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December 2022

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All entries for this month

  1. Large-Scale Vehicle Classification – Pickled ML
  2. 10 Tips for Optimizing MySQL Queries
  3. Improving color quantization heuristics
  4. First Impressions of Tailscale
  5. Raspberry Pi security alarm — the basics
  6. CSS blocky people making waves
  7. Part of the wrong 1% — Ostomy surgery, part 2
  8. Satisficing: The Time-Saving Decision-Making Strategy - Sean Bolton
  9. Degenerate Matter: How Reality Deals With Uncertainty
  10. I was fired from HubSpot in 2016
  11. Effective Error Handling
  12. Make Your Types Smaller
  13. Why and how to write things on the Internet
  14. 2022 Sucked
  15. Ivan on Containers, Kubernetes, and Backend Development
  16. Keycloak as Authorization Server in .NET
  17. ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor in .NET 7
  18. Developers Should Celebrate Software Development Being Hard
  19. Rian Johnson Breaks Down the "Arrival" Scene from 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery' | Vanity Fair
  20. Washington Updates Guidance On 2023 Pay Transparency Requirements
  21. HTTPS explained with carrier pigeons
  22. TriviaR/Game.cs at 92b5f943a8e73fabaff993431fa114134dfc8179 · davidfowl/TriviaR
  23. sup
  24. RE: False Rumors on API Leaks or Exposure of our Database
  25. Lessons Learned using DevContainers & the Azure Developer Cli to code apps anytime. | .NET Conf 2022
  26. Notice on API data disclosure incident
  27. Book Quotes Collection - Part 1 - Byte Tank
  28. Desktop Community Standup - News from WPF and WinForms team
  29. Kalman Filters: From Theory to Implementation - Alan Zucconi
  30. experiments with BPF programs performance · Erthalion's blog
  31. Growing Your Book Of Business
  32. Materialized View: SQL Queries on Steroids
  33. Post 39: On Reflection — Neel Nanda
  34. I'm selling my name...
  35. How did I become a productive writer?
  36. Nix journey part 1: creating a flake
  37. Dynamic LCP Priority: Learning from Past Visits
  38. A mathematical theory of privacy
  39. The hyperbezier pen tool
  40. jott - images_as_emoji
  41. It’s Not Easy Yet
  42. What I Focused On In 2022
  43. New Year's Eve Party
  44. Automatically have Optimizely Content created in the correct place
  45. Top .NET Videos & Live Streams of 2022
  46. Top .NET Blog Posts of 2022
  47. Learning OCaml in 2023 | sancho.dev
  48. If I’m a beginner at .NET, what resources are available to me?
  49. Your Pa$$word doesn't matter
  50. Misleading geometric mean | Andrey Akinshin
  51. neue cc - 2022年を振り返る
  52. Golang is evil on shitty networks
  53. When I create a waitable timer with a callback, do I have to wait alertably on that specific timer before the callback will run?
  54. Code Maze Weekly #154 - Code Maze
  55. C# 12: Default Parameters in Lambdas
  56. Lastpass Breach - Everything you need to know
  57. Microsoft Brings Its Cloud Services and AI to the Edge
  58. Entity Framework 7 Brings Bulk Operations and JSON Columns
  59. Weekly Update 328
  60. Weekly Update 328
  61. GitHub - KristofferStrube/Blazor.FileAPI: A Blazor wrapper for the browser File API.
  62. What Can We Learn from Barnes & Noble's Surprising Turnaround?
  63. There is no secure software supply-chain.
  64. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) attacks and how to protect yourself - 𝖅𝕵
  65. The Year Solana Blew Up
  66. What Are Abstractions in Software Engineering with Examples
  67. How to replace social media with a personal newsletter
  68. Run CLIP on iPhone to Search Photos
  69. Weird stuff and how to test it
  70. Introducing Austral: A Systems Language with Linear Types and Capabilities
  71. New blog - moving from Medium to Gridsome
  72. Make Your Database Tables Smaller
  73. One-line Journaling | mkaz.blog
  74. concise but general markup syntax – Bryan Ford's Home Page
  75. Welcome to CodeOpinion: Software Architecture & Design
  76. See for yourself: the benefits of chiselled Ubuntu images in action with an ASP.NET shop demo | Ubuntu
  77. The Digital Ocean Quest Towards New Lands - Digital Ocean SEO Analysis
  78. Machine learning models with ONNX and .NET | .NET Conf 2022
  79. ReadOnlySpan<char> and strings - How not to compare them
  80. Haystack - Workplace Search Engine
  81. What is .NET MAUI? [1 of 8] | .NET MAUI for Beginners
  82. Is Dynamic in C# Actually Slow?
  83. How can I detect programmatically whether Windows is an N or KN version?
  84. Different Ways to Use Select Tag Helper in ASP.NET Core -
  85. TriviaR/App.razor at 3a875f98dbb0a414e3a3c7360edac8dadd629971 · davidfowl/TriviaR
  86. ETHGlobal Swag Store
  87. Space Geek Out 2022
  88. My OSS Plans for 2023
  89. Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  90. Ups and Downs of A Side Project
  91. Introducing Helix
  92. This is what free, ad-supported Uber rides might look like. Mockups, economics, and analysis. at andrewchen
  93. Stop the Scroll: How Muting Everyone on Social Media Can Put You Back in Control
  94. Rehearsing a sabbatical · Max Gorin
  95. How I spent two months doing nothing
  96. Data Science and Software Engineering (I)
  97. Boring work
  98. The Catch-22 of Democracy - Pravesh Koirala
  99. ReDoS "vulnerabilities" and misaligned incentives
  100. Sick Day Part 2
  101. Rack Mounting Home Assistant Yellow
  102. Steps Lead to More Steps - Can's blog
  103. Human-Oriented Automatic Theorem Proving
  104. 2022.12: It does matter!
