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Posts for 'math'

  1. 98%VassiLife
  2. 97%Non-Euclidean Doom: what happens to a game when pi is not 3.14159…
  3. 98%Test Driving ChatGPT-4o (Part 2)
  4. 97%Llama 3 implemented in pure NumPy · The Missing Papers
  5. 99%The .NET Generic Math Library - NDepend Blog
  6. 99%Gemini Flash
  7. 90%Sir, there's a cat in your mirror dimension
  8. 97%Thoughts on the openAI spring release
  9. 99%The Modern Guide For Making CSS Shapes — Smashing Magazine
  10. 93%The Universe of Discourse : Well, I guess I believe everything now!
  11. 99%GPUs Go Brrr
  12. 94%Focus on one thing, and one thing only
  13. 96%Artificial General Intelligence is a Red Herring · Sibylline.dev
  14. 99%githublog/2024/5/10/cordic.md at main · francisrstokes/githublog
  15. 95%Immersive Math
  16. 99%Parsing PNG images in Mojo
  17. 98%Solving Recurrence Relations
  18. 97%What I learned from doing Quiz Bowl
  19. 93%Designing Monte Carlo Simulations in R
  20. 98%Simons Foundation Co-Founder, Mathematician and Investor Jim Simons Dies at 86
  21. 94%minViT: Walkthrough of a minimal Vision Transformer (ViT)
  22. 97%Development notes from xkcd's "Machine"
  23. 97%Consistency Large Language Models: A Family of Efficient Parallel Decoders
  24. 98%(yet another) Broken Adversarial Example Defense at IEEE S&P 2024
  25. 96%How & Why I use IBM's Quantum Computer to Make Decisions
  26. 98%Generating creatures with Teranoptia
  27. 98%Model Texture Transition and Procedural Radial Noise using WebGL | Codrops
  28. 99%Time-based CSS Animations
  29. 93%I love not understanding things.
  30. 98%Coding interviews are stupid (ish)
  31. 99%An introduction to vectorization
  32. 99%On Programming Languages
  33. 97%Applied abstraction
  34. 99%GitHub - borgo-lang/borgo: Borgo is a statically typed language that compiles to Go.
  35. 99%Borgo Programming Language
  36. 99%1/0 = 0
  37. 99%Handling The Indentation of a Treeview Component
  38. 99%Why SQLite Uses Bytecode
  39. 56%Power of Libraries
  40. 58%“Jewish Mathematics”?
  41. 98%So what’s the point of linear algebra, anyway?
  42. 94%Podcasts, the Universe, and Everything
  43. 99%What can LLMs never do?
  44. 99%Thoughts on WASM
  45. 95%How Much Math Do You Need To Program? – Dev Leader Weekly 41
  46. 97%Introducing AltStore PAL
  47. 97%Using Vectors without a Vector Database
  48. 99%GitHub - catdad/canvas-confetti: 🎉 performant confetti animation in the browser
  49. 74%When Do We Stop Finding New Music? A Statistical Analysis
  50. 99%From the Circle to Epicycles (Part 1)
  51. 99%What is the Metropolis algorithm?
  52. 99%How to generate color palettes for design systems
  53. 99%The Real C++ Killers (Not You, Rust)
  54. 99%0.12.0 Release Notes ⚡ The Zig Programming Language
  55. 99%Positional Encoding for Self Attention
  56. 90%CS Certification - I should be exempt
  57. 99%AI Hype - Am I out of work in five years?
  58. 99%Implementing Natural Conversational Agents with Elixir
  59. 98%Measuring personal growth
  60. 99%Luca Baldesi's website
  61. 97%Introducing AltStore PAL
  62. 98%Big Integer in Zig
  63. 89%Cheaper, Better, Faster, Stronger
  64. 99%XZ Utils review notes
  65. 98%Snake draft sorting in SQL Server, part 2 - Simple Talk
  66. 99%Design Notes
  67. 99%StringBuffer - An F# string builder
  68. 97%The Integers In Our Continuum
  69. 98%Implementing an SHA transformer by hand
  70. 90%Why I Lost Faith in Kagi
  71. 82%Learn without Boundaries
  72. 99%Understanding loss.backward()
  73. 98%Intel’s Ambitious Meteor Lake iGPU
  74. 99%A System For The Sixties: The RCA Studio II
  75. 98%Home · thmsmlr
  76. 99%Actual Automation
  77. 99%Measuring your system’s performance using software (Go edition) – Daniel Lemire's blog
  78. 94%Anatomy of a credit card rewards program
  79. 98%Fat tails are weird
  80. 99%Automatic differentiation with dual numbers
  81. 99%Search graduation photos with your face — Jerome Paulos
  82. 99%10 > 64, in QR codes
  83. 92%Why do programmers need private offices with doors?
  84. 95%The Wi-Fi only works when it's raining
  85. 96%XZ Backdoor: Times, damned times, and scams
  86. 99%LLaMA Now Goes Faster on CPUs
  87. 96%Mental Health in Software Engineering
  88. 99%Memory access patterns and performance | Benjamin Dicken
  89. 99%Franklin Pezzuti Dyer
  90. 98%The de-nerdification of programming
  91. 96%Most People - @visakanv's blog
  92. 99%Hello eBPF: Auto Layouting Structs (7) - Mostly nerdless
  93. 97%You Are Beautiful – Daniel Frank
  94. 99%Solving Crew Battle Strategy With Math
  95. 97%Sealed: Custom Wax Seal NFC Tags
  96. 98%The Cost of Accidental Complexity in Development
  97. 96%Transformers learn patterns, math is patterns
  98. 99%Turn images into contour maps | Benjamin Dicken
  99. 80%Is There a Recent Crisis in Men?
  100. 98%What’s the difference between Extropic, Normal Computing, and D-Wave?
  101. 97%RDS' margin is EC2's opportunity
  102. 91%Spurious Scholar
  103. 99%Mapping (almost) every law, regulation and case in Australia
  104. 91%Suspicious discontinuities
  105. 91%Seven Days of New Things Day 2: Linear Algebra, Tulips | James' Coffee Blog
  106. 99%Now in Beta: Explore the Enhanced Python SDK for Semantic Kernel | Semantic Kernel
  107. 99%LLM inference speed of light
  108. 98%My Quantum Spin: Qubit Ordering and Operations
  109. 94%Why I’m excited by Circle STARK and Stwo
  110. 96%A Code Review of My Earliest Projects
  111. 99%Achieving awful compression with digits of pi
  112. 96%Github Copilot– Some experimentation
  113. 99%Generate Unit Tests Using AI Assistant | The .NET Tools Blog
  114. 99%How to Use Polly In C#: Easily Handle Faults And Retries
  115. 95%I Learned Something New About Monetizing Newsletters – The Write to Roam
  116. 99%How to tackle compatibility issues in ECMA Script modules (and in general) - Event-Driven.io
  117. 99%Diffusion models from scratch
  118. 72%Childhoods of exceptional people
  119. 98%How much should you be charging as a consultant?
  120. 99%Learning is Compression
  121. 97%Stop Fearing Incidental Findings
  122. 95%The Case For College – Zdziarski
  123. 99%Stylized image binning algorithm | Benjamin Dicken
  124. 80%I Want Whatever the BLS is Smoking
  125. 99%Why is Everybody Talking about Groq?
  126. 96%Breaking the cycle of anxiety
  127. 98%Enterprise is Dead
  128. 95%The Pile
  129. 99%Announcing TypeScript 5.4 - TypeScript
  130. 94%Kagi + Wolfram | Kagi Blog
  131. 92%How much CO2 emissions could a country save by deleting unused data
  132. 99%Implicit Operators in C#: How To Simplify Type Conversions
  133. 94%The Math of Card Shuffling
  134. 99%How To Use Polly In C#: Easily Handle Faults And Retries
  135. 99%Language Modeling by Estimating the Ratios of the Data Distribution
  136. 98%The Case Against Geometric Algebra
  137. 98%Chit in the Game
  138. 90%Brain Pilots
  139. 99%Doing my synthesizer homework: The quirks of MIDI Velocity · Melatonin
  140. 99%Synthetic Data for LLM Training
  141. 99%0 to App Store in 60 days
  142. 99%DSL for Modding Minecraft - Strumenta
  143. 99%Critical Thinking in an AI-Powered World | The .NET Tools Blog
  144. 97%👼🏼 Divine Code Reviews
  145. 99%Encoding tic-tac-toe in 13 bits
  146. 98%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Jeremy Miller
  147. 97%Building A Software Render Engine From Scratch
  148. 91%Grayscale: Filtered Dopamine
  149. 91%About Ideas Now | Search 1000s of personal sites
  150. 97%Au Large
  151. 99%You need more than p-values
  152. 99%Announcing TypeScript 5.4 RC - TypeScript
  153. 98%Okay, Color Spaces — ericportis.com
  154. 59%Women in mathematics – a case study
  155. 98%Matryoshka Representation Learning (MRL) from the Ground Up
  156. 99%CSS-only DVD Screensaver animation
  157. 99%How To Use AI Assistant to Generate Test Data For .NET Applications | The .NET Tools Blog
  158. 98%Benoit Essiambre
  159. 98%Bloom Filters
  160. 87%Plus and Times Set Free
  161. 99%How to Check if a Number Is Positive or Negative in C# - Code Maze
  162. 98%So Long, and Thanks for All the Bytes
  163. 98%A beginners guide to fine tuning LLM using LoRA
  164. 99%Conformant OpenGL 4.6 on the M1
  165. 98%Synthetic Data for Finetuning: Distillation and Self-Improvement
  166. 96%I Lied About Recreating the Netflix Intro
  167. 99%Testing logging code with Microsoft.Extensions.Logging and FakeLogger
  168. 95%Neural network training makes beautiful fractals
  169. 98%Piano Transformer
  170. 99%Understanding TF-IDF and BM-25 - KMW Technology
  171. 98% I accidentally Blender VSE · Aras' website
  172. 99%Test your ChatGPT plugins in the updated Chat Copilot | Semantic Kernel
  173. 99%How to deal with API rate limits
  174. 99%A search engine in 80 lines of Python
  175. 98%Miguel Méndez | NFL Field Mapping: A Journey Through Sports Analytics and Homography
  176. 98%Go 1.22 Release Notes - The Go Programming Language
  177. 99%Pagination in a .NET Web API with EF Core
  178. 89%Microschools - The Startups of K12 Education
  179. 94%Why Gödel, Escher, Bach is the most influential book in my life.
