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Posts for 'javascript'

  1. 98%Building with Parenscript and Preact
  2. 98%Bloom Filter
  3. 93%Feedland Blogroll thoughts
  4. 98%Create Apps Easily with Streamlit
  5. 94%What I look for in empirical software papers
  6. 97%on hoot, on boot — wingolog
  7. 99%Carlos Silva Abreu
  8. 98%New in .NET 8: ASP.NET Core Identity and How to Implement It
  9. 99%XUnit–Improve type safety
  10. 95%JavaScript Nulls and Programming Minutiae
  11. 99%ECMAScript proposal: duplicate named capturing groups for regular expressions
  12. 95%Eight Billion People - OranLooney.com
  13. 97%Stand Out and Dare to Disagree
  14. 99%What I've Learned Building Interactive Embedding Visualizations
  15. 98%Effortless SEO for Astro with @zfben/astro-head | Ben's Blog | zfben.com
  16. 99%Generate http files from a swagger definition
  17. 99%Podman–Pull images from Docker Hub
  18. 99%Data Fetching Patterns in Single-Page Applications
  19. 98%Elementary Physics Paths
  20. 99%Data Fetching Patterns in Single-Page Applications
  21. 99%Serialising ASP.NET method calls for later execution | johnnyreilly
  22. 99%ECMAScript proposal: `Promise.withResolvers()`
  23. 99%How not to do code reviews - Aviator Blog
  24. 99%Going to the cinema is a data visualization problem
  25. 99%How can logging impact a Golang backend?
  26. 96%Better Markdown for Writers
  27. 99%Pushing CSS :has() to its limits - hover-highlighted parentheses, variable bindings, and more
  28. 98%building a plugin system for the web
  29. 99%Azure Static Web App–Deploy using Bicep
  30. 98%Driving PSA
  31. 98%Scraping thousands of temporary (disposable) phone numbers
  32. 99%James Shore: “Testing Without Mocks” Course
  33. 94%Thomas Eckert
  34. 99%Wasm vs. Docker | Docker
  35. 98%Crafting Future-proof Apps with JavaScript & Azure Cosmos DB | Azure Developers JavaScript Day 2024
  36. 99%Kubernetes–Limit your environmental impact
  37. 99%How I render my web applications
  38. 99%How to use PostGIS with Prisma
  39. 99%GitHub - MHNightCat/superfile: Pretty fancy and modern terminal file manager
  40. 78%Analyzing Polarsteps Data of a Six Month Southeast Asia Trip
  41. 99%TypeScript: undefined and null are nothing and should keep being nothing — Domain Specific Language
  42. 99%Useful output in CLI applications
  43. 98%Chasing
  44. 98%Popover API - Web APIs | MDN
  45. 99%Windows Terminal Preview 1.21 Release
  46. 98%Fast Search and Replace in Large Number of Files: A Practical Guide
  47. 96%Blog: Cross Window Forgery: A Web Attack Vector
  48. 99%I'm sorry
  49. 99%How to curl a Gradio App
  50. 99%It's always TCP_NODELAY. Every damn time.
  51. 98%How to untangle phone numbers
  52. 93%The One Where I Lie To The CTO
  53. 99%Sharing Styles in Declarative Shadow DOM
  54. 99%Enforce architectural constrains using NetArchTest
  55. 99%Modern SQLite: Generated columns
  56. 98%Google Solar Cycle
  57. 98%Things learned from implementing Elasticsearch
  58. 99%Try X in Y minutes
  59. 99%Book Review: Web Development with Blazor - Coding Sonata
  60. 98%Protecting Next.js Apps Against Cross-Site Request Forgery
  61. 99%How to add HTTP headers to Blazor Components with RazorComponentResult
  62. 98%An Operating System for the Web
  63. 99%Exploring State Management Solutions Beyond Redux and MobX
  64. 99%Disabling .NET Aspire authentication to skip the login page
  65. 98%Good and Bad Ideas
  66. 99%Large Language Models, Open API, View Models and the Backend for Frontend Pattern | johnnyreilly
  67. 98%The Vary HTTP header
  68. 96%Backend Engineer tries to build a hardware counter for its side project.
  69. 98%Generating creatures with Teranoptia
  70. 94%Open Source Security (OpenSSF) and OpenJS Foundations Issue Alert for Social Engineering Takeovers of Open Source Projects
  71. 98%Model Texture Transition and Procedural Radial Noise using WebGL | Codrops
  72. 98%Transformers Dashboard 🤖📈
  73. 99%Time-based CSS Animations
  74. 99%Coding Faster with dotNetTips.com Spargine 8:  May 2024 Release
  75. 94%snats website
  76. 93%Supply chain attacks and the many (other) different ways I’ve backdoored your dependencies
  77. 98%Software Testing Day
  78. 97%Blog | atchyut.dev
  79. 99%How to become a better developer
  80. 98%I'm writing a new vector search SQLite Extension
  81. 97%The BASIC programming language turns 60
  82. 99%Blazor Basics: Globalization in Blazor
  83. 99%Development With A Dot - ASP.NET Core API Versioning
  84. 99%WinGet: Enabling experimental features in production
  85. 99%Azure Static Web App–Data API Builder
  86. 98%Understanding UMAP
  87. 97%Ansible is a Lisp
  88. 99%Hobby’s algorithm for aesthetic Bézier splines – Jake Low
  89. 99%Checking your solution for NuGet vulnerabilities or deprecated packages
  90. 99%Marten, PostgreSQL, and .NET Aspire walk into a bar…
  91. 98%The Backend for Frontend Pattern (BFF)
  92. 98%OData .NET 8 Preview Release - OData
  93. 98%.NET 8 - Warning AD0001: Analyzer 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Analyzers.RouteHandlers.RouteHandlerAnalyzer' threw an exception of type 'System.InvalidOperationException'
  94. 98%Harnessing .NET Source Generators to Boost Performance
  95. 98%I Reviewed 1,000s of Opinions on HTMX
  96. 98%Alphabetical Cartogram
  97. 99%Cancelling long-running JSInterop calls - Kristoffer Strube’s Blog
  98. 99%My approach to HTML web components
  99. 99%ASP.NET Core -Updating the OpenTelemetry configuration
  100. 95%Printing music with CSS grid
  101. 99%My Code Formatting Guidelines
  102. 97%Walking Maps – Jeremy Maluf
  103. 97%Stashpad Blog - My favorite Insomnia features and shortcuts
  104. 99%Reverse engineering BeReal
  105. 96%On FastAPI - GreenAsh
  106. 83%Optimizing for Accidental Robert Picardo
  107. 98%Keeping dependencies up-to-date by Martijn Hols
  108. 99%Verifying Slack Requests in Phoenix
  109. 99%Handling The Indentation of a Treeview Component
  110. 95%Threlte
  111. 97%Updating Documents in MongoDB - Simple Talk
  112. 99%Service compatibility is determined based on policy
  113. 99%.NET Aspire is the best way to experiment with Dapr during local development
  114. 98%basysKom GmbH | How To Use Modern QML Tooling in Practice
  115. 99%Five ways to pass parameters to Apache APISIX
  116. 97%Ryan Bigg - One year with the Ergodox EZ
  117. 97%The case for API-driven Design 🦄
  118. 98%Doppler Effect
  119. 98%Memory Management Every Programmer Should Know
  120. 99%React 19 Beta Released!
  121. 98%Measuring Performance with the JavaScript Performance API
  122. 99%Google hates this one weird trick for having NO bugs!
  123. 99%Adventures serializing absolutely everything in C# – isadora
  124. 99%Switch expression for void methods
  125. 95%Much ado about "nothing" - Xe Iaso
  126. 99%Ollama with Llama3 and Code Interpreter
  127. 99%Thoughts on WASM
  128. 99%bun.report is Bun's new crash reporter
  129. 97%Introducing AltStore PAL
  130. 81%[SOLVED]: node_modules/metro-hermes-compiler/src/emhermesc.js:77 throw ex; Error: EMFILE: too many open files
  131. 98%Earth Formation Site
  132. 99%Implementing a functionality with GitHub Copilot for Visual Studio
  133. 99%Securing identity: Exploring application types and authentication flows | Microsoft Entra Identity Platform
  134. 99%How to Delete a Service Worker
  135. 97%Building a highly-available search engine using SQLite
  136. 98%The Mandelbrot nature of modularization
  137. 98%Use :has() to scope CSS
  138. 99%GitHub - catdad/canvas-confetti: 🎉 performant confetti animation in the browser
  139. 99%.NET JsonElement and Schema Validation | endjin
  140. 93%Connell McCarthy - Our wedding
  141. 99%The only two log levels you need are INFO and ERROR
  142. 98%HTML attributes vs DOM properties
  143. 98%Pendulum Types
  144. 99%Mastering SOLID Principles in C#: A Practical Guide
  145. 99%Generate code for declarative language instead of progr...
  146. 99%Enhance your .NET Testing #8: Contract tests with Verify
  147. 99%Unit testing methods on BlobServiceClient with Azure blob storage and NSubstitute
  148. 99%XML External Entity Attack and .NET Core
  149. 98%Configure Renovate to handle nuspec files
  150. 98%Scary Triangles
  151. 95%Id30 – magnushoff.com
  152. 91%Equinox
  153. 99%Using GitHub and NextAuth.js for Single Sign-on in Next.js
  154. 97%Extending Copilot for Microsoft 365 using TypeScript | Azure Developers JavaScript Day 2024
  155. 98%How to create an F#
  156. 98%Navigating the Edges of Technology in Software Development: Bleeding, Leading, Dull, and Rusting
  157. 98%I Wrote My Own Editor
  158. 99%Notion
  159. 98%GitHub - tinyworldmap/tiny-world-map: tinyworldmap is a tiny world map for offline-first and low-bandwidth web apps
  160. 98%Adventures In Rust: Bringing Exchange Support To Thunderbird
  161. 99%0.12.0 Release Notes ⚡ The Zig Programming Language
  162. 83%MuPDF.js
  163. 98%Color Naming: Human vs. GPT-4
  164. 87%Msty
  165. 99%Why Dolphin Isn't Coming to the App Store - oatmealdome.me
  166. 98%Pub Trivia
  167. 99%Top Linters for JavaScript and TypeScript: Simplifying Code Quality Management
  168. 99%Serilog and .NET 8.0 minimal APIs
  169. 98%The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil.
  170. 99%ASP.NET Core - Use factory based middleware with scoped services
  171. 98%Eclipse Path Maps
  172. 97%Introducing AltStore PAL
  173. 84%Gleam version v1.1 – Gleam
  174. 99%Building a scalable gateway with .NET for Microsoft AI - .NET Blog
  175. 99%Blazor Basics: Handling Images Dynamically
  176. 99%Event Queues and Buffering Functions with JavaScript
  177. 98%.NET Isolated Azure Durable Functions: Wait for Any Event and Wait for All the Events
  178. 98%The origin story
  179. 99%Hardest Problem in Computer Science: Centering Things
  180. 99%Hangfire: A Feature-Rich Approach to Task Scheduling in .NET
  181. 99%How to build an in-memory Message Bus in TypeScript - Event-Driven.io
  182. 99%Configure Renovate to update preview versions of NuGet packages
  183. 99%Services share schema and contract, not class
  184. 98%Survey Marker
  185. 99%LLM-Powered Django Admin Fields - Untrod
  186. 99%What is OpenID Connect Authentication? A Practical Guide - Developer Friendly Blog
  187. 99%How to Learn Coding in 4 Months and Secure Your First Job
  188. 99%Design Notes
  189. 99%Use access token and refresh token returned by Identity API endpoints | BinaryIntellect Knowledge Base
  190. 99%Automated NuGet package version range updates in .NET projects using Renovate
  191. 98%Developing an integration option strategy
  192. 98%Open Source, Supply Chains, and Bears (oh my!)
  193. 86%The golden rule of PR reviews
  194. 99%Setting up PostgreSQL for running integration tests
  195. 92%The value in knowing fundamentals
  196. 99%Switching AI Models with ChatGPT in a Windows and Uno Platform Application - Nick's .NET Travels
  197. 98%Zero Sheets
  198. 98%Sitting in a Tree
  199. 98%Lessons after a half-billion GPT tokens - Ken Kantzer's Blog
  200. 99%fhur
  201. 98%Finding and Fixing Standard Misconceptions About Program Behavior
  202. 97%Integrating OpenAI's ChatGPT into cross-platform .NET applications
  203. 87%General Performance Tip: Cloning Various Types
  204. 99%What is PDF? Part 1 – the basics
  205. 99%GitHub - paul-gauthier/aider: aider is AI pair programming in your terminal
  206. 99%React Server Components in a Nutshell
  207. 99%Harnessing Local AI: Unleashing the Power of .NET Smart Components and Llama2
  208. 97%Building platforms–Strike the right balance
  209. 89%Browser Security Bugs that Aren’t: JavaScript in PDF
  210. 98%Tick Marks
  211. 98%MySQL-Manage Memory Usage Efficiently
  212. 99%The Easiest Way to Build Reactive Local-First Apps with TinyBase and PowerSync
  213. 99%Circular References When Working With JSON in .NET - Code Maze
  214. 99%GitHub - dolthub/go-mysql-server: A MySQL-compatible relational database with a storage agnostic query engine. Implemented in pure Go.
  215. 99%YETI programming language
  216. 99%"Secret" elmah.io features #3 - Automate tasks with elmah.io CLI
  217. 98%Types of Eclipse Photo
  218. 99%Integer overflow vulnerabilities in .NET
  219. 99%Azure Static Web App–Distributed Functions
  220. 99%BFF secured ASP.NET Core application using downstream API and an OAuth client credentials JWT
  221. 99%VS Code Day Skills Challenge
  222. 99%Azure Static Web App - Pass authentication info to your linked API
  223. 99%A TC39 Proposal for Signals
  224. 99%Azure Static Web App - Bring your own API
  225. 99%Overview of webpack, a JavaScript bundler | johnnyreilly
  226. 99%GitHub - stackframe-projects/pgmock: In-memory Postgres for unit/E2E tests
  227. 99%Playing With MutationObserver In JavaScript
  228. 99%A Brief Comparison of Modern Programming Languages
  229. 97%Evaluating the Language Consistency of Local and Cloud-Based LLMs - Nikolas' Blog
  230. 99%Beyond Foreign Keys
  231. 99%Expose Platform APIs Over Wrapping Them
  232. 97%A JavaScript library for generating vector-based cartoon faces
  233. 99%Optimized Model Auditing with PaperTrail
  234. 99%The Blessing of the Strings
  235. 98%xkcd: Machine
  236. 98%IntelliJ IDEA 2024.1 Is Out! | The IntelliJ IDEA Blog
  237. 98%Busy Friends Make Scheduling Hard
  238. 99%Are Inline Styles Faster than CSS?
  239. 99%How would you build Wordle with just HTML & CSS? | Scott Jehl, Web Designer/Developer
  240. 98%Against URL-Based Content Rendering - Susam Pal
  241. 99%HTTP/2 `CONTINUATION` Flood
  242. 99%Optimizing rendering of 100,000+ HTML nodes
  243. 98%Exploring Batch Caching of Trees
  244. 98%XZ Backdoor: Not the End of Open Source
  245. 99%Automatic differentiation with dual numbers
  246. 99%How to create a blog using Golang
  247. 98%How to Create a Spoiler Tag in HTML
  248. 98%A lazy and flippant classification of programming languages
  249. 98%Eclipse Clouds
  250. 62%AI bots hallucinate software packages and devs download them
  251. 95%Voicemail INBOX
  252. 99%The Sweet Spot - Maximizing Llama Energy Efficiency · Jacques Mattheij
  253. 98%Eclipse Coolness
  254. 98%Fixing duplicate API requests
  255. 99%Search graduation photos with your face — Jerome Paulos
  256. 99%Product Engineering with IfC
  257. 99%How I improved our CI build time from 24mins to 8mins and reduced costs by 50%
  258. 99%10 > 64, in QR codes
  259. 99%GitHub - proposal-signals/proposal-signals: A proposal to add signals to JavaScript.
  260. 99%Choosing a backend database: SQL vs Document vs Columnar
  261. 99%Helix
  262. 99%Running OCR against PDFs and images directly in your browser
  263. 98%Lessons of a first time founder
  264. 91%Tell the LLM the business context
  265. 95%Architecture Pitfalls: Don’t use your ORM entities for everything — embrace the SQL!
  266. 98%Periodic Table Regions
  267. 96%The Great Migration from MongoDB to PostgreSQL
  268. 99%beautiful do-nothing scripts
  269. 99%A designer’s guide to loving the terminal — Alex Chan
  270. 99%Turbo Native iOS and Android apps in 15 minutes | Masilotti.com
  271. 98%“CVE-2024-21388”- Microsoft Edge’s Marketing API Exploited for Covert Extension Installation
  272. 97%Certificates from the Ground Up
  273. 99%A new MSBuild editing experience - Visual Studio Blog
  274. 99%Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection–Register a type with all its interfaces
  275. 99%Extolling the Virtues of Dexie Cloud for Backendless Development
  276. 99%On UniFi Captive Portals
  277. 99%Using Nextra to Blog - mkaz.blog
  278. 99%David Gasquez
  279. 98%Cursive Letters
  280. 99%Some choices for encrypting data so that it can be decrypted only by the same user or computer - The Old New Thing
  281. 94%I'm A Developer Not A Compiler
  282. 99%Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection - Check if a service is registered in the DI container
  283. 99%The Allure of Local-First Sync Engines
  284. 99%Writing GNOME Apps with Swift
  285. 99%NuGet: A Step-by-Step Guide to Publishing Your Own Packages
  286. 99%Convert DateTime to user's time zone with Blazor in .NET 8 - Gérald Barré
  287. 99%CockroachDb with Entity Framework and Web API | no dogma blog
  288. 99%Scripts should be written using the project main language
  289. 96%Building an email to calendar LLM
  290. 98%Greenland Size
  291. 96%Extending Uno Platform Material Toolkit with overrides: the case of Fluent
  292. 99%Azure Static Web App – API Integration
  293. 99%Protect your ASP.NET site using WebAuthn Passkeys
  294. 97%GitHub - Y2Z/monolith: ⬛️ CLI tool for saving complete web pages as a single HTML file
  295. 97%What Every Programmer Should Know About Load Testing
  296. 88%Comments on a static website, powered by Mastodon
  297. 99%Cranelift code generation comes to Rust
  298. 98%What Do Developers Really Think About Claude 3?
