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May 2023

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All entries for this month

  1. Reddit may force Apollo and third-party clients to shut down, asking for $20M per year API fee
  2. security.txt verplicht voor overheid
  3. The Anoma Foundation Announces the 3rd Fundraise for Anoma
  4. .NET Core Integration Testing Basics
  5. Host your gRPC workloads on App Service with .NET
  6. DevCamp 2023: Keynote Including Meadow v1.0 Announcement.
  7. Just fucking do it.
  8. Stack Exchange moderator strike
  9. Why Android can't use CDC Ethernet
  10. The personal big screen
  11. The Gateway Pattern
  12. Augmented Reality - A Skateboard for the Mind
  13. Optimum tic-tac-toe
  14. Why Are There So Many Confederate Vampires?
  15. Publikacja zbioru wykradzionych danych logowania - co zrobić?
  16. Gaussian Naive Bayes Classification Using the scikit Library -- Visual Studio Magazine
  17. Speech Recognition in .NET MAUI with CommunityToolkit - .NET Blog
  18. Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy v0.8 with minimal permissions detection and improved simulating throttling - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  19. VSCode Remote Code Execution advisory
  20. Music for Plastic Instruments
  21. Ruling Out
  22. ZK programmability adds a whole new layer to worry about
  23. .NET Data Community Standup - New CLI edition of EF Core Power Tools
  24. How to create a request pipeline from scratch
  25. .NET 7 💥 - CRUD with Angular & .NET Web API, EF Core & MongoDb
  26. Pro EP 48 : How to chunk your list using LINQ method in .NET 6?
  27. 32 AK Expenses Tracker | Create The Transactions Cosmos DB Repository | AK Academy
  28. Microsoft Build 2023, Security, Passkeys, & LLM AI Takeover! | Merge Conflict ep. 360
  29. ASP.NET Core Tutorial for Beginners
  30. Learn the Fundamentals of Software Engineering!
  31. Using Azure Cognitive Service to Automate my Dog
  32. The Best Way To Create CancellationToken In Web APIs #shorts
  33. Implicit Operators in C# and How To Create a Multi Type
  34. Interesting links of the week 2023-22 (#74)
  35. Announcing Microsoft Authentication Library for .NET 4.54.0, with General Availability of Managed Identity APIs | Microsoft Entra Identity Developer Blog
  36. ‎Latinx In Power: Empowering Grit in Software Engineering with David Fowler 🇧🇧 on Apple Podcasts
