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March 2024

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All entries for this month

  1. How to Grow a Micro Startup With Programmatic SEO
  2. Refurb weekend: Data General/One (and the worst LCD in the world)
  3. [HOWTO] Calculate distance between two points (coordinates) on Microsoft SQL Server
  4. Satisfaction and progress in open-ended work
  5. Overview - FontMagic
  6. XD1 Log entries. Begin... · Backups and bitrot
  7. Mental Health in Software Engineering
  8. Tips for LLM Pretraining and Evaluating Reward Models
  9. Daylight Saving Time is a perfect test for UI designer
  10. Memory access patterns and performance | Benjamin Dicken
  11. Reverse Mode Differentiation is Kind of Like a Lens II
  12. Franklin Pezzuti Dyer
  13. ServiceRouter: Hyperscale and Minimal Cost Service Mesh at Meta
  14. Explaining the internals of async-task from the ground up
  15. Choosing a backend database: SQL vs Document vs Columnar
  16. xorvoid
  17. Shutting down the letsblock.it project and its official instance · letsblockit/letsblockit · Discussion #663
  18. MyRGB
  19. Helix
  20. Facebook/Meta class action discovery
  21. Collection Initializer Performance in C# - Get An 87% Boost!
  22. Running OCR against PDFs and images directly in your browser
  23. A Microcosm of the interactions in Open Source projects
  24. xz/liblzma: Bash-stage Obfuscation Explained
  25. git.tukaani.org - xz.git/summary
  26. Technologist vs spy: the xz backdoor debate
  27. Roll-Invert-Unroll: An Easier Way to Replace a Duvet Cover
  28. Talking Hot Dog gives new meaning to 'Ham radio'
  29. Notes on El Salvador
  30. Adam Fuhrer | Frontend Engineer
  31. Lessons of a first time founder
  32. The de-nerdification of programming
  33. Tell the LLM the business context
  34. Garbage Collection for Systems Programmers
  35. Django: Write-up on optimizing the system check framework - Adam Johnson
  36. The Reasonable Effectiveness of Using Old Phones as Servers
  37. My laptop is faster than your Elastic cluster
  38. Say something that will surprise people and be useful
  39. My Ideal Libre Computer+Phone
  40. xz and my thoughts on supply chain attacks against FOSS
  41. Filippo Valsorda (@filippo.abyssdomain.expert)
  42. IrfanView - Official Homepage - One of the Most Popular Viewers Worldwide
  43. How GitHub monopolized code hosting
  44. Actionable Interview Tips – Dev Leader Weekly 37
  45. Urgent Alert: Stealthy Backdoor Discovered in XZ Compression Utilities - Cyber Kendra
  46. We are under DDoS attack and we do nothing
  47. My list of challenging software projects some programmers should try
  48. Horizontally Scaling ASP.NET Core APIs With YARP Load Balancing
  49. Architecture Pitfalls: Don’t use your ORM entities for everything — embrace the SQL!
  50. Analyzing JVM Energy Consumption for JDK 21: An Empirical Study
  51. The smartphone app audit
  52. The Importance of Documenting Your Work – Denny and the Jets
  53. My Forced Public Apology
  54. The Many Ways To Read Tech News
  55. Most People - @visakanv's blog
  56. Topical Recap of GDC Week // Ramón Darío Iglesias
  57. Why do I use Emacs?
  58. Incidents and the requirement of slowing down
  59. On Dating
  60. Porting the GCLC to the web
  61. Ideating around integrations development
  62. Guide to onboarding in a new job
  63. Don't Think and Write, They Say
  64. Periodic Table Regions
  65. Bing on .NET 8: The Impact of Dynamic PGO - .NET Blog
  66. security - backdoor in upstream xz/liblzma leading to ssh server compromise
  67. How can I tell C++ that I want to discard a nodiscard value? - The Old New Thing
  68. Kubernetes and back - Why I don't run distributed systems - davd.io
  69. OpenVoice: Versatile Instant Voice Cloning
  70. Problems loading a .gif in .NET MAUI?
  71. The Great Migration from MongoDB to PostgreSQL
  72. Code It Any Way You Want: Constant vs Read-Only Property
  73. Book Review: Software Architecture for .NET 8 and C# 12 - Coding Sonata
  74. The race to replace Redis
  75. Matter and Privacy
  76. AI21 Labs Unveils Jamba: The First Production-Grade Mamba-Based AI Model
  77. Keynes was wrong because he failed to consider class conflict – William Mitchell – Modern Monetary Theory
  78. Elevating Bacalhau with NATS.io: Simplifying Connectivity
  79. beautiful do-nothing scripts
  80. A designer’s guide to loving the terminal — Alex Chan
  81. Rockchip NPU update 2: MobileNetV1 is done
  82. Custom useFetch wrapper for Nuxt
  83. 8529 people have contributed to scikit-learn
  84. Turbo Native iOS and Android apps in 15 minutes | Masilotti.com
  85. The Problem With Goals
  86. A Ruby on Rails OOM Mystery: The Case of the Hungry Hippo | Prefab
  87. Developers: Stop Donating Your Work to Cloud Service Providers! | TDengine
  88. Operating an Entire Company on a Minimal Two-Core PostgreSQL Instance: Index Tuning, Part 2
  89. How to Build a competitor analysis tool using ChatGPT
  90. Making a SOTA Adversarial Attack on LLMs 38x Faster
  91. A gentle introduction to ESR's `reposurgeon`
  92. What Does It Mean to “Own Your Content”?
  93. The Men Who Sold The Moon
  94. First time right, with software development
  95. Solving the “Are You a Millionaire?” Problem with ZK certificates
  96. Should you do anything about a productive but overleveled employee?
  97. Large language models use a surprisingly simple mechanism to retrieve some stored knowledge
  98. Getting the Method Name from a Task in C# | no dogma blog
  99. [Media] Lars Bergstrom (Google Director of Engineering): "Rust teams are twice as productive as teams using C++."
  100. I called Create­Environment­Block with a process's token, but I didn't get that process's environment - The Old New Thing
  101. “CVE-2024-21388”- Microsoft Edge’s Marketing API Exploited for Covert Extension Installation
  102. C# MongoDB Insert Benchmarks – What You Need To Know
  103. Digital wallets and the “only Apple Pay does this” mythology
  104. Programmatic Html to PDF Generation using the WebView2 Control
  105. Certificates from the Ground Up
  106. .NET on Azure Functions – March 2024 roadmap update
  107. Improve DNS security by using Domain Name Label Scope
  108. Why x86 Doesn’t Need to Die
  109. UX Crash Course: Information Architecture
  110. Attacker Techniques: Gesture Jacking
  111. A new MSBuild editing experience - Visual Studio Blog
  112. Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection–Register a type with all its interfaces
  113. .NET 7 will reach End of Support on May 14, 2024 - .NET Blog
  114. Hello eBPF: Auto Layouting Structs (7) - Mostly nerdless
  115. Finding NetBSD Kernel Bugs through LockDoc
  116. Extolling the Virtues of Dexie Cloud for Backendless Development
  117. The infinitely patient vacuum – a case study of what happens when the PostgreSQL VACUUM never completes – Ian's notes
