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  1. The First Two-Million-Dollar Check (READABLE)
  2. Lights and Shadows – Bartosz Ciechanowski (READABLE)
  3. Building Bootleg BuiltWith – Blog – Emerson Code (READABLE)
  4. The Numeracy Ambassador (with Simon Pampena) - Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  5. Life, part 19 (READABLE)
  6. Create wonderful things, be good, have fun (READABLE)
  7. Markets, discrimination, and "lowering the bar" (READABLE)
  8. Indexing JSONB columns in PostgreSQL | Vsevolod Solovyov (READABLE)
  9. dotnet/machinelearning (READABLE)
  10. Memory-prediction asymmetry (READABLE)
  11. nabeelqu (READABLE)
  12. Following Your Dreams Full-Time Isn't Expensive — farza (READABLE)
  13. Teach Yourself Computer Science (READABLE)
  14. What does culturally responsive teaching mean in an online environment? (READABLE)
  15. Sorting and information theory (READABLE)
  16. This is why we need to #DoTheMath, even on "small" projects. — Strong Towns (READABLE)
  17. My trip through the Starmaze: a world in the 9th dimension (READABLE)
  18. Learn Python for Data Science Full Course - Kharpann (READABLE)
  19. The Grandmaster Who Got Twitch Hooked on Chess (READABLE)
  20. Beautiful Trigonometry - Numberphile (READABLE)
  21. Life, part 15 (READABLE)
  22. Building a command line tool to generate number sequences (READABLE)
  23. Biohacking Lite (READABLE)
  24. What to write down when you’re reading to learn (READABLE)
  25. ECDSA: Handle with Care (READABLE)
  26. Activists rally to save Internet Archive as lawsuit threatens site - Decrypt (READABLE)
  27. (READABLE)
  28. Shapes (READABLE)
  29. NVIDIA/cutlass (READABLE)
  30. The RuboCop Name Drama Redux (READABLE)
  31. 25 million user records leak online from popular math app Mathway | ZDNet (READABLE)
  32. Cliff Stoll on Numberphile (READABLE)
  33. Klein Bottles - Numberphile (READABLE)
  34. .NET ThreadPool starvation, and how queuing makes it worse (READABLE)
  35. Widespread error in Radiance HDR RGBE conversions (READABLE)
  36. The shadow of have to (READABLE)
  37. The online courses you must take to be a better Data Scientist (READABLE)
  38. Personality and Engineering (READABLE)
  39. 25 million user records leak online from popular math app Mathway | ZDNet (READABLE)
  40. How to write a (toy) JVM (READABLE)
  41. Round Rects Are Everywhere! (READABLE)
  42. Violence in Blue (READABLE)
  43. A Surprising Pi and 5 - Numberphile (READABLE)
  44. The radix 2^51 trick (READABLE)
  45. Numberphile (READABLE)
  46. ‎The Numberphile Podcast on Apple Podcasts (READABLE)
  47. The Happy Twin - with Ben Sparks — Numberphile (READABLE)
  48. The Happy Twin - with Ben Sparks — The Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  49. The Happy Twin (with Ben Sparks) - Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  50. LaTeX.css — Make your website look like a LaTeX document (READABLE)
  51. Calca - The Text Editor that Loves Math (READABLE)
  52. The Parker Quiz - with Matt Parker — Numberphile (READABLE)
  53. The Parker Quiz - with Matt Parker — The Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  54. The Parker Quiz - Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  55. ‎The Numberphile Podcast on Apple Podcasts (READABLE)
  56. Adding peephole optimization to Clang | Egor Bogatov — Developer at Microsoft (READABLE)
  57. Graduate Student Solves Decades-Old Conway Knot Problem (READABLE)
  58. Numberphile Hat (READABLE)
  59. A Universe of Sorts (READABLE)
  60. The Effects on Cognition of Sleeping 4 Hours per Night for 12-14 Days: a Pre-Registered Self-Experiment - Alexey Guzey (READABLE)
  61. Life, part 10 (READABLE)
  62. Discrete Mathematics - An Open Introduction (READABLE)
