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October 2023

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All entries for this month

  1. Microsoft on Blazor WebAssembly Debugging Feedback: 'That Sounds Awful!' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  2. macOS Sonoma Boot Failures
  3. Legacy Code Rocks: From Monolith to Understanding with Nelida Velazquez
  4. .NET 8: What's New for Authentication and Authorization
  5. AI Search Engine and Pair Programmer
  6. Low Ceremony Web Service Development with the Critter Stack
  7. Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Carl Franklin
  8. GitHub Quick Reviews
  9. Down and to the Right: Firefox Got Faster for Real Users in 2023 – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
  10. The AV1 video codec gains broader hardware support
  11. Find hotels in rural areas for stargazing and detox
  12. .NET 8 Performance Improvements in .NET MAUI - .NET Blog
  13. NDC Porto 2023 Impressions
  14. What is Blazor WebAssembly, Server, Hybrid, United & Mobile Bindings?!
  15. Five fallacies of estimations in software development
  16. Finite-sample Gaussian efficiency: Quantile absolute deviation vs. Rousseeuw-Croux scale estimators
  17. German court bans LinkedIn from ignoring "Do Not Track" signals
  18. C# Unit Testing Tutorial For Beginners
  19. 4 Simple Tips for Better REST API Design
  20. What is the thread reaper? - The Old New Thing
  21. Domain Modeling with Domain-Driven Design (From Scratch)
  22. How to Generate Endless Ideas for Programming Projects
  23. Azure Functions Integration Testing With Testcontainers
  24. The Super Mario Effect - Tricking Your Brain into Learning More | Mark Rober | TEDxPenn
  25. Analyzing Data 170,000x Faster with Python
  26. Containerize .NET applications with .NET 8 | Red Hat Developer
  27. OhMyPosh and CascadiaCode not working on PowerShell? How to fix it in Windows 10 and Windows 11 Integrated Terminal
  28. Mark Oliver's World
  29. Gericht untersagt Datenschutzverstöße von LinkedIn
  30. Android and RISC-V: What you need to know to be ready
  31. Strangler Fig Architectural Pattern in C# - Code Maze
  32. CSS is fun again
  33. ASP.NET Core in Action
  34. Public preview launch of Dapr extension for Azure Functions
  35. How To Determine URL A Local Git Repository Was Originally Cloned From | Build5Nines
  36. Functional Error Handling in .NET With the Result Pattern
  37. A C# port of validation with partial round trip
  38. Path.GetRelativePath(String, String) Method (System.IO)
  39. Apple unveils M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max, the most advanced chips for a personal computer
