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December 2023

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All entries for this month

  1. Your New Year’s Resolution: You don’t need a GitHub contributions streak
  2. Happy New Year! – Behind The Screen – 2023 December, Week 5
  3. I was working on the 2024 budget numbers, and…
  4. How I forked SteamOS for my living room PC — iliana.fyi
  5. GitHub - jart/emacs-copilot: Large language model code completion for Emacs
  6. Blazor WASM App Settings
  7. The Big List of Design Patterns – Everything You Need to Know
  8. .NET 8 .🚀🔥: Building a Real-Time Chat App with .NET SignalR and React A Step by Step Tutorial
  9. The ugrep file pattern searcher
  10. How bad are search results? Let's compare Google, Bing, Marginalia, Kagi, Mwmbl, and ChatGPT
  11. commit signing in 2023 is kinda wack
  12. Why I'm skeptical of low-code - Nick Scialli
  13. Amazon's Silent Sacking
  14. Microsoft.CodeCoverage v17.8 Released with New dotnet-coverage Tool and Other Improvements
  15. Bringing .NET to the Edge: How to Run Your CLI Applications on Cloudflare Workers with WASI
  16. Topviews Analysis
  17. The Art of HPC
  18. Things are about to get a lot worse for Generative AI
  19. Pro EP 100 : How do named parameters improve readability in method calls?
  20. Weekly Update 380
  21. The most important tip for beginner software engineers is...
  22. This EF Core Feature Gives You a FREE Perf Boost
  23. A Journey From Iterators to Paging – Dev Leader Weekly 24
  24. Code Maze Weekly #198 - Code Maze
  25. Rain (Take 5 / Actual Speed)
  26. Why Android developers no longer need Windows USB drivers
  27. Join MongoDB Collections With .NET and Aggregation Pipeline - Code Maze
  28. Zendesk Moves from DynamoDB to MySQL and S3 to Save over 80% in Costs
  29. How to use Blot - Blot
  30. API Versioning in ASP.NET Core
  31. Day 20. My favourite problem from Advent of Code 2023
  32. Bore yourself to death | roose.digital
  33. Progress
  34. Unprivileged Process Injection Techniques in Linux
  35. Iceland
  36. 10 Principles of Organization Design: Aligning Structure with Business Strategy
  37. rigorous database benchmarking · Erthalion's blog
  38. Shocking Truth Exposed: The Dark Underbelly of Techrights – Unveiling Its Secret Far-right Ties and Hate-Filled Agenda
