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Posts for 'cryptography'

  1. 98%GitHub - timvisee/ffsend: Easily and securely share files from the command line. A fully featured Firefox Send client.
  2. 94%What every new software developer should know
  3. 95%Thomas H. Ptacek
  4. 82%Huobi Global Lists Mina Protocol
  5. 89%Undefined behavior in C is a reading error. – keeping simple
  6. 96%dYdX V4 - The dYdX Chain
  7. 84%What I'm excited for this build cycle
  8. 94%SnarkyJS Week 2022 - Crowdcast
  9. 77%My 40-liter backpack travel guide
  10. 96%Master the Event Loop in Node.js
  11. 69%Join Us For the First Ever SnarkyJS Week
  12. 97%The Animated Elliptic Curve
  13. 91%Some ways to use ZK-SNARKs for privacy
  14. 98%find an anon friendly job today
  15. 91%Eurocrypt 2022 program
  16. 97%Cheat Sheet For If I'm Gone
  17. 62%Tether’s actual peg
  18. 66%Class-groups – USF Crypto
  19. 98%Hertzbleed Attack
  20. 99%core/known-issues.md at main · dotnet/core
  21. 70%Real World Cryptography Study Group
  22. 79%A message from Coinbase CEO and Cofounder, Brian Armstrong
  23. 76%Why I became a Solo Founder | Bold Data
  24. 94%Foreword — ZK Jargon Decoder
  25. 75%Specifying Spring '83
  26. 97%The Web PKI 2.0
  27. 98%Hands-on: X25519 Key Exchange
  28. 87%In defense of crypto(currency)
  29. 97%Linux on A7-A8X
  30. 99%Several Improvements on BKZ Algorithm
  31. 94%About the security of passkeys
  32. 81%The Fermi Paradox of Venture Capital
  33. 99%Performance Improvements in .NET MAUI
  34. 62%This is not normal
  35. 97%Tink, with Sophie Schmieg - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  36. 66%Episode 232: Cutting Edge ZK Research with Mary Maller - ZK Podcast
  37. 51%Update on Hiring Plans
  38. 68%Countering the Crypto Lobbyists
  39. 98%Welcoming Rocket.Chat to Matrix! | Matrix.org
  40. 75%Ghost in the Shellcode
  41. 92%GitHub - JumpCrypto/crypto-reading-list
  42. 99%Preliminary Learning ON Kimchi: PLONK
  43. 78%Keep the Web Free, Say No to Web3
  44. 73%We’re discontinuing the Stablegains service. Please withdraw your remaining funds.
  45. 58%Tether Required Recapitalization In May 2022
  46. 60%This "amateur" programmer fought cancer with 50 Nvidia Geforce 1080Ti
  47. 58%No permission needed 🚀
  48. 96%Proof of Stake and our next experiments in web3
  49. 99%25 Gbit/s HTTP and HTTPS download speeds
  50. 90%Some Cryptography Books I Like
  51. 53%Idea machines
  52. 94%Practical bruteforce of AES-1024 military grade encryption
  53. 52%The EU Commission is planning automatic CSAM scanning of your private communication – or total surveillance in the name of child protection.
  54. 90%Announcing Pub/Sub: Programmable MQTT-based Messaging
  55. 81%Important notice for all customers | BitPrime
  56. 65%What backs a currency? Terra Luna drops nearly 100% - Economics - Intercoin
  57. 99%C# Method to Check if a Number is Prime
  58. 58%European Commission prefers breaking privacy to protecting kids
  59. 87%1,930 Remote Companies | Himalayas
  60. 68%Dutch digital identity system crisis — nico.rikken’s blog
  61. 53%Job Posting: Reddit Research Czar
  62. 97%Bridging Web 2 and Web 3: an identity perspective - Blog by Damian Schenkelman
  63. 97%Themes from Real World Crypto 2022
  64. 93%A vision for Decentraland's next 5 years
  65. 88%Learn to code. Or don't.
  66. 99%Implementing a ZK-focused authenticated-encryption scheme
  67. 88%Senior Product Security Engineer
  68. 92%Announcing Bolt & Forte partnership
  69. 91%Explaining Yao's Garbled Circuits - Cronokirby
  70. 94%Zaplib post-mortem - Zaplib docs
  71. 90%Real World Cryptography Conference 2022
  72. 95%Increasing the surface area of blogging
  73. 72%Cloudflare blocks 15M rps HTTPS DDoS attack
  74. 75%All Roads Lead to Rome: The Machine Learning Job Market in 2022
  75. 97%Announcing the Hare programming language
  76. 54%How easy is it in 2022 to find a SHA1 collision?
