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Posts for 'nodejs'

  1. Node-RED
  2. Choosing a cache
  3. 0x8 — Appreciating the utility of DNS based load-balancing for Globally available Web Apps
  4. Creating a search engine for websites using Elasticsearch and Playwright - Gérald Barré
  5. How To Create a React Audio Library
  6. Vector Packet Processing, and When to Use It
  7. Getting Into Tech and Teaching with Vonta
  8. Improving your ASP.NET Core site's file handling capabilities – part 1 – Introduction
  9. GitHub - mastodon/mastodon: Your self-hosted, globally interconnected microblogging community
  10. Hot Reload removed from dotnet watch - Why? · Issue #22247 · dotnet/sdk
  11. A Tour Through the OWASP Top 10
  12. Why Nano
  13. vscode.dev Visual Studio Code for the Web
  14. vscode.dev Visual Studio Code for the Web
  15. Backwards-compatibility in Cloudflare Workers
  16. Was Google Earth Stolen?
  17. Adding User Profiles to Static Web Apps
  18. What every software engineer should know about search
  19. JSON Web Token (JWT) Implementation Using Node.js
  20. Structured data, SEO and React | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  21. Vimarsh Shah - The best way to self host
  22. Serialization-Based Undo
  23. It's time for the Permanent Web
  24. Implementing Hash Tables in C
  25. vite build
  26. David Dahan
  27. OpenBSD 7.0
  28. Generating Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) with SPDX at Microsoft
  29. SkiaSharp.Views.Blazor 2.88.0-preview.150
  30. Making a Game in Janet, Part 3: The problem with macros
  31. Intelligent brute forcing
  32. Generating a multi-language blog based in Markdown
  33. GTFOBins
  34. Case Study: Using Visual Studio Profiler to reduce memory allocations in the Windows Terminal console host startup path
  35. How Livewire works (a deep dive)
  36. Easy Way to Create CLI Scripts with JavaScript and Node
  37. How to Create a Web API with .NET 6 Minimal APIs
  38. Memcached vs Redis - More Different Than You Would Expect
  39. GitHub - localstack/localstack: 💻 A fully functional local AWS cloud stack. Develop and test your cloud & Serverless apps offline!
  40. 101 Smart Contracts and Decentralized Apps in Ethereum
  41. What is SSH Tunneling, SSH Reverse Tunneling and SSH Port Forwarding?
  42. Web3 Architecture and How It Compares to Traditional Web Apps - The New Stack
  43. cito/ci.md at master · pfusik/cito
  44. Chasing a Dream is Hard!
  45. Reading from the web offline and distraction-free
  46. Episode 397 - Capacity Reservation
  47. How I approach my core work
  48. Linearizability
  49. The Single-Page-App Morality Play
  50. Tip 336 - How to store unstructured data in Azure Cosmos DB with Azure Functions
  51. How I built a modern website in 2021
  52. Rowy – GCP as easy as ABC
  53. YikesScript - John's internet house
  54. Announcing TypeScript 4.5 Beta
  55. The State Of Web Scraping in 2021
  56. Read only, frozen, and immutable collections
  57. What's up with tree shaking? • Ted Piotrowski
  58. Denigma is an AI that explains code in conversational English
  59. Vulnerabilities show fragility of STARTTLS | Bulletproof TLS Newsletter
  60. Secrets I use to becoming a better developer working remotely 2021 edition
  61. Azure Functions 4.0 Preview Out with Support for .NET 6 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  62. Microsoft Announces Azure Functions 4.0 with .NET 6 Support in Preview
  63. Announcing The Cloudflare Distributed Web Gateways Private Beta: Unlocking the Web3 Metaverse and Decentralized Finance for Everyone
