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Posts for 'cloud'

  1. Migrate to ASP.NET Core MVC from ASP.NET Framework MVC
  2. PostgreSQL on the Move
  3. Weekly Update 261
  4. Benchmarking Edge Network Performance: Akamai, Cloudflare, AWS CloudFront, Fastly, and Google
  5. Level up your skills with Bicep!
  6. Azure Sentinel Notebooks Ninja Part 2: Getting Started with Azure Sentinel Notebooks
  7. Every engineer should do a stint in consulting
  8. Why Authorization is Hard
  9. Introducing password removal for Microsoft Accounts
  10. Don't Trust the Process
  11. “Secret” Agent Exposes Azure Customers To Unauthorized Code Execution | Wiz Blog
  12. Join us behind the scenes at Azure, thanks to the Well-Architected Framework
  13. Gwyneth Peña S. @madebygps
  14. iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max - Technical Specifications
  15. Looking inside ConfigurationManager in .NET 6: Exploring .NET Core 6 - Part 1
  16. Adam Storr - Separate the Metadata Noise from the Implementation in Azure Functions
  17. The workflow must be associated with an integration account - Azure Logic App
  18. Cloud Providers Publish Ransomware Mitigation Strategies
  19. 271: How not to monetize an app
  20. How To Desktop in 2022
  21. RLE: The Human Friendly Compression
  22. The p-word – Puppies, Flowers, Rainbows and Kittens
  23. Azure AD JWT authentication in .NET isolated process Azure Functions
  24. Episode 23: Git - with Jesse Liberty and James World
  25. A resource for the OpenBSD community
  26. Principal PM Lead in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  27. Mistakes I've Made in AWS
  28. “Never trust a clown”: McDonald’s leaks Monopoly database credentials
  29. Disk/CPU performance: Linode vs DigitalOcean vs UpCloud vs Hetzner vs Terrahost vs Scaleway
  30. How arbitrary structured data per request helps Opsgenie to resolve and prevent incidents
  31. Microsoft Open Sources .NET 5 C# Language Extension for SQL Server -- Visual Studio Magazine
  32. First look at the debugger - Visual Studio (Windows)
  33. Microsoft Announces Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise in Preview
  34. Migrate apps to modern authentication
  35. Code Maze Weekly #92 - Code Maze
  36. Episode 393 - Behind the scenes
  37. AWS SIGv4 and SIGv4A — shufflesharding.com
  38. How Docker broke in half
  39. .NET Rocks! vNext
  40. Windows 11: The Optimization and Performance Improvements
  41. B2C Speedrun - Setup Authentication in .NET Blazor with Azure AD B2C in 15mins flat
  42. GitHub - doctorray117/minecraft-ondemand: Templates to deploy a serverless Minecraft Server on demand in AWS
  43. Taking the EF Core Azure Cosmos DB Provider for a Test Drive
  44. McDonald's leaks password for Monopoly VIP database to winners
  45. [Last Week in .NET #58] – Deep Learning Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry
  46. Adam Storr - Minimal Api in .NET 6 Out Of Process Azure Functions
  47. Infrastructure overview
  48. GitHub - michaelkacher/k8cher: An opinionated getting started project leveraging Kubernetes, Tilt, Dapr, and SvelteKit
  49. GitHub - Lutando/Akkatecture: a cqrs and event sourcing framework for dotnet core using akka.net
  50. Using Azure security groups in ASP.NET Core with an Azure B2C Identity Provider
  51. FTC orders SpyFone to delete all of its surveillance data | ZDNet
  52. Adding Identity to Existing WASM Apps: Carl Franklin's Blazor Train Ep 56
  53. Episode 392 - SQL Managed Instances
  54. Release v3.5.0 · dotnet/orleans
  55. Running (Mostly) Minimal .NET 6 APIs in Azure Functions
  56. Minimal Viable Developer: acing your first month in software
  57. Operations is not Developer IT
  58. Code Maze Weekly #91 - Code Maze
  59. A Complete Beginner's Guide to GraphQL
  60. Zero Trust Security Architecture Overview | Developer.com
  61. Bungie C++ Guidelines & Razors > News | Bungie.net
  62. Calling an Azure AD secured API with Postman
  63. A critique on project management software
  64. Secure Open API (Swagger) calls with Azure Active Directory
  65. www.opendesktop.org
  66. Deconstructing Azure PowerShell APIs with Fiddler
  67. Windows Server 2022 now generally available—delivers innovation in security, hybrid, and containers - Microsoft Windows Server Blog
  68. Build .NET Search Experiences With Lunr-Core
  69. Text Analytics for Extractive Summarization
  70. ChaosDB: How we hacked thousands of Azure customers’ databases | Wiz Blog
  71. Windows Server 2022 Now Generally Available
  72. Why and When to Use Akka.Streams
  73. Deploying a Blazor App to Azure with Octopus Deploy
  74. My Recipe for Optimizing Performance of Rails Applications
  75. On Variance and Extensibility
  76. GitHub Quick Reviews
  77. Recover Password Sync for a Domain Joined Mac
  78. Microsoft Warns Customers about a Critical Vulnerability in Azure Cosmos DB
  79. Docker is Updating and Extending Our Product Subscriptions - Docker Blog
  80. Downloading artifacts from Azure DevOps using .NET
  81. Analyzing a High Rate of Paging
  82. [Last Week in .NET #57] – So, Azure your keys are safe?
