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January 2023

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All entries for this month

  1. .NET R&D Digest (January, 2023)
  2. VS Toolbox: MAUI App Accelerator to Jump-Start .NET MAUI Scaffolding -- Visual Studio Magazine
  3. Replicating a Cruise Travel App UI in .NET MAUI
  4. GitHub Quick Reviews
  5. Play Audio and Video in .NET MAUI apps with the new MediaElement
  6. Rewrite it in Rust by ridiculousfish · Pull Request #9512 · fish-shell/fish-shell
  7. Google blew it with open source layoffs
  8. How to Implement Checkbox List in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  9. C# Tip: do NOT use nameof to give constants a value - Code4IT
  10. Inside C++/WinRT: Apartment switching: Error reporting
  11. Uno Platform 4.7 Update Brings Simpler Solution and Performance Improvements
  12. WUG Days 2023.1 | tabs ↹ over ␣ ␣ ␣ spaces by Jiří {x2} Činčura
  13. The Company Intro Cinematic Universe is Bad
  14. Tracking Application Health With OpenTelemetry Metrics in .NET
  15. Intel oneDAL Available in ML.NET
  16. Creating and downloading zip files with ASP.NET Core
  17. Generating Sample Data with Bogus
  18. Checksum mismatches on .tar.gz files · Discussion #45830 · community
  19. My experience with migrating my app from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI - Andreas Nesheim
  20. Central Package Management - warning NU1507: There are 2 package sources defined in your configuration.
  21. async void – How to Tame the Asynchronous Nightmare - Dev Leader
  22. Built-in alternatives to applicative assertions
  23. Windows I/O completion - One little trick · James Sturtevant
  24. CI/CD: Automating Tests and Deployments the Fun Way
  25. The Company Intro Cinematic Universe is Bad
  26. Episode 261: Proofs, Arguments, and ZKPs with Justin Thaler - ZK Podcast
  27. Uno Platform 4.7 Sports New Project Template -- Visual Studio Magazine
  28. Introduction to the Web3 Revolution - Doumer's Blog
  29. Le Web3 et sa Révolution - Doumer's Blog
  30. New Open Source Package: CodeArt.MatomoTracking
  31. When Do I Need Microservices?
  32. Track your coding progress on GitHub with a .NET Worker Service
  33. Parsel
  34. GitHub - Mimetis/Dotmim.Sync: A brand new database synchronization framework, multi platform, multi databases, developed on top of .Net Standard 2.0. https://dotmimsync.readthedocs.io/
  35. Floating Image
  36. A Catalog of Big Visions for Biology
  37. Green energy: Don’t stick Granny with the bill
  38. A review of My Mind (a second brain tool)
  39. pedro cattori
  40. I Hired 5 People to Sit Behind Me and Make Me Productive for a Month — Simon Berens
  41. Native DateOnly and TimeOnly support in Entity Framework 8 in SQL Server
  42. Project Management is a Concurrency Control Problem
  43. Fuzzy API composition: querying NBA stats with GPT-3 + Statmuse + Langchain
  44. Squash merge? Really!? | Swizec Teller
  45. Comparing Different Automatic Image Augmentation Methods in PyTorch
  46. Measuring the Impact of False Sharing
  47. Opinionated tools are better
  48. [DUPLICATE] Testing Blazor Applications with Playwright | .NET Conf 2022
  49. On .NET Live - Develop webhooks locally with tunnels
  50. Terrastruct
  51. ASP.NET Community Standup - Porting your ASP.NET Web Forms application to .NET 7 in 7 minutes
  52. Inside C++/WinRT: Apartment switching: COM without COM
  53. The names of birds, part 2
  54. Intercepting t.co links using DNS rewrites
  55. The New Constructor Type Coming in C# 12 is Weird
  56. Mocking an HttpClient using ASP.NET Core TestServer - Gérald Barré
  57. K-Means Clustering
  58. Accessing .NET gRPC Endpoints from Anywhere via JSON Transcoding
  59. How to Get Value by Key from JObject in C# - Code Maze
  60. 343: A Mac Mini To Rule Them All!
