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June 2023

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All entries for this month

  1. The DenseLayers Story, Episode I: The Pre-Seed Fundraise from Hell - Aman Y. Agarwal
  2. Finding My Pathless Path
  3. IP to Timezone - the hard, but fast way
  4. How Long Can Open-Source LLMs Truly Promise on Context Length? | LMSYS Org
  5. Racket frustrates me
  6. On Backup Access Rights · @radekmie’s take on IT and stuff
  7. A life-changing encounter with a man named Dan
  8. Stop following the news | Robert Roose: Designer
  9. FP pattern - list of TODOs
  10. Waste in software development
  11. Going Multi-Region with Zero Devops
  12. Don't Make it Intelligent - Gus Hogg-Blake
  13. Move Fast, Break Things Explained
  14. Ligma
  15. Top 10 AI 'Copilot' Tools for Visual Studio Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  16. Finding Symbols in Your C# Projects Using Roslyn
  17. .NET Languages PM and Friends Talk About F# | fsharpConf 2023
  18. File for Divorce from LLVM · Issue #16270 · ziglang/zig
  19. "Could not connect to the TV. Please make sure that you are using the AC adapter supplied with this console."
  20. Real Estate Analysis
  21. Burke learns Blazor by porting a Vue.js app to Blazor
  22. Lovely Rita (Remix)
  23. Use YoutubeExplode to create timestamps for YouTube videos💥
  24. Regular Expressions in C#: Your Ultimate Guide to Powerful Pattern Matching
  25. How to wait for multiple C++ coroutines to complete before propagating failure, custom promise - The Old New Thing
  26. 2023 mid-year link clearance - The Old New Thing
  27. JavaScript Gom Jabbar
  28. RavenDB Docker image updates for the v6.0 release
  29. The RIGHT Way To Use HttpClient In .NET
  30. The MediatR Feature NOBODY Is Using!
  31. What Is Infrastructure as Code?
  32. How To Parse String to DateTime in C#
  33. Elevating C# Code Quality with Qodana: A Journey Towards Perfection | The .NET Tools Blog
  34. Peter Ritchie's Blog - ETags in ASP.NET Core
  35. Improve the security of your GraphQL API’s - Part 5–Introspection
  36. A few words on taking notes
  37. Nick Chapsas
  38. Creating a VS Code editor extension
  39. Jason Bock Explains What's New in .NET 7 APIs -- Visual Studio Magazine
  40. Burke Learns Blazor - Finishing the API and starting the UI
  41. Enable Un-typed within ASP.NET Core OData - OData
  42. Programming Languages Going Above and Beyond
  43. GitHub Quick Reviews
  44. Making movie trailers with Zeroscope, ElevenLabs, and GPT-4 - Charlie Holtz
  45. Engineering Guardrails
  46. I built a weird keyboard
  47. Have we reached the Generative AI peak? - Ritza Articles
  48. Welcome to Peter's DevLog - NXP has messed up their password form validation
  49. Creating an ORM-less framework
  50. Goodbye MongoDB - Stuart Spence Blog
  51. Lili’s pieces - CV4Animals 2023
  52. Why I chose php for my new side project
  53. The Many Ways that Digital Minds Can Know
  54. Hands on example of ChatGPT as a programming tool
  55. The busy bubble
  56. Towards an Adaptable Systems Architecture for Memory Tiering at Warehouse-Scale
  57. CLI tools hidden in the Python standard library
  58. Let's Learn .NET | .NET Live TV
  59. Microsoft 365 Developer Proxy v0.9 with over-consenting guidance - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  60. Clean Architecture vs Vertical Slice Architecture
  61. Rx.NET v6.0: Enhancing Compatibility, Trimming Support, and Many More
  62. What Is Infrastructure as Code?
  63. Mastering .NET MAUI SwipeView for Enhanced App Experience
  64. How to wait for multiple C++ coroutines to complete before propagating failure, peeling away at a tuple - The Old New Thing
