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  1. 98%Building with Parenscript and Preact
  2. 99%Hashing Modulo Theories
  3. 99%GitHub - Modos-Labs/Glider: Open-source E-ink monitor. Mirror of https://gitlab.com/zephray/glider
  4. 95%Disable your browser history to write better internal docs
  5. 99%GitHub - MHNightCat/superfile: Pretty fancy and modern terminal file manager
  6. 99%Enforce architectural constrains using NetArchTest
  7. 99%Can we build a reactive article in a single HTML file?
  8. 99%Development With A Dot - ASP.NET Core API Versioning
  9. 98%Why I Left NixOS for Ubuntu
  10. 90%Five Ways I Deal with Writer's Block
  11. 99%Announcing pl/dotnet, version 0.99 (beta)
  12. 99%My useless philosophical ramblings about the ecology of programming languages (and OOP is not Java)
  13. 99%Deploy SOPS Secrets with Nix - Jan-Philip Loos | maxdaten.io
  14. 99%Chris's Wiki :: blog/programming/ConfigureNoSourceCodeChanges
  15. 99%Creating ico files from multiple images in .NET - Gérald Barré
  16. 98%adr - A .NET Tool for Creating & Managing Architecture Decision Records | endjin
  17. 99%GitHub - migueletto/PumpkinOS: PumpkinOS is a re-implementation of PalmOS.
  18. 96%The evolution of the Super Nintendo motherboard
  19. 99%FreeBSD Zero to Desktop Speedrun Challenge
  20. 98%Writing maketh the 10x Developer. More so the 10x development team.
  21. 90%How Stack Overflow replaced Experts Exchange
  22. 97%The Design Philosophy of Great Tables
  23. 98%NixOS is not reproducible
  24. 99%GitHub - pufferffish/wireproxy: Wireguard client that exposes itself as a socks5 proxy
  25. 98%GitHub - tedkim97/adcache
  26. 99%In praise of RDF
  27. 99%Reverse Mode Differentiation is Kind of Like a Lens II
  28. 87%Facebook/Meta class action discovery
  29. 99%My list of challenging software projects some programmers should try
  30. 98%security - backdoor in upstream xz/liblzma leading to ssh server compromise
  31. 67%My DIY NAS Adventure
  32. 99%“Immutable” → reprovisionable, anti-hysteresis
  33. 97%Unbundling Tools for Thought
  34. 98%Build time is a collective responsibility
  35. 99%Radix Tree in Julia - Lior Sinai
  36. 99%Daily Driving Ubuntu Asahi for Over a Month
  37. 99%A review of the Thinkpad X13s with Ubuntu Linux ⋅ ahoneybun.net
  38. 97%-=:[ Streaming Radio Directories ]:=-
  39. 94%Moving from Homebrew to pkgsrc
  40. 97%My QR Code Tattoo - samantha.wiki
  41. 99%commit message rant (part 1 of n) - hēg denu
  42. 99%Compiling With Constraints
  43. 97%GitHub - Michaelangel007/nanofont3x4: World's smallest readable 3x4 font with lowercase; includes all ASCII symbols
  44. 95%My (Not-So-Successful) Quest to Conquer the NYT Connections Game with Word2Vec – Quirky Quintet
  45. 97%Fifty Things you can do with a Software Defined Radio 📻
  46. 97%The Return of the Frame Pointers
  47. 91%The APL Quest Series | Dyalog Blog
  48. 99%GitHub - Syllo/nvtop: GPU & Accelerator process monitoring for AMD, Apple, Huawei, Intel, NVIDIA and Qualcomm
  49. 98%Building For Builders - deven.codes
  50. 99%GitHub - dbeaver/dbeaver: Free universal database tool and SQL client
  51. 96%What do Norway and Namibia have in common? – Ian's notes
  52. 98%We need to be the historians of our own software
  53. 99%My favourite animation trick: exponential smoothing
  54. 96%GitHub - aaronraimist/DontFuckWithPaste: Google Chrome and Firefox extension that prevents the blocking of pasting into input fields
  55. 98%Autogenerating a Book Series From Three Years of iMessages
  56. 99%Is Azure DevOps "Dead"? | Ben Sampica
  57. 99%A little Nix fix
  58. 99%The KDE desktop gets an overhaul with Plasma 6
  59. 99%AAC and Debian
  60. 84%Power Metal: is it really about dragons?
  61. 97%How to Make a List of Nearly Every Minecraft Player
  62. 99%Web Scraping in Python - The Complete Guide | ProxiesAPI
  63. 99%Adding Keyboard Shortcuts to a 24 Year Old Government Website with Userscripts
  64. 98%[Article] 1. How to make a better default Firefox UI
  65. 99%Overview of Object Oriented, Wide Column, and Vector Databases
  66. 99%My AirPods setup on Arch Linux
  67. 97%Creating and Modeling “Sensible Happy Paths” for Software Team Success
  68. 99%Almost 50% of web pages have this bug. Learn How it is exploited in the wild
  69. 97%AR and the (Possible) Return of Skeuomorphism
  70. 99%Better together with Entity Framework Core Power Tools - use a SQL Server Database Project (.dacpac) and EF Core
  71. 95%OpenTTD | About
  72. 99%Effortless OpenBSD Audio and Desktop Screen Recording Guide
  73. 98%A Distributed Systems Reading List
  74. 99%The Occasionally Useful State Pattern
  75. 98%Reverse engineering Skylanders' Toys-to-life mechanics
  76. 98%GitHub - dapr/community: Governance and community material for Dapr and its open source sub-projects
  77. 98%How much bigger could Earth be, before rockets wouldn't work?
  78. 99%GitHub - seaweedfs/seaweedfs: SeaweedFS is a fast distributed storage system for blobs, objects, files, and data lake, for billions of files! Blob store has O(1) disk seek, cloud tiering. Filer supports Cloud Drive, cross-DC active-active replication, Kubernetes, POSIX FUSE mount, S3 API, S3 Gateway, Hadoop, WebDAV, encryption, Erasure Coding.
  79. 82%What You Need Is Motivation — Ethan Lalakea Alter
  80. 95%A captivating summer 2007
  81. 99%The ultimate guide to Full Disk Encryption with TPM and Secure Boot (with hibernation support!)
  82. 98%Come help shape Hyprland!
  83. 94%Farewell, Djangosites
  84. 99%GitHub - quickemu-project/quickemu: Quickly create and run optimised Windows, macOS and Linux desktop virtual machines.
  85. 99%The Oxpecker
  86. 99%Crypto is not cryptocurrency
  87. 96%Take the Road Most Documented
  88. 99%Murmurations - Smarter Every Day 234
  89. 99%htop explained
  90. 99%REST API Design 🎨 Best Practices for .NET Developers 🚀
  91. 99%Murmurations - Smarter Every Day 234
  92. 99%How we made an animated movie in 8kB - Ctrl-Alt-Test
  93. 99%Microsoft Dev Proxy v0.14: OpenAPI Spec Generation, CRUD API Simulation and Many More
  94. 99%An RNG that runs in your brain
  95. 99%Storage Trends 2024
  96. 98%vintage mobile drawing app ⌘I Get Info
  97. 99%Ditching GitHub
  98. 99%Dev Proxy v0.14 with generating OpenAPI specs and simulating CRUD APIs - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  99. 99%Building a Critter Stack Application: The “Stateful Resource” Model
  100. 98%ABC of FSRS
  101. 97%I Used Netscape Composer in 2024 | Pier-Luc Brault - Personal Website
  102. 98%Implementing “nested inline markup” in reStructuredText and Sphinx
  103. 97%This Simple Test Could Detect Half of All Cancers
  104. 97%Smartphone
  105. 76%Notes on a Few Abnormalities in Analysis
  106. 91%Visualizing ext4
  107. 97%The Life of a Data Byte
  108. 99%Some notes on NixOS
  109. 98%PyPy has moved to Git, GitHub
  110. 98%Displaying content as a graph: An exploration
  111. 98%Chris's Wiki :: blog/tech/EmailAddressesBadPermanentIDs
  112. 99%Gentoo goes Binary! – Gentoo Linux
  113. 99%Repurposing Hugo as a wiki · ./jm
  114. 92%Mozilla 2023 Annual Report: CEO pay skyrockets, while Firefox Marketshare nosedives
  115. 87%Your Website Search Hurts My Feelings
  116. 97%How PayPal Was Able to Support a Billion Transactions per Day With Only 8 Virtual Machines
  117. 96%Detecting FTL travel with LIGO
  118. 98%Learning About Transaction Isolation Levels in Databases
  119. 99%My Development Environment: kitty, zsh, Neovim, tmux, and lazygit
  120. 94%How I set up an online startup
  121. 99%Colliding Secure Hashes | Blog
  122. 96%Meet Team RoSynth | Rochester
  123. 99%I'm still daily driving postmarketOS
  124. 98%Documentation Quadrants - The Grand Unified Theory of Documentation
  125. 97%Building distributed systems–Retry storms
  126. 99%Fossil: Home
  127. 97%Static Site Generators: Not Just for Blogs
  128. 98%Using FIDO keys
  129. 99%Improving programming language performance
  130. 98%iMessage, explained
  131. 98%LLMs and the Extended Mind Thesis
  132. 99%GitHub - damienbod/MicrosoftEntraIDAuthMicrosoftIdentityWeb: Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) flows using ASP.NET Core and Microsoft.Identity.Web
  133. 98%God Help Us, Let's Try To Understand The Paper On AI Monosemanticity
  134. 99%The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Obsidian
  135. 98%homegit
  136. 98%Long Term Refactors - Max Chernyak
  137. 97%Write Right Now: How Engineers Can Innovate, Influence, and Lead in Business - Scott Willeke
  138. 98%Minimize global process | Organizing Chaos
  139. 99%Sandbox Your Program Using FreeBSD's Capsicum
  140. 96%Reference/Release Notes/4.0 - Blender Developer Wiki
  141. 99%Metaprogramming and self-interpretation of lambda calculus
  142. 96%Your database skills are not 'good to have'
  143. 99%Felix' Blog - GitHub Actions are a Problem
  144. 99%ADFS Claim rules
  145. 98%VS Code Python Team Improves Interactive REPL -- Visual Studio Magazine
  146. 95%Using WebAuthn for non-repudiation
  147. 99%Wolf, goat and cabbage problem TLA+ modeling
  148. 99%macOS Sonoma Boot Failures
  149. 97%Mean vs. median
  150. 99%GitHub - PurpleI2P/i2pd: 🛡 I2P: End-to-End encrypted and anonymous Internet
  151. 95%In search of the least viewed article on Wikipedia
  152. 99%Chris's Wiki :: blog/web/FirefoxExtraProfilesHack
  153. 99%Fix missing tokens when using downstream APIs and Microsoft Identity in ASP.NET Core
  154. 99%Accelerate your software engineering career by fixing something every week.
