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Posts for 'angular'

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  5. What Developers Can Do to Make the World a Healthier Place
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  7. Introducing the Azure Static Web Apps CLI
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  16. Authentication with Nextjs, Fauna, and Auth0 - Nextjs Crash Course Part 2
  17. Build a Harry Potter API with Node.js, Express.js, and Dynamo DB
  18. Learn about problems, not solutions
  19. The dispassionate developer
  20. Articulate 4.3.0 with support for markdown code snippets and syntax highlighting
  21. Enhancing privacy-focused Web Analytics to better meet your metrics needs
  22. GorvGoyl/Clone-Wars
  23. CodingBlast
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  27. Generating HTTP API clients using dotnet tools and Visual Studio Connected Services
  28. Dynamically Creating Components in Angular
  29. Custom Elements Everywhere
  30. Taming the WSL 2 Resource Monster
  31. Uploading Files With ASP.NET Core and Angular
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  34. Implementing OAuth Pushed Authorisation Requests in Angular
  35. You probably don’t need a micro-frontend
  36. The web didn't change; you did
  37. What You Need to Know About CSS-in-JS in 2021
  38. What I'm Building in 2021
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  40. Ben Wiser | Building web apps without a SPA
  41. Building Realtime applications on Angular with ASPNET Core and SignalR
  42. .NET Rocks! vNext
  43. Tell Me I'm Wrong, Please (Angular and Async)
  44. Some things aren’t built to be tested
  45. Using HTMX with ASP.NET Core: Introduction
  46. The **Simplest** Web Developer Path for 2021
  47. GitHub Quick Reviews
  48. Most Active .NET Facebook Groups to Follow in 2021 - Coding Sonata
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  50. Angular Auto Save, Undo and Redo
  51. damienbod/AngularAutoSaveCommands
  52. ASP.NET Core Action Arguments Validation using an ActionFilter
  53. Download Files with ASP.NET Core Web API and Angular - Code Maze
  54. Reintegration tracking
  55. Github Stale Bots: A False Economy
  56. Who Owns Open-Source Software?
  57. How I develop web apps in 2021
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  61. SignalRs Crazy 8
  62. Changes are Coming... My Goals for 2021
  63. Entire Computer Science Curriculum in 1000 YouTube Videos | Laconicml
  64. Uno Platform How To Build A Single-Page Web App in XAML and C# with WebAssembly Using Uno Platform
  65. Updated Infragistics UI/UX Desktop Components Support .NET 5 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  66. JavaScript Array Some Method Practice in 5 Minutes
  67. What I learned doing 125 public talks - Part I
  68. JavaScript Array Sort Method Practice in 5 Minutes
  69. JavaScript Complete Course - Array Map - Part 40
  70. Everything You Always Wanted To Know About GitHub (But Were Afraid To Ask)
  71. Azure AD Access Token Lifetime Policy Management in ASP.NET Core
  72. 20 Months in, 2K Hours Spent and 200K € Lost. A Story About Resilience and the Sunk Cost Fallacy
  73. Scaffold an entire .NET 5 Web API using Wrapt
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  75. User Lockout Functionality with Angular and ASP.NET Core Identity
  76. JavaScript Performance in the Wild 2020
  77. Angular Email Confirmation with ASP.NET Core Identity
  78. My stack will outlive yours
  79. Astronomers Get Their Wish, and the Hubble Crisis Gets Worse
  80. Angular Password Reset Functionality with ASP.NET Core Identity
  81. Last Week in .NET #23 – Solarwinds gets hacked; Microsoft goes on the Attack
  82. Azure DevOps Podcast: Scott Hunter on .NET 5 - Episode 119
  83. The .NET Stacks #30: 🥂 See ya, 2020
  84. C# with CSharpFritz - S2 Ep 2: Introduction to ASP.NET Core MVC
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  86. Add Superpowers to Your Next ASP.NET Project with ABP.IO
  87. Angular Authentication Functionality with ASP.NET Core Identity
  88. First-class TypeScript support in modular AWS SDK for JavaScript | Amazon Web Services
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  90. Angular Custom Validators and Error Handling with ASP.NET Core Identity
