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  1. 97%Liikennematto devlog #5: renovation and release
  2. 99%Switching to Linux as a Game Developer
  3. 97%Non-Euclidean Doom: what happens to a game when pi is not 3.14159…
  4. 98%About Winamp - Winamp has announced that it is opening up its source code to enable collaborative development of its legendary player for Windows.
  5. 99%What I've Learned Building Interactive Embedding Visualizations
  6. 96%Meet RVPC the world lowest cost Open Source Hardware All-in-one educational RISC-V computer with VGA and PS2 keyboard which will be available for DIY soldering workshop on Open Fest in Sofia this year!
  7. 98%A comparison between the M2 and M4 iPad Pro
  8. 99%Gemini Flash
  9. 90%Sir, there's a cat in your mirror dimension
  10. 97%Thoughts on the openAI spring release
  11. 99%GitHub - nkasmanoff/pi-card: Raspberry Pi Voice Assistant
  12. 99%GitHub - pipecat-ai/pipecat: Open Source framework for voice and multimodal conversational AI
  13. 89%You hum it, I’ll play it – some thoughts about music and meaning
  14. 97%Why your team might be holding you back - Dmitry Kudryavtsev
  15. 77%Sam Heuck | The outrage is warranted.
  16. 95%zeptocore | schollz
  17. 84%Zuckerman vs: Zuckerberg: why and how this is a battle of the public understanding of APIs, and why Zuckerman needs to lose and Meta needs to win
  18. 98%One Slice of Pivot, Please - Tyler Barker
  19. 60%How Much Patents & Copyrights Take From Your Wallet – Shane Oberloier
  20. 97%Development notes from xkcd's "Machine"
  21. 96%Ask The Fox: "People keep telling me to learn to code, but I don't wanna"
  22. 89%Naming Things is Hard (Game Genre Edition)
  23. 99%Zed Decoded: Linux when? - Zed Blog
  24. 99%Book Review: .NET MAUI Cross-Platform Application Development - Coding Sonata
  25. 95%Apple introduces M4 chip
  26. 98%What is platform engineering and why do we need it? | Red Hat Developer
  27. 99%Unveiling secrets of the ESP32 part 2: reverse engineering RX
  28. 99%RSS: how to fix your internet feed
  29. 99%Why should I pay for an open-source app? - Jonathan Garelick
  30. 99%My approach to HTML web components
  31. 95%Printing music with CSS grid
  32. 93%How do Touch screens work? — Learn how Gadgets Work - One Gadget at a Time
  33. 97%Ryan Bigg - One year with the Ergodox EZ
  34. 68%The Internet Archive's last-ditch effort to save itself
  35. 85%No Web Without Women
  36. 90%Five Ways I Deal with Writer's Block
  37. 91%Harry Chapin and RATM: the problem with bleeding interests
  38. 95%Much ado about "nothing" - Xe Iaso
  39. 97%GitHub - lodefmode/moviecart: Software and Hardware to create full length color movie + audio cartridges for stock Atari 2600
  40. 98%Why I like Android 🤖
  41. 87%<span class="dquo">“</span>Reading” Articles via Podcast Software
  42. 99%From hours to seconds: AI tools to detect animal calls
  43. 74%When Do We Stop Finding New Music? A Statistical Analysis
  44. 98%What's in my bag when I go to the office [April 2024 Edition]
  45. 93%Connell McCarthy - Our wedding
  46. 98%ESPHome — ESPHome
  47. 99%GitHub - apple/corenet: CoreNet: A library for training deep neural networks
  48. 77%No one buys books
  49. 87%Issue 54: Personal Library Science
  50. 99%Some thoughts on going from an idea to the App Store in one week - Jonathan Garelick
  51. 97%DO NOT BUY HISENSE TV'S LOL (Or at least keep them offline)
  52. 97%The Illustrated Word2vec
  53. 99%Implementing Natural Conversational Agents with Elixir
  54. 88%I Took a Day Off Work for Time Dilation - Adam Grant
  55. 95%GitHub - loopj/short-stack: World's Smallest Nintendo Wii, using a trimmed motherboard and custom stacked PCBs
  56. 98%tiktokify: A Hackathon winning product | Akshat Sharma
  57. 87%Voice is (mostly) a Bad UI
  58. 99%Responses to Rabble on ActivityPub
  59. 84%Harmful 5G Fast Lanes Are Coming. The FCC Needs to Stop Them
  60. 97%A retrospective on a year without streaming music // Cory Dransfeldt
  61. 95%Love tools, hate workflows!
  62. 76%Manna – Two Views of Humanity’s Future – Chapter 1
  63. 85%Semantic Sound Synthesis with Agents
  64. 94%Cross-Platform Mobile Social Networking App
  65. 77%After AI beat them, professional go players got better and more creative
  66. 96%The evolution of the Super Nintendo motherboard
  67. 98%The era of the shapeshifting web is upon us
  68. 98%AV1 On Linux With The Sparkle A310 ECO
  69. 93%The Rise and Fall of Silicon Graphics
  70. 98%Audio gear: a decent, portable mic for corporate video calls in a noisy room - Ross Wintle
  71. 99%FFmpeg
  72. 94%Robot Slide Whistle Orchestrion - mitxela.com
  73. 99%Reverse engineering Bandcamp authentication protocol
  74. 99%Examples of Composition in C# – A Simple Guide for Beginners
  75. 92%Getting in the headspace of flying squirrels
  76. 99%DIY Music Streaming with NixOS, Jellyfin and Manet
  77. 95%The hearts of the Super Nintendo
  78. 69%Say something that will surprise people and be useful
  79. 96%Most People - @visakanv's blog
  80. 96%OpenVoice: Versatile Instant Voice Cloning
  81. 99%Notes on EndeavourOS
  82. 98%Thoughts on  Vision Pro | Andrew Hart
  83. 93%Tom Lingham (Toml)
  84. 97%GitHub - Y2Z/monolith: ⬛️ CLI tool for saving complete web pages as a single HTML file
  85. 65%A Return to Blu-ray as Streaming Value Evaporates
  86. 98%.NET Rocks! Modular Monoliths in .NET with Steve Smith
  87. 83%My 12 Favorite Problems
  88. 99%Daily Driving Ubuntu Asahi for Over a Month
  89. 99%A review of the Thinkpad X13s with Ubuntu Linux ⋅ ahoneybun.net
  90. 89%Cost-Benefit Analysis of Healthy Emotional Boundaries
  91. 97%-=:[ Streaming Radio Directories ]:=-
  92. 83%Arguments for opening links in a new tab or window
  93. 98%Picotron by Lexaloffle
  94. 99%Beyond the Basics: Learning Text-to-Speech in .NET MAUI
  95. 88%Universal interfaces and Semantic Agents
  96. 99%My 2024 Setup
  97. 80%The Importance of Innovating On Content – The Write to Roam
  98. 98%A month of the Vision Pro — Benedict Evans
  99. 84%Do I need my phone?
  100. 98%Michael Tsai - Blog - iOS Notarization’s Human Review
  101. 99%WebSockets vs Server-Sent-Events vs Long-Polling vs WebRTC vs WebTransport | RxDB - JavaScript Database
  102. 95%Using ChatGPT for Podcast Suggestions
  103. 96%50 Ideas for Life I Repeatedly Share – Daniel Frank
  104. 97%Fifty Things you can do with a Software Defined Radio 📻
  105. 96%Designing File Formats
  106. 91%A noisy place
  107. 88%The Offshoring of Thought and Memory - multiverses
  108. 99%PWA's Are Finally Looking Good
  109. 78%Memos
  110. 91%On Getting Discovered
  111. 98%.NET Rocks! The Observability Tipping Point with Steve Gordon and Martin Thwaites
  112. 93%producing health
  113. 90%My Concerns about the TikTok Divestiture Bill as a Software Researcher/Developer
  114. 97%Kyle Benzle
  115. 84%ZEE.cz » Blog Archive » Audio box toy
  116. 97%Kdenlive 24.02.0 released - Kdenlive
  117. 99%Diffusion models from scratch
  118. 72%Childhoods of exceptional people
  119. 92%Issue 51: Your Art or Your Life
  120. 96%My Frustration With Tech - Chris Wiegman
  121. 80%The 2024/2025 Seattle Symphony subscription season at a glance - The Old New Thing
  122. 99%My favourite animation trick: exponential smoothing
  123. 97%.NET Rocks! CSLA 8 with Rocky Lhotka
  124. 97%Computer programmers show distinct, expertise-dependent brain responses to violations in form and meaning when reading code - Scientific Reports
  125. 98%Sight-reading a Software Project
  126. 95%OpenTTD | News | Happy 20th birthday OpenTTD!
  127. 96%Advice to Young People, The Lies I Tell Myself - jxnl.co
  128. 99%kaio magalhaes | How to keep building your engineering skills as a CTO
  129. 53%www.thug.com
  130. 99%Get Started with Milvus Vector DB in .NET - .NET Blog
  131. 87%The Big Ship (2004 Remaster)
  132. 97%The Nature of Technology Book Review
  133. 99%hack the planet | finding focus
  134. 91%398: 2 Week Apple Vision Pro Review + .NET 9 Preview 1 Is Here
  135. 98%Running CP/M on the C128
  136. 79%Tufts Meal Plan Wrapped
  137. 91%Issue 50: Reset your Social Media Annually
  138. 91%37 Pieces of Career Advice I Wish I’d Known Earlier - RyanHoliday.net
  139. 95%Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)
  140. 99%Doing my synthesizer homework: The quirks of MIDI Velocity · Melatonin
  141. 89%Apple reverses course on death of Progressive Web Apps in EU
  142. 93%Making video communication feel more like real life | tonari blog
  143. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit 2023 Highlights - .NET Blog
  144. 96%KDE MegaRelease 6
  145. 63%The Unbundling of Venture Capital
  146. 98%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Jeremy Miller
  147. 77%Testing of the F-35C Tailhook
  148. 98%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Jeremy Miller
  149. 99%How to Survive a Layoff (as a developer)
  150. 90%Issue 49: Trillions of Lines Written, and We're Still at Day Zero
  151. 91%About Ideas Now | Search 1000s of personal sites
  152. 99%Uno Platform Live Coding: Spacing in StackPanel
  153. 93%Microsoft Mesh: Now available for creating innovative multi-user 3D experiences for the workplace - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  154. 98%Armchair Architects: Large Language Models (LLMs) & Vector Databases
  155. 96%Designing Personal Software
  156. 99%AAC and Debian
  157. 99%Making it easier to get started with Blazor
  158. 85%you should try a partner dance
  159. 90%YouTube is not currently available on this device.
  160. 93%The Only Productivity Framework You Need – Monica Lim
  161. 99%ESP32 based voice assistant with wake word – Tristam
  162. 98%Open Source Motion Capture for Autonomous Drones
  163. 99%You need more than p-values
  164. 98%Intel Processor Instability Causing Oodle Decompression Failures
  165. 99%JavaScript Bloat in 2024
  166. 98%Okay, Color Spaces — ericportis.com
  167. 98%3D modeling with ChatGPT - Solidified ephemerality
  168. 99%Introducing Elixir WebRTC
  169. 98%Should you fine tune for JSON output?
  170. 91%The Lost Art of Single-Tasking Devices
  171. 94%How I quit smartphones
  172. 95%Rockin’ the Code World Season 4 Panel Show: The Importance of Attending In-Person Conferences
  173. 87%When Should Copyright Get Shorter?
  174. 94%Pursuits that can’t scale
  175. 83%Issue 48: The History You Miss on Your Way to Work
  176. 98%100 things you can do on your personal website | James' Coffee Blog
  177. 98%[Article] 1. How to make a better default Firefox UI
  178. 67%The day I canceled my Spotify subscription
  179. 98%398: 2 Week Apple Vision Pro Review + .NET 9 Preview 1 Is Here
  180. 99%Overview of Object Oriented, Wide Column, and Vector Databases
  181. 97%Representation Engineering Mistral-7B an Acid Trip
  182. 94%Getting Things Done with LogSeq
  183. 99%My AirPods setup on Arch Linux
  184. 93%I can't wait for the autogenerated movies
  185. 96%Vision Pro - Exploring Spatial Computing
  186. 99%Visual vs text based programming, which is better?
  187. 97%(Michael Chinen) » Trying Out Stable Cascade Local Image Generation
  188. 99%Anatomy of an App
  189. 97%Should I record my life?
  190. 88%Every Default macOS Wallpaper – in Glorious 6K Resolution
  191. 98%Our next-generation model: Gemini 1.5
  192. 95%Delivery Day! We're finishing the Blazor App
  193. 98%.NET Rocks! Improving Your CSS Game with Martine Dowden
  194. 97%From SpecFlow to Reqnroll: Why and How • Reqnroll
  195. 99%Episode 486 - Azure Savings Plans
  196. 95%Requests for Startups | Y Combinator
  197. 99%Moving From Nyxt to Surf
  198. 95%My Love Letter to ATP
  199. 99%Fly.io has GPUs now
  200. 98%The Final Countdown: Converting a Razor Pages website to Blazor
  201. 98%stable-audio-demo
  202. 96%Amazon.com: TIME TIMER Home MOD - 60 Minute Kids Visual Timer Home Edition - For Homeschool Supplies Study Tool, Timer for Kids Desk, Office Desk and Meetings with Silent Operation (Dreamsicle Orange) : Home & Kitchen
  203. 91%394: 1BRC, Getting Spatial, & Importance of Source Control
  204. 92%Afol Diaries What To Do When Everyone Around You Hates LEGO - Brick Ranker
  205. 98%Analyzing Spotify stream history | posts
  206. 97%Casual programming
  207. 93%For Build Developer Conference, Semantic Kernel AI SDK Aims for 'First-Class Agent Support' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  208. 98%397: Podcasting Inside Apple Vision Pro
  209. 97%Understanding Vector Databases
  210. 97%AR and the (Possible) Return of Skeuomorphism
  211. 97%Kenta Cho (Japanese indie game developer) ⌘I Get Info
  212. 95%OpenTTD | About
  213. 98%Building AI-powered Microsoft Copilot with SignalR and other open-source tools - .NET Blog
  214. 81%The world-changing bag of tricks forged by mammals
  215. 98%Piano Transformer
  216. 98%The Power of Open Telemetry with Dr. Sally Wahba
  217. 99%Episode 485 - Copilot for Azure
  218. 93%How To Write Stuff No One Else Can – The Write to Roam
  219. 99%These aren't your grandma's Templates
  220. 95%Thoughts on Tech Employment
  221. 99%Implementing your personal production-ready Telegram bot using AI tools to monitor, transcribe, summarize and voice videos from YouTube
  222. 98%Fixing a Chrome + Windows Game Bug
  223. 98% I accidentally Blender VSE · Aras' website
  224. 99%Effortless OpenBSD Audio and Desktop Screen Recording Guide
  225. 96%The Strong Turing Test
  226. 98%Generate an Audio Book Using Text-To-Speech
  227. 93%FCC Makes AI-Generated Voices in Robocalls Illegal
  228. 98%.NET Rocks! gRPC Update with Irina Scurtu
  229. 61%John Walker (1949 - 2024)
  230. 99%What’s going on with Activities in Plasma 6?
  231. 96%NPS, the good parts
  232. 88%Can a Startup Succeed Without a Marketing Team?
  233. 99%My setup to keep up with podcasts – Gonçalo Valério
  234. 98%Reverse engineering Skylanders' Toys-to-life mechanics
  235. 63%“Wherever you get your podcasts” is a radical statement - Anil Dash
  236. 89%“This is just a first step”: Audacity gets free AI plugins for music separation, generation and remixing (oh, and automatic text transcription, too)
  237. 91%Deep Dive into Emotional Flexibility: Guide to a More Fulfilling Life
  238. 98%Why We Can't Have Nice Software
  239. 99%Companies embracing SMS for account logins should be blamed for SIM-swap attacks – Key Discussions
  240. 99%Things I'd like to learn in 2024 | Tom Hipwell
  241. 94%Tune In
  242. 97%Remaking the app store — Benedict Evans
  243. 86%Vesuvius Challenge 2023 Grand Prize awarded: we can read the scrolls!
  244. 99%Let futures be futures
  245. 98%396: Designing for the Apple Vision Pro
  246. 98%Picking the Right Database Type – Tougher than You Think
  247. 95%Render 2024 | June 12 - 14, 2024
  248. 97%Write code for the web
  249. 91%Vision Pro Teardown—Why Those Fake Eyes Look So Weird | iFixit News
  250. 99%Simplify the Internet - zen habits
  251. 97%What data does TikTok collect before Terms of Service? – James O'Claire
  252. 94%Why Isn’t the <html> Element 100% Supported on CanIUse.com?
  253. 93%Devs Can Now Just Say 'Hey Code' to Start Copilot Chat in VS Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  254. 96%Background Tasks can be Shiny
  255. 98%If you are a developer of Apple Vision Pro, then you must pay attention to these points
  256. 86%Moody Blues - Go Now [HD]
  257. 99%Damn Small Linux 2024
  258. 96%.NET Rocks! Hangfire with Sergey Odinokov
  259. 82%White Elephant and "fixed time, variable scope" — Bobbie Chen
  260. 97%Companionship Content is King | Theory No. 27
  261. 98%Nuberodesign: Agentur für Grafikdesign, Animation, Videoproduktion und Usability in Winterthur
  262. 98%Come help shape Hyprland!
  263. 98%Running OKR workshops for dummies (part 1) - Arnon Shimoni
  264. 98%Building AI-powered Microsoft Copilot with SignalR and other open-source tools - .NET Blog
  265. 95%Colin Woodbury - Subsetting your Life
  266. 95%Never Underestimate Support and Knowing your Customer
  267. 99%Principles for Managing Remote Teams and Freelancers
  268. 92%There's never going to be time
  269. 98%Monolith and Distributed Monolith Architectural Patterns in C# - Code Maze
  270. 94%I Lived 7 Days without a Smartphone
  271. 99%MPAs vs SPAs: The False Dichotomy
  272. 99%Aiming High, my path towards principal engineer
  273. 99%GitHub - oxidecomputer/helios: Helios: Or, a Vision in a Dream. A Fragment.
  274. 98%395: Buying The Apple Vision Pro
  275. 94%vitling: I Need To Grow Away From These Roots
  276. 89%An Ignorant Take on Vision Pro — Basic Apple Guy
  277. 96%Goodbye, WhatsApp
  278. 97%Blinkenlights: A debugging aid AND a curse
  279. 87%french chill electro pop/rap (Claire Laffut, Kaky, Janie & others) // playlist
  280. 95%ListViews and CollectionViews
  281. 53%392: The One Billion Row Challenge - .NET Edition
  282. 97%Louis The Child - Fresh Start NYE 2023 [FULL PLAYGROUND SET]
  283. 99%How Apple accidentally broke my Spotify client
  284. 99%Murmurations - Smarter Every Day 234
  285. 99%Ruby on Rails load testing habits
  286. 99%#React Is WORSE Than #Angular!
  287. 74%Faircamp is a Free Bandcamp Alternative
  288. 99%.NET Rocks! Uno Update with Nick Randolph
  289. 99%Murmurations - Smarter Every Day 234
  290. 99%How we made an animated movie in 8kB - Ctrl-Alt-Test
  291. 97%Smoother sailing: Studying audio imperfections in Steamboat Willie
  292. 82%AirPods Max died after 2 years
  293. 88%The desire for admiration drives human culture
  294. 97%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Brian Ketelson
  295. 98%Fundamentals of Retrieval Augmentation Generation (RAG)
  296. 74%The prestige recession
  297. 61%Janaki Vivrekar
  298. 74%The prestige recession
  299. 76%Modder re-creates Game Boy Advance games using the audio from crash sounds
  300. 70%The Wannadies - Because
  301. 98%394: 1BRC, Getting Spatial, & Importance of Source Control
  302. 62%Software Is Beating The World
  303. 92%Synthesizing the Pinnacle of Pattern Recognition in GPT-3 and GPT-4
  304. 99%Learn to code. Or don’t.
  305. 98%There is still cool stuff on the internet
  306. 99%Software I liked in 2023
  307. 88%Ubisoft Says It Out Loud: We Want People To Get Used To Not Owning What They’ve Bought
  308. 98%GitHub - KRTirtho/spotube: 🎧 Open source Spotify client that doesn't require Premium nor uses Electron! Available for both desktop & mobile!
  309. 84%Stop idolizing a small set of companies that have problems no one else actually has...
  310. 99%Push Notifications are Hard!
  311. 99%The case of the fail-fast trying to log a caught exception - The Old New Thing
  312. 91%Mourning Google
  313. 99%GitHub - collabora/WhisperSpeech: An Open Source text-to-speech system built by inverting Whisper.
  314. 99%.NET Rocks! .NET Aspire with David Fowler
  315. 93%U.S. Developers Can Now Offer Non-App Store Purchasing Option, But Apple Will Still Collect Commissions
  316. 98%urllib3 is fundraising for HTTP/2 support
  317. 94%Observer Teams
  318. 99%Episode 484 - Production LiveSite Review
  319. 91%Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
  320. 99%Build an ASP.NET Core Blazor Web App - End to End Video Series
  321. 98%393: The Apple Vision Pro Developer Dilemma
  322. 99%FreeBSD Desktop – Part 29 – Configuration – Audio Improvements
  323. 98%Listening with LLM
  324. 97%Bound for greater Bindings
  325. 53%M365 Admin App: A Customer .NET MAUI Migration Story
  326. 98%From Code Generation to Revolutionary RavenDB Unveiling the Database Secrets with Oren Eini
  327. 97%Smartphone
  328. 92%Simplifying my life with more devices
  329. 95%JARMuary continues - Converting a Razor Pages website to Blazor - Part 9
  330. 98%.NET Rocks! .NET 8 Migration with Jimmy Bogard
  331. 98%Some Stream.Read Guidelines
  332. 94%MIDI Association NAMM 2024 Booth Schedule
  333. 99%How to use CancellationToken in ASP.NET C# API
  334. 97%How to travel
  335. 98%Issue 42: Are GPTs Websites?
