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September 2023

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All entries for this month

  1. Ranking C# Versions
  2. Enforcing Architecture in .NET with tests
  3. TypeScript Origins: The Documentary
  4. Blazor in Action with Chris Sainty | The Azure DevOps Podcast, ep.238
  5. Navigating the Jagged Technological Frontier | Digital Data Design Institute at Harvard
  6. Using FontAwesome Pro Icons in Flutter | Doumer's Blog
  7. Drinking diet sodas and aspartame-sweetened beverages daily during pregnancy linked to autism in male offspring - UT Health San Antonio
  8. Monitoring your apps with Sentry in .NET MAUI
  9. Developers Should Deploy Their Own Code
  10. How To Register Users with Firebase Auth in .NET #shorts
  11. zksecurity · Luma
  12. CoreWCF 1.4.0 Released: RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka Support Added
  13. CQRS Validation with MediatR Pipeline and FluentValidation
  14. Weekly Update 367
  15. Visual Studio 'Tea & Technology' Video Miniseries Starts Next Week -- Visual Studio Magazine
  16. RealFill: Reference-Driven Generation for Authentic Image Completion
  17. Controls for WinUI and the Uno Platform - Nick's .NET Travels
  18. Include interactive Clojure/script code snippets in a web page with SCI & friends
  19. First Impressions with the Raspberry Pi 5
  20. You Can't Control Your Data in the Cloud
  21. Experts Live 2023 - My Recap
  22. The Death of the Author • Matt Neary
  23. Demystifying Database Transactions
  24. What the Birthday Paradox Teaches Us About Protecting Patron Privacy
  25. is: an inspector for your environment
  26. Understand How It Works
  27. Writing
  28. Factorial Numbers
  29. WHO recommends dropping component of many flu vaccines
  30. .NET | Using MongoDb in under 20 minutes.