  91. Why is the Google Cloud UI so slow?
  92. oskarsve/ms-teams-rce
  93. Using multiple APIs in Angular and ASP.NET Core with Azure AD authentication
  94. GitHub repositories to improve your programming skills
  95. Gitter now speaks Matrix! | Matrix.org
  96. oskarsve/ms-teams-rce
  97. User Registration with Angular and ASP.NET Core Identity
  98. Azure DevOps Podcast: Paul Sheriff on What’s New in .NET - Episode 117
  99. Time to Say Goodbye to Google Fonts
  100. What’s New in Angular 11
  101. Building and deploying web apps with Static Web Apps
  102. ABP.IO Platform v4.0 RC Has Been Released based on .NET 5.0!
  103. ESP32 6- Axis IMU
  104. Upgrading to .NET Core 5.0
  105. Jake Prins - Maker of digital products
  106. Deploying Machine Learning Models with FastAPI and Angular
  107. Architectural Tension
  108. Tutorials/Part 1 | ABP Documentation
  109. Charles proxy for web scraping
  110. Building Micro Frontends
  111. Should Your Enterprise Pick Angular, React or Blazor?
  112. Breadmaking 101: How to Troubleshoot Bad Bread
  113. How I Write Elm Applications
  114. The .NET Stacks #24: Blazor readiness and James Hickey on Coravel
  115. Top 70 DotNet Blogs & Websites for .NET Developers To Follow in 2020
  116. Dev Discussions - James Hickey
  117. I Hate Coordinate Systems!
  118. If not SPAs, What? - macwright.com
  119. Google’s new logos are bad – TechCrunch
  120. morris/vanilla-todo
  121. Leaving Silverlight: Converting to the Web
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  123. How To Buy a Computer for Cross-Platform Development
  124. Is Blazor a Safe Enterprise Bet
  125. Deploying ASP.NET Core Web API to Azure API Apps - Code Maze
  126. Blazor FAST WebComponents
  127. Combing through ComponentBase
  128. The .NET Stacks #21: Azure Static Web Apps, .NET 6 feedback, and more!
  129. Episode 62 - What Have I Missed With Zac Braddy
  130. Microsoft.Identity.Web is now generally available! - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  131. The Importance of Memory | Barnabas Kendall
  132. DevReach Online - The Premier Dev Conference Now Online
  133. Under the hood with routing in Blazor
  134. How to Secure Blazor WebAssembly with IdentityServer4 - Code Maze
  135. Using monorepos to increase velocity during early stages of product development | Creating Startups
  136. How to Publish Angular with ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  137. Building Flexible APIs with GraphQL and ASP.NET Core - Espresso Coder
  138. OAuth2 Refresh Token with Anular and IdentityServer4
  139. Release Week 40 of the year 2020 · AdrienTorris/awesome-blazor
  140. The Future of IdentityServer
  141. Welcoming Gitter to Matrix! | Matrix.org
  142. Role-Based Access Control with Angular and IdentityServer4
  143. Using Access Token to Secure Angular Calls to Web API
  144. Static hosting with Azure Blob Storage and Azure CDN - Simple Talk
  145. Modern JavaScript Explained For Dinosaurs
  146. Power Up Your Dev Experience with Nx.io
  147. DevReach Online - The Premier Dev Conference - Monday
  148. Blazor WebAssembly on Azure Static Web Apps
  149. Angular Authentication Actions with IdentityServer4 - Code Maze
  150. Angular OAuth2 OIDC Configuration with IdentityServer4
  151. MEAN Stack Considered Harmful
  152. Core Web Vitals - Wix vs. WordPress, Shopify vs. Shopware – What's fastest? - SISTRIX
  153. Use CSS isolation in your Blazor projects
  154. Create an Application with Web Template Studio
  155. damienbod/IdentityServer4VueJs
  156. Microsoft's Fluid Framework is now open source on GitHub
  157. Scaling SignalR Core Web Applications With Kubernetes
  158. A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up a Web Application with Typescript and Express
  159. DevReach 2020 Now ONLINE & Free
  160. So You Want to Learn Physics... — Susan Fowler
  161. 10 lesser-known Web APIs you may want to use
  162. Optimal Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches | Ethan Rosenthal
  163. Pieter Levels makes $600k a year from Nomad List and Remote OK
  164. A tale of webpage speed, or throwing away React
  165. Why Do Technical Recruiters Even Exist? - Scott Turman
  166. minvws/nl-covid19-notification-app-backend
  167. TDD and Exception Handling With xUnit in ASP.NET Core
  168. Here's what's new and coming to .NET Core with versions 2.1, 2.2, and 3.0
  169. Northern VA CodeCamp
  170. Blazor vs Angular for Web Developers
  171. Angular Language Service for Visual Studio — NoWaySheCodes
  172. The essence of quantum mechanics
  173. Search Results for “grpc” – Anthony Giretti's .NET blog
  174. Angular Language Service - Visual Studio Marketplace
  175. Rewrite or Refactor - The Risks of Rewrites
  176. Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020
  177. Three Reasons You Should Join the Tour de Tech
  178. Azure Static Web Apps: a first look
  179. All the Ways to Make a Web Component - June 2020 Update
  180. Create: Frontend - A one of a kind live event from Microsoft about all things frontend
  181. Handling SPA Fallback Paths in a Generic ASP.NET Core Server
  182. Type-Safe Single Page Apps: F# Vs. TypeScript
  183. The Frink is Good, the Unit is Evil • Hillel Wayne
  184. Learn How to Migrate Your IdentityServer4 v3 Database to IdentityServer4 v4
  185. A developer-centered approach to application development - Red Hat Developer
  186. A real-time Event Grid viewer with serverless SignalR
  187. Respecting Browser Navigation in Single Page Applications
  188. le podcast des technologies .NET
  189. FabianGosebrink/ASPNETCore-Angular-SignalR-Typescript
  190. .NET: Prepare your company for the future
  191. On using WordPress as a back end
  192. dotnet/tye
  193. Time to upgrade your monitor
  194. New LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor lets creators build and bring to life anything they can imagine