  37. OPENAI036: Fine-Tuning Models E2E Testing
  38. On .NET Live - Better paranoid than offline: Secure ASP.NET Core apps
  39. Release v1.89.6 · ocornut/imgui
  40. Master SQL to Excel Data Export: Entity Framework & ClosedXML | ASP.NET Blazor Tutorial
  41. Custom Auth Policies Are INSANELY Powerful!
  42. What is the network policy regarding AI Generated content?
  43. C++/WinRT event handlers that are lambdas with weak pointers to the parent class, part 1 - The Old New Thing
  44. Microsoft Authentication Library 4.54.0 Supports Managed Identities
  45. Memory Allocation Optimization With BenchmarkDotNet
  46. Display Checkbox and Radio Button table column in ASP.NET Core | BinaryIntellect Knowledge Base
  47. Announcing WASIX
  48. New Terminal logger for .NET 8
  49. Open at Microsoft - Dapr
  50. The Prickly Case of JavaScript Proxies
  51. JavaScript Import Maps For ASP.NET Core Developers
  52. .NET 7–Serialize private fields and properties
  53. SciFiDevCon 2023 – Check your Thermal Exhaust Port – 10 Vulnerabilities Your Web Application Probably Has Right Now
  54. TypeScript Tuple Types: The What, Why, and How
  55. Privacy Enhancing Technologies: An Introduction for Technologists
  56. New hacking forum leaks data of 478,000 RaidForums members
  57. Cloud, why so difficult? 🤷‍♀️ | Wing
  58. Twitch Alerts - More Harm than Good?
  59. Kilka milionów loginów i haseł z Polski wyciekło do sieci | Zaufana Trzecia Strona
  60. 357: The Zune UI was the Best UI
  61. Not OP, deleted post PSA: New Yale Home app allegedly denies service to legit smart lock users located outside North America
  62. Introducing Dev Home
  63. Rust: The wrong people are resigning
  64. Developer joy with Scott Hanselman and friends | BRK291HFS
  65. When the rubber duck talks back
  66. Understanding JSONata
  67. Expected performance of a Bloom filter
  68. alexw.nyc -- duskos-1.html
  69. Would you hire ChatGPT?
  70. Hacking my “smart” toothbrush
  71. Language Pragmatics Engineering
  72. Keeping software soft
  73. 1 Maxim, 2 Sides
  74. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  75. Using Your Existing Xamarin UITests with .NET MAUI
  76. Build Asynchronous API's using the Storage First Pattern & the AWS CDK
  77. GitHub Quick Reviews
  78. Asp.Net Core AUTHORIZATION Made EASY
  79. Iterating on your Welcome Experience feedback - Visual Studio Blog
  80. EF Core In The CQRS Query Side... Or Something Else?
  81. Private delegated computation is here, and there will be bugs!
  82. DASP - TOP 10
  83. Create a Microsoft Power App for your ASP.NET Core Web API - Visual Studio Blog
  84. System Shock: The oral history of a forward-thinking PC classic
  85. Edgeworth expansion for the Mann-Whitney U test
  86. Rapid Blazor WASM deployment with Azure Static Web Apps, Visual Studio, and GitHub Actions
  87. How do I change the directory Windows uses for user profiles? revisited - The Old New Thing
  88. Understanding and Using ConfigureAwait in Asynchronous Programming
  89. Inject the power of the cloud and AI into your development workflow  | BRK250HFS
  90. Developer joy with Scott Hanselman and friends | BRK291HFS
  91. Email addresses are not primary user identities
  92. Content Security Policy in ASP.NET Core
  93. Davide's Code and Architecture Notes - Testing Pyramid vs Testing Diamond (and how they affect Code Coverage)
  94. ASP.NET Core authentication using Microsoft Entra External ID for customers (CIAM)
  95. Craig S. Kaplan (@csk@mathstodon.xyz)
  96. New developer experiences in Windows | BRK281H
  97. Developer joy with Scott Hanselman and friends | BRK291HFS
  98. Inject the power of the cloud and AI into your development workflow  | BRK250HFS
  99. New developer experiences in Windows | BRK281H
  100. An aperiodic monotile
  101. Tips and Тricks to Мodernizing Your App with Blazor
  102. Unmasking SQL Server Dynamic Data Masking, Part 1, Intro - Simple Talk
  103. Monoliths - Good or Bad?
  104. The Impact Of Agile Methodologies On Code Quality — Smashing Magazine
  105. Favour flat code file folders
  106. Lawyer cites fake cases invented by ChatGPT, judge is not amused
  107. 9 Announcements in Microsoft Build 2023 and their Implications for the Future
  108. On writing functions that accept any specialization of a C++ template type - The Old New Thing
  109. Honda to double number of programmers to 10,000 by 2030
  110. State of GPT | BRK216HFS
  111. Domain modelling with State Machines and TypeScript by Carlton Upperdine
  112. Getting .NET Library Projects to Output Dependent Assemblies
  113. Making a "dollhouse" from Thief levels
  114. Sweat the details on your resume, especially if you are a developer or technology leader – Puppies, Flowers, Rainbows and Kittens
  115. Being a good UNIX neighbour
  116. A path to niche skill-sets and community
  117. Giving It All Away: My Philanthropic Plan - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  118. Microfrontends should be your last resort
  119. Revisiting Modern Data Stack
  120. things that are hard to search for online
  121. Voltorb Flip board generation explained
  122. Controlling Your Fate with OIDC and Tailscale
  123. On being paid to learn
  124. How To Use BenchmarkDotNet - A Beginner's Guide For C# Benchmarks
  125. Disabling HSTS for localhost on Chromium-based browsers - Gérald Barré
  126. Implementing database change notification using SignalR and Azure Functions
  127. Wikipedia Article Titles
  128. Did You Use The C# Array Index Feature? #shorts
  129. The Best Way to Add Health Checks in Any .NET App
  130. Deploy ASP.NET Core on Linux with Nginx - Code Maze
  131. What’s new in C# 12 and beyond | BRK203H
  132. Scott and Mark Learn to Code | WAKEY06
  133. ObservableCollection .NET MAUI | C# Tutorials Blog
  134. 360: Microsoft Build 2023, Security, Passkeys, & LLM AI Takeover!
