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Posts for 'python'

  1. Half a million lines of Go
  2. Password Storage - OWASP Cheat Sheet Series
  3. We want to make the language twice as fast, says its creator – TecTalk
  4. Microsoft Previews Azure SDK for Python (Conda) Packaging System -- Visual Studio Magazine
  5. Zulip 4.0: Threaded open source team chat
  6. Cross-browser tracking vulnerablity in Tor, Safari, Chrome and Firefox - FingerprintJS
  7. Software Drag Racing: Threadripper vs Ryzen 5950X
  8. Big list of http static server one-liners
  9. Developer Portal
  10. eduard-permyakov/permafrost-engine
  11. IBM compiles dataset to teach software how software is made: 14m code samples, half of which actually work
  12. Send My: Arbitrary data transmission via Apple's Find My network | Positive Security
  13. Testing software so it's reliable enough for space - Stack Overflow Blog
  14. The machine learning life cycle, Part 1: Methods for understanding data - Red Hat Developer
  15. Pylance Now Default Language Server for Python in Visual Studio Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  16. The Lobster Programming Language — Wouter van Oortmerssen
  17. Building a space-based ISP - Stack Overflow Blog
  18. Inliner: Pull blocks of code into a single file
  19. Ian Bebbington - State-Of-The-Art Natural Language Processing in .NET on the Edge
  20. Microsoft Announces Preview Service for Building Real-Time Web Applications Called Azure Web PubSub
  21. Linux Foundation starts AgStack, world's first open-source agtech initiative
  22. PYFL: Putting the fun back in functional programming
  23. Apple Silicon Hardware Secrets: SPRR and Guarded Exception Levels (GXF)
  24. C# Language Highlights: Default Interface Methods
  25. Generating Synthetic Data Using a Variational Autoencoder with PyTorch -- Visual Studio Magazine
  26. Mukosame/Anime2Sketch
  27. Searching the web for < $1000 / month | Search more with less
  28. Gleam v0.15 released! – Gleam
  29. Monitoring Django applications
  30. Pyston v2.2: faster and open source
  31. C# Rises in Job Candidate Sought-After Tech Report -- Visual Studio Magazine
  32. Senior Software Engineer in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  33. Ascript
  34. How to host a website on the dark web
  35. Why simplicity? Choosing a web architecture
  36. Entity Framework Community Standup - Triggers for EF Core
  37. ClearURLs/Addon
  38. Migrating From Python to Kotlin for Our Backend Services
  39. facebookincubator/cinder
  40. What I Learned From 2 Years At A Digital Agency - Jeremy Shaw Blog
  41. Rust Language Gains Traction in .NET Community -- Visual Studio Magazine
  42. Testing SQL
  43. AirDrop Anywhere - Part 1 - Introduction
  44. The .NET Docs Show - Using .NET to build an e-ink dashboard for home automation
  45. Tests Are Not Specifications ‒ paedubucher.ch
  46. My modern SaaS software stack
  47. I put all of my comics online!
  48. How I Made an Album Without Knowing Anything About Music
  49. supabase/realtime
  50. Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  51. Rust programming language: We want to take it into the mainstream, says Facebook
  52. The Fourier transform is a neural network
  53. Easily build real-time apps with WebSockets and Azure Web PubSub—now in preview
  54. r/dotnet - Why does everything have to use interface?
