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July 2023

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All entries for this month

  1. Shamir Secret Sharing
  2. On .NET Live - Real World frontends and backends with Conduit
  3. Binary Heap | Concurrency Deep Dives
  4. Blackmagic Design SDI-HDMI converter micro USB problems, and a rant about connector receptacles in general
  5. The next step: PostOwl
  6. Security keys in the land of passkeys
  7. Reflections on a Month with BBEdit and Nova — Sympolymathesy, by Chris Krycho
  8. Why I switched from Plaid to Stripe.. and then back to Plaid - Balance Budget
  9. Toggles suck! | Axess Lab
  10. LK-99: The Live Online Race for a Room-Temperature Superconductor (Summary)
  11. Wasting Time to Waste Less Time
  12. Poll Working
  13. Tribal Knowledge
  14. Your Social Network Is Bigger Than You Think! – James Ashford
  15. The Limits of AI: Why Not Every Problem Can Be Solved with Machine Learning - Arkavian
  16. Cachelines and Striped Locks — ~ngp
  17. File distribution over DNS: (ab)using DNS as a CDN (eighty-twenty news)
  18. Socialized Proof of Work
  19. So, you want to deploy on the edge?
  20. I Paid Off $194k in Student Loans in Six Years. It Wasn’t Easy. - BJL
  21. Getting started with NGINX
  22. Gabe Henriques
  23. An optimal-stopping quant riddle - Emir's blog
  24. A comprehensive guide to Redux for beginners
  25. AI Diaries: Two Important Facts About Generative Prose
  26. ASP.NET Community Standup - Migrate from framework to core with System.Web.Adapters
  27. Don Syme Live at fsharpConf 2023
  28. Moon
  29. Amanda (@Pandamoanimum@mstdn.social)
  30. NASA mistakenly severs communication to Voyager 2
  31. The proposal to enhance Go's HTTP router
  32. You Can Test & Debug Your .NET Lambda Functions Locally
  33. Open Closed Principle in C# | SOLID Principles
  34. F# Extends its String Interpolation Syntax to Reduce Escaping
  35. Misinterpreting the misleadingly-named STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN - The Old New Thing
  36. Polyfills in .NET to ease multi-targeting - Gérald Barré
  37. LK-99: The Live Online Race for a Room-Temperature Superconductor (Summary)
  38. Computers Are Bad
  39. The NEW Way of Validating Settings in .NET 8
  40. Microsoft Releases .NET 8 Preview 6
  41. Plugin Architecture in ASP.NET Core – How To Master It
  42. How To Query Shadow Property With EF Core #shorts
  43. The Reluctant Sysadmin's Guide to Securing a Linux Server
  44. Modular Monoliths with Layla Porter
  45. Conduit - Your own chat server
  46. What is Locking and How to Use a Locking Mechanism in C#
  47. Introduction of Auth0 Templates for .NET
  48. 369: Scanning real world objects into ready-to-use 3D models with RealityKit
  49. Scanning real world objects into ready-to-use 3D models with RealityKit | Merge Conflict ep. 369
  50. Happy 30th Birthday Windows Server!
  51. How to Use TypeScript Generics with Functional React Components
  52. A Git Query Language written in Rust
  53. New: Improved flexibility when configuring endpoint URLs with the AWS SDKs and tools | Amazon Web Services
  54. What's up, Python? The GIL removed, a new compiler, optparse deprecated...
  55. Stream videos from Azure Blob storage with ASP.NET Core
  56. Let’s look at Wolfenstein 3D in F#
  57. LINUX AIR COMBAT free flight simulator
  58. GitHub - khoj-ai/khoj: An AI personal assistant for your digital brain
