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September 2022

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All entries for this month

  1. Your 'Forgotten' Blockchain Account Needing Reactivation? It's a Scam
  2. Scoreboard Hacking Part 2 - Getting the AES Key
  3. | Meritocracy vs TopocracyMichele Coscia
  4. Implement ChaCha20Poly1305 with CryptoKit on macOS by vcsjones · Pull Request #76317 · dotnet/runtime
  5. Defining Iterative Characteristics
  6. Out of the Tar Pit: a Summary
  7. Live Your Best Life With Structured Events
  8. The Lens Of Asymmetry
  9. Dating Other Task Managers
  10. We need to coordinate our fight against the climate change and this might be one way.
  11. age and Authenticated Encryption
  12. fhur
  13. Putin announces Russia will annex four regions of Ukraine
  14. Introducing the Azure Developer CLI (azd) | Azure Friday
  15. cairo-rs/field_utils.rs at a8e8fa9aa2554e6bfb76d145ab1acd5ff29888e4 · lambdaclass/cairo-rs
  16. cairo-rs/ec_utils.rs at a8e8fa9aa2554e6bfb76d145ab1acd5ff29888e4 · lambdaclass/cairo-rs
  17. Blazor Among Top Libraries for 'Niche' WebAssembly, Which Sees Shrinking Usage -- Visual Studio Magazine
  18. NuGet Season of Giving
  19. Amazon.com: Portable Monitor, Arzopa Ultra Slim Portable Laptop Monitor FHD 14'' 1080P External Display with Dual Speakers Second Screen for Laptop PC Phone Xbox PS4/5 Switch, Smart Cover Included : Electronics
