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Posts for 'dns'

  1. 95%GitHub - stenh0use/docker-machine-for-mac: Docker Machine for Mac - an alternative to Docker for Mac
  2. 85%Happy Data Privacy Day!
  3. 94%BastionZero Blog | I read the federal government’s Zero-Trust Memo so you don’t have to
  4. 90%Two reasons Kubernetes is so complex
  5. 95%Migrating to Cloudflare Email Routing
  6. 92%Run Ordinary Rails Apps Globally
  7. 82%Incorrect proxying of 24 hostnames on January 24, 2022
  8. 95%Why Is Digital Autonomy So Hard?
  9. 99%GitHub - khuedoan/homelab: My self-hosting infrastructure, fully automated from empty disk to operating services.
  10. 97%GitHub - 425show/verifiable-credential-demo
  11. 82%Roblox Return to Service 10/28-10/31 2021 - Roblox Blog
  12. 97%Examining the covidtests.gov architecture - Ad Hoc
  13. 96%The curious case of the Raspberry Pi in the network closet
  14. 92%Abusing AWS Lambda to make an Aussie Search Engine
  15. 96%1749908 - Infinite loop in HTTP3 hangs socket thread
  16. 94%Alternative DNS Roots | scholz.ruhr
  17. 60%DDoS Attack Trends for Q4 2021
  18. 79%Happy 10th Birthday, Bridgy!
  19. 93%Teaching, learning and tearing your hair out
  20. 97%Why might you run your own DNS server?
  21. 91%How we handle 80TB and 5M page views a month for under $400
  22. 90%A bit about PURLs
  23. 77%If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and QWACs like a duck, then it's probably an EV Certificate
  24. 89%Safing Portmaster
  25. 95%My Setup for Self-Hosting Dozens of Web Applications + Services on a Single Server
  26. 71%Can blogging be made simpler?
  27. 91%Counting website visitors is hard — Bobbie Chen
  28. 98%Setting up Cloudflare Tunnel for development
  29. 99%GitHub - wader/fq: jq for binary formats
  30. 99%gRPC client-side load balancing in .NET
  31. 94%Cloud Security Breaches and Vulnerabilities: 2021 in Review
  32. 95%Lessons in Trust From us-east-1
  33. 99%An Overview of Distributed Tracing with OpenTelemetry in .NET 6
  34. 67%In 2021, the Internet went for TikTok, space and beyond
  35. 87%I Was Part of a Human Subject Research Study Without My Consent
  36. 94%The Web3 Fraud
  37. 96%Implementing TLS Encrypted Client Hello
  38. 94%New tool: Mess with DNS!
  39. 97%Exploitation of Log4j CVE-2021-44228 before public disclosure and evolution of evasion and exfiltration
  40. 96%Tech Solvency: The Story So Far: CVE-2021-44228 (Log4Shell log4j vulnerability).
  41. 93%Generating Envoy Config with Cue
  42. 92%"Open Source" is Broken
  43. 95%GitHub - publiusfederalist/federalist: Access files on the decentralized, unblockable torrent swarm and visit links using Handshake domains. Decentralized internet is here.
  44. 68%Summary of the AWS Service Event in the Northern Virginia (US-EAST-1) Region
  45. 77%How Cloudflare security responded to log4j2 vulnerability
  46. 89%Secure how your servers connect to the Internet today
  47. 97%UniFi Controller security concern (zero-day Log4j exploit)
  48. 88%Cloudflare One helps optimize user connectivity to Microsoft 365
  49. 85%Avoiding Internet Centralization
  50. 90%AWS Service Health Dashboard - Dec 7, 2021 PST
  51. 93%DNS doesn't "propagate"
  52. 98%Is “KAX17” performing de-anonymization Attacks against Tor Users?
