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  1. 98%VassiLife
  2. 99%RSS and why I love it | Noghartt's garden
  3. 99%Mastering Slash Commands with GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  4. 97%demo.fun – Interactive Product Demo Recorder – Generate Leads & Engage Customers
  5. 58%Veo
  6. 99%How To Use IServiceCollection in Console Applications – What You Need To Know
  7. 98%Why I prefer the iPad over a MacBook
  8. 99%A Problem-First Approach To Building Engineering Teams
  9. 89%Naming Things is Hard (Game Genre Edition)
  10. 98%Micro-dosing Caffeine
  11. 97%Heat Death of the Internet - takahē
  12. 99%RSS: how to fix your internet feed
  13. 99%Blazor Basics: Globalization in Blazor
  14. 92%JetBrains .NET Days Online 2024 – Call for Speakers | The .NET Tools Blog
  15. 99%Marten, PostgreSQL, and .NET Aspire walk into a bar…
  16. 97%Analyzing Consumer Behavior: Tools and Techniques for Marketers
  17. 91%Harry Chapin and RATM: the problem with bleeding interests
  18. 98%Fully Decentralized Forum With 60 Lines of Code
  19. 97%Meta Bites the Apple
  20. 97%Github YouTube Embed - Online
  21. 98%3D Printing Log
  22. 87%do tiny projects expecting them to fail
  23. 99%Supabase Storage: now supports the S3 protocol
  24. 99%AI Hype - Am I out of work in five years?
  25. 97%Stop Debugging and Start Running in Visual Studio
  26. 99%What's New in the Reliable Web App Pattern for .NET
  27. 98%tiktokify: A Hackathon winning product | Akshat Sharma
  28. 95%Self-help
  29. 99%Hardest Problem in Computer Science: Centering Things
  30. 90%The Making of Side 7 | GUNDAM EVOLUTION Private Server Project
  31. 97%8 Things I Wish I Understood Earlier In My Career
  32. 99%My useless philosophical ramblings about the ecology of programming languages (and OOP is not Java)
  33. 84%Harmful 5G Fast Lanes Are Coming. The FCC Needs to Stop Them
  34. 96%YouTube’s Screen Stealer
  35. 94%Open Source Financial Sponsorship Breakdown for 2023
  36. 99%Chris Simon presents Test Driven Development, Domain Driven Design, & C# from the ground up - livestream | The .NET Tools Blog
  37. 77%After AI beat them, professional go players got better and more creative
  38. 92%Habitually - I’ve Been Tracking Everything in My Life for A Year
  39. 99%Using Slash Commands in GitHub Copilot for Visual Studio
  40. 98%5 Rules for DTOs
  41. 98%AV1 On Linux With The Sparkle A310 ECO
  42. 99%FreeBSD Zero to Desktop Speedrun Challenge
  43. 94%Content Creators Ruined The Internet
  44. 97%Zoomer Tries RSS: In Praise of Yarr
  45. 93%.NET MAUI Community Standup
  46. 98%Recognizing which scientific problems should be approached with machine learning
  47. 87%Facebook/Meta class action discovery
  48. 97%The smartphone app audit
  49. 99%Using Nextra to Blog - mkaz.blog
  50. 98%Using GitHub Copilot Chat in Visual Studio
  51. 94%The website is down. The cloud is up.
  52. 67%New Aztec Codices Discovered: The Codices of San Andrés Tetepilco
  53. 93%YouTube
  54. 96%The fish doorbell
  55. 99%A review of the Thinkpad X13s with Ubuntu Linux ⋅ ahoneybun.net
  56. 99%How to use Comments as Prompts in GitHub Copilot for Visual Studio
  57. 93%Life Sans Instagram
  58. 99%My 2024 Setup
  59. 98%Announcing SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) for ARM64 Architecture in Visual Studio 17.10 Preview 2 - Visual Studio Blog
  60. 95%Flightradar24’s new GPS jamming map | Flightradar24 Blog
  61. 80%The Importance of Innovating On Content – The Write to Roam
  62. 84%Do I need my phone?
  63. 91%How we're helping creators disclose altered or synthetic content
  64. 98%Why does git have to be so hard?
  65. 92%Code samples for the opening chapter of Refactoring
  66. 78%Memos
  67. 91%On Getting Discovered
  68. 98%.NET Rocks! The Observability Tipping Point with Steve Gordon and Martin Thwaites
  69. 98%Importance of Intentionality in Digital Consumption
  70. 52%Using the ExtendedSplashScreen Control | Uno Tech Bites
  71. 98%3 Tips to Clean Exception Handling
  72. 99%How to Automatically Cast Between Types in C#
  73. 67%eBPF Documentary
  74. 78%Single Purpose Robots
  75. 95%Shutting down my Startup
  76. 98%Advanced scenario with FluentUI-Blazor
  77. 97%Word JavaScript API 1.7 requirement set now available - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  78. 88%How to Deploy .NET Apps to Kubernetes
  79. 97%Why Facebook doesn’t use Git
  80. 99%Minimal March - .NET and Blazor Coding at the Command-Line
  81. 99%Experimental C# Interceptors: AOT & Performance for free | .NET Conf 2023
  82. 99%What's your favorite thing about Blazor in .NET 8?
  83. 99%Convert ANY Of Your C# Types Without Casting Using Implicit Operators
  84. 95%Easily Assess On-Premise .NET Apps for Azure Migration
  85. 99%Visual Studio updates for F# | .NET Conf 2023
  86. 99%.NET 8 Blazor .🚀🔥 : Dynamic Input Validation
  87. 87%The Big Ship (2004 Remaster)
  88. 99%Transformers Optimization: Part 1 - KV Cache
  89. 97%Blazor, OTEL, and Open Source development
  90. 97%Code coverage features in Visual Studio Enterprise - Visual Studio Blog
  91. 93%It's C# All The Way Down! Using .NET for home automation with IoT devices | .NET Conf 2023
  92. 99%On .NET Live: Clean Razor code in your Blazor apps with Sonar
  93. 72%I Guarantee You Haven't Seen These Real Humanoid Robots | James Darpinian
  94. 89%.NET MAUI Community Standup
  95. 97%.NET Data Community Standup: EF Core keys and value generation
  96. 99%How To Run Your Benchmarks - 2 Ways To Run BenchmarkDotNet
  97. 99%.NET 8 💥 - ASP.NET Core Web API Filters
  98. 96%The New Way To Append Arrays in C#
  99. 91%This Feature Will Make Your Code Safer
  100. 95%How to build a SaaS micro startup in 31 hours
  101. 95%Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)
  102. 91%Everyone is just doing whatever | roose.digital
  103. 99%Forms & Validation in Blazor Web Apps [Pt 10] | Front-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  104. 94%Weekly Update 388
  105. 93%.NET is the best backend for your JavaScript frontend | .NET Conf 2023
  106. 97%See It In Action! C# Reflection for Beginners
  107. 99%Implementing IFormattable To Create Customizable ToString Options in C#
  108. 97%ASP.NET Community Standup - .NET Aspire Preview 4
  109. 99%.NET App modernization and cloud migration: Cross Platform Enterprise focus | .NET Conf 2023
  110. 89%Sticky Scroll Code Indentation Pinning in #VisualStudio
  111. 89%take notes to understand your language
  112. 78%The Unexpected $30,000 Benefit of the Pandemic: Haircuts – Dan Quach Blog
  113. 99%Bring your data to Copilot for Microsoft 365 with .NET plugins and Azure AI Search
  114. 97%Instrument Serverless Rust Applications with Open Telemetry
  115. 99%.NET 8 💥 - Web API Health Checks ⛑🚑🚑
  116. 99%Generate Blazor Websites in Minutes with Visual Studio's NEW Scaffolder!
  117. 93%Apple vs. PWAs – Go act now and help avoid this disaster…
  118. 99%Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 8 | .NET Conf 2023
  119. 79%Collections Made Easy - C# in the Cards Episode 10
  120. 93%Dependency injection for .NET APIs [Pt 7] | Back-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  121. 99%How does .NET MAUI get me to market faster if I'm a startup?
  122. 98%This Is How You Implement HttpClient In Your .NET Application
  123. 96%Power That No C# Dev Should Have - The Dark Side of Reflection
  124. 98%Activator.CreateInstance in C# – A Quick Rundown
  125. 90%Easy Way to Create an Ambient Database Transaction
  126. 99%Work with Data in Blazor [Pt 9] | Front-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  127. 99%Integrating Third-party Services with .NET 8's Identity Framework | .NET Conf 2023
  128. 81%Supply Chain Analyst Resources.
  129. 98%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Jeremy Miller
  130. 95%Strategies You Need For An Evolvable Event-Driven System
  131. 73%Uno Platform Live Coding: Let's look at some calendar and date picker issues
  132. 99%On .NET Live: Radzen.Blazor - A free and open source component library
  133. 96%Adding Open Telemetry to a Blazor Application
  134. 99%Experimenting with the completions model - Azure OpenAI for .NET Developers Course
  135. 97%Grial Studio - Your .NET MAUI UI Expert Assistant in Visual Studio
  136. 98%Uno Platform for Figma | Design to XAML and C# Markup
  137. 99%How to Survive a Layoff (as a developer)
  138. 97%Meadow.Cloud and Azure, putting the “I” in IoT | .NET Conf 2023
  139. 99%.NET 8 🔥🚀 : Guide to Code Access with Attributes - Exploring new Features
  140. 98%Visual Studio's Full Year in Review (2023) - Visual Studio Blog
  141. 99%Trials and tribulations of 360° video in Juno
  142. 91%Austria: A Fearful Country In Need Of A Vision
  143. 90%Mastering DataBinding in Uno Platform for Figma Plugin | Uno Tech Bites
  144. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Get Started with Blazor in .NET 8
  145. 99%C# Level Up! - How To Check Type Data with Reflection in C#
  146. 53%This Is How To Mock Your Service for Unit Testing
  147. 98%Every Single PLINQ (Parallel LINQ) Extension Method with Examples | .NET & C# Essentials
  148. 57%Integrating With Third-Party APIs Was Never Easier
  149. 99%My Low Power Writing Setup – Yudhanjaya
  150. 99%.NET 🔥🚀 : Minimal API with EF Core and SQLite
  151. 98%Azure Functions Community Standup - Azure Functions latest updates + sneak peak!
  152. 90%YouTube is not currently available on this device.
  153. 96%Getting started with the Fluent UI Blazor library
  154. 98%Open Source Motion Capture for Autonomous Drones
  155. 99%Uno Platform 5.0: Elevate Your Cross-Platform .NET Development with .NET 8 | .NET Conf 2023
  156. 99%nanoFramework: Unleashing the Power of C# in Embedded Systems and IoT with José Simões
  157. 99%JavaScript Bloat in 2024
  158. 96%Mark Oliver's World
  159. 94%ASP.NET Community Standup Topic - Assessing your app's Azure readiness
  160. 93%IA responsable y mecanismos de protección
  161. 98%Introducing Modular Monoliths: The Goldilocks Architecture
  162. 99%An Active Local NuGet Server
  163. 99%.NET API Middleware for common functionality [Pt 5] | Back-end Web Development w/ .NET for Beginners
  164. 85%Azure API Center and ASP.NET Web API Integration: A Developer's Guide | .NET Conf 2023
  165. 92%Weekly Update 388
  166. 97%Easy Guide to Creating Minimal APIs in ASP.NET
  167. 95%.NET 8 Is Now Available on AWS Lambda
  168. 91%Burke Learns Blazor - Bug fixing, download shrinking, prepping to ship!
  169. 99%Using Figma Plugin Generated C# Markup in an Uno Platform project | Uno Tech Bites
  170. 99%What is .NET Conf?
  171. 97%.NET Data Community Standup - Database concurrency and EF Core: Beyond optimistic concurrency
  172. 99%ASP.NET Core Full Course For Beginners
  173. 98%How IDisposable and Using Statements Work Together in C#
  174. 99%Generate PDF Files in Your .NET MAUI App or ANY .NET Application!
  175. 99%Data Binding in Blazor Web Apps [Pt 7] | Front-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  176. 84%Is GitHub Copilot the new rubber duck?
  177. 96%Money in Transit | Alvaro Duran | Substack
  178. 97%Now you can customize your Pragmata Pro font - Fabrizio Schiavi Design
  179. 98%From Zero to Hero: Quickly Migrate Web Apps with Azure App Service | .NET Conf 2023
  180. 92%youtube's search function is atrocious now
  181. 98%.NET Data Community Standup - Window and binary functions using Zomp EF Core extensions
  182. 93%Battle Of The Software Architectures: Which One Reigns Supreme?
  183. 75%I Pick *NEITHER* - Static Class Or Singleton In C#?
  184. 83%What's Coming With .NET 9? - 3 New LINQ Methods!
  185. 84%What you should know about Threads in .NET
  186. 99%ASP.NET Basics for Experts | .NET Conf 2023
  187. 99%Working with Required Properties & Fields when Reading JSON
  188. 93%The Right Way to do Dependency Injection in Middleware
  189. 96%Creating a new Azure OpenAI resource | Azure OpenAI course for .NET developers
  190. 99%Let's build the GPT Tokenizer
  191. 89%Uno Platform Live Coding: Looking at XAML Trimming and a nuget package error
  192. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  193. 97%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Stephanie Stimac
  194. 98%What is ASP.NET Core? | Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  195. 99%Advent of Code 2023 Day 22: Sand Slabs ✅✅
  196. 99%Testing .NET Web APIs with .http files [Pt 4] | Back-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  197. 92%What is Event-First Design? The Fundamental Part of Designing Event Driven Systems
  198. 98%ResponsiveView and Responsive Markup Extension | Uno Tech Bites
  199. 99%Uploads, Discord and more integration with Blazor
  200. 99%.NET 🔥🚀 : What are Minimal API?
  201. 97%The NETFLIX Way to Keep Your .NET APIs Reliable
  202. 93%Hardware Intrinsics in .NET | .NET Conf 2023
  203. 87%Jeff Dean (Google): Exciting Trends in Machine Learning
  204. 62%Apple vs. Meta Headset Wars, AI Innovations & Raising Cattle with Mark Zuckerberg
  205. 98%Handling UI Events in Blazor Web Apps [Pt 6] | Front-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  206. 97%Microsoft Abandons DotNet For Rust?! - Uncover The Truth
  207. 88%The Pattern You MUST Learn in .NET
  208. 97%How to combine Redis with MediatR
  209. 94%Dependency injection fundamentals in C# - DI vs IoC vs DIP
  210. 65%The steep rise of Hackernews in Google rankings – jonathanpagel.com
  211. 95%Net 8, 101 Novedades y cómo podemos empezar
  212. 82%Infinite Office
  213. 85%Shuffle and Deal with Arrays - C# in the Cards Episode 9
  214. 89%Customers don't care about underlying tech
  215. 99%How to get micro startup ideas and launch fast
  216. 65%You Didn't Know You Could Do This With C# Anonymous Types
  217. 53%How to Store Any Object in the Database With EF Core
  218. 86%AMD and ZPrize using FPGAs to Accelerate Zero Knowledge
  219. 56%REST002: Standardized Provider Abstraction Spikes
  220. 90%Alexeï Navalny, l’homme qui dérangeait Vladimir Poutine, est mort
  221. 89%Introducing project Kiota a client generator for OpenAPI | .NET Conf 2023
  222. 94%Weekly Update 387
  223. 99%Get Started with the Uno Toolkit library | Uno Tech Bites
  224. 98%Implementing a Web API in .NET [Pt 3] | Back-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  225. 99%Azure OpenAI Models - Azure OpenAI Course for .NET Developers
  226. 99%Add automatic route registration to your .NET MAUI app
  227. 99%[ENG] Improving Your Code Coverage | Microsoft Visual Studio YouTube channel
  228. 98%Livestream - Chris Klug: Stop using Entity Framework as a DTO provider! | The .NET Tools Blog
  229. 76%Louis The Child, MEMBA - I’m Not Giving Up (Official Visualizer)
  230. 78%How To Use Variables in CSS without SASS or LESS in 10 Minutes or Less
  231. 97%squillace (@squillace@hachyderm.io)
  232. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  233. 88%Every Default macOS Wallpaper – in Glorious 6K Resolution
  234. 99%Blazor Web App Project Structure [Pt 5] | Front-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  235. 99%Web API Clients with Meadow.Cloud
  236. 98%The Perfect Project Structure for Production Ready Serverless Rust
  237. 98%ChatGPT vs. Advent of Code 2023 Day 21
  238. 95%Delivery Day! We're finishing the Blazor App
  239. 88%Build Clean Messaging in .NET with Wolverine
  240. 99%.NET 8 .🚀🔥: Aspire Preview 3 : Whats new & Upgrade Guide
  241. 98%.NET Rocks! Improving Your CSS Game with Martine Dowden
  242. 98%Modernizing Rx.NET | .NET Conf 2023
  243. 95%Avoiding long running HTTP API requests.
  244. 91%Build Levels.fyi in DotNet! - How To Use Google Sheets API in C#
  245. 98%Building an ASP.NET Core App using Functional Programming
  246. 99%Implementing SafeArea | Uno Tech Bites
  247. 92%This Can Improve Your Query Speed by 300% 🚀
  248. 83%Numeric data types
  249. 99%Easily Deserializing JSON Web Requests with System.Net.Http.Json
  250. 87%Tulsa DNUG
  251. 93%Advertising is Harder Than it Seems | Norman's Oven
  252. 98%Every Single LINQ Extension Method With Examples | .NET & C# Essentials
  253. 99%Hosting model for .NET APIs [Pt 2] | Back-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  254. 96%Why You Need To Adopt Non-Blocking Service to Service Communication
  255. 99%Advent of Code 2023 Day 21: Step Counter
  256. 99%Free PDF Viewer Control for .NET MAUI - Show PDF Files with Ease!
  257. 99%Hexagonal Architecture (All You Need to Know)
  258. 98%A Look Back: Visual Studio’s Profiling Tool Advancements in 2023 - Visual Studio Blog
  259. 83%Web defaults for System.Text.Json
  260. 99%On .NET Live Topic - Building great WinUI 3 apps with WinUIEx
  261. 98%Monitoring of Containerized NET Applications in Azure | .NET Conf 2023
  262. 99%Introduction to APIs with .NET [Pt 1] | Back-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  263. 91%What is Azure OpenAI? - Azure OpenAI for .NET developers free course
  264. 87%NEXT LEVEL! - Upgrading Our Blazor App With Entity Framework Core
  265. 88%The Awesome New LINQ Methods Coming in .NET 9!
  266. 99%Material Toolkit Walkthrough | Uno Tech Bites
  267. 99%.NET 8 .🚀🔥: Optimise Web API with Data Annotation
  268. 99%DbUp: The best way to build databases in .NET
  269. 97%How Do You Deprecate an Old API Version in ASP.NET Core?
  270. 95%Product Manager, Customer Experience
  271. 99%How To Add Clickable Thumbnail Youtube Videos to ChatGPT
  272. 99%Introduction To Data Types And Variables (For Absolute Beginners)
  273. 88%Why .NET's Most Ambitious Feature Might Fail
  274. 69%Knowing What I Know Now (From "Wish"/Lyric Video)
  275. 99%Quick Start: Uno Platform Wizard's Blank Template
  276. 99%Introducing Blazor Components [Pt 3] | Front-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  277. 88%"Don't Use Loops, They Are Slow! Do This Instead"
  278. 99%How To Create Generics in C#, Including New Features
  279. 99%From Mono to Wilderness: Unleashing the Wild Side of .NET in IoT with Bryan Costanich
  280. 95%Weekly Update 386
  281. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Modern Blazor Auth with OIDC
  282. 99%Decoding .NET8: Unveiling Cloud-Native Observability
  283. 97%Dapr Community Call - Feb 7th (#98)
  284. 95%Thoughts on Tech Employment
  285. 99%Implementing your personal production-ready Telegram bot using AI tools to monitor, transcribe, summarize and voice videos from YouTube
  286. 99%Effortless OpenBSD Audio and Desktop Screen Recording Guide
  287. 98%How I Built the Memory Box
  288. 69%Knowing What I Know Now (From "Wish"/Lyric Video)
  289. 83%GitHub Quick Reviews
  290. 95%GitHub Foundations: GitHub Entities
  291. 96%What's the hype with Rust and AWS Lambda?
  292. 99%How to Disable a Button after Clicking in Blazor
  293. 91%Control industrial sensors with Meadow
  294. 96%No Auth Middleware in Blazor SSR
  295. 99%ChatGPT vs. Advent of Code 2023 Day 20: Pulse Propagation
  296. 99%Let's Learn .NET - Blazor [Africa - SAST]
  297. 96%Take control over ASP.NET Core
  298. 95%Hidden gotchas developing for a Production Database
  299. 98%.NET Aspire - Quick Introduction
  300. 88%Why .NET's Most Ambitious Feature Might Fail
  301. 99%How To Add Google Authentication To Blazor SSR
  302. 99%.NET 8 🔥🚀 : Primary Constructors - Exploring new Features
  303. 99%Migrating .NET applications to Azure | .NET Conf 2023
  304. 96%GitHub Quick Reviews
  305. 97%Beautiful Sortable Drag & Drop Lists for your Blazor Apps
  306. 76%Are You Event-Driven or Event-Based?
  307. 96%Pair-Programming Blazor with @carlfranklin
  308. 92%Uno Platform 5.1 release webinar
  309. 87%How to Gracefully Cancelling .NET Application Work in 2 minutes
  310. 98%Great containers with .NET, Visual Studio, and VS Code [Pt 2] | Containers with .NET for Beginners
  311. 97%Logout In Blazor SSR
  312. 99%.NET 8 🔥🚀 : Global Error Handling - Exploring new Features
  313. 98%.NET Containers advancements in .NET 8 | .NET Conf 2023
  314. 82%Repeat your code with For, While and Do - C# in the Cards Episode 8
  315. 52%On .NET Live - Every Cache a Painting
  316. 77%My First IT Job - Day One
  317. 93%Getting Experience for my First IT Job
  318. 88%Microsoft Is Abandoning C# for Rust! Now What?
  319. 93%Why Developers Are OBSESSED With Obsidian
  320. 98%Introduction to Redis
  321. 99%Clean Architecture != DDD #shorts
  322. 96%Rye: a Hassle-Free Python Experience (Rye 0.21 Demonstation)
  323. 98%Introduction To Blazor Authentication in .NET 8
  324. 66%REST001: Abstractions & Exposers
  325. 58%What the heck is a "Catch When Expression" in C#?
  326. 99%Do THIS If You Want To Understand Software Arechitecture
  327. 99%What's the deal with .NET & Containers? [Pt 1] | Containers with .NET for Beginners
  328. 97%Build hybrid apps with .NET MAUI | .NET Conf 2023
  329. 97%Build a Custom .NET MAUI Signature Pad from Scratch in Minutes!
  330. 97%Epic Fail or Promising Attempt - Auto Pipeline Config in C#
  331. 97%Google has another secret browser
  332. 90%.NET 🔥🚀 : What are Middlewares and how we can leverage our APIs with it?
  333. 99%Using Separate Read/Write Models with EF Core and CQRS
  334. 99%Introducing Juno for Apple Vision Pro
  335. 73%Weekly Update 385
  336. 99%AVOID Spaghetti Content! #shorts
  337. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - .NET Aspire in action
  338. 84%YouTube is not currently available on this device.
  339. 71%Death Stranding 2: On the Beach (DS2) - Official Gameplay Trailer | State of Play 2024
  340. 96%Working with ChatGPT for Developers: A Hands-On Approach | PGHDOTNET
  341. 99%Using Live Wizard for Rider and VS Code | Uno Tech Bites
  342. 98%Intro to C# Markup | Uno Tech Bites
  343. 97%Burke Learns Blazor - Final API Updates and Frontend Polish
  344. 86%Moody Blues - Go Now [HD]
  345. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  346. 96%.NET MAUI Community Standup - MAUI Catch-up and Q+A!
  347. 93%Converting a Razor Pages website to Blazor - Part 15
  348. 94%The Easiest Scheduling for Your .NET Applications
  349. 54%C# Pattern Matching Can Do This
  350. 95%Solution for building real-time web apps | SignalR and Socket.IO
  351. 99%Build Amazing .NET Apps with C# and the Uno Platform
  352. 99%Clean Architecture vs. Microservices #shorts
  353. 82%Metro Awakening | Reveal Trailer | Meta Quest Platform
  354. 97%Companionship Content is King | Theory No. 27
  355. 99%Decisions with If and Switch statements - C# in the Cards Episode 7
  356. 98%Come help shape Hyprland!
  357. 84%Params Collections - The First NEW C# 13 Feature
  358. 98%Architecting IoT applications with .NET and Meadow
  359. 94%Role Store implementation & Pull Request Workflow
  360. 69%Fantastic .NET Messaging combo - MassTransit + RabbitMQ
  361. 93%Azure 🔥🚀 : Deploying a Static Website on Azure Storage with Terraform: A Step-by-Step Guide
  362. 97%AI Unleashed: Decoded Emotions in Text!
  363. 89%"It depends" Drives Me Crazy! #shorts
  364. 99%Create Your First Application (2 of 18) | Building Apps with XAML and .NET MAUI
  365. 94%Work on Pro .NET Memory Management book - Chapter 7 review
  366. 99%.NET Data Community Standup - Database concurrency and EF Core
  367. 97%Do NOT Use Int IDs In Your API
  368. 97%You’re Killing Collaboration (And How To Fix It)
  369. 98%Tech Topic🔥🚀 : Infrastructure as code why do we need it?
  370. 77%My experience upgrading my app, from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI (I should have listened to David)
  371. 98%The Unlikely Path - My Journey from Pianist to Self Taught Software Developer
  372. 94%I Lived 7 Days without a Smartphone
  373. 97%On .NET Live - OAuth and OpenID Connect for mere mortals
  374. 99%Publishing .NET MAUI Apps to the Stores Made Easy
  375. 96%Should You Run An Entire Web Application in AWS Lambda?
  376. 98%MassTransit Bus Stop - Meet the author of SmashR
  377. 95%GitHub Foundations: Git and GitHub Basics
  378. 77%The Putin Files: Vladimir Kara-Murza
  379. 99%Unlock the Power of Quartz Job Scheduler in ASP.NET Core Blazor
  380. 88%What’s Behind Your App’s .NET Requests?
  381. 99%.NET 🔥🚀 : Api versioning and why do we need it?
  382. 96%Clean Architecture vs Domain-Driven Design - Understand The Difference
  383. 98%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup, February 2024
  384. 99%Software Architecture and Critical Thinking
  386. 99%Can you create a custom project template in .NET?
  387. 99%Here's WHY You Struggle With Software Architecture!
  388. 96%School Mgmt App | Microservices With .NET Aspire & Blazor SSR | Part 7
  389. 75%Rethinking RESTFulsense
  390. 98%Careful When Using Task.WhenAll()! #shorts #dotnet
  391. 91%YouTube is not currently available on this device.
  392. 96%7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Riding Dual Sport and Adventure Motorcycles
  393. 89%Cybersecurity Best Practices and Password Security in Cloud and AI
  394. 87%french chill electro pop/rap (Claire Laffut, Kaky, Janie & others) // playlist
  395. 97%.NET Aspire
  396. 97%[Portuguese] Let's Learn .NET - Blazor
  397. 90%NEVER Write C# Tests Like This... Except When It Helps
  398. 99%Intro to Visual Studio Code | .NET MAUI Minutes
  399. 98%5 EF Performance Tips You NEED to Know + BENCHMARKS
  400. 99%How Blocking Threads Affect Yout WebApp #dotnet #shorts
  401. 88%Weekly Update 384
  402. 98%ASP.NET Community Standup - .NET Hack Together Winners!
  403. 99%#React Is WORSE Than #Angular!
  404. 96%Converting a Razor Pages website to Blazor - Part 13
  405. 88%The Magic of Breaking Down Your Types in C#
  406. 92%Why Choose Blazor: Embrace C# And Ditch Javascript
  407. 64%Enums aren't evil. Conditionals everywhere are
  408. 97%.NET GC Internals
  409. 99%zkBitcoin: Zero-Knowledge Applications for Bitcoin
  410. 99%Murmurations - Smarter Every Day 234
  411. 96%spontaneous studio, pilot
  412. 91%Blazor Hybrid - Running Blazor Apps Natively on iOS, Android, macOS and Windows
  413. 91%Try THIS To Stop Enum Changes From Breaking Your C# Code
  414. 99%What Web Framework Should I Use For My C# Project?
  415. 99%YouTube is not currently available on this device.
  416. 95%Publishing a Nuget Package the RIGHT way
  417. 99%Tech Topic🔥🚀 : What is OAuth? and why do we need it?
  418. 99%Elevate Your Git and GitHub Skills in Visual Studio with the Intermediate and Advanced Series - Visual Studio Blog
  419. 76%Jannik Sinner Press Conference | Australian Open 2024 Quarterfinal
  420. 87%Azure Confidential VMs with NVIDIA H100 GPUs for secure retrieval-augmented generation
  421. 94%Mr. Maeda's Cozy AI Kitchen: AI-Driven Design with Tim Allen
  422. 92%Uno Platform Live Coding: Including a XAML playground in Uno's test app
  423. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  424. 98%[Spanish] Let's Learn .NET - Blazor
  425. 99%What are dependency injection containers?
  426. 97%Clean Architecture in 150 seconds
  427. 86%Unlock the Power of Sentiment Analysis with ML.NET! Detect Emotion with Code! 💻😃🔍
  428. 98%Layla Porter - Distribu-ready with the Modular Monolith
  429. 98%Visual Studio productivity features in 2023 - Visual Studio Blog
  430. 94%Being Intentional in 2024
  431. 70%The Wannadies - Because
  432. 99%Let's Learn .NET - Let's Learn .NET Blazor
  433. 98%App Service the best place to host your .NET 8 Web Apps | .NET Conf 2023
  434. 86%Periodic Timer in C# Including .NET 8 Updates
  435. 99%Add Screen Recording to Your .NET MAUI App in 2 Lines of Code
  436. 88%"Stop Using null, Use default Instead in C#" | Code Cop #010
  437. 83%The BIG Modeling Mistake That Every Application Makes
  438. 99%How to Organize Your .NET Minimal APIs with Source Generator
  439. 99%Zero-Sum vs. Positive-Sum Product Theory
  440. 93%Dates, Times, and Time Zones like a Pro - C# in the Cards Episode 6
  441. 99%MassTransit 2024 Update
  442. 99%Blazor VS. NextJS Head To Head! Who Wins?
  443. 89%Upgrade .NET MAUI to 8.0.6 SR1 NOW in SECONDS! #dotnetmaui #dotnet
  444. 98%WinUI 3 Highlighting text | WinAppSDK | XAML | UWP | WPF | .NET
  445. 90%The Productive C# Membership
  446. 84%Stop idolizing a small set of companies that have problems no one else actually has...
  447. 96%Paolo Melchiorre - My Django roadmap ideas 💡
  448. 98%How I learn (making games for the Playdate)
  449. 93%Burke Learns Blazor - A Reuseable Modal Component
  450. 98%You Don't Need Enums - Refactor Away Enums In #csharp!
  451. 87%Starting .NET MAUI Development in 2024 - What You Need To Know
  452. 97%Weekly Update 382
  453. 98%GitHub Foundations Certification: Introduction
  454. 91%Mourning Google
  455. 99%Don't Break the Clean Architecture Rules with EF Core
  456. 90%This Library Makes Validation a Joke in .NET
  457. 96%Torvalds Speaks: Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Programming
  458. 99%Minimal API +SPA, a perfect match | .NET Conf 2023 Student Zone
  459. 78%[Vietnamese] Let's Learn .NET -Tiếng Việt
  460. 84%Ignoring Properties when reading & writing JSON
  461. 98%Use Records for your data models in C# #csharp #coding #dotnet
  462. 97%JARMuary continues - Converting a Razor Pages website to Blazor - Part 11
  463. 88%C# Is Programming Language of the Year!
  464. 89%.NET 🔥🚀 : Guide to Create Resilient & Robust API
  465. 99%17.9 Preview 3 brings exciting changes to Code Search - Visual Studio Blog
  466. 98%Webinar - Isaac Levin: Updating Old .NET Framework Apps | The .NET Tools Blog
  467. 93%Games in Godot! Let's make a classic paddle game with C#! | .NET Conf 2023 Student Zone
  468. 99%ChatGPT vs. Advent of Code 2023 Day 18: Lavaduct Lagoon
  469. 95%DISASTERS You Can Avoid With Enum Serialization in CSharp
  470. 99%Goodbye long procedural code! Fix it with workflows
  471. 95%Use gradients in your UI | .NET MAUI Minutes
  472. 99%ASP.NET Core Integration Testings Setup
  473. 99%On .NET Live - Taming LINQ Proliferation with Specifications
  474. 98%Google Zanzibar In A Nutshell
  475. 88%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Brit Meyers
  476. 91%Uno Platform Live Coding: Updating Analyzers and troubleshooting CultureInfo propagation
  477. 88%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Brit Meyers
  478. 97%Reusable styles in your app | .NET MAUI Minutes
  479. 97%Publishing your .NET containers everywhere! [Pt 3] | Containers with .NET for Beginners
  480. 99%Enabling case-insensitive when reading objects with System.Text.Json
  481. 98%JARMuary continues - Converting a Razor Pages website to Blazor - Part 10
  482. 72%Kiota - The NEW OpenAPI SDK Generator
  483. 90%The New Way to Run Background Jobs in .NET 8
  484. 99%.NET 8 🔥🚀 : Guide to Telemetry and Metrics - Exploring new Features
  485. 98%Weekly Update 382
  486. 67%Formatting, Interpolation, and Escape Characters in Strings - C# in the Cards Episode 5
  487. 88%Building the Smallest C# Game That Doesn’t Need .NET
  488. 98%TypeScript Full Course From Zero to Expert
  489. 97%The OwningComponentBase Class of Blazor Server
  490. 96%.NET 8 🔥🚀 : Guide to AutoMapper - Simplify Your Object Mapping
  491. 83%The ULTIMATE Clean Architecture Project Template for .NET
  492. 98%Chat is poor UX for most users.
  493. 90%How one line of code caused a $60 million loss
  494. 98%Dependency Injection via Primary Constructors #dotnet #aspnetcore
  495. 88%ArchiveBox is Super Cool
  496. 97%This Simple Test Could Detect Half of All Cancers
  497. 96%TC Coder
  498. 99%C# 🔥🚀 : Features you might not know - Part 2
  499. 59%This Pattern Helps You Get Rid of Exceptions
  500. 82%The Library is a Superpower
  501. 84%Coding a drone using .NET & ChatGPT AI and flying it in mixed reality | .NET Conf 2023 Student Zone
  502. 96%Text and Strings Part 1 - C# in the Cards Episode 4
  503. 88%EASIEST Way To Approach Data Processing in C# - Pipelines
  504. 96%.NET 8 🔥🚀 : Guide to Secure User Authentication - Exploring Identity new Features
  505. 91%Introduction to Machine Learning in C#. Classification using ML.NET
  506. 99%Waiting for Postgres 17: Incremental base backups
  507. 99%ChatGPT vs. Advent of Code 2023 Day 17: Clumsy Crucible
  508. 99%That's NOT How Async And Await Works in .NET!
  509. 98%From Code Generation to Revolutionary RavenDB Unveiling the Database Secrets with Oren Eini
  510. 98%Episode 64: GitKraken - with Justin Roberts and Eric Amodio
  511. 95%Collection Expressions in .NET 8
  512. 91%Using .NET for game development | .NET Conf 2023 Student Zone
  513. 99%C# 12's Collection Expressions - Awesome new syntax #dotnet #csharp #coding
  514. 88%"Stop Using Singletons in .NET!" | Code Cop #009
  515. 94%Turning software into computer chips – Hastlayer | PGHDOTNET
  516. 99%Episode 483 - Azure VMware Solution Landing Zone Accelerator
  517. 71%Customizing property names & values when reading .NET objects as JSON
  518. 98%Tiny, fast ASP.NET Core APIs with native AOT | .NET Conf 2023
  519. 99%What is Base64 Encoding in C#? - Beginner's dotnet Tutorial
  520. 94%Event-driven Architecture Traps: Beware Of These Anti-patterns!
  521. 99%Building an ASP.NET Core Nuget Package
  522. 94%.NET 🔥🚀 Unlock Hidden C# Powers: Code Like a Pro!"