  77. 90%Canetti et al's Paradoxical Encryption Scheme
  78. 96%How SHA-256 Works Step-By-Step
  79. 90%Magic Beans
  80. 90%Physical Threshold Encryption
  81. 99%The 10 Commandments .NET Developers Must apply for Secure Applications
  82. 94%Walking Through ECDSA Distributed Key Generation (DKG) - HackMD
  83. 93%CVE-2022-21449: Psychic Signatures in Java
  84. 60%Fintech and Practical Utopianism
  85. 96%Taxonomy Of In-The-Wild Exploitation
  86. 88%VCs Fund Ideas, Not Execution - Manish R Jain
  87. 89%Startup trends to not look for in 2030 – Mr. Steinberg
  88. 99%GitHub - freenet/locutus: Declare your digital independence
  89. 99%Assume your devices are compromised
  90. 72%The games Nintendo didn't want you to play: Tengen
  91. 99%THCon 2k22 CTF - "Local Card Maker" Writeup - Guy Lewin's Blog
  92. 86%An inherent source of correlation in the crypto market
  93. 86%Ethereum Has Issues
  94. 73%A Web Renaissance
  95. 87%Let’s Encrypt Receives the Levchin Prize for Real-World Cryptography
  96. 96%Watch People Doing the Thing
  97. 83%Requests for comment/Stop accepting cryptocurrency donations - Meta
  98. 69%Why Airbnb Will Take Over The World With Remote Work
  99. 78%Your brand needs to be easily summarizable
  100. 87%The Complete Argument Against Crypto
  101. 81%Dear Traveller,
  102. 99%Random Class in C# - Code Maze
  103. 60%de-eth-ed.csv
  104. 94%O(1) Labs
  105. 77%Coinbase Lists Mina Protocol
  106. 93%The (r)Evolution of FHE
  107. 95%Early Security for Startups
  108. 99%placeholder
  109. 90%Random number generator enhancements for Linux 5.17 and 5.18
  110. 86%Web3 and the democratization of Digital Assets
  111. 90%Troubleshooting HTTP/3 in http.sys
  112. 87%Some interesting malware I found — Bobbie Chen
  113. 96%Essential Cryptography for JavaScript Developers | With Blue Ink
  114. 85%Sofía Celi - cryptographer
  115. 59%PKC Test-of-Time Award
  116. 92%Lead Application Engineer
  117. 90%Future-proofing SaltStack
  118. 99%A Deep dive into Ed25519 Signatures
  119. 93%Introducing Caddy-SSH
  120. 95%Post-quantumify internal services: Logfwrdr, Tunnel, and gokeyless
  121. 74%BAT: a Fast and Small Key Encapsulation Mechanism
  122. 99%[Crypto] Cracking Diffie–Hellman key exchange using CADO-NFS + Logjam SSL/TLS attack
  123. 92%Year in Review: 2020 laid the groundwork for zero knowledge proofs
  124. 88%2022 Predictions: Zero-Knowledge Proofs Become Web3’s Killer Feature
  125. 53%The (Edited) Latecomer's Guide to Crypto
  126. 83%Decentralized Identity: The Basics of Decentralized Identity
  127. 98%Implementing a toy version of TLS 1.3
  128. 95%If you’re not using SSH certificates you’re doing SSH wrong
  129. 80%What Epic's purchase of Bandcamp means for music
  130. 67%NSA algorithm for PX-1000 broken
  131. 90%Web3 is centralized (and inefficient!)
  132. 92%Announcing Sui
  133. 99%Using RavenDB from Serverless applications
  134. 98%Using RSA Securely in 2022 - Dhole Moments
  135. 98%Decrypting your own HTTPS traffic with Wireshark – Trickster Dev
  136. 90%Passkeys: How multi-device FIDO credentials can replace passwords
  137. 95%Create your own Cryptocurrency, it is easier than you might think – Andrianina Rabakoson
  138. 96%Moonwell.fi: DeFi's liquidity well
  139. 85%Staking and Trading for MINA Starts Now For USA, CA and AUS! - Kraken Blog
  140. 91%Mina: Using Zero-Knowledge To Make Web3 Useful for Everyone
  141. 58%$92M Capital Raise Led by FTX Ventures and Three Arrows Capital Puts the Mina Ecosystem in Position to Become Leading Hub for Zero Knowledge Smart Contracts
  142. 61%Be a part of the world's lightest blockchain.
  143. 95%O(1) Labs
  144. 96%Roll your own crypto, then smoke it.
  145. 93%Announcing the Cloudflare API Gateway
  146. 96%Go 1.18 Release Notes - The Go Programming Language
  147. 92%The Aptos Vision
  148. 66%Coal to crypto: The gold rush bringing bitcoin miners to Kentucky
  149. 99%ssh package - golang.org/x/crypto/ssh - pkg.go.dev
  150. 98%The code is the specification? Introducing cargo spec
  151. 62%The Downfall of Reddit – Why Reddit Sucks, and How to Fix It
  152. 94%A Comprehensive Primer · Michael Straka
  153. 99%GitHub - facebookresearch/narwhal: Narwhal and Tusk: A DAG-based Mempool and Efficient BFT Consensus.
