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Posts for 'html'

  1. 98%Intro to Graphics 08 - WebGL
  2. 96%Real World Micro Services
  3. 99%Upside Down Backups - IvyMike.dev
  4. 98%How This Website Works
  5. 99%Experimenting A New Syntax To Write SVG
  6. 98%RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags
  7. 75%Objective-See: Tools
  8. 99%Terraform 1.3 Release Introduces Simplified Refactoring Experience
  9. 89%Cache Busting Back-Office Client-Side Assets With Umbraco 9+
  10. 99%K-means clustering visualization using D3.js
  11. 97%3x new books added to the Pirate Library Mirror (+24TB, 3.8 million books)
  12. 87%The Book of CP-System
  13. 97%58 bytes of css to look great nearly everywhere
  14. 83%Stop Thinking With Your Fingers
  15. 97%Building Observability for 99% Developers - Strange Loop
  16. 99%Flexbox: What is it & Why Should You Use It? - MAZAIA TECH-UNIQUE INFORMATION
  17. 96%Full-Stack Preview Deploys using Remix, PlanetScale, and Netlify
  18. 97%Quick reminder: HTML5 required and pattern are not a security feature
  19. 99%Shell scripting with Node.js
  20. 81%Discovery Unlocks Potential of 'Special' Muscle
  21. 88% Don’t Start Believing
  22. 99%Hacking anything with GNU Guix
  23. 99%Spellcheckers exfiltrating PII… not so fast :: Aaron Gustafson
  24. 96%Renaming Our Company Revealed a Critical Bug
  25. 96%Will Serving Real HTML Content Make A Website Faster? Let's Experiment! - WebPageTest Blog
  26. 99%Getting Started with EF Core, PostgreSQL, and TimescaleDB
  27. 97%IN/"juels; ari" in US Patent Collection
  28. 96%The Case for reducing your digital clutter. | Kole McRae
  29. 60%Emoji language is the most compact
  30. 99%How I’m a Productive Programmer With a Memory of a Fruit Fly
  31. 97%Announcing the Launch of the Chrome Root Program
  32. 99%Implementing Google Web Risk API in ASPNET Core
  33. 78%#NAFO Twitter Space w/ Kim Dotcom
  34. 99%Shorter Hacks 16 IPython Autoreload
  35. 92%Merriam-Webster and Unstructured Data Processing
  36. 94%jes post
  37. 86%Because I said so
  38. 93%Open to a fault: On the passive compromise of TLS keys via transient errors
  39. 99%35 Million Hot Dogs: Benchmarking Caddy vs. Nginx
  40. 95%TIL—Python has a built-in persistent key-value store
  41. 99%Collatz Counterexamples
  42. 98%QR codes | Dan Hollick 🇿🇦
  43. 99%GitHub - nadrad/h-m-m: Hackers Mind Map
  44. 98%Rustdoc cleanups and improvements
  45. 99%Building an Email Open Tracking System - Part 1
  46. 92%Gym Power
  47. 91%On better browsers: arbitrary media queries and browser UIs | Kilian Valkhof
  48. 99%Setting up ZFS RAIDZ for Sequential Workload - Manish R Jain
  49. 92%Translucent Fractal Tteok
  50. 96%How Typical is the Solar System?
  51. 95%Announcing The Unicode® Standard, Version 15.0
  52. 98%Software Component Names Should Be Whimsical And Cryptic
  53. 99%Micro Frontends in Action With ASP.NET Core - Communication Patterns for Blazor WebAssembly Based Web Components
  54. 99%My Blog is Hilariously Overengineered to the Point People Think it's a Static Site
  55. 96%C# Tip: use Miniprofiler instead of Stopwatch to profile code performance - Code4IT
  56. 99%Ladybird: A new cross-platform browser project
  57. 98%Shortest URLs on the Internet
  58. 96%Dueling over Dual_EC_DRGB: The Consequences of Corrupting a Cryptographic Standardization Process
  59. 99%OCaml By Example | <fun>
  60. 99%Offline documentation with webdoc
  61. 97%ListVMs
  62. 95%Scala isn&#39;t fun anymore
  63. 99%The Modern Algorithmic Toolbox (CS168), Spring 2022
  64. 93%>Where self-driving is headed
  65. 99%Progress towards changing your desktop wallpaper without installing a karaoke captioning library
  66. 98%e2e Testing with Playwright and Debbie O'Brien
  67. 90%Shiba Inu Leaked their AWS Cloud Credential
  68. 99%Go for C# developers: Using keywords as identifiers
  69. 98%Sketchy Websites Save the Day
  70. 99%Add experimental mv3 version · gorhill/uBlock@a559f5f
  71. 81%Korean nuclear fusion reactor achieves 100 million°C for 30 seconds
  72. 94%On chosing the ideal architecture of the web application
  73. 81%Boris Cherny's Blog
  74. 99%Customize The Authorization Pipeline In ASP.NET Core
  75. 98%TailwindCSS Tip: Arbitrary Values in Utility Classes
  76. 97%Manually generating a Zoom link
  77. 98%TIL: You Can Access A User's Camera with Just HTML
  78. 99%Browser Extension with Blazor WASM - Cross-Browser Compatibility
  79. 97%Your Team Velocity
  80. 99%Improvements to Terraform support for lsp-mode
  81. 98%Enoch - Micro Frontends with Astro
  82. 99%Who pollutes your prototype? Find the libs on cdnjs in an automated way
  83. 89%Predicting KFC Menu Prices
  84. 93%Announcing the Open Sourcing of Paranoid's Library
  85. 93%TechEmpower Web Framework Performance Comparison
  86. 95%On Artificial Intelligence in User Experience Design
  87. 95%Falsehoods programmers believe about email
  88. 92%Download RealAudio 3.0
  89. 97%RavenDB 5.4 is out
  90. 87%Experts warn of the first known phishing attack against PyPI
  91. 97%On Caching Elixir Beam files · Anantha Kumaran
  92. 95%Problem Details responses everywhere with ASP.NET Core and .NET 7
  93. 88%The end of Moore's law forced YouTube to make its own video chip
  94. 97%Webinar Recording: Modeling Relationships and Hierarchies in a Document Database
  95. 97%Sample Chapter 7 - Actions to Calculations
  96. 98%How to Set Up Your Own Personal Wiki
  97. 99%Building a searchable archive for the San Francisco Microscopical Society
  98. 99%We Deserve Better Than BEM
  99. 94%Accepted chromium 104.0.5112.101-1 (source) into unstable
  100. 99%How to Check if a Binary Tree Is Symmetric (Mirror Image of Itself)?
  101. 99%Entity Framework Core Power Tools- a visual guide to recent updates
  102. 99%My new tab
  103. 99%The Infinite Marquee | Ryan Mulligan
  104. 94%On the hook of a phisher
  105. 99%OpenNLP.NET
  106. 99%Input Validation for Security : Developer Notes
  107. 98%ASP.NET validation revisited
  108. 99%My cookbook for data creation · Chris Swart
  109. 97%(Shamelessly) Stealing my own games
  110. 99%7 Colour E-Ink Display For Raspberry Pi | Inky Impression 5.7
  111. 63%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  112. 97%This Program is Illegally Packaged in 14 Distributions
  113. 76%OpenAI Dall-E 2
  114. 97%GitHub - HackerNews/API: Documentation and Samples for the Official HN API
  115. 98%Why don't we do email verification in reverse?
  116. 97%Electron-Based App Vulnerabilities Hit VS Code, Microsoft Teams -- Visual Studio Magazine
  117. 98%thiago's thoughts - ramblings and scribblings
  118. 99%Static Asset Hashing in Hakyll
  119. 96%It wasn't for nothing - Grasping gexps
  120. 98%Breaking Down Another Phishing Attempt | LINQ to Fail
  121. 97%How Cloudflare Broke My Build and How I Fixed It | Giorgi Dalakishvili | Personal Website
  122. 97%Software Development is very subjective
  123. 98%GitHub - kentjhall/horizon-linux: arm64 Linux patched to run programs for the Nintendo Switch’s Horizon OS
  124. 97%Maxim Marshall - eInk VNC
  125. 59%Climate policy numbers
  126. 98%Making Notes Work for Me: Reflections after 2 Years of Digital Gardening
  127. 99%Ezra Miller Headline Generator
  128. 78%Build a Pokemon Memory Match Game with Vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  129. 98%Creating a JSON logger for Flask
  130. 91%'Too many employees, but few work': Pichai, Zuckerberg sound the alarm
  131. 99%Tailwind is an Anti-Pattern
  132. 99%You might be using assert wrong
  133. 96%Kinesis Laptop
  134. 99%Securing Web APIs with Azure AD: Enabling Local Development
  135. 99%Nix By Example | <fun>
  136. 96%Announcing: MiniRust
  137. 99%From roots to polynomials
  138. 98%This security guru is banishing spammers to a hilarious 'password purgatory'
  139. 63%Altkanzler Schröder: Kreml will eine Verhandlungslösung
  140. 86%The Case of the Mysterious Holes on the Seafloor
  141. 99%Debug Logging Microsoft.Identity.Client and the MSAL OAuth client credentials flow
  142. 83%“Code” 2nd Edition Now Available!
  143. 99%Nix By Example | <fun>
  144. 99%Nix By Example | <fun>
  145. 96%Nix By Example | <fun>
  146. 72%This guy made a diabolical form to send spammers to password purgatory | Boing Boing
  147. 99%Parsing command line arguments with `util.parseArgs()` in Node.js
  148. 97%Prevent Forwarded header spoofing with HTTP message signature
  149. 99%Taking a .NET Core Web App Offline ... Gracefully
  150. 99%How to build the simplest feature flag system in Elixir & Phoenix apps
  151. 99%Building and using Managed Components with WebCM
  152. 99%Certificate Revocation in Microsoft Edge
  153. 98%An Introduction to Webmention
  154. 99%Build a basic Flask app with Neon in 5 minutes
  155. 98%About CloudFlare's Durable Objects
  156. 99%New Clojure project quickstart
  157. 99%Domenico Luciani - Misleading Pair Programming
  158. 98%How fonts on your website can impact user experience and how to resolve it
  159. 70%Pagefind is quite a find for site search | BryceWray.com
  160. 95%Host all your applications in one server
  161. 99%GitHub - tabler/tabler: Tabler is free and open-source HTML Dashboard UI Kit built on Bootstrap
  162. 96%Blazor Routing: An Overview
  163. 98%How to create a Python package in 2022
  164. 99%TypeScript: checking at compile time if an Array lists all property keys
  165. 88%liam_on_linux | Everyone seems to forget why GNOME and GNOME 3 and Unity happened
  166. 98%Help pick a syntax for CSS nesting - Chrome Developers
  167. 93%Best File Formats for Archiving
  168. 99%Transitional Apps with Phoenix and Svelte
  169. 96%More tools of the trade for scraping and automation – Trickster Dev
  170. 99%Building a secure note sharing service in Go - Dusted Codes
  171. 99%proof-systems/CONTRIBUTING.md at master · o1-labs/proof-systems
  172. 80%Webinar Recording: RavenDB & Messaging Transactions
  173. 98%ASP.NET Core on .NET 7.0 - Output caching
  174. 94%Distributed systems evolution: topology changes
  175. 87%Comparing Yourself to Others is Fine
  176. 97%Edge Browser Tests Experimental DevTools Command Palette -- Visual Studio Magazine
  177. 98%GNUnet
  178. 79%Recording: Build your own database at Cloud Lunch & Learn
  179. 98%Running Lighthouse CI when deploying Azure SWA - Gérald Barré
  180. 98%The tar archive format, its extensions, and why GNU tar extracts in quadratic time
  181. 72%Don't Worry, it's Rocket Science
  182. 90%SPA Alternative
  183. 89%Atlassian Patched Critical Confluence Hardcoded Credentials Bug
  184. 85%Pretty Maps in Python
  185. 86%TDD: software design practice
  186. 58%On Taking Notes
  187. 90%API Key, a Key to Credential Leakage & Manipulation
  188. 96%TeamViewer installs suspicious font only useful for web fingerprinting
  189. 94%How to Use Same Bearer Token Between Two Different Azure Tenants
  190. 68%New Air-Gap Attack Uses SATA Cable as an Antenna to Transfer Radio Signals
  191. 59%The Curious Case of the Clicking Battery
  192. 99%How Impulse saves a week a year for me as a PM
  193. 86%How to: Make the Perfect Search Control
  194. 98%Base64 Encode and Decode in C# - Code Maze
  195. 91%How Did REST Come To Mean The Opposite of REST?
  196. 97%Working with file system paths on Node.js
  197. 96%[URGENT] PPCGeeks hacked, database dumped...
  198. 83%Three abstraction’s pitfalls
  199. 99%Cookie Authentication With ASP.NET Core and Angular - Code Maze
  200. 75%What is Presentation Bias in search?
  201. 87%Better technology for a 3D-first world
  202. 64%Avoiding Ads
  203. 99%Fighting WebView2 Visibility on Initialization
  204. 96%The Mother of All Games
  205. 98%Blazor Client - Loading Screen
  206. 99%TiddlyWiki and Emacs - blog.dornea.nu
  207. 99%The Explicit Choice by the SEC Not to Regulate Crypto
  208. 78%Upcoming webinar: Involving RavenDB in your Messaging Transactions
  209. 95%Distribute the rows of a SQL table between several multi-instantiated applications - Vincent Composieux - Freelance backend/devops architect & tech lead over Go, PHP Symfony, Javascript, NodeJS and much more
  210. 81%CP/M is really open-source now
  211. 88%Guest WiFi using a QR code
  212. 90%Introduction - Roguelike Tutorial - In Rust
  213. 93%Using SQL Profiler To Identify Repeated SQL Calls
  214. 87%Waiting Room Event Scheduling protects your site during online events
  215. 92%Avoiding <img> layout shifts: aspect-ratio vs width & height attributes
  216. 78%Alan Howard-Backed Cryptography Investor Geometry Emerges From Stealth
  217. 89%Rust front-end
  218. 89%On-device browser translations with Firefox Translations
  219. 99%Tag Helper for Display Templates
  220. 81%Learn Vim the Simple Way
  221. 82%Add support for specifying a template name. by haacked · Pull Request #44 · DamianEdwards/TagHelperPack
  222. 96%Proebsting's Law
  223. 86%Automatic Signed Exchanges may dramatically boost your site visitor numbers
  224. 93%mjg59 | Lenovo shipping new laptops that only boot Windows by default
  225. 85%Why Be Synchronous?
  226. 69%Holograms, light-leaks and how to build CSS-only shaders - Robb Owen
  227. 77%Tens of Jenkins plugins are affected by zero-day vulnerabilities
  228. 78%My interview at Productive C#
  229. 98%Welcome | Proinfocus Dev Tools
  230. 96%Writing HTML sucks less with Impulse
  231. 93%Suffix aliases (-s) in Zsh
  232. 99%Implementing text to speech for sioyek PDF viewer
  233. 99%Micro Frontends in Action With ASP.NET Core - Composition via YARP Transforms and Server-Side Includes (SSI)
  234. 81%Power Estimation: Balance Between Simplicity and Accuracy
  235. 89%This website is hacky AF
  236. 97%How to prevent partial rendering in HTMX?
  237. 99%Finding the maximum value in an array using vectorization - Gérald Barré
  238. 98%Async Enumerable in C# (Part 3)
  239. 95%SSH on WSL · Aspiring Craftsman
  240. 98%Why LD_LIBRARY_PATH is bad
  241. 90%Thymeleaf live reload with npm scripts
  242. 93%Advanced Dashes
  243. 79%Pirate Library Mirror
  244. 50%Found: The 'holy grail of catalysis'—turning methane into methanol under ambient conditions using light
  245. 99%How to redirect from server side in HTMX
  246. 89%Martingale Project Timing
  247. 99%Implementing paging in ASP.NET Core MVC
  248. 99%Render Emails Using Razor Templating
  249. 92%Learning HTML was too hard so I made a compiler instead
  250. 93%Integrating Google Places Autocomplete API in a React App
  251. 98%I kind of understand Clojure macros
  252. 94%Pre-Rendering and Data Fetching Strategies in Next.js
  253. 97%What is the purpose of a test name?
  254. 99%DNF Summit 2022
  255. 69%Code Of Ethics
  256. 92%rustc_typeck - Rust
  257. 73%Expr in rustc_ast::ast - Rust
  258. 97%Modern Software Development · Mike Klimek
  259. 96%Perhaps Too Much Validation · Aspiring Craftsman
  260. 99%Digesting Technical Content
  261. 99%The many definitions of Server-Side Rendering—zachleat.com
  262. 90%QBE - Compiler Backend
  263. 75%ApiController Attribute in ASP.NET Core Web API - Code Maze
  264. 97%Debug the web in 3D with the 3D View tool
  265. 93%Been there, done that
  266. 98%Back to Basics: Rendering Razor Views to String in ASP.NET Core
  267. 94%I Found Everything With A First Name and Phone Number
  268. 84%What I'm excited for this build cycle
  269. 95%Timing attacks: Introduction
  270. 98%One-liner for running queries against CSV files with SQLite
  271. 87%orkut
  272. 80%writing one sentence per line
  273. 94%Data outlasts Code, yet Code keeps winning
  274. 76%The importance of Headings element for an accessible page - Zelig880
  275. 93%Is FreeBSD a Real UNIX?
  276. 92%Paradigm CSS is Now Available on GitHub
  277. 94%Benoit Essiambre
  278. 87%GitHub - dspinellis/unix-history-repo: Continuous Unix commit history from 1970 until today
  279. 83%The Silent Majority of Experts
  280. 99%Markdownish syntax for generating flowcharts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, gantt charts and git graphs.
  281. 93%Infrastructure As User Generated Content
  282. 97%redbean 2.0 release notes
  283. 91%GitHub - wailsapp/wails: Create beautiful applications using Go
  284. 95%Building Reliable Web Element Locators for Test Automation
  285. 96%Solving Knights Tour using a Neural Network
  286. 80%Coinbase Lays Off Around 1,100 Employees
  287. 92%Explaining TypeScript
  288. 96%7 simple bot detection methods that won’t inconvenience users
  289. 99%From Clojure to Ruby
  290. 94%Using Avif codec for images to reduce web page size - Gérald Barré
  291. 95%Introduction to Regular Expressions in C# - Code Maze
  292. 94%Foreword — ZK Jargon Decoder
  293. 69%The Phillips Curve
  294. 75%Specifying Spring '83
  295. 94%CSS Named Color Palette Generator
  296. 99%GitHub - z0ccc/Vytal: Spoof your location data and user agent.
  297. 99%Virtual Modules for Fun and Profit
  298. 93%Adding a dunder to an object
  299. 97%Miriam Eric Suzanne » Am I on the IndieWeb Yet?
  300. 92%Don't try this at home
  301. 75%Apple M1 processors have a 'unpatchable' issue, according to MIT experts.
  302. 99%OG Images with Cloud Functions
  303. 91%Announcing “Code” 2nd Edition
  304. 98%100 Days of TypeScript (Day 10)
  305. 99%GitHub - JByfordRew/BlazorStyledTextArea: A textarea with style!
  306. 82%I resurrected my Dutch movie review site from 2003
  307. 65%Site Update: Hero Images
  308. 98%GitHub - sensity-ai/dot: The Deepfake Offensive Toolkit
  309. 99%Express Design - AppDev on Steroids
  310. 92%What happened to simple, basic web hosting?
  311. 78%Building a Call for Papers website with Blazor & RavenDB
  312. 99%Using AV1 video codec to reduce web page size - Gérald Barré
  313. 92%Using math expressions in github markdown
  314. 90%Local Conspiracy (less scary than the global kind!)
  315. 82%Vectorized and performance-portable Quicksort
  316. 99%Content Report Generator v.2.
  317. 55%How to Measure Innovation Through Leading and Lagging Indicators
  318. 98%Monsters Weekly 252 - Building a WebComponent
  319. 66%UCTRONICS 1U Rack with PoE Functionality for Raspberry Pi 4, 19
  320. 66%Waffenlieferung: Trotz Versprechungen liefert Berlin seit neun Wochen kaum Waffen - WELT
  321. 99%Next.js meets ASP .NET Core — a story of performance and love at long tail
  322. 82%Struggling to get going with a new feature? Start with the HTML
  323. 98%Implement Http/2 WebSockets by Tratcher · Pull Request #41558 · dotnet/aspnetcore
  324. 98%Overlay Community Group created from Do Not Reply on 2022-05-26 (public-new-work@w3.org from May 2022)
  325. 98%Today’s Javascript, from an outsider’s perspective – Lea Verou
  326. 83%Answer engines
  327. 79%Cloud security and college assignment
  328. 94%Learnings from 5 years of tech startup code audits - Ken Kantzer's Blog
  329. 90%CurlyTP: Every Web Server is a Dead Drop - MiscDotGeek
  330. 87%Advertising is Obsolete | Jake Poznanski — Software Engineer
  331. 78%MX Mechanical Wireless Keyboard - Full Size or Mini | Logitech
  332. 79%278: Bicycle Repair Man
  333. 82%What are static websites and when to use them?
  334. 87%Django Channels for Real Time Updates
  335. 78%RavenDB at Rakuten Kobo recording is now available
  336. 88%Feather Wiki | About
  337. 83%Iterative execution: The path to steady product dev
  338. 66%about feeling shitty
  339. 79%Firefox appears to be flagged as suspicious by Cloudflare
  340. 96%Math on GitHub: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  341. 99%Fabian Lindfors
  342. 93%GitHub - davidfowl/CommandAndControl: A sample showing command and control using client results
  343. 96%Happy 20th Anniversary, Npgsql!
  344. 96%Why a bug fix should "always" include new tests
  345. 88%RFC 9239: Updates to ECMAScript media types
  346. 89%Why Google is so unbearable (and how to fix it)
  347. 93%How To Use Localization in ASP.NET Core
  348. 91%Mining a Dispensary
  349. 88%Hog Bay Software – Bike: Tool for thought
  350. 53%Google Created 'Open Source Maintenance Crew' to Help Secure Critical Projects
  351. 99%#13: Hosting PWA on Static Web Apps
  352. 93%What’s new in React 18.0 release – The biggest yet
  353. 98%C# Method to Check if a Number is Composite
  354. 93%Operator precedence by textual substitution
  355. 98%You can create a great looking website while sucking at design
  356. 99%25 Gbit/s HTTP and HTTPS download speeds
  357. 97%How to Find All Distinct Elements of a Given Integer Array
  358. 93%Computing π By Hand with a 1700 Year Old Algorithm
  359. 92%Take my app ideas
  360. 97%Aspect — Build UI, fast
  361. 97%Support for custom headers for handshake · Issue #16 · whatwg/websockets
  362. 76%Breaking Down a Phishing Attempt | LINQ to Fail
  363. 90%Congratulations, you are human!
  364. 99%GitHub - alufers/mitmproxy2swagger: Automagically reverse-engineer REST APIs via capturing traffic
  365. 98%Phone Number Validation in JavaScript
  366. 99%C# Method to Check if a Number is Prime
  367. 55%The productive ritual of listening to a single song
  368. 97%Stealing checks worth millions & pwning a bank
  369. 99%A powerful, flexible, Markdown-based authoring framework
  370. 95%Understanding the bin, sbin, usr/bin , usr/sbin split
  371. 93%Speech Recognition with TensorFlow.js - Voice Commands
  372. 57%Why I left Google: work-life balance
  373. 99%Using ASP.NET Core MVC Value Providers With Minimal APIs
  374. 82%Funding my son's college with a Shopify app – /home/pierce
  375. 98%Demystifying iOS Code Signature
  376. 78%Who can give a refund?
  377. 94%How to Compare Two Dates With JavaScript
  378. 98%Someone should build X for the web” – why not you? All you need is a GitHub account
  379. 93%General ASP.NET Performance Best Practices (Part-1)
  380. 83%Taxes And The Ultra Rich
  381. 98%Cloudflare Pages + Hugo
  382. 97%David Dahan
  383. 98%Solving the Classic FizzBuzz Problem With .NET and C#
  384. 99%Customising the Umbraco Pipeline
  385. 88%I'm a fucking webmaster
  386. 78%Customer Success Story | RavenDB with Rakuten Kobo on May 11
  387. 94%Introduction to Tensorflow.js with Real-World Example
  388. 95%RSS Feed Best Practises
  389. 60%How to Scale Your Apps in Azure SQL Database
  390. 99%GitHub - haqua-dotnet/Haqua.Scriban: Integrate Scriban Template Engine with ASP.NET Core Minimal API
  391. 95%Styling `select` elements for real
  392. 97%Execute SQL Statements in Azure Data Factory
  393. 95% Negative voting
  394. 87%GitHub - microsoft/Web-Dev-For-Beginners: 24 Lessons, 12 Weeks, Get Started as a Web Developer
  395. 67%Starting Startups
  396. 66%My Books
  397. 96%liam_on_linux | The real reason that the first version of Windows NT was called 3.1
  398. 85%Syncthing: The data deduplication master
  399. 74%Home - Moshe Karmel
  400. 99%Markdownish syntax for generating flowcharts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, gantt charts and git graphs.
