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  1. 97%Thinking out loud about 2nd-gen Email – Gabriel Sieben
  2. 98%Stuff I know about ZIP | orchid.pink
  3. 98%New in .NET 8: ASP.NET Core Identity and How to Implement It
  4. 99%100 Exercises To Learn Rust
  5. 98%BashFu - Open X11 window with netcat, echo, pipes and file system
  6. 99%Localizing a .NET console or desktop application
  7. 99%Wolverine’s HTTP Model Does More For You
  8. 98%PeaZip free archiver utility, open extract RAR TAR ZIP files
  9. 97%Dancing on the Shoulders of Giants
  10. 99%using golang's crypto/aes and crypto/cipher packages
  11. 95%Disaster recovery with ZFS and zrepl
  12. 82%Proton Mail Discloses User Data Leading to Arrest in Spain
  13. 98%CVE-2024-3661: TunnelVision - How Attackers Can Decloak Routing-Based VPNs For a Total VPN Leak — Leviathan Security Group - Penetration Testing, Security Assessment, Risk Advisory
  14. 99%Deniable Encryption
  15. 99%Conservative codomain conjecture
  16. 99%Using age with org-journal
  17. 98%Hallucination-Free RAG: Making LLMs Safe for Healthcare
  18. 97%My Home Server Journey - From Raspberry Pi to Ryzen
  19. 99%No, I don’t want to fill out your contact form
  20. 99%Deniable Encryption
  21. 86%Woodworking as an escape from the absurdity of software
  22. 99%Multi-Class Classification Using LightGBM -- Visual Studio Magazine
  23. 98%Online Cryptography Course by Dan Boneh
  24. 89%The Disappearance of Lived Time
  25. 98%Direct Preference Optimization Explained In-depth
  26. 98%1000x the telemetry at 0.01x the cost
  27. 95%the Stabilizer Problem
  28. 99%The Simplest Thing In The World: Modifing Keymaps in Wayland
  29. 91%Harry Chapin and RATM: the problem with bleeding interests
  30. 96%Anneal autopsy
  31. 98%C isn’t a Hangover; Rust isn’t a Hangover Cure
  32. 94%open letter to the NixOS foundation
  33. 95%Id30 – magnushoff.com
  34. 99%Why you shouldn't run a BSD on a PC
  35. 70%Why Everything is Becoming a Game
  36. 96%10x Engineers vs -10x Burdens
  37. 99%GoFetch: Will people ever learn?
  38. 97%How do electronic passports work? | Burak Can's Blog
  39. 99%Basic Things Mar 22, 2024
  40. 98%Diffusion Models for Video Generation
  41. 95%I launched a new startup and shut it down in two weeks - Andrew Miracle
  42. 98%Big Integer in Zig
  43. 75%#ChatControl: EU ministers want to exempt themselves
  44. 98%Is Attention All You Need?
  45. 99%PuTTY vulnerability vuln-p521-bias
  46. 90%The Making of Side 7 | GUNDAM EVOLUTION Private Server Project
  47. 98%Building a GPS Receiver, Part 1: Hearing Whispers
  48. 99%Responses to Rabble on ActivityPub
  49. 99%My useless philosophical ramblings about the ecology of programming languages (and OOP is not Java)
  50. 98%Kaspersky analysis of the backdoor in XZ
  51. 94%Common pitfalls of digital health startups & advice on how to avoid them
  52. 96%Our Response to Hashicorp's Cease and Desist Letter | OpenTofu
  53. 99%Deploy SOPS Secrets with Nix - Jan-Philip Loos | maxdaten.io
  54. 99%Extracting curve coordinates from a bitmap
  55. 92%Habitually - I’ve Been Tracking Everything in My Life for A Year
  56. 97%How I discovered a 9.8 critical security vulnerability in ZeroMQ with mostly pure luck and my two cents about xz backdoor
  57. 99%What it’s like to run HTMX in Production
  58. 99%Thoughts on the xz backdoor: an lzma-rs perspective | Blog | Guillaume Endignoux
  59. 99%smeso - MIPS stacktrace: an unexpected journey
  60. 99%How to securely reverse-proxy ASP.NET Core web apps
  61. 98%'If this one guy got hit by a bus, the world's software would fall apart.'
  62. 99%Generative transformer from first principles in Julia - Lior Sinai
  63. 98%OpenBSD 7.5
  64. 98%LLM Task-Specific Evals that Do & Don't Work
  65. 98%Performance insights: Engineering for high performance
  66. 98%XZ Backdoor: Not the End of Open Source
  67. 96%What we know about the xz Utils backdoor that almost infected the world
  68. 99%LLaMA Now Goes Faster on CPUs
  69. 96%Refurb weekend: Data General/One (and the worst LCD in the world)
  70. 96%Mental Health in Software Engineering
  71. 95%Filippo Valsorda (@filippo.abyssdomain.expert)
  72. 71%Solving the “Are You a Millionaire?” Problem with ZK certificates
  73. 99%Some choices for encrypting data so that it can be decrypted only by the same user or computer - The Old New Thing
  74. 99%Malicious email .ics attachments
  75. 97%Sealed: Custom Wax Seal NFC Tags
  76. 83%My 12 Favorite Problems
  77. 99%Roll your own ZFS NAS
  78. 99%Knee Deep in tree-sitter Queries
  79. 99%A better jittering approach for discretization acknowledgment in density estimation
  80. 98%The Linux Desktop Is Finally Great (both Ubuntu and Firefox)
  81. 96%IP Geolocation Is Twenty-Five Years Old
  82. 96%How I Built a Bootstrapped Consulting Company: From Zero To 60k€ Revenue
  83. 93%All the fallacies in the world
  84. 99%Functional foundations ⚙️
  85. 99%Securing WebSocket Channels in Local Development: A Guide with Soketi and Laravel Valet - AhmadYousefDev
  86. 99%Conversational Spaced Repetition | David Bieber
  87. 98%Building For Builders - deven.codes
  88. 96%Cloning a laptop over NVME TCP
  89. 99%Plugin Architecture in C# for Improved Software Design
  90. 98%C and C++ Prioritize Performance over Correctness
  91. 97%ZK Taipei #5: ZK Day · Luma
  92. 99%S06E12 - nanoFramework: Unleashing the Power of C# in Embedded Systems and IoT with José Simões
  93. 99%Make your own E-Mail server - FreeBSD, OpenSMTPD, Rspamd and Dovecot included - Part 1
  94. 82%Zama's homomorphic encryption tech lands it $73M on a valuation of nearly $400M | TechCrunch
  95. 95%The Pile
  96. 99%Parallel Zero-knowledge Virtual Machine
  97. 99%Azure Cosmos DB — Getting Started and Creating a NoSQL Database
  98. 97%An Overview Of Quantum Computing's Possible Impact On Cryptography
  99. 98%The Case Against Geometric Algebra
  100. 99%Ente - Private cloud for your photos, videos and more
  101. 95%List of 2024 Leap Day Bugs
  102. 61%CutOut.Pro AI Tool Data Breach: Hacker Leak 20 Million User Info
  103. 98%GitHub - microsoft/Security-101: 7 Lessons, Kick-start Your Cybersecurity Learning.
  104. 87%How law firms and corporations are dealing with USPTO’s non-DOCX penalty
  105. 99%Why I use Firefox
  106. 66%Nintendo is suing the creators of Switch emulator Yuzu
  107. 99%Gemini server for 0ut3r.space
  108. 99%Writing is hard, so I got help
  109. 90%The Effect Existence, Its Magnitude, and the Goals
  110. 81%GitHub - zksecurity/zkBank: zkBank is the most secure banking system in the world, powered by ZK, gnark, and GKR!
  111. 98%Persisting the ASP.NET Core Data Protection Key Ring in Azure Key Vault – Tore Nestenius
  112. 99%ARCHITECTURE.md
  113. 99%ESP32 based voice assistant with wake word – Tristam
  114. 94%OK-Robot: What Really Matters in Integrating Open-Knowledge Models for Robotics
  115. 97%After 14 years in the industry, I still find programming difficult
  116. 98%The Billion Row Challenge (1BRC) - Step-by-step from 71s to 1.7s
  117. 87%ZK Mini Summit · Luma
  118. 92%What is Scrum and is Scrum good for startups? — todo.space blog
  119. 95%Large Language Models Are Drunk at the Wheel
  120. 99%Atuin - Magical Shell History
  121. 98%Blog - iMessage with PQ3: The new state of the art in quantum-secure messaging at scale - Apple Security Research
  122. 97%Open Source: Current State and Future Hopes
  123. 99%Using Azure Key Vault for signing and encrypting JSON Web Tokens
  124. 98%Introducing Safecat
  125. 83%How Google is killing independent sites like ours - HouseFresh
  126. 80%Diseconomies of scale in fraud, spam, support, and moderation
  127. 99%Share a private key without using passwords
  128. 87%Plus and Times Set Free
  129. 86%AMD and ZPrize using FPGAs to Accelerate Zero Knowledge
  130. 89%Tech Support Stories Part 2
  131. 99%How I did the layout for my self-published book
  132. 72%Climbing out of the rabbit hole
  133. 99%E2EE on the web: is the web really that bad?
  134. 98%varoa.net | Galo Navarro
  135. 87%A love letter to the Internet
  136. 98%Synthetic Data for Finetuning: Distillation and Self-Improvement
  137. 99%Secure Yo Self
  138. 82%European Court of Human Rights bans weakening of secure end-to-endencryption - the end of EU‘s chat control CSAR mass surveillance plans?
  139. 98%Engineering Practices for LLM Application Development
  140. 99%I worry our Copilot is leaving some passengers behind
  141. 99%Sign and Verify Messages with HMAC Using the Web Crypto API
  142. 98%Lunar reflections during SLIM landing – Daniel Estévez
  143. 99%Episode 485 - Copilot for Azure
  144. 68%Ransomware Hit $1 Billion in 2023
  145. 99%'Prompt Engineering' Jokes Abound when GitHub Asks Devs for Tips -- Visual Studio Magazine
  146. 99%How to Get the Number of Files in a Folder With C# - Code Maze
  147. 98%.NET Rocks! gRPC Update with Irina Scurtu
  148. 99%How to Use Dapper in Your .NET Projects
  149. 99%From Zero to .NET MAUI: Seeking One Codebase to Run Everywhere -- Visual Studio Magazine
  150. 98%Reverse engineering Skylanders' Toys-to-life mechanics
  151. 97%The Noise Protocol Framework
  152. 99%(Mis)estimation – why estimation does not work
  153. 98%Introducing Citrea: Bitcoin’s First ZK Rollup
  154. 82%Finding New Mountains to Climb
  155. 99%Tools and Best Practices for Secret Management in .NET - Code Maze
  156. 99%Hacking a Smart Home Device
  157. 97%Remaking the app store — Benedict Evans
  158. 88%Issue 46: Is Being Well Read Actually a Thing? Pt III: The Well-Read Archetypes
  159. 76%A Brief History of the U.S. Trying to Add Backdoors Into Encrypted Data
  160. 99%Infrastructure: From Zero to Enterprise
  161. 98%Reverse-engineering the Synacor Challenge
  162. 99%Embracing Functional Programming in C#
  163. 82%Your Security Program Is Shit
  164. 83%The end of my childhood
  165. 99%The ultimate guide to Full Disk Encryption with TPM and Secure Boot (with hibernation support!)
