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November 2023

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All entries for this month

  1. The one-person framework monitoring tool
  2. Datastore in Angular
  3. You Must Fuck Around and Find Out
  4. You don't want to work with embeddings - Blog by Grzegorz Kossakowski
  5. Visual Anagrams
  6. Analyzing long win streaks in online chess
  7. a client-side exception has occurred
  8. Data Storage and Indexing
  9. Say it again: values not expressions
  10. SQLSync - Stop building databases
  11. I found a funny charge on my credit card - Aggressively Paraphrasing Me
  12. The Weirdest Bug I’ve Seen Yet
  13. Vicyyn - Simple Obsidian System for 99% of Your Needs
  14. Unix linguistics
  15. Mastering Skills: The 1% Formula
  16. Why is curation of web search results important?
  17. Why does everyone install crates globally?
  18. Web developers: remarkably untalented and careless?
  19. A UX Story, How Updating to iOS 17.0 Cost Me 17 Dollars
  20. .NET 8 and C# 12 — ref readonly Parameters
  21. Native Rust in Visual Studio Is Top Dev Request, but Progress Slow -- Visual Studio Magazine
  22. Building a Critter Stack Application: Marten Projections
  23. How to make libraries compatible with native AOT - .NET Blog
  24. NuGet Best Practices [Part 4] | NuGet for Beginners
  25. Why does the Windows Portable Executable (PE) format have separate tables for import names and import addresses?, part 2 - The Old New Thing
  26. EP rejects mass scanning of private messages - European Digital Rights (EDRi)
  27. ripgrep is faster than {grep, ag, git grep, ucg, pt, sift}
  28. Brickception
  29. Refactoring C# and Tech Discussions
  30. .NET MAUI Version Pinning & Nightly Build Integration
  31. How Are .NET APIs So Much Faster than Everything Else?
  32. xCurl | daniel.haxx.se
  33. Profiling Memory Allocations on Linux using the JetBrains dotMemory Command-Line Profiler - Steve Gordon - Code with Steve
  34. .NET MAUI and Visual States
  35. .NET Conf 2023 - Puebla
  36. .NET Conf 2023
  37. Amazon exec says it’s time for RTO: ‘I don’t have data to back it up, but I know it’s better’
  38. NEW: Collection Expressions in C# 12
  39. .NET Conf 2023 - Salem, Sat, Dec 2, 2023, 6:00 PM | Meetup
  40. How to Determine the Operating System in .NET Core - Code Maze
  41. .NET Conf 2023 Round Up, Sat, Dec 2, 2023, 11:00 AM | Meetup
  42. Azure Container Apps with .NET - .NET Conf 2023 - LearnInUrdu139/Lahore
  43. .NET Conf 2023 MSDUG Community Edition South Africa - JHB, Sat, Dec 2, 2023, 8:00 AM | Meetup
  44. .NET Native AoT Make AWS Lambda Function Go Brrr
  45. ASP.NET Core Basics: Essential NuGet Packages (Part 2)
  46. TDD and refactoring to patterns in C#: how to write a cron parser
  47. My favorite features in Visual Studio 17.8 - Visual Studio Blog
  48. .NET Rocks! Applied Large Language Models with Vishwas Lele
  49. Who Makes the Most Reliable New Cars? - Consumer Reports
  50. Search Jobs | Microsoft Careers
  51. Why Should I Upgrade My .NET Application?
  52. Is c# underhyped?
  53. Sam Altman returns as CEO, OpenAI has a new initial board
  54. Burke Learns Blazor - Drag and Drop and DOM events!
  55. GitHub - Mozilla-Ocho/llamafile: Distribute and run LLMs with a single file.
  56. Copilot AI Takes Over Git Commits in Visual Studio 2022 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  57. Building a Critter Stack Application: Marten as Event Store
