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  1. Inside the Invasive, Secretive “Bossware” Tracking Workers (READABLE)
  2. Getting Started with GitFlow - Simple Talk (READABLE)
  3. Git Credential Manager Core: Building a universal authentication experience (READABLE)
  4. The Easiest Way to Version NuGet Packages (READABLE)
  5. EF Core In depth – Soft deleting data with Global Query Filters – The Reformed Programmer (READABLE)
  6. Future-proofing .NET application development with the Uno Platform (READABLE)
  7. The Magical Methods in C# (READABLE)
  8. The Road to Cross-Platform Setup & Bootstrapping in .NET - Matthias Koch (READABLE)
  9. The Art and Design Philosophy of Age of Ascent (READABLE)
  10. Desugaring - taking our high-level language and simplifying it! (READABLE)
  11. Help Documentation (READABLE)
  12. Launching - The GitHub Blog (READABLE)
  13. Disclosure: Another macOS privacy protections bypass (READABLE)
  14. Anthony Giretti's .NET blog (READABLE)
  15. Load Balancing an ASP.NET Core Web App using Nginx and Docker (READABLE)
  16. home (READABLE)
  17. Why I don't like SemVer anymore (READABLE)
  18. GitHub Actions for .NET Core NuGet packages - Dusted Codes (READABLE)
  19. le podcast des technologies .NET (READABLE)
  20. Exposing a custom type as a JSON string in an ASP.NET Core API (READABLE)
  21. Our AWS bill is ~ 2% of revenue. Here's how we did it (READABLE)
  22. 5 modern alternatives to essential Linux command-line tools (READABLE)
  23. How to Use the Sound Recognition Accessibility Feature in iOS 14 (READABLE)
  24. How to get the best out of your Yubikey with GPG (READABLE)
  25. The 6 Levels of Reusability (READABLE)
  26. JP Morgan, the largest US bank, retired their last Perl software in 2019 (READABLE)
  27. The Recurring Tragedy of Orchestration (READABLE)
  28. Debugging with Fiddler Everywhere: Mocking Remote Issues (READABLE)
  29. This $35 Keyboard for Children Transformed Me Into a Novelist (READABLE)
  30. Introducing Amazon Honeycode – Build Web & Mobile Apps Without Writing Code | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  31. TCC : Tiny C Compiler (READABLE)
  32. What I learned from looking at 200 machine learning tools (READABLE)
  33. jantic/DeOldify (READABLE)
  34. Bit Hacks in C# (READABLE)
  35. [Don't merge] Create by shirhatti · Pull Request #1267 · dotnet/diagnostics (READABLE)
  36. Visual Studio 2019 Preview Release Notes (READABLE)
  37. iTerm2 + Oh My Zsh + Solarized color scheme + Source Code Pro Powerline + Font Awesome + [Powerlevel10k] - (macOS) (READABLE)
  38. Your terminal can be much, much more productive (READABLE)
  39. No, MediatR Didn't Run Over My Dog (READABLE)
  40. A WinUI 2 Reference App (READABLE)
  41. Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Beats) 7.8.0 released (READABLE)
  42. What is Zig's “Colorblind” Async/Await? (READABLE)
  43. jonathan-laurent/AlphaZero.jl (READABLE)
  44. romkatv/powerlevel10k (READABLE)
  45. Life, part 17 (READABLE)
  46. Game Dev Digest Issue #47 - C#, Patterns, Nintendo-style Effects, Free Project Starters, and lots more! (READABLE)
  47. Build a Blazor WebAssembly LOB App Part 4: Make it Blazor-Friendly (READABLE)
  48. Chat Wars (READABLE)
  49. Windows Terminal Preview 1.1 Release | Windows Command Line (READABLE)
  50. Delores Source Code Released! (READABLE)
  51. Writing a curriculum vitæ (READABLE)
  52. How not to be sad (READABLE)
  53. dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  54. ChesterYue/ohmyzsh-theme-passion (READABLE)
  55. Writing userspace USB drivers for abandoned devices (READABLE)
  56. Why Apple Ditched PowerPC, and What it Says About Apple Ditching Intel (READABLE)
  57. My Favorite CLI Tools (READABLE)
  58. Implementing a brainfuck CPU in Ghidra - part 1: Setup and disassembly (READABLE)
  59. Switching from Fedora & Gnome to Arch & Sway | Josh Mcguigan (READABLE)
  60. johang/btfs (READABLE)
  61. Olo - Xamarin Mobile Engineer (READABLE)
  62. The smartest password policy enforcer for Active Directory (READABLE)
  63. Quit Whining about Apple and Just Stop Using Them (READABLE)
  64. How to setup Visual Studio Codespaces for collaborative use (READABLE)