  39. 2023 in Retrospective — bayindirh
  40. licenserecon – Simon Josefsson's blog
  41. How not to suck at Supercharging
  42. Linux Boomers
  43. Rabbithole: A weird CPIO discrepancy
  44. I don't know what i did last summer
  45. My kid sounds like ChatGPT, and soon yours might, too
  46. Part 0: The Start
  47. Introducing pg_easy_replicate 2.0
  48. first-prototype-pse
  49. Self-Serving utilitarian arguments
  50. Infinite Systems Failing in a Finite World
  51. GitHub - Manbeardo/lookup-odd
  52. GitHub - Depechie/OpenTelemetryGrafana at aspire
  53. Why are Apple silicon VMs so different?
  54. Every Major Pharmacy Chain Is Giving The Government Warrantless Access To Medical Records
  55. Creating Christmas UI in .NET MAUI
  56. It's not microservice or monolith; it's cognitive load you need to understand first
  57. Gentoo goes Binary! – Gentoo Linux
  58. Why asking your customers what they want doesn't work
  59. In 2024, please switch to Firefox
  60. 2023 year-end link clearance - The Old New Thing
  61. How to allocate address space with a custom alignment or in a custom address region - The Old New Thing
  62. Blockchain dev's wallet emptied in "job interview" using npm package
  63. Cloud-Bound: Stack Overflow Teams Embraces Azure | .NET Conf 2023
  64. How to Understand a New Codebase – Tips and Tricks for Tackling Complex Code
  65. terminal smooth scrolling
  66. Controlling Precision of Decimal Numbers in C# - Code Maze
  67. Liero - Official website
  68. Default Values for Lambda Expressions in C# - Code Maze
  69. Dad Jokes | Fatherhood.gov
  70. Epic NextGen Night Match! Felix Auger-Aliassime vs Jannik Sinner - 2022 Western & Southern Open
  71. Epic NextGen Night Match! Felix Auger-Aliassime vs Jannik Sinner - 2022 Western & Southern Open
  72. Why large companies and fast-moving startups are banning merge commits
  73. basically every video essay
  74. Semantic Versioning is a terrible mistake
  75. Is "Source Available" Really That Bad?
  76. What if I paid for all my free software?
  77. The world is run by those who show up
  78. Repurposing Hugo as a wiki · ./jm
  79. The Case to Free a Machine to Learn – Michael Bastos
  80. This is not a Drill, this is just Tuesday
  81. AccentCoach: Transfrom Your Accent into American Accent
  82. Challenges with semantic search on transcribed audio files
  83. Why I use Astro
  84. Cold-blooded software
  85. Mozilla 2023 Annual Report: CEO pay skyrockets, while Firefox Marketshare nosedives
  86. Safer recursion in F# - .NET Blog
  87. Building a Critter Stack Application: Durable Outbox Messaging and Why You Care!
  88. WinUI 3 CreateFromStringAttribute | WinAppSDK | XAML | UWP | WPF | .NET
  89. Median Sketch (GPU)
  90. Word list  |  Google developer documentation style guide  |  Google for Developers
  91. The IDEs we had 30 years ago... and we lost
  92. Write inclusive documentation  |  Google developer documentation style guide  |  Google for Developers
  93. Simple Cancellation Token Example | no dogma blog
  94. The Best Reason to Use Firefox Is Sync That Actually Works
  95. On calling Afx­Connection­Advise with bAddRef set to FALSE - The Old New Thing
  96. The State of Developer Shortage in 2022
  97. 4131 free SVG and PNG icons for your games or apps
  98. This is Best Way To Create CLI Apps in .NET
  99. Your Projects Need This Type of Tests: Architecture Tests
  100. NY Times sues Open AI, Microsoft over copyright infringement
  101. I made JSX for Lua (because I hate static sites)
  103. Developers experience burnout, but 70% of them code on weekends
  104. GitHub - jasonjmcghee/rem: An open source approach to locally record and enable searching everything you view on your Apple Silicon.
  105. An opinionated list of tips for building .NET 8 app templates
  106. Breaking "DRM" in Polish trains
  107. No new iPhone? No secure iOS: Looking at an unfixed iOS vulnerability
  108. Valetudo
  109. Implement Custom Authorization Policy Provider in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  110. GitHub - KristofferStrube/Blazor.WebAuthentication: A Blazor wrapper for the Web Authentication browser API.
  111. 4 billion if statements
  112. This Extension Method Will Make Your Life Easier
  113. .NET Rocks! Space in 2023 Geek Out
  114. Pushing ChatGPT's Structured Data Support To Its Limits
  115. Shinjuku Station Indoor
  116. 4-year campaign backdoored iPhones using possibly the most advanced exploit ever