  58. Installing and Getting Started with .NET in VS Code [Pt 2] | .NET for Beginners
  59. GitHub - 01mf02/jaq: A jq clone focussed on correctness, speed, and simplicity
  60. The birth & death of search engine optimization - Xe Iaso
  61. Y Combinator's Future in the Software Slowdown
  62. traceroute uses UDP by default, not ICMP
  63. I got top 20 on my first product hunt launch by doing a homework assignment
  64. Yusuf Aytas - Becoming a Rockstar Engineer
  65. Brain Teaser: How many bathrooms?
  66. bladh.ninja - agile
  67. Planning a Project - Software Project Management: Part 1
  68. Large Reconstruction Model for Single Image to 3D
  69. Stigg | Scalable Subscription Migrations - To Infinity and Beyond
  70. The Rider 2023.3 Release Candidate Is Now Available | The .NET Tools Blog
  71. Who manages compliance for your outsourced compliance specialists?
  72. Simulating how replicate trial count impacts Cohen’s d effect size
  73. How to Fund FOSS, Save It from the CRA, and Improve Cybersecurity
  74. a client-side exception has occurred
  75. Introducing my CHAOs (Chief Hound Advisor Officers)
  76. Creativity: My Top 5 Feelings
  77. VSCode Debugger, something you haven't probably used yet
  78. Restic Backups on Backblaze B2 with NixOS
  79. Don't DM me - Tim Hårek
  80. Testing C# Code with BenchmarkDotNet
  81. @devlead - Mattias Karlsson's Blog - Introducing UnpackDacPac
  82. Visual Studio & .NET: A Symbiotic Relationship with David Fowler | Episode 6 of 7
  83. X Value
  84. GitHub - kmille/freetar: freetar - an alternative frontend for ultimate-guitar.com
  85. How Does Blazor Compete with MVC and Razor Pages
  86. Code Whisperer for the Command Line
  87. What's NEW in Blazor in .NET 8?!
  88. Why does the Windows Portable Executable (PE) format have separate tables for import names and import addresses?, part 1 - The Old New Thing
  89. Rust std fs slower than Python!? No, it's hardware!
  90. What’s New in .NET MAUI | .NET Conf 2023
  91. Easily Publish Domain Events Using EF Interceptors
  92. Jason Lefkowitz (@jalefkowit@octodon.social)
  93. My thoughts on .NET Aspire
  94. .NET Conf 2023 [Goiânia-GO], sex., 1 de dez. de 2023 08:30 | Meetup
  95. The Biggest ISSUE With Blazor (and how to fix it)
  96. Git Branching strategies
  97. How to Use Request Timeouts Middleware in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  98. Novedades de Blazor con .NET 8
  99. What's New in ASP.NET Core 8.0 : Performance, Blazor, AOT, Identity, Metrics and More
  100. Hot Reload for C# Dev Kit
  101. Join The Great .NET 8 Hack and Win Amazing Prizes!
  102. Git–Discard local changes
  103. Write Your Git Commits with GitHub Copilot - Visual Studio Blog
  104. Exploring Generative AI
  105. Added support for node and npm based projects by davidfowl · Pull Request #1033 · dotnet/aspire
  106. Scriban for Text and Liquid Templating in .NET
  107. How, why, and when GitHub and GitLab use feature flags
  108. My $500M Mars Rover Mistake: A Failure Story — Chris Lewicki
  109. Adding environment vars to .NET Aspire services
  110. How to Do a Competitive Analysis for Startups?
  111. The Village Effect of the Greater Web
  112. RAG Pipelines from scratch
  113. Embark: Dynamic documents for making plans
  114. Ryle on microphysics and the everyday world
  115. Running SQL Queries on Org Tables
  116. Building a Critter Stack Application: Event Storming
  117. Nighttime Time Lapse Photography with AllSky
  118. How we fixed my SEO | johnnyreilly
  119. My Ego Is My Enemy. Your Ego Is Your Enemy.
  120. My Personal Data Backup Pipeline – Justin Paulin
  121. Should this be an A/B Test?
  122. Yusuf Aytas - Talent Sourcing Journey
  123. The quality of your life is the quality of the people you get to know: Illuminating the David Brooks way
  124. Mercure, Braid, PREP… news about subscribing to HTTP resource updates - Kévin Dunglas
  125. Bazel market growth, year over year
  126. ML.NET 3.0 Boosts Deep Learning, Data Processing for .NET-Based AI Apps -- Visual Studio Magazine
  127. Rust: Memory Management
  128. construct0, the first steps of an organisation with great aspirations.