  65. Refactoring optional chaining into a large codebase: lessons learned – Lea Verou (READABLE)
  66. Apple gave me the Hey treatment back in 2014 (READABLE)
  67. My Favorite CLI Tools (READABLE)
  68. After 3 Years of Work, Chrome Killed My Extension and Won’t Tell Me Why (READABLE)
  69. Simulating Liquids in Bottles with a Shader (READABLE)
  70. Steve Blank The Coming Chip Wars (READABLE)
  71. Reverse Engineering Snapchat (Part I): Obfuscation Techniques (READABLE)
  72. The Continuous Integration Check-In Dance | Gary Woodfine (READABLE)
  73. Try the Latest Xamarin.Forms 4.7 Features Today! | Xamarin Blog (READABLE)
  74. Learn Python for Data Science Full Course - Kharpann (READABLE)
  75. GitHub Terms of Service - GitHub Help (READABLE)
  76. Bootstrap 5 alpha! (READABLE)
  77. The Next Step for Generics (READABLE)
  78. Download FFmpeg (READABLE)
  79. Black Google manager: “My education and elocution cannot save me from these situations” (READABLE)
  80. Apple, ARM, and Intel (READABLE)
  81. r/programming - GitHub will no longer use the term 'master' as default branch because of negative association (READABLE)
  82. corona-warn-app/cwa-documentation (READABLE)
  83. The blog of wjwh - Redis Lua scripting for library writers (READABLE)
  84. Basecamp’s founders are trying to start an email rebellion (READABLE)
  85. Accelerated KVM guests on WSL 2 (READABLE)
  86. GitHub to replace "master" with alternative term to avoid slavery references | ZDNet (READABLE)
  87. SageMath Mathematical Software System - Sage (READABLE)
  88. SQLite As An Application File Format (READABLE)
  89. A Look at Cryptovoxels (READABLE)
  90. Best practices for managing & storing secrets like API keys and other credentials [2020] (READABLE)
  91. Jepsen: PostgreSQL 12.3 (READABLE)
  92. Starcom: Nexus, An Indie Dev Story (READABLE)
  93. GIMP - GIMP 2.10.20 Released (READABLE)
  94. JeremyLikness/BlazorWasmEFCoreExample (READABLE)
  95. Develop, Preview, Test (READABLE)
  96. Web or System Fonts (READABLE)
  97. How to make a good impression as a new grad engineer (READABLE)
  98. How and why GraphQL will influence the SourceHut alpha (READABLE)
  99. From Ops Engineer to Product Manager, A Career Journey (READABLE)
  100. BlazorRepl/BlazorRepl (READABLE)
  101. dapr/dapr (READABLE)
  102. .NET Today and Tomorrow | Strangelights (READABLE)
  103. Versioning an ASP.NET Core API (READABLE)
  104. Modernization Story: Windows Forms to .NET Core, XAML Islands and MSIX Core (READABLE)
  105. DRY vs DAMP in Unit Tests (READABLE)
  106. Posh-git on Mac using Oh My Zsh Themes - Emad Alashi (READABLE)
  107. Machine learning is hard. (READABLE)
  108. A Collection of all Keyboard Shortcuts I use (READABLE)
  109. Playing Around With The Fuchsia Operating System (READABLE)
  110. 22 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be A Successful Developer (READABLE)
  111. Borg+Vorta is finally a usable backup solution for Linux desktop | Blog by Simon Frey (READABLE)
  112. carlini/printf-tac-toe (READABLE)
  113. Easily rename your Git default branch from master to main (READABLE)
  114. downr 3.0 - (READABLE)
  115. mimoo/disco (READABLE)
  116. 15 Best Visual Studio Code Extensions for Web Developers | Syncfusion Blogs (READABLE)
  117. Peeking under the hood of Command & Conquer (READABLE)
  118. Microsoft.Diagnostics.Runtime 2.0.130507 (READABLE)
  119. The one bad thing about vim (READABLE)
  120. sqlancer/sqlancer (READABLE)
  121. Eloston/ungoogled-chromium (READABLE)
  122. Going serverless :: Aloïs Micard (READABLE)
  123. The Dictator's Army and charismatic founders (READABLE)
  124. Efficient Note Taking (READABLE)
  125. Deploying a Branch to Netlify on the Command-Line · Jamie Tanna | Software Engineer (READABLE)
  126. Taming Webpackʼs content hashes (READABLE)
  127. SQLite Forum: Caution: clang-11.0.0 miscompiles SQLite (READABLE)
  128. GitHub Classroom (READABLE)
  129. Building Design Systems for Apps (READABLE)
  130. The Rise and Fall of Commercial Smalltalk (READABLE)
  131. Visual Studio 2019 v16.7 Preview 2 Available Today! | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  132. (READABLE)
  133. Introducing P2P Matrix | (READABLE)
  134. electronicarts/CnC_Remastered_Collection (READABLE)
