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April 2023

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All entries for this month

  1. debian/NEWS · master · Debian Python Team / packages / python-pip · GitLab
  2. Hello CISO - Episode 12: Security Training That’s Actually Useful
  3. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  4. Week 0056
  5. Did You Know You Can Do This With EF8 SqlQuery? #shorts
  6. Uno Platform for Figma Preview 5: Enhanced Features for Designers and Developers
  7. How to lock orientation at runtime on iOS 16 with .NET MAUI and Xamarin.Forms
  8. Verifying your DI Container
  9. Bluesky Social
  10. FOSS I Love
  11. Why do I want to Email Myself Every Day?
  12. More Design Patterns For Machine Learning Systems
  13. You Are Getting Terrible Sleep Advice
  14. ChatGPT-4 outperformed 90% developers
  15. Drop down lists in ASP.NET MVC | no dogma blog
  16. Debugging an AWS Lambda Function Locally with Visual Studio Code (VS Code) on Windows, Linux, and Mac | no dogma blog
  17. Simmy Chaos Engine for .NET – Part 5, Breaking Your Own Code | no dogma blog
  18. Text to Speech with Amazon Polly and .NET | no dogma blog
  19. Reading CSV Files into Objects with Node.js | no dogma blog
  20. The Circuit Breaker pattern with Polly | no dogma blog
  21. GitHub Actions with .NET, Part 2 - Dependent Jobs | no dogma blog
  22. Varying the Time Between Polly Retries Based on the Exception | no dogma blog
  23. Working with JSON in .NET, Infrastructure as Code with Pulumi | no dogma blog
  24. Installing Rider on Linux with .NET 7 | no dogma blog
  25. Customizing a specific string inside a class using AutoFixture | no dogma blog
  26. Caching Values Inside HttpResponseMessage with Polly – caching series 2/3 | no dogma blog
  27. Netlify, Hugo, and Wowchemy or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog | no dogma blog
  28. Caching in Polly and the HttpClientFactory | no dogma blog
  29. A Simple Example of Amazon Transcribe with .NET | no dogma blog
  30. Entity Framework Core, Calling Stored Procedures and Returning to a Model | no dogma blog
  31. Fluent Validation in ASP.NET Core | no dogma blog
  32. Testing Your Code When Using Polly | no dogma blog
  33. Signing calls to Lambda Function URLs using IAM auth with HttpClient | no dogma blog
  34. C# and AWS Lambdas, Part 2 - Web API and an API Gateway | no dogma blog
  35. Using the In-Memory Cache with .NET Core Web API | no dogma blog
  36. Caching Secrets Manager Secrets with a Lambda Layer | no dogma blog
  37. Doing a bit of Docker Cleanup | no dogma blog
  38. The Simplest Hello World in Node.js | no dogma blog
  39. Cached nuget packages causing you problems? | no dogma blog
  40. Fleet Manager, an easy way to check in on an EC2 Windows instance | no dogma blog
  41. Indexing the Works of Shakespeare in Elasticsearch - Part 1, Infrastructure as Code | no dogma blog
  42. Pizza Delivery IoT Project Pt. 2
  43. Dotclear blog editing problem | no dogma blog
  44. Accidental LLM Backdoor - Prompt Tricks
  45. Improving Lambda Custom Runtime Cold Start and Deployment Speeds with .NET 6 | no dogma blog
  46. WhenAny with a List of Different Types of Task, Processing Each as They Finish | no dogma blog
  47. GitHub Actions with .NET, Part 3 - Manual Approvals | no dogma blog
  48. Executing an AWS .NET Lambda at an Exact Time with Step Functions | no dogma blog
  49. Web API 2 and ninject, how to make them work together | no dogma blog
  50. Indexing the Works of Shakespeare in Elasticsearch – Part 3, Sending the Lines to Kinesis | no dogma blog
  51. Accessing AWS Secrets Manager from .NET Lambda Functions, Part 2 - Using Async Code | no dogma blog
  52. Downloading an in-memory file using Web Api 2 | no dogma blog
  53. Running an AWS Lambda Command from Windows Shells | no dogma blog
  54. Logging to DataDog with Serliog and .Net 5 | no dogma blog
  55. HttpContent ReadAsAsync with .NET Core 2 | no dogma blog
  56. Loading Config from Multiple Sources with .NET Core 2.x Web Api or MVC | no dogma blog
