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February 2024

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All entries for this month

  1. GitHub - terrajobst/git-istage: Make staging whole files, as well as parts of a file, up to the line level, a breeze.
  2. You’ve just inherited a legacy C++ codebase, now what?
  3. dotNetDave Rocks Warsaw IT Days 2024
  4. .NET MAUI Community Toolkit 2023 Highlights - .NET Blog
  5. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  6. Bring your data to Copilot for Microsoft 365 with .NET plugins and Azure AI Search
  7. Instrument Serverless Rust Applications with Open Telemetry
  8. If a parameter isn't used, what should I pass? - The Old New Thing
  9. .NET 8 💥 - Web API Health Checks ⛑🚑🚑
  10. Modal Windows and Open Source C# Web Applications
  11. Generate Blazor Websites in Minutes with Visual Studio's NEW Scaffolder!
  12. Refactoring C# Code – 4 Essential Techniques Simplified
  13. .net MAUI: Disable scrolling on Android
  14. The KDE desktop gets an overhaul with Plasma 6
  15. KDE MegaRelease 6
  16. Introduction to Dumpify
  17. EF Core - System.InvalidOperationException : The required column 'Id' was not present in the results of a 'FromSql' operation.
  18. Apple vs. PWAs – Go act now and help avoid this disaster…
  19. Continue Processing with Parallel.ForEachAsync (even when exceptions are thrown)
  20. Call My Cell
  21. Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 8 | .NET Conf 2023
  22. GitHub - cloudflare/pingora: A library for building fast, reliable and evolvable network services.
  23. HDMI Forum Rejects Open-Source HDMI 2.1 Driver Support Sought By AMD
  24. Collections Made Easy - C# in the Cards Episode 10
  25. How the Economy Changed: There's No Bargains Left Anywhere
  26. WAKULLA RECEIPT MAP – Aaron Koelker
  27. LLM Quantisation Weirdness :: Giles' blog
  28. Marc Kerbiquet's Website
  29. Azure's Browser Bias - Matt White
  30. How the pre-seed round made a comeback in 2024 - VC Cafe
  31. Choosing to Have Kids During the End Times — Stuff George Writes
  32. You Probably *Do* Need ESLint-Prettier – Luke Deniston
  33. Leaving Postman and what's ahead
  34. Where I’m at on the whole CSS-Tricks thing
  35. Delete, delete, delete: the ultimate productivity hack
  36. Pivot to Decimation
  37. Don't Mock Machine Learning Models In Unit Tests
  38. DSL for Modding Minecraft - Strumenta
  39. Sustainable software delivery: The core-capabilities & plugins model
  40. Introduction To Low Latency Programming: Minimize Branching And Jumping
  41. A Data Structures and Algorithms Self-Study Curriculum
  42. What is Sustaining Engineering?
  43. On Abandoning my RATGDO Native HomeKit Users
  44. .NET MAUI – Native Embedding
  45. Dependency injection for .NET APIs [Pt 7] | Back-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  46. How does .NET MAUI get me to market faster if I'm a startup?
