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  1. 99%Track Time in GPT with Code Interpreter
  2. 99%Frugly vs. Freemium
  3. 97%Quality is a hard sell in big tech
  4. 86%System.IO.Hashing Namespace
  5. 93%Generative Models: What do they know?
  6. 99%Meta's new LLM-based test generator is a sneak peek to the future of development
  7. 97%The Next Bottleneck — Ethan Lalakea Alter
  8. 97%How to Make a List of Nearly Every Minecraft Player
  9. 97%Building a deep learning rig | part-1
  10. 98%Intel Processor Instability Causing Oodle Decompression Failures
  11. 99%ChatGPT vs. Advent of Code 2023 Day 22: Sand Slabs
  12. 98%Commits · sigma0-xyz/zkbitcoin
  13. 98%v0.1.0 · sigma0-xyz/zkbitcoin · Discussion #44
  14. 88%SDXL Lightning - by fal.ai
  15. 96%In a GenAI world. Only Identity Matters.
  16. 97%Making LLMs worth every penny | Tom Hipwell
  17. 94%Productivity Tools are Taxed - Adam Grant
  18. 98%Matryoshka Representation Learning (MRL) from the Ground Up
  19. 95%Large Language Models Are Drunk at the Wheel
  20. 85%Subprime Intelligence
  21. 94%Our Company Is Doing So Well That You’re All Fired
  22. 99% Stable Diffusion 3 — Stability AI
  23. 99%How To Use AI Assistant to Generate Test Data For .NET Applications | The .NET Tools Blog
  24. 97%The Unnoticed Plague - ReynardSec
  25. 84%I deepfaked my dead cat — Never be clever.
  26. 92%A Call for Consensus on HTML Semantics | Stephanie Eckles
  27. 97%Why is it so hard to link svg tags in HTML?
  28. 99%My benchmark for large language models
  29. 91%The Lost Art of Single-Tasking Devices
  30. 92%The killer app of Gemini Pro 1.5 is video
  31. 89%Save Flipper
  32. 98%Gemma: Introducing new state-of-the-art open models
  33. 91%ChatGPT has gone berserk
  34. 98%Planner programming blows my mind
  35. 99%Kagi Sidekick
  36. 99%Let's build the GPT Tokenizer
  37. 95%Falsehoods Junior Developers believe about becoming Senior
  38. 99%Uploads, Discord and more integration with Blazor
  39. 87%Jeff Dean (Google): Exciting Trends in Machine Learning
  40. 62%Apple vs. Meta Headset Wars, AI Innovations & Raising Cattle with Mark Zuckerberg
  41. 87%When Should Copyright Get Shorter?
  42. 94%Pursuits that can’t scale
  43. 97%Today I Decided to Create a Tool That I Always Wanted
  44. 99%"Send My AI"
  45. 83%Issue 48: The History You Miss on Your Way to Work
  46. 98%100 things you can do on your personal website | James' Coffee Blog
  47. 83%How Google is killing independent sites like ours - HouseFresh
  48. 99%.NET Aspire Preview 3: Expanded Component Support with Azure OpenAI, MySQL, CosmosDB, Kafka and More
  49. 99%An Introduction to the World of Containers with .NET 8
  50. 99%Develop a deployment script in Bicep - Azure Resource Manager
  51. 97%It takes about two months to write a technical book | Swizec Teller
  52. 98%GitHub - davidfowl/AspirePulumi: A demo showing pulumi and aspire
  53. 97%Representation Engineering Mistral-7B an Acid Trip
  54. 97%GitHub - davidfowl/AspireEventHub: A sample showing event hubs and aspire
  55. 97%Personalized arXiv Recommendation Service
  56. 91%The Layoff - Xe Iaso
  57. 93%I can't wait for the autogenerated movies
  58. 98%8 things you didn’t know you could do with GitHub Copilot
  59. 95%.NET Aspire Apache Kafka component - .NET Aspire
  60. 97%(Michael Chinen) » Trying Out Stable Cascade Local Image Generation
  61. 97%The Selfish GPU
  62. 91%The future of self-driving
  63. 94%Weekly Update 387
  64. 99%Get Started with the Uno Toolkit library | Uno Tech Bites
  65. 99%Azure OpenAI Models - Azure OpenAI Course for .NET Developers
  66. 97%Think Python, 3rd edition — Think Python, 3rd edition
  67. 96%Magika: AI powered fast and efficient file type identification
  68. 96%Software Engineer in Remote, Denmark | GitHub, Inc.
  69. 96%ASP.NET Community Standup - TagzApp - An app that discovers content on social media using hashtags
  70. 99%Making my bookshelves clickable | James' Coffee Blog
  71. 99%The Generative Internet
  72. 98%A beginners guide to fine tuning LLM using LoRA
  73. 90%How Poor Prompting Can Lead to Biased Results from LLM Applications
  74. 92%My Guide for Crafting Tech Talks in 2024
  75. 93%Sora: Creating video from text
  76. 98%Our next-generation model: Gemini 1.5
  77. 95%Delivery Day! We're finishing the Blazor App
  78. 99%Introducing Visual Studio 17.10 – Preview 1 is Here! - Visual Studio Blog
  79. 99%GitHub - reorproject/reor: AI note-taking app that runs models locally.
  80. 94%.NET Aspire overview - .NET Aspire
  81. 95%Requests for Startups | Y Combinator
  82. 99%- Fuck You, Show Me The Prompt.
  83. 87%A love letter to the Internet
  84. 98%Synthetic Data for Finetuning: Distillation and Self-Improvement
  85. 96%I Went To FOSDEM
  86. 99%What’s new in Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio 17.9 - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  87. 99%.NET 9 🔥🚀 : Preview 1 is here
  88. 99%ASP.NET Community Standup - Modern Blazor Auth with OIDC
  89. 98%Engineering Practices for LLM Application Development
  90. 99%Fly.io has GPUs now
  91. 84%The Solution Space
  92. 99%What Is Passes?
  93. 95%Memory and new controls for ChatGPT
  94. 96%AI Marks New Release of Visual Studio 2022 17.9 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  95. 99%GitHub - Stability-AI/StableCascade
  96. 99%Our Vision for .NET 9 - .NET Blog
  97. 75%Mr. Maeda's Cozy AI Kitchen: Designing Trust with Sarah Gold
  98. 98%Mr-Maeda-Cozy-AI-Kitchen/DesigningTrust at main · johnmaeda/Mr-Maeda-Cozy-AI-Kitchen
  99. 98%stable-audio-demo
  100. 96%First look at profiling tools - Visual Studio (Windows)
  101. 95%Neural network training makes beautiful fractals
  102. 93%For Build Developer Conference, Semantic Kernel AI SDK Aims for 'First-Class Agent Support' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  103. 99%Material Toolkit Walkthrough | Uno Tech Bites
  104. 93%Ongoing Scalability Improvements for Marten 7
  105. 98%Tiny UPS for Tiny NAS Reloaded
  106. 97%C# code snippets for Resharper and Rider
  107. 95%Product Manager, Customer Experience
  108. 98%Building AI-powered Microsoft Copilot with SignalR and other open-source tools - .NET Blog
  109. 99%How To Add Clickable Thumbnail Youtube Videos to ChatGPT
  110. 99%Chat with your PDF
  111. 96%Technology is progress?
  112. 98%Piano Transformer
  113. 85%Microsoft confirms name of the next major version of Windows, and it's not Windows 12
  114. 98%The Power of Open Telemetry with Dr. Sally Wahba
  115. 95%Manage secrets by using Bicep - Azure Resource Manager
  116. 99%Getting the Current User in Clean Architecture
  117. 97%Building a Midjourney Clone for Muslims - Side Project Overview
  118. 93%How To Write Stuff No One Else Can – The Write to Roam
  119. 89%Develop an ASP.NET Core web app that consumes an API - Training
  120. 95%GOODY-2 | The world's most responsible AI model
  121. 99%'Prompt Engineering' Jokes Abound when GitHub Asks Devs for Tips -- Visual Studio Magazine
  122. 99%Quick Start: Uno Platform Wizard's Blank Template
  123. 99%OpenAI compatibility · Ollama Blog
  124. 95%Thoughts on Tech Employment
  125. 97%Why I am moving on from Substack
  126. 99%Implementing your personal production-ready Telegram bot using AI tools to monitor, transcribe, summarize and voice videos from YouTube
  127. 99%Semantic programming
  128. 82%AuxHealth | Introducing MD&Me
  129. 99%Cascade Inference: Memory Bandwidth Efficient Shared Prefix Batch Decoding
  130. 98%Surreality - Xe Iaso
  131. 98%Architecting LLM Powered Software | Nasir Shadravan
  132. 99%My Top 10 NEW Visual Studio Features of 2023 for .NET Developers - .NET Blog
  133. 93%FCC Makes AI-Generated Voices in Robocalls Illegal
  134. 89%Bard becomes Gemini: Try Ultra 1.0 and a new mobile app today
  135. 99%ChatGPT vs. Advent of Code 2023 Day 20: Pulse Propagation
  136. 90%Architecting Cloud Native .NET Applications for Azure - .NET
  137. 96%ETL is dead, long live ETL (for multimodal data)
  138. 98%Miguel Méndez | NFL Field Mapping: A Journey Through Sports Analytics and Homography
  139. 75%PowerShell Team Eyes AI LLM Integration in Shell -- Visual Studio Magazine
  140. 94%Responsible and trusted AI - Cloud Adoption Framework
  141. 97%Toyota's Strategic Migration from Xamarin Forms to Uno Platform
  142. 98%.NET Aspire - Quick Introduction
  143. 89%“This is just a first step”: Audacity gets free AI plugins for music separation, generation and remixing (oh, and automatic text transcription, too)
  144. 93%A Software Engineer Does 100 Standup Comedy Open Mics
  145. 98%Why We Can't Have Nice Software
  146. 99%Companies embracing SMS for account logins should be blamed for SIM-swap attacks – Key Discussions
  147. 84%Copilot by the Numbers: Microsoft's Big AI Bet Paying Off -- Visual Studio Magazine
  148. 99%Things I'd like to learn in 2024 | Tom Hipwell
  149. 95%The Decision to Leave Tech
  150. 97%Remaking the app store — Benedict Evans
  151. 98%Large language models and me :: Sacha Chua
  152. 98%Microsoft Edge Really Doesn't Suck
  153. 95%How will matrix multiplication kill my company?