  55. How software gets color wrong
  56. My First Month as a Solo Founder
  57. Machine Learning Community Standup - .NET Notebooks & .NET Interactive
  58. BEYOND Status Codes! Better REST HTTP API Error Responses
  59. OCaml for the Masses - ACM Queue
  60. codefinger - blog
  61. The .NET Docs Show - Optimizing .NET Linux containers the right way!
  62. Running Lisp in Production
  63. The .NET Docs Show - Versioning REST APIs
  64. ehendrix23/tesla_dashcam
  65. .NET News Roundup - Week of April 19th, 2021
  66. A new way to make maps with OpenStreetMap | Protomaps
  67. OCamlPro/drom
  68. Use Google like a pro
  69. Azure SDK Gets Communications Services Libraries, Based on Teams Tech -- Visual Studio Magazine
  70. My New Setup - Road to the Valhalla
  71. On .NET Live - .NET Interactive: Data Science
  72. Deepnote - Data science notebook for teams
  73. Languages & Runtime Community Standup - C# Standardization
  74. C++ coroutines: Cold-start coroutines | The Old New Thing
  75. .NET GC Internals - 10. Q&A
  76. Announcing Pulumi 3.0
  77. VS Code Python Tooling Gets 'Most Requested' Feature: Poetry Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  78. Why we still use Oracle DB
  79. Coveralls in a monorepo
  80. Thoughts And Projects For The Future
  81. Rust and cryptographic code | Bulletproof TLS Newsletter
  82. How often do people actually copy and paste from Stack Overflow? Now we know. - Stack Overflow Blog
  83. Hire me and pay what you want, just give me interesting work.
  84. scottbez1/splitflap
  85. Basic Music Theory in ~200 Lines of Python | Manohar Vanga
  86. Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanner Checkov Adds Context Aware Assessments