  64. .NET Foundation Project Spotlight - .NET nanoFramework
  65. Practical frontend philosophy - jaredgorski.org
  66. DigitalOcean App Platform + Auto-Scaling
  67. The Power of Native - The Blinking Caret
  68. How to visualize decision tree
  69. ReSharper 2021.3 Starts Early Access Program! | The .NET Tools Blog
  70. no-one-left-behind
  71. Memory Management in RonDB
  72. [Last Week in .NET #61] – We named the dog Patches
  73. What will programming look like in 2020?
  74. How to Train Really Large Models on Many GPUs?
  75. Maybe the Spaghetti Code Conjecture is False
  76. Stamping Out Overflow Checks in Ruby
  77. JSFuck - Write any JavaScript with 6 Characters: []()!+
  78. What Color is Your Function? – journal.stuffwithstuff.com
  79. New tool: an nginx playground
  80. Blazor JavaScript Interop Batching | Awaiting Bits
  81. Bangle.js 2: The Open Smart Watch
  82. Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  83. Announcing npm’s new access token format
  84. GitHub Advisory Database now supports Rust
  85. Optimizely Gridview Customizations
  86. Do you know the GitHub Advisory Database?
  87. Structural pattern matching in Python 3.10
  88. ASP.NET Core 6: Streaming JSON responses with IAsyncEnumerable<T>, example with Angular
  89. N O D E
  90. Using the platform
  91. 5 RCEs in npm for $15,000
  92. How to Contribute a Change to Nginx
  93. Migrate to ASP.NET Core MVC from ASP.NET Framework MVC
  94. GitHub - juanfont/headscale: An open source, self-hosted implementation of the Tailscale control server
  95. Ditch your version manager
  96. r/dotnet - How many full-time devs does it take to keep developing dotnet?
  97. How JSX (React) Works Under the Hood
  98. Episode 394 - Quantum Update
  99. Extending .NET Minimal APIs with Swagger, Authentication & Validation
  100. GitHub - github/paste-markdown: Paste spreadsheet cells as a Markdown table.
  101. Does your Figma Plugin really need an UI? | Tom's dev blog
  102. The Time Travel Debugger for Web Development
  103. Discovering what’s slowing down your website with Web Analytics
  104. Server-Side Language Usage: ASP.NET Trails PHP (by a Lot!) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  105. How percentile approximation works (and why it's more useful than averages)
  106. Free Programming Books; HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Python...
  107. Static Analysis in JavaScriptCore (Part I)
  108. New Open Source ONNX Runtime Web Does Machine Learning Modeling in Browser -- Visual Studio Magazine
  109. Resource efficient Thread Pools with Zig
  110. Implementing Angular Code Flow with PKCE using node-oidc-provider
  111. How To Desktop in 2022
  112. The KDL Document Language
  113. Checkboxland
  114. Social networks
  115. GitHub - jely2002/youtube-dl-gui: A cross-platform GUI for youtube-dl made in Electron and node.js
  116. .NET customers showcase | See what devs are building
  117. Google APIs: authentication with TypeScript | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  118. Maintain it With Zig
  119. Dolphin Progress Report: August 2021
  120. Switching to the i3 window manager
  121. Infrastructure overview
  122. What Is yield and How Does It Work in C#?
  123. Building Applications With Cassandra: Experience And Gotchas
  124. GitHub - michaelkacher/k8cher: An opinionated getting started project leveraging Kubernetes, Tilt, Dapr, and SvelteKit
  125. ProtonMail logged IP address of French activist after order by Swiss authorities – TechCrunch
  126. GitHub - koenvzeijl/AspNetCore.SassCompiler: Sass Compiler Library for .NET Core 3.x/5.x without node.
  127. Visual Studio Code August 2021
  128. git/torvalds/linux.git - Linux kernel source tree
  129. Minimal API com ASP.NET Core .NET 6
  130. Visual Studio Code August 2021
  131. Running (Mostly) Minimal .NET 6 APIs in Azure Functions
  132. Diagnosing memory leaks in .NET apps
  133. Operations is not Developer IT
  134. A Complete Beginner's Guide to GraphQL
  135. GitHub - KorzhCom/EasyData: An open-source framework for quick and easy implementation of CRUD operations (both API and UI) in ASP.NET Core applications.