  61. GitHub - Cysharp/SimdLinq: Drop-in replacement of LINQ aggregation operations extremely faster with SIMD.
  62. Using multi-tenant AAD delegated APIs from different tenants
  63. Stormtroopers, but They're ACCURATE
  64. What’s New in EF Core 7.0
  65. Getting started with ML.NET
  66. Announcing TypeScript 5.0 Beta
  67. Structured data, SEO and React | johnnyreilly
  68. Technical writing resources – Rachel Andrew
  69. Minimize Delivery Risk with Progressive Release
  70. How to design APIs for Accessibility | endjin
  71. 【C#】SignalR を使ったアプリケーション開発をより快適に! - ねののお庭。
  72. Discover The Best Local Brands And Places For Fashion, Home Decor, Beauty And Shopping In Your City | LBB
  73. Light Bringer by Pierce Brown: 9780425285978 | PenguinRandomHouse.com: Books
  74. Stormtroopers, but They're ACCURATE
  75. When best practice isn't the best - Dependency Injection and Optimizely CMS
  76. The Potential of DuckDuckGo's !bangs: Supplementing Search
  77. Authenticity and Acting
  78. Software Delivery Idealism
  79. Perverse incentives are endemic
  80. Netbooting a customized Archiso via Preboot Execution Environment (PXE)
  81. Revisiting my two-year SF predictions
  82. Removing all trackers from my website
  83. How Austral’s Linear Type Checker Works
  84. Don’t just say ‘hello’ to me
  85. Funding Open Source
  86. Computers Are Bad
  87. The “Build Your Own Redis” Book is Completed | Blog | build-your-own.org
  88. Proxying Rainbow Six LAN for WAN with .NET - Turnerj (aka. James Turner)
  89. How to Use SQL LIKE Operator With LINQ in C# - Code Maze
  90. DepthGuard. a.k.a "It seemed like a good idea at the time"
  91. armstrong-distributed-systems/erlang-is-not-about.md at main · stevana/armstrong-distributed-systems
  92. Length-based switch dispatch by jcouv · Pull Request #66081 · dotnet/roslyn
  93. Night and Fog (1955) by Alain Resnais: Mahler Symphony No.6 ENG sub
  94. The Transformer Family Version 2.0
  95. When django, nextjs and Laravel failed me...
  96. I am an ex-Podder
  97. Multi-cursor code editing: An animated introduction
  98. Rate Limiting Next.js API Routes using a Cloudflare Service Worker
  99. Can GPT-3 Solve CTF Problems?
  100. Automate Twitter with Notion and n8n
  101. Cores don’t like to share
  102. Exploring MusicCaps, the evaluation data released to accompany Google’s MusicLM text-to-music model
  103. Local-first data migrations
  104. You're probably learning a technology in its seventh season, not its pilot
  105. 🤔 Why did the new GraphQL API take 1.5 years to be released? - GraphQL API for WordPress