  20. On .NET Live - Build, Test, and Deploy .NET Microservices on K8s
  21. Generate Strongly-Typed Resources with .NET Core
  22. Teaching and Learning in Public
  23. Quantified Self
  24. x86 vs x64 in .NET
  25. Debugging coroutine handles: Looking for the source of a one-byte memory corruption
  26. Putin announces Russia will annex four regions of Ukraine
  27. My Server can Beat Up Your Server: The 420Tb Storinator!
  28. Visual Studio Live! - Native Cross-Platform Mobile & Desktop Apps with .NET MAUI
  29. Gateway + CASB: alphabetti spaghetti that spells better SaaS security
  30. Why Modern Software is Slow–Windows Voice Recorder
  31. .NET GC Internals - 09. GC roots
  32. Giving "Weight" to Buttons
  33. Episode 107 - Unstructured Data With Kirk Marple
  34. Announcing ICU4X 1.0
  35. Getting started - Library | Playwright .NET
  36. Understanding Styles in XAML based Applications - Nick's .NET Travels
  37. Fixing Broken DefaultButtonStyle in Windows UI (WinUI) / WinAppSdk - Nick's .NET Travels
  38. Monitor Microservices App using Azure Managed Grafana - Bit of Technology
  39. Weekly Update 315
  40. Peter Ritchie's Blog - By Reference in C#
  41. Ken Thompson Really Did Launch His "Trusting Trust" Trojan Attack in Real Life
  42. Exploring 10m scraped Shutterstock videos used to train Meta’s Make-A-Video text-to-video model
  43. Dear Console,… | Christian Heilmann
  44. Weekly Update 315
  45. Tell us what data you had leaked and we’ll show how a scammer can ruin your life
  46. Episode 440 - Azure and SAP
  47. Extension: Omit null value properties in ASP.NET Core OData
  48. Posits, a New Kind of Number, Improves the Math of AI
  49. Migrating from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core (Part 4)
  50. Juneteenth History
  51. Did .NET MAUI Ship Too Soon? Devs Sound Off on 'Massive Mistake' -- Visual Studio Magazine
  52. ASP.NET Core in Action, version 3, is now available
  53. Experimental WebTransport over HTTP/3 support in Kestrel
  54. Securing Web APIs with Azure AD: Connecting Azure Clients
  55. Modern C# Techniques, Part 1: Curiously Recurring Generic Pattern
  56. Webinar: Stop Looking in the past; Start telling the future!
  57. Let's Learn .NET - Azure Functions & Azure Static Web Apps
  58. The (hardware) key to making phishing defense seamless with Cloudflare Zero Trust and Yubico
  59. I did that merge-as-cherry-pick thing, but my change still didn't merge correctly
  60. The RIGHT way to deal with Time in your C# Tests
  61. Developing .NET on AWS with Isaac Levin
  62. Fall 2022 Updates for Xamarin, Hello iOS 16 and Android 13
  63. Using XML Documentation With ASP.NET Core Minimal API Apps and OpenAPI
  64. Database Systems - DZone Trend Report
  65. Continuous Integration with GitHub Actions | endjin
  66. 10 Reasons Startups Prefer Node.js over .NET
  67. Wing Lift
  68. Mark Okhakumhe - Intellectual Property Rights in the Technology Sector [w/ASL Interpreting]
  69. .NET: Learn LINQ as you never have before
  70. What is "Nothing"?
  71. Dolev Hadar
  72. Software Engineering Tips for CLMS Students
  73. TIL: How to Import or Open .ics Files in the Calendar App (iOS)
  74. Choose the smallest number not chosen yet.
  75. Collecting Vernacular Photography
  76. JFSI – Just F***ing Ship It
  77. The 4 minute bug
  78. What Not to Recommend to Flatpak Users
  79. Four Important Eras that Define Art
  80. How we reduced our annual server costs by 80% — from $1M to $200k — by moving away from AWS
  81. Microsoft Ignite - Session catalog
  82. The Serverless Hype Explained!
  83. Welcome to .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI)
  84. Town Hall [w/ASL Interpreting]
  85. For Us, Without Us: Addressing Tech's Shortcomings in Creating Equity for Black People [w/ASL]
  86. Community Event Signup
  87. Publishing Is Weird: How My Book Became a Hit with Elderly People
  88. Announcing Entity Framework 7 Release Candidate 1
  89. Microsoft Teams’ Infrastructure and Azure Communication Services’ Journey to .NET 6
  90. Paddling a kayak from Monterey, California to Kahului, Maui (1987)
  91. Azure DevOps Podcast: Scott Hunter: Microsoft’s Azure & .NET Strategy- Episode 211
  92. Why does COM express GUIDs in a mix of big-endian and little-endian? Why can't it just pick a side and stick with it?
  93. Published: Data Management in Complex Systems
  94. Atlassian’s Eye-Opening State of Teams Report w/ Mark Cruth Modern Work Evangelist
  95. How to Read AppSettings Values From a JSON File in .NET Core
  96. Getting started with OpenTelemetry Metrics in .NET. Part 2: Instrumenting the BookStore API
  97. Clarity vs. Style
  98. Public preview of out-of-the-box trainable classifiers with auto-labeling support
  99. SQL Transaction Examples when Modifying Data in SQL Server Tables
  100. React: storing state in URL with URLSearchParams | I CAN MAKE THIS WORK
  101. Does "foreach" in C# call "Dispose" on an "IDisposable" object?
  102. A Swiss Army Knife for Developers: DevToys
  103. Introducing C#11: Auto Default structs
  104. Containers? So What? Docker 101 Explained - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #8
  105. Git 101 Basics - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #4
  106. .NET GC Internals - 06. Compact phase
  107. .NET GC Internals - 07. Allocations
  108. Empowerment to the People! What You Need to Know About Black People, Disability, and Accessibility
  109. .NET GC Internals - 08. Generations
  110. Intro to Graphics 08 - WebGL
  111. Wakeup From Sleep With a Timer (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  112. Git Pull Requests explained - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #5
  113. Black to the Future - Bryce Sharp
  114. A Simple Scam Trick (Don't get fooled!)
  115. Using DHT22 Temperature Sensor (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  116. Brittney Braxton - Journaling as a Dev [w/ASL Interpreting]
  117. Harold Jackson N / A - Black Queer Living: A History of DIY Culture in the Black LBGT+ Community
  118. Blessing Krofegha - Is Headless CMS the Future of Development? [w/ASL Interpreting]
  119. SpaceX & Starlink: Is Satellite Internet a Good Idea?
  120. Dawood Iddris - The Future of Tech and How to Keep in Touch While It Evolves [w/ASL Interpreting]
  121. Why ESP32's Are The Best Microcontrollers (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  122. What is the Cloud? Soft and Fluffy Edition - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #10
  123. Kubernetes and Container Orchestration 101 - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #11
  124. Manage FreeRTOS tasks - Suspend, Delay, Resume, Delete (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  125. What is FreeRTOS? (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  126. Someone is pretending to be me.
  127. Ayodele Odubela - Combatting Bias in ML [w/ASL Interpreting]
  128. Connect to ThingSpeak (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  129. How To Install PlatformIO (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  130. Deep sleep: Use RTC memory to store data (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  131. Software & Hardware Used in Formula 1
  132. What's a Carriage and Who's Feeding it Lines? CRLF - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #1
  133. Valerie Phoenix - Empowered By Imposter Syndrome [w/ASL Interpreting]
  134. What Does Culturally Responsive Teaching Mean in an Online Environment? [w/ASL Interpreting]
  135. .NET GC Internals - 05. Sweep phase
  136. Using Arduino's Serial Monitor & Plotter (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  137. Intro to Graphics 10 - Curves (Part 2)
  138. Git Push --Force will destroy the timeline and kill us all - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #7
  139. Brian Douglas - Your Next Open Source Contribution [w/ASL Interpreting]
  140. Danny Thompson - Keynote: From Frying Chicken To Software Engineer [w/ASL Interpreting]
  141. Git Rebase vs Merge explained - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #6
  142. How to Multitask with FreeRTOS (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  143. Shukri Abdullahi - Through Programming I Became a Better Artist [w/ASL Interpreting]
  144. Angie Jones - Keynote: The Reality of Developing an Artificial World [w/ASL Interpreting]
  145. Lightning Interviews with Danny Thompson - Part 1 [w/ASL Interpreting]
  146. Install Serial Drivers for ESP32 (macOS, Windows, Linux)
  147. Aaron Saunders - Keynote - The Journey To Inclusive Innovation Incubator In3DC [w/ASL Interpreting]
  148. Nate Rose - Innovating on OUR STEM Education [w/ASL Interpreting]
  149. Black to the Future - Angie Jones
  150. Basic Text Editing and Hotkeys in VS Code - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #3
  151. Keep WiFi Connection Alive with FreeRTOS Task (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  152. Azure Static Web Apps, Website, GitHub, SSL & hosting FREE! Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #20