  63. Matrix Factorization - Numberphile (READABLE)
  64. So much of academia is about connections and reputation laundering « Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science (READABLE)
  65. Using Dapper in ASP.NET Core applications (READABLE)
  66. NVIDIA CEO Introduces NVIDIA Ampere Architecture, NVIDIA A100 GPU in News-Packed ‘Kitchen Keynote’ | The Official NVIDIA Blog (READABLE)
  67. NVIDIA’s New Ampere Data Center GPU in Full Production (READABLE)
  68. Matt Parker (standupmaths) on Numberphile (READABLE)
  69. Langton's Ant - Numberphile (READABLE)
  70. In Praise of AutoHotKey • Hillel Wayne (READABLE)
  71. Lockdown Course: Introduction to Cryptography - James Grime (READABLE)
  72. Life, part 8 (READABLE)
  73. How WireMock.NET Can Help in Doing Integration Testing of a .NET Core Application (READABLE)
  74. Racket is 25 (READABLE)
  75. SIGGRAPH 2020 Technical Paper: N-Dimensional Rigid Body Dynamics « Marc ten Bosch (READABLE)
  76. Indian Maths Genius Who Debunked Euler’s Theory, Made it to NYT Front Page Dies at 103 (READABLE)
  77. Euler Squares - Numberphile (READABLE)
  78. Introducing Surface Go 2, Surface Book 3, Surface Headphones 2 and Surface Earbuds | Microsoft Devices Blog (READABLE)
  79. I was tricked into thinking I had “grit” - Second Breakfast (READABLE)
  80. An Adult Cam Site Exposed 10.88 Billion Records (READABLE)
  81. Floating Point Visually Explained (READABLE)
  82. Sequoia - Pricing Your Product (READABLE)
  83. on the usability of editable software (READABLE)
  84. I could do that in a weekend! (READABLE)
  85. How 3D Game Rendering Works: Texturing (READABLE)
  86. Lewis Carroll's Pillow Problem - Numberphile (READABLE)
  87. Vietnam's contact tracing app broadcasting a fixed ID (READABLE)
  88. Airbnb Price Per Night Correcter (READABLE)
  89. Life, part 3 (READABLE)
  90. Fixing Random, part 14 (READABLE)
  91. Fixing Random, part 13 (READABLE)
  92. Fixing Random, part 12 (READABLE)
  93. ‎The Numberphile Podcast: The Accidental Streamer - with 3blue1brown on Apple Podcasts (READABLE)
  94. Scott Miller's answer to Why are Soviet mathematics/physics textbooks so insanely hardcore in comparison to US textbooks? (READABLE)
  95. Why is this Puzzle Impossible? - Numberphile (READABLE)
  96. Matheminecraft: Where math and Minecraft meet (READABLE)
  97. PlayStation Architecture | A Practical Analysis (READABLE)
  98. UnclePaul (READABLE)
  99. ‎The Numberphile Podcast on Apple Podcasts (READABLE)
  100. The Accidental Streamer - with 3blue1brown — Numberphile (READABLE)
  101. The Accidental Streamer - with 3blue1brown — The Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  102. The Accidental Streamer (with 3blue1brown) - Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  103. Squaring The Circle (feat. James Grime) - Objectivity #171 (READABLE)
  104. The Computer Scientist Who Can’t Stop Telling Stories (READABLE)
  105. John Conway (READABLE)
  106. 0.6.0 Release Notes · The Zig Programming Language (READABLE)
  107. Using Alba for Integration Testing ASP.Net Core Web Services (READABLE)
  108. Writing a Book with Pandoc, Make, and Vim — Vladimir Keleshev (READABLE)
  109. ‎The Numberphile Podcast on Apple Podcasts (READABLE)
  110. Life, part 1 (READABLE)
  111. The Legendary John Conway (1937-2020) - Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  112. Saving Money on Internation Payments as a Remote Freelancer (READABLE)
  113. The Legendary John Conway (1937-2020) — The Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  114. The Legendary John Conway (1937-2020) — Numberphile (READABLE)
  115. Welcome back to C++ - Modern C++ (READABLE)
  116. Stop Making Students Use Eclipse (READABLE)
