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  1. 98%Why I Migrated 300+ Posts From Obsidian Publish to Ghost
  2. 66%Low Amounts of Drinking are Healthy
  3. 99%Tools for Thought's greatest benefit
  4. 99%A review of My Mind (a second brain tool)
  5. 99%2D Player Collision against Static Geometry – Tim Wheeler
  6. 98%Making a Hybrid Viewfinder
  7. 97%Configuring VSCode as a Keyboard-Centric IDE | Davis Haupt
  8. 97%Sleeping with GPT | David Bieber
  9. 98%How to debug
  10. 89%How the Xbox got its good looks
  11. 98%Kolja Pluemer | In search of a better Spaced Repetition algorithm #1
  12. 98%pagerank for my Obsidian notes
  13. 90%Ricky: Blog - Smartphone Detox
  14. 99%The Best GPUs for Deep Learning in 2023 — An In-depth Analysis
  15. 98%Devin Prater's blog - Google: Full Speed Ahead
  16. 99%SimulaVR
  17. 98%Large Transformer Model Inference Optimization
  18. 98%Curious & Obsessive Experimentation: Updating 2022
  19. 98%How to get better at everything
  20. 89%Giving Away Your Mind to Technology
  21. 99%Episode 113 - Atypical ASP .NET Core Design Patterns With Carl-Hugo Marcotte
  22. 99%Forming the habit of analog journaling - Why the digital format did not work for me
  23. 97%Systems for health, intention, productivity, learning, knowledge, information management and control
  24. 98%Why I Could Be Wrong
  25. 94%I was fired from HubSpot in 2016
  26. 83%2022 Sucked
  27. 90%Book Quotes Collection - Part 1 - Byte Tank
  28. 96%How did I become a productive writer?
  29. 99%What Are Abstractions in Software Engineering with Examples
  30. 94%One-line Journaling | mkaz.blog
  31. 97%Optimizing Unity Projects by Removing Additional Cameras
  32. 59%Staring At The Back Of My Forehead — nonprophet
  33. 79%The top 10 discoveries about ancient people from DNA in 2022
  34. 96%Government Should Incentivize High Performance Home Builders
  35. 78%Mark Zuckerberg Has Never Done Anything Original and I Can Prove It · Notes
  36. 99%How to optimize your code reviews
  37. 95%animal vision
  38. 91%recursion
  39. 93%The Two Commandments for Nonprofit Boards
  40. 98%GitHub Copilot preliminary experience report
  41. 94%A Guide to Nutrition — Ryan Heeney
  42. 99%3D Printed Film Video Camera
  43. 99%2022 Advent of Code Day 1: Calorie Counting
  44. 98%What is External Validation And When It Becomes Unhealthy
  45. 79%Mapping out the tribes of climate
  46. 95%Episode 46: Vim - with Joseph Woodward
  47. 99%Why software is difficult
  48. 98%Frontend developers: stop moving things that I’m about to click on
  49. 99%State monads in OCaml
  50. 99%Making an app in 3h and getting the first sale!
  51. 97%Why take and make notes
  52. 98%S1 Ep2: Data Breaches, DNA & the Future of Privacy
  53. 97%The Capture Habit
  54. 98%Evgeny Budilovsky - How to focus on technical content
  55. 97%Craft
  56. 98%50 Tabs means 50 Mental contexts and needless cognitive load
  57. 96%Twenty Questions
  58. 98%The 2022 Shopping Spree
  59. 99%Potluck: Dynamic documents as personal software
  60. 68%My First Piano: A Story of Hurt, Healing and Joy — Jerome Leroy | Composer
  61. 87%About my father
  62. 95%Dealing With Your Ideas
  63. 99%A Potpourri of Emacs Tweaks – Tony Zorman
  64. 99%Communicating with Extreme Clarity
  65. 98%What are Dynamic templates in Obsidian and why you should use them - WFH Brian
  66. 88%The Two Definitions of Zettelkasten
  67. 99%What if the team hates my functional code?