  135. Join us at the Microsoft Teams Global Hack, June 1-15🥳🌍
  136. What’s new in C# 12 and beyond | BRK203H
  137. Scott and Mark Learn to Code | WAKEY06
  138. Visualize API response directly in Visual Studio with .http file
  139. 31 AK Expenses Tracker | Build and Encapsulate The Transaction Domain Model
  140. Fallout Was A B-Tier Project
  141. The Gemini protocol seen by this HTTP client person
  142. Lua: The Little Language That Could
  143. Comparing main...grpc · davidfowl/eStoreLite
  144. Colour Laser Printer HL-L8360CDW | Brother Australia
  145. Preparing for the future of knowledge work
  146. Introducing my own mirroring service: mirror.quantum5.ca
  147. Beyond Utility - The Role of User Experience in Enterprise Software
  148. How to Get a Novel Traditionally Published - HANNAH YANG
  149. Two stories I share with my nephews, to help them take risks and follow their curiosity
  150. AWS CDK for .NET Developers - Infrastructure As Code To Provision AWS Resources Easily with C#
  151. Connecting your RaspberryPi to AWS IoT
  152. Streaming your IoT Data to DynamoDB
  153. Using .NET 7 With Code Build
  154. Pizza Delivery IoT Project Pt. 2
  155. Securing Lab Environments Part 1
  156. Amazon CodeCatalyst Development Environments
  157. Creating an Automation Document Using C# and CDK
  158. Building .NET 7 Applications using Amazon CodeCatalyst
  159. re:Invent Session on Refactoring
  160. IoT for the .NET Developer
  161. Pizza Delivery IoT Project Pt. 1
  162. Securing Lab Environments Part 2
  163. Hour of Code:
  164. FromQuery? FromForm? What do the .NET attributes do?
  165. The HTTP QUERY Method
  166. How to Convert a String to a Span in C# - Code Maze
  167. Docker for .NET Devs With Carl Sargunar
  168. Azure SQL triggers for Azure Functions
  169. nameof get's a bit better in C# 12
  170. Episode #8 NIKE, L'idée folle de Phil Knight - Doumer's Blog
  171. #7 Xavier Niel, l'ancien hacker devenu milliardaire: les leçons tirées de son parcours - Doumer's Blog