  154. 76%s11e09: A short conversation with a bank
  155. 98%Cooking with credentials - pepper - Eric Mann's Blog
  156. 77%I can probably hack your password in MINUTES!
  157. 89%Reintroducing Snapps as zkApps
  158. 61%Technology vs Tools
  159. 91%An Illustrated Guide to Elliptic Curve Cryptography Validation
  160. 86%Global payment solutions for Web3
  161. 95%Open Banking for OAuth Developers
  162. 82%We Cannot Live Without Cryptography!
  163. 81%The technological case against Bitcoin and blockchain
  164. 99%Telenot Complex: Insecure AES Key Generation
  165. 98%Part 2: Improving crypto code in Rust using LLVM’s optnone
  166. 98%Part 1: The life of an optimization barrier
  167. 95%The Controversy Surrounding Hybrid Cryptography - Dhole Moments
  168. 95%Blockchain Cryptography | Gary Woodfine
  169. 92%Plagiarism as a patent amplifier
  170. 84%GNU Taler Documentation — GNU Taler 0.8.2 documentation
  171. 98%Transport Layer Security (5/6)
  172. 89%Fuzzing for wolfSSL
  173. 96%The post-quantum future: challenges and opportunities
  174. 97%Disable SHA1 signature creation and verification by default (78fb78d3) · Commits · Red Hat / centos-stream / rpms / openssl
  175. 97%25 Malicious JavaScript Libraries Distributed via Official NPM Package Repository
  176. 95%HPKE: Standardizing public-key encryption (finally!)
  177. 85%[COSE] Why you shouldn't have your crypto designed by a CEO
  178. 97%GitHub Previews Faster Codespaces Creation with Prebuilds -- Visual Studio Magazine
  179. 92%Building Confidence in Cryptographic Protocols
  180. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part X-Additional data
  181. 97%zkSync 2.0: Public Testnet is Live!
  182. 97%Why the OAuth mTLS spec is more interesting than you might think
  183. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part IX–SIV
  184. 95%Making protocols post-quantum
  185. 98%Cossack Labs - Security of React Native libraries: the bad, the worse and the ugly
  186. 99%Do not recommend: User Provided Primary Keys
  187. 99%Convoy Crackdown
  188. 83%Badly implementing encryption: Part VIII–timings attacks and side channels
  189. 97%Deep Dive Into a Post-Quantum Key Encapsulation Algorithm
  190. 87%How bad it is using the same IV twice with AES/GCM?
  191. 96%The Post-Quantum State: a taxonomy of challenges
  192. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part VII–implementing authenticated encryption
  193. 97%Programming things that have gotten easier
  194. 94%Is Datalog a good language for authorization?
  195. 94%Off-The-Record Messaging part 1: the problem with PGP | Robert Heaton
  196. 77%Spam Accounts in 2022
  197. 88%Decentralization Is a Quality
  198. 83%Detecting Magecart-Style Attacks With Page Shield
  199. 98%Badly implementing encryption: Part VI–malleable encryption
  200. 76%The Journey That Led Me to Write a Book on Analog Zettelkästen
  201. 87%r/crypto - Linux RNG switches from SHA1 to BLAKE2s
  202. 55%Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/1641
  203. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part IV–keyed hash function
  204. 82%Learn Privacy-Enhancing Techniques with Cryptographic Games
  205. 72%Badly implementing encryption: Part III–breaking your encryption apart
  206. 96%How I research any topic
  207. 96%Security of BLS batch verification - Cryptography - Ethereum Research
  208. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part II–breaking the code
  209. 97%Android 13 virtualization lets Pixel 6 run Windows 11, Linux distributions - CNX Software
  210. 94%Wifi Signal Mapping with WiFiman - Using Augmented Reality!
  211. 98%00
  212. 77%Crypto Reading
  213. 62%The Factorio Mindset
  214. 60%In Praise of 'Line Goes Up'
  215. 71%Zero Knowledge Proofs Can Save the Metaverse From Becoming a Dystopian Surveillance State - The Defiant
  216. 98%Kimchi: The latest update to Mina’s proof system
  217. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part I
  218. 89%Attacking an Ethereum L2 with Unbridled Optimism
  219. 89%BeyondCorp is dead, long live BeyondCorp
  220. 93%Our User-Mode WireGuard Year
  221. 84%GitHub Quick Reviews
  222. 99%Crypto Tracker App with Telerik .NET MAUI Controls
  223. 68%John Battelle's Search Blog On Building A Better Web: The Marlinspike Threads
  224. 91%Crypto-name
  225. 78%The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and Massachusetts Institute of Technology release technological research on a central bank digital currency
  226. 63%Wormhole Incident Report — 02/02/22
  227. 85%CS 251 Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies: Syllabus
  228. 87%Estimating the Bit Security of Pairing-Friendly Curves
  229. 92%How I Discovered Thousands of Open Databases on AWS
  230. 98%Visual Studio 2022 - with Kendra Havens
  231. 89%RWC 2022 program
  232. 72%My most meaningful work of 2021 – not falling down
  233. 98%.NET R&D Digest (January, 2022)
  234. 92%How I Discovered Thousands of Open Databases on AWS
  235. 99%Basic cryptography - the Vigenere cipher - Eric Mann's Blog
  236. 98%Fold inbox crypto into one assembly by bartonjs · Pull Request #64307 · dotnet/runtime
  237. 52%It’s been 20 years since “15” was factored on quantum hardware | IBM Research Blog
  238. 83%Piped
  239. 83%Trying to vlog #crypto #vlog #shorts
  240. 97%Cryptocurrency exchange BTC-Alpha confirms ransomware attack
  241. 58%PQShield raises $20M for its quantum-ready, future-proof cryptographic security solutions – TechCrunch
  242. 93%Consequences Create Complexity
  243. 91%Hey Ethereum, Let's Break Solidity's Composability!
