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  1. 97%From Visual Basic to Visual Studio: A Journey Through Microsoft’s IDE Evolution
  2. 99%Switching to Linux as a Game Developer
  3. 98%New in .NET 8: ASP.NET Core Identity and How to Implement It
  4. 99%Improve your code quality with GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  5. 99%Generate http files from a swagger definition
  6. 98%Get Ready for Visual Studio at Build 2024: Join Thousands Online! - Visual Studio Blog
  7. 99%Localizing a .NET console or desktop application
  8. 99%Mastering Slash Commands with GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  9. 99%C# in Browser via WebAssembly (without Blazor)
  10. 99%Announcing NuGet Commands in C# Dev Kit - The NuGet Blog
  11. 99%Gratification
  12. 86%Azure Architecture Blog
  13. 98%Fast Search and Replace in Large Number of Files: A Practical Guide
  14. 99%Join the .NET Team at Microsoft Build 2024! - .NET Blog
  15. 84%TypeScript Meets API Design in Microsoft's Game-Changing TypeSpec
  16. 98%Using GitHub Copilot as your Coding GPS - Visual Studio Blog
  17. 99%Package Management & improved .NET Aspire support come to C# Dev Kit - .NET Blog
  18. 99%Proactive Architecture Guarding
  19. 99%.NET Core - View outdated packages
  20. 99%Disabling .NET Aspire authentication to skip the login page
  21. 99%GitHub - alessiodm/drl-zh: Deep Reinforcement Learning: Zero to Hero!
  22. 96%Rock Your Code: Code & App Performance for Microsoft .NET (4th Edition)
  23. 99%Multi-Class Classification Using LightGBM -- Visual Studio Magazine
  24. 99%Exploring .NET Aspire: Building Cloud-Native Apps With Ease | Build5Nines
  25. 99%Hijack DLLs through proxying - Carlos Menezes
  26. 99%Metalama Status Update, April 2024
  27. 99%Embrace AI-Driven Productivity in .NET with JetBrains AI Assistant in ReSharper | The .NET Tools Blog
  28. 98%Announcing the General Availability of PostSharp 2024.1
  29. 98%Demystifying Azure Open AI for App developers
  30. 99%Blazor Basics: Localization Using Resource Files
  31. 98%Unleashing GitHub Copilot for Infrastructure as Code
  32. 99%Code signing on Windows with Azure Trusted Signing · Melatonin
  33. 99%Implementing a functionality with GitHub Copilot for Visual Studio
  34. 99%C# 13 Params Collections
  35. 99%Top 10 VS Code Extensions Every Developer Should Know 2024
  36. 99%HSTS Header Implementation in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  37. 99%Akka.NET, ASP.NET Core, Hosted Services, and Dependency Injection
  38. 98%Working with IAsyncEnumerable in C# - Simple Talk
  39. 99%Thoughts on Primary Constructors in C#
  40. 99%Join us for Azure Developers - .NET Day on April 30!
  41. 98%Exploring the AskVS command in GitHub Copilot for Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  42. 99%Refactor your C# code with primary constructors - .NET Blog
  43. 99%We Migrated a Legacy App with ChatGPT: Here's What Happened
  44. 99%Will Visual Studio Be Migrated to .NET Core and Become Multi-Platform? - NDepend Blog
  45. 98%Using type aliases to make code clearer with generics - Gérald Barré
  46. 99%Uno Platform 5.2 Released - One Project To Rule Them All - Nick's .NET Travels
  47. 96%Announcing the first-ever true .NET Single Project for Mobile, Web, Desktop, and Embedded apps
  48. 98%VSCode Day and Azure Developers .NET Day are coming!
  49. 97%Stop Debugging and Start Running in Visual Studio
  50. 99%Top Linters for JavaScript and TypeScript: Simplifying Code Quality Management
  51. 99%ASP.NET Core Basics: Getting Started with LINQ
  52. 99%Announcing: Azure Developers - .NET Day - .NET Blog
  53. 99%Apple Deployment/Distribution for .NET MAUI Apps
  54. 98%How to use GitHub Copilot Chat in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  55. 98%Visual Studio Code Day 2024
  56. 89%Elastic tabstops - a better way to indent and align code
  57. 99%Data Anomaly Detection Using a Neural Autoencoder with C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  58. 99%The New C# Interceptors vs. AOP
  59. 98%GitHub Copilot Can Do That? | Azure Developers JavaScript Day 2024
  60. 97%Integrating OpenAI's ChatGPT into cross-platform .NET applications
  61. 99%What is PDF? Part 1 – the basics
  62. 99%Extension methods and testing to solve a problem
  63. 98%Introducing the new Copilot experience in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  64. 96%Using Claude Opus to analyze Shakespeare - Jonathan Garelick
  65. 99%.NET April 2024 Updates – .NET 8.0.4, 7.0.18, .NET 6.0.29 - .NET Blog
  66. 94%Cross-Platform Mobile Social Networking App
  67. 94%Twenty Years Is Nothing
  68. 99%How to use Comments to Prompt GitHub Copilot for Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  69. 99%Using Slash Commands in GitHub Copilot for Visual Studio
  70. 98%Introducing the AWS Message Processing Framework for .NET (Preview) | Amazon Web Services
  71. 99%How to Install GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  72. 99%Azure Static Web App - Bring your own API
  73. 99%Managing NuGets in VS Code
  74. 99%New in .NET 8: ASP.NET Core Identity and How to Implement It
  75. 99%A System For The Sixties: The RCA Studio II
  76. 99%Connecting Your Windows and Uno Platform App to ChatGPT with Azure.AI.OpenAI - Nick's .NET Travels
  77. 99%[HOWTO] Exclude content from GitHub Copilot
  78. 99%Create a Custom Static Code Analysis Rule for Azure SQL Database / SQL Server with .NET
  79. 99%How to: Code analyze your SQL Server T-SQL scripts in Visual Studio
  80. 99%Turbo Native iOS and Android apps in 15 minutes | Masilotti.com
  81. 99%A new MSBuild editing experience - Visual Studio Blog
  82. 99%.NET 7 will reach End of Support on May 14, 2024 - .NET Blog
  83. 99%Notes on EndeavourOS
  84. 99%.NET 7 will reach End of Support on May 14, 2024 - .NET Blog
  85. 83%.NET MAUI All-in-One Templates Pack – 20K Installs
  86. 98%Using GitHub Copilot Chat in Visual Studio
  87. 99%Blazor Basics: Working with Blazor Layouts
  88. 99%NuGet: A Step-by-Step Guide to Publishing Your Own Packages
  89. 98%See Your Pull Request Comments with the Latest Preview - Visual Studio Blog
  90. 99%ASP.NET Core Basics: Organize Projects—Architectural Patterns
  91. 98%NuGet–Transitive dependencies
  92. 96%Extending Uno Platform Material Toolkit with overrides: the case of Fluent
  93. 99%Seamless Method Relocation: A Proposal for Visual Studio Refactoring
  94. 99%Azure Static Web App – API Integration
  95. 90%C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code - Visual Studio Subscription
  96. 99%How to use Comments as Prompts in GitHub Copilot for Visual Studio
  97. 99%How Much Can Sqlite Handle? Multiple Threads Concurrently Inserting Into Sqlite
  98. 99%Blazor Render Mode – How To Avoid Dependency Injection Woes
  99. 99%Fritz & Friends Presents Modern .NET Web Day
  100. 98%Announcing SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) for ARM64 Architecture in Visual Studio 17.10 Preview 2 - Visual Studio Blog
  101. 99%NPM–Change cache
  102. 93%Upgrade a Xamarin.Forms app to a .NET MAUI app with the .NET Upgrade Assistant - .NET MAUI
  103. 99%March 2024: Exploring open source at Microsoft, and other highlights for developers
  104. 94%Announcing Uno Tech Bites - first 30 videos available
  105. 91%How we're helping creators disclose altered or synthetic content
  106. 95%devdevdev.net – Le media des développeurs .net francophone
  107. 99%NuGet– Offline support
  108. 98%Why does git have to be so hard?
  109. 99%Understanding .NET Aspire Orchestration
  110. 91%The APL Quest Series | Dyalog Blog
  111. 99%Supercharge Your Visual Studio Code with These Must-Have Extensions
  112. 98%beuke.org
  113. 86%Microsoft is killing Visual Studio App Center next year, set to retire in March 2025
  114. 96%Github Copilot– Some experimentation
  115. 98%GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio: A Recap of 2023 - Visual Studio Blog
  116. 99%Why reaching 100% Code Coverage must NOT be your testing goal (with examples in C#)
  117. 99%What’s New in .NET MAUI 9 Preview 2
  118. 99%C# 12: Primary Constructors
  119. 99%Introducing Visual Studio 17.10 – Preview 2 is Here! - Visual Studio Blog
  120. 98%Refining Your Search: Introducing NuGet.org's Compatible Framework Filters - The NuGet Blog
  121. 99%.NET March 2024 Updates – .NET 8.0.3, 7.0.17, .NET 6.0.28 - .NET Blog
  122. 97%.NET 8 SDK – Visual Studio 2022 Compatibility
  123. 98%.NET Aspire preview 4 - .NET Aspire
  124. 98%Unity extension for Visual Studio Code - Now Generally Available - .NET Blog
  125. 98%AspNetCore.Http.Abstractions is deprecated
  126. 99%Comparing Raw ASP.NET Request Throughput across Versions
  127. 98%Revisited - let‘s publish a WinUI 3 app as a single exe
  128. 99%S06E12 - nanoFramework: Unleashing the Power of C# in Embedded Systems and IoT with José Simões
  129. 99%Flexible and Economical UTF-8 Decoder
  130. 99%Updating to .NET 8, updating to IHostBuilder, and running Playwright Tests within NUnit headless or headed on any OS
  131. 96%Visual Studio 2022 Version 17.9: A Comprehensive Update for C++ Developers - Visual Studio Blog
  132. 87%"Java is here to stay": Popular programming language to remain on business hit lists in 2024
  133. 92%Build a .NET MAUI Blazor Hybrid app
  134. 99%Building AI Bots, Extending Copilot for Microsoft 365, and more with .NET and Teams Toolkit - .NET Blog
  135. 99%Announcing TypeScript 5.4 - TypeScript
  136. 99%Performance test your ASP.NET Core app using Bombardier
  137. 99%What's new in ASP.NET Core 8.0
  138. 99%Visual Studio updates for F# | .NET Conf 2023
  139. 71%Visual Studio Subscriptions - A Product Manager's Journey - Visual Studio Blog
  140. 99%.NET Monthly Roundup - February 2024 - Top blog posts, VS News, .NET 9 Vision, and more!
  141. 99%Is Azure DevOps "Dead"? | Ben Sampica
  142. 99%A little Nix fix
  143. 89%Update on Windows Subsystem for Android
  144. 97%Why choose Uno Platform for your next .NET Project?
  145. 99%How to Use BenchmarkDotNet: 6 Simple Performance-Boosting Tips to Get Started
  146. 97%Code coverage features in Visual Studio Enterprise - Visual Studio Blog
  147. 99%Using WSA for .NET MAUI Android Development
  148. 99%Docker Init for ASP.NET Core Compared to VS or VS Code Extensions
  149. 98%Standalone Aspire dashboard sample app - Code Samples
  150. 99%Using ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot to Generate the XAML for your Windows application - Nick's .NET Travels
  151. 97%My Thoughts On Using GitHub CoPilot - Mark Oliver's World
  152. 99%Unveiling Spargine 8: A Comprehensive Guide to .NET 8 Integration and Exciting Feature Updates
  153. 99%View your GCs statistics live with dotnet-gcstats!
  154. 93%.NET is the best backend for your JavaScript frontend | .NET Conf 2023
  155. 98%GitHub Copilot Analysis, Customized Rules, and more come to the Azure Migrate application and code assessment - .NET Blog
  156. 99%WinForms Designer Selection for 32-bit .NET Framework Projects  - Visual Studio Blog
  157. 95%Visual Studio Marketplace
  158. 99%Generate Blazor Websites in Minutes with Visual Studio's NEW Scaffolder!
  159. 99%Refactoring C# Code – 4 Essential Techniques Simplified
  160. 91%Transformative Work as Livelihood
  161. 95%Uno Platform for Figma plugin RTM!
  162. 97%Grial Studio - Your .NET MAUI UI Expert Assistant in Visual Studio
  163. 98%Visual Studio's Full Year in Review (2023) - Visual Studio Blog
  164. 99%The FAST and the Fluent: A Blazor story - .NET Blog
  165. 99%2023’s Top 10 New Features for .NET in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  166. 99%Using Autofac in C# – 3 Simple Tips for Beginners
  167. 99%Using Visual Studio Code for .NET MAUI Development
  168. 98%GitHub - google/gemma.cpp: lightweight, standalone C++ inference engine for Google's Gemma models.
  169. 99%Scrutor vs Autofac in C#: What You Need To Know
  170. 98%Intel Processor Instability Causing Oodle Decompression Failures
  171. 98%Introducing Modular Monoliths: The Goldilocks Architecture
  172. 99%An Active Local NuGet Server
  173. 99%Announcing TypeScript 5.4 RC - TypeScript
  174. 97%Install Teams Toolkit in Visual Studio - Teams
  175. 96%No Simple Answers In Stereo
  176. 99%WinForms in a 64-Bit world - our strategy going forward - .NET Blog
  177. 98%A Streamlined Extension Manager comes to Visual Studio 17.9 - Visual Studio Blog
  178. 99%Visual Studio Presentation Mode
  179. 92%The killer app of Gemini Pro 1.5 is video
  180. 95%12 Simple .NET MAUI Do's and Don'ts -- Visual Studio Magazine
  181. 99%VisualStudio.Extensibility: Install extensions without restarting Visual Studio! - Visual Studio Blog
  182. 96%Visual Studio–Share your settings
  183. 99%The Main Architecture of MAME.NET
  184. 99%Work with Web API and Class Library projects in Visual Studio Code | BinaryIntellect Knowledge Base
  185. 99%Automated AWS IAM Access Key Rotation with .NET, AWS Lambda, SNS, and EventBridge Scheduler | Code With Mukesh
  186. 99%An Introduction to the World of Containers with .NET 8
  187. 99%Release Notes for February 15, 2024
  188. 99%Azure Functions: Unlocking the power of serverless computing
  189. 99%Staircase Imports - Visual Studio Marketplace
  190. 89%EFCore.Visualizer - Visual Studio Marketplace
  191. 98%8 things you didn’t know you could do with GitHub Copilot
  192. 99%Principal Component Analysis from Scratch Using Singular Value Decomposition with C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  193. 99%.NET MAUI on .NET 9
  194. 99%Schedule AWS Lambda With Amazon EventBridge Scheduler: Powerful Serverless Scheduling! | Code With Mukesh
  195. 99%[ENG] Improving Your Code Coverage | Microsoft Visual Studio YouTube channel
  196. 99%NUnit in ASP.NET Core – What You Need To Get Started
  197. 99%Changing TypeScript library functions while keeping backwards compatibility
  198. 99%Aaron Schlesinger's Personal Site
  199. 99%OpenSilver 2.1 Brings F# Support for the Silverlight Reimplementation
  200. 99%Introducing Visual Studio 17.10 – Preview 1 is Here! - Visual Studio Blog
  201. 97%From SpecFlow to Reqnroll: Why and How • Reqnroll
  202. 99%Episode 486 - Azure Savings Plans
  203. 99%What’s new in Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio 17.9 - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  204. 99%Weak Events in C# – How to Avoid Nasty Memory Leaks
  205. 96%Frontiers | Handwriting but not typewriting leads to widespread brain connectivity: a high-density EEG study with implications for the classroom
  206. 99%Visual Studio 2022 17.9 Now Available - Visual Studio Blog
  207. 98%ASP.NET Core Basics: Data Structures—Part 2
  208. 99%Interactive what now? Deciphering Blazor's web app project template options
  209. 99%.NET February 2024 Updates – .NET 8.0.2, 7.0.16, .NET 6.0.27 - .NET Blog
  210. 98%Developer Community
  211. 99%Announcing NuGet 6.9 - The NuGet Blog
  212. 99%Azure Developer CLI (azd) - February 2024 Release
  213. 96%AI Marks New Release of Visual Studio 2022 17.9 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  214. 99%.NET Aspire preview 3 - .NET Aspire
  215. 99%Our Vision for .NET 9 - .NET Blog
  216. 99%Choosing the Right UI Framework for Native Windows Applications -- Visual Studio Magazine
  217. 99%Hosting model for .NET APIs [Pt 2] | Back-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  218. 99%Dumping the managed heap in C#
  219. 99%xUnit in ASP.NET Core – What You Need to Know to Start
  220. 99%New Features in C# 12
  221. 98%A Look Back: Visual Studio’s Profiling Tool Advancements in 2023 - Visual Studio Blog
  222. 96%First look at profiling tools - Visual Studio (Windows)
  223. 93%For Build Developer Conference, Semantic Kernel AI SDK Aims for 'First-Class Agent Support' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  224. 99%NDepend is the must-have tool for .NET applications. Discovering the report feature at a glance.
  225. 99%Better together with Entity Framework Core Power Tools - use a SQL Server Database Project (.dacpac) and EF Core
  226. 97%C# code snippets for Resharper and Rider
  227. 99%GitHub - kzu/StreamAI: A sample of how to implement streaming responses from OpenAI using SignalR
  228. 99%Episode 485 - Copilot for Azure
  229. 99%'Prompt Engineering' Jokes Abound when GitHub Asks Devs for Tips -- Visual Studio Magazine
  230. 99%These aren't your grandma's Templates
  231. 99%C#/.NET gRPC Service with Duplex (Bidirectional) Streaming
  232. 99%Implementing your personal production-ready Telegram bot using AI tools to monitor, transcribe, summarize and voice videos from YouTube
  233. 98% I accidentally Blender VSE · Aras' website
  234. 99%.NET MAUI – Item Templates – Made Easy on CLI and VS Code
  235. 99%Supporting Multiple String Formats from Your Class -- Visual Studio Magazine
  236. 99%My Top 10 NEW Visual Studio Features of 2023 for .NET Developers - .NET Blog
  237. 99%Developing With Accessibility in Mind at Microsoft   - Visual Studio Blog
  238. 90%Architecting Cloud Native .NET Applications for Azure - .NET
  239. 99%Build and run your first Blazor web app [Pt 2] | Front-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  240. 99%From Zero to .NET MAUI: Seeking One Codebase to Run Everywhere -- Visual Studio Magazine
  241. 75%PowerShell Team Eyes AI LLM Integration in Shell -- Visual Studio Magazine
  242. 99%Solved! Visual Studio .http File Not Sending Authorization Header
  243. 99%Migrating .NET applications to Azure | .NET Conf 2023
  244. 94%'F# Meets XAML' in Open Source Silverlight Alternative, OpenSilver 2.1 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  245. 98%Great containers with .NET, Visual Studio, and VS Code [Pt 2] | Containers with .NET for Beginners
  246. 99%Develop ASP.NET Core apps using Visual Studio Code | BinaryIntellect Knowledge Base
  247. 99%.NET APIs Part 6 – Swagger
  248. 99%.NET R&D Digest (January, 2024)
  249. 98%Exploring the Code World: dotNetDave Inquires About Guests’ Hobbies and Pastimes – Part 1
  250. 84%Copilot by the Numbers: Microsoft's Big AI Bet Paying Off -- Visual Studio Magazine
  251. 99%Dev Tunnels: A Game Changer for Mobile Developers - .NET Blog
  252. 99%Microsoft Introduces Visual Studio Code Extension for SharePoint Embedded
  253. 99%InfoQ: dotnet news articles for January - 2024, by me.