  57. VS Code Bug - Interpolation and Commented Lines, Workaround | no dogma blog
  58. Parameterized SQL WHERE IN clause C# | no dogma blog
  59. Polly with .NET 6, Part 2 - Dependency Injection of a HttpClientFactory with a Retry Policy | no dogma blog
  60. Entity Framework in an Dynamics Nav (Navision) environment (or using EF to access tables with unknown table names) | no dogma blog
  61. Entity Framework lazy loading vs explicit loading and the generated SQL | no dogma blog
  62. Calling one Lambda Function from another with the Lambda .NET SDK | no dogma blog
  63. Creating an ASCII Table with C# | no dogma blog
  64. Simmy Chaos Engine for .NET – Part 3, Adding Latency | no dogma blog
  65. Getting .NET Core 2.1 Preview 2 Working with Visual Studio 2017 | no dogma blog
  66. Saving enums as strings with Entity Framework | no dogma blog
  67. Performing a WHERE IN with Entity Framework or on a List | no dogma blog
  68. Polly and Blazor, Part 2 – Using the Context | no dogma blog
  69. Forcing the Lambda Service to Warm 100 Execution Environments for your Function | no dogma blog
  70. C# and AWS Lambdas, Part 3 – Pulumi IaC for Web API and an API Gateway | no dogma blog
  71. Using Dependency Injection with Startup.cs in ASP.NET Core | no dogma blog
  72. How to Turn Off Console Logging for Kestrel in .NET Core | no dogma blog
  73. Entity Framework Core 2 Unit Testing in .NET Core 2 | no dogma blog
  74. Varying the Time Between Polly Retries Based on the Result | no dogma blog
  75. Requesting Data from two Data Stores in Sequence - Cache and a Database | no dogma blog
  76. Dynamically Updating the Request Header of a HttpClientFactory Generated HttpClient, Part 1 | no dogma blog
  77. .NET Minimal API part 8 - Structuring a minimal API project
  78. Programmatically Determine what Ports Kestrel is Running On | no dogma blog
  79. Using the Secrets Manager Cache with .NET | no dogma blog
  80. Filtering a Dictionary by value with a List as the value | no dogma blog
  81. Selectively Caching Values Inside HttpResponseMessage with Polly – caching series 3/3 | no dogma blog
  82. Transcribing Two Speakers with Amazon Transcribe via Speaker Identification with .NET | no dogma blog
  83. Web API 2 Controller with multiple get methods | no dogma blog
  84. Simple Deserialization of JSON from a File in C# | no dogma blog
  85. Skipping ActionFilters in ASP.NET MVC | no dogma blog
  86. AWS .NET Tools and Templates for Command Line | no dogma blog
  87. Polly and Blazor, Part 3 - Dependency Injection | no dogma blog
  88. Adaptive/dynamic page numbering in c# | no dogma blog
  89. Getting Started with Elasticsearch, Part 3 - Deploying to AWS with Pulumi | no dogma blog
  90. dotnet new failing with Error: Invalid parameter(s) | no dogma blog
  91. Dependency Injection of an Entity Framework Context within Program.cs Using Top Level Statements | no dogma blog
  92. DynamoDb, Reading and Writing Data with .Net Core - Part 1 | no dogma blog
  93. A Few Ways of Pattern Matching with C# | no dogma blog
  94. Finding and Killing .NET Processes that you Disconnect from Instead of Stopping while Debugging on Windows | no dogma blog
  95. Simmy Chaos Engine for .NET – Part 6, Configuring Policies Dynamically | no dogma blog
  96. Using an mdf file database with Entity Framework Core 2 in Visual Studio 2017 | no dogma blog
  97. C# and AWS Lambdas, Part 4 – Storing the Zip in S3, Setup with Pulumi IaC | no dogma blog
  98. Unit Testing .NET Core 2 Web Api | no dogma blog
  99. Accessing AWS Secrets Manager from .NET Lambda Functions, Part 4 - Connected to a VPC, and using a NAT Gateway | no dogma blog
  100. Ignoring JSON Key Casing and Numbers as Strings when Deserializing with System.Text.Json | no dogma blog
  101. Reusing Polly Policies with Dependency Injection | no dogma blog
  102. Locating and checking an executing DLL on a running web server or other application | no dogma blog
  103. AutoMapper, ProjectTo() – Static Version | no dogma blog