  154. 99%Fastest JSON Decoding for Local LLMs with Compressed Finite State Machine | LMSYS Org
  155. 86%Stripe has shut down our payment processing – smudge.ai
  156. 99%ChatGPT for Coding Tasks: Best Practices
  157. 99%Dev Tunnels: A Game Changer for Mobile Developers - .NET Blog
  158. 99%Episode 65: C# and Blazor - with Mads Torgersen, Dan Roth, and Scott Hunter!
  159. 97%Generating code was never the hard part - Nick Scialli
  160. 98%Browser extensions are underrated: the promise of hackable software
  161. 97%Write code for the web
  162. 83%One million machine learning specialists are needed by 2027. These bootcamps are teaching the in-demand skills
  163. 96%Improve your shell skills with Clai
  164. 98%Machine Learning to Ski
  165. 89%JetBrains' unremovable AI assistant prompts customer outcry
  166. 99%Probabilistic Programming in C# With Infer.NET - Code Maze
  167. 99%Do THIS If You Want To Understand Software Arechitecture
  168. 99%Why the Assistants API is so Appealing for AI Beginners
  169. 98%Way Enough - Language Model Streaming With SSE
  170. 93%Devs Can Now Just Say 'Hey Code' to Start Copilot Chat in VS Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  171. 85%GitHub - vitoplantamura/HackerNewsRemovals: List of stories removed from the Hacker News Front Page, updated in real time.
  172. 98%Mr-Maeda-Cozy-AI-Kitchen/GroceriesAndCooking at main · johnmaeda/Mr-Maeda-Cozy-AI-Kitchen
  173. 99%Pair-Programming Blazor with @carlfranklin
  174. 73%Weekly Update 385
  175. 99%What's New in NuGet for .NET 8 | .NET Conf 2023
  176. 98%Enhancing AI with Vector Search in RAG Systems: A Comprehensive Guide
  177. 82%What You Need Is Motivation — Ethan Lalakea Alter
  178. 96%Working with ChatGPT for Developers: A Hands-On Approach | PGHDOTNET
  179. 99%Matrix Inverse from Scratch Using SVD Decomposition with C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  180. 83%The end of my childhood
  181. 82%White Elephant and "fixed time, variable scope" — Bobbie Chen
  182. 97%Companionship Content is King | Theory No. 27
  183. 97%Tool Invocation – Demonstrating the Marvel of GPT's Flexibility · Thought Box
  184. 91%Investing in Long Waves: Capitalizing on Cycles of Creative Destruction
  185. 98%Building AI-powered Microsoft Copilot with SignalR and other open-source tools - .NET Blog
  186. 94%Azure AI Language documentation - Tutorials, API Reference - Azure AI services
  187. 76%Edge appears to import Chrome tabs without user permission
  188. 97%AI Unleashed: Decoded Emotions in Text!
  189. 96%Omnistrate Blog — Why we built Omnistrate?
  190. 80%The Top Insights That Shaped the Startup Fundraising Landscape in 2023
  191. 95%How to stay junior forever - Dmitry Kudryavtsev
  192. 96%Evaluating LLMs with WeightWatcher Part III: The Magic of Mistral, a Story of Dragon Kings
  193. 98%My 2023 Homelab Setup
  194. 99%ChatGPT vs. Advent of Code 2023 Day 19: Aplenty
  195. 98%Tips to Help Yourself Stand Out During a Tech Job Search
  196. 98%ASP.NET Community Standup - .NET Hack Together Winners!
  197. 91%New GitHub Copilot Chat AI Features Help Set the Intent: 'This Is the Future' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  198. 88%41 Years in UX: A Career Retrospective
  199. 99%An old solution to modern OpenAI GPTs problems
  200. 84%Think for yourself if you want AI to teach you how to code
  201. 97%🦅 Eagle 7B : Soaring past Transformers with 1 Trillion Tokens Across 100+ Languages
  202. 98%Introducing Windows Server 2025!
  203. 96%Unleashing the Cloud: A Historical Odyssey of Cloud Storage
  204. 96%Take the Road Most Documented
  205. 78%How I (almost) replaced two machine learning models with an if-statement
  206. 96%Goodbye, WhatsApp
  207. 88%Technology and (in)humanity
  208. 94%Untangling Non-Linearity
  209. 95%Hype — bayindirh
  210. 91%Man in the Arena
  211. 92%Please, don’t force me to log in
  212. 99%GitHub - rasbt/LLMs-from-scratch: Implementing a ChatGPT-like LLM from scratch, step by step
  213. 97%Microsoft Copilot: Copilot Pro, Copilot for Microsoft 365, Copilot GPT and More
  214. 89%Cybersecurity Best Practices and Password Security in Cloud and AI
  215. 98%The simplest neural network: three neurons and Titanic survival predictions
  216. 95%Microsoft AI help & learning
  217. 72%Agile development is fading in popularity at large enterprises - and developer burnout is a key factor
  218. 91%Common Language Runtime (CLR) overview - .NET
  219. 66%New GitHub Copilot Research Finds 'Downward Pressure on Code Quality' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  220. 99%GitHub Copilot fundamentals - Understand the AI pair programmer - Training
  221. 97%Personal Organization 101
  222. 96%Are we at peak vector database?
  223. 98%papers/halo2_community_detection_research.pdf at main · ingonyama-zk/papers
  224. 98%ASP.NET Community Standup - .NET Hack Together Winners!
  225. 99%Python & JavaScript Libraries · Ollama Blog
  226. 95%Understanding how GitHub Copilot works
  227. 99%Code Faster and Better with GitHub Copilot's New Features: Slash Commands and Context Variables - Visual Studio Blog
  228. 58%OpenAI Quietly Scrapped a Promise to Disclose Key Documents to the Public
  229. 94%Treat Your Spouse As An Investor - SKMurphy, Inc.
  230. 97%Is Productivity Hacking the Ultimate Procrastination Tool?
  231. 99%Zed is now open source - Zed Blog
  232. 97%The AI Study Guide: Azure’s top free resources for learning generative AI in 2024
  233. 93%Tales from the Dark Web PLUS Global AI Podcast MVP Panel, Thu, Feb 15, 2024, 5:45 PM | Meetup
  234. 89%Microsoft: Study Proves Investing in 'DevEx' Pays Off -- Visual Studio Magazine
  235. 87%Azure Confidential VMs with NVIDIA H100 GPUs for secure retrieval-augmented generation
  236. 94%Mr. Maeda's Cozy AI Kitchen: AI-Driven Design with Tim Allen
  237. 94%Mr. Maeda's Cozy AI Kitchen: AI-Driven Design with Tim Allen
  238. 96%Developer Nation Survey | Developer tools, apps, design, games
  239. 97%GitHub - stas00/ml-engineering: Machine Learning Engineering Open Book
  240. 98%Visual Studio productivity features in 2023 - Visual Studio Blog
  241. 98%Fundamentals of Retrieval Augmentation Generation (RAG)
  242. 94%The Potential and Limitations of OpenAI's Custom GPTs.