  523. 94%MIDI Association NAMM 2024 Booth Schedule
  524. 99%How To Upgrade a Production App to .NET 8
  525. 93%Languages & Runtime Community Standup - Everyday C#: The subset of C# to learn first
  526. 99%Get started building mobile & desktop apps with .NET | .NET Conf 2023 Student Zone
  527. 69%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Angie Jones
  528. 99%Material Design & Free Controls for .NET MAUI with UraniumUI
  529. 99%C# Math: Operators and Functions for Fun and Profit - C# in the Cards Episode 3
  530. 99%.NET MAUI: How I create a Flyout in compact mode with Shell
  531. 87%.NET 8 🔥🚀 : Boost .NET API Performance
  532. 84%Only 2 Hard Things in Computer Science - this is one of them
  533. 98%Issue 42: Are GPTs Websites?
  534. 95%Please, Own Your RSS Links
  535. 84%Improving your application telemetry using .NET 8 and Open Telemetry | .NET Conf 2023
  536. 85%Handling Missing Members when Reading .NET Objects
  537. 88%Await Async Might Change Completely in .NET 9
  538. 98%Understanding API Rate Limits: Purpose, Types, and Essential Insights
  539. 98%The Early Return Principle Will Help You Write Clean Code
  540. 90%7 lessons from building 9 startups as a solopreneur
  541. 58%Popular science has failed.
  542. 86%Niche Online Tournaments
  543. 98%School Mgmt App | Microservices With .NET Aspire & Blazor SSR | Part 4
  544. 61%The Simplest Way To Build a URL Shortener in ASP.NET Core
  545. 99%School Mgmt App | Microservices With .NET Aspire & Blazor SSR | Part 4
  546. 94%Weekly Update 381
  547. 96%Primitive Types in C# - C# in the Cards Episode 2
  548. 89%in search of a new tab
  549. 97%Year 2023 as a Lego Content Creator
  550. 81%buzzert.net – Bedside Computer
  551. 99%Building resilient cloud services with .NET 8 | .NET Conf 2023
  552. 95%Get Started with C# - C# in the Cards Episode 1
  553. 89%NOBODY Can Agree On Primary Constructors in C# 12!
  554. 92%How to Use Tailwind CSS in Blazor | Quick Start
  555. 90%JARMuary continues - Launching C# in the Cards and writing some Blazor
  556. 99%.NET 8 .🚀🔥: Integrating Docker with a .NET Web API - A Step-by-Step Guide
  557. 95%How to Create a Custom Health Check in Under 1 min.
  558. 86%Burke Learns Blazor - Handling personal lists for logged in users
  559. 98%ASP.NET Community Standup - Tooling for modernizing .NET applications
  560. 94%Control your IoT devices using Meadow.Cloud’s Command + Control feature
  561. 88%Why Do C# Developers Hate The var Keyword?
  562. 99%.NET 8 .🚀🔥: Exploring .NET Aspire Preview 2: New Features Walkthrough & Upgrade Guide
  563. 99%How to Write a .NET Markdig Extension for Markdown Processing
  564. 93%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup, January 2024
  565. 99%On .NET Live - Effortless .NET updates with GitHub actions
  566. 99%Introducing Grial Studio for .NET MAUI | .NET Conf 2023
  567. 96%Shutterized Gnosis Chain by Jannik Luhn (Shutter Network)
  568. 90%Reading Invalid JSON with System.Text.Json | Welcome to System.Text.Json
  569. 99%How CRUD Mentality Ruins Your App
  570. 94%Don't Write Wide LINQ Queries - Do This Instead...
  571. 98%2 Steps to Escape Tutorial Hell FOREVER
  572. 93%.NET 8 .🚀🔥: Understanding CORS with ASP.NET
  573. 69%Mozilla CEO wants business to pick up the pace
  574. 92%Welcome to System.Text.Json - How to read & write .NET objects as JSON
  575. 91%The First Feature of C# 13 Is Here!
  576. 92%The Bulkhead Pattern: How To Make Your System Fault-tolerant
  577. 91%How I’d Learn Software Testing in 2024 (.NET)
  578. 99%2024 Tech Trends 🚀🔥: What I'm Learning This Year
  579. 97%Maximizing LLM performance
  580. 90%After ten years, it's time to stop making videos.
  581. 87%The Smartest Way to Onboard Developers
  582. 96%Vendor Unlocking My Life
  583. 99%.NET 8 .🚀🔥: Building a Real-Time Chat App with .NET SignalR and React A Step by Step Tutorial
  584. 95%How bad are search results? Let's compare Google, Bing, Marginalia, Kagi, Mwmbl, and ChatGPT
  585. 92%Weekly Update 380
  586. 66%This EF Core Feature Gives You a FREE Perf Boost
  587. 86%Rain (Take 5 / Actual Speed)
  588. 57%Shocking Truth Exposed: The Dark Underbelly of Techrights – Unveiling Its Secret Far-right Ties and Hate-Filled Agenda
  589. 83%Cloud-Bound: Stack Overflow Teams Embraces Azure | .NET Conf 2023
  590. 71%Epic NextGen Night Match! Felix Auger-Aliassime vs Jannik Sinner - 2022 Western & Southern Open
  591. 95%basically every video essay
  592. 82%What if I paid for all my free software?
  593. 98%Challenges with semantic search on transcribed audio files
  594. 97%This is Best Way To Create CLI Apps in .NET
  595. 95%Your Projects Need This Type of Tests: Architecture Tests
  596. 55%This Extension Method Will Make Your Life Easier
  597. 97%.NET Rocks! Space in 2023 Geek Out
  598. 88%Linera Developer School Autumn 2023: Kick-Off
  599. 99%WARNING: 2 Killer C# Iterator Bugs (And How To Prevent Them)
  600. 95%Improve your ASP.NET core web app performance using Azure Cache for Redis | .NET Conf 2023
  601. 92%My Top 10 Features in Visual Studio Released in 2023!
  602. 80%Reviewing JetBrains Fleet after 2 Years
  603. 97%Trying hard or: How I learned to love Chess.com's freemium puzzles
  604. 95%SvelteKit, Bun, and Developer Dad Jokes
  605. 97%How to Use Blazor Components in ASP.NET Core MVC?
  606. 68%Leveraging async braindumping to improve the quality of your meetings
  607. 96%How I Avoid Fear of Package Upgrade
  608. 99%First Look at .NET Aspire - Distributed Applications in .NET 8
  609. 99%Examples Of The Factory Pattern In C# – A Simple Beginner’s Guide
  610. 99%Introduction to Value Objects
  611. 99%APIs That Don't SUCK - Collections & IEnumerables In DotNet
  612. 91%Measure and Visualize Metrics Correctly in .NET
  613. 97%Using Separate Read and Write EF Core DbContexts?
  614. 71%Multitenancy is Easy With EF Core - here's how...
  615. 98%Learning About Transaction Isolation Levels in Databases
  616. 99%.NET MAUI Barcode & QR Code Scanning Like a PRO!
  617. 88%They Want You To Forget What A Film Looks Like - Aftermath
  618. 95%This C# Operator Can Help You Write Better Code
  619. 83%Signing in to PowerSchool Administrator
  620. 91%YouTube is not currently available on this device.
  621. 99%On .NET Live - Blazor and CSLA.NET
  622. 72%Uno Conferences blooper reel
  623. 98%C# Iterators Are AWESOME But Why I HATE Them
  624. 98%ChatGPT vs. Advent of Code 2023 Day 16: The Floor Will Be Lava
  625. 71%Weekly Update 379
  626. 95%Weekly Update 379
  627. 99%How to Structure a Modular Monolith Project in .NET
  628. 99%Breaking Barriers: Unleashing Accessible Software for All with Dennie Declercq
  629. 60%You Wear Those Eyes
  630. 93%Why Blog? An Opinion from an Ex-YouTuber
  631. 57%C# is better than you think
  632. 91%The New Data Protection Features of .NET 8 (GDPR)
  633. 98%Visual Studio on Windows on Mac
  634. 95%Novedades de .NET MAUI en .NET 8
  635. 95%Interview with Reuben Bond: Principal Software Development Engineer at Microsoft | Durable Computing
  636. 95%Scaling Your Software Team: Development vs. Hiring
  637. 68%15 Reasons why you should learn C# in 2024
  638. 95%Burke Learns Blazor - Global HTTP Handling
  639. 95%CoreWCF - It's not just for modernizing old WCF apps | .NET Conf 2023
  640. 99%Announcing the HackTogether: The Great .NET 8 Hack Winners - .NET Blog
  641. 99%LINQ Method Syntax vs Query [Pt 17] | C# for Beginners
  642. 99%.NET 8 .🚀🔥: Amazing Cloud Native functionality with .NET Aspire
  643. 98%Run Any Web Applications on AWS Lambda
  644. 50%Use Serilog To Make Your Application Logs Better
  645. 96%Building a custom Shopify storefront
  646. 80%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Jim Bennett
  647. 80%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Jim Bennett
  648. 99%9 UI Frameworks for .NET Desktop App Development [2024]
  649. 97%No More Magic String Navigation in .NET MAUI Shell with this Plugin!
  650. 99%Ardalis is Steve Smith - ardalis
  651. 99%Naming Made Easy: AI-Powered Rename Suggestions - Visual Studio Blog
  652. 96%Building planet scale .NET apps with Azure Cosmos DB | .NET Conf 2023
  653. 99%Introduction to ML.NET [Pt 9] | Generative AI with .NET for Beginners
  654. 91%Don’t Use the Wrong LINQ Methods
  655. 63%Expression Body Constructors in C# Are NOT Real!
  656. 92%The Cleanest Way To Configure EF Core
  657. 98%Branching, Ifs, and Conditional Logic [Pt 9] | C# for Beginners
  658. 99%WASI Will Change .NET Forever! Run Wasm Outside The Browser!
  659. 89%Use C# with Godot to make Games! | .NET Conf 2023
  660. 98%How To Make Your Application Queries Reusable
  661. 99%Unlock Creativity with .NET Generate, Validate and Customize Random Words Effortlessly! 🚀
  662. 96%Weekly Update 378
  663. 98%Webinar - Chris Woodruff - Mastering OData: An In-Depth Developer's Guide | The .NET Tools Blog
  664. 77%Weekly Update 378
  665. 99%Vestas uses .NET to easily run high-performance workloads in a cloud-native architecture
  666. 98%Upgrading Azure Functions [Pt 8] | Upgrade Applications with .NET Modernization for Beginners
  667. 95%The 2 New Web Application Types Added in .NET 8
  668. 59%Q&A: How Much Does This Channel Make?!
  669. 81%Homeowners Associations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
  670. 81%Delegating Handlers Will Supercharge Your HTTP Clients in .NET
  671. 94%Microsoft Excel World Championship 2023 - Finals
  672. 81%Homeowners Associations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
  673. 94%Your Supplements are a Lie
  674. 98%Don’t rely on Big tech
  675. 94%Mobile Application Development with C# only: Unifying Markup and Business Logic | .NET Conf 2023
  676. 85%Primary Constructors in .NET 8
  677. 78%ASP.NET Service OVERFLOWING With Errors! - Debug & Fix!
  678. 87%Google Promises Unlimited Cloud Storage; Then Cancels Plan; Then Tells Journalist His Life’s Work Will Be Deleted Without Enough Time To Transfer The Data
  679. 99%How to Create a DEV Environment with Multiple Dev Containers
  680. 97%ASP.NET Core tutorial for Beginners | NEW .NET 8
  681. 98%The Fastest Way To Build an API Gateway in .NET
  682. 98%.NET Conf 2023 Discover What's New in C# 12
  683. 96%Más allá de MVVM: uso de MVUX para alimentar los datos de su aplicación
  684. 54%Blazor Hybrid Recap & Resources [Pt 8] | Blazor Hybrid for Beginners
  685. 73%YouTube doesn't want to take down scam ads
  686. 99%Is AI coming for your Developer Job?
  687. 99%VS Code Tutorial For C# Developers
  688. 97%How to Dynamically Subscribe to Kafka Topics in .NET
  689. 97%Don't Make This Common Domain Events Mistake
  690. 93%5 Year Anniversary - Dec 14, 2023 #youtube
  691. 96%Super-cargando tus aplicaciones cross-platform con Uno Platform y Uno Extensions
  692. 78%Introduction to ChatGPT Plugins [Pt 6] | Generative AI with .NET for Beginners
  693. 99%Learn how to improve .NET application performance leveraging Azure Code Optimizations|.NET Conf 2023
  694. 99%.NET | CI setup using GitHub actions and Nuke build automation
  695. 98%On .NET Live - Containers Everywhere: From Dev to Production
  696. 95%Uno Platform 5.0 Launch Webinar
  697. 97%Shortcut Keys on Desktop with KeyboardAccelerators - .NET MAUI 101
  698. 95%NativeAOT in .NET 8 Has One Big Problem
  699. 90%EF Core Can Help You Build This Microservices Pattern
  700. 99%.NET 8 Blazor .🚀🔥 : Building Dynamic CRUD Apps with Ease
  701. 99%Creación de aplicaciones .NET MAUI en Linux con Visual Studio Code
  702. 99%School Mgmt App | Microservices With .NET Aspire & Blazor SSR | Part 3
  703. 70%How to Reduce Nesting in Your Code With Zero Effort
  704. 83%.NET Conf 2023 - Productive C# Special Event
  705. 98%John Carmack: Best programming setup and IDE | Lex Fridman Podcast Clips
  706. 88%C# Records are Immutable - But Not If You Do This
  707. 99%Unleashing AI Potential with ML.NET: An intro to .NET's Machine Learning #shorts 🖥️✨
  708. 95%Searching Strings [Pt 6] | C# for Beginners
  709. 52%Raspberry Pi 5 and RP1 X-ray scans
  710. 93%Weekly Update 377
  711. 96%Dependency Injection Updates in .NET - Keyed Implementations
  712. 91%C# for Beginners: Dive into Variables, Operators & Expressions
  713. 99%The New Global Error Handling in ASP.NET Core 8
  714. 97%🔴 111K Subscriber Ask Me Anything + Exploring .NET Aspire!
  715. 96%From Atari to Sep: Unleashing the Power of Performance in Programming with Niels Rassmussen.mp3
  716. 98%Intro to Blazor in .NET 8 - SSR, Stream Rendering, Auto, and more...
  717. 92%Weekly Update 377
  718. 95%Weekly Update 377
  719. 98%.NET Configuration In Depth | .NET Conf 2023
  720. 98%Debugging C# Apps in VS Code [Pt 5] | C# and .NET Development in VS Code for Beginners
  721. 96%Burke Learns Blazor - Saving link bundles with the API
  722. 96%C# Shenanigans
  723. 99%Blazor Localization in .NET 8 & Blazor Server
  724. 95%Why Aren't More Developers Using C#?
  725. 81%This C# Operator Will Simplify Your Code
  726. 98%.NET MAUI . Use the Shell and the SearchHandler to implement search in your apps
  727. 99%.NET Monthly Roundup - November 2023 - .NET 8 Release Highlights, Community News, and more!
  728. 95%.NET 8 Adds Shuffle to Random for Arrays and Spans
  729. 99%Customizing your labels with FormattedText | .NET MAUI Minutes
  730. 97%Synchronise using Queues or Semaphores?
  731. 59%Arnold Schwarzenegger Sings About Rainbows
  732. 96%Deploy a SpringBoot 3 API on AWS Lambda in 10 minutes
  733. 89%C++ From Scratch
  734. 78%Arnold Schwarzenegger Sings About Rainbows
  735. 99%Apple Responds to Fine Woven Case Problem
  736. 99%Visual Studio Updates for .NET Devs | .NET Conf 2023
  737. 98%.NET R&D Digest (November, 2023)
  738. 97%Uno Platform Live Stream
  739. 99%How To Build Resilient Cloud Applications With .NET 8
  740. 99%How to (and how not to) design REST APIs
  741. 98%Instrumenting .NET Kafka Clients with OpenTelemetry and KafkaFlow
  742. 97%Unit Testing Business Logic The Right Way With NSubstitute
  743. 98%Evoluciona ChatGPT a un avatar virtual con el que poder conversar
  744. 73%Women In Linux
  745. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit, December 2023
  746. 98%ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor Experiments + eShop Q&A
  747. 84%David Wong
  748. 95%Explanation of DPA: Differential Power Analysis (from the paper of Kocher et al)
  749. 94%Pollard's p-1 factorization algorithm
  750. 59%Ancient Stone House, Derbyshire, England
  751. 96%The Basics of Strings! [Pt 5] | C# for Beginners
  752. 96%AWS re:Invent 2023 - Getting the most performance for your .NET apps from AWS SDK for .NET (XNT401)
  753. 93%.NET MAUI + Azure: Magic in Children's Stories
  754. 80%Add a Menu Bar to Your Desktop App - .NET MAUI 101
  755. 95%6 INSANE Things You Didn't Know You Could Write in C#
  756. 74%This is NOT SQL Injection ❌ (EF Core 8 NEW FEATURE)
  757. 97%Power Pages & Plugins : Del Low Code al Pro Code
  758. 55%we play music until someone breaks our synths
  759. 95%How Are .NET APIs So Much Faster than Everything Else?
  760. 98%How to start a modern C++ project - Mikhail Svetkin - Meeting C++ 2023
  761. 89%Weekly Update 376
  762. 92%Chrome’s next weapon in the War on Ad Blockers: Slower extension updates
  763. 78%.NET 8 + MAUI + Blazor = ¡ÉPICO!
  764. 78%HOW TO: Permission Authorization in ASP.NET Core
  765. 98%School Mgmt App | Microservices With .NET Aspire & Blazor SSR | Part 2
  766. 98%Trip to NET MAUI
  767. 95%How Are .NET APIs So Much Faster than Everything Else?
  768. 96%Data Annotation Updates in .NET 8
  769. 99%Building Hybrid User Interfaces with Blazor Hybrid [Pt 4] | Blazor Hybrid for Beginners
  770. 97%Mediator Design Pattern In Action! - C# Design Pattern Tutorial
  771. 98%GitHub Copilot Tips for .NET Developers | .NET Conf 2023
  772. 98%Clean Architecture: Application Core Project Setup with DDD, CQRS
  773. 98%How to start a modern C++ project - Mikhail Svetkin - Meeting C++ 2023
  774. 89%Weekly Update 376
  775. 98%.NET MAUI Community Standup - Guest demo from DevExpress
  776. 74%NuGet Best Practices [Part 4] | NuGet for Beginners
  777. 99%Refactoring C# and Tech Discussions
  778. 92%.NET MAUI Version Pinning & Nightly Build Integration
  779. 95%How Are .NET APIs So Much Faster than Everything Else?
  780. 98%.NET MAUI and Visual States
  781. 72%NEW: Collection Expressions in C# 12
  782. 99%Why Should I Upgrade My .NET Application?
  783. 99%Is c# underhyped?
  784. 98%Visual Studio & .NET: A Symbiotic Relationship with David Fowler | Episode 6 of 7
  785. 98%What's NEW in Blazor in .NET 8?!
  786. 99%What’s New in .NET MAUI | .NET Conf 2023
  787. 81%Easily Publish Domain Events Using EF Interceptors
  788. 92%My thoughts on .NET Aspire
  789. 99%The Biggest ISSUE With Blazor (and how to fix it)
  790. 90%Novedades de Blazor con .NET 8
  791. 98%Write Your Git Commits with GitHub Copilot - Visual Studio Blog
  792. 98%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Rob Conery
  793. 99%Mr. Maeda's Cozy AI Kitchen: Mr. Maeda's Tofu Factory Origins
  794. 96%PeerTube v6 is out, and powered by your ideas !
  795. 99%How To Deploy .NET Aspire Apps To Azure | .NET 8
  796. 98%Add Context Menus To Any Visual Element - .NET MAUI 101
  797. 95%Intro to Visual Studio 2022 [Pt 1] | C# and .NET Development with Visual Studio for Beginners
  798. 93%Why We ALL Use xUnit over NUnit or MSTest?
  799. 99%How To Use Both EF Core and Dapper For CQRS Queries
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  833. 96%Proposal for a navigation panel for complex (or perhaps bloated) admin interfaces
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  835. 94%Unleashing Meta's Llama DIY On-Premise AI Magic!🚀
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  842. 95%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - James Jackson-South
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  919. 91%Israel-Hamas War: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
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  982. 77%Abortion Rights: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
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  1012. 93%The Super Mario Effect - Tricking Your Brain into Learning More | Mark Rober | TEDxPenn
  1013. 87%The Super Mario Effect - Tricking Your Brain into Learning More | Mark Rober | TEDxPenn
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  1080. 96%The Practical TDD Book You Need To Read
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  1087. 72%Mastering NAS Setup: Proxmox vs. TrueNAS vs. Hyper-V | Networking, Cloud, and More!
  1088. 99%GitHub - FreeTubeApp/FreeTube: An Open Source YouTube app for privacy
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  1091. 99%Deep Dive: .NET Microservices Architecture on Cloud ☁️ ☁️ 🖥️ #shorts
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  1093. 98%What Is the CancellationTokenSource Type? #shorts
  1094. 81%Introducing the Insta360 X3 Water Sports Rope Mount
  1095. 81%Introducing the Insta360 X3 Water Sports Rope Mount
  1096. 81%Introducing the Insta360 X3 Water Sports Rope Mount
  1097. 89%How to run a 5k with Strangers
  1098. 93%YouTube
  1099. 53%What’s Next in C#? - Mads Torgersen - Copenhagen DevFest 2023
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  1103. 88%Weekly Update 369
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  1110. 87%Event-Driven Architecture lost it's way
  1111. 84%The Best Single-pole Smart Thermostat for Electric Heating!?! Sinopé Review (Zigbee & Wi-Fi)
  1112. 95%The Testing Technique Everyone Should Use in .NET
  1113. 98%Enforce Naming Conventions with Architecture Tests #shorts
  1114. 99%#16 Netflix, Marc Randolph et Reed Hastings | Doumer's Blog
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  1118. 97%Test Nick stream
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  1122. 94%Don't Overpay for Bandwidth
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  1125. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
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  1128. 94%The Brand New Way to do Fault Handling in Polly V8
  1129. 92%Understand the .NET Support Lifecycle
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  1131. 89%Money
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  1135. 95%"Don't Use Fields in C#! Use Properties Instead" | Code Cop #003
  1136. 99%From Chaos to Cohesion: How To Organize Code For Vertical Slices
  1137. 99%The Old and New Way To Delete Entities With EF Core #shorts
  1138. 99%Learn Live - Work with variable data in C# console applications
  1139. 99%How To Add Authentication To Your SignalR Hub #shorts
  1140. 99%Serverless for .NET Developers: Intro to Lambda & Azure Functions 🖥️✨ #shorts
  1141. 59%What’s Next in C#? - Mads Torgersen - Copenhagen DevFest 2023
  1142. 54%What’s Next in C#? - Mads Torgersen - Copenhagen DevFest 2023
  1143. 98%Fullstack 101%: How I Mastered Figma in 40 Minutes
  1144. 98%Event Streaming to your front-end .NET applications with SignalR
  1145. 99%.NET | Outbox design pattern in under 10 minutes
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  1147. 99%.NET Monthly Roundup - September 2023 - .NET 8 RC1, Performance megapost, community news, and more!
  1148. 98%How to Create an Infinite Memory LLM with Vector Databases?
  1149. 82%Faster Way To Deal With Exceptions That You Aren't Using In #CSharp
  1150. 92%Asynchronous Request Response Pattern with MassTransit
  1151. 77%EisenbergEffect
  1152. 98%🚀 Top 5 AWS Services Every .NET Developer Must Know! Unlock Your Project's Potential! 💻 #shorts
  1153. 97%From Self-Taught to MVP: Navigating the Event-Driven World with Josh Garverick
  1154. 94%Weekly Update 368
  1155. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - New Blazor updates in .NET 8 RC2
  1156. 95%Why Do Older .NET Developers Hate Modern .NET?
  1157. 72%Mastering NAS Setup: Proxmox vs. TrueNAS vs. Hyper-V | Networking, Cloud, and More!
  1158. 95%The Common Entity Framework Mistake You MUST Fix
  1159. 98%App Configuration, where does it go? Config files, env vars, external service?
  1160. 85%King Crimson - Neal And Jack And Me (The Noise - Live At Fréjus 1982)
  1161. 88%FINALLY! King Crimson Discipline Era Transcriptions
  1162. 61%Dependency Injection in .NET 8: Keyed Service Registrations 🚀
  1163. 98%Blazor WebAsembly + SignalR = ❤️ #shorts
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  1166. 94%Are Modern Games Designed to Waste Our Lives?
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  1170. 98%On .NET Live - Migrating from .NET Framework to .NET: A Diagnostics Story
  1171. 99%Building a DIY Pen Plotter
  1172. 99%Blazor for Beginners: Setup, Hosting, and Template Structure Tutorial
  1173. 88%How System Shock's Reboot Wrestles With Adapting Its Legacy
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  1175. 98%The .NET Conf Student Zone is Back! - .NET Blog
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  1177. 96%The Rise (and Fall) of Patreon
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  1179. 96%.NET Conf 2023 is Coming! November 14 - 16
  1180. 95%Why Do Older .NET Developers Hate Modern .NET?
  1181. 80%Why Containers are trendy ? #shorts
  1182. 98%The Options Pattern in ASP.NET Core explained In 20 seconds #shorts
  1183. 93%The Windows Source Code Revealed: Task Manager
  1184. 98%How MediatR Implements the Strategy Pattern #shorts
  1185. 90%Change - Tim Hårek
  1186. 90%Ranking C# Versions
  1187. 99%Enforcing Architecture in .NET with tests
  1188. 85%TypeScript Origins: The Documentary
  1189. 62%Drinking diet sodas and aspartame-sweetened beverages daily during pregnancy linked to autism in male offspring - UT Health San Antonio
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  1191. 98%Weekly Update 367
  1192. 74%Visual Studio 'Tea & Technology' Video Miniseries Starts Next Week -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  1194. 98%09- We Speak: IBM 3270
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  1196. 96%How C# 12 Changes Your .NET Classes Forever
  1197. 99%EF Core 8 Finally Fixes Value Objects
  1198. 92%Contributing to Uno Platform 101: From Novice to Expert!
  1199. 98%Why I Love the Tiny Internet · Zachary Robinson
  1200. 99%🔴 Burke Learns Blazor - Finishing the Edit Links Page
  1201. 86%Test Stream
  1202. 53%Introducing Raspberry Pi 5
  1203. 92%Primary Constructors in C# 12 - WORTH IT?
  1204. 96%NuGet Central Package Management Is AWSOME! Global Packages & Versions Simplified
  1205. 86%How To Mirror Your iOS or Android Device to Desktop? 🖥️
  1206. 98%Understand Clean Architecture in 7 Minutes
  1207. 99%This Awesome Library Makes EF Exceptions Better #shorts
  1208. 68%EI032: Data Processing Service (Part 4)
  1209. 98%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Corey Weathers
  1210. 94%ORMs can lead to FAT domain models. Slim them down!
  1211. 96%"One Line of Code Means Clean Code!" - Code Cop #002
  1212. 98%How to Use the IFeatureManager Service In ASP.NET Core #shorts
  1213. 74%SNS & SQS Simplified #shorts
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  1218. 94%My IDE as .NET Developer Using a MacBook (2023)
  1219. 99%Onion Architecture vs Clean Architecture Comparison
  1220. 97%How Do I Become a Full Stack Developer in C#
  1221. 89%Ian's Shoelace Site – Introduction
  1222. 98%09- We Speak: IBM 3270
  1223. 99%How to contribute to Uno Platform
  1224. 96%The Best Feature That Is Not Coming to .NET Anymore
  1225. 99%Authorization Using Roles and Permissions - Which one wins? #shorts
  1226. 99%What Eventual Consistency means
  1227. 97%Learn The Standard Today!
  1228. 87%Aurel Manea Photo archive - DYSTALGIA : Aurel Manea photography & visuals
  1229. 81%AMA005: Designing Standard-Compliant Systems
  1230. 99%Getting Started With .Net, Docker And Azure Container Instances
  1231. 99%Usability of Old Computers
  1232. 99%13 Years of Foxish
  1233. 98%What is the 302 HTTP Status Code in ASP.NET Core? #shorts
  1234. 98%Who owns the code that GitHub Copilot generates?
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  1239. 70%Azure Functions Community Standup - .NET announcements for Azure Functions
  1240. 99%Using Multiple EF Core DbContexts in a Single Application
  1241. 98%From Junior to Jedi: Navigating the Web Development Galaxy with Irina Dominte
  1242. 77%A puzzle game where you decipher languages
  1243. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - API Tools Updates in Visual Studio
  1244. 99%What Is A Full Stack Developer?
  1245. 98%🔴 Burke Learns Blazor - Backend vs. Frontend Dance Off!
  1246. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1247. 98%Introduction to DateTime in C#: Master the Basics!
  1248. 95% XML is better than YAML. Hear me out...
  1249. 96%The New Way of Calling Your Code in .NET 8 Is INSANE
  1250. 94%Best Developer Interview Question
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  1256. 99%GitHub - mig4ng/ublock-origin-filters: My uBlock Origin filters
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  1258. 98%The BEST .NET Ever! - What's Coming with .NET 8?
  1259. 98%Automatic Dependency Injection Using IServiceInstaller #shorts
  1260. 98%Episode 473 - Azure Arc
  1261. 93%My Journey to Mindful Smartphone Usage - Prashant Sengar
  1262. 67%Uno Platform Live Coding: Looking at XAML generation, then TwoWay binding issues
  1263. 98%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Josh Goldberg
  1264. 92%The Easy Way to Test Legacy Code in C#
  1265. 99%Real-Time Notifications Using Blazor and SignalR from scratch
  1266. 62%Back-End Development Challenge in C#
  1267. 96%On .NET Live - EF Core Power Tools CLI edition
  1268. 88%The Serverless Way to Deploy SignalR You Must Know About
  1269. 95%What is with shipping in November? .NET Release Cycle Explained
  1270. 89%On .NET Live - Exploring the Uncommon Path: Using Neovim for C# and the creation of Dumpify
  1271. 99%Telerik for .NET MAUI: PDF Viewer, TabView, Calendar and Image Editor
  1272. 96%Stop Using Automapper in .NET! - LAPD #001
  1273. 98%Better EF Core Performance - Turn off Query Tracking #shorts
  1274. 99%Microfrontends with Blazor
  1275. 98%.NET 7 💥 - Intro to MicroService Resiliency Circuit Breaker Pattern with ASP.NET & Polly 🐤🎛️🐤🎛️
  1276. 97%IKEA $50 VINDSTYRKA vs. $290 Dylos air quality monitor
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  1278. 86%Dependency Injection, The Best Pattern
  1279. 99%How To Use IHttpContextAccessor In ASP.NET Core #shorts
  1280. 81%Silk.NET Coffee & Code Catchups
  1281. 96%How Do I Become a Back-End Developer in C#
  1282. 99%Practical Application-level Monitoring for Microservices
  1283. 97%🎙️ Trustfall and cargo-semver-checks with Predrag Gruevski - RustShip
  1284. 97%ISP Column - September 2023
  1285. 99%ALWAYS Use File Scoped Namespaces Visual Studio 2022!!!!! #coding #visualstudio #dotnet #csharp
  1286. 88%.NET Data Community Standup - Complex types as value objects in EF8
  1287. 80%08- 3270 Design Tool
  1288. 97%Transforming JSON Objects Mastering the Compose Action in Logic Apps
  1289. 93%Weekly Update 365
  1290. 99%Build Loosely Coupled Microservices With MassTransit
  1291. 95%02 - We Speak: IBM Host Files
  1292. 88%EI028: Reviewing SQL Services
  1293. 98%The Seventh Annual C# Advent | Cross Cutting Concerns
  1294. 99%[Korean] Let's Learn .NET - Generative AI
  1295. 99%What Is A Back-End Developer?
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  1300. 98%.NET Load Balancer in 3 steps Using YARP #shorts
  1301. 99%C#: Using The Builder Pattern For Test Data #aspnetcore #dotnet
  1302. 93%Solution: Front-End Development Challenge in C#
  1303. 96%Join Us for JetBrains GameDev Day 2023 | The .NET Tools Blog
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  1307. 78%Alternative to the Outbox Pattern? Not so fast.
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  1309. 98%Register Minimal APIs Automatically With Carter #shorts
  1310. 99%Bun 1.0 is here
  1311. 99%[Spanish] Let's Learn .NET - IA Generativa
  1312. 99%DNF Summit - September 2023 Edition
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  1314. 93%Are You Covering All Scenarios With Your Tests?
  1315. 99%Feature Flags In .NET + How I Use Them For A/B Testing
  1316. 97%Advanced Dev Tunnels Features | OD122
  1317. 98%Bring your existing .NET Microsoft Teams app to Teams Toolkit in Visual Studio 2022
  1318. 75%The Easiest Way To Get Started With Java on AWS Lambda
  1319. 99%Have I Been Pwned? • Troy Hunt • GOTO 2023
  1320. 98%Discovering Multi Triggers - .NET MAUI 101
  1321. 96%The "Terrible" Keyword You Didn’t Know C# Had
  1322. 99%Building a Resilient Email Sending Method in .NET with SmtpClient, Retry Support, and the Outbox Pattern
  1323. 92%Mastering Git in JetBrains Rider
  1324. 83%.NET Architecture | Specification Design Pattern (DDD)
  1325. 98%Fundamentals Of EF Core Transaction #shorts
  1326. 99%05-We Speak: IBM CICS
  1327. 62%Front-End Development Challenge in C#
  1328. 92%Aardvark'd: The Fog Creek Documentary, 18 Years Later
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  1342. 72%Free your API. Misconceptions are holding you back!
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  1345. 99%Can I trust the code that GitHub Copilot generates?
  1346. 70%10 Time-Saving Tips in Visual Studio 2022 (with Tim Corey)
  1347. 50%EI025: SQL Processing Service (Part 5)
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  1351. 98%Why I Don’t Write Long Methods Anymore
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  1353. 99%Why You're Writing Too Much .NET Application Code
  1354. 70%Beginner's Guide To Dictionaries In C#
  1355. 97%Access Calendars and Events with CalendarStore plugin in .NET MAUI
  1356. 99%How to use Output Cache with Authentication
  1357. 96%Reviewing Bad LinkedIn C# Advice
  1358. 82%Introducing our summer '23 research seminars
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  1364. 93%Blazor WASM Cookie Authentication Tutorial
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  1370. 97%SaaS for Developers with Gwen Shapira — Postgres, Performance and Rails with Andrew Atkinson 🎙️
  1371. 81%What is CQRS #shorts #microservices
  1372. 92%Delegating Handler - It's Like Middleware But For HttpClient
  1373. 98%Auditing ZK circuits for a living (with David Wong - ZKSecurity.xyz)
  1374. 78%EI024: SQL Processing Service (Part 4)
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  1384. 92%Episode 290: Exploring, Teaching and Auditing ZK with David Wong - ZK Podcast
  1385. 92%Episode 290: Exploring, Teaching and Auditing ZK with David Wong - ZK Podcast
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  1398. 96%Announcing the New Foundational C# Certification with freeCodeCamp - .NET Blog
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  1409. 79%The Rise of Joe Rogan
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  1425. 95%Sharing Code Between Different Hardware/Prototypes with Meadow IoT
  1426. 99%New Video: 'await' Return Types
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  1428. 66%EI021: AI Processing Service (Part 11)
  1429. 99%Does my code get used to train GitHub Copilot?
  1430. 99%What's New in .NET and C#
  1431. 99%Beautiful Blazor UI Everywhere with Telerik
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  1433. 99%EI020: SQL Processing Service (Part 2)
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  1436. 99%Do I really want AI to help debug my code?
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  1451. 59%How To Know If It's Aliens
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  1453. 96%Learn Frontend Programming While Having Fun and Building Something Real
  1454. 88%Weekly Update 361
  1455. 99%Is Your Dependency Injection A Mess? Here's How To Fix It #shorts
  1456. 79%What is Chaos Testing? #shorts #microservices
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  1458. 99%Testcontainers For Easy Integration Testing In .NET #shorts
  1459. 96%.NET Architecture | Communication patterns inside a Modular-Monolith
  1460. 96%Xamarin Forms: Using Font Icons instead of images
  1461. 99%New Video: Nullable Reference Types and Null Operators in C#
  1462. 98%Get started with .NET 8 MAUI Preview and Visual Studio on Mac
  1463. 64%Burke Learns Blazor - How to Blazor Forms
  1464. 99%Xamarin Forms: Use any font with a single line of code
  1465. 99%Modeling the Real World with Q&A - Live Stream!
  1466. 96%Making Your APIs Blazingly Fast in .NET 8!
