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  1. The illusion of statelessness (READABLE)
  2. @msurdi blog (READABLE)
  3. Micah Lerner (READABLE)
  4. Linear scalable read-write lock (READABLE)
  5. Life, part 20 (READABLE)
  6. Asus Zephyrus G14 Review (READABLE)
  7. Connection Pooling for MySQL with the Heimdall Proxy (READABLE)
  8. The Pain of Debugging WebAssembly – The New Stack (READABLE)
  9. Life, part 19 (READABLE)
  10. Our AWS bill is ~ 2% of revenue. Here's how we did it (READABLE)
  11. Dreamcast 32MB RAM upgrade (READABLE)
  12. Palm | Product | The best small phone for minimalists, athletes, and kids (READABLE)
  13. TechEmpower/FrameworkBenchmarks (READABLE)
  14. TCC : Tiny C Compiler (READABLE)
  15. Path Building vs Path Verifying: Implementation Showdown (READABLE)
  16. A wild bug: 1970s Intel 8271 disc chip ate my data! (READABLE)
  17. Monitor GC stats with a startup hook (READABLE)
  18. Learning operating system development using Linux kernel and Raspberry Pi (READABLE)
  19. 3+1 ways to manage state in your Blazor application (READABLE)
  20. Introducing Secret Store (READABLE)
  21. What is Zig's “Colorblind” Async/Await? (READABLE)
  22. Sonos S2 compatibility | Sonos (READABLE)
  23. Sysinternals ProcDump For Linux | Build5Nines (READABLE)
  24. Memory-prediction asymmetry (READABLE)
  25. Log-Structured Merge-Trees (READABLE)
  26. FlatBuffers: FlexBuffers (READABLE)
  27. A NVIDIA Engineer In His Spare Time Wrote A Vulkan Driver That Works On Older Raspberry Pi (READABLE)
  28. Virtual: Steve Collins - .NET Core Dependency Injection – The Booster Jab (READABLE)
  29. Implementing a brainfuck CPU in Ghidra - part 1: Setup and disassembly (READABLE)
  30. Written communication is remote work super power (READABLE)
  31. The smartest password policy enforcer for Active Directory (READABLE)
  32. Build your own .NET memory profiler in C# — call stacks (2/2–2) (READABLE)
  33. Apple gave me the Hey treatment back in 2014 (READABLE)
  34. Why is there a "V" in SIGSEGV Segmentation Fault? — Idea of the day (READABLE)
  35. Let's Encrypt: Senior Software Engineer (READABLE)
  36. ASP.NET Core Series: Performance Testing Techniques (READABLE)
  37. Reverse Engineering Snapchat (Part I): Obfuscation Techniques (READABLE)
  38. Converting a hundred million integers to strings per second (READABLE)
  39. hashcat 6.0.0 (READABLE)
  40. Introducing AWS Snowcone – A Small, Lightweight, Rugged, Secure Edge Computing, Edge Storage, and Data Transfer Device | Amazon Web Services (READABLE)
  41. FreeBSD 11.4-RELEASE Announcement (READABLE)
  42. Honoring Our Beloved Melody Lo organized by Amineta Lo (READABLE)
  43. Oodle Texture Compression (READABLE)
  44. 3K, 60fps, 130ms: achieving it with Rust | tonari blog (READABLE)
  45. 2020 Chrome Extension Performance Report | DebugBear (READABLE)
  46. 2020 Chrome Extension Performance Report | DebugBear (READABLE)
  47. Viewing async code with Visual Studio (READABLE)
  48. Introduction to the High Performance package - Windows Community Toolkit (READABLE)
  49. Zsh and Fish’s simple but clever trick for highlighting missing linefeeds – Vidar's Blog (READABLE)
  50. I'm 15 and I slept on the floor for a year. Here's why. (READABLE)
  51. How x86_64 addresses memory (READABLE)
  52. Fast 2D rendering on GPU (READABLE)
  53. Microsoft: Rust Is the Industry’s ‘Best Chance’ at Safe Systems Programming – The New Stack (READABLE)
  54. SQLite As An Application File Format (READABLE)
  55. What to write down when you’re reading to learn (READABLE)
  56. The Many Quirks of Qsort (READABLE)
  58. PINETAB – 10.1″ Linux tablet with detached backlit keyboard – PINE Store (READABLE)
  59. Development With A Dot - ASP.NET Core OData Part 2 (READABLE)
  60. (READABLE)
  61. The seven deceptions of microservices (READABLE)
  62. Exploration Strategies in Deep Reinforcement Learning (READABLE)
  63. SQL: What is the difference between connecting to .SQLEXPRESS and (localdb)v11.0 ? - The Bit Bucket (READABLE)
  64. Memory profiling on Linux and macOS with dotMemory 2020.2 - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  65. Playing Around With The Fuchsia Operating System (READABLE)
  66. CacheOut (READABLE)
  67. New inline assembly syntax available in nightly | Inside Rust Blog (READABLE)
  68. NVIDIA/cutlass (READABLE)
  69. Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries, 3rd Edition (READABLE)
  70. An io_uring based Transport Layer (Part III) - Preview Release - Nicolas Portmann - .NET / Java / Security (READABLE)
  71. dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  72. carlini/printf-tac-toe (READABLE)