  87. The unsafe CLIP image search
  88. Containers at the edge: it’s not what you think, or maybe it is
  89. Data Viewer Enhancements Lead VS Code April Jupyter Update -- Visual Studio Magazine
  90. What you need to learn to become a DevOps · Nicolas Paris
  91. Introducing Acorn, a precision farming rover from Twisted Fields - Research Blog - Twisted Fields community
  92. Java is criminally underhyped
  93. ReSharper/Rider 2021.1 Release Party 🥳
  94. IMPORTANT: PEP 563, PEP 649 and the future of pydantic · Issue #2678 · samuelcolvin/pydantic
  95. Why Rust strings seem hard
  96. Why is Python popular despite being accused of being slow?
  97. Azure SDK Release (April 2021) | Azure SDK Blog
  98. It’s 2021 and I don’t know Flexbox
  99. Why do I find Ruby sexy?
  100. GitHub Quick Reviews
  101. mozilla/TTS
  102. Learn by reading code: Python standard library design decisions explained (for advanced beginners)
  103. How to (finally) find a productivity system that works for you
  104. Gregory Szorc's Digital Home | Rust is for Professionals
  105. Logica: organizing your data queries, making them universally reusable and fun
  106. Security Control: Implement security best practices
  107. Introducing 1Password Secrets Automation | 1Password
  108. Writing sustainable software for real-time human behaviour experiments - Jack Brookes
  109. A build tool for the rest of us
  110. PostgreSQL EXPLAIN ANALYZE for Web Developers [Indexes]
  111. Tools that I want
  112. Autoencoder Anomaly Detection Using PyTorch -- Visual Studio Magazine
  113. Dave Sullivan: IT Consulting
  114. EditorConfig
  115. On Side Projects · @radekmie’s take on IT and stuff
  116. Three Stories about The ‘Best’ Tool
  117. Bypass ISP’s UDP Proxy
  118. Using PyTorch + NumPy? You're making a mistake.
  119. The Cursed Computer Iceberg Meme
  120. DualCoder/vgpu_unlock
  121. Getting things done with shell scripting
  122. Why I run barechested at -3°C.
  123. microsoft-sponsorships/microsoft-foss-fund
  124. Nix is the ultimate DevOps toolkit
  125. How To Use Htmx In Django · Matt Layman
  126. Using My Python Skills To Punish Credit Card Scammers
  127. How to make an awesome Python package in 2021
  128. Make tests a part of your app
  129. Gregory Szorc's Digital Home | Surprisingly Slow
  130. Elastic tabstops - a better way to indent and align code
  131. Django 3.2 released | Weblog
  132. My new AC has built-in Wi-Fi and that brings dilemma into my home automation hacking
  133. How to bypass CloudFlare bot protection ?
  134. Azure Functions and SignalR with Anthony Chu | Web Wednesday
  135. M1 vs ThreadRipper vs Pi: Software Drag Racing
  136. Windows 95 — How Does it Look Today?
  137. Episode 73 - C# and .NET for Beginners with Vijesh Salian
  138. isEven API
  139. shortest path, faster | kipply's Blog
  140. How To: Create a Streaming Data Loader for PyTorch -- Visual Studio Magazine
  141. Reverse Engineering A Mysterious UDP Stream in My Hotel - Gokberk Yaltirakli
  142. s-macke/VoxelSpace
  143. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity
  144. Publish Unit Test Results - GitHub Marketplace
  145. A command-line grammar of graphics
  146. Recovering a full PEM Private Key when half of it is redacted
  147. gruns/icecream
  148. Hello, HPy
  149. How much can a Clojure developer do alone?
  150. Building a phone book: Part II