  104. Hugo Aliases Workaround with Netlify | no dogma blog
  105. Arguments model and action methods in ASP.NET MVC Part 2 - using Glimpse | no dogma blog
  106. Workaround for "Failed to create template" Error with .NET 7 RC1 and Lambda Functions | no dogma blog
  107. Polly Retry with Lambda Discards | no dogma blog
  108. Entity Framework, checking the connection string of your context | no dogma blog
  109. GitHub Actions with .NET, Part 5 - Build a .NET Application and Upload to S3 | no dogma blog
  110. Using Build and Test Tasks from the Parent Directory of src/test with VS Code | no dogma blog
  111. Using Amazon Polly to read a Dialogue from Julius Caesar | no dogma blog
  112. Programmatically get your AWS Account ID with .NET | no dogma blog
  113. Altering the ASP NET MVC model with an ActionFilter | no dogma blog
  114. Getting Started with Elasticsearch, Part 2 - Searching with a HttpClient | no dogma blog
  115. Executing a Method on All Implementations of an Interface | no dogma blog
  116. ASP.MVC and Web Forms in one web application | no dogma blog
  117. Unit testing Entity Framework Core Stored Procedures | no dogma blog
  118. Entity Framework Core and calling a stored procedure | no dogma blog
  119. Value cannot be null. Parameter name: constructor | no dogma blog
  120. Dynamically Updating the Request Header of a HttpClientFactory Generated HttpClient, Part 2 | no dogma blog
  121. Using Versions and Aliases to Pre-Warm Lambda Execution Environments when Handling Bursts of Traffic | no dogma blog
  122. GitHub Actions with .NET, Part 4 - Building an S3 bucket with Pulumi | no dogma blog
  123. Fluent Validation in ASP.NET Core 3.1 | no dogma blog
  124. C# and AWS Lambdas, Part 7 – .NET 5 Web API inside a Container inside a Lambda, with API Gateway in front | no dogma blog
  125. Ordering of two Blog Posts on the Same Day with Hugo | no dogma blog
  126. Making a column sparse with Entity Framework Migrations | no dogma blog
  127. Using the Polly Timeout when making a Http Request | no dogma blog
  128. Finding the Location of a Running Assembly in .Net | no dogma blog
  129. ASP.NET 5 Web Api Controller with multiple get methods | no dogma blog
  130. Arguments model and action methods in ASP.NET MVC Part 1 | no dogma blog
  131. A Web Server that Echoes Requests and Sometimes Faults with a 500 Error | no dogma blog
  132. re:Invent Session on Refactoring
  133. How to use HttpClientFactory Inside Program.cs | no dogma blog
  134. .NET 6 Web API in a Container in a Lambda | no dogma blog
  135. Letting a request fail with Polly | no dogma blog
  136. Finding and Killing .NET Processes that you Disconnect from Instead of Stopping while Debugging on Linux | no dogma blog
  137. Using .NET 7 With Code Build
  138. GitHub Actions with .NET, Part 1 - Hello World and Downloading the Artifact | no dogma blog
  139. Hosting a .NET Core 2 Kestrel Server in a Windows Service | no dogma blog
  140. Using Multiple SSH Keys at the same time - GitHub, BitBucket, etc. | no dogma blog
  141. AutoMapper, ProjectTo() – Instance Version | no dogma blog
  142. Paging Through Files in an S3 Bucket with .NET | no dogma blog
  143. Polly with .NET 6, Part 5 - Using a Cancellation Token | no dogma blog
  144. Polly, HttpClientFactory and the Policy Registry - choosing the right policy based on the HTTP request | no dogma blog
  145. Removing Manually Installed .NET SDKs from Linux | no dogma blog
  146. Support this site | no dogma blog
  147. The terminal shell path "dotnet" is a directory - Visual Studio Code | no dogma blog
  148. Streaming your IoT Data to DynamoDB
  149. Building .NET 7 Applications using Amazon CodeCatalyst
  150. Polly, HttpClientFactory and the Policy Registry in a console application | no dogma blog
  151. Keeping your .NET Lambda Function Warm with Provisioned Concurrency | no dogma blog
  152. Indexing the Works of Shakespeare in Elasticsearch - Part 2, Bulk Indexing | no dogma blog
