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August 2023

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All entries for this month

  1. X-ray CT scans reveal the art and science of coffee as never before
  2. Task Management using Emacs and Org-mode
  3. The myth of Google's plus
  4. Plans for Marten V7 and Beyond
  5. There is no "bouncing" back - Dan Norris
  6. Wii Architecture | A Practical Analysis
  7. An Introduction To The Gut Microbiome, Part 1
  8. Response to “Flatpak Is Not the Future”
  9. Scrum: Failure By Design?
  10. Costs exposed: Frameworks - Julio Merino (jmmv.dev)
  11. Loud & Wrong
  12. Time After Time
  13. Freedom Is in Being Who You Are
  14. Comparing request handlers in Scotty, Yesod, and Servant
  15. After Killing Visual Studio for Mac, Microsoft Reassures Fearful .NET MAUI Devs -- Visual Studio Magazine
  16. From Azure SQL DB to EF Core Web API using only cross platform CLI tools
  17. .NET 7 💥 - Intro to CQRS and MediatR with ASP.NET Core Web Api
  18. Xamarin Forms - Create a Navigation System Without Frameworks
  19. Setting up VS Code for C# development
  20. Want to build a good API? Here's 5 Tips for API Design.
  21. Vertical Slices - Why the Best Developers Are Obsessed
  22. Diagnosing a crash when trying to call ReadFile via language interop - The Old New Thing
  23. Change Your Code’s Behavior Without Changes in C#
  24. What is Yield Return in C#? #shorts
  25. Blazor in Action with Chris Sainty | The Azure DevOps Podcast, ep.238
  26. Blazor in Action with Chris Sainty | The Azure DevOps Podcast, ep.238
  27. Ryujinx - Nintendo Switch Emulator
  28. Data om 186 000 svenska pensionskunder har läckt ut
  29. Visual Studio for Mac will be retired - Get started with VSCode for .NET MAUI
  30. How to Return HTTP 500 Status Code From ASP.NET Core
  31. .NET Upgrade Assistant: Project Features Upgrade and .NET MAUI Improvements
  32. Use multiple Microsoft Entra Verified ID credentials in a verification presentation
  33. Absurd Success
  34. Blazor Basics: Creating a Todo App Using Blazor Server
  35. The Reverse Red Herring
  36. Reasoning Task, Async & Await in .NET
  37. Join us for JetBrains .NET Day Online ’23 | The .NET Tools Blog
  38. A first crack at the Args kata
  39. .NET Rocks! Applied Large Language Models with Brian MacKay
  40. Improving Collaboration between Software Engineering Leadership and Management
  41. Where did AI come from and where is it going?
  42. *@gmail.com
  43. GitHub - eschluntz/compress: Text compression for generating keyboard expansions
  44. Episode 290: Exploring, Teaching and Auditing ZK with David Wong - ZK Podcast
  45. Episode 471 - AI Trends in Financial Services
  46. The History of Data with Ted Neward
  47. Supporting the Open Source AI Community | Andreessen Horowitz
  48. My Caste
  49. The Double It and Pass It On License
  50. Models are great, life just won’t follow them
  51. Profiling oneAPI.jl applications with VTune ⋅ JuliaGPU
  52. are animals able to apologize?
