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Posts for 'css'

  1. 92%Global Accessbility Awareness Day – Does your web product support the needs of the many?
  2. 96%Open-source your SaaS and skyrocket your MRR.
  3. 92%A Brutally Simple Site - Kev Quirk
  4. 85%GOV.UK drops jQuery from their front end.
  5. 93%GitHub - davidfowl/CommandAndControl: A sample showing command and control using client results
  6. 87%Please Stop Using Grey Text
  7. 90%A dev's thoughts on developer productivity
  8. 98%You can create a great looking website while sucking at design
  9. 84%A clean start for the web - macwright.com
  10. 97%Deploying a Static Site to Azure Using the az CLI
  11. 89%Improved Process Isolation in Firefox 100 – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
  12. 63%Invidious
  13. 98%How to Build a Google Docs Clone with React, Material UI, & Firebase
  14. 82%Hackers are actively exploiting BIG-IP vulnerability with a 9.8 severity rating
  15. 97%Building a Musical Instrument with the Web Audio API
  16. 98%Someone should build X for the web” – why not you? All you need is a GitHub account
  17. 93%General ASP.NET Performance Best Practices (Part-1)
  18. 95%RSS Feed Best Practises
  19. 95%Styling `select` elements for real
  20. 87%GitHub - microsoft/Web-Dev-For-Beginners: 24 Lessons, 12 Weeks, Get Started as a Web Developer
  21. 66%My Books
  22. 87%My Software Engineering Bootcamp Journey (Series three)
  23. 98%Edge DevTools for Visual Studio Code V2 – new browser preview with emulation and sourcemap support
  24. 96%Improve Angular performance with Gzip compression on Azure Storage
  25. 98%How I fell in love with low-js
  26. 97%Microsoft 'Eats Own Dog Food' with WebView2, .NET 6, WinUI 3 for PowerToys -- Visual Studio Magazine
  27. 88%How I Learned to Program
  28. 94%Ordering CSS Declarations
  29. 99%ASP.NET Core JavaScript Collocated TagHelper
  30. 96%Blazor Workshop | NDC London 2022
  31. 98%Use the Query String to pass an array of selected values between Blazor Pages
  32. 99%Pyscript.net
  33. 94%Web Scraping via Javascript Runtime Heap Snapshots - Adrian Cooney's Blog
  34. 97%Weeknotes: Parallel queries for Datasette, plus some middleware tricks
  35. 99%How to create a Blog with Contentlayer and NextJs – Sandro Maglione
  36. 99%nix-shell, but make it lovely
  37. 96%Speeding up Prettier locally and on your CI with dprint
  38. 93%The Future of CSS: CSS Toggles
  39. 98%Are We Microfrontends Yet?
  40. 93%Dealing with UI jank in the JUCE framework · Melatonin
  41. 97%Anatomy of a Django/HTMX Project
  42. 97%'Alternative to Blazor' Wisej 3 Ships -- Visual Studio Magazine
  43. 90%Web color is still broken
  44. 97%<code>canvasInteractor</code>
  45. 99%90 Days are all you need to get a web developer job
  46. 89%On Leaving Turkey
  47. 99%Upload Files With Drag & Drop or Paste in Blazor - Code Maze
  48. 99%THCon 2k22 CTF - "Local Card Maker" Writeup - Guy Lewin's Blog
  49. 97%Creating professional slides from Markdown notes
  50. 83%Notes on Long-Form Notes
  51. 97%Phoenix LiveView Cursors – Koen van Gilst
  52. 83%The struggle of using native emoji on the web
  53. 96%Creating a TP-Link Router Backup Editor for the Web
  54. 91%CSS Mirror Editing with Sourcemapped files (Sass, React…) – we need you to make it better
  55. 97%Use CSS.escape() to escape QuerySelectorAll()
  56. 97%Shiki
  57. 93%Reliably Send an HTTP Request as a User Leaves a Page | CSS-Tricks
  58. 98%tsup
  59. 95%Subdomains as identity
  60. 93%Client-side Image Previews With JavaScript
  61. 88%Using Containers to move from local to Remote Development
  62. 84%The Next Google | DKB
  63. 90%How We Built r/Place - Upvoted
  64. 84%Those HTML Attributes You Never Use — Smashing Magazine
  65. 82%How often do people actually copy and paste from Stack Overflow? Now we know.