  53. 99%What's new for gRPC in .NET 6
  54. 88%Replace your hardware firewalls with Cloudflare One
  55. 87%Welcome to CIO Week and the future of corporate networks
  56. 96%How to use dig
  57. 88%Don't Make My Mistakes: Common Infrastructure Errors I've Made
  58. 90%It is always the DNS
  59. 58%German Court Rules Against Internet Security Non-Profit Quad9 In First Hearing Versus Sony Music Germany | Quad9
  60. 91%The Case of the Recursive Resolvers - Slack Engineering
  61. 93%Everything you ever wanted to know about UDP sockets but were afraid to ask, part 1
  62. 92%RSA vs ECDSA for DNSSEC | APNIC Blog
  63. 95%Flatpak Is Not the Future
  64. 98%10 shades of public API hosting on Azure
  65. 77%Malware downloaded from PyPI 41,000 times was surprisingly stealthy
  66. 72%Network Performance Update: Full Stack Week
  67. 65%"That policy changed last week."
  68. 86%Unicast Use of the Formerly Reserved 127/8
  69. 70%WiFiman - Apps on Google Play
  70. 93%‎Ubiquiti WiFiman
  71. 73%Cloudflare blocks an almost 2 Tbps multi-vector DDoS attack
  72. 87%Five Great (free!) Ways to Get Started With Cloudflare
  73. 95%The Monstrosity Email Has Become
  74. 97%.NET Rocks! vNext
  75. 96%Our account was hacked - General - Cloudflare Community
  76. 73%_why's Estate
  77. 98%Episode 401 - Ignite 2021 Wrap-Up
  78. 91%DDoS Attack Trends for Q3 2021
  79. 98%GitHub - niespodd/browser-fingerprinting: Analysis of Bot Protection systems with available countermeasures 🚿. How to defeat anti-bot system 👻 and get around browser fingerprinting scripts 🕵️‍♂️ when scraping the web?
  80. 98%Wacom drawing tablets track the name of every application that you open | Robert Heaton
  81. 95%Please change your mind about your announced release plans
  82. 98%Handshake Encryption: Endgame (an ECH update)
  83. 96%Episode 400 - A view from Azure's Core
  84. 99%HTTPS Everywhere plug-in no longer needed | Bulletproof TLS Newsletter
  85. 99%You want Tor Browser ... not a VPN
  86. 96%0x8 — Appreciating the utility of DNS based load-balancing for Globally available Web Apps
  87. 98%Cloudflare Tunnel for Content Teams
  88. 99%Securely access home network with Cloudflare Tunnel and WARP
  89. 95%Tunnel: Cloudflare’s Newest Homeowner
  90. 98%It's time for the Permanent Web
  91. 93%Ubuntu 21.10 has landed | Ubuntu
  92. 93%“Look, Ma, no probes!” — Characterizing CDNs’ latencies with passive measurement
  93. 99%How to use certificates in ASP.NET Core
  94. 98%OpenBSD 7.0
  95. 99%Cloudflare and the IETF
  96. 98%Different Realms, Different TLD’s | Kevin Burke
  97. 95%[Last Week in .NET #63] – .NET Foundation finds out the silent treatment doesn’t work, tries rolling heads
  98. 98%Cloudflare Research: Two Years In
  99. 90%What happened on the Internet during the Facebook outage
  100. 97%Episode 397 - Capacity Reservation
  101. 77%Too big to fail
  102. 97%What is BGP? | BGP routing explained
  103. 93%Understanding How Facebook Disappeared from the Internet
  104. 95%Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus are down. Here’s what we know
  105. 95%The secret to Cloudflare’s pace of Innovation
  106. 98%Your home router sucks! Replace it with pfSense!
  107. 96%Announcing The Cloudflare Distributed Web Gateways Private Beta: Unlocking the Web3 Metaverse and Decentralized Finance for Everyone
  108. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: design
  109. 99%Slack System Status
  110. 93%Cybersecurity threats - Simple Talk
  111. 95%May I ask who’s calling, please? A recent rise in VoIP DDoS attacks
  112. 99%Akamai and Micro-Segmentation :: Procella Technologies —
  113. 97%[dns-operations] slack.com bogus
  114. 99%GitHub - robertdavidgraham/masscan: TCP port scanner, spews SYN packets asynchronously, scanning entire Internet in under 5 minutes.