  254. 99%Pkl :: Pkl Docs
  255. 95%12 Simple .NET MAUI Do's and Don'ts -- Visual Studio Magazine
  256. 99%What's the deal with .NET & Containers? [Pt 1] | Containers with .NET for Beginners
  257. 93%Devs Can Now Just Say 'Hey Code' to Start Copilot Chat in VS Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  258. 96%What's New in Java Tooling for VS Code and Azure -- Visual Studio Magazine
  259. 99%Online: Application Building with .NET Aspire & ASP.NET Core 8
  260. 99%Uno Platform 5.1 Release: Live Wizard, New UI Controls and Performance Improvements
  261. 99%What's New in NuGet for .NET 8 | .NET Conf 2023
  262. 99%Matrix Inverse from Scratch Using SVD Decomposition with C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  263. 81%.NET MAUI Minutes
  264. 99%Log Request Headers Middleware for ASP.NET Core
  265. 99%In the Debugger's Spotlight: A Year in Review - Visual Studio Blog
  266. 96%Uno Platform 5.1 : Live Wizard for Rider & VS Code users, New Controls, Perf improvements and more.
  267. 99%Custom Middleware in ASP.NET Core – How to Harness the Power!
  268. 99%A Year of C++ Improvements in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  269. 98%My 2023 Homelab Setup
  270. 99%How to create custom snippets in Visual Studio 2022
  271. 91%New GitHub Copilot Chat AI Features Help Set the Intent: 'This Is the Future' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  272. 84%Think for yourself if you want AI to teach you how to code
  273. 99%.NET MAUI: Update NuGet Packages using Visual Studio Code
  274. 99%How to deploy .NET Aspire apps to Azure Container Apps - .NET Blog
  275. 99%Visual Studio GitHub Copilot Extension Introduces New Features and Enhancements
  276. 99%Intro to Visual Studio Code | .NET MAUI Minutes
  277. 99%Microsoft Introduces New MSTest Runner: Portability, Reliability, Extensibility and More
  278. 99%S6E10 - The .NET Trilogy and Learning .NET with Mark J Price
  279. 66%New GitHub Copilot Research Finds 'Downward Pressure on Code Quality' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  280. 88%Does gear matter?
  281. 99%Introducing Xamarin.Forms Templates
  282. 99%SourceGear Rust - Visual Studio Marketplace
  283. 99%.NET Rocks! Uno Update with Nick Randolph
  284. 95%Understanding how GitHub Copilot works
  285. 99%Code Faster and Better with GitHub Copilot's New Features: Slash Commands and Context Variables - Visual Studio Blog
  286. 99%How we made an animated movie in 8kB - Ctrl-Alt-Test
  287. 98%Burke Learns Blazor - API Wrap Up
  288. 96%Microsoft Asks Devs About Visual Studio Pet Peeves: 'Don't Get Me Started' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  289. 99%Introducing the MSTest Runner - CLI, Visual Studio, & More - .NET Blog
  290. 99%Elevate Your Git and GitHub Skills in Visual Studio with the Intermediate and Advanced Series - Visual Studio Blog
  291. 99%So You Wanna Package Some Native Libs Into A NuGet Package - k-hole
  292. 89%Microsoft: Study Proves Investing in 'DevEx' Pays Off -- Visual Studio Magazine
  293. 94%Use Azure Quantum 'Playground' to Explore New v1.0 Dev Kit -- Visual Studio Magazine
  294. 97%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Brian Ketelson
  295. 99%Using MariaDB With ASP.NET Core Web API - Code Maze
  296. 98%Visual Studio productivity features in 2023 - Visual Studio Blog
  297. 99%Build .NET Aspire apps with Node.js - .NET Aspire
  298. 99%Creating .NET Applications with Azure DevOps: A Comprehensive Guide
  299. 96%'All-in-One Search' Leads New Visual Studio Productivity Features -- Visual Studio Magazine
  300. 98%Introducing .NET MAUI Generic Item Templates for Visual Studio 2022
  301. 99%How to get assembly code generated by the JIT for a C# method - Gérald Barré
  302. 99%Visual Studio 2022 - 17.9 Preview 3: Brings All-in-One Search Improvements
  303. 99%Overview over Microsoft's developer tools for Windows
  304. 91%.NET Conf Local, Tue, Jan 23, 2024, 6:00 PM | Meetup
  305. 97%My Wrap Up of 2023: A Year of Growth and Recognition
  306. 96%Anime: A Slave Industry
  307. 99%Timeline Xamarin Apps – AskXammy
  308. 99%Developing & Working with .NET Containers on Windows ARM Devices
  309. 99%.NET MAUI: Archive and Publish using Visual Studio Code
  310. 99%The case of the fail-fast trying to log a caught exception - The Old New Thing
  311. 99%NuGetSolver: Easier Dependency Conflicts Resolution in Visual Studio
  312. 99%ASP.NET Core Basics: Knowing and Applying Design Patterns
  313. 96%Latest updates for Remote Linux Development in Visual Studio: Remote File Explorer, Integrated Terminal, and more... - Visual Studio Blog
  314. 99%aspire-samples/samples/AspireWithJavaScript at main · dotnet/aspire-samples
  315. 79%The Quiet Death of Ello's Big Dreams - Waxy.org
  316. 99%[Japanese] Let's Learn .NET - 日本語
  317. 98%.NET Conf Pune 2023 (Virtual), Sat, Jan 20, 2024, 11:00 AM | Meetup
  318. 99%Deploy apps to Azure Container Apps easily with .NET Aspire
  319. 99%17.9 Preview 3 brings exciting changes to Code Search - Visual Studio Blog
  320. 93%Prompt engineering with Semantic Kernel
  321. 99%Principal Component Analysis (PCA) from Scratch Using the Classical Technique with C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  322. 97%Progress Report December 2023
  323. 99%Introducing NuGetSolver: A Powerful Tool for Resolving NuGet Dependency Conflicts in Visual Studio - The NuGet Blog
  324. 97%Publishing your .NET containers everywhere! [Pt 3] | Containers with .NET for Beginners
  325. 99%How to kill a process running on a local port in Windows
  326. 99%Episode 484 - Production LiveSite Review
  327. 97%The roadmap to Product/Market Fit… maybe
  328. 98%.NET 8 — Frozen Collections
  329. 98%TypeScript Full Course From Zero to Expert
  330. 99%The Best C# Books For Beginner Developers: Top 6 Picks
  331. 99%[HOWTO] Configure Serilog for a .NET Core Web API running on Azure App Service
  332. 99%Integrating Generative AI in .NET with Amazon BedRock - Super Charge your API with AI | Code With Mukesh
  333. 99%Security with Windows Applications and AppContainers - Nick's .NET Travels
  334. 99%Add Kafka Component by g7ed6e · Pull Request #951 · dotnet/aspire
  335. 99%.NET Continuous Profiler: Under the Hood
  336. 99%S06E09 - From Code Generation to Revolutionary RavenDB: Unveiling the Database Secrets with Oren Eini
  337. 99%Connect a .NET app to an external PostgreSQL database | Red Hat Developer
  338. 99%ASP.NET Core Basics: Understanding and Practicing SOLID
  339. 98%.NET Aspire with Angular, React, and Vue - Code Samples
  340. 99%.NET Blazor Hybrid – Windows Desktop Templates
  341. 89%Microsoft Issues 'Special Invitation' to Visual Studio Live! Developer Conference -- Visual Studio Magazine
  342. 86%The Hanselminutes Podcast by Scott Hanselman
  343. 99%Distributed Concurrent Actor Models with Akka.NET -- Visual Studio Magazine
  344. 99%Azure DevOps Podcast: Jeff Fritz: .NET Conf Recap - Episode 278
  345. 94%Among Hundreds of AI Tools for VS Code, GitHub Copilot Chat Explodes -- Visual Studio Magazine
  346. 98%2023 – a year of community experiments - Visual Studio Blog
  347. 99%What’s new in the .NET MAUI All-in-One Templates Pack
  348. 99%.NET January 2024 Updates – .NET 8.0.1, 7.0.15, .NET 6.0.26 - .NET Blog
  349. 99%Building Distributed Applications With .NET Aspire - Code Maze
  350. 98%Visual Studio Performance Highlights Delivered in 2023 - Visual Studio Blog
  351. 98%Microsoft PowerToys Getting New PowerShell Module -- Visual Studio Magazine
  352. 99%.NET 8 🔥🚀 : Exploring Dependency Injection Features
  353. 97%Daniel Rosenwasser on TypeScript and What’s Ahead in 2024
  354. 99%SharpMoku a Gomoku/Five in a Row Written in C#
  355. 99%Have you ever used AWS CDK Explorer for VS Code?
  356. 99%Running with VSTest | BenchmarkDotNet
  357. 90%GitHub Copilot Chat Heralds Speech as 'New Universal Programming Language' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  358. 99%Broker Architectural Pattern in C# - Code Maze
  359. 97%Classic Solitaire
  360. 95%VB, Linux, Copilot, AI and a Meme
  361. 95%Top 10 things we shipped in 2023
  362. 93%New Tool Helps Migrate On-Premises .NET Apps to Azure Cloud -- Visual Studio Magazine
  363. 98%Rockin’ the Code World Season 4: Special Guest Leslie Richardson
  364. 99%Microsoft Announces AppCAT: Simplifying Azure Migration for .NET Apps
  365. 99%Next.js + ASP.NET Core を .NET Aspire で構成する(with YARP) - Qiita
  366. 97%Microsoft Ignite 2023 Book of News
  367. 96%.NET Rocks! Energy in 2023 Geek Out
  368. 99%Visual Studio 2013 Retirement: Support reminder for older versions of Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  369. 98%Serializing restaurant tables in C#
  370. 99%Jason Eckert's Website and Blog
  371. 99%Matrix Inverse from Scratch Using QR Decomposition with C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  372. 99%Announcing the Azure Migrate Application and Code Assessment tool for .NET - .NET Blog
  373. 99%Introducing Grial Studio for .NET MAUI | .NET Conf 2023
  374. 99%Differences Between NUnit, xUnit and MSTest - Code Maze
  375. 96%Learnings from Exploring Salesforce — Cohezion
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  1789. 99%Building Microsoft Teams Bots with .NET & the Teams Toolkit | .NET Conf 2022
  1790. 99%Changes to Project.json
  1791. 99%Debugging in .NET apps using Visual Studio Part 1
  1792. 99%Building Serverless Applications with Azure Function App: A Beginner's Guide
  1793. 97%AWS Lambdas with C# - Simple Talk
  1794. 99%Azure Data Studio 1.41 release - Microsoft SQL Server Blog
  1795. 98%Spring Cloud Azure 5.0 Ships with Updated, Redesigned Documentation -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1796. 98%Getting Started with the .NET MAUI ListView
  1797. 99%What's New in Progress Telerik UI for Blazor, .NET MAUI and WinForms -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1798. 97%Introducing the Git Status Bar and Testing Improvements in Visual Studio for Mac 17.5
  1799. 99%Using Command Binding in Windows Forms apps to go Cross-Platform
  1800. 99%Take ChatGPT for a Spin with VS Code Tools -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1801. 99%Download .NET (Linux, macOS, and Windows)
  1802. 98%Documents and tool windows unleashed
  1803. 99%5 Techniques for Mastering the Art of Debugging in Visual Studio
  1804. 97%New .NET Community Toolkit Analyzers Help Noobs Improve Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1805. 99%Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Your Git Flow in Visual Studio
  1806. 99%Using .NET code from JavaScript using WebAssembly - Gérald Barré
  1807. 99%PowerShell Extension for Visual Studio Code January 2023 Update
  1808. 99%Configuring AWS Credentials for .NET Applications - Detailed Guide
  1809. 99%New Features in Visual Studio 2022 17.5 Preview Releases
  1810. 96%EditorBrowsableAttribute Class (System.ComponentModel)
  1811. 97%A Rough Debut for Visual Studio Spell Checker Preview -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1812. 99%10 VS Code Extensions I Couldn't Live Without - CodeJourney.net
  1813. 99%Visual Studio Spell Checker Preview Now Available
  1814. 99%How to Get The List of Properties in C# - Code Maze
  1815. 98%10 AI Tools for Developers to Boost Productivity
  1816. 99%Visual Studio 2022 17.5 Preview 3 is here!
  1817. 96%Build games with C# and Visual Studio | .NET Conf 2022
  1818. 99%Logistic Regression from Scratch Using Raw Python -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1819. 99%Creating a 'Hello World' Application with Razor Pages and .NET Core: A Step-by-Step Guide
  1820. 99%Building Minimal API Endpoints in ASP.NET Core (.NET 7)
  1821. 99%Building Minimal API Endpoints in ASP.NET Core (.NET 7)
  1822. 98%Visual Studio Debugging Mastery: 5 Techniques for .NET Developers with Step-by-Step Examples
  1823. 99%Checking for Overflow in C#
  1824. 99%Designing Scalable .NET Solutions: An Overview of Architectural Patterns and Trade-Offs
  1825. 99%New: Better search in Visual Studio
  1826. 99%BlazorForms Low-Code Open-Source Framework. Part 1: Introduction and Seed Projects
  1827. 99%Full-Day Workshop - Asynchronous & Parallel Programming in C# (March 2023)
  1828. 99%Not everyone's currently building for the Web, but probably more people should
  1829. 99%Connecting to a SignalR Hub using JavaScript: A Step-by-Step Tutorial
  1830. 99%Dots - the friendly .NET SDK manager
  1831. 97%Please tell us about your .NET MAUI development experience!
  1832. 99%Episode 451 - Landing Zones
  1833. 98%Visual Studio 2022 Release Notes
  1834. 99%Azure DevOps Server - Switch from HTTP to HTTPS–Part 4
  1835. 94%JavaScript Survey: Devs Want Static Typing (and Favor TypeScript over Vanilla JS) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1836. 99%The yaml document from hell
  1837. 97%Debugging Encoded Text
  1838. 99%Getting Started with the .NET MAUI DataGrid Control
  1839. 92%Microsoft Livestream Series Bolsters Python in VS Code (250 Million Installs) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1840. 99%Making an Asynchronous Breakfast in .NET
  1841. 99%Visual Studio Live! Flashback: Microsoft's Top 3 Goals for .NET (and .NET 7) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1842. 99%.NET January 2023 Updates – .NET 7.0.2, .NET 6.0.13
  1843. 95%Azure Functions – Serverless Functions in Computing | Microsoft Azure
  1844. 95%.NET MAUI Devs Hold 'Ask Me Anything' Community Standup -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1845. 98%Five shortcuts to boost your productivity
  1846. 99%The Road to Out-of-Process ReSharper: Asynchronous Typing | The .NET Tools Blog
  1847. 95%PowerShell IntelliSense completion
  1848. 99%SQLitePCLRaw and open source sustainability
  1849. 99%Microsoft PowerToys Now Installs .NET 7 for You -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1850. 98%Avoiding Primitive Obsession in .NET
  1851. 99%Fix that damn Git Unsafe Repository
  1852. 99%Build Containers Without a Dockerfile
  1853. 99%10 features to jumpstart your Microsoft Teams app development
  1854. 99%Debugger Text Visualizer
  1855. 95%What's New for Java in Microsoft Dev Tooling -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1856. 99%Multi-Class Classification Accuracy by Class Using PyTorch -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1857. 99%Improving the support of multiple languages in .NET applications – The Reformed Programmer
  1858. 99%How to Add a BearerToken to an HttpClient Request - Code Maze
  1859. 98%Sticky Scroll comes to Visual Studio (preview) - Nick's .NET Travels
  1860. 99%Oly/README.md at main · TIHan/Oly
  1861. 99%GitHub - Blazored/SessionStorage: A library to provide access to session storage in Blazor applications
  1862. 99%Give your strings context with StringSyntaxAttribute
  1863. 98%I did Advent of Code on a PlayStation | Ben Visness
  1864. 99%Top .NET Blog Posts of 2022
  1865. 99%Learning OCaml in 2023 | sancho.dev
  1866. 99%The Service and the Beast: Building a Windows Service that Does Not Fail to Restart
  1867. 97%ML.NET 2.0 Release Contains New NLP APIs and AutoML Updates
  1868. 98%.NET MAUI Framework and .NET MAUI Community Toolkit Updated for .NET 7
  1869. 99%.NET MAUI Architecture Overview [3 of 8] | .NET MAUI for Beginners
  1870. 98%Saving Christmas with Functional C# - Part One
  1871. 99%O9d.AspNet.FluentValidation 0.1.1
  1872. 97%VS Code v1.74 (November 2022): 'Remote Development Even Better' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1873. 98%Write markdown without leaving Visual Studio
  1874. 99%Delete dotnet bin and obj folders recursively
  1875. 98%Episode 450 - Twitter Live Spaces Discussion
  1876. 99%Adding new files just got a lot faster
  1877. 88%Spring Cloud Azure 4.5 Furthers Microsoft's 'Passwordless' Push -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1878. 96%On the large number of ways of expressing Microsoft Visual C++ compiler versions
  1879. 97%EF Core Power Pack - Visual Studio Marketplace
  1880. 99%Running Optimizely CMS 12 (Episerver) on a Raspberry Pi
  1881. 99%Will ChatGPT replace .NET developers?
  1882. 94%'Is WPF Dead?' Some Devs Claim 'Yes' as Microsoft Relegates Issues/PRs to the Community -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1883. 99%How to customize Swagger UI with custom CSS in .NET 7 - Code4IT
  1884. 95%Java on Azure Tooling Update Boosts Remote Debugging -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1885. 98%Sticky Scroll now in preview
  1886. 99%Web API Analyzers in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  1887. 99%Applying the CQRS Pattern in an ASP.NET Core Application
  1888. 99%VS Code Preview: Python in the Browser, Executed by WebAssembly -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1889. 99%Dev tunnels in Visual Studio for ASP.NET Core projects
  1890. 99%Baby Steps With TypeScript
  1891. 81%Visual Studio 2022 v17.5 Preview 2: Guided by Developer Community Votes -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1892. 98%Try out Visual Studio 2022 version 17.5 Preview 2
  1893. 99%.NET December 2022 Updates – .NET 7.0.1, .NET 6.0.12, .NET Core 3.1.32
  1894. 98%MAUI Sounds Amazing. Is It?
