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Posts for 'dns'

  1. Docker without Docker
  2. The Architecture Behind A One-Person Tech Startup
  3. The Cursed Certificate
  4. Your E-Mail Validation Logic is Wrong
  5. The Strange Case Of The Illegal Instruction
  6. How to bypass CloudFlare bot protection ?
  7. Support host.docker.internal DNS name to host · Issue #264 · docker/for-linux
  8. PostgreSQL Security Hardening
  9. Fed up with the Mac, I spent six months with a Linux laptop. The grass is not greener on the other side
  10. The Teams Dashboard: A New Place to Call Home
  11. How I Got Caching Working with Netlify and Cloudflare, or How I Almost Ditched Cloudflare for No Good Reason
  12. How to get internet for free aka borrow your neighbors xfinity internet - Opposite Invictus - Ramblings of a torn mind
  13. Monitoring Cardano Relays on Kubernetes with Grafana and Prometheus
  14. Keep WiFi Connection Alive with FreeRTOS Task (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  15. Azure Static Web Apps, Website, GitHub, SSL & hosting FREE! Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #20
  16. Keyless SSL now supports FIPS 140-2 L3 hardware security module (HSM) offerings from all major cloud providers
  17. Closing web browser windows doesn't close connections
  18. Announcing Cloudflare’s Data Loss Prevention platform
  19. Dangling DNS and Subdomain Takeovers | Developer Support
  20. denji/awesome-http-benchmark
  21. Announcing Network On-ramp Partners for Cloudflare One
  22. Moving from Cable to DSL
  23. Welcome to Cloudflare Security Week 2021!
  24. Moving k8s communication to gRPC
  25. Apple Silicon Tech Preview
  26. The Teams Dashboard: The Design Story
  27. RCE in Google Cloud Deployment Manager
  28. Provisioning Azure App Service Managed Certificates with PowerShell
  29. When your data center is on fire… how will RavenDB react?
  30. Enhancing privacy-focused Web Analytics to better meet your metrics needs
  31. Yutang Lin (@YutangL)
  32. Yutang Lin (@YutangL)
  33. Add and manage TLS/SSL certificates - Azure App Service
  34. LuckyWatcher - Thoughts, stories and ideas
  35. About the March 8 & 9, 2021 Verkada camera hack
  36. authelia/authelia
  37. No Kubernetes? How to run Docker containers in Azure VM Scale Sets
  38. Control web applications with two-clicks in Cloudflare Gateway
  39. The benefits of serving stale DNS entries when using Consul
  40. Protecting against recently disclosed Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities: CVE-2021-26855, CVE-2021-26857, CVE-2021-26858, and CVE-2021-27065