  166. 97%I think Notion Calendar is brilliant. Not the features, though. - Tuấn Mon
  167. 99%Snowpipe Streaming Deep Dive
  168. 99%Self-hosted media center
  169. 98%Playing with Nom and parser combinators
  170. 99%Error categories and category errors
  171. 99%Leopard: Sublinear Verifier Inner Product Argument Under Discrete Logarithm Assumption
  172. 99%Crypto is not cryptocurrency
  173. 96%Unleashing the Cloud: A Historical Odyssey of Cloud Storage
  174. 99%Rclone syncs your files to cloud storage
  175. 95%What I Learned from Indie Consulting - jxnl.co
  176. 99%Ruby on Rails load testing habits
  177. 99%zkBitcoin: Zero-Knowledge Applications for Bitcoin
  178. 99%GitHub - sigma0-xyz/zkbitcoin: zkBitcoin: zero-knowledge proofs on Bitcoin!
  179. 71%2023 letter | Dan Wang
  180. 98%Corax, Lucene, Benchmarks and lies!
  181. 99%The ZK update conflict issue in multi-user applications
  182. 99%Zero-knowledge proofs in stateful applications
  183. 99%Public Key Encryption with the JavaScript Web Crypto API
  184. 94%Being Intentional in 2024
  185. 99%zero-knowledge proof apps on Bitcoin
  186. 98%Improving ASP.NET Core Security By Putting Your Cookies On A Diet – Tore Nestenius
  187. 99%Learn to code. Or don’t.
  188. 98%There is still cool stuff on the internet
  189. 99%Ceph: A Journey to 1 TiB/s - Ceph
  190. 99%GitHub - sigma0-xyz/zkbitcoin: zkBitcoin: zero-knowledge proofs on Bitcoin!
  191. 99%Fine-tuning an LLM on your texts: part 2 - exploring your text data - Edward Donner
  192. 99%RSA is deceptively simple (and fun)
  193. 95%OpenAI drops ban on military tools to partner with the Pentagon | Semafor
  194. 99%Postgres password encryption without leaking credentials
  195. 99%NixOS on Hetzner Dedicated - mhu.dev
  196. 99%Exploring .NET frozen segments
  197. 99%asmBB Forum "What is AsmBB?"
  198. 91%The Slow Frontier of Genetic Choice
  199. 95%What's out there for ECDSA threshold signatures
  200. 99%</> htmx ~ Is htmx Just Another JavaScript Framework?
  201. 99%The ZK update conflict issue in multi-user applications
  202. 99%JSON Web Tokens are actually great, just not for sessions
  203. 78%Outlook is Microsoft’s new data collection service | Proton
  204. 97%Binius: a Hardware-Optimized SNARK
  205. 98%Language Modeling Reading List (to Start Your Paper Club)
  206. 91%Gmail And Yahoo Inbox Updates & What They Mean For Senders | Mailgun
  207. 99%Released: Security updates for Microsoft.Data.SqlClient and System.Data.SqlClient
  208. 96%Tokenization, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Vault
  209. 98%What Is Linux Mobile
  210. 99%Nino
  211. 98%1BRC in .NET · gunnarmorling/1brc · Discussion #44
  212. 98%Questionable Advice: “My boss says we don’t need any engineering managers. Is he right?”
  213. 96%Artificial Knowledge Creation
  214. 92%RFC 7457: Summarizing Known Attacks on Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Datagram TLS (DTLS)
  215. 99%Hacking a CTF: Do not use ECB mode for encryption
  216. 99%How to Speak the Language of the Internet: A Introduction to the Most Common Network Protocols
  217. 98%Major performance (I/O?) issue in /mnt/* and in ~ (home) · Issue #873 · microsoft/WSL
  218. 69%Mozilla CEO wants business to pick up the pace
  219. 92%Trustlessness and the left
  220. 99%Aleo completes security audits of snarkOS & snarkVM
  221. 99%How to Format a String as Base64 in CSharp – Beginner’s Guide
  222. 93%Compiling Success: My Aspirations for a Transformative Year Ahead - Chris Woodruff's Blog
  223. 95%How bad are search results? Let's compare Google, Bing, Marginalia, Kagi, Mwmbl, and ChatGPT
  224. 99%The Art of HPC
  225. 98%Linux Boomers
  226. 82%What if I paid for all my free software?
  227. 99%EP 38 : How to use Guard Clauses in C#
  228. 83%"Attention", "Transformers", in Neural Network "Large Language Models"
  229. 97%Update in Thrussh: the SSH Terrapin attack
  230. 98%Don’t Believe Your Eyes - A WhatsApp Clickjacking Vulnerability
  231. 98%Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David: 9781617296710: Amazon.com: Books
  232. 96%Beeper - Moving Forward
  233. 99%Announcing the Aleo Foundation
  234. 99%New capabilities help simplify and streamline the experience with Microsoft Dev Box
  235. 97%Empirically sup code review best practices
  236. 95%Steering at the Frontier: Extending the Power of Prompting - Microsoft Research
  237. 98%ZFS Profiling on Arch Linux | Bin Wang
  238. 98%Announcing the first Arecibo release
  239. 99%How to Get an Access Token from HttpContext in ASP.NET Core
  240. 99%Kubernetes v1.29: Mandala
  241. 96%Adopting Rust: the missing playbook for managers and CTOs - Mainmatter
  242. 98%Architecting Observability in a Cloud-Native World With eBPF
  243. 98%Demystifying OpenID Connect’s State and Nonce Parameters in ASP.NET Core – Tore Nestenius
  244. 96%Good Docs Take Great Effort
  245. 99%GNU ASCII armor: send encrypted data in plain text
  246. 99%Beeper Mini Is Back
  247. 97%RFC 9330: Low Latency, Low Loss, and Scalable Throughput (L4S) Internet Service: Architecture
  248. 97%6 lessons from building 6 projects, while nomading for 6 months - Dmitry Kudryavtsev
  249. 99%zkLogin | Sui Documentation
  250. 99%GitHub - openbao/openbao at development
  251. 97%Why Team Leaders Give Up
  252. 99%💸 Sending a file in 2017 | Zack Scholl
  253. 98%iMessage, explained
  254. 98%Beeper Mini - iMessage on Android
  255. 99%bips/bip-0341.mediawiki at master · bitcoin/bips
  256. 99%I Hacked Magic the Gathering: Arena for a 100% Winrate
  257. 99%Recursive zkSNARK Proof as a Private Input - What Is Visible To The Verifier?
  258. 99%I Started With Nix, NixOS, Home Manager and Flakes
  259. 99%Monocypher 4: The Clean Break
  260. 96%Remote collaboration fuses fewer breakthrough ideas? Probably not.
  261. 55%EP rejects mass scanning of private messages - European Digital Rights (EDRi)
  262. 64%Y Combinator's Future in the Software Slowdown
  263. 96%I got top 20 on my first product hunt launch by doing a homework assignment
  264. 97%How to Fund FOSS, Save It from the CRA, and Improve Cybersecurity
  265. 99%Restic Backups on Backblaze B2 with NixOS
  266. 98%Exploring Generative AI
  267. 97%My Personal Data Backup Pipeline – Justin Paulin
  268. 98%Matrix vs. XMPP | Luke's Webpage
  269. 94%My techno-optimism
  270. 99%Demystifying Web Push Notifications
  271. 99%Analyzing the Monoprice Blackbird HDCP 2.2 to 1.4 Down Converter
  272. 88%Communication Ministry studying report of IndiHome data leak - ANTARA News
  273. 99%Discover the Magic of .NET 8 and Beyond!
  274. 98%Docker Security Principles Overview - Simple Talk
  275. 99%Cookies, Tokens, or JWTs? The ASP.NET Core Identity Dilemma
  276. 94%Finding My Voice: Brain Injury and ChatGPT | t3chn0tix - Tech News
  277. 94%“Shift left”—wtf does it mean?
  278. 99%Sqids (formerly Hashids) · Generate Short IDs from Numbers
  279. 82%The Bond villain compliance strategy
  280. 96%All that Infocom interpreter code
  281. 98%Exploring what is inside the ASP.NET Core cookies – Tore Nestenius
  282. 99%How STARKs work if you don't care about FRI
  283. 98%Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David: 9781617296710: Amazon.com: Books
  284. 99%Things Programmers Can Do in One Week | Blog | build-your-own.org
  285. 98%What Is Refactoring And Understanding Why You Need It
  286. 95%Password Breach of Game Developer Zynga Compromises 170 Million Accounts - CPO Magazine
  287. 99%Back up your Bitwarden vault in a future-proof and secure way
  288. 99%Exploring macOS private frameworks
  289. 98%Practical Tips for Finetuning LLMs Using LoRA (Low-Rank Adaptation)
  290. 97%Things Programmers Can Do in One Week | Blog | build-your-own.org
  291. 99%ConcurrentStack in C# - Code Maze
  292. 80%Cryptographers Solve Decades-Old Privacy Problem
  293. 98%Sunbird Security Isn’t Nothing
  294. 97%Sunbird / ‘Nothing Chats’ is Not Secure.
  295. 98%All of the writing I did in a week as a software engineer
  296. 96%Every software is messy and has skeletons
  297. 90%Signal Messenger: Using Signal Will Soon Cost $50 Million a Year
  298. 99%Mainframe and midrange modernization - Azure Logic Apps
  299. 98%Built a bunch of apps, here's what I learned
  300. 99%Privacy is Priceless, but Signal is Expensive
  301. 99%Fiat-Shamir security of FRI and related SNARKs — Part 1
  302. 97%The OSI Model Revisited
  303. 99%Making a nice API of Amtrak's ugly API
  304. 99%Data-as-a-Product: the keystone of the data-mesh
  305. 98%Is the Reversal Curse Real?