  1895. 98%Azure DevOps Podcast: Jeff Fritz: Evolving Cloud Architecture - Episode 222
  1896. 99%Text Classification in C# with ML.NET 2.0
  1897. 95%Microsoft Eyes New 'Developer News' Feed in Visual Studio, Last Seen in VS 2017 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1898. 99%Polyglot Notebooks - December 2022 Release
  1899. 99%Schedule Jobs with Quartz.NET - Code Maze
  1900. 99%Blazor Code Generation | Infragistics Blog
  1901. 99%Visual Studio Code - Code Editing. Redefined
  1902. 99%dev-wasm
  1903. 99%Making Remote Development Even Better
  1904. 99%.NET MAUI Community Standup - Polished UI for .NET MAUI with Telerik
  1905. 99%Developing distributed applications with Tye
  1906. 99%Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core with Project Migrations Part 5
  1907. 99%Atari Dev Studio - Visual Studio Marketplace
  1908. 99%ReSharper 2022.3 Released With More C# 11 Features, NuGet Vulnerabilities Detection, and Support for Visual Studio ARM64. | The .NET Tools Blog
  1909. 99%My Christmas Wish List from Visual Studio and the C# Build System
  1910. 98%Announcing PowerShell Crescendo 1.1.0-preview01
  1911. 99%.NET Monthly Roundup - November 2022
  1912. 94%What’s new in Visual Studio productivity
  1913. 99%Logging and global error handling in .NET 7 WPF applications
  1914. 99%Convert a project to use centralised package management
  1915. 99%Custom Controls for WinForm's Out-Of-Process Designer
  1916. 97%Get your developer news
  1917. 99%Introducing C#11: Extended nameof parameter scope
  1918. 98%GitHub - aspnet-contrib/AspNet.Security.OAuth.Providers: OAuth 2.0 social authentication providers for ASP.NET Core
  1919. 99%.NET 7 - The StringSyntaxAttribute
  1920. 99%Episode 448 - Azure and OSS
  1921. 99%Building a new JavaScript linting experience in Visual Studio
  1922. 99%Producer-Consumer Applications With .NET Channels Code Maze
  1923. 99%Recap: State of .NET MAUI—.NET Conf 2022
  1924. 96%Replicating Food Delivery App UI with Uno Platform
  1925. 98%GitHub - jgosar/mine-city-2000: A program that converts SimCity 2000 cities into Minecraft worlds
  1926. 99%How the new VSCode XML extension improves developer experience | Red Hat Developer
  1927. 99%How to make the fastest .NET Serializer with .NET 7 / C# 11, case of MemoryPack
  1928. 95%Removing out-of-support components from your Visual Studio installations
  1929. 98%Incremental ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core Migration
  1930. 99%Floating-Point Types in C# - Double vs Float vs Decimal
  1931. 99%GitHub - nenoNaninu/TypedSignalR.Client: C# Source Generator to Create Strongly Typed SignalR Clients.
  1932. 99%Sands of MAUI: Issue #82
  1933. 99%Visual Studio Code for C# Developers | .NET Conf 2022
  1934. 99%A Software Tester Guide to Effective Bug Reporting
  1935. 99%Developer Docs | Developer Resources and Guides | Amazon AWS
  1936. 98%MAUI App Accelerator v1.1 - Now with C# Markup support
  1937. 99%Improve your productivity with Web Live Preview and Telerik
  1938. 99%Use dev tunnels in Visual Studio to debug your web APIs
  1939. 99%Using .NET MAUI to Build a Mobile App
  1940. 99%.NET MAUI – Forget Me Not – 7 – Unit Testing
  1941. 98%Using Live Server with Developer Tools in Visual Studio Code
  1942. 97%Visual Studio for Mac 17.4 Ships with .NET MAUI Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1943. 99%.NET MAUI for Android and cross-platform apps
  1944. 99%.NET MAUI is now available in Visual Studio for Mac 17.4
  1945. 92%.NET 7 Adds Aggressive Garbage Collection for Kubernetes
  1946. 99%Build and publish Visual Studio extensions with GitHub Actions
  1947. 86%So Just How Much Faster Is Visual Studio 2022 17.4? -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1948. 97%Visual Studio 2022 Performance Enhancements 17.4
  1949. 98%Tagged Strings in Visual Studio and .NET 7
  1950. 99%GitHub - chubin/cheat.sh: the only cheat sheet you need
  1951. 96%GitHub Copilot Isn't Worth the Risk
  1952. 99%Visual Studio 'Port Forwarding' Now 'Dev Tunnels,' So What's a Dev Tunnel? -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1953. 97%Intro to LiteDB for .NET Developers. Sample WebApp Included
  1954. 99%C# support in Fleet Public Preview | The .NET Tools Blog
  1955. 98%Enable Group Policy Settings with Visual Studio Administrative Templates (ADMX)
  1956. 75%Dev Skills Report: 'Keep an Eye on TypeScript' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1957. 99%Learn Live - Create multi-page .NET MAUI apps with tab and flyout navigation
  1958. 99%Using Dynamic LINQ With System.Linq.Dynamic.Core Library -
  1959. 98%Python and .NET - An Ongoing Saga
  1960. 99%Building serverless .NET applications on AWS Lambda using .NET 7 | Amazon Web Services
  1961. 99%Upgrade Your .NET MAUI App to .NET 7 - Gerald Versluis
  1962. 95%Windows App SDK 1.2 Lets Devs Create Third-Party Windows 11 Widgets -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1963. 99%GitHub - Alois-xx/SerializerTests: .NET Serializer testing framework
  1964. 97%Microsoft Ships ML.NET 2.0 and New Model Builder Version for Machine Learning -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1965. 99%.NET Survey
  1966. 99%Announcing TypeScript 4.9
  1967. 97%Keyboardless Coding? GitHub Copilot 'AI Pair Programmer' Gets Voice Commands -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1968. 99%Public preview of dev tunnels in Visual Studio for ASP.NET Core projects
  1969. 98%Download .NET 7.0 (Linux, macOS, and Windows)
  1970. 99%.NET 7 for Azure Functions Isolated Worker Process Is Now Generally Available
  1971. 99%Rate Limiting in .NET 7 ⋆ Programming and Tech Blog
  1972. 98%Using ML.NET to estimate water consumption from acceleration measures
  1973. 99%Introducing the C# 11 Required Keyword
  1974. 99%Regression Using PyTorch New Best Practices, Part 2: Training, Accuracy, Predictions -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1975. 99%Multi-repository Support Released!
  1976. 98%Episode 446 - Security & L7 DDoS protection @ Edge, DNS Security, and Private DNS
  1977. 99%Visual Studio 2022 17.4 is now available!
  1978. 99%Episode 110 - JetBrains and Remote Development with Maarten Balliauw
  1979. 98%.NET Conf 2022
  1980. 99%Does anyone like minimal API?
  1981. 98%Source Generated RegEx in .NET 7
  1982. 98%What's New for ASP.NET Core & Blazor in .NET 7 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1983. 98%Introducing Visual Studio Rollback!
  1984. 98%Visual Studio 2022 17.4 Now Generally Available -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1985. 98%.NET Conf 2022 - Day Two After Hours + Day 3
  1986. 97%Deploy Visual Studio updates to devices enrolled in Windows Update for Business
  1987. 98%GHSA-8g2p-5pqh-5jmc - GitHub Advisory Database
  1988. 99%Announcing the .NET 7 for Azure functions isolated worker process is generally available
  1989. 96%.NET Conf 2022 announcements
  1990. 99%Announcing NuGet 6.4 - Signed, Central, Delivered
  1991. 99%Visual Studio for Mac 17.4 is now available
  1992. 99%Arm64 Visual Studio is officially here!
  1993. 99%Visual Studio 2022 17.4 is now available!
  1994. 99%.NET 7: What's new in ASP.NET Core?
  1995. 99%.NET November 2022 Updates – .NET 6.0.11 and .NET Core 3.1.31
  1996. 99%What's new in .NET 7
  1997. 99%.NET 7 is Available Today
  1998. 99%Announcing F# 7
  1999. 99%What's new in Windows Forms in .NET 7.0
  2000. 99%Announcing ASP.NET Core in .NET 7
  2001. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI for .NET 7 General Availability
  2002. 98%ADO.NET provider for Firebird is ready
  2003. 99%Polling asynchronous APIs with Azure Durable Functions
  2004. 97%gRPC Communication In Azure Container Apps - Part 1 - Bit of Technology
  2005. 99%Implementing TDD in a .NET Application
  2006. 99%Peter Ritchie's Blog - Fundamental ASP.Net Minimal API Integration Tests
  2007. 77%Cool features in Visual Studio 2022
  2008. 99%Debugging tips and tools - Gérald Barré
  2009. 98%Create your .NET portfolio in the .NET Conf student zone
  2010. 96%Uno Platform 4.6: Hello .NET 7!
  2011. 97%From Figma to Visual Studio - Adding Back-End Logic to Goodreads App
  2012. 99%PHP in Visual Studio
  2013. 97%Microsoft Introduces New UI Experience for Trying out Computer Vision with Vision Studio
  2014. 99%Azure DevOps Podcast: Isaac Abraham: Farmer for Azure Deployments - Episode 216
  2015. 99%Cool features in Visual Studio 2022
  2016. 99%Announcing TypeScript 4.9 RC
  2017. 99%.NET 7 Performance Improvements in .NET MAUI
  2018. 99%Avoid WebDeploy Locking Errors to IIS with Shadow Copy for ASP.NET Core Apps
  2019. 99%.NET Interactive Notebooks is now Polyglot Notebooks!
  2020. 99%GitHub - dotnet/razor: Compiler and tooling experience for Razor ASP.NET Core apps in Visual Studio, Visual Studio for Mac, and VS Code.
  2021. 99%Regression Using PyTorch, Part 1: New Best Practices -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2022. 97%Microsoft Previews Computer Vision Image Analysis API 4.0
  2023. 90%Exploring the 'Almost Creepy' AI Engine in Visual Studio 2022 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2024. 92%Cool features in Visual Studio 2022
  2025. 99%Slaying Zombie ‘No Repro’ Crashes with Infer#
  2026. 99%‘Scaffold-Dbcontext’ Is Not Recognized When Creating a Model for an Existing Database in Entity Framework Core
  2027. 99%5 ways to boost your collaborative app development
  2028. 99%Creating Good Monoliths in ASP.NET Core
  2029. 99%Amazon.it: Mastering Minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core: Build, test, and prototype web APIs quickly using .NET and C# - Tosato, Andrea, Minerva, Marco, Bartolesi, Emanuele - Libri
  2030. 99%ASP.NET Core Globalization and a custom RequestCultureProvider
  2031. 99%Build your own OAuth 2.0 Server and OpenId Connect Provider in ASP.NET Core 6.0
  2032. 99%Angular Language Service 2022 - Visual Studio Marketplace
  2033. 96%New Azure Visual Studio Images Support Microsoft Dev Box -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2034. 99%Ignite 2022: Highlights for Microsoft Teams app builders
  2035. 94%Uno Platform Roadmap 2023 Survey
  2036. 97%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit v1.3 Supports Gravatar ('Globally Recognized Avatar') -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2037. 98%One Month to GA: .NET 7 Release Candidate 2 Ships -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2038. 99%Minimal APIs overview
  2039. 96%Learning Series: Get started with GitHub in Visual Studio
  2040. 85%A Team at Microsoft is Helping Make Python Faster
  2041. 99%Continuous Integration via GitHub Actions
  2042. 95%Introducing Vision Studio, a UI-based demo interface for Computer Vision
  2043. 97%Visual Studio Dev Requests Code Copying with Proper Indentation, Mads K. Delivers -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2044. 99%Dotnet (.NET) Performance Tracing for WinUI, Uno and Maui Applications - Nick's .NET Travels
  2045. 97%Windows Dev Kit 2023 ('Project Volterra') Debuts as Arm Device for Developers -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2046. 99%Copy with proper indentation
  2047. 99%Episode 1: A basic expression evaluator
  2048. 99%ASP.NET Core Globalization and a custom RequestCultureProvider
  2049. 98%PSScriptAnalyzer (PSSA) 1.21.0 has been released
  2050. 97%With Java 19, VS Code Now Does Virtual Threads While Debugging -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2051. 98%Available today: Windows Dev Kit 2023 aka Project Volterra
  2052. 99%A Minimal API with .NET 6 using C#
  2053. 99%Networking Telemetry in .NET - .NET
  2054. 74%Another GitHub Copilot Detractor Emerges, a California Lawyer Eyeing Lawsuit -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2055. 99%Support reminder for older versions of Visual Studio
  2056. 99%Polyglot Microservices Communication Using Dapr on AKS
  2057. 99%Milestone Reached: 200+ Free Ebooks Are Now Available in the Succinctly Series | Syncfusion Blogs
  2058. 99%CallerLineNumberAttribute Class (System.Runtime.CompilerServices)
  2059. 99%VS 2022 17.4 Preview 4 Features .NET MAUI with .NET 7 Release Candidate 2 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2060. 99%Python isn’t Used in Prod
  2061. 97%Visual Studio Feedback
  2062. 98%MSBuildSdks/README.md at main · microsoft/MSBuildSdks
  2063. 99%Episode 442 - Azure IP Services
  2064. 99%Hosting .NET Web Service in Unmanaged C/C++ Process in Windows and Linux
  2065. 99%GitHub - microsoft/foss-fund: The Microsoft FOSS Fund provides a direct way for Microsoft engineers to participate in the nomination and selection process to help communities and projects they are passionate about. The FOSS Fund provides $10,000 sponsorships to open source projects as selected by Microsoft employees.
  2066. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI support for .NET 7 Release Candidate 2
  2067. 96%Microsoft Power Pages Launches for Low-Code Business Web Sites -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2068. 99%.NET Conf 2022
  2069. 99%3 (and more) ways to set configuration values in .NET - Code4IT
  2070. 97%OpenSilver 1.1 Promises 99% of Code Compatibility with Silverlight Applications
  2071. 99%Localization in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  2072. 99%Simplify NuGet Package Versions in your application with Central Package Management - Nick's .NET Travels
  2073. 99%Logging with Serilog in ASP.NET Core Web API
  2074. 96%Use model validation in minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core 6
  2075. 90%OpenSilver Gets Closer to Open Source Parity with Long-Dead Microsoft Silverlight -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2076. 94%On .NET Live - Build your first Microsoft Teams bot app with .NET
  2077. 97%Configuring Visual Studio to handle using directives automatically - Gérald Barré
  2078. 99%GitHub - xt0rted/dotnet-startup-projects: A dotnet tool to manage multiple Visual Studio startup projects for a solution
  2079. 99%10 Visual Studio Code Extensions You Don’t Need
  2080. 99%AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio 2022 - Visual Studio Marketplace
  2081. 99%Binary Classification Using New PyTorch Best Practices, Part 2: Training, Accuracy, Predictions -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2082. 90%Ignite 2022: Microsoft Low-Code Power Products Get GitHub Copilot 'AI Pair Programmer' Tech -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2083. 89%Ignite 2022 Showcases Visual Studio for Cloud, Collaborative Development -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2084. 99%C# UI and .NET Hot Reload - A Match Made in .NET MAUI
  2085. 99%No Need to Wait for .NET 8 to Try Experimental WebAssembly Multithreading -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2086. 99%Announcing NuGet PackageReference support for C++/CLI MSBuild projects targeting .NET Core and .NET 5 or higher
  2087. 98%One Month to GA: .NET 7 Release Candidate 2 Ships -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2088. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI support for Xcode 14 and iOS 16
  2089. 99%Announcing .NET 7 Release Candidate 2
  2090. 99%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 7 Release Candidate 2
  2091. 99%.NET October 2022 Updates – .NET 6.0.10 and .NET Core 3.1.30
  2092. 98%Refactoring a saga from the State pattern to the State monad
  2093. 97%Simplified Project Setup for Python in Visual Studio Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2094. 95%Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ Gets Azure Cosmos DB Support, Enhances VMs -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2095. 99%Dave's Garage: Ask a Former Microsoft Windows Developer Anything!
  2096. 99%Publishing a NuGet package using GitHub and GitHub Actions - Gérald Barré
  2097. 99%Performance Testing of ASP.NET Core APIs With k6 - Code Maze
  2098. 99%.NET MAUI Community Kit 1.3 Released
  2099. 98%How To Fix Visual Studio Code IntelliSense Loading Infinitely - CodeJourney.net
  2100. 92%VS Code v1.72 Adds Community Discussions for Extension Authors -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2101. 99%Using MediatR with .NET Lambda Functions and Function URLs | no dogma blog
  2102. 97%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit v1.3 Supports Gravatar ('Globally Recognized Avatar') -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2103. 99%The Illustrated Stable Diffusion
  2104. 99%Binary Classification Using PyTorch, Part 1: New Best Practices -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2105. 97%Visual Studio’s Azure Marketplace images now support Microsoft Dev Box
  2106. 97%Visual Studio Talk Show: 0272 - Anthony Giretti - Le processus de création d'un livre technique
  2107. 99%New JavaScript Interop improvements in .NET 7 RC 1
  2108. 99%Add Unit Tests To Your Azure Functions
  2109. 98%Announcing the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit v1.3
  2110. 99%Comparing files in Visual Studio
  2111. 99%The 2 secret endpoints I create in my .NET APIs - Code4IT
  2112. 99%What is .NET - Why Should We Use It, and What Can We Do With It
  2113. 98%The software that I love
  2114. 99%Ensuring best practices for NuGet packages - Gérald Barré
  2115. 99%Upload File using C# ASP.NET FileUpload Control | Pro Code Guide
  2116. 96%Blazor Among Top Libraries for 'Niche' WebAssembly, Which Sees Shrinking Usage -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2117. 98%Generate Strongly-Typed Resources with .NET Core
  2118. 97%Visual Studio Live! - Native Cross-Platform Mobile & Desktop Apps with .NET MAUI
  2119. 99%Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core (Part 4)
  2120. 95%Did .NET MAUI Ship Too Soon? Devs Sound Off on 'Massive Mistake' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2121. 99%Experimental WebTransport over HTTP/3 support in Kestrel
  2122. 99%Securing Web APIs with Azure AD: Connecting Azure Clients
  2123. 99%Fall 2022 Updates for Xamarin, Hello iOS 16 and Android 13
  2124. 99%10 Reasons Startups Prefer Node.js over .NET
  2125. 99%Microsoft Ignite - Session catalog
  2126. 99%Git 101 Basics - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #4
  2127. 98%Basic Text Editing and Hotkeys in VS Code - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #3
  2128. 98%WSL2, Visual Studio Code, Windows 10, Ubuntu/Linux + more - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #19
  2129. 97%Visual Studio for Mac 17.4 Preview 2.1 is now available
  2130. 99%GitHub - Cysharp/MemoryPack: Zero encoding extreme performance binary serializer for C#.