  401. 94%Google urges Chrome 100 users to update to 101 because of 29 security flaws
  402. 98%How to Return HTML From ASP.NET Core Web API - Code Maze
  403. 88%USB Cheat Sheet
  404. 89%The triple dot syntax (`...`) in JavaScript: rest vs. spread
  405. 98%How I fell in love with low-js
  406. 98%GitHub - mimoo/cargo-specification: The code is the spec
  407. 97%[Last Week in .NET #87] – The Windows Development Roadmap Has U-Turns in it
  408. 94%Why I don't miss React: a story about using the platform - Jack Franklin
  409. 98%Triple Entry Blogging
  410. 72%Modularizing GHC paper
  411. 90%The Demise of the Mildly Dynamic Website
  412. 87%#MVPbuzzChat with Tidjani Belmansour – buckleyPLANET
  413. 88%Brendan@Intel.com
  414. 98%I won free load testing
  415. 95%Web Scraping with Python - Learning the Basics | Rubik's Code
  416. 99%Implement an OpenIddict identity provider using ASP.NET Core Identity with Keycloak federation
  417. 99%A Gentle Introduction to SSR
  418. 83%Notes on Twitter, RSS and the future ahead
  419. 89%Building a company around a toy requires embracing the toyness (and thinking beyond Excel)
  420. 80%Pushing Updates to a PR
  421. 99%Pyscript.net
  422. 76%What is black and white and read all over?
  423. 94%Web Scraping via Javascript Runtime Heap Snapshots - Adrian Cooney's Blog
  424. 89%(I was) Scared of programming
  425. 97%A File Format to Aid in Security Vulnerability Disclosure
  426. 95%ASP.NET Core Error: System.InvalidOperationException: Unable to Resolve Service for Type While Attempting to Activate
  427. 97%Default Interface Methods in C#
  428. 93%In-EVM Mina State Verification
  429. 83%Adversarial Pair Programming
  430. 95%Your Opinion Doesn't Matter
  431. 99%HTMX for ASP.NET Core Developers – Tutorial | The .NET Tools Blog
  432. 97%Weeknotes: Parallel queries for Datasette, plus some middleware tricks
  433. 88%Brian Robert Callahan
  434. 91%pzuraq | Four Eras of JavaScript Frameworks
  435. 75%Playground
  436. 79%PSA: RavenDB 4.2 LTS ending support on June 30, 2022
  437. 95%100 Days of TypeScript (Day 8)
  438. 97%Improving Test Observability with Fixie+Seq
  439. 96%Can you use a WebP file as an Open Graph Protocol image?
  440. 62%Start with Who, not Why
  441. 99%nix-shell, but make it lovely
  442. 99%Why LSP?
  443. 98%ASP.NET Core: Custom Controller Action Parameter Binding using TryParse in Minimal APIs
  444. 93%The Future of CSS: CSS Toggles
  445. 99%Easy ways to improve your websites accessibility and performance - Max Leiter
  446. 96%Why must JSX expressions have only ONE parent element? - Dillion's Blog
  447. 87%Keenan Crane - Repulsive Curves
  448. 98%Are We Microfrontends Yet?
  449. 76%Ripping old mini DV video tapes on a Mac
  450. 99%GitHub - xoofx/markdig: A fast, powerful, CommonMark compliant, extensible Markdown processor for .NET
  451. 95%The smallest 256x256 single-color PNG file, and where you've seen it
  452. 94%Web Components as Progressive Enhancement
  453. 93%Dealing with UI jank in the JUCE framework · Melatonin
  454. 97%Anatomy of a Django/HTMX Project
  455. 80%RavenDB Cloud: Metrics & Disk I/O enhancements
  456. 72%Signature in ecdsa - Rust
  457. 97%A Well-Known URL for Changing Passwords
  458. 68%Hide Complexity
  459. 95%GitHub - bloomberg/memray: Memray is a memory profiler for Python
  460. 87%The absurd complexity of server-side rendering
  461. 64%Monsters Weekly 247 - HTML Template Element
  462. 96%ASP.NET Core Interview Questions and Answers
  463. 97%<code>canvasInteractor</code>
  464. 85%The Anti-Thiel Principle
  465. 90%De-AMP: Cutting Out Google and Enhancing Privacy | Brave Browser
  466. 98%Getting Submitted Form Data in Umbraco Forms
  467. 99%90 Days are all you need to get a web developer job
  468. 52%James Webb telescope's coldest instrument reaches operating temperature
  469. 99%THCon 2k22 CTF - "Local Card Maker" Writeup - Guy Lewin's Blog
  470. 99%Opinionated variable names · Caffeinspiration
  471. 85%mjg59 | The Freedom Phone is not great at privacy
  472. 97%Understanding The Web Security Model, Part III: Basic Principles and the Origin Concept
  473. 99%Solid Principles - Explore the Open/Closed Principle
  474. 97%Creating professional slides from Markdown notes
  475. 83%Plastic Surgery And Virtual Reality
  476. 77%Therading From Scratch
  477. 92%Do You Really Code? · It Will Never Work in Theory
  478. 99%How EEx Turns Your Template Into HTML
  479. 96%Tutorial: How To Build an Accessible React Table (Data Grid)
  480. 95%Performance Hot Spots
  481. 91%Gunnar Wolf• How is the free firmware for the Raspberry progressing?
  482. 90%JavaScript Escape Quotes
  483. 91%Against moderation - John's internet house
  484. 98%Warning on lower case type names in C# 11
  485. 79%Recording: Clean Architecture with RavenDB
  486. 92%ECMAScript proposal “Change Array by copy”: four new non-destructive Array methods
  487. 93%Thunderbird Autoconfig for your self-hosted email server
  488. 98%How to build your own Peloton workout dashboard
  489. 99%Silly Image Compression Idea
  490. 97%Use CSS.escape() to escape QuerySelectorAll()
  491. 99%Heaps - Haxe Game Engine - Heaps.io Game Engine
  492. 98%I Need to Find an Apartment
  493. 97%Shiki
  494. 71%Джонсон прибув у Київ, зустрічається із Зеленським
  495. 91%Private Classification · The Decentralized Robot
  496. 97%OpenSSH: Release Notes
  497. 84%Introducing the Redwood Startup Fund
  498. 99%Announcing Rust 1.60.0 | Rust Blog
  499. 78%Expanding Play’s Target Level API Requirements to Strengthen User Security
  500. 92%Webinar – OSS Power-Ups: QuestPDF | The .NET Tools Blog
  501. 97%jes post
  502. 69%.NET 6 Blazor 🔥 Chat with SignalR using WebSockets
  503. 95%- Miguel de Icaza
  504. 71%Pharo - Pharo 10 Released!
  505. 64%In Soviet Musk Twitter, Twitter edits you
  506. 93%Client-side Image Previews With JavaScript
  507. 90%The devil is in the details…
  508. 85%Searching YouTube Watch History by Transcripts
  509. 95%How I Teach Myself to Code
  510. 99%placeholder
  511. 79%Inline XBRL Viewer
  512. 76%I’m a Spanner
  513. 87%Do founders outperform at venture capital? - Marginal REVOLUTION
  514. 79%Semantic Versioning for Teams | Tom Gamon
  515. 68%Big on hacker news - John's internet house
  516. 84%Those HTML Attributes You Never Use — Smashing Magazine
  517. 77%Sunday 3 April no more NS trains | NS
  518. 96%A Hugo Survival Guide - Philipp K. Janert, Ph.D.
  519. 95%The project with a single 11,000-line code file
  520. 97%Playing with Matrix: Conduit and Synapse
  521. 88%Shrinkwrap: Taming dynamic shared objects
  522. 96%Be Generous With Your Interfaces
  523. 85%RFC 9225: Software Defects Considered Harmful
  524. 85%Sofía Celi - cryptographer
  525. 99%How to Use ModelState Validation in ASP.NET Core Web API - Code Maze
  526. 88%Tailscale vs SSH tunnels
  527. 98%How to make a button
  528. 94%On Decentralization
  529. 78%Webinar next week: Clean Architecture with RavenDB
  530. 75% How to generate tons of Blog ideas using Artificial Intelligence
  531. 99%How to Make Django Raise an Error for Missing Template Variables - Adam Johnson
  532. 61%Microsoft Won't Do Drag-and-Drop for Blazor -- Visual Studio Magazine
  533. 65%Over 200 Malicious NPM Packages Caught Targeting Azure Developers
  534. 99%Combining Bearer Token and Cookie Authentication in ASP.NET
  535. 92%Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog | CISA
  536. 61%Maybe you should do less 'work'
  537. 95%Using PowerPoint as a WYSIWIG Editor for HTML Templates (Proof of Concept in C#)
  538. 98%Tip 356 - How to automatically scale Azure App Services
  539. 67%Wood-like texture generation and animation
  540. 96%jes post
  541. 95%searching Arrays from end to start via `.findLast()` and `.findLastIndex()`
  542. 97%Remixing React Router
  543. 72%The Feynman Lectures on Physics
  544. 65%A quick reminder : Don't stress on both threat and vulnerability
  545. 99%Extracting web page content using Readability.js and shot-scraper
  546. 91%GitHub - mgerdes/Open-Golf: A cross-platform minigolf game written in C.
  547. 94%5 CSS Frameworks To Use This Year
  548. 98%What language am I writing again?
  549. 99%GitHub - natemcmaster/dotnet-serve: Simple command-line HTTPS server for the .NET Core CLI
  550. 81%Microsoft Confirms Lapsus$ Hackers Stole Source Code
  551. 81%New Browser-in-the Browser (BITB) Attack Makes Phishing Nearly Undetectable
  552. 80%The Googler's Dilemma: Why Experience Will Always Have a Premium - Ken Kantzer's Blog
  553. 98%How to make a templating language (Part 2)
  554. 81%📱 A tale of PDF compression :: Daitya Asur! —
  555. 99%Minimal APIs overview
  556. 98%Hacks can be Good Code Too
  557. 68%Structured (Synchronous) Concurrency
  558. 95%Descriptify | Articles
  559. 99%Inlined images in Next.js
  560. 99%A year on Windows: System debugging - Julio Merino (jmmv.dev)
  561. 90%From zero to Tailscale in five minutes
  562. 89%Cancellation, Part 4: Polling
  563. 90%Zotero Blog » Blog Archive
  564. 74%How I grew my avocado plant from seed
  565. 94%The Elephant in The Event Loop
  566. 88%Curious about automated reasoning
  567. 72%On the usefulness of a little bit of programming
  568. 64%Silencing the Kinesis Advantage 2
  569. 69%ImperialViolet - Picking parameters
  570. 79%Recording: Database Security in a Hostile World
  571. 73%My essential Firefox fixes (and add-ons) in 2022
  572. 97%How to make MPAs that are as fast as SPAs
  573. 73%Why digital transformation won’t solve the productivity paradox
  574. 97%Sending Prometheus Alerts to Telegram with Telepush
  575. 85%Everything You Need To Know About the React 18 RC
  576. 97%Security And Django · Matt Layman
  577. 93%Cancellation, Part 3: Detecting Cancellation
  578. 80%Request for comments: Removing graph queries from RavenDB
  579. 95%Suspense on the Server in React 18
  580. 98%First look: adding type annotations to JavaScript
  581. 68%CS 329S | Syllabus
  582. 52%Appeal to Ruby community from Kharkiv Rubyist
  583. 99%Qalculate! - the ultimate desktop calculator
  584. 89%GitHub - troyhunt/password-purgatory: Deliberately making password creation a true hell
  585. 97%Some tiny personal programs I've written
  586. 95%Migrating VB6 Code to .NET 6? Here's a Tool -- Visual Studio Magazine
  587. 98%How to Upgrade to the React 18 Release Candidate – React Blog
  588. 99%Boredcaveman | Post 0x2
  589. 61%2 New Mozilla Firefox 0-Day Bugs Under Active Attack — Patch Your Browser ASAP!
  590. 99%Working with Feature Flags in ASP.NET Core MVC application
  591. 93%JavaScript naming conflicts: How existing code can force proposed features to be renamed
  592. 98%Use a message envelope
  593. 76%iMac G4 to M1 conversion progress
  594. 79%Webinar: Database Security in a Hostile World
  595. 86%C++ Cheat Sheets & Infographics
  596. 76%Mathematically Correct Breakfast -- Linked Bagel Halves
  597. 98%Reviewing my First Shiny Project (1/n) – Buttons
  598. 94%Ben Wiser | I just spent £700 to have my own app on my iPhone
  599. 83%Menu bar
  600. 67%How I See Numbers | Cameron Sun
  601. 85%Numbers Every Programmer Should Know By Year
  602. 94%Towards a Unified Theory of Web Performance - Infrequently Noted
  603. 98%GitHub - gildas-lormeau/SingleFile: Web Extension for Firefox/Chrome/MS Edge and CLI tool to save a faithful copy of an entire web page in a single HTML file
  604. 79%Recording: RavenDB–a really boring database
  605. 98%Don't show this message again - avoid vague options
  606. 87%Write plain text files | Derek Sivers
  607. 86%Andrea Scarpino - I went out for dinner and I took some endpoint
  608. 88%Home - Moshe Karmel
  609. 84%GNU Taler Documentation — GNU Taler 0.8.2 documentation
  610. 99%Run and Test HTTP Requests
  611. 95%5 things you don't need Javascript for
  612. 99%Let the Browser Do It for You
  613. 86%Some Bits: Nelson's weblog
  614. 93%Tag Helpers in ASP.NET Core | endjin
  615. 99%Using image loader is Next.js
  616. 81%Transit Panel
  617. 93%How to waste time and overcomplicate things — Ryan Warnock
  618. 96%More notes on writing web scrapers
  619. 68%10 HTML tags you have never used before
  620. 80%RavenDB: Domain Modeling and Data Persistency
  621. 92%Consulting Advice I Gave Myself
  622. 82%You can't capture the nuance of my form fields
  623. 94%SQLite Release 3.38.0 On 2022-02-22
  624. 98%SPAs were a mistake
  625. 98%pip and cargo are not the same
  626. 97%OpenSSH: Release Notes
  627. 98%When I'm Sad My Computer Sends Me Cats
  628. 99%Avoiding the Top 10 NGINX Configuration Mistakes - NGINX
  629. 84%Releases · xerial/sqlite-jdbc
  630. 83%Podman v4.0.0 Released
  631. 98%You Can throw() Anything In JavaScript - And Other async/await Conside
  632. 98%Google Drive to SQLite
  633. 99%ASP.NET Core on .NET 7.0 - Roadmap, preview 1 and file upload in minimal APIs
  634. 86%What are wrapper objects for primitive values?
  635. 99%Practical Guide to Solving Hard Problems
  636. 95%HTB - DevOops
  637. 85%Game Boy Fiver [Wordle clone]: How to compress 12972 five-letter words to 17871 bytes
  638. 89%Simplify Rails Views Using ViewComponents with Tailwind CSS and RSpec
  639. 91%Toy Traceroute With Ping - Susam's Maze
  640. 97%ziplnk.py
  641. 65%Maximize Value, not Quantity
  642. 83%Concurrent Rendering in React 18
  643. 98%Tech Interviews are actually a hazing experiment
  644. 98%auto-download.py
  645. 96%Escaping Markdown Code Snippets and Inline Code as Markdown
  646. 70%Will Sewell - What are your company's anti-values?
  647. 96%Global Grey ebooks: download free ebooks for your library
  648. 99%public static is harmful. It has no home in modern programming.
  649. 99%PDFs in Django like it’s 2022! — /var/
  650. 81%Zeus & Hera | BMW USA (Official Video)
  651. 57%GitHub - hamukazu/lets-get-arrested: This project is intended to protest against the police in Japan
  652. 88%Include diagrams in your Markdown files with Mermaid | The GitHub Blog
  653. 96%Problems with online user authentication when using self sovereign identity
  654. 60%Microsimulation of Traffic Flow
  655. 93%Azure Open Source Day | Microsoft Azure
  656. 52%Extract of Richard P. Feynman's "Los Alamos from below"
  657. 97%Release 1.41.0 · gorhill/uBlock
  658. 99%Using a Forwarded Ref Internally
  659. 99%CRUD API + Complexity = Death by a 1000 Papercuts
  660. 54%Researchers use tiny magnetic swirls to generate true random numbers
  661. 91%Why I wanted to be a developer
  662. 98%Replacing attributes on child components – Blazor University
  663. 92%Azure Open Source Day | Microsoft Azure
  664. 96%Abuse of Notation - The scrapbook of Boris Marinov
  665. 81%RavenDB: Practical Considerations for ACID/MVCC Storage Engines
  666. 99%GitHub - slaveOftime/Fun.Blazor: Powered by bolero and blazor!!! ❤ F#
  667. 94%Lewis Campbell Technologies
  668. 80%Zinc lozenges for the common cold: a living review
  669. 85%CS 251 Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies: Syllabus
  670. 96%My Cheapskate Commenting System · tdarb.org
  671. 96%The Story of Mel
  672. 99%Tip 351 - How to use dependency injection in Azure Functions
  673. 97%Understanding Middleware in ASP.NET Core | endjin
  674. 55%Expo 2020
  675. 96%Wikipedia and irregular data: how much can you fetch in one expression?
  676. 95%Caching Header Best Practices
  677. 99%EquationGroupLeak/eligiblecandidate.py at master · adamcaudill/EquationGroupLeak
  678. 91%.NET Interactive is looking for a new name!
  679. 96%How to recommend books, or, stop recommending SICP
  680. 70%Monsters Weekly 238 - Improving Page Load Performance with Responsive Images
  681. 98%Writing better release notes
  682. 87%<link>: The External Resource Link element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN
  683. 68%Reality by Consensus
  684. 99%Build in the Open Happy Hour | Meetup
  685. 97%Don't trust comments
  686. 95%Network Server Accelerator (NSA HTTP)
  687. 99%F# and WebAssembly
  688. 50%Bike Tire | Fahrrad-Tools.de
  689. 93%Microsoft Teams 2.0 will use half the memory, dropping Electron...
  690. 99%Fun with Node experimental modules and loaders
  691. 86%Aho/Ullman Foundations of Computer Science
  692. 99%Prefer to change the code rather than write a workaround
  693. 58%Thread by @JustForFansSite on Thread Reader App
  694. 88%Fall 2021
  695. 99%How to Create a PNG File from a Web Page in C#
  696. 99%Tip 350 - How to extract information from receipts with Azure Form Recognizer
  697. 86%Setting up symbol-valued constants via proxies
  698. 86%The Internals of PostgreSQL : Introduction
  699. 64%We Studied 81,000 Page Titles - Google Rewrote 61% Of Them
  700. 84%Landscape of API Traffic
  701. 99%Programming to Interface Vs to Implementation
  702. 97%Raising Coding Standards with .NET 6.0 Code Analyzers | endjin
  703. 93%Webcam Hacking (again) - Safari UXSS | Ryan Pickren
  704. 97%Trailing Slashes on URLs: Contentious or Settled?—zachleat.com
  705. 75%Make Free Stuff
  706. 92%This website is hosted on a Raspberry Pi
  707. 92%Gemini Is A Little Gem • AndreGarzia.com
  708. 97%Monsters Weekly 237 - Optimizing Images with WebP
  709. 94%A surprisingly hard CS problem: sums of square roots
  710. 93%Wordle With Grep - Susam's Maze
  711. 98%Microsoft Feature Management - Feature Flags in ASP.NET Core C# - Detailed Guide | Pro Code Guide
  712. 91%Prototype the UI Before Building an MVP
  713. 99%Introducing Minimal Real-Time API for .NET
  714. 87%Curl: JSON support
  715. 99%Make Frontend Shit Again
  716. 97%.NET Rocks! vNext
  717. 95%CSRF: How to exploit and how to defend
  718. 62%eyeo wins landmark copyright court decision; protects digital rights and sets important legal precedent for who ‘owns’ HTML
  719. 99%Free Static Web Hosts for Frontend Developers
  720. 98%Hello Mac OS X Tiger
  721. 73%Your app is not compliant with Google Play Policies: A story from hell | Sylvia van Os
  722. 99%Use FIDO2 passwordless authentication with Azure AD
  723. 97%Let's Encrypt SSL certificate overview
  724. 96%deeply copying objects in JavaScript
  725. 93%Myths about Web Accessibility :: Blog :: Alvaro Montoro
  726. 93%Simple.css - A classless CSS framework
  727. 96%Customer Support - Why can’t I play Ultra HD Blu-ray movies on my new Intel CPU (11th generation or above) platform that does not support Intel SGX feature? Why are Ultra HD Blu-ray discs no longer playable after related Intel drivers and the Windows OS were updated on older platforms that support the Intel SGX feature?
  728. 96%Turning a GitHub page into a Progressive Web App
  729. 94%Dealing with APIs, JSONs and databases in org-mode
  730. 92%Announcing Rust 1.58.0 | Rust Blog
  731. 79%Working With Market Data Using Time Series in RavenDB
  732. 98%Publishing and consuming ECMAScript modules via packages – the big picture
  733. 96%Legacy Mimic
  734. 99%How To Host a .NET Application For FREE Using Heroku (without containers)
  735. 85%Adversarial Wordle @ Things Of Interest
  736. 95%ANSIWAVE - Make the "semantic web" web 3.0 again -
  737. 97%dsq: Commandline tool for running SQL queries against JSON, CSV, Excel, Parquet, and more.
  738. 94%Is the madness ever going to end?
  739. 98%Introduction to Model Predictive Control · Arnav's Weblog
  740. 74%An ode to Ruby
  741. 72%Leaving academia
  742. 98%Integrating Long Path Names in Windows Applications
  743. 98%Why your Typescript compiles when you thought you were safe
  744. 98%Running queries in parallel with Rails 7 and load_async
  745. 74%Blogs should be Trees | tgalal
  746. 98%Blazor in Action
  747. 90%Vim prank: alias vim='vim -y'
  748. 98%hello-cloudflare/README.md at main · captn3m0/hello-cloudflare
  749. 99%6 Harmful Defaults in Django
  750. 93%Teaching, learning and tearing your hair out
  751. 99%6 Julia Frameworks to Create Desktop GUI’s 🖥 and Web Apps 🕸
  752. 96%How to stop forgetting to await an awaitable call
  753. 97%I Miss RSS
  754. 91%Deep C# - Inheritance
  755. 95%Accessibility Test–Driven Blazor Components
  756. 87%La plateforme de rap DatPiff piratée, les mots de passe dans la nature
  757. 92%React Developers’ Top 10 Topics of 2021
  758. 78%HTMX and ASP.NET Core Swapping Techniques
  759. 99%Building IsChristmasTree with CustomVision.ai
  760. 96%Customizing ASP.NET Core 6.0 - The second edition
  761. 97%A modest proposal to fix web search
  762. 87%Markdown Editor v2 - Visual Studio Marketplace
  763. 63%A Succinct Story of Zero Knowledge
  764. 97%Faster IndexOf for substrings by EgorBo · Pull Request #63285 · dotnet/runtime
  765. 82%Markdown in Academic Writing – iA Writer: The Focused Writing App
  766. 65%New blog sponsor - YOO inc.
  767. 90%My (free) Django monitoring stack for 2022
  768. 97%Type Checking a Ruby Gem with Sorbet · James Healy
  769. 70%Speed of light in Fibers
  770. 98%Why I’m Using HTTP Basic Auth in 2022
  771. 64%A New Year's Letter from the President | SQUARE ENIX HOLDINGS
  772. 71%Adam Fuhrer | Frontend Engineer
  773. 97%Do We Really Need A Link Step?
  774. 99%How Telegram Messenger circumvents Google Translate's API
  775. 98%Sciter uses JavaScript from now and on – Terra Informatica Software
  776. 89%macOS Setup after 15 Years of Linux · HookRace Blog
  777. 79%A year or monitoring production
  778. 62%2021 in Running
  779. 72%Why I stopped publishing end-of-year most-read lists
  780. 78%How I Build
  781. 71%Can blogging be made simpler?