  41. The Teams Dashboard: Finding a Product Voice
  42. Serialize Dns async-over-sync requests for the same host by stephentoub · Pull Request #49171 · dotnet/runtime
  44. ICANN Refuses to Accredit Pirate Bay Founder Peter Sunde Due to His 'Background' * TorrentFreak
  45. Using HttpClientFactory in ASP.NET Core Applications - Code Maze
  46. SSH and User-mode IP WireGuard
  47. Deploy a Docker image to an Azure Container Instance
  48. Splitting the ping
  49. The Hijacking of Perl.com
  50. Why you should take a look at Nomad before jumping on Kubernetes
  51. 3 tools for 3 scenarios · Erkan Erol
  52. Denial By DNS: Uber's Open Source Tool for Preventing Resource Exhaustion by DNS Outages
  53. Microsoft Releases Azure Firewall Premium in Public Preview
  54. Fix for Elgato Key Light not found by Control Center
  55. Taking a Stand in the War on General-Purpose Computing
  56. Large-scale Analysis of DNS-based Tracking Evasion - broad data leaks included?
  57. Free for developers
  58. Didja know: Network failure due to the disk full error
  59. GetAddrInfoExA function (ws2tcpip.h) - Win32 apps
  60. Modified Dns.GetHostAddressesAsync to be truly async by JeffCyr · Pull Request #26850 · dotnet/corefx
  61. Brave Browser leaks your Tor / Onion service requests through DNS.
  62. All your domain are belong to us
  63. No news is... a sign of a stagnating Internet
  64. Karan Sharma | Running Nomad for home server
  65. Kubernetes Failure Stories
  66. DNS exfiltration of data: step-by-step simple guide
  67. Good-bye ESNI, hello ECH!
  68. SDL moving to GitHub - SDL Development - Simple Directmedia Layer
  69. Dependency Confusion: How I Hacked Into Apple, Microsoft and Dozens of Other Companies
  70. SDL moving to GitHub - SDL Development - Simple Directmedia Layer
  71. DDoSers are abusing the Plex Media Server to make attacks more potent
  72. dave yarwood · How I deploy my personal projects
  73. What's an SPF Record? - Ultimate Guide to Email
  74. Who won Super Bowl LV? A look at Internet traffic during the game
  75. Kubernetes for ASP.NET Core Developers – Introduction, Architecture, Hands-On
  76. Turn Hacker News into an RSS feed
  77. The problems with the GPL
  78. Working with SSL Certificate in Azure App Service
  79. Locating Humans with DNS
  80. Use the SAN field
  81. ianhan/BitmapFonts
  82. Docker, Django, Traefik, and IntercoolerJS is My Go-To Stack for Building a SaaS in 2021
  83. 2020-2021 Solarwinds hack explained in details by a software engineer. - Lav Patel | Lead Software Engineer
  84. For once, not DNS: Huawei Modem ARP spoofing
  85. Data Privacy Day 2021 - Looking ahead at the always on, always secure, always private Internet