  68. 97%Photoshop for text
  69. 98%Secrets for becoming a better developer in 2022
  70. 93%Why high speed rail hasn’t caught on
  71. 97%My Desktop Is Dull Thanks To MacOS
  72. 98%Freeing myself from Roam Research (via LogSeq)
  73. 99%Git from the Bottom Up – Reset, Stash, and Reflog
  74. 97%What Happened to You, Scott? (or, Openness vs. Conviction)
  75. 98%Remunerating Value Back to Open Source Developers
  76. 99%Dating Other Task Managers
  77. 99%Want cleaner code? Use the rule of six
  78. 83%Stop Thinking With Your Fingers
  79. 90%The Homemade Heat Pump Manifesto
  80. 98%Friday Facts #370 - The journey to Nintendo Switch | Factorio
  81. 99%Introducing LiteFS
  82. 98%10 Good Daily Habits That Will Make Your Life Suck Less
  83. 96%Multitasking, something we copied from computers.
  84. 93%Evergreen notes turn ideas into objects that you can manipulate – Stephan Ango
  85. 96%What it Takes to Make a Game by Yourself
  86. 96%The Commoditization of Social Interaction and Other Progress
  87. 90%The Myth Of The Good Practice
  88. 97%[Book review] Gödel, Escher, Bach: an in-depth explainer - AI Alignment Forum
  89. 92%Dispatch From Ukraine: Malcolm Nance and Terrell Starr on Putin’s War — Gaslit Nation
  90. 97%What is SAP?
  91. 84%Excuse me but why are you eating so many frogs
  92. 88%How to Decide: Simple Tools for Making Better Choices
  93. 99%Perfect Notes or My Journey to Obsidian
  94. 99%Infrequent, Pragmatic, Lambda Blog - Cognitive Loads in Programming
  95. 79%Everything breaks at scale — Sacha Judd
  96. 98%Visual Studio Code is designed to fracture
  97. 86%Review: The This by Adam Roberts
  98. 85%Oniri
  99. 98%Filtering my RSS reading
  100. 98%André Staltz - Time Till Open Source Alternative
  101. 91%Always be Hacking...
  102. 98%Code Maze Weekly #136 - Code Maze
  103. 83%Imagen: Text-to-Image Diffusion Models
  104. 82%Common Tech Jobs Described as Cabals of Mesoamerican Wizards
  105. 99%7 Colour E-Ink Display For Raspberry Pi | Inky Impression 5.7
  106. 99%Emergent Leader
  107. 84%I Went to a “Dangerous Alt-Right Rally” | The Blog of Dr. Josh C. Simmons
  108. 96%Adventure game graphics with DALL-E 2 - Et tu, Cthulhu
  109. 98%Notes from My Year of Electric Muscle Stimulation - Spinal Flow Yoga
  110. 95%a bibliography, tips, and tricks — Niklas's blog
  111. 98%Redis Explained
  112. 99%Brute Force Development · Matt Layman
  113. 52%James Tilly Matthews and the Air Loom - Mike Jay
  114. 96%Companies of One Need Flywheels
  115. 92%Microdosing with psilocybin mushrooms: a double-blind placebo-controlled study - Translational Psychiatry
  116. 98%Thinking with pen and paper
  117. 97%7 Critical Thinking Barriers and Ways To Crush Them
  118. 99%Textualize.io - Blog - 7 things I've learned building a modern TUI framework
  119. 94%How I regained concentration and focus
  120. 86%Our Summer Break - 2022
  121. 87%My 4G setup for working remotely from anywhere
  122. 87%How To Think Better (Evidence-Based Ways to Think Better)
  123. 90%GitHub Quick Reviews
  124. 97%The Case for C# and .NET
  125. 87%Please stop trying to be helpful – Cliffski's Blog
  126. 82%Practical Deep Learning for Coders 2022
  127. 89%Authentication is Difficult
  128. 58%On Taking Notes
  129. 54%How to take things less personally | Psyche Guides
  130. 95%11 Best GitHub Repositories That Help You Grow As A Software Developer
  131. 87%The Design of Everyday Things — Book Summary & Notes
  132. 65%How my indoor air made me sick and dumb (and how I fixed it)
  133. 88%Commercial music media, a tier list · brhfl.com
  134. 78%Training my sense of CO2 ppm
  135. 69%learning braille
  136. 98%Lessons from Writing a Compiler
  137. 50%Work context, home context
  138. 56%Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" Synth Sounds | Reverb Machine
  139. 96%Building a 10MHz GPS Disciplined Oscillator (GPSDO) using the Trimble Thunderbolt » W6AER- Pacifica, CA
  140. 90%Octopus Intelligence and the Puzzle of Sociality
  141. 90%A Social Theory of Intelligence (that Includes the Seemingly Unsocial Octopus)
  142. 69%nabeelqu
  143. 98%Implementing Simple Neural Network in C# | Rubik's Code
  144. 94%Why I left Android Development after 10 years and became a Backend Developer
  145. 91%The Realities of Life
  146. 77%Asked and answered: the results for the 2022 Developer survey are here!
