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June 2020

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All entries for this month

  1. Our AWS bill is ~ 2% of revenue. Here's how we did it (READABLE)
  2. Defining Resources — IdentityServer4 1.0.0 documentation (READABLE)
  3. Overview — IdentityServer4 1.0.0 documentation (READABLE)
  4. IdentityServer4.Templates 4.0.0 (READABLE)
  5. Resource Access in IdentityServer4 v4 and going forward (READABLE)
  6. Any Other Indie Hackers Building with .NET? (READABLE)
  7. Choosing an Azure compute service - Azure Architecture Center (READABLE)
  8. FabianGosebrink/ASPNETCore-Angular-SignalR-Typescript (READABLE)
  9. foambubble/foam (READABLE)
  10. 5 modern alternatives to essential Linux command-line tools (READABLE)
  11. Python may get pattern matching syntax (READABLE)
  12. Astronomers detect regular rhythm of radio waves, with origins unknown (READABLE)
  13. Markets, discrimination, and "lowering the bar" (READABLE)
  14. maxgoedjen/secretive (READABLE)
  15. blog (READABLE)
  16. r/microservices (READABLE)
  17. Get started with Azure Queue storage using .NET - Azure Storage (READABLE)
  18. What Does It Take To Be An Expert At Python? (READABLE)
  19. Sign in to your account (READABLE)
  20. How to Use the Sound Recognition Accessibility Feature in iOS 14 (READABLE)
  21. Zero to hero - Part 5 - My buttery smooth icing algorithm (READABLE)
  22. GNU GCC does not round floating-point divisions to the nearest value (READABLE)
  23. How to get the best out of your Yubikey with GPG (READABLE)
  24. The Wisdom of rationals (READABLE)
  25. How does SQLite work? Part 1: pages! (READABLE)
  26. xi-editor retrospective (READABLE)
  27. Dreamcast 32MB RAM upgrade (READABLE)
  28. Configuration is an API, not an SDK (READABLE)
  29. Building a high performance JSON parser (READABLE)
  30. VS Code comments auto completion - Visual Studio Marketplace (READABLE)
  31. POWERful DEVS Virtual Conference (READABLE)
  32. How much information can you store on one laptop? (Q2 2020) (READABLE)
  33. (READABLE)
  34. New US Bill would require makers of encrypted devices to leave a backdoor (READABLE)
  35. Rainbow - an attempt to display colour on a B&W monitor (READABLE)
  36. Talk: Anatomy of ASP.NET Core Requests - Steve Gordon (READABLE)
  37. Palm | Product | The best small phone for minimalists, athletes, and kids (READABLE)
  38. LMS Prize Winners 2020 | London Mathematical Society (READABLE)
  39. Unim.Press: read Reddit on a newspaper (READABLE)
  40. GOTO 2020 • Beyond Microservices: Streams, State and Scalability • Gwen Shapira (READABLE)
  41. loic-sharma/BaGet (READABLE)
  42. feedback wanted - Developer Community (READABLE)
  43. HiFiC - High-Fidelity Generative Image Compression (READABLE)
  44. US Senators Introduce 'Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act' — With Backdoor Mandate | News Bitcoin News (READABLE)
  45. Introducing Money in Excel, an easier way to manage your finances - Microsoft 365 Blog (READABLE)
  46. F# 5 and F# tools update for June | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  47. Don't Publish On Medium — Brian Balfour (READABLE)
  48. The 6 Levels of Reusability (READABLE)
  49. JP Morgan, the largest US bank, retired their last Perl software in 2019 (READABLE)
  50. Interviews - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (READABLE)
  51. Use managed services. Please. | Dan Moore! (READABLE)
  52. Searching with the power of PostgreSQL in Symfony Applications (READABLE)
  53. The Recurring Tragedy of Orchestration (READABLE)
  54. Sign in to your account (READABLE)
  55. Dynamic linking (READABLE)
  56. a string hash.c (READABLE)
  57. The .NET Docs Show: Blazing into Summer (READABLE)
  58. Download Beyond Compare Free Trial (READABLE)
  59. Chris Hacken - Stories about building an Internet Service Provider (READABLE)
  60. dotnet/core (READABLE)
  61. Orchard Core Release Candidate 2 now available | ASP.NET Blog (READABLE)
  62. Earning $800 / Month With Spotify — Steve Benjamins (READABLE)
  63. Why Birds Can Fly Over Mount Everest - Issue 86: Energy - Nautilus (READABLE)
  64. Session Details - Code PaLOUsa 2020 (READABLE)
  65. USB C Charger, RAVPower 90W 2-Port Wall Charger PD 3.0 GaN Tech Type C Fast Charging Adapter Compatible with MacBook Pro Air, iPad Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max XR XS X SE2, Galaxy S9 S8, Nintendo and More (READABLE)
  66. Trace 'function enter/leave' events with a .NET profiler + detect StackOverflow. Assembler code included! (READABLE)
  67. Carl Franklin's Blazor Train: Blazor Component Life Cycle (READABLE)
  68. Dismantling barriers to participation in programming communities with Dr. Denae Ford (READABLE)
  69. Weekly Update 197
  70. USB C to USB C Cable 10ft [100W 20V/5A], uni Type-C Fast Charging Cable, Braided USB C Cable Compatible with MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017, iPad Pro 2020/2018, Samsung Galaxy S20/S10/S9, Grey: Computers & Accessories (READABLE)
  71. microsoft/reverse-proxy (READABLE)
  72. NET Foundation Nominations are closing (READABLE)
  73. FosPower iPhone Charger (2 Pack), Apple MFi Certified Lightning to USB C Cable [Nylon Braided] Compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max/X/XS/XR/XS Max / 8/8 Plus - 10FT: Computers & Accessories (READABLE)
  74. Deploy to Azure Container Instances with Docker Desktop (READABLE)
  75. Black Lives Matter | Bonfire (READABLE)
  76. Dark | Netflix Official Site (READABLE)
  77. Announcing Azure Service Operator for Kubernetes - Open Source Blog (READABLE)
  78. Elijah McClain organized by Sheneen McClain (READABLE)
  79. Q&A: Ask the .NET Product Group Anything | UCP2019 (READABLE)
  80. Understanding SSIM (READABLE)
  81. Egui – An experimental immediate mode GUI written in Rust
  82. USB C Charger, RAVPower 90W 2-Port Wall Charger PD 3.0 GaN Tech Type C Fast Charging Adapter Compatible with MacBook Pro Air, iPad Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max XR XS X SE2, Galaxy S9 S8, Nintendo and More (READABLE)
  83. Sign in to your account (READABLE)
  84. ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 5 Preview 6 | ASP.NET Blog (READABLE)
  85. Why the US military usually punishes misconduct but police often close ranks (READABLE)
  86. (READABLE)
  87. Debugging with Fiddler Everywhere: Mocking Remote Issues (READABLE)
  88. Life, part 18 (READABLE)
  89. .NET: Prepare your company for the future (READABLE)
  90. How to Utilize gRPC-Web From a Blazor WebAssembly Application | Premier Developer (READABLE)
  91. How to Unit Test an Abstract Class (READABLE)
