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Posts for 'python'

  1. 99%Abusing Conda's Turing-Complete YAML Comments
  2. 98%Jan-Piet Mens
  3. 96%justpath to explore PATH quickly
  4. 96%The value of a PhD
  5. 99%The trouble with transaction.atomic · David Seddon
  6. 98%GitHub - google/gemma.cpp: lightweight, standalone C++ inference engine for Google's Gemma models.
  7. 97%After 14 years in the industry, I still find programming difficult
  8. 99%Ruby could use a Heap
  9. 99%Interesting Uses of Ansible’s ternary filter
  10. 98%Spring Rites
  11. 99%.NET 8 🔥🚀 : Guide to Web API AOT - Exploring new Features
  12. 97%studiolanes blog
  13. 96%Money in Transit | Alvaro Duran | Substack
  14. 97%Now you can customize your Pragmata Pro font - Fabrizio Schiavi Design
  15. 99%My benchmark for large language models
  16. 92%The killer app of Gemini Pro 1.5 is video
  17. 97%Open Source: Current State and Future Hopes
  18. 97%The best code is pseudocode
  19. 99%Why pandas feels clunky when coming from R
  20. 99%Web Scraping in Python - The Complete Guide | ProxiesAPI
  21. 98%Extracting data from a small CSV file with Haskell
  22. 99%There should only ever be one way to express yourself
  23. 98%The most useful programming language
  24. 98%Union, intersection, difference, and more are coming to JavaScript Sets
  25. 99%Azure Functions: Unlocking the power of serverless computing
  26. 99%Staircase Imports - Visual Studio Marketplace
  27. 90%Musk's biography: why it's interesting - Byte Tank
  28. 97%Some Thoughts on Jekyll
  29. 97%Representation Engineering Mistral-7B an Acid Trip
  30. 94%Replicate & Fly cold-start latency
  31. 99%How I did the layout for my self-published book
  32. 98%So Long, and Thanks for All the Bytes
  33. 98%8 things you didn’t know you could do with GitHub Copilot
  34. 92%Paying people to work on open source is good actually - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  35. 99%Visual vs text based programming, which is better?
  36. 97%(Michael Chinen) » Trying Out Stable Cascade Local Image Generation
  37. 99%EffVer: Version your code by the effort required to upgrade
  38. 97%Think Python, 3rd edition — Think Python, 3rd edition
  39. 96%Magika: AI powered fast and efficient file type identification
  40. 99%Changing TypeScript library functions while keeping backwards compatibility
  41. 96%Software Engineer in Remote, Denmark | GitHub, Inc.
  42. 93%Keywords for Top 10 Languages
  43. 98%A beginners guide to fine tuning LLM using LoRA
  44. 90%How Poor Prompting Can Lead to Biased Results from LLM Applications
  45. 99%Optimizing SQLite for servers
  46. 99%uv: Python packaging in Rust
  47. 97%Observable 2.0 | Observable
  48. 99%- Fuck You, Show Me The Prompt.
  49. 97%Why is Common Lisp not the Most Popular Programming Language?
  50. 96%I Went To FOSDEM
  51. 98%Engineering Practices for LLM Application Development
  52. 99%DuckDB as a vector database
  53. 99%Hello world, and the future for PyO3
  54. 99%Advent of Code 2023 Day 21: Step Counter
  55. 99%Shell scripting with Elixir - Michal (arathunku)
  56. 98%Analyzing Spotify stream history | posts
  57. 93%For Build Developer Conference, Semantic Kernel AI SDK Aims for 'First-Class Agent Support' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  58. 97%Understanding Vector Databases
  59. 98%Finding a New Software Developer Job
  60. 99%Interview with CTO of ListenField AgTech: Introducing NixOS to Organization
  61. 99%RSS is still pretty great
  62. 99%Cloud Development Framework - AWS Cloud Development Kit - AWS
  63. 99%CDK for Kubernetes
  64. 99%CDK for Terraform | Terraform | HashiCorp Developer
  65. 97%Making a Booklet
  66. 99%Chat with your PDF
  67. 98%Piano Transformer
  68. 99%Why make a game from scratch?
  69. 97%Django SQLite Benchmark
  70. 97%leontrolski - postgres as queue
  71. 99%.NET 8.🚀🔥: What is Docker? Integrating Docker with a .NET Web API - A Step-by-Step Guide
  72. 99%OpenAI compatibility · Ollama Blog
  73. 85%Fury Driven Development — Ludicity
  74. 99%Implementing your personal production-ready Telegram bot using AI tools to monitor, transcribe, summarize and voice videos from YouTube
  75. 97%Algebraic Pattern Matching
  76. 98%How I Built the Memory Box
  77. 99%Just enough CORS to not get stuck
  78. 99%ChatGPT vs. Advent of Code 2023 Day 20: Pulse Propagation
  79. 99%A search engine in 80 lines of Python
  80. 98%Miguel Méndez | NFL Field Mapping: A Journey Through Sports Analytics and Homography
  81. 84%Google throws $1M at Rust Foundation to build C++ bridges
  82. 99%Why RustPython?
  83. 96%SQL for Data Scientists in 100 Queries
  84. 82%Finding New Mountains to Climb
  85. 99%Improving Django testing with seed database
  86. 95%How I learned Haskell in just 15 years
  87. 98%Statically and dynamically typed scripts
  88. 99%Things I'd like to learn in 2024 | Tom Hipwell
  89. 99%Fastest JSON Decoding for Local LLMs with Compressed Finite State Machine | LMSYS Org
  90. 99%ChatGPT for Coding Tasks: Best Practices
  91. 96%Rye: a Hassle-Free Python Experience (Rye 0.21 Demonstation)
  92. 99%What language am I looking for?
  93. 83%One million machine learning specialists are needed by 2027. These bootcamps are teaching the in-demand skills
  94. 99%Schedule web scrapers with Apache Airflow | Adnan's Random bytes
  95. 98%Machine Learning to Ski
  96. 99%Blog - How I Also Hacked my Car
  97. 99%Why the Assistants API is so Appealing for AI Beginners
  98. 98%GitHub - joke2k/faker: Faker is a Python package that generates fake data for you.
  99. 92%The undercover generalist
  100. 96%.NET Rocks! Hangfire with Sergey Odinokov
  101. 82%White Elephant and "fixed time, variable scope" — Bobbie Chen
  102. 97%Tool Invocation – Demonstrating the Marvel of GPT's Flexibility · Thought Box
  103. 94%The end of my Elastic/optimyze journey ...
  104. 97%Finding The Air Cannon
  105. 99%The C Bounded Model Checker: Criminally Underused
  106. 99%Improving upon my OpenTelemetry Tracing demo
  107. 94%Farewell, Djangosites
  108. 99%PGXN Challenges
  109. 97%The ridiculous policy that forced engineers to come to the office at 2 AM twice a year
  110. 99%Live Components with Django and htmx
  111. 99%An old solution to modern OpenAI GPTs problems
  112. 84%Think for yourself if you want AI to teach you how to code
  113. 98%Your 2024 Guide to Mastering API Documentation | Postman Blog
  114. 99%The Performance Management Formula
  115. 96%Prediction Intervals for Random Forests
  116. 99%GitHub - rasbt/LLMs-from-scratch: Implementing a ChatGPT-like LLM from scratch, step by step
  117. 92%Strong Opinions, Loosely Held - A Problematic Idea
  118. 96%On Climbing the Stat Arb (CEX/DEX) Leaderboard, Comparative Advantage and Careers, and My Future in Crypto - Daniel D. McKinnon
  119. 99%My web dev stack 2024
  120. 99%Python & JavaScript Libraries · Ollama Blog
  121. 95%Understanding how GitHub Copilot works
  122. 97%The AI Study Guide: Azure’s top free resources for learning generative AI in 2024
  123. 97%Hiring ONLY seniors is the worst policy in the software industry
  124. 99%Why the fuck are we templating yaml? | lbr.
  125. 97%GitHub - stas00/ml-engineering: Machine Learning Engineering Open Book
  126. 99%Numeric operations on value objects in Ruby
  127. 76%Modder re-creates Game Boy Advance games using the audio from crash sounds
  128. 99%Should I Open Source my Company?
  129. 99%An Updated Tech Stack: Remix
  130. 99%A Roaringish phrase search algorithm
  131. 99%Learn to code. Or don’t.
  132. 99%Wait... I should consider .net?
  133. 99%A replacement for BinaryFormatter in .NET 8
  134. 99%What's that touchscreen in my room?
  135. 96%Paolo Melchiorre - My Django roadmap ideas 💡
  136. 99%How we migrated our PostgreSQL database with 11 seconds downtime - Government Digital Service
  137. 99%From Syntax to Semantics
  138. 76%The Hacker News Top 40 books of 2023
  139. 98%Monolith to microservices: Breaking down apps the useful way | Red Hat Developer
  140. 99%ChatGPT vs. Advent of Code 2023 Day 18: Lavaduct Lagoon
  141. 99%Principal Component Analysis (PCA) from Scratch Using the Classical Technique with C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  142. 98%10 Beautiful SaaS Landing Pages Without Product Images
  143. 97%Maybe don't use Blake3 on Short Inputs
  144. 98%urllib3 is fundraising for HTTP/2 support
  145. 99%The Simplest Message Bus (in python)
  146. 98%Generalists are rare gems | Dmytro Krasun
  147. 91%Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
  148. 99%When Random Isn't | orlp.net
  149. 99%GitHub - vanna-ai/vanna: 🤖 Chat with your SQL database 📊. Accurate Text-to-SQL Generation via LLMs using RAG 🔄.
  150. 98%Wayland really breaks things… Just for now? – Ximions Blog
  151. 99%Compressing Text into Images
  152. 94%I'm A Developer Not A Compiler
  153. 99%</> htmx ~ Is htmx Just Another JavaScript Framework?
  154. 99%GitHub - marimo-team/marimo: A reactive notebook for Python — run reproducible experiments, execute as a script, deploy as an app, and version with git.
  155. 98%Programming in just ONE language should be lauded. – Cliffski's Blog
  156. 99%The best way to get NVM working in CI/CD systems
  157. 98%Hidden Changes in GPT-4, Uncovered
  158. 99%ChatGPT vs. Advent of Code 2023 Day 17: Clumsy Crucible
  159. 99%Software optimisation: leveraging algorithms for optimized performance/search. - Simple Talk
  160. 99%Tyler Morgan-Wall - Roofs, Bevels, and Skeletons: Introducing the Raybevel Package
  161. 99%Step by step guide: fine-tune an LLM on your texts (part 1) - Edward Donner
  162. 93%The Butterfly Effect of Altering Prompts: How Small Changes and Jailbreaks Affect Large Language Model Performance
  163. 99%Decentralized Hacker News | Enindu Alahapperuma
  164. 99%Python 3.13 gets a JIT
  165. 99%Format ChatGPT results with PydanticOutputParser - LangChain #2
  166. 99%Collection Expressions in C# 12 are AWESOME! #dotnet #csharp
  167. 99%Davide's Code and Architecture Notes - Tracking decision with Architecture Decision Records (ADRs)
  168. 98%Polars
  169. 98%Reimagining Web APIs - Multilingual/ Rusty Web Servers
  170. 95%Hideo Okawara’s Mixed Signal Lecture Series
  171. 99%HTMX Playground
  172. 99%GitHub - extrawurst/gitui: Blazing 💥 fast terminal-ui for git written in rust 🦀
  173. 99%Red Tortoise Architecture – Matt Karas Blog
  174. 99%The unimplemented web standard from ES6
  175. 95%PostgreSQL: Full text search with the “websearch” syntax - Adam Johnson
  176. 99%SQLALchemy vs Django ORM
  177. 96%What it’s like to run Arch Linux – Stelsels
  178. 99%Hacking a CTF: Do not use ECB mode for encryption
  179. 91%how do you ocr on a mac using the cli or just python for free
  180. 99%LLMs and Programming in the first days of 2024
  181. 99%What You Should Know About Linear Markov Chains
  182. 50%Paolo Melchiorre - My 2023 in review
  183. 98%Stuff we figured out about AI in 2023
  184. 98%White Elephant is surprisingly effective
  185. 98%You should be using rtx
  186. 99%How I forked SteamOS for my living room PC — iliana.fyi
  187. 99%GitHub - jart/emacs-copilot: Large language model code completion for Emacs
  188. 99%The Art of HPC
  189. 99%Unprivileged Process Injection Techniques in Linux
  190. 99%2023 in Retrospective — bayindirh
  191. 97%AccentCoach: Transfrom Your Accent into American Accent
  192. 97%Cold-blooded software
  193. 95%The State of Developer Shortage in 2022
  194. 99%I made JSX for Lua (because I hate static sites)
  195. 99%4 billion if statements
  196. 99%Pushing ChatGPT's Structured Data Support To Its Limits
  197. 98%Sticking To What Works - Nick Conn
  198. 99%4 billion if statements
  199. 99%Using linear programming to assess spatial access
  200. 99%Understanding Parquet, Iceberg and Data Lakehouses at Broad
  201. 95%The joys of holiday coding
  202. 60%GTA 5 Source Code Leaked on Christmas Eve - GTA 6 and Bully 2 Hinted - Cyber Kendra
  203. 99%GitHub - cumulo-autumn/StreamDiffusion: StreamDiffusion: A Pipeline-Level Solution for Real-Time Interactive Generation
  204. 98%GitHub - apple/ml-ferret
  205. 98%How Pinterest scaled to 11 million users with only 6 engineers
  206. 98%ChatGPT vs. Advent of Code 2023 Day 16: The Floor Will Be Lava
  207. 96%Workspaces | marcel
  208. 98%Memory Safety is a Red Herring
  209. 97%Terminal Emulators Battle Royale – Unicode Edition! · Articles
  210. 98%Writing Worse Code For Better Maintainability – My Own Blog
  211. 99%Choosing Between Controllers and Minimal API for .NET APIs
  212. 99%Wham! Authentication broker support lands in the Azure Identity libraries.
  213. 99%Security and Crashing with Modal Logic
  214. 90%Microsoft's Semantic Kernel SDK Ships with AI Agents, Plugins, Planners and Personas -- Visual Studio Magazine
  215. 99%Build your own RAG and run it locally: Langchain + Ollama + Streamlit
  216. 98%SVD Image Compression
  217. 99%Colliding Secure Hashes | Blog
  218. 81%Mahjong tiles and Unicode variation selectors
  219. 99%GitHub - wasm3/wasm3: 🚀 A fast WebAssembly interpreter and the most universal WASM runtime
  220. 97%Embarking on a Journey of Innovation
  221. 94%I am a bad software developer and this is my life
  222. 98%OpenAI Platform
  223. 99%A curiously recurring lifetime issue
  224. 99%Interfaces Are Not Meant for That
  225. 98%Balm in GILead: Fast string construction for CPython extensions
  226. 99%How do I specify an optional string parameter to a Windows Runtime method? - The Old New Thing
  227. 98%Programs Are Games, Programming is a Game
  228. 93%VS Code Used to Survey Go Devs, Who Name VS Code No. 1 Editor -- Visual Studio Magazine
  229. 96%Understanding AI plugins in Semantic Kernel and beyond
  230. 94%htmx is a erlang
  231. 98%Running a LLM on a M1 Mac 8GB
  232. 98%Real-world match/case
  233. 96%Deleting 50,000 Lines of Code in 3 Days - Aakash N S
  234. 95%Reclaiming the Web with a Personal Reader
  235. 99%Bash One-Liners for LLMs
  236. 99%Whisper: Nvidia RTX 4090 vs M1Pro with MLX (updated with M2/M3)
  237. 97%How can I work around the absence of default parameters in the Windows Runtime? - The Old New Thing
  238. 98%Python in Visual Studio Code Enhances Debugging -- Visual Studio Magazine
  239. 97%Y.K. Goon | Learning Message Brokering
  240. 99%Dagster, dbt, duckdb as new local MDS | Georg Heiler
  241. 91%Crafting an AI Mixologist Using Semantic Kernel -- Visual Studio Magazine
  242. 75%U.S. and International Partners Issue Recommendations to Secure Software Products Through
  243. 99%GPS Walkthrough 1 — Overview
  244. 99%Paolo Melchiorre - Database generated columns⁽³⁾: GeoDjango & PostGIS
  245. 97%Building a lyrics recommendation bot | James' Coffee Blog
  246. 99%GNU ASCII armor: send encrypted data in plain text
  247. 94%In praise of boring backend tech | Roland Writes
  248. 99%Trying chDB, an embeddable ClickHouse engine
  249. 93%VS Code's Copilot 'AI Pair Programmer' Improves Chat UI, Explains Rust Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  250. 99%What's New in Blazor in .NET 8 (What is Blazor SSR)
  251. 98%La plateforme
  252. 99%Choosing Elegance: The Case for F# in Application Development
  253. 98%Becoming a go-to person gets you promoted. Here's how to do it as a software engineer.
  254. 97%Boris Cherny's Blog
  255. 98%.NET Chiselled Ubuntu Container Images Are Now Generally Available
  256. 99%Make a Linux App
  257. 98%Beancount for Personal Finance
  258. 99%Modal Labs Deep Dive - Ehsan's Blog
  259. 88%Microsoft's 'Semantic Kernel' AI SDK Ships as Release Candidate -- Visual Studio Magazine
  260. 98%GitHub - kellyjonbrazil/jc: CLI tool and python library that converts the output of popular command-line tools, file-types, and common strings to JSON, YAML, or Dictionaries. This allows piping of output to tools like jq and simplifying automation scripts.
