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May 2022

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All entries for this month

  1. [Last Week in .NET #91] – Ctrl+Shift+B
  2. What is HyperSmooth in GoPro?
  3. Building a transformer in Julia - Lior Sinai
  4. A Gentle(-ish) Introduction to Worst-Case Optimal Joins
  5. Twelve Virtues of Rationality – Eliezer S. Yudkowsky
  6. How I Became a Speaker
  7. My thoughts on what I want to do as a software developer
  8. generative operating systems
  9. Re: Why we stopped making Einsteins? No we did not.
  10. People in your software supply chain
  11. When Should I Give Up?
  12. Why Seafile is unique among file sync solutions
  13. The Appeal of Static Typing
  14. Incremental ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core Migration
  15. Marten just got better for CQRS architectures
  16. UCTRONICS 1U Rack with PoE Functionality for Raspberry Pi 4, 19
  17. Waffenlieferung: Trotz Versprechungen liefert Berlin seit neun Wochen kaum Waffen - WELT
  18. Getting Functional with C#
  19. bob_cassette_rewinder/README.md at master · dekuNukem/bob_cassette_rewinder
  20. aioconsole — aioconsole documentation
  21. The open source Uno Platform for mobile, web and desktop .NET apps, Tue, May 31, 2022, 7:00 PM | Meetup
  22. Hugging Face Endpoints on Azure | Rubik's Code
  23. Add Swagger to ASP.NET Core 6 App
  24. Hosting a MkDocs-driven documentation site on GitHub Pages
  25. d65536
  26. Cats, Running, Guns, Punk Rock. In That Order.
  27. 8 things about Records in C# you probably didn't know - Code4IT
  28. [Video] What's the point of async/await in an ASP.NET Core application?
  29. Episode 425 - BUILD 2022 Updates
  30. Security in MySQL: Part Two - Simple Talk
  31. garagebot - Neil's blog
  32. Microsoft Build 2022 Melb.NET After Party (Hybrid), Tue, Jun 7, 2022, 5:30 PM | Meetup
  33. Understanding PathBase in ASP.NET Core
  34. Microsoft Build ANZ Highlights: 10 Things Every Developer Should Know, Thu, Jun 2, 2022, 4:30 PM | Meetup
  35. Lesser Known Features of ClickHouse
  36. sdk/Microsoft.PackageDependencyResolution.targets at 22c4860dcb2cf6b123dd641cc4a87a50380759d5 · dotnet/sdk
  37. Platform Week wrap-up
  38. Remotely debug ASP.NET Core apps hosted on Azure App Service using Visual Studio - Learn
  39. Building resilient private APIs using Amazon API Gateway | Amazon Web Services
  40. Minimal APIs: Past, Present, and Future
  41. Call for Papers - NDC Sydney 2022 | Conference for Software Developers
  42. Improve Your Model’s Performance and Accuracy with ML.NET’s New Update : C# 411
  43. Next.js meets ASP .NET Core — a story of performance and love at long tail
  44. GitHub - dragonflydb/dragonfly: A modern replacement for Redis and Memcached
  45. Photino: Open Source for Building Cross-Platform Desktop Apps via .NET Core
  46. 308: James & Frank Go To Build 2022!
  47. How to grow a Manager of Managers?
  48. My Visual Guide to #MSBuild Keynote: 10 Things To Know
  49. May 30, 2022
  50. Development Methodologies that Don’t Exist But Could
  51. Welcoming Rocket.Chat to Matrix! | Matrix.org
  52. The Lazy monad
  53. How To Batch Importing Azure DevOps Work Items Using Azure DevOps APIs and C#
  54. Microsoft Build 2022: Xamarin & MAUI Recap
  55. SomaFM
  56. Embracing Hacker Culture - "Building Teams" Series
  57. How to Block IP Addresses in ASP.NET Core Web API - Code Maze
  58. How to Add Startup.cs in ASP.NET Core 6 Project
  59. Anonymous Types in C# - Code Maze
  60. Bucket Sort in C# - Code Maze
  61. BAG:EL - Best Algorithms for Graphs: Easy Learning
  62. raku & rust: a romance?