  31. Solution: Full Stack Development Challenge in C#
  32. Draggable objects
  33. Privacy washing: Google claims to support privacy while lobbying against it | Proton
  34. Kirbstr (@kirbstr@techhub.social)
  35. 09- We Speak: IBM 3270
  36. EP 28: Response Compression in ASP.NET Core
  37. Template meta-programming: Avoiding saying a type before it is complete - The Old New Thing
  38. Test Stream 3
  39. ASP.NET Core News - 09/29/2023
  40. Karl Voit :emacs: :orgmode: (@publicvoit@graz.social)
  41. Burning money on paid ads for a dev tool – what we've learned - PostHog
  42. Red Blob Games
  43. Introducing: Raspberry Pi 5! - Raspberry Pi
  44. How C# 12 Changes Your .NET Classes Forever
  45. Builder Pattern: What It Is And How To Use It Effectively
  46. Data API builder Now Supports ENV Files - Azure SQL Devs’ Corner
  47. Embracing Efficiency: Shorter Work Hours for Software Developers (And everyone else)
  48. EF Core 8 Finally Fixes Value Objects
  49. Learn Live - Add logic to C# console applications
  50. Code Maze Weekly #187 - Code Maze
  51. zk中秋節 Taipei Meetup (Aleo x zksecurity) · Luma
  52. Contributing to Uno Platform 101: From Novice to Expert!
  53. Subtraction Is Functionally Complete | orlp.net
  54. Was Javascript really made in 10 days?
  55. GitHub - fill3d/fill: Generative fill in 3D.
  56. 22 C# Best Practices - Code Maze
  57. Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
  58. an aborted experiment with server swift
  59. Bandcamp has been sold to Songtradr. What does this mean for the musicians?
  60. T-SQL Fundamentals: Controlling Duplicates - Simple Talk
  61. Polly v8 officially released
  62. The Future of ASP.NET Core: .NET 8 Feature Preview
  63. Contributing to Tech Communities: How Open-Source can land you a job and get you out of the Skill Paradox 💼
  64. How to Start a Software Project: A Guide for Junior Devs
  65. Questions I asked as .NET interviewer
  66. ASP.NET Core in .NET 8 is on The Way! Discover the NEW Features
  67. LibrePCB
  68. Polly v8 officially released
  69. Working with ASP.NET Web API on AWS Lambda
  70. GitHub - damienbod/bff-azureadb2c-aspnetcore-angular: Azure AD B2C Backend for frontend security using Angular Standalone (nx) and ASP.NET Core backend
  71. Protecting your data from breaches
  72. Prism Library
  73. Microsoft Releases OpenJDK 21 Build for Java Jockeys -- Visual Studio Magazine
  74. About the News that Antimatter Doesn't "Fall Up"
  75. Being Productive with Zero Admin on MacOS
  76. Hosting Customized Homebrew Formulae
  77. Excessive Swapping with FreeBSD NUMA
  78. How to handle a hands-off supervisor
  79. Real tricks for my meh friends, a real croc for my faux friends
  80. Comparing reactivity models: Redux vs MobX vs Vuex vs others
  81. The degrading of big tech
  82. 'The invisible megaphone' of mainstream TV
  83. Why I Love the Tiny Internet · Zachary Robinson
  84. 🔴 Burke Learns Blazor - Finishing the Edit Links Page
  85. Memory-Mapped Files and Overlaid Structs
  86. Test Stream
  87. Wifi without internet on a Southwest flight
  88. Introducing Raspberry Pi 5
  89. C++/WinRT gotcha: get_strong() will produce a broken strong reference if destruction has already begun - The Old New Thing