  118. You Are Beautiful – Daniel Frank
  119. Processing 6 Billion Chess Games in Less Than 2 Hours
  120. Solving Domino Fit Using Constraint Programming
  121. Notes on EndeavourOS
  122. The log/event processing pipeline you can't have
  123. On UniFi Captive Portals
  124. Using Nextra to Blog - mkaz.blog
  125. David Gasquez
  126. Is Europe Better Than America for Working in Tech?
  127. Cursive Letters
  128. .NET 7 will reach End of Support on May 14, 2024 - .NET Blog
  129. Upgrading From IdentityServer Version 2 To IdentityServer Version 4 - Mark Oliver's World
  130. Introducing DBRX: A New State-of-the-Art Open LLM | Databricks
  131. Some choices for encrypting data so that it can be decrypted only by the same user or computer - The Old New Thing
  132. .NET MAUI All-in-One Templates Pack – 20K Installs
  133. I'm A Developer Not A Compiler
  134. 42.parquet – A Zip Bomb for the Big Data Age
  135. General Performance Tip: Generating Random Numbers
  136. Wolverine’s Baked In Integration Testing Support
  137. Testing Asynchronous Projections in Marten
  138. Using GitHub Copilot Chat in Visual Studio
  139. 7 Common Mistakes When Using React Hooks
  140. The Heart of Reactive Extensions for .NET | endjin
  141. Blazor Basics: Working with Blazor Layouts
  142. How To SSR Web Components In ASP.NET Core using TagHelpers
  143. Collection Expressions – Using C# 12 in Rider and ReSharper | The .NET Tools Blog
  144. Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection - Check if a service is registered in the DI container
  145. Uncovering the Seams in Mainframes for Incremental Modernisation
  146. .NET Framework - March 2024 Cumulative Update Preview - .NET Blog
  147. Sudo-rs dependencies: when less is better - Blog - Tweede golf
  148. Convincing People Not To Touch Hot Stoves Is Easy
  149. How to publish Godot games on Flathub, in a nutshell
  150. Binary array set
  151. Neatnik Notes · A Fediverse, if you can keep it
  152. Your async workflow needs an upgrade, not another queue | Stealth Rocket
  153. You're Not a CEO
  154. You might not need Redis
  155. The rocket equation for startups
  156. Why data scientists are leaving your company
  157. On using screens intentionally – Writings and rehearsals by Nathan Schneider
  158. My binary vector search is better than your FP32 vectors
  159. Malicious email .ics attachments
  160. What Computers Cannot Do: The Consequences of Turing-Completeness
  161. Testing a Thousand Applications With Flipper
  162. Why Shock Collars for Small Dogs Should be Banned - and for Big Ones Too
  163. You don't have to type faster to type faster.
  164. `async: false` is the worst. Here's how to never need it again.