  117. Be kind to attendees eyes - Kevin Chant
  118. Getting started with OCaml and Functional Programming | Sandro Maglione
  119. Revolutionizing the Marketing Hierarchy: Why Topical Authority Is the New Currency
  120. Folding Consumption | TL;DR
  121. This is How Your Parents Used to Build Websites – Nikola Brežnjak blog
  122. Sticking To What Works - Nick Conn
  123. Introducing rep & ren: A New Approach to Command-Line Find & Replace, and Renaming
  124. Tool - Personal Goal Report Card
  125. Poor Man's Web
  126. Where on the doll did software eng. evangelism hurt you?
  127. LLM security - Introduction
  128. Being Stuck in Someone Else’s Theory
  129. PostgreSQL Internals: 3 Things to Know About UPDATE Statements
  130. Linera Developer School Autumn 2023: Kick-Off
  131. Jonah Goodman · A National Evil
  132. 4 billion if statements
  133. Supersymmetry
  134. A new lock type in .NET 9
  135. WARNING: 2 Killer C# Iterator Bugs (And How To Prevent Them)
  136. What does it mean when the compiler says that it can't convert something to itself? - The Old New Thing
  137. Improve your ASP.NET core web app performance using Azure Cache for Redis | .NET Conf 2023
  138. My Top 10 Features in Visual Studio Released in 2023!
  139. Reviewing JetBrains Fleet after 2 Years
  140. Why LinkedIn chose gRPC+Protobuf over REST+JSON: Q&A with Karthik Ramgopal and Min Chen
  141. GitHub - hrvach/deskhop: Fast Desktop Switching Device
  142. When Should Code Be Refactored? What You Need To Know
  143. Game Boy / Color Architecture | A Practical Analysis
  144. 10 Things Software Developers Should Learn about Learning
  145. Apollo 11 vs USB-C Chargers
  146. How to Retrieve JSON Property Names in C# - Code Maze
  147. Bring Kindness back to Open Source
  148. Evaluating Product Managers – We help you create successful product culture and process
  149. Scene creation engines and apprenticeships
  150. Amelia Wattenberger
  151. Nintendo Switch’s iGPU: Maxwell Nerfed Edition
  152. Using linear programming to assess spatial access
  153. Autogenerating Stoic Quote Images for IG Content
  154. My experience with the Kindle Scribe
  155. The case for a pipe assignment operator in R
  156. The 5 Stages of Vim: A Humbling Experience
  157. - Don't Put All Your Apples In One Basket
  158. Trying hard or: How I learned to love Chess.com's freemium puzzles
  159. Understanding Parquet, Iceberg and Data Lakehouses at Broad
  160. The Awesomeness of Lists | Noghartt's garden
  161. The story of my weekend project - A complete dumpster fire, and everything I learnt from it.
  162. hacker-news-undocumented/README.md at master · minimaxir/hacker-news-undocumented
  163. Japan to crack down on Apple and Google app store monopolies
  164. SvelteKit, Bun, and Developer Dad Jokes
  165. Your Website Search Hurts My Feelings
  166. Hodges-Lehmann ratio estimator vs. Bhattacharyya's scale ratio estimator
  167. Migrating an application from Razor Pages to Blazor - part 5
  168. How to Use Blazor Components in ASP.NET Core MVC?
  169. Leveraging async braindumping to improve the quality of your meetings
  170. Don't keep state in your XAML item templates; put the state in the items - The Old New Thing
  171. How I Avoid Fear of Package Upgrade
  172. First Look at .NET Aspire - Distributed Applications in .NET 8
  173. How PayPal Was Able to Support a Billion Transactions per Day With Only 8 Virtual Machines
  174. Examples Of The Factory Pattern In C# – A Simple Beginner’s Guide
  175. Introduction to Value Objects
  176. Nintendo Network shutdown - The beginning of the end | Pretendo Network Blog
  177. Why does LINQ have so many ways to return one element?
  178. How to Insert Text into an Existing PDF Using the iText Library
  179. .NET Aspire - Preview 2: Improvements for Dashboard, Hosting, Components, Dapr, and More
  180. CodeWave Hub
  181. Challenging projects every programmer should try
  182. GitHub - Frooodle/Stirling-PDF: locally hosted web application that allows you to perform various operations on PDF files
  183. A look at the Windows Subsystem for Android™️
  184. Constellations are Younger than Continents — LessWrong
  185. I love my Ioniq, but I would never buy another Hyundai | Digital Trends
  186. The joys of holiday coding
  187. Fixing my Yamaha Electone ME-50: An FM Synthesizer Home Organ from 1986
  188. A Christmas Story
  189. The future vision of Ruby Parser
  190. std::print in C++23
  191. Available for beta testing: Zotero for Android
  192. Markdown Tables Suck
  193. Sending free transactional emails with Cloudflare Workers
  194. It's pretty cool to find out what stuff others use, and why people love lists of tech
  195. GTA 5 Source Code Leaked on Christmas Eve - GTA 6 and Bully 2 Hinted - Cyber Kendra
  196. A hard look at Certificate Transparency, Part II: CT in Reality
  197. Pro EP 97 : JSON Naming Policy Updates .NET 8
  198. EP 38 : How to use Guard Clauses in C#
  199. APIs That Don't SUCK - Collections & IEnumerables In DotNet
  200. The Era of American Computer Magazines Has Drawn to a Close - Byte Cellar
  201. You don't need analytics on your blog
  202. Hydrothermal Vents
  203. "Attention", "Transformers", in Neural Network "Large Language Models"