  147. 86%Trucks, Tubes, and Truth · XTDB
  148. 88%Time Management
  149. 80%3 Basic Rules Of Note Taking — None
  150. 92%Consciousness is not computation – Joe Antognini
  151. 72%How to Fix Stuck iCloud Syncing on macOS
  152. 74%Cool desktops don’t change 😎
  153. 98%⚡️ The computers are fast, but you don't know it
  154. 73%Hubble Determines Mass of Isolated Black Hole Roaming Our Milky Way
  155. 77%Ceiling Air Purifier
  156. 85%Open Source Alternatives to Proprietary Software
  157. 52%Twelve Virtues of Rationality – Eliezer S. Yudkowsky
  158. 94%Building my first mechanical keyboard
  159. 60%This "amateur" programmer fought cancer with 50 Nvidia Geforce 1080Ti
  160. 94%Sync Obsidian Between Laptop and Android
  161. 77%How to make video calls almost as good as face-to-face
  162. 81%The impact of digital media on children’s intelligence while controlling for genetic differences in cognition and socioeconomic background - Scientific Reports
  163. 83%Periodic reviews for a happier and more productive life
  164. 97%MacBook Pro M1 Developer Setup 2022
  165. 97%The Johnny Decimal system
  166. 87%How to Twitter: The Martin Way
  167. 84%So you want to run a virtual event
  168. 53%Job Posting: Reddit Research Czar
  169. 91%My PhD Research Workflow – Tony Zorman
  170. 67%making friends on the internet
  171. 52%How I use Roam Research to track my venture capital projects
  172. 71%Writing for Engineers
  173. 87%Episode 97 - Developer Productivity with Dan Clarke
  174. 99%I want off Mr. Golang's Wild Ride
  175. 91%It Took Me 10 Years to Understand Entropy, Here is What I Learned.
  176. 81%Personal Knowledge Management is Bullshit
  177. 83%5 Software Engineering Foot-guns - Ken Kantzer's Blog
  178. 79%Beyond the eye - decoding the ocular fundus
  179. 88%My lazy Wordle strategy: same words every time
  180. 71%Why we invested. Venture capital firms share why they backed startups -
  181. 86%How to Grow a Perfect Copper Acetate Crystal with Scrap Copper & Vinegar
  182. 96%Taxonomy Of In-The-Wild Exploitation
  183. 79%The Next COVID Crisis: Funding (with Jeff Zients and Zeke Emanuel)
  184. 66%What Does "Shitty Job" Mean in The Low-Skill, Low-Pay World?
  185. 99%Opinionated variable names · Caffeinspiration
  186. 90%Release NVIM v0.7.0 · neovim/neovim
  187. 87%Episode 96 - The Programmer's Brain with Felienne Hermans
  188. 74%How To Capture Ideas Effectively With Roam Research - Curious Maverick
  189. 83%Notes on Long-Form Notes
  190. 86%The Correct Answer on Consciousness - Nik Noble
  191. 79%Why Pebble failed
  192. 78%Your brand needs to be easily summarizable
  193. 98%DevTools Style Guide Goes Public
  194. 66%What I learned as a hired consultant for autodidact physicists | Aeon Ideas
  195. 71%I ❤️ Microscopes • Hillel Wayne
  196. 82%The end of the road for Cloudflare CAPTCHAs
  197. 90%3D printed Portal Turret
  198. 70%My opinion on opinion
  199. 86%What made the NES so interesting?
