionary Types
  85. GitHub - openkoda/openkoda: Open source business application platform for fast development
  86. Snake draft sorting in SQL Server, part 4 - Simple Talk
  87. Small Language Models with Phi-3 Cookbook: A Guide
  88. A beginner's guide to the Shenandoah garbage collector | Red Hat Developer
  89. re: Secure Drop protocol
  90. VisualStudio.Extensibility 17.10: Debug your extensions with the Diagnostics Explorer - Visual Studio Blog
  91. OWASP Dependency Check - Improve update speed
  92. Llama 3-V: Matching GPT4-V with a 100x smaller model and 500 dollars
  93. Grooved - One tap turntable calibration.
  94. Your API Shouldn't Redirect HTTP to HTTPS
  95. So many feed readers, so many bizarre behaviors
  96. Edmund Husserl — Consciousness - Ralph Ammer
  97. Doing is normally distributed, learning is log-normal
  98. The best have intuition
  99. How to be a man: The 9 qualities of masculinity
  100. Building to Last
  101. Kustomize Deployments with Reliza Hub - Work & Life Notes
  102. Reproducing GPT-2 (124M) in llm.c in 90 minutes for $20 · karpathy/llm.c · Discussion #481
  103. Exploring Embedding spaces with my photo library
  104. How good is GPT-4o at generating Flask apps? Surprisingly promising
  105. 20 Years of Blogging; On my own website
  106. Should we teach high schoolers Scratch? - Jonathan Garelick
  107. Approximate Binary Vector Search for RAG in Julia
  108. OpenAI: Fallout
  109. Kotlin Mobile Monorepo
  110. Effects Showroom - TerminalTextEffects Docs
  111. How can I force a DLL to register itself if it won't respond to regsvr32? - The Old New Thing
  112. Do I not like Ruby anymore?
  113. Cancel WhenAny - linked CancellationTokenSource
  114. WP21
  115. Surveilling the Masses with Wi-Fi-Based Positioning Systems
  116. GitHub - quickwit-oss/tantivy: Tantivy is a full-text search engine library inspired by Apache Lucene and written in Rust
  117. Deprecating CSLA Synchronous APIs
  118. Understanding Supply-Chain Attacks and OWASP Dependency Check
  119. Playwright in Action: From Setup to Best Practices | Azure Developers JavaScript Day 2024
  120. Configure Custom 404 Not Found Page With Azure Static Web Apps | Build5Nines
  121. Challenges in Uploading Files Over 2GB via HTTP Protocol in IIS Web Server
  122. City In A Bottle – A 256 Byte Raycasting System
  123. Web App Security—Broken Authentication vs Session Management
  124. Implement a Microsoft Entra ID external authentication method using ASP.NET Core and OpenIddict
  125. Continuous delivery without a CI server
  126. How to test a Roslyn analyzer - Gérald Barré
  127. internetarchive (@internetarchive@mastodon.archive.org)
  128. Should I Use <abbr title="JSON Web Token"><span class="caps">JWT</span></abbr>s For Authentication Tokens?
  129. Local Group
  130. Controlling the Taylor Swift Eras Tour wristbands with Flipper Zero
  131. Iterate over matching files: `with_fileglob` module in Ansible
  132. Evolution of the ELF object file format
  133. Fast, Simple and Metered Concurrency in Ruby with Concurrent::Semaphore
  134. Why am I continuing to bet on Flutter
  135. Demystifying Golang Slices
  136. Merge search params with Zod in Remix
  137. ChatGPT wrote a Static Site Generator
  138. Turn It Up or Turn It Down
  139. Status games
  140. .NET 9 and ASP.NET Core: Built-in Support for OpenAPI Document Generation
  141. Instead of "auth", we should say "permissions" and "login"
  142. Introducing links to source code for .NET API Docs - .NET Blog
  143. Is there any difference between String­From­IID and String­From­CLSID? - The Old New Thing
  144. Big Data is Dead
  145. The one-year anniversary of my total glossectomy
  146. How the Guinness Brewery Invented the Most Important Statistical Method in Science
  147. Optimizing Collection Examination: A Comparative Analysis of Predicate Methods in C#
  148. This is what the damaged Svalbard cable looked like when it came up from the depths
  149. Introducing adaptive audio in Google Meet: creating ad-hoc meeting spaces with multiple laptops
  150. 🙈 Downsides of surrounding yourself with brilliant, skilled people
  151. Ways and Means – > Toward desirable futures
  152. wave-sim — Connor Code
  153. Feed and Blogrolls Discovery • AndreGarzia.com
  154. Exploiting V8 at openECSC
  155. Robin Rendle — Against Landlords
  156. Geometry-Aware Hashing of GeoJSON objects · My blog
  157. Old Dogs, new CSS Tricks
  158. Privacy Is A Myth. Unless You're Using Zero-Knowledge Proofs
  159. Fine-Tuning Shuffle Partitions in Apache Spark for Maximum Efficiency
  160. My $2.2k laptop can't drive two screens
  161. Jonas Hietala: Autocomplete with nvim-cmp
  162. Using LLMs to Build A Code Generation Dataset
  163. Documenting my DNS records
  164. Cloudflare took down our website after trying to force us to pay 120k$ within 24h
  165. Home Assistant Config by Denys Dovhan - War Safety
  166. Understanding and Utilizing Common Attributes in Classes in Microsoft .NET
  167. Diffusion Models
  168. Restarting, again – > Toward desirable futures
  169. Your parents are getting old, here's what to do
  170. How to build a terrible RAG system - jxnl.co
  171. Why you spend more when prices end in .99 - Kent Hendricks
  172. Enshittification Is A Feature, Not A Bug
  173. Why does x & -x equal to the largest power of 2 that divides x?
  174. Understanding Coupling in Software Development
  175. Expeditions to AI Land · The future is bright
  176. Developers aren't Nerds | 0xFF
  177. 012 - choosing technology to build on
  178. Databases for Developers
  179. Abusing Go's infrastructure
  180. GitHub - roblillack/spot: React-like desktop GUI toolkit for Go
  181. Feedback is Deeper Than You Think – Dev Leader Weekly 45
  182. the universal Tag Editor (ID3v2, MP4, OGG, FLAC, ...)