  180. 85%Cycling with Euclid
  181. 83%One million machine learning specialists are needed by 2027. These bootcamps are teaching the in-demand skills
  182. 96%Variable names as handles or sigils
  183. 99%Probabilistic Programming in C# With Infer.NET - Code Maze
  184. 99%Why the Assistants API is so Appealing for AI Beginners
  185. 99%Blogging in Djot instead of Markdown
  186. 99%Embracing Functional Programming in C#
  187. 99%Matrix Inverse from Scratch Using SVD Decomposition with C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  188. 83%The end of my childhood
  189. 95%Cryonics Cost-Benefit Analysis – niplav
  190. 92%Why do programmers need private offices with doors?
  191. 97%Finding The Air Cannon
  192. 99%Snowpipe Streaming Deep Dive
  193. 93%Researchers Approach New Speed Limit for Seminal Problem | Quanta Magazine
  194. 99%Announcing TypeScript 5.4 Beta - TypeScript
  195. 99%Aiming High, my path towards principal engineer
  196. 90%New renderers for GTK – GTK Development Blog
  197. 99%Crypto is not cryptocurrency
  198. 99%GitHub - FractalFir/rustc_codegen_clr: This rust compiler backend emmits valid CIL (.NET IR), enabling you to use Rust in .NET projects
  199. 98%Illuminated Computing | Temporal PKs Merged!
  200. 96%On Climbing the Stat Arb (CEX/DEX) Leaderboard, Comparative Advantage and Careers, and My Future in Crypto - Daniel D. McKinnon
  201. 88%The desire for admiration drives human culture
  202. 99%3D shape matching with quaternions
  203. 99%Processing Background Jobs on AWS: Lambda vs ECS vs ECS Fargate
  204. 99%An RNG that runs in your brain
  205. 99%Non fungible money in cloud accounting
  206. 97%Is there a canonical parametrization that describes all cultures?
  207. 98%Reading QR codes without a computer!
  208. 99%Non fungible money in cloud accounting
  209. 94%10 print chr$(205.5 + rnd(1));:goto 10 in JavaScript
  210. 92%'God' is the mean opinion of your tribe
  211. 98%The math exams of my life
  212. 99%Exploring the Dynamic World of Animated SVG Favicons
  213. 98%How I’m (re)learning math as an adult
  214. 94%AlphaGeometry: An Olympiad-level AI system for geometry
  215. 99%Using Vector Embeddings to Overengineer 404 pages
  216. 99%RSA is deceptively simple (and fun)
  217. 98%Stable Code 3B: Coding on the Edge — Stability AI
  218. 99%The architecture behind Alma – An experimental playground for generative graphics
  219. 97%My Indie SaaS Revenue has Grown 37% per Year for 13 Years
  220. 98%Immediate Mode GUI Programming
  221. 98%Between Art and Algorithms
  222. 99%#!/usr/bin/env docker run
  223. 91%The Slow Frontier of Genetic Choice
  224. 99%Learn SVG by drawing an arrow | Shalvah's Blog
  225. 95%Teaching using manipulatives
  226. 93%The Butterfly Effect of Altering Prompts: How Small Changes and Jailbreaks Affect Large Language Model Performance
  227. 99%SV Time Travel
  228. 99%C# Math: Operators and Functions for Fun and Profit - C# in the Cards Episode 3
  229. 95%Hideo Okawara’s Mixed Signal Lecture Series
  230. 99%Making primary constructor parameters read-only - Gérald Barré
  231. 99%SharpMoku a Gomoku/Five in a Row Written in C#
  232. 99%.NET R&D Digest (December, 2023)
  233. 96%Artificial Knowledge Creation
  234. 99%Birb + Fossil: An RSS Revival? - Tim Kellogg
  235. 99%Matrix Inverse from Scratch Using QR Decomposition with C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  236. 99%My Text Editor Is Not Open Source
  237. 99%Merging extended P² quantile estimators, Part 1
  238. 98%DIY NAS: EconoNAS 2023
  239. 97%Models, Large Language and Otherwise
  240. 86%First Friends
  241. 99%Day 20. My favourite problem from Advent of Code 2023
  242. 84%Why asking your customers what they want doesn't work
  243. 99%Controlling Precision of Decimal Numbers in C# - Code Maze
  244. 99%My experience with the Kindle Scribe
  245. 95%The joys of holiday coding
  246. 98%Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David: 9781617296710: Amazon.com: Books
  247. 96%Workspaces | marcel
  248. 95%Chinchilla Paper explained
  249. 99%Simulating Fluids, Fire, and Smoke in Real-Time
  250. 96%3Blue1Brown
  251. 99%Spectral Data Clustering from Scratch Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  252. 99%I built a gnome shell extension to show how much my day, month, year and life has passed.
  253. 92%Why do programmers need private offices with doors? (Do Not Disturb)
  254. 96%Do Not Type Your Notes
  255. 94%I am a bad software developer and this is my life
  256. 98%OpenAI Platform
  257. 98%Branching, Ifs, and Conditional Logic [Pt 9] | C# for Beginners
  258. 99%My Christmas tree has a custom processor
  259. 99%Phoenix LiveView in Action
  260. 99%Unleashing AI Potential with ML.NET: An intro to .NET's Machine Learning #shorts 🖥️✨
  261. 99%Implementing Retry pattern using Polly in .NET Core Application
  262. 99%Skills to plugins: fully embracing the OpenAI plugin spec in Semantic Kernel | Semantic Kernel
  263. 99%Sep with me on The Modern .NET Show
  264. 96%The real price of things
  265. 96%Introducing Gemini: our largest and most capable AI model
  266. 99%Implementing the Harris Corner Detector
  267. 96%Introducing Gemini: our largest and most capable AI model
  268. 99%🤖 Does Functional Programming Matter To You?
  269. 93%Fine Tuning Mistral 7B on Magic the Gathering Drafts
  270. 99%Building a Text Editor: the Gap Buffer
  271. 93%Celebrating the first year of Copilot with significant new innovations - The Official Microsoft Blog
  272. 85%Urgent Is Not the Way — Ethan Lalakea Alter
  273. 88%Culture is a programming language
  274. 78%Before Dropping Out of HS
  275. 95%Look mom! I built a computer
  276. 99%The Great Product Engineering Cycle
  277. 97%Advent of Code
  278. 99%K-Means Data Clustering from Scratch Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  279. 99%GitHub - Mozilla-Ocho/llamafile: Distribute and run LLMs with a single file.
  280. 98%Brain Teaser: How many bathrooms?
  281. 98%Exploring Generative AI
  282. 98%Embark: Dynamic documents for making plans
  283. 98%The Ideal Social Network
  284. 97%Trying simple tree-search techniques for LLM token sampling
  285. 99%Mr. Maeda's Cozy AI Kitchen: Mr. Maeda's Tofu Factory Origins
  286. 99%Mr. Maeda's Cozy AI Kitchen: Mr. Maeda's Tofu Factory Origins
  287. 98%GitHub - federico-busato/Modern-CPP-Programming: Modern C++ Programming Course (C++11/14/17/20)
  288. 92%Friendship Ended with Obsidian/LaTeX, Now Typst is My Best Friend
  289. 98%God Help Us, Let's Try To Understand The Paper On AI Monosemanticity
  290. 99%Announcing ML.NET 3.0 - .NET Blog
  291. 99%C# 12 (Complete C# Quick Reference) • Ben Bowen's Blog
  292. 93%converting pixels into particles ⌘I Get Info
  293. 98%Making a shitty programming language from scratch. Part 1
  294. 98%LLM finetuning memory requirements
  295. 97%attribution armored code
  296. 95%How Apple's Pro Display XDR takes Thunderbolt 3 to its limit
  297. 77%How mathematics built the modern world - Works in Progress
  298. 98%Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David: 9781617296710: Amazon.com: Books
  299. 97%SearchArray: Making search relevance not so special
  300. 98%The Cost of Index Everything
  301. 99%Things Programmers Can Do in One Week | Blog | build-your-own.org
  302. 99%Typst: Compose papers faster
  303. 97%The New CSS Math: rem() and mod()
  304. 95%Discount rates in venture backed startups
  305. 97%SearchArray: Making search relevance not so special
  306. 99%Find a subset from a set of values whose sum is closest to a specific value–C#
  307. 97%Things Programmers Can Do in One Week | Blog | build-your-own.org
  308. 98%Percisely
  309. 86%Numbers Far Afield
  310. 97%Running a Zero Waste Flywheel
  311. 97%It's Time For A Change: datetime.utcnow() Is Now Deprecated
  312. 94%The State of Math in Markdown
  313. 99%Making a nice API of Amtrak's ugly API
  314. 99%DBSCAN Data Clustering from Scratch Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  315. 70%Issue 34: We All Start As Strangers
  316. 90%The Evolution of C# - Coding Sonata
  317. 97%Everything, all at once: inside a single Jeopardy clue
  318. 86%Nader Ouerdiane - Software Engineer
  319. 98%The Reasoning Computer
  320. 99%67 Weird Debugging Tricks Your Browser Doesn't Want You to Know
  321. 99%A quick look at destination-driven code generation
  322. 94%What I learned getting acquired by Google
  323. 98%The 'eu' in eucatastrophe – Why SciPy builds for Python 3.12 on Windows are a minor miracle
  324. 99%Personal-scale Web scraping for fun and profit
  325. 99%Speed up a program for the 50 years old processor by 180000% – Blog about my engineering projects
  326. 98%Introducing GPTs
  327. 98%New models and developer products announced at DevDay
  328. 99%Why doesn't reduction by modulo work for floating point values? - The Old New Thing
  329. 98%Habits of great software engineers
  330. 98%Things I’ve learned from running OTIS
  331. 97%I got hit by HackerNews - a luck or a skill?
