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January 2022

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All entries for this month

  1. Hello OmniSharp on .NET 6.0!
  2. .NET R&D Digest (January, 2022)
  3. the new hire who showed up is not the same person we interviewed
  4. Please make a dumb car – TechCrunch
  5. Array or object JSON deserialization (feat. .NET & System.Text.Json)
  6. Azure DevOps Podcast: Bryan Costanich on .NET 6 IoT - Episode 177
  7. Array or object JSON deserialization (feat. .NET & System.Text.Json)
  8. Adblocking People and Non-adblocking People Experience a Totally Different Web
  9. How I Discovered Thousands of Open Databases on AWS
  10. GitHub - marcominerva/MinimalHelpers.Registration: A lightweight library to automatically register all the Route Endpoints of a Minimal API project.
  11. Why does the Windows debugger engine show a bunch of hex digits after one of the DLL names?
  12. Memory leaks: the forgotten side of web performance
  13. What If? 2
  14. Network Server Accelerator (NSA HTTP)
  15. Parallelize test cases execution in xUnit - Gérald Barré
  16. Cloudflare Partner Program Now Supports SASE & Zero Trust Managed Services
  17. How CallerArgumentExpression changes the logging game in C# 10
  18. Development With A Dot - Using Generated Methods Instead of Reflection
  19. How I reversed a NodeJS malware and found the author
  20. Getting started with AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry and distributed tracing using .NET. Part 1: Setting up the AWS OTEL Collector
  21. Episode 21: Milly Schmidt — PATHS UNCOVERED
  22. How to Copy Array Elements to New Array in C# - Code Maze
  23. 291: GitHub Actions All The Things
  24. Implement a PWA using Blazor with BFF security and Azure B2C
  25. Temporal Tables with EF Core 6
  26. Don’t forget Microsoft
  27. Code-Splitting: Get Better Performance When Developing React
  28. tzdata, the time zone database for RHEL: 2021 update | Red Hat Developer
  29. Deploying Uno Platform Applications to Azure
  30. Keep your workflow actions up to date using GitHub Dependabot | Visual Studio Geeks
  31. F# and WebAssembly
  32. Power Apps and the .NET Developer
  33. PagerDuty’s Security Training for Engineers, The Dramatic Conclusion
  34. Hoare’s Rebuttal and Bubble Sort’s Comeback
  35. X.520: What’s in a name?
  36. New Video: Coding Making Sense of reactive() and ref() in Vue.js
  37. What is the Inverse of a Circle?
  38. Hardy, Ramanujan and Taxi No. 1729
  39. Basic cryptography - the Vigenere cipher - Eric Mann's Blog
  40. Testing Appointment App - Lav Patel | Lead Software Engineer
  41. Welcome to My Site!
  42. mikerourke.dev
  43. Writing a toy traceroute from scratch · Caffeinspiration
  44. Autodocumenting Makefiles
  45. Clean code is a phase – Koen van Gilst
  46. Knowledge Base - your company’s undervalued asset
  47. A UX designer walks into a Tesla Bar – Scott Jenson
  48. Migrating Web Apps to Azure App Services
  49. Bike Tire | Fahrrad-Tools.de
  50. Rust has a small standard library (and that's ok)
  51. r/ethereum - Did I just lose half a million dollars by sending WETH to WETH's contract address?