  105. Proving universal machine executions without universal circuits
  106. The Matrix Holiday Update 2022 | Matrix.org
  107. Life mural Classic T-Shirt by mimoozai
  108. TriviaR/Game.cs at 67c3c289600cd04f9c3477fe5eec3f304ad7a497 · davidfowl/TriviaR
  109. After importing a TLB, how do I convert from one type of _com_ptr_t to another?
  110. How to Update the Value Stored in a Dictionary in C# - Code Maze
  111. RISC-V Bytes: Timer Interrupts
  112. The Service and the Beast: Building a Windows Service that Does Not Fail to Restart
  113. GitHub - davidfowl/TriviaR: A multiplayer trivia game using SignalR and .NET 7
  114. Chris's Wiki :: blog/programming/RustIsInevitable
  115. ML.NET 2.0 Release Contains New NLP APIs and AutoML Updates
  116. .NET MAUI Framework and .NET MAUI Community Toolkit Updated for .NET 7
  117. 20 Best Cryptography Algorithms Books of All Time
  118. Accelerate your WinUI 3 app with the Windows Community Toolkit | .NET Conf 2022
  119. GitHub - DimiMikadze/fest: SaaS boilerplate built with Node.js & React.
  120. Why Glass Onion didn’t work for me
  121. BLOG || Trey Manuszak
  122. 2023, the year of websites
  123. Advent of Code 2022 in pure TensorFlow - Day 6
  124. A Desk That Listens
  125. What everyone should know about first aid
  126. Can Random Forests overfit?
  127. Automate HTTP Testing with hurl: Generate HTML and JUnit reports via GitLab CI
  128. Lessons Learnt From Solving AoC in One Second
  129. Things I learned through Advent of Code 2022 - Dan Turkel (dot com)
  130. Working on urllib3 full-time for one week
  131. Cohesion in simple terms - Software modularity
  132. On Giving Better Advice
  133. Optimizing Unity Projects by Removing Additional Cameras
  134. C# for Beginners | Full 2-hour course
  135. L6 Lagrange Point
  136. SignalR in dotnet tested with Postman
  137. Set Replication - fault tolerance without total ordering
  138. 2022 was the year of Linux on the Desktop
  139. GitHub - nenoNaninu/TypedSignalR.Client.TypeScript: TypeScript source generator to provide strongly typed SignalR clients by analyzing C# type definitions.
  140. Chiselled Ubuntu: the perfect present for your containerised and cloud applications | Ubuntu
  141. Why can't I print when I boot Windows into audit mode?
  142. Default Interface Method in C# And When to Use It - Code Maze
  143. Hacker claims to be selling Twitter data of 400 million users
  144. GitHub - Slackadays/Clipboard: 📋 Cut, copy, and paste anything, anywhere, all from the terminal.
  145. Apple is working on supporting App Store alternatives
  146. Spreaker
  147. Building a gRPC server in Python
  148. Airbus vs Boeing: An experiment in charting
  149. Introduction to Code Golf and Golflangs
  150. No one Knows Anything · @jimmyislive
  151. Deploy != Release
  152. Everything I learned about accidentally running a successful tech conference
  153. Thoughts on Hanukkah of Data 2022
  154. developing a single file web scraper – Trickster Dev
  155. Game Night Ordering
  156. Getting C# Code Metadata That Reflection Can’t Get
  157. .NET MAUI Architecture Overview [3 of 8] | .NET MAUI for Beginners
  158. The worst-selling Microsoft software product of all time: OS/2 for the Mach 20
  159. Stack Overflow: 74% of developers are open to new jobs
  160. Australian Taxation Office
  161. ToString Method in C# - Code Maze
  162. 338: Android Publishing Complexities
  163. Blazor in Action: Sainty, Chris: 9781617298646: Amazon.com: Books
  164. Stop overloading JWTs with permission claims
  165. General guidance when working as a cloud engineer
  166. Make your backend more reliable using Nginx caching proxy
  167. What Does It Take to Make a Server Mastodon-Compatible?
  168. .NET Content Creation with Anton from @RawCoding | Keep Coding Podcast E2
  169. Geometric algebra and classical mechanics
  170. This week in KDE: Wayland fractional scaling! Oh, and we also fixed multi-screen
  171. VS Code Shortcuts
  172. How to stop WordPress update notifications.
  173. User Stylesheets Are Still Pretty Great and Should Be More Widely Supported
  174. Lifestyle changes I made to decelerate aging
  175. Boringly Getting Rich - Invest Early and Go Bananas Later
  176. Flipping USB Connectors — Think Bayes
  177. Better accessible names
  178. 50 Years of Wow- I lived through 5 decades of computing milestones
  179. Unprecedented UAP Legislation
  180. Self Hosting Password Manager
  181. Embracing Slow Tech · Bradley Taunt
  182. .NET Content Creation with Anton from @RawCoding | Keep Coding Podcast E2
  183. Official rules for the Mariners 12 Days of Giving Sweepstakes | Seattle Mariners
  184. GitHub - pkivolowitz/asm_book: A book teaching assembly language programming on the ARM 64 bit ISA. Along the way, good programming practices and insights into code development are offer which apply directly to higher level languages.
  185. is there a way to opt out? (#121) · Issues · lib.rs / Lib.rs 🔰 main project · GitLab
  186. Fun Boy Three - Our Lips Are Sealed (Official Music Video)
  187. HashCode Struct (System)
  188. 333 Ventures: How creatives own the future
  189. Two ways to think about decline
  190. Short letter to my 11-year-old self
  191. The Greatest Treatise on Writing Ever Written
  192. The Strategic Fat Stockpile | Lorenzo Venneri
  193. History · @jimmyislive
  194. A Home Visit From The Ombudsman For Wales...
  195. Rémy Grünblatt – Nix and NixOS, my pain points
  196. Receiving Blog Replies from anywhere on the Web
  197. Orhun's Blog
  198. 2022 APFS Advent Challenge Day 17 - Blazingly Fast Checksums with SIMD
  199. Setting up WebFinger
  200. IncrementalHash Class (System.Security.Cryptography)
  201. A short history of the O'Reilly animals
  202. Ignore the noise. Keep building.
  203. Turn Your Best Programmers into Managers
  204. AI assistants help developers produce code that's insecure
  205. JSONPlaceholder - Free Fake REST API
  206. Walk as Spreadsheet
  207. Securing and exposing local services with Tailscale and Nginx
  208. Some News About the 4th Edition of Physically Based Rendering
  209. Good Enough - Pooya Saeedi
  210. How ASUS and a Microsoft Bug Almost Broke Remote Work – nuxx.net
  211. Reverse Engineering Tiktok's VM Obfuscation (Part 1)
  212. 2FA: The Best Way to Annoy Yourself and Everyone Around You
  213. Why Monolithic architecture might still be a better fit
  214. How does a Display work?
  215. Summarizing “Advance SQL” workshop with ChatGPT
  216. Detecting potential cheaters in Advent of Code Leaderboards
  217. Hacking the LG ThinQ App for use with trackers blocked
  218. 5 traits of a successful team
  219. rssCloud, WordPress, FeedLand, and Dave Winer – Andy Sylvester's Web
  220. RSS Readers That You Can Self Host
  221. I Want to Suckless and You Can Too · Bradley Taunt
  222. How to Have Fun Building
  223. Go is modern PHP
  224. .NET R&D Digest (December, 2022)