  151. The Rising Value of Big Data in Application Monitoring
  152. lucidrains/deep-daze
  153. Up For Grabs
  154. Writing Documentation
  155. Intro to Graphics 08 - WebGL
  156. How to Multitask with FreeRTOS (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  157. JavaScript Automated Testing with Jest - The What, Why, and How with Alba Silvente
  158. Software Drag Racing: C++ vs C# vs Python - Which Will Win?
  159. Intro to Graphics 07 - GPU Pipeline
  160. Do Microsoft Devs Secretly Use Linux?
  161. Keep WiFi Connection Alive with FreeRTOS Task (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  162. It doesn't work | Frank DENIS random thoughts.
  163. GitHub Quick Reviews
  164. Building a full-text search engine in 150 lines of Python code · Bart de Goede
  165. SQLite is not a toy database
  166. A solution to dependency hell: static binaries by default
  167. The worst so-called “best practice” for Docker
  168. The Python Package Index is now a GitHub secret scanning integrator - GitHub Changelog
  169. Smarter Single Page Application with a REST API
  170. My Developer Origin Story
  171. Notes on some PostgreSQL implementation details
  172. GitHub Quick Reviews
  173. denji/awesome-http-benchmark
  174. Load Testing and Benchmarking With siege vs wrk
  175. Applied Cryptology - 1.1: Historical Ciphers
  176. The S in IOT is for Security – Purism
  177. .NET News Roundup - Week of Mar 15th, 2021
  178. EleutherAI/gpt-neo
  179. Overv/outrun
  180. RCE in Google Cloud Deployment Manager
  181. Python in VS Code Improves Jedi Language Server Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  182. You might not need centralized continuous integration
  183. Y Combinator - Top 50 Software Startups
  184. Python in Visual Studio Code – March 2021 Release | Python
  185. eyal0/Chicken-story
  186. DigitalHealth Class
  187. Why bother with Scripting?
  188. Performance comparison: counting words in Python, Go, C++, C, AWK, Forth, and Rust
  189. Show Recursion Show
  190. harporoeder/ebpfsnitch
  191. Why are tar.xz files 15x smaller when using Python's tar library compared to macOS tar?
  192. I wrote one of the fastest DataFrame libraries - Ritchie Vink
  193. Reprojecting the Perseverance landing footage onto satellite imagery
  194. Preemptive Pluralization is (Probably) Not Evil ∊ swyx.io
  195. JRuby and Sorbet
  196. Interpolating the internet
  197. Fast optimization of classification thresholds
  198. Neural Regression Using PyTorch: Model Accuracy -- Visual Studio Magazine
  199. Julia Computing Receives DARPA Award to Accelerate Electronics Simulation by 1,000x
  200. Partydonk/partydonk
  201. Why we are so excited about Durable Functions for Python
  202. Web Wednesday
  203. Search Jobs - Google Careers
  204. GitHub Quick Reviews
  205. Debian running on Rust coreutils
  206. artperrin/image2csv
  207. Is a REST API with CQRS Possible?
  208. Compressing data with Parquet
  209. Easily nuke secrets from your Git history
  210. Excel Never Dies
  211. kootenpv/whereami
  212. Finding Mona Lisa in the Game of Life
  213. OpenTelemetry Specification Reaches 1.0 with Stability Guarantees and new Release Candidates
  214. How we used AI to Create Complete Band’s Visual Identity
  215. Release PyTorch 1.8 Release, including Compiler and Distributed Training updates, New Mobile Tutorials and more · pytorch/pytorch