  204. GTA 5 source code leaks online, giving Rockstar a huge blow on Christmas: Report
  205. Measure and Visualize Metrics Correctly in .NET
  206. That time the Word team sent presents to the children of WordPerfect's executive vice president - The Old New Thing
  207. Weak events in C# - Gérald Barré
  208. Regular servicing makes all the difference
  209. Using Separate Read and Write EF Core DbContexts?
  210. Cray 1 Supercomputer Performance Comparisons With Home Computers Phones and Tablets
  211. Ruby 3.3.0 Released
  212. 390: Goodbye 2023
  213. 5.0.2 Reboot
  214. Best engineers are focusing on helping others
  215. Did English ever have a formal version of "you"?
  216. generals.io
  217. From Zero To IDE with Emacs and LSP
  218. Issue 40: The Holiday Edition Pt. I
  219. How to survive in a Chinese company - Jaap Grolleman
  220. JSON Constructors
  221. Security at Startup
  222. How I Reverse Engineered Vercel's v0.dev Prompt and Code Optimization Logic
  223. Seagin - Building Golang Projects in Public
  224. CI Dream Dec 24, 2023
  225. How does B-tree make your queries fast?
  226. Costs of running a macOS app studio business - Alin Panaitiu
  227. .http Files in Visual Studio
  228. C# Advent: The Joy of Immutable Update Patterns
  229. Blazor WASM Virtualization
  230. Multitenancy is Easy With EF Core - here's how...
  231. Can Microsoft Flight Simulator help me learn to fly (or make me a better pilot)?
  232. How to Serialize an Object into Query String Format in C# - Code Maze
  233. 12 Days of Geekmas
  234. GitHub - cumulo-autumn/StreamDiffusion: StreamDiffusion: A Pipeline-Level Solution for Real-Time Interactive Generation
  235. The Art of Electronics 3rd Edition
  236. GitHub - prom3theu5/aspirational-manifests: Handle deployments of .NET Aspire AppHost Projects
  237. Merry Christmas! – Behind The Screen – 2023 December, Week 4
  238. My solopreneur story: $0 to $65,000/month in 2 years
  239. Having A Game I’m Really Into Makes Every Day Incredibly Enjoyable | Plumshell
  240. Detecting FTL travel with LIGO
  241. Ownership in the digital age
  242. Ask yourself dumb questions – and answer them!
  243. The pharma industry from Paul Janssen to today: why drugs got harder to develop and what we can do about it
  244. Bug story: Sorting by timestamp
  245. A one line code change inside iOS wasted me 5 minutes
  246. klev - blog
  247. Learning About Transaction Isolation Levels in Databases
  248. Indexing a billion pages
  249. .NET MAUI Barcode & QR Code Scanning Like a PRO!
  250. Suno AI
  251. I Just Need a Programmer
  252. xmas.c, 1988
  253. GitHub - apple/ml-ferret
  254. They Want You To Forget What A Film Looks Like - Aftermath
  255. Dial-up over a Discord Call
  256. Love-Hate Relationship With Iterators – Dev Leader Weekly 23
  257. This C# Operator Can Help You Write Better Code
  258. Signing in to PowerSchool Administrator
  259. How Pinterest scaled to 11 million users with only 6 engineers
  260. .NET | External configuration using Spring Cloud Config and GitHub repository