  306. 96%CryptoKitchen23 ZK Day: Private Entrance to the Kitchen & The Ultimate Use Cases · Luma
  307. 94%Child sexual abuse online: effective measures, no mass surveillance | News | European Parliament
  308. 99% Hacking Google Bard - From Prompt Injection to Data Exfiltration · Embrace The Red
  309. 98%Read the docs like a book - Aaron Francis
  310. 97%Building an occupancy sensor with an ESP32 and a serverless DB
  311. 98%OpenAI Platform
  312. 99%Data Oriented Blogging
  313. 99%An important step towards secure and interoperable messaging
  314. 94%Blockchains and the Future of AI
  315. 93%Release CoreWCF v1.5.1 · CoreWCF/CoreWCF
  316. 79%Comparing Portugal and Oregon's drug decriminalization policies — Jeffrey Martens
  317. 97%A clarification on the multithreading constraints of the Encrypt­Message function - The Old New Thing
  318. 76%Ombudsman: European Commission’s concealment of secret ‘expert list’ on CSAM regulation constitutes ‘maladministration’ - Irish Council for Civil Liberties
  319. 95%Article 45 Will Roll Back Web Security by 12 Years
  320. 92%Seeing like a Bank
  321. 99%Live Coding a containerized web app for event management
  322. 99%Social Networking
  323. 99%GitHub - davidchisnall/banning-e2ee-is-stupid: Do you think banning end-to-end encryption is plausible? Think again.
  324. 73%Why I Ran Away from Philosophy Because of Sam Bankman-Fried
  325. 90%Getting our focus back
  326. 88%Issues enabling BitLocker hardware encryption (Windows Encrypted Hard Drive) on AMD 7840
  327. 91%Mechanistic interpretability of LLM analogy-making
  328. 98%Giopler | Easy C++ Profile Debug Trace
  329. 95%Why I Am a Pluralist
  330. 98%How To Rob a Bank
  331. 92%General Knowledge Poker — Drawn In Perspective
  332. 97%An Open Letter to Cryptographers: Please Work Together
  333. 99%.NET 8 Top 10 New Features - NDepend Blog
  334. 96%Lifespan extension: separating fact from fiction
  335. 92%Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2023 (MDDR) | Microsoft Security Insider
  336. 99%Azure: the cloud platform that is changing the world
  337. 99%From CSS madness to CSS Hooks
  338. 99%An Analysis of Signal's PQXDH
  339. 65%A billion deaths at two degrees? Why climate activists should make a special effort to get the science right - Mark Lynas
  340. 98%Mitigating the Hetzner/Linode XMPP.ru MitM interception incident
  341. 98%Encrypted traffic interception on Hetzner and Linode targeting the largest Russian XMPP (Jabber) messaging service —
  342. 88%Hampton Blog
  343. 95%How to Implement the Facade Pattern in C# for Simplified Code and Increased Efficiency
  344. 99%GitHub - localsend/localsend: An open source cross-platform alternative to AirDrop
  345. 98%Nobody knows what a good password looks like
  346. 99%SQL Server Security Primer - Simple Talk
  347. 91%Encrypt. Now. — blog.tripu.info
  348. 99%Creating a Variable Color Font From Scratch
  349. 99%Memory alignment of doubles in C#
  350. 98%Security: The Impact of Time
  351. 98%SSH Hardening with ssh-audit
  352. 99%Intercepting Allocations with the Global Allocator
  353. 99%GitHub - jtesta/ssh-audit: SSH server & client security auditing (banner, key exchange, encryption, mac, compression, compatibility, security, etc)
  354. 98%Massive input and/or spaced repetition
  355. 98%LSP could have been better
  356. 94%Radical Energy Abundance
  357. 95%How I built a MVP in 14 hours
  358. 91%Episode 294: Succinct Proofs and Linear Algebra with Guillermo and Alex - ZK Podcast
  359. 99%Polylang – Polylang by Polybase Labs
  360. 99%Strikeout (ꓘ) Blog - Security Researcher
  361. 98%How to Perform Case-Insensitive Substring Search in C#
  362. 97%Visual Studio 2022 17.8 Preview 3 is here! - Visual Studio Blog
  363. 99%Building an Anomaly Detection System with Recurrent Neural Networks
  364. 99%A Plan for Multicast Support in Noise-based Protocols - Dhole Moments
  365. 99%Observing OSIRIS-REx during the capsule reentry – Daniel Estévez
  366. 99%How Render Scaled Knative to Support 100k+ Free-Tier Apps | Render
  367. 98%Understand Linear regression through many facets
  368. 96%Store ssh keys inside the TPM: ssh-tpm-agent
  369. 99%Why HTTP/3 is eating the world | APNIC Blog
  370. 99%Converting a Hexadecimal String to a Byte Array in C# - Code Maze
  371. 91%Pythagoras: Everyone knows his famous theorem, but not who discovered it 1000 years before him - Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing
  372. 99%Security Tradeoffs: Privacy
  373. 99%How to Design a Practical Type System to Maximize Reliability, Maintainability, and Productivity in Software Development Projects / Part 1: What, Why, and How?
  374. 99%I don't want to know IPs: encryption in TORRENTDYNE
  375. 99%A journey into zero-knowledge proofs
  376. 96%Reclaim Successfully Passed the ZK Circuit Security Audit
  377. 99%Buy wisely
  378. 98%Trusting Microsoft and .NET MAUI Toolkit NuGet Packages
  379. 98%Public report of Reclaim protocol's ChaCha20 circuit
  380. 99%Free Open source disk encryption with strong security for the Paranoid
  381. 97%Mozilla and the burning need for clients for power users
  382. 97%Lazarus luring employees with trojanized coding challenges: The case of a Spanish aerospace company
  383. 98%zk中秋節 Taipei Meetup (Aleo x zksecurity) · Luma
  384. 98%Security in the cloud: Whose responsibility is it?
  385. 98%Finding Bathroom Faucets with Embeddings
  386. 97%On the future of cloud services and BYOC — Jack Vanlightly
  387. 98%Binding Sigmas in Circuits for Fast Curve Operations
  388. 99%Create Cryptographic Numbers With RandomNumberGenerator - Code Maze
  389. 91%t3chn0tix - Your Source for the Latest Tech News
  390. 98%Distilling step-by-step: Outperforming larger language models with less training data and smaller model sizes
  391. 99%Nintendo 3DS Architecture | A Practical Analysis
  392. 97%Signal Messenger: Speak Freely
  393. 98%S6E02 - From Junior to Jedi: Navigating the Web Development Galaxy with Irina Dominte
  394. 98%What link previews leak | aaron blog
  395. 98%Matrix 2.0: The Future of Matrix
  396. 93%Today The UK Parliament Undermined The Privacy, Security, And Freedom Of All Internet Users 
  397. 98%64-Bit Bank Balances ‘Ought to be Enough for Anybody’? | TigerBeetle
  398. 99%Inside New Query Engine of MongoDB
  399. 99%Zexe vs. VeriZexe vs. Taiga | Blog - Anoma
  400. 99%Quantum Resistance and the Signal Protocol
  401. 98%Exploring Generative AI
  402. 99%ESXi on SolidRun V3000
  403. 95%SimulaVR
  404. 98%Exploring The Halo 1 System Link Protocol
  405. 83%Nuclear Propulsion | Charles Pellegrino
  406. 68%How to get your startup ISO27001 certified in 2023, explained for cloud-native companies
  407. 98%Book notes & reflections: An Elegant Puzzle
  408. 90%Mario Zechner (@badlogic@mastodon.gamedev.place)
  409. 91%ZK Security meetup with the Succinct Labs folks! · Luma
  410. 99%Kopia
  411. 97%Dymocks - Customer Notices
  412. 97%Onboarding Made Simple with zkLogin
  413. 99%Role Of Algorithms
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  692. 98%Paillier's cryptosystem - Addtive homomorphic encryption
  693. 98%Paillier's additively homomorphic cryptosystem
  694. 98%Paillier's cryptosystem - Addtive homomorphic encryption
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  761. 93%87% of Container Images in Production Have Critical or High-Severity Vulnerabilities
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  764. 99%Asking ChatGPT to Design Its Next Generation, ChatGPT 2
  765. 99%Sangria: a Folding Scheme for PLONK - Geometry Research
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  772. 99%Using Cell Phone Sensors for 3D Transformations – Ramatak Inc.
  773. 99%Are ASP.NET and .NET the Same? Understanding the Key Differences and Similarities
  774. 94%CVD, EU-DSGVO and revDSG - A personal responsible disclosure experience of a data breach in the Swiss cyber landscape in 2022/23
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  776. 97%The Joy Of Duplexes
  777. 63%NIST Selects ‘Lightweight Cryptography’ Algorithms to Protect Small Devices
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  785. 85%Ten Years, Ten Highlights: Reflections on My Decade at Sumo Logic
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  789. 83%My first recession
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  792. 98%Navigating the changing data localization landscape with Cloudflare’s Data Localization Suite
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  794. 99%Encrypting Data in the Browser Using WebAuthn
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  797. 98%Bitwarden design flaw: Server side iterations
  798. 98%Degrees of Open Source
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  804. 99%Breaking EA Desktop's pathetic Encryption
  805. 99%How 1Password is designed to keep your data safe, even in the event of a breach | 1Password
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  808. 99%The Best GPUs for Deep Learning in 2023 — An In-depth Analysis
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  812. 99%How to Secure Your .NET Application Against Common Threats
  813. 97%Terraform Industries Whitepaper 2.0
  814. 99%.NET 7 Brings Networking Improvements
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  816. 94%Functioning Malware Written by ChatGPT Spotted on Dark Web Says Check Point Research - CPO Magazine
  817. 99%Machine Learning in .NET with F# and ML.NET 2.0
  818. 98%What is Zero Trust and is it the Future of Cybersecurity?
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  820. 98%Writing a TLA⁺ tree-sitter grammar
  821. 98%Large Transformer Model Inference Optimization
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  823. 99%MINA zkApp staking pool - HackMD
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  825. 96%Is it worth encrypting? | Matthew Linkous
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  833. 62%Ancient Apocalypse reviewed
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  837. 81%Join Mina's zkIgnite, Cohort 1
  838. 99%Fast Accumulation on Streams (2018) - bkase
  839. 90%Vitalik Buterin's website
  840. 95%Raspberry Pi security alarm — the basics
  841. 98%HTTPS explained with carrier pigeons
  842. 91%RE: False Rumors on API Leaks or Exposure of our Database
  843. 98%Your Pa$$word doesn't matter
  844. 92%Lastpass Breach - Everything you need to know
  845. 97%The Matrix Holiday Update 2022 | Matrix.org
  846. 98%20 Best Cryptography Algorithms Books of All Time
  847. 99%2022 APFS Advent Challenge Day 17 - Blazingly Fast Checksums with SIMD
  848. 83%AI assistants help developers produce code that's insecure
  849. 99%Nix on the Steam Deck — Determinate Systems
  850. 87%LastPass users: Your info and password vault data are now in hackers’ hands
  851. 94%Notice of Recent Security Incident - The LastPass Blog
  852. 99%Password requirements: myths and madness
  853. 98%Not Getting Hacked
  854. 95%Personal backups and file archival
  855. 99%Implementing the MySQL server protocol for fun and profit
  856. 99%Accessing the Firebase Auth user in SvelteKit server-side - Jeroen Pelgrims
  857. 99%Yubikeys & PKI: What Are They For? | Charlton's Blog
  858. 96%Why doesn't the BitLocker wizard let me save the BitLocker key on an encrypted drive?