  782. 80%Home - Moshe Karmel
  783. 83%How I found (and fixed) a vulnerability in Python
  784. 52%Where Is Webb? NASA/Webb
  785. 78%Street Fighter II, Spin when you can't
  786. 87%Street Fighter II, subtile accurate animation
  787. 94%GitHub - trailofbits/zkdocs
  788. 62%A Whole Website in a Single HTML File
  789. 91%Integrating Webpack and Babel in a legacy project | Jurre Vriesen
  790. 33%Street Fighter II, The World Warrier
  791. 74%New notifications when Drive content violates abuse program policies
  792. 99%Tips & Tricks: Debugging your C# CDK project in Visual Studio | Amazon Web Services
  793. 91%You don't need that abstraction
  794. 87%Cancelling IAsyncEnumerable in C#
  795. 58%This is my Mum's 80th birthday present.
  796. 99%String Interpolation Trickery and Magic with C# 10 and .NET 6
  797. 91%Move myself to inactive · ytdl-org/youtube-dl@21b7590
  798. 95%[Log4Shell] 3rd Vulnerability on Apache Log4j Utility Found
  799. 86%In 2021, my research hurt people
  800. 78%In Short: ACID
  801. 96%JavaScript Modules – A Beginner's Guide
  802. 97%Log4j 2.15.0 and previously suggested mitigations may not be enough
  803. 93%The Hub of Heliopolis - How I completed the Hacktoberfest 2021 challenge with a profiler
  804. 99%Tip 346 - How to use Azure Bastion to access virtual machines
  805. 95%The Blog is the program • AndreGarzia.com
  806. 96%HTTP/3 is Fast | Request Metrics
  807. 99%JSON in HTML Attributes With ASP.NET Core TagHelpers
  808. 89%Forking Windows Template Studio
  809. 93%Pico.css • Minimal CSS Framework for semantic HTML
  810. 87%Doodle CSS
  811. 96%Using Minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core Razor Pages
  812. 79%Talk: Scalable architecture from the ground up
  813. 98%Getting Started With .NET IL
  814. 95%mrpmorris - Overview
  815. 92%Keep a Founder's Journal
  816. 73%Blog Archiv – Development stopped
  817. 91%Cloud Computing Facts – 10 Reasons Intel Is Best for Cloud
  818. 87%Old CSS, new CSS
  819. 85%New in Node.js: `node:` protocol imports
  820. 61%marti-1
  821. 93%Mati's dating profile
  822. 98%Solene'% : What are the VPN available on OpenBSD
  823. 78%Jeremy Mikkola - Please don't argue with the weather
  824. 85%Blockchainism
  825. 92%The HTTP of the Metaverse — Roderick's Debug Diary
  826. 89%Going from Idea to Product in a week
  827. 80%Web3: Be Skeptical, Not Dismissive
  828. 85%Avoiding Internet Centralization
  829. 53%7 Gettext lessons learned after 2 years of developing a European platform | Angelika.me
  830. 86%VS Code Snippets Leads Recent Open Source GA Announcements -- Visual Studio Magazine
  831. 99% Minimal API 'Result.Stream()' Return Type[.NET6]
  832. 96%Angular Basics: Introduction to Processes, Threads—Web UI
  833. 96%HTMX With ASP.NET Core
  834. 96%I'm updating (most of) my Visual Studio extensions to support VS022
  835. 91%Debugging at the Boundaries
  836. 81%Cumulative computation with RavenDB queries
  837. 87%Is Linux up to Linus Sebastian's Standards Yet?
  838. 87%ASP 101 - Samples Index
  839. 87%Steinar H. Gunderson
  840. 94%Tackling TypeScript: Upgrading from JavaScript
  841. 92%Zrythm - Digital Audio Workstation
  842. 84%Pure Fungibility on the Blockchain
  843. 98%Build interactive dashboards in minutes.
  844. 73%JetBrains launches cross-platform UI framework for Kotlin
  845. 98%GitHub - fastify/busboy: A streaming parser for HTML form data for node.js
  846. 99%pg_graphql: A GraphQL extension for PostgreSQL
  847. 56%FlyerTalk Forums - View Single Post
  848. 96%Risc V greatly underperforms
  849. 99%Teams Toolkit 3.0 Boosts Multiple Developer Collaboration -- Visual Studio Magazine
  850. 67%Hotel Coding
  851. 86%.NET Conf 2021 talk - Extreme Architecture Performance
  852. 81%Mistakes you're probably making in the Y Combinator interview
  853. 72%PostgREST 9.0.0 — PostgREST 8.0.0 documentation
  854. 85%Data Exfiltration via CSS + SVG Font
  855. 98%Who gives the best feedback?
  856. 93%SQLite Release 3.37.0 On 2021-11-27
  857. 96%Azure Functions - Could not load file or assembly System.Text.Encoding.CodePages
  858. 62%perfectionism and pragmatism
  859. 91%PHP: PHP 8.1.0 Release Announcement
  860. 93%The best Task+Note system
  861. 97%Django, HTMX and Alpine.js: Modern websites, JavaScript optional
  862. 92%Remix - Build Better Websites
  863. 84%Wrap a website with a Webextension
  864. 99%Scott C. Krause Front-end Engineer | Vue.js TypeScript GoLang WASM
  865. 94%Best keyboard shortcuts for .NET development
  866. 82%Only 90s Web Developers Remember This
  867. 98%The Be Book - Classes And Methods - The Kernel Kit
  868. 91%Are custom dev setups worthwhile?
  869. 66%Does Linoleic Acid Induce Obesity? A Response to Stephan Guyenet, Part 1
  870. 98%foo.c
  871. 70%Short-Cycle Recurring Revenue
  872. 80%RavenDB and the Black Friday Surge!
  873. 99%Announcing native support for Stripe’s JavaScript SDK in Cloudflare Workers
  874. 95%Implementing Unit And Integration Tests On .NET With xUnit
  875. 98%How to install any distrib on a Gandi VPS
  876. 79%The NFT Bay is the galaxy's most resilient NFT BitTorrent site!
  877. 99%What's the Cost of Indirection & Abstractions?
  878. 99%Browserflow
  879. 85%Rails 7 added --css app generator
  880. 98%Ephemeral Postgres Databases
  881. 98%Visual Studio 2002: how to create code behind from a Razor page?
  882. 91%I will pay you cash to delete your npm module
  883. 95%What is Babel? · Karl Tarvas
  884. 65%Why I Hate Password Rules
  885. 90%Please stop screwing over Linux distros
  886. 94%When to refactor a large Blazor component into separate, smaller ones?
  887. 99%Hack
  888. 92%Frostman's Theorem surprises me
  889. 99%Getting Started With Pants and Django (Part 1)
  890. 96%The secret of the macOS Monterey network quality tool
  891. 95%A practical use for GetHGlobal­FromStream when sharing was never your intention
  892. 93%Using a framework can make you stupid!
  893. 95%‏Nils's website - The ultimate solution to the nightmare of truncated tab titles
  894. 83%GitHub - hectorm/docker-qemu-win2000: A Docker image for Windows 2000 Advanced Server with SP4.
  895. 96%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  896. 77%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  897. 99%Atlas
  898. 95%View-Source
  899. 81%Expanding Google Summer of Code in 2022
  900. 50%Pretty Inline Symbolic Mathematics in Org-Mode
  901. 73%Write Thin to Write Fast
  902. 98%.NET 6 New Project Templates and Minimal APIs. Are you ready?
  903. 95%CODE Online | CODE Consulting | CODE Staffing | CODE Magazine | CODE Training | CODE Framework | VFP Conversion
  904. 85%Jimmy Wales’ Final Email
  905. 98%"This project will only take 2 hours"
  906. 94%Corrypt
  907. 99%Server-Sent Events and ASP.NET Core - Disconnecting a Client
  908. 99%You probably don’t need jq
  909. 72%Integrity makes an impression - echevarria.io
  910. 99%What is the new LZ4 TOAST compression in PostgreSQL 14, and how fast is it?
  911. 96%Quick browser Developer Tools tip: define and test interaction states in CSS using state simulation
  912. 68%The value of an in-house adversary
  913. 95%Linx launches SignalR Service Plugin
  914. 98%Beginner Web Dev - Coding Practice
  915. 95%Learn web development | MDN
  916. 99%NSwag generated C# client: Open API property name clashes and decimal types rather than double | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  917. 96%Why is Excalidraw so fucking good?
  918. 99%Add GitHub OpenID Auth For ASP.NET Core Apps
  919. 88%Luau Goes Open-Source
  920. 99%Handling HTTP API Errors with Problem Details
  921. 96%How Code Splitting Improves Lighthouse Score
  922. 79%It's okay to not be okay
  923. 86%Introducing the layer based SVG engine
  924. 98%How I Built Burplist For Free
  925. 85%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  926. 91%Security advisory for rustc (CVE-2021-42574) | Rust Blog
  927. 92%The Hidden Benefits Of Iframe Based Development
  928. 99%SectorLISP Now Fits in One Sector
  929. 93%Pragmatic BDD with RavenDB
  930. 96%Edge DevTools for Visual Studio Code 1.4.0 – Improved Screencasting, Device Emulation and live, inline issue reporting
  931. 95%Open secrets about Hacker News
  932. 99%Generate ASP.NET Core OpenAPI Spec At Build Time
  933. 72%Bitcoin is largely controlled by a small group of investors and miners, study finds
  934. 92%Announcing PostSharp 6.10 Preview: Support for .NET 6.0, Visual Studio 2022, and C# 10
  935. 98%3 new free tools for .NET developers
  936. 98%The AEGIS family of authenticated encryption algorithms
  937. 69%Death of a Peer Group
  938. 67%geometry.org human test
  939. 98%A fake VS code, so you can browse live cricket score in your office.
  940. 99%New language features since Java 8 to 17
  941. 99%Blazor Capture Image from Webcam | C# Tutorials Blog
  942. 64%Evolving our business model to address developer needs
  943. 99%Transitioning an existing project to a new edition
  944. 98%Announcing Rust 1.56.0 and Rust 2021 | Rust Blog
  945. 93%Parson doubles down on push to prosecute reporter who found security flaw in state site • Missouri Independent
  946. 98%136 facts every web dev should know before they burn out and turn to landscape painting or nude modelling
  947. 97%We Analyzed 425,909 Favicons • iconmap.io
  948. 94%Negative feature response: Automatic attachment compression in RavenDB
  949. 98%Full Disclosure: Defense in depth -- the Microsoft way (part 78): completely outdated, vulnerable open source component(s) shipped with Windows 10&11
  950. 96%'cuts' in the treads in the tops of plastic soda bottles.
  951. 94%Lagging .NET MAUI Preview 9 Updates Controls and Supports Borders, Corners and Shadows -- Visual Studio Magazine
  952. 73%Critical security flaw exposed Joburg residents’ private info
  953. 97%Structured data, SEO and React | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  954. 92%Python stands to lose its GIL, and gain a lot of speed
  955. 70%[Jprogramming] Roger Hui - 1953
  956. 91%Spatial keyboard navigation
  957. 98%It's time for the Permanent Web
  958. 99%WinBox - HTML5 window manager
  959. 99%leontrolski - SQLAlchemy relationships TLDR
  960. 99%vite build
  961. 87%Zuckerberg — Theo Henson
  962. 99%Diagnostics: Tracing, Logging and Metrics | Npgsql Documentation
  963. 95%Simple HTTP Server in .Net
  964. 90%Blog Archive Online
  965. 99%How APT does its fancy progress bar?
  966. 98%How to win at CORS
  967. 95%Microsoft is Finally Ditching Electron
  968. 96%Ghost writing Halloween Project using Ultrasonic Phased Array
  969. 88%Rethinking GIS
  970. 99%How Livewire works (a deep dive)
  971. 97%Why I host my blog on Cloudflare Pages
  972. 99%GitHub - martinet101/ElevenClock: ElevenClock: A secondary clock for secondary taskbars on Windows 11
  973. 95%The Windows Package Manager
  974. 99%Build MAUI Apps in an Azure VM — App vNext
  975. 99%GitHub - fosscord/fosscord: Fosscord is a free open source selfhostable discord compatible chat, voice and video platform
  976. 91%VS Code 'Workbench' Editing Improvements Highlight September 2021 Update -- Visual Studio Magazine
  977. 97%Keyboard Warrior - Breaking software is just finding unintended features, right?
  978. 98%Malwarebytes' privacy VPN is Mullvad in a shady trenchcoat
  979. 95%Performance architecture talk
  980. 92%[TUHS] RIP Jörg Schilling
  981. 98%Announcing Cloudflare Research Hub
  982. 99%Chrome does some weird stuff if you toggle a stylesheet on and off
  983. 98%Making the whole web better, one canvas at a time.
  984. 98%Your CEO doesn't care about your CSS strategy, as long as you use Tailwind
  985. 99%Reading from the web offline and distraction-free
  986. 65%Facebook bans, sends cease-and-desist letter to developer of Unfollow Everything extension
  987. 72%KI ermöglicht Drohnen den Flug ins Unbekannte
  988. 98%The Button Cheat Sheet
  989. 99% Linearizability
  990. 98%Waiting Room: Random Queueing and Custom Web/Mobile Apps
  991. 94%Responsible Tech Playbook
  992. 99%I created a programming language and this blog is powered by it
  993. 99%.:: Phrack Magazine ::.
  994. 66%Is 40 the New 60? · It Will Never Work in Theory
  995. 99%The State Of Web Scraping in 2021
  996. 97%Use SQL instead of Spreadsheet/Excel
  997. 81%Apple forgot to sanitize the Phone Number field for lost AirTags
  998. 99%Sixty Percent Keyboard
  999. 82%Testing Chrome version 100 for fun and profit (but mostly fun I guess)
  1000. 84%A Conspiracy To Kill IE6 • Chris Zacharias
  1001. 99%Blazor in Action
  1002. 78%New Microsoft Study of 60,000 Employees: Remote Work Threatens Long-Term Innovation
  1003. 96%Are software engineering “best practices” just developer preferences?
  1004. 99%Practical frontend philosophy - jaredgorski.org
  1005. 94%Binary Ninja > How Humble Are Reverse Engineers?
  1006. 99%Akamai and Micro-Segmentation :: Procella Technologies —
  1007. 97%[dns-operations] slack.com bogus
  1008. 99%GitHub - eclipse/mosquitto: Eclipse Mosquitto - An open source MQTT broker
  1009. 98%why is everything so hard in a large organization?
  1010. 95%Why this Website is not, and may never be, HTTPS
  1011. 98%How to visualize decision tree
  1012. 78%1Password can now randomly generate email addresses for logins | Engadget
  1013. 96%Holacracy
  1014. 99%A New Medium for Communicating Research on Programming Languages
  1015. 90%Model Binding an Array from a Form Post
  1016. 99%Getting Started With GitHub Actions
  1017. 99%Designing Low Upkeep Software
  1018. 99%OpenSSH: Release Notes
  1019. 97%How I built forlater.email
  1020. 96%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  1021. 72%UC reactor makes Martian fuel
  1022. 98%I changed my mind about Tailwind CSS
  1023. 98%How We Got to LiveView
  1024. 84%A New Dawn of Learning
  1025. 92%this picture of a fox might be illegal
  1026. 93%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  1027. 98%Using the platform
  1028. 98%Splitting Your Data and Application APIs
  1029. 96%Google Docs in a clean-room browser - Ekioh
  1030. 99%Generate PDF files using an html template and Playwright - Gérald Barré
  1031. 74%Freenet
  1032. 86%John Kozubik - / pub
  1033. 98%How to Contribute a Change to Nginx
  1034. 75%Library Genesis
  1035. 98%MJML - The Responsive Email Framework
  1036. 96%My pain building a WYSIWYG editor with contenteditable - Answerly.io
  1037. 99%Building apps in minutes, not months
  1038. 99%MinimalApiPlayground/Program.cs at main · DamianEdwards/MinimalApiPlayground
  1039. 94%Windows 11: Just say no
  1040. 96%Ten Years of Fukushima Disinformation | Skeptical Inquirer
  1041. 98%Hamtips, or why I still run the Technical Phone Screen as the Hiring Manager
  1042. 98%Notes on the small web
  1043. 97%Early Hints: How Cloudflare Can Improve Website Load Times by 30%
  1044. 98%GitHub - github/paste-markdown: Paste spreadsheet cells as a Markdown table.
  1045. 95%Announcing The Unicode® Standard, Version 14.0
  1046. 98%Reflecting on the Shake Build System
  1047. 97%Java 17 / JDK 17: General Availability
  1048. 99%WebSocket per-message compression in ASP.NET Core 6
  1049. 99%CSS Variables + calc() + rgb() = Enforcing High Contrast Colors
  1050. 64%Screenshots
  1051. 96%FORTRAN.io finally, a Fortran Web Framework
  1052. 99%Introduction — Otter documentation
  1053. 99%How to parse any website
  1054. 97%Designing Beautiful Shadows in CSS
  1055. 99%How To Map A Route in an ASP.NET Core MVC application
  1056. 98%Rectangle{} debugging in QML, just like printf(), but for QT
  1057. 98%Randomizing the Alert Sound on a Mac
  1058. 96%Welcome, adventurer! — BEAM VM Wisdoms
  1059. 99%Checkboxland
  1060. 99%Minimal APIs at a glance
  1061. 89%Learn in Better Way for Your Life
  1062. 98%Certified Application Security Specialist (CASS)
  1063. 77%Does Ivermectin Cause Sterility in Men?
  1064. 87%Archive.org Serendipity: Search and Stream Selections from the 78rpm Collection
  1065. 99%GitHub - EtherDream/web2img: bundle web files into a single image
  1066. 99%My £4 a month server can handle 4.2 million requests a day
  1067. 87%Microsoft Outlook shows real person’s contact info for IDN phishing emails
  1068. 98%OpenSSL version 3.0.0 published
  1069. 98%GitHub - mgdm/htmlq: Like jq, but for HTML.
  1070. 98%Re: [GIT PULL] ntfs3: new NTFS driver for 5.15
  1071. 99%Building Applications With Cassandra: Experience And Gotchas
  1072. 99%Optimizing Netlify - Atif Afzal
  1073. 95%Use the right tool for the job
  1074. 80%After six months on Mars, NASA's tiny copter is still flying high
  1075. 99%What is Semantic HTML? 🤨
  1076. 52%US Cybercom says mass exploitation of Atlassian Confluence vulnerability 'ongoing and expected to accelerate' | ZDNet
  1077. 98%libinput and high-resolution wheel scrolling
  1078. 95%Worst Case Scenario
  1079. 84%Top Programming Languages 2021
  1080. 80%New evidence supports idea that America's first civilization was made up of 'sophisticated' engineers
  1081. 91%Follow boring advice
  1082. 97%Google Chrome to remove detailed cookie and site data controls
  1083. 97%Why can an ad break the Windows 11 desktop and taskbar?
  1084. 98%What's in New Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2022? -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1085. 98%Any examples of using SAML 2 authentication with a Blazor server-side app?
  1086. 99%ES2022 feature: class static initialization blocks
  1087. 98%Twitter's div Soup and Uglyfied CSS, Explained
  1088. 98%Boost your productivity with Productivity Power Tools Extensions in Visual Studio 2022!
  1089. 89%Adding HTML tags or HTML-tag-like to a title, breaks rendering
  1090. 99%Stream large content from ASP.NET Core to avoid OutOfMemoryException
  1091. 89%You’re Not Too Late
  1092. 99%Why you should consider using docs-as-code
  1093. 99%A new way of blogging about Golang
  1094. 97%Custom Search Engine
  1095. 98%Weird Languages
  1096. 91%Outbreak Associated with SARS-CoV-2 B.1.617.2 (Delta)...
  1097. 96%Ask the Expert: Build a Web App with Blazor
  1098. 91%Tailwind in 100 Seconds
  1099. 99%Token Authentication for django-rest-framework — /var/
  1100. 99%Careers - RelevantDB Next Generation Search
  1101. 97%Apple's bizarre crackdown on multicast
  1102. 99%Building Applications With Cassandra: A Very Quick Guide
  1103. 99%Defense In-Depth: Designing an HTTP Content Length Restriction Middleware - ASP.NET 5 (or .NET Core)
  1104. 96%STRICT Tables
  1105. 89%Overcoming Bias : What is ‘Elite Overproduction’?
  1106. 95%Git 2.33 comes with a new merge strategy 'merge-ort' that gains 500x-9000x speed
  1107. 99%Tip 329 - Azure portal productivity Tips
  1108. 86%Richard Bartle Releases His Classic Book <em>Designing Virtual Worlds</em> for Free Online -- Here's His Guide to The Sections Still Most Relevant Today
  1109. 93%Thinking of the children
  1110. 98%What’s Coming in React 18
  1111. 98%Just Freaking Apply
  1112. 97%Leaflet — an open-source JavaScript library for interactive maps
  1113. 99%ASP.NET Core in .NET 6 - Introducing minimal APIs
  1114. 93%Thinking of the children
  1115. 77%'Hustle Porn' is the Latest Toxic Scourge to Hit Entrepreneurs. Here's How to Expunge It From Your Life
  1116. 99%I hate almost all software
  1117. 95%Release Notes for Debian 11 (bullseye), 64-bit PC
  1118. 93%Front Matter
  1119. 51%Abandoned Motorola Headquarters - Abandoned Spaces
  1120. 98%Mixins in Sass
  1121. 91%Making a Marketing Page
  1122. 64%Australia is becoming a surveillance state
  1123. 99%MinimalApiPlayground/Program.cs at main · DamianEdwards/MinimalApiPlayground
  1124. 97%Don’t attach tooltips to document.body - Atif Afzal
  1125. 99%Vue 3.2 Released! | The Vue Point
  1126. 99%Latency Sneaks Up On You
  1127. 97%The Rise of Meson
  1128. 89%Screw You, Microsoft Edge
  1129. 99%Happy Birthday, WWW – 30 years of mining a landfill for valid code
  1130. 95%The Coming of Age of Notebooks
  1131. 98%Using Angular's Base HREF in Paths
  1132. 91%Very fast rocket
  1133. 87%What Matt Levine writes about (or, The Rise and Fall of WeWork and GameStop)
  1134. 99%Working with Postgres types
  1135. 98%640 Pages in 15 Months – journal.stuffwithstuff.com
  1136. 98%VS Code 1.59: Jupyter Notebooks Go (Partly) Native, Live Preview Improved -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1137. 96%Microsoft PowerToys 0.43 released with a ton of improvements
  1138. 95%Writing great alt text: Emotion matters
  1139. 98%Self-Hosting a Blog Mailing List
  1140. 99%GitHub OCTO | Visualizing a codebase
  1141. 99%Tip 327 - How to use Azure Service Bus Queues
  1142. 99%Publishing an App on F-Droid
  1143. 95%Coffee with Pros ft. Oren Eini
  1144. 96%My small revenge on Apple
  1145. 99%Exploring the SameSite cookie attribute for preventing CSRF
  1146. 97%Optimizations are not solutions
  1147. 96%Mouseless
  1148. 92%GitHub Copilot Is 'Unacceptable And Unjust' Says Free Software Foundation
  1149. 94%how to be popular · discrete blogarithm
  1150. 99%GitHub - mimoo/cargo-specification: The code is the spec
  1151. 92%GitHub - khalidabuhakmeh/ClientsideVoiceCommands: Perform client-side voice commands and trigger web calls
  1152. 98%My Custom Stream Deck Toolkit
  1153. 96%Office Reopening | The Misnamed Doctrine
  1154. 99%GitHub - andrewlock/NetEscapades.AspNetCore.SecurityHeaders: Small package to allow adding security headers to ASP.NET Core websites
  1155. 95%Modeling social network connection with RavenDB
  1156. 99%Securing an Angular app which uses multiple identity providers
  1157. 98%Using console.log() debugging in Visual Studio Code
  1158. 98%July 2021
  1159. 89%My tiny side project has had more impact than my decade in the software industry – Mike's corner of the web
  1160. 96%HTTP | MDN
  1161. 91%UV Radiation
  1162. 93%Zoom meeting best practices
  1163. 64%TikTok and the Future of Social Media
  1164. 79%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  1165. 95%New exotic matter particle, a tetraquark, discovered
  1166. 97%Tailwind CSS Components
  1167. 97%Having fun With HTML & CSS
  1168. 95%System.Threading.Tasks.Task isn’t an execution unit
  1169. 97%Calculus Made Easy
  1170. 98%Blazor Debugging Improvements in Rider 2021.2 | The .NET Tools Blog
  1171. 83%A new chapter for Google’s Vulnerability Reward Program
  1172. 99%Understanding Rust futures by going way too deep - fasterthanli.me
  1173. 99%K-9 Mail is back
  1174. 99%TOP 5 .NET MAUI new features🏅
  1175. 99%Announcing PostSharp "Caravela" Preview 2 (0.3.5)
  1176. 99%16 of 30 Google results contain SQL injection vulnerabilities
  1177. 99%Download file via ajax
  1178. 94%Electromagnetism is a property of spacetime itself, study finds
  1179. 98%Problems with decision making at W3C
  1180. 96%Notes on Windows 11 - Jorge Pinto
  1181. 98%A contentEditable, pasted garbage and caret placement walk into a pub
  1182. 98%Markdown Monster 2.0 is here
  1183. 98%How I Manage My Knowledge
  1184. 95%.NET Rocks! vNext
  1185. 97%Bare Bones Software | BBEdit 14 is here!