  83. .NET 6: Top 6 New Features in the Upcoming .NET Version
  84. Microsoft Azure vulnerability exposes thousands of customer database - Techno Kilo
  85. Azure Queue Storage with ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  86. How MarkMonitor left >60,000 domains for the taking
  87. Newsletter Week 34, 2021
  88. ASP.NET Core 6: Minimal APIs, two reasons why I can’t do without it so far
  89. The Three Pillars of WebAssembly - The New Stack
  90. Azure DevOps Podcast: Dean Guida on the Future of .NET Components - Episode 154
  91. Tip 330 - How to use Azure API Management from VS Code
  92. Play with Proxy in Azure Function App
  93. Azure SDK: Goodbye QnA Maker, Hello AI 'Question Answering' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  94. Azure Service Bus for .NET deep dive resources
  95. A closer look at C# 8 & 9 language features - PHINUG 2021.09
  96. API Tokens: A Tedious Survey
  97. Principal Technical Product Manager, Amazon Corretto - Virtual Location (Level 7)
  98. Googlespeak™ - How Google Limits Thought About Antitrust
  99. Melb.NET Sept 2021 ONLINE Meetup
  100. My Journey as a Self-Taught Programmer
  101. GitHub Quick Reviews
  102. [Last Week in .NET #56] – Silverlighted Sorting
  103. Is Hacker News a Good Predictor of Future Tech Trends?
  104. r/DataHoarder - Twitter starts to require login to view tweets
  105. Securing a graphQL API with Azure Active Directory
  106. 5 Methods to Redirect a Request in ASP.NET Core - Detailed Guide | Pro Code Guide
  107. 38M Records Were Exposed Online—Including Contact-Tracing Info
  108. Bringing the Unix Philosophy to the 21st Century | Brazil's Blog
  109. Speeding up IndexedDB reads and writes
  110. Episode 22: Jetbrains Rider, and Code With Me
  111. Code Maze Weekly #90 - Code Maze
  112. The New .NET MAUI Podcast
  113. Scheduled tasks with the Cron binding in Dapr
  114. Episode 390 - Pronunciation Assessment
  115. omnisharp-vscode/package.json at master · OmniSharp/omnisharp-vscode
  116. My setup using Mull for extensible and secure browsing on Android : Blog : DBM
  117. The 425 Show
  118. Delete an Azure AD B2C tenant programmatically
  119. Continuous database deployment with GitHub Actions
  120. Tip 329 - Azure portal productivity Tips
  121. Signing Electron Apps before Bundling with Azure Key Vault and EV Code Signing Certificates - Dangl.Blog();
  122. GitHub - public-api-lists/public-api-lists: A collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development 🚀
  123. Zero Trust controls for your SaaS applications
  124. Discover and assess ASP.NET apps at-scale with Azure Migrate
  125. Can I switch away from Windows to Debian for software development - an exploration
  126. Demystifying Rails autoloading
  127. GitHub - IEvangelist/azure-cosmos-dotnet-repository: Wraps the .NET SDK for Azure Cosmos DB abstracting away the complexity, exposing a simple CRUD-based repository pattern
  128. Ask the Expert: .NET MAUI Community Toolkit
  129. Microsoft Renames Its Azure for FHIR API to Azure Healthcare APIs
  130. .NET 5 Support of Azure Functions OpenAPI Extension
  131. Adam Storr - Ambiguous match found in Azure Functions project
  132. [Last Week in .NET #55] – Squabbling Trillionaires.