  52. Why Do I Look Like...This? The SexyCyborg Origin Story
  53. Penn Badgely Reacts to Laura Ingraham Being Confused About the Netflix Show ‘You’ I THR News
  54. Only the great die at 11 (RIP Stack Overflow Jobs)
  55. GitHub - xoofx/dotnet-releaser: Easily cross-compile, package and publish your .NET application to NuGet and GitHub.
  56. I finally understand Declarative Programming 🍀
  57. Fold inbox crypto into one assembly by bartonjs · Pull Request #64307 · dotnet/runtime
  58. How to Use Tags
  59. High-Resolution Audio: is it worth the hype?
  60. There Is No Metaverse
  61. commits signed by ssh key using nix and home-manager
  62. Game Performance Optimization - A Practical Example From Industry Idle
  63. Jeremy Mikkola - Tech debt gets worse before it gets better
  64. Phone is Still the Best Way to Order Pizza
  65. Why Do I Look Like...This? The SexyCyborg Origin Story
  66. Bush And Rice
  67. Penn Badgely Reacts to Laura Ingraham Being Confused About the Netflix Show ‘You’ I THR News
  68. lib: add fetch by targos · Pull Request #41749 · nodejs/node
  69. black
  70. It’s been 20 years since “15” was factored on quantum hardware | IBM Research Blog
  71. Microsoft, Autism, and the 1990s: Dave and Joelle
  72. Technical details for satellite NOAA 15
  73. Technical details for satellite NOAA 18
  74. Technical details for satellite NOAA 19
  76. Tor Browser: a legacy of advancing private browsing innovation | Tor Project
  77. Connecting gadgets to Blazor
  78. Search results | Find available job openings at Microsoft
  79. Search results | Find available job openings at Microsoft
  80. ASP.NET Community Standup - Exploring the ABP web app framework
  81. People don't work as much as you think
  82. Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Better Development Lifecycle
  83. Marketplace Office Hours (Business and Technical)- Register Now for February Sessions
  84. Wire • Secure Messenger | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
  85. Microsoft Teams 2.0 will use half the memory, dropping Electron...
  86. GitHub - stenh0use/docker-machine-for-mac: Docker Machine for Mac - an alternative to Docker for Mac
  87. Rare color photos from the Second World War, 1941-1945 - Rare Historical Photos
  88. Piped
  89. Autoresponder
  90. Trying to vlog #crypto #vlog #shorts
  91. Speed up your .NET app with the .NET memory profilers in Visual Studio 2022
  92. NVIDIA GPUs Enable Simulation of a Living Cell | NVIDIA Blog
  93. OCaml - Generalized algebraic datatypes
  94. | Avoiding Conflicts on Social Media Might Make Things WorseMichele Coscia
  95. In defense of NIR
  96. Teleporting thru Information Space
  97. Old Man Yells at Cloud
  98. Suggestions for onboarding remote Software Engineers
  99. Fun with Node experimental modules and loaders
  100. The 21 best StumbleUpon alternatives of 2022
  101. Reclaiming the lost art of Linux server administration
  102. Marijuana Deals Nearby | Find 420 Deals & Discounts | Leafly
  103. Brand New! Azure Functions OpenAPI Extension on .NET 6
  104. Azure DevOps requires TLS 1.2 on all connections including Visual Studio
  105. Making the web better. With blocks!
  106. Weekly Update 280
  107. Be a Cognizant Software Developer #shorts
  108. January 7, 2021 - Building a PowerBI report, CSS Ribbon, and Azure functions
  109. January 10, 2021 - Tab-based notation with TAML, ServiceBus with KlipTok and MORE!
  110. How did we get from .NET Framework to just .NET?
  111. macOS Monterey 12.3 Beta Release Notes
  112. Sigstore ❤ Ruby!
  113. Ignore non-X509 certificates in SignedCms by vcsjones · Pull Request #64348 · dotnet/runtime
  114. Talking at Carnegie Mellon Database Group: Practical Considerations for ACID/MVCC Storage Engines
  115. How can I recognize whether two handles refer to the same underlying file?
  116. There’s No Such Thing as Clean Code
  117. mac-capture: Improve window capture support on macOS 12.3 by Developer-Ecosystem-Engineering · Pull Request #5875 · obsproject/obs-studio
  118. Happy Data Privacy Day!
  119. Masterclass on mathematical thinking
  120. Weekly Update 280
  121. Block Protocol - an open standard for data-driven blocks
  122. Difference Between ValueTuple and Tuple in C# - Code Maze
  123. Aho/Ullman Foundations of Computer Science
  124. Which .NET GraphQL Clients Should Your App Use?
  125. The Guide to PubSub (Publish/Subscribe)
  126. ZoomIt v5.0, RDCMan v2.90, Autoruns, ProcMon, TCPView, VMMap, Sysmon and WinObj
  127. Implementing OAuth 2 Using Node.js
  128. How Prime Video updates its app for more than 8,000 device types
  129. 5.8 million RedDoorz user records for sale on hacking forum
  130. Senior Program Manager in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  131. If Looks Could Kill
  132. Writing an open source GPU driver – without the hardware
  133. +’a and -‘a
  134. GitHub - microsoft/playwright: Playwright is a framework for Web Testing and Automation. It allows testing Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API.
