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  1. ASP.NET Core Series: Deploying your Microservice to Azure Container Instances (READABLE)
  2. The illusion of statelessness (READABLE)
  3. Using Remote Containers in WSL 2 (READABLE)
  4. ASP.NET Core Series: Deploying your Microservice to Azure Container Instances (READABLE)
  5. The Easiest Way to Version NuGet Packages (READABLE)
  6. Building a path to success for microservices and .NET Core - Project Tye + GitHub Actions (READABLE)
  7. dapr/azure-functions-extension (READABLE)
  8. Architecting Cloud Native .NET Applications for Azure (READABLE)
  9. Announcing Azure Functions extension for Dapr - Open Source Blog (READABLE)
  10. The Pain of Debugging WebAssembly – The New Stack (READABLE)
  11. Build a Terminal Dashboard in React with `react-blessed` (READABLE)
  12. Experiments with WSL2... Yes you can use VSCode but could you run... (READABLE)
  13. Containerize an app with Docker tutorial - .NET Core (READABLE)
  14. Load Balancing an ASP.NET Core Web App using Nginx and Docker (READABLE)
  15. Running WSL GUI Apps on Windows 10 (READABLE)
  16. Docker container for windows (READABLE)
  17. Friday Five: OneNote, Azure SQL, And More! (READABLE)
  18. Zero to Hero with App Service, Part 1: Setting Up (READABLE)
  19. Choosing an Azure compute service - Azure Architecture Center (READABLE)
  20. blog (READABLE)
  21. GNU GCC does not round floating-point divisions to the nearest value (READABLE)
  22. Configuration is an API, not an SDK (READABLE)
  23. loic-sharma/BaGet (READABLE)
  24. Use managed services. Please. | Dan Moore! (READABLE)
  25. The Recurring Tragedy of Orchestration (READABLE)
  26. Deploy to Azure Container Instances with Docker Desktop (READABLE)
  27. Announcing Azure Service Operator for Kubernetes - Open Source Blog (READABLE)
  28. Krita 4.3.0 Released | Krita (READABLE)
  29. Multiplayer games room with F#, SignalR, Akka.Net and SAFE stack (READABLE)
  30. Deploy a .NET Container with AWS Fargate (READABLE)
  31. jantic/DeOldify (READABLE)
  32. Get started with Azure CLI (READABLE)
  33. Visual Studio 2019 Preview Release Notes (READABLE)
  34. Introducing dotnet-monitor, an experimental tool | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  35. Getting started with ASP.NET Core (READABLE)
  36. Your terminal can be much, much more productive (READABLE)
  37. Ian Bebbington - Uno WebAssembly Containerization (READABLE)
  38. Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Beats) 7.8.0 released (READABLE)
  39. romkatv/powerlevel10k (READABLE)
  40. schenkd/nginx-ui (READABLE)
  41. Task.WhenAll / Select is a footgun 👟🔫 (READABLE)
  42. How to Develop Inside a Container Using Visual Studio Code Remote Containers - Docker Blog (READABLE)
  43. My Favorite CLI Tools (READABLE)
  44. Workshop: Docker and Kubernetes - 1/2 - NDC Melbourne 2020 (READABLE)
  45. The ugly truth (READABLE)
  46. Good and Bad Parts of Ansible after 2 Years of Usage (READABLE)
  47. Announcing CUDA on Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 | NVIDIA Developer Blog (READABLE)
  48. the-benchmarker/web-frameworks (READABLE)
  49. dotnet/tye (READABLE)
  50. How to setup Visual Studio Codespaces for collaborative use (READABLE)
  51. Be Careful What You Benchmark (READABLE)
  52. My Favorite CLI Tools (READABLE)
  53. Hetzner Cloud Review: Revisited in 2020 - Magnus Skog (READABLE)
  54. Introducing GitHub Super Linter: one linter to rule them all - The GitHub Blog (READABLE)
  55. Lightweight alternatives to Google Analytics (READABLE)
  56. GPU accelerated ML training inside the Windows Subsystem for Linux - Windows Developer Blog (READABLE)
  57. Marten Quickstart with .Net Core HostBuilder (READABLE)
  58. Recent database technology that should be on your radar (part 1) (READABLE)
  59. Blog (READABLE)
  60. Weekly Notes - #15 (READABLE)