  2131. 99%Securing Web APIs with Azure AD: Connecting External Clients
  2132. 99%Built-in rate limiting in ASP.NET Core vs AspNetCoreRateLimit
  2133. 99%Announcing general availability for Azure Functions v4 .NET framework support in an isolated process
  2134. 99%Bye bye Azure Functions, Hello Azure Container Apps: Migrating from Azure Functions to ASP.NET Core | endjin
  2135. 99%How to generate a dump file of a .NET application - Gérald Barré
  2136. 99%Announcing TypeScript 4.9 Beta
  2137. 93%New Uno Platform 4.5 Furthers Figma Embrace, Picking Up Where Microsoft Blend Left Off -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2138. 73%2022 Board election - Rainer Stropek
  2139. 99%Your very own ringtone! - Visual Studio Marketplace
  2140. 99%Episode 106 - fimi.market and The .NET Tech Stack with Miguel Adwin
  2141. 99%Visual Studio: How to Pair to Mac for iOS Development on Windows - Nick's .NET Travels
  2142. 99%Visual Studio Live! - Build Scalable Web Apps with .NET and Azure
  2143. 98%See Updated 'What's New' Docs for Entity Framework 7 Release Candidate 1 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2144. 99%Building ASP.NET Core Minimal API in VB.NET
  2145. 88%.NET MAUI in .NET 7 Fills In Xamarin Gaps -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2146. 99%Now Introducing Arm64 Support for VS Extensions!
  2147. 97%.NET MAUI Framework Released Together with Visual Studio 2022
  2148. 99%.NET Data Community Standup - Azure Mobile Apps and offline sync
  2149. 99%WebAssembly Steals the ASP.NET Core Show in .NET 7 RC1 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2150. 99%.NET MAUI in .NET 7 Release Candidate 1
  2151. 99%What is NullReferenceException in C#? - Code Maze
  2152. 97%Use Bicep to Deploy Dapr Microservices Apps to Azure Container Apps - Part 10 - Bit of Technology
  2153. 97%Hybrid Web Frameworks Q&A with Allen Conway: Reach Android/iOS with JavaScript, HTML and CSS -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2154. 96%Visual Studio Devs Can Now Roll Back Problematic Updates -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2155. 99%Start using EF Core with your existing Azure SQL Database in 5 minutes | Data Exposed: MVP Edition
  2156. 97%GitHub - hsutter/cppfront: A personal experimental C++ Syntax 2 -> Syntax 1 compiler
  2157. 97%Celebrating 1M installs of Edge DevTools for VS Code
  2158. 96%DataTable Visualizer Improvements
  2159. 99%Uno Platform 4.5: Uno Islands, 4 New Controls, Linux Framebuffer and MUCH more
  2160. 97%Visual Studio Live! - Keynote: Modern Application Development with .NET and Azure
  2161. 99%Episode 438 - Azure NAT Gateway
  2162. 88%First .NET 7 Release Candidate Ships -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2163. 99%Visual Studio 2022 17.4 Preview 2
  2164. 99%Announcing .NET 7 Release Candidate 1
  2165. 98%Azure Code Signing, democratizing trust for developers and consumers
  2166. 60%GitHub - matthiasjost/dotnet-content-creators: ⚡A list of .NET content creators
  2167. 99%Azure Developer Command Line Interface open-source tool to accelerate the time it takes to deploy
  2168. 97%It’s finally here. Bicep is in Visual Studio!
  2169. 99%Architecture of a .NET Application: Case Studies - NDepend
  2170. 99%The Perfect Development Environment
  2171. 89%A Year In, GitHub Measures AI-Based Copilot's Productivity Boost -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2172. 98%.NET September 2022 Updates – .NET 6.0.9 and .NET Core 3.1.29
  2173. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor in .NET 7 Part II
  2174. 99%How to download files from ASP.NET Core MVC
  2175. 99%Blazor Best Practices: Handling Errors
  2176. 99%#CASBAN6: How to set up a local Microsoft SQL database on macOS
  2177. 99%C# Lambda Discards | endjin
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  2179. 99%Multi-Class Classification Using New PyTorch Best Practices, Part 2: Training, Accuracy, Predictions -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2180. 98%Referencing a Local Private NuGet Package in your Solution
  2181. 99%[Last Week in .NET #100] – Where’s the cool kids table?
  2182. 99%Celebrating 10 years of Azure App Service’s free tier
  2183. 99%Automatic issue fixing and filtering in Visual Studio Code
  2184. 99%GitHub - migueldeicaza/SwiftTerm at uiscrollview-2022-07
  2185. 99%.NET 7 comes to Azure Functions & Visual Studio 2022
  2186. 98%Episode 104 - C# with Mads Torgersen
  2187. 99%Sharing Code with Blazor & .NET MAUI
  2188. 99%Alexandre Nédélec - Discussion around API clients
  2189. 92%.NET MAUI Tutorial for Beginners - Build iOS, Android, macOS, & Windows Apps with C# & Visual Studio
  2190. 97%Predict steel quality with Azure AutoML in manufacturing
  2191. 98%Reducing Boilerplate Code in .NET Applications with Command Line Switches | no dogma blog
  2192. 99%Dart is Boring | akos.ma
  2193. 94%Improved IntelliSense Support for Jupyter Notebooks in VS Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2194. 97%Learn Live: Build mobile and desktop apps with .NET MAUI - Events
  2195. 99%Multi-Class Classification Using PyTorch, Part 1: New Best Practices -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2196. 99%Feature Flags in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  2197. 99%GitHub - Sanakan8472/copy-dialog-lunar-lander: Play lunar lander in you windows file copy dialog
  2198. 98%Adding color to bracket pairs
  2199. 97%Malware dev open-sources CodeRAT after being exposed
  2200. 99%Custom Identity User Management in ASP.NET Core - Detailed Guide | Pro Code Guide
  2201. 99%How to Change an Azure Function Written in .NET from In-Process to Isolated Process - Nick's .NET Travels
  2202. 99%UCL & Intel® VisualNav v2 - Facial Navigation for Visual Studio using OpenVino Technology
  2203. 99%03. Build Your First Function | Building Cloud Native Apps
  2204. 99%10 Tiny Things in C#/.NET I Wish Were Different
  2205. 99%Why developers like Blazor
  2206. 99%Improvements to Terraform support for lsp-mode
  2207. 98%ASP.NET Community Standup - Sept 2nd, 2014 - Introduction to ASP.NET vNext, how and why?
  2208. 97%Adelaide .NET User Group (Adelaide, Australia)
  2209. 99%Looping iOS Remote Simulator Connection Issue with .NET MAUI
  2210. 99%My advice on why you should build containers on your PC | Red Hat Developer
  2211. 99%Finally Released: 3-Column Merge Editor in VS Code!
  2212. 99%The Jungle of Metrics Layers and its Invisible Elephant
  2213. 98%Search results for "erikej", Visual Studio on Visual Studio Marketplace
  2214. 98%Generating Code Coverage Metrics for .NET Framework Applications
  2215. 94%.NET Rocks! ALM for Power Platform with Kartik Kanakasabesan
  2216. 95%Merge Editor Improvements Highlight VS Code 1.71 (August 2022 Update) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2217. 91%Windows Devs Prefer PowerShell as CLI -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2218. 99%Alexandre Nédélec - How did I automate the setup of my developer Windows laptop?
  2219. 96%Got Mad .NET MAUI Skills? Show Off! -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  2222. 98%VS Code Emerges As Remote Development Superstar -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2223. 99%New Microsoft Teams App Camp Details How to Build, Sell Teams Apps -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2224. 94%Everything Anyone Could Possibly Want to Know About .NET 7 Performance Improvements -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2225. 98%Visual Studio Code is designed to fracture
  2226. 99%How to Test a REST API with .NET and xUnit - Code Maze
  2227. 99%Build a productivity dashboard with Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio
  2228. 99%Turning Methods Into Benchmarks
  2229. 89%New 'Getting Started' Walkthrough Unveiled for VS Code PowerShell Tool -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2230. 96%Visual Studio Build Tools Licensing Eased for Open Source C++ Projects -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2231. 96%Microsoft Launches New Resource for Java Developers -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2232. 94%What's New in TypeScript 4.8 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2233. 98%CODE Magazine Home
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  2239. 98%Introduction to Machine Learning with C# and ML.NET
  2240. 99%How to create an ASP.NET Core Minimal API with VB.NET (there's no template)
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  2242. 95%Spring Functionality, Debugging Improved in Java on VS Code Update -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  2246. 83%TypeScript Job Postings Explode -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2247. 98%Hard limits of low-code/no-code. The Flatlogic thesis
  2248. 99%Generating Documents using a RESTful, Asynchronous Web API using WebHooks
  2249. 99%Entity Framework Core Power Tools- a visual guide to recent updates
  2250. 95%A Peek at Latest C# 11 Features Coming in November with .NET 7 -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  2252. 99%Azure Cosmos DB SQL Studio is a Hidden Gem!
  2253. 98%[Last Week in .NET #97] – Swimming in Microsoft® Irony for Life Preview 7 Extensions Core (CTP)
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  2260. 99%Learn web development using .NET and Visual Studio
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  2268. 97%Azure's 'Dev Box' Cloud Workstation Service in Public Preview -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2269. 99%.NET Rocks! vNext
  2270. 99%ANOVA Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2271. 99%Live Share: Enterprise Policies are here!
  2272. 99%NDepend
  2273. 95%Canonical/Microsoft Partnership Puts .NET 6 into Ubuntu Linux -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2274. 99%Visual Studio 2022 17.4 Preview 1 Furthers Arm64 Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2275. 98%What's New in Visual Studio 2022 17.4 Preview 1
  2276. 95%Visual Studio Resource Designer
  2277. 99%Git Line-staging Released!
  2278. 99%Securing Amazon API Gateway with Lambda Authorizer in .NET - Detailed Guide
  2279. 99%Creating dotnet solution and project templates
  2280. 99%Using Postman with SignalR WebSockets Development - Trailhead Technology Partners
  2281. 94%Alexa Skills - A Little Easier
  2282. 91%Modernizing Microsoft 365 with a move to Windows containers on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  2283. 96%Microsoft, AWS Lead Cloud AI Developer Services Evaluations -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2284. 98%GA Release of Visual Studio for Mac 17.3 Intros User Secrets for Sensitive Info -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2285. 97%Entity Framework 7 Preview 7 Adds & Improves Interceptors -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2286. 99%Choosing a .NET Memory Profiler in Visual Studio - part 1
  2287. 99%C# 11: Preview of features for .NET 7
  2288. 99%GitHub - ange-yaghi/engine-sim: Combustion engine simulator that generates realistic audio.
  2289. 98%What's New for Blazor, ASP.NET Core in Latest .NET 7 Preview -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2290. 98%VisualStudio.Extensibility: A New Way to Write Extensions
  2291. 98%Microsoft Ships Last Preview of .NET 7 Before Release Candidate -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2292. 93%Visual Studio 2022 17.3, .NET MAUI Now Generally Available -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2293. 99%Securing Web APIs with Azure AD: Enabling Local Development
  2294. 97%VS 2022 for Mac Alternative: Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac & VS Plugin -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2295. 99%Announcing NuGet 6.3 - Transitive Dependencies, Floating Versions, and Re-enabling Signed Package Verification
  2296. 99%Visual Studio for Mac 17.3 is now available
  2297. 95%Introducing Transitive Dependencies in Visual Studio
  2298. 94%HTTPS everywhere
  2299. 99%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 7 Preview 7
  2300. 99%Announcing .NET 7 Preview 7
  2301. 99%Productivity comes to .NET MAUI in Visual Studio 2022
  2302. 99%Announcing .NET Framework 4.8.1
  2303. 99%.NET August 2022 Updates – .NET 6.0.8 and .NET Core 3.1.28
  2304. 99%Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core in Visual Studio
  2305. 98%New for PowerShell: 'Get-WhatsNew' Cmdlet, VS Code Tool Update -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2306. 99%Use Visual Studio Port Tunneling to handle Twilio Webhooks
  2307. 93%To Uncover a Deepfake Video Call, Ask the Caller to Turn Sideways - Metaphysic.ai
  2308. 99%2022-08-08: .NET Community Toolkit 8.0, Rider and ReSharper 2022.2, ILSpy 8.0 Preview 2 - WeekRef.NET
  2309. 98%Cramming 'Papers, Please' Onto Phones
  2310. 99%AWS API Gateway with .NET - HTTP APIs with Lambda & DynamoDB Integrations
  2311. 98%.NET Community Toolkit 8.0 Goes GA -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2312. 57%What's New in Visual Studio Code 1.70 (July 2022 Update) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2313. 95%DreamWorks Animation to Release MoonRay as Open Source
  2314. 99%Interact with a GraphQL API from a .NET Core Application
  2315. 98%Episode 433 - Azure Relay Service
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  2317. 53%Devs Reviving Winamp Struggled with Visual Studio 2008 to 2019 Upgrade -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2318. 99%Differentiating Visual Studio instances
  2319. 98%Happy 5th birthday, Rider 🥳 | The .NET Tools Blog
  2320. 99%Windows Package Manager 1.3
  2321. 99%REST Client For Visual Studio 2022 - Code Rethinked
  2322. 97%AWS Announces Visual Studio 2022 on EC2, and Lambda TypeScript Tools -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2323. 99%Blazor WebAssembly Exception Handling With Error Boundaries
  2324. 98%ReSharper 2022.2 Comes With C# 11 Support, Solution-Wide Analysis Optimizations, and Virtual Formatter | The .NET Tools Blog
  2325. 99%Managing Key Vault Secrets from a .NET Console App
  2326. 99%The LogBeta and LogGamma Functions Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2327. 99%Introduction - Learn
  2328. 99%Release Notes for August 1, 2022
  2329. 98%[Last Week in .NET #94] – The Summer of .NET
  2330. 93%How New GitHub Projects 'Connects Your Planning Directly to the Work' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2331. 95%Request Response Logging Middleware ASP.NET Core
  2332. 99%PowerShell Extension for Visual Studio Code July 2022 Update
  2333. 99%Domenico Luciani - Misleading Pair Programming
  2334. 99%My new app doesn't use .NET MAUI! Why?
  2335. 99%GitHub - gui-cs/Terminal.Gui: Cross Platform Terminal UI toolkit for .NET
  2336. 92%Microsoft Pumps Out Weekly VS 2022 Previews, Open Sources SBOM Tool -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2337. 99%Try the latest Azure SDK for .NET management libraries
  2338. 97%Microsoft's Position on Linux
  2339. 98%Microsoft's Position on Linux : r/dotnet
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  2343. 57%Build a mobile and desktop app with Blazor Hybrid and .NET MAUI - Learn
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  2347. 90%[C#] Why function pointers can’t be used on instance methods
  2348. 99%How to Implement Lucene.NET - Code Maze
  2349. 97%PDD Profiler Driven Development
  2350. 98%Clean Architecture In ASP.NET Core Web API
  2351. 90%Inspect XAML properties while debugging - Visual Studio (Windows)
  2352. 86%Remote iOS Simulator for Windows - .NET MAUI
  2353. 97%Edge Browser Tests Experimental DevTools Command Palette -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2354. 99%Using Visual Studio Notebooks for learning C#
  2355. 99%GitHub - iolevel/wpdotnet-sdk: WordPress compiled to .NET Standard. SDK for ASP.NET Core.
  2356. 98%Don't Code Tired | Support Multiple Versions of .NET From A Single Class Library (.NET multi-targeting)
  2357. 94%Uno Platform Enlisted for Windows Community Toolkit Labs Makeover -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2358. 97%.NET MAUI Progressing From A Default Project Part 6 - Revisiting Unit Testing | Software Meadows
  2359. 85%Rethinking Device Emulation in browsers
  2360. 99%Lightweight Mathematical Combinations Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2361. 99%Null Coalescing Operators in C# - ?? and ??=
  2362. 99%Custom scaffold templates in ASP.NET Core
  2363. 94%Azure Developer CLI in Public Preview -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2364. 95%Null Forgiving Operator in C# - !
  2365. 98%Announcing the .NET 7 support for Azure functions in an isolated process in public preview
  2366. 92%Native AOT deployment overview - .NET
  2367. 82%Why No Full SQL Server Reporting/Integration Services in Visual Studio 2022? -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2368. 65%Java on Visual Studio Code Fixes Lombok Library Issues -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2369. 99%GitHub - tusdotnet/tusdotnet: .NET server implementation of the Tus protocol for resumable file uploads. Read more at https://tus.io
  2370. 99%Null Conditional Operators in C# - ?. and ?[]
  2371. 99%Cookie Authentication With ASP.NET Core and Angular - Code Maze
  2372. 97%Build .NET MAUI apps with GitHub Actions
  2373. 99%Configuration using Command Line Parameters in .NET Console Applications
  2374. 87%Teams Dev Kit Advances in Visual Studio 2022 v17.3 Preview 3 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2375. 99%Nullability in C# - What It Is and What It Is Not
  2376. 97%Blazor Sticker Giveaway – Try the new Blazor Guide in Visual Studio
  2377. 79%Top 50 Reasons to use Uno Platform – 2022 edition
  2378. 85%Infragistics Improves Low-Code App Builder -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2379. 82%Microsoft Calls Entity Framework Core 7 Preview 6 the 'Performance Edition' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2380. 86%IEnumerable Debugger Visualizer Improvements
  2381. 98%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 7 Preview 6
  2382. 91%.NET 7 Preview 6 Adds JSON Contract Customization -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2383. 99%Error Monitoring for .NET MAUI with Sentry
  2384. 98%.NET Debugger.Launch for macOS and Linux
  2385. 99%Introducing the Azure Developer CLI: A faster way to build apps for the cloud
  2386. 95%Custom Blazor Elements No Longer Experimental in .NET 7 Preview 6 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2387. 81%VS Code and Python: A Natural Fit for Data Science -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2388. 99%Announcing .NET 7 Preview 6
  2389. 98%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 7 Preview 6
  2390. 98%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 7 Preview 6
  2391. 98%.NET Core 3.1 will reach End of Support on December 13, 2022
  2392. 90%.NET July 2022 Updates – .NET 6.0.7 and .NET Core 3.1.27
  2393. 98%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 7 Preview 6
  2394. 97%Cyclomatic Complexity - What it is, why you should care, and how to reduce it using the Strategy Pattern - The Long Walk
  2395. 96%AWS Streamlines .NET App Deployment with Visual Studio Tool -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2396. 90%Easier Jupyter Notebook Setup for Python in VS Code Tooling -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2397. 58%VS2022 Performance Enhancements: Git Branch Switching
  2398. 86%Making production diagnostics easier with Source Link
  2399. 90%As VS Code Hits v1.69, Microsoft Announces VS Code Server -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2400. 96%GitHub - aspnet-contrib/AspNet.Security.OAuth.Providers: OAuth 2.0 social authentication providers for ASP.NET Core
  2401. 87%Taking My New GitHub Copilot 'AI Pair Programmer' for a Spin -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2402. 96%Episode 430 - Multi-tenant Architectures
  2403. 72%Build your first Orleans app with ASP.NET Core 6.0 - Learn
  2404. 97%AWS announces a streamlined deployment experience for .NET applications | Amazon Web Services
  2405. 96%Building a 10MHz GPS Disciplined Oscillator (GPSDO) using the Trimble Thunderbolt » W6AER- Pacifica, CA
  2406. 85%Azure Java Tooling Has New IntelliJ 'Getting Started' Experience -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2407. 98%Testing Repository Pattern Using Entity Framework - Code Maze
  2408. 98%Send Recurring Emails using C# .NET and Hangfire with SendGrid
  2409. 89%TIL: Visual Studio Code does markdown autocompletion for in-page links
  2410. 99%Lightweight Mathematical Permutations Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2411. 93%.NET OSS Maintainer Support Survey – The Results!
