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  1. 60%Simplify, simplify, maybe for real this time | BryceWray.com
  2. 70%RustDesk | Open source remote desktop software
  3. 74%How I switched to Flutter and lost 10 kilos
  4. 92%HTTP Cats
  5. 96% Running PyTorch on the M1 GPU
  6. 95%What's New in Visual Studio Code 1.67 (April 2022 Update) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  7. 97%Tips for Moving Your Xamarin Library to .NET MAUI
  8. 91%Introducing Accelerated PyTorch Training on Mac
  9. 64%Florence: the Short Masterpiece that Goes Past a Love Story – doamatto
  10. 88%Dolphin Progress Report: February, March, and April 2022
  11. 88%Hog Bay Software – Bike: Tool for thought
  12. 90%I want a small Android phone!
  13. 98%Meld for OSX by yousseb
  14. 97%Play Classic Doom on a Mac
  15. 92%WhatsApp should really fix these issues - Jan van den Berg
  16. 93%‎PDF Reflow
  17. 97%.NET development on Apple Silicon
  18. 85%If your software is for everyone, it’s for no one
  19. 75%Stream with sub-second latency is like a magical HDMI cable to the cloud
  20. 98%‎KDE Connect
  21. 84%A clean start for the web - macwright.com
  22. 98%GitHub - livebud/bud: The Fullstack Go Framework for Prolific Web Developers.
  23. 90%.NET MAUI Finally Replaces Xamarin in Visual Studio 2022 17.3 Preview 1 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  24. 93%23,000 Devices Shipped! Quick Start Guide for Flipper Zero
  25. 91%The Apple GPU and the Impossible Bug
  26. 96%Feedback on “Soul > Features”
  27. 60%Works as Currently Designed
  28. 95%teenage engineering
  29. 80%Report a problem with Visual Studio - Visual Studio (Windows)
  30. 98%What’s new
  31. 97%Stealing checks worth millions & pwning a bank
  32. 84%So you want to run a virtual event
  33. 89%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Release Candidate 2
  34. 67%The Magic of Docker Desktop is Now Available on Linux - Docker
  35. 98%.NET MAUI Release Candidate 3
  36. 98%Demystifying iOS Code Signature
  37. 97%.NET Rocks!
  38. 68%Dutch digital identity system crisis — nico.rikken’s blog
  39. 86%zsh-autoquoter makes shell quoting slightly less annoying
  40. 80%10 Tips - Preview the Mac app people forget about
  41. 96%Babylon.js 5.0: Beyond The Stars – Part 1
  42. 95%Styling `select` elements for real
  43. 84%PowerToys - 11 awesome features Microsoft won’t add to Windows
  44. 79%Too Much of a Good Thing
  45. 97%Babylon.js 5.0 Release and MR developers
  46. 51%Apple, Google and Microsoft Commit to Expanded Support for FIDO Standard to Accelerate Availability of Passwordless Sign-Ins - FIDO Alliance
  47. 94%Google urges Chrome 100 users to update to 101 because of 29 security flaws
  48. 96%Programming Languages Trends in 2022: The Future of Tech
  49. 97%Software security starts with the developer: Securing developer accounts with 2FA | The GitHub Blog
  50. 98%GitHub - microsoft/Microsoft-3D-Movie-Maker: This is the source code for the original Microsoft 3D Movie Maker released in 1995. This is not supported software.
  51. 99%Implementing a ZK-focused authenticated-encryption scheme
  52. 98%Tracing a Single Operation in Distributed Systems
  53. 77%Portable Monitor, cdisplay 15.6 Inch External Monitor, 1080 Full HD IPS Screen, Gaming Monitor with Type-C, Mini HDMI and Built-in Speakers for Laptop, Mac, Xbox, PS4, Phone with Include Smart Cover : Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories
  54. 95%How I draw figures for my mathematical lecture notes using Inkscape
  55. 73%Taking the internet off the hook
  56. 92%Free Accounting Software | GnuCash
  57. 97%GitHub - spacedriveapp/spacedrive: Spacedrive is an open source cross-platform file explorer, powered by a virtual distributed filesystem written in Rust.
  58. 97%2022 Mac Studio (20-core M1 Ultra) Review
  59. 98%GitHub - OpenRA/OpenRA: Open Source real-time strategy game engine for early Westwood games such as Command & Conquer: Red Alert written in C# using SDL and OpenGL. Runs on Windows, Linux, *BSD and Mac OS X.
  60. 84%How I Earned $160,000 in Passive Income from Writing Non-fiction Books
  61. 86%The Worst Bug Ever—Randomly Losing Your Best Players
  62. 90%Microsoft finds new elevation of privilege Linux vulnerability, Nimbuspwn - Microsoft Security Blog
  63. 93%SELinux is unmanageable; just turn it off if it gets in your way
  64. 69%.NET MAUI Release Candidate 2 Adds Tizen Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  65. 98%No blinking
  66. 84%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Hits Release Candidate Stage -- Visual Studio Magazine
  67. 97%.NET MAUI Release Candidate 2 - With 100% More Tizen
  68. 96%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Release Candidate
  69. 77%Infinite Mac
  70. 93%Things I can't do on MacOS which I can do on Ubuntu
  71. 77%Uno Platform 4.2 - .NET 6 Mobile RC1, Perf Boost, 190+ Improvements
  72. 74%The state of fq_codel and sch_cake worldwide
  73. 99%Easy ways to improve your websites accessibility and performance - Max Leiter
  74. 88%Internet spring cleaning: How to delete Instagram, Facebook and other accounts | The Mozilla Blog
  75. 84%Chris Lattner Interview Transcript — Accidental Tech Podcast
  76. 76%Ripping old mini DV video tapes on a Mac
  77. 98%First Look at ASP NET Core dev JWTs
  78. 75%A list of all my projects - Patrick Zhong
  79. 97%Welcome to My Site!
  80. 92%TX–6 - teenage engineering
  81. 93%CVE-2022-21449: Psychic Signatures in Java
  82. 90%De-AMP: Cutting Out Google and Enhancing Privacy | Brave Browser
  83. 98%Xamarin.Forms, .NET Maui and the Uno Platform
  84. 80%M1 Thunderbolt ports don’t fully support USB 3.1 Gen 2
  85. 98%Microsoft Asks for Votes on Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Issues -- Visual Studio Magazine
  86. 98%GitHub - CytopiaTeam/Cytopia: A city building simulation game
  87. 99%THCon 2k22 CTF - "Local Card Maker" Writeup - Guy Lewin's Blog
  88. 88%My Experience with a Mac - Prashant Sengar
  89. 99%The tools that power Outlook for iOS
  90. 92%Podman Desktop Companion
  91. 97%.NET 7 Preview 3 Is All About Native AOT -- Visual Studio Magazine
  92. 96%.NET MAUI Release Candidate Ships with 'Go Live' Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  93. 70%Google Chrome emergency update fixes zero-day used in attacks
  94. 86%1,000,000 Concurrent Connections
  95. 83%Notes on Long-Form Notes
  96. 93%Migrating to Fastmail
  97. 93%An overview of my threat model
  98. 99%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 7 Preview 3
  99. 98%Announcing .NET 7 Preview 3
  100. 96%Tutorial: How To Build an Accessible React Table (Data Grid)
  101. 97%GitHub - facebookexperimental/eden: EdenSCM is a cross-platform, highly scalable source control management system.
  102. 92%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 9
  103. 97%.NET MAUI Release Candidate - Ready for cross-platform app development
  104. 93%Impressions from a first-time Mac user
  105. 99%The Mystery Of MacBook Speakers
  106. 98%Git Credential Manager: authentication for everyone | The GitHub Blog
  107. 68%An Ode to Apple's Hide My Email
  108. 66%Inside the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, which felt confusing and disjointed, as the cultural spotlight on Ethereum leaves Bitcoin feeling a little stale
  109. 98%Matt Roelle | Fennel: The Practical Lisp
  110. 94%This Week in Matrix 2022-04-08 | Matrix.org
  111. 98%My sane approach to test fixtures in Rails
  112. 93%The 0,5 MB of nothing in all Apple Music files
  113. 59%100 versions of Chrome later: What we learned along the way
  114. 95%In defense of simple architectures
  115. 95%- Miguel de Icaza
  116. 90%How We Built r/Place - Upvoted
  117. 86%USB-C hubs and my slow descent into madness - Dennis Schubert
  118. 89%Infinite Mac: An Instant-Booting Quadra in Your Browser
  119. 99%docopt.net 0.8.0
  120. 89%Episode 95 - Avalonia UI with Dan Walmsley
  121. 88%Announcing React Native 0.68 · React Native
  122. 81%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 8
  123. 90%Future-proofing SaltStack
  124. 71%Running .NET 7 apps on WASI on arm64 Mac
  125. 91%Why I find Linux gaming important?
  126. 61%Microsoft Won't Do Drag-and-Drop for Blazor -- Visual Studio Magazine
  127. 99%A Deep dive into Ed25519 Signatures
  128. 72%The weird world of non-C operating systems
  129. 80%Zulip 5.0: Threaded open-source team chat
  130. 98%Converting code to the new Regex Source Generator - Gérald Barré
  131. 95%[Article] 0. Firefox UI UX history · black7375/Firefox-UI-Fix Wiki
  132. 68%The Tao of Acme
  133. 86%What made the NES so interesting?
  134. 75%The Overcast Redesign: Part One – Marco.org
  135. 88%Postico – a modern PostgreSQL client for the Mac
  136. 73%The Cube Rule
  137. 91%Principal Product Manager Lead, .NET Developer Experiences in Austin, Texas, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  138. 83%A way out for a.out
  139. 91%GitHub - mgerdes/Open-Golf: A cross-platform minigolf game written in C.