  299. 97%Node.js TSC Confirms: No Intention to Remove npm from Distribution - Socket
  300. 97%I earn $52,600/month with this simple tech stack
  301. 99%I Deployed My Own Cute Lil' Private Internet (a.k.a. VPC)
  302. 99%static vs dynamic types
  303. 95%Redis Shifts to Dual Licensing, Impacting Cloud Providers and Competitors - Cyber Kendra
  304. 99%MongoDB in C#: Simplified Guide For Inserting Data
  305. 98%The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
  306. 96%DuckDB as the New jq
  307. 99%Cloudfare Turnstile, A New Way To Prove You Are Real - Simple Talk
  308. 98%Exploring the Latest Features Coming to JavaScript—ES2023
  309. 93%Python extends its lead as the most popular programming language — but why does it have such widespread appeal?
  310. 98%pushState and URL Blocking
  311. 99%A Primer on LLM Security – Hacking Large Language Models for Beginners
  312. 97%Thoughts on WordPress FSE and Block Themes — Asko Nõmm
  313. 99%It might not need a label
  314. 99%Knee Deep in tree-sitter Queries
  315. 98%Eio 1.0 Release: Introducing a new Effects-Based I/O Library for OCaml
  316. 98%require(esm) in Node.js
  317. 97%(Type) Checking the LLM
  318. 98%Moon Landing Mission Profiles
  319. 99%GitHub - ynqa/jnv: interactive JSON filter using jq
  320. 99%Blazor’s CSS isolation ::deep issue and solution
  321. 99%Let's create a Tree-sitter grammar
  322. 97%React Basics: Getting Started with React and GraphQL
  323. 98%Eloquent JavaScript 4th edition is released
  324. 99%Generate OpenAPI specification at build time from the code in ASP.NET Core - Gérald Barré
  325. 98%Moon Armor Index
  326. 99%Supporting content file structure changes on a static site
  327. 98%About MADR
  328. 99%WebSockets vs Server-Sent-Events vs Long-Polling vs WebRTC vs WebTransport | RxDB - JavaScript Database
  329. 96%900 Sites, 125 million accounts, 1 vulnerability - env.fail
  330. 99%“Partial” Document Updates in Marten 7
  331. 99%NuGet– Offline support
  332. 99%"Hang loose" is for surfers, not developers [Why I pin dependency versions in Node.js packages]
  333. 99%Patching Software Using Nix (For Laymen)
  334. 99%GitHub - albertan017/LLM4Decompile: Reverse Engineering: Decompiling Binary Code with Large Language Models
  335. 99%Microservices for the Benefits, Not the Hustle
  336. 99%Explorations in creating a basic text editor: the foundation — Asko Nõmm
  337. 99%Supercharge Your Visual Studio Code with These Must-Have Extensions
  338. 95%~MK | Template Strings
  339. 96%npm install everything, and the complete and utter chaos that follows
  340. 98%Fuzzing Ladybird with tools from Google Project Zero
  341. 98%Here's What Developers Found After Testing Devin AI
  342. 99%A web framework for Zig – Kamil Tomšík
  343. 99%After the BYOD, BYOC (briging your own cloud): a journey from Home to the World
  344. 99%After the BYOD, BYOC (bringing your own cloud): a journey from Home to the World
  345. 89%Browser Ball Reloaded
  346. 98%Schwa
  347. 99%The NuGet.org repository signing certificate will be updated as soon as April 8th, 2024 - The NuGet Blog
  348. 99%GitHub - Skyvern-AI/skyvern: Automate browser-based workflows with LLMs and Computer Vision
  349. 99%PWA's Are Finally Looking Good
  350. 98%What's Next for a Global Design System
  351. 98%Earth
  352. 99%Semantic AJAX-HTML
  353. 98%How I built a website builder with Next.js - the story and implementation
  354. 99%Words of Wisdom: Backend Edition
  355. 98%Refining Your Search: Introducing NuGet.org's Compatible Framework Filters - The NuGet Blog
  356. 95%How to use No-Class Frameworks to Move Fast in Style
  357. 96%“Spine,” an article by Dan Mall
  358. 99%Falling Sand
  359. 99%Securing WebSocket Channels in Local Development: A Guide with Soketi and Laravel Valet - AhmadYousefDev
  360. 99%PostgreSQL with Apache AGE - Playing more seriously with Graph Databases
  361. 99%Mocking HttpClient requests for C# unit tests
  362. 99%How to tackle compatibility issues in ECMA Script modules (and in general) - Event-Driven.io
  363. 99%Building A Real-Time App with React, Node and WebSockets
  364. 99%Debugging a Golang Bug with Non-Blocking Reads | Scratch Data
  365. 99%Scalable and Secure VxLAN Multisite using NetBird - Part 1:Initial Config-L3VPN - Level Zero Networking
  366. 99%Introduction To Low Latency Programming: External Processing
  367. 99%Azure AD B2C: Call an External API Using Client Credentials in an User Journey
  368. 98%Supergroup
  369. 98%JSON Canvas
  370. 99%Unleashing JavaScript Applications: A Guide to Boosting Memory Limits in Node.js
  371. 99%Inside Git Stash
  372. 99%The HAM Stack - A Simple Scalable Tech Stack for building modern web apps fast and cheap
  373. 98%I switched to Cloudflare Tunnel and ditched Ngrok
  374. 98%Notes from a data witch - A foundation in Julia
  375. 67%eBPF Documentary
  376. 99%vorant94 | Divide and conquer: right concerns to separate
  377. 99%S3 is files, but not a filesystem
  378. 97%ZK Taipei #5: ZK Day · Luma
  379. 99%Stylized image binning algorithm | Benjamin Dicken
  380. 97%Word JavaScript API 1.7 requirement set now available - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  381. 99%Modern Git Commands and Features You Should Be Using
  382. 98%GitHub - bruhbruhroblox/wallstreetlocal: Stock tracking website.
  383. 98%How To Load JSON, Avro, Parquet, Or Anything Else in PostgreSQL Easily and Reliably
  384. 98%Physics vs. Magic
  385. 92%Bleacher Report gutting out OTP
  386. 99%Performance test your ASP.NET Core application using NBomber
  387. 99%Updating to .NET 8, updating to IHostBuilder, and running Playwright Tests within NUnit headless or headed on any OS
  388. 98%OpenTelemetry Best Practices #1: Naming
  389. 98%Interview Feedback to an Upcoming Computer Science Student
  390. 99%Structured Output for Open Source and Local LLMS - Instructor
  391. 99%Minimal March - .NET and Blazor Coding at the Command-Line
  392. 99%How I use git worktrees
  393. 99%Announcing end-of-support for AWS SDK for JavaScript v2 effective September 8, 2025 | Amazon Web Services
  394. 99%Announcing TypeScript 5.4 - TypeScript
  395. 99%The quickest way to integrate PayPal checkout with Blazor SSR in .NET 8
  396. 98%Making Make a README
  397. 99%kaio magalhaes | How to keep building your engineering skills as a CTO
  398. 98%Earth/Venus Venn Diagram
  399. 99%How to Integrate HTMX and Shoelace Web Components
  400. 99%Why Rails is a Great Choice for Startups in 2024
  401. 99%A homelab dashboard for NixOS
  402. 99%Exploring developer experience with PHP, public APIs, and beer
  403. 99%lorenzofox blog | Coroutines and web components
  404. 99%Component Testing with SafeTest vs. Cypress vs. WebdriverIO
  405. 99%Aspire & Aspi8: Deploy Microservices Effortlessly with CLI — No Docker or YAML Needed!
  406. 99%Azure Functions Extensibility - Extensions and Isolated Worker Model
  407. 98%Internationalization with React-Intl
  408. 99%Multi client blob storage access using ASP.NET Core with Entra ID authentication and RBAC
  409. 99%GitHub - HeyPuter/puter: Desktop Environment in the Browser!
  410. 99%Streaming OpenAI in Elixir Phoenix Part III
  411. 96%Hacker News, Again
  412. 99%Server Actions in Fastify
  413. 86%Planes, Ferries and Automobiles - The Code Lab
  414. 98%Data format design is a UX issue
  415. 99%Use weird tests to capture tacit knowledge · Applied Cartography
  416. 99%How I decide if your website is worth a revisit
  417. 98%Make as a general purpose task runner
  418. 98%Ice Core
  419. 98%Leaving LinkedIn - CoRecursive Podcast
  420. 96%Gleam version 1 – Gleam
  421. 96%Introducing the next generation of Claude
  422. 99%Interesting ideas in Observable Framework
  423. 95%Marten 7.0 is Released!
  424. 99%CSS for printing to paper
  425. 98%Proposal: `TimeSpan` literals · dotnet/csharplang · Discussion #7982
  426. 95%5 Lessons I learned the hard way from 6 years as a software engineer
  427. 76%2024-03-01 listening in on the neighborhood
  428. 99%TableFlip v1.6.0: JSON Support and Font Resizing
  429. 99%Mastering OpenTelemetry with Uptrace: A Developer's Guide
  430. 99%Next.js first impressions
  431. 99%GitHub - weather-gov/weather.gov: weather.gov 2.0
  432. 98%Designing and Building Windows Applications using Figma and the Uno Platform - Nick's .NET Travels
  433. 98%Geographic Qualifiers
  434. 99%Frontend frameworks are useful
  435. 95%Banana Pivot: Unpeeled
  436. 90%Robin is... PageSpeed Insights
  437. 93%.NET is the best backend for your JavaScript frontend | .NET Conf 2023
  438. 98%In praise of Nushell
  439. 99%Mocking authorization tokens with WireMock.NET
  440. 97%EF Core–.NET 8 update
  441. 93%Home
  442. 99%Why UUID7 is better than UUID4 as clustered index in RDBMS
  443. 99%Managing Gmail Configuration for Labels and Filters as Code
  444. 98%Introducing oneRepo: the JavaScript & TypeScript monorepo toolchain for safe, strict, & fast development • Paul Armstrong
  445. 99%0 to App Store in 60 days
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  447. 97%interested in the quieter viewpoints
  448. 99%The real reason for an offline-first architecture: Developer Experience
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  452. 99%EF Core - System.InvalidOperationException : The required column 'Id' was not present in the results of a 'FromSql' operation.
  453. 98%Call My Cell
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  465. 99%"Secret" elmah.io features #2 - Correlate messages from apps
  466. 99%Dapper - Return dynamic data
  467. 97%GitHub - electric-sql/pglite: Lightweight Postgres packaged as WASM into a TypeScript library for the browser, Node.js, Bun and Deno
  468. 90%Issue 49: Trillions of Lines Written, and We're Still at Day Zero
  469. 97%Emacs: Dead and Loving It
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  503. 99%Interesting Uses of Ansible’s ternary filter
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  506. 98%Spring Rites
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  530. 99%Reactive Data Fetching and Updating in Nuxt 3: Automatically Refresh `useFetch()` When Deleting or Updating Data
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  532. 98%Union, intersection, difference, and more are coming to JavaScript Sets
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  554. 99%You won't scale
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  560. 92%Ocular IQ EV Chargers, or how not to leverage open source
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  571. 95%Important changes coming for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.5 targets of the AWS SDK for .NET | Amazon Web Services
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  573. 99%- Fuck You, Show Me The Prompt.
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  581. 98%Engineering Practices for LLM Application Development
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  586. 99%I worry our Copilot is leaving some passengers behind
  587. 99%What Is Passes?
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  593. 96%CSS Scroll-triggered Animations with Style Queries
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  604. 97%Kenta Cho (Japanese indie game developer) ⌘I Get Info
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  666. 99%Uno Platform 5.1 Release: Live Wizard, New UI Controls and Performance Improvements
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  693. 99%"Secret" elmah.io features #1 - Include source code in errors
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  709. 96%Rook to XSS: How I hacked chess.com with a rookie exploit
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  729. 98%I Want XMP But I Know Why I Can't Have It
  730. 97%The Building Blocks of Offline Support
  731. 98%Log Alignment
  732. 94%10 print chr$(205.5 + rnd(1));:goto 10 in JavaScript
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  734. 99%The Bun Shell
  735. 98%138 lines of code - ntfy blog
  736. 99%Wait... I should consider .net?
  737. 98%GitHub - KRTirtho/spotube: 🎧 Open source Spotify client that doesn't require Premium nor uses Electron! Available for both desktop & mobile!
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  744. 99%GitHub - sigma0-xyz/zkbitcoin: zkBitcoin: zero-knowledge proofs on Bitcoin!
  745. 99%Tales from the .NET Migration Trenches - Session State
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  750. 99%Dev Proxy v0.14 with generating OpenAPI specs and simulating CRUD APIs - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
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  752. 99%Minimal API +SPA, a perfect match | .NET Conf 2023 Student Zone
  753. 95%Nethermind client: 3 Experimental Approaches to State Database Change
  754. 99%Different Node.js Versions & Package Managers Per Project
  755. 99%DigiMixer – the app
  756. 99%[Japanese] Let's Learn .NET - 日本語
  757. 84%Ignoring Properties when reading & writing JSON
  758. 76%The Hacker News Top 40 books of 2023
  759. 98%Monolith to microservices: Breaking down apps the useful way | Red Hat Developer
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  761. 98%Net Rotations
  762. 99%Using Vector Embeddings to Overengineer 404 pages
  763. 99%Simplifying Complex Systems with Backend for Frontends (BFF)
  764. 92%To learn a technology is to tell good stories about it
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  770. 98%10 Beautiful SaaS Landing Pages Without Product Images
  771. 98%urllib3 is fundraising for HTTP/2 support
  772. 99%Perfecting Protocol Parsing (Probably) with eBPF
  773. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
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  776. 99%Stored Procedures in EFCore 8 Explained
  777. 98%Weekly Update 382
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  779. 98%Bug Thread
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  781. 98%Super Fast Reader Mode for the Entire Web, with Dillo Plus
  782. 98%Way Enough - Fine-tuning gpt-3.5-turbo to learn to play "Connections"
  783. 91%Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
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  785. 99%Authenticating a .NET GitHub App using a JSON Web Token (JWT) - Steve Gordon - Code with Steve
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  790. 99%F# The Essentials Lectures | Amplifying F#
  791. 99%One Supply Chain Attack to Rule Them All
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  793. 99%#!/usr/bin/env docker run
  794. 99%Building a fully local LLM voice assistant to control my smart home
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  796. 88%ArchiveBox is Super Cool
  797. 94%I'm A Developer Not A Compiler
  798. 99%</> htmx ~ Is htmx Just Another JavaScript Framework?
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  800. 96%Incident report for January 10, 2024 · Resend
  801. 99%Simple Initialization With Collection Expressions in .NET
  802. 99%Add Kafka Component by g7ed6e · Pull Request #951 · dotnet/aspire
  803. 99%GitHub - marimo-team/marimo: A reactive notebook for Python — run reproducible experiments, execute as a script, deploy as an app, and version with git.
  804. 98%Playing with Fire – How We Executed a Critical Supply Chain Attack on PyTorch
  805. 86%Shipping a Project in 24 Hours
  806. 98%Sheet Bend
  807. 99%Sortable Lists for Blazor using a SortableJS Component - .NET Blog
  808. 99%JSON Web Tokens are actually great, just not for sessions
  809. 99%Local Development With Mirrord | LinuxBlog.xyz
  810. 99%Learn SVG by drawing an arrow | Shalvah's Blog
  811. 94%Reflections on Ten Years Professionally Programming
  812. 99%Jonas Hietala: Exploring the Gleam FFI
  813. 99%Burke Learns Blazor - Local Storage
  814. 93%The Simplest Way To Implement a Background Job
  815. 86%The Hanselminutes Podcast by Scott Hanselman
  816. 99%The React Server Components Paradigm
  817. 98%Like This One
  818. 99%Nix from the bottom up
  819. 93%The Butterfly Effect of Altering Prompts: How Small Changes and Jailbreaks Affect Large Language Model Performance
  820. 99%Documentation: The Key Enabler For Open-Source Success
  821. 98%Unity’s Open-Source Double Standard: the ban of VLC
  822. 99%The Two Reacts — overreacted
  823. 71%Customizing property names & values when reading .NET objects as JSON
  824. 99%How to use stacked PRs to unblock your entire team
  825. 99%What's New in F# 8.0: Simpler, Enhanced Uniformity, and Improved Performance
  826. 99%View Transitions API with ASP.NET Core and HTMX
  827. 99%.NET 8– System.Text.Json serializer error
  828. 99%.NET APIs Part 5 – All the CRUD APIs
  829. 99%Building a Critter Stack Application: Wolverine HTTP Endpoints
  830. 99%Decentralized Hacker News | Enindu Alahapperuma
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  834. 99%Format ChatGPT results with PydanticOutputParser - LangChain #2
  835. 84%Only 2 Hard Things in Computer Science - this is one of them
  836. 99%Azure Static Web App - Authentication using pre-configured providers
  837. 96%Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names
  838. 97%downtoearth: Visualize astronomical scales by using geographical intuition
  839. 98%Extracting copyrighted text from GPT
  840. 99%My PostgreSQL wishlist
  841. 99%Post-mortem: 1h30 downtime on a Saturday morning
  842. 97%The Seinfeld Calendar
  843. 85%Handling Missing Members when Reading .NET Objects
  844. 98%Supernova
  845. 99%HTMX Playground
  846. 98%The Early Return Principle Will Help You Write Clean Code
  847. 97%Daniel Rosenwasser on TypeScript and What’s Ahead in 2024
  848. 99%HTMX, WebSockets, SignalR and you
  849. 99%Jumping into Tailwind
  850. 99%How to Ignore Model Properties With Swagger in .NET - Code Maze
  851. 99%How I'm Writing CSS in 2024
  852. 98%Building a Personal Internet from Markdown Files
  853. 95%TIOBE Index - TIOBE
  854. 99%systemd through the eyes of a musl distribution maintainer
  855. 97%Weird things engineers believe about Web development
  856. 99%scheme modules vs whole-program compilation: fight — wingolog
  857. 99%Using date-based CSS to make old web pages *look* old
  858. 99%GitHub - praeclarum/1brc: 1️⃣🐝🏎️ The One Billion Row Challenge - .NET Edition
  859. 97%Money Tree
  860. 98%config/HOCON.md at main · lightbend/config
  861. 99%Using MassTransit with RabbitMQ and Azure Service Bus
  862. 98%Hit 2,000 users 🎉 Laradir source code accessible to GitHub Sponsors - Laradir
  863. 98%Pete Millspaugh
  864. 99%.NET R&D Digest (December, 2023)
  865. 99%The unimplemented web standard from ES6
  866. 99%Building resilient cloud services with .NET 8 | .NET Conf 2023
  867. 98%Fever
  868. 96%When "Everything" Becomes Too Much: The npm Package Chaos of 2024 - Socket
  869. 91%How Standard Ebooks serves millions of requests per month with a 2GB VPS; or, a paean to the classic web
  870. 99%A Quick Guide To The render() Method in React | HackerNoon
  871. 98%F# Advent of Code 2023: A random walk in the direction of functional enlightenment
  872. 99%bliki: Legacy Seam
  873. 96%Add sample of integrating client apps (WinForms & WPF) into an Aspire app by DamianEdwards · Pull Request #78 · dotnet/aspire-samples
  874. 94%Databases in 2023: A Year in Review | OtterTune
  875. 99%Introducing Transporter
  876. 99%Mastodon API Tester – Alex Kirk
  877. 97%Mapping LLM embeddings in three dimensions
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  1191. 96%GitHub - ConspiracyHu/apEx-public: Source code release for the apEx demotool, actively used for releases between 2014 and 2023
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  1195. 99%8.0 Release Notes | Npgsql Documentation
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  1202. 99%.NET Blazor
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  1204. 98%</> htmx ~ Why I Tend Not To Use Content Negotiation
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  1206. 97%-=:[ HTML5 Canvas Clock Clean ]:=-
  1207. 99%Configuration for Windows and Uno Platform Applications - Nick's .NET Travels
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  1209. 92%Entity Framework Core 8: Improved JSON, queryable collections , and more… | .NET Conf 2023
  1210. 97%“Useless Ruby sugar”: Keyword argument and hash values omission
  1211. 97%Sunbird / ‘Nothing Chats’ is Not Secure.