  183. Shift Left With Architecture Testing in .NET
  184. Financial Statement Analysis with Large Language Models
  185. Writing a Unix clone in about a month
  186. Successful language model evals — Jason Wei
  187. On Template-Based Feed Generation
  188. A framework for thinking about team memory, joining up and serendipity in hybrid organisations
  189. Bananagrams is NP-complete
  190. Solodevs and the trap of the game engine
  191. Mutual TLS (mTLS): building a client using the system keystore
  192. Thinking Big and Small
  193. New MacBook Setup
  194. Creating a Video Game Wedding Invite with Adafruit EdgeBadge and PyBadge LC
  195. I'm Leaving Reddit for Good and This Is Why
  196. Replacing pyinstaller with 100 lines of code
  197. Minimizing Linux boot times
  198. How I Try To Keep Up With The Data Tech World (A List of Data Blogs)
  199. :epic-handshake: Reorg half a seat to the left
  200. Supply Chain Data Maturity
  201. Webtime Tracker | Peta Sittek
  202. A Simple QR Based Food Ordering App
  203. Room Code
  204. What is a collision?
  205. Setting the contents of a Windows Runtime Vector from C++/WinRT in one call - The Old New Thing
  206. Enhancing Enum Handling in Spargine: Beyond Enums and into Versatility
  207. Clean Architecture Sucks
  208. Data Fetching Patterns in Single-Page Applications
  209. Developing cloud native apps with Aspire - Visual Studio Blog
  210. Attack Techniques: Full-Trust Script Downloads
  211. Attack Techniques: Remote Control Software
  212. Entity Framework Core 8 provider for Firebird is ready
  213. We’re Ending Our Samsung Collaboration | iFixit News
  214. A Grand Unified Theory of the AI Hype Cycle
  215. Daylight Computer | The Fast 60fps E-paper and Blue-Light Free Tablet
  216. I've figured out why some crypto rounds are way too big
  217. Mandeep Bhutani
  218. Voxel Displacement Renderer — Modernizing the Retro 3D Aesthetic
  219. Pitfalls of best practices
  220. When Your Personal Name Is Now Sensitive Information
  221. Boyfriend? Girlfriend? I asked ChatGPT-4 for better words — Dr. Jenn's Den
  222. Code It Any Way You Want: Initializing Reference Type Static Fields Inline for Enhanced Code Readability
  223. What I've learned from making my first product
  224. Making my dumb A/C smart with Elixir and Nerves
  225. Be gone, vile rectangle!
  226. The deskilling of web dev is harming the product but, more importantly, it's damaging our health – this is why burnout happens
  227. Tracking Releases & CI Across Software Teams and Forges
  228. the attention cottage – The Homebound Symphony
  229. Are tools like ChatGPT killing the cover letters?
  230. Some cloud-agnostic thoughts | Kai Malcolm
  231. Teaching Yourself Math Online
  232. Why is Anthropic breaking compatibility with OpenAI?
  233. The Space Quest II Master Disk Blunder
  234. Queueing – An interactive study of queueing strategies – Encore Blog
  235. Creating a prepopulated Windows Runtime Vector from C++/WinRT without going through an explicit std::vector - The Old New Thing
