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March 2023

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All entries for this month

  1. We answer ALL your questions about Paint Protection Film!
  2. Microsoft Previews VS Code Copilot Advancements, Promises More -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3. Towed Message
  4. stb_voxel_render.h programming library
  5. Visual chatGPT Studio - Visual Studio Marketplace
  6. Defensibility in the Age of AI
  7. Musk is remaking Twitter into a climate denier sanctuary
  8. Sonoluminescence
  9. Unlimited Powers
  10. Why Clean Code was (and still is) important?
  11. Terraform your Laravel deployments
  12. Figma Speedruns: Watch Me Design at Lightning Speed! | Praveen Juge
  13. C# .NET Tools with System.CommandLine
  14. Ben Howdle - Software Engineering Consultant and Advisor
  15. The world’s most satisfying toggle
  16. Julia's latency: Past, present and future
  17. Hosting ASP.NET Core WebAPI on Amazon EC2: Step-by-Step Guide
  18. We answer ALL your questions about Paint Protection Film!
  19. Russia Michail Vorobyev
  20. Google Assistant might be doomed: Division “reorganizes” to focus on Bard
  21. Paillier's cryptosystem - Addtive homomorphic encryption
  22. Debugging threads with the Parallel Stacks window
  23. #01 Awesome .NET MAUI - SimpleToolkit: Shell with custom content
  24. Paillier's cryptosystem - Addtive homomorphic encryption
  25. How Paris try to kill car centric urbanism (source: @EmmanuelSPV twitter)
  26. Change the ServiceLifetime after the service has been added to the .NET ServiceCollection
  27. Coding with ChatGPT and Google Bard | QnA | .NET & C# 🔴 LIVE
  28. Tricks of the trade: Figuring out progress of a large upload
  29. Paillier's additively homomorphic cryptosystem
  30. Paillier's cryptosystem - Addtive homomorphic encryption
  31. Voyager Emergency Command Hologram (ECH)
  32. What is this [uuid(...)] in front of my C++ class declaration? - The Old New Thing
  33. GitHub - neuledge/engine-js: ⚡️ Neuledge simplifies database modeling, sharing, and interaction by providing clear data entity definitions, advanced business-logic representation, and customizable validation.
  34. Code Maze Weekly #167 - Code Maze
  35. Programmer Interrupted: The Real Cost of Interruption and Context Switching
  36. How to Unit Test ILogger in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  37. Creating a ToolTip Component in Blazor
  38. Episode 119 - Comparers with Stephen Cleary
  39. Weekly Update 341
  40. Safari 16.4 Support for WebAssembly fixed-width SIMD. How to use it with C#
  41. A Beginners Guide to MySQL Replication Part 1 - Simple Talk
  42. ReSharper IL Viewer and Low-Level C# | The .NET Tools Blog
  43. Using soft limits to prevent abuse with good user experience
  44. Schillace Laws of Semantic AI
  45. Azure - Data API Builder
  46. The Mangohud presets used by the Steam Deck
  47. Bridging the Gap between Textual and Projectional Editors
  48. Enabling low-latency, syntax-aware editing using Tree-sitter - Zed Blog
  49. You don’t have to be a founder | MIT Admissions
  50. Circumlocution Is All You Need — Mot Juste
  51. Attackers have better things to do than corrupt your builds
  52. My home-grown product analytics dashboard
  53. You Can’t “Know” A Programming Language
  54. Asking the Right Questions to ChatGPT | Davis Haupt
  55. Ainxiety & Writing GPT Free
  56. Chess, Free Will, and LLMs
  57. Indie app developers, the App Store “middle class” · Notes
  58. Reflections on Risk Avoidance, Pretence and Silicon Valley Bank Failure - Peter Zaitsev
  59. Why building security products is hard and why skilled security practitioners are the only way to achieve an advantage over the adversary