  153. Opening new PowerShell Windows from PowerShell and Running Commands in them | no dogma blog
  154. .NET 6 Custom Runtime for AWS Lambda | no dogma blog
  155. Mass Transit with RabbitMQ Hello World | no dogma blog
  156. An exception of type 'System.MissingMethodException' occurred in System.Collections.Concurrent.dll | no dogma blog
  157. Working with Lambda function versions | no dogma blog
  158. Indexing the Works of Shakespeare in Elasticsearch – Part 4, Searching via Web API in .NET 5 | no dogma blog
  159. Wowchemy, Changing from /post to /blog for Posts | no dogma blog
  160. Error converting the Lambda event JSON payload to type System.String | no dogma blog
  161. Streaming Results from Entity Framework Core and Web API Core | no dogma blog
  162. Unit Testing a Method That Uses HttpClient | no dogma blog
  163. Entity Framework non null foreign key migration | no dogma blog
  164. Using MediatR with API Endpoints | no dogma blog
  165. Multiple Get Methods with the Action Method Selector Attribute in .NET Core | no dogma blog
  166. Lambda ARM64 Custom Runtime with .NET 6 | no dogma blog
  167. CastleWindsor chained dependency | no dogma blog
  168. Deserializing to an enum | no dogma blog
  169. Why I blog | no dogma blog
  170. C# and AWS Lambdas, Part 1 - Hello World | no dogma blog
  171. Amazon CodeCatalyst Development Environments
  172. Running SQL Server in a Container | no dogma blog
  173. Registering Multiple Implementations of an Interface with Service Collection in ASP.NET Core | no dogma blog
  174. Streaming Results from Entity Framework Core and Web API Core – Part 2 | no dogma blog
  175. Using the HttpClientInterception to Test Methods That Use a HttpClient | no dogma blog
  176. Extracting Form Fields from a Multi-Page PDF with Amazon Textract and .NET | no dogma blog
  177. The type 'xxxx' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. System.Runtime. | no dogma blog
  178. How to Dependency Inject a Service from Startup back in Program | no dogma blog
  179. Simple Func<T> and Func<T1, T2, TResult> Examples | no dogma blog
  180. How To Run .NET 6, Kestrel, and Web API, on an AWS EC2 Windows Instance | no dogma blog
  181. Requesting Data from two Data Stores in Parallel - Cache and Database | no dogma blog
  182. Using a Stream Extension Method to Read Directly from a Stream into a String | no dogma blog
  183. Saving Enums with Entity Framework Core | no dogma blog
  184. Blazor, Updating or Refreshing the Display During a Method Call | no dogma blog
  185. Zipping Files From the Command Line in Windows 10 | no dogma blog
  186. Lambda Function URLs - triggering .NET 6 Lambda functions with a HTTPS Request | no dogma blog
  187. Redis in Web API | no dogma blog
  188. Why you should use IDictionary, IList, etc | no dogma blog
  189. Accessing the Internet from VPC Connected Lambda Functions using a NAT Gateway | no dogma blog
  190. Setting the Kestrel Port from appsettings.json | no dogma blog
  191. How To Run .NET 6, Kestrel, and Web API, on an AWS EC2 Linux Instance | no dogma blog
  192. Creating an Automation Document Using C# and CDK
  193. Let's Encrypt Cert Error and Polly Retry | no dogma blog
  194. DynamoDb, Reading and Writing Data with .Net Core – Part 2 | no dogma blog
  195. Calling Generic Methods Using Reflection | no dogma blog
  196. Dependency Injection of a Type within Program.cs Using Top Level Statements | no dogma blog
  197. Dependency Inject a Service from Startup back to Program in .Net Core 3.1 | no dogma blog
  198. Fluent Validation with Web Api 2 | no dogma blog
  199. Using Memcached with a .NET Console Application | no dogma blog
  200. WhenAny with Two Different Types of Task and Waiting for Both to Finish | no dogma blog
  201. Adding ROWGUIDCOL to Entity Framework Code First using migrations | no dogma blog
  202. Simmy Chaos Engine for .NET – Part 4, Doing Some Real Damage, Dropping a Table | no dogma blog
  203. Selectively Caching a HttpResponseMessage with Polly - caching series 1/3 | no dogma blog
