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April 2024

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All entries for this month

  1. Optimizing String Performance
  2. Borgo Programming Language
  3. How to Train Diffusion for Text from Scratch
  4. Delving into “delve”
  5. My Code Formatting Guidelines
  6. Walking Maps – Jeremy Maluf
  7. Losing the imitation game
  8. Tech Error: Diversity Not Found
  9. Two Clock Problem Of Rewrites
  10. Stashpad Blog - My favorite Insomnia features and shortcuts
  11. 1/0 = 0
  12. Reverse engineering BeReal
  13. How I would redesign Copilot Workspace
  14. A framework for creating value
  15. On FastAPI - GreenAsh
  16. Optimizing for Accidental Robert Picardo
  17. How do Touch screens work? — Learn how Gadgets Work - One Gadget at a Time
  18. Keeping dependencies up-to-date by Martijn Hols
  19. Direct Preference Optimization Explained In-depth
  20. 7 independent tech job boards (2024)
  21. Gaining depth perception | nicole@web
  22. Valueless CTO: High Salary, No Return
  23. Ruby's Complex Branching Options
  24. Trying to Understand the “TikTok Ban”
  25. Verifying Slack Requests in Phoenix
  26. Stashpad Blog - My Experience with Techstars
  27. Lateral Thinking: examples of creative solutions
  28. 🇪🇺 Dear Europe, please wake up – eu/acc | Andreas Klinger
  29. nil / Nil / NULL / NSNull
  30. Ideas and Execution
  31. Save the Web by Being Nice
  32. pyinfra
  33. Awaiting a set of handles with a timeout, part 1: Starting with two - The Old New Thing
  34. Reddit if full of bots: thread reposted exactly the same, comment by comment, 10 months later - Blåhaj Lemmy
  35. Bio-digital jazz, man
  36. Handling The Indentation of a Treeview Component
  37. How an empty S3 bucket can make your AWS bill explode
  38. Apple must open iPadOS to sideloading within 6 months, EU says
  39. Threlte
  40. Code It Any Way You Want: Optimizing Span Operations – Clear vs. Fill
  41. Unlocking the Power of Out-GridView in PowerShell
  42. aux.computer
  43. Why SQLite Uses Bytecode
  44. The Decorator Pattern is sometimes helpful
  45. Updating Documents in MongoDB - Simple Talk
  46. Ground Rules of Fairness at Work
  47. Demystifying Azure Open AI for App developers
  48. TypeScript compiler trick
  49. ASP.NET Core Hosting Module with Shadow Copy Not Starting: Separate your Shadow Copy Folders!
  50. Service compatibility is determined based on policy
  51. .NET Aspire is the best way to experiment with Dapr during local development
  52. GPT-2?
  53. basysKom GmbH | How To Use Modern QML Tooling in Practice
  54. Five ways to pass parameters to Apache APISIX
  55. How to use LLMs: Summarize long documents
  56. Ryan Bigg - One year with the Ergodox EZ
  57. Calendar types in Watches
  58. Home Run Modeling Part 1: Base Model
  59. Navigating the Path to Management: Tips for Software Engineers - Zeitvice
  60. 4 takeaways from my first year at a software company | Mikołaj Biernat
  61. The Internet Archive's last-ditch effort to save itself
  62. The case for API-driven Design 🦄
  63. Want to Use Your Iphone for Many Years? Learn How to Maintain Your Battery’s Health  - Pqrmedia
  64. Product-Market Fit Framework for B2B Startups
  65. What is zinc good for? — LongevityLab Blog
  66. Can we RAG the whole web?
  67. What Computers Cannot Do: The Consequences of Turing-Completeness
  68. 1000x the telemetry at 0.01x the cost
  69. Answering Every Question You Have About IMEI Numbers
  70. the Stabilizer Problem
  71. Power of Libraries
  72. Cressi Nepto for Subsurface –
  73. The Metaverse is Dead
  74. Language is a Bottleneck for Thought
  75. ryjo.codes - Forgoing Implicity and Using Abstractions
  76. No Web Without Women
  77. The Journey to Accessible Apps: Keyboard Accessibility and .NET MAUI - .NET Blog
  78. Webb captures iconic Horsehead Nebula in unprecedented detail
  79. Doppler Effect
  80. Memory Management Every Programmer Should Know
  81. Awaiting a set of handles in C++/WinRT - The Old New Thing
  82. Atomic Nucleus Excited with Laser: A Breakthrough after Decades
  83. Collection Performance: Detecting Items in a ConcurrentBag<>
  84. How does a List know that you changed it while enumerating it?
  85. Announcing TypeScript 5.5 Beta - TypeScript
  86. React 19 Beta Released!
  87. Blazor Basics: Localization Using Resource Files
  88. Measuring Performance with the JavaScript Performance API
  89. Google hates this one weird trick for having NO bugs!
  90. Unleashing GitHub Copilot for Infrastructure as Code
  91. Adventures serializing absolutely everything in C# – isadora
  92. Open sourcing MS-DOS 4.0  - Microsoft Open Source Blog
  93. Switch expression for void methods
  94. Stop Using Regex for Connection Strings
  95. Phi-3-mini in 30 lines of C# with ONNX Runtime GenAI
  96. R. Bradley Lathe - made in a POW Camp
  97. 2022 Year In Review - Ahmad Shadeed
  98. The Simplest Thing In The World: Modifing Keymaps in Wayland
  99. 🪄 Install asdf: One Runtime Manager to Rule All Dev Environments
  100. Virtualizing the 6502 with 6o6 (and The Incredible KIMplement goes 1.0)
  101. The Sound of Silence: Why Leaders Must Listen to Thrive - Zeitvice
  102. Five Ways I Deal with Writer's Block
  103. A Software Engineering Career Ladder
  104. things I tell myself to be more agentic – Daniel Frank
  105. Harry Chapin and RATM: the problem with bleeding interests
  106. “Jewish Mathematics”?