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  1468. 78%EI018: AI Processing Service (Part 10)
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  1470. 99%What is Circuit Breaker Design Pattern? #shorts #microservices
  1471. 99%Streaming Videos In Blazor Server #dotnet #csharp #blazor #shorts
  1472. 95%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Ramiro Berrelleza
  1473. 99%The BEST Moq Alternatives: NSubstitute vs FakeItEasy
  1474. 99%The Best Way To Use Docker For Integration Testing In .NET
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  1476. 50%EI017: AI Processing Service (Part 9)
  1477. 98%Does GitHub Copilot copy other people's code?
  1478. 98%Simple Prometheus queries for metrics inspection
  1479. 99%The Whirlwind Tour of Building .NET Apps in Azure
  1480. 99%Amazing Free DataGrid, Tab Control, Calendar and More for .NET MAUI!
  1481. 99%How They Bypass YouTube Video Download Throttling
  1482. 96%Dependency Injection Is Now Complete In .NET 8!
  1483. 97%This Will Make Your Repositories Obsolete
  1484. 90%mi kama sona e toki pona or something
  1485. 95%Today I realized I now trust Microsoft more than I trust google. What is happening?
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  1487. 95%Build your own Mocking library in C#
  1488. 99%Why Are Strongly Typed IDs Popular? #shorts
  1489. 99%How To Create A Service for Azure Blob Storage #dotnet #csharp #programming #shorts
  1490. 83%Prestige Over Influence: Choosing A More Impactful Online Presence
  1491. 99%Use The Awesome Minimal APIs Grouping Feature #shorts
  1492. 92%C# 12 new feature, Primary Constructors | #shorts
  1493. 86%EI016: SQL Processing Service (Part 1)
  1494. 99%.NET Architecture | Building a Notification System using the Modular-Monolith approach
  1495. 67%Youtube-dl Site Goes Offline as Hosting Provider Enforces Court-Ordered Ban * TorrentFreak
  1496. 99%Xamarin Forms: Implementing INotifyPropertyChanged automatically
  1497. 95%Sharing My YouTube Revenue With OSS Authors
  1498. 98%Weekly Update 360
  1499. 93%YouTube
  1500. 88%PDCST021: The State of OSS w/ @NotInventedHereShow
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  1503. 79%What’s Next in C#
  1504. 99%What’s New with .NET MAUI featuring Maddy Montaquila
  1505. 98%A New Way to SPA in .NET 8
  1506. 97%Create a .NET MAUI Menu Bar on Windows and Mac with Ease
  1507. 97%Domain Modeling Gone Wrong
  1508. 99%This Is How Method Injection Works In .NET #shorts
  1509. 99%Debugging a ChatGPT Plugin with .NET and DevTunnels
  1510. 94%EI015: Migrating From Moq.NET
  1511. 97%01-Enabling SNA Applications with Azure Integration Services
  1512. 99%Why do we need container registries? #shorts
  1513. 99%#13 Bill Gates le Geek conquérant, Microsoft et la révolution du PC - Doumer's Blog
  1514. 99%YouTube Subscriptions via RSS - David Hariri
  1515. 97%Difference between double, float and decimal data types | C#
  1516. 96%I Just Launched My Pragmatic Clean Architecture Course 🚀 #shorts
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  1518. 50%EI014: AI Processing Service (Part 8)
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  1521. 89%STD009: The Standard 3.0
  1522. 59%Turn-On Found
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  1525. 87%Build Reactive Streaming Applications with Containers on AWS
  1526. 82%The Book That Changed How I Write Code
  1527. 99%Building a Dapper CRUD API From Scratch In .NET 7 - For Beginners
  1528. 97%Streaming Videos From Azure Blob Storage in Blazor Server
  1529. 98%EI013: AI Processing Service (Part 7)
  1530. 97%How Zoom’s terms of service and practices apply to AI features | Zoom Blog
  1531. 99%MassTransit Bus Stop - Request Response via Messaging (RPC)
  1532. 88%Hacking is child's play - SQL injection with Havij by 3 year old
  1533. 97%On .NET Live - Building web apps with Blazor and Spark.NET
  1534. 99%Exploring JavaScript and TypeScript Development in Visual Studio for ASP.NET Core Developers
  1535. 85%What is GIT? #shorts
  1536. 98%06 We Speak: IBM MQ
  1537. 72%That wasn’t supposed to happen!
  1538. 97%Adapter Design Pattern and C#: A Practical Approach
  1539. 99%Dependency Injection with Scrutor: Scanning and Registering
  1540. 99%Visualize Your Data with Charts in .NET MAUI
  1541. 96%The High Performance Types You Ignored for Years in .NET
  1542. 87%How To Improve Performance With EF Compiled Query #shorts
  1543. 92%The Rise of LK-99 | Merge Conflict ep. 370
  1544. 78%BotW Any% 23:42 [WR]
  1545. 99%My take on HTMX with ASP.NET Core
  1546. 86%How To Build Loosely Coupled Systems With Domain Events #shorts
  1547. 78%Vim's Creator Bram Moolenaar Dies at Age 62 - Slashdot
  1548. 81%How To Get a Cancellation Token In ASP.NET #shorts
  1549. 82%Silk.NET Coffee & Code Catchups
  1550. 95%Have as much deliberate fun as you want!
  1551. 97%Optimistic Locking vs Pessimistic Locking With EF Core
  1552. 99%Can I Run .NET 7 Minimal API in a Windows Service?
  1553. 95%Our 2023 Summer Break
  1554. 93%YouTube
  1555. 93%My Leap from R to F# | fsharpConf 2023
  1556. 97%What's New and Next for .NET MAUI Developers?
  1557. 95%Weekly Update 359
  1558. 94%.NET MAUI Community Standup - .NET MAUI in VS Code!
  1559. 99%Blazor Tutorial - Creating a Todo App using Blazor Server
  1560. 99%5 Tips for Building Resilient Architecture
  1561. 99%Building Hybrid Apps with .NET MAUI for iOS, Android, Mac, & Windows | React, Vue.js, Angular & More
  1562. 96%Releasing Features the Smart Way in .NET
  1563. 97%4 Types Of Loops In C# - Do You Know All Of Them? #shorts
  1564. 99%From Novice to Expert: Harnessing the Power of Raw SQL Queries in Entity Framework with C#
  1565. 92%Can we finish up AddLink this time? MAYBE!
  1566. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup, August 2023
  1567. 98%FSharp.Data.Adaptive- Taming Mutation | fsharpConf 2023
  1568. 66%Even More Blazor SSR Enhancements in .NET 8
  1569. 98%What is GitHub Copilot? One Dev Question with Damian Brady
  1570. 84%Never Be The 2nd Option #dakotajohnson #howtobesingle #breakup
  1571. 85%Xamarin Forms: Create a Splash Screen in Android
  1572. 93%How MediatR Promotes The Single Responsibility Principle #shorts
  1573. 95%The Remarkable Versatility of Cloris Leachman: From The Last Picture Show to Young Frankenstein
  1574. 94%Three Mornings
  1575. 93%YouTube
  1576. 75%Never Be The 2nd Option #dakotajohnson #howtobesingle #breakup
  1577. 94%Demystifying the Options Pattern in .NET
  1578. 99%Let's Learn .NET - AI
  1579. 80%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Alyssa Miller
  1580. 99%MassTransit Bus Stop - SQL Transport Update
  1581. 96%Introduction to IoT with .NET and Meadow
  1582. 99%Form Validation and More with Data Triggers - .NET MAUI 101
  1583. 99%Where To Place Your Validation Code In Clean Architecture
  1584. 99%Joshua Jesper Krægpøth Ryder – The Future Is Here! WebAssembly for .NET Developers – Recording Available | The .NET Tools Blog
  1585. 85%EI012: AI Processing Service (Part 6)
  1586. 93%On .NET Live - Real World frontends and backends with Conduit
  1587. 86%Don Syme Live at fsharpConf 2023
  1588. 74%You Can Test & Debug Your .NET Lambda Functions Locally
  1589. 91%Open Closed Principle in C# | SOLID Principles
  1590. 96%The NEW Way of Validating Settings in .NET 8
  1591. 99%How To Query Shadow Property With EF Core #shorts
  1592. 92%Scanning real world objects into ready-to-use 3D models with RealityKit | Merge Conflict ep. 369
  1593. 98%LINUX AIR COMBAT free flight simulator
  1594. 99%Workplace advice for Programmers (Q&A)
  1595. 80%Weird Things You Can Do In C#: True & False Operators #shorts
  1596. 69%How critical theory is radicalizing high school debate
  1597. 96%It's There But It Isn't - EF Shadow Property #shorts
  1598. 98%ASP.NET Community Standup - Migrate from framework to core with System.Web.Adapters
  1599. 99%Ubiquitous F# in Contextive, the Ubiquitous Language Tool | fsharpConf 2023
  1600. 94%Learn how to use the camera in Xamarin.Forms | Step by Step Guide
  1601. 91%MassTransit Bus Stop - 8.1 Updates
  1602. 98%Scheduling Background Tasks In .NET With Quartz
  1603. 50%EI011: AI Processing Services (Part 5)
  1604. 97%.NET Rocks! Modular Monoliths with Layla Porter
  1605. 98%Fable.Form: Unlock your Forms Super Powers | fsharpConf 2023
  1606. 97%Weekly Update 358
  1607. 99%Panel: Leveraging .NET for Modern Development
  1608. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1609. 99%CRUD can be Terrible. Start capturing INTENT!
  1610. 92%Boost Your .NET MAUI Productivity with C# UI Hot Reload
  1611. 96%The Exception Mistake You Must Never Make in C#
  1612. 95%IoT sensors and displays with I²C and .NET (5 of 6) | .NET IoT for Beginners
  1613. 98%BadAppleFont
  1615. 93%Optimistic Locking With EF Concurrency Token #shorts
  1616. 95%How to write Enterprise Grade OOP software in C#
  1617. 61%How Blazor saved my day!
  1618. 99%Dynamic vs. Static Config for My Tiling Window Manager
  1619. 97%What it means to want it badly enough | Peter Piekarczyk
  1620. 98%All You Need To Know About IHttpClientFactory in ASP.Net Core
  1621. 99%EI010: AI Processing Services (Part 4)
  1622. 99%On .NET Live - Lunr Core: Simple search for all .NET apps
  1623. 98%General Purpose Input/Output: Read input with GPIO and .NET (4 of 6) | .NET IoT for Beginners
  1624. 98%Beginner's Guide to Testing Internal Classes in C#
  1625. 99%.NET MAUI UI Challenge # 7 - Coffe Shop App
  1626. 98%Change Control Appearance Using No Code with Property Triggers - .NET MAUI 101
  1627. 99%Why sometimes async and await are bad for your app
  1628. 96%Creating Dashboards with .NET 8’s New Metrics!
  1629. 77%SignalR 101 - Hubs And Strongly Typed Hubs In 30s #shorts
  1630. 98%Semantic Kernel: What It Is and Why It Matters
  1631. 94%The Economy behind Mobile Gaming Websites – The Cubinskyi Club
  1632. 97%GitHub - z0ccc/voat-extension: Browser extension to replace Youtube comments with Reddit comments or view the Reddit comments of any webpage.
  1633. 95%Learn why C# Expressions API is so POWERFUL
  1634. 74%Auto Include EF Navigation Properties With This Trick #shorts
  1635. 92%Setting Up a Windows PC For Web Development: WSL, Git, Visual Studio, Oh My Zsh, etc
  1636. 97%AI for Enterprise Scenarios and Environments using Azure Cognitive Services
  1637. 99%Preparing for .NET Core 3 Series
  1638. 99%Handling a Complex Domain with Readable Code | fsharpConf 2023
  1639. 91%How To Make Your API Idempotent To Stop Duplicate Requests
  1640. 98%Bringing Memory to your AI Apps with Azure Cognitive Search! | Intro to Semantic Kernel
  1641. 99%Bunifu Framework with Wilberforce and Wilfred
  1642. 99%🔴 Recreating Threads App with .NET MAUI - Profile & Search Pages
  1643. 73%Toy Models | Tadashi Tokieda
  1644. 73%Hex Wave
  1645. 96%Update and PODCAST ANNOUNCEMENT!
  1646. 99%Reprogramming CPU microcode with an Arduino
  1647. 99%Conditional jump instructions
  1648. 99%Hardware build: CRC calculation
  1649. 81%How do CPUs read machine code? — 6502 part 2
  1650. 98%8-bit CPU control signal overview
  1651. 88%How do CRCs work?
  1652. 99%Reliable data transmission
  1653. 94%If You Don't Understand Quantum Physics, Try This!
  1654. 84%Simulating Supply and Demand
  1655. 99%Error detection: Parity checking
  1656. 99%8-bit CPU control logic: Part 3
  1657. 99%Making a computer Turing complete
  1658. 96%The case against Net Neutrality?
  1659. 96%PBR Textures, free for any purpose
  1660. 97%World's worst video card? The exciting conclusion
  1661. 81%Ben Eater - 8 bit breadboard computer (with changes)
  1662. 91%“Hello, world” from scratch on a 6502 — Part 1
  1663. 96%Oscilloscope Music - (Drawing with Sound) - Smarter Every Day 224
  1664. 81%Glitter Bomb 1.0 vs Porch Pirates
  1665. 60%Connecting an LCD to our computer — 6502 part 4
  1666. 94%Checksums and Hamming distance
  1667. 70%The world's worst video card?
  1668. 97%But what is the Fourier Transform? A visual introduction.
  1669. 99%Programming my 8-bit breadboard computer
  1670. 92%Why Your Newsfeed Sucks - Smarter Every Day 212
  1671. 89%The Rug Puzzle: how many triangles?
  1672. 98%Adding more machine language instructions to the CPU
  1673. 98%Deploy .NET apps to single board computers and debug remotely (2 of 6) | .NET IoT for Beginners
  1674. 95%Episode 285: Intents with Chris Goes from Anoma - ZK Podcast
  1675. 99%DDD is just giving a $h!t about your Domain
  1676. 83%Better Design With Custom Messaging Abstractions For CQRS #shorts
  1677. 96%6 C# Mistakes Microsoft Wants You to Fix
  1678. 67%KBFI to KCLM - Port Angeles with Dinner & Stunning Sunset Views 🌅✈️
  1679. 84%Burke Learns Blazor - Building the Publish and Home pages
  1680. 99%Amplifying F# | fsharpConf 2023
  1681. 99%Solving Binding Issues at Compile-time with Xamarin Forms and .NET MAUI
  1682. 94%API Integration Testing Basics #5 - performance testing using k6
  1683. 98%Debugging Just Got Way Better in .NET 8
  1684. 94%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - .NET at the Command Line
  1685. 96%A whirlwind tour of creating an F# version of the classic Wolfenstein 3D | fsharpConf 2023
  1686. 90%C# POP QUIZ: Record VS Class Comparison Differences #dotnet #coding
  1687. 87%You Can Build Container Based Queue Processors That Scale to Zero
  1688. 96%Azure Functions Community Standup | New Azure Functions extensions for SQL and Data Explorer
  1689. 99%What Are Microservices? | A Small Game Shop Story
  1690. 99%Your Essential Guide to xUnit Lifecycle
  1691. 98%Make Your REST API Discoverable With HATEOAS | .NET 7
  1692. 99%You Are Using HttpClient Wrong
  1693. 94%EI007: AI Processing Services (Part 1)
  1694. 99%Azure DevOps at a Glance
  1695. 89%On .NET Live - Getting Started with ChatGPT in .NET
  1696. 86%Single Responsability Principle in C# | SOLID Principles
  1697. 90%Discussion: Are Free Monads Really Free? | fsharpConf 2023
  1698. 98%Use xUnit Like A Pro in Under 10 Minutes!
  1699. 99%Develop .NET MAUI Apps on Linux with VS Code: Complete Guide
  1700. 82%Silk.NET Coffee & Code Catchups
  1701. 96%This New C# 12 Feature Isn’t for You
  1702. 84%Dying Mall in Boston - THE GARAGE MALL, Harvard Square - Cambridge, MA
  1703. 98%You Need To Know Minimal API TypedResults #shorts
  1704. 92%NativeAOT for iOS & .NET MAUI Lands in VS Code | Merge Conflict ep. 367
  1705. 91%Should you use Result as your return type?
  1706. 91%What Makes POWER CENTERS Bad for Cities: Investigating Heinous Land Uses, Episode 1
  1707. 99%New .NET 8 Authentication Features in ASP.NET Core
  1708. 93%Use Response Compression To Improve API Performance #shorts
  1709. 97%EI006: Database Integration (Design Discussion)
  1710. 93%Here's Why YOU Should Write Those Unit Tests [C# dotnet Examples]
  1711. 89%How To Configure Database Default Values With EF Core #shorts
  1712. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup | Reliable web app pattern for .NET
  1713. 93%Scientific Computing with F# | fsharpConf 2023
  1714. 99%Why Microsoft Word is the best IDE for programming
  1715. 97%Let's Learn .NET - Web
  1716. 99%Blazor Server vs Blazor WebAssembly: Which is Right for You?
  1717. 99%Burke Learns Blazor | Creating CreateLink API / Polishing Public Page
  1718. 97%Sharing Context Between MediatR Components
  1719. 95%EI005: Exceptions Testing (Standard Upgrade)
  1720. 93%YouTube
  1721. 86%Weekly Update 356
  1722. 99%All the Container Improvements in .NET 8
  1723. 99%Convert ANY Event into a Command in Xamarin Forms
  1724. 95%Focusing on "Entities" leads nowhere good.
  1725. 96%Collections Just Changed in C# 12 and That’s Good
  1726. 98%How To Rate Limit a Specific User In .NET #shorts
  1727. 99%How to Program C# in Visual Studio Code
  1728. 88%EI004: AI Foundation Services (Exceptions)
  1729. 99%Warehouse Sample Review
  1730. 56%Languages & Runtime Community Standup | Practical steps to keep up with the latest .NET features
  1731. 99%What is AWS SQS #shorts
  1732. 69%How To Cache Filtered & Paged Database Results In C# dotnet
  1733. 99%🔴 Recreating Threads App with .NET MAUI & NEW VS Code Extension!
  1734. 99%How to Program C# in Visual Studio Code [2023]
  1735. 98%Program BEFORE the program - elegant abstractions
  1736. 99%Enable EF Core Logging For Easier Debugging #shorts
  1737. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1738. 98%Unveiling the Official VS Code Support for .NET MAUI on Windows, macOS, and Linux!
  1739. 93%C# Logging In 100 seconds
  1740. 98%Intro to .NET IoT with Single Board Computers and Raspberry Pi (1 of 6) | .NET IoT for Beginners
  1741. 98%BDD.ai: Is This the Future of Programming?
  1742. 99%Do You Know The Fastest Way To Delete Data With EF Core?
  1743. 99%Using MediatR Pipeline Behaviors For Database Transactions
  1744. 98%On .NET Live | Modernizing Rx.NET
  1745. 91%EI003: AI Foundation Service (Validations)
  1746. 99%Orchard Core CMS | PGHDOTNET
  1747. 99%Format XAML Files Effortlessly in .NET MAUI
  1748. 98%Playing the YouTube game with Nick Chapsas
  1749. 96%xUnit or NUnit? Picking the Right Testing Library
  1750. 80%The Questionable Engineering of Oceangate
  1751. 99%CQRS pitfalls and patterns - Udi Dahan - NDC Oslo 2023
  1752. 87%Implement API Idempotency In 3 Simple Steps #shorts
  1753. 92%.NET Systems Programming Learned the Hard Way - Aaron Stannard - NDC Oslo 2023
  1754. 98%Developing for visionOS | Merge Conflict ep. 366
  1755. 99%ChatGPT Writes Me A Serilog Configuration. Will it work?
  1756. 99%Sandboxing Phone Apps
  1757. 98%Bottle, Burger, Beer, Hot Dog Viral Puzzle – Mind Your Decisions
  1758. 84%How Naming Shapes Our Conversations
  1759. 96%Deploy Serverless Containers on AWS with AWS Copilot, AWS Fargate & ECS
  1760. 99%.NET 7 💥 - AWS SQS
  1761. 58%“The Ashley Madison Affair” explores rise and fall of notorious dating platform
  1762. 96%Weekly Update 355
  1763. 85%Awesome Rate Limiting Support Available In .NET 7 #shorts
  1764. 65%I Want a New Drug but it's a Dream Theater Song
  1765. 95%htmx in 100 seconds
  1766. 99%WinUI 3 | Workaround for ItemsRepeater issue #560 | WinAppSDK | XAML | C# | .NET | UWP | WPF
  1767. 96%.NET 6 Added DateOnly and TimeOnly - Did You Know? #shorts
  1768. 99%5 Code Navigation Tips While Debugging .NET Apps in Visual Studio
  1769. 77%MassTransit SQL Database Transport - Sneak Preview
  1770. 75%How To Create A Multi-Tiered Cache In C#
  1771. 96%Enhancing .NET MAUI Desktop Apps with Context Menus
  1772. 96%Ecobank, Le panafricanisme par Gervais Koffi Djondo - Doumer's Blog
  1773. 68%TOP 3 .NET Libraries I Use In Every Project
  1774. 95%Slimming Down .NET: The Unofficial Experiments of Michal Strehovský
  1775. 97%On .NET Live | Minimal APIs with EF Core, App Service, and Angular
  1776. 94%New Video: Fixing Integer Overflow in C# with "checked"
  1777. 87%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1778. 98%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup, July 2023
  1779. 99%What are Business Rules? It's not this.
  1780. 98%Creating an Azure Web App using ARM Templates
  1781. 96%Why You Might Not Need Interfaces in C# 12
  1782. 62%Memory Efficient Way To Return An Empty List In C# #shorts
  1784. 98%.NET Rocks! Scaling a Monolith with Derek Comartin
  1785. 50%EI001: Building Infrastructure (Part 1)
  1786. 96%Create an AAD App Registration and use it in Postman to get a token
  1787. 99%Unison lang environment inspires amazing ideas
  1788. 96%We Found & Saved 10 YEARS of Lost Video Game History
  1789. 99%Basic HttpClient in ASP.NET Core
  1790. 88%Weekly Update 354
  1791. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - C# Tools - Visual Studio
  1792. 99%Building Real-Time Applications With SignalR & .NET 7
  1793. 99%Deep Dive into xUnit.net Theories
  1794. 92%EI000: Entity Intelligence Project - Kick Off
  1795. 95%Unit Test Frameworks for C#: The Pros and Cons of the Top 3
  1796. 97%Great Improvements coming to the CLI in .NET 8
  1797. 99%Unlocking Encapsulation & CQS: Is Your Code Empathetic Enough?
  1798. 96%The New Request Short Circuiting of .NET 8
  1799. 91%fsharpConf 2023
  1800. 95%I’d Love a Dumb Phone, But… - Kev Quirk
  1801. 99%Integrate Your Event Driven Systems with Your Legacy Systems
  1802. 98%C# Ternary Operator - An Alternative to IF/ELSE Statements
  1803. 97%EF Query Not Compiling With Value Objects? Here's How To Fix It #shorts
  1804. 97%HTTP Get in C# is SUPER Easy! Call REST APIs Like a Pro.
  1805. 96%Introduction to Entity Intelligence
  1806. 86%Run EF Migrations at Startup For Easy Local Development #shorts
  1807. 83%Stop following the news | Robert Roose: Designer
  1808. 94%.NET Languages PM and Friends Talk About F# | fsharpConf 2023
  1809. 98%Burke learns Blazor by porting a Vue.js app to Blazor
  1810. 89%Lovely Rita (Remix)
  1811. 99%Use YoutubeExplode to create timestamps for YouTube videos💥
  1812. 99%Regular Expressions in C#: Your Ultimate Guide to Powerful Pattern Matching
  1813. 95%The RIGHT Way To Use HttpClient In .NET
  1814. 93%The MediatR Feature NOBODY Is Using!
  1815. 98%Nick Chapsas
  1816. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1817. 99%Clean Architecture vs Vertical Slice Architecture
  1818. 99%What Is Infrastructure as Code?
  1819. 97%Mastering .NET MAUI SwipeView for Enhanced App Experience
  1820. 96%The New “Interceptors” Feature of C# 12 Is WILD!
  1821. 89%How to test GitHub Actions Locally!!!
  1822. 97%On .NET Live - Building full stack applications using gRPC-Web in ASP.NET Core
  1823. 86%Single() or First()? Understand the abstractions you use!
  1824. 97%Great Way To Learn New Things As a Software Engineer #shorts
  1825. 99%IDE Features & Key Bindings I can't live without
  1826. 97%How to Send a Ping to an IP or Hostname in C#
  1827. 97%Synesso ES1 RELEASED!!!!
  1828. 98%Burke Learns Blazor - Let's build the API!
  1829. 99%Webinar – Joshua Jesper Krægpøth Ryder – The Future Is Here! WebAssembly for .NET Developers | The .NET Tools Blog
  1830. 97%Nick Chapsas
  1831. 93%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Linda Haviv
  1832. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1833. 91%Apple Mac Studio : M2 Max & M2 Ultra
  1834. 98%Burke learns Blazor by porting a Vue.js app to Blazor
  1835. 92%Differences in UI Based on Platform with OnPlatform - .NET MAUI 101
  1836. 96%JetBrains Rider Gets a ChatGPT-like AI Assistant!
  1837. 98%Nick Chapsas
  1838. 98%WEBHOOKS With .NET Minimal APIs
  1839. 99%Open at Microsoft: Dapr
  1840. 98%Let's Learn .NET - Desenvolvimento Web (Português)
  1841. 99%Let's Learn .NET - Web Development (Africa)
  1842. 93%You Should Set Up Redirects from your domain to social media accounts
  1843. 99%Integrating AI into your bot logic for Microsoft Teams
  1844. 98%Creating a Blazor Game from Scratch - Blazor Smack Tutorial
  1845. 96%Solving One of the Biggest Array Issues in C#
  1846. 93%DOES YOUR FLAG FAIL? Grey Grades The State Flags!
  1847. 99%Piped
  1848. 92%364: What is an AI Developer | Merge Conflict ep. 364
  1849. 95%Add vs AddAsync - Which one should you use?
  1850. 98%Nick Chapsas
  1851. 98%Nick Chapsas
  1852. 95%Error Handling & Message Re-drive in Event Driven Systems
  1853. 86%Delete a Record In Just One Query Using EF Core #shorts
  1854. 99%.NET Core Integration Testing - Remove 3rd party API dependencies from your Tests
  1855. 86%Never Return Null Collections - Here's Why #shorts
  1856. 99%Why Secret Invasion’s AI Credits Are Good (And Why They’re Not)
  1857. 93%YouTube
  1858. 88%Weekly Update 353
  1859. 94%ASP.NET Community Standup - Cloud-native development with .NET 8
  1860. 95%Mixed Reality, the Metaverse, and Making Magic Happen with Simon Jackson
  1861. 97%One Blazor Template to Rule Them All in .NET 8
  1862. 99%.NET MAUI and Telerik Components - Part 5 - 5 controls that makes your apps better
  1863. 98%.NET MAUI at Build 2023 Recap, Upgrade Assistant, & New VS Features | The .NET MAUI Podcast ep. 119
  1864. 98%Mastering TCPListener in C#: Building Network Applications from Scratch
  1865. 98%How to Hash Passwords with BCrypt in C#
  1866. 99%Worst Practices in Software Development: David Fowler has trouble with code templates
  1867. 99%Introducing Visual Studio Dev tunnels! #csharp #dotnet #visualstudio
  1868. 94%YouTube
  1869. 87%James Cameron on the "surreal irony" of Titanic wreck and Titan implosion
  1870. 87%James Cameron on "fundamental flaw" in design of Titan submersible
  1871. 98%Jon Galloway - What's new and coming soon for .NET
  1872. 97%Amichai Mantinband Live Stream
  1873. 96%GitHub Copilot Makes Nice with Visual Studio IntelliSense -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1874. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1875. 98%Azure Logic Apps Community Day 2023
  1876. 93%Solve Drawbacks Of Out Parameters With Tuples In C# #shorts
  1877. 99%Visual Studio Toolbox: Accelerate your builds of SDK-style .NET projects - Visual Studio Blog
  1878. 99%What's next for Entity Framework Core Power Tools?
  1879. 98%Let's sprinkle some AI by calling OpenAI's completions API!
  1880. 96%The 3 Biggest Mistakes of Object Mapping in .NET
  1881. 80%Code Review & Refactoring to a better design
  1882. 99%Maps Control for Windows with .NET MAUI and Bing Maps
  1883. 97%Get ready for fsharpConf 2023! - .NET Blog
  1884. 94%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - C# and Containers
  1885. 99%Loading XML Documentation Into C# Tests #dotnet #programming
  1886. 71%Use Task.WhenAll For A Nice Performance Boost #shorts
  1887. 94%Burke Learns Blazor - Setting up CI/CD for Blazor with Static Web Apps
  1888. 99%3 KafkaFlow Features Hard to Ignore
  1889. 99%Boost user engagement beyond Teams and make your apps intelligent
  1890. 75%Got a Bottleneck?
  1891. 78%The Creepy Implications of Time Travel Rom-Coms
  1892. 99%How To Store Secrets For Local Development
  1893. 95%YouTube
  1894. 95%Adding Filtering, Sorting And Pagination To a REST API | .NET 7
  1895. 97%On .NET Live - Improving Productivity & Reducing Support Time with Tag Helpers
  1896. 98%Azure Functions Community Standup | Microsoft Build updates!
  1897. 99%From 24MB to 14MB in 6 Seconds: The Visual Studio Extension You NEED for Image Optimization!
  1898. 99%The Auth Setting That Everyone MUST Change in .NET
  1899. 96%Using Minimal APIs? You Need MapGroup For Clean Endpoints #shorts
  1900. 92%Getting Serious About Upgrades | Merge Conflict ep. 363
  1901. 96%Automated testing in Postman using collections and newman
  1902. 99%How to create Custom Validation Attributes
  1903. 97%Use DynamoDB Streams To Publish Events When Data Changes
  1904. 93%Composing Raw SQL And LINQ Queries With EF #shorts
  1905. 93%Generate HTTP Client for your API
  1906. 68%Apple WWDC 2023: New MacBook Air, Apple Vision Pro, iOS 17, & More!
  1907. 95%Overexplaining the Binomial Distribution Formula
  1908. 82%PowerDisk: Automatic Detergent Dispensing from Miele
  1909. 96%#10 PayPal Mafia, apprenez des fondateurs de PayPal - Doumer's Blog
  1910. 76%You Should Start Using Pattern Matching In C# #shorts
  1911. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup | Create a Microsoft Power App for your ASP.NET Core Web API
  1912. 99%Use AI in the Command Line with GitHub CoPilot CLI
  1913. 95%Make Your Business Rules Cleaner With Fluent Validation
  1914. 98%Let's CLEAN UP Your Method Overloads!
  1915. 99%How to Use Rate Limiting in ASP.NET Core WebAPI
  1916. 91%Recording Studio Ready to Go!
  1917. 96%How do I use C# and .NET with SQLite?
  1918. 86%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Carl Tashian
  1919. 99%Developers Guide to the Windows Subsystem for Android | 2023 Edition
  1920. 99%Using Modern SWITCH Syntax in C#
  1921. 98%Beginner's Guide To C# Record Equality - How & Why To Use Records
  1922. 95%Weekly Update 352
  1923. 95%.NET MAUI Community Standup - .NET MAUI Build Recap
  1924. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1925. 93%Paging With LINQ Just Got Easier, But No EF Support... #shorts
  1926. 63%"Clean Architecture" and indirection. No thanks.
  1927. 96%Microsoft Fixed The "Time" Issue AGAIN in .NET 8
  1928. 95%No Peeking! Obscure Sensitive Screens in Your App with .NET MAUI
  1929. 97%Reddit and the centralized Web
  1930. 99%.NET Data Community Standup | Synchronizing data between the cloud and the client (using SQLite)
  1931. 99%Why I Became an Instructor at Zero to Mastery - Claudio Bernasconi
  1932. 90%On .NET Live - Micro Frontends with Blazor
  1933. 96%Developer Productivity - C# 12, Dev Tunnels, C# Dev Kit | Merge Conflict ep. 362
  1934. 96%What Makes a Great Software Engineer? Your Favorite Creators Answer!
  1935. 99%Vertical Slice Architecture | The Best Architecture If…
  1936. 99%How To Use DTOs In .NET REST APIs
  1937. 77%You Should Know This LINQ Method By Now #shorts
  1938. 94%Check Json String is Valid in C# with System.Text.Json
  1939. 98%Retrieve Responses from an Asynchronous API
  1940. 95%VS Code Hotkeys : Master the Basics in 60 Seconds! #shorts
  1941. 98%Burke learns Blazor by porting a Vue.js app to Blazor
  1942. 96%Understanding Functions and Actions
  1943. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1944. 88%Children of Doom 1998: Half-Life
  1945. 98%What's new in .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) Q&A | DIS202H
  1946. 89%Write Less Code With The Null Coalescing Operator In C# #shorts
  1947. 97%15" MacBook Air M2 Review: The Obvious Thing!
  1948. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Featured community project: Blazor Studio
  1949. 99%Kickstart your .NET modernization journey with the RWA pattern | BRK202H
  1950. 98%Talk to people.
  1951. 98%On .NET Live - Blazing Accessibility Basics
  1952. 93%Clean Code Sucks?
  1953. 96%The Right Way to Check for Null in C#
  1954. 99%Debug any server application locally with Dev Tunnels!
  1955. 99%Code Quality Analysis in Azure DevOps Pipelines
  1956. 99%Web Devs 🚨🚨 Easily Test Web API and Apps with a Public URL with Dev Tunnels CLI
  1957. 77%Why Are You Not Using LINQ Chunk? #shorts
  1958. 90%Computer Vision vs Custom Vision on Azure
  1959. 87%An Introduction to JetBrains Rider - Tips and Tricks
  1960. 95%Breaking Up with Tech Debt: A Love Story with M. Scott Ford
  1961. 97%Mark Zuckerberg: Future of AI at Meta, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp | Lex Fridman Podcast #383
  1962. 99%Xamarin.Essentials is in .NET MAUI! Access platform APIs with a single API
  1963. 96%How To Speed Up Your Queries With Materialized Views
  1964. 99%S.O.L.I.D Principles and Design Patterns for C# Developers | Promotional
  1965. 99%Let's Learn .NET - Web Development
  1966. 97%Weekly Update 351
  1967. 81%Easy Performance Boost With Query Splitting (in some cases) #shorts
  1968. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1969. 98%Modernize .NET and Java web apps in Azure App Service | BRK224
  1970. 99%Add or Enable OData in ASP.NET Core
  1971. 98%How to seed a new Microservice with data?
  1972. 96%Writing C# in VS Code Is Finally Awesome!
  1973. 60%Cruiser Live
  1974. 97%Thoughts On A More Offline Life
  1975. 50%Suburbian transplant: my experience moving and living in a big city
  1976. 83%Deep Dive into System.Web Adapters [18 of 18] Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core
  1977. 96%Cloud-native development with .NET 8 | BRK201H
  1978. 99%Why I Became the .NET Instructor at Zero to Mastery
  1979. 96%Service Lifetimes Quick Guide
  1980. 93%Getting Started with GoDot in C# and Visual Studio
  1981. 64%Object Detection with Azure Custom Vision
  1982. 98%Building an app with .NET MAUI and Telerik Components - Part 4 - Exporting to Excel and PDF
  1983. 95%WWDC 2023 Recap - Apple Vision Pro & Beyond | Merge Conflict ep. 361
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  1985. 99%Are You Using the DbContext in Background Services PROPERLY?
  1986. 94%Blazor Tutorial: Routing, Parameters, Query Strings and Navigation
  1987. 99%34 AK Expenses Tracker | Create Transactions DTO and Transaction Fluent Validator | AK Academy
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  1995. 97%Tony Qu - 2023 Board of Directors Elections
  1996. 95%Understanding Event Types in Event Driven Architecture
  1997. 99%Have You Mocked Third-Party Code? 😱
  1998. 68%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Lizzie Siegle
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  2000. 98%Tony Qu - 2023 Board of Directors Campaign Statement
  2001. 98%Doing More with SSR Blazor in .NET 8
  2002. 99%A Quick Tour Behind the Scenes!
  2003. 97%.NET Core Integration Testing- Pragmatic Infrastructure pre-provisioning & Data Cleanup
  2004. 73%Blazing Fast Parallel Notification Publishing With MediatR #shorts
  2005. 97%Kevin Griffin - 2023 Board of Directors Campaign Statement
  2006. 94%Jorge Levy - 2023 Board of Directors Campaign Statement
  2007. 94%Mitchel Sellers - 2023 Board of Directors Campaign Statement
  2008. 99%From Stephen King to Software Engineering: Why Typing Speed Isn't Everything
  2009. 98%On .NET Live - Deep Dive into Azure Web Apps with .NET 7 and Angular
  2010. 98%Introducing Apple Vision Pro
  2011. 79%I’m doing it my way. Finally. God help me.