  336. 89%grgv.xyz
  337. 98%What Is Linux Mobile
  338. 92%Apple Vision Pro available in the U.S. on February 2
  339. 95%ChordieApp
  340. 98%392: The One Billion Row Challenge - .NET Edition
  341. 99%Reflecting on 2023 and Looking Forward to 2024
  342. 98%The dream of abundant computing
  343. 97%Worse than SolarWinds: Three Steps to  Hack Blockchains, GitHub, and ML through GitHub Actions
  344. 89%‎Dj Puffy’s Podcast: VIBES & ELECTROLYTES (EP 1) on Apple Podcasts
  345. 97%Money Tree
  346. 99%Azure DevOps Podcast: Carl Franklin: Why.NET Rocks - Episode 277
  347. 97%Year 2023 as a Lego Content Creator
  348. 97%The Life of a Data Byte
  349. 81%buzzert.net – Bedside Computer
  350. 87%Death Of A Programmer. Life Of A Farmer.
  351. 93%A Guide to Backpacking Europe
  352. 96%.NET Rocks! Energy in 2023 Geek Out
  353. 97%Rockin’ the Code World Season 4: Special Guest Brady Gaster
  354. 99%Maestro - Introduction
  355. 99%Turn mac mini into a cd player
  356. 97%Reductive Thinking and the Unfairness of Spotify Payments
  357. 96%Modernizing Microsoft Office: A Call for Innovation in Word
  358. 99%OpenVoice: Versatile Instant Voice Cloning
  360. 98%Displaying content as a graph: An exploration
  361. 98%391: Our Predictions for Apple in 2024
  362. 98%7 watts idle on Intel 12th/13th gen: the foundation for building a low power server/NAS | mattgadient.com
  363. 93%Tech Predictions for 2024
  364. 87%Monthly resolutions
  365. 97%Speed of failing
  366. 86%Rain (Take 5 / Actual Speed)
  367. 98%How to use Blot - Blot
  368. 93%Bore yourself to death | roose.digital
  369. 97%AccentCoach: Transfrom Your Accent into American Accent
  370. 98%Challenges with semantic search on transcribed audio files
  371. 88%Breaking "DRM" in Polish trains
  372. 97%.NET Rocks! Space in 2023 Geek Out
  373. 98%This is How Your Parents Used to Build Websites – Nikola Brežnjak blog
  374. 98%Poor Man's Web
  375. 99%Game Boy / Color Architecture | A Practical Analysis
  376. 97%10 Things Software Developers Should Learn about Learning
  377. 68%Scene creation engines and apprenticeships
  378. 98%The 5 Stages of Vim: A Humbling Experience
  379. 96%- Don't Put All Your Apples In One Basket
  380. 96%Fixing my Yamaha Electone ME-50: An FM Synthesizer Home Organ from 1986
  381. 98%390: Goodbye 2023
  382. 93%Suno AI
  383. 88%They Want You To Forget What A Film Looks Like - Aftermath
  384. 99%Made with Tea: Jendrik Poloczek
  385. 72%Uno Conferences blooper reel
  386. 99%Breaking Barriers: Unleashing Accessible Software for All with Dennie Declercq
  387. 99%Ashwin's Blog
  388. 99%Episode 482 - Network Watcher
  389. 98%.NET Rocks! .NET Performance with Daniel Marbach
  390. 97%Look how far we haven't come since Windows NT
  391. 96%Arcan 0.6.3 – I, pty: the fool
  392. 53%387: System.Reflection & Native AOT
  393. 94%The Lost Balkan Tapes: a Christmas story
  394. 94%Making Synthesized Sounds More Acoustic
  395. 96%2023 - yet another annual review [Editorial]
  396. 60%Turn your ideas into songs with Suno on Microsoft Copilot
  397. 79%My failed attempt at using a closet as an office
  398. 99%I Handled All Exceptions in 5 min! 💙 .NET 8
  399. 97%Functional Programming With C# - Scan and FindIndex
  400. 83%The best things and stuff of 2023
  401. 98%389: Wasm, WASI, and Beyond!
  402. 53%389: Wasm, WASI, and Beyond!
  403. 95%Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends 2024
  404. 97%Embarking on a Journey of Innovation
  405. 83%Hardest photo shoot ever; Cool baby portrait
  406. 98%M365 Admin App: A Customer .NET MAUI Migration Story
  407. 92%New extensions you’ll love now available on Firefox for Android  | The Mozilla Blog
  408. 86%Monty Anderson
  409. 97%Simple sabotage for software
  410. 95%.NET Rocks! Agile Application Security with Laura Bell Main
  411. 94%Your Supplements are a Lie
  412. 97%Missionaries vs. Mercenaries | Silicon Valley Product Group
  413. 99%Whisper: Nvidia RTX 4090 vs M1Pro with MLX (updated with M2/M3)
  414. 97%Tiny Logger: minimal blogging
  415. 98%Modern Cloud Engineering with Adora Nwodo
  416. 99%GitHub - elfvingralf/macOSpilot-ai-assistant: Voice + Vision powered AI assistant that answers questions about any application, in context and in audio.
  417. 98%Razor Page UI Updates and more
  418. 99%An adventure with whisper, wasi, and wazero
  419. 85%388: Developer to Manager, Hybrid Success, & Capacity for Innovation
  420. 77%Engadin Valley, Swiss Alps, Switzerland
  421. 74%Firsts: The Demo
  422. 95%LLMs in the middle: Content aware browser filters
  423. 69%» Putting the “J” in the RPG, Part 2: PlayStation for the Win The Digital Antiquarian
  424. 98%John Carmack: Best programming setup and IDE | Lex Fridman Podcast Clips
  425. 99%GitHub Actions CI/CD pipeline to deploy Go application
  426. 99%Translate spoken text using Whisper and GPT with Azure Open AI Services and .NET MAUI
  427. 99%Sep with me on The Modern .NET Show
  428. 96%From Atari to Sep: Unleashing the Power of Performance in Programming with Niels Rassmussen.mp3
  429. 95%Weekly Update 377
  430. 99%Death by a thousand microservices
  431. 96%Introducing Gemini: our largest and most capable AI model
  432. 98%10 years of Avalonia!
  433. 98%.NET Rocks! Polly V8 with Joel Hulen and Martin Costello
  434. 85%Quad9 Turns the Sony Case Around in Dresden | Quad9
  435. 98%10 Essential Apps Every Developer Needs
  436. 53%386: .NET Conf 2023 Recap
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  439. 75%A Highland Song for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Official Site
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  441. 88%Culture is a programming language
  442. 59%Ancient Stone House, Derbyshire, England
  443. 92%An Update on December 2023 Organizational Changes — Spotify
  444. 99%Replace Annoying IFs with Switch Expressions #dotnet #coding
  445. 98%387: System.Reflection & Native AOT
  446. 55%we play music until someone breaks our synths
  447. 99%Now I Can Just Print That Video
  448. 83%RisingTone: A better way to learn Chinese tones
  449. 99%reaction, in replacement of fail2ban
  450. 99%Seamless Communication - AI at Meta
  451. 93%You don't want to work with embeddings - Blog by Grzegorz Kossakowski
  452. 86%.NET Rocks! Applied Large Language Models with Vishwas Lele
  453. 64%Y Combinator's Future in the Software Slowdown
  454. 98%Matrix vs. XMPP | Luke's Webpage
  455. 99%A year working with HTML Web Components
  456. 98%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Rob Conery
  457. 85%Steve Bray: Why I joined Cloudflare
  458. 99%The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Obsidian
  459. 99%Analyzing the Monoprice Blackbird HDCP 2.2 to 1.4 Down Converter
  460. 97%Let's write some code!
  461. 98%A Guide to Actually Enjoying Discord - Tasshin
  462. 95%Why solopreneurs should ditch free plans
  463. 76%Rickie Lee Jones - We Belong Together (Official Audio)
  464. 96%2023 Holiday Season Developer Shopping List
  465. 85%Shopify's Black Friday Cyber Monday Live Coverage
  466. 95%I hereby pardon all junior engineers
  467. 97%.NET Rocks! Sustainable Development with Lea Mladineo
  468. 96%Dealing with Failures and Postmortems
  469. 61%Edensor Village, Derbyshire, England
  470. 95%How Nintendo Misuses Copyright / GioCities
  471. 98%The Cost of Index Everything
  472. 97%Resuming the transition to Manifest V3 - Chrome for Developers
  473. 94%Introducing Stable Video Diffusion — Stability AI
  474. 71%Google admits Spotify pays no Play Store fees because of a secret deal | TechCrunch
  475. 91%383: Scary Fast (M3, .NET 8, .NET MAUI Edition)
  476. 95%Monkey Conf 2023
  477. 98%Youtube has started to artificially slow down video load times if you use Firefox. Spoofing Chrome magically makes this problem go away.
  478. 94%Amazon.com: Elgato Stream Deck Pedal – Hands-Free Studio Controller, 3 macro footswitches, trigger actions in apps and software like OBS, Twitch, YouTube and more, works with Mac and PC : Video Games
  479. 97%GitHub - yl4579/StyleTTS2: StyleTTS 2: Towards Human-Level Text-to-Speech through Style Diffusion and Adversarial Training with Large Speech Language Models
  480. 98%Sunbird Security Isn’t Nothing
  481. 97%Running a Zero Waste Flywheel
  482. 79%Every Day is Acting School: How to Manage Creative Works, with Humans, for Money.
  483. 65%Web Summit 2023: From a Developer's Perspective
  484. 84%A Life Less Ads | datagubbe.se
  485. 93%Artist for a Day
  486. 97%Literally the Void - Keeping a Practice Log
  487. 93%Half-Life
  488. 99%Unearthing the Secrets of Open Source and Collaborative Development with Jeremy Sinclair
  489. 98%Only 37% of PWAs implement service workers - A quick review of the PWA ecosystem | PWA Builder Blog
  490. 98%.NET Rocks! React Server Components with Aurora Walberg
  491. 59%Entrance, Mylne’s Court, Edinburgh, Scotland
  492. 98%Unleashing the power of Text to Voice using Amazon Polly and Python
  493. 91%On Doing Maintenance / Cataloguing the Work
  494. 70%Issue 34: We All Start As Strangers
  495. 97%The Solution Space
  496. 90%The Evolution of C# - Coding Sonata
  497. 98%384: iPhone Widgets On Your Mac Desktop
  498. 95%Gartner and your Life Partners
  499. 99%Craft Your Own AI: Exploring OpenAI's Revolutionary GPT Builder
  500. 86%Nader Ouerdiane - Software Engineer
  501. 87%How I got here
  502. 78%We're sorry we created the Torment Nexus
  503. 98%.NET Rocks! Commercializing Open Source with Victoria Melnikova
  504. 99%10x Developer Workflow on Windows
  505. 98%LN 039: Notes on time
  506. 95%DIY Hacking Chair
  507. 88%Giving up my smartphone - Duoqin F22 Pro
  508. 67%Beyond the Moment: Cultivating Friendships that Outlast Context
  509. 98%383: Scary Fast (M3, .NET 8, .NET MAUI Edition)
  510. 73%Why I Ran Away from Philosophy Because of Sam Bankman-Fried
  511. 93%Software that supports your body should always respect your freedom — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free software
  512. 99%Bevy 0.12
  513. 90%Getting our focus back
  514. 99%Episode 477 - Azure cloud within a cloud
  515. 79%Portugal. The Man Official Website
  516. 93%GNU Denemo is Really Great – Jack's Blog
  517. 95%Pete Millspaugh
  518. 91%380: llama.cpp, .NET 8 Surprises, & Beyond
  519. 98%Mr. Maeda’s Cozy AI Kitchen: AI-copiloted Design Thinking with guest Ben Sheppard
  520. 96%Tools/Services I pay for as a freelance software .net developer.
  521. 89%Google abandons Web Environment Integrity API proposal
  522. 99%Navigating the .NETverse: From Assembler to Open Source Marvel with Scott Hunter
  523. 89%Microsoft Offers Advisory Service for Arm Developers -- Visual Studio Magazine
  524. 98%VS Code Previews AI Topic Experts for Copilot Chat Called 'Agents' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  525. 98%Increasing trust for embedded media
  526. 99%whisper.cpp/examples/talk-llama at master · ggerganov/whisper.cpp
  527. 96%Soft Skills
  528. 99%.NET Rocks! .NET Conf with Jeff Fritz
  529. 89%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Carl Franklin
  530. 94%Apple unveils M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max, the most advanced chips for a personal computer
  531. 53%Polaris : A Customer Migration Story
  532. 98%382: Let's Talk Dark Forces Remastered
  533. 94%Open Telemetry – Instrumentation and Metrics
  534. 80%How to enjoy life like a billionaire - Monevator
  535. 98%Intel N100: A Challenge to ARM - bret.dk
  536. 98%Rails in 2024: Still Relevant or Living in the Past?
  537. 91%I'm an internet person
  538. 88%.NET Rocks! Observability Engineering with Charity Majors
  539. 68%Firstborn
  540. 91%Mr. Maeda’s Cozy AI Kitchen: AI-copiloted Design Thinking with guest Ben Sheppard
  541. 98%Embeddings: What they are and why they matter
  542. 98%The Beauty of Smol Things
  543. 99%Ridiculously cheap offsite backups using rclone and AWS S3 Glacier
  544. 98%381: The case of the lost iPhone
  545. 99%Generating workouts from Youtube videos using Whisper & GPT-4
  546. 99%Relative Cost / Benefit of an Investment - Byte Tank
  547. 97%People Can't Care About Everything
  548. 98%#96 Coding Clean et Safe avec ASP.NET Core 8
  549. 80%They can and will ruin everything you love
  550. 99%Episode 476 - Azure HDInsight on AKS
  551. 99%Unleashing the Power of Windows Development with Peter Bull
  552. 99%S6E04 - From Silverlight to Windows App SDK: Unleashing the Power of Windows Development with Peter Bull
  553. 85%1 Million Users Exposed in Educational Robot Company Data Breach
  554. 98%Premature Infrastructure is the Root of All Evil
  555. 99%Stream Deck for Developers
  556. 98%.NET Rocks! bUnit Update with Egil Hansen
  557. 90%Thousands of elderly twins assure me that my kids will be alright | Robert Heaton
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  560. 97%Windows launching Arm Advisory Service for developers
  561. 99%Implementing Dark Mode For My Website
  562. 96%The Present Should Be Signed
  563. 77%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  564. 98%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup, November 2023
  565. 98%380: llama.cpp, .NET 8 Surprises, & Beyond
  566. 79%Keyboards, Cloud Costs, Static Analysis, and Philosophy
  567. 96%5 questions from under the rug
  568. 85%Undermining Democracy: The European Commission's Controversial Push for Digital Surveillance – Danny Mekić
  569. 98%Reverse engineering SBF file format
  570. 77%The Interface of Kai Krause's Software @mprove
  571. 98%Why you shouldn't join Y Combinator
  572. 82%Waterfall, Sivas Province, Turkey
  573. 97%I Tried to Play VR With Friends on Quest and it was a Nightmare (Again)
  574. 97%Grind - A first person shooter for Amiga 500, made with the amazing Dread-Engine (+DEMO)
  575. 93%.NET Rocks! Data Sharding with Oren Eini
  576. 99%#16 Netflix, Marc Randolph et Reed Hastings | Doumer's Blog
  577. 77%The body’s betrayal and the struggle to gain weight
  578. 61%Rice-engineered material can reconnect severed nerves
  579. 96%Ardour 8.0 — What's new
  580. 98%Blackmagic Camera | Blackmagic Design
  581. 98%379: Breaking APIs for Fun
  582. 83%Unveiling the Wonders of Barcelia: A Hidden Gem in Travel
  583. 51%The Invitation Showtimes: Unveiling the Cinematic Experience
  584. 96%We Deserve Better from Apple: Why I Can No Longer Recommend a Mac to Fellow Blind Computer Users
  585. 98%Au Tour de la Table – Encausse.net
  586. 89%Your Organization Probably Doesn't Want To Improve Things — Ludicity
  587. 99%Using microVMs for Gaming on Fedora Asahi
  588. 97%Cute Astronaut - part 2 | Willem Vooijs
  589. 99%How to Parse Wav File
  590. 98%The Ultimate Guide to AV Tub: Unveiling the Future of Audio and Video Technology
  591. 95%Vizio TV Not Turning On: Troubleshooting Guide
  592. 98%How to Create an Infinite Memory LLM with Vector Databases?
  593. 84%Introduction to Chargomez1
  594. 98%Polaris : A Customer Migration Story
  595. 97%From Self-Taught to MVP: Navigating the Event-Driven World with Josh Garverick
  596. 98%Documentation as a path to Open Source with Sarah Rainsberger
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  598. 98%How Microsoft Empowers Developers with Disabilities: Celebrating NDEAM - Visual Studio Blog
  599. 97%.NET Rocks! Kubernetes Tooling with Annie Talvasto
  600. 88%FINALLY! King Crimson Discipline Era Transcriptions
  601. 88%FINALLY! King Crimson Discipline Era Transcriptions
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  603. 98%Unveiling the World of WSerial: Your Ultimate Entertainment Destination
  604. 91%377: .NET 8, Surface, Copilot AI, & iOS 17 are Here!
  605. 98%How I Evaluate Game Engines – Jeremy's Blog
  606. 94%Are Modern Games Designed to Waste Our Lives?
  607. 99%Exploring the Whisper model in Azure OpenAI Service
  608. 99%Episode 474 - Azure Chaos Studio
  609. 87%Zachary Proser's portfolio site
  610. 97%Hector Martin (@marcan@treehouse.systems)
  611. 96%The Rise (and Fall) of Patreon
  612. 99%Working with Calendar Data in .NET MAUI with Plugin.Maui.CalendarStore
  613. 98%378: Debugging MacOS Control Center & SwiftUI CPU Usage
  614. 98%Code Confidence using NASA’s Ten Simple Rules
  615. 97%Mozilla and the burning need for clients for power users
  616. 93%Experts Live 2023 - My Recap
  617. 97%Introducing: Raspberry Pi 5! - Raspberry Pi
  618. 95%Bandcamp has been sold to Songtradr. What does this mean for the musicians?
  619. 96%.NET Rocks! Azure and GitHub with April Edwards
  620. 93%macOS Sonoma is available today
  621. 98%Lessons Learned as a User 3: Prepare for the Future
  622. 97%On mobile phones, the small web, and able-bodied privilege
  623. 97%Firefox 118.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes
  624. 99%Easily Record Audio with .NET MAUI and Plugin.Maui.Audio
  625. 99%screen-recorder - A shadowplay-like screen recorder for Linux. The fastest screen recorder for Linux.
  626. 98%I Stopped Daily Drinking… | JSCH
  627. 99%How to contribute to Uno Platform
  628. 90%ChatGPT can now see, hear, and speak
  629. 98%377: .NET 8, Surface, Copilot AI, & iOS 17 are Here!
  630. 99%How to be a Good Programmer
  631. 99%Usability of Old Computers
  632. 97%Hardware Reverse Oscilloscope 2 - mitxela.com
  633. 93%Little metal boxes
  634. 99%Nintendo 3DS Architecture | A Practical Analysis
  635. 98%From Junior to Jedi: Navigating the Web Development Galaxy with Irina Dominte
  636. 93%Unlimited Kagi searches for $10 per month
  637. 68%.NET Rocks! Data Science and UX with Grishma Jena
  638. 97%Getting into Pinball – Tynan.com
  639. 98%Machine Regurgitation
  640. 85%376: iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9, and USB-C!
  641. 79%GitHub Actions
  642. 98%What's in my bag for Experts Live Europe
  643. 67%Reflecting on the second year of Uni
  644. 85%Year 4 Startup Learnings — Celine Halioua
  645. 90%dotNetDave Goes To… The Copenhagen Developers Festival 2023
  646. 96%Pineapple ONE
  647. 97%Strange Loop&#39;s greatest hits
  648. 99%Different Ways to Overwrite a File in C# - Code Maze
  649. 57%Horizons, Marshfield, Wisconsin
  650. 96%.NET Rocks! IoT Development using Particle Photon with Colleen Lavin
  651. 59%Daniel Skogly's blog | The washing machine in my ear, and an empty boat
  652. 91%LÖVE - Free 2D Game Engine
  653. 89%Apple debuts iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus
  654. 99%Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Tim Banks
  655. 97%Death by a thousand microservices
  656. 78%375: Buying an electric vehicle in 2023
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  658. 82%Memories from old LAN parties
  659. 89%Be more of a documentarian [#39]
  660. 60%Real music and authentic voices
  661. 97%Procreate Dreams
  662. 99%Building Cross-Platform Apps with .NET MAUI: A Developer's Dream Come True with Matt Goldman
  663. 99%Episode 472 - Azure Vector Search Unveiled
  664. 96%.NET Rocks! Mediatr with Jimmy Bogard
  665. 53%373: Installing the .NET 9 Alpha
  666. 95%Tracing Specifics – Know your System with OpenTelmetry
  667. 97%Dilemna of the broke audiophile
  668. 98%Refurb weekend: PowerBook Duo 2300c
  669. 98%374: The AI Behind Airport Security
  670. 95%The boiling frog of digital freedom
  671. 89%Your Quick Guide to Pattern Matching in C# - Coding Sonata
  672. 92%Wavacity | Online Audio Editor Based on Audacity
  673. 88%Half Year of Bringing Ideas to Life
  674. 97%SaaS for Developers with Gwen Shapira — Postgres, Performance and Rails with Andrew Atkinson 🎙️
  675. 77%Ask Microsoft if They Plan to Use Our Personal Data to Train AI
  676. 96%A Definitive Guide to Using the Web Share API
  677. 99%Playing MIDI through SoundFonts with NAudio and MeltySynth
  678. 87%.NET Rocks! Applied Large Language Models with Brian MacKay
  679. 97%The History of Data with Ted Neward
  680. 92%Getting my amateur radio (ham) license
  681. 98%Maghammer: My personal data warehouse @ osmarks' website
  682. 98%The fancy data stack—batch version
  683. 99%Burnt Out At 17
  684. 95%Why I’m not learning to code (and why tech needs more humanists)
  685. 90%Season 6 Teaser
  686. 98%373: Installing the .NET 9 Alpha
  687. 99%Marten Linq Provider Improvements
  688. 98%#14 Secrets d'experts en marketing de Russell Brunson - Doumer's Blog
  689. 97%YABS [yet another benchmark]
  690. 99%Giving up the iPad-only travel dream
  691. 96%An Introduction to OpenAI fine-tuning
  692. 98%My Solution To The Dev Skills Crisis: Much Smaller Teams
  693. 91%Getting our focus back
  694. 98%Setting up CUDA on WSL2 in 2023
  695. 99%The flat OS kernel utopia
  696. 96%.NET Rocks! Minimal Architecture with Jeremy Miller
  697. 92%Define the Game
  698. 99%ETS
  699. 87%Reflections on a Stanford Journey
  700. 89%On Task Anxiety
  701. 99%Unlocking Discord Nitro Features for Free
  702. 98%Enjoying the Internet again with the Fediverse and IndieWeb
  703. 94%We don't need to "degrow" the economy
  704. 98%372: Buying a Nintendo Switch in 2023
  705. 91%Empowering Grit in Software Engineering with David Fowler 🇧🇧 by Latinx In Power
  706. 79%What is OpenTelemetry?