  73. Released: Update to Microsoft OLE DB Driver 18 for SQL Server (READABLE)
  74. Call function in unmanaged DLL from C# and pass custom data types [Marshal] (READABLE)
  75. .NET Rocks! vNext (READABLE)
  76. Peeking under the hood of Command & Conquer (READABLE)
  77. SixLabors.ImageSharp 1.0.0-rc0002 (READABLE)
  78. Microsoft.Diagnostics.Runtime 2.0.130507 (READABLE)
  79. Faster than radix sort: Kirkpatrick-Reisch sorting (READABLE)
  80. Ruby vs Crystal Performance (READABLE)
  81. Monitor your website with cloud functions (READABLE)
  82. Experimenting with Memory Management for Basil (READABLE)
  83. Batch, batch, batch: Respect the classics! (READABLE)
  84. SQLite Forum: Caution: clang-11.0.0 miscompiles SQLite (READABLE)
  85. .NET Rocks! vNext (READABLE)
  86. The Rise and Fall of Commercial Smalltalk (READABLE)
  87. Gleam v0.9 released! – by Otter Nonsense (READABLE)
  88. Running Awk in parallel to process 256M records (READABLE)
  89. (READABLE)
  90. immuni-app/immuni-documentation (READABLE)
  91. EF Core In depth – what happens when EF Core reads from the database? – The Reformed Programmer (READABLE)
  92. Reconstructing a lost NES game from 30-year-old source code disks – Video Game History Foundation (READABLE)
  93. Immutable data structures in F# (READABLE)
  94. Trying and setting up WSL 2 (READABLE)
  95. Making a SNES game in 2020 - Yo-Yo Shuriken by Dr. Ludos (READABLE)
  96. Rust: Dropping heavy things in another thread can make your code 10000 times faster (READABLE)
  97. ScottHolden/BFSourceGen (READABLE)
  98. Godot Engine - Godot Editor running in a web browser (READABLE)
  99. Things we learned about sums · QuestDB (READABLE)
  100. An Introduction to Apache Airflow (READABLE)
  101. Why use Azure Functions for ML inference ? (READABLE)
  102. r/techsupport - I wrote Task Manager and I just remembered something... (READABLE)
  103. TechEmpower Web Framework Performance Comparison (READABLE)
  104. TechEmpower Web Framework Performance Comparison (READABLE)
  105. 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 on sale now at $75 - Raspberry Pi (READABLE)
  106. Life, part 13 (READABLE)
  107. Introduction to UEFI: Part 1 (READABLE)
  108. Research Report – Zephyr and MCUboot Security Assessment (READABLE)
  109. How to code like the top Programmers at NASA — 10 critical rules - Alt Bulletin (READABLE)
  110. NextDNS (READABLE)
  111. Optimizing RavenDB by adding Thread.Sleep(5) (READABLE)
  112. A Guide to Threat Modelling for Developers (READABLE)
  113. Today’s Javascript, from an outsider’s perspective (READABLE)
  114. Life, part 12 (READABLE)
  115. stapelberg uses this: my 2020 desk setup (READABLE)
  116. 99.5 WCRB | Classical Radio Boston (READABLE)
  117. Memory safety - The Chromium Projects (READABLE)
  118. Chrome: 70% of all security bugs are memory safety issues | ZDNet (READABLE)
  119. SCM Marchant Cogito 240 Electronic Calculator (READABLE)
  120. Optimizing for the RDNA Architecture: presentation notes (READABLE)
  121. I made a NES emulator in Rust using generators (READABLE)
  122. What Unity Is Getting Wrong (READABLE)
  123. This Goes to Eleven (Pt. 5/∞) (READABLE)
  124. Why ESP32's Are The Best Microcontrollers (ESP32 + Arduino series) (READABLE)
  125. Deep sleep: Use RTC memory to store data (ESP32 + Arduino series) (READABLE)
  126. Zettelkasten — How One German Scholar Was So Freakishly Productive (READABLE)
  127. Microsoft Open-Sources GW-BASIC | Windows Command Line (READABLE)
  128. WinDbg — the Fun Way: Part 2 (READABLE)
  129. Life, part 11 (READABLE)
  130. Three bugs in the Go MySQL Driver (READABLE)
  131. Mount Everest is Visible From Kathmandu, Nepal for First Time in Living Memory (READABLE)
  132. A Guide to Threat Modelling for Developers (READABLE)
  133. Tackle Big-O Notation in .NET Core - Simple Talk (READABLE)
  134. (READABLE)
  135. F# 5 and F# tools update | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  136. Kyle Halladay - Ray Tracing In Notepad.exe At 30 FPS (READABLE)
  137. A Guide to Threat Modelling for Developers (READABLE)
  138. OpenBSD 6.7 (READABLE)
  139. Check what .net core GC keywords are enabled without a debugger (READABLE)
  140. 10 most common mistakes using kubernetes (READABLE)
  141. Here's What's New in the May Update | Rainway (READABLE)
  142. Coding is Not Computer Science (READABLE)
  143. PERF: ensure we run full GC on contexts (READABLE)
  144. Up to 4GB of memory in WebAssembly · V8 (READABLE)
  145. Life, part 9 (READABLE)
  146. The Success and Failure of Ninja (READABLE)