  1186. 92%Native Linux ports - One perspective :: Marc's Musings —
  1187. 72%You need a shiny new browser to use Pluto!
  1188. 52%Tokyo Olympic ticket purchaser information leaked online
  1189. 96%Adam Storr - Target Typed New Expressions in C# 9 - Are They The Future? Part 2
  1190. 98%Re: [GIT PULL] vboxsf fixes for 5.14-1
  1191. 98%Why HTTPS matters
  1192. 96% Increasing HTTPS adoption
  1193. 98%.NET 6 Preview 6: Introducing OpenAPI Support in Minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core
  1194. 96%8K 1x2 HDMI Splitter with 4K Downscaler
  1195. 91%"How to Kill Bitcoin: A Guide for Governments"
  1196. 91%I Rejected a Job Because They Had No Team Cohesion
  1197. 99%Centering a tooltip
  1198. 99%Tip 324 - How to be productive with GitHub Codespaces
  1199. 97%The Future Web: Will Canvas Rendering Replace the DOM?
  1200. 99%leontrolski - foreign key indexes
  1201. 90%Pharo - Pharo 9 Released!
  1202. 96% Increasing HTTPS adoption
  1203. 50%Inventor harvests methane gas from ditches and ponds to power his moped
  1204. 98%Trusting Everybody
  1205. 98%Marginalia Search - Notes on Designing a Search Engine
  1206. 99%pwa-builder/pwa-install
  1207. 92%Do nothing | Paul Copplestone
  1208. 99%The Tools and Techniques I Use to Build Simple Static Websites
  1209. 99%Risk Assessment of GitHub Copilot
  1210. 95%The Potential Orwellian Horror of Central Bank Digital Currencies
  1211. 99%API versioning extension with ASP.NET Core OData 8
  1212. 94%TypeScript 4.4 Improves Control Flow Analysis
  1213. 97%The EFAIL Hoax [The Call of the Open Sidewalk]
  1214. 95%Webmentions, A Healthier Analytics
  1215. 99%Introducing Syntax Macros
  1216. 76%Capitalism: You Wouldn’t Trade it for Anything
  1217. 99%A Collection of 2020 Recorded Presentations
  1218. 99%Using A Function App with a Dedicated Static IP
  1219. 99%Tip 323 - How to build serverless APIs with Azure Functions
  1220. 98%Google’s unfair performance advantage in Chrome
  1221. 99%Do not overuse primitive data types
  1222. 97%Naming Languages - bryandragon.com
  1223. 99%Solid Principles with C# .NET Core - Easy to understand guide | Pro Code Guide
  1224. 95%The Mighty pushback isn't all about Mighty
  1225. 83%Tech Notes: Leaving Google
  1226. 99%ASP.​NET Core in .NET 6 - HTTP/3 endpoint TLS configuration
  1227. 79%DPG Media Privacy Gate
  1228. 99%Using a Video Device with getUserMedia in WebView2 in a Kiosk Scenario
  1229. 99%Detect Memory Leak on Web Browsers
  1230. 99%draft-ietf-httpapi-idempotency-key-header-00
  1231. 99%Ruby HTTP server from the ground up
  1232. 99%Using CSS to Enforce Accessibility
  1233. 95%ISP Column - June 2021
  1234. 99%dodyg/practical-aspnetcore
  1235. 99%Encoding data for POST requests
  1236. 99%fullstorydev/grpcui
  1237. 98%What I wish I knew before building a Flutter App
  1238. 92%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  1239. 84%Acme Klein Bottle
  1240. 97%Will deep understanding still be valuable?
  1241. 95%RavenDB Live Coding with Dejan
  1242. 99%Learn React with this free GitHub book I wrote
  1243. 99%ASP.​NET Core in .NET 6 - Preserve prerendered state in Blazor apps
  1244. 99%Tailwind CSS with SAFE
  1245. 94%Hormones + Insecurity = $4 billion USD
  1246. 97%Windows 11, Amazon, and Uncomfortable Questions
  1247. 97%Microsoft Teams 2.0 will use half the memory, dropping Electron...
  1248. 98%Idris 2 version 0.4.0 Released
  1249. 99%In browser, we trust!
  1250. 95%How I Build Developer Tools
  1251. 99%New and Updated: "C# Interfaces" Course on Pluralsight
  1252. 69%Messaging app Signal not in compliance with new rules, say officials
  1253. 97%Announcing Rollbacks and API Access for Pages
  1254. 99%A framework for building Open Graph images | The GitHub Blog
  1255. 98%URLs: It's complicated...
  1256. 95%Installing RavenDB on a Ubuntu machine
  1257. 93%Let's Learn .NET- Blazor - Events
  1258. 94%Your CPU May Have Slowed Down on Wednesday
  1259. 99%Web Development for Beginners: A new Learning Path on Microsoft Learn
  1260. 99%Demystifying styled-components
  1261. 97%Scraping Images with Python
  1262. 99%ECMAScript proposal: Ergonomic brand checks for private fields
  1263. 99%2014 UN271: A possible dwarf planet from the Oort Cloud on a tour through the Solar System
  1264. 95%An unwanted update to your Google Account
  1265. 98%Spectre Mitigations Murder *Userspace* Performance In The Presence Of Frequent Syscalls
  1266. 99%Automatically publishing your build artifacts
  1267. 96%organicmaps/organicmaps
  1268. 96%ECMAScript proposal: Accessible `Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty()`
  1269. 98%Hypertext Style: Cool URIs don't change.
  1270. 99%ECMAScript proposal: JSON modules
  1271. 97%Adding Varnish cache server to Ghost Blog - Docker
  1272. 99%Create a Meetup Account
  1273. 98%[Cryptography] Apple's iCloud+ "VPN"
  1274. 99%ECMAScript proposal: Error cause (chaining errors)
  1275. 96%· sgo.to
  1276. 93%When A Space Is Not A Space
  1277. 95%Adam Storr - Setting Content for HttpClient Testing with JSON.NET and System.Text.Json
  1278. 94%Value creation, capture, and distribution
  1279. 86%Goodbye Freenode
  1280. 99%Image color replacement with numerical optimization
  1281. 96%On surveillance through face recognition
  1282. 97%Reflections from GoCardless
  1283. 84%What the &?!$ is an Individual Contributor?
  1284. 93%Talk on engineering productivity, metrics, and morale
  1285. 95%Does Safari 15 finally fix viewport height?
  1286. 99%The most useful math formulas
  1287. 90%OpenHistoricalMap
  1288. 95%Webinar: Machine Learning and Time Series in RavenDB with Live Examples
  1289. 81%Deep JavaScript
  1290. 97%Resistor Noise: Deafening and Hard to Reduce
  1291. 99%Always be quitting - jmmv.dev
  1292. 98%.NET 6 Preview on App Service
  1293. 92%Recordstore Day, every day. CDs, Vinyl, Merchandise, Signed Exclusives, Exclusive Vinyl Releases
  1294. 99%Introduction to Phoenix
  1295. 97%Releasing Windows 10 Build 19043.1052 (21H1) to Beta & Release Preview Channels
  1296. 99%microsoft/fast-blazor
  1297. 97%Implementing site navigation with the <details> element | Matt Joseph
  1298. 97%The top-ranking HTML editor on Google is an SEO scam
  1299. 93%Keep Your Identity Small
  1300. 94%Declassified Cold War code-breaking manual has lessons for solving 'impossible' puzzles
  1301. 84%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  1302. 98%</> htmx - Documentation
  1303. 83%Belgische overheid doet voortaan beroep op Have I Been Pwned
  1304. 99%Stanford CS Curriculum - Google Drive
  1305. 96%willfennel.com – Sorry, no outrage of the day
  1306. 99%string vs. String is not a style debate
  1307. 86%Amazon’s Controversial ‘Hire to Fire’ Practice Reveals a Brutal Truth About Management
  1308. 96%On the Diverse And Fantastical Shapes of Testing
  1309. 95%SB 519 - California Senate (20212022) - Open States
  1310. 99%How to create a better front-end developer experience | Red Hat Developer
  1311. 98%Using Wikipedia as an Impromptu RottenTomatoes API
  1312. 99%C# 10.0: Introducing Global Usings
  1313. 83%The Feynman Lectures on Physics Audio Collection
  1314. 99%Don't overabstract your components
  1315. 98%Second-guessing the modern web - macwright.com
  1316. 94%Thousands of Chrome extensions are tampering with security headers | The Record by Recorded Future
  1317. 99%Have you ever hurt yourself from your own code?
  1318. 95%Responsive Web Design - 2010 | Web Design Museum
  1319. 82%Gentoo Freenode channels have been hijacked – Gentoo Linux
  1320. 79%Going Offline To Reconnect
  1321. 97%Should we rebrand REST?
  1322. 95%Webinar Recording: The Rewards of Escaping the Relational Mindset
  1323. 87%DOOM Captcha - Captchas don't have to be boring
  1324. 97%Why I prefer making useless stuff
  1325. 99%A hacker mindset
  1326. 99%Building regex.help
  1327. 95%A deep dive into database internals
  1328. 98%Understanding the Web Audio API
  1329. 99%Nyxt
  1330. 99%Receiving JSON Objects Stream (NDJSON) in ASP.NET Core MVC
  1331. 98%Learn CSS
  1332. 90%Andrea Scarpino - Sharing your amortisation schedule to anyone
  1333. 99%Security Headers - Jeremy Shaw Blog
  1334. 97%Layer 2 Part 3: RPVSTP+, faster than light! - A thousand hours to converge
  1335. 98%Concurrency vs. Parallelism
  1336. 95%freenode now belongs to Andrew Lee, and I'm leaving for a new network.
  1337. 99%Release Tink 1.6.0 · google/tink
  1338. 98%No, Utility Classes Aren't the Same As Inline Styles | frontstuff
  1339. 99%Custom User Message Extension Methods in C# and MVC
  1340. 99%HTML Notepad – HTML WYSIWYG editor for the rest of us
  1341. 99%Simple Cluster Monitoring with Munin
  1342. 97%Building a Personal [Origami] Website in 2021
  1343. 98%Miniflux scraper rules
  1344. 93%Modern Javascript: Everything you missed over the last 10 years
  1345. 98%The return of fancy tools - macwright.com
  1346. 93%Because I am bored ...
  1347. 99%syncthing/syncthing
  1348. 98%May 11, 2021 - Checking out Solarwinds AIE and Synchronizing Data from Twitch
  1349. 96%Identifying Unlogged Web Site Traffic
  1350. 96%Jeremy Mikkola - Scary Logic
  1351. 98%✨ HTML Share Buttons
  1352. 99%Big list of http static server one-liners
  1353. 99%Streaming JSON Objects (NDJSON) With HttpClient
  1354. 98%Benchmarking division and libdivide on Apple M1 and Intel AVX512
  1355. 95%Overview — Programming with Ada documentation
  1356. 98%Google Docs will now use canvas based rendering: this may impact some Chrome extensions
  1357. 99%Problem Details for Better REST HTTP API Errors
  1358. 99%OrGY: My Personal Technology Stack
  1359. 98%Google Docs will now use canvas based rendering: this may impact some Chrome extensions
  1360. 97%The Catch Block #57 - Choices, Made Intentionally
  1361. 95%Webinar: Real Time Architecture
  1362. 99%How to generate video thumbnail with Azure function
  1363. 98%JWT should not be your default for sessions
  1364. 75%Buy Nothing groups in Mountain View and San Mateo
  1365. 99%Episode 195 – Orleans with Reuben Bond | The 6 Figure Developer
  1366. 94%The Mistake of A New Laptop
  1367. 92%Stopping Time: An Appreciation of Objective-C
  1368. 97%Code Coverage & Frontend Testing
  1369. 94%[Nupedia-l] Wikipedia is up!
  1370. 99%25 years of OCaml - Community - OCaml
  1371. 99%Chatr Login
  1372. 99%Why Mighty Might Work — Dmitry Filimonov
  1373. 98%What I Learned by Relearning HTML
  1374. 61%"to our surprise" - Google Scholar
  1375. 98%--this is a no-knowledge proof--
  1376. 96%The Case of the 50ms request
  1377. 99%A Guide To Undoing Mistakes With Git — Smashing Magazine
  1378. 87%SpaceX
  1379. 97%Preserving the Web
  1380. 98%Ascript
  1381. 99%How to host a website on the dark web
  1382. 99%Observable Plot
  1383. 72%CSS Zen Garden - 2003 | Web Design Museum
  1384. 99%One thing I miss from Mercury
  1385. 98%CSS Generators
  1386. 90%Easy and Ethical Traffic Monitoring with GoAccess
  1387. 97%Fetch failed but Flask is success
  1388. 99%Tests Are Not Specifications ‒ paedubucher.ch
  1389. 87%"Intro to Human Behavioral Biology" needs critique
  1390. 99%Should DevTools teach the CSS cascade?
  1391. 92%Pro Controller
  1392. 96%Simplifier
  1393. 90%LB27 first's line is obsolete from Daniel Bünzli via Unicode on 2020-03-03 (Unicode Mail List Archive)
  1394. 71%SSD Makers start warning that Mining Products Like Chia Coin Will Void Warranty
  1395. 99%The Linux Documentation Project Works
  1396. 94%How to find a Bluetooth amp that doesn't suck · derhagen
  1397. 98%0x4447/0x4447_product_s3_email
  1398. 99%Web Component Custom Element Gotchas
  1399. 90%CSRF, CORS, and HTTP Security headers Demystified
  1400. 98%Truly unified inbox - BlackBerry got it right and nobody has since W.C. Fan
  1401. 57%Daisugi, the 600-Year-Old Japanese Technique of Growing Trees Out of Other Trees, Creating Perfectly Straight Lumber
  1402. 99%Llama Preview: Swift Closures and Delegates
  1403. 98%Why People Are Afraid Of The DOM?
  1404. 97%CSS Variables That Mimic Chameleons
  1405. 88%KristofferStrube/Blazor.SVGEditor
  1406. 95%Influential computer science papers
  1407. 99%BEYOND Status Codes! Better REST HTTP API Error Responses
  1408. 94%Create Outlook email with an @Mention for a contact in the body
  1409. 99%Blazor - IntersectionObserver WebApi
  1410. 96%calibre - E-book management
  1411. 96%My current HTML boilerplate
  1412. 98%Using tables in technical documentation
  1413. 90%Ether as a computation unit
  1414. 97%No-SQL databases are glorified caches
  1415. 97%Books I've Read (2020)
  1416. 97% Simple career advice
  1417. 90%3D Game Shaders For Beginners
  1418. 93%Feynman's Nobel Ambition
  1419. 93%W.C. Fan Why is there still no easy custom keyboard builder?
  1420. 95%Compressing PDFs on Mac OS X with custom filters
  1421. 99%Let's light it 🔥 up!
  1422. 99%OCamlPro/drom
  1423. 97%Use Google like a pro
  1424. 99%ASP.​NET Core in .NET 6 - Part 06 - Nullable Reference Type Annotations
  1425. 99%IDE > Language > Protocol
  1426. 99%Tiny Container Challenge: Building a 6kB Containerized HTTP Server!
  1427. 98%Why I distrust Google Cloud more than AWS or Azure.
  1428. 95%How to kick start as an indie-entrepreneur
  1429. 93%1 to 1s
  1430. 97%Re: [PATCH] SUNRPC: Add a check for gss_release_msg
  1431. 97%danfragoso/thdwb
  1432. 97%CSS General Rules of Thumb
  1433. 94%Gʀᴀᴘʜɪᴄs Cᴏᴅᴇx
  1434. 99%Rendering dynamic content in Blazor Wasm using DynamicComponent
  1435. 99%Zenreader: A 4.7 inches E-Ink RSS Reader Powered by ESP32
  1436. 99%Using MudBlazor to Create Reach and Functional Product's Details Page
  1437. 91%The unsafe CLIP image search
  1438. 98%November 29, 2021 - Blazor, Twitch Clips, Bug fixes and more
  1439. 99%December 1, 2020 - Building a comment system for a Blazor Static Web App
  1440. 98%December 3, 2020 - Building and deploying a comment system for a Blazor Static Web App
  1441. 97%Frank Chimero · Everything Easy is Hard Again
  1442. 98%Demoing The Pernosco Omniscient Debugger: Debugging Crashes In Node.js And GDB
  1443. 99%Jobs - OpenSilver
  1444. 99%Opting your Website out of Google's FLoC Network
  1445. 98%WebView2: Forwarding Alt Keys to a Host WPF Window
  1446. 99%Debugging Your Application on Client-Side
  1447. 98%Don't be afraid to code it yourself
  1448. 53%Ideas aren’t unique, execution is
  1449. 95%Do Things, Tell People.
  1450. 91%Stupid Mac tricks – finl is not LaTeX
  1451. 96%Redundant against what? - Marc's Blog
  1452. 96%ASP.NET Core in Action 2nd Ed (Manning)
  1453. 99%Digital After Life
  1454. 96%Getting ready to land native-compilation on master
  1455. 98%Building React + Vue support for Tailwind UI – Tailwind CSS
  1456. 94%chadstewart - Overview
  1457. 99%API Validation
  1458. 95%AWS Roles, AWS Lambda and eventual consistency
  1459. 93%Use console.log() like a pro
  1460. 88%Maestro Syndrome | Sam Bleckley
  1461. 92%Let’s build a stable stable coin 🤔
  1462. 97%gorhill/uBlock
  1463. 91%CPU algorithm trains deep neural nets up to 15 times faster than top GPU trainers
  1464. 99%How To Use Htmx In Django · Matt Layman
  1465. 99%sepfy/pear
  1466. 95%Talking about RavenDB in the Angular Show
  1467. 97%Smarter Single Page Application with a REST API
  1468. 92%Et tu, Signal?
  1469. 97%How We Bootstrapped a $1M ARR Email Client
  1470. 99%ASP.NET Core in .NET 6 - Part 04 - DynamicComponent in Blazor
  1471. 90%Elastic tabstops - a better way to indent and align code
  1472. 99%4 Non-standard Ways to Fix N+1 Queries in Rails
  1473. 98%Programming is hard
  1474. 99%Laying Out Pages | Web Browser Engineering
  1475. 99%Blazor WASM 404 error and fix for GitHub Pages
  1476. 96%The Danger of "Simplicity"
  1477. 95%Owning Your Own Data
  1478. 88%My Struggle With Probability Theory
  1479. 99%Using raw html with isolated CSS in Blazor - Gérald Barré
  1480. 99%Creating Verifiable credentials in ASP.NET Core for decentralized identities using Trinsic
  1481. 99%soywod/himalaya
  1482. 99%Creating Blazor Material Navigation Menu - Code Maze
  1483. 95%Why I don't have any analytics on my blog
  1484. 91%Beautiful PDFs from HTML
  1485. 89%How Runescape catches botters, and why they didn’t catch me
  1486. 91%Jeremy Mikkola - The problem with slow tools
  1487. 97%Paulos Yibelo - Blog: This man thought opening a TXT file is fine, he thought wrong. macOS CVE-2019-8761
  1488. 99%This blog is now hosted on a GPS/LTE modem
  1489. 98%Mail Studio - Powerful Email Design Tool
  1490. 86%UC part of nationwide cyber attack
  1491. 82%AES was worth $250 billion dollars
  1492. 99%The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity
  1493. 99%Here, I made a way to navigate between ANY files in Visual Studio
  1494. 97%A command-line grammar of graphics
  1495. 84%Friendship Cards
  1496. 97%Who has the fastest F1 website in 2021? Part 1
  1497. 92%USB 3.0* Radio Frequency Interference on 2.4 GHz Devices
  1498. 99%ASP.NET Core in .NET 6 - Part 03 - Support for IAsyncDisposable in MVC
  1499. 99%Blazor Material UI - Configuration and Theme Customization - Code Maze
  1500. 99%Project Reunion: Why Desktop Developers Care
  1501. 97%I made an eInk newspaper - Greg Raiz
  1502. 99%Figma to React – Convert Figma designs to React code
  1503. 99%Don't let your design system seem complete
  1504. 63%U.S. rent has increased 175% faster than household income over past 20 years
  1505. 97%Fossil: Fossil Chat
  1506. 96%WebAssembly-Powered FM Synthesizer
  1507. 99%ASP.NET Core in .NET 6 - Part 02 - Update on dotnet watch
  1508. 82%Lawyers used sheepskin as anti-fraud device for hundreds of years to stop fraudsters pulling the woo
  1509. 96%Umbraco Package Migration to .NET Core: Criteria Providers - Migrations
  1510. 90%Learn about problems, not solutions
  1511. 99%Closing web browser windows doesn't close connections
  1512. 99%A safer default for navigation: HTTPS
  1513. 96%Rezi GPT-3 AI Cover Letter Builder
  1514. 97%Setting dynamic Metadata for Blazor Web assembly
  1515. 94%WebSockets over HTTP/2 - Chrome Platform Status
  1516. 99%2 Ways to Log the Current User in ASP.Net Core
  1517. 93%Umbraco Package Migration to .NET Core: Criteria Providers - Migrating Tests
  1518. 98%Umbraco Package Migration to .NET Core: Criteria Providers - Leaning on Umbraco
  1519. 98%CSS Generators
  1520. 99%Articulate 4.3.0 with support for markdown code snippets and syntax highlighting
  1521. 95%Umbraco Package Migration to .NET Core: Criteria Providers - Working With HttpContext
  1522. 98%Google AMP — A 70% drop in our conversion rate.
  1523. 98%A clock based on Cistercian numerals
  1524. 99%git/next/linux-next.git - The linux-next integration testing tree
  1525. 97%Umbraco Package Migration to .NET Core: A Clean Start - Controllers, Services, Configuration and Caching
  1526. 96%Umbraco Package Migration to .NET Core: A False Start
  1527. 99%Umbraco Package Migration to .NET Core
  1528. 79%Demoscene accepted as UNESCO cultural heritage in Germany - Demoscene - The Art of Coding
  1529. 99%What I wish I knew before building a Shopify App
  1530. 82%Leprechaun dust from DuckDuckGo
  1531. 99%code relay - Fontemon
  1532. 98%Now THAT’S What I Call Service Worker!
  1533. 95%YouDo Product Skills Track
  1534. 98%RCE in Google Cloud Deployment Manager
  1535. 97%Home - manim documentation
  1536. 98%How to Back Up Your Signal Conversations
  1537. 96%Charts.css
  1538. 88%Boosting developer success on Google Play
  1539. 99%The authentication pyramid
  1540. 96%Give your tab key a break
  1541. 99%tomrothe.de - Dead simple Rails monitoring
  1542. 99%Service to service invocation with Dapr .NET SDK
  1543. 95%Automatic Platform Optimization post-launch report
  1544. 97%The Value of a Personal Site
  1545. 93%DigitalHealth Class
  1546. 98%How to suppress dotnet whatch run to open a browser
  1547. 95%Enhancing privacy-focused Web Analytics to better meet your metrics needs
  1548. 99%Integrating ASP.NET Identity Password Policies with Password Managers
  1549. 98%Conditional animations with CSS properties
  1550. 98%App Service Managed Certificate (Preview) Now Supports Apex Domains
  1551. 99%JRuby and Sorbet
  1552. 94%Making of A Brief Visual Exploration of A Dictionary of Typography
  1553. 92%dhcpcd will need a new maintainer
  1554. 99%Goroutines Are Not Significantly Smaller Than Threads
  1555. 92%Adobe Photoshop ships on Macs with Apple Silicon: Gains speedier selections, filters and performance boosts
  1556. 83%Two UK Broadband ISPs Trial New Internet Snooping System - ISPreview UK
  1557. 99%useCallback and useRef: Two React Hooks You Should Learn
  1558. 98%DotNet CLI
  1559. 95%Write Simply
  1560. 95%Rate this interview question, please
  1561. 95%mortdeus/legacy-cc
  1562. 98%I don't want to learn your garbage query language
  1563. 98%Even the best fail at UI
  1564. 91%State tourism department reports data breach; no social security, financial data compromised
  1565. 99%Webmention.io
  1566. 99%Write libraries instead of services, where possible
  1567. 91%The Universe of Discourse : Fuckin' user interface design, I swear
  1568. 96%I want a Computer that I Own
  1569. 82%Bill Gates Says that Bitcoin is bad For the Planet
  1570. 98%Tried everything? - Methodical debugging
  1571. 93%Donate Unrestricted
  1572. 97%Storytime
  1573. 97%Firestorm Overview
  1574. 89%May 22 2015 - Ulbricht letter to Judge Forrest
  1575. 99%Nodes – a new way to create with code | https://nodes.io
  1576. 96%carbon-web-components-react-getting-started - CodeSandbox
  1577. 99%Custom Elements Everywhere
  1578. 98%I don't want to do front-end anymore — Nomm
  1579. 97%Non-JavaScript
  1580. 98%Why isn't the internet more fun and weird?