  2412. 99%CoreWCF 1.1.0 and project templates
  2413. 99%Building a quick Reddit Blazor client without Reddit's API
  2414. 98%PowerShell Extension for Visual Studio Code June 2022 Update
  2415. 97%MAUI Beach - Updating to .NET MAUI GA
  2416. 99%ASP.NET Core: Creando un Chat con SignalR y Angular
  2417. 94%The pleasure of curating your own IDE
  2418. 72%Funding OSS maintainers like YouTube funds creators
  2419. 79%Another Open Source Group Blasts GitHub Copilot, Advocates Leaving GitHub -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2420. 97%Add Effects Like a Pro Using .NET MAUI Effects View
  2421. 94%Java on Visual Studio Code Furthers Big Spring Boot Push -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2422. 99%Implementing Breadcrumbs in ASP.NET Core
  2423. 92%Learning HTML was too hard so I made a compiler instead
  2424. 97%Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Goes GA: 50+ Controls!
  2425. 83%Visual Studio 2022 Preview Allows Code Editing in Search Results -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2426. 94%Testimonials | The F# Software Foundation
  2427. 99%Monsters Weekly 255 - IEnumerable Visualizer in Visual Studio
  2428. 98%Sneak Peek and Edit Your Code While You Search
  2429. 99%Lambda Expressions in C# - Code Maze
  2430. 96%Episode 429 - Azure Native Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Solutions
  2431. 99%Using Refit to Consume APIs in C# - Code Maze
  2432. 79%Uno Platform 4.4 – Wasm Threading+Exception Handling, Rich Animations, GamePad APIs and more
  2433. 98%The Best C# .NET Web Application Tech Stack: Choosing The Back End - Michael's Coding Spot
  2434. 91%Uno Platform Does WebAssembly Threading Months Ahead of .NET 7 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2435. 99%Running .NET Core Applications as a Windows Service - Code Maze
  2436. 94%Amazon launches CodeWhisperer, a GitHub Copilot-like AI pair programming tool – TechCrunch
  2437. 83%Episode 101 - Open Source .NET for Fun with Drake Williams
  2438. 99%Windows Subsystem for Android and .NET MAUI
  2439. 90%VS Code and Visual Studio Rock the 2022 Stack Overflow Developer Report -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2440. 82%Hands On with Latest Visual Studio 2022 Preview Features -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2441. 98%Incremental ASP.NET Migration Tooling Preview 2
  2442. 99%Azure Tips and Tricks - Getting started with Azure App Configuration for your ASP.NET Core App
  2443. 97%Announcing TypeScript 4.8 Beta
  2444. 89%Visual Studio Feedback
  2445. 99%Developing a Cloud-Native Application on Microsoft Azure Using Open Source Technologies
  2446. 69%Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022
  2447. 90%Microsoft killed my Pappy
  2448. 81%Listen Up, Visual Studio has a new feature you need to hear about!
  2449. 92%Monsters Weekly 254 - Debugging with Style in Visual Studio
  2450. 98%CodeRush - Visual Studio Productivity Tools Are Available Free-of-Charge in v22.1!
  2451. 87%GitHub Copilot 'AI Pair Programmer' Now Generally Available at $10/Month -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2452. 97%Performance traces and Regex survey
  2453. 92%Sands of MAUI: Issue #62
  2454. 93%The Future of Multi-Platform .NET Application Development with WinUI, Net6 and the Uno Platform - Nick's .NET Travels
  2455. 94%NuGet Support in Visual Studio for Mac 17.0
  2456. 96%Achievement Unlocked - Build mobile and desktop apps with .NET MAUI!
  2457. 93%Because cross-compiling binaries for Windows is easier than building natively
  2458. 99%Runs Testing Using C# Simulation -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2459. 74%Cool desktops don’t change 😎
  2460. 86%Miguel de Icaza Leads Uproar Over Closed-Source VS Code C# Tool -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2461. 98%New Resources to Get Started with .NET MAUI
  2462. 86%.NET Rocks! vNext
  2463. 98%Learning .NET Maui Part 1
  2464. 98%Learning .NET MAUI Part 2
  2465. 95%Building Reliable Web Element Locators for Test Automation
  2466. 88%Visual Studio 2022 17.3 Preview 2 Is First Native Arm64 Release -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2467. 94%.NET June 2022 Updates – .NET 6.0.6 and .NET Core 3.1.26
  2468. 74%What’s New in Visual Studio: Make it Your Home
  2469. 98%Creating, Inspecting and Decompiling the World's Smallest C# Program - Steve Gordon - Code with Steve
  2470. 66%Native support for Visual Studio on Arm64 is here!
  2471. 89%Visual Studio for Mac 17.3 Preview 2 is now available
  2472. 89%Arm64 Visual Studio
  2473. 99%Announcing .NET 7 Preview 5
  2474. 99%Introducing the ML.NET Text Classification API (preview)
  2475. 99%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 7 Preview 5
  2476. 99%How to Use Multiple Authentication Schemes in .NET - Code Maze
  2477. 95%Visual Studio Code Devs Can Now Sponsor Favorite Extensions -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2478. 97%Quantum Development Kits adopts .NET6 and supports Visual Studio 2022
  2479. 99%Using Playwright with the WebApplicationFactory to test a Blazor Application
  2480. 83%Principal Product Management in Other, Other, United States | Product Management at Microsoft
  2481. 83%Program Manager in Redmond, Washington, United States | Product Management at Microsoft
  2482. 99%ErikEJ - Overview
  2483. 61%New Python Set-Up Tool for VS Code: 'What Would Brett Do?' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2484. 99%Linux Production Diagnostics
  2485. 99%Invoke platform code in a MAUI app using the built-in Dependency Injection
  2486. 64%GitHub Killing Atom Code Editor for Cloud Tools -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2487. 99%Introduction to Identity on ASP.NET Core
  2488. 93%New Profiler feature in Visual Studio
  2489. 98%Does anyone else feel as lost as I do in the .NET Identity documentation?
  2490. 98%Does anyone else feel as lost as I do in the .NET Identity documentation? : dotnet
  2491. 98%Does anyone else feel as lost as I do in the .NET Identity documentation? : dotnet
  2492. 97%Sunsetting Atom | The GitHub Blog
  2493. 97%Episode 426 - Defender for the Cloud
  2494. 82%Java on Azure: IntelliJ Toolkit Update, Azure Spring Apps Enterprise GA -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2495. 79%iPadOS 16 takes the versatility of iPad even further
  2496. 99%How to test ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs
  2497. 91%Senior Product Manager – Visual Studio Community Manager in Austin, Texas, United States | Product Management at Microsoft
  2498. 73%.NET MAUI for Beginners
  2499. 93%Microsoft Ships Windows App SDK 1.1 to Build Apps Using WinUI 3, WebView2 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2500. 59%Migrate an ASP.NET web application to Azure with Visual Studio - Learn
  2501. 91%Build developer environments fast with Microsoft Dev Box
  2502. 98%What’s New in Windows App SDK 1.1
  2503. 98%Incremental ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core Migration
  2504. 98%GitHub - awslabs/dotnet-nativeaot-labs: A place to learn about and experiment with .NET NativeAOT on AWS.
  2505. 98%Use Twilio SMS and Voice with .NET 6 Minimal APIs
  2506. 77%Visual Studio Code Tools for Azure Revamped -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2507. 98%Migrating MR.Gestures from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI
  2508. 88%Figma DIY: Building a color system plugin — Martian Chronicles
  2509. 84%Microsoft Retools 'Untapped Superpower' Low-Code Push with Power Pages -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2510. 96%VS2022 17.3 Preview 1.1 - Missing Xamarin SDKs
  2511. 95%Microsoft Build – Join us May 24-26 2022
  2512. 96%Probit Regression Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2513. 77%Improved doc management personalization
  2514. 95%[Last Week in .NET #91] – Ctrl+Shift+B
  2515. 98%Incremental ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core Migration
  2516. 98%Add Swagger to ASP.NET Core 6 App
  2517. 94%Episode 425 - BUILD 2022 Updates
  2518. 74%sdk/Microsoft.PackageDependencyResolution.targets at 22c4860dcb2cf6b123dd641cc4a87a50380759d5 · dotnet/sdk
  2519. 52%Remotely debug ASP.NET Core apps hosted on Azure App Service using Visual Studio - Learn
  2520. 99%Photino: Open Source for Building Cross-Platform Desktop Apps via .NET Core
  2521. 98%My Visual Guide to #MSBuild Keynote: 10 Things To Know
  2522. 96%Microsoft Build 2022: Xamarin & MAUI Recap
  2523. 99%How to Block IP Addresses in ASP.NET Core Web API - Code Maze
  2524. 98%.NET 6 - New Features
  2525. 93%TypeScript 4.7 GA, Visual Studio on Arm64, Azure Deployment Environments, More -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2526. 94%Uninstall Tool - .NET
  2527. 81%Episode 99 - Copy-Pasting with Iris Classon
  2528. 98%Code Cleanup on Save in Visual Studio 2022
  2529. 98%Microsoft Announces the General Availability of Azure Container Apps at Build 2022
  2530. 95%Ansible for dotfiles: the introduction I wish I've had
  2531. 98%Announcing .NET 7 Preview 3
  2532. 70%Microsoft Build Conference Heralds Era of AI-Assisted Software Development -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2533. 98%Visual Studio at Microsoft Build 2022
  2534. 99%Auto Save files in Visual Studio 2022
  2535. 70%It’s good to bet on .NET
  2536. 98%Introducing Project Volterra
  2537. 85%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Finally Generally Available -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2538. 98%Introducing private preview port tunneling Visual Studio for ASP.NET Core projects
  2539. 91%Herding Code 246 - David Ortinau on .NET MAUI
  2540. 98%Announcing TypeScript 4.7
  2541. 96%Code, test, and ship your next app quickly and securely with Microsoft developer tools
  2542. 93%Scale your cloud-native apps and accelerate app modernization with Azure, the best cloud for your apps
  2543. 97%Top 10 Dev Products Going GA at Microsoft Build 2022 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2544. 87%Microsoft Introduces 'Dev Box' Service for Cloud Workstations -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2545. 81%.NET MAUI Reaches General Availability, Replacing Xamarin.Forms -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2546. 94%Azure Container Apps General Availability
  2547. 99%Provide default configuration to your .NET applications
  2548. 99%File Upload in ASP.NET Core 6 - Detailed Guide | Pro Code Guide
  2549. 96%.NET MAUI - Unifying the .NET platform
  2550. 81%[Last Week in .NET #90] – Optimizing Cryware
  2551. 84%My Top N Favorite Plugins and Tools for Developers
  2552. 97%Introducing .NET MAUI - One Codebase, Many Platforms
  2553. 97%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac is now available
  2554. 94%Temporary breakpoint – New feature in Visual Studio 2022
  2555. 95%Exploring Service Bus with Fantasy Football
  2556. 98%Packaging a WSL Distro to MSIX
  2557. 50%Visual Studio Code Nods to Rapidly Rising Rust Language -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2558. 77%An Azure Developer's guide to Microsoft Build 2022
  2559. 76%The Search for a Proportional Font for Developers (Revisited for VS Code)
  2560. 98%Weighted k-NN Classification Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2561. 98%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Team Fixes Release Candidate Issues -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2562. 95%What's New in Visual Studio Code 1.67 (April 2022 Update) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2563. 56%Build mobile and desktop apps with .NET MAUI - Learn
  2564. 98%Copy To Clipboard in Blazor WebAssembly - Code Maze
  2565. 93%How To Use Localization in ASP.NET Core
  2566. 97%IEnumerable Visualizer In Visual Studio 2022 - .NET Core Tutorials
  2567. 80%Search results | Find available job openings at Microsoft
  2568. 99%What's new with ML.NET Automated ML (AutoML) and tooling
  2569. 87%All-In-One Search Is Getting Slicker
  2570. 97%How to open and read XML files in C# .NET 6 | Pro Code Guide
  2571. 82%Central Package Management for .NET Projects - Code Maze
  2572. 95%[Last Week in .NET #89] – CVE Inflation
  2573. 97%.NET development on Apple Silicon
  2574. 99%Implementing API Gateway with Ocelot in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  2575. 97%Alexandre Nédélec - Week 19, 2022 - Tips I learned this week
  2576. 99%Newsletter Week 19, 2022
  2577. 90%.NET MAUI Finally Replaces Xamarin in Visual Studio 2022 17.3 Preview 1 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2578. 87%Episode 98 - AWS Microservices Extractor for .NET with Josh Hurley and Norm Johanson
  2579. 98%Announcing TypeScript 4.7 RC
  2580. 97%Visual Studio 2022 17.2 Goes GA, Faces Update Issues -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2581. 99%Microsoft: Web Forms Is No Silverlight -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2582. 99%How to Convert JSON to XML or XML to JSON in C# - Code Maze
  2583. 80%Report a problem with Visual Studio - Visual Studio (Windows)
  2584. 98%What’s new
  2585. 55%The productive ritual of listening to a single song
  2586. 82%Visual Studio Feedback
  2587. 94%New Previews for .NET 7, EF7, ASP.NET Core and .NET MAUI RC3 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2588. 89%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Release Candidate 2
  2589. 54%Just-in-time refactoring made even easier with IntelliCode auto suggested code for C#
  2590. 95%Improving Performance With Distributed Caching
  2591. 99%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 7 Preview 4
  2592. 99%Announcing .NET 7 Preview 4
  2593. 98%Testing ASP.NET Core gRPC services in JetBrains Rider
  2594. 98%.NET MAUI Release Candidate 3
  2595. 89%.NET May 2022 Updates – .NET 6.0.5, .NET 5.0.17 and, .NET Core 3.1.25
  2596. 99%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 7 Preview 4
  2597. 79%C# Gains Most in Programming Language Popularity Index -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2598. 96%Visual Studio 2022 17.2 is now available!
  2599. 97%.NET Rocks!
  2600. 98%Testing ASP.NET Core gRPC services in JetBrains Rider
  2601. 99%Building a Stack Overflow browser as a VS extension
  2602. 98%Someone should build X for the web” – why not you? All you need is a GitHub account
  2603. 86%Update all Visual Studio installations with a single click!
  2604. 99%Auto-Regenerating API Client for Your Open API Project
  2605. 84%PowerToys - 11 awesome features Microsoft won’t add to Windows
  2606. 99%How to build a BVH – part 5: TLAS & BLAS – Jacco’s Blog
  2607. 97%FastEndpoints
  2608. 99%Tutorial: Create a minimal web API with ASP.NET Core
  2609. 90%Python in Visual Studio Code Gets 3 New Extensions -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2610. 96%Microsoft.Build.Sql: the next frontier of SQL projects
  2611. 93%Syncfusion Essential Studio Release Enhances .NET MAUI, WinUI, Blazor and More -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2612. 61%Minimal API real-time communication with SignalR in Visual Studio
  2613. 97%Serilog Tutorial
  2614. 98%Edge DevTools for Visual Studio Code V2 – new browser preview with emulation and sourcemap support
  2615. 98%Application Development with Scott Hanselman & Friends | KEY11D
  2616. 99%Upgrading a WCF service to .NET 6 with CoreWCF
  2617. 96%Visual Studio on an ultra-wide monitor
  2618. 99%Deploy Orleans to Azure App Service
  2619. 94%How To Use Fiddler Everywhere With Real-Time Apps
  2620. 94%Major update to the PowerShell Extension for Visual Studio Code
  2621. 97%Microsoft 'Eats Own Dog Food' with WebView2, .NET 6, WinUI 3 for PowerToys -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2622. 97%Microsoft Graph's Journey to .NET 6
  2623. 72%VS Code PowerShell Tool Gets Major Feedback-Driven Overhaul -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2624. 97%[Last Week in .NET #87] – The Windows Development Roadmap Has U-Turns in it
  2625. 58%Build .NET applications with C# - Learn
  2626. 99%CRUD with DynamoDB in ASP.NET Core - Getting Started with AWS DynamoDB Simplified
  2627. 91%Improving ASP.NET Core Before It Ships 🚢
  2628. 93%Coding Shorts: Speeding Up the Editor in Visual Studio 2022
  2629. 96%Blazor Workshop | NDC London 2022
  2630. 99%Techniques and tools to update your C# project - Migrating to nullable reference types - Part 4
  2631. 99%Naive Bayes Classification Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2632. 96%Case Study: Double performance in under 30 minutes
  2633. 99%Getting telemetry data from inside or outside a .NET application - Gérald Barré
  2634. 96%Set C# Language Version for All the Projects in a Solution - Code Maze
  2635. 95%Can you Make it Better? Exploring the CMake Debate - Incredibuild
  2636. 93%Microsoft Touts IntelliJ IDE from JetBrains for Azure Development -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2637. 99%Tutorial: Build gRPC & OData in ASP.NET Core
  2638. 81%Ultimate List of After-School Enrichment Activities, Classes & Programs
  2639. 76%Community Devs Revive WCF After Microsoft Deprecation -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2640. 95%Episode 422 - Open Service Mesh
  2641. 99%AWS Previews Framework for Writing .NET 6 Lambda Functions -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2642. 99%CoreWCF 1.0 has been Released, WCF for .NET Core and .NET 5+
  2643. 99%GitHub - Azure-Samples/Orleans-Cluster-on-Azure-App-Service: Sample application demonstrating a multiple-silo Orleans cluster running in Azure App Service.
  2644. 94%Using Visual Studio for Crash Dump Debugging
  2645. 99%Minimal API using Azure Cosmos DB (Emulator) with Entity Framework in Visual Studio
  2646. 99%HTMX for ASP.NET Core Developers – Tutorial | The .NET Tools Blog
  2647. 96%Why isn't my ASP.NET Core app in Docker working?
  2648. 89%GitHub Desktop 3.0 Enhances Pull Request Integration -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2649. 99%AWS Introduces the .NET Annotations Lambda Framework in Preview
  2650. 98%On .NET Live - Wrapping browser APIs in Blazor WASM
  2651. 69%.NET MAUI Release Candidate 2 Adds Tizen Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2652. 98%No blinking
  2653. 84%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Hits Release Candidate Stage -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2654. 94%Minimal API end-point scaffolding with Visual Studio.