  243. 97%GPT-3.5 crashes when it thinks about useRalativeImagePath too much
  244. 99%Visual Studio 2022 - 17.9 Preview 3: Brings All-in-One Search Improvements
  245. 90%Some CX suggestions for Carvana
  246. 92%Synthesizing the Pinnacle of Pattern Recognition in GPT-3 and GPT-4
  247. 90%I will dropkick you if you refer to an LLM as a Librarian
  248. 98%WinUI 3 Highlighting text | WinAppSDK | XAML | UWP | WPF | .NET
  249. 75%Microsoft Actions Following Attack by Nation State Actor Midnight Blizzard | MSRC Blog
  250. 90%The Productive C# Membership
  251. 99%Pivoting My Startup Journey
  252. 98%zkbitcoin/whitepaper.pdf at main · sigma0-xyz/zkbitcoin
  253. 98%How I’m (re)learning math as an adult
  254. 87%2024 Financial Report and Fundraiser ⚡ Zig Programming Language
  255. 84%Writings of sussman@
  256. 98%ReSharper 2023.3: AI Assistant, C# 12 and C++ Support, Entity Framework Specific Analyses and More
  257. 96%Torvalds Speaks: Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Programming
  258. 99%Dev Proxy v0.14 with generating OpenAPI specs and simulating CRUD APIs - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  259. 99%GitHub - collabora/WhisperSpeech: An Open Source text-to-speech system built by inverting Whisper.
  260. 93%Prompt engineering with Semantic Kernel
  261. 94%AlphaGeometry: An Olympiad-level AI system for geometry
  262. 95%You Can Have an Open Source Personal Assistant in 2024
  263. 99%Fine-tuning an LLM on your texts: part 2 - exploring your text data - Edward Donner
  264. 93%Shipping Blended Diffs
  265. 99%ChatGPT vs. Advent of Code 2023 Day 18: Lavaduct Lagoon
  266. 99%Azure Container Apps Community Standup - Cloud-native apps with .NET Aspire
  267. 99%Rider 2023.3: AI Asistant, .NET 8 Support, C# 12 and F# 8 Features, Debugging Improvements and More
  268. 96%Meta Blog: Blogging ergonomics in 2024
  269. 98%Stable Code 3B: Coding on the Edge — Stability AI
  270. 98%Azure Cosmos DB design patterns – Part 5: Document versioning - Azure Cosmos DB Blog
  271. 98%10 Beautiful SaaS Landing Pages Without Product Images
  272. 99%NixOS on Hetzner Dedicated - mhu.dev
  273. 97%My Indie SaaS Revenue has Grown 37% per Year for 13 Years
  274. 88%I miss human curation
  275. 99%Building intelligent applications with Blazor and Open AI Service | .NET Conf 2023 Student Zone
  276. 71%Daily links from Cory Doctorow
  277. 85%Many AI Safety Orgs Have Tried to Criminalize Currently-Existing Open-Source AI
  278. 99%.NET 8 🔥🚀 : Guide to Telemetry and Metrics - Exploring new Features
  279. 97%Bringing the full power of Copilot to more people and businesses - The Official Microsoft Blog
  280. 98%Way Enough - Fine-tuning gpt-3.5-turbo to learn to play "Connections"
  281. 99%Where are the good email apps?
  282. 92%Let's Help Org Mode Escape From Emacs
  283. 99%API "Rules"
  284. 99%Build an ASP.NET Core Blazor Web App - End to End Video Series
  285. 99%Integrating Generative AI in .NET with Amazon BedRock - Super Charge your API with AI | Code With Mukesh
  286. 99%GitHub - vanna-ai/vanna: 🤖 Chat with your SQL database 📊. Accurate Text-to-SQL Generation via LLMs using RAG 🔄.
  287. 95%Notes on Differential Technological Development
  288. 98%Chat is poor UX for most users.
  289. 95%Tools and Toys
  290. 98%We're building a better PostHog community by closing our public Slack - PostHog
  291. 70%Your washing machine could be sending 3.7 GB of data a day — LG washing machine owner disconnected his device from Wi-Fi after noticing excessive outgoing daily data traffic
  292. 99%Building a fully local LLM voice assistant to control my smart home
  293. 91%The Slow Frontier of Genetic Choice
  294. 98%Listening with LLM
  295. 99%C# 🔥🚀 : Features you might not know - Part 2
  296. 99%GitHub - SciSharp/LLamaSharp: Run local LLaMA/GPT model easily and fast in C#!🤗 It's also easy to integrate LLamaSharp with semantic-kernel, unity, WPF and WebApp.
  297. 99%Ollama
  298. 92%Attending NeurIPS 2023
  299. 98%Programming in just ONE language should be lauded. – Cliffski's Blog
  300. 99%Lessons I learned in the last 10 years
  301. 86%Shipping a Project in 24 Hours
  302. 97%#RAG #RetrieverOptimization #HybridSearch #AI #ML6
  303. 97%Content Moderation APIs are Really, Really Bad
  304. 98%Hidden Changes in GPT-4, Uncovered
  305. 84%Coding a drone using .NET & ChatGPT AI and flying it in mixed reality | .NET Conf 2023 Student Zone
  306. 99%ChatGPT vs. Advent of Code 2023 Day 17: Clumsy Crucible
  307. 99%Step by step guide: fine-tune an LLM on your texts (part 1) - Edward Donner
  308. 89%Microsoft Issues 'Special Invitation' to Visual Studio Live! Developer Conference -- Visual Studio Magazine
  309. 60%The Internet Is Full of AI Dogshit - Aftermath
  310. 95%JARMuary continues - Converting a Razor Pages website to Blazor - Part 9
  311. 86%The Hanselminutes Podcast by Scott Hanselman
  312. 93%The Butterfly Effect of Altering Prompts: How Small Changes and Jailbreaks Affect Large Language Model Performance
  313. 98%Language Modeling Reading List (to Start Your Paper Club)
  314. 53%SAG-AFTRA's new agreement lets game devs use AI voices
  315. 94%Among Hundreds of AI Tools for VS Code, GitHub Copilot Chat Explodes -- Visual Studio Magazine
  316. 97%Generative AI by iStock Powered by NVIDIA Picasso | NVIDIA Blog
  317. 99%Format ChatGPT results with PydanticOutputParser - LangChain #2
  318. 81%Mixtral of Experts
  319. 89%2023 a Year in Review | LINQ to Fail
  320. 84%Only 2 Hard Things in Computer Science - this is one of them
  321. 98%Reimagining Web APIs - Multilingual/ Rusty Web Servers
  322. 98%Extracting copyrighted text from GPT
  323. 98%Issue 42: Are GPTs Websites?
  324. 80%Why I’m excited about profit-sharing startups
  325. 99%Thoughts on LLM Agents
  326. 98%What Is Linux Mobile
  327. 98%LMNT: Make a Damn Website
  328. 98%‎Offline Chat: Private AI
  329. 98%The Early Return Principle Will Help You Write Clean Code
  330. 97%Daniel Rosenwasser on TypeScript and What’s Ahead in 2024
  331. 99%SharpMoku a Gomoku/Five in a Row Written in C#
  332. 91%It’s OK to call it Artificial Intelligence
  333. 97%How to avoid picking terrible metrics
  334. 98%Attacks on machine learning models
  335. 84%Low-hanging fruit | artagnon.com
  336. 97%Chess-GPT’s Internal World Model
  337. 93%Welcome to 2024, Looking Ahead
  338. 98%How LLMs are and are not like the brain
  339. 99%.NET R&D Digest (December, 2023)
  340. 96%Artificial Knowledge Creation
  341. 85%Here be dragons
  342. 90%GitHub Copilot Chat Heralds Speech as 'New Universal Programming Language' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  343. 98%F# Advent of Code 2023: A random walk in the direction of functional enlightenment
  344. 95%VB, Linux, Copilot, AI and a Meme
  345. 94%Databases in 2023: A Year in Review | OtterTune
  346. 95%Top 10 things we shipped in 2023
  347. 93%New Tool Helps Migrate On-Premises .NET Apps to Azure Cloud -- Visual Studio Magazine
  348. 99%Microsoft Announces AppCAT: Simplifying Azure Migration for .NET Apps
  349. 97%Microsoft Ignite 2023 Book of News
  350. 99%Working around the WPF ImageSource Blues
  351. 99%Visual Studio 2013 Retirement: Support reminder for older versions of Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  352. 88%Elon Musk is not understood
  353. 82%#0149: 52+ Things I learned in 2023
  354. 97%Data Protection assessment of Privacy Sandbox's Protected Audience API
  355. 99%Birb + Fossil: An RSS Revival? - Tim Kellogg
  356. 95%The 3 budgets | Swizec Teller
  357. 97%Do it for them.
  358. 99%Matrix Inverse from Scratch Using QR Decomposition with C# -- Visual Studio Magazine
  359. 69%Mozilla CEO wants business to pick up the pace
  360. 99%Hello, world!
  361. 95%2024 Predictions by @ttunguz
  362. 99%My homelab setup
  363. 92%A simulation of me: fine-tuning an LLM on 240k text messages - Edward Donner
  364. 77%Artifical Intelligence as a Time Dilator
  365. 97%The I in LLM stands for intelligence
  366. 98%Enterprise Advocate in San Francisco, California | GitHub, Inc.
  367. 97%The beginning of JARMuary - a month of .NET development with ARM
  368. 99%LLMs and Programming in the first days of 2024
  369. 97%We Could Fix Everything, We Just Don't
  370. 99%2024 Tech Trends 🚀🔥: What I'm Learning This Year
  371. 92%A year of making you more productive using Git in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  372. 97%Maximizing LLM performance
  373. 88%Why blog in an (AI) apocalypse?