  63. Implement Azure AD Continuous Access Evaluation (CAE) standalone with Blazor ASP.NET Core
  64. Visualising the 7-block reorg on the Ethereum beacon chain
  65. .NET 6 - New Features
  66. Round-robin DNS support in .NET HttpClient - Gérald Barré
  67. Losing your cookies
  68. Struggling to get going with a new feature? Start with the HTML
  69. Why Reproductions are Required
  70. Major Version Numbers are Not Sacred
  71. Adding WebTransport Handshake to Kestrel by Daniel-Genkin-MS-2 · Pull Request #41877 · dotnet/aspnetcore
  72. Implement Http/2 WebSockets by Tratcher · Pull Request #41558 · dotnet/aspnetcore
  73. Using WebTransport
  74. Arc Notes: Datasette - Simon Willison
  75. Overlay Community Group created from Do Not Reply on 2022-05-26 (public-new-work@w3.org from May 2022)
  76. Fast! by Hanakawa
  77. Multiplicity Choices Are Hard to Model and Change
  78. Why, Oh Why Was This Added?
  79. Ceci n'est pas une non fungible tokens
  80. orange peels and tyre squeels
  81. Magical SVG Techniques — Smashing Magazine
  82. TypeScript 4.7 GA, Visual Studio on Arm64, Azure Deployment Environments, More -- Visual Studio Magazine
  83. Is this what Building Software is *supposed* to look like?
  84. Uninstall Tool - .NET
  85. GoodWill ransomware forces victims to donate to the poor and provides financial assistance to patients in need - CloudSEK
  86. Today’s Javascript, from an outsider’s perspective – Lea Verou
  87. InfoQ interview with me on RavenDB, database consistency and using C# as a system language
  88. Ultra compact GaN ATX power supply delivers up to 250 Watts - CNX Software
  89. Windows OS, Services & Apps: Network Connection Target Hosts • Helge Klein
  90. We rebuilt Cloudflare's developer documentation - here's what we learned
  91. Field Topology
  92. npm security update: Attack campaign using stolen OAuth tokens | The GitHub Blog
  93. DevOps Nirvana – Part 1
  94. Episode 99 - Copy-Pasting with Iris Classon
  95. Code Cleanup on Save in Visual Studio 2022
  96. Build Announcements: SQL Server 2022 public preview and Azure SQL updates | Data Exposed
  97. `for-of` vs. `.reduce()` vs. `.flatMap()`
  98. 100 Days of TypeScript (Day 9)
  99. Over 8 GB Database Exposing Millions of Hotel Guests Dumped (for Free) on Telegram
  100. OpenTelemetry .NET Automatic Instrumentation Releases its first Beta
  101. Microsoft Build – Join us May 24-26 2022
  102. Microsoft Announces the General Availability of Azure Container Apps at Build 2022
  103. Day 2 - Packages, Variables, and Functions Oh My!
  104. Generating Configs with Nix + Cue
  105. Thoughts on Clojurescipt and BigDecimal
  106. GitHub - Azure/AKS: Azure Kubernetes Service
  107. Ansible for dotfiles: the introduction I wish I've had
  108. How I capture, encode, and embed screen recordings for the web
  109. Answer engines
  110. Update on Jasper v2 with an actual alpha
  111. Ancient Earth
  112. Announcing .NET 7 Preview 3
  113. Microsoft Build Conference Heralds Era of AI-Assisted Software Development -- Visual Studio Magazine
  114. Why are tools such as Docker and Kubernetes written in Go and not C#? : csharp
  115. .NET Framework May 2022 Cumulative Update
  116. Visual Studio at Microsoft Build 2022
  117. We Already Have Go 2
  118. Priorities is a bad word.
  119. Hackers target Russian govt with fake Windows updates pushing RATs
  120. r/csharp - Why are tools such as Docker and Kubernetes written in Go and not C#?