  136. Improving the Hacker News Ranking Algorithm
  137. GitHub - mTvare6/hello-world.rs: 🚀Memory safe, blazing fast, configurable, minimal hello world written in rust(🚀) in a few lines of code with few(1061🚀) dependencies🚀
  138. Release Notes - Safari Technology Preview - Safari
  139. Why Electron apps are fine – Hello my name is Niels Leenheer
  140. The npm registry is deprecating TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1
  141. A Quick Guide to Dropdown Menus With React
  142. Building reactive systems with Node.js | Red Hat Developer
  143. The EPYC journey continues to Milan in Cloudflare’s 11th generation Edge Server
  144. The EPYC journey continues to Rome in Cloudflare’s 11th generation Edge Server
  145. Building micro services through Event Driven Architecture part15 : SPA Front End.
  146. Fenwick Trees - Jornhub
  147. Console Utilities API reference - Chrome Developers
  148. Azure Queue Storage with ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  149. Newsletter Week 34, 2021
  150. the_future_of_dpy.md
  151. Episode 391 - AI/ML for Process Automation
  152. RBAC like it was meant to be
  153. Introduction to the Node.js reference architecture, Part 5: Building good containers | Red Hat Developer
  154. Tip 330 - How to use Azure API Management from VS Code
  155. Taking a closer look at lodash's chain
  156. Friendship ended with the garbage collector
  157. Favorite features in Visual Studio 2022 so far
  158. The Rise Of User-Hostile Software
  159. How Discord Stores Billions of Messages
  160. An Introduction to JQ
  161. How to Use GitHub Codespaces With Your docfx Project
  162. SnykCon 2021 is Almost Here! | Snyk
  163. Hi Khalil | I Regret Being a Hipster in Tech
  164. GitHub - MrHands/SadKitty
  165. The .NET Docs Show - Blazor component testing with bUnit
  166. Speeding up IndexedDB reads and writes
  167. Building Applications With Cassandra: A Very Quick Guide
  168. FluentAssertions.BUnit 0.0.38
  169. SocialMediaSharingBlazor 5.1.3
  170. Scheduled tasks with the Cron binding in Dapr
  171. The 425 Show
  172. The cost of queue architecture, and why upfront payment will pay dividends
  173. How good is Codex?
  174. [Video] Are ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs just for demos?
  175. Google Groups kills RSS support without notice
  176. Debugging External Sources with Visual Studio
  177. Why Did So Many Startups Choose MongoDB?
  178. GitHub - minimaxir/big-list-of-naughty-strings: The Big List of Naughty Strings is a list of strings which have a high probability of causing issues when used as user-input data.
  179. An amazing error message if you put more than 2^24 items in a JS Map object
  180. Azure BLOB Storage with ASP.NET Core and Angular - Code Maze
  181. Publish Azure Static Web Apps with Bicep and Azure DevOps | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  182. Announcing TypeScript 4.4 RC