  153. Blackfacts and the Wakanda Technology Platform - Technology By Us, for Us, About Us [w/ASL]
  154. Lightning Interviews with Danny Thompson - Part 2 [w/ASL Interpreting]
  155. Intro to Graphics 07 - GPU Pipeline
  156. Code Pages, Character Encoding, Unicode, UTF-8 and the BOM - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #2
  157. WSL2, Visual Studio Code, Windows 10, Ubuntu/Linux + more - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #19
  158. Ports and Processes! What Process has that Port open? - Computer Stuff They Didn't Teach You #9
  159. Banjo Obayomi - Grimoire, A Data-Centric Blogging Platform [w/ASL Interpreting]
  160. Intro to Graphics 09 - Curves (Part 1)
  161. Why Use PlatformIO instead of Arduino? (ESP32 + Arduino series)
  162. Claudius Mbemba - What They Don't Teach You About Fundraising as a Black Founder [w/ASL]
  163. 6 Months as a Full Time Pancreas
  164. Zurich hack 2022 Denotational Design
  165. The rings of share - the unsolved problem of sharing
  166. Why would I need something else than RSS ? · Garbage Collector
  167. Real World Micro Services
  168. Upside Down Backups - IvyMike.dev
  169. What Is a Circulant Matrix?
  170. Evaluating New Tools
  171. How This Website Works
  172. GitHub Quick Reviews
  173. AirPods Pro 2 Review: 1 Underrated Thing!
  174. AirPods Pro 2 Review: 1 Underrated Thing!
  175. How Asianometry reached 270K subscribers & $5K/mo on YouTube
  176. 0 A.D.: Empires Ascendant
  177. Visual Studio for Mac 17.4 Preview 2.1 is now available
  178. Deploy a GraphQL Server in Minutes with NO CODE using Grafbase
  179. Russia-based Facebook operation targeted Europe with anti-Ukraine messaging
  180. Seismolog: Två explosioner intill Nord Stream
  181. Cloudflare named a Leader in WAF by Forrester
  182. GitHub - Cysharp/MemoryPack: Zero encoding extreme performance binary serializer for C#.
  183. GitHub - DavidBuchanan314/monomorph: MD5-Monomorphic Shellcode Packer - all payloads have the same MD5 hash
  184. A Brief History of Android: Founding, Evolution & Industry Impact
  185. Learning Blazor
  186. Securing Web APIs with Azure AD: Connecting External Clients
  187. Clean Code Tip: throw exceptions instead of returning null when there is no fallback - Code4IT
  188. Counting Occurrences of a Char Within a String in C# - Code Maze
  189. Built-in rate limiting in ASP.NET Core vs AspNetCoreRateLimit
  190. Getting started with OpenTelemetry Metrics in .NET. Part 1: Key concepts
  191. CYBERATTAQUE CHSF : COMMUNIQUE DE PRESSE | CHSF - Centre Hospitalier Sud Francilien
  192. Ian McConnell - Quitting (The Way I Wrote It)
  193. Pattern matching is awesome
  194. Go runtime: 4 years later - The Go Programming Language
  195. Rust is eating into our systems, and it's a good thing
  196. Announcing general availability for Azure Functions v4 .NET framework support in an isolated process
  197. The many problems with implementing Single Sign-On
  198. Bye bye Azure Functions, Hello Azure Container Apps: Migrating from Azure Functions to ASP.NET Core | endjin
  199. I love the composition of the C# Open XML SDK
  200. The Animated Tripod
  201. Then Try This / samplebrain · GitLab
  202. [Last Week in .NET #102] – MAUIing Figma
  203. 'Berkeley' Testnet Alpha Participation Guide
  204. Your CTO Should Actually Be Technical
  205. DART's Impact with Asteroid Dimorphos (Official NASA Broadcast)
  206. Ian McConnell - Quitting (The Way I Wrote It)
  207. Languages & Runtime Community Standup - .NET Performance with Stephen Toub
  208. Outdated vs. Complete
  209. V-Ray GPU Rendering - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070, 3080 & 3090 Performance
  210. Getting Started with CSS Container Queries - Bryntum
  211. Software&Tools I use daily
  212. Love the details | Robert Heaton
  213. The minimum viable fan control script
  214. How to develop MVP 10 times faster
  215. Self-hosted software I'm thankful for
  216. Experimenting A New Syntax To Write SVG
  217. The Appeal of Monorepo
  218. Promoting Free Culture With Proprietary Software
  219. Code Names Are Bad
  220. Preview multiple Visitor Groups directly while browsing your Optimizely site
  221. Use .NET from any JavaScript app in .NET 7
  222. Microsoft Commerce's .NET 6 Migration Journey
  223. Learn to Create Online-Offline Data Storage Capable Cross-Platform Apps in Fewer Than 30 Minutes
  224. CINEMA Series | Marantz
  225. Microsoft Commerce's .NET 6 Migration Journey
  226. Learning is Remembering
  227. Go Playground - The Go Programming Language
  228. How I Implemented Shadows in my Game Engine
  229. Stop others from tracking your car | NOTMYPLATE.COM
  230. Welcome to .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI) - Reactor London
  231. Use .NET from any JavaScript app in .NET 7
  232. Two Key System
  233. Linus Torvalds: Rust will go into Linux 6.1
  234. What does the C++ error "A pointer to a bound function may only be used to call the function" mean?
  235. How to generate a dump file of a .NET application - Gérald Barré
  236. RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags
  237. Zen4's AVX512 Teardown - mersenneforum.org
  238. Turns are Better than Radians
  239. Objective-See: Tools
  240. ZpqrtBnk
  241. the sad state of debug performance in c++
  242. The NEW C# 11 keyword Microsoft didn’t tell you about
  243. InfoQ .NET Trends Report 2022
  244. InfoQ .NET Trends Report 2022
  245. Terraform 1.3 Release Introduces Simplified Refactoring Experience
  246. How to Use Shouldly to Improve Unit Tests in .NET? - Code Maze
  247. ASP.NET Core rate limiting middleware in .NET 7
  248. 325: Managing & Maintaining .NET Libraries (.NET 7 RC Is Here!)