  61. An Introduction to Progressive Delivery (READABLE)
  62. Getting Started with Nix (READABLE)
  63. Optimising .NET Core Docker images - Ben Foster (READABLE)
  64. Develop, Preview, Test (READABLE)
  65. .NET Core June 2020 Updates – 2.1.19 and 3.1.5 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  66. dapr/dapr (READABLE)
  67. 6 Steps To Run .NET Core Apps In Azure Kubernetes (READABLE)
  68. Project Tye with .Net Core and Angular (READABLE)
  69. Overcoming YAML Hell in Build Pipelines - Matthias Koch (READABLE)
  70. Machine learning is hard. (READABLE)
  71. My Essential Mac Applications · jshah (READABLE)
  72. CapRover · Build your own PaaS in a few minutes! (READABLE)
  73. Container technologies at Coinbase (READABLE)
  74. Tip 266 - Build 2020 – Application Developer on-demand videos list (READABLE)
  75. Mastering External Web API's in ASP.Net Core and ABP with Swagger, ApiExplorer, and NSwag (READABLE)
  76. How are you improving your technology skills today? Start by reading articles (READABLE)
  77. Going serverless :: Aloïs Micard (READABLE)
  78. Good Practices for Starting with Containers (READABLE)
  79. Cysharp/MagicOnion (READABLE)
  80. Visual Studio 2019 v16.7 Preview 2 Available Today! | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  81. Introducing Local Process with Kubernetes for Visual Studio 2019 | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  82. Introducing P2P Matrix | (READABLE)
  83. dotnet/tye (READABLE)
  84. dotnet/tye (READABLE)
  85. dapr/dapr (READABLE)
  86. Trying and setting up WSL 2 (READABLE)
  87. Microsoft’s Project Tye aims to tame microservices development (READABLE)
  88. Why is Kubernetes getting so popular? - Stack Overflow Blog (READABLE)
  89. Create and deploy a cloud-native ASP.NET Core microservice - Learn (READABLE)
  90. An Introduction to Apache Airflow (READABLE)
  91. Cloud Native Apps with .NET and AKS | BOD105 (READABLE)
  92. I wrote a SaaS product because the internet made me believe it'd make me rich (READABLE)
  93. Developing on Docker with the new and improved Visual Studio Container Tools (and WSL2) (READABLE)
  94. .NET Core 3.1, Docker, PostgreSQL, Swagger, C# (READABLE)
  95. Microsoft and Docker collaborate on new ways to deploy containers on Azure (READABLE)
  96. Developing Stack Overflow on MacOS (READABLE)
  97. 5 Types Of ZSH Aliases You Should Know (READABLE)
  98. How our 99th percentile response time went from 4000 ms to sub 10 ms (READABLE)
  99. fsharpConf: The F# Community Virtual Conference (READABLE)
  100. Why Infrastructure As Code? - Simple Thread (READABLE)
  101. (READABLE)
  102. GitLab 13.0 released with Gitaly Clusters, Epic Hierarchy on Roadmaps, and Auto Deploy to ECS (READABLE)
  103. A multi-node, elastic, petabyte scale, time-series database on Postgres for free (and more ways we are investing in our community) (READABLE)
  104. Introducing Project Tye | ASP.NET Blog (READABLE)
  105. Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes preview and new ecosystem partners (READABLE)
  106. Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes (READABLE)
  107. Home - Microsoft Build 2020 Book of News (READABLE)
  108. There and Back Again — Scaling Multi-Tenant Kubernetes Cluster(s) (READABLE)
  109. Home - Microsoft Build 2020 Book of News (READABLE)
  110. Developer Velocity: Empowering developers to fuel business performance (READABLE)
  111. Code, collaborate, and ship your apps from anywhere (READABLE)
  112. ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 5 Preview 4 | ASP.NET Blog (READABLE)
  113. Why is Rails boot so slow on macOS? (READABLE)
  114. The Windows Subsystem for Linux BUILD 2020 Summary | Windows Command Line (READABLE)
  115. DirectX ❤ Linux | DirectX Developer Blog (READABLE)
  116. Announcing .NET 5 Preview 4 and our journey to one .NET | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  117. .NET Foundation April/May 2020 Update (READABLE)