  195. Blazor RenderTree Explained
  196. Who should you be: Technology Generalist or Specialist?
  197. Shapes
  198. Project Tye with .Net Core and Angular
  199. Angular SPA with an ASP.NET Core API using Azure AD Auth and user access tokens
  200. Nodesign.dev | Design less develop more.
  201. Blazor vs. React / Angular / Vue.js
  202. Logging with Decorators in TypeScript
  203. 15 Best Visual Studio Code Extensions for Web Developers | Syncfusion Blogs
  204. Mastering External Web API's in ASP.Net Core and ABP with Swagger, ApiExplorer, and NSwag
  205. Why I (still) love Vaadin
  206. Going serverless :: Aloïs Micard
  207. Modern Web UI with Blazor WebAssembly
  208. What Blazor Needs: An Ecosystem
  209. Write high-quality TypeScript code - .NET Tools Blog
  210. r/dotnet - Is dotnet completely free for commercial usage ?
  211. Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020
  212. Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020
  213. Deploying Your Web Site to Azure Static Web Apps – Chinh Do
  214. async/await is the wrong abstraction - LogRocket Blog
  215. Introduction to quantum computing with Q# – Part 3, Single qubit gates
  216. Azure Static Web Apps documentation
  217. Introducing App Service Static Web Apps
  218. Getting started with Angular development 2020
  219. GitHub stars are overvalued
  220. Deploying a Static Site to Azure Using the az CLI
  221. Brandon Smith's Website
  222. Visual Effects with Particles: a Guide for Beginners
  223. Awesome Blazor Browser
  224. Introducing .NET Core Support for AWS Amplify Backend Functions | Amazon Web Services
  225. Quickly transform any mockup or design into a working Blazor prototype
  226. CoreBoy is a cross platform GameBoy Emulator written in C# that even does ASCII
  227. Stored Procedures, ORMs, and GraphQL - ardalis
  228. Creating a Reverse Proxy in Dotnet Core
  229. Getting started with JavaScript application development - Red Hat Developer
  230. Stripe is Silently Recording Your Movements On its Customers' Websites
  231. Kim Maida 🥑 — DEV Profile
  232. Shawn Wildermuth's Blog
  233. I Took a COBOL Course and It Wasn't The Worst | Hacker Noon
  234. The software industry's greatest sin: hiring
  235. Building Web Applications with Blazor
  236. Shawn Wildermuth's Blog
  237. (Angular & ASP.NET) Gurustop.NET By @Meligy
  238. Resiliency with Polly – Anthony Giretti's .NET blog
  239. Global error Handling in gRPC & gRPC status codes – Anthony Giretti's .NET blog
  240. Using open source software to connect charities with people in need of social housing - Microsoft Industry Blogs - United Kingdom
  241. Offline storage in a PWA
  242. Sanitize HTML snippets with AngleSharp
  243. Wavve: Making $76k a Month Turning Podcasts into Videos
  244. How to create a gRPC service ? – Anthony Giretti's .NET blog
  245. .NET Transactional File Manager Migrated to GitHub – Chinh Do
  246. The Advantages of Blazor over JavaScript Frameworks
  247. Prettier 2.0 “2020” · Prettier
  248. Using open source software to connect charities with people in need of social housing - Microsoft Industry Blogs - United Kingdom
  249. Ryan_Connolly_Resume.docx
  250. Visual Studio for Mac: Refresh(); event recap | Visual Studio Blog
  251. An Open Letter to Web Developers
  252. My Courses Are Free During the Crisis - Shawn Wildermuth
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  254. What's the Difference Between Blazor vs Razor
  255. Dan Wahlin on about.me
  256. Fritz on the Web
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  258. Semantic UI
  259. What's behind the hype about Blazor? - Stack Overflow Blog
  260. Null API Responses and HTTP 204 Results in ASP.NET Core
  261. Chris Noring — DEV Profile
  262. Master these JavaScript Fundamentals to Land Your Next Job
  263. A Brief Intro to Clean Architecture, Clean DDD, and CQRS
  264. petterhoel/Todos
  265. Paperwork
  266. xLayers: Design – Code – Repeat
  267. ngx.tools: Angular Packages Discovery