  115. 92%Easily creating and routing email addresses with Cloudflare Email Routing
  116. 99%OpenSSH: Release Notes
  117. 99%New tool: an nginx playground
  118. 98%It's tough being an Azure fan
  119. 94%Project Myriagon: Cloudflare Passes 10,000 Connected Networks
  120. 99%GitHub - juanfont/headscale: An open source, self-hosted implementation of the Tailscale control server
  121. 99%Splitting up trust
  122. 98%Episode 394 - Quantum Update
  123. 99%Home Assistant
  124. 97%Anonymous Presents: Operation Epik Fail
  125. 98%Download the fastest Firefox ever
  126. 98%Welcome to Speed Week and a Waitless Internet
  127. 97%A resource for the OpenBSD community
  128. 99%GitHub - doctorray117/minecraft-ondemand: Templates to deploy a serverless Minecraft Server on demand in AWS
  129. 90%Introducing: Custom Hostname Analytics
  130. 95%How to be a Certificate Authority, feat. Ryan Sleevi - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  131. 96%What’s New with Cloudflare for SaaS?
  132. 95%Use the right tool for the job
  133. 99%GitHub - containerd/nerdctl: Docker-compatible CLI for containerd, with support for Compose
  134. 71%Sky Subscribers' Piracy Habits Directly Help Premier League Block Illegal Streams * TorrentFreak
  135. 98%Quick Tunnels: Anytime, Anywhere
  136. 99%How I re-over-engineered my home network for privacy and security
  137. 97%Tor is a Great SysAdmin Tool
  138. 76%How MarkMonitor left >60,000 domains for the taking
  139. 99%Episode 391 - AI/ML for Process Automation
  140. 98%The Rise Of User-Hostile Software
  141. 98%Data protection controls with Cloudflare Browser Isolation
  142. 99%Patterns in confusing explanations
  143. 98%Here's another free CA as an alternative to Let's Encrypt!
  144. 97%Announcing Tenant Control in Cloudflare Gateway
  145. 99%Performance Improvements in .NET 6
  146. 99%Building a Pet Cam using a Raspberry Pi, Cloudflare Tunnels and Teams
  147. 98%Zero Trust controls for your SaaS applications
  148. 99%Performance Improvements in .NET 6
  149. 97%Email Authenticity 101: DKIM, DMARC, and SPF
  150. 97%I figured out how DMARC works, and it almost broke me
  151. 99%Hosts file: What is it, why is it useful & how to edit it?
  152. 99%Looking into Odin and Zig: My notes
  153. 97%More devices, fewer CAPTCHAs, happier users
  154. 98%Mosh: the mobile shell
  155. 99%Why do we need Dapr?
  156. 99%Reflections on 10,000 Hours of Programming
  157. 86%Cloudflare Helps K-12s Go Back to School
  158. 98%The 5-hour CDN
  159. 92%Two months in: How the SaaS that was built in 7 days is going | OnlineOrNot
  160. 91%Helping Keep Governments Safe and Secure
  161. 99%IPFSifying Documentation · Karmanyaah Malhotra
  162. 98%Protect Your SignalR Service Based Real-time Application with Application Gateway
  163. 96%We need to talk about testing
  164. 99%Understanding Rust futures by going way too deep - fasterthanli.me
  165. 70%Amazon Web Services In Plain English
  166. 98%Using the Shelly Plug to monitor Starlink's power consumption
  167. 97%AWS’s Egregious Egress
  168. 97%Akamai Edge DNS and GTM Status
  169. 98%MicroK8s - Zero-ops Kubernetes for developers, edge and IoT | MicroK8s
  170. 89%Upgrading the Cloudflare China Network: better performance and security through product innovation and partnership
  171. 82%Right or Left, You Should Be Worried About Big Tech Censorship
  172. 99%Certbot
  173. 99%rfc8555
  174. 95%TLS - The Cloudflare Blog
  175. 97%Rich, complex rules for advanced load balancing
  176. 98%Episode 384 - Safe Deployment Practices
  177. 99%Building a Cloud Native Lab at Home
  178. 99%Build an Image Gallery with Vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  179. 99%Bringing emulation into the 21st century
  180. 95%The Missing Email Service For Domains
  181. 99%reacherhq/check-if-email-exists
  182. 75%Cloudflare’s Network Doubles CPU Capacity and Expands Into Ten New Cities in Four New Countries
  183. 99%The web browser I'm dreaming of
  184. 99%Serverless Authentication and Authorization in Minutes with Fauna and Auth0
  185. 91%Quad9 and Sony Music: German Injunction Status | Quad9
  186. 97%How I Won a Month-Long Hackathon in 3 Hours
  187. 98%URLs: It's complicated...