  106. Night and Fog (1955) by Alain Resnais: Mahler Symphony No.6 ENG sub
  107. ChatGPT is INSANE at Refactoring Code!
  108. .NET GC Internals - 03. Concurrent Mark phase
  109. How to Get an Enum Member as a String in C# - Code Maze
  110. Four Thousand Weeks
  111. Understanding Natural Language Processing: The Basics..!!
  112. Collections: The Nitpicks of Power, Part II: Falling Towers
  113. Deciphering my Dead Mother’s Cipher
  114. 2D Player Collision against Static Geometry – Tim Wheeler
  115. ThinkPad as a server: the follow-up
  116. So I think I just acquired an app?
  117. Why I've Been Offline
  118. Forking Chrome to render in a terminal
  119. Code Observation: Function Arity in Clojure
  120. How to choose your startup investors
  121. South Pole Topography – brr
  122. Meetings which pay the rent
  123. EF Power Tools tutorial
  124. Getting Started with Playwright and VS Code
  125. CSS KitchenAid Mixer
  126. Cyber - Fast and concurrent scripting.
  127. Build .NET MAUI Apps Faster with App Accelerator
  128. Getting Started with Playwright and VS Code
  129. ASP.NET Core News - 01/27/2023
  130. Contracts you should never sign
  131. Pioneering Apple Lisa goes “open source” thanks to Computer History Museum
  132. Production postmortem: The server ate all my memory
  133. Inside C++/WinRT: Apartment switching: Unwinding the stack
  134. Towards a global framework for cross-border data flows and privacy protection
  135. Code Maze Weekly #158 - Code Maze
  136. Code Lifespan
  137. Check If a String Array Contains a Value and Get Index
  138. Weekly Update 332
  139. Master ChatGPT Today or Risk Obsolescence Tomorrow
  140. HTML Table Cell Overflow Handling
  141. .NET MAUI Challenge 1: Simple Grid in .NET MAUI
  142. The Developer Ecosystem in 2022: Key Trends for C# | The .NET Tools Blog
  143. 9 Tips to Reduce WPF App Startup Time
  144. Monsters Weekly 262 - Getting Started with PostgreSQL in C#
  145. Ask thoughtbot CTO - All About CI / CD
  146. GitHub - Cysharp/StructureOfArraysGenerator: Structure of arrays source generator to make CPU Cache and SIMD friendly data structure for high-performance code in .NET and Unity.
  147. Building Microsoft Teams Bots with .NET & the Teams Toolkit | .NET Conf 2022
  148. Mina Launches a Proof of Concept to Enable Anyone to Run a Web Node on a Browser
  149. Changes to Project.json
  150. Do mechanical keyboards really need arrow keys? 
  151. willfennel.com – 12 years without advertisements
  152. C in WASM
  153. Making a Hybrid Viewfinder
  154. Refraction, dispersion, and other shader light effects - Maxime Heckel's Blog
  155. Why VR/AR Gets Farther Away as It Comes Into Focus — MatthewBall.vc
  156. I've fuzzed the Hashicorp's Vault API. Here are my findings (1) · m's blog
  157. My writing finances, 2022 | Dan Moren
  158. Fixing a Memory Leak in a Ruby SideKiq Job
  159. Episode 452 - Streamlining DevOps with Bicep
  160. I'm still bitter about Slammer
  161. How To Do 1:1 With Your Team ? · @jimmyislive
  162. Speeding up queries 1000x by sorting my bitmaps
  163. Moving work to the browser
  164. Yandex Services Source Code Leak
  165. A Charming Algorithm for Count-Distinct
  166. What it means to design a platform
  167. Announcing Rust 1.67.0 | Rust Blog
  168. Hello World - Introduction to C# interactive C# tutorial
  169. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  170. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  171. Welcome to Azure Static Web Apps Community Standups