  261. 96%Understanding AI plugins in Semantic Kernel and beyond
  262. 89%Artificial Intelligence: Generative AI, Cloud and MLOps (online)
  263. 86%The diminishing half-life of knowledge
  264. 99%Death by a thousand microservices
  265. 99%All my favorite tracing tools: eBPF, QEMU, Perfetto, new ones I built and more
  266. 99%Implementing the Harris Corner Detector
  267. 99%💸 Sending a file in 2017 | Zack Scholl
  268. 90%An Open Letter to the Python Software Foundation
  269. 99%Things to Note Before Migrating Servers
  270. 97%Forecasts need to have error bars
  271. 98%Stupid Tools | Obiter dicta
  272. 99% Speculative Sampling | Jay Mody
  273. 80%Django 5.0 released
  274. 99%LLM As A Function
  275. 96%The Fork Bomb: What it is, how it works, and where it originated
  276. 99%I Started With Nix, NixOS, Home Manager and Flakes
  277. 95%Recording and generating animated screencasts within the browser
  278. 96%POV Candle - mitxela.com
  279. 97%Advent of Code
  280. 99%Semantic Kernel’s Ignite release: Beta8 for the .NET SDK | Semantic Kernel
  281. 96%In Defence of Doubles · Anthony Lloyd
  282. 99%GitHub - VikParuchuri/marker: Convert PDF to markdown quickly with high accuracy
  283. 63%Say it again: values not expressions
  284. 98%Why does everyone install crates globally?
  285. 99%GitHub - Mozilla-Ocho/llamafile: Distribute and run LLMs with a single file.
  286. 99%Rust std fs slower than Python!? No, it's hardware!
  287. 99%Added support for node and npm based projects by davidfowl · Pull Request #1033 · dotnet/aspire
  288. 99%RAG Pipelines from scratch
  289. 97%ML.NET 3.0 Boosts Deep Learning, Data Processing for .NET-Based AI Apps -- Visual Studio Magazine
  290. 98%Matrix vs. XMPP | Luke's Webpage
  291. 97%Cloud translation is more expensive than I thought
  292. 98%Consider Writing Documentation for Your House
  293. 97%Java Programming - The State of Developer Ecosystem in 2023 Infographic
  294. 98%Serverless Speed: Rust vs. Go, Java, and Python in AWS Lambda Functions
  295. 99%How Codebase Structure Shapes System Predictability
  296. 99%Python is Easy. Go is Simple. Simple != Easy.
  297. 99%udlbook
  298. 99%VectorDB
  299. 99%.NET | Add Feature flags to your application
  300. 99%Paolo Melchiorre - Database generated columns⁽²⁾: Django & PostgreSQL
  301. 98%Registering My Hypotheses On Starting A Business — Ludicity
  302. 99%GitHub - dannywillems/py-keum: Modular elliptic curve library in Python. Do not use in production.
  303. 99%Why do I know shell, and how can you? - Julio Merino (jmmv.dev)
  304. 99%Launch Week Day 3 - Fastest self-hostable open-source workflow engine | Windmill
  305. 99%Scripts don't scale; they give you scriptitis
  306. 98%Racket Beyond Languages | Nikhil's blog
  307. 97%SearchArray: Making search relevance not so special
  308. 98%kdheepak - Publishing documents with Quarto
  309. 95%Reverse-engineering GPTs for fun and data
  310. 99%The reciprocal Fibonacci constant
  311. 97%SearchArray: Making search relevance not so special
  312. 99%GitHub - Acly/krita-ai-diffusion: Streamlined interface for generating images with AI in Krita. Inpaint and outpaint with optional text prompt, no tweaking required.
  313. 97%GitHub - yl4579/StyleTTS2: StyleTTS 2: Towards Human-Level Text-to-Speech through Style Diffusion and Adversarial Training with Large Speech Language Models
  314. 98%Percisely
  315. 99%UNIGE 14x050 – Deep Learning
  316. 98%Tree-Sitter Highlighting in Vim
  317. 97%Kapil Dutta - Blog
  318. 97%“Useless Ruby sugar”: Keyword argument and hash values omission
  319. 97%It's Time For A Change: datetime.utcnow() Is Now Deprecated
  320. 98%The evolution of Sideprojects
  321. 95%Announcing general availability of vector search and semantic ranker in Azure AI Search
  322. 98%Migrating to OpenTelemetry | Airplane
  323. 98%Built a bunch of apps, here's what I learned
  324. 99%Book of Python in Excel - John Lam's Website
  325. 99%Introduction to Batch Processing using `asyncio` and `Instructor` - Instructor (openai_function_call)
  326. 98%A Coding Copilot
  327. 98%Unleashing the power of Text to Voice using Amazon Polly and Python
  328. 97%Yet Another ChatGPT Winge
  329. 89%How to make your own computer chips — Brickstackr
  330. 95%Please Don't Ask if an Open Source Project is Dead
  331. 97%Vendor Lock-in in the cloud age
  332. 98%Top 10 highest paid programming languages in 2023
  333. 99%Fast and Portable Llama2 Inference on the Heterogeneous Edge
  334. 85%The diminishing half-life of knowledge
  335. 98%Financial sustainability for open source projects at GitHub Universe
  336. 98%OpenAI Platform
  337. 98%GitHub - Jcparkyn/dpoint: Open-source digital stylus using camera tracking and inertial measurements
  338. 99%GPU Survival Toolkit for the AI age: The bare minimum every developer must know
  339. 98%6 months as a Data Science freelance - some tips
  340. 96%mht.wtf
  341. 97%Serverless at Scale: Lessons From 200 Million Lambda Invocations
  342. 99%A quick look at destination-driven code generation
  343. 90%An Overdue Apology — Kenneth Reitz
  344. 99%On .NET Live - Beyond Clicks: Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Semantic Kernel
  345. 99%Hare aims to become a 100-year programming language
  346. 98%GitHub - ishan0102/vimGPT: Browse the web with GPT-4V and Vimium
  347. 99%Interesting bugs caught by no-constant-binary-expression - ESLint - Pluggable JavaScript Linter
  348. 98%The 'eu' in eucatastrophe – Why SciPy builds for Python 3.12 on Windows are a minor miracle
  349. 99%Paolo Melchiorre - Database generated columns ⁽¹⁾: Django & SQLite
  350. 98%Some More To Talk About Flask
  351. 99%Using venv, pyvenv, autoenv on macOS
  352. 93%Strategy Doesn't Matter If You Blunder Every Move — Ludicity
  353. 99%Live Coding a containerized web app for event management
  354. 98%How to convince your management to refactor software
  355. 99%Why Kotlin Multiplatform Won’t Succeed - DONN FELKER
  356. 98%New models and developer products announced at DevDay
  357. 98%Exploring an Automated Testing Strategy for Infrastructure as Code
  358. 94%Your Loved Ones Are Prisoners, and You Made the Chain
  359. 98%Things I’ve learned from running OTIS
  360. 96%How to ask | Lucas Vittor
  361. 72%Microsoft Revamping Semantic Kernel AI SDK After 'Unexpected Uses' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  362. 98%VS Code Python Team Improves Interactive REPL -- Visual Studio Magazine
  363. 98%VS Code Previews AI Topic Experts for Copilot Chat Called 'Agents' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  364. 97%Confusing git terminology
  365. 99%GitHub - GaijinEntertainment/DagorEngine: Dagor Engine and Tools source code from Gaijin Games KFT
  366. 99%Organizing ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs
  367. 99%Analyzing Data 170,000x Faster with Python
  368. 97%Gregory Szorc's Digital Home | My User Experience Porting Off setup.py
  369. 97%eval should not be a built-in function
  370. 94%I Accidentally Saved Half A Million Dollars — Ludicity
  371. 94%Open Telemetry – Instrumentation and Metrics
  372. 97%NixOS Reproducible Builds: minimal installation ISO successfully independently rebuilt
  373. 99%jackie tung
  374. 99%Raku is surprisingly good for CLIs
  375. 99%Good LLM Validation is Just Good Validation - Instructor (openai_function_call)
  376. 99%Paolo Melchiorre - μDjango (micro Django) 🧬
  377. 92%Oracle unveils Java development extension for Visual Studio Code
  378. 98%GitHub - sumatrapdfreader/sumatrapdf: SumatraPDF reader
  379. 98%Using LLMs for test data generation
  380. 98%Embeddings: What they are and why they matter
  381. 99%What Are The Easiest Programming Languages to Learn? – Your Ultimate Guide
  382. 98%Meta reveals their serverless platform processing trillions of function calls a day
  383. 99%Understanding Big O Notation: A Simplified Guide for Programmers - v0rkath
  384. 99%Not Always the Best Idea – view source
  385. 97%Progress on no-GIL CPython
  386. 99%The 5 Levels of Readable Code
  387. 99%A programming system
  388. 98%The State of WebAssembly 2023
  389. 95%On automating unit tests with LLMs.
  390. 99%Some concerns with OpenPubKey
  391. 99%Which Interpreters are Faster, AST or Bytecode?
  392. 98%'Dev Drive' Storage Now Available for Developers in Windows 11 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  393. 96%Episode 57: .NET and Podcasting - with Jamie Taylor
  394. 99%At the boundaries, static types are illusory
  395. 99%GitHub - cpacker/MemGPT: Teaching LLMs memory management for unbounded context 📚🦙
  396. 99%How to burnout a software engineer, in 3 easy steps
  397. 99%GitHub - jtesta/ssh-audit: SSH server & client security auditing (banner, key exchange, encryption, mac, compression, compatibility, security, etc)
  398. 99%A/B Tests for Engineers
  399. 97%Online Kalman Filter Tutorial
  400. 98%Length, Size, and Count in Ruby and Rails: When to Use Which?
  401. 94%Can open source be saved from the EU's Cyber Resilience Act?
  402. 97%ChatGPT-AutoExpert/System Prompts.md at main · spdustin/ChatGPT-AutoExpert
  403. 73%OpenAI-Specific Code Nixed from Semantic Kernel AI SDK -- Visual Studio Magazine
  404. 91%I Am Filled With Livid Animals — Ludicity
  405. 99%Spring Boot Database Admin: automatically generated CRUD web UI for Spring Boot/JPA apps - AILEF
  406. 98%Zachary Proser's portfolio site
  407. 99%Integrating Arduino, Azure & Unity for Epic Projects!
  408. 97%How to legally pirate every font on Earth in an afternoon
  409. 98%How to avoid PyBind11 and write 5x faster CPython bindings 🐍
  410. 99%Strikeout (ꓘ) Blog - Security Researcher
  411. 98%Build the Framework You Need
  412. 97%Watching the fog on an e-ink display
  413. 91%funding rate manipulation shenanigans on ftx
  414. 99%Structured Concurrency in C#
  415. 99%Building an Anomaly Detection System with Recurrent Neural Networks
  416. 99%5-minute Practical Streaming SQL Techniques That Can Save You Millions
  417. 95%LLM’s reasoning and other abilities – Second Sight
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  713. 99%The ease of picking up web development is greatly exaggerated
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  717. 99%Experiments in LLMs - Everything I’ve learned (so far) - Part One - Fine tuning
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  730. 99%Process huge log files – Madhur Ahuja
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  732. 99%What are the scenarios where "Rewrite it in Rust" didn't meet your expectations or couldn't be successfully implemented?
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  735. 98%What are embeddings?
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  738. 98%MLOps guide
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  740. 98%On AWS Shutting Down Open Source Documentation
  741. 97%Confessions
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  743. 99%Back to Terraform - Pieter Vincken and Yannick Bontemps
  744. 99%Academics: You’re Doing Open Source Wrong
  745. 68%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Lizzie Siegle
  746. 99%Using PANDA to search for F.L.I.R.T. signatures during process execution
  747. 94%Music Stats with DuckDB
  748. 98%What are embeddings?
  749. 99%Cecil Phillip – Building payment flows with Stripe and Azure – Webinar Recording | The .NET Tools Blog
  750. 99%Dev Drive: Performance, Security and Control for Developers
  751. 99%Notes on neural networks from scratch in Clojure
  752. 98%JuLox: What I Learned Building a Lox Interpreter in Julia
  753. 99%Sketch of a Post-ORM
  754. 96%A locking war story
  755. 99%Why I am getting a Framework
  756. 99%Gaussian Naive Bayes Classification Using the scikit Library -- Visual Studio Magazine
  757. 99%Announcing WASIX
  758. 98%Language Pragmatics Engineering
  759. 96%An aperiodic monotile
  760. 99%Favour flat code file folders
  761. 96%Giving It All Away: My Philanthropic Plan - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  762. 99%Revisiting Modern Data Stack
  763. 99%things that are hard to search for online
  764. 96%Introducing my own mirroring service: mirror.quantum5.ca
  765. 99%Streaming your IoT Data to DynamoDB
  766. 99%Creating an Automation Document Using C# and CDK
  767. 99%Using Nix with Dockerfiles
  768. 99%How Khan Academy Rewrote their Backend
  769. 99%Connect FastAPI Server with PostgreSQL and deploy to GCP
  770. 99%Upskilling: ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers now in C#
  771. 97%GitHub - travisgoodspeed/gbrom-tutorial: Tutorial for extracting the GameBoy ROM from photographs of the die.
  772. 99%PyPI was subpoenaed - The Python Package Index
  773. 99%Yadja – YAML to Django – Brian de Heus
  774. 99%Abp CLI Template
  775. 99%A Tale of PGVector and Friends: The Joy Of Software Naming
  776. 97%Confusing tie correction in the classic Mann-Whitney U test implementation
  777. 99%RequestBin — A modern request bin to collect, inspect and debug HTTP requests and webhooks - Pipedream
  778. 99%.NET Minimal API part 10 - Working with the widgets
  779. 98%So, You Want To Build A DBaaS Part 2: Technical Bits
  780. 97%Matt Johnson's Blog - Monoliths are good, but not that good
  781. 98%reMarkable Connection Utility (RCU)
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  783. 99%How Much Memory Do You Need to Run 1 Million Concurrent Tasks?
  784. 99%Webinar – Cecil Phillip – Building payment flows with Stripe and Azure | The .NET Tools Blog
  785. 98%Customizing web search with LLMs
  786. 98%PGP signatures on PyPI: worse than useless
  787. 99%The Many Problems with Celery
  788. 83%Stay Alert: The Rising Threat of Malicious Extensions in Microsoft's VSCode Marketplace
  789. 99%Writing Python like it’s Rust
  790. 98%We need new DSLs for the era of LLMs
  791. 95%My solar-powered blog is now on Lithium Iron Phosphate
  792. 98%Uncensored Models
  793. 99% Pair programming with ChatGPT
  794. 96%Build 2023 Dev Conference to Detail Semantic Kernel (AI LLM Integration) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  795. 97%Grounded ChatGPT
  796. 98%Migrating from Civis to Prefect — Data Engineering the Left
  797. 98%The Dangers of Google’s .zip TLD
  798. 99%My 20 Year Career is Technical Debt or Deprecated
  799. 96%Context-Free Grammar Parsing with LLMs
  800. 99%Classification Using the scikit k-Nearest Neighbors Module -- Visual Studio Magazine
  801. 99%Visualizing Data in dotnet with Polyglot Notebooks and SandDance
  802. 97%A Simple System for Measuring Flaky Tests in a Large CI/CD Pipeline
  803. 93%SQL Window Functions Explained [Book]
  804. 98%Memory Allocation
  805. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  806. 99%How to Setup Coq in Vim
  807. 99%Introducing Polyglot Notebooks
  808. 99%Abusing Vector Search for Texts, Maps, and Chess ♟️
  809. 92%Sami Lehtinen - cURL + Cloudflare = Information leak - But why
  810. 99%Figuring out how to use LLMs in production · Way Enough
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  812. 99%The Most Underrated C# Feature
  813. 98%Nathan Kim's personal website
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  817. 98%A few words on Ruby's type annotations state
  818. 99%Reviewing Simple C# Collections for Beginners #dotnet
  819. 99%Code with your phone 📲 🤯Using @github Codespaces
  820. 99%Use OpenAI API to make two GPT bots talk to each other
  821. 99%Automated UI Testing—Definition, Tools and Benefits
  822. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup, May 2023
  823. 99%Introducing Temporal .NET – Deterministic Workflow Authoring in .NET
  824. 99%Pylint strict base configuration
  825. 99%Error handling patterns
  826. 99%Bringing Hardware Accelerated Language Models to Consumer Devices
  827. 99%Regression Using a scikit MLPRegressor Neural Network -- Visual Studio Magazine
  828. 98%When Python's Mann-Whitney U test returns extremely distorted p-values
  829. 96%Desktop setup
  830. 99%30 Days 30 Minutes
  831. 99%Shaping LLM Responses · Way Enough
  832. 99%What Is a URL
  833. 99%Observed No. 12 - Removing Pre-Commit Dependencies With Docker
  834. 99%How OpenTelemetry Works?
  835. 98%debian/NEWS · master · Debian Python Team / packages / python-pip · GitLab
  836. 99%Did You Know You Can Do This With EF8 SqlQuery? #shorts
  837. 98%Getting Started with Elasticsearch, Part 3 - Deploying to AWS with Pulumi | no dogma blog
  838. 99%Streaming your IoT Data to DynamoDB
  839. 99%Creating an Automation Document Using C# and CDK
  840. 82%Microsoft is rewriting core Windows libraries in Rust
  841. 97%SQL Is All You Need
  842. 98%Knowledge Retrieval Architecture for LLM’s (2023)
  843. 78%Do We Still Need Journals?