  859. 94%Why Current Wormhole Research is So Important
  860. 91%Passkeys—Microsoft, Apple, and Google’s password killer—are finally here
  861. 97%How Cloudflare advocates for a better Internet
  862. 99%Why you can’t build a web browser and why you should anyway.
  863. 92%Technical Writer
  864. 99%Real-World Cryptography
  865. 97%ChatGPT and the viability of replacing humans with circus tricks • Adam Shaylor
  866. 99%Dev environments in the cloud are a half-baked solution
  867. 96%Apple iCloud, and why encrypted backup is the only issue
  868. 92%Apple advances user security with powerful new data protections
  869. 99%Installing Guix on a 10th gen Thinkpad X1 — dthompson
  870. 97%Making an RC Roomba
  871. 73%SBF is Crypto Personified
  872. 99%What was Microsoft's first Integrated Development Environment (IDE)? #Shorts
  873. 96%Notice of Recent Security Incident - The LastPass Blog
  874. 92%Choosing your chat application
  875. 95%Be less scared of overconfidence
  876. 98%Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David + Free Shipping
  877. 99%Mutual Contact Discovery
  878. 93%[Apply by 12/08] Introducing our fellowship program
  879. 95%Autonomy, packet size, friction, fanout, and velocity
  880. 99%Episode 111 - RavenDB with Oren Eini
  881. 99%zkapp-cli
  882. 99%How I over-engineered a Fast Fourier Transform for Arduino.
  883. 99%Towards End-to-End Encryption for Direct Messages in the Fediverse - Dhole Moments
  884. 99%OpenIddict
  885. 98%Converting Data Across Time Zones: An In-Depth Primer - Simple Talk
  886. 94%The Magic of Zero Knowledge with Brandon Kase from O(1) Labs
  887. 95%Cloud-Native Application Security - DZone Refcardz
  888. 98%Quest for my perfect watch.
  889. 97%zero to connection string
  890. 94%4 Strategies for Dealing with Bad Code
  891. 99%Example: Oracle | Mina Documentation
  892. 99%Mina Launches zkApps Era
  893. 98%Authorization and Authentication in Minimal APIs
  894. 97%Why take and make notes
  895. 98%Security Engineering: Intern Opportunities for University Students in Redmond, Washington, United States | Security Engineering at Microsoft
  896. 98%S1 Ep2: Data Breaches, DNA & the Future of Privacy
  897. 98%My take on self-hosting
  898. 99%Intro to Zero-knowledge & Building zkApps w/Mina Protocol
  899. 96%Live system DD backup, with encryption and compression!
  900. 99%GitHub - Jaysmito101/cgl: CGL (C Game Library) is a multipurpose library mainly for recreational coding / demo scenes / prototyping / small games / experimentation.
  901. 95%Too Much Crypto
  902. 94%NSA urges orgs to use memory-safe programming languages
  903. 99%Amazon.com: Real-World Cryptography (Audible Audio Edition): David Wong, Derek Dysart, Manning Publications: Books
  904. 99%Brave New Trusted Boot World
  905. 99%End to End Encryption with RSA in Kotlin and C sharp - Doumer's Blog
  906. 95%How to contribute to Kimchi
  907. 96%Die Hard Advent Calendar - Hans Gruber Falling off off Nakatomi Plaza
  908. 94%Mina zkApp Developers Meetup - San Francisco
  909. 99%Zero to App Store in 7 weeks
  910. 99%Neural Network Pruning Explained
  911. 99%Wii U Architecture | A Practical Analysis
  912. 99%0.10.0 Release Notes ⚡ The Zig Programming Language
  913. 99%Improving Git protocol security on GitHub | The GitHub Blog
  914. 99%Encrypt and Decrypt Text Values in .NET
  915. 95%Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David + Free Shipping
  916. 99%Build your own OAuth 2.0 Server and OpenId Connect Provider in ASP.NET Core 6.0
  917. 98%Encryption
  918. 99%Example: Anonymous Message Board Tutorial | Mina Documentation
  919. 99%We Must Professionalize Programming to Preserve Society and Computing Freedom
  920. 96%Running a law firm on Linux - a year or so in
  921. 94%Jett Hays
  922. 97%How I built and sold a successful startup with fractional hires
  923. 98%10 essentials to mitigating API security risks | Red Hat Developer
  924. 68%In Australia, it's hard to get a 'burner phone', but this is just one thing criminals are using your data for
  925. 99%What's the deal with zkapps?
  926. 99%LiteDB - A .NET embedded NoSQL database
  927. 99%Chokuretsu ROM Hacking Challenges Part 1 – Cracking a Compression Algorithm!
  928. 96%✂️ The ideal blockchain
  929. 59%Mina zkApps 🛠 Zero-Knowledge Programming with TypeScript - Jack Servia
  930. 92%Mina zkApps 🛠 Zero-Knowledge Programming with TypeScript - Jack Servia
  931. 96%What to know about Zero Knowledge
  932. 97%Jira Pricing - Monthly and Annual Subscription Cost per User
  933. 98%Lucid Multi-Key Deputies Require Commitment
  934. 97%Let's watch videos with David - HackMD
  935. 90%Microsoft Office 365 email encryption could expose message content
  936. 98%How observability-driven development creates elite performers
  937. 89%The Rails SaaS Conference
  938. 96%Seven years in the life of Hypergiants' off-nets
  939. 99%How does the key exchange in HTTPS work?
  940. 98%Threshold ECDSA in Excessive Detail
  941. 99%Comparing Semgrep and CodeQL · Doyensec's Blog
  942. 88%E-commerce platform Bhinneka.com reported to be latest target of data theft
  943. 99%Yubikey Madness
  944. 92%Privacy is a business imperative
  945. 99%.NET R&D Digest (September, 2022)
  946. 99%Scoreboard Hacking Part 2 - Getting the AES Key
  947. 82%The Lens Of Asymmetry
  948. 98%age and Authenticated Encryption
  949. 98%Episode 107 - Unstructured Data With Kirk Marple
  950. 75%Russia-based Facebook operation targeted Europe with anti-Ukraine messaging
  951. 99%Getting started with OpenTelemetry Metrics in .NET. Part 1: Key concepts
  952. 99%The many problems with implementing Single Sign-On
  953. 98%'Berkeley' Testnet Alpha Participation Guide
  954. 96%Outdated vs. Complete
  955. 98%RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags
  956. 99%the sad state of debug performance in c++
  957. 84%Aging programmer
  958. 99%Help people in Iran reconnect to Signal – a request to our community
  959. 93%06 SnarkyJS
  960. 98%How does PLONK work? Part 1: What's PLONK?
  961. 99%What is GCM? Galois Counter Mode (of operation) (usually seen as AES-GCM)
  962. 98%0xPARC
  963. 99%Introducing LiteFS
  964. 97%How hashing and cryptography made the internet possible | Red Hat Developer
  965. 99%An Introduction to Ansible Inventory
  966. 97%IN/"juels; ari" in US Patent Collection
  967. 97%A few thoughts about Uber&#39;s breach
  968. 99%How I manage my passwords
  969. 99%FileSystemWatcher in C# - Code Maze
  970. 99%noname developer updates: structs are working!
  971. 99%35 Million Hot Dogs: Benchmarking Caddy vs. Nginx
  972. 97%Implementing a Zero Trust strategy after compromise recovery - Microsoft Security Blog
  973. 84%Visual Cryptography For Physical Keyrings
  974. 99%It pays to be Circomspect
  975. 91%Ethereum activates The Merge as it shifts to proof of stake
  976. 98%A beginner’s guide to regular expressions with grep | Red Hat Developer
  977. 98%Enstil Postmortem
  978. 99%githublog/rolling-your-own-crypto-aes.md at main · francisrstokes/githublog
  979. 98%6 Simple and Useful PostgreSQL Features that I wish I knew when I started
  980. 98%Narrative driven development
  981. 98%GitHub - tlepoint/fhe.rs: Fully Homomorphic Encryption library in Rust
  982. 96%Dueling over Dual_EC_DRGB: The Consequences of Corrupting a Cryptographic Standardization Process
  983. 99%Ed25519 Deep Dive Addendum
  984. 95%learning about zero-knowledge apps and circuits using the noname educational DSL
  985. 96%Security of ZK Systems
  986. 99%An overview of Node.js: architecture, APIs, event loop, concurrency
  987. 97%Predict steel quality with Azure AutoML in manufacturing
  988. 98%On Security Against Time Traveling Adversaries
  989. 97%Someone’s Been Messing With My Subnormals!
  990. 99%Perfect Notes or My Journey to Obsidian
  991. 98%Replicant: Reproducing a Fault Injection Attack on the Trezor One
  992. 98%fxhash - Lessons Learned from Implementing "Wave Function Collapse"
  993. 98%One Year With the Framework Laptop and NixOS
  994. 97%Cloudflare named a Leader by Gartner
  995. 97%Episode 437 - Azure CXP CRE Low Code Automation
  996. 99%Formal Verification of ZK Constraint Systems
  997. 99%Top 10 skills every programmer should know
  998. 99%Implement a GRPC API with OpenIddict and the OAuth client credentials flow
  999. 96%GitHub - mimoo/noname: Noname: a programming language to write zkapps
  1000. 97%Impagliazzo's Five Worlds, or The Computational (Im)Possibilities of The World That We Live In
  1001. 97%Security of ZK Systems
  1002. 98%Kagi status update: First three months
  1003. 98%What Every Programmer Should Know About Optical Fiber
  1004. 86%Review: The This by Adam Roberts
  1005. 99%My Data Science Projects - Don’t impute all missing data: Missing Data Patterns
  1006. 92%We Are All Nerds: The Literary Works of Neal Stephenson
  1007. 98%Technical Evaluation of a Startup
  1008. 99%What You Should Learn Before Building a zkApp
  1009. 99%champonthis | dev/rand/lack-of-attention
  1010. 99%2-byte DoS in freebsd-telnetd / netbsd-telnetd / netkit-telnetd / inetutils-telnetd / telnetd in Kerberos Version 5 Applications - Binary Golf Grand Prix 3
  1011. 99%Performance isolation in a multi-tenant database environment
  1012. 98%Raytracing and Raycasting with Signed Distance Functions
  1013. 99%Cryptographic Agility and Superior Alternatives - Dhole Moments
  1014. 97%Define “better”
  1015. 92%Deep dives & how the Internet works
  1016. 93%Should You Buy an EV?