  2012. 70%The basics of testing in Postman
  2013. 73%The .NET Extension Method You Should Know About
  2014. 99%ASP.NET Core ZERO Downtime Deployment
  2015. 96%The New File Part of Every New .NET API
  2016. 98%Develop from anywhere with Visual Studio Code | BRK254
  2017. 97%I got Pwned ... and so did you! (you're likely in the 12 Billion)
  2018. 93%Custom Vision and Rock / Paper / Scissors with Image Classification
  2019. 90%Souls of Ukraine
  2020. 84%The Simplest Way To Add Caching In .NET - IMemoryCache #shorts
  2021. 98%Episode #9, Peter Thiel de zéro à un. Heroes Podcast - Doumer's Blog
  2022. 95%How Polly Can Make Your Code Resilient #shorts
  2023. 99%#08 Awesome .NET MAUI - AlohaKit Animations
  2024. 98%Deep dive into .NET performance and native AOT | BRK205H
  2025. 98%Microsoft Build 2023 Inside Azure Innovations - Infrastructure acceleration through offload
  2026. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - ASP.NET Architecture Series: AOT
  2027. 97%Unit of Work Is Even Better With MediatR + TransactionScope
  2028. 99%.NET MAUI UI Challenge # 5 - Food Delivery App
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  2034. 98%HELP! My system is hard to change
  2035. 96%GPT-4 Powered GitHub Copilot for Docs Is So Good!
  2036. 99%I think Zig is hard...but worth it
  2037. 94%Scott Guthrie starts at Step 0 - What is the Azure Cloud OS? - Azure Friday
  2038. 99%Building an app with .NET MAUI and Telerik Components - Part 3 - ImageEditor & Toolbar
  2039. 94%Scott Guthrie starts at Step 0 - What is the Azure Cloud OS? - Azure Friday
  2040. 99%.NET Core Integration Testing Basics
  2041. 84%DevCamp 2023: Keynote Including Meadow v1.0 Announcement.
  2042. 55%Why Are There So Many Confederate Vampires?
  2043. 98%.NET Data Community Standup - New CLI edition of EF Core Power Tools
  2044. 91%How to create a request pipeline from scratch
  2045. 98%.NET 7 💥 - CRUD with Angular & .NET Web API, EF Core & MongoDb
  2046. 79%32 AK Expenses Tracker | Create The Transactions Cosmos DB Repository | AK Academy
  2047. 92%Microsoft Build 2023, Security, Passkeys, & LLM AI Takeover! | Merge Conflict ep. 360
  2048. 96%ASP.NET Core Tutorial for Beginners
  2049. 99%Learn the Fundamentals of Software Engineering!
  2050. 81%Using Azure Cognitive Service to Automate my Dog
  2051. 80%The Best Way To Create CancellationToken In Web APIs #shorts
  2052. 88%OPENAI036: Fine-Tuning Models E2E Testing
  2053. 96%On .NET Live - Better paranoid than offline: Secure ASP.NET Core apps
  2054. 93%Master SQL to Excel Data Export: Entity Framework & ClosedXML | ASP.NET Blazor Tutorial
  2055. 98%Custom Auth Policies Are INSANELY Powerful!
  2056. 85%SciFiDevCon 2023 – Check your Thermal Exhaust Port – 10 Vulnerabilities Your Web Application Probably Has Right Now
  2057. 90%Twitch Alerts - More Harm than Good?
  2058. 97%Not OP, deleted post PSA: New Yale Home app allegedly denies service to legit smart lock users located outside North America
  2059. 98%Developer joy with Scott Hanselman and friends | BRK291HFS
  2060. 98%Using Your Existing Xamarin UITests with .NET MAUI
  2061. 99%Build Asynchronous API's using the Storage First Pattern & the AWS CDK
  2062. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2063. 99%Asp.Net Core AUTHORIZATION Made EASY
  2064. 96%EF Core In The CQRS Query Side... Or Something Else?
  2065. 98%Rapid Blazor WASM deployment with Azure Static Web Apps, Visual Studio, and GitHub Actions
  2066. 95%New developer experiences in Windows | BRK281H
  2067. 98%Developer joy with Scott Hanselman and friends | BRK291HFS
  2068. 98%Inject the power of the cloud and AI into your development workflow  | BRK250HFS
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  2074. 87%What’s new in C# 12 and beyond | BRK203H
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  2079. 99%IoT for the .NET Developer
  2080. 97%Pizza Delivery IoT Project Pt. 1
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  2084. 72%Lies, Damned Lies, & A16Z's Statistics
  2085. 96%#07 Awesome .NET MAUI - Maui.DataGrid
  2086. 84%Don't Introduce This Bug When Working With Streams #shorts
  2087. 94%Why Japan's Moon Lander Crashed Due to An Unbelievable Computer Bug
  2088. 99%.NET at Microsoft Build 2023
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  2090. 98%There's still no silver bullet
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  2094. 99%What's new in .NET 8 for Web frontends backends and futures? | BRK200H
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  2100. 96%We Are Getting New Validation Types in .NET 8!
  2101. 99%OPENAI034: Fine-Tuning Models Services (Part 4)
  2102. 88%Microsoft Build–Join us May 23–25, 2023
  2103. 99%Trouble Connecting to Localhost? Try Visual Studio Dev Tunnels!
  2104. 99%.NET 7 💥 - ASP.NET Core ElasticSearch, Kibana & Serilog Integration
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  2106. 92%Publishing Android Apps to Amazon App Store + Windows 11 | Merge Conflict ep. 359
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  2108. 99%Abp CLI Template
  2109. 99%THIS Will Skyrocket Your Blazor Development Productivity!
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  2111. 83%A New Way To Deal With Time In .NET 8
  2112. 99%Build Your First Mobile Application with .NET MAUI Workshop - Part 5
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  2114. 96%ChatGPT-Like Experience inside Visual Studio!
  2115. 88%Client-Side JWT and Refresh Token Handling
  2116. 96%Mastering Message Driven Systems - Message Channels
  2117. 82%Silk.NET Coffee & Code Catchups
  2118. 82%My Foray Into Security by HackForums
  2119. 68%Beginner's Guide For Comparing Strings in C#
  2120. 85%What Is a Value Object In Domain-Driven Design? #shorts
  2121. 99%Build a SMS generator with short URLs leveraging Azure Functions, Storage, & Communication Services
  2122. 97%The complete guide to unit testing structure best practices
  2123. 96%What’s the Result Type Everyone Is Using in .NET?
  2124. 82%Entity Framework AsNoTracking Does Nothing In This Case #shorts
  2125. 91%Episode 460 - Alert Heart
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  2129. 77%Life goals by negation negation
  2130. 87%#06 Awesome .NET MAUI - Skeleton
  2131. 98%Let's Learn .NET - Azure (Africa)
  2132. 98%Daniel meets Karl-Henrik Nilsson and talks about Azure Functions design patterns
  2133. 87%Weekly Update 348
  2134. 93%Use environments and even more variables in Postman
  2135. 93%YouTube
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  2137. 87%Use This Pattern To Design a Rich Domain Model With DDD
  2138. 92%GitHub Quick Reviews
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  2142. 96%Have you replaced your DB because of the Repository Pattern?
  2143. 96%The New Way of Parsing ANY Type in .NET
  2144. 93%Daniel meets David Ortinau and talking about .NET MAUI
  2145. 86%Experiments with the new WASI workload in .NET 8 Preview 4
  2146. 98%[Portuguese] Let's Learn .NET - Azure
  2147. 78%Monitor Your Mobile App Health with Sentry and .NET MAUI
  2148. 94%Hello CISO
  2149. 88%Work with variables in Postman
  2150. 90%.NET Data Community Standup - Collections of primitive values in EF Core
  2151. 98%Has vs Owns in Entity Framework: Which one should you use?
  2152. 83%5 Differences between Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly
  2153. 98%.NET 7 💥 - Integrate OpenAI ChatGPT with Web API
  2154. 98%Let's build a .NET 7 Minimal API! | Part 2
  2155. 68%How Copilot X Saves Me Hours Of Work Every Day
  2156. 88%Optimizing Reading Binary Data in C# #dotnet #programming
  2157. 82%Pagination With EF Core Is Simple #shorts
  2158. 99%OPENAI033: Fine-Tuning Models Services (Part 3)
  2159. 91%Mastering Message Driven Systems - Types of Messages
  2160. 95%Emily Schechter: The Trouble with URLs, and how Humans (Don't) Understand Site Identity
  2161. 95%Emily Schechter: The Trouble with URLs, and how Humans (Don't) Understand Site Identity
  2162. 95%Emily Schechter: The Trouble with URLs, and how Humans (Don't) Understand Site Identity
  2163. 99%Why Databases Write Ahead — tech ramblings
  2164. 66%Google I/O 2023 Recap - AI 🤔, Dark Mode 🎉 | Merge Conflict ep. 358
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  2167. 99%Awesome Productivity Features for .NET API Development in Visual Studio
  2168. 99%Modern NuGet: Centralized Package Management and Source Mapping
  2169. 99%The Magical Pattern to Organize .NET Minimal APIs
  2170. 91%The Simplest Way to List Data in ASP.NET
  2171. 92%NET MAUI UI Challenge # 4 - Fruit application
  2172. 98%Coding with Calvin - Episode II
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  2174. 97%Upgrading from WCF to CoreWCF [17 of 18] Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core
  2175. 95%Technical Committee Lifecycle
  2176. 98%Homebrew solves the Nintendo Switch's biggest flaw: Its controllers.
  2177. 72%Interview with Ari Hunt - Adam Cogan - NDC Conferences
  2178. 96%StringBuilder - Quick Look for Beginner C# Programmers
  2179. 99%Use Azure Container Apps to build, deploy, diagnose, and monitor your .NET apps
  2180. 96%3 .NET "Best Practices" I Changed My Mind About
  2181. 97%.NET Minimal API part 9 - Pragmatic Endpoint Registry
  2182. 98%How To Deprecate Methods With Obsolete Attribute #shorts
  2183. 99%Distributed isn't Microservices, In-Process isn't a Monolith #shorts
  2184. 87%Code Smell: Long Parameters List & How To Fix It #shorts
  2185. 94%Weekly Update 347
  2186. 99%Becoming a Microsoft MVP
  2187. 75%Does C# Get The Math WRONG?
  2188. 95%Managing Dependencies with M. Scott Ford
  2189. 96%Lessons From Billions of Breached Records • Troy Hunt • GOTO 2022
  2190. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup, June 2023
  2191. 99%Lessons From Billions of Breached Records • Troy Hunt • GOTO 2022
  2192. 95%Awesome EF Core Performance Optimization To Make It 190x FASTER
  2193. 69%Lessons From Billions of Breached Records • Troy Hunt • GOTO 2022
  2194. 90%Compiling C# like Rust, Go and C++
  2195. 90%Tech Hiring in 2023: Trends, Predictions & Strategies for Success w/ Datapeople Cofounder Maryam Jahanshahi
  2196. 99%Learn the Azure Fundamentals - Full Course Free for everyone - Azure Greg
  2197. 96%Azure Container Apps Newsletter – May 2023
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  2199. 96%Performance enhancements in Visual Studio 17.5
  2200. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
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  2202. 99%Upgrade to .NET 7: Simplified Migration for Legacy .NET Apps
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  2204. 98%Blur or Acrylic Effect in .NET MAUI
  2205. 98%OPENAI031: Fine-Tuning Models Services (Part 1)
  2206. 99%Building an app with .NET MAUI and Telerik Components - Part 2 - Charts
  2207. 91%How Sharp is Your C#? | Riddle #2
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  2211. 94%Write Readable Code By Replacing If Statement Condition With Method #shorts
  2212. 97%How to AVOID Mocking Frameworks
  2213. 94%Build dynamically scalable event-driven services using Azure Cosmos DB extension for Azure Functions
  2214. 84%The Biggest Lie About the .NET Logger | .NET Tips 7
  2215. 98%Episode 459 - AIOps
  2216. 98%Server-Side Render Blazor Apps in .NET 8
  2217. 97%Use The New Way To Build Fast .NET REST APIs With Minimal Code And Configuration
  2218. 88%The Platypus In The Room
  2219. 97%How do I use SQL Server with C# and .NET?
  2220. 99%The pendulum swings! Microservices to Monoliths #shorts
  2221. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2222. 94%Story: Redis and its creator antirez
  2223. 99%Stefan Pölz – How to test C# unit tests with mutation testing – Webinar Recording | The .NET Tools Blog
  2224. 97%Unison: A Friendly Programming Language from the Future Part 1 • Runar Bjarnason • YOW! 2021
  2225. 96%Accessibility for designer: where do I start? by Stéphanie Walter - UX Researcher & Designer.
  2226. 99%Enforcing Software Architecture With Architecture Tests #shorts
  2227. 96%Working With Images Like a Pro in .NET
  2228. 76%The Fastest Way To Work With Lists in C#! | .NET Tips 6
  2229. 99%The Most Underrated C# Feature
  2230. 82%The Zune Is Back! | Merge Conflict ep. 357
  2231. 88%#05 Awesome .NET MAUI - Material.Components.Maui
  2232. 92%Professional Search with C# and Elastic (Part 3)
  2233. 92%Data Visualization in .NET with SandDance and Polyglot Notebooks
  2234. 98%Getting Verified on Github (Step by Step)
  2235. 98%ASP.NET Core Authentication and Authorization Tutorials
  2236. 96%The Essential Art of Sustainable Software Architecture
  2237. 94%Code Smell: Magic Numbers & How To Fix It #shorts
  2238. 99%.NET 7 Minimal API Route Groups Are INSANE!
  2239. 94%What Is Algorithm Complexity? #shorts
  2240. 98%Join David Fowler at this year’s #MSBuild, May 23-25, 2023
  2241. 99%Code with your phone 📲 🤯Using @github Codespaces
  2242. 93%YouTube
  2243. 99%The new way to debug ASP.NET apps in Visual Studio
  2244. 92%How to Read HUUUGE Files in C# - Designing a Segmented Stream
  2245. 98%On .NET Live - Modern cloud applications using containers in Azure
  2246. 88%Dictionary Basics in C# #dotnet #coding
  2247. 82%Silk.NET Coffee & Code Catchups
  2248. 99%.NET Monthly Roundup - April 2023 - .NET 8 Preview 3, C#12, and more!
  2249. 98%Explore, Test, & Debug API Endpoints in Visual Studio Faster Than Ever!
  2250. 99%Working With SQL Exceptions Like a Boss In EF Core
  2251. 98%OPENAI030: Fine-Tuning Models Integrations (Part 14)
  2252. 96%JetBrains .NET Day Online 2023 – Call for Speakers | The .NET Tools Blog
  2253. 99%Deploying an Incrementally Migrated ASP.NET App to Azure App Service [15 of 18] Migrating
  2254. 78%The Berkshire 2022 Buffett-Munger Show - Sean Bolton
  2255. 99%Train & deploy machine learning models with ML.NET and Azure Container Apps
  2256. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup, May 2023
  2257. 97%CI/CD with GitHub Actions [8 of 8] | .NET on Azure for Beginners
  2258. 55%The pendulum swings! Microservices to Monoliths
  2259. 95%NativeAOT for .NET APIs Is Here and It’s INSANE!
  2260. 94%Improve Performance By Converting Recursive To Iterative Code #shorts
  2261. 99%Myths about F#: F# is slow! No, F# can be really fast.
  2262. 99%Adding Blazor WASM To Existing ASP.NET Core Project
  2263. 95%Weekly Update 346
  2264. 90%Beginning to Work With Lists in C# #dotnet #coding
  2265. 97%Serverless with Azure Functions [7 of 8] | .NET on Azure for Beginners
  2266. 98%An Internet Canvas
  2267. 99%Kubernetes - Create your own k8s cluster step by step
  2268. 97%From Dribble to .NET MAUI - XAML App DALL-E with animations Challenge # 3
  2269. 81%GradIEEEnt half decent: The hidden power of imprecise lines
  2270. 99%8 Free and Open Source Blazor UI Libraries
  2271. 94%Using LINQ SelectMany To Flatten Nested Collections #shorts
  2272. 98%How To Generate Random Strings in C#
  2273. 99%The coolest thing coming out in C# 12
  2274. 88%Beginner View: Arrays vs Lists in C# #dotnet #programming
  2275. 98%Migrating static content from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core [14/18] Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core
  2276. 92%.NET MAUI Community Standup - Javascript in your .NET MAUI app!
  2277. 94%Keyboard Overlapping Your Entry in .NET MAUI? Here is how to Fix It!
  2278. 99%Why You Need to Know Dependency Inversion
  2279. 99%The Design Pattern Everyone MUST Know!
  2280. 97%Managed Identity [5 of 8] | .NET on Azure for Beginners
  2281. 89%Everything You Can Do With EF Core 8 Raw SQL Queries
  2282. 95%Black hole image gets AI upgrade (Messier 87* Event Horizon Telescope)
  2283. 99%Building an app with .NET MAUI and Telerik Components - Part 1 - DataGrid
  2284. 98%On .NET Live - Uplevel your code with the power of .NET community
  2285. 97%Anxiety Before Deployments? THIS Might Help!
  2286. 97%Deploy .NET Apps to Containers [6 of 8] | .NET on Azure for Beginners
  2287. 98%.NET Data Community Standup - Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2022: what’s new for developers
  2288. 96%Basics of Arrays in C# for Beginners #programming #dotnet
  2289. 98%ASP.NET Community Standup - Everyday API Productivity with ASP.NET Core
  2290. 92%C# Arrays, Lists, and Dictionaries (Quick dotnet tutorial)
  2291. 98%Deploy an AWS AppRunner Service using Terraform
  2292. 90%How they saved the holes in Swiss cheese
  2293. 94%Sharing Authentication Cookies in ASP.NET Upgrade Scenarios [13/18] Migrating ASP.NET to ASP.NETCore
  2294. 96%The Most Confusing C# 12 Feature Yet
  2295. 94%How To Write Parameterized Tests With xUnit #shorts
  2296. 92%Sunsetting software, libraries, & APIs | Merge Conflict ep. 356
  2297. 92%Professional Search with C# and Elastic (Part 2)
  2298. 81%Chine-Taïwan : la guerre est-elle inévitable ? (Mappemonde Ep. 8)
  2299. 88%Quake's PVS: A hidden gem of rendering optimization
  2300. 98%Hello CISO - Episode 12: Security Training That’s Actually Useful
  2301. 99%Did You Know You Can Do This With EF8 SqlQuery? #shorts
  2302. 98%Uno Platform for Figma Preview 5: Enhanced Features for Designers and Developers
  2303. 93%Accidental LLM Backdoor - Prompt Tricks
  2304. 98%.NET Minimal API part 8 - Structuring a minimal API project
  2305. 99%re:Invent Session on Refactoring
  2306. 99%Using .NET 7 With Code Build
  2307. 99%IoT for the .NET Developer
  2308. 99%Pizza Delivery IoT Project Pt. 1
  2309. 94%Make Your C# Code Simpler With Target Typed New #shorts
  2310. 99%How to Use Code Behind for Blazor Components | 2 Solutions
  2311. 99%C# Is BAD At MATH!!! Can You Explain THIS?
  2312. 95%A .NET Discussion with Isaac Levin
  2313. 99%OPENAI029: Fine-Tuning Models Integrations (Part 13)
  2314. 99%Generate QR Code in .NET MAUI
  2315. 98%Code SQLTools Extensions And Code Docker Extensions
  2316. 96%IaaC - Create full infrastructure on AWS with Terraform
  2317. 72%MassTransit Commute - Endpoint Dependencies
  2318. 96%.NET MAUI + Blazor Hybrid Tutorial for Beginners - Build mobile, desktop, & web apps with C#
  2319. 76%The #1 Mistake Devs Make When Moving To Microservices
  2320. 99%Streamline Your .NET Application Deployment with AWS AppRunner's Build from Code Feature
  2321. 98%.NET MAUI at Build, in .NET 8 Preview 3, and more! | The .NET MAUI Podcast ep. 118
  2322. 96%Generate QR Codes and Other Barcodes with Camera.MAUI in .NET MAUI
  2323. 86%C# and nullable reference types
  2324. 96%Saying Hello To The Newest .NET Community - WeAreDotnet!
  2325. 88%LINQPad AI
  2326. 96%ABP React Template
  2327. 99%Domain Events | Clean Architecture & Domain-Driven Design from scratch | Part 17
  2328. 93%From Dribble to .NET MAUI - XAML App DALL-E Challenge # 2
  2329. 99%You NEED to Active this GitHub Feature NOW! 🤩💨 #shorts
  2330. 96%Create Your Own Chat App: SignalR Mastery in C# & ASP.NET
  2331. 91%How the new version of MediatR (12.0.1) might break your application
  2332. 81%Economic disruption means more Creators
  2333. 90%Why it is becoming harder to choose a phone
  2334. 96%The unpleasant hackiness of CSS dark mode toggles
  2335. 99%What makes an Aggregate (DDD)? Hint: it's NOT hierarchy & relationships #shorts
  2336. 97%Authentication and Authorization [4 of 8] | .NET on Azure for Beginners
  2337. 98%Episode 53: We Are .NET - with Tim Cadenbach and Matthias Jost
  2338. 99%Using System.Web Adapters to Share Authentication in ASP.NET Upgrade Scenarios [12 of 18] Migrating
  2339. 92%Weekly Update 345
  2340. 98%Using System.Web Adapters to Share Session State in ASP.NET Upgrade Scenarios [11 of 18] Migrating
  2341. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2342. 84%765874 - Regeneration (2K)
  2343. 91%What makes an Aggregate (DDD)? Hint: it's NOT hierarchy & relationships
  2344. 97%The Lie That's Destroying the Economy
  2345. 96%Cleaning up Your Validation Code in .NET
  2346. 57%Dev Deletes Entire Production Database, Chaos Ensues
  2347. 98%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Azure Storage for Beginners
  2348. 97%Using Blob Storage [3 of 8] | .NET on Azure for Beginners
  2349. 99%On .NET Live - Conway's Law, Microservices and Modular Monoliths with Microsoft Orleans
  2350. 99%Dometrain - Homepage
  2351. 98%Migrating a Class Library with System.Web Dependencies [10/18] Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NETCore
  2352. 99%Custom reverse proxies for .NET containers with YARP
  2353. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2354. 99%Putting the SQL back in NoSQL
  2355. 98%Updating Legacy ASP.NET Applications (#267)
  2356. 97%Deploying Web Apps and APIs to Azure [2 of 8] | .NET on Azure for Beginners
  2357. 97%Migrating an Endpoint with the Upgrade Assistant Visual Studio Extension [9 of 18] Migrating ASP.NET
  2358. 96%Move Cross-Cutting Concerns Where They Should Be in .NET
  2359. 97%Paper Mario PC ports beckon as coder completes full decompilation of the N64 classic
  2360. 98%Rolling Your Own Starbucks Loyalty Program
  2361. 87%4 Days in Taiwan | The Tiny Island of 24 Million People
  2362. 97%Getting Started [1 of 8] | .NET on Azure for Beginners
  2363. 99%Using your Database as a Queue? Good or bad idea? #shorts
  2364. 98%Time Series Data with Postgres (#266)
  2365. 98%Creating a New Project with the Upgrade Assistant Visual Studio Extension [8 of18] Migrating ASP.NET
  2366. 92%Weekly Update 342
  2367. 99%Intro to the Upgrade Assistant Visual Studio Extension [7/18] Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core
  2368. 99%Modding Social Media to Win The Attention War
  2369. 97%Faster API Development in Visual Studio is Here! Say Hello to .http/.rest Files!
  2370. 96%Using your Database as a Queue? Good or bad idea?
  2371. 96%Adding JWT Authentication & Authorization in ASP.NET Core
  2372. 96%A Guide to OpenTelemetry for .NET Engineers
  2373. 98%Episode 52: Elastic - with Steve Gordon
  2374. 99%.NET Data Community Standup - EF Core Internals – Model Building
  2375. 99%Upgrading a Project with .NET Upgrade Assistant [6 of 18] Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core
  2376. 99%.NET MAUI Community Standup - VS Accessibility Checker with Dante Gagne
  2377. 99%Webinar – Stefan Pölz – How to test C# unit tests with mutation testing | The .NET Tools Blog
  2378. 99%Building a system that Junior Developers can be productive in #shorts
  2379. 99%How I use social media mindfully
  2380. 73%Build things that surprise you
  2381. 99%.NET Migration Overview [1 of 18] Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core
  2382. 99%Why Upgrade to .NET? [2 of 18] Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core
  2383. 96%Getting Started With MediatR and Vertical Slices in .NET
  2384. 96%Privacy Awareness Week 2023 (1 – 7 May)
  2385. 98%Episode 52: Elastic - with Steve Gordon
  2386. 98%E124: AutoGPT's massive potential and risk, AI regulation, Bob Lee/SF update
  2387. 92%E124: AutoGPT's massive potential and risk, AI regulation, Bob Lee/SF update
  2388. 98%E124: AutoGPT's massive potential and risk, AI regulation, Bob Lee/SF update
  2389. 99%Weekly Update 343
  2390. 91%This is why Geordi La Forge was transferred to engineering - Star Trek: The Next Generation
  2391. 96%Upgrade Analysis with .NET Upgrade Assistant [5 of 18] Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core
  2392. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2393. 90%How Promotions Ruin Dev Careers w/ Shopify's Dir. of Engineering James Stanier
  2394. 96%Analyzing a Solution with .NET Upgrade Planner [4 of 18] Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core
  2395. 99%Building a system that Junior Developers can be productive in
  2397. 96%No, EF Core 8 Is NOT Good Enough To Replace Dapper (Yet)
  2398. 94%What Changed In Marketing & Advertising Q1 2023?
  2399. 98%Getting Started with .NET Upgrade Assistant [3 of 18] Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core
  2400. 82%‘Youtube-dl Hosting Ban Paves the Way to Privatized Censorship’ * TorrentFreak
  2401. 84%Nethermind's Shapella Livestream
  2402. 91%OAuth and the long way to Proof of Possession - Dominick Baier & Steinar Noem - NDC Security 2023
  2403. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2404. 59%Sparks of AGI: early experiments with GPT-4
  2405. 98%Let's Learn .NET - Azure
  2406. 98%Homeowners Associations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
  2407. 94%Object-Oriented vs. Functional Programming With C# and F# – Recording Available | The .NET Tools Blog
  2408. 68%Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon (50th Anniversary) [2023 Remaster] {Full Album}
  2409. 99%11 API Security Best Practices to Secure Your Business
  2410. 94%Object-Oriented vs. Functional Programming With C# and F# – Recording Available | The .NET Tools Blog
  2411. 97%On .NET Live - Optimize Your Data Operations with CQRS and Minimal APIs
  2412. 96%Why Microsoft Made .NET 8 Frozen Collections Slower
  2413. 94%I was interviewed by RetroRGB – Tore Nestenius
  2414. 99%GitHub - RadekVyM/MarvelousMAUI: .NET MAUI clone of the Wonderous app - a visual showcase of eight wonders of the world.
  2415. 99%On .NET - Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core
  2416. 97%Building your own PC with Damian Edwards
  2417. 62%Weekly Update 342
  2418. 90%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2419. 99%Can you use ChatGPT in VS Code??
  2420. 98%Visual Studio Toolbox: Debug Threads & Tasks with Parallel Stacks - Visual Studio Blog
  2421. 99%Speeding up Queries by Pre-computation & Transformation #shorts
  2422. 96%Making Entity Framework Core As Fast As Dapper
  2423. 99%Build Minimal APIs in .NET 7
  2424. 97%Speeding up Queries by Pre-computation & Transformation #shorts
  2425. 94%How Linus Tech Tips Got Hacked
  2426. 92%Tim Kächele: Naming is everything
  2427. 94%What CTOs Say vs. What Their Developers Hear w/ DataStax's Shankar Ramaswamy
  2428. 92%Speeding up Queries by Pre-computation & Transformation
  2429. 99%Azure Developers - .NET Day 2023
  2430. 93%Seinfeld - Next Wednesday issue
  2431. 94%Securing SPAs and Blazor Applications using the BFF (Backend for Frontend) Pattern
  2432. 97%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2433. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - ASP.NET Core Route Tooling Enhancements in .NET 8
  2434. 99%Versioning in graph databases
  2435. 99%Debugging tasks with the Parallel Stacks window
  2436. 95%Riding & Driving in Washington
  2437. 96%On .NET Live - Driving API Quality with Postman + .NET
  2438. 96%I Lied! The Fastest C# Loop Is Even Weirder
  2439. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup, April 2023
  2440. 88%Physics Girl & the Devastating Effects of Long COVID
  2441. 72%Hamill carries 'Star Wars' voice to Ukraine
  2442. 95%Dotless™ LED Strip Lights. L-Series aspectLED
  2443. 82%Coding Adventure: Ray Tracing
  2444. 96%3 Features Java Got First And C# Later Copied
  2445. 76%stb_voxel_render.h programming library
  2446. 88%Figma Speedruns: Watch Me Design at Lightning Speed! | Praveen Juge
  2447. 98%We answer ALL your questions about Paint Protection Film!
  2448. 83%Paillier's cryptosystem - Addtive homomorphic encryption
  2449. 92%#01 Awesome .NET MAUI - SimpleToolkit: Shell with custom content
  2450. 98%Paillier's cryptosystem - Addtive homomorphic encryption
  2451. 99%Coding with ChatGPT and Google Bard | QnA | .NET & C# 🔴 LIVE
  2452. 98%Paillier's cryptosystem - Addtive homomorphic encryption
  2453. 95%Voyager Emergency Command Hologram (ECH)
  2454. 94%Weekly Update 341
  2455. 96%The Problem with Time That .NET 8 Finally Fixed
  2456. 99%REST APIs: What They Are and All You Need to Know
  2457. 98%.NET Rocks! DoomSharp with Wesley Cabus and Nico Vermeir
  2458. 97%Alien - Emergency Destruct System Activated [HD]
  2459. 97%The Two Cuts of the Community Pilot
  2460. 99%Let's Learn .NET - Modernization
  2461. 92%Azure Developers - .NET Day - Events
  2462. 74%oh $%!&, I didn't want to do that! UNDO UNDO UNDO!
  2463. 93%Interrogé sur ses prix « trop bas », Xavier Niel a légèrement perdu son calme
  2464. 86%The Last of Us Part 1 - Official PC Launch Trailer
  2465. 86%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2466. 96%How Amazon Broke the US Patent Office
  2467. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - DotNetIsolator - Experimental isolated .NET code sandbox
  2468. 98%ChatGPT's Plugin System Poses an Existential Risk to the Open Web
  2470. 93%I climbed inside a giant robotic parking garage
  2471. 96%The Best .NET Mapper to Use in 2023
  2472. 84%The Future is a Dead Mall - Decentraland and the Metaverse
  2473. 95%Stupid Things Orgs Do That Kill Productivity w/ Netflix, FloSports & Refactoring.club
  2474. 99%Episode 456 - Azure Programmable Connectivity
  2475. 96%Building a new PC LIVE from parts with Damian Edwards
  2476. 79%Government Rejection of Key Senate Bill C-11 Amendment Reveals Its True Intent: Retain Power to Regulate User Content - Michael Geist
  2477. 99%Build your first website without installing anything!
  2478. 96%Entity Framework Core vs Dapper Performance in 2023
  2479. 91%Weekly Update 340
  2480. 69%Bill Gates on AI and the rapidly evolving future of computing
  2481. 91%Quadratic Sieve - Factoring REALLY fast
  2482. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2483. 99%Component-based UI for .NET MAUI with MauiReactor
  2484. 99%Visual Studio Toolbox: Integrated C++ Game Development - Visual Studio Blog
  2485. 90%Ali Diamond
  2486. 94%Accessibility Office Hours - March 13, 2023
  2487. 96%ChatGPT on Managing Humans | Gergely Nemeth
  2488. 95%Self-help
  2489. 98%DotNetIsolator: an experimental package for running .NET code in an isolated sandbox
  2490. 96%The New GitHub Copilot X Powered by GPT-4 is Here!
  2491. 94%Counter-Strike 2: Moving Beyond Tick Rate
  2492. 96%.NET Data Community Standup - Using hierarchical data in SQL Server and PostgreSQL with EF Core
  2493. 89%What's the biggest scam in software development?
  2494. 96%Write And Run C# In Your Terminal! | .NET Tips 5
  2495. 90%Debugging a .NET process at start-up with Visual Studio (#264)
  2496. 97%Languages & Runtime Community Standup - Considering discriminated unions
  2497. 94%Navigating the Future of AI: Strategies for Survival
  2498. 72%World's most advanced Grogu Baby Yoda robot starting from $100,000 Star Wars Mandalorian & Boba Fett
  2499. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2500. 98%Episode 455 - Azure ML in the real world
  2501. 96%The Switch Keyword in C# is a LIE!
  2502. 77%On .NET Live - Scheduling & Queuing Background Jobs In .NET With Coravel
  2503. 94%Timeshares: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
  2504. 74%World's first video of 56 transition controls for a triple inverted pendulum.
  2505. 94%Webinar – Object-Oriented vs. Functional Programming With C# and F# | The .NET Tools Blog
  2506. 99%How to handle streaming responses in OpenAI GPT chat completions API
  2507. 87%2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). Blue Danube sequence 02: Floating pen
  2508. 83%Pepe Silvia w/drums
  2509. 88%.NET Data Community Standup - EF Core internals: IQueryable, LINQ and the EF Core query pipeline
  2510. 89%The Future of Work With AI - Microsoft March 2023 Event
  2511. 92%Weekly Update 339
  2512. 92%Weekly Update 339
  2513. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2514. 82%ChatGPT-4 SMASHES The Coding Interview
  2515. 90%Change Data Capture + Event Driven Architecture
  2516. 96%I Asked GPT-4 To Refactor My Legacy Codebase
  2517. 98%.NET Rocks! Developer Velocity in the Cloud with Bryan Foster
  2518. 91%Harry Vangberg - Musikalia
  2519. 96%On .NET Live - Building a Game with .NET and Orleans
  2520. 97%What's next: join the community!
  2521. 96%GPT-4 Makes Old ChatGPT Look Like a JOKE!
  2522. 98%.NET Monthly Roundup - February 2023 - .NET 8 Preview 1, New Visual Studio features, and more!
  2523. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2524. 81%.NET MAUI Community Standup - Upgrade Assistant - for Mac?!?!
  2525. 70%Friday Pi Day - Rebecca Black [Spoof]
  2526. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - MVVM with .NET MAUI
  2527. 86%StronglyTypedId - via Moxy Mixins
  2528. 96%System Design: Reddit (with FAANG Senior Engineer)
  2529. 98%The Reliable Web App Pattern for .NET: Performance Efficiency (Part 6)
  2530. 96%The Easiest Way to Create Serverless APIs in .NET
  2531. 88%The 2023/2024 Seattle Symphony subscription season at a glance - The Old New Thing
  2532. 84%How to Make a Laser Pointer
  2533. 99%CodeOpinion
  2534. 97%Samsung "space zoom" moon shots are fake, and here is the proof
  2535. 78%Learn How to Code a zkApp Hello World With Me Using TypeScript | Featuring O(1) Labs Engineer
  2536. 99%Morris.Moxy - Real-time Scriban scripted Roslyn code generator
  2537. 95%Practical Optimizations
  2538. 99%Introduction to the Community Toolkits for .NET and Windows
  2539. 73%The beauty of hurrying slowly
  2540. 97%No heroes needed
  2541. 93%Teaching is More than Dominoes
  2542. 98%The Reliable Web App Pattern for .NET: Operational Excellence (Part 5)
  2543. 89%Weekly Update 338
  2544. 99%The Reliable Web App Pattern for .NET: Cost Optimization(Part 4)
  2545. 98%What's new with ASP.NET Core 7
  2546. 90%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2547. 99%Domain Events in Event Sourcing? Not Exactly!
  2548. 93%Greg Young answers your Event Sourcing questions!
  2549. 99%Get started with Microsoft Graph .NET SDK!
  2550. 96%My .NET Developer Roadmap for 2023
  2551. 99%@levelsio and survivorship bias
  2552. 95%Securing Your SaaS with Troy Hunt
  2553. 98%The Reliable Web App Pattern for .NET: Security (Part 3)
  2554. 96%Why You Need Discriminated Unions in C#
  2555. 99%Ask the experts/Get to know Microsoft Graph team!