  844. 98%Building from source all the way down — 2023 — Blog — GNU Guix
  845. 99%Bea Stollnitz - How GPT models work
  846. 99%Slaying Code with Linux: The Tools I Use to Dominate in Development
  847. 99%Capturing the Flag with GPT-4
  848. 99%GitHub - mitsuhiko/rye: an experimental alternative to poetry/pip/pipenv/pyenv/venv/virtualenv/pdm/hatch/…
  849. 99%Introduction to gRPC with Fiddler Everywhere
  850. 99%PyTorch Performance Features and How They Interact
  851. 99%Fine Tuning ChatGPT on our Intercom support chat history – Kevin Goedecke
  852. 99%Building A ChatGPT-enhanced Python REPL
  853. 99%Python For Loop - The Easy Way | Pro Code Guide
  854. 95%The Complete Beginners Guide To Autonomous Agents
  855. 99%My advice for transitioning to a clean architecture platform | Red Hat Developer
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  857. 99%Maximizing the Potential of LLMs: Using Vector Databases
  858. 99%Finding the brachistochrone with JAX
  859. 99%Convos: A Persistent Self-Hosted Web Client for IRC
  860. 94%Using Vim with the colemak-dh layout
  861. 98%GitHub - muellerberndt/micro-gpt: A minimal generic autonomous agent.
  862. 99%Using buck to build Rust projects
  863. 98%Entity-Based Reinforcement Learning
  864. 96%An Over-Engineered Travel Blog
  865. 99% Understanding Parameter-Efficient Finetuning of Large Language Models: From Prefix Tuning to LLaMA-Adapters
  866. 70%Python foundation slams pending EU cyber security rules
  867. 98%Data validation in Python: a look into Pandera and Great Expectations | endjin
  868. 95%How ChatGPT helped me to code stuff
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  875. 94%The Autocomplete Myth
  876. 99%Do We Need a New Orchestration System for GPUs?
  877. 99%Coding a simple algorithm with ChatGPT
  878. 99%Speeding up Queries by Pre-computation & Transformation #shorts
  879. 91%fast.ai - From Deep Learning Foundations to Stable Diffusion
  880. 99%Making a Data Visualization With No Coding Skills Using ChatGPT
  881. 99%Data Pipelines as Code With Delta Live Tables
  882. 94%Startup Attempts and Failures, 2021 – 2023
  883. 99%The Language Wars Are Over: ChatGPT Won
  884. 99%Using Unpoly with Django — /var/
  885. 99%Building a serverless API that tweets about my blog posts using Azure OpenAI and LangChain
  886. 99%Nix and direnv · Way Enough
  887. 99%Multi-Class Classification Using a scikit Neural Network -- Visual Studio Magazine
  888. 81%Django 4.2 released
  889. 99%How to use AI to do practical stuff: A new guide
  890. 99%AI is morphing from tool to platform (and the next technology epoch begins)
  891. 99%irhum.github.io - Tensor Parallelism with jax.pjit
  892. 97%Unearthing lessons from 2008: My first Mac apps
  893. 99%Notion as a replacement for Pocket — Javorové lístky
  894. 92%Bullsh*t Jobs
  895. 98%Asking the Right Questions to ChatGPT | Davis Haupt
  896. 98%It's Not About the Job Openings
  897. 99%Hyperloglog in PostgreSQL
  898. 97%Microsoft Pushes Open Source 'Semantic Kernel' for AI LLM-Backed Apps -- Visual Studio Magazine
  899. 99%REST APIs: What They Are and All You Need to Know
  900. 99%Cuttings / Moving Away from Todoist - to Taskwarrior, SSH & Dropbox - Part 2
  901. 97%j soma - Building Spotify playlists based on vibes using LangChain and GPT
  902. 90%New for Devs in SQL Server 2022: Ledger for Blockchain-Backed Security -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  907. 91%Banking Crisis 2023: Who else is in trouble? - What the Hell is Beeping?
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  912. 99%(How not to) Generate a Large Prime
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  916. 98%How to Make a Great Conference Talk
  917. 99%Bean Machine Retrospective, part 9
  918. 98%Stuff I use in the terminal
  919. 99%Using mmap to share data between processes
  920. 95%AI-Powered 'Data Wrangler' VS Code Tool Eases Prep Work for Data Scientists -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  923. 99%Multi-Class Classification Using a scikit Decision Tree -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  925. 96%How I got my first Rails job
  926. 99%Analyzing multi-gigabyte JSON files locally
  927. 85%Microsoft Open Sources Tool for GPT-4-Infused Apps -- Visual Studio Magazine
  928. 97%The birth of a package manager
  929. 98%GitHub - epilys/gerb: Graphical font editor (GTK + Rust)
  930. 99%fastGPT: Faster than PyTorch in 300 lines of Fortran
  931. 97%I Wrote A Summarizer For HackerNews, Here’s What I Learned
  932. 99%How to use Prometheus for web application monitoring
  933. 99%Announcing Polyglot Notebooks! Multi-language notebooks in Visual Studio Code - .NET Blog
  934. 97%Docker is deleting Open Source organisations - what you need to know
  935. 99%Metaprogramming in Lean
  936. 98%How migrate an existing Joomla CMS website to a Django Backend
  937. 96%My experiments with doing things daily
  938. 99%Why Your Technology Stack Doesn't Matter - Here's What Does
  939. 98%Humans Are Not Turing Machines
  940. 99%GitHub - microsoft/visual-chatgpt: Official repo for the paper: Visual ChatGPT: Talking, Drawing and Editing with Visual Foundation Models
  941. 98%Observing and Understanding Backlog Queues in Linux | Kris Nóva
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  949. 97%Reduce friction of getting your code reviewed
  950. 99%Morris.Moxy - Real-time Scriban scripted Roslyn code generator
  951. 99%USB Trojan Tutorial: How to Create, Deploy and Protect Against Malicious USB Attacks - ForgetPasses-Blog
  952. 96%Python implementation of the Hilbert Sort algorithm for sorting of one-dimensional data in a higher-dimensional space using the Hilbert curve
  953. 99%The Quest for Netflix on Asahi Linux
  954. 96%Hands-On with Profiles: 'One of the All-Time Most Requested VS Code Features' -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  965. 81%Federated language models, or the future of universal computing
  966. 96%Your friend the language model
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  979. 98%On Relearning to Code as an Adult
  980. 94%Scrooge: Analyzing Yahoo Financial Data In DuckDB
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  983. 97%Health Checking
  984. 97%Programming Will Always Use Text
  985. 98%Pydantic vs Protobuf vs Namedtuples vs Dataclasses
  986. 99%GitHub - Threatintel-be/email-checker-ti: This script will check against hibp api when, how and if your emails are pwnd or not
  987. 98%Bean Machine Retrospective, part 8
  988. 97%If you think you can't do something, prove it
  989. 98%Charts in a PDF, Please
  990. 99%Binary Classification Using a scikit Decision Tree -- Visual Studio Magazine
  991. 95%GitHub Codespaces and GitHub Copilot: 2 stories, thousands of possibilities
  992. 99%GDB 13.1 released!
  993. 92%Monitoring my weather at home 🌩️
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  998. 89%Haskell: Day 1/∞
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  1009. 99%Google’s Fully Homomorphic Encryption Compiler — A Primer
  1010. 99%I asked ChatGTP to write me a script to delete one million emails; It did very well
  1011. 98%My Time At The Recurse Center
  1012. 98%Ruler and compass construction of a heart
  1013. 99%A checklist for SQLite
  1014. 99%mast1c0re: Part 2 - Arbitrary PS2 code execution
  1015. 99%Analyzing How Much Time I Spend in Meetings (using SQL and Python)
  1016. 99%Email Spam Detection using Pre-Trained BERT Model : Part 1
  1017. 97%My 'Conversation' with ChatGPT about What Devs Need to Know -- ADTmag
  1018. 99%<3 Deno Feb 12, 2023
  1019. 96%How to Efficiently Reorder or Rerank Items in Database - Yasoob Khalid
  1020. 96%Jae's Website
  1021. 98%GitHub - Cvaniak/NoteSH: NoteSH fully functional sticky notes App in your Terminal!
  1022. 98%Spaghettify🍝
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  1024. 98%Metrics layers: past, present, future - Blog | Hex
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  1031. 98%Designing Data-Intensive Applications – Multi-Object Transactions
  1032. 98%Adapting to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  1033. 98%Carving The Scheduler Out Of Our Orchestrator
  1034. 98%Making a loudness monitor for online meetings
  1035. 99%Python’s “Disappointing” Superpowers
  1036. 84%The New Coder's Hierarchy of Needs
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  1038. 99%...so, I joined the time-complexity cult.
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  1040. 98%pedro cattori
  1041. 98%Fuzzy API composition: querying NBA stats with GPT-3 + Statmuse + Langchain
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  1049. 99%Delimited files are hell-- a comparison of methods to read bad files
  1050. 98%Kolja Pluemer | In search of a better Spaced Repetition algorithm #1
  1051. 99%Dear Retro Community, Stop Writing Tools in C
  1052. 99%git-sim: Visually simulate Git operations in your own repos
  1053. 99%Bringing Back the Flags! Keyboard Layout Indicator as Country Flags on Gnome
  1054. 99%Self-serve feature platforms: architectures and APIs
  1055. 99%Free certifications for developers
  1056. 99%Simple TUIs with Babashka and Gum
  1057. 99%It’s 2023, You Should Be Using Typescript!
  1058. 99%Azure OpenAI is now generally available
  1059. 99%Ruff: The First 200 Releases
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  1062. 98%10 CVEs! My Personal Thoughts On Research And CVEs
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  1067. 98%Sometimes I regret using CalVer
  1068. 97%Building something by myself
  1069. 99%The Unreasonable Effectiveness of AWK
  1070. 98%py-tsbs-benchmark/README.md at main · questdb/py-tsbs-benchmark
  1071. 99%Examples of floating point problems
  1072. 97%Never Modify Inputs Without Permission
  1073. 99%How to implement Q&A against your documentation with GPT3, embeddings and Datasette
  1074. 94%Newsletter by Ivan Velichko
  1075. 98%Your tech stack is not the product
  1076. 96%Programming Interviews Turn Normal People into A-Holes
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  1080. 99%What Every Competent GDBMS Should Do (aka The Goals & Vision of Kùzu)
  1081. 67%OAuth 2 MUST utilize https.
  1082. 94%JavaScript Survey: Devs Want Static Typing (and Favor TypeScript over Vanilla JS) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1083. 99%The yaml document from hell
  1084. 98%Bullshit Graph Database Performance Benchmarks
  1085. 97%ABK Blog#/blogs/2023-01-11-stable-diffusion-on-cpu.md?utm_source=hnblogs.substack.com
  1086. 92%Microsoft Livestream Series Bolsters Python in VS Code (250 Million Installs) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1087. 99%My Infrastructure as Code Rosetta Stone - Deploying the same web application on AWS ECS Fargate with CDK, Terraform and Pulumi
  1088. 98%Why parquet files are my preferred API for bulk open data
  1089. 98%Surprising Consequences of macOS’s Environment Variable Sanitization
  1090. 99%Attercop: In-line shell command generations with natural language
  1091. 99%Azure Functions 2022 recap and 2023 sneak peek
  1092. 98%I scanned every package on PyPi and found 57 live AWS keys
  1093. 99%Modern Polars
  1094. 99%Machine Learning in .NET with F# and ML.NET 2.0
  1095. 90%Ruby and Rails going from 2022 to 2023
  1096. 98%Bean Machine Retrospective, part 6
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  1101. 99%How to deploy Python FastAPI Application into Railway App?
  1102. 93%#1027108 - RM: python2.7 -- RoQA; Obsolete
  1103. 97%Advent of Code Lessons Learned
  1104. 97%Guaraqe's Nest • Summarizing multicore usage using entropy
  1105. 99%Luciano Remes | Golang is 𝘼𝙡𝙢𝙤𝙨𝙩 Perfect
  1106. 98%Improving color quantization heuristics
  1107. 95%Raspberry Pi security alarm — the basics
  1108. 94%I was fired from HubSpot in 2016
  1109. 99%Nix journey part 1: creating a flake
  1110. 99%jott - images_as_emoji
  1111. 99%Introducing Austral: A Systems Language with Linear Types and Capabilities
  1112. 94%New blog - moving from Medium to Gridsome
  1113. 99%Machine learning models with ONNX and .NET | .NET Conf 2022
  1114. 98%Ups and Downs of A Side Project
  1115. 99%2022.12: It does matter!
  1116. 99%Advent of Code 2022 in pure TensorFlow - Day 6
  1117. 99%Things I learned through Advent of Code 2022 - Dan Turkel (dot com)
  1118. 98%Working on urllib3 full-time for one week
  1119. 99%Building a gRPC server in Python
  1120. 98%Introduction to Code Golf and Golflangs
  1121. 99%Thoughts on Hanukkah of Data 2022
  1122. 99%developing a single file web scraper – Trickster Dev
  1123. 99%Flipping USB Connectors — Think Bayes
  1124. 83%AI assistants help developers produce code that's insecure
  1125. 99%Detecting potential cheaters in Advent of Code Leaderboards
  1126. 96%rssCloud, WordPress, FeedLand, and Dave Winer – Andy Sylvester's Web
  1127. 97%I built 10 web apps... with 10 different languages
  1128. 96%I built 10 web apps... with 10 different languages
  1129. 99%How to visualize your system architecture using the C4 model?
  1130. 99%Implementing the MySQL server protocol for fun and profit
  1131. 99%Textual - A year of building for the terminal
  1132. 98%Beanstalk Retrospective, part 5
  1133. 99%Concurrent write problem
  1134. 97%Small Functions considered Harmful
  1135. 95%Java on Azure Tooling Update Boosts Remote Debugging -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1136. 99%GitHub - Jxck-S/plane-notify: Notify If a selected plane has taken off or landed using OpenSky or ADS-B Exchange data. Compares older data to newer data to determine if a landing or takeoff has occurred. As well as nav modes, emergency squawk and resolution advisory notifications. Can output to Twitter, Discord, and Pushbullet
  1137. 99%VS Code Preview: Python in the Browser, Executed by WebAssembly -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1138. 99%InfluxDB newcomer’s impressions – Patrick's WebLog
  1139. 97%I want toast
  1140. 88%Going write-only on Twitter (and introducing autopost)
  1141. 99%Get Rid of Your Old Database Migrations
  1142. 99%HTTP Servers, WSGI and Web Frameworks
  1143. 99%GitHub - pynecone-io/pynecone: Web apps in pure Python
  1144. 99%Understanding the UBI File System in Embedded Devices
  1145. 97%When your database is an HTTP client
  1146. 99%What I have been working on: Modal
  1147. 99%Secretless Python Apps with AWS Secrets Manager
  1148. 99%Bean Machine Retrospective, part 4
  1149. 98%GitHub - ggerganov/whisper.cpp: Port of OpenAI's Whisper model in C/C++
  1150. 98%Bean Machine Retrospective, part 3
  1151. 99%A Day Without a Copilot: Reflections on Copilot-Driven Development
  1152. 99%3D Printed Film Video Camera
  1153. 99%GitHub - betaveros/noulith: *slaps roof of [programming language]* this bad boy can fit so much [syntax sugar] into it
  1154. 97%Bean Machine Retrospective, part 2
  1155. 99%Kafka Networking via Wireshark - Vasil Kosturski
  1156. 97%The top programming languages
  1157. 99%Bean Machine Retrospective, part 1
  1158. 99%Tales of the M1 GPU - Asahi Linux
  1159. 98%I am disappointed by dynamic typing
  1160. 86%A long expected update
  1161. 99%Generating closures
  1162. 99%GitHub - comet-ml/kangas: Explore multimedia datasets at scale
  1163. 99%Why Only Type-hints?
  1164. 98%I/O is no longer the bottleneck
  1165. 98%Azure SQL Trigger for Azure Functions in Public Preview
  1166. 96%v0.25 - Introducing use expressions! – Gleam
  1167. 99%Figuring out round, floor and ceil with integer division
  1168. 94%How do I pass a raw pointer to a Windows Runtime function?
  1169. 97%Using Rust at a startup: A cautionary tale
  1170. 92%How does JavaScript represent output parameters in the Windows Runtime?
  1171. 94%2 years at Twitter · eed3si9n
  1172. 97%Using Rust at a startup: A cautionary tale
  1173. 99%Django + fly.io = ❤️
  1174. 99%How to force Gmail to check your POP3 account as often as possible – Krzysztof Rakowski
  1175. 98%Little Languages Are The Future Of Programming
  1176. 99%When risk can pay off
  1177. 99%GitHub - chubin/cheat.sh: the only cheat sheet you need
  1178. 99%New Metrics Capabilities for OpenTelemetry on Azure Monitor
  1179. 99%Debuggable explanations
  1180. 98%The C Pointer Game
  1181. 94%Infosys leaked FullAdminAccess AWS keys on PyPi for over a year
  1182. 93%Considering C99 for curl | daniel.haxx.se
  1183. 99%A beautiful embedding applied to defect detection - Emir's blog
  1184. 75%Dev Skills Report: 'Keep an Eye on TypeScript' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1185. 99%Let's Prove Leftpad • Hillel Wayne
  1186. 99%Python.NET 3.0.0 Released
  1187. 98%Python and .NET - An Ongoing Saga
  1188. 99%Bookmarks
  1189. 95%Why I love Advent of Code
  1190. 98%Clojure's typing "problem"
  1191. 97%How To Search For A Developer Job Abroad — Smashing Magazine
  1192. 94%Penrose tiling quilt
  1193. 99%Reverse engineering an EV charger
  1194. 97%microPledge: our startup that (we wish) competed with Kickstarter
  1195. 99%Regression Using PyTorch New Best Practices, Part 2: Training, Accuracy, Predictions -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1196. 94%Building an e-ink weather display for our home
  1197. 99%No thumbnails for you
  1198. 99%GitHub - timhutton/twitter-archive-parser: Python code to parse a Twitter archive and output in various ways
  1199. 98%Missing Apache Airflow, is that even possible?
