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October 2022

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All entries for this month

  1. Exploring the 'Almost Creepy' AI Engine in Visual Studio 2022 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2. Scrum, agility and the human factor
  3. Occson
  4. A map for every journey
  5. RFP: A 'Food as Medicine' Moonshot
  6. Platform engineering is not DevOps - Neil Millard Blog - DevOps author and speaker.
  7. Ryan Token – Nuxt 3 vs SvelteKit
  8. fleetwood.dev
  9. Spooky Masks and Async Exceptions
  10. The Ocean is Not Full
  11. SMS Multifactor Authentication in Antarctica – brr
  12. Don't specialize, hybridize
  13. ubereats-bike - hermiod
  14. Interior Decorating
  15. Use https: protocol instead of deprecated git: protocol by vcsjones · Pull Request #10 · ninja-build/ninja-build.github.io
  16. Improving Git protocol security on GitHub | The GitHub Blog
  17. Halloween Q&A | Ask me anything | C# & .NET
  18. On .NET Live - .NET Tricks and Treats
  19. Cool features in Visual Studio 2022
  20. Episode 444 - Azure Innovations
  21. Slaying Zombie ‘No Repro’ Crashes with Infer#
  22. ‘Scaffold-Dbcontext’ Is Not Recognized When Creating a Model for an Existing Database in Entity Framework Core
  23. Encrypt and Decrypt Text Values in .NET
  24. Visualizing War with Digital Tools: Watanave Hidenori / Professor, The University of Tokyo - Direct Talk | NHK WORLD-JAPAN On Demand
  25. Resize images before uploading in Blazor Web Assembly
  26. Pasting text without formatting - Gérald Barré
  27. How can I test my geolocation code on a system without a GPS?
  28. The second queue that EVERY message bus needs in .NET
  29. 5 ways to boost your collaborative app development
  30. Balinski-Young weighted allocation algorithm · Anthony Lloyd
  31. Microsoft Introduces Azure Savings Plans for Compute
  32. Azure Cosmos DB: Low Latency and High Availability at Planet Scale
  33. Azure Functions v4 Now Support .NET Framework 4.8 with Isolated Execution
  34. 330: Twitter, Metaverse, USB-C, App Store Ads... OH MY!
  35. Switch tenants in an ASP.NET Core app using Azure AD with multi tenants
  36. Real-Time Rendering · One that fooled me
  37. Creating Good Monoliths in ASP.NET Core
  38. Programming Portals
  39. Beckshome.com: Thomas Beck's Blog - Lucene + Blazor, Part 1: Basic Search
  40. F# Advent Calendar in English 2022
  41. A developer’s guide to containers - Architect.io
  42. Reminder: JSON.stringify can create Multi-line, formatted and filtered strings from JSON
  43. The Perfect Commit
  44. URLShortener als minimale API | Development Snacks | tsjdevapps
  45. Structured error messages for HTTP APIs
  46. Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David + Free Shipping
  47. Amazon.it: Mastering Minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core: Build, test, and prototype web APIs quickly using .NET and C# - Tosato, Andrea, Minerva, Marco, Bartolesi, Emanuele - Libri