  249. Weekly Update 314
  250. Weekly Update 314
  251. Email
  252. Dockerize your SQL Server and use it in ASP.NET Core with Entity Framework Core
  253. Entering Actor Model Nirvana with F# and TPL DataFlow
  254. Mitigating the Noisy Neighbour Multitenancy Problem
  255. How to take an ASP.NET Core web site “Down for maintenance” – The Reformed Programmer
  256. Episode 439 - APIM Self Hosted Gateway
  257. Cache Busting Back-Office Client-Side Assets With Umbraco 9+
  258. The Hierarchy Is Bullshit (And Bad For Business)
  259. Austin Wise - The ThreadPool in .NET 7 NativeAOT uses the Windows thread pool
  260. Unit testing best practices - Avoid relying on test order
  261. Git from the Bottom Up – The Index
  262. The Smartest Website You Haven't Heard of
  263. Apple Watch Running Review
  264. Microsoft Announces New Azure Space Capabilities
  265. The Curious Design of Skateboard Trucks
  266. What does $0=$2 in awk do? learn awk · Kaushik Gopal's Site
  267. Mainlining Nexus 9: First Boot
  268. PRDs- Not a Tool, but a communication culture
  269. My Blogging Utopia - Kev Quirk
  270. K-means clustering visualization using D3.js
  271. 3x new books added to the Pirate Library Mirror (+24TB, 3.8 million books)
  272. CCPS, a Capcom CPS-1 SDK
  273. The Book of CP-System
  274. 58 bytes of css to look great nearly everywhere
  275. Corrupted photos - Google Photos Community
  276. How does Pagination work?
  277. Tailscale
  278. Just Let Them Play!
  279. GitHub - webrcade/webrcade: Feed-driven gaming
  280. roapi/README.md at main · roapi/roapi
  281. Want cleaner code? Use the rule of six
  282. Get in Zoomer, We're Saving React
  283. iPhones and action discoverability, or "How the hell was I supposed to know that?"
  284. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  285. Awesome Black Developers | Jay Miller | The Secret Sauce
  286. Craig LeHoullier - My tomato collection tour - part 5. Tomatoes 41-50
  287. Snippet-driven Development: My Snippets Are My Thinking Process
  288. Storage and transaction in mvSQLite
  289. Old Protocol - whodis?
  290. Compiler Optimizations Are Hard Because They Forget - Faultlore
  291. Stop Thinking With Your Fingers
  292. Linux On The Laptop Works So Damn Well That It’s Boring
  293. Awesome Black Developers | Jay Miller | The Secret Sauce
  294. Announcing TypeScript 4.9 Beta
  295. Enabling Users to Manage Subscriptions on iOS/Android
  296. PWNED
  297. Aging programmer
  298. The Computer that Birthed BASIC and that led to Microsoft!
  299. Client-side WebAssembly WordPress with no server
  300. Mozilla reaffirms that Firefox will continue to support current content blockers - gHacks Tech News
  301. The new wave of Javascript web frameworks
  302. The Homemade Heat Pump Manifesto
  303. v4; motivation and initial thoughts by mgravell · Pull Request #951 · protobuf-net/protobuf-net
  304. Wails v2 Released | Wails
  305. Historical Dates
  306. Building Observability for 99% Developers - Strange Loop
  307. Azure Active Directory Authentication for Blazor WASM (Part 4: SignalR)
  308. GitHub - nextapps-de/winbox: WinBox is a modern HTML5 window manager for the web: lightweight, outstanding performance, no dependencies, fully customizable, open source!
  309. A mysterious voice is haunting American Airlines' in-flight announcements and nobody knows how - Waxy.org
  310. David Buchanan (@retr0id@retr0.id)
  311. GeForce GPUs are slowing down after installing the Windows 11 2022 Update
  312. 2022 Board election - Joe Guadagno
  313. 2022 Board election.- Gabriel Emmanuel
  314. New Uno Platform 4.5 Furthers Figma Embrace, Picking Up Where Microsoft Blend Left Off -- Visual Studio Magazine
  315. 2022 Board election - Poornima Nayer
  316. 2022 Board election - Jessica White
  317. 2022 Board election - Dennie DeClerq
  318. 2022 Board election - Rainer Stropek
  319. 2022 Board Election - Jeffrey Chilberto
  320. 2022 Board election - David Dieruf
  321. Board Election - Iris Classon
  322. Spreaker
  323. Flexbox: What is it & Why Should You Use It? - MAZAIA TECH-UNIQUE INFORMATION
  324. Simplifying switcheroos | BryceWray.com
  325. Homelab Pi Rack upgrade, just in time for AnsibleFest 2022
  326. Using GPT-3 to pathfind in random graphs
  327. So you want to hire some engineers?
  328. Drone CI with Podman
  329. The road to Zettalinux
  330. Your very own ringtone! - Visual Studio Marketplace
  331. JuneteenthConf Office Hours March 23, 2022
  332. The 4 things it takes to be an expert
  333. reading through the OCaml compiler: Part 1
  334. Friday Facts #370 - The journey to Nintendo Switch | Factorio
  335. taking-ideas-from-spaced-repetition.md
  336. I built a "Programming Playground" using Blazor & CosmosDB
  337. GitHub - rochus-keller/LeanQt: LeanQt is a stripped-down Qt version easy to build from source and to integrate with an application.