  172. Debugging in .NET apps using Visual Studio Part 1
  173. Event Sourcing in 1 Hour with Marten in .NET
  174. .NET GC Internals - 02. Mark phase
  175. The Easiest Way to Measure Your Method’s Performance in C#
  176. Inside C++/WinRT: Apartment switching: Bypassing the context callback
  177. Navigating the changing data localization landscape with Cloudflare’s Data Localization Suite
  178. bogle.tools
  179. Caching Techniques in C# .NET Core: A Step-by-Step Guide
  180. C# Lowering
  181. ConcurrentDictionary in C# - Detailed Guide - Code Maze
  182. Building Serverless Applications with Azure Function App: A Beginner's Guide
  183. Production postmortem: The heisenbug server
  184. AWS Lambdas with C# - Simple Talk
  185. Performance: The Fastest Way to Loop Over an Array in Microsoft .NET
  186. We invested 10% to pay back tech debt; Here's what happened
  187. Translation and Text to Speech with Amazon Polly and .NET | no dogma blog
  188. Azure Data Studio 1.41 release - Microsoft SQL Server Blog
  189. Pythonnet – A Simple Union of .NET Core and Python You’ll Love - Dev Leader
  190. Objects
  191. Sustainable Open Source with Sarah Novotny
  192. That's NOT an Aggregate in Domain Driven Design
  193. Moving extended P² quantile estimator
  194. Spring Cloud Azure 5.0 Ships with Updated, Redesigned Documentation -- Visual Studio Magazine
  195. Getting Started with the .NET MAUI ListView
  196. What's New in Progress Telerik UI for Blazor, .NET MAUI and WinForms -- Visual Studio Magazine
  197. Introducing the Git Status Bar and Testing Improvements in Visual Studio for Mac 17.5
  198. Sleep Smarter, Train Harder
  199. 10 startup studios that created billions in value — Aleksandr Volodarsky
  200. Everything Should Have an API: I'm Done with Closed Services
  201. Using LDAP Queries for Stealthy Enumeration -
  202. The Tech Spec's Tech Spec - Jampa.dev
  203. How Layoffs in Startupland Differ Between B2B & B2C Companies by @ttunguz
  204. I Am The Only User
  205. Lessons Learned in Decade 0
  206. Configuring VSCode as a Keyboard-Centric IDE | Davis Haupt
  207. Lucas Kostka - Listening is not what you think
  208. You might not need an ORM
  209. A Couple Small Nix Tips
  210. Reading appsettings.json in Class Libraries: A Guide for ASP.NET Core Developers
  211. Using Command Binding in Windows Forms apps to go Cross-Platform
  212. 341: Frank Masters In-App Subscriptions
  213. Announcing the new Security Headers API, New Features and Upgrades!
  214. Planet Killer Comet Margarita
  215. Inside C++/WinRT: Apartment switching: Unblocking the outgoing thread
  216. Serilog Best Practices - Ben Foster
  217. Use Local History to Avoid Disaster
  218. Using Reflection to Call Generic Methods in C# .NET Core
  219. GOTO Aarhus 2023
  220. Tracing .NET Applications Easily With OpenTelemetry - Code Maze
  221. Creating Charts in ASP.NET Core Razor Pages using Chart.js
  222. The Ultimate List of Open-Source C# Projects for Developers
  223. Creating a High-Performance and Secure Azure Application Gateway
  224. Mjolnir
  225. Connecting Your Devs' Work to the Business | A Conversation w/ Shopify, Slack & Stripe
  226. Understand How Rendering Works in React
  227. The business value of frequent deployments
  228. Programming SVGs with C#
  229. Which collection interface to use?
  230. Property based testing in C#–Part 4
  231. Handling external API errors: A resumable approach
  232. Sum function using “generic math” and head and tail functions
  233. Eighty Twenty
  234. Making sense of TypeScript using set theory
  235. Marp: Markdown Presentation Ecosystem
  236. Google Should Fire Sundar Pichai
  237. Take ChatGPT for a Spin with VS Code Tools -- Visual Studio Magazine
  238. WebLoadBreaker - Browser based web load testing tool
  239. GitHub Quick Reviews
  240. The tool that really runs your containers: deep dive into runc and OCI specifications | articles about programming on mkdev