  92. Announcing Entity Framework Core EFCore 5.0 Preview 6 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  93. Boston Bans Use Of Facial Recognition Technology. It's The 2nd-Largest City To Do So (READABLE)
  94. chubin/ (READABLE)
  95. Software developers: We won't take a pay cut just to work remotely | ZDNet (READABLE)
  96. Announcing .NET 5.0 Preview 6 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  97. Mona Lisa in Real Life? Depixelizing Doom Guy? The "Upscaling" AI: PULSE (READABLE)
  98. Using the Blockly visual programming editor to call a .NET Core WebAPI (READABLE)
  99. How to embed JavaScript components in C# built Uno WebAssembly Web Applications - Uno Platform (READABLE)
  100. Recorded session: Modeling in non relational world | RavenDB (READABLE)
  101. Fix Your Timestep! | Gaffer On Games (READABLE)
  102. Blackballed by PayPal, Scientific-Paper Pirate Takes Bitcoin Donations - CoinDesk (READABLE)
  103. macOS Big Sur: Has the Dust Finally Settled on Limiting Third-Party Apps? (READABLE)
  104. Why some methodologies cannot spread? (READABLE)
  105. Emacs Server – Why and why not? – (READABLE)
  106. The Quest to Take Your Time Back (READABLE)
  107. Why AES-GCM Sucks (READABLE)
  108. TikTok Succeeds by Making Copying Easy (READABLE)
  109. Industry and workers (READABLE)
  110. mjg59 | Making my doorbell work (READABLE)
  111. What's in a Linux executable? (READABLE)
  112. Krita 4.3.0 Released | Krita (READABLE)
  113. Symbian Won (READABLE)
  114. Eastern European Movies in English Online (READABLE)
  115. dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  116. Nonparametric Cohen's d-consistent effect size (READABLE)
  117. There’s Now an Even Worse Anti-Encryption Bill Than EARN IT. That Doesn’t Make the EARN IT Bill OK. (READABLE)
  118. PEP 622 -- Structural Pattern Matching (READABLE)
  119. Nice Bug (READABLE)
  120. How I deleted my Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram accounts, and felt great since - (READABLE)
  121. AWS Elastic Beanstalk adds .NET Core on Linux platform | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  122. How operates on Azure part 2: Technology and architecture (READABLE)
  123. Silicon Valley Pain Index (READABLE)
  124. operates on Azure part 1: Design principles and best practices (READABLE)
  125. Learn TV (READABLE)
  126. ECMAScript proposal: private static methods and accessors in classes (READABLE)
  127. Bay Area tech diversity: White men dominate Silicon Valley (READABLE)
  128. Multi-Targeted NuGet Package Gotchas! (READABLE)
  129. Multiplayer games room with F#, SignalR, Akka.Net and SAFE stack (READABLE)
  130. Delivering on a promise – the essential extension pack | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  131. 10 large Bay Area tech companies employ no Black women, study finds (READABLE)
  132. It’s time to change the way the media reports on protests. Here are some ideas. (READABLE)
  133. Breaking changes, version 3.1 to 5.0 - .NET Core (READABLE)
  134. Amazon establishes new Counterfeit Crimes Unit (READABLE)
  135. Copy Paste List (READABLE)
  136. Enable automatic updates in a web application using Azure Functions and SignalR Service - Learn (READABLE)
  137. Migrate coreclr's worker thread pool to be able to use the portable thread pool in opt-in fashion by kouvel · Pull Request #38225 · dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  138. Are we going to get treated to spam popups advertising Edge and having it duplicate our data from Firefox without asking every time Microsoft decides to update it from now on? (READABLE)
  139. What are the benefits of mobile app session recording (READABLE)
  140. Loved Hey, but it’s not for me (READABLE)
  141. How to fix the App Store? (READABLE)
  142. The Goldilocks Management Structure · Stay SaaSy (READABLE)
  143. The theory behind making something people want · Philipp Cannons (READABLE)
  144. Software Entropy (READABLE)
  145. The Super Duper Universal Binary (READABLE)
  146. Navigating Power & Status (READABLE)
  147. Writing, Reading, Writing | Not a Blog (READABLE)
  148. Nico Tuason (READABLE)
  149. Block websites from reading or modifying Clipboard contents in Firefox - gHacks Tech News (READABLE)
  150. This $35 Keyboard for Children Transformed Me Into a Novelist (READABLE)
  151. Introducing Amazon Honeycode – Build Web & Mobile Apps Without Writing Code | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  152. I have stepped down as a Microsoft MVP (READABLE)
  153. Check out this London tube map made from a working circuit board (READABLE)
  154. Power BI Report (READABLE)
  155. Home | Freedom To Breathe Agency (READABLE)
  156. What Silicon Valley Doesn’t Understand About Agriculture – Thinking Agriculture (READABLE)
  157. LEGO blocks and organ transplants (READABLE)
  158. TechEmpower/FrameworkBenchmarks (READABLE)
  159. Meet Face ID and Touch ID for the web - WWDC 2020 - Videos - Apple Developer (READABLE)
  160. Video: "My girlfriend had to subscribe to my Twitch channel to tell me to open the door" - Charles Leclerc (READABLE)
  161. Keep all your packages up to date with Dependabot - The GitHub Blog (READABLE)
  162. Visual Studio 2019 for Mac - Preview Release Notes (READABLE)
  163. Announcing OpenJDK for Windows 10 on ARM | Java at Microsoft (READABLE)
  164. sotu 2.1 (READABLE)
  165. How to Utilize gRPC-Web From a Blazor WebAssembly Application (READABLE)
  166. Introduction to quantum computing with Q# – Part 4, multi-qubit gates (READABLE)
  167. Announcing Perl 7 (READABLE)
  168. Entity Framework: .NET Community Standup - June 24th 2020 - EF Core in Blazor (READABLE)
  169. F# and Functional Programming! (READABLE)
  170. Google blew a ten-year lead. - Second Breakfast (READABLE)
  171. Can I get a refund? (READABLE)
  172. Add Apple Silicon support by lambdageek · Pull Request #20014 · mono/mono (READABLE)
  173. OpenDiablo2/OpenDiablo2 (READABLE)
  174. Subscribe to read | Financial Times (READABLE)
  175. Facebook accused of trying to bypass GDPR, slurp domain owners' personal Whois info via an obscure process (READABLE)
  176. QuestDB · Console (READABLE)
  177. Facebook’s Dominance Is Built on Anti-Competitive Behavior (READABLE)
  178. Account details for 4 million Quidd users shared on hacking forum | ZDNet (READABLE)
  179. Workshop: ML.NET Training - 1/2 - NDC Melbourne 2020 (READABLE)
  180. TCC : Tiny C Compiler (READABLE)
  181. Journalist’s phone hacked by new ‘invisible’ technique: All he had to do was visit one website. Any website. (READABLE)
  182. What I learned from looking at 200 machine learning tools (READABLE)