  133. API Development: The Complete Guide for Building APIs Without Code
  134. Azure BLOB Storage with ASP.NET Core and Angular - Code Maze
  135. How to Calculate Azure Blob Container Size
  136. Azure Functions with F# using .NET 5
  137. Publish Azure Static Web Apps with Bicep and Azure DevOps | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  138. The rise of the one-person unicorn
  139. A Minimalist Full-Text Search Engine
  140. Exploring the password policy rabbit hole — Sun Knudsen
  141. GitHub - seligman/aws-ip-ranges: Tracking the history and size of AWS's ip-ranges.json file
  142. Progress Report: August 2021 - Asahi Linux
  143. .NET Rocks! vNext
  144. Keyboard Input: Carl Franklin's Blazor Train Ep 54
  145. Deploying Cloud Infrastructure with F# | #dotNETConf: Focus on F#
  146. GitHub - emilk/egui: egui: an easy-to-use immediate mode GUI in pure Rust
  147. Episode 21: Bicep with Alex Frankel
  148. Microsoft Steps Up Java Support at Eclipse with a New Strategic Membership -- ADTmag
  149. .NET MAUI Community Toolkit - Monthly Standup
  150. Hosts file: What is it, why is it useful & how to edit it?
  151. Episode 389 - Azure Logic Apps
  152. On .NET Live - The cutting edge of the Razor engine
  153. Run EF Core Migrations in multiple databases with Azure DevOps
  154. Secure and minimal APIs using .NET 6, C# 10 and Azure Active Directory
  155. SQL Server on Kubernetes - Book Review
  156. PowerShell for Visual Studio Code August 2021 Update
  157. PowerShellGet 3.0 Preview 11 Release
  158. Tip 328 - How to use Azure Service Bus Topics
  159. .NET Rocks! vNext
  160. Introducing C# 10: File-scoped namespaces
  161. Azure DevOps Podcast: Scott Hunter on Preparing for .NET 6 - Episode 152
  162. Publish an ASP.NET Core SignalR app to Azure App Service
  163. GitHub’s Engineering Team has moved to Codespaces | The GitHub Blog
  164. Authenticating ASP.NET Core MVC applications with Azure Active Directory B2C - User flows - Part2
  165. Why do we need Dapr?
  166. Comparing Low-Code Tools as a Developer
  167. How to Hack APIs in 2021 by Hakluke and Farah Hawa | Detectify Labs
  168. Authenticating ASP.NET Core MVC applications with Azure Active Directory B2C - Part1
  169. Data of three million elderly citizens exposed in cloud security oversight
  170. Logging in Unity
  171. Landing a job offer through a side project
  172. So you want to write a GUI framework
  173. I'm Starting to Live Stream Coding on Twitch!
  174. Architecture on the cloud: Avoid writing the code
  175. Send Emails using Microsoft Graph API and a desktop client
  176. Support for local vaults? - Page 3
  177. Behind the scenes: the struggle for each paper
  178. Figmage: I don't mess with images
  179. Postgres.app – the easiest way to get started with PostgreSQL on the Mac
  180. BabylonJS and Blazor - Getting Set Up | Cody's Personal Site
  181. Load Only the Projects You Need with Solution Filters
  182. Episode 388 - The Art of the Possible with Power Platform
  183. Real Case - How I compromised 300 stores, and a
  184. Tip 327 - How to use Azure Service Bus Queues
  185. Synchronous vs Messaging: When to use which?
  186. Infra as a Code Is Cloud Lock-In
  187. .NET Foundation Project Spotlight - Have I Been Pwned?