  374. 98%Stuff we figured out about AI in 2023
  375. 93%Tech Predictions for 2024
  376. 97%Models, Large Language and Otherwise
  377. 97%Copy, Acquire, Kill— How Meta could pull off the most extraordinary pivot in tech history
  378. 99%GitHub - jart/emacs-copilot: Large language model code completion for Emacs
  379. 97%Amazon's Silent Sacking
  380. 99%Bringing .NET to the Edge: How to Run Your CLI Applications on Cloudflare Workers with WASI
  381. 88%Things are about to get a lot worse for Generative AI
  382. 99%2023 in Retrospective — bayindirh
  383. 86%My kid sounds like ChatGPT, and soon yours might, too
  384. 88%Part 0: The Start
  385. 98%It's not microservice or monolith; it's cognitive load you need to understand first
  386. 94%Liero - Official website
  387. 91%The Case to Free a Machine to Learn – Michael Bastos
  388. 97%AccentCoach: Transfrom Your Accent into American Accent
  389. 98%Challenges with semantic search on transcribed audio files
  390. 99%WinUI 3 CreateFromStringAttribute | WinAppSDK | XAML | UWP | WPF | .NET
  391. 95%The State of Developer Shortage in 2022
  392. 95%Your Projects Need This Type of Tests: Architecture Tests
  393. 76%NY Times sues Open AI, Microsoft over copyright infringement
  394. 90%Developers experience burnout, but 70% of them code on weekends
  395. 99%4 billion if statements
  396. 99%Pushing ChatGPT's Structured Data Support To Its Limits
  397. 85%Folding Consumption | TL;DR
  398. 98%LLM security - Introduction
  399. 99%4 billion if statements
  400. 92%My Top 10 Features in Visual Studio Released in 2023!
  401. 97%10 Things Software Developers Should Learn about Learning
  402. 99%Challenging projects every programmer should try
  403. 83%"Attention", "Transformers", in Neural Network "Large Language Models"
  404. 97%How I Reverse Engineered Vercel's v0.dev Prompt and Code Optimization Logic
  405. 99%GitHub - cumulo-autumn/StreamDiffusion: StreamDiffusion: A Pipeline-Level Solution for Real-Time Interactive Generation
  406. 89%My solopreneur story: $0 to $65,000/month in 2 years
  407. 93%Suno AI
  408. 98%GitHub - apple/ml-ferret
  409. 88%They Want You To Forget What A Film Looks Like - Aftermath
  410. 99%Made with Tea: Jendrik Poloczek
  411. 98%ChatGPT vs. Advent of Code 2023 Day 16: The Floor Will Be Lava
  412. 99%The Christmas Episode! Migrating an application from Razor Pages to Blazor - part 4
  413. 98%Create a Website from a Screenshot and Refine It, All in the Browser – Alex Kirk
  414. 90%2023: A Year in Review
  415. 93%Why Blog? An Opinion from an Ex-YouTuber
  416. 99%Integrating OpenAI Image Generation into a .NET Application
  417. 97%Intro to Entity Framework Core 8 - .NET Conf 2023 - LearnInUrdu139/Lahore
  418. 99%Announcing the HackTogether: The Great .NET 8 Hack Winners - .NET Blog
  419. 88%Up Your Elf on the Shelf Game with ChatGPT
  420. 95%Chinchilla Paper explained
  421. 99%GitHub - johnma2006/mamba-minimal: Simple, minimal implementation of Mamba in one file of PyTorch.
  422. 96%2023 - yet another annual review [Editorial]
  423. 98%Christmas Countdown: #4 Editors? It's just John and Jane, they know all the quirks - why does edit-mode matter?
  424. 60%Turn your ideas into songs with Suno on Microsoft Copilot
  425. 90%Microsoft's Semantic Kernel SDK Ships with AI Agents, Plugins, Planners and Personas -- Visual Studio Magazine
  426. 99%Build your own RAG and run it locally: Langchain + Ollama + Streamlit
  427. 94%s/acc: Safe Accelerationism Manifesto
  428. 68%Making God · EmilyGorcenski.com
  429. 99%A Better Mastodon Client - Tim Kellogg
  430. 99%What's New in C# 12 | .NET Conf 2023
  431. 99%Using Meadow and .NET to send log IoT events to Meadow.Cloud
  432. 99%9 UI Frameworks for .NET Desktop App Development [2024]
  433. 99%Querying MongoDB With ObjectId in C# - Code Maze
  434. 99%I Handled All Exceptions in 5 min! 💙 .NET 8
  435. 96%Release dotnet-1.0.1 · microsoft/semantic-kernel
  436. 99%Naming Made Easy: AI-Powered Rename Suggestions - Visual Studio Blog
  437. 96%Issue 39: The Losers of the Open Source Movement
  438. 86%RAG vs fine-tuning
  439. 85%Vectors From Leibniz to Einstein
  440. 99%The OpenAI Assistant could use a Session Backend
  441. 99%Introduction to ML.NET [Pt 9] | Generative AI with .NET for Beginners
  442. 99%Figma and Adobe are abandoning our proposed merger | Figma Blog
  443. 94%Which open sourced projects will blow up in 2024?
  444. 95%Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends 2024
  445. 68%38TB Microsoft data leak highlights risks of oversharing | Computer Weekly
  446. 97%Embarking on a Journey of Innovation
  447. 94%Leaving Microsoft
  448. 99%Advancements in machine learning for machine learning
  449. 98%OpenAI Platform
  450. 95%Steering at the Frontier: Extending the Power of Prompting - Microsoft Research
  451. 77%What punch cards teach us about AI risk – The Observation Deck
  452. 99%Microsoft's LinkedIn abandons migration to Microsoft Azure
  453. 58%Intel CEO attacks Nvidia on AI: 'The entire industry is motivated to eliminate the CUDA market'
  454. 98%Burke Learns Blazor - OpenGraph and maybe My Links page!
  455. 96%Making Money by Building a Community
  456. 92%The first 100,000 Words: Finding Success on Substack without a Following
  457. 98%AdventOfCode/2023/Day5/DavidFowler at main · nakedmcse/AdventOfCode
  458. 86%Monty Anderson
  459. 93%The AI trust crisis
  460. 97%Simple sabotage for software
  461. 93%VS Code Used to Survey Go Devs, Who Name VS Code No. 1 Editor -- Visual Studio Magazine
  462. 96%Understanding AI plugins in Semantic Kernel and beyond
  463. 98%Running a LLM on a M1 Mac 8GB
  464. 98%On the Importance of Writing
  465. 99%Build your own course assistant with AI
  466. 95%Usability Digest Dec. 2023: Improved autofill reliability, lock state, and item title generation
  467. 99%Bash One-Liners for LLMs
  468. 99%Whisper: Nvidia RTX 4090 vs M1Pro with MLX (updated with M2/M3)
  469. 85%How Plane, an open-source alternative to Jira, got to the #1 in project management on GitHub in less than a year
  471. 98%.NET Conf 2023 Discover What's New in C# 12
  472. 88%How and why I paid for Kagi?
  473. 96%Introducing MemoryCache | Augmented Local AI
  474. 91%Crafting an AI Mixologist Using Semantic Kernel -- Visual Studio Magazine
  475. 99%GitHub - elfvingralf/macOSpilot-ai-assistant: Voice + Vision powered AI assistant that answers questions about any application, in context and in audio.
  476. 73%YouTube doesn't want to take down scam ads
  477. 98%Razor Page UI Updates and more
  478. 99%Is AI coming for your Developer Job?