  60. So, You Want To Build A DBaaS
  61. It's Not About the Job Openings
  62. Hyperloglog in PostgreSQL
  63. What If Aliens Tried to Model Earth at Night
  64. My blog posting work flux
  65. Remote Dbus Notifications over SSH | Nikhil's blog
  66. Is It Time to Open Source SublimeText?
  67. Time management is time sensitivity • Ryan James Spencer
  68. Improve Onboarding through the Magic of Storytelling
  69. Code with GPT-4 from your command line
  70. Type system of Fortnite's Verse language
  71. Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy v0.6 with monitoring, rate limiting and paging guidance - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog
  72. GitHub Quick Reviews
  73. Microsoft Pushes Open Source 'Semantic Kernel' for AI LLM-Backed Apps -- Visual Studio Magazine
  74. Why I Spent a Week on a 10-Line Code Change
  75. Permutation-based Cryptography 2023 – Lyon, France
  76. Permutation-based Cryptography 2023 – Lyon, France
  77. How can I box a std::optional into a C++/WinRT IInspectable? - The Old New Thing
  78. Using System.Text.Json to do polymorphic Json conversion in .NET 6
  79. Warsaw IT Days 2023 | tabs ↹ over ␣ ␣ ␣ spaces by Jiří {x2} Činčura
  80. The Problem with Time That .NET 8 Finally Fixed
  81. Hack Yourself First: How to go on the Cyber-Offence | NDC Oslo 2023
  82. Vendor-Agnostic Telemetry Using OpenTelemetry Collector in .NET
  83. REST APIs: What They Are and All You Need to Know
  84. An Introduction to Microsoft Graph SDK and How to Create a To-Do List Using JavaScript
  85. Storing information in its highest form
  86. How to Review and Refactor Code with GPT-4 (and ChatGPT) — SitePoint
  87. Learning from failure in software
  88. GitHub Copilot for the Command Line is amazing!
  89. Understanding TypeScript Function Types: A Beginner's Guide
  90. .NET Rocks! DoomSharp with Wesley Cabus and Nico Vermeir
  91. The Commoditization of Software Stack: How Application-First Cloud Services are Changing the Game
  92. You Want Modules, Not Microservices
  93. Nix Turns 20. What the Hell Is It?
  94. Twitter is dying
  95. The Metaverse - Doumer's Blog
  96. Le Metaverse - Doumer's Blog
  97. Alien - Emergency Destruct System Activated [HD]
  98. The Two Cuts of the Community Pilot
  99. Original Prusa MK4 is here: Always perfect first layer, high-speed printing with Input shaper, 32-bit platform, Nextruder, MMU3. SHIPPING NOW! - Original Prusa 3D Printers
  100. Let's Learn .NET - Modernization
  101. Cuttings / Moving Away from Todoist - to Taskwarrior, SSH & Dropbox - Part 2
  102. This is the time to be unpredictable and human
  103. Agile Software Development Needs to Die (And Everyone Knows It)
  104. Nobody’s on the ball on AGI alignment
  105. Exploring power distribution networks · James Wilson
  106. Task-driven Autonomous Agent Utilizing GPT-4, Pinecone, and LangChain for Diverse Applications – Yohei Nakajima
  107. The Dangerous Territory of Pre-GPT4
  108. What Power BI is still missing
  109. Using simple things — bayindirh
  110. Origins
  111. Qualifications
  112. Observability in Wolverine
  113. Improving multi-platform container support - .NET Blog
  114. terminal doesn't recognize filename and line number · Issue #171880 · microsoft/vscode
  115. Azure Developers - .NET Day - Events
  116. oh $%!&, I didn't want to do that! UNDO UNDO UNDO!
  117. Introducing Stackoverflow.com
  118. Postgres: The Graph Database You Didn't Know You Had
  119. Interrogé sur ses prix « trop bas », Xavier Niel a légèrement perdu son calme
  120. The WM_GETDLGCODE message is a query message and should not modify state - The Old New Thing
  121. Killnet and AnonymousSudan DDoS attack Australian university websites, and threaten more attacks — here’s what to do about it
  122. The Perils of Polishing (LONG!)
  123. Bicycle – Bartosz Ciechanowski
  124. How to Delete Elements from an Array in C# - Code Maze
  125. Comparing main...davidfowl/net8 · davidfowl/TodoApi
  126. How Software Engineering Can Help Combat Climate Change
  127. Part 1: Should We Migrate Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI? When?
  128. Debunking Web Component Myths and Misconceptions
  129. .NET MAUI App Stopped Working – HELP!