  188. Azure Serverless Conf: Call for Speakers/Papers
  189. Modernizing a familiar approach to REST APIs, with PostgreSQL and Cloudflare Workers
  190. The 5-hour CDN
  191. Rider 2021.2: Support for ASP.NET Core Endpoints, Blazor WebAssembly Debugging, and More | The .NET Tools Blog
  192. ReSharper 2021.2: Updates to C# Code Analysis, Nullable Reference Types, and Source Generators and Introducing HttpClient URI Support! | The .NET Tools Blog
  193. Two months in: How the SaaS that was built in 7 days is going | OnlineOrNot
  194. Stack Overflow: Old .NET Framework Usage Still Beats 'Most Loved' .NET Core/.NET 5 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  195. Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021
  196. Adam Storr - Azure Functions CLI Failing After Preview Install
  197. Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021
  198. Humans of Microsoft S02E01: Abel Wang
  199. Microsoft Graph .NET SDK v4 now generally available with streamlined authentication and more  - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  200. Workshop Spotlight: Secure DevOps - Application Security Principles and Practices
  201. Rockin’ The Code World with dotNetDave – Special Guest: Dave Brock
  202. [Last Week in .NET #53] – Requiem for a use case
  203. Azure Active Directory B2C with Blazor WebAssembly Hosted Apps
  204. The Serverless Sliding Scale
  205. Hosting SQLite databases on Github Pages - (or any static file hoster)
  206. Get Busy Living with Abel Wang - Hanselminutes Podcast #793
  207. Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  208. .NET R&D Digest (July, 2021)
  209. Comparing Azure Static Web Apps vs Azure WebApps vs Azure Blob Storage Static Sites
  210. Build serverless real-time chat application with Web PubSub and Static Web Apps
  211. Release copilot-cli: Release v1.9.0 · aws/copilot-cli
  212. Episode 387 - Azure Arc
  213. Azure Service Fabric 8.1 Release
  214. Dapr v1.3 is now available
  215. .NET Rocks! vNext
  216. The Baked Data architectural pattern
  217. Episode 205 – Polly with Bryan Hogan | The 6 Figure Developer
  218. The friendly SMS reminder with Logic Apps, Azure Functions + Key Vault
  219. Protect Your SignalR Service Based Real-time Application with Application Gateway
  220. Program Manager in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  221. Postgres Full-Text Search: A Search Engine in a Database