  479. 99%VS Code Tutorial For C# Developers
  480. 98%ASP.NET Community Standup - .NET Aspire Update
  481. 78%Introduction to ChatGPT Plugins [Pt 6] | Generative AI with .NET for Beginners
  482. 99%Learn how to improve .NET application performance leveraging Azure Code Optimizations|.NET Conf 2023
  483. 99%.NET | CI setup using GitHub actions and Nuke build automation
  484. 78%Founders, Beware Hardware
  485. 80%Why I'm Increasingly Worried About Boys, Too
  486. 95%Tim Severien
  487. 93%VS Code's Copilot 'AI Pair Programmer' Improves Chat UI, Explains Rust Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  488. 98%La plateforme
  489. 90%EF Core Can Help You Build This Microservices Pattern
  490. 98%Mixtral of experts
  491. 70%The surprising connection between after-hours work and decreased productivity
  492. 92%A Remake of the Google Gemini Fake Demo, Except Using GPT-4 and It’s Real
  493. 99%On the Importance of RFCs in Programming | Wasp
  494. 77%My first $1 online as as solopreneur
  495. 71%Paris-based Startup and OpenAI Competitor Mistral AI Valued at $2 Billion
  496. 77%Engadin Valley, Swiss Alps, Switzerland
  497. 89%Researchers automated jailbreaking of LLMs with other LLMs - Help Net Security
  498. 95%LLMs in the middle: Content aware browser filters
  499. 97%Three Things That LLMs Have Made Us Rethink – Rodney Brooks
  500. 99%Unleashing AI Potential with ML.NET: An intro to .NET's Machine Learning #shorts 🖥️✨
  501. 95%Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2023
  502. 97%Writing that’s too short wastes everyone’s time — Earfinders
  503. 99%Ava is now open source – Kamil Tomšík
  504. 73%Why it feels like AIs are coming for the artists
  505. 88%Microsoft's 'Semantic Kernel' AI SDK Ships as Release Candidate -- Visual Studio Magazine
  506. 96%Understanding AI plugins in Semantic Kernel and beyond
  507. 99%Skills to plugins: fully embracing the OpenAI plugin spec in Semantic Kernel | Semantic Kernel
  508. 99%Translate spoken text using Whisper and GPT with Azure Open AI Services and .NET MAUI
  509. 95%Kagi Search Changelog
  510. 93%I Made a Link-Sharing Website at the End of 2023
  511. 96%Things I learned from teaching
  512. 93%Announcing Purple Llama: Towards open trust and safety in the new world of generative AI
  513. 99%XAML tools in Visual Studio | .NET MAUI Minutes
  514. 99%All my favorite tracing tools: eBPF, QEMU, Perfetto, new ones I built and more
  515. 96%Introducing Gemini: our largest and most capable AI model
  516. 98%.NET Rocks! Polly V8 with Joel Hulen and Martin Costello
  517. 99%.NET MAUI Community Standup - .NET MAUI 2023 Wrapped
  518. 98%10 Essential Apps Every Developer Needs
  519. 80%Why is it so hard to find out one fact about Marie Antoinette?
  520. 99%Identify and solve performance issues faster with App Insights Code Optimizations
  521. 99%Learn .NET 8 with New Beginner Videos - .NET Blog
  522. 98%Overview of Responsible AI practices for Azure OpenAI models - Azure AI services
  523. 99%Gemini - Google DeepMind
  524. 99%WHO WINS? - C# Head to Head With Unit Testing VS Functional Testing
  525. 96%Introducing Gemini: our largest and most capable AI model
  526. 99%BenchmarkDotNet v0.13.11 · dotnet/BenchmarkDotNet · Discussion #2479
  527. 99%.NET Conf 2023 Taiwan
  528. 59%Arnold Schwarzenegger Sings About Rainbows
  529. 98%AI and Trust - Schneier on Security
  530. 93%Fine Tuning Mistral 7B on Magic the Gathering Drafts
  531. 98%.NET R&D Digest (November, 2023)
  532. 95%AI and Mass Spying - Schneier on Security
  533. 93%Celebrating the first year of Copilot with significant new innovations - The Official Microsoft Blog
  534. 99%GitHub - bradygaster/AugmentR: Sample showing how to do Retrieval Augmented Generation using .NET Aspire, Semantic Kernel, and OpenAI.
  535. 99%I Hacked Magic the Gathering: Arena for a 100% Winrate
  536. 99%.NET MAUI Community Toolkit, December 2023
  537. 97%Exploring possibilities surrounding Rubber duck debugging
  538. 99% Speculative Sampling | Jay Mody
  539. 78%Before Dropping Out of HS
  540. 98%Java on Azure Team Focuses on OpenAI Chat Playground for AI Experimentation -- Visual Studio Magazine
  541. 99%GitHub - microsoft/hack-together-dotnet: HackTogether: The Microsoft .NET 8 Global Hack | Register, Hack, Win
  542. 99%S06B01 - Special Announcement: Generative AI Session At Microsoft Reactor
  543. 97%How Google takes the pain out of code reviews, with 97% dev satisfaction
  544. 99%Getting Started with Semantic Kernel and C#
  545. 95%Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  546. 95%On Pivoting
  547. 89%Local LLMs as browser sidekicks
  548. 64%LLM Visualization
  549. 95%ChatGPT Isn't Coming for Your Coding Job
  550. 98%LLMs and the Extended Mind Thesis
  551. 96%Pitching a Tech Book to a Publisher
  552. 89%WebSummit 2023: Where are AI and Web3 heading to? - Lejdi Prifti
  553. 99%Noiselith
  554. 59%w/re Invent 23.md
  555. 99%Seamless Communication - AI at Meta
  556. 99%Semantic Kernel’s Ignite release: Beta8 for the .NET SDK | Semantic Kernel
  557. 87%ChatGPT's One-year Anniversary: Are Open-Source Large Language Models Catching up?
  558. 93%You don't want to work with embeddings - Blog by Grzegorz Kossakowski
  559. 96%.NET Conf 2023 Round Up, Sat, Dec 2, 2023, 11:00 AM | Meetup
  560. 98%My favorite features in Visual Studio 17.8 - Visual Studio Blog
  561. 86%.NET Rocks! Applied Large Language Models with Vishwas Lele
  562. 96%Sam Altman returns as CEO, OpenAI has a new initial board
  563. 99%Burke Learns Blazor - Drag and Drop and DOM events!
  564. 99%GitHub - Mozilla-Ocho/llamafile: Distribute and run LLMs with a single file.
  565. 80%Copilot AI Takes Over Git Commits in Visual Studio 2022 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  566. 98%The birth & death of search engine optimization - Xe Iaso
  567. 64%Y Combinator's Future in the Software Slowdown
  568. 96%I got top 20 on my first product hunt launch by doing a homework assignment
  569. 99%Code Whisperer for the Command Line
  570. 99%Join The Great .NET 8 Hack and Win Amazing Prizes!
  571. 98%Write Your Git Commits with GitHub Copilot - Visual Studio Blog
  572. 98%Exploring Generative AI
  573. 99%RAG Pipelines from scratch
  574. 98%Embark: Dynamic documents for making plans
  575. 97%ML.NET 3.0 Boosts Deep Learning, Data Processing for .NET-Based AI Apps -- Visual Studio Magazine
  576. 94%My techno-optimism
  577. 99%Nextty: a radically collaborative computing environment
  578. 96%Dependency rejection
  579. 99%Mr. Maeda's Cozy AI Kitchen: Mr. Maeda's Tofu Factory Origins
  580. 99%Mr. Maeda's Cozy AI Kitchen: Mr. Maeda's Tofu Factory Origins
  581. 99%GitHub - microsoft/hack-together-dotnet: HackTogether: The Microsoft .NET 8 Global Hack | Register, Hack, Win
  582. 98%God Help Us, Let's Try To Understand The Paper On AI Monosemanticity
  583. 99%A Practical Guide for Beginners: Azure OpenAI with JavaScript and TypeScript (Part 01)
  584. 99%A Practical Guide for Beginners: Azure OpenAI with JavaScript and TypeScript (Part 03)
  585. 99%A Practical Guide for Beginners: Azure OpenAI with JavaScript and TypeScript (Part 02)
  586. 96%Prompt injection explained, November 2023 edition
  587. 98%What is Prompt Engineering?
  588. 98%Microsoft Developer Labs: Adventures with GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio and .NET
  589. 96%Fine-tuning Won't Add New Knowledge To Your Model
  590. 96%The Sport of Indie Hacking
  591. 98%Cloudflare named a leader in Forrester Edge Development Platforms Wave, Q4 2023
  592. 96%Where Is OpenCV 5?
  593. 97%Let's write some code!
  594. 96%Bits, Bites & Bios 2023
  595. 94%Releasing LiveTranslate - automatic simultaneous translation · TomAF
  596. 95%Why solopreneurs should ditch free plans
  597. 94%EraGuessr GPT
  598. 98%Will Scaling Solve Robotics?: Perspectives From Corl 2023
  599. 99%VectorDB
  600. 99%Creating Microsoft Teams Applications with Visual Studio and .NET
  601. 97%Assistants - chat bots with skills by cgillum · Pull Request #24 · cgillum/azure-functions-openai-extension
  602. 99%Visual Studio 17.9 Preview 1: Refreshed UI, Debugging, AI, Productivity and More
  603. 99%.NET | Add Feature flags to your application
  604. 98%Le novità di .NET 8
  605. 90%CICERO
  606. 98%LLM finetuning memory requirements
  607. 99%Quickly generate APIs for your database
  608. 99%Generative AI for Beginners
  609. 99%Introduction [Pt 1] | Machine Learning and AI with .NET for Beginners
  610. 96%YouTube: Intro to Large Language Models
  611. 95%Multifaceted: the linguistic echo chambers of LLMs
  612. 84%Sam Altman, Jiu Jitsu Master
  613. 97%attribution armored code
  614. 92%.NET Conf Surulere Attendee Confirmation Survey
  615. 99%DEV Cafe - .NET Conf 2023 Vietnam
  616. 99%.NET 8 is generally available – and more updates from .NET Conf, Microsoft Ignite, GitHub Universe
  617. 97%Announcing: Refactoring with C#
  618. 90%Investing Behavioral Hacks - The Big Picture
  619. 96%Proposal for a navigation panel for complex (or perhaps bloated) admin interfaces
  620. 79%A DevOps Turkey-Day Poem - ShavingTheYak
  621. 90%What Happens When Elon Musk Tweets A Link To Your Service
  622. 94%Unleashing Meta's DIY On-Premise AI Magic with Llama!🚀
  623. 99%Cairo's public memory
  624. 94%Unleashing Meta's Llama DIY On-Premise AI Magic!🚀
  625. 98%👾 LM Studio - Discover and run local LLMs
  626. 61%Edensor Village, Derbyshire, England
  627. 98%The Cost of Index Everything
  628. 98%Real time user interface production with generative AI hints at radical changes to UX design and accessibility
  629. 94%Introducing Stable Video Diffusion — Stability AI
  630. 97%Introducing Claude 2.1
  631. 99%Hack Together .NET - Build Generative AI apps with Open AI
  632. 95%Reverse-engineering GPTs for fun and data
  633. 95%Monkey Conf 2023
  634. 99%The State of Integration
  635. 95%.NET 🚀🔥 : The Game-Changing New Features of .NET 8 Unveiled 🔥🔥🔥
  636. 99%GitHub - Acly/krita-ai-diffusion: Streamlined interface for generating images with AI in Krita. Inpaint and outpaint with optional text prompt, no tweaking required.
