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  1. 99%Docker image build pipeline for a .NET Core application using Jenkins – DevNinja – Automation Avenue
  2. 99%The DevOps Automation Guide
  3. 97%The State of WebAssembly – 2022 and 2023
  4. 99%Comparing the Top Eight Managed Kubernetes Providers
  5. 99%JVM Field Guide: Memory
  6. 95%How I Follow the News with RSS
  7. 85%Ten Years, Ten Highlights: Reflections on My Decade at Sumo Logic
  8. 99%Various Ways of Sending Mail via SMTP
  9. 93%Google blew it with open source layoffs
  10. 99%Tracking Application Health With OpenTelemetry Metrics in .NET
  11. 98%CI/CD: Automating Tests and Deployments the Fun Way
  12. 99%When Do I Need Microservices?
  13. 99%Track your coding progress on GitHub with a .NET Worker Service
  14. 98%armstrong-distributed-systems/erlang-is-not-about.md at main · stevana/armstrong-distributed-systems
  15. 95%When django, nextjs and Laravel failed me...
  16. 99%Forking Chrome to render in a terminal
  17. 99%Ask thoughtbot CTO - All About CI / CD
  18. 99%Serilog Best Practices - Ben Foster
  19. 99%Tracing .NET Applications Easily With OpenTelemetry - Code Maze
  20. 99%The tool that really runs your containers: deep dive into runc and OCI specifications | articles about programming on mkdev
  21. 99%K8s ASA: The Storage Interface
  22. 99%Download .NET (Linux, macOS, and Windows)
  23. 99%Prepare .NET core Microservice to be monitored by Kubernetes
  24. 99%.NET 7, Docker, K8S and Azure DevOps | .NET Conf 2022
  25. 99%How to run disposable databases for your tests. Improve your integration tests accuracy with Testcontainers
  26. 97%My old laptop, is my new web server
  27. 99%How to modernize a legacy .NET Framework WCF app using CoreWCF and .NET 7
  28. 95%The Full-Stack Developer Fallacy
  29. 99%Securely store secrets in Git using SOPS and Azure Key Vault
  30. 98%Why I Like Nox
  31. 96%Welcome to Kubernetes API Server Adventures
  32. 99%How to deploy .NET apps as systemd services using containers | Red Hat Developer
  33. 98%Feature Flags in a CI Pipeline
  34. 96%They're rebuilding the Death Star of complexity
  35. 98%Sometimes I regret using CalVer
  36. 94%Newsletter by Ivan Velichko
  37. 98%Your tech stack is not the product
  38. 99%The yaml document from hell
  39. 99%Simplifying devcontainers With Features | LINQ to Fail
  40. 99%How to build your OCI images using Buildpacks
  41. 99%Makefiles for Web Work – Ross Zurowski
  42. 99%Rebus in .NET - Service Bus Implementation - Code Maze
  43. 99%Upcoming Developer & Technical Events in the UK - Updated for 2023
  44. 98%Surprising Consequences of macOS’s Environment Variable Sanitization
  45. 99%A developer’s guide to Zero Trust Networking - Architect.io
  46. 98%Bye bye Azure Functions, Hello Azure Container Apps: Conclusions | endjin
  47. 99%Stop Certifying and Start Building Cloud Native Applications
  48. 99%Backup your code
  49. 99%Build Containers Without a Dockerfile
  50. 99%Automating Integration Tests using the “Critter Stack”
  51. 97%You Want Modules, Not Microservices
  52. 99%Rant - Why is CI Development so bad? - mikecann.co.uk
  53. 99%phaazon.net
  54. 99%Ivan on Containers, Kubernetes, and Backend Development
  55. 99%Keycloak as Authorization Server in .NET
  56. 99%Golang is evil on shitty networks
  57. 99%Code Maze Weekly #154 - Code Maze
  58. 99%Weird stuff and how to test it
  59. 98%See for yourself: the benefits of chiselled Ubuntu images in action with an ASP.NET shop demo | Ubuntu
  60. 99%GitHub - DimiMikadze/fest: SaaS boilerplate built with Node.js & React.
  61. 91%2022 was the year of Linux on the Desktop
  62. 98%General guidance when working as a cloud engineer
  63. 99%Self Hosting Password Manager
  64. 97%Searching a data breach with ElasticSearch
  65. 99%How to visualize your system architecture using the C4 model?
  66. 98%Wolverine and “Clone n’ Go!” Developement
  67. 96%37 tips for improving productivity in software development teams
  68. 99%[🎄.NET Advent Calendar🎄] Strengthening security posture of containerized .NET applications with Chiseled Ubuntu Containers
  69. 95%Virtual Studio Special - see how it's made!
  70. 99%Virtual Studio Special - see how it's made!
  71. 96%AWS Cloud9 - No space left on device
  72. 98%New: AWS CLI v2 Docker images available on Amazon ECR Public | Amazon Web Services
  73. 99%Running Optimizely CMS 12 (Episerver) on a Raspberry Pi
  74. 99%Automatically scaling Drone CI with Gitea | Jacob Kiers
  75. 99%The Future of .NET with WASM | The .NET Tools Blog
  76. 99%Preparing to move away from Twitter
  77. 99%Handling HTTP Requests with .NET 7 Native AOT on AWS Lambda | no dogma blog
  78. 99%GitHub - Jxck-S/plane-notify: Notify If a selected plane has taken off or landed using OpenSky or ADS-B Exchange data. Compares older data to newer data to determine if a landing or takeoff has occurred. As well as nav modes, emergency squawk and resolution advisory notifications. Can output to Twitter, Discord, and Pushbullet
  79. 99%InfluxDB newcomer’s impressions – Patrick's WebLog
  80. 98%Easing Deployment Without Containers
  81. 99%Amazing CTO
  82. 98%Azure DevOps Podcast: Jeff Fritz: Evolving Cloud Architecture - Episode 222
  83. 99%Schedule Jobs with Quartz.NET - Code Maze
  84. 99%Moving to .NET 7 MSMQ Alternatives
  85. 98%Goodbye Ghost, Hello Hugo
  86. 99%dev-wasm
  87. 99%Payara Cloud Automates Jakarta EE Deployments to Kubernetes
  88. 99%Use Keycloak as Identity Provider from Blazor WebAssembly (WASM) applications
  89. 99%Developing distributed applications with Tye
  90. 99%Dev environments in the cloud are a half-baked solution
  91. 99%Nix Knowledge Sharing
  92. 97%How to Secure Your Notes and Home Network When Using a Company Laptop?
  93. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  94. 97%Seq — centralized structured logs for .NET, Java, Node.js
  95. 94%Twitter turns its back on open-source development
  96. 98%My cloud workspace
  97. 95%On breaking changes in transitive dependencies
  98. 99%Kafka Networking via Wireshark - Vasil Kosturski
  99. 98%Plotting Sweden's real estate prices on a heatmap with deck.gl and Cloudflare
  100. 99%Clojure Frameworks: opinions are features, not bugs
  101. 99%Automated versioning and package publishing using GitHub Actions
  102. 99%The Audacity of Piping Curl to Bash
  103. 98%Add docker-compose project to run all apps by LuizFDS · Pull Request #41 · davidfowl/TodoApi
  104. 99%Emacs 29 is nigh! What can we expect?
  105. 99%Trying out the built-in container support for the .NET SDK
  106. 99%5 tips for IIS on containers: #5 Container and Node OS upgrade
  107. 99%Testing your ASP.NET Core application - using a real database
  108. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  109. 99%AWS Events
  110. 95%Why you no longer need a Dockerfile in .NET 7
  111. 99%Writing Spark DataFrame to HBase
  112. 99%GitHub - nuages-io/nuages-identity-2: ASP.NET Core Identity UI
  113. 98%Release Damselfly v4.0.0 · Webreaper/Damselfly
  114. 99%Episode 111 - RavenDB with Oren Eini
  115. 97%Pi Cluster vs Ampere Altra Max 128-core ARM CPU
  116. 99%Publish docker images to GitHub Container Registry (ghcr)
  117. 99%5 tips for IIS on containers: #4 Solving for Horizontal Scale
  118. 99%Django + fly.io = ❤️
  119. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  120. 99%Build and run Angular application in a Docker container
  121. 92%.NET 7 Adds Aggressive Garbage Collection for Kubernetes
  122. 70%You’re Not Going Anywhere
  123. 95%Cloud-Native Application Security - DZone Refcardz
  124. 99%How to publish .NET 7 apps directly to Docker
  125. 99%Lambda Cold Starts - .NET 7 Native AOT vs .NET 6 Managed Runtime | no dogma blog
  126. 98%Hachyderm.io
  127. 97%Technical Challenges of Scale at Twitter
  128. 98%Let's Talk About WASM and WASI — Offline Stream #11
  129. 99%GitHub - chubin/cheat.sh: the only cheat sheet you need
  130. 99%Let's Talk About WASM and WASI — Offline Stream #11
  131. 99%Creating Containers in .NET 7 with the .NET CLI
  132. 99%Integrate logging in a ASP.NET Core application using Serilog and Seq
  133. 99%davidfowl (@davidfowl@hachyderm.io)
  134. 99%5 tips for IIS on containers: #3 Hardcoded configuration
  135. 97%Using the cloud to scale Etsy
  136. 99%Comparing SQL-based streaming approaches | Georg Heiler
  137. 99%GitHub - teslamotors/liblithium: A lightweight and portable cryptography library.
  138. 99%Building serverless .NET applications on AWS Lambda using .NET 7 | Amazon Web Services
  139. 99%Kinvolk: Getting started with Headlamp using Minikube
  140. 98%My take on self-hosting
  141. 97%Windows Terminal, PowerShell, oh-my-posh, and Winget
  142. 99%How fast is really ASP.NET Core?
  143. 97%What’s new with Codespaces from GitHub Universe 2022 | The GitHub Blog
  144. 87%Open Telemetry Exporters by NielsPilgaard · Pull Request #11 · davidfowl/TodoApi
  145. 99%My journey to using Directus
  146. 94%Blazing fast CI with MicroVMs
  147. 99%Episode 110 - JetBrains and Remote Development with Maarten Balliauw
  148. 99%5 tips for IIS on containers: #2 IIS App Pools and Websites
  149. 99%PowerShell 7.3 General Availability
  150. 99%Upcoming Developer & Technical Events in the UK
  151. 99%Containers are chroot with a Marketing Budget
  152. 97%Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore 7.0.0
  153. 98%Immo Landwerth 🇩🇪 🇺🇦 (@terrajobst@hachyderm.io)
  154. 99%Vaultwarden on an RPi
  155. 99%Barim's blog · ابراهيم - Experiment Nebula Mesh
  156. 99%Slaying Zombie ‘No Repro’ Crashes with Infer#
  157. 98%A developer’s guide to containers - Architect.io
  158. 99%The Perfect Commit
  159. 99%How to Build a Url Shorter with C# Minimal APIs and Azure
  160. 98%On Migrating from Cypress to Playwright
  161. 99%The state of CRON in 2022
  162. 98%You should prepare for the OpenSSL 3.x secvuln
  163. 99%What Makes Sourcehut CI So Good
  164. 99%Continuous Integration via GitHub Actions
  165. 99%Sysdig TRT uncovers massive cryptomining operation leveraging GitHub Actions – Sysdig
  166. 99%DDD by Night November - Hybrid event, Wed, Nov 9, 2022, 5:45 PM | Meetup
  167. 97%Azure Cache for Redis: What’s Your Session Stability Score?