  188. 96%More products, more partners, and a new look for Cloudflare Logs
  189. 99%Free Dev Stuff
  190. 97%A response to "Did we market Knative wrong?"
  191. 98%Episode 382 - Reducing Carbon Emissions with Spot VMs
  192. 97%Brave, the false sensation of privacy
  193. 98%Hypertext Style: Cool URIs don't change.
  194. 98%Announcing WARP for Linux and Proxy Mode
  195. 99%Conversation about networking | .NET Blog
  196. 98%[Cryptography] Apple's iCloud+ "VPN"
  197. 98%AirDrop Anywhere - Part 4 - Making it work on Windows
  198. 98%Microsoft's next generation of Windows — What we know so far
  199. 99%Taildrop was kind of easy, actually
  200. 98%Raspberry Pi 4 Model B WiFi Ethernet Bridge
  201. 97%Introducing Zero Trust Private Networking
  202. 98%How to circumvent Sci-Hub ISP block
  203. 69%Celebrating 7 Years of Project Galileo
  204. 88%Basic Home Networking 101 - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #17
  205. 98%Tutorial: Access data with managed identity - Azure App Service
  206. 98%Certificates Confuse Everything
  207. 84%A new future for icanhazip
  208. 99%Searching for similar objects with Vantage Point Trees
  209. 91%accounts.makerbot.com (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)
  210. 93%Pijul - On fires
  211. 98%Network-based policies in Cloudflare Gateway
  212. 99%Linux Security Hardening and Other Tweaks
  213. 99%NixOS - NixOS 21.05 manual
  214. 98%Episode 380 - App Service Environments
  215. 96%ongoing by Tim Bray · Testing in the Twenties
  216. 99%Running a .NET application as a service on Linux with Systemd
  217. 98%Don't feel bad about not knowing basic things
  218. 86%The Luck of Open Source
  219. 99%Blazor IoT Servo Controller Meadow Maple | C# Tutorials Blog
  220. 97%Ingrid's Space
  221. 99%The Cache is Full
  222. 97%Case Study: A Decade of Microservices at a Financial Firm
  223. 90%Andrea Scarpino - Sharing your amortisation schedule to anyone
  224. 99%Magento 2.4.2 on Ubuntu 20.04 Installation Guide
  225. 99%benc-uk/chatr
  226. 98%systemd: The Good Parts
  227. 99%Automating Cloudflare Tunnel with Terraform
  228. 98%Why load balancing gRPC is tricky?
  229. 96%Identifying Unlogged Web Site Traffic
  230. 99%Highly available and highly scalable Cloudflare tunnels
  231. 97%Cloudflare on the Edge
  232. 98%Security flaws in all Wi-Fi devices
  233. 95%Dear EU: Please Don't Ruin the Root - Articles
  234. 98%Introducing the Pinecone overlay network | Matrix.org
  235. 99%Code Maze Weekly #76 - Code Maze
  236. 98%Episode 376 - Azure Media Services
  237. 99%Building a supply chain attack with .NET, NuGet, DNS, source generators, and more!
  238. 98%The Startup Guide To Managing Your Email Reputation
  239. 99%AirDrop Anywhere - Part 2 - Writing some code
  240. 98%AirDrop Anywhere - Part 1 - Introduction
  241. 99%255kb/stack-on-a-budget
  242. 99%I put all of my comics online!