  332. 99%Gaussian Mixture Model Data Clustering from Scratch Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  333. 93%Daylight confusion week - Tyler Cipriani
  334. 99%Analyzing Data 170,000x Faster with Python
  335. 91%CSS is fun again
  336. 99%Writerside - a new technical writing environment from JetBrains.
  337. 93%Daylight confusion week - Tyler Cipriani
  338. 95%π in Other Universes
  339. 97%Linear Algebra Done Right
  340. 94%Weekly Update 371
  341. 99%The crippling problem of being able to build whatever you want
  342. 97%An Open Letter to Cryptographers: Please Work Together
  343. 99%Intro to flow fields
  344. 99%TLA+ is easy if you know how to abstract
  345. 99%JavaScript Decorators: What They Are and When to Use Them — SitePoint
  346. 95%Indexes are sorted arrays (sort of)
  347. 80%The Cache Storage Layer
  348. 99%Functional Programming in TypeScript
  349. 99%Keep Your Dependencies Updated
  350. 98%What is streaming SQL?
  351. 97%How I learned to code in two weeks — Corey Haines
  352. 98%Wrathmark: An Interesting Compute Workload (Part 1)
  353. 99%Ready Player Two – Bringing Game-Style State Synchronization to the Web
  354. 99%Neural Network Regression from Scratch Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  355. 99%GitHub - jaspervdj/patat: Terminal-based presentations using Pandoc
  356. 86%Being patient with problems
  357. 99%Case Study: Rebuilding TechCrunch layout with modern CSS
  358. 98%Conditional Border Radius In CSS
  359. 99%min(), max(), and clamp() CSS Functions
  360. 99%Overflow In CSS
  361. 99%Spacing in CSS
  362. 99%Performance Improvements in ASP.NET Core 8 - .NET Blog
  363. 99%A/B Tests for Engineers
  364. 98%Massive input and/or spaced repetition
  365. 97%Online Kalman Filter Tutorial
  366. 97%Socks, a matching game based on an additive combinatorics problem
  367. 93%Grants on the web
  368. 98%Drivechains: A Detailed Analysis
  369. 99%OpenAI is too cheap to beat
  370. 93%Metric Time Clock
  371. 96%Log is the “Pro” in iPhone 15 Pro — Prolost
  372. 99%Announcing .NET 8 RC2 - .NET Blog
  373. 99%5-minute Practical Streaming SQL Techniques That Can Save You Millions
  374. 98%Crinkle Crankle Optimization
  375. 87%Full precision floating-point summation in C# · Anthony Lloyd
  376. 95%Writing my own damn HTML
  377. 94%Decomposing Language Models Into Understandable Components
  378. 98%How many times do you need to call `Math.random()` to get a collision? (Firefox will tell you, Chrome may not!)
  379. 98%Understand Linear regression through many facets
  380. 97%First Normal Form Gets No Respect - Simple Talk
  381. 91%Pythagoras: Everyone knows his famous theorem, but not who discovered it 1000 years before him - Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing
  382. 98%Ben Schmidt
  383. 99%An Interactive Intro to CRDTs | jakelazaroff.com
  384. 97%Normalize strings to optimize space and searches - Simple Talk
  385. 99%A journey into zero-knowledge proofs
  386. 98%A raycasting engine in 7 easy steps
  387. 93%Fine, I'll run a regression analysis. But it won't make you happy.
  388. 99%Efficient Sidebar Resizing with Preact Signals – Kamil Tomšík
  389. 80%Clinical update about where the cancer is, and what’s happening with treatment:
  390. 99%What the Birthday Paradox Teaches Us About Protecting Patron Privacy
  391. 98%Red Blob Games
  392. 98%Subtraction Is Functionally Complete | orlp.net
  393. 99%22 C# Best Practices - Code Maze
  394. 98%How to handle a hands-off supervisor
  395. 93%'The invisible megaphone' of mainstream TV
  396. 98%Fun with stroke-dasharray
  397. 92%Temporal API is Awesome · Taro
  398. 95%Mistral 7B
  399. 96%Exploring Linux command-line space time
  400. 97%Firefox 118.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes
  401. 90%ChatGPT can now see, hear, and speak
  402. 96%Reflections on My Journey into Computer Science
  403. 99%13 Years of Foxish
  404. 98%Distilling step-by-step: Outperforming larger language models with less training data and smaller model sizes
  405. 98%64-Bit Bank Balances ‘Ought to be Enough for Anybody’? | TigerBeetle
  406. 99%How To Learn Coding For Beginners - What You Need To Know
  407. 99%Oh Look a Phishing Attempt | LINQ to Fail
  408. 98%Exploring Generative AI
  409. 94%Margot Robbie’s legs (Ezra, Huaso and St. Dennis pt. 3)
  410. 99%System.Object in C# and .NET
  411. 99%Resilient Http Calls using Polly.
  412. 98%A New Age of Magic
  413. 99%Java 21 makes me actually like Java again
  414. 96%The essence of engineering
  415. 97%Data URLs and Pool in your URL
  416. 99%Filtering negative numbers, fast: Beating memcpy()
  417. 99%Role Of Algorithms
  418. 99%Why many smaller bets might beat a single big one
  419. 97%Simplifying CSS Variable Calculations
  420. 99%Techniques for Checking Floating-Point Equality in C# - Code Maze
  421. 99%EI027: AI Processing Service (Part 13)
  422. 91%You and Your Startup
  423. 99%LLM Benchmark
  424. 87%Why am I not Dirac?
  425. 95%I made a transformer by hand (no training!)
  426. 99%Filtering negative numbers, fast: Scalar
  427. 99%Beyond TypeScript: Differences Between Typed Languages
  428. 98%Thinking outside the box of code with Leslie Lamport (Changelog Interviews #552)
  429. 99%Dunghill Anti-Pattern - Why utility classes and modules smell?
  430. 96%Simulation extractable versions of Groth’s zk-SNARK revisited - International Journal of Information Security
  431. 83%U.K. Abandons, for Now, Legislation That Would Have Banned End-to-End Encryption
  432. 95%Is this duplo train track under too much tension?
  433. 99%Weighted k-Nearest Neighbors Regression Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  434. 95%Maxwell Rules - Homographies: Looking through a pinhole
  435. 92%Watch what we have to say about ZK security in the Node Guardians season 2 episode 1
  436. 96%C# Spotlight: Earn Cert and Dice Advice -- Visual Studio Magazine
  437. 99%EI023: AI Processing Services (Part 12)
  438. 94%72-Year-Old C++ Creator Bjarne Stroustrup Shares Life Advice - Slashdot
  439. 95%Why I’m not learning to code (and why tech needs more humanists)
  440. 96%Announcing the New Foundational C# Certification with freeCodeCamp - .NET Blog
  441. 99%Algorithm for offsetting a latitude/longitude by some amount of meters
  442. 99%Demodulation of the 5G NR downlink – Daniel Estévez
  443. 99%Readonly Modifier in C# - Code Maze
  444. 73%Thoughts about what worked in math circles
  445. 96%CVE-2020-19909 is everything that is wrong with CVEs
  446. 99%Understanding and Building Neural Networks: A Step-by-Step Guide from Scratch
  447. 98%Improve System Stability With Small Steps
  448. 99%LLMs Will Never Be Able to Do Math
  449. 99%GitHub - intel/intel-one-mono: Intel One Mono font repository
  450. 98%How to sabotage your salary negotiation efforts before you even start
  451. 92%Gap
  452. 87%Reflections on a Stanford Journey
  453. 90%Personal Strategies for Math Learning | Michael Hartl
  454. 99%Unlocking Discord Nitro Features for Free
  455. 99%NonEmpty catamorphism
  456. 98%What’s a Website
  457. 99%Algolia + NextJS for Ecommerce
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  459. 98%Exploring Generative AI
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  503. 99%Hardware build: CRC calculation
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  787. 99%Beckshome.com: Thomas Beck's Blog - Lucene + Blazor, Part 4: Faceting
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  789. 92%#168 Mads Torgersen, C# 11 Part 1 | no dogma podcast
  790. 95%.NET 7 Adds Generic Math
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  792. 98%Stable Diffusion Image Generator
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  794. 99%Mina Launches zkApps Era
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  796. 99%GitHub - Jaysmito101/cgl: CGL (C Game Library) is a multipurpose library mainly for recreational coding / demo scenes / prototyping / small games / experimentation.