  135. Security Visionaries 2022 | Teleport
  136. How Latest Visual Studio 2022 Update Speeds Code Search -- Visual Studio Magazine
  137. Learn Live - Create and deploy a cloud-native ASP.NET Core microservice
  138. Cryptocurrency exchange BTC-Alpha confirms ransomware attack
  139. LTO Tape data storage for Linux nerds
  140. IP-Link – Twelve years after – cedric's blog
  141. Smart Portrait gives "We've temporarily disabled this filter because of an error" after first use
  142. Speeding up VSCode (extensions) in 2022 – Jason Williams
  143. Why Quantum Mechanics?
  144. macOS Monterey 12.3 Beta Release Notes
  145. Sometimes, rewriting in another language works
  146. Please Don’t Just Say Hello In Chat
  147. Platform Specific Code using Partial Classes in .NET MAUI
  148. Creating the Conditions for Developer Happiness
  149. BastionZero Blog | I read the federal government’s Zero-Trust Memo so you don’t have to
  150. GitHub - dzautner/Sel: A compiler for thin Symbolic Expressions abstraction layer over Lambda calculus.
  151. Facebook SDK v12.2 for Xamarin.iOS Now Available
  152. #160 Brandon Minnick, .NET MAUI | no dogma podcast
  153. WUG: .NET 6 extravaganza: Entity Framework Core 6 (online)
  154. Prefer to change the code rather than write a workaround
  155. Performance improvements in ASP.NET Core 6
  156. Thread by @JustForFansSite on Thread Reader App
  157. Protecting The Consumer: Pringles Will Now Require Two-Step Verification In Order To Open Their Cans
  158. Episode 409 - Azure Service Connector
  159. Blazor | Build client web apps with C# | .NET
  160. What is Curious Drive? - Free Courses, Coding Problems & Quizzes
  161. Practical tips to elevate your UX and accessibility
  162. Two reasons Kubernetes is so complex
  163. Migrating to Cloudflare Email Routing
  164. How can I recognize file systems that don't support 64-bit unique file identifiers?
  165. Clean up your .NET Controllers with ApiEndpoints
  166. Impressions #2-100
  167. Switch Expression with Multiple Cases That Return the Same Result in C#
  168. Society has a trust problem. More censorship will only make it worse.
  169. Fall 2021
  170. Big (tech) company bullshit
  171. GitHub - refined-github/refined-github: Browser extension that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features
  172. Download GitHub directory
  173. Validating Objects With FluentValidation
  174. Using Guard Clauses in .NET - XamGirl
  175. Let’s Architect! Architecture and Sustainability | Amazon Web Services
  176. Web API DTO Considerations
  177. Let's get logical! On logical and physical architectural views
  178. How to Create a PNG File from a Web Page in C#
  179. Tip 350 - How to extract information from receipts with Azure Form Recognizer
  180. Setting up symbol-valued constants via proxies
  181. A pipe operator for JavaScript: introduction and use cases
  182. Dapr v1.6 is now available
  183. The Biggest Mistake I See Engineers Make
  184. .NET Rocks! vNext
  185. Modernizing DasBlog - from Web Forms to .NET 6
  186. The Internals of PostgreSQL : Introduction
  187. PQShield raises $20M for its quantum-ready, future-proof cryptographic security solutions – TechCrunch
  188. Testnet #4: Shielded Staking Is Here
  189. Event Sourcing vs Event Driven Architecture
  190. .NET Data Community Standup - Testing EF Core Apps
  191. Run Ordinary Rails Apps Globally
  192. Piped
  193. David Rumsey Map Collection
  194. Consequences Create Complexity
  195. Why (Enterprise) Software Is Bloated
  196. Khronos Strengthens Vulkan Ecosystem with Release of Vulkan 1.3, Public Roadmap and Profiles
  197. Hey Ethereum, Let's Break Solidity's Composability!
  198. "Lena" isn't about uploading
  199. Machine readable specifications at scale
  200. How to start contributing to open-source projects - Max Leiter
  201. Bill Gates Answered my Email!! RE:Commodore Easter Egg!
  202. Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Dumps Mono for .NET 6 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  203. The State of Zero Knowledge
  204. Dockerize your Blazor App: Carl Franklin's Blazor Train Ep 68
  205. What’s new in bUnit for .NET 6
  206. Colors in .NET: An In-Depth Guide
  207. Incorrect proxying of 24 hostnames on January 24, 2022
  208. .NET | Free. Cross-platform. Open Source.