  236. Microsoft outage affects Bing, Copilot, DuckDuckGo and ChatGPT internet search
  237. Help my memory dump always shows me some exceptions!
  238. VBScript deprecation: Timelines and next steps
  239. The road toward AI: Fundamentals | Red Hat Developer
  240. Fix Missing OpenAPI Elements From ASP.NET Core Minimal API Apps
  241. First preview of Visual Studio 2022 v17.11 - Visual Studio Blog
  242. AWS Platform Guide: A complete guide on how to build your infrastructure on AWS
  243. Authenticode in 2024
  244. Must-have resources for new .NET Aspire developers
  245. Prefer Noun-Adjective Naming | Kyle Shevlin
  246. Windows Recall sounds like a privacy nightmare – here's why I'm worried
  247. If you have to create a Windows Runtime Vector from C++/WinRT, do it as late as possible - The Old New Thing
  248. Why not parse your JSON at build time?
  249. The death knell of the Personal Computer
  250. Test Driving ChatGPT-4o (Part 1)
  251. Do cheap GPS trackers work? A review of the GF-07, GF-09 and GF-22.
  252. Unwind considered harmful? · baby steps
  253. Building software is so expensive that it is causing major problems.
  254. When privacy expires: how I got access to tons of sensitive citizen data after buying cheap domains
  255. Systematically Improving Your RAG - jxnl.co
  256. Just another military conspiracy and something more
  257. Initiating conversations with not your usual culprit • Ayush Mishra
  258. How to choose your sources and inputs - DeveloPassion
  259. Newsletters are the new blogs. And that's a good thing. – I'm Left Handed
  260. The Missing Piece: Lucidity
  261. PC scripting and monitoring with microcontrollers and custom components
  262. Linting code for LLMs with tree-sitter
  263. Two years as an independent technologist · Applied Cartography
  264. How to destroy your OS with tar
  265. Moving on from Ink
  266. High Impact Thoughts
  267. Exponential Growth
  268. Here’s what we’re working on in Firefox
  269. Pluck
  270. Six years in the open and a glimpse into the future
  271. C# 13.0: params Improvements
  272. Exclusive: Scandal at America's Top Science Fair
  273. General Performance: Exploring the Performance Impact of the ‘in’ Keyword in C# 7.2
  274. Visual Studio 2022 17.10 and GitHub Copilot: Your Coding Partner for Faster and Smarter Development - Visual Studio Blog
  275. Maximizing joy and minimizing toil with great developer experiences - Visual Studio Blog
  276. General Availability of .NET Aspire: Simplifying .NET Cloud-Native Development - .NET Blog
  277. Announcing NuGet 6.10 - The NuGet Blog
  278. Announcing the AI Toolkit for Visual Studio Code
  279. The React useState Hook
  280. Project Legion
  281. Data Fetching Patterns in Single-Page Applications
  282. Unlock a new era of innovation with Windows Copilot Runtime and Copilot+ PCs
  283. Test-Driving HTML Templates
  284. vu128: Efficient variable-length integers
  285. The curious case of the missing period
  286. pls fix
  287. 33654 - TEXTAREA incorrectly applying ROWS= and COLS= (horizontal / vertical scrollbar extra space, with overlay scrollbars disabled)