  147. r/interestingasfuck - Pointing out how much power few people have gets you removed from this sub apparently. (READABLE)
  148. TechEmpower Web Framework Performance Comparison (READABLE)
  149. Performance speed limits (READABLE)
  150. What’s New in .NET Core 3.0 and .NET 5.0 for Performance and Memory-Aware Folks? | SkillsCast (READABLE)
  151. Getting Started With Visual Studio Codespaces - Cloud IDE | Build5Nines (READABLE)
  152. In Praise of AutoHotKey • Hillel Wayne (READABLE)
  153. Increase ASP.NET File Upload Limits (READABLE)
  154. A Story About .csproj, Large Solutions and Memory Usage - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  155. Demystifying Memory Profilers in C# .NET Part 3: Memory Pressure - Michael's Coding Spot (READABLE)
  156. Reducing Your Database Hosting Costs: DigitalOcean vs. AWS vs. Azure (READABLE)
  157. PJRC Store (READABLE)
  159. Life, part 8 (READABLE)
  160. Pinned Object Heap in .NET 5 – TooSlowException (READABLE)
  161. Make LLVM fast again (READABLE)
  162. Racket is 25 (READABLE)
  163. The IBM 1401 compiles and runs FORTRAN II (READABLE)
  164. Godot Engine - Godot 4.0 will get a new, modernized lightmapper (READABLE)
  165. Cam Link 4K (READABLE)
  166. PHP showing its maturity in release 7.4 (READABLE)
  167. Introducing Caddy 2 - The Ultimate Server with Automatic HTTPS (READABLE)
  168. Life, part 6 (READABLE)
  169. Apple updates 13-inch MacBook Pro with Magic Keyboard, double the storage, and faster performance (READABLE)
  170. EF Core testing sample - EF Core (READABLE)
  171. Popcorn Linux - Home (READABLE)
  172. Making rust as fast as go (READABLE)
  173. 'Re: Integrating "safe" languages into OpenBSD?' (READABLE)
  174. Awk in 20 Minutes (READABLE)
  175. Complexity Has to Live Somewhere (READABLE)
  176. Reducing allocations using Span<T> and Memory<T> (READABLE)
  177. Development With A Dot - Performance in .NET – Part 4 (READABLE)
  178. Life, part 5 (READABLE)
  179. Rust/WinRT Public Preview - Windows Developer Blog (READABLE)
  180. Redis 6.0.0 GA is out! (READABLE)
  181. How to break everything by fuzz testing (READABLE)
  182. Demystifying Memory Profilers in C# .NET Part 2 - Memory Leaks (READABLE)
  183. The Dispose Pattern is Broken (READABLE)
  184. How 3D Game Rendering Works: Texturing (READABLE)
  185. B-trees (READABLE)
  186. Using dotTrace and dotMemory for production analysis on Linux (READABLE)
  187. This Goes to Eleven (Pt. 4/∞) (READABLE)
  188. Work flow of diagnosing memory performance issues – Part 2 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  189. Life, part 4 (READABLE)
  190. Teleforking a process onto a different computer! (READABLE)
  191. Azure Resource Organization Cheat Sheet (READABLE)
  192. Introducing MVVM architecture. Vanilla javascript implementation. (READABLE)
  193. Phoenix Framework (READABLE)
  194. Nintendo 64 Architecture | A Practical Analysis (READABLE)
  195. Tempdb – Here’s a Problem You Didn’t Know You Have - Simple Talk (READABLE)
  196. A Possible New Backend for Rust – Jason Williams (READABLE)
  197. PlayStation Architecture | A Practical Analysis (READABLE)
  198. Concurrency Week: How to Delete Just Some Rows from a Really Big Table - Brent Ozar Unlimited® (READABLE)
  199. Fixing Random, part 17 (READABLE)
  200. “Stubs” in the .NET Runtime (READABLE)
  201. Life, part 2 (READABLE)
  202. TechEmpower Web Framework Performance Comparison (READABLE)
  203. I Took a COBOL Course and It Wasn't The Worst | Hacker Noon (READABLE)
  204. Why anti-cheat software utilize kernel drivers (READABLE)
  205. Build your own .NET memory profiler in C# — allocations(1/2) (READABLE)
  206. A Taste of GPU Compute (READABLE)
  207. Amazon EC2 Instance Comparison (READABLE)
  208. Building an end-to-end Speech Recognition model in PyTorch (READABLE)
  209. [wsl2] filesystem performance is much slower than wsl1 in /mnt · Issue #4197 · microsoft/WSL (READABLE)
  210. Creating a ReadOnlySequence from Array Data - Steve Gordon (READABLE)
  211. The Devastating Decline of a Brilliant Young Coder (READABLE)
  212. Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries, 3rd Edition (READABLE)
  213. AMD Claims World’s Fastest Per-Core Performance with New EPYC Rome 7Fx2 CPUs (READABLE)
  214. John Conway (READABLE)
  215. Queuing Background Jobs with Coravel - CodeOpinion (READABLE)
  216. 0.6.0 Release Notes · The Zig Programming Language (READABLE)
  217. A Personal History of Compilation Speed, Part 1 (READABLE)
  218. Your statement is 100% correct but misses the entire point (READABLE)
  219. Technical reasons to choose FreeBSD over GNU/Linux (READABLE)