  172. New York Thruway Authority owed millions in unpaid tolls and fees
  173. Fourier_Drawing
  174. Coin flips and most significant bits.
  175. Using Nix with Dockerfiles
  176. Writing shell scripts in Nushell
  177. A Neighborhood With Friends – Tynan.com
  178. Notes on Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
  179. Building a baseline JIT for Lua automatically
  180. Early thoughts on marketing from a developer
  181. Lies, Damned Lies, & A16Z's Statistics
  182. Are They a Customer?
  183. Using F* to Formally Verify Programs
  184. The Nix Thesis
  185. I Am No Longer Speaking at RustConf 2023
  186. Finding your weak spots
  187. EU is a counter-weight for tech regulation - Can's blog
  188. Understanding Floating-Point Numbers
  189. You Are Already There
  190. #07 Awesome .NET MAUI - Maui.DataGrid
  191. Don't Introduce This Bug When Working With Streams #shorts
  192. Basics of C# String Comparisons #dotnet #coding
  193. How Khan Academy Rewrote their Backend
  194. Build a CI/CD Pipeline With GitHub Actions And .NET
  195. Why Japan's Moon Lander Crashed Due to An Unbelievable Computer Bug
  196. How to improve memory allocation when using StackExchange.Redis
  197. How to Use SFTP For Secure File Upload in .NET - Code Maze
  198. .NET at Microsoft Build 2023
  199. Linear feeds are a dark pattern
  200. The Six Platonic Solids
  201. Git Merge – The Definitive Guide
  202. GitHub Actions to Azure, without secrets! (#268)
  203. Microsoft Build–Join us May 23–25, 2023
  204. Microsoft Build–Join us May 23–25, 2023
  205. Connect FastAPI Server with PostgreSQL and deploy to GCP
  206. 20 Years of WordPress · Notes
  207. Extreme Bevy: Making a p2p web game with rust and rollback netcode
  208. There's still no silver bullet
  209. The anti-pattern game
  210. Against Loneliness
  211. The Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work - Vance Lucas
  212. Home
  213. Introducing Auth0 Templates for .NET
  214. Discovering The Truth About CQRS - No MediatR Required
  215. Getting a strong reference from the this pointer too late - The Old New Thing
  216. Code Maze Weekly #174 - Code Maze
  217. Design Like a Pro: Custom Image Borders in .NET MAUI
  218. Building AI solutions with Semantic Kernel | BRK217H
  219. Full stack web in .NET 8 with Blazor | OD116
  220. Building AI solutions with Semantic Kernel | BRK217H
  221. Episode 123 - Docker for .NET Devs With Carl Sargunar
  222. What's new in .NET 8 for Web frontends backends and futures? | BRK200H
  223. Full stack web in .NET 8 with Blazor | OD116
  224. Build Web Apps with Blazor
  225. How does TryGetNonEnumeratedCount work?
  226. Upskilling: ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers now in C#
  227. Building (and Testing) Minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core 7
  228. Microsoft Build–Join us May 23–25, 2023
  229. Announcing Azure Data Studio 1.44
  230. Microsoft Build 2023 Book of News
  231. Deno 1.34: deno compile supports npm packages
  232. xorvoid
  233. Refactor your .NET HTTP Clients to Typed HTTP Clients
  234. Episode 462 - AKS LTS
  235. Typed exceptions for JSInterop in Blazor - Kristoffer Strube’s Blog
  236. MSBuild 2023 – Focus on .NET MAUI and Blazor Hybrid
  237. GitHub - travisgoodspeed/gbrom-tutorial: Tutorial for extracting the GameBoy ROM from photographs of the die.
  238. Weekly Update 349
  239. How To Decrease ABP's Azure Costs by An Order of Magnitude
  240. An interactive introduction to the surface code
  241. Microsoft Build–Join us May 23–25, 2023
  242. Why I Fired Myself
  243. The Npm Packages That Troll You
  244. The obvious final step
  245. Why we're bad at CSS
  246. phaazon.net
  247. Angel Investing: Was it Worth it? — Halle Tecco
  248. Shooting Unicorns
  249. Dealing with constant rejection ✣ S.Bistrović
  250. Perilous Pitfalls of a B2B Marketing Budgets – Michael Bastos
  251. Practice inclusive scheduling
  252. Always Bet on Geohot: Tinygrad Will Win
  253. Leaders | ruiper.es
  254. At <company>, we are family
  255. Free VPN Service SuperVPN Exposes 360 Million User Records
  256. Alexandre Nédélec - Manage multiple Node.js versions
  257. Microsoft Build–Join us May 23–25, 2023
  258. Dusk, Loenen,The Netherlands
  259. Build 2023: What Are New Dev Home, Dev Drive and Dev Box? -- Visual Studio Magazine
  260. Unified Settings: Share Your Feedback! - Visual Studio Blog
  261. Microsoft Build–Join us May 23–25, 2023
  262. All-In-One Search available in 17.6 - Visual Studio Blog
  263. Microsoft Build–Join us May 23–25, 2023
  264. Windows Terminal Preview 1.18 Release
  265. How can I trigger a recalc of the mouse cursor after I changed some of my internal application state?, follow-up - The Old New Thing