  241. MIT Reality Hack 2023 Blog Day 1
  242. ASP.NET Community Standup - Taking a look at the TodoApi Sample App
  243. Stuck in the Past? Scaling up Academia
  244. we are all savages
  245. 3D Printer Nozzle Camera
  246. What is a type system, really?
  247. K8s ASA: The Storage Interface
  248. Switching from Windows to Linux – keep moving
  249. Encrypting Data in the Browser Using WebAuthn
  250. Is Scalable OLTP in the Cloud a Solved Problem? (CIDR 2023)
  251. Keep Some of Your Old Hardware – Andrew McWatters
  252. High Variance Management
  253. You can not appreciate what you do not understand
  254. DIY a Stratum 1 NTP Server with a Serial Port
  255. I Bought a Printer
  256. Download .NET (Linux, macOS, and Windows)
  257. Blazor United prototype
  258. Prepare .NET core Microservice to be monitored by Kubernetes
  259. Documents and tool windows unleashed
  260. Languages & Runtime Community Standup - Dive into C# internals
  261. Inside C++/WinRT: Apartment switching: The basic idea
  262. 5 Techniques for Mastering the Art of Debugging in Visual Studio
  263. Davide's Code and Architecture Notes - Server-side caching strategies: how do they work? - Code4IT
  264. Git Commands You Probably Do Not Need
  265. Unleashing the Power of ASP.NET Core: A Guide to Building High-Performance Web Applications
  266. Optimizing Performance in ASP.NET Core: An Introduction to Bundling and Minification
  267. A Beginner's Guide to Asynchronous Programming in C#
  268. Reactive programming in F#
  269. TheJam.dev 2023
  270. Nullable reference types–Using the required keyword in C# 11
  271. Agilean
  272. Static libraries
  273. Lane Change Highway
  274. password-purgatory-logger/index.js at master · troyhunt/password-purgatory-logger
  275. What's new in the Azure Developer CLI (azd) - January 2023 release
  276. New .NET Community Toolkit Analyzers Help Noobs Improve Code -- Visual Studio Magazine
  278. ASP.NET Community Standup - Building ASP.NET Core apps in F#
  279. Leopard tanks would 'make a mess' of Putin's army
  280. Introducing Zero to Nix — Determinate Systems
  281. Sleeping with GPT | David Bieber
  282. Code, meet mode | BryceWray.com
  283. Turning Down $7k for a Side Project I Announced Two Weeks Ago I was Shutting Down
  284. .NET GC Internals - 01. Introduction
  285. How to debug
  286. Michał Pawłowski - Training vision models on synthetic images
  287. How the Xbox got its good looks
  288. Hackere selger persondata om 140.000 kunder
  289. Keep FreeBSD Desktop Updated
  290. How To Schedule Block Reminders in Logseq
  291. Sharing My Best Bookmarks - Andrew Katz
  292. Bitwarden design flaw: Server side iterations
  293. Dangling domain abuse.
  294. Owen, Make Your Website Already
  295. Degrees of Open Source
  296. Nim Meta Programming
  297. My Job at Risk, Thanks to ChatGPT · Notes
  298. What is Data Privacy?
  299. Blogging, Analytics, and GDPR
  300. In Defense of the Commute
  301. Zak v. Facebook, Inc., 4:15-CV-13437-TGB-MJH
  302. 5 .NET MAUI Features for Building Great Desktop Apps
  303. Think ‘experiment’ instead of ‘project’
  304. Improving Firefox stability with this one weird trick – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
  305. Introducing the GitHub Bug Bounty swag store | The GitHub Blog
  306. What's inside a .EXE File?
  307. .NET 7, Docker, K8S and Azure DevOps | .NET Conf 2022
  308. Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Your Git Flow in Visual Studio
  309. Microsoft and OpenAI extend partnership - The Official Microsoft Blog
  310. Double the Performance of your Dictionary in C#
  311. Optimize "new DateTime(<const args>)" via improvements in JIT VN by EgorBo · Pull Request #81005 · dotnet/runtime
  312. Production postmortem: The big server that couldn’t handle the load
  313. How to run disposable databases for your tests. Improve your integration tests accuracy with Testcontainers
  314. Inside C++/WinRT: Coroutine completions: The oversimplified version
  315. Using .NET code from JavaScript using WebAssembly - Gérald Barré
  316. GitHub - damienbod/Blazor.BFF.AzureAD.Template: Blazor.BFF.AzureAD.Template, Blazor WASM hosted in ASP.NET Core using Azure AD BFF (server authentication)
  317. My old laptop, is my new web server
  318. How to modernize a legacy .NET Framework WCF app using CoreWCF and .NET 7
  319. Realistic Data Generation in .NET With Bogus - Code Maze
  320. 5 Proven Strategies for Writing Clean and Organized Code in C#
  321. Easily Read RSS Feeds with JavaScript: A Beginner's Guide
  322. 342: Democratizing AI... and GPT3