  220. Database basics: writing a SQL database from scratch in Go (READABLE)
  221. Welcome back to C++ - Modern C++ (READABLE)
  222. Your statement is 100% correct but misses the entire point (READABLE)
  223. Work flow of diagnosing memory performance issues – Part 1 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  224. The limitations of Android N Encryption (READABLE)
  225. #badBIOS features explained (READABLE)
  226. Hacking my Sixth Form College network in 1991 (READABLE)
  227. Firefox 75.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes (READABLE)
  228. IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1: Java 14, dataflow analysis assistance in the debugger, LightEdit mode, and more! (READABLE)
  229. Does a memory barrier ensure that the cache coherence has been completed? (READABLE)
  230. A Week at the Shore - Barbara Delinsky (READABLE)
  231. Using SIMD to aggregate billions of rows per second (on a laptop) · QuestDB (READABLE)
  232. Carl Franklin's Blazor Desk Show (READABLE)
  233. How SEO Ruined the Internet — Superhighway 98 (READABLE)
  234. Carl Franklin's Blazor Road Show (READABLE)
  235. Work flow of diagnosing memory performance issues – Part 0 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  236. How we recovered over $300K of Bitcoin (READABLE)
  237. Version 1.2.0 released (READABLE)
  238. Dependency Injection Lifetimes In ASP.NET CORE (READABLE)
  239. Lyme disease bacteria eradicated by new drug in early tests - Scope (READABLE)
  240. How SNES emulators got a few pixels from complete perfection (READABLE)
  241. rethinking openbsd security (READABLE)
  242. Auto-Detect Memory Issues in your App with Dynamic Program Analysis - Rider 2020.1 - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  243. IdentityServer4 Integration with ASP.NET Core - Code Maze (READABLE)
  244. Await | Writing an OS in Rust (READABLE)
  245. .NET for Apache® Spark™ In-Memory DataFrame Support | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  246. Linux 5.6 - Linus Torvalds (READABLE)
  247. Helping Customers Effectively | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  248. Bite size linux! (READABLE)
  249. Bite size linux! (READABLE)
  250. Sorting 1 million 8-digit numbers in 1 MB of RAM (READABLE)
  251. Static analysis in GCC 10 - Red Hat Developer (READABLE)
  252. Hardware Solutions To Highly-Adversarial Environments - Whitebox Crypto vs TPM vs TEE vs Secure Enclaves vs Secure Elements vs HSM vs CloudHSM vs KMS (READABLE)
  253. How are Unix pipes implemented? (READABLE)
  254. Optimising C# for a serverless environment (READABLE)
  255. Carl Franklin's Blazor Desk Show with Dan Roth (READABLE)
  256. Welcome to DFHack’s documentation! — DFHack 0.44.12-r3 documentation (READABLE)
  257. 10 Most(ly dead) Influential Programming Languages • Hillel Wayne (READABLE)
  258. 10 Most(ly dead) Influential Programming Languages • Hillel Wayne (READABLE)
  259. Azure Dedicated Host: New capabilities and benefits (READABLE)
  260. Using HttpCompletionOption to Improve HttpClient Performance in .NET - Steve Gordon (READABLE)
  261. Hierarchical Depth Buffers (READABLE)
  262. Carl Franklin's Blazor Road Show (READABLE)
  263. Why We Started Putting Unpopular Assets in Memory (READABLE)
  264. Building Modern Desktop Apps—Is WinUI 3.0 the Way to Go? (READABLE)
  265. A categorized list of all Java and JVM features since JDK 8 to 14 (READABLE)
  266. Concurrent programming, with examples (READABLE)
  267. DeepMind - What if solving one problem could unlock solutions to thousands more? (READABLE)
  268. Getting Started With .NET Localization (READABLE)
  269. Stark - Native Compiler - Prototype 2019 (READABLE)
  270. Build This 8-Bit Home Computer With Just 5 Chips
 - IEEE Spectrum (READABLE)
  271. EAX x86 Register: Meaning and History (READABLE)
  272. Async Expert by Dotnetos - your path to excel at async in .NET. Dotnetos training (READABLE)
  273. A Digression on Divergence (READABLE)
  274. My Mac Dev Setup (READABLE)
  275. Avoid In-Memory Databases for Tests (READABLE)
  276. AdoptOpenJDK (READABLE)
  277. How Prince of Persia Defeated Apple II's Memory Limitations | War Stories | Ars Technica (READABLE)
  278. The good parts of AWS - A visual summary (READABLE)
  279. Avoiding cache line overlap by replacing one 256-bit store with two 128-bit stores (READABLE)
  280. Announcing the general availability of Azure Monitor for virtual machines (READABLE)
  281. Fireiron: A Scheduling Language for High-Performance Linear Algebra on GPUs (READABLE)
  282. Akka.NET v1.4 is Available on .NET Standard 2.0 (READABLE)