  216. Atlas: Our journey from a Python monolith to a managed platform
  217. The Missing Piece for Self-Taught Developers | Mike Tobias
  218. Conntrack turns a blind eye to dropped SYNs
  219. Neural Regression Using PyTorch: Training -- Visual Studio Magazine
  220. How much memory does a Linux system waste?
  221. From Zero to Blinky in Ada
  222. Exciting New Features in Django 3.2
  223. Deno - A secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript
  224. Semantic Versioning Will Not Save You
  225. Watchy: The Hackable $50 Smartwatch - IEEE Spectrum
  226. Deno - A secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript
  227. Why Was Google Telling People to Throw Car Batteries Into the Ocean?
  228. Release fish 3.2.0 (released March 1, 2021) · fish-shell/fish-shell
  229. Video Game Programming From Scratch with Casey Muratori - CoRecursive Podcast
  230. mrcal: principled camera calibrations
  231. Actually Portable Executables · Blog Needs a Name
  232. Camera Response Function
  233. W3C’s Excessive DTD Traffic | W3C Systems Team’s Blog
  234. Azure .NET SDK: Q&A With Jeffrey Richter
  235. #Net6 – Single file apps improved for Windows and Mac !
  236. Being a workplace crusader - Articles
  237. Leaving Comments on My Own Pull Requests
  238. How to create social media posts from long form content using Python
  239. Creating serendipity with Python
  240. DidierRLopes/GamestonkTerminal
  241. Modules, monoliths, and microservices
  242. Decomposing CRUD to a Task Based UI
  243. Introducing CodeCarbon, an open source tool to help track the CO2 emissions of your research
  244. The Pretty JSON Revolution
  245. Raising $20M from A16Z
  246. What's Top-Paying .NET Skill, In-Demand Language? -- Visual Studio Magazine
  247. Immediate-Mode-UI/Nuklear
  248. Go is not an easy language
  249. Dodging pitfalls when transitioning from academia to industry
  250. Choose Boring Technology
  251. dotnet/performance
  252. Build smaller, faster, and more secure desktop applications with a web frontend | Tauri Studio
  253. 12 requests per second in Python
  254. Building a High Performance Text Editor
  255. Using Apache Kafka with .NET - Simple Talk
  256. lochsh
  257. Regex basics
  258. VS Code Improves ML Model Training with Python -- Visual Studio Magazine
  259. The refactoring test (1) | Cracking the .NET interview
  260. elixir-nx/nx
  261. Hello, bot! Conversational AI on Microsoft Platform
  262. Machine Learning Community Standup - Jupyter Notebooks & .NET Interactive
  263. Cleanup Transitive Dependencies in .NET with Snitch- CodeWithStu
  264. CTO day 4: Team building with "I dare you" challenge
  265. Machine Learning Community Standup - Deep Dive into ML.NET APIs
  266. Remote Heart Rate Detection using Webcam and 50 Lines of Code
  267. Raspberry Pi Officially Embraces Visual Studio Code, Telemetry and All -- Visual Studio Magazine
  268. Arranging Invisible Icons in Quadratic Time
  269. Getting started with Behavior Driven Development (BDD) in .NET using SpecFlow
  270. A first-person engine in 265 lines
  271. Australia's 10 most dangerous snakes
  272. Why is Python Popular?
  273. rand-net/khan-dl
  274. Karan Sharma | Running Nomad for home server
  275. Azure Functions Updates Include Moving .NET Outside the Runtime
  276. Welcoming Google as a Visionary Sponsor of the PSF
  277. SVG: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly | Eisfunke
  278. tensorflow/swift
  279. SerenityOS - Writing a full chain exploit
  280. .NET Rocks! vNext
  281. IronPython: First steps - Simple Talk
  282. Introducing Abbot, a powerful ChatOps tool for collaborative work
  283. Podman
  284. Why I Built Litestream
  285. Neural Regression Using PyTorch: Defining a Network -- Visual Studio Magazine
  286. satwikkansal/wtfpython
  287. Add Simple Distributed Tracing in .NET Libraries - CodeWithStu
  288. .NET Rocks! vNext
  289. DNS exfiltration of data: step-by-step simple guide
  290. GitHub Quick Reviews
  291. Web Scraping 101 with Python
  292. Stack Overflow Users Rejoice as Pattern Matching is Added to Python 3.10 - Stephen Brennan
  293. Dependency Confusion: How I Hacked Into Apple, Microsoft and Dozens of Other Companies
  294. Pattern matching accepted for Python
  295. From First Principles: Why Scala?
  296. #034 José Valim reveals Project Nx - Thinking Elixir
  297. GitHub Quick Reviews
  298. No. 2 Data Science IDE? VS Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  299. Hey now, you’re an all-star
  300. State of the Common Lisp ecosystem, 2020 🎉 - Lisp journey
  301. Improving HTTP with structured header fields
  302. I built an internet performance analytics tool isplogger.com
  303. Can Machines Think?
  304. I followed my dreams to get demoted to software developer - Stack Overflow Blog
  305. Microsoft Boosts Java in Azure Spring Cloud, VS Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  306. How To Combine Low Code With AI For Your Business?
  307. Machine Learning Community Standup - Statistics & ML with FSharp.Stats
  308. Turn Hacker News into an RSS feed
  309. AI OpenCV Dolly Zoom Camera
  310. Home — Spyder IDE
  311. How to automatically set up a development machine with Ansible
  312. VS Code Dev Team Eyes Long-Requested Testing Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  313. Bidirectional Streaming | gRPC in .NET 5