  130. Basic Machine Learning Algorithms - Part Two - Bayes Classifier
  131. C# - Clean up your exception handling logic with Exception Filters
  132. j soma - Building Spotify playlists based on vibes using LangChain and GPT
  133. Making Tanstack Table 1000x faster with a 1 line change
  134. Selecting previous siblings with CSS :has()
  135. Just stop adding people. - Tyler Cipriani
  136. That time when SVG almost got network support for raw sockets
  137. Learning Fine-Grained Bimanual Manipulation with Low-Cost Hardware
  138. Geometry in Construction = Practical Geometry
  139. Cheat Sheet for Building Startups in South Africa
  140. A Stadium Full Of Ancestors
  141. Recognition and rewards at work
  142. On The Why Down | Tony Alicea
  143. Breaking a PRNG: Is it Called Xor Shift or Xor Shit?
  144. Treat your to-read pile like a river | Oliver Burkeman
  145. The Last of Us Part 1 - Official PC Launch Trailer
  146. C++ Initialization Story in Print
  147. Data breach still unconfirmed by iD Tech
  148. GitHub Quick Reviews
  149. Uno Platform 4.8 Intros Startup Wizard -- Visual Studio Magazine
  150. How Amazon Broke the US Patent Office
  151. ASP.NET Community Standup - DotNetIsolator - Experimental isolated .NET code sandbox
  152. Flecs 3.2 is out!
  153. How can I try to escape the disease-ridden hot-tubs known as the TEMP and Downloads directories? - The Old New Thing
  154. InfoQ Software Architecture & Design Trends 2023
  155. Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report 2023 | BeyondTrust
  156. How to Create a Custom Authorize Attribute in ASP.NET Core
  157. Missing OpenID Connect claims in ASP.NET Core. – Tore Nestenius
  158. Primary Constructors with C#
  159. How to get the client IP in ASP.NET Core even behind a proxy
  160. Azure Functions: Version 4 of the Node.js programming model is in preview
  161. How ChatGPT Plugins (could) work
  162. Multiple authorization handlers for the same requirement in ASP.NET Core - Code Rethinked
  163. Smallest Minimal Web API in .NET? | no dogma blog
  164. Are you sure you need that 'else' - Extend your Blazor components
  165. AI-enhanced development makes me more ambitious with my projects
  166. Share reusable UI components through a Razor class library
  167. More functional pits of success
  168. How to create a NuGet metapackage
  169. Authenticate externally, authorize locally
  170. A visual history of data breaches in Australia reveals a problem of staggering scale
  171. There's a 90% chance TikTok will be banned in the US unless it goes through with an IPO or gets bought out by mega-cap tech, Wedbush says
  172. New for Devs in SQL Server 2022: Ledger for Blockchain-Backed Security -- Visual Studio Magazine
  173. Recommending scientific articles interactively
  174. Berlin’s U-Bahn Expansion Plan
  175. Different topologies for an org chart, wrong answers only
  176. Model-View-Controller, a classic architectural pattern in Clojure
  177. Things I Don't Know About AGI
  178. ChatGPT's Plugin System Poses an Existential Risk to the Open Web
  179. On writing better error messages - OnlineOrNot
  180. Synology NAS Backups with Minimal Bus Factor
  181. Education - Mutable Instruments Documentation
  182. 12 Steps to Better Tests
  183. Defaulting on Single Page Applications (SPA)—zachleat.com
  184. Can LLMs Critique and Iterate on Their Own Outputs?
  185. Banks should fail much more often
  186. Zig And Rust Mar 26, 2023
  188. Effect Size
  189. Introducing the new Microsoft Teams | Microsoft 365 Blog
  190. I climbed inside a giant robotic parking garage
  191. Handling CancelKeyPress using a CancellationToken - Gérald Barré
  192. Using the contents of a file to define an MSBuild property - The Old New Thing
  193. The Best .NET Mapper to Use in 2023
  194. Deep Copy of an Object in C# - Code Maze
  195. 351: What are F# Discriminated Unions?