  266. Microsoft Build–Join us May 23–25, 2023
  267. How I became a software architect... (or not)
  268. 8 Free and Open Source Blazor UI Libraries
  269. We Are Getting New Validation Types in .NET 8!
  270. OPENAI034: Fine-Tuning Models Services (Part 4)
  271. Using System.Text.Json for Camel Case Serialization - Code Maze
  272. Have I Been Pwned: Serving billions of requests and terabytes of data without going broke! | NDC Oslo 2023
  273. .NET Rocks! PHP and WebAssembly with Jakub Míšek
  274. What runs ChatGPT? Inside Microsoft's AI supercomputer | Featuring Mark Russinovich
  275. A Different Approach to Understanding Array Reduce
  276. Embed C# in the heart of the SQL Query Engine
  277. How to Handle the Safe Area Layout for .NET MAUI in iOS
  278. Introducing GitHub Copilot for Azure Data Studio
  279. Windows 10 April update can cause data corruption
  280. .NET Core–Monitor cache misses
  281. Visual Studio Code snippet to make URLs relative
  282. Microsoft Build–Join us May 23–25, 2023
  283. GitHub - davidfowl/eStoreLite: Simple eStore frontend backend application using ASP.NET Core
  284. GitHub - bradygaster/dotnet-cloud-native-build-2023
  285. the tiny corp raised $5.1M
  286. Physical Quantities
  287. PyPI was subpoenaed - The Python Package Index
  288. Microsoft Build–Join us May 23–25, 2023
  289. Microsoft Build–Join us May 23–25, 2023
  290. Gumtree Australia Support Knowledgebase - Safety - Suspicious emails
  291. Yadja – YAML to Django – Brian de Heus
  292. Trouble Connecting to Localhost? Try Visual Studio Dev Tunnels!
  293. 💡 Elevate Your Plugin Development with Hook-Driven-Development - Marcus Kober
  294. Build 2023: Tell Power Apps to 'Add a Screen,' Change the Color' and More -- Visual Studio Magazine
  295. From Disaster to Efficiency: Automating My Raspberry Pi Setup After SD Card Failure | The Sloth Blog
  296. Matt Johnson's Blog - What is the Supercloud?
  297. How to Make Friends as an Adult
  298. Standardized exams measure intrinsic ability, not racial or socioeconomic privilege
  299. Getting rid of phishing training mails
  300. How we Build Platforms
  301. Introducing the Postman VS Code extension
  302. Dev Drive for Performance Improvements in Visual Studio and Dev Boxes! - Visual Studio Blog
  303. Enabling CORS in Locally Running In-Process Azure Function
  304. The Best Way To Check For Empty Strings In C# #shorts
  305. .NET 7 💥 - ASP.NET Core ElasticSearch, Kibana & Serilog Integration
  306. Implementing Aho Corasick Substring Search in C# #dotnet #programming
  307. 17 Amazing Community Packages for .NET Developers - Claudio Bernasconi
  308. Firefly-Powered Photoshop: AI Revolutionizes Content Creation!
  309. Interesting links of the week 2023-21 (#73)
  310. The Importance of Removing Unnecessary Expression Values in Code in Microsoft .NET
  311. Publishing Android Apps to Amazon App Store + Windows 11 | Merge Conflict ep. 359
  312. How To Pick a C# Test Naming Convention
  313. Abp CLI Template
  314. THIS Will Skyrocket Your Blazor Development Productivity!
  315. Steps Recorder - Quick Intro
  316. A New Way To Deal With Time In .NET 8
  317. Today’s random F# code: one-line unit tests
  318. Don't name your header file security.h either - The Old New Thing
  319. How to Generate Permutations in C#
  320. GitHub - btw-so/open-source-alternatives: List of open-source alternatives to everyday SaaS products.
  321. Swashbuckle vs. NSwag in ASP.NET Core
  322. ASP.NET Core in .NET 8 Preview 4: Blazor Streaming, Form Handling, Native AOT, Identity API and More
  323. Bringing the power of AI to Windows 11 – unlocking a new era of productivity for customers and developers with Windows Copilot and Dev Home