  129. Matrix vs. XMPP | Luke's Webpage
  130. My techno-optimism
  131. Nextty: a radically collaborative computing environment
  132. Dependency rejection
  133. The Ideal Social Network
  134. What is going on with Mars Sample Return?
  135. Cloud translation is more expensive than I thought
  136. A year working with HTML Web Components
  137. Five Learnings from Five Years as a First-Time Founder
  138. Trying simple tree-search techniques for LLM token sampling
  139. Consider Writing Documentation for Your House
  140. "Position Strings" for Collaborative Lists and Text
  141. Deploy your CloudKit-backed SwiftData entities to production
  142. Goodbye DevRel… (for now)
  143. .NET 8 and C# 12 — Experimental Attribute
  144. GitHub - fempire/women-tech-speakers-organizers: A list of women tech speakers & organizers. Add yourself or others by submitting a PR! PS if you do add someone, make sure to tell them! :) #fempire
  145. Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Rob Conery
  146. A journey about the new interceptors of .NET 8
  147. Building resilient cloud services with .NET 8 - .NET Blog
  148. A reported vulnerability about getting paid apps for free is really about paying for free apps - The Old New Thing
  149. Java Programming - The State of Developer Ecosystem in 2023 Infographic
  150. Per-User Blazor 8 State
  151. Mr. Maeda's Cozy AI Kitchen: Mr. Maeda's Tofu Factory Origins
  152. Mr. Maeda's Cozy AI Kitchen: Mr. Maeda's Tofu Factory Origins
  153. GitHub - microsoft/hack-together-dotnet: HackTogether: The Microsoft .NET 8 Global Hack | Register, Hack, Win
  154. GitHub - federico-busato/Modern-CPP-Programming: Modern C++ Programming Course (C++11/14/17/20)
  155. Sporadic noise problem in change point detection
  156. PeerTube v6 is out, and powered by your ideas !
  157. How To Deploy .NET Aspire Apps To Azure | .NET 8
  158. Add Context Menus To Any Visual Element - .NET MAUI 101
  159. C#, Database migrations, and you!
  160. .NET 8 Application 0-To published on AWS in a half-hour
  161. Friendship Ended with Obsidian/LaTeX, Now Typst is My Best Friend
  162. Intro to Visual Studio 2022 [Pt 1] | C# and .NET Development with Visual Studio for Beginners
  163. Why We ALL Use xUnit over NUnit or MSTest?
  164. What Does Refactoring Code Mean? What New Developers Need To Know
  165. How To Use Both EF Core and Dapper For CQRS Queries
  166. Primary constructors has caused concerns for C# developers
  167. Microsoft .NET Code Analysis: Make Collection Properties Read-Only
  168. Embedding a minimal ASP.NET Web Server into a Desktop Application
  169. C# Tip: Use TestCase to run similar unit tests with NUnit
  170. Aspect-Oriented Programming with C#, Custom Attributes and PostSharp
  171. Shrig 🐌 (@Shrigglepuss@godforsaken.website)
  172. God Help Us, Let's Try To Understand The Paper On AI Monosemanticity
  173. Enhance your .NET Testing #6: The Art of Assertion with FluentAssertions
  174. Cloud-native apps with .NET Aspire
  175. pro.NET
  176. Serverless Speed: Rust vs. Go, Java, and Python in AWS Lambda Functions
  177. A Practical Guide for Beginners: Azure OpenAI with JavaScript and TypeScript (Part 01)
  178. A Practical Guide for Beginners: Azure OpenAI with JavaScript and TypeScript (Part 03)
  179. [1hr Talk] Intro to Large Language Models
  180. A Practical Guide for Beginners: Azure OpenAI with JavaScript and TypeScript (Part 02)
  181. Prompt injection explained, November 2023 edition
  182. Synchronizing concurrent teams
  183. GitHub - jordan-cutler/path-to-senior-engineer-handbook: All the resources you need to get to Senior Engineer and beyond