  140. 79%VueScan Scanner Software for macOS, Windows 10, and Linux
  141. 71%Uno Platform 4.1 Update for .NET 6 Mobile Preview 14
  142. 97%Bring your monorepo down to size with sparse-checkout
  143. 80%What Epic's purchase of Bandcamp means for music
  144. 81%📱 A tale of PDF compression :: Daitya Asur! —
  145. 79%James Stanley - Librem 5: first impressions
  146. 98%'OpenBSD/arm64 on Apple M1 systems'
  147. 90%Passkeys: How multi-device FIDO credentials can replace passwords
  148. 97%The first Asahi Linux Alpha Release is here! - Asahi Linux
  149. 98%Blazor for .NET MAUI: What, How and When
  150. 97%UI Testing for WASM (WebAssembly) with the Uno Platform
  151. 61%Announcing MaskerAid
  152. 90%Zotero Blog » Blog Archive
  153. 98%Introduction to Apple Silicon · AsahiLinux/docs Wiki
  154. 99%Types of Inheritance in C#
  155. 98%C Isn't A Programming Language Anymore - Faultlore
  156. 97%An update on the New Architecture Rollout · React Native
  157. 99%Windows Terminal - from a developer for developers
  158. 98%Security Research | mr.d0x
  159. 88%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview Brings Back Xamarin Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  160. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 14
  161. 99%ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 7 Preview 2
  162. 99%HOT DOG Linux
  163. 96%Go 1.18 Release Notes - The Go Programming Language
  164. 85%Uno Platform Taps Xamarin for .NET WebAssembly Memory Profiler Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  165. 85%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 7
  166. 99%Developing for Linux in Windows with C# – Bruno Sonnino
  167. 93%New WebKit Features in Safari 15.4
  168. 98%How to Write a Golang App Remotely on a Raspberry Pi Using Atom
  169. 99%GitHub - Cogmasters/concord: C library for handling the Discord API
  170. 75%Substack’s app: building the VC moat
  171. 90%Software Engineer - F# tools team in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic | Engineering at Microsoft
  172. 98%Let’s Learn Blazor: Creating a Desktop App with Electron.NET
  173. 97%Uno Platform 4.1 - 30% Perf Boost, Android 12, .NET 6 Mobile Preview 13 and more
  174. 82%This is my next main browser: a review of Orion
  175. 58%The day Steve Jobs dissed me in a keynote
  176. 53%Studio Display
  177. 82%Apple unveils M1 Ultra, the world’s most powerful chip for a personal computer
  178. 63%Mac Studio
  179. 76%iMac G4 to M1 conversion progress
  180. 63%Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla united for web developers
  181. 98%MiniValidation 0.4.2-pre.20220306.48
  182. 96%Introducing Native Matrix VoIP with Element Call!
  183. 94%Ben Wiser | I just spent £700 to have my own app on my iPhone
  184. 83%Menu bar
  185. 87%Never Change Your Password - TidBITS
  186. 89%Shields up: free Cloudflare services to improve your cyber readiness
  187. 99%GitHub - TrungNguyen1909/qemu-t8030: iPhone 11 emulated on QEMU
  188. 83%Developer tooling must spark joy
  189. 83%iCloud Private Relay: information for Cloudflare customers
  190. 87%Write plain text files | Derek Sivers
  191. 96%Elixir, Telemetry, and Prometheus
  192. 81%UWB, what it ACTUALLY is
  193. 77%pSYoniK - Software, Hardware and Tech
  194. 98%Using Zig As Cross Platform C Toolchain
  195. 98%Transport Layer Security (5/6)
  196. 97%Properly Manage Background Tasks in Xamarin Forms - Cool Coders
  197. 98%JSON improvements in SQLite 3.38.0
  198. 97%Couchbase Mobile 3 Brings New C and Kotlin APIs, Simplified Administration
  199. 95%Security | Fleet handbook
  200. 95%With Windows App SDK Update Coming, Microsoft Lauds Growing Ecosystem -- Visual Studio Magazine
  201. 97%.NET 💜 GitHub Actions
  202. 97%Disable SHA1 signature creation and verification by default (78fb78d3) · Commits · Red Hat / centos-stream / rpms / openssl
  203. 95%Going multipath without Multipath TCP
  204. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part X-Additional data
  205. 90%IPv6 in a home environment
  206. 85%Why we are acquiring Area 1
  207. 96%Trevor Elkins' Blog - How I Shaved 187MB Off United Airline's 439mb iOS App
  208. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part IX–SIV
  209. 98%Cossack Labs - Security of React Native libraries: the bad, the worse and the ugly
  210. 85%Introducing Checks: simplifying privacy for app developers
  211. 84%Releases · xerial/sqlite-jdbc
  212. 83%Podman v4.0.0 Released
  213. 95%Why Flutter is the most popular cross-platform mobile SDK
  214. 83%Badly implementing encryption: Part VIII–timings attacks and side channels
  215. 87%How bad it is using the same IV twice with AES/GCM?
  216. 57%Dynamic Linking Is Bad For Apps And Static Linking Is Also Bad For Apps
  217. 64%Thunderbolt Station 4 | TS4 | Dock
  218. 98%System.CommandLine 2.0.0-beta3.22114.1
  219. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part VII–implementing authenticated encryption
  220. 99%GitHub - microsoft/reverse-proxy: A toolkit for developing high-performance HTTP reverse proxy applications.
  221. 99%.NET Frontend Day 2022: Xamarin & MAUI Recap
  222. 96%RepoDb.PostgreSql.BulkOperations 0.0.9
  223. 66%Linux developers patch security holes faster than anyone else, says Google Project Zero | ZDNet
  224. 99%Fritz.InstantAPIs 0.1.0
  225. 93%What Every Programmer Absolutely, Positively Needs to Know About Encodings and Character Sets to Work With Text
  226. 81%Fred's ImageMagick Scripts
  227. 99%Avoid the Apple App Store | Jonatan Heyman
  228. 99%Cron-ify Web Push Notifications
  229. 96%.NET 7 Preview 1 Ships -- Visual Studio Magazine
  230. 85%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 6 Does Fix-Up -- Visual Studio Magazine
  231. 86%Lessons in Self-Hosting Your Own Personal Cloud
  232. 93%A new wave of Linux applications
  233. 89%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 6
  234. 90%1Password for SSH & Git (Beta) | 1Password Developer Documentation
  235. 99%Badly implementing encryption: Part IV–keyed hash function
  236. 96%Introduction to App Development with .NET MAUI | Meetup
  237. 99%Home - cargo-nextest
  238. 95%How I use (and abuse) macOS
  239. 96%Introducing Compatible Packages on NuGet.org - The NuGet Blog
  240. 76%Rustup packages availability on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
  241. 95%jDeploy - Developer friendly desktop deployment tool
  242. 94%Wifi Signal Mapping with WiFiman - Using Augmented Reality!
  243. 91%Tools That Improved My Engineering Productivity
  244. 99%Thinking about passwords
  245. 96%Happy 20th Anniversary, .NET! - .NET Blog
  246. 99%Running macOS in a Virtual Machine on Apple Silicon Macs
  247. 94%Manton Reece - Moving away from App Store-focused development
  248. 73%The case for time-tracking
  249. 69%Apple Says WebKit Zero-Day Hitting iOS, macOS Devices
  250. 97%With New Windows Desktop Support, Flutter Throws a Dart at .NET MAUI -- Visual Studio Magazine
  251. 99%Implementing In-App Subscriptions in iOS & Android with no backend servers
  252. 94%Gyroflow v1.0.0-rc1 has appeared!
  253. 61%Apple unveils contactless payments via Tap to Pay on iPhone
  254. 92%5 Mac Utilities I Can’t Live Without
  255. 99%Implementing In-App Subscriptions in iOS & Android
  256. 73%You Can Change Your Number
  257. 99%Crypto Tracker App with Telerik .NET MAUI Controls
  258. 91%Announcing Flutter for Windows
  259. 99%Firebase Dynamic Links with Xamarin Forms and .NET Backend - Cool Coders
  260. 85%lon lat lon lat lon - macwright.com
  261. 98%Using Zig to Build Native Lua Scripts
  262. 99%An advanced, composable, reactive model-view-viewmodel framework
  263. 87%Distributing dating apps in the Netherlands - Support
  264. 88%Episode 91 - C# 10 and .NET 6 with Mark J Price
  265. 58%Silenced AirTags With Disabled Speakers Are Popping Up for Sale Online
  266. 66%I Deleted My Twitter Account With 20K Followers. Here's How and Why I'm Starting Again.
  267. 54%DarkPattern.games » Healthy Gaming « Avoid Addictive Dark Patterns
  268. 99%.NET Rocks! vNext
  269. 88%Settings are not a design failure
  270. 98%Who keeps an eye on clipboard access? – Gonçalo Valério
  271. 65%Bruce Lawson's personal site
  272. 98%Hello OmniSharp on .NET 6.0!
  273. 83%Phone is Still the Best Way to Order Pizza
  274. 95%GitHub - stenh0use/docker-machine-for-mac: Docker Machine for Mac - an alternative to Docker for Mac
  275. 97%Teleporting thru Information Space
  276. 83%Old Man Yells at Cloud
  277. 91%macOS Monterey 12.3 Beta Release Notes
  278. 92%mac-capture: Improve window capture support on macOS 12.3 by Developer-Ecosystem-Engineering · Pull Request #5875 · obsproject/obs-studio
  279. 91%macOS Monterey 12.3 Beta Release Notes
  280. 97%Platform Specific Code using Partial Classes in .NET MAUI
  281. 87%Facebook SDK v12.2 for Xamarin.iOS Now Available
  282. 93%Why (Enterprise) Software Is Bloated
  283. 93%Webcam Hacking (again) - Safari UXSS | Ryan Pickren
  284. 82%foobar2000
  285. 95%Why Is Digital Autonomy So Hard?
  286. 91%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 5
  287. 96%Secure your GitHub account with GitHub Mobile 2FA | The GitHub Blog
  288. 75%My SaaS side-project got acquired
  289. 77%An ad plugin was stealing 30% of the revenue for a year and I didn't even notice
  290. 95%Why we're migrating (many of) our servers from Linux to FreeBSD
  291. 92%Customizing web search
  292. 99%Improving end to end tests reliability
  293. 72%Search results | Find available job openings at Microsoft
  294. 64%Legal - Data & Privacy - Apple
  295. 99%What Is Single Project in .NET MAUI?
  296. 99%Azure SDK Release (January 2022)
  297. 97%GitHub - JetBrains/JetBrainsMono: JetBrains Mono – the free and open-source typeface for developers
  298. 77%Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Visual Studio in Bellevue, Washington, United States | Marketing at Microsoft
  299. 95%Series - Getting Started with .NET Platform, .NET Framework & .NET Core (.NET 5+) | Pro Code Guide
  300. 96%Introduction to .NET Core (.NET 5+) | Pro Code Guide
  301. 93%My Thoughts on Code “Modernization”
  302. 98%Deep Introduction to .NET MAUI Handlers Architecture - Cool Coders
  303. 96%.NET MAUI Preview 12 Focuses on Quality/Stabilization, Boosts Shell Navigation -- Visual Studio Magazine
  304. 86%Overlay visuals for live-streamed events using Unity Engine • Jack Phelan - Blog
  305. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 12
  306. 51%Bringing human-centric security to everyone | 1Password
  307. 72%Bitwarden Open Source Password Manager
  308. 79%Wordle to yaml
  309. 83%Make debugging suck less. Keep a logbook. 📓
  310. 99%Encyclopedia Of Broken UserAgent String Detections
  311. 98%Hello Mac OS X Tiger
  312. 81%A tool for reverse engineering 3rd party, closed, binary Android apps.