  107. Garrison Jensen - Sorted Containers in Ruby inspired by Python
  108. So what’s the point of linear algebra, anyway?
  109. Andre Correia - Software Engineer
  110. Metric learning with linear methods - Emir's blog
  111. Why reading whitepapers takes your career to the next level (and how to do it)
  112. GitHub - rejunity/z80-open-silicon: Z80 open-source silicon. Goal is to become a silicon proven, pin compatible, open-source replacement for classic Z80.
  113. Keep Out! - A WebGL game by the makers of Mozilla BrowserQuest
  114. Google Made Me Ruin A Perfectly Good Website: A Case Study On The AI-Generated Internet
  115. Using an E-Ink Monitor
  116. Much ado about "nothing" - Xe Iaso
  117. Podcasts, the Universe, and Everything
  118. Why I Am Now Relaxed About Releasing Buggy Software
  119. What can LLMs never do?
  120. Exploring the Possibilities of Online Teaching a Language
  121. Percisely
  122. The Death of My Heroes
  123. Rocky Jaiswal - Why Kotlin?
  124. Ollama with Llama3 and Code Interpreter
  125. Thoughts on WASM
  126. Note Taking in Anki
  127. The Moore-Nakamoto plain
  128. Fully Decentralized Forum With 60 Lines of Code
  129. GitHub - lodefmode/moviecart: Software and Hardware to create full length color movie + audio cartridges for stock Atari 2600
  130. SVG Viewer
  131. How Much Math Do You Need To Program? – Dev Leader Weekly 41
  132. Apple users are being locked out of their Apple IDs with no explanation - 9to5Mac
  133. bun.report is Bun's new crash reporter
  134. Introducing AltStore PAL
  135. How did the Medici make their money?
  136. What Blasterhacks Taught Me About Leadership
  137. Why I like Android 🤖
  138. Request Response Messaging Pattern With MassTransit
  139. Anneal autopsy
  140. How I search in 2024
  141. Don't get hit with the pendulum: DevOps shifted too far left
  142. Code signing on Windows with Azure Trusted Signing · Melatonin
  143. [SOLVED]: node_modules/metro-hermes-compiler/src/emhermesc.js:77 throw ex; Error: EMFILE: too many open files
  144. State Machines
  145. I made a new backplane for my Terramaster F2-221 NAS | codedbearder
  146. E-Scooters: First Thoughts
  147. <span class="dquo">“</span>Reading” Articles via Podcast Software
  148. How I search in 2024
  149. CC0 Textures & Models | Share Textures
  150. LogLog Games
  151. Adding state to the update notification pattern, part 8 - The Old New Thing
  152. Earth Formation Site
  153. "90% of Java services have critical or severe security vulnerabilities"... or about the quirks of security reporting – JVM Weekly vol. 80
  154. Collection Performance: Is LINQ Always the Most Performant Choice?
  155. No Abstractions: an Increase API design principle — Increase
  156. First Class Event Subscriptions in Marten
  157. Implementing a functionality with GitHub Copilot for Visual Studio
  158. C# 13 Params Collections
  159. Type pattern matching in C# and TypeScript
  160. Securing identity: Exploring application types and authentication flows | Microsoft Entra Identity Platform
  161. Open Sourcing DOS 4
  162. Top 10 VS Code Extensions Every Developer Should Know 2024
  163. Passing the Postgres 65535 parameter limit at 120x speed
  164. I wrote my Vision Pro killer app (Script Anchor)
  165. Computers Are Overrated
  166. Light Tech Backpack: 10 Tools to Defend Your Attention
  167. How to Delete a Service Worker
  168. Hypothetical: Foldy ears as an indicator of intelligence
  169. GenesisOS: Publishing my micro-kernel!
  170. Simple, Underrated Ways to Make the World a More Wonderful Place – Daniel Frank
  171. Building a highly-available search engine using SQLite
  172. The Importance of Maybe
  173. Using Vectors without a Vector Database
  174. The Mandelbrot nature of modularization
  175. From hours to seconds: AI tools to detect animal calls
  176. Use :has() to scope CSS
  177. Is it ethical to have children if you believe their lives will suck?
  178. Uno Platform 5.2 Webinar
  179. What's new for .NET in Ubuntu 24.04 - .NET Blog
  180. Taking Additional Steps To Address the National Emergency With Respect to Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities
  181. GitHub - catdad/canvas-confetti: 🎉 performant confetti animation in the browser
  182. Adding state to the update notification pattern, part 7 - The Old New Thing
  183. Ruby might be faster than you think
  184. 4 Software Design Principles I Learned the Hard Way
  185. Code It Any Way You Want: Comparison of Passing Parameters in Methods
  186. GitHub - atlassian/pragmatic-drag-and-drop: Fast drag and drop for any experience on any tech stack
  187. When Do We Stop Finding New Music? A Statistical Analysis
  188. What's in my bag when I go to the office [April 2024 Edition]
  189. You Are What You Read, Even If You Don’t Always Remember It
  190. HSTS Header Implementation in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  191. Akka.NET, ASP.NET Core, Hosted Services, and Dependency Injection