  184. Attack Techniques: Steganography
  185. What is Prompt Engineering?
  186. Getting Started with F# and Entity Framework
  187. F# + Scriban - HTML Template Parsing Benchmarks
  188. Microsoft Developer Labs: Adventures with GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio and .NET
  189. Announcing ML.NET 3.0 - .NET Blog
  190. On .NET Live - Azure Functions with .NET
  191. trains.fyi
  192. Steve Bray: Why I joined Cloudflare
  193. Being popular
  194. Fine-tuning Won't Add New Knowledge To Your Model
  195. Why do companies hire people to be idle a lot of the time?
  196. Get more out of design reviews
  197. Why the local development experience matters (a lot)
  198. I Have No Self-Control - What Should I Do?
  199. Demystifying Web Push Notifications
  200. Understanding Chromes Coverage Panel
  201. Yusuf Aytas - The Power of Consistency
  202. Build for yourself, all else will follow
  203. Shadow DOM is for hiding your shame
  204. The extent of GitOps
  205. The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Obsidian
  206. Email notification for SSH logins » andreas.heigl.org
  207. Chopping the monolith in a smarter way
  208. Meta Quest 3—The Ugly and the Awesome – inconsequence
  209. Is Mastodon and the Fediverse good enough yet?
  210. Mr. Jeff versus 20 Trillion Dollars
  211. Why I'm proud to be a non-code open source contributor and you should be too - OpenSource.net
  212. @devlead - Mattias Karlsson's Blog - Introducing BRI
  213. How Codebase Structure Shapes System Predictability
  214. The Sport of Indie Hacking
  215. Pomodoros and leverage ratios
  216. Analyzing the Monoprice Blackbird HDCP 2.2 to 1.4 Down Converter
  217. Drinking distilled water
  218. Connor's Blog
  219. Have I Been Pwned: Pwned websites
  220. Communication Ministry studying report of IndiHome data leak - ANTARA News
  221. What's New in TypeScript 5.3 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  222. My Toddler Loves Planes, So I Built Her A Radar
  223. .NET 8 and C# 12 — Default Lambda Parameters
  224. Python is Easy. Go is Simple. Simple != Easy.
  225. Decay Modes
  226. .NET Data Community Standup - Complex types as value objects in EF8
  227. Vertical Slice Architecture Myths You Need To Know!
  228. Cloudflare named a leader in Forrester Edge Development Platforms Wave, Q4 2023
  229. $20k Bounty was Claimed! · Prettier
  230. .NET Data Community Standup - A tour of what's new in EF8
  231. Where Is OpenCV 5?
  232. Can no longer search code without being logged in. · community · Discussion #77046
  233. GitHub CoPilot is revolting | csharpfritz on #Twitch
  234. Join my channel - to get early access to videos and access to the source code
  235. Tell Us What You Want in Marten and Wolverine!
  236. C# 12 (Complete C# Quick Reference) • Ben Bowen's Blog
  237. The mystery of the disappearing Google Drive files
  238. In Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, what is a "grabber"? - The Old New Thing
  239. Let's write some code!
  240. Beej's Guide to Interprocess Communication
  241. Microsoft Is SECRETLY Changing Your Code in .NET 8
  242. Data API Builder in #shorts #oss
  243. Tracing UI displays resource name for outgoing resources by JamesNK · Pull Request #1040 · dotnet/aspire
  244. Refactoring Legacy Code – What You Need To Be Effective
  245. How to monitor changes on a website - Gérald Barré
  246. Home - No-Bullshit Games
  247. 3 Ways to Find Maximum Element with LINQ
  248. Introduction to IAsyncEnumerable
  249. Discover the Magic of .NET 8 and Beyond!
  250. Dan Fixes Coin-Ops (@ifixcoinops@retro.social)
  251. Bits, Bites & Bios 2023
  252. .NET Declarative DevOps, Munging Data at Scale and a quick recap of .NET Conf, Thu, Nov 30, 2023, 6:00 PM | Meetup