  200. 86%What I learned gathering thousands of nootropics ratings
  201. 81%The Projects That Matter The Most To Me Are Small
  202. 85%Fun Things You Can Do With github.dev 😎
  203. 96%H.264 is magic: a technical walkthrough of a remarkable technology.
  204. 84%Drawing a Map of the Customer Organization -
  205. 64%Silencing the Kinesis Advantage 2
  206. 93%Light exposure during sleep impairs cardiometabolic function
  207. 95%How not to build a secure plugins architecture | Crafting Privacy
  208. 70%Why Neutrality
  209. 63%Why I Left the Intelligence Community
  210. 90%Math — Susan Rigetti
  211. 57%Struggles With Stability And Meaning During Pandemic Life Changes - Marketer Philosopher
  212. 57%My Journey To Chess Mastery — Behavioral Value Investor
  213. 95%So.. what is machine learning? (#NoCodeIntro)
  214. 95%GitHub - RunaCapital/awesome-oss-alternatives: Awesome list of open-source startup alternatives to well-known SaaS products 🚀
  215. 77%Org Log
  216. 95%We Need Higher Quality Note-Taking Applications
  217. 85%Embracing Impostor Syndrome
  218. 70%What Made _World of Warcraft_'s Environments so Compelling?
  219. 99%Diagnosing an ASP.NET Core hard crash
  220. 91%New graduate EU offers - is It possible to negotiate?
  221. 94%How to capture book notes and turn those into smart notes
  222. 76%The Journey That Led Me to Write a Book on Analog Zettelkästen
  223. 95%Episode 31: MassTransit and Open Source - with Chris Patterson
  224. 61%What does it mean to listen on a port?
  225. 75%Misadventures of an Early Engineer — Dylan Barth
  226. 79%Lenovo Legion: Gaming PCs, Laptops & Gear | Stylish outside. Savage inside. | Lenovo Australia
  227. 90%A low-cost and shielding-free ultra-low-field brain MRI scanner - Nature Communications
  228. 93%The Lightning Speed Setup for Lightning Speed LaTeX
  229. 84%Reading on a smartphone affects sigh generation, brain activity, and comprehension - Scientific Reports
  230. 64%CGI did, in fact, ruin movies
  231. 56%Reflections on six months of fatherhood
  232. 88%There Is No Metaverse
  233. 97%Teleporting thru Information Space
  234. 89%Obsidian is (almost) a Typora killer
  235. 95%How to use Org Mode and Hugo for a better scientific blogging – STRM
  236. 92%Those Computers In Your Head
  237. 90%Is Human Behavior Just Elaborate Running and Tumbling?
  238. 89%[Last Week in .NET #77] – Letters from Microsoft Culture Jail
  239. 96%Rethinking errors, warnings, and lints
  240. 80%Jumping into the middle of an instruction is not as strange as it sounds
  241. 84%Completing a Part-Time Master's in Computer Science While Working · Caffeinspiration
  242. 88%Episode 30: Developer Productivity with (me!) Dan Clarke
  243. 93%Sending messages as I drift off to sleep | David Bieber
  244. 90%Episode 89 - Umbraco 9 and .NET 5 with Sebastiaan Janssen
  245. 62%The Relativity of Wrong by Isaac Asimov
  246. 84%How to mentor software engineers
  247. 88%my personal note taking journey
  248. 98%Neural Network From Scratch
  249. 97%Astrophotography with Windows, Tiny PCs, and WPF
  250. 64%Obsidian's Weakest Point - Its Search
  251. 61%Leaving the company I co-founded
  252. 73%The Thinner Book: Atomic Habits by James Clear
  253. 66%How I built a WFH Shed
  254. 95%Consider SQLite
  255. 94%A Year In Review · Jethro Kuan
  256. 60%25 Anti-Mimetic Tactics for Living a Counter-Cultural Life - Epsilon Theory
  257. 74%Suffering · Slices of a hacker's mind
  258. 91%Cray-1 Digital Archeology – chrisfenton.com