  48. The Price of Games [Grab Bag]
  49. Animals. Cat (kitten with back arched)
  50. Look mum, I wrote a book about ASP.NET Minimal API and it will be released in October
  51. How to Build a Url Shorter with C# Minimal APIs and Azure
  52. Meta bad, metaverse bad
  53. On Migrating from Cypress to Playwright
  54. Tag-Based File Organization: Benefits, Linux Tagging Software, & Limitations
  55. Handling times for an EV charger
  56. Elastic Productivity Tools — Simon Berens
  57. My Raytracing Journey
  58. Why I Ditched Django for NextJS - Bill Prin's Tech Blog
  59. What I’ve learned about learning a language
  60. Saying Thank You
  61. Télétel, the French Internet of the 80s — How did it work?
  62. Intro to Graphics 18 - Rendering Algorithms
  63. Techorama interviews 3 van 6
  64. local functions vs lambda expressions
  65. Use route groups · maartenba-demo/grocerylistapi@049f265
  66. The state of CRON in 2022
  67. Episode 44: gRPC - with Poornima Nayar
  68. About my father
  69. 10 Lessons Learned in 10 years of Angel Investing
  70. The Billboard Article
  71. Debating VPN options - anarcat
  72. Get Intel AX210 Wireless Adapters Working on Linux
  73. Move Fast and Break Things
  74. Codachi is Open Source
  75. Stop Taking Notes While Reading
  76. Intro to Graphics 12 - Triangular Meshes
  77. You should prepare for the OpenSSL 3.x secvuln
  78. RIP: Kathleen Booth, the inventor of assembly language
  79. Excess risk for acute myocardial infarction mortality during the COVID‐19 pandemic
  80. ASP.NET Core Globalization and a custom RequestCultureProvider
  81. Azure CosmosDB + CRUD + Entity Framework Core - FREE
  82. Ultimate Homelab Tour!
  83. Using WASM and WASI to run .NET 7 on a Raspberry PI Zero 2 W
  84. Breaking Into Tech With Just a Portfolio
  85. Build your own OAuth 2.0 Server and OpenId Connect Provider in ASP.NET Core 6.0
  86. Encryption
  87. Haunting Portrait: NASA’s Webb Reveals Dust, Structure in Pillars of Creation
  88. #7245: OnehundredthCoin's NES Super Mario Bros. 3 "game end glitch" in 00:00.32
  89. It's the season of release candidates (take 2)
  90. Required Members in C# 11 with David Wengier - NDC Melbourne 2022
  91. Angular Language Service 2022 - Visual Studio Marketplace
  92. New Azure Visual Studio Images Support Microsoft Dev Box -- Visual Studio Magazine
  93. Ignite 2022: Highlights for Microsoft Teams app builders
  94. Example: Anonymous Message Board Tutorial | Mina Documentation
  95. We Must Professionalize Programming to Preserve Society and Computing Freedom
  96. Show upcoming meetings for a Microsoft 365 user with Microsoft Graph Toolkit
  97. It’s worth spending one CPU-hour to save one second of your time
  98. What Makes Sourcehut CI So Good
  99. Don’t forget to sharpen your axe
  100. You Might Need a College Degree for a Programming Job
  101. Introducing the Ask Wizard: Your guide to crafting high-quality questions
  102. Exploit released for critical VMware RCE vulnerability, patch now
  103. Chitchatter
  104. Setting properties in C++/WinRT is done by a function call, but you need to call the function the right way
  105. Learn Live - Design consistent .NET MAUI XAML pages by using shared resources
  106. ASP.NET Core News - 10/28/2022
  107. Emphasize Objects with Collision [Graphics]
  108. Episode 109 - OCR and Azure Cognitive Services with Nick Proud
  109. Code Maze Weekly #145 - Code Maze
  110. Uno Platform Roadmap 2023 Survey
  111. We Should All Be API Consumers
  112. C# 11 File Scoped Types - NDepend
  113. Intro to Graphics 17 - The Rendering Equation
  114. High performing developer teams are all alike
  115. .NET Downloads (Linux, macOS, and Windows)
  116. PGO: Add new tiers by EgorBo · Pull Request #70941 · dotnet/runtime
  117. .NET MAUI Community Toolkit v1.3 Supports Gravatar ('Globally Recognized Avatar') -- Visual Studio Magazine