  168. 98%How I Almost Took Down Production Due to a Near-Empty Config File
  169. 99%Introducing the Docker+Wasm Technical Preview
  170. 99%Coding on the Steam Deck
  171. 98%CDK for Terraform Improves Performance by Adding Namespaces
  172. 90%Learn Live: FastTrack for Azure Season 1 - Events
  173. 98%Speaker Expression of Interest
  174. 97%Stop Optimizing for Tutorials
  175. 98%Internet of Things for Beginners w/IoT Expert Tara Walker - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #22
  176. 99%Cloud Native versus Native Cloud apps - Jeremy Daly
  177. 99%Polyglot Microservices Communication Using Dapr on AKS
  178. 99%URL monitoring made easy: self-hosted open-source tool for checking your website availability
  179. 96%Why we're leaving the cloud
  180. 91%Azure Container Apps Volume Mounts using Azure Files - Bit of Technology
  181. 97%Cloud-native architectures on Azure: Microsoft Ignite update
  182. 99%Integration Testing ASP.NET Core APIs incl. auth and database
  183. 99%Deploying Containers using Nomad and Traefik
  184. 99%You should not be using AWS. Probably.
  185. 99%Push-based Outbox Pattern with Postgres Logical Replication - Event-Driven.io
  186. 99%Deploy ASP.NET Core Web API to Amazon ECS - Dockerized Applications with AWS Fargate - Ultimate Guide
  187. 99%How boring should your team's codebases be
  188. 99%How to build Docker Containers with Cake | Gary Woodfine
  189. 99%Microsoft Ignite 2022 | Live Update Feed
  190. 99%Running Microservices with Dapr on Azure Container Apps
  191. 98%Using Flux to Automate Simple Tasks
  192. 99%How do you use the Command line? PowerShell, cmd, bash? - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #13
  193. 99%5 Tips for Writing BETTER For Loops in JavaScript
  194. 96%Marten and Friend’s (Hopefully) Big Future!
  195. 98%Abdullah Barrak • Use Helmfile for Deployment in Offline Environments
  196. 99%DIY out-of-band management: remote power button
  197. 99%Attention Developers: The Cloud-Scale Data for Spring Developers Quick Start Guide is Finally Here!
  198. 98%Bing Ads Campaign Platform – Journey to .NET 6
  199. 99%Mocking APIs with Mockaco | .NET 7
  200. 99%A developer’s guide to Kubernetes storage concepts | Red Hat Developer
  201. 99%The ultimate distributed workstation setup
  202. 99%4 steps to fix security issues of SSH access to production environments
  203. 99%How to Solve the Model Serving Component of the MLOps Stack
  204. 97%Visual Studio Talk Show: 0272 - Anthony Giretti - Le processus de création d'un livre technique
  205. 99%How to set up Prisma with Next.js and Postgres
  206. 99%Extracting VA Townhall Comments on Youngkin’s Reversed School Protections for Transgender Students
  207. 98%Some thoughts on the economics of programming
  208. 98%Microsoft Claims Reduction in Cloud Cost from Migrating Internal Services to .NET 6
  209. 99%Software engineering practices
  210. 99%extending Go backward compatibility · Discussion #55090 · golang/go
  211. 99%On .NET Live - Build, Test, and Deploy .NET Microservices on K8s
  212. 96%Monitor Microservices App using Azure Managed Grafana - Bit of Technology
  213. 99%Exploring 10m scraped Shutterstock videos used to train Meta’s Make-A-Video text-to-video model
  214. 98%Microsoft Teams’ Infrastructure and Azure Communication Services’ Journey to .NET 6
  215. 99%Getting started with OpenTelemetry Metrics in .NET. Part 2: Instrumenting the BookStore API
  216. 99%Containers? So What? Docker 101 Explained - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #8
  217. 99%Git 101 Basics - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #4
  218. 97%Kubernetes and Container Orchestration 101 - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #11
  219. 99%Connect to ThingSpeak (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  220. 98%What's a Carriage and Who's Feeding it Lines? CRLF - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #1
  221. 96%Git Push --Force will destroy the timeline and kill us all - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #7
  222. 98%Git Rebase vs Merge explained - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #6
  223. 97%Self-hosted software I'm thankful for
  224. 99%The Appeal of Monorepo
  225. 99%Dockerize your SQL Server and use it in ASP.NET Core with Entity Framework Core
  226. 97%Mitigating the Noisy Neighbour Multitenancy Problem
  227. 99%Client-side WebAssembly WordPress with no server
  228. 96%2022 Board election - Poornima Nayer
  229. 99%Drone CI with Podman
  230. 97%Azure Container Apps Auto Scaling with KEDA - Part 11 - Bit of Technology
  231. 99%Help people in Iran reconnect to Signal – a request to our community
  232. 98%You can't have both high utilization and high reliability
  233. 93%What makes a great tech talk?
  234. 97%Chainguard Enforce Is Now Generally Available
  235. 99%Systemd support is now available in WSL!
  236. 97%Software Development Best Practices for High-Performing Team
  237. 99%Azure Container Apps Networking: A condensed view of concepts
  238. 81%@jost0101/dotnet-content-creators
  239. 99%Branchable MySQL: Managing multiple dev environments
  240. 99%The CORRECT way to use Localstack & XUnit in tests
  241. 99%Practical Azure Container Apps with Dapr
  242. 99%Getting Started with EF Core, PostgreSQL, and TimescaleDB
  243. 98%Announcing OpenFGA - Auth0’s Open Source Fine Grained Authorization System
  244. 99%2022 Board election - Poornima Nayer
  245. 99%2022 Board election
  246. 99%[Last Week in .NET #101] – Remodeling dotnet
  247. 96%dotnet-monitor: Enabling a diagnostics sidecar in AKS
  248. 99%Dev Container Features
  249. 96%Content based change detection with Make
  250. 99%@jost0101/dotnet-content-creators
  251. 97%Episode 43: Docker Demystified - with (me) Dan Clarke
  252. 98%GitHub - msiric/feasible-route-mapping: Algorithm capable of finding all the areas that a person could have reached while en route between locations in a defined period, taking into account time and mode of transportation constraints.
  253. 99%5 Figma Alternatives for UI & UX Designers - Stack Diary
  254. 92%@jost0101/dotnet-content-creators
  255. 99%A quick glance at the Kubernetes Gateway API
  256. 98%Continuous Deployment for Azure Container Apps using GitHub Actions - Part 9 - Bit of Technology
  257. 99%Using WSL 2 on Windows Server 2022 to run Linux containers
  258. 97%Ethereum Gateway support for Görli + Sepolia Testnets and the Ethereum Merge
  259. 99%My Blog is Hilariously Overengineered to the Point People Think it's a Static Site
  260. 99%.NET 7 SDK Now Supports Building Containerised Apps
  261. 99%#CASBAN6: How to set up a local Microsoft SQL database on macOS
  262. 98%Narrative driven development
  263. 99%[Last Week in .NET #100] – Where’s the cool kids table?
  264. 94%Azure Container Apps Monitoring and Observability with Application Insights - Part 8 - Bit of Technology
  265. 99%Keeping your dependencies updated with Azure Pipelines and Dependabot
  266. 99%Celebrating 10 years of Azure App Service’s free tier
  267. 99%Client-side vs Server-side, Front-end vs Back-end? Beginner Explanation of JavaScript on the Web
  268. 99%GitHub - meienberger/runtipi: ⛺️ Tipi is a homeserver for everyone! One command setup, one click installs for your favorites self-hosted apps. ✨
  269. 97%ListVMs
  270. 99%Progress towards changing your desktop wallpaper without installing a karaoke captioning library
  271. 99%This is not your grandfather's Perl
  272. 99%Old School Unix Administration (My Next Homelab Generation) — scholz.ruhr
  273. 99%GitHub - immich-app/immich: Self-hosted photo and video backup solution directly from your mobile phone.
  274. 99%Keep your .NET platform images up to date using AWS ECR and Azure Pipelines
  275. 99%How to set up your GitOps directory structure | Red Hat Developer
  276. 99%What's Inside Of a Distroless Image - Taking a Deeper Look
  277. 99%Azure Virtual Machines with Ampere Altra Arm-Based Processors Now Generally Available
  278. 96%Azure Container Apps with Dapr Bindings Building Block - Part 7 - Bit of Technology
  279. 99%Self-Hosted email is the hardest it's ever been, but also the easiest.
  280. 99%03. Build Your First Function | Building Cloud Native Apps
  281. 99%GitHub - leon-ai/leon: 🧠 Leon is your open-source personal assistant.
  282. 95%Running Stable Diffusion with an Old GPU
  283. 99%.NET Monthly Roundup - August 2022
  284. 98%Log analytics using ClickHouse
  285. 99%How we clone a running VM in 2 seconds - CodeSandbox Blog
  286. 99%My advice on why you should build containers on your PC | Red Hat Developer
  287. 99%Unit Testing For Your .NET MAUI Applications | .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI
  288. 99%Alexandre Nédélec - How did I automate the setup of my developer Windows laptop?
  289. 98%VS Code Emerges As Remote Development Superstar -- Visual Studio Magazine
  290. 99%Securing Containers from Build to Runtime
  291. 99%Kubernetes 101 for developers: Names, ports, YAML files, and more | Red Hat Developer
  292. 99%Stick to Tinkering
  293. 98%CODE Magazine Home
  294. 99%No more Dockerfiles with the help of .NET CLI
  295. 96%Deploy Microservice Application to Azure Container Apps - Part 2 - Bit of Technology
  296. 96%Communication between Microservices in Azure Container Apps - Part 3 - Bit of Technology
  297. 95%Azure Container Apps State Store With Dapr State Management API - Part 5 - Bit of Technology
  298. 98%Tutorial for building Microservice Applications with Azure Container Apps and Dapr - Part 1 - Bit of Technology
  299. 92%Containers and container images 101 for developers | Red Hat Developer
  300. 98%[Last Week in .NET #98] – Ad-ing to Microsoft’s Product Line
  301. 97%Being a part-time founder
  302. 99%Stringing together several free tiers to host an application with zero cost using fly.io, Litestream and Cloudflare
  303. 98%Introducing Jib — build Java Docker images better | Google Cloud Blog
  304. 99%IaC Ergonomics: Choosing an Infrastructure as Code Tool | lbr.