  707. 99%SponsorLink: feedback and moving forward
  708. 99%How Surround Sound for Headphones Works
  709. 68%How To Know If It's Aliens
  710. 59%How To Know If It's Aliens
  711. 99%Trusted Computing - How does a streaming site protect its contents?
  712. 85%StarLite 12.5-inch
  713. 99%What Is Trusted Computing?
  714. 95%.NET Rocks! Chocolatey in 2023 with Gary Ewan Park
  715. 90%I made a keyboard stand for bicycle adventures
  716. 98%Thoughts on the Remarkable 2 – various bits
  717. 99%The Normal Blog - Eliminating hallucinations (fast!) in Large Language Models with Finite State Machines
  718. 98%Things you forgot (or never knew) because of React
  719. 73%Internet Archive Responds to Recording Industry Lawsuit Targeting Obsolete Media
  720. 96%Microsoft Build: Software Development and .NET (Kathleen Dollard)
  721. 56%Following Pushback, Zoom Says It Won't Use Customer Data to Train AI Models
  722. 99%How They Bypass YouTube Video Download Throttling
  723. 98%371: The Problem with Walled Gardens in Apps
  724. 99%Azure Storage Account: Best Practices for Efficient and Secure Storage
  725. 98%PhobosLab
  726. 98%Azure Storage Account: Mejores Prácticas para un Almacenamiento Eficiente y Seguro
  727. 78%Rayban Stories
  728. 89%Update on minimalism — bayindirh
  729. 67%Youtube-dl Site Goes Offline as Hosting Provider Enforces Court-Ordered Ban * TorrentFreak
  730. 98%Introducing TypeChat with Anders Hejlsberg
  731. 99%Episode 469 - Microsoft Fabric
  732. 98%Limits and specifications for Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams
  733. 98%.NET Rocks! Leveling up your Architecture Game with Thomas Betts
  734. 99%#13 Bill Gates le Geek conquérant, Microsoft et la révolution du PC - Doumer's Blog
  735. 99%Moq adds nagware; Where’s the .NET Foundation in all this?
  736. 99%On sound programming: Playing a single note with SDL2
  737. 90%In good hands
  738. 96%My Lifetime Reading Plan
  739. 59%Turn-On Found
  740. 97%Uninstall the Nightowl App, now.
  741. 97%How Zoom’s terms of service and practices apply to AI features | Zoom Blog
  742. 80%Not Using Zoom
  743. 91%362: Developer Productivity - C# 12, Dev Tunnels, C# Dev Kit
  744. 98%370: The Rise of LK-99
  745. 99%Software in Audio and How to Lead
  746. 98%Stay Curious About Your Tools — Sympolymathesy, by Chris Krycho
  747. 64%New acoustic attack steals data from keystrokes with 95% accuracy
  748. 87%Introducing Vector Search in Azure Cognitive Search | Azure Friday
  749. 91%368: Building .NET MAUI User Interfaces in C#
  750. 97%Our 2023 Summer Break
  751. 97%A Blog Post With Every HTML Element
  752. 59%Only Finding the Non-Obvious Matters
  753. 99%Paired benchmarking. How to measure performance
  754. 97%Our new flagship distro: Fedora Asahi Remix - Asahi Linux
  755. 99%5 Tips for Building Resilient Architecture
  756. 95%GitHub - kdeldycke/awesome-falsehood: 😱 Falsehoods Programmers Believe in
  757. 85%.NET Rocks! The Ethics of Large Language Models with Amber McKenzie
  758. 91%How I discovered the underground world of credit card network explo...
  759. 97%AudioCraft: A simple one-stop shop for audio modeling
  760. 99%I’m betting on HTML
  761. 90%How Leaders Will Use AI to Unleash Creativity
  762. 97%Modular Monoliths with Layla Porter
  763. 98%369: Scanning real world objects into ready-to-use 3D models with RealityKit
  764. 99%Let’s look at Wolfenstein 3D in F#
  765. 93%7 Essential Tech Talks Every Developer Should Watch
  766. 99%Blog Writing for Developers
  767. 99%ffmprovisr
  768. 59%Grand Kadooment 2023 - Biggest Carnival Event of Barbados
  769. 93%The spoken word
  770. 94%Learn how to use the camera in Xamarin.Forms | Step by Step Guide
  771. 99%Episode 468 - WordPress on Azure App Service
  772. 53%Fireside
  773. 97%.NET Rocks! Modular Monoliths with Layla Porter
  774. 95%No One Wants To Talk To Your Chatbot
  775. 98%BadAppleFont
  776. 93%How does a Transformer Work?
  777. 91%367: NativeAOT for iOS & .NET MAUI Lands in VS Code
  778. 96%Microsoft Improves Natural Language UI for LLMs with Open Source TypeChat -- Visual Studio Magazine
  779. 53%Fireside
  780. 97%How I jailbroke the language learning app that sucked
  781. 84%OpenAI Quietly Shuts Down Its AI Detection Tool - Decrypt
  782. 71%Do films directed by women have more women in the cast?
  783. 91%I made a new track for teaching swing
  784. 98%An algorithm for shuffling playlists
  785. 67%Twitter has officially changed its logo to 'X' | TechCrunch
  786. 98%368: Building .NET MAUI User Interfaces in C#
  787. 79%Team Leadership, TUIs, and AI Lawsuits
  788. 98%Theater recommendations at scale using GPT (how I ended up at Penetrator)
  789. 84%McCartney on not-knowing and doing it now - Austin Kleon
  790. 97%Microsoft's Semantic Kernel AI SDK Adds Java, Integrates with Azure Cognitive Search -- Visual Studio Magazine
  791. 73%Hex Wave
  792. 95%Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019
  793. 97%Ben, Ben and Blue
  794. 84%Simulating Supply and Demand
  795. 86%EA shares five innovations via Accessibility Patent Pledge, wants other devs to do the same
  796. 96%Oscilloscope Music - (Drawing with Sound) - Smarter Every Day 224
  797. 97%But what is the Fourier Transform? A visual introduction.
  798. 95%Excessive Growth and Corporate Parties
  799. 95%Episode 285: Intents with Chris Goes from Anoma - ZK Podcast
  800. 99%Writing Faster C# Code - Task.WhenAll vs Parallel.ForEachAsync in DotNet
  801. 96%.NET Rocks! Multi-Model Data Stores with Ted Neward
  802. 97%Dating App That Claims 50 Million Users Suffered a Data Breach
  803. 94%Beyond Boredom and Depression, by Ajahn Jagaro
  804. 95%Reverence for the Craft, Business, and Your Immortal Soul — Ludicity
  805. 93%Announcing Vector Search in Azure Cognitive Search Public Preview
  806. 95%Let me talk to my algorithms
  807. 84%Dying Mall in Boston - THE GARAGE MALL, Harvard Square - Cambridge, MA
  808. 98%367: NativeAOT for iOS & .NET MAUI Lands in VS Code
  809. 91%How I Wrote a Book Last Night
  810. 98%Dev Therapy part II: Recoveries · Melatonin
  811. 96%So You Want to Hire for Developer Tooling | Hazel Weakly
  812. 71%The Right to Sex: Feminism in the Twenty-First Century
  813. 99%Why Microsoft Word is the best IDE for programming
  814. 99%Episode 467 - OneStream's plans for becoming more cloud native on Azure
  815. 90%Bananas
  816. 98%What Are HTTP Headers? | Postman Blog
  817. 98%.NET Rocks! Fluent Assertions with Dennis Doomen
  818. 99%GPT might be an information virus – Non_Interactive – Software & ML
  819. 99%Using MediatR Pipeline Behaviors For Database Transactions
  820. 99%Compare Byte Arrays in .NET - Code Maze
  821. 98%Blunt/Direct/Assertive communicators, online communication challenges and how to overcome them
  822. 98%366: Developing for visionOS
  823. 99%ChatGPT Writes Me A Serilog Configuration. Will it work?
  824. 96%Better Application Management with Custom Apps
  825. 84%How Naming Shapes Our Conversations
  826. 95%Staff Developer Advocate
  827. 99%ROLLS ROYCE of CREATOR Laptops | ASUS ProArt Studiobook 16 2023 [i9 13980HX + RTX 4070]
  828. 99%Episode 466 - Open AI
  829. 96%Ecobank, Le panafricanisme par Gervais Koffi Djondo - Doumer's Blog
  830. 97%Computer as she is spoke
  831. 98%.NET Rocks! Scaling a Monolith with Derek Comartin
  832. 53%Build and MAUI and Recaps
  833. 98%Phased Array Microphone
  834. 93%How I discovered the underground world of credit card network exploitation
  835. 95%Why I Switched From Neovim To VSCode
  836. 99%Basic HttpClient in ASP.NET Core
  837. 98%365: Developing 3D Applications
  838. 95%I’d Love a Dumb Phone, But… - Kev Quirk
  839. 97%Ligma
  840. 89%Lovely Rita (Remix)
  841. 96%Making movie trailers with Zeroscope, ElevenLabs, and GPT-4 - Charlie Holtz
  842. 95%.NET Rocks! Going Full Time on Open Source with Shaun Walker
  843. 99%Episode 465 - Functions on Azure Container Apps
  844. 97%How to Send a Ping to an IP or Hostname in C#
  845. 50%It's Fine to be a Snob
  846. 99%I love native desktop apps, I will miss them
  847. 98%Let's build a GPT-powered WhatsApp-like app 🤙
  848. 98%364: What is an AI Developer?
  849. 98%Nick Chapsas
  850. 99%About Lockdown Mode
  851. 98%Custom Json Parser from Scratch in C#
  852. 98%Build and MAUI and Recaps
  853. 97%Bridging code and community | The GitHub Blog
  854. 97%Meta and Mastodon – What’s really on people’s minds?
  855. 98%Intro to Transformer Models: The Future of Natural Language Processing
  856. 91%360: Microsoft Build 2023, Security, Passkeys, & LLM AI Takeover!
  857. 99%Claude Ayitey | Designer, Developer, Builder
  858. 99%Home Assistant Yellow
  859. 97%Inside of the WASP's nest: deep dive into PyPI-hosted malware
  860. 98%Why I started (and stopped) making games
  861. 91%Interesting links of the week 2023-25 (#77)
  862. 98%363: Getting Serious About Upgrades
  864. 96%#10 PayPal Mafia, apprenez des fondateurs de PayPal - Doumer's Blog
  865. 93%Good vibrations
  866. 93%Good vibrations
  867. 98%Let's build a REST API with Clean Architecture and GPT-4 powered endpoints
  868. 99%How to Use Rate Limiting in ASP.NET Core WebAPI
  869. 99%Material Web in 2023
  870. 99%.NET Rocks! Building Apps using OpenAI with Mark Miller
  871. 94%Check Json String is Valid in C# with System.Text.Json
  872. 91%What happened to Tandem (virtual office)
  873. 91%Aaron Gustafson
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  940. 96%Lessons From Billions of Breached Records • Troy Hunt • GOTO 2022
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  1114. 83%Neo vs Smith Clones [Part 1] | The Matrix Reloaded [Open Matte]
  1115. 83%Neo vs Smith Clones [Part 1] | The Matrix Reloaded [Open Matte]
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  1206. 97%Amazon.com: Creative Pebble V2 - Minimalistic 2.0 USB-C Powered Desktop Speakers, 3.5 mm AUX-in, Up to 8W RMS Power for Computers and Laptops, Type-A Adapter Included and Extended Cable (Black) : Electronics
  1207. 90%Ricky: Blog - Smartphone Detox
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  1211. 98%341: Frank Masters In-App Subscriptions
  1212. 98%YouTube Addiction
  1213. 92%Interviews-as-a-Service: The Bad and The Ugly
  1214. 99%GitHub - jameshball/osci-render: 〰📺🔊 Synthesizer for making music by drawing objects on an oscilloscope using audio.
  1215. 99%DigiMixer: Introduction to digital mixers
  1216. 93%Bookmarking is a misunderstood problem
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  1236. 96%Music Service Deezer Admits Data Breach via Third Party, Possibly Affecting 200M+ Users
  1237. 65%Thoughts on how I plan to retain more of what I consume — Raja Hamid
  1238. 60%Rian Johnson Breaks Down the "Arrival" Scene from 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery' | Vanity Fair
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  1243. 77%Apple is working on supporting App Store alternatives
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  1245. 98%VS Code Shortcuts
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  1248. 80%Fun Boy Three - Our Lips Are Sealed (Official Music Video)
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  1253. 98%picoSYNTH by Johan Peitz
  1254. 95%Personal backups and file archival
  1255. 90%Alone
  1256. 97%VS Code v1.74 (November 2022): 'Remote Development Even Better' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1257. 98%Episode 450 - Twitter Live Spaces Discussion
  1258. 94%Fun Boy Three - The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum (Official Music Video)
  1259. 94%GitHub - Spotifyd/spotifyd: A spotify daemon
  1260. 92%Fun Boy Three - The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum (Official Music Video)
  1261. 84%Peterometer
  1262. 98%337: Drawing Lines on Maps
  1263. 94%Progress Report November 2022
  1264. 88%A minor memorial for Leo Laporte on terrestrial AM radio
  1265. 99%Transactional Outbox/Inbox with Wolverine and why you care
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  1274. 94%Mark Price on C# 11 – Fixed
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  1277. 99%What I have been working on: Modal
  1278. 96%Episode 112 - NDepend with Patrick Smacchia
  1279. 95%North
  1280. 98%GitHub - ggerganov/whisper.cpp: Port of OpenAI's Whisper model in C/C++
  1281. 95%Alex Kim: Why I joined Cloudflare
  1282. 87%Juke Party - Shared Jukebox
  1283. 99%Installing Guix on a 10th gen Thinkpad X1 — dthompson
  1284. 94%What’s new in Visual Studio productivity
  1285. 98%I miss Balloon Help • bsago.me
  1286. 94%Computers Are Bad
  1287. 53%334: 7 Awesome New Features in .NET 7
  1288. 98%335: All in on Codespaces
  1289. 71%Intel develops software it says can detect deepfakes in milliseconds
  1290. 88%The Breakout Tech Company Of 2022
  1291. 82%Probing Gender Bias in ChatGPT | Essays · Will Holley
  1292. 98%GitHub - aspnet-contrib/AspNet.Security.OAuth.Providers: OAuth 2.0 social authentication providers for ASP.NET Core
  1293. 99%What was Microsoft's first Integrated Development Environment (IDE)? #Shorts
  1294. 99%Episode 448 - Azure and OSS
  1295. 94%D00k  •   Leaving Spotify for Freer Pastures
  1296. 54%My life as a machine that led to me giving a guide: Give the perfect Christmas gift
  1297. 76%I Want To Hold Your Hand
  1298. 98%334: 7 Awesome New Features in .NET 7
  1299. 99%Why Only Type-hints?
  1300. 99%Jason Eckert's Website and Blog
  1301. 94%Amazon.com: WD 16TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive, USB 3.0 external hard drive for plug-and-play storage - WDBWLG0160HBK-NESN : Electronics
  1302. 99%Sync podcasts to iPod | Peter Cammeraat
  1303. 99%A Software Tester Guide to Effective Bug Reporting
  1304. 56%Underrated reasons to be thankful
  1305. 94%2 years at Twitter · eed3si9n
  1306. 98%A Free Software Thanksgiving
  1307. 82%Apps I'm Thankful for - Simbaman
  1308. 98%History · GitBook
  1309. 99%Sands of MAUI: Issue #81
  1310. 97%Software²
  1311. 98%333: How to REALLY ship apps
  1312. 85%Update to Windows Subsystem for Android™ on Windows 11 (November 2022)
  1313. 97%Technical Challenges of Scale at Twitter
  1314. 99%Why my video calls sucked (and how I fixed it)
  1315. 95%CRUMB | Circuit Simulator
  1316. 96%Mastodon - Decentralized social media
  1317. 98%Mighty Retrospective
  1318. 95%Windows App SDK 1.2 Lets Devs Create Third-Party Windows 11 Widgets -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1319. 99%I'll Pay Twitter $8 Monthly for This
  1320. 96%How to shuffle songs? - Spotify Engineering
  1321. 92%Machines of Loving Understanding
  1322. 91%How to Do Drugs for Healing and Spiritual Growth While Your Kids are at School
  1323. 98%332: .NET Conf 2022 Recap - All Things .NET 7
  1324. 99%.NET Architects Panel | .NET Conf 2022
  1325. 99%.NET Architects Panel | .NET Conf 2022
  1326. 98%Episode 446 - Security & L7 DDoS protection @ Edge, DNS Security, and Private DNS
  1327. 93%Do What Works!
  1328. 83%C# Community Discord
  1329. 99%Visual Studio 2022 17.4 is now available!
  1330. 99%Tumblr Staff
  1331. 94%Mads Torgersen & Dustin Campbell Part 2
  1332. 99%Amazon.com: Real-World Cryptography (Audible Audio Edition): David Wong, Derek Dysart, Manning Publications: Books
  1333. 99%Visual Studio 2022 17.4 is now available!
  1334. 99%Watch .NET Conf 2022 LIVE 🔴 with me | .NET 7 Launch
  1335. 98%331: .NET 7 is here! C# 11, Performance, and more!
  1336. 96%C# 11 with Mads Torgersen & Dustin Campbell
  1337. 98%Playing Elden Ring in the cloud
  1338. 84%NVIDIA Security Team: “What if we just stopped using C?”
  1339. 96%Things I Didn't Build Yet
  1340. 96%Against Duolingo as a language learning platform
  1341. 99%Node.js Reference Architecture, Part 10: Accessibility | Red Hat Developer
  1342. 91%.NET Rocks! Making Open Source Work for Everyone with David Whitney
  1343. 98%The 2022 Shopping Spree
  1344. 97%StarkNetCC Lisbon Main Stage
  1345. 97%StarkNetCC Lisbon Main Stage
  1346. 68%My First Piano: A Story of Hurt, Healing and Joy — Jerome Leroy | Composer
  1347. 99%Wii U Architecture | A Practical Analysis
  1348. 99%5 ways to boost your collaborative app development
  1349. 86%330: Twitter, Metaverse, USB-C, App Store Ads... OH MY!
  1350. 99%Tag-Based File Organization: Benefits, Linux Tagging Software, & Limitations
  1351. 97%Techorama interviews 3 van 6
  1352. 95%Episode 44: gRPC - with Poornima Nayar
  1353. 92%The Billboard Article
  1354. 53%It's the season of release candidates (take 2)
  1355. 96%Keyboards, keyboards, everywhere, and not a spot to think | David Bieber
  1356. 98%Introduction to Firmware Analysis of a Reolink IP Camera
  1357. 79%Modern "Freedom" Means Being a Slave to Impulses
  1358. 99%Sysdig TRT uncovers massive cryptomining operation leveraging GitHub Actions – Sysdig
  1359. 99%DDD by Night November - Hybrid event, Wed, Nov 9, 2022, 5:45 PM | Meetup
  1360. 98%How to date a recording using background electrical noise | Robert Heaton
  1361. 98%.NET MAUI – Forget Me Not – Part 4
  1362. 94%When Customers Don’t Get It
  1363. 98%329: Is iPadOS Ready for Stage Manager?
  1364. 99%One speaker segmentation model to rule them all
  1365. 97%Spotify Car Thing Root
  1366. 98%It's the season of release candidates (take 2)
  1367. 98%It's the season of release candidates
  1368. 99%.NET MAUI – Forget Me Not – Part 3
  1369. 99%A deep dive into endpoint filters in ASP.NET Core 7
  1370. 99%Episode 442 - Azure IP Services
  1371. 94%.NET Core 3.1 is nearing end-of-support
  1372. 83%Perfect Dark has been fully decompiled, making PC ports and mods possible | VGC
  1373. 97%Developer Community Keynote: The thing about burnout
  1374. 90%OpenSilver Gets Closer to Open Source Parity with Long-Dead Microsoft Silverlight -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1375. 98%328: Microsoft Surface Event 2022 Recap
  1376. 98%Introduction to DigiMixer
  1377. 96%Ives: Symphony No. 4 - II. Comedy. Allegretto
  1378. 99%FAANG Sr SWE Deep Dives Web Crawler System Design
  1379. 90%Microsoft Office 365 email encryption could expose message content
  1380. 91%Make the Tempo Match the Game
  1381. 98%Microsoft Ignite – Join us on October 12-14
  1382. 96%In praise of ffmpeg
  1383. 98%Meta Quest Pro: Our Most Advanced New VR Headset | Meta Store
  1384. 99%How Wine works 101
  1385. 62%MC 900 FT Jesus - Hearing Voices In One's Head
  1386. 99%kimono koans' blog! - Using `httm` and ZFS to detect file modifications for `dano` (or getting a little sleazy to do a little good)
  1387. 98%327: Worst Upgrade Process Ever
  1388. 99%Git from the Bottom Up – Reset, Stash, and Reflog
  1389. 67%Kerch bridge is on fire song
  1390. 90%Privacy as Product
  1391. 91%Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
  1392. 98%Threshold ECDSA in Excessive Detail
  1393. 92%CK's Cold Dive
  1394. 99%Setting up my new computer, vim, and listening to Spotify in the terminal
  1395. 96%How Game Designers Solved These 11 Problems
  1396. 91%325: Managing & Maintaining .NET Libraries (.NET 7 RC Is Here!)
  1397. 98%Remunerating Value Back to Open Source Developers
  1398. 99%Azure for Students – Free Account Credit | Microsoft Azure
  1399. 53%.NET MAUI in .NET 7 RC 1 - Wha?!?