  155. 99%Low downtime Postgres upgrade: the runbook (part II)
  156. 97%Oort
  157. 98%Linux for the Nintendo DS
  158. 99%Organizing system configs with NixOS
  159. 96%OpenIPC
  160. 98%Are You Self-Disciplined or Just Disciplined?
  161. 97%Gojo vs Wiki: An Unexpected Battle
  162. 97%First Normal Form Gets No Respect - Simple Talk
  163. 98%Joe :fedora: :debian: :ferris: (@Joe_0237@fosstodon.org)
  164. 99%-=:[ Inverse-T Arrow Key Layout Adoption History ]:=-
  165. 99%3 Tips For Making a Popular Open Source Project in 2023 [Ultimate Guide]
  166. 99%GitHub - reclaimprotocol/circom-chacha20
  167. 99%Building a DIY Pen Plotter
  168. 98%Code Confidence using NASA’s Ten Simple Rules
  169. 99%What the Birthday Paradox Teaches Us About Protecting Patron Privacy
  170. 98%How to Start a Software Project: A Guide for Junior Devs
  171. 98%Open Source does not win by being cheaper
  172. 94%7 smart goals you can set for your organisation | Adam Trojanczyk
  173. 98%Rediscovering Web 1.0 Principles in Virtual Worlds
  174. 99%Minecraft Wiki:Moving from Fandom
  175. 97%Microsoft Remakes Azure Quantum Dev Kit with Rust, 'and It Runs in the Browser!' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  176. 77%Networking explained with a horse and carriage
  177. 98%Solene'% : Introduction to immutable Linux systems
  178. 92%Omar Shehata
  179. 91%LÖVE - Free 2D Game Engine
  180. 98%A first stab at the Brainfuck kata
  181. 99%Developing OCaml with Nix
  182. 91%A (Post-Pandemic) World Without Email
  183. 97%Point Nemo, revisited
  184. 99%GitHub - leandromoreira/linux-network-performance-parameters: Learn where some of the network sysctl variables fit into the Linux/Kernel network flow. Translations: 🇷🇺
  185. 99%ZFS for Dummies - Gamedev Guide
  186. 94%Closures in C# demystified
  187. 96%"Shut The Box" Analysis
  188. 97%Chris's Wiki :: blog/unix/WaylandTechnicalMeritsIrrelevant
  189. 82%My Caste
  190. 99%A couple of words about interactors in Rails | articles about programming on mkdev
  191. 99%The flat OS kernel utopia
  192. 98%Lewis Carson
  193. 99%Building Projects – Unlock Success As A Beginner Programmer - Dev Leader
  194. 99%Study of modern image formats
  195. 99%[Markdown] An option to highlight a "Note" and "Warning" using blockquote (Beta) · community · Discussion #16925
  196. 83%Happy Birthday, OpenStreetMap! | OpenStreetMap Blog
  197. 59%Turn-On Found
  198. 99%The universe is (probably) not a simulation
  199. 99%Software in Audio and How to Lead
  200. 99%How I org in 2023 ·
  201. 85%IBM, Red Hat and Free Software: An old maddog’s view
  202. 99%Verifiable encryption on the Blockchain
  203. 98%Wiki - ElixirForCynicalCurmudgeons
  204. 99%ffmprovisr
  205. 98%Wikifunctions
  206. 99%GitHub - AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui: Stable Diffusion web UI
  207. 95%Four ways to shoot yourself in the foot with Redis
  208. 98%On the road to freedom with db_migrator
  209. 97%Lost in Details
  210. 92%Where are all the women?
  211. 99%Understanding HTTP host header and SNI
  212. 99%Chris's Wiki :: blog/sysadmin/ReportConfigFileLocations
  213. 99%Why SQLite Does Not Use Git
  214. 96%GitHub - Uriopass/Egregoria: 3D City Builder without a grid
  215. 72%2016 Roblox security breach
  216. 99%Document your secrets, please
  217. 98%Totality
  218. 99%Sandboxing Phone Apps
  219. 98%Bottle, Burger, Beer, Hot Dog Viral Puzzle – Mind Your Decisions
  220. 99%Procfile.dev, bin/dev, and Rails 7 — how they work, and why (I think) they're great.
  221. 99%bips/bip-0042.mediawiki at master · bitcoin/bips
  222. 96%How the BPE tokenization algorithm used by large language models works
  223. 99%Racket frustrates me
  224. 99%Avalonia UI v11 Release Candidate 1: Breaking Changes and API Stabilization
  225. 95%Open Source Alternative to Visual Studio Marketplace Avoids Decommission -- Visual Studio Magazine
  226. 99%GitHub - dotnet/ClangSharp: Clang bindings for .NET written in C#
  227. 99%What's Open Web Docs? - Patrick Brosset
  228. 96%My macOS Accessibility Setup - Ravi Atluri
  229. 98%Zero-assumptions ZFS, part 1 | nikvdp
  230. 93%Good vibrations
  231. 93%Good vibrations
  232. 99%GitHub - dotnet-architecture/eShopOnContainers: Cross-platform .NET sample microservices and container based application that runs on Linux Windows and macOS. Powered by .NET 7, Docker Containers and Azure Kubernetes Services. Supports Visual Studio, VS for Mac and CLI based environments with Docker CLI, dotnet CLI, VS Code or any other code editor.
  233. 98%What is WASI?
  234. 98%Easy and Cheap AI for Developers, Reddit API Changes and Sherlocking
  235. 95%Phone upgraded to Debian 12 – Jonathan Carter
  236. 99%ArchiveTeam has saved over 10.8 BILLION Reddit links so far. We need YOUR help running ArchiveTeam Warrior to archive subreddits before they're gone indefinitely after June 12th!
  237. 99%The business information server: generic data checking using PostgreSQL, PostgREST, and Semgrep
  238. 99%AI Summary About CSLA .NET
  239. 99%Developing QEMU on Asahi Linux (or Arm in general)
  240. 98%JuLox: What I Learned Building a Lox Interpreter in Julia
  241. 97%OWASP Top 10 for Large Language Model Applications | OWASP Foundation
  242. 97%Not OP, deleted post PSA: New Yale Home app allegedly denies service to legit smart lock users located outside North America
  243. 99%Unmasking SQL Server Dynamic Data Masking, Part 1, Intro - Simple Talk
  244. 99%GitHub - btw-so/open-source-alternatives: List of open-source alternatives to everyday SaaS products.
  245. 92%Adam K Dean / From Einstein to Turing: Misdirecting GPT-4...
  246. 98%20 Years of Gentoo
  247. 99%Assembling Community OS
  248. 99%Ubuntu gesture volume control
  249. 99%Building a Q&A app capable of answering questions related to your enterprise documents using Azure OpenAI's GPT-4, Pinecone and Streamlit.