  59. The San Francisco Compute Company
  60. JasperFx Software is Open for Business!
  61. GPT4 can play chess – David Chudzicki
  62. 7 Essential Tech Talks Every Developer Should Watch
  63. Stove and Searle on the rhetorical subversion of common sense
  64. How to create a Django form in 2mins using Alpine.js
  65. Documentation as Code for Cloud - PlantUML - blog.dornea.nu
  66. I made a Quotebacks plugin for Marked
  67. Finding my balance: An evolved and simplified task management system
  68. SwiftUI Data Flow 2023
  69. What we really need is a CDN that deploys to ALL edge nodes - Junaid Bhura
  70. Blog Writing for Developers
  71. Why do consultants invent words?
  72. You Need More Constraints
  73. Large Language Models (LLMs) as noise generators
  74. Emacs 29.1 released
  75. The web I want – Manu
  76. New – AWS Public IPv4 Address Charge + Public IP Insights | Amazon Web Services
  77. EffectiveDebugging/SourceCode/StockMarket at master · chrisnas/EffectiveDebugging
  78. ffmprovisr
  79. Containers in Azure Container Apps: Simplifying app orchestration with Sidecar and Init Containers
  80. Emacs 29.1 Released
  81. Wikifunctions
  82. Elevate Your .NET Testing Strategy #2: InMemoryDatabase
  83. Contenedores en Azure Container Apps: Simplificando la orquestación de aplicaciones con Sidecar e Init Containers
  84. Understanding Python Data Types | Pro Code Guide
  85. Understanding Python Numeric Data Types | Pro Code Guide
  86. Migrating An API from Newtonsoft.Json to System.Text.Json
  87. Workplace advice for Programmers (Q&A)
  88. The best 5 .NET and ASP.NET courses for eCommerce developers
  89. Weird Things You Can Do In C#: True & False Operators #shorts
  90. Libreboot – GNU Boot
  91. Functions are Vectors
  92. How to benchmark different .NET versions
  93. GitHub - AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui: Stable Diffusion web UI
  94. Four ways to shoot yourself in the foot with Redis
  95. How critical theory is radicalizing high school debate
  96. Grand Kadooment 2023 - Biggest Carnival Event of Barbados
  97. Error
  98. Codifying a ChatGPT workflow into a malleable GUI
  99. The transformer model, explained clearly - DeriveIt
  100. How to read inference rules
  101. Sampling at scale with OpenTelemetry
  102. Hamel’s Blog - Optimizing LLM latency
  103. Building a BitTorrent client in Elixir
  104. The Illustrated Transformer
  105. GPT-4 Code Interpreter and Pillow
  106. Digital Bum: Finding a Home/lessness on the Internet
  107. Defcon: Preventing Overload with Graceful Feature Degradation
  108. LN 035: The Messy Desktop
  109. A Lock-Free Vector
  110. Git says I am adding '^M' but core.autocrlf is true
  111. If We Want a Shift to Walking, We Need to Prioritize Dignity
  112. So you want to build your own open source chatbot… – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
  113. A spectacular superconductor claim is making news. Here’s why experts are doubtful
  114. It's There But It Isn't - EF Shadow Property #shorts
  115. A Steering Council notice about PEP 703 (Making the Global Interpreter Lock Optional in CPython)
  116. ASP.NET Community Standup - Migrate from framework to core with System.Web.Adapters
  117. 👨‍💻 𝗗𝗼𝘁𝗡𝗲𝘁 𝗖𝗼𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝘀 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗖𝗹𝗲𝗮𝗻𝗲𝗿 𝗖𝗼𝗱𝗲!