  1400. 98%Generating OCR Insight in Videos – the Story of a Successful Microsoft Collaboration
  1401. 84%Black Math Horseman - Deerslayer
  1402. 53%Fireside
  1403. 98%326: Frank Contemplates In-App Subscriptions
  1404. 95%Intentional Computing: How to Use Technology, Without Being Used By It
  1405. 99%Teaching and Learning in Public
  1406. 59%Putin announces Russia will annex four regions of Ukraine
  1407. 94%Why Modern Software is Slow–Windows Voice Recorder
  1408. 77%Four Important Eras that Define Art
  1409. 98%Microsoft Teams’ Infrastructure and Azure Communication Services’ Journey to .NET 6
  1410. 97%The rings of share - the unsolved problem of sharing
  1411. 99%AirPods Pro 2 Review: 1 Underrated Thing!
  1412. 98%AirPods Pro 2 Review: 1 Underrated Thing!
  1413. 91%0 A.D.: Empires Ascendant
  1414. 90%A Brief History of Android: Founding, Evolution & Industry Impact
  1415. 83%Ian McConnell - Quitting (The Way I Wrote It)
  1416. 60%The Animated Tripod
  1417. 83%Ian McConnell - Quitting (The Way I Wrote It)
  1418. 98%Software&Tools I use daily
  1419. 87%Love the details | Robert Heaton
  1420. 98%Promoting Free Culture With Proprietary Software
  1421. 91%CINEMA Series | Marantz
  1422. 99%How I Implemented Shadows in my Game Engine
  1423. 75%Objective-See: Tools
  1424. 98%325: Managing & Maintaining .NET Libraries (.NET 7 RC Is Here!)
  1425. 92%Weekly Update 314
  1426. 72%Weekly Update 314
  1427. 97%Apple Watch Running Review
  1428. 99%CCPS, a Capcom CPS-1 SDK
  1429. 87%The Book of CP-System
  1430. 99%GitHub - webrcade/webrcade: Feed-driven gaming
  1431. 94%Old Protocol - whodis?
  1432. 94%Linux On The Laptop Works So Damn Well That It’s Boring
  1433. 64%A mysterious voice is haunting American Airlines' in-flight announcements and nobody knows how - Waxy.org
  1434. 95%So you want to hire some engineers?
  1435. 67%The 4 things it takes to be an expert
  1436. 98%Friday Facts #370 - The journey to Nintendo Switch | Factorio
  1437. 94%GitHub - Rezmason/matrix: matrix (web-based green code rain, made with love)
  1438. 98%.NET MAUI in .NET 7 RC 1 - Wha?!?
  1439. 67%The 4 things it takes to be an expert
  1440. 95%James Stanley - Nightdrive
  1441. 98%I spent two years trying to do what Backstage does for free
  1442. 64%Google wants to take on Dolby with new open media formats
  1443. 66%The IT Crowd US Pilot : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  1444. 99%Systemd support is now available in WSL!
  1445. 93%What is security?
  1446. 93%CK's Cold Dive
  1447. 98%Alfred, or "How to super-charge your Mac and automate routine tasks"
  1448. 99%Introducing Whisper
  1449. 82%Trombone Vocals - I Get By FC
  1450. 94%The SEC fines Morgan Stanley $35M for an “astonishing” failure to protect information of ~15M customers by auctioning off machines with five years of their data
  1451. 98%Critically Engaging With Models
  1452. 99%Experimenting with Live Activities – Ole Begemann
  1453. 97%Over-engineering my TV watching - Part 1: bypassing geo-block with a custom reverse proxy
  1454. 99%The Road To Guitaraoke, Part 1: Vamp, Chordino, ImageSharp, and ffmpeg : dylanbeattie.net
  1455. 74%Janet Jackson had the power to crash laptop computers, follow-up
  1456. 96%The Case for reducing your digital clutter. | Kole McRae
  1457. 97%Building a Sequencer and a Level Editor for Vectron
  1458. 84%An extremely opinionated guide on making friends for people who are exactly like me
  1459. 83%WebAssembly Users a Mix of Backend and Full Stack Developers
  1460. 98%324: Revisiting GitHub Copilot
  1461. 99%An X11 Apologist Tries Wayland
  1462. 97%Episode 43: Docker Demystified - with (me) Dan Clarke
  1463. 96%Multitasking, something we copied from computers.
  1464. 96%What it Takes to Make a Game by Yourself
  1465. 99%Securing self-hosted Plex with Cloudflare Tunnels
  1466. 98%The next big step: Godot 4.0 reaches Beta
  1467. 99%Episode 438 - Azure NAT Gateway
  1468. 98%About Lockdown Mode
  1469. 88%Weekly Update 313
  1470. 90%Weekly Update 313
  1471. 99%Visual Studio 2022 17.4 Preview 2
  1472. 99%More Readable C# Code with File-Scoped Namespaces in .NET 6
  1473. 99%More Readable C# Code with File-Scoped Namespaces in .NET 6
  1474. 91%Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum
  1475. 99%How to download files from ASP.NET Core MVC
  1476. 98%323: Let's Get Ultra Dynamic on an Island
  1477. 98%Shortest URLs on the Internet
  1478. 97%Boring is Beautiful in Software Development
  1479. 99%Using RDP to control your work laptop with your own setup
  1480. 97%What is creativity?
  1481. 94%iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max
  1482. 94%iOS 16
  1483. 95%Multimodal Image-text Classification
  1484. 99%Scroll Restoration with Client Side Routing
  1485. 98%GitHub - MyOwnClone/quake_watch: Quake 1 game port to Apple Watch
  1486. 98%Deviations from Chromium (features we disable or remove) · brave/brave-browser Wiki
  1487. 63%Bystanders in your life
  1488. 98%Microsoft Releases SynapseML 0.1.0 with .NET and Cognitive Services Support
  1489. 98%322: Making Money with Subscriptions
  1490. 99%(...) — USB, Thunderbolt, Displayport & docks
  1491. 99%The Forty-Year Programmer
  1492. 99%QuickGa.me
  1493. 92%Lessons learned after 6 months of building a language learning startup
  1494. 98%My Video Synthesis Journey
  1495. 98%Website development tools
  1496. 94%Wavvy Audio Editor
  1497. 53%The Season of .NET MAUI
  1498. 95%Atomic Heart - Combat Trailer | gamescom 2022
  1499. 99%Unit Testing For Your .NET MAUI Applications | .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI
  1500. 99%.NET MAUI Step by Step Build
  1501. 80%.NET Rocks! Twenty Years of .NET Rocks!
  1502. 75%Meta’s next VR headset will launch in October
  1503. 95%Loss of Signal in between YouTube ads
  1504. 98%UI Design for .NET MAUI | .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI
  1505. 95%.NET Rocks! Microservices Architectures with Shawn Wildermuth
  1506. 94%.NET Rocks! ALM for Power Platform with Kartik Kanakasabesan
  1507. 53%Fireside
  1508. 95%Merge Editor Improvements Highlight VS Code 1.71 (August 2022 Update) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1509. 92%Download RealAudio 3.0
  1510. 97%Stable Diffusion Is the Most Important AI Art Model Ever
  1511. 98%321: ML In The Browser - transformers-js
  1512. 99%Weird monitor bugs people sent me in the last 5 years - Alin Panaitiu
  1513. 98%Why are D-sharp and E-flat considered to be two different notes
  1514. 98%The Season of .NET MAUI
  1515. 99%Building a searchable archive for the San Francisco Microscopical Society
  1516. 89%Visions
  1517. 95%I Try Astro For the First Time!
  1518. 93%The New Normal: The Coming Tsunami of Fakery
  1519. 94%Why your website should be under 14kb in size
  1520. 96%Preparing for the wave of open source funding
  1521. 95%Make Poker fun again
  1522. 94%Am I going to die if I ditch my phone?
  1523. 98%The Future of NGINX: Getting Back to Our Open Source Roots - NGINX
  1524. 96%Learnings from a Custom Neural Voice Proof of Concept
  1525. 96%Putting Software in the Public Domain
  1526. 89%Visions
  1527. 70%The downfall of smart TVs: From promises of seamless viewing to ad tool on steroids
  1528. 98%320: All the .NETs
  1529. 99%What a Mac mini & Tailscale enables · Kaushik Gopal's Site
  1530. 80%There’s no speed limit | Derek Sivers
  1531. 98%Why don't we do email verification in reverse?
  1532. 98%App Store doesn't accept
  1533. 84%I Went to a “Dangerous Alt-Right Rally” | The Blog of Dr. Josh C. Simmons
  1534. 97%Resolving an unusual wifi issue
  1535. 58%Shazam turns 20
  1536. 77%_why's Estate
  1537. 73%Power, Corruption & Lies (or how I became a typographer, pt. 1): Matthew Butterick
  1538. 97%Using the Same Arch Linux Installation for a Decade
  1539. 69%Janet Jackson had the power to crash laptop computers
  1540. 98%319: ML Cuneiform Translations
  1541. 99%Git from the Bottom Up – Blobs and Trees
  1542. 98%I developed a game to fix my burnout. It sucks.
  1543. 70%Las Palmas - a digital nomad review
  1544. 98%Let websites framebust out of native apps
  1545. 99%GitHub - ange-yaghi/engine-sim: Combustion engine simulator that generates realistic audio.
  1546. 93%Consumer Price Index News Release - 2022 M07 Results
  1547. 97%8088 MPH: We Break All Your Emulators
  1548. 97%TikTok: Life on the Algorithm
  1549. 99%GitHub - openairplay/airplay2-receiver: AirPlay 2 Receiver - Python implementation
  1550. 98%That time I 10x’d a TI-84 emulator’s speed by replacing a switch-case
  1551. 98%318: Fixing Performance Issues
  1552. 88%#16: The case of fake IMDb credits
  1553. 96%Focus at Work • Relax at Home • Sleep at Night | myNoise ®
  1554. 87%How To Combine Video Game Genres
  1555. 97%MPC In The Head Special
  1556. 94%CK's Cold Dive
  1557. 98%Cramming 'Papers, Please' Onto Phones
  1558. 92%Designing for the last earth
  1559. 87%How To Combine Video Game Genres
  1560. 98%Episode 433 - Azure Relay Service
  1561. 97%#309 – John Carmack: Doom, Quake, VR, AGI, Programming, Video Games, and Rockets | Lex Fridman Podcast
  1562. 96%Starlite Mk IV laptop review
  1563. 53%Devs Reviving Winamp Struggled with Visual Studio 2008 to 2019 Upgrade -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1564. 99%GitHub - Fewnity/Counter-Strike-Nintendo-DS: Counter Strike port on Nintendo DS
  1565. 94%Azure Neural TTS previews a new contextual voice model for long-form paragraph reading
  1566. 92%B2B Music Streaming Services for Brands | Tuned Global
  1567. 98%An Introduction to Webmention
  1568. 57%Time
  1569. 98%Practical Guide to Music Theory and Improvisation
  1570. 83%The case against woke culture | Brian Armstrong and Lex Fridman
  1571. 97%Spotify wants users to pay for separate ‘Play’ and ‘Shuffle’ buttons – TechCrunch
  1572. 93%Raspberry Pi Zero vs MangoPi MQ Pro Benchmarks
  1573. 98%317: Performance Benchmarking Code
  1574. 86%Digital Extrovert ≠ IRL Extrovert
  1575. 99%Domenico Luciani - Misleading Pair Programming
  1576. 86%Our Summer Break - 2022
  1577. 98%Listening to a movie as an audiobook
  1578. 95%Signal: you were the chosen one!
  1579. 93%Best File Formats for Archiving
  1580. 84%🌈 Hedonic Treadmill
  1581. 75%Maddy Montaquila on .NET MAUI
  1582. 55%Building a Smart Home - Part 2 Where to Start | LINQ to Fail
  1583. 88%316: Hosting Websites & Web Apps for Free
  1584. 89%The Three Uses of Contrastive Learning
  1585. 74%Oblique Strategies GB by Nicky Flowers
  1586. 86%Thank-you GitHub!
  1587. 92%How I Hacked my Car
  1588. 71%Team topologies fix the Spotify model
  1589. 88%We're Back From Vacation!
  1590. 78%Where’s the fun in accessibility?
  1591. 95%An intro to Open Telemetry in .NET - James World
  1592. 62%DALL·E Now Available in Beta
  1593. 86%Flowful
  1594. 86%How to: Make the Perfect Search Control
  1595. 85%What I Learned in a Year of Podcasting
  1596. 82%Engineers on brink of extinction threaten entire ecosystems
  1597. 66%Building a Smart Home - Part 1 Design | LINQ to Fail
  1598. 87%Please create good tiktok(-analyse)s
  1599. 75%Building friend catchers
  1600. 89%The journey of building something "useless"
  1601. 95%mpv.io
  1602. 88%315: A Proper Podcast
  1603. 93%Stack Overflow 2022 Survey Says …
  1604. 76%$9.99/Month — Basic Apple Guy
  1605. 82%How Can a 10 Second Video Take All Day?
  1606. 88%Commercial music media, a tier list · brhfl.com
  1607. 82%I’m tired of making decisions
  1608. 92%Next.Js Adventures: How a Couple Of Embedded YouTube Videos Screwed My Performance Scores - Stream - BuhalBu.com
  1609. 95%Unblah
  1610. 56%Unity is merging with a company who made a malware installer
  1611. 51%Short stories: How much do you make? How do you sell one? How long does it take to write?
  1612. 83%Dmitry.GR: Projects
  1613. 99%Learn a language by writing too many Forths
  1614. 70%Voraciousness
  1615. 91%‎Seconds Interval Timer
  1616. 95%An Overview of Kandria's Development with Lisp
  1617. 88%314: Pixy Review - Snap's Mini Drone
  1618. 93%Working in the software industry, circa 1989
  1619. 98%Spotify’s Authorization Code Flow For Dummies
  1620. 50%Work context, home context
  1621. 56%Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" Synth Sounds | Reverb Machine
  1622. 73%You Should Pay for Tutors - Scott H Young
  1623. 75%We Need New Words for Work
  1624. 99%How to Build a REST API | Developer Roadmap .NET 6 Rest API | Pt. 7
  1625. 90%Dolphin Progress Report: May and June 2022
  1626. 96%GitHub - aspnet-contrib/AspNet.Security.OAuth.Providers: OAuth 2.0 social authentication providers for ASP.NET Core
  1627. 71%Introducing: the ZK Whiteboard Sessions! - ZK Podcast
  1628. 96%Episode 430 - Multi-tenant Architectures
  1629. 88%312: dotnet workload
  1630. 94%What would DNA sound if synthesized to an audio file
  1631. 88%Web3, why? – Gautam Dhameja
  1632. 57%SIGGRAPH 2022 Technical Papers Awards: Best Papers and Honorable Mentions - ACM SIGGRAPH Blog
  1633. 99%The secret to making code contributions that stand the test of time
  1634. 99%Implementing text to speech for sioyek PDF viewer
  1635. 92%Site Reliability Engineering – More Evolution of Automation
  1636. 96%313: Stop Using Junk In Your Apps
  1637. 89%Web3: What they are not telling you! – Gautam Dhameja
  1638. 62%Watching an acquirer ruin your company
  1639. 79%I'm So Happy I Quit My Dream Job
  1640. 83%Visual Studio 2022 Preview Allows Code Editing in Search Results -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1641. 94%Building a side-project
  1642. 96%Episode 429 - Azure Native Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Solutions
  1643. 96%Fund OSS through package managers - Dusted Codes
  1644. 97%Cheater latents – Non_Interactive – Software & ML
  1645. 87%Split Audio Files into Parts
  1646. 72%[TUHS] Re: forgotten versions - TUHS
  1647. 97%Copyright Implications of the Use of Code Repositories to Train a Machine Learning Model
  1648. 87%Martin's Giant Hike
  1649. 97%Modern Software Development · Mike Klimek
  1650. 82%Hands On with Latest Visual Studio 2022 Preview Features -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1651. 81%Listen Up, Visual Studio has a new feature you need to hear about!
  1652. 85%Say it with a face without a mouth emoji
  1653. 86%board
  1654. 85%Rebooting the London .NET User Group : dylanbeattie.net
  1655. 88%311: Goodbye Passwords, Hello Passkeys
  1656. 92%Site Reliability Engineering – Evolution of Automation
  1657. 85%Why webcams aren’t good enough
  1658. 98%Releasing Joy-Con WebHID
  1659. 78%Matthew DiLoreto
  1660. 95%The Floppotron 3.0 - Computer Hardware Orchestra
  1661. 83%The World's Most Satisfying Checkbox | (Not Boring) Software
  1662. 69%Platformer Toolkit by Game Maker's Toolkit
  1663. 95%Recut - Remove Silence From Your Videos Automatically
  1664. 74%Cool desktops don’t change 😎
  1665. 82%It Happened One Frame: incredibly accurate video content search with OpenAI CLIP
  1666. 86%.NET Rocks! vNext
  1667. 91%AI ethics questions
  1668. 90%What's new in ASP.NET Core with Jon Galloway, Wed, Jun 15, 2022, 6:30 PM | Meetup
  1669. 96%First impressions of Web5
  1670. 81%Camp Vista - Growing Up Next To Microsoft
  1671. 92%⭐️ I found a cure for writer’s block
  1672. 87%The Floppotron 3.0 » Silent's Homepage
  1673. 62%Camera surveillance, video, and audio recording – a community guide
  1674. 88%310: WWDC 2022 Recap
  1675. 81%Segregating Email With Sub-Domains - Kev Quirk
  1676. 97%Miriam Eric Suzanne » Am I on the IndieWeb Yet?
  1677. 59%Mnpn
  1678. 87%Support Survivors of Trafficking
  1679. 90%Episode 100 - Celebratory Ask Me Anything
  1680. 91%Shotcut - Home
  1681. 90%20 Years of SIP - a Retrospective
  1682. 79%Being a solopreneur (part 1)
  1683. 97%Episode 426 - Defender for the Cloud
  1684. 90%Cargo Culting Software Engineering Practices
  1685. 98%How to use patterns for multilabel text classification annotation in Prodigy - Roland Szabó
  1686. 88%309: Where did my OpenGL go?
  1687. 75%The ultimate guide to web accessibility - Simple Talk
  1688. 86%Site Reliability Engineering – (Still) Monitoring Distributed Systems
  1689. 91%Have an old iPad lying around? You might be able to make it run Linux soon
  1690. 98%Console Class in C# - Code Maze
  1691. 98%My DIY low-power 6 SSD NAS based on the Quartz64 ARM board | PINE64
  1692. 97%Orhun's Blog
  1693. 97%Tink, with Sophie Schmieg - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  1694. 85%Apple Music is the most buggy and annoying software I use
  1695. 96%Dear Spotify. Can we just get a table of songs?
  1696. 79%Scarcity and Precarity in Small Manufacturing - Monome - lines
  1697. 92%Microsoft Edge Tips and Tricks
  1698. 64%Axon Announces TASER Drone Development to Address Mass Shootings
  1699. 55%How to Measure Innovation Through Leading and Lagging Indicators
  1700. 96%ffmpeg buddy
  1701. 91%AWS SNS vs. SQS - What are the main differences?
  1702. 94%generative operating systems
  1703. 76%People in your software supply chain
  1704. 86%Hugging Face Endpoints on Azure | Rubik's Code
  1705. 94%Episode 425 - BUILD 2022 Updates
  1706. 88%308: James & Frank Go To Build 2022!
  1707. 65%SomaFM
  1708. 94%GoodWill ransomware forces victims to donate to the poor and provides financial assistance to patients in need - CloudSEK
  1709. 92%Windows OS, Services & Apps: Network Connection Target Hosts • Helge Klein
  1710. 79%Patch: Zoom chat messages can infect devices with malware
  1711. 90%Microsoft Build 2022:  Azure Communication Services updates to build faster and reach further
  1712. 92%Tamada - Tikebi (Official Music Video)
  1713. 95%How JUCE Components Work · Melatonin
  1714. 58%Morrowind 20-year anniversary book
  1715. 81%Simple Mobile Tools Android apps website
  1716. 88%Aloha .NET MAUI
  1717. 79%278: Bicycle Repair Man
  1718. 78%Keep the Web Free, Say No to Web3
  1719. 88%307: All in on .NET MAUI
  1720. 83%Site Reliability Engineering – Monitoring Distributed Systems
  1721. 77%4 Emerging Data Monetization Models Disrupting Businesses
  1722. 75%#shorts VR shoes update - new designs, including an omni treadmill design
  1723. 98%12 VR Locomotion Solutions/Concepts You Probably Haven't Heard Of
  1724. 74%The balance has shifted away from SPAs
  1725. 60%VeeCon | Exclusive Conference Around Web 3 and Culture
  1726. 75%Black Tech Week
  1727. 78%The History of Web Accessibility—How It Impacts Design Today
  1728. 87%Chrome is Auto Adjusting the Microphone Level
  1729. 87%Spotify issues - Shogan.tech
  1730. 90%How to feel engaged at work: a software engineer's guide | Jason Tu
  1731. 69%NaturalSpeech: End-to-End Text to Speech Synthesis with Human-Level Quality
  1732. 91%My Thoughts About Fly.io (So Far) and Other New-ish Technology I'm Getting Into
  1733. 77%How to make video calls almost as good as face-to-face
  1734. 97%.NET development on Apple Silicon
  1735. 88%306: How to Contribute to OSS
  1736. 99%Introduction to OpenCV and Image Processing with Python
  1737. 98%Learn by Porting
  1738. 95%The very weird Hewlett Packard FreeDOS option – Interesting things
  1739. 80%Site Reliability Engineering with PagerDuty's Stevenson Jean-Pierre
  1740. 68%Data As Music
  1741. 97%MacBook Pro M1 Developer Setup 2022
  1742. 67%Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)
  1743. 88%Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin on Agile and more…
  1744. 92%Take my app ideas
  1745. 80%New European strategy for a Better Internet for Kids
  1746. 90%Congratulations, you are human!
  1747. 90%Bandits for Recommender Systems
  1748. 60%Works as Currently Designed
  1749. 95%teenage engineering
  1750. 55%The productive ritual of listening to a single song
  1751. 84%So you want to run a virtual event
  1752. 95%Why do USB-C hubs still have USB 2.0 ports?
  1753. 93%Speech Recognition with TensorFlow.js - Voice Commands
  1754. 97%Laurence Tratt: Programming Style Influences
  1755. 78%Where to Buy eBooks (Other Than Amazon) - A Digital Garden
  1756. 97%Building a Musical Instrument with the Web Audio API
  1757. 97%.NET Rocks!