  324. Announcing: Contoso Real Estate JavaScript Composable Application Reference Sample
  325. How to Create a Custom Debounce Hook with React
  326. A Data Professional's Guide to Build 2023
  327. An AI Guide to Microsoft Build 2023
  328. Comparing HTTPS Sessions with Fiddler Everywhere
  329. What's New for Azure App Service at Build 2023
  330. Cloud-native at Build 2023
  331. Introducing Azure App Spaces: Getting your code into the cloud as fast as possible
  332. Good (Blazor) Components are... ?
  333. Podman Desktop 1.0: Local container development made easy | Red Hat Developer
  334. Dependency Composition
  335. How DynamoDB queries behave compared to relational databases
  336. Lottie animations in .NET MAUI
  337. Guide for running C# Azure Functions in an isolated worker process
  338. New Job!
  339. Introducing jobs for Azure Container Apps
  340. .NET 7: Simplify Patch requests with PatchAsJsonAsync extension
  341. Build Your First Mobile Application with .NET MAUI Workshop - Part 5
  342. AI at Build 2023: Microsoft Q&A Gets Assist, AI Training Announced -- Visual Studio Magazine
  343. Episode 461 - Azure ML with NVIDIA AI Acceleration
  344. .NET Framework May 2023 Cumulative Update Preview Updates - .NET Blog
  345. Empowering every developer with plugins for Microsoft 365 Copilot | Microsoft 365 Blog
  346. Netflix's Big Double-Dip
  347. Microsoft Build 2023: Copilots & Plugins -- Visual Studio Magazine
  348. Network Instrumentation and TCP File Descriptor Hijacking | Kris Nóva
  349. Some Intuition on Attention and the Transformer
  350. Reverse Engineering Bing Streetside
  351. Timing is Everything - Fabrice Grinda
  352. Visual Studio 2022 – 17.6 Performance Enhancements - Visual Studio Blog
  353. The Curious Case of a Ghost in CI
  354. A Tale of PGVector and Friends: The Joy Of Software Naming
  355. One complex setup
  356. My most used (nearly) Android app
  357. Being a Full-Stack Developer is no longer a dirty word
  358. backups (public)
  359. Talent is overestimated
  360. David Pfau
  361. The problem is not the Office, it's the Commute – Michael Bastos
  362. Microsoft Build–Join us May 23–25, 2023
  363. Building and deploying AWS email templates with Azure DevOps
  364. Multiple cursor case preserve - Visual Studio Marketplace
  365. crates - Visual Studio Marketplace
  366. Transform your business with smart .NET apps powered by Azure and ChatGPT - .NET Blog
  367. Microsoft Updates Dev Box Cloud Service for GA in July -- Visual Studio Magazine
  368. Turbocharge your Visual Studio experience with Microsoft Dev Box - Visual Studio Blog
  369. Confusing tie correction in the classic Mann-Whitney U test implementation
  370. On creating (and using) a transforming iterator - The Old New Thing
  371. ChatGPT-Like Experience inside Visual Studio!
  372. RequestBin — A modern request bin to collect, inspect and debug HTTP requests and webhooks - Pipedream
  373. Getting Started with Azure Functions Core Tools: A Step-by-Step Tutorial
  374. How to Write Better PowerShell Scripts: Architecture and Best Practices
  375. .NET Minimal API part 10 - Working with the widgets
  376. Client-Side JWT and Refresh Token Handling
  377. Understanding IOptions, IOptionsMonitor, and IOptionsSnapshot in .NET 7
  378. What is a data breach and what do we have to do in case of a data breach?
  379. 6 useful extensions for IEnumerable
  380. Facebook data transfers declared illegal
  381. Mastering Message Driven Systems - Message Channels
  382. Different Ways to Initialize a String in C# - Code Maze
  383. Microsoft Build–Join us May 23–25, 2023
  384. The Art of HTTP Connection Pooling: How to Optimize Your Connections for Peak Performance - Developer Support
  385. Visual Studio 2022 17.6–Http Endpoint explorer
  386. Exoplanet High-5
  387. New Ultraboost 23 Shoes: Ultraboost Light | adidas US
  388. Amazon.com : Kyokuto PTW03W FOBCOOP Ring Notebook, Plain, B5, White : Wirebound Notebooks : Office Products
  389. Amazon.com: TIME TIMER Home MOD - 60 Minute Kids Visual Timer Home Edition - For Homeschool Supplies Study Tool, Timer for Kids Desk, Office Desk and Meetings with Silent Operation (Dreamsicle Orange) : Home & Kitchen
  390. Amazon.com: iDiskk Phone Lock Box with Timer, iPhone Timer Box for Android Sumsung/Google/iPhone 14/13/13 pro/12/11/X/XR/XS/8/ Cell Phone Jail Lockbox for Kids/Students/Parents to get More Focused : Tools & Home Improvement
  391. SlimFold™ Wallet | 70mph Crash-Tested Ultra Slim Wallets
  392. Amazon.com : PILOT Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink, Kon-Peki, Deep Blue (Turquoise Blue) 50ml Bottle (69212), Cerulean Blue : Pilot Mr Metropolitan Collection : Office Products
  393. Amazon.com : TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen Clear EF Nib : Office Products
  394. Amazon.com: Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds, Up to 2X More Active Noise Cancelling, Adaptive Transparency, Personalized Spatial Audio, MagSafe Charging Case, Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone : Electronics