  117. The Daddy of Big Numbers (Rayo's Number) - Numberphile (READABLE)
  118. John Conway on Numberphile (READABLE)
  119. Life, Death and the Monster (John Conway) - Numberphile (READABLE)
  120. A Billion Views — Brady Haran (READABLE)
  121. UNIX: Making Computers Easier To Use -- AT&T Archives film from 1982, Bell Laboratories (READABLE)
  122. Why I’m leaving Elm - (READABLE)
  123. How to Invert a Machine Learning Matrix Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine (READABLE)
  124. Welcome · Real-World Cryptography MEAP V05 (READABLE)
  125. Impossible Squares - Numberphile (READABLE)
  126. Secret iPad (READABLE)
  127. How we recovered over $300K of Bitcoin (READABLE)
  128. How an anti ad-blocker works: Reverse-engineering BlockAdBlock (READABLE)
  129. .NET R&D Digest (March, 2020) (READABLE)
  130. Gondor Calls For Aid (with Kit Yates) - Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  131. Home - Global Math Project (READABLE)
  132. Simulating an epidemic (READABLE)
  133. 10 Most(ly dead) Influential Programming Languages • Hillel Wayne (READABLE)
  134. 10 Most(ly dead) Influential Programming Languages • Hillel Wayne (READABLE)
  135. Speeding up Linux disk encryption (READABLE)
  136. How I Became a Better Programmer (READABLE)
  137. How to Train a Machine Learning Radial Basis Function Network Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine (READABLE)
  138. `zig cc`: a Powerful Drop-In Replacement for GCC/Clang (READABLE)
  139. Ray Tracing in One Weekend Series (READABLE)
  140. Unsure Calculator (READABLE)
  141. A Quick Garbled Circuits Primer (READABLE)
  142. 3 Ways to Draw Squares Inside Triangles - Numberphile (READABLE)
  143. (READABLE)
  144. Frog Jumping - Numberphile (READABLE)
  145. A Digression on Divergence (READABLE)
  146. Announcing F# 5 preview 1 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  147. Brilliant | Learn to think (READABLE)
  148. Khan Academy | Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice (READABLE)
  149. Here's The Entire List of Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions Due to School Closings (READABLE)
  150. The good parts of AWS - A visual summary (READABLE)
  151. unStuck at Home (READABLE)
  152. Physics Notes (READABLE)
  153. Numberphile is creating Videos | Patreon (READABLE)
  154. Getting started with shaders: signed distance functions! (READABLE)
  155. [TUHS] The most surprising Unix programs (READABLE)
  156. Mesolabe Compass and Square Roots - Numberphile (READABLE)
  157. Pi on Numberphile (READABLE)
  158. The polygons of Another World: Atari Jaguar (READABLE)
  159. Nintendo NES FamiCom Creator - Computerphile (READABLE)
  160. Nintendo NES FamiCom Creator - Computerphile (READABLE)
  161. New flaw in Intel chips lets attackers slip their own data into secure enclave – TechCrunch (READABLE)
  162. An Eye for Mathematics (feat. 3Blue1Brown) - Objectivity #222 (READABLE)
  163. Covid-19, your community, and you — a data science perspective (READABLE)
  164. LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR: Alan Turing and the Enigma Machine (READABLE)
  165. How I made a 3D game in only 2KB of JavaScript (READABLE)
  166. (READABLE)
  167. #WomenInScience (READABLE)
  168. Not a 'math person'? You may be better at learning to code than you think (READABLE)
  169. Miguel de Icaza (READABLE)
  170. Cloud Storage for $2 / TB / Mo (READABLE)
  171. How to Make Yourself Into a Learning Machine (READABLE)
  172. Love and Math: The Heart of Hidden Reality: Edward Frenkel: 8601419969265: Books (READABLE)
  173. Landmark Computer Science Proof Cascades Through Physics and Math | Quanta Magazine (READABLE)
  174. Existence is random [JavaScript code to efficiently generate a random (version 4) UUID] (READABLE)