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  1220. 99%Star History
  1221. 98%Full stack web UI with Blazor in .NET 8 | .NET Conf 2023
  1222. 98%Full stack web UI with Blazor in .NET 8 | .NET Conf 2023
  1223. 87%Desktop GUI is the most efficient and fulfilling way of Human-Computer Interaction · Prahlad Yeri
  1224. 98%Development With A Dot - The Current Status of EF Core
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  1228. 99%GitHub - localstack-dotnet/localstack-dotnet-client: A lightweight .NET client for LocalStack
  1229. 98%Integrate Basic AWS Services by Blind-Striker · Pull Request #875 · dotnet/aspire
  1230. 99%What happened to the custom exception description I threw from a C++/WinRT IAsyncAction? - The Old New Thing
  1231. 99%Book of Python in Excel - John Lam's Website
  1232. 98%.NET Rocks! React Server Components with Aurora Walberg
  1233. 99%Microservices using ASP.NET Core 8, Ocelot, MongoDB and JWT
  1234. 99%GitHub - paulyuk/aspire-samples at daprstate
  1235. 98%Empiricism
  1236. 82%What's new in System.Text.Json
  1237. 96%Exploring ChatGPT’s Knowledge Cutoff
  1238. 99%Push Ifs Up And Fors Down
  1239. 99%Exploring the OpenTelemetry Collector
  1240. 99%Backend from the Beginning, Pt 1: Introduction, TCP, DNS, HTTP
  1241. 96%HTML web components
  1242. 99%Making a nice API of Amtrak's ugly API
  1243. 99%Data-as-a-Product: the keystone of the data-mesh
  1244. 99%Reviewing new .NET 8 Performance Tools
  1245. 97%The Markdown Web
  1246. 99%How to Get a Database Row as JSON Using Dapper - Code Maze
  1247. 99%VestPocket: File-based Data Storage for AOT .NET Applications
  1248. 98%haveibeenpwned-downloader 0.5.15
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  1250. 99%The Tyranny of the Blank Textbox
  1251. 99%Entity Framework Core 8 (EF8) is available today - .NET Blog
  1252. 99%Deploy a .NET Aspire app to Azure Container Apps using `azd` (in-depth guide) - .NET Aspire
  1253. 99%Getting Started with MongoDB - Simple Talk
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  1255. 99%A formally verified R-tree implementation
  1256. 98%Read the docs like a book - Aaron Francis
  1257. 98%The top WordPress plugins are… a little sad?
  1258. 98%You should track your finances in TOML
  1259. 98%Date Line
  1260. 94%Trip report: Autumn ISO C++ standards meeting (Kona, HI, USA)
  1261. 97%The Solution Space
  1262. 98%HTML Web Components
  1263. 99%How to Build An ASP.NET Core Web API: A Practical Beginner’s Tutorial
  1264. 99%How to Implement the Result Pattern with the ErrorOr Library
  1265. 99%Authentication with multiple identity providers in ASP.NET Core
  1266. 98%Scott Sauber - Test Driven Development with Blazor - Webinar Recording | The .NET Tools Blog
  1267. 99%.NET 8–Http Logging
  1268. 99%Reducing the Storage Demands of .NET Core Log Files - Loupe
  1269. 98%OpenAI Platform
  1270. 98%Gossip Glomers: Unique ID Generation
  1271. 99%HTML First
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  1274. 98%The Reasoning Computer
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  1278. 97%Serverless at Scale: Lessons From 200 Million Lambda Invocations
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  1280. 99%Writing code for both computers and humans
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  1283. 98%Join Us for Free .NET 8 and Angular 17 Webinars in December
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  1285. 98%Use the index, Luke!
  1286. 98%Implementing Tic Tac Toe with 170mb of HTML - no JS or CSS
  1287. 98%Securing HTML fragments returned by API endpoints
  1288. 99%Let’s build a custom Microsoft Graph connector - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  1289. 99%ConfigureAwait in .NET 8
  1290. 98%GitHub - ishan0102/vimGPT: Browse the web with GPT-4V and Vimium
  1291. 99%Interesting bugs caught by no-constant-binary-expression - ESLint - Pluggable JavaScript Linter
  1292. 99%Qwik: The Next Evolution in Frontend Frameworks | Devlin Duldulao
  1293. 98%Parameterball
  1294. 99%Constraint Oriented Programming in C#
  1295. 99%Headless Component: a pattern for composing React UIs
  1296. 99%Paolo Melchiorre - Database generated columns ⁽¹⁾: Django & SQLite
  1297. 99%Personal-scale Web scraping for fun and profit
  1298. 99%Understanding React Error Boundary — SitePoint
  1299. 90%Pangram validator in one line
  1300. 99%Testing against every Next.js canary release | François Best
  1301. 99%Why Kotlin Multiplatform Won’t Succeed - DONN FELKER
  1302. 98%New models and developer products announced at DevDay
  1303. 99%The convenience of System.IO - .NET Blog
  1304. 98%HTML DOM — Phuoc Nguyen
  1305. 98%Messier Objects
  1306. 99%Reading a stream of JsonDocuments separated by new lines (ndjson) - Gérald Barré
  1307. 99%Social Networking
  1308. 99%Development With A Dot - On Architecture – Part 1: High Level Communication
  1309. 98%Exploring an Automated Testing Strategy for Infrastructure as Code
  1310. 99%Announcing TypeScript 5.3 RC - TypeScript
  1311. 98%Undo in assets:clobber What You Do in assets:precompile
  1312. 97%Building a high performance JSON parser
  1313. 96%Why NextJS (and App Router) is being hated on recently?
  1314. 99%5 Reasons To Not Use C# IDE For TypeScript Development - CodeJourney.net
  1315. 99%Redux Pattern in Blazor
  1316. 99%Vertical Slice Architecture
  1317. 95%Pete Millspaugh
  1318. 98%Doctor's Office
  1319. 99%A new way to bring garbage collected programming languages efficiently to WebAssembly · V8
  1320. 99%Coding Clean, Reliable, and Safe REST APIs with ASP.NET Core 8
  1321. 99%Navigating the .NETverse: From Assembler to Open Source Marvel with Scott Hunter
  1322. 57%Stairways in the fog, Huang Shan, China
  1323. 92%Collection expressions brings the spread operator to C# 12
  1324. 99%HTML Attributes, Properties, and Values
  1325. 98%What makes an effective development team | Justin Joyce
  1326. 93%Open Source Is Struggling And It’s Not Big Tech That Is To Blame
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  1330. 99%Porting a ClojureScript project to Squint
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  1332. 98%Azure API Management: Enriching Requests with Additional Headers and Use of Caching
  1333. 98%Under the Stars
  1334. 97%Application Building with ASP.NET Core 8 | NDC Sydney 2024
  1335. 99%.NET 8’s Final RC Release Ties up Some Blazor Loose Ends
  1336. 98%Blazor on .NET 8 - Ten Reasons why Blazor on .NET 8 is a Game Changer
  1337. 98%Blazor on .NET 8 - Ten Reasons why Blazor on .NET 8 is a Game Changer
  1338. 98%I tried generative AI on lots of data and we're not quite there yet | Swizec Teller
  1339. 99%Using pure functions as views (with htmx and alpine.js) - cri.dev
  1340. 93%Down and to the Right: Firefox Got Faster for Real Users in 2023 – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
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  1342. 99%OhMyPosh and CascadiaCode not working on PowerShell? How to fix it in Windows 10 and Windows 11 Integrated Terminal
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  1345. 98%Breaker Box
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  1347. 98%Creating Animated Login UI in .NET MAUI with Lottie
  1348. 98%Progress Telerik Release Focuses on Design, Accessibility and Data Visualization -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1349. 96%Youtube’s Anti-adblock and uBlock Origin - And a Dinosaur
  1350. 99%PID_Analytical-Copy1
  1351. 99%Building a photography website
  1352. 99%The Windows installer of ImageMagick will no longer be signed · ImageMagick/ImageMagick · Discussion #6826
  1353. 95%Adding and Deleting Criteria
  1354. 91%How Pagination Improves API Performance #shorts
  1355. 99%React State Management Basics - CodeJourney.net
  1356. 98%Rails in 2024: Still Relevant or Living in the Past?
  1357. 97%Pro EP 83 : What is cross site scripting (XSS) attack and how to avoid it in .NET
  1358. 99%Code refactoring: how often should you refactor your code?
  1359. 99%Flowing State in Blazor 8
  1360. 99%Introducing <shadow>
  1361. 93%HustleWing is a scam so I hacked it.
  1362. 99%gpk blog - Custom Static Vector Maps on your Hugo Static Site
  1363. 98%Dendrochronology
  1364. 90%Now add a walrus: Prompt engineering in DALL-E 3
  1365. 96%Structured Logging Using Serilog and Seq in .NET
  1366. 97%Property based testing in C#–How to change the number of runs?
  1367. 99%Paolo Melchiorre - μDjango (micro Django) 🧬
  1368. 97%I Rewrote my CV in Typst and I'll Never Look Back
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  1374. 99%Web Components Will Outlive Your JavaScript Framework | jakelazaroff.com
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  1376. 99%Crafting boring APIs: lessons learned from implementing fallback handlers in Pavex | Luca Palmieri
  1377. 96%iLeakage: Browser-based Timerless Speculative Execution Attacks on Apple Devices
  1378. 99%Integration Testing GraphQL Endpoints with Alba
  1379. 98%Azure Java Jockeys Get OpenAI Playground -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1380. 99%GitHub - AndrewWalsh/openapi-devtools: Effortlessly discover API behaviour with a Chrome extension that automatically generates OpenAPI specifications in real time for any app or website
  1381. 98%Daylight Saving Choice
  1382. 98%Uno Platform Live Coding: Porting WinUI 3 code!
  1383. 93%React Basics: How to Use Cookies in React
  1384. 99%Creating a Service Virtualization Capability from Scratch (Part 2)
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  1396. 99%One Day Build: Expense Tracking
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  1399. 98%Extinction Mechanisms
  1400. 99%What Are The Easiest Programming Languages to Learn? – Your Ultimate Guide
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  1402. 99%Functional Programming in TypeScript
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  1404. 98%j3s.sh
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  1406. 99%The use and abuse of the dev branch pattern
  1407. 99%From CSS madness to CSS Hooks
  1408. 81%Twenty Megabytes of Floating Ducks
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  1411. 98%Keep that cursor still!
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  1413. 98%Black Holes vs Regular Holes
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  1416. 98%The State of WebAssembly 2023
  1417. 95%Imagining the Ideal GraphQL Integration for Marten
  1418. 94%Serializing and Deserializing JSON in C# with System.Text.Json
  1419. 97%3 reasons to delay adopting .NET 8 and 10 to do it ASAP
  1420. 99%GitHub - localsend/localsend: An open source cross-platform alternative to AirDrop
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  1422. 98%Professional Oaths
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  1430. 99%Source Generator playground
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  1464. 99%GitHub - jtesta/ssh-audit: SSH server & client security auditing (banner, key exchange, encryption, mac, compression, compatibility, security, etc)
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  1466. 98%My first contact with ESM and CJS
  1467. 99%Secrets in ASP.NET Core with AWS Secrets Manager - Super Simple & Secure | Code With Mukesh
  1468. 98%GitHub - d3vr/yt-siphon: Firefox add-on to open YouTube videos in open alternative frontends (e.g: Piped)
  1469. 98%dotnet Core vs Spring Boot ecosystem
  1470. 98%LSP could have been better
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  1472. 98%Sign Combo
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  1480. 96%Happy 5th birthday, SerenityOS!
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  1497. 99%On Experience
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  1504. 99%How LinkedIn Adopted Protocol Buffers to Reduce Latency by 60%
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  1506. 95%Writing my own damn HTML
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  1518. 99%Using Problem Details in .NET 7
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  1525. 98%Ben Schmidt
  1526. 98%Odyssey
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  1528. 99%Razor vs. Blazor: Unraveling the Web Development Duel
  1529. 83%Extracting Hacker News Book Recommendations with the ChatGPT API
  1530. 99%How to Design a Practical Type System to Maximize Reliability, Maintainability, and Productivity in Software Development Projects / Part 1: What, Why, and How?
  1531. 99%Announcing TypeScript 5.3 Beta - TypeScript
  1532. 97%.NET 8 and Blazor United / Server-side rendering
  1533. 98%Microsoft Teams reply spoofing: Trolling your friends and colleagues - STM Cyber Blog
  1534. 99%You Don't Need a Dedicated Cache Service - PostgreSQL as a Cache
  1535. 99%I don't want to know IPs: encryption in TORRENTDYNE
  1536. 99%Introducing pgroll: zero-downtime, reversible, schema migrations for Postgres
  1537. 99%.NET R&D Digest (September, 2023)
  1538. 99%Symbol Keyword in JavaScript | Devlin Duldulao
  1539. 99%GitHub - reclaimprotocol/circom-chacha20
  1540. 98%macOS web apps
  1541. 98%A raycasting engine in 7 easy steps
  1542. 99%Forward Scattering - The Weblog of Nicholas Chapman
  1543. 99%Blazor for Beginners: Setup, Hosting, and Template Structure Tutorial
  1544. 98%Trusting Microsoft and .NET MAUI Toolkit NuGet Packages
  1545. 98%A Halloween Carol
  1546. 99%Python Release Python 3.12.0
  1547. 98%HORSE ISLE - Online Multiplayer Horse Game
  1548. 99%Implement a secure web application using Vue.js and an ASP.NET Core server
  1549. 99%A JavaScript Testing Journey - 9elements
  1550. 66%Introducing tweetus-deletus 🐦🪄💀 - a tool to automate deleting your tweets, through the browser · Jamie Tanna | Software Engineer
  1551. 98%Why Your OpenAPI Spec Sucks | liblab Blog
  1552. 99%Blazor WASM Error Logging
  1553. 95%QCon San Francisco 2023
  1554. 99%Mastering Integration Testing with FastAPI
  1555. 97%Content filtering with CSS :has() selector
  1556. 99%YAML config file? Pain? Try Lua - The Boston Diaries
  1557. 85%TypeScript Origins: The Documentary
  1558. 98%Factorial Numbers
  1559. 99%Draggable objects
  1560. 99%EP 28: Response Compression in ASP.NET Core
  1561. 98%Red Blob Games
  1562. 98%Was Javascript really made in 10 days?
  1563. 99%an aborted experiment with server swift
  1564. 99%Contributing to Tech Communities: How Open-Source can land you a job and get you out of the Skill Paradox 💼
  1565. 98%Comparing reactivity models: Redux vs MobX vs Vuex vs others
  1566. 96%Wifi without internet on a Southwest flight
  1567. 96%.NET Rocks! Azure and GitHub with April Edwards
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  1574. 99%Tales from the .NET Migration Trenches - Migrating Initial Business Logic
  1575. 98%Finding Bathroom Faucets with Embeddings
  1576. 92%Temporal API is Awesome · Taro
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  1580. 98%The Philips Hue ecosystem is collapsing into stupidity
  1581. 98%Rediscovering Web 1.0 Principles in Virtual Worlds
  1582. 99%Bringing back the Incus demo server
  1583. 98%Boring technology and the five-year rule
  1584. 99%Using MonadLogger without LoggingT
  1585. 99%Debugging Enhancements in .NET 8 - .NET Blog
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  1587. 99%How to modify response headers in ASP.NET Core middleware
  1588. 99%.NET 8–Using reflection in a AOT enabled application
  1589. 98%Lying
  1590. 98%Geospatial SQL queries in SQLite using TG, sqlite-tg and datasette-sqlite-tg
  1591. 98%Why We Use Phoenix Without LiveView
  1592. 94%Resurrecting mockups | Jonathan Fisher
  1593. 98%How Facebook handled billions of requests per second efficiently
  1594. 99%The convenience of .NET - .NET Blog
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  1598. 90%No Stale Bots
  1599. 96%Reflections on My Journey into Computer Science
  1600. 99%Blocking Visual Studio Code embedded reverse shell before it's too late
  1601. 98%First Steps with Umbraco 14
  1602. 99%Creating a Property Editor With Umbraco 14
  1603. 99%Monolith to Microservices: How a Modular Monolith Helps
  1604. 77%TypeScript Origins: The Documentary
  1605. 98%Urban Planning Opinion Progression
  1606. 97%Choosing a more optimal `String` type
  1607. 99%Responsive type scales with composable CSS utilities
  1608. 99%Harnessing the Power of Apache ECharts in Your Deno Fresh Project
  1609. 99%Strada officially launched! | Masilotti.com
  1610. 99%GitHub Actions could be so much better
  1611. 98%Improve the build speed on your build server using npm ci
  1612. 98%Matrix 2.0: The Future of Matrix
  1613. 95% XML is better than YAML. Hear me out...