  90. .NET Rocks! Azure and GitHub with April Edwards
  91. Primary Constructors in C# 12 - WORTH IT?
  92. NuGet Central Package Management Is AWSOME! Global Packages & Versions Simplified
  93. How To Mirror Your iOS or Android Device to Desktop? 🖥️
  94. The Facade Pattern: A Simplified Beginner Guide
  95. Understand Clean Architecture in 7 Minutes
  96. This Awesome Library Makes EF Exceptions Better #shorts
  97. Desalination system could produce freshwater that is cheaper than tap water
  98. Raspberry Pi 5 – Raspberry Pi
  99. Open Source does not win by being cheaper
  100. Database First Development With EF Core Power Tools - Code Maze
  101. New FREE Ebooks: Modernize Your Apps with Blazor & .NET MAUI
  102. Register today for Microsoft Build: AI Day in London.  This free, one-day event 19th October
  103. Security in the cloud: Whose responsibility is it?
  104. Parallel programming: When concurrency meets Murphy's law | Red Hat Developer
  105. How to install and use Podman Desktop on Windows | Red Hat Developer
  106. VS Code–Share your settings using profiles
  107. The Native Node Test Runner is Great
  108. EI032: Data Processing Service (Part 4)
  109. DarkBeam leaks billions of email and password combinations
  110. Making Gaussian Splats more smaller · Aras' website
  111. 7 smart goals you can set for your organisation | Adam Trojanczyk
  112. Exploring Wordle
  113. We Need More DSLs in the Database
  114. View Transitions Break Incremental Rendering — ericportis.com
  115. Bürgeramt appointment finder - Nicolas Bouliane
  116. Displaying Local Times in Next.js | François Best
  117. Fun with stroke-dasharray
  118. Stoic philosophy, finding a meaningful life, and the cancer treatment struggle
  119. Tales from the .NET Migration Trenches - Migrating Initial Business Logic
  120. How I failed to find a job in London 2023.
  121. Finding Bathroom Faucets with Embeddings
  122. Temporal API is Awesome · Taro
  123. I need Pareto back
  124. ☁️🍄 Issue No. 029: Live Near Your Friends
  125. Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Corey Weathers
  126. .NET Framework September 2023 Cumulative Update Preview - .NET Blog
  127. Use SQL Server Compact with .NET 7/8 and Entity Framework (Classic) with Database First work flow
  128. Book Podcasts
  129. Get a Sneak Peek: The Visual Studio 'Tea & Technology' Miniseries - Visual Studio Blog
  130. About GitHub Copilot for Business - GitHub Enterprise Cloud Docs
  131. Mistral 7B
  132. Dotfiles matter!
  133. Wolverine Interoperability with Others
  134. ORMs can lead to FAT domain models. Slim them down!
  135. "One Line of Code Means Clean Code!" - Code Cop #002
  136. Memory Optimization With ArrayPool in C# - Code Maze
  137. Episode 56: NServiceBus - with Laïla Bougriâ
  138. Workplace Based Learning - How To Balance Learning At Work VS Home
  139. The dangers of releasing the last strong reference from within its own callback - The Old New Thing
  140. How to Use the IFeatureManager Service In ASP.NET Core #shorts
  141. How I got robbed of my first kernel contribution
  142. Visual Studio 2022 17.8.0 Preview 1.0: Case Preserving Find and Replace
  143. Update 4: Water surface simulation on the NES · Triple Jump: A platformer multi-cartridge for the NES
  144. Microsoft .NET Code Analysis: Use string.Method(char) Instead of string.Method(string) For String with Single Character
  145. SNS & SQS Simplified #shorts
  146. EU's Thierry Breton tells Apple to open everything to rivals
  147. ROCm Is AMD’s No. 1 Priority, Exec Says - EE Times
  148. What’s new in MSIX: September 2023
  149. How I use Docker to deploy my Blazor apps to affordable hosting
  150. Why You Should Migrate to OAuth 2.0 From Static API Tokens
  151. Behind the Scenes at 'Have I Been Pwned' - Slashdot
  152. Real-Time Notifications Using Blazor and SignalR from scratch
  153. macOS Sonoma is available today
  154. The Philips Hue ecosystem is collapsing into stupidity
  155. You are the Problem
  156. Rediscovering Web 1.0 Principles in Virtual Worlds
  157. runtimelab/docs/design/features/greenthreads.md at bec51070f1071d83f686be347d160ea864828ef8 · dotnet/runtimelab
  158. Tetration
  159. On the future of cloud services and BYOC — Jack Vanlightly
  160. A Coin Flip by Any Other Name…
  161. A Note on Scale-Free Networks
  162. Bringing back the Incus demo server
  163. Slack wants you you know this privacy exploit is fine
  164. Boring technology and the five-year rule
  165. Why Developer Productivity is the Wrong Question - Richard Bown
  166. Lessons Learned as a User 3: Prepare for the Future
  167. Micromanagement: The Unpopular Truth You Need to Hear
  168. Working Through Depression
  169. Using MonadLogger without LoggingT
  170. On mobile phones, the small web, and able-bodied privilege
  171. Raverie Engine
  172. GitHub Quick Reviews
  173. A ransomware group has allegedly hacked all Sony systems – PlayerAuctions Blog
  174. 'Dev Home' Update Leads Developer Goodies in AI-Powered Windows 11 Update -- Visual Studio Magazine
  175. Uno Platform Live Coding: Looking at a XAML lazy generation issue
  176. I spent 2 years building a Chrome extension, lost 15K dollars in the process, and made just over…
  177. Who Lusts for Certainty Lusts for Lies
  178. Debugging Enhancements in .NET 8 - .NET Blog
  179. Full Stack Development Challenge in C#
  180. Why is kernel32.dll running in user mode and not kernel mode, like its name implies? - The Old New Thing
  181. Carling’s Modification of the Tukey's fences
  182. Exploring Linux command-line space time
  183. Firefox 118.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes
  184. Easily Record Audio with .NET MAUI and Plugin.Maui.Audio
  185. My IDE as .NET Developer Using a MacBook (2023)
  186. Blazor RenderFragment – How To Use Plugins To Generate HTML
  187. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Software Engineers - Making Smaller Circles
  188. Onion Architecture vs Clean Architecture Comparison
  189. Reading notes from Performance Improvements in .NET 8 - Kristoffer Strube’s Blog
  190. SQLite insert speed
  191. macOS Containers Initiative
  192. C# Tip: Improve memory allocation by initializing collection size
  193. PostScript’s sudden death in Sonoma
  194. How to modify response headers in ASP.NET Core middleware
  195. Using a Discard Variable in C# - Code Maze
  196. MySQL joins - Simple Talk
  197. Performance Improvements in .NET 8
  198. Deploying an ASP.NET Core Web App with Docker
  199. Deploying an ASP.NET Core Web App to Azure App Services
  200. .NET 8–Using reflection in a AOT enabled application
  201. The case of the mysterious comparison
  202. Last Chance: Full Day Workshop on Asynchronous and Parallel Programming in C#
  203. Avalonia for VSCode - Visual Studio Marketplace
  204. DJI Mini 4 Pro - Mini to the Max - DJI
  205. Lying
  206. How Do I Become a Full Stack Developer in C#
  207. Bash Substitution for a String with an Underscore | no dogma blog
  208. screen-recorder - A shadowplay-like screen recorder for Linux. The fastest screen recorder for Linux.