  2556. 99%Azure Open-Source Day: Announcing new integrations with Azure Database for MySQL
  2557. 99%.NET Upgrade Assistant Extension for Visual Studio Now Available
  2558. 83%We Hack Purple Podcast Episode 69 with Scott Helme
  2559. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2560. 98%Were We All Gaslit About Content Being King?
  2561. 75%Why so many people need glasses now
  2562. 69%What would you say...you do here?
  2563. 89%The Problem with MTTR: Learning from Incident Reports
  2564. 98%You don't need a modern computer!
  2565. 98%The Reliable Web App Pattern for .NET: Reliability (Part 2)
  2566. 96%The Awesome New Queue of .NET 6 That You Skipped
  2567. 86%Why is .NET so Insanely Fast? with Stephen Toub | Keep Coding Podcast #7
  2568. 94%#7 Why is .NET so Insanely Fast? with Stephen Toub by Keep Coding Podcast
  2569. 83%Neo vs Smith Clones [Part 1] | The Matrix Reloaded [Open Matte]
  2570. 97%Hello CISO - Episode 9: Practicing Good Breach Response
  2571. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - ASP.NET Core and Microsoft Graph
  2572. 83%Neo vs Smith Clones [Part 1] | The Matrix Reloaded [Open Matte]
  2573. 93%YouTube
  2574. 98%The Reliable Web App Pattern for .NET: Overview (Part 1)
  2575. 83%Neo vs Smith Clones [Part 1] | The Matrix Reloaded [Open Matte]
  2576. 83%Neo vs Smith Clones [Part 1] | The Matrix Reloaded [Open Matte]
  2577. 75%Children of Men 2006 Long Take 3
  2578. 75%BIRDMAN: "Coffee"
  2579. 99%Open-Source COBOL .NET Compiler Otterkit Reaches Alpha
  2580. 87%The Police Zenyatta Mondatta Full Album(Vinyl 1980)
  2581. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2582. 98%Episode 50 🎉: Hot Reload - with David Wengier
  2583. 96%Weekly Update 337
  2584. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup, March 2023
  2585. 97%Why is .NET so Insanely Fast? with Stephen Toub | Keep Coding Podcast
  2586. 84%Underrated skill as a developer
  2587. 96%Stop using async void in C#! Do this instead.
  2588. 84%The Future of Mathematics?
  2589. 98%Meta Needs A Decade Of Efficiency
  2590. 98%Parallelize YouTube downloads
  2591. 97%Kickoff Hack Together: Microsoft Graph and .NET! What can you do with Microsoft Graph .NET SDK?
  2592. 97%Building with .NET Live with Jeff Fritz | Keep Coding Podcast #5
  2593. 93%YouTube
  2594. 96%I insulted ChatGPT and it HATES me now
  2595. 96%Introducing: UniFi Protect AI 360
  2596. 96%Introducing: UniFi Protect AI 360
  2597. 91%Thief in the car
  2598. 97%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2599. 91%Thief through the gate
  2600. 97%Zero-knowledge proof composition and recursion. Part 7: Deferred values
  2601. 97%Zero-knowledge proof composition and recursion. Part 8: Hashing in public input
  2602. 98%Zero-knowledge proof composition and recursion. Part 9: BCTV14 paper walkthrough
  2603. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Dev tunnels in Visual Studio for ASP.NET Core projects
  2604. 94%What's new in Azure Functions? | Azure Functions Community Standup
  2605. 95%IETF Celebrates The Standards [LIVE at Demuxed '22]
  2606. 97%Good First Issues Are Gifts
  2607. 99%Zero-knowledge proof composition and recursion. Part 6: cycles of curves
  2608. 98%What are Azure Functions? | One Dev Questions
  2609. 98%On .NET Live - Grace: Exploring what's next in version control using F#
  2610. 96%Random Finally Gets Its Missing Methods in .NET 8
  2611. 95%The Insane Logistics of Formula 1
  2612. 98%Cryptography 101 - PHINUG Online Dev Sessions 2023.03
  2613. 97%Where's the FILE? Cloud Files for the Generation Gap - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #23
  2614. 93%Enhance .NET MAUI Desktop Apps with the Menu Bar
  2615. 85%Weekly Update 336
  2616. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2617. 99%The Challenge of Microservices: UI Composition
  2618. 91%Keep your Event Driven Architecture (Throughput) running smooth like butter.
  2619. 99%ATE: Powerful Devs
  2620. 96%How to use Discriminated Unions Today in C#
  2621. 96%ChatGPT Makes A Game in 10 Seconds
  2622. 85%.NET Data Community Standup - MySQL and .NET: MySqlConnector and the Pomelo EF Core Provider
  2623. 93%Visual Studio 2022 v17.5 released
  2624. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2625. 97%Web Applications in .NET6 with Andrew Lock | The Azure DevOps Podcast, ep.198
  2626. 96%Coding with ChatGPT | Ask me anything | .NET & C# 🔴 LIVE
  2627. 95%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Get Started Displaying Data with .NET MAUI
  2628. 80%Darkness Visible: Shedding New Light on Black Holes
  2629. 96%That Time It Rained for Two Million Years
  2630. 96%The List Best Practice That .NET 8 Makes Possible
  2631. 85%Tetris - Official Trailer (2023) Taron Egerton, Toby Jones
  2632. 99%ReactJS and ASP.NET: The Dynamic Duo of Web Development
  2633. 94%Whoa — MDN has ads now?! - Chris Coyier
  2634. 78%Steamed Hams but it's the French New Wave
  2635. 99%The circuit breaker pattern for a more resilient app
  2636. 94%Give Me Anything That Sparks Joy in Your Soul and I Will Monetize It
  2637. 99%One Does Not Simply 'pip install'
  2638. 94%How I Write
  2639. 76%The Fallen of World War II
  2640. 95%Languages & Runtime Community Standup - Otterkit: an OSS COBOL compiler for .NET
  2641. 88%Making Cloud a Lifestyle w/ @MadeByGPS | Keep Coding Podcast
  2642. 99%Upgrade Your .NET Projects Faster with Visual Studio
  2643. 98%StarkWare Sessions 23 | Recent Progress on Lookup Protocols | Ariel Gabizon
  2644. 92%Weekly Update 335
  2645. 88%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2646. 98%Abstractions to easily swap implementations? Not so fast.
  2647. 96%The Best Way to Validate Your Settings in .NET
  2648. 99%What's enough Complexity for a Domain Model?
  2649. 95%The case for Flex applications
  2650. 86%ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor United in .NET 8
  2651. 65%clubbed to death - Matrix soundtrack
  2652. 84%27 Lessons Before Turning 27 | Think Nimba
  2653. 99%Using Xamarin and Visual Studio in Developing a Prosthetic Arm
  2654. 98%On .NET Live - Azure Functions (and more!) with CosmosDB and RBAC
  2655. 96%You Completely Misunderstand How Strings Work in C#
  2656. 72%[1480] $329 Smart Lock Opened in Seconds (Level Lock)
  2657. 87%Introducing your copilot for the web: AI-powered Bing and Microsoft Edge
  2658. 82%Silk.NET Coffee & Code Catchups
  2659. 82%Introducing: Ubiquiti UniFi Protect AI Bullet
  2660. 99%Have I Been Pwned
  2661. 99%HandyApp
  2662. 96%On .NET Live - Mapping with GeoBlazor
  2663. 88%Weekly Update 334
  2664. 93%Did You Launch First? - Nick's Base Camp
  2665. 96%How LLMs will break the internet as we know it
  2666. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2667. 99%Which Software Architecture Patterns do you use?
  2668. 67%Event-Driven Architecture: I do not think it means what you think it means
  2669. 96%How to edit a JSON object from a Azure Logic Apps
  2670. 96%Implementing API Key Authentication in ASP.NET Core
  2671. 79%What's new in C# 11 now with less controversy!! - David Wengier - NDC Melbourne 2022
  2672. 99%C# Source Generators - Write code that writes code with David Wengier
  2673. 95%MS Build: Things You Should Know About Project Files - .NET Oxford - January 2020
  2674. 96%Records Deep Dive: What, Why and How - David Wengier - NDC Melbourne 2021
  2675. 83%What the null?!! ...and other topics with David Wengier | Sydney Alt.NET Feb 2022
  2676. 73%A (brief) overview of Span≤T≥ - David Wengier
  2677. 98%Lowering in C#: What's really going on in your code? - David Wengier
  2678. 95%Hot Visual Reload Studio 2022: A Curated Selection
  2679. 98%Lowering in C#: What's really going on in your code? - David Wengier
  2680. 94%Pragmatic Performance: When to care about perf, and what to do about it. - David Wengier
  2681. 93%Pragmatic Performance: When to care about perf, and what to do about it - David Wengier
  2682. 96%David Wengier. Генераторы кода C#: пишем код, который будет писать код
  2683. 90%C# Source Generators - Write Code that Writes Code
  2684. 93%Pragmatic Performance: When to care about perf, and what to do about it - David Wengier
  2685. 99%Sydney ALT.NET August - Roslyn Code Generators and CoRoutines with C#
  2686. 99%Melbourne ALT.NET Meetup - Performance and Benchmarking (29 August 2017)
  2687. 99%C# Source Generators - Write code that writes code - David Wengier
  2688. 92%Smappee App, the smartest energy app
  2689. 92%.NET Data Community Standup - SQLite with .NET and EF Core
  2690. 95%Cross-platform Maps with .NET MAUI
  2691. 81%INSTA360 ONE X2 – EPIC Car Vlogs With IMPOSSIBLE Driving Shots! [No Drone!]
  2692. 98%Azure DevOps Podcast: Philip Japikse: Professional C# in .NET - Episode 230
  2693. 96%Languages & Runtime Community Standup - Otterkit: an OSS COBOL compiler for .NET
  2694. 82%Wild Tales streaming: where to watch movie online?
  2695. 90%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2696. 94%ASP.NET Community Standup - Razor Editor Updates
  2697. 55%Teenage cybercrime: Help your child make the right #CyberChoices
  2698. 96%Clean Message Bus Consumers with MediatR in .NET
  2699. 99%Webinar – Aaron Stannard – .NET Systems Programming Learned the Hard Way | The .NET Tools Blog
  2700. 73%An investment in future virality
  2701. 98%.NET GC Internals - 04. Plan phase
  2702. 97%Basics Part 3: Using OpenID Connect for Authentication and API Access
  2703. 97%Stack Overflow
  2704. 99%Why is Clean Architecture so Popular?
  2705. 97%How to make Youtube less distracting
  2706. 81%Weekly Update 333
  2707. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup, February 2023
  2708. 98%Troubleshooting Kafka with 2000 Microservices | Event Driven
  2709. 98%Finally! Elgato Stream Deck and Microsoft Teams
  2710. 95%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Welcome Back with C# 11 and Introducing .NET MAUI
  2711. 96%Optimizing String Performance Easily in C#
  2712. 96%.NET Architects Panel | .NET Conf 2022
  2713. 97%Anker admits to lying about Eufy security camera encryption; describes future plans
  2714. 97%Intro to Graphics 01 - Introduction
  2715. 95%Intro to Graphics 00 - Opening
  2716. 95%Intro to Graphics 04 - Raster Images (Part2)
  2717. 99%Intro to Graphics 03 - Raster Images (Part1)
  2718. 98%Intro to Graphics 02 - Math Background
  2719. 89%Live coding & Blazor with Jeff Fritz | Keep Coding Podcast
  2720. 99%Tools for Thought's greatest benefit
  2721. 79%Using platforms encourages internet censorship
  2722. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2723. 88%The Company Intro Cinematic Universe is Bad
  2724. 99%[DUPLICATE] Testing Blazor Applications with Playwright | .NET Conf 2022
  2725. 97%On .NET Live - Develop webhooks locally with tunnels
  2726. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Porting your ASP.NET Web Forms application to .NET 7 in 7 minutes
  2727. 96%The New Constructor Type Coming in C# 12 is Weird
  2728. 52%Stormtroopers, but They're ACCURATE
  2729. 61%Stormtroopers, but They're ACCURATE
  2730. 98%The Potential of DuckDuckGo's !bangs: Supplementing Search
  2731. 80%Night and Fog (1955) by Alain Resnais: Mahler Symphony No.6 ENG sub
  2732. 97%Exploring MusicCaps, the evaluation data released to accompany Google’s MusicLM text-to-music model
  2733. 90%Night and Fog (1955) by Alain Resnais: Mahler Symphony No.6 ENG sub
  2734. 96%ChatGPT is INSANE at Refactoring Code!
  2735. 98%.NET GC Internals - 03. Concurrent Mark phase
  2736. 96%Understanding Natural Language Processing: The Basics..!!
  2737. 97%Build .NET MAUI Apps Faster with App Accelerator
  2738. 97%Getting Started with Playwright and VS Code
  2739. 96%Weekly Update 332
  2740. 99%Building Microsoft Teams Bots with .NET & the Teams Toolkit | .NET Conf 2022
  2741. 97%Welcome to Azure Static Web Apps Community Standups
  2742. 99%Event Sourcing in 1 Hour with Marten in .NET
  2743. 97%.NET GC Internals - 02. Mark phase
  2744. 96%The Easiest Way to Measure Your Method’s Performance in C#
  2745. 99%Pythonnet – A Simple Union of .NET Core and Python You’ll Love - Dev Leader
  2746. 99%That's NOT an Aggregate in Domain Driven Design
  2747. 90%Connecting Your Devs' Work to the Business | A Conversation w/ Shopify, Slack & Stripe
  2748. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2749. 94%ASP.NET Community Standup - Taking a look at the TodoApi Sample App
  2750. 92%Blazor United prototype
  2751. 81%Languages & Runtime Community Standup - Dive into C# internals
  2752. 97%What's new in the Azure Developer CLI (azd) - January 2023 release
  2753. 96%ASP.NET Community Standup - Building ASP.NET Core apps in F#
  2754. 53%Leopard tanks would 'make a mess' of Putin's army
  2755. 99%.NET GC Internals - 01. Introduction
  2756. 96%Double the Performance of your Dictionary in C#
  2757. 97%The LLM productivity puzzle — Andreas Fragner
  2758. 90%The .NET feature I grew to love
  2759. 94%When did Linux get so complicated?
  2760. 98%Geeking out on .NET and C# with David Fowler | Keep Coding Podcast #4
  2761. 91%星街すいせい - Stellar Stellar / THE FIRST TAKE
  2762. 61%*Calli Opens Suisei's Stream* 【Hololive】
  2763. 94%The future of .NET with David Fowler | Keep Coding Podcast
  2764. 99%Martin Costello JET Talk & Webinar Meetup What's new for Minimal APIs in ASP NET Core 7
  2765. 54%Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Apologizes for Mishandling the Change to Qwikster
  2766. 91%The Journey to Code Mastery w/ Marqeta's CTO, Randy Kern
  2767. 82%8-Bit Minecraft Computer V2 running fibonacci numbers
  2768. 90%Ricky: Blog - Smartphone Detox
  2769. 84%Weekly Update 331
  2770. 99%Vertical Slice Architecture, not Layers!
  2771. 96%New C# features are just syntactic sugar
  2772. 99%McDonald’s Journey to Event-Driven Architecture
  2773. 96%Build games with C# and Visual Studio | .NET Conf 2022
  2774. 98%Machine Learning Community Standup - New Year, New Releases
  2775. 99%Lars Klint
  2776. 99%Layla vs Code: AWS Lambda, SAM and .NET
  2777. 96%Using .NET with Chiseled Ubuntu Containers | .NET Conf 2022
  2778. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2779. 97%The PLONK zero-knowledge proof system
  2780. 82%What is OSI Model | Real World Examples
  2781. 87%Performance tricks I learned from contributing to the Azure .NET SDK | .NET Conf 2022
  2782. 96%The New Built-in Guard Clauses Coming in .NET 8
  2783. 98%Running PowerShell Inside ChatGPT
  2784. 98%YouTube Addiction
  2785. 95%Accepting Payments with Stripe Checkout | .NET Conf 2022
  2786. 99%GitHub - jameshball/osci-render: 〰📺🔊 Synthesizer for making music by drawing objects on an oscilloscope using audio.
  2787. 89%What happens when you type a URL in the web browser and press Enter? Computer Stuff #18
  2788. 99%Kiwixotherapy: A weird but working therapy for introverts suffering from sleeplessness
  2789. 50%AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER (2022) Behind-the-Scenes Sigourney Weaver is "kiri"
  2790. 98%Devin Prater's blog - Google: Full Speed Ahead
  2791. 96%OSS Spotlight - Extending apps to mobile and desktop with .NET MAUI and Oqtane
  2792. 97%Using ChatGPT to Code | Ask me anything | .NET & C# 🔴 LIVE
  2793. 91%Weekly Update 330
  2794. 96%YouTube Analytics: How I Grew My Channel in the First 3 Months
  2795. 97%Announcing ML.NET 2.0 | .NET Conf 2022
  2796. 92%GODLIKE! Unreal Tournament Sound
  2797. 96%Using Latest C# Features in Any Old .NET Version
  2798. 68%Bad days- Self-help Singh
  2799. 89%.NET Data Community Standup - Entity Framework Core FAQs
  2800. 86%You DON'T want an In-Memory Event Bus like MediatR
  2801. 92%Everything C# with Lead Designer Mads Torgersen | Keep Coding Podcast E3
  2802. 78%The One Tiny Law That Keeps Amtrak Terrible
  2803. 85%General Petraeus: Give Ukraine counter drones to beat Russia
  2804. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2805. 99%.NET GUI Applications for Embedded Linux Using Containers | .NET Conf 2022
  2806. 57%General Petraeus: Give Ukraine counter drones to beat Russia
  2807. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Exploring new and experimental features in Blazor
  2808. 99%Tips and tricks on platform-code implementation in .NET MAUI | .NET Conf 2022
  2809. 90%Installing a Server Rack in my Home Office and adding a Ubiquiti Dream Machine/Switches for Dual WAN
  2810. 99%Intro to Graphics 14 - Textures on the GPU
  2811. 99%Intro to Graphics 16 - Shading Transformations
  2812. 98%Overwhelmed with Programming? Here's small things to help - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #14
  2813. 99%Intro to Graphics 22 - Signal Processing
  2814. 94%Intro to Graphics 19 - Ray Tracing
  2815. 96%Intro to Graphics 13 - Textures
  2816. 99%Intro to Graphics 24 - Physics Based Animation
  2817. 88%Effective Remote Teaching with intention and creativity - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #16
  2818. 93%Intro to Graphics 21 - Sampling
  2819. 99%Intro to Graphics 25 - Simulation in Graphics
  2820. 98%Intro to Graphics 20 - Shadows & Reflections
  2821. 94%Basic Home Networking 101 - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #17
  2822. 89%The Cloud and Cloud Architecture Explained - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #15
  2823. 91%Intro to Graphics 15 - Shading
  2824. 96%On .NET Live - F#: Path to functional enlightenment
  2825. 96%Implementing Modern API Versioning in .NET
  2826. 91%Everything C# with Lead Designer Mads Torgersen | Keep Coding Podcast
  2827. 99%Observed No. 2 - Upgrade Your Terraform Modules
  2828. 98%OSS Spotlight - Build amazing cross-platform UI for .NET with Avalonia UI!
  2829. 88%BORA Professional 3.0
  2830. 97%How I supercharged Telegram Group with RSS feeds and collaboration for bookmarks (Raindrop)
  2831. 90%youtube is run by fools
  2832. 99%Leverage the power of the GPU, DX12 and D2D1 with ease using ComputeSharp | .NET Conf 2022
  2833. 77%What are the top open source projects on GitHub?
  2834. 94%.NET Monthly Roundup - December 2022
  2835. 98%Episode 48: Coffee and Code - with Isaac Levin
  2836. 99%ASP.NET Basics for Experts | .NET Conf 2022
  2837. 90%Weekly Update 329
  2838. 96%5+ ways for Scaling Monolithic Applications!
  2839. 97%DNF Summit January 2023
  2840. 96%ReadOnly Collections Aren't Really ReadOnly in C#
  2841. 96%David Wong
  2842. 90%NDC Oslo 2022
  2843. 64%Community: The Board Game | Community
  2844. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup, January 2023
  2845. 98%Aloha .NET MAUI Community Toolkit | .NET Conf 2022
  2846. 96%DNF Summit January 2023
  2847. 87%What are the fastest growing programming languages on GitHub?
  2848. 97%Why build Telegram channels?
  2849. 97%Fediverse, you've got a big storm coming
  2850. 99%Build a .NET SDK with OpenAPI and NSwag | .NET Conf 2022
  2851. 98%Generate YouTube Timestamp Links with C# 11
  2852. 86%ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor .NET 7 Roadmap
  2853. 95%Inject C# In Any .NET App With This Secret Entry Point
  2854. 65%Thoughts on how I plan to retain more of what I consume — Raja Hamid
  2855. 99%.NET MAUI Data Binding with MVVM & XAML [5 of 8] | .NET MAUI for Beginners
  2856. 59%Harry Potter
  2857. 57%dotnetdays 2023: Call for Speakers
  2858. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor in .NET 7
  2859. 60%Rian Johnson Breaks Down the "Arrival" Scene from 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery' | Vanity Fair
  2860. 91%Lessons Learned using DevContainers & the Azure Developer Cli to code apps anytime. | .NET Conf 2022
  2861. 97%Desktop Community Standup - News from WPF and WinForms team
  2862. 93%I'm selling my name...
  2863. 99%If I’m a beginner at .NET, what resources are available to me?
  2864. 99%Code Maze Weekly #154 - Code Maze
  2865. 97%Weekly Update 328
  2866. 99%Welcome to CodeOpinion: Software Architecture & Design
  2867. 99%Machine learning models with ONNX and .NET | .NET Conf 2022
  2868. 99%What is .NET MAUI? [1 of 8] | .NET MAUI for Beginners
  2869. 96%Is Dynamic in C# Actually Slow?
  2870. 99%Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  2871. 99%2022.12: It does matter!
  2872. 98%Accelerate your WinUI 3 app with the Windows Community Toolkit | .NET Conf 2022
  2873. 98%C# for Beginners | Full 2-hour course
  2874. 96%Getting C# Code Metadata That Reflection Can’t Get
  2875. 99%.NET MAUI Architecture Overview [3 of 8] | .NET MAUI for Beginners
  2876. 95%.NET Content Creation with Anton from @RawCoding | Keep Coding Podcast E2
  2877. 95%.NET Content Creation with Anton from @RawCoding | Keep Coding Podcast E2
  2878. 80%Fun Boy Three - Our Lips Are Sealed (Official Music Video)
  2879. 93%333 Ventures: How creatives own the future
  2880. 99%Ignore the noise. Keep building.
  2881. 97%Greenfield Project? Start HERE!
  2882. 96%I built 10 web apps... with 10 different languages
  2883. 87%Building beautiful Blazor apps with Tailwind CSS - Chris Sainty - NDC Oslo 2022
  2884. 88%How to build a real-time leaderboard for the Soccer World Cup with Azure SQL & Redis | Data Exposed
  2885. 96%Adobe's New Beta App is Absolutely INSANE
  2886. 99%The Power of Polyglot Notebooks | .NET Conf 2022
  2887. 90%Alone
  2888. 96%Settling the Biggest Await Async Debate in .NET
  2889. 97%From RESTful HTTP API to gRPC | .NET Conf 2022
  2890. 99%Do you need a Distributed Transaction? Maybe not!
  2891. 79%The Day-1 Decisions that Make or Break Companies w/ PlanetScale's CEO Sam Lambert
  2892. 99%CSS Techniques for Blazor Developers | .NET Conf 2022
  2893. 94%Fun Boy Three - The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum (Official Music Video)
  2894. 92%Fun Boy Three - The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum (Official Music Video)
  2895. 96%Slaying Zombie ‘No Repro’ Crashes with Infer# | .NET Conf 2022
  2896. 96%How Tom Segura Answers When Asked How He's Doing | Netflix Is A Joke
  2897. 96%Can ChatGPT write GOOD unit tests?
  2898. 95%Virtual Studio Special - see how it's made!
  2899. 57%I was wrong (and so was everyone)
  2900. 86%On .NET Live - Supercharging .NET unit tests with Fluent Assertions
  2901. 96%Validate your dependencies correctly in .NET
  2902. 96%NEW! Most Popular Programming Languages 1965 - 2022
  2903. 98%I got tired
  2904. 90%Tracking Elon Musk's Jet N628TS
  2905. 97%Radically user-centered design
  2906. 96%Government Should Incentivize High Performance Home Builders
  2907. 98%MVVM is easier than ever before with Source Generators, .NET 7, & the MVVM Toolkit | .NET Conf 2022
  2908. 92%AWS re:Invent 2022 - A day in the life of a billion requests (SEC404)
  2909. 71%John Carmack: Best programming setup and IDE | Lex Fridman Podcast Clips
  2910. 93%High-performance services with gRPC: What's new in .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  2911. 97%Weekly Update 326
  2912. 92%Scaffolding .NET Web APIs Powered By EF Core, SQL, & Azure in Seconds
  2913. 97%John Carmack: Best programming setup and IDE | Lex Fridman Podcast Clips
  2914. 94%'Is WPF Dead?' Some Devs Claim 'Yes' as Microsoft Relegates Issues/PRs to the Community -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2915. 95%Silk.NET Community Meeting & API Review
  2916. 99%How Halo, Dynamics 365, and Mesh scale to millions with Orleans and you can too! | .NET Conf 2022
  2917. 96%Hidden gems and live coding with .NET 7  | BRK203H
  2918. 72%.NET Conf Thailand 2022
  2919. 99%Create native desktop & mobile apps using web skills in Blazor Hybrid | .NET Conf 2022
  2920. 99%How your "Sr." Devs incurred Technical Debt
  2921. 90%Livecoding Blazor, SignalR, Oauth, and TailwindCSS
  2922. 96%"I NEED data from another service!"... Do you really?
  2923. 96%What are the Frozen Collections coming in .NET?
  2924. 99%How to use CSS aspect ratio | Matt Davison
  2925. 99%Learn Live - Store local data with SQLite in a .NET MAUI app
  2926. 92%.NET Data Community Standup - The Plan for Entity Framework Core 8
  2927. 98%Performance Improvements in .NET MAUI (.NET 7 edition) | .NET Conf 2022
  2928. 94%Content creation with Anton from @RawCoding | Keep Coding Podcast E2
  2929. 96%What's new in .NET MAUI and Desktop Apps | .NET Conf 2022
  2930. 85%Languages & Runtime Community Standup - C# 11 and beyond
  2931. 95%Wayland RDP Server with audio using Microsoft's WSLg stack
  2932. 62%The Kitchen Massacre | Sausage Party | CineClips
  2933. 98%ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor .NET 8 Planning
  2934. 97%Introduction to MongoDB: Zero To Document Hero – Webinar Recording | The .NET Tools Blog
  2935. 95%Treating Devs Like Human Beings | A Conversation w/ Kelly Vaughn, Jean Hsu & Lena Reinhard
  2936. 98%On .NET Live - Building web apps using MVVM
  2937. 96%Are you using the Stopwatch efficiently in .NET?
  2938. 85%Languages & Runtime Community Standup - C# 11 and beyond
  2939. 85%Languages & Runtime Community Standup - C# 11 and beyond
  2940. 85%Languages & Runtime Community Standup - C# 11 and beyond
  2941. 93%Microsoft Teams Backend Services - Powered by .NET | .NET Conf 2022
  2942. 95%The Continuity of Splines
  2943. 97%.NET 7 and beyond with Damian Edwards | Keep Coding Podcast E1
  2944. 99%OSS Spotlight - Build websites with a modern ASP.NET Core CMS – Orchard Core
  2945. 91%Original ICQ Song !
  2946. 97%Building modern high performance services with ASP.NET Core and .NET 7
  2947. 99%Episode 449 - Java Jakarta EE Applications
  2948. 99%Design Patterns: Who gives a 💩?
  2949. 74%Where Did All The Focus Time Go? Dissecting 1.5 Million Meetings w/ Clockwise's VP of Engineering, Dan Kador
  2950. 85%Languages & Runtime Community Standup - C# 11 and beyond
  2951. 94%Don't Fail Publishing Events! Event Driven Architecture Consistency
  2952. 96%ChatGPT can write better code than me
  2953. 97%Modernize your WPF and Windows Forms application with Blazor | .NET Conf 2022
  2954. 99%Helix
  2955. 99%Making the Most of Minimal APIs in .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  2956. 51%The entire LOTR Extended Trilogy but it's just Frodo Baggins stumbling and falling down
  2957. 96%Coding using ChatGPT AI broke me
  2958. 97%The entire LOTR Extended Trilogy but it's just Frodo Baggins stumbling and falling down
  2959. 84%Things are gonna get weird in 2023
  2960. 92%.NET Interop Improvements in .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  2961. 99%.NET Monthly Roundup - November 2022
  2962. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2963. 94%Ask the Expert: 2022 Octoverse report from GitHub
  2964. 97%Beware the Long 'YAGNI'
  2965. 96%Upgrading from .NET Framework to .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  2966. 96%Adding properties to classes you don't own in C#
  2967. 78%Puncturable Key Wrapping and Its Applications
  2968. 97%BLOOM: Bimodal Lattice One-Out-of-Many Proofs and Applications
  2969. 86%Let's look into the new .NET Drama 🔴 LIVE
  2970. 91%Weekly Update 324
  2971. 98%Why Startups Suck at Security w/ Vanta's Head of Engineering, Matt Spitz
  2972. 98%Automate Posting to Mastodon via Web Requests
  2973. 99%The Whirlwind Tour of Building .NET Apps in Azure | .NET Conf 2022
  2974. 98%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup, December 2022
  2975. 97%Upgrading Xamarin apps to .NET MAUI | .NET Conf 2022
  2976. 99%What's new in the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit
  2977. 95%Testing WITHOUT Mocks or Interfaces!
  2978. 96%Using .NET’s NativeAOT to fix the biggest serverless issue
  2979. 59%Keynote: ZKP Languages - Where We Are Now - Kobi Gurkan (Geometry)
  2980. 99%Wix.com - 5 Event Driven Architecture Pitfalls!
  2981. 77%Sequoia's Leaked YouTube Investment Memo
  2982. 98%GitHub - jgosar/mine-city-2000: A program that converts SimCity 2000 cities into Minecraft worlds
  2983. 99%How to create multi-page .NET MAUI apps with tab and flyout navigation
  2984. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2985. 94%Economic Downturn is No Excuse to Use Individual Metrics w/ Ori Keren, Co-Founder & CEO of LinearB
  2986. 99%Offline-first programming
  2987. 73%State of .NET MAUI | .NET Conf 2022
  2988. 96%Preferences
  2989. 95%Why you no longer need a Dockerfile in .NET 7
  2990. 88%SNØ - Forsiden
  2991. 82%German Movie Titles
  2992. 99%Jason Eckert's Website and Blog
  2993. 95%Episode 46: Vim - with Joseph Woodward
  2994. 78%Weekly Update 323
  2995. 96%Top FAANG Interview Questions From LeetCode.xlsx
  2996. 96%Preferences
  2997. 99%Visual Studio Code for C# Developers | .NET Conf 2022
  2998. 86%Journeying to the Irish Otherworld...
  2999. 99%Azure Container Apps with .NET | .NET Conf 2022
  3000. 94%My Overemployment Story - Overemployee
  3001. 96%Domain Events and Event Sourcing go hand in hand? Not Exactly!
  3002. 87%The weirdest way to loop in C# is also the fastest
  3003. 93%Weird West First Person Mod Tech Overview
  3004. 91%Why we are addicted to insight porn
  3005. 99%Deep Learning in .NET | .NET Conf 2022
  3006. 96%Fun with minimal APIs
  3007. 93%Webinar – Blazor Best Practices Borrowed From ReactJS | The .NET Tools Blog
  3008. 96%Preferences
  3009. 98%Rails — narrative vs model centric approach - Max Chernyak
  3010. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3011. 96%LIVE 🔴 C# 11 Release, Reviewing your CVs, Q&A, C# .NET
  3012. 94%LIVE 🔴 C# 11 chat, Reviewing your CVs, Q&A | C# .NET
  3013. 91%Entity Framework Community Standup
  3014. 56%Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom | Full Feature | Netflix
  3015. 96%Winter On Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom | Trailer [HD] | Netflix
  3016. 98%Wolverine: Your Next Messaging Library – Webinar Recording | The .NET Tools Blog
  3017. 94%The Magic of Zero Knowledge with Brandon Kase from O(1) Labs
  3018. 97%The new .NET Exception that should NEVER be thrown
  3019. 99%Use the IDE to make a Fluxor CRUD Application | Blazor IDE Part 2
  3020. 90%Invidious
  3021. 92%Invidious
  3022. 98%A Life Engineered
  3023. 98%Let's Talk About WASM and WASI — Offline Stream #11
  3024. 98%EXACTLY How Much Money I Make - Principal Engineer in Seattle
  3025. 99%Let's Talk About WASM and WASI — Offline Stream #11
  3026. 99%Why my video calls sucked (and how I fixed it)
  3027. 98%Raw Coding
  3028. 61%English Makes No Sense: Four vs Hour
  3029. 94%Microservices
  3030. 68%Ornithopter with morphing-coupled wingbeat pattern
  3031. 68%English Makes No Sense: Four vs Hour
  3032. 97%SNARK Design Part III with Justin Thaler | a16z crypto research talks
  3033. 94%State of Azure + .NET | .NET Conf 2022
  3034. 95%Weekly Update 322
  3035. 79%The Original Star Trek USS Enterprise Filming Model!
  3036. 89%ROBLOX_OOF.mp3
  3037. 98%The Most Famous Computer Programming Book In The World
  3038. 94%First YouTube livestream!
  3039. 67%NATO Secretary General following the meeting of the North Atlantic Council on Poland 🇵🇱, 16 NOV 2022
  3040. 97%The C# keyword you can ONLY use in LINQ, but carefully
  3041. 98%The HIDDEN Challenge of Microservices: UI Composition
  3042. 96%First YouTube livestream!
  3043. 99%Stop using trivial Guard Clauses! Try this instead
  3044. 88%Geocaching easily scales to millions with .NET APIs
  3045. 95%Why I love Advent of Code
  3046. 96%.NET Data Community Standup - A Whirlwind Tour of EF7
  3047. 98%1,750,000 Frames/s to Capture an Arc
  3048. 98%Solution1: Conference Introduction & Kickoff with Matt Jones & Scott Hanselman
  3049. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3050. 98%Leveling up data: Upgrade from EF6 to EF7 and blast off! | .NET Conf 2022
  3051. 98%.NET MAUI Community Standup - Customize .NET Hot Reload with Michael!
  3052. 99%.NET Conf 2022 Keynote: Welcome to .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  3053. 97%Webinar – Introduction to MongoDB: Zero To Document Hero | The .NET Tools Blog
  3054. 98%Upgrading from .NET Framework to .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  3055. 97%Every single feature added in C# 11
  3056. 94%Upgrading from .NET Framework to .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  3057. 98%Upgrading from .NET Framework to .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  3058. 98%Upgrading from .NET Framework to .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  3059. 99%.NET Architects Panel | .NET Conf 2022
  3060. 99%.NET at Stack Overflow | .NET Conf 2022
  3061. 99%Making the Most of Minimal APIs in .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  3062. 99%Making the Most of Minimal APIs in .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  3063. 92%Performance Improvements in .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  3064. 62%Bush gaffe: Former president calls Iraq invasion 'unjustified' in slip-up
  3065. 94%What's new for Blazor in .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  3066. 76%John Brothers Piano Company - Trade-off Song | Sofar San Francisco
  3067. 99%Learn Live - Consume REST web services in .NET MAUI apps
  3068. 93%Do What Works!
  3069. 50%I'm a 12 year old boy in a 36 year old body
  3070. 93%Weekly Update 321
  3071. 83%C# Community Discord
  3072. 83%Institute for the Study of War
  3073. 98%.NET Conf 2022
  3074. 92%How to Get Insanely Rich in the Creator Economy
  3075. 99%.NET Conf 2022 Keynote: Welcome to .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  3076. 97%Do you have enough Complexity for a Domain Model (Domain Driven Design)?
  3077. 94%Stop using the Process class for CLI interactions in .NET
  3078. 94%0xPARC CARML Weekend: Intro to Kimchi
  3079. 99%Do you want to use Kafka? Or do you need a Queue?