  209. bbenchoff.github.io by bbenchoff
  210. A bug lurking for 12 years gives attackers root on every major Linux distro
  211. .NET Data Community Standup - Testing EF Core Apps
  212. We Studied 81,000 Page Titles - Google Rewrote 61% Of Them
  213. Alien Mission
  214. Domain Logic: Where does it go?
  215. GitHub - Xabaril/Esquio: Esquio is a Feature Toggle Library for .NET Developers.
  216. Git Stars - ErikEJ
  217. Code search in Visual Studio 2022 is about to get much faster
  218. Fixing sync over async issues in .NET / C# with Visual Studio 2022
  219. What are these weird internal Visual C++ runtime functions named NLG?
  220. AirPods don't "Just Work" · Philip Ardeljan is a UI designer
  221. Difference Between int.Parse() and Convert.ToInt32() in C# - Code Maze
  222. remove support for Ssl2 by wfurt · Pull Request #64322 · dotnet/runtime
  223. The Catch Block #91 - Keeping Work and Home Separate
  224. Transfer or convert your current SIM to an eSIM on your new iPhone
  225. Landscape of API Traffic
  226. Nature Neuroscience offers open access publishing - Nature Neuroscience
  227. Are you on the boat?
  228. Difference Between int.Parse() and Convert.ToInt32() in C# - Code Maze
  229. Fixing Windows Control Focus on Toolbar and Menu Controls
  230. The disadvantages of microservices | Red Hat Developer
  231. .NET Watch Launch Setting Profile For ASP.NET Core
  232. Project Sustainability · Discussion #368 · unitycontainer/unity
  233. dotNetDave Says… Taking Care of Technical Debt
  234. Announcing .NET Community Toolkit v8.0.0 Preview 1
  235. A Few (too many?) Ways of Setting the Kestrel Ports in .NET 6 | no dogma blog
  236. Programming to Interface Vs to Implementation
  237. Raising Coding Standards with .NET 6.0 Code Analyzers | endjin
  238. Webcam Hacking (again) - Safari UXSS | Ryan Pickren
  239. The Old Internet Shows Signs of Quietly Coming Back
  240. .NET Framework January 2022 Cumulative Update Preview
  241. How to get ASP.NET Core server URLs
  242. ASP.NET Community Standup - Minimal API Deep Dive
  243. Quick meetings are a lie / Marijke Luttekes
  244. Solving phishing is not simple - can anti-phishing training make it even worse?
  245. Nico Orfanos
  246. Does the software industry learn?
  247. Trailing Slashes on URLs: Contentious or Settled?—zachleat.com
  248. Make Free Stuff
  249. Hook, line, and sinker
  250. This website is hosted on a Raspberry Pi
  251. Building a Vaporwave scene with Three.js - Maxime Heckel's Blog
  252. Gemini Is A Little Gem • AndreGarzia.com
  253. On the Difficulty of Extrapolation with NN Scaling
  254. ASP.NET Core Blazor performance best practices
  255. foobar2000
  256. Durability and Redo Logging
  257. Softwareness - PC Maffey
  258. Learning a New Stack
  259. How I Track My Hour Balance with a Custom org-mode Clock Table
  260. Julia macros for beginners
  261. David Nicholas Williams
  262. Devblog of @kdy1
  263. Why Is Digital Autonomy So Hard?
  264. ASP.NET Community Standup - Minimal API Deep Dive
  265. Developing and Deploying a Static Web App with Blazor and Azure Functions
  266. v2.5 work: BacklogPolicy by NickCraver · Pull Request #1912 · StackExchange/StackExchange.Redis
  267. Pub/Sub fixes for subscribe/re-subscribe by NickCraver · Pull Request #1947 · StackExchange/StackExchange.Redis