  338. GitHub - davidfowl/AspNetCoreOwinSample: A sample showing running OWIN based frameworks on top of ASP.NET Core
  339. GitHub - Rezmason/matrix: matrix (web-based green code rain, made with love)
  340. Full-Stack Preview Deploys using Remix, PlanetScale, and Netlify
  341. Why am I receiving SHCNE_UPDATE­DIR notifications that my code never generates?
  342. GA Week 2022: what you may have missed
  343. We Need New Motherboards Before GPUs Collapse Under Their Own Gravity
  344. Testing orthographic voxel caching (120 fps emulation)
  345. Code Maze Weekly #140 - Code Maze
  346. Weekly Update 314
  347. How to enable Private Access Tokens in iOS 16 and stop seeing CAPTCHAs
  348. Episode 106 - fimi.market and The .NET Tech Stack with Miguel Adwin
  349. .NET MAUI in .NET 7 RC 1 - Wha?!?
  350. Weekly Update 314
  351. The sum of all knowledge
  352. The 4 things it takes to be an expert
  353. Ragnar Locker ransomware claims attack on Portugal's flag airline
  354. Visual Studio: How to Pair to Mac for iOS Development on Windows - Nick's .NET Travels
  355. Azure Container Apps Auto Scaling with KEDA - Part 11 - Bit of Technology
  356. James Stanley - Nightdrive
  357. Using Environment Variables with .NET Lambda Functions | no dogma blog
  358. Quick reminder: HTML5 required and pattern are not a security feature
  359. Shell scripting with Node.js
  360. Avoiding homework with code (and getting caught)
  361. I spent two years trying to do what Backstage does for free
  362. Discovery Unlocks Potential of 'Special' Muscle
  363. Make It "Pop"
  364. papers/sok_zk_friendly_hashes.pdf at main · ingonyama-zk/papers
  365. The Tech Meetups Guide: How to Find, Join, or Start a Meetup
  366. Help people in Iran reconnect to Signal – a request to our community
  367. SecAlerts - Cybersecurity made easy.
  368. If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel
  369. Announcing Rust 1.64.0 | Rust Blog
  370. Virtual tables with zig-sqlite
  371. Visual Studio Live! - Build Scalable Web Apps with .NET and Azure
  372. Extending supabase with your own backend
  373. You can't have both high utilization and high reliability
  374. What makes a great tech talk?
  375. Don’t Start Believing
  376. Making a twitter bot in the year 2022 with node.js
  377. Exploiting Web3’s Hidden Attack Surface: Universal XSS on Netlify’s Next.js Library | Sam Curry
  378. Using Your Existing Devices for Phish-Proof MFA in Okta
  379. Proprietary Environments are a Trap
  380. How to use DMT without going insane
  381. Google wants to take on Dolby with new open media formats
  382. Notification of Plutonium Forum Databreach - September 2021
  383. See Updated 'What's New' Docs for Entity Framework 7 Release Candidate 1 -- Visual Studio Magazine
  384. Lose Weight the Slow and Incredibly Difficult Way
  385. Text - H.R.8152 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): American Data Privacy and Protection Act
  386. Building ASP.NET Core Minimal API in VB.NET
  387. .NET MAUI in .NET 7 Fills In Xamarin Gaps -- Visual Studio Magazine
  388. The impossible case of pitching rust in a web dev shop
  389. reading through the OCaml compiler: Part 1
  390. Now Introducing Arm64 Support for VS Extensions!
  391. ImperialViolet - Passkeys
  392. How can I get WRL to link my object into its activation factory?
  393. Do you need a Distributed Transaction? Working through a Design Problem
  394. Learn to Build Software that is Secure by Default with Chainguard Academy
  395. Chainguard Enforce Is Now Generally Available
  396. [C#] Using GC.KeepAlive in async methods
  397. .NET MAUI Framework Released Together with Visual Studio 2022
  398. The IT Crowd US Pilot : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  399. The .NET 7 feature that gives meaning to your Strings