  283. [TUHS] The most surprising Unix programs (READABLE)
  284. Performance Engineering Blog (READABLE)
  285. EdDSA, Ed25519, Ed25519-IETF, Ed25519ph, Ed25519ctx, HashEdDSA, PureEdDSA, WTF? (READABLE)
  286. ASP.NET Core Session Storage Strategies - DZone Web Dev (READABLE)
  287. EdDSA, Ed25519, Ed25519-IETF, Ed25519ph, Ed25519ctx, HashEdDSA, PureEdDSA, WTF? (READABLE)
  288. Seattle Symphony Announces Free Video Broadcasts and Livestreams (READABLE)
  289. Storage 101: Understanding the NAND Flash Solid State Drive - Simple Talk (READABLE)
  290. A Simple GPU Hash Table (READABLE)
  291. Distributed DMX with Apache Ignite (READABLE)
  292. My exploration of Rust and .NET (READABLE)
  293. Making Your Code Faster by Taming Branches (READABLE)
  294. Table 4 . Normalized global results for Energy, Time, and Memory  (READABLE)
  295. Automatic indexes and garbage collection, features that you shouldn’t need which save the day (READABLE)
  296. ARITH-MATIC: Computational Hardware for Pragmatists (READABLE)
  297. We have to talk about this Python, Gunicorn, Gevent thing (READABLE)
  298. Not a 'math person'? You may be better at learning to code than you think (READABLE)
  299. Public Gratitudes (READABLE)
  300. Caffeine Boosts Problem-Solving Ability but Not Creativity, Study Indicates (READABLE)
  301. The Odyssey of Stark and Melody (READABLE)
  302. CLUI: Building a Graphical Command Line (READABLE)
  303. Intel x86 Root of Trust: loss of trust (READABLE)
  304. Introduction to Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering (READABLE)
  305. Landmark Computer Science Proof Cascades Through Physics and Math | Quanta Magazine (READABLE)
  306. The growth of command line options, 1979-Present (READABLE)
  307. Levenshtein Distance (Part 3: Optimize Everything!) (READABLE)
  308. Relating Natural Language Aptitude to Individual Differences in Learning Programming Languages (READABLE)
  309. Rust Ownership Rules (READABLE)
  310. When Bloom filters don't bloom (READABLE)
  311. (PUBLIC) Building a better Go linker (READABLE)
  312. Technical Details of Why Cloudflare Chose AMD EPYC for Gen X Servers (READABLE)
  313. How to Fill a Klein Bottle - Numberphile (READABLE)
  314. .NET Threading and WebAssembly (READABLE)
  315. How Crash Bandicoot Hacked The Original Playstation | War Stories | Ars Technica (READABLE)
  316. CppCon 2014: Chandler Carruth "Efficiency with Algorithms, Performance with Data Structures" (READABLE)
  317. Provisional Mode | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  318. x64dbg (READABLE)
  319. #444 – An Interview with Ben Eater (READABLE)
  320. Buy X410 - Microsoft Store (READABLE)
  321. Just In Time Hooking # (READABLE)
  322. Securing Firefox with WebAssembly – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog (READABLE)
  323. TraceProcessor 1.0.0 - Windows Developer Blog (READABLE)
  325. Storage 101: Understanding the Hard-Disk Drive - Simple Talk (READABLE)
  326. .NET Memory Workshops (READABLE)
  327. In depth guide to running Elasticsearch in production (READABLE)
  328. dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  329. Part 1 - Introduction and Setting up the REPL (READABLE)
  330. Learning Rust With Entirely Too Many Linked Lists (READABLE)
  331. TotallyNotChase/glitch-this (READABLE)
  332. mcc ( (READABLE)
  333. Debugging Wednesday — Cancel this task! (READABLE)
  334. The Power of EventSourcing — Softwarepark (READABLE)
  335. Compiler Explorer - C (x86-64 clang 9.0.0) (READABLE)
  336. Compiler Explorer - C (x86-64 clang 9.0.0) (READABLE)
  337. NVIDIA/cutlass (READABLE)
  338. Removed Method Group conversions, more additions to equality. by Mrnikbobjeff · Pull Request #1030 · xamarin/Essentials (READABLE)
  339. Porting old posts, part 3 (READABLE)
  340. Update on our new and upcoming security keys (READABLE)
  341. Asher Wolf – Medium (READABLE)
  342. Appstat - App Store Sales & Analytics on your Mac (READABLE)
  343. SQL Bits 2020 is happening in London: join us March 31 to April 4 - SQL Server Blog (READABLE)
  344. Seba's Photography - A blog about photography and (if happens) travels. Photographer based in Portsmouth, UK. Mainly portraits, street and few landscape photography (READABLE)
  345. How 1500 bytes became the MTU of the internet (READABLE)
  346. Does register selection matter to performance on x86 CPUs? (READABLE)
  347. IdentityServer4: Building a Simple Token Server and Protecting Your ASP.NET Core APIs with JWT (READABLE)
  348. Announcing speakers for 2020 : C++ On Sea (READABLE)