  1614. 99%gokrazy is really cool
  1615. 99%OTLP Specification 1.0.0
  1616. 89%Release 2.47.0 / 2023-09-06 · prometheus/prometheus
  1617. 98%The fundamental theorem of Agile Software Development
  1618. 99%Inside New Query Engine of MongoDB
  1619. 98%xkcd Phone Flip
  1620. 98%A Beginner's Guide to Prompt Engineering with GitHub Copilot
  1621. 99%Introducing runes
  1622. 99%.NET 8.0: Additional JsonNode Functionality
  1623. 99%How To Learn Coding For Beginners - What You Need To Know
  1624. 99%Different Log Levels in Serilog - Code Maze
  1625. 99%Oh Look a Phishing Attempt | LINQ to Fail
  1626. 99%Visual Studio 2022: HTTP Files and Variables
  1627. 99%System.Text.Json JsonConverter Test Helpers
  1628. 98%Episode 473 - Azure Arc
  1629. 99%Tales from the .NET Migration Trenches - Our First Controller
  1630. 98%Favorite Command Line Tools | Blog | Nik Kantar
  1631. 99%You really need to try Astro
  1632. 99%System.Object in C# and .NET
  1633. 99%react
  1634. 99%What's new in System.Text.Json in .NET 8 - .NET Blog
  1635. 77%HTTPS Everywhere Update - The NuGet Blog
  1636. 98%SharePoint Framework 1.18 Refreshes Viva Connections Cards and Supports Node 18
  1637. 98%Anmeldung form filler - Nicolas Bouliane
  1638. 99%A new way of doing reflection with .NET 8
  1639. 99%.NET 8–Keyed/Named Services
  1640. 99%Sharing WireMock in sequential and parallel tests
  1641. 97%Embedding SVG icons in CSS | Peiwen Lu
  1642. 98%Haunted House
  1643. 99%Telerik for .NET MAUI: PDF Viewer, TabView, Calendar and Image Editor
  1644. 86%When looking to free up disk space, don't forget your symbol file caches - The Old New Thing
  1645. 99%Test APIs using Endpoints Explorer and .http files | BinaryIntellect Knowledge Base
  1646. 98%A Quick Guide to OAuth 2.0 - Coding Sonata
  1647. 99%Pattern Matching with TypeScript
  1648. 99%Simplifying JavaScript Dictionary Creation with reduce in TypeScript
  1649. 99%Entity Framework Core–DateOnly and TimeOnly
  1650. 98%DO NOT USE BUN (bun install is good dough)
  1651. 67%Reflecting on the second year of Uni
  1652. 99%Mock nth request with Microsoft 365 Developer Proxy
  1653. 94%Roblox Game Devs Duped by Malicious npm Packages
  1654. 99%Embracing the monolith with Inertia.js
  1655. 99%Reading files on Vercel during Next.js ISR | François Best
  1656. 97%No sacred masterpieces
  1657. 99%Feature Flags in .NET and How I Use Them for A/B Testing
  1658. 99%Practical Application-level Monitoring for Microservices
  1659. 99%GlassFish Embedded – a simple way to run Jakarta EE apps – OmniFish
  1660. 97%Transforming JSON Objects Mastering the Compose Action in Logic Apps
  1661. 98%Iceberg Efficiency
  1662. 99%React Basics: React Forms Examples
  1663. 99%Entity Framework Core–Data is null
  1664. 99%Web Weirdness: Probing Localhost
  1665. 98%Release Pagefind v1.0.0 — Stable static search at scale ✨ 🚀 · CloudCannon/pagefind
  1666. 92%My microphone didn't work - Johnathan Nader
  1667. 95%PostgreSQL 16 Released!
  1668. 99%Plugin Architecture in Blazor - A How To Guide
  1669. 99%GitHub - dearimgui/dear_bindings: C header (and language binding metadata) generator for Dear ImGui
  1670. 97%Don't use Discord as your Q&A forum
  1671. 99%Building a Minimal ASP.NET Core clone
  1672. 99%Handcrafted emoji
  1673. 96%Prakhar Gupta - Blog - YC Cofounder Matching Profiles are Bad
  1674. 98%My thoughts on Bun and other Adventures
  1675. 99%Getting daily notifications my parent is okay
  1676. 98%Exoplanet Observation
  1677. 99%Bun 1.0 is here
  1678. 98%.NET In-Process Azure Durable Functions: Preserve Stack<T> Order When Passing Between Orchestrators, Activities etc
  1679. 99%How to Improve Rails Caching with Brotli Compression
  1680. 95%Quick insights using sqlelf
  1681. 99%Build a Typeahead Component Using RxJS
  1682. 99%Some notes on Local-First Development
  1683. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1684. 99%EF Core 8 RC1: Complex types as value objects - .NET Blog
  1685. 99%GitHub - TryQuiet/quiet: A private, p2p alternative to Slack and Discord built on Tor & IPFS
  1686. 98%Why isn’t dotnet core popular among startups?
  1687. 99%Entity Framework Core - No database provider has been configured
  1688. 98%Brassica
  1689. 97%Death by a thousand microservices
  1690. 99%Logging with OpenTelemetry and Loki
  1691. 98%LinkAce vs Linkding - What's the Best Self-Hosted Link Archiving Application?
  1692. 99%Developing OCaml with Nix
  1693. 99%Any sufficiently advanced uninstaller is indistinguishable from malware - The Old New Thing
  1694. 99%Implement a secure web application using nx Standalone Angular and an ASP.NET Core server
  1695. 99%Running ASP.NET Core Web Server on Arm64
  1696. 99%Introducing MSAL.Browser v3: What developers need to know | Microsoft Entra Identity Developer Blog
  1697. 98%NuGet - Package Source Mappings
  1698. 98%Working with API that supports remote streaming using HTTPClient in dotnet
  1699. 99%GitHub - nginx/unit: NGINX Unit – universal web app server – a lightweight and versatile open source server project that works as a reverse proxy, serves static assets, and runs applications in multiple languages.
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  1738. 99%Dunghill Anti-Pattern - Why utility classes and modules smell?
  1739. 99%How to Write a Secure JWT Library If You Absolutely Must
  1740. 98%Autumn and Fall
  1741. 99%ASP.NET Core in Action, Third Edition: Lock, Andrew: 9781633438620: Amazon.com: Books
  1742. 99%Everything you need to know about configuration and secret management in .NET
  1743. 98%Build your UI as a finite state machine
  1744. 99%Mats Eikeland Mollestad | DX can be more than just 'It Feels Good'
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  1784. 99%</> htmx ~ Why htmx Does Not Have a Build Step
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  1798. 99%ETS
  1799. 99%Use web components for what they’re good at
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  1801. 98%Pronunciation
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  1805. 99%Exploring Blazor Changes in .NET 8 - Capture User Input with Forms
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  1847. 99%GitHub - varunshenoy/opendream: An extensible, easy-to-use, and portable diffusion web UI 👨‍🎨
  1848. 98%Terraform State Surgery
  1849. 99%The Normal Blog - Eliminating hallucinations (fast!) in Large Language Models with Finite State Machines
  1850. 99%A simple guide to fine tuning Llama 2 on your own data | Brev docs
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  1854. 99%.NET MAUI Push Notifications using Azure Notification Hub. Part 2. Setup .NET MAUI
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  1864. 99%Efficient Event Communication: Implementing Event Bus and Outbox Patterns with CAP in .NET Core Microservices
  1865. 99%I Built a Linklog
  1866. 94%Kristaps Grinbergs - Blockchain, mobile and fullstack developer. Startup founder. Conference speaker. Mentor. Passionate about building products, sustainability and Web 3.0.
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  1906. 98% My Favorite Vim Oneliners For Text Manipulation | Muhammad
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  1914. 99%I’m betting on HTML
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  1920. 99%How to handle transactions in Node.js reference architecture | Red Hat Developer
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  1922. 99%Top React Testing Libraries in 2023: A Comprehensive Review
  1923. 94%Reflections on a Month with BBEdit and Nova — Sympolymathesy, by Chris Krycho
  1924. 99%File distribution over DNS: (ab)using DNS as a CDN (eighty-twenty news)
  1925. 99%A comprehensive guide to Redux for beginners
  1926. 98%Moon
  1927. 99%F# Extends its String Interpolation Syntax to Reduce Escaping
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  1929. 98%Microsoft Releases .NET 8 Preview 6
  1930. 99%How To Query Shadow Property With EF Core #shorts
  1931. 97%What's up, Python? The GIL removed, a new compiler, optparse deprecated...
  1932. 98%How to create a Django form in 2mins using Alpine.js
  1933. 96%I made a Quotebacks plugin for Marked
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  1935. 99%Workplace advice for Programmers (Q&A)
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  1937. 99%Codifying a ChatGPT workflow into a malleable GUI
  1938. 98%Sampling at scale with OpenTelemetry
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  1941. 99%Introduction to the Node.js reference architecture: Testing | Red Hat Developer
  1942. 98%Exploring Generative AI
  1943. 87%GitHub - jdorfman/awesome-json-datasets: A curated list of awesome JSON datasets that don't require authentication.
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  1946. 98%It's 2023, so of course I'm learning Common Lisp
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  1964. 99%Sharing encrypted data over short-form mediums
  1965. 99%Released: Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 5.2 Preview 3
  1966. 89%FAF: Automating my GTD Workflow with Langchain and GPT-4
  1967. 98%Theater recommendations at scale using GPT (how I ended up at Penetrator)
  1968. 98%Counting OpenAI tokens • Harry Marr
  1969. 97%GitHub - evanderkoogh/hibp_security-txt: The security.txt files that are present in the Have I Been Pwned db
  1970. 98%Exploring garbage collection in V8 with WebGL
  1971. 99%JuMP, GAMS, and the IJKLM model
  1972. 98%Feeds are Not Fit for Gardening — Sympolymathesy, by Chris Krycho
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  1982. 99%Live from OpenBSD in Amsterdam
  1983. 97%300ms Faster: Reducing Wikipedia's Total Blocking Time
  1984. 98%Infragistics Touts New Components for Blazor, Web Components in UX/UI Toolkit -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  1998. 99%Looking for additional maintainers on a few projects
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  2008. 98%Achieving Consistent Output from ChatGPT | Logan
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  2010. 99%Comparing main...davidfowl/net8 · davidfowl/TodoApi
  2011. 96%Central Package Management
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  2013. 99%Announcing dynamic JSON in the Azure Core library for .NET
  2014. 99%Fearless Tinkering with Nix
  2015. 94%Advice for Operating a Public-Facing API
  2016. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
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  2018. 98%What Are HTTP Headers? | Postman Blog
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  2025. 99%StyleCop Analyzers Implementation in .NET - Code Maze
  2026. 99%Public, Private, and Protected Class Visibility Patterns in JavaScript
  2027. 99%HTMX, ASP.NET Core, and Bootstrap Modals
  2028. 95%.NET 8 Preview 6 Bolsters New Blazor Rendering Schemes -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2029. 99%What is Functional Programming? · Joseph Yiasemides
  2030. 99%Object Based Routing in Express.js
  2031. 99%Upgrading to .NET 8: Part 2 - Automation is our Friend
  2032. 99%Exploring Blazor Changes in .NET 8 - Server Side Rendering (SSR)
  2033. 98%Cake - Cake v3.1.0 released
  2034. 96%JSON Adapter Feedback Provider - PowerShell Team
  2035. 99%How and why to properly write copyright statements in your code - … and probably more than what you ever wanted to know about them
  2036. 97%The Great Pendulum
  2037. 97%Toot toot! Mastodon-powered Blog Comments
  2038. 99%WebAssembly and replayable functions
  2039. 98%Using C# 9 records as strongly-typed ids
  2040. 98%Down
  2041. 98%GitHub - MiloszKrajewski/K4os.Streams: Implementation for pooled in-memory streams for .NET
  2042. 98%TypeScript 5.1: declaring JSX element types | johnnyreilly
  2043. 96%Better Application Management with Custom Apps
  2044. 99%Integration Testing an HTTP Service that Publishes a Wolverine Message
  2045. 98%This will be easy
  2046. 98%Creating Azure Resources like a Pro using ARM Templates - Claudio Bernasconi
  2047. 99%Parsing in Python: all the tools and libraries you can use
  2048. 99%It's 2023. Your API should have a schema
  2049. 99%Test Against Reality
  2050. 98%Frankenstein Claim Permutations
  2051. 98%Postgres Full Text Search on Django JSON Fields with KT Expressions
  2052. 99%Improvements to the Caching Abstraction in ASP.NET Core - .NET Blog
  2053. 99%what is nor0x.Playwright.BrowserDownloader ?!
  2054. 99%Continuous Deployment with GitHub Actions to AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  2055. 99%Procfile.dev, bin/dev, and Rails 7 — how they work, and why (I think) they're great.
  2056. 98%Room Temperature
  2057. 99%Customizing Return Value Behavior in Wolverine for Profit and Fun
  2058. 99%Rockford Lhotka Introduces Blazor -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2059. 99%Accessing AVACloud Directly with User Accounts - Dangl.Blog();
  2060. 99%Adding a Readme to NuGet Package Landing Pages
  2061. 99%bips/bip-0042.mediawiki at master · bitcoin/bips
  2062. 98%Exploring how Magic Link works
  2063. 99%Deep Dive into xUnit.net Theories
  2064. 98%40 Years of Computing (Part 1: The First 20 Years)
  2065. 97%3 things that surprised me while running SQLite in production
  2066. 98%After Slowness Complaints, Microsoft Boosts Code Completion in VS Code Java Tooling -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2067. 98%Actual Progress
  2068. 99%Backend development is more than writing endpoints for frontend
  2069. 99%.NET Core Integration Testing Basics #4 - Synthetic Data with Bogus
  2070. 99%Zero-Runtime CSS with Vanilla Extract
  2071. 88%Announcing TypeScript 5.2 Beta - TypeScript
  2072. 98%Building Boba AI
  2073. 99%Easy Web Application Caching With Redis in C# - Code Maze
  2074. 99%ClickHouse 🤝 DuckDB = OLAP²
  2075. 99%Emmet Enhancements for Web Development | Peiwen Lu
  2076. 99%Enhance C# Code Consistency in Visual Studio with .editorconfig
  2077. 98%Json Parser in C# using Functional Programming
  2078. 97%HTTP Get in C# is SUPER Easy! Call REST APIs Like a Pro.
  2079. 99%Too much documentation is harmful
  2080. 98%Juicy Clients
  2081. 99%Application optimisation with LLMs: Finding faster, equivalent, software libraries.
  2082. 99%FP pattern - list of TODOs
  2083. 98%Real Estate Analysis
  2084. 98%Burke learns Blazor by porting a Vue.js app to Blazor
  2085. 98%JavaScript Gom Jabbar
  2086. 95%The RIGHT Way To Use HttpClient In .NET
  2087. 99%What Is Infrastructure as Code?
  2088. 99%Peter Ritchie's Blog - ETags in ASP.NET Core
  2089. 99%Creating a VS Code editor extension
  2090. 99%Enable Un-typed within ASP.NET Core OData - OData
  2091. 98%Goodbye MongoDB - Stuart Spence Blog
  2092. 90%Why I chose php for my new side project
  2093. 99%Hands on example of ChatGPT as a programming tool
  2094. 99%CLI tools hidden in the Python standard library
  2095. 96%Is it too late to fix the problem of AI clutter on the web?
  2096. 99%Custom Error Handling Middleware for Wolverine.HTTP
  2097. 98%Burke Learns Blazor - Let's build the API!
  2098. 99%The Many Faces of a Web Component
  2099. 99%HTMX Boosts and ASP.NET Core Anti-Forgery Tokens
  2100. 98%Burke learns Blazor by porting a Vue.js app to Blazor
  2101. 99%SharePoint Framework 1.17 Introduces Web Part Top Actions and Change to Update Cadence
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  2376. 96%Lessons From Billions of Breached Records • Troy Hunt • GOTO 2022
  2377. 96%Lessons From Billions of Breached Records • Troy Hunt • GOTO 2022
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  2414. 99%GitHub - VeriorPies/MineCloud: An AWS CDK project to set up an almost free on-demand Minecraft (or other game) server for a Discord community in a few minutes
  2415. 98%A few words on Ruby's type annotations state
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  2438. 99%Sending MediatR Notifications Immediately After Saving an Entity with Entity Framework Core | no dogma blog
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  2460. 99%C# Record Type: Nondestructive Mutation, Equality, DTOs, and More | C# Tutorials Blog
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  2467. 99%A Simple Example of Amazon Transcribe with .NET | no dogma blog
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  2476. 97%Running an AWS Lambda Command from Windows Shells | no dogma blog
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  2480. 99%Calling one Lambda Function from another with the Lambda .NET SDK | no dogma blog
  2481. 99%Forcing the Lambda Service to Warm 100 Execution Environments for your Function | no dogma blog
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  2580. 97%Faster API Development in Visual Studio is Here! Say Hello to .http/.rest Files!
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  2774. 99%JetBrains Releases Rider 2023.1 EAP 6 with Improvements of UI and Debugging Experience
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  2786. 96%School, Home
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  2803. 99%Disabling Controller methods in ASP.NET Core
  2804. 98%Warnings-as-errors friction
  2805. 99%Signals vs Streams, in terms of backpressure (2023)
  2806. 98%You don't need a modern computer!
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  2847. 98%WPF Begins its Long Goodbye
  2848. 95%World Building With GPT
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  2851. 97%Producer/Consumer Pattern with Wolverine
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  2856. 98%Apache NetBeans
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  2859. 98%Pydantic vs Protobuf vs Namedtuples vs Dataclasses
  2860. 99%WebGPU Error Handling best practices
  2861. 87%OnlineOrNot Diaries 1 - Max Rozen
  2862. 99%Bun v0.5.7 | Bun Blog
  2863. 99%GitHub - Threatintel-be/email-checker-ti: This script will check against hibp api when, how and if your emails are pwnd or not
  2864. 99%Single executable applications | Node.js v19.7.0 Documentation
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  3159. 99%No, No, No - Tasks are not threads and they are not for performance!
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  3185. 99%as days pass by — What to do about hotlinking
  3186. 99%Rant - Why is CI Development so bad? - mikecann.co.uk
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  3249. 99%Preparing to move away from Twitter
  3250. 98%Unmarshaling JSON in Go: The weird parts
  3251. 98%Things I want as SRE/DevOps from Devs
  3252. 98%Sticky Scroll now in preview
  3253. 99%ECMAScript proposal: Set methods
  3254. 99%GitHub - Jxck-S/plane-notify: Notify If a selected plane has taken off or landed using OpenSky or ADS-B Exchange data. Compares older data to newer data to determine if a landing or takeoff has occurred. As well as nav modes, emergency squawk and resolution advisory notifications. Can output to Twitter, Discord, and Pushbullet
  3255. 98%Optimal Bowling
  3256. 99%Using Supabase with Autocode
  3257. 99%How to use CSS aspect ratio | Matt Davison
  3258. 92% Using Commandline To Process CSV files | Muhammad
  3259. 97%Does .NET 6 support windows 98 · Discussion #79642 · dotnet/runtime
  3260. 99%Dev tunnels in Visual Studio for ASP.NET Core projects
  3261. 99%In C++/WinRT, how do I create or consume an IReference<T> that wraps a particular value?