  65. The New “Interceptors” Feature of C# 12 Is WILD!
  66. runtime/docs/coding-guidelines/vectorization-guidelines.md at main · dotnet/runtime
  67. how (not) to write a pipeline
  68. Test Data Generation With AutoFixture in .NET - Code Maze
  69. Valve is not willing to publish games with AI generated content anymore
  70. Blazor Basics: Creating a Blazor Component
  71. 7 Things about C#: Console I/O
  72. Introducing the .NET MAUI Toolbox for Visual Studio
  73. Is it too late to fix the problem of AI clutter on the web?
  74. LINQ: Select.Where or Where.Select?
  75. Improve the security of your GraphQL API’s - Part 4–Persisted queries
  76. Curiosity unbounded
  77. .NET Rocks! Going Full Time on Open Source with Shaun Walker
  78. Stack Overflow Dev Survey: VS Code, Visual Studio Still Top IDEs 5 Years Running -- Visual Studio Magazine
  79. Episode 465 - Functions on Azure Container Apps
  80. Ask the experts: Meet our Engineering team!
  81. How to test GitHub Actions Locally!!!
  82. Xamarin Forms Migration to Uno Platform: Data Binding Techniques
  83. On .NET Live - Building full stack applications using gRPC-Web in ASP.NET Core
  84. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  85. The Smartest Boys On The Internet
  86. Let's Build a Web Application in Ruby without Rails
  87. Observations | Trekhleb
  88. Making Games · Evan Todd
  89. Don't Emotionally Bootstrap Your Startup — Daniel Stillman
  90. How not to build your MVP or The 1-year story of Feedster
  91. Why a plant-based diet is a good idea | Koen van Gilst
  92. I build game about Software Development Culture
  93. Running a Marathon with Coach GPT
  94. On Stress
  95. I built a perfect note taking system | The Sloth Blog
  96. Active knowledge
  97. How to Write a Flexbox Layout Engine
  98. How to do templates properly
  99. Extending Context is Hard
  100. Noticing when an app is only hosted in us-east-1
  101. The Optics
  102. Custom Error Handling Middleware for Wolverine.HTTP
  103. Single() or First()? Understand the abstractions you use!
  104. How to wait for multiple C++ coroutines to complete before propagating failure, false hope - The Old New Thing
  105. Great Way To Learn New Things As a Software Engineer #shorts
  106. IDE Features & Key Bindings I can't live without
  107. Rust fact vs. fiction: 5 Insights from Google's Rust journey in 2022
  108. How to Use Factory Pattern With Dependency Injection in .NET
  109. Myths about F#: Code without type annotations is hard to review! No, it’s a relief.
  110. Avalonia UI v11 Release Candidate 1: Breaking Changes and API Stabilization
  111. Dealing with Recruiters Tip #4: Preventing Unauthorized Resume Submissions
  112. Synesso ES1 RELEASED!!!!
  113. How to Send a Ping to an IP or Hostname in C#
  114. Synesso ES1 RELEASED!!!!
  115. Burke Learns Blazor - Let's build the API!
  116. Running iOS Simulator from Windows for .NET MAUI
  117. Getting Started with API Management: A Beginner's Guide for Developers
  118. The Many Faces of a Web Component
  119. Incremental Loading (Pagination) with MVVM and MVUX - Nick's .NET Travels
  120. The hardest part of building software is not coding, it's requirements
  121. HTMX Boosts and ASP.NET Core Anti-Forgery Tokens
  122. csharplang/proposals/inline-arrays.md at main · dotnet/csharplang
  123. My Top Ten Tips for Peer Review
  124. Webinar – Joshua Jesper Krægpøth Ryder – The Future Is Here! WebAssembly for .NET Developers | The .NET Tools Blog
  125. Improve the security of your GraphQL API’s - Part 3–Authorization
  126. Nick Chapsas
  127. Piped
  128. Using WSL and Let's Encrypt to create Azure App Service SSL Wildcard Certificates
  129. Using Explicit Operators in Microsoft .NET to Perform Type Conversions
  130. Buy GO 3 - Tiny Mighty Action Cam - Insta360 Store
  131. Entrance to Macocha Propast Abyss in Vyvery Punkvy Nature Reserve / Czech Republic
  132. Complex AI Prompting: 'Putting the Prompt Last Helps the LLM to Stay on Task' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  133. Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Linda Haviv
  134. GitHub Quick Reviews
  135. HackTogether: the Microsoft Teams Global Hack ends, but the developer journey continues! - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  136. Open Source Alternative to Visual Studio Marketplace Avoids Decommission -- Visual Studio Magazine
  137. Python Variables - A Comprehensive Guide | Pro Code Guide
  138. How to rebase stacked Git branches - Adam Johnson
  139. Joining modes of multimodal distributions
  140. Microsoft .NET Code Analysis: Always Add Braces in C#
  141. Apple Mac Studio : M2 Max & M2 Ultra
  142. Burke learns Blazor by porting a Vue.js app to Blazor
  143. Writing a .NET profiler in C# — Part 4
  144. Differences in UI Based on Platform with OnPlatform - .NET MAUI 101
  145. How to wait for multiple C++ coroutines to complete before propagating failure, unhelpful lambda - The Old New Thing