  2655. 97%.NET MAUI Release Candidate 2 - With 100% More Tizen
  2656. 96%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Release Candidate
  2657. 96%Why isn't my ASP.NET Core app in Docker working?
  2658. 98%Introduction to Testing Blazor WebAssembly With bUnit - Code Maze
  2659. 97%ASP.NET Core 7 has built-in dark mode for error pages
  2660. 96%Visual Studio 2022 17.2 Preview 3 Intros All-In-One Search -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2661. 93%[Last Week in .NET #86] – Spring has Sprung and so have Security breaches
  2662. 96%Visual Studio Feedback
  2663. 68%Text Summarization with Huggingface Transformers and Python
  2664. 99%Running and Debugging Multiplatform .NET (.NET Core, .NET5 and .NET6) GUI and Console Applications on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
  2665. 90%Visual Studio Container integration - Redis cache
  2666. 99%GitHub - xoofx/markdig: A fast, powerful, CommonMark compliant, extensible Markdown processor for .NET
  2667. 94%C++ For C# Developers: Part 1 – Introduction
  2668. 95%Oracle Cloud Functions Now Supports C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2669. 99%How to build a BVH – Part 1: Basics – Jacco’s Blog
  2670. 99%My Arch Linux setup for coding
  2671. 98%GitHub - DamianEdwards/AspNetCoreDevJwts: Experimenting with development environment scenarios for JWT authentication.
  2672. 99%Secure Your .NET 6 Web API
  2673. 95%With Microsoft OpenJDK Build, Azure App Service Adds Java 17 and Tomcat 10.0 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2674. 97%Microsoft Dev Tooling Onboard with New Arm-Based Azure VMs -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2675. 97%'Alternative to Blazor' Wisej 3 Ships -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2676. 94%View .NET collections with the new IEnumerable Debugger Visualizer
  2677. 96%Introducing a New Way to Search Your Code and Visual Studio Features
  2678. 99%JSON Deserialization to a POCO Class in C# - Code Maze
  2679. 94%.NET Community Toolkit v8.0 Preview 3 Tweaks MVVM Source Generators -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2680. 95%Java on Visual Studio Code Supports Java 18 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2681. 93%TypeScript 4.7 Beta Tackles 'Very Difficult' ECMAScript Module Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2682. 99%ADO.NET provider for Firebird is ready (with Entity Framework Core 6.0 support)
  2683. 99%Using dotnet format Command to Format the C#/.NET Code - Code Maze
  2684. 99%Update Your Azure Functions Table Storage Bindings
  2685. 98%Xamarin.Forms, .NET Maui and the Uno Platform
  2686. 98%Hello, .NET Deploy!
  2687. 98%Mads Asks What You Want for Visual Studio 2022 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2688. 96%C# 11 Preview Updates - Raw string literals, UTF-8 and more!
  2689. 97%ASP.NET Core Furthers Minimal API Work in .NET 7 Preview 3 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2690. 98%Microsoft Asks for Votes on Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Issues -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2691. 94%Update Pipeline Improved in Entity Framework Core 7 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2692. 80%.vsix with Mads Kristensen
  2693. 97%Creating professional slides from Markdown notes
  2694. 97%.NET 7 Preview 3 Is All About Native AOT -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2695. 96%.NET MAUI Release Candidate Ships with 'Go Live' Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2696. 99%Create a gitignore file with dotnet cli
  2697. 87%Episode 96 - The Programmer's Brain with Felienne Hermans
  2698. 83%Notes on Long-Form Notes
  2699. 99%Episode 420 - Infrastructure as Code
  2700. 98%AWS Lambda with .NET 6 - Serverless Computing
  2701. 98%Value types and exceptions in .NET profiling
  2702. 99%Download Multiple Files From Azure Blob Storage in ASP.NET Core
  2703. 98%Introducing .NET Annotations Lambda Framework (Preview) | Amazon Web Services
  2704. 95%Introducing Central Package Management
  2705. 99%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 7 Preview 3
  2706. 98%Announcing .NET 7 Preview 3
  2707. 96%Supercharge your Git experience in VS
  2708. 98%Using the Roslyn APIs to Analyse a .NET Solution - Steve Gordon - Code with Steve
  2709. 96%Git security vulnerability announced | The GitHub Blog
  2710. 93%One million broken web sites – and a way to prevent that
  2711. 92%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 9
  2712. 97%.NET MAUI Release Candidate - Ready for cross-platform app development
  2713. 92%.NET April 2022 Updates – .NET 6.0.4, .NET 5.0.16 and, .NET 3.1.24
  2714. 99%Visual Studio Toolbox Live - Using Docker Containers in Visual Studio
  2715. 99%Introduction to the Node.js reference architecture, Part 8: TypeScript | Red Hat Developer
  2716. 99%CIFAR-10 Image Classification Using PyTorch -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2717. 98%Announcing TypeScript 4.7 Beta
  2718. 91%CSS Mirror Editing with Sourcemapped files (Sass, React…) – we need you to make it better
  2719. 97%Durable Functions Deep Dive part 2: Starting an orchestration
  2720. 94%How To Prevent Bugs
  2721. 99%Upgrading a .NET standard 2.0 Azure function using Table Storage to a .NET6 function
  2722. 96%Episode 419 - Azure Front Door
  2723. 97%Use Git tactically
  2724. 99%What is Blazor? And why's it so exciting?, Wed, Apr 6, 2022, 5:30 PM | Meetup
  2725. 88%Using Containers to move from local to Remote Development
  2726. 99%More Diagnostic Analysis in Visual Studio
  2727. 93%Can You Name Top C# IDEs Provided by Microsoft? I Couldn't -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2728. 84%CPU Usage Tool Improvements
  2729. 91%Working on two git branches at once with git worktree
  2730. 95%How to Implement Vertical Slice Architecture | Gary Woodfine
  2731. 97%AuthPermissions.AspNetCore/UpdateToVersion3.md at main · JonPSmith/AuthPermissions.AspNetCore
  2732. 97%Create a minimal web API with ASP.NET
  2733. 99%GDI/User Object Leak Tracking – The Easy Way
  2734. 93%What I Want in Visual Studio 2022 That Isn’t There
  2735. 62%GitHub - JeremyLikness/MvpSummitTaskList: Example in MVP summit of using connected services and adding (persisted) SQLite to Blazor Wasm.
  2736. 99%Working with AWS S3 using ASP.NET Core - Upload, Download & Delete Files - Simplified
  2737. 78%Visual Studio 2022 Now Does GitHub Copilot, the 'AI Pair Programmer' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2738. 74%Python in VS Code Team Is Breaking Up Big Extension -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2739. 99%Preparing CIFAR Image Data for PyTorch -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2740. 99%How to Use ModelState Validation in ASP.NET Core Web API - Code Maze
  2741. 98%Connecting a .NET Application with MongoDB Atlas
  2742. 96%Collaborative programming in remote-first environment
  2743. 87%Spring Cloud Azure 4.0 Now Generally Available -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2744. 81%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 8
  2745. 61%Microsoft Won't Do Drag-and-Drop for Blazor -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2746. 96%Profiling a .NET6 app running on AWS ECS Fargate with dotnet-monitor
  2747. 99%GitHub Copilot now available for Visual Studio 2022 | The GitHub Blog
  2748. 97%How to Prepare for .NET 5 End-of-Support on May 8 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2749. 88%Let's Learn .NET: Visual Studio - Events
  2750. 86%Microsoft Offers Visual Studio 2019 in New Azure VM for Game Development -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2751. 90%Quick survey: help improve the simulation options of browser developer tools
  2752. 52%Killed by Microsoft
  2753. 98%Durable Functions Deep Dive part 1: Instance startup
  2754. 91%Principal Product Manager Lead, .NET Developer Experiences in Austin, Texas, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  2755. 89%VS Code Power Platform Tools Now Generally Available -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2756. 98%.NET 5.0 will reach End of Support on May 08, 2022
  2757. 91%GitHub - mgerdes/Open-Golf: A cross-platform minigolf game written in C.
  2758. 52%Visual Studio 2008 (Beta 2) Install - Easter Egg?
  2759. 71%Uno Platform 4.1 Update for .NET 6 Mobile Preview 14
  2760. 56%Microsoft Claims 2 of Top 5 Favorite Programming Languages in New Report -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2761. 99%GitHub - emoacht/Monitorian: A Windows desktop tool to adjust the brightness of multiple monitors with ease
  2762. 95%Project Properties Descriptions
  2763. 93%Java on VS Code: More Snippet Shortcuts, Optimized Code Completion -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2764. 93%Visual Studio 2022 Preview Release Notes
  2765. 92%Go To Definition improvements for external source in Roslyn
  2766. 99%Minimal APIs overview
  2767. 98%Creating a Windows Service with .NET 6
  2768. 95%Telerik & Kendo UI March 2022 Update
  2769. 98%Tutorial: Hosting Microsoft Orleans Application on Azure App Service with Cosmos DB
  2770. 99%Sentiment Classification of IMDB Movie Review Data Using a PyTorch LSTM Network -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2771. 99%Suffer from Ctrl+S fatigue? We have a feature for you
  2772. 96%10 Quick Tips I Have Learned Using TypeScript
  2773. 99%Building a gRPC Client in .NET - Sahan Serasinghe - Personal Blog
  2774. 88%Windows Needs a Change in Priorities
  2775. 99%.NET type for personally identifiable information (PII)
  2776. 92%Visual Studio 2022 v17.2 Previews Live Unit Testing -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2777. 90%Episode 94 - Open .NET with Geoffrey Huntley
  2778. 97%UI Testing for WASM (WebAssembly) with the Uno Platform
  2779. 95%Automatically starting a server when starting a debug session in VS Code
  2780. 98%roslyn-analyzers/PublicApiAnalyzers.Help.md at main · dotnet/roslyn-analyzers
  2781. 85%Sporting a New MenuBar, .NET MAUI Heads for Release Candidate -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2782. 79%.NET 7 Inches Closer to NativeAOT in Preview 2 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2783. 98%Simplified Routing in ASP.NET Core | Pro Code Guide
  2784. 88%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview Brings Back Xamarin Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2785. 99%ASP.NET Core and Blazor Identity and State
  2786. 97%Live Unit Testing Preview: Better and Faster
  2787. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 14
  2788. 99%Announcing .NET 7 Preview 2 - The New, 'New' Experience
  2789. 99%Announcing .NET 7 Preview 2 - The New, 'New' Experience
  2790. 99%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 7 Preview 2
  2791. 85%Visual Studio 25th Anniversary
  2792. 85%Uno Platform Taps Xamarin for .NET WebAssembly Memory Profiler Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2793. 85%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 7
  2794. 56%Happy 25th birthday Visual Studio!
  2795. 99%Securing .NET Core, ASP.NET Core applications | Meetup
  2796. 98%Conditional Blazor Styles (without the if statements)
  2797. 97%C# 11 Features Now Previewing in Visual Studio: Generic Attributes and More -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2798. 99%C++ OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial 5: Animations
  2799. 97%Edge DevTools Team Seeks 'Constructive Discussions' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2800. 99%Middleware in .NET 6 - Intro and Basics
  2801. 97%What is BDD? How to use SpecFlow in Visual Studio 2022 - SpecFlow Series - Part 1
  2802. 97%UsedImplicitly on External Libraries
  2803. 93%6 .NET Myths Dispelled — Celebrating 21 Years of .NET
  2804. 99%C# 10 New Features - Code Maze
  2805. 73%Low-Code Microsoft Power Apps Gets Pay-as-You-Go Plan via Azure Subscription -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2806. 90%Software Engineer - F# tools team in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic | Engineering at Microsoft
  2807. 88%PowerShell Crescendo Now Generally Available -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2808. 78%Microsoft Coder Posts Personal Updates About Ukraine Homeland at War -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2809. 94%Microsoft Takes VS 2022 Embedded Tools (C++) to VS Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2810. 97%Uno Platform 4.1 - 30% Perf Boost, Android 12, .NET 6 Mobile Preview 13 and more
  2811. 96%A Proposal For Type Syntax in JavaScript
  2812. 90%Windows product stickers as an insight into the past
  2813. 67%Microsoft Proposes Big JavaScript Change: 'We Do Expect Skepticism' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2814. 95%Migrating VB6 Code to .NET 6? Here's a Tool -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2815. 99%Tutorial: Using Azure Table Storage or Azure Cosmos DB with Microsoft Orleans
  2816. 91%.NET March 2022 Updates – .NET 6.0.3, .NET 5.0.15 and, .NET 3.1.23
  2817. 93%Azure Sphere Back on Track, with Visual Studio 2022 Extension -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2818. 92%.NET 6 Runtime for AWS Lambda Unveiled -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2819. 96%PowerShell Plans Unveiled After .NET 7 Hiccup -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2820. 98%Edge Developer Tools for Visual Studio (Preview)
  2821. 99%Tutorial: Hello World with Microsoft Orleans
  2822. 99%Introduction to Unit Testing With NUnit in C# - Code Maze
  2823. 55%Python in VS Code Now Supports Pre-Release Extension Option -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2824. 98%Creating a Static Web Content Project for Publishing with WebDeploy
  2825. 94%dotnetdays.ro - .NET & Software Architecture conference in Romania
  2826. 76%VS Code v1.65 Update: New Theme, Audio Cues and Terminal Shell Integration (Preview) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2827. 92%6 .NET Myths Dispelled — Celebrating 21 Years of .NET
  2828. 96%Microsoft Previews Revamped 'WordPress on App Service' on Azure -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2829. 93%New ASP.NET Core Migration Guidance -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2830. 99%Preparing IMDB Movie Review Data for NLP Experiments -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2831. 98%Build your own simple browser with WebView2
  2832. 99%Testing .NET 6 Lambda Containers with the Runtime Interface Emulator | no dogma blog
  2833. 83%Microsoft Previews Edge Developer Tools for Visual Studio IDE -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2834. 99%Announcing TypeScript 4.6
  2835. 94%Profiling a .NET6 app running in a linux container with dotnet-trace, dotnet-dump, dotnet-counters, dotnet-gcdump and Visual Studio
  2836. 99%Minimal APIs in .NET 6 - Code Maze
  2837. 96%Enabling High-Quality Code in .NET | Milan Milanović
  2838. 64%Going
  2839. 95%With Windows App SDK Update Coming, Microsoft Lauds Growing Ecosystem -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2840. 96%GitHub - ZacharyPatten/dotnet-console-games: Game examples implemented in .NET console applications primarily for educational purposes. https://zacharypatten.github.io/dotnet-console-games
  2841. 97%Debugging C# in Visual Studio - Code Maze
  2842. 94%XAML Fundamentals for Web and Mobile: ListView
  2843. 96%Alias: An approach to .NET Assembly Conflict Resolution
  2844. 97%GitHub Previews Faster Codespaces Creation with Prebuilds -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2845. 93%Chat with the Visual Studio test tools team!
  2846. 97%Introducing the .NET 6 runtime for AWS Lambda | Amazon Web Services
  2847. 97%Building Serverless Web App Blazor Chart—AWS Lambda Function
  2848. 98%Rubik’s Cube for Beginners (Version 2.0). C# Application with 3D Graphics and Animation. VS2022 .NET6
  2849. 97%AsyncAPI, a specification for defining asynchronous APIs
  2850. 98%Devs Sound Off on C# 11 Preview Features Like Parameter Null Checking -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2851. 99%Debug .NET applications running in local containers with VS Code | Red Hat Developer
  2852. 97%GitHub - MolecularMatters/raw_pdb: A C++17 library for reading Microsoft Program Debug Database PDB files
  2853. 80%EF Core 7 Finally Divorces Old .NET Framework -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2854. 99%Adding Tailwind CSS v3 to a Blazor app
  2855. 98%Early peek at C# 11 features
  2856. 98%Upgrading an ASP.NET Core Web API Project to .NET 6
  2857. 92%30 Days of PWA - Learning Series about Progressive Web Apps
  2858. 98%Mac Setup for Web Development [2022]
  2859. 98%Safe storage of app secrets in development in ASP.NET Core
  2860. 98%Update all Visual Studio instances from the command line - Gérald Barré
  2861. 98%The pain points of C# source generators: February 2022 Update - Turnerj (aka. James Turner)
  2862. 99%.NET Developer? You’re an IoT Developer Too!
  2863. 99%Connecting a Blazor App to Swagger API
  2864. 99%Integrate ngrok into ASP.NET Core startup and automatically update your webhook URLs
  2865. 98%Newsletter Week 7, 2022
  2866. 99%GitHub - microsoft/reverse-proxy: A toolkit for developing high-performance HTTP reverse proxy applications.
  2867. 98%Chris Brumme's Weblog - Blog
  2868. 99%.NET Frontend Day 2022: Xamarin & MAUI Recap
  2869. 97%How I got Crostini to work in Chrome OS Flex
  2870. 96%.NET 7 WebAssembly Plans: Mixed-Mode AOT, Multi-Threading, Web Crypto -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2871. 97%How to Create and Publish a NuGet Package Using Visual Studio
  2872. 96%Episode 412 - Azure Database for Postgres
  2873. 62%.NET turns 20: Reflecting on Microsoft's not-Java
  2874. 96%.NET 7 Preview 1 Ships -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2875. 97%Announcing .NET 7 Preview 1
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  2945. 98%Pro Microservices in .NET 6: With Examples Using ASP.NET Core 6, MassTransit, and Kubernetes: Whitesell, Sean, Richardson, Rob, Groves, Matthew D.: 9781484278321: Amazon.com: Books
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  3247. 98%My New Job as a Staff Developer Advocate - Here's What I'll Be Doing!
  3248. 99%Your opinion about C# and .NET is outdated
  3249. 88%280: .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022 are here!
  3250. 99%Performance for composition in F#
  3251. 93%Debugging memory corruption: who the hell writes “2” into my stack?! | Unity Blog
  3252. 97%Alexandre Nédélec - Week 45, 2021 - Tips I learned this week
  3253. 89%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 3 Teases Native M1 Processor Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3254. 87%Code Maze Weekly #101 - Code Maze
  3255. 98%Announcing .NET 6 -- The Fastest .NET Yet
  3256. 99%Search by Target Framework & Supported Platforms on NuGet.org by JonDouglas · Pull Request #11374 · NuGet/Home
  3257. 99%Why Does x = ++x + x++ Give Me the Wrong Answer?
  3258. 96%New release of PowerShell Preview for Visual Studio Code!
  3259. 96%Building a project that target .NET Framework 4.5 in Visual Studio 2022
  3260. 98%MSBuild and 64-bit Visual Studio 2022
  3261. 97%GitHub - CommunityToolkit/dotnet: .NET Community Toolkit is a collection of helpers and APIs that work for all .NET developers and are agnostic of any specific UI platform. The toolkit is part of the .NET Foundation.
  3262. 97%C# 10 Falls Just a Bit Short
  3263. 81%Learn Live: Modern web development with .NET 6 - Events
  3264. 97%Early Access Program - Rider: Cross-platform .NET IDE
  3265. 98%.NET 6 New Project Templates and Minimal APIs. Are you ready?