  118. How to Access Configuration During Application's Startup in .NET
  119. The U.K. Government Is Very Close To Eroding Encryption Worldwide 
  120. No-GIL mode coming for Python
  121. Why Clean Architecture Is Great For Complex Projects
  122. Ubiquitous F# in Contextive, the Ubiquitous Language Tool | fsharpConf 2023
  123. What happened to Vivaldi Social? | Thomas Pike’s other blog
  124. SSH based comment system
  125. What does it mean to be a junior?
  126. Actor pattern controlling connection pool in Kotlin to honor API rate limit exceptions
  127. Do's and don'ts of valuing a biotech company
  128. ASP.NET Core News - 07/28/2023
  129. The spoken word
  130. Tips to Grow Your Savings – STAYTHRIVE.COM
  131. On the road to freedom with db_migrator
  132. Wrecking ostree on Fedora Silverblue
  133. Why is DNS still hard to learn?
  134. OnlineOrNot Diaries 14 - Max Rozen
  135. Learn how to use the camera in Xamarin.Forms | Step by Step Guide
  136. Play Deprivation Is A Major Cause of the Teen Mental Health Crisis
  137. "Web Environment Integrity" is an all-out attack on the free Internet — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free software
  138. Tor’s shadowy reputation will only end if we all use it | Engadget
  139. Episode 468 - WordPress on Azure App Service
  140. Fireside
  141. Cap'n Proto: Cap'n Proto 1.0
  142. MassTransit Bus Stop - 8.1 Updates
  143. Worldcoin isn’t as bad as it sounds: It’s worse
  144. How to split off an older copy of a file while preserving git line history - The Old New Thing
  145. Scheduling Background Tasks In .NET With Quartz
  146. Profile
  147. .NET Lambda Annotations Framework Now Generally Available
  148. Adding a User Login to a .NET App With Auth0 - Code Maze
  149. Implement 5 Key Principles for Creating Effective UIs—Part 2
  150. Beyond the Basics: XAML Compilation in .NET MAUI
  151. Service Delivery Index: A Driver for Reliability - Slack Engineering
  152. Introduction to the Node.js reference architecture: Testing | Red Hat Developer
  153. Introducing Predictive Debugging: A Game-Changing Look into the Future | The .NET Tools Blog
  154. Commander Keen's Adaptive Tile Refresh
  155. Exploring Generative AI
  156. Avalonia for Visual Studio Code (Early Access)
  157. EI011: AI Processing Services (Part 5)
  158. GitHub - jdorfman/awesome-json-datasets: A curated list of awesome JSON datasets that don't require authentication.
  159. Automatic Deployment .NET Web API to AWS Elastic Beanstalk using GitHub Action
  160. 상온상압 초전도체(LK-99) 개발을 위한 고찰
  161. .NET Rocks! Modular Monoliths with Layla Porter
  162. Building and operating a pretty big storage system called S3
  163. The Law of Bad GUIs (and how LLMs give us a way out)
  164. Thanks, Elon, for rebranding Twitter to X
  165. Fable.Form: Unlock your Forms Super Powers | fsharpConf 2023
  166. Lost in Details
  167. No One Wants To Talk To Your Chatbot
  168. Rates of Change · @jimmyislive
  169. Spirited Away
  170. Solar Powered Conways Game of Life
  171. How to get your own nameservers like ns1.yourdomain.com
  172. Weekly Update 358
  173. Room Temperature, Ambient Pressure Superconductivity—This Time for Real?
  174. Announcing OverflowAI
  175. How Troy Hunt knows if you’ve been hacked and Washington tries to understand AI
  176. VS Code Tool to Lead Stack Overflow's New 'OverflowAI' Effort -- Visual Studio Magazine
  177. Panel: Leveraging .NET for Modern Development
  178. Rethinking Window Management – Space and Meaning
  179. Home
  180. Alpaca Eval Leaderboard
  181. GitHub Quick Reviews
  182. GitHub Quick Reviews
  183. Advanced Performance Extensions (APX)
  184. Popularized in England, These Wavy Walls Actually Use Fewer Bricks Than a Straight Wall
  185. New syntax for string interpolation in F# - .NET Blog
  186. Commander Keen's Adaptive Tile Refresh
  187. CRUD can be Terrible. Start capturing INTENT!
  188. Perfect forwarding forwards objects, not braced things that are trying to become objects - The Old New Thing
  189. Boost Your .NET MAUI Productivity with C# UI Hot Reload
  190. The Exception Mistake You Must Never Make in C#
  191. Google Web Environment Integrity is the new Microsoft Trusted Computing
  192. It's 2023, so of course I'm learning Common Lisp
  193. 2023-07-02 -- 2023-07-03 Tarsnap outage post-mortem
  194. Adrian Sampson (@adrian@discuss.systems)
  195. The Kids Online Safety Act is Still A Huge Danger to Our Rights Online
  196. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  197. How to Split an Entity Into Multiple Tables in EF Core - Code Maze
  198. Automating End-to-End testing with Playwright and Azure Pipelines
  199. OSS Power-Ups: AngleSharp – Webinar Recording | The .NET Tools Blog
  200. Exploring Generative AI
  201. New Series: Creating APIs in .NET
  202. APIs in .NET – Part 2 – The Database
  203. Stability AI releases its latest image-generating model, Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 | TechCrunch
  204. Bad Map Projection: ABS(Longitude)
  205. IoT sensors and displays with I²C and .NET (5 of 6) | .NET IoT for Beginners
  206. Truck, Machinery, Car & General Auctions in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth | Slattery Auctions & Valuations