  118. GitHub - davidfowl/Roslyn.Reflection: Reflection APIs over roslyn symbol APIs
  119. Using your GitHub Avatar in Videos
  120. OBS no filter
  121. Digital Marbling
  122. Variability, Not Repetition, is the Key to Mastery - Scott H Young
  123. Keyboards, keyboards, everywhere, and not a spot to think | David Bieber
  124. pauloxnet - About my proposal for the Django Core Sprints 🌅
  125. Dealing With Your Ideas
  126. Introduction to Firmware Analysis of a Reolink IP Camera
  127. Reflections on my relationship with social media
  128. Modern "Freedom" Means Being a Slave to Impulses
  129. One Month to GA: .NET 7 Release Candidate 2 Ships -- Visual Studio Magazine
  130. Weekly Update 319
  131. Weekly Update 319
  132. @azuredevelopers | Linktree
  133. core/release-policies.md at main · dotnet/core
  134. Minimal APIs overview
  135. Faster hardware is a bad first solution to slow software
  136. Learning Series: Get started with GitHub in Visual Studio
  137. Adam Bender - Principal Software Engineer at Google
  138. Tired of Layers? Vertical Slice Architecture to the rescue!
  139. DONT Give Developer Estimates! #shorts #webdevelopment
  140. Upgrades: package and version bumps plus C# goodness by NickCraver · Pull Request #218 · NickCraver/StackExchange.Exceptional