  40. Breaker Box
  41. The Super Mario Effect - Tricking Your Brain into Learning More | Mark Rober | TEDxPenn
  42. The Super Mario Effect - Tricking Your Brain into Learning More | Mark Rober | TEDxPenn
  43. Improve Your English Pronunciation
  44. New Gmail protections for a safer, less spammy inbox
  45. Mr-Maeda-Cozy-AI-Kitchen/CareerAdvising at main · johnmaeda/Mr-Maeda-Cozy-AI-Kitchen
  46. Writerside - a new technical writing environment from JetBrains.
  47. Current & Historical Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Levels Graph
  48. Having Fun with Microsoft IoC Container for .NET Core
  49. The costs of microservices
  50. Wolverine and Serverless
  51. The Church of AGI
  52. Everything wrong with tech in 2023 (in no particular order) — Joan Westenberg
  53. On .NET Live - Scheduling background jobs with .NET
  54. not easy
  55. My Data-Backed Battle and Defeat of Hypertension
  56. Why I Am a Pluralist
  57. You're Gonna Need A Bigger Browser
  58. Deploying Rails on a single server with Kamal
  59. Microretros
  60. Checking References
  61. How to sell your micro startup as a solopreneur
  62. Daylight confusion week - Tyler Cipriani
  63. Gregory Szorc's Digital Home | My User Experience Porting Off setup.py
  64. I'm a hacker, but it's not what you think
  65. Why designers design forms
  66. Mean vs. median
  67. Self-hosted analytics: How to track 53% more views
  68. For Maximum Accessibility, Be Careful About Using a .dev Domain
  69. 🥦 The Curse of Healthiness | vincelwt.com
  70. eval should not be a built-in function
  71. Introducing: Raspberry Pi 5! - Raspberry Pi
  72. Creating Animated Login UI in .NET MAUI with Lottie
  73. Open Source Codeium Improves AI Chat in VS Code Tool -- Visual Studio Magazine
  74. The most valuable trait of top software engineers
  75. Progress Telerik Release Focuses on Design, Accessibility and Data Visualization -- Visual Studio Magazine
  76. I Accidentally Saved Half A Million Dollars — Ludicity
  77. Blazor Unit Testing Tutorial – How to Master with Practical Examples in C#
  78. The Easiest Way to Create PDFs in .NET
  79. How to create a Mediator from scratch (Part 2)
  80. Publish .NET Docker images using .NET SDK and GitHub Actions
  81. What are the dire consequences of not removing all the properties that were set via SetProp? - The Old New Thing
  82. Polaris : A Customer Migration Story
  83. Making an USB Ethernet adapter work [SR9700]
  84. Analyze Polly Telemetry using Prometheus, Grafana and OpenTelemetry Metrics
  85. Recap Codemotion 2023
  86. 382: Let's Talk Dark Forces Remastered
  87. Entropy decoding in Oodle Data: x86-64 6-stream Huffman decoders
  88. Lesson Learned #449: Unleashing Concurrent Threads for Robust Database Health Checks in C#
  89. Understanding Migrations, Snapshots, and Synchronization in Entity Framework Core
  90. F# Advent Calendar in English 2023
  91. Understanding React Native Components
  92. Generative AI for .NET - Part 5 Streaming | LINQ to Fail
  93. Open Telemetry – Instrumentation and Metrics
  94. Youtube’s Anti-adblock and uBlock Origin - And a Dinosaur
  95. mht.wtf
  96. How to enjoy life like a billionaire - Monevator
  97. How To Rob a Bank
  98. PID_Analytical-Copy1
  99. Venturing out of your local opportunity market
  100. Building a photography website
  101. Buy Yourself a Good Pen and a Scanner
  102. π in Other Universes
  103. Pain and pleasure are not separable
  104. Linear Algebra Done Right
  105. Declarative Confidence
  106. Technical Assessments Should be Open Source