  135. Tip 256 - Work with your Azure apps in Visual Studio Codespaces (READABLE)
  136. Reconstructing a lost NES game from 30-year-old source code disks – Video Game History Foundation (READABLE)
  137. Merge features/function pointers to master by 333fred · Pull Request #44727 · dotnet/roslyn (READABLE)
  138. How To Become A Hacker (READABLE)
  139. canaxess/presentations (READABLE)
  140. Changes to How We Manage DefinitelyTyped | TypeScript (READABLE)
  141. Help us improve WPF and UWP XAML designer | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  142. Trying and setting up WSL 2 (READABLE)
  143. Making a SNES game in 2020 - Yo-Yo Shuriken by Dr. Ludos (READABLE)
  144. Webhook Runner for Github (READABLE)
  145. Why is Kubernetes getting so popular? - Stack Overflow Blog (READABLE)
  146. Git Made Fetch Happen (READABLE)
  147. Learn with Visual Studio Remote Office Hours | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  148. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  149. Where Did Software Go Wrong? (READABLE)
  150. Remote Work Has Its Perks, Until You Want a Promotion (READABLE)
  151. Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web (READABLE)
  152. Hypermodern Python (READABLE)
  153. How to Use Windows Package Manager - Petri (READABLE)
  154. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  155. [Guest Blog] The Accidental Accessibility Advocate (READABLE)
  156. Introducing Collaboration—A Team Ready Fiddler Experience (READABLE)
  157. - Miguel de Icaza (READABLE)
  158. The Incredible Story of the US Army's Earth-Shaking, Off-Road Land Trains (READABLE)
  159. Why Infrastructure As Code? - Simple Thread (READABLE)
  160. Org Mode - Organize Your Life In Plain Text! (READABLE)
  161. stapelberg uses this: my 2020 desk setup (READABLE)
  162. Software will eat software in a remote-first world (READABLE)
  163. TUXEDO Book BA15 - Gen10 - 15,6 Zoll non-glare Full-HD IPS + AMD Ryzen 3500U + AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics + max. two SSDs (M.2) + max. 32GB RAM - TUXEDO Book BA15 - Gen10 (READABLE)
  164. Habits of High-Functioning Teams (READABLE)
  165. NIST Special Publication 800-63-3 (READABLE)
  166. 18F - Consulting Software Engineer (IT Specialist) (READABLE)
  167. Devhints — TL;DR for developer documentation (READABLE)
  168. To test its security mid-pandemic, GitLab tried phishing its own work-from-home staff. 1 in 5 fell for it (READABLE)
  169. GitLab 13.0 released with Gitaly Clusters, Epic Hierarchy on Roadmaps, and Auto Deploy to ECS (READABLE)
  170. Quellcode von Mercedes-Benz-Fahrzeugen online geleakt (READABLE)
  171. This Goes to Eleven (Pt. 5/∞) (READABLE)
  172. Autofac, WebApplicationFactory and integration tests (READABLE)
  173. How easy is it to build a Marvel search engine with Blazor? (READABLE)
  174. WinDbg — the Fun Way: Part 2 (READABLE)
  175. Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes preview and new ecosystem partners (READABLE)
  176. Don't Code Tired | Managing Microsoft Feature Flags with Azure App Configuration (Microsoft.FeatureManagement) (READABLE)
  177. Introducing WinUI 3 Preview 1 - Windows Developer Blog (READABLE)
  178. Improvements to XAML tooling in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.7 Preview 1 | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  179. (READABLE)
  180. Adding peephole optimization to Clang | Egor Bogatov — Developer at Microsoft (READABLE)
  181. software that sucks less (READABLE)
  182. There and Back Again — Scaling Multi-Tenant Kubernetes Cluster(s) (READABLE)
  183. Kyle Halladay - Ray Tracing In Notepad.exe At 30 FPS (READABLE)
  184. Code, collaborate, and ship your apps from anywhere (READABLE)
  185. Windows Forms Designer for .NET Core Released | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  186. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  187. Releasing Today! Visual Studio 2019 v16.6 & v16.7 Preview 1 | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  188. Simple Personal Finance Tracking with GnuCash (READABLE)
  189. Handling Web API Exceptions with ProblemDetails middleware (READABLE)
  190. Windows Package Manager Preview | Windows Command Line (READABLE)