  253. Release 14.0.0 · BurntSushi/ripgrep
  254. Cloud-native apps with .NET Aspire
  255. How to Check if a File Is in Use With C# - Code Maze
  256. .NET Conf 2023 - Day 1
  257. The Worst Programmer I Know
  258. Docker Security Principles Overview - Simple Talk
  259. Google Drive files suddenly disappeared. The Drive literally went back to condition in May 2023
  260. Cookies, Tokens, or JWTs? The ASP.NET Core Identity Dilemma
  261. Creating Zip Files in Azure Blob Storage
  262. Graph API: getting users Active Directory group names and ids with the C# SDK | johnnyreilly
  263. .NET 8–JSON Source Generator improvements
  264. udlbook
  265. 2023-11-25 the curse of docker
  266. Periodic Table of Tools
  267. How is Asp.net so fast?
  268. Sep 0.3.0 - Unescape Support (still the Most Efficient .NET CSV Parser)
  269. Update on the rust port · fish-shell/fish-shell · Discussion #10123
  270. A good engineer thinks like a product manager
  271. My Year-Long Struggle Against a Call of Duty False Permanent Ban
  272. Releasing LiveTranslate - automatic simultaneous translation · TomAF
  273. Yusuf Aytas - Leading from Where You Are
  274. converting pixels into particles ⌘I Get Info
  275. A Guide to Actually Enjoying Discord - Tasshin
  276. Virtual Boy Architecture | A Practical Analysis
  277. Open source definition
  278. Why solopreneurs should ditch free plans
  279. EraGuessr GPT
  280. In the Office Auto-Reply Emails for a Hybrid Work Schedule
  281. A climate of trauma
  282. Will Scaling Solve Robotics?: Perspectives From Corl 2023
  283. Finding My Voice: Brain Injury and ChatGPT | t3chn0tix - Tech News
  284. Lessons from AlphaZero: Part 1
  285. Hide console logging for passing tests and show it for failures with node:test
  286. Building a NetBSD ramdisk kernel · benzblog
  287. Coeffects and useSyncExternalStore | Patrick's Blog
  288. $ocial Theory Of Money
  289. Developers and Sherpas: A Mountainous Analogy
  290. VectorDB
  291. Making it clear when we’re on a call with you to protect you from fraud
  292. Subscribe to The .NET Saturday | Julio Casal
  293. Whisky - A modern Wine wrapper for macOS built with SwiftUI
  294. Blazor in Action with Chris Sainty | The Azure DevOps Podcast, ep.238
  295. Creating Microsoft Teams Applications with Visual Studio and .NET
  296. Rewriting vs Refactoring Code: How To Navigate The Two
  297. ASP.NET Core 8 new feature: IExceptionHandler
  298. .Net Liverpool
  299. Naev - Home
  300. Rickie Lee Jones - We Belong Together (Official Audio)
  301. Assistants - chat bots with skills by cgillum · Pull Request #24 · cgillum/azure-functions-openai-extension
  302. “Shift left”—wtf does it mean?