  1581. 71%20 Years Ago: SongMeanings | Kevin Marsh
  1582. 82%How I Got My Jobs
  1583. 99%MailBee.NET Objects
  1584. 97%How much memory does a Linux system waste?
  1585. 94%Möbius Printing helper
  1586. 79%Google als Sponsor für KI-Ethik-Konferenz nicht mehr erwünscht
  1587. 95%ant-design-blazor/ant-design-blazor
  1588. 94%jQuery 3.6.0 Released! | Official jQuery Blog
  1589. 84%Why ethical A.I. is nonsense
  1590. 98%Recorded Presentation: ASP.NET MVC for Absolute Beginners - Your Secret Decoder Ring
  1591. 98%mrcal: principled camera calibrations
  1592. 94%Netcode [p1]: Fightin' Words
  1593. 95%W3C’s Excessive DTD Traffic | W3C Systems Team’s Blog
  1594. 99%Six Labors Documentation.
  1595. 97%trailofbits/graphtage
  1596. 99%redbean
  1597. 93%My Terminal-First Blogging Workflow
  1598. 82%So long, Fry's
  1599. 99%Firm Automates Legacy Web Forms-to-ASP.NET Core Conversions -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1600. 94%March 24, 2020 - Working on Video Widgets and Old Man Developer
  1601. 99%March 20, 2020 - Minimal March - Linux and Blazor. FormView, C#, HTML
  1602. 99%Common Nginx misconfigurations that leave your web server open to attack | Detectify Blog
  1603. 99%The Blag — Logic And Graphics
  1604. 96%Andrew Carr blog
  1605. 89%Google Cloud vs AWS Onboarding Comparison - Kevin's Page
  1606. 89%Building an E-Ink Laptop
  1607. 99%Implementing OAuth Pushed Authorisation Requests in Angular
  1608. 98%You need to be able to run your system
  1609. 96%The Pretty JSON Revolution
  1610. 99%Solving probability problem with code
  1611. 94%We need a renewed focus on our own cancer antibody responses · Ameyer.me
  1612. 95%Didja know: Network failure due to the disk full error
  1613. 98%How I manage notifications to keep myself uninterrupted
  1614. 96%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  1615. 99%ASP.NET Core in .NET 6 - Part 01 - Overview
  1616. 86%10 Software Engineering Laws Everybody Loves to Ignore
  1617. 96%We Hack Purple Podcast Episode 25
  1618. 99%How to Play a Sound with Blazor and JavaScript
  1619. 99%Build a Blazor 'Copy to Clipboard' component with a Markdown editor | Dave Brock
  1620. 99%A remote code execution vulnerability in qmail
  1621. 67%YouTube AI Blocked Chess Channel after Confusing 'Black' and 'White' for Racist Slurs
  1622. 87%Tap your phone at Gold Coast bus stops to access my website
  1623. 66%Iceberger
  1624. 96%bliki: MonolithFirst
  1625. 89%Vertical Farming Does Not Save Space
  1626. 98%Downsides of working remotely
  1627. 97%How to move from LastPass to Bitwarden in ten minutes
  1628. 96%Mitigating Memory Safety Issues in Open Source Software
  1629. 99%How can I prevent a Windows Runtime WebView from loading any content beyond the initial request? | The Old New Thing
  1630. 99%Tip 305 - How to automatically manage Azure Blobs lifecycles
  1631. 96%Test Driven Development Deluxe
  1632. 98%You probably don’t need a micro-frontend
  1633. 98%The web didn't change; you did
  1634. 99%How can I return custom content for specific URLs requested by a Windows Runtime WebView? | The Old New Thing
  1635. 96%graydon2 | always bet on text
  1636. 99%Crappy looking site.
  1637. 98%apankrat/nullboard
  1638. 99%Many Small Queries Are Efficient In SQLite
  1639. 98%Your phone vs. Supercomputers
  1640. 93%Real-Time System Conditions
  1641. 95%International money transfers, sanctions and utter stupidity
  1642. 55%Half Doses of Moderna Produce Neutralizing Antibodies - Marginal REVOLUTION
  1643. 98%I don't want to do front-end anymore
  1644. 99%For the Love of Macros
  1645. 88%Racket v8.0
  1646. 87%Welcoming Google as a Visionary Sponsor of the PSF
  1647. 97%Ben Wiser | Building web apps without a SPA
  1648. 95%Organic, Homegrown HTML
  1649. 99%SerenityOS - Writing a full chain exploit
  1650. 99%What Do You Actually Agree To When You Accept All Cookies
  1651. 99%a fun technique with iframes on the web – ciphrd
  1652. 99%Announcing Rust 1.50.0 | Rust Blog
  1653. 99%Beej's Guide to Network Programming
  1654. 99%Getting The Most Out Of Git — Smashing Magazine
  1655. 99%Web Scraping 101 with Python
  1656. 98%Llofty Ambitions
  1657. 99%dave yarwood · How I deploy my personal projects
  1658. 97%#034 José Valim reveals Project Nx - Thinking Elixir
  1659. 98%I don't want to do front-end anymore
  1660. 98%Blog with Markdown + Git, and degrade gracefully through time
  1661. 99%Sharing data between CSS and JavaScript using custom properties
  1662. 95%Google joins the Rust Foundation
  1663. 98%What's an SPF Record? - Ultimate Guide to Email
  1664. 92%Un cadre de Cdiscount suspecté d’avoir dérobé les données de 33 millions de clients
  1665. 94%The power of three
  1666. 98%Choosing my next job title (in a data science career)
  1667. 81%Overcoming Bias : Experts Versus Elites
  1668. 97%Protect your accounts from data breaches with Password Checkup
  1669. 99%ARCHITECTURE.md
  1670. 76%Bad Life Advice: Never Give Up - Replay Attacks Against HTTPS
  1671. 98%My Staff Software Engineering Reading List
  1672. 99%Here, I made a thing to save time building all projects in a solution
  1673. 98%I Finally Started Getting Programming
  1674. 98%Locating Humans with DNS
  1675. 99%progrium/macdriver
  1676. 90%Use the SAN field
  1677. 96%.NET 5 and .NET 6 with Scott Hunter
  1678. 91%Why I Still Use RSS
  1679. 97%Bluetooth trackball Mark II
  1680. 90%The One Thing I Wish I'd Known Before Using Cake
  1681. 94%I'm tired of this anti-Wayland horseshit
  1682. 98%Using HTMX with ASP.NET Core: Deleting items
  1683. 97%Changelog - pip documentation v21.0.1
  1684. 98%Non standard CSS selectors
  1685. 94%Press Release - VideoLAN is 20 years old!
  1686. 95%Finally - My first book got published
  1687. 99%ASP.NET, Serilog and Application Insights
  1688. 99%HTML Washer - BuiltWithDot.Net
  1689. 93%BitLocker touch-device lockscreen bypass
  1690. 99%Can you make a basic web app without googling? I can't
  1691. 95%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  1692. 67%Troy Hunt: 'De Adobe-breach kwam precies goed uit voor Have I been Pwned'
  1693. 98%Select Tag Helper in ASP.NET Core MVC
  1694. 99%The Main Advantage Of TailwindCSS
  1695. 99%The life of a Web Component - Initialization
  1696. 99%OO in Python is mostly pointless
  1697. 99%Tip 303 - How to use GitHub Actions from Azure App Service
  1698. 99%`undefined` vs. `null` revisited
  1699. 51%ASIC breached in Accellion hack
  1700. 96%Why I didn't use Wordpress for my blog
  1701. 81%Startup Communities | Rural Entrepreneurship
  1702. 78%The unreasonable effectiveness of simple HTML
  1703. 97%Adhering to Consent with Cookie Information for Episerver
  1704. 99%Perfecting the password field with the HTML passwordrules attribute
  1705. 99%Chromium WebView2 Control and .NET to JavaScript Interop - Part 2
  1706. 99%Microsoft Using Metadata to Enable Idiomatic Win32 Interop from Rust and Other Languages
  1707. 98%Ojoy
  1708. 99%Stateful React Components
  1709. 99%You should always do server-side validation! Always! | Petre Popescu
  1710. 97%Changelog - pip documentation v21.0
  1711. 94%Product idea: verifiable digital document sharing
  1712. 83%Crystal close up | The University of Tokyo
  1713. 99%Aspect ratio demo
  1714. 98%HTML and CSS still isn’t about painting with code
  1715. 96%The widening gyre
  1716. 96%An Ode to Chess
  1717. 99%microsoft/windows-rs
  1718. 94%.NET nanoFramework taps C# for embedded systems
  1719. 92%Elasticsearch does not belong to Elastic
  1720. 99%Angular Auto Save, Undo and Redo
  1721. 94%novelWriter
  1722. 98%github/dmca
  1723. 83%CorNeat Vision's First Patient Regains Sight Following Artificial Cornea Implantation at Rabin Medical Center, Ending a Decade of Blindness
  1724. 99%Azure Easy Auth and Roles with .NET and Microsoft.Identity.Web
  1725. 99%a11y* is your ally
  1726. 95%Webinar recording: Filtered Replication in RavenDB
  1727. 98%Go (golang) Goroutines - Running Functions Asynchronously
  1728. 71%The Official Aquafaba Site
  1729. 87%Ten years without Elixir
  1730. 89%Workaholism Leads to Mental and Physical Health Problems: Work Addiction Risk Depends on Occupation
  1731. 98%"Wireguard [sic]: great protocol, but skip the Mac app" blog post
  1732. 76%The Play, the points, and the biggest lie in software
  1733. 98%jukefoxer/Signal-Android
  1734. 94%Teamspeak 5 Beta Bug-Report BBcode not working, channel commander not shown
  1736. 99%Noise Planets
  1737. 99%ECMAScript proposal: Import assertions
  1738. 95%Hundred Rabbits
  1739. 97%The clipboard history feature is the best thing since sliced bread :: Martin De Wulf —
  1740. 99%How to Use Query Strings in Blazor WebAssembly - Code Maze
  1741. 91%Go (golang) Loops - A Unified "for"
  1742. 99%Tip 300 - Unit testing the Azure Cosmos DB change feed in xUnit and C#
  1743. 99%Vite for Existing Vue CLI Projects
  1744. 79%Death to the document
  1745. 99% GNOME has no thumbnails in the file picker (and my toilets are blocked)
  1746. 96%1682995 - Enable AVIF support by default
  1747. 95%Scipy Lecture Notes — Scipy lecture notes
  1748. 99%synergy
  1749. 99%`for` vs. `for-in` vs. `.forEach()` vs. `for-of`
  1750. 98%WhatsApp? I try to back up my history. | maxwellito.com
  1751. 88%The psychology of influence and hacking growth
  1752. 99%Asynchronous Messaging, Part 1: Basic Distributed Architecture
  1753. 99%Understanding WebSockets with ASP.NET Core - Sahan Serasinghe - Personal Blog
  1754. 98%Entity Framework Core 5 free resources
  1755. 96%Weather and Boinc
  1756. 99%Using the API Gateway Pattern In .NET to Encapsulate Microservices
  1757. 88%MinWiz - Starter kit for lightweight sites
  1758. 96%Telegram publishes users' locations online.
  1759. 99%Create React App with <code>ts-loader</code> and <code>CRACO</code>
  1760. 99%The state of JVM desktop frameworks: introduction
  1761. 95%Advanced Cosmos DB session (Hebrew)
  1762. 98%Prettier your CSharp with <code>dotnet-format</code> and <code>lint-staged</code>
  1763. 91%Which benchmark programs are fastest?
  1764. 91%Apple reconsiders banning Mac app Amphetamine over its drug-inspired name
  1765. 88%Finding one-way Latency on ISP
  1766. 98%Probabilistic Machine Learning: An Introduction
  1767. 96%Is HTML a Programming Language?!?
  1768. 86%[Cryptography] Bitcoin is a disaster.
  1769. 98%JavaScript Complete Course - Hello World - Part 2
  1770. 97%Can you crack the code?
  1771. 95%Note to Self - How to Work
  1772. 99%Announcing Rust 1.49.0 | Rust Blog
  1773. 99%Ben Wiser | Writing my first Gameboy Emulator
  1774. 98%The cost and value of knowledge
  1775. 99%[new blog](https://garcia.in)
  1776. 97%Scriban - Visual Studio Marketplace
  1777. 98%Building websites and workflows
  1778. 78%What I Learned About Raising A Seed Round, From Cutting My First Check
  1779. 93%I revised my code from 10 years ago
  1780. 99%Hacking Google Docs to steal your private documents
  1781. 89%Agreements reached between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the European Union
  1782. 99%March 19, 2020 - Minimal March - Linux and Blazor. FormView, C#, HTML
  1783. 95%Manual document revisions with RavenDB
  1784. 96%A New SolarWinds Flaw Likely Had Let Hackers Install SUPERNOVA Malware
  1785. 82%Print this file, your printer will jam
  1786. 83%Nashville Recovery Efforts
  1787. 96%Slower News
  1788. 85%Suzanne Treister - Amiga Videogame Stills
  1789. 79%Google Discloses Poorly-Patched, Now Unpatched, Windows 0-Day Bug
  1790. 92%How to Favicon in 2021: Six files that fit most needs — Martian Chronicles
  1791. 93%The beautiful Silent ThunderBolt-3 PC
  1792. 99%Angular Email Confirmation with ASP.NET Core Identity
  1793. 98%My stack will outlive yours
  1794. 98%CodeSwing - Visual Studio Marketplace
  1795. 98%HTML Over The Wire | Hotwire
  1796. 98%Cloudflare Acquires Linc
  1797. 98%Parsing JSON at the CLI: A Practical Introduction to `jq` (and more!)
  1798. 99%Angular Password Reset Functionality with ASP.NET Core Identity
  1799. 98%Ignore AMP · Jens Oliver Meiert
  1800. 99%Dave Vieira-Kurz a.k.a. @secalert on security
  1801. 99%More challenging projects every programmer should try
  1802. 98%Get the local images working in the templates · RssBandit/RssBandit@73c4681
  1803. 98%ph1lter
  1804. 94%dotnet-aspnetcore-blazor - Microsoft Q&A
  1805. 96%10 Inspirational Black British Women Who Code!
  1806. 99%How to lock down your CSP using Swashbuckle in ASP.NET Core apps
  1807. 95%Orbifolds and Other Games - DRY is a Trade-Off
  1808. 97%Chrome Extensions Every Web Developer Needs
  1809. 99%fulldecent/system-bus-radio
  1810. 99%Angular Role-Based Authorization with ASP.NET Core Identity
  1811. 90%Twit Tips #2: Sonic and Tails
  1812. 99%Angular Authentication Functionality with ASP.NET Core Identity
  1813. 78%Spotify's Worst Feature
  1814. 97%I Switched from Dashlane to Bitwarden and Why You Should, Too
  1815. 98%Familiars.io | Quick-Play Monster-Catching Multiplayer Game
  1816. 98%Familiars.io | Quick-Play Monster-Catching Multiplayer Game
  1817. 83%Architecture Playbook — Architecture Playbook
  1818. 75%LYWE, a better alternative to FIRE
  1819. 99%Star Wars - Boba Fett Helmet, Limited Edition by SWAROVSKI
  1820. 93%Part One – Alaa Abdulridha
  1821. 99%Umbraco Back-office Authentication With Azure Active Directory
  1822. 98%Web Accessibility: Aria, Focus, Focus Management
  1823. 99%Build New Zealand in an afternoon
  1824. 99%gnu.org
  1825. 79%SpaceX Starship high altitude test flight ends in a fiery explosion
  1826. 99%Angular Custom Validators and Error Handling with ASP.NET Core Identity
  1827. 99%Three steps to a paperless home office
  1828. 98%Why is the Google Cloud UI so slow?
  1829. 96%Cloudflare’s privacy-first Web Analytics is now available for everyone
  1830. 98%WDR
  1831. 99%wybiral/micropython-aioweb
  1832. 99%Expanding Fuchsia's open source model
  1833. 98%[CentOS-announce] CentOS Project shifts focus to CentOS Stream
  1834. 99%oskarsve/ms-teams-rce
  1835. 99%Cryptography Improvements in .NET 5 - Support for PEM
  1836. 86%Apache NetBeans 12.2 Features
  1837. 86%Day 9 of I am not fat
  1838. 96%Geek Blight - Embedding YouTube videos without making your site fatter
  1839. 98%Monitoring my boiler
  1840. 99%oskarsve/ms-teams-rce
  1841. 99%User Registration with Angular and ASP.NET Core Identity
  1842. 97%Why is building a mobile app this hard
  1843. 99%How I Reclaimed My Attention
  1844. 93%Press Release
  1845. 98%How Do Computers Remember?
  1846. 98%A Spellchecker Used to Be a Major Feat of Software Engineering
  1847. 95%YouTube will remind users to ‘keep comments respectful’ before posting
  1848. 97%jeweg/hovatrace
  1849. 95%Interview with Rodrigo Branas on RavenDB
  1850. 99%Tip 297 - Discovering the Azure Architecture Center
  1851. 90%AirBnB ignores the GDPR, and the Irish DPC is a fig leaf · derhagen
  1852. 99%QBE vs LLVM
  1853. 85%‘Wonder Woman 1984’ will be HBO Max's first 4K movie
  1854. 98%Disclosure: Yet another macOS privacy protections bypass
  1855. 99%Working with Binding in Blazor Applications - Code Maze
  1856. 93%We Need Organic Software
  1857. 95%Flappy bird in 341 bytes
  1858. 97%Stupid light software
  1859. 98%ESP32 6- Axis IMU
  1860. 98%The HTML presentation framework | reveal.js
  1861. 97%Back to Basics: Creating a clickable card interface in plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  1862. 58%Audit found ‘significant risks’ in Baltimore County schools’ computer network
  1863. 99%Development With A Dot - Inline Images with ASP.NET Core
  1864. 94%varkor/quiver
  1865. 99%Microsoft Edge WebView2 Now Generally Available
  1866. 98%An opinionated list of best practices for textual websites
  1867. 99%safepassme
  1868. 93%These are called opportunities
  1869. 98%Applying the MVC design pattern to Razor Pages
  1870. 88%Don't chase being liked or respected
  1871. 98%Standardizing <select> And Beyond: The Past, Present And Future Of Native HTML Form Controls — Smashing Magazine
  1872. 96%Announcing General Availability of Microsoft Edge WebView2 for .NET and Fixed Version distribution mode
  1873. 99%9 New 2020 Browser Features You Probably Didn't Know
  1874. 99%Design patterns in C# - The Facade Pattern | endjin
  1875. 98%How to become a hacker
  1876. 92%Minimalist stylesheet for HTML elements
  1877. 99%Transitioning from Docker to Podman - Red Hat Developer
  1878. 98%Batteries included with Emacs
  1879. 97%[webkit-dev] Starting January 4, 2021, Google will block all sign-ins to Google accounts from embedded browser frameworks
  1880. 95%Flash Animations Live Forever at the Internet Archive - Internet Archive Blogs
  1881. 90%Peanut Butter Jelly Time : Anonymous (And Buckwheat Boyz) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  1882. 90%fanf | Leap second hiatus
  1883. 95%Flash Animations Live Forever at the Internet Archive - Internet Archive Blogs
  1884. 97%Improving Performance and Search Rankings with Cloudflare for Fun and Profit
  1885. 80%As internet forums die off, finding community can be harder than ever
  1886. 99%Announcing Rust 1.48.0 | Rust Blog
  1887. 99%Tip 295 - What database should you use in your next Azure Functions app
  1888. 97%Tailwind CSS - Rapidly build modern websites without ever leaving your HTML.
  1889. 95%Embedded analytics
  1890. 99%jarun/nnn
  1891. 99%ranger/ranger
  1892. 95%Using RavenDB Subscriptions with complex object graphs
  1893. 99%nelsontky/gh-pages-url-shortener
  1894. 98%nbeaver/why-linux-is-better
  1895. 99%Bulletproof uniq with TypeScript generics (yay code reviews!)
  1896. 97%Why Everyone Should Learn To Write
  1897. 98%Tutorial: Building a static web app with Blazor in Azure Static Web Apps
  1898. 93%
  1899. 99%[cairo] Time for a release ?
  1900. 98%Linux graphics, why sharing code with Windows isn't always a win.
  1901. 98%React Server-Side Rendering with Deno
  1902. 90%An updated daily front page of The New York Times as artwork on your wall
  1903. 96%Brotli compression using a reduced dictionary
  1904. 94%My interview with Canal do Jorge Maia is now up–My career and the history of RavenDB
  1905. 98%Blazor Stability Testing Tools for Bullet Proof Applications
  1906. 98%Multicasting: Enhance a group of methods with just one attribute
  1907. 95%When Remote Work doesn't cut it
  1908. 99%No Free Features
  1909. 96%Enabling Powerlines in your Visual Studio Terminal
  1910. 99%Rendering raw/unescaped HTML in Blazor - Gérald Barré
  1911. 99%My first-time pure functional programming - Sandro Maglione
  1912. 99%How I Write Elm Applications
  1913. 92%A Gopher view of Gemini
  1914. 86%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  1915. 98%The Guide to CSS Grid
  1916. 88%A Productive Productivity System
  1917. 91%The winner of the election is... Big Tech
  1918. 77%Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
  1919. 95%Websocket - support for custom headers for handshake · Issue #3062 · whatwg/html
  1920. 75%Massachusetts voters pass right-to-repair expansion opening up car data
  1921. 80%Stop compilation after first error
  1922. 99%How to Use Browser Functionalities with Blazor WebAssembly
  1923. 98%Flutter Web: A Fractal of Bad Design
  1924. 94%Second edition of Bulletproof SSL and TLS now in preview
  1925. 99%Back to Basics: Event Delegation
  1926. 52%Here is a way to predict who is going to win the election.
  1927. 92%Why men's health depends on feminism
  1928. 98%Every article about software is wrong
  1929. 80%A Spectre is Haunting Unicode
  1930. 99%Programming can still be magical
  1931. 98%Extreme Debugging
  1932. 95%The failure of a computer you didn't even know existed
  1933. 99%Writing a dog picture browser in ~200 lines of code
  1934. 96%Ruby on Rails in a Week - Simple Thread
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  1936. 98%Run your own free Stock Checker - Check if sought-after items are in stock online
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  1938. 98%What's New | MonoGame Documentation
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  1940. 99%Consuming JSON Objects Stream (NDJSON) With HttpClient
  1941. 99%Tip 293 - 5 Things you didn't know about Azure Cognitive Services
  1942. 93%Anatomy of a Successful Newsletter Launch
  1943. 99%Two Paradigms of Personal Computing
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  1945. 98%on abandoning the X server
  1946. 98%Setting the command timeout with the latest .NET SqlClient
  1947. 95%Webinar Recording: Advanced Search Scenarios in RavenDB
  1948. 95%Have you considered buying used hardware?
  1949. 99%Using JSInterop to Pass HTML Elements and Handle JS Errors
  1950. 99%Taking Ideas Seriously is Hard
  1951. 98%Next.js 10
  1952. 99%The Next Generation Web Services Framework
  1953. 97%You Need to Timestamp Your Shell History
  1954. 99%How much specification does a developer need?