  141. Why am I seeing two WRITE requests at the same offset from a single call to WriteFile?
  142. Dictionary vs Hashtable in C# - Code Maze
  143. Leftover hardware from Mars mission to be used on the Moon
  144. How to await ANYTHING in C#
  145. A Team at Microsoft is Helping Make Python Faster
  146. GitHub Copilot may steer Microsoft into a copyright lawsuit
  147. Observability in Production with Alayshia Knighten
  148. Continuous Integration via GitHub Actions
  149. Building a Placeholder Web Component with No External Dependencies
  150. Web Component Experiment - Manipulating Inner Text
  151. Generic types are for arguments, specific types are for return values
  152. Introducing Vision Studio, a UI-based demo interface for Computer Vision
  153. Working with Custom Events and Web Components
  154. .NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup, November 2022
  155. STOP Over-Engineering Software!
  156. Find Maui Hotels, Activities, Real Estate, Maps, Hawaii and More For Your Maui Vacation | Maui.Net
  157. Sysinternals - Windows Sysinternals
  158. Visual Studio Dev Requests Code Copying with Proper Indentation, Mads K. Delivers -- Visual Studio Magazine
  159. Running a law firm on Linux - a year or so in
  160. My photography backup strategy – Karel Křemel
  161. I am doing everything for myself — Hooda's blog
  162. My choice of operating system
  163. willfennel.com – Cheap ergonomic keyboard
  164. Jett Hays
  165. ace
  166. CRDT · RxDB - Documentation
  167. What can or should I do with the cursor handle returned by SetCursor?
  168. C# as a System Language recording
  169. Using Servo Motors - SG90 (ESP32 + Arduino Series)
  170. Using IR Receiver (HX1838) + Remote Control (ESP32 + Arduino Series)
  171. Election Q&A: Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees Place 6
  172. Cool S
  173. Blazor WebAssembly : Logging to Database using Custom Logger Provider - EP27
  174. Sysdig TRT uncovers massive cryptomining operation leveraging GitHub Actions – Sysdig
  175. NDC Meetup with Troy Hunt - NDC Security 2023 | Security Conference for Software Developers
  176. DDD by Night November - Hybrid event, Wed, Nov 9, 2022, 5:45 PM | Meetup
  177. Constructor Overloading in C# - Code Maze
  178. Making AnimationEvent safe for the CoreCLR garbage collector | Unity Blog
  179. Dotnet (.NET) Performance Tracing for WinUI, Uno and Maui Applications - Nick's .NET Travels
  180. Real-time Charts with ASP.NET Core, SignalR, and Chart.js
  181. Azure Cache for Redis: What’s Your Session Stability Score?
  182. Azure DevOps Server 2022 RC2 now available
  183. Who is protecting the data you give over online? - ABC Radio National
  184. [Last Week in .NET #106] – A penny for your tweetise
  185. Spec Changes
  186. Windows Dev Kit 2023 ('Project Volterra') Debuts as Arm Device for Developers -- Visual Studio Magazine
  187. Zig Is Self-Hosted Now, What's Next?
  188. .NET Framework October 2022 Cumulative Update Preview
  189. Fable · Announcing Snake Island (Fable 4) Alpha Release
  190. How I Almost Took Down Production Due to a Near-Empty Config File
  191. Rethinking Ambition
  192. So long, sync.Map
  193. How to date a recording using background electrical noise | Robert Heaton
  194. It's time to to thank UVM and say goodbye
  195. A Potpourri of Emacs Tweaks – Tony Zorman
  196. Technical Debt Costs More Than You Think, or My Software Development Process
  197. Towards Totalitarianism
  198. On Scala 3's Optional Braces
  199. Linearly scalable work
  200. I broke the rules.
  201. GitHub Quick Reviews
  202. Copy with proper indentation
  203. How to Make it Through Calculus (Neil deGrasse Tyson)
  204. How to Make it Through Calculus (Neil deGrasse Tyson)
  205. Episode 1: A basic expression evaluator
  206. Computer - John Cocke: A Retrospective by Friends - 1990
  207. Micro Frontends in Action With ASP.NET Core - Universal Rendering With Blazor WebAssembly Based Web Components
  208. Forthcoming OpenSSL Releases
  209. 10 Guaranteed Ways to Improve Developer Efficiency and Focus
  210. Why are many Windows user interface elements positioned at multiples of 4 or 8 pixels?
  211. C# Tip: use the @ prefix when a name is reserved - Code4IT
  212. After complaints, Volkswagen will ditch capacitive steering wheel controls
  213. IComparable vs IComparer vs Comparison Delegate - Code Maze
  214. ASP.NET Core Globalization and a custom RequestCultureProvider
  215. Best Chrome extensions for web developers
  216. .NET MAUI – Forget Me Not – Part 4
  217. A quick start guide to benchmarking LLM models in Azure: NVIDIA NeMo Megatron - Results
  218. PSScriptAnalyzer (PSSA) 1.21.0 has been released
  219. Azure Scales 530B Parameter GPT-3 Model with NVIDIA NeMo Megatron
  220. Encapsulation in Functional Programming
  221. Episode 443 - 5G Modern Connected Apps
  222. Fix automatic re-routing of http:// to https:// on localhost in Web Browsers
  223. Python Release Python 3.11.0
  224. Introducing the Docker+Wasm Technical Preview
  225. ZK Tech You Should Know — Part 1: SNARKs & STARKs
  226. Why sprint estimation has broken Agile
  227. Using Context/Specification to better express complicated tests
  228. Discuss the problem, not the solution
  229. ZK Tech You Should Know — Part 1: SNARKs & STARKs
  230. Don't obsess over when to post, but be consistent
  231. Minimum Effective Convenience - Artur Piszek
  232. Building a Queue for Delayed Messages via a RDBMS (1): Design
  233. Release Build v1.7 · dotnet/versionsweeper
  234. When Customers Don’t Get It
  235. Communicating with Extreme Clarity
  236. Coding on the Steam Deck
  237. What are Dynamic templates in Obsidian and why you should use them - WFH Brian
  238. Debugging C With Cosmopolitan Libc
  239. An argument for self-modifying applications
  240. With Java 19, VS Code Now Does Virtual Threads While Debugging -- Visual Studio Magazine
  241. CDK for Terraform Improves Performance by Adding Namespaces
  242. Available today: Windows Dev Kit 2023 aka Project Volterra
  243. Fermat's First Theorem
  244. Practical performance when modernizing cloud apps - Events
  245. Why can't I programmatically inspect the check boxes in the Security property sheet any more?
  246. Get up to speed with .NET - Events
  247. Learn Live: FastTrack for Azure Season 1 - Events
  248. New rules for Blazor in Meziantou.Analyzer - Gérald Barré
  249. Controlling your debugging experience in C#
  250. Melbourne Kids SecuriDay 2023, Melbourne, Fri 27th Jan 2023, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm AEDT | Humanitix
  251. GitHub - Sergio0694/PolySharp: PolySharp provides generated, source-only polyfills for C# language features, to easily use all runtime-agnostic features downlevel. Add a reference, set your C# version to latest and have fun! 🚀
  252. Speaker Expression of Interest
  253. GitHub - losvedir/transit-lang-cmp: Programming language comparison by reimplementing the same transit data app
  254. Using OData with ASP.NET Core Web API - Code Maze
  255. 329: Is iPadOS Ready for Stage Manager?