  222. Fantastic F# and Azure Developer Extensions for VSCode
  223. GitHub Quick Reviews
  224. How To: Use Azure AD Powershell to Work With Extension Properties (User Attributes)
  225. The New Way To Debug JavaScript in VS Code - No Extension Required
  226. For developers, Apple’s Safari is crap and outdated
  227. Lessons learned from 15 years of SumatraPDF, an open source Windows app
  228. Introducing C# 10:Extended property patterns
  229. [Last Week in .NET #52] – TwinCVEs
  230. Quantum programming with Q# and running on hardware with Azure Quantum | Azure Friday
  231. Securing ASP.NET Core Razor Pages, Web APIs with Azure B2C external and Azure AD internal identities
  232. Amazon Web Services In Plain English
  233. Sargable Queries & MUL Indexes; or Why My Query is Slow
  234. Writing Visual Studio Extensions with Mads - Dynamically add menu commands
  235. How To Automate AWS CloudFront Distribution Folder Changes When Deploying a Static Web Site
  236. AWS’s Egregious Egress
  237. Markdown Monster 2.0 is here
  238. Introducing C# 10: Mix declarations and expressions in a deconstruction
  239. Episode 386 - Static Web Apps
  240. Introducing C# 10: Constant interpolated strings
  241. Tip 325 - How to build Blazor and C# APIs in Azure Static Web Apps
  242. Write your first code in F#
  243. Developing Azure Functions with GitHub Codespaces DevContainers
  244. Summer Blog Backlog: Distributed Systems
  245. OSS Power-Ups: Statiq
  246. New LEARN module: Write your first code in F#
  247. Web Application Security, WAF, SSL Certificates
  248. Some common gotchas when trying to deploy a dotnet gRPC app to AWS ECS
  249. Think gRPC, when you are architecting modern microservices! | Cloud Native Computing Foundation
  250. Pagination with the Azure SDK for .NET
  251. GitHub Copilot: Fatally Flawed or the Future of Software Development?
  252. No, we don’t use Kubernetes | Ably Blog: Data in Motion
  253. GitHub Quick Reviews
  254. Getting Started with GPT-3 in Power Platform
  255. Using an ASP.NET Core IHostedService to run Azure Service Bus subscriptions and consumers
  256. ASP.NET Core in .NET 6 - Shadow-copying in IIS
  257. A Quick Guide to Elasticsearch for .NET
  258. Maps with Django (part 2): GeoDjango, PostGIS and Leaflet
  259. janpaulthoughts - The quest for the Ultimate Game Engine
  260. Using App Roles with Azure Active Directory and Blazor WebAssembly Hosted Apps
  261. Introducing C# 10: Seal overriden ToString() method on records
  262. Creating Static Web Apps With F# and Fable | LINQ to Fail
  263. FanFan
  264. Creating zips server side per request
  265. Senior Program Manager in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  266. Servers are like babies - tips for being on call
  267. How do you add a database to a GraphQL Server?
  268. Adding blog posts to your GitHub README with GitHub Actions
  269. Learn how to deploy and manage your Azure resources with Bicep!
  270. The Future Web: Will Canvas Rendering Replace the DOM?
  271. Using Cosmos DB as an ASP.NET session state and caching provider
  272. Directory.Build.props: C# 9 for all your projects | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  273. Episode 385 - Cloud Native apps in Azure
  274. Introduction
  275. Monodraw for macOS — Helftone
  276. Blazor Web Apps using GraphQL and EF Core with Jeremy Likness
  277. New Azure Kubernetes and Event Grid Integrations Unveiled at Microsoft Inspire -- Visual Studio Magazine
  278. The art of asking nicely
  279. OSS Power-Ups: Verify
  280. Build a shopping app with Azure Static Web Apps
  281. GitHub Quick Reviews
  282. Can I disable Examine indexes on Umbraco front-end servers?
  283. The Death of the Internet – Mad at the Internet
  284. GitHub Quick Reviews
  285. Google Releases Visual Studio Tool for Android Game Development -- Visual Studio Magazine
  286. End to end testing web apps using Playwright and Azure DevOps
  287. Advancing application reliability with the Azure Well-Architected Framework
  288. [Last Week in .NET #50] – Copilot or JEDI?
  289. What Does It Take To Be a Tech Giant?
  290. timheuer/alexa-skills-dotnet
  291. How to create a Discord Bot using the .NET worker template and host it on Azure Container Instances
  292. Announcing a New Free Curriculum: IoT for Beginners
  293. How I accidentally took down GitHub Actions
  294. The Amazon Personal Games Policy Is Ridiculous
  295. System Design for Recommendations and Search
  296. Behind the scenes, AWS Lambda
  297. Put That Microservice Down.
  298. Azure DevOps Podcast: Richard Lander on the New .NET Platform - Episode 148
  299. What's New in .NET for Apache Spark v1.1.1
  300. NDA Expired - let's spill the beans on a weird startup
  301. Episode 80 - VR Applications in Unity with Justin Barnett
  302. The Final Xamarin Podcast
  303. What Is WebAssembly — and Why Are You Hearing So Much About It? - The New Stack
  304. Probably Are Gonna Need It: Application Security Edition - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  305. Using A Function App with a Dedicated Static IP
  306. jongio/memealyzer
  307. C# Language Highlights: Using Declarations
  308. Azure Functions: Discover OpenAPI - Events
  309. Tip 323 - How to build serverless APIs with Azure Functions
  310. .NET Rocks! vNext
  311. Is Windows 11 a Better OS for Developers?
  312. Naming Languages - bryandragon.com
  313. Thoughts on Async/Await Conversion in a Desktop App
  314. The What, Why and How of DynamoDB
  315. The State of .NET on Mac OS - PHINUG 2021.07
  316. How to create a web app in C# with Blazor & Azure Static Web Apps [11 of 16] | Azure Tips and Tricks
  317. Building a Cloud Native Lab at Home
  318. Monsters Weekly 216 - Zip Deploy for Azure Web Apps
  319. GitHub Quick Reviews
  320. Console Do Not Track
  321. Cloudflare customers can now use Microsoft Azure Data Transfer Routing Preference to enjoy lower data transfer costs
  322. .NET Ketchup - Week 26, 2021
  323. Azure Durable Functions Dependency Injection
  324. GitHub Copilot Experiences - a glimpse of an AI-assisted future
  325. New mystery AWS product 'Infinidash' goes viral — despite being entirely fictional
  326. Building Cloud Native .NET Apps on Azure
  327. [Last Week in .NET #49] – Automated Printer CVEs
  328. Deploy code faster: with CI/CD and Kubernetes
  329. GraphQL for .NET Developers
  330. Developing and Deploying Azure Functions with GitHub Codespaces
  331. The Untold Story of SQLite - CoRecursive Podcast
  332. Cheap email for everyone | Purelymail
  333. Advancing safe deployment with AIOps—introducing Gandalf
  334. .NET Foundation Project Spotlight - Wix
  335. Episode 383 - Something cool in Azure
  336. Legion 7 Gen 6 (16" AMD) QHD Gaming Laptop | Lenovo US
  337. GitHub Codespaces Alternative: AWS Cloud9, SSH & VS Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  338. How Do Open Source Companies Make Money?