  225. ‎El Pintador
  226. Just Announced: Telerik & Kendo UI R1 2023 Release Webinars
  227. Why Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Come True
  228. Greenfield Project? Start HERE!
  229. Nix on the Steam Deck — Determinate Systems
  230. The case of the recursively hung WM_DRAW­CLIPBOARD message
  231. I built 10 web apps... with 10 different languages
  232. Pando
  233. I built 10 web apps... with 10 different languages
  234. Building beautiful Blazor apps with Tailwind CSS - Chris Sainty - NDC Oslo 2022
  235. Building beautiful Blazor apps with Tailwind CSS - Chris Sainty - NDC Oslo 2022
  236. LastPass users: Your info and password vault data are now in hackers’ hands
  237. Notice of Recent Security Incident - The LastPass Blog
  238. Soatok Dreamseeker (@soatok@furry.engineer)
  239. Next.js API Routes—What You Need To Know
  240. 20 Years of NAudio
  241. How to build a real-time leaderboard for the Soccer World Cup with Azure SQL & Redis | Data Exposed
  242. Saving Christmas with Functional C# - Part One
  243. Accelerate ML.NET training with Intel oneDAL
  244. Use the power of Source Generators with Lombok.NET
  245. Adobe's New Beta App is Absolutely INSANE
  246. The Power of Polyglot Notebooks | .NET Conf 2022
  247. PWNED - The Collected Blog Posts
  248. Azure Static Web Apps: dynamic redirects with Azure Functions | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  249. Searching a data breach with ElasticSearch
  250. picoSYNTH by Johan Peitz
  251. Password requirements: myths and madness
  252. 2022 - The year English became a programming language
  253. Best of Metadata in 2022
  254. Cats, Pi, and Machine Learning
  255. State of OpenID Connect Providers
  256. How to visualize your system architecture using the C4 model?
  257. Trading with BDDs
  258. Not Getting Hacked
  259. Personal backups and file archival
  260. Implementing the MySQL server protocol for fun and profit
  261. Alone
  262. Textual - A year of building for the terminal
  263. Azure DevOps Podcast: David Pine: NET Content Development - Episode 223
  264. O9d.AspNet.FluentValidation 0.1.1
  265. GitHub - benfoster/o9d-aspnet: Extensions for ASP.NET Core
  266. Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics all free from the Epic Games Store
  267. Thank you to our maintainers | The GitHub Blog
  268. Settling the Biggest Await Async Debate in .NET
  269. Is there a fixed virtual address that the system promises never to use for anything, so I can use it?
  270. IEnumerable in C# - Code Maze
  271. Energy Geek Out 2022
  272. 7 Tips for Building a Good Web API
  273. The problem with XAML
  274. Introduction to the Node.js reference architecture, part 11: Typical development workflows | Red Hat Developer
  275. I want to be wrong about XAML!
  276. Challenging algorithms and data structures every programmer should try
  277. From RESTful HTTP API to gRPC | .NET Conf 2022
  278. Do you need a Distributed Transaction? Maybe not!
  279. VS Code v1.74 (November 2022): 'Remote Development Even Better' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  280. Staring At The Back Of My Forehead — nonprophet
  281. Why I built Postcard: A calmer alternative to social networks
  282. The Product-Market Fit Engineering Trap - andre.schweighofer
  283. Availability Bias - Examples and How to Overcome
  284. Accessing the Firebase Auth user in SvelteKit server-side - Jeroen Pelgrims
  285. Why You Probably Shouldn't Develop Your Own Digital Product Store
  286. Yubikeys & PKI: What Are They For? | Charlton's Blog
  287. Melissa Du
  288. Atomic habits implemented
  289. Some Advice for Browsing Wiktionary in Emacs
  290. Lessons not worth learning.
  291. Cold Complaints
  292. Matching quantile sets using likelihood based on the binomial coefficients
  293. Wolverine and “Clone n’ Go!” Developement
  294. Write markdown without leaving Visual Studio
  295. Running some UI code on a timer at a higher priority than your usual timer messages, or without coalescing
  296. How to automatically purge stale images from Azure Container Registry using ACR Tasks
  297. BitArray in C# - Code Maze
  298. The Day-1 Decisions that Make or Break Companies w/ PlanetScale's CEO Sam Lambert
  299. Blazor Best Practices Borrowed From ReactJS – Webinar Recording | The .NET Tools Blog
  300. Implementing Maps in .NET MAUI
  301. ASP.NET Core Display Description Tag Helper
  302. Delete dotnet bin and obj folders recursively
  303. Introduction to MVVM Source Generators for C# .NET
  304. Ephemeral Messages with Wolverine
  305. Create your own Mastodon UX
  306. DND 11: Better Dynamic Type Designs
  307. Mathematically Evaluating mpv's Upscaling Algorithms
  308. The Year of 1000 Tomatoes – Shane Oberloier
  309. Applicative programming in Ruby: railway reimagined
  310. Deep work. Essentialism in asynchronous culture
  311. Blockchain Blasphemy and the Technological Antichrist
  312. Optimizing Symmetric Quadratic Form
  313. Starting a startup
  314. CSS Techniques for Blazor Developers | .NET Conf 2022
  315. Episode 450 - Twitter Live Spaces Discussion
  316. Experimenting With .NET & WebAssembly - Running .NET Based Spin Application On WASI Node Pool in AKS
  317. Beanstalk Retrospective, part 5
  318. Adding new files just got a lot faster
  319. What are the biggest reasons newcomers give up on OCaml?
  320. 37 tips for improving productivity in software development teams
  321. Why doesn't the BitLocker wizard let me save the BitLocker key on an encrypted drive?
  322. dotnetdays.ro - .NET & Software Architecture conference in Romania
  323. ASP.NET Core in Action, Version 3 update
  324. Extreme LINQ Performance Boost in .NET 7 - Code Maze
  325. Fun Boy Three - The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum (Official Music Video)
  326. Structure and order your DI container
  327. ULTIMA ORĂ! EXCLUSIV. Federaţia Rusă ar avea în plan să invadeze şi R. Moldova la începutul anului 2023
  328. Deploying EOL .NET Core to Azure App Services - Dominique St-Amand
  329. Muhammad Azeez - Generating C# bindings for native libraries by using ChatGPT
  330. What are the biggest reasons newcomers give up on OCaml?
  331. Error-accumulating composable assertions in C#
  332. [🎄.NET Advent Calendar🎄] Strengthening security posture of containerized .NET applications with Chiseled Ubuntu Containers