  268. 1751435 - Put sameSite=lax, sameSite noneRequiresSecure, and sameSite schemeful behind the early beta flag
  269. Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 5
  270. The Biggest Mistake I See Engineers Make
  271. systemd by example - the systemd playground
  272. Introducing Rainway: Interactive App Streaming for Everyone | Rainway
  273. Overview of testing applications that use EF Core - EF Core
  274. Google drops FLoC and proposes new Topics API for replacing third-party cookies used by ads
  275. .NET Community Toolkit v8.0 Preview Revamps MVVM Library -- Visual Studio Magazine
  276. GitHub Quick Reviews
  277. Piped
  278. Speed up your .NET app with the CPU profilers with Visual Studio 2022
  279. Secure your GitHub account with GitHub Mobile 2FA | The GitHub Blog
  280. What’s a lesser known .NET feature that people should know more about?
  281. My Terminal Has SUPER POWERS! (My New FAVORITE Terminal Plugin)
  282. Microsoft Releases YARP - Yet Another Reverse Proxy
  283. I deleted a file from Explorer, but it came back when I refreshed, and I get Access Denied if I try to delete it again
  284. Solving the source generator 'marker attribute' problem - Part 1: Creating a source generator - Part 7
  285. Troy Hunt's Azure cloud bill shock is a cautionary tale
  286. No one cares that you’re right
  287. DateTime Operators in C# - Code Maze
  288. 2022 Tech Predictions · Ted Neward's Blog
  289. Bulk download from Azure Blob Storage with C#
  290. Saving over 100x on egress switching from AWS to Hetzner
  291. Monsters Weekly 237 - Optimizing Images with WebP
  292. OpenID Foundation website
  293. Type-level DI Container prototype
  294. A surprisingly hard CS problem: sums of square roots
  295. Machine Learning Community Standup - Infrastructure image classification
  296. How slow is SELECT * ? - Vettabase
  297. Wrapping it up
  298. GIFs (sane) playback control using WASM and FFmpeg
  299. My SaaS side-project got acquired
  300. Kafka Message Journey
  301. Connecting People
  302. Feedback Loops for Founders
  303. Bitrot
  304. An ad plugin was stealing 30% of the revenue for a year and I didn't even notice
  305. Kami's Braindump · bsda2: Presenting LST.sh
  306. Web Wednesday hosted by GeekTrainer: Chatting about Blazor with Cecil Phillip
  307. Microsoft Details Native Integration of Elastic on Azure -- Visual Studio Magazine
  308. Highlights from Git 2.35 | The GitHub Blog
  309. [Last Week in .NET #78] – Platform Exclusives are the new black
  310. Biscuit 2.0 release
  311. Chesterton's Fence - Lesswrongwiki
  312. GitHub - max-sixty/prql: PRQL is a modern language for transforming data — a simpler and more powerful SQL
  313. Google is reportedly planning a next-gen Chromecast with Google TV
  314. Why we're migrating (many of) our servers from Linux to FreeBSD
  315. Alien Observers
  316. GitHub - dotnet/runtime at release/7.0-preview1
  317. Dependency Injection in .NET 6 - Service Lifetimes
  318. Wordle With Grep - Susam's Maze
  319. The Curse of NixOS
  320. Dockerize your Blazor App: Carl Franklin's Blazor Train Ep 68
  321. Implementing a file pager in Zig: Pages, buffers and metadata, oh my!
  322. Modern Web Applications with SAFE Stack
  323. runtime/Environment.Variables.Windows.cs at 57bfe474518ab5b7cfe6bf7424a79ce3af9d6657 · dotnet/runtime