  339. Java on Azure: Azure Spring Cloud Integrates with New Relic One Performance Monitoring -- Visual Studio Magazine
  340. Announcing the new Azure Data Tables Libraries
  341. .NET Object Allocation Tool Performance
  342. The future of Android App Bundles is here
  343. .NET R&D Digest (June, 2021)
  344. Machine Learning for Beginners, Curriculum
  345. Tip 322 - How to perform opinion mining with Azure Cognitive Services
  346. C# 9 in-process Azure Functions | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  347. Functional, Declarative Audio Applications
  348. 10 Malicious Requests Against My Web Application
  349. Migrating social accounts to Azure AD B2C
  350. Getting started with Azure Static Web Apps
  351. Monsters Weekly 215 - How I'm going to replace you with an automation script - Azure Automate
  352. Introducing Jetbrains Rider
  353. Static Web Apps - Code to Scale - Events
  354. JSON Polymorphic Serialization API Review
  355. irsl/gcp-dhcp-takeover-code-exec
  356. Microsoft Announces the General Availability of Azure ND A100 V4 Cloud GPU Instances
  357. Nice nginx features for operators
  358. Announcing the first Insider Preview for Windows 11
  359. Learn React with this free GitHub book I wrote
  360. How I take notes in meetings • The Witful Blog
  361. Improving Angular CI Build Time Using Azure DevOps Cache task
  362. Sign-in using multiple clients or tenants in ASP.NET Core and Azure AD
  363. Notes on streaming large API responses
  364. Working with Azure AD B2C in ASP.NET
  365. RavenDB 5.2 RTM is out!
  366. Blazor, TypeScript and Static Web Apps | LINQ to Fail
  367. Introducing AWS BugBust
  368. Why We Chose Blazor WASM for our SPA
  369. Product Docs Alongside Product Code (with Next.js)
  370. Join us for a Live event on Azure Static Web Apps 30th June 2021
  371. Monsters Weekly 213 - Local Testing with Azure Static Web Apps
  372. Senior Software Engineer in Austin, Texas, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  373. How I Won a Month-Long Hackathon in 3 Hours