  204. .NET 6 Lambdas on ARM64 - Part 1, Functions | no dogma blog
  205. Accessing the HttpContext from the Constructor of a Controller or a Dependency | no dogma blog
  206. How to install .NET Framework 4.7 in Visual Studio 2017 | no dogma blog
  207. Getting Web API Exception Details from a HttpResponseMessage | no dogma blog
  208. Extracting Text from an Image with Amazon Textract and .NET | no dogma blog
  209. Securing Lab Environments Part 1
  210. Web Api 2 Without MVC | no dogma blog
  211. Passing Configuration Options Into Middleware, Services and Controllers in ASP.NET Core 3.1 | no dogma blog
  212. How to fix 'No database providers are configured' when scaffolding a controller in ASP.NET 5 | no dogma blog
  213. Registering Multiple Implementations of an Interface in ASP.NET Core with Autofac | no dogma blog
  214. Performance Comparison of Entity Framework Core 2.1 and Dapper 1.5 | no dogma blog
  215. Entity Framework Core 3.1 Bug vs 2.2, Speed and Memory During Streaming | no dogma blog
  216. Working with JSON in .NET, a better way? | no dogma blog
  217. Simple Action and Action<string> Examples | no dogma blog
  218. C# and AWS Lambdas, Part 6 – .NET 5 inside a Container inside a Lambda | no dogma blog
  219. Getting Error Messages and Status Codes from Typed HttpClients | no dogma blog
  220. Using JSON to store application preferences and configuration | no dogma blog
  221. Starting the Presenter View in PowerPoint | no dogma blog
  222. The Simplest S3 Upload Example with .NET | no dogma blog
  223. Simple Lambda Function with a Function URL | no dogma blog
  224. Using Step Functions and C# Lambdas to Orchestrate API Calls | no dogma blog
  225. Entity Framework Migrations with an existing database | no dogma blog
  226. Printing on the Spot in a Console | no dogma blog
  227. Polly with .NET 6, Part 1 - Dependency Injection of a Policy into a Controller | no dogma blog
  228. Securing Lab Environments Part 2
  229. Using Other Verbs with Web API | no dogma blog
  230. Adding a Test Task to the VS Code Command Palette | no dogma blog
  231. POST with HttpClient and Basic Authorization | no dogma blog
  232. Serializing a stack to XML in C# | no dogma blog
  233. Installing Docker Desktop on Ubuntu 22.04 | no dogma blog
  234. Alter response header in Web API to return machine name | no dogma blog
  235. Using Polly with Any Type of Request | no dogma blog
  236. Build, Zip, Update a .NET Core 3.1 AWS Lambda, and Run a Test, with a Single Command | no dogma blog
  237. Simmy Chaos Engine for .NET – Part 2, Resilience and Injected Faults | no dogma blog
  238. Redis Hello World with C# and .NET | no dogma blog
  239. Using Intrinsic Functions with Step Functions to Clean Json Strings | no dogma blog
  240. Re-authorization and onRetry with Polly | no dogma blog
  241. Connecting your RaspberryPi to AWS IoT
  242. Hour of Code:
  243. Two Ways to Count the Number of Times a Mocked Method is Called With Moq | no dogma blog
  244. Complex model validation using Fluent Validation | no dogma blog
  245. Using Entity Framework for .NET 6 with SQL Server in a Docker Container | no dogma blog
  246. A simple Polly example with WebApi 2 | no dogma blog
  247. Reusing HttpClient with Dependency Injection | no dogma blog
  248. Transcribing Two Speakers with Amazon Transcribe via Channel Identification | no dogma blog
  249. Entity Framework with Proper Foreign Key Names | no dogma blog
  250. Web API 2 Controller with multiple GET methods - part 2 | no dogma blog
  251. Simmy Chaos Engine for .NET – Part 7, Using a Random Chaos Policy | no dogma blog
  252. Simple Example of C# 9 Lambda Discards | no dogma blog
  253. Returning default values from a failed web request with Polly Fallbacks | no dogma blog
  254. Extracting Key-Value Pairs from Document Form Fields with Amazon Textract and .NET | no dogma blog
  255. IoT for the .NET Developer
  256. C# and AWS Lambdas, Part 5 – Updating the Zip in S3 and Updating the Running Lambda, with Pulumi IaC | no dogma blog