  192. Embedding Database Migrations with Weasel
  193. Working with IAsyncEnumerable in C# - Simple Talk
  194. Introducing our Security 101 course for beginners!
  195. How to upload a file with Blazor SSR in .NET 8?
  196. Thoughts on Primary Constructors in C#
  197. Join us for Azure Developers - .NET Day on April 30!
  198. .NET JsonElement and Schema Validation | endjin
  199. Giving the .NET smart components a try–The Smart TextArea
  200. snowflake/snowflake-arctic-instruct – Run with an API on Replicate
  201. Snowflake Arctic: An(other) Efficient and Open-Source LLM is out!
  202. Why niches matter
  203. From the Circle to Epicycles (Part 1)
  204. Connell McCarthy - Our wedding
  205. My experience with Large Language Models
  206. The only two log levels you need are INFO and ERROR
  207. Blurry Text Reveal on Scroll | Codrops
  208. Composability: Designing a Visual Programming Language — John Austin
  209. How I Bike to the Airport
  210. Understanding Apache Hudi's Consistency Model Part 1 — Jack Vanlightly
  211. Fundamentals of I/O in Go: Part 3
  212. Four Patterns Of Data Loading
  213. IBM to Acquire HashiCorp, Inc. Creating a Comprehensive End-to-End Hybrid Cloud Platform
  214. Tracking down a UEFI quirk on the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH532
  215. Vimmer tries Emacs
  216. How quickly can you break a long string into lines? – Daniel Lemire's blog
  217. Framing engineering discussions with a business perspective | Matt Joseph
  218. No Database No Retention No Party
  219. HTML attributes vs DOM properties
  220. Why we suck at estimating software projects
  221. Introducing .NET MAUI Community Tookit v8: TouchBehavior support is here! - .NET Blog
  222. Adding state to the update notification pattern, part 6 - The Old New Thing
  223. DM's Esoteric Programming Languages - Piet
  224. Meta does everything OpenAI should be [D]
  225. ESPHome — ESPHome
  226. Pendulum Types
  227. General Performance: Choosing Between GetValueOrDefault() and Coalesce Operator for Nullable Integers
  228. GitHub - apple/corenet: CoreNet: A library for training deep neural networks
  229. Mastering SOLID Principles in C#: A Practical Guide
  230. WIP is waste
  231. Exploring the AskVS command in GitHub Copilot for Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  232. Fix Unable To Resolve DbContextOptions For EF Core
  233. Async APIs - don't confuse your events, commands and state
  234. Tales from the .NET Migration Trenches - Authentication
  235. C isn’t a Hangover; Rust isn’t a Hangover Cure
  236. Building FocusGuardian, my TribeHacks IX submission, in 24 hours
  237. AI - SkyNet Is Not Coming to Kill You
  238. Code It Any Way You Want: Optimal Parameter Passing – Array vs. Params Keyword
  239. How to Juggle Priorities: Decide Which Balls Are Glass and Which Are Plastic
  240. Meta Bites the Apple
  241. Fabian Lindfors
  242. Reminding Myself to Take a Break
  243. Generate code for declarative language instead of progr...
  244. How to set up Nsight Compute Locally to profile Remote GPUs
  245. The best keyboard I've ever had
  246. FTC Announces Rule Banning Noncompetes
  247. Refactor your C# code with primary constructors - .NET Blog
  248. Adding state to the update notification pattern, part 5 - The Old New Thing
  249. Help us invent CSS Grid Level 3, aka “Masonry” layout
  250. Try Catch in C#: The Basics You Need to Know
  251. On Generating Ideas - Leadership & Work
  252. What's new for the Microsoft Fluent UI Blazor library 4.7
  253. Enhance your .NET Testing #8: Contract tests with Verify
  254. nameof vs + operater
  255. Unit testing methods on BlobServiceClient with Azure blob storage and NSubstitute
  256. Minimal APIs Nuget Packages
  257. Strict Ordered Message Handling wth Wolverine
  258. We Migrated a Legacy App with ChatGPT: Here's What Happened
  259. C# 12: Collection expressions and primary constructors | Red Hat Developer
  260. Will Visual Studio Be Migrated to .NET Core and Become Multi-Platform? - NDepend Blog
  261. XML External Entity Attack and .NET Core
  262. Don't Do This With Extension Methods
  263. Does readonly make your code faster?
  264. The trap of over-engineering and over-design
  265. Fitting a polynomial to a set of points
  266. Configure Renovate to handle nuspec files
  267. Using type aliases to make code clearer with generics - Gérald Barré
  268. Uno Platform 5.2 Released - One Project To Rule Them All - Nick's .NET Travels
  269. No one buys books
  270. KRAZAM
  271. Scary Triangles
  272. NASA’s Voyager 1 Resumes Sending Engineering Updates to Earth – Voyager
  273. open letter to the NixOS foundation
  274. Why a chicken coop and run should have a floor of wood chips - Greg Alder's Yard Posts: Southern California food gardening
  275. DeskOps: Commanding My Desk with HTTP - How I Brought Hysteresis Problems to the Desk Where I Solve Hysteresis Problems