  196. C# Source Generators: How to get build information?
  197. Azure AD cross-tenant synchronization
  198. Twitter Source Code Partially Leaked on GitHub
  199. Uno Platform 4.8: New App Template Wizard & Design System Package Import, .NET 8 Preview 2, and More
  200. The difference between libraries and frameworks - Simple Talk
  201. The Future is a Dead Mall - Decentraland and the Metaverse
  202. How can I find ABC TV and radio services or information about outages in my area?
  203. ChatGPT + .NET Slackbot
  204. The SQL Injection Guide: Attacks, Types, Signs & Defense Against SQLi
  205. Migrating from Relational Databases to Time Series Databases
  206. How Microsoft Edge Updates
  207. MongoDB, C# and DateTime's
  208. The lost art of writing SQL queries
  209. WYSIWYGPT | Christian Heilmann
  210. taking the deepest possible breath
  211. 2 Years Of Lessons From Running My Own Bookstore - RyanHoliday.net
  212. Techniques for Setting up Peripherals via PIO and DMA
  213. Ideas have a 2 week shelf life
  214. How to be a technology charlatan
  215. the 2/3 rule for multi-factor authentication
  216. LLMs and Declarative Software Development
  217. Sparks of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) in GPT-4
  218. I won't buy a YubiKey
  219. CSS-only Widgets Are Inaccessible
  220. Retry flaky tests with dotnet test and PowerShell
  221. Techniques for label conditioning in Gaussian denoising diffusion models
  222. Building a DOS ChatGPT client in 2023
  223. I Started a Shitstorm or Contemporary Journalism Is Embarrassing
  224. Putnam on reason, reductionism, and relativism
  225. I've been programming full time for the past 5 years. Am I a senior engineer yet?
  226. Software is not defined by the language it's written in
  227. The Artificial in AI - Pravesh Koirala
  228. Just update rules between neurons
  229. About Incremental and Disruptive innovations
  230. Experience Replay | Entangled Logs
  231. Banking Crisis 2023: Who else is in trouble? - What the Hell is Beeping?
  232. A note to my former self: You're not supposed to take care of everything
  233. Toward Disposable Software
  234. Stupid Things Orgs Do That Kill Productivity w/ Netflix, FloSports & Refactoring.club
  235. GDC Vault
  236. systemd 100% cpu hang?