  183. Getting Started with DatoCMS - A Modern Headless CMS with LOTS of Features!
  184. I hate almost all software
  185. IPv4, IPv6, and a sudden change in attitude
  186. The world in which IPv6 was a good design
  187. Running Fully Automated E2E Tests in Electron in a Docker Container with Playwright - Dangl.Blog();
  188. Questions to answer when sizing a RavenDB node
  189. Build and deploy microservices with Kubernetes and Dapr | Red Hat Developer
  190. The New JavaScript/TypeScript Experience in Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3
  191. Hosts file: What is it, why is it useful & how to edit it?
  192. Secure and minimal APIs using .NET 6, C# 10 and Azure Active Directory
  193. Recent podcasts & videos
  194. EDA+ToC=J
  195. Parallelising (LINQ) work in C#
  196. Concurrent Dictionary Modification Pitfalls
  197. A brief intro to MTL
  198. Transaction hierarchy in RavenDB or, the value of a write
  199. Vue 3.2 Released! | The Vue Point
  200. JavaScript needs more helper functions for iteration (map, filter, etc.) – where should we put them?
  201. Build Custom Hook Real-Time State Synchronization React
  202. Micah Lerner
  203. Story of njk, a tool mistreated
  204. Looking into Zig
  205. draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-01
  206. .NET Annotated Monthly | August 2021 | The .NET Tools Blog
  207. Building an LSIF Indexer for a Low-Code Platform
  208. When You Get Right Down to It, Most Security Is Based on The Honor System
  209. Looking into Zig
  210. SAML is insecure by design
  211. GitHub - VSCodium/vscodium: binary releases of VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing
  212. An Attempt at Demystifying Graph Deep Learning
  213. Dipping My Toe into Static Website Generators
  214. Python developers are being targeted with malicious packages on PyPI
  215. GitHub’s Journey from Monolith to Microservices
  216. Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021
  217. Home Automation with Troy Hunt
  218. JavaScript Debugging Now Built-In to VS Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  219. Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021
  220. PCS multiproofs using random evaluation
  221. Securing an Angular app which uses multiple identity providers
  222. TypeScript, abstract classes, and constructors | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  223. Verkle trie for Eth1 state
  224. GitLab as your Continuous Deployment one-stop shop
  225. Verkle trees
  226. 5000x faster CRDTs: An Adventure in Optimization
  227. btree/PATH_HINT.md at master · tidwall/btree
  228. .NET customers showcase | See what devs are building
  229. IPFSifying Documentation · Karmanyaah Malhotra
  230. Tailwind CSS Components
  231. Comparing Azure Static Web Apps vs Azure WebApps vs Azure Blob Storage Static Sites
  232. Build serverless real-time chat application with Web PubSub and Static Web Apps
  233. Marten, the Generic Host Builder in .Net Core, and why this could be the golden age for OSS in .Net
  234. Azure Service Fabric 8.1 Release
  235. The friendly SMS reminder with Logic Apps, Azure Functions + Key Vault
  236. The search for a better persistent cache
  237. Branchy 0.0.2
  238. Don't reinvent the `if` statement
  239. WebView2 and Electron | Electron Blog
  240. Ncdu 2: Less hungry and more Ziggy
  241. Profile memory allocations with Perfview
  242. Cloudflare's Handling of an RCE Vulnerability in cdnjs
  243. A contentEditable, pasted garbage and caret placement walk into a pub
  244. MicroK8s - Zero-ops Kubernetes for developers, edge and IoT | MicroK8s
  245. Open Source Alternatives
  246. NPM Package Steals Chrome Passwords via Legit Password-Recovery Tool
  247. Simple monorepos via npm workspaces and TypeScript project references
  248. Dynamic import with HTTP URLs in Node.js
  249. No, we don’t use Kubernetes | Ably Blog: Data in Motion
  250. My 3 Favorite VS Code Snippets for Vanilla JavaScript
  251. I ****ing hate Science
  252. Azure SDK Release (July 2021)
  253. Easier browser debugging with Developer Tools integration in Visual Studio Code
  254. StylishThemes/GitHub-Dark
  255. A framework for Front End System Design interviews - draft
  256. Conversation about skills and learning
  257. erikgrinaker/toydb
  258. How the blockchain will break up Big Tech
  259. Turning Weather into Music with Dark Sky and Spotify for Tycho
  260. Creating Static Web Apps With F# and Fable | LINQ to Fail
  261. HashWires: Range Proofs from Hash Functions | ZKProof Standards
  262. London Mainnet Announcement
  263. Servers are like babies - tips for being on call
  264. microsoft/foss-fund
  265. Zig, Skia, Clojure, Geometry and the Japanese TV Show: ICFP Contest 2021
  266. Why programming language performance in microservices isn't (that) important
  267. Remote code execution in cdnjs of Cloudflare
  268. dodyg/practical-aspnetcore
  269. Automatic Remediation of Kubernetes Nodes
  270. Episode 385 - Cloud Native apps in Azure
  271. Does CAP Theorem apply to Microservices?
  272. New Azure Kubernetes and Event Grid Integrations Unveiled at Microsoft Inspire -- Visual Studio Magazine
  273. The Human Side of Elixir
  274. My observations on the complexity of software after building test acceleration - John Ewart
  275. pwa-builder/pwa-install
  276. The overall design and a first look at the internals: A deep dive on StringBuilder - Part 1
  277. webpack? esbuild? Why not both?