  207. Cultivating a state of mind where new ideas are born
  208. Barim's blog · ابراهيم - Tags in Svelte
  209. Breaking Superconductor News
  210. We need more whimsical products
  211. Core Web Vitals for Search Engine Optimisation: What Do We Need to Know? – CSS Wizardry
  212. Quantifying your reliance on Open Source software · Jamie Tanna | Software Engineer
  213. Do breached sites take security seriously?
  214. Monitoring the Magic: Operating LLM-Driven Products
  215. BadAppleFont
  216. How to Manage Difficult Board Members
  217. How does a Transformer Work?
  218. It’s All Above Single-Board
  219. Overture Maps Foundation Releases Its First World-Wide Open Map Dataset – Overture Maps Foundation
  220. The internet has become soulless and i hate it
  221. Extended Guide: Instruction-tune Llama 2
  222. Unpacking Google’s new “dangerous” Web-Environment-Integrity specification
  223. Introducing GitHub Copilot X
  224. Release mold 2.0.0 · rui314/mold
  225. 367: NativeAOT for iOS & .NET MAUI Lands in VS Code
  226. Development With A Dot - .NET 8 Dependency Injection Changes: Keyed Services
  227. Implementing the Ripple effect in any view in Xamarin.Forms
  228. Pull requests · AzureAD/azure-activedirectory-identitymodel-extensions-for-dotnet
  229. Romance, River Seine, Paris, France
  230. Google vs. the Open Web
  231. Subscribe to the Visual Studio Blog via email - Visual Studio Blog
  232. On the various ways of creating Windows Runtime delegates in C++/WinRT and C++/CX - The Old New Thing
  233. [wei] Ensure Origin Trial enables full feature · chromium/chromium@6f47a22
  235. Optimistic Locking With EF Concurrency Token #shorts
  236. How to write Enterprise Grade OOP software in C#
  237. How Blazor saved my day!
  238. Google engineers want to make ad-blocking (near) impossible
  239. Reclaiming disk space for the dotnet developer
  240. Microsoft .NET Code Analysis: Do Not Expose Generic Lists
  241. Vermoedelijk grootste Nederlandse gebruiker van de Genesis Market aangehouden
  242. Sending Email With FluentEmail in .NET - Code Maze
  243. Exploring the ProgressBar in .NET MAUI
  244. ASP.NET 8 Blazor Sections Fully Explained
  245. A Few DOM Reminders
  246. Unleashing the Power of .NET Source Code Generators
  247. .NET 8 TimeProvider and Unit Tests
  248. Exploring Blazor Changes in .NET 8 - Interactive Components using Blazor Server
  249. bliki: TeamTopologies
  250. bliki: TwoPizzaTeam
  251. Visual Studio Live!: Training Conferences and Events for Enterprise Microsoft .NET and Azure Developers
  252. A comprehensive guide to running Llama 2 locally
  253. Microsoft Improves Natural Language UI for LLMs with Open Source TypeChat -- Visual Studio Magazine
  254. Fireside
  255. What are the most important things to unlearn coming from Java+Spring to Go?
  256. GitHub - PRQL/prql: PRQL is a modern language for transforming data — a simple, powerful, pipelined SQL replacement
  257. Where are all the women?
  258. Is Signal App Killing My iPhone Battery?
  259. Rhodes wildfires - Andy Bell
  260. Why Can't America Teach Writing?
  261. Why dream?
  262. Old Roblox Data Leak Resurfaces, 4000 Users' Personal Information Exposed
  263. Dynamic vs. Static Config for My Tiling Window Manager
  264. Why Do Code Review at All?
  265. Combining data with multiple fetch requests
  266. ChatGPT has been great for my mental health - Adam Grant
  267. How I jailbroke the language learning app that sucked
  268. The Power of Being New: A Proven Recipe for High Impact | Hazel Weakly
  269. What it means to want it badly enough | Peter Piekarczyk
  270. Support small businesses (internet ones too) • Cory Dransfeldt
  271. How To Check A Make Dependency For Existence Rather Than Newness
  272. MVUX or MVVM? Choosing the Right Pattern for Your .NET Projects
  273. The First Room-Temperature Ambient-Pressure Superconductor
  274. Four main books on robust statistics
  275. Alice GG • Is technical analysis just stock market astrology?
  276. Azure Traffic Manager
  277. OpenAI Quietly Shuts Down Its AI Detection Tool - Decrypt
  278. GitHub Quick Reviews
  279. Warning of a forthcoming collapse of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation - Nature Communications