  288. Careful technology
  289. The future of foundation models is closed-source
  290. Datadog is the new Oracle
  291. Sam Altman Is Full Of Shit
  292. Is Morality Real?
  293. I Want Flexible Queries, Not RAG
  294. 🛑 Stop resizing your browser: improve testing for responsiveness
  295. Improving Date Formatting Performance in Node.js
  296. Quantifying the Impact of Styled Components on Server Response Times
  297. The full-stack framework discourse | Dimitrios Lytras
  298. The Root Cause
  299. frontiers, knowledge work, 2024++
  300. I tried improving QA in the payment industry
  301. Processes don't create ownership, people do
  302. CADmium: A Local-First CAD Program Built for the Browser
  303. .NET Announcements & Updates from Microsoft Build 2024 - .NET Blog
  304. UI Density
  305. GitHub - tombonez/noTunes: A simple macOS application that will prevent iTunes or Apple Music from launching.
  306. Microsoft Build 2024: AI-Focused Sessions and .NET Highlights
  307. A blurry photo of the legendary USB Cart of Death - The Old New Thing
  308. Photographs: Shipbreaking — Edward Burtynsky
  309. Going Dark: The war on encryption is on the rise. Through a shady collaboration between the US and the EU.
  310. Choosing the Best Immutable Dictionary for Your C# Projects
  311. Code It Any Way You Want: Expression-Bodied Methods vs. Traditional Methods
  312. Wenting Zhang / Glider · GitLab
  313. HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error
  314. Multi-Tenancy: Marten’s “Conjoined” Model
  315. The CHECK() Constraint - Simple Talk
  316. How to use HttpClient correctly to avoid socket exceptions
  317. Five Tips for Starting a New Developer User Group
  318. Meta Releases Open Source React Compiler
  319. The Decorator Pattern in Modern C# [2024]
  320. How to Deal With NullReferenceException? Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  321. Enlightenmentware
  322. Fundamentals
  323. Roslyn analyzers: How to - Gérald Barré
  324. Introducing Copilot+ PCs - The Official Microsoft Blog
  325. The Terrible Situation of Windows (Professional) Laptops
  326. Which database when for AI: Are vector databases all you need?
  327. Runtime code generation and execution in Go: Part 1
  328. Mathematics and literature, really?
  329. OSHIT: Seven Deadly Sins of Bad Open Source Research - bellingcat
  330. Outseta's Choose Your Own Adventure Compensation Model | Outseta
  331. Raymarching explained interactively
  332. Mixed Precision Training from Scratch
  333. Taking Risk
  334. Down a Rabbit Hole
  335. Designing a Scalable OCPP server - Siddharth Sabron
  336. ASID Allocator and TLB management in Xen for x86
  337. Ocean Loop
  338. If you know what interface you want, just pass it directly to CoCreateInstance - The Old New Thing
  339. Dapper And Strongly Typed IDs – How To Dynamically Register Mappings
  340. Use IExceptionHandler to handle errors in ASP.NET Core | BinaryIntellect Knowledge Base
  341. Meteor just seen in Portugal (23h45)
  342. General Performance Tip: Retrieving the Nullable Value from a Reference Type
  343. Compilers for free with weval
  344. The Lunacy of Artemis
  345. Using Source Generators to Validate IOptions in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  346. Guide to Modern Redux—Redux Toolkit & Redux Toolkit Query
  347. Multi-Tenancy: What is it and why do you care?
  348. Building Better Apps: Better Together
  349. Discriminated Unions Part One - The F# side of things
  350. Two Ways To Tune A Slow Query In SQL Server – Darling Data
  351. Discriminated Union Part Two - The C# side of things
  352. ECMAScript 2023 feature: symbols as WeakMap keys
  353. Programming mantras are proverbs
  354. Feedback loops in software development
  355. Problem with NaN equality
  356. MemoryCache, DistributedCache and HybridCache
  357. Coding my Handwriting — Amy Goodchild
  358. Personal life is a playground for solving optimization problems
  359. Why can’t I focus?
  360. Adding Multiple Flutter Applications to Single Window on Web
  361. How to use iptables
  362. GitHub - naklecha/llama3-from-scratch: llama3 implementation one matrix multiplication at a time
  363. Build android apk from command line without gradle
  364. I love my slightly smart tiny TV
  365. The WAF Swiss-Knife – Pomba Labs
  366. The best team-building activity I could ever imagine, or how food and love gather people together. | Jorge Galindo's blog