  305. 99%Announcing built-in container support for the .NET SDK
  306. 99%.NET 7 - Pattern Matching With Spans #shorts
  307. 98%Heroku’s Next Chapter
  308. 95%The History of Microsoft Azure
  309. 86%Devs don’t want to do ops
  310. 98%The Future of NGINX: Getting Back to Our Open Source Roots - NGINX
  311. 99%Sharing Auth Cookies With YARP, IdentityServer, and ASP.NET Core
  312. 99%Fixed Partitions
  313. 99%.NET 7 - PatchAsync & PatchAsJsonAsync #shorts
  314. 99%Vulnerability in Linux containers – investigation and mitigation
  315. 98%[Last Week in .NET #97] – Swimming in Microsoft® Irony for Life Preview 7 Extensions Core (CTP)
  316. 99%GitHub - surrealdb/surrealdb: A scalable, distributed, collaborative, document-graph database, for the realtime web
  317. 98%Build a data serving API
  318. 98%Azure Migrate now supports large-scale migration of ASP.NET web apps to Azure App Service
  319. 99%Deploy ClickHouse to Production: 1-Node Approach
  320. 99%Renovate, a Dependabot alternative
  321. 96%Monitoring tiny lambdas
  322. 99%Unix is not Linux
  323. 99%Create Containerized Build Agents with Azure DevOps Pipelines
  324. 99%Episode 435 - HPC on Azure
  325. 99%Create Containerized Build Agents with Azure DevOps Pipelines
  326. 99%Using PASETO in .NET - #shorts
  327. 72%Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ Now Supports Kubernetes, Virtual Machines -- Visual Studio Magazine
  328. 99%Programming breakthroughs we need
  329. 96%6 Raspberry Pis, 6 SSDs on a Mini ITX Motherboard
  330. 99%6 Docker Compose Best Practices for Dev and Prod
  331. 95%Canonical/Microsoft Partnership Puts .NET 6 into Ubuntu Linux -- Visual Studio Magazine
  332. 98%The importance of empty states
  333. 99%.NET 6 is now in Ubuntu 22.04
  334. 97%.NET 6 is now in Ubuntu 22.04
  335. 94%Outage Stories: The copy and paste outage
  336. 98%Comparing Linux Environments on macOS Host
  337. 99%Tools I use: Eclipse — bayindirh
  338. 99%Vladimir Cicovic Blog
  339. 91%I replaced all our blog thumbnails using DALL·E 2 for $45: here’s what I learned | Deephaven
  340. 90%You Belong Here
  341. 99%GitHub - openairplay/airplay2-receiver: AirPlay 2 Receiver - Python implementation
  342. 99%Creating your first Azure Container App
  343. 99%12 Fractured Apps
  344. 98%Using Landlock to Sandbox GNU Make
  345. 97%GCast 128: Maintaining State with Docker Volumes
  346. 95%The Software Pro's Best Kept Secret.
  347. 97%Add initial riscv64 port by am11 · Pull Request #73385 · dotnet/runtime
  348. 99%Discovering Ruby on Rails: is it dead or alive?
  349. 97%An intro to Open Telemetry in .NET - James World
  350. 99%Talking to your customers: a disruptive concept
  351. 97%GitHub - moyix/fauxpilot: FauxPilot - an open-source GitHub Copilot server
  352. 92%Airflow's Problem
  353. 99%Introducing the Livebook Desktop app 🎉 - Livebook.dev The Livebook Blog
  354. 99%Minimal Container Images: Towards a More Secure Future
  355. 96%Oracle Suspended My Account
  356. 99%Containerize .NET applications without writing Dockerfiles | Red Hat Developer
  357. 99%The Best C# .NET Web Application Tech Stack: Deploying to Azure - Michael's Coding Spot
  358. 97%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Logging, Testing, and Filters in ASP.NET Core
  359. 99%Flask database migrations using Flask-Migrate - Kim Lehtinen
  360. 98%Gitea Container Registry
  361. 97%GitHub - kffl/speedbump: TCP proxy for simulating variable, yet predictable network latency
  362. 95%Host all your applications in one server
  363. 97%Code Coverage Summary v1.3.0 Released!
  364. 97%Microsoft's Position on Linux
  365. 98%Microsoft's Position on Linux : r/dotnet
  366. 88%My CS1 Backend
  367. 99%Building a secure note sharing service in Go - Dusted Codes
  368. 99%How to set up OpenTelemetry Collector on Kubernetes
  369. 87%Comparing Yourself to Others is Fine
  370. 99%Using LocalStack with Microsoft Tye
  371. 86%Thank-you GitHub!
  372. 99%GitHub - SadeghHayeri/GreenTunnel: GreenTunnel is an anti-censorship utility designed to bypass the DPI system that is put in place by various ISPs to block access to certain websites.
  373. 85%Fixing the Broken Open Source Funding Model with Sustainable License - Manish R Jain
  374. 95%Why use the Bazel build system?
  375. 97%Git workflows: Best practices for GitOps deployments | Red Hat Developer
  376. 95%An intro to Open Telemetry in .NET - James World
  377. 94%Azure Developer CLI in Public Preview -- Visual Studio Magazine
  378. 97%How to deploy a SignalR Core application to AWS
  379. 95%The First Secret Problem
  380. 93%Stack Overflow 2022 Survey Says …
  381. 91%When to kill the canary
  382. 99%Patching in a development service
  383. 91%#blog - *From idea to paying customer*
  384. 96%14 software architecture design patterns to know
  385. 99%GitHub - Azure/azure-dev: A developer CLI that accelerates the time it takes for you to get started on Azure. The Azure Developer CLI provides a set of developer-friendly commands that map to key stages in your workflow - code, build, deploy, monitor, repeat.
  386. 94%Get started using Azure Developer CLI (azd) Preview
  387. 99%TiddlyWiki and Emacs - blog.dornea.nu
  388. 97%Porting OpenBSD pledge() to Linux
  389. 92%Episode 431 - Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  390. 99%Fast unit tests with databases, part 3 – Implementation of our solution
  391. 97%Testing against your Production Database System - EF Core
  392. 97%Bea Stollnitz - Introduction to Azure ML
  393. 96%Current Infrastructure (2022) | Gabriel's Blog
  394. 96%AWS Streamlines .NET App Deployment with Visual Studio Tool -- Visual Studio Magazine
  395. 98%The VS Code Server
  396. 97%Argo workflow as performance test tool
  397. 94%My favorite Erlang Container
  398. 99%How to Build a REST API | Developer Roadmap .NET 6 Rest API | Pt. 7
  399. 98%Low Code Ceremony Sagas with Jasper & Marten
  400. 82%GitHub Action - Edit Release v1.2.0
  401. 99%Instrumenting .NET with OpenTelemetry – Software
  402. 99%A Simple Example of Using a Distributed Cache (Redis) in .NET 6 with API Endpoints | no dogma blog
  403. 91%Managing Volumes with Docker
  404. 68%Cubernetes
  405. 94%Middle-End Development with SvelteKit + TensorFlow.JS
  406. 91%Building a Recipe App on Vultr’s Platform
  407. 92%Site Reliability Engineering – More Evolution of Automation
  408. 92%5 lessons I learnt after coding for 10 years
  409. 71%Kubernetes is a red flag signalling premature optimisation.
  410. 97%Initial analysis of the Starlink router gen2
  411. 90%Dockercontainer won’t start - Getting the final child’s pid from pipe caused “EOF”
  412. 94%Why I left Android Development after 10 years and became a Backend Developer
  413. 91%Using Graphs to Search for Code · Nick Gregory
  414. 95%Tailscale ate my network (and I love it)
  415. 98%The Basics of Images, Containers, and Docker
  416. 99%Writing .NET Application Services for Kubernetes
  417. 79%I'm So Happy I Quit My Dream Job
  418. 93%Program - WeAreDevelopers World Congress
  419. 94%Building a side-project
  420. 98%The Best C# .NET Web Application Tech Stack: Choosing The Back End - Michael's Coding Spot
  421. 96%Hosting PowerShell in a Python script
  422. 96%MLflow: A way to do more on Azure Machine Learning
  423. 98%GitHub - timvisee/ffsend: Easily and securely share files from the command line. A fully featured Firefox Send client.
  424. 99%Create a React-based app with ASP.NET Minimal APIs and MongoDB storage
  425. 98%A Vision for Stateful Resources at Development or Deployment Time
  426. 99%Developing a Cloud-Native Application on Microsoft Azure Using Open Source Technologies
  427. 82%DevOps is a failure | lbr.
  428. 84%How to Run Your Own Lightning Node with Lightning Network Daemon (LND)
  429. 90%Building Messaging Endpoints in Azure: Container Apps
  430. 97%Don’t Mock What You Don’t Own in 5 Minutes
  431. 99%Deep dive into containers
  432. 97%Deno raises $21M
  433. 95%Using Rabbit MQ with Jasper
  434. 95%One year as a solo dev building open-source data tools without funding
  435. 99%How to improve Serilog logging in .NET 6 by using Scopes - Code4IT
  436. 96%WebAssembly Everywhere
  437. 97%Reproducible Builds – Telling of a Debugging Story
  438. 99%Setting up secure personal developer infrastructure for/and side projects using tailscale, drone, gitea, and nginx
  439. 92%Site Reliability Engineering – Evolution of Automation
  440. 98%Don't Use Kubernetes, Yet
  441. 99%rsync, article 1: Scenarios
  442. 99%Accelerating Azure Container Apps with the Azure CLI and Compose Files
  443. 79%Infrastructure as software
  444. 94%Learn Live
  445. 95%How to convert a web application to Software-as-a-Service | Red Hat Developer
  446. 93%UBC Seagull / DoujinCI · GitLab
  447. 89%Growing into Platform Engineering
  448. 99%GitHub - ory/kratos: Next-gen identity server (think Auth0, Okta, Firebase) with Ory-hardened authentication, MFA, FIDO2, profile management, identity schemas, social sign in, registration, account recovery, passwordless. Golang, headless, API-only - without templating or theming headaches. Available as a cloud service.
  449. 98%Duende Software
  450. 98%GitHub - lucadibello/in-house-greenhouse: 🐛 A new generation of smart indoor greenhouses!
  451. 91%eBPF, sidecars, and the future of the service mesh
  452. 93%PyPy in Production
  453. 95%UX patterns for CLI tools
  454. 86%GitHub - Lissy93/dashy: 🚀 A self-hosted startpage for your server. Easy to use visual editor, status checking, widgets, themes and tons more!
  455. 86%Site Reliability Engineering – (Still) Monitoring Distributed Systems
  456. 79%Gitea
  457. 98%My DIY low-power 6 SSD NAS based on the Quartz64 ARM board | PINE64
  458. 95%Docker is dead!?! Podman - an alternative tool?
  459. 90%Local Conspiracy (less scary than the global kind!)
  460. 98%Why I don’t like lambdas • Paulefou site
  461. 83%Schedule
  462. 90%Kubernetes and Challenges in Cloud-Agnostic Strategies
  463. 68%Countering the Crypto Lobbyists
  464. 86%Hugging Face Endpoints on Azure | Rubik's Code
  465. 95%Understanding PathBase in ASP.NET Core
  466. 89% Microsoft Build ANZ Highlights: 10 Things Every Developer Should Know, Thu, Jun 2, 2022, 4:30 PM | Meetup
  467. 96%GitHub - dragonflydb/dragonfly: A modern replacement for Redis and Memcached
  468. 99%raku & rust: a romance?
  469. 94%Arc Notes: Datasette - Simon Willison
  470. 98%Microsoft Announces the General Availability of Azure Container Apps at Build 2022
  471. 99%Generating Configs with Nix + Cue
  472. 98%GitHub - Azure/AKS: Azure Kubernetes Service
  473. 97%Why are tools such as Docker and Kubernetes written in Go and not C#? : csharp
  474. 98%r/csharp - Why are tools such as Docker and Kubernetes written in Go and not C#?
  475. 81%Microsoft Build – Join us May 24-26 2022
  476. 97%Why are tools such as Docker and Kubernetes written in Go and not C#?