  66. 97%Why I love Elm
  67. 98%How to make a button
  68. 81%USWDS: The United States Web Design System
  69. 98%OCaml 4.14.0 is released - Ecosystem - OCaml
  70. 95%React v18.0 – React Blog
  71. 87%How to write better PRs that spark joy
  72. 80%GitHub - Wilfred/difftastic: a diff that understands syntax 🟥🟩
  73. 95%Using PowerPoint as a WYSIWIG Editor for HTML Templates (Proof of Concept in C#)
  74. 90%Quick survey: help improve the simulation options of browser developer tools
  75. 73%Introducing MDN Plus: Make MDN your own – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
  76. 94%5 CSS Frameworks To Use This Year
  77. 98%What language am I writing again?
  78. 81%New Browser-in-the Browser (BITB) Attack Makes Phishing Nearly Undetectable
  79. 99%Write Readable Code
  80. 95%Descriptify | Articles
  81. 96%Build an OpenSCAD WASM Configurator
  82. 98%Blazor for .NET MAUI: What, How and When
  83. 95%How To Create and Validate a React Form With Hooks
  84. 98%Security Research | mr.d0x
  85. 88%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview Brings Back Xamarin Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  86. 94%Delightful React File/Directory Structure
  87. 85%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 7
  88. 81%CSS-Tricks joins DigitalOcean, expanding our commitment to community
  89. 97%CSS-Tricks is joining DigitalOcean! | CSS-Tricks
  90. 98%Conditional Blazor Styles (without the if statements)
  91. 93%New WebKit Features in Safari 15.4
  92. 97%Edge DevTools Team Seeks 'Constructive Discussions' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  93. 99%Middleware in .NET 6 - Intro and Basics
  94. 98%How to Write a Golang App Remotely on a Raspberry Pi Using Atom
  95. 97%How to make MPAs that are as fast as SPAs
  96. 82%Inspecting Web Views in macOS
  97. 90%MarketRank: The Anti-SEO Ranking Algorithm
  98. 80%The Perils of RSS
  99. 98%shot-scraper: automated screenshots for documentation, built on Playwright
  100. 97%Some tiny personal programs I've written
  101. 98%How to Upgrade to the React 18 Release Candidate – React Blog
  102. 87%Building a Digital Homestead, Bit by Brick
  103. 98%Edge Developer Tools for Visual Studio (Preview)
  104. 63%Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla united for web developers
  105. 72%Retrieving your browsing history through a CAPTCHA
  106. 93%FOMO? YAMO.
  107. 97%It's always been you, Canvas2D - Chrome Developers
  108. 98%Creating a Static Web Content Project for Publishing with WebDeploy
  109. 94%dotnetdays.ro - .NET & Software Architecture conference in Romania
  110. 89%Grid and Flexbox—What Problems They Solve
  111. 85%Numbers Every Programmer Should Know By Year
  112. 93%New ASP.NET Core Migration Guidance -- Visual Studio Magazine
  113. 83%Microsoft Previews Edge Developer Tools for Visual Studio IDE -- Visual Studio Magazine
  114. 98%Sharing code between ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core
  115. 98%GitHub - gildas-lormeau/SingleFile: Web Extension for Firefox/Chrome/MS Edge and CLI tool to save a faithful copy of an entire web page in a single HTML file
  116. 91%A guide to auditing, reviewing, and improving a Drupal module
  117. 95%5 things you don't need Javascript for
  118. 96%Infinite Memory
  119. 81%Transit Panel
  120. 96%More notes on writing web scrapers
  121. 98%30 Days of PWA - Learning Series about Progressive Web Apps
  122. 99%Making a Tor Version of Your Site
  123. 99%Adding Tailwind CSS v3 to a Blazor app
  124. 97%Think big, start small
  125. 99%Simple Passwordless User Authorization
  126. 97%Programming things that have gotten easier
  127. 89%Simplify Rails Views Using ViewComponents with Tailwind CSS and RSpec
  128. 95%I quit my job to make free web tools
  129. 99%PDFs in Django like it’s 2022! — /var/
  130. 62%[Last Week in .NET #81] – Happy Birthday, .NET
  131. 99%Host Static Web Sites for Free in Azure
  132. 97%Dizzying but Invisible Depth
  133. 97%Host your static 11ty site on Google Cloud
  134. 92%What's Coming for Blazor Hybrid in .NET 7 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  135. 92%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Blazor Components, Layout, and Style
  136. 99%Azure Static Web Apps - a Netlify alternative | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  137. 91%Why I wanted to be a developer
  138. 86%Color Preview - Visual Studio Marketplace
  139. 98%Getting Started with Selenium - C# Example - New
  140. 94%Design Systems for Developers
  141. 97%Docs! Docs! Docs! — brandur.org
  142. 98%Replacing attributes on child components – Blazor University
  143. 96%Flexbox Froggy
  144. 93%6 Interesting Resources to Encourage Your Child to Learn to Code
  145. 99%Minimal APIs, Blazor Improvements, and Tools Updates in ASP.NET Core 6
  146. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Get Started Building Applications with Blazor
  147. 99%Yes, I can connect to a DB in CSS
  148. 99%The AWS DynamoDB feature you're missing out on
  149. 96%Wikipedia and irregular data: how much can you fetch in one expression?