  121. Cloud security and college assignment
  122. Microsoft Build – Join us May 24-26 2022
  123. May 26, 2022
  124. Cloudflare’s approach to handling BMC vulnerabilities
  125. Set Up HTTPS by Default in Your Browser
  126. Focus
  127. How we treat content as a product
  128. GitHub - lucidrains/imagen-pytorch: Implementation of Imagen, Google's Text-to-Image Neural Network, in Pytorch
  129. Why are tools such as Docker and Kubernetes written in Go and not C#?
  130. GitHub - dpbevin/dotnet-staticfiles
  131. Software Carbon Intensity?
  132. PSA: Serious Security Vulnerability in Tor Browser - Darknetlive
  133. Auto Save files in Visual Studio 2022
  134. [Fargate/ECS] [Image caching]: provide image caching for Fargate. · Issue #696 · aws/containers-roadmap
  135. Mock Asynchronous Methods Using Moq in C# - Code Maze
  136. macOS Environment Setup For MAUI Development | The .NET Tools Blog
  137. Introducing AI for Beginners Curriculum
  138. Announcing the end of support for Node.js 12.x in the AWS SDK for JavaScript (v3) | Amazon Web Services
  139. Windows Terminal Preview 1.14 Release
  140. Reading Source Code: React-Query
  141. jest mock buffer.from Code Example
  142. It’s good to bet on .NET
  143. Cesium Story Depicts Damage in Ukraine
  144. Why are tools such as Docker and Kubernetes written in Go and not C#? : csharp
  145. Use stack buffers and return data to pool in EC point encoding by vcsjones · Pull Request #69812 · dotnet/runtime
  146. Cleanup a few more allocations in X.509 by vcsjones · Pull Request #69831 · dotnet/runtime
  147. Introducing Project Volterra
  148. Pong
  149. Stupid Things Orgs Do That Kill Productivity w/ Netflix, FloSports & Refactoring.club
  150. Used Orleans for data syncing instead of observable collection by davidfowl · Pull Request #2 · davidfowl/CommandAndControl
  151. Why are tools such as Docker and Kubernetes written in Go and not C#? : csharp
  152. VideoMentions
  153. Message Ordering in Pub/Sub or Queues
  154. Lessons learned as a software developer turned project manager
  155. Ghost in the Shellcode
  156. A Kernel Hacker Meets Fuchsia OS
  157. How I made the most out of my coding bootcamp ?
  158. Learnings from 5 years of tech startup code audits - Ken Kantzer's Blog
  159. The pain of using budget notebooks as a software developer
  160. CurlyTP: Every Web Server is a Dead Drop - MiscDotGeek
  161. The power of tech debt
  162. Why a PhD was not for me
  163. Advertising is Obsolete | Jake Poznanski — Software Engineer
  164. Linux and a Bluetooth Dongle
  165. 6 Tips for Starting a Software Engineering Internship
  166. Questions for Developers to ask at interviews
  167. Celestia Testnet Introduces Alpha Data Availability API
  168. Two Questions
  169. Patch: Zoom chat messages can infect devices with malware
  170. Michael Tsai - Blog - SwiftUI in 2022
  171. Google has been DDoSing SourceHut for over a year
  172. Episode 37: Microsoft Build 2022
  173. Hackers can hack your online accounts before you even register them
  174. Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Finally Generally Available -- Visual Studio Magazine
  175. The forgotten benefits of “low tech” user interfaces
  176. Voyager Wires
  177. Introducing private preview port tunneling Visual Studio for ASP.NET Core projects
  178. Herding Code 246 - David Ortinau on .NET MAUI
  179. Dig through SERVFAILs with EDE
  180. Data Science in Context: Foundations, Challenges, Opportunities
  181. Remove Duplicates From a C# Array - Code Maze
  182. Implementing Power BI Row-level security (RLS) at the user level
  183. The Man Who Revolutionized Computer Science With Math
  184. Introducing the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform
  185. Lightweight State Machines in React
  186. Introducing Azure Deployment Environments
  187. Get Tweet Engagements Using .NET and C#
  188. Create AWS resources with Kubernetes and Operators | Red Hat Developer
  189. New FREE Ebook—Unit Testing Legacy Code Effective Approaches
  190. Nginx for Azure - Now in Preview
  191. Microsoft Build 2022:  Azure Communication Services updates to build faster and reach further
  192. Monsters Weekly 251 - Reviewing Contributions to GenFu
  193. Announcing TypeScript 4.7
  194. Tamada - Tikebi (Official Music Video)
  195. Code, test, and ship your next app quickly and securely with Microsoft developer tools
  196. Scale your cloud-native apps and accelerate app modernization with Azure, the best cloud for your apps
  197. container-apps-image-classifier/Program.cs at main · anthonychu/container-apps-image-classifier