  280. .NET Framework July 2023 Cumulative Update Preview - .NET Blog
  281. Tracking HackerNews' Shifting Preferences for Remote Jobs Over 5 Years
  282. Debugging .NET Containers with Visual Studio Code Docker Tools - .NET Blog
  283. What We Know About LLMs (Primer)
  284. The massive bug at the heart of the npm ecosystem
  285. Invoice Dragon - Create PDF Invoices and Receipts for Free
  286. Deploy a website with Azure virtual machines - Configuring CI/CD pipelines
  287. Rock Your Debugging Game: Parallel Stack Window Tips You Need to Know! - Visual Studio Blog
  288. Before you try to do something, make sure you can do nothing - The Old New Thing
  289. Apple already shipped attestation on the web, and we barely noticed
  290. Clean Architecture | A Practical ASP.NET Core Implementation
  291. 5 ADVANCED xUnit.net Features You Must Know
  292. All You Need To Know About IHttpClientFactory in ASP.Net Core
  293. Creating Dashboards with .NET 8’s New Metrics!
  294. What journalists should know about the atomic bombings
  295. Common pitfalls in Go benchmarking
  296. Paco Hope #BLM (@paco@infosec.exchange)
  297. Xml Deserialization in C# - Code Maze
  298. The Fall of Stack Overflow / Ayhan Fuat Çelik | Observable
  299. Understanding HTTP host header and SNI
  300. Dr Seuss on Constructors
  301. How to set global setting for XUnit tests - Event-Driven.io
  302. Up and running with WebSocket
  303. Code Coverage Metrics
  304. Version Controlling Database Schema
  305. EI010: AI Processing Services (Part 4)
  306. Pre 2013 Data Breach - Forum Thread
  307. Anti-Vaxxers
  308. How Cloudflare is staying ahead of the AMD Zen vulnerability known as “Zenbleed”
  309. Google’s nightmare “Web Integrity API” wants a DRM gatekeeper for the web
  310. Women in Cryptography
  311. How to choose the target for a migration from RPG - Strumenta
  312. Why functional programming?
  313. Commoditized Social Networking
  314.  What it’s like to be married to a dying man
  315. On .NET Live - Lunr Core: Simple search for all .NET apps
  316. RSA
  317. Sharing encrypted data over short-form mediums
  318. Do films directed by women have more women in the cast?
  319. Mongo Read Optimisation: Write Concern
  320. Thriving in the dynamically type-checked hell scape of Clojure
  321. I made a new track for teaching swing
  322. Tek scope screen capture with Bash - Andrej's blog
  323. Is software getting worse?
  324. An algorithm for shuffling playlists
  325. Building an E-Ink Joke of the Day Fridge Magnet · Alex Meub
  326. You should write your own programming language
  327. Introduction to Pocket: obfuscator for MBA expressions
  328. ASP.NET Community Standup - Cross platform build and publish to ARM with containers
  329. How to use the Android emulator on a macOS host for debugging in a virtual machine with Windows
  330. Compromised email address incident at third-party firm Customer.io
  331. Announcing .NET 8 Preview 6 - .NET Blog
  332. Your Mystery: Have Attention Spans Been Declining?
  333. Attention Is Off By One
  334. General Purpose Input/Output: Read input with GPIO and .NET (4 of 6) | .NET IoT for Beginners
  335. Hooked on .NET - The inaugural edition
  336. Zenbleed
  337. Chris's Wiki :: blog/sysadmin/ReportConfigFileLocations
  338. Beginner's Guide to Testing Internal Classes in C#
