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  1. 97%Introducing C#11: Auto Default structs
  2. 99%Git 101 Basics - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #4
  3. 62%Git Pull Requests explained - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #5
  4. 96%Git Push --Force will destroy the timeline and kill us all - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #7
  5. 98%Git Rebase vs Merge explained - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #6
  6. 98%Basic Text Editing and Hotkeys in VS Code - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #3
  7. 99%Upside Down Backups - IvyMike.dev
  8. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  9. 91%0 A.D.: Empires Ascendant
  10. 90%A Brief History of Android: Founding, Evolution & Industry Impact
  11. 99%Then Try This / samplebrain · GitLab
  12. 98%Software&Tools I use daily
  13. 99%The Appeal of Monorepo
  14. 94%Code Names Are Bad
  15. 99%ZpqrtBnk
  16. 99%Entering Actor Model Nirvana with F# and TPL DataFlow
  17. 99%How to take an ASP.NET Core web site “Down for maintenance” – The Reformed Programmer
  18. 79%Git from the Bottom Up – The Index
  19. 98%My Blogging Utopia - Kev Quirk
  20. 99%CCPS, a Capcom CPS-1 SDK
  21. 87%The Book of CP-System
  22. 95%roapi/README.md at main · roapi/roapi
  23. 98%Storage and transaction in mvSQLite
  24. 99%GitHub - nextapps-de/winbox: WinBox is a modern HTML5 window manager for the web: lightweight, outstanding performance, no dependencies, fully customizable, open source!
  25. 89%2022 Board election - Joe Guadagno
  26. 96%2022 Board election - Poornima Nayer
  27. 95%2022 Board election - Jessica White
  28. 98%2022 Board election - Dennie DeClerq
  29. 90%Board Election - Iris Classon
  30. 97%Simplifying switcheroos | BryceWray.com
  31. 98%Homelab Pi Rack upgrade, just in time for AnsibleFest 2022
  32. 98%Friday Facts #370 - The journey to Nintendo Switch | Factorio
  33. 99%Visual Studio: How to Pair to Mac for iOS Development on Windows - Nick's .NET Travels
  34. 99%Help people in Iran reconnect to Signal – a request to our community
  35. 99%Making a twitter bot in the year 2022 with node.js
  36. 98%Exploiting Web3’s Hidden Attack Surface: Universal XSS on Netlify’s Next.js Library | Sam Curry
  37. 98%06 SnarkyJS
  38. 99%GitHub - cassiozen/TDungeon: TDungeon is a small adventure game that runs in the Typescript type system
  39. 99%Systemd support is now available in WSL!
  40. 93%06 SnarkyJS
  41. 97%Software Development Best Practices for High-Performing Team
  42. 97%Entitlement in Open Source
  43. 66%Ask.FM user database with 350m user records has shown up for sale
  44. 99%Git - git-worktree Documentation
  45. 97%How hashing and cryptography made the internet possible | Red Hat Developer
  46. 98%Monsters Weekly 259 - Faster Azure DevOps Pipelines
  47. 98%Announcing OpenFGA - Auth0’s Open Source Fine Grained Authorization System
  48. 93%2022 Board election - Jessica White
  49. 99%2022 Board election.- Gabriel Emmanuel
  50. 95%2022 Board election - Iris Classon
  51. 98%2022 Board election - Dennie DeClerq
  52. 96%2022 Board election - David Djeruf
  53. 99%An Introduction to Ansible Inventory
  54. 97%Over-engineering my TV watching - Part 1: bypassing geo-block with a custom reverse proxy
  55. 99%.NET Framework September 2022 Cumulative Update Preview
  56. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  57. 99%.NET MAUI in .NET 7 Release Candidate 1
  58. 98%Workflow for 3.12 cycle · faster-cpython/ideas Wiki
  59. 99%Detect security issues in your SaaS apps with Cloudflare CASB
  60. 99%What is NullReferenceException in C#? - Code Maze
  61. 98%When to refactor
  62. 99%Test X by Controlling X
  63. 99%GitHub - carson-katri/dream-textures: Stable Diffusion built-in to the Blender shader editor
  64. 98%What happens when you amend a commit?
  65. 96%Content based change detection with Make
  66. 99%How I manage my passwords
  67. 97%How you can help the Linux Mobile ecosystem
  68. 99%How I’m a Productive Programmer With a Memory of a Fruit Fly
  69. 96%Visual Studio Devs Can Now Roll Back Problematic Updates -- Visual Studio Magazine
  70. 83%Release v7.0.0 · Blazored/Modal
  71. 99%What's new in Grial UI Kit 4?
  72. 99%Working Iteratively
  73. 98%The next big step: Godot 4.0 reaches Beta
  74. 99%Release v0.8.0-pre.20220915.33 · DamianEdwards/MinimalApis.Extensions
  75. 99%Using Cloudflare R2 as an apt/yum repository
  76. 99%GitHub - nadrad/h-m-m: Hackers Mind Map
  77. 99%A quick glance at the Kubernetes Gateway API
  78. 99%Attacking the Android kernel using the Qualcomm TrustZone
  79. 99%Visual Studio 2022 17.4 Preview 2
  80. 99%The Perfect Development Environment
  81. 89%A Year In, GitHub Measures AI-Based Copilot's Productivity Boost -- Visual Studio Magazine
  82. 91%We have decentralized version control, but centralized version management
  83. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  84. 99%GitHub - dotnet/standard: This repo is building the .NET Standard
  85. 98%.NET on Azure Functions Roadmap Update
  86. 98%Coalescing DTOs
  87. 99%GitHub - crate-ci/cargo-release: Cargo subcommand `release`: everything about releasing a rust crate.
  88. 99%Azure Functions Support for .NET 7 Progresses -- Visual Studio Magazine
  89. 98%Referencing a Local Private NuGet Package in your Solution
  90. 79%Git from the Bottom Up – Rebasing
  91. 98%SQLite Doesn't Use Git
  92. 99%Deploying a .NET gRPC Server on Azure App Service - Sahan Serasinghe - Tech Blog
  93. 97%GitHub - divamgupta/diffusionbee-stable-diffusion-ui: Diffusion Bee is the easiest way to run Stable Diffusion locally on your M1 Mac. Comes with a one-click installer. No dependencies or technical knowledge needed.
  94. 99%Client-side vs Server-side, Front-end vs Back-end? Beginner Explanation of JavaScript on the Web
  95. 99%GitHub - o1-labs/ocamlbyexample: Learn Ocaml by reading code examples
  96. 99%GitHub - meienberger/runtipi: ⛺️ Tipi is a homeserver for everyone! One command setup, one click installs for your favorites self-hosted apps. ✨
  97. 99%Offline documentation with webdoc
  98. 96%Regulating email providers
  99. 99%GitHub - AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui: Stable Diffusion web UI
  100. 98%The Case for Use.GPU
  101. 90%Shiba Inu Leaked their AWS Cloud Credential
  102. 99%Git - Git Configuration
  103. 99%Use Static Web Apps API and API Management Authorizations to integrate third party services
  104. 99%Old School Unix Administration (My Next Homelab Generation) — scholz.ruhr
  105. 98%I don’t believe in Scrum
  106. 99%Alexandre Nédélec - Discussion around API clients
  107. 99%Sign your Git commits with 1Password | 1Password
  108. 99%How to set up your GitOps directory structure | Red Hat Developer
  109. 96% Current Report 8-K
  110. 99%Scroll Restoration with Client Side Routing
  111. 97%It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway: Replacing a service binary
  112. 98%Difftastic, the Fantastic Diff
  113. 99%Perfect Notes or My Journey to Obsidian
  114. 98%One Year With the Framework Laptop and NixOS
  115. 99%Multi-Class Classification Using PyTorch, Part 1: New Best Practices -- Visual Studio Magazine
  116. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  117. 97%Securing Software Repositories APAC friendly (June 29, 2022)
  118. 98%[Last Week in .NET #99] – NEIN NEIN Azure
  119. 99%What’s the SynchronizationContext used for?
  120. 99%GitHub - Sanakan8472/copy-dialog-lunar-lander: Play lunar lander in you windows file copy dialog
  121. 92%James Stanley - Cheating at chess with a computer for my shoes
  122. 99%Top 10 skills every programmer should know
  123. 99%Custom Identity User Management in ASP.NET Core - Detailed Guide | Pro Code Guide
  124. 99%How to Change an Azure Function Written in .NET from In-Process to Isolated Process - Nick's .NET Travels
  125. 99%10 Tiny Things in C#/.NET I Wish Were Different
  126. 98%What the KIM-1 really needs is bubble memory (plus: 20mA current loop for fun and profit)
  127. 95%Running Stable Diffusion with an Old GPU
  128. 99%Tips to Get Started with Cosmopolitan Libc
  129. 99%Arti 1.0.0 is released: Our Rust Tor implementation is ready for production use. | Tor Project
  130. 97%A Small Stripe Fraud Story
  131. 98%My Video Synthesis Journey
  132. 98%An Adventure in Pre-Rendered Backgrounds
  133. 99%.NET Monthly Roundup - August 2022
  134. 97%Trending tab · Discussion #31644 · community/community
  135. 99%My advice on why you should build containers on your PC | Red Hat Developer
  136. 99%Comment déployer un noeud validateur Mina et déléguer vos MINA : le tuto complet
  137. 99%Finally Released: 3-Column Merge Editor in VS Code!
  138. 98%Generating Code Coverage Metrics for .NET Framework Applications
  139. 95%Merge Editor Improvements Highlight VS Code 1.71 (August 2022 Update) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  140. 99%Alexandre Nédélec - How did I automate the setup of my developer Windows laptop?
  141. 99%Run
  142. 99%Infrequent, Pragmatic, Lambda Blog - Cognitive Loads in Programming
  143. 99%WebKit on GitHub!
  144. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup (September 2022)
  145. 99%Smart App Control Internals (Part 1) :: Up is Down and Black is White — n4r1b
  146. 94%Cloudflare's abuse policies & approach
  147. 99%GitHub - phil294/AHK_X11: AutoHotkey for Linux (X11-based systems)
  148. 94%What's New in TypeScript 4.8 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  149. 99%Writing a .NET profiler in C# - Part 1
  150. 94%Runtime .NET - Clever Cloud
  151. 99%Buildpacks | Heroku Dev Center
  152. 99%Announcing TypeScript 4.8
  153. 82%90's Cursor Effects
  154. 99%AspNetCoreDiagnosticScenarios/AsyncGuidance.md at master · davidfowl/AspNetCoreDiagnosticScenarios
  155. 99%GitHub - upscayl/upscayl: 🆙 Upscayl - Free and Open Source AI Image Upscaler for Linux, MacOS and Windows built with Linux-First philosophy.
  156. 97%Update AsyncGuidance.md by davidfowl · Pull Request #91 · davidfowl/AspNetCoreDiagnosticScenarios
  157. 79%Git from the Bottom Up – Commits
  158. 97%On Caching Elixir Beam files · Anantha Kumaran
  159. 95%Problem Details responses everywhere with ASP.NET Core and .NET 7
  160. 98%André Staltz - Time Till Open Source Alternative
  161. 95%Why Slack’s free plan change is causing an exodus
  162. 98%practical-aspnetcore/projects/minimal-api/anti-forgery-3 at net6.0 · dodyg/practical-aspnetcore
  163. 98%Running darktable on RISC-V
  164. 99%Cryptographic Agility and Superior Alternatives - Dhole Moments
  165. 94%Short story about my Steam Deck
  166. 99%Handling dependencies with CMake
  167. 98%How to Set Up Your Own Personal Wiki
  168. 99%Removal of Heroku Free Product Plans FAQ
  169. 98%Heroku’s Next Chapter
  170. 94%SSH commit verification now supported | GitHub Changelog
  171. 99%3-lisp: an infinite tower of meta-circular interpreters.
  172. 96%Preparing for the wave of open source funding
  173. 98%Mainnet Merge Announcement
  174. 98%The Future of NGINX: Getting Back to Our Open Source Roots - NGINX
  175. 99%How to use OpenTelemetry to trace Node.js applications | Red Hat Developer
  176. 99%My new tab
  177. 95%GitHub Quick Reviews
  178. 95%A Peek at Latest C# 11 Features Coming in November with .NET 7 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  179. 82%Unix legend, who owes us nothing, keeps fixing foundational AWK code
  180. 98%More Phishing Attempts | LINQ to Fail
  181. 99%Clip control on the Apple GPU
  182. 99%Bootstrapping LTE Physical channels
  183. 96%What's Next for .NET MAUI? Roadmap & Xamarin Sunset Unveiled -- Visual Studio Magazine
  184. 89%Ridiculous vulnerability disclosure process with CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor
  185. 70%The downfall of smart TVs: From promises of seamless viewing to ad tool on steroids
  186. 63%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  187. 97%This Program is Illegally Packaged in 14 Distributions
  188. 99%Announcing TypeScript 4.8 RC
  189. 99%8 elements of securing Node.js applications | Red Hat Developer
  190. 99%Secure your workflows with StepSecurity Harden Runner
  191. 99%GitHub - Trivo25/mina-zk-rollup: A modular zk-Rollup for zero knowledge smart contracts, zkApps, on the Mina blockchain.
  192. 97%My tone doesn’t make me wrong, or how I convinced the Ruby project to fix an inconsistency
  193. 84%Museletter #348: The Limits to Growth at 50
  194. 98%What is Lattice-based Cryptography?
  195. 99%Renovate, a Dependabot alternative
  196. 97%Remove ThreadPool native implementation by eduardo-vp · Pull Request #71719 · dotnet/runtime
  197. 99%Turning SQLite into a distributed database
  198. 96%Episode 42: The Unlikely Success of a Copy Paste Developer - with Iris Classon
  199. 94%Add BWK's email. · onetrueawk/awk@9ebe940
  200. 98%Why don't we do email verification in reverse?
  201. 98%GitHub Copilot · Your AI pair programmer
  202. 99%GitHub - d07RiV/diabloweb: Diablo 1 for web browsers
  203. 99%GitHub - Twipped/InterviewThis: An open source list of developer questions to ask prospective employers
  204. 93%'Transient' Issues
  205. 98%thiago's thoughts - ramblings and scribblings
  206. 99%Using PASETO in .NET - #shorts
  207. 98%Breaking Down Another Phishing Attempt | LINQ to Fail
  208. 99%Programming breakthroughs we need
  209. 99%Live Share: Enterprise Policies are here!
  210. 93%Why I left PINE64
  211. 99%NDepend
  212. 87%Physical buttons outperform touchscreens in new cars, test finds
  213. 96%Instagram, TikTok, and the Three Trends
  214. 99%SSH Tips and Tricks | Carlos Becker
  215. 98%VPNs on iOS are a scam
  216. 99%Set up a new Mac, Fast
  217. 99%Visual Studio 2022 17.4 Preview 1 Furthers Arm64 Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  218. 99%The Ultimate Guide to Gemfile and Gemfile.lock
  219. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  220. 98%What's New in Visual Studio 2022 17.4 Preview 1
  221. 91%Open-source rival for OpenAI's DALL-E runs on your graphics card
  222. 98%GitHub - jfversluis/learn-dotnet-maui: A repository filled with resources available to you to start learning or deepen your knowledge about .NET MAUI
  223. 92%Open-source rival for OpenAI's DALL-E runs on your graphics card
  224. 99%Git Line-staging Released!
  225. 99%Add ability to choose a custom coordination server by half-duplex · Pull Request #45 · tailscale/tailscale-android
  226. 99%Git from the Bottom Up – Blobs and Trees
  227. 99%Musings about automation
  228. 99%GitHub - oasislinux/oasis: a small statically-linked linux system
  229. 97%Who wrote this sh*tty code?
  230. 97%Maxim Marshall - eInk VNC
  231. 61%CEO Shadow Program
  232. 99%Using Airtable as a Jekyll website database
  233. 72%This 17-Year-Old Designed a Motor That Could Potentially Transform the Electric Car Industry
  234. 99%Deploying Blazor WebAssembly app with WebAPI using GitHub Actions(CI/CD) for FREE - EP35
  235. 97%/e/ OS Review on Murena Teracube 2e
  236. 98%Let websites framebust out of native apps
  237. 99%GitHub - ange-yaghi/engine-sim: Combustion engine simulator that generates realistic audio.