  165. ADHD Productivity Fundamentals — 0xFF
  166. Speaking Freely - On the Oxymoron of Free Speech Platforms | dergigi.com
  167. The Allure of Local-First Sync Engines
  168. Camera system hell - Xe Iaso
  169. Ryan Bigg - Tailwind has won
  170. Write OpenAPI with TypeSpec
  171. Agile fatigue, where has the fun gone?
  172. Writing GNOME Apps with Swift
  173. LIVE UPDATES: Rescue efforts continue after bridge collapse
  174. 10 Essential Exercises for Programmers to Prevent Back Pain
  175. Flipping Pages: An analysis of a new Linux vulnerability in nf_tables and hardened exploitation techniques
  176. On Tech Debt: My Rust Library is now a CDO
  177. Dubious security vulnerability: Manual operations can cause a program to hang - The Old New Thing
  178. NuGet: A Step-by-Step Guide to Publishing Your Own Packages
  179. Google's First Tensor Processing Unit - Architecture
  180. Speed up Empty String Validation with Spargine
  181. How to navigate API evolution with versioning | Red Hat Developer
  182. See Your Pull Request Comments with the Latest Preview - Visual Studio Blog
  183. ASP.NET Core Basics: Organize Projects—Architectural Patterns
  184. Securing the Forms Authentication Cookie with Secure Flag : Developer Notes
  185. NuGet–Transitive dependencies
  186. Services are autonomous
  187. ZenHammer: Rowhammer Attacks on AMD Zen-based Platforms - Computer Security Group
  188. Convert DateTime to user's time zone with Blazor in .NET 8 - Gérald Barré
  189. CockroachDb with Entity Framework and Web API | no dogma blog
  190. Hotel hotspot hijinks
  191. Preparing for a New Beginning for Floorp
  192. A simple, asymmetric AKE · Timelessness
  193. Manipulating Chess-GPT’s World Model
  194. Comparing THE DARK KNIGHT IMAX Prologue — Adam Schoales
  195. Solving Crew Battle Strategy With Math
  196. Thoughts on  Vision Pro | Andrew Hart
  197. On the future of computer science
  198. The website is down. The cloud is up.
  199. Safe/unsafe alignment in CSS flexbox
  200. The other hard retrieval problems
  201. Notes on debugging HotSpot’s JIT compilation
  202. Friends don't let friends export to CSV
  203. Tom Lingham (Toml)
  204. Scripts should be written using the project main language
  205. Building an email to calendar LLM
  206. RIP Redis: How Garantia Data pulled off the biggest heist in open source history — Momento
  207. Greenland Size
  208. Extending Uno Platform Material Toolkit with overrides: the case of Fluent
  209. Seamless Method Relocation: A Proposal for Visual Studio Refactoring
  210. Adding Apple Privacy Manifest Support to .NET iOS & .NET MAUI apps - .NET Blog
  211. Digital Markets Act
  212. Why isn't C++ using my default parameter to deduce a template type? - The Old New Thing
  213. .NET MAUI – BindableLayout
  214. ChatGPT 4 is worse than 3.5
  215. Why choose async/await over threads?
  216. Code It Any Way You Want: Performance of Out Variable Declaration
  217. Glossarie – The new, immersive way to learn a language
  218. Azure Static Web App – API Integration
  219. Distributing State Reliably with Akka.Cluster.Sharding
  220. SAFE Bookstore v5
  221. Protect Against OWASP API Top 10 Security Risks Using Defender for APIs
  222. Protect your ASP.NET site using WebAuthn Passkeys
  223. F# tips weekly #10: Active patterns (1)
  224. C# 13: Allow ref and unsafe in iterators and async