  243. 99%OpenBSD 6.9
  244. 97%Scaling with Azure
  245. 98%Episode 375 - The Case of the Dangling Domain
  246. 94%Cryptocurrency is an abject disaster
  247. 61%Security Researcher Dan Kaminsky Passes Away
  248. 99%IDE > Language > Protocol
  249. 99%My New Setup - Road to the Valhalla
  250. 95%Cloudflare obtains new ISO/IEC 27701:2019 privacy certification and what that means for you
  251. 99%Start building your own private network on Cloudflare today
  252. 96%DDoS attack trends for 2021 Q1
  253. 98%Unix networking command line tools I use to do my job
  254. 94%100 million more IoT devices are exposed—and they won’t be the last – Ars Technica
  255. 99%Using Kubernetes ConfigMaps for Cardano Node Topology Config
  256. 99%QUIC and HTTP/3 Support now in Firefox Nightly and Beta – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
  257. 99%The Sisyphean Task Of DNS Client Config on Linux
  258. 99%protobuf-net/protobuf-net.Grpc
  259. 99%Being ad-free on Android without rooting
  260. 97%A Zero Trust terminal in your web browser
  261. 99%Bypass ISP’s UDP Proxy
  262. 99%Docker without Docker
  263. 99%The Architecture Behind A One-Person Tech Startup
  264. 99%The Cursed Certificate
  265. 97%Your E-Mail Validation Logic is Wrong
  266. 99%The Strange Case Of The Illegal Instruction
  267. 99%How to bypass CloudFlare bot protection ?
  268. 99%Support host.docker.internal DNS name to host · Issue #264 · docker/for-linux
  269. 99%PostgreSQL Security Hardening
  270. 97%Fed up with the Mac, I spent six months with a Linux laptop. The grass is not greener on the other side
  271. 90%The Teams Dashboard: A New Place to Call Home
  272. 96%How I Got Caching Working with Netlify and Cloudflare, or How I Almost Ditched Cloudflare for No Good Reason
  273. 99%How to get internet for free aka borrow your neighbors xfinity internet - Opposite Invictus - Ramblings of a torn mind
  274. 99%Monitoring Cardano Relays on Kubernetes with Grafana and Prometheus
  275. 98%Keep WiFi Connection Alive with FreeRTOS Task (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  276. 95%Azure Static Web Apps, Website, GitHub, SSL & hosting FREE! Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #20
  277. 98%Keyless SSL now supports FIPS 140-2 L3 hardware security module (HSM) offerings from all major cloud providers
  278. 99%Closing web browser windows doesn't close connections
  279. 95%Announcing Cloudflare’s Data Loss Prevention platform
  280. 97%Dangling DNS and Subdomain Takeovers | Developer Support
  281. 96%denji/awesome-http-benchmark
  282. 91%Announcing Network On-ramp Partners for Cloudflare One
  283. 93%Moving from Cable to DSL
  284. 89%Welcome to Cloudflare Security Week 2021!
  285. 99%Moving k8s communication to gRPC
  286. 98%Newsletter Week 11, 2021
  287. 99%Apple Silicon Tech Preview
  288. 96%The Teams Dashboard: The Design Story
  289. 98%RCE in Google Cloud Deployment Manager
  290. 99%Provisioning Azure App Service Managed Certificates with PowerShell
  291. 97%When your data center is on fire… how will RavenDB react?
  292. 95%Enhancing privacy-focused Web Analytics to better meet your metrics needs
  293. 99%Add and manage TLS/SSL certificates - Azure App Service
  294. 99%LuckyWatcher - Thoughts, stories and ideas
  295. 98%About the March 8 & 9, 2021 Verkada camera hack
  296. 98%authelia/authelia
  297. 99%No Kubernetes? How to run Docker containers in Azure VM Scale Sets
  298. 98%Control web applications with two-clicks in Cloudflare Gateway
  299. 91%The benefits of serving stale DNS entries when using Consul
  300. 98%Protecting against recently disclosed Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities: CVE-2021-26855, CVE-2021-26857, CVE-2021-26858, and CVE-2021-27065
  301. 94%The Teams Dashboard: Finding a Product Voice
  302. 95%Serialize Dns async-over-sync requests for the same host by stephentoub · Pull Request #49171 · dotnet/runtime
  303. 98%HTTPWTF
  304. 76%ICANN Refuses to Accredit Pirate Bay Founder Peter Sunde Due to His 'Background' * TorrentFreak
  305. 99%Using HttpClientFactory in ASP.NET Core Applications - Code Maze
  306. 99%SSH and User-mode IP WireGuard
  307. 99%Deploy a Docker image to an Azure Container Instance
  308. 99%Splitting the ping
  309. 95%The Hijacking of Perl.com
  310. 99%Why you should take a look at Nomad before jumping on Kubernetes
  311. 99%3 tools for 3 scenarios · Erkan Erol
  312. 99%Denial By DNS: Uber's Open Source Tool for Preventing Resource Exhaustion by DNS Outages
  313. 99%Microsoft Releases Azure Firewall Premium in Public Preview
  314. 96%Fix for Elgato Key Light not found by Control Center
  315. 94%Taking a Stand in the War on General-Purpose Computing
  316. 98%Large-scale Analysis of DNS-based Tracking Evasion - broad data leaks included?