  244. 93%bbenchoff.github.io by bbenchoff
  245. 75%Make Free Stuff
  246. 98%My Terminal Has SUPER POWERS! (My New FAVORITE Terminal Plugin)
  247. 54% 2022 Tech Predictions · Ted Neward's Blog
  248. 97%Biscuit 2.0 release
  249. 99%Modern Web Applications with SAFE Stack
  250. 78%On Leaving Facebook
  251. 71%Episode 214: Emin Gün Sirer on Avalanche and its Formation - ZK Podcast
  252. 60%Free Postgres Databases
  253. 99%Web Wednesday - Talking ASP.NET with Jon Galloway
  254. 65%Crypto.com Security Report & Next Steps
  255. 89%David Wong
  256. 89%David Wong
  257. 85%Bulletproof SSL and TLS | Feisty Duck
  258. 99%CC #9: A Wild ECDSA Appears!
  259. 59%TC Conf – Transylvania Crypto Conference
  260. 92%You're running untrusted code!
  261. 70%An Anatomy of Bitcoin Price Manipulation
  262. 90%Clear communication
  263. 89%An extremely casual code review of MetaMask’s crypto
  264. 76%Charles Hoskinson on Some thoughts about the Mina Protocol Ouroboros+Snarks=22kb size
  265. 79%Working With Market Data Using Time Series in RavenDB
  266. 68%Blockchain-based systems are not what they say they are
  267. 79%CryptoHack – Home
  268. 95%ANSIWAVE - Make the "semantic web" web 3.0 again -
  269. 72%Opinion: Is Web3 a Scam? - Stack Diary
  270. 94%Introducing Plonky2 — Polygon | Blog
  271. 91%My first impressions of web3
  272. 81%Real-World Cryptography by David Wong Book Review
  273. 60%The Cryptography of Orphan Annie and Captain Midnight
  274. 98%The ultimate SQLite extension set
  275. 97%PagerDuty’s Security Training for Engineers! Part Deux
  276. 92%Breaking change: Partial and zero-byte reads in DeflateStream, GZipStream, and CryptoStream - .NET
  277. 77%The Case Against Crypto
  278. 64%A New Year's Letter from the President | SQUARE ENIX HOLDINGS
  279. 99%The Modern Guide to OAuth
  280. 99%.NET's Cryptographic One-Shots
  281. 94%Server Thief Bait - catch them red handed!
  282. 82%Fintech firm hit by Log4j hack refuses to pay $5 million ransom
  283. 99%Fix stack overflow with X509Certificate FriendlyName by vcsjones · Pull Request #63179 · dotnet/runtime
  284. 60%“Play-to-earn” and Bullshit Jobs
  285. 81%[Last Week in .NET #74] – Automated Legal Problems
  286. 94%GitHub - trailofbits/zkdocs
  287. 97%GitHub - dani-garcia/vaultwarden: Unofficial Bitwarden compatible server written in Rust, formerly known as bitwarden_rs
  288. 98%Introduction
  289. 90%Disclosing Shamir’s Secret Sharing vulnerabilities and announcing ZKDocs
  290. 96%What Problem Blockchains Actually Solve
  291. 98%How did the Enigma Machine work?