  107. The Windows installer of ImageMagick will no longer be signed · ImageMagick/ImageMagick · Discussion #6826
  108. The product manager role is a mistake
  109. Episode 58: Dometrain - with Nick Chapsas
  110. Bi-Directional gRPC Stream Cache Server in C#
  111. NixOS Reproducible Builds: minimal installation ISO successfully independently rebuilt
  112. Accessing an RDS SQL Server from a .NET 6 application in Lambda | no dogma blog
  113. You’re Invited to a Colonoscopy!—Asterisk
  114. Giving feedback to the WinUI 3 team | WinAppSDK | XAML | UWP | WPF | .NET
  115. Adding and Deleting Criteria
  116. How Pagination Improves API Performance #shorts
  117. Render mode for Server & WebAssembly Blazor components
  118. React State Management Basics - CodeJourney.net
  119. GitHub - OpenSignLabs/OpenSign: The free & Open Source Alternative to DocuSign
  120. FCC Wants to Bolster Amateur Radio - Radio World
  121. MagicaVoxel
  122. Is It Wise To Turn Your Best Programmers Into Managers?
  123. Deploying a DotNet API To Railway 🚂 | Swacblooms🦋
  124. Railway
  125. Amazon.com: Samsung 990 PRO Series - 2TB PCIe Gen4. X4 NVMe 2.0c - M.2 Internal SSD (MZ-V9P2T0B/AM) : Electronics
  126. Basic guide to coffee 
  127. iPhone 15 Action Button Shortcut for Commuting
  128. Cortex X2: Arm Aims High
  129. Rethinking Control Flow
  130. General Knowledge Poker — Drawn In Perspective
  131. Intel N100: A Challenge to ARM - bret.dk
  132. jackie tung
  133. Why I'm Using Next.js
  134. Truly Paranoid Software Updates
  135. Turning a boring file move into a privilege escalation on Mac
  136. How I Procrastinate Less
  137. How to Release a Side Project as a Real Product
  138. Announcing "Refactoring with C#"
  139. Pro EP 85 : How to avoid referencing to un-wanted sites in .NET Web ?
  140. Rails in 2024: Still Relevant or Living in the Past?
  141. Pro EP 83 : What is cross site scripting (XSS) attack and how to avoid it in .NET
  142. Vertette's Blog
  143. Vertical Slice Template – Dev Leader Weekly 15
  144. EF 8 Raw SQL Queries Are Coming - Are You Excited? #shorts
  145. .NET MAUI in .NET 8 RC2: Enhanced Performance, Fixed UI & Control Issues
  146. Code refactoring: how often should you refactor your code?
  147. Raku is surprisingly good for CLIs
  148. RE:2023 C# 8.0 / .NET Support for Game Code, and the Future
  149. RE:2023 C# 8.0 / .NET Support for Game Code, and the Future
  150. Flowing State in Blazor 8
  151. A Third of Chocolate Products Are High in Heavy Metals, CR's Tests Find - Consumer Reports
  152. Introducing <shadow>
  153. Everything I've learned building the fastest Arm desktop
  154. Good LLM Validation is Just Good Validation - Instructor (openai_function_call)
  155. How to facilitate a Product Vision Sprint - Crisp's Blog
  156. What I learned from building a directory in Notion
  157. HustleWing is a scam so I hacked it.
  158. gpk blog - Custom Static Vector Maps on your Hugo Static Site
  159. Evaluating RAG/LLMs in highly technical settings using synthetic QA generation
  160. zacksiri.dev
  161. You don't need a terminal emulator
  162. I'm an internet person
  163. Self-Signed locally trusted certificates with cert-manager
  164. Rotary Positional Embeddings - The Large Language Model Playbook
  165. .NET | Global Exception handling in under 6 minutes
  166. Dendrochronology
  167. Visual Studio Miniseries - Episodes 1, 2 & 3 are streaming now!
  168. Finding That Lead Emissions From Aircraft Engines That Operate on Leaded Fuel Cause or Contribute to Air Pollution That May Reasonably Be Anticipated To Endanger Public Health and Welfare