  313. 94%Exploiting IndexedDB API information leaks in Safari 15
  314. 90%My 2022 high-end Linux PC 🐧
  315. 55%The Secret of Product Management: Decide What You Care About, Set Goals, Measure, Repeat
  316. 91%Michael Tsai - Blog - Catching Native Apps
  317. 92%.NET for Students | Learn to code in C# programming language
  318. 63%The Optional Chaining Operator, “Modern” Browsers, and My Mom
  319. 92%With Many Options, .NET Dev Asks for Tech Choice Help: 'I Am Lost' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  320. 74%A Few Things I’ve Learned About Livestreaming
  321. 99%Machine Learning in Xamarin.Forms with ONNX Runtime
  322. 78%T-Mobile begins blocking iPhone users from enabling iCloud Private Relay in the US
  323. 96%XMPP: the secure communication protocol that respects privacy
  324. 98%dmca/2022-01-04-readium.md at master · github/dmca
  325. 97%Documenting APIs: A guide for technical writers and engineers
  326. 93%How to Remove Twitter Spaces - Dhole Moments
  327. 99%How do One-Time passwords work?
  328. 96%Why aren't the most useful Mac apps on the App Store?
  329. 73%.NET CLI Telemetry
  330. 90%Episode 89 - Umbraco 9 and .NET 5 with Sebastiaan Janssen
  331. 99%.NET Application Architecture Guides
  332. 93%Focus on concepts, not approaches
  333. 96%.NET MAUI Preview 11 Adds Windows 11 Fluent UI Control Styling -- Visual Studio Magazine
  334. 93%Rust is more portable than C for pngquant/libimagequant
  335. 97%How I took my SaaS from idea to sold in 14 months
  336. 99%Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 11
  337. 97%How We Can Beat the Tradeoff Between Developer Velocity and Scalability
  338. 88%my personal note taking journey
  339. 99%Let me introduce you to the Stack data structure
  340. 99%Project Mouse Tailor
  341. 96%Framework Laptop with Ubuntu Review
  342. 96%Contributing to Open Source Projects
  343. 84%GitHub - tkellogg/dura: You shouldn't ever lose your work if you're using Git
  344. 92%Building .NET MAUI apps with GitHub Actions
  345. 96%Using a mild Twitter addiction to actually get things done
  346. 74%ClonerAlliance Flint D4P - Standalone Dual-4K Video Overlay Device and Audio Mixing Station.
  347. 99%GitHub - seemoo-lab/opendrop: An open Apple AirDrop implementation written in Python
  348. 89%Safing Portmaster
  349. 99%How Telegram Messenger circumvents Google Translate's API
  350. 89%macOS Setup after 15 Years of Linux · HookRace Blog
  351. 92%Voiceliner
  352. 96%‎iVerify. - Secure your Phone!
  353. 94%Letter to a junior web developer
  354. 99%Upgrading to .NET MAUI Preview 11
  355. 81%The State of External Retina Displays, [Almost] 2022 Edition
  356. 97%Introduction to Dotnet MAUI - Cool Coders
  357. 87%Rethinking Cloud Data Architecture
  358. 96%Freeways by Captain Games
  359. 94%Selling my own GPL software, part 1: a lot of hurdles
  360. 97%Watch videos, movies, TV series and TV channels instantly.
  361. 98%Krita 5.0 released! | Krita
  362. 85%The Tragedy of Safari – Magic Lasso Adblock
  363. 86%(mac)OStalgia – Hello. I'm Michael.
  364. 98%GraphQL is not meant to be exposed over the internet
  365. 97%Lottie Docs
  366. 97%0.9.0 Release Notes ⚡ The Zig Programming Language
  367. 87%Apple added an orange dot that's a showstopper for live visuals - and it needs a fix - CDM Create Digital Music
  368. 99%Hello World - Let's talk about .NET and .NET Conf
  369. 99%The Download: .NET 6, VS Code, WinApp SDK, and XBox at 20
  370. 98%HTTP Toolkit
  371. 93%GitHub - mendel5/alternative-front-ends: Overview of alternative open source front-ends for popular internet platforms (e.g. YouTube, Twitter, etc.)
  372. 86%Kinesis Advantage360 Ergonomic Keyboard
  373. 95%Notches Gone Wild! • The Breakroom
  374. 86%tqdm documentation
  375. 95%Swift Playgrounds
  376. 95%Tuning your uploads and downloads with the Azure Storage client library for .NET
  377. 86%User-first endpoint security for teams.
  378. 91%What’s New With Visual Studio 2022
  379. 72%Visual Studio for Mac 2022 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  380. 67%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 4
  381. 80%A deep dive into an NSO zero-click iMessage exploit: Remote Code Execution
  382. 98%Progress Report: October-November 2021 - Asahi Linux
  383. 6%Apple Removes All References to Controversial CSAM Scanning Feature From Its Child Safety Webpage
  384. 91%PyTorch vs TensorFlow in 2022
  385. 83%2021 in Memory Unsafety - Apple's Operating Systems
  386. 98%Getting Started With .NET IL
  387. 67%uBlacklist
  388. 95%GitHub - iorate/uBlacklist: Blocks specific sites from appearing in Google search results
  389. 99%Hammerspoon
  390. 66%How To Create A TikTok Trend : A Step By Step Guide
  391. 83%Calculating my open source blast radius
  392. 97%crawshaw - 2021-12-11
  393. 96%The new Firefox 95 might be the most secure web browser on the market
  394. 89%Secure how your servers connect to the Internet today
  395. 89%Going from Idea to Product in a week
  396. 98%GitHub - microsoft/dotnet-podcasts: .NET 6 reference application shown at .NET Conf 2021 featuring ASP.NET Core, Blazor, .NET MAUI, Microservices, and more!
  397. 90%Java vs .Net Comparison: Factors To Consider | OnGraph Technology
  398. 97%Building an OpenTable bot
  399. 88%WebAssembly and Back Again: Fine-Grained Sandboxing in Firefox 95 – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
  400. 91%What is a Game Engine?
  401. 98%Understanding HKDF - Dhole Moments
  402. 76%Apple broke up with me 😢
  403. 89%First Steps on MAUI Beach
  404. 96%Behind The Spotify Wrapped API Scenes
  405. 96%Use New Amazon EC2 M1 Mac Instances to Build & Test Apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV | Amazon Web Services
  406. 99%Uno Platform 4.0 Adds Visual Studio Code Plugin -- Visual Studio Magazine
  407. 90%NixOS - Blog → Announcements
  408. 89%Troy Hunt's Weekly Update Podcast
  409. 99%Cake - Cake v2.0.0 released
  410. 86%Senior Program Manager in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  411. 69%Why I have settled on XChaCha20+Blake3 as the AE suite of choice for my projects
  412. 99%GitHub - jesseduffield/lazygit: simple terminal UI for git commands
  413. 98%CSLA 6 First Prerelease
  414. 65%The History of Command Palettes: How Typing Commands Became The Norm Again
  415. 98%GitHub - egoist/bget: Download and install binaries from GitHub Releases, interactively.
  416. 94%Explainer: .DS_Store files
  417. 63%gentle, a personal history
  418. 99%Using, and creating, custom project templates in Visual Studio and the dotnet CLI
  419. 71%Apple sues NSO Group to curb the abuse of state-sponsored spyware
  420. 95%Flatpak Is Not the Future
  421. 92%.NET Frontend Day 2022: Call for Speakers/Papers
  422. 90%Pranav Kasetti - Software Developer
  423. 98%The Be Book - Classes And Methods - The Kernel Kit
  424. 96%The tale of a single register value
  425. 80%Pony Messenger
  426. 97%Amazon Pinpoint now supports Safari push notifications
  427. 99%Backdooring Rust crates for fun and profit
  428. 99%A First Look with FreshMvvm.Maui - Michael Ridland
  429. 94%Uno Platform 3.11: Support for .NET 6 RTM, VS 2022 17.1 Preview 1
  430. 97%XMPP, A Comeback Story: A 20 Year Old Messaging Protocol For Robust, Private and Decentralized Communications
  431. 96%GitHub - salesforce/p4-fusion: A fast Perforce to Git conversion tool written in C++ using Perforce Helix Core C++ API and Libgit2
  432. 99%Visual Studio Toolbox Live - Managing Secrets in your Applications
  433. 99%DotNetConf 2021 - .NET Everywhere - Windows, Linux, and Beyond
  434. 98%In the Jungle of .NET Decompilers - NDepend
  435. 86%Your CSS is an interface
  436. 98%Introduction to .NET MAUI
  437. 63%If Apple keeps letting its software slip, the next big thing won't matter
  438. 93%‎Ubiquiti WiFiman
  439. 86%How Not To Switch To Linux With Your Hosts Linus and Luke
  440. 97%restic · Backups done right!
  441. 82%Dolphin Progress Report: September and October 2021
  442. 94%How Not To Sort By Average Rating
  443. 89%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 3 Teases Native M1 Processor Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  444. 62%Playdate Owners Update #1
  445. 87%Five Great (free!) Ways to Get Started With Cloudflare
  446. 95%.NET MAUI: Evolution of .NET Mobile/Desktop in Age of .NET 6
  447. 85%The Journey to Accessible Apps: Meaningful Content Ordering
  448. 98%Cake v2.0.0 RC 1 released
  449. 95%View-Source
  450. 77%Business Essentials
  451. 95%‎Slingshot Effect
  452. 95%CODE Online | CODE Consulting | CODE Staffing | CODE Magazine | CODE Training | CODE Framework | VFP Conversion
  453. 88%With .NET MAUI Delayed, Xamarin.Forms Remains Mobile Dev Option in .NET 6 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  454. 95%ProctorU is dystopian spyware
  455. 97%.NET Official Support Policy
  456. 99%Cake v2.0.0 RC 1 released
  457. 97%Announcing NuGet 6.0 - Source Mapping, Package Vulnerabilities, Faster Solution Load, Oh My!
  458. 99%What's New in Xamarin and Visual Studio 2022
  459. 94%Corrypt
  460. 97%Remove the .NET runtime and SDK
  461. 82%64-bit Visual Studio 2022 Arrives -- Visual Studio Magazine
  462. 93%.NET MAUI Preview 6: SDK Workload Installation, Gestures, Clipping, Alerts, More -- Visual Studio Magazine
  463. 97%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 3, and Upcoming Native M1 Processor Support
  464. 90%Wilderness Labs Developer Portal
  465. 90%Signal is losing
  466. 79%Memory leaks are crippling my M1 MacBook Pro–and I'm not alone
  467. 92%What is AT&T doing at 1111340002?
  468. 71%Photography: Edge of Eternity
  469. 97%Why Evolve to .NET MAUI?