  238. 99%Tools I use: Eclipse — bayindirh
  239. 99%Vladimir Cicovic Blog
  240. 98%Instagram and Facebook can track anything you do on any website in their in-app browser · Felix Krause
  241. 98%Microsoft Ships Last Preview of .NET 7 Before Release Candidate -- Visual Studio Magazine
  242. 99%You might be using assert wrong
  243. 99%A Single file Rails Application
  244. 52%James Tilly Matthews and the Air Loom - Mike Jay
  245. 93%Visual Studio 2022 17.3, .NET MAUI Now Generally Available -- Visual Studio Magazine
  246. 99%Securing Web APIs with Azure AD: Enabling Local Development
  247. 97%NET Conf - Point of Sale demo app by davidortinau · Pull Request #248 · dotnet/maui-samples
  248. 96%GitHub Quick Reviews
  249. 99%Productivity comes to .NET MAUI in Visual Studio 2022
  250. 99%Announcing .NET Framework 4.8.1
  251. 96%Fixing When SWA Pull Request Builds Can't Add Comments | LINQ to Fail
  252. 98%Debugging bare-metal STM32 from the seventh level of hell
  253. 99%5G Home Broadband
  254. 98%On being a staff engineer
  255. 99%GitHub - openairplay/airplay2-receiver: AirPlay 2 Receiver - Python implementation
  256. 97%A physical wiring diagram for the human immune system - Nature
  257. 98%Carl's Blog
  258. 98%Using Landlock to Sandbox GNU Make
  259. 96%Nix By Example | <fun>
  260. 98%Git In Two Minutes (for a solo developer)
  261. 98%Cramming 'Papers, Please' Onto Phones
  262. 99%Running your CI builds without the server
  263. 94%Counterfeits, fraud, and theft: Why Silca changed its return policy  - CyclingTips
  264. 91%GitHub - stemrollerapp/stemroller: Isolate vocals, drums, bass, and other instrumental stems from any song
  265. 97%Implement additional asymmetric signature and encryption overloads by vcsjones · Pull Request #73502 · dotnet/runtime
  266. 99%Introduction to streaming for data scientists
  267. 99%Stewart Platform Head Massager
  268. 99%Home Network Part 1 - DIY Home Router with NixOS
  269. 98%Some notes on DynamoDB 2022 paper
  270. 99%Build your next big idea with Cloudflare Pages
  271. 99%How generics were added to .NET
  272. 99%Parsing command line arguments with `util.parseArgs()` in Node.js
  273. 95%The Software Pro's Best Kept Secret.
  274. 99%Discovering Ruby on Rails: is it dead or alive?
  275. 99%Keeping a project bisectable - tony is coding
  276. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup (August 2022)
  277. 99%Announcing .NET Community Toolkit 8.0! MVVM, Diagnostics, Performance, and more!
  278. 99%Experiment with post-quantum cryptography today
  279. 55%GitLab plans to delete dormant projects from free accounts
  280. 98%Happy 5th birthday, Rider 🥳 | The .NET Tools Blog
  281. 99%A Full-Stack Web App Using Blazor WebAssembly and GraphQL—Part 5
  282. 99%Certificate Revocation in Microsoft Edge
  283. 98%Making a PR to Nixpkgs
  284. 95%The AArch64 processor (aka arm64), part 6: Bitwise operations
  285. 97%Load Balancing with Weighted Pools
  286. 97%Wi-Fine
  287. 99%Force HTTPS in ASP.NET Core Applications
  288. 99%Containerize .NET applications without writing Dockerfiles | Red Hat Developer
  289. 98%[Last Week in .NET #94] – The Summer of .NET
  290. 99%Flask database migrations using Flask-Migrate - Kim Lehtinen
  291. 99%2021 Taxes: Open Source Edition
  292. 93%How New GitHub Projects 'Connects Your Planning Directly to the Work' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  293. 94%How I regained concentration and focus
  294. 79%Understanding Git
  295. 99%Alexandre Nédélec - Keeping secrets secure when using API Clients
  296. 99%New Clojure project quickstart
  297. 98%Gitea Container Registry
  298. 99%My new app doesn't use .NET MAUI! Why?
  299. 99%just-enough-series/courses/git at master · abduvik/just-enough-series
  300. 98%Famous HNers and Their Sites
  301. 99%Automate Pull Request Labels Based on Changed Files With Actions
  302. 88%Remote attestation is coming back. How much freedom will it take? – Gabriel Sieben
  303. 95%Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/troyhunt/password-purgato… · troyhunt/password-purgatory-logger@7033b4b
  304. 95%GitHub - troyhunt/password-purgatory-logger
  305. 89%Taking a look at the Rogers Outage CRTC Letter
  306. 94%Building a Recursive DNS Resolver
  307. 99%GitHub - tabler/tabler: Tabler is free and open-source HTML Dashboard UI Kit built on Bootstrap
  308. 94%You Don’t Need Microservices
  309. 99%EdgeDB 2.0 | EdgeDB Blog
  310. 85%Squash, Merge, or Rebase?
  311. 94%GitHub - charmbracelet/gum: A tool for glamorous shell scripts 🎀
  312. 90%GitHub Quick Reviews
  313. 98%How to create a Python package in 2022
  314. 97%.NET GitHub API Review
  315. 81%GitHub Pages: Custom GitHub Actions Workflows (beta) | GitHub Changelog
  316. 96%Azure Functions Boosted with .NET 7 Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  317. 54%Nikon released new firmware update for the almost 10 years old D7100 DSLR camera - Nikon Rumors
  318. 95%Signal: you were the chosen one!
  319. 99%Exploring Multi-Windows in .NET MAUI
  320. 86%Twenty years of Valgrind
  321. 95%Why I learned the Linux command line as a developer, and you should too | Diving Linux
  322. 99%Building a secure note sharing service in Go - Dusted Codes
  323. 97%Introducing even more security enhancements to npm | The GitHub Blog
  324. 90%GitHub Quick Reviews
  325. 99%GitHub - o1-labs/proof-systems: The proof systems used by Mina
  326. 81%Considering replacing Disqus with Giscus
  327. 97%The dangers of Microsoft Pluton – Gabriel Sieben
  328. 98%Clean Architecture In ASP.NET Core Web API
  329. 95%Jeremy A Boyd | There's a Package for That
  330. 98%Running Lighthouse CI when deploying Azure SWA - Gérald Barré
  331. 91% A Short Chronology Of Deep Learning For Tabular Data
  332. 95%Building on email
  333. 98%The tar archive format, its extensions, and why GNU tar extracts in quadratic time
  334. 99%The best modern code review tools (2022)
  335. 94%finally. #embed
  336. 97%Git-Flow, GitHub-Flow, Gitlab-Flow and Trunk Based Development explained
  337. 97%Gregor Riegler · Getting better at CI
  338. 99%Creating a TreeView control in .NET MAUI
  339. 96%Azure DevOps release pipeline for .NET Web API using IIS
  340. 89%Atlassian Patched Critical Confluence Hardcoded Credentials Bug
  341. 99%GitHub - xt0rted/dotnet-run-script: A dotnet tool to run arbitrary commands from a project's "scripts" object
  342. 85%Pretty Maps in Python
  343. 97%Git workflows: Best practices for GitOps deployments | Red Hat Developer
  344. 90%presentations/2022-07-20 Dotnet Foundation Summit 2022 at master · hikalkan/presentations
  345. 99%GitHub - MystenLabs/narwhal: Narwhal & Tusk are a high throughput mempool & consensus, used in the Sui smart contract platform
  346. 95%Null Forgiving Operator in C# - !
  347. 96%GitHub - carbon-language/carbon-lang: Carbon language specification and documentation.
  348. 95%M2 is here! July 2022 Release & Progress Report - Asahi Linux
  349. 98%elmah.io launches two GitHub Actions in the GitHub Marketplace
  350. 93%Understanding AWS Lambda scaling and throughput | Amazon Web Services
  351. 88%In Praise of Stacked PRs
  352. 98%A story about AF_XDP, network namespaces and a cookie
  353. 94%Removing Switch-Case Statement and using Pattern Matching in C#
  354. 93%Stack Overflow 2022 Survey Says …
  355. 88%Minimal api stream sample by sammychinedu2ky · Pull Request #26437 · dotnet/AspNetCore.Docs
  356. 88%Minimal api stream sample by sammychinedu2ky · Pull Request #26437 · dotnet/AspNetCore.Docs
  357. 97%Build .NET MAUI apps with GitHub Actions
  358. 89%State of the SqueakPhone—Syndicated Actors
  359. 95%Advice for the next dozen Rust GUIs
  360. 92%Crystal is a Surprise | akos.ma
  361. 99%Patching in a development service
  362. 99%Configuration using Command Line Parameters in .NET Console Applications
  363. 98%GitHub - mgunyho/tere: Terminal file explorer
  364. 95%Working in public — our docs-as-code approach
  365. 81%Release v4.7.0 · Blazored/Typeahead
  366. 88%Working With add-mask and GitHub Actions for dynamic secrets | LINQ to Fail
  367. 93%The One DevOps Platform | GitLab
  368. 99%Customizing Controls in .NET MAUI
  369. 94%It’s time to make that indie C# game in Godot.
  370. 89%FizzBuzz is FizzBuzz years old (and still a powerful tool)
  371. 79%GitHub - ReubenBond/DistributedRateLimiting.Orleans: System.Threading.RateLimiting implementation backed by Orleans
  372. 99%Fast unit tests with databases, part 3 – Implementation of our solution
  373. 75%Inflation-Adjusted Stock Charts | Total Real Returns
  374. 96%Distributed systems evolution: processes state
  375. 96%Publishing your work increases your luck
  376. 93%Certificate Transparency Bots
  377. 57%Unchecked AB Testing Destroys Everything it Touches
  378. 91%practical-aspnetcore/projects/.net7/authentication-2 at net6.0 · dodyg/practical-aspnetcore
  379. 91%‎Seconds Interval Timer
  380. 94%Code in database vs. code in application
  381. 99%WAF from the scratch
  382. 99%Build an LVGL Touchscreen App with Zig
  383. 59%Your compliance obligations under the UK’s Online Safety Bill; or, welcome to hell – Hi, I'm Heather Burns
  384. 58%VS2022 Performance Enhancements: Git Branch Switching
  385. 97%How does git work?
  386. 95%How To Convert Class Components to Hooks—Modernize React App
  387. 99%My Notes on GitLab’s Postgres Schema Design
  388. 98%Spotify’s Authorization Code Flow For Dummies
  389. 97%Using Moq to Determine If a Method is Called - Code Maze
  390. 56%Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" Synth Sounds | Reverb Machine
  391. 90%As VS Code Hits v1.69, Microsoft Announces VS Code Server -- Visual Studio Magazine
  392. 82%GitHub Action - Edit Release v1.2.0
  393. 96%GitHub - aspnet-contrib/AspNet.Security.OAuth.Providers: OAuth 2.0 social authentication providers for ASP.NET Core
  394. 87%Taking My New GitHub Copilot 'AI Pair Programmer' for a Spin -- Visual Studio Magazine
  395. 69%Holograms, light-leaks and how to build CSS-only shaders - Robb Owen
  396. 77%Tens of Jenkins plugins are affected by zero-day vulnerabilities
  397. 95%Is it time to look past Git?
  398. 99%GitHub - pocketbase/pocketbase: Open Source realtime backend in 1 file
  399. 98%Announcing support for WASI on Cloudflare Workers
  400. 92%Advanced SSH usage
  401. 95%Moving to Source Hut — bayindirh
  402. 99%The secret to making code contributions that stand the test of time
  403. 93%Suffix aliases (-s) in Zsh
  404. 99%Implementing text to speech for sioyek PDF viewer
  405. 78%Release SpaceVim v2.0.0 · SpaceVim/SpaceVim
  406. 94%Making Page Shield malicious code alerts more actionable
  407. 97%Distributed systems evolution: message contracts
  408. 92%Site Reliability Engineering – More Evolution of Automation
  409. 99%.NET R&D Digest (June, 2022)
  410. 90%How to learn data engineering
  411. 71%🙀 Startup founder fears by funding round
  412. 92%Composability of Data
  413. 98%Add Fido2 MFA to an OpenIddict identity provider using ASP.NET Core Identity
  414. 95%Write Better Commits, Build Better Projects | The GitHub Blog
  415. 97%Initial analysis of the Starlink router gen2
  416. 90%Dockercontainer won’t start - Getting the final child’s pid from pipe caused “EOF”
  417. 97%MAUI Beach - Updating to .NET MAUI GA
  418. 80%darktable 4.0.0 released
  419. 97%rsync, article 3: How does rsync work?
  420. 91%Using Graphs to Search for Code · Nick Gregory
  421. 94%The pleasure of curating your own IDE
  422. 98%GitHub - octokit/webhooks.net: GitHub webhook events toolset for .NET
  423. 94%If I cold emailed you, I apologize | Molecule.dev Blog
  424. 79%Another Open Source Group Blasts GitHub Copilot, Advocates Leaving GitHub -- Visual Studio Magazine
  425. 91%Give Up GitHub - Software Freedom Conservancy
  426. 98%Deploy Azure Static Web Apps With Bicep | LINQ to Fail
  427. 93%What Metric to Use When Benchmarking?
  428. 96%Binary Ninja - Introducing Tantō: Slicing Functions for Faster Finds
  429. 98%Investigating man-db internals
  430. 84%Video Content Round Up: June 2022
  431. 94%Give Up GitHub: The Time Has Come!
  432. 94%Improve Git monorepo performance with a file system monitor | The GitHub Blog
  433. 97%Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Goes GA: 50+ Controls!
  434. 96%Test Double clocks
  435. 86%The only true answer to 'tabs vs spaces'
  436. 98%I kind of understand Clojure macros
  437. 99%Running .NET Core Applications as a Windows Service - Code Maze
  438. 83%Reduce some allocations parsing certificates on Windows by vcsjones · Pull Request #71102 · dotnet/runtime
  439. 96%Fund OSS through package managers - Dusted Codes
  440. 80%Episode 39: Windows Terminal - with Kayla Cinnamon
  441. 89%This copilot is stupid and wants to kill me: Matthew Butterick
  442. 98%GitHub - timvisee/ffsend: Easily and securely share files from the command line. A fully featured Firefox Send client.
  443. 97%Copyright Implications of the Use of Code Repositories to Train a Machine Learning Model
  444. 82%How we built a $1M ARR open source SaaS
  445. 77%Asked and answered: the results for the 2022 Developer survey are here!
  446. 99%Start all of your commands with a comma
  447. 90%QBE - Compiler Backend
  448. 77%Whatever happened to SHA-256 support in Git?
  449. 82%Hands On with Latest Visual Studio 2022 Preview Features -- Visual Studio Magazine
  450. 96%GitHub Quick Reviews
  451. 98%GitHub - dolthub/dolt: Dolt – It's Git for Data
  452. 99%OpenIddict 4.0 preview1 is out
  453. 63%GHSA-5crp-9r3c-p9vr - GitHub Advisory Database
  454. 97%Announcing TypeScript 4.8 Beta
  455. 82%DevOps is a failure | lbr.
  456. 86%Trucks, Tubes, and Truth · XTDB
  457. 93%Been there, done that
  458. 77%Answering Questions about the PetaPi
  459. 96%dYdX V4 - The dYdX Chain
  460. 86%board
  461. 88%Time Management
  462. 70%Maximising my rejections — Evie Cottrell
  463. 87%GitHub Copilot 'AI Pair Programmer' Now Generally Available at $10/Month -- Visual Studio Magazine
  464. 97%GitHub Copilot is generally available to all developers | The GitHub Blog
  465. 98%Consuming anonymous types with DiagnosticListener in .NET 6
  466. 97%Reproducible Builds – Telling of a Debugging Story
  467. 99%Setting up secure personal developer infrastructure for/and side projects using tailscale, drone, gitea, and nginx
  468. 99%Observing all http requests in a .NET application - Gérald Barré
  469. 92%Site Reliability Engineering – Evolution of Automation
  470. 85%Why webcams aren’t good enough
  471. 93%Is FreeBSD a Real UNIX?
  472. 99%GitHub - waydabber/BetterDisplay: Unlock your displays on your Mac! Smooth scaling, HiDPI unlock, XDR/HDR extra brightness upscale, DDC, brightness and dimming, dummy displays, PIP and lots more!
  473. 99%V Language Review (2022)
  474. 93%Because cross-compiling binaries for Windows is easier than building natively
  475. 95%Release notes — fish-shell 3.5.0 documentation
  476. 89%Citus 11 for Postgres goes fully open source, with query from any node
  477. 90%Matrix notes - anarcat
  478. 79%Infrastructure as software
  479. 99%OCaml - Language extensions
  480. 87%GitHub - dspinellis/unix-history-repo: Continuous Unix commit history from 1970 until today
  481. 96%C# 11 static abstract members - NDepend
  482. 99%Markdownish syntax for generating flowcharts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, gantt charts and git graphs.