  3080. 98%.NET Conf 2022 - Day Two After Hours + Day 3
  3081. 97%.NET Conf 2022 - Day Two After Hours
  3082. 97%.NET Conf 2022 - Day 2
  3083. 96%My thoughts on #dropthedot for .NET
  3084. 96%.NET Conf 2022 announcements
  3085. 99%What's new for Minimal APIs in ASP NET Core 7?
  3086. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3087. 98%.NET Conf 2022 - Day 1
  3088. 98%.NET Conf 2022 - Student Zone
  3089. 87%Is Twitter dead?
  3090. 95%How to contribute to Kimchi
  3091. 99%Introduction to ASP.NET Core Authentication & Authorization
  3092. 99%.NET Data Community Standup - EF7 Custom Model Conventions
  3093. 99%.NET MAUI Advent Calendar
  3094. 86%Dev People episode #00 - Matt Warren
  3095. 98%.NET Conf 2022 - Student Zone
  3096. 97%Using MediatR in .NET? Maybe replace it with this
  3097. 99%AI Assisted Content Creation - in Optimizely CMS & Commerce (AI Series - Part 2)
  3098. 99%Cool features in Visual Studio 2022
  3099. 81%Tolerance
  3100. 99%Just store UTC? Not so fast! Handling Time zones is complicated.
  3101. 97%Best Programming Language | John Carmack and Lex Fridman
  3102. 97%Best Programming Language | John Carmack and Lex Fridman
  3103. 97%StarkNetCC Lisbon Main Stage
  3104. 97%StarkNetCC Lisbon Main Stage
  3105. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3106. 95%C# gets yet another keyword in C# 11
  3107. 95%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Introduction to .NET MAUI
  3108. 97%New Videos: Coding Short and a Rant
  3109. 98%Platform engineering is not DevOps - Neil Millard Blog - DevOps author and speaker.
  3110. 96%Halloween Q&A | Ask me anything | C# & .NET
  3111. 92%On .NET Live - .NET Tricks and Treats
  3112. 92%Cool features in Visual Studio 2022
  3113. 99%Episode 444 - Azure Innovations
  3114. 94%The second queue that EVERY message bus needs in .NET
  3115. 98%Microsoft Introduces Azure Savings Plans for Compute
  3116. 95%URLShortener als minimale API | Development Snacks | tsjdevapps
  3117. 97%Structured error messages for HTTP APIs
  3118. 88%The Price of Games [Grab Bag]
  3119. 97%Intro to Graphics 18 - Rendering Algorithms
  3120. 97%Techorama interviews 3 van 6
  3121. 98%Intro to Graphics 12 - Triangular Meshes
  3122. 99%Azure CosmosDB + CRUD + Entity Framework Core - FREE
  3123. 81%Ultimate Homelab Tour!
  3124. 94%Required Members in C# 11 with David Wengier - NDC Melbourne 2022
  3125. 99%Learn Live - Design consistent .NET MAUI XAML pages by using shared resources
  3126. 73%Emphasize Objects with Collision [Graphics]
  3127. 99%Intro to Graphics 17 - The Rendering Equation
  3128. 77%OBS no filter
  3129. 92%Weekly Update 319
  3130. 99%Tired of Layers? Vertical Slice Architecture to the rescue!
  3131. 90%DONT Give Developer Estimates! #shorts #webdevelopment
  3132. 96%How to await ANYTHING in C#
  3133. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup, November 2022
  3134. 99%STOP Over-Engineering Software!
  3135. 96%Sysinternals - Windows Sysinternals
  3136. 76%ace
  3137. 93%Using Servo Motors - SG90 (ESP32 + Arduino Series)
  3138. 83%Using IR Receiver (HX1838) + Remote Control (ESP32 + Arduino Series)
  3139. 97%Blazor WebAssembly : Logging to Database using Custom Logger Provider - EP27
  3140. 84%Spec Changes
  3141. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3142. 98%How to Make it Through Calculus (Neil deGrasse Tyson)
  3143. 99%Episode 1: A basic expression evaluator
  3144. 86%10 Guaranteed Ways to Improve Developer Efficiency and Focus
  3145. 99%Episode 443 - 5G Modern Connected Apps
  3146. 84%ZK Tech You Should Know — Part 1: SNARKs & STARKs
  3147. 99%Coding on the Steam Deck
  3148. 96%Controlling your debugging experience in C#
  3149. 68%Too Much is Just Right
  3150. 88%How to Build Impactful Portfolio Projects #shorts #webdevelopment
  3151. 80%Weekly Update 318
  3152. 86%Weekly Update 318
  3153. 67%The Greatest Ever Ice Bucket Challenge #shorts
  3154. 98%An Average Developer Does Slightly Above Average Things with Erik Guzman
  3155. 90%.NET GC Internals - 10. Q&A
  3156. 93%Weekly Update 318
  3157. 78%The most under-rated database technology for .NET?
  3158. 96%Northern Light Live Sodankylä, Finland
  3159. 69%Coding Shorts: .NET 7's Grouping and Filtering in Minimal APIs
  3160. 99%Why is Clean Architecture so Popular?
  3161. 99%Amazing VS Code Shortcut #shorts #vscode #webdevelopment
  3162. 96%How Regex can take down your server in .NET
  3163. 69%Super Smash Bros.
  3164. 99%Introducing Spectre.Console
  3165. 98%Data Partitioning! Don't let growth SLOW you down!
  3166. 98%NET Data Community Standup: New EF Core 7.0 APIs (Bulk Update)
  3167. 94%.NET Core 3.1 is nearing end-of-support
  3168. 96%✂️ The ideal blockchain
  3169. 92%Mina zkApps 🛠 Zero-Knowledge Programming with TypeScript - Jack Servia
  3170. 96%What to know about Zero Knowledge
  3171. 95%ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor in .NET 7 Part III
  3172. 95%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3173. 97%Developer Community Keynote: The thing about burnout
  3174. 65%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Hosting ASP.NET Core MVC with Linux
  3175. 97%Webinar – Wolverine: Your Next Messaging Library | The .NET Tools Blog
  3176. 99%Learn Live - Customize layout in .NET MAUI XAML pages
  3177. 99%GitHub - dephraiim/minimal-youtube: Minimal YouTube is an extension that replaces the YouTube UI with a minimal design containing no recommendations, shorts, or distractions.
  3178. 95%This 1970s tank simulator drives through a tiny world
  3179. 94%On .NET Live - Build your first Microsoft Teams bot app with .NET
  3180. 88%Fun Beyond Game Essence
  3181. 54%Adding a BETTER way to loop in C#
  3182. 98%How to Explain Pointers to Normies · Jerry Liu
  3183. 97%Let's watch videos with David - HackMD
  3184. 96%Ives: Symphony No. 4 - II. Comedy. Allegretto
  3185. 90%Weekly Update 317
  3186. 73%EDS, an HP Company 'Cat Herders'
  3187. 99%Using OnPlatform and OnIdiom in XAML to create a UI in a .NET MAUI app
  3188. 67%Akka.NET Community Standup: 10-19-2022
  3189. 97%.NET MAUI Community Standup - Learn about GrialKit with the UXDivers team!
  3190. 99%LunchBytes - Application Modernization for .NET & Java Apps
  3191. 91%Make the Tempo Match the Game
  3192. 99%Event Choreography for Loosely Coupled Workflow
  3193. 64%Streaming services lost the plot
  3194. 90%Juneteenth Conference Office Hours - April 13th 2022
  3195. 97%On .NET Live - Just put your Microsoft hat on!
  3196. 63%Revisiting dependency injection lifetimes in ASP.NET Core
  3197. 88%Don't be fooled! That's NOT an Aggregate in Domain Driven Design
  3198. 96%The electrical pattern that will keep your .NET services alive
  3199. 99%Kevin Gosse - Pushing C# to new places with NativeAOT (Dotnetos Conference 2022)
  3200. 99%GOG.com
  3201. 99%How do you use the Command line? PowerShell, cmd, bash? - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #13
  3202. 89%Exercise While You Game!
  3203. 98%On .NET Live - Learning with Intention
  3204. 98%The 4th year of SerenityOS
  3205. 99%What is Matter? - Is Home Assistant obsolete?
  3206. 99%.NET MAUI comes to .NET 7 RC 1
  3207. 99%A trip to MAUI on .NET
  3208. 62%MC 900 FT Jesus - Hearing Voices In One's Head
  3209. 99%Dave's Garage: Ask a Former Microsoft Windows Developer Anything!
  3210. 96%Random in .NET is not thread-safe, and that’s bad
  3211. 94%Keeping Rewards in sight
  3212. 98%The Sixth Annual C# Advent | Cross Cutting Concerns
  3213. 96%Dave's Garage LIVE Q&A
  3214. 98%Integrating the customer portal
  3215. 67%Kerch bridge is on fire song
  3216. 74%Who BLEW Up the Nordstream 2 Pipeline? (w/ Aaron Mate)
  3217. 95%This YouTube video contains its own ID
  3218. 97%What Happened to You, Scott? (or, Openness vs. Conviction)
  3219. 88%RAID: Bigger, Better, Faster Storage - How, What, and Why?
  3220. 67%POV: You are trying to pet a dog in RPG games
  3221. 96%How Game Designers Solved These 11 Problems
  3222. 98%Your passwords are not safe. OSINT investigations.
  3223. 83%How Game Designers Solve Problems
  3224. 90%Weekly Update 316
  3225. 88%Weekly Update 316
  3226. 99%Mocking APIs with Mockaco | .NET 7
  3227. 97%Name Files Logically
  3228. 99%What is Software Architecture?
  3229. 81%Juneteenth Conference Office Hours April 6th, 2022
  3230. 99%Learn Live - Create a UI in a .NET MAUI app by using XAML
  3231. 95%Compiling C# into NATIVE code, just like Go, Rust and C++
  3232. 99%McDonald’s Journey to Event-Driven Architecture
  3233. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup, October 2022
  3234. 93%Required Members in C# 11 with David Wengier - NDC Melbourne 2022
  3235. 88%.NET Data Community Standup - JSON Columns
  3236. 99%On .NET Live - Build Discord bots using .NET and Azure
  3237. 98%When Your Code Works the First Time! #shorts #programming #webdevelopment
  3238. 96%Try Telling That to the Player
  3239. 84%Popular YouTube Channel Caught Distributing Malicious Tor Browser Installer
  3240. 80%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Authentication and Authorization with ASP.NET MVC
  3241. 98%Announcing the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit v1.3
  3242. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3243. 96%ASP.NET Community Standup - Securing ASP.NET Core APIs
  3244. 84%Black Math Horseman - Deerslayer
  3245. 99%On .NET Live - Ask Me Anything with Scott Hunter
  3246. 93%Under the Hood of DANE Mismanagement in SMTP
  3247. 95%Microsoft FINALLY fixed foreach loops in .NET 7
  3248. 96%The Trippiest PC Ever: RGB LED Tape Drive! #shorts
  3249. 88%Kirby Super Star
  3250. 99%Intro to Graphics 11 - Surfaces
  3251. 92%Taking a Creative Sabbatical as a Software Engineer
  3252. 97%SEO Friendly Blazor Server Apps
  3253. 99%On .NET Live - Build, Test, and Deploy .NET Microservices on K8s
  3254. 59%Putin announces Russia will annex four regions of Ukraine
  3255. 97%My Server can Beat Up Your Server: The 420Tb Storinator!
  3256. 97%Visual Studio Live! - Native Cross-Platform Mobile & Desktop Apps with .NET MAUI
  3257. 95%.NET GC Internals - 09. GC roots
  3258. 56%Giving "Weight" to Buttons
  3259. 97%Weekly Update 315
  3260. 93%Episode 440 - Azure and SAP
  3261. 85%Juneteenth History
  3262. 96%Webinar: Stop Looking in the past; Start telling the future!
  3263. 99%Let's Learn .NET - Azure Functions & Azure Static Web Apps
  3264. 96%The RIGHT way to deal with Time in your C# Tests
  3265. 64%Mark Okhakumhe - Intellectual Property Rights in the Technology Sector [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3266. 88%The Serverless Hype Explained!
  3267. 99%Welcome to .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI)
  3268. 94%Town Hall [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3269. 94%For Us, Without Us: Addressing Tech's Shortcomings in Creating Equity for Black People [w/ASL]
  3270. 95%Community Event Signup
  3271. 71%Publishing Is Weird: How My Book Became a Hit with Elderly People
  3272. 99%Announcing Entity Framework 7 Release Candidate 1
  3273. 93%Paddling a kayak from Monterey, California to Kahului, Maui (1987)
  3274. 98%Azure DevOps Podcast: Scott Hunter: Microsoft’s Azure & .NET Strategy- Episode 211
  3275. 89%Atlassian’s Eye-Opening State of Teams Report w/ Mark Cruth Modern Work Evangelist
  3276. 99%Clarity vs. Style
  3277. 99%Containers? So What? Docker 101 Explained - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #8
  3278. 99%.NET GC Internals - 06. Compact phase
  3279. 99%.NET GC Internals - 07. Allocations
  3280. 93%Empowerment to the People! What You Need to Know About Black People, Disability, and Accessibility
  3281. 99%.NET GC Internals - 08. Generations
  3282. 98%Intro to Graphics 08 - WebGL
  3283. 96%Wakeup From Sleep With a Timer (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  3284. 62%Git Pull Requests explained - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #5
  3285. 54%Black to the Future - Bryce Sharp
  3286. 78%A Simple Scam Trick (Don't get fooled!)
  3287. 93%Using DHT22 Temperature Sensor (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  3288. 60%Brittney Braxton - Journaling as a Dev [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3289. 94%Harold Jackson N / A - Black Queer Living: A History of DIY Culture in the Black LBGT+ Community
  3290. 99%Blessing Krofegha - Is Headless CMS the Future of Development? [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3291. 96%SpaceX & Starlink: Is Satellite Internet a Good Idea?
  3292. 51%Dawood Iddris - The Future of Tech and How to Keep in Touch While It Evolves [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3293. 99%Why ESP32's Are The Best Microcontrollers (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  3294. 99%What is the Cloud? Soft and Fluffy Edition - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #10
  3295. 97%Kubernetes and Container Orchestration 101 - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #11
  3296. 99%Manage FreeRTOS tasks - Suspend, Delay, Resume, Delete (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  3297. 79%What is FreeRTOS? (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  3298. 92%Ayodele Odubela - Combatting Bias in ML [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3299. 99%Connect to ThingSpeak (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  3300. 96%How To Install PlatformIO (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  3301. 72%Deep sleep: Use RTC memory to store data (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  3302. 98%Software & Hardware Used in Formula 1
  3303. 98%What's a Carriage and Who's Feeding it Lines? CRLF - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #1
  3304. 75%Valerie Phoenix - Empowered By Imposter Syndrome [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3305. 86%What Does Culturally Responsive Teaching Mean in an Online Environment? [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3306. 99%.NET GC Internals - 05. Sweep phase
  3307. 99%Using Arduino's Serial Monitor & Plotter (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  3308. 99%Intro to Graphics 10 - Curves (Part 2)
  3309. 96%Git Push --Force will destroy the timeline and kill us all - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #7
  3310. 99%Brian Douglas - Your Next Open Source Contribution [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3311. 78%Danny Thompson - Keynote: From Frying Chicken To Software Engineer [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3312. 98%Git Rebase vs Merge explained - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #6
  3313. 99%How to Multitask with FreeRTOS (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  3314. 87%Shukri Abdullahi - Through Programming I Became a Better Artist [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3315. 94%Angie Jones - Keynote: The Reality of Developing an Artificial World [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3316. 96%Lightning Interviews with Danny Thompson - Part 1 [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3317. 99%Install Serial Drivers for ESP32 (macOS, Windows, Linux)
  3318. 80%Aaron Saunders - Keynote - The Journey To Inclusive Innovation Incubator In3DC [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3319. 86%Nate Rose - Innovating on OUR STEM Education [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3320. 98%Black to the Future - Angie Jones
  3321. 98%Basic Text Editing and Hotkeys in VS Code - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #3
  3322. 99%Keep WiFi Connection Alive with FreeRTOS Task (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  3323. 93%Azure Static Web Apps, Website, GitHub, SSL & hosting FREE! Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #20
  3324. 84%Blackfacts and the Wakanda Technology Platform - Technology By Us, for Us, About Us [w/ASL]
  3325. 87%Lightning Interviews with Danny Thompson - Part 2 [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3326. 99%Intro to Graphics 07 - GPU Pipeline
  3327. 91%Code Pages, Character Encoding, Unicode, UTF-8 and the BOM - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #2
  3328. 98%WSL2, Visual Studio Code, Windows 10, Ubuntu/Linux + more - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #19
  3329. 91%Ports and Processes! What Process has that Port open? - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #9
  3330. 98%Banjo Obayomi - Grimoire, A Data-Centric Blogging Platform [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3331. 99%Intro to Graphics 09 - Curves (Part 1)
  3332. 88%Why Use PlatformIO instead of Arduino? (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  3333. 84%Claudius Mbemba - What They Don't Teach You About Fundraising as a Black Founder [w/ASL]
  3334. 90%Why would I need something else than RSS ? · Garbage Collector
  3335. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3336. 99%AirPods Pro 2 Review: 1 Underrated Thing!
  3337. 98%AirPods Pro 2 Review: 1 Underrated Thing!
  3338. 94%How Asianometry reached 270K subscribers & $5K/mo on YouTube
  3339. 98%Deploy a GraphQL Server in Minutes with NO CODE using Grafbase
  3340. 60%The Animated Tripod
  3341. 83%DART's Impact with Asteroid Dimorphos (Official NASA Broadcast)
  3342. 83%Ian McConnell - Quitting (The Way I Wrote It)
  3343. 93%Languages & Runtime Community Standup - .NET Performance with Stephen Toub
  3344. 99%How I Implemented Shadows in my Game Engine
  3345. 99%Welcome to .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI) - Reactor London
  3346. 98%The NEW C# 11 keyword Microsoft didn’t tell you about
  3347. 92%Weekly Update 314
  3348. 72%Weekly Update 314
  3349. 90%Corrupted photos - Google Photos Community
  3350. 89%Just Let Them Play!
  3351. 83%Stop Thinking With Your Fingers
  3352. 96%Awesome Black Developers | Jay Miller | The Secret Sauce
  3353. 89%The Computer that Birthed BASIC and that led to Microsoft!
  3354. 89%2022 Board election - Joe Guadagno
  3355. 83%2022 Board election.- Gabriel Emmanuel
  3356. 96%2022 Board election - Poornima Nayer
  3357. 95%2022 Board election - Jessica White
  3358. 98%2022 Board election - Dennie DeClerq
  3359. 73%2022 Board election - Rainer Stropek
  3360. 81%2022 Board Election - Jeffrey Chilberto
  3361. 61%2022 Board election - David Dieruf
  3362. 90%Board Election - Iris Classon
  3363. 98%Homelab Pi Rack upgrade, just in time for AnsibleFest 2022
  3364. 85%JuneteenthConf Office Hours March 23, 2022
  3365. 97%I built a "Programming Playground" using Blazor & CosmosDB
  3366. 96%Full-Stack Preview Deploys using Remix, PlanetScale, and Netlify
  3367. 73%Testing orthographic voxel caching (120 fps emulation)
  3368. 86%Weekly Update 314
  3369. 67%The 4 things it takes to be an expert
  3370. 89%Make It "Pop"
  3371. 99%Visual Studio Live! - Build Scalable Web Apps with .NET and Azure
  3372. 64%Google wants to take on Dolby with new open media formats
  3373. 92%reading through the OCaml compiler: Part 1
  3374. 96%Do you need a Distributed Transaction? Working through a Design Problem
  3375. 96%The .NET 7 feature that gives meaning to your Strings
  3376. 93%06 SnarkyJS
  3377. 99%BEAST: An Explanation of the CBC Attack on TLS
  3378. 98%How does PLONK work? Part 1: What's PLONK?
  3379. 90%Bald And Bankrupt RUSSIAN INTERROGATION Video
  3380. 55%The Journey Is Over
  3381. 99%What is GCM? Galois Counter Mode (of operation) (usually seen as AES-GCM)
  3382. 99%Should you Soft Delete?
  3383. 99%The CORRECT way to use Localstack & XUnit in tests
  3384. 94%Game Essence in Role-Playing Games
  3385. 82%Trombone Vocals - I Get By FC
  3386. 94%The SEC fines Morgan Stanley $35M for an “astonishing” failure to protect information of ~15M customers by auctioning off machines with five years of their data
  3387. 93%2022 Board election - Jessica White
  3388. 99%2022 Board election.- Gabriel Emmanuel
  3389. 99%2022 Board election
  3390. 95%2022 Board election - Iris Classon
  3391. 98%2022 Board election - Dennie DeClerq
  3392. 96%2022 Board election - David Djeruf
  3393. 96%2022 Board Election - Jeffrey Chilberto
  3394. 89%2022 Board election - Joe Guadagno
  3395. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3396. 98%Weekly Update 312
  3397. 98%My AMAZING Terminal Setup - Hyper, Oh My Zsh, Fig.io, and More!
  3398. 96%Rust is coming to the Linux kernel
  3399. 97%An Introduction to Low-level Concurrency in .NET – Webinar Recording | The .NET Tools Blog
  3400. 99%Start using EF Core with your existing Azure SQL Database in 5 minutes | Data Exposed: MVP Edition
  3401. 95%The CORRECT way to implement Retries in .NET
  3402. 93%Hacker News
  3403. 98%Google removed our website from search because it uses youtube-dl
  3404. 97%Sony 2015 XBR-55X850C / XBR-65X850C / XBR-75X850C owners...
  3405. 89%My PET Died - Can we Fix it?
  3406. 52%GTA VI leak (part 1)
  3407. 99%ASP.NET Core 7: What's new with Minimal API's in .NET 7
  3408. 97%Assigning Animations
  3409. 98%The Lonely Island - I'm On A Boat (Explicit Version) ft. T-Pain (Official Video)
  3410. 89%EVGA Terminates NVIDIA Partnership, Cites Disrespectful Treatment
  3411. 89%Jeff and Dave: The Big NAS Crossover Episode [Craft Computing]
  3412. 93%Open to a fault: On the passive compromise of TLS keys via transient errors
  3413. 90%From Web to Native with .NET MAUI and Blazor | .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI
  3414. 95%Hunting YouTube Crypto Scams - addshore
  3415. 97%Let's Upgrade an app to .NET 7 RC
  3416. 89%New Video: Coding Shorts - Generic Attributes in C# 11
  3417. 99%Publishing Your .NET MAUI Apps | .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI
  3418. 97%Install Oh My Posh with Autocomplete
  3419. 92%Coinbase updates its app to let US users see a scorecard that evaluates members of Congress on crypto policy issues, register to vote, and find political events
  3420. 89%Pi Programming in 15 Minutes: Blink an LED
  3421. 96%Technical Debt created by "Quick" Changes/Fixes. Always BAD?
  3422. 97%Visual Studio Live! - Keynote: Modern Application Development with .NET and Azure
  3423. 97%The fastest way to iterate a List in C# is NOT what you think
  3424. 94%Game Awards
  3425. 83%I made Minecraft in Minecraft with redstone!
  3426. 99%Where should you use gRPC? And where NOT!
  3427. 90%Weekly Update 313
  3428. 90%Building Realtime Games with .NET MAUI | .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI
  3429. 99%Announcing Entity Framework 7 Release Candidate 1
  3430. 99%Learnathon - Learn .NET MAUI | #LearnAtReactor
  3431. 93%YouTube
  3432. 99%More Readable C# Code with File-Scoped Namespaces in .NET 6
  3433. 99%More Readable C# Code with File-Scoped Namespaces in .NET 6
  3434. 96%New Developer Advocacy Handbook chapter – How to create short and concise technical videos
  3435. 98%@jost0101/dotnet-content-creators
  3436. 99%Authenticate Users and Call Protected APIs In Your MAUI App | .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI
  3437. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3438. 97%FB feed is 98% suggested pages and barely any friend's posts. How do I change this?
  3439. 98%5 Things Successful Developers Do (That You Don't)
  3440. 99%Versioning ASP.NET Core MVC & Minimal APIs
  3441. 87%The Follower
  3442. 74%Law & Order: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
  3443. 81%Writing a compiler. Bytecode finale
  3444. 97%Building Beautiful Apps for Mac Using .NET MAUI | .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI
  3445. 92%Let's Learn .NET
  3446. 79%Law & Order: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
  3447. 95%.NET MAUI Community Standup - .NET 7 Sneak Peek with Shane!
  3448. 92%Why all your classes should be sealed by default in C#
  3449. 77%Presentations Are All About Speed!
  3450. 99%Client-side vs Server-side, Front-end vs Back-end? Beginner Explanation of JavaScript on the Web
  3451. 89%Stupid Windows Tricks 2: Grabbing Your Junk
  3452. 93%The next chapter for Learning on YouTube
  3453. 96%Matt Farah - Not Sure How Much More Mobility Innovation I Can Take!
  3454. 97%Matt Farah - Not Sure How Much More Mobility Innovation I Can Take!
  3455. 96%Security of ZK Systems
  3456. 98%e2e Testing with Playwright and Debbie O'Brien
  3457. 93%Weekly Update 312
  3458. 73%Kirby's Adventure
  3460. 52%Powers of Tau - Round 41
  3461. 98%Sketchy Websites Save the Day
  3462. 97%Design Patterns: Who gives a 💩?
  3463. 99%How I Dynamically Generate Images with JavaScript, Next.js, and Cloudinary
  3464. 95%The NEW .NET 7 LINQ methods you didn't need
  3465. 97%Streaming site Brand New Tube sees massive data breach with IP addresses and names of users revealed
  3466. 92%.NET MAUI Tutorial for Beginners - Build iOS, Android, macOS, & Windows Apps with C# & Visual Studio
  3467. 94%We Need To Talk About Texas featuring Beto O'Rourke
  3468. 99%The world is full of Asynchronous Workflow
  3469. 90%New .NET 7 Feature - Regex Source Generator #shorts
  3470. 96%A review of my time at Remix
  3471. 99%Scroll Restoration with Client Side Routing
  3472. 99%Performance Improvements in .NET MAUI | .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI
  3473. 68%ASP.NET Community Standup - 🎂8 Years of .NET Community Standups🎂
  3474. 98%GitHub - MyOwnClone/quake_watch: Quake 1 game port to Apple Watch
  3475. 89%Draw the Light, Not the Asset
  3476. 99%On .NET Live - Let's chat about code quality & performance!
  3477. 89%NASA Selects SiFive and Makes RISC-V the Go-to Ecosystem for Future Space Missions - SiFive
  3478. 98%Say no to restricting Internet by using open API - YottaAnswers Blog
  3479. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3480. 88%A Day in the Life of an Indie Game Developer
  3481. 88%Overhauling the Graphics in my Game Engine
  3482. 90%Make your own Compost! - Homegrown Devlog
  3483. 89%I Program the WAR GAMES Computer From Scratch - Hot Front Panel Action!
  3484. 97%Securing Software Repositories APAC friendly (June 29, 2022)
  3485. 97%Episode 437 - Azure CXP CRE Low Code Automation
  3486. 97%Performance in the .NET Runtime - Matt Warren - NDC London 2022
  3487. 89%Programming a Computer from SCRATCH - #shorts
  3488. 90%Frame Rates
  3489. 94%Squeeze and Release
  3490. 90%About This Channel
  3491. 91%Kirby's Dream Land
  3492. 98%Down with Lag!
  3493. 58%Game Development Isn't a Game
  3494. 60%Risk and Reward
  3495. 98%.NET Data Community Standup - DbDataSource, a new System.Data abstraction
  3496. 98%.NET Data Community Standup - CoreWCF: Roadmap and Q&A
  3497. 52%What is a stack and how does it work? — 6502 part 5
  3498. 52%RAM and bus timing — 6502 part 6
  3499. 97%Building rich Skottie animations for cross-platform .NET applications | .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI
  3500. 98%My Video Synthesis Journey
  3501. 88%How Crash Bandicoot Hacked The Original Playstation | War Stories | Ars Technica
  3502. 94%.NET Foundation - Invidious
  3503. 90%From Getting Fired to Running a Digital Agency with Edan
  3504. 81%Cloudflareの不正利用に対するポリシーとその取り組み
  3505. 93%Cloudflare 的滥用处理政策和方法
  3506. 97%When programming blogs are designed to be harmful
  3507. 93%Why our Screwdriver took 3 YEARS
  3508. 99%Quake: QTest1 public deathmatch release.
  3509. 95%Atomic Heart - Combat Trailer | gamescom 2022
  3510. 54%Weekly Update 311
  3511. 97%What it's REALLY like to be a woman in tech ft Kendra Havens (Part 2)
  3512. 98%ASP.NET Community Standup - Dapr + .NET
  3513. 95%Loss of Signal in between YouTube ads
  3514. 98%UI Design for .NET MAUI | .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI
  3515. 99%Customizing your controls with Platform Behavior | .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI
  3516. 91%On .NET Live - Microservice applications with DAPR and .NET
  3517. 89%I Bought the Computer from WarGames
  3518. 94%How IEnumerable can kill your performance in C#
  3519. 74%Epic Cycling | 134.5 kg Concrete Bike
  3520. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup (September 2022)
  3521. 99%Data Access Layer makes it easier to change your Database?
  3522. 99%Wix.com - 5 Event Driven Architecture Pitfalls!
  3523. 93%Live: Serverless SaaS
  3524. 96%Azure Messaging Services: Why, When, & How? - PHINUG Online Dev Sessions 2022.09
  3525. 96%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3526. 78%5 Reasons I LOVE Astro! #shorts #javascript #webdevelopment
  3527. 89%Stupid Windows Tricks: 01
  3528. 93%tiffany-matthe
  3529. 72%Welcome Home, Garry Tan | Y Combinator
  3530. 93%The fastest way to cast objects in C# is not so obvious
  3531. 88%The end of Moore's law forced YouTube to make its own video chip
  3532. 93%The biggest performance TRAP of LINQ in C# | .NET Tips 4
  3533. 90%.NET 7 Serializer Performance Comparison: A King Is Born?
  3534. 94%How C# Generics make your apps MUCH faster
  3535. 96%SFX-100 + G-Seat + OSW Sim Rig Build - RowanHick.com
  3536. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor in .NET 7
  3537. 97%Janet Jackson can DESTROY Your Hard Drive!
  3538. 88%Ridiculous Junior Developer Requirements #shorts
  3539. 96%Stop using Guard Clauses! They pollute your Application Code
  3540. 97%Trying Out Machine Learning
  3541. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor in .NET 7
  3542. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor in .NET 7
  3543. 95%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3544. 82%Unix legend, who owes us nothing, keeps fixing foundational AWK code
  3545. 90%How This Central African City Became the World’s Most Expensive
  3546. 99%A Dive in to Hyper-V Architecture & Vulnerabilities
  3547. 98%A Fresh Look at HLS Value - FPGA'er
  3548. 95%Getting started with Pub/Sub Messaging in .NET
  3549. 99%New Video: Coding Shorts - Output Caching in ASP.NET Core 7
  3550. 88%Leeroy Jenkins First Take/Dry Run (NEW)
  3551. 99%Reverse Debugging and other stories
  3552. 99%What a Mac mini & Tailscale enables · Kaushik Gopal's Site
  3553. 97%JavaScript Array Tutorial by C# Developer - [45 Minutes]
  3554. 96%Episode 42: The Unlikely Success of a Copy Paste Developer - with Iris Classon
  3555. 98%A Dive in to Hyper-V Architecture & Vulnerabilities
  3556. 98%Dolev Hadar
  3557. 68%Shouting in the Datacenter
  3558. 77%_why's Estate
  3559. 89%The Dark History of Zip Files
  3560. 97%JavaScript Interview Practice with HackerRank - Strings, Big O Notation, and more!
  3561. 93%The 2 MediatR features people don't know about but should
  3562. 99%Shared Database between Services? Maybe!
  3563. 94%LB Labs: Solving The Pull Request Problem w/ Continuous Merge
  3564. 96%You want to use Kafka? Or do you really need a Queue?
  3565. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3566. 98%GitHub - jfversluis/learn-dotnet-maui: A repository filled with resources available to you to start learning or deepen your knowledge about .NET MAUI
  3567. 98%If VS Code Could Talk #shorts #vscode #webdevelopment
  3568. 93%Stop using the HttpClient the wrong way in .NET
  3569. 99%A New Way to Create Time Restricted Endpoints in .NET
  3570. 65%Live System Design: Payments Gateway
  3571. 99%EF Core Performance - How to Optimize Database Updates?
  3572. 97%Webinar ".NET GC for absolute beginners"
  3573. 99%Algorithms you should know before you take system design interviews
  3574. 97%Episode 434 - Azure Traffic Manager
  3575. 96%Yes, the World is Burning, but There’s Reasons for Optimism
  3576. 88%Developer Interview Gone Wrong! #shorts #webdevelopment #programminghumour
  3577. 78%Build a Pokemon Memory Match Game with Vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  3578. 93%The 2 C# 8 features that are too confusing to use
  3579. 96%Azure Messaging Services: Why, When, & How? - PHINUG Online Dev Sessions 2022.08
  3580. 99%GitHub - ange-yaghi/engine-sim: Combustion engine simulator that generates realistic audio.
  3581. 99%Workflow Orchestration for Building Resilient Software Systems
  3582. 90%NUMBER ONE VS Code Shortcut #shorts
  3583. 96%Just store UTC? Handling Time Zones & Daylight Saving
  3584. 93%NVIDIA Special Address at SIGGRAPH 2022
  3585. 98%The OkSo Drawing App is Launched | Trekhleb
  3586. 96%Companies of One Need Flywheels
  3587. 94%Playing With Wikis
  3588. 59%JavaScript Callbacks Explained in 5 Minutes (Essential for asynchronous code!)
  3589. 96%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3590. 88%More Productive at a Coffee Shop?! #shorts #wfh
  3591. 94%Stop returning null collections in your code #shorts
  3592. 97%TikTok: Life on the Algorithm
  3593. 96%How does PLONK work? Part 1: What's PLONK?
  3594. 98%Intro to Graphics 06 - 3D Transformations
  3595. 88%Do You Know These HTTP Status Codes? #shorts #webdevelopment
  3596. 98%This security guru is banishing spammers to a hilarious 'password purgatory'
  3597. 97%Getting Started with Selenium - C# Example - New
  3598. 94%When programming blogs are designed to be harmful
  3599. 88%#16: The case of fake IMDb credits
  3600. 91%Jigzilla: the puzzle solving robot (part 1)
  3601. 98%Intro to Graphics 05 - 2D Transformations
  3602. 89%An intro to Open Telemetry in .NET - James World
  3603. 96%Simulating an Entire Car Engine (yes, it makes noise)
  3604. 87%How To Combine Video Game Genres
  3605. 91%GitHub - stemrollerapp/stemroller: Isolate vocals, drums, bass, and other instrumental stems from any song
  3606. 68%Weekly Update 307
  3607. 98%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - CRUD operations with ASP.NET MVC - Part 2
  3608. 98%Jigzilla: the puzzle solving robot (part 1)
  3609. 89%Let's Code a Clock in C++ - Almost Live Edition
  3610. 87%How To Combine Video Game Genres
  3611. 88%Improve this JavaScript function #shorts
  3612. 94%.NET Foundation - Invidious
  3613. 94%.NET Foundation - CloudTube
  3614. 98%An intro to Open Telemetry in .NET - James World
  3615. 97%#309 – John Carmack: Doom, Quake, VR, AGI, Programming, Video Games, and Rockets | Lex Fridman Podcast
  3616. 99%.NET Data Community Standup - Intercept this EF7 Preview 6 Event
  3617. 99%.NET Data Community Standup - DbContext Configuration and Lifetime - EF Core Architecture Part 2
  3618. 88%What’s wrong with this code? #shorts
  3619. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup (August 2022)
  3620. 94%Making your async code thread safe | .NET Tips 3 #shorts
  3621. 94%Write cleaner Minimal APIs with MediatR in .NET 7
  3622. 94%.NET Foundation - Invidious
  3623. 97%Matt Warren - Performance in the .NET Runtime - NDC London 2022
  3624. 50%Live: AWS Multi-Account Structure Design
  3625. 99%Distributed Tracing to discover a Distributed BIG BALL of MUD
  3626. 95%Productivity Porn - Caleb Schoepp
  3627. 97%.NET Data Community Standup - CoreWCF: Roadmap and Q&A
  3628. 99%Generate Array of Random AND unique Numbers in JavaScript #shorts
  3629. 99%STOP Over Engineering Software. Focus on what matters!