  150. 95%Caching Header Best Practices
  151. 96%Piped
  152. 87%<link>: The External Resource Link element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN
  153. 95%EASILY Build Apps With Tailwind CSS Using Tailmars
  154. 99%Implement a PWA using Blazor with BFF security and Azure B2C
  155. 96%Code-Splitting: Get Better Performance When Developing React
  156. 93%Microsoft Teams 2.0 will use half the memory, dropping Electron...
  157. 99%Fun with Node experimental modules and loaders
  158. 56%January 7, 2021 - Building a PowerBI report, CSS Ribbon, and Azure functions
  159. 93%GitHub - refined-github/refined-github: Browser extension that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features
  160. 75%Make Free Stuff
  161. 99%Building a Vaporwave scene with Three.js - Maxime Heckel's Blog
  162. 92%Gemini Is A Little Gem • AndreGarzia.com
  163. 99%Web Wednesday hosted by GeekTrainer: Chatting about Blazor with Cecil Phillip
  164. 61%Tips for Onboarding Onto an Existing Codebase
  165. 89%CSS Custom Highlight API Module Level 1
  166. 97%How Khan Academy Rewrote their Backend
  167. 97%Examining the covidtests.gov architecture - Ad Hoc
  168. 85%My First Thoughts on SvelteKit – Ferhat Erdogan
  169. 62%eyeo wins landmark copyright court decision; protects digital rights and sets important legal precedent for who ‘owns’ HTML
  170. 67%PagerDuty’s Security Training for Engineers, Penultimate
  171. 99%Free Static Web Hosts for Frontend Developers
  172. 93%Simple.css - A classless CSS framework
  173. 96%Turning a GitHub page into a Progressive Web App
  174. 88%The State of Web Scraping 2022 | ScrapeOps
  175. 97%Announcing Parcel CSS: A new CSS parser, compiler, and minifier written in Rust!
  176. 98%How to write performant React code: rules, patterns, do's and don'ts
  177. 94%Is the madness ever going to end?
  178. 79%Make Beautiful Gradients
  179. 63%The Optional Chaining Operator, “Modern” Browsers, and My Mom
  180. 98%Missing Blazor intellisense in VS2022? You may be running into this problem
  181. 96%Rachit Nigam | PhD Candidate, Cornell University
  182. 59%Hang your code out to DRY
  183. 75%Built On Blazor! - Home
  184. 79%Happy 10th Birthday, Bridgy!
  185. 84%Live reloading for Hotwire Rails apps
  186. 99%Secure minimal APIs with .NET 6 and Microsoft Identity
  187. 88%An Honest Look at Tailwind as an API for CSS
  188. 96%I took a job at Amazon, only to leave after 10 months.
  189. 95%Accessibility Test–Driven Blazor Components
  190. 74%Build a Dynamic Course Landing Page with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and DatoCMS
  191. 64%Evaluating frontend frameworks and not choosing any
  192. 97%A modest proposal to fix web search
  193. 82%Markdown in Academic Writing – iA Writer: The Focused Writing App
  194. 99%Using Caddy
  195. 89%Safing Portmaster
  196. 71%Adam Fuhrer | Frontend Engineer
  197. 98%Sciter uses JavaScript from now and on – Terra Informatica Software
  198. 94%Letter to a junior web developer
  199. 93%Build an Animated Sidebar with React and Tailwind CSS
  200. 88%Maybe we could tone down the JavaScript
  201. 62%A Whole Website in a Single HTML File
  202. 98%GraphQL is not meant to be exposed over the internet
  203. 98%A challenger to the throne of vector graphics. SVG is dead, long live TinyVG!
  204. 94%There's never been a better time to build websites | simeonGriggs.dev
  205. 99%Use calendar, mailbox settings and Teams presence in ASP.NET Core hosted Blazor WASM with Microsoft Graph
  206. 66%Test Your Product on a Crappy Laptop
  207. 81%Beyond Hot Reload: 'Live Reload' and More -- Visual Studio Magazine
  208. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Data Access with Entity Framework
  209. 96%JavaScript Modules – A Beginner's Guide
  210. 92%Rails 7.0: Fulfilling a vision
  211. 94%New tool: Mess with DNS!