  183. Elevator.js (READABLE)
  184. Introducing C# 9: Improved pattern matching (READABLE)
  185. It’s all in the Host Class – Part 2: Configuration (READABLE)
  186. Exclusive: Segway, the most hyped invention since the Macintosh, ends production (READABLE)
  187. Differences between String and string in C# - Code Maze (READABLE)
  188. Deploy a .NET Container with AWS Fargate (READABLE)
  189. New Windows Containers GitHub repo - Roadmap and more! (READABLE)
  190. jantic/DeOldify (READABLE)
  191. Import X509 certificate and collections from PEM. by vcsjones · Pull Request #38280 · dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  192. Path Building vs Path Verifying: The Chain of Pain (READABLE)
  193. Path Building vs Path Verifying: Implementation Showdown (READABLE)
  194. You can't tell people anything (READABLE)
  196. Terminology, Power and Oppressive Language (READABLE)
  197. .NET Foundation Board Member Elections (READABLE)
  198. Get started with Azure CLI (READABLE)
  199. Nobody knows what an 850% increase is, so please stop saying it - Sam Ireland (READABLE)
  200. A wild bug: 1970s Intel 8271 disc chip ate my data! (READABLE)
  201. Bit Hacks in C# (READABLE)
  202. Lighthouse Syndrome (READABLE)
  203. Reflections from a Week of Vagabonding (Pt. II) – The Blog of Joe Balcom (READABLE)
  204. Don’t fight the trail. Take what it gives you. (READABLE)
  205. Indexing JSONB columns in PostgreSQL | Vsevolod Solovyov (READABLE)
  206. Dungeon Scrawl | Home (READABLE)
  207. Notes on Note-taking (READABLE)
  208. So you want to become a senior engineer? (READABLE)
  209. [Don't merge] Create by shirhatti · Pull Request #1267 · dotnet/diagnostics (READABLE)
  210. Home - WINGS (READABLE)
  211. Visual Studio 2019 Preview Release Notes (READABLE)
  212. Cloudflare TV | Cloudflare (READABLE)
  213. Part II: After 3 Years of Work, Chrome Killed My Extension and Won’t Tell Me Why (READABLE)
  214. Cloudflare TV | Cloudflare (READABLE)
  215. Senior Software Engineer in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft (READABLE)
  216. The End of OS X (READABLE)
  217. CERN approves plans for a $23 billion, 62-mile long super-collider (READABLE)
  218. Writing about software and other curiosities (READABLE)
  219. Monitor GC stats with a startup hook (READABLE)
  220. Introducing dotnet-monitor, an experimental tool | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  221. hyrmn - Overview (READABLE)
  222. Is WebP really better than JPEG? (READABLE)
  223. The world is changing... (READABLE)
  224. IHP is a modern batteries-included Web Framework, built on top of Haskell and Nix. (READABLE)
  225. Blessing Krofegha - Is Headless CMS the future of development?
  226. Addressing racial injustice - The Official Microsoft Blog (READABLE)
  227. Software patents are another kind of disease — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software (READABLE)
  228. How Create and Publish NPM Packages (READABLE)
  229. Learning operating system development using Linux kernel and Raspberry Pi (READABLE)
  230. I Just Hit $100k/yr On GitHub Sponsors! 🎉❤️ (How I Did It) (READABLE)
  231. 3+1 ways to manage state in your Blazor application (READABLE)
  232. The Google ‘vs’ Trick (READABLE)
  233. Getting started with ASP.NET Core (READABLE)
  234. NYT Is Threatening My Safety By Revealing My Real Name, So I Am Deleting The Blog (READABLE)
  235. iTerm2 + Oh My Zsh + Solarized color scheme + Source Code Pro Powerline + Font Awesome + [Powerlevel10k] - (macOS) (READABLE)
  236. Your terminal can be much, much more productive (READABLE)
  237. Which Database should I use in my Azure Serverless App? (READABLE)
  238. React, Redux, and Typescript - Why, What and How - The Long Walk (READABLE)
  239. Monsters Weekly 170 - Noda Time and Entity Framework Core (READABLE)
  240. Introducing C# 9: Improved target typing (READABLE)
  241. XML + JSON Output for Web APIs in ASP .NET Core 3.1 (READABLE)
  242. Ian Bebbington - Uno WebAssembly Containerization (READABLE)
  243. Introducing Secret Store (READABLE)
  244. Building End-to-End Diagnostics: User-Defined Context with Correlation Context (READABLE)
  245. Introducing C# 9: Top-level programs (READABLE)
  246. The IO functor (READABLE)
  247. A Guide To Migrating From ASP.NET MVC to Razor Pages - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  248. Failover Clustering Networking Basics and Fundamentals (READABLE)
  249. Reduce mental energy with C# 9 (READABLE)
  250. How to Utilize gRPC-Web From a Blazor WebAssembly Application (READABLE)
  251. Onion Architecture In ASP.NET Core With CQRS - Detailed (READABLE)
  252. Avoiding exposing identifier details to your users (READABLE)
  253. Create a React Teleprompter using the Web SpeechRecognition API (READABLE)
  254. No, MediatR Didn't Run Over My Dog (READABLE)
  255. A WinUI 2 Reference App (READABLE)
  256. dotnet/machinelearning (READABLE)
  257. HPackDecoder performance by JamesNK · Pull Request #23083 · dotnet/aspnetcore (READABLE)
  258. Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Beats) 7.8.0 released (READABLE)
  259. dabreegster/abstreet (READABLE)
  260. What’s New in macOS - macOS - Human Interface Guidelines (READABLE)
  261. What is Zig's “Colorblind” Async/Await? (READABLE)
  262. Sonos S2 compatibility | Sonos (READABLE)
  263. jonathan-laurent/AlphaZero.jl (READABLE)
  264. romkatv/powerlevel10k (READABLE)
  265. Stalker Online hacked! Over one million gamers' passwords made available for download (READABLE)
  266. Gift of inspiration and its role in technology (READABLE)
  267. When threadWaitRead Doesn't (READABLE)
  268. Improve your web typography with a few solid tips (READABLE)
  269. How to Transition to a Tech Career (READABLE)
  270. Reflections on Being a Female Founder (READABLE)
  271. Good intentions make bad roadmaps - andre.schweighofer (READABLE)
  272. Radar Theory and Teardown of Aircraft Transponder RT-459A (READABLE)
  273. Japan Captures TOP500 Crown with Arm-Powered Supercomputer (READABLE)
  274. There Is No (Real World) Use Case for Face Super Resolution (READABLE)
  275. Spotify is trying to embrace, extend, and extinguish open podcasting – Kyle Piira (READABLE)
  276. Safari 14 Beta Release Notes (READABLE)
  277. Interested in running? (READABLE)
  278. ASP.NET Community Standup - May 26th 2020 - Blazor WebAssembly 3.2 Release Party! (READABLE)
  279. The Next Step for Mixer - From the Myxer (READABLE)
  280. I created a perfect AI for Fruit Ninja (READABLE)
  281. schenkd/nginx-ui (READABLE)
  282. The warnings have changed into bannings (READABLE)