  175. Levenshtein Distance (Part 3: Optimize Everything!) (READABLE)
  176. Levenshtein Distance with SIMD (Bonus Part) (READABLE)
  177. Introduction to D3 (READABLE)
  178. 0.3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 (READABLE)
  179. When Bloom filters don't bloom (READABLE)
  180. A journey to searching Have I Been Pwned database in 49μs (C++) (READABLE)
  181. How to Fill a Klein Bottle - Numberphile (READABLE)
  182. Programmers generate every possible melody in MIDI to prevent lawsuits - MusicTech (READABLE)
  183. Math with Bad Drawings: Illuminating the Ideas That Shape Our Reality: Ben Orlin: 9780316509039: Books (READABLE)
  184. Become a Member | Mathematical Association of America (READABLE)
  185. (READABLE)
  186. #444 – An Interview with Ben Eater (READABLE)
  187. An Intuitive Guide to Linear Algebra – BetterExplained (READABLE)
  188. Pancake Numbers - Numberphile (READABLE)
  189. Just In Time Hooking # (READABLE)
  190. Andreessen-Horowitz craps on “AI” startups from a great height (READABLE)
  191. Building a fake company (READABLE)
  192. Compound Double Pendulums (READABLE)
  193. Mathematics for the adventurous self-learner (READABLE)
  194. The 17-Klein Bottle - Numberphile (READABLE)
  195. mcc ( (READABLE)
  196. Hash functions and security | Manning (READABLE)
  197. Fixing Random, part 23 (READABLE)
  198. Fixing Random, part 29 (READABLE)
  199. .NET Design Review: Quick Reviews (READABLE)
  200. Senior Program Manager in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft (READABLE)
  201. NVIDIA/cutlass (READABLE)
  202. Hardware build: CRC calculation (READABLE)
  203. Epic Circles - Numberphile (READABLE)
  204. Numberphile (READABLE)
  205. Copyrighting all the melodies to avoid accidental infringement | Damien Riehl | TEDxMinneapolis (READABLE)
  206. Strings and Loops within Pi - Numberphile (READABLE)
  207. Temperature Blanket - A Rare Opportunity for My Coding to Assist Jocelyn's Crafting (READABLE)
  208. Hash functions and security | Manning (READABLE)
  209. Program Manager 2 in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft (READABLE)
  210. Copyrighting all the melodies to avoid accidental infringement | Damien Riehl | TEDxMinneapolis (READABLE)
  211. Open Game Engine Exchange (READABLE)
  212. Tentacles Akimbo (with Cliff Stoll) - Numberphile (READABLE)
  213. A Miraculous Proof (Ptolemy's Theorem) - Numberphile (READABLE)
  214. Pentagons and the Golden Ratio - Numberphile (READABLE)
  215. A Piece of Pi for Patrons | Numberphile on Patreon (READABLE)
  216. Dillon Berger (@InertialObservr) is creating math/physics edu-content | Patreon (READABLE)
  217. Working with expression trees in C# | Alexey Golub (READABLE)
  218. Calca - The Text Editor that Loves Math (READABLE)
  219. Working with expression trees in C# | Alexey Golub (READABLE)
  220. Ptolemy's Theorem — Brady Haran (READABLE)
  221. The Golden Ratio (why it is so irrational) - Numberphile (READABLE)
  222. Rust for professionals (READABLE)
  223. Valid Lovely Triangles - Numberphile (READABLE)
  224. Triangles by Numberphile (READABLE)
  225. Building C# 8.0 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  226. Memory Bandwidth Napkin Math (READABLE)
  227. Russian Multiplication - Numberphile (READABLE)
  228. The polygons of Another World: Game Boy Advance (READABLE)
  229. Serious Cryptography | No Starch Press (READABLE)
  230. Life of a triangle - NVIDIA's logical pipeline (READABLE)
  231. Champaign Mathematician - with Holly Krieger — Numberphile (READABLE)
  232. This is what happens when you divide by zero on a mechanical calculator (READABLE)
  233. Birthday problem - Wikipedia (READABLE)