  209. Miniflux is a minimalist and opinionated feed reader
  210. Internal Affairs
  211. Beam Analytics Review: Best Plausible Alternative?
  212. Geospatial SQL queries in SQLite using TG, sqlite-tg and datasette-sqlite-tg
  213. Monitoring and Me
  214. Free and Open Source Software & Funding - DevLog
  215. Lets just try it
  216. How Valve blocked my anti-war game
  217. Why We Use Phoenix Without LiveView
  218. Resurrecting mockups | Jonathan Fisher
  219. A better way to prompt LLMs in Elixir - Charlie Holtz
  220. I Stopped Daily Drinking… | JSCH
  221. 10 Slightly Odd Things I Want To Do
  222. Bad Pricing Reveals Leadership Deficiencies
  223. Honest health checks that hit the database
  224. Embrace the Tarpit – flenker.blog
  225. GPT-4 for personal productivity: online distraction blocker
  226. How Facebook handled billions of requests per second efficiently
  227. Ian's Shoelace Site – Introduction
  228. It's time to let go, Apache Software Foundation
  229. Wolverine 1.7 is a community affair!
  230. 09- We Speak: IBM 3270
  231. 09- We Speak: IBM 3270
  232. Binding Sigmas in Circuits for Fast Curve Operations
  233. No More “Pair to Mac” trauma from Visual Studio with Uno Platform
  234. How to have great 1:1 meetings with your manager
  235. The convenience of .NET - .NET Blog
  236. Minecraft Wiki:Moving from Fandom
  237. A unit of profiling makes the allocations go away - Visual Studio Blog
  238. GetQueueStatus and the queue state - The Old New Thing
  239. How to contribute to Uno Platform
  240. Mastering Entity Framework Core workshop and Techorama (NL) 2023
  241. How to write logs from ILogger to xUnit.net ITestOutputHelper - Gérald Barré
  242. Expanding access to safer AI with Amazon
  243. ChatGPT can now see, hear, and speak
  244. Programmatically Create SAS tokens in .NET - Developer Support
  245. The Best Feature That Is Not Coming to .NET Anymore
  246. How Many Languages Should I Learn At Once - Beginner's Guide
  247. Fantilator Page
  248. Authorization Using Roles and Permissions - Which one wins? #shorts
  249. What is Kubernetes? #shorts #microservices
  250. What Eventual Consistency means
  251. How to Thrive as a Professional Software Engineer: Be a Squeaky Wheel
  252. 377: .NET 8, Surface, Copilot AI, & iOS 17 are Here!
  253. OpenStreetMap (@openstreetmap@en.osm.town)
  254. Create Cryptographic Numbers With RandomNumberGenerator - Code Maze
  255. Cloud Rec Room
  256. Secure Angular application using OpenIddict and ASP.NET Core with BFF
  257. Will Windows Terminal Replace Command Prompt?
  258. Fully Typed with tRPC
  259. Learn The Standard Today!
  260. Analyze and Tune SQL Server Statistics - Simple Talk
  261. Azure Open AI: generate article metadata with TypeScript | johnnyreilly
  262. Don’t persist GetHashCode() in .NET!
  263. Choose Postgres queue technology
  264. How two photographers captured the same millisecond in time
  265. Wolverine Expands its Multi-Tenancy Story to HTTP
  266. Block reels on Instagram - Break The Scroll
  267. a Letter from Burning Man
  268. Building an Animal Crossing Fortune: Automating Nintendo Switch with Arduino
  269. How to be a Good Programmer
  270. Nothing’s Bulletproof
  271. Aurel Manea Photo archive - DYSTALGIA : Aurel Manea photography & visuals
  272. AMA005: Designing Standard-Compliant Systems
  273. Coding Clean, Reliable, and Safe Rest Apis With Asp.Net Core 8: Develop Robust Minimal APIs with .NET 8: Giretti, Anthony: 9781484299784: Books - Amazon.ca
  274. Lantern
  275. Welcome to Birthday Week 2023
  276. GitHub - microsoft/windows-drivers-rs: Platform that enables Windows driver development in Rust. Developed by Surface.