  259. 82%Dear Self; We Need To Talk About Social Media
  260. 70%The Case Against Work-Life Balance: Owning Your Future
  261. 94%I Ran Away From Open Source
  262. 95%Lies, Damn Lies, and Software You Rent
  263. 57%Against 3X Speed - David Perell
  264. 87%A Step-By-Step Startup Guide For Bootstrappers
  265. 65%Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987–1994) – Sci-fi interfaces
  266. 64%Decontextualizer
  267. 51%Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  268. 99%How to create a Telegram Bot with Azure Functions (NET 6, isolated process) - Coding with Miszu
  269. 92%The Business of Extracting Knowledge from Academic Publications
  270. 70%Hunting down my son's killer
  271. 90%Personal Knowledge Management organization
  272. 97%Matt Blaze: Testing Phone-Sized Faraday Bags
  273. 96%Finally A Personal Knowledge Management Tooling That Works - ulrichkautz.com
  274. 71%Your Board of Directors is Probably Going to Fire You
  275. 91%The Comfort of Ignorance - Brian Di Croce
  276. 66%Does Linoleic Acid Induce Obesity? A Response to Stephan Guyenet, Part 1
  277. 91%Potential Improvements to Spaced Repetition | David Bieber
  278. 74%Finding Your Swagger
  279. 74%Ivermectin: Much More Than You Wanted To Know
  280. 97%The Case for C# and .NET
  281. 70%The Metaverse: Is It Already Here?
  282. 79%How I use Notion · Reasonable Deviations
  283. 67%Long Range E-Bike · Jacques Mattheij
  284. 90%How to build a second brain as a software developer - Aseem Thakar
  285. 95%The Monstrosity Email Has Become
  286. 90%The Real Benefits Of Staying Off Social Media
  287. 60%Timeline of the human condition
  288. 88%Organ transplant patients (maybe) don’t get dementia. Here’s why. – Trevor Klee
  289. 97%Why the status quo is so hard to change in engineering teams
  290. 81%The Ten Second Autism Test
  291. 88%A developer's guide to programatically overcome fear of failure | PagerDuty
  292. 94%A guide to getting out of a rut when you are working alone
  293. 68%You Are What You Consume - Priyam Mohanty
  294. 98%Zettelkasten note-taking after one year · Tomas Vik
  295. 84%Vaccines for 5-11 year olds: FDA meeting cliff notes
  296. 97%Face-to-Face: A conversation about the .NET Foundation - Option 1
  297. 98%Vector Packet Processing, and When to Use It
  298. 93%Leaving Google
  299. 71%John Carmack pushes out unlocked OS for defunct Oculus Go headset
  300. 92%Woody Zuill: Knowing When to Stop a Conversation Is Knowing When to Listen - Richard Kasperowski | High-Performance Teams | Core Protocols | Agile | Open Space Technology
  301. 99%Analyzing Code for Issues in .NET 5
  302. 81%Was Google Earth Stolen?
  303. 94%My productivity routine to write a 500-page book
  304. 91%surfsonar
  305. 92%Some reasons to work on productivity and velocity
  306. 93%R5 Experience
  307. 91%Peter Norvig: Today’s Most Pressing Questions in AI Are Human-Centered
  308. 95%Things I Learned From Dealing With Anxiety
  309. 98%Why we cannot agree on anything - Victor Rotariu
  310. 94%Thoughts on chess improvement, after gaining 600 points in 6 months (1200-1800)
  311. 97%The Skill of Org Design
  312. 95%Why Obsessively Following Successful People Online is Dangerous
  313. 99%Uncertainty, Mental Shortcuts, and Errors in Technology Decisions
  314. 95%The new dot com bubble is here: it’s called online advertising
  315. 93%Your room can be as bright as the outdoors
  316. 92%My wife was dying of brain cancer. My boss at Amazon told me to perform or quit.