  3266. 99%Back to Basics: Add an ASP.NET Runtime Information Startup Banner
  3267. 95%What's the Future of IDEs?
  3268. 88%With .NET MAUI Delayed, Xamarin.Forms Remains Mobile Dev Option in .NET 6 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3269. 93%Create web apps with .NET 6 and minimal API and ASP.NET Core - Learn
  3270. 95%F# 6 is officially here!
  3271. 80%Visual Studio 2022 Launch Event
  3272. 97%Announcing NuGet 6.0 - Source Mapping, Package Vulnerabilities, Faster Solution Load, Oh My!
  3273. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 10
  3274. 99%What's New in Xamarin and Visual Studio 2022
  3275. 87%.NET November 2021 Updates – 5.0.12 and 3.1.21
  3276. 97%Remove the .NET runtime and SDK
  3277. 82%64-bit Visual Studio 2022 Arrives -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3278. 99%[Last Week in .NET #67] – Microsoft’s “Valued” Professionals
  3279. 93%.NET MAUI Preview 6: SDK Workload Installation, Gestures, Clipping, Alerts, More -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3280. 97%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 3, and Upcoming Native M1 Processor Support
  3281. 90%Wilderness Labs Developer Portal
  3282. 99%Write and debug code by using Hot Reload - Visual Studio (Windows)
  3283. 94%.NET 6 Is Here -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3284. 99%Azure Functions 4.0 and .NET 6 support are now generally available
  3285. 96%Presenting Code Samples with a Dark Theme… Please Don’t!
  3286. 98%C# 10: Implicit Global Usings
  3287. 99%Announcing .NET 6 -- The Fastest .NET Yet
  3288. 99%SQL Server Data Tools | Visual Studio - Visual Studio
  3289. 99%Welcome to C# 10
  3290. 98%Visual Studio 2022 now available
  3291. 97%What’s New for Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2022
  3292. 99%Announcing ASP.NET Core in .NET 6
  3293. 98%Visual Studio 2022 verson 17.0 Release Notes
  3294. 99%Asynchronous Programming in .NET Core C# - using async & await | Pro Code Guide
  3295. 97%.NET 6: Top 6 Features in the new .NET Version | Rubik's Code
  3296. 99%Using The Roslyn C# Compiler
  3297. 99%What's new in F# 6 - F# Guide
  3298. 99%Thanks Microsoft for open-sourcing VS Code Server 👐
  3299. 98%Episode 401 - Ignite 2021 Wrap-Up
  3300. 99%Code Maze Weekly #100 - Code Maze
  3301. 99%Discovering new C# String Pattern Matching Features
  3302. 84%Visual Studio 2022!!
  3303. 95%Visual Studio 2022 Launch
  3304. 96%Microsoft Publishes New Documentation for Blazor, ASP.NET Core -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3305. 98%Microsoft Unveils .NET Tech Community Forums -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3306. 60%Tabnine AI Assistant Adds Visual Studio Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3307. 99%What's new in F# 6 - F# Guide
  3308. 98%.NET 6 Hot Reload in Visual Studio 2022, VS Code, and NOTEPAD?!?
  3309. 99%Announcing TypeScript 4.5 RC
  3310. 77%Microsoft 365 Developer Program Gets Sandbox and Teams Sample Data Pack -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3311. 98%How to Create a Transformer Architecture Model for Natural Language Processing -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3312. 91%More flexible and inclusive ways to manage your documents
  3313. 95%.NET Annotated Monthly | November 2021 | The .NET Tools Blog
  3314. 99%Secure Minimal APIs with .NET 6 and Azure AD B2C
  3315. 90%Microsoft Expands Development Options for Teams Meeting/Collaboration Software -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3316. 99%Visual Studio Feedback
  3317. 98%Visual Studio Tips and tricks: Subword navigation - Gérald Barré
  3318. 95%Visual Studio 2022 Launch
  3319. 99%5 Tips for Building AMAZING Portfolio Projects to Get A Developer Job
  3320. 99%Diagnostics tools for App Service on Linux
  3321. 97%Remap Caps Lock to Control
  3322. 99%[Last Week in .NET #66] – Halt and Crash Intellisense
  3323. 99%.NET R&D Digest (October, 2021)
  3324. 93%Visual Studio 2022 Launch Event Agenda
  3325. 98%.NET 6 Launches at .NET Conf, November 9-11
  3326. 86%Quick Tip: Use Quick Actions/Refactorings to Learn C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3327. 98%Visual Studio 2022 Productivity
  3328. 99%Power Up Your Power Apps with .NET 6 and Azure
  3329. 98%The fundamental problem the .NET Foundation Board has
  3330. 53%Java on VS Code Adds Gradle Tool, Simplifies Code Actions -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3331. 99%BRAND NEW VS Code Theme for Halloween - It's Spoooooky
  3332. 96%Act-Verify: Building Bulletproof Functional Tests
  3333. 96%Edge DevTools for Visual Studio Code 1.4.0 – Improved Screencasting, Device Emulation and live, inline issue reporting
  3334. 98%The Case Of A Stuck LoadLibrary Call
  3335. 79%VS 2022 for Mac Supports .NET 6 RC2 on Intel-based Macs (but Not M1 ARM64) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3336. 97%Windows App SDK Preview 3 Supports Non-MSIX WinUI 3 App Deployment -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3337. 96%Episode 400 - A view from Azure's Core
  3338. 97%Let's Learn .NET: Machine Learning - Events
  3339. 99%Dotnet Format and File Scoped Namespaces
  3340. 90%Monsters Weekly 228 - New ASP.NET Minimal Templates
  3341. 87%GitHub Updates Copilot 'AI Pair Programmer' and Codespaces (Online VS Code) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3342. 95%copilot-docs/docs at main · github/copilot-docs
  3343. 99%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 6 Release Candidate 2
  3344. 94%Introducing Telerik REPL for Blazor
  3345. 96%Making Sense of Common C# Compiler Errors - Kill All Defects
  3346. 97%A developer's guide to Ignite 2021
  3347. 92%Announcing PostSharp 6.10 Preview: Support for .NET 6.0, Visual Studio 2022, and C# 10
  3348. 92%Announcing PowerShell Crescendo Preview.4
  3349. 78%PowerShell Crescendo Updated Prior to Release Candidate -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3350. 75%OpenSilver v1.0 Arrives as Microsoft Ends Silverlight Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3351. 98%Call Windows Runtime APIs in desktop apps - Windows apps
  3352. 99%Hello World: .NET 6 and .NET Conf
  3353. 98%100 Days of TypeScript (Day 1)
  3354. 98%Adam Storr - Dev Tips - Multiple Versions Of Visual Studio Can Be Installed Side By Side
  3355. 99%Tutorial: Create a minimal web API with ASP.NET Core
  3356. 95%[Last Week in .NET #65] – Let’s Skip To the Part Where You Don’t Do this Again
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  3358. 93%It's time for .NET to Leave Home
  3359. 92%To Microsoft Developer Division Leadership - Pastebin.com
  3360. 97%.NET Memory Expert - become memory-aware ninja in .NET. Dotnetos training
  3361. 93%Episode 27: Visual Studio 2022 - with Kendra Havens
  3362. 94%.NET Hot Reload Support via CLI
  3363. 87%Microsoft's Hot Reload decision angers open-source .NET devs
  3364. 97%Can we trust Microsoft with Open Source? - Dusted Codes
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  3369. 97%LightningChart Introduces Uno Platform Support
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  3371. 99%Improving your ASP.NET Core site's file handling capabilities – part 1 – Introduction
  3372. 99%Exploring C# 10: Global Using Declarations
  3373. 97%Hot Reload removed from dotnet watch - Why? · Issue #22247 · dotnet/sdk
  3374. 98%Anomaly Detection Using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3375. 98%What is .NET MAUI? - .NET MAUI
  3376. 96%Building and consuming GraphQL API in ASP.NET Core 5 - Simple Talk
  3377. 99%Building Your First UWP Application
  3378. 98%Build ML powered experiences with Windows Machine Learning (WinML) and Intelligent APIs!
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  3381. 99%Visual Studio 2022 - Launching 2021-11-08
  3382. 98%Update on .NET Hot Reload progress and Visual Studio 2022 Highlights
  3383. 99%Windows Terminal Preview 1.12 Release
  3384. 99%Analyzing Code for Issues in .NET 5
  3385. 81%The Catch Block #79 - On Progress and Smart Switches
  3386. 99%My code crashed when I asked WIL to convert an exception to an HRESULT, did I throw an improper exception type?
  3387. 96%How to Find the Right Collaborative Coding Tool for Remote Pair Programming - DZone Agile
  3388. 99%Unit Testing Azure Functions in Isolated Environment
  3389. 96%Microsoft Says '.NET 5/6 Will Not Be Coming to UWP Project Types,' Developers Sound Off -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3390. 91%Visual Studio 2022 Launch Event
  3391. 99%What’s new in F# 6
  3392. 98%Join us for DaprCon October 19th-20th 2021
  3393. 94%[Last Week in .NET #64 – Xamarin? What’s Xamarin?]
  3394. 99%New Code Rules: Too Many .NET Engineers DO NOT Understand How Memory Management Works!
  3395. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Advanced Kestrel Socket APIs
  3396. 99%.NET Conf 2021 Watch Party with NUGM
  3397. 87%We've upgraded the UI in Visual Studio 2022
  3398. 94%Lagging .NET MAUI Preview 9 Updates Controls and Supports Borders, Corners and Shadows -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3399. 99%Rock Your Code :Coding Standards for Microsoft .NET – 7th Edition
  3400. 93%Visual Studio Feedback
  3401. 98%.NET MAUI Preview 9: Borders, Corners, Shadows and Performance Improvements
  3402. 99%Deployment Projects with the new AWS .NET Deployment Experience | Amazon Web Services
  3403. 99%A Race Condition in .NET Finalization and its Mitigation for C++/CLI
  3404. 97%Newsletter Week 41, 2021
  3405. 99%GitHub - valinet/ExplorerPatcher: This project aims to bring back a productive working environment on Windows 11
  3406. 98%Common mistakes by indie game developers – Cliffski's Blog
  3407. 94%As .NET 6 Nears GA, Blazor WebAssembly Can Now Use Native Dependencies -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3408. 99%7 Years Later, How Am I Doing?
  3409. 99%Not “Super” Code with Over 7,000 Violations
  3410. 99%dotNetDave Rocks The Ukraine!
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  3413. 99%Update on our new AWS .NET Deployment Experience | Amazon Web Services
  3414. 94%Hands-on Rust
  3415. 99%What I wish I knew when learning F#
  3416. 99%World Tour
  3417. 99%Web Wednesday: ASP.NET Razor tips and tricks with Jon Galloway
  3418. 99%Rockin’ The Code World with dotNetDave – Special Guest: Kira Weiss
  3419. 99%GitHub - k4zmu2a/SpaceCadetPinball: Decompilation of 3D Pinball for Windows – Space Cadet
  3420. 96%OpenSilver 1.0 released
  3421. 97%GitHub - jpobst/classic-dotnet-templates: .NET 6+ project templates that do not use top level statements
  3422. 95%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 2 is now available
  3423. 87%Visual Studio Feedback
  3424. 93%With .NET 6 RC 2 Release, Developers Push Back on C# Changes -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3425. 99%Intelligent brute forcing
  3426. 86%Learn to write Visual Studio extensions
  3427. 99%Analyzing Code for Issues: Visual Studio Analyze
  3428. 98%efcore/DailyBuilds.md at main · dotnet/efcore
  3429. 98%The Problem with C# 10 Implicit Usings
  3430. 99%What if… you could use Visual Studio Code as the editor of in-browser Developer Tools?
  3431. 99%Webview UI Toolkit for Visual Studio Code
  3432. 89%Visual Studio 2022 Release Candidate Ships, Set for Nov. 8 General Availability -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3433. 98%Case Study: Using Visual Studio Profiler to reduce memory allocations in the Windows Terminal console host startup path
  3434. 99%Announcing .NET 6 Release Candidate 2
  3435. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 9
  3436. 95%.NET October 2021 Updates – 5.0.11 and 3.1.20
  3437. 99%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 6 Release Candidate 2
  3438. 97%Join us November 8 for the Launch of Visual Studio 2022
  3439. 99%Easy Way to Create CLI Scripts with JavaScript and Node
  3440. 98%Updating NuGet packages from command-line - deep dive
  3441. 99%Build MAUI Apps in an Azure VM — App vNext
  3442. 99%Hidden IDisposable Issues in Microsoft .NET
  3443. 99%World's Smallest C# Program (featuring `N`)
  3444. 90%VS Code Python Tool Now Debugs Jupyter Notebooks -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3445. 95%Windows App SDK ('Project Reunion') Polished Ahead of v1.0 GA Debut -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3446. 95%[Last Week in .NET #63] – .NET Foundation finds out the silent treatment doesn’t work, tries rolling heads
  3447. 91%VS Code 'Workbench' Editing Improvements Highlight September 2021 Update -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3448. 99%4 new useful APIs in .NET 6
  3449. 99%Pop-up from Hell: On the growing opacity of web programs
  3450. 98%Azure Functions 4 Adds .NET 6 Support
  3451. 98%Cake - Cake v1.3.0 released
  3452. 99%Build Resilient Microservices (Web API) using Polly in ASP.NET Core | Pro Code Guide
  3453. 99%Privacy is sexy 🍑🍆 - Enforce privacy & security on Windows and macOS
  3454. 96%Bring VS Code themes to Visual Studio 2022!
  3455. 97%Python in Visual Studio Code – October 2021 Release
  3456. 99%Open Source in Everyday Life
  3457. 99%Solution Filters in Visual Studio
  3458. 91%Testing in C# using Visual Studio
  3459. 96%ML.NET Model Builder Update Adds Notebooks in Visual Studio -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3460. 99%Entity Framework Community Standup - SQL Server Temporal Tables and EF Core 6
  3461. 98%Unit Testing Legacy Applications with JustMock
  3462. 98%Windows Package Manager 1.1
  3463. 97%Surface Laptop Studio
  3464. 99%ML.NET and Model Builder October Updates
  3465. 99%Join us for DaprCon October 19th-20th 2021
  3466. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - What's new in Orchard Core
  3467. 99%Everything That Every .NET Developer Needs To Know About Disposable Types - Properly Disposing Objects
  3468. 99%Exploring C# 10: Save Space with File-Scoped Namespaces
  3469. 93%[Last Week in .NET #62] – Watermelon Sug — HOW HIGH ARE YOU
  3470. 94%Windows 11: A new era for the PC begins today
  3471. 99%On .NET Live - Developing for the Meadow IoT Platform
  3472. 99%The .NET Docs Show - Serverless Machine Learning
  3473. 99%A Serious Business, Inc.
  3474. 98%Code Coverage in .NET
  3475. 95%Python 3.10 – Top 5 Features in the new Version | Rubik's Code
  3476. 99%Announcing TypeScript 4.5 Beta
  3477. 99%GitHub - Blazored/LocalStorage: A library to provide access to local storage in Blazor applications
  3478. 97%Read only, frozen, and immutable collections
  3479. 99%Beginner's Series to: Blazor | Channel 9
  3480. 99%Azure Functions 4.0 Preview Out with Support for .NET 6 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3481. 94%First Look at Visual Studio 2022 for Mac -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3482. 99%Microsoft Announces Azure Functions 4.0 with .NET 6 Support in Preview
  3483. 99%How to Create a Modern Flat UI Design Dashboard in C# 2020
  3484. 98%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 1 is now available!
  3485. 99%Announcing .NET 6 Release Candidate 1
  3486. 99%Coding Practice: Learning Rust with Fibonacci Numbers
  3487. 98%Unit Testing Legacy Code, Part 2: Leveraging Mock Objects
  3488. 97%When users never use the features they asked for
  3489. 99%Blazor updates for .NET 6 using Visual Studio 2022
  3490. 96%Visual Studio Team Seeks Help with Help (Menu, That Is) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3491. 95%The Catch Block #76 - So You Fixed a Bug. Now What?
  3492. 98%ReSharper 2021.3 Starts Early Access Program! | The .NET Tools Blog
  3493. 99%The Equivalence contravariant functor
  3494. 99%GitHub - robertdavidgraham/masscan: TCP port scanner, spews SYN packets asynchronously, scanning entire Internet in under 5 minutes.
  3495. 88%Gitpod Unveils Open Source Browser-Based VS Code 'Free from Microsoft's Control' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3496. 98%Adam Storr - Dev Tips - Creating Unique Identifiers
  3497. 99%Ahead-Of-Time Compilation for Blazor Wasm
  3498. 97%SizeBench: a new tool for analyzing Windows binary size
  3499. 91%We want to make Help all you need
  3500. 96%[Last Week in .NET #61] – We named the dog Patches
  3501. 99%Avoiding Memory Leaks in Visual Studio Editor Extensions
  3502. 86%Uno Platform 3.10 Supports .NET 6 RC1 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3503. 96%.NET Interactive Notebooks for Machine Learning | Rubik's Code
  3504. 99%The .NET Docs Show - The Handy Talk: Building a 3D-printed prosthetic hand with IoT and Xamarin ✍
  3505. 99%I fixed a bug. What should I do now? - Gérald Barré
  3506. 98%Unit Testing Legacy Code: Creating Maintainable Applications
  3507. 98%C# XML Comments in Visual Studio Code - Simple Talk
  3508. 99%JSON Based Localization in ASP.NET Core With Caching - Super Easy Guide
  3509. 99%Initial Impressions of Rust
  3510. 95%GitHub Copilot AI Spawns Open Source Alternatives -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3511. 99%Operators with different color in Visual Studio
  3512. 99%Ben.Demystifier 0.4.1
  3513. 99%On .NET Live - Scalable event processing with Reaqtor
  3514. 99%ASP.NET Core 5 Microsoft Power BI Reporting -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3515. 99%.NET Desktop Community Standup - Hot Reload Updates
  3516. 89%Visual Studio 2022 Themes Revamped with Tool to Convert VS Code Themes -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3517. 99%Announcing Azure Functions 4.0 public preview with .NET 6 support
  3518. 99%Visual Studio Toolbox Live - What's New in Visual Studio 2022 Previews 3 & 4?
  3519. 96%Don't be the Insecure Interviewer
  3520. 99%dotNET
  3521. 99%Computing the Similarity Between Two Machine Learning Datasets -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3522. 98%.NET MAUI: Preview 8 Available, but GA Postponed to Q2 2022
  3523. 99%ASP.NET Minimal APIs - balta.io
  3524. 99%Minimal APIs in .NET 6 but where are the Unit Tests?