  212. 93%Pico.css • Minimal CSS Framework for semantic HTML
  213. 98%Widget Driven Development | Alexey Antipov
  214. 87%Doodle CSS
  215. 91%"Open source" is not broken
  216. 63%Neon Genesis Evangelion
  217. 90%Marketing Is Scary for a Solo Developer – Rauno Metsa
  218. 99%How "out" works in C# and why "in" can make or break your performance
  219. 87%Old CSS, new CSS
  220. 95%GitHub - publiusfederalist/federalist: Access files on the decentralized, unblockable torrent swarm and visit links using Handshake domains. Decentralized internet is here.
  221. 95%Cubic Bézier: from math to motion - Maxime Heckel's Blog
  222. 97%Defensive CSS - Ahmad Shadeed
  223. 90%Java vs .Net Comparison: Factors To Consider | OnGraph Technology
  224. 96%Angular Basics: Introduction to Processes, Threads—Web UI
  225. 92%uBlock, I exfiltrate: exploiting ad blockers with CSS
  226. 88%GitHub - amolenk/GameATron4000: Demo of using Blazor to build a classic 8-bit adventure game
  227. 98%Build interactive dashboards in minutes.
  228. 73%JetBrains launches cross-platform UI framework for Kotlin
  229. 93%Introducing the new Razor editor in Visual Studio 2022
  230. 88%FREE JavaScript practice with Advent of JS
  231. 94%The Vite Ecosystem
  232. 90%Craftsman v0.12 is out with .NET 6 scaffolding and more! – Wrapt
  233. 85%Data Exfiltration via CSS + SVG Font
  234. 91%My Custom CSS Reset
  235. 97%From Edge 96 onwards local files can get edited in Visual Studio Code and DevTools changes sync live
  236. 91%Opening source files in Visual Studio Code - Microsoft Edge Development
  237. 92%Remix - Build Better Websites
  238. 84%Wrap a website with a Webextension
  239. 99%Scott C. Krause Front-end Engineer | Vue.js TypeScript GoLang WASM
  240. 96%The Joy of Cryptography
  241. 99%.NET 6 Hot Reload and "Refused to connect to ws: because it violates the Content Security Policy directive" because Web Sockets
  242. 82%Only 90s Web Developers Remember This
  243. 95%MinimalApis.LiquidViews 2.2.2
  244. 86%Understanding why our build got 15x slower with Webpack 5 - Tines Engineering
  245. 85%Rails 7 added --css app generator
  246. 99%5 Reasons to IMMEDIATELY Turn On ESLint in VS Code
  247. 98%Reimagine Atomic CSS
  248. 86%Your CSS is an interface
  249. 98%Talking to SerenityOS Contributors About Scratch-build C++ Developer’s Playground in Modern C++ | The CLion Blog
  250. 94%When to refactor a large Blazor component into separate, smaller ones?
  251. 84%Yes, Programming is Hard
  252. 96%Don’t Do This in Code Reviews!!
  253. 94%New Release: Tor Browser 11.0 | Tor Blog
  254. 97%The shape of software
  255. 94%I QUIT My Job - Here's Why!
  256. 99%How to create your own project templates in .NET
  257. 82%64-bit Visual Studio 2022 Arrives -- Visual Studio Magazine
  258. 98%C# 10: Implicit Global Usings
  259. 99%Announcing ASP.NET Core in .NET 6
  260. 96%Quick browser Developer Tools tip: define and test interaction states in CSS using state simulation
  261. 96%How To Learn Stuff Quickly
  262. 99%So you want to Scrape like the Big Boys? 🚀
  263. 98%Beginner Web Dev - Coding Practice
  264. 95%Learn web development | MDN
  265. 96%What’s New in Angular 13
  266. 96%Why is Excalidraw so fucking good?
  267. 98%On autoloading
  268. 95%.NET Annotated Monthly | November 2021 | The .NET Tools Blog
  269. 99%Final Blazor Improvements Before .NET 6
  270. 94%Firefox 94.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes
  271. 86%Introducing the layer based SVG engine
  272. 98%How I Built Burplist For Free
  273. 96%COP26.org: A quick sustainability check
  274. 99%.NET R&D Digest (October, 2021)
  275. 97%Build client web assets for your Razor Class Library
  276. 98%Type | Treat 2021 – Day 4
  277. 91%How I made Google’s data grid scroll 10x faster with one line of CSS
  278. 98%3 new free tools for .NET developers
  279. 97%The strangely difficult problem of drawing a box around text
  280. 99%Creating a search engine for websites using Elasticsearch and Playwright - Gérald Barré
  281. 97%Getting Into Tech and Teaching with Vonta
  282. 98%136 facts every web dev should know before they burn out and turn to landscape painting or nude modelling
  283. 99%Get started building a Progressive Web App!