  323. Episode 49: Cake 🍰 - with Mattias Karlsson
  324. 1.4 Million Autotrader Users EXPOSED, IntelBroker Posts Details on Dark Web
  325. Zero Downtime Deployment in Azure Function App: A Step-by-Step Guide
  326. Becoming a .NET Architect: A Step-by-Step Guide
  327. Designing Data-Intensive Applications – Transactions
  328. Why “Copycat” Layoffs Won’t Help Tech Companies — Or Their Employees
  329. Basic Authentication in ASP.NET Core
  330. How to Implement Google Authentication in Next with NextAuth
  331. PostgreSQL Basics: Roles and Privileges - Simple Talk
  332. Saving Christmas with Functional C# - Part Two - Indefinite Loops
  333. Implementing Zero Trust: A Guide to Securing Your Data
  334. Released: General Availability of Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 5.1
  335. PowerShell Extension for Visual Studio Code January 2023 Update
  336. The Full-Stack Developer Fallacy
  337. The Ultimate Guide to Implementing 301 Permanent Redirects in ASP.NET Core
  338. Configuring AWS Credentials for .NET Applications - Detailed Guide
  339. T-Mobile admits to 37,000,000 customer records stolen by “bad actor”
  340. The LLM productivity puzzle — Andreas Fragner
  341. Why I Declined $100K Development Funding | Devlog #35 - Project Feline (Prototype) by Raymond Cripps
  342. Cherishing the Last Time - Nick's Basecamp
  343. Why Leaders Should Start and End With a Map
  344. Front-end is so much more than building designs
  345. Delimited files are hell-- a comparison of methods to read bad files
  346. New Rails health check endpoint
  347. Questioning My Approach to Advice
  348. Software that abstracts away a skill
  349. Kolja Pluemer | In search of a better Spaced Repetition algorithm #1
  350. Dear Retro Community, Stop Writing Tools in C
  351. 34 days of ice cold showers in the dead of winter
  352. The .NET feature I grew to love
  353. git-sim: Visually simulate Git operations in your own repos
  354. Can we kill the word ‘project’ please?
  355. Cloud Fundamentals: AWS Services for C# Developers
  356. Required Members in C# - Code Maze
  357. How can I call a method on a derived class from a base class, say, to get a strong reference to the containing object?
  358. Stress makes programmers dumber
  359. Smithsonian Open Access
  360. How You Respond to Security Researchers Says Everything About You - Dhole Moments
  361. Bringing Back the Flags! Keyboard Layout Indicator as Country Flags on Gnome
  362. Native Urban Terror on FreeBSD
  363. Reverse engineering the MacBook clamshell mode
  364. When did Linux get so complicated?
  365. Self-serve feature platforms: architectures and APIs
  366. Building a PostgreSQL Wire Protocol Server using Vanilla, Modern Java 21
  367. Free certifications for developers
  368. The violence of unsolvable problems | Mo
  369. Metal bands bring happiness (as chocolate brings Nobel Prizes)
  370. What Should Software Engineers Work on as They Grow?
  371. Why piracy can (still) be justified
  372. Consciousness and Materialism | Luke's Webpage
  373. When to talk and when to write
  374. Windows Runtime asynchronous operations can fail in two different ways, so make sure you get them both
  375. Finally, a Fast Algorithm for Shortest Paths on Negative Graphs | Quanta Magazine
  376. Deep nesting - Why and how to avoid
  377. Crontool - free crontab/cron expressions editor online
  378. How to Randomize a List in C# - Code Maze
  379. Geeking out on .NET and C# with David Fowler | Keep Coding Podcast #4
  380. ‎Keep Coding Podcast: #4 Geeking out on .NET and C# with David Fowler on Apple Podcasts
  381. Piped
  382. Runtime
  383. 星街すいせい - Stellar Stellar / THE FIRST TAKE
  384. *Calli Opens Suisei's Stream* 【Hololive】
  385. Stoic Personality Disorder
  386. Simple TUIs with Babashka and Gum
  387. Factorization & Great Ideas from Database Theory (1)
  388. Onboarding driven documentation
  389. How I learned to learn as a developer
  390. An incomplete guide to stealth addresses
  391. Substack Will Not Make You a Living
  392. pagerank for my Obsidian notes
  393. Sway sessions à la tmux
  394. Collaboration tips in the workplace
  395. Privacy, Identity Theft and Data Security Breaches
  396. how to completely own an airline in 3 easy steps
  397. Add notes when blocking users | GitHub Changelog
  398. A difficult decision to set us up for the future
  399. Take your pragmatism for a unicycle ride - Richard Marmorstein
  400. How can I call a method on a derived class from a base class, say, to get a strong reference to the containing object?