  303. GitHub - Momciloo/fun-with-sockets
  304. 2023 Holiday Season Developer Shopping List
  305. parenting off-balance
  306. homegit
  307. Simple Site Analytics
  308. on safepoints -- wingolog
  309. A simple WebSocket benchmark in JavaScript: Node.js versus Bun
  310. a client-side exception has occurred
  311. Making a shitty programming language from scratch. Part 1
  312. Writing lessons learned after writing a book
  313. why lowercase letters save data
  314. The largest number representable in 64 bits
  315. Sqids (formerly Hashids) · Generate Short IDs from Numbers
  316. Variations in the VISCA protocol
  317. Paper: You Want My Password or a Dead Patient?
  318. Visual Studio 17.9 Preview 1: Refreshed UI, Debugging, AI, Productivity and More
  319. How To Approach Refactoring And Tech Debt – Dev Leader Weekly 19
  320. REPR (Request-Endpoint-Response) Pattern and ApiEndpoints
  321. Model 3 Owner's Manual | Tesla
  322. Look up IP, Network, and ASN data
  323. .NET | Add Feature flags to your application
  324. Le novità di .NET 8
  325. GitHub - MichalStrehovsky/uefimaze: Bare-metal bootable graphical maze game in C#
  326. Hackers Claim Attack on General Electric, Leak Data Samples
  327. CICERO
  328. .NET 8's Best Blazor is not Blazor as we know it
  329. .NET 8 and C# 12 Launch - What is New, What is Improved, and What is Supported
  330. LLM finetuning memory requirements
  331. An important parking infrastructure decision is about to be made – and I feel like us nerds can help make it right
  332. Gprobe
  333. 5 Awesome C# Refactoring Tips
  334. Ben Carlsson / Surprises in North China
  335. Paolo Melchiorre - Database generated columns⁽²⁾: Django & PostgreSQL
  336. How to adopt Realtime updates in your app
  337. Consider Evaluating LLMs as Search Engines
  338. The Bond villain compliance strategy
  339. Registering My Hypotheses On Starting A Business — Ludicity
  340. Ephemeral as the default in digital
  341. Score by Surprise
  342. GeorgeMac
  343. My essential toolkit for local data manipulation
  344. Quickly generate APIs for your database
  345. Happy Thanksgiving! – Behind The Screen – 2023 November, Week 4
  346. GitHub - dannywillems/py-keum: Modular elliptic curve library in Python. Do not use in production.
  347. [1hr Talk] Intro to Large Language Models
  348. Aspirate 0.1.0-preview-2
  349. Oceanography Gift
  350. Original Prusa 3D printers directly from Josef Prusa
  351. Generative AI for Beginners
  352. Introduction [Pt 1] | Machine Learning and AI with .NET for Beginners
  353. The Failed Commodification Of Technical Work — Ludicity
  354. 6 year stream anniversary! C#, Postgres, and more
  355. Shopify's Black Friday Cyber Monday Live Coverage
  356. Notepad++ v8.6: 20th-Year Anniversary | Notepad++
  357. On harmful overuse of std::move - The Old New Thing
  358. When To Refactor Code – How To Maximize Efficiency and Minimizing Tech Debt
  359. 🔴 Live | Stripe BFCM
  360. How to Implement the CQRS Pattern in Clean Architecture (from scratch)
  361. The New Best Way To Search for Values in .NET 8
  362. Weekly Update 375
  363. School Mgmt App | Microservices With .NET Aspire & Blazor SSR ] Part 1
  364. C3 Documentation
  365. The Story of Titanium
  366. Allocation Algorithms Revisited · Anthony Lloyd
  367. .NET 🚀🔥 : Seamless Messaging in .NET: Integrating MassTransit with RabbitMQ for Robust Systems!
  368. Primary Constructors – Using C# 12 in Rider and ReSharper | The .NET Tools Blog
  369. Community Feedback Building 17.8 & 17.9 Preview 1 - Visual Studio Blog
  370. YouTube: Intro to Large Language Models
  371. Does size matter in Pull Requests: Analysis on 30k Developers
  372. Clostridioides difficile spores tolerate disinfection with sodium hypochlorite disinfectant and remain viable within surgical scrubs and gown fabrics
  373. Write libraries instead of services, where possible
  374. YouTube is now blocking Ad Blockers - So I just make ads run 16x faster :)
  375. Multifaceted: the linguistic echo chambers of LLMs
  376. Understanding America’s Post-Industrial Economy | Michael Hudson
  377. It's OK if your code is just good enough
  378. Fastify Frontends Are Here
  379. Getting user-centred design work into agile planning increments
  380. Product and Project Management
  381. All that Infocom interpreter code
  382. Unshackling Artificial Minds
  383. Why do I know shell, and how can you? - Julio Merino (jmmv.dev)
  384. Timeless criteria for admiration
  385. Sam Altman, Jiu Jitsu Master
  386. attribution armored code
  387. Developing self-confidence as a software engineer
  388. I hereby pardon all junior engineers
  389. Your next ten years
  390. .NET 8 and C# 12 — Collection Expressions
  391. How Apple's Pro Display XDR takes Thunderbolt 3 to its limit
  392. Strange Water Podcast
  393. git branches: intuition & reality
  394. Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  395. The New Way To Build Cloud Native Applications With .NET 8
  396. On the need to keep most event sources alive if you want them to raise events - The Old New Thing
  397. How To Harness System.Reactive For The Observer Pattern
  398. C# 12 new feature: Default Lambda Parameters
  399. .NET MAUI - How to create menus for desktop apps
  400. REST vs WebSockets in C# - Code Maze
  401. Exploring what is inside the ASP.NET Core cookies – Tore Nestenius
  402. test, [, and [[ - Julio Merino (jmmv.dev)
  403. .NET Conf 2023 - Indonesia
  404. .NET Conf Surulere Attendee Confirmation Survey
  405. DEV Cafe - .NET Conf 2023 Vietnam
  406. How do I become a graphics programmer? A small guide from the AMD Game Engineering team
  407. .NET Rocks! Sustainable Development with Lea Mladineo
  408. ASP.NET Core Basics: Essential NuGet Packages (Part 1)
  409. .NET 8 is generally available – and more updates from .NET Conf, Microsoft Ignite, GitHub Universe