  276. Forge: A Tool to Teach Formal Methods
  277. Why you should NOT get a whole body MRI
  278. Announcing the first-ever true .NET Single Project for Mobile, Web, Desktop, and Embedded apps
  279. Frosting A Turd And Iterating To A Cupcake
  280. Review of the MoErgo Glove80 keyboard
  281. Issue 54: Personal Library Science
  282. Some thoughts on going from an idea to the App Store in one week - Jonathan Garelick
  283. What is the Metropolis algorithm?
  284. How to generate color palettes for design systems
  285. Turkish Language, Browsers and Punycode
  286. Id30 – magnushoff.com
  287. Shared libs, rpath and the runtime linker
  288. Send Your Friends Birthday Cards
  289. Delay e-mail delivery with Postfix for a relaxing weekend
  290. Good Ideas in Computer Science
  291. An entire Social Network in 1.6GB (GraphD Part 2)
  292. Meta Horizon OS: Powering a New Era for Mixed Reality | Meta Quest Blog
  293. Data Structures — Stack
  294. Github YouTube Embed - Online
  295. How to Fight Impostor Syndrome?
  296. Equinox
  297. Adding state to the update notification pattern, part 4 - The Old New Thing
  298. Collection Performance: Creating a List<> Using The Task.Parallel Library
  299. Wolverine’s New PostgreSQL Messaging Transport
  300. Using GitHub and NextAuth.js for Single Sign-on in Next.js
  301. Extending Copilot for Microsoft 365 using TypeScript | Azure Developers JavaScript Day 2024
  302. Building a Culture of Data: The Technical Aspects - Simple Talk
  303. VSCode Day and Azure Developers .NET Day are coming!
  304. API Key Authentication Middleware In ASP NET Core – A How To Guide
  305. How to create an F#
  306. Navigating the Edges of Technology in Software Development: Bleeding, Leading, Dull, and Rusting
  307. Never struggle to give feedback again (even to your manager)
  308. Inside the Super Nintendo cartridges
  309. GitHub - 0x0mer/doom-htop: The classic DOOM game over htop, the text-based process viewer
  310. Programmers diary
  311. Undervolting 2020 Dell Laptops like the Vostro 7500 and More Tips to Improve Thermals, Battery Life, and Speed - Brendan Greenley
  312. I made a Fallout inspired RPG game in EXCEL
  313. Why you shouldn't run a BSD on a PC
  314. I Wrote My Own Editor
  315. Why venture capital should embrace divergence - Credistick
  316. Career Growth: Who is going to do it?
  317. Changelog-Driven Releases
  318. Why I Don't Use Social Media
  319. OpenAI Wrappers
  320. Notion
  321. GitHub - tinyworldmap/tiny-world-map: tinyworldmap is a tiny world map for offline-first and low-bandwidth web apps
  322. How to Convert a String to Byte Array in C#: Encoding and Decoding Simplified
  323. Adventures In Rust: Bringing Exchange Support To Thunderbird
  324. Programming Is Mostly Thinking
  325. The Real C++ Killers (Not You, Rust)
  326. 0.12.0 Release Notes ⚡ The Zig Programming Language
  327. MuPDF.js
  328. DO NOT BUY HISENSE TV'S LOL (Or at least keep them offline)
  329. Doomscroller
  330. AI isn't useless. But is it worth it?
  331. Why Everything is Becoming a Game
  332. Faith, Deconstructed or Reconstructed - Philip Yancey
  333. Imagine
  334. Why Female Space Marines Make No Sense
  335. Lean Scala
  336. Poisson designs and Minimum Detectable Effects
  337. Positional Encoding for Self Attention
  338. 10x Engineers vs -10x Burdens
  339. GoFetch: Will people ever learn?
  340. Color Naming: Human vs. GPT-4
  341. You Suck at Marketing
  342. Stop going to the cloud and getting scammed. $200 infra to serve your startup till 100k monthly users in 15 minutes. Self-hosted Postgres, caddyserver and docker-compose FTW.