  283. Simplifying declarative deployments in Azure (READABLE)
  284. ARM Mac Impact On Intel (READABLE)
  285. Life, part 17 (READABLE)
  286. Olo jobs (READABLE)
  287. Game Dev Digest Issue #47 - C#, Patterns, Nintendo-style Effects, Free Project Starters, and lots more! (READABLE)
  288. Build a Blazor WebAssembly LOB App Part 4: Make it Blazor-Friendly (READABLE)
  289. .NET Foundation Election 2020 Nominations are Open! (READABLE)
  290. Yet another robust outlier detector (READABLE)
  291. [ANNOUNCE] WireGuard Merged Into OpenBSD (READABLE)
  292. JoeMayo/LinqToTwitter (READABLE)
  293. Racism in Software Development & Beyond (READABLE)
  294. Using Azure CLI to create Azure App Registrations (READABLE)
  295. AdrienTorris/awesome-blazor (READABLE)
  296. gioblu/PJON (READABLE)
  297. Chat Wars (READABLE)
  298. Software & Hardware Used in Formula 1 (READABLE)
  299. Windows Terminal Preview 1.1 Release | Windows Command Line (READABLE)
  300. InnoDB Internals - Consistent Reads (READABLE)
  301. 7 Things to Enjoy in Maui and .NET MAUI (READABLE)
  302. Code snippets for Xamarin Forms XAML Platform-specifics (READABLE)
  303. UnoConf 2020 (Virtual & Free) – Aug 12, 2020 – Save the date - Uno Platform (READABLE)
  304. Task.WhenAll / Select is a footgun 👟🔫 (READABLE)
  305. Sysinternals ProcDump For Linux | Build5Nines (READABLE)
  306. Introducing C# 9: Questions & answers about Records (READABLE)
  307. How to Develop Inside a Container Using Visual Studio Code Remote Containers - Docker Blog (READABLE)
  308. (READABLE)
  309. Wireless is a trap (READABLE)
  310. @adlrocha - Software should be designed to last (READABLE)
  311. It Was 100 Degrees in Siberia Today. Yes, That Siberia (READABLE)
  312. Delores Source Code Released! (READABLE)
  313. 'CVS: src' - MARC (READABLE)
  314. Toddler Password - Secure passwords generated by a toddler (READABLE)
  315. Memory-prediction asymmetry (READABLE)
  316. I used to run my own mail server (READABLE)
  317. Writing a curriculum vitæ (READABLE)
  318. 6 Months of Spanish Progress (READABLE)
  319. nabeelqu (READABLE)
  320. Reverse Engineering Snapchat (Part II): Deobfuscating the Undeobfuscatable (READABLE)
  321. You don't need news (READABLE)
  322. How I cleared my inbox of calendar updates (READABLE)
  323. How not to be sad (READABLE)
  324. Reviews of distributed filesystems | Regressionist (READABLE)
  325. Log-Structured Merge-Trees (READABLE)
  326. Do you CI? | Benji's Blog - (READABLE)
  327. Following Your Dreams Full-Time Isn't Expensive — farza (READABLE)
  328. Hacking Starbucks and Accessing Nearly 100 Million Customer Records - Sam Curry (READABLE)
  329. On using WordPress as a back end (READABLE)
  330. J Cole - Neighbors [LYRICS HQ][Explicit] (READABLE)
  331. We’re losing the war against surveillance capitalism because we let Big Tech frame the debate (READABLE)
  332. J. Cole – Neighbors (READABLE)
  333. dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  334. dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  336. ChesterYue/ohmyzsh-theme-passion (READABLE)
  337. Writing userspace USB drivers for abandoned devices (READABLE)
  338. Why Apple Ditched PowerPC, and What it Says About Apple Ditching Intel (READABLE)
  339. Wireless is a trap - LessWrong 2.0 (READABLE)
  340. FlatBuffers: FlexBuffers (READABLE)
  341. A little bit of plain Javascript can do a lot (READABLE)
  342. How is NSA breaking so much crypto? (READABLE)
  343. Cleaning My MacBook After 16800 Hours of Use! (READABLE)
  344. Sponsor @chrissainty on GitHub Sponsors (READABLE)
  345. Closing Notes and Townhall Part 2
  346. Sarah Rector - Wikipedia (READABLE)
  347. Teach Yourself Computer Science (READABLE)
  348. jsmouret/grpc-over-webrtc (READABLE)
  349. Ramsey County corrections officers of color say they were barred from guarding Derek Chauvin (READABLE)
  350. My Favorite CLI Tools (READABLE)
  351. Linear types are merged in GHC (READABLE)
  352. Banjo Obayomi - Grimoire: A Data Centric Blogging Platform (READABLE)
  353. Nate Rose - Innovating on OUR STEM Education (READABLE)
  354. Angie Jones - Keynote: The Reality of Developing an Artificial World (READABLE)
  355. Mark Okhakumhe - Intellectual Property rights in the technology sector (READABLE)
  356. Blackfacts and The Wakanda Technology Platform Technology By Us For Us About Us (READABLE)
  357. Town Hall (READABLE)
  358. Lightning Interviews - Part 2 (READABLE)
  359. Lightning Interviews - Part 1 (READABLE)
  360. What does culturally responsive teaching mean in an online environment? (READABLE)
  361. Shukri Abdullahi - Through Programming I became a better Artist (READABLE)
  362. For Us, Without Us: Addressing Tech’s Shortcomings in Creating Equity for Black People (READABLE)
  363. RSS Box (READABLE)
  364. Dawood Iddris - The future of tech and how to keep in touch while it evolves (READABLE)
  365. Ashley Janelle - Why You're Not Landing That UX Role (READABLE)
  366. Sorting and information theory (READABLE)
  367. Reverse-engineering and comparing two Game Boy audio amplifier chips (READABLE)
  368. Head Up, Head Down (READABLE)
  369. One Advantage of the App Store That’s Gone (READABLE)
  370. Kara Swisher: ‘Is It Finally Hammer Time for Apple and Its App Store?’ (READABLE)
  371. Proofs and computation with trees (READABLE)
  372. Lessons Learned: Giving Feedback as an Engineering Manager (READABLE)
  373. A NVIDIA Engineer In His Spare Time Wrote A Vulkan Driver That Works On Older Raspberry Pi (READABLE)
  374. Discovering Dennis Ritchie’s Lost Dissertation - CHM (READABLE)
  375. Juneteenth Conference - Track 2 (READABLE)
  376. Virtual: Steve Collins - .NET Core Dependency Injection – The Booster Jab (READABLE)
  377. Juneteenth Conference - Track 1 (READABLE)
  378. Bug #1463112 “Cat sitting on keyboard crashes lightdm” : Bugs : Unity (READABLE)
  379. Pair Programming - Dan Clarke (READABLE)
  380. Juneteenth Conference - Track 1 (READABLE)
  381. Proud to be |_____| (READABLE)
  382. The live coders conference (READABLE)
  383. Juneteenth Conference - Track 2 (READABLE)
  384. Black Queer Living: A history of DIY culture in the Black LBGT+ community (READABLE)
  385. What they don't teach you about fundraising as a Black Founder (READABLE)
  386. Empowerment to the People! What You Need to Know about Black People, Disability, and Accessibility (READABLE)
  387. Combatting Bias in ML (READABLE)
  388. From Combat To Code How Vets Who Code Trained Over 250 veterans how to Code and Get Jobs For Free (READABLE)
  389. Giving Back to Tech without Burnout (READABLE)
  390. Journaling as a Dev (READABLE)