  1017. 95%Ask Cryptography
  1018. 96%“10% error rate is okay“ - Leaked EU Commission document regarding Chat Control, the law that requires the mass surveillance of messages and photos
  1019. 98%ASP.NET validation revisited
  1020. 98%How much customer service is too much? - Joydeep's Corner
  1021. 99%GitHub - Trivo25/mina-zk-rollup: A modular zk-Rollup for zero knowledge smart contracts, zkApps, on the Mina blockchain.
  1022. 98%What is Lattice-based Cryptography?
  1023. 98%The Paper that Keeps Showing Up
  1024. 97%Understanding JSON Web Encryption (JWE)
  1025. 99%How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Macros
  1026. 97%Azure's 'Dev Box' Cloud Workstation Service in Public Preview -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1027. 96%6 Raspberry Pis, 6 SSDs on a Mini ITX Motherboard
  1028. 96%How Did I Become Database Engineer at 23
  1029. 97%Workshop at SBC'22 | Tse Lab at Stanford University
  1030. 98%GA Release of Visual Studio for Mac 17.3 Intros User Secrets for Sensitive Info -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1031. 99%Brute Force Development · Matt Layman
  1032. 98%Instagram and Facebook can track anything you do on any website in their in-app browser · Felix Krause
  1033. 97%SAFE (Sponge API for Field Elements) – A Toolbox for ZK Hash Applications - HackMD
  1034. 97%zkEVMs: Not a Panacea
  1035. 99%GitHub - filecoin-project/neptune: Rust Poseidon implementation.
  1036. 99%The quick and practical "MSI" hash table
  1037. 96%How does PLONK work? Part 1: What's PLONK?
  1038. 96%Module Three – ZK Whiteboard Sessions
  1039. 98%On Giving Technical Guidance to Others
  1040. 90%NSA, NIST, and post-quantum cryptography
  1041. 97%MPC In The Head Special
  1042. 97%Implement additional asymmetric signature and encryption overloads by vcsjones · Pull Request #73502 · dotnet/runtime
  1043. 91%NSA, NIST, and post-quantum cryptography
  1044. 99%Home Network Part 1 - DIY Home Router with NixOS
  1045. 99%Experiment with post-quantum cryptography today
  1046. 97%An intro to Open Telemetry in .NET - James World
  1047. 97%BrainSTARK, Part 0: Introduction
  1048. 94%ZK Whiteboard Sessions
  1049. 85%Post-quantum encryption contender is taken out by single-core PC and 1 hour
  1050. 96%Microsoft Previews Azure Premium SSD V2 Disk Storage
  1051. 97%Use One Big Server - Speculative Branches
  1052. 96%Document Scanner with OpenCV Using Video Footage
  1053. 98%What I'm frustrated by in crypto
  1054. 99%Recommended settings for Wi-Fi routers and access points
  1055. 88%Remote attestation is coming back. How much freedom will it take? – Gabriel Sieben
  1056. 95%The many flavors of hashing
  1057. 99%x86matthew - EmbedExeReg - Embedding an EXE inside a .REG file with automatic execution
  1058. 96%Total Fleet Visibility with Kolide
  1059. 99%GitHub - o1-labs/proof-systems: The proof systems used by Mina
  1060. 92%When the window is not fully open, your TCP stack is doing more than you think
  1061. 85%CFF22 trip report
  1062. 97%The dangers of Microsoft Pluton – Gabriel Sieben
  1063. 84%I quit my business to start an open-source dev tool
  1064. 97%Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David: 9781617296710: Amazon.com: Books
  1065. 92%How I Hacked my Car
  1066. 99%British recycle old arguments for bypassing E2E encryption
  1067. 99%What are zkVMs? And what's the difference with a zkEVM?
  1068. 96%The Azure Well-Architected Framework Provides Guidance for Building, Deploying, and Maintaining a Robust Cloud App
  1069. 89%Authentication is Difficult
  1070. 90%GitHub - chip-red-pill/MicrocodeDecryptor
  1071. 98%Logistic regression in Hobbiton - the dumbest intro to machine learning on the internet
  1072. 95%The First Secret Problem
  1073. 90%Facebook has started to encrypt links to counter privacy-improving URL Stripping - gHacks Tech News
  1074. 88%Commercial music media, a tier list · brhfl.com
  1075. 87%I've started using Mozilla Firefox and now I can never go back to Google Chrome
  1076. 82%Mina zkApp Developers Meetup - Paris
  1077. 93%Get Compliant with Kolide
  1078. 95%GitHub - nalinbhardwaj/zordle
  1079. 91%We Need Non-Interactive Post-Quantum KEMs
  1080. 96%Checklist For Evaluating Cloud Backup Services
  1081. 99%Compiler and Composability in ZKP
  1082. 89%FizzBuzz is FizzBuzz years old (and still a powerful tool)
  1083. 98%System.Security.Cryptography.Cose 7.0.0-preview.6.22324.4
  1084. 83%Dmitry.GR: Projects
  1085. 96%AWS Summit - Virtual EMEA Recap
  1086. 96%Statements Vs. Expressions
  1087. 87%mjg59 | Responsible stewardship of the UEFI secure boot ecosystem
  1088. 72%CS101 Introduction to Computing Principles
  1089. 91%NIST’s pleasant post-quantum surprise
  1090. 71%Introducing: the ZK Whiteboard Sessions! - ZK Podcast
  1091. 95%How to get a job in a new industry without experience | Jason Tu
  1092. 66%NIST Announces First Four Quantum-Resistant Cryptographic Algorithms
  1093. 95%The PeerTube instance tube.hamnet.io on HAMNET
  1094. 96%The best books for cryptography apprentices
  1095. 64%Bookchor data breach of over 5 lakh users: What we know so far
  1096. 93%Advanced Dashes
  1097. 94%Why I left Android Development after 10 years and became a Backend Developer
  1098. 95%CloudFormation is Dead, Long Live Terraform
  1099. 51%Italy declares Google Analytics illegal
  1100. 98%GitHub - timvisee/ffsend: Easily and securely share files from the command line. A fully featured Firefox Send client.
  1101. 95%Thomas H. Ptacek
  1102. 82%Huobi Global Lists Mina Protocol
  1103. 89%Undefined behavior in C is a reading error. – keeping simple
  1104. 94%MEGA: Malleable Encryption Goes Awry
  1105. 97%Introducing Tailscale SSH
  1106. 84%What I'm excited for this build cycle
  1107. 94%SnarkyJS Week 2022 - Crowdcast
  1108. 94%Old-school blogging, retro computers, and decentralisation • AndreGarzia.com
  1109. 93%Facebook Says Apple is Too Powerful. They're Right.
  1110. 69%Join Us For the First Ever SnarkyJS Week
  1111. 90%Matrix notes - anarcat
  1112. 95%My other database is a compiler
  1113. 91%Some ways to use ZK-SNARKs for privacy
  1114. 91%Eurocrypt 2022 program
  1115. 92%The hunt for the cluster-killer Erlang bug
  1116. 98%New UUID Formats
  1117. 94%Foreword — ZK Jargon Decoder
  1118. 97%The Web PKI 2.0
  1119. 98%Hands-on: X25519 Key Exchange
  1120. 90%Lessons learned from becoming CTO of a small startup - Vadim Kravcenko
  1121. 87%In defense of crypto(currency)
  1122. 84%HTTP/3 becomes a standard, at last
  1123. 88%On BFT Consensus Evolution: From Monolithic to DAG
  1124. 99%GitHub - ory/kratos: Next-gen identity server (think Auth0, Okta, Firebase) with Ory-hardened authentication, MFA, FIDO2, profile management, identity schemas, social sign in, registration, account recovery, passwordless. Golang, headless, API-only - without templating or theming headaches. Available as a cloud service.
  1125. 90%What Makes a Good Research Proposal?
  1126. 97%What's OpenIddict?
  1127. 73%A new portal for Project Galileo participants
  1128. 98%GitHub - lucadibello/in-house-greenhouse: 🐛 A new generation of smart indoor greenhouses!
  1129. 97%Groth-Sahai Proofs Are Not That Scary | EF Cryptography Research
  1130. 96%HTTP/3 From A To Z: Core Concepts — Smashing Magazine
  1131. 92%RFC 9113: HTTP/2
  1132. 62%This is not normal
  1133. 88%How Effective Abstractions Are Opinionated | 8th Light
  1134. 90%Cloudflare observations of Confluence zero day (CVE-2022-26134)
  1135. 97%Tink, with Sophie Schmieg - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  1136. 80%Zero-Day Exploitation of Atlassian Confluence | Volexity
  1137. 96%A concise summary of amazing and great ideas · johnpfeiffer
  1138. 68%Countering the Crypto Lobbyists
  1139. 94%A Gentle(-ish) Introduction to Worst-Case Optimal Joins
  1140. 91%Why Seafile is unique among file sync solutions
  1141. 98%Security in MySQL: Part Two - Simple Talk
  1142. 98%Welcoming Rocket.Chat to Matrix! | Matrix.org
  1143. 93%Losing your cookies
  1144. 98%Using WebTransport
  1145. 92%Windows OS, Services & Apps: Network Connection Target Hosts • Helge Klein
  1146. 83%Over 8 GB Database Exposing Millions of Hotel Guests Dumped (for Free) on Telegram
  1147. 90%Cloudflare’s approach to handling BMC vulnerabilities
  1148. 94%PSA: Serious Security Vulnerability in Tor Browser - Darknetlive
  1149. 99%A Kernel Hacker Meets Fuchsia OS
  1150. 87%The power of tech debt
  1151. 79%Patch: Zoom chat messages can infect devices with malware
  1152. 99%Create AWS resources with Kubernetes and Operators | Red Hat Developer
  1153. 99%Preliminary Learning ON Kimchi: PLONK
  1154. 85%Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2022/621
  1155. 83%Site Reliability Engineering – Monitoring Distributed Systems
  1156. 70%RustDesk | Open source remote desktop software
  1157. 88%Why wireguard is NOT safe, and you should NOT use it.
  1158. 97%Automating Well-Architected Principles
  1159. 85%Features of the Windows Process Activation Service (WAS)
  1160. 93%50 shades of .NET on AWS
  1161. 91%Approaches to implementing multi-tenancy in SaaS applications | Red Hat Developer
  1162. 95%Monitoring our monitoring: how we validate our Prometheus alert rules
  1163. 92%Laurence Tratt: Static Integer Types
  1164. 98%Quick comparison of pricing of Simple Storage Services
  1165. 98%‎KDE Connect
  1166. 99%25 Gbit/s HTTP and HTTPS download speeds
  1167. 90%Some Cryptography Books I Like
  1168. 99%Introducing Lurk: A programming language for recursive zk-SNARKs
  1169. 86%Laptopia
  1170. 97%Support for custom headers for handshake · Issue #16 · whatwg/websockets
  1171. 94%Practical bruteforce of AES-1024 military grade encryption
  1172. 90%Announcing Pub/Sub: Programmable MQTT-based Messaging
  1173. 58%European Commission prefers breaking privacy to protecting kids
  1174. 98%A Beginner's Guide to Application Security
  1175. 82%Hackers are actively exploiting BIG-IP vulnerability with a 9.8 severity rating
  1176. 96%Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2022/566
  1177. 98%GitHub - cronokirby/boo-hoo: An implementation of ZKBoo
  1178. 92%Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/163
  1179. 99%Building a Stack Overflow browser as a VS extension
  1180. 94%Fitting Everything Together
  1181. 66%Patenting Your Perpetual Motion Machine
  1182. 95%Multiplying polynomials with Fast Fourier Transform
  1183. 94%The Two Generals Problem
  1184. 97%Topographical Maps in Unity: Edge Detection - Alan Zucconi
  1185. 97%Themes from Real World Crypto 2022
  1186. 71%When Negotiating a Price, Never Bid with a Round Number
  1187. 95%Darlings of the self-hosted, open-source world
  1188. 88%Learn to code. Or don't.