  86. Automating data center expansions with Airflow
  87. Load balancing and its different types - Wisdom Geek
  88. The **Simplest** Web Developer Path for 2021
  89. Firefox 85 Cracks Down on Supercookies – Mozilla Security Blog
  90. An Opinionated Introduction to Urbit
  91. The Irrevocable SSL certificates of CloudFlare
  92. IPFS Support in Brave
  93. Would Rust secure cURL?
  94. A Home Network Troubleshooting Journey – nuxx.net
  95. A fresh new avenue for Google to kill your SaaS startup
  96. How I hijacked the top-level domain of a sovereign state | Detectify Labs
  97. What happens when you type a URL in the web browser and press Enter? Computer Stuff #18
  98. Soar: Simulation for Observability, reliAbility, and secuRity
  99. A Name Resolver for the Distributed Web
  100. Pirated Academic Database Sci-Hub Is Now on the ‘Uncensorable Web’
  101. MP² quantile estimator: estimating the moving median without storing values
  102. .NET 5 Networking Improvements | .NET Blog
  103. Untangling Compliance: Working Toward a Global Framework
  104. Klarheit bei Compliance schaffen: Die Arbeit an einem globalen Rahmenwerk
  105. Masks Off for TheDonald.win
  106. Weather and Boinc
  107. What I Use Now Instead Of Google
  108. JavaScript Complete Course - Array Slice & Splice - Part 38
  109. GRVYDEV/Project-Lightspeed
  110. HTTP keep-alive is on by default in modular AWS SDK for JavaScript | Amazon Web Services
  111. Our Favorite Developer Tools of 2020
  112. Stats are the new analytics
  113. Oblivious DNS - Simply Explained
  114. Introducing Thrift VPN
  115. How mRNA went from a scientific backwater to a pandemic crusher
  116. How DNS Works Visually
  117. Build a Tiny Certificate Authority For Your Homelab
  118. Integrating Cloudflare Gateway and Access
  119. Configure identity-based policies in Cloudflare Gateway
  120. The Great iPwn: Journalists Hacked with Suspected NSO Group iMessage 'Zero-Click' Exploit - The Citizen Lab
  121. Kira McLean | How To Set Up Your Own Nextcloud Server
  122. Analyzing Solorigate, the compromised DLL file that started a sophisticated cyberattack, and how Microsoft Defender helps protect customers - Microsoft Security
  123. Firefox to ship 'network partitioning' as a new anti-tracking defense | ZDNet
  124. How to monitor multi-cloud Kubernetes with Prometheus and Grafana
  125. A quirk in the SUNBURST DGA algorithm
  126. On the Graying of GNOME | Et tu, Cthulhu
  127. Trend data on the SolarWinds Orion compromise
  128. .NET Conf 2020 - Lahore (2020-01-23)
  129. Improving Cloudflare’s products and services, one feature request at a time
  130. Highly Evasive Attacker Leverages SolarWinds Supply Chain to Compromise Multiple Global Victims With SUNBURST Backdoor