  256. Building a Smart Home - Part 4 Ceiling Fans | LINQ to Fail
  257. Doomworld (Probably) Got Hacked
  258. Released: Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 5.1 Preview 1
  259. 14th Anniversary of Small Basic
  260. Two New Git Vulnerabilities Affecting Local Clones and Git Shell Patched
  261. Windows Terminal command line arguments
  262. Dependency Injection with the Lambda Annotations Library for .NET - Part 1, Lambda Applications | no dogma blog
  263. A Minimal API with .NET 6 using C#
  264. Dependency Injection with the Lambda Annotations Library for .NET - Part 2, Lambda Functions | no dogma blog
  265. James Randall
  266. Free Art of Agile Development Practices Available
  267. PYTHON CHARTS | The definitive Python data visualization site
  268. Azure Adds Sustainability Guidance to Well-Architected Framework
  269. As the Watercooler Turns
  270. Too Much is Just Right
  271. GitHub - daviddotcs/safe-routing: A C# source generator for ASP.NET Core razor pages and MVC controllers which produces strongly-typed identifiers for routes.
  272. CLR events: go for the nettrace file format!
  273. The Two Definitions of Zettelkasten
  274. Haptick, Part One
  275. /dev/root, what is it?
  276. One speaker segmentation model to rule them all
  277. Vimist - Wordscapes with OpenCV
  278. Unix Time.is 1666555304
  279. Behold, a password phishing site that can trick even savvy users
  280. Stop Optimizing for Tutorials
  281. Data of alleged 2.6m Carousell accounts being sold on Dark Web, hacking forums
  282. What is CORS?
  283. Big Ass Fans introduces revamped Haiku app
  284. Someone wrote a Javascript app that accurately emulates Windows 95 on almost any platform
  285. World ID @ Mina | ETHGlobal
  286. When somebody loses weight, where does the fat go?
  287. How to Build Impactful Portfolio Projects #shorts #webdevelopment
  288. Networking Telemetry in .NET - .NET
  289. Internet disruptions registered as Russia moves in on Ukraine - NetBlocks
  290. Read CSV File in .NET using CsvHelper | C# Tutorials Blog
  291. Microsoft Confirms Server Misconfiguration Led to 65,000+ Companies' Data Leak
  292. News: Postgres 15 available in Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL
  293. Internet of Things for Beginners w/IoT Expert Tara Walker - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #22
  294. Another GitHub Copilot Detractor Emerges, a California Lawyer Eyeing Lawsuit -- Visual Studio Magazine
  295. Update on ImageSharp
  296. Coding Fast and Slow
  297. Weekly Update 318
  298. Weekly Update 318
  299. Cyberattacks a matter of 'when' not 'if' as experts say Australian business has always been a target
  300. How I built and sold a successful startup with fractional hires
  301. 9 Examples of Social Psychology - Addict Breaker
  302. What's wrong with a for loop?
  303. Cloud Native versus Native Cloud apps - Jeremy Daly
  304. OpenBSD 7.2
  305. 3 things I did before app launch and what I wish I have done | Sagio Dev
  306. Spotify Car Thing Root
  307. The HTTP crash course nobody asked for
  308. Photo by bykvu
  309. It's the season of release candidates (take 2)
  310. The Greatest Ever Ice Bucket Challenge #shorts
  311. Throwing exceptions - Why is my stack trace lost?
  312. An Average Developer Does Slightly Above Average Things with Erik Guzman
  313. What happens if my C++ exception handler itself raises an exception?
  314. Bubble Universes
  315. EasyList is in trouble and so are many ad blockers
  316. Eglot has landed on master
  317. .NET GC Internals - 10. Q&A
  318. Weekly Update 318
  319. Quick example of how to use script blocks to track timing in an easy-to-wrap way in PowerShell for things like stages of a build