  637. 99%The Programmer Gap
  638. 98%Practical Tips for Finetuning LLMs Using LoRA (Low-Rank Adaptation)
  639. 76%Kyutai is a French AI research lab with a $330 million budget that will make everything open source | TechCrunch
  640. 89%.NET Conf 2023 Maribelajar | Maribelajar Events
  641. 61%Foundational Risks of OpenAI
  642. 95%Zero-K
  643. 78%Free Will and ChatGPT-Me — John Horgan (The Science Writer)
  644. 98%Percisely
  645. 78%Fireside Friday, November 17, 2023
  646. 80%Cost of Spam
  647. 92%Cloud of a Thousand Talking Cats
  648. 96%Frigate NVR
  649. 79%Death by AI - Survival Party Game
  650. 99%Resumen - Novedades Microsoft Ignite, GitHub Universe y .NET Conf 2023!
  651. 99%Building debugging context for Copilot Chat
  652. 99%Building generative AI powered bots with Teams Toolkit and AI library for .NET | .NET Conf 2023
  653. 99%.NET Conf 2023
  654. 65%Web Summit 2023: From a Developer's Perspective
  655. 99%The Entropic Framework for Cardinality Bounds
  656. 93%Artist for a Day
  657. 99%Mainframe and midrange modernization - Azure Logic Apps
  658. 74%OpenAI announces leadership transition
  659. 95%Announcing general availability of vector search and semantic ranker in Azure AI Search
  660. 69%Oops! We Automated Bullshit. | Department of Computer Science and Technology
  661. 97%Microsoft Build 2023 Inside Azure Innovations - Hyperlight
  662. 98%Dreaming of the Ultimate Smarthome | Joris Roovers
  663. 99%Revolutionize Cloud Development with .NET Aspire - Your Gateway to the Future #shorts
  664. 99%Elevating the developer experience on Windows with new AI tools and productivity tools
  665. 59%Entrance, Mylne’s Court, Edinburgh, Scotland
  666. 99%Azure Developer CLI (azd) - November 2023 Release
  667. 81%With a systems approach to chips, Microsoft aims to tailor everything ‘from silicon to service’ to meet AI demand - Source
  668. 96%Exploring ChatGPT’s Knowledge Cutoff
  669. 99%Introduction to Batch Processing using `asyncio` and `Instructor` - Instructor (openai_function_call)
  670. 98%A Coding Copilot
  671. 99%AI for .NET with Semantic Kernel | .NET Conf 2023
  672. 87%Revealing the State of the Database Landscape | Redgate
  673. 99%GitHub - dotnet/eShop: A reference .NET application implementing an eCommerce site
  674. 97%Yet Another ChatGPT Winge
  675. 99%The Tyranny of the Blank Textbox
  676. 98%Is the Reversal Curse Real?
  677. 98%Steve's Startup Equation
  678. 93%dwebs
  679. 99%Sandbox Your Program Using FreeBSD's Capsicum
  680. 98%Release 4.10.0 · openiddict/openiddict-core
  681. 95%Please Don't Ask if an Open Source Project is Dead
  682. 93%GraphCast: AI model for faster and more accurate global weather forecasting
  683. 99% Hacking Google Bard - From Prompt Injection to Data Exfiltration · Embrace The Red
  684. 70%Issue 34: We All Start As Strangers
  685. 98%Read the docs like a book - Aaron Francis
  686. 96%At the Intersection of LLMs and Kernels
  687. 97%The Solution Space
  688. 97%Building an occupancy sensor with an ESP32 and a serverless DB
  689. 98%🧑‍💻The Great .NET 8 Hack #dotnet #dotnetdeveloper
  690. 99%Fast and Portable Llama2 Inference on the Heterogeneous Edge
  691. 98%Introducing Radius: A new open-source project for teams building cloud-native apps
  692. 99%Learn AI skills and join the Microsoft UK AI Skills Challenge
  693. 98%OpenAI Platform
  694. 96%Open, rigorous and reproducible research: A practitioner’s handbook
  695. 95%Gartner and your Life Partners
  696. 99%GPU Survival Toolkit for the AI age: The bare minimum every developer must know
  697. 63%Robotaxi Economics
  698. 99%Craft Your Own AI: Exploring OpenAI's Revolutionary GPT Builder
  699. 99%CLion Nova Explodes onto the C and C++ Development Scene | The CLion Blog
  700. 98%The Reasoning Computer
  701. 96%No x:Array in WinUI 3 | WinAppSDK | XAML | UWP | WPF | .NET
  702. 94%Blockchains and the Future of AI
  703. 99%Don’t Build AI Products The Way Everyone Else Is Doing It
  704. 78%We're sorry we created the Torment Nexus
  705. 91%Weekly Update 373
  706. 97%Mr. Maeda’s Cozy AI Kitchen: Design Vision with guest Paola Antonelli
  707. 98%Mr-Maeda-Cozy-AI-Kitchen/DesignVision at main · johnmaeda/Mr-Maeda-Cozy-AI-Kitchen
  708. 98%Episode 478 - The Azure Help API
  709. 84%I Skipped to the Ending
  710. 97%Octoverse: The state of open source and rise of AI in 2023
  711. 96%Three reasons a liberal arts degree helped me succeed in tech
  713. 95%Everything about SEO is obnoxious
  714. 90%GitHub Copilot Chat Nears GA: 'Today We Are Re-Founded on Copilot' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  715. 99%On .NET Live - Beyond Clicks: Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Semantic Kernel
  716. 94%What I learned getting acquired by Google
  717. 98%GitHub - ishan0102/vimGPT: Browse the web with GPT-4V and Vimium
  718. 98%.NET Rocks! Commercializing Open Source with Victoria Melnikova
  719. 98%Transforming Data into Insights: The Art of Machine Learning
  720. 99%How I built a session recommender in 1 hour using Open AI - Azure SQL Devs’ Corner
  721. 60%After luring customers with low prices, Amazon stuffs Fire TVs with ads
  722. 96%Regulating Intelligence is Dumb
  723. 92%What Happened to the New Internet?
  724. 97%Fortnite and the Lindy Effect
  725. 99%Using venv, pyvenv, autoenv on macOS
  726. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  727. 99%Join us for the Great .NET 8 Hack - .NET Blog
  728. 99%Live Coding a containerized web app for event management
  729. 99%Setting up better logging in Azure Functions
  730. 98%How to convince your management to refactor software
  731. 99%Speed up a program for the 50 years old processor by 180000% – Blog about my engineering projects
  732. 98%Introducing GPTs
  733. 98%New models and developer products announced at DevDay
  734. 99%.NET Conf 2023 @ SSW
  735. 95%Writing a Book with Packt
  736. 94%Your Loved Ones Are Prisoners, and You Made the Chain
  737. 90%Building a community platform
  738. 99%Impressions of .NET Developer Days 2023 Conference
  739. 97%GDG Cloud Chicago | Google Developer Groups
  740. 98%Habits of great software engineers
  741. 96%Why NextJS (and App Router) is being hated on recently?
  742. 96%Striking the balance: Cloudflare's innovation and the quest for reliability
  743. 91%380: llama.cpp, .NET 8 Surprises, & Beyond
  744. 98%Mr. Maeda’s Cozy AI Kitchen: AI-copiloted Design Thinking with guest Ben Sheppard
  745. 72%Microsoft Revamping Semantic Kernel AI SDK After 'Unexpected Uses' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  746. 99%Introducing the v1.0.0 Beta1 for the .NET Semantic Kernel SDK | Semantic Kernel
  747. 96%Tools/Services I pay for as a freelance software .net developer.