  3262. 99%Baby Steps With TypeScript
  3263. 99%Consuming .NET WebAssembly From JavaScript in the Browser
  3264. 91%recursion
  3265. 99%Amazing CTO
  3266. 99%Introducing Shitify —  A Reverse Linter. Add errors to your code.
  3267. 99%The Equinox Programming Model
  3268. 98%Hydropower Breakthrough
  3269. 99%Self-hosting Chromium extensions - Gérald Barré
  3270. 98%Goodbye Ghost, Hello Hugo
  3271. 99%ECMAScript proposal: iterator helpers
  3272. 99%The InfoQ Podcast: .NET Trends Report 2022
  3273. 99%At Least Assert Your Serialisation Roundtrips
  3274. 99%Playing with ActivityPub
  3275. 98%Solar System Model
  3276. 97%When your database is an HTTP client
  3277. 98%Implications of choosing State instead of Cache
  3278. 99%Changes in JWT Bearer Token Setup in .NET 7
  3279. 99%Testing a token protected API using user-jwts
  3280. 97%ChatGPT and the viability of replacing humans with circus tricks • Adam Shaylor
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  3287. 98%Announcing PowerShell Crescendo 1.1.0-preview01
  3288. 99%Frontend Engineer Archetypes
  3289. 97%RantBrain
  3290. 99%Logging and global error handling in .NET 7 WPF applications
  3291. 97%Seq — centralized structured logs for .NET, Java, Node.js
  3292. 97%Serilog — simple .NET logging with fully-structured events
  3293. 93%Reinventing How We Use Computers
  3294. 98%Astronomy Numbers
  3295. 99%Custom Controls for WinForm's Out-Of-Process Designer
  3296. 99%GitHub - betaveros/noulith: *slaps roof of [programming language]* this bad boy can fit so much [syntax sugar] into it
  3297. 97%How the Web Storage API Works
  3298. 99%Polly with .NET 6, Part 7 - Policy Wraps with Minimal APIs, and HttpClientFactory | no dogma blog
  3299. 95%Domain-Driven Microservices with F#
  3300. 97%Microspeak: Impedance mismatch
  3301. 98%Plotting Sweden's real estate prices on a heatmap with deck.gl and Cloudflare
  3302. 99%GitHub - acheong08/ChatGPT: Lightweight package for interacting with ChatGPT's API by OpenAI. Uses reverse engineered official API.
  3303. 97%The top programming languages
  3304. 99%Fix wrong example on how to set the drawing unix runtime switch. by safern · Pull Request #27713 · dotnet/docs
  3305. 99%clarify nesting of config switch (#31509) · dotnet/docs@a7a1fd1
  3306. 97%Discontinuing Bibliogram - cadence's blog
  3307. 98%Bendy
  3308. 99%2022 Advent of Code Day 1: Calorie Counting
  3309. 94%Important Lessons from Adam Wathan's Refactoring UI
  3310. 98%Add docker-compose project to run all apps by LuizFDS · Pull Request #41 · davidfowl/TodoApi
  3311. 99%Building a new JavaScript linting experience in Visual Studio
  3312. 99%Passport.js
  3313. 99%Make PRs the BEST PART of Programming
  3314. 98%Spacetime Soccer
  3315. 99%Tracking and Analyzing My Location Data
  3316. 99%Self-Documenting Code
  3317. 98%I am disappointed by dynamic typing
  3318. 99%C# 11: Raw strings, required members, and auto-default structs | Red Hat Developer
  3319. 99%ASP.NET Core Response Caching
  3320. 99%How the new VSCode XML extension improves developer experience | Red Hat Developer
  3321. 99%Preact vs. React | Syncfusion Blogs
  3322. 99%How To Easily Understand TypeScript Generics
  3323. 99%Testing your ASP.NET Core application - using a real database
  3324. 99%How to make the fastest .NET Serializer with .NET 7 / C# 11, case of MemoryPack
  3325. 98%Fundamental knowledge
  3326. 99%Keycloak.AuthServices.Authentication 1.2.1
  3327. 99%Warming Up 100 AWS Lambda Hosted ASP.NET Web API Applications | no dogma blog
  3328. 99%Testing static types in TypeScript
  3329. 98%Faucet
  3330. 97%CSS For URLs and HTTP Headers
  3331. 99%Alba for Effective ASP.Net Core Integration Testing
  3332. 96%Preferences
  3333. 99%C# 11 Strings in the Raw
  3334. 99%An Interactive Guide to Flexbox
  3335. 98%EF Core Audit Extension - now with new features and optimizations ✨
  3336. 99%ECMAScript proposal: `Array.fromAsync()`
  3337. 96%How to Internationalize Numbers with JavaScript
  3338. 99%Why Only Type-hints?
  3339. 98%Azure SQL Trigger for Azure Functions in Public Preview
  3340. 97%Framework Guides - Tailwind CSS
  3341. 98%DasBlog support for WebFinger
  3342. 97%Trusted by [your company]
  3343. 96%Preferences
  3344. 99%express-openapi
  3345. 96%v0.25 - Introducing use expressions! – Gleam
  3346. 98%Ask What, Not How: Why you should write declarative code
  3347. 99%How to Create and Publish a NuGet Package with dotnet CLI
  3348. 98%Paper Title
  3349. 94%How do I pass a raw pointer to a Windows Runtime function?
  3350. 99%Episode 111 - RavenDB with Oren Eini
  3351. 97%Discontinuing Bibliogram - cadence's blog
  3352. 99%Joseph Woodward | Software Engineer &amp; Go lover based in Somerset, England
  3353. 98%How I built currency conversion tooltips
  3354. 92%How does JavaScript represent output parameters in the Windows Runtime?
  3355. 99%Null vs. Undefined in JavaScript | Syncfusion Blogs
  3356. 99%zkapp-cli
  3357. 94%2 years at Twitter · eed3si9n
  3358. 99%Towards End-to-End Encryption for Direct Messages in the Fediverse - Dhole Moments
  3359. 98%What If 2 Gift Guide
  3360. 99%Use dev tunnels in Visual Studio to debug your web APIs
  3361. 99%.NET Serialization Roundup 2022
  3362. 93%Webinar – Blazor Best Practices Borrowed From ReactJS | The .NET Tools Blog
  3363. 98%Using Live Server with Developer Tools in Visual Studio Code
  3364. 99%OpenIddict
  3365. 96%Preferences
  3366. 99%Build and run Angular application in a Docker container
  3367. 99%GitHub - terrajobst/git-istage: Make staging whole files, as well as parts of a file, up to the line level, a breeze.
  3368. 99%How to create an API Gateway using Azure API Management - Code4IT
  3369. 99%Beckshome.com: Thomas Beck's Blog - Lucene + Blazor, Part 4: Faceting
  3370. 98%CVE-2022-41924 - RCE in Tailscale, DNS Rebinding, and You
  3371. 98%The Missing Middle in Tech Education
  3372. 92%fhur
  3373. 99%Creating JSON Web Tokens using dotnet user-jwts tool
  3374. 98%Change in Slope
  3375. 98%Tagged Strings in Visual Studio and .NET 7
  3376. 99%Use multiple Azure AD access tokens in an ASP.NET Core API
  3377. 99%Why and how you should use AWS SDK for JavaScript (v3) on Node.js 18 | Amazon Web Services
  3378. 99%Lambda Cold Starts - .NET 7 Native AOT vs .NET 6 Managed Runtime | no dogma blog
  3379. 99%ECMAScript proposal: source text access for `JSON.parse()` and `JSON.stringify()`
  3380. 99%Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) v1.0
  3381. 99%New Metrics Capabilities for OpenTelemetry on Azure Monitor
  3382. 99%Debuggable explanations
  3383. 92%Keeping Syncing Simple
  3384. 96%What I learned from Staff Engineer by Will Larson | Swizec Teller
  3385. 98%How I Made A Webiste
  3386. 92%#168 Mads Torgersen, C# 11 Part 1 | no dogma podcast
  3387. 98%Account Problems
  3388. 99%ICYMI: Developer Week 2022 announcements
  3389. 99%Visual Studio 'Port Forwarding' Now 'Dev Tunnels,' So What's a Dev Tunnel? -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3390. 98%On Windows Runtime asynchronous operations with critical progress reports
  3391. 99%Send Cloudflare Workers logs to a destination of your choice with Workers Trace Events Logpush
  3392. 99%Introducing Tailscale Funnel
  3393. 99%Comparing SQL-based streaming approaches | Georg Heiler
  3394. 99%Million Dollar Infrastructure for Tic-Tac-Toe
  3395. 98%Mighty Retrospective
  3396. 99%Example: Oracle | Mina Documentation
  3397. 99%Let's Prove Leftpad • Hillel Wayne
  3398. 98%Python and .NET - An Ongoing Saga
  3399. 99%Building serverless .NET applications on AWS Lambda using .NET 7 | Amazon Web Services
  3400. 99%GitHub - Alois-xx/SerializerTests: .NET Serializer testing framework
  3401. 98%Feature Comparison
  3402. 99%Bookmarks
  3403. 96%.NET Data Community Standup - A Whirlwind Tour of EF7
  3404. 96%.NET Data Community Standup - A Whirlwind Tour of EF7
  3405. 99%Using TypeScript in React
  3406. 99%Announcing TypeScript 4.9
  3407. 99%ECMAScript proposal: RegExp flag `/v` makes character classes and character class escapes more powerful
  3408. 99%How to average hues
  3409. 97%Keyboardless Coding? GitHub Copilot 'AI Pair Programmer' Gets Voice Commands -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3410. 99%Using web dev skills to test web dev skills
  3411. 98%Evgeny Budilovsky - How to focus on technical content
  3412. 97%How to Search Your Entire Twitter Archive With One Line of jq
  3413. 99%gRPC JSON transcoding
  3414. 98%Leveling up data: Upgrade from EF6 to EF7 and blast off! | .NET Conf 2022
  3415. 98%Leveling up data: Upgrade from EF6 to EF7 and blast off! | .NET Conf 2022
  3416. 99%Public preview of dev tunnels in Visual Studio for ASP.NET Core projects
  3417. 99%Intro to Zero-knowledge & Building zkApps w/Mina Protocol
  3418. 99%Create Azure App Registration for API using Powershell
  3419. 99%The IndieWeb for Everyone
  3420. 98%Bad Date
  3421. 99%How fast is really ASP.NET Core?
  3422. 98%Callbacks in JavaScript
  3423. 99%Beckshome.com: Thomas Beck's Blog - Lucene + Blazor, Part 3: Auto Complete
  3424. 99%Making VS Code and OmniSharp Open the Browser to a Specific URL for a .NET Application | no dogma blog
  3425. 99%Immutability: Dart vs. F#
  3426. 99%.NET Architects Panel | .NET Conf 2022
  3427. 97%GitHub Business Card
  3428. 99%GitHub - timhutton/twitter-archive-parser: Python code to parse a Twitter archive and output in various ways
  3429. 99%T4 goodness with Entity Framework Core 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  3430. 96%Tracing HTTP Requests with tcpflow · Anantha Kumaran
  3431. 92%Leading DevRel at a Silicon Valley startup
  3432. 98%Breaking the Frontend Monolith
  3433. 99%willfennel.com – 83% of development is pointlessly renaming things
  3434. 98%Dr. Darjan Salaj
  3435. 98%Missing Apache Airflow, is that even possible?
  3436. 95%GitHub - Unity-Technologies/com.unity.demoteam.mesh-to-sdf: A real-time SDF generator. Use a Mesh or a dynamically deforming SkinnedMesh as input to generate a 3D SDF texture.
  3437. 98%Y2K and 2038
  3438. 96%Gorillas (video game) - Wikipedia
  3439. 99%What's New in .NET 7 for Authentication and Authorization
  3440. 99%Twelve C# 11 Features
  3441. 99%Tutorial 3: Deploying to a Live Network | Mina Documentation
  3442. 96%Debugging Is Science
  3443. 99%A Simple Computation Engine in F#
  3444. 99%Browsers, JSON, and FormData
  3445. 98%Source Generated RegEx in .NET 7
  3446. 99%Awesome AZD Templates | Awesome Azure Dev CLI
  3447. 99%Announcing ML.NET 2.0
  3448. 99%7.0 Release Notes | Npgsql Documentation
  3449. 79%On the dangers of giving a product feature the name "new"
  3450. 99%What Content Broke My Restore?
  3451. 99%How to deploy an Azure resource using Terraform when it is not available in the AzureRM official provider
  3452. 99%Brave New Trusted Boot World
  3453. 99%Mastodon - be findable with your domain (on Firebase hosting)
  3454. 97%Issue: 2022 - Vol. 19 - Issue 1 - .NET 7.0 | CODE Magazine
  3455. 98%GHSA-8g2p-5pqh-5jmc - GitHub Advisory Database
  3456. 98%Precision vs Accuracy
  3457. 99%Use hubs in ASP.NET Core SignalR
  3458. 99%Sometimes... Constraints Are Good
  3459. 99%My favorite 12 side projects in 2022
  3460. 99%Containers are chroot with a Marketing Budget
  3461. 99%Entity Framework Core 7 (EF7) is available today
  3462. 99%Welcome to C# 11
  3463. 99%How to Use HTML Agility Pack in C# - Code Maze
  3464. 99%Polling asynchronous APIs with Azure Durable Functions
  3465. 98%NuGet Central Package Management Comes To JetBrains Rider | The .NET Tools Blog
  3466. 99%Contextual Feature Filters in ASP.NET Core - Code Rethinked
  3467. 99%Peter Ritchie's Blog - Fundamental ASP.Net Minimal API Integration Tests
  3468. 99%An F# Primitive Giraffe Wearing Lenses: A Ports and Adapters Story
  3469. 98%How To Remove All Blocks-Related Stuff From WordPress · Notes
  3470. 96%willfennel.com – We need a light switch for static hosting
  3471. 99%TypeScript for React Developers – Why TypeScript is Useful and How it Works
  3472. 99%Beckshome.com: Thomas Beck's Blog - Lucene + Blazor, Part 2: Results Paging
  3473. 99%Vaultwarden on an RPi
  3474. 98%Königsberg
  3475. 99%Making changes safely at scale
  3476. 96%Things I Didn't Build Yet
  3477. 99%Why am I getting a RPC_E_WRONG_THREAD exception when I'm on the right thread?
  3478. 99%Full Text & Vector Search for Firestore with Weaviate
  3479. 96%Against Duolingo as a language learning platform
  3480. 99%Stop requiring only one assertion per unit test: Multiple assertions are fine
  3481. 99%Node.js Reference Architecture, Part 10: Accessibility | Red Hat Developer
  3482. 99%3 Ideas for Vercel and Next.js - Mike Alche
  3483. 98%Mastodon on your own domain without hosting a server
  3484. 98%JavaScript Local Storage: All You Need To Know!
  3485. 99%Announcing TypeScript 4.9 RC
  3486. 99%.NET Interactive Notebooks is now Polyglot Notebooks!
  3487. 97%Wirecutter Recommendation
  3488. 98%Soil
  3489. 99%Potluck: Dynamic documents as personal software
  3490. 99%HashSet in C# - Code Maze
  3491. 99%Learn how to improve your ASP.NET Core controllers with these principles
  3492. 98%Daniel C. Moura | Command-line data analytics made easy
  3493. 99%Frontend is Rife with Bad Ideas
  3494. 97%Is Turbopack really 10x Faster than Vite? · Discussion #8 · yyx990803/vite-vs-next-turbo-hmr
  3495. 99%Performance improvements in ASP.NET Core 7
  3496. 98%How to Convert DataTable to JSON in C# - Code Maze
  3497. 99%Using a Distributed Memory Cache with .NET Lambda Functions | no dogma blog
  3498. 99%We Just Gave $260,028 to Open Source Maintainers
  3499. 99%Building a URL shortener in 12 lines of code using Cloudflare Workers
  3500. 99%Occson
  3501. 98%Ryan Token – Nuxt 3 vs SvelteKit
  3502. 99%fleetwood.dev
  3503. 98%Interior Decorating
  3504. 98%Resize images before uploading in Blazor Web Assembly
  3505. 99%Azure Functions v4 Now Support .NET Framework 4.8 with Isolated Execution
  3506. 98%Programming Portals
  3507. 98%A developer’s guide to containers - Architect.io
  3508. 95%Reminder: JSON.stringify can create Multi-line, formatted and filtered strings from JSON
  3509. 98%On Migrating from Cypress to Playwright
  3510. 99%Use route groups · maartenba-demo/grocerylistapi@049f265
  3511. 98%Breaking Into Tech With Just a Portfolio
  3512. 98%Encryption
  3513. 99%Ignite 2022: Highlights for Microsoft Teams app builders
  3514. 99%Show upcoming meetings for a Microsoft 365 user with Microsoft Graph Toolkit
  3515. 99%Don’t forget to sharpen your axe
  3516. 97%Setting properties in C++/WinRT is done by a function call, but you need to call the function the right way
  3517. 98%Episode 109 - OCR and Azure Cognitive Services with Nick Proud
  3518. 98%One Month to GA: .NET 7 Release Candidate 2 Ships -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3519. 99%Minimal APIs overview
  3520. 99%Faster hardware is a bad first solution to slow software
  3521. 99%Web Component Experiment - Manipulating Inner Text
  3522. 95%Introducing Vision Studio, a UI-based demo interface for Computer Vision
  3523. 99%Working with Custom Events and Web Components
  3524. 96%Running a law firm on Linux - a year or so in
  3525. 99%CRDT · RxDB - Documentation
  3526. 98%Cool S
  3527. 99%Dotnet (.NET) Performance Tracing for WinUI, Uno and Maui Applications - Nick's .NET Travels
  3528. 99%Real-time Charts with ASP.NET Core, SignalR, and Chart.js
  3529. 99%Fable · Announcing Snake Island (Fable 4) Alpha Release
  3530. 98%It's time to to thank UVM and say goodbye
  3531. 99%Best Chrome extensions for web developers
  3532. 97%Python Release Python 3.11.0
  3533. 99%Building a Queue for Delayed Messages via a RDBMS (1): Design
  3534. 99%Debugging C With Cosmopolitan Libc
  3535. 98%Fermat's First Theorem
  3536. 98%New rules for Blazor in Meziantou.Analyzer - Gérald Barré
  3537. 99%Using OData with ASP.NET Core Web API - Code Maze
  3538. 99%Dependency Injection with the Lambda Annotations Library for .NET - Part 2, Lambda Functions | no dogma blog
  3539. 99%What is CORS?