  797. 95%The Hidden Beauty of Databases: Explained for Non-Techies Like Never Before - Aman Y. Agarwal
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  800. 99%Twelve C# 11 Features
  801. 97%Is the fediverse about to get Fryed? (Or, “Why every toot is also a potential denial of service attack”)
  802. 95%How a Cheap Flight Email Newsletter Makes Money (And How Much)
  803. 99%A Simple Computation Engine in F#
  804. 99%Amazon.com: Real-World Cryptography (Audible Audio Edition): David Wong, Derek Dysart, Manning Publications: Books
  805. 97%Issue: 2022 - Vol. 19 - Issue 1 - .NET 7.0 | CODE Magazine
  806. 99%.NET 7 now available for RHEL and OpenShift | Red Hat Developer
  807. 99%.NET 7 Finally Arrives as Unifying Microsoft Development Platform -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  809. 99%Announcing F# 7
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  812. 98%Intro to Graphics 12 - Triangular Meshes
  813. 96%It’s worth spending one CPU-hour to save one second of your time
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  816. 98%One Month to GA: .NET 7 Release Candidate 2 Ships -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  820. 98%How to Make it Through Calculus (Neil deGrasse Tyson)
  821. 98%How to Make it Through Calculus (Neil deGrasse Tyson)
  822. 99%Separation of Concerns in Node.js
  823. 99%The case against Effect Systems (e.g., the IO data type)
  824. 99%Generate searchable PDFs with Azure Form Recognizer
  825. 98%Secrets for becoming a better developer in 2022
  826. 97%Let's watch videos with David - HackMD
  827. 98%Functional Programming in C#—A Brief Consideration
  828. 99%Maui/MauiProgram.cs at 41baac733b7c29c35b0819380b1d4409258e1d2a · CommunityToolkit/Maui
  829. 99%Collatz Conjecture possible solution using statistical coverage
  830. 99%Modern C# Techniques, Part 3: Generic Code Generation
  831. 67%I cheated in high school (a lot) | Cyber Patterns
  832. 98%One Month to GA: .NET 7 Release Candidate 2 Ships -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  835. 84%Unless you’re in the mafia, your company isn’t your family
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  838. 99%JavaScript unit testing frameworks in 2022: A comparison | Raygun Blog
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  840. 99%Feynman’s Restaurant Problem.
  841. 86%Knuth: Recent News
  842. 84%Black Math Horseman - Deerslayer
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  844. 88%fhur
  845. 99%cairo-rs/field_utils.rs at a8e8fa9aa2554e6bfb76d145ab1acd5ff29888e4 · lambdaclass/cairo-rs
  846. 99%cairo-rs/ec_utils.rs at a8e8fa9aa2554e6bfb76d145ab1acd5ff29888e4 · lambdaclass/cairo-rs
  847. 96%Monitor Microservices App using Azure Managed Grafana - Bit of Technology
  848. 97%Posits, a New Kind of Number, Improves the Math of AI
  849. 99%Software Engineering Tips for CLMS Students
  850. 86%What Does Culturally Responsive Teaching Mean in an Online Environment? [w/ASL Interpreting]
  851. 97%Visual Studio for Mac 17.4 Preview 2.1 is now available
  852. 99%Turns are Better than Radians
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  857. 99%Extending supabase with your own backend
  858. 98%Proprietary Environments are a Trap
  859. 98%Get Up To Date with the Latest Features of C# 11
  860. 98%0xPARC
  861. 97%The cost of partial automation
  862. 99%React I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down
  863. 99%PostgresML is Moving to Rust for our 2.0 Release
  864. 99%Test X by Controlling X
  865. 97%Building a Sequencer and a Level Editor for Vectron
  866. 84%An extremely opinionated guide on making friends for people who are exactly like me
  867. 98%C# 11 - Top 5 Features in the new C# Version | Rubik's Code
  868. 98%James Randall
  869. 81%Did GoogleAI Just Snooker One of Silicon Valley’s Sharpest Minds?
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  873. 99%githublog/rolling-your-own-crypto-aes.md at main · francisrstokes/githublog
  874. 97%Ethereum Gateway support for Görli + Sepolia Testnets and the Ethereum Merge
  875. 99%Have You Even Read Kant?
  876. 99%00_README.md
  877. 74%Law & Order: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
  878. 98%Arm64 Performance Improvements in .NET 7
  879. 99%Ed25519 Deep Dive Addendum
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  885. 97%Someone’s Been Messing With My Subnormals!
  886. 89%NASA Selects SiFive and Makes RISC-V the Go-to Ecosystem for Future Space Missions - SiFive
  887. 98%fxhash - Lessons Learned from Implementing "Wave Function Collapse"
  888. 95%Compressing global illumination with neural networks
  889. 81%All poverty is energy poverty
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  892. 94%Lockdown math announcement
  893. 98%My Video Synthesis Journey
  894. 99%Sagio Dev | How to add flow charts, equations and interactive graphs to Markdown documents
  895. 94%Everything Anyone Could Possibly Want to Know About .NET 7 Performance Improvements -- Visual Studio Magazine
  896. 98%It's Actors All The Way Down
  897. 98%[Last Week in .NET #98] – Ad-ing to Microsoft’s Product Line
  898. 98%Raytracing and Raycasting with Signed Distance Functions
  899. 98%Why SQLite? Why Now? 🐇
  900. 94%Why your website should be under 14kb in size
  901. 97%Why do arrays start at 0?
  902. 97%Trying Out Machine Learning
  903. 99%Fixed Partitions
  904. 95%A Peek at Latest C# 11 Features Coming in November with .NET 7 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  905. 99%Bootstrapping LTE Physical channels
  906. 98%A Fresh Look at HLS Value - FPGA'er
  907. 89%C# 11 preview: generic math, required members, and more
  908. 99%The Dark Side of Polyfilling CSS
  909. 81%Nobody Wants to Teach Anymore
  910. 95%The AArch64 processor (aka arm64), part 17: Manipulating flags
  911. 99%ANOVA Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  912. 99%Deconstructing Bézier curves
  913. 96%How Did I Become Database Engineer at 23
  914. 99%Invert a function using Newton iterations
  915. 82%Why aren't smart people happier?
  916. 99%From roots to polynomials
  917. 98%Intro to Graphics 06 - 3D Transformations
  918. 98%⭐️ No more
  919. 99%Stewart Platform Head Massager
  920. 93%Jigzilla: the puzzle solving robot (part 1)
  921. 99%C# Converting Bytes To Kilobytes and Beyond
  922. 85%Post-quantum encryption contender is taken out by single-core PC and 1 hour
  923. 99%The LogBeta and LogGamma Functions Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  924. 97%Load Balancing with Weighted Pools
  925. 95%Understanding Jane Street
  926. 98%Crimes with Python's Pattern Matching • Hillel Wayne
  927. 83%What happened to the inventors?
  928. 98%Running Zig with WASI on Cloudflare Workers
  929. 98%Shor, I’ll do it
  930. 59%Knuth: Recent News
  931. 99%EdgeDB 2.0 | EdgeDB Blog
  932. 94%The AArch64 processor (aka arm64), part 3: Addressing modes
  933. 97%Python is Actually Portable
  934. 98% Critique of Pure Hooks · Dave Martin's Blog
  935. 98% My experience with EdgeDB · divan's blog
  936. 97%Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David: 9781617296710: Amazon.com: Books
  937. 99%Using Visual Studio Notebooks for learning C#
  938. 99%Introducing FsSpec
  939. 94%~icefox/garnet - sourcehut hg
  940. 82%Practical Deep Learning for Coders 2022
  941. 99%Lightweight Mathematical Combinations Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  942. 98%Using Apache Kafka to process 1 trillion messages
  943. 82%Engineers on brink of extinction threaten entire ecosystems
  944. 97%Algorithms by Jeff Erickson
  945. 77%Recording: Non relational data modeling & Database engine internals
  946. 78%Upcoming webinar: Involving RavenDB in your Messaging Transactions
  947. 99%Six Programming Languages I'd Like to See
  948. 98%Production postmortem: Your math is wrong, recursion doesn’t work this way
  949. 87%35,000 new trees in Nova Scotia
  950. 91%Understanding Blockchain Latency and Throughput - Paradigm
  951. 57%Unchecked AB Testing Destroys Everything it Touches
  952. 66%Thoughts on the potato diet
  953. 93%Working in the software industry, circa 1989
  954. 95%How To Convert Class Components to Hooks—Modernize React App
  955. 99%Succinct FSharp
  956. 98%Spotify’s Authorization Code Flow For Dummies
  957. 67%The Nested Corner Case — Carlos Nuila
  958. 78%My interview at Productive C#
  959. 97%Scaling our Spreadsheet Engine from Thousands to Billions of Cells - The Causal Blog
  960. 99%What’s New In Python 3.11 — Python 3.11.0b3 documentation
  961. 94%What would DNA sound if synthesized to an audio file
  962. 89%Celebrating the Standard Model: The Forces of Nature
  963. 66%NIST Announces First Four Quantum-Resistant Cryptographic Algorithms
  964. 69%nabeelqu
  965. 99%.NET R&D Digest (June, 2022)
  966. 99%SOLID Principles in C#
  967. 98%GitHub - hemanth/functional-programming-jargon: Jargon from the functional programming world in simple terms!
  968. 98%Implementing Simple Neural Network in C# | Rubik's Code
  969. 85%Pure Functions and Side Effects in JavaScript
  970. 82%Computing on the Baire Space – my Sochi talk
  971. 96%Visualizing Algorithms
  972. 99%Challenge: Find the stack smash bug… – answer
  973. 99%C# vNext - What could come
  974. 95%Thomas H. Ptacek
  975. 95%Searching for Chaos
  976. 96%CAP or no CAP? Understanding when the CAP theorem applies and what it means.
  977. 93%Contra Wirecutter on the IKEA air purifier
  978. 93%C# 11 - Top 5 Features in the new C# Version | Rubik's Code
  979. 99%Modern JavaScript, 10 things you should be using, starting today
  980. 98%Should I avoid LINQ for performance reasons?