  292. 94%The bulldozer vs vetocracy political axis
  293. 51%BusKill: The USB Laptop Kill Cord
  294. 92%Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/1621
  295. 96%Meet Kryptology: Coinbase’s Open Source Cryptography Library
  296. 85%Web3 is going just great
  297. 98%Alexandre Nédélec - Pulumi with an Azure Blob Storage backend
  298. 76%What If I Told You: Money Isn't Real
  299. 95%Testing constant-timeness using Valgrind: case of the NSS library
  300. 91%Cloud Computing Facts – 10 Reasons Intel Is Best for Cloud
  301. 98%Solene'% : What are the VPN available on OpenBSD
  302. 56%The Problem with Finance APIs
  303. 85%Blockchainism
  304. 88%Redefining Scalability
  305. 58%Digging into Data Availability with Ismail Khoffi from Celestia – ZK Podcast
  306. 81%Post-Quantum Signatures in TLS will be challenging | Bulletproof TLS Newsletter
  307. 97%Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David: 9781617296710: Amazon.com: Books
  308. 99%‎Security. Cryptography. Whatever.: WireGuard, feat. Jason Donenfeld on Apple Podcasts
  309. 73%Web3? I have my DAOts
  310. 93%Introducing Mysten Labs: Building Foundational Infra for Web3
  311. 50%Why your cloud infrastructure should be immutable
  312. 59%Blockchains don't solve problems that are interesting to me
  313. 91%Security | 2021 | The Web Almanac by HTTP Archive
  314. 98%Understanding HKDF - Dhole Moments
  315. 84%Pure Fungibility on the Blockchain
  316. 86%Understanding Zero-knowledge proofs through simple examples
  317. 86%Understanding Zero-knowledge proofs through simple examples
  318. 67%On the Use of Pedersen Commitments for Confidential Payments
  319. 89%Troy Hunt's Weekly Update Podcast
  320. 73%This shouldn't have happened: A vulnerability postmortem
  321. 69%Why I have settled on XChaCha20+Blake3 as the AE suite of choice for my projects
  322. 76%The Solution Space
  323. 54%The Token Disconnect
  324. 87%Proof of stake is a scam and the people promoting it are scammers
  325. 90%Build software better, together
  326. 89%Bank transfers as a payment method
  327. 95%Bitslicing for Constant Time Cryptography
  328. 90%Why does Web 3.0 Exist? - Web3 Oversimplified
  329. 88%#50 Mina: Use Cases for Snapps & Snarketplace Dynamics
  330. 95%An intensive introduction to cryptography: index
  331. 97%From Edge 96 onwards local files can get edited in Visual Studio Code and DevTools changes sync live
  332. 85%The Handwavy Technobabble Nothingburger
  333. 89%Net Conf 2021 Québec : Introduction à NET 6.0
  334. 91%An Engineer's Hype-Free Observations on Web3 (and its Possibilities)
  335. 84%Coin Vol-II Hedging your BTC/ETH - The basics
  336. 92%RSA vs ECDSA for DNSSEC | APNIC Blog
  337. 59%Speculative Autobiographies
  338. 72%we like the runners
  339. 96%The Joy of Cryptography
  340. 98%GitHub - zademn/EverythingCrypto: (Still exploring) My cryptography journey: A collection of notebooks covering different algorithms and concepts from cryptography
  341. 99%hacspec [![hacspec chat][chat-image]][chat-link]
  342. 50%Crypto Wash Trading
  343. 98%12 features coming in C# 11, potentially
  344. 54%Get Rich Offsetting Carbon
  345. 96%ZK HACK #5 - Aztec Workshop - Nov 23 | Hopin
  346. 98%Talking to SerenityOS Contributors About Scratch-build C++ Developer’s Playground in Modern C++ | The CLion Blog
  347. 70%The Metaverse: Is It Already Here?
  348. 94%Writing new system software
  349. 97%restic · Backups done right!
  350. 68%It's Now Possible To Sign Arbitrary Data With Your SSH Keys
  351. 84%No one knows what's coming next
  352. 79%How I use Notion · Reasonable Deviations
  353. 89%Fixing Recent Validation Vulnerabilities in OctoRPKI
  354. 87%Threshold Digital Signatures
  355. 92%How to create a tech startup - Vlad Mihalcea
  356. 99%The Surreal Horror of PAM
  357. 64%Libra Shrugged — Chapter 15: Central bank digital currencies
  358. 99%Technical Advisory – Arbitrary Signature Forgery in Stark Bank ECDSA Libraries
  359. 80%The Intellectual Incoherence of Cryptoassets
  360. 69%Matter Labs Announces $50M in New Funding for zkSync
  361. 95%Sizing Up Post-Quantum Signatures
  362. 79%an inside look into the illicit ad industry
  363. 90%Signal is losing
  364. 88%Re-Organizing the World’s Information: Why we need more Boutique… — Mirror
  365. 99%GitHub - axelarnetwork/tofn: A threshold cryptography library in Rust
  366. 95%Random Oracles in Cryptography
  367. 99%So you want to Scrape like the Big Boys? 🚀
  368. 84%Breaking changes in .NET 6 - .NET
  369. 98%Threema: Three Strikes, You’re Out
  370. 98%How (Not) to Design a Hash Function
  371. 91%PAKEs, oPRFs, algebra, feat. George Tankersley - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  372. 98%Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David: 9781617296710: Amazon.com: Books
  373. 82%The Strange Path of Accepting How Your Brain Works · Caffeinspiration
  374. 96%Pairings in CIRCL
  375. 95%Please change your mind about your announced release plans
  376. 92%Pipelines - Runs for runtime
  377. 98%Handshake Encryption: Endgame (an ECH update)
  378. 97%Privacy Pass v3: the new privacy bits
  379. 98%mazzo.li — Backing up WhatsApp data through the multi-device web client
  380. 87%Malware Found in UA-Parser-JS NPM Library
  381. 87%Fake npm Roblox API Package Installs Ransomware and has a Spooky Surprise
  382. 97%Cracking Random Number Generators using Machine Learning – Part 1: xorshift128
  383. 60%50 First Levers (How to start building Leverage) — Eric Jorgenson
  384. 99%HTTPS Everywhere plug-in no longer needed | Bulletproof TLS Newsletter
  385. 87%Privacy is a Human Right | Tor Blog
  386. 97%Choosing a cache
  387. 98%Looking into convergent encryption
  388. 75%Ciphertext Compression #1: NTRU Strikes Back
  389. 98%Modifying the Acorn CLE-215+ FPGA into a PCILeech DMA attack device
  390. 98%GitHub - mthom/scryer-prolog: A modern Prolog implementation written mostly in Rust.