  225. Release v3.0 · beemdevelopment/Aegis
  226. GitHub - Y2Z/monolith: ⬛️ CLI tool for saving complete web pages as a single HTML file
  227. CockroachDB in Single User Mode on Docker | no dogma blog
  228. Starting CockroachDB in Single User Mode with a Dockerfile | no dogma blog
  229. GitHub - janmojzis/tinyssh: TinySSH is small server (less than 100000 words of code)
  230. My DIY NAS Adventure
  231. Why I write a newsletter every week even with a full-time software engineering job
  232. “Immutable” → reprovisionable, anti-hysteresis
  233. Payfac in 1,000 words
  234. Sealed: Custom Wax Seal NFC Tags
  235. There's nothing you can do to prevent a SIM-swap attack
  236. Navigating the Gig Economy: Tips for Financial Success as a Freelancer
  237. What Every Programmer Should Know About Load Testing
  238. Matching mentors to mentees using OR-tools
  239. Parallel Integration Tests With Ktor
  240. Redis relicensing: Why is this a problem? | DaFoster
  241. Unbundling Tools for Thought
  242. My NixOS + Nomad Dev Environment
  243. Build time is a collective responsibility
  244. Use Your Product
  245. Comments on a static website, powered by Mastodon
  246. 3 software development principles I wish I knew earlier in my career
  247. Cranelift code generation comes to Rust
  248. New Aztec Codices Discovered: The Codices of San Andrés Tetepilco
  249. A Return to Blu-ray as Streaming Value Evaporates
  250. Linux Crisis Tools
  251. .NET Rocks! Modular Monoliths in .NET with Steve Smith
  252. YouTube
  253. C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code - Visual Studio Subscription
  254. What Do Developers Really Think About Claude 3?
  255. Node.js TSC Confirms: No Intention to Remove npm from Distribution - Socket
  256. The Cost of Accidental Complexity in Development
  257. PCB Repair: Speed Buggy/Buggy Boy
  258. The fish doorbell
  259. I earn $52,600/month with this simple tech stack
  260. Fonts and Spreadsheets – Rodolpho Arruda
  261. Trust in SaaS – Dan Palmer
  262. Transformers learn patterns, math is patterns
  263. Screwtape / sqlite-schema-diagram · GitLab
  264. Apply, Interview, Solve Problems – Dev Leader Weekly 36
  265. Stability AI Announcement — Stability AI
  266. Zig defer Patterns
  267. Turn images into contour maps | Benjamin Dicken
  268. Is There a Recent Crisis in Men?
  269. What’s the difference between Extropic, Normal Computing, and D-Wave?
  270. Adventures with Differentiable Mesh Rendering
  271. I Deployed My Own Cute Lil' Private Internet (a.k.a. VPC)
  272. Users, Tools, Platforms, and the Shifting Goals of Software
  273. Will PostgreSQL ever change its license?
  274. RDS' margin is EC2's opportunity
  275. Spurious Scholar
  276. Radix Tree in Julia - Lior Sinai
  277. static vs dynamic types
  278. AI and the Complexity of Code | Koen van Gilst
  279. My 12 Favorite Problems
  280. Interesting Podcast Idea? Habits of World-Class Programmers – Relentless Simplicity
  281. Brutally honest career advice to my younger self - Noah Kagan
  282. Daily Driving Ubuntu Asahi for Over a Month
  283. What is Naimint?
  284. A review of the Thinkpad X13s with Ubuntu Linux ⋅ ahoneybun.net
  285. Clean Domain Driven Todo List in Go
  286. Boss Chief Bets
  287. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Healthy Emotional Boundaries