  237. Blazor WASM Dockerizing
  238. Voice authentication
  239. Hassle-free web app development with Cloudflare Quick Tunnels
  240. What does hifi audio sound like?
  241. Symbolic vs Connectionist Machine Learning
  242. At What Point Dedication Becomes an Obsession? - This Blog Contains Words
  243. Introducing Kotlin/Wasm
  244. The age of average — Alex Murrell
  245. Tooled. — ethanmarcotte.com
  246. Airbnb is worse than a casino addiction
  247. Harvesting Logs for Fun and Profit
  248. Agile Is A Glass Cannon
  249. My workflow
  250. Fast Unix Commands
  251. The Two-Part code review
  252. On being bored as a tech enthusiast
  253. (PDF) Security, Privacy and Steganographic Analysis of FaceApp and TikTok
  254. Let’s Talk About TikTok - Black Hills Information Security
  255. Episode 456 - Azure Programmable Connectivity
  256. YunoHost Portal
  257. Extended Abstract: HotStuff-2: Optimal Two-Phase Responsive BFT
  258. Custom Event Arguments in Blazor WebAssembly - Code Maze
  259. Introducing the Framework Laptop 16 and both Intel and AMD-powered
  260. Relative Terms
  261. 230315 Fitzpatrick Affidavit
  262. When a date breaks booting the kernel — Store Halfword Byte-Reverse Indexed
  263. ChatGPT + Code Interpreter = Magic
  264. No more custom domains in Microsoft Outlook?
  265. Health Benefits of Browser Diversity - Web Performance Consulting
  266. My Theme Song (8 bit version)
  267. Responsability: The Price We Must Pay for Competency – Michael Bastos
  268. Software Engineering Company from Stuttgart, Germany
  269. mjg59 | We need better support for SSH host certificates
  270. Multi-Cloud Deployment for Elixir & Phoenix with MRSK
  271. Script Watch
  272. ForkFS: make changes to your file system without consequence
  273. How to add a Clojure REPL to a web page
  274. Adventures in Time: Debugging a Daylight Saving Bug
  275. Microsoft Offers Private Preview for GitHub Copilot Chat for Visual Studio 2022 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  276. Building a new PC LIVE from parts with Damian Edwards
  277. DamianEdwards - Saved Part Lists - PCPartPicker
  278. Goblin Plonk Recursion Book - HackMD
  279. Government Rejection of Key Senate Bill C-11 Amendment Reveals Its True Intent: Retain Power to Regulate User Content - Michael Geist
  280. Do you dream of living in the United States?
  281. Build your first website without installing anything!
  282. Technical documentation
  283. 75% Of Us Think Software Developers Would Do Better Work In Small Partnerships
  284. Adventures in application compatibility: The case of the jump into the middle of an instruction from nowhere - The Old New Thing
  285. Entity Framework Core vs Dapper Performance in 2023
  286. We updated our RSA SSH host key | The GitHub Blog
  287. GitHub - jsuarezruiz/awesome-dotnet-maui: A curated list of awesome .NET MAUI libraries and resources.
  288. Explore the Latest Updates to WinForms Visual Basic Application Framework
  289. How to Create a Custom JsonConverter in Json.NET - Code Maze
  290. Leverage 'is not' Operator for Exception Filtering!
  291. Weekly Update 340
  292. Techniques for Testing Mobile Apps vs. Web Apps
  293. Building Static Web Apps with database connections: Best Practices
  294. Azure Functions - Part 2 - Unit and Integration Testing
  295. Akka.NET v1.5: No Hocon, No Lighthouse, No Problem
  296. A Demo On Clean Architecture | MediatR CQRS Pattern | .NET7 Web API
  297. .NET 8 Preview 2 Unveiled: 5 New Features You Need to Know💜
  298. Buy vs Build... Over Time
  299. Bill Gates on AI and the rapidly evolving future of computing
  300. None of Your Business - Why, I Wonder?
  301. Sami Yousef - Secure your network with Cloudflare Tunnels
  302. Quadratic Sieve - Factoring REALLY fast
  303. (How not to) Generate a Large Prime
  304. The AsyncIterator interface - Without boats, dreams dry up
  305. Mads Kristensen's Sneak Peek at Visual Studio's AI Future, To 'Rekindle Our Love of Coding' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  306. 50 years of silence