  1955. 86%Shared Curiosity
  1956. 97%EditForm - forms and validation in Blazor
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  1958. 92%Twitter still hasn't unlocked the New York Post's account - melovedata
  1959. 99%Standard ML in 2020 | notes.eatonphil.com
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  1962. 98%Creating a Drag and Drop Bookmarklet
  1963. 93%I'm handing over maintenance of wlroots and sway to Simon Ser
  1964. 99%r/dotnet - What would be the reasons to use an IoC framework instead of the default container?
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  1967. 95%Talking on Emerging Code about RavenDB
  1968. 98%Software development by analogy - Francisco J. Revoredo
  1969. 99%Static versus dynamic web sites
  1970. 99%.NET Core with NGINX on Linux
  1971. 99%OAuth 3
  1972. 78%Bits from the Debian Project
  1973. 99%Tip 291 - 5 Things you didn't know about Azure App Service
  1974. 83%New Chrome 0-day Under Active Attacks – Update Your Browser Now
  1975. 92%Greater bandwidth in trains
  1976. 95%JsonSrcGen 0.2.0 Alpha Released
  1977. 95%Value dragons
  1978. 98%blog.harterrt.com – Defining Data Intuition
  1979. 97%Your SEO strategy should never start with keyword research. | Kole McRae
  1980. 98%You Can Compete With Free When It's B2B
  1981. 96%On writing in an engineering context
  1982. 99%Better Git diff output for Ruby, Python, Elixir, Go and more
  1983. 97%Weird Subtitles
  1984. 99%Audio on the Web, for Games and VR!
  1985. 99% Discord Desktop app RCE
  1986. 96%This page is a truly naked, brutalist html quine.
  1987. 97%Layoutit Grid — CSS Grids layouts made easy!
  1988. 94%Influencers as Tech Founders: Real Monetization at Last
  1989. 76%Hating Monday | Eryb's Space
  1990. 86%Chrome exempts Google sites from user site data settings
  1991. 95%The only way to be productive
  1992. 99%c-smile/sciter-js-sdk
  1993. 98%Entity Framework Core SQL Server reverse engineering a.k.a Database First gotchas (and workarounds)
  1994. 95%No More Mixed Messages About HTTPS
  1995. 97%Demystifying XML (an attempt)
  1996. 99%Brian Tracy - copy-paste-shell
  1997. 92%How I Used Python and Selenium To Get a Lifetime Supply of Garlic Pizza Sticks
  1998. 97%Helping people spot the spoofs: a URL experiment
  1999. 98%PERTENCE.net - Blog
  2000. 99%INTEL-SA-00435
  2001. 96%Visual Studio Presentation Mode - Developer Community
  2002. 99%verless/verless
  2003. 98%madskristensen/Tweakster
  2004. 96%Getting a result index score from RavenDB Map/Reduce results
  2005. 98%SEO mistakes I've made and how I fixed them - Maxime Heckel's Blog
  2006. 99%world smallest office suite
  2007. 97%Stripe Atlas: the Key to a $100B+ Company
  2008. 97%YARP: The .NET Reverse proxy
  2009. 99%verifiedcoder/Twilight
  2010. 97%Counting Speeches to Understand Xi Jinping
  2011. 99%Let's use NUKE to Quickly Deploy an App to Azure via Zip Deployment - Dangl.Blog();
  2012. 94%[llvm-announce] LLVM 11.0.0 Release
  2013. 96%Edge Browser Dev Tools for VS Code Now Generally Available -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2014. 99%world smallest office suite
  2015. 92%Open Source Tools & Data for Music Source Separation — Open-Source Tools & Data for Music Source Separation
  2016. 88%Fuck you sunday - never let a side project die anymore on that day and just start
  2017. 95%How to Surface a Classic Solution in a Modern Page | Developer Support
  2018. 99%Paul Rouget - Goodbye Mozilla
  2019. 65%They're Made out of Meat
  2020. 99%VwjZNrJ
  2021. 70%ProtonMail CEO calls Apple's forced in-app purchases 'Mafia extortion'
  2022. 99%Prerendering your Blazor WASM application with .NET 5 (part 2 - solving the missing HttpClient problem)
  2023. 98%Why GPT-3 Can Understand Things
  2024. 99%Prerendering your Blazor WASM application with .NET 5 (part 1)
  2025. 88%Bruce Momjian: Postgres Blog
  2026. 98% Chrome is deploying HTTP/3 and IETF QUIC
  2027. 99%From site.css to component styles
  2028. 99%SuperJSON - JSON on steroids
  2029. 99%Creating a .NET Core Global Tool
  2030. 99%How to Store Session Tokens in a Browser (and the impacts of each)
  2031. 99%milkshakesoftware/PreMailer.Net
  2032. 98%Randomizing Lists in Power Automate Flow
  2033. 98%Principles of Data Oriented Programming
  2034. 99%OAuth2 Refresh Token with Anular and IdentityServer4
  2035. 99%Update the HTML head from your Blazor components
  2036. 99%Autofac 6, integration tests and .NET generic hosting
  2037. 99%GZip EmbeddedResource in MSBuild with RoslynCodeTaskFactory
  2038. 98%Knolling
  2039. 98%[Wikitech-l] Logging everyone out
  2040. 98%How To Get Promoted
  2041. 97%Assumptions and Variable Names
  2042. 99%Render diagrams on the fly in your Blazor apps
  2043. 94%DigitalOcean's Hacktoberfest is Hurting Open Source
  2044. 99%Fast Builds: Make a Url Shortener with .NET
  2045. 98%.NET Interactive Preview 3: VS Code Insiders and Polyglot Notebooks | .NET Blog
  2046. 93%Seeing Theory
  2047. 99%A simple pattern for using System.CommandLine with dependency injection | endjin
  2048. 99%It Is Never a Compiler Bug Until It Is
  2049. 99%vanila-io/wireflow
  2050. 99%Stupid solutions: Live server push without JS
  2051. 99%Role-Based Access Control with Angular and IdentityServer4
  2052. 90%Why does HTML think “chucknorris” is a color?
  2053. 97%Reading Documentation Upfront
  2054. 74%Happiness is Bad - Naughty Computer
  2055. 99%The failed promise of Web Components – Lea Verou
  2056. 99%Modern JavaScript Explained For Dinosaurs
  2057. 97%Feature watch: ECMAScript 2021
  2058. 94%Microsoft.Data.Sqlite 5.0
  2059. 94%Namespace NetTopologySuite | NetTopologySuite
  2060. 94%Microsoft.Data.Sqlite 5.0
  2061. 76%1 in 4 Parents Is Working While Caregiving. Here's Why Employers Need to Rethink Their Child Care Benefits
  2062. 94%Idea to paying customer in one month
  2063. 98%Tutorial: Building a static web app with Blazor in Azure Static Web Apps
  2064. 99%Defend Your Web Apps from Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  2065. 98%
  2066. 99%Angular Authentication Actions with IdentityServer4 - Code Maze
  2067. 93%GitHub to replace 'master' branch with 'main' on 1st October
  2068. 98%My Least Favorite Rust Type
  2069. 62%The Autoplay President
  2070. 97%What I learned flashing an EEPROM · Steel Brain
  2071. 89%Max Hodak - What is relativity, anyway?
  2072. 83%Are Founders Allowed to Lie?
  2073. 92%To All The Jobs I Had Before
  2074. 97%HOVALAAG
  2075. 99%Calling public methods on Blazor component from another component - Gérald Barré
  2076. 99%The File System is Unpredictable
  2077. 99%22687 - (pgp) [meta] OpenPGP support
  2078. 99%ASP.NET App Migration Webinar | Microsoft Azure
  2079. 99%Retrieving Images from the Clipboard and WPF Image Control Woes
  2080. 92%iOS 14 vs iPadOS 14: Every iPhone feature you’re not getting on the iPad
  2081. 96%I Suspect many Task Deadlines are Designed to Force Engineers to Work for Free
  2082. 99%Can I really be an engineer?
  2083. 99%CSS isolation in Blazor - Gérald Barré
  2084. 94%When you browse Instagram and find former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's passport number
  2085. 84%Smoke Has Caused Temperature Forecasts to Go Crazy Plus An Update
  2086. 96%Zigソフトウェア財団とZenプログラミング言語に関する声明 - News - The Zig Programming Language
  2087. 99%Monsters Weekly 182 - Sending Dates from JavaScript to .NET
  2088. 99%.NET Adds Latent Bug Discovery Feature
  2089. 72%A New Way To Monetize An Audience
  2090. 92%Never Invest in the Business Model
  2091. 99%damienbod/IdentityServer4VueJs
  2092. 89%Choosing a mailing list tool for WordPress besides MailChimp – Andy Sylvester's Web
  2093. 95%From Vim to Ed
  2094. 97%Security by Obscurity is Underrated
  2095. 99%[llvm-dev] [RFC] Machine Function Splitter
  2096. 99%Migrate Your ASP.NET Framework to ASP.NET Core with Okta
  2097. 90%Why it is Important that Software Projects Fail
  2098. 99%Emacs is very special regarding UIs
  2099. 97%Machine Learning com ML.Net no Jupyter Notebook | Dados ao Cubo
  2100. 98%How we learnt to stop worrying and love web scraping
  2101. 97%A Taxonomy of Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Function Lobes for Rendering Engineers
  2102. 92%Free Hosted Titanoboa
  2103. 99%The HTML autocomplete attribute
  2104. 99%EngstromJimmy/Blazm.Bluetooth
  2105. 99%Splitting code and markup into different files when creating a Blazor component - Gérald Barré
  2106. 98%The Automated CIO
  2107. 99%sinshu/managed-doom
  2108. 99%DIY IoT door monitor with ESP8266
  2109. 99%Disposable mask under the microscope
  2110. 99%Tooltips in tooltips · Philip Ardeljan is a UI designer
  2111. 97%Music Theory is Racist
  2112. 97%Why you want to encrypt password hashes
  2113. 99%The most efficient way to solve problems: not having them
  2114. 94%What is the Value of Browser Diversity?
  2115. 99%yaelwrites/Big-Ass-Data-Broker-Opt-Out-List
  2116. 97%When to stop working on side-projects
  2117. 86%Lose Weight with Nightmare Fuel
  2118. 96%A history of elliptic curves in tweets
  2119. 72%Coursera | CareerForce
  2120. 99%It's 2020 and it is time for text mode with Gui.cs
  2121. 99%Integrate ASP.NET Core Razor components into Razor Pages and MVC apps
  2122. 92%Battery-free Game Boy runs forever
  2123. 72%Thomas Jefferson to John Norvell
  2124. 95%MIT 18.S097: Programming with Categories
  2125. 88%Writing for nobody, writing for everybody
  2126. 97%leeoniya/uPlot
  2127. 99%connorferster/handcalcs
  2128. 97%Postel's Law - The Robustness Principle
  2129. 95%Nerves-keyboard - Running a mechanical keyboard with Elixir
  2130. 97%About Applebot
  2131. 99%Setting Up GrayLog For Use With NLog
  2132. 99%Monsters Weekly 179 - Working with AsyncLocal
  2133. 99%Exploring the .NET Core library Coravel for Task Scheduling, Caching, Mailing and more
  2134. 99%Minimal React: getting started with the frontend library
  2135. 99%C# preprocessor directive symbols from the dotnet build command line via DefineConstants
  2136. 98%The Architecture of Open Source Applications
  2137. 81%Zigbee Device Compatibility Repository
  2138. 93%At First I Thought Someone Was Trying to Scam Me Out of My Domain Name
  2139. 97%[outages] Level3 (globally?) impacted (IPv4 only)
  2140. 99%How to build mini high voltage Jacob's Ladder
  2141. 99%So you want to roll your own crypto?
  2142. 81%SubtletyAndSignificance
  2143. 94%Anatomy of a low frequency aviation radio beacon
  2144. 99%Write explicit type guards
  2145. 99%Slack disclosed on HackerOne: Remote Code Execution in Slack...
  2146. 99%dotnet/aspnetcore
  2147. 98%CSS 3D ENGINE
  2148. 97%Zoom still don't understand GDPR
  2149. 97%A Short Guide to Minimal Web Development · Jens Oliver Meiert
  2150. 98%Announcing Rust 1.46.0 | Rust Blog
  2151. 99%Making WAVs: Understanding, Parsing, and Creating WAV Files in JavaScript
  2152. 89%Where's the YouTube Video? : dylanbeattie.net
  2153. 99%highlightjs/highlight.js
  2154. 65%Alice in Wonderland and the theft of the public domain
  2155. 97%A tale of webpage speed, or throwing away React
  2156. 99%tomrothe.de - Behavior-Driven Test Data
  2157. 92%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  2158. 97%N O D E
  2159. 96%The Temporality of Media
  2160. 84%Angel Investing: Check Sizes
  2161. 73%Pascal’s Scam - Second Breakfast
  2162. 97%An early release of pbrt-v4 and some notes about pbrt-gpu
  2163. 99%ASP.NET Core in Action, Second Edition
  2164. 99%dotnet/interactive
  2165. 99%Obfuscating your email on the web
  2166. 95%Most "mandatory requirements" in corporations are imaginary
  2167. 79%The Reason For The Weird PHP Function Names
  2168. 98%$5 DIY "Smart" Garage Door Opener using Sonoff SV
  2169. 97%Kinesys Advantage2 - Review after three years of use
  2170. 99%ignatandrei/NETCoreBlockly
  2171. 87%Modeling a Wealth Tax
  2172. 99%Supporting Encrypted Content-Encoding in HttpClient - Replacing Bouncy Castle With .NET Core
  2173. 96%SQLite Release 3.33.0 On 2020-08-14
  2174. 93%Web by Google (TM)
  2175. 98%[PATCH] fs: NTFS read-write driver GPL implementation by Paragon Software.
  2176. 94%Fastest star ever seen is moving at 8% the speed of light
  2177. 94%Short Domain Names
  2178. 87%The BEAM has Spoiled Me
  2179. 95%twilco/kosmonaut
  2180. 98%A quick look at Rookout, a real-time debugging & logging product
  2181. 98%Intel® Trust Domain Extensions
  2182. 97%Mozilla: The Greatest Tech Company Left Behind
  2183. 83%Hubble finds that Betelgeuse's mysterious dimming is due to a traumatic outburst
  2184. 99%Write-Ahead Log
  2185. 99%Segmented Log
  2186. 89%Web browsers need to stop
  2187. 99%The Languages Which Almost Became CSS - Eager Blog
  2188. 98%How to Build a Pig Latin Translator with Vanilla JavaScript
  2189. 99%JByfordRew/BlazorTransitionableRoute
  2190. 99%Announcing the new Jupyter Book
  2191. 90%From stock market email newsletter side project to micro SaaS
  2192. 98%The Year In Science 2018
  2193. 95%Quorum
  2194. 99%Tip 274 - Set Your AzContext Interactively
  2195. 99%Single Page Applications using Rust
  2196. 97%Integration Testing ASP.NET Core Applications: Best Practices - Code with Steve
  2197. 98%Emacs 27.1 released
  2198. 95%PDF: Still Unfit for Human Consumption, 20 Years Later
  2199. 99%How Malicious Tor Relays are Exploiting Users in 2020 (Part I)
  2200. 96%Reactive Extensions for .NET | endjin
  2201. 99%Tolerate imperfection
  2202. 98%I want to contribute to your project, how do I start?
  2203. 95%How long does food in a freezer stay frozen when the power goes out
  2204. 99%dorking (how to find anything on the Internet)
  2205. 98%Introducing Rome
  2206. 90%Western Digital Red WD101EFAX 10TB 3.5
  2207. 99%SQLite and EF Core Concurrency Tokens
  2208. 97%Thread by @alkreidler: Thread: Google and other tech giants are happy to have control over the Web's metadata schemas, but they let its infrastructure languish. Sc…
  2209. 92%Scientists rename genes because Microsoft Excel reads them as dates
  2210. 95%Nyan Sat - Satellite Communications Challenge
  2211. 90%GitHub draft pull requests should trigger the pipeline
  2212. 95%Reversing Lyft’s ride history API to analyze 6 years worth of rides
  2213. 93%<ol>: The Ordered List element
  2214. 99%Reverse Reverse
  2215. 95%Telerik Blazor 2.16—Editor TreeList StockChart ContextMenu
  2216. 93%JuxtaposeJS Embed
  2217. 95%What is default(object) used for?
  2218. 96%.NET Summit 2020 Online Conference
  2219. 99%Speech Synthesis on Linux
  2220. 97%Make a responsive Navbar with Blazor and Tailwind?
  2221. 99%PowerShell Microservice - Hello World
  2222. 98%Drawing Custom Graphs in HTML and Javascript - The Long Walk
  2223. 97%Peeking at user agents for fun and profit :: Kevin Liu
  2224. 80%Planning for my kidnapping - My blog
  2225. 95%RELEASE: ASP .NET Core 3.1 A-Z eBook
  2226. 99%Low latency tuning guide
  2227. 96%Pimp up your Blazor EditForms with Tailwind CSS!
  2228. 90%David Wong Portfolio
  2229. 93%What Happened When I Peeked Into My Node_Modules Directory
  2230. 98%Upgrade to pip 20.2, plus, changes coming in 20.3
  2231. 99%Blazor GameDev - part 6: mouse input - Davide Guida
  2232. 99%The 3 problems of Django
  2233. 56%Rainbow Hunt
  2234. 99%Monsters Weekly 175 - YARP!
  2235. 96%Pimp up your Blazor EditForms with Tailwind CSS!
  2236. 95%Fireworks: Sugar Stars
  2237. 71%Trademarking Infocom, again, part one
  2238. 97%Why It's Easier to Manage 4 People Than It Is to Manage 1 Person · Stay SaaSy
  2239. 99%Double Entry Accounting for Developers — Django Hordak 1.0 documentation
  2240. 98%Wrappers
  2241. 62%Paul Graham's "Same Way"
  2242. 97%Usability of Footnotes
  2243. 99%Oodle 2.8.9 with Oodle Texture speed fix and UE4 integration
  2244. 93%andrewducker | Facebook has blocked Dreamwidth
  2245. 96%Copy/Pasta Driven Development®
  2246. 91%Fresh Mozzarella From Scratch Recipe
  2247. 95%Naming things
  2248. 99%Lets stop being stupid about security
  2249. 97%Sponsor @egil on GitHub Sponsors
  2250. 96%Gopiandcode > logs > Bloom filters debunked: Dispelling 30 Years of bad math with Coq!
  2251. 95%On Liberating My Smartwatch From Cloud Services « bunnie's blog
  2252. 95%Why Schrems is wrong - From Luxembourg with Love
  2253. 60%U.K. School Hires 10-Year-Old Nigerian Tech Genius As Coding Instructor
  2254. 99%Fast refresh and more on Windows with 0.62 release · React Native for Windows + macOS
  2255. 87%public-games@w3.org from July 2020: by thread
  2256. 99%ARCHITECTURE.md
  2257. 75%China launches ambitious Tianwen-1 Mars rover mission
  2258. 93%Five Buck Fatigue - Underjord
  2259. 99%Using Turbolinks with the SAFE web stack
  2260. 99%propjockey/css-sweeper
  2261. 76%Online classes are not worth cost of full tuition
  2262. 97%dodyg/practical-aspnetcore
  2263. 99%How and why I (attempt to) use Links as main browser
  2264. 98%MicrosoftEdge/MSEdgeExplainers
  2265. 93%Are You Using These VPN Apps? Personal Info Of 20 Million Users Leaked: That’s 1.2TB Data
  2266. 99%Eliminating duplicate objects: three approaches
  2267. 99%CP2104 USB to Serial Converter Arduino Programmer
  2268. 99%Lazy evaluation in real life
  2269. 98%Hypertext Style: Cool URIs don't change.
  2270. 98%Testing on the Toilet: Don’t Mock Types You Don’t Own
  2271. 98%Be a Hero - Bonus Panel - Fowl Language Comics
  2272. 99%Tweaks
  2273. 99%pimbrouwers/Falco
  2274. 77%Join conversation
  2275. 94%Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud, 2nd Edition
  2276. 99%Introduction to Web Programming in F# with Giraffe - Part 1 — Softwarepark
  2277. 97%When (not) to squash commits
  2278. 91%Lies, Damn Lies, and Front-end Tracking
  2279. 99%Thought: Handling rate limited apis
  2280. 91%Orthodox Privilege
  2281. 97%Release Beta 8 · egil/bUnit
  2282. 93%You've only added two lines - why did that take two days!
  2283. 99%Bypassing Polymorphism with Reflection in .NET - Matthias Koch
  2284. 99%How HEY Protects Your People
  2285. 93%You've only added two lines - why did that take two days!
  2286. 98%oltdaniel - Do not render a PDF in a canvas
  2287. 80%crates.io security advisory | Rust Blog
  2288. 98%The Mathematical Showman - Ron Graham (1935-2020) - Numberphile Podcast
  2289. 99%Debugging web apps in Visual Studio with custom browser configurations | endjin
  2290. 99%Sometimes It's Easier to Mock Without Moq
  2291. 99%Handling SPA Fallback Paths in a Generic ASP.NET Core Server
  2292. 94%VEX in Houdini: Mandelbrot and Mandelbulb
  2293. 89%Thousands of shop, bank, and government websites shut down by EV revocation | Netcraft News
  2294. 99%Devcontainers and SSL interception
  2295. 98%stu2b50
  2296. 96%Announcing the Zig Software Foundation - News
  2297. 78%Dunzo suffers data breach; users' phone numbers, email IDs exposed
  2298. 91%The Hard Parts — Martin Kleppmann’s talks
  2299. 99%C# .NET IO.Path.GetExtension vs PInvoke Win32 PathFindExtension Native API Speed Comparison
  2300. 99%Pokémon Sprite Decompression Done By Hand
  2301. 99%Blazor GameDev - part 3: sprite rendering - Davide Guida
  2302. 99%Why you'll probably regret using Tailwind
  2303. 99%Beginners quick start to learn React.js
  2304. 99%Data WhiteOps collects
  2305. 99%Barebones WebGL in 75 lines of code
  2306. 98%Zero to Hero with App Service, Part 3: Releasing to Production
  2307. 97%Saadat Qadri
  2308. 99%Youtube DELETED Jordan Pier's Electronics Repair Channel!
  2309. 97%Event Sourcing in .NET Core – part 1: A gentle introduction
  2310. 99%C# 8.0 nullable references: MaybeNull | endjin
  2311. 98%Door & Window Sensor Alarms For Smart Home 2020
  2312. 99%D-Bus and Polkit, No More Mysticism and Confusion
  2313. 98%Donut-shaped C code that generates a 3D spinning donut
  2314. 96%Stacks of Hats (extra) - Numberphile
  2315. 99%Using an OData Client with an ASP.NET Core API
  2316. 99%Writing a winning 4K intro in Rust
  2317. 99%Exploring Proxy to Achieve TypeScript Type Safety with Element Binding, two way Data Binding, Events, and More
  2318. 95%Veldrid 4.8.0
  2319. 94%Scamming the scammers -- catching the virus call centre scammers red-handed
  2320. 93%HTML tags flagged as error in razor view : RSRP-477782
  2321. 88%No More Shampoo
  2322. 96%GitHub Special Repository, The Public Profile Readme
  2323. 94%Project Gemini
  2324. 98%Where Am I? · The Internet Bytes.
  2325. 99%Goodbye
  2326. 94%Micah Lerner
  2327. 97%Linear scalable read-write lock
  2328. 77%Join conversation
  2329. 81%Apple's latest privacy measures could turn users off
  2330. 99%Shmew/Fable.SignalR
  2331. 99%Building Bootleg BuiltWith – Blog – Emerson Code
  2332. 99%Respecting Browser Navigation in Single Page Applications
  2333. 99%About Scaling Model-View-Update
  2334. 99%Tip 268 - Exploring Microsoft Power Virtual Agents based off Microsoft Bot Framework
  2335. 99%How to deploy Blazor webassembly on GitHub Pages using GitHub Actions - Davide Guida
  2336. 68%How conspiracy theories emerge—and how their storylines fall apart
  2337. 99%Documenting with PowerShell: Breaches using the HIBP API - CyberDrain
  2338. 70%Wltoys 144001 1/14 2.4G 4WD High Speed Racing RC Car Vehicle Models 60km/h RC Vehicles from Toys Hobbies and Robot on banggood.com
  2339. 99%Hosting Blazor WebAssembly app on GitHub Pages
  2340. 50%Pokémon Sprite Decompression Explained
  2341. 97%Overview — IdentityServer4 1.0.0 documentation
  2342. 93%Python may get pattern matching syntax
  2343. 99%devring.club
  2344. 99%The Recurring Tragedy of Orchestration
  2345. 99%chubin/wttr.in
  2346. 99%How to embed JavaScript components in C# built Uno WebAssembly Web Applications - Uno Platform
  2347. 95%mjg59 | Making my doorbell work
  2348. 87%Silicon Valley Pain Index
  2349. 92%Bay Area tech diversity: White men dominate Silicon Valley
  2350. 96%The Goldilocks Management Structure · Stay SaaSy
  2351. 96%The Super Duper Universal Binary
  2352. 98%TechEmpower/FrameworkBenchmarks
  2353. 91%QuestDB · Console
  2354. 97%So you want to become a senior engineer?