  277. EU fines Intel $400 million for blocking AMD's market access through payments to PC makers
  278. ASP.NET Core for Beginners - What You Need To Get Started
  279. Starknet Book
  280. DON'T use this EF Core Performance trick #shorts
  281. No Stale Bots
  282. Getting Started With .Net, Docker And Azure Container Instances
  283. Bottlerocket
  284. Less boilerplate code with the new primary constructor in C# 12
  285. Usability of Old Computers
  286. Fastest Way to Read a Text File in C# - Code Maze
  287. Mutually Assured Recursion · Kyle Hovey
  288. Hardware Reverse Oscilloscope 2 - mitxela.com
  289. Little metal boxes
  290. Customize Your VS Code Icon – ReverentGeek
  291. Human ChatGPTs and the vices of foggy thinking
  292. Reflections on My Journey into Computer Science
  293. Parsing integers quickly with AVX-512
  294. LLMs are mid (but that’s ok)
  295. 13 Years of Foxish
  296. www which wasm works
  297. Build reliable and secure C++ programs
  298. Passkeys are generally available
  299. Blocking Visual Studio Code embedded reverse shell before it's too late
  300. ICloud Drive Silently Deletes Your Content | Dominik Mayer – Products, Asia, Productivity
  301. First Steps with Umbraco 14
  302. Creating a Property Editor With Umbraco 14
  303. Upgrading to Umbraco 14 Preview
  304. MassTransit #4: Customizing middleware with Filters
  305. Travel to the Office – Dev Leader Weekly Issue 10
  306. How To Opt Out Of The Career Ladder
  307. What is the 302 HTTP Status Code in ASP.NET Core? #shorts
  308. WUG: Na co mám/můžu použít Roslyn (Olomouc)
  309. Code Maze Weekly #186 - Code Maze
  310. Over the Water Teardrop, Costa Rica
  311. Devs Demand Visual Studio 2022 Ditch Old .NET Framework Dependencies -- Visual Studio Magazine
  312. Who owns the code that GitHub Copilot generates?
  313. Monolith to Microservices: How a Modular Monolith Helps
  314. TypeScript Origins: The Documentary
  315. Urban Planning Opinion Progression
  316. The Source of Readability
  317. 0-days exploited by commercial surveillance vendor in Egypt
  318. Choosing a more optimal `String` type
  319. One line of code cost me 9.2% of my matches
  320. Responsive type scales with composable CSS utilities
  321. Optimisation is often doing fewer things
  322. My solopreneur story: zero to $45K/mo in 2 years
  323. The Shifting Software Moat: From Systems of Record to Workflows
  324. Playing chess with large language models
  325. Ditch That Else
  326. FalkorDB - The fastest way to your Knowledge | Low latency Graph Database - Scale out
  327. Harnessing the Power of Apache ECharts in Your Deno Fresh Project
  328. Six Words That Will Change Your Life
  329. We are all prompt engineers now
  330. What to Expect From Retrievel-Augmented Generation and Self-hosted LLMs
  331. Why DDATs?
  332. Strada officially launched! | Masilotti.com
  333. t3chn0tix - Your Source for the Latest Tech News
  334. The State of Async Rust: Runtimes
  335. Docker Desktop 4.23: Updates to Docker Init, New Configuration Integrity Check, Quick Search Improvements, Performance Enhancements, and More | Docker