  307. Laptop vs Desktop for RonDB development
  308. Large Language Models Are Like The Planet Solaris
  309. Why aren’t logical properties taking over everything? - Chris Coyier
  310. My favourite Obsidian plugins — Niklas's blog
  311. The Great Deprival
  312. On Slowness
  313. Mark Volkmann's blog
  314. Najaf Ali's Homepage
  315. Strategy | Ashu Desai
  316. Fascination of AWK
  317. Synchronous Reading with Friends
  318. Starfield Navigator
  319. GitHub - TheRealOrange/icer_compression: Progressive, error tolerant, wavelet-based image compression algorithm
  320. Customize OData payload serialization format within ASP.NET Core OData - OData
  321. Auth in ASP.NET Core
  322. Introduction - Dust Documentation
  323. Games – Art by Amanda Williams
  324. ASP.NET Core SPA Templates Need Better Options for Authentication · Issue #42158 · dotnet/aspnetcore
  325. GitHub Quick Reviews
  326. Verse Language Reference
  327. Create a portfolio website without installing any tools - .NET Blog
  328. Component-based UI for .NET MAUI with MauiReactor
  329. Improve application startup time with EF Core compiled models
  330. Visual Studio Toolbox: Integrated C++ Game Development - Visual Studio Blog
  331. Discover .NET 7 SDK Containers - Support for Authentication and Cross-architecture Builds - .NET Blog
  332. How unique must the uIdSubclass parameter be when I call Set­Window­Subclass? - The Old New Thing
  333. Ali Diamond
  334. Atari brand history
  335. The AddEndpointsApiExplorer Method in ASP.NET Core -
  336. How a $725M VC Judges Your Engineering Team w/ Redpoint Ventures’ Jason Warner
  337. The 2023 guide to React debugging | Raygun Blog
  338. Remote Development with JetBrains Rider | The .NET Tools Blog
  339. How to enable OpenTelemetry traces in React applications | Red Hat Developer
  340. Air Handler
  341. We asked the SEC for reasonable crypto rules for Americans. We got legal threats instead.
  342. JVM Performance Comparison for JDK 17
  343. Accessibility Office Hours - March 13, 2023
  344. The Unreasonable Effectiveness of X Macros
  345. Career Advice
  346. Analogies suck
  347. Analysis of a Redline Based Malware
  348. Aperiodic tiling with a single shape
  349. Read Every Single Error
  350. Andrew Tate's "The Real World" is stealing my software
  351. reb00ted | Open networks are more valuable than closed ones: the case for the Fediverse over Twitter and Facebook
  352. Meaning in Large Language Models: Form vs Function
  353. ChatGPT on Managing Humans | Gergely Nemeth
  354. I'm Too Clever Musings on some (correct) PR feedback I received.
  355. How to make memory systems widespread?
  356. More Batteries Please
  357. Bootstrapping in SQL; or, getting s— done with the tools you have
  358. The little things matter
  359. Energy practice as longevity intervention
  360. nn to cpp: What you need to know about porting deep learning models to the edge
  361. Self-help
  362. On Learning Outside Institutions
  363. New, Advanced GPT-4 AI Model Comes to GitHub Copilot, Azure OpenAI Service -- Visual Studio Magazine
  364. DotNetIsolator: an experimental package for running .NET code in an isolated sandbox
  365. GitHub Copilot X: The AI-powered developer experience | The GitHub Blog
  366. The New GitHub Copilot X Powered by GPT-4 is Here!
  367. Bard vs. Bing: AI Search Bots Answer Questions About Visual Studio and .NET -- Visual Studio Magazine
  368. Curl, the URL fetcher that can, marks 25 years of transfers
  369. Counter-Strike 2: Moving Beyond Tick Rate
  370. .NET Data Community Standup - Using hierarchical data in SQL Server and PostgreSQL with EF Core
  371. What's the biggest scam in software development?
  372. GitHub Copilot chat for Visual Studio 2022 - Visual Studio Blog
  373. Episode 51: Brighter - with Ian Cooper
  374. Why am I getting a weird error about promise_type when I try to write a coroutine? part 2 - The Old New Thing
  375. Write And Run C# In Your Terminal! | .NET Tips 5
  376. Implementing and Exploiting Cryptography
  377. Get Current User With Claims in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  378. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  379. The React useContext Hook
  380. Introducing GPT-4 in Azure OpenAI Service
  381. A Quick Overview of Supply Chain Attacks | Devlin Duldulao
  382. .NET MAUI Development Environment Set Up Walkthrough
  383. How to investigate 7 common problems in production | Red Hat Developer
  384. On trust in software development
  385. index | vore
  386. Debugging a .NET process at start-up with Visual Studio (#264)
  387. GitHub - typst/typst: A new markup-based typesetting system that is powerful and easy to learn.
  388. erm, how about nooo..
  389. Languages & Runtime Community Standup - Considering discriminated unions
  390. Upgrading from IntelliCode custom team completions models to deep learning. - Visual Studio Blog
  391. How to build a URL Shortener with C# .NET and Redis
  392. Jobfetcher Official Blog : How to negotiate salary and benefits
  393. Cisco ACI Preferred group, a pinch of inter-VRF leaking and L3Out
  394. How to Make a Great Conference Talk
  395. Logging and the Homelab - PV;WTF
  396. Why you shouldn't pay into a pension | Ben Butterworth
  397. Navigating the Future of AI: Strategies for Survival
  398. The Real Competition is the Water | RKG
  399. Secure your .NET cloud apps with rootless Linux Containers - .NET Blog
  400. Contributor Stories: Fiyaz Bin Hasan
  401. World's most advanced Grogu Baby Yoda robot starting from $100,000 Star Wars Mandalorian & Boba Fett
  402. GitHub Quick Reviews
  403. TypeScript 5.0: 'Smaller, Simpler and Faster' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  404. RavenDB 6.0 live instance is now up & running: Come test it out!