  1200. 99%A Simple Computation Engine in F#
  1201. 99%How static application security testing improves software security | Red Hat Developer
  1202. 99%Awesome AZD Templates | Awesome Azure Dev CLI
  1203. 99%Two bookmark apps enter… – Dorothea Salo
  1204. 99%Mastodon - be findable with your domain (on Firebase hosting)
  1205. 99%SortedSet in C# - Code Maze
  1206. 95%How to search your virtualenv for mystery error messages - Adam Johnson
  1207. 99%PHP in Visual Studio
  1208. 97%Building a Smart Home - Part 5 Bin Day | LINQ to Fail
  1209. 99%HashSet in C# - Code Maze
  1210. 99%Winter is Coming - Keep your Azure services up to date.
  1211. 99%Regression Using PyTorch, Part 1: New Best Practices -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1212. 98%Daniel C. Moura | Command-line data analytics made easy
  1213. 99%We Just Gave $260,028 to Open Source Maintainers
  1214. 98%Programming Portals
  1215. 98%A developer’s guide to containers - Architect.io
  1216. 99%The Perfect Commit
  1217. 97%Why I Ditched Django for NextJS - Bill Prin's Tech Blog
  1218. 99%The state of CRON in 2022
  1219. 98%Breaking Into Tech With Just a Portfolio
  1220. 99%What Makes Sourcehut CI So Good
  1221. 97%Setting properties in C++/WinRT is done by a function call, but you need to call the function the right way
  1222. 83%pauloxnet - About my proposal for the Django Core Sprints 🌅
  1223. 99%Faster hardware is a bad first solution to slow software
  1224. 85%A Team at Microsoft is Helping Make Python Faster
  1225. 97%Azure Cache for Redis: What’s Your Session Stability Score?
  1226. 93%[Last Week in .NET #106] – A penny for your tweetise
  1227. 99%Fable · Announcing Snake Island (Fable 4) Alpha Release
  1228. 98%It's time to to thank UVM and say goodbye
  1229. 99%On Scala 3&#39;s Optional Braces
  1230. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1231. 98%PSScriptAnalyzer (PSSA) 1.21.0 has been released
  1232. 97%Python Release Python 3.11.0
  1233. 99%Coding on the Steam Deck
  1234. 99%Debugging C With Cosmopolitan Libc
  1235. 99%An argument for self-modifying applications
  1236. 98%CDK for Terraform Improves Performance by Adding Namespaces
  1237. 96%PYTHON CHARTS | The definitive Python data visualization site
  1238. 99%One speaker segmentation model to rule them all
  1239. 99%Vimist - Wordscapes with OpenCV
  1240. 93%Introducing the Overflow Offline project
  1241. 99%Computability Theory (i): the Halting Problem.
  1242. 99%Syncing Notion databases into Tinybird using notion-objects
  1243. 98%Top 10 highest paid programming languages in 2022
  1244. 99%Python isn’t Used in Prod
  1245. 99%Measuring traffic during the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival
  1246. 99%How to notify AWS events to Microsoft Teams using AWS EventBridge and AWS Lambda
  1247. 99%The UNIX Pipe Card Game
  1248. 99%Generate searchable PDFs with Azure Form Recognizer
  1249. 99%Inspired by automation and using Laravel Zero | Michael Brooks
  1250. 99%A Real World React -> htmx Port
  1251. 99%Simpler Linux self-hosting with tmux and bubblewrap
  1252. 99%Binary Classification Using New PyTorch Best Practices, Part 2: Training, Accuracy, Predictions -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1253. 98%The case of the memory corruption from a coroutine that already finished
  1254. 97%Jack LaFond
  1255. 99%How boring should your team's codebases be
  1256. 93%PostgreSQL 15 Released!
  1257. 99%Automated ML (AutoML) for Images in Azure Machine Learning is now Generally Available!
  1258. 99%My essential guidelines for better Django development — /var/
  1259. 97%Simplified Project Setup for Python in Visual Studio Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1260. 87%adhd-page
  1261. 99%Reverse Engineering a Cat Feeder to Boost Productivity
  1262. 91%Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
  1263. 84%Why is it hard to learn another programming language?
  1264. 98%A Letter to Myself
  1265. 92%VS Code v1.72 Adds Community Discussions for Extension Authors -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1266. 98%🤓 So you're using a weird language 🧠
  1267. 99%Mocking APIs with Mockaco | .NET 7
  1268. 99%Feynman’s Restaurant Problem.
  1269. 99%Binary Classification Using PyTorch, Part 1: New Best Practices -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1270. 98%Power of Diffusion Models
  1271. 97%Mike Acton’s Expectations of Professional Software Engineers - Adam Johnson
  1272. 98%The software that I love
  1273. 99%Learn Data Science and Machine Learning in 30 Days.
  1274. 96%The Trippiest PC Ever: RGB LED Tape Drive! #shorts
  1275. 99%Software engineering practices
  1276. 99%Django 4 form rendering using Tailwind without Node or crispy
  1277. 97%You should write bad code
  1278. 99%cairo-rs/field_utils.rs at a8e8fa9aa2554e6bfb76d145ab1acd5ff29888e4 · lambdaclass/cairo-rs
  1279. 99%cairo-rs/ec_utils.rs at a8e8fa9aa2554e6bfb76d145ab1acd5ff29888e4 · lambdaclass/cairo-rs
  1280. 83%Weekly Update 315
  1281. 99%Continuous Integration with GitHub Actions | endjin
  1282. 99%Dolev Hadar
  1283. 99%Software Engineering Tips for CLMS Students
  1284. 98%Choose the smallest number not chosen yet.
  1285. 99%Then Try This / samplebrain · GitLab
  1286. 98%Software&Tools I use daily
  1287. 97%Self-hosted software I'm thankful for
  1288. 98%The NEW C# 11 keyword Microsoft didn’t tell you about
  1289. 99%InfoQ .NET Trends Report 2022
  1290. 99%Want cleaner code? Use the rule of six
  1291. 96%Using GPT-3 to pathfind in random graphs
  1292. 99%The impossible case of pitching rust in a web dev shop
  1293. 89%Unpatched 15-year old Python bug allows code execution in 350k projects
  1294. 99%Hacking anything with GNU Guix
  1295. 99%Branchable MySQL: Managing multiple dev environments
  1296. 99%.NET Data Community Standup - Azure Mobile Apps and offline sync
  1297. 97%Release Cosmopolitan v2.1 · jart/cosmopolitan
  1298. 98%Announcing OpenFGA - Auth0’s Open Source Fine Grained Authorization System
  1299. 99%2022 Board election
  1300. 99%Blog of Robin Cole - A brief introduction to satellite image classification with neural networks
  1301. 99%An Introduction to Ansible Inventory
  1302. 98%Stable Diffusion based Image Compresssion
  1303. 98%Workflow for 3.12 cycle · faster-cpython/ideas Wiki
  1304. 99%Cache your CORS, for performance & profit
  1305. 99%PostgresML is Moving to Rust for our 2.0 Release
  1306. 99%How I manage my passwords
  1307. 99%Why I don’t enjoy RSpec all that much
  1308. 98%Rachit Nigam | PhD Candidate, Cornell University
  1309. 99%How I’m a Productive Programmer With a Memory of a Fruit Fly
  1310. 99%Shorter Hacks 16 IPython Autoreload
  1311. 98%GitHub - cschulzsuper/carrera-digital: Blazor Carrera® Digital Prototype
  1312. 95%TIL—Python has a built-in persistent key-value store
  1313. 98%Raised Bars, Or Breaking into Tech
  1314. 98%A beginner’s guide to regular expressions with grep | Red Hat Developer
  1315. 99%GitHub - nadrad/h-m-m: Hackers Mind Map
  1316. 90%The Myth Of The Good Practice
  1317. 98%Revisiting Godot: GDScript
  1318. 99%Azure Developer Command Line Interface open-source tool to accelerate the time it takes to deploy
  1319. 98%Software Component Names Should Be Whimsical And Cryptic
  1320. 96%BERT Tokenizers NuGet Package for C# | Rubik's Code
  1321. 99%Tutorial on using LLVM to JIT PyTorch fx graphs to native code (x86/arm/risc-v/wasm) (Part I – Scalars)
  1322. 98%Narrative driven development
  1323. 99%Prompt injection attacks against GPT-3
  1324. 99%Multi-Class Classification Using New PyTorch Best Practices, Part 2: Training, Accuracy, Predictions -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1325. 97%Write Your Own Task Queue
  1326. 98%Writing Robust Tests for Data & Machine Learning Pipelines
  1327. 99%GitHub - AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui: Stable Diffusion web UI
  1328. 95%Scala isn&#39;t fun anymore
  1329. 99%The Modern Algorithmic Toolbox (CS168), Spring 2022
  1330. 96%How I made atariemailarchive.org
  1331. 96%User-defined functions in SQLite
  1332. 99%http://http://http://@http://http://?http://#http:// | daniel.haxx.se
  1333. 94%Improved IntelliSense Support for Jupyter Notebooks in VS Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1334. 97%Someone’s Been Messing With My Subnormals!
  1335. 98%Replicant: Reproducing a Fault Injection Attack on the Trezor One
  1336. 98%Machine Learning at the edge | Мои IT-заметки
  1337. 90%HTTP Timeouts
  1338. 99%Multi-Class Classification Using PyTorch, Part 1: New Best Practices -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1339. 98%An almost religious case for Rust
  1340. 99%A walkthrough of Durable Entities
  1341. 98%DDD by Night September - Hybrid event, Wed, Sep 14, 2022, 5:45 PM | Meetup
  1342. 92%James Stanley - Cheating at chess with a computer for my shoes
  1343. 99%NLP endpoints: Haystack plus FastAPI
  1344. 97%Malware dev open-sources CodeRAT after being exposed
  1345. 99%UCL & Intel® VisualNav v2 - Facial Navigation for Visual Studio using OpenVino Technology
  1346. 98%ASP.NET vs Spring Boot | What are the differences?
  1347. 99%Arti 1.0.0 is released: Our Rust Tor implementation is ready for production use. | Tor Project
  1348. 99%The Jungle of Metrics Layers and its Invisible Elephant
  1349. 93%TechEmpower Web Framework Performance Comparison
  1350. 99%Run
  1351. 96%Helix
  1352. 98%Visual Studio Code is designed to fracture
  1353. 99%Kubernetes 101 for developers: Names, ports, YAML files, and more | Red Hat Developer
  1354. 98%Startup time investing: Operational processes
  1355. 99%Webscraping on hard mode with Purescript
  1356. 94%What's New in TypeScript 4.8 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1357. 99%Buildpacks | Heroku Dev Center
  1358. 99%GitHub - hlky/sd-enable-textual-inversion: Copy these files to your stable-diffusion to enable text-inversion
  1359. 98%Filtering my RSS reading
  1360. 87%Experts warn of the first known phishing attack against PyPI
  1361. 99%GitHub - upscayl/upscayl: 🆙 Upscayl - Free and Open Source AI Image Upscaler for Linux, MacOS and Windows built with Linux-First philosophy.
  1362. 98%Introduction to Machine Learning with C# and ML.NET
  1363. 99%Transformers-js - Neural Networks in the Browser
  1364. 98%Cryptography R&D Security Engineer
  1365. 98%Raytracing and Raycasting with Signed Distance Functions
  1366. 99%Handling dependencies with CMake
  1367. 95%I Try Astro For the First Time!
  1368. 84%C#, TypeScript Crack Top 10 in 2022 IEEE Programming Language Ranking -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1369. 94%Best time to go to a gym or how to avoid people
  1370. 96%Preparing for the wave of open source funding
  1371. 97%Inside the Pinecone | Pinecone
  1372. 82%Common Tech Jobs Described as Cabals of Mesoamerican Wizards
  1373. 98%Unique Strings and Unicode · Baptiste Fontaine’s Blog
  1374. 99%Simulating memory load with fio
  1375. 97%Why is Snowflake so expensive?
  1376. 99%7 Colour E-Ink Display For Raspberry Pi | Inky Impression 5.7
  1377. 99%Exciting new release of SynapseML
  1378. 99%GitHub - bootdotdev/curriculum: A roadmap for Boot.dev's CS curriculum for backend developers
  1379. 98%What is Lattice-based Cryptography?
  1380. 99%Reverse Debugging and other stories
  1381. 97%GitHub - HackerNews/API: Documentation and Samples for the Official HN API
  1382. 98%Coping with Copilot
  1383. 98%GitHub Copilot · Your AI pair programmer
  1384. 98%Backpropagation From Scratch
  1385. 97%Should I learn X?
  1386. 99%How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Macros
  1387. 99%Lossy Image Compression with Dithering
  1388. 99%Strong Static Typing vs Weak Dynamic Typing
  1389. 96%It wasn't for nothing - Grasping gexps
  1390. 99%Deconstructing Bézier curves
  1391. 99%How to build a Sage 50 integration
  1392. 99%Certifying Interpreters in Racket
  1393. 93%Malicious PyPi packages aim DDoS attacks at Counter-Strike servers
  1394. 99%GitHub - norvig/paip-lisp: Lisp code for the textbook "Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming"
  1395. 97%5 years of (Neo)Vim - A personal retrospective
  1396. 99%pip-tools Supports pyproject.toml
  1397. 99%From Oscilloscope to Wireshark - A UDP Story
  1398. 99%Invert a function using Newton iterations
  1399. 98%Let websites framebust out of native apps
  1400. 99%Brute Force Development · Matt Layman
  1401. 99%Tools I use: Eclipse — bayindirh
  1402. 99%Vladimir Cicovic Blog
  1403. 98%Using bitmaps to run interactive retention analyses over billions of events for less than $100/mo
  1404. 98%Creating a JSON logger for Flask
  1405. 99%How to become a data engineer for free
  1406. 98%A bad job with a very good description
  1407. 99%You might be using assert wrong
  1408. 97%5 Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity with GitHub Copilot
  1409. 96%GitHub - onekey-sec/unblob: Extract files from any kind of container formats
  1410. 95%The mechanics of a sophisticated phishing scam and how we stopped it
  1411. 97%Implementing the Castryck-Decru SIDH Key Recovery Attack in SageMath
  1412. 91%I replaced all our blog thumbnails using DALL·E 2 for $45: here’s what I learned | Deephaven
  1413. 99%From roots to polynomials
  1414. 99%GitHub - openairplay/airplay2-receiver: AirPlay 2 Receiver - Python implementation
  1415. 99%Nix By Example | <fun>
  1416. 98%Git In Two Minutes (for a solo developer)
  1417. 87%The bizzare world of parsing dates in Spark 2
  1418. 99%Introduction to streaming for data scientists
  1419. 97%BrainSTARK, Part 0: Introduction
  1420. 99%Textualize.io - Blog - 7 things I've learned building a modern TUI framework
  1421. 75%Django 4.1 released | Weblog
  1422. 99%STOP Over Engineering Software. Focus on what matters!
  1423. 97%GitHub - moyix/fauxpilot: FauxPilot - an open-source GitHub Copilot server
  1424. 98%Why I Love Still PHP and Javascript After 20+ years
  1425. 92%Airflow's Problem
  1426. 99%Minimal Container Images: Towards a More Secure Future
  1427. 99%The LogBeta and LogGamma Functions Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1428. 98%Please stop citing TIOBE
  1429. 98%Crimes with Python's Pattern Matching • Hillel Wayne
  1430. 99%Flask database migrations using Flask-Migrate - Kim Lehtinen
  1431. 96%Document Scanner with OpenCV Using Video Footage
  1432. 99%Build a basic Flask app with Neon in 5 minutes
  1433. 95%The many flavors of hashing
  1434. 91%Uncovering a Blocking Syscall
  1435. 96%diziet | chiark’s skip-skip-cross-up-grade
  1436. 96%Actually Portable Executables with Rust and Cosmopolitan Libc
  1437. 98%How to create a Python package in 2022
  1438. 94%.NET Rocks! vNext
  1439. 97%.NET GitHub API Review
  1440. 97%Python is Actually Portable
  1441. 95%Why I learned the Linux command line as a developer, and you should too | Diving Linux
  1442. 85%GTO Inspector - My attempt at building an online business
  1443. 98% My experience with EdgeDB · divan's blog
  1444. 96%More tools of the trade for scraping and automation – Trickster Dev
  1445. 99%How to set up OpenTelemetry Collector on Kubernetes
  1446. 96%How to advertise to developers: deep dive into paid developer marketing
  1447. 85%Pretty Maps in Python
  1448. 86%TDD: software design practice
  1449. 99%Beej's Guides
  1450. 90%API Key, a Key to Credential Leakage & Manipulation
  1451. 90%GitHub - chip-red-pill/MicrocodeDecryptor
  1452. 86%Python Hidden Hacks You Probably Don’t Know About
  1453. 93%Draw me an (abstract) tree
  1454. 95%11 Best GitHub Repositories That Help You Grow As A Software Developer
  1455. 94%Removing Switch-Case Statement and using Pattern Matching in C#
  1456. 91%A Note on Error due to Floating-Point Arithmetic
  1457. 90%Self Driving RC Car
  1458. 89%State of the SqueakPhone—Syndicated Actors
  1459. 86%Drone Mapping Software - OpenDroneMap
  1460. 78%Training my sense of CO2 ppm
  1461. 98%Why I created Scrumdog - a program to download Jira Issues to a local database
  1462. 94%Get started using Azure Developer CLI (azd) Preview
  1463. 98%Lessons from Writing a Compiler
  1464. 67%30% of Google's Emotions Dataset is Mislabeled
  1465. 99%Six Programming Languages I'd Like to See
  1466. 97%Bea Stollnitz - Introduction to Azure ML
  1467. 99%Introducing the Azure Developer CLI: A faster way to build apps for the cloud
  1468. 81%VS Code and Python: A Natural Fit for Data Science -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1469. 90%Introduction - Roguelike Tutorial - In Rust
  1470. 94%Code in database vs. code in application
  1471. 99%Build an LVGL Touchscreen App with Zig
  1472. 90%Easier Jupyter Notebook Setup for Python in VS Code Tooling -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1473. 99%Building Neural Networks With TensorFlow.NET
  1474. 92%GitHub - clarkerubber/irwin: irwin - the protector of lichess from all chess players villainous
  1475. 91%Lichess
  1476. 99%Using GPT-3 to explain how code works
  1477. 92%Voronoi Relaxation Under Different Distance Metrics
  1478. 98%i trained StyleGAN3 with 10000 Bored Apes
  1479. 96%Why DRY is the most over-rated programming principle
  1480. 80%I analyzed 1835 hospital price lists so you didn't have to
  1481. 99%What’s New In Python 3.11 — Python 3.11.0b3 documentation
  1482. 94%What would DNA sound if synthesized to an audio file
  1483. 68%Cubernetes
  1484. 69%Average Software Engineering Salaries by Country in 2022
  1485. 93%Announcing Ruby Shield
  1486. 92%ideas/main-vs-310.rst at main · faster-cpython/ideas
  1487. 96%30DaysOfLearning: Machine Learning Summary
  1488. 99%The secret to making code contributions that stand the test of time
  1489. 99%Implementing text to speech for sioyek PDF viewer
  1490. 91%Building a Recipe App on Vultr’s Platform
  1491. 99%GitHub - MeViMo/youbit: Using YouTube as a free file hosting service
  1492. 97%Tiny Core Linux 13.0 is a full Linux desktop in 22 MB #Linux
  1493. 89%This website is hacky AF
  1494. 97%How to prevent partial rendering in HTMX?