  3630. 94%.NET Foundation - Invidious
  3631. 94%.NET Foundation - Invidious
  3632. 94%.NET Foundation - Invidious
  3633. 94%.NET Foundation - Invidious
  3634. 94%.NET Foundation - Invidious
  3635. 98%An intro to Open Telemetry in .NET - James World
  3636. 97%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Logging, Testing, and Filters in ASP.NET Core
  3637. 57%RAM and bus timing — 6502 part 6
  3638. 55%What is a stack and how does it work? — 6502 part 5
  3639. 91%Jigzilla: the automatic puzzle solving machine (part 1)
  3640. 84%Career Progression in Tech
  3641. 94%What is Snapshot testing and why it's my go-to in .NET
  3642. 99%just-enough-series/courses/git at master · abduvik/just-enough-series
  3643. 92%The case against woke culture | Brian Armstrong and Lex Fridman
  3644. 69%[CPS1]Final Fight Arcade Hardest-Mike Haggar No Weapons No Death All
  3645. 70%Pagefind is quite a find for site search | BryceWray.com
  3646. 60%Residents of Mariupol: The Azov militants deserve execution
  3647. 68%RotoRaptor on TikTok
  3648. 72%The Best iPhone — Notes
  3649. 99%Episode 432 - App Config Service
  3650. 90%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3651. 83%Let's Learn .NET - Blazor Hybrid
  3652. 67%How to test "untestable" code in .NET
  3653. 99%Let's Learn .NET - Blazor Hybrid - July 28th 2022 - Free Live Stream Event
  3654. 88%liam_on_linux | Everyone seems to forget why GNOME and GNOME 3 and Unity happened
  3655. 98%Fintech Mindset to Software Design
  3656. 93%New Video: Coding Shorts - Response Caching in ASP.NET Core
  3657. 70%Tuesday
  3658. 51%Outbox meets change data capture - hooking into the Write-Ahead Log (feat. .NET, PostgreSQL & Kafka)
  3659. 97%.NET DC August: Event Sourcing with Marten and Postgresql
  3660. 60%Is Async Programming (Async/Await) Scalable?
  3661. 99%Exploring Multi-Windows in .NET MAUI
  3662. 90%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3663. 69%Becoming a Full-Time Creator as a Software Engineer: Controversial Advice
  3664. 99%How to set up OpenTelemetry Collector on Kubernetes
  3665. 67%Are you rethrowing your exceptions correctly in C#? | .NET Tips 2 #shorts
  3666. 99%Accessing Platform Features in .NET MAUI [7 of 8] | .NET MAUI for Beginners
  3667. 89%The Three Uses of Contrastive Learning
  3668. 75%Solving a Problem People Don’t Want Solved
  3669. 78%Twitter data breach exposes contact details for 5.4M accounts; on sale for $30k
  3670. 99%GitHub - SadeghHayeri/GreenTunnel: GreenTunnel is an anti-censorship utility designed to bypass the DPI system that is put in place by various ISPs to block access to certain websites.
  3671. 87%Please stop trying to be helpful – Cliffski's Blog
  3672. 96%How to advertise to developers: deep dive into paid developer marketing
  3673. 96%Event Carried State Transfer: Keep a local cache!
  3674. 87%My Hyte y60 (white) build. Thanks for looking!
  3675. 85%The Dangers of Shipping at All Costs w/ CEO & Cofounder of 33 Teams, Drew McManus
  3676. 54%Join us for the DNF Summit
  3677. 98%Webinar: Pragmatic Event Sourcing in .NET With Marten | The .NET Tools Blog
  3678. 82%The NEW caching that you should be using in .NET 7
  3679. 95%Coding Shorts: ASP.NET Core Middleware Explained
  3680. 82%How Can a 10 Second Video Take All Day?
  3681. 91%Scratch is a big deal
  3682. 81%10% of the Top 1 Million Sites are Dead
  3683. 92%Next.Js Adventures: How a Couple Of Embedded YouTube Videos Screwed My Performance Scores - Stream - BuhalBu.com
  3684. 82%How I went about learning Rust
  3685. 92%Episode 431 - Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  3686. 98%Contact - La Poste Mobile
  3687. 98%How to be an Architect?
  3688. 96%How "let it fail" leads to simpler code - Yiming Chen
  3689. 94%SOLID? Nope, just Coupling and Cohesion
  3690. 95%Command Line Support for Marten Projections
  3691. 96%ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor: Flavors of State Management with Blazor WebAssembly
  3692. 86%Navigating Between Pages in .NET MAUI [6 of 8] | .NET MAUI for Beginners
  3693. 78%Alan Howard-Backed Cryptography Investor Geometry Emerges From Stealth
  3694. 99%How to Build a REST API | Developer Roadmap .NET 6 Rest API | Pt. 7
  3695. 95%Roundup of .NET MAUI Videos - Week of June 20, 2022
  3696. 71%Introducing: the ZK Whiteboard Sessions! - ZK Podcast
  3697. 99%Blocking or Non-Blocking API calls?
  3698. 88%Web3, why? – Gautam Dhameja
  3699. 96%30DaysOfLearning: Machine Learning Summary
  3700. 56%Coding Shorts: Nested Routing in Vue.js
  3701. 95%The PeerTube instance tube.hamnet.io on HAMNET
  3702. 99%GitHub - MeViMo/youbit: Using YouTube as a free file hosting service
  3703. 97%Tiny Core Linux 13.0 is a full Linux desktop in 22 MB #Linux
  3704. 74%Boost productivity with 'Solution Summary' cards - Simple Talk
  3705. 89%Web3: What they are not telling you! – Gautam Dhameja
  3706. 72%Funding OSS maintainers like YouTube funds creators
  3707. 94%RSS/Atom, Emacs and elfeed - blog.dornea.nu
  3708. 79%I'm So Happy I Quit My Dream Job
  3709. 84%Video Content Round Up: June 2022
  3710. 97%Armchair Architects: Using Chaos Engineering to plan for specific failure conditions
  3711. 98%Avoiding Batch Jobs by a message in the FUTURE
  3712. 95%Investigating Intel's CPU Socket Problems | Thermal Grizzly Contact Frame Benchmark
  3713. 91%The Realities of Life
  3714. 98%Episode 428 - Java and Spring Apps
  3715. 87%Martin's Giant Hike
  3716. 96%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3717. 97%Sidecar Pattern for Abstracting Common Concerns
  3718. 93%StackExchange.Redis/toys at main · StackExchange/StackExchange.Redis
  3719. 81%Episode 427 - SONiC
  3720. 93%Scheduling repeating tasks with .NET 6’s NEW Timer
  3721. 81%Classic Offensive
  3722. 79%Classic Offensive
  3723. 71%#165 Mads Torgersen, ADHD | no dogma podcast
  3724. 95%Recut - Remove Silence From Your Videos Automatically
  3725. 82%It Happened One Frame: incredibly accurate video content search with OpenAI CLIP
  3726. 99%Event Sourcing Tips: Do's and Don'ts
  3727. 96%You can code
  3728. 80%Coinbase Lays Off Around 1,100 Employees
  3729. 98%RSS and Atom for digital minimalists - blog.dornea.nu
  3730. 99%Ubiquiti Insider: UniFi Dream Router | UniFi Network 7.1 | UNVR Stacking [May 2022]
  3731. 60%Why Software Engineers like Woodworking
  3732. 87%Support Survivors of Trafficking
  3733. 88%Weekly Update 299
  3734. 87%I refuse to display meta data for other platforms
  3735. 83%Your content & Restricted Mode
  3736. 97%.NET DC June: Jon Galloway Presents "What’s new in ASP.NET Core with .NET 6 & 7", Tue, Jun 21, 2022, 6:00 PM | Meetup
  3737. 97%Webinar: Diving Into Unity – A Quick Start for C# Developers | The .NET Tools Blog
  3738. 96%Avoiding a QUEUE Backlog Disaster with Backpressure & Flow Control
  3739. 87%‎NDC Conf
  3740. 96%WebAssembly Landscape 2022
  3741. 84%Why 95% of Australia is Empty
  3742. 73%.NET MAUI for Beginners
  3743. 97%Orhun's Blog
  3744. 59%Weekly Update 298
  3745. 95%Microsoft Build – Join us May 24-26 2022
  3746. 99%Is an ANEMIC Domain Model really that BAD?
  3747. 89%Gmail accepts forged YouTube emails
  3748. 98%Monsters Weekly 252 - Building a WebComponent
  3749. 96%Build Announcements: SQL Server 2022 public preview and Azure SQL updates | Data Exposed
  3750. 74%VideoMentions
  3751. 98%Message Ordering in Pub/Sub or Queues
  3752. 89%The Man Who Revolutionized Computer Science With Math
  3753. 99%GitHub - dzhang314/YouTubeDrive: Store files as YouTube videos == infinite disk space
  3754. 87%Brave joins Mozilla in declaring Google's First-Party Sets feature harmful to privacy - gHacks Tech News
  3755. 85%Fight for Your Right to Privacy — the Troy Hunt’s YouTube Takeover | NordVPN
  3756. 96%Videogrep Tutorial
  3757. 75%#shorts VR shoes update - new designs, including an omni treadmill design
  3758. 98%12 VR Locomotion Solutions/Concepts You Probably Haven't Heard Of
  3759. 94%Building my first mechanical keyboard
  3760. 83%Weekly Update 296
  3761. 94%Weekly Update 296
  3762. 61%Here Comes Another Bubble v1.1 - The Richter Scales
  3763. 86%Duck Chess
  3764. 84%The Petabyte Pi Project | Jeff Geerling
  3765. 85%I'm an addict
  3766. 98%Commands & Events: What's the difference?
  3767. 85%Pegasus Mail Newsflashes
  3768. 97%Babylon.js 5.0: Key Engine Advancements – Part 3
  3769. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Get Started with ASP.NET Core MVC
  3770. 99%Episode 424 - Landing Zone Accelerator for API Management
  3771. 60%R. Kelly is not a pedophile (technically speaking)
  3772. 68%Data As Music
  3773. 98%Portal Demake for Nintendo 64: Portal Gun
  3774. 70%McConnell and fellow GOP senators visit Zelenskyy in Ukraine
  3775. 98%Amazon SQS For the .NET Developer: How to Easily Get Started | Rahul Nath
  3776. 98%Weekly Update 295
  3777. 95%World's Best FPV Drone Shot? (Extreme Mountain Biking)
  3778. 98%Microservices gets it WRONG defining Service Boundaries
  3779. 65%Thanks red badge & lock screen banner, but it's time I tried to stay up to date all by myself
  3780. 88%.NET Foundation - Invidious
  3781. 82%Webinar – OSS Power-Ups: Serilog | The .NET Tools Blog
  3782. 97%London NDC Talk about TailwindCSS
  3783. 94%Found It! The .NET Developer's Guide to AWS Documentation
  3784. 57%tmux fzf session jumper | Waylon Walker
  3785. 79%Too Much of a Good Thing
  3786. 75%Why do you need (my) Instagram?
  3787. 95%Real-World Event Driven Architecture! 4 Practical Examples
  3788. 82%Starlink Roaming makes mobile usage possible
  3789. 97%What are your Most Used Self Hosted Applications?
  3790. 93%Coding Shorts: Speeding Up the Editor in Visual Studio 2022
  3791. 93%Anjan's Homepage
  3792. 84%My experience getting a tech job with no degree or relevant work experience
  3793. 84%#Mina protocol #mina #zk
  3794. 98%Installing mailbox sensor with Home Assistant
  3795. 94%Web Scraping via Javascript Runtime Heap Snapshots - Adrian Cooney's Blog
  3796. 84%Simple Web Interactivity with Alpine.js
  3797. 93%Webinar – Using the BFF pattern to secure SPA and Blazor Applications | The .NET Tools Blog
  3798. 75%twitter/the-algorithm
  3799. 90%Visual Studio Container integration - Redis cache
  3800. 99%Episode 421 - Project Flash
  3801. 95%With Microsoft OpenJDK Build, Azure App Service Adds Java 17 and Tomcat 10.0 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3802. 90%Everything (maybe too much) about Stackalloc, Tue, Apr 26, 2022, 6:00 PM | Meetup
  3803. 65%Rockin’ The Code World with dotNetDave – Guest: Mika Dumont
  3804. 97%ADVICE to my younger self as a Software Developer
  3805. 90%SPAs in ASP.NET Core - Another Attempt
  3806. 67%Police Interrogations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
  3807. 94%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3808. 98%Make self hosted compiler capable of building itself by Vexu · Pull Request #11442 · ziglang/zig
  3809. 60%DuckDuckGo Removes Pirate Sites and YouTube-DL from Its Search Results * TorrentFreak
  3810. 89%Davy Wybiral's Profile | SpaceHey
  3811. 95%GitHub - LuanRT/YouTube.js: 🎥 full-featured wrapper around YouTube's private API
  3812. 99%Episode 420 - Infrastructure as Code
  3813. 98%DJI AIR 2S Beginners Guide - Start Here
  3814. 99%Asynchronous Request-Response Pattern for Non-Blocking Workflows
  3815. 99%Announcing Entity Framework Core 7 (EF7) Preview 3
  3816. 96%Watch People Doing the Thing
  3817. 97%Dmitry Vyukov — Go scheduler: Implementing language with lightweight concurrency
  3818. 98%Automate Public Certificate Lifecycle Management via ACME Client API | Google Cloud Blog
  3819. 89%Webinar: Phone Calls with .NET and Twilio | The .NET Tools Blog
  3820. 99%The Mystery Of MacBook Speakers
  3821. 91%Site Reliability Engineering – Embracing Risk
  3822. 87%S4 - Super Simple Storage Service
  3823. 59%Sponsors and Dirty Money
  3824. 75%Shanghai Residents Struggle With Strict 'Zero-COVID' Policy
  3825. 92%Webinar – OSS Power-Ups: QuestPDF | The .NET Tools Blog
  3826. 98%Anti-corruption Layer for mapping between Boundaries
  3827. 99%CoreWCF - What's new and what's next
  3828. 90%The devil is in the details…
  3829. 63%Things that help me focus
  3830. 85%Searching YouTube Watch History by Transcripts
  3831. 95%How I Teach Myself to Code
  3832. 76%I’m a Spanner
  3833. 88%Chris Mccormick - YouTube Cancelled My Nextcloud How-to Video
  3834. 77%Support Ukraine 💛💙 Ukrainian Borscht | Ievgen Klopotenko
  3835. 99%Episode 418 - Azure Marketplace
  3836. 97%Episode 34: Geeking out on .NET with Nick Chapsas
  3837. 96%Open-source .NET MAUI Workshop - Multi-platform apps with C#
  3838. 75% How to generate tons of Blog ideas using Artificial Intelligence
  3839. 93%Self Learning and Personal Projects
  3840. 99%Avoiding Distributed Transactions with the Reservation Pattern
  3841. 98%Introducing the .NET Community Toolkit - MVVM, Performance, Diagnostics, & More
  3842. 97%Upcoming events for March 2022
  3843. 92%Présidentielle 2022 : le nucléaire est-il dangereux ?
  3844. 98%New Maintainers Video: Mattias Karlsson
  3845. 97%GitHub - nonamecoder/CVE-2022-27254: PoC for vulnerability in Honda's Remote Keyless System(CVE-2022-27254)
  3846. 97%ImageSharp 2.0.0: The Feature-Packed Release
  3847. 98%Episode 417 - App Service Diagnostics
  3848. 81%The Projects That Matter The Most To Me Are Small
  3849. 99%Building a Webhooks System
  3850. 63%Why You Should Start Self Hosting
  3851. 80%I won an award from the FSF for my contributions to Emacs
  3852. 91%How did C# and .NET get so insanely fast? #Shorts
  3853. 98%Verified Accounts Secured with 2FA for Some High-Demand Products
  3854. 79%James Stanley - Librem 5: first impressions
  3855. 76%New Video: An Early Look at C# 11
  3856. 94%Tracking PDF forms as plain text
  3857. 97%Gotchas! in Event Driven Architecture
  3858. 85%Watching Videos With Mahmood Hikmet
  3859. 95%GoldenEye 007 (Children of Doom 1997)
  3860. 99%C++ OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial 5: Animations
  3861. 94%GitHub - dotnet-foundation/content: Repo for submitting content for social amplification as well as content creation (i.e. blog, website, social)
  3862. 98%Search results – Add-ons for Firefox (en-US)
  3863. 76%Weekly Update 286
  3864. 98%The evolution of Properties in C# from version 1 to 10
  3865. 98%Domain Logic: Where does it go?
  3866. 62%How I treat my urge to hoard data
  3867. 95%Episode 415 - International Women's Day Special with Kathleen Mitford
  3869. 72%Retrieving your browsing history through a CAPTCHA
  3870. 89%'Speak directly!': Putin has tense exchange with his chief spy
  3871. 98%[stream] USB: Reverse Engineering and Writing Drivers
  3872. 61%Google Slides is Actually Hilarious
  3873. 58%.NET Frontend Days 2022 recordings
  3874. 97%Eventual Consistency is a UX Nightmare
  3875. 94%No Idea Blog
  3876. 98%Episode 413 - Thinking Cloud Native
  3877. 69%Weekly Update 284
  3878. 78%Why is Ukraine the West's Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer
  3879. 99%App Configuration Settings in .NET MAUI (appsettings.json)
  3880. 92%Russia-Ukraine crisis: Did US ever think about consequences of pushing a big country to the wall?
  3881. 98%A new way to build CLEAN and FAST APIs in .NET
  3882. 91%NewPipe - a free YouTube client
  3883. 93%JoinPeerTube
  3884. 97%Semantic Versioning is overrated
  3885. 94%Benchmarking ASP.NET Applications with .NET Crank
  3886. 98%SPAs were a mistake
  3887. 99%Anti-corruption Layer for communication between Boundaries
  3888. 50%Messaging Malware Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group Honors Troy Hunt of Have I Been Pwned with Mary Litynski Award
  3889. 96%My 10 Favorite Countries (After Visiting Them All)
  3890. 54%I have no capslock and I must scream [ 2022-02-21 ]
  3891. 63%I took a work call at the tailgate #ravens
  3892. 99%.NET Frontend Day 2022: Xamarin & MAUI Recap
  3893. 77%Spam Accounts in 2022
  3894. 97%Announcing Entity Framework 7 Preview 1
  3895. 97%Should you use Domain Driven Design?
  3896. 96%How I research any topic
  3897. 81%Zeus & Hera | BMW USA (Official Video)
  3898. 98%.NET Framework January 2022 Cumulative Update Preview
  3899. 72%Piped
  3900. 75%#CBJAM 22 Recap
  3901. 88%Piped
  3902. 88%Weekly Update 282
  3903. 98%Coupling & Cohesion #shorts
  3904. 74%Abort, Retry, Fail! WTF do they mean?
  3905. 97%My Django Journey - Caleb Cheptumo
  3906. 61%Why did Mark Hamill say this?
  3907. 92%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Blazor Components, Layout, and Style
  3908. 61%JavaScript Closures in FIVE Minutes
  3909. 95%Stop using IDs that don’t mean anything in .NET
  3910. 90%How Postgres Stores Rows
  3911. 60%Piped
  3912. 72%Piped
  3913. 82%C# Yield Return: What is it and how does it work?
  3914. 69%Donna Missal "Iris" Goo Goo Dolls Cover | GRAMMY ReImagined
  3915. 99%CRUD API + Complexity = Death by a 1000 Papercuts
  3916. 72%Piped
  3917. 99%.NET Data Community Standup - Software version and "stuff"
  3918. 99%Building a Webhooks system driven by Events
  3919. 82%Windows Wednesday - Let's talk Windows Package Manager
  3920. 60%Counting to 10 in binary.
  3921. 84%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3922. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor .NET 7 Roadmap
  3923. 98%Finding over 6,000 credentials in Twitch's source code - How our source code is a vulnerability
  3924. 99%.NET Internet of Things
  3925. 92%We need more single purpose devices (and why your phone sucks)
  3926. 82%What are the major highlights in .NET 6?
  3927. 65%Cloud enabled Commodore 64
  3928. 98%Another 5 .NET projects that deserve more attention
  3929. 84%My Seatbelt Rule for Judgment
  3930. 61%About Cleo & Me
  3931. 99%Microservices Made Easy!
  3932. 78%Back to Old School: Commodore PET
  3933. 77%Weekly Update 281
  3934. 77%Weekly Update 281
  3935. 98%Solution to a problem you shouldn't have! #shorts
  3936. 85%Apple will charge 27% commission for app purchases made using alternative payment systems in the Netherlands
  3937. 99%Piped
  3938. 98%How to Build and Deliver Apps Fast and Scalable with Azure Container Apps
  3939. 96%Piped
  3940. 99%How to Build and Deliver Apps Fast and Scalable with Azure Container Apps
  3941. 61%3 Ways To Increase App Reliability With Polly - CodeWithStu
  3942. 95%Cache invalidation isn't a hard problem
  3943. 84%Procrastination by Reading
  3944. 98%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit - Monthly Standup (February 2022)
  3945. 99%What's new in .NET Interactive notebooks
  3946. 86%Serenity OS - CoRecursive Podcast
  3947. 90%Windows Wednesday - All about Windows Sysinternals
  3948. 87%Gotchas! in Event Driven Architecture - What you need to be aware of
  3949. 62%Visual Studio 2022 - with Kendra Havens
  3950. 93%West Wind WebSurge 2.0 is here
  3951. 96%Piped
  3952. 64%Meet the Women of .NET
  3953. 88%Join Us in Celebration as .NET Turns 20
  3954. 76%ASP.NET Community Standup - Sept 2nd, 2014 - Introduction to ASP.NET vNext, how and why?
  3955. 64%How do I customize the color of the Windows blue screen?
  3956. 95%EASILY Build Apps With Tailwind CSS Using Tailmars
  3957. 54%Meet the Women of .NET
  3958. 96%Create microservices with .NET and ASP.NET Core Ep1: Introduction to microservices with .NET
  3959. 94%Array or object JSON deserialization (feat. .NET & System.Text.Json)
  3960. 96%Azure DevOps Podcast: Bryan Costanich on .NET 6 IoT - Episode 177
  3961. 61%How CallerArgumentExpression changes the logging game in C# 10
  3962. 93%New Video: Coding Making Sense of reactive() and ref() in Vue.js
  3963. 56%Why Do I Look Like...This? The SexyCyborg Origin Story
  3964. 77%Penn Badgely Reacts to Laura Ingraham Being Confused About the Netflix Show ‘You’ I THR News
  3965. 55%Microsoft, Autism, and the 1990s: Dave and Joelle
  3966. 94%Connecting gadgets to Blazor
  3967. 83%Piped
  3968. 83%Trying to vlog #crypto #vlog #shorts
  3969. 99%Speed up your .NET app with the .NET memory profilers in Visual Studio 2022
  3970. 93%Be a Cognizant Software Developer #shorts
  3971. 56%January 7, 2021 - Building a PowerBI report, CSS Ribbon, and Azure functions
  3972. 56%January 10, 2021 - Tab-based notation with TAML, ServiceBus with KlipTok and MORE!
  3973. 98%Weekly Update 280
  3974. 99%Episode 409 - Azure Service Connector
  3975. 99%Practical tips to elevate your UX and accessibility
  3976. 95%Clean up your .NET Controllers with ApiEndpoints
  3977. 97%Event Sourcing vs Event Driven Architecture
  3978. 98%.NET Data Community Standup - Testing EF Core Apps
  3979. 72%Piped
  3980. 91%Bill Gates Answered my Email!! RE:Commodore Easter Egg!
  3981. 98%.NET Data Community Standup - Testing EF Core Apps
  3982. 87%Domain Logic: Where does it go?
  3983. 99%Fixing sync over async issues in .NET / C# with Visual Studio 2022
  3984. 95%Learning a New Stack
  3985. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Minimal API Deep Dive
  3986. 54%Google drops FLoC and proposes new Topics API for replacing third-party cookies used by ads
  3987. 56%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3988. 72%Piped
  3989. 89%Finding X | A Mathematical Short Film
  3990. 99%Speed up your .NET app with the CPU profilers with Visual Studio 2022
  3991. 86%Google is reportedly planning a next-gen Chromecast with Google TV
  3992. 56%Dockerize your Blazor App: Carl Franklin's Blazor Train Ep 68
  3993. 95%How slow is MediatR really?
  3994. 72%Piped
  3995. 94%Building A Production Ready Blazor WASM App
  3996. 97%Piped
  3997. 98%Piped
  3998. 65%Piped
  3999. 63%Piped
  4000. 56%Piped
  4001. 56%Piped
  4002. 78%How to Integrate Power BI Reporting into .NET apps
  4003. 95%Piped
  4004. 98%Microsoft decentralized identity hackathon
  4005. 87%There is NO single "Architecture". #shorts
  4006. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Upgrading to ASP.NET Core
  4007. 80%My First Three Months with a Nokia Dumb Phone as a Daily Driver
  4008. 96%So...TikTok Sucks
  4009. 95%EXPOSED: Bill Gates' Secret Easter Egg
  4010. 99%Welcome to MAUI Community Toolkit
  4011. 63%YouTube
  4012. 56%How C# 10 “fixed” string interpolation
  4013. 92%You Give REST a Bad Name
  4014. 89%David Wong
  4015. 89%David Wong
  4016. 99%Securing Sensitive Data in an Event Driven Architecture
  4017. 97%If I’m a beginner at .NET, what resources are available to me?
  4018. 99%Handling with Eventual Consistency with CQRS
  4019. 99%C# Language Highlights: Properties
  4020. 90%Computer Scientist Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty | WIRED
  4021. 97%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4022. 94%Hot Reload for ASP.NET Core Blazor in Visual Studio 2022
  4023. 99%Learn Live - Introduction to microservices with .NET
  4024. 56%Outbox meets change data capture (feat. .NET, PostgreSQL, Kafka and Debezium)
  4025. 95%My .NET backend developer roadmap for 2022
  4026. 57%Lenovo Vendor Locking Ryzen CPUs with AMD PSB the Video
  4027. 88%GitHub - rmcelreath/stat_rethinking_2022: Statistical Rethinking course winter 2022
  4028. 72%Yikes! Lenovo is vendor-locking AMD Ryzen CPUs via PSB
  4030. 94%Exploiting IndexedDB API information leaks in Safari 15
  4031. 95%Creating a private helm repository using Github Pages Enterprise
  4032. 90%My 2022 high-end Linux PC 🐧
  4033. 98%Building an AI Dog Poop Detector for my Backyard
  4034. 89%woob - Web Outside of Browsers
  4035. 99%Diagnostics and Observability of .NET Applications
  4036. 99%.NET Hot Reload for desktop & mobile with Visual Studio 2022
  4037. 98%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Build a Chatbot with .NET 6
  4038. 67%Ozzy Man Reviews: DJOKOVIC vs AUSTRALIA
  4039. 67%How assembly language loops work
  4040. 76%Charles Hoskinson on Some thoughts about the Mina Protocol Ouroboros+Snarks=22kb size
  4041. 74%Unicorns Kickin
  4042. 68%Unicorns Kickin
  4043. 67%Charles Hoskinson on Some thoughts about the Mina Protocol Ouroboros+Snarks=22kb size
  4044. 79%Weekly Update 278
  4045. 50%Music industry is suing youtube-dl hosters
  4046. 98%.NET MAUI Community Standup - Comet with Clancey
  4047. 97%High-performance logging in .NET, the proper way
  4048. 97%When NOT to write an Abstraction Layer
  4049. 94%Don’t Dunk the Gunk - Dhole Moments
  4050. 62%Bring More Power to your Web APIs with the Power Platform
  4051. 87%Semantic Versioning is overrated. Take ownership over dependencies.
  4052. 99%How To Host a .NET Application For FREE Using Heroku (without containers)
  4053. 67%Tips for working with debug symbols for .NET and C++ in Visual Studio 2022
  4054. 97%ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor WebAssembly on .NET 6
  4055. 92%Github Quick Reviews
  4056. 83%Is Google Search Deteriorating? Measuring Google's Search Quality in 2022
  4057. 85%2021's Biggest Breakthroughs In Space And Physics
  4058. 78%T-Mobile begins blocking iPhone users from enabling iCloud Private Relay in the US
  4059. 58%PC vs Mainframe: Which is FASTER?
  4060. 95%Sponsoring EVERY Open-Source project I made money from on GitHub
  4061. 99%ML.NET: Machine learning from data to production in less than 30 minutes
  4062. 67%Extending the AWS SDK for .NET - CodeWithStu
  4063. 99%Extending the AWS SDK for .Net
  4064. 94%Build cross-platform native apps with .NET MAUI and Blazor
  4065. 93%Software Design Principles aren't Rules #shorts
  4066. 59%Weekly Update 277
  4067. 97%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit - Monthly Standup (January 2022)
  4068. 61%DON'T Use SvelteKit Without This VS Code Extension!
  4069. 95%You are doing .NET logging wrong. Let's fix it
  4070. 54%Cookies: the CNIL fines GOOGLE a total of 150 million euros and FACEBOOK 60 million euros for non-compliance with French legislation
  4071. 99%CQRS & Event Sourcing Code Walk-Through
  4072. 99%Do you need Domain Driven Design?
  4073. 93%Getting Started with Unit Testing in Visual Studio 2022 - nUnit
  4074. 84%New Rant: On Revaluating Tech We Hate
  4075. 94%GitHub - dotnet-foundation/content: Repo for submitting content for social amplification as well as content creation (i.e. blog, website, social)
  4076. 56%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4077. 74%Build a Dynamic Course Landing Page with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and DatoCMS
  4078. 82%Imperative vs Declarative Programming
  4079. 99%Building IsChristmasTree with CustomVision.ai
  4080. 94%Blazor WebAssembly AOT on Azure Static Web Apps in .NET 6
  4081. 56%What is Microsoft Learn?
  4082. 91%The .NET Docs Show - This is Game Dev 🎮 with .NET
  4083. 95%How Tye makes building microservices a joke
  4084. 66%How I built a WFH Shed
  4085. 94%6 ways to get started with .NET 6 and App Service
  4086. 69%My 2021 in Review as a Flutter Content Creator
  4087. 56%Intellectual Loneliness - David Perell
  4089. 73%GitHub - fikrikarim/companies-with-successful-pivot: List of startups/companies that had successful pivots
  4090. 94%Next-generation Blazor components with .NET 6
  4091. 56%Switch Between Blazor WebAssembly & Server Project with Authentication
  4092. 56%Weekly Update 276
  4093. 87%A Culture Problem in Arch Linux
  4094. 56%Minimal APIs in .NET 6
  4095. 56%What are record types in C# and how they ACTUALLY work
  4096. 56%CRUD API + Complexity = Death by a 1000 Papercuts
  4097. 94%Optimize Blazor WebAssembly apps with AOT Compilation
  4098. 56%The Existential Horror Of Living In The Marvel Universe - SOME MARVEL NEWS
  4099. 69%DJI Mavic 3 First Flight - Over Dave's Garage (Snowy Lake)
  4100. 95%How to deploy .NET apps to Kubernetes
  4101. 72%James Webb Space Telescope Launch — Official NASA Broadcast
  4102. 91%Animation: The James Webb Space Telescope's Orbit
  4103. 56%REVEALED: The Legend of the 10MB Commodore D9090!
  4104. 77%CRUD isn't for Complexity #shorts
  4105. 99%What's new in C# 10
  4106. 72%Weekly Update 275
  4107. 95%Cleaner C# code with "smart" using statements
  4108. 90%.NET Conf - Bhubaneswar
  4109. 94%Enterprise-grade Blazor apps with .NET 6
  4110. 98%.NET MAUI Community Standup - .NET Conf Recap and .NET MAUI Updates
  4111. 87%Cache invalidation isn't a hard problem
  4112. 95%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Entity Framework and Database Design
  4113. 98%The EASIEST Way to Convert to ES6 Template Literal Strings in VS Code
  4114. 92%Learn Live - Create a web API with ASP.NET Core
  4115. 96%New Coding Shorts: Angular Template Forms and Vite Builds
  4116. 61%What’s new in Visual Studio 2022 for testing
  4117. 57%Cheap Ebay Welder -- WILL IT TIG?!
  4118. 66%Self arrest on the Slippery Slope of Addiction
  4119. 67%In 2021, the Internet went for TikTok, space and beyond
  4120. 99%How to create your own .NET CLI tools to make your life easier
  4121. 94%Machine Learning for .NET developers
  4122. 91%Move myself to inactive · ytdl-org/youtube-dl@21b7590
  4123. 73%Find Your Purpose- Kettlebell Commercial
  4124. 93%Build a Password Generator Function with Vanilla JavaScript (Advent of JS Challenge)
  4125. 89%Windows Wednesday
  4126. 73%I bought 1000 meters of wire to settle a physics debate
  4127. 87%You own your dependencies. Period.
  4128. 85%Release youtube-dl 2021.12.17 · ytdl-org/youtube-dl
  4129. 98%Blame Me: The Windows Progress Dialog!
  4130. 98%On .NET Episode: Getting started with Azure Static Web Apps
  4131. 89%Razor Pages for ASP.NET Core - Full Course (.NET 6)
  4132. 90%Disney•Pixar’s Dug the Talking Dog In Real Life | Oh My Disney IRL
  4133. 93%We’re upgrading Visual Studio’s feedback! 
  4134. 60%Weekly Update 274
  4135. 99%What happens if you put your head in a particle accelerator?
  4136. 61%This Is The WORST VS Code Theme EVER!!
  4137. 60%How type deconstruction keeps your C# code clean
  4138. 99%Optimistic Concurrency in an HTTP API with ETags & Hypermedia
  4139. 94%Research Notes on Humanoid Robots
  4140. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit C# Markup Extensions
  4141. 99%Cloud Native Objects for High Scale & Performance
  4142. 61%CHUNGUS 2 - A very powerful 1Hz Minecraft CPU
  4143. 93%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4144. 67%The Smart Home Remote I Wish You Could Use
  4145. 56%Week 49, 2021
  4146. 99%Learn Live - Build your first microservice with .NET
  4147. 99%The .NET Docs Show - Migrations to .NET MAUI 🏄🏽‍♀️
  4148. 94%Full-stack .NET with Blazor WebAssembly and Azure Static Web Apps
  4149. 93%DEMO: Multiple ESP32s Rocking Out! (SHORT)
  4150. 99%How "out" works in C# and why "in" can make or break your performance
  4151. 60%Talking with a legend – interview with Anders Hejlsberg
  4152. 97%Add a README to your NuGet package with Visual Studio
  4153. 96%The new Firefox 95 might be the most secure web browser on the market
  4154. 60%YouTube
  4155. 76%GopherCon 2021 - Day 2
  4156. 92%A Tiny ESP32 Spectrum Analyzer... and much more!
  4157. 71%on building with a squad
  4158. 82%December 10, 2021
  4159. 98%How many lines of code you need for a C# app? | One Dev Question
  4160. 77%Weekly Update 273
  4161. 53%Behold! The Sights and Sounds of a Mighty 10 Megabyte (yes, 10M) Hard Drive!
  4162. 90%Why aspect-oriented programming in C# is pointless
  4163. 98%Long live the Monolith! Monolithic Architecture != Big Ball of Mud
  4164. 88%How to Spend Less Time on YouTube - Self control for addiction
  4165. 98%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - C# for Beginners - Projects, Solutions and Unit Testing
  4166. 99%Don't Let the Internet Dupe You, that's NOT Event Sourcing
  4167. 87%.NET Conf Local 2021
  4168. 67%Blazor - Extension Method for ServiceCollection - EP38
  4169. 72%Pair Programming with Microsoft's Damian Edwards - Retrieving and parsing JSON with .NET 6
  4170. 99%C# in 100 Seconds
  4171. 60%Checking out NDepend, a static code analysis tool for .NET
  4172. 98%ASP.NET Community Standup - Scaling ASP.NET Core apps with Orleans
  4173. 60%Setting a Video Game World Record - EXTREME Tempest!
  4174. 97%A hands-on look at JetBrains Fleet, the VS Code competitor
  4175. 90%Learn Live - Publish a Blazor WebAssembly app and .NET API with Azure Static Web Apps
  4176. 50%Why Does This $10,000 Gucci Xbox Exist?
  4177. 60%.NET MAUI Blazor - Build Hybrid Mobile, Desktop, and Web apps
  4178. 67%The IMPOSSIBLE skilift that actually exists
  4179. 60%Designing AI for Killer Instinct
  4180. 94%Upgrading from .NET Framework to .NET 6
  4181. 63%YouTube
  4182. 88%Create a web UI with ASP.NET Core
  4183. 61%YouTube is Auto-Deleting 100% of my Comments @YouTube #YouTube
  4184. 67%COMP4300 - Game Programming - Lecture 01 - Course Introduction
  4185. 99%The .NET Docs Show - Hot 🔥 .NET 6 bits
  4186. 94%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - C# 9 and 10 for Beginners
  4187. 87%Semantic Diffusion #shorts
  4188. 61%Thumby: The Worlds Tiniest Game System
  4189. 98%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit, Monthly Standup (December)
  4190. 98%Introducing the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit
  4191. 61%My Number 1 Tip For Getting Better at JavaScript
  4192. 95%How to write "smarter" enums in C#
  4193. 67%EXPOSED: The Windows Rootkit Scandal by Sony
  4194. 59%how i got my job at microsoft | story time
  4195. 99%Should you use the Repository Pattern? With CQRS, Yes and No!