  1189. 99%Implementing a ZK-focused authenticated-encryption scheme
  1190. 99%What's two-adicity?
  1191. 98%Alexandre Nédélec - Why will I choose Pulumi over Terraform for my next project?
  1192. 92%Announcing Bolt & Forte partnership
  1193. 91%Explaining Yao's Garbled Circuits - Cronokirby
  1194. 95%Why the fediverse is stuck.
  1195. 89%Seeking good work-life balance and avoiding burnout
  1196. 97%A File Format to Aid in Security Vulnerability Disclosure
  1197. 94%Lies we tell ourselves to keep using Golang
  1198. 90%Real World Cryptography Conference 2022
  1199. 94%Secret Management with HashiCorp Vault
  1200. 94%Secret Management with HashiCorp Vault
  1201. 81%Personal Knowledge Management is Bullshit
  1202. 88%Building many private virtual networks through Cloudflare Zero Trust
  1203. 98%Monolith in Cloud
  1204. 97%Announcing the Hare programming language
  1205. 99%Why LSP?
  1206. 90%Canetti et al's Paradoxical Encryption Scheme
  1207. 75%A list of all my projects - Patrick Zhong
  1208. 89%Production postmortem: The encrypted database that was too big to replicate
  1209. 80%I can’t let go of “The Dunning-Kruger Effect is Autocorrelation”
  1210. 90%Physical Threshold Encryption
  1211. 98%Linearization in Plonk and Kimchi. Why?
  1212. 99%The 10 Commandments .NET Developers Must apply for Secure Applications
  1213. 94%Walking Through ECDSA Distributed Key Generation (DKG) - HackMD
  1214. 98%Things I would like to see in a computer algebra system
  1215. 98%Production postmortem: Misleading security and other production snafus
  1216. 95%Exponentially Better Rotations
  1217. 99%Using dotnet format Command to Format the C#/.NET Code - Code Maze
  1218. 89%The Dunning-Kruger Effect is Autocorrelation – Economics from the Top Down
  1219. 87%Episode 96 - The Programmer's Brain with Felienne Hermans
  1220. 93%An overview of my threat model
  1221. 83%Requests for comment/Stop accepting cryptocurrency donations - Meta
  1222. 93%Impressions from a first-time Mac user
  1223. 98%Git Credential Manager: authentication for everyone | The GitHub Blog
  1224. 75%zkStudyClub: Zero-Knowledge Proofs Security, in Practice [JP Aumasson, Taurus]
  1225. 99%Random Class in C# - Code Maze
  1226. 94%This Week in Matrix 2022-04-08 | Matrix.org
  1227. 91%Private Classification · The Decentralized Robot
  1228. 94%O(1) Labs
  1229. 77%Coinbase Lists Mina Protocol
  1230. 93%The (r)Evolution of FHE
  1231. 98%Optimizing for Luck
  1232. 90%How to run a Digital Platform at Scale
  1233. 99%placeholder
  1234. 81%zkHappyHour with Mina Protocol
  1235. 66%What I learned as a hired consultant for autodidact physicists | Aeon Ideas
  1236. 97%In response to Moxie's doubts on web3, and about ultra light clients
  1237. 97%Introduction
  1238. 96%Essential Cryptography for JavaScript Developers | With Blue Ink
  1239. 89%Episode 95 - Avalonia UI with Dan Walmsley
  1240. 59%PKC Test-of-Time Award
  1241. 78%Webinar next week: Clean Architecture with RavenDB
  1242. 90%Future-proofing SaltStack
  1243. 95%Post-quantumify internal services: Logfwrdr, Tunnel, and gokeyless
  1244. 74%BAT: a Fast and Small Key Encapsulation Mechanism
  1245. 74%It Looks Like You’re Trying To Take Over The World · Gwern.net
  1246. 92%Year in Review: 2020 laid the groundwork for zero knowledge proofs
  1247. 88%2022 Predictions: Zero-Knowledge Proofs Become Web3’s Killer Feature
  1248. 53%The (Edited) Latecomer's Guide to Crypto
  1249. 88%Postico – a modern PostgreSQL client for the Mac
  1250. 91%Ridiculously easy to use Tunnels
  1251. 98%Implementing a toy version of TLS 1.3
  1252. 62%The Problem With Note-Taking - More To That
  1253. 81%The Projects That Matter The Most To Me Are Small
  1254. 67%NSA algorithm for PX-1000 broken
  1255. 79%James Stanley - Librem 5: first impressions
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  1257. 88%Windows Needs a Change in Priorities
  1258. 97%The first Asahi Linux Alpha Release is here! - Asahi Linux
  1259. 85%Staking and Trading for MINA Starts Now For USA, CA and AUS! - Kraken Blog
  1260. 90%Zotero Blog » Blog Archive
  1261. 91%Mina: Using Zero-Knowledge To Make Web3 Useful for Everyone
  1262. 58%$92M Capital Raise Led by FTX Ventures and Three Arrows Capital Puts the Mina Ecosystem in Position to Become Leading Hub for Zero Knowledge Smart Contracts
  1263. 96%Roll your own crypto, then smoke it.
  1264. 54%FTC Takes Action Against CafePress for Data Breach Cover Up
  1265. 86%WAF for everyone: protecting the web from high severity vulnerabilities
  1266. 98%The code is the specification? Introducing cargo spec
  1267. 95%How not to build a secure plugins architecture | Crafting Privacy
  1268. 99%Rocky Jaiswal | Fun with function composition
  1269. 79%Recording: Database Security in a Hostile World
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  1271. 62%...A Farm Upstate Where He Can Run and Run
  1272. 92%In praise of opinionated frameworks
  1273. 96%Why should you use a random testing library in C#? · Anthony Lloyd
  1274. 94%A Comprehensive Primer · Michael Straka
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  1276. 98%Search results – Add-ons for Firefox (en-US)
  1277. 51%EARN-IT threatens encryption and therefore user freedom — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free software
  1278. 98%Things I hate about Rust, redux
  1279. 92%How Cloudflare verifies the code WhatsApp Web serves to users
  1280. 80%Request for comments: Removing graph queries from RavenDB
  1281. 59%Deep Learning Is Hitting a Wall
  1282. 68%Optimizing code by understanding usage
  1283. 97%Put an io_uring on it: Exploiting the Linux Kernel - Blog
  1284. 82%Announcing experimental DDR in
  1285. 98%Use a message envelope
  1286. 82%We Cannot Live Without Cryptography!
  1287. 79%Webinar: Database Security in a Hostile World
  1288. 59%Steps we've taken around Cloudflare's services in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia
  1289. 81%The technological case against Bitcoin and blockchain
  1290. 99%Telenot Complex: Insecure AES Key Generation
  1291. 57%Struggles With Stability And Meaning During Pandemic Life Changes - Marketer Philosopher
  1292. 96%Introducing Native Matrix VoIP with Element Call!
  1293. 87%Never Change Your Password - TidBITS
  1294. 95%The Controversy Surrounding Hybrid Cryptography - Dhole Moments
  1295. 79%Recording: RavenDB–a really boring database
  1296. 83%iCloud Private Relay: information for Cloudflare customers
  1297. 95%Blockchain Cryptography | Gary Woodfine
  1298. 98%Security for package maintainers
  1299. 92%Plagiarism as a patent amplifier
  1300. 88%Using the .NET JIT to reduce abstraction overhead
  1301. 80%Performance optimizations in production
  1302. 98%Transport Layer Security (5/6)
  1303. 95%Security | Fleet handbook
  1304. 99%Introducing the OpenIddict client
  1305. 98%Zig Build System Internals
  1306. 97%Disable SHA1 signature creation and verification by default (78fb78d3) · Commits · Red Hat / centos-stream / rpms / openssl
  1307. 80%RavenDB: Domain Modeling and Data Persistency
  1308. 95%HPKE: Standardizing public-key encryption (finally!)
  1309. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part X-Additional data
  1310. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part IX–SIV
  1311. 95%Making protocols post-quantum
  1312. 98%Cossack Labs - Security of React Native libraries: the bad, the worse and the ugly
  1313. 98%Migrating from Redis-64 to Memurai
  1314. 98%GitHub - brouberol/marcel: Le docker français
  1315. 83%Badly implementing encryption: Part VIII–timings attacks and side channels
  1316. 97%Deep Dive Into a Post-Quantum Key Encapsulation Algorithm
  1317. 87%How bad it is using the same IV twice with AES/GCM?