  374. Create a web API with ASP.NET Core - Events
  375. The Era Of Customized Blockchains Is Rising Because Smart Contracts Aren’t Really ‘Smart’
  376. PlayStation Architecture | A Practical Analysis
  377. Blazor on WPF
  378. Melb.NET July 2021 HYBRID Meetup
  379. Entity Framework Community Standup - Azure Cosmos DB and EF Core
  380. New in Azure SDK: Data Tables & Monitor Libraries, and More -- Visual Studio Magazine
  381. Package Validation
  382. ML.NET June Updates
  383. Secure .NET 5 SignalR solutions with Azure AD
  384. More products, more partners, and a new look for Cloudflare Logs
  385. Upload and resize an image natively with ASP.NET Core 🖼️
  386. Introduction to .NET MAUI Blazor | The Xamarin Show
  387. Microsoft Announces Preview of a New Set of Azure Arc-Enabled Services
  388. The End of Ownership | datagubbe.se
  389. 8 Bits with Cecil Phillip
  390. How databases handle 10 million devices in high-cardinality benchmarks | Time series data, faster
  391. The cost of the cloud
  392. What to Expect in .NET 6 | ComponentOne
  393. LDtk by Deepnight Games
  394. Locked Files When Publishing .NET Core Apps to IIS with WebDeploy
  395. Hacker's guide to deep-learning side-channel attacks: the theory
  396. How I Found A Vulnerability To Hack iCloud Accounts and How Apple Reacted To It - The Zero Hack
  397. PipeWire: The Linux audio/video bus
  398. Visual Studio 2022 AMA
  399. Croc Full Plaintext Recovery - CVE-2021-31603
  400. A response to "Did we market Knative wrong?"
  401. Getting acquainted with Azure Synapse SQL Serverless
  402. Code Maze Weekly #81 - Code Maze
  403. The Document Culture of Amazon
  404. jongio/memealyzer
  405. First Visual Studio 2022 Preview Focuses on Testing 64-bit Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  406. Serverless Web - Azure Static Web Apps by Andreas Wänqvist | BLbit UG
  407. Answers: Detecting livelihood in a distributed cluster
  408. How to build a .NET template and use it within Visual Studio. Part 2: Creating a template package
  409. melbdotnet Meetup Group
  410. Getting Started with Graph API and Graph Explorer | Developer Support
  411. Getting Started with Graph API and Teams | Developer Support
  412. My EC2 wishlist
  413. Keynote: The Future of Modern Application Development with .NET and Azure
  414. New VS Code Tool Eases GitHub Browsing/Editing, No Cloning Required -- Visual Studio Magazine
  415. Entity Framework Community Standup - Azure Cosmos DB and EF Core
  416. Azure Fundamentals part 1: Describe core Azure concepts (AZ-900) - Learn
  417. Why build Single Page Apps in Blazor
  418. Keynote: The Future of Modern Application Development with .NET and Azure
  419. Challenge: Detecting livelihood in a distributed cluster
  420. Entity Framework Community Standup - Azure Cosmos DB and EF Core
  421. Next.js 11
  422. Azure Service Bus: Queues vs Topics - Code4IT
  423. Dirty Hack on Making the Required QueryString Params to Work in Azure APIM
  424. WeWatch Month 3
  425. Model Explainability and ML.NET
  426. GitHub Quick Reviews
  427. dotnet repl
  428. Migration of Bing’s Workflow Engine to .NET 5 | .NET Blog
  429. Use Swashbuckle to create an OpenAPI document - Learn
  430. Why We Chose Blazor WASM for our SPA
  431. The quiet rise of E Ink Tablets and Infinite Paper Note Takers - reMarkable 2 vs Onyx Boox Note Air
  432. Enable secure access to applications with Cloudflare WAF and Azure Active Directory
  433. Creating Docker multi-arch images for ARM64 from Windows
  434. Build a few .NET apps, convert them into .NET templates, package them together in a NuGet and use them as templates within Visual Studio. Part 1: Key Concepts
  435. Choose the best tools for managing and configuring your Azure environment (AZ-900) - Learn
  436. Hot failures and high availability
  437. Caching Enum.ToString to improve performance - Gérald Barré
  438. Filing for Non Profit Status
  439. Azure Functions and .NET 5: Query params, Dependency Injection, Bicep & Build | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  440. AzureFunBytes Presents: Migrating Your Data - Create Your Cosmos DB | Azure DevOps Blog
  441. Build serveless real-time chat application with Web PubSub and Static Web Apps
  442. New tools from Microsoft Research help developers write bug-free code, faster - AI for Business
  443. Migrate to ASP.NET Core MVC from ASP.NET Framework MVC
  444. I miss the old internet
  445. Taildrop was kind of easy, actually
  446. Release 1.1.0 · natemcmaster/LettuceEncrypt
  447. Deploying a Static Web App via Azure DevOps Pipeline
  448. Microsoft Details Sneak-Peek Preview of Azure Functions on .NET 6 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  449. Episode 381 - Azure Migrate App Containerization
  450. Defining a Platform is Hard
  451. Show dotnet: Running my .NET nanoFramework for 8 years on a battery | .NET Blog
  452. chrxh/alien
  453. What’s new with .NET on Azure Functions – June 2021
  454. GitHub Quick Reviews
  455. Welcoming Okta and Volosoft to .NET Foundation as Corporate Sponsors!
  456. dotnet-presentations/blazor-workshop
  457. Integration Testing for ASP.NET Core using EF Core Cosmos with XUnit and Azure DevOps
  458. Released: General Availability of Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 3.0
  459. 5 reasons to attend the Azure Hybrid and Multicloud Digital Event
  460. Tip 319 - How to create custom handlers for Azure Functions
  461. .NET 6 Preview on App Service
  462. Single-Tenant Azure Logic Apps Goes GA: 'Integration Is Everything' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  463. Releasing Windows 10 Build 19043.1052 (21H1) to Beta & Release Preview Channels
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