  47. On the whole idea of giving away a reference to yourself at destruction - The Old New Thing
  48. This Is How You Implement HttpClient In Your .NET Application
  49. Mr. Maeda's Cozy AI Kitchen - Inclusive Healthcare with AI, with Wendy Johansson
  50. Mr-Maeda-Cozy-AI-Kitchen/MedicalAccess at main · johnmaeda/Mr-Maeda-Cozy-AI-Kitchen
  51. White House urges developers to dump C and C++
  52. Power That No C# Dev Should Have - The Dark Side of Reflection
  53. The Era of 1-bit LLMs: All Large Language Models are in 1.58 Bits
  54. Why I use Firefox
  55. Tangerine Portal
  56. Media statement: Tangerine cyber incident | Tangerine Telecom™
  57. Go Enums Suck
  58. Activator.CreateInstance in C# – A Quick Rundown
  59. Bcrypt Hash Generator & Verifier
  60. Easy Way to Create an Ambient Database Transaction
  61. Does this 8088 code in the Leisure Suit Larry 2 game actually do anything?
  62. General Performance Tip: Avoid Unnecessary Variable Initialization
  63. RecurseChat
  64. Rest and Spread Operators Explained in JavaScript
  65. Critical Thinking in an AI-Powered World | The .NET Tools Blog
  66. 👼🏼 Divine Code Reviews
  67. Shoelace Web Components with ASP.NET Core
  68. Getting Multiple Exceptions from Parallel.ForEachAsync
  69. EF Core - Cannot convert from 'string' to 'System.FormattableString'
  70. Parallel.ForEachAsync and Exceptions
  71. Testcontainers
  72. Work with Data in Blazor [Pt 9] | Front-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  73. Blog Post
  74. Exploring Next.js Forms with Server Actions
  75. Encoding tic-tac-toe in 13 bits
  76. Integrating Third-party Services with .NET 8's Identity Framework | .NET Conf 2023
  77. How we're using custom domain email for $0/mo
  78. Nintendo is suing the creators of Switch emulator Yuzu
  79. Transformative Work as Livelihood
  80. How and why we rebuilt Browserless
  81. Gemini server for 0ut3r.space
  82. Writing is hard, so I got help
  83. Programming languages generations
  84. 12 Years at Meta
  85. "Help, I see a problem and no one is prioritizing it!"
  86. I had a perfectly nice domain and then the Taliban ruined it
  87. The Unbundling of Venture Capital
  88. Supply Chain Analyst Resources.
  89. English as a programming language is (almost) here
  90. Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Jeremy Miller
  91. Strategies You Need For An Evolvable Event-Driven System
  92. Uno Platform Live Coding: Let's look at some calendar and date picker issues
  93. Testing of the F-35C Tailhook
  94. Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Jeremy Miller
  95. Mitigating attacks based on knowing the length of a Windows Hello PIN - The Old New Thing
  96. Boeing Missing Key Elements of Safety Culture: FAA Report | AIN
  97. On .NET Live: Radzen.Blazor - A free and open source component library
  98. Adding Open Telemetry to a Blazor Application
  99. Uno Platform for Figma plugin RTM!
  100. GummyCat - Visualize the activity of the .NET garbage collector
  101. Experimenting with the completions model - Azure OpenAI for .NET Developers Course
  102. Grial Studio - Your .NET MAUI UI Expert Assistant in Visual Studio
  103. Uno Platform for Figma | Design to XAML and C# Markup
  104. Airfoil – Bartosz Ciechanowski
  105. About Rapier | Rapier
  106. How to Survive a Layoff (as a developer)
  107. How I turned my open-source project into a business
  108. Introducing Mistral-Large on Azure in partnership with Mistral AI | Microsoft Azure Blog
  109. async await in C#: 3 Beginner Tips You Need to Know
  110. The Effect Existence, Its Magnitude, and the Goals