  191. How Distortion Works in Music (READABLE)
  192. Preventing Leaked Azure Secrets in GitHub! (READABLE)
  193. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  194. Microsoft Build 2020 (READABLE)
  195. Hosting Blazor WebAssembly Hosted Apps in Azure App Service Web Apps - Pete Codes (READABLE)
  196. Software Burnout Is for Real (READABLE)
  197. DDD Melbourne (READABLE)
  198. Andrew Negri / toro (READABLE)
  199. It’s OK for your open source library to be a bit shitty (READABLE)
  200. Introducing ASP.NET 5 (READABLE)
  201. PERF: ensure we run full GC on contexts (READABLE)
  202. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  203. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  204. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  205. .NET Framework May 2020 Security and Quality Rollup Updates | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  206. Microsoft Docs contributor guide overview - Contributor Guide (READABLE)
  207. Two lessons on reducing sign-up friction (READABLE)
  208. Getting started with Angular development 2020 (READABLE)
  209. Getting Started With Visual Studio Codespaces - Cloud IDE | Build5Nines (READABLE)
  210. WireGuard for OpenBSD Kernel Patches Posted (READABLE)
  211. The Eclipse Foundation Is Moving to Europe (READABLE)
  212. Diagrams · Diagram as Code (READABLE)
  213. Install Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on Windows 10 (READABLE)
  214. Extending the shutdown timeout setting to ensure graceful IHostedService shutdown (READABLE)
  215. Pi-hole v5.0 is here! (READABLE)
  216. Ian Bebbington - Many platforms, one world - Part 4 (READABLE)
  217. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  218. The DMOTE | VE (READABLE)
  219. Preventing mass assignment or over posting with Razor Pages in ASP.NET Core (READABLE)
  220. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  221. Make LLVM fast again (READABLE)
  222. Ben Wiser | My blog is now generated by Google Docs (READABLE)
  223. Pi-hole v5.0 is here! (READABLE)
  224. Archive (READABLE)
  225. From the Implicit flow to PKCE: A look at OAuth 2.0 in SPAs (READABLE)
  226. ~rabbits/orca - sourcehut git (READABLE)
  227. OpenCV directly in the browser (webassembly + webworker) (READABLE)
  228. The Original Cookie specification from 1997 was GDPR compliant (READABLE)
  229. We Chat, They Watch: How International Users Unwittingly Build up WeChat’s Chinese Censorship Apparatus - The Citizen Lab (READABLE)
  230. Super Bootable 64 (READABLE)
  231. A message from our CEO: The Way Forward - Stack Overflow Blog (READABLE)
  232. GCC 10.1 Released (READABLE)
  233. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  234. damianedwards / SignalR - ccdd24c (READABLE)
  235. WinUI (READABLE)
  236. Release notes/1.0 - Inkscape Wiki (READABLE)
  237. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  238. UK finds itself almost alone with centralized virus contact-tracing app that probably won't work well, asks for your location, may be illegal (READABLE)
  239. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  240. Apple updates 13-inch MacBook Pro with Magic Keyboard, double the storage, and faster performance (READABLE)
  241. Orchestrating an application process with AWS Batch using AWS CDK | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  242. What would you do if you lost your Google account? · Tomas Vik (READABLE)
  243. Australians toss aside privacy concerns in rush to sign up for virus tracking phone app (READABLE)
  244. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS’ snap obsession has snapped me off of it (READABLE)
  245. Open file links directly in Office desktop apps (READABLE)
  246. Sprint management built for software teams. (READABLE)
  247. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  248. Announcing the SourceHut project hub (READABLE)
  249. SSH Tips & Tricks (READABLE)
  250. Introducing Insomnia Designer (READABLE)
  251. Introducing Postgres Projects in Azure Data Studio (READABLE)
  252. Integrating ASP.NET Core with gRPC - Simple Talk (READABLE)
  253. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  254. (READABLE)