  400. Unpatched 15-year old Python bug allows code execution in 350k projects
  401. 06 SnarkyJS
  402. Thermodynamics of Rock Salt and Ice Cream
  403. Regional Services comes to India, Japan and Australia
  404. GitHub - cassiozen/TDungeon: TDungeon is a small adventure game that runs in the Typescript type system
  405. Systemd support is now available in WSL!
  406. Using Query String Parameters with Minimal APIs - Code Maze
  407. 06 SnarkyJS
  408. Work around localhost unsecured HTTPS access for Development Sites in Edge
  409. Vision Impairment, Screen Readers, and Accessibility with Courtney Heitman
  410. Mighty Tester: Why it doesn't need to be fixed... - Simple Talk
  411. Software Development Best Practices for High-Performing Team
  412. Azure Container Apps Networking: A condensed view of concepts
  413. Get Up To Date with the Latest Features of C# 11
  414. Olive.c
  415. BEAST: An Explanation of the CBC Attack on TLS
  416. How does PLONK work? Part 1: What's PLONK?
  417. Bald And Bankrupt RUSSIAN INTERROGATION Video
  418. The Journey Is Over
  419. What is GCM? Galois Counter Mode (of operation) (usually seen as AES-GCM)
  420. Hacking anything with GNU Guix
  421. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  422. Press release: Use of Google Analytics for web analytics
  423. Denmark declares Google Analytics unlawful
  424. 0xPARC
  425. AWS vs GCP reliability is wildly different
  426. Entitlement in Open Source
  427. @jost0101/dotnet-content-creators
  428. Security update | Uber Newsroom
  429. What is security?
  430. CK's Cold Dive
  431. Should you Soft Delete?
  432. Pilot Priority List
  433. Ask.FM user database with 350m user records has shown up for sale
  434. The Only Client Experience
  435. Spellcheckers exfiltrating PII… not so fast :: Aaron Gustafson
  436. The Wage Gap 2
  437. 300 Signups, No Product, Only Landing page - Michael Salim | Senior Full Stack Freelancer and Startup Founder
  438. DuckDB: Query SQLite and PostgreSQL Data
  439. Rolando Murillo → Trying vs. really trying
  440. Alfred, or "How to super-charge your Mac and automate routine tasks"
  441. Branchable MySQL: Managing multiple dev environments
  442. Password Purgatory - Making Life Hell for Spammers
  443. The cost of partial automation
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  466. TODO: Post an Article
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  474. The SEC fines Morgan Stanley $35M for an “astonishing” failure to protect information of ~15M customers by auctioning off machines with five years of their data
  475. 2022 Board election - Jessica White
  476. 2022 Board election.- Gabriel Emmanuel
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  478. 2022 Board election
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  482. Grow your personal brand
  483. Blog of Robin Cole - A brief introduction to satellite image classification with neural networks
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  487. Critically Engaging With Models
  488. Reverse how you frame your promotions
  489. Cache-busting in Eleventy: a simpler way with Sass | BryceWray.com
  490. IN/"juels; ari" in US Patent Collection
  491. Type-Level TypeScript — Introduction
  492. Experimenting with Live Activities – Ole Begemann
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  513. Weekly Update 312
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  519. Janet Jackson had the power to crash laptop computers, follow-up
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  536. Entry failed to load
  537. Dev Container Features
  538. Push notification two-factor auth considered harmful
  539. When to refactor
  540. Everyday Carry
  541. Test X by Controlling X
  542. GitHub - carson-katri/dream-textures: Stable Diffusion built-in to the Blender shader editor
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  562. An extremely opinionated guide on making friends for people who are exactly like me
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  578. Writing unsafe .NET code without the unsafe keyword - Gérald Barré
  579. Start using EF Core with your existing Azure SQL Database in 5 minutes | Data Exposed: MVP Edition
  580. Community Tuesday
  581. Cloudforce One is now generally available: empower your security team with threat data, tooling, and access to industry experts
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  584. Hacker News
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  586. Google removed our website from search because it uses youtube-dl
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  599. Poor writing, not specialized concepts, drives processing difficulty in legal language
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  617. ASP.NET Core 7: What's new with Minimal API's in .NET 7
  618. Assigning Animations
  619. GitHub - msiric/feasible-route-mapping: Algorithm capable of finding all the areas that a person could have reached while en route between locations in a defined period, taking into account time and mode of transportation constraints.
  620. Notes to a new tech lead
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  634. The Lonely Island - I'm On A Boat (Explicit Version) ft. T-Pain (Official Video)
  635. The Lonely Island - I'm On A Boat (Explicit Version) ft. T-Pain (Official Video)
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  655. Technical documentation
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  661. Grial Web Admin
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  696. Coinbase updates its app to let US users see a scorecard that evaluates members of Congress on crypto policy issues, register to vote, and find political events
  697. GitHub - aws-samples/serverless-dotnet-demo
  698. DataTable Visualizer Improvements
  699. Uno Platform 4.5: Uno Islands, 4 New Controls, Linux Framebuffer and MUCH more
  700. Release v0.8.0-pre.20220915.33 · DamianEdwards/MinimalApis.Extensions
  701. Pi Programming in 15 Minutes: Blink an LED
  702. Technical Debt created by "Quick" Changes/Fixes. Always BAD?
  703. Coinbase is getting political, adding features to evaluate crypto policy issues
  704. Serializing asynchronous operations in C++/WinRT
  705. A fine set of rules, designed to ensure that all who post there may do so with the assurance that their comments will be met with approbation by those of a similar persuasion
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  709. Production postmortem: The missed indexing reference
  710. The Ethereum Merge Is Done, Opening a New Era for the Second-Biggest Blockchain
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  728. When are low-code prototypes useful? Evaluating startup market and
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  740. 12 takeaways from my first year as an Engineering Manager
  741. How Dangerous Is Biking in New York?
  742. Gym Power
  743. Working Hybrid
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  752. Weekly Update 313
  753. Weekly Update 313
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  756. First Batch of Color Fonts Arrives on Google Fonts
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  758. 📞 Community Call - Thursday September 15, 2022 @ 9:00am PT · Discussion #608 · Azure/azure-dev
  759. ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 7 Release Candidate 1
  760. Microsoft Teams Assignments Service's Journey to .NET 6
  761. Visual Studio 2022 17.4 Preview 2
  762. Announcing .NET 7 Release Candidate 1
  763. Announcing Entity Framework 7 Release Candidate 1
  764. Azure Code Signing, democratizing trust for developers and consumers
  765. GitHub - matthiasjost/dotnet-content-creators: ⚡A list of .NET content creators
  766. Windows Terminal Preview 1.16 Release
  767. Sudden disturbing moves for IT in very large companies, mandated by CEOs. Is something happening? What would cause this?