  317. 96%Free for developers
  318. 95%Didja know: Network failure due to the disk full error
  319. 99%GetAddrInfoExA function (ws2tcpip.h) - Win32 apps
  320. 97%Modified Dns.GetHostAddressesAsync to be truly async by JeffCyr · Pull Request #26850 · dotnet/corefx
  321. 94%Brave Browser leaks your Tor / Onion service requests through DNS.
  322. 89%All your domain are belong to us
  323. 95%No news is... a sign of a stagnating Internet
  324. 99%Karan Sharma | Running Nomad for home server
  325. 93%Kubernetes Failure Stories
  326. 99%DNS exfiltration of data: step-by-step simple guide
  327. 98%Good-bye ESNI, hello ECH!
  328. 98%SDL moving to GitHub - SDL Development - Simple Directmedia Layer
  329. 96%Dependency Confusion: How I Hacked Into Apple, Microsoft and Dozens of Other Companies
  330. 96%SDL moving to GitHub - SDL Development - Simple Directmedia Layer
  331. 82%DDoSers are abusing the Plex Media Server to make attacks more potent
  332. 99%dave yarwood · How I deploy my personal projects
  333. 98%What's an SPF Record? - Ultimate Guide to Email
  334. 67%Who won Super Bowl LV? A look at Internet traffic during the game
  335. 99%Kubernetes for ASP.NET Core Developers – Introduction, Architecture, Hands-On
  336. 99%Turn Hacker News into an RSS feed
  337. 95%The problems with the GPL
  338. 99%Working with SSL Certificate in Azure App Service
  339. 98%Locating Humans with DNS
  340. 90%Use the SAN field
  341. 97%ianhan/BitmapFonts
  342. 98%Azure SDK to Add More Languages, Including Go -- Visual Studio Magazine
  343. 99%Docker, Django, Traefik, and IntercoolerJS is My Go-To Stack for Building a SaaS in 2021
  344. 98%2020-2021 Solarwinds hack explained in details by a software engineer. - Lav Patel | Lead Software Engineer
  345. 95%For once, not DNS: Huawei Modem ARP spoofing
  346. 94%Data Privacy Day 2021 - Looking ahead at the always on, always secure, always private Internet
  347. 97%Automating data center expansions with Airflow
  348. 93%Load balancing and its different types - Wisdom Geek
  349. 99%The **Simplest** Web Developer Path for 2021
  350. 84%Firefox 85 Cracks Down on Supercookies – Mozilla Security Blog
  351. 97%An Opinionated Introduction to Urbit
  352. 91%The Irrevocable SSL certificates of CloudFlare
  353. 95%IPFS Support in Brave
  354. 88%Would Rust secure cURL?