  336. dotNetDave Rocks the Build Stuff Conference 2023
  337. GitHub Actions could be so much better
  338. Paisa
  339. Tune into the C# Certification Training Series - .NET Blog
  340. Visual Studio 2022 Preview Release Notes
  341. Weekly Update 366
  342. YouTube
  343. Valve Is A Wonderful Upstream Contributor To Linux & The Open-Source Community
  344. Distilling step-by-step: Outperforming larger language models with less training data and smaller model sizes
  345. Website security, made easy.
  346. Mastodon 4.2
  347. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  348. Azure Functions Community Standup - .NET announcements for Azure Functions
  349. Setup VS Code for ASP.NET Core - A Beginner's How To Guide
  350. When I try to call an exported function, the target crashes when it tries to call any Windows function - The Old New Thing
  351. Using Multiple EF Core DbContexts in a Single Application
  352. Nintendo 3DS Architecture | A Practical Analysis
  353. Signal Messenger: Speak Freely
  354. Using ML.NET CLI To Automate Model Training
  355. S6E02 - From Junior to Jedi: Navigating the Web Development Galaxy with Irina Dominte
  356. From Junior to Jedi: Navigating the Web Development Galaxy with Irina Dominte
  357. The WebP 0day
  358. Beyond the Basics: Exploring Simple Navigation in .NET MAUI
  359. Android 14 adds support for using smartphones as a webcams
  360. Eager, Lazy and Explicit Loading with Entity Framework Core | The .NET Tools Blog
  361. OverflowAI Search is now available for alpha testing (September 13, 2023)
  362. Three Free Things You Should Do Before You Have Your Next SQL Server Performance Problem – Darling Data
  363. Improve the build speed on your build server using npm ci
  364. A puzzle game where you decipher languages
  365. EI030: Data Processing Service (Part 2)
  366. ASP.NET Community Standup - API Tools Updates in Visual Studio
  367. What Is A Full Stack Developer?
  368. GitHub - Dicklesworthstone/automatic_log_collector_and_analyzer
  369. Lead poisoning causes far more death, IQ loss than thought: study
  370. Intro To 'comm' Command In Linux
  371. Avoiding Toxicity: How to Manage Cognitive Load - Richard Bown
  372. What link previews leak | aaron blog
  373. The PHP Revolution Is Underway: FrankenPHP 1.0 Beta - Kévin Dunglas
  374. Casual observations of founder thinking in 2023
  375. Bland AI - Starter Kit
  376. Why does a backslash prefix improve PHP function call performance
  377. RAG is more than just embedding search - Instructor (openai_function_call)
  378. On Hitting $100 MRR
  379. Using the WordStar diamond in 2023
  380. Unlimited Kagi searches for $10 per month
  381. 🔴 Burke Learns Blazor - Backend vs. Frontend Dance Off!
  382. GitHub Quick Reviews
  383. Matrix 2.0: The Future of Matrix
  384. Microsoft Remakes Azure Quantum Dev Kit with Rust, 'and It Runs in the Browser!' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  385. New React TypeScript SPA Templates and More - Visual Studio Blog