  477. 98%GitHub - dpbevin/dotnet-staticfiles
  478. 97%Why are tools such as Docker and Kubernetes written in Go and not C#? : csharp
  479. 97%Why are tools such as Docker and Kubernetes written in Go and not C#? : csharp
  480. 93%Lessons learned as a software developer turned project manager
  481. 87%The power of tech debt
  482. 99%Episode 37: Microsoft Build 2022
  483. 99%Create AWS resources with Kubernetes and Operators | Red Hat Developer
  484. 93%Scale your cloud-native apps and accelerate app modernization with Azure, the best cloud for your apps
  485. 97%Kalix: Build Serverless Cloud-Native Business-Crtical Applications with No Databases
  486. 98%Announcing CBL-Mariner 2.0
  487. 94%Azure Container Apps General Availability
  488. 97%Lessons Learned From Running Apache Airflow at Scale
  489. 84%My Top N Favorite Plugins and Tools for Developers
  490. 98%Packaging a WSL Distro to MSIX
  491. 77%An Azure Developer's guide to Microsoft Build 2022
  492. 91%Approaches to implementing multi-tenancy in SaaS applications | Red Hat Developer
  493. 90%A Data and AI guide to Build 2022
  494. 96%A SaaS architecture checklist for Kubernetes | Red Hat Developer
  495. 99%"X raise sanctions against Y" - Finetune Language model for Sentiment Relation Extraction task [part 1/2] | Attitude Extraction Advances
  496. 91%My Thoughts About Fly.io (So Far) and Other New-ish Technology I'm Getting Into
  497. 96%Rewriting git history simply with git-filter-repo
  498. 83%Using MySQL in a Docker container with EF Core
  499. 95%Bruno Lauwers
  500. 76%Linting a .NET 6 app Dockerfile using Hadolint, dockerfile_lint and Azure Pipelines
  501. 98%Using MassTransit to manage message queues
  502. 97%Automated environments with Docker and the SAFE Stack
  503. 80%Site Reliability Engineering with PagerDuty's Stevenson Jean-Pierre
  504. 94%Fly.io: the Reclaimer of Heroku's Magic
  505. 99%Karan Sharma | Understanding Networking in Nomad
  506. 98%End-to-End Monitoring with Grafana Cloud with Minimal Effort
  507. 86%Laptopia
  508. 97%Support for custom headers for handshake · Issue #16 · whatwg/websockets
  509. 89%Secret detection needs to be free, even for private repositories
  510. 89%I Miss Heroku's DevEx
  511. 94%Deno.js in production. Key takeaways.
  512. 97%How I learned to stop worrying and love the YAML | lbr.
  513. 96%VPS Showdown - May 2022 - DigitalOcean vs. Lightsail vs. Linode vs. UpCloud vs. Vultr by Josh Sherman
  514. 67%The Magic of Docker Desktop is Now Available on Linux - Docker
  515. 95%Improving Performance With Distributed Caching
  516. 97%Enforcing Zero Downtime Django Migrations
  517. 92%Give me back my monolith
  518. 54%Episode 36: Andrew Lock - ASP.NET, Blogging, Kuberetes, and more!
  519. 88%Site Reliability Engineering – Eliminating Toil
  520. 99%GitHub - copy/v86: x86 virtualization in your browser, recompiling x86 to wasm on the fly
  521. 98%Application Development with Scott Hanselman & Friends | KEY11D
  522. 99%ASP.NET Core Web Apps with EF Core [3 of 5] | Entity Framework Core for Beginners
  523. 97%What are your Most Used Self Hosted Applications?
  524. 98%Generating sortable Guids using NewId
  525. 96%On-Call: Leave It Better Than You Found It
  526. 64%Let's just kill the silly myths
  527. 92%YARP 1.1 is here with new requested reverse proxy features
  528. 68%Use API analytics in Azure API Management
  529. 72%💀 Every app has its skeletons - Vadim Kravcenko
  530. 74%Founding Uber SRE.
  531. 76%Principal Software Engineer in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  532. 98%Creating Offline Custom Style Maps With tileserver-gl - Yasoob Khalid
  533. 98%Using Pushover for Super Simple SysAdmin Alerts
  534. 95%Some Thoughts on Terraform CI for Monorepos
  535. 94%Secret Management with HashiCorp Vault
  536. 94%Secret Management with HashiCorp Vault
  537. 99%HTMX for ASP.NET Core Developers – Tutorial | The .NET Tools Blog
  538. 96%Why isn't my ASP.NET Core app in Docker working?
  539. 96%Why isn't my ASP.NET Core app in Docker working?
  540. 98%Monolith in Cloud
  541. 97%Deploy any Web App to Lambda in 60 seconds | Kevin Wang's Blog
  542. 96%To vendor, or not to vendor
  543. 87%Site Reliability Engineering – Service Level Indicators, Objectives, and Agreements
  544. 91%My upgrade to 25 Gbit/s Fiber To The Home
  545. 97%Deploying ASP.NET Core applications to Kubernetes
  546. 97%Welcome to My Site!
  547. 97%Azure Container Apps
  548. 96%ASP.NET Core Interview Questions and Answers
  549. 99%Step-by-step guide to modern, secure and Open-source CI setup
  550. 94%AWS's Log4Shell Hot Patch Vulnerable to Container Escape and Privilege Escalation
  551. 95%GRPC & GRPC-Web multiplexed in Istio
  552. 88%VCs Fund Ideas, Not Execution - Manish R Jain
  553. 98%How To Extend GitHub, Improve Your Workflow With GitHub Apps
  554. 89%ClickHouse Keeper | Cupper
  555. 88%My Experience with a Mac - Prashant Sengar
  556. 93%An overview of my threat model
  557. 93%What's New in IntelliJ IDEA - 2022.1
  558. 98%The smallest Docker image to serve static websites
  559. 97%A list of new(ish) command line tools
  560. 99%Visual Studio Toolbox Live - Using Docker Containers in Visual Studio
  561. 98%Automate Public Certificate Lifecycle Management via ACME Client API | Google Cloud Blog
  562. 93%Dapr v1.7 is now available
  563. 94%craftyguy's blog
  564. 91%Site Reliability Engineering – Embracing Risk
  565. 93%Thunderbird Autoconfig for your self-hosted email server
  566. 97%Zas Editor
  567. 95%In defense of simple architectures
  568. 95%What's New in Emacs 28.1?
  569. 64%PIPEFAIL: How a missing shell option slowed Cloudflare down
  570. 93%GitHub - tmds/build-image
  571. 97%Create a minimal web API with ASP.NET
  572. 99%No more VPN. Introducting Cloudflare Tunnel // Szymon Sakowicz
  573. 96%The Reversible Jacket Pattern | Barnabas Kendall
  574. 89%Infinite Mac: An Instant-Booting Quadra in Your Browser
  575. 88%Tailscale vs SSH tunnels
  576. 97%Introducing Dagger: a new way to create CI/CD pipelines
  577. 97%Lando, WordPress, and ngrok...oh my - Postcards From My Life
  578. 75%Why the fascination with retrocomputing?
  579. 80%Zulip 5.0: Threaded open-source team chat
  580. 95%Post-quantumify internal services: Logfwrdr, Tunnel, and gokeyless
  581. 96%Announcing Event Driven .NET – An Event Driven Microservices Platform for .NET
  582. 98%Running GUI apps within Docker containers – Trickster Dev
  583. 92%`COPY --chmod` reduced the size of my container image by 35%
  584. 91%Ridiculously easy to use Tunnels
  585. 98%Getting rid of credentials in Azure - Part 1
  586. 99%Get started faster with the new 5-minute Quickstarts
  587. 97%GitHub - metarank/metarank: A low code Machine Learning tool that personalizes product listings, articles, recommendations, and search results in order to boost sales. A friendly Learn-to-Rank engine
  588. 99%Please stop writing shell scripts
  589. 99%GitHub - appwrite/appwrite: Secure Backend Server for Web, Mobile & Flutter Developers 🚀 AKA the 100% open-source Firebase alternative.
  590. 93%Visual Studio 2022 Preview Release Notes
  591. 98%Creating a Windows Service with .NET 6
  592. 98%Health Checks in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  593. 93%Microservices: Why Are We Doing This?
  594. 86%Penny Wise and Cloud Foolish
  595. 99%Hello Podman using .NET | Red Hat Developer
  596. 98%How to Build .NET Minimal APIs | Gary Woodfine
  597. 99%Building a code sandbox with Durable Functions and Container Instances
  598. 92%Visual Studio 2022 v17.2 Previews Live Unit Testing -- Visual Studio Magazine
  599. 90%Herding Code 245 - Catching up on Java dev with Bruno Borges and Mark Heckler
  600. 95%GitHub - rothgar/awesome-tuis: List of projects that provide terminal user interfaces
  601. 93%A COMPLETE guide on how to make Docker images even smaller
  602. 92%About GitHub-hosted runners - GitHub Docs
  603. 98%Yes, PHP is faster than C#
  604. 97%CSS-Tricks is joining DigitalOcean! | CSS-Tricks
  605. 99%Migration locks for TypeORM
  606. 99%Build and Deploy a Microsoft .NET Core Web API application to AWS App Runner using CloudFormation | Amazon Web Services
  607. 92%In praise of opinionated frameworks
  608. 99%First release of Nickel
  609. 96%Scripting with Go — Bitfield Consulting
  610. 80%Apple Open Source
  611. 98%.NET 4.x app running in a container using Docker - Azure Greg
  612. 90%Windows product stickers as an insight into the past
  613. 98%SQL-Powered Reading List
  614. 98%Automate code metrics and class diagrams with GitHub Actions
  615. 98%Using MassTransit with RabbitMQ in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  616. 99%Tutorial: Hello World with Microsoft Orleans
  617. 95%Microsoft DDoS protection response guide
  618. 98%Escaping privileged containers for fun
  619. 52%The rise of WebAssembly
  620. 98%[stream] USB: Reverse Engineering and Writing Drivers
  621. 99%How to Use RabbitMQ in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  622. 99%Testing .NET 6 Lambda Containers with the Runtime Interface Emulator | no dogma blog
  623. 94%Profiling a .NET6 app running in a linux container with dotnet-trace, dotnet-dump, dotnet-counters, dotnet-gcdump and Visual Studio
  624. 95%GitHub - RunaCapital/awesome-oss-alternatives: Awesome list of open-source startup alternatives to well-known SaaS products 🚀
  625. 98%Minimum Viable Continuous Delivery
  626. 97%GitHub Previews Faster Codespaces Creation with Prebuilds -- Visual Studio Magazine
  627. 92%GPT-J is self-hosted open-source analog of GPT-3: how to run in Docker
  628. 99%Anti-corruption Layer for communication between Boundaries
  629. 99%Debug .NET applications running in local containers with VS Code | Red Hat Developer
  630. 97%Recommended container limits for dotnet-monitor
  631. 83%Podman v4.0.0 Released
  632. 98%GitHub - brouberol/marcel: Le docker français
  633. 99%Nix Flakes: an Introduction
  634. 98%Software I'm Thankful For — Jowanza Joseph
  635. 98%Mac Setup for Web Development [2022]
  636. 58%Why I blog - Tyler Cipriani
  637. 91%The MVP reconnect daily
  638. 97%GitHub - ReubenBond/hanbaobao-web: Orleans sample application with Kubernetes hosting
  639. 97%orleans/samples/Voting at main · dotnet/orleans
  640. 84%GitHub - defenseunicorns/zarf: K8s Airgap Buddy
  641. 96%Automatic SBOMs with ko
  642. 66%Linux developers patch security holes faster than anyone else, says Google Project Zero | ZDNet
  643. 93%GitHub - gristlabs/grist-core: Grist is the evolution of spreadsheets.