  198. What are Code Reviews and Why Should We Spend Time on Them?
  199. Web-Queue-Worker architecture style - Azure Architecture Center
  200. Introducing Microsoft Dev Box
  201. Some cleanup on X509Certificate by vcsjones · Pull Request #69754 · dotnet/runtime
  202. Microsoft Build | Cloud Skills Challenge
  203. Use span instead of array on PublicKey by vcsjones · Pull Request #69534 · dotnet/runtime
  204. Wendy's PH informs users of site data breach after NPC intervention
  205. .NET Standard | Common APIs across all .NET implementations
  206. MX Mechanical Wireless Keyboard - Full Size or Mini | Logitech
  207. Oren Eini on RavenDB, including Consistency Guarantees and C# as the Implementation Language
  208. How JUCE Components Work · Melatonin
  209. Microsoft Releases Azure DNS Private Resolver in Public Preview
  210. Writing JIT Compiler on the Plane
  211. Kalix: Build Serverless Cloud-Native Business-Crtical Applications with No Databases
  212. Assignment for optional<T>
  213. What is bloat and why is it slowly killing most products
  214. Not My Job
  215. 4 Lessons I wish I knew earlier on in my professional career
  216. Announcing CBL-Mariner 2.0
  217. Blog | Is Internet Computer (ICP) really decentralized?
  218. How I think about C99 strict aliasing rules
  219. The Man Who Revolutionized Computer Science With Math
  220. Morrowind 20-year anniversary book
  221. Microsoft Build – Join us May 24-26 2022
  222. GitHub - dzhang314/YouTubeDrive: Store files as YouTube videos == infinite disk space
  223. Cat S22 Flip | Cat phones USA
  224. Top 10 Dev Products Going GA at Microsoft Build 2022 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  225. Microsoft Introduces 'Dev Box' Service for Cloud Workstations -- Visual Studio Magazine
  226. GitHub - microsoft/xdp-for-windows: A Windows interface used to accelerate networking by bypassing most of the OS networking stack.
  227. .NET MAUI Reaches General Availability, Replacing Xamarin.Forms -- Visual Studio Magazine
  228. Azure Container Apps General Availability
  229. Brave joins Mozilla in declaring Google's First-Party Sets feature harmful to privacy - gHacks Tech News
  230. Simple Mobile Tools Android apps website
  231. Product Manager, Platforms and Ecosystems, Google Play - Google - Mountain View, CA, USA - Atlanta, GA, USA - Austin, TX, USA - New York, NY, USA - Google Careers