  1495. 70%Multiprocessing in Python: The Complete Guide
  1496. 81%Programming is terrible — Lessons learned from a life wasted (with slides)
  1497. 97%Announcing: Learn TLA+ • Hillel Wayne
  1498. 98%Logging in Python like a PRO 🐍🌴
  1499. 96%Vim 9.0 : vim online
  1500. 98% Sharing Deep Learning Research Models with Lightning Part 2: Leveraging the Cloud
  1501. 99%How to redirect from server side in HTMX
  1502. 98%Investigating man-db internals
  1503. 99%C# vNext - What could come
  1504. 77%TypeScript Vaults Ahead of Java to Crack Stack Overflow Top 5 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1505. 89%Top 8 Most Demanded Programming Languages in 2022
  1506. 94%Building a side-project
  1507. 96%Hosting PowerShell in a Python script
  1508. 94%What every new software developer should know
  1509. 75%Introducing PyScript
  1510. 97%Sidecar Pattern for Abstracting Common Concerns
  1511. 95%Searching for Chaos
  1512. 91%The State of WebAssembly 2022
  1513. 86%board
  1514. 97%Don’t Mock What You Don’t Own in 5 Minutes
  1515. 87%GitHub Copilot 'AI Pair Programmer' Now Generally Available at $10/Month -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1516. 97%GitHub Copilot is generally available to all developers | The GitHub Blog
  1517. 82%Don't Let a Bad Abstraction Cost You 2 Years
  1518. 96%GPT3-OpenAI: 3 demos that will let you rethink about AI capabilities
  1519. 95%Release notes — fish-shell 3.5.0 documentation
  1520. 57%List of QUBO formulations
  1521. 79%Entrepreneurship as a Risk Management Strategy
  1522. 98%Don't catch errors without a reason
  1523. 99%Building a Tool to Search Graduation Photos With Facial Recognition — Jerome Paulos
  1524. 98%⚡️ The computers are fast, but you don't know it
  1525. 97%redbean 2.0 release notes
  1526. 96%Solving Knights Tour using a Neural Network
  1527. 98%RSS and Atom for digital minimalists - blog.dornea.nu
  1528. 97% Taking Datasets, DataLoaders, and PyTorch’s New DataPipes for a Spin
  1529. 90%Why Vim syntax highlighting breaks sometimes
  1530. 87%The Floppotron 3.0 » Silent's Homepage
  1531. 84%Thresholding, Edge, Contour and Line Detection with OpenCV
  1532. 93%UBC Seagull / DoujinCI · GitLab
  1533. 95%State of the art use of Automation in Accounting
  1534. 93%Adding a dunder to an object
  1535. 61%New Python Set-Up Tool for VS Code: 'What Would Brett Do?' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1536. 82%I resurrected my Dutch movie review site from 2003
  1537. 93%PyPy in Production
  1538. 68%[Last Week in .NET #92] – Minister of CVE Disinformation
  1539. 98%GitHub - sensity-ai/dot: The Deepfake Offensive Toolkit
  1540. 98%Deploying a MkDocs documentation site with GitHub Actions
  1541. 91%Senior Product Manager – Visual Studio Community Manager in Austin, Texas, United States | Product Management at Microsoft
  1542. 92%What happened to simple, basic web hosting?
  1543. 98%How to use patterns for multilabel text classification annotation in Prodigy - Roland Szabó
  1544. 92%GitHub - jwilk/python-syntax-errors: no-op statements syntactically valid only since Python X.Y
  1545. 50%Microsoft Build – Join us May 24-26 2022
  1546. 86%Site Reliability Engineering – (Still) Monitoring Distributed Systems
  1547. 98%Why I don’t like lambdas • Paulefou site
  1548. 91%WorldWideWeb, Part II • The Breakroom
  1549. 80%Zero-Day Exploitation of Atlassian Confluence | Volexity
  1550. 99%The Misery of Mainstream Programming
  1551. 96%GitHub - wybiral/aiotor: asyncio Tor controller library
  1552. 59%Weekly Update 298
  1553. 96%A concise summary of amazing and great ideas · johnpfeiffer
  1554. 98%re: BonsaiDb performance update: A deep-dive on file synchronization
  1555. 97%Connect: A better gRPC
  1556. 95%Why I'm hyped about Julia for Bioinformatics | Next.js Blog Example with Org
  1557. 92%Hacking Ham Radio: WinAPRS – Part 5
  1558. 99%Consuming SOAP Services in .NET Core
  1559. 92%How I Became a Speaker
  1560. 76%People in your software supply chain
  1561. 98%aioconsole — aioconsole documentation
  1562. 86%Hugging Face Endpoints on Azure | Rubik's Code
  1563. 99%raku & rust: a romance?
  1564. 94%Arc Notes: Datasette - Simon Willison
  1565. 99%Generating Configs with Nix + Cue
  1566. 71%[Fargate/ECS] [Image caching]: provide image caching for Fargate. · Issue #696 · aws/containers-roadmap
  1567. 97%6 Tips for Starting a Software Engineering Internship
  1568. 98%Announcing CBL-Mariner 2.0
  1569. 99%GitHub - dzhang314/YouTubeDrive: Store files as YouTube videos == infinite disk space
  1570. 97%Creating a documentation site with MkDocs
  1571. 96%Videogrep Tutorial
  1572. 97%Lessons Learned From Running Apache Airflow at Scale
  1573. 71%Life Monitor
  1574. 87%Django Channels for Real Time Updates
  1575. 88%How Uber Uses Zig - Motiejus Jakštys Public Record
  1576. 98%gRPC support on Azure App Service
  1577. 94%Happy 10th Birthday Compiler Explorer! — Matt Godbolt’s blog
  1578. 64%Geometric transformations with OpenCV
  1579. 91%Software engineering at product company - jeremi.codes
  1580. 99%Wikipedia Over WhatsApp · Caffeinspiration
  1581. 98%The unreasonable effectiveness of f‍-‍strings and re.VERBOSE
  1582. 96%Visual Debugging Now!
  1583. 99%GitHub - zefchain/serde-reflection: Rust libraries and tools to help with interoperability and testing of serialization formats based on Serde.
  1584. 94%Weekly Update 296
  1585. 96% Running PyTorch on the M1 GPU
  1586. 98%Weighted k-NN Classification Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1587. 83%bunnie's blog
  1588. 95%Creating a SQLAlchemy Dialect for Airtable
  1589. 99%"X raise sanctions against Y" - Finetune Language model for Sentiment Relation Extraction task [part 1/2] | Attitude Extraction Advances
  1590. 91%Introducing Accelerated PyTorch Training on Mac
  1591. 87%Pegasus Mail and Mercury Developer News
  1592. 96%Rewriting git history simply with git-filter-repo
  1593. 99%Introduction to OpenCV and Image Processing with Python
  1594. 98%Learn by Porting
  1595. 96%Tips that may save you from the hell of PyYAML | Reorx’s Forge
  1596. 90%The overengineered Solution to my Pigeon Problem
  1597. 97%Writing My First Open Source Package - Content Aggregation CLI
  1598. 82%Microsoft Build – Join us May 24-26 2022
  1599. 97%koaning.io: Enjoy the Silence
  1600. 97%DuckDB - Friendlier SQL with DuckDB
  1601. 97%How I learned to stop worrying and love the YAML | lbr.
  1602. 96%Surfing the Gopherspace
  1603. 51%the miracle at the heart of the ordinary
  1604. 63%Invidious
  1605. 93%Vulnerability Engineer (Cyber Security / Penetration Testing) - Careers at Apple
  1606. 93%Speech Recognition with TensorFlow.js - Voice Commands
  1607. 99%blockfollowers.py
  1608. 97%Laurence Tratt: Programming Style Influences
  1609. 92%Let's Continue Bundling into the Database | Ethan Rosenthal
  1610. 97%Enforcing Zero Downtime Django Migrations
  1611. 79%C# Gains Most in Programming Language Popularity Index -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1612. 99%Image Classification With TensorFlow.js
  1613. 98%Automatic Differentiation: Forward and Reverse
  1614. 97%David Dahan
  1615. 93%I'm All-In on Server-Side SQLite
  1616. 94%Introduction to Tensorflow.js with Real-World Example
  1617. 88%Site Reliability Engineering – Eliminating Toil
  1618. 99%Deploying on Azure Functions - GitHub Actions
  1619. 93%Xilem: an architecture for UI in Rust
  1620. 79%Too Much of a Good Thing
  1621. 97%A Solution to the Halting Problem
  1622. 90%Python in Visual Studio Code Gets 3 New Extensions -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1623. 87%My Software Engineering Bootcamp Journey (Series three)
  1624. 79%Hating On Oats
  1625. 95%Darlings of the self-hosted, open-source world
  1626. 90%Modern Python performance considerations
  1627. 98%Application Development with Scott Hanselman & Friends | KEY11D
  1628. 99%thevinter's coding blog
  1629. 98%How I fell in love with low-js
  1630. 96%Programming Languages Trends in 2022: The Future of Tech
  1631. 88%How I Learned to Program
  1632. 88%Learn to code. Or don't.
  1633. 98%GitHub - mimoo/cargo-specification: The code is the spec
  1634. 98%GitHub - onceupon/Bash-Oneliner: A collection of handy Bash One-Liners and terminal tricks for data processing and Linux system maintenance.
  1635. 92%How I hunt down (and fix) errors in production
  1636. 98%Setup mypy for fun and profit
  1637. 99%Simple declarative schema migration for SQLite
  1638. 90%The Demise of the Mildly Dynamic Website
  1639. 99%Solving Transport Tycoon 2 Episode 2.1 With F# — Trustbit
  1640. 99%Naive Bayes Classification Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1641. 84%My experience getting a tech job with no degree or relevant work experience
  1642. 95%How I draw figures for my mathematical lecture notes using Inkscape
  1643. 95%Web Scraping with Python - Learning the Basics | Rubik's Code
  1644. 73%Taking the internet off the hook
  1645. 99%A Gentle Introduction to SSR
  1646. 99%Pyscript.net
  1647. 89%(I was) Scared of programming
  1648. 98%Learning JAX by Learning to Learn
  1649. 74%Founding Uber SRE.
  1650. 78%Are you using Coding Interviews for Senior Software Developers?
  1651. 76%Principal Software Engineer in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  1652. 99%Automatically opening issues when tracked file content changes
  1653. 99%Minimal API using Azure Cosmos DB (Emulator) with Entity Framework in Visual Studio
  1654. 97%Weeknotes: Parallel queries for Datasette, plus some middleware tricks
  1655. 94%Minimal API end-point scaffolding with Visual Studio.
  1656. 96%Protocol Buffers  |  Google Developers
  1657. 68%Text Summarization with Huggingface Transformers and Python
  1658. 82%Textualize.io
  1659. 80%Melting KiCad - mitxela.com
  1660. 97%Python’s “Type Hints” are a bit of a disappointment to me
  1661. 99%How DNS Works
  1662. 97%Anatomy of a Django/HTMX Project
  1663. 95%GitHub - bloomberg/memray: Memray is a memory profiler for Python
  1664. 98%Things I would like to see in a computer algebra system
  1665. 99%On Removing Let and Let Mut
  1666. 91%The Cliffs of Inanity
  1667. 98%Emacs Configuration Generator
  1668. 73%How we upgraded our 4 TB main application Postgres database
  1669. 79%Mental speed is high until age 60 as revealed by analysis of over a million participants - Nature Human Behaviour
  1670. 96%One Email Rule - Have a separate Inbox and an Inbox CC to reduce email stress. Guaranteed.
  1671. 96%The best engineering interview question I’ve ever gotten, Part 1
  1672. 94%Effective Projects - Lessons Learned
  1673. 99%The tools that power Outlook for iOS
  1674. 90%Release NVIM v0.7.0 · neovim/neovim
  1675. 87%Episode 96 - The Programmer's Brain with Felienne Hermans
  1676. 87%Revisiting Rock Paper Scissors in Python
  1677. 92%Do You Really Code? · It Will Never Work in Theory
  1678. 90%Dependabot alerts now surface if your code is calling a vulnerability | The GitHub Blog
  1679. 88%Ask Jiri: Python očima .NETáka
  1680. 52%Google Search is Falling Behind
  1681. 97%Building a crawler in Rust: Associated Types
  1682. 95%Performance Hot Spots
  1683. 97%GitHub - facebookexperimental/eden: EdenSCM is a cross-platform, highly scalable source control management system.
  1684. 64%How do you build something people want?
  1685. 96%Creating a TP-Link Router Backup Editor for the Web
  1686. 88%How my biggest work failure led to success
  1687. 93%Reverse Engineering BeReal
  1688. 99%CIFAR-10 Image Classification Using PyTorch -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1689. 98%How to build your own Peloton workout dashboard
  1690. 99%Silly Image Compression Idea
  1691. 98%I Need to Find an Apartment
  1692. 94%This Week in Matrix 2022-04-08 | Matrix.org
  1693. 90%How hackers* run their sites - Max Leiter
  1694. 99%GitHub - nebuly-ai/nebullvm: Easy-to-use library to boost AI inference leveraging multiple DL compilers
  1695. 95%In defense of simple architectures
  1696. 98%GitHub - Yawan-1/StackOverFlow--Clone: Fully Functional Stack Overflow Clone, with almost every functionality.
  1697. 97%jes post
  1698. 85%Searching YouTube Watch History by Transcripts
  1699. 93%Can You Name Top C# IDEs Provided by Microsoft? I Couldn't -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1700. 96%Switching from pyenv, rbenv, goenv and nvm to asdf - @yujinyuz
  1701. 99%GitHub - geohot/tinygrad: You like pytorch? You like micrograd? You love tinygrad! ❤️
  1702. 87%Ranking YC Companies with a Neural Net
  1703. 96%Be Generous With Your Interfaces
  1704. 82%How often do people actually copy and paste from Stack Overflow? Now we know.
  1705. 96%Lessons learned with Elm | 20Y
  1706. 97%Total Functions and Partial Functions
  1707. 74%Python in VS Code Team Is Breaking Up Big Extension -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1708. 99%Preparing CIFAR Image Data for PyTorch -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1709. 99%docopt.net 0.8.0
  1710. 99%Finding Waldo in π
  1711. 85%DDC OLED - mitxela.com
  1712. 83%Sr. Incident Responder (CSIRT)
  1713. 99%How to Make Django Raise an Error for Missing Template Variables - Adam Johnson
  1714. 89%GPT-3 can run code
  1715. 98%A New Way to Parse Plain Text Tables - Brazil's Blog
  1716. 93%WebAssembly in my Browser Desktop Environment
  1717. 96%RegEx: a well known, powerful tool in computer science and also valid in the legal field
  1718. 96%Convenience is King and Polish is quality
  1719. 98%Discovering basic blocks
  1720. 86%Microsoft Offers Visual Studio 2019 in New Azure VM for Game Development -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1721. 98%How to write a linter using tree-sitter in an hour
  1722. 90%Top 5 Python Time Series Libraries | Rubik's Code
  1723. 99%Python 3.11 in the Web Browser - A Journey Christian Heimes PyConDE & PyDataBerlin 2022 conference
  1724. 99%[Crypto] Cracking Diffie–Hellman key exchange using CADO-NFS + Logjam SSL/TLS attack
  1725. 97%GitHub - rbaron/catprinter: 🐱🖨
  1726. 99%I built a receipt printer for GitHub issues
  1727. 99%Get started faster with the new 5-minute Quickstarts
  1728. 98%Keep It Simple – Maxim Fedorov
  1729. 56%Microsoft Claims 2 of Top 5 Favorite Programming Languages in New Report -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1730. 80%mimoo - Overview
  1731. 99%Please stop writing shell scripts
  1732. 76%Metrics For Your Web Application's Dashboards
  1733. 98%Verified Accounts Secured with 2FA for Some High-Demand Products
  1734. 96%Lint Action - GitHub Marketplace
  1735. 98%Error handling across different languages
  1736. 98%Hacks can be Good Code Too
  1737. 99%Sentiment Classification of IMDB Movie Review Data Using a PyTorch LSTM Network -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1738. 85%Performance testing FastAPI ML APIs with Locust | Rubik's Code
  1739. 95%Please put units in names
  1740. 95%Descriptify | Articles
  1741. 99%Optimizing Julia code
  1742. 95%Meld
  1743. 85%Fun Things You Can Do With github.dev 😎
  1744. 97%3 Tips For Writing Pythonic Code
  1745. 95%GitHub - rothgar/awesome-tuis: List of projects that provide terminal user interfaces
  1746. 94%Train BERT within the Browser with TensorflowJS
  1747. 98%The code is the specification? Introducing cargo spec
  1748. 99%Scraping web pages from the command line with shot-scraper
  1749. 99%C++ OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial 5: Animations
  1750. 89%BERT Tokenizers NuGet Package for C# | Rubik's Code
  1751. 95%Machine Learning in .NET pt 1 – ML.Net
  1752. 92%In praise of opinionated frameworks
  1753. 80%Python Design Patterns
  1754. 92%Software Engineer II in Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  1755. 80%Apple Open Source
  1756. 97%Security And Django · Matt Layman
  1757. 98%GitHub - ZeroIntensity/pointers.py: Bringing the hell of pointers to Python.