  53. Transactions Across Data Stores
  54. What is Reinforcement Learning and How it differs to Machine Learning?
  55. Microsoft Kills Visual Studio for Mac -- Visual Studio Magazine
  56. The Weight of Information
  57. One CTO's quest to never type "the" again
  58. Getting my amateur radio (ham) license
  59. From Founder to CTO
  60. Have you ever thought about this?
  61. Why are websites embarrassing?
  62. Documentation Belongs in Engineering – Lennart Koopmann
  63. Lightweight Virtualization Metallize Libkrun Vsock
  64. End-to-end encryption with Proton Mail
  65. How to Not Build a React App (Part VI)
  66. The Supply Chain Data Scientist
  67. A DIY ‘bionic pancreas’ is changing diabetes care — what's next?
  68. I Tracked an NYC Subway Rider's Movements with an MTA ‘Feature’
  69. Episode 290: Exploring, Teaching and Auditing ZK with David Wong - ZK Podcast
  70. Avalonia VS Code Tool Now in Preview for Everyone -- Visual Studio Magazine
  71. Listen to us on zeroknowledge.fm
  72. Visual Studio for Mac Retirement Announcement - Visual Studio Blog
  73. Linux 6.6 To Better Protect Against The Illicit Behavior Of NVIDIA's Proprietary Driver
  74. The First Stable Release of a Memory Safe sudo Implementation
  75. Microservices Hell #shorts
  76. Not all O(1) operations are considered equal
  77. Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23531 (Dev Channel)
  78. How can I programmatically obtain the value of the "Make text bigger" slider? - The Old New Thing
  79. AUTODECOMPILATION IS HERE! | Visual Studio 2022 Update 17.7
  80. Winglang in 10 minutes
  81. CoTracker: It is Better to Track Together
  82. GitHub - Ruddle/Fomos: Experimental OS, built with rust
  83. Ensuring Robustness with Bulletproof Disposable Types in Microsoft .NET
  84. Dynamically Switching DbContext Using Entity Framework Core
  85. Intel Shows 8 Core 528 Thread Processor with Silicon Photonics
  86. 5 Easy Steps to Migrate from ASP.NET MVC to ASP.NET Core
  87. .NET on Azure Functions – August 2023 roadmap update
  88. JavaScript Functions and Scope – a Beginner's Guide
  89. Measuring Unicode String Lengths with C#
  90. Use cost as an architecture fitness function
  91. Windows Community Toolkit for UWP, WinUI and Uno - Nick's .NET Travels
  92. JUXT Blog: Clojure in Banking: Griffin
  93. iFixit Tears Down McDonald's McFlurry Machine, Petitions Government for Right to Hack Them
  94. Should I Create A Minimal API Or Full API?
  95. ISPs Should Not Police Online Speech—No Matter How Awful It Is.
  96. Do I need to notify you if I don't wish to purchase a subscription?
  97. Compiling Rust for .NET, using only tea and stubbornness!
  98. Choosing Apache Kafka For A New Project – A Questionnaire
  99. Maghammer: My personal data warehouse @ osmarks' website
  100. Why you might not want to publicly self-host a Wikipedia clone
  101. How to Be Happier Without Really Trying - Barking Up The Wrong Tree
  102. The Knowledge Bottleneck I used to be
  103. Adam Nemeth - Software Engineer
  104. Bond risks
  105. The fancy data stack—batch version
  106. Automata Part 1: Understanding Position Automata
  107. A Pigeon is still faster than the Internet
  108. SOLID: Crafting Software To Conquer Complexity
  109. Why browser extension games need access to all websites
  110. Quick overview of AIWhispr design
  111. The Upside of Impostor Syndrome
  112. How to Not Build a React App (Part V)
  113. No More Code Monkeys
  114. Avoid the Junior word
  115. Ruby Outperforms C: Breaking the Catch-22
  116. C# Spotlight: Earn Cert and Dice Advice -- Visual Studio Magazine
  117. Ratio estimator based on the Hodges-Lehmann approach
  118. Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Kris Moore
  119. Support Policy Demystified for .NET
  120. A resource for the OpenBSD community
  121. New .NET Upgrade Assistant version with feature updates and .NET MAUI improvements! - .NET Blog
  122. Learn about new and old VS tools on Visual Studio Toolbox! - Visual Studio Blog
  123. Common commands in Terraform
  124. Microplastics on the brain?
  125. Modern High Performance C# 2023 Edition
  126. Using RavenDB from Cloudflare Workers
  127. ASP.NET Core Integration Testing Crash Course
  128. The popularity of DOS/4GW made Windows 95 game compatibility a little easier, but with higher stakes - The Old New Thing