  255. Preventing mass assignment or over posting with Razor Pages in ASP.NET Core (READABLE)
  256. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  257. GitHub CLI (gh) Cheat Sheet | Build5Nines (READABLE)
  258. UTS #51: Unicode Emoji (READABLE)
  259. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  260. Memories - SizeCoding (READABLE)
  261. Building .NET Framework Applications with Github Actions (READABLE)
  262. Disabling Snaps in Ubuntu 20.04 (READABLE)
  263. R 4.0.0 is released (READABLE)
  264. Things I Wished More Developers Knew About Databases (READABLE)
  265. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  266. Get Ubuntu 20.04 LTS - Microsoft Store (READABLE)
  267. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  268. Team Fortress 2 source code has leaked, and you can apparently get malware by playing (READABLE)
  269. What's New in Skype for Windows, Mac, Linux and Web? | Skype Support (READABLE)
  270. Creating and Packaging a .NET Standard library | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  271. Things I Wished More Developers Knew About Databases (READABLE)
  272. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  273. AWS CodeBuild Test Reporting with .NET Core | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  274. How Netflix brings safer and faster streaming experience to the living room on crowded networks… (READABLE)
  275. Stripe is Silently Recording Your Movements On its Customers' Websites (READABLE)
  276. A Possible New Backend for Rust – Jason Williams (READABLE)
  277. What Is Interesting About Factorio (READABLE)
  278. Adding simple email address obfuscation for your blog like Cloudflare Scrape Shield (READABLE)
  279. PlayStation Architecture | A Practical Analysis (READABLE)
  280. Add git tags and versioning to mark Deployments in Azure DevOps Pipelines (READABLE)
  281. Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (READABLE)
  282. “Stubs” in the .NET Runtime (READABLE)
  283. BlazorHelp Website > Blog - Advanced Blazor Templating (READABLE)
  284. Feature Flags (aka Feature Toggles) (READABLE)
  285. Postgres For Those Who Can’t Even, Part 3 – In The Real World (READABLE)
  286. Running postmarketOS on iPhone 7 – (READABLE)
  287. Windows Task Dialog · Issue #146 · dotnet/winforms (READABLE)
  288. [wsl2] filesystem performance is much slower than wsl1 in /mnt · Issue #4197 · microsoft/WSL (READABLE)
  289. Don't Code Tired | Pretty Method Display in (READABLE)
  290. Creating CommonJS-based npm packages via TypeScript (READABLE)
  291. Rider 2020.1 Is Released! - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  292. See What's New in Visual Studio 2019 v16.6 Preview 3! | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  293. It's like JSON. but fast and small. (READABLE)
  294. A Framework to DotNet Core Conversion Report (READABLE)
  295. A Framework to DotNet Core Conversion Report (READABLE)
  296. Building a web app with functional programming (READABLE)
  297. WebDriver (Chromium) - Microsoft Edge Development (READABLE)
  298. ArduBee, a Ready-To-Fly Micro drone for Education and Swarming (READABLE)
  299. Publish VSCode extension using GitHub Actions | Visual Studio Geeks (READABLE)
  300. Airbreak: Jailbreak your CPAP machine (READABLE)
  301. Top Visual Studio Code Git Extensions in 2020 (READABLE)
  302. NextDNS is my new favourite DNS service (READABLE)
  303. SQL Server 2017 adds support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and Ubuntu 18.04 (READABLE)
  304. Try gh, GitHub's new CLI (READABLE)
  305. Download Inkscape 0.92.5 | Inkscape (READABLE)
  306. Stop Making Students Use Eclipse (READABLE)
  307. #badBIOS features explained (READABLE)
  308. FreeRDP (READABLE)
  309. IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1: Java 14, dataflow analysis assistance in the debugger, LightEdit mode, and more! (READABLE)
  310. Hybridizer: High-Performance C# on GPUs | NVIDIA Developer Blog (READABLE)
  311. Swift: Google’s bet on differentiable programming | Tryolabs Blog (READABLE)
  312. The Power of Prolog (READABLE)
  313. Building End-to-End Diagnostics and Tracing: Trace Context (READABLE)
  314. Edouard Klein / falsisign (READABLE)