  284. 90%Microsoft Takes VS Code to the Browser (but No Debugger or Terminal) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  285. 99%Blazor - with Chris Sainty
  286. 97%Structured data, SEO and React | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  287. 99%WinBox - HTML5 window manager
  288. 99%vite build
  289. 93%Taking a Look at startTransition in React 18
  290. 82%DOOM Rendered via Checkboxes
  291. 96%OpenSilver 1.0 released
  292. 94%Generating a multi-language blog based in Markdown
  293. 99%What if… you could use Visual Studio Code as the editor of in-browser Developer Tools?
  294. 98%How to win at CORS
  295. 95%Microsoft is Finally Ditching Electron
  296. 97%Why I host my blog on Cloudflare Pages
  297. 99%GitHub - fosscord/fosscord: Fosscord is a free open source selfhostable discord compatible chat, voice and video platform
  298. 98%Announcing Cloudflare Research Hub
  299. 99%Chrome does some weird stuff if you toggle a stylesheet on and off
  300. 98%Making the whole web better, one canvas at a time.
  301. 98%Your CEO doesn't care about your CSS strategy, as long as you use Tailwind
  302. 99%How I built a modern website in 2021
  303. 97%Product bundles and jobs to be done
  304. 99%Next level console apps with Spectre.Console
  305. 97%GitHub - speedyg0nz/MagInkCal: E-Ink Magic Calendar that automatically syncs to Google Calendar and runs off a battery powered Raspberry Pi Zero
  306. 99%The State Of Web Scraping in 2021
  307. 84%A Conspiracy To Kill IE6 • Chris Zacharias
  308. 96%Confessions of a 1x Programmer
  309. 98%A guide to CSS container queries | Tom's dev blog
  310. 92%Building an Online Ticket Store with Blazor WebAssembly – Webinar Recording | The .NET Tools Blog
  311. 99%Compress Strings With .NET and C#
  312. 95%Why this Website is not, and may never be, HTTPS
  313. 98%ReSharper 2021.3 Starts Early Access Program! | The .NET Tools Blog
  314. 99%A New Medium for Communicating Research on Programming Languages
  315. 99%How to detect if the User's OS prefers dark mode and change your site with CSS and JS
  316. 99%Designing Low Upkeep Software
  317. 99%New tool: an nginx playground
  318. 98%I changed my mind about Tailwind CSS
  319. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Contributing to ASP.NET Core
  320. 99%ASP.NET Core 6: Streaming JSON responses with IAsyncEnumerable<T>, example with Angular
  321. 98%Using the platform
  322. 99%Practical frontend architecture - jaredgorski.org
  323. 99%Generate PDF files using an html template and Playwright - Gérald Barré
  324. 98%How to Contribute a Change to Nginx
  325. 98%MJML - The Responsive Email Framework
  326. 96%My pain building a WYSIWYG editor with contenteditable - Answerly.io
  327. 99%HTTP/3 support in .NET 6
  328. 89%Chartist - Simple responsive charts
  329. 99%CSS Mirror Editing in Edge DevTools for VS Code
  330. 97%Early Hints: How Cloudflare Can Improve Website Load Times by 30%
  331. 99%Does your Figma Plugin really need an UI? | Tom's dev blog
  332. 96%Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4: Hot Reload Expands, Speed Improvements -- Visual Studio Magazine
  333. 95%Announcing The Unicode® Standard, Version 14.0
  334. 97%Discovering what’s slowing down your website with Web Analytics
  335. 98%Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4 is now available!
  336. 99%CSS Variables + calc() + rgb() = Enforcing High Contrast Colors
  337. 93%April King — Cache-Control Recommendations
  338. 97%Designing Beautiful Shadows in CSS
  339. 98%Rectangle{} debugging in QML, just like printf(), but for QT
  340. 99%The KDL Document Language
  341. 99%I18n in Go: Managing Translations
  342. 86%9/11 Realtime
  343. 98%Date Format Cheat Sheet—How To Format Dates React DatePicker
  344. 99%Toolbelt.Blazor.LoadingBar 13.0.0
  345. 98%Switching to the i3 window manager
  346. 99%My £4 a month server can handle 4.2 million requests a day
  347. 98%GitHub - mgdm/htmlq: Like jq, but for HTML.