  470. 95%Impressions of the Framework Laptop - Max Leiter
  471. 95%Visual Studio 2022 Launch
  472. 92%How you can finish your first game while working full-time | Jason Tu
  473. 95%Building the next phase of GitHub, together | The GitHub Blog
  474. 66%Photography: Vibrations in Solitude
  475. 98%The tale of a single register value
  476. 88%Beyond Bootable Backups: Adapting recovery strategies for an evolving platform | Carbon Copy Cloner
  477. 95%Visual Studio 2022 Launch
  478. 98%Faster Mac Dev Tools with Custom Allocators
  479. 99%The Unified .NET 6
  480. 99%[Last Week in .NET #66] – Halt and Crash Intellisense
  481. 99%GitHub - waydabber/BetterDummy: Software Dummy Display Adapter for Apple Silicon/Intel Macs to Have Custom HiDPI Resolutions.
  482. 98%GitHub - 1Password/1password-teams-open-source: Get a free 1Password Teams membership for your open source project
  483. 86%Quick Tip: Use Quick Actions/Refactorings to Learn C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  484. 98%GitHub - niespodd/browser-fingerprinting: Analysis of Bot Protection systems with available countermeasures 🚿. How to defeat anti-bot system 👻 and get around browser fingerprinting scripts 🕵️‍♂️ when scraping the web?
  485. 95%Please change your mind about your announced release plans
  486. 68%Photography: Tie-dye
  487. 79%VS 2022 for Mac Supports .NET 6 RC2 on Intel-based Macs (but Not M1 ARM64) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  488. 99%New Code Rules: Operating Systems Must Make It Easy to Restore Apps and User Data!
  489. 96%Merge Conflict - Frank Krueger
  490. 98%Platforms, Compatibility, and the Future of the Free Desktop
  491. 99%DIY Acoustic Camera using UMA-16
  492. 60%50 First Levers (How to start building Leverage) — Eric Jorgenson
  493. 99%OAuth “Sign In With Google” in a WkWebView
  494. 87%CookLang – Recipe Markup Language
  495. 96%Rendering on the Apple M1 Max Chip
  496. 99%Opening a PDF in Xamarin Forms (P2: Xamarin.Android with Radaee)
  497. 94%Developer Feedback Makes Microsoft Reverse .NET 6 Hot Reload Decision -- Visual Studio Magazine
  498. 85%That notch on the new MacBook Pros, and thoughts on hardware design
  499. 93%Block Remote Content in MacOS 12 Mail.app – Josh Betz
  500. 89%8 Legendary Games Recreated in Microsoft Excel
  501. 94%How I failed 5 side projects in 6 years, earning $0
  502. 50%Breaking the News: New York Times Journalist Ben Hubbard Hacked with Pegasus after Reporting on Previous Hacking Attempts - The Citizen Lab
  503. 67%Experiments with “AI” and Diet Logging
  504. 87%Microsoft's Hot Reload decision angers open-source .NET devs
  505. 97%Can we trust Microsoft with Open Source? - Dusted Codes
  506. 88%Renaming a file is a multi-step process, only one of which is changing the name of the file
  507. 98%What is .NET MAUI? - .NET MAUI
  508. 97%We Analyzed 425,909 Favicons • iconmap.io
  509. 97%Why Nano
  510. 68%Photography: Alone
  511. 68%Photography: Whistleblower
  512. 73%Privacy-preserving Brave Search Replaces Google as the Default Search Engine in the Brave Browser
  513. 98%Join us for DaprCon October 19th-20th 2021
  514. 94%[Last Week in .NET #64 – Xamarin? What’s Xamarin?]
  515. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  516. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Advanced Kestrel Socket APIs
  517. 99%Setting User-Specific Paths in a Shell
  518. 72%macOS Monterey
  519. 99%How do I get started with Razor pages?
  520. 91%Introducing M1 Pro and M1 Max: the most powerful chips Apple has ever built
  521. 84%MacBook Pro 14-inch and MacBook Pro 16-inch
  522. 94%Lagging .NET MAUI Preview 9 Updates Controls and Supports Borders, Corners and Shadows -- Visual Studio Magazine
  523. 97%.NET Rocks! vNext
  524. 94%My productivity routine to write a 500-page book
  525. 99%Present and Future of Xamarin Community Toolkit: Q&A with Gerald Versluis
  526. 80%MacBook Pros, an “M1X” chip, and other stuff to expect at Apple’s October event
  527. 98%.NET MAUI Preview 9: Borders, Corners, Shadows and Performance Improvements
  528. 98%Contributing to .NET MAUI Community Toolkit
  529. 98%NixOS on Framework laptop
  530. 76%Apple Unleashed: New MacBooks are expected—here's what business pros want
  531. 98%Common mistakes by indie game developers – Cliffski's Blog
  532. 99%A Minimalistic Modern Django Boilerplate
  533. 95%Getting Unstuck
  534. 91%PinePhone Pro | PINE64
  535. 75%Photography: Tequila Sunset
  536. 94%Hands-on Rust
  537. 99%On .NET Live - Things you didn't know you about GitHub
  538. 99%How to Create a Great User Experience in Any Application – Part 1
  539. 80%Google says Fortnite’s in-app purchase swap was a breach of contract, sues Epic
  540. 95%Simple HTTP Server in .Net
  541. 95%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 2 is now available
  542. 97%Generating Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) with SPDX at Microsoft
  543. 84%Apple silently fixes iOS zero-day, asks bug reporter to keep quiet
  544. 93%With .NET 6 RC 2 Release, Developers Push Back on C# Changes -- Visual Studio Magazine
  545. 95%New Code Rules – dotNetTips.com
  546. 82%Photography: Beware of the Spores
  547. 82%Photography: Sunset Surfers
  548. 82%Photography: Silver Surf
  549. 89%Visual Studio 2022 Release Candidate Ships, Set for Nov. 8 General Availability -- Visual Studio Magazine
  550. 99%Canonicalization Attacks Against MACs and Signatures
  551. 97%1Password Refugee’s Guide to KeePass
  552. 97%Kubernetes and container management on the desktop
  553. 90%Let's Encrypt Root Expiration - Post-Mortem
  554. 99%Build MAUI Apps in an Azure VM — App vNext
  555. 97%Designing technologies with Values? Possibility - Necessity - and European story.
  556. 95%Should You Speak at a Conference?
  557. 96%Gmail password first character is case insensitive on mobile device
  558. 99%GitHub - wimpysworld/quickemu: Quickly create and run optimised Windows, macOS and Linux desktop virtual machines.
  559. 95%How I approach my core work
  560. 97%GitHub - djanderson/aho: A git implementation in awk
  561. 96%.NET Rocks! vNext
  562. 99%GitHub - isometimes/rpi4-osdev: Tutorial: Writing a "bare metal" operating system for Raspberry Pi 4
  563. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: Coding the handshake
  564. 98%Azure REST API Guidelines Update
  565. 95%Crocodile Shower Privacy Settings with Troy Hunt | Random but Memorable
  566. 98%Progress Report: September 2021 - Asahi Linux
  567. 99%Join us for DaprCon October 19th-20th 2021
  568. 99%.:: Phrack Magazine ::.
  569. 99%How to Create a PWA With Next.js in 10 Minutes
  570. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: The record layer
  571. 94%Windows 11: A new era for the PC begins today
  572. 97%Product bundles and jobs to be done
  573. 97%Brave and Firefox to intercept links that force-open in Microsoft Edge
  574. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: The record layer
  575. 98%Announcing Access Temporary Authentication
  576. 74%New study reveals iPhones aren't as private as you think
  577. 95%Python 3.10 – Top 5 Features in the new Version | Rubik's Code
  578. 96%Apple's CSAM Detection, feat. Matthew Green - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  579. 97%Use SQL instead of Spreadsheet/Excel
  580. 95%iPadOS 15: Hands-on with Apple’s Weather app for iPad
  581. 69%Google developing own CPUs for Chromebook laptops
  582. 97%How to Configure Stack Overflow The Key Macropad? | Drop
  583. 94%First Look at Visual Studio 2022 for Mac -- Visual Studio Magazine
  584. 96%Why won’t Safari open that web page?
  585. 92%Dolby Atmos and Apple’s rewritten audio stack
  586. 99%A PKI-less secure communication channel: design
  587. 99%Slack System Status
  588. 97%Always-on Processor magic: How Find My works while iPhone is powered off
  589. 98%Automatic cipher suite ordering in crypto/tls
  590. 98%Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 1 is now available!
  591. 99%GitHub - eclipse/mosquitto: Eclipse Mosquitto - An open source MQTT broker
  592. 76%Twitter accelerates again with Bitcoin tips, NFTs, recorded Spaces, creator fund and more – TechCrunch
  593. 99%Opening A PDF in Xamarin Forms (Part1: Xamarin.iOS)
  594. 97%How to replace Gmail
  595. 94%Vintage Apple
  596. 99%The Power of Native - The Blinking Caret
  597. 78%1Password can now randomly generate email addresses for logins | Engadget
  598. 99% Tools to Measure Software Energy Consumption from your Computer
  599. 99%GitHub - robertdavidgraham/masscan: TCP port scanner, spews SYN packets asynchronously, scanning entire Internet in under 5 minutes.
  600. 97%Spaces launch in Element
  601. 97%‎Amplosion: Redirect AMP Links
  602. 86%Uno Platform 3.10 Supports .NET 6 RC1 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  603. 99%Apple's app review team (Accessible Hangman)
  604. 99%GitHub - aristocratos/btop: A monitor of resources
  605. 60%iPhone 13 Users Experiencing 'Unable to Communicate with Apple Watch' Bug With Mask Unlocking
  606. 72%“Completely Running Blind.” Apple’s Power Move To Kneecap Facebook Ads Is Working.
  607. 94%Years of pain solved by really obvious keyboard tweak – Symbolic Logic
  608. 97%Epic Online Services launches Anti-Cheat support for Linux, Mac, and Steam Deck
  609. 98%Bangle.js 2: The Open Smart Watch
  610. 93%Apple Will Not Reinstate Epic’s Fortnite Developer Account, but Epic’s Other Developer Accounts Remain Active
  611. 98%GitHub - christianselig/Amplosion: An iOS app/Safari extension to automagically redirect AMP links to their normal counterpart. Comes with a trusty dog.
  612. 97%Spotify Box
  613. 91%h2x
  614. 95%A different kind of keyboard
  615. 99%Swift with .NET in Xcode
  616. 95%Let's Encrypt's Root Certificate is expiring!
  617. 80%iOS 15
  618. 94%As A Solo Developer, I Decided To Offer Phone Support, And This Is What Happened | Plumshell
  619. 98%.NET MAUI: Preview 8 Available, but GA Postponed to Q2 2022
  620. 93%There are six internet links on my office on wheels. Seven when Starlink arrives.