  232. Healthchecks.io Hosting Setup, 2022 Edition
  233. Add Stream ReadAtLeast and ReadExactly by eerhardt · Pull Request #69272 · dotnet/runtime
  234. May 24, 2022
  235. Modern programming languages require generics
  236. Wisdom from IBM, 1979
  237. Electrical Protection in 132 Images: electropathology by Stefan Jellinek
  238. Reducing the size of a git repository with git-replace
  239. CSAM Scanning: EU Commission's lies uncovered - Surveillance will not save the children.
  240. Fight for Your Right to Privacy — the Troy Hunt’s YouTube Takeover | NordVPN
  241. Password policy: updating your approach
  242. Clean Code Tip: Tests should be even more well-written than production code - Code4IT
  243. European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards - VOTE FOR YOUR WINNERS
  244. How to Mock HttpClient with Unit Tests in C# - Code Maze
  245. Creating a documentation site with MkDocs
  246. Aloha .NET MAUI
  247. Performance regression tests at Microsoft Security
  248. Provide default configuration to your .NET applications
  249. File Upload in ASP.NET Core 6 - Detailed Guide | Pro Code Guide
  250. A coding pitfall in implementing dependency injection in .NET azure functions
  251. Starlink
  252. Why developers should care about AVIF – The future of media
  253. C# Lambdas Part 2, a Few More Complicated Examples | no dogma blog
  254. [ IMPORTANT ] Sirhurt database has been compromised.
  255. Waiting to never happen
  256. When Everything is Important But Nothing is Getting Done
  257. Fanpass: Fanpass - Incident Notification | Milled
  258. Videogrep Tutorial
  259. .NET MAUI - Unifying the .NET platform
  260. Lessons Learned From Running Apache Airflow at Scale
  261. [Last Week in .NET #90] – Optimizing Cryware
  262. How to Hire at a Startup
  263. Much like bow ties, Genomics Is Cool! | Daniel Diaz's Website
  264. 278: Bicycle Repair Man
  265. My Top N Favorite Plugins and Tools for Developers
  266. Safari is crippling the mobile market, and we never noticed
  267. What are static websites and when to use them?
  268. Sketchy Mirrors | Moritz' Blog
  269. Life Monitor
  270. “This is probably dumb…” - Herbert Lui
  271. where's all the code?