  146. JetBrains Rider Gets a ChatGPT-like AI Assistant!
  147. Generating Permalinks: A Function for Clean and SEO-Friendly URLs
  148. Microsoft Previews .NET Framework Custom Code for Azure Logic Apps Standard
  149. SharePoint Framework 1.17 Introduces Web Part Top Actions and Change to Update Cadence
  150. DevOps Practices for Azure Infrastructure - Continuous Delivery & Continuous Deployment
  151. Nick Chapsas
  152. Let's build a GPT-powered WhatsApp-like app | MedaitR & FluentValidation 🤙
  153. WEBHOOKS With .NET Minimal APIs
  154. Davide's Code and Architecture Notes - L4 vs L7 Load Balancer
  155. Log4net Appenders Introduction With C# Examples - Code Maze
  156. Open at Microsoft: Dapr
  157. Removability over Maintainability - Event-Driven.io
  158. Why You Should Trust Blazor
  159. MVVM versus MVUX - Nick's .NET Travels
  160. Using a Subquery in a SELECT statement - Simple Talk
  161. Validation and business rules
  162. Let's Learn .NET - Web 開発 (日本語)
  163. Let's Learn .NET - Desenvolvimento Web (Português)
  164. Two Ways to Turbo-Charge tox
  165. Let's Learn .NET - Web Development (Africa)
  166. sizes=auto is a great idea - Chris Coyier
  167. SQL Join Flavors
  168. It's Fine to be a Snob
  169. Will the growing deer prion epidemic spread to humans? Why not?
  170. On Sociopaths and Progress – Zdziarski
  171. I love native desktop apps, I will miss them
  172. Stripping URL query parameters with an iOS shortcut to reduce tracking
  173. Everything that uses configurations should report the values they are using (or: achieving persistence with a hidden SSH backdoor)
  174. Code the Shortest Path First
  175. A case for ClojureScript 2.0
  176. O(0)
  177. You Should Set Up Redirects from your domain to social media accounts
  178. ayb: A multi-tenant database that helps you own your data
  179. Vectors are the new JSON in PostgreSQL
  180. Blocking, covariate adjustment and optimal experiment design - Emir's blog
  181. Bootstrapping your business with Linux on eMachines (in 1998)
  182. Semantic Kernel: Microsoft Answers Your Questions, Updates Docs for AI Integration SDK -- Visual Studio Magazine
  183. Let's build a GPT-powered WhatsApp-like app 🤙
  184. Integrating AI into your bot logic for Microsoft Teams
  185. 2023-06-25 gRPC benchmark results
  186. Creating a Blazor Game from Scratch - Blazor Smack Tutorial
  187. Alphabet Notes
  188. Generating sequential numbers in a distributed manner
  189. Tracking click on anchors in an HTML page - Gérald Barré
  190. 38 AK Expenses Tracker | Implement Delete Transaction Logic | AK Academy
  191. How to wait for multiple C++ coroutines to complete before propagating failure, initial plunge - The Old New Thing
  192. Solving One of the Biggest Array Issues in C#
  193. DateTime Calendars in C# - Code Maze
  194. 364: What is an AI Developer?