  748. 98%CrowdSec Console, Real-time Threat Detection & Mitigation
  749. 98%Orb | A guide to evaluating a billing system, part 1
  750. 91%Mechanistic interpretability of LLM analogy-making
  751. 98%Machine learning of GUIs at scale
  752. 98%VS Code Previews AI Topic Experts for Copilot Chat Called 'Agents' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  753. 99%Uploading Files with Blazor (Server & WebAssembly)
  754. 99%whisper.cpp/examples/talk-llama at master · ggerganov/whisper.cpp
  755. 95%A new world of security: Microsoft’s Secure Future Initiative - Microsoft On the Issues
  756. 98%Cosmopolitan Third Edition
  757. 87%Don't Build a Mine Before You Struck Gold
  758. 99%BenchmarkDotNet v0.13.10 · dotnet/BenchmarkDotNet · Discussion #2457
  759. 98%I tried generative AI on lots of data and we're not quite there yet | Swizec Teller
  760. 94%AI Search Engine and Pair Programmer
  761. 90%NDC Porto 2023 Impressions
  762. 99%How to Generate Endless Ideas for Programming Projects
  763. 94%Apple unveils M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max, the most advanced chips for a personal computer
  764. 95%New Gmail protections for a safer, less spammy inbox
  765. 98%Mr-Maeda-Cozy-AI-Kitchen/CareerAdvising at main · johnmaeda/Mr-Maeda-Cozy-AI-Kitchen
  766. 65%The Church of AGI
  767. 93%Everything wrong with tech in 2023 (in no particular order) — Joan Westenberg
  768. 95%Why I Am a Pluralist
  769. 99%How to sell your micro startup as a solopreneur
  770. 88%Open Source Codeium Improves AI Chat in VS Code Tool -- Visual Studio Magazine
  771. 98%The most valuable trait of top software engineers
  772. 99%Generative AI for .NET - Part 5 Streaming | LINQ to Fail
  773. 99%Building a photography website
  774. 99%Technical Assessments Should be Open Source
  775. 99%Announcing "Refactoring with C#"
  776. 98%Everything I've learned building the fastest Arm desktop
  777. 99%Good LLM Validation is Just Good Validation - Instructor (openai_function_call)
  778. 98%Evaluating RAG/LLMs in highly technical settings using synthetic QA generation
  779. 86%Visual Studio Miniseries - Episodes 1, 2 & 3 are streaming now!
  780. 96%The Slow Death of Authenticity in an Attention Economy
  781. 90%Now add a walrus: Prompt engineering in DALL-E 3
  782. 96%Microsoft Ignite 2023 is around the corner! (Nov 14-17) - Visual Studio Blog
  783. 98%Microsoft Developer Labs: Adventures with GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio and .NET
  784. 98%Microsoft Developer Labs: Adventures with GitHub Copilot in VS Code
  785. 80%Jina AI Launches World's First Open-Source 8K Text Embedding, Rivaling OpenAI
  786. 85%Mr. Maeda’s Cozy AI Kitchen: AI-copiloted Career Advising with guest Kevin Bethune
  787. 68%Firstborn
  788. 98%Azure Java Jockeys Get OpenAI Playground -- Visual Studio Magazine
  789. 83%Mr. Maeda’s Cozy AI Kitchen: AI-copiloted Career Advising with guest Kevin Bethune
  790. 99%Release v0.3.0 · cgillum/azure-functions-openai-extension
  791. 96%Metalama Source Code Available | PostSharp Blog
  792. 91%Mr. Maeda’s Cozy AI Kitchen: AI-copiloted Design Thinking with guest Ben Sheppard
  793. 84%The Race to the Bottom
  794. 98%GitHub Quick Reviews
  795. 98%Animated AI
  796. 95%The Risk of RISC-V: What's Going on at SiFive?
  797. 98%GitHub - sumatrapdfreader/sumatrapdf: SumatraPDF reader
  798. 86%A Change in SF’s Tech Fauna
  799. 98%Using LLMs for test data generation
  800. 98%Embeddings: What they are and why they matter
  801. 96%On .NET Live - Build your own ChatGPT with .NET and Azure Open AI
  802. 97%'Azure AI Content Safety' Service Targets Developer Online Environments -- Visual Studio Magazine
  803. 99%Join the .NET Conf Student Zone on November 13
  804. 99%What Are The Easiest Programming Languages to Learn? – Your Ultimate Guide
  805. 92%Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2023 (MDDR) | Microsoft Security Insider
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  909. 97%8 Free Alternatives to GPT-4: Revolutionizing AI Text Generation
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  1914. 88%Microsoft Build–Join us May 23–25, 2023
  1915. 88%Microsoft Build–Join us May 23–25, 2023
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  1967. 96%GitHub - tg12/gpt_jailbreak_status: This is a repository that aims to provide updates on the status of jailbreaking the OpenAI GPT language model.
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  1970. 96%Introducing: UniFi Protect AI 360
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  2306. 80%A fine set of rules, designed to ensure that all who post there may do so with the assurance that their comments will be met with approbation by those of a similar persuasion
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  2317. 97%VCMI 1.0.0 released
  2318. 98%James Randall
  2319. 92%Online Art Communities Begin Banning AI-Generated Images - Waxy.org
  2320. 99%Prompt injection attacks against GPT-3
  2321. 70%Bikes, Not Self Driving Cars, Are The Technological Gateway To Urban Progress
  2322. 94%Azure Container Apps Monitoring and Observability with Application Insights - Part 8 - Bit of Technology
  2323. 74%Offshore Information Services Ltd.
  2324. 97%GitHub - divamgupta/diffusionbee-stable-diffusion-ui: Diffusion Bee is the easiest way to run Stable Diffusion locally on your M1 Mac. Comes with a one-click installer. No dependencies or technical knowledge needed.
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  2333. 99%Rewriting tests from Cypress to Playwright using GPT3 by Gajus Kuizinas
  2334. 93%Stable Diffusion
  2335. 95%Multimodal Image-text Classification
  2336. 89%NASA Selects SiFive and Makes RISC-V the Go-to Ecosystem for Future Space Missions - SiFive
  2337. 98%Machine Learning at the edge | Мои IT-заметки
  2338. 98%Microsoft Releases SynapseML 0.1.0 with .NET and Cognitive Services Support
  2339. 94%Livesite spikes ETW WPR Windows Performance Monitoring
  2340. 90%I tried to recreate a comic book using Midjourney and Alan Moore’s script
  2341. 99%GitHub - leon-ai/leon: 🧠 Leon is your open-source personal assistant.
  2342. 95%Running Stable Diffusion with an Old GPU
  2343. 96%After self-hosting my email for twenty-three years I have thrown in the towel. The oligopoly has won.
  2344. 92%Lessons learned after 6 months of building a language learning startup
  2345. 97%Call For Papers - NDC London 2023 | Conference for Software Developers
  2346. 96%Sustainability at Microsoft - JD Meier
  2347. 81%GitHub Universe 2022
  2348. 95%On Artificial Intelligence in User Experience Design
  2349. 94%DALL·E: Introducing Outpainting
  2350. 88%Exploring 12 Million of the 2.3 Billion Images Used to Train Stable Diffusion's Image Generator - Waxy.org
  2351. 96%Azure Messaging Services: Why, When, & How? - PHINUG Online Dev Sessions 2022.09
  2352. 93%1 week of Stable Diffusion | multimodal.art
  2353. 98%4.2 Gigabytes, or: How to Draw Anything
  2354. 97%Being a part-time founder
  2355. 98%Stable Diffusion is a really big deal
  2356. 97%Stable Diffusion Is the Most Important AI Art Model Ever
  2357. 99%GitHub - upscayl/upscayl: 🆙 Upscayl - Free and Open Source AI Image Upscaler for Linux, MacOS and Windows built with Linux-First philosophy.
  2358. 88%The end of Moore's law forced YouTube to make its own video chip
  2359. 99%Transformers-js - Neural Networks in the Browser
  2360. 89%Visions
  2361. 93%The New Normal: The Coming Tsunami of Fakery
  2362. 83%Imagen: Text-to-Image Diffusion Models
  2363. 78%Patent Trolls Inbound: Our First Lawsuit
  2364. 96%Preparing for the wave of open source funding
  2365. 94%No models are perfect, but Biotech's are terrible
  2366. 82%Common Tech Jobs Described as Cabals of Mesoamerican Wizards
  2367. 96%Learnings from a Custom Neural Voice Proof of Concept
  2368. 97%Trying Out Machine Learning
  2369. 94%pornpen.ai
  2370. 94%On the hook of a phisher
  2371. 96%“10% error rate is okay“ - Leaked EU Commission document regarding Chat Control, the law that requires the mass surveillance of messages and photos
  2372. 89%Visions
  2373. 99%Bootstrapping LTE Physical channels
  2374. 98%A Fresh Look at HLS Value - FPGA'er
  2375. 97%Employee vs freelancer - when to hire whom from the company’s perspective | By Anna Leijon
  2376. 99%Stable Diffusion Public Release — Stability.Ai
  2377. 99%Exciting new release of SynapseML
  2378. 76%OpenAI Dall-E 2
  2379. 99%Episode 435 - HPC on Azure
  2380. 98%Coping with Copilot
  2381. 98%GitHub Copilot · Your AI pair programmer
  2382. 97%Thoughts on Copilot
  2383. 89%Scraft
  2384. 99%Programming breakthroughs we need
  2385. 96%Adventure game graphics with DALL-E 2 - Et tu, Cthulhu
  2386. 96%Instagram, TikTok, and the Three Trends
  2387. 98%What's New in Visual Studio 2022 17.4 Preview 1
  2388. 91%Open-source rival for OpenAI's DALL-E runs on your graphics card
  2389. 92%Open-source rival for OpenAI's DALL-E runs on your graphics card
  2390. 99%GitHub - norvig/paip-lisp: Lisp code for the textbook "Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming"
  2391. 96%Microsoft, AWS Lead Cloud AI Developer Services Evaluations -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2392. 86%I spent $15 in DALL·E 2 credits creating this AI image and here’s what I learned
  2393. 96%Azure Messaging Services: Why, When, & How? - PHINUG Online Dev Sessions 2022.08
  2394. 82%Why aren't smart people happier?