  129. Cloudflare’s tenant platform in action: Meter deploys DNS filtering at scale
  130. Elixir Saves Pinterest $2 Million a Year In Server Costs
  131. BearerToken: The new Authentication handler in .NET 8 – Tore Nestenius
  132. How to Get a JSON Array Using IConfiguration in ASP.NET Core
  133. Phase out precompiled by pinkforest · Pull Request #2590 · serde-rs/serde
  134. 9 "hidden" features in Visual Studio that you may not know
  135. 6 Best Practices for Documenting APIs
  136. Mastering Unit Tests in .NET: Best Practices and Naming Conventions
  137. What's new for the Microsoft Fluent UI Blazor library version 3.0.0
  138. Data-driven Localization for .NET REST APIs
  139. ASP.NET Core Clean Architecture Template v8 Released
  140. FluentUI.Demo.Client
  141. DevToys–A swiss army knife for developers
  142. Run My Code! (code injection on Windows)
  143. EI023: AI Processing Services (Part 12)
  144. Path Minimization
  145. A Brazilian phone spyware was hacked and victims’ devices 'deleted' from server | TechCrunch
  146. What programming languages does GitHub Copilot support?
  147. 72-Year-Old C++ Creator Bjarne Stroustrup Shares Life Advice - Slashdot
  148. ASP.NET Core in .NET 8 continues to Reveal New Features! Too many features released?
  149. Flaky Tests are POISON And You Should Delete Them (NOW)
  150. Zero-Knowledge Proof Research | Berkeley RDI
  151. Scalable zkRollups via Fully Distributed Zero-Knowledge Proofs
  152. Improving logarithmic derivative lookups using GKR
  153. What's New in TypeScript 5.2 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  154. Creating Scroll Reveal Effects in Uno Platform Apps
  155. Answering "Why did the KPI change?" using decomposition
  156. Fig has joined AWS!
  157. Burnt Out At 17
  158. Wide Binary Results Favoring MOND
  159. The AIKEA Effect - Artur Piszek
  160. Why I’m not learning to code (and why tech needs more humanists)
  161. Elijah Potter
  162. OpenTelemetry in 2023
  163. Vacation Study Ideas
  164. Finally, Stable Diffusion SDXL with ROCm acceleration and benchmarks
  165. How to debug linux kernel API (syscalls issues)?
  166. Reminder of Negative Work
  167. Build norms, not features
  168. Enable 'preview urls' for Cloudflare Pages with 3 clicks
  169. Ryan Bigg - Saving time with fzf
  170. Using nix-shell to create and share reproducible embedded development environments
  171. Premature Optimization: Universally Misunderstood
  172. Living an examined life · Mike San Román
  173. Shit, My Co-Founder has Raging ADHD || Xipu Li
  174. The Tale of a Corrupt Backup
  175. Introducing ChatGPT Enterprise
  176. Announcing the Foundational C# Certification
  177. FIFO queues are all you need for cache eviction
  178. When your classmates threaten you with felony charges | R. Miles McCain
  179. Announcing the New Foundational C# Certification with freeCodeCamp - .NET Blog
  180. Weekly 0066
  181. Visual Studio Tool Lets Devs See Images, Not Just Text Strings -- Visual Studio Magazine
  182. (New) Foundational C# with Microsoft Certification | freeCodeCamp.org
  183. What do I think about Community Notes?
  184. New Images and Video Confirm Austin-Made Tesla Model Y Has Cracked Front Casting
  185. Computer Vision on Azure with C#
  186. The Secret HttpClient Feature You Need To Use in .NET
  187. Deploy ASP.NET Core Applications on Linux With Apache - Code Maze
  188. Recording: RavenDB and High Performance with Oren Eini
  189. Convert YAML to JSON with PowerShell Core - Gérald Barré
  190. Working with images just got easier in Visual Studio - Visual Studio Blog
  191. CLI text processing with GNU awk
  192. Loosely Coupled, Reusable Events with Event Triggers - .NET MAUI 101
  193. Just for fun: Which processors prefer sign-extended loads, and which prefer zero-extended loads? - The Old New Thing
  194. Find The Area Of A Rectangle – A Simple C# Program
  195. From GPT to GDP: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Workplace
  196. Support ActivityPub for merge requests (&11247) · Epics · GitLab.org · GitLab
  197. Season 6 Teaser
  198. Adding Header and Footer to a PDF Using the iText Library
  199. 373: Installing the .NET 9 Alpha
  200. The Modern .NET Show
  201. Algorithm for offsetting a latitude/longitude by some amount of meters
  202. GitHub - liam-ilan/crumb: The Crumb Programming Language
  203. Marten Linq Provider Improvements
  205. Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  206. The Internet is Empty
  207. Demodulation of the 5G NR downlink – Daniel Estévez
  208. Compare Task Processing Approaches in Scala | Bin Wang
  209. How to Check if a Variable is Defined in Ruby with defined? Keyword
  210. That Old NetBSD Server, Running Since 2010
  211. Rationality is good, but overrated
  212. A List of Really Obvious Things
  213. Brief lessons from using LLM APIs in production
  214. Working through Gossip Glomers in Racket | Nikhil's blog
  215. Where is a VPN actually useful? | Daniel Oaks blog
  216. Stepping back from the Tusky project
  217. Tacit Knowledge is Dangerous
  218. Get Into Motion
  219. #14 Secrets d'experts en marketing de Russell Brunson - Doumer's Blog
  220. Prisoners of Google Android Development | Solutional
  221. Cool & Unique Cryptography Features for Modern Sui DApps
  222. zkSecurity partners with ZPrize to make you win hundreds of thousands of dollars!