  195. DOES YOUR FLAG FAIL? Grey Grades The State Flags!
  196. Piped
  197. 364: What is an AI Developer | Merge Conflict ep. 364
  198. Add vs AddAsync - Which one should you use?
  199. Nick Chapsas
  200. All You Need to Know About CORS & CORS Errors
  201. Nick Chapsas
  202. Improve the security of your GraphQL API’s - Part 1 - Complexity budget
  203. Nick Chapsas
  204. About Lockdown Mode
  205. Errors vs Exceptions, Reddit Rebels, and the 2023 StackOverflow Survey
  206. XML is the future
  207. You don’t need a vision — Austin Kleon
  208. My journey into Microsoft – Unstructed.tech
  209. An Introduction to Parser Combinators
  210. Dashboards are often not worth the effort
  211. 5 Tips for Speaking at Conferences as a Regular Person | Timo Zander
  212. FastAPI - Structured JSON Logging
  213. Problem Solving
  214. Godot - Automated screenshots - Simon Dalvai
  215. Yarp.Telemetry.Consumption 2.0.1
  216. Using Yarp.Telemetry.Consumption to track outbound network events (this package isn't tied to YARP)
  217. Comparing MVVM and MVUX for building a Multi-Platform Application using .NET, C# and XAML with the Uno Platform - Nick's .NET Travels
  218. Error Handling & Message Re-drive in Event Driven Systems
  219. 37 AK Expenses Tracker | Implement the Insert Transaction Azure Function With Cosmos DB
  220. Custom Json Parser from Scratch in C#
  221. Delete a Record In Just One Query Using EF Core #shorts
  222. ArrayList in C# - Code Maze
  223. Data Breach at New BreachForums: 4,000 members' data leaked
  224. Missing Stack trace when eliding the await keyword
  225. Sociopaths and Progress – Zdziarski
  226. Half-Tato Diet Analysis
  227. IDebugProperty157 Interface (Microsoft.VisualStudio.Debugger.Interop)
  228. Bridging the gap between neural networks and functions · @sebinsua
  229. How to give code review as a junior developer?
  230. Stay a Beginner
  231. Your keyboard layout is broken
  232. .NET Core Integration Testing - Remove 3rd party API dependencies from your Tests
  233. How to Kill a Decentralised Network (such as the Fediverse)
  234. Gabriele Svelto (@gabrielesvelto@fosstodon.org)
  235. Episode 54: Cleaning your Big Ball of Mud using CQS - with Matt Hunt
  236. Never Return Null Collections - Here's Why #shorts
  237. Why Secret Invasion’s AI Credits Are Good (And Why They’re Not)
  238. YouTube
  239. Why Secret Invasion’s AI Credits Are Good (And Why They’re Not)
  240. runtime/src/coreclr/vm/methodtablebuilder.h at 8b2dc46f50f1e0da47979b5a45da2ddfd4d68f13 · dotnet/runtime
  241. Weekly Update 353
  242. GitHub - dotnet/ClangSharp: Clang bindings for .NET written in C#
  243. ASP.NET Community Standup - Cloud-native development with .NET 8
  244. Adding Real-Time Functionality To .NET Applications With SignalR
  245. Paramount+ Cancels Second Season of Star Trek: Prodigy, Will Remove Series from Platform
  246. Passwords Restricted Due to a Data Breach / Have I Been Pwned?
  247. Tutroial: Cloud-based Backend Integration with Azure Mobile Apps
  248. Mixed Reality, the Metaverse, and Making Magic Happen with Simon Jackson
  249. One Blazor Template to Rule Them All in .NET 8
  250. .NET MAUI and Telerik Components - Part 5 - 5 controls that makes your apps better
  251. .NET MAUI at Build 2023 Recap, Upgrade Assistant, & New VS Features | The .NET MAUI Podcast ep. 119