  234. Approximating Irrational Numbers (Duffin-Schaeffer Conjecture) - Numberphile (READABLE)
  235. The Problems with Secret Santa - Numberphile (READABLE)
  236. Oscilloscope Music - (Drawing with Sound) - Smarter Every Day 224 (READABLE)
  237. Ben, Ben and Blue (READABLE)
  238. Let's remove Quaternions from every 3D Engine (An Interactive Introduction to Rotors from Geometric Algebra) - Marc ten Bosch (READABLE)
  239. Do’s and Don’ts for Performance Teams (READABLE)
  240. the Origins of Opera and the Future of Programming (READABLE)
  241. Superhero Triangles - Numberphile (READABLE)
  242. A Prime Surprise (Mertens Conjecture) - Numberphile (READABLE)
  243. The math of brewing a better espresso (READABLE)
  244. Colouring Numbers - Numberphile (READABLE)
  245. Microsoft will be carbon negative by 2030 (READABLE)
  246. Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19546 | Windows Experience Blog (READABLE)
  247. Microsoft will be carbon negative by 2030 (READABLE)
  248. Microsoft will be carbon negative by 2030 - The Official Microsoft Blog (READABLE)
  249. Whose Curve Is It Anyway (READABLE)
  250. How long would it take for a human being to freeze solid in outer space? - Quora (READABLE)
  251. 18.783 Home (READABLE)
  252. A New Discovery about Dodecahedrons - Numberphile (READABLE)
  253. Goodbye, Clean Code (READABLE)
  254. Supersingular Isogeny Key Exchange for Not-Quite Beginners (READABLE)
  255. Pi Million Subscribers - Numberphile (READABLE)
  256. An Introduction to DataFrame | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  257. It's Official: Open-Plan Offices Are Now the Dumbest Management Fad of All Time (READABLE)
  258. Work and success (READABLE)
  259. Counting Outtakes (from our Pi Million video) - Numberphile (READABLE)
  260. Pi Million Subscribers - Numberphile (READABLE)
  261. A Breakthrough in Graph Theory - Numberphile (READABLE)
  262. A technique for building high-performance databases with EF Core – The Reformed Programmer (READABLE)
  263. Dwitter - javascript demos in 140 characters (READABLE)
  264. A Quantum Random Number Generator for .NET: The quantum measurement problem and many-worlds approach (READABLE)
  265. A Fascinating Thing about Fractions - Numberphile (READABLE)
  266. Champaign Mathematician (with Holly Krieger) - Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  267. Fixing Random, bonus episode 3 (READABLE)
  268. Numberphile (READABLE)
  269. Coffin Problems (with Edward Frenkel) - Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  270. The most copied StackOverflow snippet of all time is flawed! | Programming.Guide (READABLE)
  271. Coffin Problems (with Edward Frenkel) - Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  272. Coffin Problems - with Edward Frenkel — Numberphile (READABLE)
  273. Incredible Formula - Numberphile (READABLE)
  274. (READABLE)
  275. Teacher Effects on Student Achievement and Height: A Cautionary Tale (READABLE)
  276. The Archimedes Number - Numberphile (READABLE)
  277. Primes without a 7 - Numberphile (READABLE)
  278. xamarin/KimonoDesigner (READABLE)
  279. Darts in Higher Dimensions (with 3blue1brown) - Numberphile (READABLE)
  280. The Badly Behaved Prime (with James Maynard) - Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  281. Instantiating an object without using its constructor in C# | StrathWeb. A free flowing web tech monologue. (READABLE)
  282. The Badly Behaved Prime (with James Maynard) - Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  283. Planar Graphs - Numberphile (READABLE)
  284. The Badly Behaved Prime - with James Maynard — Numberphile (READABLE)
  285. Reverse Depth Buffer (z-buffer) (READABLE)
  286. (READABLE)