  324. The MainWindowHandle property is just a guess based on heuristics
  325. Awaiting an async void method in .NET - Gérald Barré
  326. How slow is MediatR really?
  327. Alexandre Nédélec - Week 3, 2022 - Tips I learned this week
  328. This Post Was Written by GitHub Copilot
  329. Simple WebSocket client and server application using .NET
  330. I accidentally used YAML.parse instead of JSON.parse, and it... worked?
  331. Top-Level Statements in C# - Code Maze
  332. Microsoft Feature Management - Feature Flags in ASP.NET Core C# - Detailed Guide | Pro Code Guide
  333. 290: The .NET MAUI Episode
  334. [Fixed Ending] Episode 90 - Clean Architecture and Subcutaneous Testing with Matthew Jeorrett
  335. Fundamentals of Garbage Collection
  336. Amazon.com: Out of the Woods of Oregon Slice it Right! Board with Bread & Bagel Slicer (Maple Slicer): Home & Kitchen
  337. grouping Arrays via `.groupBy()` and `.groupByToMap()`
  338. Announcing TypeScript 4.6 Beta
  339. Debugging Compatibility in Edge
  340. Using games engines for work and profit! | Meetup
  341. Azure Functions consumption plan naming
  342. Implement hash and HMAC stream one shots by vcsjones · Pull Request #63757 · dotnet/runtime
  343. Piped
  344. Customizing web search
  345. Sponsor @ErikEJ on GitHub Sponsors
  346. Why I'm comfortable publishing foolishness
  347. On decoupled loaders
  348. In defense of complicated programming languages
  349. Surgical programming
  350. Prototype the UI Before Building an MVP
  351. Improving end to end tests reliability
  352. Charm
  353. Building A Production Ready Blazor WASM App
  354. Supply chain attacks are the new big thing
  355. Why skyscrapers are so short - Works in Progress
  356. Weekly Update 279
  357. Hot off the Press: The .NET OSS Maintainer Support Survey!
  358. Over 90 WordPress themes, plugins backdoored in supply chain attack
  359. Piped
  360. Piped
  361. How E Ink Developed Full-Color e-Paper
  362. Azure Container Apps: dapr, devcontainer, debug and deploy | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  363. Richard Clayton - Distributed Locking with Postgres Advisory Locks
  364. Life as an autistic person
  365. Diving into BoardGameGeek
  366. GitHub - iloveichigo/NVBurner: A MSI Afterburner alternative for NVIDIA users in Linux.
  367. The Social Bot Lie
  368. dordle by zaratustra
  369. Drawn controls in .NET MAUI
  370. GitHub - DustinBrett/daedalOS: Desktop environment in the browser.
  371. Pub/Sub subscription processor: actually set the result by NickCraver · Pull Request #1959 · StackExchange/StackExchange.Redis
  372. 2022-01-22: Explicit record class declaration (diagnostic analyzer + code fix) · Discussion #1 · Flash0ver/FlashOWare.NET
  373. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
  374. Search results | Find available job openings at Microsoft
  375. Parse and TryParse in C# - Code Maze
  376. On Leaving Facebook
  377. PHP: Frankenstein arrays
  378. Piped
  379. Piped
  380. Piped
  381. Piped
  382. GitHub - khuedoan/homelab: My self-hosting infrastructure, fully automated from empty disk to operating services.
  383. C# 10 (Two Decades of C#: A Reference) • Ben Bowen's Blog
  384. Introducing Minimal Real-Time API for .NET
  385. Episode 214: Emin Gün Sirer on Avalanche and its Formation - ZK Podcast
  386. Hydraulic Analogy
  387. Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine R2D2 Stand by eraser