  333. GitHub - Spotifyd/spotifyd: A spotify daemon
  334. Data Point
  335. Fun Boy Three - The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum (Official Music Video)
  336. 23 Blockchain Predictions for 2023
  337. How Tom Segura Answers When Asked How He's Doing | Netflix Is A Joke
  338. Elon Musk Grossly Misunderstands Free Speech – Zdziarski
  339. Publish your calendar and let recruiters schedule interviews themselves
  340. Functional error-handling with stack traces
  341. [Java][Profiling] Async-profiler - manual by use cases
  342. The top 10 discoveries about ancient people from DNA in 2022
  343. Explicit Ontologies in a World Without | David Bieber
  344. How to Name a Startup
  345. Publicly Host Your Own Twitter Archive | Charlton's Blog
  346. Continuous learning framework
  347. New Year's Reading Challenges | Ale's little corner of the internet
  348. Peterometer
  349. Slaying Zombie ‘No Repro’ Crashes with Infer# | .NET Conf 2022
  350. Spring Cloud Azure 4.5 Furthers Microsoft's 'Passwordless' Push -- Visual Studio Magazine
  351. How Tom Segura Answers When Asked How He's Doing | Netflix Is A Joke
  352. Can ChatGPT write GOOD unit tests?
  353. Virtual Studio Special - see how it's made!
  354. Epic FTC Settlement and moving beyond long-standing industry practices
  355. Build Your Own Podcast App with .NET 7, Blazor, and .NET MAUI
  356. Why I will not write about JWST
  357. Spreaker
  358. I was wrong (and so was everyone)
  359. On .NET Live - Supercharging .NET unit tests with Fluent Assertions
  360. Validate your dependencies correctly in .NET
  361. Generating a dump file when tests hang on a CI machine - Gérald Barré
  362. On the large number of ways of expressing Microsoft Visual C++ compiler versions
  363. Virtual Studio Special - see how it's made!
  364. Megadeal! Save 50% on all MEAPs – Special deals
  365. How to Secure Passwords with BCrypt.NET - Code Maze
  366. AWS Cloud9 - No space left on device
  367. NEW! Most Popular Programming Languages 1965 - 2022
  368. NEW! Most Popular Programming Languages 1965 - 2022
  369. 337: Drawing Lines on Maps
  370. Use your own user @ domain for Mastodon discoverability with the WebFinger Protocol without hosting a server
  371. I got tired
  372. Blazor Implementations Across Web & Native
  373. Getting Started With JavaScript Promises
  374. New: AWS CLI v2 Docker images available on Amazon ECR Public | Amazon Web Services
  375. Roundup Advent Of Code 2022
  376. F# event sourcing with Marten
  377. Why You Should Add Mutation Testing to Your Workflow
  378. 200th Episode Extravaganza!
  379. Progress Report November 2022
  380. Sounds like a prison
  381. EF Core Power Pack - Visual Studio Marketplace
  382. Ref-structs are technically obsolete - Turnerj (aka. James Turner)
  383. Running Optimizely CMS 12 (Episerver) on a Raspberry Pi
  384. Tracking Elon Musk's Jet N628TS
  385. A minor memorial for Leo Laporte on terrestrial AM radio
  386. Why Current Wormhole Research is So Important
  387. Automatically scaling Drone CI with Gitea | Jacob Kiers
  388. I Created Entire App in 30 Min With ChatGPT
  389. Radically user-centered design
  390. Karan Sharma | Writing a disk-based key-value store in Golang
  391. Better Interviews
  392. Government Should Incentivize High Performance Home Builders
  393. Just Begin Again
  394. Dynamic blocks are the key to reusable Terraform modules · Mijndert Stuij
  395. Concurrent write problem
  396. Will ChatGPT replace .NET developers?
  397. MVVM is easier than ever before with Source Generators, .NET 7, & the MVVM Toolkit | .NET Conf 2022
  398. David Ortinau on .NET MAUI
  399. Support accepting externally issued tokens in the API · davidfowl/TodoApi@ae45c47
  400. TodoApi/AuthenticationExtensions.cs at ae45c472da3be8a391cb5013d13c0e54341bc2d3 · davidfowl/TodoApi
  401. TodoApi/AuthenticationExtensions.cs at 3dceedd65e8f313c98ab3321f670c67e45cf829c · davidfowl/TodoApi
  402. TodoApi/TodoApi.cs at 3dceedd65e8f313c98ab3321f670c67e45cf829c · davidfowl/TodoApi
  403. TodoApi/AuthApi.cs at 3dceedd65e8f313c98ab3321f670c67e45cf829c · davidfowl/TodoApi
  404. TodoApi/AuthApi.cs at 3dceedd65e8f313c98ab3321f670c67e45cf829c · davidfowl/TodoApi
  405. Scrum Teams are often Coached to Death, while the Problems are With Management
  406. Codeberg launches Forgejo — Codeberg News
  407. TagHelperPack 0.10.1
  408. TagHelperPack/Directory.Build.props at main · DamianEdwards/TagHelperPack
  409. Release v0.10.1 · DamianEdwards/TagHelperPack
  410. TagHelperPack/.github/workflows at main · DamianEdwards/TagHelperPack
  411. Use your phone less by using grayscale mode
  412. Transfer many large files from Android
  413. How I Deal With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as a Software Developer
  414. Mark Zuckerberg Has Never Done Anything Original and I Can Prove It · Notes
  415. Software complexity and potential solutions
  416. AWS re:Invent 2022 - A day in the life of a billion requests (SEC404)
  417. AWS re:Invent 2022 - A day in the life of a billion requests (SEC404)
  418. The Security Design of the AWS Nitro System
  419. Weekly Update 326
  420. John Carmack: Best programming setup and IDE | Lex Fridman Podcast Clips
  421. David Ortinau – Microsoft PM .NET MAUI
  422. High-performance services with gRPC: What's new in .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  423. Weekly Update 326
  424. Alexandre Nédélec - When Pulumi met Nuke: a .NET love story
  425. Scaffolding .NET Web APIs Powered By EF Core, SQL, & Azure in Seconds
  426. Scaffolding .NET Web APIs Powered By EF Core, SQL, & Azure in Seconds
  427. John Carmack: Best programming setup and IDE | Lex Fridman Podcast Clips
  428. Small Functions considered Harmful
  429. Security Research on Twitter: Before and After Musk’s Takeover - Dhole Moments
  430. How I won two categories in my first hackathon...
  431. Instant Landing Page - Killing a Startup Idea Quickly
  432. Consistent > Idiomatic
  433. A Different Approach to Social Media
  434. Launching a rocket in the worst possible way
  435. Bias and performance
  436. 'Is WPF Dead?' Some Devs Claim 'Yes' as Microsoft Relegates Issues/PRs to the Community -- Visual Studio Magazine
  437. xkcd: Gravity
  438. Silk.NET Community Meeting & API Review
  439. Closing out 2022 with our latest Impact Report
  440. OCaml 5.0.0 is out!
  441. How Halo, Dynamics 365, and Mesh scale to millions with Orleans and you can too! | .NET Conf 2022
  442. Hackers leak personal info allegedly stolen from 5.7M Gemini users
  443. Passkeys—Microsoft, Apple, and Google’s password killer—are finally here
  444. Hidden gems and live coding with .NET 7  | BRK203H
  445. Why doesn't Windows use the 64-bit virtual address space below 0x00000000`7ffe0000?
  446. GitHub - atom/atom: The hackable text editor
  447. How Cloudflare advocates for a better Internet
  448. Code Maze Weekly #152 - Code Maze
  449. .NET Conf Thailand 2022
  450. How to customize Swagger UI with custom CSS in .NET 7 - Code4IT
  451. What are the Frozen Collections coming in .NET?
  452. WebGPU — All of the cores, none of the canvas — surma.dev
  453. A Linux evening...
  454. The Future of .NET with WASM | The .NET Tools Blog
  455. Running a Blazor WebAssembly App on Azure Static Web Apps
  456. a native internet protocol for social media
  457. Preparing to move away from Twitter
  458. Create native desktop & mobile apps using web skills in Blazor Hybrid | .NET Conf 2022
  459. John Horgan - Cross-Check: A Journal
  460. 75% Of Us Think Software Developers Would Do Better Work in Small Partnerships
  461. Ask a computer! A toy powered by GPT-3 and reckless abandon
  462. Writing Objective-C iOS apps without Storyboards
  463. If we must, let's talk about safety
  464. Speed vs Maintainability as a Software Engineer
  465. Unmarshaling JSON in Go: The weird parts
  466. advent-of-code-2022/day4.cbl at main · vcsjones/advent-of-code-2022
  467. Jupiter Rising: A Decade of Clos Topologies and Centralized Control in Google’s Datacenter Network
  468. How Good Are Earnings Forecasts?
  469. Things I want as SRE/DevOps from Devs
  470. Freddy's Jottings · Try not to be evil
  471. 6 Tips for Dealing With Vendors
  472. Popov Leather: How to really piss off your customers in 13 emails (and counting!)
  473. How your "Sr." Devs incurred Technical Debt
  474. Transactional Outbox/Inbox with Wolverine and why you care
  475. Livecoding Blazor, SignalR, Oauth, and TailwindCSS
  476. Livecoding Blazor, SignalR, Oauth, and TailwindCSS
  477. Java on Azure Tooling Update Boosts Remote Debugging -- Visual Studio Magazine
  478. US examining Ukrainian proposal for Russia tribunal
  479. "I NEED data from another service!"... Do you really?