  1758. 88%305: Breaking Your Own APIs
  1759. 95%RSS Feed Best Practises
  1760. 88%Site Reliability Engineering – Eliminating Toil
  1761. 54%It's probably not just chess and language, so how much potential is getting thrown away?
  1762. 83%MenuetOS
  1763. 99%Database Providers [4 of 5] | Entity Framework Core for Beginners
  1764. 66%Why I joined Cloudflare in Latin America
  1765. 73%How Musicians Could Profit From Copyleft
  1766. 71%The Simple Joy of Learning to Play Piano
  1767. 74%New in Learning Synths: Export, Record, and More
  1768. 99%ASP.NET Core Web Apps with EF Core [3 of 5] | Entity Framework Core for Beginners
  1769. 51%Apple, Google and Microsoft Commit to Expanded Support for FIDO Standard to Accelerate Availability of Passwordless Sign-Ins - FIDO Alliance
  1770. 88%Learn to code. Or don't.
  1771. 97%What are your Most Used Self Hosted Applications?
  1772. 69%How to Walk (12 miles a day)
  1773. 99%Porting Zelda Classic to the Web
  1774. 67%When I Made Another Monkey Island
  1775. 83%Working From Home: My Setup
  1776. 98%How I configured my Synology NAS and Linux to use rsync for backups
  1777. 87%#MVPbuzzChat with Tidjani Belmansour – buckleyPLANET
  1778. 83%Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen3 Review (with Linux)
  1779. 77%Portable Monitor, cdisplay 15.6 Inch External Monitor, 1080 Full HD IPS Screen, Gaming Monitor with Type-C, Mini HDMI and Built-in Speakers for Laptop, Mac, Xbox, PS4, Phone with Include Smart Cover : Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories
  1780. 88%304: Snap's Pixy... the future of drones?
  1781. 74%r/overemployed - Those who got caught. How
  1782. 60%The accord in perfumery
  1783. 97%GitHub - spacedriveapp/spacedrive: Spacedrive is an open source cross-platform file explorer, powered by a virtual distributed filesystem written in Rust.
  1784. 81%Ultimate List of After-School Enrichment Activities, Classes & Programs
  1785. 91%Inform 7 v10.1.0 is now open-source - Authoring / Inform 7 - The Interactive Fiction Community Forum
  1786. 89%103 Bits of Advice I Wish I Had Known
  1787. 95%Episode 422 - Open Service Mesh
  1788. 90%Microsoft finds new elevation of privilege Linux vulnerability, Nimbuspwn - Microsoft Security Blog
  1789. 85%Inside a Minecraft Launcher
  1790. 51%Researchers develop a paper-thin loudspeaker
  1791. 98%On .NET Live - Wrapping browser APIs in Blazor WASM
  1792. 94%Learn Go with Tests
  1793. 81%Six things I sort of believe about making music/art
  1794. 88%var num = 303; var title = $$"""Episode #{{num}}""";
  1795. 87%Site Reliability Engineering – Service Level Indicators, Objectives, and Agreements
  1796. 88%Internet spring cleaning: How to delete Instagram, Facebook and other accounts | The Mozilla Blog
  1797. 75%A list of all my projects - Patrick Zhong
  1798. 94%OpenBSD 7.1
  1799. 91%Laurence Tratt: Practising Programming
  1800. 93%Dealing with UI jank in the JUCE framework · Melatonin
  1801. 62%What Chords Do You Need?
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  1804. 53%I'm a security engineer and I still almost got scammed | Robert Heaton
  1805. 96%Time safety is more important than memory safety
  1806. 84%Projects - Josh Pigford
  1807. 94%Feature-Less Software
  1808. 93%How to Make Slack Work for You | The Blog of Josh Simmons
  1809. 89%James Montemagno on Maui!
  1810. 96%GitHub - pisto/oggify: Download Spotify tracks to Ogg Vorbis (with a premium account)
  1811. 65%Nobody wants your fancy algorithm
  1812. 99%90 Days are all you need to get a web developer job
  1813. 89%On Leaving Turkey
  1814. 97%BirdNET-Pi – BirdNET in Raspberry Pis
  1815. 88%302: .NET MAUI Release Candidate Is Here!
  1816. 62%Richard Stallman - "The state of the Free Software movement" - April 13, 2022
  1817. 94%Learnings after 500 commits to my vimrc | I am Sang
  1818. 80%.vsix with Mads Kristensen
  1820. 62%StarBook 14-inch
  1821. 89%Davy Wybiral's Profile | SpaceHey
  1822. 95%GitHub - LuanRT/YouTube.js: 🎥 full-featured wrapper around YouTube's private API
  1823. 52%Google Search is Falling Behind
  1824. 98%DJI AIR 2S Beginners Guide - Start Here
  1825. 67%The Tyranny of the Note Taking Industrial Complex, and Other Notes on Notes - Herbert Lui
  1826. 86%The Correct Answer on Consciousness - Nik Noble
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  1834. 59%100 versions of Chrome later: What we learned along the way
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  1837. 86%USB-C hubs and my slow descent into madness - Dennis Schubert
  1838. 88%300 Episodes of Merge Conflict!
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  1845. 93%WebAssembly in my Browser Desktop Environment
  1846. 61%My Home Assistant Music Cube
  1847. 88%299: Databases shouldn’t allow delete
  1848. 93%Software Reliability Engineering – Hope is not a strategy
  1849. 70%My opinion on opinion
  1850. 52%Killed by Microsoft
  1851. 91%Dual 75" 4K TV Floor Computing
  1852. 71%Mourning as a Remote Team
  1853. 63%HOME | djpuffy
  1854. 86%All The Music: the Megamix
  1855. 58%Spotify and Google Announce User Choice Billing — Spotify
  1856. 80%What Epic's purchase of Bandcamp means for music
  1857. 63%Why You Should Start Self Hosting
  1858. 70%Non-dotcom domains hurt startups
  1859. 85%298: The Great M1 Conspiracy
  1860. 88%Windows Needs a Change in Priorities
  1861. 96%Detecting pitch with the Web Audio API and autocorrelation · Caffeinspiration
  1862. 97%The first Asahi Linux Alpha Release is here! - Asahi Linux
  1863. 88%.NET MAUI (preview 14) is Released!
  1864. 62%Amazon.com: Mount It Monitor Desk Mount,Computer Monitor Stand,Height Adjustable Arm Fits Up To 32 Inch Screens,VESA 75x75and100x100,20 Lb Capacity,Black (MI-1772)(Dual Monitor,Silver) : Electronics
  1865. 96%H.264 is magic: a technical walkthrough of a remarkable technology.
  1866. 95%GitHub - rothgar/awesome-tuis: List of projects that provide terminal user interfaces
  1867. 86%Machine Logic
  1868. 64%Silencing the Kinesis Advantage 2
  1869. 95%Agenda - NDC Melbourne 2022 | Conference for Software Developers
  1870. 91%RP2040 Doom
  1871. 92%Hamblingreen's Pinephone Setup
  1872. 88%297: The Ultra Apple Event Recap
  1873. 83%The Great Resignation
  1874. 61%In praise of slow media
  1875. 82%Inspecting Web Views in macOS
  1876. 67%My favorite FFmpeg cookbook.
  1877. 89%Why does Google get internationalization wrong?
  1878. 94%MK.NET - Jon Galloway - GitHub Actions - 5 Things Every .NET Dev Should Know | Meetup
  1879. 88%Buddy App
  1880. 76%Weekly Update 286
  1881. 58%The day Steve Jobs dissed me in a keynote
  1882. 99%Loop Around Index with C# Collections
  1883. 53%Studio Display
  1884. 82%Apple unveils M1 Ultra, the world’s most powerful chip for a personal computer
  1885. 63%Mac Studio
  1886. 92%.NET 6 Runtime for AWS Lambda Unveiled -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1887. 82%We Cannot Live Without Cryptography!
  1888. 90%Lessons From A Tech Job Search
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  1891. 56%Tear Down This Wall, Mr. BBC!
  1892. 96%I Can No Longer Compile My First Flash Game
  1893. 54%Heardle - Like Wordle, but for Music
  1894. 96%How I Use My Computer
  1895. 96%Introducing Native Matrix VoIP with Element Call!
  1896. 97%Technical Overview · Wiki · The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / Pluggable Transports / Snowflake
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  1898. 76%VS Code v1.65 Update: New Theme, Audio Cues and Terminal Shell Integration (Preview) -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  1906. 98%Minimum Viable Continuous Delivery
  1907. 96%Infinite Memory
  1908. 95%GitHub - iaddis/metalnes: Transistor level NES simulation
  1909. 86%How I Learned French in 12 Months
  1910. 98%SPAs were a mistake
  1911. 84%Learn to Listen
  1912. 98%SimulaVR Store
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  1914. 99%Do not recommend: User Provided Primary Keys
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  1917. 83%GitHub - markrussinovich/btcgraffiti
  1918. 96%My 10 Favorite Countries (After Visiting Them All)
  1919. 70%What Made _World of Warcraft_'s Environments so Compelling?
  1920. 64%Thunderbolt Station 4 | TS4 | Dock
  1921. 88%294: Hello .NET 7, C# 11, and !!
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  1923. 83%Some (crazy?) thoughts on the future
  1924. 84%Do Russians want a war?
  1925. 97%Online exif data viewer
  1926. 77%Spam Accounts in 2022
  1927. 88%.NET MAUI Preview ... Number 13!
  1928. 96%Episode 412 - Azure Database for Postgres
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  1930. 98%GitHub - dylanaraps/pure-bash-bible: 📖 A collection of pure bash alternatives to external processes.
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  1932. 95%I quit my job to make free web tools
  1933. 94%When I do TDD and when I don't - Code with Jason
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  1935. 93%Music theory for nerds
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  1937. 55%Kash Goudarzi
  1938. 64%Building an iPod for 2022
  1939. 81%Zeus & Hera | BMW USA (Official Video)
  1940. 88%293: dotnet-trace with dotnet-monitor through dotnet-dsrouter
  1941. 75%#CBJAM 22 Recap
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  1943. 79%.NET Rocks! vNext
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  1946. 60%Piped
  1947. 82%Trying to Improve My Geography Game with More Real-World Data
  1948. 93%VS Code Gets New Side Panel in v1.64 Update -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  1950. 63%KDE: A Nice Tiling Envieonment and a Surprisingly Awesome DE
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  1959. 88%.NET 20 Years
  1960. 96%Rustenstein 3D: Game programming like it's 1992 - NextRoll
  1961. 70%27 Years of Amazon.com Website Design History - 34 Images - Version Museum
  1962. 65%mmWave radar, you won't see it coming
  1963. 96%How to recommend books, or, stop recommending SICP
  1964. 94%Efficiency, and a simple formula for being a 10x-er
  1965. 87%<link>: The External Resource Link element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN
  1966. 53%jmtd → log → Amateur archiving activities, January 2022
  1967. 95%EASILY Build Apps With Tailwind CSS Using Tailmars
  1968. 84%[Last Week in .NET #79] – Space Newts
  1969. 99%Building a Philosophy Workstation with NixOS: Installing Firefox, VSCodium, and LaTeX
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  1972. 73%Please make a dumb car – TechCrunch
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  1976. 89%Welcome to My Site!
  1977. 91%High-Resolution Audio: is it worth the hype?
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  1979. 83%Trying to vlog #crypto #vlog #shorts
  1980. 98%What is Curious Drive? - Free Courses, Coding Problems & Quizzes
  1981. 99%Fixing sync over async issues in .NET / C# with Visual Studio 2022
  1982. 73%AirPods don't "Just Work" · Philip Ardeljan is a UI designer
  1983. 84%Landscape of API Traffic
  1984. 55%The Old Internet Shows Signs of Quietly Coming Back
  1985. 92%Gemini Is A Little Gem • AndreGarzia.com
  1986. 82%foobar2000
  1987. 98%Introducing Rainway: Interactive App Streaming for Everyone | Rainway
  1988. 99%Speed up your .NET app with the CPU profilers with Visual Studio 2022
  1989. 88%290: The .NET MAUI Episode
  1990. 99%GitHub - DustinBrett/daedalOS: Desktop environment in the browser.
  1991. 85%Audio Sparklines · Melatonin
  1992. 79%Why I decided to sell my web agency | Mischa
  1993. 88%Not One But Two .NET MAUI Previews!
  1994. 64%Legal - Data & Privacy - Apple
  1995. 67%Google Camera randomly changes some QR code URLs on Android 12
  1996. 62%The Windows 11 taskbar is an annoying step backward
  1997. 90%Fixing my BF1942 woes with Win32 APIs - Turnerj (aka. James Turner)
  1998. 93%How To Stay Curious as a Coder
  1999. 80%My First Three Months with a Nokia Dumb Phone as a Daily Driver
  2000. 92%You Give REST a Bad Name
  2001. 97%If I’m a beginner at .NET, what resources are available to me?
  2002. 99%GitHub - water111/jak-project
  2003. 74%Do Svidaniya, Igor, and Thank You for NGINX - NGINX
  2004. 55%FBI document shows what data can be obtained from encrypted messaging apps
  2005. 67%PagerDuty’s Security Training for Engineers, Penultimate
  2006. 99%289: App Publishing Road Blocks
  2007. 95%Street Fighter II, Sound System internals
  2008. 99%Switching from macOS to Pop!_OS
  2009. 93%Myths about Web Accessibility :: Blog :: Alvaro Montoro
  2010. 98%Building an AI Dog Poop Detector for my Backyard
  2011. 58%It's not still the early days
  2012. 98%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Build a Chatbot with .NET 6
  2013. 96%Code Maze Weekly #109 - Code Maze
  2014. 88%ScreenMedia
  2015. 74%Unicorns Kickin
  2016. 68%Unicorns Kickin
  2017. 50%Music industry is suing youtube-dl hosters
  2018. 95%Episode 408 - Azure Load Testing
  2019. 91%Michael Tsai - Blog - Catching Native Apps
  2020. 71%Living on 24 Hours a Day
  2021. 99%Writing a Game Boy Emulator in OCaml
  2022. 98%The Catch Block #89 - Tech Demos, Preparation, and Middle School Show Choir
  2023. 74%Spotify - Backend Engineer - Advertising
  2024. 74%A Few Things I’ve Learned About Livestreaming
  2025. 72%Opinion: Is Web3 a Scam? - Stack Diary
  2026. 81%.NET Rocks! vNext
  2027. 95%Episode 407 - Container Apps
  2028. 88%288: Turning Hacks into Reality
  2029. 60%News Update on James Webb Space Telescope's Full Deployment
  2030. 98%Bevy - Bevy 0.6
  2031. 93%Sending messages as I drift off to sleep | David Bieber
  2032. 96%Why aren't the most useful Mac apps on the App Store?
  2033. 81%286: Hacking 3D Holograms with .NET
  2034. 54%6 Ways I'm Improving Mental Health in 2022
  2035. 88%2021 - It Was a Good One
  2036. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Building APIs with ASP.NET Core
  2037. 78%.NET Rocks! vNext
  2038. 97%PagerDuty’s Security Training for Engineers! Part Deux
  2039. 61%Leaving the company I co-founded
  2040. 76%How to think about recommendations · Jamie on Software
  2041. 88%287: Tech Highs and Lows of 2021
  2042. 74%ClonerAlliance Flint D4P - Standalone Dual-4K Video Overlay Device and Audio Mixing Station.
  2043. 89%macOS Setup after 15 Years of Linux · HookRace Blog
  2044. 69%My Troubles with MP3s
  2045. 92%Voiceliner
  2046. 91%.NET Rocks! vNext
  2047. 99%Making sounds using SDL and visualizing them on a simulated oscillosco
  2048. 96%GitHub - CorentinJ/Real-Time-Voice-Cloning: Clone a voice in 5 seconds to generate arbitrary speech in real-time
  2049. 71%Discussions about DRM often land on the fundamental problem with DRM: that it…
  2050. 60%rC3 2021 - Public Fahrplan
  2051. 88%286: Hacking 3D Holograms with .NET
  2052. 91%Reverse-engineering a tiny 1980s chip that plays Christmas tunes
  2053. 80%ADHD Accommodations Guide | ADHD At Work
  2054. 96%Blob Opera - Google Arts & Culture
  2055. 91%Counting website visitors is hard — Bobbie Chen
  2056. 72%Every Workday Should be a Hackathon
  2057. 88%283: The Metaverse - When, where, why
  2058. 98%Krita 5.0 released! | Krita
  2059. 96%My productivity app is a single .txt file
  2060. 82%Dear Self; We Need To Talk About Social Media
  2061. 95%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Entity Framework and Database Design
  2062. 87%Apple added an orange dot that's a showstopper for live visuals - and it needs a fix - CDM Create Digital Music
  2063. 99%Hello World - Let's talk about .NET and .NET Conf
  2064. 66%Self arrest on the Slippery Slope of Addiction
  2065. 99%Test tools for .NET and cross-platform apps
  2066. 93%My Parents Collect Cans for a Living
  2067. 93%GitHub - mendel5/alternative-front-ends: Overview of alternative open source front-ends for popular internet platforms (e.g. YouTube, Twitter, etc.)
  2068. 88%286: is not null
  2069. 97%PagerDuty’s Security Training for Engineers
  2070. 79%Markus Captain Kaarlonen - Space Debris
  2071. 85%On the potential of Transformers in Reinforcement Learning
  2073. 97%GitHub - Music-and-Culture-Technology-Lab/omnizart: Omniscient Mozart, being able to transcribe everything in the music, including vocal, drum, chord, beat, instruments, and more.
  2074. 85%I hope Web3 doesn't become Web 2.1 | The Blog of Josh Simmons
  2075. 88%2021 - It Was a Good One
  2076. 63%My 10 Favorite Posts on Data (and Management) of 2021 — Iterating
  2077. 95%Episode 406 - Azure Bastion
  2078. 99%What happens if you put your head in a particle accelerator?
  2079. 95%Swift Playgrounds
  2080. 75%Chess.com vs Lichess.org
  2081. 98%How to build large-scale end-to-end encrypted group video calls
  2082. 82%Reflecting On Free Software And Paychecks
  2083. 98%Progress Report: October-November 2021 - Asahi Linux
  2084. 97%Find anything blazingly fast with Google's vector search technology | Google Cloud Blog
  2085. 91%PyTorch vs TensorFlow in 2022
  2086. 65%Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987–1994) – Sci-fi interfaces
  2087. 51%Toyota owners have to pay $8/mo to keep using their key fob for remote start
  2088. 99%The .NET Docs Show - Migrations to .NET MAUI 🏄🏽‍♀️
  2089. 98%GitHub - microsoft/wslg: Enabling the Windows Subsystem for Linux to include support for Wayland and X server related scenarios
  2090. 99%Hammerspoon
  2091. 98%How to Run Code in a New Thread in C# - Code Maze
  2092. 88%284: C# 10 Global & Implicit Usings
  2093. 66%How To Create A TikTok Trend : A Step By Step Guide
  2094. 92%A Tiny ESP32 Spectrum Analyzer... and much more!
  2095. 92%The HTTP of the Metaverse — Roderick's Debug Diary
  2096. 82%Troy Hunt - Wikipedia
  2097. 80%Submit a question or comment over video and be featured LIVE on Learn TV!
  2098. 71%Creating personalised data stories with GPT-3
  2099. 66%Curiosities in Vinyl
  2100. 87%.NET Conf Local 2021
  2101. 96%Episode 404 - When Windows is nowhere to be found
  2102. 90%Making an AI-generated sleep podcast - Stavros' Stuff
  2103. 88%WebAssembly and Back Again: Fine-Grained Sandboxing in Firefox 95 – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
  2104. 87%Rysiekúr Memesson (@rysiek@mastodon.technology)
  2105. 72%Tech Predictions for 2022 and Beyond
  2106. 91%What is a Game Engine?
  2107. 91%Why not advertise on the Hanselminutes Technology Podcast?
  2108. 92%Zrythm - Digital Audio Workstation
  2109. 91%Webrise
  2110. 96%Behind The Spotify Wrapped API Scenes
  2111. 88%M365 Admin App
  2112. 89%Troy Hunt's Weekly Update Podcast
  2113. 85%Storm in the stratosphere: how the cloud will be reshuffled
  2114. 94%Securing Sensitive Data in an Event Driven Architecture
  2115. 58%German Court Rules Against Internet Security Non-Profit Quad9 In First Hearing Versus Sony Music Germany | Quad9
  2116. 89%PeerTube v4, more power to help you present your videos
  2117. 76%The Solution Space
  2118. 97%Learn C# with the C# 101 Interactive Notebooks
  2119. 88%What is Developer Advocacy and How To Get Started with Francesco Ciulla
  2120. 91%282: Automating Protocols
  2121. 91%The Yamaha DX7 synthesizer's clever exponential circuit, reverse-engineered
  2122. 86%Receiving Starlink satellite beacons on a budget
  2123. 63%gentle, a personal history
  2124. 97%From Edge 96 onwards local files can get edited in Visual Studio Code and DevTools changes sync live
  2125. 89%Net Conf 2021 Québec : Introduction à NET 6.0
  2126. 96%Lossless Image Compression in O(n) Time
  2127. 97%GitHub - terrafx/terrafx.interop.windows: Interop bindings for Windows.
  2128. 88%281: C# 10, .NET MAUI, Blazor Hybrid, and more!
  2129. 88%Designing Data-Intensive Applications – Secondary Indexes, Rebalancing, Routing
  2130. 97%Intro to Graphics 23 - Computer Animation
  2131. 65%"That policy changed last week."
  2132. 80%Pony Messenger
  2133. 61%Episode 403 - GitHub and Azure
  2134. 88%.NET 6 Is On The Loose
  2135. 98%12 features coming in C# 11, potentially
  2136. 97%XMPP, A Comeback Story: A 20 Year Old Messaging Protocol For Robust, Private and Decentralized Communications
  2137. 99%EF Core 6 + ASP.NET Core Web API + CRUD + Stored Procedures + Views + MS SQL Server
  2138. 94%A pitch that is music to the ears
  2139. 92%Community Builders
  2140. 99%Simulating an XY oscilloscope on the GPU
  2141. 52%Next Windows 11 update makes the Blue Screen of Death blue again
  2142. 88%280: .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022 are here!