  395. Bonobos | Better-Fitting, Better-Looking Men's Clothing & Accessories | Bonobos
  396. Prescription Glasses Online | Frames & Sunglasses | JINS Eyewear
  397. Silk.NET Coffee & Code Catchups
  398. Shifting tactics fuel surge in Business Email Compromise
  399. How to get (micro) acquired?
  400. A Complete Guide to Apache Bench for Performance Testing
  401. Worse Is Better • Matt Neary
  402. My Struggle With Remix
  403. So, You Want To Build A DBaaS Part 2: Technical Bits
  404. Matt Johnson's Blog - Monoliths are good, but not that good
  405. What design can teach us
  406. The Hypercompetitive Mindset
  407. reMarkable Connection Utility (RCU)
  408. Named parameters in shell scripts and Makefiles
  409. My Foray Into Security by HackForums
  410. On Departure
  411. Speeding up the insertion of a sorted (or mostly-sorted) key list into a std::map or other ordered associative container - The Old New Thing
  412. Beginner's Guide For Comparing Strings in C#
  413. Announcing Azure Monitor OpenTelemetry Distro - .NET Blog
  414. Python While Loop - The Easy Way | Pro Code Guide
  415. Salt Lake 2002 - not enough memory/crashes to desktop after starting error (Windows 7)
  416. What Is a Value Object In Domain-Driven Design? #shorts
  417. Build a SMS generator with short URLs leveraging Azure Functions, Storage, & Communication Services
  418. How to Use AI to Create Your Own 'Super Macro' VS Code Extensions -- Visual Studio Magazine
  419. GitHub - stepchowfun/typical: Data interchange with algebraic data types.
  420. Detect Globalization-Invariant mode in .NET - Gérald Barré
  421. The complete guide to unit testing structure best practices
  422. What’s the Result Type Everyone Is Using in .NET?
  423. How Much Memory Do You Need to Run 1 Million Concurrent Tasks?
  424. Understanding the C# Init Operator | C# Tutorials Blog
  425. 359: Publishing Android Apps to Amazon App Store + Windows 11
  426. Queryable PostgreSQL arrays in EF Core 8.0
  427. What's New in ASP.NET Core 7
  428. How to Convert Stream to Byte Array in C#
  429. Blazor and CSP
  430. List of Useful JavaScript Shorthands
  431. Promise and Async in the (Elmish) wild — Paweł Stadnicki
  432. Webinar – Cecil Phillip – Building payment flows with Stripe and Azure | The .NET Tools Blog
  433. Announcing TypeScript 5.1 RC - TypeScript
  434. When and How to Use Blazor Components
  435. How I Re-implemented PyTorch for WebGPU
  436. Vladislav Antonyuk
  437. Entity Framework AsNoTracking Does Nothing In This Case #shorts
  438. rakhesh sasidharan's mostly techie somewhat purpley blog
  439. Linux Kernel: A Single Point of Failure
  440. OmegaMart - Meow Wolf - Las Vegas — J. Alex Morrison - Design Technologist
  441. Will we get Mario Kart 8 online mode back on Wii U? – Michiels Blog
  442. Compress-a-Palooza: Unpacking 5 Billion Varints in only 4 Billion CPU Cycles
  443. The Primary Objective of Software Design: Minimizing Total Cognitive Load · Thought Box
  444. Customizing web search with LLMs
  445. PGP signatures on PyPI: worse than useless
  446. Stepping Away - Andrew Bass
  447. How I do my to-dos
  448. The Many Problems with Celery
  449. Honing Your Craft | Davis Haupt
  450. We are, all of us, Machines
  451. Amazon SNS and ASP.NET Core: Building Super Scalable Notification Systems for .NET Applications on AWS
  452. Stay Alert: The Rising Threat of Malicious Extensions in Microsoft's VSCode Marketplace
  453. Dolphin Progress Report: February, March, and April 2023
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