  111. From Theory to Practice: Implementing Robust Task Scheduling with Quartz.NET
  112. Meadow.Cloud and Azure, putting the “I” in IoT | .NET Conf 2023
  113. Auto generated comments by codemakerai-dev · Pull Request #39754 · spring-projects/spring-boot
  114. "Secret" elmah.io features #2 - Correlate messages from apps
  115. Netlify just sent me a $104K bill for a simple static site
  116. .NET 8 🔥🚀 : Guide to Code Access with Attributes - Exploring new Features
  117. Creating Intelligent Apps on App Service with .NET
  118. How to Access Previous Props & State Values with React Hooks
  119. Visual Studio's Full Year in Review (2023) - Visual Studio Blog
  120. Dapper - Return dynamic data
  121. Lock statement patterns
  122. Testing exceptions
  123. Release v0.1.0 · martincostello/dotnet-bumper
  124. Qualtrics Survey | Qualtrics Experience Management
  125. GitHub - electric-sql/pglite: Lightweight Postgres packaged as WASM into a TypeScript library for the browser, Node.js, Bun and Deno
  126. Tim Kächele: How to build an exchange
  127. How to spend less time writing Django tests
  128. Issue 49: Trillions of Lines Written, and We're Still at Day Zero
  129. Building A Software Render Engine From Scratch
  130. Emacs: Dead and Loving It
  131. Package dependency hell — Rami James
  132. Semantic line breaks
  133. Grayscale: Filtered Dopamine
  134. Trials and tribulations of 360° video in Juno
  135. How I use Nix on macOS
  136. Your company doesn't have to be for everyone
  137. How I Built a Modern Course Platform in 2024
  138. What Is OpenAI Feather - Decoding The Mystery Surrounding The Login Page
  139. What if missing a connecting flight wasn’t awful? | aaron-butler.co.uk
  140. On Mastodon-powered Blog Comments
  141. Austria: A Fearful Country In Need Of A Vision
  142. Language Modeling in the Limit - Matthew Francis-Landau
  143. You probably don't need Zotero's File Sync
  144. Thoughts on inclusion as a constraint and catalyst for design
  145. My First K8s App
  146. Building PlantHub: A data plantform for monitoring plants
  147. What if best practices were the norm?
  148. Not feeling like I belong anywhere
  149. What Is A Single-page Application?: HeydonWorks
  150. OOP and Design Patterns are garbage - Douglas' Blog
  151. On Learning to Code
  152. Mastering DataBinding in Uno Platform for Figma Plugin | Uno Tech Bites
  153. The FAST and the Fluent: A Blazor story - .NET Blog
  154. About Ideas Now | Search 1000s of personal sites
  155. Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Get Started with Blazor in .NET 8
  156. How to find the AWS Account ID of any S3 Bucket
  157. GitHub - zksecurity/zkBank: zkBank is the most secure banking system in the world, powered by ZK, gnark, and GKR!
  158. 2023’s Top 10 New Features for .NET in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  159. Delegated read and application write access to blob storage using ASP.NET Core with Entra ID authentication
  160. Agile Cult
  161. Welcome | Superset
  162. A C# LINQ one-liner to check if exactly one of a set of conditions is met - The Old New Thing
  163. Devops: Supercharging your mobile app CI/CD Pipeline with Bitbucket & Expo Application Services
  164. Goodhart's Law
  165. Uno Platform Live Coding: Spacing in StackPanel
  166. Uno Platform Live Coding: Spacing in StackPanel
  167. C# Level Up! - How To Check Type Data with Reflection in C#
  168. Microsoft Mesh: Now available for creating innovative multi-user 3D experiences for the workplace - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  169. Au Large