  320. What's New in EF Core 7.0
  321. Share payment links
  322. Weekly Update 318
  323. It's the season of release candidates
  324. Introducing the Overflow Offline project
  325. The most under-rated database technology for .NET?
  326. ReactJS(v18) JWT Authentication Using HTTP Only Cookie
  327. JavaScript to Know Before Learning ‘How to’ React
  328. Northern Light Live Sodankylä, Finland
  329. Cybersecurity is for everyone—this October and all year
  330. Separation of Concerns in Node.js
  331. 10 essentials to mitigating API security risks | Red Hat Developer
  332. Release v7.0.0-rc2 · dotnet/orleans
  333. Chicago .NET User Group – The Background on Background Tasks in .NET 6
  334. bliki: ConwaysLaw
  335. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  336. Coding Shorts: .NET 7's Grouping and Filtering in Minimal APIs
  337. How Trying New Programming Languages Helped Me Grow as a Software Engineer
  338. 10 Things Every Junior Software Developer Should Know To Be Successful - Doumer's Blog
  339. Friends From First Principles — Simon Berens
  340. 10 Choses que Tous les Développeurs de Logiciels Juniors Devraient Savoir pour Réussir - Doumer's Blog
  341. Computability Theory (ii): uncomputable numbers.
  342. Computability Theory (i): the Halting Problem.
  343. Launching Useful Sensors!
  344. ViewComponent in the Wild I: building modern Rails frontends—Martian Chronicles, Evil Martians’ team blog
  345. Support reminder for older versions of Visual Studio
  346. Syncing Notion databases into Tinybird using notion-objects
  347. Sharp Tools
  348. How to Make Your Marketing Team More Agile
  349. Applying for a faculty job in CS
  350. What if the team hates my functional code?
  351. The Raspberry Pi 400 in My Bedroom
  352. In Australia, it's hard to get a 'burner phone', but this is just one thing criminals are using your data for
  353. ‎I've Got News For You: How to outsmart online hackers on Apple Podcasts
  354. Celestia raises $55M to launch modular blockchain network
  355. What's the deal with zkapps?
  356. Why is Clean Architecture so Popular?
  357. Amazing VS Code Shortcut #shorts #vscode #webdevelopment
  358. RavenDB indexing: exact()
  359. Is it true that raising a structured exception from a structured exception handler terminates the process?
  360. How Regex can take down your server in .NET
  361. Discontinuing Bibliogram - cadence's blog
  362. NET Data Community Standup: New EF Core 7.0 APIs (Bulk Update)
  363. Polyglot Microservices Communication Using Dapr on AKS
  364. LiteDB - A .NET embedded NoSQL database
  365. Windows/0Day.sh at main · SleepTheGod/Windows
  366. magecart - Scott Helme
  367. Super Smash Bros.
  368. YunoHost Portal
  369. Cloud Scaling from the Trenches with Meg Gotshall
  370. Milestone Reached: 200+ Free Ebooks Are Now Available in the Succinctly Series | Syncfusion Blogs
  371. JavaScript metaprogramming with the 2022-03 decorators API
  372. Introducing Spectre.Console
  373. .NET MAUI – Forget Me Not – Part 3
  374. Node.js 19 is now available! | Node.js
  375. uController/MapExtensions.cs at d4e7e1bfad81c20b09669a6b15277e07d1139efc · davidfowl/uController
  376. uController/Program.cs at d4e7e1bfad81c20b09669a6b15277e07d1139efc · davidfowl/uController
  377. CallerLineNumberAttribute Class (System.Runtime.CompilerServices)
  378. Minimal APIs: The magic revealed - Events
  379. Chokuretsu ROM Hacking Challenges Part 1 – Cracking a Compression Algorithm!
  380. A deep dive into endpoint filters in ASP.NET Core 7
  381. Data Partitioning! Don't let growth SLOW you down!
  382. Top 10 highest paid programming languages in 2022
  383. Why Linux Troubleshooting Advice Sucks
  384. Learn C# with CSharpFritz - ASP.NET Core MVC - Sample Project Wrap Up
  385. Hidden gems and live coding with .NET 7  - Events
  386. VS 2022 17.4 Preview 4 Features .NET MAUI with .NET 7 Release Candidate 2 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  387. Wait vs Interrupt Culture