  367. Thoughts on Forester: A Scientist's Zettelkasten
  368. Known Purpose and Trusted Potential.
  369. The Platonic Representation Hypothesis
  370. What’s Up with Mastodon and “Referer” Headers?
  371. Modernizing the AntennaPod Code Structure – AntennaPod
  372. Measuring energy usage of a function in C
  373. Not an Expert - Andrew Bass
  374. Raspberry Pi 5 Overclocking
  375. Computers
  376. » Riven The Digital Antiquarian
  377. Big Tech to EU: "Drop Dead"
  378. From Visual Basic to Visual Studio: A Journey Through Microsoft’s IDE Evolution
  379. Floor796
  380. Calculus with Julia
  381. I hosted a spectacular 20-acre game of Capture the Flag [#61]
  382. W is for What Did I Say Three Days Ago?!!
  383. Test Driving ChatGPT-4o (Part 3)
  384. Thoughts on Tom Alrich’s “Global Vulnerability Database”
  385. Skipping ahead to the problems
  386. Just How Functional is Raku?
  387. Building with Parenscript and Preact
  388. Stack Overflow reimagined
  389. Uncommon sense for founder sales: from IIT engineer to successful founder
  390. Happy Developers. It is Possible
  391. VassiLife
  392. Liikennematto devlog #5: renovation and release
  393. Decision Brownouts
  394. Surround Yourself With Right People
  395. High Agency in Software Engineering
  396. Stripe Subscription States
  397. visions
  398. Gio UI Cross-Platform GUI for Go
  399. Choosing a Tech Stack in 2024
  400. Ilya Sutskever “If you really learn all of these, you’ll know 90% of what matters today”
  401. Cyber Security: A Pre-War Reality Check - Bert Hubert's writings
  402. Developer Burnout – Dev Leader Weekly 44
  403. Thinking out loud about 2nd-gen Email – Gabriel Sieben
  404. EF Core Migrations: A Detailed Guide
  405. Modular site architecture with Nuxt layers
  406. Stuff I know about ZIP | orchid.pink
  407. Bloom Filter
  408. Feedland Blogroll thoughts
  409. Create Apps Easily with Streamlit
  410. What I look for in empirical software papers
  411. Charting surgery
  412. The Enjoyable Challenge of Managing Uncertainty | Jorge Galindo's blog
  413. Get Yourself a /dev/lunch
  414. curl, Tor, dot onion and SOCKS
  415. on hoot, on boot — wingolog
  416. Carlos Silva Abreu
  417. How I use principles to develop engineering strategies.
  418. Switching to Linux as a Game Developer
  419. Durango dumplings
  420. Two-Level Segregated Fit Memory Allocator
  421. Non-Euclidean Doom: what happens to a game when pi is not 3.14159…
  422. GitHub - HigherOrderCO/Bend: A massively parallel, high-level programming language
  423. dotNetDave Rocks The Bay.NET User Group
  424. Toon3D: Seeing Cartoons from a New Perspective
  425. Reimagining Pong Wars with C# and MVUX
  426. Why can't I find the injected name of a templated class's templated base class? - The Old New Thing
  427. rate limiter – smudge.ai blog
  428. Collection Performance: Exercise Caution When Using Take() with a Basic Count
  429. Finished course: From Zero to Hero: Unit testing for C# Developers (Dometrain)
  430. Wolverine’s Test Support Diagnostics
  431. New in .NET 8: ASP.NET Core Identity and How to Implement It
  432. Improve your code quality with GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  433. XUnit–Improve type safety
  434. JavaScript Nulls and Programming Minutiae
  435. ECMAScript proposal: duplicate named capturing groups for regular expressions
  436. 100 Exercises To Learn Rust
  437. The Forged Apple Employee Badge
  438. Test Driving ChatGPT-4o (Part 2)
  439. Privacy Principles: Search, Learning and Artificial Intelligence | Legal
  440. About Winamp - Winamp has announced that it is opening up its source code to enable collaborative development of its legendary player for Windows.