  343. Creating API Gateways in Zuplo – Dev Leader Weekly 40
  344. 3D Printing Log
  345. Former Microsoft developer says Windows 11's performance is "comically bad," even with monster PC
  346. Fear is a Trainable Animal
  347. Graphics offload revisited – GTK Development Blog
  348. Msty
  349. Why Dolphin Isn't Coming to the App Store - oatmealdome.me
  350. Stopping a badly behaved bot the wrong way. - Lemmy
  351. GIFs are a flat circle
  352. Stateful Migrations using Mutations
  353. CS Certification - I should be exempt
  354. Why Ordinary Blogs Usually Suck
  355. The Optimal Workspace
  356. do tiny projects expecting them to fail
  357. iDOS 3 waiting for review
  358. LLVM is Smarter Than Me
  359. How do electronic passports work? | Burak Can's Blog
  360. On Terry A. Davis
  361. Quill - Your powerful rich text editor
  362. Introduction to Distributed Tracing With OpenTelemetry in .NET
  363. Adding state to the update notification pattern, part 3 - The Old New Thing
  364. Supabase Storage: now supports the S3 protocol
  365. Pub Trivia
  366. AI Hype - Am I out of work in five years?
  367. Prologue | Calculus Made Easy
  368. Stop Debugging and Start Running in Visual Studio
  369. Top Linters for JavaScript and TypeScript: Simplifying Code Quality Management
  370. ASP.NET Core Basics: Getting Started with LINQ
  371. Serilog and .NET 8.0 minimal APIs
  372. Vulnerabilities for AI and ML Applications are Skyrocketing
  373. Can't delete a note in PDF using Preview on macOS
  374. Parsing and all that
  375. A POI Database in One Line
  376. The Illustrated Word2vec
  377. Simplifying the xz backdoor
  378. The Domino Computer
  379. Fallout Bullshit
  380. Oh the Humanity
  381. Implementing Natural Conversational Agents with Elixir
  382. EURISKO lives | Paraprogramming Dispatches
  383. Distraction Driven Development: Chip Cullen
  384. The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil.
  385. I Took a Day Off Work for Time Dilation - Adam Grant
  386. Measuring personal growth
  387. Do best practices really matter?
  388. Toward inquiry
  389. Yet Another REST Client?
  390. Why you need a "WTF Notebook"
  391. Halo 2 in HD: Pushing the Original Xbox to the Limit
  392. Basic Things Mar 22, 2024
  393. Session: App Service Networking Features for Developers at 2024 Global Azure, Auckland
  394. Redis is forked
  395. Announcing: Azure Developers - .NET Day - .NET Blog
  396. Meta Llama 3
  397. Adding state to the update notification pattern, part 2 - The Old New Thing
  398. Most micromanagers are blind to being seen as one
  399. Default Azure Credentials Under the Hood – Tore Nestenius
  400. GitHub - loopj/short-stack: World's Smallest Nintendo Wii, using a trimmed motherboard and custom stacked PCBs
  401. Invariance, Contravariance, and Covariance in C# Generics - Code Maze
  402. Apple Deployment/Distribution for .NET MAUI Apps
  403. Database Subsetting and Data Extraction - Simple Talk
  404. What's New in the Reliable Web App Pattern for .NET
  405. ASP.NET Core - Use factory based middleware with scoped services
  406. Eclipse Path Maps
  407. Effort Engine demo
  408. There is always something: Fighting distractions as a software developer - ShiftMag
  409. Diffusion Models for Video Generation
  410. Luca Baldesi's website
  411. I launched a new startup and shut it down in two weeks - Andrew Miracle
  412. ✂️ Use Cases for Merging and Splitting Partitions With Minimal Locking in PostgreSQL 17
  413. Introducing AltStore PAL
  414. Feedback Loop, Singularity and Ethics
  415. Big Integer in Zig
  416. tiktokify: A Hackathon winning product | Akshat Sharma
  417. Self-help
  418. Transitioning from Engineers to Founders -- How YC Shaped our journey
  419. Gleam version v1.1 – Gleam
  420. Azure API Management: Replace Backend Service URLs in Response Body
  421. Embeddings are a good starting point for the AI curious app developer
  422. An Electric New Era for Atlas | Boston Dynamics
  423. Building a scalable gateway with .NET for Microsoft AI - .NET Blog
  424. How many bathrooms have Neanderthals in the tile?
  425. Adding state to the update notification pattern, part 1 - The Old New Thing
  426. Thinking About The In-between Design Cases
  427. Cheaper, Better, Faster, Stronger
  428. #ChatControl: EU ministers want to exempt themselves
  429. This Service Descriptor Is keyed Your Service Provider May Not Support Keyed Services - Mark Oliver's World
  430. Stop Acting Like You're Famous
  431. String Performance: Appending a Character using the StringBuilder
  432. [HOWTO] Create Azure DevOps Service Connections with authentication method Workload Identity Federation using Terraform
  433. Building Something Real in your spare time
  434. How to Use HttpOnly Cookie in .NET Core for Authentication and Refresh Token Actions
  435. Blazor Basics: Handling Images Dynamically
  436. How to use GitHub Copilot Chat in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  437. Event Queues and Buffering Functions with JavaScript
  438. Visual Studio Code Day 2024
  439. ASP.NET Core–Cannot resolve <Service> from root provider because it requires scoped service
  440. We Need To Rewild The Internet  | NOEMA
  441. .NET Isolated Azure Durable Functions: Wait for Any Event and Wait for All the Events