  388. Killing one bird with two-and-a-half stones in Mac OS X Mail - Tech Reflect
  389. Create dynamic social card images with Svelte components - Geoff Rich
  390. Python isn’t Used in Prod
  391. Measuring traffic during the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival
  392. That Time I Tried Porting Zig to SerenityOS
  393. Goodbye, Zig
  394. Division Notation
  395. URL monitoring made easy: self-hosted open-source tool for checking your website availability
  396. Microsoft Announces the General Availability of Azure Automanage Machine Best Practices
  397. Learning Blazor
  398. Why we're leaving the cloud
  399. Subscribe to read | Financial Times
  400. NET Data Community Standup: New EF Core 7.0 APIs (Bulk Update)
  401. NET Data Community Standup: New EF Core 7.0 APIs (Bulk Update)
  402. Why is there a make_unique? Why not just overload the unique_ptr constructor?
  403. Timeouts: add "last-in" for the last payload's length to exception messages by NickCraver · Pull Request #2276 · StackExchange/StackExchange.Redis
  404. Common C# Programming Mistakes - Code Maze
  405. Generating Code Coverage Reports in .NET Core
  406. Visual Studio Feedback
  407. MSBuildSdks/README.md at main · microsoft/MSBuildSdks
  408. Converting a Simple JavaScript App to TypeScript
  409. Adding Experimental HTTP Methods To ASP.NET Core
  410. An API-first approach to building Node.js applications | Red Hat Developer
  411. Episode 442 - Azure IP Services
  412. Hosting .NET Web Service in Unmanaged C/C++ Process in Windows and Linux
  413. GitHub - microsoft/foss-fund: The Microsoft FOSS Fund provides a direct way for Microsoft engineers to participate in the nomination and selection process to help communities and projects they are passionate about. The FOSS Fund provides $10,000 sponsorships to open source projects as selected by Microsoft employees.
  414. Delivering consistency and transparency for cloud hardware security
  415. That Shouldn't Happen - UnreachableException in .NET 7
  416. .NET Core 3.1 is nearing end-of-support
  417. ✂️ The ideal blockchain
  418. Mina zkApps 🛠 Zero-Knowledge Programming with TypeScript - Jack Servia
  419. Announcing KataOS and Sparrow
  420. Perfect Dark has been fully decompiled, making PC ports and mods possible | VGC
  421. Mina zkApps 🛠 Zero-Knowledge Programming with TypeScript - Jack Servia
  422. What to know about Zero Knowledge
  423. ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor in .NET 7 Part III
  424. What you Need to Know
  425. Why study algorithms?
  426. The case against Effect Systems (e.g., the IO data type)
  427. Sending UDP Messages in Node.js Without DNS Lookups
  428. Lets Talk About Trains – Ashton Kemerling
  429. How To Stop Worrying And Love Frontend Dev - Bill Prin's Tech Blog
  430. When is a slice of any not a slice of any?
  431. labour of love
  432. Website Fidelity
  433. Photoshop for text
  434. Jira Pricing - Monthly and Annual Subscription Cost per User
  435. HIBP Login check - Apps - App Store
  436. Announcing .NET MAUI support for .NET 7 Release Candidate 2
  437. Rockin’ the Code World: Special Guest Stephen Toub
  438. Datainnbrudd hos Domeneshop – titusenvis av passord på avveie
  439. Introducing fine-grained personal access tokens | GitHub Changelog
  440. Three ways to refresh the claims of a logged-in user – The Reformed Programmer
  441. Microsoft Power Pages Launches for Low-Code Business Web Sites -- Visual Studio Magazine
  442. GitHub Quick Reviews
  443. Introducing fine-grained personal access tokens for GitHub | The GitHub Blog
  444. Developer Community Keynote: The thing about burnout
  445. Comparing main...safia/minapi-sec-docs · dotnet/AspNetCore.Docs
  446. Developer Community Keynote: The thing about burnout
  447. .NET Conf 2022
  448. Accessing State in System.Text.Json Custom Converters - Steve Gordon - Code with Steve
  449. Found in Houston, Texas
  450. Join us at QCon San Francisco next week
  451. Amazon Custom Gift List
  452. Why is there a passwords.txt file on my system that's filled with somebody else's passwords?
  453. Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Hosting ASP.NET Core MVC with Linux
  454. Roadmap discussions · Discussion #2 · JonPSmith/AuthPermissions.AspNetCore
  455. New Data Leaks Add to Australia's Data Security Reckoning
  456. 3 (and more) ways to set configuration values in .NET - Code4IT
  457. OpenSilver 1.1 Promises 99% of Code Compatibility with Silverlight Applications
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