  118. 10 most common mistakes using kubernetes (READABLE)
  119. Swift 5.3 Will Expand Officially Supported Platforms to Windows and Additional Linux Distributions (READABLE)
  120. Code Maze Weekly #25 - Code Maze (READABLE)
  121. .NET Core May 2020 Updates – 2.1.18 and 3.1.4 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  122. Linux containers in a few lines of code (READABLE)
  123. Diagrams · Diagram as Code (READABLE)
  124. Linux Is Most Used OS In Microsoft Azure - Over 50 Percent Of VM Cores | Build5Nines (READABLE)
  125. Docker - Visual Studio Marketplace (READABLE)
  126. Pi-hole v5.0 is here! (READABLE)
  127. Project Tye – easier development with .NET for Kubernetes (READABLE)
  128. Top 10 must-know Kubernetes design patterns - Red Hat Developer (READABLE)
  129. Scancam uses ML.NET to prevent fuel theft | .NET (READABLE)
  130. Pi-hole v5.0 is here! (READABLE)
  131. 5 AWS Services You Should Avoid! (READABLE)
  132. OpenCV directly in the browser (webassembly + webworker) (READABLE)
  133. I gave away my books for free, and sales increased 4x (READABLE)
  134. Call For Papers - NDC Melbourne 2020 (READABLE)
  135. Why strace doesn't work in Docker (READABLE)
  136. Introducing Caddy 2 - The Ultimate Server with Automatic HTTPS (READABLE)
  137. [ONLINE EVENT] Turbocharged: Writing High-Performance C# and .NET Code (READABLE)
  138. Remote Debugging for Azure Functions Can Be a Breeze | Ozcode (READABLE)
  139. Orchestrating an application process with AWS Batch using AWS CDK | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  140. The FlixOne Bookstore Journey - WIN AN EBOOK PART 2: Hands-On Microservices with C# and .NET Core (READABLE)
  141. Orleans UniversalSilo (READABLE)
  142. Microsoft Build 2020 registration is not only open, it's FREE, it's LIVE, it's VIRTUAL, and it is all FOR YOU (READABLE)
  143. Visual Studio Codespaces (READABLE)
  144. Introducing Insomnia Designer (READABLE)
  145. Building External #KEDA Scaler on #Kubernetes. (READABLE)
  146. How Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr) has grown since its announcement - Open Source Blog (READABLE)
  147. Build Secure Apps on DigitalOcean with VPC and a Trustworthy Foundation (READABLE)
  148. Announcing the general availability of Windows Server containers and private clusters for Azure Kubernetes Service (READABLE)
  149. AKS Engine Questionnaire (READABLE)
  150. CoreBoy is a cross platform GameBoy Emulator written in C# that even does ASCII (READABLE)
  151. Automate multi-container Kubernetes deployments with Azure Pipelines - Learn - Learn (READABLE)
  152. Tip 261 - Learn how to use Azure Kubernetes Service Diagnostics (READABLE)
  153. My NixOS Desktop Flow (READABLE)
  154. 25 Basic Docker Commands for Beginners - Codeopolis (READABLE)
  155. Julie Lerman on (READABLE)
  156. Growing with the Web (READABLE)
  157. Shawn Wildermuth's Blog (READABLE)
  158. Build an intelligent chat bot that runs on Slack, Facebook & more! (READABLE)
  159. Enjoy Local Development with Tye, Docker, and .NET (READABLE)
  160. X410 - X Server for Windows 10 (READABLE)
  161. Roundup #69: ASP.NET Core Urls & Ports, Tye, Orleans, and Diagnostics - CodeOpinion (READABLE)
  162. Herding Code 241: The Freaky Friday macOS / Windows Switch (READABLE)
  163. A Framework to DotNet Core Conversion Report (READABLE)
  164. A Framework to DotNet Core Conversion Report (READABLE)
  165. Building a web app with functional programming (READABLE)
  166. WebDriver (Chromium) - Microsoft Edge Development (READABLE)
  167. Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 Moving into General Availability with Improved Update Process (READABLE)
  168. Pulumi - Modern Infrastructure as Code (READABLE)
  169. How to automatically choose a free port in ASP.NET Core 3.0 (READABLE)
  170. Serilog Logging Best Practices (READABLE)