  261. Bluesky (@bsky.app)
  262. Google Search Overwhelmed By Massive Spam Attack
  263. Christmas Countdown: #1 The Grand Finale. Going headless without using your head!
  264. How Facebook Keeps Millions of Servers Synced
  265. Andreas Varotsis - Why I’m Contributing to OpenStreetMap for Christmas…
  266. How to build a windmill · Jacques Mattheij
  267. Humble Chronicles: Managing State with VDOM
  268. The Firewall Guy
  269. Update in Thrussh: the SSH Terrapin attack
  270. Maybe you don't need SRE
  271. Emacs From Scratch, Part 1: Foundations
  272. Inertia of evil in good faith
  273. Made with Tea: Jendrik Poloczek
  274. Value Objects in .NET (DDD Fundamentals)
  275. YouTube is not currently available on this device.
  276. Uno Figma Plugin's Gift of Custom Fonts and Refreshed UI
  277. A Proclamation on Granting Pardon for the Offense of Simple Possession of Marijuana, Attempted Simple Possession of Marijuana, or Use of Marijuana | The White House
  278. Keyed Dependency Injection Services
  279. C# is better than you think
  280. On .NET Live - Blazor and CSLA.NET
  281. Uno Conferences blooper reel
  282. Home | nand2tetris
  283. Definitely
  284. C# Iterators Are AWESOME But Why I HATE Them
  285. ChatGPT vs. Advent of Code 2023 Day 16: The Floor Will Be Lava
  286. Don’t Believe Your Eyes - A WhatsApp Clickjacking Vulnerability
  287. NuGet 6.8 Released with Enhanced Security Features
  288. Heynote
  289. Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David: 9781617296710: Amazon.com: Books
  290. The Christmas Episode! Migrating an application from Razor Pages to Blazor - part 4
  291. If I don't have any items, what error should my IFolderView::Items method return? - The Old New Thing
  292. Weekly Update 379
  293. Weekly Update 379
  294. SMTP Smuggling - Spoofing E-Mails Worldwide
  295. Learning over the holidays: Yet Another Bug Tracker sample app
  296. How to Structure a Modular Monolith Project in .NET
  297. Code Maze Weekly #197 - Code Maze
  298. How I Have Fun With Rust
  299. Breaking Barriers: Unleashing Accessible Software for All with Dennie Declercq
  300. S06E08 - Breaking Barriers: Unleashing Accessible Software for All with Dennie Declercq
  301. Christmas Countdown: #2 We're live! That means we're done, right?
  302. The Power of Atomic Commits in Git: How and Why to Do It
  303. Counting more efficiently - Simple Talk
  304. Why I won't use .NET Aspire for now - Event-Driven.io
  305. DDD North 2024: Call for Speakers
  306. Never delete tests
  307. Azure Static Web App–Password protect your environments
  308. Register Multiple Implementations of the Same Interface in .NET
  309. The gift of time
  310. Unblocking User Freedom: the right to use adblockers - FSFE
  311. You Wear Those Eyes
  312. Why did IBM's OS/2 project lose to Microsoft, given that IBM had much more resources than Microsoft at that time?
  313. Two Paths For Paying Down Tech Debt
  314. The Loneliness of the Mid Level Vimmer
  315. Create a Website from a Screenshot and Refine It, All in the Browser – Alex Kirk
  316. Eigensolutions: composability as the antidote to overfit • Lea Verou
  317. Zach Bellay | Always Be Refactoring
  318. Restoration of an IBM ThinkPad 701c
  319. 2023: A Year in Review
  320. My Development Environment: kitty, zsh, Neovim, tmux, and lazygit
  321. I Wrote 2K+ Lines of Brainfuck. Here's What I've Learned
  322. Ashwin's Blog
  323. Workspaces | marcel
  324. Online Privacy Protection Engine Keeps You Anonymous Online
  325. How I set up an online startup
  326. Memory Safety is a Red Herring
  327. The Cash Gift Taboo
  328. Why Blog? An Opinion from an Ex-YouTuber
  329. Perl Advent Calendar 2023 - Elves Versus Typos
  330. Integrating OpenAI Image Generation into a .NET Application
  331. Beeper - Moving Forward
  332. Why Most Software Engineering KPIs are Bullshit and What to Do About it in 2024