  391. 99%SRP is Now Deprecated - TobTu
  392. 98%The secret of stunning OSS contributions! I've changed my life for Hanami!
  393. 97%Why Nano
  394. 97%A Critique [The Call of the Open Sidewalk]
  395. 96%A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography
  396. 97%Episode 17: Breaking Wi-Fi With Frame Attacks!
  397. 93%On the Word “Nonce” in Cryptography and the UK
  398. 98%JSON Web Token (JWT) Implementation Using Node.js
  399. 98%It's time for the Permanent Web
  400. 98%Introducing Nuntius - Cronokirby
  401. 76%Real-World Cryptography: Wong, David: 9781617296710: Amazon.com: Books
  402. 84%Good Riddance: Steam Bans Games That Feature Crypto And NFTs
  403. 95%Geo Key Manager: Setting up a service for scale
  404. 99%How to use certificates in ASP.NET Core
  405. 95%Signatures From Identification Schemes - Cronokirby
  406. 99%Privacy-Preserving Compromised Credential Checking
  407. 78%Ted Cruz says bitcoin will stabilize Texas electric grid—here’s why he’s wrong
  408. 97%Stripe: Job Openings
  409. 99%Cloudflare and the IETF
  410. 99%Canonicalization Attacks Against MACs and Signatures
  411. 95%ongoing by Tim Bray · Worst Case
  412. 99%You're Doing IoT RNG
  413. 98%Malwarebytes' privacy VPN is Mullvad in a shady trenchcoat
  414. 98%Announcing Cloudflare Research Hub
  415. 97%HD wallets and the Legendrery PRF in MPC - HackMD
  416. 98%Cloudflare Research: Two Years In
  417. 97%Web3 Architecture and How It Compares to Traditional Web Apps - The New Stack
  418. 91%The Poly Network Hack Explained
  419. 99%Privacy is sexy 🍑🍆 - Enforce privacy & security on Windows and macOS
  420. 88%Is the SEC forcing Crypto Devs into Illegality and Anonymity?
  421. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: Error handling at the protocol level
  422. 90%Lightning Round
  423. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: Implementing the record stream
  424. 93%Bitcoin is a Ponzi
  425. 96%Episode 21: Proving Fundamental Equivalencies in Isogeny Mathematics!
  426. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: Coding the handshake
  427. 72%Forward Party | Not Left. Not Right. Forward.
  428. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: The record layer
  429. 97%Cloudflare just disrupted 3 industries in 1 week
  430. 99%Implicit Overflow Considered Harmful (and how to fix it)
  431. 97%Product bundles and jobs to be done
  432. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: The record layer
  433. 96%Apple's CSAM Detection, feat. Matthew Green - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  434. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: design
  435. 90%NFT Projects are just MLMs for Tech Elites
  436. 96%What every IT person needs to know about OpenBSD
  437. 98%Automatic cipher suite ordering in crypto/tls
  438. 76%Twitter accelerates again with Bitcoin tips, NFTs, recorded Spaces, creator fund and more – TechCrunch
  439. 95%Snapps on Mina with Emre and Izaak – ZK Podcast
  440. 99%CSAW Quals 2021 Bits
  441. 98%The Bi-Symmetric Encryption Fraud
  442. 94%Avalanche (AVAX) is launching on Coinbase Pro
  443. 62%A World Without Sci-Hub
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  884. 98%David Wong – What is Applied Cryptography? #121
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  1200. 99%The Curious Case of WebCrypto Diffie-Hellman on Firefox - Small Subgroups Key Recovery Attack on DH
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  1230. 88%CryptographicException on .NET Core 3, Windows only "The specified RSA parameters are not valid; both Exponent and Modulus are required fields." · Issue #30914 · dotnet/runtime
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  1232. 99%What's new in .NET Core 3.0
  1233. 99%draft-ietf-quic-transport-23 - QUIC: A UDP-Based Multiplexed and Secure Transport
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  1238. 99%OpenSSL PRNG is not (really) fork-safe - Martin Boßlet
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  1241. 58%Major Crypto Brokerage Coinmama Reports 450,000 Users Affected by Data Breach
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  1244. 98%!(Spotting the promising cryptography-related start ups)
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  1271. 99%Enable C# mode command line diff by terrajobst · Pull Request #1196 · dotnet/standard
  1272. 87%Kik and the SEC: What’s Going On and What Does It Mean for Crypto? - Andreessen Horowitz
  1273. 93%[Cryptography] Bitcoin - closing the coin
  1274. 98%Why 2f+1
  1275. 77%Seven Trends in Blockchain Computing (Spring 2019)
  1276. 97%nothings/single_file_libs
  1277. 91%dotnet/extensions
  1278. 99%RFC 8551 - Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) Version 4.0 Message Specification
  1279. 96%microsoft/SymCrypt
  1280. 99%JDK 12 Security Enhancements
  1281. 87%Five Open Problems for the Blockchain Computer - Andreessen Horowitz
  1282. 98%proposal: crypto/tls: Expose maps for cipher suite IDs/names · Issue #30325 · golang/go
  1283. 80%Dream Market Shuts Down: Has the DEA Claimed Another Darknet Victim?