  768. Start using EF Core with your existing Azure SQL Database in 5 minutes | Data Exposed: MVP Edition
  769. Azure Developer Command Line Interface open-source tool to accelerate the time it takes to deploy
  770. It’s finally here. Bicep is in Visual Studio!
  771. The subtleties of proper B+Tree implementation
  772. Creating a lazy-start C++/WinRT coroutine from an eager-start one, part 2
  773. Announcing The Unicode® Standard, Version 15.0
  774. Here's Why Car Wheels Are So Flat These Days (And No, It's Not Just Aerodynamics And Styling) - The Autopian
  775. Learnathon - Learn .NET MAUI | #LearnAtReactor
  776. YouTube
  777. More Readable C# Code with File-Scoped Namespaces in .NET 6
  778. Indexers in C# - Code Maze
  779. More Readable C# Code with File-Scoped Namespaces in .NET 6
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  784. New Developer Advocacy Handbook chapter – How to create short and concise technical videos
  785. Edge’s Super-Res Image Enhancement
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  787. Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum
  788. @jost0101/dotnet-content-creators
  789. [Book review] Gödel, Escher, Bach: an in-depth explainer - AI Alignment Forum
  790. GitHub - jtucker/FunBlazorInAction: An experiment in converting the sample app from Blazor In Action to Fun.Blazor
  791. A robust weighted allocation algorithm thanks to CsCheck · Anthony Lloyd
  792. .NET Framework September 2022 Security and Quality Rollup
  793. @jost0101/dotnet-content-creators
  794. The Perfect Development Environment
  795. Authenticate Users and Call Protected APIs In Your MAUI App | .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI
  796. A Year In, GitHub Measures AI-Based Copilot's Productivity Boost -- Visual Studio Magazine
  797. We have decentralized version control, but centralized version management
  798. Online Identity is Complicated | Eldridge's Blog
  799. Hiring: Why More is Often Less | RKG
  800. Increase › Build your bank.
  801. Software Component Names Should Be Whimsical And Cryptic
  802. githublog/rolling-your-own-crypto-aes.md at main · francisrstokes/githublog
  803. ZeroBanana – Senior Engineers are Living in the Future
  804. W4 Games raises $8.5 million to support Godot Engine growth
  805. A note from Jack | Patreon Blog
  806. @jost0101/dotnet-content-creators
  807. Blazor in Action
  808. A Rant on the Occasional Inhumanity of Tech
  809. GitHub Quick Reviews
  810. .NET September 2022 Updates – .NET 6.0.9 and .NET Core 3.1.29
  811. FB feed is 98% suggested pages and barely any friend's posts. How do I change this?
  812. Factorio is coming to Nintendo Switch™ | Factorio
  813. ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor in .NET 7 Part II
  814. Who else does this ?
  815. What bug through yonder weirdness my build breaks?
  816. We Spoke With the Last Person Standing in the Floppy Disk Business
  817. Micro Frontends in Action With ASP.NET Core - Communication Patterns for Blazor WebAssembly Based Web Components
  818. A pair of Rust kernel modules
  819. GitHub - dotnet/standard: This repo is building the .NET Standard
  820. VCMI 1.0.0 released
  821. 5 Things Successful Developers Do (That You Don't)