  315. How to Invert a Machine Learning Matrix Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine (READABLE)
  316. Meet Visual Studio for Mac’s New Integrated Terminal! | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  317. Microservices (READABLE)
  318. Service and Container Orchestration for .NET with Tye (READABLE)
  319. PowerShell 7 support with AWS Lambda | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  320. How are .NET APIs Designed? - Steve Gordon (READABLE)
  321. Transport Layer Security (TLS) best practices with the .NET Framework (READABLE)
  322. Crafting "Crafting Interpreters" – (READABLE)
  323. Bose QC 35 Firmware 4.5.2 Noise Cancellation Investigation Report (READABLE)
  324. 10 Things I Hate About PostgreSQL (READABLE)
  325. How RyuJIT inlines a function (heuristics) | Egor Bogatov — Developer at Microsoft (READABLE)
  326. How we recovered over $300K of Bitcoin (READABLE)
  327. PostgreSQL is the worlds’ best database (READABLE)
  328. CodeTour VSCode extension allows you to produce interactive guides, assessments and tutorials. (READABLE)
  329. If you want your OSS project to be successful… (READABLE)
  330. What's a virus, anyway? Part 1: The bare-bones basics - Scope (READABLE)
  331. (Angular & ASP.NET) Gurustop.NET By @Meligy (READABLE)
  332. libgit2 v1.0 Released (READABLE)
  333. Visual Studio 2019 for Mac - Release Notes (READABLE)
  334. Create Azure Infrastructure with Azure DevOps and Azure CLI Powershell scripts (READABLE)
  335. How an anti ad-blocker works: Reverse-engineering BlockAdBlock (READABLE)
  336. rethinking openbsd security (READABLE)
  337. Dolt Use Cases (READABLE)
  338. 18 GitLab features are moving to open source (READABLE)
  339. [ANNOUNCE] WireGuard 1.0.0 for Linux 5.6 Released (READABLE)
  340. Ryzen 4000 Review: AMD's 7nm Ryzen 9 offers game-changing performance for laptops (READABLE)
  341. Fast Build, Slow Build, and the Testing Pyramid (READABLE)
  342. Cloud n Clear (READABLE)
  343. [ANNOUNCE] WireGuard 1.0.0 for Linux 5.6 Released (READABLE)
  344. Improved Git Experience in Visual Studio 2019 | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  345. Linux 5.6 - Linus Torvalds (READABLE)
  346. [ANNOUNCE] WireGuard 1.0.0 for Linux 5.6 Released (READABLE)
  347. Publish Nuget packages in Azure DevOps Pipelines (READABLE)
  348. Deploy complex application, seamlessly | Qovery (READABLE)
  349. Essential Free Software for Remote Work – Purism (READABLE)
  350. Visual Studio 2019 version 16.6 Preview 2 Brings New Features Your Way | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  351. Visual Studio Subscriptions resources for remote learning and productivity | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  352. Taking Back What Is Already Yours: Router Wars Episode I (READABLE)
  353. git/viro/vfs.git - Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. (READABLE)
  354. NVIDIA DLSS 2.0: A Big Leap In AI Rendering (READABLE)
  355. Chrome Phasing out Support for User Agent (READABLE)
  356. Minimal March – Part 1: Getting Started with .NET and C# at the Command-line (READABLE)
  357. Why We Started Putting Unpopular Assets in Memory (READABLE)
  358. How to Train a Machine Learning Radial Basis Function Network Using C# -- Visual Studio Magazine (READABLE)
  359. Building Modern Desktop Apps—Is WinUI 3.0 the Way to Go? (READABLE)
  360. NuGet Gallery | Packages (READABLE)
  361. A categorized list of all Java and JVM features since JDK 8 to 14 (READABLE)
  362. `zig cc`: a Powerful Drop-In Replacement for GCC/Clang (READABLE)
  363. Setting Up Git Identities (READABLE)
  364. ASP.NET Core Guide for ASP.NET Framework Developers (READABLE)
  365. Highlights from Git 2.26 (READABLE)
  366. Fogknife (READABLE)
  367. Moving to Linux - Part 1: Background and first impressions (READABLE)
  368. Patrik Svensson - How to create release artifacts with GitHub Actions (READABLE)
  369. Coddx - Visual Studio Marketplace (READABLE)
  370. Creating a Pencil Effect in SVG (READABLE)
  371. Rapidly manufactured ventilator system specification (READABLE)
  372. A Digression on Divergence (READABLE)
  373. Specification by Example, 10 years later (READABLE)