  169. Why you should probably be using SQLite
  170. Spooky Overload! – Behind The Screen – 2023 October, Week 4
  171. The Slow Death of Authenticity in an Attention Economy
  172. Terence Tao (@tao@mathstodon.xyz)
  173. Introduction to Microsoft.Data.dll
  174. How to support a COM interface conditionally in WRL - The Old New Thing
  175. Code Maze Weekly #191 - Code Maze
  176. How to Use Enums in CSharp – Understanding the Basics
  177. Now add a walrus: Prompt engineering in DALL-E 3
  178. Structured Logging Using Serilog and Seq in .NET
  179. The Magical Japanese Art of Luggage Forwarding
  180. お客様情報の一部流出の可能性に関するお知らせとお詫び | ニュース一覧 | 株式会社東名|中小企業の課題を解決するパートナー
  181. Render mode for interactive Blazor components in .NET 8
  182. Microsoft Ignite 2023 is around the corner! (Nov 14-17) - Visual Studio Blog
  183. Property based testing in C#–How to change the number of runs?
  184. Aligned Dev Blog
  185. .NET Framework October 2023 Cumulative Update Preview - .NET Blog
  186. Microsoft Developer Labs: Adventures with GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio and .NET
  187. Weekly Update 371
  188. Good engineers train their skills - great engineers improve their mindset
  189. GitHub - PurpleI2P/i2pd: 🛡 I2P: End-to-End encrypted and anonymous Internet
  190. We need to talk about funding
  191. The crippling problem of being able to build whatever you want
  192. Paolo Melchiorre - μDjango (micro Django) 🧬
  193. What 5 years of interviewing software engineers taught me – Lasse Laursen
  194. /proc los
  195. The Practice of Friendship - Tasshin
  196. I Rewrote my CV in Typst and I'll Never Look Back
  197. An Open Letter to Cryptographers: Please Work Together
  198. I’m offering free consulting for sustaining open source projects
  199. Intro to flow fields
  200. Nvix: implementing a Tvix store with NATS
  201. TLA+ is easy if you know how to abstract
  202. Things I like about Gleam's Syntax
  203. Microsoft Cranks Out Weekly Visual Studio 2022 17.8 Previews as GA Nears -- Visual Studio Magazine
  204. Microsoft Developer Labs: Adventures with GitHub Copilot in VS Code
  205. You Can Run SignalR on AWS Lambda
  206. The Negative Impact of Mobile-First Web Design on Desktop
  207. Helix
  208. How to support a COM interface conditionally in C++/WinRT - The Old New Thing
  209. Oracle unveils Java development extension for Visual Studio Code
  210. The WORST Domain Modeling Mistakes!
  211. .NET 8 & C# 12 Release In a Nutshell
  212. Getting Ready for .NET Conf 2023!
  213. "Stop Using Structured Logging in .NET!" | Code Cop #006
  214. .NET MAUI Android Auto : Launching Navigation Apps from your app - András Tóth's professional blog | banditoth
  215. Blazor Unit Testing With bUnit: How To Get Started For Beginners
  216. The Cloud Computer / Oxide
  217. How to Read a String From a .resx (Resource) File in C# - Code Maze
  218. Approaching unconventional problems | Manas.Tech
  219. Craig Stuntz - On Learning Compilers and Creating Programming Languages
  220. Jina AI Launches World's First Open-Source 8K Text Embedding, Rivaling OpenAI
  221. Source Code Generators, DIY
  222. Blazor Basics: Blazor Component (Re-)Rendering
  223. Announcing the end of support for Node.js 14.x in the AWS SDK for JavaScript (v3) | Amazon Web Services
  224. .NET Rocks! Observability Engineering with Charity Majors
  225. Was Rust Worth It?
  226. #17 Ismael Nzouetom Failure Lessons I-Dispo | Doumer's Blog
  227. Burke Learns Blazor - More frontend fun!
  228. Mr. Maeda’s Cozy AI Kitchen: AI-copiloted Career Advising with guest Kevin Bethune
  229. Web Components Will Outlive Your JavaScript Framework | jakelazaroff.com
  230. Have I Been Pwned: API v3
  231. It's 2023, here is why your web design sucks.
  232. Firstborn
  233. Crafting boring APIs: lessons learned from implementing fallback handlers in Pavex | Luca Palmieri
  234. axo blog - System dependencies are hard (so we made them easier)
  235. iLeakage: Browser-based Timerless Speculative Execution Attacks on Apple Devices
  236. Unity Killed Modern Proprietary Gaming For Me
  237. My 2023 all-flash ZFS NAS (Network Storage) build
  238. Automattic's Tumblr/ActivityPub integration reportedly shelved
  239. How Databases Store and Retrieve Data with B-Trees
  240. On Linking Bookmarks
  241. Triggering `entr`
  242. Avoiding addictions
  243. It's Fucking Impossible to Stay Healthy
  244. Are you talking or speaking?
  245. Integration Testing GraphQL Endpoints with Alba
  246. Azure Java Jockeys Get OpenAI Playground -- Visual Studio Magazine
  247. Anatomy of a .NET devcontainer
  248. Create a web API with ASP.NET Core and MongoDB
  249. Loyal workers are selectively and ironically targeted for exploitation
  250. Azure DevOps Podcast: Shawn Wildermuth: Web Service APIs in .NET 7 - Episode 266
  251. Libsyn Podcast Player
  252. The format of icon resources, revisited - The Old New Thing
  253. Mr. Maeda’s Cozy AI Kitchen: AI-copiloted Career Advising with guest Kevin Bethune
  254. GitHub - AndrewWalsh/openapi-devtools: Effortlessly discover API behaviour with a Chrome extension that automatically generates OpenAPI specifications in real time for any app or website
  255. How to Master the Art of Reflection in CSharp and Boost Your Programming Skills
  256. Tarsnap has given 2^18 dollars to open source
  257. Daylight Saving Choice
  258. Validate Your Application Settings with Data Annotations #shorts
  259. Interfaces vs Abstract Classes
  260. Dynamically Adding Rows on a Form in Razor Pages - Code Maze
  261. Azure Friday - Learn about the Azure cloud with this free weekly educational video podcast with Scott Hanselman and Friends!