  288. Poking at Threads in the Fediverse
  289. Roll your own ZFS NAS
  290. -=:[ Streaming Radio Directories ]:=-
  291. Arguments for opening links in a new tab or window
  292. Learning to Crawl: Site Performance and Googlebot
  293. I Hate Sexy
  294. Fast SQL Bulk Inserts With C# and EF Core
  295. Boom - FlyBy - Boom Announces Successful Flight of XB-1 Demonstrator Aircraft
  296. Redis Shifts to Dual Licensing, Impacting Cloud Providers and Competitors - Cyber Kendra
  297. .NET MAUI – Margin and Padding
  298. Why does my thread get a broken string as its initial parameter? - The Old New Thing
  299. Mapping (almost) every law, regulation and case in Australia
  300. Garnet–open-source faster cache-store speeds up applications, services
  301. MongoDB in C#: Simplified Guide For Inserting Data
  302. Managing Dependencies in Windows and Cross Platform Applications - Nick's .NET Travels
  303. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
  304. Collection Performance: Using ForEachAsync() with List<>
  305. Picotron by Lexaloffle
  306. DuckDB as the New jq
  307. Beyond the Basics: Learning Text-to-Speech in .NET MAUI
  308. How to use Comments as Prompts in GitHub Copilot for Visual Studio
  309. Cloudfare Turnstile, A New Way To Prove You Are Real - Simple Talk
  310. Exploring the Latest Features Coming to JavaScript—ES2023
  311. Microsoft Build | May 21-23, 2024 | Seattle and Online
  312. Redis Adopts Dual Source-Available Licensing | Redis
  313. How Much Can Sqlite Handle? Multiple Threads Concurrently Inserting Into Sqlite
  314. Background Work with Wolverine
  315. Code It Any Way You Want: Exploring Thread Id Retrieval Methods
  316. Memories
  317. Specialty Coffee vs. Commercial Coffee: What’s the Difference?
  318. Batyr Nuryyev | Biting Off More Than We Can Chew with OLAP Libraries
  319. Universal interfaces and Semantic Agents
  320. What we talk about when we talk about tech debt
  321. Why you should use a terminal editor to write a commit message
  322. 101 things I would tell my self from 10 years ago
  323. What if you tried hard? - Aaron Francis
  324. Life Sans Instagram
  325. Don't change hearts, change workflows.
  326. Make your company handbook public
  327. My 2024 Setup
  328. E. coli chemotaxis: the baffling intelligence of a single cell
  329. Jiří Činčura ↹ (@cincura_net@mas.to)
  330. Difftastic, a structural diff tool that understands syntax
  331. I'd like to download and run... but couldn't figure out how (solved) · Apicurio/apicurio-studio · Discussion #2281
  332. Using the Display­Information class from a desktop Win32 application, part 2 - The Old New Thing
  333. redis/LICENSE.txt at unstable · redis/redis
  334. Blazor Render Mode – How To Avoid Dependency Injection Woes
  335. devenv 1.0: Rewrite in Rust - devenv
  336. Change license from BSD-3 to dual RSALv2+SSPLv1 by K-Jo · Pull Request #13157 · redis/redis
  337. Python extends its lead as the most popular programming language — but why does it have such widespread appeal?
  338. Building Interactive Blazor Apps with WebAssembly
  339. Fritz & Friends Presents Modern .NET Web Day
  340. Announcing SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) for ARM64 Architecture in Visual Studio 17.10 Preview 2 - Visual Studio Blog
  341. Generate a Word document in ASP.NET | johnnyreilly
  342. Release NATS .NET v2.1.4 · nats-io/nats.net.v2
  343. NPM–Change cache