  333. arXiv now offers papers in HTML format – arXiv blog
  334. Episode 482 - Network Watcher
  335. Fantasy Map Brushes
  336. C# is better than you think
  337. What's New in Our Code Coverage Tooling? - .NET Blog
  338. How do I get access to the wParam and lParam of the WM_QUERY­END­SESSION method from my MFC message handler? - The Old New Thing
  339. .NET Conf 2023 Watch Party
  340. Announcing the Aleo Foundation
  341. PostgreSQL range types and Entity Framework Core | Giorgi Dalakishvili | Personal Website
  342. Apple allows applications to track user locations without authorization
  343. Migrating an application from Razor Pages to Blazor - part 3
  344. New capabilities help simplify and streamline the experience with Microsoft Dev Box
  345. The New Data Protection Features of .NET 8 (GDPR)
  346. Visual Studio on Windows on Mac
  347. Novedades de .NET MAUI en .NET 8
  348. Interview with Reuben Bond: Principal Software Development Engineer at Microsoft | Durable Computing
  349. GitHub - rafaelldi/aspire-plugin: .NET Aspire Plugin for JetBrains Rider
  350. Announcing .NET Aspire Preview 2 - .NET Blog
  351. Execute JavaScript Using Selenium WebDriver in C# - Code Maze
  352. Intro to Entity Framework Core 8 - .NET Conf 2023 - LearnInUrdu139/Lahore
  353. .NET Rocks! .NET Performance with Daniel Marbach
  354. Christmas Countdown: #3 NIHS - Not Invented Here Syndrome in real life
  355. Breast cancer metastasis on/off switch revealed | Stanford News
  356. Look how far we haven't come since Windows NT
  357. ASP.NET Core Basics: Debugging in Visual Studio
  358. Azure Static Web App–Deploying to multiple environments
  359. Aligned Dev Blog
  360. Scaling Your Software Team: Development vs. Hiring
  361. Snapshot log tests in .NET | johnnyreilly
  362. API testing with .http files in Visual Studio
  363. 15 Reasons why you should learn C# in 2024
  364. Arcan 0.6.3 – I, pty: the fool
  365. Episode 63: Chocolatey - with Gary Ewan Park
  366. 387: System.Reflection & Native AOT
  367. Love Songs
  368. .NET 8.0: [LogProperties] Attribute
  369. Burke Learns Blazor - Global HTTP Handling
  370. CoreWCF - It's not just for modernizing old WCF apps | .NET Conf 2023
  371. The first possible new feature of C# 13: Params collection
  372. Announcing the HackTogether: The Great .NET 8 Hack Winners - .NET Blog
  373. Migrating an application from Razor Pages to Blazor - part 2
  374. Five Apache projects you probably didn't know about
  375. Up Your Elf on the Shelf Game with ChatGPT
  376. Victor Guyard | Project - Creating a Disc Golf picker upper for Create-X
  377. The ersatz psychotherapy of the workplace
  378. Mastering Spring Boot with H2 Database Integration: A Step-by-Step Gui
  379. How I spent a year building an App and failed - The Story of Taskwer | BuildingWithChris
  380. Most 16-year-olds don’t have servers in their rooms
  381. How I Work
  382. Jeff Bezos lessons on building business value
  383. Terminal Emulators Battle Royale – Unicode Edition! · Articles
  384. The Lost Balkan Tapes: a Christmas story
  385. Chinchilla Paper explained
  386. Making Synthesized Sounds More Acoustic
  387. Understanding the Whole
  388. Announcing .NET Aspire Preview 2 - .NET Blog
  389. Release .NET Aspire 8.0 Preview 2 · dotnet/aspire
  390. GitHub - johnma2006/mamba-minimal: Simple, minimal implementation of Mamba in one file of PyTorch.
  391. LINQ Method Syntax vs Query [Pt 17] | C# for Beginners
  392. We Can’t Hire You
  393. 2023 .NET Survey
  394. Announcing C# Dev Kit and Linux Android Debugging Support for Uno Platform VS Code Extension
  395. .NET 8 .🚀🔥: Amazing Cloud Native functionality with .NET Aspire
  396. Run Any Web Applications on AWS Lambda
  397. Advice for new software devs who've read all those other advice essays
  398. 2023 - yet another annual review [Editorial]