  262. Release v0.3.0 · cgillum/azure-functions-openai-extension
  263.  Accelerate your software engineering career by tracking your work
  264. Uno Platform Live Coding: Porting WinUI 3 code!
  265. Microsoft .NET Code Analysis: Consider Using String.Contains() Instead of String.IndexOf()
  266. Interfaces can have private methods
  267. React Basics: How to Use Cookies in React
  268. Creating a Service Virtualization Capability from Scratch (Part 2)
  269. Creating a Service Virtualization Capability from Scratch (Part 1)
  270. How to use Testcontainers with .NET Unit Tests | The .NET Tools Blog
  271. JavaScript Decorators: What They Are and When to Use Them — SitePoint
  272. Global Endpoint Filters with ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs
  273. Migrating to v4 Azure Functions Node.js with TypeScript | johnnyreilly
  274. Metalama Source Code Available | PostSharp Blog
  275. C# Record Explained - NDepend Blog
  276. .NET 8 Top 10 New Features - NDepend Blog
  277. Redefining Developer Workflow with Pieces.App's Tsavo Knott
  278. Mr. Maeda’s Cozy AI Kitchen: AI-copiloted Design Thinking with guest Ben Sheppard
  279. That Time the City of Seattle Accidentally Gave Me 32m Emails for 40 Dollars
  280. The Great Deshittification
  281. Flattened — Ethan Lalakea Alter
  282. The Greatest Missed Opportunity of Our Lifetimes - The Big Picture
  283. A Bit of SaaS Weekly: One Last Time
  284. The Most Memory Safe Native Programming Language
  285. The Race to the Bottom
  286. Arduino for the rest of us. – Supermechanical
  287. Using Tailscale Custom OIDC with Authelia and Carpal
  288. The Journey of Becoming a CTO
  289. Indexes are sorted arrays (sort of)
  290. Unified Versus Split Diff
  291. Mann-Whitney U test and heteroscedasticity
  292. GitHub Quick Reviews
  293. What's New in EF Core -- Visual Studio Magazine
  294. Animated AI
  295. Rockin’ the Code World Season 4: Special Guest Maddy Montaquila (Leger)
  296. Arcade Longplay [901] Defender
  297. C# 12.0: Collection Expressions and Spread Operator
  298. What McKinsey got wrong about developer productivity
  299. The Risk of RISC-V: What's Going on at SiFive?
  300. Custom Storyboard Launch Screen for iOS with .NET MAUI
  301. Unbelievable Instant .NET Development Setup for APIs, Blazor, & More with GitHub Codespaces
  302. ASP.NET Core Logging Crash Course
  303. Why is there a hash of a weak password in the Windows cryptographic libraries? - The Old New Thing
  304. NASA just sent a software update to a spacecraft 12 billion miles away
  305. How to Solve Type TRequest Cannot Be Used in MediatR
  306. How to Dominate Technical Debt and Build Better Code
  307. Simplify your .NET Docker image publishing workflow with the .NET SDK
  308. How To Start Using Domain-Driven Design: Pushing Logic Down
  309. C# Tip: How to create Unit Tests for Model Validation
  310. Anyone here who switched from Ruby on Rails to .Net?
  311. GitHub - sumatrapdfreader/sumatrapdf: SumatraPDF reader
  312. Secure an Angular application using Microsoft Entra External ID and ASP.NET Core with BFF
  313. Conditionally add middleware in ASP.NET Core
  314. In the defence of Object-Relational Mappers - Event-Driven.io
  315. Windows passwordless experience expands
  316. Protecting Auth Tokens
  317. Tailwind vs Semantic CSS
  318. Domain Model first
  319. Mazda Slaps Developer With Cease-and-Desist for DIY Smart Home Integration
  320. troddit · dotnet
  321. Lifespan extension: separating fact from fiction
  322. Blog: Steepness - Utah Avalanche Center
  323. Active Listening
  324. Track flights on iOS without installing anything
  325. A Change in SF’s Tech Fauna
  326. I got my genome sequenced
  327. Breaking pills | Blog
  328. Using LLMs for test data generation
  329. Google Decides To Pull Up The Ladder On The Open Internet, Pushes For Unconstitutional Regulatory Proposals
  330. How to Be Surprisingly Likeable
  331. Embeddings: What they are and why they matter