  355. 99%A Home Network Troubleshooting Journey – nuxx.net
  356. 95%A fresh new avenue for Google to kill your SaaS startup
  357. 96%How I hijacked the top-level domain of a sovereign state | Detectify Labs
  358. 79%What happens when you type a URL in the web browser and press Enter? Computer Stuff #18
  359. 99%Soar: Simulation for Observability, reliAbility, and secuRity
  360. 97%A Name Resolver for the Distributed Web
  361. 73%Pirated Academic Database Sci-Hub Is Now on the ‘Uncensorable Web’
  362. 99%MP² quantile estimator: estimating the moving median without storing values
  363. 99%.NET 5 Networking Improvements | .NET Blog
  364. 90%Untangling Compliance: Working Toward a Global Framework
  365. 67%Klarheit bei Compliance schaffen: Die Arbeit an einem globalen Rahmenwerk
  366. 92%Masks Off for TheDonald.win
  367. 96%Weather and Boinc
  368. 95%What I Use Now Instead Of Google
  369. 99%JavaScript Complete Course - Array Slice & Splice - Part 38
  370. 99%GRVYDEV/Project-Lightspeed
  371. 97%HTTP keep-alive is on by default in modular AWS SDK for JavaScript | Amazon Web Services
  372. 92%Our Favorite Developer Tools of 2020
  373. 95%Stats are the new analytics
  374. 96%Oblivious DNS - Simply Explained
  375. 96%Introducing Thrift VPN
  376. 92%How DNS Works Visually
  377. 99%Build a Tiny Certificate Authority For Your Homelab
  378. 97%Integrating Cloudflare Gateway and Access
  379. 93%Configure identity-based policies in Cloudflare Gateway
  380. 86%The Great iPwn: Journalists Hacked with Suspected NSO Group iMessage 'Zero-Click' Exploit - The Citizen Lab
  381. 98%Kira McLean | How To Set Up Your Own Nextcloud Server
  382. 98%Analyzing Solorigate, the compromised DLL file that started a sophisticated cyberattack, and how Microsoft Defender helps protect customers - Microsoft Security
  383. 98%How to monitor multi-cloud Kubernetes with Prometheus and Grafana
  384. 98%A quirk in the SUNBURST DGA algorithm
  385. 96%On the Graying of GNOME | Et tu, Cthulhu
  386. 95%Trend data on the SolarWinds Orion compromise
  387. 99%.NET Conf 2020 - Lahore (2020-01-23)
  388. 92%Improving Cloudflare’s products and services, one feature request at a time
  389. 96%Highly Evasive Attacker Leverages SolarWinds Supply Chain to Compromise Multiple Global Victims With SUNBURST Backdoor
  390. 97%Privacy and Compliance Reading List
  391. 99%hexops/dockerfile
  392. 85%How to Build a Global Network that Complies with Local Law
  393. 94%Announcing Workplace Records for Cloudflare for Teams
  394. 96%Cloudflare Certifications
  395. 75%Service Discovery with Steeltoe
  396. 96%Cloudflare’s privacy-first Web Analytics is now available for everyone
  397. 96%Cloudflare and Apple design a new privacy-friendly internet protocol – TechCrunch
  398. 97%Improving DNS Privacy with Oblivious DoH in
  399. 92%Privacy needs to be built into the Internet
  400. 95%Welcome to Privacy & Compliance Week
  401. 97%Your Smart TV is probably ignoring your PiHole
  402. 99%How to configure a secured custom domain on a Azure Function or website
  403. 98%Rant – You likely* don’t need a 2,000$ server for your home.
  404. 97%Improving the Resiliency of Our Infrastructure DNS Zone
  405. 96%A Byzantine failure in the real world
  406. 98%Protect domains that don’t send email
  407. 98%AWS Service Health Dashboard - Nov 25, 2020 PST
  408. 98%Moving Quicksilver into production
  409. 97%The Tech Stack of a One-Man SaaS
  410. 98%.NET Diagnostics Expert - your path to excel at diagnostics in .NET. Dotnetos training
  411. 99% Risks from symmetric encryption in Ubiquiti UniFi’s inform protocol · Jade.WTF
  412. 93%Introducing another free CA as an alternative to Let's Encrypt
  413. 99%Deploy Standalone Kayenta with an Azure Storage Backend
  414. 98%Many services, one cloudflared
  415. 94%Network-layer DDoS attack trends for Q3 2020
  416. 97%Service Discovery with Steeltoe
  417. 97%Tips, tricks, and edge cases: Deploying ASP.NET Core applications to Kubernetes - Part 12
  418. 97%Ok Google: please publish your DKIM secret keys
  419. 99%fszlin/certes
  420. 98%Stop Emailing Like A Rube
  421. 98%The .NET Stacks #25: .NET 5 officially launches tomorrow
  422. 97%SAD DNS Explained
  423. 98%Automated Origin CA for Kubernetes
  424. 92%Youtube down or app not working? Current status and problems for the UK
  425. 99%Mutt 2.0 Release Notes
  426. 99%Code Maze Weekly #50 - Code Maze
  427. 99%erebe/personal-server
  428. 93%Blog - Cyber Security, Security Scan, Full Stack Vulnerability Management
  429. 98%How we made our SaaS homepage cookie-free 🍪
  430. 99%Samy Kamkar - NAT Slipstreaming
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