  287. Numberphile - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 11/5/19 - (READABLE)
  288. The Latest (READABLE)
  289. Benchmark.cs (READABLE)
  290. r/techsupportmacgyver - I slept through all of my phone alarms today so I rigged a TENS unit to an alarm clock. It hurts a lot. (READABLE)
  291. Fame and Admiration - with Timothy Gowers — Numberphile (READABLE)
  292. The Forgotten Flexagon - Numberphile (READABLE)
  293. Terra (READABLE)
  294. Weber's Law - Numberphile (READABLE)
  295. The Lines of Code That Changed Everything (READABLE)
  296. Performance Profiling F# (READABLE)
  297. Fix a Wobbly Table (with Math) (READABLE)
  298. Implementation of efficient algorithm for changepoint detection: ED-PELT (READABLE)
  299. Where Does River Water Go? - Numberphile (READABLE)
  300. PhobosLab (READABLE)
  301. What is the difference between ToArray and ToList? (READABLE)
  302. The Girl with the Hyperbolic Helicoid Tattoo - Numberphile (READABLE)
  303. The Girl with the Hyperbolic Helicoid Tattoo - Numberphile (READABLE)
  304. 3 as the sum of the 3 cubes - Numberphile (READABLE)
  305. The C-Word - talking Calculus with Steven Strogatz — Numberphile (READABLE)
  306. Announcing F# 4.7 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  307. Polly-Contrib/Polly.Contrib.WaitAndRetry (READABLE)
  308. (READABLE)
  309. Remove Richard Stallman (READABLE)
  310. john-h-k/MathSharp (READABLE)
  311. How to add an optimization for C# to RyuJIT (READABLE)
  312. The Mystery of 42 is Solved - Numberphile (READABLE)
  313. 42 is the new 33 - Numberphile (READABLE)
  314. Custom internal calls in .NET Core hosting · Issue #11941 · dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  315. XKCD forum data breach impacted 562,000 subscribers (READABLE)
  316. Reynolds Number - Numberphile (READABLE)
  317. Livin’ on the Edge: Root Causing Regressions (READABLE)
  318. Static analysis for .NET 5 · Issue #30740 · dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  319. Navier-Stokes Equations - Numberphile (READABLE)
  320. Navier-Stokes Equations - Numberphile (READABLE)
  321. Introduction to using XPath in JavaScript (READABLE)
  322. Why didn't the Romans contribute much to mathematics? | Hacker News (READABLE)
  323. tc39/proposal-realms (READABLE)
  324. How to build a plugin system on the web and also sleep well at night (READABLE)
  325. Amazing Graphs III - Numberphile (READABLE)
  326. A005185 - OEIS (READABLE)
  327. UNCRACKABLE? The Collatz Conjecture - Numberphile (READABLE)
  328. What's new in C# 8.0 - C# Guide (READABLE)
  329. Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18963 | Windows Experience Blog (READABLE)
  330. A plugin system with .NET Core (READABLE)
  331. Amazing Graphs II (including Star Wars) - Numberphile (READABLE)
  332. The Number Collector (with Neil Sloane) - Numberphile Podcast (READABLE)
  333. The Number Collector - with Neil Sloane — Numberphile (READABLE)
  334. areller/RediSharp (READABLE)
  335. A133058 - OEIS (READABLE)
  336. The fly straight dammit sequence graph (READABLE)
  337. Amazing Graphs - Numberphile (READABLE)
  338. Frieze Patterns — Numberphile (READABLE)
  339. Frieze Patterns - Numberphile (READABLE)
  340. Using Razor Components In A Razor Page (READABLE)
  341. Pwnie Awards (READABLE)
  342. Fixing Random, part 40 of 40 (READABLE)
  343. Yūbinkyoku 🏣 - Tristan Hume (READABLE)
  344. Files are fraught with peril (READABLE)
  345. Performance regression: float.ToString(format) 20% to 3x slower · Issue #13092 · dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  346. Triangles have a Magic Highway - Numberphile (READABLE)
  347. Manning Publications (READABLE)
  348. Turing on the £50 note — Brady Haran (READABLE)