  131. Privacy and Compliance Reading List
  132. hexops/dockerfile
  133. How to Build a Global Network that Complies with Local Law
  134. Announcing Workplace Records for Cloudflare for Teams
  135. Cloudflare Certifications
  136. Service Discovery with Steeltoe
  137. Cloudflare’s privacy-first Web Analytics is now available for everyone
  138. Cloudflare and Apple design a new privacy-friendly internet protocol – TechCrunch
  139. Improving DNS Privacy with Oblivious DoH in
  140. Privacy needs to be built into the Internet
  141. Welcome to Privacy & Compliance Week
  142. Your Smart TV is probably ignoring your PiHole
  143. How to configure a secured custom domain on a Azure Function or website
  144. Rant – You likely* don’t need a 2,000$ server for your home.
  145. Improving the Resiliency of Our Infrastructure DNS Zone
  146. A Byzantine failure in the real world
  147. Protect domains that don’t send email
  148. AWS Service Health Dashboard - Nov 25, 2020 PST
  149. Moving Quicksilver into production
  150. The Tech Stack of a One-Man SaaS
  151. .NET Diagnostics Expert - your path to excel at diagnostics in .NET. Dotnetos training
  152. Risks from symmetric encryption in Ubiquiti UniFi’s inform protocol · Jade.WTF
  153. Introducing another free CA as an alternative to Let's Encrypt
  154. Deploy Standalone Kayenta with an Azure Storage Backend
  155. Many services, one cloudflared
  156. Network-layer DDoS attack trends for Q3 2020
  157. Service Discovery with Steeltoe
  158. Tips, tricks, and edge cases: Deploying ASP.NET Core applications to Kubernetes - Part 12
  159. Ok Google: please publish your DKIM secret keys
  160. fszlin/certes
  161. Stop Emailing Like A Rube
  162. The .NET Stacks #25: .NET 5 officially launches tomorrow
  163. SAD DNS Explained
  164. Automated Origin CA for Kubernetes
  165. Youtube down or app not working? Current status and problems for the UK
  166. Mutt 2.0 Release Notes
  167. Code Maze Weekly #50 - Code Maze
  168. erebe/personal-server
  169. Oregon becomes first state to legalize psychedelic mushrooms
  170. Blog - Cyber Security, Security Scan, Full Stack Vulnerability Management
  171. How we made our SaaS homepage cookie-free 🍪
  172. Samy Kamkar - NAT Slipstreaming
  173. Additional HTTP, Sockets, DNS and TLS Telemetry in .NET 5 - Steve Gordon - Code with Steve
  174. Unwrap the SERVFAIL
  175. Strict Transport Security vs. HTTPS Resource Records: the showdown
  176. Chris Ball » Announcing GitTorrent: A Decentralized GitHub
  177. A Last Call for QUIC, a giant leap for the Internet
  178. Load Balancing on Azure - An Overview
  179. OpenBSD 6.8
  180. Identifying and protecting against the largest DDoS attacks | Google Cloud Blog
  181. How our network powers Cloudflare One
  182. How small businesses can start using Cloudflare One today
  183. Exchanging UDP messages - Low-Level Academy
  184. Introducing Cloudflare One
  185. As election looms, a network of mysterious ‘pink slime’ local news outlets nearly triples in size
  186. Building complex systems with duplication and multiple overlapping fields of fire
  187. An interview with Paul Mockapetris, the creator of the DNS
  188. Fighting the Tinder++ Malware
  189. The DDoS That Almost Broke the Internet
  190. Sonos is spying on me… (and you)
  191. Pressing YubiKeys
  192. Identifying Airtel middleboxes that censor HTTPS traffic
  193. How I keep ads away from me
  195. Monitoring my home network
  196. Windows Sysinternals - Windows Sysinternals
  197. ASP.NET Core Configuration – Azure Key Vault - Code Maze
  198. Sourcegraph - Universal Code Search
  199. Kubernetes YAML Generator
  200. Configuring resources with YAML manifests: Deploying ASP.NET Core applications to Kubernetes - Part 2
  201. Service proxy, pod, sidecar, oh my!
  202. Preventing Insecure Network Connections | Apple Developer Documentation
  203. Costs of running a Python webapp for 55k monthly users
  204. Inexpensive Dynamic DNS over IRC
  205. Running Container Workloads in Microsoft Azure - Simple Talk
  206. An Introduction to Kubernetes: Deploying ASP.NET Core applications to Kubernetes - Part 1
  207. About Applebot
  208. At First I Thought Someone Was Trying to Scam Me Out of My Domain Name
  209. RFC8890: The Internet is for End Users
  210. DNS Physical Structure
  211. What happens when you load a URL?
  212. Under the Hood of a Simple DNS Server
  213. drduh/macOS-Security-and-Privacy-Guide
  214. How NAT traversal works
  215. Chromium’s impact on root DNS traffic | APNIC Blog
  216. Domain hacks with unusual Unicode characters
  217. Short Domain Names
  218. .NET Framework August 2020 Security and Quality Rollup Updates | .NET Blog
  219. Risks of Clicking Links - ahmsec
  220. DI scopes in IHttpClientFactory message handlers don't work like you think they do
  221. UPI 101: The Basics
  222. First Impressions of Rust
  223. Moving from GoDaddy to DNSimple – an illustrated journey
  224. Reverse Engineering Netgear's Auth to extend my Meural
  225. Exploring the code behind IHttpClientFactory in depth
  226. Shawn Wildermuth's Blog
  227. .NET Framework July 2020 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10, version 2004 | .NET Blog