  223. Timmoth
  224. MassTransit #3: Migrating mediator pattern from MediatR
  225. Polyglot Notebooks in 7 minutes
  226. 8 Reasons Why WhatsApp Was Able to Support 50 Billion Messages a Day With Only 32 Engineers
  227. Single Responsibility Principle in C#
  228. Readonly Modifier in C# - Code Maze
  229. Why I Won't Run Another Business
  230. Block YouTube Ads on AppleTV by Decrypting and Stripping Ads from Profobuf
  231. The "Weak Event" Pattern in C#
  232. </> htmx ~ Why htmx Does Not Have a Build Step
  233. Slack's Migration to a Cellular Architecture - Slack Engineering
  234. Microsoft.Fast.Components.FluentUI 2.4.3
  235. Visual Studio 2022: C# Global Namespace
  236. The Rise of Joe Rogan
  237. How To Use Typed HttpClients In .NET #shorts
  238. 7 reasons to replace advanced search with filters so users can easily find what they need
  239. Refactoring with C# and Visual Studio
  240. How AGI Happens
  241. UX Design Patterns for Loading
  242. Thoughts about what worked in math circles
  243. Implications of Approaching the Singularity
  244. Arguments Against IDEs
  245. YABS [yet another benchmark]
  246. JVM Anatomy Quarks
  247. The hierarchy of innovation
  248. You Should Be Working On Hardware
  249. Entropy in Engineering Processes - Logically
  250. The Ptrace Anti Re Trick
  251. Initial Impressions of Microsoft Olive
  252. Setting up a blog on Cloudflare Pages - Hello world
  253. Blockchain Applications Stanford Summit
  254. You like Circom but you find it confusing? Introducing Circomscribe
  255. Giving up the iPad-only travel dream
  256. CVE-2020-19909 is everything that is wrong with CVEs
  257. How to Use Mutex in C# - Code Maze
  258. Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio: Automated Lifecycles and Integrated Bot Debugging