  252. Mastering TCPListener in C#: Building Network Applications from Scratch
  253. How to Hash Passwords with BCrypt in C#
  254. Experiments in LLMs - Everything I’ve learned (so far) - Part Two - Vector DBs + Embeddings
  255. blakewatson.com – The fragile nature of my life’s work
  256. What happens when a Matrix server disappears?
  257. How to Provide Managed ChatGPT for Your Team
  258. Tech Notes: Finally getting two's complement
  259. When Only Real Math Will Do
  260. Understanding asynchronous I/O; building an event loop from scratch | mbinjamil.dev
  261. Worst Practices in Software Development: David Fowler has trouble with code templates
  262. Worst Practices in Software Development: David Fowler has trouble with code templates
  263. What's in Microsoft's New C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  264. Critter Stack Futures
  265. Garden Path Sentence
  266. Introducing Visual Studio Dev tunnels! #csharp #dotnet #visualstudio
  267. Coroutines make robot code easy
  268. Using encryption to verify a license key
  269. YouTube
  270. What can go wrong if you release an SRWLock from a thread different from the one that acquired it? - The Old New Thing
  271. Code Maze Weekly #178 - Code Maze
  272. .NET MAUI in .NET 8 Preview 5 Available: Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
  273. Value Objects in C# - Code Maze
  274. Episode 125 - Mixed Reality, the Metaverse, and Making Magic Happen with Simon Jackson
  275. Build and MAUI and Recaps
  276. Microsoft Build Recap: Upgrading from Xamarin to .NET MAUI
  277. GitHub - mono/CppSharp: Tools and libraries to glue C/C++ APIs to high-level languages
  278. Crafting a better, faster code view | The GitHub Blog
  279. Browser SSO / Automatic Signin
  280. Bridging code and community | The GitHub Blog
  281. James Cameron on the "surreal irony" of Titanic wreck and Titan implosion
  282. James Cameron on "fundamental flaw" in design of Titan submersible
  283. Jon Galloway - What's new and coming soon for .NET
  284. Jon Galloway - What's new and coming soon for .NET
  285. Umbraco Codegarden 2023
  286. All things client and mobile app development with .NET MAUI | BRK204
  287. Dart Sass and Hugo Themes
  288. 🥊 Startup Capital Raises: Proposing a Simpler Naming Convention — Samuel Ian Rosen
  289. Red-Teaming Explained: How does it reduce toxicity in LLMs?
  290. Critter Stack Multi-Tenancy
  291. Amichai Mantinband Live Stream
  292. Meta and Mastodon – What’s really on people’s minds?
  293. Intro to Transformer Models: The Future of Natural Language Processing
  294. What's Open Web Docs? - Patrick Brosset
  295. ’Tis the season to write the “bitcoin goes up!” post again
  296. Cultural Hints - Mark Loves Tech
  297. The principle of minimalism
  298. Based-30b
  299. You don't take enough risks to be lucky
  300. Developer Brethren, its Time to Embrace Boring!
  301. 6 Reasons You Don't Need an SRE Team
  302. Why use Azure OpenAI when you have OpenAI?
  303. Piratage : découvrez combien de fois vos données ont été volées et ce qu’elles disent de vous
  304. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  305. GitHub Copilot Makes Nice with Visual Studio IntelliSense -- Visual Studio Magazine
  306. GitHub Quick Reviews
  307. 360: Microsoft Build 2023, Security, Passkeys, & LLM AI Takeover!