  170. Important Change in Prism Pre-Release 9.0.401-pre - ChecoX
  171. Reflection in C#: 4 Code Simple But Powerful Code Examples
  172. This Is How To Mock Your Service for Unit Testing
  173. Home Screen Advantage - Infrequently Noted
  174. Every Single PLINQ (Parallel LINQ) Extension Method with Examples | .NET & C# Essentials
  175. Mastering Tuples in .NET
  176. String Performance: Comparing Strings with Globalization
  177. How Does BlueSky Work?
  178. Update: Some applications are experiencing connectivity issues.
  179. Coroutines in C
  180. nekoweb
  181. Persisting the ASP.NET Core Data Protection Key Ring in Azure Key Vault – Tore Nestenius
  182. A Swag at the Critter Stack Road Map for Early 2024
  183. Blazor and .NET 8: How I Built a Fast and Flexible Website
  184. Armchair Architects: Large Language Models (LLMs) & Vector Databases
  185. GraphQL vs. REST—Which is Better for API Design?
  186. Implementing the decorator pattern using System. Reflection.DispatchProxy
  187. Challenges in Migrating ASP.NET Apps to Containers #1 – Multiple Active Result Sets
  188. Easily ask questions about your Linux, Windows, and macOS infrastructure
  189. .NET JsonElement Error Handling | endjin
  190. Chaotic Thoughts About Order
  191. A Map is Not a Blueprint: Why Fixing Nature Fails
  192. Framing is Everything
  193. Vim for Hacker News – Quentin Santos
  194. Gitlab Ephemeral Environments for Pull Requests · Blog - MattBits
  195. How to Work on Legacy Systems - Making Smaller Circles
  196. Scheduling Internals
  197. My First Time Building with SST was a Disaster
  198. It's OK to abandon your side-project - Robb Owen
  199. Unified diffs make GPT-4 Turbo 3X less lazy
  200. A dedicated site for Blog-Doc's documentation!
  201. Designing Personal Software
  202. That will never change. Not here.
  203. AAC and Debian
  204. Engineering is more about people than tech
  205. .NET Aspire - IntelliJ IDEs Plugin | Marketplace
  206. An Important Notification Regarding Data Security - CHRG
  207. Hallucination is Inevitable: An Innate Limitation of Large Language Models
  208. Switch Lite Boardview
  209. Making it easier to get started with Blazor
  210. Using Autofac in C# – 3 Simple Tips for Beginners
  211. Integrating With Third-Party APIs Was Never Easier
  213. StreetPass for Mastodon
  214. Abusing Conda's Turing-Complete YAML Comments
  215. Track Time in GPT with Code Interpreter
  216. Jan-Piet Mens
  217. Life Is Good For Uber. Not So Much For PayPal
  218. 100x Faster Query in Aurora Postgres with a lower random_page_cost
  219. Language Checklist
  220. justpath to explore PATH quickly
  221. Considering, Then Abandoning JSX for Strongly-Typed YAML Configuration — KSH
  222. Bluesky Frustrations — Part 2
  223. Frugly vs. Freemium
  224. you should try a partner dance
  225. My Low Power Writing Setup – Yudhanjaya
  226. How to Push All Branches from Command Line
  227. Power Metal: is it really about dragons?
  228. How Google helped destroy adoption of RSS feeds
  229. Institutions Try to Preserve the Problem to Which They Are the Solution – Effectiviology
  230. Quality is a hard sell in big tech
  231. Mid-Level To Senior Engineer – Dev Leader Weekly 32
  232. .NET 🔥🚀 : Minimal API with EF Core and SQLite
  233. System.IO.Hashing 8.0.0
  234. System.IO.Hashing Namespace
  235. CSS :has() Interactive Guide
  236. Please Make Your Table Headings Sticky
  237. 👀 Container Queries 👀
  238. Generative Models: What do they know?
  239. Meta's new LLM-based test generator is a sneak peek to the future of development
  240. Azure Functions Community Standup - Azure Functions latest updates + sneak peak!
  241. YouTube is not currently available on this device.
  242. Blazor Component Render Modes [Pt 8] | Front-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  243. Getting started with the Fluent UI Blazor library