  250. 97%How to Fuck Text
  251. 98%The first web browser
  252. 98%Nathan Kim's personal website
  253. 99%GitHub - VeriorPies/MineCloud: An AWS CDK project to set up an almost free on-demand Minecraft (or other game) server for a Discord community in a few minutes
  254. 99%4 Structured Logging Techniques in ASP.net core Every Developer Should Know (Dotnet 7+) - Doumer's Blog
  255. 99%GitHub - betwixt-labs/tempo: 🥁 Don't miss a beat. Low latency, cross-platform, end-to-end typesafe APIs.
  256. 97%Supporting Your Code, README vs Wiki and Test Coverage
  257. 99%Caching in Polly and the HttpClientFactory | no dogma blog
  258. 93%Now that's what I call a Hacker
  259. 93%Don't update promptly
  260. 98%Project Management for Software Engineers
  261. 93%Rentomojo Data Breach
  262. 99%A Journey through Color Space with FFmpeg
  263. 82%The Best of Orion’s Arm
  264. 99%Did Postgres Lose My Data?
  265. 99%Archiving a vBulletin forum using HTTrack and Netlify | Blaubart.com software engineering
  266. 99%The real "must have" tools for programmers
  267. 97%Mapping Hospital Accessibility with OpenStreetMap
  268. 99%Embracing genuine deadlines as software engineers
  269. 99%Dual-booting NixOS and Alpine Linux without root partitions
  270. 96%Docs As Part Of The Developer Experience For MSAL
  271. 99%WireMock.NET - Introduction
  272. 83%How Paris try to kill car centric urbanism (source: @EmmanuelSPV twitter)
  273. 98%Attackers have better things to do than corrupt your builds
  274. 94%The Metaverse - Doumer's Blog
  275. 98%Le Metaverse - Doumer's Blog
  276. 98%There's a 90% chance TikTok will be banned in the US unless it goes through with an IPO or gets bought out by mega-cap tech, Wedbush says
  277. 84%Aperiodic tiling with a single shape
  278. 97%How to make memory systems widespread?
  279. 99%Everything I know | Everything I know
  280. 96%Open Source in a Headunit – neverpanic.de
  281. 99%Building and Testing Resilience in .NET Azure Functions - CSE Developer Blog
  282. 98%HaveIBeenPwned, DevSecOps, and Other Security Things with Troy Hunt
  283. 99%jes post
  284. 96%Re: [PATCH 00/36] AArch64 Linux kernel port
  285. 99%GitHub - damienbod/AspNetCoreExperiments: ASP.NET Core Blazor BFF with Azure AD and Razor page
  286. 99%QR Code Generator in Laravel 10 Tutorial
  287. 99%Make some asset types download automatically in Optimizely CMS 12 using the Digizuite integration
  288. 99%Wiki - HelixNotes
  289. 98%Dave's Forth Talk 2023
  290. 92%Monitoring my weather at home 🌩️
  291. 99%Few lesser known tricks, quirks and features of C
  292. 99%Should You Use char, varchar, or text in PostgreSQL?
  293. 98%I dislike shell scripting - Nales
  294. 97%No PM, no problem: how we ship great products fast
  295. 95%I replaced grub with systemd-boot
  296. 94%Novel Proofs of the Infinitude of Primes
  297. 99%Setting up fast Debian package builds using sbuild, mmdebstrap and apt-cacher-ng
  298. 94%CVD, EU-DSGVO and revDSG - A personal responsible disclosure experience of a data breach in the Swiss cyber landscape in 2022/23
  299. 96%All your data are belong to us · Circus
  300. 99%C#11 – Records Demystified
  301. 99%C# - Value Object Pattern, Data Transfer Object Pattern
  302. 98%C#11 - Immutable Object Pattern
  303. 97%C#11 - Immutable Object and Defensive Copy
  304. 99%React in 2023 and Beyond
  305. 97%Technical debt ratio
  306. 83%Taking the Initial Phone Screen with Candidates
  307. 78%tools for finding information on the internet
  308. 98%Introduction to the Web3 Revolution - Doumer's Blog
  309. 98%Le Web3 et sa Révolution - Doumer's Blog
  310. 99%Netbooting a customized Archiso via Preboot Execution Environment (PXE)
  311. 99%EF Power Tools tutorial
  312. 98%Making a Hybrid Viewfinder
  313. 99%Serilog Best Practices - Ben Foster
  314. 98%Kolja Pluemer | In search of a better Spaced Repetition algorithm #1
  315. 97%Death of the Author
  316. 97%Lane-accurate street maps with OpenStreetMap – writing a vector tileserver for osm2streets - Jake Coppinger
  317. 96%MSI's (in)Secure Boot - Dawid Potocki
  318. 99%wInd3x, the iPod Bootrom exploit 10 years too late
  319. 96%Programming Interviews Turn Normal People into A-Holes
  320. 95%How to Bounded Distrust
  321. 99%SDL2 common mistakes and how to avoid them
  322. 98%Avoiding Primitive Obsession in .NET
  323. 96%Chris's Wiki :: blog/python/DebianNoMorePython2
  324. 99%Materialized View: SQL Queries on Steroids
  325. 99%Nix journey part 1: creating a flake
  326. 98%Chris's Wiki :: blog/programming/RustIsInevitable
  327. 98%GitHub - Slackadays/Clipboard: 📋 Cut, copy, and paste anything, anywhere, all from the terminal.
  328. 99%Rémy Grünblatt – Nix and NixOS, my pain points
  329. 91%Some Advice for Browsing Wiktionary in Emacs
  330. 94%GitHub - Spotifyd/spotifyd: A spotify daemon
  331. 96%Government Should Incentivize High Performance Home Builders
  332. 99%Preparing to move away from Twitter
  333. 97%How to Secure Your Notes and Home Network When Using a Company Laptop?
  334. 97%Yet Another Article on Zippers, in Erlang
  335. 98%6 ways you can contribute to open knowledge right now
  336. 94%Company, team, self.
  337. 98%GitHub - jgosar/mine-city-2000: A program that converts SimCity 2000 cities into Minecraft worlds
  338. 99%Scaling Mastodon: The Compendium | Hazel Weakly
  339. 99%Offline-first programming
  340. 98%History · GitBook
  341. 99%PC Fans - dankwiki, the wiki of nick black
  342. 99%Automate manual deployments with Git and binstubs
  343. 96%Gorillas (video game) - Wikipedia
  344. 92%Solving problems | Everything I know
  345. 98%Programming Portals
  346. 99%The Perfect Commit
  347. 98%My choice of operating system
  348. 99%Discuss the problem, not the solution
  349. 88%The Two Definitions of Zettelkasten
  350. 99%Why Linux Troubleshooting Advice Sucks
  351. 88%New Data Leaks Add to Australia's Data Security Reckoning
  352. 99%Simpler Linux self-hosting with tmux and bubblewrap
  353. 93%Why high speed rail hasn’t caught on
  354. 83%Announcing Wikis World, a Mastodon server for wiki enthusiasts
  355. 99%Force phishing resistant authentication in an ASP.NET Core application using Azure AD
  356. 98%Few issues with Wireguard client on Debian
  357. 99%My Personal Tech Limbo (and Elixir vs Rust)
  358. 81%Departure from Wikia
  359. 99%TurtleWare
  360. 99%Dating Other Task Managers
  361. 99%Software Engineering Tips for CLMS Students
  362. 91%0 A.D.: Empires Ascendant
  363. 98%The minimum viable fan control script
  364. 98%taking-ideas-from-spaced-repetition.md
  365. 98%I spent two years trying to do what Backstage does for free
  366. 87%How to use DMT without going insane
  367. 99%What is GCM? Galois Counter Mode (of operation) (usually seen as AES-GCM)
  368. 98%Workflow for 3.12 cycle · faster-cpython/ideas Wiki
  369. 97%How you can help the Linux Mobile ecosystem
  370. 99%The Perfect Development Environment
  371. 99%githublog/rolling-your-own-crypto-aes.md at main · francisrstokes/githublog
  372. 98%SQLite Doesn't Use Git
  373. 98%Deviations from Chromium (features we disable or remove) · brave/brave-browser Wiki
  374. 98%fxhash - Lessons Learned from Implementing "Wave Function Collapse"
  375. 99%How to setup a 404 catch-all route in Vue 3 - Zelig880
  376. 80%Why A4? – The Mathematical Beauty of Paper Size
  377. 99%Maik Klein
  378. 99%WebKit on GitHub!
  379. 99%Stick to Tinkering
  380. 99%OCaml at First Glance
  381. 99%My Data Science Projects - Don’t impute all missing data: Missing Data Patterns
  382. 99%Feature Folders - Kamil Grzybek
  383. 98%How to Set Up Your Own Personal Wiki
  384. 99%The Three F's of Open Source Development
  385. 99%Reverse Debugging and other stories
  386. 99%Self Hosted Compiler Upgrade Guide · ziglang/zig Wiki
  387. 99%GitHub - Twipped/InterviewThis: An open source list of developer questions to ask prospective employers
  388. 95%ravynOS – Finesse of macOS. Freedom of FreeBSD.