  621. 89%Russia restricts opposition election voting app from Apple App Store and Google Play Store - NetBlocks
  622. 99%GitHub - seemoo-lab/AirGuard: Protect yourself from being tracked 🌍 by AirTags 🏷 and Find My accessories 📍
  623. 99%Ditch your version manager
  624. 99%Benchmarking Edge Network Performance: Akamai, Cloudflare, AWS CloudFront, Fastly, and Google
  625. 99%GitHub - alephsecurity/xnu-qemu-arm64
  626. 88%.NET Tooling Community Standup - What's new in Visual Studio for Mac
  627. 96%.NET MAUI 'Slips the Schedule,' Won't Ship with .NET 6 in November -- Visual Studio Magazine
  628. 95%Bespoke Synth
  629. 95%Plain Text Journaling System
  630. 61%iPhone 13 Models Are Heavier and Thicker Than iPhone 12 Models
  631. 93%iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max - Technical Specifications
  632. 99%Update on .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI)
  633. 98%Download the fastest Firefox ever
  634. 92%Subscribe to Burnout+ – Three Letter Acronym
  635. 99%GitHub - dtolnay/inventory: Typed distributed plugin registration
  636. 97%Disclosing CVE-2021-40823 and CVE-2021-40824: E2EE vulnerability in multiple Matrix clients | Matrix.org
  637. 90%FORCEDENTRY: NSO Group iMessage Zero-Click Exploit Captured in the Wild - The Citizen Lab
  638. 74%Apple patches a NSO zero-day flaw affecting all devices – TechCrunch
  639. 97%How To Desktop in 2022
  640. 90%Twitter reveals surprisingly low two-factor auth (2FA) adoption rate
  641. 98%Randomizing the Alert Sound on a Mac
  642. 97%Rechargeable Toilet Bowl Night Light, 16-Color LED Motion Activated Sensor Nightlight, Cool Fun Gag Gadget for Husband Men Women Him Mother Father Day - - Amazon.com
  643. 99%Microsoft Releases .NET MAUI Compatibility Packages for the Xamarin Community Toolkit
  644. 97%Electron isn’t Cancer but it is a Symptom of a Disease – Duck Rowing
  645. 86%9/11 Realtime
  646. 92%Steam Top 50 Games: 72% Work on Linux in Sept. 2021 - Boiling Steam
  647. 79%“Never trust a clown”: McDonald’s leaks Monopoly database credentials
  648. 97%Episode 82 - DotPurple With Michael Babienco
  649. 98%Running My Business From an iPad
  650. 99%A .NET 6 Minimal API Todo example Playground
  651. 99%Apples in MAUI
  652. 93%How to replace Docker with Podman on a Mac
  653. 95%Monitoring my home's air quality (CO2, PM2.5, Temp/Humidity) with AirGradient's DIY sensor
  654. 88%California streaming: Apple’s next big event is September 14
  655. 99%Saving a restic backup the hard way
  656. 96%Staged Rollouts & Phased Release on Google Play and App Store Connect
  657. 72%Germany wants smartphone makers to offer 7 years of software updates
  658. 99%homebrew-x/podman-apple-silicon.rb at main · simnalamburt/homebrew-x
  659. 69%270: M1 on the road, phased release, new SQLite-net, and .NET MAUI ready libraries
  660. 99%SolarWriter
  661. 78%China Airlines A333 at Taipei on Jun 14th 2020, all primary computers, reversers and autobrakes failed on touchdown
  662. 92%NO STARTTLS
  663. 98%Minimal API com ASP.NET Core .NET 6
  664. 99%Launching Visual Studio Code cleanly from a .NET Application
  665. 69%Delays Aren't Good Enough—Apple Must Abandon Its Surveillance Plans
  666. 98%Minimal Viable Developer: acing your first month in software
  667. 94%Quitting Your Dream Job (Twice)
  668. 99%Migrating from Docker to Podman
  669. 98%The Journey to Accessible Apps: Making Visual Text Accessible
  670. 99%Xamarin.Essentials 1.7 with New Web Authenticator Options and .NET MAUI Essentials
  671. 98%Replacing Docker Desktop with hyperkit + minikube - Cirrus Minor
  672. 96%The Persistent Gravity of Cross Platform
  673. 93%Developers are not interested in Mac App Store, research shows - Techno Kilo
  674. 99%GitHub - dotnet/Silk.NET: The high-speed OpenGL, OpenCL, OpenAL, OpenXR, GLFW, SDL, Vulkan, Assimp, and DirectX bindings library your mother warned you about.
  675. 95%Mozilla VPN Completes Independent Security Audit by Cure53 | The Mozilla Blog
  676. 94%Time Card and PTP on a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4
  677. 99%Why Electron apps are fine – Hello my name is Niels Leenheer
  678. 98%Directories.Net 1.0.0
  679. 98%Preview of .NET MAUI Community Toolkit Heralds Xamarin.Forms Sunsetting -- Visual Studio Magazine
  680. 99%Introducing .NET MAUI Compatibility for the Xamarin Community Toolkit
  681. 99%Improving Git protocol security on GitHub
  682. 99%How to get a full work-day battery life on M1 Macbook – MICROIDEATION
  683. 99%Introducing the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit (Preview)
  684. 89%Docker Desktop no longer free for large companies: New 'Business' subscription is here
  685. 99%Recover Password Sync for a Domain Joined Mac
  686. 97%Docker is Updating and Extending Our Product Subscriptions - Docker Blog
  687. 95%58% of Hacker News, Reddit and tech-savvy audiences block Google Analytics
  688. 99%Creating a Simple Skeleton Loader in Xamarin Forms - Cool Coders
  689. 98%The open calendar, task and note space is a mess
  690. 96%The Design and Evolution of OCB - Journal of Cryptology
  691. 99%Custom $5000 Gaming PC CHALLENGE - Linus vs RobeyTech
  692. 97%QA Best Practices for More Efficient Software Testing
  693. 96%NSO group, Pegasus, Zero-Days, i(OS|Message) security - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  694. 98%RBAC like it was meant to be
  695. 99%How I switched from macOS to Linux after 15 years of Apple
  696. 95%The Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5
  697. 63%Analysts: Google to pay Apple $15 billion to remain default Safari search engine in 2021
  698. 95%My MacBook Pro had over 10,000 USD in repairs
  699. 77%The All-Seeing "i": Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy
  700. 98%My experience dealing with Microsoft in the old Windows Phone times
  701. 92%The Art of the Desk Setup
  702. 99%Azure Service Bus for .NET deep dive resources
  703. 99%Programmers Don’t Understand Hash Functions
  704. 99%A closer look at C# 8 & 9 language features - PHINUG 2021.09
  705. 98%API Tokens: A Tedious Survey
  706. 98%Launching a mobile app, frustration, and creativity - making my own luck
  707. 96%The most underused browser feature
  708. 82%From Pearl to Pegasus: Bahraini Government Hacks Activists with NSO Group Zero-Click iPhone Exploits - The Citizen Lab
  709. 97%Apple's bizarre crackdown on multicast
  710. 97%GitHub - sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi: Code. Music. Live.
  711. 99%Beginner's Guide to Docker - Part 2 - Debugging a Docker Build - The Long Walk
  712. 94%Hi Khalil | I Regret Being a Hipster in Tech
  713. 86%GitHub Ditches macOS for Codespaces, Now Offered for Team/Enterprise Testing -- Visual Studio Magazine
  714. 66%FSNotes App – Modern notes manager for macOS and iOS
  715. 67%EFF Joins Global Coalition Asking Apple CEO Tim Cook to Stop Phone-Scanning
  716. 96%Platform Security Part Deux, feat. Justin Schuh - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  717. 98%Removing "shows" from Spotify
  718. 96%Advocating for Open Source · madebyjamie
  719. 99%Unlimited throughput: how to increase auto-merge performance
  720. 97%The New .NET MAUI Podcast
  721. 99%My setup using Mull for extensible and secure browsing on Android : Blog : DBM
  722. 98%.NET MAUI Layouts Revamped, Developers Question Lack of Linux -- Visual Studio Magazine
  723. 96%Free eBook – Uno Platform Succinctly
  724. 81%Apple says researchers can vet its child safety features. But it’s suing a startup that does just that.
  725. 99%GitHub - AsuharietYgvar/AppleNeuralHash2ONNX: Convert Apple NeuralHash model for CSAM Detection to ONNX.
  726. 93%Pi-Challenge - world record attempt by UAS Grisons
  727. 98%6 New Ways to Validate Device Posture
  728. 98%.NET MAUI Summer Previews: New Layouts, Font Scaling, Alerts, Gestures, Clipping and Much More
  729. 99%HTTP Error 500.30 - ASP.NET Core app failed to start help
  730. 97%Leaflet — an open-source JavaScript library for interactive maps
  731. 96%GitHub - jpochyla/psst: Fast and multi-platform Spotify client with native GUI
  732. 97%iOS is worse than Android | PorchLab
  733. 95%Cascadia Code Font
  734. 89%Introducing the PineNote | PINE64
  735. 99%BCryptCreateMultiHash function (bcrypt.h) - Win32 apps
  736. 99%Exploring the password policy rabbit hole — Sun Knudsen
  737. 98%The world in which IPv6 was a good design
  738. 93%Smart Vents | Flair
  739. 97%Long-running Operations on macOS and iOS with NSProcessInfo
  740. 99%GitHub - emilk/egui: egui: an easy-to-use immediate mode GUI in pure Rust
  741. 96%The Deceptive PR Behind Apple’s “Expanded Protections for Children”
  742. 90%Moving beyond personal productivity
  743. 90%Internet of Snitches – Purism
  744. 97%More devices, fewer CAPTCHAs, happier users
  745. 98%‎Microsoft Remote Desktop
  746. 98%Mosh: the mobile shell
  747. 99%So you want to write a GUI framework
  748. 97%Apple’s Mistake
  749. 99%Support for local vaults? - Page 3
  750. 99%How does FaceTime Work?
  751. 80%Apple explains how iPhones will scan photos for child-sexual-abuse images
  752. 99%draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-01
  753. 99%Postgres.app – the easiest way to get started with PostgreSQL on the Mac
  754. 58%Apple Privacy Letter: An Open Letter Against Apple's Privacy-Invasive Content Scanning Technology
  755. 97%Microsoft Plans .NET Community Toolkit -- Visual Studio Magazine
  756. 96%My small revenge on Apple
  757. 99%Exploring the SameSite cookie attribute for preventing CSRF
  758. 99%GitHub - VSCodium/vscodium: binary releases of VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing
  759. 99%Ultra fast Thunderbolt NAS with Apple M1 and Linux
  760. 94%GitHub - facebookresearch/Cupcake: A Rust library for lattice-based additive homomorphic encryption.
  761. 64%Zoom to pay $85M for lying about encryption and sending data to Facebook and Google
  762. 99%Visual Studio Toolbox Live - What's New in Visual Studio 2022 Previews 1 & 2?