  2395. 93%NVIDIA Special Address at SIGGRAPH 2022
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  2403. 83%What happened to the inventors?
  2404. 83%The case against woke culture | Brian Armstrong and Lex Fridman
  2405. 97%Why I built a dictionary app even with more than +300 apps available at AppStore?
  2406. 56%MIT engineers develop stickers that can see inside the body
  2407. 93%How to Freaking Find Great Developers By Having Them Read Code
  2408. 96%Keys to Effective Regression Test Development
  2409. 91%How to Draw a Picture
  2410. 79%Basic Post Scarcity Q&A
  2411. 99%British recycle old arguments for bypassing E2E encryption
  2412. 82%Practical Deep Learning for Coders 2022
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  2414. 86%Fake it till you make it
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  2442. 94%Amazon launches CodeWhisperer, a GitHub Copilot-like AI pair programming tool – TechCrunch
  2443. 90%The Launch of Microsoft's new offices in Atlanta #microsoftatlanta #atlanticyards
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  2445. 87%GitHub Copilot 'AI Pair Programmer' Now Generally Available at $10/Month -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  2448. 92%Consciousness is not computation – Joe Antognini
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  2451. 94%Learn Live
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  2454. 62%Microsoft Build – Join us May 24-26 2022
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  2456. 65%Scanned Objects by Google Research: A Dataset of 3D-Scanned Common Household Items
  2457. 99%Microsoft Launches the Public Preview of Dynatrace for Azure as a SaaS Solution in Their Marketplace
  2458. 91%AI ethics questions
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  2471. 92%Microsoft Build – Join us May 24-26 2022
  2472. 63%Microsoft Build – Join us May 24-26 2022
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  2481. 52%r/france - Ivre, il touche les parties intimes d'un gendarme en criant "chat-bite" et écope d'un an de prison - Nice-Matin
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  2491. 95%GitHub - mxgmn/MarkovJunior: Probabilistic PL based on pattern matching and constraint propagation, 148 examples
  2492. 94%generative operating systems
  2493. 95%Re: Why we stopped making Einsteins? No we did not.
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  2624. 76%Weekly Update 282
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  2660. 96%GitHub - BoltzmannEntropy/interviews.ai: This book was written for you: an aspiring data scientist with a quantitative background, facing down the gauntlet of the interview process in an increasingly competitive field. For most of you, the interview process is the most significant hurdle between you and a dream job.
  2661. 57%Chatbots: Still Dumb After All These Years
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  2702. 98%while True: learn()
  2703. 98%Senior Program Manager in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  2704. 56%Episode 20: Akanksha Malik — PATHS UNCOVERED
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  2707. 67%July 5, 2020 - Hat AI Lightning Round with !hat, !trainhat, and FaunaDb. Open Source C# with !coffe
  2708. 67%.io domain names
  2709. 82%April 1, 2020 - AI April Begins! Q+A Maker and Azure Cognitive Services
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  2711. 97%Visualize It
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  2727. 99%you.com
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  2729. 95%Microsoft Releases Azure Open AI Service Including Access to Powerful GPT-3 Models
  2730. 98%C# 10: Implicit Global Usings
  2731. 98%Visual Studio 2022 now available
  2732. 82%GPT-3 is No Longer the Only Game in Town
  2733. 90%Zillow, Prophet, Time Series, & Prices
  2734. 73%Episode 18: Dr. Padma Gadiyar — PATHS UNCOVERED
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  2746. 95%Manning
  2747. 97%Windows App SDK Preview 3 Supports Non-MSIX WinUI 3 App Deployment -- Visual Studio Magazine
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  2752. 89%8 Legendary Games Recreated in Microsoft Excel
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  2754. 67%Experiments with “AI” and Diet Logging
  2755. 87%Post 44: What’s Stopping You? — Neel Nanda
  2756. 96%New Relic | Monitor, Debug and Improve Your Entire Stack
  2757. 98%Build ML powered experiences with Windows Machine Learning (WinML) and Intelligent APIs!
  2758. 90%Ask Delphi
  2759. 98%Version 1.6.0 released
  2760. 93%Ubuntu 21.10 has landed | Ubuntu
  2761. 91%PinePhone Pro | PINE64
  2762. 99%Principal Technical Program Manager (Security) – Office of the CTO in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft
  2763. 98%OpenBSD 7.0
  2764. 98%Announcing Automated ML (AutoML) for Images
  2765. 99%Machine Learning Community Standup - Deep Learning with PyTorch & ONNX
  2766. 99%.NET Conf China 2021
  2767. 89%Visual Studio 2022 Release Candidate Ships, Set for Nov. 8 General Availability -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2768. 88%Rethinking GIS
  2769. 99%mazzo.li — blag — Remote, encrypted ZFS storage server with NixOS
  2770. 99%Rockin’ The Code World with dotNetDave – Special Guest: Allen O’Neill
  2771. 91%Peter Norvig: Today’s Most Pressing Questions in AI Are Human-Centered
  2772. 98%A preview of WSL in the Microsoft Store is now available!
  2773. 97%HD wallets and the Legendrery PRF in MPC - HackMD
  2774. 72%KI ermöglicht Drohnen den Flug ins Unbekannte
  2775. 94%How to Train Large Deep Learning Models as a Startup
  2776. 97%A "Simple" Recipe for Startup Execution
  2777. 97%Why We Moved From Pony To Rust — Wallaroo
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  2782. 99%Episode 396 - How Vattenfall uses Azure
  2783. 99%Denigma is an AI that explains code in conversational English
  2784. 99%LinkedIn Safety Series: What is scraping?
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  2786. 92%Dolby Atmos and Apple’s rewritten audio stack
  2787. 97%Live JavaScript Challenge/Quiz with Kahoot
  2788. 93%Cybersecurity threats - Simple Talk
  2789. 94%Avalanche (AVAX) is launching on Coinbase Pro
  2790. 99%Remove Background from Image – remove.bg
  2791. 98%You either die an MVP or live long enough to build content moderation | Mux blog
  2792. 99%C# - Always valid value objects
  2793. 97%Algorithmic Photography
  2794. 97%NDC London 2022: Call for Speakers/Papers
  2795. 95%GitHub Copilot AI Spawns Open Source Alternatives -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2796. 72%“Completely Running Blind.” Apple’s Power Move To Kneecap Facebook Ads Is Working.
  2797. 59%2006: Dwarf Fortress
  2798. 99%Authenticated Boot and Disk Encryption on Linux
  2799. 99%Azure Functions runtime 4.0 is now in public preview | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure
  2800. 94%The “Too many white dudes” problem in software
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  3133. 51%Security Flaw in iPhone App Could Have Let Anyone Listen To Your Recordings
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  3143. 97%Microsoft Releases Azure Attestation into General Availability
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  3145. 67%Microsoft Ignite
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  3162. 99%The Decline of Computers as a General Purpose Technology
  3163. 88%GCHQ to use AI to tackle child sex abuse, disinformation and trafficking
  3164. 99%Decomposing CRUD to a Task Based UI
  3165. 96%Introducing CodeCarbon, an open source tool to help track the CO2 emissions of your research
  3166. 63%Epic will pay off class-action loot-box settlement with in-game currency
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  3169. 67%YouTube AI Blocked Chess Channel after Confusing 'Black' and 'White' for Racist Slurs
  3170. 98%Episode #4: Alex Malozemoff – New attack on homomorphic encryption libraries: what does it mean?
  3171. 84%0 A.D. | A free, open-source game of ancient warfare
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  3173. 99%getaddrinfo_a(3) - Linux man page
  3174. 96%GeForce Is Made for Gaming, CMP Is Made to Mine | The Official NVIDIA Blog
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  3480. 64%NVIDIA to Acquire Arm for $40 Billion, Creating World’s Premier Computing Company for the Age of AI
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