  981. 81%The Law of Contradiction
  982. 95%Release notes — fish-shell 3.5.0 documentation
  983. 99%Runs Testing Using C# Simulation -- Visual Studio Magazine
  984. 97%The Animated Elliptic Curve
  985. 83%The Silent Majority of Experts
  986. 96%C# 11 static abstract members - NDepend
  987. 98%A coding interview with GPT-3
  988. 99%Building a Tool to Search Graduation Photos With Facial Recognition — Jerome Paulos
  989. 98%⚡️ The computers are fast, but you don't know it
  990. 92%Another Optimization Exercise – Packing Sparse Headers
  991. 91%Some ways to use ZK-SNARKs for privacy
  992. 99%Announcing .NET 7 Preview 5
  993. 84%Thresholding, Edge, Contour and Line Detection with OpenCV
  994. 99%High performance .NET: Building a Redis Clone–separation of computation & I/O
  995. 98%Hands-on: X25519 Key Exchange
  996. 98%.NET 7 Preview 5 - Generic Math
  997. 85%How I've made $50,000 Profit from a Side Project Slack Bot
  998. 55%Please, don't build another Large Hadron Collider.
  999. 84%Chrome Shortcuts I Use Everyday
  1000. 92%Using math expressions in github markdown
  1001. 88%I Cheated on My Microsoft Interview | The Facet Blog
  1002. 66%Episode 232: Cutting Edge ZK Research with Mary Maller - ZK Podcast
  1003. 96%Probit Regression Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1004. 52%Twelve Virtues of Rationality – Eliezer S. Yudkowsky
  1005. 62%Cats, Running, Guns, Punk Rock. In That Order.
  1006. 98%Building resilient private APIs using Amazon API Gateway | Amazon Web Services
  1007. 98%Day 2 - Packages, Variables, and Functions Oh My!
  1008. 61%The Man Who Revolutionized Computer Science With Math
  1009. 70%container-apps-image-classifier/Program.cs at main · anthonychu/container-apps-image-classifier
  1010. 89%The Man Who Revolutionized Computer Science With Math
  1011. 79%278: Bicycle Repair Man
  1012. 99%Preliminary Learning ON Kimchi: PLONK
  1013. 77%4 Emerging Data Monetization Models Disrupting Businesses
  1014. 61%Teach Your Kids Bridge - Speculative Branches
  1015. 96%Math on GitHub: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  1016. 58%Tether Required Recapitalization In May 2022
  1017. 99%Math support in Markdown | The GitHub Blog
  1018. 95%Render mathematical expressions in Markdown | GitHub Changelog
  1019. 98%wtf is Clojure inlining anyway
  1020. 98%Weighted k-NN Classification Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1021. 89%Computing Expert Says Programmers Need More Math | Quanta Magazine
  1022. 90%When Reinventing the Wheel Makes Sense
  1023. 91%😵‍💫 Why billing systems are a nightmare for engineers
  1024. 87%Please Stop Using Grey Text
  1025. 99%Improved Falling Sand
  1026. 98%Quick comparison of pricing of Simple Storage Services
  1027. 93%‎PDF Reflow
  1028. 92%Network performance update: Platform Week
  1029. 90%Many software companies are a joke
  1030. 68%Data As Music
  1031. 80%The problem with bitcoin miners
  1032. 99%MSBuildSdks/Robocopy.cs at main · microsoft/MSBuildSdks
  1033. 90%Some Cryptography Books I Like
  1034. 94%The Lost 4-Dimensional Rotation
  1035. 70%How to get rid of gerrymandering: the math is surprising
  1036. 99%C# Method to Check if a Number is Prime
  1037. 99%Image Classification With TensorFlow.js
  1038. 99%Check if a Number is a Power of 2 in C# - Code Maze
  1039. 54%It's probably not just chess and language, so how much potential is getting thrown away?
  1040. 91%My PhD Research Workflow – Tony Zorman
  1041. 94%Why I don't miss React: a story about using the platform - Jack Franklin
  1042. 99%Combinations, permutations, and derangements - Simple Talk
  1043. 98%n+7 writing — Brady Haran
  1044. 99%Naive Bayes Classification Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1045. 72%The Universe of Discourse : Mental illness, attention deficit disorder, and suffering
  1046. 84%My experience getting a tech job with no degree or relevant work experience
  1047. 95%How I draw figures for my mathematical lecture notes using Inkscape
  1048. 87%Online Identity
  1049. 64%I accidentally loaned all my money to the US government
  1050. 98%Why Train When You Can Optimize?
  1051. 71%Writing for Engineers
  1052. 81%Ultimate List of After-School Enrichment Activities, Classes & Programs
  1053. 97%Production postmortem: Deduplicating replication speed
  1054. 84%How I Earned $160,000 in Passive Income from Writing Non-fiction Books
  1055. 91%It Took Me 10 Years to Understand Entropy, Here is What I Learned.
  1056. 92%csharplang/relaxing_shift_operator_requirements.md at main · dotnet/csharplang
  1057. 95%Technology ROI Discussions are Broken - Ken Kantzer's Blog
  1058. 62%Shtetl-Optimized
  1059. 97%The Maybe monad
  1060. 99%Apply optimizations to the client as well · davidfowl/BombRMan@f813bdb
  1061. 75%Japan's Hometown Tax | Kalzumeus Software
  1062. 99%Use some new features · davidfowl/BombRMan@d69ad03
  1063. 89%I stopped working on black hole information loss. Here’s why.
  1064. 99%GitHub - xoofx/markdig: A fast, powerful, CommonMark compliant, extensible Markdown processor for .NET
  1065. 99%Async and Async Void Event Handling in WPF
  1066. 88%My lazy Wordle strategy: same words every time
  1067. 82%Cost of Living the Cloud Life: Fossil fuel consumption as a service
  1068. 90%Web color is still broken
  1069. 98%Things I would like to see in a computer algebra system
  1070. 98%Emacs Configuration Generator
  1071. 96%Taxonomy Of In-The-Wild Exploitation
  1072. 95%Exponentially Better Rotations
  1073. 96%C# 11 Preview Updates - Raw string literals, UTF-8 and more!
  1074. 79%Mental speed is high until age 60 as revealed by analysis of over a million participants - Nature Human Behaviour
  1075. 94%Learnings after 500 commits to my vimrc | I am Sang
  1076. 89%csharplang/unsigned-right-shift-operator.md at main · dotnet/csharplang
  1077. 97%Refactoring Toward Algorithms in Elixir
  1078. 85%Weird Unicode Math Symbols
  1080. 99%Try-Catch Block in C# - Code Maze
  1081. 91%MTG Game Analysis
  1082. 84%Why Is Everyone Bad at Math?
  1083. 75%Shanghai Residents Struggle With Strict 'Zero-COVID' Policy
  1084. 99%Random Class in C# - Code Maze
  1085. 98%Typescript as fast as Rust: Typescript++
  1086. 55%The Scoop: Inside Fast’s Rapid Collapse
  1087. 84%The computers used to do 3D animation for Final Fantasy VII... in 1996.
  1088. 94%Project Overview ‹ λ-2D: An Exploration of Drawing as Programming Language, Featuring Ideas from Lambda Calculus – MIT Media Lab
  1089. 85%σ-driven project management: when is the optimal time to give up?
  1090. 88%C# Pattern Matching Explained - NDepend
  1091. 96%A Tale of Yak Shaving: Accidentally Making a Language, for an Engine, for a Game
  1092. 96%Essential Cryptography for JavaScript Developers | With Blue Ink
  1093. 71%I ❤️ Microscopes • Hillel Wayne
  1094. 97%Total Functions and Partial Functions
  1095. 99%A Deep dive into Ed25519 Signatures
  1096. 99%Implementing cosine in C from scratch
  1097. 63%(Approximately) correcting perspective with C# (fixing a blurry presentation video - part two)
  1098. 97%Let's Make Some Art - Part 2
  1099. 55%We are reinstating our SAT/ACT requirement for future admissions cycles | MIT Admissions
  1100. 83%Decentralized Identity: The Basics of Decentralized Identity
  1101. 67%How to add thousands of lights to your renderer and not die in the process
  1102. 76%Metrics For Your Web Application's Dashboards
  1103. 99%How Side Effects Work in FP
  1104. 98%Using RSA Securely in 2022 - Dhole Moments
  1105. 96%Detecting pitch with the Web Audio API and autocorrelation · Caffeinspiration
  1106. 77%This was the first step in the interview process at Canonical
  1107. 77%This was the first step in the interview process at Canonical
  1108. 83%How I learned to stop worrying and structure all writing as a list
  1109. 96%H.264 is magic: a technical walkthrough of a remarkable technology.
  1110. 99%NVD - CVE-2022-23812
  1111. 96%Roll your own crypto, then smoke it.
  1112. 64%Finding the brightest area in an image with C# (fixing a blurry presentation video - part one)
  1113. 91%RP2040 Doom
  1114. 99%C++ OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial 5: Animations
  1115. 71%Teaching is a slow process of becoming everything you hate
  1116. 94%Zhenghao
  1117. 99%Qalculate! - the ultimate desktop calculator
  1118. 83% 3.1 — blender.org
  1119. 97%Some tiny personal programs I've written
  1120. 99%Loop Around Index with C# Collections
  1121. 99%Boredcaveman | Post 0x2
  1122. 98%WebGPU — All of the cores, none of the canvas — surma.dev
  1123. 90%Math — Susan Rigetti
  1124. 99%GW-BASIC Source Notes | OS/2 Museum
  1125. 89%'Speak directly!': Putin has tense exchange with his chief spy
  1126. 57%My Journey To Chess Mastery — Behavioral Value Investor
  1127. 85%Numbers Every Programmer Should Know By Year
  1128. 99%Code Review How To: Organization
  1129. 83%The problem with averages - Simple Talk
  1130. 99%Image Style Transfer With C#, ONNX, and ImageSharp
  1131. 93%Introducing Ballast: An Adaptive Load Test Framework
  1132. 99%test1.glsl
  1133. 68%Someone should probably start a bright home lighting company
  1134. 96%Infinite Memory
  1135. 87%GitLab Critical Security Release: 14.8.2, 14.7.4, and 14.6.5
  1136. 89%Fuzzing for wolfSSL
  1137. 92%Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem, in Bash
  1138. 98%Rubik’s Cube for Beginners (Version 2.0). C# Application with 3D Graphics and Animation. VS2022 .NET6
  1139. 98%sneklang
  1140. 84%Learn to Listen
  1141. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part VII–implementing authenticated encryption
  1142. 99%Simple Passwordless User Authorization
  1143. 95%Dirty Nix flake quality-of-life hacks
  1144. 79%A Week Of Mathematical Outreach, The Good, The Ba(r)d And The Ugly
  1145. 81%The Unreasonable Math of Type 1 Diabetes
  1146. 73%AWS S3: Why sometimes you should press the $100k button | cyclic.sh
  1147. 97%Badly implementing encryption: Part V–nonce reuse
  1148. 93%Music theory for nerds
  1149. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part IV–keyed hash function
  1150. 95%/adam/mind-games/productivity/strategies-i-use-to-help-with-my-adhd/to-do-list-algorithm (Smosa)
  1151. 82%Learn Privacy-Enhancing Techniques with Cryptographic Games
  1152. 73%Akamai To Acquire Linode to Provide Businesses with a Developer-friendly and Massively-distributed Platform to Build, Run and Secure Next Generation Applications | Akamai
  1153. 96%My thoughts on writing a Minecraft server from scratch (in Bash)
  1154. 64%Why won’t anyone teach her math?