  1318. 57%Sign up for weekly tips
  1319. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part VII–implementing authenticated encryption
  1320. 96%AWS Lambda Cookbook — Elevate your handler’s code — Part 2 — Observability
  1321. 99%7 Improvements You Might Have Missed in .NET 6
  1322. 92%Why learn Racket? A student's perspective - Micah Cantor
  1323. 82%Reasons why Babies Cry in the First Three Months, How to Tell Them Apart, and What to Do
  1324. 94%Off-The-Record Messaging part 1: the problem with PGP | Robert Heaton
  1325. 93%Practical bruteforce of military grade AES-1024 Remote Rhein Ruhr Stage
  1326. 98%Badly implementing encryption: Part VI–malleable encryption
  1327. 94%How to capture book notes and turn those into smart notes
  1328. 71%Improving the US financial system
  1329. 97%Badly implementing encryption: Part V–nonce reuse
  1330. 84%on training
  1331. 90%1Password for SSH & Git (Beta) | 1Password Developer Documentation
  1332. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part IV–keyed hash function
  1333. 98%Pure-Impure Segregation Principle | Oleksii Holub
  1334. 93%The right thing for the wrong reasons: FLOSS doesn't imply security
  1335. 82%Learn Privacy-Enhancing Techniques with Cryptographic Games
  1336. 72%Badly implementing encryption: Part III–breaking your encryption apart
  1337. 95%How Perl Saved the Human Genome Project
  1338. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part II–breaking the code
  1339. 98%00
  1340. 91%DNS Security, Part VII: Blockchain-based Name Systems and Transparency
  1341. 77%Staking
  1342. 71%Zero Knowledge Proofs Can Save the Metaverse From Becoming a Dystopian Surveillance State - The Defiant
  1343. 98%Kimchi: The latest update to Mina’s proof system
  1344. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part I
  1345. 83%Key Senators Have Voted For The Anti-Encryption EARN IT Act
  1346. 89%BeyondCorp is dead, long live BeyondCorp
  1347. 66%On How Zero-Knowledge Proof Blockchain Mixers Improve, and Worsen User Privacy
  1348. 97%How we optimized Python API server code 100x
  1349. 86%Dolphin Progress Report: November and December 2021, January 2022
  1350. 73%BastionZero Blog | In which I agree with the federal gov't and bash VPNs for fun and profit
  1351. 88%r/hearthstone - How I hacked Hearthstone
  1352. 78%A Developer's Guide to Dogfooding
  1353. 72%Chat Control
  1354. 66%It’s Back: Senators Want EARN IT Bill to Scan All Online Messages
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  1361. 99%Basic cryptography - the Vigenere cipher - Eric Mann's Blog
  1362. 97%Knowledge Base - your company’s undervalued asset
  1363. 96%I finally understand Declarative Programming 🍀
  1364. 52%It’s been 20 years since “15” was factored on quantum hardware | IBM Research Blog
  1365. 79%Tor Browser: a legacy of advancing private browsing innovation | Tor Project
  1366. 73%Wire • Secure Messenger | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
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  1368. 94%BastionZero Blog | I read the federal government’s Zero-Trust Memo so you don’t have to
  1369. 58%PQShield raises $20M for its quantum-ready, future-proof cryptographic security solutions – TechCrunch
  1370. 75%Testnet #4: Shielded Staking Is Here
  1371. 92%Run Ordinary Rails Apps Globally
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  1373. 84%Landscape of API Traffic
  1374. 54% 2022 Tech Predictions · Ted Neward's Blog
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  1376. 91%[Fixed Ending] Episode 90 - Clean Architecture and Subcutaneous Testing with Matthew Jeorrett
  1377. 99%GitHub - khuedoan/homelab: My self-hosting infrastructure, fully automated from empty disk to operating services.
  1378. 71%Episode 214: Emin Gün Sirer on Avalanche and its Formation - ZK Podcast
  1379. 97%GitHub - 425show/verifiable-credential-demo
  1380. 82%Roblox Return to Service 10/28-10/31 2021 - Roblox Blog
  1381. 81%Don’t assume the result of read()
  1382. 99%Securing Sensitive Data in an Event Driven Architecture
  1383. 67%Why is the Nuclear Power Industry Stagnant?
  1384. 99%CC #9: A Wild ECDSA Appears!
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  1386. 55%FBI document shows what data can be obtained from encrypted messaging apps
  1387. 57%No Place to Hide
  1388. 95%You should probably be building a web app
  1389. 90%Arm A64 Instruction Set Architecture
  1390. 97%Let's Encrypt SSL certificate overview
  1391. 99%Some Techniques to Enhance Your Terraform Proficiency
  1392. 99%Switching from macOS to Pop!_OS
  1393. 97%GitHub - o1-labs/snapp-resource-kit: This repository is a resource kit contains links to all code, tools, documentation, and learning materials necessary to successfully become a snapp developer and contributor. Add your projects or findings here!
  1394. 78%Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. (ABFRL) Hacked -- All Data Leaked Online
  1395. 96%SSH Bastion host best practices: How to Build and Deploy a Security-Hardened SSH Bastion Host
  1396. 50%Music industry is suing youtube-dl hosters
  1397. 98%Publishing and consuming ECMAScript modules via packages – the big picture
  1398. 97%When NOT to write an Abstraction Layer
  1399. 98%Tips for More Efficient .NET Logs
  1400. 98%Introduction to Model Predictive Control · Arnav's Weblog
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  1402. 96%XMPP: the secure communication protocol that respects privacy
  1403. 95%Make the Internet Yours Again With an Instant Mesh Network
  1404. 98%dmca/2022-01-04-readium.md at master · github/dmca
  1405. 89%Donald Knuth - The Patron Saint of Yak Shaves
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  1407. 98%In response to Moxie's doubts on web3
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  1409. 81%Real-World Cryptography by David Wong Book Review
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  1412. 54%Coming Clean
  1413. 60%The Cryptography of Orphan Annie and Captain Midnight
  1414. 98%Neural Network From Scratch
  1415. 77%If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and QWACs like a duck, then it's probably an EV Certificate
  1416. 97%PagerDuty’s Security Training for Engineers! Part Deux
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  1421. 91%Stupid Patterns
  1422. 73%GitHub - fikrikarim/companies-with-successful-pivot: List of startups/companies that had successful pivots
  1423. 81%Looking Forward: Some Predictions for 2022
  1424. 99%.NET's Cryptographic One-Shots
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  1427. 94%GitHub - trailofbits/zkdocs
  1428. 75%Fight for privacy — an interview with Troy Hunt
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  1430. 94%Cloud Security Breaches and Vulnerabilities: 2021 in Review
  1431. 82%Dear Self; We Need To Talk About Social Media
  1432. 89%MS Teams: 1 feature, 4 vulnerabilities | Positive Security
  1433. 98%Introduction
  1434. 90%Disclosing Shamir’s Secret Sharing vulnerabilities and announcing ZKDocs
  1435. 96%What Problem Blockchains Actually Solve
  1436. 99%LISP with GC in 436 bytes
  1437. 93%GitHub - mendel5/alternative-front-ends: Overview of alternative open source front-ends for popular internet platforms (e.g. YouTube, Twitter, etc.)
  1438. 58%Closing the loop: a deep dive on a Facebook reseller of bikes stolen in Colorado
  1439. 63%CCPA Scam November 2021 from Princeton University
  1440. 94%Don’t start with microservices – monoliths are your friend – Arnold Galovics
  1441. 92%Rails 7.0: Fulfilling a vision
  1442. 98%How to build large-scale end-to-end encrypted group video calls
  1443. 99%Secure Containerized Browser
  1444. 94%Research Notes on Humanoid Robots
  1445. 87%"Alpha-Rays" behind the scenes - HackMD
  1446. 92%Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/1621
  1447. 98%Scrt.link vs. One-Time Secret
  1448. 86%How to Write a Technical Book
  1449. 96%Meet Kryptology: Coinbase’s Open Source Cryptography Library
  1450. 98%Alexandre Nédélec - Pulumi with an Azure Blob Storage backend
  1451. 91%"Open source" is not broken
  1452. 95%Testing constant-timeness using Valgrind: case of the NSS library
  1453. 83%Calculating my open source blast radius
  1454. 97%crawshaw - 2021-12-11
  1455. 98%Solene'% : What are the VPN available on OpenBSD
  1456. 58%Digging into Data Availability with Ismail Khoffi from Celestia – ZK Podcast
  1457. 97%Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David: 9781617296710: Amazon.com: Books
  1458. 87%A Call to Build Models Like We Build Open-Source Software
  1459. 85%Avoiding Internet Centralization
  1460. 57%Twitter Suspension
  1461. 95%Connection Failures with Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 4 and later
  1462. 54%Gravatar "Breach" Exposes Data of 100+ Million Users
  1463. 92%uBlock, I exfiltrate: exploiting ad blockers with CSS
  1464. 91%Security | 2021 | The Web Almanac by HTTP Archive
  1465. 98%Understanding HKDF - Dhole Moments
  1466. 87%Welcome to CIO Week and the future of corporate networks
  1467. 86%Understanding Zero-knowledge proofs through simple examples
  1468. 86%Understanding Zero-knowledge proofs through simple examples
  1469. 67%On the Use of Pedersen Commitments for Confidential Payments
  1470. 94%Securing Sensitive Data in an Event Driven Architecture
  1471. 76%Don't Let the Internet Dupe You, Event Sourcing is Hard
  1472. 98%Released: General Availability of Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 4.0
  1473. 89%Bank transfers as a payment method
  1474. 95%Bitslicing for Constant Time Cryptography
  1475. 71%How to configure verified GitHub commits?
  1476. 93%The best Task+Note system
  1477. 95%Understanding identity tokens
  1478. 95%An intensive introduction to cryptography: index
  1479. 91%An Engineer's Hype-Free Observations on Web3 (and its Possibilities)
  1480. 92%RSA vs ECDSA for DNSSEC | APNIC Blog
  1481. 99%ZK-Hack Puzzle #4 Writeup - HackMD
  1482. 59%Speculative Autobiographies
  1483. 96%Mentoring junior programmers: What I tell them is job number one - Vallified
  1484. 96%The Joy of Cryptography
  1485. 98%GitHub - zademn/EverythingCrypto: (Still exploring) My cryptography journey: A collection of notebooks covering different algorithms and concepts from cryptography
  1487. 82%Episode 87 - Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity with Harrison Ferrone
  1488. 99%Model-based Testing
  1489. 98%RavenDB 5.3 New Features: Experimental PostgreSQL wire protocol
  1490. 97%XMPP, A Comeback Story: A 20 Year Old Messaging Protocol For Robust, Private and Decentralized Communications
  1491. 89%Regex Learn - Step by step, from zero to advanced.
  1492. 97%Cracking the Adventure Time Cipher
  1493. 96%ZK HACK #5 - Aztec Workshop - Nov 23 | Hopin
  1494. 81%ZK HACK #4 - Anoma Workshop - Nov 16 | Hopin
  1495. 93%Practical attacks against attribute-based encryption
  1496. 93%Using a framework can make you stupid!