  401. ASP.NET Core News - 01/20/2023
  402. Macroeconomic Perspectives on Productivity - The Productivity Institute
  403. Code Maze Weekly #157 - Code Maze
  404. The future of .NET with David Fowler | Keep Coding Podcast
  405. Back up DVDs with MakeMKV (makemkvcon) and disable auto updates on Linux
  406. New Features in Visual Studio 2022 17.5 Preview Releases
  407. Episode 114 - Statiq with Dave Glick
  408. The Lisa: Apple's Most Influential Failure - CHM
  409. Martin Costello JET Talk & Webinar Meetup What's new for Minimal APIs in ASP NET Core 7
  410. Martin Costello JET Talk & Webinar Meetup What's new for Minimal APIs in ASP NET Core 7
  411. Securely store secrets in Git using SOPS and Azure Key Vault
  412. It’s 2023, You Should Be Using Typescript!
  413. Azure OpenAI is now generally available
  414. Roll with us at SQLBits 2023!
  415. 2022 Akka.NET Year-in-Review and Future Roadmap
  416. Property based testing in C#–Part 3
  417. Statistical anomaly detection to help resolve app crashes faster
  418. EditorBrowsableAttribute Class (System.ComponentModel)
  419. .NET Framework January 2023 Cumulative Update Preview
  420. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Apologizes for Mishandling the Change to Qwikster
  421. The Journey to Code Mastery w/ Marqeta's CTO, Randy Kern
  422. Amazon.com: Creative Pebble V2 - Minimalistic 2.0 USB-C Powered Desktop Speakers, 3.5 mm AUX-in, Up to 8W RMS Power for Computers and Laptops, Type-A Adapter Included and Extended Cable (Black) : Electronics
  423. 8-Bit Minecraft Computer V2 running fibonacci numbers
  424. Release 2.0.0-RC.1 · microsoft/reverse-proxy
  425. It’s the future — you can stop using JPEGs — Daniel Immke
  426. Ruff: The First 200 Releases
  427. The Internet Transition
  428. Good Software Architectures are mostly about Boundaries
  429. Five minutes is ten minutes
  430. Ricky: Blog - Smartphone Detox
  431. Thoughts On Voice Interfaces Part 2: LLMs
  432. The real Defense Against the Dark Arts
  433. 3 Tips for Navigating the Startup Journey: Lessons Learned from a Former Facebook Engineer
  434. Scripting iTerm Key Mappings | Jeroen Janssens
  435. What does Quitting the Rat Race Mean to Me? - Seán Barry
  436. Which programming language should you learn first?
  437. ChatGPT is able to simulate age groups
  438. Death of the Author
  439. Huge Pages are a Good Idea (evanjones.ca)
  440. A third place? I'm not sure I even have a second anymore.
  441. 10 CVEs! My Personal Thoughts On Research And CVEs
  442. Weekly Update 331
  443. A Rough Debut for Visual Studio Spell Checker Preview -- Visual Studio Magazine
  444. Weekly Update 331
  445. 10 VS Code Extensions I Couldn't Live Without - CodeJourney.net
  446. Pandoc - Releases
  447. CrowdSec - The open-source & collaborative IPS
  448. Bridging Mina to Ethereum via <span style='font-family:Menlo, Courier, monospace'>=nil;</span>'s Proof Market.
  449. The “insert specific tech here” developer: yay or nay?
  450. Vertical Slice Architecture, not Layers!
  451. Visual Studio Spell Checker Preview Now Available
  452. New C# features are just syntactic sugar
  453. Windows Runtime asynchronous operations can fail in two different ways, so make sure you get them both
  454. How to Get The List of Properties in C# - Code Maze
  455. Efficiently Removing Duplicate Rows in SQL: A Comprehensive Guide
  456. A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Entity Framework 7 in .NET Core
  457. GC.GetTotalPauseDuration Method (System)
  458. Exploring the Different Types of Applications you can Build with .NET
  459. 10 AI Tools for Developers to Boost Productivity
  460. How to set the package version when using dotnet pack
  461. Native AOT Overview
  462. Optimizing Deserialization with Newtonsoft.Json in C#: Techniques for Handling Private Setters
  463. zkalc: a cryptographic calculator | EF Cryptography Research
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  506. Building Minimal API Endpoints in ASP.NET Core (.NET 7)
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