  339. .NET MAUI UI Challenge # 7 - Coffe Shop App
  340. Find all Unicode Characters from Hieroglyphs to Dingbats – Unicode Compart
  341. Installing SQL Server Express LocalDB in a GitHub Workflow
  342. Twitter has officially changed its logo to 'X' | TechCrunch
  343. Production postmortem: The dog ate my request
  344. Analyzer to validate the parameters of structured log messages - Gérald Barré
  345. Change Control Appearance Using No Code with Property Triggers - .NET MAUI 101
  346. Why sometimes async and await are bad for your app
  347. Your Ubisoft account can be suspended and subsequently permanently deleted for 'inactivity,' taking your games library with it
  348. Elevating C# Code Quality with Qodana: A Journey Towards Perfection | The .NET Tools Blog
  349. Why does IAsyncAction or IAsyncOperation.GetResults() produce a E_ILLEGAL_METHOD_CALL exception? - The Old New Thing
  350. Creating Dashboards with .NET 8’s New Metrics!
  351. The "Three Things" Exercise for getting things out of talks
  352. SignalR 101 - Hubs And Strongly Typed Hubs In 30s #shorts
  353. Aurélien Jarno - Welcome Debian riscv64
  354. WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2023 | tabs ↹ over ␣ ␣ ␣ spaces by Jiří {x2} Činčura
  355. Inkscape launches version 1.3 with a focus on organizing work efficiently
  356. 368: Building .NET MAUI User Interfaces in C#
  357. Iconbuddy - 100K+ open source icons
  358. Semantic Kernel: What It Is and Why It Matters
  359. Released: Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 5.2 Preview 3
  360. 7 Tips to Boost .NET MAUI Mobile App Performance
  361. Using the Option module in F#
  362. Gracefully Handling Entity Framework Exceptions with EntityFramework.Exceptions
  363. Help users resume your app seamlessly after a Windows update
  364. Implementing Deep Linking in React Native: A Quick Step-by-Step Guide
  365. Elon Musk Wants to Relive His Start-Up Days. He’s Repeating the Same Mistakes.
  366. Tunnel Vision
  367. Team Leadership, TUIs, and AI Lawsuits
  368. I found a IT jobs thanks to this blog, what I’m doing
  369. With The 745-mile Solid-state Battery, Toyota Just Became A Force To Reckon With
  370. GitHub - karpathy/llama2.c: Inference Llama 2 in one file of pure C
  371. Deploy a website with Azure virtual machines - Configuring SSL certificates
  372. jaspervdj - Lazy Layout
  373. On legitimacy and software engineering
  374. Running LLaMA 2 models on your Mac
  375. GNU Linker Wizardry: Wrapping printf() with Timestamps
  376. Choosing Boredom | Jordan Koschei
  377. Empathetic tools | Software and puns
  378. Anatomy of a Book Cover: The Process of Book Cover Design
  379. Age-Period-Cohort graphs for suicide and drug overdoses
  380. How do we evaluate our lives, at the end? What counts, what matters?
  381. Chrome rolls out the Privacy Sandbox : Development & Analytics
  382. FAF: Automating my GTD Workflow with Langchain and GPT-4
  383. Going Lean • Lea Verou
  384. The Economy behind Mobile Gaming Websites – The Cubinskyi Club
  385. Theater recommendations at scale using GPT (how I ended up at Penetrator)
  386. Queryability and the Sublime Mediocrity of SQL • Buttondown
  387. Nomad can do everything that K8s can
  388. GitHub - z0ccc/voat-extension: Browser extension to replace Youtube comments with Reddit comments or view the Reddit comments of any webpage.