  2355. 70%CERN approves plans for a $23 billion, 62-mile long super-collider
  2356. 99%IHP is a modern batteries-included Web Framework, built on top of Haskell and Nix.
  2357. 99%Improve your web typography with a few solid tips
  2358. 95%There Is No (Real World) Use Case for Face Super Resolution
  2359. 95%[ANNOUNCE] WireGuard Merged Into OpenBSD
  2360. 97%Matrix.org
  2361. 99%A little bit of plain Javascript can do a lot
  2362. 96%Starting from the Problem not the Solution
  2363. 93%Join us live! - JuneteenthConf - June 19th and 20th 2020
  2364. 99%Build your own .NET memory profiler in C# — call stacks (2/2–2)
  2365. 92%The Return of the 90s Web
  2366. 87%Copy & Paste playground
  2367. 99%Hey Next.js, Is Server Side Rendering Dead?
  2368. 98%Tracker Testing HEY vs MailChimp: Can They Coexist?
  2369. 99%Deep JavaScript: Theory and techniques
  2370. 99%Simplify DisplayName Calls In Razor Views
  2371. 87%Workshop: Web performance matters 1/2 - NDC Melbourne 2020
  2372. 98%A Jupyter kernel for SQLite
  2373. 99%FreeBSD 11.4-RELEASE Announcement
  2374. 68%Home | Geany
  2375. 81%Executive Summary
  2376. 97%TIL#2: How to add a transparent video to a web page
  2377. 99%Download FFmpeg
  2378. 99%Tip 267 - Using the Bot Framework Composer tool
  2379. 95%How I create photo stories from my travel.
  2380. 89%I tweet every time I spend money
  2381. 99%jbp.io :: Third-party audit of rustls
  2382. 97%Adobe Flash Player End of Life
  2383. 92%Thursday Quickie: Fixing NCrunch for Azure Functions
  2384. 87%ISS Photo Explorer Flat
  2385. 90%Problem with Goal driven work
  2386. 77%I'm 15 and I slept on the floor for a year. Here's why.
  2387. 99%Building a command line tool to generate number sequences
  2388. 98%BLM - Bonus Panel - Fowl Language Comics
  2389. 94%Wil Shipley: Every year I fill out this survey from Apple, for Apple developers. Every year nothing changes.
  2390. 99%Getting Value from appsettings.json in .NET Core
  2391. 94%Towards a New Leveraged ETF Part 3 · Sturm Mabie
  2392. 88%Steven Gerhardt-King - Asking a stranger to watch your stuff at Starbucks doesn't make any sense
  2393. 94%Web or System Fonts
  2394. 99%Collations and Case Sensitivity | Npgsql Documentation
  2395. 99%Cloudinary and React Hooks with Domitrius Clark (Live Stream)
  2396. 95%ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit v20.1.0 - Now Available
  2397. 97%my love letter to redo
  2398. 74%Don't Joke About Firing People · Stay SaaSy
  2399. 89%Overcoming Bias : No Recent Automation Revolution
  2400. 96%Create diagrams with code using Graphviz
  2401. 88%gnu.org
  2402. 64%Introducing: Quotebacks
  2403. 99%New inline assembly syntax available in nightly | Inside Rust Blog
  2404. 99%React Router Tutorial - Setup in 5 Minutes
  2405. 97%target="_blank" - The most underrated security vulnerability
  2406. 99%Some Virtualization Papers Worth Reading
  2407. 91%A Better Way to do Standups
  2408. 87%How To Detect Unsupported Browsers Under a Blazor WebAssembly Application?
  2409. 99%The Mad Magazine Fold-In Effect in CSS
  2410. 99%Nodesign.dev | Design less develop more.
  2411. 99%Type assertions in TypeScript
  2412. 76%Email from HaveIBeenPwned wipes helpdesk tickets
  2413. 65%Have I Been Pwned breach report email pwned entire firm's helldesk ticket system
  2414. 99%BackgroundService Gotcha: Application Lifetime
  2415. 93%Add "Update All" button to Visual Studio Installer page
  2416. 97%Vue.js
  2417. 99%mimoo/disco
  2418. 99%F# and Azure Functions
  2419. 98%.NET Rocks! vNext
  2420. 99%Building the most inaccessible site possible with a perfect Lighthouse score
  2421. 97%Faster than radix sort: Kirkpatrick-Reisch sorting
  2422. 98%.NET Rocks! vNext
  2423. 98%Hn blogs newsletter
  2424. 99%The top types `any` and `unknown` in TypeScript
  2425. 99%Building Design Systems for Apps
  2426. 91%Haveibeenpwned.com pwned our helpdesk! GLPI 9.4.5 SQL Injection – fyr.io
  2427. 98%Blazor Train - Free Training on Microsoft Blazor
  2428. 98%Avoiding Unexpected Navigation
  2429. 65%The Universe of Discourse : Weirdos during the depression
  2430. 91%C Internals
  2431. 74%Joomla Resources Directory (JRD) Portal Suffers Data Breach
  2432. 98%canaxess/presentations
  2433. 99%ASP.NET Core WebSockets and Application Lifetime Shutdown Events
  2434. 99%Adding a WebSocket Security Middleware to ASP.NET Core Web Applications
  2435. 99%React and Serverless Part 2- Webinar
  2436. 92%Login
  2437. 99%Don't Code Tired | Conditional HTML Rendering with Microsoft Feature Flags (Microsoft.FeatureManagement)
  2438. 97%Stop Blogging on Medium if You Care about SEO [Tool Analysis]
  2439. 98%</> htmx - high power tools for html
  2440. 95%Rediscovering the Small Web - Neustadt.fr
  2441. 99%Today’s Javascript, from an outsider’s perspective
  2442. 85%I won't buy ebooks anymore
  2443. 99%Complete Website Redesign - (Speed Up Video)
  2444. 99%Idris 2 version 0.2.0 Released
  2445. 98%BackgroundService Gotcha: Startup
  2446. 99%Org Mode - Organize Your Life In Plain Text!
  2447. 95%LaTeX.css — Make your website look like a LaTeX document
  2448. 98%SQLite Release 3.32.0 On 2020-05-22
  2449. 99%React and Serverless - Webinar
  2450. 99%Autofac, WebApplicationFactory and integration tests
  2451. 94%TI removes access to assembly programs on the TI-83 Premium CE
  2452. 99%Send to Carbon with VS19
  2453. 87%Sell Yourself Sell Your Work
  2454. 99%Composing in the Caddyfile
  2455. 99%Accessify your Blazor apps - Hot accessibility techniques for Blazor apps
  2456. 95%Blogging is not dead
  2457. 96%Want to build a side business? Just buy a great Domain Name | Deep South Ventures
  2458. 99%Bolero: F# in WebAssembly
  2459. 96%How Distortion Works in Music
  2460. 99%Tiny websites are great | Tiny Projects
  2461. 99%Tag Helper Authoring in ASP .NET Core 3.1
  2462. 94%new.css
  2463. 98%new.css
  2464. 95%Experiences with email-based login
  2465. 97%Discrete Mathematics - An Open Introduction
  2466. 93%XP.css
  2467. 75%No One Goes There Anymore
  2468. 99%Don't Code Tired | Reducing Magic Strings with Microsoft Feature Toggles (Microsoft.FeatureManagement)
  2469. 98%More fun with comments
  2470. 98%Handling Heavy Ad Interventions  |  Web  |  Google Developers
  2471. 99%How to add custom logging in ASP.NET Core
  2472. 98%Don't Code Tired | Using the Microsoft Feature Toggle Library in ASP.NET Core (Microsoft.FeatureManagement)
  2473. 93%Roundy
  2474. 99%Weep for Graphics Programming
  2475. 94%I made an alt because this is sketchy, so I can only post this here. The government (DEA, ICE, and local authorities) is hiding cameras on telephone poles, and then not securing those cameras with passwords. Anyone can access them.
  2476. 95%WireGuard for OpenBSD Kernel Patches Posted
  2477. 97%Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics
  2478. 98%Statiq - Your Imagination, Your Generator
  2479. 97%Apache NiFi
  2480. 97%PJRC Store
  2481. 93%Scraping Recipe Websites
  2482. 99%Web Scraping with R
  2483. 99%From <code>react-window</code> to <code>react-virtual</code>
  2484. 99%Tip 263 - 5 Visual Studio Code extensions to remain productive while working remote
  2485. 98%Second-guessing the modern web - macwright.org
  2486. 99%Ben Wiser | My blog is now generated by Google Docs
  2487. 99%The IBM 1401 compiles and runs FORTRAN II
  2488. 97%How to Serve Over 100K Web Pages a Day on a Slower Home Internet Connection
  2489. 78%Euler Squares - Numberphile
  2490. 99%GCC 10.1 Released
  2491. 99%Post-Build Events and .NET Core
  2492. 96%Caddy offers TLS, HTTPS, and more in one dependency-free Go Web server
  2493. 97%Take care editing bash scripts
  2494. 99%Connecting to locahost over HTTPS from simulators and emulators (revisited)
  2495. 96%Securing Web API with the Hybrid Flow - Code Maze
  2496. 99%Floating Point Visually Explained
  2497. 99%TLDR: Writing a Slack bot to Summarize Articles
  2498. 96%Formatting Strings with JavaScript Padstart and Padend Functions
  2499. 93%Learn about Blazor with Michael
  2500. 89%Introducing Caddy 2 - The Ultimate Server with Automatic HTTPS
  2501. 99%SVG Fragment Identifiers in HTML and CSS
  2502. 95%Tip 262 - Learn how to reduce cost with Azure
  2503. 93%Full outage
  2504. 92%Salt 3000.2 Release Notes
  2505. 99%Awk in 20 Minutes
  2506. 99%Time Periods
  2507. 99%bliki: KeystoneInterface
  2508. 99%Rust/WinRT Public Preview - Windows Developer Blog
  2509. 77%Join conversation
  2510. 99%Exception Helper – Rethrown Exceptions | Visual Studio Blog
  2511. 95%Software Folklore
  2512. 99%INotifyPropertyChanged with C# 9.0 Source Generators
  2513. 98%Server-Side Rendering is a Thiel Truth
  2514. 97%Visual Studio Code Browser Preview Extension
  2515. 99%Pluralization with EF Core and EF Core Power Tools
  2516. 99%Controlling my A/C with a Gameboy · jg
  2517. 98%Remove certificate pinning for Australia Goverment Covidsafe Android Application
  2518. 98%The Chain of Responsibility Pattern – Or how to over engineer FizzBuzz in PowerShell
  2519. 91%Netherlands commits to Free Software by default
  2520. 91%The Universe of Discourse : Why my book can be downloaded for free
  2521. 99%R 4.0.0 is released
  2522. 99%Announcing Rust 1.43.0 | Rust Blog
  2523. 99%Streamlabs Chat CSS tweak so message goes below name. Good for tall, thin layout.
  2524. 96%Azure Resource Organization Cheat Sheet
  2525. 99%Introducing MVVM architecture. Vanilla javascript implementation.
  2526. 98%Books I recommend to my software engineering students
  2527. 97%GraphQL and Apollo with Andrew Mead (Live Stream)
  2528. 99%Hosting Blazor Applications on GitHub Pages - MikaBerglund.com
  2529. 97%Phoenix Framework
  2530. 96%Lab — CS-3210, Spring 2020 1 documentation
  2531. 94%98.css
  2532. 99%Adding simple email address obfuscation for your blog like Cloudflare Scrape Shield
  2533. 99%Getting Started with Sanity.io
  2534. 89%Matheminecraft: Where math and Minecraft meet
  2535. 98%My Writings
  2536. 95%Python 2.7.18, the last release of Python 2
  2537. 93%Psychedelic compound from magic mushrooms produced in yeast
  2538. 99%Feature Flags (aka Feature Toggles)
  2539. 99%Strategies for migrating to TypeScript
  2540. 99%Watching More Files With Dotnet Watch For Static Sites
  2541. 99%Hands-on Scala Programming
  2542. 99%X410 - X Server for Windows 10
  2543. 93%Trains․NET - Episode 25 - Fighting with Blazor to JavaScript interop to try to extract some speed
  2544. 98%Matt Segal Dev - Nand to Tetris is a great course
  2545. 99%Types for classes as values in TypeScript
  2546. 82%Swagger UI
  2547. 99%Free Google Book: Building Secure and Reliable Systems - High Scalability -
  2548. 96%A Personal History of Compilation Speed, Part 1
  2549. 99%Your statement is 100% correct but misses the entire point
  2550. 99%Your statement is 100% correct but misses the entire point
  2551. 97%The Daddy of Big Numbers (Rayo's Number) - Numberphile
  2552. 94%Things That Turbo Pascal is Smaller Than
  2553. 92%Съобщение във връзка с регистрираните онлайн потребители
  2554. 93%Remove "There were build errors. Would you like to continue and run..." dialog.
  2555. 99%The 501 Developer Manifesto
  2556. 99%CSS Findings From The New Facebook Design - Ahmad Shadeed
  2557. 99%Announcing unverified.email . Pavlo Kerestey
  2558. 98%Mobile Blazor Bindings - Layout and Styling
  2559. 99%Tip 259 - How to use Azure App Service managed certificates
  2560. 88%Table of Contents · Crafting Interpreters
  2561. 98%leontrolski - 33 line React
  2562. 99%How RyuJIT inlines a function (heuristics) | Egor Bogatov — Developer at Microsoft
  2563. 97%Version 1.2.0 released
  2564. 99%Content Injection with Response Rewriting in ASP.NET Core
  2565. 99%Idris 2 version 0.1.0 Released
  2566. 91%Десятки тысяч белорусов требуют ввести в стране карантин. Президент объясняет, почему нет
  2567. 97%Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground
  2568. 95%libgit2 v1.0 Released
  2569. 99%ValueTask Restrictions
  2570. 99%Avoiding SQL Server plan cache pollution with EF Core 3 and Enumerable.Contains()
  2571. 98%[ANNOUNCE] WireGuard 1.0.0 for Linux 5.6 Released
  2572. 85%18RU 600mm Wide x 600mm Deep Server Rack
  2573. 94%24 Port Cat6 Patch Panel, Feed Through, Shielded, 1U, In Stock
  2574. 92%Joomla partners with Report URI for real time Application Security and Health Monitoring
  2575. 98%Tip 258 - Write queries and create dashboards using the full power of Azure Resource Graph
  2576. 98%It's not what programming languages do, it's what they shepherd you to
  2577. 98%Add Upcoming Streams Page to My Gatsby Site (Live Stream)
  2578. 98%It's not what programming languages do, it's what they shepherd you to
  2579. 96%カナメとハルキー 2020.02.26 CDデビュー決定!!
  2580. 93%カナメ@2/26CD発売🦓(@caname2019)のプロフィール - ツイフィール
  2581. 99%Displaying enum as select list in ASP.NET Core
  2582. 99%A categorized list of all Java and JVM features since JDK 8 to 14
  2583. 85%From Laura Baldwin - O’Reilly Media
  2584. 99%Top 10 Static Site Generators in 2020
  2585. 99%c# Snake in the browser
  2586. 97%[15] RFR 8172680: Support SHA-3 based Hmac algorithms
  2587. 98%Emergency Website Kit
  2588. 99%Fun with browsers: how to get an image into the current page
  2589. 97%“We don’t need TDD, our project isn’t worth it” – George Stocker
  2590. 99%Dual boot authentication with ASP.Net Core
  2591. 99%Prettier 2.0 “2020” · Prettier
  2592. 98%Intermediate CSS Grid Challenges (Live Stream)
  2593. 91%The Beauty of CSS Design
  2594. 93%Upcoming Chrome releases
  2595. 98%Using query strings in ASP.NET Core unit tests
  2596. 99%AdoptOpenJDK
  2597. 99%The reckless, infinite scope of web browsers
  2598. 95%NDC Online Community Ambassador : dylanbeattie.net
  2599. 86%Textbooks | What We Publish | Cambridge Core
  2600. 99%VB.NET is done, not dead
  2601. 96%Yahoo!, AOL, OneSearch results biased in favor of parent company Verizon Media’s websites
  2602. 99%SharedWorker
  2603. 99%An Open Letter to Web Developers
  2604. 98%10 Examples of CSS Grid - Getting Started
  2605. 99%Don't replace your View Components with Razor Components
  2606. 95%Ambiente – Imprint
  2607. 98%Tip 256 - Using Application Gateway Ingress Controller with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  2608. 98%Signed distance fields
  2609. 84%Physics Notes
  2610. 99%Back to Basics: Rewriting a URL in ASP.NET Core
  2611. 89%[TUHS] The most surprising Unix programs
  2612. 52%Designing Video Games is Hard Work, But the Millions of Angry Players Make It All Worthwhile
  2613. 69%Microsoft announces change to its board of directors
  2614. 87%A Vacancy Has Been Detected
  2615. 98%Linux Kernel Teaching — The Linux Kernel documentation
  2616. 99%Changing the title without JavaScript
  2617. 99%Developer Resume Reviews (Live Stream)
  2618. 98%The Evolution of Windows Search | Windows Search Platform
  2619. 99%Generate Outputs with Razor Engine in .NET Core
  2620. 99%Bringing full-stack to the JAMstack
  2621. 89%Mr Barton Maths
  2622. 99%React and TypeScript - Getting Started
  2623. 99%How I made a 3D game in only 2KB of JavaScript
  2624. 99%Tip 254 - Use WAF to protect your web applications with Azure Front Door
  2625. 99%How Websites Evolved Back to Static HTML/CSS/JS Files —
  2626. 90%Not a 'math person'? You may be better at learning to code than you think
  2627. 86%I have seen things
  2628. 95%The beautiful machine
  2629. 98%The History of the URL
  2630. 81%Why do I rag on BinaryFormatter?
  2631. 98%Tip 253 - Use Ingress Controller to access resources in an Azure Virtual Network
  2632. 99%Tip 252 - Securing your managed Databases in Azure
  2633. 99%Getting Started With React Hooks
  2634. 95%Revoking certain certificates on March 4
  2635. 97%- Miguel de Icaza
  2636. 99%Introducing GitTrends: GitHub Insights
  2637. 96%Little known features of iTerm2
  2638. 99%.NET Threading and WebAssembly
  2639. 96%[Cado-nfs-discuss] Factorization of RSA-250
  2640. 99%Don’t try to sanitize input. Escape output.
  2641. 98%Why the GOV.UK Design System team changed the input type for numbers - Technology in government
  2642. 98%Let's Encrypt Has Issued a Billion Certificates
  2643. 95%3.0
  2644. 99%Learning Blazor Components: The Definitive Guide
  2645. 99%What is a type in TypeScript? Two perspectives
  2646. 98%Regular-Expressions.info - Regex Tutorial, Examples and Reference
  2647. 92%Tailwind UI
  2648. 98%A History of Entity Framework
  2649. 98%Buy X410 - Microsoft Store
  2650. 99%Getting Started with Parcel.js - A Web Application Bundler
  2651. 96%Acrobat on the Web, Powered by WebAssembly
  2652. 99%Typing Arrays in TypeScript
  2653. 99%The Secret Code: ASP.NET MVC Conventions
  2654. 99%Building String Razor Template Engine with Bare Hands (.NET Core)
  2655. 98%How can I create a password protected .zip file in Windows 10?
  2656. 98%Should you self-host Google Fonts?
  2657. 92%Recreating 3 Seconds of STAR WARS (Green Screen Model)
  2658. 96%Inrupt, Tim Berners-Lee's Solid, and Me
  2659. 99%COPY | Npgsql Documentation
  2660. 60%Ivan On Tech on Programming in Solidity, C++, and Javascript - Cryptographic Asset
  2661. 99%VorTechS/BlazorCarousel
  2662. 99%Build a JavaScript Responsive Sidebar Menu
  2663. 98%Free Website Builder | Create a Free Website | Wix.com
  2664. 99%Testing GitHub Oneboxes for Stack Overflow for Teams
  2665. 99%Testing GitHub Oneboxes on Stack Overflow for Teams
  2666. 99%Using Anti-Forgery Tokens in ASP.NET Core Razor Pages
  2667. 98%Resource Pseudo Localization - Protecting developers from themselves
  2668. 99%syscolabs/kasaya
  2669. 95%BBC Micro bot
  2670. 98%Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct (Nintendo Switch)
  2671. 98%Multi-Perspective Validation Improves Domain Validation Security - Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates
  2672. 81%Peter Lawrence Montgomery, 1947-2020
  2673. 88%G-Truc Creation
  2674. 69%Announcing speakers for 2020 : C++ On Sea
  2675. 98%Pluralsight - Unlimited Online Developer, IT, and Cyber Security Training
  2676. 99%COPY | Npgsql Documentation
  2677. 97%Rémi Bourgarel’s Blog
  2678. 86%Table Convert Online - table to markdown,csv,json,latex table,excel,sql,xml
  2679. 99%Evil Eval() Vol. 2 @ PeachPie | PHP compiler to .NET
  2680. 53%Man who misses Ceefax spends years creating his own version
  2681. 99%Base64 encoding and decoding at almost the speed of a memory copy
  2682. 93%Lazyload images by bengreenstein · Pull Request #3752 · whatwg/html
  2683. 99%ActivityPub, the secret weapon of the Fediverse
  2684. 99%How HTTPS works Part 1 — Building Blocks
  2685. 98%PuzzleScript Game
  2686. 98%ING open sources Lion: A library of performant, accessible & flexible Web Components
  2687. 99%Nintendo Support: Nintendo 3DS Internet Browser Specs
  2688. 96%OpenPush - A Free, Decentralized Push Messaging Framework for Android | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
  2689. 99%Forms and Fields in ASP .NET Core 3.1
  2690. 99%Visual 6502 in JavaScript
  2691. 94%HTTPS Is Easy!
  2692. 99%Create Certificates for IdentityServer4 signing using .NET Core
  2693. 98%torvalds/linux
  2694. 96%Online Text Editor - MyTextArea - a simple online text editor
  2695. 99%Mint
  2696. 84%Girls Who Code -- Join 185,000 Girls Who Code today!