  822. Creating a manual-start C++/WinRT coroutine from an eager-start one, part 1
  823. What If? 2 Flowchart
  824. Ethereum Gateway support for Görli + Sepolia Testnets and the Ethereum Merge
  825. My Blog is Hilariously Overengineered to the Point People Think it's a Static Site
  826. ZpqrtBnk
  827. C# Tip: use Miniprofiler instead of Stopwatch to profile code performance - Code4IT
  828. BERT Tokenizers NuGet Package for C# | Rubik's Code
  829. What Makes a Senior Engineer? Writing Software vs Building Systems
  830. .NET 7 SDK Now Supports Building Containerised Apps
  831. Versioning ASP.NET Core MVC & Minimal APIs
  832. How to download files from ASP.NET Core MVC
  833. Blazor Best Practices: Handling Errors
  834. .NET on Azure Functions Roadmap Update
  835. #CASBAN6: How to set up a local Microsoft SQL database on macOS
  836. C# Lambda Discards | endjin
  837. James Randall
  838. Coalescing DTOs
  839. Dark Sky Blog
  840. An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories
  841. Online Art Communities Begin Banning AI-Generated Images - Waxy.org
  842. 6 Simple and Useful PostgreSQL Features that I wish I knew when I started
  843. My Android work profile setup
  844. Tutorial on using LLVM to JIT PyTorch fx graphs to native code (x86/arm/risc-v/wasm) (Part I – Scalars)
  845. Revisiting “SET® Probabilities Revisited”
  846. The underappreciated role of muscle in health and disease — Paper Summary
  847. Narrative driven development
  848. Prompt injection attacks against GPT-3
  849. PDF viewer text search speed comparison
  850. Have You Even Read Kant?
  851. GitHub - crate-ci/cargo-release: Cargo subcommand `release`: everything about releasing a rust crate.
  852. 00_README.md
  853. The Follower
  854. Law & Order: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
  855. Azure Functions Support for .NET 7 Progresses -- Visual Studio Magazine
  856. Multi-Class Classification Using New PyTorch Best Practices, Part 2: Training, Accuracy, Predictions -- Visual Studio Magazine
  857. Referencing a Local Private NuGet Package in your Solution
  858. Improving Unit Tests with Fluent Assertions - Code Maze
  859. Writing a compiler. Bytecode finale
  860. 323: Let's Get Ultra Dynamic on an Island
  861. Git from the Bottom Up – Rebasing
  862. [Last Week in .NET #100] – Where’s the cool kids table?
  863. Reducing complexity with a shift in thinking
  864. Durable Functions Deep Dive part 3: Running an activity
  865. Setup application client in Azure App Registration with App roles to use a web API
  866. .NET now on Windows Package Manager
  867. Deploying a Ghost blog to AWS Lightsail
  868. WUG Days 2022 a SQL Server Bootcamp 2022
  869. Writing a compiler. Bytecode finale
  870. Building Beautiful Apps for Mac Using .NET MAUI | .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI
  871. Who Cares About Diversity?
  872. Bikes, Not Self Driving Cars, Are The Technological Gateway To Urban Progress
  873. Rotation
  874. SQLite Doesn't Use Git
  875. Let's Learn .NET
  876. Arm64 Performance Improvements in .NET 7
  877. GitHub - tlepoint/fhe.rs: Fully Homomorphic Encryption library in Rust
  878. Law & Order: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
  879. Serializing asynchronous operations in C#
  880. Ladybird: A new cross-platform browser project
  881. .NET MAUI Community Standup - .NET 7 Sneak Peek with Shane!
  882. Why all your classes should be sealed by default in C#
  883. Build Your Career on Dirty Work
  884. Pounds That Kill: The External Costs of Vehicle Weight
  885. Azure Container Apps Monitoring and Observability with Application Insights - Part 8 - Bit of Technology
  886. Keeping your dependencies updated with Azure Pipelines and Dependabot
  887. Celebrating 10 years of Azure App Service’s free tier
  888. DDD Brisbane 2022: Call for Speakers
  889. Deploying a .NET gRPC Server on Azure App Service - Sahan Serasinghe - Tech Blog
  890. Automatic issue fixing and filtering in Visual Studio Code
  891. Request Waiting List
  892. Offshore Information Services Ltd.
  893. GitHub - divamgupta/diffusionbee-stable-diffusion-ui: Diffusion Bee is the easiest way to run Stable Diffusion locally on your M1 Mac. Comes with a one-click installer. No dependencies or technical knowledge needed.
  894. Presentations Are All About Speed!
  895. Client-side vs Server-side, Front-end vs Back-end? Beginner Explanation of JavaScript on the Web
  896. Shortest URLs on the Internet
  897. Dueling over Dual_EC_DRGB: The Consequences of Corrupting a Cryptographic Standardization Process
  898. New Linux malware combines unusual stealth with a full suite of capabilities
  899. Unforgiveable C programming – keeping simple
  900. Cyber Ontology Stamp Collection
  901. Ed25519 Deep Dive Addendum
  902. Synthography | Benji Friedman
  903. Write Your Own Task Queue
  904. The Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
  905. GitHub - ltrzesniewski/RazorBlade: Compile Razor templates at build-time without a dependency on ASP.NET.
  906. Rendering my balls in a fragment shader
  907. GitHub - o1-labs/ocamlbyexample: Learn Ocaml by reading code examples
  908. OCaml By Example | <fun>
  909. learning about zero-knowledge apps and circuits using the noname educational DSL
  910. GitHub - migueldeicaza/SwiftTerm at uiscrollview-2022-07
  911. GitHub - VernonGrant/gnu-c-language-manual: This is a mirror of Richard Stallman's GNU C Language Intro and Reference, available in Markdown and PDF.
  912. GitHub - meienberger/runtipi: ⛺️ Tipi is a homeserver for everyone! One command setup, one click installs for your favorites self-hosted apps. ✨
  913. Offline documentation with webdoc
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  991. Excuse me but why are you eating so many frogs
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  994. GitHub - immich-app/immich: Self-hosted photo and video backup solution directly from your mobile phone.
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  1206. IMDB have deleted all the negative reviews for "The Rings Of Power". Out of 76 current reviews the lowest is a 5/10 and 65 of them are 8+/10
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  1245. When programming blogs are designed to be harmful
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  1286. Loss of Signal in between YouTube ads
  1287. Beginning gRPC with ASP.NET Core 6: Build Applications using ASP.NET Core Razor Pages, Angular, and Best Practices in .NET 6: Giretti, Anthony: 9781484280072: Books - Amazon.ca
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  1310. RandomStreetView.com shows random streetview images from around the world. An extraordinarily addictive and fun site.
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