  1155. 97%The simple system I’m using to stay in touch with hundreds of people
  1156. 96%Inside look at modern web browser (part 1)  |  Web  |  Google Developers
  1157. 92%Predicting OverWatch™ Match Outcomes with 90% Accuracy
  1158. 70%Why won’t anyone teach me math?
  1159. 98%Kimchi: The latest update to Mina’s proof system
  1160. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part I
  1161. 98%EdgeDB 1.0 | EdgeDB Blog
  1162. 99%How to use TaskEither in fpdart – Sandro Maglione
  1163. 94%Semantic Compression
  1164. 99%Some mistakes Rust doesn't catch
  1165. 95%On finding the average of two unsigned integers without overflow - The Old New Thing
  1166. 99%10 Cosmos DB provider enhancements in EF Core 6
  1167. 99%Debug attributes in .NET
  1168. 85%lon lat lon lat lon - macwright.com
  1169. 77%Weekly Update 281
  1170. 77%Weekly Update 281
  1171. 93%The Lightning Speed Setup for Lightning Speed LaTeX
  1172. 92%Jay's Blog
  1173. 96%Rustenstein 3D: Game programming like it's 1992 - NextRoll
  1174. 99%Let’s build something Outrageous – Part 17: Bulk Traversals
  1175. 96%How to recommend books, or, stop recommending SICP
  1176. 56%Reflections on six months of fatherhood
  1177. 98%.NET R&D Digest (January, 2022)
  1178. 97%What is the Inverse of a Circle?
  1179. 93%black
  1180. 96%In defense of NIR
  1181. 86%Aho/Ullman Foundations of Computer Science
  1182. 58%PQShield raises $20M for its quantum-ready, future-proof cryptographic security solutions – TechCrunch
  1183. 96%Colors in .NET: An In-Depth Guide
  1184. 99%Building a Vaporwave scene with Three.js - Maxime Heckel's Blog
  1185. 99%Introducing Minimal Real-Time API for .NET
  1186. 99%Implementing a file pager in Zig: Write behind implementation
  1187. 85%Are We Really Engineers? • Hillel Wayne
  1188. 99%CC #9: A Wild ECDSA Appears!
  1189. 99%Implementing a file pager in Zig: Write behind policies
  1190. 98%Get C# Metadata From a Call Site
  1191. 95%How to use Org Mode and Hugo for a better scientific blogging – STRM
  1192. 97%Failing to Learn Zig via Advent of Code - ForrestTheWoods
  1193. 92%Those Computers In Your Head
  1194. 86%Effortless personal productivity (or how I learned to love my monkey mind)
  1195. 99%Implementing a file pager in Zig: Writing data
  1196. 87%Why Galesburg Has No Money
  1197. 97%GitHub - o1-labs/snapp-resource-kit: This repository is a resource kit contains links to all code, tools, documentation, and learning materials necessary to successfully become a snapp developer and contributor. Add your projects or findings here!
  1198. 55%Lockdown math announcement
  1199. 98%Implementing a file pager in Zig: Reclaiming memory
  1200. 85%I Think I Know Why You Can’t Hire Engineers Right Now
  1201. 95%Window.js
  1202. 99%Machine Learning in Xamarin.Forms with ONNX Runtime
  1203. 96%Rachit Nigam | PhD Candidate, Cornell University
  1204. 92%Math Class in C# - Code Maze
  1205. 92%Simplicity of IRC - Susam's Maze
  1206. 95%Angular Basics: Introduction to Observables (RxJS)—Part 1
  1207. 91%How we handle 80TB and 5M page views a month for under $400
  1208. 98%Neural Network From Scratch
  1209. 98%The ultimate SQLite extension set
  1210. 99%Chi-Square Test Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1211. 98%Expression-bodied Members in C# - Code Maze
  1212. 99%How Telegram Messenger circumvents Google Translate's API
  1213. 99%When to Use Static Classes in C# - Code Maze
  1214. 73%How bad are bad fundraising terms?
  1215. 60%25 Anti-Mimetic Tactics for Living a Counter-Cultural Life - Epsilon Theory
  1216. 94%The story of the 3dfx Voodoo1
  1217. 98%How did the Enigma Machine work?
  1218. 79%Markus Captain Kaarlonen - Space Debris
  1219. 92%Telling the Time with Computer Vision - Jinay Jain
  1220. 67%The Growth-Severity Confound
  1221. 96%JavaScript Modules – A Beginner's Guide
  1222. 96%Partial functions and total functions
  1223. 99%GitHub - inconvergent/weird: Generative art in Common Lisp
  1224. 99%How "out" works in C# and why "in" can make or break your performance
  1225. 99%How to create a Telegram Bot with Azure Functions (NET 6, isolated process) - Coding with Miszu
  1226. 82%Worked example of automata runs as sheaves
  1227. 95%Cubic Bézier: from math to motion - Maxime Heckel's Blog
  1228. 97%Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David: 9781617296710: Amazon.com: Books
  1229. 90%How a Kalman filter works, in pictures
  1230. 96%Creating and morphing Lego faces with neural networks
  1231. 73%An alarming trend in K-12 math education: a guest post and an open letter
  1232. 82%Reality has a surprising amount of detail
  1233. 91%Webrise
  1234. 98%Senior Program Manager in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  1235. 75%Episode 88 - Making Cross-Platform Games in .NET With Evan Wolbach
  1236. 86%100 years of whatever this will be
  1237. 97%Visualize It
  1238. 89%I have no idea what I’m doing
  1239. 97%Floating Point Visually Explained
  1240. 97%The Party Math Trick
  1241. 91%My Custom CSS Reset
  1242. 95%The Great Internet Mystery - Cicada 3301 by Dave Plummer
  1243. 84%Coin Vol-II Hedging your BTC/ETH - The basics
  1244. 82%Happy and Alex MVP
  1245. 99%GitHub - s9w/oof: Convenient, high-performance RGB color and position control for console output
  1246. 96%The Joy of Cryptography
  1247. 93%New Kind of Paper, part 4
  1248. 82%Only 90s Web Developers Remember This
  1249. 93%The Universe of Discourse : In simple English, what does it mean to be transcendental?
  1250. 87%Episode 19: Sláine Carey — PATHS UNCOVERED
  1251. 82%Episode 87 - Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity with Harrison Ferrone
  1252. 98%Global Usings – A Look at New Language Features in C# 10 | The .NET Tools Blog
  1253. 84%Poisson's Equation
  1254. 99%Implementing CHIP-8 in Jack
  1255. 95%A Manager’s Secret for Engineers to Advancement and Promotion
  1256. 85%T-Wand: Beat Lucene in Less Than 600 Lines of Code
  1257. 94%The Trouble With Platforms
  1258. 98%dmca/2021-11-12-hackerrank.md at master · github/dmca
  1259. 99%Simulating an XY oscilloscope on the GPU
  1260. 98%Receptive Field Calculations for Convolutional Neural Networks
  1261. 94%Writing new system software
  1262. 99%C# 10 new feature CallerArgumentExpression, argument check and more
  1263. 99%C# 10 new feature CallerArgumentExpression, argument check and more
  1264. 82%Dolphin Progress Report: September and October 2021
  1265. 80%Higher Maths for Beginners : Ya. B. Zeldovich, I. M. Yaglom : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  1266. 94%How Not To Sort By Average Rating
  1267. 96%Spotify Codes - Part 2
  1268. 97%Using the Online Thumby IDE
  1269. 87%Threshold Digital Signatures
  1270. 97%C# 10 Falls Just a Bit Short
  1271. 99%The Surreal Horror of PAM
  1272. 94%SLO Alerting for Mortals
  1273. 99%Reader as a profunctor
  1274. 99%Technical Advisory – Arbitrary Signature Forgery in Stark Bank ECDSA Libraries
  1275. 99%Welcome to C# 10
  1276. 69%Matter Labs Announces $50M in New Funding for zkSync
  1277. 99%LaTeX Input for Impatient Scholars
  1278. 99%GitHub - axelarnetwork/tofn: A threshold cryptography library in Rust
  1279. 89%How credit cards make money
  1280. 91%PAKEs, oPRFs, algebra, feat. George Tankersley - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  1281. 98%Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David: 9781617296710: Amazon.com: Books
  1282. 97%What is the Inverse of a Vector?