  763. 98%My Custom Stream Deck Toolkit
  764. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit - Monthly Project Review
  765. 64%Zoom to pay $85M for lying about encryption and sending data to Facebook and Google
  766. 99%GitHub - cy384/ssheven: A modern SSH client for Mac OS 7/8/9
  767. 96%Back to Linux
  768. 98%OfficeSuite
  769. 98%The journey to controlling external monitors on M1 Macs
  770. 98%Shellies Discovery Script - Share your Projects! / Scripts - Home Assistant Community
  771. 96%NSO group, Pegasus, Zero-Days, i(OS|Message) security - Security. Cryptography. Whatever.
  772. 99%Measuring memory usage: virtual versus real memory
  773. 99%Uno Platform 3.9: .NET 6 Mobile, VS 2022, WinUI, plus XAML trimming for 50% Wasm AOT size reduction
  774. 97%The mermaid is taking over Google search in Norway - ALEXSKRA
  775. 99%One-offs and low-expectations with Safari
  776. 97%What’s New in Visual Studio Code?
  777. 84%Smart Phone, Dumb Terminal
  778. 95%Connect the Conversation with Threads on Discord
  779. 96%Microsoft Replaces Xamarin Toolkits with New .NET MAUI Alternatives -- Visual Studio Magazine
  780. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  781. 98%For developers, Apple’s Safari is crap and outdated
  782. 70%We Need To Talk About The Insecurity Industry
  783. 97%[Last Week in .NET #52] – TwinCVEs
  784. 93%About the security content of iOS 14.7.1 and iPadOS 14.7.1
  785. 96%How to Read Effectively - Creating a Reading Workflow - Prashant Sengar
  786. 99%WebView2 and Electron | Electron Blog
  787. 99%TOP 5 .NET MAUI new features🏅
  788. 70%Amazon Web Services In Plain English
  789. 97%Move beyond passwords - WWDC21 - Videos - Apple Developer
  790. 97%8K Vrroom 40Gbps | HDFury.com | Connect and Fix everything in HDMI
  791. 99%Xamarin Android Download Manager Advanced Guide - Cool Coders
  792. 93%Is It Possible To Make IoT Devices Private? Amazon Echo Dot Does Not Wipe Personal Content After Factory Reset
  793. 98%My first indie Steam game revenue (First Month in Early Access) – Yerba Mate Tycoon
  794. 98%Using the Shelly Plug to monitor Starlink's power consumption
  795. 98%How to Build Multi-Platform Apps with Uno Platform and Blockchain
  796. 97%designs/system-drawing-win-only.md at main · dotnet/designs
  797. 99%Simple monorepos via npm workspaces and TypeScript project references
  798. 99%Xamarin.Essentials 1.7 and introducing .NET MAUI Essentials
  799. 92%Join the Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Private Preview
  800. 97%Shifting accessibility left with Accessibility Insights
  801. 88%A case against security nihilism
  802. 94%How to inspect elements that hide on mouse move
  803. 98%Habits, UI changes, and OS stagnation
  804. 99%Azure SDK Release (July 2021)
  805. 99%Cryptanalysis of Meow Hash
  806. 98%janpaulthoughts - The quest for the Ultimate Game Engine
  807. 82%iMessage, Apple Music used by Pegasus to attack journalist iPhones | AppleInsider
  808. 98%Conversation about skills and learning
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  841. 99%Dumping and extracting the SpaceX Starlink User Terminal firmware
  842. 93%tenacityteam/tenacity
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  844. 99%Kaspersky Password Manager: All your passwords are belong to us
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  846. 93%temporary-audacity/audacity
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  856. 97%Gain +10 Debugging for Unity with Visual Studio
  857. 95%Twitter ditching ‘Latest’ chronological feed option on the web, still available on iOS for now - 9to5Mac
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  863. 92%Uno Platform 3.8 Is Here
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  866. 99%Desktop Community Standup - Live Preview, Hot Reload, .NET MAUI, WinForms and WPF updates.
  867. 99%Monsters Weekly 213 - Local Testing with Azure Static Web Apps
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  895. 98%Announcing WARP for Linux and Proxy Mode
  896. 99%ibraheemdev/modern-unix
  897. 99%Conversation about networking | .NET Blog
  898. 98%[Cryptography] Apple's iCloud+ "VPN"
  899. 97%Uno Platform 3.8 - New WinUI Calendar, Grid controls, 2x performance, new Linux scenario and more
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  939. 98%Amazon.com: Samsung Duo Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128GB - 400MB/s - Type-C with Type-A Adapter (MUF-128DB/AM): Computers & Accessories
  940. 99%Amazon.com: SanDisk 256GB Extreme PRO USB 3.2 Solid State Flash Drive - SDCZ880-256G-GAM46: Computers & Accessories
  941. 99%Hmac one-shot by vcsjones · Pull Request #53487 · dotnet/runtime
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  1022. 99%Support ChaCha20 Poly1305 on Unix by vcsjones · Pull Request #52522 · dotnet/runtime
  1023. 98%Benchmarking division and libdivide on Apple M1 and Intel AVX512
  1024. 98%Mercury Brings Visual Basic to Feature Parity with C# and Adds Multiple Platform Support
  1025. 97%Send My: Arbitrary data transmission via Apple's Find My network | Positive Security
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  1034. 99%Understanding iOS application entry point
  1035. 92%Stopping Time: An Appreciation of Objective-C
  1036. 99%Controlling my Sinclair AC using .NET and C# (from Raspberry Pi)
  1037. 99%Add ChaCha20Poly1305 skeleton by GrabYourPitchforks · Pull Request #52030 · dotnet/runtime
  1038. 94%The Ultimate Guide to Inflation
  1039. 67%WhatsApp to restrict features if you refuse Facebook data sharing
  1040. 98%The MVP Process
  1041. 85%Apple brass discussed disclosing 128-million iPhone hack, then decided not to
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  1051. 79%Me2BA Product Testing Spotlight Report Published: Data Sharing in Primary & Secondary School Mobile Apps
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  1073. 93%Report: Mac Developers Prefer VS Code over Xcode -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1074. 76%Apple's follow-up to M1 chip goes into mass production for Mac
  1075. 62%HomeLab and Shop Tour! 100K Subscriber Extravaganza!
  1076. 96%My current HTML boilerplate
  1077. 86%iOS 14.5 offers Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch, diverse Siri voices, and more
  1078. 88%Apple commits $430 billion in US investments over five years
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  1080. 99%Uno Platform and Xamarin.Forms: Choosing Your Next UI Framework
  1081. 99%Crypto miners are killing free CI
  1082. 60%Apple sued for terminating account with $25,000 worth of apps and videos
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  1089. 97%Godot 3.3 has arrived, with a focus on optimization and reliability
  1090. 99%Use Apple's CCRandomGenerateBytes in GetCryptographicallySecureRandomBytes by vcsjones · Pull Request #51526 · dotnet/runtime
  1091. 99%Download Data Streams to a File in the Background with Xamarin iOS - Cool Coders
  1092. 99%jsuarezruiz/maui-linux
  1093. 97%Exploiting vulnerabilities in Cellebrite UFED and Physical Analyzer from an app's perspective
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  1096. 99%dotnet/maui
  1097. 97%Steve BlankA Path to the Minimum Viable Product
  1098. 91%Apple unveils new iPad Pro with M1 chip and stunning Liquid Retina XDR display
  1099. 93%iMac features all-new design in vibrant colors, M1 chip, and 4.5K Retina display
  1100. 90%Apple introduces AirTag
  1101. 74%devRant - !dev My neighbours have so many fucking IoT devices that they basically fuck over the entire 2.4GHz spectrum over here just by themselves... Thanks for that you cuntbags.
  1102. 93%Visual Studio 2022: Faster, Leaner and 64-bit (More Memory!) -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1103. 81%Reddit unveils its Clubhouse clone, Reddit Talk – TechCrunch
  1104. 99%Llama Preview: Swift on .NET
  1105. 99%Building .NET projects using the Microsoft.Build.Traversal SDK - Gérald Barré
  1106. 99%.NET News Roundup - Week of April 12th, 2021
  1107. 96%Amazon.com: NETGEAR Nighthawk Multi-Gig Cable Modem CM2000 - Compatible with All Cable Providers incl. Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox | for Cable Plans Up to 2.5Gbps | DOCSIS 3.1: Computers & Accessories
  1108. 99%Standard Notes | A Simple And Private Notes App
  1109. 99%Up For Grabs
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  1111. 99%farmOS.org
  1112. 99%File Transfer Protocol
  1113. 99%ReSharper/Rider 2021.1 Release Party 🥳
  1114. 98%Episode 74 - libvlcsharp and .NET with Martin Finkel
  1115. 99%The Sisyphean Task Of DNS Client Config on Linux
  1116. 75%Mac Chimes of Death – 512 Pixels
  1117. 98%Why is Python popular despite being accused of being slow?
  1118. 91%Stupid Mac tricks – finl is not LaTeX
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  1128. 98%How to Scrum
  1129. 98%Securing Local Privileged Accounts in Active Directory –
  1130. 84%14942: Disable FLoC features and the provider service. by iefremov · Pull Request #8468 · brave/brave-core
  1131. 83%No password required: Mobile carrier exposes data for millions of accounts
  1132. 96%My Vim Notes Setup
  1133. 92%Let’s build a stable stable coin 🤔
  1134. 99%JaxDUG - Custom project templates for dotnet new and Visual Studio - Sayed Hashimi
  1135. 98%My programming principles • Borislav Grigorov
  1136. 98%The evolution of (my) note taking
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  1138. 99%Announcing .NET Multi-platform App UI Preview 3 | .NET Blog
  1139. 99%head-first-csharp/fourth-edition
  1140. 97%Zoom zero-day discovery makes calls safer, hackers $200,000 richer - Malwarebytes Labs
  1141. 99%dotnet/net6-mobile-samples
  1142. 99%How To Monitor Events in Swift - Exceptionless
  1143. 97%Apple Watch Commercial (Xamarin Evolve 2014)
  1144. 99%Learning from your Mistakes: How a bug made me reprioritize my product roadmap
  1145. 99%Goodbye OpenSSL, and Hello To Google Tink
  1146. 98%.NET MAUI (Mobile/Desktop) with VS Code? It's Complicated -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1147. 89%Teaching with Simon Allardice
  1148. 97%How We Bootstrapped a $1M ARR Email Client
  1149. 89%Don't Be "That Guy" - Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider
  1150. 82%Signal Adds Payments—With a Privacy-Focused Cryptocurrency
  1151. 99%GitHub Sponsors Community
  1152. 97%Apple 2001 - CoRecursive Podcast
  1153. 97%Fed up with the Mac, I spent six months with a Linux laptop. The grass is not greener on the other side
  1154. 99%Windows 95 — How Does it Look Today?