  278. SixLabors.ImageSharp 1.0.3
  279. RavenDB 5.2: Rolling index deployment
  280. Building a website without becoming a ‘soydev’
  281. From Node to Ruby on Rails - D U N K
  282. Put That Microservice Down.
  283. On the perils of holding a lock across a coroutine suspension point, part 3: Solutions
  284. What Is WebAssembly — and Why Are You Hearing So Much About It? - The New Stack
  285. Episode 384 - Safe Deployment Practices
  286. VS Code's 'Workspace Trust' Can Restrict Automatic Code Execution -- Visual Studio Magazine
  287. Step by Step: Create Node.js REST API SQL Server Database
  288. TypeScript and native ESM on Node.js
  289. npm audit: Broken by Design
  290. libimobiledevice · A cross-platform FOSS library written in C to communicate with iOS devices natively.
  291. Reconcile All The Things
  292. Newsletter Week 26, 2021
  293. Deploy code faster: with CI/CD and Kubernetes
  294. Hacker News folk wisdom on visual programming
  295. Blog
  296. Playing games with an attacker: how I messed with someone trying to breach the CryptoWall tracker
  297. Integrating Tailwind into an ASP.NET Core Project
  298. Getting To Know Logical Clocks By Implementing Them
  299. Introduction to GitHub Actions
  300. Follower Reads
  301. Announcing TypeScript 4.4 Beta
  302. Grpc.AspNetCore.Server.Reflection 2.38.0
  303. .NET Rocks! vNext
  304. Functional, Declarative Audio Applications
  305. An Elixir Adoption Success Story
  306. Version Vector
  307. Virtual DOM is pure overhead
  308. ASP.NET Community Standup - ASP.NET Core at StackOverflow
  309. Improving Angular CI Build Time Using Azure DevOps Cache task
  310. How RavenDB uses gossip protocol to replicate documents efficiently in a cluster
  311. Tailwind CSS with SAFE
  312. React 18 and TypeScript | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  313. On .NET Live - Building Beautiful Blazor apps with Tailwind CSS
  314. Semgrep: The Surgical Static Analysis Tool
  315. Clojure is frustrating... and it is a good thing
  316. Notes on streaming large API responses
  317. Lamport Clock
  318. Announcing Rollbacks and API Access for Pages
  319. Blazor WebAssembly : JWT Authorization - EP32
  320. Introduction to the Node.js reference architecture, Part 4: GraphQL in Node.js | Red Hat Developer
  321. Versioned Value
  322. A framework for building Open Graph images | The GitHub Blog
  323. Remote Desktop Connection Manager - Windows Sysinternals
  324. GitHub Quick Reviews
  325. StackExchange.Redis 2.2.50
  326. The ARM processor (Thumb-2), part 17: Prologues and epilogues
  327. Microsoft SQL Server Database Security, Disaster Recovery & High Availability - Simple Talk
  328. Copying all of MySQL's dumbest decisions
  329. Demystifying styled-components
  330. Free Dev Stuff
  331. Designing Data-Intensive Applications – Multi-Leader Replication
  332. 2014 UN271: A possible dwarf planet from the Oort Cloud on a tour through the Solar System
  333. dsprenkels/sss
  334. PipeWire: The Linux audio/video bus
  335. Episode 382 - Reducing Carbon Emissions with Spot VMs
  336. Gossip Dissemination
  337. ECMAScript proposal: Accessible `Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty()`
  338. How I Automated My Dotfiles Screenshots
  339. Answers: Detecting livelihood in a distributed cluster
  340. Representing SHA-256 Hashes As Avatars
  341. ECMAScript proposal: JSON modules