  442. How to Roll Up an Extension Cord: 4 Tangle-Free Methods
  443. Rise, Marginalization & Return of the Niche Internet
  444. 120+ Skills I Use in an SRE / Platform / DevOps Developer Position
  445. Proactive Data Security
  446. Java 23: The New Features are Officially Announced
  447. The origin story
  448. Getting Started with perlimports
  449. The Arsenic-in-Rice Scare – 5 years on — Dr Leila Masson
  450. On maxing out credit cards and magic money trees
  451. Hardest Problem in Computer Science: Centering Things
  452. From Reaction to Reflection
  453. Timothy Delille
  454. Is Attention All You Need?
  455. How to create a Stanford course
  456. Voice is (mostly) a Bad UI
  457. SQLite on Rails | Fractaled Mind
  458. Elastic tabstops - a better way to indent and align code
  459. "Open Source" Startups - Wayde Gilliam
  460. Building a weather data warehouse part I: Loading a trillion rows of weather data into TimescaleDB
  461. Build & test resilient apps in .NET with Dev Proxy - .NET Blog
  462. Dubious security vulnerability: Program allows its output to be exfiltrated - The Old New Thing
  463. In search of the Ballmer Peak, and other results from SIGBOVIK 2024 - The Old New Thing
  464. This is a teenager
  465. Do you Really Want to Be a Development Team Leader?
  466. ObservableRangeCollection in .NET MAUI
  467. Hangfire: A Feature-Rich Approach to Task Scheduling in .NET
  468. 12 Map Happenings that Rocked our World: Part 9
  469. Code It Any Way You Want: Checking Strings for Null
  470. XZ Utils review notes
  471. .NET Isolated Azure Durable Functions: Specifying SubOrchestrator Instance Id
  472. A Cool Guide to Software Development
  473. Data Anomaly Detection Using a Neural Autoencoder with C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  474. Modular Monoliths and the “Critter Stack”
  475. Snake draft sorting in SQL Server, part 2 - Simple Talk
  476. How to build an in-memory Message Bus in TypeScript - Event-Driven.io
  477. The New C# Interceptors vs. AOP
  478. Implement a secure Blazor Web application using OpenID Connect and security headers
  479. Configure Renovate to update preview versions of NuGet packages
  480. Services share schema and contract, not class
  481. Computing code coverage for a .NET project - Gérald Barré
  482. GitHub - kevinbentley/Descent3: Descent 3 by Outrage Entertainment
  483. Survey Marker
  484. PuTTY vulnerability vuln-p521-bias
  485. T-Mobile Employees Across The Country Receive Cash Offers To Illegally Swap SIMs
  486. Chasing the dragon of the past
  487. The Making of Side 7 | GUNDAM EVOLUTION Private Server Project
  488. Self-hosting on a Raspberry Pi cluster
  489. LLM-Powered Django Admin Fields - Untrod
  490. Organize your browser bookmarks
  491. Dissolving Design Patterns In Design Elements
  492. What is OpenID Connect Authentication? A Practical Guide - Developer Friendly Blog
  493. Building a GPS Receiver, Part 1: Hearing Whispers
  494. How to Learn Coding in 4 Months and Secure Your First Job
  495. Four Learning Areas for Prospective Engineering Managers
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  497. Add white space to your browser bookmarks bar
  498. Responses to Rabble on ActivityPub
  499. Design Notes
  500. Do you *really* need to store all that telemetry?
  501. Displaying images in MySQL | Benjamin Dicken
  502. Taking into account preferences of past selves
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  504. Make it easy for me to review your code
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  508. General Performance Tips
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  526. Fluent API to await multiple calls and get their respective results
  527. Go performance from version 1.0 to 1.22
  528. How is it that Reddit Web site maintainers can't figure out how to honor Markdown as default setting for comments and posts?
  529. GitHub - nalgeon/redka: Redis re-implemented with SQLite
  530. MarkdownDown
  531. How an ITIL mindset saved 2 of my wisdom teeth
  532. Leftism has happened before
  533. Can You Grok It :: dade
  534. My useless philosophical ramblings about the ecology of programming languages (and OOP is not Java)
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  541. My Cat Alerted Me to a DDoS Attack
  542. Action Breeds Clarity
  543. Getting started with sched-ext development
  544. How fast can grammar-structured generation be?
  545. The Guide to Stock Options conversations
  546. GitHub - supabase/index_advisor: PostgreSQL Index Advisor
  547. You probably don't need GraphQL
  548. Long term care insurance as public policy
  549. Open Source, Supply Chains, and Bears (oh my!)
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  558. Scalar and binary quantization for pgvector vector search and storage
  559. The value in knowing fundamentals
  560. How to write a code formatter
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  568. GCC version 14 coming soon – and will drop Itanium support
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  574. Notes on Learning Japanese
  575. The Best Way to Get Things Done
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  585. Common pitfalls of digital health startups &amp; advice on how to avoid them
  586. asymmetric routing around the firewall
  587. Abstract methods and NotImplementedError in Ruby
  588. fhur
  589. Monkey Management
  590. Notes from YC W21 to W24, with Love
  591. Finding and Fixing Standard Misconceptions About Program Behavior
  592. Integrating OpenAI's ChatGPT into cross-platform .NET applications
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  594. GitHub - tinygrad/open-gpu-kernel-modules: NVIDIA Linux open GPU with P2P support
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  597. HeatpumpMonitor.org
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  608. What makes a great technical blog
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  615. Unhappiness is a choice
  616. R&D Case Study: Developing the OptiGap Sensor System | Paul Bupe, Jr
  617. Extension methods and testing to solve a problem
  618. Anyone got a contact at OpenAI. They have a spider problem.
  619. Why do STANDARD_RIGHTS_READ, STANDARD_RIGHTS_WRITE, and STANDARD_RIGHTS_EXECUTE have the same values? - The Old New Thing
  620. Predictive CPU isolation of containers at Netflix
  621. GitHub - paul-gauthier/aider: aider is AI pair programming in your terminal
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  650. Chris's Wiki :: blog/programming/ConfigureNoSourceCodeChanges
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  653. GitHub - dolthub/go-mysql-server: A MySQL-compatible relational database with a storage agnostic query engine. Implemented in pure Go.
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  656. Lennon McLean
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  668. color image classification
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  695. After AI beat them, professional go players got better and more creative
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  698. Fixing All The Bugs Won’t Solve All The Problems – Deming’s Path Of Frustration
  699. Intel’s Ambitious Meteor Lake iGPU
  700. How I discovered a 9.8 critical security vulnerability in ZeroMQ with mostly pure luck and my two cents about xz backdoor
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  743. A Brief Comparison of Modern Programming Languages
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  745. The Cost of Not Logging
  746. Primary Constructor and Logging Don't Mix
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  748. GitHub - migueletto/PumpkinOS: PumpkinOS is a re-implementation of PalmOS.
  749. The evolution of the Super Nintendo motherboard
  750. Evaluating the Language Consistency of Local and Cloud-Based LLMs - Nikolas' Blog
  751. 'If this one guy got hit by a bus, the world's software would fall apart.'