  3540. 96%Someone wrote a Javascript app that accurately emulates Windows 95 on almost any platform
  3541. 98%World ID @ Mina | ETHGlobal
  3542. 98%An Average Developer Does Slightly Above Average Things with Erik Guzman
  3543. 98%Bubble Universes
  3544. 99%What's New in EF Core 7.0
  3545. 99% ReactJS(v18) JWT Authentication Using HTTP Only Cookie
  3546. 98%JavaScript to Know Before Learning ‘How to’ React
  3547. 99%Separation of Concerns in Node.js
  3548. 98%10 essentials to mitigating API security risks | Red Hat Developer
  3549. 98%Release v7.0.0-rc2 · dotnet/orleans
  3550. 90%Chicago .NET User Group – The Background on Background Tasks in .NET 6
  3551. 98%How Trying New Programming Languages Helped Me Grow as a Software Engineer
  3552. 99%ViewComponent in the Wild I: building modern Rails frontends—Martian Chronicles, Evil Martians’ team blog
  3553. 99%Syncing Notion databases into Tinybird using notion-objects
  3554. 97%The Raspberry Pi 400 in My Bedroom
  3555. 97%Discontinuing Bibliogram - cadence's blog
  3556. 95%magecart - Scott Helme
  3557. 99%JavaScript metaprogramming with the 2022-03 decorators API
  3558. 99%Node.js 19 is now available! | Node.js
  3559. 99%uController/MapExtensions.cs at d4e7e1bfad81c20b09669a6b15277e07d1139efc · davidfowl/uController
  3560. 99%uController/Program.cs at d4e7e1bfad81c20b09669a6b15277e07d1139efc · davidfowl/uController
  3561. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - ASP.NET Core MVC - Sample Project Wrap Up
  3562. 99%Measuring traffic during the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival
  3563. 98%Division Notation
  3564. 99%URL monitoring made easy: self-hosted open-source tool for checking your website availability
  3565. 99%Learning Blazor
  3566. 99%Converting a Simple JavaScript App to TypeScript
  3567. 99%Adding Experimental HTTP Methods To ASP.NET Core
  3568. 99%An API-first approach to building Node.js applications | Red Hat Developer
  3569. 99%What you Need to Know
  3570. 99%The case against Effect Systems (e.g., the IO data type)
  3571. 99%Sending UDP Messages in Node.js Without DNS Lookups
  3572. 98%How To Stop Worrying And Love Frontend Dev - Bill Prin's Tech Blog
  3573. 99%Website Fidelity
  3574. 96%Microsoft Power Pages Launches for Low-Code Business Web Sites -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3575. 95%GitHub Quick Reviews
  3576. 99%Comparing main...safia/minapi-sec-docs · dotnet/AspNetCore.Docs
  3577. 99%Accessing State in System.Text.Json Custom Converters - Steve Gordon - Code with Steve
  3578. 99%3 (and more) ways to set configuration values in .NET - Code4IT
  3579. 97%OpenSilver 1.1 Promises 99% of Code Compatibility with Silverlight Applications
  3580. 99%How to notify AWS events to Microsoft Teams using AWS EventBridge and AWS Lambda
  3581. 99%Logging with Serilog in ASP.NET Core Web API
  3582. 98%Stubs and mocks break encapsulation
  3583. 99%How to use OpenAPI with minimal APIs
  3584. 99%My #hacktoberfest Theme: Adding Spellcheck to Docs. Join Me!
  3585. 98%Space Adventure
  3586. 99%Inspired by automation and using Laravel Zero | Michael Brooks
  3587. 99%The In-depth Guide to Caching ActiveRecord SQL Queries in Rails
  3588. 99%YAGNI exceptions
  3589. 99%Welcoming Everyone to MAUI
  3590. 99%GitHub - xt0rted/dotnet-startup-projects: A dotnet tool to manage multiple Visual Studio startup projects for a solution
  3591. 91%Azure Container Apps Volume Mounts using Azure Files - Bit of Technology
  3592. 99%A Real World React -> htmx Port
  3593. 98%Some useful, non-obvious Postgres patterns
  3594. 99%Why you should use Astro 🚀 Zihan
  3595. 99%Deploying Containers using Nomad and Traefik
  3596. 99%FAANG Sr SWE Deep Dives Web Crawler System Design
  3597. 99%AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio 2022 - Visual Studio Marketplace
  3598. 99%A Database Without Dynamic Memory Allocation | TigerBeetle
  3599. 98%2045
  3600. 98%The case of the memory corruption from a coroutine that already finished
  3601. 99%Push-based Outbox Pattern with Postgres Logical Replication - Event-Driven.io
  3602. 98%Functional Programming in C#—A Brief Consideration
  3603. 97%Using Fathom Analytics With ExpressJS & Helmet
  3604. 97%Jack LaFond
  3605. 99%How boring should your team's codebases be
  3606. 93%PostgreSQL 15 Released!
  3607. 99%What's new in System.Text.Json in .NET 7
  3608. 99%Using C# Web Assembly without using Blazor
  3609. 99%PowerShell, NPM Scripts, and Silently Dropped Arguments
  3610. 89%Ignite 2022 Showcases Visual Studio for Cloud, Collaborative Development -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3611. 98%Road Space Comparison
  3612. 99%What's New in EF Core 7.0
  3613. 94%[Last Week in .NET #104] – Roast Beef CVEs
  3614. 99%practical-aspnetcore/README.MD at net6.0 · dodyg/practical-aspnetcore
  3615. 99%Write Logseq plugins in WebAssembly using .NET and C#
  3616. 99%Add MS SQL Server JSON Support To Entity Framework Core
  3617. 99%No Need to Wait for .NET 8 to Try Experimental WebAssembly Multithreading -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3618. 98%One Month to GA: .NET 7 Release Candidate 2 Ships -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3619. 98%black-box debugging of PDF rendering in printers
  3620. 99%Announcing Entity Framework Core 7 RC2: JSON Columns
  3621. 99%Commits Promotion Between GitHub and Azure Databricks
  3622. 99%5 Tips for Writing BETTER For Loops in JavaScript
  3623. 98%yara signatures converted from trufflehog regexes for identifying secrets in text files
  3624. 99%How to create a custom feature filter in ASP.NET Core - Code Rethinked
  3625. 98%Fan Theories
  3626. 97%Simplified Project Setup for Python in Visual Studio Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3627. 98%An improved guide for compiling WASM with Emscripten and Embind
  3628. 96%Marten and Friend’s (Hopefully) Big Future!
  3629. 99%Publishing a NuGet package using GitHub and GitHub Actions - Gérald Barré
  3630. 94%Keeping Rewards in sight
  3631. 99%Performance Testing of ASP.NET Core APIs With k6 - Code Maze
  3632. 99%Extending Next.js support in Azure Static Web Apps
  3633. 98%GitHub - tremorlabs/tremor: The react library to build dashboards fast.
  3634. 99%OAuth client authentication - more than just client secrets
  3635. 98%How To Fix Visual Studio Code IntelliSense Loading Infinitely - CodeJourney.net
  3636. 91%TypeScript is now officially 10 years old!
  3637. 99%Reverse Engineering a Cat Feeder to Boost Productivity
  3638. 98%Integrating the customer portal
  3639. 91%Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
  3640. 99%Overzealous Destructuring | Aleksandr Hovhannisyan
  3641. 99%ASP.NET Core in Action, Third Edition
  3642. 98%🤓 So you're using a weird language 🧠
  3643. 98%Easy Or Hard
  3644. 99%Mocking APIs with Mockaco | .NET 7
  3645. 87%How to make your APIs more discoverable | Red Hat Developer
  3646. 99%JavaScript unit testing frameworks in 2022: A comparison | Raygun Blog
  3647. 98%Monitoring my ASUS RT-AX86U Router with Prometheus and Grafana
  3648. 99%Modern C# Techniques, Part 2: Value Records
  3649. 99%Learn Live - Create a UI in a .NET MAUI app by using XAML
  3650. 99%Simple Dependency Injection for .NET Lambda Functions | no dogma blog
  3651. 97%AI Code completion is like cruise control – and that’s great news for bigger teams
  3652. 99%Using .NET 7's Blazor Custom Elements to render dynamic content
  3653. 97%Problem-Solving Techniques: The Sniper vs the General
  3654. 99%Use HttpContext in ASP.NET Core
  3655. 95%Jeremy A Boyd | I Ran a Voluntary Botnet
  3656. 97%Clearing Cloudflare and Nginx caches with Ansible
  3657. 98%How a unified tech stack made our tiny team efficient - D U N K
  3658. 99%Non-topological Update Ordering Problem
  3659. 99%Yubikey Madness
  3660. 98%Archimedes Principle
  3661. 88%.NET Data Community Standup - JSON Columns
  3662. 88%.NET Data Community Standup - JSON Columns
  3663. 99%Introduction to WebApplicationFactory
  3664. 98%When Your Code Works the First Time! #shorts #programming #webdevelopment
  3665. 99%New JavaScript Interop improvements in .NET 7 RC 1
  3666. 99%[Last Week in .NET #103] – .NET OS/12 Warp Speed
  3667. 99%Rocky Jaiswal - Function composition with ClojureScript & Node
  3668. 97%When going somewhere does a thing: on links and buttons | Kilian Valkhof
  3669. 99%Fastest Frontend Tooling in 2022
  3670. 98%Build The ULTIMATE JavaScript Portfolio Project To Get A Job!
  3671. 99%The 2 secret endpoints I create in my .NET APIs - Code4IT
  3672. 99%Extracting VA Townhall Comments on Youngkin’s Reversed School Protections for Transgender Students
  3673. 99%Universal rendering with Nuxt 3 and Azure Static Web Apps
  3674. 99%ASP.NET Core 7 updates
  3675. 98%Battery Life
  3676. 99%Javalin 5.0 stable is ready! - Javalin - A lightweight Java and Kotlin web framework. Create REST APIs in Java or Kotlin easily.
  3677. 69%The Coders Programming Themselves Out of a Job
  3678. 96%Security Certification Roadmap - Paul Jerimy Media
  3679. 99%Building a startup on Clojure
  3680. 99%.NET R&D Digest (September, 2022)
  3681. 99%Ensuring best practices for NuGet packages - Gérald Barré
  3682. 99%Implement the On Behalf Of flow between an Azure AD protected API and an API protected using OpenIddict
  3683. 99%Functional Programming in TypeScript
  3684. 95%Inconveniences with Conventional REST APIs
  3685. 97%Public and private space in digital world
  3686. 97%Steady State means Continuous Rewriting - Bruno Scheufler
  3687. 98%An elegy for GNU and RMS
  3688. 93%The Legendary and Highest-Paid Software Engineer From Google
  3689. 97%Ten Years of TypeScript
  3690. 99%Django 4 form rendering using Tailwind without Node or crispy
  3691. 96%Blazor Among Top Libraries for 'Niche' WebAssembly, Which Sees Shrinking Usage -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3692. 98%Quantified Self
  3693. 98%Announcing ICU4X 1.0
  3694. 99%Dear Console,… | Christian Heilmann
  3695. 99%Experimental WebTransport over HTTP/3 support in Kestrel
  3696. 98%Wing Lift
  3697. 96%How we reduced our annual server costs by 80% — from $1M to $200k — by moving away from AWS
  3698. 99%How to Read AppSettings Values From a JSON File in .NET Core
  3699. 99%Does "foreach" in C# call "Dispose" on an "IDisposable" object?
  3700. 99%Blessing Krofegha - Is Headless CMS the Future of Development? [w/ASL Interpreting]
  3701. 98%Black to the Future - Angie Jones
  3702. 97%Cloudflare named a Leader in WAF by Forrester
  3703. 99%GitHub - Cysharp/MemoryPack: Zero encoding extreme performance binary serializer for C#.
  3704. 98%Learning Blazor
  3705. 99%Securing Web APIs with Azure AD: Connecting External Clients
  3706. 99%Built-in rate limiting in ASP.NET Core vs AspNetCoreRateLimit
  3707. 99%The Appeal of Monorepo
  3708. 99%Use .NET from any JavaScript app in .NET 7
  3709. 99%Use .NET from any JavaScript app in .NET 7
  3710. 98%Two Key System
  3711. 98%RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags
  3712. 99%ZpqrtBnk
  3713. 99%InfoQ .NET Trends Report 2022
  3714. 92%Weekly Update 314
  3715. 99%Dockerize your SQL Server and use it in ASP.NET Core with Entity Framework Core
  3716. 98%My Blogging Utopia - Kev Quirk
  3717. 99%K-means clustering visualization using D3.js
  3718. 99%GitHub - webrcade/webrcade: Feed-driven gaming
  3719. 95%roapi/README.md at main · roapi/roapi
  3720. 95%Get in Zoomer, We're Saving React
  3721. 94%Old Protocol - whodis?
  3722. 99%Announcing TypeScript 4.9 Beta
  3723. 97%The new wave of Javascript web frameworks
  3724. 98%Historical Dates
  3725. 99%GitHub - nextapps-de/winbox: WinBox is a modern HTML5 window manager for the web: lightweight, outstanding performance, no dependencies, fully customizable, open source!
  3726. 99%Your very own ringtone! - Visual Studio Marketplace
  3727. 99%reading through the OCaml compiler: Part 1
  3728. 99%GitHub - rochus-keller/LeanQt: LeanQt is a stripped-down Qt version easy to build from source and to integrate with an application.
  3729. 94%GitHub - Rezmason/matrix: matrix (web-based green code rain, made with love)
  3730. 96%Full-Stack Preview Deploys using Remix, PlanetScale, and Netlify
  3731. 99%Visual Studio: How to Pair to Mac for iOS Development on Windows - Nick's .NET Travels
  3732. 97%Azure Container Apps Auto Scaling with KEDA - Part 11 - Bit of Technology
  3733. 95%James Stanley - Nightdrive
  3734. 97%Quick reminder: HTML5 required and pattern are not a security feature
  3735. 99%Shell scripting with Node.js
  3736. 96%Avoiding homework with code (and getting caught)
  3737. 99%Extending supabase with your own backend
  3738. 99%Making a twitter bot in the year 2022 with node.js
  3739. 98%Exploiting Web3’s Hidden Attack Surface: Universal XSS on Netlify’s Next.js Library | Sam Curry
  3740. 98%Proprietary Environments are a Trap
  3741. 99%ImperialViolet - Passkeys
  3742. 98%Pilot Priority List
  3743. 99%Spellcheckers exfiltrating PII… not so fast :: Aaron Gustafson
  3744. 96%Will Serving Real HTML Content Make A Website Faster? Let's Experiment! - WebPageTest Blog
  3745. 98%Announcing OpenFGA - Auth0’s Open Source Fine Grained Authorization System
  3746. 93%uBlock/en.md at master · gorhill/uBlock
  3747. 99%2022 Board election
  3748. 99%Cache-busting in Eleventy: a simpler way with Sass | BryceWray.com
  3749. 97%Over-engineering my TV watching - Part 1: bypassing geo-block with a custom reverse proxy
  3750. 99%Notes on A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks | Swizec Teller
  3751. 98%Post-Advisory Exposure | Open Source Insights
  3752. 99%Password-protected resources on static-site webhosters
  3753. 99%Wasmtime Reaches 1.0: Fast, Safe and Production Ready!
  3754. 99%React I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down
  3755. 98%My AMAZING Terminal Setup - Hyper, Oh My Zsh, Fig.io, and More!
  3756. 99%Cache your CORS, for performance & profit
  3757. 99%PostgresML is Moving to Rust for our 2.0 Release
  3758. 96%OSS Power-Ups: Serilog – Webinar Recording | The .NET Tools Blog
  3759. 98%Everyday Carry
  3760. 97%Hybrid Web Frameworks Q&A with Allen Conway: Reach Android/iOS with JavaScript, HTML and CSS -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3761. 96%Content based change detection with Make
  3762. 99%Implementing a Terraform state backend on Cloudflare Workers
  3763. 98%Rachit Nigam | PhD Candidate, Cornell University
  3764. 83%WebAssembly Users a Mix of Backend and Full Stack Developers
  3765. 99%Using multiple JSON serialization settings in ASP.NET Core
  3766. 98%C# 11 - Top 5 Features in the new C# Version | Rubik's Code
  3767. 99%Implementing Google Web Risk API in ASPNET Core
  3768. 98%GitHub - msiric/feasible-route-mapping: Algorithm capable of finding all the areas that a person could have reached while en route between locations in a defined period, taking into account time and mode of transportation constraints.
  3769. 94%jes post
  3770. 94%Egg Boxing - Peter Attia
  3771. 95%Hunting YouTube Crypto Scams - addshore
  3772. 99%Securing self-hosted Plex with Cloudflare Tunnels
  3773. 99%Figmex: Making Figma with Elixir
  3774. 98%Cursed mRNA Cocktail
  3775. 98%Svelte & Third Party Javascript
  3776. 98%Why the number input is the worst input
  3777. 98%A beginner’s guide to regular expressions with grep | Red Hat Developer
  3778. 99%@jost0101/dotnet-content-creators
  3779. 90%The Myth Of The Good Practice
  3780. 98%Rustdoc cleanups and improvements
  3781. 99%Building an Email Open Tracking System - Part 1
  3782. 99%Echo: httpbin on Cloudflare Workers
  3783. 98%Revisiting Godot: GDScript
  3784. 99%Updates for 7.0.0 rc.1 (#21) · DamianEdwards/MinimalApiPlayground@93ff276
  3785. 99%Windows Terminal Preview 1.16 Release
  3786. 95%Announcing The Unicode® Standard, Version 15.0
  3787. 98%Continuous Deployment for Azure Container Apps using GitHub Actions - Part 9 - Bit of Technology
  3788. 99%The Perfect Development Environment
  3789. 89%A Year In, GitHub Measures AI-Based Copilot's Productivity Boost -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3790. 99%Blazor in Action
  3791. 99%Micro Frontends in Action With ASP.NET Core - Communication Patterns for Blazor WebAssembly Based Web Components
  3792. 98%5 Things Successful Developers Do (That You Don't)
  3793. 98%What If? 2 Flowchart
  3794. 97%Ethereum Gateway support for Görli + Sepolia Testnets and the Ethereum Merge
  3795. 99%How to download files from ASP.NET Core MVC
  3796. 98%Coalescing DTOs
  3797. 99%Prompt injection attacks against GPT-3
  3798. 98%Referencing a Local Private NuGet Package in your Solution
  3799. 98%Deploying a Ghost blog to AWS Lightsail
  3800. 98%Rotation
  3801. 99%Ladybird: A new cross-platform browser project
  3802. 99%Deploying a .NET gRPC Server on Azure App Service - Sahan Serasinghe - Tech Blog
  3803. 99%Client-side vs Server-side, Front-end vs Back-end? Beginner Explanation of JavaScript on the Web
  3804. 98%Cyber Ontology Stamp Collection
  3805. 99%GitHub - o1-labs/ocamlbyexample: Learn Ocaml by reading code examples
  3806. 99%GitHub - migueldeicaza/SwiftTerm at uiscrollview-2022-07
  3807. 99%Offline documentation with webdoc
  3808. 97%ListVMs
  3809. 95%Scala isn&#39;t fun anymore
  3810. 99%Parallel curves of cubic Béziers
  3811. 98%Interruption
  3812. 98%The Case for Use.GPU
  3813. 94%Remembering jQuery
  3814. 98%e2e Testing with Playwright and Debbie O'Brien
  3815. 90%zonk (@nosleep@bae.st)
  3816. 99%Use Static Web Apps API and API Management Authorizations to integrate third party services
  3817. 99%Know How to Build Microservices With Node.js - DZone Web Dev
  3818. 99%An overview of Node.js: architecture, APIs, event loop, concurrency
  3819. 99%On Joining NodeSource
  3820. 99%http://http://http://@http://http://?http://#http:// | daniel.haxx.se
  3821. 96%Performance testing through proportional traces
  3822. 99%How I Dynamically Generate Images with JavaScript, Next.js, and Cloudinary
  3823. 99%.NET MAUI Windows Unpackaged Apps
  3824. 97%dotnet-monitor: Querying the trigger state
  3825. 99%Zig, the small language
  3826. 99%Dart is Boring | akos.ma
  3827. 94%On chosing the ideal architecture of the web application
  3828. 98%Things You Should Not Do
  3829. 98%Difftastic, the Fantastic Diff
  3830. 99%Introducing Riff — Determinate Systems
  3831. 98%Deviations from Chromium (features we disable or remove) · brave/brave-browser Wiki
  3832. 97%Someone’s Been Messing With My Subnormals!