  314. How hackers are finding creative ways to steal gift cards using artificial intelligence.
  315. Safia Abdalla · The ReadME Project
  316. I Finally Started Getting Programming
  317. AWS Architecture Design Walkthrough - Global Lifts Scenario - CodeWithStu
  318. Event Sourcing Example & Explained in plain English
  319. Client Streaming | gRPC in .NET 5
  320. Neural Regression Classification Using PyTorch: Preparing Data -- Visual Studio Magazine
  321. Azure SDK to Add More Languages, Including Go -- Visual Studio Magazine
  322. Coaching sessions: here’s what I talk about with junior developers
  323. Changelog - pip documentation v21.0.1
  324. Scraping, analyzing and generating companies, founders and job postings from YC's Work at a Startup
  325. FastAPI
  326. The Unexpected Find That Freed 20GB of Unused Index Space
  327. How to structure a .NET Solution (project separation & architecture)
  328. Building Better NuGet Packages - CodeWithStu
  329. Why I still Lisp (and you should too!)
  330. Game Jam Lessons Learned
  331. Docker, Django, Traefik, and IntercoolerJS is My Go-To Stack for Building a SaaS in 2021
  332. TWC9: Windows Terminal 1.6 Preview, Python in VS Code, Pulumi, and more!
  333. C# 9.0: Top Level Programs
  334. Neural Networks Explained from Scratch using Python
  335. Server Streaming | gRPC in .NET 5
  336. Baking with machine learning
  337. PyO3/pyo3
  338. Learn to Code with Infrastructure as Code
  339. Enriching Excel with higher-order functional programming
  340. GitHub Quick Reviews
  341. .NET GC Internals - 03. Concurrent Mark phase
  342. OO in Python is mostly pointless
  343. What to consider when choosing a new tech stack | Fotis Alexandrou - Software Engineer
  344. Learn TV
  345. Microsoft's New Programming Language for Excel Now Turing Complete -- Visual Studio Magazine
  346. Blazor WebAssembly - Migrating from 3.1 to .NET 5 - EP16
  347. How null checks have changed in C#
  348. Aggregate (Root) Design: Separate Behavior & Data for Persistence
  349. How to build a personal finance app using Azure
  350. GitHub Quick Reviews
  351. Stateless Workers in Microsoft Orleans - CodeWithStu
  352. Coding with C# and .NET: JSON Deserialisation
  353. Multi-Class Classification Using PyTorch: Model Accuracy -- Visual Studio Magazine
  354. Replacing Dropbox in favor of DigitalOcean spaces
  355. Streamlining package versioning with MinVer
  356. Gerrymandering simulation shows how much it can affect representation
  357. Fast indoor 2D localization using ceiling lights
  358. Changelog - pip documentation v21.0
  359. Simulation is easy, probability is hard...
  360. .NET GC Internals - 01. Introduction
  361. Pulumi vs Terraform - pritchard.dev
  362. GitHub Ships Enterprise Server 3.0 Release Candidate -- Visual Studio Magazine
  363. Python in VS Code Adds Data Viewer for Debugging -- Visual Studio Magazine
  364. Explore the art world by using RESTful APIs - Learn
  365. Coding with C# and .NET: JSON Deserialisation
  366. Coding with C# and .NET: JSON Deserialisation
  367. Write Stable Code using Coupling Metrics
  368. The State of State Machines
  369. novelWriter
  370. GitHub Quick Reviews
  371. Better moving quantile estimations using the partitioning heaps
  372. Introducing Textrude - using Scriban to generate code from data
  373. The worrying trend of game technology centralization
  374. Julia Update: Adoption Keeps Climbing; Is It a Python Challenger?
  375. 4 C# features that you (probably) shouldn't be using
  376. bladeRF-wiphy - Nuand
  377. 5 Tips To Hack Your .NET Builds - CodeWithStu
  378. Rust is a hard way to make a web API - macwright.com
  379. new codebase, who dis? (How to Join a Team and Learn a Codebase)
  380. Why can't I write code inside my browser?
  381. 100+ Free Programming Books (Updated 2021 List)
  382. GitHub Quick Reviews
  383. Looking back on Software Development in 2020 and forward to 2021
  384. danso - happy-space: a whitespace-sensitive calculator
  385. On .NET Live - Cross Platform .NET Development with OmniSharp
  386. Machine Learning: The Great Stagnation
  387. State of JavaScript 2020 Survey Results - My Reactions
  388. Data science as an atomic habit | Malcolm Barrett
  389. Startup that broke me
  390. Downloading and analyzing the source code of all available Chrome Extensions
  391. JavaScript Complete Course - Date Objects - Part 45
  392. JavaScript Complete Course - Array Reduce - Part 43
  393. JavaScript Complete Course - Array Filter - Part 41
  394. JavaScript Complete Course - Array Some & Every - Part 42
  395. JavaScript Complete Course - Date Comparison - Part 46
  396. Unique Ways AI Can Help Recruitment Procedures
  397. Rebuilding the most popular spellchecker. Part 1
  398. Entire Computer Science Curriculum in 1000 YouTube Videos | Laconicml
  399. Why Haskell is our first choice for building production software systems – Foxhound Systems
  400. Stealing Your Private YouTube Videos, One Frame at a Time
  401. OpenAI's DALL-E Can Create Images From Just Text Description
  402. Haskell is a Bad Programming Language
  403. Scipy Lecture Notes — Scipy lecture notes
  404. Hacking QR code design
  405. Thonny, Python IDE for beginners
  406. #Net5 – C#9 “records”, “with” and “this”, a super cool mix 🆒🆒🆒
  407. Azure Automation Runbooks moving to GitHub
  408. JavaScript Complete Course - Array Concat, Reverse & IndexOf - Part 37
  409. JavaScript Complete Course - Array Iterations - Part 34
  410. Simulating the PIN cracking scene in Terminator 2
  411. Wasmer 1.0
  412. Case study: Accuracy of the MAD estimation using the Harrell-Davis quantile estimator (Gumbel distribution)
  413. Designing Engineering Organizations - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  414. JavaScript Complete Course - Objects - Part 29