  644. 97%Build tool requirements
  645. 95%Episode 31: MassTransit and Open Source - with Chris Patterson
  646. 86%Lessons in Self-Hosting Your Own Personal Cloud
  647. 98%Using Postgresql in non-daemon way
  648. 66%Microsoft Orleans documentation
  649. 97%How to store subscriptions? A practical guide and analysis of 3 selected databases
  650. 93%Azure Open Source Day | Microsoft Azure
  651. 89%Attacking an Ethereum L2 with Unbridled Optimism
  652. 74%Top 10 web hacking techniques of 2021
  653. 93%Our User-Mode WireGuard Year
  654. 82%Windows Wednesday - Let's talk Windows Package Manager
  655. 98%Running SQL Server Queries In Docker
  656. 99%Exposing a web service with Cloudflare Tunnel
  657. 98%Getting Started with Selenium - C# Example - New
  658. 98%Use Project Tye to simplify your .NET microservice development experience (part 2)
  659. 92%Azure Open Source Day | Microsoft Azure
  660. 96%PHP: The Right Way
  661. 97%Amazon Linux 2022 on WSL2
  662. 95%On Building 30K Debian Packages
  663. 99%Microservices Made Easy!
  664. 98%Developer's Guide to Writing a Good Helm Chart
  665. 94%Live Streaming .NET
  666. 99%Piped
  667. 98%How to Build and Deliver Apps Fast and Scalable with Azure Container Apps
  668. 99%How to Build and Deliver Apps Fast and Scalable with Azure Container Apps
  669. 98%Update Solana to 1.9.4 · certusone/wormhole@7edbbd3
  670. 96%Why and how I got my own ASN!
  671. 89%Azure IoT Edge Tools Now Support Visual Studio 2022 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  672. 90%CosmosDB linux container for your CI builds - Dominique St-Amand
  673. 92%How I Discovered Thousands of Open Databases on AWS
  674. 76%ongoing by Tim Bray · Lock-in and Multi-Cloud
  675. 98%Pro Microservices in .NET 6: With Examples Using ASP.NET Core 6, MassTransit, and Kubernetes: Whitesell, Sean, Richardson, Rob, Groves, Matthew D.: 9781484278321: Amazon.com: Books
  676. 97%Getting started with AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry and distributed tracing using .NET. Part 2: Building the demo
  677. 95%Pay attention to WebAssembly
  678. 97%.NET Framework vs .NET Core (.NET 5+) | Pro Code Guide
  679. 96%Create microservices with .NET and ASP.NET Core Ep1: Introduction to microservices with .NET
  680. 95%Intro to self-hosting. How to get started hosting your applications
  681. 92%How I Discovered Thousands of Open Databases on AWS
  682. 92%Getting started with AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry and distributed tracing using .NET. Part 1: Setting up the AWS OTEL Collector
  683. 99%Keep your workflow actions up to date using GitHub Dependabot | Visual Studio Geeks
  684. 93%black
  685. 89%Search results | Find available job openings at Microsoft
  686. 95%GitHub - stenh0use/docker-machine-for-mac: Docker Machine for Mac - an alternative to Docker for Mac
  687. 85%Senior Program Manager in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  688. 99%Learn Live - Create and deploy a cloud-native ASP.NET Core microservice
  689. 96%Creating the Conditions for Developer Happiness
  690. 90%Two reasons Kubernetes is so complex
  691. 95%Dapr v1.6 is now available
  692. 99%Dockerize your Blazor App: Carl Franklin's Blazor Train Ep 68
  693. 96%The disadvantages of microservices | Red Hat Developer
  694. 99%What’s a lesser known .NET feature that people should know more about?
  695. 98%Microsoft Releases YARP - Yet Another Reverse Proxy
  696. 63%Microsoft Details Native Integration of Elastic on Azure -- Visual Studio Magazine
  697. 95%Why we're migrating (many of) our servers from Linux to FreeBSD
  698. 99%Azure Container Apps: dapr, devcontainer, debug and deploy | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  699. 98%Java on Visual Studio Code Going Cloud Native -- Visual Studio Magazine
  700. 94%the new kubernetes? -- wingolog
  701. 80%Senior Software Engineer in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  702. 77%Software Engineer II in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  703. 95%Create WebAssembly System Interface(WASI) node pools in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to run your WebAssembly(WASM) workload (preview) - Azure Kubernetes Service
  704. 86%Code Maze Weekly #110 - Code Maze
  705. 97%August Meetup: Serverless Architecture in Azure with Rob Richardson | Meetup
  706. 97%From monolith to microservices: How applications evolve | Red Hat Developer
  707. 99%How to Deploy a .NET Container with AWS ECS Fargate
  708. 91%Building an Event Driven .NET Application: Integration Testing – Wrapt
  709. 96%httpstat.us - Now With .NET 6 | LINQ to Fail
  710. 64%Ballerina - Ballerina Home
  711. 99%Nomad Tips and Tricks
  712. 99%Learn Live - Introduction to microservices with .NET
  713. 99%Reduce the size of container images with DockerSlim | Red Hat Developer
  714. 96%Aligned Dev Blog
  715. 91%10 real-world stories of how we’ve compromised CI/CD pipelines
  716. 99%Modern data APIs with EF Core and GraphQL
  717. 97%GitHub Action - Edit Release v1.1.0
  718. 90%Learn Live: Create microservices with .NET and ASP.NET - Events
  719. 98%A developer's guide to CI/CD and GitOps with Jenkins Pipelines | Red Hat Developer
  720. 96%SSH Bastion host best practices: How to Build and Deploy a Security-Hardened SSH Bastion Host
  721. 85%See What's New for Git in Latest Visual Studio 2022 Update -- Visual Studio Magazine
  722. 98%Armchair Architects: How Architecture Is Changing - Part 2
  723. 97%Armchair Architects: How Architecture Is Changing - Part 1
  724. 95%How We Saved 70K Cores Across 30 Mission-Critical Services (Large-Scale, Semi-Automated Go GC Tuning @Uber)
  725. 98%5 design principles for microservices | Red Hat Developer
  726. 85%Learn .NET | Free tutorials, videos, courses, and more
  727. 86%Node.js at Red Hat: 2021 year in review | Red Hat Developer
  728. 94%An Honest Comparison of VS Code vs JetBrains - 5 Points
  729. 89%[Last Week in .NET #76] – Live Async Collaboration
  730. 99%Extending the AWS SDK for .Net
  731. 73%.NET CLI Telemetry
  732. 59%Weekly Update 277
  733. 97%Kubernetes Gatekeeper - An introduction - Pradeep Loganathan
  734. 99%.NET Application Architecture Guides
  735. 97%How We Can Beat the Tradeoff Between Developer Velocity and Scalability
  736. 99%Do you need Domain Driven Design?
  737. 99%.NET Podcasts app - Local Development Walkthrough
  738. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Building APIs with ASP.NET Core
  739. 98%GitHub - charmbracelet/bubbletea: A powerful little TUI framework 🏗
  740. 95%How Tye makes building microservices a joke
  741. 95%My Setup for Self-Hosting Dozens of Web Applications + Services on a Single Server
  742. 94%GitHub - sslab-gatech/Rudra: Rust Memory Safety & Undefined Behavior Detection
  743. 99%Winning the Impossible Race - An Unintended Solution for Includer’s Revenge / Counter (hxp 2021) - Guy Lewin's Blog
  744. 99%Supercharge your Productivity with Roslyn and AI
  745. 93%Build an Animated Sidebar with React and Tailwind CSS
  746. 99%GitHub - codenotary/immudb: immudb - world’s fastest immutable database, built on a zero trust model
  747. 60%rC3 2021 - Public Fahrplan
  748. 95%How to deploy .NET apps to Kubernetes
  749. 99%Analysis and reverse-engineering of the original Starlink router
  750. 97%GitHub - dani-garcia/vaultwarden: Unofficial Bitwarden compatible server written in Rust, formerly known as bitwarden_rs
  751. 99%gRPC client-side load balancing in .NET
  752. 94%Cloud Security Breaches and Vulnerabilities: 2021 in Review
  753. 98%GraphQL is not meant to be exposed over the internet
  754. 99%An Overview of Distributed Tracing with OpenTelemetry in .NET 6
  755. 97%Introduction to Kubernetes Admission Controllers - Pradeep Loganathan
  756. 98%HTTP Toolkit
  757. 99%How to create your own .NET CLI tools to make your life easier
  758. 91%The Big DevOps Misunderstanding
  759. 97%GitHub - Music-and-Culture-Technology-Lab/omnizart: Omniscient Mozart, being able to transcribe everything in the music, including vocal, drum, chord, beat, instruments, and more.
  760. 91%Karan Sharma | Using ClickHouse Keeper for Replication
  761. 85%From 0 to 20 billion - How We Built Crawler Hints
  762. 98%Running Docker Containers from within your .NET Core Application using Docker.DotNet
  763. 63%:rocket: Lessons learned migrating Spring Boot to Quarkus
  764. 99%Cloud Native Objects for High Scale & Performance
  765. 95%Microsoft’s Response to CVE-2021-44228 Apache Log4j 2 – Microsoft Security Response Center
  766. 91%PyTorch vs TensorFlow in 2022
  767. 62%Microsoft Report: Kubernetes Top Target for Cloud-Migrated Spring Apps -- Visual Studio Magazine
  768. 97%Exploitation of Log4j CVE-2021-44228 before public disclosure and evolution of evasion and exfiltration
  769. 99%Remote debugging on Kubernetes using VS Code | Red Hat Developer
  770. 96%Tech Solvency: The Story So Far: CVE-2021-44228 (Log4Shell log4j vulnerability).
  771. 99%Using Cluster API (CAPI)to create Kubernetes clusters on Azure - Pradeep Loganathan
  772. 99%Reducing Developer Cycle time with Dapr and AKS
  773. 99%r/dotnet - Starting with dotnet
  774. 93%Generating Envoy Config with Cue
  775. 92%"Open Source" is Broken
  776. 77%How Cloudflare security responded to log4j2 vulnerability
  777. 98%GitHub - cshum/imagor: Fast, Docker-ready image processing server written in Go and libvips, with Thumbor URL syntax
  778. 85%Code Maze Weekly #105 - Code Maze
  779. 71%The New Stack's Top Kubernetes Stories of 2021 - The New Stack
  780. 91%VS Code News Roundup: Notebook APIs, Codebase Mapping, Infrastructure as Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  781. 99%Getting Started with gRPC and .NET
  782. 98%GitHub - microsoft/dotnet-podcasts: .NET 6 reference application shown at .NET Conf 2021 featuring ASP.NET Core, Blazor, .NET MAUI, Microservices, and more!