  332. When to Demo & When to Document (Two Approaches to Building Software)
  333. The devil is in the details
  334. One Day Build: Expense Tracking
  335. Accessibility and inclusion isn't always going to be cost neutral
  336. The Cache Storage Layer
  337. The Beauty of Smol Things
  338. The Circles of Hell of C Libraries Integration
  339. A note on probability
  340. On .NET Live - Build your own ChatGPT with .NET and Azure Open AI
  341. 'Azure AI Content Safety' Service Targets Developer Online Environments -- Visual Studio Magazine
  342. Building Better Blazor Unit Tests - Lessons From Automating WPF Tests
  343. Now available: V4.0.0-preview.1 · microsoft/fluentui-blazor · Discussion #881
  344. Join the .NET Conf Student Zone on November 13
  345. Ridiculously cheap offsite backups using rclone and AWS S3 Glacier
  346. A free and open source map of the world
  347. Customizing the behavior of record copy constructors - Gérald Barré
  348. How do I add a non-copyable, non-movable object to a std::map or std::unordered_map? - The Old New Thing
  349. Extinction Mechanisms
  350. "Stop Using if else if else In Your Code!" | Code Cop #005
  351. Development With A Dot - A Generic Timeout Helper
  352. ASP.NET Core .NET 8 RC 2: Blazor, Identity, SignalR and More
  353. What Are The Easiest Programming Languages to Learn? – Your Ultimate Guide
  354. Platform-specific XAML in .NET MAUI
  355. Ignore Null Values With AutoMapper - Code Maze
  356. 381: The case of the lost iPhone
  357. untilDeath
  358. Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2023 (MDDR) | Microsoft Security Insider
  359. Principles of Lean Software Development
  360. 15th Anniversery of Small Basic
  361. A little F# Event Sourcing library.
  362. Rearchitecture is a sign of success not failure
  363. Functional Programming in TypeScript
  364. Vertical Slice Architecture in ASP.NET Core - NDepend
  365. Learn Live - Debug C# console applications
  366. Azure: the cloud platform that is changing the world
  367. Getting started with gRPC Service with .NET 7
  368. Meta reveals their serverless platform processing trillions of function calls a day
  369. The Embroidered Computer | Irene Posch
  370. io_uring basics: Writing a file to disk
  371. Keep Your Dependencies Updated
  372. Internet Throttling Woes
  373. Stroke is Preventable
  374. Keeping Time in San Francisco
  375. Running my own authoritative DNS server
  376. Ozempic Is Obviously Good For Business
  377. How to add an “Open in Terminal” icon in macOS Finder
  378. j3s.sh
  379. Understanding Big O Notation: A Simplified Guide for Programmers - v0rkath
  380. PickMe refutes claim of data breach allegedly compromising 4 million records
  381. What is streaming SQL?
  382. Generating workouts from Youtube videos using Whisper & GPT-4
  383. How I restarted my build journey
  384. He Who Gives Up Correctness for Performance Deserves Neither
  385. The use and abuse of the dev branch pattern
  386. From CSS madness to CSS Hooks
  387. Twenty Megabytes of Floating Ducks
  388. An Analysis of Signal's PQXDH
  389. my pain points with Emacs code search and how I fixed them
  390. Stealing OAuth tokens of connected Microsoft accounts via open redirect in Harvest App
  391. .NET 🚀🔥 : API Security: A Comprehensive Guide to Safeguarding Your APIs with API Keys
  392. Improving C# Performance by Using AsSpan and Avoiding Substring
  393. Week 0 Querying - CS50's Introduction to Databases with SQL
  394. Using Hot Keys in Blazor WASM
  395. a portrait of Tenochtitlan
  396. The New Way to Delete Entities With EF 7 #shorts
  397. GitHub - ZachGoldberg/Startup-CTO-Handbook: The Startup CTO's Handbook, a book covering leadership, management and technical topics for leaders of software engineering teams
  398. Ultra FP64 – The Worlds First FPGA N64
  399. What Every Developer Should Know About GPU Computing
  400. A billion deaths at two degrees? Why climate activists should make a special effort to get the science right - Mark Lynas