  342. Getting Started with Graph API and Teams | Developer Support
  343. [Cryptography] Apple's iCloud+ "VPN"
  344. Challenge: Detecting livelihood in a distributed cluster
  345. Next.js 11
  346. ECMAScript proposal: Error cause (chaining errors)
  347. Utopia:Design and Code on one platform
  348. Note taking in 2021 - blog.dornea.nu
  349. New Programming Model For Handling JSON In .NET 6
  350. Creating Docker multi-arch images for ARM64 from Windows
  351. Bee Travels: A microservices coding adventure | Red Hat Developer
  352. Ceph on Minikube
  353. Hot failures and high availability
  354. Blazor Meadow Web API Weather Chart.js | C# Tutorials Blog
  355. Build serveless real-time chat application with Web PubSub and Static Web Apps
  356. Migrate to ASP.NET Core MVC from ASP.NET Framework MVC
  357. ClrMDExports 2.0.0-rc1
  358. Answering Community Questions and What’s Ahead for Mina
  359. I Have No Group, and I Must Scream
  360. Episode 78 - Greenfield and Brownfield in .NET with Harry Bellamy (part one)
  361. On .NET Live - Secrets of building Blazor Components
  362. microsoft/playwright-dotnet
  363. The memory models that underlie programming languages
  364. Going Beyond ESLint: Overview Static Analysis in JavaScript
  365. Xamarin ArKit Image Recognition and 3D Model Placement Part 3
  366. Introduction to Phoenix
  367. Engineering a chess match against my brother
  368. Why You Should Not Worry If You Are Using Laravel
  369. Must-have JetBrains Rider Plugins For ASP.NET Core Developers | The .NET Tools Blog
  370. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Session Management in Node.js
  371. Tutorial: Host RESTful API with CORS - Azure App Service
  372. Conversation about containers | .NET Blog
  373. Learn TypeScript Basics in this Beginner's Guide
  374. Add Toast notifications to your React Native for Windows application · React Native for Windows + macOS
  375. Workload Target Imports Design by sfoslund · Pull Request #224 · dotnet/designs
  376. ASP.NET Core 6 to Challenge Python and Node
  377. Debugging C# Source Generators with Visual Studio 2019 16.10 - Steve Talks Code
  378. Designing Data-Intensive Applications – Single Leader Replication
  379. Abstract Syntax Tree for Patching Code and Assessing Code Quality
  380. RISC vs. CISC Is the Wrong Lens for Comparing Modern x86, ARM CPUs - ExtremeTech
  381. Minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core 6.0
  382. 0.8.0 Release Notes ⚡ The Zig Programming Language
  383. DreamCoder: Wake & Sleep Program Learning
  384. </> htmx - Documentation
  385. CDK for Terraform Adds Go Support and Improves Asset Construction
  386. Tutorial: ASP.NET app with Azure SQL Database - Azure App Service
  387. Logging is important
  388. Leveling Up Static Web Apps With the CLI
  389. Kinda a big announcement
  390. Generating Synthetic Data Using a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) with PyTorch -- Visual Studio Magazine
  391. Episode 380 - App Service Environments
  392. How to create a better front-end developer experience | Red Hat Developer
  393. Winget Goes Mainstream, But Still Lags Behind
  394. Best Practices Around Production Ready Web Apps with Docker Compose
  395. The dream of end-to-end typesafety
  396. Don't Create Markdown ReadMe Files Without ReadMe.so!!
  397. “True Lies” – or “What LLVM Claims, but Fails to Deliver”