  3833. 99%Perfect Notes or My Journey to Obsidian
  3834. 97%Manually generating a Zoom link
  3835. 97%I sold my SaaS for $800,000
  3836. 95%Compressing global illumination with neural networks
  3837. 90%HTTP Timeouts
  3838. 97%Cloudflare named a Leader by Gartner
  3839. 99%SvelteKit Breaking Changes 2022 - My Reactions and What You Need to Know!
  3840. 99%Feature Flags in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  3841. 96%Azure Container Apps with Dapr Bindings Building Block - Part 7 - Bit of Technology
  3842. 99%A walkthrough of Durable Entities
  3843. 99%Browser Extension with Blazor WASM - Cross-Browser Compatibility
  3844. 99%NLP endpoints: Haystack plus FastAPI
  3845. 98%Artemis Quote
  3846. 97%Data generation and sampling strategies
  3847. 99%Implement a GRPC API with OpenIddict and the OAuth client credentials flow
  3848. 99%UCL & Intel® VisualNav v2 - Facial Navigation for Visual Studio using OpenVino Technology
  3849. 99%GitHub - leon-ai/leon: 🧠 Leon is your open-source personal assistant.
  3850. 99%Why developers like Blazor
  3851. 95%John Regehr's Integers in C
  3852. 98%Enoch - Micro Frontends with Astro
  3853. 84%Stargazing Pictures
  3854. 98%Reverse engineering the Azure Application Insights Transactions URL | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  3855. 99%Who pollutes your prototype? Find the libs on cdnjs in an automated way
  3856. 99%QuickGa.me
  3857. 99%Sagio Dev | How to add flow charts, equations and interactive graphs to Markdown documents
  3858. 98%First Internet Interaction
  3859. 98%Log analytics using ClickHouse
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  3862. 99%Finally Released: 3-Column Merge Editor in VS Code!
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  3868. 98%Universe Price Tiers
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  3872. 99%Getting Started With TypeScript and React
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  3874. 99%Kubernetes 101 for developers: Names, ports, YAML files, and more | Red Hat Developer
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  3877. 99%AdGuard publishes the world's first ad blocker built on Manifest V3
  3878. 94%What's New in TypeScript 4.8 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3879. 99%I Tried Astro Build and I LOVE IT - 5 Reasons You Will TOO!
  3880. 78%5 Reasons I LOVE Astro! #shorts #javascript #webdevelopment
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  3888. 98%Filtering my RSS reading
  3889. 82%90's Cursor Effects
  3890. 78%Visual Studio Extension Guru Intros Rainbow Braces to Make Sense of Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3891. 98%America Songs
  3892. 98%321: ML In The Browser - transformers-js
  3893. 99%Stringing together several free tiers to host an application with zero cost using fly.io, Litestream and Cloudflare
  3894. 95%Handshake domains are a scam
  3895. 98%Technical Evaluation of a Startup
  3896. 95%Problem Details responses everywhere with ASP.NET Core and .NET 7
  3897. 99%JSON Visio - Directly onto graphs
  3898. 99%How to create an ASP.NET Core Minimal API with VB.NET (there's no template)
  3899. 99%What You Should Learn Before Building a zkApp
  3900. 99%Microsoft Dev Box Now in Public Preview
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  3904. 99%How to optimize websites for fast loading and slow network speeds | xnacly
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  3908. 99%Transformers-js - Neural Networks in the Browser
  3909. 98%Cryptography R&D Security Engineer
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  3911. 98%Stop saying 10x developer
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  3913. 84%C#, TypeScript Crack Top 10 in 2022 IEEE Programming Language Ranking -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  3915. 98%Tetherball Configurations
  3916. 99%Keeping Content Out of the Publish Folder for WebDeploy
  3917. 99%We Deserve Better Than BEM
  3918. 98%Mainnet Merge Announcement
  3919. 98%Hard limits of low-code/no-code. The Flatlogic thesis
  3920. 99%How to use OpenTelemetry to trace Node.js applications | Red Hat Developer
  3921. 99%Generating Documents using a RESTful, Asynchronous Web API using WebHooks
  3922. 99%Entity Framework Core Power Tools- a visual guide to recent updates
  3923. 99%Typescipt is terrible for library developers
  3924. 99%The case for using Sass in 2022
  3925. 94%On the hook of a phisher
  3926. 99%BUILD AND SELL an API with Next.js, Vercel, and RapidAPI
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  3928. 99%.NET 7 - PatchAsync & PatchAsJsonAsync #shorts
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  3931. 98%Understanding Strict, Abstract Equality Operators in JS
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  3933. 98%Finding .NET Transitive Dependencies and Tidying Up Your Project
  3934. 98%Can types replace validation?
  3935. 98%Physics Safety Tip
  3936. 99%GitHub - surrealdb/surrealdb: A scalable, distributed, collaborative, document-graph database, for the realtime web
  3937. 97%This Program is Illegally Packaged in 14 Distributions
  3938. 99%Armchair Architects: The role of Simplicity in Architecture
  3939. 99%Announcing TypeScript 4.8 RC
  3940. 99%Using TypeScript With React and KendoReact Components
  3941. 99%8 elements of securing Node.js applications | Red Hat Developer
  3942. 99%GitHub - Trivo25/mina-zk-rollup: A modular zk-Rollup for zero knowledge smart contracts, zkApps, on the Mina blockchain.
  3943. 99%Renovate, a Dependabot alternative
  3944. 96%Monitoring tiny lambdas
  3945. 99%The Dark Side of Polyfilling CSS
  3946. 99%.NET 7: 10 New Features You Need to Know
  3947. 97%GitHub - HackerNews/API: Documentation and Samples for the Official HN API
  3948. 97%JavaScript Array Tutorial by C# Developer - [45 Minutes]
  3949. 97%Understanding JSON Web Encryption (JWE)
  3950. 99%GitHub - d07RiV/diabloweb: Diablo 1 for web browsers
  3951. 97%Electron-Based App Vulnerabilities Hit VS Code, Microsoft Teams -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3952. 97%Should I learn X?
  3953. 98%Age Milestone Privileges
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  3955. 99%.NET Conf Focus on MAUI - That's a wrap!
  3956. 99%GitHub - Twipped/InterviewThis: An open source list of developer questions to ask prospective employers
  3957. 99%iOS Privacy: Announcing InAppBrowser.com - see what JavaScript commands get injected through an in-app browser · Felix Krause
  3958. 99%Scheduled Tweets With Cloudflare Workers
  3959. 99%Strong Static Typing vs Weak Dynamic Typing
  3960. 98%thiago's thoughts - ramblings and scribblings
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  3971. 98%Unreliable Connection
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  3977. 99%Will Bun JavaScript Take Node's Crown
  3978. 99%Using Postman with SignalR WebSockets Development - Trailhead Technology Partners
  3979. 99%Ideas for DataScript 2
  3980. 99%GitHub - NyronW/MinimalEndpoints: A light weight abstraction over ASP.NET minimal API
  3981. 98%Comparing Linux Environments on macOS Host
  3982. 98%Excel is Pretty Dang Cool
  3983. 98%Coffee Cup Holes
  3984. 99%Ezra Miller Headline Generator
  3985. 99%JavaScript Callback Functions Explained in 1 Minute #shorts #webdevelopment
  3986. 78%Build a Pokemon Memory Match Game with Vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  3987. 99%C# 11: Preview of features for .NET 7
  3988. 98%Let websites framebust out of native apps
  3989. 98%Creating a JSON logger for Flask
  3990. 99%How to become a data engineer for free
  3991. 98%Complex Vowels
  3992. 98%Instagram and Facebook can track anything you do on any website in their in-app browser · Felix Krause
  3993. 99%Tailwind is an Anti-Pattern
  3994. 98%New Pluralsight Course: JSON Web Token (JWT) Fundamentals
  3995. 99%Astro 1.0 | Astro
  3996. 98%A bad job with a very good description
  3997. 99%You might be using assert wrong
  3998. 99%How to use Environmental Variables in Flutter
  3999. 99%Announcing NuGet 6.3 - Transitive Dependencies, Floating Versions, and Re-enabling Signed Package Verification
  4000. 99%Visual Studio for Mac 17.3 is now available
  4001. 59%JavaScript Callbacks Explained in 5 Minutes (Essential for asynchronous code!)
  4002. 95%The mechanics of a sophisticated phishing scam and how we stopped it
  4003. 98%Scientific Field Prefixes
  4004. 99%Tracking down RavenDB I/O usage in Linux
  4005. 98%That time I 10x’d a TI-84 emulator’s speed by replacing a switch-case
  4006. 98%Carl's Blog
  4007. 86%The Case of the Mysterious Holes on the Seafloor
  4008. 99%Debug Logging Microsoft.Identity.Client and the MSAL OAuth client credentials flow
  4009. 99%12 Fractured Apps
  4010. 99%How I use MacBook without a mouse | I am Sang
  4011. 99%So Zero It's ... Negative? (Zero-Copy #3)
  4012. 99%AWS API Gateway with .NET - HTTP APIs with Lambda & DynamoDB Integrations
  4013. 87%'The best thing we can do today to JavaScript is to retire it,' says JSON creator Douglas Crockford • DEVCLASS
  4014. 98%Asking Scientists Questions
  4015. 99%Adding a permission system to Node.js - NearForm
  4016. 99%Build your next big idea with Cloudflare Pages
  4017. 99%Building scheduling system with Workers and Durable Objects
  4018. 88%Improve this JavaScript function #shorts
  4019. 99%Interact with a GraphQL API from a .NET Core Application
  4020. 99%Parsing command line arguments with `util.parseArgs()` in Node.js
  4021. 97%How we're improving search results when you use quotes
  4022. 99%art-of-readme/README.md at master · hackergrrl/art-of-readme
  4023. 97%New '.NET Data Hub' Is One-Stop-Shop for .NET Data Handling -- Visual Studio Magazine
  4024. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup (August 2022)
  4025. 98%Happy 5th birthday, Rider 🥳 | The .NET Tools Blog
  4026. 99%Windows Package Manager 1.3
  4027. 99%REST Client For Visual Studio 2022 - Code Rethinked
  4028. 98%Vadim Demedes
  4029. 98%Unity: the Good Parts
  4030. 99%Generate Array of Random AND unique Numbers in JavaScript #shorts
  4031. 98%Chemtrails
  4032. 99%STOP Over Engineering Software. Focus on what matters!
  4033. 99%Building and using Managed Components with WebCM
  4034. 97%GitHub - moyix/fauxpilot: FauxPilot - an open-source GitHub Copilot server
  4035. 99%Learning .NET MAUI – Part 15 – SQLite
  4036. 98%Why I Love Still PHP and Javascript After 20+ years
  4037. 97%USDC v2: Upgrading a multi-billion dollar ERC-20 token
  4038. 98%Please stop citing TIOBE
  4039. 99%Containerize .NET applications without writing Dockerfiles | Red Hat Developer
  4040. 98%Omnitaur
  4041. 98%An Introduction to Webmention
  4042. 99%2021 Taxes: Open Source Edition
  4043. 99%Effective TypeScript › What's TypeScript compiling? Use a treemap to find out.
  4044. 99%GitHub - phiresky/sqlite-zstd: Transparent dictionary-based row-level compression for SQLite
  4045. 99%Faster and Safer NuGet restore using Source Mapping and Lock files - Gérald Barré
  4046. 99%The Evolution of Asynchronous Data Fetching in JavaScript
  4047. 98%TypeScript 4.7 and 4.8 Beta Releases Add ESM for Node.js and Better Type Inference
  4048. 95%Request Response Logging Middleware ASP.NET Core
  4049. 99%Alexandre Nédélec - Keeping secrets secure when using API Clients
  4050. 98%About CloudFlare's Durable Objects
  4051. 99%My new app doesn't use .NET MAUI! Why?
  4052. 99%Configuration · Cloudflare Workers docs
  4053. 63%Pure CSS first person 3D website portfolio without any JavaScript
  4054. 98%Environment variables · Cloudflare Workers docs
  4055. 99%password-purgatory-logger/wrangler.toml at master · troyhunt/password-purgatory-logger
  4056. 85%Proxy Variable
  4057. 95%GitHub - troyhunt/password-purgatory-logger
  4058. 99%GitHub - tabler/tabler: Tabler is free and open-source HTML Dashboard UI Kit built on Bootstrap
  4059. 99%TypeScript Bytecode Interpreter / Runtime Types · Issue #47658 · microsoft/TypeScript
  4060. 89%Twenty Plus Years of Blogging
  4061. 94%How To Evaluate Then Improve a Website’s Network Performance
  4062. 92%New Recipes for 3rd Party Cookies
  4063. 86%Microsoft Tests Tutorials Inside Visual Studio, Starting with Blazor -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  4065. 96%Actually Portable Executables with Rust and Cosmopolitan Libc
  4066. 98%How to create a Python package in 2022
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  4068. 85%Air Gap
  4069. 99%I'm Still Not Using Postman!! I Use This NEW VS Code Extension Instead...
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  4071. 99%Installing and Uninstalling .NET Templates
  4072. 95%Why I learned the Linux command line as a developer, and you should too | Diving Linux
  4073. 98% Critique of Pure Hooks · Dave Martin's Blog
  4074. 99%Transitional Apps with Phoenix and Svelte
  4075. 96%More tools of the trade for scraping and automation – Trickster Dev
  4076. 97%Introducing even more security enhancements to npm | The GitHub Blog
  4077. 97%PDD Profiler Driven Development
  4078. 98%Clean Architecture In ASP.NET Core Web API
  4079. 96%Tips for Joining an Existing Project 💡
  4080. 95%An applicative reservation validation example in C#
  4081. 85%Deepfakes
  4082. 95%Jeremy A Boyd | There's a Package for That
  4083. 97%Edge Browser Tests Experimental DevTools Command Palette -- Visual Studio Magazine
  4084. 98%Running Lighthouse CI when deploying Azure SWA - Gérald Barré
  4085. 97%The Case for C# and .NET
  4086. 94%C# MongoDB Guide | Rubik's Code
  4087. 99%System.Text.Json - Polymorphic Serialization and Deserialization
  4088. 95%Building on email
  4089. 85%Everything I know about the complexities of First and Third-party Cookies
  4090. 99%The best modern code review tools (2022)
  4091. 99%GitHub - iolevel/wpdotnet-sdk: WordPress compiled to .NET Standard. SDK for ASP.NET Core.
  4092. 90%SPA Alternative
  4093. 95%Unhiding iCloud Private Relay with a selective DNS sinkhole
  4094. 85%Physics Cost-Saving Tips
  4095. 94%Controlling Blazor Environments on Static Web Apps | LINQ to Fail
  4096. 98%Write your own Javascript/Typescript tests runner in 80 lines of code </>
  4097. 96%Handling Middleware With Redux-Saga
  4098. 98%Chrome Extension with Blazor WASM - The Integration
  4099. 97%Custom JSON encoding for structs in Elixir with Jason
  4100. 85%Fixing the Broken Open Source Funding Model with Sustainable License - Manish R Jain
  4101. 99%GitHub - xt0rted/dotnet-run-script: A dotnet tool to run arbitrary commands from a project's "scripts" object
  4102. 91%How to enable dynamic GZIP compression on Azure Web App
  4103. 97%What happens when you press a key in your terminal?
  4104. 85%Pretty Maps in Python
  4105. 97%Context, Costs, and Benefits
  4106. 85%Chemicals
  4107. 93%Taming Your .NET Twitter Bots With Rules
  4108. 94%How to Use Same Bearer Token Between Two Different Azure Tenants
  4109. 90%Meet Bun: A JavaScript Runtime for the Whole Dev Lifecycle
  4110. 96%Efficient filtering in DynamoDB
  4111. 88%Fonts | Oh My Posh
  4112. 99%How Impulse saves a week a year for me as a PM
  4113. 99%5 tricks every C# dev should know about LINQPad - Code4IT
  4114. 98%Base64 Encode and Decode in C# - Code Maze
  4115. 98%elmah.io launches two GitHub Actions in the GitHub Marketplace
  4116. 91%How Did REST Come To Mean The Opposite of REST?
  4117. 97%Working with file system paths on Node.js
  4118. 99%GitHub - tusdotnet/tusdotnet: .NET server implementation of the Tus protocol for resumable file uploads. Read more at https://tus.io
  4119. 85%Capri Suns
  4120. 99%Using IAsyncEnumerable in a Razor component - Gérald Barré
  4121. 99%prose.sh
  4122. 97%How I made advanced BI queries child’s play with Scratch puzzle pieces
  4123. 85%A work ritual that keeps me sane | Swizec Teller
  4124. 86%Drone Mapping Software - OpenDroneMap
  4125. 89%How "See A Satellite Tonight" Works | James Darpinian
  4126. 95%What I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me About Using Rabbitmq Before It Was Too Late
  4127. 85%Minkowski Space
  4128. 92%Next.Js Adventures: How a Couple Of Embedded YouTube Videos Screwed My Performance Scores - Stream - BuhalBu.com
  4129. 92%Crystal is a Surprise | akos.ma
  4130. 99%Configuration using Command Line Parameters in .NET Console Applications
  4131. 99%Fighting WebView2 Visibility on Initialization
  4132. 87%Teams Dev Kit Advances in Visual Studio 2022 v17.3 Preview 3 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  4133. 98%GitHub - mgunyho/tere: Terminal file explorer
  4134. 98%Blazor Client - Loading Screen
  4135. 98%Using a Memory Cache with .NET Lambda Functions | no dogma blog
  4136. 99%TiddlyWiki and Emacs - blog.dornea.nu
  4137. 82%Microsoft Calls Entity Framework Core 7 Preview 6 the 'Performance Edition' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  4138. 76%Network Debugging Tools Fiddler Everywhere 3.3 Release is Here!