  244. Orbital Argument
  245. Nuclear Reactor Explainer | Lorenzo Venneri
  246. The Next Bottleneck — Ethan Lalakea Alter
  247. How to Learn Nix, Part 49: nix-direnv is a huge quality of life improvement
  248. The 'Pro' Paradox and The Allure of Style Over Substance
  249. Things I Used to Care About
  250. Lessons from my third year running a SaaS - Max Rozen
  251. The Only Productivity Framework You Need – Monica Lim
  252. The value of a PhD
  253. formats
  254. ESP32 based voice assistant with wake word – Tristam
  255. foojay – 12 Lessons Learned From Doing The 1BRC Challenge
  256. Open Source Motion Capture for Autonomous Drones
  257. Automatically Register Minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core
  258. Developers, Your Job Is Not To Write Code / Matt Hogg FYI
  259. The pitfalls of pure rationality
  260. The trouble with transaction.atomic · David Seddon
  261. Forms of life, forms of mind | Dr. Michael Levin | Some thoughts on memory, goals, and universal hacking
  262. Kyle Benzle's Blog
  263. Cycles all way down
  264. You need more than p-values
  265. Do literally anything - Aaron Francis
  266. How to Make a List of Nearly Every Minecraft Player
  267. Building a deep learning rig | part-1
  268. OK-Robot: What Really Matters in Integrating Open-Knowledge Models for Robotics
  269. Uno Platform 5.0: Elevate Your Cross-Platform .NET Development with .NET 8 | .NET Conf 2023
  270. Using Visual Studio Code for .NET MAUI Development
  271. GitHub - google/gemma.cpp: lightweight, standalone C++ inference engine for Google's Gemma models.
  272. Beyond A*: Better Planning with Transformers via Search Dynamics Bootstrapping
  273. After 14 years in the industry, I still find programming difficult
  274. Scrutor vs Autofac in C#: What You Need To Know
  275. Gotcha: Be careful how you shut down your dispatcher queues - The Old New Thing
  276. Intel Processor Instability Causing Oodle Decompression Failures
  277. The Billion Row Challenge (1BRC) - Step-by-step from 71s to 1.7s
  278. Cecilifier - Learn Mono.Cecil by example
  279. ChatGPT vs. Advent of Code 2023 Day 22: Sand Slabs
  280. Commits · sigma0-xyz/zkbitcoin
  281. ZK Mini Summit · Luma
  282. v0.1.0 · sigma0-xyz/zkbitcoin · Discussion #44
  283. What is Scrum and is Scrum good for startups? — todo.space blog
  284. nanoFramework: Unleashing the Power of C# in Embedded Systems and IoT with José Simões
  285. JavaScript Bloat in 2024
  286. Mark Oliver's World
  287. ASP.NET Community Standup Topic - Assessing your app's Azure readiness
  288. SDXL Lightning - by fal.ai
  289. IA responsable y mecanismos de protección
  290. Introducing Modular Monoliths: The Goldilocks Architecture
  291. An Active Local NuGet Server
  292. Announcing TypeScript 5.4 RC - TypeScript
  293. Minimal APIs vs Controller APIs: SerializerOptions.WriteIndented = true
  294. The case for an application-level tracing API in .NET
  295. .NET API Middleware for common functionality [Pt 5] | Back-end Web Development w/ .NET for Beginners