  259. AI Search Engine and Pair Programmer
  260. Inspiration
  261. GitHub - wcabus/nes-sharp: A NES emulator written in C#
  262. Orchestration vs Choreography
  263. My hair became my spectacles. | Siddhartha Gunti
  264. WGA To AMPTP: Thanks For Getting That Draft In. Well Told. - AllYourScreens.com
  265. An Introduction to OpenAI fine-tuning
  266. Understanding and Building Neural Networks: A Step-by-Step Guide from Scratch
  267. A couple of words about interactors in Rails | articles about programming on mkdev
  268. Making the case for Laravel as a Next.js alternative
  269. Detecting and blocking OpenAI crawlers | aaron blog
  270. Nurses should spend less time helping patients and more time ordering bandages
  271. Do disturb me | Goto Assignment: A better local Goto Definition
  272. How I backup my servers
  273. An introduction to Decentralized Identity
  274. Raise Less, Build More
  275. Ghostty Devlog 003
  276. Foreach derp with Csh
  277. Selling The Blades | blarg
  278. Bézier Curves - and the logic behind them | Richard Ekwonye
  279. On .NET Live
  280. Xamarin Forms - Create a weather application step by step
  281. Generate ASCII Art - A Simple How-To in C#
  282. Escola Agil leverages .NET MAUI to enhance safety in Brazilian schools
  283. L2BEAT – The state of the layer two ecosystem
  284. Unpacking Elixir: Concurrency
  285. Weekly Update 362
  286. OpenTF created a fork of Terraform!
  287. Detecting boomerang values in zero-knowledge circuits using tag analysis
  288. Make Your Art UNIQUE - Build Your Own ASCII Art Generator in #dotnet
  289. Fiat-Shamir Security of FRI and Related SNARKs
  290. How SNARKs fall short for FHE
  291. On writing loops in continuation-passing style, part 4 - The Old New Thing
  292. Friday Facts #373 - Factorio: Space Age | Factorio
  293. PowerShell: Turn Your Custom Objects into CSV Files (and vice versa) with a Snap of Your Fingers
  294. Code Maze Weekly #182 - Code Maze
  295. Introducing Proof-of-Work Defense for Onion Services | Tor Project
  296. Factor 0.99 now available – Re: Factor
  297. The complete sequence of a human Y chromosome - Nature
  298. My Solution To The Dev Skills Crisis: Much Smaller Teams
  299. Beyond the Basics: .NET MAUI Extension in Visual Studio Code
  300. FreeBSD on Firecracker
  301. Announcing TypeScript 5.2 - TypeScript
  302. Quick tip: Getting all links from any web site into a spreadsheet using browser developer tools
  303. Burke Learns Blazor - Edit Form and API Updates
  304. Web Scraping for Me, But Not for Thee (Guest Blog Post) - Technology & Marketing Law Blog
  305. Luckily I got hit by a car
  306. Stable Linux mainline builds | Stéphane Graber's website
  307. Creating an index for my personal website using NLP | James' Coffee Blog
  308. Improve System Stability With Small Steps
  309. LLMs Will Never Be Able to Do Math
  310. Building a data warehouse
  311. Getting our focus back
  312. Inigo Quilez
  313. Setting up CUDA on WSL2 in 2023
  314. Adding Wi-Fi to the Macintosh Portable
  315. The flat OS kernel utopia
  316. Web API Development for the Absolute Beginner: A Step-by-step Approach to Learning the Fundamentals of Web API Development with .NET 7: Dominte, Irina: 9781484293478: Amazon.com: Books
  317. Why is this new kind of AI everywhere? One Dev Question
  318. Web API Development for the Absolute Beginner
  319. Meta Connect 2023: Virtual Event
  320. Bypassing Bitlocker using a cheap logic analyzer on a Lenovo laptop
  321. GitHub - intel/intel-one-mono: Intel One Mono font repository
  322. Hugging Face raises $235M from investors including Salesforce and Nvidia | TechCrunch
  323. Delendum-SBC Research Meetup
  324. Dynamically Adapting To Application Sizes
  325. New Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio release with exciting features for .NET developers - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  326. Public report of auditing Penumbra's circuits
  327. Penumbra Security Audits Q3 2023
  328. Developing with Multiple Repositories inside a Single Solution for .NET - CSE Developer Blog
  329. Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI Upgrade & Migration Guide | 2023 Edition