  415. JavaScript Complete Course - Creating Classes - Part 27
  416. Adam Honse / OpenRGB
  417. Multi-Class Classification Using PyTorch: Training -- Visual Studio Magazine
  418. On repl-driven programming - by mikel evins
  419. Machine Learning with ML.NET - Introduction
  420. Zig in 30 minutes
  421. I don't let design and UX get in the way of shipping early and often
  422. Stop writing shell scripts
  423. I lost my page | Managing your terraform across multiple environments
  424. A perceptual color space for image processing
  425. Probabilistic Machine Learning: An Introduction
  426. Reverse Engineering Source Code of the Biontech Pfizer Vaccine: Part 2 - Articles
  427. Mac meets Arm64
  428. LibrePhotos/librephotos
  429. Ditching Excel for Python - Lessons Learned from a Legacy Industry - Amy Peniston
  430. Colin Stebbins Gordon
  431. Unlocking My Air Data Through API Analysis
  432. NumPy Illustrated: The Visual Guide to Numpy
  433. Fast Inverse Square Root — A Quake III Algorithm
  434. igbit/micro-displays
  435. Reilly Tucker Siemens
  436. Experimenting On My Hearing Loss
  437. AI Unlocks all trophies in ZigZag using Python and OpenCV.
  438. Snake eats croc: Photos, Video
  439. Systems design explains the world: volume 1
  440. Web Authentication Methods Compared
  441. 21 Super Fun and Cool Python Projects for Beginners - TechyEverything
  442. Making an OS - Update, Resources, Future of the Series
  443. Some Differences between macOS and Common Unix Systems
  444. Ruby 3.0.0 Released
  445. MS Dev Show
  446. A 12.48 inch (1304x984) three-color e-paper display by Waveshare
  447. Unconscious Algorithms
  448. Comic Mono
  449. Testing your code is not optional. | Fotis Alexandrou - Software Engineer
  450. Building My Own Chess Engine
  451. Ruby 3.0.0 RC1 Released
  452. Nicolás Siplis
  453. 2020’s Top 15 Machine Learning & AI Research Papers
  454. More challenging projects every programmer should try
  455. HitchDev
  456. Andrew Cooke: C[omp]ute
  457. tuhdo/tuhdo.github.io
  458. Countdown to 2021
  459. Cryptography Dispatches: Re-Deriving the edwards25519 Decoding Formulas
  460. Catch up with 2020’s .NET community webinars – .NET Tools Blog | JetBrains
  461. A quirk in the SUNBURST DGA algorithm
  462. The Shape of 1.7M Lines of Code · Stefan-Marr.de
  463. Image sharing. No bullshit.
  464. Setup and use CUDA and TensorFlow in Windows Subsystem for Linux 2
  465. jwasham/coding-interview-university
  466. An Old New Adventure
  467. What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Tensor Computation Libraries
  468. To the brain, reading computer code is not the same as reading language
  469. Python in Visual Studio Code – December 2020 Release | Python
  470. Multi-Class Classification Using PyTorch: Defining a Network -- Visual Studio Magazine
  471. AWS CloudShell – Command-Line Access to AWS Resources | Amazon Web Services
  472. Dynamic Class Creation in C# - Preserving Type Safety in C# with Roslyn
  473. Looking for more debugger
  474. SPACE JAM: A NEW LEGACY Learn Lessons Overview
  475. Apple's M1 Chip Benchmarks focused on the real-world programming
  476. 8 Best Instagrammers For AI Enthusiasts
  477. Announcing the general availability of Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub
  478. These Modern Programming Languages Will Make You Suffer
  479. Notes on Learning Languages
  480. Fast AF Fourier Transform (FafFT) | Conrad Ludgate
  481. Getting Started | How to Make an OS: 1
  482. Part One – Alaa Abdulridha
  483. Real World String Validation in JavaScript - Scrimba 24 Days of #JavaScriptmas Challenge
  484. Python behind the scenes #6: how Python object system works
  485. Thoughts on CentOS Stream
  486. Tip 298 - How to run C# notebooks with Azure Cosmos DB
  487. Exhaustiveness Checking with Mypy
  488. Event Choreography & Orchestration (with NServiceBus)
  489. WerWolv/ImHex
  490. New in .NET 5 - Top-level Statements | C# Tutorials Blog
  491. The Beginner's Series to Blockchain
  492. GitHub repositories to improve your programming skills
  493. How I accidentally built an API business
  494. Python for Data Science - NumPy & Pandas Cheatsheet
  495. benwilber/boltstream
  496. beurtschipper/Depix
  497. Advent of Code 2020
  498. Remapping Keys with XKB and KLFC
  499. In defense of blub studies
  500. Multi-Class Classification Using PyTorch: Preparing Data -- Visual Studio Magazine
  501. The case for Elixir
  502. "I've had to relearn coding to get through the new interviews"
  503. A Spellchecker Used to Be a Major Feat of Software Engineering
  504. jeweg/hovatrace
  505. Fibratus
  506. New for AWS Lambda – Container Image Support | Amazon Web Services
  507. Seasons of Serverless Challenge 1: Azure Functions and Azure SQL Database serverless
  508. The Cryptopals Crypto Challenges
  509. Deep Learning with GPU Acceleration - Simple Talk
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  994. Your statement is 100% correct but misses the entire point
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