  399. Dealing With Legacy Code – How To Make Anything More Testable
  400. WinUI 3 DispatcherQueue | WinAppSDK | XAML | UWP | WPF | .NET
  401. It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway: Spoofing another program - The Old New Thing
  402. I’ve vastly misunderstood the Single Responsibility Principle
  403. How to use identity to secure a Web API backend for single page apps
  404. .NET Developer tries Laravel PHP
  405. Use Serilog To Make Your Application Logs Better
  406. Empirically sup code review best practices
  407. Introduction to Autofac FakeItEasy Package - Code Maze
  408. Christmas Countdown: #4 Editors? It's just John and Jane, they know all the quirks - why does edit-mode matter?
  409. Jepsen: MySQL 8.0.34
  410. Introduction to Kafka consumers | Red Hat Developer
  411. MemoizR - Declarative Structured Concurrency for C#
  412. Writing Worse Code For Better Maintainability – My Own Blog
  413. Choosing Between Controllers and Minimal API for .NET APIs
  414. A santa themed CODE100 puzzle – Hitting the chimney
  415. Turn your ideas into songs with Suno on Microsoft Copilot
  416. Wolverine’s HTTP Gets a Lot Better at OpenAPI (Swagger)
  417. Wham! Authentication broker support lands in the Azure Identity libraries.
  418. Simulating Fluids, Fire, and Smoke in Real-Time
  419. @stevekrouse.compress_response
  420. Discovering copy-on-write in R
  421. Security and Crashing with Modal Logic
  422. The Systemic Racism of the Electoral College, Revisited
  423. Microsoft's Semantic Kernel SDK Ships with AI Agents, Plugins, Planners and Personas -- Visual Studio Magazine
  424. My failed attempt at using a closet as an office
  425. Build your own RAG and run it locally: Langchain + Ollama + Streamlit
  426. Fsync and k8s pvc snapshots
  427. SVD Image Compression
  428. s/acc: Safe Accelerationism Manifesto
  429. Making God · EmilyGorcenski.com
  430. A Better Mastodon Client - Tim Kellogg
  431. Chart.js + Turbo Stimulus in Rails 7
  432. Improving Emacs isearch Usability with Transient
  433. Building a custom Shopify storefront
  434. Maybe We Don’t Need UUIDv7 After All
  435. What's New in C# 12 | .NET Conf 2023
  436. Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Jim Bennett
  437. Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Jim Bennett
  438. Using Meadow and .NET to send log IoT events to Meadow.Cloud
  439. My cat water fountain comes with a spicy USB power adapter
  440. 9 UI Frameworks for .NET Desktop App Development [2024]
  441. NASA's Webb Rings in the Holidays with the Ringed Planet Uranus
  442. Microspeak: Locked and loaded - The Old New Thing
  443. Migrating an application from Razor Pages to Blazor
  444. No More Magic String Navigation in .NET MAUI Shell with this Plugin!
  445. Finite-sample Gaussian efficiency: Shamos vs. Rousseeuw-Croux Qn scale estimators
  446. Querying MongoDB With ObjectId in C# - Code Maze
  447. I Handled All Exceptions in 5 min! 💙 .NET 8
  448. Chefette Restaurants Limited
  449. Release dotnet-1.0.1 · microsoft/semantic-kernel
  450. Introducing Route Generator for .NET
  451. Validating appsettings becomes much faster with .NET 8
  452. Top 6 Performance Tips when dealing with strings in C# 12 and .NET 8
  453. Validate NuGet packages before publishing from GitHub Actions
  454. I Love Ruby
  455. Christmas Countdown: #5 Sure, our servers are locked up tight in the basement!
  456. Providing HTML Content Using Htmx
  457. 3Blue1Brown
  458. Dynamic Trainer- MX1161EX
  459. Ardalis is Steve Smith - ardalis
  460. How to Use Async/Await in JavaScript – Explained with Code Examples
  461. Functional Programming With C# - Scan and FindIndex
  462. Naming Made Easy: AI-Powered Rename Suggestions - Visual Studio Blog
  463. People in Space! (2023 .NET Advent)
  464. Azure Static Web Apps – VS Code extension
  465. Discriminated Unions in C#
  466. Tim Heuer - Contact me
  467. React-Native Push Notifications with Firebase Cloud Messaging
  468. Serializing restaurant tables in F#
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  938. GitHub - kellyjonbrazil/jc: CLI tool and python library that converts the output of popular command-line tools, file-types, and common strings to JSON, YAML, or Dictionaries. This allows piping of output to tools like jq and simplifying automation scripts.
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