  480. Sticky Scroll now in preview
  481. Inside C++/WinRT: IReference<T>
  482. What are the Frozen Collections coming in .NET?
  483. Answer: What does this code print?
  484. Array, List, Collection, Set, ReadOnlyList - what? A comprehensive and exhaustive list of collection-like types
  485. Cloudflare achieves FedRAMP authorization to secure more of the public sector
  486. Web API Analyzers in ASP.NET Core - Code Maze
  487. Task<IDisposable> surprise | tabs ↹ over ␣ ␣ ␣ spaces by Jiří {x2} Činčura
  488. Applying the CQRS Pattern in an ASP.NET Core Application
  489. ECMAScript proposal: Set methods
  490. Handling HTTP Requests with .NET 7 Native AOT on AWS Lambda | no dogma blog
  491. Books update
  492. Spot The Station
  493. GitHub - Jxck-S/plane-notify: Notify If a selected plane has taken off or landed using OpenSky or ADS-B Exchange data. Compares older data to newer data to determine if a landing or takeoff has occurred. As well as nav modes, emergency squawk and resolution advisory notifications. Can output to Twitter, Discord, and Pushbullet
  494. advent-of-code-2022/day2.cbl at main · vcsjones/advent-of-code-2022
  495. Optimal Bowling
  496. Tech companies, authoritarian governments and this Twitter nonsense
  497. Documentation - Utility Types
  498. Source Open vs Open Source and IdentityServer with Dominick Baier and Brock Allen
  499. Mass Iris Scan Collection in Qinghai: 2019–2022 - The Citizen Lab
  500. advent-of-code-2022/day1.cbl at main · vcsjones/advent-of-code-2022
  501. Your Book Review: The Future Of Fusion Energy
  502. The Future of Foundation
  503. VS Code Preview: Python in the Browser, Executed by WebAssembly -- Visual Studio Magazine
  504. Testing: How to actually write tests? - Junaid Qadir
  505. .NET Data Community Standup - The Plan for Entity Framework Core 8
  506. InfluxDB newcomer’s impressions – Patrick's WebLog
  507. PostgreSQL commit times
  508. Using Supabase with Autocode
  509. I want toast
  510. How to use CSS aspect ratio | Matt Davison
  511. Michael Tsai - Blog - Dropbox on Ventura
  512. FOSS Funding – Chapter 1 – Open source has a funding problem
  513. Going write-only on Twitter (and introducing autopost)
  514. Why you can’t build a web browser and why you should anyway.
  515. Using Commandline To Process CSV files | Muhammad
  516. Lessons from my unattainably Perfect Day
  517. Learn Live - Store local data with SQLite in a .NET MAUI app
  518. Does .NET 6 support windows 98 · Discussion #79642 · dotnet/runtime
  519. Raising the bar for software security: next steps for GitHub.com 2FA | The GitHub Blog
  520. .NET Data Community Standup - The Plan for Entity Framework Core 8
  521. Dev tunnels in Visual Studio for ASP.NET Core projects
  522. Performance Improvements in .NET MAUI (.NET 7 edition) | .NET Conf 2022
  523. Companies That Obsess Over Velocity Are Clueless About Scrum
  524. Content creation with Anton from @RawCoding | Keep Coding Podcast E2
  525. Challenge: What does this code print?
  526. In C++/WinRT, how do I create or consume an IReference<T> that wraps a particular value?
  527. Independent report shows: moving to Cloudflare can cut your carbon footprint
  528. GitHub - cristipufu/aspnetcore-redis-rate-limiting: Set up a Redis backplane for ASP.NET Core multi-node deployments, using the built-in Rate Limiting support that's part of .NET 7.