  783. 99%Don't Let the Internet Dupe You, that's NOT Event Sourcing
  784. 99%Introduction to Open Policy Agent (OPA) - Pradeep Loganathan
  785. 99%Kubernetes Cluster API (CAPI) - An introduction - Pradeep Loganathan
  786. 97%Announcing dot.net in Japanese and Simplified Chinese
  787. 90%AWS Service Health Dashboard - Dec 7, 2021 PST
  788. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - .NET Podcasts App Overview!
  789. 50%Why your cloud infrastructure should be immutable
  790. 98%Build Automation on a Database Backed .Net System
  791. 87%Rysiekúr Memesson (@rysiek@mastodon.technology)
  792. 92%Introduction to the Node.js reference architecture, Part 6: Choosing web frameworks | Red Hat Developer
  793. 97%GitHub - intoli/exodus: Painless relocation of Linux binaries–and all of their dependencies–without containers.
  794. 99%Automate testing of poor network conditions with Shopify's Toxiproxy
  795. 88%Don't Make My Mistakes: Common Infrastructure Errors I've Made
  796. 91%Tips on Adding JSON Output to Your CLI App - Brazil's Blog
  797. 81%Keep A Log
  798. 92%How customer feedback shaped the AWS Cloud Development Kit version 2 | Amazon Web Services
  799. 99%Tip 344 - How to run an App Service Web App on Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes - Part 2
  800. 77%ClusterFuzzLite Brings ClusterFuzz to GitHub Actions and Other CI/CD Pipelines
  801. 98%Anti-Patterns When Building Container Images
  802. 85%Storm in the stratosphere: how the cloud will be reshuffled
  803. 93%December 17, 2020 - Home Automation, Synology, Raspberry Pi, and Blazor!
  804. 99%supabase/studio at master · supabase/supabase
  805. 99%Cake - Cake v2.0.0 released
  806. 99%Reducing an LTO Linux kernel bug with cvise
  807. 98%Anti-Patterns When Building Container Images
  808. 98%Will Nix Overtake Docker?
  809. 93%Top Announcements of AWS re:Invent 2021 | Amazon Web Services
  810. 90%Craftsman v0.12 is out with .NET 6 scaffolding and more! – Wrapt
  811. 91%My Dive Into DevOps Consulting - Work & Life Notes
  812. 76%GitHub - vv9k/dockeye: GUI app for managing Docker
  813. 98%Kavita
  814. 91%Welcome to Fleet! | JetBrains News
  815. 95%JetBrains Fleet: The Next-Generation IDE by JetBrains
  816. 92%Goodbye, Rock Solid Knowledge; Hello, 10x Banking
  817. 99%The newest Docker VS Code extension feature you’re not using
  818. 99%Code Maze Weekly #103 - Code Maze
  819. 99%Upgrading a 20 year old University Project to .NET 6 with dotnet-upgrade-assistant
  820. 99%.NET Rocks! vNext
  821. 89%Net Conf 2021 Québec : Introduction à NET 6.0
  822. 98%Dotnetos
  823. 95%Flatpak Is Not the Future
  824. 96%[Last Week in .NET #69] – Our Commitment To .NET News
  825. 99%Who is using .NET? | One Dev Question
  826. 84%Learn TV
  827. 98%10 shades of public API hosting on Azure
  828. 99%Deno for Infrastructure as Code
  829. 95%I Love Arch, But GNU Guix Is My New Distro - Boiling Steam
  830. 99%Code Maze Weekly #102 - Code Maze
  831. 85%Program Manager II - Linux Packaging in Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  832. 96%How to Grasp Containers - Efficient Learning Path - Ivan Velichko
  833. 97%Migrate from ASP.NET Core 3.1 to 6.0
  834. 97%Options for running locally with Dapr
  835. 98%Web Wednesday: Use containers to streamline your dev process with Burke Holland
  836. 99%Migrate from ASP.NET Core 5.0 to 6.0
  837. 98%ASP.NET Docker Gotchas and Workarounds
  838. 99%The newest Docker VS Code extension feature you’re not using
  839. 99%DotNetConf 2021 - .NET Everywhere - Windows, Linux, and Beyond
  840. 86%Unicast Use of the Formerly Reserved 127/8
  841. 90%Please stop screwing over Linux distros
  842. 98%Bramble: A Purely Functional Build System and Package Manager
  843. 99%State Management using Dapr | Gary Woodfine
  844. 93%Practical attacks against attribute-based encryption
  845. 99%Monitoring a .NET application using OpenTelemetry - Gérald Barré
  846. 94%Dapr v1.5 is now available
  847. 84%Yes, Programming is Hard
  848. 83%GitHub - hectorm/docker-qemu-win2000: A Docker image for Windows 2000 Advanced Server with SP4.
  849. 96%Searx: moving away from DuckDuckGo
  850. 85%Weekly Update 269
  851. 97%How Nix and NixOS Get So Close to Perfect
  852. 96%The good things in the current age in tech
  853. 97%Announcing dotnet monitor in .NET 6
  854. 94%Release v3.5.1 · dotnet/orleans
  855. 96%Comparing Container Apps with other Azure container options
  856. 98%.NET Conf 2021
  857. 95%Microsoft Introduces a New Cloud-Native Offering with Azure Container Apps Service
  858. 99%Building real applications with Orleans
  859. 94%Release v3.5.1 · dotnet/orleans
  860. 97%Thinking heads are not in the clouds · Raphael Lullis
  861. 99%Modern, functional Common Lisp: Myths and tips
  862. 96%Supabase $30m Series A
  863. 99%Thanks Microsoft for open-sourcing VS Code Server 👐
  864. 99%So you want to Scrape like the Big Boys? 🚀
  865. 99%Deploying new Azure Container Apps with familiar languages
  866. 95%Introducing Azure Container Apps: a serverless container service for running modern apps at scale
  867. 94%Never update anything | blog.kronis.dev
  868. 94%ClickHouse vs TimescaleDB | Cupper
  869. 99%GitHub - MangoDB-io/MangoDB: A truly Open Source MongoDB alternative
  870. 93%Dapr joins CNCF as an incubating project
  871. 78%Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime) joins CNCF Incubator | Cloud Native Computing Foundation
  872. 97%Compliance in a DevOps Culture
  873. 96%What’s New in Azure App Service - Fall Ignite 2021 Edition!
  874. 84%Microsoft Ignite
  875. 97%Azure Container Apps | Microsoft Azure
  876. 99%The Unified .NET 6
  877. 72%Complexity is killing software developers
  878. 98%GitHub - klange/toaruos: A completely-from-scratch hobby operating system: bootloader, kernel, drivers, C library, and userspace including a composited graphical UI, dynamic linker, syntax-highlighting text editor, network stack, etc.
  879. 99%Creating my personal cloud with Hashicorp
  880. 99%High CPU Usage with .NET Counters
  881. 99%Multi-tenant Architecture for SaaS
  882. 97%Testing how to use some container vulnerabilities scanners with Azure Pipelines
  883. 97%A developer's guide to Ignite 2021
  884. 97%Face-to-Face: A conversation about the .NET Foundation - Option 1
  885. 97%CloudTest: A multi-tenant, scalable, performant and extensible verification service
  886. 98%Using Vim for YAML editing
  887. 79%I deleted data from production
  888. 99%Bevel Work | Rounding Sharp Corners
  889. 99%GitHub - nuta/kerla: A new operating system kernel with Linux binary compatibility written in Rust.
  890. 99%Creating a search engine for websites using Elasticsearch and Playwright - Gérald Barré
  891. 89%The 2021 Shopping Spree
  892. 98%8 Reasons Smart Engineers Use Frameworks - Even for Infrastructure
  893. 98%GitHub - mthom/scryer-prolog: A modern Prolog implementation written mostly in Rust.
  894. 87%Microsoft's Hot Reload decision angers open-source .NET devs
  895. 93%Leaving Google
  896. 98%Goodbye Android Emulators, the Windows Subsystem for Android is Here
  897. 96%New Relic | Monitor, Debug and Improve Your Entire Stack
  898. 97%Controlling a WSL installation of redis-server from the Windows command line
  899. 97%GitHub - mastodon/mastodon: Your self-hosted, globally interconnected microblogging community
  900. 99%Blazor: switching Server and WebAssembly at runtime
  901. 99%Leaking Value Objects from your Domain
  902. 99%Visual Studio 2022 - Launching 2021-11-08
  903. 98%Join us for DaprCon October 19th-20th 2021
  904. 99%How do I get started with Razor pages?
  905. 95%Tunnel: Cloudflare’s Newest Homeowner
  906. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Async, await, and Multi-threaded code
  907. 96%18 Machine Learning Best Practices | Rubik's Code
  908. 98%Streamhut
  909. 97%Early Evaluator, Late Adopter
  910. 95%GitHub - robert-z/simple-pokemon-json-api: 🐸 A simple Pokémon API used in APIs introduction lessons at Skylab Coders Academy.
  911. 99%Vimarsh Shah - The best way to self host
  912. 93%Ubuntu 21.10 has landed | Ubuntu
  913. 99%Episode 398 - Hear ye! Hear ye!
  914. 99%A Minimalistic Modern Django Boilerplate
  915. 98%Principal Software Engineering Manager in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  916. 96%Nomad vs. Kubernetes | Nomad by HashiCorp
  917. 95%Code Maze Weekly #97 - Code Maze
  918. 98%Episode 26: Event Sourcing and Event Driven Architecture - with Callum Linington
  919. 99%Data Consistency Between Microservices
  920. 99%Build Your First Microservice with .NET | Microservices Explained
  921. 92%GTFOBins
  922. 99%Machine Learning Community Standup - Deep Learning with PyTorch & ONNX
  923. 97%Shrink your WSL2 Virtual Disks and Docker Images and Reclaim Disk Space
  924. 98%Different Realms, Different TLD’s | Kevin Burke
  925. 99%Agenda - NDC London 2022 | Conference for Software Developers
  926. 99%Rockin’ The Code World with dotNetDave – Special Guest: Sam Cogan
  927. 99%Easy Way to Create CLI Scripts with JavaScript and Node
  928. 95%The Windows Package Manager
  929. 97%Kubernetes and container management on the desktop
  930. 98%A preview of WSL in the Microsoft Store is now available!
  931. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Interfaces and Error Handling
  932. 98%Which Version of JDK Should I Use?
  933. 99%GitHub - localstack/localstack: 💻 A fully functional local AWS cloud stack. Develop and test your cloud & Serverless apps offline!
  934. 91%How to fix Error response from daemon: pull access denied for your_username/your_repository
  935. 99%Empowering data scientists with a feature store
  936. 98%Harden & secure browsers in containers, with GUI - Cr;Lf;
  937. 97%Why I'm donating $150/month (10% of my income) to the musl libc project
  938. 99%How I built a modern website in 2021
  939. 99%Join us for DaprCon October 19th-20th 2021
  940. 93%[Last Week in .NET #62] – Watermelon Sug — HOW HIGH ARE YOU
  941. 99%Next level console apps with Spectre.Console
  942. 99%The .NET Docs Show - Serverless Machine Learning
  943. 98%Your home router sucks! Replace it with pfSense!