  1283. 99%Long live the Monolith! Monolithic Architecture != Big Ball of Mud
  1284. 88%Intro to Graphics 19 - Ray Tracing
  1285. 61%I'm offering my first Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Class | Brightball, Inc
  1286. 96%COP26.org: A quick sustainability check
  1287. 97%3Blue1Brown - SoME1 results
  1288. 82%The Strange Path of Accepting How Your Brain Works · Caffeinspiration
  1289. 85%Financial innovations brought by technology
  1290. 96%4 common C# naming patterns you should know #Shorts
  1291. 98%The Case Of A Stuck LoadLibrary Call
  1292. 97%On .NET Live - Learning .NET with .NET Book Study
  1293. 97%Intro to Graphics 17 - The Rendering Equation
  1294. 73%On-chain, The Emperor Wears No Clothes
  1295. 99%Immutable C#
  1296. 95%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1297. 97%The strangely difficult problem of drawing a box around text
  1298. 98%How WhatsApp scaled to 1 billion users with only 50 engineers
  1299. 79%Community Banking and Fintech
  1300. 95%A mathematical analysis of Squid Game, game 5
  1301. 99%SRP is Now Deprecated - TobTu
  1302. 99%Exploring C# 10: Global Using Declarations
  1303. 97%Hot Reload removed from dotnet watch - Why? · Issue #22247 · dotnet/sdk
  1304. 99%What's New in EF Core 6.0
  1305. 92%We Just Gave $154,999.89 to Open Source Maintainers
  1306. 98%Introducing Android™ Apps on Windows 11 to Windows Insiders
  1307. 99%Leaking Value Objects from your Domain
  1308. 89%I Suck at Chess – Phaetere
  1309. 87%The Cheapest Healthy Diet - Luke Rissacher's Blog
  1310. 99%What's New in EF Core 6.0
  1311. 96%18 Machine Learning Best Practices | Rubik's Code
  1312. 99%WinBox - HTML5 window manager
  1313. 99%What Do I Want from My Next Job?
  1314. 99%jott - as_strided
  1315. 95%What is your labor worth? Tech compensation in 2021 - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  1316. 98%Lockdown math announcement
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  1324. 99%Fundamentals of Computing with .NET
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  1327. 97%The Insane Innovation of TI Calculator Hobbyists
  1328. 99%Quickly Populate a New JavaScript Array
  1329. 99%The most counterintuitive facts in all of mathematics, computer science, and physics
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  1332. 98%Why I like to code
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  1335. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: The record layer
  1336. 89%I keep making things out of checkboxes
  1337. 90%NFT Projects are just MLMs for Tech Elites
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  1349. 99%Maybe the Spaghetti Code Conjecture is False
  1350. 59%2006: Dwarf Fortress
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  1359. 94%The shape of dinosaur eggs
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  1362. 99%HTTP/3 support in .NET 6
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  1364. 95%How to Lead a More Rational Life with Bayes' Theorem
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  1367. 99%Should Controllers Reference Repositories or Services
  1368. 98%Turing Oversold
  1369. 99%CSS Variables + calc() + rgb() = Enforcing High Contrast Colors
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  1371. 99%Ray casting in 2D game engines
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  1377. 98%csharplang/LDM-2021-08-30.md at main · dotnet/csharplang
  1378. 99%Integration Testing: IHost Lifecycle with NUnit
  1379. 99%Integration Testing: IHost Lifecycle with xUnit.Net
  1380. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1381. 98%Welcome · Real-World Cryptography MEAP V14
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  1391. 99%stb_truetype antialiased rasterizer
  1392. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
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  1394. 99%Rebuilding StronglyTypedId as a source generator - 1.0.0-beta release: Using strongly-typed entity IDs to avoid primitive obsession - Part 7
  1395. 99%New .NET 6 APIs driven by the developer community
  1396. 98%Don’t starve, Diablo – Parallax 7
  1397. 99%GitHub - ManimCommunity/manim: A community-maintained Python framework for creating mathematical animations.
  1398. 99%Intro to Mathematical Planning with F# | #dotNETConf: Focus on F#
  1399. 99%How I Learned To Stop FUD And Stay SAFE | #dotNETConf: Focus on F#
  1400. 94%Asking nicely for root command execution (and getting it)
  1401. 99%Auditing Cryptography: #Zcon2Lite
  1402. 97%You don't need to work on hard problems
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  1425. 99%JavaScript needs more helper functions for iteration (map, filter, etc.) – where should we put them?
  1426. 99%Testing web services secured by JWT tokens with Alba v5
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  1441. 99%Inserting and removing characters: A deep dive on StringBuilder - Part 4
  1442. 99%Power of composition with map and bind
  1443. 95%Spreadsheet Formulas for Personal Finance
  1444. 99%fsharp-presentations/on-teaching-operators.md at master · dsyme/fsharp-presentations
  1445. 95%How I built a business that lets me live on the beach full time
  1446. 79%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
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  1448. 97%Prime Number Factors that Solve N = p * q, Snyder, Bobby Joe - Amazon.com
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  1451. 85%Reconsidering the way I explain programming
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  1456. 88%Axelar Guest Speaker Series with Mary Maller | Aggregatable Distributed Key Generation
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  1458. 88%On Smartness
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  1487. 84%Acme Klein Bottle
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  1490. 86%“The Martian” + Starship
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  1495. 92%Math.Clamp Method (System)
  1496. 99%Does CAP Theorem apply to Microservices?
  1497. 98%Ignore the King(man) at your own peril
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  1524. 98%The humble hash aggregate
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  1526. 93%Math Has a Fatal Flaw
  1527. 99%On .NET Live - Thinking about Applications Security Threats and OWASP
  1528. 99%The best cryptographic protocol ever!
  1529. 99%Conversation about the .NET type system | .NET Blog
  1530. 98%Lockdown math announcement
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  1532. 99%Search Box/Bar/Field with Blazor WebAssembly using Blazored.Typeahead | Blazor E-Commerce Series #11
  1533. 99%A/B testing without a backend using only JavaScript and your analytics
  1534. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1535. 93%This is Math's Fatal Flaw
  1536. 96%Coding Adventure: Terraforming
  1537. 98%Elliptic Curve Cryptography Explained
  1538. 99%Where are types allocated in .NET and why people get it so wrong
  1539. 94%New USB-C Type 2.1 standard offers up to 240 W power delivery
  1540. 94%Axelar Guest Speaker Series with Chelsea Komlo | FROST: Flexible Round-Optimized Schnorr Threshold
  1541. 99%What do shells do, and do we need them?
  1542. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1543. 77%Don't Teach Statistics in High School
  1544. 98%Lockdown math announcement
  1545. 92%Top to bottom; bottom to top
  1546. 92%You Probably Shouldn’t Work at a Startup
  1547. 98%Spintronics: Build mechanical circuits
  1548. 98%Factoring in logarithmic time: a mathemagic trick
  1549. 99%Extending the calculator implementation: Creating a Simple Moving Average calculator in C# - Part 3
  1550. 99%VLC Media Player in Xamarin Forms (Alternative AVPlayer AndMediaPlayer)
  1551. 99%How SpaceX lands Starship. (sort of)
  1552. 99%C# | Modern, open-source programming language for .NET
  1553. 98%Atlas
  1554. 99%.NET News Roundup - Week of May 3rd, 2021
  1555. 95%Are some personalities just better?
  1556. 99%PYFL: Putting the fun back in functional programming
  1557. 99%Generating Synthetic Data Using a Variational Autoencoder with PyTorch -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  1559. 97%How to Teach Math?
  1560. 94%Crazy New Ideas
  1561. 99%What are Closures in C# and why you NEED to know about them
  1562. 56%30% Federal tax offset for videogame development announced
  1563. 99%String.Format Method (System)
  1564. 98%Intro to Graphics 12 - Triangular Meshes
  1565. 96%Philosophy — Susan Rigetti
  1566. 84%blog dot cloud and tree dot com
  1567. 94%Cryptocurrency is an abject disaster
  1568. 95%Dabbling in Cryptography
  1569. 97%Blazor WebAssembly : Logging to Database | Implementing Custom Logger Provider - EP27
  1570. 98%Understanding JavaScript’s Array Reduce
  1571. 99%Crypto miners are killing free CI
  1572. 99%Solving a Mystery Behavior of parseInt() in JavaScript
  1573. 98%Physics — Susan Rigetti
  1574. 99%Why Specifications Don't Compose • Hillel Wayne
  1575. 99%Machine Learning with ML.NET - NLP with BERT
  1576. 96%Problems | Project Lovelace
  1577. 99%Adding a rough draft of the "minimum viable product" for the .NET Libraries APIs to support generic math by tannergooding · Pull Request #205 · dotnet/designs
  1578. 98%Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?
  1579. 99%Java is criminally underhyped
  1580. 99%Why Rust strings seem hard
  1581. 98%Why is Python popular despite being accused of being slow?
  1582. 99%Adding a rough draft of the "minimum viable product" for the .NET Libraries APIs to support generic math by tannergooding · Pull Request #205 · dotnet/designs
  1583. 99%RAD Basic: a 100% compatible Visual Basic 6 solution
  1584. 99%Add chrome 0day · r4j0x00/exploits@7ba55e5
  1585. 99%Tracking Cloudflare Worker requests using Application Insights - Gérald Barré
  1586. 94%John Horton Conway - Wikipedia
  1587. 94%Machine Learning With ML.NET - Evaluation Metrics
  1588. 94%How I started my programming journey - Filip Iulian Pacurar (Filipac)
  1589. 99%Something doesn't add up here
  1590. 90%Evaluating Modest SaaS Business Ideas
  1591. 99%Memoizing recursive functions via the fixed-point Y combinator: Applying functional programming techniques to Javascript
  1592. 99%Creating MicroService with .Net 5
  1593. 94%How the Slowest Computer Programs Illuminate Math’s Fundamental Limits
  1594. 99%Make tests a part of your app
  1595. 97%Update on git.php.net incident - Externals
  1596. 99%Static methods considered evil?