  529. A Neat XOR Trick
  530. How to optimize your code reviews
  531. Baby Steps With TypeScript
  532. C# 11: pattern matching and static abstract interfaces | Red Hat Developer
  533. Consuming .NET WebAssembly From JavaScript in the Browser
  534. How Many Threads Does My .NET App Have?
  535. Entity Framework Core Conversions for Logical Domain Types
  536. Why Did That Database Throw That Exception?
  537. C# 11 – File Scoped Types
  538. What's new in .NET MAUI and Desktop Apps | .NET Conf 2022
  539. Increase by x2.7 performance of ToHexString by benaadams · Pull Request #5009 · NethermindEth/nethermind
  540. GitHub - imperugo/HttpRequestToCurl: A simple extension method that generate curl command from HTTP request
  541. Visual Studio 2022 v17.5 Preview 2: Guided by Developer Community Votes -- Visual Studio Magazine
  542. GitHub & BitBucket HTML Preview
  543. Languages & Runtime Community Standup - C# 11 and beyond
  544. The best things and stuff of 2022
  545. Work of Art in the age of mechanical reproduction - Artur Piszek
  546. How to Evaluate Frameworks and Libraries: A Guide to Key Metrics
  547. Meaning, simpliciter and secundum quid
  548. animal vision
  549. recursion
  550. Is San Francisco “back”? I audited its parties to find out
  551. Asking for clarity is always great feedback
  552. Carlin Eng
  553. Geometric determinant formulas with projective coordinates
  554. Instruments of Destruction – Alexander Wales
  555. Low downtime Postgres upgrade: I want to believe (part I)
  556. Easing Deployment Without Containers
  557. Wayland RDP Server with audio using Microsoft's WSLg stack
  558. Postmortem of Butt Mover
  559. The Kitchen Massacre | Sausage Party | CineClips
  560. The Kitchen Massacre | Sausage Party | CineClips
  561. Episode 47: Application Security - with Tanya Janca
  562. Try out Visual Studio 2022 version 17.5 Preview 2
  563. How Wolverine allows for easier testing
  564. Amazing CTO
  565. .NET Framework December 2022 Security and Quality Rollup Updates
  566. .NET December 2022 Updates – .NET 7.0.1, .NET 6.0.12, .NET Core 3.1.32
  567. ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor .NET 8 Planning
  568. Introducing Shitify —  A Reverse Linter. Add errors to your code.
  569. MAUI Sounds Amazing. Is It?
  570. Azure DevOps Podcast: Jeff Fritz: Evolving Cloud Architecture - Episode 222
  571. Thank you for conference announcement, but it would help if you told me what your conference was about
  572. What's New in .NET Community Toolkit v8.1.0 Preview 1
  573. Nullable Types in C# - Code Maze
  574. Sands of MAUI: Issue #84
  575. Introduction to MongoDB: Zero To Document Hero – Webinar Recording | The .NET Tools Blog
  576. Text Classification in C# with ML.NET 2.0
  577. Simulating the Wrapinator 5000 ·
  578. When do tests fail?
  579. The Equinox Programming Model
  580. Treating Devs Like Human Beings | A Conversation w/ Kelly Vaughn, Jean Hsu & Lena Reinhard
  581. Hydropower Breakthrough
  582. Copyleft-licensed chess engine wins legal case against proprietary counterpart - FSFE
  583. Microsoft Eyes New 'Developer News' Feed in Visual Studio, Last Seen in VS 2017 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  584. Introducing Wolverine for Effective Server Side .NET Development
  585. Polyglot Notebooks - December 2022 Release
  586. Learn how identifiable you are on the Internet
  587. AzureSignTool 4.0.1
  588. On .NET Live - Building web apps using MVVM
  589. Are you using the Stopwatch efficiently in .NET?
  590. Recording: Software architecture with Oren Eini
  591. What does it mean when the compiler tells me that promise_type: is not a member of coroutine_traits<void>?
  592. Self-hosting Chromium extensions - Gérald Barré
  593. Simple DI - Container
  594. Schedule Jobs with Quartz.NET - Code Maze
  595. PriorityQueues on .NET 7 and C# 11 - Code4IT
  596. Moving to .NET 7 MSMQ Alternatives
  597. Goodbye Ghost, Hello Hugo
  598. Important CoinTracker security update
  599. 336: ChatGPT
  600. Blazor Code Generation | Infragistics Blog
  601. War Story: How Antivirus solutions can bring a server down
  602. ECMAScript proposal: iterator helpers
  603. YARP–Direct forwarding in .NET 6 and beyond
  604. Visual Studio Code - Code Editing. Redefined
  605. Google Chrome/Chromium Goes Ahead In Removing JPEG-XL Support
  606. core/supported-os.md at main · dotnet/core
  607. Languages & Runtime Community Standup - C# 11 and beyond
  608. Bill Wagner on C# 11 – Part 1
  609. Languages & Runtime Community Standup - C# 11 and beyond
  610. The InfoQ Podcast: .NET Trends Report 2022
  611. Languages & Runtime Community Standup - C# 11 and beyond
  612. Languages & Runtime Community Standup - C# 11 and beyond
  613. What my life would be without programming
  614. Why Can't Programmers.. Program?
  615. SaveGPT - Auto-save ChatGPT conversations
  616. Microsoft Teams Backend Services - Powered by .NET | .NET Conf 2022
  617. Extremely Linear Git History
  618. Releases · bflattened/bflat
  619. The Continuity of Splines
  620. The Continuity of Splines
  621. Technical Writer
  622. Mark Price on C# 11 – Fixed
  623. GitHub - IJMacD/rfc3339-iso8601
  624. Generalizing Secret Santa with integer programming in Julia
  625. Get Rid of Your Old Database Migrations
  626. Browsing the Fediverse
  627. Earthbound in ChatGPT
  628. At Least Assert Your Serialisation Roundtrips
  629. The limited utility of the phrase “GNU/Linux”
  630. RC Week 12: What's Next, and Speedrunning Crafting Interpreters
  631. Screen recording in Snipping Tool begins rolling out to Windows Insiders
  632. Playing with ActivityPub
  633. .NET 7 and beyond with Damian Edwards | Keep Coding Podcast E1
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  636. GitHub - davidfowl/SmartLoadBalancer: Sticky sessions without sticky sessions
  637. Why posting GPT and ChatGPT generated answers is not currently acceptable - Help Center
  638. Delete a record without prior loading in Entity Framework
  639. Original ICQ Song !
  640. Scrum Has Failed the Developers
  641. Solar System Model
  642. .NET Conf Recap
  643. dev-wasm
  644. .NET API Catalog
  645. Home Office Killed My Laptop Battery :: Thore Goebel
  646. Using Layouts for Personal Automation
  647. HTTP Servers, WSGI and Web Frameworks
  648. Designing a successful digital product
  649. GitHub - pynecone-io/pynecone: Web apps in pure Python
  650. Understanding the UBI File System in Embedded Devices
  651. When your database is an HTTP client
  652. Surprising Capability of AI: Code Generation
  653. The 4 AM Club - David Hariri
  654. The Two Commandments for Nonprofit Boards
  655. What I have been working on: Modal
  656. Preparing and Evaluating Benchmarks
  657. Writing French in Vim - Monolune
  658. Oh, the Places You'll Grow
  659. Implications of choosing State instead of Cache
  660. Pushing ChatGPT to its limits LIVE 🔴
  661. Building modern high performance services with ASP.NET Core and .NET 7
  662. Real-World Cryptography
  663. Secretless Python Apps with AWS Secrets Manager
  664. Bean Machine Retrospective, part 4
  665. Mark Price on C# 11
  666. How can I do the opposite of compare_exchange and exchange if the value is different?
  667. Microsoft’s Distributed Application Framework Orleans Reaches Version 7
  668. Payara Cloud Automates Jakarta EE Deployments to Kubernetes
  669. Goodbye to the C++ Implementation of Zig ⚡ Zig Programming Language
  670. Episode 112 - NDepend with Patrick Smacchia
  671. Episode 449 - Java Jakarta EE Applications
  672. Changes in JWT Bearer Token Setup in .NET 7
  673. Making Remote Development Even Better
  674. Go for C# developers: LINQ
  675. Testing a token protected API using user-jwts
  676. A Journey into Site Reliability Engineering
  677. Wolverine on DotNetRocks
  678. What Are The Twitter Files, And Do You Need To Care About Them? | Defector
  679. .NET MAUI Community Standup - Polished UI for .NET MAUI with Telerik
  680. Design Patterns: Who gives a 💩?
  681. Use Keycloak as Identity Provider from Blazor WebAssembly (WASM) applications
  682. Spreaker
  683. Where Did All The Focus Time Go? Dissecting 1.5 Million Meetings w/ Clockwise's VP of Engineering, Dan Kador
  684. Developing distributed applications with Tye
  685. .NET 7 Networking Improvements
  686. Languages & Runtime Community Standup - C# 11 and beyond
  687. Don't Fail Publishing Events! Event Driven Architecture Consistency
  688. Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core with Project Migrations Part 5