  391. Keynote: The Journey To Inclusive Innovation Incubator (In3DC) (READABLE)
  392. The Ideal Community Model: Lessons Learned (READABLE)
  393. Breaking into Tech From the Trenches (READABLE)
  394. Your next open source contribution (READABLE)
  395. Empowered By Imposter Syndrome (READABLE)
  396. Juneteenth History
  397. Juneteenth History
  398. My First Juneteenth – GenX Jamerican (READABLE)
  399. Workshop: Docker and Kubernetes - 1/2 - NDC Melbourne 2020 (READABLE)
  400. Home : Hypothesis (READABLE)
  401. Emancipation Statue - Barbados Pocket Guide (READABLE)
  402. HTTPS is NOT Secure Enough for API (READABLE)
  403. Why Figma Wins - kwokchain (READABLE)
  404. How I Got My 7 Person Startup Featured In Entrepreneur Magazine - David Kemmerer (READABLE)
  405. The ugly truth (READABLE)
  406. Implementing a brainfuck CPU in Ghidra - part 1: Setup and disassembly (READABLE)
  407. Starting from the Problem not the Solution (READABLE)
  408. The Wolf (READABLE)
  409. Switching from Fedora & Gnome to Arch & Sway | Josh Mcguigan (READABLE)
  410. Good and Bad Parts of Ansible after 2 Years of Usage (READABLE)
  411. johang/btfs (READABLE)
  412. Police-Data-Accessibility-Project/Police-Data-Accessibility-Project (READABLE)
  413. You Download the App and it Doesn't Work (READABLE)
  414. Written communication is remote work super power (READABLE)
  415. CCCXLIII - Muscle Sword (READABLE)
  416. Weekly Update 196
  417. Join us live! - JuneteenthConf - June 19th and 20th 2020 (READABLE)
  418. IdentityServer4 (READABLE)
  419. Olo - Xamarin Mobile Engineer (READABLE)
  420. » The Shareware Scene, Part 5: Narratives of DOOM The Digital Antiquarian (READABLE)
  421. Code Maze Weekly #30 - Code Maze (READABLE)
  422. The smartest password policy enforcer for Active Directory (READABLE)
  423. Build your own .NET memory profiler in C# — call stacks (2/2–2) (READABLE)
  424. Quit Whining about Apple and Just Stop Using Them (READABLE)
  425. Heading into WWDC by insulting developers, Apple? Really? - 9to5Mac (READABLE)
  426. Announcing CUDA on Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 | NVIDIA Developer Blog (READABLE)
  427. the-benchmarker/web-frameworks (READABLE)
  428. MiniProfiler for .NET : Release Notes (READABLE)
  429. dotnet/tye (READABLE)
  430. Pwned Passwords, Version 6
  431. Machine learning on Azure for baseball decision analysis (READABLE)
  432. Stepping away from Caliburn.Micro · Caliburn.Micro (READABLE)
  433. CAP: Event Bus & Outbox Pattern (READABLE)
  434. New Azure maps make identifying local compliance options easy (READABLE)
  435. How much do you need transactions? (READABLE)
  436. How to setup Visual Studio Codespaces for collaborative use (READABLE)
  437. Refactoring optional chaining into a large codebase: lessons learned – Lea Verou (READABLE)
  438. Making your data residency choices easier with Azure (READABLE)
  439. Don't Code Tired | Configuring Custom Feature Filters with Azure App Configuration (Microsoft.FeatureManagement) (READABLE)
  440. The June 2020 release of Azure Data Studio is now available - SQL Server Blog (READABLE)
  441. AgileMapper v1.7 Released (READABLE)
  442. Apple gave me the Hey treatment back in 2014 (READABLE)
  443. This is why we need to #DoTheMath, even on "small" projects. — Strong Towns (READABLE)
  444. Why is there a "V" in SIGSEGV Segmentation Fault? — Idea of the day (READABLE)
  445. The Australian Dream (READABLE)
  446. microsoft/WinDev (READABLE)
  447. Workshop: Hack Yourself First: How to go on the Cyber-Offence - 1/2 - NDC Melbourne 2020 (READABLE)
  448. The Return of the 90s Web (READABLE)
  449. Let's Encrypt: Senior Software Engineer (READABLE)
  450. Ask Troy Hunt your data protection questions at Redgate Streamed (READABLE)
  451. No to .io, yes to .xyz! — Yarmo Mackenbach (READABLE)
  452. You need a new hobby (READABLE)
  453. Intuitive Programming - Comments (READABLE)
  454. Be Careful What You Benchmark (READABLE)
  455. Stop Being a Floating Leader (READABLE)
  456. MSI Optix MAG272CQR – Redefine eSports rules | eSports Gaming Monitor | MSI (READABLE)
  457. State of Linux Desktop Security (READABLE)
  458. People, not numbers (READABLE)
  459. My Favorite CLI Tools (READABLE)
  460. Convolutional Neural Networks - Yaonotes Blog | Yaonotes Blog (READABLE)
  461. Why 536 was ‘the worst year to be alive’ (READABLE)
  462. How to protect your job from automation (READABLE)
  463. A Small Insight About Power, Markets, and Post-capitalism (READABLE)
  464. Hetzner Cloud Review: Revisited in 2020 - Magnus Skog (READABLE)
  465. Why Fighting Unintended Bias in Machine Learning Matters (READABLE)
  466. Scheduling in Linux – A Rebel's Musing (READABLE)
  467. HBO: Home to Groundbreaking Series, Movies, Comedies & Documentaries (READABLE)
  468. After 3 Years of Work, Chrome Killed My Extension and Won’t Tell Me Why (READABLE)
  469. Reconstruction in America | EJI Report (READABLE)
  470. Simulating Liquids in Bottles with a Shader (READABLE)
  471. Introducing Firefox Private Network VPN’s Official Product – the Mozilla VPN – Future Releases (READABLE)
  472. Steve Blank The Coming Chip Wars (READABLE)
  473. ASP.NET Core Series: Performance Testing Techniques (READABLE)
  474. Akamai Edge Live | EMEA Summit 2020 | Akamai (READABLE)
  475. BlazorDay 2020 (READABLE)
  476. Introducing GitHub Super Linter: one linter to rule them all - The GitHub Blog (READABLE)
  477. PacMan in Blazor WebAssembly (READABLE)
  478. ASP.NET Core Series: Blazor (READABLE)
  479. Testing in Production with Feature Toggles in .NET Core (READABLE)
  480. android-apple-music-account-payment-none.jpg (640×1320)
  481. Life, part 16 (READABLE)
  482. Our commitments to racial equity (READABLE)
  483. LibriVox | free public domain audiobooks (READABLE)
  484. .NET Rocks! vNext (READABLE)
  485. 11 User Authentication · Real-World Cryptography MEAP V07 (READABLE)
  486. Copy & Paste playground (READABLE)
  487. Clearview (READABLE)
  488. Lightweight alternatives to Google Analytics (READABLE)
  489. UKMT Maths Masterclass (READABLE)
  490. Antitrust: Commission opens investigations into Apple (READABLE)
  491. Please Help, Apple Is Threatening To Terminate My Apple Developer Account With No Clear Reason. (READABLE)
  493. GPU accelerated ML training inside the Windows Subsystem for Linux - Windows Developer Blog (READABLE)
  494. Image GPT (READABLE)
  495. Reverse Engineering Snapchat (Part I): Obfuscation Techniques (READABLE)
  496. AWS said it mitigated a 2.3 Tbps DDoS attack, the largest ever | ZDNet (READABLE)