  2143. 95%The System | Tilt Five
  2144. 91%Reverse-engineering the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer's sound chip from die photos
  2145. 96%Spotify Codes - Part 2
  2146. 75%Timothy Gone
  2147. 97%The Ancient Secrets of Computer Vision
  2148. 95%‎Slingshot Effect
  2149. 84%How My Genius Roommate Changed My Perspective
  2150. 99%How to create your own project templates in .NET
  2151. 97%Thinking heads are not in the clouds · Raphael Lullis
  2152. 80%The Intellectual Incoherence of Cryptoassets
  2153. 98%C# 10: Implicit Global Usings
  2154. 98%Designing better file organization around tags, not hierarchies
  2155. 73%_why's Estate
  2156. 92%279: What are Azure Container Apps?
  2157. 98%100 Days of TypeScript (Day 6)
  2158. 96%Designing Data-Intensive Applications – Partitioning
  2159. 79%Memory leaks are crippling my M1 MacBook Pro–and I'm not alone
  2160. 88%Re-Organizing the World’s Information: Why we need more Boutique… — Mirror
  2161. 76%Online Dating - MonsterMatch
  2162. 98%Episode 401 - Ignite 2021 Wrap-Up
  2163. 71%Photography: Edge of Eternity
  2164. 84%Visual Studio 2022!!
  2165. 66%Photography: Vibrations in Solitude
  2166. 86%Gravity 4K Blu-ray (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital HD)
  2167. 98%Applying Artificial Intelligence to Nintendo Tetris
  2168. 93%High Fidelity Remote Communication
  2169. 91%Zoom Supports Continued Access for Basic Users with Advertising Program - Zoom Blog
  2170. 93%Culture Shock
  2171. 78%Stop playing the SEO game: find your sources of influence
  2172. 72%Complexity is killing software developers
  2173. 98%C# - async/await - The Breakfast Example
  2174. 92%278: Inside .NET Hot Reload
  2175. 98%GitHub - niespodd/browser-fingerprinting: Analysis of Bot Protection systems with available countermeasures 🚿. How to defeat anti-bot system 👻 and get around browser fingerprinting scripts 🕵️‍♂️ when scraping the web?
  2176. 94%A guide to getting out of a rut when you are working alone
  2177. 89%Get started | Learning Music (Beta)
  2178. 84%Fundamentals of Piano Practice — Fundamentals of Piano Practice
  2179. 91%r/livesound - Headset microphone picking up radio: a uniquely frustrating problem
  2180. 99%BRAND NEW VS Code Theme for Halloween - It's Spoooooky
  2181. 68%Photography: Tie-dye
  2182. 96%4 common C# naming patterns you should know #Shorts
  2183. 82%Why You (Probably) Didn't Get Lost in Metroid Dread
  2184. 98%mazzo.li — Backing up WhatsApp data through the multi-device web client
  2185. 96%Episode 400 - A view from Azure's Core
  2186. 97%Intro to Graphics 17 - The Rendering Equation
  2187. 99%DIY Acoustic Camera using UMA-16
  2188. 93%Type | Treat 2021 - Day 1
  2189. 99%You want Tor Browser ... not a VPN
  2190. 80%I reinvented the wheel last week, and here’s why
  2191. 98%Entity Framework Community Standup - Noda Time
  2192. 75%OpenSilver v1.0 Arrives as Microsoft Ends Silverlight Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2193. 99%Giving a single object multiple COM identities, part 1
  2194. 96%Xbox Insider Release Notes - Alpha Skip-Ahead (2111.211022-2000) - Xbox Wire
  2195. 68%A Prototype Original iPod
  2196. 88%StarLite 11-inch
  2197. 93%Gigabyte AORUS FV43U Review
  2198. 98%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - SOLID Design Principles and Dependency Injection
  2199. 92%277: MacBook Pro & Pixel 6 Event Recaps
  2200. 97%How To Create a React Audio Library
  2201. 89%The 2021 Shopping Spree
  2202. 94%How I failed 5 side projects in 6 years, earning $0
  2203. 89%DotVVM @ .NET Conf 2021 (2021-11-12)
  2204. 97%Cloudflare for SaaS for All, now Generally Available!
  2205. 93%Episode 85 - Clean Code in C# With Jason Alls
  2206. 64%Evolving our business model to address developer needs
  2207. 89%Weekly Update 266
  2208. 95%~ajxs/Yamaha DX7 Technical Analysis
  2209. 92%Is Your Code Secure? – .NET 083
  2210. 54%Is Your Code Secure? – .NET 083
  2211. 99%Building Your First UWP Application
  2212. 98%.NET Rocks! vNext
  2213. 98%PlayStation 3 Architecture | A Practical Analysis
  2214. 68%Photography: Alone
  2215. 68%Photography: Whistleblower
  2216. 96%How to Find the Right Collaborative Coding Tool for Remote Pair Programming - DZone Agile
  2217. 97%Episode 17: Breaking Wi-Fi With Frame Attacks!
  2218. 64%Jenn Wasner Signature Guitar - Reverend Guitars | We know what players want.
  2219. 72%macOS Monterey
  2220. 99%.NET Conf 2021 Watch Party with NUGM
  2221. 99%How do I get started with Razor pages?
  2222. 84%MacBook Pro 14-inch and MacBook Pro 16-inch
  2223. 92%My indoor rowing tips after 15 million meters
  2224. 94%My productivity routine to write a 500-page book
  2225. 99%The .NET Docs Show - EF Core Power Tools and NuGet packages, oh my! 🙀
  2226. 95%The Official Steve Vai Website
  2227. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Async, await, and Multi-threaded code
  2228. 99%Blazor - with Chris Sainty
  2229. 94%276: .NET 6 + C# 10 == Mind Blown
  2230. 66%‘Dislike’ button would improve Spotify’s recommendations | Cornell Chronicle
  2231. 93%What we can learn from "_why" the long lost open source developer.
  2232. 93%R5 Experience
  2233. 87%Zuckerberg — Theo Henson
  2234. 81%Developing Real-Time Collaborative Apps on October 26 2021 - Events
  2235. 91%PinePhone Pro | PINE64
  2236. 99%7 Years Later, How Am I Doing?
  2237. 70%How Tech Companies Should Compensate Their Remote Workers
  2238. 75%Photography: Tequila Sunset
  2239. 94%Preview-Mania
  2240. 99%GitHub - k4zmu2a/SpaceCadetPinball: Decompilation of 3D Pinball for Windows – Space Cadet
  2241. 92%What if Performance Advertising is Just an Analytics Scam? - SparkToro
  2242. 92%Can't Sleep Due to Anxiety? | Anxiety and Sleep | Dawn Health
  2243. 82%Photography: Beware of the Spores
  2244. 82%Photography: Sunset Surfers
  2245. 82%Photography: Silver Surf
  2246. 98%How to win at CORS
  2247. 95%Microsoft is Finally Ditching Electron
  2248. 98%Lockdown math announcement
  2249. 95%GitHub - rahul-thakoor/air-pi-play: Turn a Raspberry Pi into an Airplay server using RPiPlay to enable screen mirroring on tvs, monitors and projectors.
  2250. 97%Rockin’ The Code World with dotNetDave – Special Guest: Carl Franklin
  2251. 99%Rockin’ The Code World with dotNetDave – Special Guest: David Neal
  2252. 90%The Adventures of Inspector Cody: An Introduction
  2253. 95%IoT Hacking and Rickrolling My High School District
  2254. 99%How to Create a Web API with .NET 6 Minimal APIs
  2255. 97%Keyboard Warrior - Breaking software is just finding unintended features, right?
  2256. 99%4 new useful APIs in .NET 6
  2257. 74%How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users - Issue 25
  2258. 96%275: Analyzing Squid Game’s Motion Detection (Red Light, Green Light)
  2259. 95%Should You Speak at a Conference?
  2260. 98%Making the whole web better, one canvas at a time.
  2261. 91%How to fix Error response from daemon: pull access denied for your_username/your_repository
  2262. 98%Harden & secure browsers in containers, with GUI - Cr;Lf;
  2263. 99%GitHub - wimpysworld/quickemu: Quickly create and run optimised Windows, macOS and Linux desktop virtual machines.
  2264. 92%GitHub - Ildaron/Laser_control: Laser for control mosquito, weed and pest
  2265. 94%How to Train Large Deep Learning Models as a Startup
  2266. 97%Episode 397 - Capacity Reservation
  2267. 95%How I approach my core work
  2268. 99%Open Source in Everyday Life
  2269. 96%The best part of Windows 11 is a revamped Windows Subsystem for Linux
  2270. 88%Mads Torgersen On C# 10
  2271. 96%Episode 21: Proving Fundamental Equivalencies in Isogeny Mathematics!
  2272. 98%An Illustrated Tour of Wav2vec 2.0
  2273. 92%Alleged Twitch data breach
  2274. 96%4-Port USB3.0 4K DisplayPort Triple Display KVMP™ Switch - CS1964, ATEN Desktop KVM Switches
  2275. 95%Tab Unloading in Firefox 93 – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
  2276. 98%Progress Report: September 2021 - Asahi Linux
  2277. 66%Is 40 the New 60? · It Will Never Work in Theory
  2278. 99%Plan 9 Desktop Guide
  2279. 97%Cloudflare just disrupted 3 industries in 1 week
  2280. 96%274: Building IoT Things
  2281. 95%iPadOS 15: Hands-on with Apple’s Weather app for iPad
  2282. 97%Secrets I use to becoming a better developer working remotely 2021 edition
  2283. 92%Dolby Atmos and Apple’s rewritten audio stack
  2284. 99%How to Create a Modern Flat UI Design Dashboard in C# 2020
  2285. 95%May I ask who’s calling, please? A recent rise in VoIP DDoS attacks
  2286. 97%Cloudflare’s Disruption
  2287. 99%7 tips for writing better library code in .NET
  2288. 97%Real-Time Communications at Scale
  2289. 99%Compress Strings With .NET and C#
  2290. 76%Twitter accelerates again with Bitcoin tips, NFTs, recorded Spaces, creator fund and more – TechCrunch
  2291. 99%PhobosLab
  2292. 94%Vintage Apple
  2293. 62%A World Without Sci-Hub
  2294. 92%ASP.NET Razor tips and tricks with Jon Galloway | Web Wednesday
  2295. 99%Remove Background from Image – remove.bg
  2296. 98%You either die an MVP or live long enough to build content moderation | Mux blog
  2297. 93%Working From Orbit
  2298. 92%Asymmetric Bets, Venture Capital & Cancer Cells - Rui Zhi Dong
  2299. 82%Exportober
  2300. 96%273: Microsoft Surface 2021 Event Recap
  2301. 96%Transactions in Distributed Systems
  2302. 97%Boyd's Management Model
  2303. 95%Muppet Classic Theater - Full VHS Tape
  2304. 60%iPhone 13 Users Experiencing 'Unable to Communicate with Apple Watch' Bug With Mask Unlocking
  2305. 72%“Completely Running Blind.” Apple’s Power Move To Kneecap Facebook Ads Is Working.
  2306. 96%Azure IoT
  2307. 99%Episode 395 - SAP on Azure
  2308. 97%Spotify Box
  2309. 91%h2x
  2310. 85%Official Home of Microsoft Surface PCs, Computers, Laptops, 2-in-1s, Dual-Screen & All-in-Ones
  2311. 98%Become a productive .NET Developer with JetBrains Rider - PHINUG 2021.10
  2312. 96%GitHub - joeycastillo/The-Open-Book
  2313. 98%The First Rule of Machine Learning: Start without Machine Learning
  2314. 94%Rejections, Resilience, and Rejoicing: Getting a Tenure-Track Position
  2315. 80%iOS 15
  2316. 96%272: .NET 6 RC1, .NET MAUI Updates, & iPhone 13 Event Recap
  2317. 93%There are six internet links on my office on wheels. Seven when Starlink arrives.
  2318. 74%Freenet
  2319. 97%Linux on the Desktop: Part Two
  2320. 96%The Ultimate .NET MAUI Update
  2321. 98%Episode 394 - Quantum Update
  2322. 99%Home Assistant
  2323. 94%Why I left academia
  2324. 98%Turing Oversold
  2325. 97%Storage galore: New PS5 update finally lets users add more space for games
  2326. 95%Bespoke Synth
  2327. 93%iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max - Technical Specifications
  2328. 93%Q1K3 | js13kGames
  2329. 81%Intuit to Acquire Mailchimp
  2330. 93%r/perfectlycutscreams - German Streamer watching a self defense video
  2331. 96%271: How not to monetize an app
  2332. 97%Docker Licensing, Career and Coding Questions
  2333. 98%Randomizing the Alert Sound on a Mac
  2334. 97%Electron isn’t Cancer but it is a Symptom of a Disease – Duck Rowing
  2335. 96%Microsoft acquires Clipchamp to empower creators | Microsoft 365 Blog
  2336. 96%How I arrived at my perfect business idea | SVG Backgrounds
  2337. 99%GitHub - jely2002/youtube-dl-gui: A cross-platform GUI for youtube-dl made in Electron and node.js
  2338. 96%Using a reMarkable Tablet in Web Meetings – The Charette Project
  2339. 87%Archive.org Serendipity: Search and Stream Selections from the 78rpm Collection
  2340. 98%Switching to the i3 window manager
  2341. 98%Turning my hobby into a business made me hate it
  2342. 50%ProtonMail deletes 'we don't log your IP' boast from website after French climate activist reportedly arrested
  2343. 72%“The Door Problem” – Liz England
  2344. 99%What is Semantic HTML? 🤨
  2345. 69%270: M1 on the road, phased release, new SQLite-net, and .NET MAUI ready libraries
  2346. 92%uBlock Origin—everything you need to know about the ad blocker - Firefox Add-on Reviews
  2347. 99%How I Made $80,000 On Side Projects In 2020 — Compiled;
  2348. 99%Simple Audio Augmentation with PyTorch
  2349. 94%Quitting Your Dream Job (Twice)
  2350. 98%Windows 11: a survey of text boxes
  2351. 98%GitHub - aappleby/MetroBoy: A repository of gate-level simulators and tools for the original Game Boy.
  2352. 83%What UWP Deprecation? Community Celebrates Innovative Apps in Launch 2021 Contest -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2353. 71%Sky Subscribers' Piracy Habits Directly Help Premier League Block Illegal Streams * TorrentFreak
  2354. 99%www.opendesktop.org
  2355. 99%Build .NET Search Experiences With Lunr-Core
  2356. 97%Text Analytics for Extractive Summarization
  2357. 94%Release Notes - Safari Technology Preview - Safari
  2358. 99%GitHub - dotnet/Silk.NET: The high-speed OpenGL, OpenCL, OpenAL, OpenXR, GLFW, SDL, Vulkan, Assimp, and DirectX bindings library your mother warned you about.
  2359. 87%Moiré no more
  2360. 99%Why Electron apps are fine – Hello my name is Niels Leenheer
  2361. 95%Interview with Mitchel Sellers
  2362. 98%Directories.Net 1.0.0
  2363. 88%Windows 11 available on October 5
  2364. 91%Git! Turn the tables
  2365. 99%Explore Minimal APIs with Maria Naggaga | Web Wednesday
  2366. 98%My Ultimate PowerShell prompt with Oh My Posh and the Windows Terminal
  2367. 96%The Deployment Fidelity Problem - Tyler Cipriani
  2368. 99%On Variance and Extensibility
  2369. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2370. 74%Notes on the Seattle Symphony's expanded concert schedule for 2021–2022 season
  2371. 99%The simplest way to create an API is with .NET
  2372. 98%Bootstrapping Labels via ___ Supervision & Human-In-The-Loop
  2373. 99%Why you should consider using docs-as-code
  2374. 99%Custom $5000 Gaming PC CHALLENGE - Linus vs RobeyTech
  2375. 97%OSS Power-Ups: CliWrap
  2376. 96%269: How not to advertise mobile apps
  2377. 99%Why Get Into Competitive Programming?
  2378. 89%Amazon.com: Staff Engineer: Leadership Beyond the Management Track (Audible Audio Edition): Will Larson, Shaula Evans, Will Larson: Books
  2379. 99%Space Nerds In Space - A Multi-player Starship Bridge Simulator
  2380. 99%Streaming requests with the fetch API
  2381. 96%NSO group, Pegasus, Zero-Days, i(OS|Message) security - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  2382. 99%Every Web Browser Absolutely Sucks. – Luke Smith
  2383. 99%Episode 391 - AI/ML for Process Automation
  2384. 99%GitHub - yt-dlp/yt-dlp: A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes
  2385. 99%How I switched from macOS to Linux after 15 years of Apple
  2386. 95%My MacBook Pro had over 10,000 USD in repairs
  2387. 96%25 vBulletin Forums Hacked; Millions of Accounts Being Sold on Dark Web
  2388. 82%EA shares five innovations via Accessibility Patent Pledge, wants other devs to do the same
  2389. 94%Record and publish your meeting
  2390. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  2391. 83%Jordan Klepper Debates Anti-Vax Mandate Protesters in NYC | The Daily Show
  2392. 78%How to sneak the Windows 95 credits screen into the build without anybody noticing
  2393. 97%GitHub - sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi: Code. Music. Live.
  2394. 88%Cryptography FM: Episode 17: Breaking Wi-Fi With Frame Attacks!
  2395. 77%With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Platforms Want To Be Utilities, Self-Govern Like Empires
  2396. 99%I Tried Writing C# .Net for the First Time in 6 Years - Things Have CHangedChanged!
  2397. 96%268: Authentication shouldn't be hard
  2398. 95%Hanselminutes is Fresh Air for Developers and has over 800 episodes of fresh tech from fresh faces
  2399. 98%Removing "shows" from Spotify
  2400. 97%The New .NET MAUI Podcast
  2401. 98%The past, present and future of image formats
  2402. 99%testing emulators at scale – David GF.net
  2403. 96%GitHub - jpochyla/psst: Fast and multi-platform Spotify client with native GUI
  2404. 98%Stop Using ../../../ While Importing Components, Instead Use This Method
  2405. 99%Tutorial
  2406. 96%267: Hacking Onewheel Bluetooth
  2407. 98%Are Microservices … for real?
  2408. 99%SoundStream: An End-to-End Neural Audio Codec
  2409. 99%music/index.js at master · wybiral/music
  2410. 88%I paid for Instagram advertising so you don’t have to
  2411. 98%‎Microsoft Remote Desktop
  2412. 98%Amazon.com: MZOO Sleep Eye Mask for Men Women, 3D Contoured Cup Sleeping Mask & Blindfold, Concave Molded Night Sleep Mask, Block Out Light, Soft Comfort Eye Shade Cover for Travel Yoga Nap, Red : Health & Household
  2413. 94%Taking a company to Series C as VP of Engineering.
  2414. 96%266: How not to architect a database
  2415. 98%Home Automation with Troy Hunt
  2416. 97%OpenBSD on the Framework Laptop
  2417. 99%How does FaceTime Work?
  2418. 81%Weekly Update 254
  2419. 95%LÖVR
  2420. 96%Episode 18: Optimizing Cryptography for Microcontrollers!
  2421. 97%Apple iPhone charger teardown: quality in a tiny expensive package
  2422. 64%Zoom to pay $85M for lying about encryption and sending data to Facebook and Google
  2423. 98%My Custom Stream Deck Toolkit
  2424. 99%Hot Visual Reload Studio 2022: A Curated Selection
  2425. 64%Zoom to pay $85M for lying about encryption and sending data to Facebook and Google
  2426. 97%Full-Time Open Source - CoRecursive Podcast
  2427. 78%Square, Inc. Announces Plans to Acquire Afterpay, Strengthening and Enabling Further Integration Between its Seller and Cash App Ecosystems
  2428. 96%265: Robot Engineer turned Program Manager with Maddy Leger
  2429. 98%2021 State of the Developer Ecosystem
  2430. 94%Who is Your Audience?
  2431. 96%NSO group, Pegasus, Zero-Days, i(OS|Message) security - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  2432. 96%Voice Content and Usability
  2433. 98%The Illustrated Wav2vec
  2434. 97%Stack Overflow for Teams: A Centralized Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Platform with Tom Limoncelli - Software Engineering Daily
  2435. 95%PS5 gets high-speed M.2 SSD storage support in new beta system software
  2436. 94%Work For a Startup or Create A Startup?
  2437. 99%Pair programming
  2438. 93%Alkemstone: All the Clues
  2439. 99%stb/stb_hexwave.h at master · nothings/stb
  2440. 95%Twitter misdetected the 2011 Build conference keynote as a denial-of-service attack
  2441. 98%For developers, Apple’s Safari is crap and outdated
  2442. 88%Axelar Guest Speaker Series with Mary Maller | Aggregatable Distributed Key Generation
  2443. 96%264: FOSS, Code Tours, & .NET MAUI Web with Ooui
  2444. 95%Understanding DeepMind Perceiver: One Model to Rule Them All
  2445. 96%Verifpal – ACM CCSW 2020 Presentation
  2446. 97%8K Vrroom 40Gbps | HDFury.com | Connect and Fix everything in HDMI
  2447. 98%Solene'% : Why self hosting is important
  2448. 90%Tour of the Sacred Library
  2449. 94%Amazon.com: Monoprice Blank Fiber Patch Panel - 19 Inch | 4Lgx Cassettes, 1U: Computers & Accessories
  2450. 98%My Fanless OpenBSD Desktop
  2451. 98%Heritability is a ratio, not a measure of determinism
  2452. 96%The Magic of Boredom
  2453. 96%Live C++ Hacking/Coding Demo with Visual Studio Code, Arduino
  2454. 74%Episode 20: Cryptanalysis of GPRS: GEA-1 and GEA-2!
  2455. 97%Benoit Essiambre
  2456. 88%Curator Economy: Why Human Curation matters - Rishikesh Sreehari
  2457. 82%iMessage, Apple Music used by Pegasus to attack journalist iPhones | AppleInsider
  2458. 83%Nvidia Shield TV Owners Are Pissed About the Banner Ads in Android TV
  2459. 96%263: Building Computers
  2460. 98%What is GitHub Copilot?
  2461. 99%Turning Weather into Music with Dark Sky and Spotify for Tycho
  2462. 91%3 million smiles during the pandemic - the retrospective
  2463. 94%Three Editing Assignments From Hell
  2464. 98%Live C++ Coding in Dave's Garage: Audio Beat Detection for LED Effects
  2465. 98%Why HTTPS matters
  2466. 99%Ultimate Beginner's Guide for Linux
  2467. 96%8K 1x2 HDMI Splitter with 4K Downscaler
  2468. 98%Live C++ Coding in Dave's Garage: Audio Beat Detection for LED Effects
  2469. 99%Google Releases Visual Studio Tool for Android Game Development -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2470. 88%Physical Minimalism
  2471. 98%What Does It Take To Be a Tech Giant?