  389. 99%GitHub - oasislinux/oasis: a small statically-linked linux system
  390. 99%thunks/quirkeys.org at main · fogus/thunks
  391. 98%Making Notes Work for Me: Reflections after 2 Years of Digital Gardening
  392. 99%Algorithms you should know before you take system design interviews
  393. 98%Putting SOLID into Perspective
  394. 94%Playing With Wikis
  395. 88%#16: The case of fake IMDb credits
  396. 91%Jigzilla: the puzzle solving robot (part 1)
  397. 99%Home Network Part 1 - DIY Home Router with NixOS
  398. 98%Thinking with pen and paper
  399. 99%Certificate Revocation in Microsoft Edge
  400. 98%Making a PR to Nixpkgs
  401. 99%On the Etiquette of Pull Request Comments
  402. 69%Kevin Can F**k Himself - Wikipedia
  403. 98%Famous HNers and Their Sites
  404. 98%How to create a Python package in 2022
  405. 95%Signal: you were the chosen one!
  406. 98%The tar archive format, its extensions, and why GNU tar extracts in quadratic time
  407. 81%We’re going to need a lot of solar panels
  408. 87%My Hyte y60 (white) build. Thanks for looking!
  409. 95%mpv.io
  410. 99%GitHub - tusdotnet/tusdotnet: .NET server implementation of the Tus protocol for resumable file uploads. Read more at https://tus.io
  411. 91%Scratch is a big deal
  412. 69%learning braille
  413. 99%GitHub - Azure/azure-dev: A developer CLI that accelerates the time it takes for you to get started on Azure. The Azure Developer CLI provides a set of developer-friendly commands that map to key stages in your workflow - code, build, deploy, monitor, repeat.
  414. 99%TiddlyWiki and Emacs - blog.dornea.nu
  415. 89%FizzBuzz is FizzBuzz years old (and still a powerful tool)
  416. 75%Inflation-Adjusted Stock Charts | Total Real Returns
  417. 93%Certificate Transparency Bots
  418. 89%Stylometric fingerprinting redux
  419. 90%Dolphin Progress Report: May and June 2022
  420. 84%SOC2: The Screenshots Will Continue Until Security Improves
  421. 95%Is it time to look past Git?
  422. 91%Building a Recipe App on Vultr’s Platform
  423. 78%Release SpaceVim v2.0.0 · SpaceVim/SpaceVim
  424. 79%Why You Should Write Weekly 15-5s
  425. 90%How to learn data engineering
  426. 97%Don’t Mock What You Don’t Own in 5 Minutes
  427. 99%How to Implement Retry Logic in C# - Code Maze
  428. 98%GitHub - jcubic/gaiman: Gaiman: Text based game engine and programming language
  429. 57%The Biggest Game in Town
  430. 99%rsync, article 1: Scenarios
  431. 80%The Green Boxes of Burnout
  432. 99%core/known-issues.md at main · dotnet/core
  433. 90%Why Vim syntax highlighting breaks sometimes
  434. 57%Head girl and head boy - Wikipedia
  435. 95%State of the art use of Automation in Accounting
  436. 75%How Minecraft Stores Crafting Recipes
  437. 79%The wiki movement is close to being dead
  438. 98%Windows SSH To Remote Server With FIDO2 + Hardware Key (YubiKey) Multi Factor Authentication MFA / 2FA
  439. 99%GitHub - ClueLang/Clue: C/Rust like programming language that compiles into Lua code
  440. 96%Leek Wars : online leek programming game
  441. 90%Cloudflare observations of Confluence zero day (CVE-2022-26134)
  442. 95%Seeing the Clouds with the Cloud · Nick Gregory
  443. 97%Tink, with Sophie Schmieg - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  444. 98%lightweight recording & deterministic debugging
  445. 96%A concise summary of amazing and great ideas · johnpfeiffer
  446. 94%GoodWill ransomware forces victims to donate to the poor and provides financial assistance to patients in need - CloudSEK
  447. 99%Generating Configs with Nix + Cue
  448. 93%Lessons learned as a software developer turned project manager
  449. 97%6 Tips for Starting a Software Engineering Internship
  450. 88%Feather Wiki | About
  451. 80%Tasks, lists, and promises
  452. 99%Wikipedia Over WhatsApp · Caffeinspiration
  453. 62%GitHub - hng/tech-coops: A list of tech coops and resources concerning tech coops and worker owned cooperatives in general.
  454. 98%What’s new
  455. 98%Treat engineers as users | Pierce Freeman
  456. 98%.NET MAUI Release Candidate 3
  457. 98%Demystifying iOS Code Signature
  458. 92%Deletionpedia.org
  459. 97%What are your Most Used Self Hosted Applications?
  460. 99%Combinations, permutations, and derangements - Simple Talk
  461. 95%Why the fediverse is stuck.
  462. 74%Founding Uber SRE.
  463. 98%GitHub - OpenRA/OpenRA: Open Source real-time strategy game engine for early Westwood games such as Command & Conquer: Red Alert written in C# using SDL and OpenGL. Runs on Windows, Linux, *BSD and Mac OS X.
  464. 98%Creating Offline Custom Style Maps With tileserver-gl - Yasoob Khalid
  465. 85%Inside a Minecraft Launcher
  466. 98%GitHub - shiftkey/desktop: Fork of GitHub Desktop to support various Linux distributions
  467. 83%5 Software Engineering Foot-guns - Ken Kantzer's Blog
  468. 97%.NET MAUI Release Candidate 2 - With 100% More Tizen
  469. 85%Changelog 26 - Tailored Twelve, Audacious Automotive, Neat Networking, Devoted Developers
  470. 95%GitHub - janestreet/magic-trace: magic-trace collects and displays high-resolution traces of what a process is doing
  471. 79%About macOS Server 5.7.1 and later
  472. 97%ADVICE to my younger self as a Software Developer
  473. 87%QEMU version 7.0.0 released - QEMU
  474. 95%Translate terms using Wikipedia articles
  475. 94%Discussing Alternative Memory Management Strategy for .NET
  476. 99%8 quick tips to improve your .NET API
  477. 98%GitHub - CytopiaTeam/Cytopia: A city building simulation game
  478. 94%Learnings after 500 commits to my vimrc | I am Sang
  479. 83%Requests for comment/Stop accepting cryptocurrency donations - Meta
  480. 97%.NET MAUI Release Candidate - Ready for cross-platform app development
  481. 96%Monad laws
  482. 98%Little rant about GNOME's file manager (aka Nautilus)
  483. 93%Thunderbird Autoconfig for your self-hosted email server
  484. 99%Why Ruby has Symbols
  485. 93%DIY TPM Module
  486. 90%How to run a Digital Platform at Scale
  487. 96%Jd/Overview - J Wiki
  488. 98%Note taking in Emacs with howm
  489. 95%Wacom Leads the Way with Pens and Tablets for Linux
  490. 67%Releases · Blazored/Modal
  491. 99%Multi-Tenancy with Marten
  492. 95%[Article] 0. Firefox UI UX history · black7375/Firefox-UI-Fix Wiki
  493. 81%The Projects That Matter The Most To Me Are Small
  494. 57%GitHub - Swordfish90/cool-retro-term: A good looking terminal emulator which mimics the old cathode display...
  495. 94%This was the first step in the interview process at Canonical - I withdrew my application.
  496. 62%On the weaponisation of open source
  497. 98%Code With Engineering Playbook
  498. 85%Fun Things You Can Do With github.dev 😎
  499. 96%H.264 is magic: a technical walkthrough of a remarkable technology.
  500. 98%Introduction to Apple Silicon · AsahiLinux/docs Wiki
  501. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 14
  502. 83%On Being Indispensable at Work
  503. 79%Home · ssloy/tinyrenderer Wiki
  504. 75%Visualizing Black Holes with General Relativistic Ray Tracing – Sean's Projects
  505. 97%Oxide at Home: Propolis says Hello
  506. 92%Hamblingreen's Pinephone Setup
  507. 94%The Call of the Open Sidewalk [The Call of the Open Sidewalk]
  508. 63%Why I Left the Intelligence Community
  509. 87%Building a Digital Homestead, Bit by Brick
  510. 97%Technical Overview · Wiki · The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / Pluggable Transports / Snowflake
  511. 96%Snowflake
  512. 97%It's always been you, Canvas2D - Chrome Developers
  513. 99%GitHub - TrungNguyen1909/qemu-t8030: iPhone 11 emulated on QEMU
  514. 84%It's now your fault they don't know about it
  515. 98%GitHub - gildas-lormeau/SingleFile: Web Extension for Firefox/Chrome/MS Edge and CLI tool to save a faithful copy of an entire web page in a single HTML file
  516. 53%Chinese Firedrake Jammer - Signal Identification Wiki
  517. 80%No user accounts, by design | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
  518. 93%Metaphysics of Mapping Buildings
  519. 93%DIY Split-Flap Display
  520. 95%Why Flutter is the most popular cross-platform mobile SDK
  521. 97%Accidentally swapped the left ctrl and caps lock functionality on my board, can't figure out how to fix.