  398. About Yak Shaving
  399. Second-guessing the modern web - macwright.com
  400. JavaScript at Microsoft
  401. Leveling Up Static Web Apps With the CLI
  402. nocodb/nocodb
  403. Using Phoenix Without Webpack
  404. Wordpress Headless CMS, GraphQL, and Nextjs - Let's Build a Blog
  405. Building a Source Generator for C#
  406. Announcing TypeScript 4.3 | TypeScript
  407. WinUI Desktop Unit Tests | #ifdef Windows
  408. Neovim (0.5) Is Overpowering | CrispDev
  409. Azure/Azurite
  410. 34572 - Use native context menus on Mac OS
  411. Using CodePush in a React Native for Windows application · React Native for Windows + macOS
  412. Download Inkscape 1.1 | Inkscape
  413. Welcome to Inkscape 1.1! | Inkscape
  414. ION – We Have Liftoff!
  415. Don't feel bad about not knowing basic things
  416. 6 Months as a Developer Advocate
  417. Matter.js
  418. Secure an Angular SPA and an ASP.NET Core API using Auth0
  419. The Limits to Blockchain Scalability
  420. The Cache is Full
  421. A hacker mindset
  422. Official Python software package repository flooded with spam – TecTalk
  423. Building LLVM in 90 seconds using Amazon Lambda
  424. voice2json
  425. Episode 378 - VMSS Flex
  426. Introducing WebContainers: Run Node.js natively in your browser
  427. Improving your monitoring setup by integrating Cloudflare’s analytics data into Prometheus and Grafana
  428. Developing on a M1 Mac with Visual Studio for Mac | Visual Studio Blog
  429. Awaiting Windows Runtime asynchronous operations from C# desktop apps | The Old New Thing
  430. Azure Community Singapore (ACS) (Singapore, Singapore)
  431. Austin Tindle | One month of building GoodJobs
  432. Exploring ZooKeeper-less Kafka
  433. Why I've had 7 jobs in 11 years
  434. The tools and tech I use to run a one-woman hardware company - Thea Flowers
  435. A country's worth of power, no more!
  436. benc-uk/chatr
  437. Introduction to the Node.js reference architecture, Part 3: Code consistency | Red Hat Developer
  438. [Last Week in .NET #42] – Barn Door Security
  439. Zcon2Lite
  440. Simple Cluster Monitoring with Munin
  441. Things you can’t do in Rust (and what to do instead) - LogRocket Blog
  442. Free Programming Books; HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Python...
  443. Running a .NET 5 web app on Railway
  444. Web Applications from the Future
  445. Building CorLife's “Lockdown Countdown” website using Azure Static Web Apps | Creating Startups
  446. Announcing TypeScript 4.3 RC | TypeScript
  447. Overview - Azure App Service
  448. Axelar Network opens registration for its incentivized testnet
  449. Big list of http static server one-liners
  450. damienbod/AzureADAuthRazorUiServiceApiCertificate
  451. Developer Portal
  452. codepo8/a11y-demos
  453. Node.js Discord Bot Deployment to Linode
  454. Can We Trust the Cloud Not to Fail?
  455. Running Durable Functions Locally with Azurite
  456. Responsible Use Of Open Source In Enterprise Software
  457. JWT should not be your default for sessions
  458. <p>The Node.js CA Footgun</p>
  459. 'Modern Visual Basic' Mercury Language Debuts -- Visual Studio Magazine
  460. Code Coverage & Frontend Testing
  461. Present and Verify Verifiable Credentials in ASP.NET Core using Decentralized Identities and MATTR
  462. Introducing the Pinecone overlay network | Matrix.org
  463. google/zx
  464. Visual Studio Code April 2021
  465. Episode 376 - Azure Media Services
  466. How Discord Stores Billions of Messages
  467. The Great Rewriting In Rust
  468. Bootstrap 5
  469. Ultimate Guide to Building a UI Component Library—Part 3
  470. EntityFrameworkCore.VisualBasic 5.0.0-alpha.1
  471. andymatuschak/orbit
  472. Ascript
  473. How to host a website on the dark web
  474. timvisee/send
  475. $40 million to help developers measure everything that matters
  476. Software disenchantment
  477. 5 Techniques for Optimizing Performance on a React App
  478. Implement log monitoring with Seq and Serilog in .net Core | Gary Woodfine
  479. The Hassle-Free JavaScript Tool Manager
  480. How to build a simple system in Verdi
  481. banga/git-split-diffs
  482. Open-sourcing Remotebear, a remote jobs aggregator
  483. How to fix: npm ERR! enoent ENOENT: no such file or directory, rename - CodeJourney.net
  484. DotNet.ReproducibleBuilds 0.1.26
  485. Episode 375 - The Case of the Dangling Domain
  486. Microsoft joins Bytecode Alliance to advance WebAssembly – aka the thing that lets you run compiled C/C++/Rust code in browsers
  487. Why People Are Afraid Of The DOM?
  488. [PATCH v3 00/13] Add futex2 syscalls
  489. Report: Mac Developers Prefer VS Code over Xcode -- Visual Studio Magazine
  490. codefinger - blog
  491. Workshop Spotlight: Developing Cross-Platform Web Apps with ASP.NET Core | Developer Support
  492. How to deploy Angular app to Azure App Service running Linux from GitHub | Developer Support
  493. Pretty print/syntax highlight .NET stack traces in a browser ✨
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