  388. JavaScript frontend development with ASP.NET Core in .NET 6
  389. How to Integrate Power BI Reporting into .NET apps
  390. Welcome to the Poképark!
  391. Audio Sparklines · Melatonin
  392. Why I decided to sell my web agency | Mischa
  393. That magical word: Workstation
  394. Tips for Onboarding Onto an Existing Codebase
  395. Way up in the middle of the air
  396. Underjord | My Elm Experience
  397. 10 years against division of labor in software
  398. The journey to bootstrapping a $1 million ARR SaaS | ScrapingBee
  399. Not One But Two .NET MAUI Previews!
  400. GitHub - DREAM-DK/MAKRO
  401. Java on Visual Studio Code Going Cloud Native -- Visual Studio Magazine
  402. Piped
  403. Open Sourcing our Firmware
  404. GitHub - 425show/verifiable-credential-demo
  405. Microsoft decentralized identity hackathon
  406. the new kubernetes? -- wingolog
  407. Microsoft Verifiable Credential - Issuer
  408. There is NO single "Architecture". #shorts
  409. Senior Software Engineer in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  410. Software Engineer II in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  411. WUG: .NET 6 extravaganza: .NET 6, BCL, … (online)
  412. Create WebAssembly System Interface(WASI) node pools in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to run your WebAssembly(WASM) workload (preview) - Azure Kubernetes Service
  413. ASP.NET Community Standup - Upgrading to ASP.NET Core
  414. Fixing the crash that seems to be on a std::move operation
  415. Implementing a file pager in Zig: Write behind implementation
  416. Jean G3nie
  417. Google's diversity strat lead who said Jews have 'insatiable appetite for war' is no longer diversity strat lead
  418. Legal - Data & Privacy - Apple
  419. Code Maze Weekly #110 - Code Maze
  420. See What’s New in the Telerik and Kendo UI R1 2022 Release!
  421. OpenSubtitles Hacked With A Data Breach Of 7 Million Subscribers
  422. ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 5 Preview 6
  423. August Meetup: Serverless Architecture in Azure with Rob Richardson | Meetup
  424. LADOTNET - The Architectural Mindset by Jeremy Cameron | Meetup
  425. LADOTNET - The Architectural Mindset by Jeremy Cameron | Meetup
  426. Adding a pipe operator to Python | HackerNoon
  427. Desert Code Camp - 2018 - Javascript/Node.js - Hattan Shobokshi - An Introduction to VueJS
  428. GitHub - microsoft/FASTER: Fast persistent recoverable log and key-value store + cache, in C# and C++.
  429. New Task.WaitAsync method in .NET 6
  430. Pomodoro Technique - Wikipedia
  431. Reverse engineering tools for .NET applications
  432. James Webb Space Telescope marks deployment of all mirrors
  433. [Proposal]: Static abstract members in interfaces · Issue #4436 · dotnet/csharplang
  434. performance/src/benchmarks/micro at main · dotnet/performance
  435. How to Create and Publish a NuGet Package with .NET CLI - Code Maze
  436. Episode 90 - Clean Architecture and Subcutaneous Testing with Matthew Jeorrett
  437. Google Camera randomly changes some QR code URLs on Android 12
  438. 472 - CPCWiki
  439. The Windows 11 taskbar is an annoying step backward
  440. Using Power Automate to send tweets based on my RSS feed
  441. Fixing my BF1942 woes with Win32 APIs - Turnerj (aka. James Turner)
  442. What Is Single Project in .NET MAUI?
  443. When distributed systems get frustrated
  444. Released: Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 4.0.1
  445. Divert the Flow
  446. Azure SDK Release (January 2022)
  447. Free Postgres Databases
  448. Primel
  449. Throw during renegotiation if there is incomplete received TLS frame by rzikm · Pull Request #64066 · dotnet/runtime
  450. So...TikTok Sucks
  451. Roblox Return to Service 10/28-10/31 2021 - Roblox Blog
  452. Opinion: Why I don't Support the Treeline Trail Plan
  453. Quantum-Inspired Annealing Using C# or Python -- Visual Studio Magazine
  454. Visual Studio 2022 v17.1 Preview 3 Improves Web Tools -- Visual Studio Magazine
  455. My Minimal Monorepo Setup with ZX
  456. How To Stay Curious as a Coder
  457. Seven Days of OCaml
  458. GitHub - JetBrains/JetBrainsMono: JetBrains Mono – the free and open-source typeface for developers
  459. My First Three Months with a Nokia Dumb Phone as a Daily Driver
  460. Beginning gRPC with ASP.NET Core 6: Build Applications using ASP.NET Core Razor Pages, Angular, and Best Practices in .NET 6: GIRETTI, ANTHONY: 9781484280072: Amazon.com: Books
  461. So...TikTok Sucks
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  934. GitHub - BoltzmannEntropy/interviews.ai: This book was written for you: an aspiring data scientist with a quantitative background, facing down the gauntlet of the interview process in an increasingly competitive field. For most of you, the interview process is the most significant hurdle between you and a dream job.
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