  1497. 84%Yes, Programming is Hard
  1498. 84%No one knows what's coming next
  1499. 87%Five Great (free!) Ways to Get Started With Cloudflare
  1500. 87%Threshold Digital Signatures
  1501. 98%Announcing the GA release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 - Red Hat Customer Portal
  1502. 95%ZK HACK #7 - Mina Workshop - Dec 07 | Hopin
  1503. 91%Reflecting on 11 years of side projects
  1504. 99%Announcing YARP 1.0 Release
  1505. 64%Libra Shrugged — Chapter 15: Central bank digital currencies
  1506. 99%Technical Advisory – Arbitrary Signature Forgery in Stark Bank ECDSA Libraries
  1507. 69%Matter Labs Announces $50M in New Funding for zkSync
  1508. 95%Sizing Up Post-Quantum Signatures
  1509. 90%Zillow, Prophet, Time Series, & Prices
  1510. 66%HOWTO: Get tenure
  1511. 96%How To Learn Stuff Quickly
  1512. 95%Random Oracles in Cryptography
  1513. 98%Threema: Three Strikes, You’re Out
  1514. 60%Timeline of the human condition
  1515. 98%How (Not) to Design a Hash Function
  1516. 91%PAKEs, oPRFs, algebra, feat. George Tankersley - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  1517. 98%Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David: 9781617296710: Amazon.com: Books
  1518. 90%The Future of Work and the Workplace
  1519. 88%Beyond Bootable Backups: Adapting recovery strategies for an evolving platform | Carbon Copy Cloner
  1520. 93%Simple Product Management Tricks - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  1521. 68%You Are What You Consume - Priyam Mohanty
  1522. 96%Pairings in CIRCL
  1523. 99%SectorLISP Now Fits in One Sector
  1524. 98%Handshake Encryption: Endgame (an ECH update)
  1525. 98%mazzo.li — Backing up WhatsApp data through the multi-device web client
  1526. 98%Anatomy of a STARK, Part 0: Introduction
  1527. 97%Cracking Random Number Generators using Machine Learning – Part 1: xorshift128
  1528. 99%You want Tor Browser ... not a VPN
  1529. 95%Element One - Matrix, WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram in one place
  1530. 87%Privacy is a Human Right | Tor Blog
  1531. 99%bitbottle
  1532. 98%FROST: Flexible Round-Optimized Schnorr Threshold Signatures
  1533. 64%Why aviation’s compass is shifting towards True navigation
  1534. 98%The AEGIS family of authenticated encryption algorithms
  1535. 99%Opening a PDF in Xamarin Forms (P2: Xamarin.Android with Radaee)
  1536. 99%Bevel Work | Rounding Sharp Corners
  1537. 98%Looking into convergent encryption
  1538. 97%.NET Memory Expert - become memory-aware ninja in .NET. Dotnetos training
  1539. 99%F# eXchange 2021 | Skills Matter
  1540. 98%8 Reasons Smart Engineers Use Frameworks - Even for Infrastructure
  1541. 93%Episode 85 - Clean Code in C# With Jason Alls
  1542. 76%SEO for Non-Scumbags: How to Earn Site Visitors without Selling Your Soul
  1543. 95%A Tour Through the OWASP Top 10
  1544. 98%PlayStation 3 Architecture | A Practical Analysis
  1545. 97%A Critique [The Call of the Open Sidewalk]
  1546. 96%How to Find the Right Collaborative Coding Tool for Remote Pair Programming - DZone Agile
  1547. 97%Code quality: a concern for businesses, bottom lines, and empathetic programmers
  1548. 96%A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography
  1549. 91%Introducing M1 Pro and M1 Max: the most powerful chips Apple has ever built
  1550. 73%Critical security flaw exposed Joburg residents’ private info
  1551. 98%NixOS on Framework laptop
  1552. 99%Vimarsh Shah - The best way to self host
  1553. 98%Introducing Nuntius - Cronokirby
  1554. 98%On the Optimization of PLONK – ZK Podcast
  1555. 95%Geo Key Manager: Setting up a service for scale
  1556. 99%How to use certificates in ASP.NET Core
  1557. 99%Avoid Authy, Use Aegis
  1558. 99%Privacy-Preserving Compromised Credential Checking
  1559. 92%What if Performance Advertising is Just an Analytics Scam? - SparkToro
  1560. 99%Cloudflare and the IETF
  1561. 99%Canonicalization Attacks Against MACs and Signatures
  1562. 97%1Password Refugee’s Guide to KeePass
  1563. 99%A Tale Of Two Optimisations
  1564. 99%mazzo.li — blag — Remote, encrypted ZFS storage server with NixOS
  1565. 98%Introducing SSL/TLS Recommender
  1566. 97%The efficiency of Microsoft.
  1567. 99%You're Doing IoT RNG
  1568. 97%Designing technologies with Values? Possibility - Necessity - and European story.
  1569. 97%HD wallets and the Legendrery PRF in MPC - HackMD
  1570. 98%Sending emails to myself
  1571. 98%Cloudflare Research: Two Years In
  1572. 90%What happened on the Internet during the Facebook outage
  1573. 97%Episode 84 - ASP .NET Core 5 Design Patterns With Carl-Hugo Marcotte
  1574. 99%Scheduling Backups To OneDrive For Paperless-ng Using RClone
  1575. 90%Lightning Round
  1576. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: Implementing the record stream
  1577. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: Coding the handshake
  1578. 98%Overview | ChessCoach
  1579. 99%The most counterintuitive facts in all of mathematics, computer science, and physics
  1580. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: The record layer
  1581. 99%Ordinal Classification Using PyTorch -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1582. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: The record layer
  1583. 74%New study reveals iPhones aren't as private as you think
  1584. 96%Apple's CSAM Detection, feat. Matthew Green - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  1585. 91%Superhero passwords may be your kryptonite wherever you go online | The Mozilla Blog
  1586. 99%Effective Go - The Go Programming Language
  1587. 95%The secret to Cloudflare’s pace of Innovation
  1588. 95%Copycats and Endurance - The Bootstrapped Founder
  1589. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: design
  1590. 93%Cybersecurity threats - Simple Talk
  1591. 98%Automatic cipher suite ordering in crypto/tls
  1592. 95%Snapps on Mina with Emre and Izaak – ZK Podcast
  1593. 96%Introduction — pyNomo Documentation documentation
  1594. 98%The Bi-Symmetric Encryption Fraud
  1595. 62%A World Without Sci-Hub
  1596. 99%GitHub - robertdavidgraham/masscan: TCP port scanner, spews SYN packets asynchronously, scanning entire Internet in under 5 minutes.
  1597. 97%Five ways I handled my OutOfMemoryErrors
  1598. 93%How Big Tech Runs Tech Projects and the Curious Absence of Scrum
  1599. 97%No, We Won’t Have a Video Call for That!
  1600. 99%Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  1601. 99%Authenticated Boot and Disk Encryption on Linux
  1602. 98%The First Rule of Machine Learning: Start without Machine Learning
  1603. 94%Rejections, Resilience, and Rejoicing: Getting a Tenure-Track Position
  1604. 95%Let's Encrypt's Root Certificate is expiring!
  1605. 97%Linux on the Desktop: Part Two
  1606. 97%Cloudflare Pages is Lightning Fast
  1607. 99%Splitting up trust
  1608. 99%HTTP/3 support in .NET 6
  1609. 98%How We Made Playable Quotes for the Game Boy
  1610. 99%If you copied any of these popular StackOverflow encryption code snippets, then you coded it wrong
  1611. 99%“Secret” Agent Exposes Azure Customers To Unauthorized Code Execution | Wiz Blog
  1612. 94%ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report 2020-21
  1613. 99%WebSocket per-message compression in ASP.NET Core 6
  1614. 96%Why Monero
  1615. 97%Disclosing CVE-2021-40823 and CVE-2021-40824: E2EE vulnerability in multiple Matrix clients | Matrix.org
  1616. 90%FORCEDENTRY: NSO Group iMessage Zero-Click Exploit Captured in the Wild - The Citizen Lab
  1617. 95%Cloud Providers Publish Ransomware Mitigation Strategies
  1618. 98%Welcome to Speed Week and a Waitless Internet
  1619. 98%Why Flask will teach you more about software engineering than Django
  1620. 98%Part 4: Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) Scheme
  1621. 98%Certified Application Security Specialist (CASS)
  1622. 84%Groundbreaking Technique Yields Important New Details on Silicon, Subatomic Particles and Possible ‘Fifth Force’
  1623. 74%Rewilding: 60 years ago, scientists let a farm go wild – the results are in
  1624. 67%WhatsApp “end-to-end encrypted” messages aren’t that private after all
  1625. 99%GitHub - doctorray117/minecraft-ondemand: Templates to deploy a serverless Minecraft Server on demand in AWS
  1626. 98%Welcome · Real-World Cryptography MEAP V14
  1627. 50%ProtonMail deletes 'we don't log your IP' boast from website after French climate activist reportedly arrested
  1628. 97%Release age v1.0.0 🏁 · FiloSottile/age
  1629. 99%Why not ZFS
  1630. 96%Introducing Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Private Web Attestation with Cross/Multi-Vendor Hardware
  1631. 99%Saving a restic backup the hard way
  1632. 97%A meditation on three dead side projects
  1633. 67%ProtonMail logged IP address of French activist after order by Swiss authorities – TechCrunch
  1634. 94%Important clarifications regarding arrest of climate activist
  1635. 92%NO STARTTLS
  1636. 98%Proxy vs Reverse Proxy - using a real life example!
  1637. 69%Delays Aren't Good Enough—Apple Must Abandon Its Surveillance Plans
  1638. 61%WhatsApp Fined with a Record $267 million for Breaching EU Privacy Laws
  1639. 98%Zero Trust Security Architecture Overview | Developer.com
  1640. 99%www.opendesktop.org
  1641. 99%Windows Server 2022 now generally available—delivers innovation in security, hybrid, and containers - Microsoft Windows Server Blog
  1642. 95%Mozilla VPN Completes Independent Security Audit by Cure53 | The Mozilla Blog
  1643. 79%NIST Internal or Interagency Report (NISTIR) 8369, Status Report on the Second Round of the NIST Lightweight Cryptography Standardization Process
  1644. 74%zkMesh: Aug 2021 recap
  1645. 99%Improving Git protocol security on GitHub
  1646. 99%Recover Password Sync for a Domain Joined Mac
  1647. 90%Microsoft Warns Customers about a Critical Vulnerability in Azure Cosmos DB
  1648. 99%Writing Programs with NCURSES
  1649. 96%The Design and Evolution of OCB - Journal of Cryptology
  1650. 89%You’re Not Too Late
  1651. 99%on terminal control
  1652. 99%Aggregatable Distributed Key Generation
  1653. 98%Released: Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 4.0 Preview 1
  1654. 77%The All-Seeing "i": Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy
  1655. 98%59a34eabe31910abfb06f308 - Apple NeuralHash Collision
  1656. 99%Programmers Don’t Understand Hash Functions
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  2450. 96%Reconstructing a lost NES game from 30-year-old source code disks – Video Game History Foundation
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  2452. 99%ScottHolden/BFSourceGen
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  2454. 98%Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web
  2455. 98%A Guide to Threat Modelling for Developers
  2456. 92%Obsidian
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  2458. 98%A Guide to Threat Modelling for Developers
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  2462. 87%Round 4: Hacker returns and puts 26Mil user records for sale on the Dark Web | ZDNet
  2463. 98%NIST Special Publication 800-63-3
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  2465. 99%A Guide to Threat Modelling for Developers
  2466. 97%Introduction to quantum computing with Q# – Part 3, Single qubit gates
  2467. 96%Turning Signal App into a Coarse Tracking Device
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  2473. 98%Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/572
  2474. 99%How Not to Store Passwords
  2475. 66%Now there's nothing stopping the PATRIOT Act allowing the FBI to slurp web-browsing histories without a warrant
  2476. 99%Replacing JWTs with Branca and PASETO in .NET Core
  2477. 99%Meshing with LinkerD2 using gRPC-enabled .NET Core services
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