  1284. 99%Cryptologie
  1285. 99%Lies, darn lies and sampling bias
  1286. 99%Verified cryptographic provider a triple threat
  1287. 98%.NET API browser
  1288. 99%ITHare/obf
  1289. 99%A Go implementation of Poly1305 that makes sense
  1290. 98%Archive
  1291. 99%BoringTun, a userspace WireGuard implementation in Rust
  1292. 99%Possible bug with RSACng hash verification · Issue #29061 · dotnet/runtime
  1293. 97%The WhibOx Contest Edition 2 - CYBERCRYPT
  1294. 99%On the S-Box of Streebog and Kuznyechik
  1295. 94%Understanding STIR/SHAKEN
  1296. 99%Include System.Security.Cryptography.RandomNumberGenerator.GetInt32 · Issue #1101 · dotnet/standard
  1297. 99%Go 1.12 Release Notes - The Go Programming Language
  1298. 97%Steam :: Steamworks Development :: Steamworks SDK v1.44 - New Networking APIs
  1299. 98%We need to talk about Session Tickets
  1300. 92%Cybersecurity for the Public Interest - Schneier on Security
  1301. 92%Added Range Manipulation APIs to Collection<T> and ObservableCollection<T> by ahoefling · Pull Request #35772 · dotnet/corefx
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  1303. 97%Data Leakage from Encrypted Databases - Schneier on Security
  1304. 74%a16z Podcast: Voting, Security, and Governance in Blockchains - Andreessen Horowitz
  1305. 84%Introducing Anchorage, the world’s first crypto-native custodian
  1306. 97%What comes after open source?
  1307. 89%Blockchain Can Wrest the Internet From Corporations' Grasp
  1308. 70%Crypto, Beyond Silk Road - Andreessen Horowitz
  1309. 81%Crypto, the Future of Trust
  1310. 93%Beyond Cryptocurrencies - Andreessen Horowitz
  1311. 97%4 eras of blockchain computing: degrees of composability
  1312. 98%The Four Horsemen of Centralization, by Ali Yahya
  1313. 98%Centralization vs Decentralization - AVC
  1314. 93%Presentation: The End of the Beginning — Benedict Evans
  1315. 98%The Myth of The Infrastructure Phase | Union Square Ventures
  1316. 98%a16z Crypto - Andreessen Horowitz
  1317. 98%a16z Crypto - Andreessen Horowitz
  1318. 98%a16z Crypto - Andreessen Horowitz
  1319. 98%a16z Crypto - Andreessen Horowitz
  1320. 98%a16z Podcast: Scaling Companies (and Tech Trends) - Andreessen Horowitz
  1321. 98%a16z Crypto - Andreessen Horowitz
  1322. 93%SEC.gov | Digital Asset Transactions: When Howey Met Gary (Plastic)
  1323. 79%A #CryptoIntro — Resources & Wrap Up
  1324. 73%Welcome Balaji Srinivasan, Coinbase’s new Chief Technology Officer
  1325. 99%Crypto Canon - Andreessen Horowitz
  1326. 97%a16z Podcast: Mental Models for Understanding Crypto Tokens - Andreessen Horowitz
  1327. 98%Vitalik Buterin, Creator Of Ethereum, On The Big Guy Vs. The Little Guy - Unchained Podcast
  1328. 86%Our Top 16+ Podcasts of 2017 - Andreessen Horowitz
  1329. 80%The Future of Tech, with Chris Dixon – [Invest Like the Best, EP.69]
  1330. 78%dYdX raises seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital
  1331. 55%Welcome Asiff Hirji: Coinbase’s New President & Chief Operating Officer
  1332. 97%Field Notes: Devcon3 - Ethereum Developer's Conference - Andreessen Horowitz
  1333. 97%Keybase launches encrypted git
  1334. 87%a16z Podcast: Why Crypto Tokens Matter - Andreessen Horowitz
  1335. 98%Bitcoin's Academic Pedigree - ACM Queue
  1336. 98%Blockchains don’t scale. Not today, at least. But there’s hope.