  344. pushState and URL Blocking
  345. Hello from Retina | Retina
  346. GitHub - 00-Evan/shattered-pixel-dungeon: Shattered Pixel Dungeon is an open-source traditional roguelike dungeon crawler with randomized levels and enemies, and hundreds of items to collect and use. It's based on the source code of Pixel Dungeon, by Watabou.
  347. Earthquake Information (Japan) | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News
  348. Supercharge your PDF reading: Follow references, skim outline, jump to figures
  349. Upgrade a Xamarin.Forms app to a .NET MAUI app with the .NET Upgrade Assistant - .NET MAUI
  350. .NET is open source on GitHub | .NET
  351. Rockin’ the Code World Season 4: Special Guest Mark Brown
  352. Rive Renderer — now open source and available on all platforms
  353. Suspicious discontinuities
  354. A Primer on LLM Security – Hacking Large Language Models for Beginners
  355. TuxTower
  356. Moving from Homebrew to pkgsrc
  357. This is how the Swedish labour market works
  358. Thoughts on WordPress FSE and Block Themes — Asko Nõmm
  359. Logging: The Unsung Hero in Developer Security - Here's Why and How — Withstand Security
  360. It might not need a label
  361. Lessons Learned from Using LLMs to Evaluate LLMs | Traceloop Blog
  362. The specialness of groups of 3
  363. More thoughts on vulnerabilities and misaligned incentives
  364. UN/LOCODE Function Codes – nghbrs
  365. What the UK Government gets wrong about QR codes
  366. Tiny Model, Massive PDF Corpus: URL Embeddings for 8.3 Million PDFs
  367. Your Code May Be Elegant
  368. Melatonin and Anxiety: Everything Explained
  369. Knee Deep in tree-sitter Queries
  370. Open-source is a chainsaw
  371. Eio 1.0 Release: Introducing a new Effects-Based I/O Library for OCaml
  372. require(esm) in Node.js
  373. 🔬 Rustls: Continuous Benchmarking Case Study
  374. (Type) Checking the LLM
  375. The Dashboard
  376. My QR Code Tattoo - samantha.wiki
  377. Why I built Slick Deploy
  378. "Default forward": How I write to my clients to avoid getting stuck
  379. .NET 9 Preview — New LINQ Methods
  380. Flightradar24’s new GPS jamming map | Flightradar24 Blog
  381. Introducing .NET Smart Components - AI-powered UI controls - .NET Blog
  382. Moon Landing Mission Profiles
  383. Using the Display­Information class from a desktop Win32 application, part 1 - The Old New Thing
  384. Regex character “$” doesn't mean “end-of-string”
  385. MudBlazor List Items: How To Create Awesome Blazor List Views
  386. How to Solve 1000 Leetcode Problems in 300 Days?
  387. Root cause of Alzheimer's may be fat buildup in brain cells, research suggests
  388. GitHub - ynqa/jnv: interactive JSON filter using jq
  389. General Performance Tip: Logging
  390. Conventional Message Routing in Wolverine
  391. Introduction to Text Parsing in C# using Parakeet
  392. Blazor’s CSS isolation ::deep issue and solution
  393. Measuring Developer Productivity via Humans
  394. NuGet–Change the global-packages cache location
  395. .Net Aspire - A Brief Introduction
  396. LEGO price per part over the years
  397. March 2024: Exploring open source at Microsoft, and other highlights for developers
  398. A better jittering approach for discretization acknowledgment in density estimation
  399. App Service Outbound Traffic through VNet Gets 403 When Trying to Access Another App Service with Public Network Access Enabled, but has a Private Endpoint