  349. The Dehn Invariant - Numberphile (READABLE)
  350. Size matters (READABLE)
  351. TSP with GeneticSharp and Blazor (READABLE)
  352. Digital Driver’s Licenses Could Become a Real Option in Some States (READABLE)
  353. No Starch Press | "The finest in geek entertainment" (READABLE)
  354. Low Spec Gaming - Computerphile (READABLE)
  355. Peephole optimizations in C++ and C# | Egor Bogatov — Developer at Microsoft (READABLE)
  356. James ❤️ A Card Trick - Numberphile (READABLE)
  357. Fixing Random, part 36 (READABLE)
  358. The Peak-Performance-Percentage Analysis Method for Optimizing Any GPU Workload | NVIDIA Developer Blog (READABLE)
  359. Math.Round opens the browser print dialog · Issue #290 · dotnet/try (READABLE)
  360. Necklace Splitting (a lesson for jewel thieves) - Numberphile (READABLE)
  361. dotnet/wpf (READABLE)
  362. Herding Code 237: Tess Ferrandez on Three Real World Machine Learning Projects – Herding Code (READABLE)
  363. PODCAST: The C-Word - with Steven Strogatz — Numberphile (READABLE)
  364. Numberphile2 (READABLE)
  365. Tips for Optimizing GPU Performance Using Tensor Cores | NVIDIA Developer Blog (READABLE)
  366. Introduction to Computer Programming at the University of Waterloo: CS 105 and CS 106 (READABLE)
  367. Don't Know (the Van Eck Sequence) - Numberphile (READABLE)
  368. Troy Hunt: ‘Messy’ Password Problem Afflicting Security Landscape (READABLE)
  369. An Experimental Floating-Point Scalar Evolution :: Duskborn — Duskborn Labs is where Neil ‘@sheredom‘ Henning writes up things of interest. (READABLE)
  370. Tribonacci Numbers (and the Rauzy Fractal) - Numberphile (READABLE)
  371. Fixing Random, part 33 (READABLE)
  372. Highlights from the National Math Festival 2019 (READABLE)
  373. dotnet/llilc (READABLE)
  374. The Ray Tracer Challenge... in .NET Core - CodeClimber (READABLE)
  375. Video games: A unifying force for the world - The Official Microsoft Blog (READABLE)
  376. The unknown Type in TypeScript (READABLE)
  377. Package Author Identity through Social Proofs (READABLE)
  378. Septimal Mind (READABLE)
  379. Why software projects take longer than you think: a statistical model (READABLE)
  380. nothings/single_file_libs (READABLE)
  381. mpm guide - niall t.l. (READABLE)
  382. Compute Shader - OpenGL Wiki (READABLE)
  383. The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project (READABLE)
  384. Expose a BigInteger.Builder to help avoid so many copies/allocations · Issue #29378 · dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  385. Running WebAssembly and WASI with .NET (READABLE)
  386. pla85900 Home (READABLE)
  387. Frogger AI Explains Its Decisions (READABLE)
  388. How to make a 3D renderer in Desmos - Ben Visness (READABLE)
  389. Markdeep (READABLE)
  390. Logs vs Structured Events (READABLE)
  391. A Go implementation of Poly1305 that makes sense (READABLE)
  392. The Unexpected Philosophical Depths of Clicker Games (READABLE)
  393. Landau's Function -- from Wolfram MathWorld (READABLE)
  394. Arithmetic operators - C# reference (READABLE)
  395. Stable Filtering  —  Part 2 (READABLE)
  396. How to generate uniformly random points on n-spheres and n-balls | Extreme Learning (READABLE)
  397. How I'm able to take notes in mathematics lectures using LaTeX and Vim (READABLE)
  398. Intel OSPRay (READABLE)
  399. emtecinc/signalr-tester (READABLE)
  400. Have You Been Pwned? - Computerphile (READABLE)
  401. Perf regression for Math.Min and Math.Max · Issue #12159 · dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  402. Tic Toc Games - A Unity Developer Case Study (READABLE)
  403. How random can you be? (READABLE)
  404. Catalan number - Wikipedia (READABLE)
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