  1337. 79%How Information Got Re-Invented - Issue 51: Limits - Nautilus
  1338. 88%Traditional Asset Tokenization
  1339. 88%Traditional Asset Tokenization
  1340. 94%Digital currency reading list
  1341. 97%Computer Logic with Chris Dixon - Software Engineering Daily
  1342. 99%Details on Recent DNS Hijacking - Schneier on Security
  1343. 95%Reconstructing SIGSALY - Schneier on Security
  1344. 98%Blockchain and Trust - Schneier on Security
  1345. 98%Hacking the GCHQ Backdoor - Schneier on Security
  1346. 95%Friday Squid Blogging: Squid Lollipops - Schneier on Security
  1347. 98%Evaluating the GCHQ Exceptional Access Proposal - Schneier on Security
  1348. 93%Friday Squid Blogging: New Giant Squid Video - Schneier on Security
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  1350. 84%Back Issues of the NSA's Cryptolog - Schneier on Security
  1351. 92%Security Risks of Chatbots - Schneier on Security
  1352. 92%The DoJ's Secret Legal Arguments to Break Cryptography - Schneier on Security
  1353. 86%Friday Squid Blogging: Squid Sculptures - Schneier on Security
  1354. 98%oss-security - MatrixSSL stack buffer overflow
  1355. 99%Modern Alternatives to PGP
  1356. 99%Go 1.12 Release Notes - The Go Programming Language
  1357. 96%Archive
  1358. 98%proposal: x/crypto: deprecate unused, legacy and problematic packages · Issue #30141 · golang/go
  1359. 75%Real World Crypto 2019 - Day 1 - Session 1 - Morning - part 1
  1360. 92%crypto/x509: root_cgo_darwin and root_nocgo_darwin omit some system certs · Issue #24652 · golang/go
  1361. 96%crypto/tls: add support for TLS 1.3 · Issue #9671 · golang/go
  1362. 76%CBC 2019
  1363. 98%Real World Crypto 2019
  1364. 93%The year in post-quantum crypto
  1365. 95%Lecture: The year in post-quantum crypto | Friday | Schedule 35th Chaos Communication Congress
  1366. 98%ImperialViolet - CECPQ2
  1367. 89%SPY --- Surveillance, Privacy, and You
  1368. 92%Quantum algorithms for analysis of public-key crypto | American Inst. of Mathematics
  1369. 99%Mathematics of Public Key Cryptography
  1370. 81%CRYPTO 2018: “Middle Ground” Proposals for a Going-Dark Fix
  1371. 86%Programme
  1372. 98%PQCRYPTO ICT-645622
  1373. 92%D. J. Bernstein / Talks
  1374. 97%djbsort: Intro
  1375. 88%Security in Times of Surveillance
  1376. 51%Round 1 Submissions - Post-Quantum Cryptography | CSRC
  1377. 88%Selected Areas in Cryptography (SAC) 2018 | University of Calgary |
  1378. 88%Eurocrypt 2018 rump session
  1379. 82%Classic McEliece: Talks
  1380. 90%NIST PQCrypto Classic McEliece submission
  1381. 89%PQCrypto 2018 Conference : Florida Atlantic University - Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
  1382. 98%libpqcrypto: Intro
  1383. 88%Security in Times of Surveillance
  1384. 99%Introducing HacSpec
  1385. 74%Accepted Papers : Florida Atlantic University - Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
  1386. 88%Post-Quantum Cryptography
  1387. 97%CBC Workshop 2018 : Florida Atlantic University - Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
  1388. 87%SPHINCS+
  1389. 99%The ROBOT Attack
  1390. 92%NTRU Prime: NIST submission
  1391. 99%dalek-cryptography/ed25519-dalek
  1392. 70%The CCC: Men Who Hate Women
  1393. 92%Mersenne Prime Discovery - 2^82589933-1 is Prime!
  1394. 99%RUB-NDS/TLS-Padding-Oracles
  1395. 92%Cryptologie | Links
  1396. 99%crypto/tls: enable TLS 1.3 and update tests · golang/go@30cc978
  1397. 97%Quantum Computing, Capabilities and Limits: An Interview with Scott Aaronson – Gigaom
  1398. 98%Database Encryption
  1399. 97%Kerckhoffs’ principles – Why should I make my cipher public?
  1400. 93%Proxy re-encryption and FHE with NuCypher
  1401. 92%Cryptologie | Links
  1402. 98%Attack of the week: searchable encryption and the ever-expanding leakage function
  1403. 99%Archive
  1404. 98% Introducing Adiantum: Encryption for the Next Billion Users
  1405. 98%Zcash Counterfeiting Vulnerability Successfully Remediated - Electric Coin Company
  1406. 89%Stanford Blockchain Conference 2019 - Day 1
  1407. 99%arXiv.org e-Print archive
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