  272. Django Channels for Real Time Updates
  273. How Uber Uses Zig - Motiejus Jakštys Public Record
  274. Introducing .NET MAUI - One Codebase, Many Platforms
  275. Visual Studio 2022 for Mac is now available
  276. You Can Now Deploy a zkApp Using the Mina zkApp CLI!
  277. Rust Guide: Sum-Check protocol
  278. GitHub - JumpCrypto/crypto-reading-list
  279. May 23, 2022
  280. gRPC support on Azure App Service
  281. Goofs
  282. Preliminary Learning ON Kimchi: PLONK
  283. Performance: Lambda Expressions, Method Groups, and delegate caching - Gérald Barré
  284. RavenDB at Rakuten Kobo recording is now available
  285. Happy 10th Birthday Compiler Explorer! — Matt Godbolt’s blog
  286. Feather Wiki | About
  287. Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2022/621
  288. Keep the Web Free, Say No to Web3
  289. Vidar's Blog – GNU, Linux and technology in general
  290. Temporary breakpoint – New feature in Visual Studio 2022
  291. Exploring Service Bus with Fantasy Football
  292. Validate User Input With Regular Expressions in Blazor WebAssembly
  293. 307: All in on .NET MAUI
  294. Alexandre Nédélec - Week 20, 2022 - Tips I learned this week
  295. Geometric transformations with OpenCV
  296. Implement Azure AD Continuous Access Evaluation (CAE) step up with ASP.NET Core Blazor using a Web API
  297. How do Video Games Stay in Sync? An Intro to the Fascinating Networking of Real Time Games.
  298. Build a Fast Ecommerce Site With Next.js and Shopify
  299. Security in MySQL: Part One - Simple Talk
  300. Packaging a WSL Distro to MSIX
  301. Access to XAML controls in a React Native for Windows application (Part 2)
  302. Tasks, lists, and promises
  303. Site Reliability Engineering – Monitoring Distributed Systems
  304. Should engineering managers write code?
  305. Faster CRC32 on the Apple M1
  306. Software engineering at product company - jeremi.codes
  307. Why Clojure?
  308. 4 Emerging Data Monetization Models Disrupting Businesses
  309. The mindless tyranny of 'what if it changes?' as a software design principle
  310. 👷 Tips for effective engineering
  311. Coding As Creative Expression
  312. Iterative execution: The path to steady product dev
  313. The /bin/true Command and Copyright
  314. DDD South West 2022 - Session Voting
  315. Wikipedia Over WhatsApp · Caffeinspiration
  316. We’re discontinuing the Stablegains service. Please withdraw your remaining funds.
  317. Teach Your Kids Bridge - Speculative Branches
  318. 6 JavaScript Optimization Tips From Google
  319. Kinopio
  320. My VR support rig and VR shoes in No Man's Sky
  321. Windows XP Delta Edition
  322. #shorts VR shoes update - new designs, including an omni treadmill design
  323. Using Cloudflare KV in Vercel functions
  324. On rants about laptops for developers • AndreGarzia.com
  325. Databases = Frameworks for Distributed Systems
  326. Simplify, simplify, maybe for real this time | BryceWray.com
  327. The unreasonable effectiveness of f‍-‍strings and re.VERBOSE
  328. Visual Debugging Now!
  329. about feeling shitty
  330. VR still has a HUGE Problem!
  331. 12 VR Locomotion Solutions/Concepts You Probably Haven't Heard Of
  332. Firefox appears to be flagged as suspicious by Cloudflare
  333. The least believable part of the future depicted in sci-fi…
  334. The balance has shifted away from SPAs
  335. VeeCon | Exclusive Conference Around Web 3 and Culture
  336. GitHub - hng/tech-coops: A list of tech coops and resources concerning tech coops and worker owned cooperatives in general.
  337. RustDesk | Open source remote desktop software
  338. Lotus 1-2-3 For Linux
  339. Home Page
  340. GitHub - damienbod/Blazor.BFF.OpenIDConnect.Template: Blazor.BFF.OpenIDConnect.Template, Blazor WASM hosted in ASP.NET Core using OpenID Connect BFF (server authentication)
  341. How to Register Services for Different Environments in .NET - Code Maze
  342. GitHub - gcochard/hibp-downloader: Download all the HIBP passwords
  343. How I switched to Flutter and lost 10 kilos
  344. Why wireguard is NOT safe, and you should NOT use it.
  345. Notes on Ukraine
  346. Automating Well-Architected Principles
  347. Hating On Oats
  348. Monitor radiation with a Raspberry Pi
  349. Building my first mechanical keyboard
  350. Homo Bufferedius
  351. Math on GitHub: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  352. Visual Studio Code Nods to Rapidly Rising Rust Language -- Visual Studio Magazine
  353. GitHub - sharkdp/fd: A simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to 'find'
  354. Angular Diameter Turnaround
  355. Tether Required Recapitalization In May 2022
  356. ACM Digital Library
  357. This "amateur" programmer fought cancer with 50 Nvidia Geforce 1080Ti
  358. Features of the Windows Process Activation Service (WAS)
  359. How GitHub Actions handles CI/CD scale on short-running jobs with Ephemeral OS disk Reimage
  360. Speeding up sort performance in Postgres 15
  361. Memory safety for SerenityOS
  362. Black Tech Week
  363. Buy Vs. Build – The Political Aspect
  364. 9-Euro-Ticket
  365. Weekly Update 296
  366. Code Maze Weekly #124 - Code Maze
  367. Unusual optimizations; ref foreach and ref returns
  368. 50 shades of .NET on AWS
  369. The History of Web Accessibility—How It Impacts Design Today
  370. An Azure Developer's guide to Microsoft Build 2022
  371. Approaches to implementing multi-tenancy in SaaS applications | Red Hat Developer
  372. Access to XAML controls in a React Native for Windows application
  373. A Data and AI guide to Build 2022
  374. Solutions Architect Tips: How to Build Your First Architecture Diagram | Ready, Set, Cloud!
  375. The Search for a Proportional Font for Developers (Revisited for VS Code)
  376. Global Accessbility Awareness Day – Does your web product support the needs of the many?
  377. Here Comes Another Bubble v1.1 - The Richter Scales
  378. GitHub - zefchain/serde-reflection: Rust libraries and tools to help with interoperability and testing of serialization formats based on Serde.