  522. 97%How I got Crostini to work in Chrome OS Flex
  523. 94%How to capture book notes and turn those into smart notes
  524. 99%Avoid the Apple App Store | Jonatan Heyman
  525. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 13 - .NET Blog
  526. 96%My thoughts on writing a Minecraft server from scratch (in Bash)
  527. 82%Finding your leadership style
  528. 78%Back to Old School: Commodore PET
  529. 99%Alexandre Nédélec - Week 5, 2022 - Tips I learned this week
  530. 98%Who keeps an eye on clipboard access? – Gonçalo Valério
  531. 99%Building a Philosophy Workstation with NixOS: Installing Firefox, VSCodium, and LaTeX
  532. 90%Discord Holds the Keys to Your Heart
  533. 97%Knowledge Base - your company’s undervalued asset
  534. 80%Suggestions for onboarding remote Software Engineers
  535. 97%Platform Specific Code using Partial Classes in .NET MAUI
  536. 94%GitHub - dzautner/Sel: A compiler for thin Symbolic Expressions abstraction layer over Lambda calculus.
  537. 93%GitHub - refined-github/refined-github: Browser extension that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features
  538. 98%Using Guard Clauses in .NET - XamGirl
  539. 98%Chesterton's Fence - Lesswrongwiki
  540. 78%On Leaving Facebook
  541. 81%Pomodoro Technique - Wikipedia
  542. 97%GitHub - JetBrains/JetBrainsMono: JetBrains Mono – the free and open-source typeface for developers
  543. 87%Curl: JSON support
  544. 96%.NET MAUI Preview 12 Focuses on Quality/Stabilization, Boosts Shell Navigation -- Visual Studio Magazine
  545. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 12
  546. 96%GitHub - gnuradio/gnuradio: GNU Radio – the Free and Open Software Radio Ecosystem
  547. 97%2022 01 11 bench results · LesnyRumcajs/grpc_bench Wiki
  548. 99%Writing a Game Boy Emulator in OCaml
  549. 72%Opinion: Is Web3 a Scam? - Stack Diary
  550. 96%Multicore OCaml by kayceesrk · Pull Request #10831 · ocaml/ocaml
  551. 89%Donald Knuth - The Patron Saint of Yak Shaves
  552. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 11
  553. 96%I took a job at Amazon, only to leave after 10 months.
  554. 97%A modest proposal to fix web search
  555. 96%Donate to Mozilla Foundation
  556. 87%A Culture Problem in Arch Linux
  557. 82%Chris's Wiki :: blog/tech/EmailCriticalInfrastructure
  558. 86%Chris's Wiki :: blog/sysadmin/EmailServersNoLongerPractical
  559. 97%GitHub - dani-garcia/vaultwarden: Unofficial Bitwarden compatible server written in Rust, formerly known as bitwarden_rs
  560. 98%How did the Enigma Machine work?
  561. 96%Multicore OCaml by kayceesrk · Pull Request #10831 · ocaml/ocaml
  562. 93%Dependency Inversion
  563. 94%Self-hosting Wikipedia using Kiwix
  564. 82%Troy Hunt - Wikipedia
  565. 98%Build a Node/Express API with TypeScript, MySQL on PlanetScale, and Web Scraping with Cheerio
  566. 98%Why don't you accept donations? · gorhill/uBlock Wiki
  567. 67%On the Use of Pedersen Commitments for Confidential Payments
  568. 93%Tools I use: PyCharm
  569. 99%GitHub - jesseduffield/lazygit: simple terminal UI for git commands
  570. 99%How to Backup to Backblaze B2 with Rclone and keep the network alive
  571. 86%The Update, The Vent, and The Disaster
  572. 94%Notebook on nbviewer
  573. 97%GitHub - terrafx/terrafx.interop.windows: Interop bindings for Windows.
  574. 99%Implement certificate authentication in ASP.NET Core for an Azure B2C API connector
  575. 95%I Love Arch, But GNU Guix Is My New Distro - Boiling Steam
  576. 88%Big Ball of Mud
  577. 98%Introduction to .NET MAUI
  578. 99%Add extra claims to an Azure B2C user flow using API connectors and ASP.NET Core
  579. 92%Change-making problem - Wikipedia
  580. 95%The Monstrosity Email Has Become
  581. 97%GitHub - CommunityToolkit/dotnet: .NET Community Toolkit is a collection of helpers and APIs that work for all .NET developers and are agnostic of any specific UI platform. The toolkit is part of the .NET Foundation.
  582. 88%With .NET MAUI Delayed, Xamarin.Forms Remains Mobile Dev Option in .NET 6 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  583. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 10
  584. 99%software:libgen_desktop [The Library Genesis Project Wiki]
  585. 99%Azure Functions 4.0 and .NET 6 support are now generally available
  586. 99%Introducing River, a Dynamic Tiling Wayland Compositor
  587. 68%Naysayers promote innovation even if they are sometimes annoying
  588. 97%3Blue1Brown - SoME1 results
  589. 97%Cracking Random Number Generators using Machine Learning – Part 1: xorshift128
  590. 97%Repository roles for an organization - GitHub Docs
  591. 95%~ajxs/Yamaha DX7 Technical Analysis
  592. 98%136 facts every web dev should know before they burn out and turn to landscape painting or nude modelling
  593. 94%Lagging .NET MAUI Preview 9 Updates Controls and Supports Borders, Corners and Shadows -- Visual Studio Magazine
  594. 98%.NET MAUI Preview 9: Borders, Corners, Shadows and Performance Improvements
  595. 91%Spatial keyboard navigation
  596. 91%October Update: Introducing the PinePhone Pro | PINE64
  597. 95%Getting Unstuck
  598. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 9
  599. 99%mazzo.li — blag — Remote, encrypted ZFS storage server with NixOS
  600. 97%Why I host my blog on Cloudflare Pages
  601. 97%HD wallets and the Legendrery PRF in MPC - HackMD
  602. 99%GitHub - wimpysworld/quickemu: Quickly create and run optimised Windows, macOS and Linux desktop virtual machines.
  603. 93%ASP. Net web app Migration to Azure App Services using Azure Migrate and PowerShell Scripts
  604. 99%The most counterintuitive facts in all of mathematics, computer science, and physics
  605. 99%Plan 9 Desktop Guide
  606. 99%Renato Athaydes
  607. 98%Fast, Parallel Database Tests | Kevin Burke
  608. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: design
  609. 99%GitHub - Azure/durabletask: Durable Task Framework allows users to write long running persistent workflows in C# using the async/await capabilities.
  610. 95%GitHub Copilot AI Spawns Open Source Alternatives -- Visual Studio Magazine
  611. 97%No, We Won’t Have a Video Call for That!
  612. 97%Antinets (aka, Analog Zettelkastens) and The Power of Tree Structures
  613. 98%GitHub - PySimpleGUI/PySimpleGUI
  614. 91%HackerNews Readings
  615. 98%.NET MAUI: Preview 8 Available, but GA Postponed to Q2 2022
  616. 86%John Kozubik - / pub
  617. 99%feat: improved theme png rendering by NickCraver · Pull Request #971 · JanDeDobbeleer/oh-my-posh
  618. 98%Notes on the small web
  619. 96%.NET MAUI 'Slips the Schedule,' Won't Ship with .NET 6 in November -- Visual Studio Magazine
  620. 98%Playing with htmlq, awk, and sed
  621. 91%How I write my Journal
  622. 99%PHP: rfc:fibers
  623. 99%From Shader to Metaball, Part Ⅰ
  624. 99%GitHub - jely2002/youtube-dl-gui: A cross-platform GUI for youtube-dl made in Electron and node.js
  625. 97%Dolphin Progress Report: August 2021
  626. 96%Teaching people to fish
  627. 98%Re: [GIT PULL] ntfs3: new NTFS driver for 5.15
  628. 96%Introducing Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Private Web Attestation with Cross/Multi-Vendor Hardware
  629. 52%US Cybercom says mass exploitation of Atlassian Confluence vulnerability 'ongoing and expected to accelerate' | ZDNet
  630. 98%Python in Visual Studio Code – September 2021 Release
  631. 99%GitHub - JonPSmith/AuthPermissions.AspNetCore: This library provides extra authorization features to an ASP.NET Core application.