  296. Azure API Center and ASP.NET Web API Integration: A Developer's Guide | .NET Conf 2023
  297. Install Teams Toolkit in Visual Studio - Teams
  298. Weekly Update 388
  299. Easy Guide to Creating Minimal APIs in ASP.NET
  300. .NET 8 Is Now Available on AWS Lambda
  301. Okay, Color Spaces — ericportis.com
  302. 3D modeling with ChatGPT - Solidified ephemerality
  303. How well do Lc0 networks compare to the greatest transformer network from DeepMind?
  304. No Simple Answers In Stereo
  305. Modding Plugins back into Xcode
  306. Women in mathematics – a case study
  307. Ruby could use a Heap
  308. In a GenAI world. Only Identity Matters.
  309. Making LLMs worth every penny | Tom Hipwell
  310. Productivity Tools are Taxed - Adam Grant
  311. Matryoshka Representation Learning (MRL) from the Ground Up
  312. i need some hackers
  313. What I Learned Developing with LLMs
  314. Large Language Models Are Drunk at the Wheel
  315. Subprime Intelligence
  316. That time I almost added Tetris to htop - hisham.hm
  317. How to Optimally Trap Points in High-Dimensional Spaces Inside Ellipsoids
  318. Interesting Uses of Ansible’s ternary filter
  319. Measuring Patterns To Boost Productivity · @jimmyislive
  320. Open sourcing your games as solo game developer - a game changer
  321. Typing A Little Faster
  322. CSS-only DVD Screensaver animation
  323. Water cooling is overkill for Pi 5
  324. View transitions: Handling aspect ratio changes
  325. Spring Rites
  326. Burke Learns Blazor - Bug fixing, download shrinking, prepping to ship!
  327. Using Figma Plugin Generated C# Markup in an Uno Platform project | Uno Tech Bites
  328. Our Company Is Doing So Well That You’re All Fired
  329. Bluesky: An Open Social Web - Bluesky
  330. WinForms in a 64-Bit world - our strategy going forward - .NET Blog
  331. What is .NET Conf?
  332. Gotcha: Don't forget to shut down your dispatcher queues - The Old New Thing
  333. .NET Data Community Standup - Database concurrency and EF Core: Beyond optimistic concurrency
  334. That One Time Keygen Went Down for 5 Hours (Twice)
  335. Building with Blazor
  336. Creating an E-Book OnBoarding screen in .NET MAUI
  337. Stable Diffusion 3 — Stability AI
  338. ASP.NET Core Full Course For Beginners
  339. C# for Beginners – 5 Simplified Concepts in C#
  340. Azure Functions Extensibility - Runtime Scaling
  341. Useful Uses of cat
  342. Unexpected responses from ChatGPT
  343. .NET 8 🔥🚀 : Guide to Web API AOT - Exploring new Features
  344. Atuin - Magical Shell History
  345. How IDisposable and Using Statements Work Together in C#
  346. A Streamlined Extension Manager comes to Visual Studio 17.9 - Visual Studio Blog
  347. How To Use AI Assistant to Generate Test Data For .NET Applications | The .NET Tools Blog
  348. Method Injection in ASP.NET Core: API Controllers vs. MVC Controllers
  349. Visual Studio Presentation Mode
  350. Circle STARKs
  351. Generate PDF Files in Your .NET MAUI App or ANY .NET Application!
  352. Data Binding in Blazor Web Apps [Pt 7] | Front-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  353. Getting Started With MassTransit (Beginner Friendly)
  354. Why would anyone do something as absurd as mob programming?!
  355. Is GitHub Copilot the new rubber duck?
  356. JetBrains Rider and the .NET Aspire Plugin | The .NET Tools Blog
  357. Introducing Elixir WebRTC
  358. It's a process; not a product
  359. Now you can buy a Framework Laptop 13 for less than $500 (Factory Seconds B-Stock) - Liliputing
  360. The Unnoticed Plague - ReynardSec
  361. studiolanes blog
  362. The Problem With Relay Fragments And Conditional Rendering
  363. The eBook for 'Why Cryptocurrencies?' is now available for free
  364. Navigating Development in a Hyper Growth Startup (Pt 2)
  365. What I learned from ambitious rich kids
  366. Money in Transit | Alvaro Duran | Substack
  367. I looked through attacks in my access logs - Part 2
  368. I deepfaked my dead cat — Never be clever.
  369. A Call for Consensus on HTML Semantics | Stephanie Eckles
  370. Now you can customize your Pragmata Pro font - Fabrizio Schiavi Design
  371. Why is it so hard to link svg tags in HTML?
  372. Thirty Percent Feedback
  373. Fault tolerance (Transaction processing book)
  374. Should you fine tune for JSON output?
  375. My benchmark for large language models
  376. The Lost Art of Single-Tasking Devices
  377. Happy Anniversary!
  378. How I fall asleep February 21, 2024 on Sepi's blog
  379. Clarity, Not Magic
  380. Join a Group to Save Your Life
  381. The killer app of Gemini Pro 1.5 is video
  382. Dynamic Tenant Databases in Marten
  383. From Zero to Hero: Quickly Migrate Web Apps with Azure App Service | .NET Conf 2023
  384. youtube's search function is atrocious now
  385. Blog - iMessage with PQ3: The new state of the art in quantum-secure messaging at scale - Apple Security Research
  386. .NET Data Community Standup - Window and binary functions using Zomp EF Core extensions