  171. Open Source Virtual Background | BenTheElder (READABLE)
  172. IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1: Java 14, dataflow analysis assistance in the debugger, LightEdit mode, and more! (READABLE)
  173. Thank you, Visual Studio docs contributors | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  174. Migrating Duolingo’s Android app to 100% Kotlin (READABLE)
  175. Free April Month (READABLE)
  176. Running your own secure communication service with Matrix and Jitsi | (READABLE)
  177. Introducing Krustlet, the WebAssembly Kubelet (READABLE)
  178. Service and Container Orchestration for .NET with Tye (READABLE)
  179. ASP.NET Core docs: What's new for March 2020 (READABLE)
  180. BenchmarkDotNet v0.12.1 | BenchmarkDotNet (READABLE)
  181. Don't Code Tired | Running ASP.NET Core Apps on a Synology NAS with Docker (READABLE)
  182. Up to the clouds! (READABLE)
  183. I’ve noticed three types of serverless compute platforms. Let’s deploy something to each. (READABLE)
  184. Microservices with .NET Core and Docker Episode 04 - Bandwidth Tester with Serilog and Seq (READABLE)
  185. Microservices in .NET Core, Second Edition (READABLE)
  186. Kubernetes Research Survey (READABLE)
  187. PostgreSQL is the worlds’ best database (READABLE)
  188. If you want your OSS project to be successful… (READABLE)
  189. Announcing .NET 5.0 Preview 2 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  190. Lens | The Kubernetes IDE (READABLE)
  191. Writing .NET Database Integration Tests (READABLE)
  192. Prisma 2.0 is Now in Beta: Type-safe Database Access with Prisma Client | Prisma (READABLE)
  193. Debugging Dapr application using Tye tool (READABLE)
  194. 18 GitLab features are moving to open source (READABLE)
  195. Shawn Wildermuth's Blog (READABLE)
  196. Using Visual Studio Code from a docker image locally or remotely via VS Online (READABLE)
  197. Hosting and ASP.NET Core API in a Container Part 1 of 2 - Building the Container | Premier Developer (READABLE)
  198. Guidance for Java EE Migration to Azure (READABLE)
  199. Hands-on guide: developing and deploying Node.js apps in Kubernetes (READABLE)
  200. Simplify microservices with Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime) (READABLE)
  201. Deploy complex application, seamlessly | Qovery (READABLE)
  202. Production Debugging for .NET meets Infrastructure as Code | Ozcode (READABLE)
  203. Standing up a local Sql Server development DB w/ Bullseye, Docker, and Roundhouse (READABLE)
  204. Migrate from ASP.NET Core 3.1 to 5.0 (READABLE)
  205. Take Remote Worker/Educator webcam video calls to the next level with OBS, NDI Tools, and Elgato Stream Deck (READABLE)
  206. Windows Terminal 1.0 is coming - Update now and set up your split pane hotkeys! (READABLE)
  207. grocy - ERP beyond your fridge (READABLE)
  208. WSL | Ubuntu (READABLE)
  209. Lessons learned porting Octopus Server to .NET Core 3.1 - Octopus Deploy (READABLE)
  210. 5 Reasons Why You As a Developer Should Venture Into Machine Learning Today (READABLE)
  211. Azure Developer Stream (READABLE)
  212. Visual Studio Code Docker extension 1.0 - Better than Ever! | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  213. Tip 256 - Using Application Gateway Ingress Controller with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) (READABLE)
  214. Remote access to on-premises apps - Azure AD Application Proxy (READABLE)
  215. Visual Studio 2019 version 16.5 is now available | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  216. .Net Core Backend + React.js Frontend — Optimizing the development time experience (READABLE)
  217. The Difference Between API Gateways and Service Mesh - Cloud Native Computing Foundation (READABLE)
  218. About service meshes - Azure Kubernetes Service (READABLE)
  219. When You Do (and Don't Need) a Service Mesh - The New Stack (READABLE)