  483. 80%The Green Boxes of Burnout
  484. 96%First impressions of Web5
  485. 96%You can code
  486. 81%Camp Vista - Growing Up Next To Microsoft
  487. 89%Visual Studio for Mac 17.3 Preview 2 is now available
  488. 70%Real World Cryptography Study Group
  489. 96%Some thoughts on naming tests
  490. 98%RSS and Atom for digital minimalists - blog.dornea.nu
  491. 90%Why Vim syntax highlighting breaks sometimes
  492. 65%How Trustpilot Extorts Businesses
  493. 95%Visual Studio Code Devs Can Now Sponsor Favorite Extensions -- Visual Studio Magazine
  494. 99%Multiple Precision Arithmetic: A Recreational Project
  495. 83%Maui migration 🎉👌 by felipebaltazar · Pull Request #18 · felipebaltazar/Xartic
  496. 93%UBC Seagull / DoujinCI · GitLab
  497. 98%New UUID Formats
  498. 93%Energy Monitoring with Shelly EM and Home Assistant
  499. 82%Stage Manager on Mac is an anchor for iPad — David Brown
  500. 99%Roll A Lisp In C
  501. 99%How I got into 3D printing
  502. 83%Remove old macOS compatibility code for RSA decryption by vcsjones · Pull Request #70397 · dotnet/runtime
  503. 95%GitHub - iorate/ublacklist: Blocks specific sites from appearing in Google search results
  504. 84%HTTP/3 becomes a standard, at last
  505. 99%GitHub - mayuki/Cocona: Micro-framework for .NET console application. Cocona makes it easy and fast to build console applications on .NET.
  506. 97%GitHub - mimoo/narwhaml
  507. 93%Cranelift, Part 4: A New Register Allocator
  508. 64%GitHub Killing Atom Code Editor for Cloud Tools -- Visual Studio Magazine
  509. 98%r/dotnet - Does anyone else feel as lost as I do in the .NET Identity documentation?
  510. 87%The End of Localhost
  511. 79%The wiki movement is close to being dead
  512. 98%Automate Security Testing with ZAP and GitHub Actions
  513. 80% 3.2 — blender.org
  514. 97%Exchange Online Journey to .NET Core
  515. 97%Sunsetting Atom | The GitHub Blog
  516. 98%GitHub - lucadibello/in-house-greenhouse: 🐛 A new generation of smart indoor greenhouses!
  517. 98%GitHub Copilot explaining code and translating it from one language to another
  518. 96%HTTP/3 From A To Z: Core Concepts — Smashing Magazine
  519. 96%Jack of all trades, master of hyperfocus
  520. 99%GitHub - ClueLang/Clue: C/Rust like programming language that compiles into Lua code
  521. 98%GitHub - sensity-ai/dot: The Deepfake Offensive Toolkit
  522. 92%RFC 9113: HTTP/2
  523. 95%UX patterns for CLI tools
  524. 52%Revenue in a Recession | Variance
  525. 99%Bye Bye Semantic Versioning, Say Hello To GitDate
  526. 84%Blogging from my phone with GitJournal
  527. 88%RFC 9114: HTTP/3
  528. 92%Chrome Root Program
  529. 93%Microsoft Ships Windows App SDK 1.1 to Build Apps Using WinUI 3, WebView2 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  530. 89%HTTP RFCs have evolved: A Cloudflare view of HTTP usage trends
  531. 99%Using AV1 video codec to reduce web page size - Gérald Barré
  532. 86%GitHub - Lissy93/dashy: 🚀 A self-hosted startpage for your server. Easy to use visual editor, status checking, widgets, themes and tons more!
  533. 92%Using math expressions in github markdown
  534. 98%What’s New in Windows App SDK 1.1
  535. 86%Site Reliability Engineering – (Still) Monitoring Distributed Systems
  536. 98%GitHub - awslabs/dotnet-nativeaot-labs: A place to learn about and experiment with .NET NativeAOT on AWS.
  537. 82%Good Looking by Rohith-sreedharan · Pull Request #24 · EpicGames/Signup
  538. 82%Good Looking by Rohith-sreedharan · Pull Request #24 · EpicGames/Signup
  539. 90%Local Conspiracy (less scary than the global kind!)
  540. 87%How to Use Tasker to Block Spam Phone Calls From a Certain Area Code on Android
  541. 97%Orhun's Blog
  542. 99%GitHub - haacked/aspnet-client-validation: A client validation library for ASP.NET MVC that does not require jQuery
  543. 80%Zero-Day Exploitation of Atlassian Confluence | Volexity
  544. 96%GitHub - wybiral/aiotor: asyncio Tor controller library
  545. 99%Zig on RISC-V BL602: Quick Peek with Apache NuttX RTOS
  546. 85%Open Source Alternatives to Proprietary Software
  547. 94%How fast are Linux pipes anyway?
  548. 97%Async destructors, async genericity and completion futures
  549. 99%Response Caching in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  550. 98%Marten just got better for CQRS architectures
  551. 97%Hosting a MkDocs-driven documentation site on GitHub Pages
  552. 97%Platform Week wrap-up
  553. 52%Remotely debug ASP.NET Core apps hosted on Azure App Service using Visual Studio - Learn
  554. 96%GitHub - dragonflydb/dragonfly: A modern replacement for Redis and Memcached
  555. 65%SomaFM
  556. 98%.NET 6 - New Features
  557. 97%Adding WebTransport Handshake to Kestrel by Daniel-Genkin-MS-2 · Pull Request #41877 · dotnet/aspnetcore
  558. 98%Using WebTransport
  559. 96%Why, Oh Why Was This Added?
  560. 85%npm security update: Attack campaign using stolen OAuth tokens | The GitHub Blog
  561. 81%Episode 99 - Copy-Pasting with Iris Classon
  562. 99%Generating Configs with Nix + Cue
  563. 95%Ansible for dotfiles: the introduction I wish I've had
  564. 95%We Already Have Go 2
  565. 94%PSA: Serious Security Vulnerability in Tor Browser - Darknetlive
  566. 70%Use stack buffers and return data to pool in EC point encoding by vcsjones · Pull Request #69812 · dotnet/runtime
  567. 83%Cleanup a few more allocations in X.509 by vcsjones · Pull Request #69831 · dotnet/runtime
  568. 75%Ghost in the Shellcode
  569. 99%A Kernel Hacker Meets Fuchsia OS
  570. 79%Patch: Zoom chat messages can infect devices with malware
  571. 93%Michael Tsai - Blog - SwiftUI in 2022
  572. 93%Google has been DDoSing SourceHut for over a year
  573. 85%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Finally Generally Available -- Visual Studio Magazine
  574. 99%Create AWS resources with Kubernetes and Operators | Red Hat Developer
  575. 98%Announcing TypeScript 4.7
  576. 96%Code, test, and ship your next app quickly and securely with Microsoft developer tools
  577. 90%What are Code Reviews and Why Should We Spend Time on Them?
  578. 83%Some cleanup on X509Certificate by vcsjones · Pull Request #69754 · dotnet/runtime
  579. 83%Use span instead of array on PublicKey by vcsjones · Pull Request #69534 · dotnet/runtime
  580. 88%Oren Eini on RavenDB, including Consistency Guarantees and C# as the Implementation Language
  581. 92%Healthchecks.io Hosting Setup, 2022 Edition
  582. 97%Reducing the size of a git repository with git-replace
  583. 99%Provide default configuration to your .NET applications
  584. 97%Lessons Learned From Running Apache Airflow at Scale
  585. 84%My Top N Favorite Plugins and Tools for Developers
  586. 87%Django Channels for Real Time Updates
  587. 97%Introducing .NET MAUI - One Codebase, Many Platforms
  588. 97%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac is now available
  589. 99%Alexandre Nédélec - Week 20, 2022 - Tips I learned this week
  590. 80%Tasks, lists, and promises
  591. 83%Site Reliability Engineering – Monitoring Distributed Systems
  592. 93%Why Clojure?
  593. 77%4 Emerging Data Monetization Models Disrupting Businesses
  594. 98%The unreasonable effectiveness of f‍-‍strings and re.VERBOSE
  595. 62%GitHub - gcochard/hibp-downloader: Download all the HIBP passwords
  596. 51%Hating On Oats
  597. 99%Monitor radiation with a Raspberry Pi
  598. 96%Math on GitHub: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  599. 97%GitHub - sharkdp/fd: A simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to 'find'
  600. 85%Features of the Windows Process Activation Service (WAS)
  601. 62%How GitHub Actions handles CI/CD scale on short-running jobs with Ephemeral OS disk Reimage
  602. 80%Speeding up sort performance in Postgres 15
  603. 78%The History of Web Accessibility—How It Impacts Design Today
  604. 99%GitHub - zefchain/serde-reflection: Rust libraries and tools to help with interoperability and testing of serialization formats based on Serde.
  605. 99%Math support in Markdown | The GitHub Blog
  606. 95%Render mathematical expressions in Markdown | GitHub Changelog
  607. 92%A Brutally Simple Site - Kev Quirk
  608. 93%GitHub - davidfowl/CommandAndControl: A sample showing command and control using client results
  609. 87%Spotify issues - Shogan.tech
  610. 95%Minor cleanup and reduce allocations in Apple X.509 certificate PAL by vcsjones · Pull Request #69497 · dotnet/runtime
  611. 92%Git ignores .gitignore with .gitignore in .gitignore
  612. 90%A dev's thoughts on developer productivity
  613. 94%Sync Obsidian Between Laptop and Android
  614. 81%The impact of digital media on children’s intelligence while controlling for genetic differences in cognition and socioeconomic background - Scientific Reports
  615. 87%Pegasus Mail and Mercury Developer News
  616. 87%Debugging Hardware Performance on Gen X Servers
  617. 96%Rewriting git history simply with git-filter-repo
  618. 82%Central Package Management for .NET Projects - Code Maze
  619. 98%Meld for OSX by yousseb
  620. 95%Bruno Lauwers
  621. 77%Why I no longer recommend Julia
  622. 76%Linting a .NET 6 app Dockerfile using Hadolint, dockerfile_lint and Azure Pipelines
  623. 95%The very weird Hewlett Packard FreeDOS option – Interesting things
  624. 97%Adventures in Dapr: Episode 2 | endjin
  625. 80%Site Reliability Engineering with PagerDuty's Stevenson Jean-Pierre
  626. 99%MSBuild Dupe WriteChecker
  627. 83%WIP: Add support for robocopy to duplicate file detection by NickCraver · Pull Request #592 · KirillOsenkov/MSBuildStructuredLog
  628. 98%‎KDE Connect
  629. 90%The overengineered Solution to my Pigeon Problem
  630. 97%Alexandre Nédélec - Week 19, 2022 - Tips I learned this week
  631. 93%23,000 Devices Shipped! Quick Start Guide for Flipper Zero
  632. 98%Announcing TypeScript 4.7 RC
  633. 89%Secret detection needs to be free, even for private repositories
  634. 80%How I improved myself in 2014
  635. 97%Visual Studio 2022 17.2 Goes GA, Faces Update Issues -- Visual Studio Magazine
  636. 89%I Miss Heroku's DevEx
  637. 99%How to Convert JSON to XML or XML to JSON in C# - Code Maze
  638. 80%Report a problem with Visual Studio - Visual Studio (Windows)
  639. 95%Android Chrome 99 expands Certificate Transparency, breaking all MitM dev tools
  640. 98%Microservices gets it WRONG defining Service Boundaries
  641. 91%Let's talk about this async
  642. 95%GitHub - NVIDIA/open-gpu-kernel-modules: NVIDIA Linux open GPU kernel module source
  643. 88%NVIDIA Releases Open-Source GPU Kernel Modules | NVIDIA Technical Blog
  644. 98%Embedding Truffle Languages - Kevin Menard's Weblog
  645. 97%Enforcing Zero Downtime Django Migrations
  646. 98%.NET MAUI Release Candidate 3
  647. 96%Visual Studio 2022 17.2 is now available!
  648. 98%Demystifying iOS Code Signature
  649. 98%Someone should build X for the web” – why not you? All you need is a GitHub account
  650. 98%Cloudflare Pages + Hugo
  651. 94%Fitting Everything Together
  652. 86%zsh-autoquoter makes shell quoting slightly less annoying
  653. 99%Enabling IntelliSense for GitHub Actions workflows in VS Code - Gérald Barré
  654. 94%The Two Generals Problem
  655. 95%RSS Feed Best Practises
  656. 88%Site Reliability Engineering – Eliminating Toil
  657. 97%Configuring my Machines with Bashtard
  658. 89%Solving supply chain attacks | dvikan.no
  659. 94%Unix command line conventions over time
  660. 97%Why I’ve spent my Easter break customizing Neovim – Franciszek Malinka
  661. 73%How Musicians Could Profit From Copyleft
  662. 87%My Software Engineering Bootcamp Journey (Series three)
  663. 70%Mercurial Bitbucket Archive
  664. 99%Markdownish syntax for generating flowcharts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, gantt charts and git graphs.
  665. 98%Application Development with Scott Hanselman & Friends | KEY11D
  666. 97%Commands, Events, Versions, and Owners
  667. 95%GitHub to require two-factor authentication – TechCrunch
  668. 97%Microsoft 'Eats Own Dog Food' with WebView2, .NET 6, WinUI 3 for PowerToys -- Visual Studio Magazine
  669. 99%Writing my personal home page
  670. 98%GitHub - mimoo/cargo-specification: The code is the spec
  671. 98%.NET R&D Digest (April, 2022)
  672. 97%Software security starts with the developer: Securing developer accounts with 2FA | The GitHub Blog
  673. 93%Tailscale raises $100M… to fix the Internet
  674. 79%Writing a Book for O’Reilly - Party One
  675. 98%GitHub - microsoft/Microsoft-3D-Movie-Maker: This is the source code for the original Microsoft 3D Movie Maker released in 1995. This is not supported software.
  676. 94%Why I don't miss React: a story about using the platform - Jack Franklin
  677. 88%Four ways to elevate team efficiency and code quality | Redgate
  678. 91%Improving ASP.NET Core Before It Ships 🚢
  679. 98%Triple Entry Blogging
  680. 99%Simple declarative schema migration for SQLite
  681. 99%Porting Zelda Classic to the Web
  682. 88%Senior Product Security Engineer
  683. 96%From idea to publishing, and beyond: how I automated my blogging workflow with GitHub, PowerShell and Azure - Code4IT
  684. 58%Case Study 4: The $440 Million Software Error at Knight Capital
  685. 95%Semantic Versioning for TypeScript Types
  686. 99%Naive Bayes Classification Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  687. 64%Let's just kill the silly myths
  688. 96%gRPC in .NET 6 with Anthony Giretti - The 6 Figure Developer
  689. 83%Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen3 Review (with Linux)
  690. 98%Cloudflare Relay Worker
  691. 84%My experience getting a tech job with no degree or relevant work experience
  692. 96%Set C# Language Version for All the Projects in a Solution - Code Maze
  693. 83%Notes on Twitter, RSS and the future ahead
  694. 95%Can you Make it Better? Exploring the CMake Debate - Incredibuild
  695. 80%Pushing Updates to a PR
  696. 53%I've Used All The Notebooks
  697. 71%Writing for Engineers
  698. 98%Actual is going open-source
  699. 99%Automatically opening issues when tracked file content changes
  700. 99%I want off Mr. Golang's Wild Ride
  701. 99%GitHub - Azure-Samples/Orleans-Cluster-on-Azure-App-Service: Sample application demonstrating a multiple-silo Orleans cluster running in Azure App Service.
  702. 94%Secret Management with HashiCorp Vault
  703. 94%Secret Management with HashiCorp Vault
  704. 99%ClojureDart: Aim your darts at the right target! - Flexiana
  705. 97%Weeknotes: Parallel queries for Datasette, plus some middleware tricks
  706. 89%GitHub Desktop 3.0 Enhances Pull Request Integration -- Visual Studio Magazine
  707. 98%GitHub - shiftkey/desktop: Fork of GitHub Desktop to support various Linux distributions
  708. 95%GitHub Desktop 3.0 brings better integration for your pull requests | The GitHub Blog
  709. 93%SELinux is unmanageable; just turn it off if it gets in your way
  710. 95%Hybrid Model for GitHub and Azure DevOps – Enjoy the best of both worlds
  711. 99%Feature flags: the good and the bad
  712. 98%No blinking
  713. 84%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Hits Release Candidate Stage -- Visual Studio Magazine
  714. 96%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Release Candidate
  715. 75%twitter/the-algorithm
  716. 96%To vendor, or not to vendor
  717. 99%Intro to BPF CO-RE
  718. 96%Speeding up Prettier locally and on your CI with dprint
  719. 96%Visual Studio 2022 17.2 Preview 3 Intros All-In-One Search -- Visual Studio Magazine
  720. 96%Visual Studio Feedback
  721. 99%Running and Debugging Multiplatform .NET (.NET Core, .NET5 and .NET6) GUI and Console Applications on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
  722. 87%Site Reliability Engineering – Service Level Indicators, Objectives, and Agreements
  723. 74%The state of fq_codel and sch_cake worldwide
  724. 60%Upcoming changes to user limits on Free tier of GitLab SaaS
  725. 87%Keenan Crane - Repulsive Curves
  726. 98%Are We Microfrontends Yet?