  632. 99%Xamarin.Essentials 1.7 with New Web Authenticator Options and .NET MAUI Essentials
  633. 99%www.opendesktop.org
  634. 97%Linux on the Framework Laptop
  635. 99%Monkey: the satirical Go package used unwittingly by Arduino and SalesForce
  636. 98%Fenwick Trees - Jornhub
  637. 99%Why you should consider using docs-as-code
  638. 97%Custom Search Engine
  639. 99%Error Handling — Problem Overview
  640. 99%An Introduction to JQ
  641. 96%r/DataHoarder - Twitter starts to require login to view tweets
  642. 99%The Spin of a Human Body
  643. 92%I give you feedback on your blog post draft but you don't send it to me
  644. 99%Building Applications With Cassandra: A Very Quick Guide
  645. 99%GitHub - jarun/bcal: :1234: Storage expression and general-purpose calculator
  646. 98%.NET MAUI Summer Previews: New Layouts, Font Scaling, Alerts, Gestures, Clipping and Much More
  647. 99%Successful Slack
  648. 98%A Programmer’s Introduction to Mathematics
  649. 89%Introducing the PineNote | PINE64
  650. 95%Quake III FISR Algorithm [2/2] - How Floating Point Works
  651. 98%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 7
  652. 99%How does FaceTime Work?
  653. 88%Which UI Libraries you would like to see used on FairPlayTube? They need to be Open Source · Discussion #280 · efonsecab/FairPlayTube
  654. 99%Windows Community Toolkit 7.1: MVVM Source Generators, Identity Authentication, ML APIs -- Visual Studio Magazine
  655. 97%Microsoft Plans .NET Community Toolkit -- Visual Studio Magazine
  656. 96%Mouseless
  657. 97%Vue.js has been selected as Wikimedia Foundation's future JavaScript framework - Wikitech-l
  658. 98%static.wiki
  659. 99%IPFSifying Documentation · Karmanyaah Malhotra
  660. 97%Technical Debt Is Not Debt; It’s Not Even Technical
  661. 96%Nobody gives a hoot about groupthink
  662. 99%Welcome to the Community Toolkit!
  663. 99%Netcat - All you need to know
  664. 99%Securing your development environment
  665. 87%Prioritizing everything is prioritizing nothing
  666. 99%Lessons Learned from Multiple Microservice Transitions
  667. 98%sindresorhus/refined-github
  668. 99%Wide GitHub
  669. 98%Re: [GIT PULL] vboxsf fixes for 5.14-1
  670. 99%Is TLS Fast Yet?
  671. 96% Increasing HTTPS adoption
  672. 98%Does CAP Theorem apply to Microservices?
  673. 96% Increasing HTTPS adoption
  674. 98%romeovs/creep
  675. 90%Linux Audio is Dead | Non
  676. 96%List of elevator special modes
  677. 99%Wilfred/difftastic
  678. 99%UnchartedBull/OctoDash
  679. 87%Ways of reading without the influence of community
  680. 93%tenacityteam/tenacity
  681. 93%temporary-audacity/audacity
  682. 98%Designing Data-Intensive Applications – Leaderless Replication
  683. 99%Feed me up, Scotty! | Feed me up, Scotty!
  684. 97%Audacity may collect "Data necessary for law enforcement, litigation and authorities’ requests (if any)" according to new privacy notice
  685. 84%Acme Klein Bottle
  686. 98%How I use Roam Research
  687. 99%.NET MAUI Preview 5 Is Here
  688. 99%Sign-in using multiple clients or tenants in ASP.NET Core and Azure AD
  689. 98%Chris's Wiki :: blog/programming/GoAndDeprecatingGoGet
  690. 97%Roamkasten - a practical how to guide to optimize Zettelkasten in Roam Research
  691. 98%Teams/Apt/Spec/AptSign - Debian Wiki
  692. 97%What's New in .NET MAUI Preview 5 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  693. 99%PipeWire
  694. 99%VitorVilela7/wide-snes
  695. 98%streetcomplete/StreetComplete
  696. 97%The Document Culture of Amazon
  697. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 5 | .NET Blog
  698. 99%bee-san/pyWhat
  699. 97%Elevator Saga - the elevator programming game
  700. 95%Re: Maintainers / Kernel Summit 2021 planning kick-off
  701. 98%chrxh/alien
  702. 98%What’s new with .NET on Azure Functions – June 2021
  703. 89%TryAPL
  704. 89%How I Manage
  705. 99%When blowing air through a tube, why does it act differently if I press the tube against my mouth, or hold it an inch away?
  706. 99%The SaaS CTO Security Checklist Redux - Gold Fig — Peace of mind for infrastructure teams
  707. 98%The faster you unlearn OOP, the better for you and your software
  708. 92%Everything You Might Want to Know about Whaling
  709. 98%deCONZ
  710. 99%Security: Separation of Privilege
  711. 99%FindAReddit - Find Subreddits for your Niche
  712. 99%Have you ever hurt yourself from your own code?
  713. 98%Chris's Wiki :: blog/programming/RustInOurFuture
  714. 81%r/linux - Copyright notice from ISP for pirating... Linux? Is this some sort of joke?
  715. 99%What do shells do, and do we need them?
  716. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 4 | .NET Blog
  717. 99%It's probably time to stop recommending Clean Code
  718. 96%Matter.js
  719. 98%Some Fun APIs
  720. 99%CHIP-8 (and Emulators) In Plain English
  721. 97%The End of Paper
  722. 99%Nyxt
  723. 98%Introducing Firefox’s new Site Isolation Security Architecture – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
  724. 99%damienbod/AzureADAuthRazorUiServiceApiCertificate
  725. 98%dotnet/aspnetcore
  726. 87%●●|●●●●●|●●|● - SCP Foundation
  727. 94%Release v2.0.0 · Blazored/SessionStorage
  728. 89%Pyston v2.2: faster and open source
  729. 99%Branch predictor: How many "if"s are too many? Including x86 and M1 benchmarks!
  730. 99%Ultimate Guide to Building a UI Component Library—Part 3
  731. 96%How much traffic comes from the front page of Hacker News?
  732. 98%Re: Very slow clang kernel config ..
  733. 97%QEMU version 6.0.0 released - QEMU
  734. 99%The Fourier transform is a neural network
  735. 98%Windows Community Toolkit for Project Reunion 0.5 | #ifdef Windows
  736. 92%You are a hyper-carnivore
  737. 99%My New Setup - Road to the Valhalla
  738. 98%RH12503/triangula
  739. 92%Add a check for gss_release_msg
  740. 97%Re: [PATCH] SUNRPC: Add a check for gss_release_msg
  741. 97%Re: [PATCH] SUNRPC: Add a check for gss_release_msg
  742. 96%jdah/tetris-os
  743. 99%dotnet/maui
  744. 99%Adam Storr - Easily Create and Manipulate Mock Anonymous Data for Unit Tests
  745. 99%Listing the contents of a remote ZIP archive, without downloading the entire file – Zoned Out
  746. 99%Thoughts on writing a wayland window manager with wlroots
  747. 98%Unix networking command line tools I use to do my job
  748. 97%A Zero Trust terminal in your web browser
  749. 99%mozilla/TTS
  750. 98%utmapp/UTM
  751. 99%EditorConfig
  752. 94%John Horton Conway - Wikipedia
  753. 99%MiSTer-devel/Main_MiSTer
  754. 99%A Simple, Probably-Not-Exp-Time Disjoint Set in Coq
  755. 99%mratsim/constantine
  756. 98%Show dotnet: Animating 40 LEDs with charlieplexing | .NET Blog
  757. 97%gorhill/uBlock
  758. 99%Announcing .NET Multi-platform App UI Preview 3 | .NET Blog
  759. 99%Goodbye OpenSSL, and Hello To Google Tink
  760. 99%Dumping user data from cheap tablets in minutes
  761. 99%soywod/himalaya
  762. 68%Stop Calling Everything AI, Machine-Learning Pioneer Says - IEEE Spectrum
  763. 97%Changelog 25 - Exemplary Eleven, Ravishing Recorder, Captivating Calendar, Beaming Backup
  764. 99%Peace of mind backup - boa.nu
  765. 95% Git
  766. 99%Getting started with Self Sovereign Identity SSI
  767. 99%Single-primitive authenticated encryption for fun
  768. 99%Building a full-text search engine in 150 lines of Python code · Bart de Goede
  769. 97%Fossil: Fossil Chat
  770. 99%The worst so-called “best practice” for Docker
  771. 89%Scaling YC
  772. 91%Helsinki-NLP/Tatoeba-Challenge
  773. 99%Khalian/Modulo12
  774. 97%Scrobble Everything.
  775. 99%koalaman/shellcheck
  776. 98%Announcing Windows Community Toolkit v7.0
  777. 98%My bank sent me 64 copies of the same debit card
  778. 99%Webmention.io
  779. 95%security - git: malicious repositories can execute remote code while cloning
  780. 95%You Should Keep a Journal
  781. 98%How to speed up / slow down a video – FFmpeg
  782. 99%First look at InferSharp: A C# version of Facebook’s Infer
  783. 97%Zero Data App
  784. 98%Online tool to generate and check bcrypt hashed passwords.