  308. Azure Logic Apps Community Day 2023
  309. Solve Drawbacks Of Out Parameters With Tuples In C# #shorts
  310. Visual Studio Toolbox: Accelerate your builds of SDK-style .NET projects - Visual Studio Blog
  311. Learn C# with CSharpFritz - C# Tools - Visual Studio
  312. What's next for Entity Framework Core Power Tools?
  313. ASP.NET Core CORS Wildcard Subdomains
  314. How can I find out the last time a user logged on from C++? - The Old New Thing
  315. Apizr v5.0, resilient api client manager - What's new
  316. Let's sprinkle some AI by calling OpenAI's completions API!
  317. The 3 Biggest Mistakes of Object Mapping in .NET
  318. Code Review & Refactoring to a better design
  319. Getting the .NET Desktop Runtime Installed with a Custom Runtime Checker and Installer
  320. Building a Smart Home - Part 12 NAS and Backups | LINQ to Fail
  321. Alexandre Nédélec - Vue.js CI/CD: Continuous Integration
  322. 7 Things about C#: Running Apps
  323. Understanding the DDD Whirlpool Process for Effective Domain Modeling
  324. Improved .NET Debugging Experience with Source Link - NDepend
  325. Dev Home Preview 0.2 Release
  326. .NET Rocks! Azure Developer CLI with Savannah Ostrowski
  327. Maps Control for Windows with .NET MAUI and Bing Maps
  328. Summer Solstice
  329. Get ready for fsharpConf 2023! - .NET Blog
  330. Learn C# with CSharpFritz - C# and Containers
  331. Claude Ayitey | Designer, Developer, Builder
  332. Building a Simple Little "Cache"
  333. System Initiative: The Second Wave of DevOps
  334. Ego death. | Kris Nóva
  335. Fit-to-Width Text
  336. Looking Back On Ads
  337. Cloudflare Workers for Noobs
  338. Flexible systems | Organizing Chaos
  339. Visual Studio 2022 Previews Instant Pull Requests, Better File Comparisons -- Visual Studio Magazine
  340. Chairman of the Bored
  341. Unit Testing JSON with FluentAssertions.Json Vs. FluentAssertions
  342. Revisiting the Nova Proof System on a Cycle of Curves
  343. Lightweight Authentication of Web Data via Garble-Then-Prove
  344. Loading XML Documentation Into C# Tests #dotnet #programming
  345. Use Task.WhenAll For A Nice Performance Boost #shorts
  346. .NET 7 💥 - Angular Authentication with JWT (JSON WEB TOKEN)
  347. Weekly 0064
  348. Burke Learns Blazor - Setting up CI/CD for Blazor with Static Web Apps
  349. 3 KafkaFlow Features Hard to Ignore
  350. Integer compression: FastPFor in C#, results
  351. Boost user engagement beyond Teams and make your apps intelligent
  352. The case of the make_shared on a C++/WinRT type - The Old New Thing
  353. Got a Bottleneck?
  354. Visual Studio 2022 17.7 Preview 2: Productivity, Performance and C++ Enhancements
  355. Permutations of a String in C#
  356. Even more .NET validation attributes with GSoft.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations
  357. Create your own Mediator (like Mediatr)
  358. 10 Things to Do to Migrate MVC/Web API to ASP.NET Core
  359. Insta360 | Action Cameras | 360 Cameras | VR Cameras
  360. Using StringBuilder To Replace Values
  361. I Was Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Hacking Back - My Story | HackerNoon
  362. Exploring .NET streaming API scenarios
  363. Former RAIDforums member “DataBox” sentenced to prison
  364. Comments are a design tool
  365. what do you find most frustrating about dotnet?
  366. The Creepy Implications of Time Travel Rom-Coms
  367. Nushell
  368. The show did not make Sauron's identity a mystery. The fans did.
  369. OpenId User Impersonation in Asp.net core With Duende Identity Server - Doumer's Blog
  370. How (not) to compare 2D scatter plots
  371. My first steps with Nix on Mac OSX as Homebrew replacement
  372. How to deploy your deep learning side project on a budget
  373. Where to find a co-founder | By Anna Leijon
  374. SQLite Scripting
  375. The Next Phase of Eleventy: Return of the Side Project—zachleat.com
  376. Some Elixir Testing Tricks
  377. No, I don't want to chat with my documents | Engin Arslan
  378. Hashing
  379. fhur
  380. Bean Machine Retrospective, part 5
  381. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  382. Introducing Microsoft Teams tabs and building with SharePoint Framework