  317. 93%Working From Orbit
  318. 93%Something Weird Is Happening on Facebook
  319. 99%Category Theory Illustrated - Logic
  320. 94%What's next for personal productivity
  321. 91%HackerNews Readings
  322. 93%My Month in Mulki
  323. 98%How to Contribute a Change to Nginx
  324. 98%The Solution to Newcomb’s Paradox
  325. 70%Dear Mom, I’m Dropping Out — Simon Berens
  326. 96%Don't Trust the Process
  327. 97%The Second Coming of the Search Engine
  328. 98%Stay Calm and Learn This · Patrick Juchli
  329. 98%Note-Taking for Software Engineers
  330. 97%Episode 82 - DotPurple With Michael Babienco
  331. 99%Thoughts on Clojure UI framework
  332. 97%Melatonin: Much More Than You Wanted To Know
  333. 96%Dogs distinguish human intentional and unintentional action - Scientific Reports
  334. 98%Bungie C++ Guidelines & Razors > News | Bungie.net
  335. 98%Lessons Learned from two years as a Data Scientist
  336. 99%Improving the Hacker News Ranking Algorithm
  337. 98%Inbox Zero using Getpocket - blog.dornea.nu
  338. 82%When a hobby becomes a job
  339. 99%Why I use attrs instead of pydantic
  340. 88%Would the World Be a Better Place If More People Baked Bread?
  341. 94%Golem keyboard project
  342. 97%Why is Learning Functional Programming So Damned Hard?
  343. 98%Getting Started with DatoCMS - A Modern Headless CMS with LOTS of Features!
  344. 90%Moving beyond personal productivity
  345. 92%Amazon.com: Philips Norelco MG3750 Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000, 13 attachment trimmer : Beauty & Personal Care
  346. 98%Amazon.com: MZOO Sleep Eye Mask for Men Women, 3D Contoured Cup Sleeping Mask & Blindfold, Concave Molded Night Sleep Mask, Block Out Light, Soft Comfort Eye Shade Cover for Travel Yoga Nap, Red : Health & Household
  347. 99%Starting Your F# Journey | #dotNETConf: Focus on F#
  348. 98%How to Hack APIs in 2021 by Hakluke and Farah Hawa | Detectify Labs
  349. 98%Mindat.org
  350. 99%Learn C# with CSharpFritz - C# for Beginners: Getting started with C#
  351. 71%Turning the Tables on Cheating?
  352. 97%The Drunken Bishop Algorithm – Barely Functional Theories
  353. 97%BDD: Before You Begin (Part 1/2) - BDD framework for NET
  354. 97%Home Automation with Troy Hunt
  355. 95%How I built a business that lets me live on the beach full time
  356. 84%Smart Phone, Dumb Terminal
  357. 99%The New Way To Debug JavaScript in VS Code - No Extension Required
  358. 96%How to Read Effectively - Creating a Reading Workflow - Prashant Sengar
  359. 93%GitHub - SteveMCarroll/PronouncingNamesForEnglishSpeakers: A practical guide to how to pronounce non-English names for English speakers
  360. 92%Historical language records reveal a surge of cognitive distortions in recent decades
  361. 98%How I Manage My Knowledge
  362. 99%Reversing for dummies - x86 assembly and C code (Beginner/ADHD friendly) · 0x41.cf
  363. 96%The Magic of Boredom
  364. 86%Wrong Models
  365. 67%When Buddhism Goes Bad
  366. 99%My 3 Favorite VS Code Snippets for Vanilla JavaScript
  367. 92%StylishThemes/GitHub-Dark
  368. 88%Curator Economy: Why Human Curation matters - Rishikesh Sreehari
  369. 99%Ultimate Beginner's Guide for Linux
  370. 99%How I Write Code, Take Notes, Journal, Track Time and Tasks, and Stay Organized using Emacs
  371. 85%Obsidian: A knowledge base that works on local Markdown files.
  372. 96%A Chemical Hunger – Part II: Current Theories of Obesity are Inadequate
  373. 99%Build an Image Gallery with Vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  374. 95%How To Get Better at Painting - Without Painting Anything
  375. 92%UX Design Lessons I Learned From a Week on the Road
  376. 88%Mise-en-Place for Knowledge Workers: 6 Practices for Working Clean - Forte Labs
  377. 96%Alien Dreams: An Emerging Art Scene - ML@B Blog
  378. 59%Girard Series, Part 1: The Death of the Festival
  379. 98%How I use Roam Research
  380. 96%Incremental note-taking | thesephist.com
  381. 57%Voice AI is scary good now. Video game actors hate it.