  268. SSW Consulting - .NET, Web, Mobile, CRM, SharePoint, Azure, Power BI, Angular, React, Office 365 and Dynamics
  269. Debuggers & Domains | My Notes: Using Azure AD and MSAL for Application Authentication
  270. Pluralsight - Unlimited Online Developer, IT, and Cyber Security Training
  271. CertificateManager 1.0.3
  272. ING open sources Lion: A library of performant, accessible & flexible Web Components
  273. SSW Consulting - .NET, Web, Mobile, CRM, SharePoint, Azure, Power BI, Angular, React, Office 365 and Dynamics
  274. damienbod/AspNetCoreCertificates
  275. Using NSwag to Generate a Vue Client for an ASP.NET Core 3.1 API
  276. damienbod/AspNetCoreCertificates
  277. Using NSwag to Generate Blazor Server Client for an ASP.NET Core 3.1 API
  278. C# Corner Annual Conference 2020
  279. .NET Conf: Focus on Blazor Teaser
  280. Oqtane Blog | Oqtane vs DNN
  281. Blazor: Getting Started
  282. Life on Miller's Planet: The Habitable Zone Around Supermassive Black Holes
  283. Change Logs | ASP.NET Zero Documentation
  284. Blazor Security Docs and Blog Posts
  285. Don’t use Azure Functions as a web application
  286. RicoSuter/NSwag
  287. Telerik and Kendo UI R3 Release 2019 is Here!
  288. Discovering Hard Disk Physical Geometry through Microbenchmarking « Blog
  289. damienbod/AspNetCoreMvcAngular
  290. rstropek/BlazorHeroTutorial
  291. Introduction to Svelte
  292. ASP.NET Blog | ASP.NET Core and Blazor updates in .NET Core 3.0 Preview 8
  293. SamProf/MatBlazor
  294. Creating an OpenID connect system with Angular 8 and IdentityServer4 (OIDC part 1)
  295. System.Text.Json: (De)serialization support for quoted numbers · Issue #30255 · dotnet/runtime
  296. liveBook · Manning
  297. gothinkster/realworld
  298. Working with local storage in Blazor - danpatrascu.com
  299. Episode 27 - Blazored with Chris Sainty
  300. directive_attributes.md
  301. r/webdev - Just an observation. I have been interviewing candidates for a web dev position. A serious lack of knowledge in HTML/CSS.
  302. Version 8 of Angular — Smaller bundles, CLI APIs, and alignment with the ecosystem
  303. Users
  304. Top .NET Tutorials for May 2019
  305. Episode 25 - Blazor - You Want To Run .NET Where?!
  306. Comparing Native Blazor Components
  307. BlazorHelp Website > Blog - Migrating Blazing Pizza (server side Blazor and client side Blazor)
  308. World’s Flagship Event for Developers - WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2020
  309. Twisted Oak
  310. Become a Dev Rockstar by Learning About your Users with Visual Studio App Center and Azure | App Center Blog
  311. First M87 Event Horizon Telescope Results. V. Physical Origin of the Asymmetric Ring - IOPscience
  312. RickStrahl/AlbumViewerVNext
  313. Getting ready to say goodbye to Silverlight and hello to Blazor
  314. Weekly 2019-04-03
  315. Using Lambda@Edge to handle Angular client-side routing with S3 and CloudFront
  316. Fetch API, Streams API, NDJSON, and ASP.NET Core MVC
  317. Xamarin and Asp.Net Core for Beginners
  318. Introduction to authentication for Single Page Apps on ASP.NET Core
  319. How to generate uniformly random points on n-spheres and n-balls | Extreme Learning
  320. Rider 2019.1 Kicks off its Early Access Program! - .NET Tools Blog
  321. Using Vue with ASP.NET Core By Example
  322. ASP.NET Blog | ASP.NET Core updates in .NET Core 3.0 Preview 3
  323. The Case Against Quantum Computing - IEEE Spectrum
  324. Gazoo.vrv
  325. » Another World The Digital Antiquarian
  326. Telerik and Kendo UI R1 2019 Release is Here!
  327. Build a Video Chat App with ASP.NET Core, Angular, and Twilio
  328. Securing a Vue.js app using OpenID Connect Code Flow with PKCE and IdentityServer4
  329. Migrating oidc-client-js to use the OpenID Connect Authorization Code Flow and PKCE
  330. Securing Angular applications using the OpenID Connect Code Flow with PKCE
  331. JHipster - 生成你的 Spring Boot + Angular/React 应用!
  332. Eric Williams - DotNetZero vNext