  4196. 82%Supersonic Projectile Exceeds Engineers Dreams: The Supersonic Trebuchet
  4197. 62%.NET Everywhere - Windows, Linux, and Beyond
  4198. 67%July 5, 2020 - Hat AI Lightning Round with !hat, !trainhat, and FaunaDb. Open Source C# with !coffe
  4199. 94%MySQL + EF Core 6 + ASP.NET Core Web API 6 + CRUD + Load Related Data + Views + Stored Procedures
  4200. 88%FREE JavaScript practice with Advent of JS
  4201. 94%A Nightscout Segment for OhMyPosh shows my realtime Blood Sugar readings in my Git Prompt
  4202. 88%July 2, 2020 - New Look, Behind the Scenes Stream Setup, Blazor, and .NET 5
  4203. 72%December 15, 2020 - Privacy policy, opt-in, and Blazor!
  4204. 90%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4205. 86%How can I build a native app as a web developer with Blazor? | One Dev Question
  4206. 61%Intro to Graphics 25 - Simulation in Graphics
  4207. 88%What is Developer Advocacy and How To Get Started with Francesco Ciulla
  4208. 74%WebGL Water
  4209. 91%How to obfuscate your .NET app and why it's pointless
  4210. 99%Introduction to .NET MAUI
  4211. 81%COMP3200 - Intro to Artificial Intelligence - Lecture 01 - Course Intro + What is AI?
  4212. 97%Microsoft’s CEO on the Metaverse and Flexible Work
  4213. 89%Cloud Advocate in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  4214. 93%Intro to Graphics 24 - Physics Based Animation
  4215. 61%The New Web Forms Designer in Visual Studio 2022
  4216. 98%params in C# is awesome but there is a catch
  4217. 88%#50 Mina: Use Cases for Snapps & Snarketplace Dynamics
  4218. 96%Should you publish Domain Events or Integration Events?
  4219. 97%From Edge 96 onwards local files can get edited in Visual Studio Code and DevTools changes sync live
  4220. 94%.NET6 : ASP.NET Core Web API & Blazor WASM - Program.cs Changes
  4221. 87%When NOT to write an Abstraction Layer
  4222. 95%The Great Internet Mystery - Cicada 3301 by Dave Plummer
  4223. 52%Nintendo Switch OLED - Unboxing, Setup, Gameplay, First Impressions
  4224. 99%Blazor Hot Reload in .NET 6
  4225. 96%Entity Framework Community Standup - Hot Chocolate 12 and GraphQL 2021
  4226. 96%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4227. 99%Who is using .NET? | One Dev Question
  4228. 97%So GitHub Copilot can suggest secret keys, but it's not that bad
  4229. 98%GitHub - zademn/EverythingCrypto: (Still exploring) My cryptography journey: A collection of notebooks covering different algorithms and concepts from cryptography
  4230. 99%Testing tools for .NET and cross-platform apps
  4231. 97%Intro to Graphics 23 - Computer Animation
  4232. 92%Making Your Projects Move: Jeremy Fielding To Deliver Remoticon Keynote
  4233. 80%How does .NET MAUI make you super productive building apps? | One Dev Question
  4234. 88%First look at the Original Prusa XL
  4235. 76%NEW! Arduino C/C++ Source Level Debugging for the ESP32
  4236. 93%Weekly Update 270
  4237. 99%What is new in F#? | One Dev Question
  4238. 98%Standing Desks Are AMAZING (Check Out our New Flexispot Desk!)
  4239. 99%Liquid Cooling Takes Over at SC21
  4240. 99%What's the Cost of Indirection & Abstractions?
  4241. 60%High-performance and compile-time logging source generation in .NET 6
  4242. 96%Entity Framework Community Standup - Make History and Explore the Cosmos, an EF Core 6 Retrospective
  4243. 87%CQRS & Event Sourcing Code Walk-Through
  4244. 99%Mini Course #1 Clean Architecture + CQRS
  4245. 99%What is new in .NET 6? | One Dev Question
  4246. 94%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4247. 97%Episode 220 – .NET 6 & Minimal APIs with Nick Chapsas – The 6 Figure Developer
  4248. 67%High-performance services with gRPC: What's new in .NET 6
  4249. 91%Sala 1 - .NET Conf Latam 2021
  4250. 91%Sala 2 - .NET Conf Latam 2021
  4251. 91%Sala 4 - .NET Conf Latam 2021
  4252. 91%Sala 3 - .NET Conf Latam 2021
  4253. 67%How fast is .NET? | One Dev Question
  4254. 98%My New Job as a Staff Developer Advocate - Here's What I'll Be Doing!
  4255. 99%Your opinion about C# and .NET is outdated
  4256. 98%Return youtube dislike count
  4257. 67%Making Super Mario Bros using C++ and SFML - SFML Tutorial
  4258. 61%Intro to Graphics 22 - Signal Processing
  4259. 67%myNewsWrap – SAP and Microsoft (Episode 60)
  4260. 85%Weekly Update 269
  4261. 60%The .NET Docs Show - NuGet Trends 📈: .NET Foundation Project Highlight
  4262. 79%Thumby - The Tiny Playable Keychain
  4263. 93%React vs Vue - Which One Do We Like More with Debbie O'Brien
  4264. 97%How Nix and NixOS Get So Close to Perfect
  4265. 67%Speed up development with Hot Reload in .NET 6 #Shorts
  4266. 97%Episode 402 - Azure Chaos Studio
  4267. 67%How dangerous is GitHub Copilot for junior devs?
  4268. 73%An update to dislikes on YouTube
  4269. 75%Timothy Gone
  4270. 96%Publishing Events from CRUD or Commands?
  4271. 52%Scattered Thoughts on Why I Waste My Own Time
  4272. 93%How To Make A CPU
  4273. 96%Don’t Do This in Code Reviews!!
  4274. 71%Update to YouTube Dislike Counts
  4275. 67%New Blazor WebAssembly capabilities in .NET 6
  4276. 62%Intro to Graphics 21 - Sampling
  4277. 81%Blazor WebAssembly - Upgrade NET5 to NET6 in 8 minutes
  4278. 97%The Ancient Secrets of Computer Vision
  4279. 99%Optimistic Concurrency in an HTTP API with ETags & Hypermedia
  4280. 94%I QUIT My Job - Here's Why!
  4281. 81%ESP32 UWB Module - ESP32 Indoor Positioning Solution with Ultra Wide Band
  4282. 99%How to create your own project templates in .NET
  4283. 99%The evolution of API performance from .NET Core 1 to .NET 6
  4284. 73%_why's Estate
  4285. 96%What's New in C# 10? | One Dev Question
  4286. 91%LevelUp
  4287. 74%Debug C++ Like a BOSS
  4288. 86%YouTube
  4289. 76%David Copperfield's History of Magic - in partnership with Microsoft Outside In and Hanselminutes
  4290. 90%Intro to Graphics 20 - Shadows & Reflections
  4291. 74%The best way to stay up to date with .NET news #Shorts
  4292. 74%Weekly Update 268
  4293. 91%The Missing Link to the Metaverse · WebVR Dev
  4294. 96%Web Wednesday: Creating full stack web apps with Blazor - with Cecil Phillip
  4295. 74%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit, Monthly Standup
  4296. 74%40% faster JSON serialization with Source Generators in .NET 6
  4297. 98%.NET 6 Hot Reload in Visual Studio 2022, VS Code, and NOTEPAD?!?
  4298. 99%Handling HTTP API Errors with Problem Details
  4299. 54%Burgers with Bill Gates - Secrets of the Autistic Millionaire - E01
  4300. 83%3 C# 10 features that were scrapped #Shorts
  4301. 95%Episode 28: UX with Jessica Engström
  4302. 99%Long live the Monolith! Monolithic Architecture != Big Ball of Mud
  4303. 81%The Metaverse Is Already Here. It’s Minecraft
  4304. 99%Welcome to My Site!
  4305. 75%I Tried Creating a Game Using Real-world Geographic Data
  4306. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4307. 87%I just want to serve 5 terabytes.
  4308. 88%Intro to Graphics 19 - Ray Tracing
  4309. 96%Exploring the .NET Table Storage SDK
  4310. 78%Stop playing the SEO game: find your sources of influence
  4311. 97%3Blue1Brown - SoME1 results
  4312. 98%.NET 6 Launches at .NET Conf, November 9-11
  4313. 74%C# 10: Constant Interpolated Strings
  4314. 99%The .NET Docs Show - .NET 6: Getting started with Minimal APIs
  4315. 81%The Ten Second Autism Test
  4316. 99%I let GitHub Co-Pilot be the Pilot for my C# code
  4317. 71%PumpkinCTScan
  4318. 96%A website every .NET developer should be aware of #Shorts
  4319. 80%CodeOpinion
  4320. 87%YouTube
  4321. 80%Intro to Graphics 18 - Rendering Algorithms
  4322. 71%A Deep Dive into Nanite Virtualized Geometry
  4323. 76%Nick Chapsas
  4324. 87%YouTube
  4325. 91%Develop Mastery by Revisiting the Basics
  4326. 96%Languages & Runtime Community Standup - Interview with Runtime Architect Jan Kotas
  4327. 96%4 common C# naming patterns you should know #Shorts
  4328. 87%Weekly Update 267
  4329. 82%Why You (Probably) Didn't Get Lost in Metroid Dread
  4330. 97%On .NET Live - Learning .NET with .NET Book Study
  4331. 98%The Minimal APIs we had for years in .NET but didn't use
  4332. 99%Dotnet Format and File Scoped Namespaces
  4333. 98%GitHub Universe 2021: Day 1
  4334. 97%Intro to Graphics 17 - The Rendering Equation
  4335. 96%Universe Keynote Day 1: GitHub on GitHub
  4336. 87%Get Matt Swider to 1M followers: Enter to win a PS5 and Xbox Series X
  4337. 75%Should you use the Repository Pattern? With CQRS, Yes and No!
  4338. 80%How the C# compiler completely changes your code #Shorts
  4339. 98%The Fifth Annual C# Advent | Cross Cutting Concerns
  4340. 95%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4341. 89%Exploring distributed tracing with ASP NET Core 6
  4342. 96%ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor Native Interop with SkiaSharp
  4343. 97%Face-to-Face: A Conversation about the .NET Foundation - 2nd Option
  4344. 80%VSCode.Dev (VS Code in the Browser) - A Few Reasons You Might Care
  4345. 98%Adam Storr - Dev Tips - Multiple Versions Of Visual Studio Can Be Installed Side By Side
  4346. 98%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - SOLID Design Principles and Dependency Injection
  4347. 92%How to create the simplest API there is! #Shorts
  4348. 96%Let's talk about the removal of hot reload from dotnet watch situation
  4349. 78%C# has pointers like C?? #Shorts
  4350. 89%DotVVM @ .NET Conf 2021 (2021-11-12)
  4351. 92%.NET 6 adds malloc support in C# ! #Shorts
  4352. 96%Webinar: Free Your Services From Vendor Lock-in with OpenTelemetry | The .NET Tools Blog
  4353. 75%Internet of Things for Beginners w/IoT Expert Tara Walker - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #22
  4354. 89%Weekly Update 266
  4355. 87%On .NET Live - Exploring Actors with Proto.Actor
  4356. 96%10 C# 10 features in under 60 seconds #Shorts
  4357. 93%The Future of the Jamstack - Exciting Frameworks, and Tools, and More with Cassidy Williams
  4358. 99%7 awesome improvements for LINQ in .NET 6
  4359. 99%Leaking Value Objects from your Domain
  4360. 85%MacBookPro18,2 - Geekbench Browser
  4361. 83%The Full Economic Cost of Credential Stuffing Attacks - Arkose Labs
  4362. 96%Entity Framework Community Standup - EF Core with ASP.NET Core
  4363. 93%Should you publish Domain Events or Integration Events?
  4364. 84%5G Google Pixel Phones - Google Store
  4365. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4366. 99%.NET Conf 2021 Watch Party with NUGM
  4367. 99%Space Cadet Pinball for Windows 95 recompiled for Linux running on Windows 11 as a Linux app under WSLg
  4368. 96%Help Decide What Questions We'll Answer at the Face-to-Face Meeting
  4369. 96%Every feature added in C# 10 with examples
  4370. 98%Contributing to .NET MAUI Community Toolkit
  4371. 76%Apple Unleashed: New MacBooks are expected—here's what business pros want
  4372. 95%Wearable Microphone Jamming
  4373. 98%Common mistakes by indie game developers – Cliffski's Blog
  4374. 96%Come Talk to Us - A .NET Foundation Face-to-Face
  4375. 99%dotNetDave Rocks The Ukraine!
  4376. 83%Weekly Update 265
  4377. 99%Happy Hacktober
  4378. 99%GitHub - basti564/Oculess: Removes account requirements and telemetry from Oculus Quest devices
  4379. 99%Data Consistency Between Microservices
  4380. 97%Face-to-Face: A Conversation about the .NET Foundation - 2nd Option
  4381. 97%Come Talk to Us - A .NET Foundation Face-to-Face
  4382. 99%Build Your First Microservice with .NET | Microservices Explained
  4383. 97%What's the Cost of Indirection & Abstractions?
  4384. 99%Rockin’ The Code World with dotNetDave - The Agile Show
  4385. 85%Which dictionary to choose in C# and which one is dangerous
  4386. 98%Face-to-Face: A conversation about the .NET Foundation
  4387. 53%.NET Conf Launch Party
  4388. 99%.NET Conf 2021 - Tamil
  4389. 99%.NET Conf China 2021
  4390. 99%My Keynote from the Code Quality & Performance Conference – 2021
  4391. 48%New LINQ methods in .NET 6 (#224)
  4392. 97%Shrink your WSL2 Virtual Disks and Docker Images and Reclaim Disk Space
  4393. 95%The Journey of a .NET Object - from allocation to collection
  4394. 90%.NET Foundation - Invidious
  4395. 54%How assembly language loops work
  4396. 71%RAM and bus timing — 6502 part 6
  4397. 98%Lockdown math announcement
  4398. 61%Why build an entire computer on breadboards?
  4399. 70%What is a stack and how does it work? — 6502 part 5
  4400. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Exploring the ABP web app framework
  4401. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4402. 83%ASP.NET Community Standup - Exploring MudBlazor
  4403. 96%Learn C# with CSharpFritz: The AMA Show
  4404. 90%Web Wednesday: ASP.NET Razor tips and tricks with Jon Galloway (hosted by GeekTrainer)
  4405. 91%VS Code 'Workbench' Editing Improvements Highlight September 2021 Update -- Visual Studio Magazine
  4406. 97%Keyboard Warrior - Breaking software is just finding unintended features, right?
  4407. 95%Should You Speak at a Conference?
  4408. 81%Hacking Task Manager on 1024+ Cores w/ Cool Video Demos!
  4409. 73%Weekly Update 264
  4410. 98%My TOP Patterns for Event Driven Architecture
  4411. 96%The best part of Windows 11 is a revamped Windows Subsystem for Linux
  4412. 83%How to unit test Minimal APIs in .NET 6 (and why it's hard)
  4413. 99%Solution Filters in Visual Studio
  4414. 83%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit - Monthly Standup (October 2021)
  4415. 83%Publishing Events from CRUD or Commands?
  4416. 99%The most counterintuitive facts in all of mathematics, computer science, and physics
  4417. 81%SHORT: PACMAN Demo of NightDriver over WiFi to RGB LED Sign (Arduino)
  4418. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4419. 99%.:: Phrack Magazine ::.
  4420. 99%How to Create a PWA With Next.js in 10 Minutes
  4421. 97%What is BGP? | BGP routing explained
  4422. 99%Episode 396 - How Vattenfall uses Azure
  4423. 99%Next level console apps with Spectre.Console
  4424. 85%The evolution of Pattern Matching in C# (from version 6 to 10)
  4425. 89%I keep making things out of checkboxes
  4426. 99%MAJOR C++/Arduino Announcement: NightDriver for LEDs [Open Source]
  4427. 95%iPadOS 15: Hands-on with Apple’s Weather app for iPad
  4428. 94%Man behind LinkedIn scraping said he grabbed 700M profiles 'for fun'
  4429. 84%A Conspiracy To Kill IE6 • Chris Zacharias
  4430. 80%Gaming Laptops With Best Battery Life
  4431. 75%Ray Park (Darth Maul) and a double-bladed lightsaber
  4432. 98%Weekly Update 263
  4433. 90%How The James Webb Space Telescope Works - Smarter Every Day 262
  4434. 97%Live JavaScript Challenge/Quiz with Kahoot
  4435. 78%New Microsoft Study of 60,000 Employees: Remote Work Threatens Long-Term Innovation
  4436. 61%Henry Thomas audition för E.T. "Ok kid, you got the job".
  4437. 99%How to Create a Modern Flat UI Design Dashboard in C# 2020
  4438. 90%Web Wednesday: ASP.NET Razor tips and tricks with Jon Galloway (hosted by GeekTrainer)
  4439. 99%.NET Conf 2021 - Pakistan
  4440. 99%.NET Foundation Project Spotlight - Verify
  4441. 99%.NET Foundation Project Spotlight - .NET nanoFramework
  4442. 99%ALWAYS Valid Domain Model
  4443. 95%Snapps on Mina with Emre and Izaak – ZK Podcast
  4444. 90%DateOnly and TimeOnly in .NET 6 (#222)
  4445. 87%Atari ST in daily use since 1985
  4446. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Exploring the ABP web app framework
  4447. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4448. 75%What's the FASTEST Computer Language? C++ vs Fortran vs Cobol: E04
  4449. 92%Asymmetric Bets, Venture Capital & Cancer Cells - Rui Zhi Dong
  4450. 80%How Assembly Scanning keeps your .NET code clean
  4451. 93%Q6 How do you manage your time? How do you allocate your time between work and other things?
  4452. 95%Muppet Classic Theater - Full VHS Tape
  4453. 99%A Guide to Using RSS to Replace Social Media – Luke Smith
  4454. 89%Weekly Update 262
  4455. 94%How to find the YouTube link for an ad
  4456. 95%How to write clean validation clauses in .NET
  4457. 99%Episode 395 - SAP on Azure
  4458. 99%Separating Concerns with Pipes & Filters
  4459. 99%Announcing Azure Functions 4.0 public preview with .NET 6 support
  4460. 90%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4461. 81%Is C# getting out of hand?
  4462. 93%Bye YouTube, Hello PeerTube 📺 (no ads, decentralised, privacy-friendly! -- Diode Zone)
  4463. 88%This is stupid, but I love it
  4464. 88%The REAL Story On Why Space Cadet Pinball Was Removed (ft. Windows on Itanium)
  4465. 94%Aren't we all professional Googlers?
  4466. 88%Smashing Big Red Button to Leave a Conference Call
  4467. 99%Building apps in minutes, not months
  4468. 88%Forms and Capturing User Data [10 of 11] | Beginner's Series to: Blazor
  4469. 98%Level up your skills with Bicep!
  4470. 85%The Crime of Curiosity
  4471. 95%What developers should know about security with Troy Hunt
  4472. 88%.NET Tooling Community Standup - What's new in Visual Studio for Mac
  4473. 89%Webinar: Profiling and Fixing Common Performance Bottlenecks | The .NET Tools Blog
  4474. 99%Processing Large Payloads with the Claim Check Pattern
  4475. 97%🐊 Crocotile 3D - A tile-based 3d modeling editor!
  4476. 97%Leaking Value Objects from your Domain
  4477. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4478. 88%ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor in .NET 6 RC1
  4479. 88%Why I Have NOT Tried Github Copilot - I'm a Little Skeptical...
  4480. 93%r/perfectlycutscreams - German Streamer watching a self defense video
  4481. 97%.NET developer reacts to the StackOverflow survey 2021
  4482. 87%The World's Oldest Active Torrent Turns 18 Soon * TorrentFreak
  4483. 97%Docker Licensing, Career and Coding Questions
  4484. 87%LIVE: Windows 11 Walkthrough with Microsoft Dev Davepl
  4485. 86%Lockdown math announcement
  4486. 99%An opinionated look at Minimal API in .NET 6
  4487. 92%Steam Top 50 Games: 72% Work on Linux in Sept. 2021 - Boiling Steam
  4488. 98%Note-Taking for Software Engineers
  4489. 93%Windows 11 Pinball by the original Windows XP programmer
  4490. 92%CFAIL Session 4 Talk #1: Incorrectly Generated RSA Keys, by Daniel Shumow
  4491. 99%Managing User State [9 of 11] | Beginner's Series to: Blazor
  4492. 91%I Reached 100k Subscribers - Ask Me Anything
  4493. 99%Episode 393 - Behind the scenes
  4494. 99%Machine Learning Community Standup - Office Hours
  4495. 99%Event Sourced Aggregate Design: Focus on Business Logic
  4496. 91%Q6 How do you manage your time? How do you allocate your time between work and other things?
  4497. 73%Windows 11 Livestream - Sep 12, 2021 9AMPST 4PMGMT - Announcement!
  4498. 94%Weekly Update 260
  4499. 88%Data Consistency Between Microservices
  4500. 99%Parameters and Sharing Data [8 of 11] | Beginner's Series to: Blazor
  4501. 88%GraphCMS, GraphQL, and Nextjs - Let's Build A Static Site
  4502. 98%Full-time Content Creation with Jessica Chan
  4503. 97%5 open source .NET projects that deserve more attention
  4504. 99%A .NET 6 Minimal API Todo example Playground
  4505. 98%OSS Power-Ups: CliWrap | The .NET Tools Blog
  4506. 84%B2C Speedrun - Setup Authentication in .NET Blazor with Azure AD B2C in 15mins flat
  4507. 83%Using the Console Log formatter
  4508. 88%Entity Framework Community Standup - Open Source Software (OSS) Projects for EF Core
  4509. 91%Introducing Blazor Components [3 of 11] | Beginners Series to: Blazor
  4510. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4511. 88%Ask the Expert: What's New in C# 10.0
  4512. 91%Matching Colorful Brackets are BUILT IN to VS Code - (No Extension Needed)
  4513. 84%The Sexadecimal Mysteries
  4514. 96%Svelte and SvelteKit - Why We Love It and Why You Should Try It
  4515. 88%In defence of .NET Minimal APIs
  4516. 98%Proxy vs Reverse Proxy - using a real life example!
  4517. 98%Adding Identity to Existing WASM Apps: Carl Franklin's Blazor Train Ep 56
  4518. 88%Keynote: Lessons From 11 Billion Breached Records
  4519. 87%Weekly Update 259
  4520. 94%David Whitney
  4521. 97%The best way to create a string in C# that you shouldn't use
  4522. 96%Windows 11 Pinball
  4523. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Exploring Blazorise with Mladen Macanović
  4524. 93%Interview with David McCarter
  4525. 97%Interview with Dixin Yan
  4526. 98%Inbox Zero using Getpocket - blog.dornea.nu
  4527. 90%Interview with Pedro Henrique de Souza Jesus
  4528. 93%Interview with David Whitney
  4529. 99%Restructuring to a Vertical Slice Architecture
  4530. 95%Interview with Mitchel Sellers
  4531. 88%Interview with Javier Lozano
  4532. 97%Interview with Kevin Avignon
  4533. 52%C# Language Highlights Deconstructing Non-tuple Types
  4534. 99%My TOP Patterns for Event Driven Architecture
  4535. 97%The Universe is Hostile to Computers
  4536. 91%Deploying a Blazor App to Azure with Octopus Deploy
  4537. 89%One-Click VS Code in Browser from GitHub Repo ('How Did I Not Know This?') -- Visual Studio Magazine
  4538. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4539. 99%Using SignalR in your Blazor applications
  4540. 91%How a Film Projector Works
  4541. 99%Custom $5000 Gaming PC CHALLENGE - Linus vs RobeyTech
  4543. 98%New! Stupid C++ Tricks Volume 2!
  4544. 97%OSS Power-Ups: CliWrap
  4545. 56%If Megachurches Were Honest | Honest Ads (Mars Hill, Hillsong, Bethel, Lakewood Church Parody)
  4546. 95%Accent Expert Breaks Down Language Pet Peeves | WIRED
  4547. 93%Making an OS (x86) Chapter 7 - Cross Compiler, Bootloader, Kernel
  4548. 79%Video and Image Meme Maker - Meta Meme
  4549. 96%Home
  4550. 99%How to collect the code coverage of your tests in .NET
  4551. 85%Weekly Update 258
  4552. 94%GitHub - faissaloo/SponSkrub: Strip advertisements from downloaded YouTube videos
  4553. 91%Tailwind in 100 Seconds
  4554. 99%GitHub - yt-dlp/yt-dlp: A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes
  4555. 63%Analysts: Google to pay Apple $15 billion to remain default Safari search engine in 2021
  4556. 97%Entity Framework Community Standup - Dapper
  4557. 97%ALWAYS Valid Domain Model
  4558. 99%A closer look at C# 8 & 9 language features - PHINUG 2021.09
  4559. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4560. 83%Jordan Klepper Debates Anti-Vax Mandate Protesters in NYC | The Daily Show
  4561. 96%r/DataHoarder - Twitter starts to require login to view tweets
  4562. 98%The Beauty of Bézier Curves
  4563. 99%NUMBER ONE Trait of a Senior Developer - Do you have it?
  4564. 98%The Day AOL made Microsoft Cry Uncle: Messenger Wars!
  4565. 98%Big O notation is simpler than you might think
  4566. 95%Records Deep Dive: What, Why and How - David Wengier - NDC Melbourne 2021
  4567. 81%How can we make air conditioners 33% more efficient? Here's a revolutionary solution.
  4568. 99%New Videos Covering Vue 3.2
  4569. 95%Hanselminutes is Fresh Air for Developers and has over 800 episodes of fresh tech from fresh faces
  4570. 98%If I Had the Money That Bezos Had
  4571. 93%Hello CISO - Episode 1 (Part 1): The Downfall of On-Premise Security
  4572. 99%C# Language Highlights: The "in" Parameter Modifier
  4573. 98%HACKED: The CODE RED Buffer Overflow - How it Worked!
  4574. 92%Weekly Update 257
  4575. 94%Gmail is opening and caching urls within emails without user intervention. How and why?
  4576. 99%Intro to Mathematical Planning with F# | #dotNETConf: Focus on F#
  4577. 99%Episode 390 - Pronunciation Assessment
  4578. 97%Using SignalR in your Blazor applications
  4579. 97%C#'s Enum performance trap your code is suffering from
  4580. 97%Surfside Condo Collapse: What We Know So Far
  4581. 99%Software Architecture Q&A: Microservices, CQRS & More!
  4582. 99%How I Learned To Stop FUD And Stay SAFE | #dotNETConf: Focus on F#
  4583. 53%Machine Learning Community Standup - Machine Learning for Photography
  4584. 97%Building a Request Pipeline for Separating Concerns with Pipes & Filters
  4585. 92%German parliament pens letter to Tim Cook with concerns over CSAM detection system
  4586. 83%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup - September 2021
  4587. 99%Auditing Cryptography: #Zcon2Lite
  4588. 83%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4589. 90%I "Hacked" A Like System with Basic JavaScript - Here's How
  4590. 93%Are ASP.NET Core 6 minimal APIs just for demos?
  4591. 98%How does PLONK work? Part 1: What's PLONK?
  4592. 97%The .NET Docs Show - Xamarin Community Toolkit Update
  4593. 96%OpenAI's Codex as a Chrome extension
  4594. 93%The Story of Shor's Algorithm, Straight From the Source | Peter Shor
  4595. 93%A Thorough Look At Resident Evil
  4596. 95%Quake III FISR Algorithm [2/2] - How Floating Point Works
  4597. 99%Keyboard Input: Carl Franklin's Blazor Train Ep 54
  4598. 95%Weekly Update 256
  4599. 93%YouTube
  4600. 98%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit - Monthly Standup
  4601. 98%Episode 389 - Azure Logic Apps
  4602. 98%C# Highlights: Immutable Collections
  4603. 98%Architecture Decision Records (ADR) as a LOG that answers "WHY?"
  4604. 99%Entity Framework Community Standup - EF Core's Global Query Filter
  4605. 98%Processing Large Payloads with the Claim Check Pattern
  4606. 91%dotNET
  4607. 68%The Algorithm - The Amazing Full Story of the Quake III Arena FISR
  4608. 77%How The Immune System ACTUALLY Works – IMMUNE
  4609. 99%Starting Your F# Journey | #dotNETConf: Focus on F#
  4610. 83%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4611. 83%ASP.NET Community Standup - Simplifying web apps with new minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core 6
  4612. 99%VS Code vs Webstorm - 5 Things You NEED to Know!
  4613. 99%Getting started with branching workflows, Git Flow and GitHub Flow
  4614. 92%Is Elon Musk Killing People?
  4615. 83%Flying a drone with my mind (Github in desc)
  4616. 99%Don Syme's F# Bonanza | #dotNETConf: Focus on F#
  4617. 96%The .NET Docs Show - Frankenblogging: Static Site Generators and .NET 5
  4618. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - C# for Beginners: Getting started with C#
  4619. 97%"The Algorithm" - 2 Minute Introduction
  4620. 98%Home Automation with Troy Hunt
  4621. 83%Making an OS (x86) Chapter 5 - Reading the disk with BIOS
  4622. 91%New! Stupid C++ Tricks with Dave
  4623. 94%In internal memo, Apple addresses concerns around new Photo scanning features, doubles down on the need to protect children
  4624. 91%A Black Bear Visits Dave's Garage! Survivors tell their stories.
  4625. 99%Scripting with F# Interactive [4 of 12] | Beginner's Series to: F#
  4626. 90%Don't Accept the Defaults - Abel Wang | Bonfire
  4627. 81%Weekly Update 254
  4628. 86%The Men Who Couldn't Stop Crying, and Other Unbearable Realities
  4629. 98%Set up your F# development environment [3 of 12] | Beginner's Series to: F#
  4630. 99%Episode 388 - The Art of the Possible with Power Platform
  4631. 98%OSS Power-Ups: Statiq | The .NET Tools Blog
  4632. 99%Synchronous vs Messaging: When to use which?
  4633. 97%Startups Trends vs 4 years ago | Soheil Yasrebi's Blog
  4634. 96%.NET Foundation Project Spotlight - Have I Been Pwned?
  4635. 97%Focus on Business Logic with Event Sourcing
  4636. 90%Yare.io Trailer
  4637. 94%Coding Shorts: Changes to Coming to Startup in .NET 6
  4638. 97%Blazor WebAssembly : Authorization using CascadingAuthenticationState & JWT - EP34
  4639. 86%Coding Shorts: Dependency Injection Explained
  4640. 95%Sequential LED Tail Lights How To - C++ Code and ESP32 Arduino Hardware
  4641. 83%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4642. 83%ASP.NET Community Standup - Logging updates in ASP.NET Core 6
  4643. 97%How to rate limit (throttle) your ASP.NET Core API
  4644. 97%Home Automation with Troy Hunt
  4645. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit - Monthly Project Review
  4646. 99%Hot Visual Reload Studio 2022: A Curated Selection
  4647. 99%Desktop Community Standup - Updates and Q&A
  4648. 88%Late Career Change into Tech with Kyla Gregory
  4649. 99%What's New (so far!) in C# 10 & .NET 6 - PHINUG 2021.08
  4650. 94%.NET Conf: Focus on F#
  4651. 95%Debounce a STOP switch in C++: Live with Dave in the Source Code Editor!
  4652. 94%Who is Your Audience?
  4653. 75%These 6 corporations control 90% of the media outlets in America. The illusion of choice and objectivity | Tech News | Startups News
  4654. 75%🚀 DevTernity 2017: Ian Cooper - TDD, Where Did It All Go Wrong
  4655. 99%Get Busy Living with Abel Wang - Hanselminutes Podcast #793
  4656. 64%TikTok and the Future of Social Media
  4657. 78%Easily Handle File Uploads with NO SERVER Using Kwes Forms
  4658. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Building ASP.NET Core apps in F#
  4659. 99%What does the ref keyword actually do in C#?
  4660. 86%Weekly Update 254
  4661. 63%NDC Melbourne 2021
  4662. 97%Calculus Made Easy
  4663. 99%Message Driven Architecture to DECOUPLE a Monolith
  4664. 94%Work For a Startup or Create A Startup?
  4665. 91%Bo Burnham: Inside - Jeff Bezos Song with lyrics
  4666. 97%Refactoring to a Vertical Slice Architecture
  4667. 84%Smart Phone, Dumb Terminal
  4668. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4669. 98%C# Language Highlights: Exhaustive Case Guards
  4670. 95%ReSharper & Rider 2021.2 Release Party
  4671. 97%Where C# was, where it's going and why it's very exciting
  4672. 99%GitHub - amirgamil/apollo: A Unix-style personal search engine and web crawler for your digital footprint.
  4673. 91%Write Code Until Your Fingers Hurt - Developer Anthem Part 2 #shorts
  4674. 88%Axelar Guest Speaker Series with Mary Maller | Aggregatable Distributed Key Generation
  4675. 97%C# vs JAVA - Teaser
  4676. 96%Verifpal – ACM CCSW 2020 Presentation
  4677. 99%16 of 30 Google results contain SQL injection vulnerabilities
  4678. 95%Coding Shorts: Changes to Coming to Startup in .NET 6
  4679. 97%Sustainable Founder Motivations
  4680. 99%Ask the Expert: Create a web API with ASP.NET Core
  4681. 93%YouTube
  4682. 51%NDC Conferences
  4683. 98%Webinar: Supercharge Your ASP.NET Core Applications | The .NET Tools Blog
  4684. 99%Visual C++ STL Code Review: GH-1772, More optimizations for contiguous iterators
  4685. 88%"In the age of information, ignorance is a choice." Or is it?
  4686. 99%Episode 386 - Static Web Apps
  4687. 97%The hidden performance trap of Regex in .NET
  4688. 97%I Learned All About Supabase - The Open Source Firebase Alternative
  4689. 98%OSS Power-Ups: Statiq
  4690. 97%Q&A: Messaging, CQRS & Event Sourcing!
  4691. 99%C# Language Highlights: Positional Pattern Matching
  4692. 98%Axelar guest Speaker Series with Alin Tomescu | Hyperproofs
  4693. 99%.NET Tooling Community Standup - What's new with .NET Productivity?!
  4694. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4695. 96%Live C++ Hacking/Coding Demo with Visual Studio Code, Arduino
  4696. 72%World's Longest Home Run (The "Mad Batter" Machine) - Smarter Every Day 230
  4697. 97%[Last Week in .NET #51] – The Next Three Zero Days
  4698. 88%Curator Economy: Why Human Curation matters - Rishikesh Sreehari
  4699. 97%The 4 "secret" C# keywords that you shouldn't use
  4700. 91%3 million smiles during the pandemic - the retrospective
  4701. 91%Weekly Update 252
  4702. 98%Live C++ Coding in Dave's Garage: Audio Beat Detection for LED Effects
  4703. 99%Live Hacking Demo with SECRET NSA Tools - Disassemble and Decompile with Dave!
  4704. 78%Apple removes 'Fakespot' app from iOS App Store following Amazon request
  4705. 99%How do you add a database to a GraphQL Server?
  4706. 99%Why programming language performance in microservices isn't (that) important
  4707. 95%Live C++ Coding w/Dave: Glass Insulators
  4708. 95%My tips for landing a software engineering job
  4709. 77%"A Real S*** Show": Soldiers Angrily Speak Out about Being Blocked from Repairing Equipment by Contractors:
  4710. 98%Live C++ Coding in Dave's Garage: Audio Beat Detection for LED Effects
  4711. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  4712. 98%C# Language Highlights: Null Coalescing Assignment
  4713. 98%Does CAP Theorem apply to Microservices?
  4714. 93%Germany Fines YouTube Six Figures for Removing Video of Anti-Lockdown Protest
  4715. 99%Architecture Decision Records (ADR) as a LOG that answers "WHY?"
  4716. 99%OSS Power-Ups: Verify
  4717. 99%tuya/tuya-home-assistant
  4718. 94%Optimizing Inputs and becoming Indistractable