  257. Pizza Delivery IoT Project Pt. 1
  258. Enum ToString(), Caching for Performance | no dogma blog
  259. SSN checking and formatting | no dogma blog
  260. Web Api Routing in .NET Core | no dogma blog
  261. Microsoft is rewriting core Windows libraries in Rust
  262. Make Your C# Code Simpler With Target Typed New #shorts
  263. What is a Kubernetes Control Plane Components? #shorts
  264. C# 12.0 Preview: Primary Constructors for Classes and Structs
  265. What's next for the Microsoft Fluent UI Blazor components?
  266. How to Use Code Behind for Blazor Components | 2 Solutions
  267. C# Is BAD At MATH!!! Can You Explain THIS?
  268. A .NET Discussion with Isaac Levin
  269. OPENAI029: Fine-Tuning Models Integrations (Part 13)
  270. Generate QR Code in .NET MAUI
  271. Create an Azure Function with PowerShell and Visual Studio Code
  272. Pro EP 45 :
  273. Code SQLTools Extensions And Code Docker Extensions
  274. IaaC - Create full infrastructure on AWS with Terraform
  275. MassTransit Commute - Endpoint Dependencies
  276. Welcome to Hell - Windows Publishing with .NET MAUI
  277. .NET MAUI + Blazor Hybrid Tutorial for Beginners - Build mobile, desktop, & web apps with C#
  278. The #1 Mistake Devs Make When Moving To Microservices
  279. Streamline Your .NET Application Deployment with AWS AppRunner's Build from Code Feature
  280. VisualTransition and State Animations in WinUI and the Windows App SDK - Nick's .NET Travels
  281. .NET MAUI at Build, in .NET 8 Preview 3, and more! | The .NET MAUI Podcast ep. 118