  379. Math support in Markdown | The GitHub Blog
  380. Render mathematical expressions in Markdown | GitHub Changelog
  381. Weekly Update 296
  382. HTTP Cats
  383. Chrome is Auto Adjusting the Microphone Level
  384. What goes into a Buy vs. Build vs. Opensource Decision?
  385. GitHub - joeywatts/disable-autogain-control-extension: A chrome extension which disables the automatic microphone gain control in the MediaStream Web API.
  386. Running PyTorch on the M1 GPU
  387. Steve Ruiz
  388. Open-source your SaaS and skyrocket your MRR.
  389. wtf is Clojure inlining anyway
  390. A Brutally Simple Site - Kev Quirk
  391. Fabian Lindfors
  392. Temporary tables in SQLite
  393. Reading is Hard
  394. Here Comes Another Bubble v1.1 - The Richter Scales
  395. Weighted k-NN Classification Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  396. GOV.UK drops jQuery from their front end.
  397. bunnie's blog
  398. An Exciting Leap Forward for Glitch
  399. GitHub - davidfowl/CommandAndControl: A sample showing command and control using client results
  400. Monitoring our monitoring: how we validate our Prometheus alert rules
  401. simh@groups.io | New license?
  402. Happy Birthday, Libera Chat!
  403. May 19, 2022
  404. [APP][5.0+] FairEmail - Fully featured, open source, privacy oriented email app
  405. Introducing the new and upgraded Framework Laptop - Framework Team / Blog - Framework Community
  406. How to Create a Comma-Separated String From a List of Strings in C#
  407. Happy 20th Anniversary, Npgsql!
  408. Duck Chess
  409. 8 Very Useful Markup Extensions in .NET MAUI
  410. A SaaS architecture checklist for Kubernetes | Red Hat Developer
  411. What onion has to do with Clean Code? - Event-Driven.io
  412. Understanding TypeScript 4.7 and ECMAScript module support - LogRocket Blog
  413. Why a bug fix should "always" include new tests
  414. Domain Modeling - Encapsulation
  415. The Big Six Matrix Factorizations
  416. RFC 9239: Updates to ECMAScript media types
  417. Mainly Known For
  418. Computing Expert Says Programmers Need More Math | Quanta Magazine
  419. Thoughts on OKRs
  420. How I Found Time to Build My Skills
  421. Calling all Prusa users: It's time for an upgrade!
  422. Creating a SQLAlchemy Dialect for Airtable
  423. "X raise sanctions against Y" - Finetune Language model for Sentiment Relation Extraction task [part 1/2] | Attitude Extraction Advances
  424. Spotify issues - Shogan.tech
  425. The Petabyte Pi Project | Jeff Geerling
  426. Jiminy Click
  427. How to feel engaged at work: a software engineer's guide | Jason Tu
  428. When Reinventing the Wheel Makes Sense
  429. I'm an addict
  430. Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Team Fixes Release Candidate Issues -- Visual Studio Magazine
  431. What's New in Visual Studio Code 1.67 (April 2022 Update) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  432. Proposal on release labels by richlander · Pull Request #265 · dotnet/designs
  433. .NET Data Community Standup - Testing EF Core Apps (part 2)
  434. Spanify some Windows X.509 PAL and improve formatting. by vcsjones · Pull Request #69448 · dotnet/runtime
  435. Allocate less with X500DistinguishedName by vcsjones · Pull Request #69514 · dotnet/runtime
  436. Minor cleanup and reduce allocations in Apple X.509 certificate PAL by vcsjones · Pull Request #69497 · dotnet/runtime