  1758. 99%Postgres Auditing in 150 lines of SQL
  1759. 98%First look: adding type annotations to JavaScript
  1760. 98%shot-scraper: automated screenshots for documentation, built on Playwright
  1761. 98%SQL-Powered Reading List
  1762. 97%Some tiny personal programs I've written
  1763. 94%Bugs in Hello World
  1764. 94%The Waning of Ruby and Rails
  1765. 96%AlphaCode: Competition-Level Code Generation with Transformer Based Architectures | Paper Review
  1766. 91%How we optimized PostgreSQL queries 100x
  1767. 79%Editing stuff in prod
  1768. 96%Binary search with confidence
  1769. 52%The rise of WebAssembly
  1770. 96%dpy_development_plans.md
  1771. 99%Telenot Complex: Insecure AES Key Generation
  1772. 93%FOMO? YAMO.
  1773. 55%Python in VS Code Now Supports Pre-Release Extension Option -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1774. 91%We don't need runtime type checks - stitcher.io
  1775. 99%Preparing IMDB Movie Review Data for NLP Experiments -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1776. 99%troll-block.py
  1777. 87%Write plain text files | Derek Sivers
  1778. 98%Security for package maintainers
  1779. 83%We should format code on demand
  1780. 99%Minimal APIs in .NET 6 - Code Maze
  1781. 93%Code Ownership, Stewardship, or Free-for-all?
  1782. 82%Zach Bellay | Maslow's Heirarchy of Data Needs
  1783. 54%LED Ticker Tape with .NET
  1784. 97%Properly Manage Background Tasks in Xamarin Forms - Cool Coders
  1785. 93%How to waste time and overcomplicate things — Ryan Warnock
  1786. 97%Couchbase Mobile 3 Brings New C and Kotlin APIs, Simplified Administration
  1787. 93%DIY Split-Flap Display
  1788. 72%God Is in the Details
  1789. 96%GitHub - orioledb/orioledb: OrioleDB – building a modern cloud-native storage engine (... and solving some PostgreSQL wicked problems)
  1790. 97%25 Malicious JavaScript Libraries Distributed via Official NPM Package Repository
  1791. 97%AsyncAPI, a specification for defining asynchronous APIs
  1792. 98%sneklang
  1793. 98%pip and cargo are not the same
  1794. 98%When I'm Sad My Computer Sends Me Cats
  1795. 95%Why Flutter is the most popular cross-platform mobile SDK
  1796. 99%Alexandre Nédélec - How to provision an Azure SQL Database with Active Directory authentication
  1797. 83%GitHub - markrussinovich/btcgraffiti
  1798. 98%Google Drive to SQLite
  1799. 96%AWS Lambda Cookbook — Elevate your handler’s code — Part 2 — Observability
  1800. 92%Why learn Racket? A student's perspective - Micah Cantor
  1801. 93%GitHub - gristlabs/grist-core: Grist is the evolution of spreadsheets.
  1802. 91%New graduate EU offers - is It possible to negotiate?
  1803. 99%Adding a Microservice to Your Monolith - Aaron Francis
  1804. 98%Typing Less, Coding More: How we delivered IntelliCode whole line completions with a transformer model - Visual Studio Blog
  1805. 93%The right thing for the wrong reasons: FLOSS doesn't imply security
  1806. 99%Convolutional Neural Networks for MNIST Data Using PyTorch -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1807. 99%The Pulumi Automation API - The Next Quantum Leap in IaC
  1808. 96%20 years of .NET
  1809. 84%Why We Use Julia, 10 Years Later
  1810. 99%PDFs in Django like it’s 2022! — /var/
  1811. 96%Security of BLS batch verification - Cryptography - Ethereum Research
  1812. 92%Predicting OverWatch™ Match Outcomes with 90% Accuracy
  1813. 70%Lessons learned from my 10 year open source project
  1814. 61%What does it mean to listen on a port?
  1815. 98%Server-Sent Events: the alternative to WebSockets you should be using
  1816. 93%Case against OOP is understated, not overstated
  1817. 82%CUPID—for joyful coding
  1818. 97%My Django Journey - Caleb Cheptumo
  1819. 98%EdgeDB 1.0 | EdgeDB Blog
  1820. 80%Back-to-School Edition of Java on VS Code Courts Educators, Students -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1821. 82%What's New in Python in Visual Studio Code for February 2022 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1822. 59%Staff Software Engineer - SDK
  1823. 97%How we optimized Python API server code 100x
  1824. 99%Building a Webhooks system driven by Events
  1825. 95%Refs #33476 -- Reformatted code with Black. by carltongibson · Pull Request #15387 · django/django
  1826. 94%How does UTF-8 turn “😂” into “F09F9882”?
  1827. 95%Senior Cloud Advocate for Python in Other, Other, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  1828. 95%Senior Software Engineer in Other, Other, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  1829. 97%Why Windows isn't ready for Arm developers | ZDNet
  1830. 93%6 Interesting Resources to Encourage Your Child to Learn to Code
  1831. 86%How to Make Package Signing Useful
  1832. 94%The Problem With Frameworks | Pier-Luc Brault - Personal Website
  1833. 95%AlterNET Studio (WinForms & WPF Tooling/Components) Now Supports VS 2022, .NET 6 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1834. 72%Why I Quit Shopify After Five Months | The Blog of Josh Simmons
  1835. 95%On Building 30K Debian Packages
  1836. 81%Stop Using Pie-Charts
  1837. 97%The Slackware Linux Project: Slackware Release Announcement
  1838. 98%GitHub - casualsnek/cassowary: Run Windows Applications on Linux as if they are native, Use linux applications to launch files files located in windows vm without needing to install applications on vm. With easy to use configuration GUI
  1839. 95%Go performance from version 1.2 to 1.18
  1840. 85%How I built a daily podcast from the posts on my favorite subreddit r/SaaS?
  1841. 80%Let's Rewrite Everything!
  1842. 83%Portable Python Projects
  1843. 99%WebVM: server-less x86 virtual machines in the browser
  1844. 58%How you can learn Python with this 11 part series
  1845. 98%Writing better release notes
  1846. 86%Remote Pair Programming - Demir Delic
  1847. 99%Preparing MNIST Image Data Text Files -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1848. 98%WebVM: Client side X86 virtual machines in the browser
  1849. 99%A Better Turing Machine Tape Model
  1850. 98%Writing a toy traceroute from scratch · Caffeinspiration
  1851. 98%Autodocumenting Makefiles
  1852. 92%Rust has a small standard library (and that's ok)
  1853. 93%black
  1854. 91%macOS Monterey 12.3 Beta Release Notes
  1855. 91%macOS Monterey 12.3 Beta Release Notes
  1856. 95%Dapr v1.6 is now available
  1857. 92%Run Ordinary Rails Apps Globally
  1858. 99%Speed up your .NET app with the CPU profilers with Visual Studio 2022
  1859. 75%My SaaS side-project got acquired
  1860. 98%GitHub - max-sixty/prql: PRQL is a modern language for transforming data — a simpler and more powerful SQL
  1861. 92%The Curse of NixOS
  1862. 98%Top-Level Statements in C# - Code Maze
  1863. 92%Customizing web search
  1864. 99%On decoupled loaders
  1865. 89%In defense of complicated programming languages
  1866. 88%Diving into BoardGameGeek
  1867. 97%PHP: Frankenstein arrays
  1868. 85%Audio Sparklines · Melatonin
  1869. 79%The journey to bootstrapping a $1 million ARR SaaS | ScrapingBee
  1870. 82%GitHub - DREAM-DK/MAKRO
  1871. 80%Senior Software Engineer in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  1872. 77%Software Engineer II in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  1873. 91%Adding a pipe operator to Python | HackerNoon
  1874. 98%performance/src/benchmarks/micro at main · dotnet/performance
  1875. 99%Azure SDK Release (January 2022)
  1876. 99%Quantum-Inspired Annealing Using C# or Python -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1877. 93%How To Stay Curious as a Coder
  1878. 94%Seven Days of OCaml
  1879. 97%GitHub - JetBrains/JetBrainsMono: JetBrains Mono – the free and open-source typeface for developers
  1880. 97%How Khan Academy Rewrote their Backend
  1881. 96%Let's Reverse Engineer an Android App! - Yasoob Khalid
  1882. 96%SvelteKit and Supabase Tutorial with Authentication - Build a SvelteKit App Part 2
  1883. 89%Enumerate Wordle combinations with an applicative functor
  1884. 64%Ballerina - Ballerina Home
  1885. 95%How to use Org Mode and Hugo for a better scientific blogging – STRM
  1886. 99%Reduce the size of container images with DockerSlim | Red Hat Developer
  1887. 88%GitHub - rmcelreath/stat_rethinking_2022: Statistical Rethinking course winter 2022
  1888. 98%GitHub - Textualize/rich: Rich is a Python library for rich text and beautiful formatting in the terminal.
  1889. 89%woob - Web Outside of Browsers
  1890. 97%2022 01 11 bench results · LesnyRumcajs/grpc_bench Wiki
  1891. 88%The State of Web Scraping 2022 | ScrapeOps
  1892. 91%Release of IPython 8.0
  1893. 96%How I build a feature
  1894. 97%Sourcegraph
  1895. 97%dsq: Commandline tool for running SQL queries against JSON, CSV, Excel, Parquet, and more.
  1896. 96%Rachit Nigam | PhD Candidate, Cornell University
  1897. 99%Comparing results between Airflow runs
  1898. 94%An Honest Comparison of VS Code vs JetBrains - 5 Points
  1899. 96%GitHub - BoltzmannEntropy/interviews.ai: This book was written for you: an aspiring data scientist with a quantitative background, facing down the gauntlet of the interview process in an increasingly competitive field. For most of you, the interview process is the most significant hurdle between you and a dream job.
  1900. 79%Happy 10th Birthday, Bridgy!
  1901. 99%Why I Like D – Andrea Radaelli
  1902. 92%Simplicity of IRC - Susam's Maze
  1903. 88%Five Tips For a Healthier Postgres Database in the New Year
  1904. 95%Tech I want to focus in 2022
  1905. 96%5% of 666 Python repos had comma typos (including Tensorflow, and PyTorch, Sentry, and V8)
  1906. 99%6 Harmful Defaults in Django
  1907. 99%.NET Conf Philippines - January 2022
  1908. 99%6 Julia Frameworks to Create Desktop GUI’s 🖥 and Web Apps 🕸
  1909. 93%Rust is more portable than C for pngquant/libimagequant
  1910. 98%Bashing JSON into Shape with SQLite
  1911. 99%Building My First App with Flutter
  1912. 97%How We Can Beat the Tradeoff Between Developer Velocity and Scalability
  1913. 91%Deep C# - Inheritance
  1914. 90%A bit about PURLs
  1915. 98%The ultimate SQLite extension set
  1916. 98%The joy of building a ray tracer, for fun, in Rust.
  1917. 78%SBIDIOT IoT Malware: miner edition
  1918. 96%Hacking a VW Golf Power Steering ECU - Part 1
  1919. 99%Chi-Square Test Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1920. 99%Using Caddy
  1921. 94%Text Aesthetics: Command Line UI/UX
  1922. 99%GitHub - seemoo-lab/opendrop: An open Apple AirDrop implementation written in Python
  1923. 90%My (free) Django monitoring stack for 2022
  1924. 91%Stupid Patterns
  1925. 97%Kurtis Knodel // Blog
  1926. 98%Sciter uses JavaScript from now and on – Terra Informatica Software
  1927. 95%Consider SQLite
  1928. 94%GitHub - sslab-gatech/Rudra: Rust Memory Safety & Undefined Behavior Detection
  1929. 74%import attrs
  1930. 99%Winning the Impossible Race - An Unintended Solution for Includer’s Revenge / Counter (hxp 2021) - Guy Lewin's Blog
  1931. 97%Secrets of MicroPython: How to blink an LED
  1932. 96%GitHub - CorentinJ/Real-Time-Voice-Cloning: Clone a voice in 5 seconds to generate arbitrary speech in real-time
  1933. 97%A Guide to Recording 660FPS Video On A $6 Raspberry Pi Camera
  1934. 99%GitHub - codenotary/immudb: immudb - world’s fastest immutable database, built on a zero trust model
  1935. 99%Analysis and reverse-engineering of the original Starlink router
  1936. 83%How I found (and fixed) a vulnerability in Python
  1937. 97%GitHub - mwmbl/mwmbl: An open source, non-profit search engine implemented in python
  1938. 99%Average colors of the world
  1939. 72%Weekly Update 275
  1940. 98%suckless.org software that sucks less
  1941. 93%How IPFS is broken
  1942. 98%The EASIEST Way to Convert to ES6 Template Literal Strings in VS Code
  1943. 90%The QOI File Format Specification
  1944. 58%This is my Mum's 80th birthday present.
  1945. 89%TypeScript for Pythonistas
  1946. 92%Telling the Time with Computer Vision - Jinay Jain
  1948. 97%GitHub - Music-and-Culture-Technology-Lab/omnizart: Omniscient Mozart, being able to transcribe everything in the music, including vocal, drum, chord, beat, instruments, and more.
  1949. 86%tqdm documentation
  1950. 93%The Hub of Heliopolis - How I completed the Hacktoberfest 2021 challenge with a profiler
  1951. 96%Implementing TLS Encrypted Client Hello
  1952. 95%Tuning your uploads and downloads with the Azure Storage client library for .NET
  1953. 96%Building an Async HTTP Api with Azure Durable Functions and Python
  1954. 91%My 2021 review - blog.dornea.nu
  1955. 96%Tech Solvency: The Story So Far: CVE-2021-44228 (Log4Shell log4j vulnerability).
  1956. 96%Deployment from Scratch
  1957. 61%VS Code Gets a 'Most Heavily Requested Feature' for Python -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1958. 99%How "out" works in C# and why "in" can make or break your performance
  1959. 91%[Python-Dev] Sad news from Zurich [LWN.net]
  1960. 56%The Problem with Finance APIs
  1961. 89%Professional maintainers: a wake-up call
  1962. 95%GitHub - Cybereason/Logout4Shell: Use Log4Shell vulnerability to vaccinate a victim server against Log4Shell
  1963. 96%Introducing stack graphs | The GitHub Blog
  1964. 83%Legacy Naming Conventions Are Holding Us Back - Ben Labaschin
  1965. 87%A Call to Build Models Like We Build Open-Source Software
  1966. 95%`-nologo` should be the default · Issue #15644 · PowerShell/PowerShell
  1967. 86%VS Code Snippets Leads Recent Open Source GA Announcements -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1968. 98%How To Compute Transformer Architecture Model Accuracy -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1969. 99%How to store geo bounding box in Django database?
  1970. 97%Building an OpenTable bot
  1971. 68%Django 4.0 released | Weblog
  1972. 98%Is “KAX17” performing de-anonymization Attacks against Tor Users?
  1973. 58%The One with .NET after Saint Nick – Codecamp
  1974. 88%Don't Make My Mistakes: Common Infrastructure Errors I've Made
  1975. 98%Supercharged high-resolution ocean simulation with JAX | dionhaefner.github.io
  1976. 92%How customer feedback shaped the AWS Cloud Development Kit version 2 | Amazon Web Services
  1977. 91%Release NVIM v0.6.0 · neovim/neovim
  1978. 98%Anti-Patterns When Building Container Images
  1979. 93%Tools I use: PyCharm
  1980. 97%December 20, 2020 - Performance Tuning, Routing, and Azure Storage
  1981. 99%Simulated Annealing Optimization Using C# or Python -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1982. 96%Julia 1.7 Highlights
  1983. 98%Anti-Patterns When Building Container Images
  1984. 98%Will Nix Overtake Docker?
  1985. 97%vscode-pyolite - Visual Studio Marketplace
  1986. 94%Notebook on nbviewer
  1987. 94%The fish shell is amazing
  1988. 93%Everything you ever wanted to know about UDP sockets but were afraid to ask, part 1
  1989. 95%The Great Internet Mystery - Cicada 3301 by Dave Plummer
  1990. 96%Azure Functions - Fall update
  1991. 97%Django, HTMX and Alpine.js: Modern websites, JavaScript optional
  1992. 98%GitHub - zademn/EverythingCrypto: (Still exploring) My cryptography journey: A collection of notebooks covering different algorithms and concepts from cryptography
  1993. 91%Are custom dev setups worthwhile?
  1994. 77%Malware downloaded from PyPI 41,000 times was surprisingly stealthy
  1995. 95%A Simpler Way to Azure
  1996. 92%Cascade of doom: JIT, and how a Postgres update led to 70% failure on a critical national service
  1997. 87%Senior Content Developer in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  1998. 96%How to Grasp Containers - Efficient Learning Path - Ivan Velichko
  1999. 98%Ephemeral Postgres Databases
  2000. 89%Regex Learn - Step by step, from zero to advanced.