  2472. 99%timheuer/alexa-skills-dotnet
  2473. 96%262: Your AI Code Copilot
  2474. 76%Capitalism: You Wouldn’t Trade it for Anything
  2475. 90%Linux Audio is Dead | Non
  2476. 97%RMNB answers all your questions about NFTs
  2477. 98%The Final Xamarin Podcast
  2478. 98%Episode 384 - Safe Deployment Practices
  2479. 99%The audacity of privacy
  2480. 89%Release v0.0.2 · MichalStrehovsky/bflat
  2481. 93%tenacityteam/tenacity
  2482. 92%Episode 15: Bringing Secure Multiparty Computation to the Real World!
  2483. 91%Meet the Switch Pro: $350 “OLED Model” launches on October 8
  2484. 85%No More Movies
  2485. 93%temporary-audacity/audacity
  2486. 98%Designing Data-Intensive Applications – Leaderless Replication
  2487. 99%musicForProgramming("62: Our Grey Lives");
  2488. 95%GitHub Copilot is not infringing your copyright
  2489. 99%Reconcile All The Things
  2490. 96%261: Windows 11 Insider Preview
  2491. 91% Blender and the Rabbids — blender.org
  2492. 84%BitTorrent Turns 20: The File-Sharing Revolution Revisited * TorrentFreak
  2493. 98%Episode 16: Contact Discovery in Mobile Messengers!
  2494. 88%Audacity Is Now A Possible Spyware, Remove It ASAP
  2495. 94%Mapping the Passion Economy
  2496. 96%Norway 4K - Scenic Relaxation Film with Calming Music
  2497. 89%Timekeeper Tutorial V0.6.2 (obsolete)
  2498. 95%ISP Column - June 2021
  2499. 84%Amazon.com: Quarter Share: A Trader's Tale from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper, Book 1 (Audible Audio Edition): Nathan Lowell, Jeffrey Kafer, Podium Audio: Audible Audiobooks
  2500. 90%Legion 7 Gen 6 (16" AMD) QHD Gaming Laptop | Lenovo US
  2501. 98%Java on Azure: Azure Spring Cloud Integrates with New Relic One Performance Monitoring -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2502. 97%Retro Reversing - Peek behind the curtain to see how your favourite video games were made.
  2503. 99%Will AI Replace Developers? GitHub Copilot Revives Existential Threat Angst -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2504. 98%Functional, Declarative Audio Applications
  2505. 92%Microsoft Eyes Visual Studio Accessibility: Focus Mode, Audio Clues, Whitespace Rendering, More -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2506. 92%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  2507. 98%Let's make Visual Studio even more accessible together.
  2508. 99%The web browser I'm dreaming of
  2509. 59%Girard Series, Part 1: The Death of the Festival
  2510. 88%Stepping Back from Speaking
  2511. 96%Announcing the first Insider Preview for Windows 11
  2512. 83%Overcoming Bias : We Moderns Are Status-Drunk
  2513. 97%Public domain compositions exist : Blog : DBM
  2514. 96%260: Every question answered
  2515. 96%Latest Windows 11 features for developers — Windows app development
  2516. 95%The Cost of Being Convinced
  2517. 57%Voice AI is scary good now. Video game actors hate it.
  2518. 96%Mumble Open Source, Low Latency, High Quality Voice Chat
  2519. 51%Key witness in Assange case admits to lies in indictment
  2520. 81%Weekly Update 249
  2521. 96%Sketch 360
  2522. 98%Developing Games on Linux: An Interview with Little Red Dog Games
  2523. 90%A UX case study on YouTube Shorts ✌️
  2524. 91%Quad9 and Sony Music: German Injunction Status | Quad9
  2525. 98%Windows 11 requirements - What's new in Windows
  2526. 84%Multiverse
  2527. 97%I made 56874 calls to explore the telephone network. Here's what I found
  2528. 74%Episode 18: Optimizing Cryptography for Microcontrollers!
  2529. 98%PlayStation Architecture | A Practical Analysis
  2530. 73%Showing Some Fancy Secrets Of The Magnificent Airbus 350
  2531. 98%State of the Windows, part 2: Did Windows 10 slow down with each feature update?
  2532. 95%RCIG Sync-up call #1
  2533. 96%259: Photogrammetry
  2534. 97%Scraping Images with Python
  2535. 98%Designing Data-Intensive Applications – Multi-Leader Replication
  2536. 72%Sole Black VMware principal engineer aims to diversify tech
  2537. 98%How I Found A Vulnerability To Hack iCloud Accounts and How Apple Reacted To It - The Zero Hack
  2538. 96%Cleaning $HOME on macOS
  2539. 97%PipeWire: The Linux audio/video bus
  2540. 99%PipeWire
  2541. 90%Weekly Update 248
  2542. 90%Watch me Fry a Voltage Regulator - Plus LIVE Upcoming Announcement
  2543. 99%Languages & Runtime Community Standup - Templates and Arm64
  2544. 98%Episode 382 - Reducing Carbon Emissions with Spot VMs
  2545. 97%The Document Culture of Amazon
  2546. 55%3.0.1 Cancer
  2547. 99%JavaScript Promise.all() and the Event Loop Explained - Let's Clarify a Previous Video
  2548. 99%On .NET Live - Building Beautiful Blazor apps with Tailwind CSS
  2549. 97%1931: theoretical computer science & AI theory founded by Goedel
  2550. 99%Serverless Web - Azure Static Web Apps by Andreas Wänqvist | BLbit UG
  2551. 99%JSON Polymorphic Serialization API Review
  2552. 99%The .NET Docs Show - OutOfMemory (a card game): Blazor, Functions, and more!
  2553. 99%I Was Wrong - My JavaScript Misconception Explained!
  2554. 87%A Beginner’s Guide to Miles Davis
  2555. 99%Keynote: The Future of Modern Application Development with .NET and Azure
  2556. 88%Spatial Audio
  2557. 93%On Slowness
  2558. 96%258: WWDC 2021 Recap
  2559. 94%Project Hail Mary
  2560. 79%Hey, so, I Think I Fucking Hate the Internet — No Octothorpe
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  2563. 97%BBC Developer Portal
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  2566. 87%Treating employees like business partners - for fun and profit
  2567. 93%How does a fighter jet lock onto and keep track of an enemy aircraft? Can an aircraft detect that it has been locked onto, or is it just a convenient plot device in movies?
  2568. 90%How Fighter Jets Lock On (and How the Targets Know)
  2569. 96%MORE .NET MAUI
  2570. 97%Bink Video and Bink Audio now available in Unreal Engine for free!
  2571. 92%Recordstore Day, every day. CDs, Vinyl, Merchandise, Signed Exclusives, Exclusive Vinyl Releases
  2572. 93%Playdate. Pre-orders begin in July.
  2573. 92%macOS Monterey Preview - New Features
  2574. 99%Icing on the Cake - Using OpenAPI in Azure Functions, Power Platform and Logic Apps
  2575. 98%The humble hash aggregate
  2576. 99%Finally Revealing my BIG SECRET
  2577. 96%257: M1RACLES
  2578. 98%Designing Data-Intensive Applications – Single Leader Replication
  2579. 95%about:joel
  2580. 85%Playing With Time
  2581. 94%Jeff Fritz on Blazor, Azure & Much More
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  2583. 93%Math Has a Fatal Flaw
  2584. 72%Episode 14: Schnorr, Factoring and Lattices!
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  2587. 54%PayPal Shuts Down Long-Time Tor Supporter with No Recourse
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  2624. 90%my office is a tent that my employer purchased for me
  2625. 94%Imports are Endorsements
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  2627. 97%Abstractions and translation - Blog by Amir Bolous
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  2635. 94%Recovering "lost" treasure-filled floppy discs with an oscilloscope
  2636. 97%Hello Microsoft Build: Monday, May 17, 2021
  2637. 86%Apple Music announces Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio
  2638. 96%254: AirTag Development
  2639. 95%Mark Price on C#9 and .NET 6
  2640. 99%VLC Media Player in Xamarin Forms (Alternative AVPlayer AndMediaPlayer)
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  2657. 66%The world at my fingertips
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  2660. 99%Basic telemetry for the Audacity by crsib · Pull Request #835 · audacity/audacity
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  2662. 56%30% Federal tax offset for videogame development announced
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  2664. 97%Preserving the Web
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  2676. 86%O11 Dynamic MINI - Highly Modular water-cooll friendly small PC chassis
  2677. 74%Muse Group formed to support MuseScore, Ultimate Guitar; acquires Audacity - Scoring Notes
  2678. 94%How to find a Bluetooth amp that doesn't suck · derhagen
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  2686. 98%Introducing DRPC: Our Replacement for gRPC
  2687. 92%Why Going to the Doctor Sucks — Wait But Why
  2688. 62%HomeLab and Shop Tour! 100K Subscriber Extravaganza!
  2689. 89%Woven Planet, a subsidiary of Toyota, to acquire Lyft’s self-driving car division
  2690. 86%iOS 14.5 offers Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch, diverse Siri voices, and more
  2691. 99%Tetris in Blazor Part 6: Scoring, Levels, Music, and Other Features
  2692. 96%251: #AppleEvent - AirTags, M1 iMac, & Purple iPhone
  2693. 97%Write Great APIs
  2694. 99%Rust Language Cheat Sheet
  2695. 96%[PATCH 000/190] Revertion of all of the umn.edu commits [LWN.net]
  2696. 86%Today I learned in 2021
  2697. 96%LivePerson
  2698. 86%In epic hack, Signal developer turns the tables on forensics firm Cellebrite
  2699. 97%Godot 3.3 has arrived, with a focus on optimization and reliability
  2700. 57%SOCstock2021 - The Grooviest Event for Security Operations Professionals
  2701. 99%The Initial Preview of GUI app support is now available for the Windows Subsystem for Linux | Windows Command Line
  2702. 96%jdah/tetris-os
  2703. 98%Why we still use Oracle DB
  2704. 97%Steve BlankA Path to the Minimum Viable Product
  2705. 91%Apple unveils new iPad Pro with M1 chip and stunning Liquid Retina XDR display
  2706. 93%iMac features all-new design in vibrant colors, M1 chip, and 4.5K Retina display
  2707. 89%Apple TV 4K
  2708. 98%Power consumption of Game Boy flash cartridges
  2709. 92%How Spotify is Killing the Open Podcast Ecosystem
  2710. 93%.NET Documentation & C# 9
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  2723. 56%A booming industry based entirely on missed calls helped bring India online — and vanished overnight
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  2732. 90%Why some developers are avoiding app store headaches by going web-only
  2733. 90%Masks of Nyarlathotep - Gamer Prop Set
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  2746. 98%Using PyTorch + NumPy? You're making a mistake.
  2747. 95%Earthrise in 4k UHD
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  2751. 96%.NET MAUI Q&A
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  2756. 74%The North Side - Daring LLC
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  2758. 99%Screw it, I'll host it myself
  2759. 87%The post-pandemic world: 34% of remote workers say they'd rather quit than return to full-time office work
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  2771. 81%Life In North Korea As A Foreigner Surviving 3 Years - My Diplomatic Life
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  2773. 97%Changelog 25 - Exemplary Eleven, Ravishing Recorder, Captivating Calendar, Beaming Backup
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  2805. 98%Nobody designs for small iPhone devices anymore
  2806. 97%Scrobble Everything.
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  2809. 98%Q&A with John Kozubik, rsync.net - Console
  2810. 89%We bootstrapped to $11 million in ARR
  2811. 96%Home
  2812. 75%My father died 23 years ago, his voice is now an NFT — Ryan Mercer's Thoughts
  2813. 97%Living Like It's 99: No Social Media, No Smartphone
  2814. 96%Audacity 3.0.0 Released
  2815. 95%Milky Way, 12 years, 1250 hours of exposures and 125 x 22 degrees of sky
  2816. 68%Avast Hacker Archives Episode 4 – Troy Hunt | Avast
  2817. 98%The Brazilian challenges for media streaming
  2818. 84%Zoom Escaper
  2819. 92%A Simple and Cheap Recording Setup for Online Lecturing
  2820. 96%245: Doubling Down on Cross-Platform Development
  2821. 99%Creating Custom AuthorizeAttribute ASP.NET Core
  2822. 99%Show Recursion Show
  2823. 98%The Best Tech Companies in Berlin 2021
  2824. 95%Blockchain art, electricity, and the many projects where that’s no longer an issue
  2825. 98%GorvGoyl/Clone-Wars
  2826. 92%How To Convert Your Old Laptop Screen Into An External Monitor | Slashdigit
  2827. 99%Interpolating the internet
  2828. 99%Building a Zoom Mute Button
  2829. 96%.NET MAUI Special Update
  2830. 98%Episode 368 - Azure Load Balancer
  2831. 72%Sky Views: Want to see the dangers of a cashless society? Just look at Sweden
  2832. 97%Phil Libin: Find a new way to ski
  2833. 96%Every issue I've had with my Airpods, and how to fix them
  2834. 92%Wearing two watches - Both a mechanical and a smartwatch
  2835. 98%Saas sucks: we can do better
  2836. 51%Security Flaw in iPhone App Could Have Let Anyone Listen To Your Recordings
  2837. 99%Is a REST API with CQRS Possible?
  2838. 89%4 Times I Felt Discriminated Against for Being a Female Developer
  2839. 84%The first beer is free
  2840. 77%When did writing in major newspapers become so bad?
  2841. 95%The new Google Pay repeats all the same mistakes of Google Allo
  2842. 96%244: Introduction to Microservices
  2843. 81%How networks speed up TV shows to fit in more ads | Digital Trends
  2844. 98%How to speed up / slow down a video – FFmpeg
  2845. 91%How we used AI to Create Complete Band’s Visual Identity
  2846. 99%FFMPEG From Zero to Hero by Nick Ferrando
  2847. 97%Zero Data App
  2848. 98%vvilhonen/nethoscope
  2849. 98%My journey into game development
  2850. 98%Episode 12: Special Real World Crypto 2021 Pre-Conference Coverage!
  2851. 99%Heavy throttling of chained JS timers beginning in Chrome 88 - Chrome Developers
  2852. 86%How Secure Is a Smart Baby Monitor? Finding Out Is Far Too Difficult - Nat Meysenburg
  2853. 96%WTF# is Mathematical Planning?
  2854. 97%How much memory does a Linux system waste?
  2855. 97%PipeWire: The Linux audio/video bus
  2856. 98%Visual Studio 2019 v16.9 and v16.10 Preview 1 are Available Today! | Visual Studio Blog
  2857. 77%9 Caribbean Diaspora members making their mark in global tech
  2858. 94%Clubhouse Is Recording Your Conversations. That’s Not Even Its Worst Privacy Problem
  2859. 97%εxodus
  2860. 98%Speed is the killer feature
  2861. 85%Jonah Edwards - Internet Archive Infrastructure : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  2862. 98%Lyra audio codec enables high-quality voice calls at 3 kbps bitrate
  2863. 95%Apple Card disabled my iCloud, App Store, and Apple ID accounts • Dustin Curtis
  2864. 95%Music To Program To
  2865. 96%243: Lessons Learned - 3 Years of FuGet
  2866. 96%Specialize or Bounce Around?
  2867. 98%Some thoughts on community
  2868. 99%Why isn't Godot an ECS-based game engine?
  2869. 85%Format Replacement cycles
  2870. 98%Chessformer by rob1221
  2871. 97%Introducing Hummingbard - Hummingbard
  2872. 95%NMF Live Performance Series – 2021 National Math Festival
  2873. 98%March 30, 2020 - Machine Learning with Madrinas! ML.NET #ad
  2874. 99%Actually Portable Executable
  2875. 51%‎The Numberphile Podcast on Apple Podcasts
  2876. 99%Opus Codec
  2877. 96%SynthWave '84 - Visual Studio Marketplace
  2878. 97%opus build
  2879. 99%Help Name Our Website
  2880. 98%Playstation 2 Architecture | A Practical Analysis
  2881. 90%How to Take Smart Notes Book Summary – Love Your Work, Episode 249
  2882. 97%Reasons Why I Don't Like TWS Earphones — Vishnu's Pages
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  2884. 96%242: Mac Backups, Store Promotion, & Multi-Window Apps with SceneDelegate
  2885. 95%The problem of CryptoArt
  2886. 70%The Beirut Bank Job – Darknet Diaries
  2887. 97%I paid for Spotify playlist placements so you don’t have to
  2888. 58%I don't know, Timmy, being God is a big responsibility
  2889. 95%Silence
  2890. 95%How to know if you're interviewing at a product-led company
  2891. 96%Lemme | with Music original sound - Kd97
  2892. 87%The DuckTales Doctrine
  2893. 95%ROG Strix G15/17 | Laptops | ASUS USA
  2894. 64%Safari for Mac to Support WebM Video Playback 11 Years After Its Launch
  2895. 98%elixir-nx/nx
  2896. 83%Objective or Biased
  2897. 98%ThatGeoGuy - Can email not suck?
  2898. 95%Publishers, curation and algorithms
  2899. 98%You probably don’t need a micro-frontend
  2900. 96%graydon2 | always bet on text
  2901. 58%An anniversary for great justice: Remembering “All Your Base” 20 years later
  2902. 97%”SonoBus
  2903. 93%Control Panel
  2904. 96%241: Goodbye DTK, Hello Mac App Development
  2905. 98%Why is Python Popular?
  2906. 99%GTAmodding/re3
  2907. 90%Expertos: 1,2,3,4,5,6… clave del Presidente es de las más inseguras del mundo | Crhoy.com
  2908. 97%Clubhouse Is the Future of Talk Radio • Vance Lucas
  2909. 96%Xamarin Community Toolkit Extravaganza!
  2910. 84%LinkedIn’s Alternate Universe
  2911. 99%What Do You Actually Agree To When You Accept All Cookies
  2912. 93%Typing, RSI, and what I do differently
  2913. 93%Kubernetes Failure Stories
  2914. 93%Add Simple Distributed Tracing in .NET Libraries - CodeWithStu
  2915. 98%Progress Report January 2021 · yuzu
  2916. 98%How to Record Great Sounding / High Quality Audio at Home
  2917. 82%DDoSers are abusing the Plex Media Server to make attacks more potent
  2918. 87%Clubhouse
  2919. 97%#034 José Valim reveals Project Nx - Thinking Elixir
  2920. 97%10 Reasons to Love Passwordless #2: NIST Compliance
  2921. 95%Free Speech & Deplatforming - Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons Podcast
  2922. 98%Shithub: the fragrant git host
  2923. 96%240: Stonks, Robots, and Cross-Platform IAP
  2924. 96%WTF# is Kit Eason?
  2925. 97%How to Sell Niche Websites: My Experience Selling 2 Websites
  2926. 95%Intro to Graphics 05 - 2D Transformations
  2927. 93%How to utilize your Android when there's no internet?
  2928. 98%How hackers are finding creative ways to steal gift cards using artificial intelligence.
  2929. 98%I Finally Started Getting Programming
  2930. 99%Episode 363 - Streaming telemetry for NVAs
  2931. 98%stefanzweifel.io
  2932. 92%Threshold Cryptography with Omer Shlomovits from ZenGo
  2933. 97%How to lose money 💸
  2934. 96%AirPods Max: An Audiophile Review - Marius Masalar
  2935. 66%‎The Numberphile Podcast on Apple Podcasts
  2936. 86%Cab Ride by Powersaurus
  2937. 97%Dell Inspiron Desktop | Dell USA
  2938. 86%My favorite podcasts - Part 1 | Dhruv Sharma
  2939. 92%"Mom, I'm on Spotify": How I Produced My First Music Album
  2940. 94%Press Release - VideoLAN is 20 years old!
  2941. 96%239: Planning an App Release
  2942. 96%Game Jam Lessons Learned
  2943. 97%Episode 10: Exploiting Authenticated Encryption Key Commitment!
  2944. 97%My 90's TV!
  2945. 89%New Spotify Patent Involves Monitoring Users’ Speech to Recommend Music
  2946. 81%windows sound effect (acapella)
  2947. 97%Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) transforms the communications landscape; becomes a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Recommendation and multiple Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards
  2948. 95%How to Put Ethical Design Front and Center in 2021
  2949. 95%Stop holding people accountable, start treating them as adults
  2950. 98%WebRTC is now a W3C and IETF standard
  2951. 99%OSC mixer control in C#
  2952. 99%Hack a TV into a Teams and Zoom Computer with EpocCam and Miracast
  2953. 91%Mads Torgersen! C# 9 & Beyond
  2954. 95%AirPods Max sucked for me
  2955. 83%How we built Stack Overflow’s first guild
  2956. 96%238: Island Tracker - The Final Chapter
  2957. 99%Cloud Design Patterns: The Gatekeeper and Valet Key Patterns
  2958. 66%Dr. Brad J. Cox Ph.D. Obituary - Manassas, VA
  2959. 97%The architecture of my life | mjwsteenbergen-blog
  2960. 87%Plugins
  2961. 96%Medusa
  2962. 98%HTML and CSS still isn’t about painting with code
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  3627. 93%If I could bring one thing back to the internet it would be blogs
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 - IEEE Spectrum
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  3718. 97%TCL 4 Series 2019 Review (43S425, 49S425, 50S425, 55S425, 65S425, 75S425)
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  3765. 81%Copyrighting all the melodies to avoid accidental infringement | Damien Riehl | TEDxMinneapolis
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  3768. 93%PODCASTICO - מפיקים פודקאסטים מעולים - הפקת פודקאסט לחברות וארגונים
  3769. 84%DeFacto
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  3779. 89%SpaceX Starship : Texas Prototype(s) Thread 2 : Photos and Updates
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  3781. 99%Fast, parallel applications with WebAssembly SIMD · V8
  3782. 91%Why 02/02/2020 is the most palindromic date ever.