  330. Introducing Code Llama, a state-of-the-art large language model for coding
  331. Domain Modeling Gone Right - Part 2
  332. A twisted tale of memory optimization
  333. “Minimal Architecture” on DotNetRocks
  334. On writing loops in PPL and continuation-passing style, part 3 - The Old New Thing
  335. Star your favorite websites in the dashboard
  336. The .NET 8 Auth Changes You Must Know About!
  337. Domain-Driven Design's Holy Grail
  338. Fluid Framework 2.0 Alpha Features SharedTree Distributed Data Structure and Developer Tools
  339. C# Interfaces With Default Method Implementations #shorts
  340. 500 Byte Images: The Haiku Vector Icon Format
  341. .NET Pro Guide | Stefan Đokić
  342. Overview of Web PubSub for Socket.IO
  343. Bun v0.8.0
  344. How to Mark Methods as Deprecated in C# - Code Maze
  345. NVIDIA Announces Financial Results for Second Quarter Fiscal 2024
  346. Async Teaching Through PR Reviews
  347. Generative Builder Pattern in C#
  348. EI022: SQL Processing Service (Part 3)
  349. Demo Front-End
  350. .NET Rocks! Minimal Architecture with Jeremy Miller
  351. How to sabotage your salary negotiation efforts before you even start
  352. Fluent UI Insights: Accessible by default
  353. IBM taps AI to translate COBOL code to Java | TechCrunch
  354. Define the Game
  355. Cool Caddy config tricks for your self-hosted domain
  356. Rethinking the `setup` convention in Neovim. Is it time for a paradigm shift?
  357. Gap
  358. AI Human Generator – Generate and Modify People Online
  359. ETS
  360. Srikanth Vemaraju
  361. How to set up a development environment in Android
  362. Reflections on a Stanford Journey
  363. Use web components for what they’re good at
  364. How minimal is too minimal? Brainstorming syntax for VisionScript | James' Coffee Blog
  365. On Task Anxiety
  366. Ergaster - Syncing Notes with Obsidian
  367. Accounting systems before TigerBeetle
  368. Lewis Carson
  369. Use Laravel’s Illuminate Database Query Builder With WordPress
  370. An Excruciatingly Detailed Guide To SSH (But Only The Things I Actually Find Useful) · Graham Helton
  371. String Poaster
  372. Sharing Code Between Different Hardware/Prototypes with Meadow IoT
  373. Microsoft Previews 'Python in Excel' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  374. Episode 470 - News Roundup
  375. Tales from the .NET Migration Trenches - Cataloging
  376. .NET Framework August 2023 Cumulative Update Preview - .NET Blog
  377. Creating a pretty console logger using Go's slog package
  378. Pronunciation
  379. New Video: 'await' Return Types
  380. GitHub Copilot · Your AI pair programmer
  381. Safely use secrets in HTTP requests in Visual Studio 2022 - Visual Studio Blog
  382. Welk bedrag mag ik maximaal contant betalen?
  383. On writing loops in PPL and continuation-passing style, part 2 - The Old New Thing
  384. EF Core 8.0 Preview: Raw SQL Queries for Unmapped Types
  385. LIVE telecast of Chandrayaan-3 Soft-landing
  386. .NET MAUI in .NET 8 Preview 7 with Keyboard Accelerators, Fixes and Improvements
  387. How to Conditionally Resolve Dependencies in .NET
  388. Microsoft .NET Code Analysis: Random Is an Insecure Random Number Generator
  389. Max Goodhart (@chromakode@mastodon.social)
  390. .NET MAUI Summer Coding Adventure
  391. Why to Modernize with Blazor? A Winning Strategy
  392. Introducing Microsoft Playwright Testing private preview
  393. EI021: AI Processing Service (Part 11)
  394. MiniWord - Microsoft Office Word Templating
  395. Cleaning up dangling DNS entries for an Azure DNS Zone
  396. Writing Component Specs
  397. Exploring Blazor Changes in .NET 8 - Capture User Input with Forms
  398. ACH guide
  399. GPT-3.5 Turbo fine-tuning and API updates
  400. 5 New ASP net core features in dotnet 8 You'll Love this Year - Doumer's Blog