  374. OpsAI – OpsAI can help you optimize your infrastructure landscape, improve your security and compliance throughout the IT environment, and eliminates wasteful spending. (READABLE)
  375. Colorful Git Prompt for Azure Cloud Shell and Visual Studio Code (READABLE)
  376. New Deploy to Azure extension for Visual Studio Code (READABLE)
  377. .NET Foundation (READABLE)
  378. Telerik UI for Blazor 2.9.0: Upload, Tooltip & Grid State (READABLE)
  379. fractals, computer graphics, mathematics, shaders, demoscene and more (READABLE)
  380. How GitHub blocked me (and all my libraries) (READABLE)
  381. Coding, Cloud & Technology | [Unity - Introduction for the business developer Series (READABLE)
  382. Unit Testing Entry and Entry Points — Roy Osherove (READABLE)
  383. Introducing Clippit, get your slides out of PPTX. (READABLE)
  384. Covid_19: Open letter from Italy to the international scientific community | Left (READABLE)
  385. Pandemic Ventilator Project (READABLE)
  386. The polygons of Another World: Atari Jaguar (READABLE)
  387. NDC Copenhagen 2020 (READABLE)
  388. HTTP Desync Attacks: Request Smuggling Reborn (READABLE)
  389. Linux Kernel Teaching — The Linux Kernel documentation (READABLE)
  390. Microsoft Dotnet Gitignore File (READABLE)
  391. DevOps'ish (READABLE)
  392. The Evolution of Windows Search | Windows Search Platform (READABLE)
  393. GitLab's Guide to All-Remote (READABLE)
  394. Getting Started with Architecture Decision Records - ardalis (READABLE)
  395. Finding developers who recently made changes to a component with git – Chinh Do (READABLE)
  396. The ASP.NET Core security headers guide (READABLE)
  397. How to fix the order of commits in GitHub Pull Requests (READABLE)
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  444. (READABLE)
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  633. draft-ietf-quic-transport-23 - QUIC: A UDP-Based Multiplexed and Secure Transport (READABLE)
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  655. Thread by @ErrataRob: "Yea, I've got 3 hours to kill here in this airport lounge waiting for the next leg of my flight, so let's discuss the "OSI Model". There's n […]" (READABLE)
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  689. ASP.NET Community Standup - Sept 10th, 2014 - webroot, static content, and client side serving (READABLE)
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  708. strong_password v0.0.7 rubygem hijacked (READABLE)
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  714. Yes silver bullet (READABLE)
  715. Another Take on Access Token Management in ASP.NET Core (…and announcing IdentityModel.AspNetCore) (READABLE)
  716. Adding Reaction Gifs for your Build System and the Windows Terminal - Scott Hanselman (READABLE)
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  731. Bringing the Periodic Table of the Elements app to HoloLens 2 with MRTK v2 (READABLE)
  732. Documentation - MyGet - Hosting your NuGet, Npm, Bower, Maven and Vsix packages (READABLE)
  733. CQRS with MediatR (for Commands) and Odata (for Queries) (READABLE)
  734. An Experimental Floating-Point Scalar Evolution :: Duskborn — Duskborn Labs is where Neil ‘@sheredom‘ Henning writes up things of interest. (READABLE)
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  742. Visual Studio Code May 2019 (READABLE)
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  748. Scamming the scammers – catching the virus call centre scammers red-handed (READABLE)
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  750. Tiered Jit Benchmarking · Issue #1125 · dotnet/BenchmarkDotNet (READABLE)
  751. ltrzesniewski/LocalsInit.Fody (READABLE)
  752. Add Span<T>.Sort(...) by changing Array.Sort internals to be Span based by nietras · Pull Request #24419 · dotnet/coreclr (READABLE)
  753. github/semantic (READABLE)
  754. 0xd4d/dnSpy (READABLE)
  755. Accessing UNIX sockets remotely from .NET - Red Hat Developer (READABLE)
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  760. Maintainer burnout and package security (READABLE)
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  762. Nick Craver - Stack Overflow: How We Do Deployment - 2016 Edition (READABLE)
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