  228. Leveraging Cloudflare Workers to prevent attackers from bypassing your Cloudflare WAF
  229. Apple tells app devs to use IPv6 as it's 1.4 times faster than IPv4 | ZDNet
  230. Catalina - *all* web-browsers fail to open new pages after a few hours use.
  231. Small Mailserver Best Current Practices
  232. Ongoing Meow attack has nuked >1,000 databases without telling anyone why
  233. .NET Framework July 2020 Cumulative Update Preview | .NET Blog
  234. Turns out half the internet has a Single-Point-of-Failure called “Cloudflare”
  235. Explain Kubernetes to me like I'm Five
  236. TrueNAS Core will soon replace FreeNAS—and we test the beta
  237. Cloudflare outage and the risk in today's Internet
  238. Technical analysis of client identification mechanisms - The Chromium Projects
  239. Cloudflare Status
  240. Cloudflare outage on July 17, 2020
  241. Cloudflare Status
  242. Raspberry Pi as a Penetration Testing Implant (Dropbox) - System Overlord
  243. Hypertext Style: Cool URIs don't change.
  244. Deploying a .NET Core Blazor App to Netlify using GitHub Actions
  245. Web Proxy Auto Discovery
  246. Digicert revokes a raft of web security certificates
  247. This blog is now running on solar power
  248. Pwning smart garage door openers
  249. A Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day at Slack
  250. What’s the difference between blue/green and red/black deployments?
  251. HTTPie – command-line HTTP client for the API era
  252. How CDNs Generate Certificates
  253. Duracellko.NET - Hosting both Blazor Server and WebAssembly in single website
  254. chubin/wttr.in
  255. How Azure.com operates on Azure part 2: Technology and architecture
  256. Path Building vs Path Verifying: Implementation Showdown
  257. Terminology, Power and Oppressive Language
  258. Failover Clustering Networking Basics and Fundamentals
  259. The Russian Disinfo Operation You Never Heard About
  260. Adding host filtering to Kestrel in ASP.NET Core
  261. Ohio GOP state senator fired from ER doctor job after using racist language
  262. Multi-App Support with Custom Domains for .NET and AWS Elastic Beanstalk | Amazon Web Services
  263. apohl79/audiogridder
  264. Container technologies at Coinbase
  265. Best Practices for ACME Client Operations
  266. Terminology, Power and Oppressive Language
  267. Eloston/ungoogled-chromium
  268. .NET Core 3.1, Docker, PostgreSQL, Swagger, C#
  269. Node v12.17.0 (LTS) | Node.js
  270. NextDNS
  271. Deploying Your Web Site to Azure Static Web Apps – Chinh Do
  272. Why Infrastructure As Code? - Simple Thread
  273. Windows 10 quietly got a built-in network sniffer, how to use
  274. An introduction to RabbitMQ - What is RabbitMQ?
  275. Turning Signal App into a Coarse Tracking Device
  276. SSH Agent Explained
  277. A Google Cloud support engineer solves a tough DNS case | Google Cloud Blog
  278. ACME End User Client and Code Signing Certificates
  279. 10 most common mistakes using kubernetes
  280. What is Azure Front Door?
  281. Now there's nothing stopping the PATRIOT Act allowing the FBI to slurp web-browsing histories without a warrant
  282. WireGuard for OpenBSD Kernel Patches Posted
  283. Pi-hole v5.0 is here!
  284. Deploying a Static Site to Azure Using the az CLI
  285. Pi-hole v5.0 is here!
  286. How to Serve Over 100K Web Pages a Day on a Slower Home Internet Connection
  287. Caddy offers TLS, HTTPS, and more in one dependency-free Go Web server
  288. Configure a domain for an Azure App Service using Cloudflare
  289. A Warm Welcome to ASN.1 and DER
  290. Why not "Why not WireGuard?"
  291. Is Cloudflare safe yet?
  292. ZEIT is now Vercel - Vercel
  293. Ars Technica
  294. Turning my obsession with the stock market into a side project
  295. NextDNS is my new favourite DNS service
  296. UniFi - Advanced Adoption of a "Managed By Other" Device
  297. Bored? How about trying a Linux speed run?
  298. #badBIOS features explained
  299. After 50 Years of Effort, Researchers Made Silicon Emit Light
  300. Linksys Official Support - Required password reset due to DNS hack
  301. Firefox 75.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes
  302. Cloudflare dumps reCAPTCHA as Google intends to charge for its use | ZDNet
  303. Running your own secure communication service with Matrix and Jitsi | Matrix.org
  304. How to SSH Properly
  305. Introducing for Families
  306. Apple acquires Dark Sky weather app, and it’s bad news for Android users
  307. Hands-on guide: developing and deploying Node.js apps in Kubernetes
  308. CVE-2020-8816 – Pi-hole Remote Code Execution
  309. Taking Back What Is Already Yours: Router Wars Episode I
  310. Buzz Aldrin has some advice for Americans in quarantine
  311. Pumping up your internet speeds with the Unifi Security Gateway and 4G/5G
  312. Tip 255 - What's Azure Private Link and how can I get started?
  313. Cryptographic Signatures, Surprising Pitfalls, and LetsEncrypt
  314. Hackers Can Clone Millions of Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia Keys
  315. The History of the URL
  316. Let’s Encrypt discovers CAA bug, must revoke customer certificates
  317. Revoking certain certificates on March 4
  318. Search
  319. The Facts: Mozilla’s DNS over HTTPs (DoH) – Open Policy & Advocacy
  320. Cloudflare silently deleted my DNS records
  321. OpenVPN Client Connect For Windows | OpenVPN
  322. What is content caching on Mac?
  323. Data Brokers are Cruising for a Bruising
  324. David Wengier
  325. Connection Abstractions · Issue #1793 · dotnet/runtime
  326. Paperwork
  327. Multi-Perspective Validation Improves Domain Validation Security - Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates
  328. Why we left AWS
  329. Introducing Terminal V2
  330. Wacom drawing tablets track the name of every application that you open | Robert Heaton
  331. Building a simple VPN with WireGuard with a Raspberry Pi as Server
  332. Introduction
  333. Frontier, an ISP in 29 states, plans to file for bankruptcy
  334. Fun With C# and HP Laserjets
  335. Employee error to blame for massive data leak, Wyze says
  336. imsnif/bandwhich
  337. Draft: Front-End Performance Checklist 2020 — Please add your comments
  338. Generated Passwords, UX and Security Absolutism
  339. Enterprise API Packages | Whois XML API
  340. VPN Service for Serious Privacy & Security | IVPN
  341. You're (probably still) using HttpClient wrong...
  342. Why IVPN - What makes IVPN the best privacy protection service
  343. Internet world despairs as non-profit .org sold for $$$$ to private equity firm, price caps axed
  344. Azure Charts
  345. HttpClient Connection Pooling in .NET Core - Steve Gordon
  346. Google Stadia will be missing many features for Monday’s launch
  347. Stop surveillance and preserve your privacy with IVPN
  348. Beta phase of Certbot for Windows
  349. Microsoft Edge is coming to Linux. But will anybody use it?
  350. Thoughts on DNS-over-HTTPS
  351. Flush Cache  |  Public DNS  |  Google Developers
  352. Using the Resource Timing API
  353. The World's First Domain Provider | Network Solutions
  354. Stack Overflow
  355. Meet Algo, the VPN that works
  356. trailofbits/algo
  357. Anyone can fingerprint unlock a Galaxy S10—just grab a clear phone case
  358. Stack Overflow OSS
  359. Office 365 network attacks - Gaining access to emails and files via an insecure Reply URL
  360. The Insecure Elephant in the Room - CA Security Council
  361. HEAD - A free guide to <head> elements
  362. Want Free Coding Lessons? Twitch Makes It Happen in Real Time
  363. DOH! DNS over HTTPS explained | APNIC Blog
  364. nip.io - wildcard DNS for any IP Address
  365. xip.io: wildcard DNS for everyone
  366. Gaming's #MeToo Moment and the Tyranny of Male Fragility
  367. jedisct1/dsvpn
  368. Firefox and Chrome will remove GUI indicator for Extended Validation certificates (Bulletproof TLS Newsletter Issue #56)
  369. [Servercert-wg] Ballot SC22: Reduce Certificate Lifetimes
  370. Google Pixel 4 will reportedly jump on the 90Hz display bandwagon
  371. Terminating Service for 8Chan
  372. Kazakhstan’s HTTPS Interception
  373. ISPA withdraws Mozilla Internet Villain Nomination and Category » News, Press Releases | The Internet Service Providers Association
  374. Third parties confirm AMD’s outstanding Ryzen 3000 numbers
  375. Hidden Treasure: Intrusion Detection with ETW (Part 2)
  376. Hidden Treasure: Intrusion Detection with ETW (Part 1)
  377. Raspberry Pi admits to faulty USB-C design on the Pi 4
  378. Deepfake revenge porn distribution now a crime in Virginia
  379. The Raspberry Pi 4 launch site runs on a Pi 4 cluster
  380. Home
  381. What does debugging a program look like? - Julia Evans
  382. VPS' IP Address will be blocked in Iran and China after using Outline VPN · Issue #193 · Jigsaw-Code/outline-server
  383. Apple's 'Find My' Feature Uses Some Very Clever Cryptography
  384. wybiral/localtoast
  385. Requirements for trusted certificates in iOS 13 and macOS 10.15
  386. Will it cluster? k3s on your Raspberry Pi
  387. Nick Craver - Stack Overflow: The Architecture
  388. Google Has Stored Some Passwords in Plaintext Since 2005
  389. — The free app that makes your Internet faster.
  390. Hack on Stack Overflow exposes private data for ~250 users
  391. Microsoft: The open source company
  392. [Update: More details] Project Mainline offers Android Q modular security updates
  393. Automated Certificate Management | Heroku Dev Center
  394. Rumor: Microsoft ‘Midori’ Project May Replace Windows OS
  395. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Lost Works Are Finally Brought to Life
  396. Understanding the Limitations of HTTPS
  397. We have discovered and addressed a security breach. (Updated 2019-04-12) | Matrix.org
  398. Azure Front Door Service is now generally available
  399. DDoS Protection Service | Anti DDoS Mitigation | Cloudflare
  400. Security alert: pipdig insecure, DDoSing competitors – Jem – UK blogger
  401. Man gets 20 years for deadly “swatting” hoax
  402. Trace .NET Core Applications on Linux with `strace`
  403. Microsoft exec bans company from pulling any dumb April Fools’ pranks
  404. robertwray.co.uk - Adding a delay to ASP.NET Core Web API methods to simulate slow or erratic networks
  405. Here's Why Your Static Website Needs HTTPS
  406. Hosting ASP.NET Core behind https in Google Kubernetes Engine
  407. kelseyhightower/kubernetes-the-hard-way
  408. Cloud Platform Release Announcements for September 24, 2018
  409. What comes after open source?
  410. Computer Logic with Chris Dixon - Software Engineering Daily
  411. Details on Recent DNS Hijacking - Schneier on Security
  412. Friday Squid Blogging: Squid Lollipops - Schneier on Security
  413. draft-ietf-acme-acme-18 - Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME)
  414. D. J. Bernstein / Talks
  415. WIRED
  416. 18 Jokes About Being Trans — By Actual Trans People
  417. WireGuard for macOS
  418. There's No Good Reason to Trust Blockchain Technology
  419. EPA docs don’t show any scientific evidence for Scott Pruitt’s climate claims
  420. Guidelines for URL Display
  421. HttpClient Creation and Disposal Internals: Should I Dispose of HttpClient? - Steve Gordon