  2001. 99%5 Reasons to IMMEDIATELY Turn On ESLint in VS Code
  2002. 99%Mini Course #1 Clean Architecture + CQRS
  2003. 98%How to Fine-Tune a Transformer Architecture NLP Model -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2004. 90%Please stop screwing over Linux distros
  2005. 98%CheerpX: Using WebAssembly to run any programming language in the browser
  2006. 97%Minimal APIs
  2007. 98%Bramble: A Purely Functional Build System and Package Manager
  2008. 98%dmca/2021-11-12-hackerrank.md at master · github/dmca
  2009. 98%Talking to SerenityOS Contributors About Scratch-build C++ Developer’s Playground in Modern C++ | The CLion Blog
  2010. 91%GitHub - rougier/scientific-visualization-book: An open access book on scientific visualization using python and matplotlib
  2011. 92%My VS Code Playground - Pawel Cislo
  2012. 99%Getting Started With Pants and Django (Part 1)
  2013. 93%Practical attacks against attribute-based encryption
  2014. 72%Learn TV
  2015. 99%Your opinion about C# and .NET is outdated
  2016. 98%Receptive Field Calculations for Convolutional Neural Networks
  2017. 93%Using a framework can make you stupid!
  2018. 92%Change-making problem - Wikipedia
  2019. 99%Atlas
  2020. 79%How I use Notion · Reasonable Deviations
  2021. 98%Ruby vs Python comes down to the for loop
  2022. 97%Using the Online Thumby IDE
  2023. 90%How to build a second brain as a software developer - Aseem Thakar
  2024. 87%SaaS starter kit. SaaS framework. SaaS template. SaaS-in-a-box. | Outseta
  2025. 50%Pretty Inline Symbolic Mathematics in Org-Mode
  2026. 99%Technical Advisory – Arbitrary Signature Forgery in Stark Bank ECDSA Libraries
  2027. 88%Elite Underproduction
  2028. 96%Malware Trust & Safety Specialist
  2029. 94%C# 10 - Top 5 Features in the new C# Version | Rubik's Code
  2030. 90%Zillow, Prophet, Time Series, & Prices
  2031. 93%Becoming a Senior Software Engineer
  2032. 59%Top programming languages: Most popular and fastest growing choices for developers | ZDNet
  2033. 99%Deploying new Azure Container Apps with familiar languages
  2034. 98%On autoloading
  2035. 98%An oral history of Bank Python
  2036. 98%How to Create a Transformer Architecture Model for Natural Language Processing -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2037. 99%Why SOLID principles are still the foundation for modern software architecture
  2038. 98%How I Built Burplist For Free
  2039. 98%GitHub - 1Password/1password-teams-open-source: Get a free 1Password Teams membership for your open source project
  2040. 81%The Ten Second Autism Test
  2041. 96%BERT Tokenizers NuGet Package for C# | Rubik's Code
  2042. 95%Manning
  2043. 98%Anatomy of a STARK, Part 0: Introduction
  2044. 97% Blender 3.x roadmap — Blender Developers Blog
  2045. 95%Software Engineer II in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  2046. 95%Demystifying Apache Arrow
  2047. 87%GitHub Updates Copilot 'AI Pair Programmer' and Codespaces (Online VS Code) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2048. 99%DIY Acoustic Camera using UMA-16
  2049. 93%Senior Program Manager – Testing Developer Advocacy in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  2050. 52%A tail unto lions
  2051. 88%Raspberry Pi: This new add-on will let you connect Lego to your creations | ZDNet
  2052. 99%bitbottle
  2053. 97%Choosing a cache
  2054. 98%A small DOCUMERICA Twitter bot
  2055. 98%How WhatsApp scaled to 1 billion users with only 50 engineers
  2056. 98%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - SOLID Design Principles and Dependency Injection
  2057. 95%Using Huggingface Transformers with ML.NET | Rubik's Code
  2058. 99%Google Sheets API with .NET Core - Code Maze
  2059. 99%F# eXchange 2021 | Skills Matter
  2060. 96%RSS is Wonderful · Quakkels.com
  2061. 97%Can we trust Microsoft with Open Source? - Dusted Codes
  2062. 99%Tip 338 - How to publish and subscribe messages with Azure Web PubSub
  2063. 92%We Just Gave $154,999.89 to Open Source Maintainers
  2064. 98%Anomaly Detection Using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2065. 86%Why you shouldn't leave your functions?
  2066. 93%10 ways to get the best out of OpenSCAD
  2067. 79%Traffic Sequence: Which Product Runs First?
  2068. 99%Analyzing Code for Issues in .NET 5
  2069. 99%Function pipelines: Building functional programming into PostgreSQL using custom operators
  2070. 98%Join us for DaprCon October 19th-20th 2021
  2071. 95%Web Browser Engineering
  2072. 98%Version 1.6.0 released
  2073. 97%Tests aren’t enough: Case study after adding type hints to urllib3
  2074. 94%The Day My Script Killed 10,000 Phones in South America
  2075. 64%Get career advice from 7 inspiring leaders in cybersecurity - Microsoft Security Blog
  2076. 99%What every software engineer should know about search
  2077. 91%surfsonar
  2078. 92%Python stands to lose its GIL, and gain a lot of speed
  2079. 99%Profiling Django App
  2080. 96%Detailed thoughts on the State of the .NET Foundation · Discussion #60 · dotnet-foundation/Home
  2081. 99%Implementing Hash Tables in C
  2082. 99%The Javascript "ecosystem" is a hot mess and so is software development in general - Kailash Nadh - Personal homepage
  2083. 93%What we can learn from "_why" the long lost open source developer.
  2084. 98%Bayesian histograms for rare event classification | dionhaefner.github.io
  2085. 99%A Minimalistic Modern Django Boilerplate
  2086. 99%jott - as_strided
  2087. 95%Long Tiny Loop: Attempt #2
  2088. 95%Getting Unstuck
  2089. 93%A viable solution for Python concurrency
  2090. 98%Mailman 3 Python multithreading without the GIL - Python-Dev
  2091. 99%Overview · Serde
  2092. 99%Mythbusting Julia speed
  2093. 97%David Dahan
  2094. 90%Drop’s new mechanical keyboards go up to $500
  2095. 98%Announcing Automated ML (AutoML) for Images
  2096. 99%How APT does its fancy progress bar?
  2097. 99%How SQL Injection attack works 💉🔓
  2098. 99%To Catch a Hacker in My Home Lab
  2099. 99%AWS Lambda battle 2021: performance comparison for all languages (cold and warm start)
  2100. 92%How I use Polywork to overcome impostor syndrome
  2101. 90%VS Code Python Tool Now Debugs Jupyter Notebooks -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2102. 99%Parsing JSON is a Minefield
  2103. 58%Beating C and Java, Python Becomes the #1 Most Popular Programming Language, Says TIOBE - Slashdot
  2104. 99%GitHub - localstack/localstack: 💻 A fully functional local AWS cloud stack. Develop and test your cloud & Serverless apps offline!
  2105. 98%Sending emails to myself
  2106. 99%Understanding all of Python, through its builtins
  2107. 97%CI/CD/CF? — The DevOps toolchain’s “missing-link”
  2108. 99%GitHub - pfusik/cito: Ć programming language. Translated automatically to C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Swift, TypeScript and OpenCL C.
  2109. 99%cito/ci.md at master · pfusik/cito
  2110. 99%Empowering data scientists with a feature store
  2111. 99%The road to OCaml 5.0 - Ecosystem - OCaml
  2112. 92%GitHub - Ildaron/Laser_control: Laser for control mosquito, weed and pest
  2113. 97%Python in Visual Studio Code – October 2021 Release
  2114. 97%Why We Moved From Pony To Rust — Wallaroo
  2115. 98%Waiting Room: Random Queueing and Custom Web/Mobile Apps
  2116. 97%The Insane Innovation of TI Calculator Hobbyists
  2117. 96%ML.NET Model Builder Update Adds Notebooks in Visual Studio -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2118. 98%Azure REST API Guidelines Update
  2119. 98%Overview | ChessCoach
  2120. 98%I’ve loved Wasmer, I still love Wasmer
  2121. 99%Join us for DaprCon October 19th-20th 2021
  2122. 66%Is 40 the New 60? · It Will Never Work in Theory
  2123. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: The record layer
  2124. 96%Putting Pants On: One Thing We Did Right After 5 Years with Django
  2125. 99%Ordinal Classification Using PyTorch -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2126. 99%Next level console apps with Spectre.Console
  2127. 99%A Serious Business, Inc.
  2128. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: The record layer
  2129. 95%Python 3.10 – Top 5 Features in the new Version | Rubik's Code
  2130. 97%GitHub - speedyg0nz/MagInkCal: E-Ink Magic Calendar that automatically syncs to Google Calendar and runs off a battery powered Raspberry Pi Zero
  2131. 99%The State Of Web Scraping in 2021
  2132. 99%MAJOR C++/Arduino Announcement: NightDriver for LEDs [Open Source]
  2133. 99%Analyzing the Mario Themed Malware
  2134. 99%Microsoft Announces Azure Functions 4.0 with .NET 6 Support in Preview
  2135. 97%Live JavaScript Challenge/Quiz with Kahoot
  2136. 96%Confessions of a 1x Programmer
  2137. 97%The seven programming ur-languages
  2138. 99%Understanding AWK
  2139. 98%GPSD time will jump back 1024 weeks at after week=2180 (23-October-2021) (#144) · Issues · gpsd / gpsd
  2140. 99%7 tips for writing better library code in .NET
  2141. 99%CSAW Quals 2021 Bits
  2142. 98%Accepting Online Payments With Stripe
  2143. 98%How to visualize decision tree
  2144. 97%Five ways I handled my OutOfMemoryErrors
  2145. 93%Something Weird Is Happening on Facebook
  2146. 96%.NET Interactive Notebooks for Machine Learning | Rubik's Code
  2147. 96%GitHub - alexhallam/tv: 📺(tv) Tidy Viewer is a cross-platform CLI csv pretty printer that uses column styling to maximize viewer enjoyment.
  2148. 99%Is it time to start creating C# Azure Functions in isolated mode?
  2149. 97%Algorithmic Photography
  2150. 99%Designing Low Upkeep Software
  2151. 94%Reverse a string
  2152. 93%The Siren Song of the ‘User’ Model
  2153. 97%My Janet Story | Jungle Coder
  2154. 97%Tech interviews
  2155. 98%It's tough being an Azure fan
  2156. 98%Guix-HPC — What’s in a package
  2157. 99%Do you know the GitHub Advisory Database?
  2158. 98%Taming Go’s Memory Usage, or How We Avoided Rewriting Our Client in Rust — Akita Software
  2159. 99%Structural pattern matching in Python 3.10
  2160. 96%Don't be the Insecure Interviewer
  2161. 94%The “Too many white dudes” problem in software
  2162. 98%GitHub - PySimpleGUI/PySimpleGUI
  2163. 98%Guide to Autoencoders with TensorFlow & Keras | Rubik's Code
  2164. 99%Computing the Similarity Between Two Machine Learning Datasets -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2165. 98%[Unravelling mocona] Part 1 - Verbosity or Anti-Pattern
  2166. 95%Analyzing The Olympic Games
  2167. 98%PostgreSQL on the Move
  2168. 98%Tips for saving memory with pandas
  2169. 92%The long-term consequences of maintainers’ actions – Ariadne's Space
  2170. 95%Do Your Math Abilities Make Learning Programming Easier? Not Much, Finds Study
  2171. 84%Azure Sentinel Notebooks Ninja Part 2: Getting Started with Azure Sentinel Notebooks
  2172. 99%Building OwnFlask - A Flask(like) Python Framework
  2173. 98%How We Made Playable Quotes for the Game Boy
  2174. 97%Machine Learning Community Standup - Deep Learning with TorchSharp
  2175. 95%Bespoke Synth
  2176. 98%Reflecting on the Shake Build System
  2177. 97%Server-Side Language Usage: ASP.NET Trails PHP (by a Lot!) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2178. 99%Unravelling `async for` loops
  2179. 99%How to parse any website
  2180. 97%NLP Tutorial with Flair & Python | Rubik's Code
  2181. 98%Randomizing the Alert Sound on a Mac
  2182. 98%Why Flask will teach you more about software engineering than Django
  2183. 98%Are Dockerfiles good enough?
  2184. 99%Microsoft Open Sources .NET 5 C# Language Extension for SQL Server -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2185. 99%Support type classes or implicits · Issue #243 · fsharp/fslang-suggestions
  2186. 99%Parameters and Sharing Data [8 of 11] | Beginner's Series to: Blazor
  2187. 99%Open sourcing the .NET 5 C# Language Extension for SQL Server - Microsoft SQL Server Blog
  2188. 92%Challenge to VS Code Python? JetBrains Tests Data Science IDE -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2189. 87%Python in VS Code Does Browser-Based Editing via 'github.dev' Trick -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2190. 92%How Cloudflare helped mitigate the Atlassian Confluence OGNL vulnerability before the PoC was released
  2191. 98%Switching to the i3 window manager
  2192. 99%My £4 a month server can handle 4.2 million requests a day
  2193. 96%VS Code Uses ML to Detect Programming Language, Set Mode -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2194. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - 🎂7 Years of ASP.NET Community Standup🎂
  2195. 99%Differential Evolution Optimization -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2196. 99%Stock Price Prediction Using Hidden Markov Model | Rubik's Code
  2197. 98%Python in Visual Studio Code – September 2021 Release
  2198. 99%Keep your software packages small
  2199. 99%Optimizing Slow SQL Queries
  2200. 84%Top Programming Languages 2021
  2201. 98%Minimal Viable Developer: acing your first month in software
  2202. 98%Lessons Learned from two years as a Data Scientist
  2203. 96%O.MG Cable - * to USB-A
  2204. 95%GitHub - mTvare6/hello-world.rs: 🚀Memory safe, blazing fast, configurable, minimal hello world written in rust(🚀) in a few lines of code with few(1061🚀) dependencies🚀
  2205. 88%AI movie posters
  2206. 98%Prevent duplicate cron job running.
  2207. 98%Inbox Zero using Getpocket - blog.dornea.nu
  2208. 99%Explore Minimal APIs with Maria Naggaga | Web Wednesday
  2209. 99%Monkey: the satirical Go package used unwittingly by Arduino and SalesForce
  2210. 99%GitHub - coqui-ai/TTS: 🐸💬 - a deep learning toolkit for Text-to-Speech, battle-tested in research and production
  2211. 98%Moving to modern Neovim
  2212. 95%Hell Is Other REPLs
  2213. 99%Making Reasonable Use of Computer Resources: Part 2
  2214. 99%A new way of blogging about Golang
  2215. 99%Five Ansible Techniques I Wish I’d Known Earlier
  2216. 99%GitHub - yt-dlp/yt-dlp: A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes
  2217. 99%Error Handling — Problem Overview
  2218. 95%A Sort of Permutation
  2219. 99%Why I use attrs instead of pydantic
  2220. 99%Token Authentication for django-rest-framework — /var/
  2221. 99%Azure Service Bus for .NET deep dive resources
  2222. 96%GitHub - marceloprates/prettymaps: A small set of Python functions to draw pretty maps from OpenStreetMap data. Based on osmnx, matplotlib and shapely libraries.
  2223. 95%Vulnerability in Bumble dating app reveals any user's exact location | Robert Heaton
  2224. 97%Bringing the Unix Philosophy to the 21st Century | Brazil's Blog
  2225. 95%DeepMind reveals PonderNet: Pondering or Fake Hype?
  2226. 99%An Opinionated Guide to xargs
  2227. 99%Getting Started with Data Analytics & Machine Learning in F# | #dotNETConf: Focus on F#
  2228. 99%GitHub - ManimCommunity/manim: A community-maintained Python framework for creating mathematical animations.
  2229. 99%GitHub - JetBrains/projector-installer: Install, configure and run JetBrains IDEs with Projector Server on Linux or in WSL
  2230. 99%Patterns in confusing explanations
  2231. 98%The 425 Show
  2232. 99%GitHub - anishathalye/neural-hash-collider: Preimage attack against NeuralHash 💣
  2233. 93%Is AI Coming for Your Dev Job or Not? A Tale of Two Surveys -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2234. 98%GitHub - maxvfischer/DIY-ai-art: How to build your own AI art installation from scratch
  2235. 99%GitHub - AsuharietYgvar/AppleNeuralHash2ONNX: Convert Apple NeuralHash model for CSAM Detection to ONNX.
  2236. 90%Google Groups kills RSS support without notice
  2237. 95%Guide to Hyperparameter Tuning and Optimization with Python
  2238. 99%Wasserstein Distance Using C# and Python -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2239. 98%A Programmer’s Introduction to Mathematics
  2240. 98%GitHub - minimaxir/big-list-of-naughty-strings: The Big List of Naughty Strings is a list of strings which have a high probability of causing issues when used as user-input data.
  2241. 97%Reddit Interview Problems: The Game of Life
  2242. 93%Challenges for code-based problems
  2243. 99%Loops and Conditionals in Python - while Loop, for Loop & if Statement | Pro Code Guide
  2244. 95%Reference equality for dictionaries in Python
  2245. 94%AutoML with FLAML & Python: Machine Learning in 15 Seconds
  2246. 99%fsharp-presentations/notes-on-learning-fsharp-1.md at master · dsyme/fsharp-presentations
  2247. 98%A Minimalist Full-Text Search Engine
  2248. 98%Introducing Bandersnatch: a fast elliptic curve built over the BLS12-381 scalar field - Cryptography - Ethereum Research
  2249. 99%Progress Report: August 2021 - Asahi Linux
  2250. 99%JavaScript Optional Chaining in 5 Minutes (No more "cannot read property of undefined"!)