  220. Azure API for FHIR(r) | Microsoft Azure (READABLE)
  221. Linux Kernel Teaching — The Linux Kernel documentation (READABLE)
  222. Containers Basics: Providing Persistent Storage to Containers (READABLE)
  223. DevOps'ish (READABLE)
  224. Composite Thrashing Code (READABLE)
  225. Azure for .NET developers - Azure for .NET Developers (READABLE)
  226. Principal Program Manager - Azure Compute in Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Engineering at Microsoft (READABLE)
  227. How I Start: Nix (READABLE)
  228. Building microservices through Event Driven Architecture part11: Run Unit tests inside a docker container (READABLE)
  229. Comparing OpenAPI / Swagger, GraphQL, and gRPC (READABLE)
  230. Setting up Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 2 for Windows 10 & Docker (READABLE)
  231. Posts (READABLE)
  232. ASP.NET Community Standup - Feb 25, 2020 - Intro to Kubernetes for ASP.NET Core devs (READABLE)
  233. Abhishek Gupta – Medium (READABLE)
  234. Stateful Programming Models in Serverless Functions | QCon San Francisco 2020 (READABLE)
  235. Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Functions 3.0.4 (READABLE)
  236. Announcing PowerShell 7.0 | PowerShell (READABLE)
  237. “Let’s use Kubernetes!” Now you have 8 problems (READABLE)
  238. Dapr - Visual Studio Marketplace (READABLE)
  239. Pricing  |  Kubernetes Engine Documentation  |  Google Cloud (READABLE)
  240. Announcing PowerShell 7.0 | PowerShell (READABLE)
  241. Tip 253 - Use Ingress Controller to access resources in an Azure Virtual Network (READABLE)
  242. ASP.NET Core in Azure App Services' Docker Images - Part 3 - Shawn Wildermuth (READABLE)
  243. .NET Core (Preview) - Docker Hub (READABLE)
  244. TechBash 2020 - A Developer Conference in the Northeast (READABLE)
  245. Navigating microservices with .NET Core - Ryan Nowak (READABLE)
  246. Dan Wahlin on (READABLE)
  247. ASP.NET Community Standup - Feb 25, 2020 - Intro to Kubernetes for ASP.NET Core devs (READABLE)
  248. What's New in Visual Studio Online | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  249. When Containers Become Trashcans (READABLE)
  250. Black History Month: Hear from 5 Technology Innovators (READABLE)
  251. How to set up Docker within Windows System for Linux (WSL2) on Windows 10 (READABLE)
  252. Adding Observability to .NET Core Apps ASP.NET Blog | (READABLE)
  253. Principal Software Engineer in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft (READABLE)
  254. ASP.NET Community Standup - Feb 25, 2020 - Intro to Kubernetes for ASP.NET Core devs (READABLE)
  255. Hasura raises $9.9M Series A to simplify GraphQL for developers – TechCrunch (READABLE)
  256. 3.0 (READABLE)
  257. Netflix is pleased to announce the open-source release of our crisis management orchestration framework: Dispatch! (READABLE)
  258. Navigating microservices with .NET Core - Ryan Nowak (READABLE)
  259. Screaming in the Cloud Archives - Last Week in AWS (READABLE)
  260. How to install Visual Studio Code on a Raspberry Pi 4 in minutes (READABLE)
  261. :: Darch (READABLE)
  262. (READABLE)
  263. Software platform dependency analysis with F# and Neo4j (READABLE)
  264. Veniqa - Open-source E-commerce Solution. Built using MEVN Stack (Node.js, Express.js, Vue.js, MongoDB) and more. 100% Code Customizable. (READABLE)
  265. hassio-addons/addon-ssh (READABLE)
  266. VuePress (READABLE)
  267. Chris Noring — DEV Profile (READABLE)
  268. The friendly Operating System for the Internet of Things (READABLE)
  269. PostHog – Self Hosted Product Analytics (READABLE)
  270. Paperwork (READABLE)
  271. Temperature Blanket - A Rare Opportunity for My Coding to Assist Jocelyn's Crafting (READABLE)
  272. Screaming in the Cloud Archives - Last Week in AWS (READABLE)
  273. Why we left AWS (READABLE)
  274. StackShare Weekly Digest. (READABLE)
  275. ASP.NET Community Standup - Feb 25, 2020 - Intro to Kubernetes with Ryan Nowak (READABLE)