  348. 96%Svelte and SvelteKit - Why We Love It and Why You Should Try It
  349. 99%GitHub - koenvzeijl/AspNetCore.SassCompiler: Sass Compiler Library for .NET Core 3.x/5.x without node.
  350. 93%Introducing Pollen
  351. 99%ASP.NET Core Blazor routing
  352. 88%The Design of Disasters and the Disaster of Design
  353. 97%GitHub - 425show/BlazorServerAuthWithSAML
  354. 94%Release Notes - Safari Technology Preview - Safari
  355. 98%Twitter's div Soup and Uglyfied CSS, Explained
  356. 99%Why Electron apps are fine – Hello my name is Niels Leenheer
  357. 99%A Quick Guide to Dropdown Menus With React
  358. 98%Moving to modern Neovim
  359. 99%Console Utilities API reference - Chrome Developers
  360. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Beginning C#: Loops and Conditional Statements
  361. 98%Improving application security in an ASP.NET Core API using HTTP headers – Part 3
  362. 99%A new way of blogging about Golang
  363. 99%Every Web Browser Absolutely Sucks. – Luke Smith
  364. 96%Ask the Expert: Build a Web App with Blazor
  365. 96%Let's Learn .NET: Razor Pages - Events
  366. 99%What’s New in .NET 6 for Blazor?
  367. 99%End-to-End Tests With ASP.NET Core, XUnit, and Playwright
  368. 99%Token Authentication for django-rest-framework — /var/
  369. 98%I used to love Bootstrap. God, now I just hate it
  370. 99%I Hate Magento
  371. 98%Removing "shows" from Spotify
  372. 99%On .NET Live - Connecting gadgets to Blazor
  373. 98%CSS module scripts: `import` stylesheets like JavaScript modules
  374. 98%Elm at Rakuten | Rakuten Engineering Blog
  375. 90%CSS accent-color
  376. 99%Improving application security in ASP.NET Core Razor Pages using HTTP headers – Part 1
  377. 96%The rise of the one-person unicorn
  378. 98%Mixins in Sass
  379. 91%Making a Marketing Page
  380. 98%🖌️ Horton Hears a Whostyle
  381. 97%Stay alert
  382. 96%v0.9.4 - patch 3 release notes
  383. 98%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 7
  384. 97%Don’t attach tooltips to document.body - Atif Afzal
  385. 99%Vue 3.2 Released! | The Vue Point
  386. 98%The World of CSS Transforms
  387. 99%Happy Birthday, WWW – 30 years of mining a landfill for valid code
  388. 98%640 Pages in 15 Months – journal.stuffwithstuff.com
  389. 98%.NET Annotated Monthly | August 2021 | The .NET Tools Blog
  390. 99%Real Case - How I compromised 300 stores, and a
  391. 99%GitHub OCTO | Visualizing a codebase
  392. 99%Don't Worry About Spelling...VS Code Can Do It For You!!
  393. 97%JavaScript Debugging Now Built-In to VS Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  394. 88%Late Career Change into Tech with Kyla Gregory
  395. 99%Upload files with drag & drop or paste from clipboard in Blazor - Gérald Barré
  396. 89%My tiny side project has had more impact than my decade in the software industry – Mike's corner of the web
  397. 96%HTTP | MDN
  398. 98%static.wiki
  399. 99%IPFSifying Documentation · Karmanyaah Malhotra
  400. 97%Tailwind CSS Components
  401. 97%Having fun With HTML & CSS
  402. 98%Hot Reload Now Works with C++ Apps, with Blazor WebAssembly Support On Tap -- Visual Studio Magazine
  403. 99%One-offs and low-expectations with Safari
  405. 99%The New Way To Debug JavaScript in VS Code - No Extension Required
  406. 98%For developers, Apple’s Safari is crap and outdated
  407. 98%Using Web Share API React
  408. 96%What I Wish I Knew About CSS When Starting Out As A Frontender
  409. 99%Removing elements after an animation in Blazor - Gérald Barré
  410. 97%Cloudflare's Handling of an RCE Vulnerability in cdnjs
  411. 99%Debugging JavaScript, DOM, CSS and accessing the browser console without leaving Visual Studio Code
  412. 99%Prototyping and Usability Testing with Indigo Design | Design to Code
  413. 99%Unhandled Exceptions in Blazor Server with Error Boundaries
  414. 99%Tip 325 - How to build Blazor and C# APIs in Azure Static Web Apps
  415. 97%I Learned All About Supabase - The Open Source Firebase Alternative
  416. 98%My Fanless OpenBSD Desktop
  417. 95%The accessibility stalemate | Christian Heilmann
  418. 97%How I Got Started with NeoVim’s Lua Configuration
  419. 94%How to inspect elements that hide on mouse move
  420. 98%Easier browser debugging with Developer Tools integration in Visual Studio Code
  421. 98%How To Learn Stuff Quickly
  422. 98%sindresorhus/refined-github
  423. 99%yoeo/guesslang
  424. 99%Maps with Django (part 2): GeoDjango, PostGIS and Leaflet
  425. 92%StylishThemes/GitHub-Dark
  426. 94%Refined GitHub
  427. 97%CSS Isolation In Razor Pages
  428. 98%Don't Solve Problems, Eliminate Them
  429. 96%TypeScript Outshines C# in Developer Ecosystem Report -- Visual Studio Magazine
  430. 97%Wanna see a whiter white?