  727. 80%Melting KiCad - mitxela.com
  728. 79%GitHub - davidfowl/BombRMan: A bomberman clone written purely in javascript.
  729. 99%Async and Async Void Event Handling in WPF
  730. 60%Fix potential stack overflow in StdInReader by vcsjones · Pull Request #68398 · dotnet/runtime
  731. 80%Use checked arithmetic to prevent stack overflow in Pkcs12Kdf by vcsjones · Pull Request #68422 · dotnet/runtime
  732. 99%Patching dependencies is easier than forking
  733. 99%My Arch Linux setup for coding
  734. 95%GitHub - janestreet/magic-trace: magic-trace collects and displays high-resolution traces of what a process is doing
  735. 94%OpenBSD 7.1
  736. 80%Choose Your Cloud Dependencies Wisely
  737. 97%C# async await explained - NDepend
  738. 95%GitHub - bloomberg/memray: Memray is a memory profiler for Python
  739. 87%QEMU version 7.0.0 released - QEMU
  740. 96%Introducing a New Way to Search Your Code and Visual Studio Features
  741. 96%After 5 years, I'm out of the serverless compute cult
  742. 98%Emacs Configuration Generator
  743. 99%Step-by-step guide to modern, secure and Open-source CI setup
  744. 94%AWS's Log4Shell Hot Patch Vulnerable to Container Escape and Privilege Escalation
  745. 90%What's a P2 and why does it make so much sense - Filip Iulian Pacurar (Filipac)
  746. 96%Taxonomy Of In-The-Wild Exploitation
  747. 92%The Front-End Developer's Guide to the Terminal
  748. 90%De-AMP: Cutting Out Google and Enhancing Privacy | Brave Browser
  749. 82%GitHub - Tyrrrz/GitHubActionsTestLogger: Test logger for .NET that reports results in a format that GitHub Actions understands
  750. 99%Using dotnet format Command to Format the C#/.NET Code - Code Maze
  751. 98%How To Extend GitHub, Improve Your Workflow With GitHub Apps
  752. 97%Cake - Cake v2.2.0 released
  753. 79%A clearer lens on Zero Trust security strategy: Part 1 - Microsoft Security Blog
  754. 94%Discussing Alternative Memory Management Strategy for .NET
  755. 98%Microsoft Asks for Votes on Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Issues -- Visual Studio Magazine
  756. 99%GitHub - freenet/locutus: Declare your digital independence
  757. 99%Assume your devices are compromised
  758. 94%Learnings after 500 commits to my vimrc | I am Sang
  759. 99%The tools that power Outlook for iOS
  760. 94%GitHub Quick Reviews
  761. 84%Security alert: Attack campaign involving stolen OAuth user tokens issued to two third-party integrators | The GitHub Blog
  762. 98%Make self hosted compiler capable of building itself by Vexu · Pull Request #11442 · ziglang/zig
  763. 96%Taking .NET MAUI for a spin
  764. 87%Incident 2413 | Heroku Status
  765. 93%moreutils
  766. 90%Release NVIM v0.7.0 · neovim/neovim
  767. 99%Create a gitignore file with dotnet cli
  768. 90%r/programminghorror - Hey... let's use automapper to generate passwords.
  769. 73%A Web Renaissance
  770. 88%How we lost 54k GitHub stars – HTTPie blog
  771. 90%Dependabot alerts now surface if your code is calling a vulnerability | The GitHub Blog
  772. 99%Download Multiple Files From Azure Blob Storage in ASP.NET Core
  773. 79%GitHub - f8al/CVE-2022-26809: CVE-2022-26809 PoC
  774. 95%Introducing Central Package Management
  775. 99%Announcing Entity Framework Core 7 (EF7) Preview 3
  776. 79%The Scoop: Inside the Longest Atlassian Outage of All Time
  777. 99%Returning HTTP 204 (No Content) from .NET Minimal API
  778. 96%Supercharge your Git experience in VS
  779. 98%Using the Roslyn APIs to Analyse a .NET Solution - Steve Gordon - Code with Steve
  780. 93%What's New in IntelliJ IDEA - 2022.1
  781. 96%Git security vulnerability announced | The GitHub Blog
  782. 98%The smallest Docker image to serve static websites
  783. 97%A list of new(ish) command line tools
  784. 78%Partial reprogramming deep dive: the good, bad, and partially unresolved — Ada Nguyen
  785. 98%Deconstructing programs for compiler fuzzing · Comby
  786. 96%NotGitBleed - TL;DR
  787. 87%.NET Framework April 2022 Security and Quality Rollup Updates
  788. 97%GitHub - facebookexperimental/eden: EdenSCM is a cross-platform, highly scalable source control management system.
  789. 97%.NET MAUI Release Candidate - Ready for cross-platform app development
  790. 95%.NET Automatic Updates for Server Operating Systems
  791. 93%Dapr v1.7 is now available
  792. 88%How my biggest work failure led to success
  793. 98%Little rant about GNOME's file manager (aka Nautilus)
  794. 99%CIFAR-10 Image Classification Using PyTorch -- Visual Studio Magazine
  795. 96%What is Azure DevOps? Learn about the services in this guide
  796. 98%Git Credential Manager: authentication for everyone | The GitHub Blog
  797. 99%Inline Assembly Miscompilation.md
  798. 91%Site Reliability Engineering – Embracing Risk
  799. 86%GitHub - ekzhang/bore: 🕳 bore is a simple CLI tool for making tunnels to localhost
  800. 98%Matt Roelle | Fennel: The Practical Lisp
  801. 99%ESLint your C# in VS Code with Roslyn Analyzers | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  802. 94%This Week in Matrix 2022-04-08 | Matrix.org
  803. 97%OpenSSH: Release Notes
  804. 99%Ruby 3.2.0 Preview 1 Released
  805. 84%Hybrid Work Doesn’t Work
  806. 95%Subdomains as identity
  807. 90%How hackers* run their sites - Max Leiter
  808. 96%The new GitHub Issues - April 7th update | GitHub Changelog
  809. 99%Announcing Rust 1.60.0 | Rust Blog
  810. 99%GitHub - nebuly-ai/nebullvm: Easy-to-use library to boost AI inference leveraging multiple DL compilers
  811. 94%Project Overview ‹ λ-2D: An Exploration of Drawing as Programming Language, Featuring Ideas from Lambda Calculus – MIT Media Lab
  812. 97%Announcing AWS Lambda Function URLs: Built-in HTTPS Endpoints for Single-Function Microservices | Amazon Web Services
  813. 97%Use Git tactically
  814. 95%In defense of simple architectures
  815. 95%What's New in Emacs 28.1?
  816. 95%Essential Git Commands
  817. 88%Using Containers to move from local to Remote Development
  818. 88%C# Pattern Matching Explained - NDepend
  819. 95%Early Security for Startups
  820. 89%My free-software photography workflow
  821. 96%Switching from pyenv, rbenv, goenv and nvm to asdf - @yujinyuz
  822. 64%PIPEFAIL: How a missing shell option slowed Cloudflare down
  823. 91%Working on two git branches at once with git worktree
  824. 95%There's no way to report spam on Google Drive
  825. 79%PCI DSS 4.0; It's time to get serious on Magecart
  826. 99%GitHub - geohot/tinygrad: You like pytorch? You like micrograd? You love tinygrad! ❤️
  827. 96%Managing RavenDB indexes in production, a DevOps guide
  828. 96%Jd/Overview - J Wiki
  829. 92%Reading code from top to bottom
  830. 95%The project with a single 11,000-line code file
  831. 60%I would like to be paid like a plumber
  832. 97%Playing with Matrix: Conduit and Synapse
  833. 82%How often do people actually copy and paste from Stack Overflow? Now we know.
  834. 78%Visual Studio 2022 Now Does GitHub Copilot, the 'AI Pair Programmer' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  835. 65%Issues · dotnet/aspnetcore
  836. 98%How Go Mitigates Supply Chain Attacks
  837. 88%Tailscale vs SSH tunnels
  838. 96%Collaborative programming in remote-first environment
  839. 87%Spring Cloud Azure 4.0 Now Generally Available -- Visual Studio Magazine
  840. 82%Senior Resilience Manager
  841. 83%Sr. Incident Responder (CSIRT)
  842. 90%Future-proofing SaltStack
  843. 97%Episode 34: Geeking out on .NET with Nick Chapsas
  844. 98%Improving the Development and Production Time Experience with Marten V5
  845. 72%The weird world of non-C operating systems
  846. 95%Using LibMan To Manage Client-Side Dependencies
  847. 96%Garbage collector config settings - .NET
  848. 98%How to secure your end-to-end supply chain on GitHub | The GitHub Blog
  849. 99%GitHub Copilot now available for Visual Studio 2022 | The GitHub Blog
  850. 80%Zulip 5.0: Threaded open-source team chat
  851. 95%GitHub Essentials with Rider | The .NET Tools Blog
  852. 98%Discovering basic blocks
  853. 80%GitHub - Wilfred/difftastic: a diff that understands syntax 🟥🟩
  854. 66%What is Money, Anyway?
  855. 98%Git: Stacked Commits
  856. 93%Software Reliability Engineering – Hope is not a strategy
  857. 86%What made the NES so interesting?
  858. 98%Running GUI apps within Docker containers – Trickster Dev
  859. 88%2022 Predictions: Zero-Knowledge Proofs Become Web3’s Killer Feature
  860. 97%GitHub - rbaron/catprinter: 🐱🖨
  861. 83%Obsolete outdated constructors on Rfc2898DeriveBytes by vcsjones · Pull Request #67158 · dotnet/runtime
  862. 84%Save time with partial re-runs in GitHub Actions | The GitHub Blog
  863. 99%I built a receipt printer for GitHub issues
  864. 99%In-Memory Caching in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  865. 98%Getting rid of credentials in Azure - Part 1
  866. 97%Remixing React Router
  867. 94%5 CSS Frameworks To Use This Year
  868. 94%Diagram Software and Flowchart Maker
  869. 97%Bring your monorepo down to size with sparse-checkout
  870. 98%Keep It Simple – Maxim Fedorov
  871. 91%Incident with GitHub Actions, API Requests, Codespaces, Git Operations, Issues, GitHub Packages, GitHub Pages, Pull Requests, and Webhooks
  872. 91%DEV-0537 criminal actor targeting organizations for data exfiltration and destruction - Microsoft Security Blog
  873. 90%Web3 is centralized (and inefficient!)
  874. 95%Monsters Weekly 244 - Run GitHub Actions Locally
  875. 92%Zhenghao
  876. 89%Okta + LAPSUS$ Security Incident
  877. 96%Lint Action - GitHub Marketplace
  878. 99%GitHub - emoacht/Monitorian: A Windows desktop tool to adjust the brightness of multiple monitors with ease
  879. 63%[SignalR] Add client return results by BrennanConroy · Pull Request #40811 · dotnet/aspnetcore
  880. 93%I don't need a VPS anymore
  881. 83%Adjust formatting by cpetta · Pull Request #6 · troyhunt/password-purgatory
  882. 92%Go To Definition improvements for external source in Roslyn
  883. 98%Tutorial: Hosting Microsoft Orleans Application on Azure App Service with Cosmos DB
  884. 94%Password Purgatory
  885. 99%Brian Robert Callahan
  886. 98%Hacks can be Good Code Too
  887. 99%Hello Podman using .NET | Red Hat Developer
  888. 57%GitHub - Swordfish90/cool-retro-term: A good looking terminal emulator which mimics the old cathode display...
  889. 95%Meld
  890. 98%Decrypting your own HTTPS traffic with Wireshark – Trickster Dev
  891. 93%Smart Home components 🏠
  892. 99%.NET type for personally identifiable information (PII)
  893. 97%The first Asahi Linux Alpha Release is here! - Asahi Linux
  894. 94%Tracking PDF forms as plain text
  895. 91%LibreWolf Browser
  896. 93%GitHub - davidfowl/QueueDown
  897. 90%Episode 94 - Open .NET with Geoffrey Huntley
  898. 85%Fun Things You Can Do With github.dev 😎
  899. 84%GitHub - google/h2e_technical_documentation
  900. 91%Incident with GitHub Actions, API Requests, Codespaces, Git Operations, Issues, GitHub Packages, GitHub Pages, Pull Requests, and Webhooks
  901. 98%Introduction to Apple Silicon · AsahiLinux/docs Wiki
  902. 70%Cloudflare and CrowdStrike partner to give CISOs secure control across devices, applications, and corporate networks
  903. 98%C Isn't A Programming Language Anymore - Faultlore
  904. 95%GitHub - rothgar/awesome-tuis: List of projects that provide terminal user interfaces
  905. 99%Windows Terminal - from a developer for developers
  906. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 14
  907. 92%How our free plan stays free
  908. 96%Go 1.18 Release Notes - The Go Programming Language
  909. 98%GitHub - scottbez1/smartknob: Haptic input knob with software-defined endstops and virtual detents
  910. 99%aspnet-client-validation
  911. 97%Oxide at Home: Propolis says Hello
  912. 75%Update Node Dependencies Automatically, Selectively, or Incrementally
  913. 91%RP2040 Doom
  914. 99%Introducing mle-monitor: A Lightweight Experiment & Resource Monitoring Tool 📺
  915. 99%Scraping web pages from the command line with shot-scraper
  916. 94%The Top 100 Influencers in #DevRel — eCairn
  917. 93%New WebKit Features in Safari 15.4
  918. 92%Hamblingreen's Pinephone Setup
  919. 84%Democratizing email security: protecting individuals and businesses of all sizes from phishing and malware attacks
  920. 99%Build and Deploy a Microsoft .NET Core Web API application to AWS App Runner using CloudFormation | Amazon Web Services
  921. 83%The Great Resignation
  922. 95%Monorepos done right
  923. 99%GitHub - facebookresearch/narwhal: Narwhal and Tusk: A DAG-based Mempool and Efficient BFT Consensus.
  924. 51%Leaving Bluesky for the Open Defense Fund.
  925. 99%GitHub - Cogmasters/concord: C library for handling the Discord API
  926. 71%Teaching is a slow process of becoming everything you hate
  927. 70%Why Neutrality
  928. 96%Scripting with Go — Bitfield Consulting
  929. 80%Apple Open Source
  930. 94%MK.NET - Jon Galloway - GitHub Actions - 5 Things Every .NET Dev Should Know | Meetup
  931. 85%Everything You Need To Know About the React 18 RC
  932. 98%Things I hate about Rust, redux
  933. 97%Security And Django · Matt Layman
  934. 92%Grammar in the workplace
  935. 70%Fix minor random bias by vcsjones · Pull Request #65404 · dotnet/runtime
  936. 99%GitHub - troyhunt/password-purgatory-api: This is the Cloudflare Worker public API for deliberately making password creation hell
  937. 99%Qalculate! - the ultimate desktop calculator
  938. 80%The Perils of RSS
  939. 98%shot-scraper: automated screenshots for documentation, built on Playwright
  940. 89%GitHub - troyhunt/password-purgatory: Deliberately making password creation a true hell
  941. 83% 3.1 — blender.org
  942. 52%elementary OS is imploding
  943. 97%Put an io_uring on it: Exploiting the Linux Kernel - Blog
  944. 99%Automating PRs in Azure DevOps
  945. 94%The Waning of Ruby and Rails
  946. 93%Command-line Tools can be 235x Faster than your Hadoop Cluster
  947. 99%The Dirty Pipe Vulnerability — The Dirty Pipe Vulnerability documentation
  948. 99%Introduction to Unit Testing With NUnit in C# - Code Maze
  949. 96%Windows Package Manager 1.2
  950. 99%PowerShell and OpenSSH team investments for 2022
  951. 97%In the beginning...
  952. 99%Building a generate routes function using Terraform test
  953. 95%Windows Defender is enough, if you harden it
  954. 95%Mark SslProtocols.Tls and SslProtocols.Tls11 as obsolete by rzikm · Pull Request #65773 · dotnet/runtime
  955. 96%dpy_development_plans.md
  956. 96%Introducing Native Matrix VoIP with Element Call!