  400. GoblinTools - Neil Turner's Blog
  401. Conway's Game of Hope
  402. Downside at Microsoft
  403. The Importance of Innovating On Content – The Write to Roam
  404. Why does an extraneous build step make my Zig app 10x faster?
  405. Seven Days of New Things Day 2: Linear Algebra, Tulips | James' Coffee Blog
  406. Execution is King
  407. Why Fastmail over ProtonMail - Scott Spence
  408. Clinical troubleshooting: diagnose any production issue, fast.
  409. In which the squamous cell carcinoma tumors in my neck grow by 20% in two months
  410. Let's create a Tree-sitter grammar
  411. How to Start Google
  412. How well does C++/WinRT com_ptr support class template argument deduction (CTAD)? - The Old New Thing
  413. GitHub - microsoft/garnet: Garnet is a remote cache-store from Microsoft Research that offers strong performance (throughput and latency), scalability, storage, recovery, cluster sharding, key migration, and replication features. Garnet can work with existing Redis clients.
  414. Autofac In ASP NET Core - How To Avoid A Debugging Nightmare
  415. Navigating Open Spaces: Survival Guide for Neurodivergent Individuals
  416. "No way to prevent this" say users of only language where this regularly happens - Xe Iaso
  417. Optimizing String Concatenation in C# with Spargine FastStringBuilder
  418. Difference Between await and Task.Wait in C# - Code Maze
  419. Why Should We Avoid Using Await in a Loop in C# - Code Maze
  420. .NET Developers Begging for Ecosystem Destruction
  421. React Basics: Getting Started with React and GraphQL
  422. Giving your app a temporary public URL with VS Code port forwarding
  423. Eloquent JavaScript 4th edition is released
  424. Generate OpenAPI specification at build time from the code in ASP.NET Core - Gérald Barré
  425. Now in Beta: Explore the Enhanced Python SDK for Semantic Kernel | Semantic Kernel
  426. LLM inference speed of light
  427. C++ creator rebuts White House warning
  428. Oh Sh*t, My App is Successful and I Didn’t Think About Accessibility
  429. Introducing Stable Video 3D: Quality Novel View Synthesis and 3D Generation from Single Images — Stability AI
  430. The stupidity and arrogance of GNOME developers
  431. I Stopped Loving Captain Kirk
  432. Designing a simple object from scratch: two-minute timer
  433. Semantic Router: Postprocessing LLM output using Semantic Splitters
  434. How to Network at an Unstructured Happy Hour
  435. Facts vs Opinions
  436. commit message rant (part 1 of n) - hēg denu
  437. Rails 8 adds allow_browser to set minimum browser version
  438. My Note Taking Strategy
  439. Moon Armor Index
  440. High Ticket Products for Affiliates: My Final Earnings With 3 Product Ranges -
  441. Todepond dot com
  442. Look ma, I wrote a new JIT compiler for PostgreSQL – Pinaraf's website
  444. Please don't implement your own 2FA - Ritza Articles
  445. Supporting content file structure changes on a static site
  446. A month of the Vision Pro — Benedict Evans
  447. I’m Finally Quitting Trying to Quit My Bad Habits
  448. Simplifying Test & Release of Snapped GUI Apps
  449. Fragile Passkey Ecosystem for Enterprises
  450. Compiling With Constraints
  451. Do I need my phone?
  452. Distributed queries for pgvector
  453. Throughput is Not All You Need: Maximizing Goodput in LLM Serving using Prefill-Decode Disaggregation
  454. Michael Tsai - Blog - iOS Notarization’s Human Review
  455. About MADR
  456. How well does wil com_ptr support class template argument deduction (CTAD)? - The Old New Thing
  457. Announcing Uno Tech Bites - first 30 videos available
  458. Java users on macOS 14 running on Apple silicon systems should consider delaying the macOS 14.4 update
  459. How we're helping creators disclose altered or synthetic content
  460. AT&T says leaked data of 70 million people is not from its systems
  461. .NET MAUI UI Challenge # 10 - Dashbarod Order Delivery App
  462. WebSockets vs Server-Sent-Events vs Long-Polling vs WebRTC vs WebTransport | RxDB - JavaScript Database
  463. Hacker Selling Private Data Allegedly from 70 Million AT&T Customers
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