  431. 99%Design your Web Forms apps with Web Live Preview in Visual Studio 2022
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  750. 97%TWC9: Windows Terminal 1.6 Preview, Python in VS Code, Pulumi, and more!
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  791. 99%Seven ways to test for accessibility of your web site with browser Developer Tools
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  793. 96%1682995 - Enable AVIF support by default
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  831. 99%[Guest Post] Creating a game art asset pipeline in .NET | .NET Blog
  832. 99%Getting Started | How to Make an OS: 1
  833. 98%An open source multi-tool for exploring and publishing data
  834. 99%Real World String Validation in JavaScript - Scrimba 24 Days of #JavaScriptmas Challenge
  835. 98%Web Accessibility: Aria, Focus, Focus Management
  836. 99%Build New Zealand in an afternoon
  837. 98%WDR
  838. 99%sindresorhus/css-in-readme-like-wat
  839. 98%mapbox/mapbox-gl-js
  840. 94%Stacks
  841. 98%Asynchronous JavaScript in ~10 Minutes - Callbacks, Promises, and Async/Await
  842. 99%Dark mode for your web applications (using Blazor and Tailwind CSS)
  843. 99%User Registration with Angular and ASP.NET Core Identity
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  848. 90%HTTP/2 Push is dead
  849. 99%Upload Images to a Node.js Server with Uppy, Express.js, and Multer
  850. 99%Blazor Updates in .NET 5
  851. 97%Building TakeNote, a Notes App for Developers With GitHub Sync
  852. 99%Threat Actor: Unkown
  853. 98%Last Week in .NET #20 – Microsoft reclaiming the “Creepy Spying Company” mantle
  854. 98%Deploying a Lobsters Clone: What I Learned
  855. 99%loadimpact/k6
  856. 98%The HTML presentation framework | reveal.js
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  858. 98%FrontPage: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
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  957. 98%Full-Bleed Layout Using CSS Grid
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  1020. 99%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 5 Preview 8 | ASP.NET Blog
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  1187. 92%Convincing-looking 90s fonts in modern browsers – Vistaserv.net
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  1189. 97%How to Serve Over 100K Web Pages a Day on a Slower Home Internet Connection
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  1192. 95%How Stripe Designs Beautiful Websites
  1193. 96%Formatting Strings with JavaScript Padstart and Padend Functions
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  1198. 99%SVG Fragment Identifiers in HTML and CSS
  1199. 99%Headless vs Embedded CMS (Live Stream)
  1200. 99%Gatsby and Sanity - Part 4 (Live Stream)
  1201. 99%Mobile Blazor Bindings - Navigation and Xamarin Essentials
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  1203. 99%Integrating ASP.NET Core with gRPC - Simple Talk
  1204. 99%Contract-first development: Create a mock back end for realistic data interactions with React - Red Hat Developer
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  1206. 97%Visual Studio Code Browser Preview Extension
  1207. 98%Stored Procedures, ORMs, and GraphQL - ardalis
  1208. 99%My NixOS Desktop Flow
  1209. 96%Spotify’s Failed #SquadGoals
  1210. 99%Streamlabs Chat CSS tweak so message goes below name. Good for tall, thin layout.