  1155. 89%Jon Galloway on Visual Studio Mac
  1156. 97%Paulos Yibelo - Blog: This man thought opening a TXT file is fine, he thought wrong. macOS CVE-2019-8761
  1157. 99%Intro to Graphics 11 - Surfaces
  1158. 95%Zero click vulnerability in Apple’s macOS Mail
  1159. 87%The war without end: Mac vs. PC
  1160. 64%Redefining what a map can be with new information and AI
  1161. 97%Setting Up an M1 Mac for Xamarin Development
  1162. 75%Apple's cooperation with authoritarian governments
  1163. 98%akavel/up
  1164. 97%Uno Platform Uno Platform 3.6: WinUI 3, WCT 7.0 support, Date and File pickers, and more
  1165. 87%Google collects 20 times more telemetry from Android devices than Apple from iOS | The Record by Recorded Future
  1166. 98%Font size is useless; let’s fix it
  1167. 98%Tooling Vendors Immediately Support Project Reunion 0.5 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1168. 97%Sands of MAUI: Issue #2
  1169. 81%Beautiful calculator for Mac
  1170. 99%Peace of mind backup - boa.nu
  1171. 98%Herding Code 244: Ben Scheirman on SwiftUI and Combine
  1172. 99%dotnet/aspnetcore
  1173. 99%SSL/TLS connection issue troubleshooting test tools
  1174. 99%How to get internet for free aka borrow your neighbors xfinity internet - Opposite Invictus - Ramblings of a torn mind
  1175. 99%Single-primitive authenticated encryption for fun
  1176. 99%Code Generation from XAML in Visual Studio is Mind-blowing Awesome
  1177. 97%The Path to Becoming a Software Developer with Mary Baker
  1178. 95%We asked a Retired Microsoft Windows Engineer 100 Questions! Why oh Why? Find out!
  1179. 99%How to make Command Prompt, PowerShell, or any Shell launch from the Start Menu directly into Windows Terminal
  1180. 99%Announcing WPF, WinForms, and WinUI are going Open Source
  1181. 99%janroesner/sixty5o2
  1182. 69%Google's unusual move to shut down an active counterterrorism operation being conducted by a Western democracy
  1183. 98%Emoji under the hood
  1184. 91%Polaris
  1185. 98%Why All My Servers Have an 8GB Empty File
  1186. 99%/news/vulnerabilities.html
  1187. 99%WinUI: Another Desktop Framework But Cooler Than You Think
  1188. 95%facebookresearch/Cupcake
  1189. 99%Do you really want Linux phones
  1190. 99%Closing web browser windows doesn't close connections
  1191. 89%The Raspberry Pi can boot off NVMe SSDs now
  1192. 99%Add debugger displays / type proxies for Timer by stephentoub · Pull Request #49100 · dotnet/runtime
  1193. 96%Lessons learned bootstrapping an app with no login
  1194. 97%a tiny macOS process monitor • Harry Marr
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  1200. 99%Azure SDK Release (March 2021) | Azure SDK Blog
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  1206. 99%Apple Silicon Tech Preview
  1207. 91%Intel Goes Long
  1208. 98%Q&A with John Kozubik, rsync.net - Console
  1209. 96%New in .NET: ML.NET/Model Builder Updates, PeachPie 1.0, Xamarin Performance Monitoring -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  1212. 98%How to Back Up Your Signal Conversations
  1213. 99%You might not need centralized continuous integration
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  1218. 95%Automatic Platform Optimization post-launch report
  1219. 58%The FBI Should Stop Attacking Encryption and Tell Congress About All the Encrypted Phones It’s Already Hacking Into
  1220. 98%Living the "van life" as a developer
  1221. 99%Why are tar.xz files 15x smaller when using Python's tar library compared to macOS tar?
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  1244. 98%.NET News Roundup - Week of Mar 1st, 2021
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  1246. 99%Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2019 for Mac v8.9
  1247. 93%VS Code Now Has Apple Silicon Builds for Native Mac Development -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1248. 97%Visual Studio 2019 for Mac v8.9 Ships with .NET 6 Preview 1 Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1249. 98%A Two-Version Visibility Solution for TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 based on a Handshake-Agnostic Middlebox – Pomcor
  1250. 98%Ranking the SOLID principles
  1251. 88%Introducing WiFiman.com – Ubiquiti’s New Wireless Speed Testing Site – Ubiquiti Inc Blog
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  1256. 99%C# Coding Standards – Updated
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  1260. 96%Microsoft Extends Low-Code Push with Power Fx Programming Language -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1261. 99%C# with CSharpFritz S2 E6 - Build for the Live Web with SignalR
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  1266. 73%The Last Message Sent on AIM
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  1270. 99%BillDietrich/fake_contacts
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  1273. 98%March 30, 2020 - Machine Learning with Madrinas! ML.NET #ad
  1274. 99%Actually Portable Executable
  1275. 99%Azure .NET SDK: Q&A With Jeffrey Richter
  1276. 95%#Net6 – Single file apps improved for Windows and Mac !
  1277. 82%So long, Fry's
  1278. 99%Macs and 4K 120Hz displays compatibility list
  1279. 95%.NET Rocks! vNext
  1280. 98%March 22, 2020 - Minimal March - Linux and Blazor. PRs, Finishing the FormView, C#, HTML
  1281. 99%March 20, 2020 - Minimal March - Linux and Blazor. FormView, C#, HTML
  1282. 99%Cryptography Interface Design is a Security Concern
  1283. 98%UTM
  1284. 93%Latest Firefox release includes Multiple Picture-in-Picture and Total Cookie Protection – The Mozilla Blog
  1285. 98%A minimal email client – Manu
  1286. 95%dotnet/core
  1287. 99%Modules, monoliths, and microservices
  1288. 99%The Catch Block #47 - Upcoming Features of .NET 6
  1289. 99%Decomposing CRUD to a Task Based UI
  1290. 94%Taking a Stand in the War on General-Purpose Computing
  1291. 94%M1 Mac owners are experiencing extremely high SSD writes over short periods of time, likely thanks to aggressive swap
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  1310. 99%What's New in EF Core 6.0 Preview 1 -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  1335. 92%Apple redirects Google Safe Browsing traffic through its own proxy servers to prevent disclosing users' IP addresses to Google in iOS 14.5
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  1346. 96%Product Management is Detective Work
  1347. 98%The Technology of iCircuit 3D
  1348. 98%Cross-Platform In-App Purchases for Xamarin.Mac Apps!
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  1350. 97%Mac utility Homebrew finally gets native Apple Silicon and M1 support
  1351. 99%Treating Primitive Obsession with ValueObjects | DDD in .NET
  1352. 98%Taming Environments with Volta, the JavaScript Tool Manager
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  1396. 99%OSC mixer control in C#
  1397. 99%How null checks have changed in C#
  1398. 99%Perfecting the password field with the HTML passwordrules attribute
  1399. 99%Hack a TV into a Teams and Zoom Computer with EpocCam and Miracast
  1400. 97%Aggregate (Root) Design: Separate Behavior & Data for Persistence
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  1402. 94%About the security content of iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4
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  1408. 99%Write Crypto Code! Don't publish it!
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  1411. 66%Dr. Brad J. Cox Ph.D. Obituary - Manassas, VA
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  1422. 99%Fixes DI deadlock when resolving singletons by maryamariyan · Pull Request #46157 · dotnet/runtime
  1423. 98%Beeper - All Your Chats In One App
  1424. 98%Beeper - All Your Chats In One App
  1425. 65%Intel outsources Core i3 to TSMC's 5nm process
  1426. 99%Coding with C# and .NET: JSON Deserialisation
  1427. 99%Write Stable Code using Coupling Metrics
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  1451. 99%JavaScript Complete Course - Array Sort - Part 44
  1452. 99%JavaScript Complete Course - Date Objects - Part 45
  1453. 98%"Wireguard [sic]: great protocol, but skip the Mac app" blog post
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  1456. 99%theseus-os/Theseus
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  1459. 97%Startup ideas for 2021
  1460. 97%The clipboard history feature is the best thing since sliced bread :: Martin De Wulf —
  1461. 99%.NetConf Virtual Event |Creating Native iOS + Android Apps in C# using Xamarin
  1462. 99%SUCCESS: iPhone 7 with dead NAND netbooting unmodified Ubuntu 20.04 arm64 over usb gadget ethernet
  1463. 98%Cryptography Dispatches: The Most Backdoor-Looking Bug I’ve Ever Seen
  1464. 96%Element group video messenger | Group chat | Team communication productivity app | Matrix open network | Decentralized end-to-end encryption
  1465. 99%Two Weeks with FreeBSD as My Daily Driver
  1466. 98%How I stole the data in millions of people’s Google accounts
  1467. 98%Signal, thank you for not collecting my data. But I won’t use you.
  1468. 99%Block your feeds
  1469. 99%Change FeedbackSize on Rijndael wrappers to delegate to implementation. by vcsjones · Pull Request #46686 · dotnet/runtime
  1470. 91%Apple's privacy labels reveals Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger's hunger for user data
  1471. 98%Thonny, Python IDE for beginners
  1472. 98%WhatsApp? I try to back up my history. | maxwellito.com
  1473. 97%New Xamarin.Forms 5 Drops Visual Studio 2017 Support -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1474. 98%Rosenzweig – Dissecting the Apple M1 GPU, part I
  1475. 72%Signal Messenger: Speak Freely
  1476. 88%WhatsApp gives users an ultimatum: Share data with Facebook or stop using the app
  1477. 78%New Defaults
  1478. 98%Xamarin.Forms (5.0.0) Release Notes - Xamarin
  1479. 99%Unclack for macOS
  1480. 99%.NET Application Architecture Guides
  1481. 92%MAUI in .NET 6: Xamarin.Forms Does Desktop, but Not Linux or VS Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1482. 98%Designing Engineering Organizations - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  1483. 98%Missing Files in Multi-Targeted Project - Nick's .NET Travels
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  1485. 98%Make smaller console apps with .NET and CoreRT - { Destructured }
  1486. 91%Apple reconsiders banning Mac app Amphetamine over its drug-inspired name
  1487. 95%The Mobile Map App Part I: The Void
  1488. 91%x74353/SaveAmphetamine
  1489. 99%TabFS
  1490. 98%Mac meets Arm64
  1491. 93%My Cadence for Arduino, a DIY Cadence Display for Indoor Cycling
  1492. 88%Why make games for Linux if they don't sell? Because the nerds are just grateful to get something that works
  1493. 99%Linux Hardening Guide | Madaidan's Insecurities
  1494. 96%Introducing Thrift VPN
  1495. 99%ACE: Apple Type-C Port Controller Secrets | Part 1
  1496. 99%Azure DevOps Podcast: Maddy Leger on Xamarin in a .NET 5 World - Episode 120
  1497. 89%20 Macs for 2020: #1 – iMac G3
  1498. 99%Paranoid password printing with a Raspberry Pi
  1499. 95%Asking for app reviews really works! It just takes 1 line of code!