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  759. Ask for Permission to Ask
  760. My feelings about X (formerly Twitter)
  761. Expose Platform APIs Over Wrapping Them
  762. Reject minimalism
  763. Connecting Your Windows and Uno Platform App to ChatGPT with Azure.AI.OpenAI - Nick's .NET Travels
  764. Home · thmsmlr
  765. GitHub - drawdb-io/drawdb: Free, simple, and intuitive online database design tool and SQL generator.
  766. GitHub - maharmstone/btrfs: WinBtrfs - an open-source btrfs driver for Windows
  767. Terraform Test and AWS Lambda
  768. More Agents Is All You Need
  769. ChatGPT’s Tarot Shuffle: Random Musings on Love, Family, and Financial Fortunes
  770. A JavaScript library for generating vector-based cartoon faces
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  777. My First Open Source Contribution
  778. pkgsrc on macOS: still works
  779. Optimized Model Auditing with PaperTrail
  780. The Blessing of the Strings
  781. What to do when an airline website doesn't accept your legal name
  782. How to correctly link to UCRT (and why it works that way) — mingwpy 0.1 documentation
  783. My favorite button on the Internet
  784. A few servers and a load balancer.
  785. Explicit sync
  786. What I think about when I edit — Eva Parish
  787. GitHub - searxng/searxng: SearXNG is a free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from various search services and databases. Users are neither tracked nor profiled.
  788. xkcd: Machine
  789. world_sim
  790. IntelliJ IDEA 2024.1 Is Out! | The IntelliJ IDEA Blog
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  796. Open Source Maintenance
  797. Audio gear: a decent, portable mic for corporate video calls in a noisy room - Ross Wintle
  798. FreeBSD Zero to Desktop Speedrun Challenge
  799. xz backdoor and autotools insanity
  800. Generative transformer from first principles in Julia - Lior Sinai
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  802. Content Creators Ruined The Internet
  803. The Probability of Undecidability
  804. "I think you might be a scam" - A Lesson in Customer Discovery
  805. OpenBSD 7.5
  806. 30.0.50; describe key + lambda too poetic
  807. The Current State of ML in Clojure
  808. Self Modifying Code
  809. Writing maketh the 10x Developer. More so the 10x development team.
  810. How would you build Wordle with just HTML & CSS? | Scott Jehl, Web Designer/Developer
  811. How I Discover New Blogs
  812. leontrolski - Postgres locks
  813. An IRC client in your motherboard
  814. The case of the exception that a catch (...) didn't catch - The Old New Thing
  815. M 4.8 - 6 km ESE of Califon, New Jersey
  816. How Stack Overflow replaced Experts Exchange
  817. FFmpeg
  818. Code It Any Way You Want: Optimizing Span Operations – Clear vs. Fill
  819. Zoomer Tries RSS: In Praise of Yarr
  820. [HOWTO] Exclude content from GitHub Copilot
  821. German state ditches Microsoft for Linux and LibreOffice
  822. How we’ve saved 98% in cloud costs by writing our own database
  823. Mario meets Pareto
  824. The Design Philosophy of Great Tables
  825. Apache Kafka and Tinybird (ClickHouse) for Streaming Analytics and HTTP APIs
  826. Actual Automation
  827. xz backdoor - Dmitry Kudryavtsev
  828. Against URL-Based Content Rendering - Susam Pal
  829. Use OpenVPN as a proxy to more comfortably access internal Gitlab
  830. a client-side exception has occurred
  831. Yi-34B, Llama 2, and common practices in LLM training: a fact check of the New York Times
  832. Abstraction is much more than interfaces
  833. Please return my property.
  834. The Video That Inspired Me To Create Odin
  835. How to take down production with a single Helm command
  836. When and how to move from an assumption to a hypothesis
  837. PostgreSQL and its annoying crosstab
  838. Measuring your system’s performance using software (Go edition) – Daniel Lemire's blog
  839. Joining Polar as an Advisor
  840. Robot Slide Whistle Orchestrion - mitxela.com
  841. dotNetDave Story: The Critical Importance of Addressing Performance Before Product Release
  842. LLM Task-Specific Evals that Do & Don't Work
  843. HTTP/2 `CONTINUATION` Flood
  844. Optimizing rendering of 100,000+ HTML nodes
  845. Demystifying HTTP with Telnet – Ian's notes
  846. Performance insights: Engineering for high performance
  847. Introducing selfh.st/apps, a Directory of Self-Hosted Software
  848. Exploring Batch Caching of Trees
  849. XDP for Game Programmers
  850. Reverse engineering Bandcamp authentication protocol
  851. XZ Backdoor: Not the End of Open Source
  852. Linux shellcraft: the pipe trick
  853. Oneiblog
  854. Create a Custom Static Code Analysis Rule for Azure SQL Database / SQL Server with .NET
  855. It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway: System corruption caused by an administrator - The Old New Thing
  856. autoconf makes me think we stopped evolving too soon
  857. Anatomy of a credit card rewards program
  858. German state moving 30,000 PCs to LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Blog
  859. Examples of Composition in C# – A Simple Guide for Beginners
  860. A disk so full, it couldn’t be restored
  861. Boosting Performance and Memory Efficiency: Introducing ToDelimitedString() with Source Generators in Spargine
  862. [HOWTO] Suggest changes directly in Azure DevOps pull requests
  863. .NET MAUI Community Standup
  864. GitHub - nilsherzig/LLocalSearch: This is a completely locally running meta search engine using LLM Agents. The user can ask a question and the system will use a chain of LLMs to find the answer. The user can see the progress of the agents and the final answer. No OpenAI or Google API keys are needed.