  689. North
  690. vcsjones - Overview
  691. Senior Engineering Manager, Product Security Engineering - Paved Paths
  692. If you're going to wrap a Windows Runtime event, you may as well let the wrapped event source manage the token
  693. ChatGPT can write better code than me
  694. Modernize your WPF and Windows Forms application with Blazor | .NET Conf 2022
  695. Wolverine .NET Command and Message Bus with Jeremy Miller
  696. Tell the New York Times: Give Your Employees the Contract They Deserve!
  697. Apple GPU drivers now in Asahi Linux - Asahi Linux
  698. ChatGPT and the viability of replacing humans with circus tricks • Adam Shaylor
  699. GitHub - ggerganov/whisper.cpp: Port of OpenAI's Whisper model in C/C++
  700. Dev environments in the cloud are a half-baked solution
  701. Geeking with .NET application and Firebird Embedded and FbNetExternalEngine
  702. Generating Source Code Documentation With DocFx - Code Maze
  703. ChatGPT - Current state for .NET - and in general
  704. Is the regression in GC or something else?
  705. Atari Dev Studio - Visual Studio Marketplace
  706. ReSharper 2022.3 Released With More C# 11 Features, NuGet Vulnerabilities Detection, and Support for Visual Studio ARM64. | The .NET Tools Blog
  707. Rider 2022.3: Support for .NET 7 SDK, the Latest From C#11, Major Performance Improvements, and More! | The .NET Tools Blog
  708. My Christmas Wish List from Visual Studio and the C# Build System
  709. C# 11–Generic Attributes
  710. New npm features for secure publishing and safe consumption | The GitHub Blog
  711. ocaml-monads/monads.mli at master · danhper/ocaml-monads
  712. Helix
  713. Alex Kim: Why I joined Cloudflare
  714. Apple iCloud, and why encrypted backup is the only issue
  715. Mystery Asterisk Destination
  716. Everything .NET 7 with Damian Edwards | Keep Coding Podcast E1
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  718. The entire LOTR Extended Trilogy but it's just Frodo Baggins stumbling and falling down
  719. Apple advances user security with powerful new data protections
  720. Nix Knowledge Sharing
  721. 2023 will see continued geopolitical tensions, stronger regulation and an AI-shaped revolution, predicts Infosecurity Europe’s security community
  722. What if two programs did this?
  723. Bean Machine Retrospective, part 3
  724. "But what do the Russian people have to do with this?" What the Germans do not understand
  725. Reminder: If you intend to use a C++/WinRT namespace, you must include that namespace's header file
  726. Coding using ChatGPT AI broke me
  727. Check for elevated rights in .NET 8
  728. Juke Party - Shared Jukebox
  729. Setting Windows Display Resolution from the Terminal
  730. The entire LOTR Extended Trilogy but it's just Frodo Baggins stumbling and falling down
  731. How to Extract Custom Header in ASP.NET Core Web API
  732. Things are gonna get weird in 2023
  733. Auto send new blog posts to Mastodon
  734. Recap: .NET MAUI Performance—.NET Conf 2022
  735. Building Windows Services in .NET 7
  736. Announcing PowerShell Crescendo 1.1.0-preview01
  737. Time Zones and Rocket Ships
  738. I Taught ChatGPT to Invent a Language
  739. How to Secure Your Notes and Home Network When Using a Company Laptop?
  740. Frontend Engineer Archetypes
  741. The future of tech is freelance
  742. A Day Without a Copilot: Reflections on Copilot-Driven Development
  743. Pointless Games - Julian Meyer's Blog
  744. RantBrain
  745. Please Stop RTFM-ing | Cristian Klein
  746. Installing Guix on a 10th gen Thinkpad X1 — dthompson
  747. fhur
  748. The unreasonable effectiveness of a single unit test
  749. Should design systems include problematic components and patterns? by Amy Hupe, content designer.
  750. Marginal vs Absolute Thinking
  751. One Sentence That Will Get People To Read Your Writing
  752. .NET Interop Improvements in .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  753. .NET and .NET Core official support policy
  754. .NET Monthly Roundup - November 2022
  755. GitHub Quick Reviews
  756. CUDA've been faster: learning CUDA from scratch
  757. TLS Certificate Verification Changes in Edge
  758. Ask the Expert: 2022 Octoverse report from GitHub
  759. Beware the Long 'YAGNI'
  760. Update on JetBrains’ Statement on Ukraine | Company Blog
  761. What’s new in Visual Studio productivity
  762. Solving support issues in other people’s products
  763. Trouble connecting to Web sites and services because of certificate errors? Check if you're being held captive
  764. Blocking annoying and privacy-harming cookie consent banners | Brave Browser
  765. How to Implement a LinkedList in C# - Code Maze
  766. Implement Feature Management in Blazor ASP.NET Core
  767. Logging and global error handling in .NET 7 WPF applications
  768. How to Recover from a DbUpdateException With EF Core
  769. csharplang/meetings/working-groups at main · dotnet/csharplang
  770. Convert a project to use centralised package management
  771. GitHub Copilot preliminary experience report
  772. Your flaky tests might be time dependent
  773. add serilog instead of opentelemtry for logging by mehdihadeli · Pull Request #49 · davidfowl/TodoApi
  774. Seq — centralized structured logs for .NET, Java, Node.js
  775. Serilog — simple .NET logging with fully-structured events
  776. YunoHost Portal
  777. Crucial Computer Program for Particle Physics at Risk of Obsolescence | Quanta Magazine
  778. Upgrading from .NET Framework to .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022
  779. Twitter turns its back on open-source development
  780. My cloud workspace
  781. Who is Draining my MacBook Battery?
  782. Yet Another Article on Zippers, in Erlang
  783. 6 ways you can contribute to open knowledge right now
  784. Technique: Recursive variants and boxes
  785. Two Round HotStuff
  786. The secret to great technical support? No support staff.
  787. A Guide to Nutrition — Ryan Heeney
  788. 3D Printed Film Video Camera
  789. I miss Balloon Help • bsago.me
  790. On breaking changes in transitive dependencies
  791. Making an RC Roomba
  792. JIT in ClickHouse
  793. Easy to Miss Way to Optimize ActiveRecord SQL Memory Usage in Rails
  794. What Happens When We’re Gone? - Kev Quirk
  795. I Miss MSN Statuses · Jerry Liu
  796. Two Weird Things
  797. Marketing Strategy From First Principles - Sasank's Blog
  798. Reinventing How We Use Computers
  799. Computers Are Bad
  800. Staff Manager, Customer Security & Trust
  801. Astronomy Numbers
  802. StaffPlus New York 2023 | Conference event dedicated to staff engineers
  803. Spreaker
  804. Custom Controls for WinForm's Out-Of-Process Designer
  805. GitHub - betaveros/noulith: *slaps roof of [programming language]* this bad boy can fit so much [syntax sugar] into it
  806. ChatGPT AI Generated Answers Banned On Stack Overflow
  807. Get your developer news
  808. Bean Machine Retrospective, part 2
  809. Kafka Networking via Wireshark - Vasil Kosturski
  810. 334: 7 Awesome New Features in .NET 7
  811. Adding properties to classes you don't own in C#
  812. Abstraction vs Encapsulation
  813. Building emergency pathways in your software (never to be used)
  814. Instead of a C++ template parlor trick, why not just add support based on whether the header file has already been included?