  957. 82%Release prep: v2.5 by NickCraver · Pull Request #2021 · StackExchange/StackExchange.Redis
  958. 87%Russia started blocking Tor
  959. 97%Technical Overview · Wiki · The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / Pluggable Transports / Snowflake
  960. 96%Snowflake
  961. 98%How to test database backups - Vettabase
  962. 97%How to design better APIs
  963. 93%FOMO? YAMO.
  964. 98%Part 2: Improving crypto code in Rust using LLVM’s optnone
  965. 99%GitHub - TrungNguyen1909/qemu-t8030: iPhone 11 emulated on QEMU
  966. 76%VS Code v1.65 Update: New Theme, Audio Cues and Terminal Shell Integration (Preview) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  967. 75%Don't bring politics to React · Issue #23402 · facebook/react
  968. 98%Build your own simple browser with WebView2
  969. 71%Our response to the war in Ukraine | The GitHub Blog
  970. 95%GitHub - wybiral/guitar: browser-based guitar tab editor and simulator
  971. 98%GitHub - gildas-lormeau/SingleFile: Web Extension for Firefox/Chrome/MS Edge and CLI tool to save a faithful copy of an entire web page in a single HTML file
  972. 98%Difference Between Task.Run and Task.Factory.StartNew - Code Maze
  973. 99%Announcing TypeScript 4.6
  974. 91%GitHub - clemensv/messaging: Resource collection for messaging and eventing
  975. 60%RCE Bugs Found in WhatsApp, Other Hugely Popular VoIP Apps: Patch Now!
  976. 83%We should format code on demand
  977. 96%Enabling High-Quality Code in .NET | Milan Milanović
  978. 80%No user accounts, by design | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
  979. 79%How to take credit for someone else's work on GitHub
  980. 99%Training a ML.NET Model with Azure ML
  981. 98%Advanced techniques around ASP.NET Core Users and their claims – The Reformed Programmer
  982. 98%Executing GitHub Actions jobs or steps only when specific files change - Gérald Barré
  983. 54%LED Ticker Tape with .NET
  984. 98%Minimum Viable Continuous Delivery
  985. 84%Win32 is the stable Linux userland ABI (and the consequences) - the sporks space
  986. 98%Using Zig As Cross Platform C Toolchain
  987. 87%GitLab Critical Security Release: 14.8.2, 14.7.4, and 14.6.5
  988. 95%GitHub - iaddis/metalnes: Transistor level NES simulation
  989. 85%GitHub Advisory Database now open to community contributions | The GitHub Blog
  990. 80%disabling ANSI color output in various Unix commands
  991. 94%Using Ansible & Nomad for a homelab (part 1)
  992. 95%Security | Fleet handbook
  993. 83%Enable implicit usings by terrajobst · Pull Request #39 · terrajobst/nquery-vnext
  994. 99%Speed up contended HTTP/2 frame writing (500% gRPC h2 70x1 improvement) by halter73 · Pull Request #40407 · dotnet/aspnetcore
  995. 99%Introducing the OpenIddict client
  996. 98%Zig Build System Internals
  997. 97%blog.md
  998. 97%Disable SHA1 signature creation and verification by default (78fb78d3) · Commits · Red Hat / centos-stream / rpms / openssl
  999. 96%GitHub - orioledb/orioledb: OrioleDB – building a modern cloud-native storage engine (... and solving some PostgreSQL wicked problems)
  1000. 99%GitHub - zdimension/embed-c: Embed C code at compile time inside Rust using C2Rust
  1001. 94%XAML Fundamentals for Web and Mobile: ListView
  1002. 98%30 Days of PWA - Learning Series about Progressive Web Apps
  1003. 95%Going multipath without Multipath TCP
  1004. 79%Moving the kernel to modern C
  1005. 98%Announcing Rust 1.59.0 | Rust Blog
  1006. 98%Rubik’s Cube for Beginners (Version 2.0). C# Application with 3D Graphics and Animation. VS2022 .NET6
  1007. 97%AsyncAPI, a specification for defining asynchronous APIs
  1008. 91%Support open source that you use by paying the maintainers to talk to your team
  1009. 91%GitHub - JeanJouliaCode/wipeClean
  1010. 98%sneklang
  1011. 99%Anti-corruption Layer for communication between Boundaries
  1012. 98%The Catch Block #95 - Slow, Deliberate Refactoring Tips
  1013. 99%Hiding miners on Linux for profit
  1014. 96%smart-release - crates.io: Rust Package Registry
  1015. 91%workspaces - crates.io: Rust Package Registry
  1016. 97%OpenSSH: Release Notes
  1017. 87%Optimizing Postgres Text Search with Trigrams
  1018. 99%Plex on NixOS
  1019. 99%Convoy Crackdown
  1020. 99%Nix Flakes: an Introduction
  1021. 97%Cake - Cake v2.1.0 released
  1022. 98%You Can throw() Anything In JavaScript - And Other async/await Conside
  1023. 98%Mac Setup for Web Development [2022]
  1024. 99%GitHub - automerge/automerge: A JSON-like data structure (a CRDT) that can be modified concurrently by different users, and merged again automatically.
  1025. 97%Monsters Weekly 240 - Mermaid Diagrams on GitHub
  1026. 92%Google Tag Manager, la nouvelle arme anti adblock
  1027. 95%HTB - DevOops
  1028. 97%Programming things that have gotten easier
  1029. 97%The Fastest GIF Does Not Exist
  1030. 94%Displaying NDI sources on Stream Decks
  1031. 99%A tour of the Dart language
  1032. 89%Simplify Rails Views Using ViewComponents with Tailwind CSS and RSpec
  1033. 94%Is Datalog a good language for authorization?
  1034. 95%Dirty Nix flake quality-of-life hacks
  1035. 99%GitHub - martinvonz/jj: A Git-compatible DVCS that is both simple and powerful
  1036. 75%GitHub - LyalinDotCom/MetadataUpdateHandlersDemo
  1037. 96%Automatic SBOMs with ko
  1038. 93%GitHub - gristlabs/grist-core: Grist is the evolution of spreadsheets.
  1039. 93%Best Tools for GitHub Notifications
  1040. 88%Decentralization Is a Quality
  1041. 92%Repos that always pass their tests
  1042. 82%GitHub - xt0rted/dotnet-sdk-updater: Update global.json files with the latest SDK version
  1043. 94%GitHub - quenhus/uBlock-Origin-dev-filter: Filters to block and remove copycat-websites from DuckDuckGo, Google and other search engines. Specific to dev websites like StackOverflow or GitHub.
  1044. 86%The Internals of PostgreSQL : Introduction
  1045. 99%Avoid the Apple App Store | Jonatan Heyman
  1046. 97%Shader translation benchmark
  1047. 76%The Journey That Led Me to Write a Book on Analog Zettelkästen
  1048. 96%Diagnosing a VISCA camera issue
  1049. 83%Replace picture of API review process with diagram by terrajobst · Pull Request #65527 · dotnet/runtime
  1050. 85%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 6 Does Fix-Up -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1051. 99%Production ready eBPF, or how we fixed the BSD socket API
  1052. 75%Line-staging (interactive staging)
  1053. 80%Building for the 99% Developers
  1054. 79%Russian State-Sponsored Cyber Actors Target Cleared Defense Contractor Networks to Obtain Sensitive U.S. Defense Information and Technology
  1055. 84%A non-exhaustive list of my favorite things about working at companies with a culture of writing
  1056. 86%Lessons in Self-Hosting Your Own Personal Cloud
  1057. 92%6 Months of Working at a Hypergrowth Startup
  1058. 89%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 6
  1059. 91%Visual Studio 2022 17.1 Now Generally Available -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1060. 90%GitHub - yoav-lavi/melody: Melody is a language that compiles to regular expressions and aims to be more easily readable and maintainable
  1061. 90%1Password for SSH & Git (Beta) | 1Password Developer Documentation
  1062. 97%redbean – single-file distributable web server
  1063. 95%godocs.io one year later
  1064. 99%Convolutional Neural Networks for MNIST Data Using PyTorch -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1065. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 13 - .NET Blog
  1066. 92%Visual Studio 2022 17.1 is now available! - Visual Studio Blog
  1067. 95%.NET Framework February 2022 Cumulative Update Preview - .NET Blog
  1068. 91%Software Engineer - Planning & Tracking
  1069. 57%GitHub - hamukazu/lets-get-arrested: This project is intended to protest against the police in Japan
  1070. 88%Include diagrams in your Markdown files with Mermaid | The GitHub Blog
  1071. 98%.NET Framework January 2022 Cumulative Update Preview
  1072. 95%How Perl Saved the Human Genome Project
  1073. 99%Debugging a WebView2 component using Playwright in .NET - Gérald Barré
  1074. 91%Tools That Improved My Engineering Productivity
  1075. 98%00
  1076. 99%Angular Server Side Rendering on Azure Static Web Apps
  1077. 99%.NET 6 Web API on Lambda with a Custom Runtime | no dogma blog
  1078. 91%jless - Command Line JSON Viewer
  1079. 98%Server-Sent Events: the alternative to WebSockets you should be using
  1080. 95%Melb.NET Feb 2022 ONLINE Meetup | Meetup
  1081. 60%Steam Deck / Hardware
  1082. 86%.NET Framework February 2022 Security and Quality Rollup - .NET Blog
  1083. 97%Design Enterprise Integration Solutions using Azure single-tenant Logic Apps
  1084. 99%.NET 6 Web API on Lambda with a Custom Runtime | no dogma blog
  1085. 82%CUPID—for joyful coding
  1086. 88%Cloudflare acquires Vectrix to expand Zero Trust SaaS security
  1087. 81%Akamai Blog | FritzFrog: P2P Botnet Hops Back on the Scene
  1088. 97%Support ends for older versions of Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  1089. 97%Release 1.41.0 · gorhill/uBlock
  1090. 92%Interview Questions to Ask Your Interviewer
  1091. 89%BeyondCorp is dead, long live BeyondCorp
  1092. 96%Senior Program Manager - Developer Relations
  1093. 99%Azure Static Web Apps - a Netlify alternative | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  1094. 99%Improving the developer experience for Dependabot alerts | The GitHub Blog
  1095. 86%Dolphin Progress Report: November and December 2021, January 2022
  1096. 95%Refs #33476 -- Reformatted code with Black. by carltongibson · Pull Request #15387 · django/django
  1097. 84%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1098. 99%Exposing a web service with Cloudflare Tunnel
  1099. 90%An open-source distributed storage service
  1100. 99%Async / Await vs. PipeTo<T> in Akka.NET Actors
  1101. 99%Improvements and Optimizations for Interpolated Strings – A Look at New Language Features in C# 10 | The .NET Tools Blog
  1102. 95%Migrate from .NET Framework to .NET Core (.NET 6) - Detailed Guide | Pro Code Guide
  1103. 93%Risk/Return Bets in Entrepreneurship
  1104. 96%Abuse of Notation - The scrapbook of Boris Marinov
  1105. 94%The Problem With Frameworks | Pier-Luc Brault - Personal Website
  1106. 99%GitHub - gerardog/gsudo: A Sudo for Windows - run elevated without spawning a new Console Host Window
  1107. 96%PHP: The Right Way
  1108. 99%Creating and Using HTTP Client SDKs in .NET 6
  1109. 98%Another 5 .NET projects that deserve more attention
  1110. 98%Using Blazor with a YARP downstream API protected using certificate authentication
  1111. 99%Crypto Tracker App with Telerik .NET MAUI Controls
  1112. 82%Consuming Content Like it's the 90s
  1113. 99%Creating and deploying a tiny proxy server on Vercel in 10 minutes
  1114. 93%Educated Guesswork
  1115. 98%Developer's Guide to Writing a Good Helm Chart
  1116. 98%GitHub - casualsnek/cassowary: Run Windows Applications on Linux as if they are native, Use linux applications to launch files files located in windows vm without needing to install applications on vm. With easy to use configuration GUI
  1117. 63%Wormhole Incident Report — 02/02/22
  1118. 96%curl dash-dash-json | daniel.haxx.se
  1119. 96%The Story of Mel
  1120. 87%GitHub - wybiral/wtf: PoC to demonstrate how local service discovery can be used to violate privacy.
  1121. 95%Missing Manuals - io_uring worker pool
  1122. 71%saatsazov.com
  1123. 99%Alexandre Nédélec - Week 5, 2022 - Tips I learned this week
  1124. 90%Need to Keep Analytics Tracking Data in the EU? Cloudflare Zaraz Can Offer a Solution
  1125. 96%Protect secrets in Git with the clean/smudge filter | Red Hat Developer
  1126. 98%Update Solana to 1.9.4 · certusone/wormhole@7edbbd3
  1127. 96%Why and how I got my own ASN!
  1128. 95%Caching Header Best Practices
  1129. 98%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit - Monthly Standup (February 2022)
  1130. 97%New sponsors-only repositories, custom amounts, and more | The GitHub Blog
  1131. 83%Portable Python Projects
  1132. 79%Sponsors-only Repositories | GitHub Changelog
  1133. 86%Serenity OS - CoRecursive Podcast
  1134. 98%Postman Now Supports gRPC | Postman Blog
  1135. 93%West Wind WebSurge 2.0 is here
  1136. 97%Using the circuit breaker pattern with AWS Step Functions and Amazon DynamoDB | Amazon Web Services
  1137. 76%ongoing by Tim Bray · Lock-in and Multi-Cloud
  1138. 98%Writing better release notes
  1139. 87%<link>: The External Resource Link element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN
  1140. 72%Projects I Support
  1141. 94%Welcome to My Site!
  1142. 98%Databinding with the OOP Windows Forms Designer
  1143. 81%Solving the source generator 'marker attribute' problem - Part 2: Creating a source generator - Part 8
  1144. 99%Building a Philosophy Workstation with NixOS: Installing Firefox, VSCodium, and LaTeX
  1145. 90%Discord Holds the Keys to Your Heart
  1146. 91%1751984 - Let's Encrypt TLS Using ALPN TLS Version and OID
  1147. 98%.NET R&D Digest (January, 2022)
  1148. 99%Keep your workflow actions up to date using GitHub Dependabot | Visual Studio Geeks
  1149. 97%Knowledge Base - your company’s undervalued asset
  1150. 78%A UX designer walks into a Tesla Bar – Scott Jenson
  1151. 92%Rust has a small standard library (and that's ok)
  1152. 99%GitHub - xoofx/dotnet-releaser: Easily cross-compile, package and publish your .NET application to NuGet and GitHub.
  1153. 90%How to Use Tags
  1154. 99%commits signed by ssh key using nix and home-manager
  1155. 91%lib: add fetch by targos · Pull Request #41749 · nodejs/node
  1156. 93%black
  1157. 73%Wire • Secure Messenger | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
  1158. 93%Microsoft Teams 2.0 will use half the memory, dropping Electron...
  1159. 96%In defense of NIR
  1160. 97%Teleporting thru Information Space
  1161. 83%Old Man Yells at Cloud
  1162. 94%Azure DevOps requires TLS 1.2 on all connections including Visual Studio
  1163. 60%ZoomIt v5.0, RDCMan v2.90, Autoruns, ProcMon, TCPView, VMMap, Sysmon and WinObj
  1164. 94%IP-Link – Twelve years after – cedric's blog
  1165. 87%Facebook SDK v12.2 for Xamarin.iOS Now Available
  1166. 93%GitHub - refined-github/refined-github: Browser extension that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features
  1167. 97%Download GitHub directory
  1168. 86%The Internals of PostgreSQL : Introduction
  1169. 96%Machine readable specifications at scale
  1170. 96%How to start contributing to open-source projects - Max Leiter
  1171. 93%bbenchoff.github.io by bbenchoff
  1172. 56%Git Stars - ErikEJ
  1173. 83%remove support for Ssl2 by wfurt · Pull Request #64322 · dotnet/runtime
  1174. 97%Fixing Windows Control Focus on Toolbar and Menu Controls
  1175. 99%Announcing .NET Community Toolkit v8.0.0 Preview 1
  1176. 92%.NET Framework January 2022 Cumulative Update Preview
  1177. 92%v2.5 work: BacklogPolicy by NickCraver · Pull Request #1912 · StackExchange/StackExchange.Redis
  1178. 88%Pub/Sub fixes for subscribe/re-subscribe by NickCraver · Pull Request #1947 · StackExchange/StackExchange.Redis
  1179. 90%.NET Community Toolkit v8.0 Preview Revamps MVVM Library -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1180. 96%Secure your GitHub account with GitHub Mobile 2FA | The GitHub Blog
  1181. 89%GIFs (sane) playback control using WASM and FFmpeg
  1182. 94%Highlights from Git 2.35 | The GitHub Blog
  1183. 99%Alexandre Nédélec - Week 3, 2022 - Tips I learned this week
  1184. 98%Microsoft Feature Management - Feature Flags in ASP.NET Core C# - Detailed Guide | Pro Code Guide
  1185. 97%Debugging Compatibility in Edge
  1186. 92%Implement hash and HMAC stream one shots by vcsjones · Pull Request #63757 · dotnet/runtime
  1187. 94%Sponsor @ErikEJ on GitHub Sponsors
  1188. 95%Surgical programming
  1189. 96%Charm
  1190. 92%Supply chain attacks are the new big thing
  1191. 99%GitHub - DustinBrett/daedalOS: Desktop environment in the browser.