  3525. 97%C# - Gotchas with switch expression - Hi, I'm Ankit
  3526. 97%Progress Telerik Adds New Controls for Blazor, .NET MAUI, Desktop -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3527. 98%Debugging a .NET App on Linux from Windows Visual Studio with WSL - NDepend
  3528. 99%Don't fear the pointer — Bitfield Consulting
  3529. 99%CSS Mirror Editing in Edge DevTools for VS Code
  3530. 99%Blazor Developers Can Now Create Custom Elements, Render Components from JavaScript -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3531. 98%Episode 394 - Quantum Update
  3532. 88%.NET Tooling Community Standup - What's new in Visual Studio for Mac
  3533. 99%GitHub - dotnet/upgrade-assistant: A tool to assist developers in upgrading .NET Framework applications to .NET 5
  3534. 98%Discover quick actions for common tasks as you type, with IntelliCode
  3535. 91%JustMock R3 2021—Linux, Visual Studio 2022 .NET 6 RC1
  3536. 96%.NET MAUI 'Slips the Schedule,' Won't Ship with .NET 6 in November -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3537. 97%Introducing Package Source Mapping
  3538. 96%Building an Alternative Ecosystem | Joshua Strobl
  3539. 96%Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4: Hot Reload Expands, Speed Improvements -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3540. 99%Validating Form Data with Blazor [11 of 11] | Beginner's Series to: Blazor
  3541. 95%.NET September 2021 Updates – 5.0.10 and 3.1.19
  3542. 99%Announcing .NET 6 Release Candidate 1
  3543. 97%Server-Side Language Usage: ASP.NET Trails PHP (by a Lot!) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3544. 98%Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4 is now available!
  3545. 99%Announcing .NET 6 Release Candidate 1
  3546. 99%Update on .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI)
  3547. 99%Setting up the SonarQube scanner when building a .NET Core container image
  3548. 99%Async processing of long-running tasks in ASP.NET Core
  3549. 97%New Open Source ONNX Runtime Web Does Machine Learning Modeling in Browser -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3550. 99%Introduction to System.Text.Json Through Examples - Code Maze
  3551. 99%Introduction to GitHub Codespaces
  3552. 98%Rectangle{} debugging in QML, just like printf(), but for QT
  3553. 99%Microsoft Releases .NET MAUI Compatibility Packages for the Xamarin Community Toolkit
  3554. 97%Electron isn’t Cancer but it is a Symptom of a Disease – Duck Rowing
  3555. 99%Working with DevOps friendly EF Core Migration Bundles
  3556. 99%Microsoft Open Sources .NET 5 C# Language Extension for SQL Server -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3557. 99%C# 10 is HERE! 5 features that will blow your mind 🤯
  3558. 99%First look at the debugger - Visual Studio (Windows)
  3559. 98%Code Maze Weekly #92 - Code Maze
  3560. 97%Episode 82 - DotPurple With Michael Babienco
  3561. 97%Web Live Preview
  3562. 99%The Future of Visual Studio Extensibility is Here!
  3563. 94%New Community Toolkit Leads Extension Writing Revamp for Visual Studio 2022 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3564. 92%The Fog of Random
  3565. 96%Microsoft Pushes Java for Azure Development -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3566. 99%New Improved Attach to Process Dialog Experience
  3567. 99%Apples in MAUI
  3568. 93%Locking editor panes in Visual Studio Code prevents unwanted multi-tab experiences
  3569. 92%Challenge to VS Code Python? JetBrains Tests Data Science IDE -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3570. 87%Python in VS Code Does Browser-Based Editing via 'github.dev' Trick -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3571. 99%The Command Handler contravariant functor
  3572. 99%Git tooling in Visual Studio 2022
  3573. 99%What's new in C# 10.0 - C# Guide
  3574. 96%VS Code Uses ML to Detect Programming Language, Set Mode -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3575. 99%Differential Evolution Optimization -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3576. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - A first look at Carter on .NET 6
  3577. 99%Debugging System.FormatException when launching ASP.NET Core
  3578. 99%Dealing with Modules, Assemblies and Types with CLR Profiling APIs
  3579. 99%Writing Logs to SQL Server Using NLog - Code Maze
  3580. 99%Visual Studio Code August 2021
  3581. 98%Python in Visual Studio Code – September 2021 Release
  3582. 98%Minimal API com ASP.NET Core .NET 6
  3583. 99%Visual Studio Code August 2021
  3584. 99%Launching Visual Studio Code cleanly from a .NET Application
  3585. 99%On .NET Live - Practical tips to improve your users' experience
  3586. 99%Diagnosing memory leaks in .NET apps
  3587. 99%A Complete Beginner's Guide to GraphQL
  3588. 99%GitHub - MichalStrehovsky/zerosharp: Demo of the potential of C# for systems programming with the .NET native ahead-of-time compilation technology.
  3589. 98%GitHub - aappleby/MetroBoy: A repository of gate-level simulators and tools for the original Game Boy.
  3590. 98%Bungie C++ Guidelines & Razors > News | Bungie.net
  3591. 98%What's in New Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2022? -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3592. 99%Blazor WASM not loading appsettings.{environment}.json in Azure App Services - MSCTEK
  3593. 83%What UWP Deprecation? Community Celebrates Innovative Apps in Launch 2021 Contest -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3594. 85%GitHub Copilot Generated Insecure Code In 40% Of Circumstances During Experiment
  3595. 99%ASP.​NET Core in .NET 6 - Async streaming
  3596. 99%Blazor | Build client web apps with C# | .NET
  3597. 99%Let's Learn .NET: Razor Pages
  3598. 99%IntelliSense for Hosted C# Script
  3599. 97%Donovan Brown | Codespaces meet Dapr
  3600. 99%GitHub - dotnet/Silk.NET: The high-speed OpenGL, OpenCL, OpenAL, OpenXR, GLFW, SDL, Vulkan, Assimp, and DirectX bindings library your mother warned you about.
  3601. 97%What is Blazor [1 of 11] | Beginner's Series to: Blazor
  3602. 98%Preview of .NET MAUI Community Toolkit Heralds Xamarin.Forms Sunsetting -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3603. 99%File IO improvements in .NET 6
  3604. 98%Boost your productivity with Productivity Power Tools Extensions in Visual Studio 2022!
  3605. 88%Windows 11 available on October 5
  3606. 99%Why and When to Use Akka.Streams
  3607. 99%Introducing .NET MAUI Compatibility for the Xamarin Community Toolkit
  3608. 97%ASP.NET Core Web.config Transform for Production
  3609. 99%GitHub - jsakamoto/FindRazorSourceFile: This is a set of NuGet packages that makes your Blazor apps display the source .razor file name that generated the HTML element under the mouse cursor when entering the Ctrl + Shift + F hotkeys.
  3610. 99%Multitenancy in ASP.NET Core - Simplest Way to achieve Multitenancy
  3611. 89%One-Click VS Code in Browser from GitHub Repo ('How Did I Not Know This?') -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3612. 99%Introducing the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit (Preview)
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  3640. 99%F# Tapas - Small Bites from the Cloud to the Edge | #dotNETConf: Focus on F#
  3641. 96%GitHub Actions: Windows Server 2022 with Visual Studio 2022 is now available on GitHub-hosted runners (Public Beta) | GitHub Changelog
  3642. 98%[Last Week in .NET #56] – Silverlighted Sorting
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  3693. 98%The New JavaScript/TypeScript Experience in Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3
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  3713. 99%Authenticating ASP.NET Core MVC applications with Azure Active Directory B2C - Part1
  3714. 94%Adam Storr - Razor Pages Scaffolding Submit with Error 400
  3715. 99%Inducing and measuring ThreadPool exhaustion
  3716. 99%Blazor WebAssembly by Example: A project-based guide to building web apps with .NET, Blazor WebAssembly, and C#: Wright, Toi B., Hanselman, Scott: 9781800567511: Amazon.com: Books
  3717. 88%VS Code Python Tool Revamps Jupyter Notebooks Experience -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3718. 99%Bite-Size C# 10 - Global Usings
  3719. 76%Python in Visual Studio Code – August 2021 Release
  3720. 99%GitHub - martincostello/dotnet-minimal-api-integration-testing: An example of integration testing ASP.NET Core 6 Minimal hosting and actions
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  3750. 98%Using console.log() debugging in Visual Studio Code
  3751. 98%2021 State of the Developer Ecosystem
  3752. 97%GitHub - AdrienTorris/awesome-blazor: Resources for Blazor, a .NET web framework using C#/Razor and HTML that runs in the browser with WebAssembly.
  3753. 93%Edit Your C++ Code while Debugging with Hot Reload in Visual Studio 2022
  3754. 99%Code Maze Weekly #87 - Code Maze
  3755. 99%Comparing Azure Static Web Apps vs Azure WebApps vs Azure Blob Storage Static Sites
  3756. 99%Uno Platform 3.9: .NET 6 Mobile, VS 2022, WinUI, plus XAML trimming for 50% Wasm AOT size reduction
  3757. 93%FSF-funded call for white papers on philosophical and legal questions around Copilot — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free software
  3758. 73%FSF Calls for Papers on 'Unacceptable and Unjust' GitHub Copilot -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  3782. 99%Debugging JavaScript, DOM, CSS and accessing the browser console without leaving Visual Studio Code
  3783. 98%How to Build Multi-Platform Apps with Uno Platform and Blockchain
  3784. 99%Visual C++ STL Code Review: GH-1772, More optimizations for contiguous iterators
  3785. 96%1.0.0 - Orchard Core Documentation
  3786. 99%Prototyping and Usability Testing with Indigo Design | Design to Code
  3787. 99%.NET Conf: Focus on F#
  3788. 99%Reversing for dummies - x86 assembly and C code (Beginner/ADHD friendly) · 0x41.cf
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  3793. 99%Some common gotchas when trying to deploy a dotnet gRPC app to AWS ECS
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  3813. 99%microsoft/foss-fund
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  3821. 99%Announcing .NET 6 Preview 6
  3822. 99%Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2 is out!
  3823. 99%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 6 Preview 6
  3824. 95%Announcing Entity Framework Core 6.0 Preview 6: Configure Conventions
  3825. 99%Hardening an ASP.NET container running on Kubernetes
  3826. 99%Visual Studio Toolbox Live - .NET Machine Learning in Visual Studio
  3827. 99%Google Releases Visual Studio Tool for Android Game Development -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3828. 90%TypeScript 4.4 Beta Boosts Performance, Suggests JavaScript Spelling -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3829. 97%GitHub’s Commercial AI Tool Copilot Facing Criticism From Open-Source Community For Blind Copying Of Blocks Of Code
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  3836. 98%Locating MSBuild on a machine - Gérald Barré
  3837. 95%Python 3.10 – Top 5 Features in the new Python Version
  3838. 99%ASP.​NET Core in .NET 6 - HTTP/3 endpoint TLS configuration
  3839. 99%Up & Running w/ OData in ASP.NET 6
  3840. 99%API versioning extension with ASP.NET Core OData 8
  3841. 99%Modular Architecture in ASP.NET Core - Building Better Monoliths
  3842. 98%Building a website without becoming a ‘soydev’
  3843. 99%Creating reusable build scripts with NUKE components
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  3852. 94%Azure Functions: Discover OpenAPI - Events
  3853. 98%Workspace Trust in Visual Studio Code
  3854. 98%Workspace Trust in Visual Studio Code
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  3858. 99%Your First WinUI 3 App for Windows 11 | C# Tutorials Blog
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  3861. 99%Build an Image Gallery with Vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  3862. 99%Ask the Expert: The future of modern application development with .NET
  3863. 85%News from June 14th, 2021 through June 28th, 2021
  3864. 99%Adding authentication to a Blazor Server app using Auth0
  3865. 99%Converting the WeatherTwentyOne app from dotnet Maui to Uno
  3866. 98%Using Visual Studio to search objects in a memory dump
  3867. 93%[Last Week in .NET #49] – Automated Printer CVEs
  3868. 91% Blender and the Rabbids — blender.org
  3869. 96%Alien Dreams: An Emerging Art Scene - ML@B Blog
  3870. 77%Create accessible apps with Xamarin.Forms - Learn
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  3875. 87%Geeking out to Visual Studio with Kendra Havens
  3876. 98%Java on Azure: Azure Spring Cloud Integrates with New Relic One Performance Monitoring -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3877. 96%.NET Object Allocation Tool Performance
  3878. 99%Xamarin Community Standup - Visual Studio Live Preview with Olia!!!
  3879. 99%.NET R&D Digest (June, 2021)
  3880. 96%Machine Learning for Beginners, Curriculum
  3881. 99%Tip 322 - How to perform opinion mining with Azure Cognitive Services
  3882. 98%What I wish I knew before building a Flutter App
  3883. 99%Will AI Replace Developers? GitHub Copilot Revives Existential Threat Angst -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3884. 92%Microsoft Eyes Visual Studio Accessibility: Focus Mode, Audio Clues, Whitespace Rendering, More -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3885. 99%.NET Foundation May/June 2021 Update
  3886. 99%Microsoft Releases First Preview of Visual Studio 2022
  3887. 98%Let's make Visual Studio even more accessible together.
  3888. 97%Gain +10 Debugging for Unity with Visual Studio
  3889. 99%A First Look at GitHub Copilot - Can It Convert My Comments Into Code?
  3890. 98%ML.NET Now Works on ARM Devices and Blazor WebAssembly -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3891. 91%GitHub Copilot, an AI Pair Programmer, Is Coming to VS Code/Visual Studio -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3892. 98%GitHub Copilot · Your AI pair programmer
  3893. 99%Announcing ARM64EC: Building Native and Interoperable Apps for Windows 11 on ARM
  3894. 98%Windows 11 Development: New Driver/Assessment Kits, ARM64EC ('Emulation Compatible') ABI -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3895. 99%Visual Studio Feedback
  3896. 99%.NET MAUI Preview 5 Is Here
  3897. 99%Create View and Edit Power BI Reports In Blazor
  3898. 99%Using Azure Active Directory to Secure Blazor WebAssembly Hosted Apps
  3899. 98%Async Debugging Part 3
  3900. 97%Why Computing Students Should Contribute to Open Source Software Projects
  3901. 99%MichalStrehovsky/bflat
  3902. 98%VSColorOutput64 - Visual Studio Marketplace
  3903. 97%Episode 79 - Greenfield and Brownfield in .NET with Harry Bellamy (part two)
  3904. 97%Introducing Windows 11
  3905. 99%Developing for Android on Windows
  3906. 98%Why We Chose Blazor WASM for our SPA
  3907. 98%New WinForms Default Font API: 'It Is Easy to Go Wild with This API' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3908. 94%Windows 11 Development: Open Ecosystem Store, Project Reunion Rebrand and More -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3909. 98%What Windows 11 Means for Developers
  3910. 99%Desktop Community Standup - Live Preview, Hot Reload, .NET MAUI, WinForms and WPF updates.
  3911. 99%New and Updated: "C# Interfaces" Course on Pluralsight
  3912. 98%What's new in Windows Forms in .NET 6.0 Preview 5
  3913. 99%Logistic Regression Using PyTorch with L-BFGS -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3914. 96%Infragistics Updates UI/UX Tooling for Blazor, WinForms, WPF and More -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3915. 99%The Catch Block #63 - Hooray for Visual Studio 2022!
  3916. 99%ThakeeNathees/pocketlang
  3917. 99%Blazor WebAssembly : JWT Authorization - EP32
  3918. 96%Episode 18: Mutation Testing in .NET with Stefan Pölz
  3919. 99%5 Development Best Practices to Help You Craft Better Tests
  3920. 99%Blazor on WPF
  3921. 98%Compiled Models Quicken App Startups in Entity Framework Core 6.0 Preview 5 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3922. 97%New in Azure SDK: Data Tables & Monitor Libraries, and More -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3923. 99%Minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core 6.0 - Part2
  3924. 81%Debug & Analyze Dump Files in Visual Studio
  3925. 98%Adam Storr - Default Your FirstOrDefault in .NET 6.0
  3926. 99%.NET News Roundup: .NET 6, MAUI, EF Core 6, Visual Studio 2022
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  3928. 97%What's New in .NET MAUI Preview 5 -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  3930. 99%Free Dev Stuff
  3931. 99%Using Azure Active Directory to Secure a Blazor WebAssembly Standalone App
  3932. 99%Infuse Machine Learning into your ASP.NET Core apps
  3933. 99%Locked Files When Publishing .NET Core Apps to IIS with WebDeploy
  3934. 80%Visual Studio 2022 AMA
  3935. 98%Hot Reload Leads ASP.NET Core Updates in .NET 6 Preview 5 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3936. 98%Episode 382 - Reducing Carbon Emissions with Spot VMs
  3937. 99%Code Maze Weekly #81 - Code Maze
  3938. 99%Microsoft released Visual Studio 2022 Preview 1
  3939. 97%Async Debugging Part 2
  3940. 55%3.0.1 Cancer
  3941. 97%.NET 6 Preview 5 Highlights SDK Workloads, the Foundation of .NET Unification -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3942. 99%Announcing .NET 6 Preview 5 | .NET Blog
  3943. 99%Goodbye Microsoft, Hello Honeycomb
  3944. 98%First Visual Studio 2022 Preview Focuses on Testing 64-bit Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3945. 99%Update a Visual Studio extension - Visual Studio
  3946. 98%Visual Studio 2022 Preview Release Notes
  3947. 99%Type less, code more with IntelliCode completions | Visual Studio Blog
  3948. 99%Announcing .NET 6 Preview 5 | .NET Blog
  3949. 98%Announcing Entity Framework Core 6.0 Preview 5: Compiled Models | .NET Blog
  3950. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 5 | .NET Blog
  3951. 99%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 6 Preview 5 | ASP.NET Blog
  3952. 99%Visual Studio 2022 Preview
  3953. 98%Visual Studio 2022 Preview 1 now available! | Visual Studio Blog
  3954. 98%Nuitka/Nuitka
  3955. 99%How to build a .NET template and use it within Visual Studio. Part 2: Creating a template package
  3956. 99%Remote Repositories extension for Visual Studio Code
  3957. 97%Visual Studio 2019 16.11 Preview 2 | Visual Studio Blog
  3958. 95%Visual Studio 2019 v16.11 Preview 2 Improves Git Tooling -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3959. 92%New VS Code Tool Eases GitHub Browsing/Editing, No Cloning Required -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3960. 99%C# 10 - `record struct` Deep Dive & Performance Implications
  3961. 97%Uno Platform 3.8 - New WinUI Calendar, Grid controls, 2x performance, new Linux scenario and more
  3962. 99%Markdown Table - Visual Studio Marketplace
  3963. 99%Running .NET Core Apps on a Framework other than Compiled Version?
  3964. 93%Bugs Fixed as Project Reunion v0.8 Nears Stability in New Release Candidate -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3965. 83%[Last Week in .NET #46] – Exceptionally Useful
  3966. 99%Use Swashbuckle to create an OpenAPI document - Learn
  3967. 98%Why We Chose Blazor WASM for our SPA
  3968. 99%Feature flags with .NET and Azure App Configuration
  3969. 95%Blazor Day | Channel 9
  3970. 99%dotnet-repl 0.1.11
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