  401. The boy who cried risk
  402. Not Always the Best Idea – view source
  403. Relative Cost / Benefit of an Investment - Byte Tank
  404. Create an accessible dropdown with Phoenix LiveView
  405. Integrating dynamic binaries in macOS apps - Alin Panaitiu
  406. Iterating on a business idea
  407. People Can't Care About Everything
  408. The Dawn of LLM-Powered personal assistants: pioneering a new platform economy
  409. Why data is hard
  410. Zig is now also a Windows resource compiler
  411. How to protect my authenticator app?
  412. #96 Coding Clean et Safe avec ASP.NET Core 8
  413. .NET | Easiest way to run background jobs with Hangfire
  414. Blazor Unit Testing – Dev Leader Weekly 14
  415. F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
  416. We have used too many levels of abstractions and now the future looks bleak
  417. Mitigating the Hetzner/Linode XMPP.ru MitM interception incident
  418. Progress on no-GIL CPython
  419. CQRS Pattern With MediatR
  420. The 10 Year Anniversary of the HealthCare.gov Rescue
  421. Keep that cursor still!
  422. Dealing with Preceden’s Spam Problem
  423. Someone saying 'No, it's less effort than that!'?
  424. Marketing my book to 1000 sales
  425. Think a CS degree is a golden ticket? Why mediocre CS grads may have a harder time getting a good job in the future
  426. Unrolling the ROC Curve
  427. How Much Lithium is in Your Twinkie?
  428. How Cloudflare mitigated yet another Okta compromise
  429. The 5 Levels of Readable Code
  430. Jobs to be Done Should Not Lie
  431. The API we forgot to name
  432. Hash Tables
  433. Command Line 802.11 Monitor Mode on macOS Sonoma (14.0) – nuxx.net
  434. How I learned to code in two weeks — Corey Haines
  435. A programming system
  436. Narrative Fabrications · Kevin Niechen
  437. Oracle Offers Java Language Server Tool for VS Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  438. Build software better, together
  439. In search of the least viewed article on Wikipedia
  440. They can and will ruin everything you love
  441. Encrypted traffic interception on Hetzner and Linode targeting the largest Russian XMPP (Jabber) messaging service —
  442. Building 3D Applications and Content with .NET MAUI and Evergine - .NET Blog
  443. Black Holes vs Regular Holes
  444. On the failed unrealized promise of Reg­Override­Predef­Key - The Old New Thing
  445. Chris's Wiki :: blog/web/FirefoxExtraProfilesHack
  446. Code Maze Weekly #190 - Code Maze
  447. Enums in .NET 8 Are FAST, but Mine Are Faster!
  448. OpenSilver 2.0 Adds VB.NET, RIA Services and Live XAML Preview
  449. How To Balance Technical Debt - Tackle It Or It'll Get You!
  450. How Guard Clauses Can Make Your Code Better
  451. JetBrains Rider 2023.3 EAP 2 Is Out: Debugger Data Flow Analysis, All-In-One Diff Viewer and More
  452. AWS Announces the Preview of Amazon CodeWhisperer Customization Capability
  453. Episode 476 - Azure HDInsight on AKS
  454. Strike Fighter (1991) - (Full Game) Arcade Longplay [075]
  455. Can You Win This Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors?
  456. Unleashing the Power of Windows Development with Peter Bull
  457. S6E04 - From Silverlight to Windows App SDK: Unleashing the Power of Windows Development with Peter Bull
  458. Nota: A Document Language for the Browser
  459. Just paying Figma $15/month because nothing else fucking works
  460. Please Pay For a Year of Nothing
  461. Server-side rendering (SSR) for Blazor in .NET 8
  462. Apple’s use of Swift and SwiftUI in iOS 17
  463. Blazor Basics: Blazor Routing and Navigation Fundamentals
  464. Improved DynamoDB Initialization Patterns for the AWS SDK for .NET | Amazon Web Services
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