  497. Diagnostics and Instrumentation Packages for MongoDB and NServiceBus Published (READABLE)
  498. ASP.NET Core Series: Tracing (READABLE)
  499. Blaming the operating system for allowing people to create files with unusual characters in their names | The Old New Thing (READABLE)
  500. Resuming optional Windows 10 and Windows Server non-security monthly updates (READABLE)
  501. The Continuous Integration Check-In Dance | Gary Woodfine (READABLE)
  502. Entity Framework Core In-Depth Part 3 (READABLE)
  503. What’s next for Windows 10 updates | Windows Experience Blog (READABLE)
  504. Python in Visual Studio Code - June 2020 Release | Python (READABLE)
  505. Optimize your Azure costs to help meet your financial objectives (READABLE)
  506. Introducing C# 9: Records (READABLE)
  507. Development With A Dot - ASP.NET Core OData Part 3 (READABLE)
  508. Semantic highlighting in OmniSharp and C# extension for VS Code (READABLE)
  509. Proposal: Use static keyword for lambdas to disallow capturing locals and parameters · Issue #275 · dotnet/csharplang (READABLE)
  510. Workshop: Building Your First Voice Experience with Alexa - 1/2 - NDC Melbourne 2020 (READABLE)
  511. Lupusa87/LupusaBlazorDemos (READABLE)
  512. JuneteenthConf - June 19th and 20th 2020 (READABLE)
  513. Postbank forced to replace 12-million bank cards after employees steal 'master key' (READABLE)
  514. Startup School Relaunching as Continuous Program (READABLE)
  515. MAY 2020 UPDATE: Average User Rating for Micromobility Operators - (READABLE)
  516. My trip through the Starmaze: a world in the 9th dimension (READABLE)
  517. How I Removed My Own Face From My Head - Maximillian Laumeister (READABLE)
  518. Hey Next.js, Is Server Side Rendering Dead? (READABLE)
  519. 160k+ high school students will only graduate if a statistical model allows them to (READABLE)
  520. QR Code History: Story of evolution of the very popular 2D Barcode (READABLE)
  521. Tracker Testing HEY vs MailChimp: Can They Coexist? (READABLE)
  522. TextMate’s Enduring Influence (READABLE)
  523. efcore/EFCore.NamingConventions (READABLE)
  524. Sleep Hygiene For Software Engineers (READABLE)
  525. Black-Owned Dog Businesses in the United States (READABLE)
  526. The Web Has Got Me (READABLE)
  527. .NET Oxford - Scott Hunter - .NET 5 and MS Build Announcements! (READABLE)
  528. dodyg/practical-aspnetcore (READABLE)
  529. Converting a hundred million integers to strings per second (READABLE)
  530. Scrappy Vs. Polished (READABLE)
  531. Hello World, Again | Cedric Fung (vecio) (READABLE)
  532. hashcat 6.0.0 (READABLE)
  533. Deep JavaScript: Theory and techniques (READABLE)
  534. Try the Latest Xamarin.Forms 4.7 Features Today! | Xamarin Blog (READABLE)
  535. Introducing AWS Snowcone – A Small, Lightweight, Rugged, Secure Edge Computing, Edge Storage, and Data Transfer Device | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  536. A virtual developer conference with a SciFi/Fantasy comic-con flair (READABLE)
  537. Time to upgrade your monitor (READABLE)
  538. End-to-End Encryption Update - Zoom Blog (READABLE)
  539. Twitch
  540. The .NET docs show (READABLE)
  541. Learn Python for Data Science Full Course - Kharpann (READABLE)
  542. Simplify DisplayName Calls In Razor Views (READABLE)
  543. The Grandmaster Who Got Twitch Hooked on Chess (READABLE)
  544. Running NServiceBus Endpoints in Azure App Services Part 3: Pulling Back the Curtain on Visual Studio Publish (READABLE)
  545. Proxyjump, the SSH option you probably never heard of (READABLE)
  546. Fix IL interpreter to run on Hello World by yuchong-pan · Pull Request #37825 · dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  547. Fun with Bit Hacks in C# (READABLE)
  548. Workshop: Web performance matters 1/2 - NDC Melbourne 2020 (READABLE)
  549. GitHub isn't fun anymore (READABLE)
  550. (READABLE)
  551. A Jupyter kernel for SQLite (READABLE)
  552. Computers as I used to love them (READABLE)
  553. Make your PWA feel more like an app (READABLE)
  554. No Paint
  555. Standalone Q# console applications | StrathWeb. A free flowing web tech monologue. (READABLE)
  556. Monsters Weekly 169 - Giraffe (READABLE)
  557. Explore the stunning LEGO® Technic Lamborghini Sián (READABLE)
  558. Zoom to Introduce New Censorship Features After Doing China's Bidding (READABLE)
  559. FreeBSD 11.4-RELEASE Announcement (READABLE)
  560. Introducing C# 9: Init only properties (READABLE)
  561. The Importance of Nesting when Remote Working and Quarantine Working (READABLE)
  562. Honoring Our Beloved Melody Lo organized by Amineta Lo (READABLE)
  563. ASP.NET Community Standup - June 16, 2020 - Performance Infrastructure (David Fowler & Sébasten Ros) (READABLE)
  564. Home | Geany (READABLE)
  565. GitHub Terms of Service - GitHub Help (READABLE)
  566. The Russian Disinfo Operation You Never Heard About (READABLE)
  567. Super secretive Russian disinfo operation discovered dating back to 2014 | ZDNet (READABLE)
  568. Executive Summary (READABLE)
  569. Linux GUI applications in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) survey (READABLE)
  570. Apple Threatens to Remove Email App 'Hey' From App Store Over Lack of In-App Subscription Option [Updated] (READABLE)
  571. Sign in to your account (READABLE)
  572. Are 14 people currently looking at this product? (READABLE)
  573. Bootstrap 5 alpha! (READABLE)
  574. Introducing Sdkbin - The Marketplace for Software Developers. (READABLE)
  575. Selling People What They Want, Not What They Need (READABLE)
  576. Oodle Texture Compression (READABLE)
  577. TIL#2: How to add a transparent video to a web page (READABLE)
  578. How I Growth Hacked Instagram to Drive $13,000 of Card Game Sales - David Kemmerer (READABLE)
  579. Zoom in China (READABLE)
  580. DEVS(show) : The Universe is (not) deterministic. Is it a bootstrapping compiler? (READABLE)
  581. Drive & Listen (READABLE)
  582. The Next Step for Generics (READABLE)
  583. News by the ton: 75 years of US advertising — Benedict Evans (READABLE)
  584. What does the product design team do here? — Tanner Christensen (READABLE)
  585. Variadic tuple types by ahejlsberg · Pull Request #39094 · microsoft/TypeScript (READABLE)
  586. You won't kill racism by replacing words - Coding Nagger (READABLE)
  587. Guix Further Reduces Bootstrap Seed to 25% — 2020 — Blog — GNU Guix (READABLE)
  588. 3K, 60fps, 130ms: achieving it with Rust | tonari blog (READABLE)
  589. Download FFmpeg (READABLE)
  590. 2020 Chrome Extension Performance Report | DebugBear (READABLE)
  591. gRPC-Web for .NET now available | ASP.NET Blog (READABLE)
  592. Why Gravity Is Not Like the Other Forces (READABLE)