  1192. 64%Pub/Sub subscription processor: actually set the result by NickCraver · Pull Request #1959 · StackExchange/StackExchange.Redis
  1193. 99%GitHub - khuedoan/homelab: My self-hosting infrastructure, fully automated from empty disk to operating services.
  1194. 61%Tips for Onboarding Onto an Existing Codebase
  1195. 98%performance/src/benchmarks/micro at main · dotnet/performance
  1196. 83%Throw during renegotiation if there is incomplete received TLS frame by rzikm · Pull Request #64066 · dotnet/runtime
  1197. 99%Quantum-Inspired Annealing Using C# or Python -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  1199. 70%Hacker News
  1200. 89%Obsidian is (almost) a Typora killer
  1201. 96%systemd service sandboxing and security hardening 101
  1202. 96%Getting started with Azure Bicep
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  1216. 87%Essence
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  1220. 86%Developer Advocate Intern
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  1250. 94%An Honest Comparison of VS Code vs JetBrains - 5 Points
  1251. 96%XMPP: the secure communication protocol that respects privacy
  1252. 94%GitHub - ankitpokhrel/jira-cli: 🔥 [WIP] Feature-rich interactive Jira command line.
  1253. 60%DDoS Attack Trends for Q4 2021
  1254. 98%dmca/2022-01-04-readium.md at master · github/dmca
  1255. 93%SSH agent restriction
  1256. 98%Integrating Long Path Names in Windows Applications
  1257. 96%Practical Shell Patterns I Actually Use
  1258. 96%When to cache in your Rails app
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  1286. 91%Speculation on the design decisions that led to the common ABI for C++ coroutines
  1287. 95%tvu-compare: rust and zig
  1288. 83%[PATCH 0000/2297] [ANNOUNCE, RFC] "Fast Kernel Headers" Tree -v1: Eliminate the Linux kernel's "Dependency Hell" [LWN.net]
  1289. 99%Using Caddy
  1290. 94%Text Aesthetics: Command Line UI/UX
  1291. 99%GitHub - seemoo-lab/opendrop: An open Apple AirDrop implementation written in Python
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  1301. 82%Fintech firm hit by Log4j hack refuses to pay $5 million ransom
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  1330. 93%PullRequest | Code Review as a Service
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  1340. 86%OSS Simple Sabotage Manual, Sections 11, 12
  1341. 98%GitHub - VollRagm/KernelBypassSharp: C# Kernel Mode Driver to read and write memory in protected processes
  1342. 97%Log4j – Apache Log4j Security Vulnerabilities
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  1360. 99%A Holly Jolly Christmas with Hot Chocolate 12.4
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  1371. 98%Adam Storr - Deploying an Azure Static Web App with Pulumi as a Beginner
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  1375. 51%Star Trek: The Motion Picture
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  1377. 94%Maximum redirects, minimum effort: Announcing Bulk Redirects
  1378. 77%The Website Obesity Crisis
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  1399. 66%Curiosities in Vinyl
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  1405. 87%.NET Conf Local 2021
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  1408. 90%How a Kalman filter works, in pictures
  1409. 70%Hunting down my son's killer
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  1413. 73%Web3? I have my DAOts
  1414. 98%Is “KAX17” performing de-anonymization Attacks against Tor Users?
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  1416. 96%The Memory Image Pattern
  1417. 50%Why your cloud infrastructure should be immutable
  1418. 92%uBlock, I exfiltrate: exploiting ad blockers with CSS
  1419. 88%GitHub - amolenk/GameATron4000: Demo of using Blazor to build a classic 8-bit adventure game
  1420. 88%Replace your hardware firewalls with Cloudflare One
  1421. 92%Introduction to the Node.js reference architecture, Part 6: Choosing web frameworks | Red Hat Developer
  1422. 91%Security | 2021 | The Web Almanac by HTTP Archive
  1423. 97%GitHub - intoli/exodus: Painless relocation of Linux binaries–and all of their dependencies–without containers.
  1424. 99%Automate testing of poor network conditions with Shopify's Toxiproxy
  1425. 96%How to use dig
  1426. 80%GitHub - haampie/libtree: ldd as a tree with an option to bundle dependencies into a single folder
  1427. 78%fitness trackers, 20 years from now
  1428. 82%How I wrote my book
  1429. 97%Adding Analyzers Via a Project Reference · Issue #18093 · dotnet/roslyn
  1430. 96%Windows Forms Lives On in .NET 6 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1431. 80% 3.0 — blender.org
  1432. 99%How Rider Hot Reload Works Under the Hood | The .NET Tools Blog
  1433. 93%Deploying Node and Mongo to Azure Using AZX
  1434. 77%ClusterFuzzLite Brings ClusterFuzz to GitHub Actions and Other CI/CD Pipelines
  1435. 94%Replace DotLiquid with Fluid by lahma · Pull Request #3679 · RicoSuter/NSwag
  1436. 90%NixOS - Blog → Announcements
  1437. 68%protobuf-net/Directory.Build.props at main · protobuf-net/protobuf-net
  1438. 93%Tools I use: PyCharm
  1439. 66%GitHub Availability Report: November 2021 | The GitHub Blog
  1440. 96%Julia 1.7 Highlights
  1441. 99%supabase/studio at master · supabase/supabase
  1442. 99%GitHub - mrthefakeperson/Excel-Virtual-Machine: C Compiler which targets Excel (MS Office)
  1443. 94%A Nightscout Segment for OhMyPosh shows my realtime Blood Sugar readings in my Git Prompt
  1444. 89%PeerTube v4, more power to help you present your videos
  1445. 90%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1446. 99%Reducing an LTO Linux kernel bug with cvise
  1447. 99%GitHub - jesseduffield/lazygit: simple terminal UI for git commands
  1448. 97%Visualize It
  1449. 91%4x smaller, 50x faster · asciinema blog
  1450. 91%My Dive Into DevOps Consulting - Work & Life Notes
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  1452. 99%How to Backup to Backblaze B2 with Rclone and keep the network alive
  1453. 89%I have no idea what I’m doing
  1454. 96%Practical Security Recommendations for Start-ups with Limited Budgets
  1455. 87%Introduction
  1456. 88%CONIGUERO/winamp
  1457. 58%How did Windows 3.1's virtual machine manager get the information to show in the text-mode Alt+Tab switcher?
  1458. 67%Firefox is the Only Alternative
  1459. 65%The History of Command Palettes: How Typing Commands Became The Norm Again
  1460. 91%The Yamaha DX7 synthesizer's clever exponential circuit, reverse-engineered
  1461. 98%Using GitHub Actions to Update .NET Dependencies Automatically
  1462. 95%Alexandre Nédélec - Organize your GitHub stars with Astral
  1463. 98%GitHub - egoist/bget: Download and install binaries from GitHub Releases, interactively.
  1464. 54%The Token Disconnect
  1465. 87%Proof of stake is a scam and the people promoting it are scammers
  1466. 93%SQLite Release 3.37.0 On 2021-11-27
  1467. 86%Github down? Current service status and errors
  1468. 94%Explainer: .DS_Store files
  1469. 90%Build software better, together
  1470. 94%Yusuf Aytas - Promoting Learnings in Incidents
  1471. 90%Why does Web 3.0 Exist? - Web3 Oversimplified
  1472. 71%How to configure verified GitHub commits?
  1473. 98%My Terraform Standards
  1474. 94%Amazon Linux 2022
  1475. 97%5 years working on a daily basis with Typescript and I had no idea generics were capable of doing that 🤯!
  1476. 98%On working with a ViewModel Composition based system
  1477. 71%Add It Up: Takeaways from GitHub's Octoverse Report - The New Stack
  1478. 97%GitHub - HaveIBeenPwned/3DModels
  1479. 95%GitHub - isaacrlevin/WorkFlowGenerator: This is a .NET 6 Global tool that will create a workflow file to be used in GitHub Actions
  1480. 98%Visual Studio 2022: Q&A With Leslie Richardson and Her Team
  1481. 95%GitHub - jamesmontemagno/vs-red-theme: The only theme you need for Visual Studio... Red
  1482. 98%Dotnetos
  1483. 97%A .NET 5.0 Guide: From Idea To NuGet Package
  1484. 98%42 things I learned from building a production database
  1485. 70%Microsoft unveils ‘Super Duper Secure Mode’ in latest version of Edge
  1486. 82%Happy and Alex MVP
  1487. 96%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1488. 95%Microservices — The Letter and the Spirit
  1489. 93%Announcing Argo for Spectrum
  1490. 96%[Last Week in .NET #69] – Our Commitment To .NET News
  1491. 78%Stable Software Release System | blog.kronis.dev
  1492. 84%Wrap a website with a Webextension
  1493. 98%Don't Bring a Tree to a Mesh Fight
  1494. 90%Pranav Kasetti - Software Developer
  1495. 76%A reminder about the correct way of accessing and manipulating the position of icons on the desktop
  1496. 97%So GitHub Copilot can suggest secret keys, but it's not that bad
  1497. 88%Designing Data-Intensive Applications – Secondary Indexes, Rebalancing, Routing
  1498. 94%paint.net 4.3.3 is now available!
  1499. 98%GitHub - zademn/EverythingCrypto: (Still exploring) My cryptography journey: A collection of notebooks covering different algorithms and concepts from cryptography
  1500. 73%The Introverts Guide to Increasing Energy
  1501. 90%LLVM relicensing update & call for help
  1502. 97%Documenting HTTP requests with Hurl
  1503. 99%Deno for Infrastructure as Code
  1504. 91%Are custom dev setups worthwhile?
  1505. 86%Understanding why our build got 15x slower with Webpack 5 - Tines Engineering
  1506. 96%The tale of a single register value
  1507. 95%A Simpler Way to Azure
  1508. 95%GitHub - elfshaker/elfshaker: elfshaker stores binary objects efficiently
  1509. 97%Why is my C++/CX ref class forbidden from having public methods that are templates or mention, say, std::vector?
  1510. 98%How to install any distrib on a Gandi VPS
  1511. 92%Sociotechnical Lenses into Software Systems
  1512. 82%TypeScript Surge Flatlines in New GitHub Octoverse Report -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1513. 99%Backdooring Rust crates for fun and profit
  1514. 91%Limited Edition Custom .NET Cycling Jersey
  1515. 97%Options for running locally with Dapr
  1516. 99%Tip 342 - How to get started with Azure DevTest Labs
  1517. 93%Stacked changes: how Facebook and Google engineers stay unblocked and ship faster
  1518. 80%Remote working and the elephant in the room
  1519. 96%GitHub - salesforce/p4-fusion: A fast Perforce to Git conversion tool written in C++ using Perforce Helix Core C++ API and Libgit2
  1520. 97%Why I like Jupyter Notebook
  1521. 98%Cloudflare Pages Goes Full Stack
  1522. 74%Ivermectin: Much More Than You Wanted To Know
  1523. 98%ASP.NET Docker Gotchas and Workarounds
  1524. 99%Let's upgrade my main site and podcast to .NET 6 LTS
  1525. 98%In the Jungle of .NET Decompilers - NDepend
  1526. 88%GitHub's commitment to npm ecosystem security | The GitHub Blog
  1527. 70%Nothing Scales - Jason Kerwin
  1528. 94%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1529. 98%Bramble: A Purely Functional Build System and Package Manager
  1530. 96%ASP.NET Core Identity AddDefaultIdentity vs AddIdentity
  1531. 91%GitHub - rougier/scientific-visualization-book: An open access book on scientific visualization using python and matplotlib
  1532. 92%Highlights from Git 2.34 | The GitHub Blog
  1533. 92%My VS Code Playground - Pawel Cislo
  1534. 99%Simulating an XY oscilloscope on the GPU
  1535. 99%Getting Started With Pants and Django (Part 1)
  1536. 95%Adding support for X86Base.Pause() and ArmBase.Yield() by tannergooding · Pull Request #61065 · dotnet/runtime
  1537. 93%Practical attacks against attribute-based encryption
  1538. 99%Your opinion about C# and .NET is outdated
  1539. 52%Next Windows 11 update makes the Blue Screen of Death blue again
  1540. 90%[ANN] Fennel 1.0.0 released — sourcehut lists
  1541. 97%Alexandre Nédélec - Week 45, 2021 - Tips I learned this week
  1542. 91%Reverse-engineering the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer's sound chip from die photos
  1543. 73%Cloudflare blocks an almost 2 Tbps multi-vector DDoS attack
  1544. 68%It's Now Possible To Sign Arbitrary Data With Your SSH Keys
  1545. 97%GitHub - DamianEdwards/MinimalApis.Extensions: A set of extensions and helpers for working with ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs.
  1546. 97%GitHub - okyrylchuk/dotnet6_features
  1547. 77%Implement PEM exports for RSA PKCS#1 and ECPrivateKey by vcsjones · Pull Request #61487 · dotnet/runtime
  1548. 58%How to permanently remove a file from Git history - Wisdom Geek
  1549. 99%Overriding Sealed Methods in C#
  1550. 87%Five Great (free!) Ways to Get Started With Cloudflare
  1551. 99%Search by Target Framework & Supported Platforms on NuGet.org by JonDouglas · Pull Request #11374 · NuGet/Home
  1552. 99%Code style formatting rules - .NET
  1553. 87%Threshold Digital Signatures
  1554. 98%MSBuild and 64-bit Visual Studio 2022
  1555. 98%Cake v2.0.0 RC 1 released
  1556. 99%itt a tribute to our late founder, farewell, deer richard
  1557. 94%New Release: Tor Browser 11.0 | Tor Blog
  1558. 99%How to use JSONPatch in .net core | Gary Woodfine
  1559. 99%Discover what’s new to Microsoft database services—recap from Microsoft Ignite
  1560. 96%Comparing Container Apps with other Azure container options
  1561. 88%With .NET MAUI Delayed, Xamarin.Forms Remains Mobile Dev Option in .NET 6 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1562. 97%Automating .Net 6 Application Protection
  1563. 95%Microsoft Introduces a New Cloud-Native Offering with Azure Container Apps Service
  1564. 99%Announcing YARP 1.0 Release
  1565. 96%Lesser Known PostgreSQL Features
  1566. 99%Cake v2.0.0 RC 1 released
  1567. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 10
  1568. 99%What's New in Xamarin and Visual Studio 2022
  1569. 98%General Availability of PowerShell 7.2
  1570. 98%Adam Storr - Using AutoFac with .NET 6 Isolated Azure Functions
  1571. 84%GitHub - adria0/plonk-by-fingers: Implementation of Plonk by Hand in rust
  1572. 97%Stop requiring specific technology experience for senior-plus engineers
  1573. 97%Improving a Machine Learning System (Part 1 - Broken Abstractions)
  1574. 97%Thinking heads are not in the clouds · Raphael Lullis
  1575. 99%Modern, functional Common Lisp: Myths and tips
  1576. 99%You probably don’t need jq
  1577. 94%Free Software is an Abject Failure
  1578. 97%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 3, and Upcoming Native M1 Processor Support
  1579. 96%Supabase $30m Series A
  1580. 97%What’s New for Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2022
  1581. 88%Elite Underproduction
  1582. 96%Malware Trust & Safety Specialist
  1583. 98%Designing better file organization around tags, not hierarchies
  1584. 96%A journey towards SpeakerTravel - Building a service from scratch
  1585. 99%WSL: Mount USB Devices | Tabs vs Spaces show
  1586. 96%GitHub Copilot Telemetry Terms - GitHub Docs
  1587. 79%Memory leaks are crippling my M1 MacBook Pro–and I'm not alone
  1588. 92%What is AT&T doing at 1111340002?