  437. Commands & Events: What's the difference?
  438. Tips for Moving Your Xamarin Library to .NET MAUI
  439. 😵‍💫 Why billing systems are a nightmare for engineers
  440. Introducing Accelerated PyTorch Training on Mac
  441. Pegasus Mail Newsflashes
  442. I Spent 2 years Launching Tiny Projects | Tiny Projects
  443. Please Stop Using Grey Text
  444. Why Google is so unbearable (and how to fix it)
  445. Internship Experience: Software Development Intern
  446. Git ignores .gitignore with .gitignore in .gitignore
  447. Build mobile and desktop apps with .NET MAUI - Learn
  448. NaturalSpeech: End-to-End Text to Speech Synthesis with Human-Level Quality
  449. Copy To Clipboard in Blazor WebAssembly - Code Maze
  450. A dev's thoughts on developer productivity
  451. How To Use Localization in ASP.NET Core
  452. useLayoutEffect Is a Powerful Hook
  453. IEnumerable Visualizer In Visual Studio 2022 - .NET Core Tutorials
  454. DevOps 101: How to kick-start your DevOps initiative
  455. Using SQL Server Cursors with Entity Framework Core
  456. Monsters Weekly 250 - Command Line Parameter Suggestions with DragonFruit
  457. Babylon.js 5.0: Key Engine Advancements – Part 3
  458. Unexpectedly HTTPS?
  459. Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Get Started with ASP.NET Core MVC
  460. Sync Obsidian Between Laptop and Android
  461. Laurence Tratt: Static Integer Types
  462. Mining a Dispensary
  463. Florence: the Short Masterpiece that Goes Past a Love Story – doamatto
  464. A real life use-case for generics in Go: API for client-side pagination
  465. Steps towards debugging and resolving Android bootloops
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  533. May 16, 2022
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  680. What’s new
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  687. Thanks red badge & lock screen banner, but it's time I tried to stay up to date all by myself
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  753. 3,3 millioner personnumre kan være på avveie etter dataangrep
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  774. May 10, 2022
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  826. I'm a fucking webmaster
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  852. Address by the President of Ukraine on the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation — Official website of the President of Ukraine
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  864. Original Prusa i3 MMU2S upgrade kit (for MK2.5S & MK3S/+) - ORG | Original Prusa 3D printers directly from Josef Prusa
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  867. It's probably not just chess and language, so how much potential is getting thrown away?
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  872. My Books
  873. Episode 423 - Azure Cache for Redis
  874. Thrive Conference in Slovenia
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  876. Democracy Sausage
  877. Sponsor @erincatto on GitHub Sponsors
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  898. why do you waste so much time on the internet.
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  900. Introducing Npgsql multiplexing: a high-performance database driver model, Thu, May 12, 2022, 6:00 PM | Meetup
  901. When Negotiating a Price, Never Bid with a Round Number
  902. GitHub - egil/Benchmark.Blazor: A sample benchmark.net test app that can be used to measure Blazor components.
  903. GitHub Security Lab Community Office Hours
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  906. Challenge: Spot the optimization–solution
  907. Why I joined Cloudflare in Latin America
  908. An open database of 20 million free scholarly articles
  909. NDC Oslo 2022: Call for Speakers/Papers
  910. Weekly Update 294
  911. GitHub - copy/v86: x86 virtualization in your browser, recompiling x86 to wasm on the fly
  912. Serilog Tutorial
  913. Fixing the problem of too many tabs
  914. Chief Innovation Officer- What are the prerequisites?
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  920. Hating On Oats
  921. Why Ballerina is a language
  922. Darlings of the self-hosted, open-source world
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  925. Mercurial Bitbucket Archive
  926. Master Higher-Order Functions in JavaScript
  927. Babylon.js 5.0 Release and MR developers
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  929. New in Learning Synths: Export, Record, and More
  930. Modern Python performance considerations
  931. Google Summer of Code
  932. PayHere දත්ත 65GB ක් හැක් වෙලා!
  933. Markdownish syntax for generating flowcharts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, gantt charts and git graphs.
  934. Including "And. And. And. And. And." in a Google doc causes it to crash.
  935. Moving a macOS window by clicking anywhere on it (like on Linux)
  936. Application Development with Scott Hanselman & Friends | KEY11D
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  942. What It’s Like Inside Shanghai’s Lockdown
  943. Please, stop disabling zoom
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  946. May 5, 2022
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