  865. Terraform makes carbon neutral natural gas
  866. Introducing Jpegli: A New JPEG Coding Library
  867. Fat tails are weird
  868. KISS high-availability with OpenBSD
  869. Asking for help is a core developer skill — Rami James
  870. Toll-free Bridging in Kotlin Native - Alex DeLorenzo
  871. Automatic differentiation with dual numbers
  872. How to create a blog using Golang
  873. What I Learned About Computers in Nand2Tetris Part 1
  874. Why is observability so expensive?
  875. I think I enjoy Scrum too much, how can I adopt it to my own life?
  876. How to Create a Spoiler Tag in HTML
  877. A lazy and flippant classification of programming languages
  878. Evolution of Java Usage at Netflix
  879. .NET MAUI – Styles
  880. Testing Your Native AOT Applications - .NET Blog
  881. Eclipse Clouds
  882. reflections on distrusting xz
  883. AI bots hallucinate software packages and devs download them
  884. Windows debugger trick: Breaking when a specific debugger message is printed - The Old New Thing
  885. NixOS is not reproducible
  886. Examples of Inheritance in C# – A Simplified Introduction to OOP
  887. String Performance: Checking for a Character
  888. Voicemail INBOX
  889. Latest Earthquakes
  890. EP 51 : Null Object Pattern in C#
  891. How Disney+ Scaled to 11 Million Users on Launch Day
  892. 🦑 The 14 pains of building your own billing system - Arnon Shimoni
  893. CityGaussian: Real-time High-quality Large-Scale Scene Rendering with Gaussians
  894. Mac utility must haves | Luka Harambasic
  895. Reduce writes to your SD card # Chris Dzombak
  896. How does hyperthreading work.
  897. Note taking system should be simple
  898. How do you determine the root of a decision tree? – Jonathan Garelick
  899. Getting in the headspace of flying squirrels
  900. Committing research fraud is easy. Let’s make it harder.
  901. The Sweet Spot - Maximizing Llama Energy Efficiency · Jacques Mattheij
  902. I'm doing this because this is what I got. • Ninjas and Robots
  903. You Are All On The Hobbyists Maintainers’ Turf Now
  904. Conway's Game of Life Through Time
  905. Hacker News (HN) - Part 1: analysis
  906. Here is why Emacs uses the Meta key
  907. How I nearly got scammed on FB - SingleLunch
  908. On Transitioning to Product Management - Daniel D. McKinnon
  909. Why I Use the GPL and Not Cuck Licenses
  910. Will dbt adopt a proprietary licence? I think so
  911. Making AI powered .NET apps more consistent and intelligent with Redis - .NET Blog
  912. How to: Code analyze your SQL Server T-SQL scripts in Visual Studio
  913. so i guess i hacked samsung?!
  914. An Interactive Guide to CSS Container Queries
  915. Why you won't find a technical co-founder
  916. The history of computing, as told by the hallways of Microsoft Building 41 - The Old New Thing
  917. Timeline of the xz open source attack
  918. GitHub - AlexanderKoch-Koch/low_cost_robot
  919. GitHub - pufferffish/wireproxy: Wireguard client that exposes itself as a socks5 proxy
  920. Unraveling the Power of Property-Based Testing in Unveiling our Own Biases
  921. Optimizing String Processing in Collections: The Impact of PerformAction() in Spargine and FastStringBuilder
  922. GitHub - heyform/heyform: HeyForm is an open-source form builder that allows anyone to create engaging conversational forms for surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, and polls. No coding skills required.
  923. Eclipse Coolness
  924. GitHub - tedkim97/adcache
  925. What we know about the xz Utils backdoor that almost infected the world
  926. Fixing duplicate API requests
  927. Lattice now compiles to .NET IL — John Austin
  928. patchutils – PRINT HEAD
  929. Everything in software monitoring is dead, apparently | Last9
  930. Robert Ames (.com!)
  931. New adventures, same company – Dan Moore!
  932. Search graduation photos with your face — Jerome Paulos
  933. In praise of RDF
  934. Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Projects
  935. Top level internal is unnecessary
  936. Product Engineering with IfC
  937. Some Modest Criticisms of the Internet Archive
  938. Super Fast Rails - RorVsWild
  939. marending.dev
  940. How I improved our CI build time from 24mins to 8mins and reduced costs by 50%
  941. The Myth of Down Migrations; Introducing Atlas Migrate Down | Atlas | Manage your database schema as code
  942. 10 > 64, in QR codes
  943. My eclipse photography plan - Tyler Cipriani
  944. modin_perf_examples
  945. Recognizing which scientific problems should be approached with machine learning
  946. Kratky in the basement
  947. Being Poor
  948. DIY Music Streaming with NixOS, Jellyfin and Manet
  949. Why do programmers need private offices with doors?
  950. The Wi-Fi only works when it's raining
  951. GitHub - amlweems/xzbot: notes, honeypot, and exploit demo for the xz backdoor (CVE-2024-3094)
  952. The ancient world before computers had stacks or heaps - The Old New Thing
  953. How to get deep, technical expertise as an engineer
  954. GitHub - buserror/libmui: Classic MacOS & GS/OS widget library for linux (and other?)
  955. GitHub - proposal-signals/proposal-signals: A proposal to add signals to JavaScript.
  956. XZ Backdoor: Times, damned times, and scams
  957. Pattern matching and the compiler can be surprising
  958. String Performance Tip: Verifying if an Object is a String
  959. Type Inference Was a Mistake
  960. The hearts of the Super Nintendo
  961. LLaMA Now Goes Faster on CPUs