  387. Battle Of The Software Architectures: Which One Reigns Supreme?
  388. I Pick *NEITHER* - Static Class Or Singleton In C#?
  389. What's Coming With .NET 9? - 3 New LINQ Methods!
  390. Save Flipper
  391. Light Leap Years
  392. 12 Simple .NET MAUI Do's and Don'ts -- Visual Studio Magazine
  393. What you should know about Threads in .NET
  394. ASP.NET Basics for Experts | .NET Conf 2023
  395. Working with Required Properties & Fields when Reading JSON
  396. Gemma: Introducing new state-of-the-art open models
  397. Once your object reaches final_release, you are committed to destructing it (eventually) - The Old New Thing
  398. IServiceCollection in C# – Simplified Beginner’s Guide For Dependency Injection
  399. Determine the Number of Weekdays Between Two Dates in C#
  400. ChatGPT has gone berserk
  401. GitHub - Speykious/cve-rs: Blazingly 🔥 fast 🚀 memory vulnerabilities, written in 100% safe Rust. 🦀
  402. How to Get the Number of Lines in a Text File in C# - Code Maze
  403. If Architects had to work like Programmers
  404. System.Ben 1.0.0
  405. The Right Way to do Dependency Injection in Middleware
  406. Banana Cake Pop / GraphQL IDE
  407. Planner programming blows my mind
  408. Accelerate developer onboarding with the configuration-as-code customization in Microsoft Dev Box
  409. Blazor’s Enhanced Navigation Fully Explained
  410. VisualStudio.Extensibility: Install extensions without restarting Visual Studio! - Visual Studio Blog
  411. How to Map SQL Results To Any Object Using Entity Framework Core 8
  412. Visual Studio–Share your settings
  413. Cloaking, Detonation, and Client-side Phishing Detection
  414. Reading Raw ASP.NET Request.Body Multiple Times
  415. LED Matrix Earrings - mitxela.com
  416. Creating a new Azure OpenAI resource | Azure OpenAI course for .NET developers
  417. Microspeak: Closing out, duping out - The Old New Thing
  418. Kagi Sidekick
  419. The Main Architecture of MAME.NET
  420. Let's build the GPT Tokenizer
  421. How I quit smartphones
  422. A manifesto for small, static, web apps - Ross Wintle
  423. Open Source: Current State and Future Hopes
  424. The best code is pseudocode
  425. Founder Vesting
  426. Rockin’ the Code World Season 4 Panel Show: The Importance of Attending In-Person Conferences
  427. Why Do We Struggle to Write?
  428. DNS Hijacking: Say My Name - ALittleInsecure
  429. This week in KDE: longstanding issues crushed
  430. Dopamine for Me, Addiction for Thee
  431. Dagger CI on Fly for $3.50/mo
  432. None bathroom related interview notes
  433. Luciano Remes | The Creator
  434. My walk across Spain on the Camino Frances
  435. Falsehoods Junior Developers believe about becoming Senior
  436. Why pandas feels clunky when coming from R
  437. A simple but safe deploy script
  438. I Solved Existence
  439. Finding Postgres rows too large for BTree indexes
  440. SSDs Have Become Ridiculously Fast, Except in the Cloud
  441. Case study: a city social survey
  442. .NET 8.0 Isolated Azure Functions: Binding Expressions that uses Azure App Configuration
  443. Uno Platform Live Coding: Looking at XAML Trimming and a nuget package error
  444. GitHub Quick Reviews
  445. LockBit3.0 Victims - Google Drive
  446. Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Stephanie Stimac
  447. What is ASP.NET Core? | Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  448. Advent of Code 2023 Day 22: Sand Slabs ✅✅
  449. Web Scraping in Python - The Complete Guide | ProxiesAPI
  450. Keep your phone number private with Signal usernames
  451. Testing .NET Web APIs with .http files [Pt 4] | Back-end Web Development with .NET for Beginners
  452. What is Event-First Design? The Fundamental Part of Designing Event Driven Systems
  453. ResponsiveView and Responsive Markup Extension | Uno Tech Bites
  454. Using Azure Key Vault for signing and encrypting JSON Web Tokens
  455. Farewell to the .NET Foundation · AvaloniaUI/Avalonia · Discussion #14666
  456. Uploads, Discord and more integration with Blazor
  457. .NET 🔥🚀 : What are Minimal API?