  1211. 99%How to Build a Secure AWS Lambda API with Node.js and React
  1212. 99%Mobile Blazor Bindings - State Management and Data
  1213. 97%GraphQL and Apollo with Andrew Mead (Live Stream)
  1214. 98%Unleash your full-stack creativity with Blazor and Tailwind CSS
  1215. 99%Getting started with JavaScript application development - Red Hat Developer
  1216. 94%98.css
  1217. 74%Transparent Textures
  1218. 99%Getting Started with Sanity.io
  1219. 98%Hero Patterns
  1220. 96%Background Patterns in CSS
  1221. 99%Mobile Blazor Bindings - Navigation and Xamarin Essentials
  1222. 98%My Writings
  1223. 99%Gatsby and Sanity.io - Part 3 (Live Stream)
  1224. 99%The Ultimate Guide to Drag and Drop Image Uploading with Pure Javascript
  1225. 99%Top Visual Studio Code Git Extensions in 2020
  1226. 99%Mobile Blazor Bindings - State Management and Data
  1227. 89%Webinar: Let’s Build a Financial Dashboard with React
  1228. 99%Gatsby and Sanity.io - Part 2 Live Stream
  1229. 99%Gatsby and Sanity.io - Part 1 (Live Stream)
  1230. 98%Writing a Book with Pandoc, Make, and Vim — Vladimir Keleshev
  1231. 96%Firefox 75 for developers
  1232. 99%CSS Findings From The New Facebook Design - Ahmad Shadeed
  1233. 99%CS Degree vs Coding Bootcamp vs Self-taught (Live Stream)
  1234. 98%Mobile Blazor Bindings - Layout and Styling
  1235. 97%Releasing Skclusive-UI 2.0 for Blazor
  1236. 99%The Svelte Compiler Handbook
  1237. 98%Full stack open 2020
  1238. 99%Getting Started with The Twitch API (Live Stream)
  1239. 99%Sad state of cross platform GUI frameworks | RoyalSloth
  1240. 99%Shawn Wildermuth's Blog
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  1243. 97%Building dark mode on Stack Overflow - Stack Overflow Blog
  1244. 99%Year of Clojure on the Desktop
  1245. 99%Convert CSS in React To Styled Components
  1246. 99%Shawn Wildermuth's Blog
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  1248. 98%Add Upcoming Streams Page to My Gatsby Site (Live Stream)
  1249. 96%CO2 emissions on the web
  1250. 99%Top 10 Static Site Generators in 2020
  1251. 99%Fun with browsers: how to get an image into the current page
  1252. 99%Prettier 2.0 “2020” · Prettier
  1253. 98%Intermediate CSS Grid Challenges (Live Stream)
  1254. 99%CSS live reloading on Blazor
  1255. 91%The Beauty of CSS Design
  1256. 99%An Open Letter to Web Developers
  1257. 98%10 Examples of CSS Grid - Getting Started
  1258. 96%HTTP Desync Attacks: Request Smuggling Reborn
  1259. 99%Developer Resume Reviews (Live Stream)
  1260. 99%React and TypeScript - Getting Started
  1261. 97%BlazorAnimation 1.0.3
  1262. 99%JavaScript, CSS, HTML & Other Static Files in ASP .NET Core 3.1
  1263. 99%How Websites Evolved Back to Static HTML/CSS/JS Files —
  1264. 98%Building Blazor applications on a Mac
  1265. 98%Tip 253 - Use Ingress Controller to access resources in an Azure Virtual Network
  1266. 99%SAFE Adventures in F# – Azure From The Trenches
  1267. 99%Getting Started With React Hooks
  1268. 99%Integrating Tailwind CSS with Blazor using Gulp - Part 2
  1269. 97%📕 The 25 most recommended programming books of all-time.
  1270. 99%Don’t try to sanitize input. Escape output.
  1271. 83%The Simpsons in CSS
  1272. 99%Learning Blazor Components: The Definitive Guide
  1273. 92%Neutralinojs
  1274. 95%Grid Garden
  1275. 99%Getting Started with Parcel.js - A Web Application Bundler
  1276. 98%Visual Studio for Mac: Refresh(); event
  1277. 99%Web Workers, comlink, TypeScript and React
  1278. 98%Should you self-host Google Fonts?
  1279. 99%VorTechS/BlazorCarousel
  1280. 99%Build a JavaScript Responsive Sidebar Menu
  1281. 97%Visual Studio for Mac: Refresh(); event speakers and sessions | Visual Studio Blog
  1282. 93%Reminder: Visual Studio for Mac: Refresh(); event on Feb 24 | Visual Studio Blog
  1283. 98%Integrating Tailwind CSS with Blazor using Gulp - Part 1
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  1285. 99%joshfree - Overview
  1286. 90%sdras - Overview
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  1343. 95%Overriding :root CSS variables from inner scopes
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  1389. 99%Three easy endpoints
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