  944. 96%Confessions of a 1x Programmer
  945. 99%DigitalOcean App Platform + Auto-Scaling
  946. 98%How to Route Ingress Traffic by Host in Istio
  947. 99%Understanding AWK
  948. 99%7 tips for writing better library code in .NET
  949. 99%Rider 2021.3 Early Access Program Has Launched! | The .NET Tools Blog
  950. 98%Announcing: Azure credits for open source projects - Microsoft Open Source Blog
  951. 96%Holacracy
  952. 97%How I bricked then recovered my reMarkable 2
  953. 98%Partitioning GitHub’s relational databases to handle scale
  954. 99%The .NET Docs Show - The Handy Talk: Building a 3D-printed prosthetic hand with IoT and Xamarin ✍
  955. 99%Postmortem: Partial RavenDB Cloud outage
  956. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Beginning C# - LINQ
  957. 99%Getting Started With GitHub Actions
  958. 98%Distributed transaction patterns for microservices compared | Red Hat Developer
  959. 96%Transactions in Distributed Systems
  960. 99%On .NET Live - Scalable event processing with Reaqtor
  961. 98%It's tough being an Azure fan
  962. 98%Become a productive .NET Developer with JetBrains Rider - PHINUG 2021.10
  963. 98%The First Rule of Machine Learning: Start without Machine Learning
  964. 99%Visual Studio Toolbox Live - What's New in Visual Studio 2022 Previews 3 & 4?
  965. 98%[Last Week in .NET #60]- Sourcing Your Packages
  966. 97%Linux on the Desktop: Part Two
  967. 98%PostgreSQL on the Move
  968. 99%GitHub - juanfont/headscale: An open source, self-hosted implementation of the Tailscale control server
  969. 99%Ditch your version manager
  970. 99%Why Authorization is Hard
  971. 98%Playing with htmlq, awk, and sed
  972. 99%Setting up the SonarQube scanner when building a .NET Core container image
  973. 99%How to Write Cleaner, Safer Code with SonarQube, Docker and .NET Core
  974. 99%Introduction to GitHub Codespaces
  975. 97%Docker Licensing, Career and Coding Questions
  976. 99%Working with DevOps friendly EF Core Migration Bundles
  977. 98%Are Dockerfiles good enough?
  978. 96%Disk/CPU performance: Linode vs DigitalOcean vs UpCloud vs Hetzner vs Terrahost vs Scaleway
  979. 94%Use Tools That Suit You and the Problem | Daan Debie
  980. 96%How arbitrary structured data per request helps Opsgenie to resolve and prevent incidents
  981. 99%Machine Learning Community Standup - Office Hours
  982. 98%Running My Business From an iPad
  983. 99%The .NET Docs Show - .NET IoT Ask Me Anything
  984. 87%How Docker broke in half
  985. 93%How to replace Docker with Podman on a Mac
  986. 95%The mystery of load average spikes
  987. 95%Monitoring my home's air quality (CO2, PM2.5, Temp/Humidity) with AirGradient's DIY sensor
  988. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - 🎂7 Years of ASP.NET Community Standup🎂
  989. 97%Infrastructure overview
  990. 97%A meditation on three dead side projects
  991. 99%GitHub - michaelkacher/k8cher: An opinionated getting started project leveraging Kubernetes, Tilt, Dapr, and SvelteKit
  992. 99%homebrew-x/podman-apple-silicon.rb at main · simnalamburt/homebrew-x
  993. 99%Writing Logs to SQL Server Using NLog - Code Maze
  994. 99%GitHub - containerd/nerdctl: Docker-compatible CLI for containerd, with support for Compose
  995. 98%Proxy vs Reverse Proxy - using a real life example!
  996. 85%Release v3.5.0 · dotnet/orleans
  997. 98%Minimal Viable Developer: acing your first month in software
  998. 94%Operations is not Developer IT
  999. 98%GitHub - pdevito3/craftsman: Craftsman is the workhorse behind the Wrapt framework and provides a suite of CLI commands for quickly scaffolding out new files and projects for your .NET Web APIs with simple CLI commands and configuration files.
  1000. 99%Migrating from Docker to Podman
  1001. 98%Replacing Docker Desktop with hyperkit + minikube - Cirrus Minor
  1002. 99%GitHub - containers/podman: Podman: A tool for managing OCI containers and pods.
  1003. 95%GitHub - mTvare6/hello-world.rs: 🚀Memory safe, blazing fast, configurable, minimal hello world written in rust(🚀) in a few lines of code with few(1061🚀) dependencies🚀
  1004. 99%Windows Server 2022 now generally available—delivers innovation in security, hybrid, and containers - Microsoft Windows Server Blog
  1005. 97%Donovan Brown | Codespaces meet Dapr
  1006. 99%Windows Server 2022 Now Generally Available
  1007. 99%How I re-over-engineered my home network for privacy and security
  1008. 97%Interview with Kevin Avignon
  1009. 99%Explore Minimal APIs with Maria Naggaga | Web Wednesday
  1010. 99%Monsters Weekly 220 - Previewing .NET 6 without installing the Preview SDK
  1011. 99%Building reactive systems with Node.js | Red Hat Developer
  1012. 99%A brain dump on automated integration testing
  1013. 89%Docker Desktop no longer free for large companies: New 'Business' subscription is here
  1014. 97%Docker is Updating and Extending Our Product Subscriptions - Docker Blog
  1015. 99%Building micro services through Event Driven Architecture part15 : SPA Front End.
  1016. 98%The open calendar, task and note space is a mess
  1017. 99%Why Get Into Competitive Programming?
  1018. 99%Release Release v2.2.0 · Webreaper/Damselfly
  1019. 97%The Three Pillars of WebAssembly - The New Stack
  1020. 99%Introduction to the Node.js reference architecture, Part 5: Building good containers | Red Hat Developer
  1021. 99%.NET Rocks! vNext
  1022. 98%API Tokens: A Tedious Survey
  1023. 99%An Introduction to JQ
  1024. 99%How to Use GitHub Codespaces With Your docfx Project
  1025. 99%Beginner's Guide to Docker - Part 2 - Debugging a Docker Build - The Long Walk
  1026. 97%SnykCon 2021 is Almost Here! | Snyk
  1027. 99%Languages & Runtime Community Standup - Succinct, robust and performant code with F#
  1028. 99%GitHub - ManimCommunity/manim: A community-maintained Python framework for creating mathematical animations.
  1029. 99%GitHub - JetBrains/projector-installer: Install, configure and run JetBrains IDEs with Projector Server on Linux or in WSL
  1030. 99%Stavros Korokithakis / Harbormaster
  1031. 99%Rider 2021.3 Roadmap | The .NET Tools Blog
  1032. 99%System Cpu Usage And Glibc
  1033. 99%My development philosophy
  1034. 99%How I Learned To Stop FUD And Stay SAFE | #dotNETConf: Focus on F#
  1035. 99%Can I switch away from Windows to Debian for software development - an exploration
  1036. 97%.NET Core 2.1 container images will be deleted from Docker Hub
  1037. 99%Dotnetos Essentials
  1038. 98%Are Microservices … for real?
  1039. 99%Running Fully Automated E2E Tests in Electron in a Docker Container with Playwright - Dangl.Blog();
  1040. 95%Our Summer Break - 2021
  1041. 99%Build and deploy microservices with Kubernetes and Dapr | Red Hat Developer
  1042. 95%Weekly Update 256
  1043. 99%Hosts file: What is it, why is it useful & how to edit it?
  1044. 92%SQL Server on Kubernetes - Book Review
  1045. 99%Support Layers in Microservices Topologies
  1046. 98%GitHub - SamSchott/maestral: Open-source Dropbox client for macOS and Linux
  1047. 99%GitHub’s Engineering Team has moved to Codespaces | The GitHub Blog
  1048. 99%Why do we need Dapr?
  1049. 98%Home Automation with Troy Hunt
  1050. 99%Support for local vaults? - Page 3
  1051. 95%The local minima of suckiness
  1052. 99%Reflections on 10,000 Hours of Programming
  1053. 98%VS Code 1.59: Jupyter Notebooks Go (Partly) Native, Live Preview Improved -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1054. 99%Building a URL Shortener Web App using Minimal APIs in .NET 6
  1055. 98%Self-Hosting a Blog Mailing List
  1056. 97%Update on CNCF and Open Source Project Velocity 2020 | Cloud Native Computing Foundation
  1057. 97%Update on CNCF and Open Source Project Velocity 2020 | Cloud Native Computing Foundation
  1058. 99%Testing effectively — with or without mocks or stubs
  1059. 97%GitHub’s Journey from Monolith to Microservices
  1060. 99%The problem with Flask async views and async globals — sethmlarson.dev
  1061. 97%The Serverless Sliding Scale
  1062. 99%GitLab as your Continuous Deployment one-stop shop
  1063. 96%Back to Linux
  1064. 78%Easily Handle File Uploads with NO SERVER Using Kwes Forms
  1065. 97%Dapr v1.3 is now available
  1066. 98%Learn .NET | Free tutorials, videos, courses, and more
  1067. 84%Smart Phone, Dumb Terminal
  1068. 98%Visual Studio 2022 Preview Release Notes
  1069. 99%Alpaca Preview: Native Swift with ASP.NET Core
  1070. 99%You are software engineers, so COMPILE YOUR SOFTWARES
  1071. 96%Counterfactuals are not Causality - Wide Awake Developers
  1072. 99%The .NET Docs Show - Build High Performance Services With gRPC and .NET 5
  1073. 99%Onion Architecture in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  1074. 97%Introduction to open source private LTE and 5G networks | Ubuntu
  1075. 97%Cloudflare's Handling of an RCE Vulnerability in cdnjs
  1076. 98%Using the Shelly Plug to monitor Starlink's power consumption
  1077. 98%HackMD - Collaborative Markdown Knowledge Base
  1078. 98%MicroK8s - Zero-ops Kubernetes for developers, edge and IoT | MicroK8s
  1079. 99%Developing Azure Functions with GitHub Codespaces DevContainers
  1080. 99%Summer Blog Backlog: Distributed Systems
  1081. 99%Lessons Learned from Multiple Microservice Transitions
  1082. 98%No, we don’t use Kubernetes | Ably Blog: Data in Motion
  1083. 99%Andrew Lock | .NET Escapades
  1084. 98%What is GitHub Copilot?
  1085. 91%Weekly Update 252
  1086. 95%TLS - The Cloudflare Blog
  1087. 99%Out of the Box Elixir
  1088. 99%dotnet-labs/Minimal-URL-Shortener
  1089. 99%16 things you didn't know about Kube APIs and CRDs | Evan Cordell
  1090. 97%Servers are like babies - tips for being on call
  1091. 98%Autofac.Extensions.DependencyInjection 7.2.0-preview.1
  1092. 99%deepmind/alphafold
  1093. 99%CVE-2021-22555: Turning �� into 10000$
  1094. 97%khalidabuhakmeh/NestedAspNetCoreMinimalApi
  1095. 99%Micro APIs with OpenFaaS and .NET
  1096. 99%Episode 385 - Cloud Native apps in Azure
  1097. 99%Blazor Web Apps using GraphQL and EF Core with Jeremy Likness
  1098. 97%New Azure Kubernetes and Event Grid Integrations Unveiled at Microsoft Inspire -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1099. 99%Architecture Decision Records (ADR) as a LOG that answers "WHY?"