  1597. 88%My Struggle With Probability Theory
  1598. 99%How to convince your product owner to invest more time in technical tasks
  1599. 99%Machine Learning with ML.NET - Object detection with YOLO
  1600. 99%Back to Basics: What Is a Delegate?
  1601. 91%Beautiful PDFs from HTML
  1602. 98%The Beauty of Programming | Bryn Mawr College
  1603. 91%Jeremy Mikkola - The problem with slow tools
  1604. 99%Rocky Jaiswal | Go with functions
  1605. 99%EARRRL – the Estimated Average Recent Request Rate Limiter · Thought Box
  1606. 99%Intro to Graphics 11 - Surfaces
  1607. 99%A categorized list of all Java and JVM features since JDK 8 to 16
  1608. 97%s-macke/VoxelSpace
  1609. 98%Angular Basics: The Scope of This and Arrow Functions
  1610. 99%Using React with D3.js
  1611. 98%Coding Shorts: Demystifying Bitwise Operators in C#
  1612. 85%Valentin Vincendon - A "sudden strong wind": the worst excuse Ever Given?
  1613. 96%Who Do You Want To Be? — Clayton Dorge
  1614. 98%Intro to Graphics 09 - Curves (Part 1)
  1615. 98%Intro to Graphics 07 - GPU Pipeline
  1616. 99%String.Concat Method (System)
  1617. 99%Building a full-text search engine in 150 lines of Python code · Bart de Goede
  1618. 76%Women of Computing
  1619. 98%Why I Became A Software Engineer
  1620. 97%Is There a Case for Programmers to Unionize? - Qvault
  1621. 98%On the Road to StarkNet: A Permissionless STARK-Powered L2 ZK-Rollup
  1622. 99%CourseMaker | Make Online Courses
  1623. 92%Nightingale Diagrams - Numberphile
  1624. 86%Fermat's Last Theorem - Numberphile
  1625. 98%All horses have the same colour · Miguel Torres Costa
  1626. 98%My self-study plan for electrical engineering
  1627. 99%r/crypto - What's stopping the guy who has 2 guesses left to access his $240m bitcoin from copying all the data on the drive and trying again?
  1628. 86%Nightingale Diagrams - Numberphile
  1629. 82%Third Time’s the Cache, No More
  1630. 74%Poker 101 - Johnathan Nader
  1631. 99%The missing explanation of ZK-SNARKs: Part 1
  1632. 92%The 2021 Early-Retirement Update
  1633. 97%Zero Knowledge Proof (with Avi Wigderson) - Numberphile
  1634. 97%Home - manim documentation
  1635. 98%The 5 Common Mistakes Of New Engineering Managers - Ochronus online
  1636. 97%Can an economy keep on growing? - Inverted Passion
  1637. 86%Cuneiform Numbers - Numberphile
  1638. 88%YouTube
  1639. 95%YouTube
  1640. 87%Calculating Pi with Real Pies - Numberphile
  1641. 95%YouTube
  1642. 70%YouTube
  1643. 91%The High Jumping Cosmologist (with Katie Mack) - Numberphile Podcast
  1644. 87%The Trapped Knight - Numberphile
  1645. 72%YouTube
  1646. 89%YouTube
  1647. 99%What’s new in SQLite 3.35
  1648. 99%Key Exchange Standards
  1649. 98%3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development
  1650. 97%A look at search engines with their own indexes
  1651. 99%Partydonk/partydonk
  1652. 82%What Does Any of This Have To Do with Physics? - Issue 43: Heroes - Nautilus
  1653. 99%Block Cipher Structures: Ranked
  1654. 99%Dynamically Creating Components in Angular
  1655. 96%Paths to the Future: A Year at Google Brain
  1656. 93%New Algorithm Breaks Speed Limit for Solving Linear Equations
  1657. 96%A linear interpolation based liquidity pool
  1658. 82%Bill Gates Says that Bitcoin is bad For the Planet
  1659. 93%10 Reasons to Love Passwordless #10: Never use a password
  1660. 83%The Kilobyte’s Gambit ♟️💾 1k chess game
  1661. 98%My journey into game development
  1662. 99%[ANN] Symbolics.jl: A Modern Computer Algebra System for a Modern Language - Community / Package announcements - JuliaLang
  1663. 99%Heavy throttling of chained JS timers beginning in Chrome 88 - Chrome Developers
  1664. 98%Release PyTorch 1.8 Release, including Compiler and Distributed Training updates, New Mobile Tutorials and more · pytorch/pytorch
  1665. 99%Uploading Files With ASP.NET Core and Angular
  1666. 96%WTF# is Mathematical Planning?
  1667. 81%Numberphile
  1668. 99%Release fish 3.2.0 (released March 1, 2021) · fish-shell/fish-shell
  1669. 99%TypeScript Function Syntaxes
  1670. 99%Actually Portable Executables · Blog Needs a Name
  1671. 94%This is my thinly veiled attempt to get you to use a library I wrote.
  1672. 97%Calculating FPS past requestAnimationFrame limit with requestIdleCallback - Blog - Clicktorelease
  1673. 95%NMF Live Performance Series – 2021 National Math Festival
  1674. 95%PODCAST: The High Jumping Cosmologist - with Katie Mack — Numberphile
  1675. 64%The High Jumping Cosmologist - with Katie Mack — The Numberphile Podcast
  1676. 51%‎The Numberphile Podcast on Apple Podcasts
  1677. 62%Why I Moved My Latest StartUp From SF to Tampa - John Sung Kim
  1678. 94%M1 Mac owners are experiencing extremely high SSD writes over short periods of time, likely thanks to aggressive swap
  1679. 99%Solving probability problem with code
  1680. 99%On The Basics of Modeling
  1681. 85%Mathematicians Set Numbers in Motion to Unlock Their Secrets
  1682. 99%Kowainik - Totality
  1683. 95%Silence
  1684. 99%Why do software engineers struggle to write “chunks” function?
  1685. 99%Urbit :: the good, the bad, and the insane
  1686. 98%Remote Heart Rate Detection using Webcam and 50 Lines of Code
  1687. 97%Implement ECC APIs on Android using Android-built-in Crypto APIs by jkoritzinsky · Pull Request #48348 · dotnet/runtime
  1688. 97%Unbiased median absolute deviation based on the Harrell-Davis quantile estimator
  1689. 99%A first-person engine in 265 lines
  1690. 98%rand-net/khan-dl
  1691. 92%Why do we write design documents?
  1692. 58%Statement on New York Times Article
  1693. 66%Decades-Old Computer Science Conjecture Solved in Two Pages
  1694. 99%a fun technique with iframes on the web – ciphrd
  1695. 98%Progress Report January 2021 · yuzu
  1696. 99%The uphill battle of prioritising technical debt - andre.schweighofer
  1697. 92%Crackpot Cryptography and Security Theater
  1698. 98%The Technology of iCircuit 3D
  1699. 95%An Interactive Guide to CSS Transitions
  1700. 99%Algorithms by Jeff Erickson
  1701. 99%Teaching Myself Quantum Mechanics, Part one. |
  1702. 99%A Simple and Succinct Zero Knowledge Proof
  1703. 99%Inline caching: quickening
  1704. 90%The Problem with Young Internet Entrepreneurs - Clayton Horning
  1705. 95%Virtual Event: Matt Parker - Events
  1706. 77%Humble Pi: When Math Goes Wrong in the Real World - Harvard Book Store
  1707. 98%Ruby Garbage Collection Deep Dive: GC::INTERNAL_CONSTANTS
  1708. 92%Threshold Cryptography with Omer Shlomovits from ZenGo
  1709. 93%Computer Graphics form Scratch - Gabriel Gambetta
  1710. 66%‎The Numberphile Podcast on Apple Podcasts
  1711. 64%Rockstar Epidemiologists - with Adam Kucharski — The Numberphile Podcast
  1712. 98%Intro to Graphics 02 - Math Background
  1713. 99%The weirdest compiler bug
  1714. 99%Making GitHub’s new homepage fast and performant - The GitHub Blog
  1715. 97%Baking with machine learning
  1716. 98%Why You ACTUALLY Need Math for Programming
  1717. 99%Using C# Source Generators to create an external DSL | .NET Blog
  1718. 86%Microsoft's New Programming Language for Excel Now Turing Complete -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1719. 95%What it means to be a cryptographer
  1720. 67%Award Extract - Australian Honours Search Facility
  1721. 75%Humble Pi by Matt Parker: 9780593084694 | PenguinRandomHouse.com: Books
  1722. 98%Building a social media platform without going bankrupt: Part I–Laying the numbers
  1723. 96%Quite the reMarkable Device :: FIGBERT
  1724. 96%ASCII Simulation of Colliding Galaxies C++
  1725. 98%Does Building JavaScript Games Make You A Better Developer?
  1726. 99%Dynamic type systems aren't even simpler - hisham.hm
  1727. 99%Download Files with ASP.NET Core Web API and Angular - Code Maze
  1728. 97%Are We Really Engineers? • Hillel Wayne
  1729. 58%I wasted $40k on a fantastic startup idea
  1730. 99%new codebase, who dis? (How to Join a Team and Learn a Codebase)
  1731. 91%Developer-Y/cs-video-courses
  1732. 96%JavaScript Complete Course - Math Object - Part 47
  1733. 98%JavaScript Complete Course - Math Object - Part 48
  1734. 99%Abusing C# For Loops For Job Security
  1735. 99%MP² quantile estimator: estimating the moving median without storing values
  1736. 99%Writing your own NES emulator Part 3 - the 6502 CPU
  1737. 99%Ray Tracing in pure CMake
  1738. 98%David Wong - What is Applied Cryptography? #121 - Develomentor
  1739. 98%David Wong – What is Applied Cryptography? #121
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