  441. Report: Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Immediately Killed Wireless Price Competition In U.S.
  442. BashFu - Open X11 window with netcat, echo, pipes and file system
  443. Eight Billion People - OranLooney.com
  444. LLMs are not suitable for (advanced) brainstorming
  445. Llama 3 implemented in pure NumPy · The Missing Papers
  446. How to Simulate MEV Arbitrage with REVM, Anvil and Alloy
  447. Forms of life, forms of mind | Dr. Michael Levin | Life after Death: in another world, at another scale
  448. Stand Out and Dare to Disagree
  449. What I've Learned Building Interactive Embedding Visualizations
  450. Pinecoder blog
  451. Effortless SEO for Astro with @zfben/astro-head | Ben's Blog | zfben.com
  452. What's New in Neovim 0.10
  453. Legalizations in LLVM Backend
  454. History of the Italian electrical system
  455. GitHub - likejazz/llama3.np: llama3.np is pure NumPy implementation for Llama 3 model.
  456. NetBSD Foundation 🚩 (@netbsd@mastodon.sdf.org)
  457. Pulling a single item from a C++ parameter pack by its index - The Old New Thing
  458. VCs aren't your friends
  459. Utah Locals Are Getting Cheap 10 Gbps Fiber Thanks To Local Governments
  460. Code It Any Way You Want: Performance Difference Between Static and Non-Static Methods
  461. Jepsen: Datomic Pro 1.0.7075
  462. Generate http files from a swagger definition
  463. Scheduled Message Delivery with Wolverine
  464. Podman–Pull images from Docker Hub
  465. Data Fetching Patterns in Single-Page Applications
  466. Get Ready for Visual Studio at Build 2024: Join Thousands Online! - Visual Studio Blog
  467. The .NET Generic Math Library - NDepend Blog
  468. ggml : rewrite silu and softmax for cpu by jart · Pull Request #7154 · ggerganov/llama.cpp
  469. Collection Performance: Looping Over a Collection Using Span and ReadOnlySpan
  470. Nearly all Nintendo 64 games can now be recompiled into native PC ports to add proper ray tracing, ultrawide, high FPS, and more
  471. Meet RVPC the world lowest cost Open Source Hardware All-in-one educational RISC-V computer with VGA and PS2 keyboard which will be available for DIY soldering workshop on Open Fest in Sofia this year!
  472. DB in K8S: Pros & Cons
  473. Sorry. My heart says yes, but my schedule says no.
  474. On Durable Objects | Kevin Wang’s Blog
  475. Sabbatical Wrap
  476. Collaborative Assistants - Jeremy Philemon
  477. A comparison between the M2 and M4 iPad Pro
  478. What’s the Difference Between a Will and a Trust?
  479. Struggle as a Service
  480. Rebuilding my homelab: Suffering as a service
  481. The Most Important Planning Document Costs Nothing to Draft
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  510. Sir, there's a cat in your mirror dimension
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  514. demo.fun – Interactive Product Demo Recorder – Generate Leads & Engage Customers
  515. 🚲 alden.page
  516. Hashing Modulo Theories
  517. Is (my) RSS dead?
  518. GitHub - Modos-Labs/Glider: Open-source E-ink monitor. Mirror of https://gitlab.com/zephray/glider
  519. A primer on why computational predictive toxicology is hard
  520. Going to the cinema is a data visualization problem
  521. How can logging impact a Golang backend?
  522. Disable your browser history to write better internal docs
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  548. How to avoid conflicts when testing your dotnet templates locally - Gérald Barré
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  556. Apple Vision Pro has the same effective resolution as Quest 3…Sometimes? And there's not much app devs can do about it, yet.
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  600. Things I remind myself when working with others
  601. Lessons learned in moving on from Lightroom
  602. Building intuition with spaced repetition systems
  603. PeaZip free archiver utility, open extract RAR TAR ZIP files
  604. githublog/2024/5/10/cordic.md at main · francisrstokes/githublog
  605. Immersive Math
  606. Un garçon pas comme les autres (Bayes) - An unexpected detour into partially symbolic, sparsity-expoiting autodiff; or Lord won’t you buy me a Laplace approximation
  607. Intercropping viable for optimizing vegetable production on Mars - 𝙎𝘾𝙄𝙀𝙉𝘾𝙀
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  609. Solving Recurrence Relations
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  656. I'm sorry
  657. using golang's crypto/aes and crypto/cipher packages
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  660. It's always TCP_NODELAY. Every damn time.
  661. Important Lesson from Dr. Seuss — It's Fun to Have Fun, But You Have to Know How. | Gretchen Rubin
  662. Zuckerman vs: Zuckerberg: why and how this is a battle of the public understanding of APIs, and why Zuckerman needs to lose and Meta needs to win
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  741. Managers have no human rights
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  754. Recent Marten & Wolverine Improvements and Roadmap Update
  755. Proactive Architecture Guarding
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  761. C#: How to Enumerate over Enum values and names
  762. Conservative codomain conjecture
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  764. How to check if a DLL and an exe is a .NET assembly - Gérald Barré