  410. Announcing: Refactoring with C#
  411. Visual Studio 2022 – 17.8 Performance Enhancements - Visual Studio Blog
  412. Validating JSON Against a Schema
  413. PowerPoint Downsizer Add-In
  414. Launch Week Day 3 - Fastest self-hostable open-source workflow engine | Windmill
  415. Exploring the MangoPi - A Journey into RISC-V Assembly.
  416. The Wrong Kind of Readability
  417. a starter kit for starting startups
  418. Should I virtualise my firewalls? – Diary of a SysAdmin
  419. Hixie's Natural Log
  420. Investing Behavioral Hacks - The Big Picture
  421. Vlang or: How I learned even open-source communities can operate as fascist regimes
  422. Proposal for a navigation panel for complex (or perhaps bloated) admin interfaces
  423. Scripts don't scale; they give you scriptitis
  424. Racket Beyond Languages | Nikhil's blog
  425. How mathematics built the modern world - Works in Progress
  426. On pinning and isolating CPU cores
  427. A DevOps Turkey-Day Poem - ShavingTheYak
  428. Kubernetes CPU Requests In The Real World...
  429. Who Took a Bet on You? by @ttunguz
  430. Dealing with Failures and Postmortems
  431. What Happens When Elon Musk Tweets A Link To Your Service
  432. Hosting on Azure? Don't forget to declare UTF-8
  433. ASP.NET Core 8.0: Keyed Services in Dependency Injection
  434. Blazor .NET 8 - Enhanced Form Navigation
  435. Thanksgiving Arguments
  436. .NET 8 and C# 12 — Primary Constructors
  437. Hixie's Natural Log
  438. Unleashing Meta's DIY On-Premise AI Magic with Llama!🚀
  439. Cairo's public memory
  440. How STARKs work if you don't care about FRI
  441. Plonky 3 / Valida October Review
  442. The Ultimate Docker Cheat Sheet - DevOps Cycle
  443. Unleashing Meta's Llama DIY On-Premise AI Magic!🚀
  444. How can I convert a Windows Runtime Software­Bitmap to a WIC bitmap? - The Old New Thing
  445. Reflecting on 18 years at Google
  446. How To Implement The Observer Pattern In #CSharp
  447. 👾 LM Studio - Discover and run local LLMs
  448. Moderation Features with C#, JavaScript, and ASP.NET
  449. Testing Localisation in ASP.NET Core
  450. How to Implement the Strategy Pattern in C# for Improved Code Flexibility
  451. Use This To Configure Your Database Schemas
  452. Zig May Pass Anything By Reference – 1A Insecure Network
  453. In the Gut’s ‘Second Brain,’ Key Agents of Health Emerge | Quanta Magazine
  454. Edensor Village, Derbyshire, England
  455. .NET Conf 2023 MSDUG Community Edition South Africa - CPT, Sat, Nov 25, 2023, 8:00 AM | Meetup
  456. Test-Driving Windows 11 Dev Drive for .NET
  457. .NET Conf Watch Party, Philippines 2023 - Dotnet Copilot
  458. Blazor in .NET 8 - .NET Conf 2022 - LearnInUrdu139/Lahore
  459. The Dictionary Data Structure in C# in 10 Minutes or Less
  460. Top 3 whole program optimizations for AOT in .NET 8
  461. ASP.NET Core PDF Previews and Downloads
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  1279. Abortion Rights: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
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