  593. Entity Framework: .NET Community Standup - June 10th 2020 - EF Core Power Tools (READABLE)
  594. 2020 Chrome Extension Performance Report | DebugBear (READABLE)
  595. Goodbye NancyFX, Hello F#! (READABLE)
  596. XAML code editor - Visual Studio (READABLE)
  597. High Performance Browser Networking (O'Reilly) (READABLE)
  598. Generics and Compile-Time in Rust | TiDB (READABLE)
  599. Black Google manager: “My education and elocution cannot save me from these situations” (READABLE)
  600. Trial of Tech Writer Charged With Soliciting Sex With Minors Ends in Hung Jury (READABLE)
  601. Apple, ARM, and Intel (READABLE)
  602. Cloudinary Image Upload with Nodejs and React (READABLE)
  603. r/programming - GitHub will no longer use the term 'master' as default branch because of negative association (READABLE)
  604. Reasoning by Lego: The wrong way to think about cryptography. (READABLE)
  605. How the Nintendo Switch prevents downgrades by irreparably blowing its own fuses (READABLE)
  606. corona-warn-app/cwa-documentation (READABLE)
  607. Blazor WebAssembly : MVVM Architecture - EP07 (READABLE)
  608. Adding host filtering to Kestrel in ASP.NET Core (READABLE)
  609. Beautiful Trigonometry - Numberphile (READABLE)
  610. Model S Long Range Plus: Building the First 400-Mile Electric Vehicle (READABLE)
  611. New Statue Appears By The Colston Plinth | Best of Bristol (READABLE)
  612. New LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor lets creators build and bring to life anything they can imagine (READABLE)
  613. The Latest News from the UK and Around the World | Sky News (READABLE)
  614. Looking Back at Postgres (READABLE)
  615. Tip 267 - Using the Bot Framework Composer tool (READABLE)
  616. Marten Quickstart with .Net Core HostBuilder (READABLE)
  617. C# semantic classification with Roslyn (READABLE)
  618. Computing with types in TypeScript (READABLE)
  619. Announcing .NET Foundation Election 2020 (READABLE)
  620. Validation in ASP .NET Core 3.1 (READABLE)
  621. Remembering Windows 2000, Microsoft’s Forgotten Masterpiece (READABLE)
  622. Redgate Streamed (READABLE)
  623. Delivery Hero Confirms Foodora Data Breach (READABLE)
  624. Viewing async code with Visual Studio (READABLE)
  625. The Flat Earth Society (READABLE)
  626. Recent database technology that should be on your radar (part 1) (READABLE)
  627. Nine ways 5G and the Internet of Things will harm humans, wildlife & Earth (READABLE)
  628. Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc. (READABLE)
  629. Introducing Windows Insider Channels | Windows Experience Blog (READABLE)
  630. The spreadsheet I use to compare job offers (READABLE)
  631. Blog (READABLE)
  632. How I create photo stories from my travel. (READABLE)
  633. The blog of wjwh - Redis Lua scripting for library writers (READABLE)
  634. On Coding, Ego and Attention (READABLE)
  635. Dear engineers, this is a marathon and not a sprint so take care (READABLE)
  636. (READABLE)
  637. I tweet every time I spend money (READABLE)
  638. Why Does Logitech Hate Left Handed People? - Kev Quirk (READABLE)
  639. Offering a solution for Terminal Wide Character issues · Articles (READABLE)
  640. Security check | SpringerLink (READABLE)
  641. Blog of Jake | Compound Interest (READABLE)
  642. T-Mobile hit by phone calling, text message outage – TechCrunch (READABLE)
  643. [OC] Baby Shark as a Finite State Machine : dataisbeautiful (READABLE)
  644. :: Third-party audit of rustls (READABLE)
  645. Build a Blazor WebAssembly Line of Business App Part 1: Intro and Data Access (READABLE)
  646. MuseScore 4. Moving from notation software to composition software. (READABLE)
  647. Basecamp’s founders are trying to start an email rebellion (READABLE)
  648. Debugging Async Code: Parallel Stacks for Tasks | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  649. Adobe Flash Player End of Life (READABLE)
  650. 1027106 - Make ImageLib share cached imgRequests for the same SVG document even if the URI has a different ref/hash (READABLE)
  651. Introduction to the High Performance package - Windows Community Toolkit (READABLE)
  652. Holy Post - Race in America (READABLE)
  653. Accelerated KVM guests on WSL 2 (READABLE)
  654. Life, part 15 (READABLE)
  655. Build yourself a weather station. Part I (READABLE)
  656. The Thumb Zone: Designing For Mobile Users — Smashing Magazine (READABLE)
  657. An understanding of AI’s limitations is starting to sink in (READABLE)
  658. Woman in China, 45, made S$589,800 by buying insurance on flights she predicted would get delayed (READABLE)
  659. DeepFakes used in Animations - A New Way of Animating? (READABLE)
  660. Managing Package Versions Centrally (READABLE)
  661. Senior Program Manager in Other, Other, Australia | Engineering at Microsoft (READABLE)
  662. Workshop: Google Cloud Serverless - NDC Melbourne 2020 (READABLE)
  663. Weekly Notes - #15 (READABLE)
  664. Piece of Pi (Number 1) | eBay (READABLE)
  665. GeorgeFloyd Protest - police brutality videos on Twitter (READABLE)
  666. Farm WiFi Off The Grid with Ubiquiti and Solar (READABLE)
  667. A collection of free books from Springer (READABLE)
  668. Postbank to replace 12m bank cards after security breach (READABLE)
  669. .NET with Scott Hunter Part 1 (READABLE)
  670. .NET 5 – How to start – Michał Białecki Blog (READABLE)
  671. Thursday Quickie: Fixing NCrunch for Azure Functions (READABLE)
  672. Consuming REST API with Swagger / OpenAPI in Xamarin and Uno Applications - Nick's .NET Travels (READABLE)
  673. Protecting your GitHub assets with Azure Sentinel (READABLE)
  674. On Redis master-slave terminology - <antirez> (READABLE)
  675. GitHub to replace "master" with alternative term to avoid slavery references | ZDNet (READABLE)
  676. Workshop: Getting started with GraphQL on .NET - 1/2 - NDC Melbourne 2020 (READABLE)
  677. Coming soon – paraLLEl N64 RDP – Resolution upscaling! (Video demonstration) – Libretro (READABLE)
  678. Zsh and Fish’s simple but clever trick for highlighting missing linefeeds – Vidar's Blog (READABLE)
  679. ISS Photo Explorer Flat (READABLE)
  680. Problem with Goal driven work (READABLE)
  681. LSTM for Programmers (READABLE)
  682. Matt Inouye - The Curse of Excess Information (READABLE)
  683. An Introduction to Progressive Delivery (READABLE)
  684. Managing the risk of not upgrading (READABLE)
  685. I'm 15 and I slept on the floor for a year. Here's why. (READABLE)
  686. Building a command line tool to generate number sequences (READABLE)
  687. Who is Saddam Hussein? #blacklivesmatter (READABLE)
  688. One Task Board to Rule Them All (READABLE)