  401. Weighted Mann-Whitney U test, Part 2
  402. Stable Diffusion QR Code 101
  403. On keeping sketchbooks | Attainable Felicity
  404. Against Automaticity
  405. Raspberry Pi x OpenWRT Travel Router – Tristam
  406. Personal Strategies for Math Learning | Michael Hartl
  407. What I'm Doing and How It's Going
  408. Does my code get used to train GitHub Copilot?
  409. 5 Engineering Lessons from Early Stage Startups
  410. The Enchanted Vanuatu Trip
  411. Why is a mood tracker from 2016 still the best?
  412. Emergent Abilities of LLMs 🪴
  413. Folly of Forecasts, Big Short Edition - The Big Picture
  414. What Do You Want? - Calvin Rosser
  415. Consciousness in the Age of Distraction
  416. My thoughts on the 2023 FTC robotics season
  417. Announcing Python in Excel: Combining the power of Python and the flexibility of Excel.
  418. ASP.NET Community Standup - Auth and AoT in .NET 8
  419. Simplified Code Refinement and Debugging with GitHub Copilot Chat - Visual Studio Blog
  420. The first conformant M1 GPU driver
  421. Arm Announces Public Filing of Registration Statement for Proposed Initial Public Offering
  422. Unlocking Discord Nitro Features for Free
  423. How to avoid KPI psychosis in your organization?
  424. Learn AutoHotKey by stealing my scripts
  425. On writing loops in PPL and continuation-passing style, part 1 - The Old New Thing
  426. Blazor in .NET 8: Server-side and Streaming Rendering
  427. Dependency Injection: How to Start with Autofac the Easy Way
  428. What's New in .NET and C#
  429. Beautiful Blazor UI Everywhere with Telerik
  430. Last chance to win a ticket to APIDays London with my new book!
  431. Adding JWT Authentication In ASP.NET Core With Firebase Authentication
  432. Implement API Key Authentication in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  433. React Basics: How and When to Use React Context
  434. What is the SPACE developer productivity framework?
  435. The Week in Dark Web - 29 August 2022 - Access Sales and Data Leaks - SOCRadar® Cyber Intelligence Inc.
  436. Using ETags and Patching Rows in Azure Table Storage
  437. Replacing Mock and Stub with a Fake
  438. NonEmpty catamorphism
  439. Compile-time type-checked truth tables
  440. EI020: SQL Processing Service (Part 2)
  441. 5 years ago Valve released Proton forever changing Linux gaming
  442. Merge Conflict has a NEW home on YouTube!!!
  443. ASP.NET Community Standup - ASP.NET Architecture Series: AOT in .NET 8
  444. uBlock Origin Lite – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)
  445. I Made Stable Diffusion XL Smarter by Finetuning it on Bad AI-Generated Images
  446. Folklore.org: Saving Lives
  447. Roadmap to learn .NET in 2023
  448. Do I really want AI to help debug my code?
  449. On .NET Live - Finding joy in minimal APIs
  450. Enjoying the Internet again with the Fediverse and IndieWeb
  451. The Ugly Truth About Sleep
  452. Concise explanations accelerate progress
  453. What’s a Website
  454. E-ink is so Retropunk
  455. Algolia + NextJS for Ecommerce
  456. Why LFI is a tough sell
  457. Declarative package management with a Brewfile
  458. We don't need to "degrow" the economy
  459. DIY Deliberate Practice — Lynette Bye Coaching
  460. Brenton Cleeland - Website Best Practices
  461. Storing passkeys in password managers is okay, actually
  462. The Problem with Friendly C – Embedded in Academia
  463. Don't Fire Your Illustrator
  464. JSON Sort CLI and Pre-Commit Hook
  465. Listen to non-users!
  466. A Process for Building LLM Classifiers
  467. Reliable communication allows for simpler interfaces - Max's Notes
  468. The Future of Data Engineering in the Warehouse
  469. The Broad Set of Computer Science Problems Faced at Cloud Database Companies
  470. Backing Up Personal Files with rclone
  471. Metaphors for thinking about LLMs
  472. What's New in Blazor for .NET 8
  473. VS Code Tool for Microsoft Teams Sports New Chat Bot App Template -- Visual Studio Magazine
  474. Installing Terraform on Windows
  475. GrapeCity Updates Components for WinUI, .NET MAUI, WinForms -- Visual Studio Magazine
  476. New in Visual Studio: Compare Files with Solution Explorer - Visual Studio Blog
  477. Why Do You Have to Return "Task" Whenever You "await" Something in a Method in C#?
  478. Saving data locally with SQLite for Meadow IoT Devices
  479. GNU Parallel, where have you been all my life?
  480. Build Your First Plugin for .NET MAUI with this FREE Template!
  481. Automating Service Registration with Reflection
  482. Balancing Learning with Practical Application in Programming: A Deep Dive - Dev Leader
  483. Inside STL: The different types of shared pointer control blocks - The Old New Thing
  484. Background Tasks Are Finally Fixed in .NET 8
  485. Delegating Handler - It's Like Middleware But For HttpClient #shorts
  486. Anxious individuals shift emotion control from lateral frontal pole to dorsolateral prefrontal cortex - Nature Communications
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  544. How To Know If It's Aliens
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