  1589. 99%jott - building_stuff_from_source
  1590. 97%pdfsandwich
  1591. 99%Thanks Microsoft for open-sourcing VS Code Server 👐
  1592. 95%Learn web development | MDN
  1593. 94%How to Disable GitHub Actions in a Forked Project
  1594. 88%GitLab servers are being exploited in DDoS attacks in excess of 1 Tbps
  1595. 99%A Deep Dive Into Serverless UI With TypeScript — Smashing Magazine
  1596. 94%Never update anything | blog.kronis.dev
  1597. 98%The "ultimate" Thinkpad
  1598. 95%Visual Studio 2022 Launch
  1599. 95%Building the next phase of GitHub, together | The GitHub Blog
  1600. 98%An oral history of Bank Python
  1601. 88%Organ transplant patients (maybe) don’t get dementia. Here’s why. – Trevor Klee
  1602. 95%Thank you, GitHub | The GitHub Blog
  1603. 98%The tale of a single register value
  1604. 86%Amendment No. 1 to Form S-1
  1605. 98%On Desktop Productivity
  1606. 81%The Metaverse Is Already Here. It’s Minecraft
  1607. 99%Do-nothing scripting: the key to gradual automation
  1608. 96%Curves and Surfaces – Bartosz Ciechanowski
  1609. 92%Nix 2.4 released - Announcements - NixOS Discourse
  1610. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1611. 94%Firefox 94.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes
  1612. 90%Fermat's Library | Magic: The Gathering is Turing Complete annotated/explained version.
  1613. 95%Visual Studio 2022 Launch
  1614. 97%A Syntax for Self-Tracking
  1615. 99%When Pwned Passwords Bloom!
  1616. 97%3Blue1Brown - SoME1 results
  1617. 93%Visual Studio 2022 Launch Event Agenda
  1618. 99%I let GitHub Co-Pilot be the Pilot for my C# code
  1619. 98%GitHub - klange/toaruos: A completely-from-scratch hobby operating system: bootloader, kernel, drivers, C library, and userspace including a composited graphical UI, dynamic linker, syntax-highlighting text editor, network stack, etc.
  1620. 99%SectorLISP Now Fits in One Sector
  1621. 98%Visual Studio 2022 Productivity
  1622. 95%How to help a student get unstuck
  1623. 93%Do what you're relatively best at
  1624. 98%Zettelkasten note-taking after one year · Tomas Vik
  1625. 92%Our investment in Appwrite
  1626. 98%File-Scoped Namespaces – A Look at New Language Features in C# 10 | The .NET Tools Blog
  1627. 93%Debian's which hunt
  1628. 94%Practical Time Machines
  1629. 98%GitHub - zmni/MSEdge-BlankTab: Blank new tab extension for Microsoft Edge with background color that follows browser color theme.
  1630. 97% Blender 3.x roadmap — Blender Developers Blog
  1631. 95%Open secrets about Hacker News
  1632. 98%GitHub Universe 2021: Day 1
  1633. 96%Universe Keynote Day 1: GitHub on GitHub
  1634. 99%DIY Acoustic Camera using UMA-16
  1635. 95%copilot-docs/docs at main · github/copilot-docs
  1636. 95%Release GitHub CLI 2.2.0 · cli/cli
  1637. 99%HTTPS Everywhere plug-in no longer needed | Bulletproof TLS Newsletter
  1638. 99%Writing a Simple Intellij Plugin
  1639. 53%@troyhunt's 2019 GitHub Skyline
  1640. 95%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1641. 98%Call Windows Runtime APIs in desktop apps - Windows apps
  1642. 97%Face-to-Face: A conversation about the .NET Foundation - Option 1
  1643. 98%FROST: Flexible Round-Optimized Schnorr Threshold Signatures
  1644. 99%Opening a PDF in Xamarin Forms (P2: Xamarin.Android with Radaee)
  1645. 98%A small DOCUMERICA Twitter bot
  1646. 97%Staff Product Manager, Identity
  1647. 79%I deleted data from production
  1648. 99%Bevel Work | Rounding Sharp Corners
  1649. 99%GitHub - nuta/kerla: A new operating system kernel with Linux binary compatibility written in Rust.
  1650. 89%8 Legendary Games Recreated in Microsoft Excel
  1651. 98%Cloudflare Tunnel for Content Teams
  1652. 90%Default to 2 decimal places for timings and add options to control it by NickCraver · Pull Request #580 · MiniProfiler/dotnet
  1653. 99%New language features since Java 8 to 17
  1654. 98%Modifying the Acorn CLE-215+ FPGA into a PCILeech DMA attack device
  1655. 93%Episode 27: Visual Studio 2022 - with Kendra Havens
  1656. 98%GitHub - mthom/scryer-prolog: A modern Prolog implementation written mostly in Rust.
  1657. 92%Revert "Remove Hot Reload support from dotnet watch (#22217)" by 3nprob · Pull Request #22262 · dotnet/sdk
  1658. 96%Implement RSA-PSS signature for CmsSigner by vcsjones · Pull Request #60316 · dotnet/runtime
  1659. 99%Raspberry Pi 3 Fastboot - Less Than 2 Seconds
  1660. 95%Signals and Threads | Language Design
  1661. 95%Locking conversations - GitHub Docs
  1662. 97%Repository roles for an organization - GitHub Docs
  1663. 97%Cloudflare for SaaS for All, now Generally Available!
  1664. 94%Emacsair! Magit, the magical Git interface
  1665. 97%LightningChart Introduces Uno Platform Support
  1666. 90%Committees | .NET Foundation
  1667. 95%A Tour Through the OWASP Top 10
  1668. 97%Why Nano
  1669. 93%10 ways to get the best out of OpenSCAD
  1670. 99%Analyzing Code for Issues in .NET 5
  1671. 99%Getting Cloudflare Tunnels to connect to the Cloudflare Network with QUIC
  1672. 99%Deploying PHP Applications to Azure App Service with Azure DevOps
  1673. 99%Unit Testing Azure Functions in Isolated Environment
  1674. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1675. 99%Setting User-Specific Paths in a Shell
  1676. 97%Backwards-compatibility in Cloudflare Workers
  1677. 94%S-1
  1678. 96%Application Monitoring and Error Tracking Software
  1679. 92%My indoor rowing tips after 15 million meters
  1680. 95%Is Agility Related to Commitment? – Money Flows Part II
  1681. 99%Present and Future of Xamarin Community Toolkit: Q&A with Gerald Versluis
  1682. 99%What every software engineer should know about search
  1683. 98%.NET MAUI Preview 9: Borders, Corners, Shadows and Performance Improvements
  1684. 51%L0phtCrack
  1685. 99%A Race Condition in .NET Finalization and its Mitigation for C++/CLI
  1686. 95%GitHub - robert-z/simple-pokemon-json-api: 🐸 A simple Pokémon API used in APIs introduction lessons at Skylab Coders Academy.
  1687. 76%Apple Unleashed: New MacBooks are expected—here's what business pros want
  1688. 99%Profiling Django App
  1689. 99%Serialization-Based Undo
  1690. 98%It's time for the Permanent Web
  1691. 99%Implementing Hash Tables in C
  1692. 99%GitHub - valinet/ExplorerPatcher: This project aims to bring back a productive working environment on Windows 11
  1693. 95%Getting Unstuck
  1694. 99%GitHub - Sysinternals/SysmonForLinux
  1695. 70%How Tech Companies Should Compensate Their Remote Workers
  1696. 93%GitHub Actions On Demand
  1697. 95%Geo Key Manager: Setting up a service for scale
  1698. 99%GitHub - basti564/Oculess: Removes account requirements and telemetry from Oculus Quest devices
  1699. 99%On .NET Live - Things you didn't know you about GitHub
  1700. 98%OpenBSD 7.0
  1701. 90%GitHub - RealDotNetDave/dotNetTips.Spargine: Open-source .NET assemblies from dotNetTips.com and David McCarter
  1702. 96%GitLab from YC to IPO
  1703. 99%GitHub - k4zmu2a/SpaceCadetPinball: Decompilation of 3D Pinball for Windows – Space Cadet
  1704. 85%Which dictionary to choose in C# and which one is dangerous
  1705. 93%Monsters Weekly 226 - Building GitHub Actions in C#
  1706. 92%GTFOBins
  1707. 98%How to win at CORS
  1708. 89%Visual Studio 2022 Release Candidate Ships, Set for Nov. 8 General Availability -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1709. 91%Adobe Uses DMCA to Nuke Project That Keeps Flash Alive, Secure & Adware Free * TorrentFreak
  1710. 99%How SQL Injection attack works 💉🔓
  1711. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 9
  1712. 99%Agenda - NDC London 2022 | Conference for Software Developers
  1713. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1714. 99%GitHub - martinet101/ElevenClock: ElevenClock: A secondary clock for secondary taskbars on Windows 11
  1715. 95%IoT Hacking and Rickrolling My High School District
  1716. 95%The Windows Package Manager
  1717. 98%Updating NuGet packages from command-line - deep dive
  1718. 99%Parsing JSON is a Minefield
  1719. 98%A preview of WSL in the Microsoft Store is now available!
  1720. 99%GitHub - fosscord/fosscord: Fosscord is a free open source selfhostable discord compatible chat, voice and video platform
  1721. 97%GitHub security update: revoking weakly-generated SSH keys | The GitHub Blog
  1722. 99%4 new useful APIs in .NET 6
  1723. 98%slackermedia / bashcrawl
  1724. 91%The Poly Network Hack Explained
  1725. 98%O&O ShutUp10++: Free antispy tool for Windows 10 and 11
  1726. 94%Engineers Should Not Design Streets
  1727. 99%Empowering data scientists with a feature store
  1728. 98%How to be a nice programmer
  1729. 99%GitHub - wimpysworld/quickemu: Quickly create and run optimised Windows, macOS and Linux desktop virtual machines.
  1730. 95%Maintaining ownership continuity of your user account's repositories - GitHub Docs
  1731. 94%Helping Apache Servers stay safe from zero-day path traversal attacks (CVE-2021-41773)
  1732. 99%RobMensching.com
  1733. 96%Afraid of your source code leaking? I can tell by the Twitch in your eye…!
  1734. 99%Scheduling Backups To OneDrive For Paperless-ng Using RClone
  1735. 97%GitHub - djanderson/aho: A git implementation in awk
  1736. 96%The best part of Windows 11 is a revamped Windows Subsystem for Linux
  1737. 97%The Skill of Org Design
  1738. 96%My oh-my-posh profile
  1739. 99%I'm sorry · Discussion #39 · dotnet-foundation/Home
  1740. 98%Unit Testing Legacy Applications with JustMock
  1741. 98%Windows Package Manager 1.1
  1742. 97%GitHub - github/balanced-employee-ip-agreement: GitHub's employee intellectual property agreement, open sourced and reusable
  1743. 98%Progress Report: September 2021 - Asahi Linux
  1744. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1745. 99%Plan 9 Desktop Guide
  1746. 95%Open Source Tax Software | Connor Skennerton
  1747. 93%Understanding How Facebook Disappeared from the Internet
  1748. 96%The Original Remote Developer - CoRecursive Podcast
  1749. 99%Git - git-maintenance Documentation
  1750. 85%The evolution of Pattern Matching in C# (from version 6 to 10)
  1751. 85%Lists of Startup Tools Are Not Useful · Jerry Liu
  1752. 97%No repository (#2336) · Issues · libeigen / eigen
  1753. 99%Effective Go - The Go Programming Language
  1754. 99%MAJOR C++/Arduino Announcement: NightDriver for LEDs [Open Source]
  1755. 99%"Static Linking Considered Harmful" Considered Harmful
  1756. 98%Your home router sucks! Replace it with pfSense!
  1757. 99%Gentle introduction to GPUs inner workings
  1758. 99%.NET 6 is HERE! 5 Features that will blow your mind 🤯
  1759. 94%First Look at Visual Studio 2022 for Mac -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1760. 99%Analyzing the Mario Themed Malware
  1761. 97%The subtleties of Create­Stream­On­HGlobal, part 4: Non-movable memory
  1762. 96%Are software engineering “best practices” just developer preferences?
  1763. 99%.NET Foundation Project Spotlight - Verify
  1764. 99%.NET Foundation Project Spotlight - .NET nanoFramework
  1765. 89%Listen to Yourself
  1766. 96%What every IT person needs to know about OpenBSD
  1767. 98%How to Route Ingress Traffic by Host in Istio
  1768. 98%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 1 is now available!
  1769. 98%GPSD time will jump back 1024 weeks at after week=2180 (23-October-2021) (#144) · Issues · gpsd / gpsd
  1770. 96%Enabling IPv6 Support for GitHub Pages | GitHub Changelog
  1771. 99%Announcing .NET 6 Release Candidate 1
  1772. 93%PostgreSQL 14 Released!
  1773. 99%GitHub - eclipse/mosquitto: Eclipse Mosquitto - An open source MQTT broker
  1774. 80%Private Censorship Is Not the Best Way to Fight Hate or Defend Democracy: Here Are Some Better Ideas
  1775. 98%ReSharper 2021.3 Starts Early Access Program! | The .NET Tools Blog
  1776. 98%Announcing: Azure credits for open source projects - Microsoft Open Source Blog
  1777. 77%Revenge Bedtime Procrastination
  1778. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1779. 88%Gitpod Unveils Open Source Browser-Based VS Code 'Free from Microsoft's Control' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1780. 98%Download Inkscape 1.1.1 | Inkscape
  1781. 71%Legacy Chrome Extensions to stop working from January 2023
  1782. 93%Working From Orbit
  1783. 97%Director Corporate Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)
  1784. 96%GitHub - alexhallam/tv: 📺(tv) Tidy Viewer is a cross-platform CLI csv pretty printer that uses column styling to maximize viewer enjoyment.
  1785. 98%Partitioning GitHub’s relational databases to handle scale
  1786. 99%GitHub - adam-mcdaniel/dune: A shell by the beach!
  1787. 99%Getting Started With GitHub Actions
  1788. 98%Olvid - Secure Messaging
  1789. 99%Keep IDs internal with REST
  1790. 93%So GitHub has a CLI - let's take a look
  1791. 97%Hacktoberfest and Microsoft Docs - Contributor Guide
  1792. 96%Transactions in Distributed Systems
  1793. 99%How to Train Really Large Models on Many GPUs?
  1794. 99%Stamping Out Overflow Checks in Ruby
  1795. 99%Initial Impressions of Rust
  1796. 99%OpenSSH: Release Notes
  1797. 99%GitHub - aristocratos/btop: A monitor of resources
  1798. 99%Polysemy, one year later
  1799. 97%Antinets (aka, Analog Zettelkastens) and The Power of Tree Structures
  1800. 97%My Janet Story | Jungle Coder
  1801. 99%A Guide to Using RSS to Replace Social Media – Luke Smith
  1802. 91%GitHub - will/slacktyping: i'm typing when you're typing
  1803. 99%Ben.Demystifier 0.4.1
  1804. 96%A Playbook for Cleantech Commercialization
  1805. 86%Announcing npm’s new access token format
  1806. 98%musl libc project is creating Free & Open-Source Software | Patreon
  1807. 99%Building a Monad
  1808. 98%Guix-HPC — What’s in a package
  1809. 99%Announcing Azure Functions 4.0 public preview with .NET 6 support
  1810. 98%Taming Go’s Memory Usage, or How We Avoided Rewriting Our Client in Rust — Akita Software
  1811. 93%Troy Hunt | GitHub Stars
  1812. 99%Structural pattern matching in Python 3.10
  1813. 93%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  1814. 98%GitHub - PySimpleGUI/PySimpleGUI
  1815. 99%Swift with .NET in Xcode
  1816. 97%Introducing the Aino framework
  1817. 98%How to Contribute a Change to Nginx
  1818. 99%GitHub - seemoo-lab/AirGuard: Protect yourself from being tracked 🌍 by AirTags 🏷 and Find My accessories 📍
  1819. 98%GIT PURR! Git Commands Explained with Cats!
  1820. 97%Cloudflare Pages is Lightning Fast
  1821. 99%GitHub - seed-rs/seed: A Rust framework for creating web apps
  1822. 99%feat: improved theme png rendering by NickCraver · Pull Request #971 · JanDeDobbeleer/oh-my-posh
  1823. 96%My pain building a WYSIWYG editor with contenteditable - Answerly.io
  1824. 96%Document
  1825. 98%Code Maze Weekly #93 - Code Maze
  1826. 99%advanced shell packaging: resholve YADM's nixpkg
  1827. 97%Early Hints: How Cloudflare Can Improve Website Load Times by 30%
  1828. 99%Why Authorization is Hard
  1829. 96%.NET MAUI 'Slips the Schedule,' Won't Ship with .NET 6 in November -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1830. 98%GitHub - github/paste-markdown: Paste spreadsheet cells as a Markdown table.
  1831. 98%Playing with htmlq, awk, and sed
  1832. 96%Building an Alternative Ecosystem | Joshua Strobl
  1833. 91%How I write my Journal
  1834. 98%Product Security Engineering Manager - Architecture
  1835. 82%Developer Burnout: Why it Happens and What We Can Do About It
  1836. 97%Anonymous Presents: Operation Epik Fail
  1837. 86%Effect size is significantly more important than statistical significance.