  276. TGI Kubernetes 105: Dapr - Distributed Application Runtime (READABLE)
  277. Azure Weekly (READABLE)
  278. Codefresh is the first CI/CD platform built for Kubernetes and Docker. (READABLE)
  279. NoSQL Database | RavenDB ACID NoSQL Document Database (READABLE)
  280. Rémi Bourgarel’s Blog (READABLE)
  281. Developer South Coast (Southampton, United Kingdom) (READABLE)
  282. etcd (READABLE)
  283. dapr/dapr (READABLE)
  284. .NET Blog (READABLE)
  285. .NET Core - Docker Hub (READABLE)
  286. Code Maze Weekly #11 - Code Maze (READABLE)
  287. 2020 Java Technology Report | Rebel (READABLE)
  288. .NET Blog (READABLE)
  289. Comby〔 Rewrite Code 〕 (READABLE)
  290. p8952/bocker (READABLE)
  291. PostgreSQL For Those Who Can’t Even, Part 1 (READABLE)
  292. Hosting your own NuGet Server and Feed for build artifacts with BaGet - Scott Hanselman (READABLE)
  293. What dotnet new Could Be (READABLE)
  294. Streaming Kubernetes’ logs using SignalR – Do Not Panic (READABLE)
  295. .NET Oxford (READABLE)
  296. davidfowl/NdcLondon2020 (READABLE)
  297. martinber/noaa-apt (READABLE)
  298. Multi-Cloud and On-Premises Application Delivery without the drama | Gravity | Gravitational (READABLE)
  299. gravitational/gravity (READABLE)
  300. Microsoft: Move from Traditional ASP.NET to 'Core' Requires 'Heavy Lifting' -- Visual Studio Magazine (READABLE)
  301. Excluding health check endpoints from Serilog request logging: Using Serilog.AspNetCore in ASP.NET Core 3.0 - Part 4 (READABLE)
  302. Vagrant by HashiCorp (READABLE)
  303. davidfowl/Micronetes (READABLE)
  304. Update samples by richlander · Pull Request #1538 · dotnet/dotnet-docker (READABLE)
  305. Containerized builds for Rust on the ESP32 - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻 (READABLE)
  306. davidfowl/Micronetes (READABLE)
  307. brendandburns/configula (READABLE)
  308. Developer Tools Weekly : Issue 100 : January 6, 2020 (READABLE)
  309. Azure Image Builder • Jamie Phillips (READABLE)
  310. Building Microservices (READABLE)
  311. Happy Holidays from the Windows Terminal Team! | Windows Command Line (READABLE)
  312. December 12th, 2019 (READABLE)
  313. Build C++ Applications in a Linux Docker Container with Visual Studio | C++ Team Blog (READABLE)
  314. ravicini/dotnet-jupyter-notebook (READABLE)
  315. We made Windows Server Core container images >40% smaller | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  316. .NET Core, Docker, and Cultures - Solving a culture issue porting a .NET Core app from Windows to Linux (READABLE)
  317. SwiftLaTeX/SwiftLaTeX (READABLE)
  318. dotnet/core (READABLE)
  319. Announcing .NET Core 3.1 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  320. Everything I know about Kubernetes I learned from a cluster of Raspberry Pis | Jeff Geerling (READABLE)
  321. Designing Docker Hub Two-Factor Authentication - Docker Blog (READABLE)
  322. The Service Mesh: What Every Software Engineer Needs to Know about the World's Most Over-Hyped Technology (READABLE)
  323. Azure Charts (READABLE)
  324. xoofx/LibObjectFile (READABLE)
  325. dapr/dapr (READABLE)
  326. .NET for Apache Spark™ | Big data analytics (READABLE)
  327. Helm 3.0.0 has been released! (READABLE)
  328. TimeZoneNotFoundException in Alpine Based Docker Images - Steve Gordon (READABLE)
  329. Kubernetes Learning Path v2.0 (READABLE)
  330. Announcing Visual Studio Online Public Preview | Visual Studio Blog (READABLE)
  331. Microsoft Ignite 2019 - Azure Customer Meetup Signup Form (READABLE)
  332. Destroying x86_64 instruction decoders with differential fuzzing (READABLE)
  333. Introducing Orleans 3.0 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  334. The .NET Process class on Linux - Red Hat Developer (READABLE)
  335. ThreeMammals/Ocelot (READABLE)
  336. dapr/dapr (READABLE)
  337. Introducing the Docker Desktop WSL 2 Backend - Docker Blog (READABLE)