  349. System.IO.Pipelines: High performance IO in .NET | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  350. Adam Storr - Integration Testing with ASP.NET Core 3.1 (READABLE)
  351. David Pfau (READABLE)
  352. dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  353. Evil Eval() Vol. 2 @ PeachPie | PHP compiler to .NET (READABLE)
  354. Calculating Pi: My attempt at breaking the Pi World Record (READABLE)
  355. dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  356. Research based on the .NET Runtime (READABLE)
  357. Base64 encoding and decoding at almost the speed of a memory copy (READABLE)
  358. New Microsoft.Toolkit.HighPerformance package by Sergio0694 · Pull Request #3128 · windows-toolkit/WindowsCommunityToolkit (READABLE)
  359. M/Monit (READABLE)
  360. Carl Franklin's Blazor Road Show! (READABLE)
  361. Amazon found every 100ms of latency cost them 1% in sales. (READABLE)
  362. 256LOL - An x86 Assembler in 256 LOC (READABLE)
  363. Newtonsoft Vs System.Text.Json – Talk Technical (READABLE)
  364. Memory Bandwidth Napkin Math (READABLE)
  365. This Goes to Eleven (Part. 3/∞) (READABLE)
  366. This Goes to Eleven (Part. 2/∞) (READABLE)
  367. HW intrinsics: Expose REP MOVSB/D in API to allow conscious use of ERMSB feature · Issue #10824 · dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  368. How symmetric password-authenticated key exchanges work (sPAKE) (READABLE)
  369. Train ML models on large images and 3D volumes with spatial partitioning on Cloud TPUs | Google Cloud Blog (READABLE)
  370. Software optimization resources. C++ and assembly. Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X (READABLE)
  371. Wave Engine’s on-line glTF viewer – WaveEngine Team (READABLE)
  372. dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  373. dotNetDave Rocks NDC { Porto } 2020 (READABLE)
  374. The polygons of Another World: Game Boy Advance (READABLE)
  375. p8952/bocker (READABLE)
  376. Google's OpenSK lets you BYOSK – burn your own security key (READABLE)
  377. tock/tock (READABLE)
  378. Life of a triangle - NVIDIA's logical pipeline (READABLE)
  379. GPU Performance for Game Artists (READABLE)
  380. Collecting and analyzing memory dumps | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  381. System.IO.Pipelines: High performance IO in .NET | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  382. SAP-1 Processor Architecture — SAP-1 Processor Architecture documentation (READABLE)
  383. dangrie158/SAP-1 (READABLE)
  384. Train ML models on large images and 3D volumes with spatial partitioning on Cloud TPUs | Google Cloud Blog (READABLE)
  385. Tail opcode being emitted for normal methods, destroys JIT optimizations · Issue #6329 · dotnet/fsharp (READABLE)
  386. About the security content of iOS 13.3.1 and iPadOS 13.3.1 (READABLE)
  387. KnightOS was an interesting operating system (READABLE)
  388. The Throw Keyword was a Mistake (READABLE)
  389. Disk Prices (US) (READABLE)
  390. CacheOut (READABLE)
  391. STM32 Game Boy cartridge – EmerytHacks (READABLE)
  392. The Infinite Loop That Wasn't: A Holy Grail Bug Story - mGBA (READABLE)
  393. dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  394. Add support for high level Assembler by xoofx · Pull Request #60 · 0xd4d/iced (READABLE)
  395. Tools for Exploring .NET Internals (READABLE)
  396. microsoft/verona (READABLE)
  397. NASM - The Netwide Assembler (READABLE)
  398. How to write a simple operating system in assembly language (READABLE)
  399. Writing a Bootloader Part 1 (READABLE)
  400. NYAN Conference (READABLE)
  401. Visual ReCode - The No-Hassle Code Upgrade Tool for .NET (READABLE)
  402. The polygons of Another World: Super Nintendo (READABLE)
  403. Optimistic allocation of objects on the stack · Issue #1661 · dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  404. Adam Storr - Integration Testing with ASP.NET Core 3.1 (READABLE)
  405. Basic Instruction Scheduling (and Software Pipelining) (READABLE)
  406. Optimizing string.Count all the way from LINQ to hardware accelerated vectorized instructions (READABLE)
  407. Carl Franklin's Blazor Road Show (READABLE)
  408. Chris Brumme (READABLE)
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  410. Password managers don't have to be perfect, they just have to be better than not having one (READABLE)
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  412. Injecting the flu vaccine into a tumor gets the immune system to attack it (READABLE)
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  418. Why would a table with a Clustered Columnstore Index have many open rowgroups? (READABLE)
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  428. AWS re:Invent 2019: [REPEAT 1] BPF performance analysis at Netflix (OPN303-R1) (READABLE)