  3783. 88%Steve's Guitar Pedal Shop
  3784. 88%Designing for Coziness
  3785. 96%Oscilloscope Music - (Drawing with Sound) - Smarter Every Day 224
  3786. 96%Desktop Goose by samperson
  3787. 96%Desktop Goose by samperson
  3788. 92%About the security content of iOS 13.3.1 and iPadOS 13.3.1
  3789. 99%Ryujinx/Ryujinx
  3790. 96%the Origins of Opera and the Future of Programming
  3791. 97%KnightOS was an interesting operating system
  3792. 96%The Throw Keyword was a Mistake
  3793. 98%The Infinite Loop That Wasn't: A Holy Grail Bug Story - mGBA
  3794. 97%Botium - Bots testing Bots
  3795. 93%Penn and Teller's How to Play with Your Food: Penn Jillette: 8601422568837: Amazon.com: Books
  3796. 96%The polygons of Another World: Super Nintendo
  3797. 88%Report: Adult Site Leaks Extremely Sensitive Data
  3798. 97%New year, new browser - The new Microsoft Edge is out of preview and now available for download | Windows Experience Blog
  3799. 88%Carl Franklin's Blazor Road Show
  3800. 66%Alone in Kyoto (Air) but it's in 7/8
  3801. 94%The polygons of Another World: Atari ST
  3802. 99%DecodingLora - RevSpace
  3803. 86%How Can Credential Stuffing Be Thwarted?
  3804. 94%Jon Galloway - A New Year's Resolution That Actually Worked: 2 Years of Daily Exercise
  3805. 69%Spotify Engineering Culture - Part 1
  3806. 88%Ten Personal Finance Tips for Technology Professionals – 2 Frugal Dudes Podcast
  3807. 99%The Best Part of Star Citizen 3.8
  3808. 97%Mac Pro 2019 Teardown
  3809. 99%martinwoodward/smart-xmas
  3811. 99%Blazor: Getting Started
  3812. 90%Privacy Analysis of Tiktok’s App and Website | Rufposten
  3813. 86%Queens Of The Stone Age - No One Knows (Official Music Video)
  3814. 98%.NET Rocks! vNext
  3815. 90%21 million MixCloud users’ data put up on the dark web for sale
  3816. 98%.NET Rocks! vNext
  3817. 95%Episode v1.3 - 12 Configuration Blues
  3818. 54%Line Rider - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (Liszt)
  3819. 95%Amazon.com: USB-C Charger, Anker 100W 4-Port Type-C Charging Station with Power Delivery, PowerPort Atom PD 4 [Intelligent Power Allocation] for MacBook Pro/Air, iPad Pro, Pixel, iPhone Xs/Max/XR, Galaxy and more: Home Audio & Theater
  3820. 99%ESPlay Micro
  3821. 99%ESPlay Micro: Open Source ESP32 Game Console
  3822. 99%pebri86/esplay-retro-emulation
  3823. 98%Socket.IO
  3824. 76%Laser pointers can hijack your virtual assistants - Futurity
  3825. 94%.NET Design Review: GitHub Quick Reviews
  3826. 84%The Latest
  3827. 92%Jon Galloway! | Jesse Liberty
  3828. 99%Audio Fingerprinting using the AudioContext API
  3829. 93%NordVPN users’ passwords exposed in mass credential-stuffing attacks
  3830. 98%Safe and Secure Drivers in High-Level Languages
  3831. 99%Apple - Support - System Status
  3832. 99%uucidl/pre.uumu
  3833. 92%Alexa and Google Home abused to eavesdrop and phish passwords
  3834. 91%I'm an introvert and I gave a conference talk - Stephanie Stimac's Blog
  3835. 94%Sydney ModernApps Live Stream
  3836. 96%A Talk Near the Future of Python (a.k.a., Dave live-codes a WebAssembly Interpreter)
  3837. 98%Pac-Man | Design Icons
  3838. 99%1248897 - Expose SpeechRecognition to the web
  3839. 99%Anonymous classes and generics limit in .NET/C#? | tabs ↹ over ␣ ␣ ␣ spaces by Jiří {x2} Činčura
  3840. 97%Fix a Wobbly Table (with Math)
  3841. 99%Android-x86 - Porting Android to x86
  3842. 99%PhobosLab
  3843. 98%.NET Rocks! vNext
  3844. 98%It's .NET ROCKS! Talking about Blazor with ASP.NET Web Forms developers
  3845. 95%BeagleBoard.org® Launches BeagleBone® AI, Offering a Fast Track to Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence at the Edge
  3846. 83%Miles 10 Titanfall 2 Replay Demo
  3847. 92%Best Media Streaming Devices | Live streaming apps powered by Plex
  3848. 85%Role-Playing Virtual Tabletop | I Met A Troll
  3849. 97%Careers- Junior Data Scientist
  3850. 98%Compilers
  3851. 83%Remove Richard Stallman
  3852. 96%App Store Review Guidelines - Apple Developer
  3853. 96%Amazon.com: iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer Desktop Trace2 9250 (Intel Core i7-9700F 3.0GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB, 16GB DDR4, 240GB SSD, 1TB HDD, WiFi & Win 10 Home) Black: Computers & Accessories
  3854. 83%XBox Underground (Part 1) – Darknet Diaries
  3855. 80%Silent Hill OST - Killing Time
  3856. 96%September 10, 2019—KB4515384 (OS Build 18362.356)
  3857. 99%My RustConf 2018 Closing Keynote
  3858. 70%The Egg - A Short Story
  3859. 99%PegLeg
  3860. 99%Davido - If (Official Music Video)
  3861. 94%Vintage Shaking Ghost - Sonic Control - Sound Activated Toy
  3862. 97%Snake Puzzle Games
  3863. 74%Hieronymus Bosch Butt Music
  3864. 96% Rotor v2 book draft available · Ted Neward's Blog
  3865. 71%Bringing cloud powered voices to Microsoft Edge Insiders - Microsoft Edge Blog
  3866. 98%Streaming Electron for fun and profit
  3867. 94%Emuparadise Suffered a 1.1 Million User Data Exposing Breach
  3868. 98%Security Engineering - A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems
  3869. 98%Demo: Minecraft Earth at Microsoft Inspire 2019
  3870. 98%Link’s Awakening disassembly progress report – week 5 – Kzone -
  3871. 94%ASP.NET Community Standup - Sept 10th, 2014 - webroot, static content, and client side serving
  3872. 56%Apollo 11 in Real-time
  3873. 89%Roll20
  3874. 98%Living Underwater: How Submarines Work
  3875. 68%ranjit :music_mouse: (@ranjit@friend.camp)
  3876. 98%User Guide
  3877. 94%$10,000 Fellowships for women (trans and cis), trans, and non-binary programmers - Blog - Recurse Center
  3878. 98%liveBook · Manning
  3879. 99%Herding Code 238: Martin Beeby on AWS for .NET Developers – Herding Code
  3881. 98%Lightning Talk: Sophia Gold on An Intellectual History of Automatic Differentiation
  3882. 96%Numberphile2
  3883. 80%SmartThermostat with voice control
  3884. 98%SQL-MisterMagoo/Mister-Magoo-Goes-Charting
  3885. 97%Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18917 | Windows Experience Blog
  3886. 71%Tell Congress: We Don’t Need More Bad Patents
  3887. 99%Tiered Compilation Preview in .NET Core 2.1 | .NET Blog
  3888. 98%How to Download the Stack Overflow Database - Brent Ozar Unlimited®
  3889. 89%Highlights from the National Math Festival 2019
  3890. 98%Stream Deck XL | elgato.com
  3891. 93%Changing my Mind about AI, Universal Basic Income, and the Value of Data – The Art of Research
  3892. 84%Neural net names effects pedals
  3893. 93%NASA makes their entire media library publicly accessible and copyright free - DIY Photography
  3894. 96%The new Dell XPS 15 (7590) now has an option for 4K OLED, GTX 1650 graphics
  3895. 98%In Pursuit of Enjoyable Developer Collaboration - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
  3896. 94%Spotlight on: Julia Silge, Stack Overflow - Mango Solutions
  3897. 93%Video games: A unifying force for the world - The Official Microsoft Blog
  3898. 61%Welcome to the Neighbourhood
  3899. 98%Hello AzureCasts
  3900. 99%vsls-contrib/awesome-liveshare
  3901. 92%Amazon.com: .NET Internals Cookbook eBook: Adam Furmanek: Kindle Store
  3902. 98%.NET Rocks! vNext
  3903. 87%I hid a secret song in my videos
  3904. 97%nothings/single_file_libs
  3905. 97%Eon – Amiga Soundtrack Hacks
  3906. 95%Samsung Galaxy Fold Teardown
  3907. 64%What does "additional polish" mean?
  3908. 90%distractionware » AGALLAMH: Terry Cavanagh – forbróir cluichí ríomhaireachta Gaeilge
  3909. 96%Amazon.com: GPU Zen 2: Advanced Rendering Techniques (9781797583143): Wolfgang Engel: Books
  3910. 98%fr-08: .the .product by Farbrausch
  3911. 96%fr-08: .the .product by farbrausch | 64k intro (2000) (720p HQ demoscene demo)
  3912. 98%Hexa Trains
  3913. 96%Foo Fighters - My Hero (Official Music Video)
  3914. 93%distractionware » The Dice are Cast
  3915. 77%Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard
  3916. 99%Megademica 4k intro for ZX Spectrum (party version)
  3917. 81%The Witness Analysis: Audio Puzzles
  3918. 79%» An Unlikely Savior The Digital Antiquarian
  3919. 94%music festival lineup generator
  3920. 85%QDB: Quote Database Home
  3921. 93%Godot Engine - Announcing the Godot 2019 showreel
  3922. 73%Mute Records • STUMM433 - Mute Records
  3923. 95%DAFT PUNK – AROUND THE WORLD (Official Music Video)
  3924. 99%Linux Game Jam 2019
  3925. 95%Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019
  3926. 92%Compass Rose by Pace
  3927. 89%Families
  3928. 74%Tom 7 Radar: CHESSBOVIK
  3929. 93%The Witness goes free on the Epic Games Store for two weeks
  3930. 80%The electronic song “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” reduces host attack and mating success in the dengue vector Aedes aegypti
  3931. 56%I've No More Fucks To Give
  3932. 99%Oculus Go Wired Mirroring: How To Guide | Oculus
  3933. 98%Xiph.Org Video Presentations: Digital Show & Tell
  3934. 97%Xiph.org
  3935. 97%Speaking
  3936. 98%Silverchair: A 5 Minute Drum Chronology - Kye Smith
  3937. 98%5 Things You Didn't Know About Insect Wings
  3938. 96%stb_voxel_render.h programming library
  3939. 55%Einstein on the Beach: Knee Play 3
  3940. 99%The Clash - Should I Stay or Should I Go (Official Audio)
  3941. 99%Home
  3942. 98%Square Hammer [8 Bit Tribute to Ghost] - 8 Bit Universe
  3943. 73%A dev trained robots to generate “garbage” slot machine games—and made $50K
  3944. 89%Buy Tacoma from the Humble Store
  3945. 62%An Original Elite Dangerous Fan Music Video:
  3946. 95%Home automation ideas
  3947. 88%Review: Baba Is You - Hardcore Gamer
  3948. 84%Killed by Google
  3949. 98%Core support for object pooling · Issue #12296 · dotnet/runtime
  3950. 96%Megacity | Unity
  3951. 83%r/technology - MySpace lost all music uploaded from 2003 to 2015
  3952. 97%The Book of Monads: Alejandro Serrano Mena, Steven Syrek, Harold Carr: Amazon.com: Books
  3953. 88%Dwarf Fortress by Kitfox Games
  3954. 94%Timeline - Time to Play Fair
  3955. 98%Episode 082 – xUnit with Brad Wilson | The 6 Figure Developer
  3956. 98%Line Rider - Bohemian Rhapsody | SYNCED | LR Vanilla
  3957. 89%Video: Overcoming network latency in Mortal Kombat & Injustice 2
  3958. 97%The Book of Monads: Alejandro Serrano Mena, Steven Syrek, Harold Carr: Amazon.com: Books
  3959. 97%Cryptocurrency, Ego And Beautiful Women (Blockchain Cruise)
  3960. 96%Why do remote meetings suck so much?
  3961. 91%Suzanne Vega - Toms Diner (Official Music Video)
  3962. 96%Handmade Seattle
  3963. 98%Stable Filtering  —  Part 1
  3964. 73%Festival
  3965. 97%How to play 21 against 22
  3966. 95%7:11 Polyrhythms
  3967. 74%Dicey Dungeons v0.16.1 - Dicey Dungeons by Terry Cavanagh, chipzel, Marlowe Dobbe
  3968. 96%Tiger - Breakdown - Blender 2.8 Eevee development test
  3969. 94%The Making of Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past - Super Nes
  3970. 99%Build a chat bot in NodeJS w/Hattan Shobokshi
  3971. 99%Build a chat bot in NodeJS w/Hattan Shobokshi
  3972. 74%Volkswagen and Microsoft partner to give drivers a connected, seamless ride | Transform
  3973. 70%The History of Blindfolded Punch-Out
  3974. 97%What comes after open source?
  3975. 80%Strong and weak technologies
  3976. 79%Introducing the Cultural Leadership Fund - Andreessen Horowitz
  3977. 79%How Information Got Re-Invented - Issue 51: Limits - Nautilus
  3978. 95%Made With ARKit - ARKit Furniture dropping app | by...
  3979. 97%Computer Logic with Chris Dixon - Software Engineering Daily
  3980. 85%Made With ARKit - ARKit Inter-dimensional Portal by @nedd. Music...
  3981. 97%Perfect Ten
  3982. 91%Bigscreen raises $11 Million in Series A financing led by True Ventures
  3983. 88%‎Florence
  3984. 94%July 4, 1976 — Rome.ro
  3985. 97%P8 Awards 2018
  3986. 90%SI6IL — Romero Games
  3987. 90%SI6IL — Romero Games
  3988. 72%Reflections on DOOM's Development — Rome.ro
  3989. 98%Game Engine Black Book: Wolfenstein 3D: 9781539692874: Computer Science Books @ Amazon.com
  3990. 93%‎Gunman Taco Truck
  3991. 88%John Romero's Daikatana, EIDOS & Ion Storm (PC, 2000) Box & Contents No Game CD 788687101813 | eBay
  3992. 87%John Romero's Daikatana, EIDOS & Ion Storm (PC, 2000) Box & Contents No Game CD | eBay
  3993. 95%Typeradio — Now we are talking.
  3994. 98%02:14
  3995. 97%REDO! by Redo!
  3996. 90%ORCA Sequencer - Guided Tour №1 (Rhythm and Math!)
  3997. 93%Rival Consoles - Against The Clock
  3998. 98%hundredrabbits/Orca-c
  3999. 85%Tom Lehrer - We Will All Go Together When We Go
  4000. 96%Working time among video game developers: Trends over 2004-14
  4001. 54%Gaming articles on Engadget
  4002. 72%Why I am leaving the best job I ever had
  4003. 95%Reconstructing SIGSALY - Schneier on Security
  4004. 96%Click Here to Kill Everybody Available as an Audiobook - Schneier on Security
  4005. 92%2018 Annual Report from AI Now - Schneier on Security
  4006. 98%New IoT Security Regulations - Schneier on Security
  4007. 95%Thimbleweed Park Cosplay Mashup
  4008. 90%Friday Questions #3
  4009. 91%BSA - Donate
  4010. 83%Yojimbo (1961) OST - 01 Titles
  4011. 97%Unity at GDC San Francisco 2019: Dates, Keynote, and Schedules | Unity
  4012. 95%Data-oriented design: software engineering for limited resources and short schedules: Mr Richard Fabian: 9781916478701: Amazon.com: Books
  4013. 98%Project Tiny Preview Package is here! - Unity Technologies Blog
  4014. 84%Unite Los Angeles 2018 - Day 2 Livestream
  4015. 95%AI-driven Dynamic Dialog through Fuzzy Pattern Matching
  4016. 96%Haxe Roundup № 468
  4017. 90%JUMPGRID by Ian MacLarty
  4018. 84%NIGHT, by Jasper Byrne
  4019. 95%2019 Independent Games Festival reveals this year's finalists!
  4020. 91%Patrick Kavanagh vowed to ‘break every bloody bookshop’ in Dublin over literary snub
  4021. 84%Normal Music: Volume II, by Ian Snyder
  4022. 91%Dicey Dungeons: Terry Cavanagh interview — Wireframe Magazine
  4023. 93%The year in post-quantum crypto
  4024. 92%D. J. Bernstein / Talks
  4025. 73%Male Novum - Mod for The End is Nigh (Trailer)
  4026. 81%S1E47 – Fucked Up – “David Comes To Life” - That Record Got Me High
  4027. 79%Humans Who Make Games | Starburns Audio
  4028. 94%The Legend of Bum-Bo on Steam
  4029. 98%Amiga music: Jester - Elysium
  4030. 99%nothings/stb
  4031. 81%EGSR 2019
  4032. 90%Experiments with DirectX Raytracing in Northlight
  4033. 98%pervognsen/bitwise
  4034. 98%Manifold Garden - Performance, Design, and Music System
  4035. 91%Manifold Garden
  4036. 99%Music System for Manifold Garden
  4037. 99%Manifold Garden Dev Update #16 - Fixes, Music System and Design
  4038. 97%Steam :: Manifold Garden :: Graphics Improvements, New Music System, and Dev Update Video #16
  4039. 91%How to Be a Tree by zaphos
  4040. 97%Manifold Garden - Development Update 13
  4041. 98%Manifold Garden - Development Update 12
  4042. 90%The 10 Secrets to Indie Game Success (and Why They Do Not Exist)
  4043. 81%The 31st - A Game by Terathon Software
  4044. 99%Miles Sound System Development History
  4045. 97%Eletro Fortinite [Test][Reupload in the right subreddit]
  4046. 96%TOP 10 Marble Racing Videos 2018
  4047. 91%logicomacorp/WaveSabre
  4048. 95%Forget privacy: you're terrible at targeting anyway
  4049. 91%r/PS4 - [video] The Encounter made in Dreams Beta. One person made this....wtf
  4050. 55%NYPLarcade: International Games Day 2016
  4051. 82%Explaining Old Products To My Son
  4052. 70% Solving network congestion
  4053. 92%Home | Cfail2019
  4054. 93%Proxy re-encryption and FHE with NuCypher
  4055. 99%The Book of Shaders
  4056. 99%Isaac Asimov's Predictions for 2019
  4057. 92%How DOOM fire was done
  4058. 96%I saw how Prusament and the Prusa i3 MK3 are made! (we find some early SL1 prototypes)
  4059. 99%arXiv.org e-Print archive
  4060. 99%Clara: A Neural Net Music Generator
  4061. 98%An Empirical Evaluation of Generic Convolutional and Recurrent Networks for Sequence Modeling
  4062. 94%HHVM JIT: A Profile-Guided, Region-Based Compiler for PHP and Hack
  4063. 63%Functional Composition - Chris Ford
  4064. 97%(Spread)sheet Music: Making a Simple Music Sequencer using CSV Spreadsheets
  4065. 98%Inside the 76477 Space Invaders sound effect chip: digital logic implemented with I2L
  4066. 98%(Spread)sheet Music: Live Jam using a Spreadsheet Program as a Sequencer
  4067. 99%PC Gaming Era GOTY 2018 Awards
  4068. 99%Noclip Podcast #07 - Lucas Pope (Papers Please / Return of the Obra Dinn)
  4069. 95%2019 Independent Games Festival reveals this year's finalists!
  4070. 74%The RPS Advent Calendar 2018, Dec 24th
  4071. 86%Return of the Obra Dinn [Releasing Oct 18]
  4072. 93%Короткометражный фильм
  4073. 96%Rocketbirds 2 Evolution now available on Steam!
  4074. 85%Return of the Obra Dinn [Releasing Oct 18]
  4075. 96%Rocketbirds 2: Evolution - Available Now! (PS4/PS Vita)
  4076. 64%Download demo for Lucas Pope’s one-bit adventure Return of the Obra Dinn
  4077. 91%PlayStation.Blog
  4078. 92%Return of the Obra Dinn [Releasing Oct 18]
  4079. 89%Play Dead Episode 4: Lucas Pope - That Shelf
  4080. 93%Papers Please - Theme (Daydream Anatomy Metal Remix VIP)
  4081. 75%Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 76
  4082. 80%The Internet is Facing a Catastrophe For Free Expression and Competition: You Could Tip The Balance
  4083. 77%» Ultima VII The Digital Antiquarian
  4084. 81%» Star Control II The Digital Antiquarian
  4085. 78%» The Gateway Games of Legend (Preceded by the Legend of Gateway) The Digital Antiquarian
  4086. 72%» Agrippa (A Book of the Dead) The Digital Antiquarian
  4087. 79%» Doing Windows, Part 9: Windows Comes Home The Digital Antiquarian
  4088. 97%» Adventure-Game Rock Stars Live in Conference The Digital Antiquarian
  4089. 75%» Sierra at the Cusp of the Multimedia Age The Digital Antiquarian
  4090. 97%» A Conversation with Judith Pintar The Digital Antiquarian
  4091. 57%» A Net Before the Web, Part 4: The Rogue, the Yuppie, and the Soldier The Digital Antiquarian
  4092. 60%» Games on the Mersey, Part 1: Taking Scousers Off the Dole The Digital Antiquarian
  4093. 75%» A Tale of the Mirror World, Part 2: From Mainframes to Micros The Digital Antiquarian
  4094. 68%» The Many Faces of Middle-earth, 1954-1989 The Digital Antiquarian
  4095. 72%» From Squadron to Wingleader The Digital Antiquarian
  4096. 85%» Loom (or, how Brian Moriarty Proved That Less is Sometimes More) The Digital Antiquarian
  4097. 83%» The Spellcasting Series (or, How Much Ernie Eaglebeak is Too Much Ernie Eaglebeak?) The Digital Antiquarian
  4098. 83%» A Time of Endings, Part 1: Cinemaware The Digital Antiquarian
  4099. 65%» The Prophet of Cyberspace The Digital Antiquarian
  4100. 88%We're hiring! (Senior Software Engineer, C++)
  4101. 96%More Strategies For Body Pleasure Management
  4102. 99%Build a Video Chat App with ASP.NET Core, Angular, and Twilio
  4103. 99%Rendering Markdown to HTML and Parsing YAML Front Matter in C#
  4104. 92%Hello World Podcast: Episode 82 - Jon Galloway
  4105. 98%.NET Rocks! vNext
  4106. 98%.NET Rocks! vNext