  458. Testcontainers in ASP.NET Core – A Simplified Beginner’s Guide
  459. The NETFLIX Way to Keep Your .NET APIs Reliable
  460. The 2FA app that tells you when you get `012345`
  461. How to Set up Netlify Deploys for Docfx using GitHub Actions
  462. I broke IKEA.
  463. Hardware Intrinsics in .NET | .NET Conf 2023
  464. Parallel.ForEachAsync() and Task.Run() With When.All in C# - Code Maze
  465. GitHub - InfinityFlowApp/aspire-temporal-server: Aspire component wrapper for the temporal CLI dev server
  466. Database Feature Toggles - Simple Talk
  467. Exploring 4 Behaviors from the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit
  468. Property based testing in C#–CsCheck
  469. Extracting data from a small CSV file with Haskell
  470. Jeff Dean (Google): Exciting Trends in Machine Learning
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  533. Infinite Office
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  759. This message does not exist
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  864. stable-audio-demo
  865. Amazon.com: TIME TIMER Home MOD - 60 Minute Kids Visual Timer Home Edition - For Homeschool Supplies Study Tool, Timer for Kids Desk, Office Desk and Meetings with Silent Operation (Dreamsicle Orange) : Home & Kitchen
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  955. GitHub - damienbod/AspNetCoreEntraIdBlobStorage: ASP.NET Core Razor page using Azure Blob Storage to upload download files securely using OAuth and Open ID Connect
  956. GitHub - kzu/StreamAI: A sample of how to implement streaming responses from OpenAI using SignalR
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  1141. Search Jobs | Microsoft Careers
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  1319. How much bigger could Earth be, before rockets wouldn't work?
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  1321. A Brief History of the U.S. Trying to Add Backdoors Into Encrypted Data
  1322. Variable names as handles or sigils
  1323. Finding a Therapist is EASY (for a Software Engineer)
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  1334. Korea is way ahead: improvements to everyday objects
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  1346. Over the Edge: The Use of Design Tactics to Undermine Browser Choice – Mozilla Research
  1347. What the heck is a "Catch When Expression" in C#?
  1348. GitHub - seaweedfs/seaweedfs: SeaweedFS is a fast distributed storage system for blobs, objects, files, and data lake, for billions of files! Blob store has O(1) disk seek, cloud tiering. Filer supports Cloud Drive, cross-DC active-active replication, Kubernetes, POSIX FUSE mount, S3 API, S3 Gateway, Hadoop, WebDAV, encryption, Erasure Coding.
  1349. .NET 8 at .NET Conf Feb 2024 - Avanade SE TC internal
  1350. jj init — Sympolymathesy, by Chris Krycho
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  1368. The Scarborough RT Derailment Technical Reports
  1369. a client-side exception has occurred
  1370. Way Enough - Language Model Streaming With SSE
  1371. Kill on the Cover Letter, but Not Like That
  1372. Vision Pro, unscrambled, is “I Poison VR”
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  1374. thread patterns
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  1388. Epic Fail or Promising Attempt - Auto Pipeline Config in C#
  1389. GitHub - vitoplantamura/HackerNewsRemovals: List of stories removed from the Hacker News Front Page, updated in real time.
  1390. Greenhouse Effect
  1391. Mr-Maeda-Cozy-AI-Kitchen/GroceriesAndCooking at main · johnmaeda/Mr-Maeda-Cozy-AI-Kitchen
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