  429. Why databases use ordered indexes but programming uses hash tables ( (READABLE)
  430. tmds/Tmds.Ssh (READABLE)
  431. Using WebAssembly from .NET with Wasmtime – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog (READABLE)
  432. Using WebAssembly from .NET with Wasmtime (READABLE)
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  434. The Difference Between IEnumerable and IQueryable Explained – The Sharper Dev (READABLE)
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  437. Synology 5 bay NAS DiskStation DS1019+ (Diskless): Computers & Accessories (READABLE)
  438. Everything I know about Kubernetes I learned from a cluster of Raspberry Pis | Jeff Geerling (READABLE)
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  444. Display the project's imports as a tree by drewnoakes · Pull Request #5639 · dotnet/project-system (READABLE)
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  447. Help Us Plant 20 Million Trees - Join #TeamTrees (READABLE)
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  482. Intel 545s 2.5&#34; 256GB SATA III 64-Layer 3D NAND TLC Internal Solid State Drive &#40;SSD&#41; SSDSC2KW256G8X1 - (READABLE)
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  627. A Deep Dive into Query Execution Engine of Spark SQL - Databricks (READABLE)
  628. systemd/systemd (READABLE)
  629. Generics, structs and nulls – the JIT is smart so you don’t have to | tabs ↹ over ␣ ␣ ␣ spaces by Jiří {x2} Činčura (READABLE)
  630. Decoupling Algorithms from the Organization of Computation for High-Performance Graphics & Imaging (READABLE)
  631. bryanmcnett/aabo (READABLE)
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  639. CppCon 2017: Teresa Johnson “ThinLTO: Scalable and Incremental Link-Time Optimization” (READABLE)
  640. Add 'split' support for ReadOnlySpan<char> similar to string · Issue #934 · dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  641. mpm guide - niall t.l. (READABLE)
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  659. Sasha Goldshtein — Debugging and Profiling .NET Core Apps on Linux (READABLE)
  660. Black Hole of Misogyny: Reddit trolls just can’t stop attacking Dr. Katie Bouman for her crime of doing nothing wrong (READABLE)
  661. .NET Internals Cookbook Part 9 — Finalizers, queues, card tables and other GC stuff – Random IT Utensils (READABLE)
  662. Reactive approach to FSAC design - discussion · Issue #1 · Krzysztof-Cieslak/notes (READABLE)
  663. NativeMemoryDiagnoser by WojciechNagorski · Pull Request #1131 · dotnet/BenchmarkDotNet (READABLE)
  664. Lies, darn lies and sampling bias (READABLE)
  665. Functional Scala: Next Level by John A. De Goes (LambdaConf Edition) (READABLE)
  666. Direct3D 11.3 Functional Specification (READABLE)
  668. MS Office Interop Automation in C# (READABLE)
  669. Unit Testing Improvements in Rider 2019.1 - .NET Tools Blog (READABLE)
  670. TPU's GPU Database Portal & Updates (READABLE)
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  672. Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces (READABLE)
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  674. Announcing the Azure Functions Premium plan for enterprise serverless workloads (READABLE)
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  676. Making CPU configuration better for GC on machines with > 64 CPUs | .NET Blog (READABLE)
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  682. Machine code layout optimizations. | Easyperf (READABLE)
  683. hallatore/Netling (READABLE)
  684. google/sanitizers (READABLE)
  685. How to optimize and run ML.NET models on scalable ASP.NET Core WebAPIs or web apps | Cesar de la Torre (READABLE)
  686. Benchmarking performance of your code between release versions (READABLE)
  687. The WhibOx Contest Edition 2 - CYBERCRYPT (READABLE)
  688. GameTechDev/GTS-GamesTaskScheduler (READABLE)
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  691. Explaining Code using ASCII Art – Embedded in Academia (READABLE)
  692. When pigs fly: optimising bytecode interpreters (READABLE)
  693. Core support for object pooling · Issue #12296 · dotnet/runtime (READABLE)
  694. Searching large projects is too slow · Issue #55 · microsoft/vscode (READABLE)
  695. zeux/meshoptimizer (READABLE)
  696. ARROW-4502: [C#] Add support for zero-copy reads by eerhardt · Pull Request #3736 · apache/arrow (READABLE)
  697. AccessViolationException/FatalExecutionEngineError: Using net. standard and netfx · Issue #922 · dotnet/standard (READABLE)
  698. Alpha 21364 - Wikipedia (READABLE)