  382. 91%So, You Want to Build a House More Efficiently?
  383. 91%After one year of working remote from the mountains - Victor Rotariu
  384. 90%A UX case study on YouTube Shorts ✌️
  385. 98%URLs: It's complicated...
  386. 97%Roamkasten - a practical how to guide to optimize Zettelkasten in Roam Research
  387. 97%A response to "Did we market Knative wrong?"
  388. 98%Cryptographic shuffle | Brain on Fire
  389. 95%It’s not your fault you’re fat - Victor Rotariu
  390. 87%Treating employees like business partners - for fun and profit
  391. 97%The Time Inconsistency Problem and How It's Hurting You
  392. 98%Sequoia: Super Powering End-to-End Email Encryption in Mozilla Thunderbird
  393. 59%What Really Happened When Google Ousted Timnit Gebru
  394. 99%Jonas Hietala: The T-34 keyboard layout
  395. 99%Unicode URL length limit blues
  396. 95%A Lifetime of Systems Thinking - The Systems Thinker
  397. 98%The Life Hack of Lifehacks - Victor Rotariu
  398. 99%Blazor WebAssembly : Dark/Light Theme Switch - EP31
  399. 91%Buffet-Style Architecture
  400. 99%How to achieve state of the art results on NLP classification tasks - The Antonai Blog
  401. 99%Wordpress Headless CMS, GraphQL, and Nextjs - Let's Build a Blog
  402. 99%What do shells do, and do we need them?
  403. 99%GitHub Quick Reviews
  404. 98%psenough/teach_yourself_demoscene_in_14_days
  405. 98%Moving out of MacOS: Making Linux habitable
  406. 94%Everything is social—Part I
  407. 97%The Linear Oppression of Note-taking Apps
  408. 94%Neural implant lets paralyzed person type by imagining writing
  409. 99%I set a $20/month open-source donation budget for myself
  410. 99%Reverse Engineering an Unknown Microcontroller - Dmitry.GR
  411. 91%Samsung to jump into laptop processor market with Exynos chip in H2
  412. 98%The MVP Process
  413. 94%How You Can Help Humanity
  414. 64%They Told Their Therapists Everything. Hackers Leaked It All
  415. 98%Tiny Wins
  416. 97%The 3 R's of Habit Change: How To Start New Habits That Actually Stick
  417. 95%Computer Science as a Medicine
  418. 99%Why programmers don’t write documentation | Kislay Verma
  419. 50%They meant well (or, why it matters who gets to be seen as a “tech critic”)
  420. 98%Why People Are Afraid Of The DOM?
  421. 95%Dabbling in Cryptography
  422. 86%Survey Reveals Bigger C# Community, Most and Least Popular Uses -- Visual Studio Magazine
  423. 90%lettier/3d-game-shaders-for-beginners
  424. 90%3D Game Shaders For Beginners
  425. 88%Office chairs are a scam
  426. 86%Today I learned in 2021
  427. 95%In Slack, no one can hear your scream! | 8th Light
  428. 96%Internet Search Tips · Gwern.net
  429. 91%Self-employment: three months update
  430. 98%December 3, 2020 - Building and deploying a comment system for a Blazor Static Web App
  431. 97%Frank Chimero · Everything Easy is Hard Again
  432. 93%Why has nuclear power been a flop?
  433. 98%Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?
  434. 95%Two Paths to the Future | Fantastic Anachronism
  435. 82%Being informed about daily politics is no longer worth it!
  436. 72%The public intellectual manifesto - Yigit Cakar
  437. 99%UNIGINE 2.14: Cumulonimbus Clouds, C# 9, Water Wave Spectrum Control, New Landscape Generator
  438. 98%My Mental Model on Choosing a Database for a Particular Problem
  439. 97%The first fully-implanted 1000+ channel brain-machine interface
  440. 92%Embrace the Grind - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  441. 99%The project that made me burnout
  442. 94%Matthew Walker's "Why We Sleep" Is Riddled with Scientific and Factual Errors - Alexey Guzey
  443. 97%Episode 73 - C# and .NET for Beginners with Vijesh Salian
  444. 73%Actually Alison | Blog
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