  815. Prevent http requests to external services in unit tests - Gérald Barré
  816. How to Enumerate an Enum in C# - Code Maze
  817. 335: All in on Codespaces
  818. Custom Authorization Policy Providers in ASP.NET Core
  819. Custom Authorization Policy Providers in ASP.NET Core
  820. Managing CSS Scope With Razor Components
  821. How the Web Storage API Works
  822. Subqueries in MySQL - Simple Talk
  823. Our journey to F#: C#-F# Interop – planetgeek.ch
  824. Deep linking with Azure Static Web Apps and Easy Auth | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  825. Refactoring Bloated Controllers with [FromService] - ElegantCode
  826. Polly with .NET 6, Part 7 - Policy Wraps with Minimal APIs, and HttpClientFactory | no dogma blog
  827. Domain-Driven Microservices with F#
  828. Twenty five thousand dollars of funny money
  829. Test will be deleted 1
  830. Web-Queue-Worker architecture style - Azure Architecture Center
  831. Microspeak: Impedance mismatch
  832. Release v0.17.0 · ZiggyCreatures/FusionCache
  833. Uncritical analysis
  834. ChatGPT passes the 2022 APCSA free response section
  835. Introducing C#11: File local types
  836. Financial and media leverage of Elon Musk in the Twitter acquisition
  837. Plotting Sweden's real estate prices on a heatmap with deck.gl and Cloudflare
  838. Spicing Up Your Conversations: The Power of Salt, Acid, Fat, and Heat | David Bieber
  839. On Personal Predictions
  840. Enoch - Using Neovim as a Fennel Compiler
  841. I Want a Memory Diagram Generator · The Third Bit
  842. .NET Advent Calendar - .NET Advent Calendar 2022, Day 4
  843. Introducing C#11: UTF-8 String Literals
  844. Introducing C# 11: Numeric IntPtr and UIntPtr
  845. Puncturable Key Wrapping and Its Applications
  846. Weekly Update 324
  847. BLOOM: Bimodal Lattice One-Out-of-Many Proofs and Applications
  848. Intel develops software it says can detect deepfakes in milliseconds
  849. Why Do Many Developers Consider Scrum to Be an Evil Scam?
  850. Let's look into the new .NET Drama 🔴 LIVE
  851. Weekly Update 324
  852. GitHub - acheong08/ChatGPT: Lightweight package for interacting with ChatGPT's API by OpenAI. Uses reverse engineered official API.
  853. The top programming languages
  854. Fix wrong example on how to set the drawing unix runtime switch. by safern · Pull Request #27713 · dotnet/docs
  855. Clarify nesting of config switch by gewarren · Pull Request #31509 · dotnet/docs
  856. clarify nesting of config switch (#31509) · dotnet/docs@a7a1fd1
  857. PUBLIC EDITOR: Why the News does not publish anonymous news stories
  858. Building A Virtual Machine inside ChatGPT
  859. Introducing C#11: Extended nameof parameter scope
  860. Introducing C#11: Pattern match Span<char> and ReadonlySpan<char> on a constant string
  861. Introducing C#11: Newlines in string interpolation expressions
  862. Another Home Page Blog | Dotfiles at scale
  863. The Breakout Tech Company Of 2022
  864. Joining the Fediverse with WordPress - Luca Hammer
  865. Fuzzing ping(8)
  866. Scaling the Mastodon - Leahs Gedanken
  867. This week in KDE: custom tiling
  868. engineering + product + health
  869. Clojure Frameworks: opinions are features, not bugs
  870. Broken commit diff on Cisco IOS XR
  871. Probing Gender Bias in ChatGPT | Essays · Will Holley
  872. How to enumerate through a StringBuilder
  873. Introducing Mona Sans and Hubot Sans | The GitHub Blog
  874. Why Startups Suck at Security w/ Vanta's Head of Engineering, Matt Spitz
  875. Discontinuing Bibliogram - cadence's blog
  876. Automated versioning and package publishing using GitHub Actions
  877. Automate Posting to Mastodon via Web Requests
  878. GitHub - aspnet-contrib/AspNet.Security.OAuth.Providers: OAuth 2.0 social authentication providers for ASP.NET Core
  879. LeadDev StaffPlus & LeadingEng New York 2023 Engineering conferences
  880. StaffPlus New York 2023 | Conference event dedicated to staff engineers
  881. Add support for social authentication by davidfowl · Pull Request #45 · davidfowl/TodoApi
  882. Bendy
  883. Google frees nifty ML image-compression model... but it's for JPEG-XL
  884. The Whirlwind Tour of Building .NET Apps in Azure | .NET Conf 2022
  885. Living Through the Revenge of Capital
  886. Text-to-Image: Diffusion, Text Conditioning, Guidance, Latent Space
  887. Day 2: Less Variable Wattage = More Flow
  888. Most Advice is Wrong
  889. ChatGPT corrects itself when you tell it off
  890. The Audacity of Piping Curl to Bash
  891. Finding The Best Homemade Vegan Ice Cream
  892. Don't design your database like a frontend developer
  893. 2022 Advent of Code Day 1: Calorie Counting
  894. Brandodon
  895. Important Lessons from Adam Wathan's Refactoring UI
  896. SBF is Crypto Personified
  897. On the Web, the Best Outcome is Email
  898. Bean Machine Retrospective, part 1
  899. Introducing C#11: Required properties
  900. C++ template parlor tricks: Using a type before it is defined
  901. Microsoft 365 banned in German schools over privacy concerns
  902. Code Maze Weekly #150 - Code Maze
  903. University of Pennsylvania
  904. HTML/CSS: How to (Maybe) Prevent the Text of a Time Display from Jiggling Around, Part 2
  905. .NET 7 - The StringSyntaxAttribute
  906. Add docker-compose project to run all apps by LuizFDS · Pull Request #41 · davidfowl/TodoApi
  907. What was Microsoft's first Integrated Development Environment (IDE)? #Shorts
  908. On Thomas Achord
  909. Solving wire:click not working - Jorge Colon Consulting
  910. Solving a Murder Mystery | Paul Osman
  911. What is External Validation And When It Becomes Unhealthy
  912. Robotic DAOs
  913. Is Agile a welfare program for developers?
  914. Mutual Recursion in Language
  915. Ripoff or bargain?
  916. Company, team, self.
  917. Memory Safe Languages in Android 13
  918. New ArgumentException and ArgumentOutOfRangeException helpers in .NET 8
  919. How much does Rust's bounds checking actually cost?
  920. Advent of Code 2022
  921. .NET MAUI Community Toolkit Monthly Standup, December 2022
  922. Episode 448 - Azure and OSS
  923. Azure DevOps Podcast: Steve Smith: Domain-Driven Design and Architecture - Episode 209
  924. Upgrading Xamarin apps to .NET MAUI | .NET Conf 2022
  925. What's new in the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit
  926. Pratyush Mishra
  927. Testing WITHOUT Mocks or Interfaces!
  928. Building a new JavaScript linting experience in Visual Studio
  929. Not even trying to cross an airtight hatchway: Calling a function in your own process by synthesizing a function pointer
  930. Using .NET’s NativeAOT to fix the biggest serverless issue
  931. Notice of Recent Security Incident - The LastPass Blog
  932. Emacs 29 is nigh! What can we expect?
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