  1100. 99%Hardening an ASP.NET container running on Kubernetes
  1101. 99%.NET 5 + Blazor = Blazor WebAssembly✅
  1102. 99%Adventures in mTLS Debugging
  1103. 99%How to create a Discord Bot using the .NET worker template and host it on Azure Container Instances
  1104. 98%How I accidentally took down GitHub Actions
  1105. 97%System Design for Recommendations and Search
  1106. 99%Put That Microservice Down.
  1107. 99%Azure DevOps Podcast: Richard Lander on the New .NET Platform - Episode 148
  1108. 99%jongio/memealyzer
  1109. 98%Workspace Trust in Visual Studio Code
  1110. 98%Workspace Trust in Visual Studio Code
  1111. 99%Deploy .NET applications on Red Hat OpenShift using Helm | Red Hat Developer
  1112. 95%Smart(er) Origin Service Level Monitoring
  1113. 98%Teaching Elixir
  1114. 99%Building a Cloud Native Lab at Home
  1115. 91%Update- Beta program for SQL Server on Windows container is suspended.
  1116. 99%Reverse Engineering the M6 Smart Fitness Bracelet
  1117. 62%New mystery AWS product 'Infinidash' goes viral — despite being entirely fictional
  1118. 98%Designing Data-Intensive Applications – Leaderless Replication
  1119. 91%Update- Beta program for SQL Server on Windows container is suspended.
  1120. 93%[Last Week in .NET #49] – Automated Printer CVEs
  1121. 98%Deploy code faster: with CI/CD and Kubernetes
  1122. 99%Bringing emulation into the 21st century
  1123. 98%finding the most recurring topics on Hacker News
  1124. 99%R-Trees with Postgres
  1125. 98%Compressing JSON: gzip vs zstd
  1126. 99%reacherhq/check-if-email-exists
  1127. 99%Introduction to GitHub Actions
  1128. 98%Why Is Continuous Integration Important For Testing?
  1129. 99%Globally Distributed Postgres
  1130. 98%Yes, the network is hostile, even yours (or: how to lose your data in three steps)
  1131. 98%Introducing Jetbrains Rider
  1132. 99%wiretrustee/wiretrustee
  1133. 95%Microsoft Announces the General Availability of Azure ND A100 V4 Cloud GPU Instances
  1134. 99%Nice nginx features for operators
  1135. 98%How a Docker footgun led to a vandal deleting NewsBlur’s MongoDB database
  1136. 98%How I use Roam Research
  1137. 99%cirosantilli/x86-bare-metal-examples
  1138. 97%Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Docker – Webinar Recording | The .NET Tools Blog
  1139. 99%Granulate/gprofiler
  1140. 99%Semgrep: The Surgical Static Analysis Tool
  1141. 97%Episode 79 - Greenfield and Brownfield in .NET with Harry Bellamy (part two)
  1142. 97%How I Won a Month-Long Hackathon in 3 Hours
  1143. 99%Does CAP Theorem apply to Microservices?
  1144. 97%Melb.NET July 2021 HYBRID Meetup
  1145. 99%A framework for building Open Graph images | The GitHub Blog
  1146. 98%“Algorithms Are the New Drugs” | Lakera – Powering Mission-Critical AI
  1147. 98%Microsoft Announces Preview of a New Set of Azure Arc-Enabled Services
  1148. 95%The Wrong Way to Switch Operating Systems on Your Server :: FIGBERT
  1149. 98%The cost of the cloud
  1150. 96%Nixos-unstable’s iso_minimal.x86_64-linux is 100% reproducible! - Development - NixOS Discourse
  1151. 72%Sole Black VMware principal engineer aims to diversify tech
  1152. 98%When Scope Blows Up
  1153. 98%On .NET Episode: Clustering in Orleans
  1154. 99%jongio/memealyzer
  1155. 99%dotnet/orleans
  1156. 99%How to build a .NET template and use it within Visual Studio. Part 2: Creating a template package
  1157. 99%Remote Repositories extension for Visual Studio Code
  1158. 94%melbdotnet Meetup Group
  1159. 97%Did we market Knative wrong?
  1160. 97%Adding Varnish cache server to Ghost Blog - Docker
  1161. 98%nushell/nushell
  1162. 98%Creating Docker multi-arch images for ARM64 from Windows
  1163. 99%Bee Travels: A microservices coding adventure | Red Hat Developer
  1164. 96%Ceph on Minikube
  1165. 99%Remote Repositories extension for Visual Studio Code
  1166. 99%AzureFunBytes Presents: Migrating Your Data - Create Your Cosmos DB | Azure DevOps Blog
  1167. 99%How to Handle Secrets on the Command Line
  1168. 89%TryAPL
  1169. 97%5 reasons to attend the Azure Hybrid and Multicloud Digital Event
  1170. 99%Microsoft Announces the General Availability of Logic App Standard
  1171. 98%Microsoft Previews Tye Tool for Microservices Development in VS Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1172. 99%Conversation about containers | .NET Blog
  1173. 69%Improving Deployments with Kubernetes (2021-06-10)
  1174. 92%Learn TV
  1175. 96%How Replit used legal threats to kill my open-source project
  1176. 99%ToolJet/ToolJet
  1177. 97%Remote Controlling a Nintendo Switch for Fun and Profit
  1178. 98%Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2021.05.28 | Azure DevOps Blog
  1179. 98%Distributed cloud builds for everyone
  1180. 98%Magic Terminal over Web Sockets and SignalR - DZone Cloud
  1181. 98%Microsoft Build 2021 Book of News
  1182. 95%Webinar: Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Docker | The .NET Tools Blog
  1183. 99%6 steps to pimp my terminal
  1184. 99%Project Tye 101 - Dev, Debug, & Deploy Microservices with Project Tye
  1185. 97%Questions to ask before pursuing Kubernetes
  1186. 99%Best Practices Around Production Ready Web Apps with Docker Compose
  1187. 98%Tye - Visual Studio Marketplace
  1188. 97%The Apple M1 compiles Linux 30% faster than my Intel i9
  1189. 99%Visual Studio Toolbox Live - Debug & Analyze Dump Files in Visual Studio
  1190. 99%Performance Booster with System.IO.Pipelines in C#
  1191. 99%Adam Storr - Quick Tip - Compiler Directives and Using Aliases to Ignore Tests
  1192. 99%Issues of .NET
  1193. 98%willfennel.com – Learning on the fly, impostor syndrome, and Vim dumbassery
  1194. 99%Contributing to Gemini ecosystem
  1195. 91%Clustering in Orleans
  1196. 99%nocodb/nocodb
  1197. 98%Microsoft ❤️ developers: Welcome to Build 2021 - The Official Microsoft Blog
  1198. 98%New Storage Providers for Azure Durable Functions
  1199. 97%Announcing General Availability of Microsoft Build of OpenJDK | Java at Microsoft
  1200. 99%Azure/Azurite
  1201. 99%Cedric Charly's Blog
  1202. 98%Microsoft Build 2021 Book of News
  1203. 96%Build cloud-native applications that run anywhere
  1204. 98%Microsoft Build
  1205. 99%4 ways to deploy a .NET Core Lambda using AWS CDK
  1206. 99%How to use MediatR Pipeline Behaviours | Gary Woodfine
  1207. 99%.NET Basics - Dusted Codes
  1208. 88%DockerCon Live 2021: Docker for Super Beginners Community Room
  1209. 98%Microsoft Build
  1210. 99%ION – We Have Liftoff!
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  1459. 92%Deploying Orleans Apps to Kubernetes
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  1487. 98%An Incomplete Field Guide to Crypto Adoption
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  1507. 98%Building real applications with Orleans
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  1537. 99%Coding with C# and .NET: JSON Deserialisation
  1538. 99%.NET Rocks! vNext
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  1540. 97%Release Tye 0.6 · dotnet/tye
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  1542. 99%State Watch
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  1549. 98%4Dotnet Conf 2021
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  1553. 99%new codebase, who dis? (How to Join a Team and Learn a Codebase)
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  1555. 99%Understanding Microsoft's Docker Images for .NET Apps
  1556. 98%Asynchronous Messaging, Part 2: Durable Queues
  1557. 97%An unlikely database migration
  1558. 92%Inspecting application metrics with dotnet-monitor
  1559. 99%theseus-os/Theseus
  1560. 99%Using .env in .NET - Dusted Codes
  1561. 99%Running GitHub Super-Linter in Azure Pipelines - Gérald Barré
  1562. 92%r/ParlerWatch - Comment by u/BlueMountainDace on ”All Parler user data is being downloaded as we speak!”
  1563. 77%You know? — Speech analysis and video summarization
  1564. 99%Rust-GCC/gccrs
  1565. 99%Two Weeks with FreeBSD as My Daily Driver
  1566. 94%Newsletter Week 1, 2021
  1567. 95%Friday Five: Teams Public Preview, C# Tips, More!
  1568. 97%JavaScript Complete Course - Array Iterations - Part 34
  1569. 99%JavaScript Complete Course - Array Slice & Splice - Part 38
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  1571. 99%Consistent Core
  1572. 99%Wasmer 1.0
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  1575. 96%20 Months in, 2K Hours Spent and 200K € Lost. A Story About Resilience and the Sunk Cost Fallacy
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  1579. 95%Stats are the new analytics
  1580. 89%CVE Stuffing
  1581. 99%artichoke/artichoke
  1582. 91%Year(Decade) of the Homelab.
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  1584. 99%LibrePhotos/librephotos
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  1587. 99%START with a Monolith, NOT Microservices
  1588. 93%I revised my code from 10 years ago
  1589. 99%genkami/watson
  1590. 96%Code Maze Weekly #57 - Code Maze
  1591. 99%X Server and VNC on a Linode VM
  1592. 95%Splitting up a Monolith to (micro)Services
  1593. 91%News – Xfce 4.16 released
  1594. 97%WiFi 6 gets 1.34 Gbps on the Raspberry Pi CM4
  1595. 97%Testing your code is not optional. | Fotis Alexandrou - Software Engineer
  1596. 98%Parsing JSON at the CLI: A Practical Introduction to `jq` (and more!)
  1597. 97%WebAssembly, a revolution that follows - Josip Klaric, BLbit (2020-12-22)
  1598. 97%2020’s Top 15 Machine Learning & AI Research Papers
  1599. 98%Redis Cluster - Benefits of Sharding and How It Works
  1600. 81%Into the Octoverse
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  1602. 96%Back to the '70s with Serverless
  1603. 99%Countdown to 2021
  1604. 96%Code Maze Weekly #56 - Code Maze
  1605. 98%Google Cloud Status Dashboard
  1606. 98%Controlling My Home Sauna Using .NET 5
  1607. 98%How to monitor multi-cloud Kubernetes with Prometheus and Grafana
  1608. 98%Sarat Chandra | My Nextcloud setup
  1609. 99%What's IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS in #Shorts
  1610. 92%51% of 4 million Docker images have critical vulnerabilities
  1611. 99%Download and Try the Tech Preview of Docker Desktop for M1 - Docker Blog
  1612. 99%Setup and use CUDA and TensorFlow in Windows Subsystem for Linux 2
  1613. 99%.NET Conf 2020 - Lahore (2020-01-23)
  1614. 98%NHibernate Profiler & Entity Framework Profiler 6.0 RTMed!
  1615. 99%Playing with C#9 Top-level Programs, Records and Elasticsearch.NET - Steve Gordon - Code with Steve
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