  1838. 99%Announcing .NET 6 Release Candidate 1
  1839. 99%Technical Writer
  1840. 83%Travis CI flaw exposed secrets of thousands of open source projects
  1841. 98%Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4 is now available!
  1842. 99%Announcing .NET 6 Release Candidate 1
  1843. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1844. 99%Update on .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI)
  1845. 99%WebSocket per-message compression in ASP.NET Core 6
  1846. 99%Setting up the SonarQube scanner when building a .NET Core container image
  1847. 99%Unit testing private helper methods
  1848. 98%Advanced Git Workflow Tips | The .NET Tools Blog
  1849. 99%MinimalValidation/dotnet.yml at 3b836203c6af3ce1f9735ff1a4c81ab3270a7c7e · DamianEdwards/MinimalValidation
  1850. 96%GitHub - ryanoasis/powerline-extra-symbols: Extra glyphs for your powerline separators
  1851. 80%[Last Week in .NET #59] – Min/Max Life Changes
  1852. 98%Build software better, together
  1853. 96%FORTRAN.io finally, a Fortran Web Framework
  1854. 99%Introduction — Otter documentation
  1855. 93%April King — Cache-Control Recommendations
  1856. 99%Introduction to System.Text.Json Through Examples - Code Maze
  1857. 99%How to Write Cleaner, Safer Code with SonarQube, Docker and .NET Core
  1858. 99%Introduction to GitHub Codespaces
  1859. 97%Docker Licensing, Career and Coding Questions
  1860. 98%Welcome to Speed Week and a Waitless Internet
  1861. 99%An opinionated look at Minimal API in .NET 6
  1862. 97%Write code that's easy to delete, and easy to debug too.
  1863. 90%Episode 23: Git - with Jesse Liberty and James World
  1864. 99%Constant-time code verification with Memory Sanitizer
  1865. 97%A resource for the OpenBSD community
  1866. 98%Are Dockerfiles good enough?
  1867. 96%Disk/CPU performance: Linode vs DigitalOcean vs UpCloud vs Hetzner vs Terrahost vs Scaleway
  1868. 94%Use Tools That Suit You and the Problem | Daan Debie
  1869. 99%GitHub - jely2002/youtube-dl-gui: A cross-platform GUI for youtube-dl made in Electron and node.js
  1870. 90%Monsters Weekly 221 - New git commands
  1871. 98%Connect Tailscale - GitHub Marketplace
  1872. 99%Event Sourced Aggregate Design: Focus on Business Logic
  1873. 96%AWS SIGv4 and SIGv4A — shufflesharding.com
  1874. 99%Thoughts on Clojure UI framework
  1875. 98%Running My Business From an iPad
  1876. 99%Google APIs: authentication with TypeScript | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  1877. 98%csharplang/LDM-2021-08-30.md at main · dotnet/csharplang
  1878. 95%The mystery of load average spikes
  1879. 97%Auto retry message on connection failure by NickCraver · Pull Request #1856 · StackExchange/StackExchange.Redis
  1880. 87%Python in VS Code Does Browser-Based Editing via 'github.dev' Trick -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1881. 97%Craver's oh-my-posh profile
  1882. 99%GitHub - doctorray117/minecraft-ondemand: Templates to deploy a serverless Minecraft Server on demand in AWS
  1883. 99%GitHub - EtherDream/web2img: bundle web files into a single image
  1884. 97%Dolphin Progress Report: August 2021
  1885. 98%Switching to the i3 window manager
  1886. 96%Teaching people to fish
  1887. 99%Git tooling in Visual Studio 2022
  1888. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - 🎂7 Years of ASP.NET Community Standup🎂
  1889. 95%How to be a Certificate Authority, feat. Ryan Sleevi - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  1890. 50%ProtonMail deletes 'we don't log your IP' boast from website after French climate activist reportedly arrested
  1891. 98%Re: [GIT PULL] ntfs3: new NTFS driver for 5.15
  1892. 99%Why not ZFS
  1893. 99%Saving a restic backup the hard way
  1894. 99%homebrew-x/podman-apple-silicon.rb at main · simnalamburt/homebrew-x
  1895. 99%git/torvalds/linux.git - Linux kernel source tree
  1896. 95%Worst Case Scenario
  1897. 98%Minimal Viable Developer: acing your first month in software
  1898. 97%Google Chrome to remove detailed cookie and site data controls
  1899. 97%GitHub - 425show/minimalAPIWithB2C
  1900. 98%GitHub - pdevito3/craftsman: Craftsman is the workhorse behind the Wrapt framework and provides a suite of CLI commands for quickly scaffolding out new files and projects for your .NET Web APIs with simple CLI commands and configuration files.
  1901. 98%Windows 11: a survey of text boxes
  1902. 98%GitHub - aappleby/MetroBoy: A repository of gate-level simulators and tools for the original Game Boy.
  1903. 98%Lessons Learned from two years as a Data Scientist
  1904. 97%GitHub - 425show/BlazorServerAuthWithSAML
  1905. 97%Use of artificial intelligence for image analysis in breast cancer screening programmes: systematic review of test accuracy
  1906. 96%O.MG Cable - * to USB-A
  1907. 98%Quick Tunnels: Anytime, Anywhere
  1908. 99%Workshop Spotlight: GitHub
  1909. 90%Simplify codez by davidfowl · Pull Request #1 · SpiritChrusher/Beer-API
  1910. 97%Donovan Brown | Codespaces meet Dapr
  1911. 99%GitHub - dotnet/Silk.NET: The high-speed OpenGL, OpenCL, OpenAL, OpenXR, GLFW, SDL, Vulkan, Assimp, and DirectX bindings library your mother warned you about.
  1912. 94%Time Card and PTP on a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4
  1913. 99%How I re-over-engineered my home network for privacy and security
  1914. 98%Why Erlang? | Fredrik Holmqvist
  1915. 91%Git! Turn the tables
  1916. 99%Introducing .NET MAUI Compatibility for the Xamarin Community Toolkit
  1917. 99%Building reactive systems with Node.js | Red Hat Developer
  1918. 98%My Ultimate PowerShell prompt with Oh My Posh and the Windows Terminal
  1919. 99%Improving Git protocol security on GitHub
  1920. 89%One-Click VS Code in Browser from GitHub Repo ('How Did I Not Know This?') -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1921. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  1922. 89%Docker Desktop no longer free for large companies: New 'Business' subscription is here
  1923. 99%Downloading artifacts from Azure DevOps using .NET
  1924. 99%The simplest way to create an API is with .NET
  1925. 99%GitHub - coqui-ai/TTS: 🐸💬 - a deep learning toolkit for Text-to-Speech, battle-tested in research and production
  1926. 99%Writing Programs with NCURSES
  1927. 98%The open calendar, task and note space is a mess
  1928. 99%Why you should consider using docs-as-code
  1929. 98%Moving to modern Neovim
  1930. 99%Console Utilities API reference - Chrome Developers
  1931. 99%In dirittura d'arrivo con le ASP.NET Core Minimal API
  1932. 99%Why Get Into Competitive Programming?
  1933. 97%Custom Search Engine
  1934. 99%Summary after Four Months with Ada — Programming with Ada documentation
  1935. 99%Adding support for VisualStudio 2022 to your extension
  1936. 99%Space Nerds In Space - A Multi-player Starship Bridge Simulator
  1937. 99%Five Ansible Techniques I Wish I’d Known Earlier
  1938. 91%Outbreak Associated with SARS-CoV-2 B.1.617.2 (Delta)...
  1939. 99%How to collect the code coverage of your tests in .NET
  1940. 99%Announcing TypeScript 4.4
  1941. 92%Linear Clock: Solar · James Wilson
  1942. 99%Linux in a Pixel Shader - A RISC-V Emulator for VRChat
  1943. 99%Error Handling — Problem Overview
  1944. 99%Tip 330 - How to use Azure API Management from VS Code
  1945. 99%Comparing Techniques for Communicating Between Services
  1946. 96%GitHub - marceloprates/prettymaps: A small set of Python functions to draw pretty maps from OpenStreetMap data. Based on osmnx, matplotlib and shapely libraries.
  1947. 99%Reporting NUKE build failures on Slack
  1948. 98%The Rise Of User-Hostile Software
  1949. 98%I used to love Bootstrap. God, now I just hate it
  1950. 96%GitHub Actions: Windows Server 2022 with Visual Studio 2022 is now available on GitHub-hosted runners (Public Beta) | GitHub Changelog
  1951. 98%[Last Week in .NET #56] – Silverlighted Sorting
  1952. 99%An Introduction to JQ
  1953. 99%Rebuilding StronglyTypedId as a source generator - 1.0.0-beta release: Using strongly-typed entity IDs to avoid primitive obsession - Part 7
  1954. 99%The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide
  1955. 99%Build formatter extensions in ASP.NET Core OData 8 and hooks in ODataConnectedService
  1956. 86%GitHub Ditches macOS for Codespaces, Now Offered for Team/Enterprise Testing -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1957. 98%Conditionally setting your gitconfig
  1958. 99%Interactive Rebase
  1959. 96%Recent and not so recent changes in OpenBSD that make life better (and may turn up elsewhere too)
  1960. 99%Incrementing Vectors
  1961. 99%GitHub - jarun/bcal: :1234: Storage expression and general-purpose calculator
  1962. 95%GitHub - Torbet/Vim-It-Up: A collection of scripts, plugins, and clever hacks so that you can exit vim in STYLE! 🚀
  1963. 96%Enhanced support for citations on GitHub | The GitHub Blog
  1964. 75%Turns Out The Hardest Part of Making a Game is...Everything - IGN
  1965. 75%Checking in on All the Promises Elon Musk and Tesla Have Made
  1966. 99%Unlimited throughput: how to increase auto-merge performance
  1967. 99%C# Language Highlights: The "in" Parameter Modifier
  1968. 99%Patterns in confusing explanations
  1969. 97%Announcing Tenant Control in Cloudflare Gateway
  1970. 99%.NET Core Cloud Hosting & Deployment | Amezmo
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  2008. 85%If You Build It, They Will Come: Apple Has Opened the Backdoor to Increased Surveillance and Censorship Around the World
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  2248. 96%r/Windows10 - Microsoft / Github should stop treating open-source software as malware and forcing developers to pay for certificates, if they actually care about open-source developers
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  2292. 98%Introducing cap-std, a capability-based version of the Rust standard library
  2293. 98%nushell/nushell
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  2309. 76%QNAP removes backdoor account in NAS backup, disaster recovery app
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  2316. 93%Talk on engineering productivity, metrics, and morale
  2317. 95%Traits of a healthy team
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  2325. 99%Why is Async code hard to debug?
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  2372. 63%UI Goes (Partly) Native in New Visual Studio 2019 for Mac v8.10 -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  3496. 99%Babylon.js 4.2: Simplicity Reimagined
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  3532. 99%dotnet/core
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  3540. 99%How I added realtime search to my static site
  3541. 99%Binary Classification Using PyTorch: Training -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3542. 85%RIAA Takedowns Backfire as Pirated MP3s Now Surface on GitHub * TorrentFreak
  3543. 67%GitHub warns devs face ban if they fork DMCA'd YouTube download tool... while hinting how to beat the RIAA
  3544. 99%Routing in ASP.NET Core OData 8.0 Preview | OData
  3545. 97%Microservices — architecture nihilism in minimalism's clothes - Blog by Vasco Figueira
  3546. 99%curlpipe/ox
  3547. 95%how to publish git repos that cannot be republished to github
  3548. 91%v5: Add .fs-* utilities for font-size and rename font-weight/-style utilities by mdo · Pull Request #30571 · twbs/bootstrap
  3549. 86%Update os-lifecycle-policy.md by jamshedd · Pull Request #5500 · dotnet/core
  3550. 98%Names are not type safety
  3551. 56%GitHub Warns Users Reposting YouTube-DL They Could Be Banned * TorrentFreak
  3552. 93%Software Library: MS-DOS Games : Free Software : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet Archive
  3553. 98%7GUIs
  3554. 99%Pattern matching in C# 9.0
  3555. 99%Uno Platform 3.1 Released
  3556. 99%Samy Kamkar - NAT Slipstreaming
  3557. 96%Exploring Ubuntu Desktop on the Raspberry PI
  3558. 98%Observations and Imaginations — Note Taking Apps
  3559. 97%adamsky/globe
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  3561. 97%GitHub Codespaces
  3562. 96%GitHub Codespaces using Visual Studio or browser
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  3564. 98%How Gitlab puts gRPC in the Real World
  3565. 99%Awaitable/awaiter pattern and logical micro-threading in C#
  3566. 97%MDN Web Docs evolves! Lowdown on the upcoming new platform – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
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  3568. 99%paulio/UnityPhilipsLights
  3569. 99%Stride for Unity® developers | Stride
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  3571. 99%Introduction to GitHub
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  3575. 99%What would you risk for free Honey?
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  3578. 98%Part of your world: Why we’re proud to build a truly native Mac app
  3579. 98%Why I Stopped Using ORMs to Get the Job Done
  3580. 81%RIAA's YouTube-DL Takedown Ticks Off Developers and GitHub's CEO * TorrentFreak
  3581. 97%Change Task.FromResult to use same task cache as async methods by stephentoub · Pull Request #43894 · dotnet/runtime
  3582. 99%github/dmca
  3583. 92%Mobilizon. Your events. Your groups. Your data. – Framablog
  3584. 99%Getting started with GraphQL and HotChocolate
  3585. 98%Apache Helix - Near-Realtime Rsync Replicated File System
  3586. 98%Upgrading a .Net Framework library to .Net 5
  3587. 93%Asking Microsoft to resign from the RIAA over youtube-dl takedown demand
  3588. 99%On the psychology and dynamics of OSS: passion, burnout and (im)balance
  3589. 97%You Need to Timestamp Your Shell History
  3590. 97%How a one line change decreased our build times by 99%
  3591. 98%saintmarina/undelete_jpg
  3592. 91%YouTube-DL Removed From GitHub After DMCA Notice
  3593. 99%Lighthouse: Expectation vs. Reality. Lighthouse web peformance audit suggestions and issues prioritize your core metrics over lighthouse | Ashutosh Sharma | Housing.com
  3594. 99%GitLab blocked Iranians’ access.
  3595. 99%github/dmca
  3596. 98%Chris Ball » Announcing GitTorrent: A Decentralized GitHub
  3597. 99%prabhuignoto/react-chrono
  3598. 97%github/dmca
  3599. 97%The YouTube-DL Takedown
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  3601. 98%ufcpp/StringLiteralGenerator
  3602. 96%A Last Call for QUIC, a giant leap for the Internet
  3603. 96%GitHub Actions: Deprecating set-env and add-path commands - GitHub Changelog
  3604. 98%Workflow commands for GitHub Actions
  3605. 98%Workflow syntax for GitHub Actions
  3606. 98%/* You Are Not Expected to Understand This */
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  3886. 98%Restrict DownloadLinks to a specific user by Yiddishe-Kop · Pull Request #9 · armancodes/laravel-download-link
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  3956. 95%Canon's cloud platform has lost users' files – and it CAN'T restore them
  3957. 97%Codice Software joins Unity Technologies to bring version control to real-time 3D workflows
  3958. 91%Report: “No Need to Hack When It’s Leaking:” GitHub Leaks of Protected Health Information
  3959. 97%Hiding messages in x86 binaries using semantic duals
  3960. 96%SQLite Release 3.33.0 On 2020-08-14
  3961. 98%charliegerard/safe-space
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  3963. 99%labuladong/fucking-algorithm
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  3966. 97%Oh Shit, Git!?!
  3967. 98%What is Immutable Infrastructure?🤔
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  3969. 99%XLL with Embedded ASP.NET Core (Kestrel) - Built with XLW against .NET 5 Preview
  3970. 95%Adding support for constrained open generics to DI by jbogard · Pull Request #39540 · dotnet/runtime
  3971. 98%A quick look at Rookout, a real-time debugging & logging product
  3972. 98%Testing Sucks
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  3979. 98%Rider 2020.2: Localization Manager, Debugger Updates, and Major Updates to Unity Support – .NET Tools Blog | JetBrains
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  3982. 54%Air pollution is much worse than we thought
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  3984. 99%TDD and Exception Handling With xUnit in ASP.NET Core
  3985. 99%.NET Framework August 2020 Security and Quality Rollup Updates | .NET Blog
  3986. 98%microsoft/msquic
  3987. 69%Pen Test Partners: Boeing 747s receive critical software updates over 3.5" floppy disks
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  3991. 95%PDF: Still Unfit for Human Consumption, 20 Years Later
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