  785. 97%Introducing Hummingbard - Hummingbard
  786. 98%How I use neovim for note-taking | Day 8 of 100
  787. 99%The modern packager’s security nightmare – Michał Górny
  788. 99%qeeqbox/social-analyzer
  789. 84%0 A.D. | A free, open-source game of ancient warfare
  790. 96%My Life in E-ink
  791. 99%Adding ASP.NET Core authorization for an Azure Blob Storage and Azure AD users using role assignments
  792. 99%Many Small Queries Are Efficient In SQLite
  793. 99%The state of Linux on desktop (2020)
  794. 97%Programming a Better Life
  795. 99%Open-source HTTP API packages and tools | ASP.NET Blog
  796. 99%Beej's Guide to Network Programming
  797. 98%SDL moving to GitHub - SDL Development - Simple Directmedia Layer
  798. 96%SDL moving to GitHub - SDL Development - Simple Directmedia Layer
  799. 96%Release Bebop v2.1.0 · RainwayApp/bebop
  800. 97%#034 José Valim reveals Project Nx - Thinking Elixir
  801. 95%Free Speech & Deplatforming - Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons Podcast
  802. 98%Shithub: the fragrant git host
  803. 99%Making Sense of The Audio Stack On Unix
  804. 99%microsoft/terminal
  805. 98%Dream Big: Three Months in at Elastic - Steve Gordon - Code with Steve
  806. 99%The spectrum of synchronousness - The Engineering Manager
  807. 99%Command Line Parser on .NET5 | Windows Dev
  808. 99%Security: The Principle of Least Privilege (POLP)
  809. 99%Episode 178 – Identity with Christos Matskas | The 6 Figure Developer
  810. 99%Chris's Wiki :: blog/programming/Go116OpenBSDUsesLibc
  811. 97%Release v3.0.0: Transformer-based pipelines, new training system, project templates, custom models, improved component API, type hints & lots more · explosion/spaCy
  812. 99%LackRack - Eth0Wiki
  813. 95%For once, not DNS: Huawei Modem ARP spoofing
  814. 97%Automating data center expansions with Airflow
  815. 99%security - Baron Samedit: Heap-based buffer overflow in Sudo (CVE-2021-3156)
  816. 99%Microsoft Using Metadata to Enable Idiomatic Win32 Interop from Rust and Other Languages
  817. 96%Quite the reMarkable Device :: FIGBERT
  818. 99%Understanding WebSockets with ASP.NET Core
  819. 95%IPFS Support in Brave
  820. 98%bladeRF-wiphy - Nuand
  821. 91%Intro into security principles in the context of database systems
  822. 99%Principle of Least Privilege (POLP)
  823. 98%Who Owns Open-Source Software?
  824. 94%Foam
  825. 97%The neural network of the Stockfish chess engine
  826. 98%How to Become a Better Developer by Asking Questions - Steve Gordon - Code with Steve
  827. 99%Microsoft Teams App With Blazor Made Easy Using Blazorade Teams
  828. 99%Writing decoupled code with MediatR: The Mediator Pattern
  829. 98%tinyvision-ai-inc/UPduino-v3.0
  830. 99%Writing your own NES emulator Part 3 - the 6502 CPU
  831. 99%RemiBou/BrowserInterop
  832. 98%Thonny, Python IDE for beginners
  833. 98%Asahi Linux
  834. 98%Termux Google Play - Termux Wiki
  835. 96%20 Months in, 2K Hours Spent and 200K € Lost. A Story About Resilience and the Sunk Cost Fallacy
  836. 91%PineTime | PINE64
  837. 98%osnr/horrifying-pdf-experiments
  838. 99%State machines are wonderful tools
  839. 92%r/slatestarcodex - Most of What You Read on the Internet is Written by Insane People
  840. 99%glouw/ctl
  841. 93%Git email flow vs Github flow
  842. 97%NumPy Illustrated: The Visual Guide to Numpy
  843. 99%SaaS we happily pay for
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  845. 99%[RFC 0/6] Nintendo 64 Linux port
  846. 97%WiFi 6 gets 1.34 Gbps on the Raspberry Pi CM4
  847. 97%Building My Own Chess Engine
  848. 99%xamarin/Essentials
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  853. 99%Using multiple APIs in Angular and ASP.NET Core with Azure AD authentication
  854. 98%How Do Computers Remember?
  855. 99%Wiki: TypeScript | Barbarian Meets Coding
  856. 90%Ruffle
  857. 99%ph1lter
  858. 98%ESP32 6- Axis IMU
  859. 96%Organisational structures to create autonomy: what I've learned from my daughter – Another look on tech
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  862. 98%Chief Notion Officer
  863. 94%OpenStreetMap is Having a Moment
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  871. 83%Nephila - Wikipedia
  872. 89%Technical debt as a lack of understanding
  873. 98%We Don't Need to Boycott Wayland
  874. 99%ocornut/imgui
  875. 90%How to Become a Digital Nomad in Bali
  876. 99%How do Wake-On-Lan works?
  877. 80%A Spectre is Haunting Unicode
  878. 98%Observations and Imaginations — Note Taking Apps
  879. 98%Run your own free Stock Checker - Check if sought-after items are in stock online
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  886. 97%Every hackable connector on ASUS Eee PC 901
  887. 98%Is it possible to see the entire history of a renamed file?
  888. 99%Test Series: Part 1 – Understanding Testing Strategies
  889. 97%Plasma 5.20: One absolutely massive release
  890. 99%Answering some basic questions about registering applications on Azure Active Directory
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  892. 97%Life, part 37
  893. 97%Sorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties.
  894. 99%Neuron 1.0 released
  895. 99%Using Key Vault certificates with Microsoft.Identity.Web and ASP.NET Core applications
  896. 99%Web Scraping with C#
  897. 98%Why GPT-3 Can Understand Things
  898. 98%Wiki - RustStarterKit2020
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  902. 86%Future
  903. 99%Don't Let Your .NET Applications Fail: Resiliency with Polly | Hacker Noon
  904. 81%2 months of daily blogging
  905. 99%I was wrong. CRDTs are the future
  906. 96%Bypassing Android MDM using Electromagnetic Fault Injection by a Gas Lighter for $1.5
  907. 93%View Background Image
  908. 98%locationtech/jts
  909. 97%My quest to find happiness: Part 1
  910. 99%NuGet/Home
  911. 97%dwmkerr/hacker-laws
  912. 97%gorhill/uMatrix
  913. 98%mozilla/rr
  914. 99%#ServerlessSeptember 2020 Content Collection - updated 🚨 DAILY 🚨
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  916. 95%PowerToys: Utilities to customize Windows 10
  917. 98%I Want to Fix Goodreads
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  920. 99%Goodbye Xamarin.Forms, Hello .NET MAUI!
  921. 99%microsoft/FluidFramework
  922. 92%Free Hosted Titanoboa
  923. 99%AzureAD/microsoft-identity-web
  924. 99%sinshu/managed-doom
  925. 98%The 16 Hour Product
  926. 98%Winning Communication in Remote Teams
  927. 99%connorferster/handcalcs
  928. 99%Monsters Weekly 180 - SQL Profiling with Azure Data Studio
  929. 86%Google, the Stupidity Amplifier — Greg Egan
  930. 94%Anatomy of a low frequency aviation radio beacon
  931. 93%Pure and Applied Chess
  932. 79%Democracy in China During the Early 20th Century
  933. 99%Making WAVs: Understanding, Parsing, and Creating WAV Files in JavaScript
  934. 99%open-sdr/openwifi
  935. 98%projectkudu/kudu
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  937. 99%MSBuild Log Viewer
  938. 98%[PATCH] fs: NTFS read-write driver GPL implementation by Paragon Software.
  939. 96%I Love MDN, or the cult of the free in action
  940. 96%Friday Facts #360 - 1.0 is here! | Factorio
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  942. 85%If the NSA has been hacking everything, how has nobody seen them coming?
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  948. 99%vcmi/vcmi
  949. 77%Talking about power tools of the culture – Andy Sylvester's Web
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  951. 96%Issue UPDATE: in graph theory, different definitions of edge crossing numbers - impact on applications?
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  960. 99%Increasing Battery Life on an Arch Linux Laptop (ThinkPad T14s) - Austin G. Walters
  961. 98%Expanding Beyond 64kb of Memory with Bank Switching (16-Bit VM in JavaScript 012)
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  980. 96%How Machine Learning Pipelines Evolve Based on your Business Maturity
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  985. 94%Life, part 21
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  1016. 99%Versioning an ASP.NET Core API
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  1029. 98%A Guide to Threat Modelling for Developers
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  1031. 98%A Guide to Threat Modelling for Developers
  1032. 99%I made a NES emulator in Rust using generators
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  1037. 87%Sell Yourself Sell Your Work
  1038. 97%Chris's Wiki :: blog/web/HTTPSNoOldServers
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  1040. 99%Web Scraping with R
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  1042. 99%Building an Real Time Event Processor – Part 1
  1043. 99%Release notes/1.0 - Inkscape Wiki
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  1045. 93%Full outage
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  1047. 98%Hacking Together an E-ink Dashboard
  1048. 98%Memories - SizeCoding
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  1053. 99%Hosting Blazor Applications on GitHub Pages - MikaBerglund.com
  1054. 99%EF Core Power Tools - Visual Studio Marketplace
  1055. 92%stochastic terrorism - Wiktionary
  1056. 98%Foone Wiki
  1057. 99%Hands-on Scala Programming
  1058. 98%✏️ safer: a safer file writer ✏️
  1059. 68%Breakthrough of Digital Culture: Finland accepts the Demoscene on its national UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity - Demoscene - The Art of Coding
  1060. 92%‎TF Podcast on Apple Podcasts
  1061. 97%Inkscape 0.92.5 released and Testers needed for Inkscape 1.0 Release Candidate
  1062. 99%Serilog Logging Best Practices
  1063. 96%Welcome!