  1500. 73%Volume icon in menu bar disappear randomly in Big Sur
  1501. 99%Cosmopolitan C Library
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  1503. 99%When seekdir() Won’t Seek to the Right Position
  1504. 99%Some Differences between macOS and Common Unix Systems
  1505. 62%Craft | A fresh take on documents
  1506. 95%Development time is money, therefore I RAID
  1507. 97%MS Dev Show
  1508. 92%How to Favicon in 2021: Six files that fit most needs — Martian Chronicles
  1509. 96%Apple’s SSL Metrics Is Hanging My App
  1510. 99%.NET Tooling Community Standup - Designing UIs for developer tools
  1511. 98%Data Security on Mobile Devices: Current State of the Art, Open Problems, and Proposed Solutions
  1512. 97%WiFi 6 gets 1.34 Gbps on the Raspberry Pi CM4
  1513. 91%Introducing My Cadence for iOS - a Simple Cadence Sensor Display
  1514. 98%HTML Over The Wire | Hotwire
  1515. 95%.NET Conf Philippines (2021-01-14)
  1516. 98%Parsing JSON at the CLI: A Practical Introduction to `jq` (and more!)
  1517. 86%The Great iPwn: Journalists Hacked with Suspected NSO Group iMessage 'Zero-Click' Exploit - The Citizen Lab
  1518. 98%tuhdo/tuhdo.github.io
  1519. 88%Facebook: Free as in Bullshit
  1520. 86%My Ken Williams story
  1521. 98%How I Got a Computer Science Degree in 3 Months for Less Than $5000
  1522. 94%Visual Studio Questions - Developer Community
  1523. 82%Facebook Criticising Apple’s iOS 14 Privacy Changes is a Hypocrisy
  1524. 99%xamarin/Essentials
  1525. 98%A quirk in the SUNBURST DGA algorithm
  1526. 94%Writing An App In 2 Days
  1527. 96%My year in review 2020
  1528. 74%Facebook Takes Out Full-Page Newspaper Ads to Attack Apple’s Changes Strengthening iOS Privacy
  1529. 99%fulldecent/system-bus-radio
  1530. 99%Download and Try the Tech Preview of Docker Desktop for M1 - Docker Blog
  1531. 99%Unit testing and mocking with Azure SDK .NET | Azure SDK Blog
  1532. 97%Amazon Location – Add Maps and Location Awareness to Your Applications | Amazon Web Services
  1533. 96%[Guest post] Our Head First C# Contest Got Some Truly Creative Entries | Visual Studio Blog
  1534. 93%The regular joy of the Adafruit AdaBox Subscription and exploring IoT with the family
  1535. 92%After Last 2020 VS Code Update, What's In Store for 2021? -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1536. 60%Monsters Weekly 200a - Conversations with Jon Galloway
  1537. 99%XAML Hot Reload for Xamarin.Forms - Xamarin
  1538. 99%Rider 2020.3: .NET 5, C# 9, F# 5, Immediate Window, Project Dependency Diagram, and Updates to Unity Support – .NET Tools Blog | JetBrains
  1539. 97%I Switched from Dashlane to Bitwarden and Why You Should, Too
  1540. 98%Apple's M1 Chip Benchmarks focused on the real-world programming
  1541. 96%Highly Evasive Attacker Leverages SolarWinds Supply Chain to Compromise Multiple Global Victims With SUNBURST Backdoor
  1542. 96%Home
  1543. 98%Tips & Tricks to improve your .NET Build Setup with MSBuild – Webinar recording – .NET Tools Blog | JetBrains
  1544. 97%M1 and iOS Apps – Two Birds One Stone
  1545. 96%An M1 Mac vs the Surface Pro X: How do ARM devices compare?
  1546. 99%.NET Development on Apple Silicon – .NET Tools Blog | JetBrains
  1547. 99%Remove closure allocations from ServiceCollectionDescriptorExtensions by benaadams · Pull Request #44696 · dotnet/runtime
  1548. 99%From .NET Standard to .NET 5
  1549. 99%Getting Started | How to Make an OS: 1
  1550. 99%hexops/dockerfile
  1551. 94%Chrome is Bad
  1552. 97%The Anti-Mac User Interface (Don Gentner and Jakob Nielsen)
  1553. 92%Dave goes back to Mac
  1554. 94%Google Alternatives 2020: Best Privacy Friendly Alternatives
  1555. 95%JavaScript End to End Testing Framework
  1556. 99%Deno 1.6 Release Notes
  1557. 98%Thread by @StanTwinB on Thread Reader App
  1558. 98%No. 1 Visual Studio IDE Feature Request: Linux -- Visual Studio Magazine
  1559. 99%Xamarin | Open-source mobile app platform for .NET
  1560. 99%Reduce CacheEntry size by adamsitnik · Pull Request #45410 · dotnet/runtime
  1561. 99%More MemoryCache perf improvements by adamsitnik · Pull Request #45280 · dotnet/runtime
  1562. 99%Remove some allocations related to storing CacheEntry scopes by adamsitnik · Pull Request #45563 · dotnet/runtime
  1563. 99%few minor MemoryCache perf improvements by adamsitnik · Pull Request #44797 · dotnet/runtime
  1564. 99%optimize DateTimeOffset.UtcNow by removing redundant verification by adamsitnik · Pull Request #45281 · dotnet/runtime
  1565. 99%5 Must Install NuGets for New Xamarin Projects
  1566. 97%Bebop: An Efficient, Schema-based Binary Serialization Format | Rainway
  1567. 98%r/Kotlin - [OC] Compiler plugins are amazing!
  1568. 99%Add GetCiphertextLength for CBC, CFB, and ECB. by vcsjones · Pull Request #45003 · dotnet/runtime
  1569. 99%oskarsve/ms-teams-rce
  1570. 99%Qt 6.0 Released
  1571. 91%Apple introduces AirPods Max, the magic of AirPods in a stunning over-ear design
  1572. 97%Improving DNS Privacy with Oblivious DoH in
  1573. 98%From Zero to AppStore
  1574. 87%New report reveals Apple’s roadmap for when each Mac will move to Apple Silicon
  1575. 99%oskarsve/ms-teams-rce
  1576. 91%Falling out of Love with Apple, Part 3
  1577. 97%Why is building a mobile app this hard
  1578. 98%iPhones are inferior to Android phones: the value
  1579. 99%How I Reclaimed My Attention
  1580. 84%LinkedIn’s Alternate Universe
  1581. 89%Apple’s “EDR” Brings High Dynamic Range to Non-HDR Displays — Prolost
  1582. 98%In defense of blub studies
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  1996. 95%Don't close your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro with a cover over the camera
  1997. 99%No, node_modules are not heavy - Chaotic good engineering
  1998. 95%The Polymath Playbook
  1999. 96%WWDC 2020 Followup Survey
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  2032. 90%Symbian Won
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  2034. 96%The Super Duper Universal Binary
  2035. 96%Nico Tuason
  2036. 99%Introducing Amazon Honeycode – Build Web & Mobile Apps Without Writing Code | Amazon Web Services
  2037. 85%Meet Face ID and Touch ID for the web - WWDC 2020 - Videos - Apple Developer
  2038. 98%Visual Studio 2019 for Mac - Preview Release Notes
  2039. 96%Google blew a ten-year lead. - Second Breakfast
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  2041. 99%Import X509 certificate and collections from PEM. by vcsjones · Pull Request #38280 · dotnet/runtime
  2042. 94%Notes on Note-taking
  2043. 95%The End of OS X
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  2068. 71%Introducing Firefox Private Network VPN’s Official Product – the Mozilla VPN – Future Releases
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  2076. 86%Apple Threatens to Remove Email App 'Hey' From App Store Over Lack of In-App Subscription Option [Updated]
  2077. 95%Apple, ARM, and Intel
  2078. 98%Reasoning by Lego: The wrong way to think about cryptography.
  2079. 99%corona-warn-app/cwa-documentation
  2080. 95%New LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor lets creators build and bring to life anything they can imagine
  2081. 99%Offering a solution for Terminal Wide Character issues · Articles
  2082. 97%Adobe Flash Player End of Life
  2083. 95%1027106 - Make ImageLib share cached imgRequests for the same SVG document even if the URI has a different ref/hash
  2084. 99%SageMath Mathematical Software System - Sage
  2085. 94%Wil Shipley: Every year I fill out this survey from Apple, for Apple developers. Every year nothing changes.
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  2105. 70%25 million user records leak online from popular math app Mathway | ZDNet
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  2111. 95%Seven years later, I bought a new Macbook. For the first time, I don
  2112. 99%Import PEM keys by vcsjones · Pull Request #34086 · dotnet/runtime
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  2120. 83%Wishbone Breach: 40 Million Records Leaked on Dark Web
  2121. 82%NextDNS
  2122. 98%Announcing Experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings May update | ASP.NET Blog
  2123. 97%Patrik Svensson - Targeting ARM64 for Windows in Rust
  2124. 99%Idris 2 version 0.2.0 Released
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  2151. 98%Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/572
  2152. 99%Announcing Uno Platform 2.4 – macOS support and Windows Calculator on macOS - Uno Platform
  2153. 98%Blue Microphones Blackout Yeti USB Microphone + $50 Ubisoft Discount Code 988-000078 - Best Buy
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  2167. 75%A Rust-based TLS library outperformed OpenSSL in almost every category | ZDNet
  2168. 90%Introducing Surface Go 2, Surface Book 3, Surface Headphones 2 and Surface Earbuds | Microsoft Devices Blog
  2169. 99%Crash in FBSDKRestrictiveDataFilterManager.m line 80 · Issue #1374 · facebook/facebook-ios-sdk
  2170. 99%Connecting to locahost over HTTPS from simulators and emulators (revisited)
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  2175. 85%UK finds itself almost alone with centralized virus contact-tracing app that probably won't work well, asks for your location, may be illegal
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  2177. 90%Apple updates 13-inch MacBook Pro with Magic Keyboard, double the storage, and faster performance
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  2215. 98%Visual Studio 2019 for Mac - Preview Release Notes
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  2239. 52%8x8 Video Meetings
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  2402. 99%Application Building with ASP.NET Core 3.1 - NDC London 2020 | Software Developers Conference
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  2419. 92%Google gives up on US carriers, will roll out its own RCS chat system
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  2481. 96%Amazon.com: Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse – Use on Any Surface, Hyper-fast Scrolling, Ergonomic Shape, Rechargeable, Control up to 3 Apple Mac and Windows Computers (Bluetooth or USB), Graphite: Computers & Accessories
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  2558. 99%Three easy endpoints
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