  689. Why Low Pay In the Games Industry Leads to Bad Games – Aaron Nemoyten (READABLE)
  690. BLM - Bonus Panel - Fowl Language Comics (READABLE)
  691. EF Core In depth – what happens when EF Core writes to the database? – The Reformed Programmer (READABLE)
  692. How to Estimate Your Projects Like a Boss (READABLE)
  693. Bible Believers v. Wayne County, Mich., 805 F. 3d 228 - Court of Appeals, 6th Circuit 2015 (READABLE)
  694. Why Devs (Should) Like Estimates - Stack Overflow Blog (READABLE)
  695. Never Hertz to Ask (READABLE)
  696. Collected Notes. (READABLE)
  697. Music Grid Piano. Create Beautiful Short Music Snippets (READABLE)
  698. Why Congress hasn’t made lynching a hate crime (READABLE)
  699. How x86_64 addresses memory (READABLE)
  700. So You Want to Talk About Race: Oluo, Ijeoma: 9781580058827: Books (READABLE)
  701. The American Press Is Destroying Itself (READABLE)
  702. #FuckDiscord | Cadence's Blog (READABLE)
  703. JuneteenthConf: Call for Speakers / Call for Papers (CfP) @ (READABLE)
  704. Death of George Floyd (READABLE)
  705. Google resumes its senseless attack on the URL bar, hides full addresses on Chrome 85 (READABLE)
  706. Fast 2D rendering on GPU (READABLE)
  707. Applying for 1000 jobs per hour (READABLE)
  708. Jonathan Bayless - Handwired Iris Keyboard Build (READABLE)
  709. May 2020 news · (READABLE)
  710. How I Used Revenue Stacking To Generate Over $4,000 In One Month — Brendan Cahill (READABLE)
  711. jbogard/nsb-diagnostics-poc (READABLE)
  712. I made an actual Drum Machine in Excel (READABLE)
  713. microsoft/PowerToys (READABLE)
  714. SageMath Mathematical Software System - Sage (READABLE)
  715. Microsoft: Rust Is the Industry’s ‘Best Chance’ at Safe Systems Programming – The New Stack (READABLE)
  716. Michael Feathers - Functional Code is Honest Code (READABLE)
  717. SQLite As An Application File Format (READABLE)
  718. Publishing an NPM Package- Webinar (READABLE)
  719. Design electronics like it is 70's at CERN (READABLE)
  720. Twilio Docs - IoT - Super SIM (READABLE)
  721. How Many U.S. Taxpayers Are There? (READABLE)
  722. Urgent Immigration Update — News of a Damaging Proposed Immigration Proclamation on Non-Immigrant Visa Holders | Kuck Baxter Immigration (READABLE)
  723. Schedule | Linux Foundation Events (READABLE)
  724. Adding Additional Mime Mappings to the Static File Provider (READABLE)
  725. Below the Great Pacific Garbage Patch: More Garbage - Eos (READABLE)
  726. 5 Common Feelings Being a Woman of Color in Tech (READABLE)
  727. Uber says engineer is on his own for US$180 million legal award to Google (READABLE)
  728. Names of PPP Business Borrowers Won’t Be Released (READABLE)
  729. Analysing the (Alleged) Minneapolis Police Department "Hack"
  730. This 26-year-old 'died three times' after police hit her with a blast ball (READABLE)
  731. Wil Shipley: Every year I fill out this survey from Apple, for Apple developers. Every year nothing changes. (READABLE)
  733. Detecting soccer teams using unsupervised learning and tensorflow object detection (images and videos) (READABLE)
  734. Alex Money (READABLE)
  735. In Defense of Myers Briggs (READABLE)
  736. Getting Started with Nix (READABLE)
  737. UPDATED: A HUGE List of Bay Area Protests & Rallies This Weekend (READABLE)
  738. Record charts (READABLE)
  739. The Upcoming Future of Online Meetups (READABLE)
  740. Dependence (READABLE)
  741. A Look at Cryptovoxels (READABLE)
  742. Introduction to Bimachines (READABLE)
  743. r/sanfrancisco - I was so close to renting a new apartment, but then the landlords took it completely off the market (READABLE)
  744. Password Checkup Tools Warnings (READABLE)
  745. American Rule by Jared Yates Sexton: 9781524745714 | Books (READABLE)
  746. Optimising .NET Core Docker images - Ben Foster (READABLE)
  747. Biohacking Lite (READABLE)
  748. Best practices for managing & storing secrets like API keys and other credentials [2020] (READABLE)
  749. IdentityServer/IdentityServer4 (READABLE)
  750. Jepsen: PostgreSQL 12.3 (READABLE)
  751. ABC Casts Its First Black 'Bachelor' (READABLE)
  752. Async Python is not faster (READABLE)
  753. Starcom: Nexus, An Indie Dev Story (READABLE)
  754. What to write down when you’re reading to learn (READABLE)
  755. CS-ONLINE.CLUB - Play CS 1.6 in the browser! (READABLE)
  756. Is Dark Mode Such A Good Idea? - Kev Quirk (READABLE)
  757. Flat UI Elements Attract Less Attention and Cause Uncertainty (READABLE)
  758. Release Notes Chocolatey Gui (READABLE)
  759. Chocolatey GUI Release 0.17.1 (READABLE)
  760. Weekly Update 195
  761. Ohio GOP state senator fired from ER doctor job after using racist language (READABLE)
  762. The Trouble With Phishing (READABLE)
  763. Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone | You are now leaving the USA (READABLE)
  764. GIMP - GIMP 2.10.20 Released (READABLE)
  765. Ecoji.NET (READABLE)
  766. Getting Value from appsettings.json in .NET Core (READABLE)
  767. Visual Studio Code May 2020 (READABLE)
  768. Life, part 14 (READABLE)
  769. How Do I Debug Async Code in Visual Studio? | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  770. Multi-App Support with Custom Domains for .NET and AWS Elastic Beanstalk | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  771. DevExpress Controls for WinUI 3 Preview are Now Available (READABLE)
  772. Louisville police release the Breonna Taylor incident report. It's virtually blank (READABLE)
  773. RE320 - Variable‑d dynamic vocal & instrument microphone by Electro-voice (READABLE)
  774. University of the People: Tuition-Free, Accredited Online Degree Programs (READABLE)
  775. Artvee (READABLE)
  776. JeremyLikness/BlazorWasmEFCoreExample (READABLE)
  777. The Byzantine Generals Problem - Microsoft Research (READABLE)
  778. How async should have been (READABLE)
  779. Develop, Preview, Test (READABLE)
  780. Model facts, not your problem domain (READABLE)
  781. Towards a New Leveraged ETF Part 3 · Sturm Mabie (READABLE)
  782. Steven Gerhardt-King - Asking a stranger to watch your stuff at Starbucks doesn't make any sense (READABLE)
  783. The Many Quirks of Qsort (READABLE)
  784. And so it begins | Regressionist (READABLE)
  785. Compressing Synapse database | Levans' workshop (READABLE)
  786. ECDSA: Handle with Care (READABLE)
  787. Framework for unit testing generators (READABLE)
  788. Learning about distributed systems: where to start? (READABLE)
  789. Web or System Fonts (READABLE)
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  1117. Twitch
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