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  1065. 99%Standing up a local Sql Server development DB w/ Bullseye, Docker, and Roundhouse
  1066. 99%Getting started with bare-metal assembly — Jonas Hvid
  1067. 99%Logging in ASP .NET Core 3.1
  1068. 99%Build stuff!
  1069. 78%STOCK Act - Wikipedia
  1070. 95%Specification by Example, 10 years later
  1071. 91%4.2" and 7.5" NFC-powered e-Paper Displays Work without Battery
  1072. 97%Performance Engineering Blog
  1073. 99%Getting Started with Architecture Decision Records - ardalis
  1074. 99%Fraidycat
  1075. 99%Distributed DMX with Apache Ignite
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  1077. 95%Primes Demo - Making an 8 Bit pipelined CPU
  1078. 99%CLUI: Building a Graphical Command Line
  1079. 98%Structured concurrency - Wikipedia
  1080. 98%1619047 - Let's Encrypt: CAA Rechecking bug
  1081. 98%automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool
  1082. 98%Search
  1083. 99%Just In Time Hooking #
  1084. 97%pwn.college BETA
  1085. 98%Entity Framework Weekly Status Updates (2020) · Issue #19549 · dotnet/efcore
  1086. 98%Entity Framework Weekly Status Updates (2020) · Issue #19549 · dotnet/efcore
  1087. 98%Running Windows 2000 on WSL
  1088. 98%Entity Framework Weekly Status Updates (2020) · Issue #19549 · dotnet/efcore
  1089. 98%Entity Framework Weekly Status Updates (2020) · Issue #19549 · dotnet/efcore
  1090. 99%Part 1 - Introduction and Setting up the REPL
  1091. 99%ErikEJ/EFCorePowerTools
  1092. 98%The friendly Operating System for the Internet of Things
  1093. 98%Entity Framework Weekly Status Updates (2020) · Issue #19549 · dotnet/efcore
  1094. 99%syscolabs/kasaya
  1095. 97%dwmkerr/hacker-laws
  1096. 99%signalrcore
  1097. 99%Text Fragments
  1098. 99%ErikEJ/EFCorePowerTools
  1099. 98%"Reverse Engineering for Beginners" free book
  1100. 98%Scroll To Text Fragment - Chrome Platform Status
  1101. 98%What dotnet new Could Be
  1102. 96%Ghidra
  1103. 96%STM32 Game Boy cartridge – EmerytHacks
  1104. 84%Roam Research – A note taking tool for networked thought.
  1105. 96%Keys Left - You have a finite number of keystrokes left in your hands before you die. How many is that?
  1106. 96%The polygons of Another World: Super Nintendo
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  1110. 65%Are comments allowed in email address domain part?
  1111. 99%EdCharbeneau/CssBuilder
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  1114. 99%Episode 122 – gRPC using .NET Core with Steve Gordon | The 6 Figure Developer
  1115. 94%Champaign Mathematician (with Holly Krieger) - Numberphile Podcast
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  1117. 91%Everything I know about Kubernetes I learned from a cluster of Raspberry Pis | Jeff Geerling
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  1119. 99%WSL + Visual Studio = attaching/launching a Linux .NET Core application on my Window 10
  1120. 98%OData/RESTier
  1121. 99%golang/go
  1122. 99%Episode 371: Howard Chu On the Lightning Memory-Mapped Database (LMDB) : Software Engineering Radio
  1123. 99%LISA2019 Linux Systems Performance
  1124. 98%dapr/dapr
  1125. 95%1590810 - Sectigo: EV SSL Certificates with incorrect businessCategory
  1126. 97%1590171 - QuoVadis: failure to reply in a timely manner
  1127. 99%Terra
  1128. 99%The GROUPing pitfall - ISoft Wiki
  1129. 99%Blazor Simple CQRS with MediatR
  1130. 99%python/cpython
  1131. 99%praeclarum/sqlite-net
  1132. 99%dotnet/roslyn
  1133. 99%svaarala/duktape
  1134. 99%Blazor-State
  1135. 99%AsciiDoc Home Page
  1136. 99%damienbod/AspNetCoreMvcAngular
  1137. 83%Security Incident - Please Change Your Password
  1138. 99%A005185 - OEIS
  1139. 97%Snake Puzzle Games
  1140. 92%NIST submissions - PQC WIKI
  1141. 90%r/Mistborn - A Steel Inquisitor sketch
  1142. 99%Securing an Azure App Service Website under SSL in minutes with Let's Encrypt - Scott Hanselman
  1143. 95%Turning the Nintendo Switch into Android’s best gaming hardware
  1144. 96%The Number Collector (with Neil Sloane) - Numberphile Podcast
  1145. 84%The Mexican Repatriation
  1146. 98%tld-prices.md
  1147. 99%OSCON 2019: Why You Should Care About Open Source Software Foundations
  1148. 97%Zelda Screen Transitions are Undefined Behaviour
  1149. 99%lithnet/ad-password-protection
  1150. 95%The Dehn Invariant - Numberphile
  1151. 90%Block Breakers
  1152. 68%ranjit :music_mouse: (@ranjit@friend.camp)
  1153. 98%User Guide
  1154. 98%radiatoryang/hedera
  1155. 99%ErikEJ/EFCorePowerTools
  1156. 97%Trace Context
  1157. 99%ACCU :: Use UTF-16 Interfaces to Ship Windows Code
  1158. 99%0xd4d/dnSpy
  1159. 97%1552374 - Remove Certinomis - Root CA
  1160. 99%Creating a git repo with Azure Repos and trying out Git LFS
  1161. 99%Shenandoah GC in JDK 13, Part I: Load Reference Barriers
  1162. 99%Compute Shader - OpenGL Wiki
  1163. 99%Entity Framework Weekly Status Updates (2019) · Issue #15403 · dotnet/efcore
  1164. 99%jmcgrew / zilf / wiki / Home — Bitbucket
  1165. 97%Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Katie Bouman - Wikipedia
  1166. 99%.NET Fest 2018. Sasha Goldshtein. Profiling and Debugging .NET Core A…
  1167. 96%On a geometry test
  1168. 98%Xiph.Org Video Presentations: Digital Show & Tell
  1169. 98%Visual Studio 2019 for Mac is now available | Visual Studio Blog
  1170. 99%Getting started with Lithnet Password Protection - Part 1 - Blocking compromised passwords with the 'Have I Been Pwned?' password list
  1171. 98%TechEmpower/FrameworkBenchmarks
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  1173. 90%Chromostereopsis - Wikipedia
  1174. 99%Handling Errors in ASP .NET Core
  1175. 99%Announcing TypeScript 3.1 | TypeScript
  1176. 99%ocornut/imgui
  1177. 99%Crypto Canon - Andreessen Horowitz
  1178. 97%Keybase launches encrypted git
  1179. 97%r/btc - "So no worries, Ethereum's long term value is still ~0." -Greg Maxwell, CTO of Blockstream and opponent of allowing Bitcoin to scale as Satoshi had planned.
  1180. 98%Timestamps
  1181. 95%Pain Elemental reveals the last official secret of Doom 2
  1182. 91%Eternal Doom
  1183. 95%Reconstructing SIGSALY - Schneier on Security
  1184. 95%USB Cable with Embedded Wi-Fi Controller - Schneier on Security
  1185. 93%Friday Squid Blogging: The Future of the Squid Market - Schneier on Security
  1186. 93%ID Systems Throughout the 50 States - Schneier on Security
  1187. 98%oss-security - MatrixSSL stack buffer overflow
  1188. 97%Pricing · Plans for every developer
  1189. 90%kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git - Linux kernel source tree
  1190. 96%TOP 10 Marble Racing Videos 2018
  1191. 91%WikiChip - WikiChip
  1192. 89%A refrigerator that works by stretching rubber bands
  1193. 99%r/math - A monad is a monoid in the category of endofunctors, what's the problem?
  1194. 92%Sesame Street - Rectangles in the city and country (1969)
  1195. 97%OmniSharp/omnisharp-vscode
  1196. 99%dotnet/command-line-api
  1197. 99%dotnet/command-line-api
  1198. 99%OpenID Connect back-channel logout using Azure Redis Cache and IdentityServer4
  1199. 99%Creating a git repo with Azure Repos and trying out Git LFS