  386. Nippon Television rachète le Studio Ghibli - Brève
  387. How does Explorer calculate the "Date" of a file? - The Old New Thing
  388. Introduction to DateTime in C#: Master the Basics!
  389. Splunk and Cisco Unite To Accelerate Digital Resilience as One of the Leading Global Software Companies
  390. OpenTofu
  391. Organic Maps: An Open-Source Maps App That Doesn't Suck
  392. XML is better than YAML. Hear me out...
  393. The New Way of Calling Your Code in .NET 8 Is INSANE
  394. Best Developer Interview Question
  395. Install Windows the Arch Linux Way
  396. Setup Visual Studio for ASP.NET Core - Beginner's How-To
  397. Vertical Slice Architecture in 38 seconds #shorts
  398. gokrazy is really cool
  399. When to Use ReaderWriterLockSlim Over lock in C#
  400. Visual Studio 2022 17.8 Preview 2: Productivity, C++ Enhancements, and Debugging Improvements
  401. OTLP Specification 1.0.0
  402. Release 2.47.0 / 2023-09-06 · prometheus/prometheus
  403. Today The UK Parliament Undermined The Privacy, Security, And Freedom Of All Internet Users 
  404. Terraria developer bashes Unity, donates $200k to open source alternatives - lemm.ee
  405. The DuckDB IDE for Your Terminal.
  406. Init Containers in Azure Container Apps : Database Initialization
  407. Azure Data Studio 1.46 and New Features
  408. Tech Debt Vs Human Debt :  A Deep Dive for Technical Professionals - Dave Ballantyne Blog
  409. TypeScript: The Movie | johnnyreilly
  410. The fundamental theorem of Agile Software Development
  411. Identity is not just for humans | Microsoft Entra Identity Developer Blog
  412. .NET Rocks! Data Science and UX with Grishma Jena
  413. Toyota Research Institute Unveils Breakthrough in Teaching Robots New Behaviors
  414. Where did my hair go!?!?! Donating hair to charity!
  415. Microsoft Azure Developers
  416. Cloud Development with Azure Developer CLI - Jonah Andersson (Microsoft MVP)
  417. Resilience testing of Azure services with Azure Chaos Studio
  418. GitHub Copilot Chat Beta Opens Up for Everybody -- Visual Studio Magazine
  419. 64-Bit Bank Balances ‘Ought to be Enough for Anybody’? | TigerBeetle
  420. Solution: Back-End Development Challenge in C#
  421. Prakhar Gupta - Blog - Real World Stats for Bootstrapping
  422. pragdave - PragProg 2.0
  423. I'm (Not) Building a Podcast Host
  424. #52 – An Analog Experiment: Week 1 Report
  425. Disk Erase, 2023 Edition | technotes.seastrom.com
  426. Lessons from Elon’s Biography
  427. Inside New Query Engine of MongoDB
  428. The hidden opportunity in feedback
  429. Here's how I saved 44.8 hours every year
  430. Independent Websites and Where to Find Them
  431. Beyond Just Devices: The Path to Spatial Computing
  432. xkcd Phone Flip
  433. A Beginner's Guide to Prompt Engineering with GitHub Copilot
  434. GitHub - mig4ng/ublock-origin-filters: My uBlock Origin filters
  435. IntelliTest simplifies writing and maintaining unit tests - Visual Studio Blog
  436. ElectricSQL - Sync for modern apps
  437. DALL·E 3
  438. Simplifying F# computations with the new 'while!' keyword - .NET Blog
  439. Introducing runes
  440. YouTube
  441. .NET 8.0: Additional JsonNode Functionality
  442. The BEST .NET Ever! - What's Coming with .NET 8?
  443. How To Learn Coding For Beginners - What You Need To Know
  444. Why does my C++/WinRT project get unresolved externals for constructors? - The Old New Thing
  445. Automatic Dependency Injection Using IServiceInstaller #shorts
  446. Every Programmer Should Know #1: Idempotency
  447. OpenTofu
  448. Zexe vs. VeriZexe vs. Taiga | Blog - Anoma
  449. FAA Authorizes Zipline International, Inc. to Deliver Commercial Packages Using Drones That Fly Beyond Operator's Line of Sight
  450. Microsoft .NET Code Analysis: Avoid Using Constant Arrays as Arguments
  451. Different Log Levels in Serilog - Code Maze
  452. Oh Look a Phishing Attempt | LINQ to Fail
  453. Quantum Resistance and the Signal Protocol
  454. Visual Studio 2022: HTTP Files and Variables
  455. Alternatives To SQL Server 2022 Built-in function GREATEST - Simple Talk
  456. EI029: Data Processing Service (Part 1)
  457. System.Text.Json JsonConverter Test Helpers
  458. Bun hype. How we learned nothing from Yarn
  459. From Zero to Hero? Building a tiny Blazor app from scratch using Blazor and .NET 8
  460. Exploring Generative AI
  461. Python Environment Manager - Visual Studio Marketplace
  462. Update Conference Prague 2023
  463. TikTok Faces Staggering €345 Million GDPR Fine for Child Data Mishandling
  464. Episode 473 - Azure Arc
  465. Tales from the .NET Migration Trenches - Our First Controller
  466. Fixing For Loops in Go 1.22 - The Go Programming Language
  467. ESXi on SolidRun V3000
  468. Margot Robbie’s legs (Ezra, Huaso and St. Dennis pt. 3)
  469. A (More) Secure Workstation | Yann Pretot
  470. Networking explained with a horse and carriage
  471. Application-specific terminals
  472. My trip to the Communication and Laptop Museum in Estonia
  473. Misinformation about the Hyprland community
  474. My Journey to Mindful Smartphone Usage - Prashant Sengar
  475. On Alchemy.
  476. Self-Discipline Exercises for a Happy Life
  477. The Three Buckets of my time
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  600. Dependency Injection, The Best Pattern
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  765. 07- Gradual Modernization of Mainframes using Azure Logic Apps
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  938. 05-We Speak: IBM CICS
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