  383. How To Store Secrets For Local Development
  384. GitHub Quick Reviews
  385. Microsoft Forms Service’s Journey to .NET 6 - .NET Blog
  386. Introducing the New T4 Command-Line Tool for .NET - .NET Blog
  387. YouTube
  388. Understanding the pitfalls of preferring the median over the mean
  389. Adding Filtering, Sorting And Pagination To a REST API | .NET 7
  390. Integer compression: Implementing FastPFor decoding in C#
  391. PostgreSQL reconsiders its process-based model
  392. Why is Windows using only even-numbered processors? - The Old New Thing
  393. Azure App Configuration and .NET API: a smart and secure way to manage configurations
  394. Parsing websites in C# with Html Agility Pack or AngleSharp
  395. Exploring .NET streaming API scenarios
  396. Home Assistant Yellow
  397. How to Use Bulk Updates in Entity Framework Core - Code Maze
  398. A History of JavaScript Modules and Bundling, For the Post-ES6 Developer | 8th Light
  399. C# Source Code Generators - Bruno Sonnino
  400. GraphQL Code Generator–Avoid generating types that are not needed
  401. When is an implementation detail an implementation detail?
  402. ASP.NET Community Standup - Create a Microsoft Power App for your ASP.NET Core Web API
  403. Saving Files with .NET MAUI Community Toolkit
  404. On .NET Live - Improving Productivity & Reducing Support Time with Tag Helpers
  405. How to use RuntimeHelpers.IsReferenceOrContainsReferences to micro-optimize collections - Gérald Barré
  406. Bookshelf Sorting
  407. Goodbye Performance Issues: How Project Loom Eliminates Asynchrony
  408. Can ChatGPT Help My Non-Coder Partner Build Software?
  409. The gotchas of CSS Nesting | Kilian Valkhof
  410. The data dump diversion
  411. My macOS Accessibility Setup - Ravi Atluri
  412. Reddit is dangerous. The admins are out of control. Humanity needs a viable alternative.
  413. How to Hire Clojure Developers
  414. Inside of the WASP's nest: deep dive into PyPI-hosted malware
  415. Jacobson's Rank | denvaar's Site
  416. How building a new project saved my main business
  417. How technology has changed the world since I was young
  418. Just use QWERTY!
  419. Cognitive Biases Ranked by Popularity
  420. Why LLM-assisted table transformation is a big deal
  421. Tech Debt is Tech Tax
  422. The ease of picking up web development is greatly exaggerated
  423. Zero-assumptions ZFS, part 1 | nikvdp
  424. Plain Text Journaling
  425. The Five-Year Rule of Software Transitions
  426. My generic Open Source Project FAQ
  427. Why I started (and stopped) making games
  428. Ferricy: Building a custom 34-key split keyboard
  429. Narrow Waists Can Be Interior or Exterior: PyObject vs. Unix Files
  430. Building an IBM 3270 terminal controller
  431. Add Maps to Your Cross-Platform .NET Apps
  432. Azure Functions Community Standup | Microsoft Build updates!
  433. How to Implement a Soft Delete Strategy with Entity Framework Core | The .NET Tools Blog
  434. Wolverine’s Middleware Strategy is a Different Animal
  435. Announcing Create a Pull Request in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  436. Spargine Dev Tool: Never Lose Source Code Ever Again!
  437. From 24MB to 14MB in 6 Seconds: The Visual Studio Extension You NEED for Image Optimization!
  438. The Auth Setting That Everyone MUST Change in .NET
  439. Integer compression: Implementing FastPFor encoding in C#
  440. Why am I being told about a signed/unsigned comparison, and why only sometimes, and how can I fix it? - The Old New Thing
  441. Show cascading dropdown lists in ASP.NET Core | BinaryIntellect Knowledge Base
  442. Using Minimal APIs? You Need MapGroup For Clean Endpoints #shorts
  443. Interesting links of the week 2023-25 (#77)
  444. ASP.NET Core in .NET 8 Preview 5: Improved Debugging, Blazor Updates, SignalR Reconnects, and More
  445. Welcome to report-uri.com
  446. Reset passwords in ASP.NET Core using delegated permissions and Microsoft Graph
  447. 363: Getting Serious About Upgrades
  448. Creating and Hosting An Application on AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  449. Getting Serious About Upgrades | Merge Conflict ep. 363
  450. Automated testing in Postman using collections and newman
  451. Differences Between ExpandoObject, DynamicObject and dynamic
  452. Building Intelligent Applications with OpenAI and C#
  453. How to create Custom Validation Attributes
  454. IIS 10: An Improved Windows Server for Hosting anything on the Internet : C# 411
  455. Step-by-Step Guide: Testing HTTP Endpoints in Visual Studio 2022 Using Endpoints Explorer
  456. Azure Container Apps, Bicep, Managed Certificates and Custom Domains | johnnyreilly
  457. Understanding TypeScript's Powerful Type Assertions Through Practical Examples
  458. Github Copilot Learning Path
  459. fsharpConf: The F# Community Virtual Conference
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