  765. Sep 0.4.0-0.5.2 - Insanely Fast Single- & Multi-threaded .NET CSV Parsing (up to 35x faster than CsvHelper)
  766. Good and Bad Ideas
  767. The best way to have complex discussions — CQ2
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  771. The Vary HTTP header
  772. Keep the logs for retrospective analysis
  773. Virtual Threads in Clojure
  774. Developing a RAG Knowledge Base with DuckDB
  775. How good products have unintended consequences – noemi titarenco
  776. UAH Global Temperature Update for April, 2024: +1.05 deg. C « Roy Spencer, PhD
  777. How not to change PostgreSQL column type
  778. Number Detective
  779. I made a note taking plugin for an app written in PHP :: Show me the code — Software engineering is cool
  780. Backend Engineer tries to build a hardware counter for its side project.
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  783. Using age with org-journal
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  792. GitHub - alessiodm/drl-zh: Deep Reinforcement Learning: Zero to Hero!
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  794. Open Source Security (OpenSSF) and OpenJS Foundations Issue Alert for Social Engineering Takeovers of Open Source Projects
  795. Bollards: Why & What
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  798. The new fintech stack is... open source?
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  801. My Home Server Journey - From Raspberry Pi to Ryzen
  802. Goodbye, GoDaddy
  803. Histograms worked
  804. With PowerPC, Windows CE and the WiiN-PAD slate, everyone's a WiiN-er (except Data General)
  805. The power of true engineering – Theo van der Donk
  806. Lost in Translation: The Bug That Spoke Russian and Crashed My App
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  810. MIT abandons use of DEI statements
  811. Transformers Dashboard 🤖📈
  812. 22.00.0036 Quitaversary
  813. Brains, Fingers, and Crabs — Modes of Software Developer Operation
  814. Why you should take a look at traefik, even if you don't use containers
  815. The agony and ecstasy of Costco
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  817. Braun Börse 2024
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  819. GitHub - skeeto/hash-prospector: Automated integer hash function discovery
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  821. Coding Faster with dotNetTips.com Spargine 8:  May 2024 Release
  822. How to Build a $20 Billion Semiconductor Fab
  823. No, I don’t want to fill out your contact form
  824. Dillo release 3.1.0
  825. snats website
  826. The Cost of Cash...lessness
  827. Breaking the Cycle 🔗💥
  828. Loseless Image Compression Algorithms
  829. I'm turning 30 so naturally I'm switching to OpenBSD
  830. Supply chain attacks and the many (other) different ways I’ve backdoored your dependencies
  831. Naming things in B2B SaaS
  832. Ryan Bigg - code is like garden
  833. I love not understanding things.
  834. TeenSaver: Support The Kids In your Life Who have never Seen a Screensaver
  835. The Best Software Engineers Are Replaceable – Dev Leader Weekly 42
  836. GitHub - abi/secret-llama: Fully private LLM chatbot that runs entirely with a browser with no server needed. Supports Mistral and LLama 3.
  837. BandMatch
  838. Software Testing Day
  839. Implementing API Gateway Authentication With YARP
  840. sudon't – Tony Finch
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  845. I've Moved Onchain
  846. Cost efficient alternative to databricks lock-in | Georg Heiler
  847. A Few of the Birds I Love
  848. How to become a better developer
  849. So Long, Gitpod
  850. social media is a terrible business
  851. Analyzing poems with llm
  852. Speeding up ELF relocations for store-based systems
  853. RSS: how to fix your internet feed
  854. Context is a key ingredient for engineers
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  856. GOTO 10
  857. 27 unique volumes of Brothers Grimm fairy tales discovered in Poland
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  859. Awaiting a set of handles with a timeout, part 4: Building our own awaiter - The Old New Thing
  860. Woodworking as an escape from the absurdity of software
  861. A Single Div: a CSS drawing project by Lynn Fisher
  862. Building a Rocket Engine from Scratch
  863. I'm writing a new vector search SQLite Extension
  864. General Performance Tip: Choosing Between Conditional Statements – If, Switch, and Switch Expression Performance in C#
  865. Cardiorespiratory fitness is a strong and consistent predictor of morbidity and mortality among adults: an overview of meta-analyses representing over 20.9 million observations from 199 unique cohort studies
  866. The BASIC programming language turns 60
  867. Critter Stack Improvements for Event Driven Architecture
  868. Blazor Basics: Globalization in Blazor
  869. Multi-Class Classification Using LightGBM -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  872. WinGet: Enabling experimental features in production
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  874. Azure Static Web App–Data API Builder