  405. Streamlining your Debugging process with Breakpoint Groups - Visual Studio Blog
  406. Bean Machine Retrospective, part 9
  407. .NET Performance Delivers Again for Bing, From .NET 5 to .NET 7 - .NET Blog
  408. Battlefield Legacy - Sunsetting Announcement
  409. Reduce size of async state machine by a reference field by stephentoub · Pull Request #83696 · dotnet/runtime
  410. Remove another reference field from async state machines by stephentoub · Pull Request #83737 · dotnet/runtime
  411. 349: Packaged with external location or unpackaged
  412. Performance stability of GitHub Actions
  413. Why does the usage of the initial registers of a Win32 process depend on whether it is a 32-bit or 64-bit process? - The Old New Thing
  414. Writing a .NET profiler in C# — Part 3
  415. Web fingerprinting is worse than I thought
  416. zkSummit - Zero Knowledge Summit
  417. Calling Web APIs using the dotnet CLI and HTTP Files with Visual Studio
  418. Avoid returning index.html for API calls – Peter Morris
  419. DataTable Class in C# - Code Maze
  420. Caching in .NET with MemoryCache
  421. Release v7.4.0 · JasperFx/alba
  422. Streamline your CI testing with Datadog Intelligent Test Runner
  423. Paging Data in T-SQL - Simple Talk
  424. Policy-Based Authorization in ASP.NET Core - Code Rethinked
  425. Lighthouse meet GitHub Actions | johnnyreilly
  426. .NET Core - Remove older SDKs and runtimes
  427. Configuring .NET Garbage Collection for Amazon ECS and AWS Lambda | Amazon Web Services
  428. How Video Games and Their Music Impacted My Life — Jerome Leroy | Composer
  429. Betraying vim for the IDEs of March
  430. Modern-day pirates have a lot in common with tech startup founders. — Matt Puchalski - Pittsburgh Roboticist
  431. Stuff I use in the terminal
  432. Assistive Vs Transformative Technologies · @jimmyislive
  433. Testing Part 2: Unit Tests
  434. Stop spamming the em dash everywhere | Mikołaj Biernat
  435. Greater sequence lengths will set us free
  436. SuperWord (Auto-Vectorization) - An Introduction
  437. When to Stop
  438. Open Warp Launch Configurations from Raycast and Alfred
  439. The Better Npm Audit - Security & License Compliance CLI
  440. The End of Front-End Development
  441. Platform APIs
  442. fhur
  443. I Hate Typeforms
  444. The Beer Can – brr
  445. sqlelf and 20 years of Nix
  446. Prioritizing TDD Friendly Languages and Frameworks
  447. Why venture capital should be consensus-averse - Credistick
  448. Using mmap to share data between processes
  449. Exploring Lichess data on improvement using e4 vs d4 and blitz vs rapid
  450. Thoughts on Editing Posts
  451. Episode 455 - Azure ML in the real world
  452. Salt Dome
  453. File and Folder dialogs in .NET MAUI with CommunityToolkit - .NET Blog
  454. GitHub - SimonCropp/Polyfill: Source only package that exposes newer .net and C# features to older runtimes.
  455. AI-Powered 'Data Wrangler' VS Code Tool Eases Prep Work for Data Scientists -- Visual Studio Magazine
  456. Announcing: Azure Developers - .NET Day - .NET Blog
  457. Development With A Dot - Implementing React's UseState in C#
  458. The Switch Keyword in C# is a LIE!
  459. The Randomness Summit 2023 · Luma
  460. Why doesn't my ASP.NET Core 7 web app launch on HTTPS?
  461. Too many timers in .NET? - Gérald Barré
  462. On .NET Live - Scheduling & Queuing Background Jobs In .NET With Coravel
  463. On the proper care and feeding of the enigmatic Get­Distance­Of­Closest­Language­In­List function - The Old New Thing
  464. Timeshares: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
  465. Timeshares: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
  466. Using ASP.NET Core 7 Minimal APIs: Request Filters, Parameter Mapping, and More
  467. The Sentence Similarity Scenario in ML.NET Model Builder
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  951. We Hack Purple Podcast Episode 69 with Scott Helme
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  1061. Why is .NET so Insanely Fast? with Stephen Toub | Keep Coding Podcast #7
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