  699. DTrace on Windows (READABLE)
  700. Test your server for Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160) (READABLE)
  701. A Simple and Fast Object Mapper (READABLE)
  702. Announcing .NET Core 3 Preview 3 | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  703. Hello, bgfx! - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻 (READABLE)
  704. Stable Filtering  —  Part 1 (READABLE)
  705. Hardware intrinsic in .NET Core 3.0 - Introduction (READABLE)
  706. CoreCLR’s environment is not your environment (READABLE)
  707. pierricgimmig/orbitprofiler (READABLE)
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  709. Dotnetos - .NET Performance Tour 2019 (READABLE)
  710. Understanding the Whys, Whats, and Whens of ValueTask | .NET Blog (READABLE)
  711. Serverless to the Max: Doing Big Things for Small Dollars with Cloudflare Workers and Azure Functions (READABLE)
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  714. Reading /proc/pid/cmdline can hang forever (READABLE)
  715. facebookexperimental/eden (READABLE)
  716. MuniHac 2018: Keynote: A low-latency garbage collector for GHC (READABLE)
  717. Preserve old serialization format with the new folly::none · facebook/fbthrift@63a06e8 (READABLE)
  718. Emscripten’s embind  |  Web  |  Google Developers (READABLE)
  719. What happens if 'throw' fails to allocate memory for exception object? (READABLE)
  720. replace the system memory info in eden stats with process memory · facebookexperimental/eden@9a3fa8b (READABLE)
  721. maps, smaps and Memory Stats! (READABLE)
  722. r/miniSNES - Latency Analysis of NES, SNES, Classics, and RetroPie (READABLE)
  723. Hotswapping Haskell · Simon Marlow (READABLE)
  724. Hurt Me Plenty: A Doom Retrospective - Outright Geekery (READABLE)
  725. Game Engine Black Book: Wolfenstein 3D: 9781539692874: Computer Science Books @ (READABLE)
  726. Darren Sweeney (READABLE)
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  729. Profile your CPU and GPU (OpenGL and Vulkan) code with Tracy Profiler (READABLE)
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  731. serge-rgb/compiler (READABLE)
  732. How C++ Debuggers work - Simon Brand - Meeting C++ 2017 (READABLE)
  733. ApoorvaJ/tiny-jpeg-rs (READABLE)
  734. Toward an honesty of pixels: on Final Fantasy 12 HD and Quake 3 Arena (READABLE)
  735. Bifunctor IO: A Step Away from Dynamically-Typed Error Handling (READABLE)
  736. Dishoom Shoreditch | Dishoom (READABLE)
  737. vivri/Adjective (READABLE)
  738. On the Security of Password Managers - Schneier on Security (READABLE)
  739. Security Analysis of the LIFX Smart Light Bulb - Schneier on Security (READABLE)
  740. Friday Squid Blogging: Squids on the Tree of Life - Schneier on Security (READABLE)
  741. Military Carrier Pigeons in the Era of Electronic Warfare - Schneier on Security (READABLE)
  742. Customer reviews: Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Stealth - Essential Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Compact Layout - Tactile & Silent Razer Orange Switches (READABLE)
  743. Compiler Explorer - C++ (READABLE)
  744. Unit Testing Games (READABLE)
  745. Here’s a neat trick for understanding how long computer processes take (READABLE)
  746. JUMPGRID by Ian MacLarty (READABLE)
  747. proposal: x/crypto: deprecate unused, legacy and problematic packages · Issue #30141 · golang/go (READABLE)
  748. djbsort: Changes (READABLE)
  749. djbsort: Intro (READABLE)
  750. Cortex-A7 Processor - ARM (READABLE)
  751. Trying to write Ukkonen's algorithm from memory in a language I don't know! Without tests! YOLO (READABLE)
  752. Cache tables (READABLE)
  753. nothings/stb (READABLE)
  754. Mipmapping with Bidirectional Techniques (READABLE)
  755. NVIDIA Turing Vulkan/OpenGL extensions (READABLE)
  756. Introduction to Turing Mesh Shaders | NVIDIA Developer Blog (READABLE)
  757. Breaking Down Barriers – Part 5: Back To The Real World (READABLE)
  758. Robust Solving of Optical Motion Capture Data by Denoising - Ubisoft Montréal (READABLE)
  759. Breaking Down Barriers – Part 2: Synchronizing GPU Threads (READABLE)
  760. KIT - Computergrafik - Publikationen - Reweighting Firefly Samples for Improved Finite-Sample Monte Carlo Estimates (READABLE)
  761. NVIDIA Nsight Graphics (READABLE)
  762. A new microflake model with microscopic self-shadowing for accurate volume downsampling (READABLE)
  763. kayru/RayTracedShadows (READABLE)
  764. Manifold Garden - Performance, Design, and Music System (READABLE)
  765. Khronos OpenGL® Registry - The Khronos Group Inc (READABLE)
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