  875. Monitoring energy usage with smart plugs, Prometheus and Grafana
  876. Understanding UMAP
  877. Ansible is a Lisp
  878. Lessons Learned from Four Months of Working Solo
  879. Coding interviews are stupid (ish)
  880. Visiting the world's most expensive nuclear station
  881. Traditional Publishing is Great, Actually
  882. An introduction to vectorization
  883. Will We Still Need Programmers?
  884. Anduril 2 Manual
  885. The Sisyphean struggle and the new era of data infrastructure — Jack Vanlightly
  886. Jonas Hietala: Customizing Neovim
  887. Losing My Hands - jxnl.co
  888. Hobby’s algorithm for aesthetic Bézier splines – Jake Low
  889. Why I Left NixOS for Ubuntu
  890. Money for nothing, commits for free
  891. Faster Connectivity !== Faster Websites
  892. Dashes
  893. Making a 3D Modeler, in C, in a Week
  894. Optimizing Code Performance: Leveraging Essential Tools and Best Practices
  895. Online Cryptography Course by Dan Boneh
  896. Awaiting a set of handles with a timeout, part 3: Going beyond two - The Old New Thing
  897. Microsoft .NET Code Analysis for Performance
  898. Data Structures — Queue
  899. Cross-Platform App Development is Dead, Long Live Cross-Platform App Development!
  900. Cognition
  901. Look ma, no Dockerfile! 🚫🐋 - Publishing containers with the .NET SDK 📦
  902. Code It Any Way You Want: Performance Impact of Sealing Attributes
  903. Checking your solution for NuGet vulnerabilities or deprecated packages
  904. Native Desktop UX with .NET MAUI for Windows and macOS Apps
  905. Marten, PostgreSQL, and .NET Aspire walk into a bar…
  906. The Backend for Frontend Pattern (BFF)
  907. OData .NET 8 Preview Release - OData
  908. .NET 8 - Warning AD0001: Analyzer 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Analyzers.RouteHandlers.RouteHandlerAnalyzer' threw an exception of type 'System.InvalidOperationException'
  909. Beyond Boundaries - Networking Programming with C# 12 and .NET 8 Book Home
  910. Faster Code Performance with DotNetTips.Spargine
  911. Harnessing .NET Source Generators to Boost Performance
  912. Optimizing Data Manipulation with LINQ
  913. How To Build Successful Business Cases as a Data Engineer
  914. LLMs Can't Do Probability - Brainsteam
  915. Productionizing Embeddings: Challenges and a Path Forward | Tecton
  917. The Disappearance of Lived Time
  918. Tracking the Wins
  919. Why should I pay for an open-source app? - Jonathan Garelick
  920. Backup strategies for SQLite in production
  921. The App Store Review Process Is Actually... Good
  922. Decapsulating the CH32V203 Reveals a Separate Flash Die
  923. On Programming Languages
  924. Operational transformation & conflict-free resolution for real-time collaboration applications
  925. I Reviewed 1,000s of Opinions on HTMX
  926. Applied abstraction
  927. My Remote Desk, 2024 - Tyler Cipriani
  928. Hijack DLLs through proxying - Carlos Menezes
  929. The 150x pgvector speedup: a year-in-review
  930. Analyzing Consumer Behavior: Tools and Techniques for Marketers
  931. Thoughts on Zig
  932. wip: terminal (initial commit)
  933. Collection Performance
  934. Awaiting a set of handles with a timeout, part 2: Continuing with two - The Old New Thing
  935. Better & Faster Large Language Models via Multi-token Prediction
  936. Alphabetical Cartogram
  937. run0
  938. General Performance Tip: Optimizing Enum Value Name Retrieval
  939. Run Phi-3 SLM on your machine with C# Semantic Kernel and Ollama
  940. Cancelling long-running JSInterop calls - Kristoffer Strube’s Blog
  941. Marten, Metrics, and Open Telemetry Support
  942. Metalama Status Update, April 2024
  943. Embrace AI-Driven Productivity in .NET with JetBrains AI Assistant in ReSharper | The .NET Tools Blog
  944. Some more C# 12 | Red Hat Developer
  945. Announcing the General Availability of PostSharp 2024.1
  946. My approach to HTML web components
  947. Working with Rust Libraries from C# .NET Applications
  948. Secure your container build and publish with .NET 8 - .NET Blog
  949. ASP.NET Core -Updating the OpenTelemetry configuration
  950. Printing music with CSS grid
  951. GitHub - borgo-lang/borgo: Borgo is a statically typed language that compiles to Go.