  282. Support Multiple Return Types in C#?! #dotnet #programming
  283. Generate QR Codes and Other Barcodes with Camera.MAUI in .NET MAUI
  284. dotNetDave Rocks the Copenhagen Developers Festival 2023
  285. C# and nullable reference types
  286. Today’s random F# code: Using measures to give types more meaning
  287. Saying Hello To The Newest .NET Community - WeAreDotnet!
  288. LINQPad AI
  289. Create a multilingual a to z list in C#
  290. ABP React Template
  291. Health Checks In ASP.NET Core For Monitoring Your Applications
  292. How to Start a .NET Project in 2023
  293. Domain Events | Clean Architecture & Domain-Driven Design from scratch | Part 17
  294. From Dribble to .NET MAUI - XAML App DALL-E Challenge # 2
  295. You NEED to Active this GitHub Feature NOW! 🤩💨 #shorts
  296. Create Your Own Chat App: SignalR Mastery in C# & ASP.NET
  297. How the new version of MediatR (12.0.1) might break your application
  298. Mastering Threading in C# Concepts and Examples
  299. Medium
  300. Exploring HashiCorp Vault with Vault .NET Client Library
  301. Introducing the 'Super Clean' Visual Studio - for Mac - extension!
  302. Diagramming Finite State Machines with Mermaid.js
  303. Milan Jovanović
  304. How to create a mobile app with .NET MAUI in 10 easy steps
  305. Pass a JSON Web Token (JWT) to minimal API using fetch() | BinaryIntellect Knowledge Base
  306. Interesting links of the week 2023-17 (#69)
  307. gefs
  308. Economic disruption means more Creators
  309. Maybe Great — No Idea Blog
  310. Why it is becoming harder to choose a phone
  311. Is Krita ready for HDR painting?
  312. Episode 458 - Integration Patterns
  313. The unpleasant hackiness of CSS dark mode toggles
  314. Great and terrible mindsets are contagious
  315. Unleash Your Potential As a Brand
  316. Now that's what I call a Hacker
  317. Just Works For Me
  318. SQL Is All You Need
  319. The Growing "Contentful" Gap - Web Performance Consulting
  320. Blog | Samuel
  321. Overlapping Circles
  322. What makes an Aggregate (DDD)? Hint: it's NOT hierarchy & relationships #shorts
  323. Authentication and Authorization [4 of 8] | .NET on Azure for Beginners
  324. What is JWT and how to add it to ASP.NET Core
  325. Episode 53: We Are .NET - with Tim Cadenbach and Matthias Jost
  326. Visual Studio IntelliCode AI Assistant Gets Deep Learning Upgrade -- Visual Studio Magazine
  327. 355: Previewing the Preview of C# 12
  328. .NET R&D Digest (April, 2023)
  329. Beautiful Branchless Binary Search
  330. On the finer points of cancelling timers and wait objects in Windows thread pool - The Old New Thing
  331. Using System.Web Adapters to Share Authentication in ASP.NET Upgrade Scenarios [12 of 18] Migrating
  332. Fight for every byte it takes: Optimizing the encoding process
  333. Code Maze Weekly #170 - Code Maze
  334. Real-World Examples of Event-Driven Architecture with Azure Functions
  335. Episode 121 - A .NET Discussion with Isaac Levin
  336. ...and we're back
  337. How to Store JSON in an Entity Field With EF Core - Code Maze
  338. The Erosion of the Status of Software Developers as Professionals
  339. Building a CRUD API With Dapper
  340. Introducing Open Source Thursdays
  341. GitHub - SteveDunn/Intellenum: Intelligent Enums
  342. Deno — A modern runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript
  343. Bluesky Social
  344. Exploring JavaScript and TypeScript Development in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  345. Performance Excuses Debunked
  346. Developing Android Apps on Windows Arm Devices
  347. Weekly Update 345
  348. Hackers steal emails, private messages from hookup websites
  349. This is your brain on vectors
  350. Don't update promptly
  351. No, ChatGPT Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Need to Learn Things - Scott H Young
  352. Crafting the Next.js Website
  353. Project Management for Software Engineers
  354. Knowledge Retrieval Architecture for LLM’s (2023)
  355. Ask & Adjust: The Future of Productivity Interfaces
  356. We lost the thread • Cory Dransfeldt
  357. Platform Engineering in the era of LLMs
  358. In Defense of the “Idea Guy”
  359. Cellular Automata
  360. Are Software Platforms Inevitable?
  361. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Free Digital Stuff
  362. Using Crates.io with Buck
  363. Do We Still Need Journals?
  364. Using System.Web Adapters to Share Session State in ASP.NET Upgrade Scenarios [11 of 18] Migrating
  365. Copilot Tech Shines at Build 2023 As Microsoft Morphs into an AI Company -- Visual Studio Magazine
  366. GitHub Quick Reviews
  367. Announcing .NET Community Toolkit 8.2! Faster generators, code fixers, performance improvements and more! - .NET Blog
  368. 765874 - Regeneration (2K)
  369. What's up with this new memory_order_consume memory order? - The Old New Thing
  370. What makes an Aggregate (DDD)? Hint: it's NOT hierarchy & relationships
  371. Fight for every byte it takes: Fitting 64 values in 4 bits
  372. The Lie That's Destroying the Economy
  373. VS Code + ASP.NET
  374. Web API Development for the Absolute Beginner: A Step-by-step Approach to Learning the Fundamentals of Web API Development with .NET 7: Dominte, Irina: 9781484293478: Amazon.com: Books
  375. Cleaning up Your Validation Code in .NET
  376. Getting started with Data API builder for Azure SQL Database or SQL Server
  377. Extending LINQ to Objects With MoreLINQ Library - Code Maze
  378. Unleash Data API Builder | #Azurehappyhours, Fri, Apr 28, 2023, 5:00 PM | Meetup
  379. Create your own Validationattribute in ASP.NET Core
  380. Dev Deletes Entire Production Database, Chaos Ensues
  381. Building from source all the way down — 2023 — Blog — GNU Guix
  382. .NET Rocks! Cypress 12 with Ely Lucas
  383. Can ChatGPT modernize my VB6 app?
  384. How to End-to-End Test SMS Applications with C# .NET and Twilio
  385. Part 5: Tips & Tricks for Migrating from Xamarin to .NET MAUI
  386. Migrating Animations from Xamarin Forms to Uno Platform
  387. A quick tour of dictionaries in C#
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  746. E124: AutoGPT's massive potential and risk, AI regulation, Bob Lee/SF update
  747. E124: AutoGPT's massive potential and risk, AI regulation, Bob Lee/SF update
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