  338. Introduction to cloud-native applications (READABLE)
  339. How to monitor your Docker containers with ctop (READABLE)
  340. Dump dotnet process running in docker from host · Issue #573 · dotnet/diagnostics (READABLE)
  341. Test A Blazor App With Cypress (READABLE)
  342. Running .NET Core global tools in non-sdk Docker images (READABLE)
  343. Announcing Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr), an open source project to make it easier for every developer to build microservice applications - Open Source Blog (READABLE)
  344. The Cloud Native Show - LIVE: Ep. 1 (READABLE)
  345. 1248897 - Expose SpeechRecognition to the web (READABLE)
  346. Announcing the Open Application Model (OAM), an open standard for developing and operating applications on Kubernetes and other platforms - Open Source Blog (READABLE)
  347. .NET R&D Digest (September, 2019) (READABLE)
  348. Microsoft - Official Home Page (READABLE)
  349. Packaging CLI programs into Docker images to avoid dependency hell (READABLE)
  350. The Third Annual C# Advent | Cross Cutting Concerns (READABLE)
  351. Use the Azure Application Insights Profiler settings pane - Azure Monitor (READABLE)
  352. New in ASP.NET Core 3.0: structured logging for startup messages: Exploring ASP.NET Core 3.0 - Part 6 (READABLE)
  353. nvbn/thefuck (READABLE)
  354. .NET Core 3.0 -- Post Launch Blog Posts (READABLE)
  355. Microsoft Launches New .NET Core Video Series - (READABLE)
  356. Announcing .NET Core 3.0 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  357. Careers- Junior Data Scientist (READABLE)
  358. Aditya Anand – Medium (READABLE)
  359. svaarala/duktape (READABLE)
  360. Durable Functions Overview - Azure (READABLE)
  361. Deploying Containerised Apps to Azure Web App for Containers (READABLE)
  362. .NET Core Process APIs not Consistent (or always useful) in all situations · Issue #28990 · dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  363. What is Dark? (READABLE)
  364. Publishing to Azure Container Registry using Azure Pipelines (READABLE)
  365. Workflow syntax for GitHub Actions - GitHub Help (READABLE)
  366. jedisct1/dsvpn (READABLE)
  367. How the .NET Team uses Azure Pipelines to produce Docker Images | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  368. Containerising a Blazor WebAssembly App (READABLE)
  369. Announcing pricing decrease for Azure App Service on the Premium plan | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure (READABLE)
  370. Strategic Domain-Driven Design (READABLE)
  371. prometheus-net/prometheus-net (READABLE)
  372. rstropek/BlazorHeroTutorial (READABLE)
  373. Containerising a Blazor Server App (READABLE)
  374. CQRS-Event Sourcing with Event Modeling - Event Store (READABLE)
  375. Announcing the preview of GitHub Actions for Azure (READABLE)
  376. A bootstrapper script for the Cake .NET Core Global Tool on Alpine using ash (READABLE)
  377. How to build with Cake on Linux using Cake.CoreCLR or the Cake global tool (READABLE)
  378. Cloud Native Show: What’s Cloud Native, Really? (READABLE)
  379. Tailcall optimization doesn't work with netcoreapp3.0 runtime · Issue #13255 · dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  380. What is Cloud Native, Really? (READABLE)
  381. SciSharp STACK (READABLE)
  382. Fast and flexible observability with canonical log lines (READABLE)
  383. Announcing .NET Core 3.0 Preview 7 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  384. Manning Publications (READABLE)
  385. AzureCasts (READABLE)
  386. Azure/azure-functions-durable-extension (READABLE)
  387. Browsh (READABLE)
  388. Developing inside a Container using Visual Studio Code Remote Development (READABLE)
  389. liveBook · Manning (READABLE)
  390. Manage and audit access to servers, databases and kubernetes. (READABLE)
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