  389. Counting OpenAI tokens • Harry Marr
  390. Man Found Guilty of Child Porn, Because He Ran a Tor Exit Node (The Story of William Weber)
  391. GitHub - KTStephano/StratusGFX: Realtime 3D rendering engine
  392. Trigger AWS Lambda with S3 Events - Powerful Event-Driven Thumbnail Creation Lambda for .NET Developers
  393. Why SQLite Does Not Use Git
  394. Learn why C# Expressions API is so POWERFUL
  395. Auto Include EF Navigation Properties With This Trick #shorts
  396. GitHub - evanderkoogh/hibp_security-txt: The security.txt files that are present in the Have I Been Pwned db
  397. Setting Up a Windows PC For Web Development: WSL, Git, Visual Studio, Oh My Zsh, etc
  398. Have I Been Pwned: API v3
  399. GitHub - Uriopass/Egregoria: 3D City Builder without a grid
  400. 2016 Roblox security breach
  401. The Most Important Coding Habits
  402. Master Azure Magic: Deploy Blazor to Cloud in Minutes! 🔥🚀
  403. The Unlikely Story of UTF-8: The Text Encoding of the Web
  404. McCartney on not-knowing and doing it now - Austin Kleon
  405. A revolution against monopolies – castignoli.eth
  406. Exploring garbage collection in V8 with WebGL
  407. Can we lose technology?
  408. One for the Science Fiction Fans
  409. Fake It ’til You Learn It | Jahfer's Blog
  410. Old Stuff | Awesome Hugo blog
  411. Building for Failure: Hidden dangers in Event-Driven Systems – Encore Blog
  412. JuMP, GAMS, and the IJKLM model
  413. Feeds are Not Fit for Gardening — Sympolymathesy, by Chris Krycho
  414. Infrastructure Megaupdate | Gabriel's Blog
  415. I Finally Bought a Scanner
  416. Saga Pattern With NServiceBus in C#
  417. AI for Enterprise Scenarios and Environments using Azure Cognitive Services
  418. Designing the Espresso Sequencer: Combining HotShot Consensus with Tiramisu DA - HackMD
  419. Announcing TypeScript 3.0 - TypeScript
  420. Microsoft's Semantic Kernel AI SDK Adds Java, Integrates with Azure Cognitive Search -- Visual Studio Magazine
  421. Design and disappointment
  422. Document your secrets, please
  423. pain.001 – blog/knowledge/iso_20022_pain_001 — evrim.zone
  424. Domain Sins of My Youth
  425. Totality
  426. Rethinking infrastructure as code from scratch
  427. Moving Text Elegantly in Emacs
  428. Compromised Microsoft Key: More Impactful Than We Thought | Wiz Blog
  429. Plane - The open source project management tool
  430. Managing Kitchen Fruit Flies with a Little Shop of Horrors
  431. Preparing for .NET Core 3 Series
  432. GitHub - erhant/zkbrainfuck: A Brainfuck zkVM with Circom.
  433. What does a CTO actually do?
  434. Global Atmospheric Circulation
  435. Handling a Complex Domain with Readable Code | fsharpConf 2023
  436. Making e-commerce modern and performant with .NET 7
  437. Performance Improvements in .NET Core - .NET Blog
  438. Announcing the .NET Framework 4.7.2 - .NET Blog
  439. Happy 15th Birthday .NET! - .NET Blog
  440. Announcing SignalR (alpha) for ASP.NET Core 2.0 - .NET Blog
  441. Announcing the .NET Framework 4.8 - .NET Blog
  442. Announcing .NET Core 2.1 Preview 1 - .NET Blog
  443. The RyuJIT transition is complete! - .NET Blog
  444. gRPC-Web for .NET now available - .NET Blog
  445. Announcing the .NET Framework 4.7.1 - .NET Blog
  446. Announcing the .NET Framework 4.7 General Availability - .NET Blog
  447. Announcing Experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings - .NET Blog
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