  2251. 99%Build and deploy microservices with Kubernetes and Dapr | Red Hat Developer
  2252. 98%.NET 6 Preview 7: New Features Done, but Templates with Top-Level Statements Stir Debate -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2253. 96%Don Teaches Guido F#
  2254. 99%Productive Data Science in Biology with F# | #dotNETConf: Focus on F#
  2255. 96%ZeroVer: 0-based Versioning — zer0ver
  2256. 98%GitHub - SamSchott/maestral: Open-source Dropbox client for macOS and Linux
  2257. 98%New Kind of Paper, Part Two
  2258. 82%GitHub Copilot AI Improved, Offered as API: 'A Taste of the Future' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2259. 72%Recent podcasts & videos
  2260. 98%Deploying Blazor WebAssembly app with WebAPI using GitHub Actions(CI/CD) for FREE - EP35
  2261. 97%OpenAI Codex
  2262. 97%Understanding Cross-entropy for Machine Learning
  2263. 99%JavaScript needs more helper functions for iteration (map, filter, etc.) – where should we put them?
  2264. 94%Approximate minimal bounding sphere
  2265. 98%When Zero Cost Abstractions Aren’t Zero Cost
  2266. 97%The Rise of Meson
  2267. 88%VS Code Python Tool Revamps Jupyter Notebooks Experience -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2268. 93%Make Every feature Binary: Microsoft’s 135B Parameter Model
  2269. 76%Python in Visual Studio Code – August 2021 Release
  2270. 95%The Coming of Age of Notebooks
  2271. 99%Working with Postgres types
  2272. 98%640 Pages in 15 Months – journal.stuffwithstuff.com
  2273. 99%Postgres.app – the easiest way to get started with PostgreSQL on the Mac
  2274. 98%VS Code 1.59: Jupyter Notebooks Go (Partly) Native, Live Preview Improved -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2275. 99%your database connection deserves a name
  2276. 99%GitHub - veorq/cryptocoding: Guidelines for low-level cryptography software
  2277. 90%Yare.io Trailer
  2278. 98%New release candidate: 1.7.0rc1
  2279. 99%Exploring the SameSite cookie attribute for preventing CSRF
  2280. 82%The rinds of the Cheese Shop menu - piwheels blog
  2281. 99%Python developers are being targeted with malicious packages on PyPI
  2282. 97%TensorFlow Tutorial for Beginners with Python Example
  2283. 97%Unix and Microservice Platforms
  2284. 99%The problem with Flask async views and async globals — sethmlarson.dev
  2285. 99%Spiral Dynamics Optimization with Python -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2286. 88%Late Career Change into Tech with Kyla Gregory
  2287. 98%PyTorch Tutorial for Beginners - Building Neural Networks
  2288. 99%Parametric Programming – an equational approach to OO and beyond
  2289. 89%My tiny side project has had more impact than my decade in the software industry – Mike's corner of the web
  2290. 98%Shellies Discovery Script - Share your Projects! / Scripts - Home Assistant Community
  2291. 97%Dapr v1.3 is now available
  2292. 99%Code opinion: performance or clean code? - Code4IT
  2293. 99%The power of reduce
  2294. 95%Hopalongs - koppian adventures
  2295. 99%The Baked Data architectural pattern
  2296. 99%Introducing Triton: Open-Source GPU Programming for Neural Networks
  2297. 94%Working With AI: Your Guide to a Potential Future Career
  2298. 99%What's bad about Julia?
  2299. 96%Tune in July 29 for .NET Conf: Focus on F#
  2300. 99%You are software engineers, so COMPILE YOUR SOFTWARES
  2301. 97%Working with business events and RavenDB
  2302. 97%C# vs JAVA - Teaser
  2303. 98%GitHub - tobymao/sqlglot: Python SQL Parser and Transpiler
  2304. 95%Understanding DeepMind Perceiver: One Model to Rule Them All
  2305. 92%Code Review is Work - Tyler Cipriani
  2306. 99%Python behind the scenes #11: how the Python import system works
  2307. 99%Writing Visual Studio Extensions with Mads - Dynamically add menu commands
  2308. 96%C# vs Java: Which is Faster? Computer Language Drag Racing Series E03
  2309. 99%Visual C++ STL Code Review: GH-1772, More optimizations for contiguous iterators
  2310. 99%An alternative approach from GPT-3 Copilot to improve developer productivity – The Bugout.dev Blog
  2311. 99%On .NET Live - Let’s Talk Functional-First Programming!
  2312. 91%NPM Package Steals Chrome Passwords via Legit Password-Recovery Tool
  2313. 95%Pandas API on Apache Spark
  2314. 96%Live C++ Hacking/Coding Demo with Visual Studio Code, Arduino
  2315. 99%Thinking About Glue
  2316. 98%Double Q-Learning & Double DQN with Python and TensorFlow
  2317. 99%Azure SDK Release (July 2021)
  2318. 99%Cryptanalysis of Meow Hash
  2319. 99%yoeo/guesslang
  2320. 99%Maps with Django (part 2): GeoDjango, PostGIS and Leaflet
  2321. 79%Julia Computing Raises $24M Series A, Former Snowflake CEO Bob Muglia Joins Board
  2322. 90%Top 23 Best Public Datasets for Practicing Machine Learning
  2323. 96%mxgmn/WaveFunctionCollapse
  2324. 97%Inserting One Billion Rows in SQLite Under A Minute - blag
  2325. 99%Out of the Box Elixir
  2326. 99%Centering a tooltip
  2327. 98%I Love Elixir
  2328. 96%TypeScript Outshines C# in Developer Ecosystem Report -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2329. 95%My tips for landing a software engineering job
  2330. 99%deepmind/alphafold
  2331. 98%C# Language Highlights: Null Coalescing Assignment
  2332. 99%Blazor Web Apps using GraphQL and EF Core with Jeremy Likness
  2333. 99%Entity Framework Community Standup - Visualizing database query plans
  2334. 99%MacOS Nix Setup (an alternative to Homebrew)
  2335. 98%My observations on the complexity of software after building test acceleration - John Ewart
  2336. 99%Beating TimSort at Merging
  2337. 99%Converting Images and Videos to ASCII
  2338. 97%Guide to Reinforcement Learning with Python and TensorFlow
  2339. 93%Topological Teleportation
  2340. 95%Python 3.10 – Top 5 Features in the new Python Version
  2341. 98%r/RedditEng - Solving The Three Stooges Problem
  2342. 99%Against SQL
  2343. 98%Explore Minimal APIs with Maria Naggaga | Web Wednesday
  2344. 98%Cross-platform Awesome with Shiny 2.0 | The Xamarin Show
  2345. 62%Evaluating Large Language Models Trained on Code
  2346. 99%Probably Are Gonna Need It: Application Security Edition - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  2347. 99%The Best Regex Trick
  2348. 98%Lessons of a startup engineer
  2349. 96%VS Code Update Improves Workspace Trust, Jupyter Functionality -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2350. 98%.NET Rocks! vNext
  2351. 99%Why (and how) to put notebooks in production
  2352. 98%Does elegance matter? | Pydon't | Mathspp
  2353. 98%Import a connector from GitHub as a custom connector
  2354. 93%tenacityteam/tenacity
  2355. 99%Reverse Engineering the M6 Smart Fitness Bracelet
  2356. 99%Sentiment Analysis Using a PyTorch EmbeddingBag Layer -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2357. 86%C# Language Highlights: Top-level statements
  2358. 99%ossu/computer-science
  2359. 97%Implementing Self-Organizing Maps with Python and TensorFlow
  2360. 93%temporary-audacity/audacity
  2361. 97%C# 10 - Top 5 New Features in the Upcoming C# Version
  2362. 99%draft-ietf-httpapi-idempotency-key-header-00
  2363. 91% Blender and the Rabbids — blender.org
  2364. 99%kingoflolz/mesh-transformer-jax
  2365. 98%finding the most recurring topics on Hacker News
  2366. 98%Playing games with an attacker: how I messed with someone trying to breach the CryptoWall tracker
  2367. 66%These old programming languages are still critical to big companies. But nobody wants to learn them
  2368. 97%GitHub Codespaces Alternative: AWS Cloud9, SSH & VS Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2369. 93%Account Takeover Protection and WAF mitigations to help stop Global Brute Force Campaigns
  2370. 99%Announcing the new Azure Data Tables Libraries
  2371. 96%Machine Learning for Beginners, Curriculum
  2372. 99%Why I wrote my own SQL query builder
  2373. 96%Bash aliases to make your life easier - Andrew Henke | Complete Technical Solutions
  2374. 92%DevOps; a decade of confusion and frustration • Jan Harasym
  2375. 99%The Best Regex Trick
  2376. 91%GitHub Copilot, an AI Pair Programmer, Is Coming to VS Code/Visual Studio -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2377. 98%JSON Polymorphic Serialization API Review
  2378. 98%Introducing GitHub Copilot: your AI pair programmer | The GitHub Blog
  2379. 98%GitHub Copilot · Your AI pair programmer
  2380. 99%Serverless Authentication and Authorization in Minutes with Fauna and Auth0
  2381. 95%Top 9 Feature Engineering Techniques with Python
  2382. 99%C# Language Highlights: Null Coalescing Operator
  2383. 97%Understanding Gradient Descent with Python
  2384. 94%Porting VaccinateCA to Django
  2385. 99%Granulate/gprofiler
  2386. 98%Notes on streaming large API responses
  2387. 98%I Built a Spam Filter for YouTube (with TensorFlow & Python)
  2388. 98%VSColorOutput64 - Visual Studio Marketplace
  2389. 98%Django for Startup Founders: A better software architecture for SaaS startups and consumer apps
  2390. 99%Logistic Regression Using PyTorch with L-BFGS -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2391. 99%ThakeeNathees/pocketlang
  2392. 94%gopro/OpenGoPro
  2393. 99%Subclassing in Python Redux
  2394. 97%Introducing the Viewpoint Linux Distribution
  2395. 93%What's Inside the EU Green Pass QR Code?
  2396. 97%do it safely or automatically, but not both « Otaku – Cedric's blog
  2397. 98%Teams/Apt/Spec/AptSign - Debian Wiki
  2398. 97%CDPH Digital Vaccine Record
  2399. 99%The Best Text Classification library for a Quick Baseline
  2400. 97%Scraping Images with Python
  2401. 94%Julia: faster than Fortran, cleaner than Numpy
  2402. 97%Path tracing Quake in Blender
  2403. 94%Learning to Love a Rigid and Inflexible Language
  2404. 98%Cryptographic shuffle | Brain on Fire
  2405. 98%Nuitka/Nuitka
  2406. 97%Semantic search as an alternative to keyword search
  2407. 99%Challenge: Detecting livelihood in a distributed cluster
  2408. 94%In praise of depth – Pravesh
  2409. 70%How I teach Python on the Raspberry Pi 400 at the public library
  2410. 99%Bee Travels: A microservices coding adventure | Red Hat Developer
  2411. 95%Spectre.Console - Welcome
  2412. 82%##linux on freenode
  2413. 99%chriskiehl/Gooey
  2414. 86%Goodbye Freenode
  2415. 84%BTC FixMan – Earn BTC for fixing python exceptions
  2416. 91%I Have No Group, and I Must Scream
  2417. 99%The memory models that underlie programming languages
  2418. 99%Introduction to Phoenix
  2419. 98%Seven Years of Factorio Friday Facts · William Spies
  2420. 98%Most developers believe blockchain technology is a game changer - Stack Overflow Blog
  2421. 99%Engineering a chess match against my brother
  2422. 98%Clean API Architecture 🔵 🟢 🔴
  2423. 99%Introducing Astro: Ship Less JavaScript
  2424. 99%Exploring .NET interactive notebooks with VS Code
  2425. 99%Clever vs Insightful Code • Hillel Wayne
  2426. 98%The humble hash aggregate
  2427. 91%.NET Ranks High in Coding Bootcamp Report -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2428. 96%How Replit used legal threats to kill my open-source project
  2429. 99%Notepad++ v8 release | Notepad++
  2430. 99%ASP.NET Core 6 to Challenge Python and Node
  2431. 84%A new future for icanhazip
  2432. 99%Searching for similar objects with Vantage Point Trees
  2433. 99%Adventures with man color
  2434. 99%Abstract Syntax Tree for Patching Code and Assessing Code Quality
  2435. 99%Minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core 6.0
  2436. 97%Remote Controlling a Nintendo Switch for Fun and Profit
  2437. 99%Toughts on testing an untested software · YKarroum
  2438. 96%CDK for Terraform Adds Go Support and Improves Asset Construction
  2439. 99%Stanford CS Curriculum - Google Drive
  2440. 87%An Unbelievable Demo
  2441. 90%IntelliCode Now Suggests NuGet Packages for You: 'Like Netflix Recommendations' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2442. 99%Application Development with Scott Hanselman & Friends | KEY11D
  2443. 99%Opinionated by Default, Programmable by Design
  2444. 99%Logging is important
  2445. 98%Magic Terminal over Web Sockets and SignalR - DZone Cloud
  2446. 99%Generating Synthetic Data Using a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) with PyTorch -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2447. 97%From Competitive Programming to APL - CoRecursive Podcast
  2448. 99%NixOS - NixOS 21.05 manual
  2449. 99%Visual Studio Toolbox Live - What's New in Visual Studio 16.10?
  2450. 99%Best Practices Around Production Ready Web Apps with Docker Compose
  2451. 96%How I Launched my Product on Reddit to get 1,500 Sign-ups and 300,000 Page-views
  2452. 99%The dream of end-to-end typesafety
  2453. 96%Measuring potential complexity in popular Open Source projects
  2454. 90%Release OBS Studio 27.0 · obsproject/obs-studio
  2455. 99%Visual Studio Toolbox Live - Debug & Analyze Dump Files in Visual Studio
  2456. 99%Application Development with Scott Hanselman & Friends | KEY11D
  2457. 97%Why I'm Betting on Svelte JS
  2458. 96%Create Deepfakes in 5 Minutes with First Order Model Method
  2459. 96%r/ExperiencedDevs - Drunk Post: Things I've learned as a Sr Engineer
  2460. 97%Drunk Post: Things I've learned as a Sr Engineer
  2461. 87%Learn X in Y Minutes: Scenic Programming Language Tours
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  2465. 99%On the proper care and feeding of the default_overload Windows Runtime attribute | The Old New Thing
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  2816. 99%Docker, Django, Traefik, and IntercoolerJS is My Go-To Stack for Building a SaaS in 2021
  2817. 97%TWC9: Windows Terminal 1.6 Preview, Python in VS Code, Pulumi, and more!
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  2832. 99%How null checks have changed in C#
  2833. 97%Aggregate (Root) Design: Separate Behavior & Data for Persistence
  2834. 99%How to build a personal finance app using Azure
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  2837. 99%Multi-Class Classification Using PyTorch: Model Accuracy -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  2839. 84%Gerrymandering simulation shows how much it can affect representation
  2840. 98%Fast indoor 2D localization using ceiling lights
  2841. 97%Changelog - pip documentation v21.0
  2842. 97%Simulation is easy, probability is hard...
  2843. 99%.NET GC Internals - 01. Introduction
  2844. 99%Pulumi vs Terraform - pritchard.dev
  2845. 94%Python in VS Code Adds Data Viewer for Debugging -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2846. 86%Explore the art world by using RESTful APIs - Learn
  2847. 99%Coding with C# and .NET: JSON Deserialisation
  2848. 99%Write Stable Code using Coupling Metrics
  2849. 97%The State of State Machines
  2850. 94%novelWriter
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  2852. 98%Better moving quantile estimations using the partitioning heaps
  2853. 99%Introducing Textrude - using Scriban to generate code from data
  2854. 98%The worrying trend of game technology centralization
  2855. 97%Julia Update: Adoption Keeps Climbing; Is It a Python Challenger?
  2856. 99%4 C# features that you (probably) shouldn't be using
  2857. 98%bladeRF-wiphy - Nuand
  2858. 97%5 Tips To Hack Your .NET Builds - CodeWithStu
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  2862. 98%100+ Free Programming Books (Updated 2021 List)
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  2865. 99%danso - happy-space: a whitespace-sensitive calculator
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  2867. 96%Machine Learning: The Great Stagnation
  2868. 99%State of JavaScript 2020 Survey Results - My Reactions
  2869. 98%Data science as an atomic habit | Malcolm Barrett
  2870. 97%Startup that broke me
  2871. 98%Downloading and analyzing the source code of all available Chrome Extensions
  2872. 99%JavaScript Complete Course - Array Filter - Part 41
  2873. 99%JavaScript Complete Course - Array Some & Every - Part 42
  2874. 99%JavaScript Complete Course - Date Comparison - Part 46
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  2876. 98%Rebuilding the most popular spellchecker. Part 1
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  2879. 95%Stealing Your Private YouTube Videos, One Frame at a Time
  2880. 96%OpenAI's DALL-E Can Create Images From Just Text Description
  2881. 97%Haskell is a Bad Programming Language
  2882. 95%Scipy Lecture Notes — Scipy lecture notes
  2883. 99%Hacking QR code design
  2884. 98%Thonny, Python IDE for beginners
  2885. 94%#Net5 – C#9 “records”, “with” and “this”, a super cool mix 🆒🆒🆒
  2886. 97%Azure Automation Runbooks moving to GitHub
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  2902. 99%Stop writing shell scripts
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  3454. 99%Your statement is 100% correct but misses the entire point
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  3471. 98%10 Most(ly dead) Influential Programming Languages • Hillel Wayne
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  3634. 98%Current Status
  3635. 95%Statistics Question
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  3640. 87%Comments on HK17
  3641. 96%The Datasaurus Dozen - Same Stats, Different Graphs | Autodesk Research
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  3654. 98%(Spread)sheet Music: Live Jam using a Spreadsheet Program as a Sequencer
  3655. 88%Return of the Obra Dinn [Releasing Oct 18]
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