  2697. 98%Old CSS, new CSS / fuzzy notepad
  2698. 99%[Perf] ViewDataDictionary is copied and resized many times · Issue #878 · aspnet/Mvc
  2699. 97%KnightOS was an interesting operating system
  2700. 97%Wait, I have to test the front end too? - NDC London 2020 | Software Developers Conference
  2701. 96%pixivに脆弱なパスワードで登録できないようにしました - pixiv inside
  2702. 82%Unauthorized Charcoal: GE fridges won't dispense ice or water unless your filter authenticates as an official ($55!) component
  2703. 98%A Prime Surprise (Mertens Conjecture) - Numberphile
  2704. 98%ESP32-Cam Quickstart with Arduino Code
  2705. 90%Invoking non-HTTP Azure Functions over HTTP to make development easier
  2706. 99%Vagrant by HashiCorp
  2707. 99%Cookies and Consent in ASP .NET Core 3.1
  2708. 99%yesnet0/bounty
  2709. 99%Analyzing a nullability example · Curiosity is bliss
  2710. 80%Boing Boing was hacked
  2711. 99%Snowpack
  2712. 97%Build Rust environment for ESP32
  2713. 98%Endpoint Debugging in ASP.NET Core 3 Applications
  2714. 98%HTML attributes to improve your users' two factor authentication experience
  2715. 59%America the Beautiful Quarters Program
  2716. 99%The Curious Case of WebCrypto Diffie-Hellman on Firefox - Small Subgroups Key Recovery Attack on DH
  2717. 98%Which emoji scissors close
  2718. 99%Intro to LoRa with Arduino, Long Range Wireless for Makers (RFM95 Maduino)
  2719. 99%Bipin Paul - Display spinner on each API call automatically in Blazor
  2720. 99%An Introduction to DataFrame | .NET Blog
  2721. 99%Reducing log verbosity with Serilog RequestLogging: Using Serilog.AspNetCore in ASP.NET Core 3.0 - Part 1
  2722. 87%It's Official: Open-Plan Offices Are Now the Dumbest Management Fad of All Time
  2723. 99%bradwellsb/blazor-contacts
  2724. 92%Barclays Bank plc
  2725. 97%Happy Holidays from the Windows Terminal Team! | Windows Command Line
  2726. 99%Zero allocation code in C# and Unity - Seba's Lab
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  2728. 99%Using Razor Components in Razor Pages or MVC Views
  2729. 99%Worker Applications — IdentityModel documentation
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  2731. 93%Visual Studio Questions - Developer Community
  2732. 99%SwiftLaTeX/SwiftLaTeX
  2733. 99%Using WebAssembly from .NET with Wasmtime – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
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  2735. 97%Incredible Formula - Numberphile
  2736. 96%Herramienta de Desarrollo para ZX Spectrum SpectNet IDE
  2737. 97%Edward Thomson: GitHub Actions Day 1: CI/CD Triggers
  2738. 99%Running NPM Scripts From A .NET Core Process
  2739. 94%jo_jpeg Release 1.60
  2740. 99%ESPlay Micro: Open Source ESP32 Game Console
  2741. 94%Fit on a Floppy
  2742. 99%How YOU can learn to build real-time Web Apps that scales, using .NET Core, C#, Azure SignalR Service and JavaScript
  2743. 96%davidfowl/signalr-ports
  2744. 98%Socket.IO
  2745. 99%ASP.NET Core Controls - .NET Core 3 Support and Visual Studio Enhancements (v19.2)
  2746. 98%Announcing .NET Jupyter Notebooks - Scott Hanselman
  2747. 97%Bypassing GitHub’s OAuth flow
  2748. 99%Base64 encoding and decoding at almost the speed of a memory copy
  2749. 97%Minimal Viable Programs - <h1>Joe Armstrong - Erlang and other stuff</h1>
  2750. 99%golang/go
  2751. 92%07 Political and controversial matters
  2752. 99%cfrg/pake-selection
  2753. 99%Destroying x86_64 instruction decoders with differential fuzzing
  2754. 99%LISA2019 Linux Systems Performance
  2755. 98%Untitled Goose Game - Insecure Deserialization
  2756. 96%This Video Is Sponsored By ███ VPN
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  2758. 99%Firefox 70 — a bountiful release for all – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
  2759. 96%Introduction to Routing in Blazor
  2760. 96%Contributing | Servicios gratuitos para webmasters: scripts en castellano, intercambio de banners, redirección de URLS, espacio jurídico
  2761. 94%Netcode [p1]: Fightin' Words
  2762. 98%Pac-Man | Design Icons
  2763. 93%Security flaws exposed personal data from home loan applications in South Africa
  2764. 89%Pixels of the Week – October 13, 2019 by Stéphanie Walter - UX designer & Mobile Expert.
  2765. 99%Grant Types — IdentityServer4 1.0.0 documentation
  2766. 99%nanochess/bootOS
  2767. 97%Chrome UI for Deprecating Legacy TLS Versions
  2768. 93%Embracing gRPC in .Net Core
  2769. 95%Overriding :root CSS variables from inner scopes
  2770. 98%Don’t use Azure Functions as a web application
  2771. 95%Overriding :root CSS variables from inner scopes
  2772. 99%Native image lazy-loading for the web!
  2773. 96%3.0 Release Notes | Npgsql Documentation
  2774. 98%Your Own Serverless Request Bin with Azure Functions
  2775. 97%3 as the sum of the 3 cubes - Numberphile
  2776. 96%Windows Terminal Preview 1909 | Windows Command Line
  2777. 61%UserSecrets Broken in VS 2019 16.3.0 - Developer Community
  2778. 99%prefers-color-scheme
  2779. 93%JDK 13: The new features in Java 13
  2780. 97%Chrome 78 Beta: a new Houdini API, native file system access and more
  2781. 87%LEOPOLD NASA FOIA 2019 OK Asteroid
  2782. 95%BeagleBoard.org® Launches BeagleBone® AI, Offering a Fast Track to Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence at the Edge
  2783. 99%gRPC and C# 8 Async stream
  2784. 95%sciter – Multiplatform HTML/CSS UI Engine for Desktop and Mobile Application
  2785. 98%.NET Core Opinion 14 - Razor Pages for HTML, Controllers for APIs
  2786. 99%Combining Razor and Blazor Pages in a Single ASP.NET Core 3 Application - Mikael Koskinen
  2787. 92%PrivacySafe: The Anti-Cloud Appliance
  2788. 98%Herding Code 239: Jerome Laban on Uno Platform – Herding Code
  2789. 89%Support asp-items for datalist element · Issue #7663 · dotnet/aspnetcore
  2790. 64%Nedbank blocks customers from using password managers
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  2798. 75%XKCD forum data breach impacted 562,000 subscribers
  2799. 99%AsciiDoc Home Page
  2800. 70%The Egg - A Short Story
  2801. 96%Ctrl+F (and possible other actions) should not close the temporary tab you activated it in - Developer Community
  2802. 97%Insomnia
  2803. 94%Windows Terminal Preview v0.4 Release | Windows Command Line
  2804. 99%Introduction to using XPath in JavaScript
  2805. 99%ASP.NET Core Tag Helpers and View Components
  2806. 99%tc39/proposal-realms
  2807. 99%Protecting Chrome users in Kazakhstan
  2808. 87%Duckie.me: A tool for one person pairing.
  2809. 92%The first ever photograph of light as both a particle and wave
  2810. 98%Web Thing API
  2811. 92%Chrome, Firefox to expunge Extended Validation cert signals
  2812. 94%Managing SSL certificates may be getting that much more difficult
  2813. 96%Potentially unsafe uses of unsafe · Issue #145 · mozilla/neqo
  2814. 97%me-no-dev/ESPAsyncWebServer
  2815. 97%chanan/BlazorStrap
  2816. 94%NVIDIA/open-gpu-doc
  2817. 98%New features in 0.9.45 @ PeachPie | PHP compiler to .NET
  2818. 98%egil/razor-components-testing-library
  2819. 99%Introduction
  2820. 97%The Incremental Machine — Acko.net
  2821. 99%Smart LLVM #1: Optimizing range checks | Egor Bogatov — Developer at Microsoft
  2822. 97%More on Backdooring (or Not) WhatsApp - Schneier on Security
  2823. 99%Fixing ASP.NET Core’s UseStatusCodePages Middleware
  2824. 99%TimeWarp-Blazor Template
  2825. 79%Ugly Gerry, a font based on gerrymandered districts
  2826. 99%Using a Code-Behind Approach to Blazor Components
  2827. 84%The Mexican Repatriation
  2828. 73%Hugo's House of Horrors
  2829. 94%RELEASE: ASP .NET Core A-Z eBook
  2830. 98%Developing your personal brand with Troy Hunt
  2831. 97%scrollbar-width
  2832. 98%The World Wide Web project
  2833. 76%Xiaomi Data Breach — "Exposing Xiaomi" Talk Pulled from Hacking Conference
  2834. 98%PuzzleScript Game
  2835. 99%BlazorHelp Website > Blog - Creating Blazor Templated Components
  2836. 98%Living Underwater: How Submarines Work
  2837. 92%SNEAK PEEK: ASP .NET Core A-Z eBook
  2838. 98%PuzzleScript Game
  2839. 94%Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them.
  2840. 99%Size matters
  2841. 93%Snips and Seeed- Voice Interaction Development Kits
  2842. 99%ASP.NET Core, Beyond HTTP
  2843. 95%Browsh
  2844. 98%The Dangers of Stopping Event Propagation | CSS-Tricks
  2845. 98%Appropriate Uses For SQLite
  2846. 98%strong_password v0.0.7 rubygem hijacked
  2847. 59%VS 2019 16.2 Preview 3: Hangs indefinitely loading solution - Developer Community
  2848. 97%ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit v19.1.0 - Now Available
  2849. 94%Mistaeks I Hav Made: Mistakes we made adopting event sourcing (and how we recovered)
  2850. 99%Using Chained Certificates for Certificate Authentication in ASP.NET Core 3.1
  2851. 98%chanan/BlazorPrettyCode
  2852. 97%Trace Context
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  2856. 98%POSIX close(2) is broken
  2857. 98%Working with local storage in Blazor - danpatrascu.com
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  2859. 93%Raspberry Pi PoE HAT
  2860. 96%How Ledger Hacked an HSM | Cryptosense
  2861. 97%Introduction to Computer Programming at the University of Waterloo: CS 105 and CS 106
  2862. 98%urllib.robotparser — Parser for robots.txt — Python 3.8.2rc1 documentation
  2863. 82%Taking a harder look at harassment
  2864. 93%r/webdev - Just an observation. I have been interviewing candidates for a web dev position. A serious lack of knowledge in HTML/CSS.
  2865. 99%Building the most inaccessible site possible with a perfect Lighthouse score
  2866. 99%Monoid
  2867. 99%PHP on .NET Core 3.0 @ PeachPie | PHP compiler to .NET
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  2873. 99%Updating Microsoft Account Logins in ASP.NET Core with OpenID Connect and Azure Active Directory
  2874. 99%SharpFuzz: Bringing the power of afl-fuzz to .NET platform
  2875. 99%Overview of nullability analysis · Curiosity is bliss
  2876. 93%[Cryptography] Bitcoin - closing the coin
  2877. 99%Markdown Monster: A better Markdown Editor for Windows
  2878. 98%Monitor Blazor WASM loading and report errors
  2879. 99%kkuchta/css-only-chat
  2880. 84%Self Publishing, Book Printing and Publishing Online - Lulu
  2881. 99%Reduce SMS 2FA Risks By Using Device Data
  2882. 95%Toward Practical Real-Time Photon Mapping: Efficient GPU Density Estimation
  2883. 99%Reverse Engineering InternalCall Methods in .NET
  2884. 98%HTTP headers for the responsible developer
  2885. 99%ASCII Art in .NET Code
  2886. 79%Rust's 2019 roadmap | Rust Blog
  2887. 99%JDK 12 Security Enhancements
  2888. 99%Tag Helpers in ASP.NET Core
  2889. 99%ispc/ispc
  2890. 65%pla85900 Home
  2891. 99%GitHub Extension for Visual Studio
  2892. 99%Creating an ASP.NET Core Markdown TagHelper and Parser
  2893. 96%A .vsconfig file should automatically prompt to install extensions - Developer Community
  2894. 89%French officials call Project Gutenberg archive, 15 million ebooks, Grateful Dead recordings and Prelinger Archive "terrorism," demands removal from Internet Archive
  2895. 99%Using ASP.NET Core Identity users in integration tests
  2896. 89%Blocking high-risk non-secure downloads from Emily Stark on 2019-04-09 (public-webappsec@w3.org from April 2019)
  2897. 92%Native Lazy Loading for &lt;img&gt; and &lt;iframe&gt; is Coming to the Web - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
  2898. 99%RAGRETS.MD | commentout.net
  2899. 99%string vs. String is not a style debate
  2900. 99%Proposal: <button once="true" /> attribute · Issue #1692 · w3c/html
  2901. 95%US $10.71 33% OFF|37mm diameter gearbox halll encoder micro spur gear motor Speed Reduction Geared Motor for robot smart small car-in DC Motor from Home Improvement on AliExpress
  2902. 95%brave/brave-browser
  2903. 97%Your words are wasted - Scott Hanselman
  2904. 99%The "Testable Object" Pattern
  2905. 99%ScottGu's Blog - ASP.NET MVC 1.0
  2906. 99%Using Lambda@Edge to handle Angular client-side routing with S3 and CloudFront
  2907. 98%Is making a struct readonly a breaking change?
  2908. 95%The ACME Protocol is an IETF Standard - Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates
  2909. 99%IdentityServer - Training
  2910. 98%Guys! I'm BACK! [Quick Announcement]
  2911. 98%Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc
  2912. 99%distage: Staged Dependency Injection · Izumi Project
  2913. 98%‎MailOnline
  2914. 87%jnm2/preference
  2915. 99%BoringTun, a userspace WireGuard implementation in Rust
  2916. 94%Landau's Function -- from Wolfram MathWorld
  2917. 97%Security, Cloud Delivery, Performance | Akamai
  2918. 98%So you want your app/website to work in China…
  2919. 97%Security, Cloud Delivery, Performance | Akamai
  2920. 99%Non-idiomatic F#
  2921. 92%Add option to stop projects building if their dependencies fail to build. - Developer Community
  2922. 99%dotnet/aspnetcore
  2923. 97%Security, Cloud Delivery, Performance | Akamai
  2924. 96%How To Learn CSS — Smashing Magazine
  2925. 96%Find Files (Ctrl+P) is very slow · Issue #26868 · microsoft/vscode
  2926. 99%Allow seamless markup in local functions and @functions. by NTaylorMullen · Pull Request #334 · dotnet/aspnetcore-tooling
  2927. 99%Deploying Blazor Apps Using Azure Pipelines
  2928. 99%markup_in_functions_block.md
  2929. 97%Online FFT calculator
  2930. 88%Intel® NUC Mini PCs
  2931. 98%Microsoft Graph E-mail Sample - POST to https://graph.microsoft.com/beta/me/sendmail from https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/graph-explorer
  2932. 95%brave/brave-browser
  2933. 92%Constant-time gcd: Papers
  2934. 98%PostgreSQL Tools for the Visually Inclined
  2935. 99%Wake Up And Code!
  2936. 70%The Latest in Creepy Spyware - Schneier on Security
  2937. 99%Crypto Canon - Andreessen Horowitz
  2938. 96%The Agoric Papers
  2939. 98%AI Progress Measurement
  2940. 99%[PATCH] fuse: invalidate inode pagecache when atomic_o_trunc flag is enabled — Linux Filesystem Development
  2941. 90%ORCA Sequencer - Guided Tour №1 (Rhythm and Math!)
  2942. 98%Profile your CPU and GPU (OpenGL and Vulkan) code with Tracy Profiler
  2943. 99%How C++ Debuggers work - Simon Brand - Meeting C++ 2017
  2944. 82%Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques
  2945. 94%Breaking the x86 Instruction Set
  2946. 98%On the Security of Password Managers - Schneier on Security
  2947. 87%Friday Squid Blogging: A Tracking Device for Squid - Schneier on Security
  2948. 93%Gen. Nakasone on US Cyber Command - Schneier on Security
  2949. 84%Reverse Location Search Warrants - Schneier on Security
  2950. 85%I Am Not Associated with Swift Recovery Ltd. - Schneier on Security
  2951. 93%Cyberinsurance and Acts of War - Schneier on Security
  2952. 82%Friday Squid Blogging: The Hawaiian Bobtail Squid Genome - Schneier on Security
  2953. 87%China's AI Strategy and its Security Implications - Schneier on Security
  2954. 94%Using Gmail "Dot Addresses" to Commit Fraud - Schneier on Security
  2955. 94%Major Zcash Vulnerability Fixed - Schneier on Security
  2956. 70%Facebook's New Privacy Hires - Schneier on Security
  2957. 93%Friday Squid Blogging: Squid with Chorizo, Tomato, and Beans - Schneier on Security
  2958. 96%Security Flaws in Children's Smart Watches - Schneier on Security
  2959. 98%Security Analysis of the LIFX Smart Light Bulb - Schneier on Security
  2960. 84%iPhone FaceTime Vulnerability - Schneier on Security
  2961. 90%Japanese Government Will Hack Citizens' IoT Devices - Schneier on Security
  2962. 98%Hacking the GCHQ Backdoor - Schneier on Security
  2963. 89%Military Carrier Pigeons in the Era of Electronic Warfare - Schneier on Security
  2964. 95%The Evolution of Darknets - Schneier on Security
  2965. 87%Hacking Construction Cranes - Schneier on Security
  2966. 88%Clever Smartphone Malware Concealment Technique - Schneier on Security
  2967. 80%Prices for Zero-Day Exploits Are Rising - Schneier on Security
  2968. 94%Speaking Events: MCSC 2019 - Schneier on Security
  2969. 90%Speaking Events: A New Initiative for Poland - Schneier on Security
  2970. 98%Upcoming Speaking Engagements - Schneier on Security
  2971. 97%Why Internet Security Is So Bad - Schneier on Security
  2972. 93%Friday Squid Blogging: New Giant Squid Video - Schneier on Security
  2973. 88%Using a Fake Hand to Defeat Hand-Vein Biometrics - Schneier on Security
  2974. 64%Security Vulnerabilities in Cell Phone Systems - Schneier on Security
  2975. 99%EU Offering Bug Bounties on Critical Open-Source Software - Schneier on Security
  2976. 98%Machine Learning to Detect Software Vulnerabilities - Schneier on Security
  2977. 98%New Attack Against Electrum Bitcoin Wallets - Schneier on Security
  2978. 93%Friday Squid Blogging: The Future of the Squid Market - Schneier on Security
  2979. 91%Podcast Interview with Eva Galperin - Schneier on Security
  2980. 94%Long-Range Familial Searching Forensics - Schneier on Security
  2981. 93%China's APT10 - Schneier on Security
  2982. 81%Friday Squid Blogging: Squid-Focused Menus in Croatia - Schneier on Security
  2983. 96%Click Here to Kill Everybody Available as an Audiobook - Schneier on Security
  2984. 65%Massive Ad Fraud Scheme Relied on BGP Hijacking - Schneier on Security
  2985. 96%Human Rights by Design - Schneier on Security
  2986. 98%MD5 and SHA-1 Still Used in 2018 - Schneier on Security
  2987. 76%Fraudulent Tactics on Amazon Marketplace - Schneier on Security
  2988. 80%Congressional Report on the 2017 Equifax Data Breach - Schneier on Security
  2989. 94%Teaching Cybersecurity Policy - Schneier on Security
  2990. 79%New Shamoon Variant - Schneier on Security
  2991. 88%Real-Time Attacks Against Two-Factor Authentication - Schneier on Security
  2992. 84%Marriott Hack Reported as Chinese State-Sponsored - Schneier on Security
  2993. 95%New Australian Backdoor Law - Schneier on Security
  2994. 84%Back Issues of the NSA's Cryptolog - Schneier on Security
  2995. 90%Your Personal Data is Already Stolen - Schneier on Security
  2996. 98%Bad Consumer Security Advice - Schneier on Security
  2997. 92%The DoJ's Secret Legal Arguments to Break Cryptography - Schneier on Security
  2998. 91%Click Here to Kill Everybody News - Schneier on Security
  2999. 84%Three-Rotor Enigma Machine Up for Auction Today - Schneier on Security
  3000. 96%Distributing Malware By Becoming an Admin on an Open-Source Project - Schneier on Security
  3001. 91%Using Machine Learning to Create Fake Fingerprints - Schneier on Security
  3002. 80%What Happened to Cyber 9/11? - Schneier on Security
  3003. 70%Israeli Surveillance Gear - Schneier on Security
  3004. 77%Mailing Tech Support a Bomb - Schneier on Security
  3005. 89%Chip Cards Fail to Reduce Credit Card Fraud in the US - Schneier on Security
  3006. 81%Upcoming Speaking Engagements - Schneier on Security
  3007. 90%Speaking Events: University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland - Schneier on Security
  3008. 90%Speaking Events: Digital Society Conference, Berlin - Schneier on Security
  3009. 94%Hiding Secret Messages in Fingerprints - Schneier on Security
  3010. 95%The Pentagon Is Publishing Foreign Nation-State Malware - Schneier on Security
  3011. 70%Privacy and Security of Data at Universities - Schneier on Security
  3012. 82%iOS 12.1 Vulnerability - Schneier on Security
  3013. 96%Consumer Reports Reviews Wireless Home-Security Cameras - Schneier on Security
  3014. 94%Speaking Events: MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts - Schneier on Security
  3015. 96%Security of Solid-State-Drive Encryption - Schneier on Security
  3016. 94%Troy Hunt on Passwords - Schneier on Security
  3017. 66%How to Punish Cybercriminals - Schneier on Security
  3018. 96%Buying Used Voting Machines on eBay - Schneier on Security
  3019. 76%Was the Triton Malware Attack Russian in Origin? - Schneier on Security
  3020. 89%More on the Supermicro Spying Story - Schneier on Security
  3021. 82%Security Vulnerability in Internet-Connected Construction Cranes - Schneier on Security
  3022. 93%Face à la crise du mouvement des « gilets jaunes », les préfets sonnent l’alerte politique
  3023. 98%oss-security - MatrixSSL stack buffer overflow
  3024. 95%Lecture: A deep dive into the world of DOS viruses | Friday | Schedule 35th Chaos Communication Congress
  3025. 99%This job is unavailable
  3026. 95%Lecture: The year in post-quantum crypto | Friday | Schedule 35th Chaos Communication Congress
  3027. 91%Table of Contents - IEEE Transactions on Computers | IEEE Computer Society Digital Library
  3028. 98%djbsort: Changes
  3029. 97%Information on RFC 8391 » RFC Editor
  3030. 88%Security in Times of Surveillance
  3031. 82%Classic McEliece: Talks
  3032. 88%Security in Times of Surveillance
  3033. 88%Post-Quantum Cryptography
  3034. 97%CBC Workshop 2018 : Florida Atlantic University - Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
  3035. 92%NTRU Prime: NIST submission
  3036. 81%EGSR 2019
  3037. 99%NVIDIA Turing Vulkan/OpenGL extensions
  3038. 73%siggraph course: path tracing in production
  3039. 96%Combining Analytic Direct Illumination and Stochastic Shadows
  3040. 84%Rendering Layered Materials
  3041. 95%A Radiative Transfer Framework for Spatially-Correlated Materials
  3042. 94%Efficient Rendering of Layered Materials using an Atomic Decomposition with Statistical Operators
  3043. 97%Monte Carlo methods for volumetric light transport simulation
  3044. 98%How colliding blocks act like a beam of light...to compute pi.
  3045. 99%Constructing a cubic Bezier that passes through four points
  3046. 97%How To Solve For The Angle - Viral Math Challenge
  3047. 83%Even without explicit collusion, pricing algorithms converge on price-fixing strategies
  3048. 90%Slim and light Asus StudioBook S (W700) offers Intel Xeon CPU and Nvidia Quadro P3200 GPU
  3049. 81%progonos.com
  3050. 99%WireGuard for macOS
  3051. 99%draft-boneh-bls-signature-00 - BLS Signature Scheme
  3052. 87%Format selector for 1705.05937
  3053. 99%Isaac Asimov's Predictions for 2019
  3054. 83%piwheels - Package List
  3055. 96%I saw how Prusament and the Prusa i3 MK3 are made! (we find some early SL1 prototypes)
  3056. 85%Computer Science and Engineering: Software Foundations Assistant Professor (open until filled, initial review 12/14/18)
  3057. 88%Nvidia Launches Turing Architecture, Quadro RTX Ray-Tracing GPU
  3058. 84%Making rent in Silicon Valley
  3060. 95%DEF CON® 27 Hacking Conference - Call For Papers
  3061. 97%Security Freeze Center at Experian
  3062. 82%craigslist | post not found
  3063. 96%statement on event-stream compromise
  3064. 92%Sesame Street - Rectangles in the city and country (1969)
  3065. 82%Science Says You Shouldn't Work More Than This Number of Hours a Week
  3066. 96%WEBGL_multi_draw performance on WebGL Animometer
  3067. 99%dotMorten/DotNetOMDGenerator
  3068. 91%three.js webgl - cubes - indexed
  3069. 80%Donations
  3070. 99%Integration testing data access in ASP.​NET Core
  3071. 99%Migrating oidc-client-js to use the OpenID Connect Authorization Code Flow and PKCE
  3072. 99%Tracking down action methods that need ValidateAntiForgeryToken using Structural Search and Replace
  3073. 99%Securing Angular applications using the OpenID Connect Code Flow with PKCE
  3074. 99%Rendering Markdown to HTML and Parsing YAML Front Matter in C#
  3075. 99%Dynamically setting Content Type in ASP.NET Core with FileExtensionContentTypeProvider
  3076. 99%Forms and Fields in ASP .NET Core
  3077. 99%An introduction to ASP.NET Core Razor Pages
  3078. 99%twbs/rfs
  3079. 95%Bootstrap 4.3.0
  3080. 99%Get These Dependencies Off My Lawn: 5 Tasks You Didn't Know Could be Done with Pure HTML and CSS
  3081. 92%Make your site’s pages instant in 1 minute
  3082. 99%GoogleChromeLabs/quicklink