  4139. 98%Partition more ConcurrentQueues in Kestrel by halter73 · Pull Request #42237 · dotnet/aspnetcore
  4140. 95%Distribute the rows of a SQL table between several multi-instantiated applications - Vincent Composieux - Freelance backend/devops architect & tech lead over Go, PHP Symfony, Javascript, NodeJS and much more
  4141. 91%.NET 7 Preview 6 Adds JSON Contract Customization -- Visual Studio Magazine
  4142. 99%Six Programming Languages I'd Like to See
  4143. 87%Looking for a job as a Software Engineer in Switzerland? Read this first.
  4144. 95%Integrate generator times into /reportAnalyzer by jaredpar · Pull Request #61661 · dotnet/roslyn
  4145. 85%The Best Camera
  4146. 99%How to Turn a C# Object Into a JSON String in .NET? - Code Maze
  4147. 93%Certificate Transparency Bots
  4148. 96%Statements Vs. Expressions
  4149. 99%Announcing .NET 7 Preview 6
  4150. 86%Production postmortem: The data corruption in the node.js stack
  4151. 99%Adding content negotiation to minimal APIs with Carter
  4152. 85%fMRI Billboard
  4153. 99%Build an LVGL Touchscreen App with Zig
  4154. 90%Easier Jupyter Notebook Setup for Python in VS Code Tooling -- Visual Studio Magazine
  4155. 67%Project Naptha
  4156. 99%Typing API Responses With Zod - CodeJourney.net
  4157. 99%Learning .NET MAUI – Part 9
  4158. 92%GitHub - clarkerubber/irwin: irwin - the protector of lichess from all chess players villainous
  4159. 97%Argo workflow as performance test tool
  4160. 99%My Notes on GitLab’s Postgres Schema Design
  4161. 98%Spotify’s Authorization Code Flow For Dummies
  4162. 99%Using GPT-3 to explain how code works
  4163. 99%GitHub - DamianEdwards/TrimmedTodo: An app to try out trimming stuff in .NET 7
  4164. 85%Cosmologist Gift
  4165. 90%As VS Code Hits v1.69, Microsoft Announces VS Code Server -- Visual Studio Magazine
  4166. 82%GitHub Action - Edit Release v1.2.0
  4167. 99%.NET 7 is on the way! 5 Features that will blow your mind 🤯
  4168. 99%Building Minimal API endpoints from EF Core DbContext
  4169. 87%Taking My New GitHub Copilot 'AI Pair Programmer' for a Spin -- Visual Studio Magazine
  4170. 98%How Prisma adapts Result Types based on the Actual Arguments given
  4171. 69%Holograms, light-leaks and how to build CSS-only shaders - Robb Owen
  4172. 99%GitHub - pocketbase/pocketbase: Open Source realtime backend in 1 file
  4173. 98%Announcing support for WASI on Cloudflare Workers
  4174. 78%My interview at Productive C#
  4175. 96%Why DRY is the most over-rated programming principle
  4176. 99%HttpClient vs RestSharp - Which One to Use in .NET - Code Maze
  4177. 95%Windows Terminal Preview 1.15 Release
  4178. 80%I analyzed 1835 hospital price lists so you didn't have to
  4179. 85%Meta-Alternating Current
  4180. 97%Scaling our Spreadsheet Engine from Thousands to Billions of Cells - The Causal Blog
  4181. 93%Announcing Ruby Shield
  4182. 92%ideas/main-vs-310.rst at main · faster-cpython/ideas
  4183. 99%Minimal API Validation with FluentValidation
  4184. 99%Executing shell commands from Node.js
  4185. 56%Coding Shorts: Nested Routing in Vue.js
  4186. 94%Middle-End Development with SvelteKit + TensorFlow.JS
  4187. 93%Suffix aliases (-s) in Zsh
  4188. 99%Node.js Import Aliases
  4189. 99%Bun is a fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime
  4190. 99%Feature Flags in .NET, from simple to more advanced
  4191. 94%Making Page Shield malicious code alerts more actionable
  4192. 99%Returning XML from minimal APIs in .NET 6
  4193. 98%How Stack Overflow is leveling up its unit testing game
  4194. 91%Curating Dependency Vulnerabilities
  4195. 85%Mouse Turbines
  4196. 98%GitHub - hemanth/functional-programming-jargon: Jargon from the functional programming world in simple terms!
  4197. 98%Add Fido2 MFA to an OpenIddict identity provider using ASP.NET Core Identity
  4198. 85%Pure Functions and Side Effects in JavaScript
  4199. 97%Initial analysis of the Starlink router gen2
  4200. 90%Thymeleaf live reload with npm scripts
  4201. 90%Browsers degraded performance in background tabs
  4202. 99%ASP.NET Core: Creando un Chat con SignalR y Angular
  4203. 96%The new wave of React state management
  4204. 97%Attacker Floods npm With Crypto-Mining Packages that Mine Monero When Installed with Default Configuration | Mend
  4205. 98%Logging in Python like a PRO 🐍🌴
  4206. 98%My Balance Box
  4207. 85%The Universe by Scientific Field
  4208. 95%Introducing Shadower: A Minimalistic Load Testing Tool
  4209. 98%Deploy Azure Static Web Apps With Bicep | LINQ to Fail
  4210. 96%Vim 9.0 : vim online
  4211. 99%Writing .NET Application Services for Kubernetes
  4212. 99%Moving A Laravel Webpack Project To Vite
  4213. 92%Find programming work by increasing luck surface area
  4214. 93%Integrating Google Places Autocomplete API in a React App
  4215. 99%Minimal API Route Handler Filters
  4216. 89%Top 8 Most Demanded Programming Languages in 2022
  4217. 98%Working with the file system on Node.js
  4218. 86%The only true answer to 'tabs vs spaces'
  4219. 85%Periodic Table Changes
  4220. 99%Using Refit to Consume APIs in C# - Code Maze
  4221. 96%Hosting PowerShell in a Python script
  4222. 99%How to Use Next.js Middleware • CTNicholas
  4223. 99%Micro Frontends in Action With ASP.NET Core - Server-Side Routing via YARP in Azure Container Apps
  4224. 85%Extended NFPA Hazard Diamond
  4225. 94%AlterNats — High Performance .NET
  4226. 94%The Fabulous Linked List - Big Machine
  4227. 94%Pre-Rendering and Data Fetching Strategies in Next.js
  4228. 60%Security flaws in smart Jacuzzis could get owners in hot water
  4229. 89%Style scoping versus shadow DOM: which is fastest?
  4230. 85%Roman Numerals
  4231. 77%Asked and answered: the results for the 2022 Developer survey are here!
  4232. 99%The many definitions of Server-Side Rendering—zachleat.com
  4233. 99%Build your Golang package docs locally
  4234. 99%OpenIddict 4.0 preview1 is out
  4235. 63%GHSA-5crp-9r3c-p9vr - GitHub Advisory Database
  4236. 75%Introducing PyScript
  4237. 97%Announcing TypeScript 4.8 Beta
  4238. 99%Ecma International approves ECMAScript 2022: What’s new?
  4239. 97%Debug the web in 3D with the 3D View tool
  4240. 94%Unobvious things you need to know about key-value stores - Event-Driven.io
  4241. 69%Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022
  4242. 85%What If? 2 Countdown
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  4245. 93%Crafting Interpreters: A Review
  4246. 98%Async Enumerable in C# (Part 1)
  4247. 91%The State of WebAssembly 2022
  4248. 97%Don’t Mock What You Don’t Own in 5 Minutes
  4249. 99%Deep dive into containers
  4250. 97%Deno raises $21M
  4251. 98%Improving .NET host error messages and supportability
  4252. 98%One-liner for running queries against CSV files with SQLite
  4253. 98%How to Build a Custom Alert Component Using SvelteKit and TailwindCSS
  4254. 95%One year as a solo dev building open-source data tools without funding
  4255. 99%How to improve Serilog logging in .NET 6 by using Scopes - Code4IT
  4256. 99%The Repository Pattern is simple yet misunderstood
  4257. 85%Superintelligent AIs
  4258. 83%Gleam v0.22 released! – Gleam
  4259. 82%Hacking into the worldwide Jacuzzi SmartTub network
  4260. 98%GitHub - jcubic/gaiman: Gaiman: Text based game engine and programming language
  4261. 93%C# 11 - Top 5 Features in the new C# Version | Rubik's Code
  4262. 99%Modern JavaScript, 10 things you should be using, starting today
  4263. 96%Master the Event Loop in Node.js
  4264. 99%Using web streams on Node.js
  4265. 94%Alternatives to installing npm packages globally
  4266. 94%Data outlasts Code, yet Code keeps winning
  4267. 92%Paradigm CSS is Now Available on GitHub
  4268. 91%Don't Build Your Own Framework
  4269. 98%Releasing Joy-Con WebHID
  4270. 85%Red Line Through HTTPS
  4271. 69%?? "" is a Code Smell / Jordan Eldredge
  4272. 99%How to simply workaround RAM-leaking libraries like Puppeteer. Universal way to fix RAM leaks once and forever
  4273. 82%Make enterprise features open source (#6008) · citusdata/citus@184c7c0
  4274. 99%Markdownish syntax for generating flowcharts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, gantt charts and git graphs.
  4275. 98%Autogenerating documentation for a CLI with Sphinx
  4276. 99%Building a Tool to Search Graduation Photos With Facial Recognition — Jerome Paulos
  4277. 97%How Binary JSON Works in YDB
  4278. 93%Infrastructure As User Generated Content
  4279. 91%GitHub - wailsapp/wails: Create beautiful applications using Go
  4280. 98%Learning .NET MAUI Part 2
  4281. 96%Cloudflare Zaraz launches new privacy features in response to French CNIL standards
  4282. 97%Astronomer Hotline
  4283. 99%Storing Dynamic User Data With Entity Framework Core
  4284. 96%First impressions of Web5
  4285. 98%Everything Is Broken: Shipping rust-minidump at Mozilla – Part 1 – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
  4286. 99%Announcing .NET 7 Preview 5
  4287. 99%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 7 Preview 5
  4288. 92%Explaining TypeScript
  4289. 96%Some thoughts on naming tests
  4290. 96%7 simple bot detection methods that won’t inconvenience users
  4291. 98%RSS and Atom for digital minimalists - blog.dornea.nu
  4292. 90%Why Vim syntax highlighting breaks sometimes
  4293. 99%From Clojure to Ruby
  4294. 85%Greatest Scientist
  4295. 97%fresh - The next-gen web framework.
  4296. 94%How To Implement a Standard Search Using React
  4297. 99%Multiple Precision Arithmetic: A Recreational Project
  4298. 80%ongoing by Tim Bray · Making Code Faster
  4299. 75%How Minecraft Stores Crafting Recipes
  4300. 94%CSS Named Color Palette Generator
  4301. 99%GitHub - z0ccc/Vytal: Spoof your location data and user agent.
  4302. 93%The Strange World of NPM Site Alternatives
  4303. 99%Virtual Modules for Fun and Profit
  4304. 97%Miriam Eric Suzanne » Am I on the IndieWeb Yet?
  4305. 89%Growing into Platform Engineering
  4306. 76%Fix http/https profile creation in Razor Pages template by DamianEdwards · Pull Request #42143 · dotnet/aspnetcore
  4307. 85%Exercise Progression
  4308. 96%My Story with the Apache Software Foundation
  4309. 95%GitHub - iorate/ublacklist: Blocks specific sites from appearing in Google search results
  4310. 98%100 Days of TypeScript (Day 10)
  4311. 98%Blazor - End of Support for .NET 5
  4312. 98%CSS modules | Barbarian Meets Coding
  4313. 97%What's OpenIddict?
  4314. 98%How to use variables in CSS with v-bind in VueJs 3 - Zelig880
  4315. 98%You are allowed to invent HTTP status codes | Swizec Teller
  4316. 65%Complicated software is required to evolution
  4317. 94%Private Access Tokens: eliminating CAPTCHAs on iPhones and Macs with open standards
  4318. 94%Shuttle Skeleton
  4319. 97%What's Really Going On Inside Your node_modules Folder? - Socket
  4320. 98%GitHub Copilot explaining code and translating it from one language to another
  4321. 98%Patterns.dev - Modern Web App Design Patterns
  4322. 99%Performance Improvements in .NET MAUI
  4323. 99%How to test ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs
  4324. 99%GitHub - ClueLang/Clue: C/Rust like programming language that compiles into Lua code
  4325. 99%Using PathBase with .NET 6's WebApplicationBuilder
  4326. 99%Express Design - AppDev on Steroids
  4327. 98%Deploying a MkDocs documentation site with GitHub Actions
  4328. 95%Website performance: Why and how to measure? - Gérald Barré
  4329. 85%Or Whatever
  4330. 99%How to test ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs
  4331. 95%UX patterns for CLI tools
  4332. 92%What happened to simple, basic web hosting?
  4333. 97%fhur
  4334. 99%Runtime C# Code Compilation Revisited for Roslyn
  4335. 50%Microsoft Build – Join us May 24-26 2022
  4336. 99%Using AV1 video codec to reduce web page size - Gérald Barré
  4337. 95%Plain text. With lines.
  4338. 91%7 Absolute Truths I Unlearned as Junior Developer
  4339. 86%GitHub - Lissy93/dashy: 🚀 A self-hosted startpage for your server. Easy to use visual editor, status checking, widgets, themes and tons more!
  4340. 98%Accessing AWS Secrets Manager from .NET Lambda Functions, Part 3 - Connected to a VPC, using a VPC Endpoint | no dogma blog
  4341. 99%Viewing .NET configuration values
  4342. 97%A Datasette tutorial written by GPT-3
  4343. 90%Cloudflare observations of Confluence zero day (CVE-2022-26134)
  4344. 98%Incremental ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core Migration
  4345. 97%Orhun's Blog
  4346. 87%Two weeks of blazor.. I'm sold - r/Blazor
  4347. 54%Episode 186: Hey Siri, What's Up with JQuery? Part 1 | Web Rush
  4348. 99%GitHub - haacked/aspnet-client-validation: A client validation library for ASP.NET MVC that does not require jQuery
  4349. 82%Hey Siri, What's Up with JQuery? Part 1
  4350. 91%WorldWideWeb, Part II • The Breakroom
  4351. 98%Global Using Directives in C# - Code Maze
  4352. 96%Two weeks of blazor.. I'm sold
  4353. 87%Two weeks of blazor.. I'm sold : Blazor
  4354. 87%Two weeks of blazor.. I'm sold : Blazor
  4355. 87%Two weeks of blazor.. I'm sold : Blazor
  4356. 91%r/Blazor - Two weeks of blazor.. I'm sold
  4357. 63%Is tree-sitter good enough? – Jake Zimmerman
  4358. 89%webOS Archive
  4359. 99%Content Report Generator v.2.
  4360. 88%Figma DIY: Building a color system plugin — Martian Chronicles
  4361. 96%A concise summary of amazing and great ideas · johnpfeiffer
  4362. 95%#164 Jared Parsons, The C# Compiler, Part 2 | no dogma podcast
  4363. 97%Connect: A better gRPC
  4364. 96%Who Needs Modern Emacs?
  4365. 70%Syntax highlighting on the web
  4366. 95%Why I'm hyped about Julia for Bioinformatics | Next.js Blog Example with Org
  4367. 85%Types of Scopes
  4368. 98%Bookmark these 10 Essential NuGet Libraries for ASP.NET Core | Pro Code Guide
  4369. 99%Consuming SOAP Services in .NET Core
  4370. 98%Building a transformer in Julia - Lior Sinai
  4371. 76%People in your software supply chain
  4372. 91%Why Seafile is unique among file sync solutions
  4373. 95%The Appeal of Static Typing
  4374. 98%Incremental ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core Migration
  4375. 98%Marten just got better for CQRS architectures
  4376. 92%Getting Functional with C#
  4377. 98%Add Swagger to ASP.NET Core 6 App
  4378. 97%Hosting a MkDocs-driven documentation site on GitHub Pages
  4379. 85%d65536
  4380. 92%garagebot - Neil's blog
  4381. 84%Lesser Known Features of ClickHouse
  4382. 74%sdk/Microsoft.PackageDependencyResolution.targets at 22c4860dcb2cf6b123dd641cc4a87a50380759d5 · dotnet/sdk
  4383. 99%Next.js meets ASP .NET Core — a story of performance and love at long tail
  4384. 99%Photino: Open Source for Building Cross-Platform Desktop Apps via .NET Core
  4385. 99%How To Batch Importing Azure DevOps Work Items Using Azure DevOps APIs and C#
  4386. 99%How to Block IP Addresses in ASP.NET Core Web API - Code Maze
  4387. 98%.NET 6 - New Features
  4388. 98%Overlay Community Group created from Do Not Reply on 2022-05-26 (public-new-work@w3.org from May 2022)
  4389. 90%Ceci n'est pas une non fungible tokens
  4390. 94%Uninstall Tool - .NET
  4391. 98%Today’s Javascript, from an outsider’s perspective – Lea Verou
  4392. 98%We rebuilt Cloudflare's developer documentation - here's what we learned
  4393. 85%Field Topology
  4394. 99%`for-of` vs. `.reduce()` vs. `.flatMap()`
  4395. 99%100 Days of TypeScript (Day 9)
  4396. 99%Generating Configs with Nix + Cue
  4397. 95%Thoughts on Clojurescipt and BigDecimal
  4398. 70%Microsoft Build Conference Heralds Era of AI-Assisted Software Development -- Visual Studio Magazine
  4399. 94%PSA: Serious Security Vulnerability in Tor Browser - Darknetlive
  4400. 98%macOS Environment Setup For MAUI Development | The .NET Tools Blog
  4401. 75%Announcing the end of support for Node.js 12.x in the AWS SDK for JavaScript (v3) | Amazon Web Services
  4402. 74%jest mock buffer.from Code Example
  4403. 66%Pong
  4404. 94%Learnings from 5 years of tech startup code audits - Ken Kantzer's Blog
  4405. 98%The pain of using budget notebooks